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'P A J 4 , ,A y V., U ww' ' ?"".gQwsi""' f- 1, 1 1, V' I J I if' x If P. -Q 'Y 2 1 ke v , ,qw . ' ' lv- - .. -N,-'f' v ' ' 35 1 .,,,, 5 ul I 1 ls 1 1 1 f X , Q , 4 ,-sq, 1 ,U 4 ' 4 li " , . .3 .f 'W' , . 9 1 8 9 M1-,, , , 'E ,. 1 - K -.lfifim M f A I 1 1 .4 Tl-IE ANNUAL PUBLISHED BY THE C L A S S O F 1 9 4 8 CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL CRESTON, OHIO IPAGE ONEJ I948 ANNUAL I CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Don Mcllvaine ............................,............................... President Kenneth Ream ......... ....... V ice President Nelson Gordon ..,....A................................,.........r............. Clerk Miriam Murray, john Henderlong IPAGE TWOZI I948 ANNUAL ID IE ID II 'CAUT II 'D N Two persons get the credit For what we are today. . By the hand they have led us, Along life's early way. And as the path grows rugged, It is sure to make us glad To know that we are walking Hand in hand with Mother and Dad. it This Annual is lovingly dedicated to those first great teachers of ours, who have painstak- ingly taught us right from wrong. Though their names may not be recorded in history as great, to us they will go down as the greatest of the great, our parents .... MOTHER and DAD. lPAGE THREEJ I948 APJNLJAL FACULTY 1st Row: Mrs. Jeanne Uher, High School, Miss Estella Easterclay, High Schoolg Mrs. Helen Streett, High School, Miss Catherine Weimer, High Schoolg Mrs. Anna Yoder, High School, Mrs. Lavonne Zehner, Third. 2nd Row: Mrs. Grace Brockett, Firstg Mrs. Ruth Leaman, Sixth, Mrs. Pauline Sparr, Secondg Mrs. Ruth Miller, Fourth, Mrs. Jeanette Glasgow, Fifthg Mrs. Elsie McQuigg, First, Second. 3rd Row: Mr, Dick Rich, High School, Mrs. Mabel Bihler, High School, Mr. Duane Work, High School, Mr. Harry Frey, Absent on Leaveg Mrs. Edna Stellar, Third and Fifth, Mr. Harry Young, Music. 4-'i-'ivi-+44+4:--!r-'ab4-+4'-i'+4'4--Q-4-4-4-4-+++++4'-104-444+4--i"Q-4'+ MISS EILEEN SMITH ln memory of Miss Smith who died june 1947 and who was our adisor in our Sophomore year. -P'WE"!"!''P+44''P'P'P4''P4''i"i"P'f"I"1"'l""P'!"i''!"I"i"I"I"I"P'!"5"l"5'4"P'i"i' IPAGE FOURJ Mrs. N. A. Bibler Wooster College Bowling Green Commercial I948 ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. H. C. Frey Wooster College Ann Harbor, Mich. Mrs. Wm. Uher Mr. Duane Work Mrs. Thomas Streett Mrs. Fred Yoder Wooster College Kent State University Bluffton College Goshen College Chemistry Manual Arts History, Physical Ed. Home Economics Miss Catherine Weimer Mr. Dick Rich Miss Estella Easterday Mr. Harry Young Wooster College Otterbein College Ashland College Wooster College English Biology, Physical Ed. English, Music Instrumental Music LPAGE FIVEI I948 ANNUAL 1 THE ANNUAL STAFF First Row: Robert Markley, Mary jane Woods, Merle Beachy, Lois Gerstenslager, Martha Jane F rary. Second Row: Jean Carter, Roger Reese, Harry Sonnedecker, Bonnie Steele, Miss Weimer, Advisor. Editor-in-Chief ..................... Assistant Editor-in-Chief ..... Business Manager .................... Assistant Business Manager ...... Advertising Editor ................... Assistant ................ Calendar Editor ........ Sports Editor ....., jokes Editor ........ Literary Editor ...... Faculty Advisor ..,,.... LPAGE SIXJ Merle Beachy . Lois Gerstenslager . Mary Jane Woods Martha jane Frary Robert Markley Donald I-Ienderlong Bonnie Steele . Harry Sonnedecker Roger Reese jean Carter Miss Weimer I948 ANNUAL I948 ANNUAL VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT MARKLEY Bob is the center of Creston's team Without him victory would be but a dream. President 1, 2, 5, Vice President 4, Baseball 1, Z, 5, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Model Club 5, Class Play 5, 4, Annual Staff, Ink Splashes 5, 4, Mixed Course. TREASURER MARTHA JANE FRARY Martha is our treasurer bold She is the keeper of our gold Treasurer 4, Class Play 4, Gi Annual Staff, College Course. SENIORS PRESIDENT LOIS GERST EN SLAGER "Gert" is the president of our class She makes us Work hard and fast. President 4, Vice President 1, Secretary 5, Class Play 5, 4, Ink Splashes 5, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 5, Girl Reserves 5, Annual Staff, Mixed Course. SECRETARY BONNIE STEELE Bonnie is the classes' mind A girl like her is hard to find. Treasurer 5, Class Play 4, Model Club 5, Girl Reserves 5, 4, Annual StaPr', Ink Splashes 5, 4, College Course. rl Reserves 5, 4, Ink Splashes 5, 4, LPAGE EIGHTJ I948 ANNUAL SENIORS CHARLES ALLEN "Chuck" with his golden curls ' Thrills all the younger girls. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Model Club 3, Ink Splashes 3, 4, College Course. MERLE BEACHY If only Bud had a car In this world he'd go far. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Play 2, 3, 4, Model Club 3, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Annual Staff, Ink Splashes 3, 4, College Course. NORMA BEAL Norma is Keeney's own delight Here you'll hnd her morning, noon, and night. Class Play 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Ink Splashes 3, 4, Mixed Course. GLENARD BEYELER If ever the lab should blow sky high You'll know that Glenard must be nearby. Class Play 4, Model Club 3, Ink Splashes 3, 4, College Course. IPAGE NINEI I948 ANNUAL ELDA GASSER In school Elda is very quiet But after hours she's quite a riot. Class Play 3g Girl Reserves 5g Ink Splashes 3, 4g Mixed Course. DONALD HENDERLONG Model Ts and Fords are Don's pride If brave and willing, he'll give you a ride, Class Play 2, 3, 4g Model Club 3g Ink Splashes 3, 4g Annual Staffg Mixed Course. SENIORS VERA JEAN CARTER jean is the girl with the big brown eyes From the boys she draws the sighs. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleading 3, 4g Student Council 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4g Girl Reserves 5, 45 Ink Splashes 3, 4g Annual Staffg Mixed Course. WILMA GRABER Wilma is the girl with the mysterious life, Someday, we are sure, she will make a good wife. Class Play 3g Girl Reserves 3g Ink Splashes 3, 45 Commercial Course. EPAGE TENI I948 ANNUAL ROGER REESE S E N I O R S MARGARET LUCAS This senior cheerleader is one of fun, In her direction all the boys run. Cheerleading 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice President 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Ink Splashes 3, 4, Mixed Course. "Old Mose" is the perfect name for "Oc" Why doesn't someone give him a clock? Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Student Council 2, 3, Model Club 3, Ink Splashes 3, 4, Annual Staff, Mixed Course. ROBERT RUSSELL Bob is one swell boy, It's guys like him that bring us joy. Class Play 4, Model Club 3, Ink Splashes 3, 4, Mixed Course. HARRY SONNEDECKER Though Sonny is the "North End's Romeo" Every night to the South End you'l1 see him go. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Student Council 1, Model Club 3, Ink Splashes 3, 4, Annual Staff, College Course. IPAGE ELEVEN! I948 ANNUAL ' SENIORS NORMA JEAN YODER Norma is our classes' Wit If there's a joke, she's telling it. MARY JANE WOODS Mary jane with her long blonde hair Is one of the classes' most fair. Class Play 5, 4g Ink Splashes 3, 45 Gxrl Reserves 3 Annual Staff Commercial Course. Class Play 3g Girl Reserves 3, 4g Ink Splashes 5, 4g Mixed Course. if CLASS COLORS ......,.. ...... G REEN AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER ......, .......... G REEN CARNATION CLASS MOTTO .....,... ....... G REEN BUT GROWING ir S E N I O R T R A I T S MOST POPULAR GIRL .............,.......................... LOIS GERSTENSLAGER BEST ATHLETE ............. .....,..,.. R OBERT MARKLEY BEST DRESSED GIRL ,...... ,.............. M ARGARET LUCAS BEST DRESSED BOY ,.................. ......,.. H ARRY SONNEDECKER MOST ENTERTAINING ............... .............. R OBERT MARKLEY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ,......., ..... B ONNIE STEELE IPAGE TWELVEJ I948 ANNUAL SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 1944 - 1945 We were a group of thirty-one Freshmen sitting in our seats on that fall day in 1944. It was our first year in Senior High School and we sat proudly. Our future was before us. Unpredicted things would happen to this class in the years to come. In our first year as grown up ladies and gentlemen, we chose as our advisor, Miss Perry. For our class officers we elected Robert Markley, President, Lois Gerstenslager, Vice President, our Secretary and Treasurer was Virginia Foster, jean Carter and Harry Sonnedecker were our Student Council members. Our first grown-up party was a hay-ride. Gasser's woods was our destination. The memory of that event will long linger in all our minds. Another event of our Freshman year was the chapel program "Little Red Riding Hood". The skit was written by a class member, Virginia Foster. During the year, six new members came to join our class. They were, Bonnie Steele, Norma Yoder, Margaret Lucas, Francis Steele, Robert Russel and Glenn Moore. The same year we lost two of our members. 1945 - 1946 Upon arriving at school on that existing day in 1945 we were presented with seats in the front of the study hall. We were bursting with happiness! When the time came to choose our advisor and officers we elected the fol- lowing: advisor, Miss Smith, president, Robert Markleyg vice president, Margaret Lucas, secretary and treasurer, Joanne Plankg student council members, Jean Carter and Roger Reese. Among other activities, the Sophomore class sponsored a square dance. We didn't have the luck to welcome any new members to our class this year. It seemed that luck was against us because we lost three members. Our class now totaled twenty-seven members. LPAGE THIRTEENJ I948 ANNUAL. SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY fContinuedj 1 9 4 6 - 1 9 4 7 Another summer has passed and you see us now, a group of very intelligent students who have profited from two years in High School. We are now ready to carry on our duties as full-Hedged juniors. After choosing Mr. Robinson as our advisor we completed the task of electing our officers. The following were elected: for president, Robert Markleyg vice president, Margaret Lucas, for our secretary, Lois Gerstenslagerg treasurer, Bonnie Steele, jean Carter and Roger Reese represented us in the student council. We worked hard this year--having bake sales, picking up potatoes, and selling Christmas cards. We presented our class play "A Case of Springtime" on April 11. It turned out to be a great hit. The Seniors presented a beautiful bouquet of roses to us after the play. Our most memorable event of this year was the junior and Senior banquet. It was held at "Dorns Country Housew. We received our green and white class sweaters, also our class rings this year. We lost several more members of our class this year, our total enrollment was now eighteen. All in all our junior year was quite successful and we left the 'Old Red School House' with a longing to return next year. 1947-1948 We were a group of eighteen, sitting proudly in our seats on that fall day in 1947. We were Seniors! After three years of climbing we had reached the top rung in the ladder. Our officers for this last unforgettable year are: President, Lois Gerstenslagerg vice president, Robert Markleyg secretary, Bonnie Steele, treasurer, Martha jane Fraryg our student council members for this year were jean Carter and Merle Beachy. For our class advisor we chose Miss Weimer. After weeks of hard work we gave our class play presentation, "My Cousin From Texasu. It was a great success. Because of our successful square dance back in '45 we decided to sponsor another one. It was only one among the many events of our Senior year. As our school days come to a close we try to make the most of every one. Our memory will forever be associated with the 'Old Red School I-Iouse'. Humble, proud and thankful eighteen Seniors leave behind them the happy, happy school days, looking forward to our life which lies ahead. -Mary Jane Woods LPAGE FOURTEENJ I948 ANNUAL CLASSWILL y We, the class of Creston High School 1948 being of unsound mind after our four years of high school drudgery, do hereby publish this last will and testament bequeathing all that which we have worn out or don't want. b ARTICLE I To the junior Class we will some girls. To the Sophomore Class we will a few more athletes to enable you to win the baseball games when we leave. To the Freshman Class we will a mirror in your own room. To the Seventh and Eighth Grades we will substantial funds in order that you may go to Washington without worrying. ARTICLE II To Mrs. Bibler we will classes that do not chew gum fespecially Seniorsj To Mr. Frey we will girl students. To Miss Weimer we will students that will enter speech contests. To Mr. Rich we will a powder that will cover up his blush. To Mr. Work we will a Driving Class that can or will park. To Miss Easterday we will a responsive Junior-Senior English Class. To Mrs. Streett we will gym classes as good as the Seniors. To Mrs. Yoder we will a Home Ec. Class that will learn to sew and cook. To Mrs. Uher we will a fully-equipped Chemistry Lab. To Miss Shaner we will a pack of chewing gum, a study hall that doesn't talk without permission and a handsome young man. To Mr. Young we will a ball bat instead of a baton. IPAGE FIFTEENII I948 ANNUAL- ARTICLE II Charles Allen, will my wavy, blonde hair to jerry Lance. Merle Beachy, will my address book to any junior boy who has the nerve to use it. Norma Beal, will my experience at Keeneyls to anyone interested in becoming a waitress. Glenard Beyeler, will my height to Anton Dyck. jean Carter, will a Carter Broom to anyone who has the ambition to clean up the school house. Martha Frary, will my quiet personality to Bob Hart. Elda Gasser, will my A's in Citizenship to Bill Anshutz. Lois Gerstenslager, will my way with the Reese's to anyone who wants to take Sally out. Wilma Graber, will my theme song, "Elmer's Tune" to the high school in case they forget. Don Henderlong, will my National Guard to anyone desiring that look which charms the girls. Margaret Lucas, will my four years of cheering ability to Barbara Harman in hopes she will be here that long. Robert Markley, will my nack of writing letters to Eleanor West so she can write to Phil when he goes to College. Roger Reese, will my ability to argue with girls to Howard Graber. Robert Russell, will my "out of statel' girls to Stanley Miller. Harry Sonnedecker will my long walks to the South end of town to Ralph Bixler so he can keep in good form. Bonnie Steele, will my success of brains to Jim Smith. Mary jane Woods, will my long, blonde hair to Annetta Coffey. Norma Jean Yoder, will my muscles to Esther Russell. Signed by Senior Class of 1948 Norma Beal LPAGE SIXTEENJ I948 APINLJAL CLASSPROPHECY While reading the correspondence from my colmn "Know all, and Tell Alln, I received a letter from one of my most faithful readers requesting that I find out how many fleas the average dog has for her dog club. I hurried to confer with my Editor, Bonnie Steele, to find out if I could ignore this letter. She answered with a very firm "No',. She also added that I must con- duct the survey myself, so I would have the real satisfaction. As I cleaned up my desk before my trip, I began to think how pleasant it would be if I could draw my husband away from his broom business and persuade him to join me on my survey. It was rather hard as he had just finished nego- tiations concerning selling brooms to the government of France, and was tired. But showing who has the upper hand in our family, we started out in our private plane several days later to count fleas. just after we left New York, my husband handed me a letter from Marg Lucas, now Marg Ranor, who married a famous French designer during her brief career as a Powers model. She is now kept busy raising her six little Frenchmen. Even so, she still has time to model some of her husband's creations. She closes by saying she would probably be seeing Martha Frary soon, as she would be stopping in France on her way to her post in Russia. She is a famous missionary and her superiors decided that the Russians still needed missionary work more than any other country. My husband suddenly took my attention from Marg's letter by telling me that we were over the largest floating airport in the world. I glanced down and saw the name Creston on the hangar and insisted that we land. just as we started down, a plane zoomed past, just missing our wingtips. After we landed we asked who had nearly hit us and found out it was Bob Markley. I found out later that he had broken his pitching arm soon after he had left school and had decided to take up sky writing. He is now being sued because he mis-spelled "Misses Soapn and made it "Messes Soapn. He swears it was a mistake but some of his friends have their doubts. He landed and after sharing many schoolday memories he told me what had happened to Gert and Oc, a constant pair during schooldays. It seems they were touring Europe lecturing on "How To Have a Peaceful I-Iomelifel' but one night in Bohemia, they disagreed on a point and caused a brawl that landed them in jail. Right then and there, they decided to change their subject to "The Gentle Art of Self-Defense". Now they seem to have more interest in the subject and are having better crowds. Bob drove us to the hotel and explained how the floating airport had come about. It seems Chippewa Lake and the swamps of Creston had finally won out.It was a disaster at the time but now is making millions for the town. We entered the Grand Hotel of Creston which is owned by Mary Jane Woods Something or Other. When asked why she opened a hotel, she explained that her husbandls relations had lived with her so long that she figured she might as well open a hotel and charge them for it. IPAGE SEVENTEENI I948 ANNUAL Bob explained that there was a farewell party being held for Martha and suggested that we join them. After greetings were exchanged I saw a group around the television screen watching a wrestling match. I was startled to see that it was Norma jean Yoder that was sitting on the other girls' heads. They told me that she is now known as the "Battling Babe" and is defending her championship. just as we were about to find out who was the winner, the television set broke and left Yoder still sitting there. Much disgusted, I started over to drag my husband from the punch bowl. There I met Elda Gasser, married now, but never-the-less still the head of a big candy concern called "The Sweetest Sweets Company". Elda also told me about Wilma, who after an unhappy romance closely following schooldays, had headed for the mountains of Wyoming and had started a goat farm, which she hasn't left nor has a man entered in ten years. Still by the punch bowl, I saw Harry Sonnedecker pass up the punch and take a glass of milk. I had heard that Harry was the coach of the Creston High School team, and made the mistake of asking him how it was going. I found out that his team had gone to Kent this year, but was surprised to learn that it was not the boys but the girls. After hearing about many difficult and teachnical basketball plays, I finally got him to tell me about Merle Beachy. After finishing school, Merle decided to take up bowling. He was doing quite well until one night he forgot to leave go of the ball and made a strike-with his head. He is now located in the City Hospital but the doctor reports he is doing fine. Chuck Allen came plodding in after the boys. When I asked him what he had been doing with himself, he blushingly replied that he was a floor walker in the"Ladies Lingerie Departmentuof the new O'Neils store in town. The scream of brakes was heard outside and every one knew that Honest Don Henderlong, the Used and Mis-used Car Dealer had arrived. He brought with him Glenard Beyler and Bob Russell. Glenard is now a great scientist. His las discovery was a bubble gum that can be used to patch tires, stop runs in hose, hold up wallpaper and also comes in twenty-six different flavors. Bob is the designer of the Russell Bussel, the only bussel with a russle. The only sad, but yet not entirely unhappy note of the evening was the telegram that was received from Norma Beal. After hnishing school, Norma took up balloon flying and while she was making a flight a day or so before, had lost control of her balloon. There was a strong wind and it blew her to South Africa, where she claims she has found the man of her dreams. He is an ex-sailor who landed there and has become quite wealthy. After cabling Norma wishing her all the luck in the world, someone asked me why I was wondering all around the country. I told them I was taking a survey on the average number of fleas that a dog had. As the party was getting dull anyway, they decided to help me. After chasing a dog over most of the streets of Creston, we finallyicornered one, and counted his fleas. So that is how my survey ended and also my story. --jean Carter IPAGE EIGHTEENJ I948 ANNUAL :Que ANNUAL JU NIOR CLASS 1stRow: Howard Graber, Martha Drabenstott, Eleanor West, Annetta Coffey Esther Russell, Zella Slater, Bill Marko. V 2nd Row: Ralph McClintock, junior Lance, Dick Ream, jerry Lance, Bob Hart Virgil Christian, Mr. Rich, Class Advisor. 5rd Row: Bill Anshutz, Anton Dyck, jim Smith, Gene Lance, Stanley Miller, Dick Yeagley Lowell Beyeler. President ............... Vice President ...... Secretary .......... Treasurer .............. Student Council OFFICERS Annetta Coffey Eleanor West Esther Russell Martha Drabenstott Dick Ream, Virgil Christian LPAGE TXWENTYI JUNIOR AUTO BILL ANSHUTZ ..,. LOWELL BEYELER . VIRGIL CHRISTIAN . ANNETTA COFFEY . . MARTHA DRABENSTOTT . ANTON DYCK . HOWARD ORABER . BOB HART . . GENE LANCE JERRY LANCE . JUNIOR LANCE . BILL MARKO . RALPH MCCLINTOCK . STANLEY MILLER . DICK REAM . . ESTHER RUSSELL . ZELLA SLATER . JIM SMITH . . ELEANOR WEST . DICK YEAOLEY . MR. RICH . IPAGE TWENTY-ONE1 -cf I948 ANNUAL PARTS . Spare Tire . Clutch . Fender . A. C. Spark Plug . Choke . Brake . Hubcap . Horn . Gear Shift . Bumper . Excelerator . Tail Light . Gas Tank . Exhaust Pipe . Key . Spotlight . Windshield Wiper . Heater . Body . Running Board . Steering Wheel .1- I948 ANNUAL lst Row: 2nd Row: Grd Row: 4th Row: lst Row: 2nd Row 3rd Row: SOPHOMORE CLASS Carol Smith, Shiela Conn, Sylvia Murray, Kate Renuecker, JoAnne Long, Barbara Houseworth, Louise Franks. DEsther Graber, Charlotte Rook, Mary Mulhollan, jack Stillwagner, Dale Mcllvaine, Glenna McClintock, Bertha ra enstott. Jlforetta Viall, Erma Christian, Barbara Bixler, Dolores Rook, Ruth Brammer, Betty Stahl, Betty Stewart, Dorothy omson. Mr. VVork, advisor, Wilbert Collins, Virtle Smith, Richard Beichler, Ronald Litton, Fred Meyer, Bill Starkey. FRESHMAN CLASS Barbara Harmon, Jerry Schaad, Iack Gantz, Betty Hackworth, Gerry Pfouts, Darline Hamilton, Milton Beyeler, Lloyd Marcum. Twila Ammoncl. Miss Easterday, advisor, Ralph Bixler, Ellen Griffen, Phyllis Earick, Bob Stillwagner, Barbara Cabell, Carol Ilanzie, Dean Litrnan. Beverly Yeagley, Donald Perry, Noble Rook, Ella May Cook, Alka Marcum, Fonda Brammer. Stanley Lewis. IPAGE TWENTY-TWOJ I9 4 8 A N N UAA L SOPHOMORE DESIRES MR. WORK . . . RICHARD BEICHLER . BARBARA BIXLER . RUTH BRAMMER . ERMA CHRISTIAN . WILBERT COLLINS . . SHIELA CONN . . . BERTHA DRABENSTOTT LOUISE FRANKS . . ESTHER GRABER . . BARBARA HOUSEWORTH DOROTHY JOHNSON . JOANNE LONG . . GLENNA MCCLINTOCK . FRED MEYER . . . DALE MCILVAINE . LOUISE AMMON . MARY MULHOLLAN . SYLVIA MURRAY . CAROLE SMITH . DELORES ROOK . CHARLOTTE ROOK . SALLY REESE . . BETTY STAHL . . . VIRTLE SMITH . . DUANE RABER . . KATHRYN RENNECKER BILL STARKEY . . . BETTY STEWART . . JACK STILLWAGNER . LORETTA VIALL . . have his class co-operate say good night in privacy go with someone spend one night with Duane Raber know Frankie better go roller skating own a horse ranch have half interest in Irvin's garage be a farmer's wife be a model be a farmer live farther from the Auto Theater have Bill pay for flash bulbs used on h be a cheerleader have a human name ftermitej be a professor live closer to Creston be tall make vaults with Dick go on a blind date stay after school on Senior Day go to Sterling find a man live in Rittman sleep in study hall go to Leroy more often know more about Apple Creek be with Shirley forever stay in one place have more vacations live in Indiana FRESHMAN KNOW - ALL MISS EASTEROAY . . RALPH BIXLER . . BETTY IIAcKwORTH . BARBARA HARMAN . ALKA MARcUM . . FONDA BRAMMER . BARBARA cABELL . NANCY CAMPBELL . PIIYLLIS EARICK . MILTON BEYELER CAROL HANZIE . ETHEL REUssER . NOBLE ROOK . LLOYD MARcUM . ELLA MAE cOOK . OERRY PEOUTS . . DARLINE HAMILTON . ELLEN GRIFFIN . JACK OANTZ V . ELLEN EETZER . JERRY SCHAAD . . BEVERLY YEAGLEY . BOB sTILLwAONER . STANLEY LEWIS . . 'rwILA AMMON . . . . Her "25,' Kids . Being teacher's little helper . The Ice House . Being called "Ma" . Drawing . The art of blushing . Primping Q . A tall blond Junior . Sitting in the mud . Farming . Sewing . Getting acquainted . The way to Canaan . Teasing girls . Being called Cookie . Maroon Chrysler . Red Hair . Arguing with Mr. Rich . Wreckless driving . Having a nice complexion . Fooling around . Big Brothers . Appendectomy operation , . Model UT" Fords . . Charlotte QP, Rook LPAGE TWENTY-THREEJ im I9..48 ANNUAL EIGHTH GRADEftopj lst Row: Carol Beichler, Eugene Iohnson, Pauline Stewart, jim Crabtree, jean Allen, Ioe Flemming, Donald Fair, George High, Elloween Rook, Chester King, Stanley Frey, Lisle Kauffman. 2nd Row: Mrs. Streett, advisor, Donna Pinkley, Esther McCoy, Donald McGlone, Leo Fetzer, Dean Bricker, John Uhler, Gerald Young, Paul Mulhollan, Mildred Ferguson, Evelyn Dravenstott. 3rd Row: Bob Gritten, Paul Pfouts, James Fetzer, Marolyn Yeagley, Joanne Younker, Joanne Copley, Phyllis Buss, Leila Miller, Billy Christian, Robert Marcum, Bob Rhoads, Patty Nalley, Marsha Rhoads, Caroline Zigler, Patty Viall, Patty Reese SEVENTH GRADE fbottomj lst Row: Joe Ayres, Maynard Rennecker, Jeannette Nalley, Dorothy Reese, Ronald Daugherty, Violet VVoods, Garry Murray, Bill Keltz, Marilyn Rex, Patty Schaad, Carolyn Cabell, Donald Ramsier, Peggy Hatfield. 2nd Row: Donald Johnson, Donny Markley, Donna McVey, James Collins, Ioe Ritzi, Betty Earick, Hariett Reese, Albert McClove, Homer Hamilton, Ora Frary, Ronald Russell, Harold Perry. Srd Row: Mrs. Yoder, advisor, Carol Henderlong, Dale Starkey, Eldon Young, Stanley Houseworth, Loretta Yoder, Emily Cerstenslager, Carol Campbell, Donna Leatherman, Elton Moose, Robert Beyeler, jack Steinmetz. 4th Row: Donna Litman, Helen Hanzie, Dorothy Brammer, Shirley Clark, Tonia Schollinger, Barbara Knepp, Hazel Leaman. EPAGE TWENTY-FOURI I948 ANNUAL EIGHTH GRADE NICKNAMES DWIGHT DERRENEERGER . , . LEO FETZER . . . CAROLINE SIGLER . GEORGE HIGH . PATTY NALLEY . DEAN BRICKER JOANNE COPLEY . PAUL MULHOLLAN . CAROL BEICHLER . MAROLYN YEAGLEY MARCIA RHOADS . JAMES CRAETREE . ROBERTA MARCUM A JOHN UHLER . . ROBERT RHOADS . DONALD PAIR . . EUGENE JOHNSON . JEAN ALLEN . . GERALD YOUNG . PHYLLIS BUSS . . JOE ELEMMING . BILLIE JOE CHRISTIAN . JOANNE YOUNKER . PAUL EOUCHE . , PATSY VIALL . . ELLOWEEN ROOK , STANLEY FREY . MILDRED FERGUSON CHESTER KING . . DONNA PINKLEY . DONALD MCGLONE . LEILA MILLER . . . EVELYN DRAVENSTOTT LISLE KAUFMAN . . PATTY REESE . . JAMES EETZER . . MRS. HELEN STREETT . IPAGE TWENTY-FIVEJ Meatball Leo the lion Carrie Georgie P-P Nalley Dean JOCY Mack Beichy Mar Maggie jim Roberta johnnie Bob Shorty Gene Garry Brigham Mort joe-Joe Bill Joanne Red Stubby Ellie Moe Midget Chet Pinky Don Monkey Star Sonny Peonut jim Teach I948 ANNUAL SEVENTH -- BILLY KELTZ . MARILYN REX . . DONALD JOHNSON . JEANETTE NALLBY . RONALD RUSSELL . HARRIET REESE . DONALD RAMSIER . SHIRLEY CLARK . JO RITZI . . . DOROTHY REESE . . MAYNARD RENNECKER HAZEL LEAMAN . . GARRY MURRAY . . VIOLET WOODS . . WILLIAM SCHERTZ . MARGARET HATEIELD ELTON MOOSE . . BETTY EARICK . . RONALD DAUOHERTY LORETTA YODER . DALE STARKEY . . CAROLYN CABELL . DONALD MARKLEY . HELEN HANZIE . . ROBERT BEYELER . BARBARA KNEPP PATTY SCHAAD . . EMILY GERSTENSLAGER JOE AYERS . . . DONNA LEATHERMAN JACK STEINMETZ . ORA ERARY . ' . HAROLD PERRY . JANICE PITMAN . . DONNA J. LITMAN . ELDON YOUNG . . JAMES COLLINS . . ALBERT MCOLONE . DONNA MCVEY . . HOMER HAMILTON . CAROL CAMPBELL . STANLEY HOUSEWORTH TANIA SCHMOLLINGER DOROTHY BRAMMER CAROL HENDERLONG WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE IF . had dark hair? . would have straight . didn't have a deep . couldn't laugh? . was thin? . couldn't argue with . wasn't mischievous? . had curly hair? . couldn't sing? . could sit still? didn't talk so much . didn't wear lipstick? hair? voice? Emily? ? . couldn't ask questions . couldn't blush? . couldn't draw cars? . wasn't so sassy? . could get one hundred in ar . was quiet? . . was tall? . had a high voice? . couldn't act smart? . couldn't spell? . didn't know how to . wasn't so quiet? . didn't wear glasses? . got bad grades? . wasn't so thin? didn't have a tempe r? . . would act like a gentleman? . . wasn't so little? . paid attention in class? . never had her lesson? . would study? . would have rubber . was a champion run . didn't play the acco . didn't know how to . could keep his feet . didn't have bangs? . would get to school . . wouldn't have boy heels on ner? rdian? draw? under his on time? friends? . . could pay attention? . . couldn't act silly? . didnlt know how to . wore long dresses? EPAGE TWENTY-SIXJ read? ithmetic? play basketball? her shoes? own desk? I948 ANNUAL I948 ANNUAL First Row: Miss Weimer, Director. Tean Carter. Lois Gerstenslager, Bonnie Steele Mary jane Woods. Second Row: Margaret Lucas, Bob Russell, Merle Beachy, Bob Marlcley, Harry Son nedecker, Donald Henderlong, Martha jane Frary. Peaceful johnson Mrs. Beulah Scott Sheilah Scott Doris Weaver Wilbur Scott Lucille Scott Preston Rogers johnny Benton Esheu Smith Cactus Kelly Tomasina Cooper SENIOR CLASS PLAY MY COUSIN FROM TEXAS A young colored maid A widow Her elder daughter Sheilah's best friend Beulah's youngest The younger daughter Sheilah's fiance An expected young man Johnny's colored valet A cowboy From Texas LPAGE TWENTY-EIGHTJ Bonnie Steele Lois Gerstenslager Margaret Lucas Mary jane Woods Bob Russell Martha jane Frary Don Henderlong Merle Beachy Bob Markley Harry Sonnedecker jean Carter I94 8 ANNUAL First Row: Bill Marko, Esther Russell, Annetta Coffey, Martha Drabenstott, Ralph McClintock. Second Row: Bill Anshutz, Zella Slater, Virgil Christian, Bob Hart, Eleanor West Miss Weimer, Director. Keats Perry Vicky Randolph Grandma Perry Grandpa Perry john Appleby Pricillia Morely Tootsie Bean Butcher Boy Bean Valerie Whitman Boggins JUNIOR CLASS PLAY PROFESSOR. HOW COULD YOU A young professor The bane of his life An innocent soul An obliging bystander A helpful friend A sweet young thing A plump spinster Her big brother A Southern charmer The sporting butler LPAGE TWENTY-NINEI Bob Hart Esther Russell Martha Drabenstott Bill Marko Bill Anshutz Eleanor West Zella Slater Dick Ream Annetta Coffey Virgil Christian I948 ANNUAL Row Row Row Row R ow Row Row R o w l: 2: 3: l: 2: 3: 4: 5: SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS qfopy Phyllis Earick, Darlene Hamilton, Betty Hackworth, Barbara Harman, Beverly Yeagley, Barbara Bixler, Irma Christian Loretta Viall, Louise Ammon. Miss Easterday, Deloros Rook, Nancy Campbell, Louise Franks, Betty Stahl, Barbara Houseworth, Charlotte Rook, Glenna McClintock, Dorothy Johnson, Bertha Drabenstott. Jean Carter. Sally Reese, Norma Beal, Zella Slater, Ellen Griffin, Mary Mulhollan, Barbara Cabell, Alka Marcum, SEVENTH and EIGHTH CHORUS Cbottomj NVilliam Shertz, Robert Johnson, Robert Rhodes, Donald Markley, Bill Christian, Leila Miller, Marian Yeagley. Elton Moose, Elton Young, Bill Keltz, Dorothy Reese, Donna Leatherman, Patty Sehaad, Jeanette Nalley, Carol Camp- bell, Emily Gerstenslager, Carol Beichler, Carol Henderlong. Ora Frary, Miss asterclay, Bob Griffin, Jimmy Crabtree, Norma Jean Allen, Donna McVey, Jo Ritzi, Joanne Younker, Evelyn Dravenstott, Esther McCoy. Helen Hanzie, Mildred Ferguson. Patty Viall, Loretta Yoder, Tonia Sclnnolinger, Carolyn Cabell, Joanne Copley, Marcia Rhoads, Patty Nally, Caroline Sigler, Donald Fair. Patty Reese, Garry Murray, Lisle Kaufman, Barbara Knepp, Eugene Johnson, George High, Pauline Stewart, Elloween Rook, Ronald Daugherty, Phyllis Buss, Donna Jean Pinkley, Roberta Marcum. IPAGE THIRTYJ Ella Mae Cook. I948 ANNUAL STUDENT c0UNc1Lqf0pp Row 1-jean Carter, Merle Beachy, Virgil Christian, Dick Ream. Row 2-Harriet Reese, Darline Hamilton, Bob Stillwagner, Dale Mcllvaine, Dean Bricker, ' B A N D fbottomQ Row 1-Donna Pinkley, Bill Marko, Ralph McClintock, Carole Smith, Jerry Phouts, Carol Henclerlong. Row 2-Marilyn Rex, Mr. Young, JoAnne Long, Hazel Leamen, Annetta Coffey, Stanley Frey. IPAGE THIRTY-ONEJ I948 ANNUAL s Row Row Row Row Row PAPER STAFFfww Bill Anshutz, Harry Sonneclecker, Robert Markley, Merle Beachy, Bonnie Steele, Lois Gerstenslager, Mary Jane XVoods, Norma Jean Yoder, Martha Jane Frary, VVilma Graber. Dick Yeagley, Esther Russell, Annetta Coffey, Zella Slater, Norma Beal, Eleanor West, Elda Gasser, Martha Draben- stott, Jean Carter, Howard Graber. Gene Lance, Robert Russell, Donald Henderlong, Dick Ream, Virgil Christian, Junior Lance, Roger Reese, Bob Hart, Stanley Miller. GIRL RESERVESfMmmm Ella Mae Cook, Betty Hackworth, Martha Drahenstott, Jean Carter, Bonnie Steele, Margaret Lucas, Eleanor West, Alka Mae Marcum, Darline Hamilton. Miss Easterday, Barbara Harmon, Esther Russell, Norma Jean Yoder,' Zella Slater, Phyllis Earick, Ellen Griffen, Jerry Phouts, Annetta Coffey, Barbara Cabell, Nancy Campbell. IPAGE THIRTY-TWOJ 1948 ANNUAL I948'ifANNUAL, BASEBALL qfopp FirstRow: Bill Anshutz, junior Lance, Roger Reese, Bob Markley, Harry Sonnedecker, Merle Beachy, Virgil Christian, Bob Hart, Charles Allen. Second Row: Mr. Rich, jerry Lance, Ralph McClintock, Jack Gantz, jerry Schaad, jim Smith, Anton Dyck, Ralph Bixler, Noble Rook, Bill Starkey. BASKETBALL qboffomp FirstRow: Charles Allen, Virgil Christian, Roger Reese, Merle Beachy, Bob Markley, Bob Hart, Harry Sonnedecker, Bill Anshutz, Richard Beichler, Donald Markley, manager. Second Row: Bob Stillwagner, jerry Schaad, Howard Graber, Stanley Miller, junior Lance, Jerry Lance, Noble Rook, Ralph Bixler, Ralph McClintock, jack Gantz, Mr. Rich. LPAGE ' Tl-IIRTY-FOURII A I948 APJNLJAL BASKETBALL Six lettermen returned to the basketball squad this year. They were Bob Mark- ley, Merle Beachy, john Clark fdeceasedj, Harry Sonnedecker, Roger Reese, and Bob Hart. The rest of the Varsity squad consist of Bill Anshutz, Charles Allen, junior Lance, Virgil Christian, Richard Beichler, and jerry Lance. We had a good season under the coaching of Dick Rich by winning 11 out of 20 games. New awards were given this year for the best percentage of foul shooting. The awards were three metal basketballs. Merle Beachy and Bill Anshutz and one for the highest on the Reserve team which was won by jerry Lance. Bob Markley and Harry Sonnedecker were elected honorary co-captains. The Reserve Team won six games out of 16 games. To climax the season, the team is going to Cleveland to a hockey game. LEAGUE GAMES "'Creston Sterling 26 Creston Sterling 52 Creston Doylestown 29 Creston Smithville 5 1 Creston Dalton 44 mCreston Leroy 37 Creston Mt. Eaton 38 'eCreston Orrville 59 Creston Apple Creek 51 Creston Fredericksburg 37 Creston Shreve 35 Creston Chester 46 Creston West Salem 36 Creston Congress 42 "Creston Rittman 51 Creston Burbank 49 at Non League TOURNAMENTS Creston Burbank 22 Creston Dalton 51 Creston West Salem 31 Creston 33 Apple Creek 37 BASEBALL Six lettermen return to the Commando squad to open the baseball season. They are Bob Markley, john Clark Qdeceasedj, Merle Beachy, Harry Sonnedecker, Roger Reese, and Virgil Christian. The remainder of the squad is as follows: Bill Anshutz, Charles Allen, Bob Hart, jerry Lance, junior Lance, Anton Dyck, jim Smith, Ralph McClintock, Bill Starkey, jack Gantz, jerry Schaad, Ralph Bixler, and Noble Rook. We have had a successful fall season through the efforts and leadership of Dick Rich by winning eight of the nine games. We hope to have a successful season in the spring. The death of john Clark was a great loss to our team. He was a valuable player and a star athlete. Creston 1 1 Smithville 4 Creston Congress 0 Creston Smithville 0 Creston Shreve 3 Creston Sterling 0 Creston Leroy 1 Creston Sterling 2 Creston Apple Creek 1 Creston Leroy 1 LPAGE THIRTY-FIVE! I948 ANNUAL, First Row: Erma Christian, Barbara Bixler, Sally Reese, Kate Rennecker. Second Row: Eleanor West, Jean Carter, Marg Lucas, Barbara Harmon. CHEERLEADERS This year something new has been added at Creston High School. We have Reserve Team Cheerleaders as well as the Varsity. This has saved wear and tear on girls who usually had to cheer for both games. This year the Varsity Cheerleaders are Eleanor West, Barbara Harmon, jean Carter and Marg Lucas. Barbara, who is a freshman, has just completed her first year. jean, who is a senior, and Eleanor, who is a junior, both have finished their second year. Marg, also a senior, will have completed four years as cheerleader this year. Four reserve cheerleaders were also chosen. They are four from the Sophomore Class and have completed their first year of cheering for Creston. rf.. ia EPAGE THIRTY-SIXJ I 9 4 8 A N N U A L SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2 The first day of school. just think, only nine more months! 8 All classes elected their officers and chose advisors today. 9 Vacation already? Oh yes. We were off for the fair. 11 Today was the first Chemistry Lab. day. The noise we heard was a minor explosion. 15 Annual staff was chosen today. 18 We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Merle Beachy. 19 The magazine campaign started. 22 Miss Easterday was home with a cold. 26 A hayride was the occasion for the Seventh graders tonight. 27 The first of many bake sales sponsored by we ambitious Seniors. 30 Another project! Tickets for the radio and record combination went on sale -proceeds to go to the Seniors. OCTOBER 1 Seniors graduation pictures were taken today. 5 Another birthday. This time we sang for Norma Beal. 6 A Mrs. Ebert gave an interesting talk of Germany in assembly. In Speech we listened to the Yankees versus Dodgers. Result? Dodgers downed by Yankees. 8 juniors and Seniors picked potatoes. Oh those aching backs! 10 The Seniors had a hayride and on the birthday of our blond classmate, too, Charles Allen. 15 Tryouts were held for varsity cheerleaders. Chosen were Margaret Lucas, Eleanor West, Jean Carter and Barbara Harmon. Report cards today!! 16 Everyone smiled for the birdie today in order to have Annual pictures taken. 22 Rev. Kenny led our chapel program today with an American Legion address. 28 Today we were ably entertained by a very excellent glass blower. 30 The iirst edition of Ink Splashes came out today. 31 Oh Goody!!! No school. Teachers' Convention. NOVEMBER 5 Mrs! Streett was out today. 6 Two of them now. Miss Easterday was out with a cold. Reserve Cheerleaders chosen today. 7 We started fine by winning our first basketball game, played with Sterling. 10 Well this is nice! Only one-half day of school. The teachers are busy pre- paring for Open House tonight. 11 Better yet!! The whole day off. Its Armistice Day. IPAGE THIRTY-SEVENI I 9 ll 8 A N N U A L. SCHOOL CALENDAR 17 Today the entire high school was shocked and saddened' by the death of john Clark. In the afternoon a talented Negro Quartet presented an enjoyable hour of harmony. 19 Seniors graduation pictures came today. 20 The High School attended the special services held for john today. 24 It took our first snow of the season to bring Mrs. Streett back to us after her long illness. 25 The cast for Senior Class Play was chosen today. 27-28 A month of vacations? This time it is Thanksgiving. DECEMBER 2 Senior aptitude tests were taken. 4 The Juniors began sporting their class rings received today. 9 Mr. Frey left today for japan. In his absence Mr. Hart teaches until mid- semester. 19 Has the band come off? No, Annetta only wore her jeans to Literature class. 20 A Christmas party took place for we Seniors at the home of Lois Gerstenslager. 24 Christmas vacation starts. JANUARY 5 Back to school, and with us came Nancy Campbell. 8 At noon today Senior girls won the volley-ball championship. Of Creston High that is. 15-16 Mid-year exams. Oh, for some brains! 19 Seventh grade presented a play for chapel. We welcomed Miss Shaner, who is to take over Mr. Freyis classes. 21 The matinee of Senior Class Play was a fair success. 22 Finally ended! "My Cousin From Texas" drew a full house. Afterwards Seniors relaxed at the home of Roger Reese. 23 Along about this time we learned that Mr. Robinson, a teacher of last year, is a father. 26 Eighth grade chapel. FEBRUARY 2 The first driving class graduated today under the eye of the State Highway Patrol. 6 Six industrious Seniors had the day off to take a scholarship test at Wooster High School. 9 Rev. Patrick told us of "The Abraham Lincoln of England" in chapel today. 12 The whole Senior class was entertained by a birthday surprise dinner for Wilma J. Graber. We all had a very good time. 13 No school today because of icy roads. LPAGE THIRTY-EIGHTJ I 9 4 8 A N N U A L SCHOOL CALENDAR 16 Freshmen provided everyone with an enjoyable halt'-hour of illustrated "Songs of the Gay Ninetiesn. 18 Again we sang happy birthday, to Harry Sonnedecker this time. 20 Repeat performance! Itls Martha jane Frary's birthday. 23 The Speech class had charge of chapel today and presented an oration, dra- matic reading and humorous reading. MARCH 1 The Sophomores gave a combination Quiz Kids and Consequences program today. 3 Today we were entertained with an Erie Railroad Safety Movie. 5 A big night for everyone. A square dance in the gym sponsored by the Seniors. 8 The Speech Class performs again for Chapel. This time with a radio play. 12 Tonight we had a benefit basketball game with alumni. 15 Rev. Patrick awarded certificates to the best written essays in chapel this morning. 17 Such fun! The basketball team, cheerleaders and all affiliated spent a glorious time at a hockey game in Cleveland. 19 The juniors presented their play tonight-"Professor How Could You?" 22 We were entertained today by Mr. and Mrs. Sperando, singer and pianist. 25 Spring vacation starts today. 30 Back to school again. APRIL 2 Sadie Hawkins Day! Brought to us by the paper staff. 5 Junior Chapel today. 8 We were entertained today by Mrs. Ellis's portrayal of Rip Van Winkle. 9 Oh dear, tests again! This time they are district tests. 12 In chapel today an all high school musical program was the theme. Again we sang happy birthday, this time to Lois Gerstenslager. 19 Earl Long provided the laughs today with his movies of local happenings. 25 It's the Eighth graders today who have the tests. 26 The faculty had charge of chapel today. 50 Junior-Senior Banquet. MAY 4 We learned about birds and were entertained by them today. 7 Mr. Marx, a ventriloquist, gave a program today. 10 The Seniors were in charge of the chapel program today. 16 Baccalaureate day. Again we sang happy birthday, this time to Marg Lucas. 17-18 It is nearly finished now. Those were final exams we took. 20 Commencement day. 21 Last report cards. 26 Seniors go on their long trip to Washington, goodby! LPAGE THIRTY-NINEI 50111 1:1 : -as : 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 .:1 1:1 1:1...-...1:, 1:1 1:1 1:14.-an-1:1oo-woe-1:2 i'+C'0Dv'i'40'0fl I! Il II II Q' I It I SHELLER S INSPECTED MEATS I Il L II SMITHVILLE, OHIO Ii II I I PAUL BEAVER, Distributor II Qu-ovacoeowz: 1:149o-1:::+1:1 1:1.:: 1:1 1:-4ov.:: 1:1-.os-1:. 1::4qs1:: 1:1 1:1 1:1 :1 1:1 1: :1 :1 :wavocvlib 4-111 11 111 1 111 11 111 111 113 111 1 f:'ofe 'I . li E k:"IfI h ld 11' ht ld II Congratulations From II egoy- S Ou ISS you? a Wou you Gerry: "I never meet an emergency until it U Car+er Broom Co. Q! arms' 1 , 1 II . II Beak: "But If It should arise?" II I ii Gerry: "I'd meet it face to face." II ,k II ,, ., . I II ll ll Gary Murray: "Did you knock 'em cold in Ii Phone 3544 Creston, Ohio Ii the Latin test P" U II Sylvia: "Yes, zero." ofuoQooQooQv4Qv4:v4:o4:o4QooQv-o:oo:secvo:o4:n-o:oo!o Mrs. Bibler: "Did you get much out of Economics when you were in college?",i, I II I McIn+ire Company I ., - Il U Mrs. Yoder. Three frat pins and a hus- U Furniture I Funeral Directors t band. , If if 0 Store Phone 227 G Barber: "So your married life is very un- ll FuHefa1H0me Phone 649'L ll h ? Wh t ' th t bl ? D b 'N . . i' niglsid to 1312153 e mu 6 ecem er Day and Night Ambulance Service Roger QOCQ z "Gosh, no! lt's Labor Day I, Wooster, Ohio II wedding to the Day of Restlu I! II ofa 1 111 111...111 111 11 111...111 111 111 111 11 -11.5. o!o1:1 1: 1: 1:1 1:1 :::oos::. .:. 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 : 1:1 1:1 1:. 1: 1: 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 o0oaQooQo4:ooQo4:o:v:vaQu,i, II C 4 -1 1 ' ' II 4 4 , f 1 1' I+ -'F 4 --I. If 1,1 II 'F 32 M '- '., v if " +-:Zz 9 dl ,. 'A' . II R .":Q'f. fw j .f ,fr 1, -. Y FREEDLANDERS 1' IT PAYS TO BUY QUALITY I I I I II SATISFACTION SINCE 1884 3 I I I II 'I' : 1-. : .-.1:1 : ouooco :'oQsaQo1:1 1:14:ooQo :1 1-1 1-1 :1 1-1 1-1 abacus .1..............................................g. LPAGE FORTYJ otnabvaitsaqoocoacozoaioavauoaqooqoaqoanu T PLANICS ELEVATOR H 4- l O ' , l WADSWORTH cREsToN ll : l l .k l l I ll 3 Quality Merchandise ni l .!. Reasonably Priced 'Fi it in e:""eff ff 1 in of ef""-"-"-"P H U Ira E. Sonnedecker f l lx 6 if ii Quality Coal ii Trucking -:- Storage Q ll l U Creston, Ohio t A l l siqaavanoonvanoanoanvanvoaooaooqvcqvobvoaoeaoobooic +----- f---ef----ef'-I-'sr ll ll w CRESTON ll M li Livestock Sales ll ll Sales Every Monday ll 4, wi i' Q U HARRY HAWK ll li Auctioneer and Manager li- ....... ..... .- -li "I say, Mike, how would you like to be buried in a Jewish cemetery?" "Faith, an I'd rather die litst!" exclaimed Mike. 6 Q Miss Easterday: "Virgil, spell 'Weather'." Virgil: "W-e-t-t-e-r." Miss Easterday: "Well, Virgil, that's cet tainly the worst spell of weather we've had for sometime!" ofoonoocsaboorvacooooaqoaboobvobvoasoaoobvansocsq. ll 0 ll ll Ramsier Gulf Service i Farmer: "How about helping out with the H I, haying?" ' Dick Yeagiyi "What'll you pay?" if U U M Farmer: "I'll pay you what you're worth." Q ig Dick: fscratching his headj "I'll be clurned North Maw Sffeef ' 1 -1 ll ll if Ill work for that. M Creston, Ohio U I U -:-'--ff--:e-- f-:ef--I-1 eip 1 :ee- 'iw'-'1'+'--"--1 ---1 : -ef----1 it aff of I---ef--+-ef--Q-ef of 11 --111' I ii ii I : GRAY and SON, lnc. 2 I ii i l Coal and Builders' Su lies ln y I 2 , , P? 5 Q D. E. SIMPSON , Heating and Cooling Equipment II ll . l U M J E W E L E R z 216 E. Liberty St. Wooster, O. i phone 5141 g 3 Phone 67 ii ig seviue, Ohio 0 U ww Q f 'i"-N"-"--'le is it it 1e--- t Q-114' -P: :e in-- :f it-w-Q-------9 IPAGE FORTY-ONEII :Q 4.-4-.-.uf- :14 5 creams-one-anoogv qnvoco-ocooboc: : 1 43541. 4904: 4:0410 :1 1:14:: :nouveau- U ii U U H s 2 4.111 cgsocsaqvogv: 1: '-'abs : 494-1: --1: :, : : 1:1 --ug, -' -' Y' : --A --A ':'4Qv1QueQvoQv4co49o-QQOQCOQDOOIO V. M. IRVIN AND SON 187 SOUTH MAIN STREET CRESTON, OHIO 'lr SHOVEL AND BULLDOZER WORK We Move The Ea r+'h "WELL AT LEAST PART OF IT" WE SPECIALIZE IN BASEMENT DIGGING LAWN GRADING DITCH CLEANING DAM BUILDING FENCE ROW CLEANING TREE PULLING 'k NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL PHONE CRESTON 3342 or 3381 aQa-4:oa:oa0ooQso:o4Qs:n-4gv4:no:o4:4:o4qs4Qv4Qo4:o4Qv.:: ': 1: ::- 1: :s : 1: ,:, ,:, ,,, : into LPAGE FORTY-TWOJ Ti U li U 5 T 5 if 4:v1:: 1:1 000409439 a:oa:o4qs4Qo4Qsonoooo4qo-aQva:a-4:vosv4Qooooaso4:oe:o4Qs4ulooQo tina-0:9 l l 'Fl 12- 'Ii 'r ': V' :V V: 1 11:1-ov: : --.1 f . .:' :' i'4C'f?"'9"9'?35"'f:i 1 12-"""'121'i' L ll 2 ALLIS-CHALMER'S FARM EQUIPMENT HINMAN MILKERS -1- Esco MILK cooLERs ig FREEZING UNITS qi U U l W F WEI GLEY U . 0 o wi WOOSTER, OHIO , ww si - 1. i I-1-1. :ef 1 -aj 1. 1 .j-..: :C .:.-:.-.:.-N: C: is--Y. Q.- ...... 4- ...... 4. wi Norma B.: What kept you out of school yes- ri Compliments of ll terclay, aCute indigCStiOn? U H Marg L.: No, a cute engineer. . ll Ced's Super Service gi , , " ll ll i' ll jerry L.: Am I the only man you ever kissed? 3 Creston, Ohio jean C.: Yes, and by far the best looking. H li .j................................................g. Annetta C.: He makes me tired. Eleanor W.: It's your fault. You should stop running after him. B 5 It's an ill wind that shows no pretty knees. 4u4:s4CooCooQvo:oo:va:v4:v4:ow:n-1v4CvoCva:v4Qn!0 U U Congratulations From 6 U H TEEL' S N M U Q 1 N East Liberty St. Wfooster, O. M 3 Phone 257 l H Often:-:reps 3 f:: :-- Y Y 1' 3' ':'4Qnio 4--------- -0"0-"-0' -I- U U B o R D N E R s CCC Restaurant i i 1 Sunday Dinner Every Day H Seville, Ohio U 0 -1- 1 : i:A --A if is 1: 1: f:f'-'i:' :fr 3 -3' ii' ii' 33' 513 513 ii 313 iii 53' '15 1541" 'iii' r is S U F. G. Q U 2 in 4, u i Body Repair and Painting 3 Creston, Ohio : G 5 eff:-011:01-ffwie LPAGE FORTY-THREEI 'Vit ii ii "N" it i i 'Z "Z if if 'E 'fi' wg ww in U W Compliments of ig ip ll U QI STEBBINS Q M . ii ig Banking Company ii ii ww ii ii -1- is--:W 1: i:i"C'335 2: '35 1: --1: 2- in--as 5"""""""""" ""' """""""f? ll U Gisinger Chevrolet N Company t Buick - Chevrolet - Cadillac 405 E. Liberty St. Wooster, O. li Phone 645 - 647 U Jil- .:-.:-: .Za if 1 ,Dil Miss Weimer: QAfter lesson on snowj As we walk out on a cold winter day what do you see on every hand? Bob H.: Gloves. 8 5 U Ralph M.: A chugging auto pulls up to a toll bridge where the toll collector, de- manding the usual fee for autos, called: "A dollar for the car!" Qozoabvaiaiaboaboaqvaaoioioanvoioaoivinolo ii I ' il 'I MASSEY - HARRIS I U I gi Sales and Service ij ll I 4 Snyder lmplemenl' I I I f Wooster, Ohio ll I I I I Qceqoqrsioosuoaoeavoovoiocvaaooqoatoobnoqviosfo Bonnie S.: "What's the difference between a head of cabbage and a lemon P" Elda G.: "I don't knowfi Bonnie: "You would be a nice one to send after lemonsf' 5 0 G Norma Y.: My goodness I don't believe no woman could ever be that fat. Glenard B.: What y' readin' now? Norma Y.: Why this paper tells about an English woman who lost two thousand pounds. L.S.6ERI6 I m ROOFING CONTRACTOR H ii Johns-Manville Asbestos, Asphalt n ll And Built-up Roofing ll ll Roof Paint and Spouting U M ll U Phone 2264 Creston, O. ll Ralph: fwith a sign of reliefy said! l,.,,.,,.,,,,,,..,.,,............,...............g,g '5' fi 'i ii it ii it if if if if it 1 1 Ei' 'Pi it if Z li if i 4: ii if i i ii li i 'f' ll ll U H Congratulations to 3 ir Graduating Class of 1948 Complete Office Equipment ii U I? BlXLER'S Res'rauran+ I 5 Royal - Bell and Howell U ll . ll U Phone 194 Wooster, O. M U Next to Stebbins Bank - Creston, O. M H U y U Oi' it 1:1 1.40:-Qs:1. 1' .11 1' -1- 1' 1 .1' 1' '1'oio ga 1. .1 .1. ,1. .11 1' 1'oQoo0o4Qvo:bo:v4Qv1b0Dv0!l LPAGE FORTY-FOURI 4QooQo4qoaqoo:oo14Qo42eQooQooQvoQoaQo4:s4qv4Qoo:s42ai41aQva:v4QvaQoaQvasv4Qvoi apoaqvanvaznaiansa:oq:o4:o1o:oa:n49saQoaQv49s4:ooao4:vacooQa:v4QoaQs4:va3o9oLvo:o Congra'rula+ions and Bes+ Wishes From GERSTENLAGER BROTHERS DEALERS IN LIVESTOCK AND HOME DRESSED MEATS PHONE 3251 CRESTON, OHIO Q i -----9 01042: oaoocsqgvono A !! U 5 Q atvecsaho , :: anoanvocs :Q qlooaooovoooacoacsncnann S E u F I I ill Ioocoocb-10430 4. W -, ,, Y-: M "W ii "W ii 'Oi is 'W A' i :t"': if It is I-I f i I O: ciao: ii "":""""i: if A' Ii 'if H U ll COMPLIMENTS OF I 9 ll RITZI JEWELRY STORE I FRANCIS RITZI CRESTON, OHIO 'PZ if 1 1 :I of ff 2 If f 1 so If ff: 2117 I I! I Nichol's Sales-Service U Il ll I MOBILGAS - :- MOBILOIL U is Tires -Batteries - Accessories Dealer For Kaiser - Frazer M ' ii 'I-f: :Q :Q -1: 1:1 Q: ,IQ 1: -:A :Y 1: 1: :: 1:-5. Cop: "Did you get the number of the car that knocked you down ?" Miss Easterday: "No, but she wore a black turban trimmed in red and her coat was imitation fur." 9 it 9 Bob: "Why do you approve of paintings in the nude ?', . I l l Mr. Rich: "Did any of you children see an elephantls skin?,' Virtle Smith: "I have." Mr. Rich: "Where was it?" Virtle: "On an elephant." 6 6 Q Bud: "What charming eyes you have!" Delores: "I'm glad you like them. They were a birthday presentf, 4.4: fr E-- -I 1 1 -- f- --A --' -:: ,:, b:' I. 53' ll ll U ll li Compliments of il ll B at B STORE ll .F East Liberty Street ll ii il H Wooster, Ohio It l l jack: "Because I was born that way." ll 'I'---1-1 1 E:-:E----.2-1 1 1---C+ -rf :fr :M is af: 2 1- ff ef E fr E1 fe ef 1- :fe ei :E if ef af ef ef ef -E fe 1 :fr t:""'f3' l ll IN SEVILLE IT'S U ' I 0 U H Tlsher s American Restaurant U GOOD FOOD, GOOD SERVICE, GOOD PRICES 'l I TRY Us AND SEE!! I Q NORMA and RUTH TISHER a N -1-11 ef- :A----A: ef 1: ---- 1: A:-+-1:1 E: :A I: -0---Q---N-Q----4--------1' IPAGE FORTY-SIX1 Q w'-' 0- QQDQ -HQO 0+ M li U Compliments of ll ll Lareines Q u Grocery Store ii l l ll lx U North Main Street V ll H Creston, Ohio ll li n!a-nQsoQo4Qsa:oo:saQo4:ooQsoqo4:ooQo4Qvo:vo:ow:oo!q QooQsaQoa:v4:o4Qo4Qo4co4cs4:s-v:o4Qo4Qo4qo4:o4Qog!g ii l" ll E NICK AMSTER ll , 3 Wooster's Leading Store 4 For Men and Boys Hart schaftner sr Marx Clothes ii 'Iv-v--0' 1:4 1- .1 :e -:1-4--If 11 ff -11-'ful' l l A -I-fe 1 be 1: ie 1: .1 if ::f:-- i ff :re- Miss Weimer fin Speech classj: "The chair ll ll does not recognize you, Miss Bixler. Sit li li clown." Groceries ' Meats ' Vegetables Miss Bixler: "Oh you stuck up thing! I was Dresses I Work Clothing - Shoes introduced to you last week. ll General Electric Appliances U in 5 Q Hoover Sweepers judge: l'Have you ever been up before me?" U Phone 3571 Creston, O. Bob R.: don't know. What time do you H ii get HP' 'I' Z. 1:1 f:: ': 4ov':, ,znosoav 1' ieoooooeooonoolc nfq4qs+c+4ss-4oo-oooocoosooco4cooos4:v-4:vcD-4DvoDv1is ll The manager of a hotel, finding that a M 1 guest had departed without paying his hotel U C 1- t f 1 bill, wrote him: "My dear Mr. Smythe: Will U Omp Imen S 0 Q you please send the amount of your bill, U Q and Obllgef' 1 D. I. MQILVAINE s To this Mr. Smythe wrote politely: "My 3 dear Mr. Manager: The amount of my bill Creston Ohio is a hundred and ten dollars. Yours respect- , fully." ll ll ,! -:-oQv4oo1:1 ::f ::i ,: :: 40010 1:1 :::-vcrofo 4.131 1:-4Q.f1f if -f eg, Vg' ,1 5:-4q.i:-.q..g.g:qIg QL: oovvzi tr' 1I14llv'2"0'-I? 333 53? 11' 1" 1:: U li ll ll U ll ll ll Cgmplimentg of COI'1'1PliI1'1CI'1lIS of ig U Q ii Creston Hardware U J. C. MURRAY u .. ll A li ll ll . ll ir Creston, Ohio qi yi CWSYOU, Ohio ll ll ll ll ll li U ll ll 0f0,:, -:- '33 ,gg 'ga -:A -:1 g:1.Q..g:g 3' 3' 3' ':' ::gnfq oicgzz ::: : .zzaavoooocvotn-oCb4Qv4Df4C04C'4C040'0f' LPAGE FORTY-SEVENII 14::: 1: oqvoracooooia-anuaooqvvacn 1 : 1 1: 024 rrrrrrrrrr 'Dvd'--D-'HOOD' O 0 ecoo:o414qsoQs4:o4:na:o:o:o:o-to 40o4Qv4qo4Qvo:v4Qoo:o4qs4Qo:o4i4QooqoaQo:o:ooQs414Qv:v:v4QoaQv41 Congra+ula+ions and Besi' Wishes FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER THE ROBINSON STUDIO COLUMBUS, on-no IP TY-EIGHT1 :ooqooqoocvocsacooqvoqoaqoaiocoonoanoaqooaooboivono ocxaoeionoanoi oooaavoia t 3 M M M A on-.::: 1:1 1:3 U 0 U can-ac: 1:1 1:1 1:1 gig uo4:o4Qv4Qoa1ooQo4qp4qpo:o4:4qoo:s-a:o4qo4co4cvaQv4gp-4qpaQocco .!Cll i0lll51l9 i li5lO li5 41lliilil iF + is I w I iw l if WCOSTER LUMBER CO. 3 ll OPPOSITE FAIRGROUNDS WOOSTER, OHIO 2 iw U Where Better Builders Buy For Better Huge Builders 3 U I M ir Z. 'I' 'i' 7 7' I, ,I, iii-,ll j' j' ,il li 4i1illll 41V15l9 l iJ. ofoaos.: .Z atv.: 49o.:. ::t .Z :rocvcbo-1:1 'i' :wie yi wi Irated Customer: fat ticket Officej Get away, lg ,i young man, and let me buy a ticket. Do U Compliments gf you think you own this railway system? ll U Bud B.: fjust graduatedj Not yet, mister, fl Hllson Restaurant li not Yet' ll ll .-, 4 ll On The Square ll D ig ll Martha D.: "It looks like a storm, you had ,I Creston Ohio U better stay for dinner." li U Harry S.: "Oh thanks, but I donlt think it's ll ij bad enough for that." Ofc i' f:t40v 1' ':' 7' 7' :: 'i'o:ooav.::4Qs'-'ofa Wilma G.: 'lElmer fainted and we thought he was going to die." Martha F.: "Well, did he kick the bucket?" Wilma G.: "No, he only turned a little pale." 0 6 U Mr. Lance: Who was the first man, jerry? jerry: George Vlfashington. He was first in war, first in . . . Mr. Lance: No, No! Adam was the first man. Jerry: Oh, I didn't know you were speaking of foreigners. ll 4100111111:-1:11a g ii l - z I. C. RICH Q ll 2 M E A T M A R K E T W ll z Home Dressed Meats 2 Phone 45 Sterling, O, ll I U 0ilQlOi4I0l0 ii' 'I' -il iii 415 117415 ii? 315 43 Ci? 'I' Q011011-1111-11-1w1'w110wQw-'Q'-oe ll in . ii il BRENNER BRCS. H .. li LOWER THE COST OF DRESSING WELL CLOTHES EOR MEN AND BOYS WOOSTER, OHIO ff - U -r--- --.-w.- -- 1 1 '9'1"3' 1 1 1-11-- 1-1f 1 1' i".""'1:f"' 1' '11--1--9 IPAGE FORTY-NINEJ 'f' 12- 3- 43013 if 11 11' Qtr 111 1' 11' 1 11 '1' ll ll l U ll li ll U i H. ll U Compliments To U lj ll U U U U ll U JEWELER M The Class of 1948 U 221 East Liberty Street ll , ll ll ll ll Wooster, Ohio il ll ll W! U wg U ll ll ll li 'fl I 4190111 111 11: 1' 1 1 11' 1124141111 11,99 -1: ,1 ,1 51- -1- 1 1' 1' g1:49s4Qo,1 ,1' 1::ofo OIY1 1 1 430000111 1 -14 1 ':: ,1 51' 1:1 51' 11:nia Gert: "I'm not myself tonight." Cgmplimemg of Oc.: "Good, then we ought to have a good time." lf PETE WEI R ll gy ll 'l THE BARBER li Martha F.: "I don't think I should get zero ll in this exam." Creston, Ohio Mr. Work: "I know but it's the lowest l i ii 4................................................g. Bill Anshutz: "What are you thinking of?" Dick Ream: 'lMy future." Bill: "What makes it seem so hopeless?" Dick: "My pastf' 8 O I Miss Shaner: "All extremely bright men are conceitedf' Beachy: "Oh, I don't know, I'm not." 1103003111 1' 11: '11 ,1' 11 1. 1' 11: 1' 1 aan 14? li U H l U Compliments of Q U U ARL HERMAN GENERAL STORE 2 Hermanville, Ohio ll -r-----N- '--...... ---1+ mark there is." Qcscoatvocvioiootoabootozvlocoaboohooioiofc ll U ll ll ll Ripley's Print Shop U U N U Dependable job Printing U li F! M We Buy, Sell and Rent Typewriters li N Repair Service on All Makes ll Phone 2433 Creston, O, ll ' ,. W U 010111 11: 11 t1t moveto 11: '11 can '11 1' 1' 1: -1: 1 nip o!oo:ooQvoQvoQvoQv4qooQo4osa9vaQs4:ooov4quo:uo:qi, l l Y- A l I ll BOND SHOE STORE li Wooster, Ohio POPULAR PRICED Nationally Advertised Brands Yi -1'-1:-1: if 1: .-- :E 1 it :E :E 1--111+ IPAGE FIFTYI asvecoisaanoiocoaioioqoeieiaiaconianoazoezvcasoicbsoaoabvoqoacoaioiocsoi The Phofo-Engravings Used in This Book P R o D U c E D B Y THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING 8. ELECTROTYPE Co CANTON, OHIO ata-eco ---i ,:,4Qo 1 9 S S Q A ! I i R 2 w 9 etveleioienvexvabselanv :' ' 4Qu"'ccooQr-A ' " 'ul'-' iaiabvaioaoonoocvabvabsotoofb l l l i L l i 0!noQo40o4Qoa0ocnoo:o4aoo:v4:s4:o4Qv4Co10v'i :::p!g 1: 1:1 oaoocvi ii U U W ll ll U ll ii SAL'-Y'S ii ii PAUL C. WINKLER li ll U U ii Wooster, Ohio ii Complete Food Market M U ll Home Dressed Meats i Your Favorite Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables Ready to Wear Store Phone 2421 ii ii U U 01412: ::: 1:1 -:r 1:1 ,:: :::4e+-.Qv,:. ,:. .:.aso.::oo+o!0 Q-'Il -I1 I' Z :Ii 'I' Z' -I2 -I1'0'?1f 2:i 123'9'f:"!' ll Mary jane: "Your Honor, of course I didn't ll ll stop when the traffic cop waved and QQ Compliments of N! whistled at me. l'm not that kind of girl!" ll li +5 T. W. sl-IAAF , if Q Q F, " , U Bill Anshutz fvery bored at a dinner partyj : Slaughter House and Cldef Press "Who is that strange looking man over N C H there, who stares at me so much ?" ,. h' ig reston' O 10 ig Bob Hart: "Oh, thatls Professor Jenkins. H You know, the famous expert on insanity." -i-1: :P 1: 123315151 35123 is 1: ff ff---:1 1-1- Mrs. Bibler: fexceedingly angryj "So you Tj.-rj ij 1: ij T Zi: :Z li :P :F K: A: confess that this unfortunate freshman was if 33 carried to the pond and drenched? Now O L I V E R Xlhaggsarrtndid you take in this disgrace- U Finest in Farm Machinery I ii Parts and Service U Fred Meyers fmeeklyj: "The right leg." M M , , , ig sl-IEARER li ' Farm Equlpmeni' ?' A chicken is the most useful animal there ii U is. You can eat him before he is born and li Ph0f1C 580 Wooster, O. ll after he is dead. ii Ni '!':11:-11111121-:1 is is 1'1:i1:f1:i1:1111r11'!' iffii 53A f11+C'-221 'It40+1I- Z 000-'i' 40v': aura, Qq4q.Qq.4gv1:: 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 ,:1,::,: ,: i:eeov1:,.!4 H N li W lf GRADUATION GIFTS if if U H if U P. W. SWAGLER U ll Watches, Sheaffer Pens, U U . . ll ii I U 15 Plumbing, Heating, Spouting, Roofing U 'i Diamonds, Pearls and Jewelry 1 II lt H l' U Oil, Coal and Gas Furnaces U i . . ii U , , U , wma S Jewelry Store M Llceflsed Plumbing H ll U . li U Wooster, Ohio U M Phone 2554 Seville, O. U ll U IPAGE FIFTY-TWOJ up-10:toohm-areo1414:oioQsai1oe141414:v4:v4iibLoio4Qo1s4i414Qo414:va:v4141oQ0Io 3 l COMPLIMENTS OF l I 3 SELLERS and LONG 1 l CRESTON, OHIO 9 l D D D D D Ifnhvocvosvesri, 1:2 ,Y, 49010112 ,V ,-lv'-. ,Y ::1Q0v0Cv,- f 00v4Cf4Cv0C'4D"'0"C"9"-"-"'-"3" iw-0---'-H-W'-'ef-N'-'--lr -5"-"'4-'r--"""':"""""' ll , II A L z Wayne Hardware S THIS ANNU 3 81 Supply Co. U g PRINTED BY ll z "Where Quality Comes First" l 2 124 N. Walnut St. Wooster, O. I Pnnter ll 1 phone 28 M ' Wooster, Ohio .!.-....-....-....---....-.l l-....-..---.-+---.4-1--R ,!,.,Q,31- 3j,g,4q,,1 ,2:4ga,: :::-oCvf:' 12060460 Chuck: "I always do my hardest work be- lj fore breakfast." H Glenard: "What,s that?" Compliments of Chuck: "Getting up." i Q - JERRY'S Barber Shop Diner: "Is this peach or apple pie ?" Sguth Main Street Waiter: "Can't you tell from the taste?" Diner: "No, I can't.', ll Creston, Ohio Waiter: "Well, then, what difference does 4 it make." E! QL: 1:7 ,Zi 11: :maven-,: 4i0i1'03'41'-ir 'ING 'F'-"""'+" IIQUQ """"-N-"""""+"1' 1I1"'1 'Z' -:"""":f ':1"""1: :E I U CANAAN MARKET U H GENERAL STORE sy FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS -:- FRESH MEATS -:- GROCERIES 1 HARDWARE -:- DRY GOODS ll CAANAN, oH1o PHONE 3190 D ,ig i'4os,:, IPAGE FIFTY-THREEJ oQs'7'iu4co 7Y '7 7 7 40ooQv4:-- 7' 7 is: 7' 7'4QoaQo4po1v4:o4coaQb4Qv4ao49o Congra+uIa+ions To The Class of I948 Zan? ,,,. YOU ARE STANDING AT THE BARGAIN COUNTER FOR LIFE INSURANCE. NOW IS THE TIME FOR PUT- TING AWAY 355.00 OR 310.00 A MONTH FOR RETIRE- MENT AT THE AGE OF 55. Q L COFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY CRESTON, OHIO JOHN K. COFFEY, fSpecia1 Agentj Representing Continental Assurance Company eaoacvaxsogsqgoqsi 1: ::i4QsY7Y Y7Y --A.g,Y-Y -Y -Y -Y -Y Y -- -Yqqpggpgqpqgp EPAGE FIFTY-FOURI THE END Jean Carter, Harry Sonneclecker, Mary jane Woods, Robert Russell, ,Lois Gerstenslager Merle Beachy, Bonnie Steele, Donald Henderlong, Martha Jane Frary, Roger Reese, Bob Markley IPAGE FIFTY-FIVEI AUTOGRAPHS

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