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M. T 1 1, su- l 1IQlMlGT ANNIUAXIL 1 6935G55H3F3565556456455C5455E455255555555E355Z?,4r36+5i5'?S5C5+5i3?5C3?5C5?S56i? THE ANNUAL Q Published by the CLASS OF 1945 ORESTON HIGH SCHOOL CRESTON, OHIO 3935-993JF2QE?Q59Qi-C32Qi-'225?+99?+?9?i-9QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ fPage Onej IIIDIIEBIIDTIIIEAQIIHIHDN We, the class of 1945, wish to dedicate this Annual to Mlss Doius MCILVAINE, to show our appreciation of the friendship, advice and patience which she has bestowed upon us during the last four years. fPage 'Twoj 1IQl4lC13 AXNNIUAIL ANNUAL STAFF Rowl Wayne Reese, Majora Kaufman, Kenneth Bricker, Betty Plants, Dean Muinaw Row 2 John Coffey, Roberta Rugh, Phyllis Means, Jean Anshutz, Evelyn West, Miss Mcllvame EditorfinfChief ......,,,,,.....,..... ............... Betty Plants Assistant EditorfinfChief ,.,,,, ...,..,, M ajora Kaufman Business Manager ...............,..... ......... R Oberta Rugh Assistant Business Manager ........ Advertising Editor .................... Assistant Advertising Editor ........ joke Editor ........................l.l..... Literary Editor ...... Calendar Editor Sports Editor ......... Faculty Adviser fPage Threej Dean Mumaw Phyllis Means Kenny Bricker Wayne Reese Evelyn West Jean Anshutz john Coffey Miss Mcllvaine l,l....- -1-1 11 I 1IQll4l6 AXNNIUAXIL 1 ORESTON HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Donald Mcllvaine, President Roy Grunder, Clerk Willis Harman Dwight Tyler Walter Franks fPage Fowl - 1 ll 9416 AXNNIUAXIL F A C U L T Y Row 1-Mr. Frey, Miss Kalkas, Miss Dorothy Kramer, Mrs. Sanderson, Miss Mcllvaine Miss Perry, Mr. Young. McComas, Mrs Row 2-Mrs. Zehner, Mrs. Baron, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Lehman, Mrs. Brockett, Mrs. Bibler. MR. HARRY FREY, Supt. Mathematics P. A. D. Physics Seventh Grade Adviser MRS. N. BIBLER Commercial Latin Junior Adviser MISS KATE KALKAS Science Biology English Geography Eighth Grade Adviser fPage Fivej MRS. BARON Home Ec. Geography General Business Sophomore Adviser MISS DORIS MCILVAINE English Senior Adviser MISS HAZEL PERRY History Arithmetic Freshman Adviser MR. HARRY YOUNG Instrumental JEAN ANSHUTZ I say what I think, nothing more nor nothing less. Rittman 15 R.O.H. 2, 35 Annual staff 4. Mixed course. ELIZABETH BEYELER Quiet, modest, and profound. Why couldn't more like her be found? Dalton 15 College course. MAJORA KAUFMAN Always arguing about something, Be it big or almost nothing, Glee Club 1, 25 Assembly Comm. 35 Annual staffg Glass play 3, 45 R.O.H. 1: Student Council 2: College course. Withdrawn PHYLLIS MEANS When someone makes the piano rave, it's hard to make her feet behave. Junior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Sen' ior Orchestra 3, 45 Band 3, 4g R.O.H. 15 Student Council 35 Annual staff5 Glee Club 1, 25 Class play 35 Assembly Comm. 2: junior and Senior Banquet Com. Mixed course. H9415 ANNIUAXIL S E N I O R S 1 1 l:Page Sixj .- ill-1g. i KENNETH BRICKER Kenny's friendship for jean is quite right, you'll find them to' gether, morning, noon, and night. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Class Pres. 25 Class play 2, 3, 45 Class Treas. 45 Vice Pres. 19 Annual staff 15 Var. C. 2, 3, 45 Mixed course. JOHN COFFEY A happy boy will I be, just to be alone-an airplane and me. Western Reserve Academy 1, 25 Class play 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 35 Varsity C. 3, 45 Band 45 Orchestra 45 Basketball 45 Vice President 45 Annual staifg Fare' well speaker. Mixed course. ROBERT FRANKS When is class Bob is shy, but out' side the school house, Oh my! Oh myl F.F.A. 1, 25 Mixed course DELBERT GASSER Delbert is a friend to everyone, always kind and out for fun. F.F.A. 1, 2: Mixed course. BETTY PLANTS Always happy and profound, es' pecially when a Marine is around. R.O.H. 15 Class play 3, 45 Treasf urer 2, 35 IuniorfSenior Banquet Com.5 Assembly Com. 35 Annual staff5 Mixed course. 1 DEAN MUMAW We grant Dean has lots of wit, and he's not shy in using it. F.F.A. lg Class Pres. lg Vice Pres. 2, 3g Student Council 3, 4g Class play 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4g Baseball 3, 4g Annual staff 4g Mixed course. EMMA YOUNG Emma hasn't much to say, does her work in her own quiet way. Glee club lg R.O.H. lg Mixed course. EVELYN WEST Cheering is Evelyn's delight, she's always cheering with all her might. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g Band l, Z, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4g Class play 3, 4g Glee Club lg Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4g Var. C. 3, 4g Student Council lg R.O.H. 1, 2, 3g An' nual stall: Mixed course. WAYNE REESE Here is a lad who is very quick, always up to some bright trick. Student Council 4g Annual stailg Mixed course. lIQIMl6 ANNlUAXIL S E N I 0 R S DEAN BLOUGH Give him a basketball and the floor, and just watch Dean score. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4g Baseball l, 2, 3, 4g Band l, 2, 3, 49 Or' chestra l, 2, 3, 4g Pres. 3, 4g Stu' dent Council l, 25 Class play 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3g Var. C. 3, 4g Mixed course. GLENDA YOSS She's the life of our class, keeps us happy with lots of laughs. Glee Club lg R.O.H. lg Mixed course. ROBERTA RUGH Roberta is always doing some' thing, never is she seen just do' ing nothing. R.O.H. lg Secretary and Treasf urer 1, Secretary 3, 4g Class play business manager 3, Class play 4g Orchestra lg Band lg Annual staff 4g Legion Essay Winner lg School Secretary 4g College course. MARGARET RESER Margaret is always swearing a smile, to have her around is al' ways worth while. Brewster, O. l, 2g Michigan Cen' ter 3g Creston 4g Class play ad' vertising managerg Mixed course. Class Colors-Green and White Class F loiiver-White Rose Class Motto--"Our ship is at seag where shall we anchor?" l:Page Sevenj FIFTH GRADE PICTURE Row I-Bertha Weitreich, Donna Holderbaum, Betty Stillwagner, Virgil Boyes, Donald Blough, Mary Jane Pinkley, Daniel Levers, Virginia Boyes, Donna Gerig, Lois Collins, Margaret Huffman, Wayne Reese, Evelyn Lance, Charlotte Pate, Marian Johnson, Elmer Sherwin. Row 2-Althea Haley, Grace Pinkley, Carl Slater, Glenda Yoss, Majora Kaufman, Emma Young, Betty Hathaway, Wayne Gingery, Kenneth Bricker, Qunknownj, Dean Blough, Wilber Swigart, Alvin Hamilton, Miss Irvin. Top 3-John Coffey, Evelyn West, Phyllis Means, Donald Frey, Kenneth McVey, Delbert Gas' ser, Lawrence Fetzer, Ray Uhler, June Fetzer, funknownj, Roberta Rugh, Harold Davis, Ruth Walters, Clarence Bricker, Raymond Mullett. TIME MARCHES ON Time and the Graduating Class of 1945 march on side by side. A wink from any man or woman would redden these bashful tots' faces. Now the Seniors have inherited the privilege to wink. So to the people of the outside world, we graduate with this advise to you. BEWARE OF WINKING SENIORS -Dean Blough fPage Eightj CLASS HISTORY In 1940, after years of studying, but with plenty of fun mixed in, thirtyfsix of us entered the freshman class to begin four years of high school work. After we had become acquainted with our teachers and our new room, we chose our class officers as follows: Dean Mumaw, president, Kenneth Bricker, vice president, Roberta Rugh, secretary and treasurer, Dean Blough and Evelyn West, student council members. Miss Koontz was to take up the task of being our adviser this year. To start the year out right, our class had an outdoor party at Wooster Park. We certainly enjoyed ourselves on the swings and playing different games. It seemed that we had no sooner started to school than it came to an end. Looking forward to seeing each other next school term, we bade each other goodbye for the summer. HK' 'A' 'lr The next term found us with only thirty members of our class. Clarence Bricker, Lawrence Fetzer, Bertha Gifford, Wayne Gingery, Betty Hathaway, Ivan Mosier, Raymond Mullet and Loretta Talbot had left school or moved to other towns. This year we had the great privilege of occupying those front seats in study hall. Our class officers were: Kenneth Bricker, president, Dean Mumaw, vice president, Ro' berta Rugh, secretary, Betty Plants, treasurer, Dean Blough and Majora Kaufman, stu' dent council members. We chose Mrs. McFadden fwho was a new teacher from Ken- tuckyj as our adviser. One of the memories of this year was a hayride. Clarence Bricker furnished the tractor and drove us all over town. In November, just to be different from previous classes, we decided to get our class sweaters. The sweaters were green with a big white "45" that made each of us quite conspicuous. We girls had a wonderful time in our Home Ec. class talking about everything but vitamins and clothing. We were happy to receive Elizabeth Beyeler Qfrom Daltonj as a new member, although several others withdrew. Wallace Mensching, Charlotte Pate, Mildred Steele, Mary Fralich, Jennie Franks, Alvin Hamilton, Donald Blough, Mary Jane Pinkley, Grace Easterday and Ray Uhler. Two girls were chosen from our class for cheerleaders-Evelyn West and Virginia Boyes. Several of our boys participated in sports. 'k 'k i' When we again enrolled in school, we were juniors and very proud of that fact. Our class, however, had dwindled down to twentyffour pupils. Our class officers were elected as follows: Dean Blough, president, Roberta Rugh, secretary, Betty Plants, treasurer, Phyllis Means and Dean Mumaw, student council members. Mr. Martin fschool coachj was selected as our able adviser. This year proved exciting to us as we were gradually approaching our destina' tion. We won championship in basketball-thanks to our grand coach and were proud to have Virginia Boyes and Evelyn West as cheerleaders again this year. We received our class rings. We gave the seniors a banquet at the Smithville Inn. We wore our formals and best suits for this special occasion. We had a lovely evening with plenty to eat and a splendid entertainment by the Mack family. In April we gave our class play, "Adams Evening" under the direction of Miss McIlvaine. With lots of work to do and parties to attend, the year passed quickly. ir 'A' 'A' just think! Now we have become seniors and can occupy those coveted seats of the study hall. This year will mean so much to us even with all its hard work. fContinued on Page Thirteenj fPage Ninej CLASS WILL TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WE, the Seniors of Nineteen Hundred Fortyfive, about to depart into a new life and being of sound mind and memory, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. All other such documents we do at this time declare null and void. ARTICLE I To the Junior Class we will the back seats in the Study Hall and the Senior privileges Qwhatever they may bel. We also hope you will conduct yourselves in study hall in the same dignified manner that we have, in order to set a fine example for you. To the Sophomore Class we will the "hope" that they only have two more years until-who knows what will happen? To the Freshman Class we will the first seats in the Study Hall. To the Seventh and Eighth grades we will several years of hard labor and we do hope they can make it. ARTICLE II To Mr. Frey we leave a history class that talks more than he does. To Mrs. Bibler we leave students that will say Mrs. Bibler instead of Miss Bryan. To Miss Mcllvaine we leave a class that can get better grades than we did. To Miss Kalkas we leave a less noisy study hall. To Mrs. Baron we leave bigger and better cooking and sewing classes. To Miss Perry we leave better seventh and eighth grades. To Mgr. gfoung we leave hopes for a bigger, better and more enthusiastic orchestra and an . ARTICLE III I, Jean Anshutz, will my way with Kenny to Vivian Steele so she can handle Wayne Reese the same way. I, Elizabeth Beyeler, will my quietness to Betty Smith. I, Dean Blough, will my basketball ability to Paul Parsons. I, Kenneth Bricker, will my love making to Virgil Markley. I, john Coffey, will my arguing with the teachers to Arthur Boon. I, Robert Franks, will my interest in farming to Harry Leaman. I, Delbert Gasser, will my excess weight to Jeanette Rook. I, Majora Kaufman, will my hobby of reading books to Relda Grunder. I, Phyllis Means, will my height to Bernice Dawson. I, Dean Mumaw, will my charms with the girls to Arthur Meyer. I, Betty Plants, will my way with the boys to Ilene Graber. I, Wayne Reese, will my studying instead of playing around to Kent Ripley. I, Margaret Reser, will my friendliness with everyone to Betty Weaver. I, Roberta Rugh, will my typing speed to Betty Dunn. I, Evelyn West, will my cheerleading to Alice Slater. I, Glenda 'Yoss, will my jolliness to Harold Reese. I, Emma Young, will my way with the Navy to Norma Sonnedecker. fPage Tenjl CLASS PRUPHECY It was a nice spring day in the year of 1960, and as I cruised along in my helicopter I glanced down and at first everything seemed hazy to my view, and as the saying goes "Seeing is believing" and here is what I saw: Betty Plants running a general store at the edge of jackson which her husband, Jim Slater, has procured for an income. It is one of the chain stores of Sellers and Longs, Inc. Dean Blough is a lecturer throughout the state on the prominent subject of "Great Fish of the Deep". He became a diver for the onefhalf Fathom Fish Store, which is right near the post office. People are complaining about the odor but they taste better than they smell. Phyllis Means is the fish girl who prepares them for market, for she says she loves to feel them slip between her fingers. Majora Kaufman runs a night school, teaching her pupils the fundamentals of study. She is doing fairly well but her pupils complain that they think there should be some time left to eat and sleep. Jean Anshutz has become Mrs. Kenneth Bricker and resides in Washington, where her husband's duty is a Senator from Ohio and she is busy being a fashionable lady of the town. .Heartiest wishes go to Mr. Dean Mumaw who is now serving in the Foreign Legion, which he joined because of women trouble. Robert Franks, the noted handler of famous horses, has brought home more medals from the rodeos than McArthur got in the last war. Elizabeth Beyeler is now teacher of debate at Canaan Agricultural College. The problem she has never been able to solve no matter how much extensive research, is "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Roberta Rugh is an optometrist. She has devised a new pair of glasses that do not touch your ears or nose. When asked why not the regular suspensions, she answered: "Maybe they can find a new job for the ears." Delbert Gasser has become a probate judge at the Wooster Court House. He is famous for his predictions that a will contains more than meets the eye. Evelyn West is president of the "Go Gettum College". This institution has become worldfwide famous for its ability to teach its girls the gentle art of how to "Go G6ttl1IT1.ii John Coffey has become an ardent engineer and has been constructing large bridges. Due to the sudden collapse of same, he has retired from that profession and has taken up the building of model airplanes. He fired his secretary, Miss Marjorie Reese, because she insisted that two points determine a straight line. Wayne Reese started out to write a book on comprehensive studies on intelligent behavior, which includes attitude for the children of the future, but he gave it up for he claims he is not experienced with the matter. Emma Young and Glenda Yoss are singing waitresses at the Y. C. on Friday and Saturday nights. Since they started a new addition has been added. The Y. C. has become the hot spot of the town. I, Margaret Reser, am dwelling in my humble twentyfroom house on my small one hundred eighty acre estate purchased by funds embezzled from the Stretch and Pull Girdle Company during my short term as President of the firm. -Margaret Reser fPage Elevenj - -l ll QI-415 ANNIUAIL JUNIOR CLASS Row 1-Vivian Steele, Relda Grunder, Alice Slater, Arthur Boone, Jeannette Rook Bernice Dawson, Beatrice Dawson, Norma Sonnedecker, Betty Dunn. Row 2-M-Mrs. Bibler, Kent Ripley, Ilene Graber, Betty Weaver, Leona Fetzer Irene Huffman Jean Copley, Virgil Markley, Harold Reese, Arthur Meyer. Jeannette Rook OFFICERS Arthur Boone ........ Bernice Dawson Alice Slater ..,..... Arthur Meyer .... Mrs. Bibler ...... fPage Twelvej President Vice'P'resident SCCT6fdTy'TTCdSUTCT Student Council Student Council Adviser , i I IIQMHIT AXNNIUAXIL 1 LET'S MAKE BELIEVE MRS. BIBLER . ARTHUR BOONE JEAN COPLEY . BEATRICE DAWSON . BERNICE DAWSON BETTY DUNN . LEONA FETZER . ILENE GRABER . RELDA GRUNDER IRENE HUFFMAN VIRGIL MARKLEY ARTHUR MEYER VIVIAN STEELE HAROLD REESE KENT RIPLEY . JEANNETTE ROOK ALICE SLATER . BETTY SMITH . NORMA SONNEDECKER . BETTY WEAVER MARIAN JOHNSON The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Humpty Dumpty Bo Peep The Fairy Princess Goody Two Shoes Contrary Mary The Miller's Daughter Cinderella Red Riding Hood Snow Vvfhite fackfThefGiantfKiller The Farmer in the Dell Sleeping Beauty The Big Bad Wolf Simple Simon Henny Penny Aliceflnfvtfonderland Little Miss Muffet Mother Hubbard Goldilocks Little Miss Muffet CLASS HISTORY fContinued from Page Ninej Our class now numbers only eighteen. We lost Margaret Yoder, Virginia Boyes, Eugene Gish, Althea Haley. We received a new member, Walter Weideman, By working hard, he received his diploma by midfyear and left for the Coast Guard in January. We admired Walter for his ambition and zeal. Dean Blough was again president of our class with John Coffey as his assistant. Roberta Rugh was elected secretary, a position she has held since our first year in high school. Kenneth Bricker, treasurer and Dean Mumaw and Wayne Reese our student council members. We chose Miss Mcllvaine as our adviser. Our Class Play "Star Crazy" was to be given in December, but was postponed several times because of bad weather. However, we succeeded in having it presented March lst, which turned out quite successfully. On March 28 we seniors took over the high school and found that our superinf tendent was absent, but things moved along smoothly. The students enjoyed having us as teachers even though we learned more than they did. Most of us decided we wouldn't want to be teachers. Our remaining school term was a busy one filled with many events. First our Chapel program, followed by Junior and Senior Banquet, Commencement, Baccalaurf eate, and our senior trip to Detroit. We chose as our class flower, "White Rose", and our class motto, "Our ship is at sea, where shall it anchor?" -Phyllis Means fPage Thirteenj - iIQII4lGT AXNNIUAI Row Row Row Row Row Row SOPHOMORES Cropp fPauline Irvin, Francis Haley, Corrine Kaufman, Paul Parsons, Roy Lucas, James Blough, Mary Henclerlong, Dorothy Bigler, Lois Reese. fLouella XVoods, Frances Dravcnstott, Kathleen Murray, Dorothy Cherry, Marjorie Mulhollan, Donna Lewis, Elmer Sherwin, john Dyck, Mrs. Baron. --James Weideman, Harry Leaman, Robert Fry, Clifford McVey, Eugene Sigler, Donald Reese, Philip Matteson, Robert Miller, Dick Younker. FRESHMEN fBottom, l--Maynard Uhler, Wilma Graber, Harry Sonnedecker, Joanne Plank, Lois Gerstenslager, Bob Markley, Virginia Foster, Bob Hart, Joan Carter, Merle Bcachy. 2fMiss Perry, Bonnie Steele, Martha Frary, Dorothy Smith, Mary Peacock, Mary Wfoods, Elda Gasser, Norma Beal, Zella Slater, Margaret Lucas. -Anton Dyck, Richard Allen, Roger Reese, Robert Russel, Glennard Beyeler, junior Lance, Roger Mace, Donald Henderlong. Francis Steele, Charles Allen. fPage Fowrteenj T IIQIMHJT AXNNIUAIL THE SOPHOMORE REDSKIN S DOROTHY BIGLER ,......,,..,.,,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,., JAMES BLOUGH ...........,.......... .... DOROTHY CHERRY .................. .... FRANCES DAVENSTOTT JOHN DYCK ........................,.,, .,., ROBERT FRY .,.,......,,.,.,.,.,,., ,,,, MARY HENDERLONG ....... .... PAULINE IRVIN .,.........,. FRANK JOHNSON ......... CORRINE KAUFMAN ..... HARRY LEAMAN .,...... DONNA LEWIS ........ ROY LUCAS .................. PHILLIP MATTESON ..... CLIFFORD MCVEY ............... .... ROBERT MILLER .,.........,.,.,,,,, ,,,, MARIORIE MULHOLLAN KATHLEEN MURRAY .,.,.,..,. PAUL PARSONS ..........,,... DONALD REESE .......... LOIS REESE ,,,,,,,,,......,,. ELMER SHERWIN ...,...,. IAMES WEIDEMAN ....... LOUELLA WOODS ...... DICK YOUNKER ...... MRS. BARON ......... gf-X Night Sun Hiawatha Daughter of the Wind Bowing Violet Sleepy Owl Black Arrow MinniefHafHa Pocahontas Tirnid Wolf White Fawn Muddy Waters Daughter of Dusk Eagle Eyes Chief Sitting Bull Great Oak Wahoo Daughter of the Plains Babbling Broolq Big Chief Rainfin-Face Fleet Wing fGasl Dew Drop Swift Arrow Perfect "Bow', Princess of the Forest Silver Fox Tail Pale Face F R E S H M E N THE RooF IN oUR Room IS How WE GOT HERE CHARLES ALLEN ............. RICHARD ALLEN ....... NORMA BEAL ........,........ MERLE BEACHY ........,,,...,, ,,,. GLENNARD BEYELER ,... JEAN CARTER ....,.,.,.,...... ANTON DYCK ..,.......... VIRGINIA FOSTER .,....... MARTHA FRARY .............. ..... ELDA GASSER ........................ .... LOIS GERSTENSLAGER WILMA GRABER ....,,...,...,.,.,,, A,,, BOBBY HART ..,...,.,.,.,.,,,,. DONALD HENDERLoNG""""' JUNIOR LANCE ...................... ..... MARGARET LUCAS .......... ..,.. ROGER MACE ................. ROBERT MARKLEY ....... MARY PEACOCK .....,... IOANNE PLANK ...... ROBERT RUSSEL ....,.. ROGER REESE .......... ZELLA SLATER ............... DOROTHY SMITH .......,......,, ,.,,. HARRY SONNEDECKER BONNIE STEELE ..,,...,,.,.,. ,,,, FRANCIS STEELE ........... MAYNARD UHLER ..... MARY WOODS .....,., NORMA YODER ...... MISS PERRY .......... fPage Fifteenj CAN YOU IMAGINE? Not taking girls' pencils. Not talking. Not turning around in her seat Having his hair combed. Without his tacks. Holding hands. Not getting zero in Science. Being slim. Acting a fool. Being noisey. Keeping quiet. Not asking questions. Beyond words. Not combing his hair. Getting all Als. Not junior crazy. Not fighting with Kallgas. Going with someone else. Not missing a day. Not flirting. Not fiddling away time. Not seeing "Red" fhairj. Not calling up people and getti Having a boy friend. Behaving himself. Not being quiet. Having blonde hair. Having a brand new car. Not having her dogs following Having long hair. Not washing her hands of us. ng into trouble her. llQMlGi ANNIUA Row Row R ow Row Row Row EIGI-ITH GRADE fTopl -Janice Johnson, Shirley Howel, James Smith, Dick Rcam, Esther Russell, Annetta Coffee, Gloria Houser, Dick Yeagley, Virgil Christian, May Markley, Helen Schaad. -Miss Kalkas, Esther Pinkley, Donna Finley, Marry Ann Messer, Annabelle Sigler, Phyllis Collins, Norma Earich, Wanda Craft, Mary Belle Perry, Waneta Showalter, Eleanor West, Shirley Cowick, -Howard Graber, Richard Beichler, Paul Lengocher, Stanley Miller, Lowell Beyeler, Jerry Lance, Billy Anshutz, jack Stillwagner, Kenneth Stahl, Ralph McClintock, Bill Frey, Gene Lance. SEVENTH GRADE fBottoml -Betty Stahl, Carlotte Rook, Beverly Yeagley, Sally Reese, Esther Graber, Dean Litman, Kathryn Rennecker, Dale Mcllvaine, Io Anne Long, Allen Sherwin, Loretta Viall, Ella Ivfae Cook, Carole Smith, Mary Mulhollan. -Mr. Frey, Erma Christian, Dorothy Johnson, Jo Ann Rhoads, Shelia Conn, Sylvia Murray. Mary Perry, Louise Franks, Leona Stewart, Glenna McClintock, Betty Stewart, Anna Mae Crabtree, Bertha Dravenstott, Virginia Sigler, Esther Woodward, Joan Parsons. -Bob Stillwagner, Donald Perry, Albert Marcum, Albert johnson, Duane Raber, Eugene Boyes, Russell Miller, Wayne Steward, Carl Rock, Robert Mace, Gerald Young, Ronald Hostettler, Lloyd Marcum, Fred Meyer, Wilbert Collins. fPage Sixteenj 1 T11-. Billy Anshutz Richard Beichler Lowell Beyler Virgil Christian Annetta Coffey Phyllis Collins Shirley Cowhick Wanda Craft Norma Earich Donna Finley Billy Fry Howard Graber Gloria Houser Shirley Howell Janice Johnson Gene Lance Jerry Lance Paul Lengacher NQII45 AN NlUAXIL EIGHTH GRADE Bad Actions Rocking Babies Learning, Believing Very Calm Attending Church Playing Cards Singing Carols Washing Clothes Notifying Everyone Dressing Fancy Busy Fighting Hating Girls Going Home Staying Home Jumping Jack Rabbits Girls Love Baseball Passing Letters Bill Marko Max Markley Mary Ann Messer Stanley Miller Ralph McClintock Mary Belle Perry Esther Pinkley Dick Ream Esther Russell Helen Schaad Waneta Showalter Annabelle Sigler James Smith Kenneth Stahl Eleanor West Richard Yeagley Barbara Litton -11 1 Busy Monkeying Making Money Making All Merry Sending Messages Reading Messages Making Boys Perfect Eating Peanuts Fidgeting Eating Rice Helping Scrub VJ ashin g Shirts Always Sleeping Jolting Saws Keeping Serious Every XVhere Robbing 'Youngsters Being Ladyleke fx! SEVENTH GRADE-What Would They Be Like I f? Eugene Boyes would have stayed in school? Erma Christian wouldn't get excellent grades? Wilbert Collins couldn't talk loudly in class? Shiela Conn would remember the answer in class? Ella Mae Cook couldn't think of a new hair--do? Anna Mae Crabtree didn't say a word in class? Bertha Dravenstott wouldn't be sober? Louise Franks couldn't live to love? Glenn Gingery would learn something? Esther Graber would live in the city? Ronald Houstettler would have forgotten to break girls' hearts? Barbara Hurt hadn't come to Creston? Albert Johnson forgot how to talk? Dorothy Johnson only had one boy friend? Dean Litman wouldn't have gotten sick and had to quit school? Ronald Litton couldn't blush? Jo Anne Long forgot about Billy? Robert Mace didn't have any toys to play with in school? Albert Marcum couldn't run any more? Lloyd Marcum forgot how to draw? Fred Meyer got to be the bold type? Russell Miller was shorter? Mary Mulhollan lost her temper? Sylvia Murray forgot about the boys? Glenn McClintock forgot how to make ugoofgoo-eyes"? Dale Mcllvaine forgot that his brain works? Joan Parsons forgot how to dream? Donald Perry forgot what trouble was? Mary Perry forgot how to embroidery? Duane Raber got into the Navy? Kathryn Rennecker forgot where she put the class money? Sally Reese forgot where she put her chewing gum? Jo Ann Rhoads would forget the song "One Meat Ballv Carl Rock forgot how to flirt? Charlotte Rook was fat and short? Allen Sherwin forgot how to get into trouble? Billy Starkey hadn't moved to Creston? Betty Stahl forgot how to help Sylvia, with her lessons? Bob Stillwagner was tall, dark and handsome? Betty Stewart's hair would turn green? Leona Steward would forget books? Wayne Stewart forgot how to be tall? Loretta Viall was tall and skinny? Esther XVoodward didn't get love sick once in a while? Beverly Yeagley ever came around? Gerald Young would have all his teeth? Virtle Smith forgot how to wink? Carole Smith forgot how to eat? fPage Seventeenzl ll 9416 AXNNIUAXIL l Row 1-John Coffey, Roberta Rugh, Miss Mcllvaine, jean Anshutz, Evelyn West. Row 2-Majora Kaufman, Dean Blough, Kenneth Bricker, Dean Mumaw, Betty Plants. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "S tar C razyv ISABELLA ..,..,,,... ,...,,.,,.,,,.,.,,,......,....,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,...., Who once had a chance to be a star BILL ANDREWS ,,,.,.,.,.,....,.,,,...,....,......,..,, 4,1 ,,,,...,., , ' A future baseball star PROFESSOR ANDREWS ..........,,.,,,,,..,,..,,,,..,.,.,.,,... Who has just discovered a neu star JERRY ANDREWS .,,,......,,.... . ...,.,,,,,..,.,,,,,,.,...,..,,,......,,,,,,,.... His daughter who would like to mavry one DONNA ANDREWS .............,............................,............................. Her young sister who thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea BETH ROBINSON ..........,..........................,,,,,,........................ Who agrees enthusiastically DICK MALLON ........ ,...,,...,.,,..,.,,.,.,..,.,,,,,,,,,,..... A baseball star JOAN MAYBERRY ,.,.. ,,,,..,,,,.,.,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,, JOE ALLCOT .....,.,. A Hollywood star XVho is going "star" crazy fPage Eighteenj jean Anshutz Dean Blough Dean Mumaw Roberta Rugh Majora Kaufman Betty Plants Kenneth Bricker Evelyn XVest John Coffey . 1 -1l.M ll 9415 AXNNIUAXIL 1...- 1.- ... -. Row 1-Arthur Meyer, Bernice Dawson, Art Boone, Relda Grunder, Harold Reese. Row 2-Betty Weaver, Jean Copley, Betty Dunn, Leona Fetzer, Alice Slater, Jeannette Rook, Irene Huffman. GRAN DMA GAVIN JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "Tricking Trickstersv Owner of the famous Gavin Garnet HARRIET MARSHALL .............................,.,,,,,,..,....,, MARGARET GAVIN MARY GAVIN HONORIA GAVIN ELLEN GAVIN Her secretary her grandclaughters . .. Jeanette Rook Leona Fetzer Betty Dunn Jean Copley . Relda Grunder . Irene Huffman LUCY LEE ...,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., B ernice Dawson HAZEL ROGERS .,... ........,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ..,. ...... A l i c e Slater An International gem thief KIT CARSON .....,..,... .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , .,,..., Arthur Boone Her accomplice GILBERT REEVES .. ,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ...,.. A rthur Meyer Marys boy friend . PATRICK RYAN ..........,....,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .... H arold Reese A State Trooper, engaged to Harriet LENA .... .....,. ......,,..,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.... ......,.,...... B e t ty Weaver The Maid Business Manager ..... ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,. .,,.,,..... B e atriee Dawson Stage Manager ...... ,o,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,, V irgil Markley Publicity Manager ..,...,.. Norma Sonneclecker Programs ,.............. ,..,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ..,,.,,...... V i V i an Nichols fPage NineteenJ -- 1lQlMl5i ANNIUAIL -lT'1-"" Row 1-Wayne Reese, Dean Mumaw, Alice Slater, Arthur Meyer, Mary Henderlong, John Dyck. Row 2-Sylvia Murray, Waneta Showalter, Harry Sonnedecker, Joanne Plank. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council organized the second semester of the year, with Dean Mumaw as President and Alice Slater as Secretary. Dean Mumavv and Wayne Reese represent the Senior Class, Alice Slater and Arthur Meyer represent the junior Class, Mary Henderlong and john Dyck represent the Sophomores, Joanne Plank and Harry Sonnedecker represent the Freshmen, Waneta Showalter represents the Eighth Grade and Sylvia Murray the Seventh Grade. The activities of the Student Council have been rather limited, but they planned a very successful Assembly Program. Mr. Frey was the Supervisor. fPage Twentyj i lIQlMlCi ANNIUAI Row Row Row Row Row Row B A ND fTopJ 1-Carl Showalter, james Blough, Annetta Coffey, Dean Blough, Mary Ann Messer, Evelyn XVest, john Coffey. Z-Mr. Young, James Smith, Stanley Frey, Glen Showalter, Joanne Long, Merle Beachy, Waneta Showalter. -Eleanor XVest, Phyllis Means, Shirley Howell, Harry Sonneclccker, Harold Showalter. ORCHESTRA fBottoml D Bl h Mar Ann Messer, Carol Smith, Erma Christian -Eleanor West, Nancy Campbell, Barbara Harman, jerry Pfouts, .ean oug , ' y Barbara Cabell, Mr. Young. ' v ' Gl Sh ' lt , Joanne Long, Merle Beachy, Waneta Showalter flames Smith, Carl Showalter, James Blough, Exelyn West, john Coffey, en owa er --Stanley Frey, Phyllis Means, Shirley Howell. Harry Sonnedeclrer, Harold Showalter. l:Page Twentyfoneil l rlfavqrai A NNIUAI - Row Row Row Row 1 2- 1 BASEBALL amp Merle Bcachy, Dean Milmaxv, Virgil Marklcy, Dean Blough, john Coffey, Harold Rccsc, Harry Sonnedeckcr, Arthur Meyer. Skip Poulson, coach, James Blough, Charles Allen, Rnger Rccsc, Bch Marklcy, Roy Lucas, Donald Recse, Phil Matteson, Harry BASKETBALL mummy Skip Poulson, Bob lvlarklcy, Arthur Mcycr, Dean Blough, Virgil Marklcy, Harold Reese, Dean Mumaw, John Coffcy, Paul Parsons, Harry Lcaman, Manager. Lcaman, Managcr. Zfjamcs Blough, Mcrle Bcachy, Rohcrt Miller, Roger Macc, Cliff McVcy, Frank johnson, Roy Lucas, Roger Rccsc, Harry Sonncdecker, Bob Hart. fPage Twentyftwoj 1lQl4l6 ANNIUAIL B ASKE TB ALL With two lettermen returning to form the backbone of our 194445 basketball team, Coach Harry C. Frey had a hard time finding replacements for the gaps left in the team by graduation. The two leftfovers from last year's team which had a record of live wins and fourteen losses, were Kenneth Bricker and Dean Blough. The replacements were Dean Mumaw, Art Myers, Harold Reese, Virgil Markley, john Coffey and Bob Markley. Toward the middle of the season Coach Harry C. Frey appointed Skip Poulson as assistant basketball coach. Skip was in charge of the remainder of the year. The team had a rather poor year, getting only three victories all season. Mr. Poulson hopes for better results next year. The climax of the season was when Skip gave a banquet at Smithville for the 22 players and their girls. This was surely a grand way to end the basketball season. 1- 11-1 Creston 2 8 Sterling Creston 9 Fredricksburg Creston 2 9 Shreve Creston 2 1 Chester Creston 41 Seville Creston 2 3 West Salem Creston 18 Doylestown Creston 2 1 Burbank Creston 27 Smithville Creston 1 9 Dalton Creston 2 4 Sterling Creston 2 5 Mt. Eaton Creston 30 Congress Creston 27 Apple Creek Creston 2 S Shreve Creston 29 Burbank fQ.! BASEBALL There was no baseball last fall but Mr. Poulson is planning on a very extensive program for this spring. As yet there are no scheduled games. fPage 'Twentyfthreej -J- l 1IQlMlG3 AXNNIUAXIL CHEERLEADERS QTOPI Alice Slater, Evelyn NVest, Margaret Lucas. VARSITY "Cv fBottoml Row 1-Harry Frey, Kenneth Bricker, Evelyn NVest, John Coffey, Dean Blough Row Z-Harold Reese, Paul Parsons, Virgil Mnrkley, Roy Lucas. fPage 'Twentyffo-ml SCOUTS GIRL SCOUTS, TROOP 2-ftop picture? Row 1-Phyllis Collins, Shelia Conn, Sally Reese, Betty Stahl, Patty Reese, Ann Peacock. Row ZfDorothy Smith, Martha Frary, Norma jean Earich, Zella Slater, Esther Wcodxvard. Row 3-Carolyn Sigler, Dorothy Rcser, Phyllis Earich, Joanne Rhodes, Pricillzi Norton, Ada Mae Cline. BOY SCOUTS-Cmiddle picture? Row l-Robert Markley, Bob Hart, jimmy Blough, Roger Mace, Harry Sonncdeckcr, Robert Mace, Merle Beachy, Billy Anshutz Row Z-Ronald Hostettler, Charles Allen, Virgil Christian, Donald Reese, john Coffey, Anton Dyck, Rev, Kerr, Rev. Willets. GIRL SCOUTS, TROOP 1-flower picture! Row 1--Lois Gcrstenslager, Majora Kaufman, Annetta Coffey, Shirley Howell, Jerry Pfouts, Barbara Cabell, Barbara Harman. Row Z--Mary Ann Messer, Virginia Foster, Joanne Plank, Jean Carter, Lois Reese, Miss Mcllvaine. Row 3-Ella Mae Cook, Sylvia Murray, Corrine Kaufman, Norma Beal, jo Ann Long, Nancy Campbell. SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5-Here we are back to school again. 6-We find out what our new teachers are like today. ZS-Art Meyers came to school with a black eye today???? He got hit with a baseball. 29-Sang Happy Birthday to Norma Sonnedecker. OCTOBER 6-The high school, eighth, and seventh grades presented Mrs. Bibler with a lovely wedding gift. 9-Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors went to Burbank to pick up potatoes. 10-What happened to the girls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. They are all wearing slacks. Oh! They were going potato picking today but it rained. 11-We were entertained today by Geovanni Sperandeo and his wife who played and sang many lovely songs. 13--Today is Friday the 13th and also the end of our Hrst six weeks of school. 16-Only the "smart" kids get to pick up potatoes. There seems to be quite a few kids here today. We just can't figure out why. 23--Today we start our war . . . selling magazines. Corsairs against the Wildcats. 24-Juniors ordered their class rings today. 26-Liberty Studio is minus a camera today. We had our Annual pictures taken. 30-Some of the kids got their Annual picture proofsg didn't know we had such pretty faces in our class. NOVEMBER 1-Today as we peer out the window we see numerous articles surrounding the flag pole and scattered around the lawn??? Yesterday was Halloween. 14-Everything is back to normal today. Mrs. Bibler has returned from her illness. 14-Today is Cliff McVey's birthday. 15-We were entertained today in Chapel by Archer Drehl who told us jokes and read us some of the many epigrams which he has written. 17-First day of hunting season-not many boys to school this afternoon. 21-Seniors went to P.A.D. class today with suckers for entertainment, but Mr. Frey decided we didn't need any entertainment, so out went the suckers-I mean the dumfdums. 22-The day before Thanksgiving-we are all thankful that this is the last day of school this week. DECEMBER 1-Today we start a "Merry Christmas" week. All the girls are wondering what "he" is going to give them for Christmas. 4-All the grades went to the auditorium today for an animal show. But I ! l l The animals didn't come. 7-Today the animals came. So, we got out of some classes. 8-Sang Happy Birthday to Ilene Graber. 12--No school today. We were snowbound. 13-Still snowbound. Seniors were to have their matinee today. 14-Still no school. 15-We were all happy - we got to come back to school. 15-Seniors were to have their class play tonight. Postponed until better weather. 22-Teachers were anxious to get rid of us today. They sent us home at 2:30. Christmas vacation. JANUARY 26-No school this week, we were snowbound. The sad part is we have to make this up. 8-Miss Evans, singer, and Mr. Charles D, Harrack, a noted piano player, enter' tained us in assembly. I:Page Twentyfsixj -l llQMlCl3 AXNNIUAXIL SCHOOL CALENDAR JANUARY ll-We had a visitor at school today. Donald Irvin, Class of "44" who was home on leave from the Navy. 15-Everyone is cramrning for midfyear exams. More fun. 17-jean Anshutz has a birthday today. 22-Everyone is through cramming for a while. Exams are over. 26-We had assembly todayg our speaker was Mr. Harry Frey, who talked to us on the subject of "Politeness in the Schoolv. SO-Pep meeting, Boy were we peppy. 31-Seniors are seeing red spots before their eyesg Juniors have their new bright red class sweaters and do they think they're bright. FEBRUARY -No school today. Coal shortage . . , we are saving fuel. 7-Basketball squad and girl friends are all gabbing about the hamburger fry which Bud Long is giving for them at the Y. C. tonight. 9-Everyone is trying to get a way to our last game tonight with Apple Creek. Then comes the tournament. 12-Seniors chose their class motto and flower. 28-Seniors gave their matinee today. 28MMiss Mcllvaine told Seniors if they didn't behave and quit talking she was going to have us change seats with the Sophomores. 28-Sang Happy Birthday to Wayne Reese and later found out it isn't until August. What this Senior class isn't coming too. MARCH 2-Seniors feel relieved today . , . they gave their class play 'Star Crazy" last night. 2-Sang Happy Birthday to Majora Kaufman. 12-Kids are starting to go outside without their coats. It looks as if spring is on its way. 20-Evelyn West's Birthday. 21-First day of spring. Gee Wlmizg it's snowing! 22-Seniors had a class meeting today to plan their trip to Detroit. Hope nobody gets seasick. 23-Eighth Grade gave an excellent Chapel program today. Congratulations! 24hWe had a visitor in school. Bobby Giet, Class of "44" who is home on furlough from the Army. 29-john Coffey has fully recovered from the shock of being pushed out the upstairs window by his sister. That's what you get, john, for reading your sister's notes. 27-We were entertained in Chapel today by a representative from the Cleveland Health Department. 28-We had Senior Day??? !!! Seniors Htaughtl' school. 30-Sang Happy Birthday to Ivlarian Johnson. APRIL 6-Chapel Program-Rev. Vxfillets. 13-Chapel Program-Seventh Grade. 18-Chapel Program-Juniors. 23-Arnolds Animal Circus-Cutside Show. 30-Margaret Reser's Birthday. M A Y 4-Chapel Program-Ninth Grade. 11-Chapel Program-Sophomores. 18-Chapel Program-Seniors. 20-Baccalaureate. 25 -Kenneth Bricker's Birthday. 25-Commencement. -jean Anshut: 5 fPage Twentyfsevenll HONOR STUDY HALL The accurate hand of the study hall clock shows 1:45. The somber seniors file out of the English Class into their home room which is in the study hall, Most of the sixteen seniors along with several juniors and sophomores are scattered throughout the study hall. There should he a lot of studying taking place since there is no teacher to urge us on. Everyone gets settled down partially and deep study begins. Yes, everything is so quiet. Maybe they are expecting the State School Inspector. Then comes a light noise from the outside. Is this the State Inspector? Yes, in steps the Inspector. No, wait a minute, it is not the Inspector . . . it is Mr. Frey, much to the disappointment of the study hall pupils. "My, how quiet," thinks Mr. Frey, then proceeds to gather up magazines and to place them in their correct places in the magazine rack. After completing this daily task, the telephone is heard ringing, and the oc' cupants of the study hall cross their lingers in hopes that the call may be for him. Roberta Rugh summons him from the door as they all heave a sigh of relief. just as Mr. Frey disappears through the doorway, a bugle is sounded which is Roy Lucas giving his yell of relief. Shortly after the disappearance of the superintendent a dark shadow is seen coming across the room heading straight for Harold Reese's head. You guessed it- an eraser. Then comes more erasers, chalk, candy fthe hard kindj, books, paperfwads and pencils. Then voices are heard in the hall. "Who can that be," are the words upon each student's lips. The curious Kent Ripley is on his way to find out. On hands and knees, Kent starts toward the door. Getting a few feet from his seat, Harold Reese sees his chance and a thud is the report of a hard connection between pants and foot. A cry is heard from the lips of Ripley, but still on hands and knees, he proceeds on. Peeking around the corner of the door, he sees it is not Mr. Frey and the war again continues. More erasers, chalk, hooks, paperfwads and candy. Suddenly footsteps are heard coming down the hall-Mr. Frey,-Mr. Frey,- Mr. Frey,-Mr. Frey are the words whispered all over the study hall and all is silent. The pupils are diligently studying the first book they happened to get their hands on. Then the climax comes to its peak, in walks - John Coffey. Seeing their quiet behavior was in vain the war was again announced. But this time, Kent and Harold have become interested in their studies and between the two everything is quiet. Then suddenly out of the clear blue sky, steps Mr. Frey. "Harold and Kent, why can't you behave? I think you better go over and sit through Latin class with Mrs. Biblerf' With reddened faces they trudge through the door into the pig latin class. Finally, everything is quiet and serene, -Betty Plants and Dean Blough fPage Twentyfeightj r:::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::2222212222:-n U nu in nu ll Il U U QQ HARTZLER LUMBER co. 55 U U if Paint -:- Lumber -:- Rooiing U if Millwork -:- Insulation II ll ll u It TELEPHONE 2404 SMITHVILLE, OHIO II H U il ll B::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::3:--A-:::::::::::::::::::2C3:21. John D giggled when the teacher read the f::::::::::: '::: ::::::":::::::jl itory of a man who swam a river three times efore breakfast. 4, 0 "You do not doubt that a trained swimmer M A T T E S 0 N ' S could do that, do you?" "NO, sir," replied John D,, but I wonder D R U G S T O R E why he did not make it four, and get back to the side where his clothes were." nn ir if af as if Drugs -:- Groceries -Mr. Frey: "Do you say your prayers every night! EVSIYH WY iiPhone 3371 Creston, Ohiol: Evelyn W.: "No-some nights I don't want Hnydnngn E:::::::g3:::::::::::::::::::::i ff':::::f --:::: 2:-2:2--2:11--:Gif Phillip M.: "Whenever I have to borrow :I money I try to get it from a pessimist." ll 0 . N N i 1: IRA E. SUNNEDECKEP1 gg Jlm B.: Why? fl Phillip M.: "A pessimist never expects to it Quality Coal get it back." U U 2 m 1 x ll il ' if Trucking - Storage ll 1: I M M U N E " " "H ' b t l'ttle kiss?" n . ,, ow a ou a 1 :I Creston' Ohio "No, I have scrupplesf' ll,:::,,,::::::::::::::::::,::,::ll "Thats all right, I've been vaccinated." Miss Kalkas: 'lln a Biology examination one of the questions read: "What are rabies and what would you do for them." The answer Harry Lehman made: "Rabies are Jewish priests, and I wOuldn't do anything for them." GOOD MOURNING "There's a boy called john Simpson work' ing here. May I see him? I'm his grandfather." "You just missed him. He's gone to your funeral." :::::::::::::::::----:::::::::q F il l il 1 ii Congratulations " 1945 GRADUATING CLASS ll i l if We Made the Pictures if For The Annual ll ll EE LIBERTY STUDIOS 1: WGOSTER, OHIO ll H I.. l l D ll u u n U n 0 0 u 0 u 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll U .------ ..... -- ---A--- AA-----A--4 fPage Twentyfninej 1r:::::::::::::::::: ---------------- ::::: ------- :::::-:::::::::::1v 0 0 li fl if ALLIS - CI-IALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT ig HINMAN MILKERS QE In lb II ESCO MILK COOLERS and FREEZING UNITS If I P ll 0 ni ll lp 4+ gq W. EWEIGLEY ii Il woosTER ......... cREsToN 1: ll II Aa:2:::::2::::1::::: -::::: :::: --::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::J me :::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 A young couple, very much in love but rather temperamental, worked in the same PAUL WINKLER tool plant. One day the fellow got caught in one of those revolving machines and whirled Volunieef F0011 Market through the air as it went around. His girl rushed over, switched the thing off and grabbed Home Dressed Meats, Groceries him in her arms as he fell to the floor. "Oh, , Dean," Kate begged, "speak to me!" The fel' Fruits and Vegetables low looked up groggily. "Why should I?" he asked. "I passed you six times, and you never PHONE 2421 spoke to me." b::::::2:::::::::::::::::-2:2223 r ----------------vv------------ 1 ll 1: A minister, traveling on one of those way' 1: Compliments of trains that stop at every station on the side 11 line, was reading his Bible. if C 0 L L I N S "Find anything about the railroad in that " ll book?" asked the conductor, reaching for the if Beauty and Barber Shop ff minister's asia. ff "Yes,i' replied the minister. "In the very :I 0 first chapter it says that the Lord made every 1: Phone 2232 Creston, Ohio:: Creeping thing-- lx:::::eeexeeeeeeeeeeeeeexftl re::::::::22::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::::::::- -2:1 EE ii gi L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY if :I ATTLEBORO ---- MASSACHUSETTS 4+ 0 ff Class Rings and Pins EE Commencement Invitations El P 11 Diplomas - Personal Cards If ll lb il Presented by: F. L. WALLACE, P.O. Box 123, Toledo 1, Ohio 0 ll ll ll b:::::: -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::22:2: 22:24 fPage Thirtyj ll ll::::::x::x::':::::::::::::T TTA':x:":::x::::::':::TT ll 1 ll 4' ll ll ll if Watches Diamonds IE M - D 0 N N A l ll 1b ll 0 if ll it Beauty Shoppe gg .. 0.M.WHITE 1: 1: , , il Il 11 jj Dzstmctwe Han' Styling 11 if Jeweler I Margaret Fitzthum U ll ll ll 'I . l ll ll ll 3215 East Liberty St. Wooster, Ohloi: ::pl-,one 3262 Creston, 01-,ion 11 L::::::::::::33::::::C22:::::2:li Hv:::::::::::::::::222222222222Ili f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Tf "This afternoon we will take Mr. Frog apart 1: and see what makes him crOak," said Miss if AUKERMAN'S 55 Kale- " " "I have a frog in my pocket to be used as ll :I S E B. V I C E S T A T I 0 N a specimanf' She reached into her pocket and " " drew out a paper bag which she emptied On " BATTERIES, TIRES, TUBES " 1: the table. Out rolled a badly squashed ham 1: and SOHIO PRODUCTS 1: Sandwich, ll ll " 'l Miss Kalkas mopped her brow. "My good' ll . tl 1, CCC Highway A R'D' 2' Wooster' O' ness," she stammered, "I distinctly remember 21:33::::::,::::::::,::::::::::,ll of eating my lunch." Vxx::::::::-A:::::Ax? IZ LI II , II IT'S A WISE FATHER Compliments of Wife: "Goodness, George, this is not Our baby, This is the wrong carriage." il 1 ll " M H H A Y " Hubby: "Shut up. This carriage has rubber J ' C ' U tires on ir." 11 CRESTON, OHIO II ll LI ll II ll L:::::::::::::::::I::C::32:::::i P22222:22':::f:::f:::f---4:22:24-1 11 ll II Il C R U M' 3 Qi grow TIME ll H q, . us II Successors to The Hoffman Co. ddlollrl, dljar' Said 13113. ELOWT kslgcla 1: Southeast Corner Square O t mg appene to ay' 6 COC 6 1: ll the wall, and if it had fallen a moment sooner, 1 , ll . . ., Il Music - Records - Instruments 1: It would have hlt mother' QE MI always said that clock was slow." gg WOOSTER, OHIO gg II ll H31333333335-1133333333:333333334 fPage Thirtyfonell If ll EE IF YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL REAL ESTATE It -S 1 66"- l NEAL F. BOWMAN and SUN ll if PUBLIC SQUARE 1: NEAL F. BOWMEN fl DON L. BOWMAN li Q,- ----A--- A---------- M E O W ! I ! Miss Mcllvainez L'That's the sort of man I have been looking for all my life." Miss Perry: "Me, too, but you go ahead dear, you've been looking longer than I have." sz va Pk ek REMOTE CONTROL We overheard one of the girls in the office the other day praying-it went like this: 'Tm not asking for myself, God . . . but please send my mother a sonfinflawf' WOOSTER, OHIO ROY F. HALEY HELEN HODGEN I think that I shall never see A girl refuse a meal that's freeg A girl with hungry eyes not fixed Upon a drink that's being mixedg A girl who doesn't like to wear A lot of junk to match her hair. Girls are loved by mugs like me 'Cause we don't like to hug a tree B. I. MCI II ll II ll II lb LVAINE JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service MASTER MIX FEEDS Y ll II PREPARATION FOR LIFE and a CAREER IN BUSINESS il Our rapidly expanding training program and placement service makes Wooster Business College one of the foremost business training schools in the state. Our KEY PUNCH TRAINING COURSE if will prepare you for an office position with a post-war future in 20 days. Over 200 tl ll U ll lr It graduates in this course alone during the past three years. For Complete Information Write 55 WUOSTER BUSINESS COLLEGE WSZIEER ll b-- A'--f ---A---- ----A --------- f - fpage Thirtyftwojl Harold R.: "I say, old man, is this the road to Pickle Center?" Kent R.: 'LWall, yes, it's the road, all rfv v------- --- --v-- -Y-vvv-------1 0 O O O O O O ll O O O ll ll II Compliments of U O O lSELLERS mm LONGH right, but you better turn around if you vvant to get there." CRESTON, OHIO ll 1: ' 0 ll ..::::::-::::L -'v:: :::::::i I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l:: ::::::::::::::l PREPARE NOW ll FOR THE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD 0 l' ll U N O gg The UBERLIN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE if 0 ll 0 ll QI ll ll ::::::::::::::::Z:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-:3 ::::::::::::::ll Roy L. was told that he had to go to the hospital to have his tonsils removed and his mother was bolstering up his morale. 'Tll be brave and do just what you tell me, Mother," he promised, "but I betcha one thing, they don't palm off no crying baby on me, like they did when you were in the hos' pitalf' ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 r ll lx l l 11 L. E. PATTERSON gg ll U if Lunch and Soda Grill if Hot and Cold Lunch if Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Candy 2 l 11 Phone 2481 F .... -w il O ll ll EE Compliments of ESTEBBINS BANKING COMPANY Alice S., for the first time, saw a cat carry' ing her kitten by the nape of its neck. "You ain't fit to be a mother," she cried scathingly. "You ain't fit to be a father," said the kitten. fPage Thifrtyfthreej r ---- v'- -v----------- : : :::::::: -:::::::::::::-u ll ll ll ll u ll ll in 0 . in if Complzments of ll ll u nu in u ll ll gg The WILLIAM ANNAT COMPANY 1: ll 0 ll ll II Wooster's Friendly Department Store II ll 'l ll l 2-33:31:333I:22223IIIIIIIIIIIIIII:III32222:5?33:::::::-::?33:::3:2 Roberta Rugh: "Please, sir, I think you are K::::::::ff::::::::::::::::::::T: wanted on the phone." I: 1: I 1 M . F :"Wh t d , h' k? 'l . " Are1i't Yfiil sure?" a O you mean you t m Comphmems of Roberta Rugh: "Well, the voice said: "Hello, is that you, you old idiot?" U is S if Pvt. John J. Henry, Jr. QQ " :J ll in in ln john Coffey fafter landing in a treej: "I From Class of "44" was trying to make a new record." Father: "You did. You're the first man to climb down that tree before climbing up it." ll::::::::,:::::::::::::::::::::ll r::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::-::::::::::::::::-rv ll ll rr 0 ll II 0 0 gg GERSTENSLAGER BROS. if na 1: Dealers in 0 mu QE Livestock and Home Dressed Meats nn in if PHONE 3251 CRESTON, omo II mu II ll 0 0 B22222222221:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 r:::::::: ::::- :::::::-:::--'21 IC Il :I Dean Blough: "What is the difference be' I: Complimgntg gf tween an oldffashioned wife and a modern EE wife?" 'l 'l Dean Muniawx "I don't know what is the I , Eg RITZI JEWELRY STORE difference?" ll ll ll " D Bl h' "Well n oldffashioned wife ,, ,, ean oug . a 11 CRESTON' OI-no is one who darns her husbands socks and the II modern wife socks her darn husband." L333:3:3::3133::::::::333::: fPage Tliirtyffowfl nu an gg SHELLER BROTHERS if ll I, if Packers of - EI n ' :Q Beef, Veal, Pork, and Lamb ll U if Cash Paid For Livestock I1 0 5: PHONE 2531 SMITHVILLE, OHIO I t:::::::::x:: ---....... -Axxxxi::::x::::::::x:xl r:::f:::::::::::::::::22:22:12:Q IK Il I+ ll .. ,. ::I.W.MAIBACH:: Is this train ever on time? growled the ll 0 grouch John C. Furniture, Hardware, Dry Goods, 1: Carpets, Jewelry, Medicines, etc. "Oh," replied the conductor, "we never worry about it being on time. We're satisfied You can Always D0 Better at Maibachis if it's on the right track." Sterling, Ohio ll ll llphonesz Sterling 203 Seville 38915 Res. 131: F3-23:25::::2::::fCf222:::::222222222221-::::::::::::::g:::::::2::W II ll ll il ll 0 I :Q The EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY CU. 55 ll an tl 0 Q1 Diplomas Name Cards -:- Invitations lb ll EE Salesman, DUKE BLACET, Massillon, Ohio ll ll 11 MASSILLON - - - OHIO 11 li II xziiiiit::3:553395333:3:::3IZIZIC22ZZ33223333335:::33:33:::::::333 j::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::jf An ignorant old lady, Betty Dunn, was :Q asked by a minister, Rev. Kerr, if she had ref :I A ligion. "I have slight touches of it occasionally." H Compliments of X :xg ,F gg U . . . . . . 4, 1, Jimmie Blough was given his favorite piece 11 A R L H E R M A N of chicken, the leg, at the dinner table. His II mother was too busily engaged in conversation II General Store with a dinner guest to give further thought to II her usual procedure of removing the skin. She II Hermanviue Ohio was suddenly reminded of it when Jimmie II , burst out crying, "I can't eat it with the l::: :::::::::::::,:::::::::g breeches on!!" fPage Thifrtyfjiveil F-- ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Y Y ...,,, ,,,.,,,, : ::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::C21 ll lr II nu mi nu na 1 ll 55 IRVINS MOTOR SALES ii ll ll EE Ford and Chevrolet Parts -:- General Repairs u mu 11 Excavating and Earth Moving 11 II ll Il li :L CRESTON - - OHIO U ii b:::::::::::::::::33:::::::2:::::: ---- :::::::::::::::::::A:::::1:rl 1T::::::: """""" ::::::::::-jj BRIEF TALE li Mr., Missg Meet, Miss. More kissesg ll ll EE Compliments of Mr" Mrs' 1 II IE ii ii , ii GUILTY 4 1: S Papa Bear: "Who's been drinking my :I C t Oh. whiskey?" EQ res on, lo Mama Bear: "Who's been drinking my 1: wine?" LL ----------: ::::::::::::::: ---: l Baby Bear: "Burrrrp!" ABBREVIATED 5:22:231:::::::::::::::::::::::I "And where is Cadet Smith?" "A. W. O. L." "What do you mean by that?" C0mPl""e"t5 of "After women or liquor." TRUTHFULLY SPOKEN P E T E W E I R "What is your occupation?" 'Tm a locksmith, sir." T H E B A R B E R "Then what were you doing in that gambf 0 ling house when the police raided it?" nu "I was making a bolt for the door." Le:-::::1:::::::::::::::::::::g vf -::: ::A'-:::::::::::-22:22-fffa II ii I li Teacher fpointing to deer at the zooj: i 21 Compliments of iiwhat is that? li Kent R.: "I don't know." 11 mu ii A F R I E N D Teacher: "What does your mother call your ii father?" H ll ii Kent R.: 'sNow, don't tell me that's a louse." li II ll up , ll 0 U:3::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::i fPage Thirtyfsixj I 1 , F ----------Y - ---------------------Y---- -e ---- -e-een -v--- ------Y-, ll In ll ll ll ll II Compliments of 1: 'I ll ag ae 1 ll ig D. W. TYLER and SON 55 U wi ll ll CRESTON OHIO ll 1: EE 0 0 K::::::::: A--- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i Ixxxkuu'::::::::x':::::Tl 11 Mrs. Parsons was very proud of her son, I: who showed promise as an athlete. ll - 0 11 Compliments of "Yes, he must be a very fast runner," she :I explained proudly to a neighbor. "Look at this ll nl ,, , ,, newspaper report of the sports yesterday. It S says he fairly burned up the track." ll ll EE Creston, Ohio "And it's quite true," she added, confident' in ially. "I want to see the track this morning, ll and it's nothing but cindersf' in in U:3::::::::::3353A333::11313i131 The farmer and his daughter went to mar' ket with butter and eggs, and after selling out were returning home with the horse and wagon and money when they were attacked by bandits. The farmer wept as he saw his horse and wagon disappear. "Don't cry," said the daughter, "they didn't get our money, anyway. I put it in my mouth." "What a clever girl you are," the farmer exclaimed. "just like your mother. I wish she'd been here, we might have saved the horse and wagon." ll Compliments of The MINGLEWOOD QE COAL and ICE co. gg ll Wooster, Ohio rl31IIZ1ZI2A'IlZ3IIZ322312212124 ll ll ll s ll 0 ll :I Compliments of BURNS BROS. GARAGE 0 0 ll ll ll General Auto Repairing II ll ll II Gulf Service Station IE ll l 0 II LI Creston, Ohio Lx::xxx:::::::,::::x:::l On going into the cowshed, the farmer was surprised to find his new hand, a town girl, giving one of the cows a drink from her milk' ing pail. "What are ye doin' that for?" he demanded. l'Well," explained the girl, "The milk seemed pretty thin to me, so I thought I'd better put it through the process again." fPage 'Thirtyfsevenj l'::::f:::::::I:::::::: -2::::: 33:3 -2:-1:::::::::::Ll!V ll 11 11 11 II Il 1: QUALITY SINCE 1884 11 ll 11 ll gg Gooo CLOTHES Fon ALL THE FAMILY ll 11 ll I1 ll 11 I ll 1 FREEDLANDERS ll 11 ll 11 ll 11 WOOSTER OHIO II 11 ll I A.... - A.... - ...... .4.. A........ .L........ L..AL........ .LLA A.A. f::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::Tf Miss Kalkas: "Frank J., what animal is 11 most noted for it's fur?" l1 I1 Frank J.: "Th' skunk, th' more fur you EE Compliments of gits away from him th' better it is fur you." 1: 1: it 1 - It 11 ll " " BONEHEAD DEFINITIONS il P1IPI.EY'S PRINT SHUP it . . ll 11 A tommyhawk is what if you go to sleep II suddenly and wake without hair, there is an 1: Creston, Ohio Indian with. If A mugwump is a bird that sits on the fence 11 11 with his mug on one side and his wump on the 2::::::::::: ----- ::::::::::::::g Othef. The following essay on "Cats" was turned in by a ten-yearfpupil: "Cats and people are funny animals. Cats have four paws but only one ma. People have forefathers and only one mother. "When a cat smells a rat he gets excited. So do people. "Cats carry tails and a lot of people carry tales, also. "All cats have fur coats. Some people have fur coats and the ones who don't have fur coats say catty things about the one who do have them." TT::::::::'u MMM AAAAAA 3:33:11 U 11 EE EE PLANK'S ELEVATUP1 if Wadsworth - - Creston ll II if Quality Merchandise EE Reasonably Priced U ll U ll 11A:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l SE Compliments of 1 E 51 McINTIRE BASKET co. 11 if c fesr 0n,ohi0 ...L "You say this woman shot her husband with this pistol, and at close range?" asked the cor' oner of the eye witness to the tragedy. "Yes sir." "Were there powder marks on his face?" "Yes sir, that's why she shot him." ' 21: as :se as Archibald Percival Reginald Earl decided one evening to call on his girl. Together they talked of their "kith and their kin." He said, "May I kith youu, and she said "You kin." fPage Thirtyfeightj ""----'---v-----v--2---2----vv------v---v---, ---,,v ,vq Il 0 Lower the Cost 0 Dressin Well II g nu n 0 BRENNER BROS. EE ll ll Clothes for Men and Boys il 4 ll WOOSTER - - OHIO ll ia ::: "'A "'33322i::::::::::: ::::3:::::3:: -33:33---3:1 ::::::::2222222222222:::::::-fy mr . EE ..,. Creston Llvesiock Sales 4: Bob Giet who said he was in the artillery 1, was asked: HARRY W' HAWK "What do you do in the artillery?" Auctioneer and Manager "I open the big gun, put in a big shell, close Creston, Ohio the gun, point it in the right direction, pull I: the trigger and say: "Mister Hitler, recount Sale at Creston Every Monday your army? 3:::,::,::::,::::::xx:::l ::::::'v - ' -' - ::-:Sy -:::::: -:::::: ,,r:::::--A:::.TT ll o ia N I C K A M S T E R " u Home of u HART SCHAFFNER and MARX SUITS MANHATTAN SHIRTS, STETSON HATS ll WOOSTER - - OHIO in :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::: ---v::-YA:::22:l -22222222 :2:2::2:::::: 22:1-21 F22 2222222222 ::3:3: 3:9 0 12 II Th E . It th. IL 11 A II C Tl Td'Vl1'l S 0 15 w W g g 55 ,5 HOWARD KAUFMAN ,5 Annual Were Done by 1: 3 1: my 0 0 The Northern Engraving Qi :E Native Pear MOSS gf wb 0 ll mu nu 0 and Electrotype Co' For Lawns, Flowers ly ip an Canton, Ohio fPage Tlfzirtyfniruej HONOR ROLL I JIQMICIT AXNNIUAXIL 1 . .. .. -11Ti ARNOLD, RAYMOND ALLEN, JOHN BEAL, HAROLD BIEAL, LLOYD BEAL, QUENTIN BEAVER, DANIEL BLOUGH, CLARE BLOUGH, MILTON, JR. BOWMAN, DARREL BOWMAN, GERALD BOWMAN, MAX CLAPP, ROBERT CONN, CLYDE CREWSON, LAURA-WAC DARR, FLOYD E. DAVIS, WILLIAM DUNN, KENNETH EARLE, HARRY REARLE, ROBERT EBIE, AUSTIN ECKER, MELBURN ELLISTON, JOHN ELLISTON, ROBERT FETZER, ELLSWORTH FETZER, ROBERT FISHER, WILLIAM FOUCHE, RICHARD FULTON, EARL GANTZ, LOIS GIET, ROBERT GRAF, HAROLD GANTZ, RUSSELL GATTSHALL, CLINTON GERSTENSLAGER, R. GIFFEN, MORRISON GLEIM, FRED GOEMBEL, JOHN GRAF, ROBERT GRUNDER, CARLYLE GRUNDER, GEORGE HALEY, JOHN HALEY, LEROY HENRY, JOHN, JR. HOLDERBAUM, RICHARD HUFFMAN, WILLIAM IRVIN, DONALD JEFFERS, BERNARD KELTZ, DONALD KELTZ, HARRY KISSINGER, IRA KISSINGER, WARD KNEPP, WILLIAM LEHMAN, JAY METz, HAZEL-WAVE MARKO, ANDY MATTESON, DAVID MQGUFF, JACK MCKELVEY, GENE MCKNOWN, PHILIP METSKER, EMERSON METSKER, HARRY MICHEL, WILLIAM MILLER, FRANK MILLER, HOMER MONTGOMERY, D. MUMAW, ARTHUR MYERS, ROBERT NORTON, ROBERT ORR, WAYNE PLANK, JACK REPP, ARTHUR, JR. REPP, RUSSELL SHANKLAND, CLAYTON SHOWALTER, LEONARD SLATER, JAMES SLATER, LAWRENCE SMITH, GLENN SMITH, KENNETH SMITH, ROBERT SONNEDECKER, DONALD STOLL, WAYNE UHER, WILLIAM UHL, EUGENE VAN GUILIK, RALPH WALMER HARRY WEAHRY, RAYMOND WEIDEMAN, WALTER WOLF, CHARLES WOODWARD, KENNETH WYSSBROD, MARGARET YOSS, HAROLD ZEHNER, WILLIAM Note: These are the names of the graduates of Creston High School who are Or have been in the service of their country. fPage Fortyj l WQMIG ANNIUAXIL ll--il Not only is the Faculty ready to end our High School "career", but the entire school is also. It is represented here by the remaining Class Presidents, Jeannette Rook, Roy Lucas, and Bob Markley. With knife, gun and rope, the lives of these treacherous counter' feiters of this unworthy Annual will soon be wiped out. Yes Folks. 'A' 7' THIS IS THE END if 'A' fPage Forty'-onej AUTOGRAPHS F I l 4 V I x I I AUTOGRAPHS F CLASS WILL TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WE, the Seniors of Nineteen Hundred Fortyfive, about to depart into a new life and being of sound mind and memory, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. All other such documents we do at this time declare null and void. ARTICLE I To the Junior Class we will the back seats in the Study Hall and the Senior privileges Qwhatever they may bel. We also hope you will conduct yourselves in study hall in the same dignified manner that we have, in order to set a fine example for you. To the Sophomore Class we will the "hope" that they only have two more years until-who knows what will happen? To the Freshman Class we will the first seats in the Study Hall. To the Seventh and Eighth grades we will several years of hard labor and we do hope they can make it. ARTICLE II To Mr. Frey we leave a history class that talks more than he does. To Mrs. Bibler we leave students that will say Mrs. Bibler instead of Miss Bryan. To Miss Mcllvaine we leave a class that can get better grades than we did. To Miss Kalkas we leave a less noisy study hall. To Mrs. Baron we leave bigger and better cooking and sewing classes. To Miss Perry we leave better seventh and eighth grades. To Mgr. gfoung we leave hopes for a bigger, better and more enthusiastic orchestra and an . ARTICLE III I, Jean Anshutz, will my way with Kenny to Vivian Steele so she can handle Wayne Reese the same way. I, Elizabeth Beyeler, will my quietness to Betty Smith. I, Dean Blough, will my basketball ability to Paul Parsons. I, Kenneth Bricker, will my love making to Virgil Markley. I, john Coffey, will my arguing with the teachers to Arthur Boon. I, Robert Franks, will my interest in farming to Harry Leaman. I, Delbert Gasser, will my excess weight to Jeanette Rook. I, Majora Kaufman, will my hobby of reading books to Relda Grunder. I, Phyllis Means, will my height to Bernice Dawson. I, Dean Mumaw, will my charms with the girls to Arthur Meyer. I, Betty Plants, will my way with the boys to Ilene Graber. I, Wayne Reese, will my studying instead of playing around to Kent Ripley. I, Margaret Reser, will my friendliness with everyone to Betty Weaver. I, Roberta Rugh, will my typing speed to Betty Dunn. I, Evelyn West, will my cheerleading to Alice Slater. I, Glenda 'Yoss, will my jolliness to Harold Reese. I, Emma Young, will my way with the Navy to Norma Sonnedecker. fPage Tenjl . 74, 1"fQ' 1.932 4. u S ff: JI., . My ag-w 11 w

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