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. ff" Q 1' l',. ...- ,- I . ,J 7 I 1 - r A I 1 4' ,I ,. 5 l,,'f r,. ,a , nz 1- , v l. J 1 f-' ff ' . f 4,4 ,, y X 3 uw L x - Y W' ' SC, W I S K 1 ax sn ff.. -. 1. F. 'aa , X . , 'ff 6 xi X , Q, N. f 'if Q . -A fx J? - -. , 5, 'SW '- x X --11 , 'Q' . ms'- f ? v I Avy, .1 'S N1 , Jnk 1-,A 1 , , 'er' . T Q,-,gef x ' ,ii 2 ig x"" U .I xr . V. ' '1"'21i 'X I h qd5Q .. 4 , Q 5 gi? Cuff 2, y. my Q-:QM 2 X, x ' .Pla H . gg. A, I an y, it H L Nba , X 15- ,nw .f ., 2.4 ' - ' 1 .v 1 Q- ' J 4 f 1' ' !' ", Q m f .f 'A .--Pr? ' . P "K: V ' '.-Q -' f X 1.-fm. ., ,Ai nfx ' -' ,Mf- 06006000009000000060 0,00,O-9090.9058004,00,09,OQOOOQOOQOOQOQQOOQO-0.00.0-0.90.0400 I my ANNUAL 1 THE ANNUAL Published by the CLASS OF 1947 CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL CRESTON, OHIO oooooooooooooooooooo Q,Mfg04,45N,N,nyc,u,o4,u,n,u,+o,w,w,u,n,N,a fPage Onej I 1947 ANNUAL 1 IIDIIIEIIIDIIIGBACQIIFMGDN We, the class of 1947 dedicate this annual to MRS. NEAL BIBLER, in appreciation of the under' standing and patience which she has shown us during our Senior year. fPage Twoj l 1947 ANNUAL 1 THE ANNUAL STAFF Row 1-Donald Reese, james Blough, Robert Fry, Phil Matteson, Roy Lucas. Row 2-Mrs. Bibler, Kathleen Murray, Pauline Irvin, Dorothy Cherry, Mary Henderlong Editorfinfchief ..................... ...,., D orothy Cherry Assistant Editorfinfcliief ........ .,..... J ames Blough Business Manager ..................,. . . ............ Pauline Irvin Assistant Business Manager ....,... ........ P hillip Matteson Advertising Editor ............................................ Robert Fry Assistants .....,......... Calendar Editor Sports Editor joke Editor ........ Literary Editor . Faculty Adviser James Blough, Roy Lucas fPage 'Threej Mary Henclerlong Donald Reese Donald Reese Kate Murray Mrs. Bibler I my ANNUAL 1 ORESTON HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Don Mcllvaine ........,.,......................................... President Kenneth Ream .................... ............A....... V ice President Roy Grunder .............A..............,............................... Clerk Nelson Gordon, Dwight Tyler I: Page F ourj l 1947 ANNUAL 1 FACULTY Row 1-Mr. Carl Robinson, Miss Frances Hinclley, Miss Eileen Smith, Miss Louise Smit Miss Estella Easterday, Mrs. Mabel Bibler, Mr. Harry Frey. Row 2--Mrs. Grace Brockett, Mrs. Pauline Sparr, Mrs. Ruth Miller, Mrs. Lavonne Zehner Mrs. Ruth Leaman, Mrs. Elsie McQuigg, Mrs. Jeannette Glasgow. fPage Five! I 1947 ANNUAL 1 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. H. C. FREY MRS. N. A. BIBLER MISS EILEEN SMITH MR. HARRY YOUNG WOOSTER COLLEGE WOOSTER COLLEGE ANDERSON COLLEGE WOOSTER COLLEGE ANN HARBOR, MICH. BOWLING GREEN KENT STATE UNIVERSITY Intfumental Music History Commercial History MISS ESTELLA EASTERDAY MISS FRANCES HINDLEY MISS LOUISE SMIT MR. CARL ROBINSON ASHLAND COLLEGE KENT STATE UNIVERSITY OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY WOOSTER COLLEGE English, Music Science Home Economics Mathematics fPage Sixj I 1947 ANNUAL 1 fPage Sevenj I 194 7 ANNUAL 1 SENIORS President KATHLEEN MURRAY Katie, 'when called on, just says "I don't knowwg Professors will scowl when to college she'll go. President 4, Vice President 1, 3, Class Play 3, 4, Paper Stall' 3, 4, Chorus 3, Annual Staff, College Course. VicefPresident DOROTHY CHERRY "Dot" is the girl that doth shine in our class, VVith all A's each year she just manages to pass. Vice President 4, Class Play 3, 4, Editor of Annual, Chorus 3, 4, Student Council 1, Girl Reserves 4, Paper Staff 3, 4, College Course. Treasurer Secretary PAULINE IRVIN Polly's the typist, the five and ten clerk, Each morn, noon, and night you can see her at work. Secretary 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, Chorus 3, Class Play 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Annual Staff, School Secref tary 4, Commercial Course. MARY HENDERLCNG Mary's known to us all by her small, unique giggleg To go with her giggle is added her wiggle. Student Council 2, Treasurer 4, Girl Reserves 4, Class Play 3, 4, Annual Staff, School Secretary 3, Commercial Course. fPage Eightl I my ANNUAL 1 S E N I O R S JAMES BLOUGH jim is the shortest of us even stillg Calling him "jimmy" brings his "urge to kill". Student Council 1, Vice President 2, President 3, Class Play 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Paper Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff, College Course. ROBERT FRY 'KBobl', when quite younger, always talked of his cow, But his taste has changed, it's of girls he speaks now. Basketball 1, Paper Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff, Class Play 4, Mixed Course. DOROTHY BIGLER Dorothy's as quiet as the small Christmas mouseg She"s ever so silent around the school house. Chorus 3, Commercial Course. FRANCES DRABEN STOTT "Fran" makes the fre burn in many a homeg She will make salesmen lose their urge to roam. Class Play 3, Annual Staff, Chorus 3, Commercial Course. fPage Ninej I my ANNUAL 1 SENIORS RCYLUCAS "Luke" is a gay, happyfgoflucky ladg His jokes that are good, oft times tum out so bad. President 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 5, 4, Track l, Class Play 3, 4, Paper Staif 4, Annual Staff, Student Council President 4, College Course. MARJORIE MULHCLLAN Mai'gie's a farm girl, she's proud to admit, With "sliclqei's" and farmers, she's siwely a hit. Class Play 4, Girl Reserves 4, Student Council Vice President 4, Commercial Course. PHILLIP MATTESCN t'F1ip" is the sportsmaifi, the hiintev so bold, Eating's the joy of his life, I am told, President 1, Class Play 4, Paper Staff 3, 4, Annual Stall, College Course. i DONNA LEWIS "Donn is another of our girls of the fa-rmg A Shes always in mischief but does one no harm. Chorus 3, Annual Staff, Commercial Course. fPage Teiij l 1947 ANNUAL 1 SENIURS CORRINE KAUEMAN Corrine is the girl with the golden voice To help other people is her only choice. Class Play 3, 4, Chorus 5, Mixed Course. DONALD REESE "Tonyl' loves chemistry, physics, and mathg A strong love for arguments he also hath. Baseball 4, Treasurer 3, Paper Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff, Model Club President 4, College Course, Class Play 3. CLASS COLORS - BLUE AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER - WHITE CARNATION CLASS MOTTO - "TODAY WE FOLLOW, TOMORROW WE LEAD fPage Elevenj Page Twelve 1 1947 ANNUAL 1 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 1943 - 1944 In the fall of 1943, 29 students came back to school, after their summer vacation, ready and eager to work. These 29 students, consisting of 17 boys and 12 girls, were to become Freshmen that year. There was no doubt in anyone's mind there was a great future ahead of this class. For our first high school class advisor we chose Miss Kalkas. We then elected Phillip Matteson, president, Carl Slater, vice president, Pauline Irvin, secretary and treasurer, Jim Blough and Dorothy Cherry, members of the student council. - We had several parties during the year, the first being an initiation party given us by the Sophomores. This first year we were very active in school. Most of our girls be' longed to the R. C. H. Club. Jim Blough belonged to the musical branch of the school. Carl Slater, to the Varsity "C" club and Eugene Sigler, Carl Slater, Robert Anshutz, Frank johnson, Harry Leaman, Lowell Col' lins, Clifford McVey, and jim Blough were members of the basketball and baseball teams. Bob Fry also played on the basketball team. Through the year we added four new members to our class. One girl, Donna Lewis, and three boys, Roy Lucas, Raymond Graf, and Paul Par' sons. This gave us a total of 33 members, but much to our dismay, we lost 10 members by the next fall, leaving us with only 23. Soon the year came to a close and we were glad for summer to come again. 1944 - 1945 Coming back to school in the fall of 1944, we acquired seats in the study hall, much to our liking. D Choosing Mrs. Baron as adviser, we elected Roy Lucas, president, Inn Blough, vice president, Paul Parsons, secretary and treasurer, Mary Henderlong and John Dyck, student council. We added three new members this year--Frances Haley, Elmer Sher' win and Robert Miller, but lost them along with eight others by the next year. This left sixteen hard working members in our class. . As this year came to a close, we were eager to occupy the middle of the study hall as Juniors. h fPage Thirtee-nj I 1947 ANNUAL 1 1945 - 1946 September 9, 1945, proved a great day for sixteen ambitious Juniors. Coming back to school we welcomed two new members, Kent Ripley and Norma Sonnedecker. ' With Mr. Arva as adviser, we proceeded to elect officers: james Blough, president, Kate Murray, vice president, Pauline Irvin, secretary, Phillip Matteson, assistant secretary, Donald Reese, treasurer, and Kent Ripley and Norma Sonnedecker, student council. We raised money for the banquet, to be given the Seniors, by selling Christmas cards, having bake sales, and picking up potatoes. Un April 5, we gave our junior class play, which was a great success. After our presentation of "Kay Beats the Band", we were given a dozen white carnations which were much appreciated. After our work we all enjoyed ourselves at the Iunior and Senior ban' quet in May. We ordered our class rings and sweaters. We received our rings in June, but our sweaters did not arrive until the following fall. 1946 - 1947 At last we are Seniors. Can graduation be far in the future? As officers for our last unforgettable year in school we chose the folf lowing: Kate Murray, president, Dorothy Cherry, vice presidentg Pauline Irvin, secretary, Mary Henderlong, treasurer, Marjoie Mulhollan and Roy Lucas, student council. Mrs. Bibler was chosen to advise us. After receiving our class sweaters we were known far and wide by the bright blue color and the emblem designed by one of our more artistic members. On November 14, after many evenings of practice, followed by sleep' less nights, we successfully gave our Senior class play, 'lEverything Hap' pens to Us." Working hard to raise money for our trip the months will soon roll by and we will find our school life over. Cur enrollment has now come to a total of fourteen, nine girls and ive boys. But as we leave our beloved school, you will find many traces of us. just look on the top of any desk in the building and there you will find along with many others, our scratches and cuts. -Corrine Kaufman. fPage Fourteenj L 1947 ANNUAL 1 CLASS WILL Attention all friends, relatives, and creditors of the Class of "4'7"! Being of sound mind, we do hereby publish this last will and testament bef fore we pass into the other world, bequeathing all of our most cherished possessions to the poor souls who are forced to remain in this cruel life: ARTICLE' 1 To the Junior Class we will the privilege of picking up potatoes two days instead of one. To the Sophomore Class we will the privilege of moving out from under the nose of the study hall teacher. To the Freshman Class we will the privilege of initiating the new Hupperf classmenn. - To the Eighth' Grade we will a room in which they can gaze out of the window during class and watch the kids play ball. To the Seventh Grade we will the privilege of being able to call someone ,else "the baby class". . ARTICLE II U We wish to leave the following to the udetentionftotin' " Simon Legrees: To Mr. Frey we will a jar of "Arrid" for his basketball team. To Mrs. Bibler we will freedom from having to buy all the things her class has to sell. To Miss Smith we will a class of smooth dancing boys who can lead the girls on their own feet. To Miss Smit we will a new nickname, more dignified than "TootsiefRoll". To Miss Hindley we will a room in which to keep her plants and fish where they won't be disturbed by the "eager" physics class. To Miss Easterday we will one foot to her height so she will be on equal footing with her opponents in battle. Fifteenj I 1947 ANNUAL 1 To Mr. Robinson we will a class composed entirely of girls, so his word concerning the subject will never be disputed. To Mr. Young we will another day in the week for music, as we imagine he's rather tired of coming on Thursday. ARTICLE III I, Dorothy Bigler, will my ability to remain silent during an argument to Glenard Beyeler. I, jim Blough, will my altered basketball trunks to Dick Ream. I, Dorothy Cherry, will my ability to draw beautiful girls to John Dyck. I. Frances Drabenstott, will my ability to ignore wolf calls to my sister, Martha. I, Bob Fry, will my naturally curly hair to Marg Lucas. I, Mary Henderlong, will my ability to talk fast at all times to Bob Markley. I, Pauline Irvin, will my form in playing volleyfball to Jim Smith. I, Corrine Kaufman, will my graceful walk to Virtle Smith. I, Donna Lewis, will my height to Bill Anshutz, so he can become the star player on the basketball team. I, Roy Lucas, will my powerful voice to Bonnie Steele to use on next year's paper staff. I I, Phil Matteson, will my way with Eleanor to Ralph McClintock. I, Marjorie Mulhollan, will my typing ability to Harry Sonnedecker. I, Kate Murray, will my ability to separate people from their money to the next Senior president. I, Tony Reese, will my hair style to Sylvia Murray. We, the Class of "47" will the school house the strength to stand up under itls grief at our departure. --Signed by Senior Class of l94'7 fPage Sixteenj I my ANNUAL 1 CLASS PROPHECY I was on my way from California, where I had been a hairfdresser for several movie stars, to New York. The study of a few new hair styles for a picture about to be produced in Hollywood necessitated the journey to New York. I was almost asleep when the engine of the rocketfship began to spit and sputter. The pilot informed the passengers that we would have to land immediately to refuel or repair the engine. As I surveyed the strangely familiar surroundings, I noticed an airport to the west of us, and approaching this airport, I made out the letters on the hanger to be Creston Airport. The name 'LCreston" brought back many memories and I decided to look up all my old classfmates while the ship was being repaired. At the airport there was a garage with the sign "The Boudoir Me' chanics" in front of it. As I entered the garage, I thought I saw two familiar faces and was astonished to Hnd that they were Frances Drabenf stott and Mary Henderlong. Since they were covered with grease and were dressed in men's clothing, I hardly recognized them. Standing in back of them were eight little girls, whom Mary quickly claimedg Frances said her eight little boys were sleeping but she would arouse them. It seems their husbands had divorced them and they had decided to pool their resources to open a garage. They were doing very nicely too. As usual they were the town's busiest busyfbodies and gave me an account of each of our former classfmates. Kathleen Murray had inherited a huge mansion from one of her many rich uncles and had turned it into a boarding house. She had formerly studied interior decorating but her boarding house was as far as she went with it. In the day time she was a school teacher, while in the evenings she was a fortune teller. This occupied all her time so she had employed Dorothy Cherry as her maid and cook combined. Neither of them had married and both were prim old maids. Dorothy was also working with the town's new physician. He paid her a commission of 5 CZ, for every meal she cooked that sent a patient to him. He was fast becoming one of the richest men in town. Roy Lucas was working hard as an understudy of Boris Karloff, and had very little time for social life. He was a nervous and solemn man and was crowned with quite a bit of gray hair. After his graduation he tried to get on the radio as a second Bob Hope. He was to be called the "Corn King" but after his first program the country's morale dropped 5O'Z,. He said he knew it couldn't have been his jokes or his singing so it must have been the commercials. Marjorie Mulhollan had changed' her mind about being a farmer's wife and had surprised everyone. She had married one of Tommy Manville's jfPage Seventeenj I 1947 ANNUAL 1 sons and was THE lady of society. She was living in a New York pentf house and had been chosen as one of the ten best dressed women of the year. 1. Robert Fry, it seems, was quite a man about town. His distinguished goatee and moustache evidently added to his magnetic charm for he had broken many of the local women's hearts. He had been married six times but each marriage had been a failure. It was then that he decided to call it quits and spend all his time on the stock market. Dorothy Bigler wasn't at all the shy, bashful type she had been during her school days. She was now the sole owner of the Bigler Construction Company of Creston. The motto for Dorothy's company was "You tear 'em down, we build 'em upf' She, of course, owned a ranch south of Creston and has some of the most beautiful horses in the country. Bing Crosby had sold all his horses to Dorothy, thus explaining her ranch. Corrine Kaufman had wanted to become a dramatic actress but she, too, had changed her mind and was now a very prospering lady dentist. She had an ofhce high in one of Creston's biggest business buildings and was the foremost dentist. Donald Reese was doing all right for himself too. He was a tree surgeon which explained the wellfkept look Creston's shrubbery had. He had mar' ried a local belle at the age of 19 and had settled down to raise a lovely family of twelve. He led a quiet life except for Saturday afternoons, when he took part in a debate heard over the radio on a nationwide hookfup known as "Donald's Dingy Debate Department". Pauline Irvin had surprised everyone by buying out her father's garage and converting it into a recreation hall. She also bought some additional land surrounding the garage so she could have a twofacre gym. Her basket' ball team was the girls' championship team of Ohio. Phillip Matteson, it seems, was tired of the humfdrum of city life and had bought a huge dairy farm in Wooster. It was known as "Flip's Dairy" and was very prosperous. A great asset to his business was his clean shaven look, acquired when he received permission from his parents at the age of 25 to use a razor. james Blough was the president of an oil company created in Creston many years ago when oil had been discovered there. He was a millionaire but it hadn't gone to his head. He had never married because he didn't trust women since his brideftofbe jilted him when he was a young man of 28. I thanked Mary and Frances for the information about my other class' mates and again boarded the ship which was taking me to New York. -Donna Lewis fPage Eighteenj 1 1947 ANNUAL 1 fPage Nineteenj f 1947 ANNUAL 1 JUNIOR CLASS Row 1-Dorothy Smith, Roger Reese, Margaret Lucas, Bob Markley, Mr. Robinson, Lois Gerstenslager, Bonnie Steele, Row 2-Norma Yoder, Mary Jane Woods, Norma Beal, Martha Frary, Wilma Graber, Lois Reese, Jean Carter. Row 3-Maynard Uhler, Glenard Beyeler, Merle Beachy, Harry Sonnedecker, Robert Russel, Donald Henderlong. O F F I C E R S President ............ ...........................,,........... ...... B o b Markley Vice Presilent ....... ......... M argaret Lucas Secretary ............. ............, L ois Gerstenslager Treasurer ............... ....................... B onnie Steele Student Council ........ ....... R oger Reese, Jean Carter Preamble We, the members of the Junior class, in order to form a more perfect union, establish suction, insure scholastic impossibility, provide for the common defense, promote the general confusion, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution of the junior Class of C. H. S. Twentyj l 1947 ANNUAL 1 JUNIOR KNOW - ALL MR. ROBINSQN . CHUCK ALLEN . NORMIA EEAL . . IEAN CARTER . . LCIS CERSTENSLACER ROGER REESE . . DONALD HENDERLCNC ECE MARKLEY . . CLENARD EEYELER . MERLE EEACHY . . MARTHA ERARY . . MARY JANE WOODS . DOROTHY SMITH . BONNIE STEELE . p HARRY SCNNEDECKER NCRMA YODER . . LCIS REESE . ELDA CASSER . . MARGARET LUCAS . WILMA CRABER . . . . - Knows All About . Running saws and the art of First Aid . How to play Blackjack . Everybody 4. "4O" Mercitirys . Snipe Hunting . Hou' hard it is to keep red hair of his shirts How to run Model Ts . The way to Cleveland . Running away from girls . Irvinls Garage . Walnict pickers . Being an aunt . Sailors . Keeping the Iunior money 'lovin' H . How to sit . A certain Burbank guy . Being quiet . Phoenix, Arizona . Shorthand fPage Twenty-onel I 1947 ANNUAL 1 a Row Row Row ROW' Row ROW' 2? SOPHOMORES fTopl Howard Graber, Bill Anshutz, Bill Marko. ,lames Smith, Ralph McClintock, John Clark, Miss Smit, Zella Slater, Eleanor West Vtfanda Craft, Martha Dravenstott. Anton Dyck, Eugene Lance, Esther Russell, Stanley Miller, Jerry Lance, Annetta Coffey, Lowell Beyelcr, Paul Lengacher Richard Yeagley, Shirley Howell, -Kenneth Stahl, Bob Hart, Dick Ream, Dick Younker, Brooks Griffin, Virgil Christian, FRESHMEN fBottom 1fFred Meyer, Annabelle Sigler, Loretta Vial, Glenna McClintock, Phyllis Collins, Miss Hindley, David Moore, jo Anne Long Erma Christian, Dorothy johnson. Dale MCIlVHine, Bill Starkey, Barbara Houseworth, Louise Franks, Carole Smith, Charlotte Rook, Betty Stewart, Betty Stahl Sylvia Murray, Sally Reese, Sheila Conn, Esther Graber, Kathryn Rennecker. Xgiligle imlith, Mary Mulhollan, Phillip Mowrer, Duane Rabcr, Jack 'Stillwagnen jay Cheeyney, Ronald Litton, Newton Ferguson Crt Omson, fPage 'Twentyftwofl y USUALLY FOUND I mr ANNUAL 1 JAMES SMITH .......................,...................... ZELLA SLATER ......... KENNETH STAHL ........ ELEANOR WEST .........,.... RICHARD YEAGLEY ........ DICK YOUNKER .........,......... ...... RALPH McCLINTOCK .........,.. ...... MARTHA DRABENSTOTT ........ ...... RICHARD REAM ................. ...... ESTHER RUSSELL ....... ROBERT HART ....... GENE LANCE ............. JERRY LANCE .............. PAUL LENGACHER ....... HOWARD GRABER ...... SHIRLEY HOWELL ...... BILL ANSHUTZ ........... LOWELL BEYELER ........ JOHN CLARK .................. VIRGIL CHRISTIAN ...... ANTON DYCK ....... WANDA CRAFT ..... MISS SMIT ...,..,..... Trying to do a million things Everywhere Doing absolutely nothing Undecided Sleeping Loajng at the windows Talking to a bored female Blushing Cracking jokes Minding her own business Not paying attention Girl dreaming In detention hall Teasing some little girl Shying the girls With Esther Asking .Questions Doing his lessons Not Hsobern In an argument Making love Talking about Jim Getting teased FRESHMAN FIBS RICHARD BEICHLER ............,................,.... JAY CHEYNEY ......,....... ERMA CHRISTIAN ........ PHYLLIS COLLINS ........... SHEILA CONN ...' .................. ...... BERTHA DRABENSTOTT NEWTON FERGUSON , .,t..... .... . . LOUISE FRANKS ................. .....v ESTHER GRABER .......,................ ...... BARBARA HOUSEWORTH ALBERT JOHNSON ................. ...... DOROTHY JOHNSON ....... ...... RONALD LITTON .............. Jo ANNE LONG ................ GLENNA McCLINTOCK ..... ...... DALE MclLVAINE ......,...., FRED MEYER ..,,............ DAVID' MOORE ............ PHILLIP MOWRER ...... MARY MULHOLLAN ....... SYLVIA MURRAY ..... DUANE RABER ............... SALLY REESE ....................... ...... KATHRYN RENNECKER ..,..... ...... CHARLOTTE ROOK ............. .,.... Morbid Athletic Dowdy CWithdrawnJ Feminine Energetic ' Comical Curly Romantic Pflbby Little termite Gay Noisy Gruesome Digniyied Stupid Big termite Girlish Musical Blond Crew cut Droopy Bashful Disagreeable Madcap fPage Twentyfthreeil Row Row Row Row Row Row RCW' 1 2 3 1 3 4 EIGHTH GRADE fTopl Anna Mae Crabtree, Nancy Campbell, Margaret Banks, Jerry Sehaad, Beverly Yeagley, Miss Easterday, Barbara Harman, Betty Hackworth, Bob Stillwagncr, Jack Gantz, Alkn Mae Marcum, Mary Perry, Jo Anne Rhoads, Barbara Cabell, Ellen Griffin, Ralph Bixler, Ronald Hostcttlcr, Harold Adams, Gerald Youn Dean Litm n g, H . Mildred Ferguson, Carol Hanzie, Gerry Pfouts, Ellen Fetzer, Phyllis Earick, Russell Miller, Esther Woodward, David McCoy, Lloyd Marcxim, Donald Perry, Milton Bcyeler, Stanley Lewis, Noble Rook. SEVENTH GRADE fBottoml -Paul Fouehe, Pauline Stewart, Elloween Rook, Donald Fair, Marcia Rhoacls, Miss Smith, Roberta Marcllm, Lisle Kaufman, Carol Beichler, James Crabtree, Donna Pinkley. .loanne Copley, Phyllis Buss, Jean Allen, Caroline Sigler, Robert Griffin, Paul Mulhollan, Leila Miller, Patty Nalley, Marolyn Yealgley, Alice Weideman. Billie Christian, Stanley Frey, Chester King, George High, James Fetzer, Eugene Johnson, ,loc Fleming, Patsy Viall, Patty Reese Donald Johnson, Raymond Howell, Donald McGlone, John Uhler, Robert Rhoads, Leo Fetzer, Esther McCoy', ,loannc Younker, Evelyn Dravenstott. fPage 'Twentyffoiwj 1947 ANNUAL 1 S HAROLD ADAMS ....,..... MARGARET BANKS ...,. MILTON BEYELER ...,.. RALPH BIXLER A....... BARBARA CABELL .,.... NANCY CAMPBELL ...... ELLA MAE COOK ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ANNA MAE CRABTREE PHYLLIS EARICK ,......... MILDRED FERGUSON .. LOGIAN No Other Like It Always Refreslnn Cat's Paw Floods of Suds Smoother, Creamier A B. C. Like Grandma s Only More So Greatest Name in Housekeeping Get Thin To Music Stop, Loolq Listen Lux Girls Are Lovelier Good To The Last Drop ELLEN FETZER ,,.,,,,,,A,,, JACK GANTZ ........ ELLEN GRIFFIN .............. Table Grade BETTY HACKWORTH ...,.... DARLENE HAMILTON CAROLE HANZIE ..,...... BARBARA HARMAN RONALD HOSTETLER STANLEY LEWIS .,...,.. DEAN LITTMAN ......... ALKA MAE MARCUM . LLOYD MARCUM ,..,...,,,. ,,,,A DAVID MCCOY ........ RUSSELL MILLER ...,.... DONALD PERRY ......., MARY PERRY ............,. GERALDINE PFOUTS ESTHER PINKLEY ..,.. IOANNE RHOADS ...., NOBLE ROOK ...,....,..., JERRY SCHAAD ,..,,..,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. BOB STILLWAGNER ,,,,,,,, 4,,,, ESTHER WOODWARD BEVERLY YEAGLEY .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, GERALD' YOUNG .....,. MISS EASTERDAY ........ Penetrates Stirnulates The Smile of Health One A Day W'orld's Choicest Delicacy Biggest Bargain in America Walk a Mile So Smooth So Sleek Halo Glorifles It 'Your Shoes Are Showing L. S. M. F 'T S. O. S. No Other Does All This Famous For Quality World Over Be 'Your Own Music Teacher The Best And Nothing But The Best Better, Easier What a Difference fPage Twentyffivej Not a Cough in a Carload Always Better Better Always Silhouette Smooth All Purpose .Quick Come Back So Round So Firm So Fully Packed I 1947 ANNUAL 1 SEVENTH GRADE FAVORITE SONGS MISS SMITH ...............................,...... "Rumors Are Flying" JEAN ALLEN ..................,,.... ..... ' 'The'fe's An Awful L0t Of COIJCC in BT1lZil" JOANNE COPLEY ..,....................... "Philipino Baby" EVELYN DRAVENSTOTT ..,......... "South America Take It Away" CAROL BEICHLER .......,...,,A.,,, ,,,,, ' 'Rainbow At Mic2lnight" LEILA MILLER ................. . .,.,, "Always" PATTY REESE ................... ...,. ' 'Sentimental journey" ROBERTA MARCUM ....... .,.,4 ' 'Five Minutes More" PHYLLIS BUSS ........,...... ..... ' 'To Each His Own" ESTHER MCCOY ..... ..,,. ' 'Jack O' Diamonds" PATTY NALLEY ......., ,.,,, ' 'Surrendern MARCIA RHOADS .....,. ..... ' '-Juanita" ELLOWEEN ROOK ....... ..... ' 'The Old Lamp Lighter" CAROLINE SIGLER ..... ..... ' 'Ole Buttermilk Sky" PAULINE STEWART ....... ..... ' 'Glory Bound Train" PATSY VIAL .......,.,.,,.,.... ,4A,, ' 'We Li-ue in Two Different WOTldS" ALICE WEIDEMAN ..... ..... ' 'The Atchison, Topeca, and the Santa Fe" MAROLYN YEAGLEY ..... ..... ' 'Waitin' For the Train to Come In" JOANNE YOUNKER ..... ..... ' 'Got the Sun in the Mornin' and the Moon at Night DONNA PINKLEY ....... ..,.. ' 'The Bells of St. Marys" BILLIE CHRISTIAN ....... .s,,, ' ' JAMES CRABTREE DONALD FAIR ........... JIMMY FETZER ...... LEO FETZER ......... JOE FLEMING ........ PAUL FOUCHE ........ STANLEY FREY ...... Anchors Away" "Dark Town Polka Club" . ..... "Till the End of Time" "I Can'L Go On This Way" l'm Always Chasing Rainbows" It Bell Bottom Trousers" I. Sue City Sue" Buckle Down" ROBERT GRIFFIN ...... ,.... ' 'Docton Lawyer. Indian Chief" GEORGE HIGH ............. ...,, ' 'Stone Cold Dead in the Market" RAYMOND HOWELL ....... ..... ' 'Chiclqery Chick" DONALD JOHNSON ..... ..... ' 'The StarfSpangled Banner" EUGENE JOHNSON ...... ..... ' 'Little Brown Jug" LISLE KAUFMAN ...... ..... ' 'Marozey Doatsn CHESTER KING ..,.............. ,,.., ' 'Shtanty Town" . DONALD MCGLONE ,,.,.,. ..... ' 'American PAUL MULHOLLAN ,.... ..,.. ' 'Tumbling Tumbleweed" ROBERT RHOADS ....... ..... ' 'Along the Navaho Trail" JOHN UHLER ...........,.. ..... ' 'The Spanish Two Step" HERMAN HUGLE ,....... ..... ' 'Roly Poly" fPage Twentyfsixll I 1947 ANNUAL 1 .U O fPage Twentyfsevenl I 1947 ANNUAL Row 1-Roy Lucas, Kate Murray, Miss Easterday, Phil Matteson, Pauline Irvin, Merle Beachy, Donald Henderlong. Row 2-Corrine Kaufman, Marjorie Mulhollan, Robert Fry, Mary Henclerlong, Dorothy Cherry. James Blough. John Arthur Ross ......... Kitty Ross ...........,., Rhett ............ Ronald .......,,,,,..,. Jay Uuniorj ..,........ Gloria Thatcher ...,..... Martha Fay .............., Charley Duncan ,..,.....,l,,, Josephine Cartwright Ike Hicks .....,,....,..,..,, Iva Sorrell ........ Esther Todd .........,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, SENIOR CLASS PLAY Everything Happens To Us .......Motl1er........... ......,Olclest Son......... .......Second .......Baby of tl1efamily......... ......,Iunio'r's girl friend......... ......'Ronald's girl f'riencl.....,. .......Man of all trades........ .,.....Snoopy ......Telepl1one employee.......... .......Realfestate woman......... .The new mazcl ................................................. Philip Matteson Pauline Irvin Merle Beachyi' Roy Lucas James Blough Dorothy Cherry .......Kate Murray .......Don Henderlongs: .......Corrine Kaufman .......Robert Fry Marjorie Mulhollan Mary Henderlong The two starred UU names above are members of the Junior class who were kind enough to help us out in our time of need. fPage 'Twentyfeightj 1 1947 ANNUAL 1 , .h...,...,.,m...a,,4- ,,,,-.11- G l er, Margaret Lucas, Jean Carter, Charles Alien, Row 1-Harry Sonnedecker, Lois erstens ag Miss Easterday. l R b t Markley, Donald Henderlong. Row 2-Roger Reese, Norma Yoder, Norma Bea , o er Row 3-Mary jane Woods, Wilma Graber, Dorothy Smith. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY A Case -of Springtime ..........Who is on A spot................... Bob Parker ,.... Mr. Parker ..... .......,. . His father .,.,...,........ MTS. Parker .... ......... H is mother ......., .....'.....His sister........,..... Betty Parker ..,... Dickie -----.-................ .......... T he kid brother ............. Gwen Anderson .......... ...,,...,. D ickids 'lFlame" ,................. v loan Abernaker ...,.... .......... T he principals daughter ...... Eddie- ---.---....-.-...... ........... H er brother ....................... Louella ------------vr---- .......... T he Parker's maid ................ Mr. Abernaker ......... .......,.. T he high school principal ...,.... Mrs. Brunswick ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, O f the P, T, A ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Mrs. James ...,..,,,,. ....... O f the P. T. A ....... .... ' ....... ......, o fthe P, fr. A .......... Mrs. Hill ........... Plainclothes Man .,..,,,, ,,,,,,, T hg "law" ,,,,-,-,-,,, U Miss Bright ---------. ......, F rom the zoo ....... fPage 'Twentyfninej Merle Beachy Bob Markley Norma Beal Lois Gerstenslager Charles Allen Jean Carter Margaret Lucas Harry Sonnedecker .Norma Yoder ..Don Henderlong .Mary jane Woods .Bonnie Steele Elda Gasser .Roger Reese ..Wilma Graber Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 4- SENIOR MODEL CLUB fTopD Kenneth Stahl, James Smith, Bill Marko, Eugene Lance, Roger Reese, Mr. Robinson, Donald Reese Bonnie Steele Bill Anshutz Howard Graber. -Roy Lucas. Bob Russell, Donald Henderlong, james Blough, Anton Dyck, jerry Lance, Phillip Matteson Bob Hart Dick Ream Ralph McClintock, Harry Lehman, Harry Sonnedecker, Bob Fry, John Clark, Dick Ycagley Virgil Christian Maynard Uhler Glenard Beyeler. JUNIOR MODEL CLUB fBottom -Bill Starkey, George High, Leo Fetzer, Virtle Smith, Ronald Hostettler, Mr. Robinson, Sylvia Murrax Carol Smith Robert Rhoads, Billie Christian, Donald McGlone, Stanley Lewis, Jack Gantz, Noble Rook, James Fetzer, Paul Ivlulhollan, Robert Griffin jaAnne Lony, Sally Reese, Loretta Vial, Nancy Campbell, Gerry Pfouts, Ralph Bialer. Raymondvklowell, Paul Fouche, James Crabtree, Stanley Frey, Lisle Kaufman, Chester King jerry Schaad Eugene johnson Donald Fair, Fred Meyer, Dale Mcllvainc, Jack Stillwagner. jay Cheyney, Dwane Raber, Phillip Mower, Albert johnson, Richard Beichlcr, Donald Perri John Uhler David McCoy Gerald Young. fPag'e Thifrtyj I 1947 ANNUAL 1 ORCHESTR ciropp Row 1-Ralph McClintock, Nancy Campbell, Bill Marko, Esther Woumdxvard, Annetta Coffey, Fred lvfeyer. Row ZfCarole Smith, Carol Henderlong, Donna Pinkley, Eleanor NVest, Stanley Frey, David Moore, Jerry Pfouts. Row 3-James Smith, Shirley Howell, Paul Lengacher, Jo Anne Long, GLEE CLUB fBottom M Row l-Wancla Craft, Lois Gerstenslager, Jean Carter, Dorothy Cherry, Miss Fasterday, Carole Smith, Margaret Lucas, Erma Christian. Row g-Phyllis Collins, Zella Slater, Sally Reese, Charlotte Rook, Jo Anne Long, Kathryn Renneker, Glenna McClintock, Esther Russell. Row ngSylvizElMurraX-,ij Martha Drzxvenstott, Norma Bcal, Sheila Conn, Annetta Coffey, Shirley Howell, Mary Mulhollan, Corrine Kauf- man, czxnor est. fPage Thivtyfonej 1947 ANNUAL 1 e STUDENT COUNCIL fTopl Row 1-jean Carter, Roy Lucas, Marjorie Mulhollan, Joe Flemming. Row 2-Ralph McClintock, Esther Woodward, Roger Reese, Mr. Frey. GIRL RESERVES fB0 ttom Row lfDorothy Smith, Mary Henderlong, Pauline Irvin, Miss Easterclny, Bonnie Steele, Margaret Lucas, Eleanor West, Row 2-Tallaify Jane Qkloods, Norma Yoder, Lois Reese, Norma Beal, Martha Frary, Frances Dravenstott, Wanda Craft, Esther Russell, ima ra er. Row 3-Annctta Coffey, Lois Gcrstenslager, Jean Carter, Martha Dravenstott, Zella Slater, Dorothy Cherry, Marjorie Mulhollan, Eldu Gasser, Corrine Kaufman, Shirley Howell. fPage Thirtyftwoj I my ANNUAL 1 off, xx fPage Thivtyfthreej L 1947 ANNUAL le Left to right: jean Carter, Eleanor Vv'est, Margaret Lucas, Sylvia Murray. CHEERLEADERS The four cheerleaders that kept the spirits of both teams high this year were Sylvia Murray, Jean Carter, Eleanor West, and Marg Lucas. Sylvia, Jean and Eleanor have just completed their first year of cheering while Marg has finished her third year. All four cheerleaders were dressed alike, their uniforms consisting of hlack slacks, white blouses, and black, white and red checked ierkins. fPage Thirty-fowl Row Row Row Row Row Row 2- 1-J 3.. BASEBALL fTopJ Roy Lucas, Bob Markley, Virgil Christian, Roger Reese Harry Sonnedecker Donald Reese, Jerry Lance, Charles Allen, john Clark Mr Frey ames Smith, James Blough, Bill Anshutz, Jerry Lance BASKETBALL fB0tt0m, Roy Lucas, james Blough, Bob Hart, Bob Markley, John Clark Roger Reese Harry Sonnedecker. 2-Mr. Frey, Charles Allen, Virgil Christian, Phil Mowrer Richard Beichler erry Lance Iames Smith, Bill Anshutz, Anton Dyck, Ralph McClntock Virtle Smith Howard Graber, Eugene Lance. fPage Thirtyfjivej l 1947 ANNUAL 1 BASKETBALL The backbone of the 1946f47 Commando basketball team was made up of three returning lettermen, John Clark, Bob Markley, and Bud Beachy. The remainder of the positions were ably filled by the following: Roy Luucas, jim Blough, Harry Son' nedecker, Charles Allen, Roger Reese, and Bob Hart. Under the coaching of Supt. Harry Frey, these cagers marked up a total of eight victories in twentyfone starts. . In the county tournament they lost their first game to Apple Creek. In the consolation game with Sterling, the team was victorious, but was eliminated from further play, a few days later, by Shreve, thus closing the season for the Commandos. To climax the season, a banquet, sponsored by the Senior class, was held at the school house for the team and cheerleaders. Creston Sterling Creston Congress Creston Dalton Creston Burbank Creston' Alumni Creston Sterling Creston Doylestown Creston Smithville Creston Seville Creston Mt. Eaton Creston LeRoy Creston Apple Creek Creston Fredericksburg Creston Shreve Creston Seville Creston Chester Creston LeRoy Creston, West Salem TOURNAMENT GAMES Creston Apple Creek Creston Sterling Creston Shreve BASEBALL ' Six lettermen returned to the baseball team to open the season. They were John Clark, Roger Reese, Bob Markley, Harry Sonnedecker, Merle Beachy, and jim Blough. The remainder of the team was made up of the following: Charles Allen, Jerry Lance, Jim Smith, Brooks Griffin, Donald Reese, Virgil Christian, Bill Anshutz, and junior Lance. Through the efforts and leadership of Supt. Frey, the team was able to win eight of the nine games. Hopes are high for a successful ,spring season. Creston Sterling Creston Smithville Creston Burbank Creston Sterling Creston Smithville Creston West Salem Creston Congress Creston Congress Creston West Salem fPage Thirty-sixzl l 1947 ANNUAL 1. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5 Back to school again. Don't faces ever change! 5 Classes chose officerse--Oh you poor people! 9 Mr. Frey had better listen to his wife and maybe he wouldn't fall - pardon me, he slipped - in study hall. 11 Why all the sleepy heads? Fair must have been too much. 17 The Seniors got their class sweaters, that's the reason for the blue birds. 19 Miss Smit made an announcement that the Sophomores should meet in Study Hall, then she would tell them where to go. 20 Magazine salesman was here with a few jokes to pep up the day. 20 Sophomores had a hayfride. 26 Miss Smit Qbetter known as Tootsie Rollj objected to holding hands in General Business class. Don't tell me she never did!! 27 Freshmen had a hayfride. My, but they are popular. QThe hayfrides, that isj. OCTOBER 3 Senior play cast was chosen. 4 juniors had a hayfride. They sure believe in keeping late hours. How about it, Juniors? 11 We were entertained today by the Messick Bell players. Sure was good enter' tainment. 15 We all looked at the "birdie". You guessed it. The cameraman was here. 18 First newspaper came oif the press. The Ink Splashes made quite a hit. 22 Seniors were given permission to pick potatoes over by Chester. The juniors sure love them now!-reason: no classes. 24 Seniors wanted to get rid of excess energy so went potato picking again. Zi Teachers went to Cleveland to the N.E.O.T.A, meeting. My, we love those teach' ers for leaving us run loose. 25 Halloween party at the school house. 28 Juniors went potato picking and brought back a lovely potato for the Seniors. 29 Girl Reserves had a theatre party. Went to Wooster. NOVEMBER ll Guess they thought we hardfworking students needed a vacation. No school - Armistice Day. 13 Seniors presented their talents to the public - Senior Class Play. 14 Mr. Leon Smith entertained us with his trained dogs. DECEMBER 2 New bell system was tried out. 5 Guess who forgot to go to P. A. D, class - none other than Corrine Kaufman. 6 Juniors got their class rings. My, but a little thing can make them happy. fPage Thirtyfsevenj 1947 ANNUAL 1 CA L END AB 10 Senior class pictures came and went faster than they were paid for. 16 Study Hall decorated a Christmas Tree. 17 Name cards came. More money, which nobody has anymore. 20 Girl Reserves gave Christmas program Seniors were guests of honor. 21 Seniors had a party at Mulhollans. JANUARY 24 Rev. Patrick was our speaker for assembly. 24 Guess who was locked in a "very peculiar" place - none other than our president-Katie. '27 Kate was operated on for appendicitis. 30 jack Rank, a Shakespearian actor, presented chapel program today. FEBRUARY 7 Rev. Kinney presented a speech in chapel today. 10 The Wade Quartette, sponsored by the Senior class, gave us a sample of their talent. , 14 Juniors gave a mock "People are Funny" program for their part in the chapel of the year. We had quite a few good laughs too. 21 Eighth grade presented the chapel program for today. It was an episode in the life of Washington. MARCH , 7 Rev. Fair had charge of the chapel program. 8 Cur president became an aunt again. Murray's dog had pups. 8 The whole school received small testaments as a gift of the Gideon Society. 14 Sophomores had chapel today. 19 Class party at Henderlongs. 28 Seventh grade chapel. APRIL 18 Home Economics chapel. 25 Freshman Chapel. M A Y 2 Rev. Banks, chapel program. 9 Music department has charge of the chapel program today. 16 Seniors present chapel program. E 18 Baccalaureate. 22 Commencement. 23 Teachers, last but not least, give chapel program. 25 '29 Senior's trip to Washington. fPage Thirtyfeightj 1947 ANNUAL 1 TEACHERS PROPHECY Since I have been around to see all my classmates I thought it would be nice to visit some of the teachers who taught the last year I was in school. Leaving my eight boys and the garage to Mary Henderlong I started on my journey. I came through Lodi and found that Mr. Robinson had bought the Lodi Airport and was carrying on a trade of his own, He had built a much larger plane and was hauling express to and from the large cities. His pilots were the boys he had taught to fly when he taught Aeronautics in Creston. However the boys who were juniors at the time had long since been dead. The only pilot he could trust was Bonnie Steele. Anyway he had a prospering business and I wished him luck for a few more years. That can't be for very long for you see he isn't a young chicken anymore. Coming to Creston I decided to visit the school and see if by any chance any of the teachers were still here. On entering the office I found Miss Easterday behind the Supt. desk. It seems that she was so stuck on the "little darlings" that she just couldn't leave them. While I was talking to her one of the new teachers sent in a pupil to be taken care of Cand I don't mean he was sickj, so Supt. Easterday set to work. Boy does she swing a mean blow! That poor boy. After this ordeal I asked her if she knew where I could find some of the other teachers. She said that Miss Smith was making the headlines, She is a dancer in a Broadway show called 'LWatch Your Step". She has danced with Fred Astaire, and is now the envy of every girl of the community. She also told me that Miss Hindley has a large aquarium in Chicago. She has a group of prize fish that she names after her pupils. In her spare time she teaches swim' ming at the nearest college. V I was then informed about Mr. Frey and heard to my dismay that under his careful guidance all of my school chums had become alcoholics. In teaching the course on alcoholism, he discovered that drunkards are not responsible for what they do, and devised a scheme to make billions of dollars. He has a great mental institution and through his clever way of teaching, has been able to fill it with his students. Each patient was asked to pay one thousand dollars previous to their admittance, and as the institution has acquired a famous name, people from all over the world are on his waiting list. Mrs. Bibler is president of the firm "Want a Million Dollars" and to earn a little more money, has also accepted the position of Mr. Frey's head nurse and secretary at the institution. Her firm has been very successful and her position at the institution is just as promising. Miss Smit was chosen cover girl for the Farm journal Magazine when her photo was spotted by the Lucky Strike Tobacco Company who hired her as a model for their advertising. They entered her picture in the title of Miss Lucky Strike of 1948. It was later announced that she had won the title. Having learned about all the teachers I started on my homeward journey to the drudgery of the garage. -Frances Dravenstott flnage Thirtvfninej Compliments of SHARP'S FARM DAIRY YOUR HOME DAIRY H U s T o N . P U G H SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 35 So Main St. Akron, Ohio - BL-3100 BL-2240 Highest Quality Athletic Equipment The Finest in Class and Varsity Sweaters With Us Sporting Goods is a Business, Not a Sideline Oc: "I didn't sleep very well last night." Nurse: "What was the matter?" Oc: "The shade was up." Nurse: "Why dicln't you call the night nurse and have it pulled down?', Oc: "No use - she couldn't reach across the street." BUSINESS TRAINING is a sound investment which will pay dividends for life Send for your copy of our Bulletin of Information OBERLIN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Over One Hundred Years of Service in Business Training fPage Fortyj - -v-vvo--- ........, v-- -vv Compliments of JAMES H. SPERBEP. The Western and Southern Life Insurance Co. North Main Street Phone 2691 Creston, Ohio C I think that I shall never see An F as lovely as a B A B whose rounded form is pressed Compliments of Upon the records of the blessedg An F comes easily, and yet It isn't easy to forgetg ' P E T E W E I R F's are made by fools like me, But only God can make a Bee. The Barber Bill A: Who gave you that blnck eye? jerry L. : Nobody, I had to light for it. :I --------,,,: F:,::::,:::::,:::::::::::::: WESTERN AUTO Congratulations from See Us For . n ll AUTO SUPPLIES - WALLPAPER Senror Class of 46 PAINTS - BIKES New or Old One Made Like New WOOSTER, OHIO A"':2::- ::::j ::::::::::::3::::::::::::::: Mr. Frey: Why do you think your son will leave footprints on the sands of time? Mrs. Frey: He'd leave them anywhere. just look out in the hall. ELVIN E. LEAMAN All Lines of Insurance CRESTON, OHIO PHONE 3159 fPage Forty-onej ll +I lf' "" """"" ' " ""' "" ' :::A A - I' 0 0 ll lb 0 0 0 0 fl , 55 M A 'I' 'I' E S U N S ll 55 D R U G s T 0 RE :E 1 I il 'E I if DRUGS GROCERIES Il 0 4+ 0 1 u ii IE PHONE 3371 CRESTON, OHIO I u l lu ll Hv:::: 3 3 :::::::::::::::: :::::::: v::::::::::: Ft -222222222 22222 -2222 2, if Marine: Where do you bathe? :Q H Seabee: In the spring. II C0"'Pliment5 of Marine: I didn't ask when, I asked where lb 0 1+ 0 24 2 ll o QE Customer: Give me a tablet. 1: Druggist Phil: VV' hat kind of tablet? II CRESTON' OHIO Customer: A yellow one. l :I Phil: But what's the matter with you? ll Customer: I Want to Write a letter. lb- -::::: v:::: :::::-::::: ::i r ---- 22222 2:1 :I ll mn Bootblack: Shine your shoes? :: Compliments of Mr. Robinson: No. u Bootblack: Shine 'em so's you can see your face, nl , Mr. Robinson: NO. South Main St' Il CRESTON, OHIO Bootblack: Don't blame you. li::211:::::::::::::::::::: "1 lfPage Fortyftwoj See Our 1947 Cucumber Acreage Good Cash Price THE WOOSTER PRESERVING CO. B jean Carter: You see, I'm really indifferent about kisses. Norma Beal: But you like them just the same, don't you? Jean Carter: No,'I prefer a little variety. sg sg :gg Wolf : Why don't you close your eyes when I kiss you? Bait: I have to keep my eyes open for my husband. v----v----Y--v-------,----vvv, F:::::- --,,,--,v--------- lr ll II IC 0 - cr an Congratulations From Best W1shes to Class of 47 ll ll The MINGLEWOUD 0 CARTER BROOM CO. it H C031 and Ice Co. I Phone 3544 Creston, Ohio WOOSTERv OHIO ll if Coal, Ice and Building Supplies ll ll u ll " """"""-AAAA "AA" A--- J B --A" "" "A" A"'A"""" Hiram Walked four miles over the mountains to call on his lady fair. For a time they sat silent on the sofa in the parlor, but soon the spell of the evening had its effect and Hiram sidled close to her and patted her hand. "Mary," he began, "you know I got a clearin' over thar an' a team, an' wagon, an' some hawgs, an' coavvs, an' I calc'late on building a house this fall, an' " -e- just then he was interrupted by Marys mother in the kitchen. "Mary," she called, "is that young man thar yit?" Back came the answer. "No, ma, but he's gittin' thar!" Compliments of THE WOOSTER RUBBER COMPANY Makers of "RUBBERMAID" HOUSEWARES Trade Mark fPage Fortyfthreej K Y ---- v--- ---v ----- 1 F-- -- ---- v------- -----------ev U 0 ll ll If 'T II If 0 tl 0 ' nn 0 - - I gg N1cho1's Sales SGIVICB if Eg Sterlmg Feed at SUPPIY ff " " " W. W. Grossenbacher 'l na - - - ll M bl - M bl l " " II 0 1 gas 0 1 01 Grain-Feed-Coal-Seed 11 Tires - Batteries - Accessories , , , ll ,, 1, Fertilizer-Lime ,, ll tl ll ' ll if Dealer Fo' Seville 3897 Sterling 4sR5 IC KAISER - FRAZER II II Sterling, Ohio 1: ll 0 +I ll ll g na ll 15:22:22:::::::::::::::::::::::::l ll-::::::::::::::::::::::::::":2rl Vx:Au::::uAu:::x:::xxl I: Kate: Did your watch stop when it hit the floor? if Jim: Sure, did you expect it to go right thru? 35 Compliments of 1: ak , 4+ 0 if A'Ohinese had a .tooth ache and phoned a H dentist for an appointment. :: W0OSTERv OHIO "TWofthirty all right?" asked the dentist. Il -"Yes," replied the Chinese, 'tooth hurtee all 21 right. What time I come?" Eli' "'3II l1llI12llZ1ll33:3:3:ll 12:22:22: ---' "" 2 ::::::::::::'7 if il ll Miss Hindley: Do you know how to tell a lady worm from a man worm? gr ll Bob Hart: Oh, sure. You've heard how a ifwhere Quality Comes Firsts, worm turns? NV ell, if it turns without putting out its hand, it's a lady worm." 124 N- Walnut St- - Phone 23 H Wooster, Ohio Il if . 4-:::::::::::::::::::::::::22:f:1 ifxx: 'i::: ::::x:::::::::::::lf K::::::x:::::x:::::: l ll II ll II if . :I 1: if ,t Comfffmfnfs of 55 55 PAUL C. WINKLER 5, an 0 nn an ll ' tl ll ll 5: The Wooster Feed Co. 1: 1: Volunteer Food Market 3 in mr 0 0 ll ll 0 0 1: GOLD STAR FEEDS Home Dressed Meats 1: Groceries, Fruits, and Vegetables 0 nr ll ll WOOSTER, OHIO 1 II Phone 2421 ,I If Il II IC B::t:::::::::::::::::::-::::::::l b::::::: -:::222 332C::::::::f:i fPage FO'Tty'fOUT:l ,----vu-- ....... - .v.v.. 2- -.v- ----2 --v- v -------v- -----v---Y--1 U ll gg ll ll il 0 I ll Q1 HELEN MARTY S BEAUTY SHOP Qi ll ll ll ' Permanents, Sham oos, Sets and Fin er-Waves 'l ly P g ma LL Cold-Waves il EE EE 1: CRESTON, OHIO PHONE 2694 nr l::::3:::::i::::::::3:3::::::::::::3::::32Z:I3I5:333::::::::2:::Zi r::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 if john Dyck and jerry Lance were bragging 1' , " about their ancestors. ,l Complzments of if 'Do you know that the King of England 'Q " touched my greatfgreat Grandfather on the lj C 0 L L I N S head with a sword and mimde him a duke." 21 Barber and Beauty Shop "That's nothing," said john D. "My great' ll great grandfather was tapped on the head by 11 fl an Indian chief with a tomahawk and made ,, Phone 2232 Creston, O. ,, h. 15. , ,, U im an ange. L:::::33::3::33::::733333133333 Il -I ll ll Bill: 'My wife says if I don't give up drink' Compliments of ing she'll leave me." ll ll an Jim: "Gee that's tough." S T E B B I N S ll ll Bill: "Yeah, I'll miss hers' QQ Banking Company QQ ll ll gy ll 1, ll ll,:::::::::::::::::-::2:2:::::::X nl 1 ll ll 4 I N V I T A T I O N 1+ u lr +I 11 Write or call in person for our 1947 Business College Catalogue. High School 11 Graduates, Veterans, and others who wish to qualify for employment in the Secre- 11 tarial and Administrative Branches of Business, Industry, or Government, may 11 do so in minimum time and at minimum cost. ll ll li nr ll li WUUSTER BUSINESS COLLEGE ii li North Side Public Square Box 128-Wooster, Ohio 0 L:3:33::::::::::::::---:::::::3:::::3::::::3:::3IZ33:33::A-:lziizi fPage Flortyffivej U l V """""""""" i '"""":::::::::'::::::::::::::::-Dail na n n 0 ll ia gg BASTIAN BROS. CU. gg tl if ROCHESTER, NEW YORK gg lb ni mi I 0 LI Designers of Class Rings, Class Pins, :I ll ll if Commencement Invitations and Personal Cards 0 lb 1: Mr. George Roth, Dist. Rep., P.O. Box 823, Akron 9, Ohio Q11 1211:-:IZ11211:2111111121232--12:222Ziillllliillizziiilii:Zigi r:::::::::A-::::::::::::::: --:: -w ' na ll lf Robinson: Cin ragej Who told you to put II those flowers on the studyfhall desk? ll 1 . . 0 I - - H Kuhn S Radlo 8: Electrlc Zella S.. Miss Easterday did. ll ll Robinson: Nice, aren't they? 1: Radio Sales and Service lk 4, 4, 0 H , if Refrigerators and Washers E Mary had 21 little lamb :I I But I am loath to state :I Phone Seville 3621 3 She killed the lamb to get the sheepskin 1: So she might graduate. llc:2:22:22--:::::::::::::: ::i Vx: :xx xxczxxtcil Mr. Coffey: Why is it that you are always at the bottom of your class? U M , S Annetta C.: It doesn't make any difference, C B' Dad. They teach the same thing at both ends. Everything In Music 0 11 X ,. ii Two Stores U ' ' in U ll ll nn . - mr Bud Long: Did you get my letter firing you? Public Square - Wooster' Ohm ll Bud Beachy: Yes sir, but it said on the en' 388 - Phone " 609 velope, "Return in five days." ll 2.33:3:::::::::::::::I2I?:2::::32. f::::::::::::::::v::::-222222222 --:::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::'W nu f lf 1: nn ll ll :: TOM REESE 81 SONS 1: tp . ll 11 Carrier and Chrysler II 0 4' li Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Iron Fireman, Gas Heating, if Oil Heating, Engineering, Motor Repaired - Estimates Free :l ll ' I' U ' ll :I 107 Russell Avenue Phone 2515 Creston, 0510 0 l .....,.. - ,..A..... - - ....... - - ......... ...... .... ..... ..-- 2 : : c :R fPage Fortyfsixj 5 '::::xxx:::::: :::::::::::::x:::: ::::x::::: x1 I1 gg I1 gg " ll gg ll gg Il il 11 gg 11 g L. G. BALFOUR c01v1.PANY 11 l 1l ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS gg 11 EE ll gg ll l , , a I gg Class Rings and Pins - Commencement Invitations gg ll II 1' ll . , " " Di lomas - Personal Cards -- Club Insi n1a Il ll P g gg 11 1: " I1 I1 gg I1 gg Il gg ff Represented by: F. L. Wallace, P.O. Box 123, Toledo 1, Ohio ll 11 gg li gg :: 11 1 1: ll,::::::::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::: .::: v::: : ::::::::::i VU:::::::::::::::::Ax:::33:1 :I "Oh," exclaimed the fair city boarder, as a If I I couple of calves scampered across the meadow, ll S C h 1 I1 e S "What pretty little cowlets " ll 11 " 11 "Yew air mistaken, ma'am," said the old li farmer, L'Them'S bullets." ' ll ll 1 ': 1: ALWAYS A Gooo SHow gg 'f Z X Il Bob Hart, seeing an Indian Squaw for the Il FOUND IN OHIO first time exclaimed, "Hey, Mom, look at the IL pistolfpacking mama with a rear gunner." X131 Qlllllli :::iAMl::2 lA1-l 3233 E 'Mix:":'A:::::::::x:7 Miss Easterday: Now class, I want you to learn that a noun is the name of a person, Complimgnfg gf place, or thing. Can you give me an example, ll 6, 'l Bob? THE CLASS OF 47" 1 Bob M.: An organ grinder. W A L K E B- S , 11 Miss Easterday: That's right but what makes Family Sl10C StOI'C you Say that? 154 E. Liberty St. - Wooster, O. ll Bob M.: You said that a noun was the name ffshoes For The Entire Family' of a person who plays the thing. I u,:::::::::::::::::::::2::1: 3: fPage Fortyfsevenj ""' """" ' "": ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'U lb n u GBBSTBNSLABBB BBBS. EE Dealers In LIVESTOCK and HOME DRESSED MEATS if PHONE 3251 CRESTON, OHIO 0 ::::::::--::::::::::: .A:: -::::::- -----:: czceceetctc: --:: l 0 n Compliments of and ll 0 il Coal and Building Supplies ll 0 and Heating and Cooling Equipment CRESTON, OHIO 216 E. Liberty sf. Phone 67 if Wooster, Ohio ll ll 2:2:22:22::::::::::::::::::: l::::::::::::::::x:xx:::-- l HAMBURGER INN 10c - Hamburgers - 10c Wooster, Ohio Mr. Frey: fin world history Classy Billy, can you tell me where the Red Sea is? Billy M.: On the third line on my report card. Phil: Dave, what does the paper mean by seasoned troopers? Dave: Qjust returned from the armyj Mus' tered by officers and peppered by the enemy. D. G. KEENER, 0.D. White Building Seville, Ohio r ---- ----- - -v ------ ---- ------ -v ll ll ll ll IN in If Compliments of il is l l r fi B af B sir ORE gt lb lb if East Liberty Street nu B II Wooster, Ohio If ll 0 su ll U A.:::::::::::::::::::r:::::22:::1l fPage Fortyfeightzl In'""""""""""""' """"""""""I nr ll Il II ll II U Il IP . II Complzments of U II Ii ll II " HIWAY MOTOR SALES " " I1 II . II 1: Service on All Makes of Cars jg Il U II ll Il General Contracting II II Il ll if Trucking and Dirt Moving U f 4+ EE Our Speclalty 11 fl II ll 0 0 nr 0 0 ll IP Il ll 0 0 I 55 V. IVI. IRVIN and SUN ig 0 ll 11 PHoNE assi - 3342 CRESTON, OHIO II il TI ll ll b:::::::::::::::::::::::: v:1::::::::::::::---::::::::2222221 r:i3:::-:3:3::::::::::::933:::3 :I Il Mr. Robinson: Your Wife always drives like II lightning, doesn't she? 0 - :K Compliments of Mr, Frey: Yes, always striking trees. U N . : :lc ff MODERN APPLIANCES li I I Il Professor: See here! What did you mean EE C,-egonfs New Electric Store by walking out of my lecture this morning? U " " Student: I'm not sure how it happened sir, 0 . Q 11 Creston' Ohio but I think I must have been moved by some' :I thing you were saying. uiiiliifiiliiiillil ""l 3232331 p:::::::: ---- :::::-::::::::::::-v ll lr II il Customer: Can this fur coat be worn out I in the fain? 5' RIPLEY S PRINT SHOP 1g Salesman: Madam, did you ever see a rabbit Home of carry an umbrella? - C . t Mr. Robinson: Can anyone tell me how iron e ommunl Y opper was discovered? 0 .. If Phone 2433 - Creston, Ohio u john D. : I heard they smelt it. I ..ii.... ...ii.i.. I fPage Fortyfninezl II ---- Y' vvvvvvv-v-----v- rv'-rv --------'--'-" vvvvv 4I 'I MCCORMICK - DEERING FARM EQUIPMENT I INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS I 4I 4I I I BUCEYE TRUCK gl IMPLEMENT CU. II OPPOSITE FAIRGROUNDS WOOSTER, OHIO II II 4 4 4 II v 'vi' vv 44 44 :I Compliments of 4 EDWARD ANFANG I SOCONY VACUUM OIL COMPANY I I 4I I WOOSTER, OHIO I F ,::::,, ..., Bob Fry: "Say Dad, why do they call Eng' ish thc mother tongue? Compliments of Dad: "just see who uses it the most around the house, and then yOu'll know. General Store Mr. Frey fin world history classj: Vwfhere ,, were the Kings of England Crowned, Annetta?" H In Oh' I CYUIHIIVI 6, 10 Annetta: "Cn their headsf, ,I I r 4 With Best Wisher I 4 u ' THE WILLIAM ANNAT CU I II Wooster's Friendly Department Store I I --Q ,oo.AA-- TA? fPage Fiftyj 7- .,,,,.,v...... :::::::: ::::::::--2222222115 in in 0 ll 4+ -l WOUSTER LUMBER CU. IC 1: OPPOSITE FAIRGROUNDS WOOSTER, OHIO IT ll 11 Where Better Builders lb ll if Buy For Better Huge Builders l ..A.. AA....... ....A..A...........A....A. - - K::" -AA-- ::::::::7:::::::::: A motorist, noticing that a repairman who A had fixed a tire for him was rolling it the 'l length of the garage, excidedly yelled, "Hey, pick that thing up. Do ya wanta wear it out?', H4 0 QUALITY COAL II Miss Smit: How do you get down Off an 11 TRUCKING - STORAGE elephant? nr Miss Hindley: You dont get down off an CRESTONv OHIO elephant. You get down off a duck. ll :::::::::,:::: :::::: 2: F::::: :::::::::::::::::::: ,::: ,::: :-:::::- ---A-- ::::: A ll ll I+ it AUKERMAN SERVICE STATION if GAS -- OIL - ACCESSORIES if Atlas and Willard Batteries 4+ EE State Route No. 3 -- R. D. No. 3 4+ II Wooster, Ohio ': L -- --::: :3::::i:::: --:::::::::::::::::3:::::::3:I3- 5333: 5 F: -::::::: :::::: :::::::::::::: A-A ll li Il . 11 Congratulatzons to ll if THE GRADUATING CLASS OF HW' II ll :: HILSON RESTAURANT ll ll II ON THE SQUARE CRESTON, OHIO lv 0 L:::::::1::::::::3:: ::::::::::::::'2Z2:332353:3:::::3:::: fPage Fiftyfonej Lower the Cost of Dressing Well BRENNER BROS Clothes For Men and Boys WoosTER, OHIO Polly: "Darling, when vve're married I nm going to cook and darn all your socks. Merle: "Oh, that won't be necessary, Dear. just darn them." sv if 4- Bob Fry: "What is that gurgling noise?" E. West: "lt's me trying to swallow your line." Compfimfnff of MAssEY - HARRIS CED'S SUPER SERVICE ii Mes SW CRESTON, OHIO EE 55 SNYDER IMPLEMENT 3 gg WoosTER, OHIO She: l consider, John, that sheep are the stupidest creatures living. He: fabsentfmindedlyj Yes, my lamb. Pk Pls Pk Librarian: "We are going to close the desk now, Is there anything you would like t take out?" Phil Mowrer: "Yes How about the short one in the blue dress?" MARATHON Seasoned Gasolines Motor Oil and Grease For Best Heating Satisfaction Let Us Supply Your Requirements With MARATHON FUEL OIL Tank Truck Delivery Over the Entire County - Regular Routes Tank Truck Salesmen-Vernon L. Horst and Wade W. Frank H.L.STEINER OHIO OIL CO. PRODUCTS PHONE 410 WoosTER, OHIO fPage Fifty-twoj ll F22:2:::::::::::::::::t2:::::21:22:212:::::::::::::::::::::::::::'lI nl 'P ll A :L V N K. i7,.lA ll if I I rc as qfepgffx s . if it , . S WK H " isle, Q L -. ., - gg 1.. . at , X f.s...c ' fume. Q. YG' 1- 'L-W EE 0 1' li Satisfaction Since 1884 wa nn 1' ll 'l iq FREEDLANDERS :a 0 ll U , 0 11 It Pays to Buy Quality II ii:::::::::::Q:::::::::--::::::::--::::::::::::2::22:::::f3:::3:::ii V: :::::::::::::: :::::::::::-ll Tramp: Lady, would you do some sewing :L for me? ll Miss Smit: Why, I guess sog what do you Il want me to sew? if WADSWQRTH , CRESTON Tramp: Sew 11 new suit to this button. ll ll ,tg pk pg ll ' ll if QUALIAY MERCHANDISE Miss Smith: What would you do if you If R bl P s d found five dollars in your pocket? U easona y nee Oc Reese: I'd check to see whose pants I ll have on. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l Roy L.: What's this I hear about you and your girl breaking up? WOUSTEB CONCRETE ll il ll ll Phil M.: She was always getting historical. S in Roy: Historical? You mean hysterical, dOn't Concrete Blocks of All Types you? Box 298 " Wooster, Ohio Phil: NO, historical. She was always linding Phone 132 Out about mY Past? Opposite Fairgrounds ii--:::::::::::::2::f:2:222:22:23 F-:::::::: :::::::-A:::::: ---:: :::::::22:-f:::::::f::::::f:::::-iv 0 ll ll ll il 11 ll I I mu 55 Rennecker s Farm Implement Repaut 55 0 nu ll . . tl ll Blacksmithing - Gas and Electric Welding 12 ll in if TRUCK BODIES BUILT-TO-ORDER n 0 ff PHONE 2150 Intersections Rfs. 3 and 604-CRESTON, OHIO i-- ....... -- ...A -I ............ - ..I.....I.. I... 3 :::-t--x:x::::fi 1:Page Fiftyftlireej l r v'-------- ----Q v-2 :22222222 2::2222:: av ll ll 0 ll if K . H IC II II 3 Gef Sally-WM 5g 55 HABEB at KINTNEB 55 QE Sho? at General Store ll nu nu IP if S A L L Y I S Fresh Meats - Groceries IP 0 l ff Woostefiohio Hardware - Dry Goods ll Smart Read9"'0'WeaV Canaan, Ohio - Phone 3190 ll And Sportswear 2-2222::::::::::::::::::::::::::3j 233: ,3:::::::::: -:cc ..vv ll T:':ff:::::::::::':::::::::::::'l7 9 u Mrs. Bibler: "Can you give me ei room and bath?" ll , 0 0 an Hotel Maiiagerz HI can give you a room, but S Jewelry Store you'll have to take your own bath." Watches - Diamonds 4. :ze 0 0 u 0 Martha Frary: "Did you put stitches in?" Clocks M- Jewelry E Elda Gasser: "No, I just pulled myself u , together-w 215 E. Liberty St. - Wooster, Ohio II II L:::::::::::::: ::::::::: :i F::::Aux:::::::::::::::::::1 lfxxx: ::::":::: xx: TT II ll l if 1' V - 1' " 1 Y W' 11 t Bu Sell " QI ,, 4, f ou zs o y or ,, lf Real Estate - See ll 0 l' , . II ll wr if Wooster s Leadmg Store Neal F. Bowman gl Son 12 For Men and Boys Wooster, Ohio I' ' ll 0 nu I' 0 0 0 il Hart Schajjcner 6? Marx Clothes llNeal Bowman Don Bowman 5: Clark Bucher Roy Haley 22: -':: ::::: -::::: -:::::::E Es:::::::2: :f::::::::::: L F22222:222222222222222222222:22fv r-222 :2::::::::::::: " Il II II II II lv It 0 ll 41 0 4' gg HAR1VlAN'S 1: gg . Il 4. ,, ,, Compliments of U lf Groceries-Meats-Vegetables 1' U IP 0 ' ll Dresses-Work Clothing--Shoes fl Il " nw 0 ll " II General Electric Appliances nu nu u H Hoover Sweepers Creston, Ohio ll 4+ nu ' ll Phone 3571 - Creston, Ohio r Il ll ll ll L-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l bt:::::C2222:::::: "----'--' :I 1fPage Fiftyffowrj l ll F -v--- v---vv---- v-v----- v - --Y ---'v---" "v-""""" u ll an ll n ll II Compliments 0 EE u r 1+ R. D. ARMSTRONG and SUN ll n if FUNERAL DIRECTORS II ll sEv1LLE, OHIO Il ll ll if Roy D. Armstrong and Robert R. Armstrong ll Since 1918 II 0 11 1: WEST HILL PHONE 2531 ll ll na ll gh: ---: :::::- ---::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::2:2222 F::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::222222223225 1: QE "That Good Home Cooking" u ll 1: THE COUNTRY HOUSE mu jj CHICKEN - STEAK DINNERS ll Open Wednesday Through Sunday - 12:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. QE For Reservations Phone Seville 2833 1: I DOROTHY and ARTHUR DORN 1+ 5,::::::::::-:::-- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f2::::'22 rc: ::::::::::::---::::::::: Miss Smit fat 21 riding academyjg I want a saddle horse. Owner: What kind do you want, English Or Creston Llvestock Sales W6Sf6f1l? " DAY Miss Smit: What's the difference? SALES EVERY MON 0 Owner: English saddles are perfectly plain, and the Western Ones have horns. H H k A t d M arry aw , uc., an anager Miss S.: Give me one with a horn, Fm not used to traffic. H.:::::::::::::::::::::22:22C2 fPage Fiftyfivej F ----- f ---------- ::::::::::::f:+: r::::::::::::::::f:ff::::::::::1 1: 1: 11 II fl Il IC if M A I B A C H I S Compliments of if Furniture-Hardware-Dry Goods 5' O I I IC Carpet-Jewelry-Medicine, etc. ll QI 1: ll 5: You Can Always Do Better at Francis Ritiz l 11 MAIBACH'S 55 Seville 3891 - Sterling 20 Creston, Ohio II ll Il li VZ:C13:::::':::::::::::::::::TT V:::::::x::::::x::::::::xTl 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: ll 1: 1: 1: C ,. , , 1: , om :men s o EE Complzments of P 1: 1 1 1: ll ll 1: 1: 1: ll ll if COFFEY INSURANCE 1: if METZ GREENHUUSE if lf Flowers For All Occasions 1, Creston, Ohio I' ff Creston, Ohio 1: 1: ll u::::::A-:::::::3:::333333353133 r::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::+: Indignant Cuustomer: just look at this apron! Whelm you sold it to me you said the 0 'I color was fast, and what happens? The color L . S . G E B. I G comes out with the very first washing. Roofng Contractor II Polly fat the 5 if? 101: Well, isn't that fast? l0hn5-Manyi1le A5be5t05 1: I: H' 5' tl' Asphalt and Built-up Roofing U . . l' Mr. Blough: Whats your son's average Roof Palm and SPOUUHS income? 'I 1: Phone 2264 Creston, Ohio . ll Mr. Lucas: From 2:00 to 2:30 A.M. lr:::::::::::::::::::::::A:222:21 ll IC II fl 1: Compliments of 1: ll I: 1: 1: 11 1: J. C. MURRAY 1: 11 II I: 1: ll I: :I Creston, Ohio ii II 1: 1: 1: I: b::::::::::::::::::::::2f::::t:i Mr. Robinson: "I am about to perform a very interesting physics experiment. Should I do anything wrong, the whole class, inf cluding myself, might be blown through the roof. Kindly step nearer so that you can folf low me better. fPage Fiftyfsixj Our Compliments and Best Wishes to THE SEN IUR GIRLS UF 1947 From Donald Reese Phillip Matteson Roy Lucas Robert Fry James Blough fPage Fiftyfsevenj' WEIRICICS QUALITY MARKET FULL LINE OF FRUIT, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES "We Specialize in Oualiiy - Noi Price" Open Wednesday Afternoons For Your Convenience PUBLIC SQUARE WOOSTER, OHIO fPage Fiftyfeightj Congratulations and Best VVishes FROM YOUR PI-IOTOGRAPHER V THE ROBINSON STUDIO CGLUMBUS, OHIO fPage Fifty-ninel r22---2:222:2222222222222-22222222222222222222 -22222 222222 1 I1 U 11 ll fl II I1 ' ll il KEENEYS CAFETERIA 1: ll 11 ll ll II Known rom Coast to Coast II Il ll ff In Hotel Wooster ll ll woosTER, oH1o II IC b:::::1:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ----- :::::::::::::1l F: ':::::::::::::::::::::::::::W II Il Waiter: "May I help you from that soup, ALLIS'CHALMERS FARM sir?" EQUIPMENT N II HINMAN MILKERS rheP2g1L1o1ii. What do you mean, help me from ESCO MILK COOKERS and ' p' 1: FREEZING UNITS 1: NVaiter: "Well, sir, judging from the sound, I thought you might wish to be dragged W . F. W ashoredl Phone 779-L Wooster, O. l::::,:,::: -:,,:::,:::::::::l ::::::::-:::::::::::::::: ::4y Y 1l I1 ll ll ll . 0 II Congratulatzons to II ll ll il ll ff Graduating Class of 6477, II II ll ll ll If B1xLE151's RESTAURANT ,, an "Mother, I just saw a green snake. "Well, for pity's sake, leave it alone. It may be as dangerous as a ripe one!' :Zz ai: 5: Roy: "You're so handsome, so strong, so full of muscles." U Next to Stebbins Bank :Q CRESTON, 01-HQ Clark: "Stop looking in that mirror." II II BT23533533333313::::13::: -3333! v2222222222222222222::2222222222222222-222222 ---2 2222222222-- 2--1 tl 1 ll 1I ll 1l ll ll . if Complzments of 1: Il Il ll II ll ll 11 D. W. TYLER gl SUN Il 11 1I ll 11 :I CRESTON, OHIO If ll I ...... ..A..A. : fPage Sixtyj The Collier Printing Company V WOOSTER, OHIO 51935 3 A U T U G H A P H S fPage SfXCj"fLUOJ A U T 0 G R A P H S fPage Sixzyfthreej AUTOGRAPHS fPage Sixtyffomfl f fy? , ' 1 . , ,ff -.. I,- ,,.r,w---'.L 1' I,- 1 . a ,' Q xl 2 If M A5 .1 W fi ff AN' mm, f I J if " . K' ..- , , i 1 .V , ,, A f , . r f " , , I ,wr ' 1 ' ' . I f I IA, J., ff ' , f , , v,,,,, 1 ,-My 1 , 1- , ff., - . r' " ' Y , A f. .-J' ,,,r

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