Creston High School - Crest Yearbook (Creston, IA)

 - Class of 1948

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THE CREST 1948 pulalisfuea by flae Gtesfon gclaool The Glass of '45 f N 6E 1 Q0'9Es10 'WU' . lrvp 55741 fig dx 1 ll U: 'ff lv i ' ffl? '.'..', . ' 1 'nq'.-- I may fiiis Gnd always in a symbol og fha Glass o '48, we sinceulm' Lofe fha! if ininqs gona memoties Chose who fool: ivaciz on if in flie xleaas fo come--memob s as You 94103, oi? sciiooi Bags, youu cliums, Un fini!! at Planning SM a game ana a aance, Ou! Queen, ana fire ivggesf ateam of all--U14 gunna-genioa ganquel. we also wish fo faize Uiis ofpoafunihl fo flianiz all fifose who Leipea maize if Possiiaie fo Paoauce llfis inooiz. 7-Le ncusfn gfau e of Gonfenfs I. abmfnfsftaffon 2. genius 3. Home Rooms 4. Gfhleffcs 5. Hamas 6. activities 7. fine Gals 8. Clubs 7AfCfl7'1ll'Il5Z4HClZ?!0l7 goafad of Zducafion Back Row-Harry Vetterickg Ernest Porter, Vice Presidentg Fred Pac-kwood: Front Row-Arthur Nordg Fred Ide, Treasurerg Paul Jones, Presidentg Russell Weidner. minisffiafofzs .-.-'High - ' .- Hx Wg 4 .5-gi? fe V E. G. KELLEY, Principal HAZEL SIMMERMAN, V-l'rin. BLRTON R- JONED, Sum- Graceland College Simpson College Drake University University of Iowa Drake University University of Iowa University of Minnesota University of Iowa B. S. K: M. A. Degrees B. A. 8: M. A. Degrees B. A. Degreg GCI! FLORENCE BERGH, 1937 Iowa Wesleyan College Northwestern University University of Iowa University of Wisconsin Columbia University B. S. Sz M. A. Degrees Department: Speech and English GRACE BUSSE, 1944 Yankton College University of Iowa University of Chicago Northwestern University B. A. gl M. A. Degrees Department: Journalism W. L. BILL CHAMBERS, 1946 Iowa State Teachers College University of Iowa B. S. Degree Department: Boys Physical Education ANNABEL DONNELLY, 1947 Parsons College University of Iowa Chicago University Columbia University B. A. Kr M. A. Degrees Department: Mathematics, English and Science ROBERT J. HANSEN, 1947 Estherville Junior College University of Minnesota University of Iowa B. A. Degree Department: Physics 8: General Science HILDA HIATT, 1943 Penn College Columbia University University of Colorado B. A. 8: M. A. Degrees Department: Commercial UNITY HIXINBAUGI-I. 1943 Creston Junior College Northwest Missouri State Teachers University of Colorado B. S. Degree Department: Girls Physical Education LEWIS JONES, 1938 Iowa State College University of Missouri A. A. 8: B. S. Degrees Department: Vocational Agriculture DONALD P. KIESTER, 1947 William Penn College B. A. Degree Department: History E. A. KUNS, 1946 Ellsworth Junior College Ellsworth Conservatory Sioux Falls College Christiansen's Choral School University of Wyoming B. M. 8: B. A. Degrees Department: Art RUTH LINN, 1944 Grinnell College Northwestern University University of Colorado A. B. Sz M. A. Degrees Department: English MARY JANE McCREA, 1929 Parsons College University of Iowa B. A. 8: M. A. Degrees Department: English DON McDONALD, 1945 Simpson College B. S. Degree Department: Business Education EDNA MCGUIRE, 1945 Central Missouri State Teachers Col. University of Missouri B. S. 8a M. A. Degrees Department: English UNCAS McGUIR.E, 1945 Central College University of Missouri A. B. K: B. S. Degrees Department: Biology JESSIE E. McMAHON, 1943 Drake University Iowa State College A, B. 8: M. S. Degrees Department: Chemistry DON MOORE, 1945 Baker University University of Kansas Western State College B. M. Degree Department: Instrumental Music NAOMI MUMFORD, 1947 Maryville State Teachers College B. S. Degree Department: Mathematics aculfnl GCL6 5 i me 1 it in . in A aar c Cuts damaged in shipment INA NAPIER, 1947 Iowa State Teachers College Drake University B. A. Sz M. S. Degrees Department: English 8: Latin DOROTHY PEAK, 1940 Iowa State College Iowa State Teachers College B. S. Degree Department: Vocational Home Ec. HOWARD L. THOMPSON. 1943 Nebraska Wesleyan University Northwestern University Bradley Polytechnic Institute B. A. Degree Department: Industrial Arts Kr Weld- ing-Machine Shop JESSIE M. VANZEE, 1943 Central College State University of Iowa B. A. 8: M. A. Degrees Department:Social Studies MRS. FORREST 'WHIPP. 1947 Simpson College B. M. Degree Department: Vocal Music JANET WILSON. 1947 Northwest State Teachers College B. S. Degree Department: Vocational Homemaking' DORIS FOSTER, 1947 Missouri Methodist Hospital George Peabody College for Teachers Department: School Nurse RUBY L. HIATT. 1947 Nebraska State Teachers College University of Colorado Colorado College of Education Department: Commercial IRENE STERRETT, 1945 Simpson College Iowa State College Columbia University B. A. 8: M. A. Degrees Department: Mathematics Semzoras RLOUM, BETTY lletsie G. A. A. 4: Chee-rlvadcr 3: F. H, A. Treas. -lg Dramatic Club l, 2, -1: Pep Club 33 Stuwlcnl. Council l. 2: All School Play 2 BOLINGER, CLAIR l . I . A. Sn-cy, Il: l . l . A, V. Pros. 4 BOLTON, ALYCE G. A. A. l, 2. 3, -lg Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Small Choral Groups lg Pep Club 3: Y-Teens V. I'n-s. Il: Dramatic Club l BOLTON, HUGH Band l: Chorus l, 2: Dancing: Club 1: Art Craft Club 2 BRADLEY, JUNE ll. R. S4-cy. l: G. A. A. 4: Bannl l, 4, Dan- cing Club lg Simzing Club 2: Letter Writ' im: 'l'rcns. il: Office Assistant 2 BRISTOW, RILEY Dancing Club 1: Ping: Pom: Club 2: Art Club 3 ALCORN. DENNIS Deets Class Treas. 3: H. R. Pres, 1, -1: H. R. V. Pres, 21 Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1. 2. 4: Bachelor Club Treas. 4 BADA, MONTY LEE Student Council 3, 43 Y-Tet-ns -1: G. A. A. 3, 4: Dramatic Cluh l. 2: Clay Moda-lim: Club 3: Psychology Club 4 BAKER, MARGARET LOUISE G. A, A. 4: Dancinz Club 11 Simzinpz Club 2, 3: Photography Club 4 BA RTLE, GEORG EANN George H. R. Pres. 1: H. R, Secy. 2: H. R, Treas. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4g Trio 3: Mixed Quartette 3, 4: Madriizal 1, 2, 3. 4: Dramatic Club 4: The-spian 33 Thespian Clerk 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Class Play 3: H. M. S. Pinafore 3: All State Chorus 4: Music Contest 1, 2, R, 4: State Contgut 2: Nat ional Contest 3 BEGG. JAMES Jim H. R. Pres. l: H. R. Secy. 2: Football l. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3: Chorus l, 2, 3: Dancinv: Club 1: Pimz Pong Club 25 Camera Club 35 Bachelor Club 4: Crest Staff 3. 4: Class Play 35 All School Play 4 BENDER, ELIZABETH Ginger Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2: Music Theory Club 4: Singing: Club Secy. 3: Arrow Associate Editor 4: Librare ian 2, 3, 4: Light Attendant 4 BROTHERTON, PATSY National Honor Society 3, 45 H. R. Secy. 1, 4: G. A. A. 45 Band 1, 25 Orchestra 15 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Trio 3: Pep Club 15 Dram- atic Club 2, 3, 4: Secy. 2: V. Pres. 35 Crest Associate Editor 3: Crest Staff 45 Thes- pian 3, Pres. 4: Y-Teens 3, 45 F. H. A. 45 All School Play 25 H. M. S. Pinafore 35 Class Play 3 BROWN, JERRY Browny Football 1, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 35 Dancing Club 15 Ping Pong Club 35 Bachelor Club 4: Boxing Club 25 C Club 3, 4 BROWN, MARA LOU H. R. Pres. 2, 35 Dancing Club 1: Pep Club 2: Crest Staff 4: Student Council Alternate 45 Attendant to Homecoming Queen 45 Of- fice Assistant 4 BURGUS, CECILIA G. A. A. 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Craft Club 25 Y-Teens 45 Class Play 35 'lhespian 4 CLAISER, MARGARETE Cromwell Hiizh School 1, 2, 35 G. A. A. 45 Y-Teens 4 CLARK, MARVIN Dancing Club 15 Boxing Club 2: F. F. A. 4 CLAYTON, DORIS H. R. Secy. 1, 25 Chorus 15 Dancing Club 15Simzing Club 2 CLAYTON, MORRIS Dancing Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 35 Camera Club Secy. 45 Arrow Club Editor 45 Assistant Librarian 2, 3, 4 DELICH, GERALDINE GERRY H. R. Secy. 15 G. A. A. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 45 Dancimz Club 15 Pep Club 25 Dramatic Club 2: Clay Modeling Club 35 Psychology 45 Class Play 35 H. M. S. Pinafore 3 DOOLEY, JAMES Jim H. R. Pres. 2: H. R. V. Pres. 3: H. R. Treas. 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Bachelor Club 45 C Club 3, 45 Dancing Club 15 Crest Staff 4: Student Council 15 All School Play 45 Music Contest 3, National Honor Society 45 Thespian 4 DUBEN, JOAN JO G. A. A. 45 Band 1, 25 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Secy. 45 Crest Staff 45 F. H. A. Secy. 45 YYTQ-ans Pres. 4 EDWARDS, LEOTA G. A. A. 4: Arrow Staff 45 F. H. A. 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 IIARPIN, PATSY Chorus-i 2, 4: Drumatic Club 3: Art Craft Club 2: Duncimz Club I: Music Theory Club l: Arrow Stuff -1: Y Teens 3, 4: Prew. :lg Officv Ae-ui:-itamt I: Librarian Assistant il HARVEY, PATRICIA Patty G. A, A. Il, 1: Chorus l. 2, 3, 4: Chorus Club I: Drnmutic Club 2: Clay Modeling l'lub Il: Psycholo-.fy il: Arrow Staff 4: H. M S. Pinzifori- Zi: P. II. A. l: Homecoming Atta-ndont -1 H A USZ, PATRICIA Patsy Chorus l, 2, 24, il: Dzmrimz Club 1: H. M. S. Pinuform- Zi: Music Festival I, 2, Il: State Music Contest il HOW E, GERALD H. R. V. Pres. 23 H. R. Secy. Il: Dancini: t'lub I: Ping Pong Club Il: Student Council Alu-rn:itu 4: Office Assistant 2 .lE'l'ER, SHIRLEY RUTH Ruthy Nutionnl Honor Society Pres. 4: H. R. Pres. 2: Duncimz Club I: Pep Club 2: Dramatic Club Pr:-4. 1: Crest Editor 4: Crest Staff il: Student Council St-cy. 4: Clxus Play 3: 'l'ht-spiun 4 JOIIANSEN, WILLIAM Bill lloi-ucv Munn Junior Hipzh School 1: H. R. Pri-4. I: Vootlmll 4: Hn:-iketball 2, 3: Track Ji: Tennis Il: Ilnnd I, 2: Orchestra 1: t'horus I, 2, Il, 1: Mixed Quartette 2: Boy's Quurtette -l: Madrigal 2, 3, 4: Hoy's Glee Club l, 2, Sl, 4: Stamp Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, Ct: Music Theory 41 Hi-Y 3: Hi-Y Prea, 4: Thvspinn 3, 4: Thespinn V. Pres, 13 All State Chorus 4: Festival I. 2, 3, 4: Music Conte:-it 2, 4: I-I. M. S. Pinafore 3: Class Pluy 8: All School Play 4 EKBLAD, DAVID DAVE Football 3: Basketball 1: Chorus 1, 3, -1: Dancing Club 1: Pinz Pom: Club 2: Cam- era Club 3: Radio Club Secy. 4 ENGHAUSER, CHARLES Engy Football 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track ll: Chorus 1: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2: Photography Club 3: Bachelor Club 4 GLADE. LEANNA Gresham Union High, Gresham. Orexzon, I. 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: Sinizimz Club 3: Dramatic Club 43 Y-Teens 4 GOFORTH. VVILM A H. R. V. Pres. -l: G. A. A. 4: Danciniz Club 1: Dramatic Club 2 GROVER, SHIRLEY H. R. Pres. 4: Y-Techs 3: Dramatic Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Thespinn 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Council 2, 3 GROVES, JOHN Graveyard H. R. Treas. 1, 3: Football I: Track I: Student Manager 1: Dancing: Club lg Photography Club 2: Piniz Pom: Club 3: Bachelor Club 4 KELLEY, JOHN H. R. Pres. 1: Basketball 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dancing Club 1: Clay Modeling Club 3 KUHNS, CHARLES Chuck Football 1, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Dancing Club 1: Ping Pong Club 2: Boxing Club 1, 2, 3: C Club 3, 4 LINK, MEREDITI-I Mt. Ayr High School 1, 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: Singing Club 3 MARTIN, CAROL MARIE Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1: Dancing Club 1 3 Singing Club 2: Music Theory Club Pres. 4 McCANN, DOROTHY Dot H. R. Treas. 4: Chorus 1. 2. 3: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, 4: H. M. S. Pinafore 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Music Contest 3 McCANN, MARION Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Boy's Quartette 1, 2, 3, 4: Madrilral 1, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Quartette 3, 4: Boy's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y V. Pres. 4: Music Theory Club 4: Arrow Staff 4: All School Play 4: H. M. S. Pinafore 3: All State Chorus 4: Music Con- test 1. 2, 3, 4: Atlantic Vocal Festival 1, 2 McCANN, PATRICIA Patty Dancing Club 1: Handicraft Club 2: Psy- chology Club 3: F. H. A. 4: Office Assist- ant 1 McCREARY, ERMA JEAN Red Band 1: Chorus 2. 3: Cheerleading 2, 3: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, 4: Pep Club 3: Thespian 3, 4 McELROY, MARY Queeny H. R. V. Pres. 3, 4: Dancing Club I: Dram- atic Club 2: Homecoming Queen 4 McGRAW, PATRICIA, Pat', National Honor Society Sccy. 3, 4: Class Pres. 4: H. R. Pres. 1: H. R. Treas. 3: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, 4: Crest Staff 4: Thespian 4: State Music Contest 1, 2, 3: Regional Music Contest 3: All School Play 4 o McKINLEY, BELVA Band 4: Y-Teens 4: Independence, Iowa 1. 2, 3 METZ, DONALD Sniffer Class V. Pres. 3: H. R. V. Pres. 3: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 4: Track 3: Dancing Club 1: Bachelor Club Secy. 4: Ping Pong Club 3: Crest Staff. Assistant Manager 3: Crest Staff, Business Manager 4: Student Council 1, 2: Class Play 3 OTIS, MARILYN G. A, A. 3, rl: Chorus 1. 2, 3: Small Choral Groups I3 Dancing Club 1: Singing Club 153 Clay Ml!lll'llllK Club 33 Psychology 4: Arrow Staff Il: H. M. S, Pinaforc 3: F. H. A. 4 l'A RTLOW, PATRICIA l'attie Chorus l. 2, 3, 1: Small Choral Groups lg Dancing Club l: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Crust Stuff 3, fl: Arrow Staff 3: H. M. S. l'inal'orv 3: Music Festival I, 2, 3: State Music Conte-st 3 l'ETTINGER, VVAYNE Nuvy, 12115 1987 WILSON. HELEN Uri-hvstra 2, 3: Chorus 2. 3. 4: Ss-xtctte 2. 3, ll: Fri-sh. Octvttv 1: Trio 3: Mallrigal 1, Il, 1: Mixr-il Quartvttv 3, -lg Dancing Club l: Singing.Club 2: Maelrigul Club 3: LibA rury Club -1: Crust Staff 4: H. M. S. Pina- fori- 3: l'iuno Solo for Contest 1 l'R0l'S'l'. .IOCQUELYN .l0cky G A. A. 4: Chorus 1: Small Choral Groups ll: Dramatic Club bl: Y-'Fcuns 4 REASLAND, HAZEL H. R. S1-cy. lg G. A. A. 1, 2: Fresh. Sex- tvltv l: Dunrinxl Club l: Sinxlinll Club 2 M ILLER, GERALD Gericho Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3: Track 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3: Dancing Club 1: Psy- choloiy Club Treas. 3: C Club 3 MOORE, DONNA JEAN Class Trcas. -1: H. R. Trcas. 2: Rand l, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 1: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Crest Staff 4: Thcspian 3, 4: F. H. A. 4: Class Play 3: Manning High School 1 MOSES, DE LORES Laurie Cheerleader 3. 4: Singing Club 2: Pep Club 2: Crest Staff 4: Psychology Club Pros. 4 MOSMAN, DONALD Don H. R. Officer 1: Basketball 2: Track 2: Boxing Club 1. 2. 3: Ping Pong Club 4: Crvst Staff 4: Arrow Business Manager 4: Student Council 3: V. Pres. 4: Class Play 4: Homecoming Escort 4: The-spian 4 0'RILEY, ROBERT Bob H. R. Secy. -1: Dancing Club 1: Ping Pong Club 3 OSM UN, ROLAN D Bud Class Pres. 3: H. R. Pres. 1: Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, -1: Track 1, 2, 3. 4: Football Captain -1: Ping Pong Club 3: Dancing Club 1: Bachelor Club Pres. 4: C Club Pres. 4: C Club 33 Arrow Staff 4 RICHARDSON, KATHRYN Katie G. A. A. 3, 4: Chorus 1: Dancing Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 SAFFELL, ARLISS National Honor Society 3, 4: Class V. Pres. 3: Football 1, 2. 3. 4: Baaketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Dancing Club 1: Pin!! Pom: Club 2: Bachelor Club 4: C Club Treas. 4: C Club 3: Crest Staff 3, 4: Student Council 2. Treas. 3 SHARP, JAMES Junior Army-Medical Corps 19-15-1947 SMITH, MORRIS I . F. A, 1, -1: Boxing Club 2: I . F. A. V. Pres 3 si-URR. NOREEN G, A. A. 4: Singing Club 3 STA M PER, VIRGINIA H. R. V. Pres. 1, 2: H. R. Secy. 3: Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4: Small Choral Groups 1. 3, 4: Dancing Club 1: Art Craft Club 2: Psyf rhologzy Club Secy. 3: Mulic Theory Club V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens 3: Y-Teens Secy. 4: All State Chorus 4: Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 STICK ELS, PATRICIA Pat Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4: Sextette 3. 4: Fresh. Octz-tte 1: Madrigal 4: Dramatic Club 1, 3: Singing Club 33 Arrow Staff 4 STONE, BEVERLY Jean North High School. Omaha, Nebraska 2, 3: H. R. Pres. 4: Y-Teens 4: Dramatic Club 4: F. H. A. Pres. 4 STRAUSS, JEAN, Bessie Chorus 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Pep Club 25 H. M. S. Pinaforc 3: Music Festival 2. 3: Music Contest 3 STRUNCE, NORM A JEAN H. R. Secy. 2: H. R. Treas. 1, 2: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1: I-'lute Trio 1, 4: Danc- inl! Club 1: Art Craft Club 22 Psycholoiiy Club 3: Dramatic Club 4: Crest Staff 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Student Council 4: Assistant Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4: All State Orchestra 4 SULLIVAN, ROBERT Sully Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3: Bachelor Club 4: C Club 35 C Club Secy. 4: Dancing Club 1: Ping Pong Club 2: Camera Club 3 TADDICKEN, ALICE Class Secy, 4: H. R. Treas. 4: G. A. A. 43 Band 1. 2: Dramatic Club 2: Dancing Club 1: Art Craft Club 3: F. H. A. Historian 4 N0 PICTURES FOR THE FOLLOWING: HAWKER, ROBERT Bob Cluy Modvling Club 3: Photopzraphy Club V. Pros. 4 HINIJES, DUANE Curly Army I!!-10 1947 WECK M AN, THERESA G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Y T01-ns 3, -ig F. H. A. lg Duns-ing Club 15 Assistant I.ibr:1rian 3. 4 TORPY. JOSEPH Joe Crest Stuff 4: Homecoming Escort -4 TRENK LE, K ATHRYN Katie H. R. Se-cy. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2: Chorus 1: Simzina: Club 2: Dancimz Club 1 WEISSHAAR, JAMES Jim H. R. V. Pres. 2: Football 1, 2, 3. 45 Chorus 1: Dancing: Club 1: Buchvlor Club -ig Stu- dent Council 1 WERESH. JOHN H. R. Pros. 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Photo- graphy Club 2: Dancing Club lp Small Choral Groups 3, 43 Madripzal Club Zig Radio Club Pres. -4: Arrow Staff Editor 413 H. M. S. Pinafore 3: All School Play -1 WHITE, EARL Dancing Club 1: Camera Club 2, Camera Pros. 4: Art Club 3 ' WILMES, MARY MARGARET xsmaggievv H. R. Prea. 33 G. A. A. 33 Chorus 1, 2. 3: Cheerleader 3. 4: Dramatic Club 2g Pup Club 3: Psychology Se-cy. 4: F. H. A. 4 HARPIN, RAY Dancing Club 1: F. F. A. Treas. 2 Home Rooms 50 51 v aff 'cd' ,M .UV , ig Nw, '- X W Q W 3132? - A ,Q Q Us W XW WY S SQA., ,M 'WWWN Q A :Q WMM.. iw g ,MW W 5 WWW , 5 .-Q if Av gy, sex .Q x :Z :N ,W W' H 1 sf 754315 E N3eyQ53Q ?m'X - ,-,x 6 .-:'::??:.,., szf lfif q .,,-'r EI.. qgft ww '-4'V .-,. 1 2 ..... fi ' 1 , 2? Q A . i W ,, J U f R. Ts-' ' -' 5 :X 'egg-Q::g::gg :elseif . at X N? .x .,., z .. ' Q wwwm Y '- ki V NWN- QQ 4127 X mamma' 'uw A . v 'ff 1 Q , ' zz' EV ww Q Wai if - 4? M A . 31,43 V , K A ,..., 5 Q 'Q ' ,- ...: ww 'N A f- ' ' ' ' if ' V .::: ':..::11:::...--Q-- 4: X, - ' 'g 3 . A 5 1.,:1j, Lax-g Nc ,K A K . FQ, X ,x,x fs, 1 'W WB 2? ., SQ uniofzs Juniors: Mr. Lewis Jones, First Row-Carolyn Lamb, Pat Keast, Mary Lou Keating, Shirley Lines, Colleen Mayne, Tony Moses, Marilyn Mullin, Dorothy Mosman. Second Row-Wayne Madison, Shirley Lewis, Joan La Masters, Lois Kilmon, Jean Moore, Dorothy Millikin, Carol Kirkpatrick, Paul Kelley. Third Row-William Kessler, Edmund Kelley, Wallace Molby, J Riley Kapfer, Bob McKee, Merle Kuhns, Everett Mclntire, Jim Miller. Juniors: Mrs. Edna McGuireg First Row-Richard Boyer, Kenneth Bradley, Eva Allison, Phyllis Clark, Herbert Ba- lius, Alice Falconer, Joy Donahue, Robert Carlisle, Lyman Cecil. Second Row-+Leroy Calvin, Howard Danner, Shir- ley Farnsworth, Margaret Ann Beatty, Jean Evans, Betty Double, Bill Buck, Gene Freemyer. Third Row-Carrol De- laney, Joe Cooper, Maurice Embree, Pat Bogar, Vetaline Fleming, Bruce Chase, Ronald Dahlberg, Bill Fils. Q V , ,. 12 My E, wk N 1 N '35 ' Alzzfz -- 2 2 Z 1 5 ,. 'Q W 56 ,- Q . ,---' fi - 1 .5 .5211 af K ff :f:: i'33: ,--- N Y , -:l- 'v:. : n' x ':. I :., H f 554, 4' Rff, ,:h' f H --K' , ',,. , .- X V : , W ::::: E 5 5 NVQ zi, 3 ff E Eg 7 --'-' :gf gk Q W . , SAA, I is WX 35? A S3 M 5. ' W . .A S? 5 Q gig? is . 72 51 Q 'If N :za f? W W S 'lf H.-k if 4 Q a 5? Ny ' ?3ifif'3W.,feff32Sfw, N W' ' ' Q Q g A . Q Y 2 if ggi? Q? ' S S 'X - ,Q M ' E Q f W ,,1,.:. I ---v my , W, , , '4 N , 'gg :EQ -E Q my V ., NE -Q I Q l'V I n M W 3 Q 5, N S X 2 NEAZQX ,,-- , as H3 QA, f' zhs QQ as -x 5 , , gg Q' if 5 3 goplwmofzes Sophomores: Mr. Hanseng First Row-Liz Cusack, Pat Boyer, Ann Bray, Linda Allen, Pat Clayton, Lucy Bryant. Second Row-Carolyn Christensen, Pearl Anderson, Shirley Carlson, Nancy Calvin, Retha Coverdell, La Von Bo- linger, Margaret Baker. Third Row-Bill Bengston, Bill Cihak, Bill Cochran, Perry Christensen, George Baughman, Fred Adams. Sophomores: Miss Donelleyg First Row-Allainne Taggert, Duane Stearns, Dick Shobe, Mary Riley, Betty Shults. Se- cond Row-Mary Sandeman, Donna Stone, Mary Ann Staley, Marg Ward, Joan Rurode, Lillian Ray. Third Row-Dick Shields, Jo Ed Weisshaar, Dan Scullen, Dan White, Bud Storer, Bob Spencer, Bob Sadler. ?'Z.ZSl4VVl8l'l Freshmen: Miss Napier, First Row-Skippy Johnson, Joe Hogue, Patty Jo Freeman, Mavis Goforth, Dorothy Harvey, Betty Harpin, Peggy Hobart, Mark Henry. Second Row-Neola Hillman, Barbara Hood, Carol Grover, Joan Hawker, Marilyn Johnson, Betty Fleharty, Mary Graham, Lucien Healey. Third RowWLoretta Hawks, Regina Frazee, Peggy Foster, Judy Ide, Imogene Hartman, Ellen Fost, Phyllis Fleming, Iva Glade. Fourth Row-Charles Huntinlton, David Griffith, Harold Freeman, Duane Harris, Rex Forkner, William Herron, Bill Freemyer. Freshmen: Miss Wilson, First Row-Marilyn Strosnider, Darlene Van Nausdle, Joan Schardein, Joyce Spurr, Pegfy Shobe, Pat Weckman, Betty Tame, Donna Van Gordon, Beverly Russell. Second Row-Harold Ridnour, David Wil- son, Roberta Western, Jean Westfall, Mary Ann Roberts, Liz Schofield, Ralph Zollars, Harry Young. Third Rowe- Donalcl Stockard, Gaylen Sevier, John Snyder, Wynonna Tull, Mildred Swim, Harriet Schoenhair, Willie Tull, Leo Van Nausdle. ATE C3 Gflmlefic Review 'football ganquet hauser, Gerald Miller. fell, Bill Boelter. 'football vnanagehs aslzeflmll managehs John Hess, Reginald Yates Bill Boelter congratulating Captain Bud Darrell Johannes, Gene Probasco Osmun as Bob Sullivan looks on Tiaclz Standing left to right- Chuck Kuhns, Jim Doo- ley, Don Metz, Bill Jo- hansen, Charles Eng- Sitting left to right- Jim Begg, Arliss Saf- Yiasf gquab Dan Scullen Glenn Hartley Bud Osmun Bob Sullivan Herb Balius, Don White, Don Metz, Jim Dooley, Darrell Johannes, Jim Begg, Charles Enghauser. oofinaii genioas at '48 Arliss Saffell Bob Sullivan Bud Osmun Chuck Kuhns Don Metz Jim Dooley Gerald Miller Jim Begg Charles Enghauser gecona gziuaa Bob Spencer Jack Johns Arliss Saffell Harold Jackson Chuck Kuhns, Jerry Ide, Gerald Miller, Joe Hanrahan, Orris Abbot, Roger Fisher, Carrol Delaney Delaney goes up for one gain 2 ul e Ours Opp- 26 Oskaloosa 12 6 Shenandoah 19 6 Greenfield 32 6 Villisca 6 19 Red Oak 25 47 Corning 26 12 Clarinda 0 20 Wintcrset 6 2 Atlantic 42 Action against Corning l l Top to bottom White Enghauser Balius Begg Top- Strategy Chambers, Osmun, Sullivan, McDonald Second From Top- Center of Panther Line Metz, Dooley, Johannes, with Scullen, Sullivan, Hart Iey in backfield Second from bottom- Top Notch Backfieldu Saffell, Scullen, Hartley, Sullivan, Osmun Bottom- Sullivan in Action l l l l Q f-. Top to bottom Coach Chambers Bud Osmun Charles Flnghauser Bob Sullivan Arliss Saffell Back Row-left to right-Howard Danner, Gene Freemeyer, Dick Gross, Herb Balius, Glen Hartley, Alvin Knotts. Front Row-Chuck Kuhns, Denny Alcorn, Bud Osmun, Charles Enghauser, Bob Sullivan, Arliss Saffell. Uatsi ti' gasizettvail The Panthers started off with a good season and it looked as thoufzh they would have a highly success- ful year. But their hopes dropped for they hit a game losing streak. They just couldn't find the basket. However, the Panthers couldn't be kept down and they roared back to life at the Atlantic game and from there they've kept going. When this was writ- ten Creston was entering the Sub-State at Atlantic. The Panthers were a short team this year aver- aging about five foot ten. They were fast and played ball that was very outstanding. The team, the varsity squad,was composed of six seniors whose pictures are on this page and six juniors. Coach Chambers is thus building up a new group of boys to replace the out- going seniors. 'Q Chuck Kuhns Dennis Alcorn gclxaavie Ours 26 Mt. Ayr 33 Shenandoah 36 Greenfield 26 Villisca 41 Red Oak 28 Mt. Ayr 34 Corning 32 Clarinda 22 Atlantic 31 Shenandoah 26 Villisca 28 Red Oak 34 Corning 32 Clarinda 45 Diagonal 31 Atlantic 40 Lenox 39 Mt. Ayr 42 Winterset 26 Atlantic 24 Manning Opp. '32 23 335 28 40 31 33 40 30 37 29 43 48 33 36 35 32 32 30 24 45 Charles Walters Bud Osmun Charles Enghauser Bob Sullivan Arliss Saffell G Club ' The Creston C Club was reor- ganized late in the spring of 1947. A very successful dance was held under the sponsorship of the club. This year the C Club is plan- ning another dance which, in our ex- pectations, will excel the previous one. Besides anticipating another dance the C Club sponsored the Home- cominsr program and put on a Coney Island feed during Christmas vacat- ion. Reading Counter-clockwise: Herb Balius, Harold Jackson, Jerry Ide, Glenn Hartley, Jim Begg, Gerald Miller, Earl White, Jim Dooley, Charles Kuhns, Don Metz, John Groves, Darrell Johannes, Gene Probasco, Jim Miller, Dan Scullen. W. L. Chambers Charley Walters Don McDonald The Creston cheerleaders this year have provided the school with some excellent cheerlead- ing. These cheerleaders were chosen in the spring of '47 on a com- petitive basis. The select- Top row-Left to Right - Marilyn Shinn, Joan LaMas- ters, Jean Strauss, and Eleanor Glick- Second Row-Delores Moses, Mary Lou Keat- ing, and Pat Healey- ion made for more talent on Third Row-Mary Marg- . , the Cheefleadlng Squad- aret Wilmes and Pat Keast As a project the cheerleaders sponsored the making of a map of the state of Iowa with the locations of all our basketball opponents and Iowa City, the site of the State Basketball Tournament. The different teams are also represented by their respective colors. Honoras ' f 1 . NZIZ , , W-, ww Ni X , ii President Vice President Gene Probasco Don Mosman f ,W A ' , fd v- wr gfudenf Gouncc S t 'L 4 L ecre ary measure!- Shifley Jeter G membem of Use Pat Boyer fqa Y, W6 D H ' - X 061- 0 f V . 40 496 05- : D . 19 lf' I I ze .' ' 1, 'A 101,61 66,2 S 09 so? . 095 wg, Xp, , I :Sl 1-Ol, .s-06 1760 9 No 50 .ox 7 s oo 04- N- sz, x I f X 60 f 4 'Q we? dgoiq' - Lf fe, 03006 K9 0 .0 s Oo -S' Qfdbixbxoee Xxoaveb W 0' 0,22 4' 90 9956 'nalional association at gfudanf Councils C9159 QR Left to Right-Back Row-W. Kittleman, B. Ide, J. Weisshaar, H. Bryant-Second Row-D. Mosman, E. Knotts, L. VanNausdle, B. Buck. Third Row-M. L. Bada, L. Cusack, I. Miller, N. Strunce, S. Jeter- Fourth Row-J. Grandfield, L. Healey and G. Probasco. Christmas Dance Homecoming 33 'nafiona ' ' espicm ociefxi e Troupe 720. 697 President Patsy Brotherton V. President Bill Johansen Co-Sponsor Clerk Ruth Ulm Georgeann Bartle Secretary Shirley Grover The two main purposes of the Thespians is to pro- mote dramatic arts in secondary schools and to give op- portunity to those who wish to make dramatics a life- long profession. The name Thespians was derived from a Greek act- or named Thespis. Thespis was the first known actor to use masks to represent different characters and emot- ions. Cmgponsor Treasurer Flo,-ence Bergh Donna Jean Moore Left to Right-Back Row: John Weresh, Don Mosman, J Kapfer, Bill Johan- sen, Jim Beag, Jim Dooley--Second Row-Ruth Linn, Georgeann Bartle, Shir- ley Jeter, Donna Jean Moore, Cecelia Burgess-Front Row-Patsy McGraw, Pat Brotherton, Erma McCreary, Shirley Grover. 34 Patsy Brotherton Treasurer jg' me 1:j'Vr Y- ' ' f V - . , 4. . 1 .e ., s.,lq4H,M,,1.-v'Ax-fe: 1 nationa onofz ocietxl J WG I5 mcmbctship Membership in the Honor Society is acquired by being selected by the faculty from the upper one-fo-urth of the class. The selection is based on leadership, character, scholarship, and service to the school made each semes- ter. Secretary Georgeann Bartle Arliss Saffell V. President Patsy McGraw Donna Jean Moore Jim Dooley In the spring' of the year there is a final selection of members for the Honor Society from the graduating class. At this time some from the jun- ior class are also chosen. An annual banquet is held after this final selec- tion for the members and their guests. Shirley Jeter President Norma Strunce A05 vfzffes e Guest gfalgf ,W 1 Left to Right-Front Row-Norma Strunce, Left to Right - Fl'0Ut Row - Dave Ekbladv Activities Editor, Delores Moses, Clubs C0- Editorg Donna Jean Moore, Instrumental Snaps Co-Editorg Shirley- Jeter, Editor-in- Chief: Pat Partlow, Aft Editor -Last ROW' Music Editor-Last Row-John Grandfield, Clubs Co-Editorg Don Mosman, Administra- Darrell Johannes, Athletic Co-Editorg Jim Begg, Snaps C0-Edit0l'- tion Editor, Carroll Delaney, Assistant Art Editor. The Crest Staff has worked lone and hard to produce this year-book. Many problems bobbed up, some at very inopportune times, but each was surmounted. Besides the regular members of the staff, there were a number of people who worked diligently behind the scenes and to whom we are very grateful. In spite of all our troubles, how- ever, there was a lot of fun in doing our work. We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of reading this year's Crest as We did in producing it. i 1 X -W i - ' , W - s , -wiflti' ' , , ' A , ,-wm' ,,,, 1. N- Left to Right-f-Gene Probasco Assistant Business Manag- L - - ' . ' ft to Right-Front Row-J' D l A hl ' ' erg Eleanor Glick, Home Rooms Co-Ed1torg Mary Lu Keat- 0 , . lm 00 ev, t ?t1C C0'Ed,l- ing, Assistant Editor-in-chiefg Bill Buck, Assistant Busi- iorf Iielff' PglSfTl'iITyplSt9-Joanfle Dubenv Sffm0fSC0-Ed1- ness Managerg Pat Brotherton, Dramatics Editor: Mara hgslzic gdliilf al ,it'RIgxnOlIieETdJ:gI'9 ,faf hgcrawi, vagal L B ' S ' ,Ed' .I - f 11- K -- y, ome ooms .o- 1- ou mwn emors C0 Ito! tor: Don Metz, Business Manager. 37 OHM: Haifa: Left to right: Pat Anderson, Mara Lou Brown, Jo- anne Duben, Mildred Weber. efwice There ure some people who are serving the school in ways which are seldom noticed because they are so very obvious. They are the ones who assist in the office, work at the desk in the library, turn the hall lights on and off, and run the movie projector. At the end of the year, a special Service award pin is giv- en to the students who have aided the school in these ways. fo-an . out 'movie 'men CWM Bob suiiivan and Jim Begg. Betty Bender- gfuacnf fiinatians Left to right: Pat Clayton, Mary Riley, .lack Groves, Leftlto right: Morris Clayton, Lucy Bryant, Nancy Gini:-r Be-mler, Gerald Howe. C3lVlIl,N0l'n12l Strunce. 38 S Yiast genustn glut! Back Row: Pat Harvey, Pat Healey, Bud Osmun, Betty Bloom, Don Mosman, Monte Lee Bada, Morris Clayton, Leota Edwards. Front Row: Betty Bender, Glenn Hartley, Patsy Harpin, John Weresh, Eleanor Glick, Marion McCann, Noreen Spurr, Virginia Overholtzer. awww gfahg The Arrow, published monthly by the journalism class, is the school paper and the source of all the news and the gossip of C. H. S. In it you will find articles on world affairs and student parties, editor- ials on the Red Cross and Christmas Seals, and the latest fashions in school, also pictures and mats to add to the attractiveness of the paper. These people work hard to make the paper a success and the students really appreciate their efforts and are proud of the large, well-printed, and attractive paper put out by the staff. gunna genusln gtan Back Row: Meredith Link, Georgeann Bartle, John Kelley, Juanita Norris, Joan LaMas- ters. Front Row: Eileen Eager, Bruce Chase, Erma Jean McCreary, Marvin Clark, Dorothy Millikin, Don Metz. 39 I aZ,,,. 0: 94,60 Left to Right-D. Millikin, Treasurerp P. Brotherton, Vice-Presidentg J. Duben, Presidentg V. Stamper, Secretary. I Remaining Members Left to Right'-Last Row J, Propstg N. Greenwaltg M, Staley. M. Itileyg L. Rayg P. Clarkg K. Miller-Front Row-R. Frazeeg D, 'Gi1d- sigg M. Hanaeng I. Millerg C. Bensong M, Stronsnidef l liek Social and Music Committees Ln-ft to Right-Last Row--S. Farnsworth, Social Chziirmang N. Strunceg T. Richardsg .I, Stone: D. Stone, Musiv Chairinang-Front Row-f-B. Doubleg D. Whitey .I. Evansg A. Taggart Concessions and Membership Committees Left to Right-Last Row--L. Glade, Membership Chairmang V. Ethingtong M. Grandfieldg B. Hustedg M. Claiserg P. Driskellg-ffFront ROWWR. Osborng T. Weckman, Service Chairmang C. Hustedj S. Lewis. ' ' 1 Program and Worship Committees Left to Right- L. Edwardsg B. Stone, Worship Chairmang M. Manatrey: J. Lonnvckerg J. Rurodeg G. Bartle, Progfram Chairman. Publicity and Recordsg Service 8zFinanceC0mmitt08S Crafts Committee l.s-ft to High: Lust Row-A. .larmong.J. Donahue, Left to Right-Last Row-B. Gladeg C. Burgusg- Si-rvii-vf'li:-mnamp lfront Row-C. Pt-triog B. Bloomg F,-ont Row-L, Taggartg D. Milliking A. Falconerg Nl, llzulzi, l imm4-v Vluiirinung .l. Moore. L, Butts, H ,. , , ,,...., -.. ,f ...l.,. T -f--F -,vs--Q-Jurmgpvi ' N l Left to Right-Last Row-Bill Johansen, Pres- identg J. Riley Kapfer, Secretary-Treasurerg Elvin Knotts, Chaplaing Bruce Chase, Sergeant at Arms-Front Row-Mr. Robert Hansen, Sponsorg Marion McCann, Vice-President. Gustav: HILZ, association The Creston Hi-Y was organized last year, and this year became a charter member of the National Hi-Y which includes many chapters throughout the nation. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character. 'Ihe sponsor of the club this year is Mr. Robert Hansen. The Hi-Y sold programs at the football games this year and with the Y-Teen and F. H. A. will sponsor a teen radio show for K. S. I. B. The club also organized a basketball team and played other Hi-Y clubs in Southwest Iowai Left to Right-Last Row-Bill Johansen, Edmund Kelley, J. Kapfer, Elvin Knotts, Bruce Chase. Front Row-Left to Right-Wallace Molby, John Grandfield, Perry Christen- sen, William Kessler. 41 h ' ' : ' : V ' L if C . . Igeiiglzadgi IIZ2ggt?0B?Elm:yriEl5z?I: c5lggf,l'n1g2E12l7MaZLf Cheerleaders: Left to right: Mary Wilmes, Delores ters' ' ' ' Moses, Jean Strauss. e an Life pepfefzs The Red and White Peppers, CHS's own pep squad, is sponsored by Miss Ruby Hiatt and Miss Unity Hixenbaugh. It is a new club in the school and is fast becoming one of the more pop- ular of the many organizations. The members of this group turn out at all the home games in their colorful red and white beanies and add much to the cheering section. The officers of the Peppers are, Juanita Norris, president, Isabelle Thompson, vice-president, and Carolyn Lamb, secretary. Next year the club membership will be limited and they plan to form a marching squad. Back row: Marianne Staley, Carolyn Lamb, Jocky Propst, Carolyn Christiansen, Dorothy Enghauser, Pat Foster, Marilyn Emerson. Fourth row: Juanita Norris, Shirley Farnsworth, Doreen Van Gordon, Mary Lou Nielson, Norma Krisinger, Carol Kirkpatrick, Patsy Deacon, Liz Cusack. Third row: James McCann, Collen Mayne, Tony Moses, Shirley Carlson, June Pickron, Isabelle Thompson, LaVonne Templeton. Second row: Beverly Ford, Joan Rurhode, Betty Bender, Helen Smith, Alma Gherke, Joan Johannes, Mar- cia Wagner, Ardith Jarman. First row: Anne Bray, Jorene Lonnecker, Marlen Manatry, Marg Ward, Evalyn Gidley, Catherine Sheri- dan, Shirley Lines, Joy Donahue. 42 own., President-Mary Lou Keat- ing, Vice President-Eleanore Glick, Secy.-Treas. Pat Boyer, and Manager-Margaret Ward. Q. a. cz. grads in umuinj Ci qioup pfcfuu 43 Cl0WIllN!iiI'Ql'v'Sl19ll8. McGinnis and Her Attendants Our Queen O The Crowning The Queen and ller Attendants Mara Lou Brown fait llarvvy, Que:-n Mary McElroy, Georgeann Bart- le-. Mary Wilmes ECO Homecoming activities for 1947, began with a bon- fire, pep rally, :ind snake dance Thursday night, October ninth. After another pep meeting: Fri- day afternoon du- rin'1 which Mary McElroy was pre- sented as queen, the parade form- ed. It included many beautiful floats and of course, the con- vertible in which the queen and her attendants rode. The Queen and Her Escort, Joe Torpy C-X Second Prize Artistic GTOUP First Prize Autistic Group The highlight of homecoming came between ha- lves of the game when Mr. Paul Jones, President of the Board of Education, crown- ed the Queen in an elaborate pa- geant Presented by the High School Band and the Cheerleaders. After the game a dance was held in the school gym- nasium during which the queen was presented with a bouquet of roses. Thus ended Homecoming, 19- 47. The Royal Troupe aa Sv E1-...-E lee .ga 'N 'J 46 +255 if li 's.,, In ,R 4, 4 QV if 37' c if vi l 'll u . Mom and the Kids . Growing Pains . Morning after . Three's a crowd . Superman . Oo-la-la! 7. Ginger 8. The leaning tower . Goo! . Killer-Jim! S-T-R-E-'I'-C-H . The old leaning post . Strong Man . Coke? . Three musketeers . Bathing beauties . Bongo Bongo Bongo . Friendship . Heap Big Squaw I 0 'ff' -F 1. Guess Who! 2. Spring Fever 3. The brat 4. Stuffed or otherwise? . W , , . ,. -H-v-Q 'lay , -7 , . he Q V 5' im. .J 5501 ,iw-just ,gg -5. ...EW v- 2 !gsf:?fff:a yi . r- .' . W C'fW-'2l ' vw ,ff . as , j, git. M 5. Some job! 9. 6. Ooopsy daisy! 10. 7. A lotta ham . ll. 8. Three o'clock in the morning 12 47 Suprise! Dirty face! Conceited Pretty sweet and hard to beat! flvefffzfs 48 u gem za., Ht uqou Ganlf Talze Penelope Sycamore, who writes plays ....... Essie, her daughter who dances ..,,...,,.,. wuz, qw Rheba, the colored maid .....................,....,.......................... Paul, Penelope's husband who manufactures fireworks .... Mr. De Pinna, the former ice man ..,.....,.A.............,.......... Ed, Essie's husband whose hobby is printing ........ Donald, Rheba's boy friend now on relief ..,,....,,......,,.. .,,,. Grandpa, Martin Vanderhof by name, who enjoys life .......,....,., ....,,..,,.e,..,.....,, Alice, the younlest Sycamore daughter, a secretary at K irby and Company Henderson, the internal revenue man .......,..,...........................,..................i...,.... Tony Kirby, the boss' son and vice president of the firm Boris Kolenkhov, the Russian ballet teacher .,....,...,,........, Gay Wellington, the actress whom Penny met on a bus ,..... Mr. Kirby, Tony's futher .,...,..........,...,...........,...,,.,........ ,.l.. Mrs. Kirby, his mother .... The G-Man ....,.,........,.. Mac .......... Jim ............... ................................,...............,..............,...........,, Georgeann Bartle .....,..Eleanor Glick .........Winona Moses Buck ..,.Marion McCann Kapfer ......,..John Weresh .....r,,.Bill Johansen ...,...Shirley Grover r,......Stanley West .,.......Jim Begg Dooley ,.,......Marcia Wagner ..........Don Mosman ....,....Patsy McGraw ...,l....Edmuncl Kelley .......John Grandfield Joe Ham-ahan Grand Duchess Olga Katrina, who now waits table in Child's Restaurant ...,.... ......... E rma Jean McCreary 49 Dora, the negro maid --- gunioft Glass play Dum Rails Mrs. Edith Wilkins ................. Miriam Wilkins, a high school senior .... Judge Harry Wilkins ............. Ruth Wilkins .......... Lt. William Seawright Albert Kummer ...... Martha Seawright --- Sgt. Chuck Vincent --- Harold Klobbermeyer .............. - - -Marcia Wagner Francis Johnston - - - -Dorothy Millikin - - - - -Edmund Kelley ---Eleanor Glick ----Jack Johns -----J Kapfer' -----Pat Keast -------Bill Buck ---Joe Hanrahan ' Member of Thespian, National Dramatics Honor Society so Jean McFadden -- Mora McLaren --- Lord Rintoul --- Rob Dow .,-.... Gavin Dishart --- Margaret Dishart Babbie ......... Dr. McQueen .... Sergeant Halliwell Effie ......e...... - - Nanny Webster - The genfofz Glass plan' fmt, 7fZinistea - - - -----Shirley Grover' Erma Jean McCreary' ' ....... Bill Johansen' -----Jim Dooley' ---David Ekblad ------Shirley Jeter' ---Georgeann Bartle' --------Jim Begg' - - -Marion McCann - - - -Sheila McGinnis --------------Pat Brotherton' 'Member of Thespian National Dramatics Society 51 ixed Glmofzus The mixed chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Forest Whipp, is composed of seventy students. The boys meet during the seventh period on Monday, and the girls have glee club on Tuesday. Both groups combine to form the mixed chorus on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The officers of the chorus, elected last fall, are John Weresh, presidentg Dave Ekblad, vice president, Marilyn Shinn, Secretary, and Georgeann Bartle, Treasurer. The large group sang three numbers for the South Central Teacher's Meeting in October, and later gave a Christmas concert on December eighteenth. This latter pro'1ram ranged from the simple, well- loved carol to the renowned choruses from Handel's Messiah. On February twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth, the chorus observed the high spot of the year, the sev- enth annual choral Festival. This year the guest conductor was D. M. Swarthout, Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Director of'Choral Groups at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Nine schools were invited to participate in this very educational enterprise and the final concert was, indeed, thrilling. All three of the large groups are planning to enter the Pre-state Contest to be held on April tenth. There are also fourteen vocal soloists going out for contest, in addition to the four small groups. Here's success for the vocal music department this year and every year! Left to Right: First row, B. Ford, L. Bryant, J. Lonnecker, G. Bartle, P. Harvey, S. Johnson, L. Heal- ey, D. Bennett, R. Moore, R. Zollars, M. L. Keating, P. Stickles, P. Keast, C. Sheridan, C. Burgus, Mrs Whipp. Second Row: L. Allen, L. Cusack, D. South, V. Fulton, C. Thompson, J. McCann, D. Delich, J. Weresh D. Ekblad, B. Howar, B. Freemeyer, E. Henry, M. Shinn, K. Thompson, A. Dooley. Third row: S. Farnsworth, S. Carlson, P. Deacon, A. Bray, J. Evans, B. Double, J. Weisshaar, VV. Kittle- man, R. Yates, J. Ide, M. McCann, .I. llanrahan, J. Propst, T. Moses, G. Delich, P. Brotherton. Fourth row: V. Stamper, M. Staley, S. Lines, E. Gidley, P. Bogar, B. Ide, L. McNabb, E. Kelley, J Kap fer, B. .lohansen, E. Dwyer, H. Smith, J. Moore, M. Ward, H. Polson, P. McGraw, accompanist. Absent P. Harpin, M. Wagner, D. Stone, C. Christiansen, F. McCann, S. West, F. Murphy, R. Roeers. 52 7'zesl1man qifils qiee Left to right: First D. Van Nausdle, P. D. Van Gordon, C. Petrie, J. Hawker. Second row: B. Russell, V. Ethington, P, Shobe, M. B. McKee, B. Lines, S. Mullin. Third row: M. Knapp, B. Pote, B. O'Neil, H. Schoenhair, L. Hawks, Absent: J. Westphal, C. Grover, D. Brown. Rows Quahfeffe J Kapfer, Bill Johansen, Marion McCann, Ronald Rogers. Patsy McGraw, accompanist. mixeb Quaifeffe Marion Mc-Cann, Georgeann Bartle, Polson, J Kapfer. Gills gexfefle Virginia Stamper, Georgeann Bartle, Violet F1ilton,Jocky Propst, Helen Polson, Pat Stlckles. J Kapfer, accompanist. fhlabiigai Pat Stickles, Georgeann Bartle, Violet Fulton, Marion McCann, Bill Johansen, Virginia Stamper, Helen Pol- son, J Kapfer, Dave Ekblad. gnsffzumenfczl asf c Guiceas pusiacnl Donna Joan Moore vice pusiaenf Elvin Knotts gecuiau' Carol Martin The band, Llflilffl' the direction of Don Moore, had a very eventful year during 1947-48. To start the year the marching band performed at the home football games and also the game ut Greenfield. They had as their guests for one game the Winterset band. Events of the marching season were the Homecoming parade, the Train of Tomorrow, the Leg- ionaires' Convention, and the Santa Claus Parade. The conceal gan? gnsffzumental usi c The matching Rana The two pep bands played for all of the home basketball games and also for part of the pep meetings. The pep band played for the Abraham Lincoln Friendship Train. The Concert band played for the two-county teachers' meeting. As an annual event the Concert band presented its Spring Concert. The band also entered contest. Quartet Our Director 55 Qubs 56 O ' 4 Diamaffcs Hin S pusiaenl Shirley Jeter Ulu pufiaanl ' Donna J. Moore geculaul Joanne Duben Tltdiuill Joe Hanrahan CML Alice Taddicken 'Q . Qrtesliman Dancing lens pusiaenl Margai-et MCE11-Oy TUGSU-U4 Beverly Russell Uicg pgggiawf James Kuhns gP0'150'45 Miss Napier and Miss Vanzeo guutmv Loretta Hawks Membership: Eighty-two 57 'V'-xi OFFICERS President Beverly Stone Vice President Judy Ide Secretary Joanne Duben Treasurer Betty Bloom statute Homemalzefzs 06 amehich Back Row: Marilyn Otis, Alice Taddicken, Mary llufuie 'faimeis of america Wilmes, Patty Harvey, Gerry Delich, Donna Stone J-oan Stone Front Row: Sponsor, Miss Wilson, Pat Stickels, Bet- ty Bloom, Judith Ide, Car- olyn Husted, Beverly Stone, Kathryn Richard- son, Marilyn Emerson STANDING: Marvin Clark, Herb Bolinger, Sponsor Mr. Lewis Jones BACK ROW: Bill Cihak, Jule Hansen, Morris Smith FRONT ROW: Charles Huntington, Don Perry I Rachelai S Club BACK ROW: Don Sc-huler, Charlie Enghauser, Jerry Brown OFFICERS President Bud Osmun SECOND ROW: Don Metz, Donny Alcorn, Sponsor Miss u - Y . Wilson, Bud Osmun, Bob Sullivan,-Jack Groves V109 Pfesldent Bob 5'-llhvan FIRST Row: Arliss Saffell, Jim Weisshaar Secretary DOH Metz Treasurer Denny Alcorn 58 Officers pungent Helen Smith Uicc pusiacnf Irene Miller gccufau' Naomi Dudley Tuasuhet JOY Dmlahue BACK ROW: Naomi Dudley, Edna Con- nely, Retha Coverdell, Reva Osburn FRONT ROW: Helen Smith, Irene Miller, Ardeth Jarman, Joy Donahue .qv - -5- 'gg 'igjivsifjaw nw-yvvrtipfiln fatter waiting atfciagf Carol Martin, Pres. music Tlteotll Virginia Stamper, V. Pres. J Riley Kapfer, Sec. Marion McCann, Treas. Bill Johansen Everett Mclntire Mary Sandeman Patsy Harpvin Betty Bender Elvin Knotts John Grandfield Sponsor: Mrs. Whipp Girlz We would like you to meet the Artcraft Club of Creston High. The officers for the first semester were Dean Collings, June Fitzgarrald, and Marilyn Hansen. Pat Bogar, Darlene Gildsig, Shirley Lewis and Dorothy Mosman were officers for the second semester. The sponsor is Mr. Kelley. The members of the Artcraft Club are Edward D.wyer, David Griffith and Harry Drew, freshmen. Darlene Gildsig, Laurel Perkins and June Fitzgarrald, sophomores. The juniors are Louise Taggart, Doro- thy Mosman, Pat Bogar, Carrie Summerville and Shirley Lewis. 59 Onions pusiaznf John Weresh vice pusidzni Edmund Kelley gcciefaul-Tieasuaea David Ekblad Radio .W 2 .L Donald Dahlberg, Bill Fils, Robert Moore, Edmund Kelley, Perry Christensen, Robert Carlisle, Wallace Molby, Jim Hemphill, Dick Edwards, Don Roberts. Those not in picture, Larry Conklin, David Ekblad, Dean Peterson, John Weresh, Don Martin, Ronald Rogers Ossicals pong President Darrell Johannes V. President Glenn Hartley Sec.-Treas. Howard Danner f ',, eo' BACK ROW: Robert Crosley, Harold Jackson, Dan Scullen, Orace Abbott, Don Mosman, Duane Bennett, Bill Fremeyer, Faye Clarke, Bob McKee, Carroll Delaney FRONT ROW: Glenn Hartley, Don Petrie, Jack Johns, Jim Miller, Jerry Ide, Roger Fisher, Darrell Jo- hannes, Dirk Shobe, Bill Kessler, Howard Danner r 'U Pres. 8 . 6 Sec.-Treas. up n , Q, LL V ' ' I B, Hawker GMC G, B Stone 3 'I-' ' V. Pres. Spon' f ' I E- White Mr. McGuire ' 1 ff v At: .al W R. Freeman M. Clayton Baker T. Weckman Howar D. Stearns Griswold H. Freeman iii. , G. Louden W ff Q ,A ' f so Assembly - George De Mott, Juggler Hfsfofznl of genial eafz ,LW-'L,l8 September 2 5 12 19 26 October 3 7 10 17 24 31 November 7 14 17 21 December 2 5 9 12 16 18 19 29 School Opens High School Dance Assembly-Dutton, Marimba Football-Creston 6 Greenfield 32 Football-Creston 6 Cyclops of Polamar Villisca 6 Assembly - Robert Edgar, Football, Homecoming Creston 19 Red Oak 25 Homecoming Dance Homecoming Queen, Mary McElroy Football- Creston 47 Corning 26 Football--Creston 12 Clarinda 0 Football-Creston 20 Winterset 6 Football -Creston 2 Atlantic 42 Assembly- The Roamers , Four talented vocal entertamels Football Banquet - Bill Boelter, Speaker, Bud Osmun named honor ary captain All-School Play, You Can't Take It With You Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball -Creston 26 Mt. Ayr 32 -Creston 33 Shenandoah 23 -Creston 36 Greenfield 35 -Creston 26 Villisca 28 Basketball-Creston 41 Red Oak 40 Christmas Musical Program-Attractive presentation of seasonal music Basketball-Creston 28 Mt. Ayr 31 Christmas Dance-Gala occasion with beautiful formals and ap- pealing decorations 61 January 9 13 16 23 27 30 February 3 6 10 13 17 20 25-26 23-25-27 March 9-13 17 April 3 9 14 30-May 1 May 4 7 10 14 16 18 19 20 21 22 Basketball-Creston 34 Corning 33 Basketball-Creston 32 Clarinda 40 Basketball-Creston 22 Atlantic 30 Basketball-Creston 31 Shenandoah 37 Assembly--Jeambey, Display of all types of canes Basketball-Creston 26 Villisca 29 Basketball-Creston 28 Red Oak 43 Union County Basketball Tournament B squad Creston 30, Thayer 28 Creston 33, Arispe 32 Assembly-Jack Rank, Dramatic performance of The Taming of the Shrew Junior Class Play- Dear Ruth Basketball-Creston 34 Corning 48 Basketball-Creston 32 Clarinda 33 Basketball-Creston 45 Diagonal 36 Basketball-Creston 31 Atlantic 35 Vocal Festival-Dean Swarthout, Director Sectional Tournament Creston 39 Mt. Ayr 32 Creston 42 Winterset 30 Sub-State Tournament Creston 26 Atlantic 24 Creston 24 Manning 45 Assembly-Emanuel Mansfield, Brilliant Negro Tenor Pre-State Music C-ontest for soloists and small groups at Mt. Ayr Stunt Night Creston Relays State Music Contest at Creston Junior-Senior Banquet District Track Meet Assembly-Lesselli's Marionettes Senior Class Play- The Little Minister Conference Track Meet Baccalaureate Senior Class Picnic Red Letter Day Commencement School Closes State Track Meet 62 'Z ' Tiff +P'f'!5'Pf- vw--ll ' ' 'f'!'r.-Y----V v,. '37 - Jeepers Dirty Face Where's the Pool Ruth and Bill Smiling Through Destination? Loafing 63 Gonifzilzutofzs Bada's Blue Lantern R. H. Baker, Jeweler Beecher Insurance Agency L. 0. Boggs Distributing Co. Perry Bolton Implement Co. Allis Chalmers-New Idea Bolton Photography Boyd Dairy We Serve You Well Bradley Drug Store Bray's Quality Home Killed Beef Bray Motor Co. Brown Shoe Fit Co. Caramel Crisp Shop Central States Gas Co. The Quickest Modern Auto Supply Co., Inc. Buick Sales Co. Coal K Materials Co. Coca Cola Bottling Co. Cornice Works Fuel -feas- Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Flumbing 8a Heating-Sheet Metal Work Creston Greenhouse 8z Floral Co. Creston Hardware Co. S, W. Iowa's Largest Hdwe. Creston Iron 81 Metal Co. Creston Seed Co. Know What You Sow Deitrick Sz Keating Mortuary Edwards 8: Metz Implement Co. International Trucks 8a Farm Falconer Cafe 8z Service Stn. Pronto Pup Inn Farmers Co-operative Co. Farmers Feed 81 Supply Co. Your Wayne Feed Dealer Fidelity Abstract Co. First National Bank Since 1871 Edward Freece's Tank Station Gambles The Friendly Store Geis Jewelry Elgin 8x Hamilton Watches Green Bay Lumber Co. Hamner Furniture Co. Mae Haney Beauty Salon Hanson's Drug Store Harvey's News Stand Hausz-Cusack Agency Insurance Of All Kinds Hawkeye Lumber Co. Hawks Insurance Agency Arnold W. Cook - W. L. Ide Insurance Agency Iowa State Savings Bank Iowa Southern Utilities Co. Your Electrical Servant Jawston Implement Co. Paul L. Jones - Dist. Agt. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. Kelly Super Service Equipment Hawks ! Gonftiinufofzs Ket1W0l'lhy'.i Dairy Lunch Best Food -- Any Place - Any Price Kerr-Cochran Your Chevrolet Dealer KSIB - Your Community Station's Texaco Service Lewis Flowers Lines Skating Palace Lotterer 81 Iilagg Furniture Co. McGinnis Motor Co. Studebaker Sales 81 Service Mctlregor Bros. 81 Coen Home Furnishers Kr Funeral Directors Mahon llardware Co. H. L. Martin A2 Son Your Jeep Dealer Meadows Bros. - Clothiers Melha M Shorty's Lunch Menzers Smart Clothes For Women Midget Cafe - Rose K Les A Good Place to Eat Montgomery Ward Co. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Murphy's Royal Rose Service Station Nord Flour M Feed Co. l'or the Better Feeds Norris Cleaners Palms Cafe W. N. Patt Agency - Insurance J. U. Penny Fo.. Inc. Persel's llarher K Beauty Shop Petznick Printing Fo. Jay Polson - Insurance 8a Loans Quality Shoe Repair Schmoll Texaco Service Solomon's Welding Shop Spriggk Insurance Agency Stapleton Oil Co. Stearn's Electric Stewart's Tire K Supply Strand K Uptown Theaters Strunee Bros. Super-Valu F. .l. Taylor Fo. Grain - Coal - Seed Tip Top Cafe Tyler Studio Portraits lay Pl1ot0u'raphy Union County Abstract Co. United Food Market Vetterick Pharmacy Dependable Prescription Service Violet's Beauty Shop Wager Food Market Walsh Veterinary Supply 'Kun'-a-t'hic' Poultry Remedies A. E. Ward K Fo. White Way Dairy Wil?sons Easy to Park York's Drug Store We Have Everything Back ...H-W 11 at Where's the Food Dancing Girls? Mud and Sweat Nice Car Pie Face What's so interesting 64 .f! r ICTOIIAI. YE BOOKS MYERS C0 7 I INC. I Uictminl 6' . YOPE KA . KAMS. .-J

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