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V X 1 - -,f-fvwf-f--W Q - nf O- -1 f--- -14-mi. f V -f -- rs- - The Creston Annual - 1940 "HIGH SCHOOL" CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL Setting and Location by Tax Payers ot the Community SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS DONALD MCILVAINE, President FRANK MCINTIRE, VicefP1esident ROY GRUNDER, Clerk ROBERT RUGH FORD THOMPSON fPage Onej OO WE WILL TAKE YOU ON A MOVIE TOUR THROUGH THE CRESTON SCHOOL DURING YEAR OF 1939 - 1940. CAMERA! ACTION! LET'S Go! ' s We is A 55,5-31 bil T I SLR. I I ENB E J' L " .. -xi 3' 5 ,, .' ' in 1 .A .- i '- - 1 E2 .E li Hi i wx 2 X I R "Our Leading Ciiizen" STARRING l MISS ESTHER GRABER We, the class of 1940, dedicate our annual to Miss Esther Graber who has so willingly and faithfully helped us during the past three years. IfPage 'Twofl Mr. Harry Frey, Supt. Wooster, B. S. Ann Arbor Mich. 214 History Speech Miss Esther Graber Wooster, B. A. Goshen, B. S. is Foreign Languages Home Economics English Mr. Corvin Gerig, Coach Kent State, B. S. as Manual Arts Physical Education Miss Doris Mcllvaine Ohio State, B. S. rr English Mr. Paul Kinney Heidelberg Ashland, B. S. Akron Pk History Science Biology Miss Mabel Bryan, Prin Wooster, B. S. Bowling Green 34 Commercial Mr. George Hatfield Wooster, B. A. Calif. Tech. Purdue University 14 Mathematics Chemistry Miss Marian Koontz Asbury College, B. A Ashland ik Music History Mr. Arthur Beasley Ohio State U., B. S. :ls Agriculture Mr. Harry Young Wooster Conservatory of Music S Music Instrumental The Creston Annual - 1940 DELBERT MONTGOMERY flvlixed Course, Give him a basketball and the floor, And just watch johnny score. Legion Essay Contest 3: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class President 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys State 3: Class Play 3, 4: One-Act Play 4: Kent State Scholarship 3: Annual Staff 4: Assembly Com' mittee 3: Paper Staff 3: Banquet Committee 3. BETTE WRIGHT CCommercial Coursej Bette is always doing some- thing. Never is she seen just doing nothing. Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3-,4: Class Play 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Treasurer 1: One'Act Play 1: Vice-President 3, 4: Banquet Committee 3: Girls' Basketball: Paper Staff 3, 4. RUTH FETZER fCornmercial Coursej Ruth is always wearing a smile, To have her around is always worthwhile. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3: Class Secretary 4: Banquet Com' mittee 3: Class Treasurer 2: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARA BARTHOLOMAY fCommercial Club j She is the music of our class, just listen to her musical laugh. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Banquet Committee 3: One' Act Play 1. BEVERLY ALLEN fMixed Coursej Doing dishes is her hardest, Beverly was made to be an artist. Paper Staff 3, 4: Annual Stall 4: Class Play 3: Assembly Commit' tee 3: Student Art Teacher 4: Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball: Banquet Committee 3 "THE ROARING FORT1ES" fPage F ourl 4, .g. pu, JACK ALLEN fMixed Coursej Here is a lad who is uery quick, Always up to some bright trick. Baseball 2, 3, 4: Class Play Stage Manager 3, 4: F. F. A. Club 4. ROBERT CLAPP f College Coursej I've got lots of vim and pep, A fellow like me has to watch his step. Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Bas' ketball 1, 3, 4: French Club 4: Student Council 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Baseball 3: Declamation 2: Debate 4: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 4: Banquet Committee 3. WILLIAM DAVIS 1 College Coursej I like to play my trumpet, And I like to sing, I like jazz and I like swing. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Bas' ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 4: Student Council 3, 4: One'Act Play 1, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Annual Staif 4: Boys State 3: VicefPresident 2: Paper Stall 4: Banquet Committee 3. PHYLLIS FETZER fCommercial Coursej Phyllis hasn't much to say, She does her work in her own quiet way. Paper Staff 4: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE GANTZ K Commercial Coursej To do my duty and a little more, Is what I think makes up life's score. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Paper Staff 3: Girls' Basketball: Banquet Committee. . ,,,. N-, ,N . .i.h.-,,,,,,. . ROBERT GRAF tMixed Coursel If he will, you may depend upon it. But if he won't that's the end of it. Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g F. F. A. 4. MARVA GRETHER fCollege Coursel She is always studying her lessons, How she makes all A's is not a question. OnefAct Play 1, 4: Class Play 3, 43 Student Council 2, 33 Home Ec. Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Girls' Bas- ketballg Glee Club 3, 43 French Club 43 Kent State Scholarship 3g Annual Staff: Assembly Com' mittee 23 Paper Staff 43 Banquet Committee 3. LUCILLE HERMAN fCommercial Coursej Here is a girl who is easy to please, Why must everyone pick on her to tease. Glee Club 4: Home EC. Club 4: Annual Staff 43 Kent State Scholf arship 23 Vice'President 13 Ban' quet Committee 33 Class Play Business Manager 33 Legion Es- say Contest 23 Class Secretary 33 Girls' Basketball3 Paper Staff 3. MICKEY HOLDERBAUM fMixed Coursej A perk little fellow as can be, Ready and willing always is he. One'act Play 4: Basketball 43 Class Play 3, 4g Baseball 43 Paper Staff 3, 4g Banquet Committee 3. WINIFRED ,IEFFERS f Mixed Coursej '.l'here's a laugh and then a ICLISC, She does her work with utmost ease. Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2. "THE BOARING FORTIESH fPage Fiveil The Creston Annual - 1940 PAUL MEYER fMixed Courscj Paul is a friend to everyone, Always kind and out for fun. Basketball 3, 43 One-act Play 13 Class Play 3: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Class Play Stage Manager 43 F. F. A. Club 4. ARLENE MULLET fCollege Coursej Sweet, modest, profound, XVhy couldn't more like her be found? Annual Staff 4: Glee Club 23 Kent State Scholarship 2, 3,4 4g French Club 4g Hiking 3. PATRICIA REYNOLDS f Mixed Coursey Patty is always very mischievous, XVithout teasing someone, Life would be grievous. Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4g Paper Staff 43 Ban' quet ,Committee 3g Class Treasurf er 3. DONALD SONNEDECKER CCollege Coursel A happy boy will I be, just to be alone- the piano and me. Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Assembly Committee 43 One'Act Play 13 Class Play 43 Stage Manager Class Play 3g French Club 4: Chapel Pianist 3, 43 Paper Staff 43 Kent State Scholarship 4. NORMA JENE TYLER I fCommercial Coursej Here is a girl you coulcln't help liking. She spends her time writing shorthand and typing. Home Ec. Club 23 Glee Club 23 Kent State Commercial Scholar' ship 33 Banquet Committee 3. The Creston Annual - 1940 WILLIAM UHER CCollege Coursej A gauky carefree lad is he, Always doing his best to his highest esteem. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Kent State Scholarship 2, 3, 4g French Club 4g One-act play 13 Debate 4: Class Play Business Manager 4. LUCILLE UHL fCollege Coursej A little girl with a big heart, Always willing to do her part. French Club 4g Home Ee. Club 1, 2, Class Play 45 Assembly Committee 4g Hiking 3. "THE RUARING FORT1ES" IOLA YARNELL fCommercial Course, Never shirlqing always working, Never sober, always smiling. Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play Prompter 3, 43 Paper Stall' 4. 1fPage Sixj DOROTHY WALMER fCommercial Coursej Here is a girl who is musically inclined, She loves to play lter trumpet and instruments of any kind. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 4g Class Play 43 Girls' Basketball lg Paper Staff 43 Ban' quet Committee 3. n BERNARD WEIDEMAN fMixed Coursej My mouth organ and I, good friends are we, 'To play in agriculture class, just to anger Beasley. F. F. A. Club 4: Paper Staff 33 Basketball 2, 3. The Cresion Annual - 1940 C L A S S W I L L We, the Class of 1940 of Creston High School do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament, in form and manner as follows: ARTICLE I To the entire school we leave the example we have set as worthy scholars and blameless students. Our record has been spotless and in all the annals of our career we have done no deed, as a class, that we need blush for. To ARTICLE II ' the community at large we bequeath the influence we have been for the honorable and better things of life, the interest in music, in local dramaticsg in debating activities, and in athletics. All these have contributed to the development of the cultural spirit and in all we have To taken part and done our share. 1 ARTICLE III the Junior Class we bestow our richest treasures. Almost too numerous to mention are these same treasures and when the lower classmen hear the recital of rare -legacies which fall to their possession, we scarcely expect them to bear up under the shock. Our excelling wit, our teachers, has ever But ,we pass friendsh superlative brilliancy, our good looks, our charming manners, our favor with the our splendid grades and our triumphant exit as the most popular class this school seen. These are the rare treasures that we hand down to the coming Senior Class. it would not be fair if we withheld other valuables and with great largeness of heart them along too. Our capacity for fun, our ability to giggle, our good times, our ips and loyalty, and the rare privilege of wearing red hair ribbons which signify Senior dignity, we do hereby bequeath these to the Junior Class, and may they count them among the richest of the legacies they have received. And now we come to the following personal bestowals which have been awarded to indi- viduals with complete consideration to the fitness of the recipient. I, Beverly A., bequeath this calendar, which I found very helpful in keeping udatesl' straight to Betty Z. I, Jack A., bequeath these puppies as company to Ralph K. when he gets in the "dog house." I, Clara B., will my trusty QU alarm clock to Clyde C. I, Robert C., bequeath my little paper airplanes, which have flown all over the study hall, to Dwight K. May they continue to Hy. I, Williaxn D., will my favorite past time, eating apples in the study hall, to Frank S. I, Ruth F., bequeath some of my "charms" to LoisG. I, Marjorie G., will this horse to Shirley R. so that she may rightfully retain her title as "Creston's Model Farmerettef' I, Robert G., give my comic magazines to Mr. Hatfield who has been collecting them. I, Marva G., bequeath this candle as a "guiding light" to Janet N. I, Lucille H., bequeath this box of anagrams to Andy M. so that he may pick his own grades. I, Micky H., will these "Huskies", which have given me my athletic figure, to Robert H. hoping t hey will do the same for him. I, Winifred J., bequeath this book "Here I Stay" to Naida 1,e aul M., wish with all my heart to give these kisses to Janet S. I, Delbert M., bequeath some of my curls to Eugene B. I, Arlene M., wish to bestow some of my domestic ability and kitchen utensils upon Sally C. I, Patty R. will some of my "dates" to Norma L. ' I, Donald S., will these for-get-me-nots to Jean G. I, Norma Jene T., give this car to June S. to ride along the road of life. I, William U., bequeath the objects of my fascinating hobby, collecting hair ribbons, to Vernon M. I, Dorothy W., will this piece of metal to Junior R. for his "brass" band. I, Bernard W., bestow these "Successful Farming" magazines upon Clarence L. I, Betty W., give some of my excess rings to Lois H. Witnessed and signed this eighteenth day of April, by the members of the 'Senior Class. , -Clara Bartholomay fPage Sevenl The Creston Annual - 1940 CLASS HISTORY We're on location again! This time, we have a scene from an historical play-"The Senior History". You will see the class of R409 as it looked in the Freshman Class. It is a very merry and irresponsible group, is it not? Four years ago a momentous event took place. A new class was born-the class known as the banner carriers of the numbers 1940. Yes, at the beginning the members were shrinking and young. Coy looks characterized the girls and awkward feet the boys. After several depressing days we organized our class, electing Delbert Montgomery, President, Lucille Herman, Vice-Presidentg Bette Wright, Treasurer, William Davis, Secretary, and Miss Throckmorton, Adviser. - The outstanding event of the year was the High School One-Act Play Contest. We were quite proud of the fact that we, as Freshmen, shared honors for first place with the Sophomores. Marva Grether joined us the first semester, and during the second Jay Whitmore left. Again in September school started. All thirty-two members of our class felt quite grown-up, because we could have our own seats in the study hall. We found that Evelyn Eby and Herman Perry had not returned to school, and that Richard Holderbaum had joined us. Later that year Rex Elliston quit school and Arcilee Jameson and Richard Petrie left Creston. Basil Perry joined our group the second semester. When we had our first class meeting we decided that Delbert Montgomery should be our President for another year. This time we elected William Davis, Vice-presidentg Robert Clapp, Secretary and Treasurerg and Miss Graber, Adviser. We saw the Junior Class sweaters and since we did not want anyone to get ahead of us, we decided, after much discussion, to buy navy blue sweaters with cardinal "40's". When once more we came back to school in the fall of 1938 we were sorry to find that another member of our class, Donald Elliott, had left us to attend another school. This left us an enrollment of twenty-nine members. We elected as officers, Delbert Montgomery, Presidentg Bette Wright, Vice-presidentg Lucille Herman, Secretary, Patty Reynolds, Treasurer, and Miss Graber, Adviser. At this same meeting.we elected members for the student council, Marva Grether and Robert Clapp. To earn money for the Junior-Senior Banquet we presented the play "Lindy Lou", which was a great success with Mr. Frey as our coach. The Presbyterian Guild served the Junior-Senior Banquet, on the nineteenth of May. A theatre party, at Schine's Wooster Theatre, climaxed the evening's entertainment. During the last semester of school our English class organized a newspaper staff, to pub- lish a school paper, which is known as the "Mugwump". On September 5, 1939 school commenced and our class organized for the last time. We did something no other class had done for a long time, elected the same president we had had for three years, Delbert Montgomery. Bette Wright was chosen as Vice-presidentg Ruth Fetzer, Secretaryg and Clara Bartholomay, Treasurer. Miss Graber was unanimously elected as adviser, because she had so willingly helped us in our Sophomore and Junior years. Robert Clapp and William Davis represented our class on the Student Council. Four of our former members-Ann Marko, Armond Smith, Basil Perry, and Martin Gleim -were not with us. Creston High entered the County Debate Contest for the first time in several years, Robert Clapp and William Uher represented our class. What a team! When Creston High entered the County One-Act Play Contest the entire cast was chosen from our class, Marva Grether, Mickey Holderbaum, Delbert Montgomery, and William Davis. In order to raise sufficient funds for our Washington trip we did the following: Gave our class play "Professor, How Could Youl", coached by Mr. Frey, sponsored movies for the school pupils, and a Radio Roundup entertainment by Tommy and Sherlock, at the School Auditorium, held several bake sales, and sold chances on a cake. We also continued to edit the School Paper known as the "Mugwump". For our class flower we chose the American Beauty rose, and our motto "The Higher the rise, the broader the view". Our class has always been well represented in athletics as well as other school activities. -Patty Reynolds Compliments of SCHINE'S WCOSTER and WAYNE THEATRES, Wooster, O. fPage Eiglztj ,ae-m The Creston Annual - 1940 FAMOUS FACES UF 1960 "AMAZING DISCOVERIES MADE IN EXCAVATION OF BURIED CITY! ! ! " This was the report that spread like fire throughout the city on the morning of May 31, 3000. With one accord the whole populace dropped its activities and flocked to the scene where before their wondering eyes, a long-dead town called Creston began to reveal its secrets, under the picks and shovels of some studious Scientists. Suddenly a loud shout arose above the excited buzz of voices. "What is it? What is it?" Everyone wanted to know. "We've found a picture of the mayor", one of the diggers answered. "Here he is! Take a look!" "Oh, what a handsome manll' several of the ladies sighed. "What was his name?" one gazer wished to know. They turned the picture over and there on the back they found the answer to this latest question: WILLIAM DAVIS. Another amazing discovery they found was an account of the great "Tear Leaf Mansion" and its history. Bette Wright and Patty Reynolds had made a fortune in "Men's Snappy Garters" and enjoyed their old age together as old maids in a mansion just for two fand 13 catsl and waited patiently for a leap year that would really live up to its name, but sad enough, it didnlt. They all listened earnestly and then up went another shout and another picture of an athletic looking gentleman, with a dog on a leash, was found, and they all wondered who this was. They turned it over and on the back it said, "Delbert Montgomery, the dog catcher of the century. He always seems to get the most tender pups for his hot dog factory." Look what they found now! It was a court order for Robert Clapp who was dodging the G-Men, because he was "Turning Turk"-one wife at a time wasn't enough. Another history found was about the big celebration they had in Creston in the year 1964, because Lucille Herman was elected the first woman president. There was also an account of an accident in which many people were hurt when they tried out the new in- vention of the Handy Craft lsea, air, land, and space shipl. They hunted a little farther and found that the inventor had been William Uher, the great Scientist, aided by his great wife, the second Madame Curie, Marva Grether. At this point they found an old phonograph. They played it through 'and it was a record of "Paul Meyer's Harmony Hounds". Boy, did he swing it. Someone found a shoe string, and this is the story connected with it. Robert Graf, a trillion- aire made his fortune manufacturing shoe strings. Another picture is found of a very con- tented woman. On the back it read, "The most happily married woman, Winifred Jeffers". The excavators found a newspaper and a few of the items read as follows: "The members of President Herman's cabinet are discussing a new plan for the A. A. A. Bernard Weideman, Secretary of Agriculture, and Jack Allen, Chairman of the A. A. A. had a hand to hand light over the Farm Relief Bill, but their eyes have lost part of the blackness. Their wives, Mrs. Bernard Weideman Knee Phyllis Fetzer! and Mrs. Jack Allen QRuth Fetzerj are dancing and singing their way into the hearts of many thousands of people who have television." On another page there is an item saying "Mickey and Minnie Mouse are having competition these days. Lucille Uhl and Mickey Holderbaum are taking the part on the stage, because they know how to wear their tails and ears better than Mickey and Minnie themselves." In an- other column is a "job wanted" ad. It reads like this: "Want work in a coal mine. I know when the coal will give off the most heat." Signed, Donald Sonnedecker. In a small space is the marriage announcement of Clara Bartholomay to the youngest farmer in Cannaan Township. Here is another item that says, "The Eighth Wonder of the World". It is the painting of the most wonderful and most powerful picture of all times to come, by Dorothy Walmer, who spent ten years painting the picture of one of her school teachers trying to think, Mr. Kinney. Another small item is that the Class of 1940 gave one of their Classmates a very large bridal shower because she was the first to be married from the Class. She was formerly miss Arlene Mullet. So much for the paper, for they can't find anything else. But the funnies are quite interesting because they are all written and illustrated by Beverly Allen who always called. on Patty and Betty daily, to get their ideas. The monkeys are the most attractive, because they are all extinct, except the ones looking at the paper. Last but not least, they found a radio script and reading it, found that Marjorie Gantz was the announcer of the program of the Greatest American Singer who could reach two octaves above high C and sound like a canary--Norma Jene Tyler. And so with this, the people went back to their homes, satished, leaving the Scientists to delve into the remains. -Iola Yarnell. Compliments of WEIGLEY IMPLEMENTS-Allis Chalmers Dealer 1' Page Nineil The Creston Annual - 1940 HIGH SCHOOL SONG Onward, fellows, we must conquer Fight for Creston High! Red and Black expect a victory Win for Creston High! Honor, fame, and glory calling, You must do your best. So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High! 3 Fight then, fellows, fight to conquer Fight for Creston High! Never weary in the contest, Win for Creston High! Though the battle go against you You must stand and fight, So whate'er the contest ,Win for Creston High! C L A S S S 0 N G Tune-Winter Wonderland Our hopes have grown, and have blossomed, Like lilacs in the May. No brighter hour we'll know, Though years may come and go, Than this Commencement evening glow. Ahead the trail has led us, From stony hill to hill. We've scaled the hardest summits, And kept on going still. Now our towers are built up to the skies. Oh, we gave a shout to show our gladness, For we knew the end would soon be nigh. And our dream we've dreamed has borne us onward, So now we've reached our highest goal today. And now our hearts, sing in triumph, Oh, hours of light sublime. No words can voice our rapture, Dear graduation time, That now we have made the climb. Gone away, are our school days. Here to stay, are our dreamed days. We're sorry to part, deep down in our hearts, Filled with the dearest memories. Classmates here, stand together. We worked and played here together. With honor, fame, and glory to guide us on We shall toil through the days ahead. To our teachers we are oh, so grateful, For the things that they taugh us to be. And some day we hope that we'll repay them, By doing what they always wished to see. Later on, we'll conspire, As we dream by the Ere, And now the time has come, When we must depart, Bidding you our deepest fond adieu. -Dorothy W'almer. Compliments of BOWER'S Fooo STORE fPage Tenl OO -DIE inlil Fi I5 1 1 I ELI It I n :earn n 'H Si, 'UL 'A I e l x "Real Glory" "Under New Management" ANNUAL STAFF ANNUAL STAFF AT WORK . . Scene III Shot 1 First Row: Arlene Mullet, Lucille Herman, Bette Wright, Bob Clapp. Second Row: Donald Sonnedecker, Marva Grether, Bill Davis, Beverly Allen, Delbert Montgomery. ANNUAL STAFF . . ' . . Scene III Shoi 2 First Row: Lucille Herman, Editorg Arlene Mullet, Literary Editor, Marva Grether, Calendar Editor, Bette Wright, Ass't Editor, Beverly Allen, Art Editorg Miss Graber, Adviser. Second Row: Robert Clapp, Sports Editor, William Davis, Business Manager, Delbert Mont- gomery, Joke Editor, Donald Sonnedecker, Ass't Business Manager. Elevenj , N .I,W "Just Around The Corner" "Angels With Dirty Faces" -1 as 1 I. f e ,. .J . - .. r 1 . ' - -wi' s -v1X.' Q ' .s J-M -2-mer ... . , F 1 5 sr zs ' 4 e' J ' 13" 1' i I' i a J i at 4' 2: L 1' E 1 -l 3 X e 5 -T X - e v -- Q T l -J q "-.. E f ,t ., 5, ,. . 'M ,. E in t r .if , 1-1' ' F ., s . 4.1 Q . ,ki,1,,: 6. - c-g 1 - . T Q5-.-41. ex ' l' 5 ,I-,::L:,.'1"if3' K 5 :gem-: -semi 3Ei7Lbs3i'fig::f.- ' deff?5i2:i1f'-fb'-Q' .e 251' Q-FF:-f"' ' ' flfesif-:Exe-S512 ad :- L- 5:'if1331255l5ffE -f ....-'-uf-f Top-JUNIGRS Bottom-SOPHOMORES JUNIURS First Row: Naida Jeffers, Sally Ann Coleman, Jean Grether, Ralph Krabill, Arthur Repp, Shirley Romich, Janet Nash, Betty Zehner. Second Row: Lois Gantz, June Shannon, Norma Lengacher, Janet Smith, Marjorie Walters, Lois Hunter, Pauline Stahl. Third Row: Vernon Meyer, Andy Marko, Clarence Lee, Robert Herman, Eugene Buchanan, Frank Sacha, Clyde Conn, Mr. Hatfield. - SOPHOMOBES First Row: Sara Wolbaugh, Kathleen Beichler, Dolores Long, June Uher, Eileen Levers, Rose Fetzer, Eleanor Herman, Betty Graf. Second Row: Mildred Weideman, Beatrice Uhler, Wreta Mace, Mildred Dohner, Margaret Tyler, Nina Lehman, Miss Koontz. Third Row: Junior Metsker, Leroy Haley, John Elliston, John Edward Haley, Dale Litman, James Totten, Richard Fouch, Eugene Uhl, Bernard Jeffers. Camera Shy: Robert Yarnell, Buford Uhler, Mabel Woodward. Camera Shy: Dwight Keltz. fPage Twelvel Eugene Buchanan-jimmy Stewart Norma Lengacher-Zazu Pitts I I The Creston Annual- 1940 JUNIOR CLASS ..... Scene IV Shot 1 . We will take you on a tour to see some of the famous movie stars of the day as represented by the members of the junior Class. Sally Coleman-Joan Davis Clyde Conn-Caesar Romero Lois Gantz-Baby Snooks Jean Grether-Marie Wilson Robert Herman-Edward G. Robinson Lois Hunter-Kate Smith Naida Jeifers-Billie Burke Dwight Keltz-john Garfield Ralph Krabill-Groucho Marx Clarence Lee-Tommy Tucker . SOPHUMORE CLASS . While on our movie tour we ind t found doing. Kathleen Beichler-with Eleanor E3 Betty Mildred Dohner in Wadsworth over the weekfends John Elliston-slumping in his scat Rose Fetzer-giggling Richard Fouch-wearing a smile Betty Graf-minding her own business john Haley--asking foolish questions Leroy Haley-arguing Eleanor Herman-being good-natured Bernard Jeffers-raisin' cain Nina Lehman-whistling Eileen Levers-with Rose Dale Litman-being bashful Andy Marko-Mortimer Snerd Vernon Meyer-Spencer Tracy janet Nash-Gabby junior Repp-Joe Penner Shirley Romich-Patsy Kelly Frank Sacha-Gulliver june Shannon-Anne Shirley Janet Smith-Mae West Betty Zellner-Gracie Allen Mr. Hatfield-Stanley Laurel . . Scene IV Shot2 he sophomores. Here is what they are usually Dolores Long-making noise junior Metsker-half asleep Wreta Ivlace-walking around Margaret Tyler-studying June Uher-talking Eugene Uhl-cuttin' up Beatrice Uhler-following june Buford Uhler-blushing??? Sara Wolbaugh-keeping quiet Mildred Weideman-near Junior Repp Robert Yarnell-taking it easy Mabel Woodward-in a good humor? Miss Koontz-with a smile Compliments of D. I..McILVAINE, Feeds and Implements fPagc Tl1i'rtee11:I "First Love" "Thai Ceriain Age" "Babes in Arms Top-FRESHMEN Center-Sth GRADE Bottom-7th GRADE U-wage FOUTLC8'I'lil lEe,if-. at -,vw 1 The Creston Annual - FRESHMEN .... SceneiIV Shot 3 First Row: Maxine Pate, Nora Lee, Lucille Pate, Dan Beaver, Betty Sykes, Geraldine Hupp, Virginia Blough, Margaret Wyssbrod, Iola Hamilton. Second Row: Mr. Gerig, Elwyn Graham, Harry Earl, Phyllis Knepp, Betty Davis, Gloria West, Goldia Kintner, Ralph Van Gulick, Edward Anshutz. Third Row: David Matteson, Charles Carnes, Harry Walmer, Kenneth Smith, Wallace Mensching, Kay Tyler, James Slater, Lawrence Slater, Mike Marko, Harold Carter. EIGHTH GRADE . . Scene IV Shoi 4 First Row: Winifred Sv.-igart, Virginia Wright, Betty Pate, Edith Means, Betty Strong, Mary Lou Zehner, Kathryn Shankland, Donna Wright, Helen Dunlap, Marjorie Weigley, Marjorie Reese, Donna Belle Beichler, Annetta Sherwin, Ena Dyck, Evelyn Reese. Second Row: Mr. Kinney, Robert Giet, Donald Irvin, Junior Herman, Nester Young, Wallace Totten, Bernice Collins, Opal Fry, Freda Kinney, Gloria Chase, Mary Jo Sacha, Nancy McGuff, Louise Metsker, Lois Meyer. I Third Row: Dick Knepp, Gerald Sigler, Arlo Plough, Dale Means, Donald Massey, Allen Fry, Howard Feeman, Milton Blough, Leland Conn, Junior Henry, Dick Thompson, Bob Knepp, Dale Beichler. SEVENTH GRADE .... Scene IV Shot 5 First Row: Evelyn Lance, Althea Haley, Majora Kauffman, Charlotte Pate, Glenda Yoss, Evelyn West, Virginia Boyes, Betty Hathaway, Roberta Rugh, Marian Johnson, Donna Holderbaum, Emma Young, Mary Jane Pinkley. Second Row: Donald Blough, Virgil Boyes, Dean Blough, Clarence Bricker, Eunice Beck, Ruth Walters, Donna Gerig, Phyllis Means, Betty Stillwagner, Kenneth Bricker, Willard Eby, Eugene Gish. Third Row: Miss Mcllvaine, Wilbur Swigart, Wayne Gingery, Lawrence Fetzer, James Perry, Ray Uhler, Delbert Gasser, Robert Perry, William Morris, Raymond Mullet, Alvin Hamilton, Wayne Reese. campzimenfs of DEWEY KISSINGER fPagc Fiftcenl 1940 "They Shall Have Music" "1VIad About Music" "Gone Wiih the Wind" Top-JR. ORCHESTRA Center-SR. ORCHESTRA Bottom?-BAND lfPage Sixteenj The Creston Annual - 1940 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Scene V Shot 1 First Row: Betty Strong, Virginia Blough, Roberta Rugh, Evelyn Wlest, Betty Hathaway, Carmen Gerig. Second Row: John Coffey, lvlary Jo Sacha, Gloria Xvest, Mary Zehner, Nancy lVlcGuff, Russel Ballentine, Mr. Young. Third Row: Clarence Bricker, Jean Grether, Harry Walmer, Marjorie Weigley, Dean Blough, James Blough. 'HU SENIOR ORCHESTRA Scene V Shot First Row: Dean Blough, Betty Strong, Janet Smith, Ralph Krabill, Mildred Weideman, Nora Lee. Second Row: Robert Clapp, Clyde Conn, Junior Repp, Bill Davis, Dorothy Walmer. Third Row: Mr. Young, Harry XValmer, Donald Sonnedecker, Shirley Romich, Nancy lVlcGuf'f. we BAND . . SceneVSho13 First Row: John Coffey, Dorothy Walmer, Bill Davis. Gloria West, Virginia Blough, Betty Strong, James Blough. Second Row: Clarence Bricker, Bob Clapp, Clyde Conn, Junior Repp, Jean Grether, Nancy McGuff, Mr. Young. Third Row:' Harry Wlalmer, John Haley, Ralph Krahill, Donald Sonnedecker, Shirley Romich, Leroy Haley, Dean Blough. Compliments of STEBBINS BANKING CO. fPage Setventcenfl "Everybody Sing" "Sing Ye Sinners" Top-JR. GLEE CLUB Bottom-SR. GLEE CLUB JUNIOR GLEE CLUB .... Scene V Shoi 4 First Row: Betty Pate, Betty Strong, Winifred Swigart, Virginia Wfright, Charlotte Pate, Majora Kauffman, Evelyn Lance, Althea Haley, Virginia Boyes, Phyllis Means, Ena Dyck, Edith Means, Donna Holderbaum, Emma Young, Glenda Yoss, Mariam Johnson, Lois Meyer, Roberta Rugh. Second Row: Virgil Boyes, Clarence Bricker, Raymond Mullet, Robert Perry, james Perry, Ray Uhler, Kathryn Shankland, Marjorie Reese, Donna Gerig, Freda Kinney, Betty Stillwagner, Donna Wright, Mary Zehner, Donna Beichler, Evelyn West, Betty Hathway, Miss Koontz. Third Row: Kenneth Bricker, Dean Blough, Alvin Hamilton, Wilbur Swigart, Donald Blough, John Coffey, Mary Sacha, Bernice Collins, Opal Fry, Annetta Sherwin, Ruth Walters, Nancy McGuff, Gloria Chase, Helen Dunlap, Marjorie Weighley, Evelyn Reese. SENIOR GLEE CLUB .... Scene V Shoi5 First Row: Lucille Herman, Iola Yarnell, Rose Fetzer, Betty Graf, Marva Grether, Ruth Fetzer, Janet Smith, June Shannon, Kathleen Beichler, Eleanor Herman, Eileen Levers, Sarah Wolhaugh. Second Row: Elwyn Graham, June Uher, Beatrice Uhler, Mildred Dohner, Wrera Mace, Marjorie Gantz, Betty Davis, Janet Nash, Dorothy Walmer, Dolores Long, Mildred Weideman. Third Row: Clyde Conn, Kenneth Smith, Bob Clapp, Bill Davis, Donald Sonnedecker, William Uher, Junior Repp, Harry Walmer, John Edward Haley, Leroy Haley, Miss Koontz. Ipage Eighteenj fw- 5 ' , t e "Hidden Power" "Dust oi the Road" Top-DEBATE TEAM Bottom-ONE'ACT PLAY CAST DEBATE TEAM ..... Scene VI Shot 1 First Row: Miss Mcllvaine, William Uher, janet Smith. Back Row: Ralph Krabill, Bob Clapp. The Question: Resolved that the Federal Government should own and operate the railroads. The members of the Affirmative team were Janet Smith and Ralph Krabill. The members of the Negative team were Robert Clapp and Wlilliam Uher. The Affirmative lost their home decision to Doylestown and won the decision from Congress at Congress. The Negative lost the decision to Doylestown at Doylestown and also lost their home decision to Smithville. We of the debate team appreciate the help and untix-ing efforts of our coach, Miss Nlcllvaine, who was always ready to help wherever she was needed. ONE ACT PLAY CAST . . . Scene VI Shot 2 First Row: Mickey Holderbaum, Marva Grether, Bill Davis. Back Row: Mr. Frey, Delbert Montgomery. The One-act Play Contest was held at the Little Theatre in Wooster, on March 12, 1940. The part of Prudence Steele was taken by Nlarva Grether, Peter Steele, Bill Davis, the tramp, Delbert Montgomery' and the uncle of Mrs. Steele was played by Mickey I-lolderbaum. The play was coached by Mr. Frey. A fPage Nineteenj la Sr.. A Q' . S' x" - .fi M , - Ps ,Q 1 .... . 1: .. .eg ,. f ,Q - ' 2' ' .5 iq 3 . . i-. , , A , , .7- ! 1 V 3 - 7 S Li 5 Q 'R ' - E A - A . ,, S'- ,gy-'ra' lu' r - Q 1,-of fl s . elsgfgg .ggi " by' , A Q 5,35 if 'K " ' fsisase-11rg.:i-fe f-1 S ,- N 'L W -iv -,YV "Polishing Papa" "Professor, How Could You!" Top-JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Bottom-SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Seated: Sally Ann Coleman, Betty Zehner, June Shannon, Shirley Romich, Miss Koontz, Dir. Standing: Andy Marko, Clyde Conn, Arthur Repp, Frank Sacha, Ralph Krabill. Camera Shy: Jean Grether. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Seated: Donald Sonnedecker, Marva Grether, Delbert Montgomery, Betty Wright, Bob Clapp, Mickey Holderbaum, Lucille Uhl. Standing: Patty Reynolds, Dorothy Walmer, Bill Davis. fPage Twentyl 1 ,afwrawwfvjf ' JUNIOR CLASS PLAY SYNOPSIS Pigs and Sausages only made Mr. Smith's world. This world was continu- ally jarred by the efforts of his children to polish him up to the college standard. By the perseverance of Mr. Brainerd, by the brave wager of Arthur, and by combined forces of others, the Sausage Manufacturer left his old world to a new one composed of gold, travel and dancing. Two couples lived happily ever after and papa comes forth polished! SENIOR CLASS PLAY Producer ,...,,,, ...... S enior Class Director ....... ........ M r. Frey Script ..,.,.,...,,,,.,.,,.....,........... Iola Yarnell Business Manager .............. William Uher Stage Managersnjack Allen, Paul Meyer Producing Time ................ 1 hour 45 min. Setting ................................ Auditorium Date ........................ November 17, 1939 Actors- Delbert Montgomery ............ Keats Perry Vick Randol h Patty Reynolds .............. y p Lucille Uhl ...................... Grandma Perry Mickey Holderbaum ........ Grandpa Perry Robert Clapp ...................... John Appleby Bette Wright .................. Priscilla Morley Dorothy Walmer .........,...... Tootsie Bean Donald Sonnedecker .... Butcher Boy Bean Marva Grether .............. Valerie Whitman William Davis ....... ..........,...,.... B0 ggins The Creston Annual - . . Scene VI Shot 3 Producer ............................ junior Clam Director ................. ...... M iss Koontz Script ........................ ........ J anet Nash Business Manager .............. Vernon Meyer Stage Manager ..............,..... Dwight Keltz Advertising Manager ...,...... Clarence Lee Producing Time ................ 1 hour 45 min. Setting ......,,........................ Auditorium Dm .,.,............,............... April 19, 1940 Actors ............ Mr. Smith, Ralph Krabillg Arthur Smith, Frank Sacha, Jane Smith, Shirley Romichg Mr. Kar' men, Clyde Conn, Lord Abney, Andy Markog Rose Parker, Sally Colemang Marie, Betty Zehnerg Peggy, June Shannong Dick Brain' ered, Arthur Reppg Mrs. Stevens, Jean Grether. . . Scene VI Shot 4 SYNOPSIS Hot-tempered Vicky was the class nui- sance, as far as the womanfhating young Professor Perry was concerned. Vicky showed up at his home, because he or- dered her to drop his course. She over' hears a bit of gossip: Professor Perry has been offered the position of Dean . . . if he can get a wife. The Professor does- n't want a wife, but he wants to be Dean, so he asks his friend, John to help him locate a wife. Vicky tries to get even by having Valerie come and stay and try to vamp the Professor into marrying her. john picks Priscilla for the Professor's wife, and Boggins chooses Tootsie. In the romantic whirlwind finish, Tootsie and Valeria have to console themselves with someone else, and the professor picks his own wife. U-'age Twentgywnej 1940 eg, ' 2-Cn'-'N iii -ssxzln A51 IBB-I I X 3 X J -2 x ' A x "The Women" "Each Dawn I Die" "Rage of Paris" Top-HOME EC. CLUBg Cen.-+P. F. A. CLUBg Bot.-LE CERCLE DE FRANCAIS l:Page rr1.UC'l'lEy'fLlJ0l The Creston Annual - 4 HOME EC. CLUB . . Scene VII Shot 1 First Row: Sally Coleman, Phyllis Fetzer, Nina Lehman, Beatrice Uhler, Betty Davis, Shirley Romich, Betty Zehner, Lucille Pate, Maxine Pate, Margaret Wyssbrod, Virginia Blough, Sara Wolbaugh. C Second Row: Miss Graber, Beverly Allen, Patty Reynolds, Marjorie Gantz, Betty Wright, Ruth Fetzer, Janet Smith, Janet Nash, Lois Hunter, Iola Hamilton, Gloria West, June Uher. Third Row: Lucille Herman, Dorothy Walmer, Winifred Jeffers, Jean Grether, Wreta Mace, Marva Grether, Clara Batholomay, Mildred Dohner, Norma Lengacher, Iola Yarnell, Betty Sykes, Phyllis Knepp. - The Home Economics Club meets once a month. The aims of the club are: to stimulate interest in the art of homemakingg to interest other girls in Home Economicsg to work together in the improving of Home Economics Departmentg to encourage the art of public speakingg to learn to cooperate with other girls in a self-promoted activityg to practice work- ing together in good fellowship, to stimulate personality developmentg and to establish high ideals of conduct. The dues are lOc a month. President, Marva Gretherg Vice-president, Dor- othy Walmerg Secretary, Clara Batholomayg Treasurer, Nina Lehmang Reporter, Shirley Romich. Its motto is-"XVe like hands that work, brains that think, and hearts that love." as F. F. A. CLUB .... Scene VII Shot 2 First Row: Bob Graf, Frank Sacha, Bob Herman, Bernard Weideman, Dale Litman, Jack Allen, Paul Meyer, Second Row: Mr. Beasley, Andy Marko, Harry Walmer, Eugene Buchanan, Ralph Krabill, Wallace Mensching. Third Row: Mike Marko, Junior Metsker, Eugene Uhl, Bernard Jeffers, Dale Beichler. Camera Shy: Buford Uhler, Bob Yarnell, Dwight Keltz. The Future Farmers of America Organization is for the purpose of preparing young farmers to become better future farmersg-Its motto is-"Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve." The officers of the Creston Chapter are the following: President, Bernard Weidemang Vice-president, Robert Hermang Secretary, Frank Sachag Trea- surer, Dale Litmang News Reporter, Eugene Uhlg Student Council Representative, Buford Uhlerg Watch Dog, Eugene Buchanan. ev, FRENCH CLUB .... Scene VII Shot 3 First Row: Marva Grether, Bill Davis, Donald Sonnedecker, William Uher, Miss Graber. Back Row: Arlene Mullet, Robert Clapp, Lucille Uhl. Le Cercle de Francais met in the fall and elected the following officers: President, Donald Sonnedeckerg Vice-president, Marva Gretherg Treasurer, Arlene Mulletg Secretary, Lucille Uhlg Reporter, William Uher. In December we attended a meeting of the Wooster French Club. In April we presented two plays in chapel: "Le Petit Madade", et "Au Cafe". fljage Tttlenty-threel 1940 Dead End Kids" "March of Time" "II I Were King' Top-PATROL BOYS Cen.-PAPER STAFF B0t.vSTUDENT COUNCIL lPage Twentyffowrj The Creston Annual - JUNIOR PATROL .... Scene VIII Shot l First Row: Dale Beichler, Donald Irvin, Dick Knepp, Harold Carter, Nester Young, Dean Blough, John Coffey. Second Row: Kenneth Bricker, Dale Means, Kenneth Smith, Junior Henry, Gerald Sigler, Eugene Gish, Clarence Bricker. This year a School Boy Patrol was organized. It is composed of fourteen school boys. Its purpose is to promote safety. Boys are stationed at the South Drive, North Drive and in front of the school house in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. Boys are also stationed on the busses. Dale Means was elected Captain and Kenneth Smith, Assistant Captain. . . Scene VIII Shot 2 Bill Davis, Bob Clapp, Mickey Holderbaum. PAPER STAFF . . First Row: Ralph Krabill, Donald Sonnedecker, STUDENT COUNCIL . Second Row: Beverly Allen, Patty Reynolds, Roberta Rugh. Third Row: Donna Wright, Dorothy Walmer, THE MUGWUMP is edited by members Betty Wright, Mildred Dohner, Nora Lee, Marva Grether, Phyllis Fetzer, Miss Graber, of the Senior Class. It is issued every two weeks. The price for one issue is four cents and fifty cents for the whole year. Editor ............,.... Mickey Holderbaum Assistant Editor ..............,.... ....... . .. ....,..... Marva Grether Business Manager ,........,,......,,.... ,. ..,...,,.,.,..t,..,.., Betty Wright Associate Business Manager ..... . ....,., Donald Sonnedecker Joke Editor ................................ .............. P atty Reynolds Pictorial Editor ....... - r........ t,,.,,,.,,,,, B ever-ly Allen Sports Editor ....... ...,,...,.t.....,,.,, , Bob Clapp Typists ............, Senior Typing Class Scene VIII Shot 3 First Row: Betty Davis, Janet Smith, Dorothy Walmer, Mary Jo Sacha, Eileen Levers, Donna Bell Gerig. Second Row: Vernon Meyer, Bob Clapp, Bill Davis, Harry Walmer, Richard Pouch. The Student Council carried out the same plan as last year by setting dates for parties, class plays, etc. They elected a bus council also. In addition to last year's rules they made a set of ten rules to be followed at all parties. Anyone violating these rules was subject to punishment by the Student Council. The officers of the Student Council are: President, Robert Clappg Vice-president, Eileen Leversg Secretary and Treasurer, Janet Smith. Compliments of MATTESON DRUG and GROCERIES fPage Ttuentyrfiuel 1940 OO J A E hal Fast and Furious Siraighi Shooters ...Q A Q X if A .. ll ll ll ll ULN!! D ISMR ' 'A Q' x B- A 'T is .3 A 3' , ,. .A , . .t ' X Top-BASEBALL Bottom-BASKETBALL BASEBALL First Row: Mickey Holderbaum, Paul Meyer, Delbert Montgomery, Junior Repp, Jack Allen Bill Davis, James Slater. Second Row: Mr. Gerig, Bernard Weideman, Bob Clapp, Kenneth Smith, Eugene Buchanan Bob Graf. Third Row: Lawrence Slater, Clyde Conn, Harry Earl, Nester Young BASKETBALL First Row: Mickey Holderbaum, Bob Clapp, Delbert Montgomery, Arthur Repp, Bob Graf Bill Davis. Second Row: Donald Blough, managerg Harry Earl, Paul Meyer, William Uher, Dale Litman Clarence Lee, Mr. Gerig. Third Row: Kenneth Bricker, managerg Clyde Conn, Dan Beaver,'Bob Yarnell, Harry Walmer Ralph Van Gulick, Eugene Uhl. fPa ge Twentyfsixj f l Q 1 2 The Creston Annual 1940 SPORTS REVIEW BASKETBALL . Scene IX Shot 1 Nov. 21 Creston West Salem Z1 Home Nov 28 Creston Congress 23 There Dec. 1 Creston Burbank 20 Home Dec. 15 Creston Sterling 36 There Dec. 19 Creston Doylestown 39 Home Dec. 22 Creston Mt. Eaton 15 There Jan. 5 Creston Smithville 18 There Jan. 12 Creston Dalton 28 Home Jan. 23 Creston Chester 18 There Jan. 26 Creston Apple Creek 46 Home Feb. 2 Creston Fredricksburg 53 There Non-league Creston Sterling 30 Home Feb. 9 Creston Shreve 33 Home While our team won. only Five out of twelve games, it was a team working with smooth cooperation that made these five victories possible. Last year we lost all but two of our lettermen, Delbert Montgomery and Robert Graf. Those who played on the first team this year, besides the two lettermen were: William Davis, Paul Meyer, Mickey I-Iolderbaum, William Uher, Dale Litman, Arthur Repp, Jr., ancl Robert Clapp. U59 BASEBALL ...... Scene IX Shot 2 Well baseball fans, this isn't Jack Graney speaking, but there is a wee bit of news on Creston's baseball front. , Our team played several games last fall, but the real season was this spring. The first game this spring was with Wooster. With Robert fGeorgeJ Graf on the mound for six innings and Delbert Uohnnyj Montgomery hurling the seventh frame, Creston lost on what looked to be bad support. This game was played April 10. THE SPRING SCHEDULE WAS AS FOLLOWS: Wooster ..................... ...................f... ......---.........,.. . Burbank ,,,.... Sterling ....... Wooster ..,, Sterling ,...... Congress ........................................ .,...... ............... . Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May West Salem .,..................................-...................... -. County tournament was played in April. Compliments of PETE WEIR, the Barber fPage Twentyfsevenil CARTOONS l:Page '1'we11t5'fe'ight:l -W--A w1a-- -Y, 3. The Creston Annual - 1940 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5 First day of school. Several new teachers were seen about the building. - 6 School started in earnest. Mr. Hatlield informed Sonny that no necking was al' lowed during school hours. 12 We had a day's vacation to go to the fair. 21 Home Economics Club organized for the year. 22 Freshman girls had a farewell party for Grace Michel.. Z3 Freshman Class had a hamburger fry at Mac's Dam. 26 F. F. A. boys organized their club for the year. 28 Our last baseball game of this season was .played at Seville. Miss Graber had a weiner roast for the Senior Class. 29 Junior Class had a scavenger hunt. OCTOBER 3 Seniors all joined in the chorus to wish Don S. a happy birthday. '5 Group pictures were taken again this year by Mr. Vs7hitemeyer. Everyone was spruced up a bit. 26 High School had a Halloween Party sponsored by the Senior Class. NOVEMBER 11 R. O. H. Club went to Dalton to the District Home Ee. Rally. 13 Seniors were surprised by the psychological test. 14 juniors had their turn at the psychological test. 17 Seniors presented their Class Play entitled "Professor, How Could You!" Z1 First basketball game of the season was with West Salem. We won by the close score 23 to 21. 2 28 Creston had a basketball game with Congress at Congress. 29 R. O. H. girls and F. F. A. boys had a Box Social. DECEMBER 1 Creston versus Burbank. Better luck next time! 12 Glee Club sung two numbers in Chapel today. 14 R. O. H. Girls gave a Christmas Party for the less fortunate little children. 21 Many red faces were seen today during the Christmas Program. 22 Miss Graber received a gift from "Le Cercle Francais','. 24 Creston versus Mt. Eaton. JANUARY 2 Back to school again after a much appreciated vacation. 4 Mr. Hatfield disposed of comic books. 5 Creston versus Smithville. A victory for us. 8 Mr. Grierson, of the Farmers Institute, spoke to us in Chapel. 9 Burbank and Creston put on an amateur show. 11 Mid'year exams bothered us again. 12 Iola was put into the waste paper basket by mistake. Creston versus Dalton at Creston. 16 Miss Mcllvaine was absent today. Mr. Plough substituted for her. 17 Mr. and Mrs. john Parsons gave three episodes of Lincoln's Life. 18 Home Ec. Girls had a skating party at Wooster. . 19 Juniors all joined in the chorus to wish Shirley R. a happy birthday. First High School Dance was held in the gym. 22 Grade cards came out displaying semester averages. 23 Mr. Bauders, Methodist minister from Seville, talked to us in Chapel. 24 Creston French Club had a meeting with the Wooster French Club. 26 An owl entertained the study hall the second period after dinner. 27 The Juniors had a Class Party at Junior Repp's home. 31 Dr. Bingham talked in Chapel today on "Personality". Turenty-ninel The Creston Annual - 1940 CALENDAR FEBRUARY 2 6 7 9 12 14 15 16 20 21 22 26 27 Another edition of the Mugwump came out today. Miss Graber was sick today. Her pupils enjoyed a vacation. Miss Graber was still absent. Juniors picked out class rings. janet S. and Ralph K. debated against Doylestown. Girls' teams played basketball in the evening. Seniors chose commencement speaker. Home Ec. Club had a Valentine Party. Willy U. and Bob C. went to Doylestown for debate. Seniors were measured for caps and gowns. Tryouts for One-Act Play were held. juniors gave a party for the Seniors. Black and red were chosen as the school colors by the high school students. We got off for NVashington's Birthday. YVe had a debate today with Smithville. ' One-Act Play cast was chosen. Seniors sponsored an entertainment. MARCH i 1 Chief Wild Wolf of the Seneca Indians gave a program to the whole school. 6 juniors gave chapel program today. 12 OnefAct Play was given at the Little Theatre in Wooster. 22 The high school attended two periods of the Good Friday Service. 26 R. O. H. and F. F. A. Clubs had a banquet. APRIL 1 Seniors sung birthday greetings to Patty. 5 The first movie was shown, with the new movie projector. 6 County scholarship tests were held at XVooster. 13 All county instrumental musical at Wooster. 16 Preliminary Declamation Contest, at Smithville school. 18 Junior Class Play matinee. 19 junior Class gave their play entitled "Polishing Papa". 20 All county vocal musical at Wooster. 27 County baseball tournament. ' M A Y ' 4 Five students went to Kent for scholarship tests. County baseball tournament. 9 All school musical at Creston. 19 Baccalaureate. 21f23 Final examsw 23 24 26 Junior and Senior Banquet. Commencement and school picnic. Seniors started for Washington. fPage Thiftyil 'AAA'-----C"' "'A""'-----:vc-:D COMPLIMEN TS OF THE WILLIAM ANNAT CO. WOOSTER'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1940 May every day of your life bring success and happiness +!"!"20!'-!0!02"!+ LIBERTY STUDIOS 356 West Liberty Street O We Made the Pictures in This Annual You'll Like Our Pictures Better Miss Mcllvaine-"What caused Shakesf peare's death?" Iola Y.-"He died of a poor drainage system." -- A ---- -- AAA' A ----- :p COMPLIMENTS OF Golda Hale Beauty Shoppe '1"!"!"X"X"I"X+'Z+ Seville, Ohio Phone 3371 COMPLIMENTS OF John P. Cochran Co. Manufacturers PAINT i VARNISH WOOSTERQ or-no Hours: Every day except Wed. 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Phone: 2761 D. G. KEENER, UD. Optometrist Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted White Building Seville, O. fPage Thirtyfonej ll l: l- ::::::::::::::::::::::::p004: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::q Ebert Funeral Home Our twenty-eight years in business is your gain Compare our services and prices with others RITTMAN, OHIO F U lr ll It ll 0 :I 0 ll ll ll U U 0 I ll ll In l h lr 4 ll U n 0 0 H 0 u U n u n u J if Phone, Sterling 213 Seville 3891, Res 13 ll l.W.MAlBACH Furniture, Hardware, Dry Goods Carpets, jewelry, Patent Medicines H You can always do better at Maibach s nu """""""""""" nu I. W. MAIBACH STERLING O -----------------------vv---Y- 5 BEST WISHES The Wayne County National Bank WOOSTER, OHIO 1 Wayne County's Oldest and Longest Bank JV ll U ll ll ll Mr. Hatfield-"I don't see why thls tan LI dem bike should seem so hard to pedal ll 1: Miss Irxxfin-"Well, the only thing I ll li ll 0 ll ll lr It ll - --A-Af----------------------- il don't like, dear, is the way these foot rests keep moving up and down." COMPLIMEN TS OF THE GEORGE W. COEFEY INSURANCE AGENCY STEBBINS BANK BUILDING . CRESTON, OHIO ll U U 1. G.---' - - 1 -1 'l ' ' ' S5512anF2z:Ogi1i5:i,k,i:2fsLS gg Sleflmg 1VI1l1111a C0 - BANK STREET PHONE 3451 T ll ll ll ll ll No. 75, Train No. 40, or any taxicabf' ll ll lb lr lr lb ll U ll COMPLIMEN TS OF T H E . Quality Merchandise at Reasonable Prices STERLING, OHIO Star Telephone 3897 Seville Ohio Central 48-R5 Sterling g::::::::::::::::::::::::: I:Page Thirty-twozl L. G. BALFUUR COMPANY Manzafacturing jewelers and Stationers To Schools and Colleges ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS 0 Class Rings - Pins - Announcements - Diplomas Ieweler to the Senior and Iunior Classes of Creston High School Commencement Invitations and Personal Cards for Classes of 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 ' will be supplied by BALFOUR under contract O Represented by LEE ARROWOOD, Box 335, Newark, Ohio --:vc --'-- A "'---- 4"-A' A'-"'--- ---- ' AAA"A k"---- ---- ' ' - ----- A ---- --'-- --'A' 1 COMPLIMENTS OF ii Sally C.-"What lovely, fleecy clouds! " I'cl like to be up there sitting on one." ll II Clyde C.-"All fight-you drive. But let 1 Q me out Hrst. ll M,-I. H. S 3 I C BETTER 5: ll lC'E CREAM " many SMH-H DAmyo0u0RRvm.E omg Mrs. Kinney--"You promised to give me jf a quarter of your salary each week for pm H money." 11 Mr. Kinney-"XVell, here you are. Here's 1: 25 cents." il Ii 0 II n o -- e e - - eA..... .... A..... - S IfPage Thirty-tlzreel 1 0 0 Why Wooster Business College 1. A really complete secretarial pro- gram. -2. Complete equipment-really com- plete training on office machines. 3. Accredited fully by the American Association of Commercial Colleges, the highest accrediting authority in commercial college work. 4. Well developed placement program, all adequately trained people placed O Wooster, Ohio Q Phone 450 ,----v-v,,--- ---ooooocvv-- Only ICE refrigerator gives you Proper Temperature Proper Humidity Proper Air Circulation Ma y we give you the facts? Don't fail to see our display of the new modern air-conditioned I C E refrigerators at our display rooms. +z--x--:'-:'-z-+fx'-x- THE MINGLEWOUD COAL 81 ICE CO. E. Liberty St. Wooster, O. 4,3 ....... , ...,..... -- ..... --,-- "Getting along with the girls," said the sophomore, "is like making pie. All you need is a lot of crust and some apple' sauce." Clara B.-"My dear, those cakes of Miss Graber's at tea were hard as ironf' Winifred J.-'LYes, I know. I suppose that's why she said 'Take your pick,' when she handed them around." 1 ll GET "SALLY-WISE" Visit Our Store SALLY'S Across Street from Woolworth 123 E. Liberty St. Wooster, O. -vv------- -----Y-- -----1 ll li Home of RED CROSS SHOES ++++++?+ Conrad's Shoe Store WOOSTER, OHIO Mickey H. fentering barbershopj "I'd like to have my moustache dyed." Barber-"Certainly. Did you bring it with you?" O Mr. Davis-"So your son, Bob, had to leave college on account of poor eyesight?" Mr. Clapp-"Yes, he mistook the dean of women for a cofedf' fPage Thirtyfourj H """""""""'"""' 'f """""" '- Q LOWER COST of DRESSING WELL it X ? 1: BRENNERLBROS. : Q CLOTHES for MEN and BOYS I EE Wooster, Ohio E 0 il ll :::::::::::::: tl if COMPLIMENTS OF E' ll 3 IRA ELSUNNEDECKER :E 1 4, TRUCKING and STORAGE I EE 'E H P I i HIGH GRADE coAL EE I 1- o.::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::ff2212: ::::: ::::.a ll ll II It ll Q1 R A B E R S ig Patterson's Restaurant ff tl ll g H Volunteer Food Store 55 LUNCH - MEALS : FRESH MEAT5 1 FOUNTAINSERVICE I 4 ti CANDY ti ' e"'1"f"f"'-"'-"'-'ei' it HOME cooK1NG 1' I ' O ,E CANAAN, OHIO 1: f ll 0 Phone 3472 H It . 3 When You Say It With Flowers tl , I Say It W'th our Flowers Mr. Frey-"Why are the skies over New " 4.-.ww0w++ E The Creston Greenhouse D. F. STUTZMAN, Prop. I 1: FLOWERS For All Occasions I fPage York clearer than the skies over London?" Lucille U.-"I don't know, teacher, un' less it's because of the skyscrapers in New York." Thirty-fivel DODGE Sales PLYMOUTH NEW and USED CARS TYLER MOTOR COMPANY Creston, Ohio 333333:-' v::::::v:::::33::'r ll ll 0 II Hair Cutting . . Scalp Treatments ll U ll 4+ COMPLIMENTS OF II ii COMPLIMENTS OF 0 ll nu nw SELLERS az LONG 22 1: C U L L I N S if Barber and Beauty Shop lb ll CRESTON, OHIO Permanent Waving fNestleD 1: General Work ::::::::::::::::: :xxxacl Lx::::,::::::::::::::::::: 113131113 +33331131 iiiiiiiffiiiiiiiiilliiiiillliiiiiliiiliiilq WOOSTER'S LEADING STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS O Hart Schayfner and Marx Clothes ::::::::::::::::::: :::::::4 1 I H Miss Bryan: "Lot was warned to take H A R M A N ' S 1 H his wife and daughter and Hee out of the COMPLETE FOOD STORE city. Lot and his wife and daughter got " safely away." n iixnxnxnwnzoxq. William U.-"What happened to the fl ?" CRESTON, OHIO ' ea I, n -----:::::---AA---:::::::::33 I:Page Thivtyfsixil 1 Ttt::::::,:-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::v:::::::::::b gg CONGRATULATIONS, CRESTON SENIORS " YOU ARE NOW FINISHING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL COURSE H 0 lg What's Ahead for You? :t You need SPECIAL TRAINING for getting a position - - - and gg You need SPECIAL BACKGROUND TRAINING for larger personal developments and for ll getting promotions. Get both of these by taking a well-rounded TWO YEAR COURSE in x BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION or SECRETARIAL TRAINING ll gg In THE OBERLIN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, Oberlin, Ohio 'I A Member of The American Association of Junior Colleges 1: Business needs the better class of young people from our High Schools. It also offers you the ll greatest opportunities. A good two-year School of Business is the best place to take :I business training. Write or call for information. B """""""" ' AA"" llll ' A ' ' A'AA""' ""'+"A""A'--- A A - +- A P22122--::::: ----'- ::::::::::::'v v AfAA:::::::::::::::::::--:eco-I ll I H ll ll ni ll ll il 0 , ll li CONGRATULATIONS g Paul C. Winkler gg gg SENIORS LI VOLUNTEER FOOD STORE IL LL gi . "X"I'i+'X'-!"!+'I+'!' U ll il 4 I- ' . ' - ,I :, om imens Q G oceries Choice Meats Vegetables 'I I: C pl f Of Phone 2421 CRESTON, O. Lgfgh Pastry H1322333:233333::33:::::33Ciiizii li-33i:3322::f33113:?33333333113 v::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-1 r A--12:22:11 --41:22:22:-iv Il II II 'g KING BAND and ORCHESTRA gg gg SEE INSTRUMENTS gg gg ll il "Everything Musical" G 2 "hints-101+-If-!'4+ F O R H Farm - City and Village Property :g Young s Music Shoppe :g :g gr g gn nl gg 112 N. Wahmur Sf. Phone 779 1: 1: WOOSTER' OHIO f:x:x:::::::::::: fxxx::x:::::x:::::::::::x, x:::::" ll ll , , IE The Gerig Hardware Sz Roofing Company ll EE Everything in Hardware and Roofing . gg CRESTON, OHIO 0 gi S3:33::-'AA' '''221l3122:2:2i2C2:f333:5:32i33333::i::::33133 IfPage Tliirtyfsevenj 'Y ENAMEl BUY HARRIS PAINT ' BEST FUR QUALITY ' BEST FOR SERVICE First aid for shabby homes is a coat of GOOD PAINT. First aid to budgets is a paint that will last longer and keep bright. Put the two together and you have H A R R I S P A I N T S. For more than your money's worth buy these fine Wooster-made paints. LOW FACTORY PRICES Remember H A R R I S P A I N T S 'last longer, are brighter, do not fade. We have the largest stock of paints in this section to choose from. Iu"'I '-- X . 7,9 i 5 'Pls RNIQJE RIS xzmzua The J. E. HARRIS Co. BUY AT THE FACTORY Phone-250 WoosTER, oH1o . 5 5 's 51 XX 'run 1 Nix X2-5,'.?: qhgu-in v af I ' ' , . A , fix , . . S , .mi S . . h 1 LQ l . I 1 - A L , -33, 3 -1 sl - I1 ,r.I. .n IL- S 4. 'Q' L ,351 LE.: -Frei A W7 ., 4 S . ' , 'Hill IM" "' .W ,:,,.,.., Q ' Wm' ' f"' T ix... 2... 1 'T' :.:'2L"'a92':."" if ,-,,....,...1...I.......,, ,- Thirty-eigl1t:I :::::c::::: ---- 222- ----:hc ----:poc---- --Y..- THE COLLIEH PRINTING CO. WOUSTER, OHIO "IT PAYS TO BUY QUALITY" H I I O GOOD CLOTHES for our famil Y Y Ei FHEHDLANDEHS I Satisfaction Since 1884 ::::::::::::::::::::::::II I xx :xxx ix: LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING II II I II ' . 'I I Yarman8z Smlth E L II I O T T S 'I EI Wooster's Largest Garage "S ' 1900" 0 ' xqnce II :I . II I '+'1"f"f"f'4"f"1' II NASH and WILLYS Service on Tuesday and Friday I Wooster, Ohio ll ::::: :::::::::::::2222222 J 2222 2222 22 222222222222222222222 1 T 222222222222 222222222 I I' I COMPLIMENTS OF If I Hugh L. Strickland Marion Reserve Company 1, CHEVROLET DEALER II II II I Body and Fender Work I II I I, I 24-Hour Service RITTMAN' OHIO Rittman, Ohio fPage 'T'hirty'nine:I fPage Forty? . n 1 'N x

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