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A7 QMJZX 19440 F l 1011! 5 . I I U The Kisses! 9 .jet e ww- A - "Home Sweet Homev if boys and girls have parents, Then they always have a friend They may scold a bit and punish But they stand by in the end. DEDICATICN With deep appreciation cmd sincere gmtitucle to those -whose 6Tlth-'ZLS'illS7?'l' and zeal as parents ha-ve eu- deared them to us cmd whose never fafilifhg efforts have always been for oufr interest, we, the Class of Nineteen Thirty-eight dedicate this publication. Theme - - - "Life ls a Song" CAII headings are taken from song titlesj iU?"":"a""""i W , "Memories 79 Y SCHOOL BOARD Milo Cockrell Frank Mclntire Morris Coleman Edward Blough Arthur Irvin SCHOOL SONGS Dear Old Creston High, which is ever nigh To be our Counselor, We will ever fight for a cause that's right And keep our banner clean. Take courage when you're losing The victory's just ahead, So on victory day, we'1l be glad and gay And to our school be true. Clayton Shankland. Onward, fellows, we must conquer Fight for Creston High! Brown and Gold expect a victory Win for Creston High! Honor, fame, and glory calling, You must do your best. So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High! Fight then, fellows, fight to conquer Fight for Creston High! Never weary in the contest, Win for Creston High! Though the battlelgo against you You must stand and fight So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High! -- -f "Everything You Said Came True" l 4 l Front: H. C. Frey, P. H. Kinney, Miss Mcllvaine, Miss Graber, W. I. Plough, Miss I Bryan. ' Center: F. Smucker, A. T. Smith, C. Gattshall, Mr. Young, Miss Wolcott. Back: Mrs. Zehner, Mrs. Crewson, Miss Irvin, Miss Miller, Miss Miller. FACULTY H. C. FREY LIISS GRABER Manners are' not idle but the Superintendent fruit of loyal nature and of He faces life with its joys or ius, nobles mmd. Respected by all who know him. MR. GATTSHALL Some are born great- MISS BRYAN Others achieve greatness. Principal SMITH She ffugdprecious jewel I have An authority in his line. Among the filth and rubbish of the world. DIISS McILVAINE She is straight goods and not a sham. DIR. KINNEY How far that little candle Throws his beams. MR. PLOUGH Oh, what a glory doth this world put on, On duties well performed and days well spent. MR. YOUNG Artists are made not born. MISS WOLCOTT Little strokes fell great oaks. Q' 'R i Senior Class Jean Boor l "Who knows the inner works of my mind Just I and who knows what I'1l find?" fCollege Course! Debate Team 1 One Act Play 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 3-4 Declamation 3 Gerald Bowman "Oh this learning- What a terrible thing fMixed Course! Banquet Committee 3 Class Play 4 One Act Play 4 it is!" Samuel Foltz "Never boisterous, never loud, Whether alone or in a crowd." tMixed Course? Earl Fulton "Men of few words are the best of men." lMixed Course! Frecl Gllem "Hang worry, care will kill a cat, Therefore let's be merry." CMixed Course? Class Play 3-4 President 3 One Act Play 4 Harold Graf "God's greatest creature is man-I am a man." CCollege Coursel President 2-4 Orchestra, Band Glee Club 3-4 President Glee Club 3 Debate 1 Class Play 3-4 One Act Play 3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Banquet Committee 3 Merlin Harhler "Quiet in class, but powerful loud in grade." 4Mixed Course! Eileen Henry "I-Iere's a girl with a merry smile She keeps it chuckling all the whi1e." . - CCommercial Course! Class Play 4 Home Ec. Club 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Kathleen Hummel "The secret of success is con- stancy of purpose." iCommercial Coursel Home Ec. Club 1 Home Ec. Secretary 2 Home Ee. President 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Banquet Committee 3 One Act Play 2 Declamation 3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Secretary-Treasurer 2 Class Will 4 Wayne Hunter "What cares he for bump or fall When he is playing basket- ball." QMixed Course? Basketball 1-3-4 Baseball 3-4 -4- l Emma Marlcley "Emma hasn't much to say She does her work in every way." ICommercial Coursel Secretary-Treasurer 1 Secretary 4 Annual Staff 4 - Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 One Act Play 4 William Michel "All great men are dying- And I don't feel well myself." CCollege Coursel Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Chorus 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 - Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 One Act Play 3 Band Edward Morrison "Ed's a boy that's full of vim Athletics keep him fit and trim." 4Mixed Coursel Class Play 3 Orchestra 4 Basketball 2-3 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 4 Junior Romich "I used to be shy-look at me now!" lMixed Course? President 1 Glee Club 3-4 Banquet Committee 3 Annual Staff 4 Athletic Manager 2 Student Council 4 Class History 4 I Glenn Smith "Happy am I, from all I'm free Why aren't they all contented like me?" kMixed Coursel Vice President 3 Class Play Business Mgr. 3-4 Mary Snell "Ever earnest and quiet is she Amiable and nice as can be." iCommercial Course? Class Play 3 Home Ec. Club 1-3-4 Virginia Walmer "Here is a maiden so very meek That even her shoes refuse to squeak." tCommercial Course! Home Ec. Club 2 Junior Class Play 3 Glee Club 3 Banquet Committee 3 Senior Class Play 4 Treasurer 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 One Act Play 4 Grace Vvlhonsetler "The nice things said about her are all true." CCommercial Coursel Glee Club 2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 2-3 Secretary-Treasurer 3 Class Play 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Class Prophecy Cheer Leader 2-3 Harold Yoss "Sometimes I sit and think And sometimes I just sit." fCollege Coursel Class Play 3-4 1 l -2 Q 14 Qu , Class History "REMEMBER ME?" In September, 1935, thirty-one new freshmen be- came a part of Creston High School. One of the first things we did was to elect officers. For our president we chose Junior Romich, for secretary and treasurer, Emma Markley. Miss McCoy rendered her services as class adviser. We passed through our first year without much trouble, trying all the while to learn what it was all about. By May we thought we had a fairly good idea of what high school life was like so we said goodbye to one another till the fall of 1936, when we would advance to the sophomore class. September came and so did twenty-five of us to tackle our second year at Creston High. We elected oflicers on September 4, as follows: President, Harold Graf: secretary and treasurer, Kathleen Hummelg and class adviser, Mr. Gattshall. Our sophomore year passed quickly and without much excitement. We passed our exams with plenty of confidence, and va- cation came in no time at all. Soon it was September again. We came back to school thinking that we knew what we were here for. Organizing our class, we elected Fred Gliem, presi- dent: Grace Whonsetler, secretary and treasurer, and Miss Mcllvaine, class adviser. Our Junior Class play, "Bright and Early," which was a grand success, earned the money to banquet the seniors. The Presbyterian Guild served the din- ner, after which we enjoyed a show at Wooster. We studied more for our exams than usual that spring, for we all wanted to be in on the senior privileges, which, by the-way, we've never received. Well, here we are Seniors. Nineteen of us have returned to take the choice seats in the back of the study hall. We have chosen Harold Graf as presi- dent, Emma Markley as secretary, Virginia Walmer as treasurer and Miss Mcllvaine as class adviser. We have been very busy this year. Our class play, "Campus Quarantine," was made a success with the help of Mr. Frey. Another class project is the editing of the annual which will serve us as a book of memories. The class is also planning a week's trip to Gettysburg, Annapolis, and Washington. Throughout the four years of our high school life, the members of the class of '38 have been very active in music, athletics, and literary contests. We have brought not only honor to ourselves, but honor and glory to our school as well. The days that we will spend at Creston High are now growing few in number and we as members of the class of '38 feel that we owe a great debt to our school for giving us so many happy times. We shall never forget the years in Creston High no matter in what corner of the globe we find our 1ife's work. -Junior Romich. .-6.-.. Class Prophecy "l'VE HITCHED MY WAGON TO A STAR" While traveling through the Orient, I was at- tracted by a place called "Little Bit of Heaven." Here were many wishing Buddhas and crystal gazers, and I was allowed to peer into one of the large crys- tals. On doing so I saw the future, ten years hence, for the class of 1938. My enthusiasm was so great that I was immediately lost in this sphere. The first person whom I recognized was Kath- leen Hummel. Kathleen and I had started traveling together but when we reached Hollywood she decided to stay and become famous. She was shown operat- ing an exclusive dress shop called "Katy Kreationsf' William Michel was first drummer in Henry Bussie's orchestra. At present they were on a tour in Europe. Bill was having a hidden romance with Count de Cal- lorie's daughter Princess Karrot. I hope I return home in time to see them when they appear at the Lyric in Chicago. The next thing to catch my eye was a view of Creston, There was a new fire department, with three shiny new fire trucks, proudly operated by Ed- ward Morrison, the Fire Chief. There was a new Marshall-Fields Department Store and an Isaly Store. Eileen Henry had studied to be a nurse, but the crystal revealed her as the manager of the Isaly Store. Her greatest trade was in selling "crackless bubble gum" to the students of C. H. S. Gerald Bowman was sec- ond conductor on one of the Deisel streamlined trains. He sounds the whistle 19 times every time he passes through Creston-in memory of the 19 members of the class of '38. On peering further into the crystal I saw Fred Gliem. Fred had married an Akron girl and had settled down on the farm to spend his days in peace and contentment. Junior Romich had also taken to farm life, but he was still carrying on his hobby of Woodcraft. His home was completely furnished with his own woodworking. I know some day he will make a name for himself in this line. I recognized another familiar figure, Jean Boor. She was teach- ing child psychology in Ohio State University. Jean was not married for she had decided her career was far more important to her. Now there appeared in the crystal large letters which read, "Hot Dogs." Earl Fulton and Samuel Foltz were in partnership in a hot dog stand at Coney Island. Their best customer was an old pal, Harold Yoss, who operated a Fishing Pond right next to their stand. All three of the boys seemed to enjoy their work. My crystal gazing was here interrupted by an attendant who said that it was getting late and that after dusk the crystal would become so blurred that I would not be able to see the figures in it. I con- centrated upon the globe for the few remaining min- utes of light so I would not miss seeing any one of my friends. Harold Graf appeared before me. He was the proprietor of a chain of filling stations with his office in Canton. His success and wealth was due to a substance he called "Condensed Power." His ad- vertising slogan was "A hundred miles on a teaspoon- ful." The scene shifted and I found Virginia Walmer as a stenographer in one of the R. K. O. Radio Studios. Emma Markley was operating a Beauty Salon in Boston. Her specialty was "Face Lifting." Wayne Hunter was water boy' for the Cleveland Indians, but he was promised an advancement in the near future. Merlin Hartzler was auditor for the First National Banks of America. He was making his home in Den- ver with his devoted wife and mother-in-law. In the dim light I next saw Glenn Smith in a law office at Wooster. He had the reputation of never losing a case. To my great surprise I saw my own reflection in the crystal. I was modeling for Carson, Pirie, Scott, in Chicago. The blurred crystal refused to reveal any more secrets of the future, but it was a great prospect for the Class of 1938. More power to them. -Written by Grace Whonsetler. P. S.-Mary Snell was married to a Fuller- brush man, and was very happy for she had 'a brush for every use and occasion. .QT +4 Senior Class Will "THESE FOOLISH THINGS REMIND ME OF YOU" To Whom It May Concern: You see before you the last will and testament of the Class of 1938. We, the Seniors of 1938, about to depart into a new life, and being of sound mind and knowing how unlikely it is we will finish this year, we hereby will everything and anything we don't want, needj or ever had, to anyone who thinks he can make better use of it than we did. ' Article I To the members of the faculty we bequeath the following: 413 To Mr. Frey we will the class' good wishes for future success. Q21 To'Miss Bryan we will a bigger and faster typing class. C35 To Miss Mcllvaine we leave students who know what "quiet" means. Q47 To Miss Graber we leave an English class that doesn't talk when she talks. C55 To Mr. Gattshall we leave a champion base- ball team of Ohio. 169 To Mr. Smith we leave a more efficient manual training class. C79 To Mr. Kinney we will a P. A. D. class who will talk more than he does. CSJ To Mr. Plough we leave our sympathies if he has to advise the freshman class for three years. Article II To the Juniors we leave all the privileges we didn't want, the right to break all the rules we did, and our pocket edition of "How to be Dignifiedi' To the Sophomores we leave our intelligence. A rumor is they need it. To the Freshmen we leave three years of work, worry, and waiting. -8 Article Ill Virginia Walmer leaves her quiet disposition to Nyla Schmollinger. Merlin Hartzler wills all the A's on his grade- card to any Junior who needs them. Gerald Bowman wills his Ford to Clayton Shank- land. Eileen Henry leaves her plumpness to Zella Scholl who needs a little excess weight. William Michel leaves his nickname "late as usual" to any sleepyhead. Junior Romich, after much thought, leaves his curly locks to Bill Zehner. Emma Markley leaves her speed in typing to anyone who will makepgood use of it and win a medal. Kathleen Hummel leaves her recipe "How to Be Slim" to Hazel Feeman. Harold Yoss leaves his height to William Uher. Grace Whonsetler and Jean Boor will their secrets concerning dates to Frances Haley and Ber- nice Myers. Mary Snell wills her cheerful smile to Ruth Miller. Fred Gliem leaves his seriousness to Jay Lehman. Harold Graf wills his graceful dancing to Jack McGuff. Wayne Hunter leaves his habit of reading library books to Robert Blough. Edward Morrison wills his mannish figure to Richard Holderbaum. Earl Fulton leaves his blushes to Marjorie Gantz. Samuel Foltz wills his motto "Be Silent and Safe" to Donald Keltz. Glenn Smith wills his way with the girls to Jack Plank. Signed the first day of April, nineteen hundred and thirty eight, by the senior class of Creston High School. -Kathleen Hummel, Attorney. Jean Boor .. ..., ,....... . Gerald Bowman ........ Samuel Foltz ....... Earl Fulton ...... Fred Gliem ....... Harold Graf ......... Merlin Hartzler ...... Eileen Henry .......... Kathleen Hummel Wayne Hunter ....... Emma Markley ..... William Michel ....... Edward Morrison ..,.. Junior Romich ...,.... Glenn Smith ......... Mary Snell .........,,.... Virginia Walmer ....... Grace Whonsetler Harold Yoss .......,..... Chorus: Senior Song Shop . Jeanie, With the Light Brown Hair I'm Just a Country Boy at Heart I only Want a Buddy, Not a Sweetheart I Want a Girl For He's a Jolly Good Fellow I'm Feelin' Like a Million I Want to be in Winchell's Column I'll String Along With You K-K-K-Katie It's "June" in January Little Girl Dressed in Blue You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming Happy Days Are Here Again Love in Bloom , ....... Old MacDonald Had a Farm Oh, What a Pal Was Mary Sweet as a Song I'll Take Romance That Little Boy of Mine Class Song Tune - - "Memories" Now we all are placed together Soon we will part and be gone Dreams of our old school day memories We'll wish we were back there again. J We are starting the work of our life time We hope it's as pleasant as these Dreams of the past will be memories Day's we've prepared for our life. Memories, memories of our old school days Dreams that we remember will Come drifting back to us Now we part with troubled hearts Wondering what's in store for us And we turn down the lane That will bring a refrain Of the days that we spent in school. +Edward Morrison. junior Class "WAKE UP AND LIVE" Front: Clayton Shankland, Zella Scholl, Bernice Bowman, Nyla Schmollinger, Frances Blough, Ruth Miller, Hazel Feeman, Reba Woodward, Irma Nash, William Knepp. Center: Max Bowman, Donald Keltz, Gene McKeIvey, Betty Perram, Norma Kinch, Eva Gantz, Frances Haley, Bernice Meyer, Arthur Mumaw, Mr. Gattshall. Back: Jay Lehman, Raymond Weahry, Charles Wolf, Jack McGuff, William Zehner, James Miracle, Harold Krabill, Jack Plank. ' - The Junior Book Shelf Klondike ...........,...... .... A rthur Mumaw Call of the Wild ....... . ....... Jack McGuff Sleeping Beauty ........ . ...... Charles Wolf . .,.. Frances Haley . ..... Norma Kinch Zella Scholl Do or Die ................. Innocent .................. The Gold Digger ....... How to Flirt .....,......,............,.......,........ .... B etty Perram Three Musketeers ................................-.....---------.--.---- ----- - Bernice Bowman, Frances Blough, Ruth Miller How to Love twith demonstrations? Gene McKelvey A Modest Little Lady ...................-- ----- ...- B 9 I'I1iCe Meyer Her Weight in Gold ........ ' ...,.. .... H az el Feeman The Treacherous Blond ....... --------- I Ima Nash A Midnight Lover ........... ...... J ay Lehman Little But Mighty ..........,...,........................ Junior Spitler Empty Pockets lAt the Tournamentl William Zehner Pep ....................................................... Raymond Weahry Heart Smasher .............................. X ......, ,,.,,,,,, J a ck Plank Donald Keltz Adventures of a Modest Man ...... ......... M ax Bowman How to Loaf ..,............................. Vanity Fair ............ l ..................................,,.,,,,, Eva Gantz To Have and To Hold QA Girl! ...... Clayton Shankland Headlines ...........,...............,,.............. ., William 'Knepp Third Base Dynamite ...... .,.. James Miracle How to Study ........................ ............ .... H a rold Krabill Monopoly of Railways .................. William Huffman A Temper and How to Control It .. Nyla Schmollinger 10 l Sophomore Class "GETTING SOME FUN OUT OF LlFE" Frant: Anna Marko, Patricia Reynolds, Beverly Allen, Arcille Jamison, Betty Wright, Arlene Mullet, Lucille Herman, Phyllis Fetzer, Winifred Jeffers, Lucille Uhl. Center: Jack Allen, George Graf, lola Yarnell, Marjorie Gantz, Ruth Fetzer, Marva Grether, Clara Bartholomay, Dorothy Walmer, Bernard Weideman, Richard Holderbaum, Miss Graber. Back: Robert Clapp, William Davis, Delbert Montgomery, Donald Sonnedecker, Armand Smith, William Uher, Donald Elliott, Martin Gleim, Rex Elliston, Richard Petrie, Paul Meyer. Sophomore Salad Sour Gra es- Lettuce- P Faculty Peaches- Phyllis Fetzer Marjorie Gantz Winifred Jeffers Iola Yarnell Norma Jean Tyler Lemons- Betty Wright Patty Reynolds Beverly Allen Robert Clapp Richard Holderbau U1 Miss Graber Delbert Montgomery Nuts- Dates Donald Sonnedecker Paul Meyer Lucille Uhl Lucille Herman Jack Allen Robert Graf Donald Elliot Richard Petrie Pears- Anna Marko and Walter Markley Marva Grether and William Uher Cheese- Ruth Fetzer William Davis Arlene Mullet Whipped Cream- Dorothy Walmer Martin Gleim l U i l 1 l 1 44.1 1' 'W Freshman Class "AH, SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE" ' '! Betty Zehner ..,... Frank Sacha ........... Vernon Meyer ....... Dwight Keltz .......... J can Grether ......,. ,...,,...,... Sally Ann Coleman Robert Blough ....... Front: Madeline Diefendorf, Sally Ann Coleman, Donna Davis, Lois Gantz, Janet Nash, ' Pauline Boreman, Naida Jeffers, Betty Zehner, Shirley Romich, Pauline Stahl. Center: Mr. Plough, Genevieve Ganyard, Dorothy Johnson, Lois Hunter, Jean Grether, Norma Longacher, Marjorie Walters, Janet Smith, June Shannon, Dwight Keltz. Back: Vernon Meyer, Clarence Lee, Robert Herman, Arthur Repp, Forest Carter, Eugene Buchanan, Frank Sacha, Herman Perry, Ralph Krabill, Robert Boyes, Andy Marko. Freshman Aims in Life Evangelist Ballet Dancer Hermit .. .. End Man in a Minstrel Show Cashier at a -Hot Dog Stand Bug Collector HGH Man Genevieve Ganyard U 1 ' Dorothy Johnson .. Telephone Operator Saleslady for Player Pianos Champion Basketball Player Shirley Romich .... Housekeeper at the White House Marjorie Walters ................ .............. S econd Babe Ruth Andy Marko Paulme Stahl .................................... , .............. Chiropodist Junior Repp ............... ....... N ews Reporter Norma Longacher ....... ..... F armer's Wife Naida Jeffers ....... Lois Gantz .......... ,,,,,,,.,...,.,... Snake Charmer ..... Hostess at a Night Club Forest Carter ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 0 rchestra Leader Robert Boyes ....... ..,,., C hampion Track Star Lois Hunter ....... ,.,.,...,.............. T ap Dancer Donna Davis ........ ............ V audeville Star Clarence Lee ........... ,........... A uctioneer Velma O'Leary ....... ....... D ressmaker Janet Smith ......... June Shannon ..... Opera Star Stenographer Janet Nash ............................................. President's Wife Ralph Krabill ..... Instructor in Greek and Latin Robert Herman ..........,......... ..,......... P arachute Jumper Eugene Buchanan ............... ......... Professor of Algebra Herman Perry ........ ............................... A rtlSt Eighth Grade "SCHO0L DAYS" Front: Kathleen Beichler, Nina Lehman, Mildred Wiedeman, Eleanor Herman, Sara Wolbaugh, Beatrice Ulher, Eileen Levers, Wreta Mace, Rose Fetzer, June Uher, Mabel Woodward. Center: Betty Graf, Lois Giet, Margaret Tyler, Margaret Shaffer, Mildred Dohner, Dale Litman, Wayne Hamilton, John Elliston, James Totten, Mr. Kinney. Back: Raymond Beichler, Richard Fouch, John Haley, Robert Yarnell, Buford Uhler, ' Harold Ginther, Eugene Uhl, Wallace Mensching, Leroy Haley, Bernard Jeffers. Can You Imagine - - Kathleen Beichler not looking around? Eileen Levers not minding her own affairs? Raymond Beichler not loafing at the filling station? Dale Litman yelling at the top of his lungs? Mildred Dohner not breaking her seat? John Elliston not slumping in his seat? Richard Fouch with a frown? Rose Fetzer laughing? Lois Giet as a blonde? Harold Ginther playing basketball? Betty Graf not watching John Edward? John Haley driving a Ford? LeRoy Haley not arguing with Mr. Gattshall? Eleanor Herman an opera singer? Russell Jackson having perfect attendance? Bernard Jeffers in a bout with Joe Louis? Nina Lehman getting a failing grade? Wreta Mace losing twenty pounds? Wallace Mensching not being afraid in the dark? James Totten with curly hair? Margaret Tyler not studying her lessons? June Uher without her curls? Eugene Uhl with his hair mussed? Beatrice Uhler not talking? Buford Uhler not telling on his sister? Mildred Weideman not thinking of Junior Repp? Sara Wolbaugh growing tall? Mabel Woodward not fighting with Wallace? Robert Yarnell being in a hurry? Mr. Kinney not making funny faces? 4 1 l l l -1 l l x l - Seventh Grade I "THERE'S A LONG, LONG TRAIL" Front: Betty Davis, Virginia Blough, June Diefendorf, Iola Hamilton, Lucille Hoffman, Goldie Kinter, Grace Michel, Phyllis Knepp, Betty Jean Sykes, Geraldine Hupp, Ruth Moore, Lucille Pate, Nora Lee, Gloria West, Maxine Pate. Center: Jean Livingston, Evelyn Reese, Dale Beichler, David Matteson, Kenneth Smith, Leo Rook, Ralph Van Guilek, Kay Tyler, Dan Beaver, Charles Carnes, Margaret Wyssbrod, Ruth McVey, Annetta Sherwin, Back: Mr. Smith, Lawrence Slater, James Slater, Harry Earl, Darrel Chase, Frank King, Harold McVey, Vernon Leaman, George King, Edward Anshutz, Harold Carter, Mike Marko. fNot in picturej Howard Crowfoot, Vernon Crowfoot, Robert Dunlap, Merle Rath, Russel Feeman. Will We Ever Forget Our first box social? The day Mr. Frey gave us our code of Ethics? The time two pupils drew a ring on the blackboard and stuck their noses in it for 45 minutes? I Wonder If Darrell remembers what brackish water is? James S. would cheat for T. P. in geography again? If Edward ever prayed before the night of our first party while he was on that wild ride with D. C.? I Wonder What David was doing on the Continental shelf in English class? Prompted our class to fall for the sophomore's sales talk on those school pins? The paint has peeled off already. Broke the paddle just before Mr. Kinney was going to use it? ' Annetta was going to telephone her hostess about her table accident for. QThe hostess was sitting at the head of the table when it happened? Orchestra "MAMA. I WANT TO MAKE MUSlC" The orchestra under the capable leadership of Mr. Young has been quite successful this year, and has furnished music for the various school activities. Credit is due Mr. Young for organizing a band and we hope that the splendid efforts of the orchestra and. band will inspire future students to continue the good work. The Glee Club furnished the music for P. T. A. and baccalaureate. Glee Club "MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG" ..- Y if . Baseball "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME" Front: Donald Elliott, Jay Lehman, Harold Graf, Raymond Weahry, James Miracle. Center: Mr. Gattshall, Robert Graf, Delbert Montgomery, Wayne Hunter, Jack Plank, Gene McKelvey. Back: Junior Repp, Eugene Buchanan, Forest Carter. Mr. Gattshall, the athletic coach, gave his very best advice to the boys of the baseball team. They did very well in the fall by winning all but one game. We hope they will do just as well this spring season. The team will lose two of its players by graduation, Hunter and Graf. Sept. 15 Sept. 23 Sept. 25 Sept. 28 April 15 April 19 April 22 April 29 May 3 May 17 Fall Schedule Creston 3 Congress 2 Creston 9 Sterling 8 Creston 3 Smithville 4 Creston 11 Congress 3 Spring Schedule Congress at Creston Creston at Sterling West Salem at Creston Sterling at Creston Creston at West Salem Smithville at Creston Q2 r is 'rl 1 Basketball "lT'S NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT" 1 l - 3 -f-V - 4 Front Row: Jack Plank, James Miracle, Edward Morrison, Wayne Hunter, Delbert Montgomery, Harold Graf. Center Row: Richard Holderbaum, Robert Graf, Raymond Weahry, William Davis, Gene McKeIvey, Mr. Gattshall. Back Row: Max Bowman, Clayton Shankland, William Uher, Arthur Repp, Bob Clapp, Arthur Mumaw. 1 Although Creston won just four league games out of the thirteen, the team is to be commended for something far more important than winning games-their sportsman- h ship. It was of the very best. We had a good team that made plenty of competition for the other teams of the county. They made an excellent showing in the tournament by winning the first two games and by losing the third game by only one point. Graf, a star player, Hunter and Morrison, letter men, will graduate. Foul Field Total Goals Goals Points Jack Plank, forward ..... ..... 1 9 96 115 Jay Lehman, forward ..... ..... 1 5 86 101 James Miracle, center ..........., ..... 1 7 96 113 Harold Graf, guard ........................ ..... 1 1 76 87 Delbert Montgomery, guard ...... .. 7 26 33 Wayne Hunter, forward ........... .. 6 12 30 Gene McKelvey, forward ...... .. 1 12 13 Robert Graf, forward .......... .. 8 38 46 Edward Morrison, guard ..... .. 1 -H 0 1 Bo I no no ' Senior Play-"Campus Quarantine" "SWEET VARSITY SUE" YFrohEt: Jean Boor, Kathleen Hummel, Grace Whonsetler, Emma Markley, Virginia Walmer, Eileen Henry. Back: Harold Graf, Gerald Bowman, Fred Gliem, Glenn Smith, Ben Romich, William Michel, Harold Yoss, Mr. Frey. Annual Staff "WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK" Front: Miss Mcllvaine CAdviser3, William Michel fEditorJ, Kathleen Hummel fLiter- ary Editorj, Emma Markley iCalendar Editory, Fred Gliem, QBusiness Managerj. Back: Samuel Foltz fJoke Editorj, Edward Morrison QAthletic Editorb, Ben Romich QAssistant Business Managerb. unior Class Play-"Lady Spitfire" "YOU DO THE DARNDEST THINGS, BABY" Front: Bernice Meyer, Jay Lehman, Frances Biough, Clayton Shankland, Irma Nash. Back: Mr. Frey, Jack Plank, Norma Kinch, Betty Perram, Harold Krabill, James Miracle. Synopsis . 'Kay Sutton, the spitfire daughter of Stephen Sutton, a big business magnate, arrives at a school for girls intending to go on to Bentford to meet her liance, who wishes to marry her for her money. Tom and Bud are two boys seeking work who arrive at the school. They persuade her to impersonate Kay Sutton, not knowing she is Kay Sutton, to help Miss Prudence, head of the Rutherford School, who has had financial difficulties and also that the boys might secure work. Kay plans a large party, the expense of which has the boys worried. Kay's fiance comes to the school for her, and Bud recognizes him as a crook who had stolen Tom's money. Kay's father also appears inquiring about his daughter. Henri, Kay's iiance, is caught and put in jail. Toni and Budfiind out Kay's real identity and as the scene ends Tom and Kay are seen headed outside for a ride in Tom's old Ford. 'E Home Economics Club ' "THERE'S MORE PRETTY GIRLS THAN ONE" Front: Genevieve Ganyard, Bernice Bowman, Winifred Jeffers, Patricia Reynolds, Betty Wright, Kathleen Hummel, Anna Marko, Phyllis Fetzer, June Shan- non, Donna Davis, Pauline Stahl, Shirley Romich, Lucille Uhl, Madeline Diefendorf. Center: Pauline Boreman, Sally Ann Coleman, Emma Markley, Norma Lenacher, Marva Grether, Clara Bartholomay, Ruth Fetzer, Marjorie Walters, Janet Smith, Dorothy Walmer, lola Yarnell, Jean Grether, Lois Hunter, Miss Graber. Back: Lois Gantz, Beverly Allen, Jean Boor, Grace Whonsetler, Marjorie Gantz, Arcille Jamison, Eva Gantz, Hazel Feeman, Mary Shell, Frances Blough, Eileen Henry, Betty Zehner. Motto: Willing Workers Win OFFICERS President ............ ..... . ......................... K athleen Hummel Vice President ..... ........... M arva Grether Secretary ............. ......,........ R uth Fetzer Treasurer ............................................,....... Clara Bartholomay . The Home Economics Club is a very active club. Meetings are held monthly and a social time is enjoyed. ' The girls furnished the Assembly program for Christmas, a playlet was the main feature. Some of the members gave readings and musical numbers. For their project this year the club members made drapes for the auditorium and Home Economics Room and the freshman members made covers for the sewing machines. They also study etiquette, entertaining, grooming and any other subject the members are interested in. On March 18 the girls sponsored a St. Patrick's party for the High School. - ei 4.4.4 I 0 x School D1ary "DEAR DIARY" September 7 First day of school--Toubles begin again. 15 N0 school-we all trek to the fair, S Soplwmores and Freshmen Organize- 17 More nice people! We go to the fair again. 9 S?Hl0I'S OFSHDIZG- 20 Would a certain teacher like to join the Senior 14 First Assembly, including our youngsters-the Sewing Circle? ' seventh and eighth grades. October 5 Sack rush. We wonder if the Freshmen were 28 Hallowe'en party, sponsored by the Seniors. afraid of the Sophomores. 29 Teachers' Convention. Vacation-what sad news! 18 "Whimpy" and the iioor meet-Howdy. November 2 Senior class play tryouts. 16 Ernie Family entertains. Very good-at least 3 Seniors would like some advice on "How to Act we got out of some lessons. Your Age." 22 First Home Economics Club party. 8 Beginning Education week. Every Monday starts 26 that for us. 12 Visitors' day. And what a crowd. Q4 visitors.J December 3 Senior class play. 17 6 Did you say you were cold? The Juniors are. P. S.-The Juniors' class sweaters arrived. 29 16 Assembly-sponsored by Home Ec. Club. V January 7 Burbank vs. Creston. We won. 24 13-14 Mid-year exams. February 2 Could rocking chairs be secured for the P. A. D. class? 23 4 Senior Beauty parlor. 25. 22 Another vacation. Washington's birthday. First March 5 Senior skating party. 18 S Junior class play tryouts. 25 9-10-11 Interclass basketball tournament. 29 April 1 April fool. No school. Teachers' visitation day. 28 22 Junior class play. 29 ' May 6 All school musicale. 19 13 J unior-Senior banquet. 27 15 Baccalaureate. First basketball game with Apple Creek. iWe lost.J Chrismas vacation started. CA benefit to last minute shoppers.J Back again. Phantom bell undiscovered in typ- ing room. There's a stranger in our school. Look out girls! game of the tournament. We defeat Mt. Eaton. More tournament. We win from West Salem. End of the tournament. Everyone seems down- hearted. St. Patrick's party. Ship docked today. Seniors select invitations. Skating party. Ouch, that floor's hard! All-County musicale. One-act plays. Commencement. Alumni Banquet. . 1 1 W ml ,1 I"""""""""'"""""""""'M"" ""'i"i' l Compliments of S Sonnedecker Coal Co. ' i atm,-n-. Phone- 2661 7 Creston, Ohio F ........................-..-...--...........................................-..5. Jean Boor stepped up to the counter in a music store. Bill Knepp, the new clerk, turned to wait on her. In her sweetest and most appealing tones she asked, "Have you 'Kissed Me in the Moonlight'?" "No, ma'am," said Bill in confusion, as his face reddened. "It-it must have been the man at the other counter. I've been here only a week, and don't remember ever seeing you before." Mr. Kinney: "What could be more sad than a man without a country?" Zella S.: "A country without a man." .g..........-..- .........-...-......................... .. - ......... l DAVIDS T , - ON THE SQUARE - I i in the former "SalIy's Shop" N g Men's and Young Men's All-VVool i i T F SUITS and TOPCOATS F i 516.50 319.50 I I I 'ii -un--nu-11m--un1mm--uu1uu-un1uu-un1un-nn-nn-1uu-nu-ul1u!s Mr. Plough: "Your wife seems very busy these days." Mr. Gattshall: "Yes, she is to address a woman's club Friday." Mr. Plough: "Ah, I see, working on her address?" Mr. Gattshallz "No, her dress." History teacher: "Have you any Civil War relics such as guns, iiags, etc.?" Raymond W.: "I have a union suit." ,,,,..,,,...,-,,,-,.-.,,,..,,-,,....,,.,..,,...,,..,...,,....,-..-,,...,... 2, :g.---i.-.n......- ....-.,...........-,..........,,- .. .. -,.,- or 1 1 L Q E FAY'S BEAUTY SALON g C'0II1P1iH191'1'CS Of ' Where Satisfaction RABER9S 5 Pledommates 1 Volunteer Food Store 9 I JEAN JoHNsoN 12394 East Liberty i ' BLANC:-:E MALCUIT Wooster, Ohio Canaan: Ohio y .l.-,-., ..... - - .g.......-...-...-...--..- -..-...-.............-..-........-............................,.....-.,...,... .... ,-,,,- , .. - - -,-,--In i in 9 . I HARMAN S 5 COMPLETE Eoon MARKET I I i ! Creston Ohio E T -------'---------M--H-H--"-'---'-----'-----'------- -u--l-f--u----- ------1----------m---m- - - -----.-U.--4. k J .1 1 1 :Y 1 :L .- 1- 5-.. 1 i:u1uf:u1qn1 .1...1.u1m.1.....u..1ul-.lin.1.,-..1..-I'-.ull-I-.n... 47 1 E1 :Y 1 ,1 in:fain:-u:7s.1n:-uinnin: mf- 1 : aiu.. g-1: in-1:1 +1 1 : 2 1 ieeingq. Compliments of I li NOBIL SHOE STORE il T Wooster, Ohio 1..-..,...1......... -- 1 -. 1 1 -......1..1un.-,sin 1? GEORGE W. COFFEY H INSURANCE AGENCY 4 Creston, ohio jf Dial 3451 if i -..-......-........-.............-..-...- - -..-...........4. nu-:ITni- 4. Compliments of l CED CARPENTER Q Ced's Super Service E Creston, Ohio ini 1 in-.u.1ln1nu1un1-u1eu1ln1nu1an-.:u:ul1us!4 gigliqiulill-q'lui'p-1l1n-lg-nl1nn-lnznu-uninuiuli GET "SALLY-WISE" Visit Our New and Larger I Home SALLY'S I Across Street from Woolworth In 123 E. Liberty St., Wooster, Ohio -1- iu Y,1nu7:n1...1unizqtnl--111mm-:a1n Mr. Frey: "I can read my wife like a book." Mr. Gattshall: "Really? Tell me about it." . Mr. Frey: "It's this way. Whenever she's cold toward me, I know she's going to make it hot for me." , Shirley R.: "I want two cents worth of bird seed, please." Dealer: "How many birds have you, little girl?" Shirley R.: "I haven't any. I want to grow some." - Miss Mcllvaine lin historybz "I'm not going to ask for any dates this yearg they're too confusing." , Mr. Gattshall in general science class after a test: "I will take your papers as you 'pass out'." Virginia W.: "I can see good in anything." Fred: "Can you see good in the dark?" V . Lower the Cost of Dressing Well BRENNER BRO . :-..-..-.r-..-..E.....: ..-..-.:-.... .....T..-.:E....,1,, 1. I I CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS Wooster, Ohio 1un-1:-un-u-1.-:Ya-T:: ziu:-nu.-qu1npia:i:p1uq1u1lo:up-.qui J. T. DE P PP "YOUR TAILOR" 223 East Liberty Wooster, Ohio in , " L +---- - ---------u--------------------------------en- +-------------'-----------------------'---'----if . 1 . l 1 Oomplunents of Comphments l fl if if C' M' MCGUFF L. E. Patterson Mens' Furnishings, Shoes -M-In--I-In-It-.I-,ll-u-n-B-,I-un-u-mul-,,-,qjl le and Ladies' Hose l Bernard Jeffers Cprospective freshmanlz "Isn't ll C1'eSt0n -2- It there some course I can take without giving four ' ' years to it?" -il-----------.--r.--- ---1--u-----u- - ----------A-----43' Mr. Frey: "That depends on what you wish to make of yourself. When nature makes an oak she T'-"""'-"""'-"'-"'-""""""""""""-"'-"'-"'-"'- '5' works away at it a good many years. But if she u it makes a squash she can do it in a few months." 4 FRANK A. RITZI the A man speeded up to see if he could beat the train to the crossing. He couldn't. in Jeweler was rgmngagu stiusvlg 31 :latch to see if the gasoline tank H 5 A man patted a strange bulldog to see if the crit- LJ ' ter was affectionate. The pup wasn't. Creston Oh1o H H l A man asked a girl to marry him to see if she l X was engaged. She wasn't. Q. -........-........-..-....-...-...- - -...-..-..-. -..-........q. Quin-1Illlltlldrllliu-SIII1lilll--lliflllllle-1I2,Mi:l1rllT!fl-mill?ll:-l:'lllllllinl:TllIl1l:lll!-Dlltllthlltllcn llllllllvllilllvlncnnlu ! E THE GERIG HARDWARE SL ROOFING COMPANY i I l O I , Everything in Hardware and Roofmg I i Creston, Ohio - ..........................-.... ...-..,.....................,.........,............,......-...-......................-........-............,.-...-...................g. tfuxln-ul1ul1un--nurunvuu-llrnn-nu-un1ln1nu1 ln:nn1un.1 ,F i' This high school education you it Wi ri are now completing will give you a J splendid foundation for success in life. To get the greatest value from H ' 2 it-to have an opportunity to use that knowledge-you may need 1 1 Yi ll E specialized training. l +...pg1..1,......1.p-.nin.1 -.. 1 f oberiin School of Commerce 5 l This school is having one of the most pros- T pei-ous years in its long history of three quarters g of a century. It has gained a wide reputation for I training stenographers, secretaries and account- I ants. i H A number of years ago it broke away from T 2 the custom of business schools of admitting E L students any day of the year, making it neces- l' sary to use the individual method of instruction. ' . F l Students are admitted only at the beginning of T H May We Suggest buS1l'1eSS t1'a11'1r- 11 U terms and can thus be formed into classes just 5 . . . , as is done in all high schools, college-s and uni- l 5 mg as one form of specialized jp lp ,.e,.S,,,eS, I Y ' ' 1 ' - ' I As a result of admitting only high school ' F tralnlng Wolvth your Consldera graduates, and only at the beginning of terms E : tion? 5 2 and oifering' strong courses, the Oberlin School l 2 l of Commerce has been accepted as a member of I 5 ' ' I the American Associatfion of Junior Colleges, a I ' - 5 ' standing accorded to fewer than a half dozen l W B C ll il I 7 0 F T private business training schools in the United il 2 l , I 2 States. . h "The Small school wnh the Bm School H If interested in business or secretarial train- I Program." V ing see what Oberlin has to offer. i 'i'-..-..-.....-..- - .......-..-...... -..-....-......-...-4. 3- -........-..-...-...........-.........-...-........-........-...-..,.-4. q..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..............-.......-.......-......4. "I told you in chapel last week," said Rev. gl " Grether, "that you should all try to make someone and ii happyduring the week. How many of you did so?" if Micky H.: "I did." ', if Rev. G.: "That's nice. What did you do?" lp Jewelers 13 Mickey: "I went to see my aunt, and she's always i , happy when I go home." W00St91' 131170110 Square Junior Spitler: "I wish I knew some way to keep 'I'-..-..-..-..--t------it--.-...-...-...--n-W--.---.-..---4. from hitting my thumb," . --M W- Charles W.: "Try holding the hammer with both Emma M.: "A strange man was here to see you today, papa." Father: "Did he have a bill?" Emma M.: "No, papa, just a plain nose like all the rest of them." ..--.-.h-.------- - --------n--.-.----.-------.--4- L compiimens of 1-IALEY BROS. GARAGE E Chevrolet Dealers i ci-eswn ohio ......1u-...1gp.1..1nn1qu1nl1uu-nu1mm-ul1uu1un:un1uu-nfs -25 hands." Mr. Gattshall, demonstrating a small dynamo to his science class: "You notice this machine is turned by a crank." He looked up in surprise at the shout of laughter. 4..-.......-...-..,.....-...-...-..-.,.-,...............-.......-...... i Hair Cutting - Scalp Treatments i g Compliments of g COLLINS Barber and Beauty Shop i Permanent General i ! Waving fNestleJ Work I -...-..-...-.............,.......,.......-...-...- -........-..--.I-.+ obpznn-n-n--u-un-u--nil-la-ll1lu-Il--infill? IW1-ll'-H11 I F L E 1 s C H E R s I Wooster, Ohio L shoes L i ll I Entire Family if L For Hard-to-Fit Feet -if "'"'"""""""""""""""' """""""""f L I L Compliments of u L- I i: I l JOHN C. MURRAY L 1 L L 'i'""u"""""'"""""""""'u"""""u"""' L I -In-------L-------M-------------'---i-M-----n--f-- if L . . . . l E Compliments of Distinctlve Funeral Service 1 ,L , l L BEAVERS SERVICE L L . . F Invalid Car Service H L STATION L L L 5 Covered Wagon House Trail-ers Q Blue Sunoco Gasoline E i Phone 2624 L Creston, Ohio Dial 2681 'i' -"'1"T""1 il'""'1"1""""""1""'-"""""""'1""1""i"'1l?4 'S'-ul1n1uu1-1111.1-1un1uu-:nu-nu--n 1,111.51-lip-.i41.pll.1p.g1',g!! Patty: "Did you hear about Don Sonnedecker falling and hitting his head against the piano ?" Marva: "No, did he hurt himself?" Patty: "Not much, he couldn't. Besides he only hit the soft pedal." 1-,.ll--1 Bill Davis: "Gee, there's an awful lot of girls stuck on me." Bob Graf: "Yeah. They must be an awful lot." Jay ton the telephonei: "Have you seen the morning papers with the account of my accident and death ?" Jack P.: "Yes, I was sorry to read about that. But Where are you speaking from now '!" Jack P. Cat dancing classl : "I like that funny new step you're doing. Show me." Harold G.: "Funny step, nothing. My suspenders just busted." ---- ---- i Since 1884 R L-ff L- -- F M f ile 5 FREEDLANDERS e i L L "It Pays to Buy Quality" i'f"35i'?f - LQ ,v 1,3 J., KJ- . n Ki: RQFQZZQ LL, L li- Wooster, Ohio -R h' ' is "-"" S- " "S: ' E: -" 1"-"-"'-"-"::"' "E"-""-""""""'-"'""-"'-""""'Tflf?l"""'-""' -"""'-"""""""'f' 1191.11.11 .plug-.nzui-.inn-un1ln1u.i-...m.114.1 In-nn1up1.l-..l1..-.II1 lqiqliqq.--1.1--114.1 - :missile-.u1.p1l.1.' -3. s-WAY FOOD PROTECTION- ll Proper Temperature 1 Proper Humidity ' Proper Air Purification Q l Is Possible Only With Ice Refrigeration! May We give you the Facts? l Ask your Ice Delivery Man. 5 THE MIN GLEWOOD COAL AND ICE CCMPAN Y lvuvall-un1u-uni.-nn-un1n-.1nn-on---u--ni:-.1'-u:an-nu1uu1nn1uu--un1-u1iu1uu11-11--uu1nn-n-1-I-1uu1nn1uu-nu1ll-IQ! -..-..........-......-.......-.......-.........,-.....-..- fgs.-.....-..-......-...-.........-...-.......-.....-..-...- 1. HARTZLER LUMBER If I C0mP1imeHtS of I C0. I E Wooster DEALERS IN - 5 l I ' ll LUMBER, sH1NGLEs and i 1 Feed Manufactufmg 3 MILLWGRK I g Company ll "REMEMBER us WHEN. You BUILD" l Q ,L Phone 77R3 Smithville, Ohio I Wooster, Ohio -i-:oi-....-....--...-.-----..---.-----T--T-------i- -H-----qi' '-"-"-""""'-"-"""-"""-""-""""-"""""'-"' 'E' Mr. Coleman: "Sally, I've been notic' g some- . l thing queer about you lately." COIHpl1IIlG1'ltS of Sallyann: "Oh, yes, that must be Bill." Q .-ia... 5 Betty P.: "What beautiful flowers! Why, isn't . here a li le dew on them ?" General Merchandise 5 Q Cmiill Cblushingbz "Yes, but I'll pay it as soon as I ' ' " w in I ur er ' Hellmanvllle' Ohlo in thingryfuianlgg beiiiierl1h1andan5on?Zli:" e S m an-.I-ul-N-In-M---I-W-ul-n-u-u-u- - -U.-.J Junior Romich: "I can read my own writing." -nlu,l,,.....-..i.u1uTln-111.111-lqllif 1 1-gui-5111111541-1llinll-:llalui-u1llill1llilll-1lllln1ll- llllvltlvullvlllilninlqll Q' ! DODGE Sales-Service PLYMOUTH New and Used Cars I TYLER Moron COMPANY 5 Creston, Ohio T ...,......-...-.... .-...-......-.......-..,..........-..........-.........-...-..,.,..........-..-...,-.....................-...............-....,..!. N 'I' ' 1 - -up--nu.-u: f u-u1.n:-un.-1: -, mul...-.4 u1u:f aa- :mini 1 V 4. T Nafna1nu1un1n-1-u-n--n--nu-nu-un1un1n-.1n-u-un-n-u- - + I IRVIN IMPLEMENT CO. F l l Fords, Cars and Service 1 . I 5 Implements I I I Creston Ohio I -...,,...........-.....................-...-........................-ng. Miss Bryan ito Freshman entering lateb: "On what date were you born, young man?" ' "O A il 2." Jr. R.. n pr Miss B.: "Hum, being late must be a habit with you." Observing a young lady standing alone, J ack Mc. stepped up to her and said: "Pardon me, but you look like Helen Black." Nylaz "Yes, but I look far worse in white." -l, Max: "I put a tack on Mr. Kinney's chair." "Hattie" Keltz: "I'1l bet he won't sit down so quick Compliments of il STEBBINS BANKING 3 COMPANY Q Creston Ohio I -uuQ.nu1u-- :u1n fun-n-in - -:u1uni:l1nu1un in-un fain! -1.11-1.1,li..1.,,,1.,,.. + THE MUSIC SHOPPE ii Wooster, Ohio j' Pianos Band Instruments Sheet Music Musical Supplies -1- 1u.i.-1..1..1...1u.-.....m.-...I ,lg-.ug1..l-.u.1..1.'1g.i. Eileen: "Are you -ond of indoor sports?" Kathleen: "Yes providing they go hoine early." agahliriyaxz "No, and neither will I." .l-....... ' -x----------------------------------'---------- -1- --.----..-..-..-..-...l......-..-........-.,-......-..- J, ! l i l Congratulations YOU CAN ALWAYS DO 2 , I 1- Cl f 1 38 1 T ass 0 9 5 BETTER AT 1 May every day of your life bring l success and happiness I 5 , E E LIBERTY STUDIQS l. W. MAIBACH S U 5 . . i 356 West Liberty st. E Sterling, Ohio l : ' 0 0 0 E il l E We' made the Pictures in this Annual P Phone Phone , You'll Like Star Co. Wayne Co. 2 l Our Pictures Better Seville 033915 Sterling 1201 l i -u: ' :: 7' :urn 7 :l-n1nu- -ruin-u rf :urn 1: :l-nf ruzninla ee.-..-:,....-.. f :........-... -1 ......-....-.......-....-..........,..g. tIn1uu-..n.1. I-ng, 1-11--.nzw-.1 17-4-1 :inn-u -nf-m1u:1 n.1al-.nn-nn-no-...1l.1..1..1u-.u.1ln-nn- N ir THE J. E. H RRIS COMPAN fi HARRIS PAINTS 5 -and So Should You! South Spruce Street Wooster, Ohio 4 .........go.-..-..:,. -.:,....-....-......,..,,.,,-,,.,,.,,,.,,..,.-......-..,. rr'---'---'-----B--------'-M-'-----s'---'---'- -1- rl Compliments of Bob Clapp: --Boy, she certainly gave you o dirty ig Liberty Restaurant lookilmck A.: "Whose thot, who did 2" . Bob Clapp: "Why Mother Nature, of course." H Wooster, Ohlo I7"'T:T:""i:""":""TI""""'T:""" ""-"""' Marjorie G.: 'fpnews what a job. It took me -i-i - twenty-eight sittings." Janet Smith: "Some things go without saying." Ruth F-I "What 110014 tWe!lty'ei8ht Sittings?" Betty z.: "But your tongue isn't one of them." Morioriei mearning to rvller Skate." +1-an-'1111.41.I.Qni..-.lp-u-nli.n1u1gq1u1u1lp.1q.1ln1q.1u1uu1nu-lp1gq.-up-.u1u1ug1n'1pp.un:.n1g.1..i'n-.nq1.. 4. w 1- n n 1 N ii H We Congratulate rg V THE CLASS OF 1938 Q , on the " H Editing and Publishing of Q This Splendid Book 1 2 if 4 G Q ii ' H K ry N EWBERRY'S PRINT SHOP 7 F ll - if U Only Fine Job Priniing ii i W .r 1 l P 1 R 7 We are proud to have been X chosen to put their efforts H y into print. H I f i i " n 1 u 45 wi .,.1nr-:: ::-:: ' 319.11 igp1.:4uil: , -.q1u1n-L-u1lu1uuA:l1l: ' Y :-I-1lin:-qI1up-ulinnxmxuuxuninlzuuilnn-nl1un.g.+ . 'I'.-..-I.-......fI.....-I.-..........::.----I.....lx:I -: al. .........-..........-......-................-...-.......---...... .I..-.u1m..-q.1.,,1.m.-I.-.laiuq-.......I1..1....,.I.1.m1m.-II... I WOOSTER HARDWARE I General Hardware I I Household Merchandise I I Wooster, Ohio u1-nu:ln-lu-ul1:n-ul1lu- uu-ul--lu-un1l'v-v:l1ll--ln1lu1' qi. I AMSTER SHOE STORE Good Shoes and Hose For the Whole Family W ooster, Ohio 1...-.qu-.I .....I.-1.1.1.-..,iu........,.1..1..1g......14..1.g1u I I I I I I I I I 'I' -6-7 I - PAUL MATTESON I I I Drugs and Groceries School Supplies I Creston Ohio ..l.. ' Eugene: "Mother, I don't believe I can go to school today. I don't feel well." Mother: "Where don't you feel well?" Eugene: "In school." ,-i. Arthur: "Too bad about Jay wrecking the car night, especially with his girl along." Clayton: "Did something go wrong with the ca Arthur: "Yes, too much play at the wheel." , i..l- .....g. .1.,,.-..n1,..1.II-nn.-ng, u1u... ..,..1,.,...-..l1m1-11...-.. Compliments of SELLERS and LONG Creston, Ohio 'I' I - i I : I I ....Q....-...1.....,.. .......min.-.U1,...1u......1u.....1...1.l1,4. ninu11...1..illlp..........1..1nn1I...1lIg-nq1.n1.n.-.n1,..... Modern Food Market GROCERIES, MEATS and VEGETABLES A complete line of School Supplies PAUL WINKLER PHONE 2421 we DELIVER ...N-......q....,.1,411.111...1......I.1m.1g.1W..u.-..........-.-ui. 'I' I I + gig..-q.1lg.-.....,....i..-Illqu.-. 11. .-.u,..., -.u.1...1un.-..,. 1.1.1.I-..n.-nn.-gp.-..1qI.1qg1,.1. 51,-...--..1.q1..1.,. Compliments of 1 -1su1u--q1-n-qn-n- -ul-uu-.u1uu-nn-ul:lu-uu-Il1- I THE WILLIAM ANNAT co. - it Wfooster-'s Friendly Department Store I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I vi. -...... iwiy -..... 30 4 :i If - .i 1 1 . - :Y 1-::n1u:...a-u: e-:1uu1n.: -1:-uzlnu-u:in:izuinnasunilnxun-ln1alul:1u:u1nu1lp- NICK AMSTER W7ooster's Leading Store For Men and Boys Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothes M 1uu1uu1uu1un1-uizu -In ' :I11:-ll1:11:41-:u-lu7:l1ll1uu::n1 gui :La-1u2:u1ulinu1up1qn1-u-uu-1u1ul:ur:l-vIl:vl+ -n-n-m-n-u-n-u-I'----I---N-.I--l----'I'T Grace W.: "Would you like to take a nice long CONSULT F Wangsggm Wh 1111 t .z " , ' o e o." PL Grace W.: "TI,Vel1, doIn't let me detain you." For Quality and Price on 5 Mafa'L2:saJi5:1:rL2f,:z21i no Feed . Grain . Coal F0fa11f1i:ii:e.2fn1fS:LzY Sfied' BuildeI'S, Supplies iexlior sijngggsllzaelgss :vas studying "Macbeth." , r 1 a e. 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Suggestions in the Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) collection:

Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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