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X I U55 Uomfzcuzifz mpfon 33522601 Scgoof Comflfon 2, EZHLE 510165 Ecff Wofuma W 7955 Ulla 'Iowa 1 S Q .4 L 5' e 1 ,, fl Il 4 1 5 ,,. 'eww-Q 1-1 Q, 1, ff' 1,. , , P5 'z 4' if f' 8? mu' fi" me ggi' N ,dw 3, f USA vs? M X Ex fx mr 4 M963 , x -:. - J , I in X- ,jf JN-g 'Q,L w, f-,,- -,,-Mx, . if W ALJ ? fs ' if ' 5-X H. m?'ii7? h5W'ffQf' J 4 1 Wu' 1: IS' 1- 24 ..-2' Za' 71' 153- .r-gf 4, .9 6 li. - fi.. 2519 .ffvgg,g5w 2 ' ml j gm 4- . ,. gf Q ,gif 1 f -Wi. 2,503 g- ,.n,v.,J .,.,,r,z2',4 we - gm, 1 T-in . -E .j Vip , I.if'?1-- M- fz gk .Z gm? ,xk . ' " ' ii 'fi 4 1. 5 'VFX 'K ,z ,, iam X , M 'V M5315 ff, ' 4 4 xlw k ' M 1 up 1 . f 1 5 M 5 H' 12 X 4 X V. A 95' W w Vwhm W' Vr ,r f w Hb. if 1 'N 'ii l ifl ' M ,,,, f, X, vw . we ,w ,ff wgffadfi .iw m he T it , xg 31: Q" Hi 'Q 331 Q I u. E ig? Qgii f?'f' 542 gs? W iw 1 I it M 1: ,,jZl9'Q:rf::"' NV .N ,QQ fag' 'wb- af i . f 'KW my 'ff , Ir. ,,,. gf ry, 5 Q I , 'Q ef ,L J a Q 'H w X: W is X ,' 3 ., -if lg L 2 5 2 dui' DMZ LLCCEQA W as y xo 9,5 Ex f fzci lin .ku X X1 ,M at xg xo? M MWF, F 4 1 I ,M is i v Y r 2 4 if Vx A A , , 11. k', K' ,Q A "5 ,L Xu 4 ' M A rg , e 4 Nl ,Ai F gi Xa " 8 ga ef' 9 if 1 " 5 ,., , Q YU sf 7,5 . .3 J? 1511 '5 'L 'LS X Q Kgs-S V X5 -vfw X4 6 mil was Q1 YEL J' va, -1 f U L KK! vi YQ, R ,ff f 4 'Za 2 7 Inq., M ll -. t s if If 'Ii I fs: ,'l ad I ., . - 4 M, ,H T0 .I x if fs SUN , XXX ,X I v f 5' f f X, f Mxxi K K J 4 2 f 7. ff", I Y' 3 f " I 1 Xmwf 4 1' M x ef awp 'N , A, H 2 5 R M 13 1 2sig0 !2 25 021 k , , ' ll +-MN 's Q .V 'fu- ' w. 9 l 'Q Fin r 3' fy' . fr if 'r F '? 51 gp xkxx , K, 5 L Af, If F wx J'-In f L , ,jj ' , , 1.5 L f1,g2!1" ' 5 1 r- ' fu.. .. fi! ,5'V"4H.,- M, sf-,1f,' lv fr' 'f "1 'f' - .L- 1 A 2 'YWXN' ' , fax- K . , jgfiil A bi . X h, '. Y + 3 Ji Q. v r H A .44 4 'U ., . 5 ,-.W A ff W- A. -... , -, .'k v, .' v A . - , .W --.. ' - . ..,a :gl 44 A Z X lug. lui ,, fvmgfi. 'fgfqivw , Ak -an ,."!. ff If u . l 1' A. 1 on cm 1 5 ' ew' , H , fr, V , , ' p,,v .. v,,,., . - - yfefc , kv tx mf ,m f ' 1- ff n X if 5 lift If ff 'X X1 IE L C Since the reorganization of Comp- ton Senior High in 1953, Old Glory has flown amid an atmosphere of accomplishment and pride. This is the feeling of the students, faculty, and administrators, toward every phase of school life. W e have wit- nessed with satisfaction the many honors both scholastic and athletic that have been bestowed upon past and present students. With these accomplishments remaining fixed in our minds as a monument to determination and high ideals, we, the stay? of the 1958 El Companile, have selected our Tower, the "Chimes,' as a symbol of strength and the theme of the El Companile. s f ,iss if ses eiis e, .i sa s- X ozsuroul Xl 1-1-rw A rf-A-.1pf,i:f,., -,we , , i,lfug'?4r2l1ifrr'-was 4 P 'H' 1 C 1' P 1 r , 1 1 If W, at 5 O, L C 6, lei 4 0 iff P 'X eq, My-,, .sm ,,, ai, v.. :Zi -as w ag, n 1 I 1 .. Q. K Q a , i , ' ' : 3 E C ' 0 X' D 'Q '- li - it 9.5 H Student Yearbook Published by the Associated Student Body of Compton Senior High School 601 South Acacia Street Publisher The Yearbook House, Inc. Monrovia, California I if L 4..- X. 5 .s. 4 M lll gl ' Photographer - Bob Weygand - ll Chris Myron Studios Bellflower, California 4 W. was---an multi K5 Biff -L . ff .Q ., T ij 5 lt ff f W 421 " .' i t J " if 's!k2T'.,g - r,.1 1 . 1 tjagfs of 676126512 65, Clfdiiii ciqcfminiafmfion Dzganizafiona Cffafavafagi . 5110112 Lgufifancfilzg Sfudznfi . . . Gqcfuazfiaing . Index ............ Swan Song ....... Autographs .... .. ...12-25 ..26 . . . 26-76 77-92 3-109 116- 135 136-165 166-175 176-215 216-233 ......234-236 .........237 238 AdminisTroTors recognize The focf Thor sTu- denfs' needs ore consfdnfly expanding To meet The challenge of ci complex world. This redlizo- tion required study which Iofer resulfed in 0 plan whereby The swdenfs' needs ore met. Frankhill C. Hemphill, superintendent of Compton Union High School District, and secretary to the board, is well known for his unselfish work throughout the community. His "Talking Things Over," delights administrators and faculty members throughout Southern California. His is a iob never ending. As soon as he writes -3O- to one plant another is in the planning. Even with his busy schedule he always finds the time to attend and sometimes participate in many of the district events. Everett D. Pyle President I4 e such as meetings so, because student uniong , ,Vg 5 yA - im . t' UPUF1' 0 students use group functions and administrative Q,QfUfG,l that it should be the tower denoted the Edwin W. Chaffee Vice President Joseph L. Causey Clerk K. ga- ,, . 'N X f I 6 i I1 1 fn: ag E , 'x fx WM Grief, -sy, mf Doris T. Westcott, now in he fitth yeor os principol of Comp ton high school, hos not onl proven time ond ogciin he cibility os genercil supervisor on czdministrotor ot the school, bu olso her true spirit ond enthusi osm towcirol the ochievement onol honors of the students o Compton High, hos won her ploce in the hecirts of the ste dents. Annabel White has served the Comp- ton district well lor many years. Along with her many other activities Mrs. White is sponsor ot Girls' League, serves as a member ot the Advisory Council, is di- rector ol guidance, is in charge ot girls' clisciplne, compiles the faculty-student bulletins, master calendar and assembly seating, and is in charge ol all student clearance and textbooks. Along with this busy schedule she still has time to be a real supporter ot school activities. l-lovvard Brovvn, during his tirst year at Compton high school, has shovvn del- inite ability as an assistant principal, Along vvith his everyday problems he is Boys' Federation sponsor, is administra- tor ol the athletic program, supervisor ot boys' attendance and boys' discipline, and is in charge ol all problems having to do with maintenance on both grounds and buildings. -2zsi:af355"t til ' Xlfsfam. .f mutant gD'u112aif2.a -3 if fiii ciii . i h i ,,,,c,..M,.,,, M -, ...,...s Q M ,,.....W..... W My , c W' f 1. sfri c i i. ifiifsf , ' ' m O . .UZCL 075, ' ., s t Q i as K 1' if ii 7. ,E i ,,..,, .. - N tif- F417 -I 'Fifi 6.5 . tj A Martha Borders, coordinator of attendance, is in charge of issuing re-admission slips and takes care of atten- dance. She is also co-sponsor of Mimirathenians. Everett Shipman, coordinator of student activities is sponsor of the Student Council and Inter-club Council advises in the formation of clubs, coordinates assemblies and supervises all seating and ticket sales for athletic events William Rollins, coordinator of guidance, maintains an office which offers friendly guidance and service to all students. He also supervises enrollment of new students, keeps records of credits earned, and prepares the grad- uate release list. He is co-sponsor of Tarbabe Tutors. James O'Donovan, coordinator of continuation depart- ment, is a busy man. One of his many iobs is to co- ordinate and supervise continuation classes. Christmas release, and all student employment is cleared through his office. rw, 'YW'-M ti'-v"" E? L. Dean Eisenmayer English lLate faculty entryl Ernst Hartmann Industrial Arts Machine Shop Lillian McDermott Lillian McDermott I-lomemaking Cooking - Sewing Ruth Mervis Foreign Language Spanish ,ant 5, Pauline Abbott Social Science U.S. History Lois Atherton Business Education Typing, Shorthand L Kathleen Campbell E Physical Education - girls Sports ' James Caudill Science Chemistry Paddy Caudillo Physical Education - boys Sports Joanne Dale English Literature John Del Monaco Leonard Fisher Margaret Harris Music Art Mathematics Band - Orchestra Art - Sports Algebra - Trigonometry si W i fix fr 01 W i Viola Bagwell Journalism Francis Dilworth Sophomore Problems Charles Doyle Physical Education Wesley Dunn Graphic Arts Edward Adams f Science Attendance Football Coach Chet Baird Physical Education Monroe Busch Mathematics Edward Chester 20 Senior Problems the Cena K. Altnow William Armstrong Science Driver Training Junior Counselor Basketball Coach George Barber Kathryn Bowers Continuation Home Making Joseph Buxton Robert Campbell Senior Problems Spanish Ida Denison Audrey Dew Business Special Training -'ur Josephine Elliott Ruth Eagles English Raymond E. Edgmon Physical Education Donald Edwards Metal Shop English Agnes Fox Science Robert Gregory Physical Education Driver Training Hazel Harlan Senior Problems Delight Hoffman Art Crafts N, Albert Galatian Business Education Amy Gross Senior Problems Lester Harman Driver Training Drafting Joy Howell Library 0 la 4.0 mix 3 . ' . ' I O 'sl Jerryl Gardner History Virginia Hanks Mathematics Physical Education Doris Hayes Physical Education English Dorothy Knox Business Michael Kosturick Drama Edith McCulloch Sophomore Problems Alice Lonsdale English Jacomina Marsman History Ruth Midkift Dorothy Lowe Health Counselor Florence Mason Continuation English Betty Mates ky Choral Music Margaret Montgomery Business Counseling Home Economics Karl Olson Mathematics Esther Miller U Home Making Grace O'Malley English pun, Hurbert Parker A Auto Shop 'UW Willis Powers Physics Mathematics Priscilla Riga English William Roy Speech English fl? l Thelma Rule- English Marcella Schug Physical Education leonaral Schulman CL James Sherrill Sophomore Problems Mariorie Smith Business Gertrude Suthard Special Training James Wall Science ,Q X ft-i Business Education James Vine Mechanical Drawing Ina Ruth Silverman Physical Education Maxine Stephanian Senior Problems Dan Sweet History Phyllis Winger Physical Education Roberta Slothower Latin Spanish Fredrick Stockwell Electric Shop Eva Terry Sophomore Problems Mildred Wyatt Sophomore Problems Qf' 1 Refi? ,SX 5 .Ei ,--Q -1 Mariene McElveny Guidance Office Ellen Miller Student Activities Office Sylvia Parker Attendance Thalia Katzenberger Audio Visual Aids Office Bernice Kay Attendance Office Frances Lalonde Secretary to Mrs, Westcott Virginia Barnhart Secretary to Mrs. White Edna Cutler Library Eva Dew Student Activities Office ' t t 5 Beulah Sisemore Secretary to Mrs, White Eleanora Walker Continuation Department Marie Williams Guidance Office Gertrude Yeager Secretary to Mr. Brown '- ' :' " 5 Y , ' ' -VH: e " , :'.-l-'Lf s"I"'iE" '5'f:f: i' " ,.w .1 f":Iii,'f N l V ., ' ' f l , l , -if -l . V ' ' '::v-'i:-1:li:J-'- 41, -5- " . 'w"f .-i - Uh- t.Z.1"'e5:-' - .. , ,.--..,.L, ,M .,.... e gm f :ww r e r , 41, i r -' '- -4- A - 1, 1,-. " 1,3 S w :-'4" .1 . ,. M2222 jj, 0 -.QSM i- '42, mm Q, A g ,Wt i: . egg7g. ,.M., g ,li 5 W e , , . ,,,, -me ,, W . ,.,, M.. wot , , wp 22",,, . , My - 92 -ne w mm:Q .. s- is it -wt' ,wif .., s,,, -- A U 1- i-A-fi MQ- -.13-QW ew.. , -. gy , .. , ., t gwg g " I The women responsible for preparing and serving a well balanced ancl delicious meal are: Hennie Lott, Frances Cotten, Mable Cooper, Catherine Britten, Nancy Harvey, Hazel Harris, Lucile Dulka and Damia .Kirkland X 4 X, W 8' il, 4 y' W -1 1 V ,A if x! 'I Keeping the rampus and class looms in good order at all times are the able cus- todians: Row l lelt to right, Edward MrDonald, Clarence Kahn, Myrtle Bug William R. Kuntz, supervising V'q,:'!lb'dian, Leona Waldrop, H. K, Rpnyn, Row 2, James Howard, Will4in1T'4White, William Hunt, Ernest Ggigh, Carl Smith, Willis Ziemer, lgmeis Randon. X x ff' l NO v HE!! mm i V3.5 ,ns .g , ,ff , , .bsi l itirlsirs 1 if il Henn ie Lott Cafeteria Manager ,A .KI 'if "5?iRr.,,..., ' 1 'Q' , . I I. i A , fl ll TN! jg 9 .5 if NA .W -We In charge of keeping the lawns and shrubbery well trimmed and neat for us are the efficient gardeners: Flander Hilliard, James Marshall, Carl Cheaver, Clifford Glaze, supervising gardener, Ray Foster, Pedro Zapata, Elton Boyd. Ai Looking forword with inner sotisfocfion To succeed in The world oheod ore these groduofing seniors of Compton High who will rely on their obiliries received here To push Them forword Toward greofer ochievemenfs. CIQMEM M has always had Week The semesrer polishing foward a constantly of government, Ray Cham ASB president, has more load. The accomplishments of nder his guidance were: a very suc- of The California Qssocidfiton Councils, and The "good Mneighbor Ray is a meriwlffar c ls for good leaders 0""' I , u r-T-Tiki, N.F.L., Spanish Clulo, Mi ra , and Scribes. He has re oratorical fieldl Ray's Redlands Collegle and fkcszs VICE-PRESIDENT Doing an outstanding iob as the first semester ASB vice-president was popular senior, Linda Lee. In addition to being a student body officer, Linda is a mem- ber of Chimettes, a song leader, and was a homecoming princess. Linda's future plans are to attend college. SECRETARY Pretty, polite, and popular, describes Compton's first semester ASB secretary, Gloria Melton. Gloria has been a mem- ber of drill team for her junior and senior years. Her future plans are to attend college. T .- ,KJ Q ,,,: 4 up ,te-fu' ,f1iyjam5. '- I , .x . , ,avi 1. K , ?? 1d1Y'tfQ"5"'L , . a 1 .ff"Tf4'!:f'5A,"vi1 'Tw , , . ,,... . . , ' ii 1 V'f33.4-' K K, .VMQ.,.5k I tk , A Envy' 1 I ul :S 1, . , , .fi a 'AV ,3T , 1. .- 4 , za. 7 '1' il .A f,v? f .43f3'f, K 'iL. 1 s'., -,,. 'Y L' A 'i"'+w" 4 K " '. ' . " 1' if rik'f!lf'5afZ f y, .,,,'fv',. 1 .1 L, , 'z,.f-Mf ,,, nl- W . +' AQQY' v- .- fy 2 A ?,Qliwsf7x,-:,?'T 'igw's4W 'T' cus.. ,.L 1, wff m,,t:i.f-::',,7,Mf- lil L ' . . B ,. um . 0 ' Aglgwfr i-. .haw .J ',g.Q-. 4 A.: , .1 ',h,',a 'N V-gm J' -z ' V Q 2211 - f" ,ff ae: A -H, 1 A .iw 4 N fi . f v4'HK7"' IMS -Q2 ml , M wi: 3 ' , QQ? . F, HU. fu . ' f 1. .1 F 'V A -Tw, V., my - ,eH'E"5'f"Qf.'?': 'Q ' 'ii 32 ,gx-..f K w 4 3 will Q Q. J A 'Yan' 'ai' f 2 '54 W, H W. 5" xjllfpg ., fs .rf Yugi' K 2 A- 'of 'Q 93? - L 1 . gli? 6" .i ' 4' as wr 'N' ,Q k 111' iz?-emi lf.-'41-1"+"!'k ' f I f"' .,pi,QLf1 Y 5 V - .sf W K' 'V .fl Y f K ' '- QQ" -ti, gil K 1 ?,4H "1 . k .A :Q ,4"sff' ' ' 5 + jf'1f,,"7f'.,--i , f .yy ...A I S v Q A A 1' 4 nf 'jj'-"T V Q .. F'-Q: 3 1' , 1 W ,L ., u. Q i . , na W , r,,..,, vu .nw-.1 ,. WJQ.. A . 65 . ' +, -L' my 4 . ' "vm,- , 1. ni., H1 'W - -Q: 4 , A-S Av i' iff- ., f Glam 2 , mf . it ' 'ks I .gk ' . 1.,, , , f7r,3 Q 1 ,AF A ', .i ,gQ. , , WW Efgyg.. tk' Vu 42 , 1 ' if ,f4YF'x:vfT ' ,ri . -1 K E, u . 15' 'Haifa' 'fr .f Q, Ill, ,,. 'V .3 A , Hr. .L ,, .I " M.. ' 'JN' ' 'I . .. ,su- QF hifi cllraciacl by hurdaworking Asaockriad rsaidanr, Churlaa Covamon, guided Compa ni' savoncl semester 'Fhfnrlla has isa Q Q'-, . L , J A 4. in muny uciiviiias as Cl Friend, Cl Iauclar, Ha was chosen the diffs "Ouia?cmcl' do-ffiha Yam", by the 20-30 Club, o'FfSc1uiras, Lariarmc1n's Club, Kay Fellowship, and pus? Cgmmisa 'future plana urs 'io baspma il VICE-PRESIDENT Grace Woo, charming vice-presi- dent of the second semester, was elected Homecoming Queen of l958. Among her other activities are: mem- ber of Chimettes, drill team, and past president of Girls' League. Grace's future plans are to attend college at Santa Barbara. from SECRETARY Sue Gamble, first semester Commis- sioner of Public Relations, stepped up in authority to assist Charlie, president, as ASB secretary. Sue is a member of Chimettes, Campus Christian Fellowship, drill team and Los Picaros. Sue's future plans are to attend College at Santa Barbara. 31 as 'M-.. FIRST SEMESTER Row I, Charles Coventon, Sue Gamble, Art Parker, Grace Woo, Gary Mustain, Ray Chambers, Linda Lee, Row 2, Tony Aguilar, Walter Dutton, Gloria Melton, Sally Beck, Mr. Ship man. Row 3, Ernie Crosby, Darryl Pyle, Bob Tennyson, Woody Covington. is k .., , Q 1 , ,,.i,,..,,., , , ,. ,,,. T i 4 4 Q ,..,,M,,, -. 5- s .Vi it L , , W fur 'T7 SECOND SEMESTER Counter-clockwise, Jill North, Hector Reyes, George Graham, John Luckey, Lonnie Carter, Art Parker, Grace Woo, Charles Coventon, Sue Gambel, Bob Tennyson, Ernie Crosby, Kay Hatfield, Linda Lee, and Barbara Henn, Standing in back is Mr. Shipman, advisor. 43 1 asv' ' -i. l T 5 -r l l i 1 .xp r R v 1 ' 111 P u . Ufdzii 53 A as-swawd L W 1 .V ,4 2 . .3 i 3593224 ,iq '-: ,ff Sr! ,?,,g1,,.W Ae: I -H if -'G , vm , -c E 4 'FS , 1- .if ,, 'si' 1 ' T ' W' ' WX' Mlm? Www Q alzioz SECOND SEMESTER Row T, Barbara Cotner, Judy Eastwood, Terry Thomas, Arthur Parker, Virginia Brodbeck, Sandy Little, Glorie Vavruska, Jean Valkie, Lois Pipoly. Row 2, Mr. Olsen, Carleen Moore, Audrey Tree- week, Pat Theriott, Gloria Melton, Penny Chamber- lin, Eva Lacey, Anne Dowden, Miss Bowers. Row 3, Gary Wright, Tom Thomas, Jerry Morris, Chad Dennis, Chuck Vranek, Neil Weaver, Venus Zink. FIRST SEMESTER Row l, Sharon Anderson, Virginia Parker, Tom Thomas, Hector Reyes, Jett Hathaway, Dave Barber, Eugene Aparisio, Don Walker, Chad Dennis, George Graham, Paul Katz, Gary Johnson, Lee Teed, Judy Swanson, Mr. Olsen. Row 2, Jean Valkie, Glorie Vavruska, Alva Smith, Sandra Holt, Judy Em- arine, Jill North, Judy Scoonover, Judy Lowder, Woody Covington, Jackie Hamilton, Dorothy Wilson, Sandra Little, Sally Stayton, Mary Vincent, Miss Bowers. owzci Qan- ,a ,lg fra, -umm, ,lr . i t lr' S 'ai-7 ons, .N wi' up ilu- fv- f--vw Z' 'ir 'Nr' TWV' Q. ...Mgr fr' "7 'Ir Bob Acosfa David Adamoli Robert D. Adams Paul Aguirre Yvonne Alexander 36 PSN viva. it Kay Allcorn Sfarley Alrgilloers Roy Alzua Angus O. Ambrozie .-,,-vw .,,u'f' Sharon Anderson Eugene Aparisio Tony Apilado Harry G. Arndf 49?- .90 Douglas Applegate John Arbogasf William E. Arnold David Arriola 34:- Manuel H. Armenia Angelina Arvizu Connie Ashcraff Rachel Avila 'Manage' 'JS asf' K7 ad! 1 .af Q---v sv' 'MQ 4? si Robert Barnes Gerry J. Backman David N. Baguley Karon Baird if -'J lv.. f-'x ,Q Ox alll' 4:5 m l"'ls 4? S , 7'T""w. -.rin 'nuff' Ann S. Barth Ray E. Bass 'F Roland Bass Christy Bauld Barbara Baxter Jo Ann Bang Dave Barber vt' " Kathryn Barbettini 52 af' if . 5 'hx 4- .r -,,,,a .,....d..f 'D 9" 1? ea 7-ve. nf' gf' r',,,T, Sally Beck Jerome Bedford Huey Bell James Bender al 1 ,inf SGW RN ig ', .,-up Kathryn Bennett Bonnie Bent Larry Berger Bonnie Bernard John Bibee 37 4 1 Kenneth G. Bilbee 17" Jan P. Bluhm Jacqueline Bonsangue Roloerr G. Borfor Kathryn Boynton 5-.""" R ft" I Irene Binning Q 'ZS' ir' J?" 'Suv Vernon Bodge Sandra Bodily '-ti' Joyce Bloe-holder g"lU"'v Fred P. Boefsch Richard S, Bransford Roberf Brisfol Sherry Brenfon 4vs..,, Mania Virginia Brodbeck ji. C-T-rf" Clark A. Bloxhcirn -if Paul R, Boley Fred D. Brown John E, Brown William Brown 4 f 'ffl ..-4? X09 Marie Buma i L. L Luther Buford Dennis Bungenstock Wilma Bullis Millie Burr 7, 52 7 "fl-'Y' Jerry Bryant O Cf ' Margaret Buchholz Twila L. Buckles Roy W. Cahow George Caldwell Arthur Camarillo Ted Campbell Walter P. Burrell John Byrd Irving R. Byrum Johnny R. Canchola 'wid' ....""'l'-'St 'ff' :qv 1 Henry T. Cantu Raul F. Cantu Willetta Carbone Floyd Cardwell Douglas Cqrgille L 1-9 Q v-up 'O' -45' 1 R-ey pl' """Y 49" 7.1 ill-so I nd., T7 A L 25110 v.Av .pang "!""f'? aww' Sandra Carlson Irene Caro William Carper Gilbert Carrasco Carol Carter 40 1' Donna Carter LeRoy Casey Micaela Castillo Paula Castillo Katy Catchings Qu-'f 'sf' IL 4.4-A '27 :Lf .,.--o-'VT JI-9 'K 'May ua 5, PX'- f"7 Terry Clwryst William Coats Ronald Coke Robert Clark Albert Cobble Ronnie Coker Sally Clearwater Glenn Cooly Irene Cole TY X'-MV ,nap 41" ,AW Rf Janice Coleman Walter Comstock Wilbur Comstock Marianne Contreras Carol Coovert John Corbell Ivan Corner Colleen Cornick Known around our campus as the cutest girls are Compton High's five finalists for Homecoming Queen, Grace Woo, Virginia Parker, Lavon McFarland, Virginia Brodbeck, and Linda Lee. Grace was crowned queen. Loretta Cook Karren Cornick 4l Bcrrboro Cotner Chorles Coventon Woody Covington Donno Cox Wullo Moe Croug 3' 'Q-14" Naomi Croin Alrnento Crook Erme Crosby Jim Crow Lee L Crowell of Bill Crowley Don Cutler Steve Cziroki is is .-1--'-'fl lI!"'!"" Anne Dowden C of Emp 'f"""' Ll Wallis Deyarrnond Joanne Dingillo Carol Drury Albert Duarte Linda Diebner Jane Dodson POT DUUHS Diane DUFCIUH Norman Dutton Pat Durkin Walter Dutton Diane Dyer Rgy Eqrle Ai- ms: 0 w ,I-0' 4-rw! V Judy Eastwood Larry Edwards Judy Ernarine Terry Emblin wFumiko Endo 1 l Yl Wh V' s.. gf' -rj 'ton-gd' X-.fp """7 Carol Ensor Carl Ermert Marilyn Esterdahl Marsha Esterdahl Michaela Estrada H 'Q 44 W was '1l"""v+l Claude Fields Billie Finley , Robert Fink Robert Fisher Bonnie Felolhahn Ezekial Felix "'9' Charles Foster Kay Fawkes David Fowler Vic Fowler Charles Fraser 'Ci 'ni' J'- Y.,-bv, .lay Freeman Sally Freeman Leon Fresquez Wanda Frisco Gary Gabberr 1145 Clara Garcia Florence Garcia Ernesfo Garcia Genaro Garcia for Wil Sharon Garcia Tom G. George Ronnie Garewood Bill Gerien Loueen M. Galloway Donna Galvin Sue Gamble Ted Garavaglia Andrea Garcia Q '10 ADP' NW M 'ff' Roberta Garcia Ray Gibson i- - Q Y? fa' -in 'i Daniel Gilchrist .. ,.,-4" Charlotte Gillmore Hugh M. Gilstrap Dorothy Graham Margaret Green George Graham Bradley Greene Q 3' :Q 'M .......v--v 'S 'K 'ND' uw-au, affff Nettie Givens if Sue Goddard if x fy irtn -" 'N ' 4 Jerry Golphenee Gary Gordon Eula Gomez David Gould David Gooley Peggy Graf David Greenlund Louie Griffey Gracie Gunn Charlotte Greenwood Larry Griggers Sharon Guthrie i """'-nu. 4 fun, 5 f 34 K riff mi A, ii' Darlene Hall Phil Hall P. Sfeven Hall Shirley Hall Dennis Hanson Amy Harbaugh ' 4' ivan, 9Q' ' -Q 4-,P Jackie Hamilton Rhoda Shea Harris Bob Harsfon 'xv' le: fa' and J Howard Hemphill Bob J. Hengler Barbara Henn Brenda Henson Susan Herman Irene Hernandez Rudy Hernandez Carla Herzog Michele Hess Roger Hicks Leading the Seniors in student government is Woody Covington, Senior class president, shown here receiving the gavel from Bill Hamilton, last year's president. Kay Hatfield Jeff Hathaway Carolyn Hayes Barbara Hecht Donald Hedgpeth Gary B. Hellman Charles Helton be-n-.. .what gps ov of pl mia Phil Hartman Gary Harward 54' 'F' 41 110 ,,,.-uf Qmfv., Mad' fk 'Rh ,V -ei I , ff" .l wif 1GHF 'UN' 3 v-mr wait ft!-'ff 15 ,J .Q J - Linda lves Joe Jackson Dorothy Hurley Karen Hutchinson Ronald Inman Wilma Hill Joe Holmes Nancy Hobbs Sandra Holt Ray Hogue Brenda Honer Tom Hague Phillip Honisch Thelma Holloway Birdie Hornbeck Richard Horton Nancy House Bob Howard Judy Howard Enioying the Christmas Dance amidst a backdrop of silver bells and glittering lights were Dennis Tamblyn, Guila Selby, Fred Turk, and Alva Smith. In the background are Milton Johnson and Audrey Treweek. Sponsored by the Girls' League and Boys' Federation, this dance was one of the gayest social affairs of the Fall semester. Reigning over the dance os King and Queen were Charlie Coventon and Sue Gamble, popular couple on campus. Morris Jocobs Lorry Jomes Mono Jeffries Bob Jenkins Corolyn Johnson Gory Johnson Helen Johnson Milton Johnson Por Johnson ...f" Lourie Judd Bob Johnston Cyreffo Jones Jim Jones PP'-E Xl Juoly Julion Borbciro Korle , 11 --,Qi-.J in X"-1? Q-JW' Ronolol Jones Ruby Jones an 'ff' vol N-..- ..-I Poul Kofz Jim Kelley Fronk Kelly Dick Juolol 'Y15' Wav' -I' Q 'Q' "P-'w-nr' X 'QQ G' lfyfmx I 'Cv' VJ" ii' . , 1016 1 M Sreve Killian Janice King Patricia Kirksey Amy Kiragawa Lynne Klaiber Don Kline l F '-"IV Roger Kennedy Walter Kerr Bill Kerrh .lon King Nancy Kimmel Marie King Quentin King Clifford Kirby Joan Kirk Carol Kirkland 1-af' 14 John Kloempken Karl Kramer Ralph Krawiec William Kreifer Harry Kuwahara bidi.. IHA?" Y-Tv' if Q.,-r-7 id and quo-Q 110' Y'---v 1""""? uf' ff' 'ul -1 Eva Lacey Merle Lackey Virginia Laird Alice Lakey Linda Lee Rita Lanoueffe Lydia Larum Bill Leffingwell Romeo Le Marie if Donald Lawhorn Marilyn Lawrence Dianne Lawson Leon Levey Cherie Lindsay Sandra Little Nancy Llewellyn William Llewellyn will Virginia Logan Alice Lomax Beverly Le Doa Leilani Lee and w""e1 I Roy Lonberger Angelifa Lopez Eleanor Lopez Rudy Lopez iw-7-:Y ,-.a-y ?l'..-f Josephine Luna Carol Lorenrzen Joanne Losee Ray Losey "Q,-:Y .4-410' gin. , an -4""" Paul Luna Sylvia Lundy Eddie Lou Lough Judy Lowder '-aa: 53,517- I 4 ,,.,, Q 'SCSI ii rp -if Q' 'v-,av - , +1-TV Q-arf ,SIN adv-4 'i' Harold Lyons William McCarty Jerry McCauley Nonie Lowe HDI- - '57 Six ws -W w. ,.,......, Randall McCowan Bill McCune Lavon McFarland Shirley McLaren Alice Loyd ,ra is Q9 Xurvff Naomi McNamara John McReynolds John MacBride Antonette Macelli Richard Macknicki -dl- . we-J '17"t"' l WNJTV Rich Manda Roberf MacMurTrie Ruth Magallanez W K 1"""V Jonnie Marlow we 'lf Dixie MarTln we "3 Lynda Marsh Roloerf Martinez 4 Bette Magnuson Janice Maloney '91 W Evelyn Mancillas QQ, -an-as M rl? 7.4 af..-f., T' Paul Masuzumi George Mathey William Maxwell Carolyn Mead Marolyn Mead ri fit. Tommy Minor Borlooro Mitchell Judi Moon Corlene Moore Jerry Morris N.. ""w. 'alt """"1' Helene Morrison Joan Moss Darlene Movius Virginia Mueller Bob Muirhead Leon Murillo Eunice Murphy Pat Murphy Walerie Musser Gary Mustain Hi 'W JE ffzzf., y 3 'V B ew! ,9- f'-of Q--an sn! Q .5 47, .4-'49 Diane Myers Ronald Myers Bob Myrtle Virginia Parker, drill team captain, and Roy Lonberger, drum major, show the poise and ability of the combined efforts of Compton High's Band and Drill Team. The performance of the unit was of such high caliber that it was awarded three trophies at the Corona Invitational Band and Drill Team Jamboree. Bonnie Nash Jean Nelms Wanda Nelson Riley Neel Jim Nelson Mary Neuenschvvander l G' hm A-""' i IU" "5"39' -vw'-Q. fs' -'f F-3 K ,JP 'fa James Norton Barbara Nylander Beatrice Nielsen Rich Nolsen Marian Nxshimoto Jillene North When Mayor Del Clawson announced the Homecoming Queen to be Grace Woo she burst into tears of loy Mayor Clawson graciously offered his convenient shoulder for her refuge Sharing her happmess are Mrs Doris T Westcott, principal, Nancy Cavanaugh, Linda Lee, Shirley Holmes, Merle- dene Brownlee and Twrla Buckles SKF C , . AWN it M1 1' Aj' W Danny O'Connel Velia O'Dell Sharon Oldfield gan ara ALA ,aw E Richard Olsen Jerry Olosn Cathy O'Neal Jess Orona Patricia Oster pf' Sierra Oversfreet Cleveland Owens Naida Pahl Claude Palmer Ronald Palmer 'HW wr' 4 i 'Sl Y er-'ff Nl' 'I X' ' l , I' L V Andrew Papp Joseph Popp Arfhur Parker Virginia Parker Jennean Patferson in R. -fr ' 'xr and Q, Joe Payne Jerry Payron Arr Paz Lynda Peoldycoarr Bill Peeler John Pelochino Joe Perez Monfe Perkins Sharon Perkins T. Dionne Perkins not 'Qi' William Perry Beniornin Pererson Harolol Peterson Norma Peterson Marianne Petr icq ,,.nn na" 954' -Muni' P f ' ll' ln A rx 3 it gi, 3? 'V"""'29 Richard Phillips Genevieve Pierz Rey Pina Lois Pipoly Q' Y .,,.A - uv f-4 Gary Plehn Sue Pollard Beverly Polson Pete Porter f f 5 Ronald Prazanf Nancy Proffitt Willis PrueTT Darrel Pyle "?9V .1-if Louie Rasmussen Harold Ray Phyllis Raybern C. Richard Reed ,pw-.M ,mam 'RFS' H...-any David Plechas an 4' v"'ffP ! Sharon Porter Judy S. Rasfed Rf.. l itll Freddie Reed rv' hw' f !""'Q' John Reed Ray Reeves Hector Reyes Mary Reynolds Gary Rice 5 'ILT 119' Hazel Rice Ella Richardson Danny Rikalo Jane Riley Sharon Roberts 'WOW- wwf? Carolyn Robertson JJ '-vb-1-gr ,wo 1-qv' Judy Robinson Delores Rochelle Richard Robinson Ralph Rodriguez Ernie Roop Mary Rotar Steve Rudd Thomas Rose Frank Rubolino Kenneth 'Russell it IP' 99' ei.. 1-.0-if , 4,53 . 'riff' dvi' Ne" 1 Earl Schinkel Sharon Schmitcke Judy Schort Jodey Scholfz Robert Schreck Charles Schroyer Carrie Schulz Ellyn Schurnow Julianne Schwartz Judith Scoonover 'O' adn' gif 'Lf' fffs sa ri' -JK. -'HQ' 1 4,9 wil fl. 0-' usd' 75' 00" -.J Morgoref SCOTT Ervin Seeger Guilc Selby Tom Sheorn Borborcz Sheller -115 fa ff' X X Jesse Soto ' xr R, l l .LA Receiving the crown of King of the Christmas Ball from Grace Woo is Charles Coventon, Sue's steady. Robert Smith Mary Smoot Jim Snavely 'F 'WM Randy Spence Holly Spiker Patricia Stanley Gerald Stansbury Sally Stayton l Qin! I' 1' kir- 1-A-Q is Wayne Steagall Donna Stevens Richard Stevens Frances Steverson Jeanette Stewart , QV ev? f"'7P :AJ Yi.. ig, IO' '35 4"'3' 162' NSU U' ""'?P Ward Stewart Morgan Sfory Jerry Sfriegel Sfanley STrong Eddie Suloer an-.K 'Pb-U iq!-J 'cfs' fa W7 'Ulu 'Id Rufh Terry Dennis Tamblyn Yvonne Tate Richard Taufman .-...fa-0.-, 4035 R..-v !1r"' mfr' -.J 5' A .rf Tom J. Thomas Delores Thompson Richard Thompson Robert Titterington fi' f""'? Mary Thomsen Jim Thornton Gerald Toler Rosa Torres fr 'HV '55, 'wo-J 7""x Robert Thure Mario Trejo Audrey Treweek Silvio Trujillo Betty Tucker Charles Tull Loraine Turk Bennie Twaite I Ramona Underwood Charles Upton John Urbanec Jean Valkie Jim Vance ,fv- f.,....0 f-Nia. NIP" Q-f""'f' 2'-ffl? 351 lui' -...qv Loretta Vargas Robert Vaughn Gloria Vavruska Riley Veatch Allen Veitch nd 'PSV ' ,auf 001 -J -1-fri' du? ws- N, 15' '. ' W.-'Y agwlf 91? W '17 --A "iii" Charles Vranek Don Walker Dorothy Ward Barbara Wade Ed Walker Lora Ware Sharon Wahnish Norman Walling Emrnigene Warren Bill Waldrep Donald Walz Karen Warren Cheryl Verrnace Arlene Vial Alice Willanueva Mary Vincent ff? l we-J 4:11, af 'H fur' 7127 ti 1-1?-3 for'-M s we-v .aw 'fav -um.. 4+-ar Nadine Warren Neil Wearer Willa Washington Peggy Webb Roger Waters Jule Weisenbeck Ronald Watson Kenneth Weiss Marilyn White Brittan Wilde BK VES- 1:"f:'Y Donna Wenrick Joan Wheeler Charles Whitaker Gilbert White K. Michael Williams Lillie Williams Lyndall Williams Marilyn Williams Sears Williams Sue Williams Willie Williams ff' FEW L J' 'J' 41 , ff? f'f""'Q- fr' K4 Diane Williams Erika Wonsch 057 Carolyn Wilson Madelyn Wilson Dorothy Wilson Rexanne Wilson John Wood John Woodard Alicia Wollen ww' Q new?" Grace Woo Jim Wood 4-'49 6' f'-IP? -unanr 5 4' Lfmh-sang' wvvvla 151 vdv gun- i 5 7, ,.. Kg ! ' Ruby Windham Barbara Wine Larry Winkleman Brad Winner Denny Woolsey Pi-rr: x!"""'m Jin, .2-'+ f' ""'l'N3 Ya X mi' QV' Carmen Winters Marilee Witte Carol Witzke Charles Word 'BL ga 1 .faint 'Q M9 ,sup --ag. fm-0-' lui' Gary Workman Darlene Wright Gary Wright Shirley Zinn gi'-1' up ,115 Gary Ybarra Susan Yeager Glenna Yost Fred Young Stuart Zipper ,,...,s.. .94 an-n. 'EZ Venus Zink 130' Julie Zachary LaWanna Zimmerman Rosie Zavala Sharon Zindel Although Mr. Hemphill is o mighty busy mon, he takes the time to bring Mrs, Hemphill to the Christmas Ball. lt is acts like this that endear him and his wife to the students of Compton High. I L Tony Baumeister Eddie Berg Patricia Chinn Patrick Davidson Michael Dwyer Dillard Huddleston ue to late entries, ate transcripts oncl transfers sen- 'ors 'n th's page and the ones following were not on grad- uate release list in time for duo-tone. Robert Gordon Jeanette Hayden I James Hay John Hillard .sa 'fi Bessie Searcy Patsy Stewart Mary Virgil Bette Wilson Annette Williams L Charles Winter Donald Wright Mr. Howard Brown, assistant principal and athletic director, an- nounces the names of the trophy winners in the Compton Invita- tional Basketball Tournament to Virginia Parker, captain, and Sandy Bodily, co-captain, of the Comptonettes. The drill team performed in its usual brilliant manner during the halt-time festivities and presented medals to each member of the Mt. Carmel and Compton basketball teams. Enioying donuts and cocoa at the Senior Do-Nut Dunk are these members ofthe senior class who rose in the early morning hours to come to this successful event. Marolyn Mead, Virginia Brod- beck, Linda Marsh, Carolyn Mead, and Lawanna Zimmerman are caught during an informal gab session. Dancing to the music at St. Valentine's dance are these seniors: Art Parker and Judy Lowder, Riley Neel and Glorie Vavruska, and Tom Thomas and Kay Hatfield. 71 55, My NO SMUNNE i i l-.S Xz- 3, 3 2 y ' we ,r,, 5 wpnw W l l ,kqfl -- a ll - QQ" l V i , . y i N4 .V Wywg. L X . l1 .. o .5 TY V L ' 4 C , V "f"'f"w f ., ' 'V .4 ' . 'I E-img, ' fag . ' 4- - X.. -Q . 1'3" .1 . -'n n ' 1 W f up .rv 5, ii X h il' W nz.. -qw -Q l r . ' - r , . V - - '1 ' 'lu ,, ' V fly r t, ,. rw 1.- ,,. G get ,gsm awww . 13, J it A MQW? bl 512, ' , lziifx' , l ' Tournament posters mode by the production art closs. , 4 33,2 V35 K Q i X 4. Mr Esc is worlcing hard ,Vine, NWS ondilo Kid" his desk. Mr. Powers is playing the par? of a typical rnarh teacher. O 7163 gnmlvlef' is The favorire These senior e these s e ri gals "iw 34 9 ag ff ,.,,... -.., Ps. X ' , ge . " ll , ...a ,, ,.,, Familiar sight or the foorbull games. liizmcly Spence works lo in fin ours rx. ef Q e T smclenr. ff Ma.. 'V' itll Z-Q? , fri? 'T'-ff' Birdie bon is forning ol We 'Wil The days over. Now we Q0 home Brad Greene, on his way fo the C.l.F. Bollorns U D playoffs, Counrmg her foes is "pretty legs' e Muscle man of Compton is senio Art Camrillo, Mr. Chester displays his outstanding Monl' Woody Covington coming for the last round up. Judy Lowder. Audrey, gobbirig. 'bw I Rah! Roh! Rah! Looking the girls over. WW OI Y-I I, wx , .a ' 1 If . 1 K t ' J' L Kung and GUM gi, mfr. 'Arewsdwssf v 'X H 1 U A typmnl pose Co on wnrh rin weddmg. 23 ws , Vffrms wcmks mwcxy f He :N S Q . uf .40 SHOKSNG Down WMM Downey 'On i' , V12 'I ILS '14 Q65-EQ! "--4 A HUNCIWY' I Io 4' ...A fm Typncmi boosvcr sccrw. All MQW Tvun Bc ff -g M www' Hcxvc YOU Ove' 'Xu few like m hunum bcmermg mm? Ure Governor. AFI Hari to Thee! Whole lor of shcxkm gom' 'Ti Eating, as always. How' JJ Loca! Toughs! ,pw """ H1-ho, ponytail! The Eyes Hove sw? ,wut . 41, .ye If ,-,g K. K me -eff '- 1 , ' . '-H ...J C? ii SP un? 4, w 6 , ffm W . gf ,E .W A,,, W 4 n U J W V . -Q' 1 ' . - 1 fvv L -'24-J W" ay w i ' K ' 1 ' 'W' ,pi t y k .4 14437. ,Q V- .f, 3 ,vm , , . , ., , tvwvjgff- it 'F A 514 if -. 5' - 1 -'J 'jf' . i"fwga..+1 5 J 4 V ,Q 1 in 1 'T 'fr-1 ff ' V W 1 0' M - ff'm,w. - 1 .liyx S' Q 1 L, il, , " -'W - " 1 ' 4 V sf' '1 f L' W AV h x' -V K dd.,-4 , . My , J' rf' , W' .. W ,ff ,. . ,.fl""'W A, K K wqMA,:f7 x, . H " w. ,ki V -vi A ffxg 1-Aj! r 2 - 'F R-wE?Zi.' ,..L if 3' , Qui- ,, I Q - I -+ ' 'sf A - ff pswaiwi . 'df-X 2J.", 1'86 W .'T',.!A"' ' H 'N' ' NH-sw U v ., DA , ' s cj - - if 45 ' K' L 'I 'l v til", .nz 185.4 ' w f i . J ,J . 'A ,Q M o ,,1 .1 rg 5 . . Y '41 Aga, In 1 :P fa: .gn inf? . . rp if Q 3 . ' 2- , .H ,gl-rf. . A T4 if . " ' .-rf fr f if A TL ff-'T' ' I I not-My .W .. ggi-sy y,g ,WV 1 ff' xf V ,,.. Q '42 W W 45 ffl' f-'N .'7.Ff'q:"' dH ,ff-f X My f ' -f" ol n. - X f 4 fu.. MA o ni 4 N 'f . - It iso, with a greo ecrl of pnde Bom!! All-Sm came an EI Compomle Y f nces cz name for Compton orker, dnll team cuprcun and high honor to be the only Star game un 1958 0 ' Q, - f 3 . f L I Virginia Qu. 'Hr' anim Clam Lgfgiaafca 55001241 cgsfnaafa Q75 Cp. j"""'K li HQ -9 Puffiqng inTo - vesredel ini Them The second gm secrefaryg king for Th Class wel The legislarive powersw Senior Class officers of Arthur Parker, presiclenr, , Terry Thomas, Little, Treasurer. Arr, yell has represenred the Senior - . X J' 'vi X , A xfq 1 1 ffm Leading the Junior Class in its numerous projects were the first semester officers. Each of these officers are outstanding in his own right and with their combined efforts their term in office was very successful. From right to left are Jean Fuller ltreasurerl, Pat Hartford lsecre- tar l, Judy Beckner lvice presidentl, Bob Tenny- Y son lpresidentl. 78 67176151 f Compton Planning activities for the students o High was the first semester Junior class council composed of Row l, Irene De Perron, Jennie Aginaga, Judy Knight, Wanda Ulery, Valory Webster. Row 2, Naddie Smith, Pat Nichols, Billie Jean Prince, Lurinda Ralls, Rita Garcia. Row 3, Bob Tennyson, Jean Fuller, Pat Hartford, Judy Beckner. Row 4, Mike Dwyer, Miss Winger, Mr. Stockwell, Eddie Banks. Some of these activities were the Junior sponsored dance after the Paramount-Compton basketball game, the ' Prom. Ju nior talent show and the Spring ounai 1 Successful describes the second semester Junior council. It is to be commended for its ex- cellent planning for the Junior Talent show and the Spring Prom. The tradition of choosing a iunior girl to reign as queen over the Color Day dance was initiated during this council's term. Members were Row l, Lurinda Ralls, Enid Coop- er, Gary Barmore, Jane Kitagawa, Jean Fuller, Sharon Foster, Darlene Conn. Row 2, Gordon Bacon, Nlacheal Henn, Grag Cops, John Steven- son, Judy Oakland, Judy Masonheimer, Dona Janecek. 3 ' ' l J l s ,Q ...if -4 vi omg... To carry on in the footsteps of their prede- cessors, second semester Junior officers united their own capabilities to bring forth a reward- ing term. The officers were, from left to right: Jean Fuller, secretary, Lonnie Carter, president, Jane Kitagawa, vice-president, and Gary Bar- more, treasurer. 1 F 1 I I K ML ? l l any-blhwvwal 'ww- F Q is .fi 5 i I 11' fe., I ,f-. fs fry: , ll t Q R . I ,f W ' , V 'Q Eugene Anson Carl Bishop Paul Blakey in Bob Blanks H "1 Keaton Bucker - ll ' , Judy Badge X t Q 56' f ,K 'arf Kenny Bolen mt! 'I .,,, V A ' A Mi K ' - 'd l l ' I Charles Bottoms ' 45 1 ' B ,.'.,L5:fBfif1I: P0"lCiU Bowen l X Jerry Anderson M gl ' ,l X Leo Anderson Joyce Beard Q R Qyzf' E Judy Beckner , ag Q 1 ll 4- O, 4 Judith Bell , . F Xl W , :B Q l-e'0Y Bell . x A ' " . Jim Bennet! ' K' l ljl J Wayne Ben? he A B Darlene Benton :Z , 1,1 Lvllle Alslon Albert Ambrozlc Jackie Barnes - B1 , , 'ki 4" James Andefson Valentine S. Barra I - , 5 Paul Barrie 1 ' ' K Q 5 Sieve Bartholomew ll Cad' K' Linda Bass Q ' N Joe Baumeisfer 6 . K , Jennle Aguinaga f O Sanford Allcorn ,J ' ,la ls' H , Lynda Allen 5' Ted Allen Jon Barbano 3, r r r"k B , Roberta Barbara "' 4 f he ' 7' A , I Raymond Barber ' 4- . K Joel Barley -vw , ' ' G l -...' In ary Barmore - V V A - nrre 'A B fe Virgie Acosfa Alex Acuna fs B Jackie Adams I , ,, A Minnie Adams A H u. 4 .r-I. Murdhqll B.-mo., ,g n 3 Q Gary Balsfad . V ' K Edward Banks ' I . X it VV . ,V VH . W-, X H. f f . ' 1, S H 1 I .Y f . f' ' A 'lf ' - : 5321 Danny Arwood W - ' K ,H l Garden Bacon W A ' Barbara Baker li- :I B - , A , B '.,' . " - f B ' B 'fbi l Q ' 3 S I X M J ja Q K Manuel Ares x 4 ' ' .gg my K , B K 5 ' Harry Armenfa . , I r k L ., X 3 V ,435 I l 3 A ' f 'V Q , . V B ellie B Y Q 1 A . 1 . , w E I .ir E. 5 .L , is he r . ' xx , . .. . .. - B1B 1 . ""' -LNG, ' - 1 A "I B B, B, xx 11" B1 , Q MQ V ,B B V W B 'Al B ' i ' V, ' l I -r'. 5 'Big Amy A 9. as B Q- , B - ' 5, , ' - B , BBBB I , h m y , f, K , AA ix . ' ,. , I . In i B".' ii' ' rf' . 'M . -- I V B . " :f . . ' -' L B ersl wg M- , r B M B ll B B B we Q' f 1 45" Y ? " , if A ' B ' -,pi ,if . . , B B " , ., lll,,s Bi le,--,, i ""' 1 ' :il - - , B A ...' 'B-B -1 "fir 1 1 .I ,, -as 80 B B , . B B vm B ' B 4 r ' 'H' '17 's Kendall Cartel Ronald Bowers Por Bozzo Don Brace I ' Larrnine Brace -151 r-f Sylvia Brace l Lloyd Brent Q A 'J Linda Bridges "' Rayner Browers ,PQ-X I 4 Ky rx Lonnie Cartel JWY Brown Bill Case Shirley Brown Merledene Brownlee Moe Brubaker reubsfine Bruton .V K Sharon Bucl-:ridge 54 .x Barbara Burkhardt 'S .- fir, 44 Y, it x Q . I A Nancy Cavanauglrv 'gg Q Mary D. Celstine M V'VQ'Vl'0 Bufks Edward Chaffin f- Anthony Burr .v Versie Burries S -is Walter Burris K K John Burton eff Carmen Bosiaiios f .EL Grant Collin Dorothy Calloway Jeanette Calonge John Calvert Mark Camarillo N . l ' rl K - Daniel Canchola Q ' 3552, ' fl: ,, Dean Cannon V- , ri ' ' ,r'r .. " Nick 'COW' iii- X., ii I I E Richard Carbaial f l .9 I , nf' r Xxx 'r A 'f r :Q M X t , . ,W 17, 'S 'W ' A S13 . avr i- ' A- .Y 'viva K ,K f- if 4 Q A H ffm X - .J -i. jx, ls . i' 'xr -i. ff V "" i 'ii . h A , sm . K ' 'gl .. 'A - s I '- vs 'fr . ' " B Us ' P i A --- E ' ' 3. X, A x I I A h l g n B ' r Q rr ,i fs?" Q? l' , W W t- 14. X , 513 V. ' r . .QI ,sg , in N VA k . if ik r I Elaine Carlin Gladys Carmono Frank Caro vi Q-'4 if Q , Q ,- Y .ll K Q Vicki Chastain Don Christie Lynda Christopherson Dorothy Claxton gs-nr Nann Carr Bud Carter up X ,ii Y, 1 i -- --si - B Carolyn Carter V N, ...xl ! .0 l i .l " lr Nadine Claydol Enid Cloper Harry Clyde Hugh Coburn Wanda Cogbill X Q Q ff' + - 81 I ri K ,mx 4 l L y 'K , ri , 3, .ff N 1 il . . . i V .Fi X I NX ' v i U ' - iv J , g W XX "'g ,,,. , Claudia Crawford N :ps Verne Crawford ,, - V y Thomas Crawshaw X , Q: Q. .I - ' . ' ' n. - - Qflf Don Core Tina Corrales 'f Julian Cortez , V,, VL Sue Craddock 'aa sux Audrey 'Conedy Darlene Conn Russ Cope Greg Cops Gloria Colder Carolyn Dalbert Billie Daniels Twyla Darby Randy Dashel f 1' - , -ia' - , - - 1 ' '--" S' ll s , F 4 my if-are , ' "' - Sonya De Fosse X- W' , 5. ' I gm N., i K 6 K 1,,,,qf.Y I. N we Carolyn Crunk Patsy Cummings " X' David Cziraki W M Qs? i 'J F Ffa 9 In .. f S f i W, ' ' ,K Dennis Creighton , k 'gg' V . Mary Ann CripPS J J 'Zi fy me 'K' .. XX. ' ,W V wh., fn ,, lg .Aj ws -I 1 1 F C Marie Davila Jimmie Davis ' Martin Davis :Y A as V Oland Davis j C ,yss Richard Delgado William DeVare Gary Dobbs an , we af' 1 , " 1 my ,wp-Q " 'V' .,,.-v an s J .X 'V K s Y H . 4 :vii 'i - Bonita Dohman Irene Dominguez ,M Virginia Dorham F, Irma Duarte Charles Dunn ' ' .f.'- 2' lrene Dupeflcn Mike J. Dwyer Reginald Davis Jim Dean Carole Dearmon Larry De Fosse Kenneth Estep Tommy Fawcett Larry Felix Janet Fingers avi L, wi.-5 124 Z: -sd 1 o. , il Q i "-f' .w...,f el. Bobby Eckenberry Joe Edwards Nancy Edwards Raul Elizaldo Carolyn Endo Q.: Y' s. a-3 qw Q X tv, l N 'N 'L Wayne Floyd Charlotte Foley Par Foley Andy Fonies --x ., ii-fi' X, wr J K y .5 11' I X Grace, Roger z Q Pk , K. X AG J X J, v X W u L... "ami x x I x X..-'N - , , Vk,7 A 1' i V? y , ,f ll , ., y I .f , :ig qi, I J 4 or yQyy , M R X sg kia ,Nm H 1 5. 4 -w K? . Q I 'fy pf Ku X s fd' '27 Patricia Forbesy Errol Forrl Sue Foskefi Freida Foster Sharon Fosfer Walter Gordon Irma Goss Simon Goss N K. ,Ki . ., .i 4, , 1? X Nw. sr 'F if ss ws? Bill Graham Eddie Graham Poririo Granados x gl ri 'E - . , p K 4 Ronald Grant Brenda Gray Diane Gray Christine Green X 'J' 1 4 x .X ..,, i 1 James Griffin Bonnie Grogan Socorro Guerrero R i. ., , 1 V U ykiy C ' -P-If G ,, Williams Foster Dennis Frank Lynn Franklin Sally Frick Louis Fuggin Jean Fuller Marilyn Fyke HV K , N 5 X Gary Gaines Bertha Gaona Angelina Garcia Terry Garcia rs, A . X William Garcia Rita Garvin Bill Gates Roy Gilbert 1? Judy Glanville Gary Glenn Pafricia Gloczeski Marian Gomez Q 4 1 'A rs Qi R, f' ml! 'E A ir" M. Paul Gonsowslri Rosie Gonzales Theresa Goodson Fra nces Goodwin Errol Gordon gb . 5 G 3' '- 5 5- Joan Guirnond Marshall Gunn M' x Susie Guthrie Teresa Guthierrez Duonicio Guzman Bob Hagaman Jan Hall ,...... A ui' I. K' . -fs ' Carole Harrell Linda Hallett Fritz Haney Deanna Hansen Floyd Harber vi. ,J i fm Linda Hartmann Martin Hayes Martha Harbottle Patti Harford Freddy Harris 'HM' .nv 'Q '5 Connie Hadgpeth Claudetta Henderson Michael Henn ..., ,xx 9" we Z ' e rm .-.-f wif ... fs, T Janet Harris Jenn Harris Pauline Hepp Tom Herrrn Paul Hogue Jane Holcombe Dolores Hart Q 4-I ' '. N. . -4-t sr e il l 4 ' Charle Betty Carol Ruth Shirley s Hollis Holmes Holmes Holmes Holmes X I Charles Honeywell Frank Hopson Alfred Hornbeak Stephen Houck Dennis Houghton Dillard Huddleston cl Sammie Lue Hunter Stephen Hunter Didier Hurdle Robb Huson John Huttinger Sonja lvarsen Dona Janecek li Burrell Jenkins Johnnie Johnson Linda Johnson Clyde Jones Marianne Joyce Benny Juarez Leroy Keefer Sandra Kelly .f-v '63 ur" f ,..-v 41 4-3 sv-7 iv-4 ,ga UU :qi an "' X5 . ,Cyan 51' 1 -, eu, Q -we x jfs., ,xr 0 1 TV Eulia Lewis Leah Lewis Y Stanley Lewis -.k- 1 Marilyn Liby " Lois Lindsey Judith LeBaron - Judy Ledford Peggy Lee - Carroll LeFort Robert Lenf '1 - LIS Georgia Knowles Walt Knowles .J Yash Kubota Floyd Kyander ' Sue Lambertson L .:' Richard Land 'V 1 Q Gary Laurin Gary Kelsay Wayne Key Jane Kivagawc Donald Klinkert Robert Knartzer Judy Knight John Knittle Edward Knowles Eddie Mae Levias di D L s- L "' . G-3' .nf , ' il L. J g L 1 J 5 ,,,l . L A 9 i . fn 3 ' YL V J ' Q-:J .X 5 ' - N e lx 1 1 Ns' J K 'Stl i:'i , . I . J . ' it L 1-. I , ' - De W be . J . s 'Vx 1 X 'J Y I 0 bl 4 WX f J ..VL M QE J E5 f rfirse The L ,I t i ,em l : l x. Q L L x ,I L L 5 K fl :lite A If 3 4 ,gr M :V , - r gir1L 'g- as L 5' L 'rx K' ,A UV I Q1 N 1" X A' h ' f QQ? I nd - A Y ..,.,.. SW: r Q, had r Mg-I L 53,111 we Vis rsfei ffl' I Margaret Lirtle Lyndia Lizarraga Lorelei Lohman Gary Long , if pr ,,... ., v 'Q q . ,ne-I. . wir f .4 'XX , I ,AK 7 N! Jody Loper Nellie Lopez Manaela Luian Lynn Lyman Cynthia McAiley Jim McCulley Martha McFerran Joanne McGranaghan :Q Arlene MdCatfrey Sylvia McLaren Velda McMillian Sharon McVey Ray Mac Adams .. Q., y 'N J' r Q A Patrick McClain i J Martin McCrea J f V , fo 7' , x ' , .5 Denny McCallum U an J , -.. - . . , ,, 1 Y' 'V want ' ,X l :rx L J L 7x . .K , . . 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A , W . is 'V Q K I Zivgp. .loan Moring My .:: Q! Lillie Morris "' L 'RQ Phillib Morris - W, " -.Y LQ, f ff Jay Myers Q ' , .- . e' Joanne Mathison ' Joy Lee Maxon - f ' L,.,l Donnell Mays l I Judy Meads J , .4 g, David Merritt 1 I l W L 1, .rk 'V A, ' fe., Jim Myrtle - I ts. , 1 James Neal K ' fr x j Q 'W' A , 'f George Neidhardt Edward Middleton Alfred Miller Dan Miller i.. E Gloria Miller l W " s " . i N ' f Wayne Miller , ' g , ' 1 i -Q,.,,,, -1 . , , . Luster Mills .V . - L, g ' .g ' I I . , Q V Ruth Mills 'r I . V W 'a A lifltti A A ' V ' SQ? .5 xx jr. E - . Lowayne Miner Rosalyn Mitchell Jenny Molnar Charles Montgomery :.t,r3i'.,,, . E L, K G mx, gf- its W mv it N' .... E Randy Montgomery Ruth Moore Wayne Moore Pat Morales . 4- . ,,, li. I I K ,A L 3:33 . .av 9' if L if an . th. .J ' J rr.. f-if Jesse: y.: f , Rogue Nieto Dorothy Norwood Judy Oakland Janette Odle H Jerry Ogren Richard Ollila Joshua O'Neal Arthur Orenlas Adeline Orozco Douglas Nelson Louise Nelson - r mv-W Q X if ,,,i. - tv Iul 'K . -ff "if 'lt X wp 86 N xx AA' J 513:11 K L X .. -P7 qw 'il Q-4 I -Sir M4 Richard Orr Larry Osborn Berry Osrrander Lucille Pcilacios Gene Parris '5 .. 5 T37 A . 3 'G y Barbara Perry Sabina Paiino John Patterson William Pearce Ralph Pensarr Alfred Perales -X 16 NJ, 1 . -ff . ii ' ' 1 ,561 I A he 5 , , - .L VVV. Dead rzrfimrdson ',, ,, ' . Gerald reney . if f ' . A Carl Rio -1 Chem Rrrchson A Q Hugh Prosser af, s va. . ' 'Y P ' kv 'Y sd' X ti 415 .' I, J, l f f of .f . .f A XV V qi ' QI N 1-Y a . xi, H' K1 i f 'il ir GX X X HX J n B.- Th P B Ezmsp eel Don Pryfogle o y egnsuro N I, P Vd , Sharon Pemberton am le . U l O Manuel Qurnrana N - X - ,K r V V x , ll - m 'fl K - is V i -f-X, 'lg X '-1: rg . AQ, . 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'ii ,ling Y- .zz i r s .gg Priscilla Riichie Dora Rivera Elgor Roberts Mae Robert Sharon Robinson 88 Nonie Radriquez Nancy Rohl Brenda Rocker Josie Rosa Elizabeth Russell George Roth Wanda Randolph Jerry Rudulph 5 f '42 Marselle Rush Shirley Sanders Arthur Soniiful Pere Santos Judith Severson George Sharapata Gary Shell Jack Shell Duane Shelton Edna Shivers Judy Shook Gary Silkenson Trinidad Silva Bill Simmons im Simpson Alfonza Sims Jr David Slnmger Hr 1 'E sv- A-545' Edward Sisson Wendy Slofhowev Lucy Smedley Jerald Smiih Josephine Smith Naddie Smiih Sydny Snively Don Soneff 'J wav? Maria Saucedo Coralie Schumacher Winifred Scorza Al Sedlak hal nm., A ,ww mass-1,. . . an-.s refs JJQJ J .llri..i E Km, iyw f I an 8.03 -A Hattie Sapp r 'tw if f '- - in 2' -Y - J . "' 4 4:1 l A X ll Larry Saas 1' In . :gr Maria Salcido ,Sirk ' My l Joanne Solsberry A 4 .f f" ., "' Q V i' J A T1 1 - 'B' A J J J W ssssa ' - we e J iv Osborn Russell, Jr. l"L K ' '. ' A - g f Nj Janice Ruth rl K wi- L W ' ' I . 1' .h - i . -l,, I 'ff' I' k CAM Y J ' 53 . New 'K ' J J . f .. . ef. 19-:li ' will 2 , M 1599" -1 -lx ,A x l ' K X" Avi M , sw A f J M ' - ..,, ' A We . 4- . ' . .M , W, 'rf V if ' , . , . A 1 S x A V H Sq .s Q Q . "5 ' .- , X, J ' E fi K' 2 J f t I -B ' 'Li W -- . 4 , gd! WV, H 9 sg yy I I I f , 1 J lx l , 'i'l Q44 , 1 ,4 lisi,sr for or ssiss rsl . My iiy J p , PIT ' -'J Q ill' 4 l A I I t ' ' I ll "'- l I ' x I I 5 11121 Timothy Spears Ollie Spran Pat Stamback Nyln Stanley Judy Sfeogall Charlene Stevens John Stevenson Bob Stone sy , V - . V5. 1 'F it . te gk . 3' Judy Straub Edward Sukia Fredrick Swan Eddie Tafoya C-ae Talkotr Rella Tate Willie Tate John Taylor Linda Taylor Bob Tennyson Jerry Thomas Jerry Dee Thomas John Thomas i 1 4 , IM ' E' -M2 Ronald Upton sal'-gi vii ' ' nn, Judy Thomas Ross Thomas Ruie Thomason Bill Thompson 1, 5 Moyford Thorn Edward Tirnms Wilfred Toney Joe Torres Mario Treio F id K " n J if J 'K K -t , ,.,, ., - 597, A 9 ". sex - bw-4141 Fi I 'W if s , o Connie Valencia Mary Valleio Betty Truiillo Marie Turk Eliyah Turner 0 - . ""- ' ". . . . " 'tr' V ,' is rp. M 'S X ..- , , i In .. - W 5, . .4 2 ' 1 '- X. v ' , , 1 fl 'A ' 1 , iw . A -1 r my 3 ' .ly xi f x , wliiiyl f ' f ,. j ,l r ' 'f 3 4 it fgfigg? i X' ' Er - .fi 3 H . - . Q iw , i . . T . H r Frances Vargas Erminia Vasquez Joe Vaughn V 5104 KX ,, is Jerry Tweet Wanda Ulery Charles Veals Micheal Veltman Gary Vesl Manuel Virgil fy.: 4' 0 X ... Q K 1,3 A or y X 1, ,.. y I - Ti X . . s . K Y if K t V . 1 . - ' 2 6: 1 John Underwood X TX V big N JK . j .5 . . Q "' . ., A .- ' s -f 5 ' k , in I M by .X C ,V ry Wy 5 . y-.., is-w'y 'J sv "W V ul Tj gi . .nf N 1 fa. lst J ff?-we . T il T, -T T Ns. rf rv Y , J.-lqr Walter Vincent Filiberto Virarnontes Carol Voge Gloria Wade Robert Wagner 89 U ii ,sv J, Yi Q V ig a Tina Walden W Cecile Walker si, 1 George Walker Barbara Waiters Norma Washington The year of 1957-58 at Compton High established o First by choosing a Junior girl to reign as Queen of the Color Day dance. This was done by selecting o girl from each United States History class. The final choice was made by the Squires and Slim- ettes. Her Majesty, Judy Beckner, is dressed as she was when she reigned over the dance. l. A r X ii i Jane Wight Russ Willy Bob William Earlean Williams Janice Williams Joyce Williams Ordell Williams Wiley Williams A 'J s l'iil - uw V ' , , kitiigizigiez -K -.s ' , . , - 22514 r ' 71,1 I - lim L ' ' a. :.: K f - LJ su KK Kgs, , eau 1 J K f ,i X' Benira Watson K - K ValorY Webster V M Joe Wenrick f.K Lequency Whifehurst , ekn... ,, -'H ' f w George Williamson v 'Y : .W Robert Windes Ki. . K K Ray Winn Carol Wolfe . Earl Wood Evelyn Wood Vernell Woods f ,," it Willie Woods KK1 K K Dave Wright ' 2. ii K K iK . ' QK ' 5. Alice Wuethrich f K 'K K Nancy Wynn " f" ' K, K Lionel York -I . K fy Lawrence Thomas " "1 ' ' , , ,3. X. -.g , . K , , KK'K s f' K KK, 5 ' '- ' . J ' ' - 1 4 e J f s ' - ,KKK wgjnx Kr ! ' 1 1.-, Q iiiie s in J i --ltf 1 2 2 J Kg Ks,. rf.. . ,I K KK - KKK ,., K: 51 is lssis J ' ,rii Qi J I s s.y., C? - Kys, xii ,s,, 1 ittt- Y I... Q I is .fy , aw, Hg E 'QR ,5- 4 LJ 3 THU? Wull I Mes Pm 1- ll 3 Q- Come out of me Cold Move ciomaci UH mfg con Mower! ix r" at 'K !W'aIe?e's foot of the vem Tnk Lookrvlcu , l , Who d yo say? M .W AQ , They use Forbwdden: Studying out of class Svmbo frevurnsy Typwcoi Compton rogue M Lm,gS,Omf1Lv f1WGr'1fH who of cs You emit nothing buf 0 hound dog! ,fx . 1. , 512,000,000 CN? Looks luke C1 new 0 .H J DEAD ivon, ' ou W1 smel sx.cC . T fponsor. 5l0f1ff0nz0'za C7015 Qfkcau First semester Sophomore officers are to be congratulated on leading their class and council through a dynamic semester. The activities in- cluded a very gay and successful Christmas party and a nomination assembly for second semester officers. Plans were made for a drivers education assembly and a talent show that took place during the second semester. The officers were Tony Aguilar, president, Pam Myers, vice- president, Bonnie Patt, secretary, and Joyce Umstead, treasurer. an Andrea Pat Rich sponsor Tofw .J Landis, i l Lanell Marianne I . Mr. Francis KJ' Q5 Haan f scum! :xanzaafsz Workmg on Nw ynropzcm ol ilw Muay wc, ond swwwsiwr' www offwcurs Jolm Lurkvy pwmrhflwfg JOAVWIW Roop, ww IHIUSWCJUIWTQ Jorma? Ecmfwoorl, wnfvfrxuyg mwi ,lcmv1 rwsNvy, Trmxfgnm-:A Ervtmfly flwffmn-:wt from cmy gin-ffwhrug clams 1l1f-Ny -,pvcnr Iwuflvrl flw xwwciklrwg QI mx flu-,n rhrwftoxy. Two of tlw mow! swuccvsmhxl rlctwvm-a Www Tlw Sophomow Tcslvm aluovv cms! Crxmurcz Dcry. COIWQV'ClfLJ'ClfIOHS C30 io Tlw -wfcrwl m-r1ww.M'r alms-, ccmncmf on C vm . chummg :Ts srfmvstur cis CI qcvvmimg luorly, Hwy vvmv, Row I, MIA FIC1lM'i', Dllwonlw 1 fo Qpomsorg Mfxrqw Hwmy, Joyce- Hum-fa, Icme-T En-Jwoofl, Jolm lurkvy Iprvairffvmil, ,Io Arm Floop, .lrmvt Frxrrwulvy, lirwrfrl Flmt, Joycw MCOr'iggfs, Jfuwv Rzclwcmrflsorw Row 91 DOUCHCIS VV:1llf.m', Philip Cuuclill, Sfcvv Mmmo, Emiu Gmlmmy, Rogcvr -1-mx W NWA- X H Fha, wghvs, Nmtlmcm AV?f!6XV'SOIT, Mmnnxrwm- B4-HQ, Mmry lvv ,1v2smw, .am DvllwrT4'1 Summvm, Bf1r'l'JCArr1 JOHPQ, M125 Milrlrvrl VVyc1f1, CO- 'V SDOIWSOV. ounci cf awww I XXK ,t L if :IW , n 4.....-. W 4 5 , ...l PA? 111 N 1 U .9--an Endeavoring to become leaders during the second. semester were these candidates for the Sophomore offices. Row l, Kathy Obermiller, Liz Matesky, Paula Crunk, Andrea Hackman, Catherine Minor, Marion Bantista, Alice Eck, Evangeline Coseco. Row 2, Miss Wyatt, Jo Ann Roop, Donna Gotwalt, Joan Solak, Janet East- wood, Marylee Jessee, Shirley Van Dyke, John Luckey, Roher Hughes. Aloflfionzo 'ze Ufam One ot the most pleasant experiences at Compton High is to hear the Chimes in the tower every half hour. Row lr Kola White, Pat Bryant, A geline Lopez, Barbara Floe, Bonni Patt, Sue Hamlin, Barbara Twait Row 2: Neal Geer, David Co Booker Jones, David Shaw, To Lynch, Don Smith, Jim Woods, Bo Walters, Leon Hicks. Row 3: Ba bara Lacey, Victorine Harris, Sharo Gabbert, Ken Hunter, Levi Patterso Bill Dodd, Larry Napolitano, Joh Jordan, John McCleary. Row 4: M Dilworth, Dennis Lewis, Danny Joh son, Ed Stone, Jim Cope, Paul Sha parta, Jerry Soltow, Philip Caudil Richard Sheldon. Among The many TalenTed people of The Sophomore class are The QuinTones: Suellen Sprague, JaneT Easfwood, Melin- da Chapman, KaThy Obermiller, and JaneT Farnsley. The girls, combining beauTy and song, are asked To sing aT many school TuncTions. They are shown here aT The ChrisTmas Dance. ow l, Janeen Miller, Bar ara Johnson, Karene Drake, oris Cook, Beverly Allen, ladys AlsTon, Irene CorTez, ilvia Alrarez. Row 2, Ray sborn, James Paz, John asTleman, Mike Cahoon, illy Parker, David Tillman, red Frese, Larry Anson, Ed laughTer. Rovv 3, Marralee cClinTon, Carrie SuiTTs, niTa Ruiz, Myra Rose, Shir- y Eddins, Diane Buckner, hrisTy Clark, Sally SmiTh, im Webb, Mr. DilworTh. ow 4, Doug Becker, Richard andin, Dan Pierson, Bill aylor, Marshall Hernandez, rnie GuThery, Roberf Lan- is, Francis Bosley, Jack uarez. AJS In order To provide a more Thorough drivers educaTion program Tor The Sophomores an as- sembly was presenTed To Them by ThaT deparT- menT. Taking parT in The panel were Pam Myers, Maureen Guin, ElizabeTh MaTesky, Tony Aguilar, and LT. l-l. R. Lindemulder of The Compfon CiTy Police DeparTmenT. .M-4 .4 . s 'Q I 1 f Row I, Margaret McLaren, Jo Dell Davis, Rosa Rinder, Helen Woods, Jill Danforth, Judy Henry, Billie Churchwell, Francis Vigil, Virginia Garcia, Anita Kirby. Row 2, Miss McCulloch, Margaret Ford, Charlesita Mann, Kathleen Kalland, Sandra Mayben, Rosalind Mills, Jackie Wynn, Pat Reed, lrmadell Thompson, Janet Eastwood, Marina Santos, Row 3, Eddie Johnson, Doug Walker, Bob Emblem, Lynn Runnells, Dennis Smith, Charles Hughes, Lee Frank- lin, Steve Delgoto, Tom Fawcett, Don Dye, Wayne Rayford, Stewart Vawter. its - . 'P 1--Q i l 2 I 7"'?' ""l 2 1 ,Y ,,....,,,,,... :Sl fzgomo 'ze Zigi Row l, Eleanor Culver, Dorothy Ray, Birdie Hanna, Norma Lopez, Wand Jennings, Maria Gutierrez, Rebecc Jordon. Row 2, Gwen Murdock Virginia Gilchrist, Ruth Mayfield, Jean Avery, Lula Davis, Jackie Jack son. Row 3, Bob Johnson, Le Reyes, James Leitner, Norman Hay den, Jim Deming, Robert Hendrix- Wally Garcia, Daram Richardson Row 4, Norma Parks, Marianne! Betts, Marshall Selle, Don Campbell Tom Wilson, Grady Wooclry, Wood Prude. Row 5, Mr. Dilworth, Vanc Briggs, Peter Janich, Fred Kimbrel, Jesse Mendoza, Fernando Torres. i 5 li 6 1 T, Carol Coll, Evelyn Burk, Rubolino, Noriye Yamashira, Harcling, Ruth Dawes, Olivia Teresa Caslillo, Sharon La Rovv 2, Jucly Parker, Mary Trella Noelzel, Doris Taylor, Jones luclilh Bledsoe Judith Beverly Aluloolt, ena Elizalcle. 3, Leroy Gray, James Fair, Amerrnan, Henry Ares, Slreeler, Jim Solclana, Row Russel Jefts, Robert Evans, Melinda Chapman, Joanne Solak. Farrier, Millon Hillberry, 'SPM Miss McCulloch, Mark Adams, Mr xi' , .-rs..-Qf. M cgi pgofrzozs fl 5.5 T T r T, ij, 5 ,gs A .flak E R -. C.. W. ix J Row I, Joyce Hanes, Lucille Shirley Helen Ayala, Florence Penson, Gypsy Rice, Delia Guerra, Arclell Catch- ings, Rosemary Ortega. Row 2, Miss McCulloch, Jackie Edwards, Doralee Anderson, James Warrian, John Clark, Andrew Franklin, Dennis How, Bill Clark, Cecil Chavers, Row 3, Rulh Harris, Juclilh Pepenclick, Mona Brockman, Acla Smith, Pat Blankenship, Kalhy Minor, Diana Madrigal, Dorothy Romero, John Ollens, Alex Garcia, Rovv 4, Gerald Soulhvvich, Jack Collay, Eugene Thomas, Rrclrarcl Pralf, Bill Slinncrl, Raymoncl,Al'Iison, Charles Melonson, Tom Hall, Eugene Jackson. 5 . !""' nr-1, in ,, FYR? l5.,,,i.:,. is 'fi' fr -J-V K ,, l, X ,.... Cf M "Wil :qua Row I, Lonnie Hensley, Maureen Quinn, Thomacinci Webb, Darla: Pyle, Betty Pearce, Pam Myers, Dennis Olsen. Row 2, Shirley Van Dyke, Terry Waldo, Richard Smith, Oliver Bell, Richard Johnson, Richard Cisneros, Toni Robinson, Miss Mc- Culloch. Row 3, Willie Moore, Terry Jones, Myra Horton, Pat Thrall, Galetta Russell, Stanley Guiltorcl, Gerald Kratzer, Row 4, David Lintz, Gary Hacker, Mike Gannon, Chipper Block, Robert Hampton, Lloyd Larum, Tim Felix. Rovv l, Juanita Reed, Dorothy Battle Dorothy Tall, Delores Duron, Pa Jennings, Sandra Frietsch, France Aguinaga, Rose Marie Laves. Ro 2, Sandra Pettingill, Delberta Sum mers, Joyce Umsteaol, Liz Matesky Kay Staley, Rita Masko, Alala Miller Isabel Johnson, Janice Slike, Ro 3, Joan Lee, Kathy Luke, Caro Anson, Reba Myatt, Peggy Allen Micheal Hall, Clark Veals, Jim Dal quist, Ron Bruce, Mr. Sherrill, Ro 4, Richard Curtis, Joe Holston, Ji Downs, Robert Cranmer, John Chase Bill Bailey, James Bankston, Woody' Nash, Davis Harris, Gary Dearclon ow l, Lynda Busic, Kay Creaseu, ouise Zamora, Charlotte Palacios, aulette McGaffey, Gwendolyn rokett, Virginia Dean, Addie bney, Gloria Braaten, Sue Canady. ovv 2, Kathi Obermiller, Carol ideour, Carolyn Thomason, Sophia orris, Sally Neer, Bill McAllister, ouis Dorin, Bob Sparks, Frank Mil- ns, Jackie McLaren, Row 3, Jerry purgeon, James McFerran, Earl arsen, Ron Summerville, Darlene nartzer, Elizabeth Phillips, Judy illiams, Sandra Roberts, Sharon mes, Judy Wright, Mr. Sherrill, W 4, Don Metz, Dennis Deyar- ond, Clyde Levvis, Joseph Starpac, bert Long, William Poole, Bob rawford, James Van Pelt, Robert iramontes, Johnny Bradford, Adell att, Jack Hackett. ovv l, Anita Mendoza, Jean Tal- att, Bonnie Edmunds, Sally Runyon, arolyn Kline, Louise Davis, Marilyn ona, Frances Smith. Rovv 2, Jesse uron, Danny Toscano, Julian Man- ilas, Ellis Morgan, Pecos Finley, harles Bradford, Jack Pinheiro, oger Johnson. Row 3, Gary Mc- aniel, Allard Jacobson, Steve auvo, Barbara Jempson, Judy ames, Diane Messinger, Janice iner, Bonnie Bollinger, Mr. Sherrill. ow 3, Joe Surnpter, Jerry Collins, ike Braun, Ray Warren, Martin ubio, Jim Sharp, Talmdse Jerrettee, m Holmes. .g,:f:, i l l if Row l, Evelyn Shepard, Jean Costello, Loretta Buchanan, Inez Cortez, Margaret Hino- ioz, Aubrey Turner. Row 2, Eva Mac Millan, Evelyn Frisco, Everett Harrison, Bruno Chavez, Roosevelt Fenderson, Loyd Douglas, Mrs. Gertrude Suthard. drivers of this generation. Teachers Learning to drive is one of the and students above are Ronald highlights of the drivers' education Christensen, Mr. Dilworth, Gary La- program, While having fun the Mont, Dennis Smith, and Mr. Han pupils are learning to be the sate rn0r1. -3.- 'iv .,.s ,,.,,,.-"' rm Eblllihllllll Devoting much of their time to th work of the Sophomore class ar the well liked sponsors, Miss Wya and Mr. Dilworth, Due to their guid ance and encouragement the sopho mores had many wonderful activi ties. i Taking The pledge to uphold his ot Tice is second semester president John l.ucl4ey, Giying it is Tirst semes Ter president, Tony Aguilar, A is X S Responsible tor the Christmas spirit prevailing inthe main hall were the sophomores. Part ot The group deco- rating The tree were Pat Blankenship, Janet Fosskett, Carol Hopper, Wanda Rich, and Christy Clark. Fries, Elaine Dobbs, Adela Gal van, Dahlia Lopez. Row 2, Hil lary Conedy, Frank Probasco Ray Osborne, Omar Aguirre Fidel l-lolyquin, Mrs, Sutharol Myers, Charles Perry, Don Ver beck, Samuel McMiller. 11? N. Discussing The Driver's Education posters on The board are Bobby Daniels, Alice Eck, Donna Got- vvalt, Linda Flint, Bob Bussing, Paula Crunk, Genzia Dutton, Sandy Kramer, Glenn Turner, Bill Sanders, and Linda Loynd. 103 Row l, Carol Hopper, Carol Row 3, Willie Gibson, Robert 4 i Row l, Doima McConnel, Ofelia Rivera, Joan St. Pierre, Yolanda Soto, Lillian Shirer, Judy Patterson, Virginia Schroyer, Loralee Zimmer- man. Row 2, Albert Negrete, Joe Agosta, Gary Morrison, Bernard l-lermandy, Cruz Contreras, Roger Fouts, Richard, Whitaker, George Owens, Ron Shambow. Row 3, Mrs. Terry, Anitas Sulima, Darin Sylria, Lanell Merlaris, Elizabeth Allen, Eunice Wiley, Eleanor Logan, Jean Jerell, Lola Smith. Row 4, Tom Parilla, Leon Wilson, Henry Thomas, Tom Wilson, Luther White, Donald Dunn, Joe Capp, Gary Rycroif, Conrad Hurd. li!! wt'-'QQ i ,. ,A 1 of 45' F. 4 Hs i N ,,,,,...Q...,...-.., . - 'TQ A it -W.-.1-..-.w l5?""""""""""""""'9W"' FH .. - Q ... , 7,1 r. . , , .I ll 'vp' 1 . fur , , mv Row I, Gilbert Cordora, Deborah Vance, Margie Henry, Joan Maier, Eileen Coon, Priscilla Walton, Rich- ard Smith. Row 2, Larry Lakey, Merced Astorga, Anna Bell Mills, Barbara Jones, Brownella Turner, Andrea l-laclcrnan, Nathan Anderson. Row 3, Mrs. Terry, Julie Boyle, lrma Acosta, Betty Jo Brown, Louis Younghurg, Jo Ann Anglin, Marth Bevvley, Amy Barth, Gary Lamont. Row 4, Albert McKinley, Jeff Walke erson, Tony Aquilao, James Sauer, Robert Clifford, Eugene Ford, Richarc Lakely, Theodore Rene. Row I, Pat Boland, Diane Etherton, Judy Carper, Vita Davila, Emma Luna, Eddie Mae Sparks, Cathie Hines, Frances Corrales, Mrs. Terry. Row 2, Nancy McBride, Carryles Kusey, Murth O'Neal, Pat Walls, Bob Moonier, John Dwyer, Ross Cole, Jim North. Row 3, Alvin Robbins, King Wells, Doug Nichols, Ronnie Burke, Gene Erler, Jim Beeson, David Whitehead, Tom Homlin, Joe Marcona. Row 4, Louis Champ, Mark Gardner, Ruth Dort, Steve White, Joe Rankin, John Eddie White, Vernon Pierce, Ronnie Chris- tinson, Melvin Windham, Larry Moore. RK D5 Il'- lvl ,pw I Q 141,41 -rwf f- . El i . y sw, fi t'- i i CRY' Row 1, Eula Bailey, Janice Halzle, Barbara Cvahr, Sherry Farver, Marilyn Gehon, Lupe Gutierrez, Evelyn Magena, Janice Richardson. Row 2, Ralph Masuzumi, Robert Sever, Walter Jones, Gary Inkman, Arthur Canchola, Charles Soto, Don Pem- bleton, Lynn Hamby. Row 3, Katie Templeton, Josephine Ramirez, Jose Ramos, Wanda Rich, Victoria Silva, Sue McFerran, Betty Terry, Mrs. Terry. Row 4, Elene Hardy, Donna Kirk, Chester Carolina, Louis Castillo, Richard Johncola, John Luckey, Ted Contestable, Larry Shaw, Christine Smith, Ruth Arrington. 105 Row l, Jackie Johnston, Susan Ficara, Sherry l-lurlock, Suellen Sprague, Sharon Water, Paul- ine Lent, Stella Treio, Karen Malchon. Row 2, Jack Michin- roto, Art Miller, Ronald Turner, Steven Schvvaloer, Lucy Casares, Gloria Skauze, Sharon Lasiter, Sandra Gitmecl, Pat Sears, Miss Wyatt. Row 3, Dan Wright, Michele Franberg, Sue Smith, Linda l-lershaw, Marion Bau- terta, Ann Brightman, Luida Lotham, Beverly Kluiz, Dolores Willis, Cornelius Lee, Rovv 11, Roger Hughes, Eric Martin, Ecl McCulloch, Larry Zimmerman, Richard Giltillan, Richard Win- ters, Ed Rose, Robert Gorbet, Ronald Worihaye. Row l, Vicki Davies, Carol McMahan, Linda Goodwin, Maxine Byus, Loretta Falk, Trudy Wilson, Jean Rhom, Alice Padilla. Row 2, Mike Meads, Angelo Delgado, Madelaine Messell, S a n d r a Serianni, Augelita Cortez, Pat Butgess, Joy Herman, James Salazar, Terra Griggin, Marylee Jessee, Laverne McAble, Eutene Hioler, Beverly Nicholas, Mary Ellison, Miss Wyatt. Row 11, Robert Bussuiz, Charles Wright, Charles Schwartz, Jim Crooks, Mike Greer, Melvin Waclley, Charles Hamm, Arnold Carter. IO6 1. qw- vi ' Q ., i JA 3, A J ,I i ,ri Alxfv. 1 gf ,S fy fl fl OHZO 7,5 CL55 fm? '!""' lm . '! xi I I W ff 'f - 3 1 J gl if gf ' , , lilgf V f .ar L X . ,af 'X A l I if . a ,. .,.. J. "M Y, l't X I '. QM f gr. A 47-fi' vi S vuiigh . N s I 1' l. fi Row l, Paula Crump, Janet Earnsley, Jan Faskett, Georgia Dutton, Jane Giubba, Judy McEIveney, Carolyn Jones, Alice Eck. Row Q, Ruth Jack- son, Linda Flint, Charlotte Jack- son, Sandy Dramer, Elaine Perry, Nancy Harman, Linda Loynd, Phyllis Gore, Miss Wyatt. Row 3, Donna Gotwalt, Albert Holt, Bruce Stenman, Charles McGowan, John Mc- Caleb, Gary Trell, Robert Allen, Bill Watford, Bobby Daniels. Row 4, Jerry Braaten, Coro- nelius Steele, Bill Gilbert, Joe Patrick, Everett Davis, Bruce Hartung, Wayne Turner. Row 1, Dianna Wiatt, Terry Tatlon, Gloria Engram, Joyce McGrigga, Carolyn Norman, Michiko Euclo, Laurice Smith, Jeanette lversen. Row 2, Mar- vin Neil, Danny Diniello, Ruben Gonzales, Seve Karan, Jon Dorham, Bill Murray, Harvey Johnson, Bernard Andrade. Row 3, Rebecca Elliott, Frances Cummings, Jo bara Simmons Sandra Brown Carolyn Hines, Ann Roop, Bar- Sarah Edwards, Octavia Morris, Rosalie Petegue, Miss Wyatt, Row 4, Nick Rosse- baum, Douglas Hunt, David Gough, David Huff, John Bet- singer, Larry Welch, Lynn Telford, Charles Miller, Andrew Hicks, Bruce Fisher. Ty pwcul Sczvhcmores CU UT QYW Coach Paddy P fm '? QE , M,,...?,..... Y ww., .Nu ' Tequam .dx 'g me UGO' MNC 'Q' VUL. S61 X X Let 5 Go Bug 'C' Uf Hon wmmpfws Se S Cir nnnmwnvus- 5uz,JrusQd CN smol K allewwws: Ci UQEYT i,,,,,,.,...--'H Thelma, Sully, Pot cmd JGI'1?l??? E I .aan 1' IC yn gm ,w I M..-.-.5 zfwfk vbf .ax 'NK 8.3 ' f fn-4. N. -nv ,-VM. ls' I R The special interests ot the students of Comp- ton High may be directed and developed through membership and active participation in one or more organizations on campus. 43 4.4 jnfaz- .Cpzzaicfznf i C 5 Darrel Pyle, first semester president, sums up very appropriately his iob on Inter-Club council, "A chance at student government was what I wanted when I ran for Inter-Club council president. I gained that and much more working with the wonderful people who were members. I am very gatetul to all of them, for their splendid co-operation." sw Wzaf cgsmsiksz , Making up the Inter-CIub's council are the presidents ot all the organiza-I tions on campus. Row I, Pete Porter, Biology, Grace Woo, Girls' League, Ray- Chambers, ASB, Jan Bluhm, Scribes, Wallace Sanderson, Chess, George Graham, Latin, Carla Herzog, Spanish, Wayne Steagall, Science, Virginia Brodbeck, Tar- babe Tutors, Gary Mustain, Boys' Federation. Row 2, Mr. Shipman, Adviser, Mary Vincent, Homettes, Sharon Smitky, Business, Norma Peterson, Thespians, Darrel Pyle, Key Club, Virginia Parker, Drill Team, Audrey Treweek, Squires and Chim- ettes, Charlotte Greenwood, N.F.L., Janet Farnsley, Sopha Chi, Jill North, G.A.A. OFFICERS Keeping the club in smooth running order and tending to all major business were the duties ot the first semester ot- ticers: Jill North, secretary, Mr. Ship- man, adviser, Virginia Parker, vice-presi- dent, and Darrel Pyle, president. oumzi fi K ...,,1 - I F ik.. s- "Sassy 6 is We Q , 4 .Ns " Ye . Zz. 1 ..v :,fn,i,:.fgi f I 'ii A I sconcf Alemeafez Second semester council members are: Row I, Larry Griggers, Joan Kirk, Norma Peterson, Shirley Holmes, Jill North, Mary Vincent, and Eva Goseco. Row 2, .Ian Bluhm, Glenn Fleming, Tony Aguilar, Hector Reyes, Pete Porter. Row 3, George Graham, Darrel Pyle, Wallace Sanderson, Carl Ermert, and Mr. Shipman. Lgffiaeu George Graham. . "' 5" fpzesicfent Meet George Graham, second semester Inter- Club president. The casual lookin his eyes is only his way of saying "I hope that I have done my iob as well as my predecessor, Darrel Pyle. I want to thank the club presi- dents tor being so co-operative and also Mr. Shipman for being such a helpful advisor. It's been a pleasure and honor to serve as President." Second semester otficers are: Row I, Jan Bluhm, and Larry Griggers. Row 2, Audrey Treweek, and Richard Bransford Ray Chambers Charles Coventon cyuifzaa George Graham ii GQ,-y Johnson Mrs. Pauline Abbott, Advisor Gary Mustain Riley Neel Darrel Pyle y 3,1 ' ,,,-,qi it Pt 6-v Glenn Fleming Milton Johnson - lk T V N "H Roy Lonberger Wayne Steagall Q, , l l Sally Beck Jeanette Bluhm Virginia Brodbeck Jackie Hamilton Linda Lee After a formal initiation the first duty of the Chimettes and Squires was the orientation of Sophomore and U.S. His- tory students. Each member was .given a class witlf'the,gbj,e:'ve of teaching it school t ' ' customs. Since was more 'lei n - pefiment which turned outij ce , ully. Sponsoring the tradition" ance, usher- ing at all schoo ' ' ' Tt'iblieS, nd helping admit students in t ' fgtteh oe office were other activit w rformed during the year. -if ' J i b lively, parties were held ' nghd the year. One of the main ones being the Hal- lowe'en Costume party where everybody dressed up in different costumes and had a wonderful time. this was t ' was tried, it X 7 .gi K if Sue Gamble Judy Lowder Nonie Lowe Jill North ggimaffza Virginia Parker Audrey Treweek Grace Woo girdle l di. -M' un. ,:,,.. Promoting good tellowshi and understanding between th girls on the Tarbabe campus was the task ot the Girls' League. By planning assem- blies, the fashion show, instal- lation assembly, the Sadie Haw- kins dance, Christmas dance, in parties the Mother Daughter qgue Tea the Big and Little Sister party, and giving out the DA R and Soroptimist awards to out standing girls on campus, the Girls' League really brought gi il , w , about good fellowship and un- friends ' League-A5 L55 ' -I 7'55'LcLSnf derstanding among the girls. continue to be admired and accepted always "Holding The Office Ol V'Ce PVeS'de"ll' by The CO-eds of Compton Highf- of Girls' League was a great honor. l I gained experience in leadership and made many new friends. I hope that . Judy Howard will enioy the ottice as much as I did," says Dona Janacek. 1? V7 , I OLUZCL Girls' League Council is one big unhappy family. Reason - no boys, but it makes up tor it by many successful school events like the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Big and Little Sister Party. Row 1, Ja net Farnsley, Bonnie Edmonds, Judy Scoonover, Terry Tatlow, Nancy Wynn, Joyce Lawrence, Sharon Buckridge, Geraldine Agosto, Lois Pipoly, Erminia Vasquez, Sharon Schmitcke, Mary Vincent .Row 2, Barbara Henn, TherESC1 GOOCJSOVL Jeanette Calonge, Delberta Summers, Virginia Wilson, Donna Carter, Judy Bledsoe, Sally Smith, Terry Chryst, Judy Eastwood, Marilyn Mead, Alice Lloyd, Melody Bly. Row 3, Km Hatfield, Linda Flint, Amy Barth, Diane Erherron, Linda Fleddermon, Carol Witzke, Connie Ashcroft, Carolyn Hayes, Jill North, Dona Jartecek, Lurinda Ralls, Nancy Rohl. Row 4, Lawanna Zimmerman, Judy Howard, Virginia Parker, Audrey Treweek, Pat Thierot, Linda Hartmann, Charlesita Mann, Evelyn Wood Marylee Jessee, Judy Williams, Georgia Knowles, Miss Dorothy Knox, co-sponsor. ECI LLE race Woo proudly accepts the gavel of the Girls' League resident from Linda Lee, Mistress of Ceremonies. Cf 60515 i . JK A 'Z' Ib . i ,, K3 L i , , 'r ' g A Q - c i i Radiating beauty and poise are these first semester . i Girls' League officers as they are officially installed by the placing of their names in the Golden Book. From left to right are: Judy Howard, Pam Meyers, Donna Janecek, Judy Lowder, Linda Lee, Grace Woo, Lurinda Rails, Nancy Rohl, and Pat Thieroff. The First Semester Girls' League officers were responsible for such successful after school events as the Christmas and Sadie Hawkins dances. Row 'iz Judy Howard, Donna Janeck, Grace Woo, Linda Hartmann, Lurinda Ralls. Row 2: Mrs. Annabelle White, Nancy Rohl, Pat Theiroff, and Melody Bly. Members of the Board uphold Ethics and Modes, a code de- veloped by the Girls' League which governs dress, actions, grooming, language, school spirit, and boy-girl relations on campus. Seated around the table are: Mrs. White, Pat Thieroff, Judy Howard, Donna Janecek, Grace Woo, Linda Hartmann, Lurinda Rolls, Nancy Rohl, Melody Bly, Standing are: Sharon Schmitcke, Audrey Treweek, Virginia Parker, Janet Farnsley, Jill North, and Mary Vincent.- I 4 Y 1 , Q A ' l i i and confidence they entrusted in her, ll7 V 1 Newly-elected president, Grace Woo, delivers a speech of appreciation to the assembled members for the support gjizfi I we iss Q , ' Arise? , Judy Howard, second semester 3 vice president, felt "honored to f i 1 t have been elected the vice presi- f dent. The co-operation along 4 with the hard work contributed byhthe members has been G Very arresting person wonderful. Thank you, Girls' , L campus " , eogue respect, her lively her varied in- . ' I H second semes- LCE - Qzgiidanf ter Girls League president . . , has really been a thrill for me. Working with the girls on the board and council has been a privi- lege and a pleasure, Their cooperation and participation were terrific. All I can say is ...Thank you, girls." 'EP i 46 5' cv 'T' ,?S?," V, wx- W- 9. .v,,.. 'Wa I haf FF l" ,v ' r -up K . ,,. lf 122, mx K ' Q .:,s::'wu ' S A ,gr- . , A L V 1' If Sq """""'l"" .- xf Q' Q 1- , ' 'ft :Gt ounci By planning many successful assemblies and dances like the Big and Little Sister party, and the Annual Fashion show the Girls' League council helped in pro- moting good fellowship and understanding among the girls. Second semester council members are: Row 1, Janice Foskett, Terry Lee Tatlow, Ann Brightman, Evangeline Goseco, Carmen Bustillos, Jill North, Sue Goddard, Judy Scoonover, Mary Neuenschwander, Lynda Peddycoart, Jeanette Hayden, Ofelia Rivera. Row 2, Rita Garcia, Alice Wenthrich, Connie Hedgpeth, Eula Gomez, Judy Eastwood, Cathy Hines, Vicky Davies, Carol LeFort, Berta Sanchez, Eula Mae Lewis, Linda Bridges, Andrea Hackman. Row 3: Nyla Stanley, Marylee Jessee, Joan Kirk, Carol Witzke, Pat Stanley, Kathy Obermiller, Diane Dufault, Cathy O'Neal, Betty Magnuson, Alva Smith, Barbara Henn, Vickie Chastain, Shirley Holmes, Dixie Martin, Shirley Fesperman. Row A, Mrs, White, Annet Williamson, Cynthia McAuley, Ruth Holmes, Brenda Gray, Wanda Nelson, Virginia Parker, Jackie Hamilton, Carla Herzog, Nancy Proffitt, Judy Howard, Marcelle Rush, Pat Harford, Carol Voge, Diane Williamson, Jan Bluhm, Miss Knox. ECL LLE qqvv-S of-f it r A Jn 1-rsw+ f" " XQCE 'Zi SKK FF' ,,,,,,.,,,.--11-1 wr .5 Second semester Girls' League council are: Marilee Jesse, Judy Eastwood, Judy Scoonover, Jill North, Judy Howard, Carla Herzog, Shirley Fespermen, Carol Voge. 'Ft' sf w 1 X V . . . f . 2- ,. x J , , . , N s c ' Q - 4 ' na ' DOM 'Za Second semester board members are: Row l, Evangiline Goseco, Judy Q. A Combination ot old and new is very appropriately fashioned by charm- ing Nancy Proffitt at the annual Girls' League fashion show, The bouttant sash at the side and the tiered ruffled skirt are reminiscent ot tlapper days. Scoonover, Judy Eastwood, Carol Voge, Carla Herzog, Judy Howard, Jill North, Shirley Fespermen. Row 2, Mrs. White, Barbara Henn, Marilee Jesse, Janet Bluhm, JoAnn Wood- ward, Jackie Hamilton, Virginia Parker. M ,si 1 5 sw: f f L -1 1 2 nz D i 2 ffl' ws 'F' .,.,,N Joan Kirk and Eva Goseco, although appearing innocent and quiet, are trapping tor the stronger sex in route to the Sadie Hawkins' dance, Dog- patch style. vs O55 I qjsclazafion -.Q :X it vm.. 6 2 'ff ev if E43 5 If -. if' ,, f i ' F F i ff 8 ti 9' 'vu ,l A ,A .Y 9 QQ A y. , .K K 5 . C. . 3 gm Lx E, S , . 'E ,, , it ' . f his spare Federation, is quick ad- the bas- semester maole great one of lead tion, lieve great with sors, ll further this and the , l J' ii gg, X K ocmcr Males of the species elected among themselves a representative during their problems and history classes which made up the council of the Boys Federation. Successful activities this year were the Christmas Dance and the basketball assembly featuring the tournament between the Coaches and the Ragged Few. Representatives are: Row 1, George Graham, Leon Levy, Roger Waters, Hector Reyes. Row 2: Bob Tennyson, Gerald Stansbury, Kenny Weiss. Row 3, Valentine Barra, Gerry Collins, Bob Bristol, Bob B. J ya,--. ..f R Myrtle. Row 4, Jim Martin, Mark Gardner, Albert McKinley, Ken Bilbee. Row 5, Mr. Gregory, Earl Wood, John Arbogast, Bob Harstin. Row 6, Ronnie Bowers, Don Brace, Larry James, Louie Doren. Row 7, Bill Llewellyn, Mike Williams, Karl Kramer, Gerry Golphenee. Sr. "'m"'ff'fI wwf Wigs, AFI' Q I Q- W.. ,Y N.. gui .,, mf r X R ix ',i.,,3ngN ff' .3 S-r - . -. J 'rl ff: -fe! 'Q A 'fl . rzld . 1 gg " gli ' '-Mlm L Qi., sig... Ulf H0815 Under the able leadership of tirst semester officers, President Wayne Steagall, Vice-President Dick Brandstord, and Secretary Carla Herzog, the Mimirathen- ians were able to plan many activities and functions. Sponsors were Mrs. Martha Borders and Mr. Monroe Busch. . . J, - vsfc . A ,...- ...,. ,. .1 In ttwei sic". .Q x Q ng! -"""'f." ' F ' ' W M- .FQM :N Y c . . Qyfiaazs Second semester officers are: Row i, Judy Scoonover, Mrs. Borders, Jill North. Row 2, Dick Bransford, Mr, Busch, and Larry Griggers. sl -5 X . Lmizafflanians , f . ' top three per-cent on the Co, L 01 1 gwslchoillastlically, the Mimircithe- ' nsy -activities during the f L ool ,ent andfsreloxation. entsgwere: K' e c Uer - ' 'ml it ' yygy J L M "i . ... c s M' .41 CSECIXZ 5611515 Seniors with the highest scholastic average on the Compton High campus were given the California Scholarship Federations Seal- beorers award. This award is for those students who have been on Mimirathenians for at least tour out of six semesters, one of which is in their senior year. Winners are: Row l, Alice Lomax, Jan Bluhm, Pat Stanley, Sue Gamble, Nonie Lowe, Donna Cox, Jill North, and Arny Kitagawa. Row 2, Gary Harward, Stuart Zipper, Dick Branstord, Fred Boestch, Ray Chambers, Judy Lowder, Kenny Weiss, and Carla Herzog. First semester Mimirathenians are: Row l, Gary Harward, Lurinda Rolls, ShirleyHolmes, Mary Ann Joyce, Linda Goodwin, Carolyn Carter, Bonita Doliman, lrvnn Cole, Beverly Burgess, Lorna Denny, Merledene Brownlee, Jane Kitagawa, Sharon Buckridge, Amy Kitagawa, Mrs. Martha Borders, co-sponsor, Caroline Fnrlo Row 2. Stuart Zipper, Norma Peterson, Julie Schwartz, Diane DuFoult, Jody loper, Judy Beckner, Nanci Rolil, Dona Janecek, Fred Boetscli, Kenny Weiss, lee Smith, Ted Campbell, Gary Barmore, Harold Ray, Gary Mustain, Larry Berger, Mr. Monroe Busch, co-sponsor. Row 3, Wayne Steagall, Milton Johnson, Fclrlie Suber, Dick Branslord, Paul Katz, Woody Covington, Ray Chambers, Betty Meo dows, Evelyn Wood, Linda Hartmann, Carol Voge, Alice Lomax, Beverly lODoux, Pot Stanley, Audrey Treweek, Carla Herzog, Sue Gamble. imifzafgaiziani -Q. we g, . nfs? , r Y . ,B .gsm . ., ,,..,g..... . , we wr-fm as-vwfwg Burn. qw ,J -Q-we t "'!"'51"' 111113 "W ln the second group are the sophomores who were on the honor roll in the junior high schools. Row l, Janet Farnsley, Melocly Bly, Kay Staley, Snnclin Gittmed, Judy McVelheny, Terrie Tatlow, Alice Erk, Evangeline Goseco, Joyce McGriggs, Jeannette Iverson, Pamela Myers. Pow 9, Dc-lhnrtn Summers, Carolyn Thomason, Gloria Forman, Judy Vance, Gloria Skauge, Andrea Hackman, Maurien Quinn, Christine Clark, Cathie Hines, Jill Dnnfartli, lanvt Fnstwoorl Pow 3, Reuben Gonzalez, David Shaw, Gene Allen, William Waflord, Donna Gotwalt, Dolores Willis, Joanne Solak,Toni Robinson, Dianne Etlierton, Maclvlnini- Miissnll, Chnrlista Mann, Charlotte Jackson, Mrs. Borders. Row 4, Nick Kassebaum, Doug Walker, Bill Stinnette, William Gilbert, Tom lynch, Fiitrl Ruofl, Slave Scltwaclc-r, Danny Wright, Marvin Neil, Bob laudes, Chipper Block, John Crawford. fb rmww fir ,fin an -'V-. wr Y., were? AA il- A ov, Second semester Mimirathenians are: Dorothy Graham, David Shaw, Cothie Hines, Terrie Tatlow, John Patterson, Marian Bautista, Kay Staley, Judy Eastwood, Linda Lee, Jill North, Sandra Little, Riley Neel, Mary Neuenschwander, Evangeline Goseco, Virginia Dorman, Pow 7, Jane Kitagawa, Amy Kitagawa, Anaie Arvezu, Carolyn Dorman, Janet Eastwood, Delberta Summers, Marilyn Esterdahl, Beverly Polson, Donna Carter, Jill Dantorth, Janet Farnsley, Maureen Quinn, Andrea Hackman, Gloria Skaugo. Row 3, Jan Bluhm, Barbara Henn, Harold Ray, Anne Dowden, Nonie Lowe, Sue Gamble, Glorie Vavruslra, Barbara Slwller, Carolyn Thomason, Tom Lynch, William Watford, Gene Allen, Marianne Joyce, Bonita Dohman. Row 4, Judy Lowder, Ray Chambers, Carla Herzog, Alice Lomax, Naida Smith, Betty Meadows, Nalda Pahl, Norma Peterson, Julie Schwartz, Walter Dutton, Charlista Mann, Gloria Melton, Mrrdolaine Messall, Pat Stanley. Row 5, Grant Callin, Manuel Ares. Gary Barmore, Daniel Crockett, Marvin Neill, Bob Landes, Chipper Block, John Crawford, Steve Karan, Linda Hartman, Barbara Berkhardt, Carol Voge. Row 6, Milton Johnson, Gary Howard, Stewart Zipper, Wayne Steagal, Woody Covington, Melvin Windham, Richard Branstord, Ernie Crosby, Fred Boetsch, Larry Griggers, Kenneth Weiss. num wr- ...w.- ...Sm W imirzaf anions aim "V eni, Vicli, Vici" is the Latin Clubs motto, It lived up to it at SPQR Banquet, when each came in almost authentic Roman costumes. Row l, Mrs. Roberta Slothower, sponsor, Paula Crunk, Mary Ann Joyce, Jane Kitagawa, Amy Kitagawa, Ruth Dawes. Row 2, Bay Warren, Richard Winters Julian Cortez, Woodie Nash, Dona Jane-cek, Janice Miner, Judity Lediorol, Row 3, George Graham Robert Williams, Irene Cole, Sandra Kramer, Beverly Orr, Nancy Rohl ' -9 5 , I an i i it F' Qt L 'ill t - B. X Q. 'i x - ' N J' ll A y i A4 3 J Z 1 A 2 -- V W, , A--iii ,A t nun .,, f -pvuui -J: V- Y ,... HN... -In -i Ms - - - - , My Ms..-new-W.e Los Picaros, the Spanish club, is the largest and probably one ot the most active clubs on campus. Included in the list ot their activities are a trip to Padua Hills Theater, Christmas Fiesta and the Cinco de Mayo banquet. I Row l, Lurinda Ralls, Virginia Brodbeck, Audrey Treweek, Jo Ann Roop. Row Z, Miss Ruth Mervis, Kay Staley, Florence Henson, Jean Fuller, Penny Polite, Shirley Holmes, Bonnie Grogan, Vicki Chastain, Irma Acosta, Mary Gerien, Bonita Dohman, Dorothy Graham, Cathy O'Neal, Ofelia Rivera, Joan Maier. Row 3, Goria Horton, Doris Taylor, Gwendolyn Crockett, Carole Dearman, Dolores Willis, Linda Latham, Carol Voge, Judy Loper, Anita Vance, Reba Myatt, Evangeline Goseco, Sandra Mayben, Catherine Hines, Amy Barth, Carlyn Endo, Jane Holcombe, John Patterson. Row 4, Donna Gotwalt, Carla Herzon, Sandy Hold, Judy Lowder, Virginia Parker, Jan Bluhm, Sue Gamble, Nonie Lowe, Barbara Simmons, Linda Hartmann, Wendy Slothower, Janet Finger, Bar bara Burkhardt, Frances Cummings, Rosalind Mills, Charlotte Jackson, Wayne Bent. Row 5, Robert Dever, Bill Murray, Bill Krieter, .lack Juarez, Ben Juarez, Robert Laudes, Louie Grifty, Danny Dingello, Doug Amerman, Daniel Wright, Stanley Rothinberger, ET' , Chas. McGowan, Jim Sharp, Riley Neel, Glenn Fleming, Daniel Crockett, Ray Chambers, Harry Clyde. Row 6, Pat Durkin, Henry Z Canter, Roger Hicks, Chuck Hilton, David Barber, Larry James, Richard Reed, Raul Canter, Richard Curtis, Ward Stewart, Robert Jenkins, Ted Garavaglia, Vance Briggs, Jim Crooks, Hector Reyes, Roy Gilbert. Members of the second group are: Row 1, Barbara Shellar, Thelma Holloway, Sue Williams, Margaret McLaren, Olga Ramos, Carmen Bustillos, Sylvia Alvarez, Carolyn Norman, Sharon Waters, Andrea Hackman, Pam Myers, Norma Peterson, Alva Smith, Pat Stanley, Lee Teed, Isabel Johnson, Wanda Jennings. Row 2, Kay Hatfield, Sally DeSoria, Linda Lee, Carol Witzke, Marion Petr, Bette Magnuson, Mary Nevenscwander, Terry Satlow, Carolyn Thomason, Sylvia McLaren, Janette Olde, Darlene Conn, Leah Lewis, Rita Garcia, Wanda Ulery, Irene Duperron, Penny Chamberlin. Row 3, Carolyn Carter, Judy Steagall, Judy Howard, Sharon Buckridge, Judith Oakland, Jean Harris, Martha Bewley, Linda Flint, Linda Loynd, Delberta Summers, Maureen Quinn, Julie Schwartz, Guila Shelby, Nancy Harmon, Barbara Jempson. Row 4, lrvin Shelton, Nathan Anderson, Art Parker, Riley Neel, Larry Griggers, Glenn Fleming, Rey Pinal, Douglas Walker, David Hutt, Tony Aguilar, Julian Cortez, Dennis Tamblyn, Grant Callin, Gary Barmore, Greg Cops. Row 5, Gary Gabbert, Donald Dye, Terry Waldo, Marvin Neill, Burell Jenkins, Jim Martin, Joe Vaughn, Paul Barrie, Phil Honisch, Henry Denny, Harry Kuwahara, Ray Chambers, Frank Casiam, Fredrick Kimbrel, Mr. Robert Campbell. ' ,CPT '79 ..: rr. 1- ' sr . Ft k . me W' .4-fr A f 3 5 --' mini' :ni lun on M! K i 1 an L i e,. fs ll .Q "1 l' L f K 2 'l ,X 'ii we f vain. 'Ei ' ...,.M......v... Q Y., i 4 wp res. l Row l, Jean Fuller, Penny Polite, Shirley Holmes, Vicki Chastain, Bonnie Grogan, Barbara Baxter, Charlotte Greenwood. Row 2, Carolyn Thomason, Diane DuFault, Jody Loper, Virginia Mueller, Lee Teed, Wendy Slothower, Sherry Brenton, Donna Carter, Row 3, Penny Chamberlain, Virginia Brodbeck, Terry Lynn Chryst, Marolyn Mead, Kay Barbettini, Julie Schwartz, Connie Ashcraft, Miss O'Malley, Row 4, Paul Katz, Frances Cummings, Myra Horton, Carlene Moore, Carla Herzog, Alice Lomax, Lynne Crain, Mr. Rollins. 0711685 Scribe members Worked very hard all year putting out the Chimes and El Companile. They went to many events during the year such as J. Day, the C. Banquet, visited Yearbooks, Incorporated in Monrovia, and assisted in Color Day. nn 1 Q nhl :Liber Prltlhinpl' h h e it is fem mv- H W., ted 4 ,lm Prrxz W ht Qld .,. Lgarorce Wm xx ix 4 elf it fol1!APilW!" "' l I A vinm- mv U' Q 'rmuo 11 , no i v 'rm nit: f , .,.s A K .J -.t-1. ,,,., ,, i H Y ,,.l,,,,. .. T26 ww wi- :ir mlm. U., i it iiimg wirit Nh' WW fm lm ll Zllltl sim: i UNH, ,-ciiuiim -ww fm i w -VT V- A r or hi D, I Assured and .m,,,5. Umnn. A X I . i E U ,,. -.. q 51.1.1 mn se x y n Hum K., n wi.. ihf .1-fi N L , pi , W V ii,q.iiii,.ii.i x Wh you -im my, , 0 K Win cyii-un K md it tr n m .V Q, W wi i r W-H' ' W' .i ' , I, i.w.,im V V. , 4. i wit , ,- -ew ret. , t X .mmf wi K iw Bm Lin I . n my ,A ,,,.,,- ,vm rw, i , 4'mmw't L , T 1.1 snow ut Y npr, X X .ins il 1 . X ' -wi + t fi. . iii que" ' , f can i . Vwgis 3, rn ,mi VX' N X mn l i i i EJ , X X k , i, i t ,i i I i i it k I ll Y X, i i i H ,i UmL5aEg Quia 11 Tarbare Tutors, future teach ers, get practical experience by being teacher aides a elementary schools. They at- tended many functions, the teachers conference at U.S.C and a recruiting conferenc at Beverly Hills which gav them better ideas on wha will be expected of them ir the future. 'Z 4 -9 2 3 o ,, ,H '19 -A ' .gul 'Ill' Row l, Cherrie Ritcharclson, Jan Bluhm, Rhoda Harris, Alva Smith, Nyla Stanley, Marianne Joyce, Shirley Fesperman, Row 2, Mrs. Bagwell, Alice Lomax, Guila Selby, Karen Warren, Barbara Sheller, Barbara Henn, Sally Beck, Coralie Shoemaker. Row 3, Tony Apilado, Duane Shelton, Kenny Weiss, Ray Chambers, Bill McCarty, Ted Campbell, Walter Dutton. afiona ofzansic 7 aa us Speech Club was outstanding in the area and state-wise. The annual banquet, tournaments at U.C.L.A., and varied get-togethers were some ofthe activities this year. Row l, Charlotte Greenwood, Evangeline Goseco, Lucy Brickharn, Susan Herman, Alda Miller, Ellen Shumow, Julie Schwartz, Norma Peterson, Mr. William Roy, director of speech. Row 2, Gary Mustain, Woody Nash, Joe Perez, Gayle Jones, Charles Frazer, George Graham. ljgaspicuzs P gf E, ally- .',,e,5"H?f1 Jfffsf.fi1t- ,. T ' Y' ' Under the able guidance ot Mr. Michael Kosturic, drama coach, the Ihespians presented, "You S Can't Take lt With You," and "Stage Door," two plays which provided entertainment and laughter "'l " ' if for the many people who filled Scott Thompson Auditorium to witness these fine presentations. Mem- A y bers of the club are: Row l, Diane Myers, Pauline Leat, Alice Eck, Ann Brighton, Jeanette Hayden, " . Potty Ann Jones, Marilyn Vona, Alice Padilla, Marsha Gutierrez. Row 2, Mr. Kosturick, Linda Loynd, Sandra Duffield, Carol Wolfe, Carolyn Hayes, Rita Masco, Bonnie Bernard, Bertha Sanchez, Linda Fledderman, Joan Maier, Virginia Gilcrest. Row 3: Donna Gotwalt, Jo Anne Roop, Ruby Windham, Naida Pahl, Elaine Carlin, Mary Lee Jessee, Pat Duane, Norma Peterson, Julie Schwartz, Nyla Stan- 127 ley, Judy Robinson, Velia O'Dell, Peggy Lee. Row 4, Richard Curtis, Phil Hartman, Brad Winner, Gerald Mellinger, Gary Gabbert, Ronald Pragant, Andrew Franklin, Irwin Shelton, Ken Russell. Omeffei 4, W The potential housewives enioyed American home. 'YI ,J ... 'ttf in Members of the club are: Row 1: Mary Vincent ipresidentl, Carmen Bustillos, Marilyn Vona, Pat Sears, 2 Elaine Coon, Evelyn Mageno, Olivia Caudillo. Row 2, Andrea Hackman itreasurerl, Juanita Reed, Brownella Turner, Arlene Wilson, Margie Henry, Helen Smoot, Carolyn Kline, Victoria Silva, Mrs. McDermott lsponsorl. Row 3, Georgette Smith, Barbara Jempson, Joanne Solak, lsecretaryl, Ella Richardson, Shirley Van Dyke, Sandra Holt, Sally Smith, Josephine Ramirez, Mary Ellison. OLIJL ' V 1 '11 LLQLVZEQIL ...F ,-. F .. . X f ,D - i I ,e 1 FW 4, l .ffl-T-A ' To further their interest in the business field, the Business Club took trips to various businesses and typed letters to different organizations, in this way the members learned what to expect in their chosen professions. Members of the club are: Row l, Miss Marjorie Smith isponsorl, Sharon Buckridge, Peggy Holmes, Sandra Gitmed, Irene Duperron, Linda Johnson, Rose Mary Magdalena, Nancy Wynn. Row 3 Graf, Donna Stevens, Angie Lopez, Rose Marie Lares, Sharon Schmitcke. Row 2, Bonnie Grogan, Shirley Holmes, Sandra Gitmed, Irene DuPerron, Linda Johnson, Rose Mary Magdalena, Nancy Wynn. Row 3 Alyce Crump, Arlene Miller, Eva Lucey, Ailene Wilson, Leilani Lee, Diane Etherton. Row 4, Georgette Smith, Judy Oakland, Lucy Smedly, Judy Swanson, Pat Nichols, Sandra Holt, Lydia Larum v E., J, ,. If the teaching and learning offered by the Homettes club, which stressed their very important part in the 61 am as 6613 Han qjsffows Lp A Among the successes of this organization were church night, renowned guest speakers, and skating parties. Their purpose is to further promote Christian fellowship on campus. Row 1: Carol Holmes, Jean Valkie, Kay Hatfield, Lynn Klaiber, Carol Carter, Glori Vavruska, Rexanna Wilson, Nonie Lowe, Row 2: John Luckey, Debra Vance, Sandy Anthony, Karen Davies, Donna Galvin, Trella Noetzol, Mona Brockman, Sandra Kramer, Ann Dowden, Beverly Paulson. Row 3: Woody Nash, Darnell Wiley, Jeanette Calonge, Nancy Proffitt, Alice Lomax, Judy Carper, Julie Ann Boyle, Sandy Holt, Charles Coventon, Gary Mustain. Row 4: Terry Hulse, Earl Wood, Dave Barber, Randy Spence, Chuck Fraser, Bill Carper, Brad Green, Glenn Fleming. 5 Jlflofa .iii is i i ,ii-ii ll , 'A "Ugly, P... XP, W s ,,,, in ' Yew 'f ' if ti,.A,?'?'l. f YQ 'fb A r- - K, V' ,, H... ,Uv gg PI " : fl I .,,, ,, .. . De Molay members at Compton High are kept very busy all year round serving the school by selling tickets to 'lc A plays, games and ushering at school events, Row 1: Riley Neel, Chipper Block, Marvin Neil, Dick Farrier, Bob il!.'1f'QY,'g,r, V y Landes, Bob Dye, Stuart Vaughter, Ronald Myers. Row 2: Tom Thomas, Charles Schwartz, Carl Ermert, Tom "9fW4-14'?Eg'gg,- Peal, Pat Durkin, Leon Levey, George Walker. Row 3: Stuart Cummings, Gary Hellman, Eugene Aparisio, Randy Spence, Gary Johnson Mr. Powers. Row 4. Gary Workman, Darrel Pyle, Jeff Hathaway, Jerry Golphenee, Bob Bussing, Gerald Stansburry, Tom Hogue. Row 5: Ed McCulloch, Bill Llewellyn, Ray Chambers, Don Kline, Glenn Fleming, . UQ CM? Assisting at all school sport- ing events, ushering at gradua- tion, and working for the im- provement ot the school and community are some of the worth while services rendered by Key Club. f. sf . N' va- : -...J ef. F is .fi fi V ua W ff """' 2 , X . I A , Row l: Ray Chambers Kenny Weiss, Glenn Fleming, Bob Barnes, Bob Bristol, Art Parker, Charles Coventon, Riley Neel. Row 2: Eddie Graham, Jerry Golphenee, Darrel Pyle, Milton Johnson, Don Kline, Manuel Armenta, Woody Covington, Art Paz, Mr. Schulman 9 nr Sophomore Girls, who wish to get better acquainted and adapted to school activities, perform many outstanding services such as sponsoring the Red Cross Drive, acting as monitors in the library and cafeteria, and ushering at special events. Highlighting activities for Sopha Chi this year were the Mother and Daughter Tea and a picnic at South Gate Park, Members are: Row l, Janet Farnsley, Joyce McGriggs, Gloria Ingram, Suellen Sprague, Pam Myers, Olivia Caudillo, Sylvia Alvarey. Row 2, Donna Gotwalt, Margie Henry, Evangeline Goseco, Joan Maier Bonnie Patt Sharon Waters Ruth Dawes Row 3 Delberta Summers Linda Loynd Amy Barth Janet East- SO wood! Janice Miner, Gloria Foreman, Carol McMahon, 'Paula Crunk. Rovvl4, JoAnn Roop, Barbara ,Lacey, Kath- leen Luke, Joanne Solak, Marianne Betts, Barbara Simmons, Melinda Chapman, Linda Flint. ati' J' v""f g ,J ff" I' ll ' t h 4' .E ,mtg-N Jlflocfazn ance Creative dancing was performed with skill and ease by These members of the Modern Dance Club. Row I, Valerie Musser ,Arlena Miller, Karen Hutchinson, Alice Lloyd, Sandy Pettinghill, Erica Wonsch. Row 2, Frances Vigil, Lucy Brickman, Connie Hedgpeth, Rachel Avila, Nadine Warren, Alda Miller. Row 3, Lee Teed, president, Bill McCarty, Michele ,fu -' Frankenberg, Irene Cole, Bill Garcia, Cathy O'NeaI, Irwin Shelton, Marilyn Dohan, Judy ' ' Williams, Joe Perez, Imogene Warren. k,-. Dancing to the spirited drum rhythm of the song "Halleluiah" are Karen Hutchinson, Arlene Miller, and Lee Teed. To play chess one needs knights, kings, queens, castles, pawns, and bishops. But it wouldn't be complete without its members. Seated are: Wallace Sanderson, John Ready, Joanne Bang, Margaret McClaren, Francene Willis. Standing are: James Poush, Miss Marsman, Grant Collin, Loman Pittman. lieffazmanls CEL! .qv--f fi --nY'azV C72 CM? EAA MW!! of y s J L, Zafw ?g'.,' f ' I , , .Y V, V on ' Wil-'f'3 'Wir P W " gf l A if .. ' ggi K . -ry' ,...-1 mi r - ig, is if h , , , . . .As , 'R ' in Helping out at all athletic events is the Lettermen s Club. During the year it sponsors the steak feed where all . J . .,, - , 1: I I I 1 4 X r ' r vol lettermen receive their awards and trophies. Row l, Charles Coventon, Art Paz, Kenny Weiss, Jerry Toler, Art W A -53" .. I32 Parker, Joe Jackson. Row 2, Woody Covington, Chad Dennis, Mr .Ernie Hartmann. Row 3, Ernie Garcia, Manuel Armenta, George Williamson. Row 4, Martin Hayes, Milton Johnson, Gary Golphenee. ciancs . N 9 ' Physical Science Club offers many interesting demonstrations and triFJS to its members. On their list of activities are a lie detector demonstration, a trip to Stautter Chemical Co. and Hughes Aircraft plant. Row l, Miss Fox, Sue Herman, ' Paula Crump, Sherry Brenton, Marie King, Nancy Wynn, Irene Duperran, Jane Finley, Janet Farnsley, Christy Clark, , , Sandy Kramer, George Graham, treas, Row 2, Ted Campbell, Benny Peterson, Grant Collin, Tom Lynch, Walter I -'- - Dutton, John Patterson, Gary Barmore, Larry Berger, John Pelochino, Wayne Steagoll, president. Row 3, Virginia V A Myeher, Mary Ann Joyce, Bonnie Grogan, Sylvia McCIaren, Karen Phelpps, Melinda Chapman, Kathy Obermiller, ' .gpm ' Evelyn Wood, Jo Ann Roop, Georgette Smith, Pete Porter, vice pres. Row 4, John Stevenson, Greg Cops, Wayne Bent, Paul Katz, Charles Vranek, Carl Ermert, George Walker, Barry Reese, Bob Williams, Bill Gilbert, Paul Aguienne. Row 5, Ronnie Fenstermacher, Henry Denny, Charles Fraser, Roy Gilbert, Harry Clyde, Doug Hunt, Gary Harward, Fritz Haney, John Brown, Roy Lonberger. f i Biofogty l Wwvws Biological Science Club members were very active in learning about animals and plants. Members have taken up a proiect in preserving animal specimens in plastic, Among their activities are trips to Morinelond and the Cabrillo Beach Museum. Row l, Sherry Brenton, Wendy Slothower, Florence Garcia, Ruth Szarkowski, Judy Oakland, Alice Lomax, Susan Herman. Row 2, Paul Aguirre, Joe Vaughn, Ward Stewart, Mr. Wall, Carl Ermert, Pete Porter. -,-,H ,.,,.4 MU, , 11 I .ujagfss - , w',1.q.L.sf+ 14 V.- ,W,, w S w 5 i , ,, .v 3 ei sy s Jfw:.:,!v -.Nr : fei if sl " W f .L 7 fi,la5:Piu , 4 w ,i if if l Uonfinuafion To give the student a new outlook on life and the chance to establish himself in the working world rather than to earn academic honors, is the goal of the Continuation department. Six R's of iob orien- tation are: rights, responsibilities, rewards, reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, which are needed so badly in getting and holding a iob. Office practice girls who assist in the office doing typing, filing and other important iobs are the persons that help keep the Continuation department running so smoothly. Row l, Pat Stanley, Nancy Llwellyn, Willetta Carbone, Mar- quetta Shelon. Row 2, Eleanora Walker, Ruth Szarkowski, Mary Smoot, Eddie Lou Lough, Mr. James O'Donovan. .....-.Q ...w.....-.-fv.u Alcfzioof Job orientation was a very important part of Continua- tion curriculum during the year. Under the teaching and guidance of Mr. George Barber students were taught practical math which is so important in getting and holding a job. Mr. Barber, Don Allison, Sharon Kyle, Evelyn Hernandez, Mick Rocheleau, Tony Magana, Do- lores Benavidez, William Hendricks, David Williams, Raymond Morales are "looking at the birdie." At left Mr. James O'Donovan is doing one of his .many duties as head of the Continuation department. He is en- rolling Dennis Quiroz into one of the many classes offered to students. , r'--' A-1 1 Under the competent teaching of Mrs. Florence Mason the students in the communication skills classes were taught many things through the year such as, English skills, writing, spelling, reading, and driver education. lt is the activities before anal after school, the extracurricular planning and working to- gether, the making of friends anal meeting new people that provide so much that's worth while and really tun at Compton High. 8.0 X 'E Supervisor ot the entire annual is the editor, Ernie Crosby. Day after day, and deadline after deadline he worked diligently getting El Companile in tip top condition. Although he is above average in his scholar- ship, Ernie tinds time to be on the varsity baseball team. Future plans hold attending S.C. as a pre-dental maior. Alice Lomax Tony Apilado Activities Organizations ff Com ani 5 A new idea in forming the Annual Staff was brought into being this year. Only one student was chosen from each department in order to plan a year book which covered as many fields of interest as possible. With the exception ofthe editor, none ot the students have had previous iournalistic training. Douglas Cargille David Adamoli 5P0rts Business Manager Rhoda Harris Fred Boetsch Seniors Sports A Affair Collecting dreams and memories and put- ting them into one book was the iob ot the El Companile Staff. Getting pictures, writ- ing copy, finding names, and many other important duties were performed in order to complete the yearbook you now hold in your hands. The greatest ioy came with planning a book that holds many memories and a picture ot each student at Compton High. Alva Smith Activities Leon Levey Outstanding Students Barbara Sheller Sophomores Glorie Vavruska Administration 1' The Tower, an inspira- tion, will always hold a special place in the memories of Compton High's alumni. Guila Selby Mrs. Bagwell Juniors Adviser Nm Virginia Mueller Associate urt editor 5 Dick Judd Sports cartoons Don Hedgpeth Advertising layout Bob Stone Advertising layout owuzafia fic Pciul Boley, editor, ond Virginio Mueller, associate editor, wcltch ds Jody Loper explains the detdils of the cover she designed tor the 1958 El Cornponile. Mrs. Delight Hoftrndnn, ot the right, hos been iournoilistic ort staff adviser tor the post three yeors. Qs' H . Y , Pot Nichols Advertising ntonctger ,talk V l V , h i n ,if Torn Crctwshdvv Judy Pogline Ron Peters Advertising lcxyout Advertising lcnyout Advertising layout Gqfzf :Staff Journalistic Art staff is made up ot second or third year art students. In addition to their art work for the annual, they studied advertising design. Their goal was to achieve continuity and individuality through- out El Companile. Ecfifoz Paul Boley served as the iournalistic art editor. His most important duty was to work with the associate edi- tor to determine the general layout of advertisements. His future plans include at- tending Compton College and working in the field of lite sciences. -45? t 'eh Jody Loper Division pages Cover design Janet Witherbee Advertising layout Willa Mae Craig Bob Howard Mike Dwyer Advertising layout Tlw Tina Walden Advertising layout eme pages Advertising layout .154 Brittan Wilde Sue Lambertson Allred Hornbeak Advertising layout Advertising layout Advertising layout Ted Campbell Associate Editor Business Manager Cherri Richardson Girls' Sports Coralie Schumacher Editorial Editor Jean Nelms Typist I Ufziimsa Every week a copy of Compton high school's paper, the Chimes, is presented to each student. Many hours of preparation, study, research, writing and rewriting are necessary for a good and interesting paper. Sally Beck Society Editor News Editor Nyla Stanley News Karen Warren Society Charlesita Mann 'le-. Eflafm - in - Chef Walter Dutton was at the helm as editor of the paper during the first semester. The many papers which were close to perfection were largely a result of his extra hours of work before school and during the summer vacation. The crowning achievement of his high school career was planning the first school magazine. He is now planning a career in journalism - newspaper work, magazine writing, and general reporting. As prep- aration he will attend U.C.L.A. and malor in English. Ray Chambers Art Parker Editorial Associate Editor Duane Shelton Society Sports These 23 students and their adviser, Mrs. Viola Bagwell, have worked together effi- ciently to publish for the "Big C" students a paper that was up-to-date and informative. Barbara Henn served as second se- ssoaiafa E Bill McCarty Circulation Manager Janice Coleman Na'ncy McBride mester editor with enthusiasm and ver- satility. Her other activities on campus included Girls' League representative and board member, maintaining Mimira- thenian membership, and serving on its board. Barbara is a journalism major and will attend Compon College. After graduating from U.C.L.A. she plans to work on a newspaper. Jan Bluhm Editorial Editor Society Editor Kenny Weiss Shirley Fesperman Sports Editor Typist both semesters Mrs. Viola Bagwell Adviser Nancy Melnick News Ka ren Wa rren Society Marianne Joyce Photographer News News Errol Ford Photographer 44 The A Cappella Choir is constantly at work to keep its position as Compton High's performing choir. It had a maior part in The Christmas program and The Spring Concert. Those who attended Back-to-Church Night enioyed hearing this group. Its concluding performances were at the Vesper Services and graduation exercises. Members of The choir are: Row 'l, Pat Oster, Alice Thomas, Donna Smith, Betty Pearce, Lucy Brickham, Toni Marcelli, Carrie Schuly, Judy Julian. Row 2, Bernard Andrade, Paula Crunk, Mona Jefferies, Jeanette Hayden, Linda Kershaw, Brownella Turner, Janet Farnesley, Sally Stayton, Janice Bell, Kathy Obermiller, Carol LeFort. Row 3, Richard Whitaker, Paul Ryan, Porfirio Granados, Winifred Scorya, Bennie Twaite, Evelyn Hillard, Debarah Vance, Aletha Thurman, Ona Hamling. Row 4, Ralph Penson, Monte Perkins, Marilee Whitte, Laurie Judd, Melinda Chapman, Ruthanne Slee, Sandia Kramer, Andrew Franklin, Everett Davis, Lamar Pittman, Glorie Vavruska. Row 5, Johnnie Johnson, Reginald Davis, Rudy Windham, Glorie Miller, Leah Lewis, Frances Stevenson, Linda Diebner, Og gafzfzaffa 65061 V A 'Y 'vi 'W J Lzacfoz I Clfocaf frm amfilg Compton was fortunate To have as vocal music director a wom- an with such a pleasing per- sonality and so much musical ability as Mrs. Betty Matesky. Under her leadership many suc- cessful programs have been presented. Members of The Girls' Vocal Ensemble are: Row l, Rexanna Wilson, Judy Burros, Carol Dearmon, Betty Pearce, Louise Davis, Mary Neuenschwander, Susan Herman, and Mrs. Matesky. Row 2, Melinda Chapman, Joyce Chandler, Judy Robinson, Mad- elaine Messall, Virginia Mueller, Sue Gamble, Beverly Polson, Velia O'Dell, and Mrs. Hagstrand, accompanist. 5 si fr- 5 1 E Q my I l gl , 2 i i 'l ' f I 5 l A t 2 is t 7 ,ii ' ' 1 r i ' i 5 f . i f V ' il 1, S5 sg g Q e r . -- . , r f . 4, 1 i sg, " 'X -f Z' J l . 1 ' J i ' 1 7X - Q 3 E 4 jx A' 4 L 5 ., ' . ' ' 5 J 'i it A fi ij il 1 .X - 1 Q 5 ' 'S . .. sg v 'R Vw.. A One ofthe hardest working groups on campus is the Advanced Orchestra. Playing in assemblies for the Christmas program, music festivals, and the Spring Festival keep them very busy all year long. Members of the Orchestra are: Row l, Jackie Hamilton, Judy Beckner, Elizabeth Matesky, Judy Meade, Diane Bucker, Paul Katz, Alice Eck. Row 2, Isabel Johnson, Ruth Dawes, Cathy O'Neal, Carmen Maxon, Wendy Slathower, Andrea Garcia, Mary Ann Joyce, Irwin Shelton, and Joe Patrick. Row 3, Beverly Le Dou, Barbara Hecht, Barbara Sheller, Connie Hedgpeth, Joy Maxon, Sue Lamberton. Row A, Erika Wonsh, Tomas Hall, Barbara Baxter, Mr. Holloway, Phillip Caudill, Larry Felix, Jerry Siler, Wayne Floyd, Richard Manda, Randy McCowan, Norman Dufton, George Walker, Carol Newtson, Robert Corbet, Del Monaco, Lee Smith, Thelma Phillip Hall. Row 5, Beniamin Peterson, Roy Lonberger, and Morgan Story. Uccgesfza izecfoz Leading the band, conducting the or- chestra, and planning half time activities are only a few of the many different areas in which Mr. Del Monaco works. No free time has practically become a habit with him. Due to his extra curricu- lar activities the music programs have certainly been a success. Blclii IZ5 5172555 ln addition to working with the orchestra, members of the brass ensemble did extra hours of practice' in order to perform as a group. They are, George Walker, Wayne Floyd, Terry Waldo, Walter Burrell, Ernie Roop, Jerry Siler, and Allen Kerr. I4 gsm! may llgfczga 3001 H The sTory of The "STage Door" porTrays The ups and downs in The lives of girls Trying To break info show business. Merilee Jessee, Ger- ald Mellinger, Michele Hess, and Norma Peferson are shown in The Boarding House where all The girls live. uiic cmc! Ezama Qui Hfgou 6741112 gage fff llfllflf liyoull Tony, Bill Llewellyn, found him- self in some difficulf siTuaTions when he goT involved wiTh This very in- dependenT family in "You Can'T Take IT WiTh You." Phil HarTman, Brad Winner, Elaine Carlin, Billy Finley, Tony's girl friend, Nyla Sfan- ley, and George Graham made up The casT. As The TiTle implies, money was The main ploT of The play and as in all good sfories They lived hap- pily ever afTer. STudenTs below were chosen from The Vocal and InsTrumenTal Groups To RepresenT Compfon in The Music EducaTors NaTional Conference. Those from The InsTrumenTal group are: Liz MaTesky, Beverly Le Dou, Terry Waldo, Morgan Sfory, Thelma Holloway, Wendy SloThower, John Thomas, Diane Buckner, Paul KaTz. Those from The Vocal Group are: Velia O'Dell, Susan Herman, Virginia Mueller. - C , . -. TS S T. .Y I , , ,fw '-,igiirfi A l f' A si? Q T if 45 l ' ffgmg ' s -Ifiiiifexiwz is i f 5 , -:-213 b 'N . QP 'T Cliliziibnas gnzogmm The true spirit of Christmas was brought to us through the combined efforts of the Orchestra and the Choirs. A splendid array of hymns and carols were portrayed in the annual Christmas program. Those participating in the Mixed Chorus are, Row T, Sondra Kelley, Sue Yeager, Joyce Hanes, Barbara Mitchell, Doris Cook, Paulette McGoftey, Nancy Llewellyn, Lillie Alston, Barbara Scott, Sue Foskett, Row 2, Sharon Lositer, Judy Henry, Sylvia Daren, Alicia Woolen, Joanne Losee, Joan Wheeler, Joan Costello, Eunice Wiley, Loretta Vargas. Row 3, Lillie Morris, Benito Watson, Rosa Render, Octavia Morris, Roberta Garcia, Marina Santas, Helen Courtney, Deloris Willis, Carolyn Crunk. Row 4, Omar Huddlestow, Gwendolyn Murdock, Annetta Ware, Dianna Madrigal, Jim Deming, Jerry Thomas, Elain Carlin, Angilla Hughes, Pat Gloczewski. Row 5, Doug Schertzer, Ed Banks, Tom Riede, Stan Rothenberger, Johnny Coleman, Gordon - Bacon, Freddy Harris, Joe Periz, Paul Aguirre, Christine Green. dlflixsff Uflozui l i 95151 I Those participating in Girls Glee are, Row I, Mary Cooradt, Judy Patterson, Gladys Alston, Dyane Dyer, Josie Rosa, Rachel Avila, Marilyn Vona, Erlene Byus, Barbara Twaite, Paula Castillo, Judy Thomas. Row 2, Deanne Price, Mary Pleasely, Janeen Miller, Shirley Welch, Vicki Silva, Penny Polite, Helen Smoot, Sally Neer, Joyce Blaeholder, Lynn Franklin, Trella Noetzel. Row 3: Pat Sears, Clara Garcia, Eleanor Logan, Margaret Ford, Virginia Logan, Carrie Stutts, Ada Smith, Helen Johnson, Joan Webster, Sophia Norris. Row 4, Martha Nelson, Phyllis Cauthorn, Suzanne Meek, Evangeline Rene, Lorraine Rene, Alyce Lakey, Willetta Carbone, Marvaree McClinton, Beverly King, Annetta Williamson. i i f i i i ill I :- Q-up 'T xxx .""' F"! T48 ma "rc 1 T www wi-an i ,SN M, ja! Tfifttfw ,U K1 I it rf... uw QM WXPTW' if Ofifwxv' BAND BAND 'za in Practice makes perfect, and this certainly holds true with the band. Many hours of practice made a success of the P.T.A. Carnival with the combined efforts of Dominguez, Centennial, and Compton, the Holly- wood Christrnas Parade, the Corona Jamboree, the U.S.C. High School Day in the Coliseum, the May-time Band Review at National City, the Music Festival, and the Spring Concert. Rising to the top again the Blue and grey band took a first, participating in the Pro-Bowl East-West game half time The band and drill team were given 9 minutes of untinterruptecl performance which was broadcast coast to coast on radio and television in color as well as black and white. Members of the hand are: Row T, Linda Hartmann, Leon Murillo, Pauline Suggs, Benny Peterson, David Gough, Dan Pierson, Byron Sneed, Gil Carrasco, Terry X LX at yi s 3 P it, , X CUZ Thomas. Row 2: Charlotte Gilmore, Marilyn Williams, Wendy Slothower, Carolyn Carter, Evelyn Wod, Roy Lonherger, Sanford Allcorn, Steve Schawber, Susan Fiscora, Andrea Garcia, Thelma Hollaway. Row 3, Larry Felix, Dale Saas, Ted Conestable, Roy Gilbert, Luther Buford, David Whitehead, John Crawford, Bill Thompson, Joann McGranaghan, John Thomas, Row 4, Bill Peeler, Alice Wuethrich, Betty Daas, Douglas Walker, Richard Ollila, James Guterriz, Ralph Orozco, Mike Cahoon, David Tillman, Lee Smith. Row 5, Ernest Roop, Norman Dufton, Stan Guilford, Randy McCowcxn, Richard Lakely, Tom Preston, Allan Kerr. Row 6, Walter Burrell, Andrew Fontes, Bill Vance, Richard Manda, Ronald Fenstermacher, Melvyn Windham, Wayne Floyd, Jerry Silver, Don Smith. -...M -.1 ,,..,.. au... ,,,..,, it ,....- pw l J l J iz 5 i.. T' gif 3, ni,-..m,. , 3 , is 3 , 4,5121 t A Frfili., ft 1- ' V-A ,qqf -4 .1 ,yy V Y -1 Q: 79 I l, .si ,,, - fat Q3 is X , .3 'Q - 1 Q., D L ,za -E 'N QF X '1 i g -4 P JL 'Fw Xl - -.-3 V i V5 ' ,-f.,f"",,M ' x a 5 Biff Uiam The lovely girls who make up the Drill Team bring honor to Compton with each performance, Their long hours of practice during and after school make them one of the best and smoothest operating high school groups in Southern California. Accompanied by the Marching Band, the drill team performed in the PTA. Carnival, the Hollywood Christmas Paiaac, the Corona Halt-Time Jamboree, the Maytime Band Review in National City, the opening of Music Week at Los Angeles City Hall, and each ot our home football games. The officials of the Pro Bowl Game honored Compton by asking the drill team to be the high school group to perform for this enormous annual event. This year something new was added to the drill teams long list ot performances when it ioinecl the half-time activities at basketball games. Virginia Parker did an excellent iob as Drill Team Captain. With her are: Row l, Arlene Vial, Wanda Ulery, Sharon Buckridge, Gloria Corder, Jean Valkie. Row 2, Twila Buckles, Merlaclene Brownlee, Shirley Holmes, Sharon Anderson, Bonnie Grogan, Valarie Webster. Row 3, Penny Polite, Enid Cloper, Donna Carter, Beverly Polson, Sue Gamble, Sandra Little, Row 4, Vicky Chastain, Marilyn Esterdahl, Nancy Cavanaugh, Judy Beckner, Rita Garcia, Grace Woo, Gloria Vavrusl-ga, Row 5, Donna Janecek, Linda Marsh, Gloria Melton, Carol Newtson, Pat Thierolf, Sandy Bodily, Shirley Mclaren, Rhoda Harris, Pat Hartford. Pow 6, Carla Herzog, Marilyn Fyke, Judy Masonheimer, .lan Dodson, Coralie Schumacher, Judy Lowder, Sally Beck, Audrey Treweek, Nancy Proffitt, Martha Harbottle. T49 Cimfmdm Directing the yells were Art Parker, Judy Howard, Kay Hatfield, Marsha Bisson and Gary Barmore. Their zest and enthusiasm was felt by each member of the cheering section. OIZ 1504515 Linda Lee, Judy Eastwood, Lavon Mac Farland, Loretta Cook, Lawanna Zimmer man and Judy Scoonover added variety, music and pep to football and basket- ball games. Q H!!! si 'ii 'zum eJlflczy'o'z ana! 5lflcLy'o'zeffe1 This handsome Trio- lead The band in ifs many parades and .wg shows. Drum Maior Roy Lonberger and Maiorefres Linda Harf- mann and Terry Thomas cerrainly deserve words of praise. gray gifzfa Flag Girls were a very charm- ing and graceful group of girls: Carolyn Mead, Marolyn Mead Terry Chrysf, Mary Thompson, Virginia Brodbeck, and Mary Vincent. I STUDENT STORE Gaining experience in handling money and serving the needs of the student body by working in the Student Store are: Suellen Sprague, Bonnie Patt, Joyce Umstead, Christy Clark, Kathy Ober- miller, Barbara Simmons, Marianne Betts, Mr. Albert Galatian, sponsor for Student Store. PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS Guarding the cars in the student parking lot to insure protection are: Row T, Wallis Sansbury, Chuck Helton, John Fellows, Patrick Durkin, Gary Hellman, Joe Millington. Row 2, Bob Singleterry, Jesus Arona, Kenny Weiss, Harold Ray, Danny Rikalo, Don Law- horn, Roger Hicks, Larry James, Gary Gaines, Lee Crowell. STAGE CREW Always working behind the scenes to make the assemblies and plays run smoothly are the members of the stage crew, Row T, Harold Lyons, Ronald Prazant, Don Walz, Mr. Michael Kosturick, director. Row 2, Richard Smith, Barry Reese, Ken Bolen, Bill Graham, Les Winder, Floyd Kyander, Alvin Robbins. CAFETERIA Serving the needs ot the many students who eat daily in the xt, cafeteria are: Row l, Judy Brown, Lee Teed, Carol Coovert, Pat ' .W Nichols. Row 2, Emmigene Warren, Carolyn Hamm, Randy 7 Spence, Val Barra, Joanne Solak. AUTO SHOP CompTon High offers special classes Tor The boys who are inTeresTed in auTo mechanics. Dick McNickie, Arnold FiTz- gerald, Bob Hengler, and STeve Killian check The possibiliTies of This car. MACHINE SHOP Learning To operaTe various Types of machines is The goal of every boy in This shop. Mr. HarTmann shows Bob STone The fine poinTs of The meTal IaThe. MECHANICAL SHOP Mr. Vine's class works diIigenTIy Turning ouT drawings and plaTes which will beTTer qualify Them as draTTsmen in The TuTure. PicTured are, Earl Schinkel, Bob Muirhead, Theo Eddy, William FleTcher, Jim Minard, Charles ChrisTie, Ed Walker, Bob MarTinez, Mike Guinn, Larry Osborn, Russ Wiley, Louis Champ. ELECTRIC SHOP These boys learn To repair and use eIecTrical machines and appliances. LisTening To Mr. STockwell's lecTure are: Bob MyrTle, Ivan Corner, Dennis Howe, Henry ArndT, Bob Fink, Henry Thomas, Dennis Woolsey, Tom Wilson, Jon King, Henry GilsTrap, Ronald PrazanT. METAL SHOP The compIicaTed iob of working wiTh meTal is made easier by Mr. Edwards' explanation To Glen Turner, Larry McNa- mara, Richard Johnson, Tom Lynch. GRAPHIC ARTS Mr. Dunn and Larry James waTch as Roy Aluza seTs Type for The nexT CompTon Chimes. -ff Dfpgg Helping to keep Mrs. Westcott's office running smoothly are, Row l, Betty Meadows, Lavon McFar- land, Mrs. Westcott. Row 2, Merledene Brownlee, Beverly Polson, Mrs. Frances Lalonde, secretray to Mrs. Westcott. Row 3, Colleen Cornick, Linda Hart- mann. Mrs. Westcott Assisting Mrs. White and performing such duties as prescribed by that office are, Row l, Lynne Klaiber, Irene Binning. Row 2, Nancy Profitt, Terry Chryst. Row 3, Nadine Warren, Virginia Laird. Row 4, Mrs. Virginia Barnhart, secretary to Mrs. White, and Mrs. White. Mrs. White Attendance Helping to keep in order the ex- tensive attendance records of the school are, Row T, Bob Smith, Mi- chele Hess, Alva Smith, Donna The- bold, Lorraine Turk, Mrs. Borders. Row 2, Jim Snavely, Joan Moss, Karen Hutchinson, Rhoda Harris, Judy Glanville, Sharon Robinson, Roger Waters. Row 3, Dick McNicki, Kay Rayborn, Frieda Hampton, Amy Harbaugte. .,,--"""".' Mr. Brown Assisting Mr. Brown particularly with sports activi- ties are, Row l, Sharon Perkins, Mr. Brown. Row 2, Shirlee McLaren, Sandra Little, Marsha Esterdahl, Mrs. Gertrude Yeager, secretary to Mr. Brown. Row 3, Nancy House, Dolores Rochell, Penny Chamber- lain. Continuation Working with Mr. O'Donovan in securing iobs and writing work permits for students are, Row 1, Pat Stanley, Nancy Llewellyn, Willetta Carbone, Mar- queta Shelton. Row 2, Mrs. Eleanora Walker, secre- tary to Mr. O'Donovan, Ruth Szarkowski, Mary Smoot, Eddie Lou Lough, Mr. O'Donovan. .f 'zaafics Assisting the counselors and Mr. Rollins in securing guidance for the students are, Row i, Barbara Cot- ner, Loretta Cook, Sandra Bodily, Marolyn Mead. Row 2, Carolyn Mead, Mary Vincent, Arlene Vial, Linda Marsh, Twila Buckles, Katherine Boynton. Guidance Helping Mr. Shipman with the activity cards sale and the many other school events are, left to right, Brenda Honer, Carolyn Robertson, Carla Herzog, Judy Scoonover, La Wanna Zimmerman, Sharon Anderson, Gloria Vavruska, Mr. Shipman. Activities Library Assisting Mrs. Howell with checking in books and in caring for the lib- rary are, Row l, Claudia Crawford, Joanne Mayer, Joyce McGriggs, Patricia Myers, Ruth Dawes, Frances Vargas, Mrs. Howell. Row 2, Paula Crunk, Gloria Foreman, Angelina Garcia, Rosie Zavala, Winifred Scorza, Shirley Winder, Betty Holmes, Willa Mae Crais. Row 3, Sandra Anthony, Judy Oakland, Nancy ' Leggett, SuzAnne Meek, Frances Cummings, Joanne Solak, Sandra Kramer. Visual Aids Gaining experience in handling and repairing the visual aids machines are, Row 1, Don Christie, Susie Guthrie, Mrs. Thaka Ktazenberger, secretary to Mrs. Howell, Jeanette Salonge, Gil Carrasco. Row 2, Louie Rasmussen, Bill McCarty, Wayne Miller, Brad Greene. '---nw,-.-B Nurse Caring for minor physical ailments and accidents are, Row l, Carol Hopper, lrmadell Thompson, Mari- lyn White, Jackie Garst, Irene Cole. Row 2, Bonnie Grogan, Vicki Chastain, Sandra Duffield, Annette Williamson, Starley Altgilbers, Naldi Simpson. - l'f'li51. vs, -53' ' ENGLISH English teachers, Mrs. Rigo, Mr. Eisenmayer, and Mrs. Dale care- fully check the student composi- tions while Bill Taylor, Lynn Tel- ford, and Joann Roop glance over the recent Book Club ad- ditions. Cf CLQQJZOOHZ SCIENCE Pat Hartford, Charles Coventon, and Karl Kramer are studying and performing experiments in Mr. Caudill's chemistry labora- tory. Solving these problems will give them valuable knowl- edge for their college years and as they go into their occupation- 1r"'N1 Q is ti at is ss, cv m r , ii tt.,, ,,,,, . gg SPANISH 'S fi is Diane DuFault, Dan Crockett, 'Qs T and Carol Carter do their share K T in building the Spanish na- cimiento lnativity scenel. This is an annual event and it takes the place of the Christmas tree in Spanish speaking countries. al fields. BOYS FOODS Preparing for future indoor cooking and outdoor Bar-B-Q's are Compton High's amateur chefs. Row l, Ed Perry, Phil Smith. Row 2, Miss Bowers, Charles Helton, Terry Emblin, Bill Brown, Jerry Bryant, Tom Thomas, Ray Pina, Steven Hall, Ernesto Garcia. These boys under the supervi- sion of Miss Bowers worked hard in order to gain experience in the fields of dietetics and food. MATHEMAHCS Using the principles of mathematics, algebra and geometry, Sandra Brown, a member of Mr. Olsen's geometry class, solves the geometrical problems. cqafiuifias 3.5, ..,,, ,f .K .Q-W a I I QSHSSS Production Art class provided the students at CHS with a humorous and well planned sign for each foot- ball game and several dances and drives. Some of those who worked on the signs are, Leonard Fisher, in- structor, Roger Woods, Virginia Logan, LeRoy Casey, John Corloell, Robert Titterington, Ralph Rodriguez, Phillip Morris, Naida Pahl, Jim Crow, Pat Durkin, Bill Carper, Tom Minor, Roger Kennedy, Verdell McCIinton, Frank Caro. HISTORY All of Compton's eleventh graders study U. S. history. Cor- alie Schumacher, Richard Pop- lar, Mike Henn, Gloria Corder, and Nick Capra are checking with the map for more informa- tion. HOME ECONOMICS Working on several different projects are members of the Home Crafts class. They are not only making useful things for The present but gaining useful knowledge that will help them in the future. Some of these are: Sally Freeman, JoAnn Mathson, BUSINESS Sydny Snively, Sally Frick. MISS Knoxls Complomelw classes gain experience that will help them to secure a good job and will give them a knowledge of the actual employer and em- ployee environment. Miss Knox shows Joann Messmer a new operation on the machine. -1: T CHRISTMAS BALI. The holiday season was made merrier for those who attended the Christmas Ball. Silver Bells, and blue and grey decorations created a gay atmosphere. Santa and his reindeer made their appearance during the intermission to add to the enjoyment. Pat Hartford and Chuck Henderson are dancing while Sue Gamble and Charlie Coventon reign. SADIE HAWKINS This is turn about night at Compton High. The girls not only buy bids and make corsages but they also drag the boys into the clutches of Marryin' Sam. Dianne Williamson and Jack Stamback are seen in their outfits. CUZ 055, HOMECOMING Queen Grace Woo and her escort, Dick Branstord, dance to the music ofthe Compton Dance Band. Alumni and fellow students renewed old acquaintances at the fourth annual Homecoming Dance. Friendliness and gaiety prevailed throughout the night. Grace wearing her crown, looks extremely pleased and happy. CUZ C55 rt.. 4- . iisflitif ,, ' A -BRAC ' .gif I T I L ' COLOR DAY DANCE Roy Lonberger led the Dance band when Comp- 58 ton played host to Lynwood at the Annual Color Day Dance. '36 1 aenzgfies Senior Talent Show-above left-Paul Katz and Fred Boetsch portray an incident in The lite ot a young couple out on a date. Nomination Assembly-above right-Ray Pina, Phil Hall, and Benny Peterson assist Grace Woo with her skit in the nomination assembly. Trampoline Assembly-cenTer- Harold Coates, nationally famous Trampoline artist, and Mr. William Roy, Compton speech teacher and former Pan American Games Tumbling champion, discuss stunts during This special assembly. Junior Talent Show-lower left- Peggy Lee sings her rendition of Solid Gold Cadillac in the Junior Talent Show. Fashion Show-lower right-George, Caldwell, Beverly Polson, Melody Bly, and Shirley Zinn model in the fashion show presented to The girls by the Simplicity Pattern Company. ANU 4 ac 2 I E - OCAI57 N 1:1 5 hams C9 TY m ss Westcott wmdz o Yer se boskwbfmil gfwwe. 1 lllurn Wm!-,v up Mrk- Susrel Youre our Owsrrncus Dunne Queen. Mfss Color O S1GI'fO husbands Of Jcmacek helps S 1 FOWIWS camo wi G4 ficfifisz xs VOS Befkmer vi, o v N6 OO th gifts A! HAIL' Scum Anthony ou llll 'Ill 5045 char with Stuff edutons celebrate Easter. X566 . RO' S 0 4 COFTI Scholarship, leadership and social maturity are the ingredients which combine to produce intellectually and emotionally balanced students who are prepared to work toward a better under- standing of the world and its problems. 7 4-fe. gli", 4 if 'QV' V 'Ak 'Jn Q - v - ' X -. J 4 ' . ' A Q , ' V Q W 1 4' W ' f ' .'. 4 f I ' w Q' I "ag ,i ff." , ii ,' , f I -, 1 . . Q- . - r 0 1,1 ' rn.: kf'4'qg, 5 fl' H1 W fi if X 'L 4 ' w' M N' Q , gtk-Ifjgff' VF' ' 'kr Q y K 7 L' " ' gy f 5 1 J, ,IAN 'fa' ,L ,A ,,.V ' ,J P 1 Q . ' h ff 1. , V M q f 4 , I, I.. V 4 - 'A ,.,. 'XY' Va gd. P 5, I G , 1. Q E 'M' l " , . ,. IT. . 4, . ',2'- 115 .. -i .1-,, ,ggi Q 1 1 ' - - 1 YTA 1 is , . :Gamble was the Chouce of the , K -:,' ,gf :.i :bk . Q4 - . . . fhe typical gurl. Sue was ,,,, L"'L: Q , if N secretory cmd held the iw Sioner of class 'f 3 Y I I 'LH ,La ' 'Wu C s .- Q--.9 . 1' 'D P- I Q 1 , . - -- ,. -rg' P' ,,.. ,V V. .X fe 'wg' ., gs ,- .., ,, r , f X 0 -f lb R: 7 -sg ,AA y ,Nr dt, - . -Q G h 1.0-,Q I , Q sf-A . . .. 1 -I 41 f .. . I ' ' Jfa -M n . . l ' . -. . , I -I ,- , . , . 5, , , . ,.., , , A ' X Q . . 3 'x - - 'Y . 'ffl ep v .- yi. '.' .- J, . s ' ..- I C . -. f 9 A' X' I 4 ' i w I I A xg 4. 0 -,'T'4 I S' ' y ' K .' - . '., X U ,-fLJ?,' .I f ' 4 :I .-fe ,x ,if 4 - , , , n , 1. 4. 9. I he -s .ss its 11 , " 1 P A", AX - .N - qs Q 'gl if "",-A L , If C l is 1 ii . t Q I l ' T. ,lv El' A i ' X I , ' . fx- ' :Kun ' ' ' ' 'ir ' -' M, . , , . - i if - 7112 . ' ,' fl P' ' O -f .ar ' 'n Q 4 ' Q N K , . 'l 7 2, ' I ' pd ff 0 ' ' , 1 , , ,. ' f v 'r' Si: s X -i -as f' 3 X ' ' ' W' E. ' 1 , f - , lf: -., f- , ' ' 'W .Q 2 'Y A 5 9-1 ' y . K 5 im' AA I, ls, 5: o . A . X... ,' my Q.. Of l if A, X a sscs f , -l' X' ' . . . 1 gl ' 'M .A " i H j I 5' . Charles Coventon was selected the typical boy s , 'CJ' . C this year by his fellow senior classmates. Charles Q 5. ---. . 1' D -1' has been Commissioner of Athletics and As- J n 'Q fs 'iff ,V J .Q sociated StadentlBody president during his senior, year. Charles. played Varsity football and 'Was Selededtiby 'the 20-so club as the mghichool player of-the year in Compton. Charles was ao memberlof Squires and Spanish Club. In the future he would like to attend a uniyefsity but is undecided as to which one he will choose l 1 Sagofamagip ai E 1 ?1 l 3 ya 2 1 ug X scholastic av- "A" in every years. Judy drill Team. in Santa for a Wayne Steagall was the boy highest in schol- arship. He won the Bank of America Math Award, was a member of Mimirathenians, Squires, and Inter-Club Council. Atter graduat- ing Wayne plans to attend either Cal Tech or Carnegie Institute of Technology. SCL! BSCUZE 'Zi Jill North won honors in scholarship. Jill has been active on campus as president of Girls' League, president of Girls' Athletic Association, member ot Chimettes, and a Mimirathenian seal-bearer. ln the future Jill would like to go to S.C. or U.C.L.A. and study to be a doctor. Lofln- J. ix., 'gm ' ' ik-al mms f JOITMCOIHLW' ,Quan Qhuag gg ueen cmc! 551 owzf s .nl- Al NJ l i A ,, Stunning Virginia Broclbeck, president of Los Picaros and member of the drill team, was escorted by track star Woody Covington. Virginia Parker, graceful and dimplecl drill team captain, Chimette, and Commissioner of Social Activities was escort- ed by Squire, Gary Johnson. Lovely and gracious are two words that describe Homecom- ing Queen Grace Woo. Her majesty Grace was crowned queen during halftime festivi- ties at the Compton-Paramount football game. Her escort for the evening was Squire, Dick Bransford. if , l ze 1 it iv, Q. , ., its' f Petite and pixie-like character- ize the overall personality and appearance of Linda Lee. Es- corting the pert little miss was Mike Williams, Good personality and overall attractiveness describe Song Leader Lavon McFarland. La- von's escort for the evening was popular Roger Waters. LJ' 1 I I ,L 169 7 6 an of Oqmazica Judy Lowder received a gold cup in the Bank of America Awards Contest, in Liberal Arts. She has served her school as Senior class vice president and won first place in the "l Speak for Democracy" contest. She performed on the drill team for two years and is a C.S.F, seal- bearer. After graduating Judy plans to attend either Santa Barbara college or Occidental college to major in history in preparation for a teaching profession. Wayne Steagall won the coveted cup award in Math and Science. Wayne has been active in Mimirathenians and is a C.S.F. sealbearer. He is a member of Squires and lnter-Club council. Last summer he studied under the Hughes Aircraft Companies Summer Study Scholarship program. After graduating he plans to study at either California Institute of Technology or Carnegie Institute of Technology for his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. Paul Katz won his cup in Fine Arts for his many achieve- ments in the field of music. Paul has been a member of the Compton Civic Symphony for four years, president of the school orchestra for two years, principal cellist in the Southern California High School Symphony and a member of the All Western States Orchestra last year. Future plans for Paul are to attend either U.S.C. or U.C.L,A. ond major in music. ' Betty Meadows received her cup in the field of Voca tional Arts. She has been active in Business Education each semester since coming to Compton High. Betty has been a member and secretary of Business Club and was a Mimirathenian for three semesters. In the future Betty would like to attend Long Beach State College and later become a legal secretary. Sue Gamble won her certificate in foreign Robert Howard, a certificate winner in the Bank of America Contest, in Art, was one of the four staff artists who drew the football pep posters for the high board fence. Bob de- signed the theme pages for El Campanile and sold yearbook advertising space to Compton merchants. His football cartoons were pub- lished in the Chimes and he made artistic decorations for several student events. Bob is planning to go to Compton College next year. Ulf 6116! QMHHSZQ Nonie Lowe received her certificate in Social Science. Nonie was Girls' League vice president and served on Student Council as Commissioner of Finance. C.S.F. sealbearer, and member of drill team are two of Nonie's favorite activities. After graduation from high school Nonie would like to attend either Santa Barbara or Long Beach State College, to maior in Secondary education. language. She has been very active i activities. Commissioner of Public n student Relations, first semester, and Student Body Secretary, second semester, are only two of t offices Sue held while attending Sue was also on drill team two he many Compton. years, a member of Campus Christian Fellowship, Los Picaros, and a C.S.F. sealbearer, After receiv- ing her diploma she plans to attend either Santa Barbara College or U.C.L.A. to study for a teacher's credentials. ,,, Kay Fawkes gained her certificate in Home Eco- nomics. Kay has been active in Homemaking classes, was secretary of her Senior Problems class, and had perfect attendance all three years. She has been very active in Church work and her future plans are to attend Brigham Young Uni- versity. x 1 1. fl X Douglas Applegate was winner of the Industrial Arts certificate, Doug has been active in shop classes. Machine shop teacher, Ernst Hartmann, reported that Doug was a very conscientious and willing worker. Mr. Hartmann also said he was well liked by all his fellow students and never wasted his time. Doug's future plans are to ioin the Navy and later become an electronics engineer. 171 BOYS' SPORTS ljgagiy ,za gaps in ART Bill Carper was chosen top student in the Art department. He was a member of Los Picaros and Campus Christian Fellowship. Bill plans to follow a career in art by attending Compton College and later U.C.L.A. BOYS' FOODS Ken Russell was selected as top chef in Boys' Foods. Ken has served on class councils all three years and has been a member of De Molay and Boys' Federation. Future plans for Ken are to enter the service and make it his career. 111 Q. W, nl' l Charles Coventon was chosen the outstanding athlete at Compton High. He served as A.S.B. President and was Commissioner of Athletics. Charles received the 20-30 Club trophy as the outstanding high school football player in the Compton area. Charles has not selected his University yet but he does plan to maior in business education and physical education. BUSINESS EDUCATlON Lyn Klaiber was the outstanding student in Business Educa- tion. She was a member of Campus Christian Fellowship also. Upon graduation, Lyn would like to enter the business world and become a secretary. GIRLS' SPORTS INDUSTRIAL ARTS fgziz Esfzaifmsnf DRAMA Ronald Prazant was chosen department winner in drama. He was on stage crew, helped with the presentation of plays, and was a member of Thespians. After graduating Ronald plans to ioin the Army or Navy, and make the service his career. Wrap 1 I 9 .., ENGLISH Julie Schwartz received top honors in the English department. She belonged to Drama Club and was a member of National Forensic League. Julie plans to go to U.C.L,A. to major in secondary education and later become on English or speech teacher. I5 . -:.1.1-' . r sq- .gf -if 4.f'sla.' 'M 19' Angie Arvizu has been a very diligent and cooperative worker in the physical education department. She held offices in the Girls' Athletic Association for two years, is a member of the Spanish club, and Mimirathenians. It is felt that she is best qualified to meet the departmental standards for the selection of a representative student in this area. HOMEMAKING Donna Cox was voted outstanding in Homemoking during her three years at Compton. She was a member of Mimir- athenians and plans to attend Compton College in the fall. iw' . Q . IIIS F In addition to receiving the Gold Cup Award in Math, Wayne Steagall, attained the highest scholastic average among the boy students, was further honored by being selected the outstanding student in Industrial Arts. Gr, W..,,lW , ,,-.. .. K I ,X INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Thelma Holloway excelled in Instrumental music. Thelma was a member of Tarbabe Tutors, Girls' League, All State Orchestra, All Southern California Orchestra and Compton Civic Symphony. Her plans after graduating are to attend Compton College and later attend S.C. to become a music teacher, JOURNALISM Walter Dutton received top recognition in journalism. Walter was on paper staff two years and served as editor this year. Future plans for him are to attend U.C.L.A, He hopes to serve on the Bruin staff and later embark on a news- paper career. Sudan in LATIN Dick Bransford, student chosen to represent Latin, was a member of Squires, Boys' Federation, Mimirathenians and is a CSF. sealbearer. After completing his schooling at Compton High Dick plans to attend U.C.L,A. and work towards a doctor's degree. MATH Gary Harward was selected as the representative student in the Math department. Gary was a member of Science T club, Tarbabe Tutors, Mimirathenians and bearer. After graduating Gary plans to fur at Cal Tech by maioring in engineering. is a CSF. seal- her his education fflaiz :qv-f SOCIAL SCIENCE Woody Covington was winner in Social Science. He was Senior class president, Mimirathenian, C.S,F. sealbearer and was outstanding in Varsity cross country and track. Woody has not chosen his particular college, but plans to become o dentist. SPANISH Carla Herzog was chosen as a good representative student in Spanish. She has been active in Spanish Club for three years. Atter graduating from college, Carla would like to receive her credentials and become a Spanish teacher. SPEECH o Chambers was chosen outstanding in speech He served R y . as A.S.B. President, Mimirathenians, C.S.F. sealberer, and was a member of Squires. Ray plans to attend either Red- lands or Whittier College to study law. He hopes to enter the field of politics and his speeches as representative of the Lions' Club gave him good practice in addressing voters. -uv' X xx b . xx V th: VOCAL MUSIC Glorie Vavruska received high honors in vocal music. She was in A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, and a member of drill team for two years. Glorie plans to become a music teacher after attending Compton College and later either Redlands University or U.S,C. SCIENCE Jill North was winner in Laboratory Science. She was G.A.A. president, Girls' League president, member of Chimettes, Inter-Club Council, Mimirathenians and is a C.S.F. sealberer. Jill hopes to attend either U.C.L.A, or S.C. later on to study medicine because she plans to become a doctor. F .4 fx Pie Y, EE' iv S' Sim ,, fy iw SW: 3 , Q A 55545. Mau? X Q. "G 6 f .. 42, 5 a f JC X A X ' ggi wwf Q ax .fx K 31m ' Vff55!V ' Qgw iiypf " P 415 'QA H K.. ulzzi , I 1 i ,Q 1' ff- Y -1 5? H sg , ai .rc i 1 i OWS A a .. ,, .Q r .Kg f x f .-Lk Q .gggvv it I l 'Q 5 .lf N H! Sporfs are beneficiol in developing physically fit young men ond women, building strong bodies ond keen minds ond unfolding cm True spirit of Teamwork. as f l , my wi-,, , K, 2 xii if auify . ' ML?1'v'5" 3 V af' vaavf A W 9.1 1 I L ,ZVV , ,, . . . , . ,5 , ..,m.a. pf I ! '- ,M ., A ' , 1-pmav' .N wi'-' ' Q, - ,Q K" fwf-A K' Q im Q:-wwf -'Lf , ff Tw "W'3"W'?'7"'5 . 1 . 4 " nfW:i+f'i1:1f if wsim 2- fm fm'f"" K, Nh V Xin . K ,.: I ,H " lark f,,',, . ,A , 1, Nw ,KVFAEY A JK 47, VK ' 26 ,, , .Q . f' QX-gm' 'Q ,.+ L :mf A, . Wxy- fri -. k ', f K , 'Ha vm. 4 ,,,.X' 5 I ' ' 'swf A , A . ff w 1 A -W 3 Q 5 x . ff " W . x .1 ,A , ' 5 YV me ..,,,..w ,Q 'V np' 'JF -HUP' "' W - Q u M Q gli' , . - Nu A 47? 51 fb -1 W Wag' 5, I 354+ 'fl Y A 15 ,Zvi 5,4 coz: gOOfgC1.Z! Coon on. W1 M, 0 67' c- :E '3' f 5 ,., 2 . xg,,,,,fJH , M-. ml. H' 1- I Coach Leonard Fisher, in his first year as head coach, guided the Compton team to a commendable second place finish in the rugged Coast League. Line Coach Ray Edgmon produced an- other fine corps of hard-driving linemen to anchor the 'Babe line. 6 ,ll azaify goofgaff i .F J I C ' a X' H L ..L 5 fs 4- i - 4 r , " 's I 5 , I r 4 -.K ,i c E 1 ,Q x . l 1 it X I , ov ' 1-19 ' F J N 7 a Row 1: Charles Winter, Mgr., Bob Smith, Mgr., Dick Nolen, Karl Kramer, Jim Thornton, Gary Mustain MacKnicki, Tom Hogue, Phil Hartman, Allan Veitch, Bob Bortot, Louie Rasmussen, Randy Spence, Jerry Jim Jones, George Caldwell, Dave Barber, Stewart Cummings, Billy Coates, Arnold Fitzgerald, Vic McNamara, Mgr., Louie Griffey. 4 Row 4: Lonnie Carter, Bob Tennyson, Darrel Pyle, Manuel Armenta, Tom Rose, John Bibee, Coach Gregory. my M L1 --. o' .M . 1 ,, 1-'Wg iwureumu. if Xeon 1 7 i cmmou 1 , ,.1i W .,r, rres, Y L , , 1 V X C C Y ,R I J - I+. LLCL x .5 i u 1 uf,,, X ,'., r - f fs, . Y, End Coach Bob Gregory, former Alle American End from Compton College, rle- veloped such line ends as Jim Thornton, Joe Millington, Manuel Armenta, anrl Marvin Fleming, All-Coast End. Chad Dennis, Charlie Coventon, Dave Adamoli, Ed Suber, Paul Masazumi, Dave Gould. Row 2: Dick Stansbury, Willie Williams. Row 3: Ronnie Christensen, Coach Eclgmon, Billy Daniels, Hugh Coburn, Fowler, Gilbert White, Jim Crow, Al Duarte, Art Camarillo, Hugh Gilstrap, Coach Fisher, Larry Ed Walker, Ted Garavaglia, Joe Millington, Gary Hellman, Gary Workman, Phil Hall, Milton Johnson, Dowusv I9 common lit 0 ZEN Af- if - Chet Baird, equipment manager, ably supplied the football team with sound equipment so necessary in a rugged sport such as football. J lov ' ls gf:-2 e f s' l X Q , ' r Manuel Armenra David Adamoli Quarterback End fr ,giigg :, 3 23' 1,- ..,, K Sy ler ic,-w k s .. ., ' .-Q fwrfrwd, 'l . s is K ii QQ 7? A5 ' ,'H35?'-255 .f n ,V ii , S s, .aaf , Loffsnis in Gqczfion Ari Camarillo George Caldwell Tackle Halfback All-Coast League Q Q j A, . gf '5 gm W A Q 5 'S rx -1 f By, L1 ' " W A George Caldwell, potent halfback, threads his way through the Downey line amid great blocking by the Babe forward wall, N. -- fin! Q? b gig , e f X Lb Willie Williams, All--Coast back, turns the corner on a sweep around right end in the seasons opener against St. Anthony, - K if EfSl25,5 in 0445012 Applying a stone wall Cletense against tlie Paramount Piraies are tlivse tliive ferocious Taibalnesr Darrel Pyle l82l, Jim Crow l7Ql, anrl Tom Hogue lofil, as tliey literally mobbed O would-lie ljllffllif ball carrier. ev X Lonnie Carter Billie Coats Quortei lnack Halllaack common 6 kai 'x I Q Responding witli quick pursuit and gang tackling are these defensive linemen: Art Camarillo, Bolo Tennyson l8ll, Gerry Stansloury l69l, and Gary Workman l92l. Seen moving up to aid in tlie play is Vic Fowler l8Ol. e-- E M wi?" P 'rl 'ff N .y v Charles Coventon Jim Crow Fullback lco-captainl Tackle All-Coast League "City's Most Valuable Player" YL Il 1 I , 111 poly 20 common 33 Lvuwooo O , Ee , i, X gg' O il K ,L Xu Chad Dennis Guard I' , I Arnold Fitzgerald Halfbclck l - : W. '17 T 'i ' no VR, Vic Fowler Center o ,1 , ,Aid ,ww M X V6 Ted Garavaglia Center 1 . ,lvrvigs f -f 4 ex rr " .z. ,k.f,:l wx 'Ny ff iw QD Tom Hogue Milton Johnson Karl Kramer Paul Masazurni Halfback Tackle Quarterback Halfback D1 8 5' ff' I 1 '- l 'Pt W , X is I 1' 4 ,I ,, 41. rn f ,Q 1 ,fn ,ff f K in it 1 yr f A ' M- Wi' 1 i4"Wf5?' Louie Rasmussen Cenler Second Team All-Coast Willie Williams Halfback Second Team All-Coast ff' Qfillfi ' 'X . X ' '1 'KES in 1 : T ff , . 3 -1. 1 -2, , Kay- . il, 75 flix- ' Bob Tennyson Tackle Second Team All-Coast Gary Workman Tackle X-19 Q-- -.. N I J I 'hx D -,Alu-.ft xl ni line. Per Lmicrz cvzaify goofgaff Row 1, David Gould, Dick Popplar, Gary Glenn, Reggie Davis, Raul Caro lco-captainl, Joe Silva lco-captainl, Paul Luna, Greg Cops, Jon Dorham, Jon Huttinger, Manuel Ares. Row 2, Coach Adams, Wayne Key, Richard Landin, Gary Silkerson, Gary Barmore, Gayle Jones, Richard Land, Fred Harris, Leroy Bell, Fred Kimbrel, Bob Bussing, Row 3, Chuck Schwartz, mgr., Larry Shaw, Phillip Morris, Louis Fuggins, Joel Barley, Joe l-lolston, Gerald Smith, Chuck Veals, Ed Middleton, Walt Roberts, Jerry Collins. Row 4, John Arbogast, mgr., Dave Richardson, Jim Downs, Gary Hellman, Bud Woodry, Mike Braun, Phil Caudill, Fernando Torres, Jim Mann, Danny Dingillo, Ed Banks, Ed Suloia, mgr. Coach Ed Adams led the Junior Varsity to an undefeated, untied season and 'st Coast League Championship this year. THE SCORE BOARD Compton 27. . . . . .St. Anthony 6 Compton 26... ...Cathedral 12 J Compton 8. .. . . .Pasadena 6 ,, Compton 26... ...Centennial 13 Q! Compton 25. .. .. .Paramount 19 Compton 13... .. .Downey 7 Compton 32... .. L. B. Poly, 7 Compton 20. . . .. .Lynwood Q 13 Compton 177 Opponents 83 Record 8-O-O qjoobgaff - Y Q ir V .,,,, 1- Q .. ttt f A UG 413 Row l, C. Soto, F. Harber, R, Streeter, C. Johnson, B. Murray, W. Garcia, H. Conedy, R. Dever, T. Minor, L. Edwards, Coach Caudillo. Row 2, B. Thure, G. Lamont N. Hayden, J. Fair, D, Wright, A. Delgado, J. Luckey, A. Ambrozic, R. Penson, J. McCleary, mgr. Row 3, H. Ray, K. Wells, R. Masazumi, R. Rodriguez, W. Prude W. Martin, C. Hughes, D. Arnerman, J. Bcingston, G. Beardon, mgr., J. Jordan, mgr. Row 4, W. Bay, D. Becker, R. Telles, J. Betsinger, R. Winters, L. Larum J. Snavely, R, Adkinson, R. Johnson, mgr., B. Andrade, mgr. A 1 wh. Coach Caudillo coached a fine bunch of boys with great spirit this year, Q sl -It aw vu 'K . .1 if P ,I . ru Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton TH E SCORE BOARD . . . . . .Pasadena ... ...Santa Monica ... ...Centennial ... ...Paramount . .. . . .Downey ...L.B.Poly ...Lynwood ul a 59 w Y-f,g i ,A V ,A J 1 il I ,J . Hn . - Bi Nei Coofesg fleet ' Posadehdd ka S y. .W 3 0' if QI 'S K Q I' fb ' . iifia W f -if 4,I.,',A.w--fy Be, two touchdowns in' the ,return to ,cap an s are Clwctfles All-Coast Tackle. L Tarbabe eleven lines up for one of the many score-producing plays in the last game of the season against Lynwood. Lonnie Carter, shown receiving the ball from the center, personally accounted for one score on a 77 yard quarterback sneak. Ferocious Tarbabes literally devoured the Lynwood Knights 33-O. . ' I - i -:I .Z f5 4-5 x ,SN , " ,Lonnie"Carter, Junior quarterback, is 'pictured .carrying the ball for a .3 ' ' 'jpubstaptialfygain against ,the Paramount Pirates. Carter wasvlnstrumentdl. , , "" FZ? inthe 27f74l-lomecorrglng victoryrfor th?Erbabes. I -1 ,rf 1 K All , rx 4 P' 1 M V 5 -,X 1, ' ' A 0' J Q1 . Nfl Q, 412 i. . 1 . I I 4 K. ' l , . 0 1.x y N l Q Q. . , , U ' 0 . . A Q 2 . X Q Q . N J . is y y i I L ,L gy y 8 h , f KAN! y V ,, t, k t sr . My ,Q T 2 A 1 .. U. y biry jf y at Q g V L., j f .. "" L i'ii' L Mfrs, " i L i will 'L all auifbzy 'ww owzffz Members are: Coach Ernst Hartmann, Donnell Mays, Ernesto Garcia, Woody Covington, Don Kline, Bill Crowley, Art Paz, Val Barra, James Paz, mgr. oczif Lea ue Clflamfzfi. Woody Covington, captain, grins happily after winning the C.l.F. Championship Cross Country race at Long Beach State Col- lege. Woody coasted across the finish line a good 20 yards ahead of his nearest rival. i9O One of the greatest cross-country teams ever assembled at Compton High finished an easy first place in the Coast League this year. The team was undefeated, un- tied and Unscored upon, posting a perfect score of i5-45 in each Coast League encounter. The team went on to win C.l.F. and California State honors. Bill Crowley, Tarbabe distance ace, leads after one-half mile of the C.l.F. Cross Country Cham- pionship race. Crowley later fin- ished eighth in a field consisting of over 70 of the top cross- country runners in Southern Cali- fornia. Seen warming up before the Compton Invitation- al Cross Country meet are these four members of the Coast League Championship squad- Woody Covington, George Williamson, Bill Crowley, and Don Kline. anim auif Ufzoss owzffz 1333 'D L - Q - Row 1, Ed McCulloch, mgr., Bob Mooniov, Ken Weiss, Duane Shelton, James Sharp, Bruce Fisher, Richard Robinson, James Probavco, Robert Strock, mgr. Row 2, Coach Hartmann, Marvin Neill, Earl Woods, John Pelochino, Don Brace, David Bryan, Robert Gorbet, Kenneth Hunter, Ronnie Finger, Lou Patterson. ,f X ,..l 5 ?' RTW' V Off to a fast start is Woody Covington lfar left lanel as he breaks for the lead in a field of over 60 runners represent- ing the best in Southern California. Woody took first place with ease. Coach Ernst Hartmann during his 27 years at Compton High has es- tablished an enviable record in cross-country annals which places Compton as the top power in the Southland. In the past 14 years, Hartmann's teams have won Coast League Championship 13 times and C.I.F. Championship five times. - - A l Woody Covington, Ernesto Garcia, and Bill Crowley catch their breath after pac- ing the Compton team to an outstanding finish in the Compton Invitational Cross Country Meet. Woody won in the rec- ord-breaking time of 8:57 for a new meet record. czuif Flflfafaz QDCJO at . f, .' ,Wm .a ,wgj Varsity Water Polo 'reom completed or season filled with action and thrills in Q sport which requires swim- ming obility and expert ball handling to score over on opponent. Members ore: Kneeling, Don Wolz, Jim Cope, Art Parker, Bob Myrtle, David Fowler, Standing, Al Cobble, Roger Zeller, Don Verbeck, Jerry Tweet, Mike Williams, Roger Woters, Larry Osborn, Coach Doyle. Couch Charles Doyle ,- ""v-qi, away 'A QFVF, YV 71 ii'-i'f' VQQN I ,umm ,wi P'l""4:i,i. as qflizfafz J O O Myrtle, captain of Var- was one of the hardest boys on the team. Uote Coach Doyle, "Bob a terrific attitude and ve everything he had to e team." v--.rswdl .9 A t, . 134 1 lure" ' . . , pkmnf' , .f'2x,, sf. f .-fx .,, if 4- , at-' "su Go-dw ,zrmwr uv W' 415, , g 5' 'y-get Y' ' 13' I M.. s 'Q , - If .. ye Q as A ,MN x N 'V 'Ll 9' . ,vi R-.1i..14""'Q' - " K"'-I""- ' ,,5Vi...- wxjwwijb K at ' -A 1" fn. .t ft, "ev- MMCQ 4,,W'7..q..,y Maki. X A 'Xl-w'f3i?u1 Q- ,Q i N " annie l . Ki'-,,,m3S5MmQl,,W , , Brisrol, Ronald Fensfermacher, and Grx nf-iffwotzlafin .minxkixsi war-rn-up before doubles malch. 'iw-494 Varsity Tennis Team after undergoing a vigorous pre-season schedule showed promise in developing info a Top contender for Coast League honors. Coach Caudillo expecis corne Through performances from Dave Adamoli, Bill Peeler, and Gary Barmore in his quest for The league crown. 1 'nv Q Q 5 if f M , aa sf cz . . , X W I .'fx,' ' -'f-' ' 'g 5 ' '8ef4Mf ,FQ 'dxf' 3071" A' ,',:Qs?,f. 04 ,,.z, ,, It :Haj jj! ture A W w 9" 5 S , 'S Q W 1 y xgafygssgqm, :Q , Q rf 1+ K. 1 K 'L , .O '?"' I . '2 I .., , VL. . nv l N if 9 J., J , ' ,J 1 Q x N aff M? H056 C911 Qin mwwv-r FE gl-P-' Im ,, g l ff 1' I ' :':,f,,:5:g3'.-.N y fl 54 'M " xf,'f"Vf"? M . 9' .-- ., .LW Wm-up-1 IES. I 2 I 5 K Marvin Fleming Brad Greene Billy Daniels Center Guard Forward All Coast League All Coast League All Coast League C. L. Player of Year Second Place Player of Year Jerry Golphenee Charles Upton Hector Reyes Forward Guard Guard Eugene Aparisio Forward Anthony Burr Doug Nelson Forward Guard Dave Spangler Guard T . .lf Robert Tyson George Sharopafa Guard Guard 21,5 , fy ' 4 f QZL E Row l, Don Smith, Tony Robiu, Walter Roloerts, Steve Bartholomew, Norman Hayden. Row 2, Henry Ayres, S G B'll Arnold, Coach Armstrong. Paul Bdrry, Fletcher Williams, James Neal, Louie Sharapata, imon ose, I Simon Goss leaps tor The tip-off to start one ot the many exciting iunior varsity games held this year. LEAGUE SCORES 40... .. Centennial 37 56... ..Paramount... .. 18 48... .. Downey .... ....4O 36... Lynwood ...,..24 49... ...Centennial 31 Simon 60551 CUPTUWI led the 52... Paramount .. .. 29 high-scoring iunior varsity cagers 50, ,I H Downey ,H ,N52 to the le0QUe Cl"UmPl0n5l"lI9- 46 ....... Lynwood . . ...39 They lost only one game. i .1 377 270 7 wins, O ties, l loss Walter Roberts puts up a perfect lay-in when the pow erful Tarbaloe iunior varsity Louie Sharapata puts in another Team topples another oppo hook shot so typical ot the en- nent on its way to the Coast Lea ue Championship. tire iunior varsity squad. g al' Row l, Roger Hughes, Eugene Ward, David Harris, Harry Ar- menta, Jesse Orona, Robert Cramner, mgr. Row 2, Eddie Subia, John Chase, Eric Martin, Woody Prude, Donald Sonnett, Coach Parker. as Bczigafgaff Cornelius Lee pumped in many baskets to pace the Cee Cagers to their victories. Coach Parker, in his first year as basket- ball coach at Comp- ton, coached the Iighrweights to out- standing perform- ances. aigefgaff Jesse Orona, fast - breaking Bee Captain, led the team to a highly success- ful season. .AWA ' ,, - -44 I- .l Row l, Robert Cramner, mgr., Bill Spiller, Arthur Santiful, Stewart Vawter, Walter Jones, Charles Soto. Row 2, Coach Parker, Roger Hicks, Ralph Masazumi, Richard Farrier, Cornelius Lee, Robert Hendrix, Robert Dever. 35 Iv 13 ,,., if N,NV ,e-"""""J T N 'H' Y in Ri' ,l f ,,,.-1-v"""'4 'fe if if Q , .v., I 'W Uk K B Row l, Norman Duffon, Ed Kowles, Buddy Bodge, Richard Manda, Dave Fowler. Row 2, Coach Doyle, Larry Osborn, Bob MyrTle, Al Cobble, John King, Don Verbeck, ArT Parker, Jim Nelson, mgr. auifiy wimnzin Buddy Bodge fls gracefully Through Arr Parker and Al Cobble, moinsTays o' The air during The process of execuring The CompTon swim Team, discuss future a swan dive. meeT sTraTegy wiTh Lakewood. Norman Duffon shows good form in executing This precision dive. .XX X S f ff X as winzmbz .- lg: and other Compton swimmers their racing starts in preparation Lakewood swim meet. Row l, Coach Doyle, Mario Kesic, Dick Whit- ! aker, Ed Stone, Vance Briggs, Ray Osborne, mgr., Walt Burris. Row 2, Gerald Kratzer, C. Jack Parde, Mel Gillette, Bill Parker, Ray MacAalams, Jim Myrtle. Coach Charles Doyle clocks Compton swimmers during preparation for Coast League eliminations. P' 3 , xx 1- 1 , K Q Norman Dutton completes a back-flip during competition held in Mayo Plunge. ' Buddy Badge is seen going through the motions in the,compsletiion4of,a, iack- . .,4, , 11 1 1 IR,- v K' ,QHSN V W wa' -,xxx H.. i f 1 g X X .Q y if Pia- ,E - ,, ,,, HY v J 'Y 4 wg. 5 fs 2 X 2 2 v : .V P Ig , .'l..,,Yp 5? f w ,, YL, A .:.,,,-z,,,,m,a+ 1, -X . Qi X,'L: HX 3 1 5 pfzwuls. , FN my . N 1-,4wXwg'JflQ,,W X 4 X Q N H A Y 5 JK , k A , 2 ' ' w'K' ix11k,a,rWw5Kf . . -1 Q. ,S -B H, SIKA- ,Ya 1 Q '15 if .14 an 1 -HX fb -ir: 'V' fl . .X . I 1 ,NEAL N--L.iV,s.g g -, e 1 V. Z ' s 7' Y-sVXVJ'.'v1 x A .V yi -, .Sk vi K x X Y-wjx . X. ,A , . S .-5 . f I u wi , W K ,S . R 'ZQC Pwr' 'Sw Gfliify mag 6. 'w4..g,.,-r' '! L' is ss-.def E n so Row 1, George Sharapota, Jim Jones, Art Paz, Willie Williams, Jerry Toler, Charles Veals, George Williamson, Al Duarte, Paul Luna, Fred Harris, Val Barra, Ernesto Garcia. Row 2, Coach Adams, Bob Tennyson, Milton Johnson, Don Kline, Jim Mann, Vic Fowler, Ray Reeves, Robert Clark, Billie Coates, Bill Crowley, Eugene Aparisio, Joe Holsten, Kenny Weiss, mgr., James Paz, mgr., Coach Hartmann. Willie Williams, brilliant Compton sprinter, flies to a 21.6 clocking in the 220 yaid dash against the Cen- tennial Apaches. Jim Jones of Compton grabbed second place as Compton crushed Centennial 71-33. A1 i-,M Q Coach Ernst Hartmann's talent-laden Varsity track team after capturing the Santa Ana and Huntington Beach Relays is picked by experts to capture both the C.I.F. and State Championships. Numerous stars are in- cluded in this fine array of talent which boasts such tracksters as: Willie Williams with times of 9.7 in the 100, 21.2 in the 220, and 48.8 in the 440, Woody Covington with 4122.9 in the grueling mile, Billie Coates with times of 19.1 in the 180 hurdles and 14.4 in the 120 hurdles, and Bill Crowley, half-miler, with a time ot 1:58.6 in the half. Add to the tact that these outstanding times were recorded at the time of this writing, which is before league action gets underway! By the close of the season can easily expect some C.I.F. records to go. Billie Coates, Compton star, leaps to a 22'5V2" win in the broad- iump against the Apaches. fb Woody Covington Mile ti l l i M i3'ui,n .,, ,fi Billie Coates Hurdles 880 relay W ia. fs.- X... Ray Reeves Pole Vault , . 4 4 I L... -tb ,Q l I+ , 774 gi 'T-E 'tk ii- -X it ii? 5? lg l, my I " H- it - ilu., al - - i 1 u I -i . .,,., .. Q-..-.3 ll., 1 4,:9' .A xg K 1.5-37 n I ' . ' , ' is-Q . -Q' . gli Kkklilb .4.i1il.e,,. '-sgv4, '- be Q, j q .fT1,....L. f -as . N, ii-Q. Y , 1' 1 , is '- FN! '11, If r f Ex . 4 ' - . ' ling .LV -' ? JW' V 'y' ' , . xx Q 33,4 1- "4 ' ,rl 50 ,Q 33 'Q I7 n y :C ' ll I xgiql 1 'lr' 'fu 9 4 if Q2 ..- W'-:,:,,2 "" . , . I s . , M. wH2L,tw M ' ii' , Willie Williams lO0 220 440 880 Relay 4 Bill Crowle 440 880 al Y Yr ic- 'X :Mus QF?-fQF'-15'+7-.TiL ..-,.1'!,':-. - '- fwlI1QE'f2fs3ii.g3 2' our-Arie 'n..felnr..i:,p, ,, si WM9' 1. ":r..'fr: Iixig :.:. b, .,. . r ,1 :tcm g-as ' .W M- ' . 4-' , ,,, .--f-""""' wg-, ""' D ',,M,.t k 1 s ,W , js 'Q , K .5 7.4 . 'gf' 'J . V, 1 , i ..- E s. 'W ig Q . ' ""' L fi Y, . ELA lr Mx ' as l M l 4.3-Q f ' Jim Jones Art Paz 880 . - '1 .' ,. fa ' .1 i -w .. ,S--. uf ,Nr - ,WT i tiifiiw ., If-sa. W- ea. 4 , N sUf.:.n my I ,Y I, gg- N, 4 , ' F. I L. . , . . Milton J ohnson 440 88 O lO0 220 880 relay ' W X - V . Y M- "?""'f - If-1.-lLgg,gJr -an .,- -..-:rip '.4iYL-if .girl -n . 5'j,5...1-I-c.-.... 'fi -it ag ..- --- x ' -w ss' h 3, V, yi 1-an 4 M . . s I 7 f LA "- ' Q 'I i '. I I.. I ua' --- 'Pi' Ernesto Garcia Mile 207 .-...1' J' 15 . .,'. ,pn - 4.-- af. , ,,. 'Id M' ll 'C 208 -1 I D..- -nge EE 'ZQC w Row l, Micheal Andrade, Earl Woods, Clark Veals, Pervis Harris, Levi Patterson, Clyde Jones, Carl Bishop, Gary Mustain, Richard Robinson, Walter Roberts, Charles Hughes, John Pelochino, Ken Hunter, Harry Kuwahara, Joe Vauter. Row 2, Coach Adams, Duane Shelton, mgr., Bruce Fisher, Don Brace, Louis Triggins, David Hutt, Gene Fair, Joe Patrick, Jim Mauro, David Ryan, Ed McCulloch, Woody Prude, John Dorham, Doug Ammerman, Joe Edwards, Donnell Mays, John Luckey, Joe Jackson, Henry Ares, Marvin Neal, mgr., John Arbogast, mgr., Coach Hartmann. l 4. i- mrmi-xiii Q f""?F f Robert Clark Broad Jump Hurdles Marvin Fleming , , H' h lump George Williamson lg 880 Mile F U y V I A , M-L ad-Q,,,,,..,, GEF' " ,,,, , .. K, N Vic Fowler Jerry Toler pl V I Shot put or CUT Vernon Pearce 100 880 relay 23 'WA xl' sp P' u 9 -os. .QA - I -eI'fj-:fin-A YY-b Q ,4.f,i.L a.-.' .4 X' ns ,Aiwa 5 555 if fwsww, M V xx ,gl Q X ai? 4 I 1' 4ng,,.,,,..,N,er-Q-,' nm n X 'ia , QFD: Y !f'JfY , 'lf' C 'H '-'. Q vifff, iff l ""-f -N... ifvvfll f6,A W ,ll -r I 1 ,.. Milk I K . U .g-" . pq., J f' ' R J' fps' ' 4 ,v s .WWA -:Mill .diy ' gn Ayr! 154-V' ,., s-.., ,,---,a- Q ' K-e. 9- 'IIE' . I, ,, .,t.. -44, .2 1,9 9?:8- 4'a4w'1'., f.--". X 4 4 P -ul ,,..Q.-Q. L 'xi is T ,sf-oi' .'-M-1. -2- K- . A f., . l 3'-' -by -Aww hir- 'ia 'f-lil , .4 ,, . , , """ . " f A -2-,g,Q . - " 2 q ,, 1. U. ' oil: tw .4 I N 14, d J , D HP, ' -.+A 44 -Q-,fv 4 , , - 4' .-s- 015,193 1' l , . ' -I "- ' ' A ' ' ' - 9 I ' V Q-ff A 4-VM " ,4U,:'f..:' va- "1 3, 'J' ' 1, - nu. 5, . "' M " - , - V' I XX.- --Hg 1 W ,rw '- .. ' 0 -, ' M 9 Y ' q, K Q "V ' Ab ,- , ' , . ,L . ' 54 - ' "" 4' "- 'M' 'v"5"f.' ' A 'L an-AQ , . "'.- "',.rJ' Q" U ' I! . "" - Q 4 1 ' A 0 'ff .' - M 'I -0-Q P' 'M ' " fa .. -V'-syn , wh M' ,ug fl ' A 9- J- . "' "' 4 y, , Q """' ji! ,, ' y I "f -' f n I ' af lm' sf g " - . 'ab o 4 4 1 ffl l ,X ff. 'Y A A ,A M up ,wx I1 5"""g 5. " 9' Q v J X ' 1 , . ff - R -P C i, N., Q , h ' Q... 1 1.4 L .1 J ' I Y l l A Jesse Orona Tom Hogue POUI Masazumi Shorlstop Piicher Ouffield W S My V ,..,4,,,,.-,.ueQ,L.qnwnv-..:.m.wssdv-'ig ff fm' L LM, 1 W, q,f ,,-., L-ml. MW, ,, N. .2 , E x F 019 T04 . l 1 Varsify horsehiders, coached by Ray Eclgmon, are currenfly in a Two-way Tie with Downey for The Coast League Championship. Wifh a few breaks going in Their favor, plus a combinafion of desire and husfle they are a strong bet To Triumph as league champs. Members are: Row l, Frank Caro, Charles Covenfon, Jesse Orona, Bill Brown, Art Fonceca, Ernie Crosby, Tom Hogue, Lonnie Carier, Rich Poplar. Row 2, Charles Veaich, mgr., John Bibee, mgr., Jerry Morris, mgr., Jim Thornton, Paul Masazuni, Pai Foley, Eol Walker, Manuel Ar- menia, Ray Lonberger, Joe Millington, Coach Ray Edgmon. xx- .pu 00 JK. Ui, ' ' ' ,l -- P .C M, N- I twzqiwfr -V , , 1 I ,If ff I ' . ' ,prelim - V W ,.,. c A, - ,,. M. C y 5 . . f aw , , ,M L f ' .. , -Q. -nv.. k , I -3, -' "5" 425 , v WE' L Manuel Armenfa Ernie Crosby Lonnie Carter First Base Second Base Ouifield unify aa .sgaff """" A -KA Q' ' ' u 1 ' 43 we '3 yn My wgigg "L: L' A '5 i W,,X p W X xx , WW" 5 Q eiie eeiie i 1 f i f ' ' Chcirles Covenfon Jim Thornron Pclf Foley Third Base Pitcher Catcher c c. 5 , If 'Z Q ,X ! X x F x ' O Q O P . 5 , W r g i ' i 'f r M . Z5 :Lis-'init .TW ffl I FYWMK 'V 'ug I '1' If 1'-:pi ff 'rrr 1 ' 7 1 m7"5f5. ' M ' Z , fy Q , iiir , i i ie r i if eie Q. . """" ,' :W g VK . by ,gl 'Ji ' 'V' A an 4 42? ee ii F W i . L. ' Ed Wcllkel' Roy Lonberger Joe Millington Ouifield Pitcher Pifgher ,4-v pu. Rich Poplor Ouifield zilfv ,.,,-k ,KN 3' e ? ' 2- ' . I i ' 1 l 1 7' ' x Avv I n ' -5 , 1 0 M11 G M- - x' " n .. . g, ., 'Im U V , 4 ' N i Q f K Frank Coro Art Fonceco Pitcher Pifcher Lmioz aziifff cwagaff - " ..,zgf,. , , - R ,,: , . ,., , 1 .. - X ,N "Y " , -,- K, W W, Q ' ' ,, 5 A W- ,W . I ,. N Capturing wins over Mira Costa, Jordan, Paramount, the Junior Varsity, coached by Leonard Fisher, will make a strong bid for league honors. Members are: Row l, Soto, Siva, Johnson, Murgg, Whiteside, Caro, MacCallum, Jones, Dever, Ward, Brubaker, Armenta, Lee, Bartholomew. Row 2, Bell, Spiller, Winters, Adkinson, Winn, Caudill, Winters, Shaw, Cola, Rubio, Goss, Davis, Smith, Coach Fish. L Coach Fisher talks over some of the problems of the Junior Varsity baseball team with Steve Bartholemew. Coach Fisher really whipped the Junior Varsity Squad into shape for the League games. It is the belief of the staff at the time of this writing, that the boys should turn in a good performance. Af 1 4 , g ' . V V K a i - X Amkk V . Vt .-r 4. X 1' I Env egg! ss Q A2'V if .1 my -I X lf 9 Members ot the first ond second semester Girls' Athletic Association council ore: Row l, Angie Arvizu, Jone Kitogowo, Jon Bluhm, Irene Gutierrez, JoAnn Roop. Row 2, Ann Borth, Brendo Henson, Ann Brightwon, Dorlene Conn. giifi l Gqfflfsfic aioaiafion Q--. X r l A X J. Jill North, first semester president ot G.A.A., hos loeen on outstonding pcirticipont in girls sports, As president some ot ner duties were to conduct dll council meetings ond to see thot dll the ploins for the pot-luck supper were occurote. lx 3? A u ,774 1' .lon Blulim, second semester president ot G.A.A., is d lwcird ond conscientious worker. Presiding dt oll G.A.A. council meetings ond working with the committees ore only o tevv ot her moior jobs. , f 9 L i Trying -is 1 ffipxvfx ,ff 37.1 , K jx:-5 5- L Tffff'-5 T if' fi SESSION 1- fs' Q., .A g ,lf 4.-,. N i On The go gef Thy, s7lQo'il'W"iiin o ' fosf movin e oftgloqiskeifbioil ore, i,Qj Molrolyn ie' g' Shidifon Vilhciuer, and Dono Jonecek. Q 214 Wife'-ffvfr 11-4-Ailzfaczazmg ' Showing ci reol burst of enthusiasm for The Qomeioj Tennis is Brenda: Henson serving onol.,DoroThy Wilson who wciifs for The reTurn. in ff' l L... nh. Members of The swim Team for This year are: seafed, Sally Neer, Janeen Miller, Claudia Crawford, Sylvia Durin, Rosemary Hebert, Joan Maier, Lena Elizadle, Sharon Lasiier, Sharon Wafer, Bonnie Pai, Ann Brightman, Cherri Rifchardson, Pricella Walton, Sfanding, Mrs. Doris Hayes, Rebecca Ellioit, Barbara Barnhart, Ruby Windham, JoAnn Sulun, Fran Cummings, Laurie Judd, Daryl Miller, Joyce Chandler, Barbara Berry, Janice Miler, Wanda Rich, Joyce Umsiead, Sally Smirh, Jody Loper, Trella Noefzal, Ann Barth, Judy Vance, Andrea Hackman. XJ. 1 -Q' Emi ' 1 , gi 'Vin t7f 1--I were Kafhleen Campbellf Ina Silverman lis,Winger. N Y Buying hobifs leornecl in such classes os senior problems, business, home-making, sopho- more problems, ond mothemofics enable sfu- dents To become efficient consumers of goods offered by Compton merchants. N":'iT 410' 44 'Il' i ? J l f 1 1 1 . l 3 x l 1 , ,Ml j 1 4 ! ll N, ,, ff 5 . , 1 :mini 1 50 :Ruiz Ufdamogifs C7 if, V1 . at 131-23 sf B 4 L-S w T 4, ., . V V , s 25 1 - 5. , X A ll I 2 27 , g ' Q- H -V, .f fl, ll - 52 .1 f 1 . ' 4 . Q 31 . ss Q, :z , . , 5- 3 ., e ,i . A f- ff 4 A ' 4 -- 3 fl :g .f 5 3' t L 4, 7 -. f 7 fi f il if ' , 1 1. ,, , 3? l 5' . ' E ,l -f l l- 1 E! lf Ei is 1' , S if 5: 3 f, A lg 5 ,, ,. ,:g, Q , 3 i . iz i' 4 5 Q . X v V i ', H 6 ': x' E 5 4, -3 Q is iv gs ff 1' lg li 5? 5 gi jr 1 2 4 ' iz ' 1' V S? S 2 i Q, if if 'a 2'4-fs , 1 5 ' ' s , 1 1, B 1 sg 5 " L ji , Q 1, ii ' fl f , :E W V H il I li 'f x -1 ,, N gl l , SN V Y If Q, fl 5' if . A , . if . J fl ' . ' Q , x: :Y I i B 2 - 45 it i, s Y 7 yfw Lv 1.5 2 .. 'Q ,, 5 iv s E ,f lf? 5 --- ,. 3, ,5 f 2 Vx 5 l Q, Q A 1 , , H f Q ' 4 ' L l F 7 f',f, ,R :A ' an es Q ., , A 5 1 1 ' ' s f ' f f 1 - ix . ' 5 " in W if i i , , - , 9 V ' 'l. Qgl 9, 4 mill if' J, M5 'Z ,w 51? l L I Mn.. cl at Leo I f ne of the beauiiful Oldsmobile: sol Showing approve o o ' ' ' ' ' Mueller and Pat Rule' Nichols. s are Willa Mae Craig, Brltfan Wilde, vlfglnld LEO RULE OLDSMOBILE CO. NEwmark 8-4111 ,Oh 505 Soulh Long Beach Blvd., Comp - NEvada 6-2610 if 3 355, ,,., M, , vw v W...................-.--,..,, I If ll ' Q 5 X iw f.'b,!'. siv 4L. Q mE' i '- , 1:5 Q Q ak A 5' M I f . ' ' -. ' , I "7 , -ff ' I a M ' -f- ' af. 1 Q A M H 'f xx . 1 ,V-1- -Y ,s .., 'ff - Aw sr" g ' Q ' -' "x, Y ' .A f,5Y,'y qv W1- mf if -1' 1 'L 4' 43-+ -. " ,M,, 1 ws W-.V L, .f Fw' W 1 , 42 Tiffif, Q f. I , --' " .gi QA, - - A., "ki ,512 fl. ,s Y b K H. 4 PEMUFQE I' ,Vp yt 1 V W' W" I "' - ' H -fe 'N -' ,. - I 1 l hun- Lynne Franklyn looks radiant in this wedding gown from COMPTON COMPLETE TUX AND WEDDING HEADQUARTERS, Admiring her are Bob Stone and Dick Judd who are modeling the latest in fashion- able evening wear for men. 845 E. Compton Blvd. NE 2-7725 The Mead twins, Carolyn and Marilyn are quite pleased with the new De Soto shown by Mr. F. G. Parkinson, sales- manager at CALDWELL-PYLE, INC., located on the corner of Santa Fe and Compton Blvd. 736 E. Compton Blvd. NE 8-5194 ti 'sv if l MW ,,,,,.-H-W' A -f", .. , 3-.M A' M t , A ,bk 'QT 1 'Y X, 2' N Q: A, 'W 11 '5 Q, is ea, X 4? 'X 2 gif . 34,1 . Q K Y 1531 -r ' f ,X N if , txhgfl S+, ,, 1 K4 ' al? 'fb , I ' 4' X K i x X 5 if ' W. x A . 3 if 6 X, S-Q S 7 S-T-.., Z -1'.':-f... ff"""Q-..'.:...'-'f X Z-'E-1 ft 5 4 J QW' HI! C .af avr A want!" M .A ,uv , , 41" f ,.qnn0l""""' I' A. ,W Hn-0 XF' ...aug I- "P gl fur.: nvuvuununanl W1 .,',::,.-,. uununlnulthll R,,,,...,,..,.,,.. Vvvnwvvnnonuuu P lim-:Gil -llhllllnalnq onouvuqnnqpgg Blvlwmcl hm ,. """"""'. vvvuvnunuooraiq. r """lluu..,,,, qq,.,w. ,..-wi 3 1 Nlluonnu "Ing.,,,. Q N, "' Gunn" "Nunn, Q E, 1"'+1f-, Intl vy' .vj' Q - P W fi AWX ., A We 57- 11 5 Jurkie Hdmillonf U POP'-'la' Senior at CUNPVUWI with A popular couple, George Graham and Pat Thieroff, "Uncle Aff." is Showing Off the Stuffed animals are buying new shoes ur sssmsws JARMAN sHoE at ARTS TOY FAIR. STORE, 155 E. Compton Blvd. NE 2-8624 145 E. Compton Blvd. NE 5-3538 oward llffdll f 4 1 Q or 'Q Owner, Howard Murray is shown h on t e right with Michael F. McCue, Compton store manager, who is showing Karen Phelps and Dick Machnicki one of their many fine quali 'Y suits. HOWARD MURRAY'S is located at 2430 Olive Street. 5- i Mr. Coroll Wilson, monoger ot GUY MOOTHART'S, proudly shows off one of their beoutiful convertibles to Pot ond Doug Nichols. 257 E. Compton Blvd, Nliwrnork 5-39l3 "Could I be of assistance," osks Mr, Kust,cissistontn'tc1noger, os Guilo Selby ond Ncincy House try on some of Penney's lotest styles in chennise. J. C. PENNEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Newmork 5-7131 J . 7 4 I hw I f'i MJT f I Mr. Woodworth, monoger ond owner of WOODY'S SPORTING GOODS with three of his soles stoff, is showing Pciul Moso- zumi ond Chorles Coventon one of their finest tennis rockets. 127 North Tornorind, Nlfwmcirk l-6728 "Would you like o poir of flots? "Yes," soys Virginio os she looks ot o poir of SAMUELS finest quolity shoes. 209 Eost Compton Blvd, NEvvrnork 8-783i xt 75 K V, I 'ill -.X 4 u u - a 2 A s - iiium A fwk v ,. ,Ag 1 wg yil. fe ig wt 2 ' 5122: fs. MQW , . i 5 2 Q ,f' , V ig 31,742 3 sf . . Y ,325 , .fQ.Q.Q,f " f . X 59' , , QffQf,. i 5' -.. ,Q-----N , , 1' " " 75 ffl QP. .,iLQ.. QQt1 H . . ' g F 12 5 Iwi' 5:22 Q-...s.:252. I g 352: T' Z!!! gg:-:Z 8 A ... ' ' i f I-'-'f',f'::-"b7': L A .. f"-U E Q m 1, ,1w.5w, , 1 f'WAXiI2?QiTiXi1 2 T- I5 --5, qu A: ' 'sNf1F!'S"!?Qa ., za GUNDERMAN'S COMPTON BOWL SERVICE Complete automobile service Plnsellen 'n 'he Motorola television C""P"" cfs' Ne 1 2274 401 w. common Blllmgg Pqml C0 HARRIS 136 E. Pdllfl Sl. BEAUTY Ne-2-5143 Pubhc Private Formal and seml formal wear Service Instruction fbi' MGD and W0m9n Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Costumes distinctive hair styling evenings by appointment 1220 E. Rosecrans Ne-8-3374 Gllgzxpal nf The ilBfTltTi1IB 4' ella 63, 3'I'1. ,a I 6 heist sf in Owned and operated by Chris Your annual photographers of the CHRIS MYRON STUDIO 16809 Bellflower Boulevard Bellflower, California and Mae Myron Wedding Receptions Catering Dances Social Affairs Private Parties Complete wedding Fashion shows TOrrey 6-6400 16905 Clark Avenue at Maple Bellflower, California a era Q s . 3' ,s Q' f.. Y V, if 44 " view' 51 gum Q ii i fo 1 1 f A so I I 1 L",L l 5 Q: I 5 2 3 s ecutive" Dick Nolan, h "Future ex , dictates a letter to "secretary", Mickie Hess, w o takes notes in shorthand, at COMPTON OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 811 E. Compton Blvd. NEwmark 8-4146 Edith Falukner is deciding on which record she will purchase while salesgirl, Glorie Vavruska, is helping her, at MELODY MUSIC SHOP. 420 E. Compton Blvd NEwmark 1-2520 ESTABLISHED 1911 'F' ltfmlth EEL FU EBAL DIRECTOR Phone NEwmarlc 1-1666 Otto Ashtord Otis Weddle 436 E, Compton Blvd. Nlfwmark 1-1666 l s 'M' 7 BURK and CLEGG Compton Prescription Pharmacy 828 E. Compton Blvd. Compton, California Telephone NEwmark 5-4811 NEwmark 1-8485 Q. TELEVISION HI-Fl and HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Service TEE VEE CORPORATION 619 West Compton Blvd. NEwmark 1-1125 SAVE A DIME 407 West Compton Blvd. Compton, California NEwmark 2-1213 WHITE FLOWER SHOP 819 East Compton Blvd. Compton, California NEwmark 1-3251 1 COMPTONS l OLDEST, LARGEST FINEST 2 Since 1924 3. f , Icwclerlllfomplon ln egzi China Crystal ll Silver Diamonds - Watches Complete Stock of Cameras and Dark Room Supplies FINLEY S PURCHASE PLAN 30 - 60 - 90 Day Charge Sales - Rentals LGVOWOY Credit Trade-ins Repairs Custom Photo Finishing Camel-ul I Complon Sherry Farver seems pleased as operator Dora Smith plans a new hair style for her at C0-ED BEAUTY SALON. 350 West Olive Street NEwmark 5-2333 'ti I L, ll LOHTISH VVIHISIS UIIU UUVIU OPUIIQICI uppluvc uric Dean Brown says, "We are willing to help you with new Royal Typewriter being shown to them by Mr. your decorating needs," to Mrs. Nancy Baguley and W. D. Collins, ITICIYWGQGF of COMPTON TYPEWRITER little Johnny Baguley. COMPANY. 735 E. Compton Blvd. NEwmqrk 1-7157 605 E. Compton Blvd. NEwmark 5-2384 nfw n" vw gm Q.. M , , -433 .Eliza -M W Viv? . 5' iv" '55 ,Jw ., I Wm JX MORELAND MORTUARIES Lady attendant at all times. lOll North Willowbrook Avenue NEwmark l-l l7l v W .-.- Q.-...... -A. '.----Y MUFFLE FFL ERS Prompt, friendly, personal service-For local people, owned and operated by local people. ,X fl i M , , r Q I I, Coventon along with Douglas Nichols, Jim Thornton, Mr. W. W. Asbury, owner, and his daughter are seeing how Charlie's car would look Excellenf Working Condifionsl Sfeody employment with heede2.SBuRY MUFFLER AND WELDING SHOP llilt-3 irgsmirance, ?'1edic::Ll8rla:lE lacimtalization plan, lO23 West Compton Blvd. NEwmark 5-4444 I era onusmp on G , ,', Earn while you learn. 403 South Long Beach Blvd. NEwrnark 8-8581 SECURITY FIRST NATIONAL BANK FEGAN'S AUTO RADIO COMPTON BOWLING If you had to take a "second-best" vacation this year for lack SERVICE ALLEYS i of funds, loin the Vacation Club at SECURITY-FIRST NATIONAL Repairs an all makes QPEN 10 A,M, BANK now for a "best ever" vacation next year. 201 East Compton Blvd. Rear speakers installed 549 W. Compton Blvd. NEwmark 5-9585 215 E. Magnolia NEwmark I-9686 FRENCHlE'S BARBER SHOP Men and Boys-"first in latest cuts" Women and Girls-"all new look cuts" Best in Shoe Shines 105 E. Tamarind Street NEwmark I-5721 THANKS TO OUR ADVERTISERS FROM MARHN SALES JOURNALISM ART COMPANY at r i T Nqlnlong Beach glljd. ANNUAL STAFF NEwmark 1-1159 As the salesman from BARNETT CHEVROLET hands over the keys for the fabulous new "58" Chevrolet to Dany Rickalo, Judy Lower, Dixie Martin and Jill North look with delight. T440 East Compton Blvd. NEwmark l-8641 I ,,,,..-u-und-I? J. fi, ...WLM ,,..ball""" 1 E Doug Nichols and his sister, Pat, have found you can really "serve yourself and save" at SAVE ON DRUG STORE, T9 5 Greetings from BAKER'S BEAUTY SALON North Long Beach Blvd. NEwmark 8-7831. Beauty '41 l l COMPTON CHAMBER Cultures of COMMERCE 608 S. Long Beach Blvd. to the students of OPERATOR4Mary Baker COMPTON SENIOR HIGH NEwrnark 2-0705 BEST WISHES in the future to the T958 GRADUATING CLASS from the ' ANNUAL STAFF my if and Q qc JOURNALISM ART in 5 f , 'Qs i5-c 'H' ,,,.,,,.,,..-11.4. ...,. ,..-H,-...- .. ..-.....-. .. oqufogmfbgz l l l Here Soll magazine ot GENSLER-LEE. Every girl who wishe s may regis- ter and receive o yeczr's free subscription. l I2 E. Compton Blvd. NEwmcirk 'l-2274 y Beck is shown picking up her new "Seventeen" Abbott, Poulinei19, 114 Abbott, Beverly-99 Abney, Addie-101 Acosta, Bob-36 Acosta, Irmo-104, 125 Aco sta Virgie-80 Acuna,l Alex-so Adamoli, David-36, 138, 180,182,188,194 Adams, Jackie-80 Adams, Edward-20, 186, 206, 208 Adams, Mark-99 Adams, Minnie--80 Adams, Robert D.-36 Agosto, Geraldine-80, 116 Agosto, Joe-104 Aguilar, Tony-32, 104, 125, Baker, Barbara-80 Baker, Jeanette-B0 Bailou, Mardhall-80 Balstad, Gary-BO Bang, Jo Ann-37, 132 Banks, Edward-80, 147, 186 Bankston, James-100, 187 Barbano, Jon-80 Barbara, Roberta-80 Barber, Dave-35, 37, 129, 181 Barber, George-20, 135 Barber, Raymond-80 Barbettini, Kathryn-37, 126 Barley, Joele-80, 186 Bormore, Gary-BO, 123, 124, 125,133, 150, 186, 194 94, 97, 103 Aguirre, Paul-36, 133, 147 Aguirre, Omar-98, 103 Alexander, Yvonnw-36 Allcorn, Kay-36 Allcorn, Sanford-80, 148 Barnes, Jackie-80 Barnes, Robert-37, 130 Barnes, Robert-15 Barnhart, Barbara-215 Allen, Beverly-97 Allen, Elizabeth-104 Allen, Gene-124 Allen, Lynda-B0 Allen, Peggy--100 Allen, Robert-107 Allen, Ted-80 Barnhart, Virginia-24, 154 Barra, Valentine-80, 120, 190, 206 Barrie, Paul-80, 125, 200 Barry, Barbara-215 Barth, Amy-104, 116, 125, 130 Barth, Ann S.-37, 213, 215 Bartholomew, Steve-80, 200, Allison, Raymond-99 Alston, Glayds-97, 147 Alston, Lillie-80, 147 Altgilbers, Starle-36 Altnow, Cena--20 Alvarez, Silvia-97, 125, 130 Alzua, Roy-36, 153 Ambrozie, Albert-80 Ambrozie, Angus-36 Amerman, Douglas-99, 125, 187, 208 Ames, Sharon-101 212 Bass, Linda-80 Bass, Ray-37 Bass, Roland-37 Brown, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Dora lee-99 J a mes-8 0 Jerry-80 Leo-80 Anderson, Nathan-104, 125, 95 Anderson, Sharon-35, 36, 149 Andrade, 1 87 Andrade, Bernard-107, 144, Michael-208 Anglin, .lo Ann-104 Anson, Carol-100 Anson, Engene-80 Anson, Larry-97 Anthony, Sonora-80, 129, 155 Aparisio, Eugene-35, 36, 197, 199, 206 Apilado, Tony-36, 126, 138 Applegate, Douglas--36, 171 Aquirre, Omar-103 Aquinaga, Frances--100 Aquinaga, Jennie-78, 80 Arbogast, John-36, 120, 186, 208 Ares, Henry-99, 200, 208 Ares, Manuel-80, 124, 186 Armento, Harry-80, 201, 212 Armenta, Manuel-36, 130, 132, 181,182,210 Armstrong William-20, 196, 197, 200 Arndt, Harry-36, 153 Arnold, William-36, 200 Arrington, Ruth-105 Arriola, David-36 Arvizu, Angelina-36, 124, 173, 213 Ashcroft, Connie-+36, 116, 126 Astorga, Merced-104 Atherton, Lois-19 Atwood, Donny-80 Avery, Jean-98 Avila, Rachel--36, 131, 147 Ayala, Helen-99 B Backman, Gerry-37 Bacon, Gordon-79, 80, 147 Baguley, David-37 Bagwell, Viola--20, 126, 139, 143 Bailey, Bill-100 Bailey, Eula-105 Baird, Chet-20, 181 Baird, Karon--37 Battle, Dorothy-100 Bauld, Christy-37 Baumeister, Joe-80 Bcumeistu, Tony-70 Bautista, Marion-106, 124 Baxter, Barbara-37, 126, 145 Beard, Joyce-B0 Beardon, Gary-100, 187 Beck, Sally-32, 37, 115, 126, 149, 233 Becker, Doug-97, 187 Beckner, Judy-78, BO, 123, 145, 149 Bedford, Jerome-37 Beeson, Jim-105, 193 Bell, Huey--37 Bell, Judith-80 Bell, Leroy-80, 186 Bell, Oliver--100, 212 Bender, James-37 Bennett, Jim-80 Bennett, Kathryn-37 Bent, Bonnie-37 Bent, Wayne-80, 125, 133 Benton, Darlene-B0 Berg, Eddie-70 Berger, Larry-37, 123, 133 Bernard, Bonnie-37, 127 Betsinger, John-107, 187 Betts, Marianne-98, 130, 152 Bewley, Martha--104, 125 Bilbee, John--37, 181, 210 Bilbee, Kenneth-38, 120 Binning, Irene-38, 154 Bishop, Carl-80, 208 Bisson, Marcia-38, 150 Blaeholder, Joyce-38, 147 Blakey, Paul-80 Blankenship, Pat-99, 103, 94 V Blanks, Bob-80 Bledsoe, Judy-99, 116 Block, Chipper-100, 123, 124, 129 Bloxham, Clark-38 Bluhm, Jan-38, 112, 115, 118,119,124,125,126, 143, 213 sly, Melody-116, 117, 123, 159 Badge, Judy-80 Badge, Vernon-38, 202, 203 Bodily, Sandra-38, 149, 155, 196 Boetsch, Fred-38, 123, 124, 138, 159 Boland, Pat-105 Bolen, Kenny-80, 152 Boley, Paul-38 Bollinger, Bonnie--101 Bonsangue, Jacqueline-38 Borders, Martha-18, 123, 154 Bortot, Robert-38, 180 5126186 Bosley, Francis-97 Bottoms, Charles-80 Bowen, Patricia-80 Bowers, Kathryn-20, 35 Bowers, Ronald-81, 120 Boyd, Elton-25 Boyle, Julie Ann-104, 129 Boynton, Kathryn-38, 155 Bozzo, Pat-81 Braaten, Gloria-101 Braaten, Jerry-107 Brace, Don-81, 120, 191, 208 Brace, Lorraine-81 Brace, Sylvia-81 Bradford, Charles--101 Bradford, Johnny--101 Bransford, Richard-38, 114, 123,124,158,174 Brann, Mike-101, 186, 144 Brazo, Myrtle-25 Brent, Lloyd-81 Brenton, Sherry-38, 126, 133 Brewer, Carol-38 Brickharn, Lucy-127, 131, 144 Bridges, Linda-81, 118 Briggs, Vance-98, 125, 193, 203 Brightman, Ann-106, 118, 127, 213, 215 Bristol, Robert-38, 120, 130, 194 Britten, Catherin-25 Brockman, Mona-99, 129 Brodbeck, Virginia-35, 38, 76, 112,115, 126, 151, 169 Camarillo, Arthur-39, 181, 182, 183 Camarillo, Mark-81 Campbell, Kathleen-19, 215 Campbell, Robert-20, 125 Campbell, Ted-39, 123, 126, 133, 142 Canady, Sue-101 Canchola, Arthur-105 Canchola, Daniel-81 Canchola, Johnny-39 Cannon, Dean-B1 Canthorn, Phyllis-147 Cantu, Henry-39, 125 Cantu, Raul-39, 125 Capp, Joe-104 Capra, Nick-81, 157 Carbaial, Richard-81 Carbane, Willetta-39, 135, 147, 154 Cardwell, Floyd-39 Cargille, Douglas-39, 138 Cargille, Rae-15 ' Carlin, Elaine-81, 127, 146, 147 Carlson, Sandra-40 Carmana, Gladys-81 Caro, Frank-81, 157, 210, 211 Caro, lrene-40 Cara, Raul-186 Carolina, Chester-105 Carpe, Judy-105, 129 Carper, William-40, 129, 157, 172 Browers, Royner-81 Brown Betty Jo-104 Brown Fred-38 Brown Howard-17, 154 Brown, John-38, 133 Brown, Judy-81, 152 Brown Sandra-107 Brown Shirley-81 William-38, 210 Carr, Nann-81 Corrasco, Gilbert--40, 148 Carter, Arnold-106 Carter, Bud-81 Carter, Carol-40, 129 Carter, Carolyn-81, 123, 148 Carter, Donna-40, 116, 124, 125, 126, 149 Carter, Kendall-81 Carter, Lonnie-32, 81, 181, 183, 189, 210 Brownlee, Merledene-81, 123, Brubaker, Moe--81 Bruce, Ron-100 Bruton, Rubstine-81 Bryon, David-191 Bryant, Jerry-39 Bryant, Pot-24, 96 Buchanan, Loretta-102 Bucholz, Margaret-39 Bucker, Keaton-80 Buckles, Twila-39, 149, 155 Buckner, Diane-97, 145, 146 Buckridge, Sharon-81, 116, 123,125,128,149 Buford, Luther-39, 148 Bullis, Wilma-39 Buma, Marie L.-39 Bungenstock, Dennis-39 Burgess, Pat-106, 123 Burk, Carl J.-15 Burk, Evelyn-99 Burke, Ronnie-105 Burkhardt, Barbara-81, 124, 125 Burks, Virginia-81 Burr, Anthony-81, 197, 199 Burr, Millie-39 Burrell, Walter-39, 145, 148 Burries, Versi+81 Burris, Walter-81, 203 Burros, Judy-144 Burton, John-81 Busch, Monroe-20, 123 Busic, Lynda-101 Bussing, Robert-106, 129, 186, 103 Bustillos, Carmen-81, 118, 125, 128 Buxton, Joseph-20 Byrd, John-39 Byres, Maxine-147 Byrum, Irving-39 C Cohow, Roy W.-39 Cahoon, Mike-97, 148 Caldwell, George-39, 159, 181, 182, 184 Collin, Grant-81, 124, 125, 132, 133, 194 Calloway, Dorothy-81 Calonge, Jeanette-81, 1 16, 129 Calvert, John-81 Casares, Lbcy-106 Case, Bill-81 Casey, LeRoy-40, 157 Casiam Castilla Castillo , Frank-125 , Louis-105 , Micaelo-40 Castillo, Paula-40, 147 Castillo, Teresa-99 Costleman, John-97 Catchings, Ardell-99 Catchings, Katy--40 Catholic, Estella-40 Caudill, James-19 Caudill, Philip-145, 186, 212, 95, 96 Caudillo, Olvia-99, 128, 130 Caudillo, Paddy-19, 187, 194 Caudle, Lloyd-40 Causey, Joseph-14 Covanaugh, Nancy-81, 149 Cellenti, Anthony-40 Celstine , Mary-B1 Chaffee, Edwin-14 Chaffin, Edward-81 Chamberlain, Penny-35, 40, 125, 126,154,219 Chambers, Ray--28, 32, 40, 1 12, 126, Champ, 114,123,124,125, 129,130, 142 175 Louis-105, 153 Chandler, Wanda-40, 215 Chapman, Melinda-99, 130, 133, 144, 94, 97 Chase, John-100, 201 Chastain, Vickie-81, 118, 125, 126, 149 Chavers, Cecil-99 Chavez, Bruno-102 Chavez, Donny-40 Cheaver, Carl-25 Chester, Edward--20 Childers, Jim R.-40 Chinn, Patricia-70 Christie, Don-81 Christinsan, Ronnie-102, 105, 181 Christopherson, Lynda-81 Chryst, Terry l.yn-41, 116, 126,151,154 ' Churchwell,- Billie-98 Cisneros, Richard-100 Clark, Bill-99 Clark, Christy-97, 123, 133, 152, 103 Clark, John-99 Clark, Robert-41, 206, 208 Claxton, Dorothy-81 Claydol, Nadine-81 Clearwater, Sally-41 Clifford, Robert-104 Cloper, Enid-81, 149 Clyde, Harry-81, 125, 133 Coats, William lBiIliel-41, 181, 183, 188, 206, 207 Cobble, Albert-41, 192, 202 Coburn, Hugh-81, 181 Cody, Glenn--41 Cogbill, Wanda-81, 147 Coke, Ronald-41 Coker, Ronnie-41 Colby, Jack-99 Cale, Irene-41, 123, 124, 131 Cole, Ross-105 Coleman, Janice-41, 143 Coleman, Johnny-147 Collins, Jerry-101, 120, 144, 186 Colt, Carol-99 Comstock, Walter-41 Comstock, Wilbur-41 Conedy, Hillary-98, 103 Conn, Darlene--81, 125, 213, 215 Contestoble, Ted-105, 148 Contreas, Cruz-104 Contreras, Marianne-41 Cook, Doris-97, 147 Cook, Loretta-41, 150, 155 Coon, Eileen--104, 128 Coonrodt, Mary-147 Cooper, Mable-25 Coovert, Carol-41 Cope, Jim-38, 96 Cope, Russ-82, 192 Cops, Greg--82, 125, 133, 186 Corbell, John W.-41, 157 Corbet, Robert-145 Corder, Gloria-82, 149, 159 Cordora, Gilbert--104 Core, Don-82 Corner, Ivan-41, 153 Cornick, Colleen-41, 154 Cornick, Karren-41 Corrales, Frances--105 Corrales, Tina-82 Cortez, Augelita-106 Cortez, Irene-97 Cortez, Julian-82, 124, 125 Costello, Jean-102 Cotten, Frances--25 Cotner, Barbara-35, 42, 155 Courtney, Helen-147 Coventon, Charles-30, 32, 42 114,129, l30,132,165, 172, 180, 183,185, 189, 210, 211, 224, 231 Covington, Woody-32, 34, 35, 42, 123, 124, 130, 132, 175,190, 191, 207 Cox, David-58, 96 Cox, Donna-42, 173 Craddock, Sue-82 Craig, Willa Mae-42, 155, 218 Crain, Naomi Lynn-42, 126 Cranmer, Robert-100, 201 Crawford, Bob-101 Crawford, Claudia-82, 155, 215 Crawford, John-123, 124, 148 Crawford, Verne-82 Crawshow, Thomas-82 Creasey, Kay-101 Creighton, Dennis-82 Cripps, Mary Ann-82 Crockett, Gwendolyn-1 01 , 125 , Crokett, David-124, 125 Crook, Alemeta-42 Crooks, Jim-106, 125, 94 Crosby, Ernie-32, 42, 124, 210 Crow, Jim-42, 157, 181, 183 Crowell, Lee-42, 152 Crowley, Bill-42, 190, 191, 206, 207 Crump, Alyce Jo-42, 128 Crump, Judith--42 Curtis, Cheryl-42 Crump, Paula-96, 107, 130, 133,144,155,103 Crunk, Carolyn-82, 147 Culver, Eleanor-98 Cummings, Frances-107, 125, 126, 215 Cummings, Patsy-82 Cummings, Stewart-42, 129, 181 Curtis, Richard-100, 125, Duarte, Irma-82 Du Fault, Diane-43, 118, 123, 126, 214 Duffield, Sandra-114, 127 Dufoon, Georgia-107, 103 Dufton, Norman-43, 145, 148, 202, 203 Dulka, Lucile-25 Dunn, Charles-82 Dunn, Donald-104 Dunn, Wesley-20, 153 Duperron, Irene-82, 125, 128, 133 127 D Cutler, Don-42 Cutler, Edna-24 Cziraki, David-82 Czi ra ki, Steve-42 Duron, Delores-100 Duron, Jesse-101 Duren, Sylvia--215 Daas, Betty-42, 148 Dahlstrom, Kenneth-42 Dalbert, Carolyn-82 Dale, E. Joanne-19 Dalquist, Jim-100 Damia, Kirkland-25 Danforth, Jill-98, 123, 124 Daniels, Billie-82, 181, 188, 196, 197, 198,199 Daniels, Bobby-107, 103 Darby, Twyla-82 Dasher, Randy-82 Dauila, Marie-82 Davies, Vickie-118, 106 Davidson, Patrick-70 Davila, Vita-105 Durkin, Pot-43, 125, 129, 157 152, Dutton, Walter-32, 43, 124, 126, 133, 174 Dwyer, John-105 Dwyer, Michael-70, 82 Dye, Don-98, 125, 129 Dyer, Diamf-43, 147 Eagles, Ruth-E1 Earle, Ray-43 Eastwood, Janet-96, 98, 123 124, 130, 94, 95, 97 Eastwood, Judy-35, 43, 116, 118, 119,124, 150 Eck, Alice-96, 107, 123, 127, 145, 103 Eddins, Shirley-97, 215 Davis, Everett-107, 144 Eddy, Theo-153 Edgmon, Raymond-21, 180, 210 Edmunds, Bonnie101, 116 Edwards, Donald-21, 153 Edwards, Jackie-99 Edwards, Joe-82, 208 Edwards, Larry-43 Edwards, Nancy-82 Garcia, Davis, JoDell-98 Davis, Louis-101, 144 Davis, Lula-98 Davis, Marilyn--42 Davis, Martin-82 Davis, Oland-82 Davis, Reginald-82, 144, 186 Davis, Timmie-82 Dawes, Ruth--99, 124, 130, 145, 155 Dean, Jim-82 Dean, Virginia-101 Deardon, Gary-100 Dearmon, Carole-82, 124, 125, 144 De Fosse, Larry-82 De Fosse, Sonya-82 Delgado, Angelo-106, 187 Delgado, Richard-82 Delgado, Steve-98 Del Monaco, John-19, 145 Deming, Jim-98, 147 Denison, Ida-20 Dennis, Chad-35, 42, 132, 180, 184 Denny, Henry-42, 125, 133 Denny, Lorna-123 De Perron,'lrene-78, 82 De Soria, Sally-42, 125 Dever, Robert-105, 125, 187, 212 De Vore, William-82 Dew, Audrey-20 Dew, Eva-24 Deyarmond, Dennis-101 Deyarmond, Wallis-43 Diebner, Linda-43, 144 Dilworth, Francis-20, 94, 95, 102, 96, 97, 98 Diniello, Danny-107, 125, 186 Dingello, Joanne--43 Dobbs, Elaine-98, 103 Dobbs, Gary-82 Dodd, Bill-82, 96 Dodson, Jane-43, 149 Dohman, Bonita-82, 123, 124, 125 Dominguez, lrene-82 Dorew, Sylevia-147 Dorham, Jon-107, 186, 208 Dorham, Virginia-825124 Dorin, Louis-101, 120 Dort, Ruth-105 Douglas, Loyd-102 Dowden, Anne-35, 43, 125, 129 Downs, Jim-100, 186 Dooyle, Charles-20, 192, 202, 203 Drake, Karem+97 Drake, Larry-70 Duane, Pat-43, 127 Drury, Carol-43 Duarte, Albert--43, 181, 206 Edwards, Sarah-107 Eikenberry, Bobby-82 Eisenmayer, Dean-19 Elizaldo, Raul-82 Elliott, Josephine-21 Elliott, Rebecca-107, 215 Ellison, Mary--106, 128 Emarine, Judy--35, 43 Emblem, Bob-98 Emblin, Terry-43 Endo, Carolyn-82, 123, 125 Endo, Fumiko-43 Ensor, Carol-43 Erler, Gene-105 Ermert, Carl-43, 129, 133 Estep, Kenneth-82 Esterdahl, Marilyn-43, 124, 149 Esterdahl, Ma rsha-43, 149, 154 Etherton, Diane-105, 116, 123, 128 Estrada, Michaela-43 Eudo, Michiko-107 Evans, Robert-99 Fair, James-95 Fallan, Darlene-44 Farnsley, Janet-107, 112, 116,117,123,124,13O, 133, 144, 95, 97 Farrier, Richard-99, 29, 201 Farver, Sherry-105 Fawcett, Tommy-82, 98 Feldhahn, Bonnie-44 Felix, Ezekial-44 Felix, Larry-82, 145, 148 Felix, Tim-100 Fellows, John-44, 152 Fenderson, Roosevelt-102 Fenstermacher, Ronald-44, 133, 148, 194 Fesperman, Shirley-44, 118, 119, 126, 143 Ficara, Susan-106, 148 Fields, Claude-44 Finger, Janet-82, 125 Finger, Ronnie-191 Fink, Robert-44, 153 Finley, Billi1?44, 146 Finley, Jane-107, 133 Finley, Pecos-101 Fisher, Bruce-107, 191, 208 Fisher, Leonard-19, 157, 180, 181,188,189, 212 Fisher, Robert-44 Fitzgerald, Arnold-44, 153, 181, 184 Uncle: Flanagan, Paul-44 Fledderman, Lynda-116, 127 Fleming, Glenn--44, 114, 125, 129, 130 Fleming, Marvin-187, 188, 196, 197, 198, 199, 208 Flether, William-153 Flint, Linda-107, 116, 125, 130, 103, 95 Floe, Barbara-118, 96 Floyd, Wayne-83, 145, 148 Foley, Charlott-83 Foley, Pat-83, 210, 211 Folk, Loretta-83 Fonceca, Art-44, 210, 211 Fontes, Andy-83, 148 Forbesy, Patricia--83 Ford, Errol-83, 143 Ford, Eugene-104 Ford, Margaret-98, 147 Foreman, Gloria-123, 130, 155 Forsyth, Curtis-44 Foskett, Jan-107, 118, 103, 94 Foskett, Sue-83, 147 Foster, Charles-44 Foster, Freida-83 Foster, Ray-25 Foster, Sharon-83 Foster, Williams-83 Fouts, Roger-104 Fowkes, Kay-44, 171 Fowler, David-44, 192, 202 Fowler, Vic-44, 181, 183, 184, 206, 208 Fox, Agnes M.-21, 133 Fox, Clara E.-15 Frank, Dennis-83 Frankenburg, Michele-106, 131 Franklin, Andrew-99, 127, 144 Franklin, M598 Franklin, Lynn-83, 147, 220 Fraser, Charles-44, 127, 129, 133 Freeman, Jay-45 Freeman, Sally-45, 157 Fresquez, Leon-45 Frese, Fred-97 Frick, Sally-83, 157 Fries, Carol-98, 103 Frietsch, Sandra-100 Frisco, Evelyn--102 Frisco, Wanda-45 Fuggins, Louis-83, 186, 208 Fuller, Jean-78, 79, 83, 125, 126 Fyke, Marilyn-83, 149 Gabbert, Garyg-45, 125, 127 Gabbert, Sharon-45, 96 Gahr, Barbara-105 Gaines, Gary-83, 152 Galatian, Albert-21, 152 Galloway, M. Loueen-45 Galvin, Adela-93, 103 Galvin, Donna-45, 129 Gamble, Suzanne-31, 32, 45,115,123,124,125, 144,149,164, 171 Gannon, Mike-100 Gaona, Bertha-83 Gibson, Ray-45 Gibson, Willie-98, 103 Gilchrist, Daniel-46 Gilchrist, Virginia-98, 127 Gilfillan, Richard-106 Gillmore, Charlotte-46, 148 Gilstrap, Hugh-46, 153, 181 Gitmed, Sandra-106, 123, 128 Givens, Nettie-46 118, 123, 124,125, 128, 215 Hackman, Harold-47 Hagaman, Bob-84 Hagedorn, Fred-47 Hall, Darlene-47 Hall, Jan-84 Hall, Micheal-100 Hall, Phil--47, 145, 159, 181 Hall, Shirley-47 Glanville, Judy-83, 154 Glaze, Clifford-25 Glenn, Gary-83, 186 Gloezeski, Pat-147 Gloezeski, Paul-83 Goddard, Sue-46, 118 Golphenee, Jerry-46, 120, 129, 130, 132, 196, 197, 198, 199 Gomez, Eula-46, 118 Hall, P. Steven-47 Hall, Tom-99, 145 Hallett, Linda-84 Halzle, Janice-105 Hamby, Lynn-105 Hamilton, Jackie--34, 35, 47, 115,118,119,145, 223 Hamlin, Anita-47 Hamlin , Sue-84, 96 Hamlin, Tom-105 Gonzales, Esther-98 Gonzales, Rosie-83 Gonzales, Ruben-107, 123 Goodson, Theresa-83, 116 Goodwin, Frances-83 Goodwin, Linda-123 Gooley, David-46 Gorbert, Bob-106, 191 Gordon, Gary-46 Gordon, Errol-83 Gordon, Robert-70 Gordon, Walter-83 Gore, Phyllis-107 Garavaglia, Ted-45, 125, 181 184 1 Garcia, Garcia, Alex-99 Angelina-83, 155 Garcia, Ernesto-45, 132, 190, 191, 206,207 Garcia, Florence-45, 133 Garcia, Genaro-45 Garcia, Rita-83, 125, 149 Roberta-45, 147 Goseco, Evangeline-1 18, 119,123,124,125,127, 130 Goss, Irma-83 Goss, Simon-83, 200, 212 Gotwalt, Donna-96, 107, 123,127,130,103 Gough, Ernest-25 Gough, David-107, 148 Gould, Davicl-46, 108, 186 Graf, Peggy-46, 128 Graham, Dorothy-46, 124, 125 Graham, Eddie-83, 130, 194, 197 Graham, George-32, 35, 46, 112,114,120,124,127, 133, 146, 223 Graham, Bill-83, 152 Granados, Porfirio-83, 144 Grant, Ronald-83 Gray, Brenda-83, 118 Gray, Dianz+83 Gray, Leroy-99 Green, Christine-83, 147 Green, Margaret-46 Greene, Bradley-46, 129, 196, 197, 198 Greenlund, David-46 Greenwood, Charlotte-46, 112, 126, 127 Gregory, Robert-21, 120, 181, 189 Grier, Mike-106 Griffey, Louie-46, 125, 181 Griffin, James-83 Griffin, Terra-106 Griggers, Larry-46, 124, 125 Grogan, Bonnie-83, 124, 126,128, 133,149 Gross, Amy--21 Gross, Mary-99 Grubbs, Judy-107 Guerra, Delia-99 Guerrero, Socorro-83 Guilford, Stanley-100, 148 Guimond, Joan-83 Guinn, Mike-153 Gunn, Gracie-46 Gunn, Marshall-83 Guthery, Ernie-95, 97 Hamling, Coleen-47 Hamling, Ona-47, 144 Hamm, Charles-106 Hampton, Frieda-47, 154 Hampton, Robert--100 Handerson, Claudetta-84 Hanes, Joyce-94, 99, 147 Haney, Fritz-84, 133 Hanks, Virginia-21, 215 Hanna, Birdie-98 Hansen, Deanna-84 Hansen, Earl-101 Hanson, Dennis-47 Harbaugh, Amy-47, 154 Harber, Floyd-84 Harbottle, Martha-84, 149 Harding, Arlene-99 Hardy, Eleene, 105 Harlan, Hazel-21 Harman, Lester-21 Harman, Nancy-107, 125 Harris, David-100, 201 Harris, Freddy-84, 147, 186, 206 Harris, Hazel-25 Harris, Janet-84 Harris, Jean-84, 125 Harris, Kathy-47 Harris, Margaret-19 Harris, Neil-47 Harris, Parris-208 Harris, Rhoda Shea-47, 126, 138, 149, 154 Harris, Ruth-99 Harris, Victorinw99 Harrison, Everett-102 Harston, Bob-47 Hart, Dolores-84 Hartell, Carole-84 Hartford, Pat-78, 84, 118, 149, 158 Hartmann, Ernst-19, 132, 153,190,191, 208 . Hartmann, Linda-84, 116, 117,124,125,148,151, 154 Hartman, P1111-48, 127, 146, iso Hartung, Bruce-107 Harvey, Nancy-25 Harvvard, Gary-48, 123, 124,133,174 ' Hatfield, Kay-32, 48, 116, 125, 129, 150 Garcia, Sharon-45 Garcia, Terry-83 Garcia, Virginia-98 Garcia, Wally-98, 187 Garcia, William-83, 131 Gardner, Mark-105, 120 Gates, Bill-83 Gatewood, Ronnie-45 Gerr, Neal-83, 96 Gehon, Marilyn-105 George, Tom G.-45 Gerien, Bill--45 Gerien, Mary-125 Gilbert, Bill-107, 123, 133 Gilbert, Roy-83, 125, 133, 148 Gutierrez, lren11?47, 213 Gutierrez, James-47, 148 Gutierrez, Lupe-105 Gutierrez, Maria-'98, 127 Gutierrez, Teresa-84 Gutowski, Eugene-47 Guthrie, Guthrie, Guzman, Guzman, Sharon-46 Susie-84 Dionicio-84 Lupe47 H Hacker, Dick-197 Hacker, Gary-100 Hackett, Jack-101 Hackman, Andrea-96, 104, Hathaway, Jeff-35, 48, 129 Hay, James-70 Hayden, Jeanette-70, 127, 144 Hayden, Norman-98, 200 Hayes, Carolyn-48, 116, 127 Hayes, Doris S.-21, 215 Hayes, Martin-84, 132 Heber, Rosemary-215 Hecht, Barbara-48, 145 Hedgpeth, Donald-48 Hellman, Gary-48, 129, 152, 181, 186 Helton, Chuck-48, 125, 152 Hemphill, Franklin-14 Hemphill, Howard-48 Hendrix, Robert-98, 201 Hengler, Bob-48, 153 Henn, Barbara-32, 43, 116, 11B,119,124,126 Henn, Micheal-84, 157 Henson, Brenda-48, 213, 214 Henon, Florence-125 Henry, Judy-98, 147 Krawiec, Ralph-51 Henry, Margie--104, 128, 130, 94 Hensley, Lonnie-100 Hepp, Pauline-84 Herman, Joy-106 Herman, Susan-48, 127, 133, 144, 146 Hernondz, Bernard-104 Hernandez, Irene-48 Hernandez, Marshall-97 Hemandez, Ruby-48 Herrin, Tom-84 Herzog, Carla-48, 112, 118, 119,123,l24,126,149, 175 Hess, Michele-48, 146, 154 Hicks, Andrew-107 Hicks, Leon-96, 107 Hicks, Roger-48, 125, 152, 201 Hicler, Eutem-+106 Hill, Wilma-49 Hillard, Evelyn-144 Hlllard, John-70 Hillberry, Milton-99 Hilliard, Flander-25 Hobbs, Nancy-49 Hlnes, Carolyn-107 Hinees, Cathie-105, 118, 123, 124, 125 Hinoioz, Margaret-102 Hoffman, Delight-21 Hogue, Ray-49 Hague, Tom-49, 129, 180, 183, 184, 210 Holcombe, Jane-84, 125 Hollis, Charles-84 Holloway, Thelma-49, 125, 145, 146,148, 174 Jackson, Charlotte-107, 123, 125 Jackson, Eugene-99 Jackson, Jackie-98 Jackson, Joe-49, 132, 208 Jacobs, Morris-50 Jacobson, Allard-101 Jackson, Ruth-107 James, Judy-101 James, Larry-50, 120, 125, 152, 153 Janecek, Dona-84, 116, 117,123,124,149, 214 Janich, Peter-98 Jarette, Talmadge-101 Jeffries, Mona-50, 144 Jefts, Russell-99 1 Holmes, Betty-a4, iss Holmes, Carol-84, 129 Holmes, Joe-49 Holmes, Ruth-84, 118 Holmes, Shirley-84, 118, 123, Holmes, 125,126, 128,149 Tom-101 Holquin, Fidel-98, 103 Holston, Joe-100, 186, 206 Holt, Albert-107 Holt, Sandra-35, 49, 128, 129, 219 Honer, Brenda-49 Honeywell, Sharles-84 Honisch, Phillip-49, 125 Hopper, Carol-98, 103 Hopson, Frank-84 Hornbeck, Alfred-84 Hornbeck, Birdie-49 Horton, Gloria-125 Horton, Myra-100, 126 Horton, Richard-49 Houck, Stephen-84 Houghton, Dennis-84 House, Nancy-49, 154 How, Dennis-99, 153 Howard, Bob-49, 171, 219, 225 Howard, James-25 Howard, Judy-49, 116, 117, 118,119, 125,150 Howell, Joy--21, 155 Huddleston, Dillard-70, 87, 147 Huff, David-107, 125, 208 Hughes, Aniilla-147 Hughes, Charles-98, 187, 208 Hughes, Roger-96, 106, 201, 95 Hulse, Terry-129 Hunt, Douglas-107, 133 Hunt, William-25 Hunter, Ken-96, 208 Hunter, Stephen-B4 Hurd, Conrad-104 Hurdle, Didier-84 Hurley, Dorothy-49 Hurlock, Sherry-106 Huson, Robb-84 Hutchinson, Karen-49, 131, 154 Huttinger, John-84, 186 Ingram, GloriaL107, 130 Inkman, Gary-105 Inman, Ronald L.-49 Iverson, Jeanette-107, 123 Ivarsen, Sonia-84 Ives, Linda-49 236 Jempson, Barbara-101, 125 128 Jenkins, Burrell-84, 125 Jennings, Pat-100 Jennings, Wanda-98, 125 Jerell, Jean-104 Jessee, Marylee-96, 106, 1 1 6 1 18 ,119,127,146, 95 Johncola, Richard-105 Johnson, Barbara- 97 Johnson, Bob-98 Johnson, Carolyn-50 Johnson, Danny-98 Johnson, Eddie-98 Johnson, Gary-35, 50, 114, 129 Johnson, Harvey-107 Johnson, Helen-50, 147 Johnson, Isabel-100, 125, 145 Johnson, Johnnie, 84, 144 Johnson, Linda-84, 128 Johnson, Milton-50, 114, 123, 125, 130, 132, 181, 184, 206, 207 Johnson, Pat Ann-50, 127 Johnson, Richard-100, 153 Johnson, Roger-101, 187 Johnston, Bob-50 Johnston, Jackie-106 Jones, Barbara-95, 104 Jones, Beverly-99 Jones, Booker-96, 99 Jones, Carolyn-107 Jones, Cyretta-50 Jones, Clyde-84, 208 Jones, Gayle-127 Jones, Jim-50, 181, 206, 207 Jones, Ronald-50 Jones, Ruby450 Jones, Sharon-70, 186 Jones, Terry-100 Jones, Walter-105, 201 Jordan, John-96, 187 Jordan, Nellie-105 Jordan, Rebecca-98 Joyce, Marianne-84, 123, 124,126,133, 143,145 Juarez, Benny-84, 125 Juarez, Jack--97, 125 Judd, Dick-50, 220 Judd, Laruric+50, 144, 215 Julain, Judy-50, 144 Kahn, Clarence-25 Karan, Steve-107, 124 Karle, Barbara-50 Katz, Paul-35, 50, 123, 126,133,145,146,159, 170 K Katzenberger, Thalia-24 Kay, Bernice-24 Keefer, Leroy-84 Keesey,,CarryIee-105 Kelly, Frank-50 Kelly, Jim-50 Kelly, Sandra-84, 147 Kelsay, Gary--85 Kennedy, Roger-51, 157. Kerr, Walter Allen--51, 145, 148 Kershaw, Linda-106, 144 Kerth, Bill-51 Key, Wayne-85, 186 Killian, Steve-51, 153 Kimbrel, Fred-98, 125, 186 Kimmel, Nancy-51 King, Beverly-147 King, Janice--51, 144 King, Jon Bruce-51, 153, 202 Umlex King, Marie-51, 133 King, Quentin-51 Kirby, Anita-98 Kirby, Clifford-51 Kirk, Donna-105 Kirk, Joan M.-51, 118, 119 Kirkland, Carol-51 Kirksey, Patricia--51 Kitagawa, Amy-51, 123, 124 Kitagawa, Jane-85, 123, 124. 213 Klaiber, Lynne-51, 129, 154, 172 Kline, Carolyn-101, 128 Kline, Don-51, 129, 139, 190, 206 Klinkert, Donald-85 Kloempken, John-51 Kluizg, Beverly-106 Knartzer, Darlene--101 Knartzer, Robert-85 Knight, Judy-78, 85 Knight, W.E.H.-15 Knittle, John-85 Knowles, Georgia-85, 116 Knowles, Walt-85 Knox, Dorothy-21, 116, 118, 157 Kolland, Kathleen--98 Kosturick, Michael-22, 127, 152 Kramer, Karl--51, 120, 180 184, 188 Kramer, Sandy-107, 124, 129,133,144,103 Kratzer, Gerald-100, 193, 203 Kreiter, William-51, 125 Kubota, Yosh-85, 197, 219 Kuntz, William-25 Kuwahara, Harry-51, 125, 208 Kyander, Floyd-85, 152 La Blanc, SharoriL99 Lacey, Barbara-96, 130 Lacey, Eva-35, 52, 128 Lackey, Merle-52 Laird, Virginia-52, 154 Lakely, Richard--104, 148 Lakey, Alice-52, 147 Lakey, Larry-104 Lalonde, Frances-24, 154 Lambertson, Sue-85 Lamont, Gary-102, 104 Land, Richard-85, 186 Landin, Richard-97, 186 Landis, Robert-97, 123, 124, 125, 129, 94 Lanouette, Rita M.-52 Larum, Lydia-52, 128, 187 Laves, Rose Marie-100, 128 Laurin, Gary-85 Larum, Lloyd-100 Lasiter, Sharon-106, 147, 215 Lathham, Linda-106, 125 Lawhorn, Donald-52, 152 Lawrence, Joyce-1 16 Lawrence, Marilyn-52 Lawson, Dianne-52 Leat, Pauline-106, 127 LeBaron, Judith-85 Ledford, Judy-85, 124 LeDou, Beverly--52, 123,145, 146 Lee, Cornelius-106, 201 Lee, Joan-100 Lee, Leilani-52, 128 Lee, Linda-29, 32, 52, 115, 117,124,125,150, 169 Lee, Peggy-85, 127, 159 Leffingwell, Bill-52 LeFort, Carol-85, 118, 144 Leitner, James-98 LeMarie, Romeo-52 Lent, Robert-85 Levey, Leon-52, 120, 129, 139 Levias, Eddie Mae-85 Lewis, Clyde-94, 101 Lewis, Dennis-101 Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Eulicl-85, 118 Leclh-85, 125, 144 Stanley-85 Liby, Marilyn--85 Liggett, Nancy--70, 155 Lindsey, Cherie-52 Lindsey, Lois-B5 Lintz, David-100 Little, Margaret--85 Little, Sandra-35, 52, 76, 124, 149, 154 Lizarraga, Linda-85 Llewellyn, Nancy-52, 135, 147, 154 Llewellyn, William-52, 120, 120, 146 Lloyd, Alice-116, 131 Logan, Eleanor-104,447 Logan, Virginia-52, 147, 157 Lohman, Lorelei-85 Lomax, Alice-52, 123, 124, 126,129,133,138 Lonberger, Roy-53, 114 133, 145,148,151,210, 211 Long Gary-85 Lonsdale, Alice-22 Long, Robert-101 Loper, Jody-85, 123, 125, 126, 215, 219 Lopez, Angelita-53, 96, 128 Lopez, Dehlia-98, 103 Lopez, Eleanor--53 Lopez, Norma-98 Lopez, Nellie--85 Lopez, Ruby-53 Lorentzen, Carol-53 Losey, Ray-53 Losee, Joanne-53, 147 Lott, Hennie-25 Lough, Eddie Lou-53, 135, 154 Lowder, Judy-34, 35, 53, 115, 117,124, 125, 140, 166, 170, 232 Lowe, Dorothy-22 Lowe, Nonie-53, 115, 124, 125, 129, 171 Loyd, Alice-53 Loynd, Linda-107, 125, 127, 130, 103 Luckey, John-32, 95, 96, 103, 105, 129, 187, 208 Luke, Kathy-100, 130 Luian, Manaela-85 Luna, Josephine-53 Luna, Paul-53, 186, 206 Lundy, Sylvia-53 Lyman, Lynn-105 Lynch, Tom-124, 133, 153, 96 Lynons, Harold-5 3, 152 Mcmnsref, BilKi:101 McAvley, Cynthia-85, 1 18 McBride, Nancy-105, 143 McCaffrey, Arlene-85 McCaIeb, John-107 McCallum, Denny-85 McCarty, William-53, 126, 131, 143 McCauley, Jerry-53 McClain, Patrick-85, 194 McCIeary, John-187 McCIinton, Marralee--97, 147 McConnel, Dorma-104 McCowan, Randall-53, 145, 148 McCrea, Martin--85 McCulley, Jiim-85 McCulloch, Edith-22, 98, 99, 100 McCulloch, Ed-106, 129, 191, 208 McCune, Bill-53 McCutchem, Sandy-70 McDaniel, Gary-101 McDermott, Lilliam-19, 128 McDonald, Edward-25 McElveney, Judy-107 McElveny, Mariene--24 McFarland, Lavon-53, 150, 154, 169 McFerran, James-101 McFerran, Martha-85 McFerran, Sue-105 McGaffey, Paulette--101, 147 McGowan, Charles-107, 125 McGranaghen, JoAnne-85, 148 McGriggs, Joyce-107, 123, 130, 155, 95 McKinley, Albert-104, 120 McLaren, Jackie-101 McLaren, Margaret--98, 125, 132 McLaren, Shirley-53, 149, H 154 McLaren, Sylvia-85, 133 McMahan, Carol-130 McMiIIer, Samuel-98, 130 M MacAdam, Ray-85, 193, 203 MacBride, John-54 MacDonald, Patricia-B5 Macelli, Antonette-54, 144 Macknicki, Richard-54, 153, 154, 180, 223 MacMillian, Eva-102 MacMurtrie, Robert--54 Madrigal, Diana-99, 147 Magallanez, Ruth-54 Magdaleno, Rose Mary-85, 128 Magena, Evelyn-105, 128 Magnuson, Bette-54, 118, 125 Maier, Joan-104, 125, 127, 130,.155, 215 Maloney, Janice-54 Malchon, Karen-106 Mancillas, Evelyn-54 Mancillas, Julian-101 Mancillas, Lupe-85 Manda, Rich-54, 145, 148, 202 Mann, Charlesita-98, 116, 123,124, 142, 214 Mann, James-85, 186, 206 Marcona, Joe-105 Margrave, Mike-B5 Marlow, Charles-86 Marlow, Jonnie-54 Marlow, Robert-86 Marris, Octavia-107 Marsh, Lynda--54, 149, 155 Marshall, James-25 Marsman, Jacomina-22, 132 Martin, Dixie--54, 118, 232 Martin, Eric-106, 201 Martin, Jim-86, 120, 125 Martinez, Robert Lee-54, 153 193 Masko, Rita-100, 127 Mason, Florence-22, 135 Masonheimer, Judy-86, 149 Masuzumi, Paul-54, 180, 184, 187, 210, 223 Masuzumi, Ralph-105, 201 Matesky, Liz--96, 100, 145, 146 Mathey, George--54 Mathison, Joanne-86, 157 Mauro, Jim-208 Maruo, Steve-101, 94, 95 Maxon, JoyLee-86, 145 Maxwell, William-54 Mayben, Sandra-98, 125 Mayfield, Ruth-98 Mays, Donnell-86, 190, 208 Mead, Carolyn-54, 151, 155 220 Mead, Marolyn-54, 116, 126,151,155, 214, 220 Meads, Judy-86, 145 Meads, Mike-106 Meads, Richardf70 Meadows, Betty-55, 123, 124, 154, 170 Medearls, Lanell-104, 94 Meek, Suzanne-55, 147, 155 Mellinger, Gerald-55, 127, 146 Melnick, Nancy-55, 143 Melonson, Charles-99 Melton, Gloria-29, 32, 35, 55, 124, 149 Menard, James-55, 153 Mendoza Anita--101 Mendoza, Carmen-55 Mendoza, Guadalupe-55 Mendoza, Jesse-98 Meredith Christine--55 Merritt, 0avid-86 Mervis, Ruth-19, 125 Messell, Madelaine-106, 123, 124, 144 Messerli, Marlys-55 Messinger, Diane-101 Messme, Joanne-55 Metz, Don-101 Michinroto, Jack--106 Middleton, Edward-86, 186 Midkiff, Ruth E.-22 1. Nichols, Gayla Joy-86 Nichols, Patricia-78, 86, 128, 218, 220, 224, 232 Nicholson, Jerry-86 Nielsen, Beatrice-57 Niemela, Joyce-86 Nieto, Rogue-86 Nishimoto, Marian-57 Noetzal, Trella-99, 129, 147, 215 Nolen, Rich-57, 180 Norman, Carolyn-107, 125 Norris, Sophia-101 North, Jillene-32, 35, 57, 112, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 124, 167, 175, 213, 215, 232 North, .lim-105 Norton, James-57 Miller, Alda-100, 127, 131 Miller, Alfred-86 Miller, Arlena--55, 128, 131 Miller, Art-106 Miller, Charles-107 Miller, Dan-86 Miller, Daryl-55, 215 Miller, Deanne-70 Miller, Ellen-24 Miller, Ester--22 Miller, Freda-55 Miller, Gloria-86, 144. Miller, Janeen-97, 147, 215 Miller, Waym+86, 193 Millington, Joe-55, 152, 18 185,197, 210, 211 Mills, Anna Bell-104 Mills, Luster-86 Mills, Rosalind-98, 125 Mills, Ruth-86 Miner, Janice-101, 124, 130, 215 Miner, Kathy-96, 99 Miner, Lowayne-86 Minor, Tommy-55, 157 Mitchell, Barbara-55, 147 Mitchell, Rosalyn-86 Molnar, Jenny-86 Montgomery, Charles-86 Montgomery, Margaret-22 Montgomery, Randy-86 Moon, Judi A.-55 Moonier, Bob--105, 191 Moore, Carlene-35, 126 Moore, Larry-105 Moore, Ruth-B6 Moore, Wayne-86 Moore, Willie-100 Morales, Pat-86 Morgan, Ellis--101, 193 Moring, Joan-86 Morris, Jerry-35, 55, 210 Morris, Lillie?-86, 147 Morris, Octania-147 Morris, Phillip-86, 157, 186 Morrison, Gary-104 Morrison, Helene-56 Moss, Joan-56, 154 Movius, Darlene-56, 219 Mueller, Virginia-56, 126, 133,144,146, 218 Muirhead, Bob--56, 153 Mullinse, Frank-101 Murdock, Gwen-98, 147 Murillo, Leon-56, 148 Murphy, Eunice--56 Murphy, Eunice-56 Murphy, Pat-56 Murray, Bill-107, 125 Musser, Valerie-56, 131 Mustain, Gary-32, 56, 112, 114,120,123,127,129, 180, 208 Myatt, Reba-100, 125 Myers, Diane-56, 127 Myers, Jay-86 Myers, Pam-100, 123, 125,' 130, 155, 94, 97 Myers, Robert-98, 103 Myers, Ronald--56, 129 Myrtle, Jim-86, 193, 202 Myrtle, Bob-56, 120, 153, 192, 193, 202 Napolitan, Larrv-100, 96 Nash, Bonnie-56 Nash, Woody-100, 124, 127, 129 Neal, James-86, 200 Neel, Riley-56, 114, 124, 125, 129, 130 Neer, Sally-101, 147, 215, 94 Neidhardt, George-86 Negrete, Albert-104 Neil, Marvin-107, 123, 124 125,,129,191, 208, 94 Nelms, Jean-56, 142 Nelson, Douglas-86, 197, 199 Nelson, Jim-56, 202 Nelson, Louise-86 Nelson, Martha-147 Nelson, Wanda Sue-56, 118 Neuenschwander, Mary S.-5 6, 118,124,125,144 Newston, Carol-145, 149 Nicholas, Beverly-106 Nichols, Douglas-195, 224, 231, 232 I Norwood, Dorothy-86 Nylander, Barbara-57 O Oakland, Judy-78, 86, 125, 128, 133, 155 Obermiller, Kathie-96, 101, 118, 133, 144, 152, 97 O'Connell, Dany-57 O'Dell, 146 Velia-57, 127, 144, Odle, Janette-86, 125 O'Donovan, James-18, 135, 154 Ogren, Jerry-86 Oldfield, Sharon-57 Ollila, Richard-86, 148 Olsen, Dennis-100 Olsen, Richard-57 Olson, Jerry-57 Olson, Karl-22, 35 O'Malley, Grace-22, 126 O'Neal, Cathy-57, 118, 125, 131, 145 O'Neal, Joshua-86 O'Neal, Murth-105 Orenlas, Arthur-86 Orona, 21 0 Jess-57, 152, 201 , Orozco, Adeline-86 Orozco, Ralph-148 Orr, Ri cha rd-87 Ortega, Rosemary-99 Osborn, Larry-87, 153, 192, 202 Osborn, Ray-97, 193 Osborne, Ray-98, 103, 203 Oster, Patricia-57, 144 Ostrander, Betty-87 Ottens, John-99 Iver, Robert-201 Overstreet, Sierra Sue-57 Owens, Cleveland-57 Owens, George-104 Padilla, Alice-'127 Pohl, Noida--57, 124, 127, 157 Palacio, Cha rlotte-101 Palacio , Lucille-87 Palmer, Claude--57 Palmer, Ronald-57 Papendick, Judith-99 Papp, Andrew-58 Popp, Joseph-58 Parde, Jack-193 Parilla, Torn-104 Parker, Arthur-32, 35, 58, 76, 125, 132, 139,150, 192, 202 Parker, Billy-97, 203 Parker, Hubert-22, 201 Parker, Judy-99 Parker Sylvia-24 Parker: virginia-ss, se, 112, 115 ,116,117,118,119, 125,149,169, 196 Parks, Norma-98 Parris, Gemw87 Parry, Barbara-87 Patina, Sabina-87 Patrich, Joe-107, 145, 208 Patt, Bonnie-130, 152, 215, 94, 96 Patterson, Jennean-58 Patterson, John-87, 124, 133 Patterson, Judy-104, 147 Patterson, Levi-191, 208, 96 Patterson, Lyda-70 Payne, Payton, Joe-5 8 Je rry-5 8 Under Paz, Art-58, 130, 132, 190, 206, 207 Paz, James-97, 190 Pearce, Betty-100, 144 Pearce, William-87 Peddycoart, Lynda-58, 118 Peeler, Bill-58, 148, 194 Peel,,Thomas-87, 129 Pegasuro, Bobby-87 Pelochino, John-58, 133, 191, 208 Pembleton, Don-105 Pemberton, Sharon-87 Penson, Florence-99 Penson, Ralph-87, 144 Perales, Alfred-87 Perez, Joe-58, 127, 131, 147 Perkins, Monte-58, 144 Perkins, Sharon-58, 154 Perkins, T. Dianne-58 Perry, Charles-98, 103 Perry, Edgar-58 Perry, Elain-107 Peteque, Rosalie-107 Peters, Ron-87 Peterson, Beniamin-58, 133, 145, 148, 159 Peterson, Dave-87 Peterson, Harold-58 Peterson, Norma-58, 1 12, 123,124, 125,127,146 Petr, Marianne--58, 125 Pettingill, Sandra--100, 131 Phelps, Karen-87, 133, 214, 223 Phillips, Elizabeth-101 Phillips, Richard-59 Pierce, Vernon-105, 208 Pierson, Dan-97, 148 Pietz, Genevieve-59 Pina, Rey-59, 125, 159 Pinheiro, Jack-101 Pipoly, Lois-35, 59, 116 Pittman, Laman-132, 144 Plechas, David-59 Plehn, Gary-59 Polite, Penny-87, 124, 126, 147, 149 Pollard, Sue-59 Polson, Beverly-59, 124, 129, 144, 149,154,159 Pontious, Fred-87 Poole, William-101 Popler, Richard-87, 157, 186, 210, 211 Porter, Pet-59, 112, 133 Porter, Sharon-59 Pousen, James-87, 132 Powers, Willis-22, 129 Pratt, Adell-101 Pratt, Richard-99 Prazant, Ronald-59, 127, 152, 153, 173 Preacely, Mary-87, 147 Preston, Tom-87, 148 Price, Dorothy-70, 147 Prieto, Mary Lou-87 Prince, Billie?87 Privett, Gail-70 Probasco, Frank-98, 103, 191 Proffitt, Nancy-59, 1 18, 1 19, 129, 149, 154 Prude, Woody-98, 187, 201, 208 Pruett, Willis-59 Pryfogle, Don-87 Pyle, Darla-100 Pyle, Darrel-32, 59, 112, 114,129,130,181,183, 185 Pyle, Everett-14 Q Quinn, Maureen-100, 123, 124, 125, 94, 97 Quintana, Manuel-87 Ralls, Lurinda-'87, 116, 117, 123 Ramirez, Joe-87 Ramirez, Josephine-105, 128 Ramirez, Robert-87 Ramos, Olga-87 Randon, James-25 Randolph, Wanda-88 Rankin, Joe-105 Rasmussen, Louie-59, 180, 185 Rassebaum, Nick-107 Rasted, Judy-59 Ray, Harold-59, 123, 124, 152, 187 Raybern, Phyllis-59, 154 Rayford, Wayne-98 Raynor, Ray-87 Razo, Jane-87 Ready, John-87, 132 Reed, Freddie-59 Reed, John-60 Reed, Juanita-100, 128 Reed, Pat-98 Reed, C. Richard--59, 125 Reedus, Marion-87 Reese, Barry-87, 133, 152 Reeves, Ray-60, 194, 206, 207 Reichelshorf, Dave-87 Render, Rose-147 Rene, Evangellm+87, 147 Rene, Lorane-147 Rene, Theodore-104 Reyes, Hector-32, 35, 60, 120,125,197,198 Reyes, Leo-98 Reynolds, Jack-87 Reynolds, Mar-60 Rhom, Jean-63 Rice, Gary-60 Rice, Gypsey-99 Rice, Hazel-60 Rich, Wanda-105, 215, 103, 94 Richardson, Dave-186 Richardson, Doran-98, 193 Richardson, Ella-60, 128 Richardson, Janice-105, 95 Ridenour, Carol-101 Riede, Tom--147 Rikalo, Danny-60, 152, 232 Rigo, Priscilla-22 Riley, Jane-60 Rinder, Rose-98 Ritchardson, Cherri-126, 142, 214, 216 Ritchie, Priscilla-88 Rivera, Dora-88 Rivera, Ofelio-104, 125 Robbins, Alvin-105, 152 Robert, Mae-88 Roberts, Elger-88 Roberts, Sandra-101 Roberts, Sharon-60 Roberts, Walter-186, 200, 280 Robertson, Carolyn-60 Robinson, Judy-60, 127, 144 Robinson, Richard-60, 191, 208 Robinson, Sharon-88, 154 Robinson, Toni-100, 123 Rochelle, Delores-60, 154 Rodriquez, Nonie-88 Rodriquez, Ralph-60, 157, 187 Rohl, Nancy-88, 116, 117, 123, 124 Rollins, William-18, 126 Romero, Dorothy-99 Rocker, Brenda-88 Roop, Ernie-60, 145, 148 Roop, Jo Ann-96, 107, 127, 130,133, 213, 95 Rosa, Josie--88, 147 Rose, Ed-106 Rose, Myra-97 Rose, Thomas-60, 181 Rosen, H. K.-25 Rotor, Mary-60 Roth, George-88 Rothenberger, Stan-147 Roy, Dorothy-98 Roy, William-22, 127, 159 Rubio, Martin-101 Rubio, Tony-200 Rubolino, Dianne-99 Rubolino, Frank-60 Rudd, Steve-60 Rudulph, Jerry-88 Ruiz, Anita-97 Rule, Thelma-23 Runnells, Geary-88 Runnells, Lynn-98 Runnings, Patricia-88 Runyon, Sally-101 Rush, Marselle-88, 118 Russell, Elizabeth-88 Russell, Galetta-100 Russell, Kenneth-60, 127, 172 Russell, Osborn-B8 Ruth, Janie-88 Ryals, Marilyn-61 Ryan, David-208 Ryan, W. Paul-61, 144 Rycraft, Gary-104 Saas, Dale-61?148 Saas, Larry-88 Sacheier, Linda-61 Salazar, James-106 Salcido, Maria-88 Salsberry, Joanne-88 Sanchez, Berto-61, 118, 127 Sanders, Bill-103 Sanders, Connie-88 Sanders, Shirley-88 Sanderson, Wallace-61, 1 12, 132 Sant, Dennis-61 Santiful, Arthur-88, 201 Santos, Marina-98, 147 Santo, Pete-88 sapp. Hattie-88 Sasaki, Henry-61 Saucedo, Maria-88 Sauer, James-104 Saunders, Mariorie-61 Schertzer, Stephen-61, 147 Schimke, Lance-61 Schinkel, Earl-61, 153 Schmitcke, Sharon-61, 1 16, 117, 128 Scholtz, Jodey-61 Schoott, Judy-61, 225 Schug, Marcella-23, 215 Schulman, Leonard-23, 130 Schumacher, Coralie-88, 142, 149, 157 Schreck, Robert-61 Schroyer, Charles-61 Schroyer, Virginia-104 Schulz, Carrie-61, 144 Schumow, Ellyn-61, 127 Schwaber, Steven-106, 123, 148 Schwartz, Charles-106, 129, 186 Schwartz, Julianne-61, 123, 124, 125, 126,127, 173 Scoonover, Judith-414, 35, 61, 116, 118, 119,150 Scorza, Winifred-87, 144, 155 Scott, Barbara-147 Scott, Ladel-88 Scott, Margaret-62 Searcy, Bessie-71 Sears, Pat-106, 128, 147 Sedlak, Al-88 Seeger, Ervin-62 Selby, Guila-62, 126, 125, 139, 224 Severson, Judith-88 Shambow, Ron-104 Sharapcta, George-88, 199, 206 Sharapata, Paul--200, 96 Sharp, Jim-101, 125,191 Shaw, David-123, 124, 96 Shaw, Larry-105, 186 Sheam, Tom-62 Sheldon, Richard-104, 96 Shell, Jack-88 Sheller, Barbara-62, 124, 125, 126, 139,145 Shelton, Duana-88, 126, 191, 208 Shelton, Irwin-62, 125, 127, 145 181, Shelton, Marquetta-62, 135, 154 Shenk, Jack Allen-62 Shepard, Evelyn-102 Sherrill, James-23, 100, 101 Sherrills, Yvonne-62 Shine, Eddie-62 Shipman, Everett--18, 32, 112 Shipton, Ruth-62 Shirer, Lillian-104 Shirley, Lucille-99 Shivers, Edna-BB Shoemaker, Coralie-126 Shook, Judy-B8 Sierra, Arnulfo-62 Siler, Jerry-62, 145, 148 Silkenson, Gary-88, 186 Silva, .loe-186 Silva, Trinidad-88 Silva, Victoria-105, 128, 147 Silverman, Ina Ruth-23, 215 Simmons, 130, 152 Barbara-107, 125, Simmons, Bill-88 Simmons, Wayne-62 Stevens, Richard-63 Stevenson, Frances-63, 144 Stevenson, John-79, 89, 133 Stewart, Jeanette-63 jmfsx Toler, Gerald-65, 132, 206, Wilson, Simpson, Jim-88 Stewart, Pats-7 1 208 Toney, Wilfred-89 Torres, Fernando-98, 186 Torres, Joe-89 Waldrop, Leona-25 Willis, Dolores-106, 123, 125,147,214 Willis, Francen-132 Wilson, Bette-71 Simpso Sims, J n, Naldi-62 r. Alfonza-88 Stewart, Ward-64, 125, 133 Stinnett, Bill-99 4 144, Singleterry, Robert-62, 152 Sininger, David-88 Sirianni, Sandra-106 Sisemore, Beulah-24 Sisson, Edward-88 Skauge, Gloria-G-106, 123, 124, 94 Slaughter, Ed-97 Slee, Ruthanne--144 Slike, Janice-100 Sloan, Jack-62 Slothower, Roberta-23, 134 Slothower, Wendy-88, 125, 126,133,145,146,148 Smedley, Lucy-88, 128 Smith, Ada-99, 147 Smith, Alva-35, 62, 118, 125,126,139,154 Smith, Smith Carl-25 Ch ristine-1 05 133 Smith, Dennis-98, 102 Smith, Donna-144 Smith, Don--148, 200, 96 Smith, Edith-62 Smith, Frances-101 Smith, Georgette-62, 128, Ta foya, Eddie-89 Smith, Jerald-88, 186 Smith, Josephine-88 Smith, Laurice-107 Smith, ,Lee-63, 123, 145, 148 Smith, Lola-104 Smith, Mariorie-28, 128 Smith Naddie-78, 88, 124 Smith, Phillip-63 Smith, Richard-104 Smith Richard-100 Smith Rhichard--63, 152 Smith Smith Robert-63, 180, 154 Ron-197 Stockwell, Fredrick-23, 153 Stone, Bob-89, 153 - Stone, Ed-203, 96 Story, Morgan-64, 145, 146 St. Pierre, Joan--104 Srapac, Joseph-101 Straub, Judy-89 Streeter, Ronald-99, 187 Striegel, Jerry-64 Strock, Robert-191 Strong, Stanley-64 Suber, Eadie-64, 180, 123 Subia, Edward-89, 186, 201 Suggs, Helen-64, 148 Sulima, Anita-104 Sulun, Joanna-215 Summers, Delberta-100, 116, 123,124,125, 130, 95 Summerville, Ron-101 Sumpter, Joe-101 Suthard, Gertrude-23, 102, 103 Sutts, Carrie-97, 147 Swalve, Linda-64 Swan, Fredrick-89 Swanson, Judy-35, 64, 128, 214 Sweet, Dan-23 Sylria, Dorin-104 Szarkowski, Ruth-64, 135, 133, 154 T Talbott, Jean-101 Talkott, Gae-89 Tall, Dorothy-100 Tamberton, Sue-145 Tamblyn, Dennis-64, 125 Tate, Rella-89 Tate, Willie-89 Tate, Yvonne-64 Torres, Rosa-65 Toscana, Danny-101 Trejo, Mario-65, 89 Treio, Stella-106 Treweek, Audrey-35, 65, 112,115,11o,117,123 Walker, Cecile-90 Walker, Don-35, 66 Walker, Doug-98, 123, 125, 148 Walker, Ed-66, 153, 181, 185, 210, 211 Walker, Eleanora-24, 135, 154 Walker, George-90, 129, Bette-7 1 Wilson, Carolyn--68 149 Truiillo, Betty-89 Truiillo, Silvio-65 Tucker, Betty--65 Tull, Charles-65 Tull, Gary-107 Turk, L orain-65, 154 Turk, Marie-89 Turner, Audrey-102 Turner, 144 Brownella-104, 128, Turner, Glenn-153, 103 Turner, Ronald-106 Turner, Wayne-107 Twiate, Barbara-96 Twaite, Bennie-65, 144 133, 1 5 Walkerson, Jeff-104 Walling, Norman-66 Walls, Pat-105 Wall, James Allen-23, 133 Walters, Barbara--90 Walters, Bob-90, 96 Walton, Pricellb-215 Walz, Donald-66, 152, 192 Ward, Dorothy-66 Ward, Eugene-201 Ware, Lora-66, 147 Warren, Bay-101, 124 Warren, Emmigene-66, 131 Wilson, Dorothy--35, 68, 214 Wilson, Eilean-128 Wilson, Leon-104 Wilson, Madelyn-68 Wilson, Rex Anna-68, 129, 144 Wilson, Tom-98, 194, 153 Wilson, Trudy-87 Wilson, Virginia-90, 116 Winder, Les-90, 152 Winder, Shirley-90, 155 Windes, Robert-90 Windham, Ruby-68, 127, 215 Tweet, Jerry-89, 192 Tyson, Robert-197, 199 U Ulery, Wanda-78, 89, 125, 149 Umstead, Joyce-100, 152, 215, 94 Nndenwood, John-89 Underwood, Ramona--65 Upton, Charles--65, 196, 197, 198, 199 Upton, Ronald-89 Urbanec, John A.-65 V Valencia, Connie-89 Valkie, Jean-35, 65, 129, Warren, Karen-66, 126, 142 Warren, 154 Nadine-67, 131 , Wartian, James-99 Washington, Norma-90 Washington, Willa-67 Waters, Roger-67, 120, 154, 192 Waters, Sharon-106, 125, 130, 215 Watson, Benito-90, 147 Watson, Ronald-67 Watton, Priscilla-104 Weaver, Neil-35, 67 Webb, Jim-97 Webb, Peggy-67 149 Valleio, Mary-89 Vance, Deborah--104, 129, 144 Vance, Jim-65, 148 Worihaye, Ronald-106 Telford, Lynn-107 Smith: Sally-97, 116, 128, 215 Smith, Sue-106 Smoot, Helen--128 Smoot, Mary-63, 135, 147, 154 Snavely, Jim-63, 154, 187 Sneed, Bryen-63, 148 Snively, Sydney--88, 157 Snyder, Robert-63 Solak, Joanne-96, 99, 123, Tatlow, 123 Terry-107, 116, 118, Terry, Betty-1 05 Veals, Charles-89, 186, 206 1 28, Solda na, 130 Jim-99 Soltow, Jerry--99, 96 Soneff, Don-88, 201 Soto, Charles-105, 187, 201, 212 Soto, Jesse-63 Soto, Yolanda,-104 Whitehead, David-105, 148 Veals, Sothwick, Gerald-99 Spangler, David-63, 197, , 124, 125 Taufman, Richard-64 Taylor, Bill-97 Taylor, Doris-99, 125 Taylor, John-89 Taylor, Linda-89 Taylor, Margie--64 Teed, Lee-35, 64, 125, 126. 131, 152 Telles, Ray-64, 187 Templeton, Katie-105 Tennyson, Bob--32, 78, 89, 120,181,183,185,189, 206 Terry, Eva P.--23, 104, 105 Terry, Ruth-64 Thebold, Donna-64, 154 Thieroff, Pat-35, 64, 116, Vance, Judith-99, 123, 215 VanDyke, Shirley-96, 100, 128 VanPelt, James-101 Vargas, Frances-89, 155 Vargas, Loretta-66, 147 Vaswuez, Erminia-89, 116 Vaughn, Joe-89, 125, 133 Vaughn, Marilyn-131 Vaughn, Robert-66 Vauter, Joe-208 Webb, Thomacina-100 Webster, Joan-147 Webster, Valory-78, 90, 149 Weisenbeck, Jule-67 Weiss, Kenneth--67, 120, 123, 12A,126,130,132,143, 152,191,206 Welch, Larry-107 Welch, Shirley-147 Wells, King-105, 144, 187 Wenrich, Donna-67 Wenrichk, Joe-90 Westcott, Doris-16, 154 Wheeler, Joan-67, 147 Whitaker, Charles-67 Whitaker, Richard-104, 144, Windham, Melvin-105, 124, 148 Winger, Phyllis-23, 215 Winkelman, Larry-68 Winn, Ray-90 Winner, Brad--68, 127, 146 Winters, Richard-106, 124, 187, 212 Winters, Carmen-68, 197, 230 Winter, Charles-171, 180 Wise, Barbara-68, 222 Witte, Marilee-68 Witzke, Carol-68, 116, 118, 125 Wolfe, Carol-90, 127 Wonsch, Erika-68, 131, 145 Woo, Grace-31, 21, 68 112, 115,116,117,149, 158, 168, 169 Wood, Earl-90, 120, 129, 208 Wood, Evelyn-90, 116, 123, 133, 148 Woodard, John-68 Woodard, John-68 Woodry, Glady-98, 186 Wood, Jim-68 Wood, John-68 Woods, Helen-98 Woods, Vernell-90, 191 Woods, Willie-90 Woodward, Joann-110 Woolen, Alicia-68, 147 Woolsey, Denny-68, 153 Word, Charles-68 Vavruska, Glorie-35, 66, 124, 129,139,144,149, 175, 219 Vawter, Stewart-98, 129, 201 Veatch, Riley-66 203 White, Annabel-17, 117, 119,154 1 18, White, Gilbert-67, 181 White, John-105 White, Kola--105, 96 White, Luther-104 White, Marilyn-67 White, Steve-105 White, William-25 Workman, Gary-69, 129, 181 1 Veitch, Clark-100, 208 Allen-66, 180 Veltman, Michael-89 Whitehurst, Lequency--90 Whitte, Marilee-144 , 183, 85 Wright, 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Stephanion, Maxine-23 Stevens, Charlen+89 Stevens, Donna-63, 128 238 Thomason, Rui+89 Thompson, Bill--89, 148 Thompson, Delores-65 Thompson, lrmadell-98 Thompson, Richard-65 Thomsen, Mary Ellen-65, 151 Thorn, Mayford-89 Thornton, Jim-65, 180, 185, 210, 211, 231 Thrall, Pat-100 Thure, Robert-65, 187 Thurman, Aletha-144 Tillman, David-97, 148 Timm, Edward-89 Titterington, Robert-65, 157 Verbeck, Don-98, 103, 192, 202 Vermace, Cheryl-66 Vest, Gary-89 Vial, Arlene-66, 149, 155 Vigil, Francis-98, 131 Vigil, Mary-71 Vilhauer, Sharon--214 Villanueva, Alice-66 Vincent, Mary-35, 66, 112, 116,117,128,151,155 Vincent, Walter--89 Vine, James-23, 153 Viramontes, Filiberto-89 Vivamontes, Robert-101 Virgil, Manuel-89 Voge, Carol-89, 118, 119, 123, 124, 125 Vona, Marilyn-101, 127, 128 Vranek, Charles-35, 66, 133 W Wade, Barbara-66 Wade, Gloria-89 Wadley, Melvin-106 Wafford, Bill-107, 123 Wagner, Robert-89 Wahnish, Sharon-66 Walden, Tina--90 Waldo, Terry-100, 125, 146 Waldrep, Bill--66 Wiatt, Dianna-107 Wight, Jane-90 Wilde, Brittan-67, 218 Wiley, Donnell-129 Wiley, Eunice-104, 147 William, Bob-90, 133 Williams, Annette-71 Williams, Earlean-90 Williams, Janice-90 Williams, Joyce-90 Williams, Judy-101, 131, 1 16 Wiley, Russel-90, 153 Williams, Lillie-67 Williams, Lyndal--67, 200 Williams, Marie-24 Williams, Marilyn-67, 148 Williams, Mike-67, 120, 192 Williams, Ordell-90 Williams, Sears-67 Williams, Sue-67, 125 William 182, 207 s, Willie-67, 180, 185, 188, 189, 206, Wuethrich, Alice-90, 144 Wyatt, Mildred-23, 106, 107 94, 95, 102 Wynn, Jackie-98 Wynn, Nancy-90, 116, 128, 133 l Y Yamashita, Norive-99 Yabarra, Salvador-69 Yeager, Gertrude-24, 154 Yeager, Susan-69, 147 York, Lionel-90 Yost, Glenna-69 Young, Fred-69 Youngberg, Louise-104 I Z Zachery, Julie-69 Zamora, Louise-101 Zavala, Rosie-69, 155 Zaoata, Pedro-25 Zeller, Roger-192 Williams, Wiley-90 Williamson, Annette-147 Williamson, Diane-68, 118, 158 Williamson, George-90, 132, 190, 206, 208 Ziemer, Willis-25 Zimmerman, Larrv-106 Zimmerman, La Wanna-69, 116, 150 Zimmerman, Loralew-104 Zindel, Sharon-69 Zinn, Shirley-69, 159 Zink, Venus-35, 69 Zipper, Stuart--69, 123, 124 MTCU2 O I can say truthfully that l feel honored to have served as editor of the 1958 El Companile. I would now like to express my feelings as a graduating senior of Compton high school. As these last months fade away and graduation time grows increasingly nearer, I feel a tinge of regret upon leaving, in my opinion, the most outstanding high school in Southern Cali- fornia. ' Every senior has contributed, in one way or another, to the growth and character of the school, but certain items stand foremost in my mind concerning the characteristics of the graduating class of 1958. Of these the most outstanding are the establishment of their deep rooted ties and friendships, their constant loyalty, their unconquerable spirit, their support of school activities, their fostering of tradition and incentive for the underclassmen, and either their participation actively or as spec- tators in the "Banner Year in Sports" here at Compton. As editor, it has been my goal and also the wish of every member of the yearbook staff that these events will always remain a part of your never-to-be-forgotten memories as members of the student body of Compton High. I also hope that you have been pleased and rewarded by this presentation which required many incalcuable hours of toil and clear thinking to produce. l would like to thank those individuals who contributed to this book. My thanks to Rhoda Harris, associate editor, David Adamoli, business manager, Glorie Vavruska, Guila Selby, Barbara Sheller, Alice Lomax, Alva Smith, Fred Boetsch, Douglas Cargille, Tony Apilado, and Leon Levey, division editors, for their initiative and fine work. My sincere thanks to the Journalistic Arts Staff: Paul Boley, editor, Virginia Mueller, Jody Loper, cover and division page designer, Uick Judd, sport cartoons, Bob Howard, theme pages, Don Hedgepeth, Bob Stone, Pat Nichols, advertising manager, Tom Crawshaw, Judy Pogline, Ron Peters, Willa Mae Craig, Janet Witherbee, Mike Dwyer, Brittan Wilde, Sue Lamberston, Alfred Hornbeak, and to Mrs. Delight Hoffmann, adviser, for her inspiration and artistic advice. Many thanks go to the staff of Yearbooks, Inc., of California, in Monrovia, California, our publisher, and Mr. Bob Weygand from the Chris Myron Studios, our photographer, for his endless patience and excellent pictures. My sincerest thanks go to Mrs. Viola Bagwell, adviser, for her never-ending desire for perfection and unity in this publi- cation. I hesitate to think what the El Companile would look like without Mrs. Bagwell as adviser. To all these mentioned above go my sincerest thanks for a job well done. Sincerely, Ernie Crosby Editor- in-Chief niofz 54LLfO9 70,116 5, ? X

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