Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH)

 - Class of 1939

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Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 14 of 40
Page 14 of 40

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Page 14 text:

AND TELLS A TALE ---- H 26 Class Prophecy I ' I It's the year nineteen hundred and fifty-two, 0 The grass is green and the sky is blue. I wonder what became of those classmates of mine, We who graduated in thirty-nine. Put ocme with me and we'll take a trip- To various parts of the earth we will skip. . . First of all we find that mechanical wizard Bill Zehner to be a widely known road constructor. He is busily engaged paving the Canaan roads. Traveling a little farther south, we see that Frances Haley is one of the best teachers at Ohio State University. Q Dc-n't laugh too much but there is an entirely sad situation with Junior Spitler. If seems that Junior was married and life was not panning out the way it should so hc ran away to join the circus. I-le became a lion tamer to get out of his wife's clutches. Creston is rapidly growing into a beautiful city. It boasts of a new hospital with a handsome young surgeon in charge. Yes, it is Donald Keltz, and his pretty assistant is none other than Frances Blough. Coming out of the hospital and wan- dering down the street our attention is focused on a building where a pert little brunette sits in a box office: we recognize her to be Zella Scholl. Our surprise is even greater when Zella tells us that Jack McGuff is the manager of this palatial establishment. Before going on to New York City we stop a minute or two in Cleveland. What go-od work these Government men are doing. Among them is Robert Fetzer holding a very important position. See, there he is pushing that wheel barrow around for W. P. A. on Euclid Avenue the name of I. J. Fox Furriers, after being bought out by an old schoolmate, Charles Wolf, has been changed to the Wolf Wolverine Inc. Upon our arrival in New York, to our astonishment we find that Bernice Meyer successfully passed an audition to join with the Metropolitan Opera Company. On the shores oi the old Atlantic Raymond Weahry is the prize beachcomber. The three bov musketeers of C. H. S. are not in touch or quite as chummy as they had been. Since each of them is doing something which he thought was quite out of the ordinary, they broke up. James Miracle is Wayne County's newly elected sheriffg and Arthur Mumaw has a place in Yale as an English professor: Gene Mc- Kelvey directs that new sing band on the radio, widely known as "Gene and His Jelly-Bean Jitters." In Canada we read to our surprise that Max Bowman has just been appointed head of the Royal Mounted Police Force. The western part of the United States is buzzing with excitement for it is here that Hazel Feeman and Donald Boyes are making history with their ranches. Bill Huffman was with them for a short time and then decided to tour Europe and when Hazel last heard of him he was a gigolo in France and really having a hard time making a living. l Jack Plank changed his mind and did not follow in his father's footsteps but is in the Orient as a very famous veterinarian and is well liked by the natives. Now Betty Perram, not wishing to go there, stayed in the United States and is happily sewing clothes for people who have a hard time buying them elsewhere. Betty finds this: work to be prosperous. Harold Krabill is stationed in Panama. Since Harold is Captain of the latest steamer he is waiting there for further orders from Washington, D. C. Jay Lehman, Secretary of Navy, needing a holiday went to a little town in Georgia and wanting some good books and novels to read took a walk to the store. Jay had hardly stepped inside the door when he was greeted by a cheery "hello." Looking up rather startled he recognized Ruth Miller, the owner. After a lengthy talk Jay left, and soon was on a plane homeward bound only to discover that the smiling air stewardess had once been in the class of thirty-nine: her name, Eva Gantz. Bill Knepp at the present time is located in San Francisco where he is on tour, being noted for his extremely graceful dancing and a toe dance that no one has ever been able to imitate thus far. Clayton Shankland is not far away tLos Angeles? trying to be a good salesman for the Roles Royce Inc. while his former car is on display with other rare models of the past century. Also in Hollywood we find Bernice Bowman who advises just the right things for the stars to wear. In far-off Egypt we come upon a lady travelling all by herself and enjoying the trip immensely. Underneath that veil is the face of Norma Kinch. Norma had inherited a great fortune and was spending it by visiting the most interesting places in the world. My love of history in high school inspired me to gather material old and new for the printing of these books. Since the above data with a few other important factors will be in the newest edition of history books we hope that it will make more interesting studying for the future history students. IRMA NASH. -10- I wonder what comes next.

Page 13 text:

L+, Boy, this is some history! GUPPY WRITES A BIOGRAPHY-- . Class History The third day of September, 1935, is a day which will long be remembered by all members of Creston High School, for on that day the class of '39 entered high school. We will have to admit that we were at first a little bewildered and shy in the presence of so many dignified and older pupils, but we soon recover-ed and became adapted to this new life. Our class of thirty-three members was permitted to organize. Whom did we elect but that bashful little blond, Jay Lehman, for our presidentg Zella Scholl, vice presidentg Bernice Meyer, secretary and treasurer, and Miss McCoy, a much needed adviser. We chose green and white as our class colors. The next thing o-f import- ance was the sack rush with the sophomores, which we are very proud to say we won. An initiation party was given for us on September 133 everybody thought we were so small that the initiation was rather mild, however, the party was a great success. This life was so different and exciting that before we knew it, May had come and our first year in high school was ended. In the fall we came back, not feeling so shy and unimportant. We found that Raymond Lee and Evelyn Eby were not with us, but we had two new members, Ray- :nond Weahry and John Jacquet, so we still had our big class of thirty-three. VVe again elected officers, as we learned was the custom to do every year. This time Jack Plank was elected to lead our class and Jay Lehman became his assistantg Ber- nice Meyer was again elected secretary and treasurer. Mr. Gattshall kindly con- sented to be adviser. On September 11 we had another sack rush, this time with the freshmen. Again we won. The outstanding event of that year was the local one- act play contest. We shared honor for first place with the freshmen. We helped our school that year by supplying some good athletes, and everyone seemed to enjoy high school life very much. Once more September came but we were very sorry to find that our class roll had decreased to twenty-nine. Raymond Campbell, John Jaquet, Marjorie- Double and Mona Carnes had left us. Later in the year Reba Woodward's leaving reduced thc number to twenty-eight. We were very much surprised to see that our high school had increased in size, the seventh and eighth grad-e had joined us to make a junior high. Our class organized again, with no changes except Betty Perram to serve as secretary and treasurer. The time for us to get our class sweaters came and we just could not agree on the color we wanted. We argued about a week and then decided on brown and orange iwe wanted to be different, I wonder if we werel. Jack Plank and Jay Leh- man represented our high school in the county declamation contest. Jack won second place and Jay stood very high. Our class was again well represented in athletics this year. Our class play, "Lady Spitfire" fwith the help of Mr. Freyl, was a real success. We earned more than enough money from it to give the Seniors a very nice banquet. The ladies of the Jackson Presbyterian Church served the dinner after which we enjoyed a show at Schine's Theater in Wooster. By the end of this exciting year w-e were all ready for a vacation. Coming to school in the fall as Seniors, we felt very dignified to be able to oc- cupy the seats in the back of the study hall. Mr. Frey had organized a student coun- cil for the high school and we elected Clayton Shankland and James Miracle as mem- bers of it from our clam. We were very glad to see that we had two new members, Robert Fetzer and Donald Boyes, thus making a class roll of thirty. Officers were elected as usual: Jay Lehman, president: Jack McGuff, vice presidentg Bernice Meyer, treasurerg Frances Blough, secretary: and Mr. Gattshall still our adviser. We will not have thirty to graduate after all, because Nylah Schmollinger has dropped out. Our class play "Spring Fever" came in November this year. Mr. Frey again coached us to help make it a success. Our class almost dominated the basketball team this year. With the help of the cheerleaders, Betty Zehner, Shirley Romich, and Nina Lehman, the games were all very interesting. The tournament was very exciting, but it did not turn out so, well for us. Again Jack Plank and Jay Lehman repre- sented our class in the county declamation contest. We are very busy this year. We are trying to edit the best annual that has been published in Creston High School. We are also planning our trip to Washing- ton. To earn money for our trip, we sold Christmas cards, sold candy and ice cream at the basketball games, and sponsored the Canaan Grange lyceum play. Our treas- ury is increasing nicely. . .We chose the white carnation for our class flower and "Push, pull, or get out of our way" for our motto. We decided to change our class colors to blue and white and to wear blue and white caps and gowns for Commencement week. We have done our best these four years in high school and have been well rep- resented in athletics, literary contests, and music. Now our last year is over, and it has been a happy one. I am sure that there is not one person who does not once in a while have time to feel a little sad to think that his high school days are over. We want you to get along well without us: but we hope that we will be remembered for many years by members of the Creston High School. BETTY PERRAM. 1.9.1.

Page 15 text:

OUR LAST WISHES - - - Class Will We, the class of 1939, of Canaan Township High School of Creston, Wayne County, Ohio, being of sound mind and memory and being mindful of the certainty of our departing from our present sphere into the great future, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. All former documents are hereby declared null and void. ARTICLE I Section 1. To the members of the faculty for their kind and generous help in our time of need and in sincere appreciation of their interest and cooperation with the class of 1939, we bequeath our best wishes for their future success. Section 2. Mindful of the material the faculty has to work on in the next few years, we also bequeath them our greatest sympathy. ARTICLE II ' Section 1. To the juniors we leave our senio-r dignity, all senior privileges which they haven't used already, and the pleasure t?l of publishing an annum. Section 2. To the sophomores we leave all the wisdom, knowledge and ex- perience we have gathered during our stay in high school. We know it will be put to good use. Section 3. To the freshmen we leave any extra credits we may have. They'll come in handy. Section 4. Since the 7th and Sth grades are "under age", they are ineligible to any bequests. Section 5. We, the class of 1939. leave Creston High School minus 29 of the most brilliant, energetic, popular, athletic, good-looking, dramatic, and studious stu- dents it has ever had or will have. ARTICLE III Our personal bequests: We, Bernice Bowman and Frances Blough, will our close friendship to Naida Jeffers and Norma Longenacher. I, Donald Boyes, leave my desire to argue in P. A. D. class to Bernard W. I, Hazel Feeman, leave my plumpness to Wreta Mace. , Robert Fetzer. leave my "bright sayings" to Bob Yarnell. I, Eva Gantz. will my red hair to Ann Marko. I, Frances Haley, leave my grade card to Sallyann and Shirley to fight over. We, Max Bowman and Raymond Weahry, leave the privilege of sleeping in study hall to some sleepy juniors. I, William Huffman, leave my aspirations to become the best baseball pitcher in the United States to Vernon Meyer. I, Donald Keltz, will my lovely mop of curly black hair to Jack Allen. I. WVilliam Knepp, will my way with the girls to William Davis. I. Norma Kinch, leave my hearty laugh to Dorothy Johnson. I. Harold Krabill, will my ability to play a violin to John E. Haley. I, Jay Lehman, will my extraordinary dramatic talent to Junior Repp. Bernice Meyer, will the writing of the next class will to some resourceful or I, . junior. ' I, Ruth Miller, leave my study habits to Winifred Jeffers. I, James Miracle, will my height to William, Uher. He needs a little more. I. Arthur Mumaw, will my frank, friendly nature to Frank Sacha. I, Jack McGuff, leave my swinging walk to Ralph Krabill. I. Gene Mclielvev, leave some of my giggles to Andy Marko. I, Irma Nash, will my blonde vivacity to Patty Reynolds. I Betty Perram, leave my wardrobe to some girl in need of pretty clothes. I. Jack Plank, will my gracious manners to Armand Smith. I, Zella Scholl, bequeath all my brunette charms to Phyllis Fetzer. I, Clayton Shankland, will my Chevrolet to Bob Clapp, so he can take Betty Zehner riding every night. I, Junior Spitler, will my chemistry notebook to some unfortunate sophomore. I, Charles Wolf, leave my weakness for "showing off" to Leroy Haley. I, Bill Zehner, leave my ability to bluff th-e teachers to Robert Graf. Signed? The Senior Class. Witnesses: The Annual Staff. BERNICE MEYER. F15 ,Q

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