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Above, Ieff: .lack Rip5Tra reTurns The shoT while his parTner, Dave De Vries, sTands ready. RighT: Torn Van Wingen shakes wiTh Jack RipsIra afler a qruelling maTch. The I945 Tennis squad. LeTT To rlghT: D. De Vries, E. De Ne-uI', W, McCIymonT, D. Davey, D. Heering, B. Quick, J, RipsTra, P. ThiebouT, T. Van Wingen. I , TENNIS This year CresTon is again resuming iTs Tennis acTiviTies aTTer a year's lapse because oT The exisTing warTime condiTions. This aThIeTic squad is being counTed on To conTribuTe a number oT poinTs Toward The race Tor The All-SporTs Trophy. The Trophy is an honor presenTed each year To The ciTy high school which excels in aThIeTics. The poinTs Tor This Trophy come Trom The place held by The Teams in The ciTy slrandings oT The respecTive sporTs. LasT year, due To The absence oT a Tennis Team, CresTon losT iTs runner-up posiTion in The all-ciTy honors, so we're looking Torward To a considerable conTribuTion Trom The squad. Due To The acuTe shorTage oT Tennis courTs here in The norTh end, CresTon is somewhaT handicapped in This phase oT aThIeTicsg and has been Tor many years. Were iT noT Tor This unTorTunaTe TacT, CresTon would have produced Tar beTTer Tennis Teams in The pasT. The Team is buiIT around a number oT boys who have had considerable courT experience. Tom Van Wingen heads The lisT as The probable No. I man in The singles, Tollowed by Jack RipsTra and Dave De Vries. The No. I doubles combinaTion oT David Davy and Dave I-leering is showing promising re- suITs. They are Tollowed by The Earl De NeuT-Bob Quick duo. Phil ThiebouT is also making an earnesT bid Tor a posiTion. According To Coach RoberT Linden, our boys have "greaT possibiIiTies, iT They all only sTicIc in There and do Their very besT." I-Iere's wishing all The Iuclc in The world To our boys Tor a successful season. Row l, leff To right: W. Bruce, D, Verl-lege, D. Gibson, S. Johnson, Row 3: T, Keries, D. Bw niinfin, L. Harm.-Jn, B. Marosli, J. '3fei'w:'ii'T, H. Broelema, B. Tiius, C, Buyze. Row 2: D. King, J. Command, J. P Schoeqyie, G. Alderinlf, C. Kniie-line, Raw 4, J, Du Ryli-X A Parsacla, C, Miller, B. Vander Klipp, B. Ouiigll D, Riernersrri-1. Altrechh G. Cnrnwsll, J, if-T r'-ilf-y, R, Pin, D, Anal' ff fi, J, VT-gt. THE "C" CLUB The TracliTion of The "C" Club is one oT The oIdesT aT Cresfon l-ligh School. lT was one oT The TirsT socieTies organized aT CresTon, daTing baclc To The year l927, ThaT was The TirsT year any boys had won Their maior HC". The organizaTion oT The club in 1927 was due To The earnesT eTTorTs oT Mr. E. C. Buss, Then coach, and Mr, Samuel UpTon, principal. These Two genTlemen made The "C" Club one OT The mosT prominenT clubs in The school, and This prominence has grown Through The eighTeen years The club has TuncTioned. ln I93l, The members oT The club inTroduced The wearing oT Polar Bears on The sleeves oT varsiTy sweaTers. For The pasT Tive or six years The promo- Below, le-TT: The officers of The "C" Club relaxing by The luke-box during Their dance afTer a basl'eTb.3Il game. Qi-gf nf! Tion oT TiclneT sales To all sporTf gamer- has been The clubls parTicular obiecT. This year, The acTiviTies oT The "C" Club were cenTered around a new seT oT "rules" which The members TormulaTed - l. Boys may noT wear "C" sweaTers and sTripes unless properly earned. 2. Girls may noT wear MCM sweaTers wiTh a sTripe on The arm. l-lowever, They are allowed To wear Their minor HC" iT They earned iT in The AB. Club, or in some oTher organizaTion. 3. No one may wear varsiTy sweaTers Trom oTher schools unless They were earned There beTore aTTending CresTon. Mr, Gil Powers is The advisor oT The club. Below, righT: An informal picTure of some of The members of our varsiTy club. T i i 1 x D .S TTYTRHV- THE RESERVES The Foolball Reserves. Row I, leff lo righl: J. Buyze, D. Sfevens, E. Frey, J. Rose, B. Viergiver, J. Brener, T. Van Win en. G, Fenske, K, Buyze. Row 2: G. gl-iapin, T. Robinson, R. Schneider, B. Card, N. Tock, B. Sfegmier, J. Orley, D. Benedict Row 3: Mr. Haken, coach: K. Sheele, B. Moroski, J. Anderson, D. Enclres, D. Van Dyke, J. Ypma. ' 1535 The Junior Hiqli Basketball Squad Row I: F. Billock, H. Minor, J, Rose E. Kelly. Row 2: B. Wiersum, J Avery, Mr. Halcen, J. Eppinga. GIRLS' ATHLETICS The winners of nurnerals: Row I: M. Baird, J. I-Iouser Y. Schrump, J. Bruce, P, Palmalier, D. Meadema, G Gr v I n B Vanderveer D Bufler A Gorski Row 2 5 9 V . , , . , . . . M, Mieras, G, Whilworlh, P. Montgomery, G. Gilchrist, J. Harman, K. Hendrislce, R, Yolcurn, F. Albers, G Oeliens, A. Vander I-Ioninq, B. Goudzwaard, M. Jewell L. Moll. Row 3: B, Bridges, B. Auslin, R. Woodworlh A. Collier, L, smiih, c. waaawafih, e. Fry, R. Locke, elow, lell. The l945 Ierrer winners. Row I: F. Blyrneir, P. Lynch, D. Sargeanr, J. Vander I-Ieide, D, Dc Blaay, L, Williams, L. Brach, E. Brach. Row 21 L. Jaclcrnan, B. Feilz, M. Drolema, L. Vanden Boul, B. Vachon, G. Vander Linde, B. Worpel, V. Silva, P. Vander Linde, Miss Kilslrorn, Row 3: M. Weeber, B, Slocum, G. Lellinga, J. Meyers, E. Morris, B. Sroddard, B. Du Bois, J. Alderink, N. Baas. . V L O. Jalrems, D. Wesoriolc, M. Joynf, Y. Reeves, S, O'MaIley, B. Rich, D. Vandenberg, E. Rohr, P. Fuller, P. Richards, L. Mol, H. Tieiema, V. Wrighf, M. Hall, M. Pelerson, J. Webber. Row 5: B. Caulcins, P. Morris, . Rivenberg, L. Kennedy, B. Malleson, M. Brock, M. De ooff, D. Isenbarr, C. Vanderslel, C. Purchase, M. Shcrrnan, B. Van Vallcenburg, J. Vander Jagl, B, Hall. The swish ol rackels, 'rhe bouncing ol balls, lhe rumbling ol duclc pins sol The scene lor girls indoor sporls. Under lhe able leadership ol Miss Frances Kilslrom lhese girls, look parl in lournamenls, individual sporls, and leam cornpelilion. By sponsoring school dances The older girls were able lo earn enough money lor rhe guards on lhe All-Cily Pins. ' This year sevenly girls won lheir numerals, lhirly-Iwo won Iellers, and nineleen seniors re- ceived lheir All-Cily awards. Below, riqhl: Club members who received all-cily recognilion are Row I: R. Nickel, B. Chapin, M. Davey, M. Pelrif, E. Dryer, J Livingslon, K. Vander Molen. Row 2: M. Balbach, M. Mieras, M Izenbarr, E. Slegrnier, D. Kulschinski, D. Palrnafier, Miss Kilslrorn Row 3t E. Succop, A. Tieierna, J. Shea, E. Lerfinga, S, Anderson B. Truckle. Above: Members of The club pose in an oufdoor selling, THE HIKERS' CLUB Allhough "l-lilce lo l-leallhu is lhe mollo ol lhe Hilcers' Club, lhey did nol limil lheir circle ol aclivi- lies lo hiking. Under lhe leadership ol Miss Jennie James, lhe l-lilrers had many enioyable early morn- ing brealclasls, noon dances, lobogqan parlics, and wiener roasls. Climaxinq lhe winler season, 'rhe qirls had a Chrislmas parly al Belly Sillerdinqs home. The l'lilcers' Club usually sponsors The annual Dal- lodil Prom. This year lhey gave a Sl. Palricl's Day noon dance which was a qrear success. These noon dances were slarlecl by lhe l-lilcers' Club and have been lalen up by all lhe clubs. Ollicers lor The second semesler wore Joyce Manning, Bessie Brenner, Donna Jean Gilchell, and Connie Albers. 4 Q' ...4 Above: Olircers ol lhe club are: B. Brenncr, D, J, bilcuhell, C. Albers, J, Manning, B. Schildheugc, D Jerrils. Above' Sl Palrii:l's Day nciori dJnci3 scangcirfgd by Hg Hikcrs' Club Pow lt C. Chinnciw, M, Mieras, N. Oossv, E. Birdsall, N. VonEhr, V, Vennema, D. Gelderbloorn, P. Vanden Bos, R. Loclc, B. Vander- veer. Row 2: Miss James, E. George, G. Fuller, D. Lutz, J. Brogan, R. Koerl, B. Silferdlnq, P, Empie, E. Forsellund, B. Brenner, M, Yonkers, D. Biene, C, Arnmerrnan, C. Carr, Row 3: J. Rodarmcr, H. Den Boer, R, Nickels, L. Dozema, E. War- field, M. Eckens, A. De Sharie, D. Cooper, E. McClain, D, De Blaay, L. Williams, B, Fellers. Row 4: D. Jerrils, L. Wiseman, N. Proclor, P. Morris, B. Truckle, J. Geldersrria, D. Kooiman, E. Wal- ters, J. Rockwell, L. Averill, Row 5: N. Baas, B, Feufz, B. Du Bois, D. Gilchell, J. Manning, L. Williams, B. Schildhouse, B. Wild, C. Albers, M. Drolerna, V. Grows, A. Dempsey. N xxx., 2 Q 5 5 rl s! 1' n ! F, 1 S 5 1 i s ff-0' A HQ" -4-.W W..-5 x ww 1 . .Q H 59:5 2: X X .mm xv - k was it Q XS 3. A . ii f if f Nix N' V K. -- x V ,X 1, , - M W xi if, -.M,,w ' Qv- - "M l v-"S f . . - , ' -siQv9-v.yf?- A .- ,WLM Af ' .1-Q Q .4-M . - 1:-f 1-'Q X X- -5 Egg-5,-,,.' .-ls, A ., .Q W M '23'mf.'i'X? A , ' :-Wi. '1?' 1-1i1f:"wfip,'lEizr4uffM+ gs"-199' 33,-' MM' . M f W - A 'QQZT' if-' '-1- 1 V s 5 'C K' v . 5, bflgfa ' -. 4- " 'Y.:-gEz-- ' . r -HX' ,' li " ' uf ,- I' ' - XS ' 1...,,.'5,, , ..- xl ...:::':::.."1"' W -v , - ' X i.::" L dr KW . - - , 1 A - - O h m , M 1 0 V . . ,A ' . ix ,4if:XNi Y a-A i 'I x - 'T' K 'I .41 1945 SAGA PATRCDNS Alberda-Shook I .. ,,222I Plainfield Andy's Sandwich Shop I375 P ainfield Apex Appliance Company . l555 Plainfield Brooks Grocery 2460 Plainfield Cresfon Sfudio I I4I4 Painfielcl De Korne Furnifure Sfore I504 Plainfield De Kruyrler Hardware I4l8 P ainfield Duke's Inn .,.., I432 P ainfield Eddie's Markef , I . . , I590 Plainfield Dr. Wm. A. Firfh, Chiropracfor I587 Painfield A Friend Fairmounf Dry Goods 2I58 Painfied Hall's Drug Sfore I809 Painfiecl HazIeH"s Grocery HeIder's Shoe Sfore ,,,. I408 Plainfie cl Herb's Painf and Body Shop Maff Heyns Food Sfore I80I Painfield Hoxie's Drug Sfore, I , , I4I5 Painfieid Joppe's Dairy . . . I593 Painfied Jurrie's Furnifure Company . I428 P ainfie d KH' Kai' Sandwich Shop ....... 207 Quimby KiI'chen's Drug Sfore ,,.... 2465 Painfied La Bofz Bakery ..,....,... I3I7 Painfied Lamphear's Texaco Servicer I60I Painfied Ledger's Barber Shop. . I 2 . I8I3 Plainfield 3 Mac's Barber Shop Quimby and Coif Margaref Mary Dress Shop I402 Painfied MarIand's Grocery 2I60 P ainfie d E. P. McFadden Co. 503 Coif MoerIand's Hardware I505 Painfie d Niemeyer's Men's Wear I369 Painfield OLD KENT BANK I43I Plainfied Panfex Cleaners I8I I P ainfie d Plainfield Aufo Supply Plainfield Fruif Markef Sweef and Painfied Plainfield Deparfmenf Sfore I527 Plainfield Pollie's Markef , l4OI Plainfield Pylman's Dry Goods I406 Painfielol Ed Smifh's Grocery 2I56 Painfied Sfegman-Olsee Inc. I535 Painfied SI'eed's Drug Sfore I724 Coif S+owie's Barber Shop I589 Painfied Ter Molen 81 Harf Sheef Mefal . 59 Commerce, S.W. Trea+'s Drug Sfore r2I78 Plainfield Union Bank of Michigan Van Der Schie Sheel' Mefal I57I Plainfield Van Sfrien-AImanAFuneraI Home I833 Plainfield Vogue Cleaners ,is. . I43I Coil' Wildeboer's Hardware 2 I 70 Plainfield INDEX A, B. Clubw. A Cappella Choir Amicilia Club , ., Band , . .. Bars and Chevrons Baseball ....., Basketball "C" Club . . Circulation Staff , , Contents .4.,,.,., Couriesy Squad , ., Creston Fight Song . Debate ..., . . .. Dedication ,..,, Division Pages, Maior Cooperative Living , Individual Accomplishmeni lnsrituiional Loyalty ..,, School Spirii .... Division Pages, Minor Dramaiics .,..,. Girls' Aihleiics .. Underclass .... Echo.., .. ,. Faculty ..... . . . , Feaiure Pages . ... 82, 4I, Football ,... ,. , Forensics . ... Glee Club . , . Gloria ,, ,. Hilrers Club . I-liAY Club ...,. Horizon Club ....., Junior Class Officers Junior Girl Reserves Junior Revue . Latin Club . , . Library Club ..., Memoriam . .. Mr. Wiclcefi .., Oneafacf Plavs Orchestra , , Pairons ,.,.. P. T, A, ,,.,.. , Reserve Teams .. R. O,T. Saga ,.,,..... Science Club .... Second Choir ..... Senior Direciory ,... Senior Girl Reserves .... Senior Honor Society Senior Officers ..,.... Senior Play ... ,.. Seniors ...,,.. Spanish Club .... Student Council . ,, Tennis .,..,.,... Track .,,,.A.... Underclass Piciures Elevenih Grade ,.. Tenth Grade Ninih Grade .. Eighth Grade ,,.. Sevenlh Grade ......, Ushers, Junior and Senior IOO .. 79 .. 52 76 . 6I .94-95 . . 92 ... 97 .. 62 ..2 7I . 29 86 7 .. 50 I4 ,68 88 ...8I U99 ...33 ..74 ..,8-I2 57, 66, 67, 80, lO2 ., 90-9I 86 M78 . 84 ....IOI 58-59 ....53 ...34 H55 ...83 H56 ..,6O .,..4-5 6 .,.85 77 .....IO3 I3 98 ....,72-73 75 .,.64 .....78 ..,..3O-3I ...54 ...62 I6 ......82 ..,..I7-28 .,...65 . 70 96 ,. 93 34 38 42 45 48 87 Congra fufa fz'0f1.r We wish to congratulate you on this important event in your lives. Best Wishes for every success in the future. ff "Tour 'Delperzdfzbfe Phofognzpherf' if VERS LUIS STUDIOS Grand Rapids - Battle Creek - Lansing ROBINSON'S STUDIO ir Specialists in glamour portraits and Commercial photography 'K' 7-9 JEFFERSON .AVENUE 104 , .,J . 1 4... . .ik . . . . , --' v... LJ X '-- 1 A. If, N- . , -S f -. i- . . -x 5.-'-..... ,,. J.. , .-.Y .' 5 wh, K' UA., ax P " F' m"'z.,g " . HH353- ' 1 :J .,,, ' ' . - x .' cc, . ,,.,,', .1 , .' 'J ...x f ' fa 1 I , .-, H ,, , - . x 4 'X , , . U 5' .f ' ff, . , ..f.-A, . . ' ' A was ' , I, , 4 'J I. ,- , ', I 1 V , W .1 O ' ' - f .- V " 7 4 1 ' , , ' 1, 9 P I i 3' -5 ,. . ' - A r fe' , c , " - 'A . y 1,9 1 a ,,, Y X v '- .,.- V A fe 4 v-. WE DEDICATE WALTER AWQCDD Above: M r. Woo Bofiom: Mr. Wood demonsfrafes light before his physics cla sg, . g if p s , A ' D I... new I . i 'Y ,E H 5 3? i The backbone of fhe science depar+men+ and of our school is our own Mr. Walfer A. Wood, who has been a faculfy member of Cres+on since 'lrhe school opened. To him we proudly dedicafe fhis I945 edi+ion of 'rhe Saga. His radiafing personalify has won all +he sfudenfs and facul+y. To have such a grand person as an insfrucfor and leader, makes any high school a pleasanfer place. Cresfon is forfunafe in having Mr. Wood. 7 1 S UW N5 E !gf' QJ.Wv':W AXA M? Q ' .I v 775 f mfg ' 4f pwf?f ,if ' 1 1 . :L 4 PV -' 1552. "'r . :-I be qw f Y 'Q u 7 W' M ' ,jj ww. if f 4f?fz513fef w7"' ' v ,: 514 , F X ., , -y Ax . f '4 nu , 'Y .1 ,- ...Van-.Q-.. fb BF.-3. S' eil? ' 3 , , ti., . V, .4 .,4..:., .. , ., 3- .-r L.: ,Q X.:-QL., - - . -4 V .mf-r 1 .- ' L1-1.4 : .ty n :..,:.,..f - fy- ,rf- : ..- nr, 5 -nf .-.:-. 7 sm., ef'-,F gl: . .., lk' .91 "AH .v.,g, Q .- ,,. ze rs if : .-. .ZH-' E . 1' . - -4-,. .. Ll 'L ,' A .,. .- . ..v 1 K. .-.4'wa u.f.f,,- .'4, .L-. ' f 7:-'4. vi" iz.. 4. L-H1 '- Q 4 -5 V. 5, 1 . nv- "'4-.. an , K... . ,1 .4-.1 .,-i- J lE..,'.:" 'il' E . .n .,:,. . , 1.2 'T .f.- ......, --L N V , . ,., .,q.5-Q14 . Y V' 5,5 .' ' .- Q.. .3 :.- ff A Q w.-,:. ,Y J 1 ' r ' 4 l--G .' 4, f 1 . 4 ' --. 2. "1 ' . . , I P f .. Q61 ' f r . w f r " 'f- -:uf ' v 3 ' 'ss .,,. ffm: .' , 'gf e f . .M .4 ., F-B44 H. ll-A., , I . ... :J ,wg .. .. A-1 x -F . J 'L . ..4- .L -:f.',., .. ,. f ,, 1- - . ,, .AJA ,VT--. ,. -., V 1 ..v. . f:,g.g...q:,,g-,.- .. 4. : 3.-. . 4. u .,,. ,,. 4,4 4, '- -ff.. :. ,- ,U , X- ."' -F . 1 .. : 1 - 4'-41 u 4 .T-' agar.-. V . , 'fr-E...-L ,-,1L.1- : , f-f.- -5-4 rfb. fu r-52 .L . -.-- 4, .., L 4 ,, L Y '.1."Lp..44.' . Y, . 4, g. . 1 jx , :L-, M. -2 4, 1 1 -V .. 4 A. ..... ,P f , X ., .- ,- .1 , ' 4 ' '4.-:-'14 'J Sf' . ' 1 4 .. , , . .J 'X ,, .. . ..,.4 .. ., .J 4 4 , f 21. n H 1 v F, A. ii- VV K -v. 'mx W 7 f .Y Y., ,A . ' . -fm 'EL' b - . 1 3 .Q " " -- -- .1-Y.. R. , ,, --.4-, 1' ... . .... Y ,.e.. s. . ,. . .....,4A.1. 5. ,., - Hb. ,I "' ' 4'1.'.'.e ' , 1 P P , H J .1 .-.r -' ,. .. " '- 'A . -v, ,L 1 1 ,. - ' :- vn .. 4 s Fifa.: . . ,N 1 'iw ' I . .. ,. . . .- ,. f, .., .' 'mf I, '1 ' a -H J J- f Q V' 1 :W f , w . - .wrb-:....5., , , Q 1. 1 ,V UR. IR: "W 1-1"" ' , . 1 4..- . ., . . 1 -1 .- rr . 5 A 1 F - H .5 1 . .:,. . . 1 . T. , ."1' M ,.g,'-r .1 . -, -. . V N -14 -... 4 ' ' f L I 1 L ' uf- . . , . V . .:.. ,:, 4 . 1,-. , ,.w - ' . ' Q ..-,-1' S , , . r. ' N - , .-A 4. s. 1 .. .. . . " '- .1 r V fs ' ' ' . .. ' - '15 F..-1' 1 ...VY,.. A .iq Q. . 1 4 ' 1 ' ' ' 1: 'H-.. - K .., -nr.. , U 1- 1 -4- ' Q , 1 . ., H .5 .-4, a s .LM .,.., .--.J-L ,.. navy ,5 . M 1 ff 1, Fi: ...Erin AA H' A 1 A 0, ., . 1 is , V - 4' .. . V - ' 15- .2 41 , . ,w 4 41- . f...w:. f- . 4. . . 4 4 . 3-'..f,, "" .:, ., .W- , ,.. .. PM - . -:- im v4,a. l. .K L, -' 4, . .. , .4 5 '. .':-4.0 pam, ,-, .A . . 1 . --14 -.. 1, -4. ,S V sg... -I WLS' v." "V ,V H15 " H ,. w I V ,A , f-'ff-43' 'z fiffi "L ' . 1 1, . A . w I -a w 1. ' v ' I J ' ' -JJ ' f . 1. 'nv 42 I . - ..,:, ' ' " f- A,- 1 sf. - - ' A 1 rf. . . f-4. FACULTY Miss E. Adams is one of our science reachers. She gels rnosl of her enioyrnenr and pleasure from rhe ourdoors, for she grearly admires narure ol all kinds. Miss L. Adams can be found working For rhe provision oi more money lor rhe schools, working in lhe Arr Gallery, or designing and making her own clorhes. ln school she reaches arl. The good will of Miss Appell who 'reaches 'lyping and shorlhand is well known lo her srudenls, for she likes lo help orhers succeed. Pl-ioiography provides a hobby for Miss Appell. Miss Alyworih, one oi our able English reachers, spends all ol her spare lime looking ailer six nephews who are in 'lhe armed forces. Belonging ro The League of Women Volers and rl-e Uni- versily ol Michigan Alumnae fakes mosr ol Miss Bean's rlmeg alrhough rhere's srill time lor her nieces. Miss Bean reaches hislory. Miss Biddle reaches English and has a good background lor rhis course because she likes io read, She also has an inleresl' in real esrare. Civics classes are faughr by Mr, Bowersox who enjoys all sporls buf especially likes lo fish. l-lere's one 'reacher who gers a "kick" our ol loorball, Besides having marh and aeronaurics classes, Mr. Carlyon aids lhe war elforrs by working ar a war iob. You mighr Find him spading his own garden which is in his backyard. We rhank Miss Conrad lor a very successlul year of eriler- lainmenl, lor she nor only reaches dramalics bul direcls all plays and skirs. There is norhing she would ralher do rhan walch a play. The "oul'doors" appeals lo Miss Daniels. Jus? working in her garden or cleaning rhe yard are iun for her. She holds English classes in school. Mr. Dawson is nor only an English reacher, buf also a very clever wriler ol skirs. To collecl books and ro read are lavorires for him. By the way, he is responsible lor our yearbook. Music, especially vocal, is a pleasure for Miss Dunham who 'reaches hislory. Miss Dunham enioys seeing slage plays, and can cook loo. S Fcid classes and main are lauglwf by Miss Eclrles. This lizw liles To Sei.-. lder f:'.'.n clorlies. :Trend a' eszieiia' y ire pai, Cr iusr read. Miss Eness is lep' guile busy, lo' aside fftfn levliirz Ssavisr' arg l.::"g see runs flie bciiisfre 52 smlens. Miss ENE-ss likes 't 'rafei or io falceanw3'ei."r1i.iH3 TU' njisef ls pfabably Came lriir' Mr, Fredericlrsonls f'a:Li'e ship. A s::if's appeaf if Mr, Fezeriilsir, .-.ri ras C:-IiiV?d a' i:asle'izall games, bs' 'e rifirs rowing a'd ssning. Mrs. Glenn re'rS'i'ed our deliale C asses Vere 5' Cresfn VJ -e mae 3 giio : ass rliis year, Ms, 'S er' es: 'eaves g2.efrrvie'+ and :i.i1s and is worlirz 3.-.ard l"er Masfew Eegiee. "Sci '.-fue" is 're password 3: Q' A Capella Criiii x-.lviio is di'eZ'ej bf Mr. Goodwin i--'Z pesos flue rriusii de-:3""'e'r. Mr, Gijdwin direi's r"3rf Oper rnusiiel Crea' :e'i'nf Peres a 'eai:Ler gives lwis rirre 'i so:f's. Aside Gyn Qoaining rlwe sezord learn Football and basl-efpall squads, Pe iles ':i lfsn as-j Mint Mr, Halxen veafes czrnrnerzia su:-Qe:'s, Sffislil Dljirill' be alarmed, if's only Mr. Hebard hitting Vern dz.-,ri 'lwe fa?-.a,. Mr, Heberd, vit 'eaipes rrialii, alsi li-95 rj lwri fgr.3f1,5+s-forlcinlwis gardei And rlien lor in rnere S Miss James, i.-:Fd feaziies s':ier:e, Miss James li? es TLM3 ouidoors and als? Tales gre-al pride is re' :Wage lc" we he pe-d li build ii f":'rer fre"1ie'i:l our Englisln dF3Sii'i'V'7E'WL is Miss Jolm. VV'eP cw of sgrcif However, Miss Jnnn lrircuglily enioys o7::i': and p'5r'fr3 ir' lner garden Miss Kilsfrom reads llie physical edu:afi:n deoarlr-neriii ard rwliing is rn:'e iun lor "Kilie" fnan fo lusf ear or sleep. S'e is an efter' i rr! and enioys a good game ol padmin'on, Nc' Idsf Cijfjllfgv bn: +0 fry a new recipe is wha? spells im for Miss Lanlxe, our ar? feaclver. Miss Lanke leans an ear Toward good music af any firne. l'lousel4eeper7 Miss Lindberg, our Senior class advisor, nor oniy enioys leacning lner English classes, bur slie is very good a+ and also enioys keeping house, 9 FACULTY X I ,M Bang!! ll's lhe lone ol Mr. l.inden's hammer lor he gels a "bang" oul ol carpenlry. l-le leaches algebra and general malh, and is inleresled in school sporls. Mr. Lowe direcls our band and our orcheslra. Oulside oi school he sings in lhe Schuberl Club, bul being a lamily man has lhree main inleresls righl al home. Miss Maloney leaches hislory. Allhough she likes lo knil, her main inleresl al the presenl lime is 'lo work lor lhe war eliforl lo end lhe war as quickly as possible. When you enler Miss Mallhews' room, ycu will lind il a pleasanl one lor her hobby is lhal ol' growing planls. She especially likes lo sproul a slrange planl. Miss Mallhews leaches rnalh. We wanl lo give credil lo Miss Moran and her helpers lor our line caleleria. ll's her good food lhal keeps our sludenls going. Miss Moran leaches home economics and lor relaxa- lion reads. Il someone passes by in a house lrailer, il's apl lo be Mr. Pease headed norlh lor a lillle lishing. Mr. Pease leaches our wood shop and also malh. Reading occupies Miss Phillips' lime as she wails unlil she can once more lravel. She is responsible lor lhe good lasle ol our girls' clolhes, lor she leaches clolhing and also hislory. Widely known and well liked is Gil Powers, our loolball coach, who heads lhe boys' physical educalion deparlmenl. To help end lhe war, Gil spends all his lime culside ol school in a war iob. Mr. Randall can hardly wail lo lravel again, and meanwhile reads as a paslirne. ln lhe summer Mr. Randall picks cherries on his larm. l-le leaches malh, Mr. Rens, our Junior class advisor, also reaches hislory and economics. Aside lrom working al a war iob, Mr. Rens likes lo reacl and immensely enjoys fishing. ls anylhing more helpful lhan our library? Or our elilicienl librarian? Miss Schmilz is aclive in lhe Librarians Club and likes lo lake amaleur movies. Our lasl moving baskelball squad and baseball learn were coached by Mr. Schrump. Mr, Schrump also leaches civics. For himsell-iusl hunling, please, 10 FACULTY Nl-lup, rwo, 'hree, four." could be heard every firs+ and second hcur as Sgf. Siegel drilled his boys, Cresions R, O. T. C. consisred oi Companies C and D. We also had a very line riile feam, Mrs. Sfowell reaches our Laiin ccurse. She has her eye on a rnaih Course fhough, for she would enicry leaching malh. Gardening is her Usperiialiyf' Miss Tenhaaf reads much for she enioys ga'hering good background lor fhe Iiferalure which her English classes siudy. Miss Tenhaa? lilies lo Travel or To worl in her garden. Mr. Toclr is cur 'family man," buf even a fami'y man can have rhyfhm v-,lricn Mr, Tocl can well prove ar a square dance. l-le reaches priniing and algebra. Did you ever see a hunier Thai didnl lile his dogs? And Mr. Toogood is no e-cepiion. l-le lilies rc- hunt and lo care :Cr +he oogs 'haf 'ale parr in hunling. l-le ieaihes mechan- iial drawing, Miss Vander Broelr may be cur rnaih and sfienie leacher, buf she still nas a Lind hearig for she is a Gray Lady and a vclunlary Ped Crcss worler. Teaching English and iournalism and being responsible for 'he Echo is erough for any Two men, buf Mr. Van Krimpen sfiil has 'ime io sing with rhe Schuberi' Club. Though her fraveling is our lor 'rhe duraiion, Miss Van Weslenbrugge is very conrenred lo remain al home and lrnil cr iusr lceeo house, ln school she Teaches hisiory. Mr. Van Wingen ieaches malh. Aciually, fhough, he likes 'lo be ouidoorsi especially when he can do a livle fishing. "Van" also ohliciares af arhleric games. Mrs. Verdier afiended rhe Universiry oi Michigan and gained an A.B. degree. She Teaches bolh English and Lalin. "Knock 'em down" well applies ro Mr. Wassenaar who is an ardenf bowling ian. l-le is The new advisor for The Siudenr Council, having replaced Miss Eness. Mr. Wassenaar leaches science. Good reading consfirufes a pleasure 'lor Miss Weiffenbach af any Time. Miss Weihfenbach Teaches our clofhing classes. 11 FACULTY Our hislory leacher, Miss Wincll, likes nolhing beller lhan a cup ol hol colzlee. She also likes lo keep up wilh lhe lalesl in lashions, as is obvious. Aside from leaching commercial sulzziecls, Miss Wise look a Session room lhis year. She said lhal her inleresls were many and varied. Anolher lover ol nalure is Miss Wood. l-ler lavorile paslime is lo sludy lhe aclivilies ol nalure. Miss Wood leaches English. Fore! This is whal you are apl lc hear Mr. Wood yell as he hils lhem down lhe lairway. l-le is also lond ol hunling and lishing. ln school he leaches science. We would like lo have you me-el Miss Sloneum, who is lhe Speech leacher al Creslon. Miss Sloneum's services were available lwice each week. The cheerlul smile and lriendly glance lhal rneels you when walking inlo lhe ollice is lhal ol Belly Worpel. Belly is our ollice girl and a lriend lo all. The mid-year graduales. Row I, lefl lo right: A, Kryger, J. Williams ullesdyk B Elve L Carr R w 3 N Brown W Palma J m C. Nielson, J. Elenbass, B. Harnillon, E, Lee, A. Donlcer, M. Jourden ad E Gravelyn D Slrong C Wells D Poll D Elenbaas J, Markus, B. Locke. Row 2: D. De Maagd, D. Armanlroul, M Tuinslra and R l-lileman Laansma, T. Olson, T. Boorsma, J, Colligan, J. VerHeuleri, A. - - I -Z1 ' AI Li! I - I '- 1 5'73QH':Rv."7' ' Q 2' THE P.T.A. Educafion in fhe Posr-War World" was rhe general rheme of rhe I944-'45 Parenr- Teachers Associarion meerings. Among Their aclivifies were fhe very suc- cessful pancake supper and open house on November 28. The movie "Sky Bandirsu was also presenied for sfudenls in Jrhe affer- noon and adulrs al nighf on March 22, To raise money for glasses lor indigenl sludenfs. Officers elecled 'for I944-'45 year were Mrs, Fred Visser, presidenl: Mrs. Forresl Rose, recording secrerary: Mrs. Harold Grabill, Morher vcie-presidenl: Mr, l-l. S. Soper, farher vice-president Mr, Erwing Randall, 'reacher vicerpresident Miss Jen- nie James, corresponding secreraryz Mrs, Ellis W, Armanrroul, Treasurer? Mrs, Wil- liam F, Chadwick, hisrorian. The officers and commirree heads cf Tre FET A, lo Sealed, lei? io righf: Mrs. H, G-raoill, Mrs, E, Knurggnx Mrs. VF, Visser, presidenfp Miss J. James, Siandingi Mrs, L. Cuddrngion, Mrs. R. Flanders, Mrs, T, Siervelor, Mr, F. UL Mrs. E, Hi ens at woflz in rhe cafeteria kitchen png 'AN fm ,NK f Wsiy., 'T' 4 and par- i,i5u vi Knutson, Mrs, H. XM YXYMXWWXNX EnroXXrnen'r . . . YeXXow sXKps . . . The Kong arduous year begXns . . . Busy srudenrs s'rar'r ro arnass honor poKnrs . . . Fhsr honor rod announced . . . Darn! X rnKssed Pr by one "C" . . . "Vere for Pomeu . . . H you vore For Vandy, everyrhRnq'KX be dandy!" . . . Conqra'ruXarXons, Don . . . Goodbye, Don . . . Hovfs We dass song Corning, Can And 'r'nen ar Xasr, ' hr . . . Pornp and Circurnsiance . . Graduarion Nrq 'NpKNRrxq Siuderwi Pxcrdevemenk 'rn the haw-5 of academics and arhhehcs are the three prns pkjured 'oeXow. Leik Ko rkqhk HC.. They arei The korch of The Jurrror Honor Sodewl khe Chxb errXbXerh, and The pKn oi the Na'f'ronaX Serfror Horror Somew. M M gpg! ifjjw M GW 1 , Z sf eg, 1 , - . ' n Www! 'fa M ff f + .9 . , ' ,fn ' - 4 - " A rx' f H Y h ,I c ' H ff M . gf ff Ayr' A If S A .h ' . ja? X ' MN A " A A w 9 ly , X v. L' 'rf X5 Q V b Si? . 1 'A ..,f 4-,E-1 ' f -of e, ,X N' ' " 'X qfidv it :. fgf,:., ' . .R six .gy ,Q Q ff If ' Righl: The elecled officers of The class of l945. Top: Don! Poll e p es de 1 w bl e iackef for Uncle Sarng Joe Vog'r, The genial vce p es den? - h f'nancial concer s of The l'1O 15 U capably serving as secrelary was Mary Davey, he I class were well administered by treasurer Jack Ripslra. Above: Senior class commiflee heads, Sealed: E, Barnum, E. Slegmier, E A berda. Srandingz L. Vanden Bouf, E. De Neuf, D. Brabb, M. AMieras, J Lvingslon, E, Feliz, R. Koerl, P. Czerwinslri, S. Anderson, P, Richards. THE CLASS OF l945 Blue 'liclcel candidales, Donald Pollie, Joe Vogl, Mar Davey. and Jack Ripslra were elecled as lhe Y class ol '45's presidenl, vice-presidenl, secrelary, and lreasurer respeclively. Thar grand comedy, "Bro+her Goose," was selecled and given lo lull houses on March 8 and 9, wilh Peggy Allchin, Bill Tilus, Joyce lvlanning, Slewarl Johnson and Elvira Succop in The leading roles, supporled by Susan Anderson, Elain Dryer, Donna- Jeanne Gilchell, Dona-Lee Smilh, Arlain Teiiema, and Russell lvlawby. The senior banguer was given Friday, April 27, and many seniors alrended a parly given lor lhem on May 4, by Junior College. ' When Presidenl Don Pollie enlered The Navy shorrly aller lhe mid-lerm gradualion, Joe Vogl acled as presidenl. The class color commillee was headed by Earl De Neul. Chairman for lhe play comrnillee was Elhe- lyn Barnum. Bruce Vander Klipp was chairman lor lhe memorial commillee lo choose lhe Commillee, while lhe class song was headed by Jeanne Livingslon. 16 Tiny Ellen Alberda excelled in dramaTics. She was in The one-acT plays, Revue, Gloria, Sr. play, debaTe, a cheerleader, and belonged To The honor socieTies, LaTin club, Sr. Girl Reserves. Busy and pleasanT To know was Connie Albers who served in The Choir, Gloria, The one-acTs, The Sr. play. and The Revue. Connie was a member oT Jr. Honor socieTy, Girl Reserves, A.B., and LaTin club. Gordon Alderink was a Tellow who was liked by every- one. "Gordy" was a member oT The "C" club, The piTcher Tor our baseball Team, and a doorman Tor The Jr. Revue. BouqueTs To Peggy Allchin Tor her perTormance as "Hy" in The Sr. play. Peg belonged To These clubs: LaTin, Jr. Honor socieTy, Library, Bars and Chevrons, She was in Gloria, Revue, debaTe, Saga, and was an R.O,T.C. sponsor. IT laughTer is a sign oT happiness, Charlene Arnmerman was one of The happiesl' girls in The class. Kay worked Tor The Sr. play, The Revue, and was a member oT The A.B., Hikers, and Spanish clubs. ThaT smile oT Dale Anderson's is someThing To remem- ber. This Triendly Tellow belonged To The "C" club, Bars and Chevrons, and The baseball and Track Teams, Dale was in The R.O.T.C. and The Revue. SmooTh and sophisTicaTed was Susan Anderson, a per- sonaliTy plus gal who was Co-ediTor oT The Saga, an R.O.T.C. sponsor, in debaTe, orchesTra, Trio, AmiciTia, A.B., LaTin, and STudenT Council. "Susy" was in The Revue, The Sr. play, and won The Jr. High Scholarship cup Twice and The Sr, cup once. Richard ArmanTrouT was one oT The busiesT seniors. Being presidenT oT The STudenT Council, in R.O.T.C., bond salesman Tor school, and belonging To The Jr. Honor sOcieTy, and in Gloria, Revue, and one-acTs proved This. Philip AusTin came To us Trom CenTral in his Jr, year. He was in The Bars and Chevrons club, on The rifle Team. second Team TooTball, baseball, and baskeTball manager. Taking an acTive parf in Gloria, one-acTs, Sr. play, Jr. Revue, and The choir kepT Mary Balbach busy. This lass was in The CourTesy squad, Jr. Honor socieTy, and The A.B. and LaTin clubs. JusT The riql'1T man To do The Task cheerTully was Francis Barber, who worked Tor The Jr, Revue, Gloria, Sr. play, band, and TooTbalI. His Triends always called him .r Docqrr WhaT EThelyn Barnum did she did well, as was shown in her duTies Tor The Jr. Revue, The one-acTs, Gloria, and The Sr. play. "Lynn" earned her leTTer in A.B. and served on The CourTesy squad. AnoTher wee liTTle girl oT The class who had a very sweeT personalify was Evelyn Birdsall who served in Gloria, one-acTs, and The Sr. play. She was a member oT The Hikers and A.B. clubs. A poised, reserved member oT The class came To us in her iunior year Trom Muskegon. She worked on a com- miTTee Tor The Sr. play and had a very high scholasTic record. Yes, This is Marilyn BoadT. Tom Boersma, whose special inTeresT was aviaTion, ioined The air corps The day aTTer he graduaTed in February. Tall dark Tom was very acTive in The Jr. and Sr. class. Oh, how ThaT man can eaTl This spiriTed lad, George BooTsma, came Trom Davis Tech where he parTicipaTed in The Spring ConcerT. Vivacious DoroThy Brabb belonged To Amiicifia. LaTin, Bars and Chevrons, Girl Reserves, Jr. and Sr. Honor socieTies, STuclenT Council, and debaTe. "Red" Took parT in The one-acTs, was an R.O.T.C. sponsor, and To Top iT OTT. co-ediTor oT The Saga. A new addiTion To The class This year and a welcome one was Fred Bradford. He won many new Triends here aT CresTon. 17 'UN -i' -af' 'rx I sw, 5' Ti: '54 555. .r,:Z-PL 4fv4,.- - fe ,. 'v' "Lf, "Sf-4.'1T'. 5 '15 55:52 'KMH35 N Nyggjl-'::..,.-, E3 ' if Sui AW mug: '- i Le. ...T . 1 we 'U' 2 Admired by all and envied by many describes ThaT blond hair oT Bessie Brenner's. She was an R.O.T.C. spon- sor, vice-presidenT oT Hikers, in The one-acTs, and The A.B. club. Edwin Breen, called "Ed" by his Tellow classmaTes, was an enThusiasTic worker in The R.O.T.C. and a member oT The Bars and Chevrons club. Tall, blond Howard Broekema was everyonels Triend. "Howdie" was Treasurer oT The Hi-Y, on The RegimenTal STaTf in R.O.T.C.. presidenT oT Bars and Chevrons, in The Jr. Revue, "C" club, and loved To play TooTball. Friendly and cheerTul Joan Brogan worked on The business commiTTee Tor The Sr. play, The make-up Tor The Revue, and was an acTive member oT The Hikers club. Norman Brown was a useTul as well as decoraTive mem- ber oT The class. He served on The CirculaTion sTaTT, was in The band, R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Jr. Revue, and The TooTball Team. You could always Tind WalTer Bruce doing some-Thing consTrucTive. "Wally" served Tor The Revue, Sr, play. Gloria, was in TooTball and Track, a member oT The CourTesy squad, STudenT council, Science, and "C" clubs. HunTing and fishing were The chieT pleasures oT likable Dale Bush who was in The CourTesy squad, The Jr. Honor socieTy, The Science club, Bars and Chevrons, and Spanish club. PresidenT OT The Hi-Y, secreTary oi The "C" club, and vice-presidenT oT The Bars and Chevrons kepT Cornell Buyze preTTy busy, besides being a member oT The Spanish club and The CourTesy squad. "Cornie" was in The Revue. Gloria, TooTball, Track, debaTe, and Golden Gloves. HerberT Byers was never absenT nor Tardy. He was a member oT The Bars and Chevrons club and one oT Those dependable people you can always counT on. Everyone seemed To gel' along wiTh Beverly Caminer "O.K." Bev worked Tor The Jr. Revue, Gloria, and The Sr. play. She was a member oT' The Hikers club. lT you saw Gwendolee Carlberg dance in The Jr. Revue, you would know ThaT her main inTeresTs are in ThaT special Tield. i'Gwen" was an Echo TypisT and belonged To The Girl Reserves. NoT every one has such beauTiTul red hair as Clara Carr. She was a member oT The Hikers, and served on a commiTTee Tor The Sr. play and Revue. A mari who was all man, Lyle Carr, was quiTe an addi- Tion To The sporTs secTion oT our class acTiviTies. He was in band, TooTball, baseball, Hi-Y, and "C" clubs. "Lyddie" liked skiing. A busy person was RoseTTa Carroll who served in The Revue, on commiTTee Tor Gloria and The Sr. play, orchesTra, and Sr. ushers. RoseTTa was a member oT The LaTin, Library, and Girl Reserves clubs. Peppy and Triendly E'izabeTh Chapin helped wiTh The Revue, Gloria, and Sr. play and was an R.O.T.C. sponsor, in Girl Reserves, A.B., LaTin, Jr. and Sr. Honor socieTies, and STudenT council. Popular because oT her pleasing personaliTy, Charmaine Chinnow was in The Bars and Chevrons, Hikers, and LaTin club. She served in The Choir, R.O.T.C., Gloria, and The Jr. Revue. Donna Cooper had a pleasanT way abouT her. She was a member of The Hikers club, The Library club, and The DebaTe class. Priscilla CoTa was anoTher girl who ioined The class in her senior year. She was a reporTer Tor The Echo, and especially inTeresTed in Typing. 18 Posgessor of winged feeT, popular Gordon Cornwell belonged To The Hi-Y, The "C" club, foofball Team, and Hi-Y baslmeTball Team. "Gordy" parTicipaTed in The Revue and was on The Track Team. Maxine Coleson came from Berlin High in her senior year. She belonged To The dramaTics club, Glee club, and 4--H sewing club There. Maxine is inTeresTed in The field of nursing. Gay Paf Czwerwinslci was always ready To give us a hand. Her ready wiT made PaT a welcome member of any parTy. DebaTe, Girl Reserves, Library, Saga, Gloria, and The one-acTs were her acTiviTies. Bubbling over wiTh pep, Mary Davey was senior class secrefary, in Gloria, Sr. play, presidenT of Girl Reserves, in Jr. and Sr, Honor socieTies, AmiciTia, A.B., LaTin. Library, and Horizon clubs. Corinne De Bruine lrepT herself preTTy busy as an Echo TypisT in her senior year. She was parficularly inTeresTed in a commercial course. Her favoriTe sporf is bowling. Business-like and iolly, RoberT De Bruyn was a well known and liked member of The class. Bob belonged To The Science and Hi-Y clubs, and was seen in Gloria, The Revue, and The Echo-Saga slciT. Enfhusiasfically inTeresTed in following a secreTarial course, Jane De Fouw was on The CourTesy squad, on The publiciTy commiTTee for The Sr. play, and a member of The Girl Reserves. Marvin De Fouw was a maior in R.O.T.C., where his special inTeresT lay. He was Treasurer for The Bars and Chevrons club and on The RegimenTal sTaTT. Small, quieT, and sweeT was our Ann Dempsey. She was a member of The Hilcers club, CourTesy squad, and second choir. Ann also helped wiTh Gloria and The one-acT plays. l'haT beauTiful blond hair of HarrieT Den Boer was The envy of many. Her inTeresT in music was shown by her membership in The Choir. She also was in Gloria, Revue. Hilcers, LaTin club, and Sr. Honor socie-Ty. Those inTeresTing feaTure pages in The Saga are The worlc of Earl De Neuf. "Spivey" was a member of The Hi-Y, Science club, and choir, He was in Gloria, The Revue, and The Tennis Team. Earl was inTensely inTeresTed in leT'Tering. Alice De Shane had many inTeresTs: dancing, swimming. bowling, slcaTing, Typing, and commercial law. Alice belonged To The Glee club, Hilrers, Girl Reserves, and was in Gloria and The one-acT plays. Possessor of a sparkling personaliTy, Lois Dozema won her leTTer and numeral in A.B. and was a member of The Hilrers. She also was on commiTTees Tor Gloria and The one-acT plays. Oh, how This girl goT around! Arlene Donlrer was in The Choir, CourTesy squad, Jr. Revue, one-acTs, and Gloria and was a member of The Jr. Honor socieTy. Mary Ann Drolema earned her leTTer and numeral in The A.B. club and was a member of The Hilcers and Girl Reserves. She was an Echo TypisT and served on The CourTesy squad and commiTTees for The Jr. AmaTeur hour and Revue. A busy person aT CresTon was Elaine Dryer who was The Madonna in Gloria, in The Sr. play, The Revue, news ediTor for The Echo, The Honor socieTies, Girl Reserves, LaTin club, AmiciTia, Library, A.B., Choir, lnTer-club council, and winner several Times in forensics. He wasn'T very big nor in many exTra curricular acTivi- Ties. buT good looking Bill DuFfy seemed To lceep happy and busy enough by being friendly and nice To everyone. Helping wiTh The one-acT plays and Gloria, Mildred lEkkens was The girl wiTh a loT of pep. "Millie" was a mem- ber of The Hilcers and The Sr. Girl Reserves. T, 19 An enThusiasTic parTicipanT in The Girl Reserves, Hilcers club, Jr. Red Cross, and Honor socieTies, Joyce Elenbaas was also on The CourTesy squad, in debaTe and Glee club. AlberTus Elve, called "Bud," came To CresTon Trom Tech. Playing his TasT sTyle oT TooTball puT him in The sporTs spoTlighT. He was in The Hi-Y and CourTesy squad. Ferne Elwood was a iolly person To have around as she lilces To laugh. Ferne belonged To The Glee club, helped wiTh The Jr. Revue, and ushered Tor The Sr. play. She was inTeresTed in The 4-H club. Blond and always on The go was Jeanne Faasse. She came Trom Tech in her senior year and was inTeresTed in commercial subiecTs. Jeanne loves To eaT and bowl. AlThough considered quieT, iT was a very nice quieTness ThaT belonged To Wilma Ferwerda, who Took parT in The Jr. Revue, The orchesTra, and was a Saga TypisT. Zingl Flash! ThaT was Emma Jeanne FeuTz who iusT whizzed by, Tull oT pep and always ready To laugh. "Emmy" was an Echo TypisT and served on commiTTees Tor The Sr. class parTy and Tor The play. WiTh a real personaliTy and possessor oT ThaT "special way." Louise Fihgerald helped in The Jr. Revue. Her special inTeresTs were Typing and science. One oT The quieTer girls. Norma Forner was oT service To her school by being on The CourTesy squad, business manager Tor The one-acTs, and on The publiciTy commiTTee Tor Gloria. Emaiean Forse+Iund, a bundle oT pep and cheerTulness, was in The Revue, A Cappella Choir, Jr. and Sr. Girl Reserves, A.B. club, and Bars and Chevrons. "Ernmie" was a sponsor Tor The R.Q.T.C. and a member oT The Girls' SexTeT. A quieT and pleasanT girl in class, Carolyn Fox was in The A cappella choir, in Gloria, and was an usher Tor The Sr, play, GerTrude Fuller was very shy buf neverTheless she did her parT. She was on The cosTume commiTTee Tor The Sr. play and a member oT The l-lilrers club, lnTeresTed mainly in aeronauTics, Bob Funk was ThaT well mannered Tellow who was To be Tound aT a CourTesy squad posT. His oTher inTeresTs lay in arT and machine shop. Possessor oT a high scholasTic record, Donna Gelder- bloom helped selecT The senior play. She was on The debaTing Team, in Hilsers, STudenT Council, CourTesy squad, LaTin, and Library clubs. A loyal supporTer oT her class and easy To geT along wiTh, Joyce Geldersma was a member oT The Hilcers club and helped in The Jr. Revue. Joyce's special inTeresT was cloThing. Elaine George was a quieT member oT The class and a good Triend To all, She was a member oT The Hilcers club and her main inTeresT was Typing. NoT only a wizard aT maTh buT also in baseball, of which he was capTain, Richard Gibson was The vice-presi- denT oT The "C" club, in The Hi-Y, STudenT Council and The LaTin club. "Gibby" also served on The TooTball Team, and was in The Revue. Her duTy as The haughTy, rich "Lenore" in The Sr. play was To arouse animosiTy and Donna Jean Gifchell did iT To perTecTion. In real liTe. This member oT The Hilcers is noT aT all lilce ThaT. She worked on Gloria and The one-acT plays. LiTTle and sweeT, DoroThy Goodfellow was an exceed-T ingly pleasanT member oT The class. She belonged To The Hilrers club and The Jr. Honor socieTy, was on The Echo, in The revue, and The proud possessor oT Three perfecl aTTendance cerTiTicaTes. 20 ' Edward Gravelyn's interests were in the machine shop and R.O.T.C. Ed was also a member ot the Bars and Chevrons. Yvonne Graves always worked with a high degree ot sincerity as she showed in her work in the Jr. revue and the Sr, play. She was a member ot the Latin club and the Girl Reserves. An ability in art iustities Virginia Growe's interest in that subject. She was in the A cappella choir tor three years, the Jr. revue, Gloria, and make-up committee tor the Sr. play. Louise Gruesbeck was anxious to excell in music. She was an usher tor the Sr. play and especially interested in shorthand and books. Delighttully contented when dancing or swimming. Marianne Haadsma came trom Davis Tech in her senior year. She was an Echo typist. Mariam Hall, Creston's choice tor the D.A.R, citizen- ship award, was in the revue, Gloria, a member ot the A.B., A cappella choir, Jr, Honor society, Echo, and secretary ot the Junior class. Barbara Hamilton was another member ot the class who graduated in February. Barb was a conscientious student and a time member ot the class. This poised gentleman ot the Sr. class was especially interested in the A cappella choir ot which he was a member. Robert Hamilton was in the shepherds' quartet, in Gloria, and served in the revue, track, and tennis, A grand and industrious worker, Gerada Heit-z was in the Jr. revue and helped with the Sr. play. She was very interested in stenographic work. Robert Hileman was a welcome member ot our class. He was in the R.O.T.C. and Bars and Chevrons. Geraldine Hill was always in her place at the right time. She served taithtully on the Courtesy squad and on committees tor the Jr. revue and the Sr. play. Dorothy Hoeve, one ot the quieter members ot the class, graduated in February. l-ler special interest was in the commercial course. A girl with a triendly smile is Maxine lzenbart. She was in the Jr. revue, Courtesy squad, Gloria, Jr. Honor society, Glee club, and A,B, club. Her special interests were typing and shorthand. "Nice to look at as well to know," describes Lorraine Jackman who belonged to A.B., A cappella choir, Cour- tesy squad, and the class song committee. "Lorry" also sang the Cradle Song tor Gloria, and was in the Jr. revue and one-acts. Jacquelyn Jackson was another great addition to the dramatic productions. "Jackie" was on the publicity com- mittee tor the Sr. play, the make-up committee tor Gloria, and one ot the Old Maids in "The Sister's McIntosh." An ardent roller-skating tan, Dorothea Jerrils belonged to the Hikers club and was on the business committee tor the one-act plays. Stewart Johnson, the likable, red-socked tackle on the tootball team, was in the revue, the "C" club, and in the Sr. play took the part ot "Wes," where he distinguished himselt. Serving on the Courtesy squad, Jr. revue, Gloria, the one-act plays, and other committees, Maxine Jourdan surely was well liked. She was a member ot the Girl Reserves. 21 AlThough she kepT a deep, dark secreT, Dawn King liked To play The piano and sing. This small miss was a member oT The CourTesy squad. Everyone liked RuTh KoerT who helped wiTh Gloria, The one-acTs, Sr. play, Jr. revue, and Sr. ushers. She was a member oT The Girl Reserves, LaTin and l-likers clubs. WiTh her mind always Tocused on Typing, Dorofhy Kooiman s+ill Tound Time To be a member oT The l-likers and A.B, clubs and To work hard on The Sr. play and in The band. AnoTher mid-Term graduaTe, Arlene Kryger, gave valuable service by being an Echo TypisT and serving on The CourTesy squad. She was a member oT The Girl Reserves. NOT being absenT nor Tardy Tor Tour years was The record oT DoroThy Kufchinski. "PeTe" was a member oT The Jr. l-lonor socieTy, AmiciTia, A.B., and The choir. She helped wiTh Gloria, Sr. play, one-acTs, and worked in The oTTice. Marvin Laansma liked our class so well ThaT he Took a "P.G." course aTTer graduaTing in February. Being capTain oT The riTle Team and belonging To The l-li-Y, Bars and Chevrons and The STudenT Council kepT Marv preTTy busy. Handsome Douglas La FOFTEST, who is now in The Army Air Corps, was a TaiThTul member of The TooTball Team, and l-lieY. Doug was also in The Bars and Chevrons club, an oTTicer in R.O.T.C., and Science club. Phyllis LandsTra made many a Triend while she was here in CresTon. She is anoTher commercially minded sTudenT who was a member oT Girl Reserves, A.B., and Hikers club. Always "rarin' To go," Margie Langeler worked dili- gently in The Jr, revue, in The Sr. play and in A cappella choir, and belonged To The Girl Reserves, A.B. and Hikers club. AcTive in The Sr. band Tor Tour and a half years, Clifford Lawrence was especially inTeresTed in aeronauTics and science. "CliTT" was also a member oT The Con- servaTion club. Possessor oT snappy brown eyes, Effie Lee Took parT in Gloria, The one-acT plays, and Jr. revue. She was also in The choir and CourTesy squad. A valuable member oT our class was Eloise LeTTinga. Eloise held memberships in The A.B. and LaTin clubs. She was also secreTary oT Sr. Honor socieTy and worked on The Sr. play and Saga. An acTive member oT The l-li-Y was ClinTon LindhouT, who also worked diligenTly in Jr. revue, and was one oT The kings in Gloria. "ClinT" was also in The A cappela choir, and an Echo-Saga circulaTion sTaTl member. Busy Jeanne LivingsTon belonged The Saga sTaTT, The STudenT Council, Spanish and A.B. clubs, was acTive in Torensics, The choir, Jr. revue, Sr. play, and one-acT plays. Being assisTanT librarian kepT Barbara Locke on her Toes. Barb was inTeresTed parTicularly in commercial course and was a member oT The A.B. club and Girl Reserves. Dick Loomis, reTurned To CresTon aTTer a prolonged absence. Dick was especially inTeresTed in baseball and was a good dancer. l-le was always ready Tor Tun. Philip Lucasse was a member oT The Science club, DebaTe, and on The class memorial commiTTee. A Tormer sTudenT aT Davis Tech, "Phil" was AssisTanT EdiTor oT Their school paper. DoroThy LuTz had a "cracker iack" oT a smile which carried her a long way. She was mosT inTeresTed in book-. keeping and belonged To The Hikers club. 22 One oT Those rare people who are Truly beauTiTul is Joyce Manning, who was "Peggy," The vague lovable characTer in our Sr. play. Joyce was in The Hilcers club. Gloria, one-acT plays, debafe, and was mosT acTive in all round dramaTics. Being a member oi Hikers and Girl Reserves, and helping wiTh Gloria and Jr. revue made June Markus a loyal class member. A live wire oT wiT, Russell Mawby appeared in The revue, one-acTs, Gloria, and Sr. play. He was sporTs ediTor of The Echo, and in The band. He belonged To The Science club, Jr. Honor socieTy, and Sr, Honor socieTy. of which he was president A grand sense of humor was The high mark oT Lyle McCann's personaliTy. Lyle was a debaTer and parTici- paTor in The exTempore division oT Torensics. Ever since coming To CresTon, Tom McGee has been in The sporTs limelighT. Tom made The All-ciTy TooTball Team and was capTain oT The I945 Track Team. Marian McKee was The busy CourTesy paTrol member in The caTeTeria. "Mickey" worked hard as a Jr. revue usher, in choir, on debaTe, and as a member of The Spanish club. Gerald Melpolder reminded people of a shy liTTle boy someTimes, buT a very likable and nice person. "Gerry" was vice-presidenT oT The Science club, doorman Tor The Jr. revue, and on The war council. FirsT sTage co-manager To have an allgirl crew, Mary Lou Mieras Tound her vacanT hours passing quickly as she prepared Tor various dramaTic producTions. She was in The revue, A.B., Girl Reserves, and on The Saga sTaTT. Vocally giTTed co'capTain oT T'ooTball was Calvin Miller. He was in The SchuberT club conTesT, STudenT Council. Hi-Y, and Science club. He parTicipaTed in TooTball, baseball, baskeTbaII, and Track. Cal was presidenf oi The junior class. An all round good Tellow was popular Tun-loving Wesly Miller. PresidenT oT The "C" club, co-capTain of The TooTball Team, Hi-Y, and Co-ed council were some oT The acTiviTies "Wes" parTicipaTed in. Lee Moerland was one oT The Tun makers oT The senior class and one of Those gruTT soldiers oT Herod in Gloria. A grand girl wiTh plenTy oT pep and a nice giggle, Donna Mol, who came Trom Tech in her senior year, is one of Those gals wiTh more Triends Than she can counT. Genial and good naTured Lois Mol was a deTiniTe asse-T To her class. Lois belonged To The A.B. club and served on The CourTesy squad, was an usher Tor The Sr. play, and in The Jr. revue. "On The Beam" was Oma Monroe who could always be depended upon. Oma worked hard in The Jr. revue and was a member oT The Hikers club. ThaT husky soldier in Gloria was Donald Moss, who also appeared on The TooTball Team, Jr. revue, and one-acT plays. Don was a member oT The l-li-Y, Bars and Chevrons, and The LaTin club. SweeT and demure JudiTh Mulder, vice-presidenT oT The iunior class, appeared in The revue, Gloria, The one-acTs, choir, and The girls' sexTeT. She belonged To The Jr. Honor socieTy, LaTin club, and AmiciTia. ThaT long, long hair of Marilyn NewTon's was The envy oT her many Triends. Marilyn was very good in aThleTics, especially diving, and Took parT in The pep assembly play. Exceedingly clever wiTh her hands. Rosemarie Nickel was in The A.B. and Hilcers club. She also helped wiTh The Jr. revue and was an usher for The Sr. play. 23 'ic nw X Qs' X skis sets? S S T2 Qin -qw -fs Caroline Nielsen was anoTher sTudenT who was parTicu- larly inTeresTed in commercial subiecTs. She came from Davis Tech in her senior year. John NorTier was a very eTTicienT co-ordinaTor on The War council in his senior year. John wenT ouT Tor Track and his special inTeresTs were machine shop and gym. ATTracTive, dark-haired Isla Mae O'Donnell belonged To The LaTin and AmiciTia clubs and choir. She Took parT in The revue, The one-acTs, and Gloria. The special inTeresT oT Jack OlmsTead, now in The navy, was sporTs, as shown by his acTiviTy on The TooTball and baskeTball Teams. He was also in The "C" club, R.O.T.C., and Bars and Chevrons. Tall, blond Terry Olson was a TooTball end, and cof capTain oT baskeTball. "Clie" was in The Hi-Y, and Science clubs. He is now a member oT Uncle Samis navy. AcTive, indeed, was Neoma Oosse, a member oT AB., LaTin, Hikers, and Girl Reserves. "Lee" worked diligenTly in The revue, in The choir, on The CirculaTion sTaTT. Ellen Oosferwall is very arTisTically inclined as anyone can Tell who has seen any of her mounTings. She aspires To become a secreTary. Ellen was well liked by all. Jene Overbeck, ediTor-in-chieT ol: The Echo, kepT herselT busy in The one-acTs, Gloria, revue, and served on Co-ed council, STudenT council, and Forensic. Jene was a mem- ber oT The LaTin club, Girl Reserves, and Jr. Honor socieTy. Especially inTeresTed in music, Bill Palma was a member oT The Sr. band. Bill Took parT in The Jr. revue and The Jr. AmaTeur hour. AT presenT Bill is playing in Gene SargeanT's band. Donna Jean PalmaTier was "ElizabeTh" in Gloria, Sr. play, one-acTs, Torensics, choir, CourTesy squad, SchuberT club conTesT, Echo sTaTT. She was a member oT AmiciTia, A.B., Girl Reserves, Jr, Honor socieTy. She possessed a lovely singing voice. Roberi' PaTTerson was always ready Tor a good Time. "Bob" was especially inTeresTed in machine shop. Mary Lou PeTTiT was in STudenT council, LaTin and Library clubs. Jr. Honor socieTy, inTer-school sTudenT council, The revue, Gloria, The Sr. play, and Echo adver- Tising manager. A newcomer To CresTon, Cornelia Phillips was, indeed. a welcome one. "Connie's" high school career was mosT high-lighTed by commercial subiecTs. PresidenT oT The senior class, an officer oT The Sr. Honor socieTy, member oT The Jr. Honor socieTy, and The receiver oT a cihzenship award, were a Tew oT The honors ThaT came To Don Pollie in his years aT CresTon. Clarence PosTmus was a member of The Science club and on The Track Team. "Jack" is a former sTudenT of Davis Tech. A name To maTch The girl was given To BeTTy Joy Priddy, who really was preTTy. BeTTy served on commiTTees Tor The one4acTs, Gloria and The Sr. play. Norma ProcTor loved To hike: Thus, she was a TaiThTul member of The Hikers club. Norma was in The choir and orchesTra. A "Johnny on The spoT" was RoberT Quick. As presi- denT ol' The iunior class, he worked hard in The revue. Bob was TooTball manager, in The R.O.T.C., and held membreship in The Hi-Y, Science, Bars and Chevrons and "C" clubs. 24' Always around To do her share, Barbara Rau was prop- erTy manager Tor The Sr. play and The one-acT plays. and also on commiTTee Tor Gloria and The Jr, revue. "Barb" was a member oT The A.B. club. Doris Reed's quieT and sincere manners made her Tun To have around. Doris was in The Jr. revue and was a member oi The Girl Reserves. ln line Tor a musical career is Tiny Norma Lou Reedy, who won The SchuberT club conTesT in CresTon and who sang "Ave Maria" Tor Gloria. She also was assisTanT direcTor oT a one-acT play and Took an acTive parT on The debale Tearn. Friendliriess and sinceriTy marked Polly Richards who was elecTed To boTh The Honor socieTies, and who was a member oT The Saga sTaTT, Bars and Chevrons, and Horizon clubs. "Pug" was also an R.O.T.C. sponsor and in The LaTin club and A cappella choir. STriving To be in The Army Nurse Corps some day, Irene Ripley was a member oT The CourTesy squad, and The A.B. and LaTin clubs. "Rip" served TaiThTully in The Jr. revue, The one-acT plays, and The Sr, play. A busy Tellow wiTh a ready blush, fhal was Jack RipsTra, who l:epT up wiTh his duTies as Sr. Class Treasurer. CirculaTion manager oT The Echo-Saga, and Treasurer oT The Science club. "Rip" also belonged To The Hi-Y and Bars and Chevrons. He was in Gloria, one-acfs, and Jr. revue. SedaTe and well bred was Joyce Rodamer. This girl wiTh The preTTy, naTurally curly hair, belonged To The Hilcers and The Girl Reserves. and was a member oT CourTesy squad and A cappella choir. Full oT Tun was Nancy RoesT, who was in The Jr, revue, The Bars and Chevrons, and Biology club. Nancy was also co-chairman Tor The I944 MiliTary Ball, being an R.O.T.C, sponsor and The represenTaTive from CresTon. Dark haired, darlc eyed Raymond Russell was mosT con- TenTed when he was shooTing wiTh The riTle Team in The R.O.T.C. Ray was a TooTball manager and a member oT Bars and Chevrons. June Shea was small, buT a "TighTing Irishman." Earning her leTTer and all-ciTy honor in A.B., This energeTic senior was on The sTage crew Tor The Sr. play and was a member oT The LaTin and A.B. clubs. Ralph Schoegie was The Tellow who Took care oT The iulre box. He won his maior leTTer, belonged To The "C" club, STudenT council, and The CourTesy squad. Ralph was also in The one-acTs. Ed Sherd was exTremely inTeresTed in The riTIe Team OT The R.O.'l'.C, in which he was awarded a medal. "Ed" was a member oT The Bars and Chevrons club. Phyllis Sierveld proved ThaT good Things come in a liTTle package. "Phyl" was a guieT girl, buT she was in The A cappella choir and Girl Reserves. lnTeresTed in all sporTs, buT especially in bowling, aT- TracTive BeTTy SiH'erding was in The Hilcers club. BeTTy was also a swimming devoTee. CresTon's handsome "Voice" and aThleTe was George Slocum who belonged To The "C" club and Hi-Y. He worked in The Revue, Sr. play, CourTesy squad, Toofball, baslceTball, Traclc, and The choir. He won The SchuberT club conTesT aT CresTon.' AnoTher music minded boy who Tran'sTerred Trom Tech is Ted Slovinslli. He served in The band There. Since coming here he has gained many Triends, Tor he is a Triend indeed. "Lovely To loolc aT" Dona Lee Smi-Th proved her dram- aTic TalenT in The Sr. play, Jr. revue, Gloria, and The one-acTs. She was a member oT The Jr. Honor socieTy, Sr. ushers, and The LaTin, AmiciTia, and Horizon clubs. Big John Smifh was an energeTic lad, being in choir, Jr. revue, Bars and Chevrons, manager of TooTball Team, and house manager Tor The Sr. play. 25 x -T!-o XX lf- -4 1, V. . - K- F X xh 'P If ff-.-vf' O 1 - ,1-' v--ffl rf' . I ixks' B' in f' 16 xx A v 'T ' ' .- .4 y,..' v 1 - k , .A , ir., G21 I xx Q5 ff! LB .f' If ,. f 3 9 .df fr' . , , W I' .,',, . .ff 1. , uQ,' , I, I f1"' , J, J' ', ' yn QL' lf f, fiff -- h I N ' 1 Q. '- , . gl I' ., A MA S5 3 fx L V. 1 f "X l 4 .. EJ' "f'fXEeQ.. ' V "if ' ' 9.1 Y iN!-f Af' 4 2 I . ki . '..f L Mfo ,7 N: I, I -I . fr -," l I .1 "wr, Q- L -J V I , vt? ,"' ' ff - - . ,v X , A 1 ',:"" 'NL .f Q u if i Qxffsg P' X ,.q 0,, .- ,- ..,1,f- .sctvi 1 V L ','L'?f ,-. ,,, fivwu W G' V5 r7L F MB. ,W . aw.. ..,. L11 . 1 , -:,,, -.,'. ,H 1, g " ,P is 4 '. 1 YK 1 f ,f X Nu-...nh ,,qA' . A i , "-4 , f "I--1. ...,...' .A '- '1 5255.5 bln.. .1 'Q 6163 1 If 41 Tfiiau, E lf .W A. x Q' w we Tr six. .s X , X Y R X c Ex 5 Ns is .QS 2- T grae 'T . X X f Q f ' PS XX X A ba X :TQ S X KST siqxlg' 'T + we . , Q .. .,..f .... is .51 S T .1 E x., .. . f x .s ..' F2 .. 1: X 1' Q - E . F"': b vs' fw- w my, :f A sweeT liTTle girl indeed was Shirley STanley who served on The CourTesy squad. She was a member oT The LaTin club, and The Girl Reserves. Grand ElizabeTh STegmier belonged To The Jr. T-lonor socieTy, Saga, Girl Reserves, Spanish club, Library club, and won all-ciTy honors in A.B. "Liz" was in The Jr. revue, Sr. and one-acT plays, and was school deTense sTamp salesman. You would know ThaT Marilyn STeimle'is very Tond oT dancing if you had seen how well she danced in The Jr. revue. Marilyn was on The Echo sTaTT and belonged To The Girl Reserves, l-likers, LaTin and A.B. clubs. A sTudious buT iolly member oT The class was KaTherine Sfellema who belonged To The CourTesy squad, The STudenT council, The LaTin club, Sr. Girl Reserves, The Jr. l-lonor socieTy. Those be-auTiTul, Triendly brown eyes oT Beverly STorz were nice To see around school. "Bev" was in Glee club and Jr. revue. A Triendly Tellow was A. D. STouTiesdyk, a mid-Term graduaTe who was a member oT The Spanish club. Don STrong was The bashTul boy who came To our class Trom Tech in his senior year. You could always Tind Don aT Joppe's, his TavoriTe eaTing place. ATTracTive was The word Tor Elvira Succop who Took parT in The Jr. revue, one-acTs, played "Eve" in The Sr. play, and was a member oT The A cappella choir, A.B. club, and The Jr. Honor socieTy. KaThleen Sullivan was one oT The nicesT, shyesT girls oT The Sr. class. She was inTeresTed mosTly in commercial subiecTs. Especially inTeresTed in a commercial course, Eleanor Ter Molen was one oT The mosT dependable girls oT The class. Eleanor parTicipaTed in The Jr. revue, Gloria, The A cappella choir, and was on The CourTesy squad. STrike up The band! Yes, iT's Donald Thayer, ThaT grand subsTiTuTe Tor Mr. Lowe. This energeTic lad was a member oT The band, The orchesTra, The class song commiTTee, The Jr. revue, and The Jr. AmaTeur Hour. "Shall l make iT sad or shall l make iT glad?" said Arlaine Tieiema in The Sr. play. She made The audience glad. She showed her dramaTic TalenTs. Too, in The one! acTs and The revue. Arlaine was in A.B. Bill TiTus had a very nice smile which he kepT in consTanT use. This R.O.T.C, oTTicer belonged To The "C" club, The Bars and Chevrons, and The Track Team. Bill played "BroTher Goose" and was also a peppy cheerleader oT highesT rank. Frieda Torrey was a TaiThTul member OT The CourTesy squad who was especially Tond oT commercial subiecTs. She had many Triends and deserved Them, Too. June TrenT came To CresTon Trom Tech in her senior year, She was Tond oT home economics, Took parT in The one-acTs. and was a valuable member oT I-likers. This gay member oT The senior class is BeTTy Truckle, who always Tound Tun in everyThing she did. BeTTy was in The Jr. revue, belonged To A.B., and was presidenT oT l-likers club. AnoTher maThemaTically minded senior was Bernard TuinsTra, now in The Navy. "Bernie" served on The business commiTTee Tor The Jr. revue and was a member OT The LaTin club. f A swell "kid" who liked To box and golT was Lawrence Van Assen. He hopes To be a mechanic some day. 26 Arfhur Vanden Bergh was a fellow who was always wifh fhaf wide grin. "Ari" received a medal for fhe besf R.O.T.C. privafe in fhe cify, and was in Bars and Chevrons,. Affracfive Lorraine Vanden Bouf fool: parf in Jr. revue. one-acfs, Sr. play, Gloria, choir, Jr, Honor sociefy, Reserves, Courfesy, Girls' sexfef, A.B., Saga, and Horizon club. A swell sporf was Bruce Vander Klipp, presidenf of Sfudenf council, vice-presidenf of choir, in the "C" club, Hi-Y, Jr. revue, and Science club. "Vandy" liked baske?- ball and excelled in if. One of fhe few girl sfage managers was Kay Vander Molen, fhe girl wifh fhe grand sense of humor. Kay was on fhe Courfesy squad and was a member of fhe Horizon club and A.B. Fred Vanderveer was a cheerful fellow who was liked by all. Fred Served in fhe Jr. revue, and The Sr. play. He was a member of fhe Bars and Chevrons club, and Science club. Cheerful and capable was William VanZalen. He was a doorman for fhe Sr. play and a member of fhe Track feam. When if came fo special inferesfs, Bill's were aeronaufics and machine shop. Vivian Vennema included among her acfivifies, fhe Sr. and one-acf plays, fhe revue, and ushering for Gloria, She belonged fo Sfudenf council, Hikers, and A.B. There was no limif fo The acfivifies of Donald VerHage. "Verg" was co-capfain of The baskefball fearn, freasurer of Sfudenf council, vice-presiclenf of Hi-Y, in The "C" club, baseball feam, war council, and Science club. Jack Ver Heulen was a keen kid and a good and loyal friend. Jack was especially inferesfed in mafhs emafics and science, being a member of fhe Science club. Likable Joe Vogf, vice-presidenf of fhe senior class. fool: parf in fhe revue, belonged fo fhe "C" club, Hi-Y. Bars and Chevrons, foofball, baskefball, and baseball feams. Joe was freasurer of The iunior class. Norma Von Ehr cerfainly showed her falenf in arf when she was on fhe make-up commiffee for fhe Jr. revue. Norma was also in fhe Hikers club. An ardenf chemisfry sfudenf and very mechanically minded fellow was Floyd Walsworfh. He was one of the quiefer members of The class. ' Elaine Warfield, parficularly inferesfed in fyping. be- longed fo fhe Hikers club, Glee club, and was on fhe make-up commiffee for fhe one-acfs. Elaine ushered for Gloria. He's in fhe Navy now, buf you had fo wafch ouf when Fred Wafrous, fhe class cuf-up, came around. "WaH'y" was a iocular lad who was in foofball, baseball, Hi-Y, and Science clubs. Jolly Mary Weeber came fo us from Tech. Mary was especially inferesfed in music. A grand seamfress was Phyllis Weaver, who was infer- esfed in clofhing. Phyllis was one of fhe quief and very nice members of fha class. Winning fhe Gold Tribune scholarship medal for R.O.T.C. illusfrafes fhe menfal abilify of Arvin Wells. He played "Saradan" in Gloria, was in fhe Jr.,revue, and one-acfs, and excelled in forensics and arf. Pafricia Wes'l'coH"s work in arf was very worfhwhile. Par, a member of The Hikers club. was also inferesfed in music and belonged 'ro fhe A cappella choir. 27 ,r JT' ajzf E l' s .au XV- I , f 3' Erik in? 1 1,31 f rg s-K fir i.-- X Q - , A- -14-:J 2, 83.5211 Melia . ii' MY' gfif' i . 5 . 5' :fir-1: '. ,351 1 ff! gQ.f:Yfi-I ' 'rg 'Q - 1 -X3-rvtgzzx'-rf' f ef ' fff1f.if1Y1:.:Q.rtf. 1 ..'1z.!.-'PMI kc- ,fini , WN 2, ,J .2 '05 J. S? if 4 l 4' r-Sim 1 'Q ' ji Y nj. ra 5 lg J 6' - '--. , Xi 'T- L H N555 9? A nice loolcing blond wiTh a blush was dignified Mar- iorie Weslra, a member oT The A cappella choir, Hilcers, and The CelesTial choir Tor Gloria, A liTTle girl wiTh a big personalily, Donna Wiefen, was acTive in The Jr. revue, Sr. play, and CourTesy squad. Donna was also a member of l-lilners club and Girl Reserves. The lillle girl who ran around as call-girl in Gloria was Mary Willard. Mary belonged To A.B. and The CourTesy squad. Always busy Typing Tor The Echo and serving on The CourTesy squad, Jeanelle Williams was oT greaT service To her school and classmaTes. She was a member oT Girl Reserves. A Tiny girl wiTh a big smile and a sparkle in her eye was Jacqueline Wollney, usually called "Jaclcie." She was a member oT The sTage crew and Took parT in The Jr. revue. PersonaliTy plus Mary Yonlxers worked in The Jr. revue. in The Sr. play, in The malice, and on The CourTesy squad. Mary belonged To The l-likers club. iii ii A Mary Jane Ypma was always inTeresTed in her school worlc. This very nice, quief girl belonged To The LaTin club, The Horizon club, The CourTesy squad, and was in ,A The Jr. Honor socieTy. A Ar 5 NOT PICTURED IN THE ANNUAL X AGNES ALKEMA DON GLASS X JACK COLLIGAN ROGER HILEMAN Z ROBERT CORDNER JESSE MERRYMAN XE, DON DE MAAGD JOAN STOVER DON ELENBAAS CLIFFORD WELLS ' Q Q , 3 , I 5 f N . 66. C B C731 k lc T ofh pponenf while iabdlciiclk is ?E?fil1Ol'ucnsgE:gleTo Cir?lericAe!FrThieliCaTR2l:lc Sliwie Johifslolri l5i?iZeC0mFJlelS?C5Sbiilck-an er O safety man. NoTice The beauliful block Wes Miller Throws on is i few . . -iv -, Q.. 'JS CRESTON'S NEW FIGHT SUNG ? 1 M, U .M Q. If 5 -" ' QE 5 f i E.'fi.1fV'b'W, f iamg JNL- il-fs J- f' lf' J- WFT E- vi i , 1 1 a xl 4 5'1vf5gWf5f il 8:11 if ,Q ii :ifrli EM gf if' fb if' Ewrfi S EE if A aQ Tagg A' f'f5J9f5.5l'5.?l3" 1 if glr W 5" -T? 1 col ors of an an cient fame gl? gE5'fi iii Q E1 mf? 4 If sg H fag sgxgggiifj f 29 Name Ellen Alberda .. . Connie Albers ....,. Gordon Alderink ...... Agnes Alkema. . . Peggy Allchin ....., Charlene Ammerman.. Dale Anderson.. . Susan Anderson ..... Dick Arman+rou+ .. Phillip Aus+in .,.. Mary Balbach ... Francis Barber .. . E+helyn Barnum Evelyn Birdsall ,... . Marilyn Boad+ .... . Thomas Boorsma George Boo+srna Doro+hy Brabb .... Fred Bradiord. . . Bessie Brenner... . Edwind Breen .. Howard Broekema.. Joan Brogan . . . Norman Brown.. , Wal+er Bruce .. Dale Bush... Cornell Buyze.. Herber+ Byers. Beverly Caminer .,.. Gwendolee Carlberg.. Clara Carr. . ..,. . .. Lyle Carr .... ... Rose++a Carroll ..,, E1izabe+h Chapin. .. Charmaine Chinnow Jack Colligan.. ... Maxine Colson . Donna Cooper.. . Rober+ Cordner. .. Gordon Cornwell. .. Priscilla Co+a .,.. ... Pa+ricia Czerwinski.. Mary Davey ......... Corinne De Bruine.. Rober+ De Bruyn. .. Jane De Fouw ......., Marvin De Fouw .,.... Don De Maagd ....... Ann Dempsey ..... Harrie+ Den Boer. .. Earl De Neu+ Alice De Shane.. Lois Doezema ......... Arlene Donker ...,.. Mary Ann Drolema. Addr 918 400 1311 2401 605 538 220 1932 461 5 3248 933 2047 1565 442 443 124 3876 25 237 1409 1152 2614 1233 2145 2106 1105 500 949 1511 1434 1311 536 1551 227 40 921 .3623 2600 1549 130 1945 SAGA SENIOR DIRECTORY ESS Nor+hwood, N.E. .,., 7-4739 Hoover S+., N.E. .... 7-0273 Ashland Ave., N.E.. . .7-6577 Miller Ave., N.E ..... 7-4144 Woodridge, N.E. .... 7-9205 Cur+is S+., N.E. ..... 6-7611 Livings+on Blvd. .... 7-9163 Coi+ Ave., N.E. ..... 7-2064 Nor+h Park S+. ...... 7-6941 Dale S+., N.E. ...,... 7-4540 Coi+ Rd., NE. ......, 7-7084 Hollywood S+., N.E.. R. R. No. 4, G, R.. 8391521 Edgewood Ave., N.E..7-0110 Queen S+., N.E.. . .. 7-4076 Spencer S+., N.E. .... 9-2957 Barne++ S+., N.E ...,. 6-1842 Ann S+., N.E. ..... .. Marne, Michigan... 8-3455 Wilber Dr., N.E. ...7-9658 Burr Oak S+., N.E... Dean S+., N.E...... La+aye++e Ave., N.E. 7-1411 .6-8853 Hollywood, N.E. ..... 7-5826 Plainiield Ave., N.E.. Calgary, N.E. ..... . R. R. No.4 ........ R. R. 4, 3-Mile Rd... Eas+ern Ave., N.E... La+aye++e Ave., N.E. Aberdeen S+., N.E... Leonard S+., N.E.. .. Beechwood S+., N.E.. Fores+ Ave., N.E. Bu++alo Ave., N.E... Por+land Ave., N.E. . .7-2375 .7-6296 .751 F2 .7-2368 .7-9454 . 7-9810 7-6236 .7-9885 .8-4758 6-8897 Nor+h Park S+. ....... 7-9995 Alexander S+., SE.. . .5-5731 Knapp S+., N.E .... . Frank S+., N.W. .... .. La+aye++e Ave., N.E.. 7-5476 7-4594 9-7082 Briggs Blvd. ........ 7-7570 Day Ave., N.E. .... .. 7-0631 Nor+1'l Ave., N.E. . . .. Burr Oak S+., N.E.. .. 7-4578 1428172 P1ain+ie1d Ave., N.E. 1352 1022 217 101 480 3511 242 Penn Ave., N.E.. . . .. R. R.4, Plainfield Rd.. Leonard S+., N.E.. . .. Dale S+., N.E. ...., .. Burr Oak S+., N.E.... 7-8577 7-7249 8-0571 7-4490 7-2658 vvfighf S+., N.E. ..... 7-7410 Coi+ Ave., N.E ..,.. . 7-0528 Ma+ilda S+., N.E. .... Name Elaine Dryer. .. William Du+1y .... . Mildred Ekkens .... Donald Elenbaas. Joyce Elenbaas.. Alber+us Elve.. Fern Elwood . 1. . .. Jeanne Faasse. .. Wilma Ferwerda. .. Emma Feu+z ....... Louise Fi+zgerald. .. Norma Forner ..... Emaiean Forse+lund. Carolyn Fox ....... Gerfrude Fuller.. Rober+ Funk ....... Donna Gelderbloorn. .. Addr 3643 725 7 7 1348 237 872 134 410 35 1311 333 416 1534 124 509 Joyce Geldersrna ...,.. 1547 Elain George ....,, Richard Gibson .... Donna Jeanne Gi+che1l.. Don Glass ,,.... ... Doro+hy Good+el1ow. .. Edward J. Gravelyn Yvonne Graves. ...,, . Virginia Growe ..., Louise Gruesbeck.. Marianne Haadsma. .. Miriam Hall ....... Barbara Hamil+on.. Rober+ Hamil+on. ., Gerarda Hei+z ..... Roger Hileman.. Geraldine Hill ..,,. Doro+hy Hoeve ..,, Maxine 1zenbar+ .... Lorraine Jackman.. Jacqueline Jackson. Doro+hea Jerrils ..,. S+ewar+ Johnson. ... Maxine Jourden.. . Dawn King .... Ru+h Koer+ ...... Doro+hy Kooiman.. Arlene Kryger. ....... Doro+hy Ku+chinski .... Marvin Laansma ..... . Douglas La Fores+.. Phyllis Lands+ra .... 1543 1234 2117 3645 55 332 2017 323 1304 .2421 1594 1594 447 310 756 142 605 1980 953 454 1254 123 837 832 228 1117 Dawn Mariorie Langler. 410 Cli+'lord Lawrence.. 144 E1'1ie Lee ...,.... ...3346 Eloise Le++inga ........ 1361 ess Briggs Blvd. ..,,... . La+aye++e Ave., N .E. Burr Oak S+., N.E. Walbridge S+., N.E... Maude Ave., N.E.. .. Carrier S+., N.E.. . . .. R. R. No. 4, G. R.... Carrier S+., N.E.. . .. Mason S+., N.W ,... . Wa1nu+ S+., N.E.. . . .. Ouirnby S+., N.E.. . .. Swee+ S+., N.E. ..., .. Cedar S+., N.E. .,.. .. Palmer S+., N.E. .... . Kendalwood Dr. .... . Forres+ Ave., N.E.. .. Ma+ilda S+., N.E..... Diamond Ave., N.E... Emerald Ave., N.E. .. Briggs Blvd. ........ . Ouimby S+., N.E.. . .. Leonard S+., N.E.. . .. Rowe Ave., N.E.. . . .. Carrier S+., N.E.. . . .. College Ave., N.E.. .. Miller Ave., N.W.. .. .7-7792 .6-8420 7- 1445 8-3756 8-291 1 Coldbrook S+., N.W..9-7841 Knapp S+., N.E.. . . . . .9-8790 7-2519 6-9577 6-7690 6-5812 6-6440 7-4129 6-5608 9-7763 6-7652 7-9366 7-5822 8-6700 8-5345 7-7691 6-7866 7-0717 7-2196 R. R. No. 4, G. R.. 1 I6-891135 Plainfield Ave., N.E..7-3782 Plainfield Ave., N.E.. Cur+is S+., N.E. .... .. Ouimby S+., N.E.. . .. Carrier S+., N.E.. . .. 7-3782 8-0296 7-7161 7-5592 Revere S+., N.E. .... . .8-2848 R. R. 4, 3-Mile Rd..847-F-II Aberdeen S+., N.E.. .. lonia Ave., N.W.. .. Ford ............. 7-6288 7-3174 Alpine Ave., N.W.. .. .9-5602 7-9 704 Knapp S+., N.E. .... . .6-6344' R. R., Bird Ave., N.E. 116-847 R. R. No. 2, Ada, Mich. R. R. 4, Plainfield Rd..7-2569 Ann S+., N.E. ........ 9-6508 Clancy Ave., N.E.. . .. Dorroll S+., N.E.. . .. Burr Oak S+., N.E.. .. Coldbrook S+., N.E... Eleanor S+., N.E. .... . Guild S+., N.E. ..... . Riverview Ave., N.W.. Houseman Ave., N.E.. .7-1207 7-6548 6-7680 7-9735 7-8802 7-7982 8-8630 Name Clin+on Lindhou+ .... Jeanne Livings+on. .. Barbara Locke ...... Dick Loomis ,.,..... Philip Roger Lucasse Doro+hy Lu+z ....... Joyce Manning ...., Lyle McCann .... . Tom McGee ,,... . Marian McKee ..... June Markus ..... Russell Mawby ..... Gerald Melpolder. .. Jesse Merryman.. ... Mary Lou Mieras .. Calvin Miller. .. Wesley Miller .... Lee Moerland .... ... Donna Mol ,.... .. Lois Mol ...,. Oma Monroe. .. . Donald Moss... Judi+h Mulder. . . Marilyn New+on ...,.,. Rosemarie Nickel... Caroline Nielsen .... John Nor+ier ...... Isla Mae O'Donnell. Jack Olms+ead ......,. Terrence Olson. .. Neoma Oosse ..,. Ellen Os+erwal .,.. Jene Overbeck .,., . William Palma ....,. Dona Jean Palma+ier.. Rober+ Pa++ison ..... Mary Lou Pe++i+ ,... Cornelia Phillips .... Margare+ Pierce.. Don Pollie ......,.,.., Clarence Pos+mus. .. Be++y Joy Priddy .,..., Norma Proc+or. .. ... Rober+ Quick ......, Barbara Rau .......... Doris Reed ......... Norma Lou Reedy.. Polly Richards ,..... Irene Ripley ..., . Jack Rips+ra .....,., Joyce Rodamer ..... Nancy Roes+ ...A. Ray Russell ,..., . -:,- . -. sq' Entrants-fm:-5 Address 923 2448 I3-I-4 2540 l240 I2l I 3055 I I46 I25 880 I308 I339 I8II 2I2I 42I I4I2 357 3266 900 I 625 625 3445 I4l7 724 200I 333 54 84I 742 II35 490 959 256 5I2 I004 2II I370 I525 557 204-I 3056 I3 2I4 946 2lI0 5I2 I5I0 850 Arling+on S+., N.E.. .. Pos+er Ave., N.E., . . . Penn Ave., N.E.. . . .. Fos+er Ave., N.E. Penn Ave.. N.E.. . . .. Brad+ord S+., N.E.. . .. Graceland S+., N.E.. Leonard S+., N.E.. .. Spring Ave., N.E. Columbia Ave., R. R. 4, 3-Mile Rd. .. Ball Ave., N.E. .... .. Coi+ Ave., N.E.. . .. Meli+a Ave., N.E.. .. Quimby S+., N.E.. . .. College Ave., N.E.. Cedar S+., N.E.. . . .. College Ave., N.E.. R. R. 4, Knapp Rd.. O++awa Ave., N.W... Coi+ Ave., N.E.. . .. Knapp S+., N.E. College Ave., N.E.. .. R. R. 4, Knapp Rd.. Nor+h Ave., N.E. . .. Marie++a S+., N.E.... Sinclair Ave., N.E. . l'lamp+on . ...... . Quimby S+., N.E. . Knapp S+., N.E.. . . .. R. R. 4 ............. Fairview Ave., N .E.. Emerald Ave., N.E. Marywood Dr., N.E.. Hollywood S+., N.E. Elmwood S+., Prospec+ Ave., N.E... lonia Ave., N.E.. .. Dale S+., N.E... Ashland Ave., N.E... Oueen S+., N.E.. . . .. Cedar S+., N.E. .... .. Oakwood Ave., N .E. Elllie Ave., N.E.. . .. Elmwood S+., N.E.. . .. Spencer S+., N.E.. . .. Knapp S+., N.E.. . . .. R. R. No. l, Belmon+. Swensberg Ave., N.E.. Kenwood S+., N.E.. .. Nor+h .Ave., N.E .... . Hollywood S+., N.E... N.E. N.E .... 7-9567 7-9 I94 7-5369 6-9 I 30 8-0402 7-7793 Effie Ave., N.E. .... .. .9-7735 8-5 I 53 6-9456 7-6639 7-I935 8-99 I 0 7-9845 7-2769 8-2673 .8-9203 7-9392 7-230I 8-37I2 7-I456 7-4380 7-020I .6-I26I 7-6902 7-6I I I 8-785I 8-0555 .757F3 6-9436 6-6060 7-3725 7-6727 8- I 9 I 3 6-5 I 58 8-3660 7- I 846 8-SIOO 6-9282 7-2208 7-0502 7-6408 7-l227 7-2659 7-434I 7-95 I 7 7-0997 Name June Shea ...... .. Ralph Schoegie. .. .. Edward Sherd .... .. Phyllis Sierveld. .. George Slocum.. Ted Slovinski ..... Dona Lee Smi+h.. John Smi+l'i ...... .. Shirley S+anley. .. Eliza be+h S+egmier Marilyn S+eimle .. Ka+herine S+ellema.. . Beverly S+orZ A. D. S+ou+iesdyk Joan S+over . . Don S+rong ..... Elvira Succop .... .. Ka+hleen Sullivan. Eleanor Ter Molen Donald G. Thayer. Arlaine Tieiema.. William Ti+us. .. . .. Frieda Torrey. . . June Trend+. Be++y Truckle.. ... Bernard Tuins+ra. Lawrence Van Assen. Ar+hur Van Den Bergh Lorraine Vanden Bou+ Bruce Vander Klipp. .. Kay Vander Molen. .. Fred Vander Veer. William Van Zalen .. Vivian Venema.. . Don Ver l-lage .. . Jack Ver Heulen.. . Joe Vog+ ......... . Norma Von Ehr .... Floyd Walsworfh . .. Elaine Warfield ...... Frederick Wa+rous .... Phyllis Weaver.. . Mary Weeber.. .. Address 34I I540 I305 I34 424 25 I35I I42 627 233 I 528 470 I 7I2 I8 IOO4 877 847 707 I545 2620 2909 653 240 2039 25 26l3 900 I8I2 I529 2II9 I30 I55 346 75I 20I8 4I6 86I I60 I5I4 879 5I6 Arvin Wells . ...l652 Cli++ord Wells.. Pa+ricia Wes+co++ ..... Mariorie Wes+ra ...... Donna Wie+en .... .. . Mary Willard ........ Jeane++e Williams., .. Jacqueline Wollney. .. Mary Yonkers ........ Mary Jane Ypma ..... I20 2928 2209 I254 I3I 430 237 38II I409 James Ave., S.E. . EorreS+ Ave., N.E.. .. Paris Ave., N.E. Palmer S+.. N.E. . Swee+ S+., N.E. Coldbrook S+., N.E. Diamond Ave., N.E. Mon+rose S+., N.E.. Marywood Dr., N.E... Oakwood Ave., N.E. Kenwood Dr., N.E... Union Ave., N.E.. .. Coi+ Ave., N.E. .. Frank S+., N.W. . lonia Ave., N.W. .. Oakland Ave., N.E. College Ave., N.E. . Spencer S+., N.E. Cole Ave., N.E.. .. Plainfield Ave., N.E 6-5I33 6-I830 7-3678 6-6076 8-0927 7-6688 7-3740 7-6880 7-0356 8-6796 7-2738 6-77I5 6-5I58 3-9 I 81 6-7808 9-2745 8-0607 7-5956 R, R. No. 4 .... 839F4-I I6 Coi+ Rd.. N.E. Spencer S+., N.E. Ouimby S+., N.E. .. Meli+a Ave., N.E. Howland S+., N.W. Miller Ave., N.W. Graceland S+., N.E. Wilber+ Ave., N.E.. Nor+h Ave., N.E. Edgewood Ave.. N.E. Elmwood S+., N.E.. Burr Oak S+., N.E.. R, R. 4, Plainfield Page S+., N.E. . . Evelyn S+., N.E. . Oakwood Ave., N.E. Marie++a S+., N.E. Aberdeen S+., N.E.. S+raigh+ Ave.. N.W. Nor+h Ave., N.E. . Aberdeen S+., N.E.. Walnu+, N.E. ..... . Sfoddard Ave., N.E. Mon+rose Ave., N.E. Coi+ Rd., N.E. .. Paris Ave., N.E. . . Plainfield Ave., N.E Palmer S+., N.E. . . Quimby S+., N.E. .. Elmwood SI., N.E. BuFlalo Ave., N.E. .. 7-6772 6-57I I 7-4029 8-0647 7-6330 9-4927 6-5726 7-7840 7-49l3 7-50l9 7-I928 9-8887 7-I 766 7-53l9 9-7728 6-7792 7-7766 9-7647 7-8470 7-3770 8-70I6 .6-67II 6- I 208 7-0254 S+andish S+., N.E.. . .. .7-5538 el? l, We graduafe In Februarv. 2, You're lucky, Two To one. 3. AT Iasfl 4. IO good cheers! 5. Vandy and Worsf bofh have The ball. 6. The Tnvocafion. 7. Amici1Ia's grad- uafion recepfion, 8. The la5+ mile! 9, "Wesley Adams! Ah fhink you'd Ve? me do almosf anyfhln' Ah wanfedf' IO. Susan's and Red'sl II. Seniors! I2, And more seniors! A X nnlsmymr fwaf Qfovvwfzfwuf THE JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class oT '45 sTarTed OTT wiTh a bang by elecTing The Tollowing oTTicers: Bob Quick, presidenT: Mildred Davis, vice-presi- denTg DorThea Sergeant secreTary3 and Jay Bohn, Treasurer. When Bob Quiclc sTepped up his curricular sTudies in February in order To graduaTe in June, Millie Davis Tool: over The duTies oT The presidenT. ' The Junior AmaTeur l-lour was held on Feb- ruary 6+h wi+h Wally De Maaqd and Millie Davis doing a Thorough iob as MasTer and MisTress oT Ceremonies. Top: Bob Quick, presidenT who resigned because he is graduaTing This year, and Mildred Davis, who indusTriousIy under- Took The presidenT's posiTion in February, collaboraTe on Their ideas Tor The Junior Amateur Hour. Cenferz ComrniTTee heads for The Junior Revue are, leTT To righT, Wallie De Maagd, George Sfemporf, Elinor Brach, Grace HuTTinga, and Peggy Lynch. Lower leTT: Dorfhea Sergeanf, secreTary, and Jay Bohn, Treasurer, Talk over The financial success of The Junior Revue. The lOTh Annual Junior Revue was presenTed on April l2Th and l3Th. lncluded on The program were 30 slciTs, dances, and acTs. On May 25Th The Juniors TeTed The Seniors aT The Junior-Senior Prom held in The school's gym, Jerry STeinporT's band Turnished The music. Mr. Rens, The Junior Class Advisor, sTaTed ThaT This year proved very successful. Arlie Albrechf Joyce Alderink Jack Anderson Charles Anlrim Don Bailey June Barker Gordon Bass Delores Beine Corlise Bielow Tom Blandford Florence Blymier Roger Bockheim Elaine Brach Laura Brach Fred Bradford Owen Bradford Mary Bruinsma Lillian Burkholder George Burr Dick Butler Beverly Carlberg Clarence Carlson Duane Carpenler Violef Carpenfer Rulh Clarise Dick Coles Audrey Collier Shirley Coleman Donna Crawford Mildred Davis Delores De Blaag Mary Decker Eileen Den Haufen Phyllis Denl' Norma De Fung James De Ryke Eugene Doorn Befly Du Bois Lyle Duke Beffy Eichollz Richard Fainman Belly Feulz Leona Gendrohs Lorraine Ayres Howard Baar Norma Baas Marian Bard Howard Bergman William Berrevoels Roberf Beukema Gordon Beuker Jay Bohn Tom Boss Paul Bowersox Wanela Boynton Don Bresnahan Andrew Brown Fred Brown Russ Brown Doris Burler Eugene Byper Sophie Byle Jim Candela Myrlle Chance Pafricia Chase Bernard Clark John Clark Jim Command Lola Cordes Jackie Cornwell Priscilla Cofa Jean De Graff Doris De Maaqd Wallie De Maagd Devonne Denhaf John De Waard Gaylord De Young Shirlie De Young Alefha Duega Joan Eirner Peggie Empie Dan Endres Bob Faasse Gladys Fry Delores Geasler Phylis Gleason Lawrence Geysbeel Allena Godfrey ELEVENTH GRADE ,Q an 'E' ,ox wo cv on ,Q qv Q 0-4 49 A -s 5 .5 'Q 4? 35 Tb up ,v 4'- -q ,. x "4'. 1- .,. 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Poisson Pal Proctor Dale Racey Yvonne Reever Ken Remlema Barbara Matleson Eleanor McClain Shirley Meinke Jeanne Meyers Jack Miller Milford Moliler Nicia Musser Delores Nulson Glen Odgen Jack Olree Jim Parsaca Dick Pafridge Max Pellif Floy Philpofl Rulh Price Roger Proos Eugene Relerslorf Belly Rich Vera Rivenberg Alice Rochwell Dorothy Ronda Ted Rosel Dick Sidor Veda Silva Betty Slocum Roger Slykhouse Roscoe Stapleton Robert Stegmier Jane Stehouwer Jenny Steinport Don Straayer llean Stratton Margie Stuits Bob Tietsma Ann Tuttle Dick Urbane Betty Vachon Lorraine Van Dalsen Alma Vander Honing Marv VanderLaan Geraldine VanderLinde Pat VanderLinde Barbara VanderVelde Frank VanderVoord Lois Van Dyken Barbara Van Dyke Louis VanKuiken Bob VanRingelstein Ray Van Wingen Roger Vanderlier Wally Volwiler John Voshol Hazel Wade Myrtle Wallace James Wilson Jean Westra Bud Wheaton Wayne Wheeler Lavina Wlliams Lois Wilson Mary Winters Wally Wynsma Ruth Yokam Jack Ypma Lean Scott Dorothea Sergeant Robert Shaffer Bernice Shaltem Lois Smith Russell Smith June Smitter Pat Sobie Joe Steinport Peggy Stickroe Betty Stoddard Bob Stone Dolores Terpening Bob Tew Anna Thatcher Ernest Trom pen Pat Vanden Bos Maurice VandenBoss Gordon Vander Bruggen Joyce Vander Heide John VanderMolen June Vander Schie Cora Vander Stel Betty VanderVeer John Van Ehr Margaret Van Ess Neil VanHoute Kenneth VanKamman Rolly Varner Jack Venkemulder Jack Visser Pete VanderJaqt Eleanor Walters Harry Wanster Russell Way Allene Weeks James Williams Barbara Wild Jack Williams Lorraine Williams Louise Worpel Lucille Wright Phyllis Ysseldyke Betty Zeeryp ELEVENTH GRADE .4 4 . 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Lewis Rau Harrier Richmond Gerald Riemersma Julief Rockwell David Rogers Joan Sayles Kennefh Schede Anne Lou Mieras Marilyn Mieras Arlene Mol Eileen Mol lrene Molifor Par Monlgomery Warren Nichaus Mary Norris Jim Norfier Grace Oiliens James Perry Marcia Peferson Roland Peterson Mary Lou Peferson Dolores Poferacke Shirley Prince Lou Clara Purchase Mary Rallner Donald Rinner Tom Roberson Ellen Roke Clyde Rose John Schildhouse Barbara Schneider .4 c f . 4 ,..,,, J rl f 1 V X A Q X s. ,,.,- ..'-v i 1, ,. .- QV H 5 jg .3 - 1 X -' x A i y H' ' J-4 ' -' ' if ., wi 'gg ig . hr. 2.,, Q E 'f - i ' ' il -27 T ra. , vi ., ' K F J 11, J , 1, ' Q i sr 7:5 A xyfk r fi - x RN., A -. - 'QT '-. 1 3 . Q ' i Q l ' , J' Aram' r i'-. "s 1 4 : ' ' Q .. V A - rm Y, J - ' V 1 ,1 , M A 0 4 r y- ' i ' Q. , - ,-. I S L 4 i' se ' A 6 P ,Q , W ' X - iv . - it ,-,' f E 2' 5 5 " 5, J A 2 J ' " 1 ,, N Ax , ,J Y J ss fa - 1- 5 f A ' ' I A. 1' 1 X ",' ' '4'V 'Y ' r a 1 4 2 . Q , 1 1. . a s 2 J ' .- G . 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Marian Truckle Paul Usher Bud Van Ball Darlene Vander Berg Elaine Vander Berg Gerald Vander Voord Alberla Vander Wall Kathleen Vander Werf Dan Van Dyke Ray Van Kuiken Barbara Scofl' Joan Shaw Connie Sheehan James Sherd Dick Smifh Lynefle Smilh Millon Smirh John Sfadf Davis Smalley Iris Slraffon James Sfryker Hazel Tieiema George Thiel Darrell Thompson Glenn Thompson Norman Tock Norma Tulip Marfha Tuinsfra Charlene Tuffle Ilene Urbane June Vander Jag? Leslie Vander Jag? Lawrence Vander Klip Neal Vander Maas Marfha Van Dyke Don Van Haffen Lois Van Holsfyn Ann Van Hoven Roger Vinkemulder Barbara Van Valkenburg Leona Wall Tom Van Wingen Bill Viergiver Shirley Way Joyce Webber Douglas Weeks Arlyn Weller Belly Whip Gracia Whifworlh Merrill Wierenga Bob Wiersum Cecilia Woodworfh Roma Woodworfh Lorraine Wrighl Ellen Mary Waltz Henry Waferkamp Don Werkema Edwin Werlz Dolores Wesorick Ari Wesfveer James Wilder Barbara Williams Lenore Wiseman Eugene Wol bers Lorraine Wrighl Vivian Wrighf X.A "yr-'fre .- fx ,L . ,S 'M 512' 15 , R ,. 45? a. A, X 1, f x L-pt. nh M XL M ' radh Scene frohv "Shia", 2, An Infevuor siwi 'P c he ow. 3.SPeu:H'vq'1?qH 4 I+'- qood fof We waisflwne, foo, 5. Up goes The faq 6. MQ -Anson! the man behind The ciffefa, gifs P-I--:EN 5500 7. Amwchia group. 8. "SfwI!e pferwf' ?.P1'w pyavns. f 'L-P, W 11, . 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V 2 3 -'13 ' '- . .,s 42 Harold Adsil Gerard Akkerhuis Elaine Alyea Ardilh Anderson Margarel Andrews Dan Anfrim Jerry Avery Jack Babb Barbara Benham Bill Benny Freeman Billock Sharon Blasing Karl Bruder Verna Brunsink Ed Builer Kenny Buyxe Eugene Bylsma Marilyn Cahill Mary Lou Campbell Roberl Card Gloria Collier Bernice Cook Jack Corcoran Theo Cross Billy De Mann Freda De Mayer Marge De Neul Rul'h De Nise Joyce Dryer Virginia Duiker Eleanor Dunn Joyce Dunn Nancy Fairrnan Roberl Felix Gladys Fish Virginia Fleming Marie Gabrick Gerry Gasar Bernice Geldhof Doris Geldhof Bill Gorski Phyllis Goudzwaard Charlene Gray Joyce Grigsby Jerry Hall Rulh Hall Roberl Hamacker Evelyn Anderson Pefer Anderson Shirley Anderson Roger Andree Norine Railey Richard Banks Mary Lou Barnum John Bekker Esrher Boo? Mickey Boylen Don Bridges Gail Brillharf Bill Byl Marian Byl Elrie Byle Ed Bylsma Don Chandler Norman Chesebrough Roberf Chlebek Shirley Cole Beverly Davey Oscar Davidson Marilyn Davis Belly Decker Lorraine Dent Bruce Doane Ann Downs Dorofhy Drake Lauren Dunn Edna Dykstra Delores Ellis Dick Endres Jack Fosler Don Frazine Joyce Frilch Jack Funk William Gibson Joan Glaser Arden Golhal Mary Gormely Demmen Halcomb Billie Hall Bob Hall John Harding Joan Hacker Sylvia Harris Dick Harroun Claylon Hawkins Belly Haynes Lou Ann Hendrickson Richard Hoekslra Richard Hoggall Tom Hollz Elaine Honeycull David Johnson Virginia Kasleline Helen Kalz Ed Keegslra Eldon Klaassen George Klassen Geraldine Klap Eugene Koskey Pal Leese Sarah Leman Mary Leonard Jacqueline Levandoski Bob Loomis Palricia Main Bill Maslers Edna Maynard Bill Meadema Gerlrude Meek Rosemary Merryman Richard Mieras Palrick Milchell Edward Moll Barbara Monlgomery Barbara Morgan Charles Newsdorfer Yvonne Olsen Mary Lee O'Neill Eloise Oom Jackie Piereson Gerald Pigorsh William Pillsbury Lois Porler Joe Pranlle Lois Price Shirley Punches Dawn Pelerslorf Phylis Richardson Gerald Riemer Roberl Hendrickson Roberl Henke Jim Hines Dick Hoag Joyce Hoover Helen Hcuser Lois Hullenga Joan Jackson Eugene Kelly Bruce Kennedy Ray King Eliean Kinsley Roberl Kuemmerle Bealrice Laansma Wilma La Bolz Rulhella Lamberl Jerome Lewis Joyce Lewis Earl Lewill Evelyn Long Bonnie McAllisler James McLean Richard McLean Waller McNamara James Miling Dick Miller Jack Miller Wayne Miller Donna Morgan Richard Morgan Connie Neason Belly Nederveld Marilyn Olle Melvin Olle Belly Fallen Donald Pell Slarling Posl Floyd Poleracke Shirley Poleracke Virginia Powell Warren Roalz Richard Rademacher Harley Rawson Richard Riemersma Clarence Ripley NINTH GRADE ,W 49 4- I . 5 ' . , f 5 a .1 i' , n - ,, '- " li . 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Ascherman Judifh Bailey Ray Baker Joan Benedicf Barbara Berrevoeis Marian Boerma Bonnie Boss Ray Brandi Charlene Brown Jacqueline Brown Marlin Brown Erwin Bylsma Roberf Calkins Norma Cambier Glenna Mae Cumings Gladys De Graff Bill De Lange Bob Despres Roger De Vries Donald De Young Bill Ensley Roger Erhari Esfher Faasse Harold Fisher Harold Forman Jim Franklin Andrew Goodwin Shirley Grabill Jim Gravelyn Roger Harroun Donald Hafhaway Fred Heileman EIGHTH GRADE IIIII!!llI I 977 402 G748CRH 1945 THE SAGA CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL, JUNE, 1945 GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN .F -W 7' ' 7 "7 Harold Hewarison Edgar Higgins Joe Hoeve Margaref Hoeve Joan Holcomb John Hoogeslegerv Helen Huber Melvin Hughes Lois Johnson Maxwell Johnson Ruth Johnson Warren Johnson Gordon Kefelaar Julia Keyes Bill Kosfen Harold Kosfer Wanda Kryger Joan Kurtz Belly Lacey Jack Lane Don Liefbroer Carol Liyingslon Jack Lobbezoo Richard Locke Geraldine Main Victor Main David Martini Dorolhy Marlin Lawrence Miller Pafricia Miller James Mohrig Elizabeih Musser Marilyn Olson Dorolhy Ofle Jerry Page Tom Pische Patty Paley Jean Proos Shirley Racey Marie Hoffman Bob Hogeboom Raymond Hoggarl Marilyn Hull Nancy Jenkins Bernadine Johnson Paul Keithley Richard Kelly Donald Kefelaar Belly Kremer Harry Krueger Shirley Kryger James Laraway Par Leman Howard Lellinga Keifh Longberg Marilyn Love Mary Lynham Eugene McCullough Dolores McKee Jimmie Middlefon Nelson Brown Howard Newberry Fred Nielering Jean Paul Diana Perry Judy Phillips Maxine Praff Burnace Prince Janie Rairner Ann Randall Joan Reed Marilyn Remes Jim Rinner Jean Rennier Roberl Ruffe Diane Sampanes George Sawyer Roger Scheele Joan Seelman Kay Seys Norma Sherd Sterling Sleef Barbara Soper Lois Springfield Mary Sleed Danny Stevens William Sff0l1 Don Sfrofbaum Joan Sruif Marvin Swarl Richard Terpsfra Alice Thompson Ray Thompson Marqarel Treiber Dororhy Vader Joyce Van Akkeren Norma Vander Broek Maxine Vander Honing Cena Mae Van Dyke Shirley Van Wyk Far Van Zylveld Don Veldman Marilyn Wall Dick Walsh Jack Waltz Frances Wenzel Robert Werner Jim Wheeler Gerald Wilson Adney Wing Roberf Romkema Rita Jean Rosel Louis Rosendall Louis Schrouder Shirley Scriber Doris Schulrz Calherine Smilh Don Snyder Donald Song Shirley Sfeinporr Sue Ann Slocum Verna Slralfon Arloa Sweel Janet Sweer Barbara Tanenbaum Jack Truckle Eleanor Tuinslra Arlene Twiss Florence Vander Honing Lois Vander Laan Margaret Vander Molen Edward Vene Klase Don Vis Wayne Vos Louise Warner Geraldine Wildey Jane Whiting Roger Wilkins Sylvia Wondergem Charlene Zipps EIGHTH GRADE dv x -9 ar Q 9 4 4' ,Q aw 3 Q- , - 1-rv in 'wr cv nn -vu as .-Q an as uv an B' 5 - - aw L. 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SEVENTH GRADE si 48 Tom Alberda Dewey Allchin Marley Anderson Nancy Antonides Norman Ardnt Carol Bennett Shirley Bennett Juanita Berry Roger Berry Jerry Besmer Willis Briggs Robert Bradly Delores Brown Betty Bylsma Dick Carpenter Roderic Chapman Marilyn Chesebrough Harold Childes Dorothy Chinnow Donna Clark Ronald Coleman Delores Curl David Cornell Tom Cornwell Virginia Dadd Douglas De Blaay Ruth De Bryn Charles De Graff Dorothy De Lano Mary De Muster Dorothy Droelema Alen De Roo Jack Davis Karl Du Bois Norma Dunn Tom Fairman Dale Felix Ray Ferguson Mildred Fonger James Fuller Jackie Grallar Robert Gray Patricia Groenland Evelyn Grotenhuis Irma Gustafson Donald Harrington Martha Hart Burton Harris Patricia Harwood Zelma Hathaway Don Hoeve Joyce Huckleberry Yvonne Hull Thomas Jewell Annalou Johnson Arlene Keith Mary Jane Kennedy Richard Kippen Barrl Koch Louis Atkinson James Bailey Joanne Balk Don Beebe Kenneth Billin Myrtle Blackall Mary Bos Nancy Brabb Leonard Carpenter Dorothy Carroll Don Carter Richard Campbell Virginia Clark Roger Clouse Lois Coburn Sarah Cole Naomi Dagen Ronny Davidson Ellen Davis Ruth Davis Richard De Voogd Pat Dillenback Bonnie Dodge Ronald Dodge Norman Eastman Richard Ekkens Steven Elkins Nola Erhart Rosemarie Gilchrist Warner Girgwer Betty Glaser Elaine Glenn Charlene Haizman Cecil Hammond Patricia Harding Mary Harper Annette Hayes Patty Hayes Hazel Hill Wesley Hill Howard Jackman Pat Jackson Richard Kanode Karen Kardes Patricia Ketelaar John Kurth Jack Kryger Boyd Kuieck Gail Kunkel Virginia Lamberl John Leese Gordon LeRoy Frances Levandoslci Grace Ann Long Marilyn Lookabiil Connie Loomis Virginia Maior Ccnne Marsma Bob McElhemy Marilyn Millard Edward Minion Mary Milchell Shirley Morrison Frank Ohler Charles Olmslead Pefer Orphan Lucille Oszinga Tom Paul Richard Proos Leonora Rennie Billy Rice Lorraine Riemersma Marian Ronda Jack Schneider Ronald Scoll Maurice Scrivener Dale Seman David Seman Dorolhy Slocum David Smilh Gordon Smilh Jean Smilh Pal Smilh Donna Stebbins Louise Sfedman Barbara Sleffe Glen Slevens Bob Sloel Rulh Ter Molen Evonne Thomas Earl Thompson Lois Thompson Belly Tulip Roger Vander Kooy Palricia Vander Jagl John Vander Veen Eugene Vander Veer Nancy Ver Heyd Rulh Versfay Richard Vogl June Welshiemer Belly Wert Norine While Kennelh Wildeboer Margarel Woody Edward Worsl Marilyn Lindhoul Eugene Long Jim Long John Lohman Donald McCarlhy Paul McCarly Beverly McDermoll' Mariorie McDowl Jay Murray Suxanne Musser Belly Newark Joyce Nussdorfer Eloise Pennock Barbara Pell Jim Powell Eunice Price John Rose Kennelh Rosendall Lois Rosendall Jerry Schild Norman Shaw Sue Shullz Joyce Sierveld John Sleeman Paul Spangenberg Gwendolyn Spencer .lay Springfield Marlene Sladf Kay Slrallon James Sulfon Dorolhy Terkeursf Bob Ter Molen Charles Tool Rhoda Tranger Joyce Tramper Richard Trenl Bealrice Vander Velde Edward Vand Porflliel Van Upslall Norma Vellman Alfred Walson Joan Weis George Wesorick Henry Wielen Bealrice Williams Lawrence Wilson Bob Ysseldyke Theresa Zeilbeck SEVENTH GRADE , s. V -A . V 4 . .VG 1 I ,m my .QT ,Q 1 '1 ,i ' 1 in 5,35 fnfb. F T , . . ' lizff . i" x ' ll- - X , .K,. I " Yr H , ' 'F 4 - ' 1' .Tiff A "f '1 ' 5 V, V A . - - 'V ' " K x y' . U ' g V ' - S ' ""' ' V .1 . ,,,Q,V.. fx 2: 253: ,. g - - was S B 'E ' ' ag. 1 : '- ,, 4, M ' J A 5 A-4 .I .K A ' . 8- .I 1 l G ' sw ' , . - , -' -9 I 2' Q B' -r.,-sv A 1 ,Q , ff eng -15223392 A , 51-5147, - -, V ' 'li ' A . M"'7"' ,, 1 ' ,VV ,V .... N V an , 'rw U, .s V V- fs X ,. fl - ' I 1 - 1 . D if 4 7 3 ' 'sei gil- J 4 1 s 'ff If A Q QF, ' . - il M- x Q .' 1 A V: ls: X., . S" " ii Ja' L , - ' N M VW ' ' - if - ff Tig ' ' f - ' 1 ,Q fl ' ' - li ' 2 s F K I as , V l 4. req G, - : - V , a :X , H g? I . A A ii. :way 1 , .. , V. 5 'v S : a V :Vg , f 2gy ,?g?, - I N L, 3 f , i, 'I K 'leg 5 - V -:if we - - - X - . . .. - .K Q ' . V 1 ' lr ' ' ' ::'1' ., V .V 3-4 .V 2, 4"- - ' ' ' ' ef' A , , . Wk V . , 9, r ' - . . as - Q Q 1- l, .V , Mic xg, V Vx, f' - "' , , Q fu a - -V - 4 .. 7 B: 6 1 V- .r s 'r ' 7 11 .ra -2 ,r r-aria , N .',:Qi,'. 'vw -1 . ', H ' ,M A-L' , , I 2 ' V- . I , , --1 , .1 - ' " V! ' 4 ' 2 1 A - - 5 . - - 3 -, : f , Q I ,.4,g. V Q V, . V '- . 7 - , "' T ef, ' r 4 . 1 , 'rw' in -V X V V' 1 x X. I ,rar . .. Vw u - l" ' 5355 " -- :J fi ' -' M fi' 1 V ' , 9 -V . P ' , V, Q ,, - gl' fi ? ' 4,2 ' n 1 " A , Q - ' T ' " "5 v X yi' . PS' 'tfiigsf ii -Sl use fa, X A' I ,L.s-j5Q,r . Q T ,X ., ' X fr- , r s 37 ' S 541, V ' ..1 V 1 gg. - ,, a' ' , V V, I JN X 1 -gf . V H 'fin , X ' ,. ., 'l 'V ' ' ' -C - -sf-s" - 625 " V .Ne - .ir T -, '- ' ' ' V ..V., rf 4 ., ' - ,T - . . 6 " ' 4. ' , :A B : 'fn 'T f Til if S V e ,,, af , 7 X I ' ' P' , 53411151 49 YBWXNNX XNXN e'r Fehow club SaXudos annKgosX . . . Spanhrds gre members for iheRr lnX'fKa'c1on . . . BeXow 'beaming races 'che Torch oi knowXedge is prouchy disphyed . . . GoaX for Echo-Saga subscriphons, M000 . . . Sohi, M200 . . . Nohce anyihinq new? . . . My HK-Y p1nX Have you worked your required hours in ihe Ubrary ihXs week? . . . hh-Y'-Sr. Gin Reserve Ban- que? . . . Arniciha, On the Air! Thanh you, Lakin Club, fror 'che honor roh. weh Nusirak-2-j 'nn The 1deaX of Cohoperakive Uvhxq Ks very , H135 piciure of khe H1-Y boys sdecfknq food Qor We Thanks- ' d imkhes. qwmq baskets for nee 4 a inf looks on. ' .,f.f ' W! . -... f v , X s. . y ,X,, ,I ,SW " -:. . E i iz. sv S , E , , . Q , , 3 .. . , g , Q, i A A I Leflzl Elaine Dryer, presidenr, examines The Amicilia scrap' book while The res? of The club 'NE . T f T 9 ' . k ,Q af . z: ., 'I " T sfo f v n , yn-Q' XV.g.a Q T s ff is , Q 5' xx 2 If X s Tis: 5 X f v 2 X S j - X fi , ig 1 - . J T 5 q 1 X i XX..-fy by -ve ' sg . f .. , X 1 . ,. f' 5 . -' -'15 --r f? sf Q. - Righl: Club officers are Mary Davey, Treasurer, Dorolhy Ku?- chinski, secrelaryg Elaine Dryer, president. THE AMICITIA CLUB Wilh a remarkable and memorable inilialion The Amicilia Club commenced Their acliviries Tor Jrhis year. Club members were in charge ol The mid-year gradualion receplion and lhey've also raised money lo supply The dramarics group wilh lull lenglh mirrors. The club was on The radio early This spring as Creslon represenlalives on The Theme "To Promole Friendship". The club was headed by Elaine Dryer as president Dorolhy Kulschinslci, vice-president Isla O'Donnell, secrelaryp and Mary Davey, Treasurer. Under The Guidance of Miss Margarel Appell, The "friendship" club of Creslon presenled us wilh a new school song - "On Down The Line". The melody was lalcen from lhe school song of Nolre Dame Universily. Firsr row: D. Kulchinski, D. L. Smith, 'D. Oorn, D. Brabb, S. Arider- Second row: S. De Young, E, Dryer, D, J. Palmafier, M. Davey, son, S. Johnson, J. Meyers. J. Mulder, J. Vander Jagf, I. Johnson, K. Hendricks, Miss Appelf. . ' THE HORIZON CLUBS One oT The Horizon groups aT CresTon, The Dandy Dozen, is under The guidance oT Mrs. Louis Goudzwaard, These girls do many ouTsTanding Things Tor our CommuniTy - serving aT CommuniTy ChesT and Red Cross bangueTs, rolling bandages OT The Red Cross, and worlc- ing aT The hospiTals. Also. This year, The members Took parT in an Horizon Club STyle Show given aT T-lerpolsheimefs Tor all high school girls. The presidenT oT This group is Corlise Bielow. There are no oTher oTTicers aT The presenT Time. WiTh Mrs. Gerald Chapin as a leader, The oldesT l-lorizon Club aT CresTon has spenT several evenings serving aT Com- muniTy ChesT and Red Cross dinners. One oT The TavoriTe aCTiviTies oT This group was worlcing aT BuTTerworTh Hos- piTal, six oT The Twelve serving aT leasT Tour hours a weelc. The group's meeTings are held aT The home oT one oT The girls. and are usually during dinner Time. The oTTicers oT The group are ElizabeTh STegmier, presidenT: Polly Richards. vice-presidenT: and Mary Lou PeTTiT, Treasurer. K 53 Above: Row l- l. Mower C Bieli-vw A. Vmwe' l'l"Ti"q A B Goujzwaardl V. Ca'oenTe', l73--- 2 S, Wa, A. T,"l- D T ing C. Tufvle. fc e: , Way and E. ST-Ergmfa-1 p s s fT Y T l-T I C l S Cl.oS .nowri Te? Raw l' L .l3fv"3n M lVl'P'3S L Vyda' B:-' V De E S D A J P E C E 3 Y rri-ff M. Davey, S. uf- 2: , naom, . Vander Molen. J. Livirfggmn, D. J, F'a'n'3'-e1 R. Richa THE SENIOR GIRL RESERVES The Senior Girl Reserves climaxed Their busy year wiTh The sponsorship oT The I-li-Y Senior Girl Reserve bangueT Tor The combined rnernbers, and also vyiTh The yearly counTy dinner oT The Girl Reserves, aT which The Girls' sexTeT sang. RepresenTing CresTon on The lnTer-Club Council This year is Elaine Dryer. lo The annual convenTion aT The Y.W.C.A. oT Muskegon, CresTon senT Ellen Alberda, Mary Davey, Dona Lee SmiTh, Elaine Dryer, Mildred Davis, Lorraine Vanden BouT, and DorThea SergeanT. This year's Ring Girl Group was a large one. ATTer aTTending The lecTures and classes, The girls are enTiTled To buy The TradiTional ring. As a Tinal evenT, CresTonis Reserves and Union's Girls had a combined spread aT The Y.VV.C.A. laTe in The spring. Below, seaTed lefr To righT: D. Lernan, J. Meyers, M, PeTTiI, E, Alberda, J. Cornwall, D. Smith, P. Czerwinski, L, Vanden BouT, P, Allchin, P. Richards, E, Slegrnier, Second row: E. Dryer, M. Mieras, Y. Reeves, A. Pierson, E, McClain, L. Williarns, D. DeBlaay, E. Brach, L, Brack, D. BuTler, D. SergeanT, D. Brabb, S. Anderson, M, Mieras. Third row: L. Jackman, P. Fuller, P. Sobie, P. Lynch, M. Davis, L. Cordes, M, Chance, A, Gorski, B. Goudzwaard. Fourth row: I, JoynT, L. Wilson, I. Johnson, P, Vanden Bos, S. Johnson, -E 15, 95 Above, leTT: lnforrnal comrniTTee picTure aT The bookcase. LeTT To right P. Fuller, Y. Reeves, E. Alberda, E, Dryer, D. SrnlTh, J. Corn- wall, M. Mieras, J. Webber, P, Morris, L. Vanden Bouf. Above, right: OuT for a jolly walk are E. Alberda, S. Johnson, J. Cornwall, D, Smifh, P. Czerwinski, D. Leman, L. ThiebouT, D. Wesorick. Above: The officers are D. Sergeant D. DeBlaay, L. Williams, E. Sfegrnier, J. Meyers, M. Davey, and M. PeTTiT. F. Albers, G. Deriens, B. Vander Velde, G. Vander Linde, B. Vander- veer, A. Locke, D. Meaderna, B. Slocum, H, Wade, J. Vander Heide. FifTh row: M. Davis, S, Flanders, B, Calkins, B. Poland, L, Havin, G. Fry, B. SToddard, J. Webber, M. WalTz, P. Morris, L. Kennedy, D. Wesorick, L. ThiebouT, B. Van Valkenburg. SixTh row: M. JoynT, J. Shaw, B, Vachon, P. Vander Linde, Y. Schrump, J, Bruce, P. PalrnaTier, J. Houser, M. Baird, P. Gleason, M. Davey, D. PalmaTier, B. Fuller, A. Vander Honinq, A, Jones. -r Above, righlz Caught oulside on Ihe steps for an informal piclure. Above, lell: Officers of rhis club are Lorraine Dent secrerarii Beverly Davey, presidenlg Delores Beerlhuis, vice-president and Jean Kurtz, Treasurer. Above: Discussing future plans in a Scene by Ihe bulletin board in lhe main hall. ' c in 11' 1..- L THE JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Junior Girl Reserve members originaled scrap books lor lhe soldiers consislinq ol ioles and incidenls Io suil G. I, humor, They also made many individual favors Io help malxe recuperalinq service men lrays Ioolf more inviling. Qrlicers rhis year were lor 'rhe Iirsl semesler, presie denl, Joyce Dryer: vicefpresidenl, L, Denl: secre- lary, I-lelen I-louser: Ireasurer, Barbara Morgan. Second semesler ohlicers are as lollovvs: Beverly Davey as presidenri Delores Beerrhuis as vicepresi- denli Lorraine Denl, secrelaryi and Elaine Sladl, Ireasurer. lvlembers ol Junior Girl Reserves also conlribuled Io The Chinese reliel organizalion This year. The money was parlly raised rhrouqh several doughnul sales. Below, row I: E, Anderson, M. De Neufy J. Frilch. H. I-louser, J. J. Barber. J, Ossinga, R. De Bryan, M, Cheesbrough, R. J, Rosel, ryer, E. Sleidf, D. Beerlhuis. Row 2: V, Flemming, B. Hall, L. E, Alea, B, Berrevoels, J, Kurfs, D. Perry, B. Davey. Denr, D. Ellis. G. Laansrna, M. Trieber, N. Brabb, V. Clarl. Row 3: 55 SCDME REFLECTICJNS of 1945 Represenfalive Cresfonifes Beffy Van d k nal, CMAJ like QQ cze,1fZf09zD -- Whal' is if +ha+ makes Cresfon "+ick"? The i+'s all of +hese, and a greal' deal besides. +hings you see are impor'I'an+, of course: we You don'+ see fhe really imporfanl' fhings derveer an Jac Olree are caught' in fron? of The mirror by The Saga pho fographer, KCourfesy of De Korne's.J wouldn'+ have any school wi+hou+ +hem. Bul' iusl' as imporfani' is +ha+ qualify you can'+ see. And wha+ is i+? Well, we live wi+h il' day af+er day, ye+ probably we'd argue violenfly as 'ro ius+ whai' if is. H"s more real +han bricks, glass, and linoleum: more significanl' +han foofball, senior plays, and yearbooks - more significan+ because in life, you know l'hem only by living fhem. They are whai' make life "'I'ick", here, as everywhere. And so, we wanf, if we can, +o show you These qualifies al' work here a+ Cresfon. Because no one definiiion defines +hem complefely, we've asked several people 'lo give us fheir ideas on fhe subiec+. Leff, row l: B. Ausfin, I. Ripley, N. Oosse, H. Den Boer, D. Gelderbloom, S. Flanders, D. Brabb, M. Peffif, E. Alberda, P. Empie, S. Anderson,. Row 2: D. Bufler, G. Oefiens, R. Carroll, E. Leffinga, K. Vander Molen, J. Mulder, D. Smith, E. Dryer, J. Over- beck, A. Vander Wall, C. Woodworth, M. Hoover, L. Moff. Row 3: M. Davis, B. Poland, J. Bruce, D. Meadema, G. Gravelyn, R. Locke, P. Fuller,J.Sayles, G. De Maagd, Row 4: D. De Vries, R. Koerf, V. Silva, A. Pierson, M. Mieras, J. Shaw, J. Houser, Y. Graves, G. Whilworfh, R, Woodworfh, L. Ken- nedy. Row 5: T, Miller, J. Gormley, T. Van Wingen, J. Bierner, J. Morrison, R. Howard, R. Snwifh, P, Richards, P. Allchin, M. Davey, B, Chapin, B. Goudzwaard, C. Bielow, THE LATIN CLUB The LaTin Club, lcnown To LaTin STudenTs as The "LaTina SocieTas", sTands Tor greaT accomplishmenTs here aT CresTon. The club is in charge oT The Service Honor Scrolls and will, aT The end oT This year, begin The "Gold STar Scroll". Members oT The club have also Talcen names oT previous CresTon sTudenTs now in The service and have senT cards To Them aT holiday occasions. As a means oT revenue Tor The club They have had many cake and douqhnuT sales. Also They sponsored several of The noon dances. An ouTsTanding evenT OT The club Tor This year is The newly adopTed iniTiaTion ceremony by which new mem- bers are broughl' inTo The club. Above: Douqhnu? sales were originafed by The Latin Club. Here, Mrs. Sfowell passes ouT reireshrnenfs To The club saleswornen. Below, lefl: J. Bierner, Treasurer: E. Alberda, presidenfg D. Brabb, vicevpresidenlg M. PeTTi1, secrefary. Below, riqhli M. Davis, president R. Howard, Treasurer, P. Empie, vice-presidenh B. De Bree, secreTary. 'ws i 'I av rw D J H1 ROTC m MH parade dwss. 2 s' ' I N g emuymg rf, foo. 3, "So ieyf' 'nhl w if "'3'1igm'S 5 V: 3195 or fe amou W on Sewer, b, Gbne Q 'm V1 nb wav k VO. The Jqmo Pfv, Jw n I! Dresswng mow sfefwe froww 'Emma " U.. fx - 11 4' 'f:: i :L 5' , Raw , V - f,V L , ,bS j In , T Kxx 'fry wa- r X. V. gf . 41 A, fs: Ki QW ,jg X' X 1 E I 2 1 L. Aa E 5 I v 23 A rf za . X , 1 5 - , V 25 , W M " -V 'f 1' 1 ff' ,I Q - 1 , X X. I. A-"' Q 3 ' L ' S Group piclure on lhe sleps. Row I, lefl' To righl: J. Davis, 6. Riemersrna, D. Kelelaar, R. Proos, G. Cornwall, D. Smith, H. Broekema. Row 2: T. Van Win en, G. Penske, J. Beiner, B. Kahler, B, Moroslci, D. gibson, W. Bruce, J. Vogt Row 3: J. Vander Molen, R. Schnieder, W, Hendricks, B. Quick, M. Laansma, D, Mass, J. Ripslra, F, Barber. Row 4: D. Thompson, R. Harker, E. Frey, C. Lindhouf, B. Sfeg- mier, J. Buyze. Row 5: N. Toclc, T, Juslice, D, Heer- ing, A. Brown, L. McClain, A. Albrechl, D. Racy, B. Steed, Row 6: J. Command, J. Kasleline, E. De Neul, D. Breshnahan, B. Vander Klipp, C, Miller, D. Coles, J. Gormley, J. De Rylce, J, Sleinporf, D. Ver Hage. Baskel Ballers: J, Kasleline, D. Gibson, G. Cornwall, W. Bruce. Back row: E. De Neuf, H. Brokema, W. Hendricks, C. Buyze, L. McClain. Above, cenler: Mr. Roberl Linden, advisor of The HiYY Club. A lypical Hi-Y dance afler a baskelloall game. Opposile page, lower rlghl: An informal shol of some of fhe club members grouped around fhe spring sporl schedule made and given fo The school by the Hi-Y. 58 is-v .. . .,.....d WiTh The presenTaTion oT The spring score board. The Hi-Y ended Their year's acTiviTies. The club has kepT Mr. RoberT Linden as TaculTy advisor. As Their usual Thanksgiving acTiviTy, The club mem- bers gave baskeTs oT Tood. AT Their meeTings They had such speakers as Rev. Jenson oT Second Con- gregaTional Church and Rev, Wimberly oT NorTh Park Church. The annual banqueT wiTh The Senior Girl Reserves was held aT The LuTheran Church. This year's speaker was Paul l-larris who discussed The TuTure oT Amerie can youTh. l-lis Talk was Tollowed by discussion groups. OTTicers oT The club are Cornell Buyze, presidenT3 Don Ver l-lage, vice-presidenT: Howard Broekema. Treasurer: Joe STeinporT, secreTary. l-li-Y members were in charge oT many oT our noon dances. AT mosT OT The baskeTball games The mem- bers sold paddle-pops: They were in charge oT several oT The aTTer-game dances. The Tellows organized a baskeTball Team which sTood high in The ciTy sTandings, 59 mr Above, row I: E. McClain, E. Brach, B, Calkins. P. Fuller, E. Dryer, P. Peftif, D. Meadema. Row 2: D. Bufler, R. Carroll, E. Sfegmier. P. Czerwinski, M. Davey, D. Gelderbloom, B. Davey, Miss Schmifz. Row 3: J. Dunn, J. Toll! D. Cooper, J. Dryer, H. Hauser, R, Van Houfe. Cenler, Ielfz Members af work in fhe library. Shown are D. Buvler, J. Tofl, D. Meadema, D. Gelderbloom, B. Davey, E, Brach, E, McClain. Below: The Club officers: D. Meadema, Treasurerg P. Czerwinsli, secrelaryg E. Dryer, presidenfg M. Pelfif, vice- pre-sidenf. THE L BRARY CLUB Annual book week al Creslon was cele- braled wilh an assembly sponsored by lhe Library Club members. Hlnlormalion Please" was lhe fheme, and conleslranfs answered in fhe same manner as The well known radio program. Elaine Dryer acfed as misiress of ceremony. Meelings of Jrhe club were devoled 'ro book reviews. A+ one meeling Miss Mildred lenhaal, English leacher, reviewed Emily Kimbrough! novel, "l-low Dear lo My l-lear+." Donna Meadema and Phyllis Fuller were in charge of anolher meeling. Mary Davey was hosless lor The annual Chrislrmas parly. The club was under lhe direcfion of Elaine Dryer, president Mary Davey, vice- presidenlq Par Czerwinslci. secrelaryi and Donna Meadema, freasurer. 60 BARS AND CHEVRONS Olllicers and sponsors oT Companies C and D malce up The members oT This club. Here aT CresTon The meeTings are held Thursday morn- ings aT 8 o'cloCl4. During The course oT The year SQT. Seigel lecTured: and club acTiyiTies were planned. This year our club Took an acTive parT in The annual MiliTary Ball alThough we were noT in charge oT The a:Tual procedure. As presidenT oT The club Marvin De liouw dire-CTed The meeTing5: Howard Broelnema acTed as vice-president DoroThy Brabb as secreTary, and Cornell Buyze as Treasurer. Ancve l'e :lac Cucefs' Lelg 'C rigw: Hcward Broelenna, pf-eiidenl Dwarf, Brat: s-ecreramj Marvin De Fcuw, Treasurer, Cornell Buyze vice president. Belcw le:': Re5:,l Af' Firel Marvin Laanfrra is gauqhl in The "e 'anqe Bella. 'iq'T. Planning lor ana disiguggrng The afriugl -wlivar, ball Bolfcrn row: Lelr to fiqnf, B, Tietsma, P. Richaris D. Brabb, A Wellf Tcp rw.: J. Vander Mclen, D, Anderson, B, Titus, J. Pipsrra FirsT row' B Babb B Cha in N Roesll S De Youn C. Chin- . .hr p , . , . g, now, P. Allchin, P, Richards, S. Anderson. Second row: D. KeTTelar, B. TiTus, D, Anderson, E, Doorn, G. Buelrer, J. Bohn, E. Hansen, B. Ludwig, B. TeiTsrna. Third row: C. Buyze, E. Breen, D. Bush, J, Srnifh, J, Ripsli-5, B, BerrevoeTs, R. Smilh, W, Kelly, A. Vandenberg, K. Gray, J. Vogw. R, Kahler, F. Variderve D. Ser-nan, A, Wells, B. Fiffh row: C. lvlellerna T. BlandTord, D. Moss AusTin, E. ReTerSTore, H uw, A, Brown, H. Broekema, D. Smilh, Fourfh row: M. De Fo er, R. Russell, R. Quick, W. De Maagd, Cavner. R Fuller J. Vanderlxllolen R. Varner f J. Garden, w, VolwlleV,iR. Tew, Pl . Byers, M. Mollifer. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY WiTh Miss Cleo Wood as TaculTy ad- visor Tor This club. The Senior I'Ionor SocieTy has devoTed iTs Time and eTTorTs To The compleTion oT The service n'1en's records. This has been This club's special acTiviTy since The war began. I-lonor SocieTy members are desig- naTed in The spring aT The honor assem- bly and The raTing is according To scholasTic records and leadership. To malce The card Tile oT service men possible our club has sponsored several oT our noon dances. OTTicers oT The club are: PresidenT, Russell Mawby: vice-presidenT, Mary Davey: secreTary, Eloise I.eTTinga: and Susan Anderson is novv Treasurer. Above. Members of The socieTy. Row I: leTT fo right: E. LeTTinga, M. Davey. Miss Wood, R. Mawbv. Row Z: E, Chapin, P. Richards, I-I. Den Boer, S. Anderson, B. Brabb, E. Alberda, E. Dryer. Righf: Officers e IeTT To riqhT: E. LeTTinqa, secreTaryg R, Mawbv, president M, Davey, vice-presi- dent, Don Pollie, Treasurer, noT picTured. FirsT row: Miss John, G, WhiTworTh, J. Bruce, P. Empie, D. SergeanT, D. Oom, Miss Tenhaaf. Second row: J. Ripsfra, J. Wesfra, R. Hoffius, C. Woodworfh, M. Davis, E. LeTTinqa, D. Palma- ier rd row: R. Kahler, G. Hall, C, Lindhouf, J. Kasfeline, D. De Vries. Fourfh row: J. Biener D. Moss, R. Wiersum. G. Melpolder, J. Ypma. 62 CIRCULATION STAFF To disTribuTe The Saga annually and The Echo bi-rnonThly and To have charge oT The Echo-Saga sub- scripTions were The purposes oT The Echo-Saga CirculaTion STaTT. Miss Mildred TenhaaT and Miss I-Iallie John, English Teachers, have Talcen over The duTies oT Miss Mary WindT and Miss Marjorie MaTThews, in acTing as The TaculTy advisors Tor The sTaTT. Jack RipsTra is circulaTion manager Tor The group. This sTaTT of 22 members also sends Echoes To service men who desire Them. w I: Mr, Linden, A, Van Hoven, J. B-einer, D, De Vries, S, Len' rnan, M, Hall, Row 2' R. Slehouwer, S. Flanders, A, G-oefh-nl, J Bruce, B. Poland, C. Wooelwerlh, M. Haadsma, M. Davis, R V an Houie, B, Robinson, Row 3: M. Van Dvle, G.'W, S Blasing, Y. Schrump, J. Toll, G. Clapp, M. De Neul, J. Ffilijh, M. Djsvis. Raw -li P, Fullii M, Will: B M2A'l5'f', J, Lewis, P, Lesse, B. Monlqorrerv, Row S' J. Houaflf, J Sm T Van Winqen, H. Ware-rl-an o, D. Thzw-csgin, D. Manm, D. Rin ner Q , ., E, icin. THE JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Under lhe sponsorship ol Junior Honor Sociely members a dance was given eller lhe Cenlral baslcelball game. The enfire proceed- ings were in lhe hands of club members wilh some direclion from Mr, Roberl Linden, Tacully advisor. During lhe year lhe club also made arrange- menls lor lhe purchase of pins Tor lhe Honor Sociely members. The members of Junior Honor Sociely are selecled by lheir scholaslic rnarlcs. The sludenls musl be in upper lenlh of Their class - and lead also in personalily, characler, leadership, and inilialive. Officers ol: 'rhe club are Jerry Beiner, presie denl: Sarah Leeman, vice-presidenl: David De Vries, lreasurer: and Ann Van Hoven, secrelary. Le-fl' An inlorninl oiclure if Son'-fi of lhi' V'Ti'V'4l3i'S on The ifeps in front of our s:"i:i:l. Belofv: Tre :-"'i:'-rs ye, lf? fs 'iqrlz J, Benef, Cfesdenfj A, Van Haven, secrelarvg D, De Vries, lreasuferj S. Leaimn vi :efore inenl. A Iv 'gs Q f .,, ' z Above, row I, left To riqhlz G, Thiel, G. Melpolder, iie, R. Slykhouse, J. Gordon, R. Schneider, J. Buyze. D. Bush, Mr. Wood, advisory B, Vander Klipp, J, Ripslra, Row 3: G. Kasfeline, B. Cavner, W, De Maagd, G. J. Gormley, Row Z: F. Walsworfh, R, Mawby, R, Schoeg- Penske, B. Quick, T. Blandford, E, De Neuf, J. Biener. THE SCIENCE CLUB "Science Club Presenls Trophy" read Ihe Echo headlines Iasl spring and, wilh Ihar, Creslon has a new cup Io be presenred +o Jrhe oulslanding boy or girl in The science Iield. Mr. Wood is sponsoring rhis movemenl in honor of his son, and is presenling Ihe large cup Ihar is Ihe permanenr properly of Creslon. The smaller cup which belongs Io Ihe winner is boughr by Jrhe club members. For Ihe meelings of Ihe club on Thursday. 'rhe members send once a monrh Io New York and gel experimenls Io work our on Their own, Also, Ihey have The science Ieachers of Cresron as speakers al rheir meelings. lsnnl Leif: Dale Bush, secrefary, Jack Rip-slra, freasurerg Gerald Melpolder vice-presidenfg Bruce Vander Klipp, presidenl. Below: Informal picrure of The club sfudying and wafching an experl men? of the principles of a microscope. u I' lasiiurraszmmmnm. Above, lelf: A line rehearsal for a Spanish play, Above, righl: The officers meel - Susv Sleqrnierl vicevcvsifi 4' Kennefh Scheele, Treasurerg Y. Schrunp, secrefarvg Dina F-l president, ,, .,.. .... Mum.. ,,,,,.,,.--' ,- THE SPANlSl-l CLUB Under lhe supervision ol Miss lvlargueriie Eness, lhe Spanish club has cen+ered ils acliv- ilies on lurlherinq lhe sludenl inleresl in Spanish as a subiecl. lvleelings perlaininq To lhe language and cusloms of 'rhe Spanish speaking counlries have been held in Spanish. Jeanne Livinqslon and Elizabelh Sleqmier have charge ol +he program aclivilies ancl Pal Palmalier is lhe Sludenl Council repre- senlafive. This club is one ol lhe lalesl clubs lo be organized here al Creslon. ll is approximalely lhree years old - organized in I94I. Row I, lefl' To righl: L. Wilson, l. Joynf, M, Joynf, P, Palnnalisr, A. Dm-ns, S, Sregrnief. Row 3: P, Bard, D, Rfnnsq C. Keoig s Y. Schrurnp, D. Palmafier, E, Sfegrnier, Row 2: G, Knulson, B, K. Schceie, J, Livinglon, E. Wildey, B. Monrgofwy. Gcudzwaard, E. Boof, L, Van Loon, D. Robinson, P. Lernan! , " J 'iwflf-' The Question Is: "WHAT MAKES CRESTON TICK ?" And The AIISWCFS AFC! "STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT" "AchievemenI', grow+h info leadership, which means fhe willingness fo accepf responsibilily, fhere are my answer +o your queslion as +o wha+ make Creslon High a going concern," says Joe Vogf, vice-presidenl' of lhe senior class. "I+ seems +o me fhal if lhe sludenl doesn'f grow and achieve, bolh he and Ihe school are failing." ISee pages I4 'ro 49l "COOPERATIVE LIVING" "Coopera+ive living, 'rhal is, living and work- ing logefher harmoniously for lhe good of Ihe group seems Io me +o be prelly im- por+an+," slales Bruce Vander Klip, presidenl' of fhe Sludenl Council. "Learning lo gel' along wiI'h people is very necessary Ioday. l +hink fhe spiril of friendliness a+ Cresfon is an indicalion fhal we are learning cooperafive living." lSee pages 50 lo 67l "INSTITUTIONAL LOYALTY" Says Principal H. W. Wicke'H': "ln my opinion, loyally fo one's school and olher social groups is exlremely imporlanf, bolh fo l'he school and +o I'he sfudenl. I+ gives fhe sludenl a sense of really 'belonging'g il' makes Creslon a pleasanf place in which +o live and work." ISee pages 68 Io 87l 5 "SCHOOL SPlRIT" "lf l had Io name fhe one quali+y'I'l1al makes Creslon '+ick', my answer would have lo be 'school spiri+'," says foolball coach Gil Powers. "The kind of spiril I mean consisfs of more 'lhan iusl backing up whal somebody else cloesg if means geH'ing in and enfhusiasfically doing Ihings yourself, We have +ha+ spiril al Cres+on." lSee pages 88 +o IO4l x , - 32 I K ,Q A VH A l. Peg ln lhe aposfrophe. 2. Chrlsflan shoors al our baslrel, buf loses. 3, Company C on parade. 4, Lucky seven, 5. House-man Field on a fine Oclober Salurday, and Creslon has fhe ball. 6. The baseball managers repair the backslop. 7. They're usually in mohon. B. Mrs. Glenn and The debalers. On Page 67: 9. ROTC. IO. The Amicilia's re- ceplion after the mid-year Qovnmencernenl. Il. The Polar Bears ol lhe hardwood. IZ. Ex'Creslon4 ire, now Lieufenanf, Paul Davidson is shown The I945 Saga by Co-edilor, Dorothy Brabb, I3. And here we see, slandlng on Their heads, an enllre Company of our dlgmfied R,O,T,C. lx Yin,- R A0 sub' 'fan 3 SF ' . ' s 4 'ffihqfw in 'Sim . . 1 gr, hr? Q' 'xx XM iiiii iiihiii UN iiiiil iowered io i8'? . . . A i Shouici 'che voiing age be A iopic, ior Debaiei . . . in your piaces, eyerybo y There goes ihe assernbiy beii . . . "Hi, you rnusi do ihose dishes!" . . . "Swinging on a Srar" iioais over ihe eniire schooi . . . Liii ihose iegs higher, giris . . . Deadiine 'ronighi . . . Hup, No, ihree, four . . . Mr. Goodwin . . . Do you have a ironii . . . iwo. eyes Hair! one, haii pass? . . . r The 'mkense Knferev on fha ia-:as of khese spectators af tl Creskon-Chfvshan baskeYbaXX qames Neaves no doubt Hur k ieeX'mq oi Nnst'mnKon5N LovaH-4 runs hkqh ak Cresfon, fb .1 ove r w I er o ri aay a ins, P, Fuller, D. Dryer, A, Anderson, J. Kurtz G Laansrna D Delano D De Vries T Van Winqen Meyers D Ver Hage B Vander Kllpp S Anderson, M. Pettit, D. Brabb, G, Penske, B. Quick, R Schoegiie R Ronkerna B Gorski P Jac son Sfeqrnier J Bruce Second row P Palrnafier L. Wilson, P. Vanden Bos, Van Houle C Woodworth V Venema D Gelderbloom, N. Vellrnan, Below, lefl: Susan Anderson vice presidenl' and Don Ver Hage Treasurer Ric ards P Allchin E Alberda D Beerfhuis D. Meadema, Third row: discuss The Courlesy Week assembly Jo nf J Brown M Joynr T Cross Y Schrurnp B. Chapin M. De Neul, ravelyn B Vanderveer D Buller J Schulfz J, Rairner, G. Knulson, Below, righl: Bruce Vander Klipp pr idenf and Mary Lou Peflif secrefary inner R ambier Four row J. Shaw, G. Whifworlh, are looking over las? week 5 reporls THE STUDENT COUNCIL Under our new sponsor, Mr. Gerril Wassenaar, The Sludenl Council was a very aclive orqanizaiion working lor our sludenls and for The orher schools Through The lnler-Sludenl Council. The lirsl semesler olrlicers were Dick Armanlroul, presidenl: Wes Miller. vice- presidenlg Pele Pellil, secrelary, and Don Verl-laqe, lreasurer. Bruce Vander Klipp and Susan Anderson were elecled presidenl and vice-presideni in Felo- ruary aller qradualion, The proiecls ol The year were Cour- lesy Weelc, losl and found, lnler-Sludenl Council, Jrhe Memorial looolccases, and many olhers. B l w Conducling a Sludenr Council meering is Bruce Vander Klipp Above row I lefT To right J Rodarrner D NieTen M, McKee, K, Vander L, Worpel, W. Perry, J, We ra R T39 r A Van Valken u en B Wld de r er Haqe, J. RipsTra, J. B. Wiersurn, L. Vander K Va Frv or T Vogf Mass WnndT Sidor, J. Yoma, T. Van in en ner Mc rr L econd row P Sh lcroe A I ron Williams, E. McClain, I1 y IA Ib Sergeanf D Palmaixer P ards V n Bour, E. Sleqmler, M. li: OWNED' hum' 'Gam 5 W Jed ' D Q Marian MF PP e if P anden Bos H Wade hird row rn, D. L. Robinson, S. and KQV Vande' Molen gmner B Poland Y Schrump L Mol A a, N. Musssr, J. Miers, Below, fight Caught on u c rrarirn Je s D na Lern eaderna R olrorn H 1 rna curn C. Shay. Fourih row: THE coumssv SQUAD We can Thank our CourTesy Squad, under The sponsorship oT Miss Mary WindT, Tor our duieT halls which enables us To worlc wiThouT disTurbance. NoT only do The sTudenTs n1oniTor The halls, buT during boTh lunch hours They can be seen supervising The lunchrooms. STudenT managers Tor each oT The seven hours, busy as They are, have done a wonderTul iob. Many have worlced in The caTeTeria, Kay Vander lvlolen and Marian McKee being The mosT TaiThTul. Some have helped ouTside during The noon hours, Too. ow row I e o rl A c M Davey M, Hall, D. Brabb, S De Neur, J. Frilch, E, Boo rr: u T Cross Fourlh row Anderson T Blandford P Longberg J De Ryke C Lindhour, M. Laansnwa, A, Brown, B, De Bruyn, r gh a Du Bois A Jo Buyze J Kasfelune Second row B C aom Eichohz, H. Den Boer, M. Drcrlvra, G. Akkerhuis u r I T n row Br der M ch man av P. Lynch, F. Blvrmer, Lacie, J, Buvze, G. Fen li J Bi alx s D De Vries J Longhurs avls man :vin s on LefTinga. Third row: J. Dunn, J. Cornwell, B. Gors T M lzenbarl' E Barnum D Gelderbloom M Davis D. BuTler, M. Davis, M. Above: Company C, row l, Iefl To riqhf: Maior Fuller, C. Chinriow, N, Rviesf, M. De Fouw, J. Olrnsfed, J. Bohn, P. Allchin, S. De Young, D. Moss, Sql. Siegel. Row 2: B, Ludoway, D. Bush, J. Kippen, D. Heering, B. Cavner, D. Seemon, R. Antrim, P, Austin, J. Vander Molen, H. Broekema, B. Tirus, D. La Fore-sf, D. King, L. C-merry, M, Wierenga, L. Ponsie, J, Longhursf, R. Von Ehr, R. Posr, J. Gordon. Top: Pracrice rnalres perfect and we're pracricinq for our Field Day. Cenler: Our cornr-ending officers, Broekerna, D. La Foresf, B. Titus, M. De Fouw, J. Olrnsled, and J. Bohn. The sponsors are C, Chinnow, N. Roesr P. Allchin, and S. De Young. Bofforn: Maior Fuller and Sergeanf Siegel. Row 3: J. Smith, C. Mellema, R. Fuller, B, Hamilfon, B. Hall R. Slykhouse, H. Wansfon, M. PeHil', B. Tew, A. Brown, D. Van Dyke J. Cooper, G. Mcfllymonf, J. Winfers, E. Lewiff, G. Vinfon, D, Arndf J. Lewis, E. Breen, G. Bueker, Row 4: D, Champion, J. Ypma, J. Visser, J. Ripsfra, B, Quick, F, Vanderveer, B. Masfers, J, Reimer, D. Davey, B, Sfadf, R. Smith, E. Gravelyn. RESERVE OFFICERS Eyes Righfl Under fhe direclion of Sql. Sidney Siegel The Creslon R.O.T.C. companies have com- pleled a successful year wilh a war lime field day. The companies ol Creslon are C and D and are in lhe second loa++alion of The Grand Rapids'.C. organizalion. Creslon has several senior members on fhe regimenfal sfalll. Two are Marvin De Fouw and Howard Broelcema wirh Jrhe rank ol major. Above: Company D, row I, left lo righf: Maier Fuller, D. Urban-e S Anderson, B, Brenner, D. Brabb, B, Chapin, Sgr. Siegel. Raw 2 K. Gray, A. Vanden Bergh, D. Delano, J. Rau, R, Vander Velde E. Kee-gsfra, W, Wheeler, G. Klass-zrn, N, Van Home N. M:Derrno+r J. Miller, W, Kelly, A, Poisson. Row 3: D. Glass, J. Anderson, Sne': J W awe I. ogenJ.- J, Miller, G. Melpalrjef, M, Sffiirh, T, Rvsel, R. Kcicisan J. Denosef A TRAINING CORPS Sgl. Siegel also organized a rifle Ieam Ihar held good slanding in lhe oily record. The Ieam is made up ol Marvin Laansrna, Edward She-rd, Howard Broelcema, Marvin De Fouw and John Vander Molen. Direcfor ol lhe cily's R.O.l'.C. unils is Malor W. Fuller. This is Major Fullers second year wilh lhe Grand Rapids bar- P. Va"-e' M. Crt If MiDer" 'r, P Wells, P Cad, J. Miller ' I 3'3""' J Bi" yl I Hal" I9 Seuvr D. Sonnqle. Raw -1: A. , We S J M Ile' H, Walerianrp E, Trijrngien E, Kaslef, T. Fame' E a F P Y 3 M M Iver R. Ryssel B Berrevoefs J. V n P H D BJ Jl D S ni 1 P D 'ul 'n :1..f L V313 B. L.3'-, M, Vsnnen Bgsi' B T--'r-J H B,ers avg-Shrew-an I I yi VM 'ui I f- "-e?erL"... . ff -. 5 Mi .m e img - I -I 21,4 :S ,'..f5x:'.M , hh -7. V Effflgf.-'-r -3 - . Ai . 1-. 1 , 2 .,, U 1 li ,I lgli jih. B .- 5 , 'if'7'4' : 'i:1j,. -. Q f W I .f Q A- ' f . L ,Q ,gf-ge- A ' .4.28'fq',l' ggjffff. i n -'41 ' :'T",Q 2-r.'n:g5-' -I-'2,.gg: 1 lalions. Under him Sgr. Siegel has made our companies oulslanding in oily com- pelifion. GL' HH Too: Guiue rigwll I-lop, two. Three, faux Ce-nrer: The officers Ol Cornpan, D 3'E D. Arrnanlraur, M. Laansrna, and C. Buvze. Tne sponsors are B, Brenner, S. Anderson, D. Brabb, and E. Chapin. Bo+forn: Our riffe learn is one af rhe- bes? in the cily of Grand Rapids, Tne members are E. Tronnpen, E. Reflersdoff, E. Sherd, F. Vanderve-er, P, Auslin, J. Vande' Molen, R. Russell, H. B'aeke"a, M. Laansrna, and B, Berrevoefs. THE ECHO STAFF Because ol The hard work and long hours spenl by The slalzf of our bi- rnonlhly newspaper, lhe Echo, This yearls publicalion was bigger, beller, and far exceeded all previous records of subscribers. The Echo, wrillen enlirely by lhe sludenls, was prinled for lhe lirsl lime Jrhis year by a commercial prinler. Credil is due Mr. John Van Krim- pen, lacully advisor: Jene Overbeclc, Edilor-in-Chief: Beclcy Chapin, Man- aging Edilorg Miriam Hall, Fealure Edilorq Dona-Jean Palmalier, Slahf Secreraryz Russ Mawby, Sporls Edi- lory Jack Ripslra. Circularion Man- ager: and all sfudenls who acled as reporlers, copy-readers, and lypisls. ,.'-f 1 'RX WN 3 --., T . fo. Top: Jene Overbeck, edifor-in-chief of The Echo. Above: Mary Lou Peffif, adverfising mane agerg Jene Overbeck, edifor-infchiefg Jack Ripsfra, circulafion manager. Lelft M. Peffif, D. J. Palmafier, E, Chapin, Mr. Van Krimpen, J, Overbeck, R. Mawby, J. Ripsrra, M, Hall, E. Dryer. Below, leff: The iournalisrn class. Below: Mr. John Van lfrirnpen, 'advisor for the Echo and instructor an iournalzsrn. fa? ,Xxx , , WLS Xa 4 'ZQQ THE SAGA STAFF This year's slarf was headed by co-edilors-in-chief, Dorolhy Brabb and Susan Anderson. As facully ad- visor and "Overseer-in-general" is Mr. Merle Dawson, English Teacher. The olher members are as follows: Managing Edilor . i , .Joe Vogr Business Manager . ,Waller Bruce Under-class Edilor, . .Belly Slegmier Clubs ...A......,... Peggy Allchin Acrivilies ,..., Lorraine Vanden Boul Senior Edilors ....., Jean Livingsfon Eloise Lellinga Fealure. . .... ,...,.. E arl De Neul' Sporls Ediiors. . .Bruce Vander Klipp Jean Meyers Arr ........ , Dorfhea Seargenf Facully Ediror, .. ..., Polly Richards Saga Typisis. A. . . .Pal Czerwinslci Elhlyn Barnum Top: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4'H1 Row: ENSIGN WALTER A. WOOD, JR. PVT. PFC SGT PFC, PFC. PFC. PFC. FIRE MAURICE NIES NEAL J. TAMBOER ARNOLD L. HAROREAVES JAMES ROGER SCHUILIN6 JOHN G. VANDER OIESSEN RALPH L. ROBERTS HERMAN A. OOLDNER CONTROLMAN THIRD CLASS NORMAN E. ADDINGTON PFC. JOHN M. VAN ESS, JR. 4 Above: Row I, left To right M, Vanden Bosch, G. Bafflell, R Vanderbei, D. Glade, N. Thompson, S. Meadema, G. De Young C. Livingslon, M. Russell, D. Thayer, D. Oom, D. B. Hall Second row: D. Hoag, B, Du Bois, G. De Graff, E, Oorn, D Snyder, D, Weeks, D. Hunf, T. Cross, D, Synder, B. Driflmeyer Third row: M, Moliler, H. Biem, J. Hines, R. Randall, S. Raafz THE CRESTON BAND Foofball games, parades, pep assemblies, and palriolic galherings, were buf a few of 'rhe evenls in which our band played in I944. Precision and excellence in marching and playing was clearly demonslraled under lhe floodlighls al Houseman Field and in our own school assemblies and Spring Concerl. Mr. Joel Lowe, conduclor and fellow lrouper of lhe band, chose a well rounded reperloire ol music lo delighl his audience, "Swinging on a Slar" being 'rhe mosl well lcnown. Righf, cenfer: The band sfeps orf in formafion fo the rhylhm of lheir own music. Below, righl: Officers of ihe band, Sludenf conducfor, Don Thayer: vice-presidenr, Don Sfraayerg secrefary, Dolores Oorng presidenl, Bill Palma, Below, lelfz A shof of The band in The sfands al Housernan Field. MA!-jim .s , V , r 1 --ie ::ff. .... ...- .. T 3. Q- ... ,E:ii lA:.:- cx-, .ix H- I 1. -HF I - r'V lm. , -Yfl dll-. ll? aff H J, De Waard, G. Teele, E. Higgens, J. Clark, J. S+einporf Fourfh row: R. Terpslra, L. Buckhaider, B. Viergiver, B. Kosfer P. Halsfead, G. Vander Breggen, D. Kooiman, N. Toclc, B. Sfod dard, B. Palma. Fifth row: J. Hoogesfeger, D. Sfraayer, R 'l:AAawby,hD. Clebeck, A. Timrners, D. James, B. Sfurrus, I. Ripley . Smil' . 5 ove: Our violin secrion praclices for fha Scriwg Concert, Top, righl: Principals ol The seclions scan scne rfugiq with the Swdenl conducfor Don Thayer Sealed: G Vande' Lingf P. Vander Linde. Slanding: L. lWAVVlC"' E. Walters, B, SVcJ:a':. Cenlerx righr: The new cuirvel: D Biene S. Van: C E. McClain, PA Vander Lino-2 ew-1 R Carroll. THE ORCHESTRA During ils IQ44 and l945 season, rhe Creslon High School Orcheslra, under The able baron ol lvlr. Joel Lowe, had an especially busy year, I+ parlici- paled in several dramalic produclions - lhe Chrisl- mas pageant "Gloria" and 'rhe senior play-as well as lor lhe Library Convenlion al rhe Civic Audiforium, The commencement exercises in January and June, and 'rheir Spring Concerl, The slring 'rrio played al many dinners, 'rhe commencernenl recep- lion, and several o+her engagements. Also, a new slring quinlel was formed. 1 fm so , Below, lhe ofchesffa, First violins: E Wglwfs D Eienie J De Viclas Van Lnw r e '11 Graaf, R. Carroll, E. Morris, G, Green, M Tvroer D, De Vries, Line V' L1 SC C 3 new Second violinsi L. Minor, A, Anderson, E, Anderson! B Mc- D, Thayer e -mo u D n nel C Allisler, P. Alkep B, Havesl Basses: E McClain C. Woodworln Trorrbcne Vo ar J' FV 'M HC D K C The officers are Jerry Olson, vice-presi denl, Mary Haadsrna, secrelary-Treasurer and Jess Merryman, president Row l: B. Davey, S. O'Malley, R. Hari, B. Eellers, S. Henkel, B, Monrgomery, M. De Waard, E. Van Hoven, R, Van Houle, M, Barnum, J, Dryer, A. Vander Honing, Row 2: A. Kinsley, P. Monrgomery, J, Toff, S. Blasing, J. Robinellre, S. Flanders, M, Van Dyke, M. Haadsma, G. Gravelyn, B. Bowerscx, J. Dunn, M, De Neuf. Row 3: T, Sierveld, R. Riernersrna, A. Vander Lean, B. Gorski, E. Klasse, D. Wafson, B. Wiersum, G. Dafema, J. Wilson, P. Palmarier, G. Buyze. Row 4: G. Srnifh, J. Merryrnan, J. Bekker, J. Slryker, G. Chapin, J. Olson, D. Van Dyke, N. Van Houfe, B. Sfeed, D. Holcomb, H. Miner. THE SECOND CHOIR Fulure members of our A Cappella Clmoir are llne members ol: second clnoir. Under rlwe direclion of Mr. Goodwin 'rliey are singing All in llme April Evening, Rain on 'flue River, Carry Me Back ro Tennessee, and Emilie Spirirum luum. Officers ol second clwoir are Jess Merrymen, presidenrg Jerry Olson, vice-presidenl: and Mary THE GLEE CLUB The girls wlno are beard singing on Monday and Wednesday ailernoon are llwe members of lbe Girls' Glee Club. As parl ol llieir reperloire, glee club members are singing Tales of Vienna Woods, Rain Spirir Flower, Dream Boal. Mr. Goodwin was assisled by Carol l'lall, presi- denlg Geraldine Klap, vice-presidenl, and Arlyn , 'fa are P. Bard, A. Weller, V. Kasfeline, G. l-laadsma, secrelary. Weller, secrelary. Below, row I, leff fo right B. Cook, E. Srnifh, R. B. Austin, A. Cramer, G. Klapp, B. Geldhof. Row 3: Larnberf, B. Van Ess, M. Gabrick, D. Refersdorf, V. E. Bool, M. Davis, B. Nederveld, A. Thalcher, B. Kasfeline, D. Robinson, A. Weller, E. Wildey. Row 2: Tickner, F. Scoff, P. Gleason, M. Olfe, P. Lincoln, J. Tuf'fs, M. Andrews, A. Downs, G. Knufson, L. Van B. Morgan, R. Williams, S. Harris, P. Bard, H. Loon, R. Sfehouwer, J. Grigsby, L. Price, C. Sheeclrin, Houser, E, Sfadl, J. Warrenron. 'x,,,P' Conferrinq al The piano about H-neir music Klapp. Above, row l, left fo riglvlz N. Reedv, S. De Young, B. Baker, M Hendricks, J. Palrnafier, P. Richards, M, Mieras, M. Willard, P. Sierveld L. Jackman, P. Ysseldylce, V. Growe, l. Denllioulen, B. Van Dyke, L Smilh, M. Mills, B. McCoy, E. Dryer, M. Van Dyke, M. Hall. Row 2 M. Wesfra, L. Wilson, R. Yokum, J. Rodan-lar, C. Cninnow, M. Lanqeler Walfz, J. Waslra. E. Hansen, R. Price, B. Maheson, l. Richmond, D. , Meaderna, M. McKee, M. Sherman, N. Oosee, C. Albe's, E. Ter Molen, . M, Hall, D. Kufscninski, J, Sfelwouwer, M, Pererson, J Schultz, J. Vander Jaql, D. Oorra, Row 4: L. Frede, E. De Neul, C. Lindlioul, C. Anfrim, G. Slocum, J. Smirn, J, Williams, C. Miller, J. Fosler, W. Niehuis, H. Den Boer, V, Rivenburg, P. Denf, L. Vanden Boul, E. Forsellund, Al. B. Tew, R. l-larnilron, B. Faasse, J, Gordon, D. Coles . rem i . Rockwell, M. Balbach, E. Succop, J. Mulder, D. Gormley, Y, Sclirump, M. Davey, J, Barker, I, Joynl. Row 3: J. Livingslon, G. Leflinga, M Q J S oarl, R Pelerson, B. Vander Klipp, J. Voshol, B. De Bruyn, J, Davis. THE A CAPPELLA CHCDIR This year our clioir sang willn 'flue 2.OOOAvoice clioir al llne Civic Audiloriurn under llie direclorslwip ol llwe well known composer and conduclor, Noble Cain. Concerls were also given al Bellnel Reformed Clwurclw, Second Conqreqalional Clwurclri, and Sl. Mark's Callwedral. Clioir is under llwe very able direclorslwip ol Mr. Frank Goodwin, who was assisled lirsl semesler loy Cal Miller, presidenlz Bruce Vander Klipp, vice! presidenl: Polly Richards. secrelary, and Bolo De Bruyn, lreasurer. Second se-mesler officers were Miriam l-lall, presi- de-nlq Judillw Mulder, vice-presidenlf Polly Riclwards, secrelary: Mary Balbaclw, lreasurer. Leif, cenfer: Mr. Goodwin in a clwaracferisfic direcling pose. Below: Tne odicers for The enlire year are Bruce Vander Kliop, vice- oresidenlg Miriam Hall, presidenlg Polly Richards, secrelaryg Cal Miller, president, Judy Mulder, vice-president, Mary Ballsacn, lreasurerg Bob De Bruyn, treasurer. -1 J :Q pm ,f uv 'N-X 10 . HQA D . 2 F F l. Brother Goose on 'Fe loose. Z. "Whats flwls, Jess?" : Q , W. , ,, , W, 3. The new Sclence cup, qrven by Mr. Wood in rnernory of Ensign Waller Wood. 4, Characters from the Revue, 5. The German band also lrorn the Revue, 64 Warch him, Shirley! 7. Arrlllcial resplratlon. 8. Chub and Polly. e - "4 s s 9, We lhree. l0. Tom goes over The bar. ll, Sue and her dogfhco ff S l 5 Q an n -:af w...2 -ur,"-x r 6 , 1 is-.fs1n' ,Qf,. S' .This Q, X sigiggkls-C Y XQQBW 3-a Q FQ , I Sw ,Q gl' ' fa Q N. Jr is , s., - 1.- ij' if - ,,.xggw5twsgs. Q , ,N ,. 5 QE ., l , 'PE ,I -2 -Q -Ms, kwgisyss smmxks. 'X - guns - s , ..,, . 1 -2: 1 -1 - W s E: A M swf:-,tj nj . Q "avi 52?-Rfk " r , , ki ' v,l,j x. sf jqfr fgfxyyw- Q ,A 1 M 5 ,. ' Xe - fwfr was . f X' . - A W -f - ' ' ' 'Y DRAMATICS A ryqf LM : w,,....J x f' . ., .Q na W wa-Ni M' x 18-EM .J THE SENIOR PLAY The parls of lhe leading characlers in "Brolher Enrers the fruclc driver Russ Mawby, as Elvira Succop, Sfewarf Johnson, and Bill Tifus look on and wonder. Peggy Allchin knows fhe trouble. Goose" were by Bill Tilus as lhe brolher goose, Jell, l-lis lloclc were: Carol, Elaine Dryer: Wes, Slewarl Johnson: and l-lyacinlh, Peggy Allchin. Peggy, who comes 'ro Jell's rescue, was played by Joyce Manning. Olher members ol lhe casl' were Eve, Elvira Suc- Cop: Lenore, Donna Gilchellq and lvlrs. Trimmer, Dona Lee Smilh. Compleling 'rhe casl were Helen, Susan Anderson: Sarah, Arlaine iliieiemay and The 'rruck driver, Russell Mawby. , ll I Above: Carol, Wes, and Jeff lisfen as Hy tries fo explain why she was play- ing foofball in fhe coal-bin. Cenlerz Hy eavesdrops on Jef'f's, Peggy's, and poor poison-ivied Lenore's lragic conversalion. Leif: Jeff and Lenore look over fhe plans of her new house rhaf he is building for her on fhe lof nexf door. Below: "Why Don'T You Fall in Love With Me?" is 'the quesflon asked by B. Zeeryp, P, Dillenback, S. Anderson, and 6. Gravelyn. Cenfer: S. De Young, D. Oom. P, Empie ask W, De Maagd, D, Parkson, and T. Blandford to "MeeT Me in Sf. Louis!" Righf: Sale! L. Vanden Bouf, J. Mulder, P. Richards, and M. Davey are marked down lo SIF79. Below: "By We Seam and filflngly allired d'e P. M0rriS, C. Hall, L. Williarns, P. Sobie, G Green, P. Enwpie D. Oom, G. Leflinga, R. Clouse, and B. DeBree, S. THE JUNIOR REVUE Aller muclw lward work and a lol oi lun, llme Junior Revue was presenred on April I I, IZ, I3, and was a greal success. Besides ine slcils and group dances, oulslanding acls were given by George Slocum, Plnyllis Denl, Berry Sloddard, Dona Leman, Belly Zerrup, Wally Delvlaadg, Jess lvlerryrnan and Dona Palmalier. To Mr. Jay J. Re-ns, Junior Class Advisor, Mis-3 Lois Conrad. direclor oi skils, and Miss Keillna l-larl mon, dance insrruclor, goes rlie credif for rlne success. i""W' Above, leTT: "O come, all ye TaiThTul, ioyful and Trium- phanT, O come ye, O Come ye To BeThIehem." Aw.. .. .s , Above, righT: Saradan The Wise, Arvin Wells, Tells ElizabeTh, Dona PalmaTier, and Obed, Dick ArmanTrouT', The powers of his books. E nrt Every year aT ChrisTmas Time amid music we see re-lived The Chrislrmas sTory, "Gloria". This beauTiTul pageanT is made possible only Through The unired eTlorTs oT The dramaTics deparT- menT headed by Miss Lois Conrad, The A Cappella Choir and second choir under The direcTion oT Mr. Franlc Goodwin, and The orc:hesTra direCTed by Mr. Joel Lowe. Below, leTT: The ShEDhe'ds -end lings kneel reverenily before The cradle of The ChrisT as 'ne Celestial Choir of angels sings a lullaty, K The propheT priesT was Talcen by George Slocum, while The oTher leads were Taken by Dona Jean PalmeTier as ElizabeTh, Arvin Wells as Saradan of Chaldea, and Judah, played by Dick ArmanTrouT. The parT oT Obed was Taken by Cornell Buyze. lvlary and Joseph were porfrayed by Elaine Dryer and Wesley Miller, respedively. Below, righli Efhlyn Barnum, Kay Vander Molen, and Mary Mieras prepare The alTar for The performance, "Q"ll3 fi'i - xis ' -Lihwwlw' A Above? The si3Ters Mclnloshx Jai:-Jueline Jaclnson and Arlen-3 Tl'?l'?V'l'75, Offer fu gel 3 n ie warm glass of bull:-rnwill ly a man" Russ Mawby. THE ONE-ACT PLAYS "SisTers MclnTosh", 'Dinner Tor Two", and "l.iTTle Darling" were presenTed This year during The lunch hours by The dramaTics classes, under The direcTor- ship of Miss Lois Conrad. The leading parTs in "SisTers McInTo5h" were played loy Arlaine Tieiema and Jacqueline Jackson as The sisTers, and Rus5 Mawby as Their nephew. Elvira Succop and Don Mosg lead The casT in "Dinner Tor Two", while Dicl' ArrnanTrouT, Ellen Alberda, and lsla O'Donneli cornple-Ted The casT. Appearing in "LiTTle Darling" were Shirlie De Young as liTTle darling, JudiTh Mulder, Mary Bal- bach, Ralph Schoeggi, Arvin Vvlella and Jene Over- beck. Lf? Th "liT+Ie dnrlingf .lese plied Tr, Shiflie De Young, decides to do s:wie'hinq Jboul lnig "man steal, ing" business when sri- fi'JS Eleangq Mary Balbachx crying. Borrow: Elvira Succop really -Tania wealfny -wifn her Tue' coaT. Dori Moss asls her TJ dinnDr as lsla O'Donald, The coat check girl, llglens, T3-3 IVIEMOIQUIAM NORMAN E. ADDINGTON, JR., FC,i3C Philippines, Ocfober 25, I944 PVT. HOWARD V. ADSIT Europe, November 8, I942 SGT. JACOB BAKER New Guinea, December 2, I942 PFC. JOHN BOSS Germany, November I5, I944 FLOYD N. BROWN, MMf3C Soufhwesf Pacific, Ocfober 29, I944 SGT. ADRIAN BUSH Sanananda Trail, New Guinea, Novemb I942 PFC. JOHN W. BYRNE Leyfe, Ocfober 22, I944 PFC. FLOYD CALKINS Ivlefz, Germany, November I7, I944 LIEUT. LEROY W. ELLERBROOK Ifaly or Soufh Germany, March I9, I944 PVT. HERBERT E. ERICSON Summer of I944 PFC. HERMAN A. GOLDNER Ifaly, March I, I9-44 LIEUT. ROBERT H. GRAVELYN Europe, July I4, I943 SfSGT. WILBUR J. GREEN Leyfe, March 5, I945 PFC. MELVIN HENRY HANSENS France, April, I945 SGT. ARNOLD L. HARGREAVES Germany, February I9, I945 JAMES R. JOHNSON, MMf3C Pacific, May 8, I944 SGT. EDWIN JACK MATHEWS Soufh Carolina, December 26, I942 PFC. WILLIAM F. MCCLYMONT Germany, April I2, I945 LIEUT. JOHN J. MCGARRY Crashed in England, April 9, I944 Q C I' FLIGHT OFFICER MAURICE R. MERREN Virginia, January 22, I944 SXSGT. WALTER H. MILLER New Guinea, December 7, I942 SXSGT. RUSSELL B. MOLINOSKY France, Augusf I9, I944 PVT. MAU RICE NIES I-Iurfgen Foresf, Germany, November, I944 TKSGT. HAROLD OCHAMPAUGH Il'aIy, April 3, I94-4 PVT. JACK ORTMAN Leyfe, November 22, I944 PVT. THOMAS E. OTTEE Norfh Ifaly, April I5, I94E SGT. EARL PECK Soufhwesf Pacific, Ocfober 8, I944 LIEUT. WILLIAM REED Air collision over Texas PVT. HUBERT M. RIPSTRA Germany, March 26, I945 PFC. GERALD W. ROBERTS Germany, April 6, I945 PFC. RALPH L. ROBERTS France, December I4, I944 JOHN RONDA, SEAMAN 2,.f'C OFF Soufh Africa, Ocfober 9, I942 PFC. CLAUDE B. SALIERS Ifaly, Ocfober I9, I944 PFC. JAMES ROGER SCHUILING Belgium, January 29, I945 PFC. EDWARD C. SPOELSTRA France, July I8, I944 PFC. NEAL J. TAMBOER Leyfe, November 24, I944 PVT. RAYMOND V. VICARI Camp Pafriclc Henry, Virginia, Ocfober, I944 PFC. JOHN G. VANDER GIESSEN Mediferranean Sea, November 26, I943 PFC. JOHN M. VAN ESS, JR. Belgium, December 3I, I944 PFC. PAUL H. WENGER Germany, December 27, I9-I4 PFC. EDWIN WOLBERS Luzon, February 4, l945 PFC. RALPH L. WOOD Soufhwesf Pacific, I944 ENSIGN WALTER A. WOOD Soufhwesf Pacific, Ocfober I8, I944 TXSGT. PHILLIP J. ZIMMERMAN English Channel, May I7, I943 Below, righf: Miss Lois Conrad and Mrs. Caroline Glenn discuss sTraTegy Tor Their debaTe and forensic classes, CenTer: A cur- renT Topic for debaTe engrosses The inTeresT OT N, Reedy, P. Allchin, and L. McCann, Don Pollie, The TourTh member, is serving wiTh The navy. Leffz E. Dryer and J. Livingslori look over some new declamahons. Above, leTT To righT: L, McCann, M. NewTon, J. Houser, E. Dryer, J. Livinqsfon, A. Wells FORENSICS This year our debaTe Team, consisTing oT Peggy Allchin, Don Pollie, Norma Lou Reedy, and Lyle McCann, Took parT in The TournamenT wi+h Union, EasT Lansing, Holland ChrisTian, and OTTawa on The guesTion oT "Lowering The VoTing Age." The 7Th hour debaTe class parTicipaTed in round Table dis- cussions wiTh CenTral, SouTh, and also on The radio, over The Grand Rapids Public School Program upon The Timely sub- iecTs oT school liTe, The news- paper, year-book, and clubs. DEBATE ATTer much consideraTion Miss Conrad Tinally selecTed The Tollowing people as The winners oT This year's speech conTesT To represenT CresTon in The disTricT conTesT. The winners in DeclamaTion were Joyce Dryer and l-lelen Houser. Taking TirsT place in The DramaTics DeclamaTion was Elaine Dryer, wiTh Marilyn New- Ton second. The winners in Cra- Tory were Jeanne LivingsTon and Arvin Wells, while in Ex- Temporaneous, Norma Lou Reedy was TirsT, and Lyle Mc- Cann gained second place. FirsT row, leff To righT: P, Allchin, P. Czer- winski, D, Gifchell, J. Manning, D. Gelder- bloom, D. Cooper, M. Balbach, N. Reedy. Second row: P. Lucas, L. McCann, A. Wells, M. Newfon, C. Buyze, M. McKee. Ad. f - ' In 1 Cixi? THE SENIOR USHERS Under The able direcTion oT Mrs. Sadie STowell, The senior ushers have direcTed The "TraTTic" in The senior assemblies. These ushers consisT oT senior high sTudenTs who volunTeered To help keep order in The crowds. The success oT our Tall pep assem- blies and The laTer ones is enTirely due To The eTTorTs oT These sTudenTs. AcTing as head usher Tor This year is Jack Anderson, who is in charge oT all posi- Tion assignmenTs. THE JUNIOR USHERS Lelfv row I, left To righf ,I E u Bat so C rn J M f s r vb, M. PeT-3' '1,B ha , E Dryer, E. Alberda. L, Carve PeTTiT. Second row- M, Van Williams, D. Oc Blaay, P. T ax er Carroll, G- Gravelvn, D. Ser an Koerf, M. Davev, S Anderson Thir W Y. Schrurnp, L B'ai:h, E, Brain M Jc J. Shaw, M. Davis, Baal rowi T. BlandTord, J, Morrison, S, Bien Van Wingen, G Fenslri, R Srni Voshol, J, Gorrnlffy, J Anders n r Below- The senior ushers direcl n T in The audilcriurri. SuccessTuI assemblies do noT iusT hap- is The Junior Usher group picTured here. pen: They are very deTiniTely planned. The Under The guidance oT Miss John The J.U.'s group responsible Tor seaTing and Tor audi- did an excellenl' job, and deserve a greaT Torium conducT in The iunior high assemblies deal oT connnnendaTion. Le . Row I, IeTT To righf, Miss John, L. Huffenga, Marv Gormley, Eleanor Wildey, Vir- ginia KasTeline, Gerry G-asar, B. Paften. Row 2, left fo righT: Delores McKee, Suzanne Stegrnier, B. Benham, Shirley Van Wyk, Norma Cambier, Marge De NeuT, Joan Benedicf, Barbara WieTen, K. Ver Burg, E. Dunn. Row 3, Iefl' To righT: P. ThiebouT, D. Harroun, A. Broekema, J. Babb, M.Thomp' son, B. I-Ienke. Row 4: D. Beckwifh, B. Gorski, R. Card, B. Hogeboorn, L. Rosendall. iliiiliii 'Siiiiiiii Praciice ionighi . . . 'iaice your heimei and be ai 'che iieid by 4 . . . Siewie and his brighi red socks . . . "C-Bei up under ihai bacicboard, Terry!" . . Five minuie scrimmage . . . Waich Tom go over Thai bar . . . Keep your head down: ii iengihens your siride . . . Cracici A iine drive over ihird . . . Five, rhiriy, ioriy, game . . . Love ser . . . How ihose qais maine ihe pins iiy. Codd any pkjure bekier Nusirake khe quaXKN oi Sched sphlk than thks one whkch shows cheedeaders Tom Kerkes and George Skeinport 'odnqlnq ic-rkh a rafker-shahnq yeXX'? urs? row M e V C Miller co cap e n Harrison, D. La Forresl, H. Broekenna, G. Slocum, C Sorenson Miller aptain Jo n D Ki g Secon A. Albreclif, D. Smith. Fourth row: Coach Powers, L Carr R POLAR BEAR FOOTBALL Cenlral Calholic Union Soufl-i Union Offawa Cenfral -, - -on 1 nmig, ' l , X 5-".1"f,5-fm , s 32 .. ' 1, I9 5 is .5 rim, 6 fs -f " 2' Wx, " ' I9 QW W si 95?- S , '-X 'FNQYMF-Q fpvfxiiwzf . ' f i pf Above G-enial Gil Powers coacn e Polar Above: Bucl Elve doing his famous 'rwlshng and B rs on flwe q :dur n mrning. eow left qrr 1ears'1lirough The Holland line eow right C I Mille' siglils llne Holland ball Carrier and prepa es TO sfop fha? play Cold. . .ETX ,ss THE GRIDIRON CompleTing iTs second successTul season under menTor, Gil Powers, The CresTon gridders proved To be one oT The ciTy's sTrongesT Teams, despiTe The loss of such boys as Joe McGee. Jaclc Moroslci, Charles Visner, and BurT Brown oT The '43-'44 squad. AlThough Their opponenTs barely ouTscored Them, The Polar Bears Tinished second besT among The grid Teams oT The ciTy, wiTh a record oT Tour wins and Three losses. CresTon sTarTed The season wiTh six reTurning veTerans - Cal Miller, STewarT Johnson, Tom Mc- Gee, Cornie Buyze, Wes Miller Joe VogT, Bud Elve, a speedy back who was a Transfer To CresTon Trom Davis Tech - and several oTher sTellar leTTer win' ners. This evidence gave us reason To look Torward To an excellenT season and The ouTcome showed our reasoning To be well Tounded. The TirsT Two games seemed To be somewhaT oT STORY OF 1945 a seTbaclc, as They were losT To CenTral, 32-I2, and CaTholic, I9-I3. BuT The Bears came back in Their TilT againsT Union To win I2-6. The remaining Tour games were played wiTh buT one loss - To SouTh's STaTe Champions, I9-O, The oTher Three having re- sulTed in CresTon's Tavor I9-O, I3-O, and 6-O againsT Union, 0TTawa and CenTral respecTively. CresTon congraTulaTes every Tellow on The Team Tor playing such really good games. UnTorunaTely, The services oT Taclcle Howard Broekema and baclc WalTer Bruce, were losT Tor Three oT CresTon's im- porTanT games because OT serious illness. CresTon placed a grand ToTal oT six boys on The All-CiTy TirsT Teams. Tom McGee Tollowed in his broTher Joes TooTsTeps by landing a berTh on The All-CiTy TirsT Team. Five oTher boys-Joe VogT, Cal and Wes Miller, STew Johnson, and Lyle Carr - won second Team honors. l. There goes Harrison, VogT, and Tuffy To make :we of This Tackle. 2. Warch om! Here comes Carrl 3. Jam-pile. 4. Oh, oh! Which way To go now 5 Our coaches Think it all over. 6. Carr T es off Tc a long run. 7. G-ef him, fellows. S, Wally halos Tha? line. 'a 1 l lil! .W4'1b3Mf , ri 2 . arer, , mm ,R. n ry .Mi rl Ro I lefl' To ghT R H lc J Co and Fla de s C lle WaTrous, W, Miller. STanding: T. Olson, J. De Rylce, D. Ver Hage, chrurnp B. Vander Klipp, B, Sack, J, Vogt Right Co-capTains Terry Olson, o is no se'viri in The Navy, and Don Ver Ha . Cer-iTer: A Chflshan player arches one Towa'd Cres- Ton's basLeT. BASKETBALL AT The opening oT,The '44-'45 baslceTball season, CresTon's prospecTs Tor a ciTy TiTle looked very brighT. ln TacT, The Bears showed Their sTrengTh by winning Tive oT The TirsT eighT games played. Among The Teams which TasTed deTeaT aT The hands oT The Scrappy Polar Bears, were ChrisTian's Eagles and The Union Red l-lawlcs, a TeaT which is indeed one To be proud oT. UnTorTunaTely The Bears losT The services oT regu- lars Olson and VogT because oT mid-year gradua- Tion. The eTTecT seemed somewhaT devasTaTing aT TirsT, Tor The TirsT Two TilTs oT The second semesTer were losT To CenTral and ChrisTian, respecTively. BuT The Bears again came inTo Their own when They won Their lasT Three games, climaxing The season by deTeaTing Union's CiTy Champions, 39-3l. ln The TournamenT play, The CresTon cagers showed admirably againsT a sTrong Muskegon Team, being edged ouT in The Tinal period oT The TilT, 38-3 I. DespiTe a Tew unTorTunaTe deTeaTs, The Bears Tinished The season successTully by ranking Third in The ciTy's Tinal sTandings. Row I, lei? To right: G. Chapin, D. Bresnahan, C. Buyze, W. Bruce, G. Cornwell, T. MCG-ee, R. Todd, D. Smiih, J. Rose, M, Boylan. Row 2: C. Gravelyn, J. Canclella, J. Buyze, R. Schneider, G. Penske, J, Foley, D. Miller, F. Billock, S. Biener, B, Barr, B. Hogendyk, C. Carlson, D. Weeks. Row 3: J. Olree, R. Way, M, Davenporf, K. Buyze, G. Ozinga, B. Van Rinlrlesfein, J. Olson, R. King, B. Faasse, P Anderson M OTTe, E. Kelly, N. Vanderlvlass, Mr, Vim B. Fellx. FourTh row: . , . J. Mars, E, Byker, G. Melpolder, T, Keries, C, PosThumas, Wingen, coach. l.. gen Cen'-ef: Torn McGee, captain of The T945 tracy Tec . TRACK As anoTher Spring season rolls around, The Cres- Ton Tracl4sTers Take To The cinder-paTh once more. AbouT TiTTy boys answered The "call," The Thinclads cl To make a name Tor are ready and deTermine Themselves, desp ' ' h' year's squad. iTe The lack oT experience in T us WhaT experience The squad has, is noT Too well disTribuTed. IT appears as IT Coach Van Wingen has Cl T l've up To. challenge To Tace and a recor o i a BuT he is Tully capable oT accepTing The challenge Th iriT and scrap To go places. and his boys have e sp Then There is plenTy oT in The Torm oT such speedsTers as George Slocum maTerial in The dashes Gordy Cornwall, Don Bresenham, and Wally Bruce. A single veTeran, Bob Todd, reTurns Tor The halT- mer mile. ln The mile, Jim De Ryke and a newco Jack Williams, are giving promising resulTs. Cornie Buyze and Tom McGee are The quarTer-mile hopes. The aTore-menTioned dashmen combine To Torm ' The relays. ln The and Diclc SmiTh are earnesTly an excellenT combinaTion in hurdles, Tom Keries puTTing TorTh Their eTTorTs. The Tield evenTs are subsTanTiaTed by The eTTorTs oT Tom McGee in The high iump and pole vaulT, ' - d D n Bresenham George Slocum in The shoT puT, an o in The broad-jump. 93 um.v.A: xx -.q:wn.f:r .1 L. , ' . .. LM., -..L ...-...nw u....v..-M... . . ,., ,MA Row I, left lo righr: G. Kasleline, G, Alderink, D. Ver Haqe, D. Gibson, B. Moroski, D, Loomis, and R. Harker. Row 2: Coach Y 'ur' L ' ' . Shrump, J. Command, L, Harrison, J. Sleinporf, B. Viergiver, R. Proos, A. Allzrechr, R, Flanders, and R. Sfefaniak. BASEBALL Wilh a weallh ol malerial relurning from lasl year's championship leam, lhe powerful Creslon nine appears lo be headed lor ils lhird conseculive cily championship. We look iirsl lo 'rhe pilching slalzl, which olllers lhe services ol 'rwo veleran hurlers, Gordon Alder- ink and Ray Flanders. These boys have plenly ol experience on lhe mound and are looked lo as a couple of good reasons lor an undefealed season. On lhe receiving end, we have calcher Rog Proos and Dick Loomis, lhe laller a lransler from Jackson. The infield is sparked by lhe lvloroski-Command combinalion-one which lunclioned wilh admirable Below: -Coach Schrump wafc'-ies as cafcher Rog Proos ass mes his equipment. skill in lhe '434'44 season. Dick Gibson, slellar lell-fielder and caplain of lhis year's diamond squad, heads lhe lisl of oul- lielders. He has a powerful arm and excels in his hilling skill. Olher players who will be called on lo fill lhe vacanl posilions are Don Ver l-lage, Louie l-larrison, Joe Sleinporl: Dale Anderson, Gerald Kasleline, and Ray Slelaniak. Wilh lhis scrappy bunch and The capable coach- ing ol: l-lenry Schrump, our prediclion is 'rhal' Cres- lon will again relain ils championship crown. Righf: The baseball managers round fhe pilcher's mound info shape. H "' 44.5 - 94? ' A6383 I Ein..p-i-1'-IN-"V z""fW 1 , +!5YVW'13E.."3PQ.'.'PY"lS1Q3X. . -

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