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gif Y R :Q 4 f 75 L 2 i E1 E f 1, Q 1 n- F 1 M I C"-. 2 ' ' . I 5 mga E , fi, '4 i3?':ff ,uf " 'f".4iP 'HDV '1'-av .-- , M ,ern 4. Q, v , I ,Q 1 3 I' EI . W. 5, .,. .Ugg -Y - 1.1 -f iff,-,NV ip. ., ,h - - C Q,'xi,,-V .K . .. --f-vywe I 1 V ,Lk- '1 if 2 7' ,g,f,i'f'ir' if 4 ! " , af' , - k if -fx, -Q1 . 11- f Eng.. L r, . ,, -K 5, F Qzfaix-EA -1'1 lg ,L 3 ,,-Jn., -1-1 :r .' , , , , . , A.. -: QYNH -. 4. , , . X ya .M V ,ll V f.. f ,fr . 15111 , -L ,., , ,,1i,, . 1-,- Wmbw 4-,fs .a- A-4. -9- fm r- 2""14.. ,.-f. MQ, ,TL , - V.. ,, . A '.: L .sw xv ffv- ' ,.,...Q 1: -v ,nw ,hr Q 1 ,-.aww .1ua'Pi'5f' .Jw - . .f :A-.1 p..-- ,f f . il-..g-'-- -,gfzfg - .-, . 4-Jlitz. -sf 5-as-,Q Arm-4-s ,.,- +,a,...a.' ..-v Q-: , ' ' 75. ..-::'f:'F"f' L5 'A ' .52-5154447191: , -,...,., 'a Mn" . 4 2,-0. I t ,5'L9"Swfi 11 4 f -fr .' A , ,bi ,V bf f - -:4s"f , . ,H , x 17-. ns? f-,ivf-ggi .11-QA,-.N W "Qws,.f 'J' gf. ,,, Af- C, .dwg . V Jw- ,, . ?-B-jhe , - ,Q ,fur-rv, . -L ' 115 .- .,, , ' HT' f-- isf- 4 1.5 , , .f 'ws I ev, ZLL, ', sf, , 4- P, ' J ' ' -u '- - ---qzx Aan. -.. -I. -. -1,-A-V vig., . .1 :Elf ,' 1,3-rrltwrv, . .K '5' L ' 1.-ffm f-IQ ,W V, Al 1 ul- ,LVIVL , - -1. V - f V- :'f,.:- -1 wie, L: g,,A,5Q,-- V F rg A. ..A, A. .flax-:lx Q .. .eu .Q -rn-ewsiiv 5-mann., ,.,:-. . .., k . 55,-K, Jfg., 1 CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL Autographs CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL A'ut'0graphs I I I I I I I I I 0 xx fn us -I O II E G1 I an 0 J: O O 'T I I I 4.15 'P' ,ful -ef'-an Q., 'QWU qi' fy, if I- il F I IW I -!NJ'.I'1b-"Zeal 1-4'A1l'MfV""'5fv"' DEDICATICN -v"1,.,A1's..u7'f v-wf.I't..?Q-2' wp'-0f ',-,LIASPKJ To Miss Mabel Bryan, whom we :uhuiro and 1'vspm-t Im-znllsv of hor I-ntllusizlstiv and tireless effort in In-hzllf of thv Hvnim' I-Iass, wo dwlirntv thx- Annual of 1936. If I I x 5 R. I I -COMPLIMENTS or- P. E. MATTESON, Drugs and Groceries I - - - - .. ....-.+ Page 1 +-------------------- ---- -----CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL- 1--- -W -H- -- ------l-- --- SCHOOL BOARD ROY I-IALEY D. I. MQILVAINE President Clerk D. S. HUMMEL SILAS WHITE CHARLES BEAL To them we give all honor. because all hcnor is due them, -COMPLIMENTS or- J. VV. HARMAN, I. G. A. Grocer Vzvgc 2 lu-1 4...- ------ ------- '-CRESTON I-neu scHooL--- -------- ---------+ HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Back row tleft to light?-Mr. Smith Cmanual traimngl, Mr. Gattshall lscience and coachl, Mr. Frey fmathematics and dramaticsl, Mr. Jeandrevin ijunior and senior history, bookkeepingb. Front row tleft to rightl-Mr. Young fmu-sicl, Miss Mcllvaine tEnglish, sophomore his- toryl, Miss McCoy fbiology, home economicsb, Miss Bryan fforeign languages, typing, shorthandl. GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Back row lleft to rightl-Mr. Jeandrevin fsuperintendentl, Mr. Smith thigh schoolb, Mr. Frey thigh schooll, Mr. Taylor fsixth gradel, Mr. Kinney ieighth gradel. Middle row fleft to right?-Mr. Young fmusicl, Mr. Gattshall thigh schoolb, Miss McCoy Qhigh schooll, Miss Bryan thigh schoolb, Mr. Plough fseventh gradel. Front row ileft to rightb-Mrs. Zehner ithird gradel, Miss Irvin fiifth gradeb, Mrs. Glas- gow ifourth gradei, Miss Mcllvaine Qhigh schooll, Miss Miller fsecond gradel, Miss Sprunger tfirst gradeh. -COMPLIMENTS or- MURRAY'S VOLUNTEER GROCERY Page 3 .g,..................-..-.....,....-...... CRESTON H IGH SCHOCL-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- Page 4 SENIOR OFFICERS President , , . ,,,,,, , ...,,, Howard Murray Secretary , ....,... , ,,,.. .,.....,,,,,,......, ,......,...,..,,., ,.,..,, M a 1 'garet Gantz Treasurer ., . . ,....,...,, ,. ,, ,,,,, .......,.., , , , .......,.,.., ,, .. ., .,. .. Grace Grunder CLASS MOTTO Hitch your wagon to a, star. Keep your seat and there you are. CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Red and Gray American Eeauty Rose -COMPLIMENTS or- A. S. RABER, Volunteer Store, Canaan +-f---M----------4--WcREsToN me-H scuool.------------u ---- ---------+ SENIORS KENNETH DUNN .... Congress Hi School, 1 and part of 23 Mixed Course. "The time I've lost in wooing, In watching and pursuing The light that lies in women's eyes Has been my grades' undoing." RENA FEEMAN .... Commercial COUTSCQ French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Treasurer 23 Business Manager of Class Play 33 School Reporter 43 Class Play 43 Business Manager of Annual 43 Class Basket- 'ball 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. "Away with work, begone I say, This world was made for fun and playf' DOROTHY GANTZ .... Commercial Course3 French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Treasurer 33 Advertising Manager of Class Play 33 Banquet Committee 33 Class Play 43 Class Basketball 1, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 4. "A girl with a big heart Always willing to do her part." MARGARET GANTZ .... Commercial COUISCQ Class President 13 French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Secretary 3, 43 Class P.ay 3, 43 Annual Literary Editor 43 Class Bas- ketball 1, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 4. "She is prim, she is neat, She is pleasant and sweet. GRACE GRUNDER .... College Preparatory CCUTSGQ French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class President last part of 23 Cheer Leader 33 Banquet Committee 33 Class Play 3, 43 Class Treasurer 43 Stage Manager for Class Flay 43 Assistant Editor of Annual 43 Class Basketball 1, 3, 43 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 4. "She dances and laughs and works with a will, E'en though vanquished, she will argue still." OPAL HAMILTON .... Seville Hi School 13 Smithville Hi School 2 and part of 33 Commercial Course3 Advertising Manager for Class Play 43 Class Basketball 4. "Sober and serious and not much to say, But she's always helping in her own quiet way." JUNE HARRIS .... Commercial COUTSGQ Class Play Costume Man- ager 33 Banquet Committee 33 Class Play 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 43 Class Bas- ketball 1, 43 Home Economics Club 1. "When joy and duty clash, Let duty go to smash." RUTH JEFFERS .... Commercial Course3 French and Latin Club 11 Banquet Committee 33 Home Economic Club President 3, 43 Business Manager Class Play 43 Glee Club 1, 43 Class Basketball 4. "In her eyes there's a merry twinkle And her hair, it's all one crinklef' HARRY METSKJER .... Mixed COUFSEQ Class Play 3, 43 Assistant Busi- ness Manager Annual 4. "The world's no better if we worry, Life's no longer if we hurry." HARRY MOYER .... Mixed Course3 Class Play 3, 43 Class Play Property Manager 43 Athletic Editor of An- nual 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. "Harry was on the basketball team, I-Ie was out for baseball too. What will the high school do next year? Th-cy'll be in an awful stew." HOWARD MURRAY .... College Preparatory Course3 French and Latin Club 1, 23 Banquet Committee 33 Debate 33 Class Play 3, 43 Class President 43 Editor-in- Chief of Annual 43 One-Act Play 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 43 Declamation 4. "Here's to Howard who o'er our class presides, In our hearts and memories long will he reside." EMERSON RUGH .... Commercial Course3 French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Play 43 One-Act Play 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 4. "In athletics Emerson excels. He's had his share of basketball yells3 In baseball it's just the same He's a leader in every game." ZETTA SHANKLAND .... Commercial COUTSCQ French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Secretary 23 Class President 33 Class Play 3, 43 Calendar Editor of Annual 43 Class Basketball 1, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 Glee Club 1, 4. "She's full of life, she's full of fun, Never an ill word for anyone." ANNA MAE SMITH .... College Preparatory Course3 French and Latin Club 1, 23 Banquet Committee 33 Class Play 3, 43 Declamation 43 Class Basketball 1, 3, 42 Glee Club 1, 4. "In earning good marks she spend her time3 What greater merit could be put into rhyme?" KENNETH WOODWARD .. . . . Commercial GOUFSEQ Class Play Stage Man- ager 33 Class Play 4. "For if he will, he will, And you may depend upon it3 But if he won't, he won't, And there's an end to it." ROBERT ELLISTON .... Mixed Course. "If you want to know how to run a farm, What things do good and what do harm Go 'round to him just any day And he will tell you without delay." ROBERT WEIDEMAN .... College Preparatory COUTSCQ French and Latin Club 1, 23 Class Play 3. "To talk of farming is Roberts delight. He talks and talks with all his might." -COMPLIMENTS or- GERSTENSLAGER 8: UNDERWOOD, Meat Market Page 5 +----------- - ----------cResToN HIGH SCHOOL-H -------- --------+ CLASS PROPHECY After a year's study in pipe organ music in Heidelburg, Germany, I accepted the position re- cently vacated by Doc Whipple. When I boarded the Hotel Zeppelin, to my great surprise I recog- nized the captain to be Kenneth Dunn. He was running a trans-Atlantic air route between Europe and America. After arriving in New Jersey, I boarded a westward bound train for Akron. But, as I was delayed, I went to the waiting room. Here I picked up the daily newspaper and read one of the leading headlines, "Creston To Dedicate New Glass Court House-June 183' The speaker of the day to be U. S. Senator Murray, accompanied by his private secretary, Margaret Gantz. I knew this would be a great day for people in Creston and surrounding towns, so I hurried home. I was very glad to see my parents after so long an absence. What a crowd assembled in the spacious yard before the new structure. The ceremony began. Lo, and behold, who did I see but Robert Elliston, the mayor, introducing the speaker. Howard still had his oratoricai ability. During the day many faces of graduates of '36 were seen. S.nce it was Roberts and Howards class, they announced that all 1936 graduates present should assemble in the "Woodlette" restaurant and ballroom for an evening of entertainment. The proprietor, Kenneth Wood- ward, welcomed all. I had the privilege of sitting beside the Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Dennison. She was formerly Grace Grunder. During the dinner the radio was tuned in to Cleveland. Jan Garber's orchestra played and feat- ured the soloist-June Harris. She gave us a word over the air because she was unable to be present at the dedication. Among the announcements of the films commentator, Mike Oxenrider, was a new picture recently produced by Rena Feeman. She was leading producer in M. G. M. studios. Toasts were given by the President of the Farm Bureau. Robert Weideman, and Harry Moyer. Manager of the Cleveland Indians. I never enjoyed myself so before. I delighted in seeing what my schoolmates had accomplished in life thus far. Just as we were leaving, I spied my old pal who sat behind me in C. H. S. study hall, Anna Mae Smith. She was, not to my surprise, the first woman governor in Ohio history. She said that Emer- son, her private secretary and legal adviser, had remained in Columbus during her absence. Emerson was still single but he still admired Dorothy. By the way, I heard that Dorothy was operating a beauty shop on Fifth Avenue in New York. She was catering to all Wall Street aristocrats. On passing Sellers and Cbers. I saw they were advertising a complete line of celluloid rings and trinkets which were pat- ented by Harry Metsker. I knew Harry would make a name for himself in that line. We passed farther down the street. Yes, Miss Bryan had risen to her great ambition. She was proprietor of Bryan's Cut Rate Drug Store in the down town block. She had stores in Burbank, Ster- ling, and was prospecting one in Madisonburg. These were all large towns. She had been our adviser the last two years of our high school career. I accompanied Anna Mae to the train as she had to re- turn to Columbus the next day for a meeting with Congress. The moment the train pulled into the depot two gay young girls jumped off the platform. Who should they be but Ruth Jeffers and Gladys Eeich- ler. They told me all about their private life-Ruth was a hostess in Child's Cafeteria and Gladys was making a fortune. posing for Ipana Tooth Paste. It was late and I invited them to my home for the night. They departed early in the morning for Baltimore, Maryland. They were going to visit Opal Hamilton, a trained nurse in Johns Hopkins Hospital. I sent my best regards to her and we parted with a lingering farewell. Creston and our country is better for our class having lived. -Zetta Shankland. -COMPLIMENTS or- SELLERS 8: OBER, Hardware and Varieties Page 6 +----------------- - ------cREsToN HIGH scHooL----- ----- - ---------+ THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS Know all men by these presents: That we, the Senior Ciass of 1936, of Creston High School, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and desirous of settling our worldly affairs in accordance with our pleasure, do hereby make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, hereby declaring null and void all other wills made by us heretofore, as follows: Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item SECTION I To the Juniors we leave the back seats in the study hall, the front seats in chapel and the Senior privileges we didn't get. To the Sophomores we leave our good grammar. We offer consolations to the Freshmen, for no one knows better than we what is before them. SECTION II We wish to bequeath the following to the faculty: To Miss Bryan we leave a larger shorthand class. To- Miss Mcllvaine we leave a better Emglish class. To Miss McCoy we give the privilege of selling candy and pop corn at the basketball games. To Mr. Gattshall we leave students who will go to classes when they are called. To Mr. Jeandrevin we leave a bookkeeping class that will study when he leaves the room. To Mr. Frey we leave a better group of actors and actresses. To Mr. Smith we leave a more studious group of students in the study hall. To Mr. Young we leave a more attentive glee club. SECTION III A few personal bequests: I Kenneth Dunn leaves his way with the women to Frank Miller. Margaret Gantz leaves her curly hair to Kathryn Reese. Kenneth Woodward leaves his white dinner jacket to Raymond Arnold. Anna Mae Smith leaves her intelligence to Clare Blough. Robert Ellistoln leaves his farming ability to Carlyle Grunder. Robert Weideman leaves his high points in physics to Russell Gantz. Rena Feeman leaves her musical ability to Verla Bricker. Zetta Shankland leaves her giggle to Dorothy Herman. Harry Metker leaves his rosy blush to Conda Shuy. Grace Grunder leaves her spirit of arguing to Esther Wolbaugh, Emerson Rugh leaves his red hair to Jay Lehman. Opal Hamilton leaves her qui-et way to Kathryn Fulton. Harry Moyer leaves his height to Harold Graf. June Harris leaves her speed in typing to Mary Marko. Dot Gantz leaves her bland hair to Jean Chase. Howard Murray leaves his spreaking voice to Morrison Giffen. Ruth Jeffers leaves her place in the lunch room to Kathryn Fulton. SECTION IV We wish to leave the following set of rules to be followed next year: 1. Don't stand in the halls at noon. 2. If you're tardy don't come at all, it would save Mr. Gattshall a lot of trouble. 3. If you want s-omething to eat, go get some cookies between periods from Mrs. Earl. 4. Sing in bookkeeping class, Mr. Jeandrevin enjoys a song every now and then. Signedl BY SENIOR CLASS OF 1936. Witnesses: Members of the Annual Staff: ANNA MAE SMITH DOROTHY GANTZ -coMPL1MBN'1's or- PLANK ELEVATOR, Feeds, Grains, Coal, Builders Supplies Page 7 -....... igc S --- ------- ----cnEsToN i-neu sci-iooi.--W ------ ----- - --4-... , . n1-1 .X 1, L J- JUNIOR CLASS Colors-Blue and Silver Back Row fleft to righti-Frank Miller, Harry Kissinger, Harold Chase, Robert Earl, Ray- mond Arnold, Clatus Haxniltcn, Clare Blough. Middle Row-Russell Gantz, Conda Shuy, Carlyle Grunder, Laird Chance, Kathryn Fulton. Dorothy Perrain, Miss Mcllvaine, Morrison Giffen. Front Row-Esther Wolbaugh, Mary Marko, Dorothy Herman, Irene Erdos, Jean Chase, Verla Bricker. Jane Elliston. Ruth Weideman. CLASS OFFICERS President ,.,. , Carlyle Grunder Vice President .. , , Jean Chase Secretary Ccnda Shuy Treasurer .... . . ,. .... Dorothy Perrain JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "From Shoat Gap to Harvard" Bark row lleft to righti-Harry Kissinger, Robert Earl, Laird Chance, Morrison Giffen. Mr, Jeanclrevin lcoachi Middle row-Carlysle Grunder, Harold Chase, Katheryn Fulton. Ruth Weidenian, Conda Shuy. Russell Gantz. Front row-Jean Chase, Esther Wolbaugh. Irene Erdos, Dorothy Perrain, Jane Elliston, Verla Bricker, Mary Marko. -COMPLIMENTS OP- IRA E. SONNEDECKER, Trucking and Storage .P-11:1 1--1111-- n-un SOPHOMORE CLASS Back Row lleft to rightl-Harold Graf. Glenn Smith. Edward Morrison, Wayne Hunter, Junior Romich. Harold Ycss, James Rennecker, Gerald Bowman. Middle Row-Mr. Gattshall, Edward L-ee, William Michel, Fred Gleim, Samuel Foltz, Earl Fulton, Wendel Jeffers, Merlin Hartzler. Front Row-Ollie Carnes, Kathryn Reese. Mary Snell, Emma Markley. Mildred Rhodes, Grace Whonsetler, Jean Bcor. Kathleen Hummel, Malinda Karlen, Eileen Henry. CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,, , ..,.., .. ,,....,.,.. ...., ,. .,.. Harold Graf Vice President ,..,.....,.... ,,,, , , ,,,,,, ,, .. .,,,. Jean Boor Secretary and Treasurer .,,,...., ,, Kathleen Hummel FRESHMAN CLASS Colors-Green and White Back Row fleft to rightl-Donald Keltz, William Huffman. Clayton Shankland, Raymond Lee. Jack Plank, Jack McGuiT, Charles Wolfe. Harold K.ra,bill. James Pelfiey, Junior Spitler. Middle Row-Eva Gantz, Hazel Feeman. Raymond Campbell, James Miracle, William Zehner, Max Bowman, William Knepp, Jay Lehman. Arthur Mumaw. Miss McCoy. Front Row-Reba Woodward, Ruth Miller. Bernice Bowman. Zella Scholl, Norma Kinch, Betty Perram, Frances Blough, Frances Haley, Evelyn Eby, Nila Schmollinger, Erma Nash. Norma Jean Tyler. Eernice Meyer, Nona Carnes. CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,...., H ,,,,.,,,....,,, Jay Lehman Vic-e President ..,, ,,,.. , ,. ,,.,,. .,,,,,.,, , Zella Scholl Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,....,, .ll,,, . , Bernice Meyer cREsToN HIGH scuool.--1--W --------- ----+ CHAS. L. SCHLEGEL, Wholesale Dealer in Live Stock and Dressed Meats Page 9 +----- -- - - -- - ---- ----H-CRESTON HIGH scHooL-------- - - - - - - - 1 i 5 K f iii AID' ATHLETICS "Winners never quit, quitters never win." Back Raw lleft to right!-Wiliam Krepp, William Michel, Jack Plank. Edward Morrison. Clatus Hamilton. James Miracle. Middle Row-Mr. Gattshall, Conda Shuy. Carlyle Grunder, Laird Chance, Harcld Chase. Harold Graf, Max Bowman. Junior R:mich. Front Row-Clare Blough, Harry Kissinger, Emerson Rugh, Harry Moyer, Raymond Arnold, Russell Gantz. These bays had the spirit of fight, sportsmanship, and fair play, and certainly did their best for their schofl. Crestcn's total score for the season ..,.,...,..,,. 484 Cppcnents' tftal score for the seas3n ,,,,, M572 Back Rcw 4left to righti--Harc'd Graf. Conda Shuy, Frank Miller. Wiliiam Knepp, James Miracle. Middle Row-Mr. Gattshall. Jack Plank. Harry Kissinger. Robert Earl, Harold Chase. Junior Rcmich. Front Row-Raymond Arnold, Emerson Rugh, Harry Meyer, Clare Blcugh, Russell Gantz. Carlyle Grunder, Jay Lehman. The Creston baseball team won all their games last fall and are expecting to go on to one great victory. Fall schedule was as follows: Creston 6 Sterling 1 Creston 9 Burbank 2 Creston 11 Burbank 3 Creston 3 Smithville 1 Creston 6 Congress 5 Creston 8 Sterling 0 -coMPLIMEN'rs or- D. I. MclLVAlNE, Feed, Fertilizer and Farm Implements Page 10 CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL-M -------- H- SENIOR PLAY "Folks Next Door" CAST Back Row ileft to righth-Harry Mayer, Kenneth Dunn, Emerson Rugh, Harry Metsker, Howard Murray, Kenneth Woodward, Mr. Frey, Coach. Front Row-Anna Mae Smith, June Harris, Margaret Gantz, Zetta Shankland, Dorothy Gantz, Grace Grunder, Rena Feeman. ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,...... .,..........,,,.,,..................., Assistant Editor ..,.,r,,, Business Manager Assistant Business Howard Murray Grace Grunder Rena Feeman Manager ...,,. .....,.,, H arry Metsker Literary Editor ....,..,....,..,...,..,.. Athletic Editor .,.,.... Calendar Editor ..... -COMPLIMENTS OI' Margaret Gantz Harry Moyer Zetta Shankland IRVIN IMPLEMENT CO., Ford Sales and Service Page 11 .l,............................-..-......-..CRESTON HIGH SCLIOQL-.. ..... ..-.........-..-......,. ORCHESTRA Back Rcw lleft to right!-Junior Rep-p, Mcrrison Giifen, Harold Krabill, Jack McGuff. Howard Murray, Charles Wclfe. William Davis. Middle Row-Mr. Young, Arthur Mumaw, Rena Feeman, Grace Grunder. Emerson Rugh. James Gleim, Harold Graf, Jay Lehman. Front Row-William Michel, Kathryn Fulton, Ruth Weideman, Frances Haley, Janet Smith, Shirley Romich, John Edward Haley, Ralph Krabill. r I f Pj"""""i""i :" 'vs l X HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back Row fleft to right!-Jane Elliston, Mary Snell, Emma Markley. Grace Whonsetler. Kathleen Hummel. Kathryn Reese. Malinda Karlin, Eileen Henry, Irene Erdos. Middle Row-Mildred Rhoads, Frances Blcugh, Bernice Bowman, Ruth Mllier, Norma Kinch, Betty Perram, Hazel Feeman, Dorothy Herman, Miss McCoy. Front Row-Irma Nash, Mona Carnes, Eva Gantz, Nila Schmollinger, Evelyn Eby, Reba Woodward, Ollie Carnes, Gladys Beichler. Ruth Jeffers. -COMPLIMENTS or- TYLER MOTOR CO., Dodge, Plymouth Sales and Service, Rufener Garage Page 12 +2 -------1 -2 - -------cREsToN HIGH scHooL--- ---------- ----+ 1935-36 CALENDAR Compiled by Zetta Shankland SEPTEMBER 3-School opens. 106 are enrolled. 4-Classes organize. 6iBasebal1 suits distributed. With the help of our new coach we should be chamPi0HS this 56350113 12--Sterling baseball game 6-3 in our favor. l31Successful High School Party. The hazing was mild this year because our Freshmen are so small. 15iRev. Michel tells the boys to hunt their wives before breakfast because they can see what they really look like, then. OCTOBER 14-Indian Summer. Too warm to go to school. 17-The grade cards are out for the first time. Did you make the first hurdle? 18iMr. Jeandrevin visits English IV class just as Miss Mcllvaine is reciting Edgar Poe's love affairs. 22iWinn Waltz talks in chapel. 23-Cast for Senior Class Play picked. 241Big Hal1owe'en Party sponsored by Seniors. 25-Hooray! Vacation again. Teachers' Convention at Cleveland. 28iBegin class play practice. NOVEMBER 1-Whimpy looks sleepy from her Halloween Festlval. 4iAsk Mr. Frey how he spelled "larrup" at play practice. 5LElection Day. Too bad we aren't 21. 7iEverybody is dressed in their best. Mr. Snyder is here for the pictures. 13-Senior pictures come and not a picture is said to lczk like the person. Ha! I wonder why? l5lHunting season. No excuses, boys. 22-Class Play, "Folks Next Door." Ask Anna Mae who she went home with after the play. 25--Gray and Blue is Bashing everywhere. The Juniors are sporting their new '3'l's. 27-Home for a few days. Ugh, big turkey. DECEMBER 21The first snow. 3-First basketball game. Orrville 33, Creston 24. 5-Ring man here. 6-Basketball game at Rittman. Rittman 58, Creston 20. 13-Basketball game here. Doylestown plays. 18-Seniors sponsor Mr. John Frye and get fair compensation. 20iBasketbal1 game at Congress. Congress 24, Creston 38. 21-Basketball game at Sterling. Sterling 58, Creston 26. 24tMerry Xmas. Vacation has begun. JANUARY 6-Vacation does the Seniors good. Each one is present this mcrn. 8iMrs. Maxwell speaks. 9iMr. Manahan speaks. 10--Chester-Creston game. We won 11-33. 21lVerla, choose your chauffeurs carefully. 22-Three cheers. We are going to have gym today 23iToo cold. No school. 27-Mr. Jeandrevin is away. Seniors cannot behave in Mr. Gattshall's study hall. 28--Mr. Jeandrevin is an expert at popping quiz-z-z-z that way in P. A. D. after a day's vacation. 311Basketbal1 game. Rittman 50, Creston 31. FEBRUARY 5-Chose class flower, motto, and decided on roller-skating party. 6-But Mr. Jeandrevin puts a stop to the party because times are too busy. 7-Burbank basketball game there. 12-I wonder 'why the Seniors will not learn all of Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" for Miss Mcllvaine? 14tBasketba11 game with Sterling here. 18-Townsend debate in chapel. Bums, bums, and more bums. -COMPLIMENTS OI'- COl.LlNS BEAUTY 8: BARBER SHOPPE, Phone 2232, Complete Service, Nestle Permanents Page l 3 +------ -------- ---M-cREsToN HIGH scHooL--- ------- -M- ' --Tournament. Creston defeats Doyestown, 21-20. .20 '28-Tournament. Milton is too strong for Canaan in the tournament, Z9--Creston loses to Fredericksburg in the consolation game. Ask one of the Junior boys who he was cheering for in the Sterling-Apple Creek game. MARCH 4-First Declamation rounds. Anna Mae is good for another. llf-One-act play characters picked. 18--No school. Too much snow. 26--April Fools Party for the high school. 31---One-act play rounds. APRIL 1--April fool. 3ZMusicale comedy given by the dramatic club, "The Dumb Waiter." t25-Scholarship tests at Wooster and Doylestown. MAY 1iJu11ior Class Play given. 4--Annuals on sale. 15--Junior-Senior banquet. 17--Baccalaureate in the High School Auditorium. 21iCommencement. Farewell to our Alma Mater. 22--High School Picnic. 23-Alumni Banquet. 0 o o SENIOR CLASS SONG Tune: "Shipmates Forever" Verse I Classmates stand together, While we strive alongg Work and play together With honor, fame and glory to guide us on: Friends and pals forever, Through the days of schoolg If you have to take a lickin', Carry on and quit your kickin', We'll be pals to you. Verse II School days now are endedg We must bid adieug Friends and pals are parting, We'll miss you and we hope You'11 miss us toog Mem'ries will surround us Of our dear old school, But in vain we'll all be yearning For the day wc'll be returningg Now we bid adieu. -Grace Grunder. HIGH SCHOOL SONG Tune: "On Wisconsin" Onward, fellows, we must conquer Fight for Creston High! Brown and Gold expect a victory Win for Creston High! Honor, fame, and glory calling, You must do your best. So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High! Fight then, fellows, fight to conquer Fight for Creston High! Never weary in the contest, Win for Creston High! Though the battle goes against you You must stand and fight, So whate'er the contest Win for Creston High! -coMPLIMEN'rs or- FRANK A. RITZI, Jeweler Page 14 11:11 ----------- ----- ------1--CRESTON I-neu scl-looL--'-- "-1 -------- -- -'---- -'--u-- The Gerig Hardware and Roofing Co. "Everything in Hardware and Roofing" CRESTON, OHIO SNYDER STUDIO Camera Shop For Photographs That Please Made Anywhere at Any Time Pictures for Annuals East Liberty at Beaver Street Wooster, Ohio -COMPLIMENTS OF-- BEAVE R'S GARAGE Covered Wagon House Trailers Good Gulf Gasoline Phone 2624 CLASS OF 1936 "Best wishes and continued suceess to each of you" W. V. NEWBERRY "Newberry's Print Shop" CRESTON, OHIO WCOMPLIMENTS OF- Stebbins Banking Co. Creston, Ohio - Friendly Service- Steele's Service Station All Auto Accessories Mobilgas Oils Greasing Washing Tires Batteri Phone 2402 Creston, Ohio Page l +----- -H--A-H-W --'- - --'- --H-H----HCRESTON I-new scuoot- ---- - A--1 - - - - - - - - A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL There is located at Oberlin a business training school which has made a reputa- tion for itself. It trains young men and women for the better class of business office and secretarial positions. It was founded in the '60s following the close of the Civil War and is one of the oldest schools oi' business training in the United States, having had 10.000 students dur- ing its long history of three-quarters of a century. Among its graduates are many who have reached high places in the business world. For some years it was called the Oberlin Business Instituteg in 1885 the name was changed to Oberlin Business College. which it retained until 1925 when its courses were again enlarged. at which time the name was changed to the Oberlin School of Commerce. It has been under its present management for over 50 years, a longer period than any other business school throughout the entire CO'UIltl'y. With its college trained teachers. with graduation from high school its entrance requirement. with its strong courses, and by admitting only high school graduates and only at the beginning of terms. this school is -in a stronger position than ever. Young people who go to Oberlin for intensive business training will have as fine opportunities as can be secured anywhere in this country. The Creston Basket 8z Veneer Co. -A-Manufacturers of- -- All Kinds of Market Baskets and Crates Creston, Ohio Page I 6 'I' CRESTON I-HGH SCHOOL + Autographs CRESTON HIGH SCHOOL Autographs Q-1 -:air-an-ff,-Q.,-Q, , W ---'H . Q-. V Y , K, ,--.-f.---f-1-Q -H, .V ,-.v x--.1 ,S-1 1:

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