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1 f x P P I X , w 1 P 1 5 . , 2 M' - f' , N h 4, .' -r V- Q ., , ., ,N I ,af -, Q - .1 'gi V 7 ' . Y Vw -- - N N 1, L,.Q.,--,f-'QQ T N, ' N 1 . sa. H , 1 A' . - gk- 'tx he-' ' fm' f 'fa 1,15 '- W' WW " ' '-ff? """' 1 Jw.-'Pa fi' k 'X - N -. .-f- ff - . V- . A - -.76--N. .K gl ff? XkX'ff ue? X:""" 13"-.g5rfxg fjrlaf 5 4 Xu Q f UIUIIQ ANNIUAXIL A i ANNUAL STAFF Left to right! Nina Lehmnn, Leroy Haley, Doloris Long, E1e.nor Herman, Miss Graber, Margaret Tyler, Eugene Uhl, Mildred Ueidemnn, x Eileen Levers. Editor-in-chief- Business Manager Assistant Busine Literary Editor Athletic Editor Jokes Editor- - Calendar Editor- Art Editor - - - ANNUAL OFFICERS - - - - - - - - - - - Eileen Levers - - - - - - - - - - - - Leroy Haley ss Manager ------- Nina Lehman - ---------- Margaret Tyler --------------Eugeneum ------------130101-istong - - - - - - - - - - Eleanor Herman - - - - - - - - - Mildred Weideman The Annual Staff of 1942 brings to a close this yeer's work with the publishing editorial staff to year. We hope you wi of this Annual. It has been the aim of the record faithfully the events of the school ll appreciate our efforts, Sincerely, Staff of 1942 Eileen Levers, Editor 11942 i' UIUID AXNNIJAXIL ir We, the Senior Class of 1942, take great pleasure in dedicating our Annual to these boys who have graduated from Creston High School, and are now in the military services of our country in defense of democracy and freedom. Raymond Arnold Lloyd Beal Darrell Bowman Robert Clapp THE ROLL OF HONOR William Davis, Jr. Robert Earl Austin Ebie Robert Elliston Ellsworth Fetzer Earl Fulton Russell Gantz Robert Gerstenschlager Harold Yoss Carlyle Grunder George Grunder Harry Keltz Earl Kissinger Gene McKelvey Homer Miller Robert Myers Wayne Orr Arthur Junior Repp Leonard Showalter Charles Wolf Kenneth Woodward UNITED FOR A TRUSTED PEACE Unroll our Bright Starred Banner Of Red and White and Blue, On!--let it lead around the world A Brothe rhood anew ' United for a trusted Peace- What holier work to do! -Agnes MacCarthy Hickey 1lQMlQ the 5 :IQ ir 'DIIJIQ ANNIIJAXII. 'k N n em. . 1 BARRACKS - X -1 cj INTELLIGENCE GORP. 'I- 1? 1 Ei I x 'A .-TERM 2 ax 7 ns- -. ,Effie 'E' . gil QSQW Mr. Harry Frey, Superintendent Miss Mabel Bryan, Principal Wooster B. S. L Wooster, B. S. Ann Arbor, M. A. Bowling Green History Commercial Citizenship SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Name Occupation Donald Mcllvaine Roy Grunder Herbert Uhl Willis Harmon Ford Thompson Operator of Mcllvaine Elevator Employed at Gilbert Lumber Go, H9421 Farming Harmon's Grocery Store Farming M2 'DMD AXNNIUAXI. . "uw SH -i Q for ar. Harry Young Wooster Conservatory of Music Instrumental Music Mr, Paul Kinney AQdmm,B.S. Akron University History Science Miss Doris Mollvaine Ohio University, B.S, Akron University English l Miss Marian Koontz Asbury College, B. A Ashland College Music- . History 1IQl 412 if i' 'DIUD ANNIUAXIL Miss Esther Graber Wooster Bt As Goshen B. S, Columbia Foreign Languages Home Economics il Mr. Arthur Beasley 7 Q Ohio State University, IB. S. Agriculture 1 Miss Margaret Titschinger Kent State, B. S. Mathematics Chemistry F Mr. Donald Martin Kent State, B. S. Manual Arts Physical Education H9412 'Ir CIUD ANNUAL r Kathleen Beichler nUmziwWsDde dreaminQ'. Commercial Course Mildred Dohner nGreat people, me and the men in my lifeu. Mixed Course John Elliston USO your motorcycle would be nois too--- . , Y on the rimsn. HONORABLY DISCHARGED E r I -i u9421 G Glass Play 4 Glee Club 1,2 Paper Staff 4 Home Ee. Club 1 ,2 Jr. 6 Sr. Banquet Com, Glee Club 1,2,3 Home Ee, Club 1 Paper Staff 1,4 029594 ir DIUIQ ANNIIJAI. ir Richard Fouch nLet's tear up to Seville ---in your , car.n Mixed Course Betty Graf uDid someone say blind date?n Mixbd Course John Haley WYou Gantt trust WOIHCKQU , College Course Leroy Haley nThey say my eyes 8. 211' just like Hedy's-- Hedy Cantors, , College Course 1lQlMl2 Student GOQncil 2 Vice President 3 Jr. G Sr, Banquet Com. Glee Club 1,2,5 HomecEc, Club 1,2,3 Jr. A Sr. Banquet Com. Assembly Committee 1 'Class Play 5,4 Boy's State Jr, e Sr, Banquet Com. Orcestre 1,2,3,4 Glce Club-1,2 Band'1 National Music Contest 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Vice President 2,4 Assembly Committee 3,4 Class Play 3,4 mmud.Smff Paper staff 3,4 lk DUI? ANNUAL ir Eleanor Herman ' WI don't get it.u ' Mixed Course Bernard Jeffers nHaye you get a rubber band?n Mined Course Nina Lehman uMy momma done tol' mein Mixed Course Eileen Levers VI want to be alonen Hey, come back you carb" College Course Jr 4 Y , 11, '-""'l Q H9421 Home Ee. Club 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Am. Legion Contest 2,3 Treasurer 3 y Junior Class Play Jr, 5 Sr. Banquet Com, Annual Staff Paper Staff 4 F. F. A. Club 3-3-4 Student Council 3 State Dairy Judging Team Banquet Committee 3 Assembly Committee 1,2 Home Ee. Club l,2,3,4 Pres, R.O.H, 4, Deelamation 12,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Glee Club 1 Annual Staff 4 Kent Scholarship Tests 2 Jr. A Sr. Banquet Com. Basketball 3,4 Cheerleader l,2,4 Ed. Paper Staff 1,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3 Student Council 2,3,4 Pres. Student Council 4 Class Sec, 3 Class Play 3,4 Annual Staff Jr. A Sr, Banquet Com, ir CNMQANNUAL i Doloris Long "That's a terrible movie. I didn't ery once." Mixed Course Wreta Mace 'Have you heard the latest?" Mixed Course Audrey Olson "Tell me uoren. Commercial Course Margaret Tyler "You should have been at the Palace last nig1t." College Course H942 Cheerleader 2,4 Drum Majorette 2,3,4 ,Corn Queen 3 Harvest Queen 4 Home Ee, Sec, 3,4 Annual Staff Paper Staff 3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Basketball 2,3,4 Jr. 86 Sr. Banquet Con, Class Play 3,4 Class Sec, Trees. 2 Assembly Committee 2 Student Council 4 Class Play 3,4 Home Ee, Club 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Paper Staff 3,4 Ashland High School 1,2,3 Treasurer 4 Class Play 4 Home Ee, Club 4 Paper Staff 4 Jr. as Sr. Banquet Con. Class Play 3,4 Paper Staff 3 Class See, 4 Assembly Committee 4 Annual Staff Quiz Book 3 Legion Essay Winner 1 Jr. 4 Sr, Banquet Com. Student Council 1 ir DUI? ANNUAL 'k Eugene Uhl 'Whey call me Jeep, pull my tail and see me 1eap.n Mixed Course Beatrice Uhler uI'd go--but he's too short." Commercial Course Mildred Weideman nBoy, an I fast-- in typing and shorthand." Commercial Course Sara Wolbnugh nA friend in need has money,n Commercial Course P 'fe '.-:ex .T -. X O I Y H9421 Class Play 3,4 President 2,5,4 F.F.A. 2,3,4 Pres, 4 Basketball 1,25 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Boy's State Legion Essay Winner 1 Jr, Q Sr, Banquet Com. Glee Club 1,2,8 Home Ecg Club 1,2,3 Basketball 3,4 Jr. A Sr. Banquet Com, Class Sec. Trees. 1 Glee Club l,2,5 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Home Ee. Club 1,2,5,4 B0.SkOtbQl1 2g3,4 Paper Staff 2,5,4 Annual Staff Jr. 5 Sr, Banquet Com. Glee Club 1,2 Home EC. Club 1,2,3,4 Jr. 8 Sr. Banquet Com, mlm Axmwlml i luswmj i' 0111112 ANNUAL if CLASS HISTORY On September third, nineteen hundred thirty-eight, our class suddenly grew up and became Freshmen, There were twenty-seven of us, thirteen boys and fourteen girls. One of the first things on our schedule was election of class officers. We elected June Uher, president: Margaret Tyler, vice-president: and Mildred Weideman, secretary-treasurer. To the Student Council we elected Eugene Uhl and Margaret Tyler. As advisor we chose Mr. Kinney, We started our first year in senior high school off with a bang, We had several skating parties and the Sophomores gave us a party in the high school gym. The months flew by and we lost one of our members, Robert Trafzer, when he moved. Soon May came and we were one year nearer our goal: graduation as seniors. When our class came back to school in 1939, the number of our members had decreased to twenty-six. As class officers 'we elected the following: President, Eugene Uhl: ' vice-president, Leroy Haley: secretary-treasurer, Doloris Long. To the Student Council we elected Richard Fouehe and Eileen Levers, As our advisor we chose Miss Koontz. During this year we had several skating parties and other class parties. We lost one member when James Totten moved, When May came we had passed the half way mark on our way bbc graduation. When we came back to school in 1940, we were still'twonty+ six in numberQ Again we elected Eugene Uhl, president. As viceq president we elected Richard Fouche, Eileen Levers was elected secretary and Eleanor Herman treasurer. To the Student Council we elected Eileen Levers and Bernard Jeffers and as class advisor we chose Miss Graber. During the first semester we bought class sweaters. We chose royal blue sweaters with gray emblems. nThe Blue Birds of Creston High.u During the second semester we ordered class rings which we were to receive next September when school started. In April we gave the class play nSunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lanen, a decided success, which was directed by Miss Koontz. We lost four members during the year but gained one anew member when Audrey Olson Joined us. 1IQl4l2 i' IDIIJD ANNIIJAI. 'A' On May seventeenth the Junior-Senior Banquet was held i Harveyis Restaurant in the Hotel Bechtel at Wooster. After the banquet there were games and dancing. On September third, 1941, we assembled for our last and busiest year in high school. Our class ,had now decreased until we occupied only nineteen seats in the back section of the studyw hall. During the year a new member, Charles Dietrich, joined us but later withdrew so our number was still nineteen. As officers for this year we again elected Eugene Uhl, president: Leroy Haley, vice-president: Margaret Tyler,Soerotary Audrey Olson, treasurer. To the Student Council we elected Eileen Levers and Doloris Long. As advisor we chose Miss Graber. For the second School Fair, sponsored by the R, O. H. and F. F, A. Clubs, we sent two girls to represent our class in the election of a Harvest Queen, one, Doloris Long, being chosen queen. Other activities during the year to raise money were as follows: . We gave the play nMiss Jimmyn, directed by Mr, Frey: sold Christmas card subscriptions: sponsored a movie, sponsored supper: and sold candy at the basket-ball games. As a class flower we chose the American Beauty Rose and , nThe elevator to success is closed: use the stairwayu is our class motto. Margaret Tyler MILEPOSTS ' We never thought we'd reach the end Of Education's trail: Sometimes it seemed too long and hard, That surely we must fail. Yet milepost after milepost passed, And here we are--arrived at last2. The days and months were endless long, The years too thick to count: And crowding faster though we went- Still what e vast amount! Yet we pressed on with pulses fast, And now behold-we're here at last! So at the end of this school year We feel a surge of pride: Right on the top of fortune's wave We feel that we should ride. For now the last milepost has passed And here we are -- arrived at last! N942 S31 if mm Awwuwxlx ir 4--gi: - lx rd K4 l C rv ru ., V. :"?"-- fflf. k..JL1.l'XLJfJ QF 'LL . gf ,Iii e si i A K i'e i l ' e e i n,?v 'ii ge L p your 6 is , ilgli s ,- eeee is , ' it i 9 T iijitt' up t his ii J -35 s IJALJHQ Come aflong sing a song, class mates all. Make it gay for to day it iifi fp ii'-pure li p p if Tej not pp pp one Q, ppp pl 5 ii e -e e e is pe pe A p fp sp :J i we are young We will win with L banners un-furled, just as sure as men's Q M tilts Q W i 5 3 songs are sung.In this life full of strife don't give up Scatter east, scatter west, north, or south Ty i p e p p is p J iffll AJ M1 i i In this lend of the free there is hope Settle down wander far if you like, i Fi.I10 i iii sktj I i it i Q if 0-. ,-3 Keep your chin up and you'11 win, sure as songs are sung but rc mem ber the school days- class of for ty two. ii it it if .iii H 1. 3 Lia my 45 We've-teen' to- geun46r Vfor'twe1ve long years fromfthe first grade to the las in in it in L i lil sf? -6' Wefve had good times through these years, we hope they aren't all past. Music Composed and written by Ninn Lehman, LEE' s by Leroy Haley. ll QM! ir DIUD AXNNIIJAIL 'K' CLASS WILL We, the heretofore last members of the House of C,H,S., the Senior Class of 1948 A. D., being duly examined and advised do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, All fore' going wills are declared null and void, ARTICLE I SECTION I: To the faculty we extend our congratulations and sympathies for their cooperation and interest in this great class. SECTION II: We hereby declare that good behavior must also be enforced by the faculty to all future graduating classes. SECTION III! These special bequests are made to the facul- ty: 1, To Mr. Martin, we leave the sole right of singing the early morning songs in the study hall. 2, To Miss Titschinger, we leave the rest of the docile students in Chemistry Class, and hope that she can bear up under the loss of her most brilliant students. 8. To Mr, Beasley we leave an Agriculture Class that will not stay in the study hall to get Miss Koontzfs goat, CWe want to use it for a Maseot.Q 4, To Miss Graber, we leave one hundred C1001 mouse- traps, We also give her permission to dispense with all formal- ities when she comes face to face with one of the aforesaid critters, ARTICLE II SECTION It We leave to the juniors 24 seats in the rear of the study hall and give them all our privileges Qif they can find them, we never didl. We also give them the opportunity of work- ing up to the level of the class of '42, SECTION II: To the sophomores, being a small class, we leave all our extra credits so they may all get through to be seniors, SECTION III! To the freshmen, we leave all our habits Cyou, must be good now? and the possibility of spending three more years of cramming, other than at lunch time, SECTION IV? The 7th and 8th grades are as yet not of age to become high school students, but upon becoming of age we will give the 8th grade girls better defense methods, SECTION V! We, the class of '42, extend our sympathies to Creston High School for the heartbreaking loss of this wonderful class. 1lQII4Q i' UIUD AN NIJAI. 'k ARTICLE III We furthermore do hereby make these personal requestsx s u s I, Bernard Jeffers, will my ability to look innocent to Dave Matteson, I ' I, Wreta Mace, will my trim, classic, 'nschoolgirl linesn to MAry'Zehner, N 'I, Margaret Tyler, will my way with the Junior boys Qbrother especially: fooled you didnit IJ to W-Bette Davis, CBetter be careful 1BradyJ'i " ' - h We, Mildred Dohner and Beatrice Uhler, will our ability to charm the uwadsworth Gangn to any other girls with similar de- sires, - .I, Kathleen Beiehler, will this sign with nLove Thy Neighborn on it to Lee Conn, I, Audrey Olson, will my long, curly hair to any member of the Basketball Squad, I, Eugene Uhl, will my mustache to June Blough, CI think Donna will be tickled with thls,D I, Nina Lehman, will my nsweet, young innoeeneon to be taken in'hy a ulineu, to Harry Walner. I, Eleanor Herman, will my dates to Jennie Belle Franks, I. Leroy Haley, will my Nanything for a laughn attitude to Dan Beaver, I, Betty Graf, will by charming little giggle to Gloria Chase, I, Deloris Long, will my Useven leaguen boots to Kay Tyler. I, Mildred Weideman, will my portrait uThe Picture of Innoeeneen to Martha Christy. I, Sara Wolbaugh, will my knowledge of animals to Juno Bleugh so that he can get along better when he's in the Wdog housen, We, John Elliston and Richard Eouch, will our ears to anyone interested in going to Seville in the future, I, Eileen Levers, will my nBeau catchingn line to Donna Wright. ' I, John Haley, will my way with the women and my abili- ty to fiddle around to Harry Earl, 1:9421 ir UIUID AN NIIJAXIL i CLASS PROPHECY In a recent seance with Bala Ben Golly, noted crystal gazer, I learned the following factso They were gained through a con- versation with a certain spirit of the future, whose name I have forgotten. Bon Golly acted as our medium and translator. C The spirit was hard to understand, he had adnoidsb. - These things the spirit told me when I asked what my class- mates would do in the time to como, ' Kathleen Beiehler will never marry. She will become a millionaire through the door-to-door sale of artificial for-get - meenotsc Forget-me-nets will be the symbol of her lost youth and levee Mildred Dohner is to become the second Elsa Maxwell. She will plan parties and stuff, you know, penthouse party for Ilka Chase: dog house party for Uncle Walter: gashouse party for the Stn Louis Cardinals: Parties, parties, parties? champagne, cham- pagne, champagne? Bromo, Bromo, Bromo Seltzer John Elliston is to become an operator of a carnival ferris wheels He always wanted to get into the air you know, but air- planes make too much noise for his sensitive ears, Richard Fouch is to become the greates automobile racer of all times, He is going to reach such a speed that they are go- ing to have to pave the Indianapolis Speedway with steel, because of the strain. Betty Graf is going to become a cook of great renown. She is to have a salary of 360,000 annually to prepare Yahoodi's dai- ly nectar and ambrosia, Bernard Jeffers will be our next president. You might say he is too young to become a president so soon. By the way, have you heard anybody say anything about the eighth term? John Haley will fulfill a life long ambition when he becomes a blacksmith, Every day he can play the anvil chorus, Eleanor Herman is to become the writer of the uBoy Dates Girln column in the Scholastic magazine. Being a conservativ e she is expected to advocate the removal of the dark colored glass- es some chaperone wear. Nina Lehman is to be the c1ass's only lawyer. She will get a splendid position as lawyer for a clothing corporation, The Better Clothes Company. Her greatest case will be the Insectsvs The Better Clothes Company. fThe insects will claim that the wasp waist was the wasp's idea and that it owns the patent. mem i DMDAANNMAL i Eileen Levers is going to become a night club singer, which is going to surprise everybody. Nobody knows it, but Eileen has a set of lusty pipes that can put anything from nBoogly Woogly Piggieu to nMoonlight Sonatd' in the groove, Doloris Long has a great career ahead of her. She7s going to become the champion bowling pin setter-upper of the world, She will be able to set up 3,142 pins a minute, Wreta Mace is to be Miss America of 1962 -- the oldest girl over to hold the title, This will lead to a Hollywood offer -- waitress job at the Brown Derby, Audrey Olson is going to become a model, She will see her nmne often in Winchell's column. She will also be the seven- teenth Mrs. Tommy Manville, Margaret Tyler is going to marry an underclassman. She will be very happy with him on all but seven days a week, She will find happiness and wealth, however, when she writes a book of her memoirs, This will be a best seller, comparable in theme to nGrapes of Wrathn. Sara Wolbaugh -- surprise, surprise 5 1 I Sara is going ,to be head waitress at the Wooster Farm Dairy. And is she going to improve thingsl Deliveries will all be made by motor scooters, Mildred Weideman will succeed Walter Winchell in his capa- city as gossip writer for the New York Mirror and eight hundred other papers. Beatrice Uhler is really going to be a lady. She is going to marry the Duke of Paducah! They are going to raise corn, Eugene Uhl is to enter the advertising businesse He will meet many glamorous women and wealthy men. He will also become New Yorkis number one playboy and start a new society in competi- tion with Cafe Society. It will be called Sappy Societyo And me? Ah, you know me. I told the medium I didnft be- lieve in spirits and that made the spirit mod. So he wouldnft tdlnwzwmmmwsdf, Hmmm, Leroy Haley T942 QQ . 255' GLASSES x X 44' E 'Rs 1 ' JN I w 55 :L S R 4 1 3 . .u.gnm::e-.'1 vm: f mmashm -Q. UIUID ANNIUAXIL 'A' F' T' C L A S Q rf. S Qfqlfk-ij ------- ff-class of b Q ' X' 'XEE1 I-X Reporting , 6 . , I,..g..,,'-ij' 35 ,A Q. L 5 f 5:1-x ,Q .. P i iv, 1 . 1 1 , ! , . W ,s M ad. .. Pkg- ., Af 1351? i Q lffffl? --------Glass of'1944 Reporting CLA NK fflfaj - ---- --- Glass of 1945 V5 R. Repo rting I ff fiiif Ji! 4 , ' P7 .ip ---.-- Glass of 1946 ,f"1?'li?'x1 Repo rt ing f'ff5'f'.s"1' V' T1 A fm X: SQVVF 4 i . Glass of 1942. 'L .--l---- 435 gg? Reporting L M N942 , if OIUID ANNMJAL -k SECOND LIEUTENANTS JUNIOR CLASS First Row! Virginia Blough, Maxine Pate, Nora Lee, Martha, Christy, Bette Davis, Philip I-icliown, Mary Elizabeth Gifford., Margaret Wyss- brod., Helen Litton. Second Row: Harry '.E'.z1r1, Ralph Vcm Gulick, G-oldizi Kintner , Betty Sykes, Gloria West, Lawrence Slater, Harold Carter. , Hike Marko, I-ir. I-iartin, - Third Row! David Matteson, Willim Fisher, Dam Beaver, Kenneth Smith, Kay Tyler, Harry Wolimer, James Wells, Melvin Yoder. - GLASS OFFI CERS President Bette Davis Vice President Philip McKown Secretary lflziry E, G-ifiord Treasurer Martha. Christy Student Council Margaret Wyssbrofi. Q Nora Lee Advisor Mr. Iviartin Name Known For Den Beaver Peachy Remarks ' Virginia Blough Laughter Harold Carter Seeking Dates Martha Christy Ambition to Join the Army Bette Davis Kissing 1:9421 ir DIIJID AXNNIIJAXII. ir NAME Harry Earl William Fisher Mary E. Gifford Goldia Kintner Nora Lee Helen Litton Philip MoKown Hike Marko David Matteson Keith Mantz Maxine Pate Lawrence Slater Betty Sykes Kay Tyler Ralph Van Gulick Harry Walmer James'Wells Gloria West Margaret Wyssbrod Melvin Yoder INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS KNOWN FOR Grinning Checkerboard Trousers Chemiphobia Figure Sole survivor on tho Honor Roll Jitterbugging Famous Line Indifference Wrong Numbers Dark Eyes Cuddles Detention Skating Margie -His Gal Faoetiousness Activity in Chemistry Crushes Eating Dakota if I 1IQMl2 if return AXNNIIJAIL ak snnenlnms V3 - 1- fx ' 5. -S x J' - :,"'.f, R5 F52 . if ' "Q, X .T xl lf gsnag 1i'fQ1g:Q,k,.f'i ' -W 1 .iigsf, ragga: -1. ' xii- ' - .vs-is ,an-'--'frtf 4'-' ' ' , .. , 4 A SOPHOMOBE CLASS First Row: Ena Dyck, Edith Means, Annetta Sherwin, Betty Strong, Donna Wright, Arlo Plough, Donald Irvin, Mary Sacha, Evelyn Recs: Mary Zehner, Donna.Beichler, , Second Row: Stella Yoder, Marjorie Weigley, Gloria Chase, Lois Meyer, Bernice Collins, Marjorie Reese, Louise Metsker, Betty Pate, Helen Dunlap, Mr, Kinney, Third Row: Sherwin Fraelich, Robert Giet, Richard Thompson , Robert Dcitrich, Howard Fceman, Junior Henry, Janes Slater , Leland Conn, Junior Herman. ' cnlss orrzcnas President Arlo Plough - Vice President Donna Wright Secretary Lois Moyer Treasurer Donald Irvin Student Gouncil Mary Sacha Milton Blough, Jr, Advisor Mr, Kinney SOPHOMORE AGHIEVEMENTS? Here we are chugging along on the road to better education, We are still considered undorclassmon, but we have accomplished enough so we can live in the study hall. Well, well, let me see ---- it looks as though we're going to 1942 'D IU ID AN N IIJAXIL SOPHOMORE ASHIEVEHENTS? have some famous athletes. Why, just watch the sophomores in son tion on the basketball court, or the baseball diamond and you will agree that they are striving to win for dear old Creston all the time. We have e few ambitious students who are really working. We have e few who are endoavoring to become public speakers, Yes, and just ask Miss Graber what she would do if she would not have those jolly sophomores to liven up the home ee, ,olass. Some of the girls are really going to be good housekeepers. Say, did you taste any of the candy they made just before Christmus-w- mm. som! 1 Some are even learning how to become better citizens f as if they didnft know howD,t Host of the boys are really getting some- where in the way of manual training. Did you see some of the things they made? , - Oh yes, we mustnft forget'our honorable advisor. He is well known for his absent mindodness, but we would be jealous of anyone else who took him, All in ell, now tell mo, what would :-. GHS do without the class of 44? You can seo we are accomplished in all fields. Show us e class.thst can beat us. Oh, better not bother, you might find GRO. Q INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS f - . Q X' .it. .-iff? - . -X sl ' -l 1919412 ir OUID ANNUAL 'k GORPORALS ' . . FRESHNAN GLASS First Row! Bertha Gifford, Margaret Yoder, Majora Kaufman, Evelyn Lance, Roberta Rugh, Kenneth Bricker, Dean Mumaw, Dean Blough, Evelyn West, Mary Fraelieh, Marion Johnson, Althea,Haley, Mildred Steele, ' Second Row! Jennie Bell Franks, Glenda Toss, Betty Stillwagner C - ' harlotte Pate, Emma Young, Phyllis Means, Virg1nia,Boyes, Betty Hathaway, Mary Jane Pinkley, Betty Plant, Miss Koontz. Third Row! Wayne Reese, Robert Franks, Ivan Mosier, Clarence B . , P . A y . richer, Wayne Gingery, Raymond Mullet, Ray Uhler,Lamrence -Fetzer, Delbert Gasser, Alvin Hamilton, Donald Blough, Eugene Gish. A cuss orrxcms President ' C' , Dean Mumaw tice President Kenny Bricker Secretary-Treasurer Roberta Bugh Student Council Dean Blough Evelyn Nest Advisor Miss Koontz FRESHMEN BROADCAST This is station F-RHO-S-H broadcasting from the terminal tow- er in the Creston High School Building. The new school year found thirtyaeight bold freshmen M421 t 'mum AwN:UAlL ir . FRESHMEN BROADCAST enrolled in Creston High School with a stupendous amount of pep and plenty of determination to make good in the eyes of the upperelass- men. The class of 1945 chose as their dictator Dean Mumaw with Kon- ny Bricker, viceapresident: Roberta Rugh, secretary-treasurer: Dean Blough and Evelyn West, represented us in the student council: and backing us with sound advise, Miss Koontz. So, with such guidance we should proceed to the highest of our ability. We had several new classmates join us, They are Margaret Yodaz Mary Fraelich, and Betty Plant, At the mid-year we lost one of our faithful members, Betty Hathaway, Though the youngest of the upper four classes, we have interesh pop, and enthusiasm in recreation which, of course, means basketball, Holding the spot-light in basketball are Don Blough, Dean Blough,Ken- ny Bricker, and Eugene Lehman. Our first class party was held at the Wooster City Park and wass greatly enjoyed by everyone, Ladies ond Gentlemen, this is station F-R-O-S-H signing o:Ef.We' ll see you next year same time, but on a different station and with new determination, INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS fTaai I. . H yhtsu -ix A p ..' gaeig I . ,, 5 , ' , E 1,5-1' ' jy 5 , 4, i f'fsl.,m.,7 Q L f .. .Q '--, i ,,. Q si' 3 f- fm-fri-. 1 llf-QII42 w -A' nun ANNHJAII. if S FIRST CLASS PRIVATES x.,,f EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Alice Slater, Ruby Perry, Beatrice Dawson, Irene Huffg man, Ilene Graber, Carl Slater, Harold Reese, Arthur Meyer, Relda Grundor, Grace Pinkley, Betty Dunn, Rosella Yeager, Jeanette ,Rook Bernice Dawson, Second Row! Elmer Sherwin, Kent Ripley, Lois Collins, Norma Donnedeck- er, Katherine Steinmetz, Leona Fetzer, Betty Weaver, Jean.Copley, Bev erly Kollert, Vivian Steele, John Portwood, Miss Titschinger, Third Row! Phil Scherer, Fred Massie, Paul Swigart, Leslie Mosier, Kenneth McVey, Pete Miracle, James Gerstenschlagcr, Billy Houseworth, Virgil Markley, Raymond Graf, Eugene Shaad, Raymond Stah1,George Mar- ko, Q GLASS OFFICERS President Arthur Meyer Secretary-Treasurer Carl Slat er Student Council Relda Grunder Advisor Miss Titschinger NAMES AND M ANING Virgil Boyes - Girl hater. Lois Collins - nCo1lien. Jean Copley - Doris Beatrice Dawson - 8th grade glamour girl 19412 .4 ir ' 'DIUD AXNNIIJAXL 'k mums .mn Bernice Dawson - Betty Dunn - Leona Fetzer - James Gerstenslager - Ilene Graber - - Raymond Graf - Relda Grunder - Billy Houseworth -' Beverly Kollert- -4 Virgil Markley - George Marko - Fred Massie - Pete Miracle - Leslie-Mosier - Arthur Meyer r- Ruby Perry - John Portwood - Harold Reese - Kent Ripley Eugene Shaad - Elmer Sherwin - .Alice Slater - sCar1 Slater a Norma Sonnedeeker Qi, Louis Stackhouse Raymond Stahl - Vivian Steele, - Katherine Stienmetz - Nilber Swigart - Paul Swigart Betty Weaver L - Rosella Yeager - Irene Huffman - Kenneth Mcvey - Miss Titsehinger an ' 5- . Fyrf' . MEANING Shorty i Picks on all Lipstick nGertieU. itmaggielt 'I the boys. NDutchn Cand he isj Garter Crazy nCutieN IYBGCKYI! Charley MeCar Henry Aldrich Sass box Dagwood. iOld Man Muse Art School skippo they Portable Qso Roberta says Hodd Baby Dumpling Bob Feller Shorty Freckles Whitie Sonny Jerk MeGurk from Albuquerque Grandpa Stahl Nichols Maud Greston's number one play boy Self defender Boots' Rosie Silver threads among the gold Quiet Dates gallore INFORMAL SNAPSHOTB ll QI 412 -UQ, i' DIUID AXNNIIJAI. i' BUCK PRIVHTES I 1 .M jk fel. SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Corel Montgomery, Dorothy Cherry, Velma Crabtree, Lois Reese, Pauline Irvin, Kathleen Murray, James Blough, Don- old Reese, Earlene Pate, Corrine Kaufman, Virginia Britton, Second Row! John Dyck, Howard Artrip, Richard Allen. Florence Woodward, Glenna Hathaway, Phyllis Steele, Marjorie Mulhollon, Lloyd Kennedy, Harry Lehman, Philip Matteson, Ross Nosier, Miss Melllvaine, Third Row! Russell Bellentine, Lowell Collins, Clifford McVey, Kenneth Sigler, Kerbert King, Junior Dohner, Cush Gifford, Rob- ert Amshutz, Frank Johnson, Eugene Sigler, Dick Younkeru ' CLASS OFFICERS President I James Blough Vice-President Kathleen Murray Secretary-Treasurer Pauline Irvin Student Council Donald Reese Advisor Miss Mclllvaincr - D NAMES AMBITIONS Richard Allen Artist Robert Amshutz Dog Catcher Howard Artrip Salesman. Russell Belentine Geolgist Dorothy Bigler School Teacher 194121 i' DIUIQ AN N MAIL i' NAME James Blough Dorothy Cherry Lowell Collins Velma Crabtree Junior Dohner John Dyck Margaret Feeman Gush Gifford Pauline Irvin Frank Johnson Corrine Kaufman Herbert King Harry Lehman Daniel Levers Clifford McVey Phillip Matteson Carol Montogomery Ross Mosier Marjorie Muhollan Kathleen Murray Earlene Pate Donald Reese Lois Reese Eugene Sigler Kenneth Sigler Phillis Steele Florence Woodward Dicky Younker Miss Mcllvaine 1119421 AM ITICNS Midget in a circus Stewardess Auctioneer Mannequin Butcher Delivery boy Housewife Lawyer Secretary Movie Manager Fan Dancer Fish man Preacher Banker Poet Doctor Opera Singer Garbage man Farmer's wife Dancing Teacher Musician Army Officer Nurse Undertaker Millionaire Clerk Old maid Prize fighter First woman president i' OIUID ANNUAL ir HISTORY OF CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL The first school in Creston was a one room building erected a few years prior to 1878, and was surrounded by a rail fenca This building was moved to another location, remodled, and is still being used as a dwelling house. The permanent school was founded and built in 1876. Funds for a one story building were furnished by the township, but the people of Creston decided it was much more desirable to educate their children at home rather than to send them to such far away schools as Canaan and Smiths ville Academies. A group of public spirited citizens of that time, by their own contributions, added enough to the fund al- ready given by the township to build a two-story school building in Creston, The first teacher was James McCoy and a nephew of this mari was a teacher at a later date. One of the instructors of that decade was William Dawson who later became a nationally known lecturer. Dr, Litell, well remembered by many residents of the present time was also one of the early instructors. In the year 1878 the township took control of our Creston Schools. Thus it has since remained a public school. In the year 1890 the first class of six members completed the course re- quired at that time and was graduated under Professor Mills. The smallest class to graduate was that of 1898 with only three mem- bers. what a contrast tb the number who are completing the course today, and what a difference in the courses as well, ' The student body increased, and a few years later because of the danger to first and second grade pupils in crossing the rail- roads, a building was erected in the north end of the village to house the first and second grades. Continued added enrollement demands more room and more instr- uctors. It may be remembered what a hue and cry was raised wheri it was decided that the superintendent needed an assistant, Until this time the superintendent had been compelled to teach all classes in high school as well as having the supervision of all grades. ' In the year 1908 the old frame building containing four rooms was condemned by the State Fire Marshal. Some repairs were made, but it was still considered unsafe. The old building held until 1915 when after many " 'cussins and discussinsn a fine new brick building was erected. After the building was completed and equipment installed, how proudly they all pointed to the modern school. Centralization of township schools occurred in 1918. The building was enlarged to its present size in 1924 and new the school is classed among the best small town schools in Ohio, and with Ohio schools rating among leading ones in the nation it is not hard to see where Creston stands. As yet Creston has not produced a President, but they are still sawing out the timbers from which Presidents are built. Mayme Broomall - Class of l904 H942 L X '4'-" Vi' 1 W' ,2"?'-vtw-fy'f ' 'f' ff-vas ' -:S .Q " i ff: Fx vhs A Jil , -1 A!! v? f A -. .im ' - f M A A . X - -A ' - ' x , . . --g- .-.- wr - r V . .--51. ' k fx f - -A ' ' P A - Ki,3b.p!.'1f1 . . Q. Y . 1 Ax N 9 -. if 1 . , X i s 4 1 i 1 -F c I I . A 3 1 K A ' ,' 1 m Y v LAK, . 1 . i x 4 E 4 A ' A Q - 1 . v . W .- ,X 1 I 2 5 Q .1 ,x- . A , - , ' R A 5 9 . - I r x i Acwmvmqfmms SQ Q, i 5 . 2' X 1 L 1' K E 'i I F i J i 1 ,,,, x 4 X . --fi 5 we 3 .K S5 ,R -a ' fi 3 15 .nd .44 Q in .F .i N N . X312 R .5 H 1 n V 1 I I 4 1 1 . v. S Q 3 xi 4 Q: H ,C .1 ,Q a A ' ,Q 54 E S 5 fi 'K' DIUIQ ANNIUAXIL it GEN RAL STAFF K Q ' ' 5 STUDENT COUNGIL First Row: 'JuneW Blough, Mary Jo Sacha, Doloris Long, Eileen Levers, Margaret Wyssbrod, Nora Lee. Second Row: Donald Reese, Relda Grunder, Evelyn West, Dean Blough, OFFICERS President Eileen Levers Vice-President Doloris Long Secretary Margaret Wyssbrod X We have accomplished many things this year at our Student Council meetings. For Christmas each person in high school had to contribute his dime to a Red Cross Fund instead of buying a gift as was done in the previous years. The money was then donated to the Red Cross. We have worked out a new system of awarding letters. Points will be given for various activities such as class president , declamation, etc., as well as for athletics. After a certain amount of points have been earned, a letter is awarded. A new system was introduced for the cafeteria line up for lunches nt noon. The teachers are to be first: followed by the seniors, juniors. etc. This pertains to the six upper grades only, .II Q, Magaret Wyssbrod 'k DIIJIQ ANNUAL MILITARY POLICE W.- x 's SCHOOL BOY PATROL First Row: Lowell Collins, Kenneth King, Bill Houseworth, Carl Slater, Sigler, Pete Miracle, Herbert Frank Johnson, Second Row! John Dyck, Harold Reese, Raymond Graf, Eugene Sigler, Eugene Shaad, Raymond Stahl. THE OATH of the SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL UI promise faithfully that as Patrol of my school I will at all protect all members of my school when they are crossing the street conduct toward automobile traffic to all other children in my school, ciaents while on ' duty." a member of the School Safety times do all in my power to and other child pedestrians, at my post, to guide my own so as to set a proper example and to guard myself from ac- 1:9421 wk l 'k 'UUE AXNNIUAXIL 'k KITCHEN POLICE . ' 5'-+1 -f .. 3 I ' M i R. O, H. CLUB First Row: Bertha. G-ifford, Evelyn Lance, Roberta. Hugh, Majoro. T' uf nn man, Glenda. Yoss, Doloris Long, Bette Davis, Nina. hlhohman, Betty Sykes, Marion Johnson, Althoo.,Ho.ley, Sore Wolbnugh, Mildred Steele, Second Row: Mary Zehner, Betty Strong, Betty Hathaway, Emma Young, betty Stillwzmgner, Charlotte Pete, Gloriaulifost, Marjorie Reese, nary Fraelieh, Helen Dunlay, Marjorie Weigley, Donna. Wright, Annette Sherwin, Jennie Bell Franks, ' Third Row! Evelyn Reese, Evelyn West, Virginia Blough, Audrey Olson, Mildred Weideman, Phyllis Moms, Mildred Dohner, Nreto, Mace, Mary Gifford, Martha Christy, Gloria Chase, Margaret Wyssbrod, Nero Leo, Eleanor Herman, Miss Graber, OFFICERS President Ninn Lehman Vice President Bette Davis Secretary Doloris Long Treasurer Betty Sykes Reporter Donna Wright Advisor Miss Graber H942 E -iQ 'k DIUIIQ ANNIIJAI. ir in ROYAL ORDER OF HOM MAKERS The Royal Order of Homemakers began their drive for club members shortly after school began. Twenty-two new girls were initiated, making a total of forty-six members for the year, The formal initiation service wasi held by candle light in the school auditorium, The service was read by Nina Lehman, the president of the club. Refreshments were served. October found the R.-O. H. and the F. F. A. Clubs busy stag- ing the second annual Community Fair held at the Creston School. 3The November meeting was in part devoted to Red Cross Work. The girls knitted afghans and sweaters. Shirley Romich, past pres ident of the club told about her experiences in college. Dancing was the recreation. Refreshments were served. The Club sponsored a Christmas party for children between the ages of five and seven. Games were played and songs were sung. Gifts were given to the children by Santa's wife, Mildred Dohner. January found the girls interested in starting a courtesy campaign to make our school more observant of the Golden Rule. A Chapel program was given by girls and boys pertaining to courtesy and etiquette. This was followed by each pupil in the high school filling out a.courtesy rating sheet, A St. Patrick's dance, the first school dance of the year, was sponsored by the club, This dance was very much of a success, The decorations and refreshments were in keeping with the holiday. I For the April meeting Miss Berkley gave a talk on charm and personalityg Recreation was given my Miss Berkley who taught the girls a few folk dances. May was the month of their annual trip to Cleveland. From the above account you can see that the R. O, H. Club is not all work. They aim to combine work and play. The Creston Club again received its 'award of meritu this year, This is ob- tained by fulfilling certain requirements of the state. Donna Wright - 1942 i' DUI? ANNIUAXI. ir FATIQUE DETAIL SQUAD ----- R' I 6 Nifv? F. F. A. CLUB First Row: Charles Deitrich, Bernard Jeffers, Junior Herman, Eugene Uhl, Richard Thompson, William Fisher. Second Row! Mr. Beasley, Robert Giet, Lawrence Fetzer, Ray Ulher Delbert Gasser, Raymond Mullet, Third Row? Ivan Mosier, Mike Marko, Wayne Gingery, Dean Mumaw, Robert Franks. OFFICERS President Eugene Uhl Vice President Dick Thompson Secretary Junior Herman Treasurer Bernard Jeffers Reporter Bob Giet Watch Dog Hike Mar ko Advisor Mrs Beasley The Community Fair sponsored by the F, F. A. was much bigger and better than last year's fair. The Fair was given on October ninth and tenth. The main attraction' on Thursday night was the selecting of the Harvest Queen. The Friday night entertainment was by a magician. The exhibits by the business men and farmers were much larger and better this year. H9421 'ir DIIJIIQ ANNIJAIL ir I l HARVEST QUEEN Margaret Wyssbrod, Virginia Blough, Margaret Tyler, Doloris Long, Donna Wright, Gloria Chase. , Part of the ceremonies of the School Fair, sponsored by the R, O. H. and F. FL A, Clubs, was the crowning of the Harvest Queen. Two candidates were chosen from each of the three upper classes to represent their class at the election of the queen The candidates were as follows: Gloria Chase and Donna Wright, sophomores: Virginia Blough and Margaret Wyssbrod, ' juniors: Doloris Long and Margaret Tyler, seniors. The candidates were judged by three out-of-town judges, Doloris Long was chosen as queen to be crowned the following night in the High School Auditorium, The queen was crowned by Margaret Tyler and the crowning took place at eight o'clock on a stage decorated with a harvest theme. The queen was dressed in a white formal and her attendants in pastel colored gowns. 1lQIMlQ 'k OIJIQ ANNIUAXIL 'k Other activities were es follows: the continuing of the Purebred. Swine Chain, one night of training for officers at Jackson township, a style show given for a, chapel program,meet ings exchanged with other F. F. A. groups, and numerous basket- ball games. . H9421 i' DIUID Awaulixll. ir PROPAGANDA MINISTERS UZIPPERP STAFF First Bow: Dorothy Cherry, Grace Pinkley, Bertha Gifford, Betty Stillwagner, Nina Lehman, Betty Strong, Mildred Steele, Marion Johnson, Eleanor Herman, Kathleen Beichler. Second Row: Miss Mcllvaine, Mildred Dohner, Audrey Olson, Mildred Heideman, Gloria West, Mary Gifford, Martha Christy, Virginia Blough, Bette Davis, Ena Dyck. Third Bow: Leroy Haley, Doloris Long, Wreta Mace, Harry Walmer , Philip McKown, June Blough, David Matteson, Gloria Chase, Harold Carter. Editor 'Nina Lehman Associate Editor Philip McKown Features Leroy Haley Art Eno. Dyck Sports June Blough Gossip Martha Christy Production Harold Carter Business Manager Eleanor Herman Activities Betty Strong Stencils Senior Typing Class Faculty Advisor Miss Mcllvaine General Reporters3iMildred Weideman, Doloris Long, Wreta,Mace, Grace Pinkley, 'Audrey Olson, Kathleen Beichler, Mildred Dohner, Gloria West, Virginia Blough, Bette Dayis, Mary Gifford, Howard Feeman, Mildred Steele, Marion Johnson, Gloria Chase, Dorothy Ch Q . . erry, Betty Stillwagncr, David Matteson, Harry Walmer, Bertha Gifford. ' 1lQIl4l2 if 'DIIJIIQ Awsungl if REVEILLI1 ' V GLEE CLUB First Row: Earlene Pate, Lois Reese, Coreine Kaufman, Alice Slater, Relda Grunder, Bertha Gifford, Irene Huffman, Kathryn B tt Stoinmetz, Beverly Kollert, Jeannette Rook, Grace Pinkley, e y Dunn, Ruby Perry, Dorothy Cherry, Bernice Dawson, Second Row! Miss Koontz, Althea Haley, Betty Hathaway, Evelyn i C lli West Phyllis Means, Leona Fetzer, Bernice Collins, Lo s o ns, 8 Ilene Graber, Norma Sonndecker, Betty Weaver, Kathleen Murray, Carol Montgomery, Third Row' Beatrice Dawson, Edith Means, Betty Strong, Virginia Blough, Gloria Chase, Jean Copley, Glenna Hathaway, Vivian Steele, Rosella Yeager, WDO mi sal don - It is our only organization of its kind- the WGir1s' Glee CldU'! When we forty girls get together the syllables really fly. But we have sung all year mostly for our ' ttl ecial activity individual pleasure. There has been li e sp other than singing for P. T. A. and Chapel programs. We have en'o ed our smaller singing groups, too. We began the year sing- J Y ing at the County Fair for the Pageant of American Musicg we M 7th The conclude the year preparing for a Chapel Program on ay , new victor records are an added attraction in music appreciation study, The do mi sals continue as bits of our three part harmony float out through the auditorium windows-and you know it is the 'Girls' G-lee Club." 1I 942 lt, ,l EVERYTHING SEWED UP ON THE INSIDE OF THE -A' felum ANNIUAYIL if NQM12 NNN? VNIQWWNUNDNEN VJ , , Qfff'f IN I A rcCPQie9NH1GH SCHOQP 1 A we GO Q D P H T T18 Q GRADUATION j . e 5 5 I I I ' 1 1 J m r" P- 'i A It is always the aim of the school paper to be bigger and better each year. This year the staff believes it has vucoeeded, even' though is was discontinued to Gaye paper for defense, Several changes were made at the beginning of the year. One more column was added to make the publication look more like a real newspaper Nhat the staff called Jletters to the editoru was a new addition, These' were articles written in the form of letters, by people who have graduated from Creston, A descripe tion of a senior was also an added attraction . As DEED the issues continued more pictures were constantly being added. Only once were there less than six pages and several times there were ten pages, The name was also changed. Since the paper was somewhat "snapped upn the name was changed to the uCreston-Zippef'. A large part of the paper's success was due do the helpful sug- gestions of Miss Mc- Ilvaine, I, personally, wish to thank the staff, student body, the grade teachers, the faculty, and Miss Mcllvaine for their help this year. A a aThe Editor NOW WHOSE BRAGGIN'? Margaret Tyler,fsenior chemistry student, camo egIwithethoIfollowing're- mark one day, nThc chemical worth of lic human body is about eight cents. Those of us tae complain about feel- ing like thirty cents, sure are bragginlu BRIGHT BOY! Jeff: nSay Jeep, why on earth do you wear such loud socks?n Jeep: nOh, I just hate to have my feet go to sleep in class, w w a 2 w m A tommyhawk is what if you go to sleep suddenly and wake without hair, there is an Indian with. 1IQII4lZ ...-....- ra-V so an Q ,Tw I r- IJ B ' ,Q b Us I 4 l H Ill N , Q -13? 3 'I X 'AD u On May 20, 1942 Uthe senior class of Creston High School held its graduation exercises in the high school audit- orium. A total of 18 students graduatedgfive boys and thirteen girls The Seniors, dressed in royal blue and white caps and gowns,sat upon the stage which was de- corated with spring flowers, Dean Bruere from the College of Wooster de- livered the address, Two certificates of scholarship were award- ed two seniors. I Two books were also awarded Ono to the outstaniling girl and the other to the outstanding boy in the class, Donald Mollvainc, president of the school board, awarded I the diplomas, 'W""""""'f ""' X -- ff' we- rs- f -we ffm-: - -a,.....,w ir 'DIUID AXNNIUAII. 'k TIFE .AND DRUM CORP Y QQ aw! A . u""r A . Aa, - H ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: Betty Strong, Phyllis Means, Roberta Rugh, Evelyn West, Donna Wright, Dean Mumaw, John Haley, Louis Metsker , Mildred Weideman, Nora Lee, SECOND ROW! Russell Ballantine, Mary Zehner, Gush Gifford,ZBob Amshutz, Leroy Haley, Leland Conn, Mary Jo Sacha, Leona. Fetzer, Gloria West, Mr, Young, THIRD ROW: James Blough, Dean Blough, William Fisher, Dan Beaver, Arlo Plough, Clarence Bricker, Virginia Bleugh, Mary Gifford. In an orchestra there are certain objectives to work for. First there must be cooperation among the players of the entire orchestra: and secondly, cooperation between the orchestra and the director. If the above mentioned objectives are not obtained, one cannot have a successful organization. This year the Creston High School orchestra has had a ver+y successful season. It has played at many school functions during the current school year and has been doing very fine work under the leadership of Professor Harry Young. ' John Haley 1I QI-412 -k emo ANNlUAI.l ir BUGLE CORP O99 BAND FIRST ROW: Doloris Long, Leroy Haley, Robert Amshutz, Leland Conn, Donna Wright, Gloria West, Mary Jo Sacha, Roberta Rugh, Leona Fetzer. , SECOND ROW: Russell Ballantine, Mary Zohner, Gush Gifford, Bill Fisher, Evelyn West, Virginia Blough, Betty Strong, Mr. Young. THIRD ROW: James Blough, Dean Blough, Dan Beaver, Arlo Plough, Clarence Bricker. with several prospective members on hand, and only one of present members graduating, the outlo k . 1 o for the band is better than it hes been for some time Du . e to graduation, and other tricks of fate, the membership has been somewhat reduced from last year, leaving the band in need of several instruments, par- ticularly an alto horn or two, Of course, Mr. Young will welcome all new students, no mat- ter what instrument they play, or wish to play. By the way, if you expect to take music next year you had better get your instrument soon. Priorities, you know. Leroy Haley 19421 'Ir oluln ANNUAL ir l U. S, O. ENTERTAINIEZRS --...- -fN 1 Y --H -- -Y 'Ii W ,ii-r 'SY X, A, X-. K K K xnxx. .x -ily H , t 5 - o- 5 Q an life -1 . ' ., N sua". SENIOR CLASS PLAY Left to right! Margaret Tyler, Eugene Uhl, Kathleen Beiehler, John Haley, Ninn Lehman, Audrey Olson, Leroy Haley, Wretn Mace, Doloris Long, ' ' Umrss Jmrr' Proclucer Senior Class Director Mr. Frey Script Kathleen Beichler Advertising 8s Business Manager Eleanor Herman Stage Manager - J' elm Elliston Producing Time One hour and 45 minutes Setting Brier Mountain College For Women 'Dste December 5, 1941 CHAIZACTERS Louise sophomore at Brier Mountain College Doloris Long Florence her roommate Margaret Tyler Catherine ,junior across the hell Nrete Mace Doris her freshman roommate Eileen Levers Harriet senior next door Audrey Olson Droopy colored. man of all work' Eugene Uhl I-iiss Watkins clean of Brier Mountain College Nina Lehman Jimmy stray junior from State University Leroy I-Isley Professor Frazier instructor in English John Haley ll 9412 T 'k OUID ANNIUAIL ir b i .S ri JUNIOR CLASS PLAY FIRST ROW: Mary Gifford, Dan Beaver, Margaret Wyssbrod, Phil Mciiox-rn, More Lee, Kenneth Smith. SECOND ROW! Mr, Martin, Bette Deyis, Devid Matteson, Martha Christy, Ralph Ven Gulick, Maxine Pate, Harold Carter. WHOT WATER HENRYW Producer Junior Class Director Mr, Martin Advertising Manager Bill Fisher Business Manager Virginia Bleu gh Stage Manager Jim Wells Producing Time One hour and 45 minutes Setting The Martin living room Date April 17, 1942 fCAST OF CHARACTERS Judy Martin 'f The worm" Nora- Lee Mrs, Martin A devoted mother ,Mary Gifford Henry Martin A 16-year-old woman hater Dan Beaver Pat Martin Henry's older sister Martha Christy Lester Price Pat's fiance: a soda jerker Phil McKown Spike Duncan Friend of Henry Ralph Van Gulick Shirley Reed A little lady with e big will Margaret Wyssbrod Mr, Smith An old friend of Mrs. Martin Kenneth Smith Betsy Smith A rootin' tootin' daughter of the West Bette Davis Grandpa Martin On the father's side Harold Carter Sue Duncan Spike's sister Maxine Page Police Officer The town's finest David Matteson 19421 vig.v?3f.y,,q5:xf537QK5 ,N .k,,,,.-,.,Q.,,... .I W 5 , 3 2 I Xi S . S , 1 S Q K. K? E 5 i Q X my ,, wefgyx-+xv,.w z X r I X LETICS -' . i E. J . l - I " 4 ' -4 ' 5 r f . Rb 3 C. -Q i V , ."lHf,:"'l'w'. , , Wil. f" f- . z ' 4 ,A ' X K -A T- I ? ---f 1 si 5 l r : Q 4 'a I A Q 1 3 2 .1 . . 1 1 5 1 Q 1 A - 1 1' oluln AXNNIUAXH. if SIGNAL CORP ' " """ff?E:Q f N . , O W CHEERLEADERS Left to right! :oonns.w1-ight, Zehner. Victory, vie V-I-C- Are we it? We be1ong,to Doloris Long, Ninn Lehman, Mary VICTORY tory is our cry T-O-RPY Well, I guess, the C. H. S. I SCHOOL SONG Onward, fellows, we must conquer, Fight for Creston High! Red and black expect a victory, Hin for Creston High! Rah, rsh, rsh Honor, fame, and glory calling, You must do your best, So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High. 1- I O Fight them, fellow, fight to conquer, ' Fight for Creston High! Never weary in the contest, Win for Creston High. I Though the battle go against you, , You must stand and fight, So whnte'er the contest Win for Creston High! Rm,Rm,RM 1I QI 412 ir DUI? ANNIUAL BUCKET BRIGADE 4 x 3 --:ru-YY-wl V 'I ,-.-Q , v BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Pete Miracle, Mr. Martin, June Blough , Eugene Uhl, James Slater, Philip MeKown, Harry Earl, Arlo Plough, Carl Slater. SECOND ROW: Dean Blough, Donald Irvin, Leland Con, Richard. Thomp- son, Ralph Ven Gulick, Gerald. Siogler, Dan Beaver, Kenneth Bricker, .Alvin Hamilton, Donald. Blough. Player June Blough Phil Mcliown Arlo Plough Jim Slater Hwry Earl J eep Uhl Dan Beaver Don Blough Keith Mantz Eugene Lehman Kenny Bricker Fld.. 100 88 48 20 11 4 3 3 1 1 1 H9421 Total 230 201 109 53 31 15 7 7 5 2 2 Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston Creston I DIUID AXNNIUAI. ir BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Sterling 1 3? Doylestown 34 Smithville 39 Dalton 22 Mt. Eaton 22 Sterling 28 Applecreek 29 Mineral City - 21 Frederieksbgrg 61 Seville ' 35 Shreve 28 Westfield 23 Chester 44 Seville 31 INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS at Sterling at Creston at Smithville at Creston at Mt, Eaton at Creston at Creston at Mineral City it Fredericksburg at Creston ' at Creston at Westfield at.Chester ' at Seville h 1lQI4l2 'A' comm ANNIUM. if FIELD ARTILLER! BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: James Slater, Arlo Plough, "June" Blough, Kenneth Bricker, SECOND ROW: Donald Blough, Robert Giet, Gerald Sigler, Junior Herman, Lawrence Slater, THIRD ROW: Mr. Martin, Alvin Hamilton, Junior Henry, Raymond Mullet, f SPORTSMANSHIP Sportsmanship is of vital importance in baseball, basketball and other sports. It often may be the difference between victory and defeat. How many times have you seen a basketball team that has been ahead for a long time suddenly 'blow up' and lose the game because players differed with the referee on one certain little point. A poor sport should never be allowed to compete in athletic contests, He may not only cause the crowd and officials to lean toward the other side, but shows himself up as not quite the man he seems to be, Eugene Uhl y 19421 U wvjflununf -- -van W it iivwvuln-wa-un,---4'-Y---r1.iVgIulI-QW -lv-Q-wariu mi .M--W. .- DIUD ANNIIJAXH. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Fm1Gmws Creston 4 Seville 2 Creston 12 Seville 6 Creston 2 Burbank 1 Creston 3 Burbank 4 Creston 3 Sterling 5 POSITION OF PLAYERS June Blough Pitch and catch Jim Slater Shortstop Arlo Plough Catch and pitch Junior Herman Third base Gerald Sigler Second base Bob Giet Left field Kenneth Bricker Kieth Mentz Lawerance Slater Junior Henry Raymond Mullet Alvin Hamilton Donald Blough Right field Center field Substitute Substitute Substitute Substitute Substitute 1119421 'k DIUID AXNNIUAXI. ir MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVITIES Besides the regular shhool activities of athletics and music the students were busy in other fields, The school declamation contest was held at Smithville High School on March 15, Leroy Haley entered the county competition for original oratoryg Nina Lehman and Nora Lee entered the humor- ous division: Lois Meyer entered the dramatic division. Nina received a rating of Nexcellentu and Leroy a rating of Ugoodt For the highest percentage of attendance during the six weeks' periods of the school term, the following classes with their respective advisors enjoyed the following half dry educae tional trips: The seventh grade went to visit the Salt Works at Rittman. The Junior's went to Kent State University the first time they won, and went' to see the Akron Beacon Journal Building the second time. The senior class visited Qyes, just visitedl the Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield. The second time they senior's won they visited Qyes, again just visitedl the Massilon State Hospital. The county scholarship tests were held at Smithville High School on April 17. The following Creston students go to Kent to enter the district contests on May 2: Mary Sacha for Latin lg Mary Elizabeth Gifford for Junior English. The school participated in the annual Legion Essay Contest again. John Haley and Roberta Hugh won district medals for their essays, ' This year the Reverands Young and Plough taught Bible cours es in the high school The course was elective and was taught once a week in place of the usual history class. There were fifty-five students enrolled.p A course in first aid was also offered to the Juniors and Seniors. This was an elective course and was conducted by Mr. Martin. The commercial tests were held in Wooster, April 25, Gloria West and Betty Sykes took the Shorthand I tests: Bette Davis and Nora Lee entered the Typing I contest: Mildred Weideman, Nina Lehman, and Audrey Olson for Shorthand Ilg Mildred Weideman and Audrey Olson for Typing II: Margaret Wyssbrod, Betty Sykes, and Nina Lehman for bookkeeping. - CRESTON SCHOOL ENROLLMENT First Grade . 40 Seventh Grade 33 Second Grade--Metz 31 Eighth Grade 41 Second Grade--Smucher 28 Ninth Grade 38 Third Grade 29 Tenth Grade BO Fourth Grade 38 Eleventh Grade 27 Fifth Grade 38 Twelfth Grade lg- Sixth Grade 42 Total 434 1IQlD4l2 U1--Y-' us fwf- -V+ f ir DIJIQ ANNUAL i' CALENDAR 1942-1942 September 2 Another school year begins--with new and old faces. Char- les Deitrich is the new Senior boy. 3 Classes elected officers and advisors. 4 Each pupil was assigned a regular seat in the study hall. 5 Seniors had a hay ride. Fun, hey? 9 School was dismissed for the day so we could attend the Wayne County Fair. 26 News!!! The school paper WMugwumpU was published. The Freshmen had a weiner roast and the Sophomoresi had a skat- ing Party. 39 Mrs. Hoff opened the School cafeteria. The annual staff was selected and-Eileen Levers was elected Editor. The R. O. H, Club's new members were initiated. Sterling base- ball players won over Creston's team. October g 1 What's so shining? Why the Seniors haye their new 'class rings. Each class voted for two girls to be chosen as harvest queen. 3 Assembly program - Fair money awarded. John Haley and Eugene Uhl talked on Buckeye State. Juniors had a heated argument on sweaters or jackets, but the sweaters won. Watch the birdie! The annual pictures were taken. ' 9 The Creston School Fair--- Dot Long was selected .Harvest Queen. '? 10 School Fair--Harvest Queen crowned. The Senior Class had a 35d supper. A magician entertained. Many premiums were given for exhibits. 18 Sophomores, Juniors, ,and Seniors saw a football game at Columbus. 23 School Paper renamed UCreston Zippern came out. Hallo- we'en Party given at School House. 24 Believe it or not. a vacation. Teachers attended Teachers' Convention in Cleveland. 27 No History class, but study anyway. 28 Best attendance was won by the Seventh grade. They joun- neyed to The Rittmnn Salt Works. ' 31 Assembly Program---Swearing in of Boy patrol, State pan trolman talked. Miss Graber treated us to a Hallowefen Party at Creston Pres. Church. Everyone 'had a good time. November 7 nCreston Zippern came out. Assembly Program --Rbv, Plough talked. There was a pep meeting. A 8 Home Economic Conference at Rittman. ll Armistice Days-Bill Davis spoke. ' g 12 Activity period, the annual staff planned the program' 13 The Juniors aren't blushing, itls just the "Wrofleotion from their sweaters. . h , 14 Election of Seniors for Senior Day' ,' 17 Senior Day, a grand privilege with everyone happy, but tired, We understand the teachers better, now. l8 Basketball game at Sterling. H9421 ir UIUID AXNNIUAXII. if 9d2O-21 Thanksgiving vacation. 25 27 28 December 3 Doylestown beat Creston. Seniors are trading friendship pictures. Assembly Program--Eighth grade presented a play. Creston won the basketball game at Smithville. The Senior Play cast presented the matinee to the grades. Mrs. Wells became cook of the cafeteria. 4 Creston beat the Dalton basketball game, 5 Chapel-Rev. Conn talked. The Seniors presented 'Miss Jimmyu. 20 Creston basketball players won over Mineral City's team, Mr. Martinrs former home. 23 Creston's team lost to Fredericksburg. 24 Christmas and New Yearfs vacation started. January 5 Back to school--very cold winter weather. Thrill-Wreta's engagement--Sob,broken. 14 Six of the boys visited Leroy School for fun, 15 Juniors went to Kent State because of perfect attendance, 16 The last school paper came out. The Seniors enjoyed toothpicks in History Class, 20 Creston played Seville. 19 Basketball players visited Kent. 22 What happened to the basketball players? Why, they have butch haircuts. . 23 Home Ee. girls visited Cooking School at Wooster. 28 The Senior history class went to the Wooster Courthouse to hear a trial. The high school had a roller skating PaTtY. 29 An accident--Dohner dripped pie on her-self or was it an excuse so she wou1dn't need to eat it. Assembly--Leroy Haley was head of the musical program. February 2 Miss Koontz is now wearing an engagement ring. 3 Began Volley Ball tournament at noon, 4 Senior Girls lost the volley ball game to the Junior Girls 6 Assembly-eSophomore class gave a play, many laughs. 9 Darker this morning--WAR TREE. 17 Lost to Doylestown at county tournament. 20 We hurried to finish article for American Legion. Part of the Home Ee. Girls served a supper. Assembly Program- Junior class had a spelling bee, Bertha Gifford won 31.00. 25 We pick our class motto and flower, Mr. Frey is sick, 25 Mrs. Frey taught our history class, March 2 Received our grade cards. 4 The Juniors took a trip to visit the Akron Beacon Journal building. P ll A magician entertained at the school house. We decided to let the faculty choose our commencement speaker, H942 15 16 17 18 20 23 24 25 26. 87 50 51 April 1 5 7 10 13 15 17 21 24 amay 1 4 8 11 14 15 17 20 'k DIUIQ ANNUAL ir Assembly Program---The F. F. A. boys presented a gir1's style show. Commencement invitations and name cards came. Everyone is exchanging name cards, A picture show nHelpful Henryu. Took annual pictures of the Junior Class Play, Annual Staff. etc. A man showed how pottery was made. The school present- ed Mr. Kinney with a pen and pencil set as he resigned. Mrs. Lowe became our new history teacher. The Seniors won the attendance record. We took the afternoon off and visited the Mansfield Reformatory. Annual meeting. Miss Burkley taught the R. O. H. Club folk dances. Chapel--Rev. Plough talked. Basketball Banquet at Smithville. Snow on the ground, the last day of March. April Fool's Day. The Senior girls wore slacks. The Evange- list spoke. Good Friday-The six upper grades went across to the Methodist Church. Scholarship test at Smithville Assembly-Chemistry class gave the program. Miss Bryan had an appendectomy. Junior Class play matinee. F. F. A. Banquet. Junior Class play cast presented nHot Water Henryu. Elliott James entertained with a Liquid Air Demonstration. Picture Show sponsored by the Seniors UThe Letter of Intro- ductionn. Faculty assembly program. It won't be long. Senior's assembly program. Style Show. Exams. start Junior and Senior Banquet. Rev. Young gives the baccalaureate address. Commencement-Mr. Bruere gives the address. 19421 'DIIJID AXNNIIJAI. WE TE SENIOR CLASS OF CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL 1942 WISH TO THANK ALL MERCHANTS AND ADVERTISERS WHOSE C-ENEROUS CONTRI- BUTIONS MADE THIS .ANNUAL POSSIBLE Creston High School Creston, Ohio H9421 v, ,1wmE15Q:,-,,.Qq,Q --Q , ww ',rqngxu1vuv1:.-- s:53.,4.-.-Q-qNg..,, r whiny. -nu. .- , . ,. Q A M K . 4 ., 4 F' ADVERTISING u -I 3 Ns S -4 - 4 H Y J E S . ,VS K 1 1 1 4 1 3 1 4 .w 4 1 T I 'A K -1 s 1 l W E 3 -if 4532+ 1 1 V- .Y ---- - -- v- -ug nv 4- ...,. .W -V yr-15 'A' Q111 'DIUID ANNIUAXIL ir W ii'ln,", 'H 5- -- ' ,.- .,,.mr,,. , , ,1 'Z' ' If--Hur' A " bl THE CHURCH OF CGD """"" METHQDIST CHURCH ,gi-11. -.--.-.-..... -1-.-.-1.--....... M ' PRESBYTERJAN CHURCH .C C 3 ' C C C, OF CRESUDN Q ' THE PRESBYTER JAN CH URCH H H CJPJACKSQN a ExTENDC...C.. -1..-.----111.....l... , ..Y -.-.....l-Q-f.i.... CQNCRATULATIQNS JL JSM. H----5 H ,X M1 A H Q - U CC -C CLAQ LX----------. 1 OTS Sy: - ' --1' ' Inf' L" ' ' ' - --'--.- 'Quill I1 , U Q V ON' ma L CVM, Q53 UIQMQ1 v-va - -Q'-5 - ir DIJID ANNIUAI. ir Oomp1igge11,ts of a, friend. 21, . ,J , 131, NL, ,-11 ,W , , K LOWER COST OF DRESSING EJRENNER BROS CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS WOOSTER OHIO SATISFACTION swam 1884 FREEDLANDERS JT PA Y S T0 3 Y CQUAL JT Y woosmmn 5? :R omo mwour THE Bmsm rl .' C .IXA R H-ARVEYYS RESTAURANQ in Mmmmmm SHIRTS ' MSDN ws HQ V PZ lo. B SCH VE Harvey G. Bechtel mm scmmma mn ram president .. owffso, ..... .....w... - ,..,o,.oYo .. , CQMPLIMENTS or 1 an yousmr IT WITH movmns ,X ,Q I om Fmvmns SRV it with ' J "' C R E ST Q N H E WM N Q Ream-You as Y Flowers for Q11 occasions HEIWNVILUJ OHIO H Phone 4081 Creston, O H9421 ir DMD ANNIUAIL i COMPLIMENTS OF I TH E 5 D1 P remix an U fs V S' ' 'F " 'J F F 'HJ J fog ft-JD ANNOUNC E MEN 'r sg MANuF,Lxc'rLJm1e- E S C 0 woosmz C OHIO PAINESVILLE, oH1o it comrmmnrs or "'I'i:h511gds12r1din'Z,liigli seviiie keel dddd R . fxfffxlxi 1. w.R1iQibiih ' Qi Furniture, Hardware, Dry Goods, E 1 C CA XX Carpets, Jewelry, Patent Medicines,,1 U J I I w You can always do better at F U N ERAL H QM E l Mamcm' SEVILLE, OHIO y I . W. M A I BA C H R. D. ARMSTRONG nom. A1zMsmnoNG STERLING' OHIO N d Science class seemed to be an unlucky c1ass,d If you donfqtmbelieve itz' dd 1 just ask Nine.. It was one of those rare days when Nina just couldnt t keep her mind on Science. nWhat,u asked Mr. Gattshall, His the fore rummer of an aeroplene?U Oh! The prope11er,n answered Nina. Bookkeeping class was never dull, especially with Dave Matteson as one of Miss Brycmns quiet, studious, pupils. You heard me, I said quiet. Ono dey Dave quietly slammed a drawer of one of the desks shut. NI want you to stay out of those desksn, shouted Miss Bryan.u Dot leaned over and whis- pered to Nina something like this, uI'd like to see Dave get into one of those desks,1wouldn't you?n 1 -..-. --- - - M- ,- COMPLIMENTS OF IRA E. SONNEDECKER r" F" r" X f' 'Q' I C, L af: K Trucking and Storage, i ' ' High Grade Coal Creston Ohio yy, AHPh,,2661 ALLIS-GHALMERS ld' ""' l"'d d ' NEW IDEA COMPLIMENTS OF and THE TYLER MOTOR COMPANY PA-PEC FARM EQUIPMENT ' H9342 e . iii V- nw- . -f. "' O ' ru-X unj- , wth, , ir OIIJIQ ANNUAL ir Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF M I N G L E W O O D I r' P' r' r' ooalaclceco. UELLEK lce Refrigeration gives A EE EQ best food protection l fix xx fN Wooster, Ohio 'J N'J 1 I 49 Creston, Ohio Compliments of I f X ix . r!AmfXA1 I MURRAY' S GROCERY i F R -FAA F: .V D Russel Avenue, ' - "" "" Ph' H542 Creston, Ohio A - fr: ' EqCompliments of A A A FOOD A f LADIES'-CHILDREN'S READY PETE WEIR TO WEAR MEN'S-BOYS' CLOTHING The Barber DRY GOODS A Do you remember--w 1 A EE The school picnics we had when we were in the grades? --- half the class always fell in the creokgfand some of,us home in a dixie cup-- would bring pollywogs and minnows only to have someone spill them out? Do you remember--- . . d Recesses? Not hearing the teacher blow the whistle an coming in e half hour late?--the fights on the school yards --taking n friend up on one of the swings? Do you remember--- . Yogrhfirst fgllog gr girl?i--How the kids all gegsei youa Q 6 tifisiiu 31508 1512133 E1finPfS3EY igifsmtgtv 1 'L mn COMPLIMENTS OF A COMPLIMENTS OF mr' r-'r-'Q' r-' r-1 W XXI """,X .fZ1.ff.fXV.."IK u VOJXDy ffJN14fXf smmxsessnvxcn Y"JlX,'Z'lf',l 'FXXP' DISPLAY OE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CRESTON, OHIO Creston, Ohio E'M'wl1o4ij i' QDIUD ANNIUAXIL 'A' o xr' - P I ' X E ff NEUMAN U fJ-'fW1f J ,J P X r ELEVATQR VAKJXIX Phono 2803 S ville . n.,,,.., H V-V N H , V ., D, I, MC I LW N E John Deere Farm Equipment WADSWORTH, CRESTON, ORRVILLE, O, Quality Merchandise Reasonably Priced. - oorJn2'i.'iii1TNms" ' o of H A R R Y H AW K Aucmxolmmn +113-1i10 reed Fertilizer COMLPLIMENTS or Grinding :ma Mixing fix L L Y X WE DELIVER woosuer ohio PRCJTECT YQUR HQ M E E3 U Y WAR ECN D S' C r -if S ff-XMPS V . , it i P E Z Q I L A l i Viiiggo PZ-lopza-rzy Q V jg E bl Z 1 P 1..f-xxNDJo?stQ 510 EOQXIVMAN COMPLIMENTS OF THE P- r-' r-'- r" LIBERTY BELL OIL CO. I D D EAT T E RY CQ Corner! Liberty 8: Boall Wooster, OJ Q " " if 7341 ,Z 'j', .' , 3 " J H9421 if ,oluln AWNMJAIL ir Compliments of a friend ,l ,, .f5'wpu-anna: -in-nnpunrf' ' F- , , 5 Compliments of GOMPLIMENTQ op 'O y newest p STERLING .Poem s' co., ' Quality Merchandise At Reasonable Prices STERLING , OHIO l l Star Telephone 2897 Seville F CRESTON' OHIO + ohio Central H 443115 Sterling Q PATTERSONFS cowrtnfxnwms or pzzmsmumm p-FFXX Q FFXF cmm u X ' Fommrm snavrom l N' N-'D J i J I 34 if J! I U Phone 2481 ' Quality .mm Deere Farm Equipment 'fT'F"F'F'lNf w LJ ... .J .J u Wooster Ohio r- 1 ' :SA N Ji IN G CO l Phono 95 '-1 V V-- . , ,,,. V ,, V E WI am very curious to know what you would say if I kissed youjn "If you were really curious" , sho replied, "you would know by now." y The J ups have always kept up with our Big League baseball, so they ought to new that the Yankees have a. habit of finishing on top, uHow old would you say she is?u UOh, somewhere in the middle flirtios.u Diner: I want some lump sugar. v Waiter: Here is some granulated sugar. If you don't like it, you can lump it. ,, H- " s4gmi ,' f , , I ffl I f, - V You will take increasing pride and joy with your Balfour ring over the years CLASS JEWELRY AND STnTIOIP..3IiY PRODUCTS CUPS - MEDALS -- TROPHIES Jeweler to the Senior Class of Creston High School - Senior Invitations also Balfour-made L, G. BALFO U R CQMPAN Y Represented by - R. L. grr8wwZg?:i'535 Newark Ohio M421 N--ss 171, .- A . J-ve -h we ,W 1-1. ,ggi 'k DIUD AN N IUAIL, 'k ! IN WAR OR IN PEABE A COMPLIMENTS OF Business Training Serves you Best -- n JOHN R CCJCHRAN f It requires less time and costs less? 1 s but prepares you for the better po- l C: Q Q sitions. ' , Thousnncls of young people are need- M-MWF-ACTUDRERS ed in business and government po- n 1 sitions. Students graduating from P95-T117 Vernish Q High School this year are urged to 5 get this training as soon as pos- WOOSTER OHIO P sible-- Terms open in June, Sept. W Q H ' ' ""' ' ' ' 5 and Joh. 1 fm-L1 osslum sonoot or commacr. T' Oberlin, Ohio r ri 'MIC' 'if' " " " 'mil ' ISV' ' ' lil!-3. in THE W GQ STER f ' , r' r" P' r-' r" r' I f T JJKL'.D.fL'KVjNQ Q ' . f Write or call for information CQNTRACT Q- P'1cm:.r: seamen 5 Q Wooster, Ohio 5 See Carl Fetzer . 'l ' 1" li I 'Lv -,--. .'I'-' -'. Till , 1, , , . , 3 i Do you remem'ber---- .. ' When the present seniors were way back in the eighth grade? Yes, they were eighth graders once and they took Science . just as any other eighth grade class. At that time we had with us a lad named. Bob Trasfer. Mr, Gattshall, the Science teacher at that time, asked., "What do cells make up, Bob?" , "Tissues" . S "What do tissues make up?" "Organs" . - "And what do organs make?" ' o , . , "M sic" n Mr, Gattshall .gi-.vefo,.sigh.o.nd. B013 sat d.o,1im- .... m with e...ssnt.isfied..'gr:in jon:-his feoe COMPLIMENTS C X ' ' C' of IJ JA I .V F1 LJ I f' " ""' F" f' P3 F" ' "' PJ T' FIAQSYLLSK DSVVSK U X FJ I"' I' r.-J r- r.-I X LJHXD-C14 Q-IIC.: CMQAJA "Remember Us When ,You Build" l Smithville, Ohio Phone 2404 "It Nourishes as it Refreshesu it Tiller-ami O O ' 11' 5:5 to elmo ANNUAL -A' Ss, pf To these consideri g bus n ss..' WE O FER.. 'One of the outstanding s orc- I tarial training programs in Ohio, All types of business machine training 4 p are offered.. 'Outstanding placement--this year we have had more employ- l i ment calls than we could fill .. 'One ef W, B. C.'s extra services is the Q STUDENT FINANCE PLAN. On this plan S10 per month will take care of all 1 your school expenses.. 'Special intensified course has been set up for T p high school commercial graduates.. 'll-week Summer Term starts Juno lst, E E Address your inquiry to -- I , v WOOSTER BUSINESS COLLEGE Wooster, Ohio w , . 1 1 , if i-LLXLEY BRCYVHERSNTQ NEXIVB F RR Y 1 . 'I ,"" N Q Q - i gn CHEVRCJLEJ' e PM NF E 1 5 SALES AND SERVICE 0 P 3 Phone 3381 S CRESTON, GRESTON, OHIO OHIO 'De you remember --- S v Dr. Jeandervinc--come, come, new, you couldn't forget. Do you remember -- Apples for the teacher, to shew her we were meek and mild, w well, that's what we thought anyhow, Do you remember --- Red birds and blue birds in reading class. At the rate the apples off of the teachers desk were disappearing, more than half of us were destined te bc jail birds. Do you rcmQmber--- I These special assembly programs when mother fixed Mary's hair 3 p pi-tp qpxviipcuilsjipdlichngy were his long pantsfpippq pvgppkp wpgpptuwg Q, X fi DRUGS w WINKLERS , eeffxnmxrs p : P rd ' - rd H 1 - H ri M!-X F YSR SUN FQQD MARKET N i f HOME DRESSEE MEMS F F F H V H H fPhene 2421 Full L. of Creston, o. E . ' f 111C 'jg J 'E' K J S U Emnms mm VEGETABLES 9 f-.r-u.--.-,4.- , .- 3, 'k DIUIIQ ANNIUAXII. ir - Y, -lr Aanppsuqugi- , 9991 ,wa ..-q- -wap.. , ,-x+f aldKi 3 VOLUNTEPR FOOD STORE Dealers in A. 5. KAE3 E K LIVE STOCK and HOME DRESSED 3 x . FRESH MEATS IN-,LEATS J GRCCERIFIS Phone 25251 Creston, Ohio Phone 2156 Canaan, Q1-110 Q 4fff1'ffW' 'Wiki' x Q., -- 4233, K UN 1 I N -Iffb ' ,'x"xNx der iii? 5 " xx R N 'H : Qui ,XVII B 'Xl' I ,, 0 xx ly . ws if " .n F ,. A 6 CLMN'-'L' R L " in - 1' G 06 S --ACE 5,0 6 , Jsxwgf Q H LV' N xx 1 b I 1 H :I Q S Mk' . ' Nu -1 v i I UIQLM1 V 1 UIIJIIQ ANNIUAXI. , . ..-.-.-.-Q.-1-vw-.. ...,-..- ....T.--....-.-------1 -----M - I l:1lQl4l2:I . New E 1 QR x Q A Xl X: Til! QT l X will L ' 1:54 -I IZX l.lBRls .: L' 'I ' yiff'j'7'f D 12 sin- f X ,f X iw' 5 SX k 'FFR S x - 1 xXx X1 wi K A X f , XJ N XJ X ff., K i X .7 I Q 11" aww x' 2 ..f ? X ii 'ii ' : 'fl-"' , ,..,- ul 5. iq P 1 v I fquiafymfdu "Jen'mmLD3MEZLlIfkE'4,z may you Lava muclz ang happiness flze coming years. CHA5. H. WHITEMYER TEL. 123 LIBERTY STUDIES WDDSTER, DHID THIS ANNUAL AND PHOTOGRAPHS WERE MADE BY OUR STUDIOS --'77---'A'A" ---- 'A ------------------- 1-7'-:vc--:boot---1 x..- 4

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