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 - Class of 1955

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'diff if ff m, ix lvfzw- Q':'fQW'Q"+2Ff13Vf W""1i': v- 'fi T' W""'?' xx Asn KI. :ni :E+ Il n ,,, H3 R 'W K A.. '- Y-f - If .- 1 I XX k Xxx . Q. 'K+ ' -. -N -N ' wks '? -of ,+--W. P46 X . .XXX X. . Q .rn SF9'fQ1XfifXSTffXfXifTg.f7 X X. H- . .. . - X X .. -X A 5 M -X x X X' N. -X :Q X ., X. r. XF' k .. Y X X XX .. SX. x. .X. -X5 ffX1X5'Xr VXSNSXXXQNX Xp XX Q.. X XX F5 f1g.5fX-' iw,-xi'T'X QXR5 - Q k W. - w QS X. X gk XXX XQXQQQQX .5311 ,XX . Q, . .. . . A A X N -K mx in G K ..xxk 5 .,gh X ..L..k g A N.. X Xkhk ,Xj.... .N K X le g:1XX5f..:X1.s.X-'QXXX W . -f xi. . K K -5 Lf ,swf X 1 . ...NX XX SZQISXR. .g?X.-if Sgt-M 'X , x X R xii is ifli S3 X.XQ5s.xf FX. X X X XQX XX N vm XXX-XNWXX sw- X--sir-X .. XX .wwXQXX-XXX...-SNXNX XXX-N.. . 1- . XX XX. . .iii 1.5. Xygvifx. N - Q- FXS?X'1.X:.X-ri "" Q XX' YA-. 1 QQ '-ix 1119 4 X Q .XX s 'X il 1. Xvxsi.. X XS x' X Ex X ' X ' X3 X . .. --5. -XX XV N 1 X9 X' , rags.. J X X .glv K . .f XE X' W X " ' X K ,SX F 4 . lik .. K .Ak 5 OMUMI1 h 2b . .X .gi A.. X.. 1 '.. V' vs. . ww. ... N . K Q. Q. . . Nw X X QOMMUNJITEER Q' published may Une Students mf CUNIMLUNIITY SCHUUL Ubninnvilllle, Tennessee AN N UAL STA IF IF Sitting, left to right: Betty Smith, Nelda Crowell, Bobby Spencer, Jean Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth Cooper. Standing: Mr, William W. Wil- son, Dorothy Pressgrove, Alene Carlton, Shirley Russell, Jack Wheeler Barbara Taylor, Bessie Hale, Faye Tucker, Nell Sudberry, Ethel Mae Lawell. FOREWURD The fostering of respect for the liberties and privileges of citizen- ship in school and in the nation is a major purpose of Community School. From the first grade through the twelfth the principles of Democracy are the guiding characteristics of the school's program. No gilded monument can hold in memory the warm companion- ship and the loyalty to school activities that portray these qualities as wellsas photographs and living words. , Therefore, me commumrasii 651535 has ehdeavoredto bring into focus every phase of school life and to record such memorable events as will serve to reflect the line spirit of the school and, in the future, to recall the happily remembered associations of bygone days. A To Mrs. Lillian Shearin, who as a teacher of intermediate grades, has served our school faith- fully and well for the past twelve years, we dedi- cate this volume of COMMUNITEER, SUPERIINTENDENT MISS HELEN WOMACK BOARD UF EDUCATION E. G. Simmons, Chairman: L. J. Brothers, Unionville: Eugene Higgins, Shelbyvil1e:A. E. Hitt, Normandy: W. J. Mont- gomery, Wheel: I. M. Whiteside, Bell Buckle: V. A. wright, Wartrace. - X - . .. . A The year 1954-55 is especially to be remembered by Community High School, For the first time the schoolreceived an "A" rating from the State Board of Education, Improvements to the school plant have included the addition of four new class- rooms, improvements in the gymnasium, interior paint throughout the building, and new plumbing. The proceeds of our annual queen contest are being used for new library furniture and books. To the Bedford County Board of Education and the County Court we want to ex- press appreciation for the provision of funds for these irnprovementsg to the community, for your whole-hearted response whenever called. upon for help in any school under- taking. The faculty, the student body, and the entire school personnel assure you of our continued efforts towarda better school and a better community. Sincerely, fda! MRS, HERSCHEL ADCOCK Fourth Grade MRS, VIOLET ALLEN First Grade MRS, BLANCHE GREEN Typing Shorthand librarian MRS, JOHN P, HART Seventh Grade MRS, JOHN KEITH JACKSON First and Second Grades MRS. RALPH MCBRIDE Home Economic? Social Living J MR, OTTIS CARTEE Vocational Agriculture MR. HERBERT COOPER Science Algebra II Mechanical Drawing Chemistry MRS. KATHLEEN MORTON Fifth Grade MISS VIVIAN MORTON Eighth Grade MRS, LO. SHOFNER English Geography MR. LW. WHEELER Principal Algebra English IV MRS. JOHNNIE RUSSELL Third Grade MRS, LILLIAN SHEARIN Sixth Grade MRS. LW. WHEELER Second Grade W. W. WILSON American History Biology Health Coach N X Qfk. 'A X f lg' X 0' .-'vm ,Nix 11 2 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ' Left to right: BOBBY SPENCER, Treasurerg CARL COOPER, Sergeant-at-Armsg JEAN WHEELER, DOROTHY CLANTON, Reporters: ANN DAVENPORT, Secretary NELDA CROWELL, Vice President: GLEN FISHER, President, ANNETTE BOYCE 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g FHA 1: Basketball 2,3, 4: Cheerleader lg Class Officer 1, DEWITT CARTWRIGHT FFA 1,2, 33 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 2,3,4, JOHNNY BOYCE 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g FFA 1, DOROTHY CLANTON Class Secretary 3: Reporter 43 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4g FHA lg Beta Club 3,4g Secretary 4: Paper staff 4. IERRY COOK Music 154-H Club 2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA Secretary 4, CARL BRUCE COOPER 4-H Club 1,2g FFA 1,2,3g Baseball 2, 3,43 Annual Staff 4g FFA Secretary 2: FFA Treasurer 3: Basketball Manager 4g Class Vice Presi- dent lg Sergeant-ab Arms 4g Volunteer Boys' State. AF SF! :sg MARY ELIZABETH COOPER 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 3,4g FHA 1, 2: Music 1,2,3g Annual Staff 4, NELDA CROWELL Volunteer Girls' Stateg Basketball 1,2,3,4g Secretary, Treasurer and Reporter lg Secretary 2g Vice President 4g 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4g Program Chairman lg 4-H Club Sec- retary 43 Beta Club 2, 3,4g Beta Club Sec- retary 3g Beta Club President 4g Music 1,2, 8,4-g FHA lp Annual Staff 3,45 Editor 4: Queen 4. WILLIAM CLARENCE COOPER Basketball 2, 3,4g Baseball 3,45 FFA 1, 2,3,4g FFA Vice Presi- dent 3g Beta Club 3,4, ANN DAVENPORT Class reporter 3: Secretary 4g Basketball 1 2,3,4g 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Vice President 1g Beta Club 2,3,4g Reporter 3,4g FFA Sweetheart lg Annual Staff 3g Fl-IA 1, GLEN FISHER Class President 1,43 FFA 1,2,3,4g Vice President 2: Reporter 4g 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4g Beta Club 2,3,4g FFA Vice President 2g FFA President 3g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 2,3,4g Basketball Captain 45 Basket- ball Manager 1. BILLY GREGORY 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA Vice President 4. LUDINE HOLDEN Glee Club 3,43 Beta Club 3,45 FHA Club 1 JOHN MCGOWAN 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 3,4g FFA 1. CHARLES MARTIN 4-H Club 1,2,3g FFA lg Sergeant-at-Arms BOBBY NEWELL QTransferredj PEGGY JOAN ROGERS Beta Club 3,4g 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g FHA Club lg Glee Club 3,45 Class Treasurer 3. LULA MAE RUSSELL 4-H Club l,2,3,4g Beta Club 3,4g Glee Clubg FHA lg Class Reporter 1: Class Vice President 3. 5 BETTY ANN SMITH Beta Club 3,4g 4-H Club 3,45 FHA 15 Glee Club 3,45 Class Reporter 3: Paper staff 4g Annual staff 4, BOBBY SPENCER Class Treasurer 4 FFA 1 Reporter 1 4 H Club 2 3,4 Music 1 2 3 Beta Club 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Annual Staff 3 4 Busxness Manager 4 King 4 MARY LORENE SUDBERRY 4 I-I Club 1 2,3 4 FHA 1 Basketball 1 2 3,4 E S 3 VERA FAYE TUCKER 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 3,4g FHA 1 Beta Club 3,45 Class Secretary 2: Class President 3g Annual Staff 4. 'lr' . MARTHA VINCENT 4-H Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 3,4 FHA Club 1, 2 JEAN WHEELER Class President 2: Re- porter 4g Basketball Manager 3,4g 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,4g Treasurer 4g Paper Staff Editor 4 FHA lg Basketball 1, 2g Beta Club 2,3,4g Treasurer 8,4. 2 L 3 - ,E S iw EE ii - E i 3 S Q -qw l 4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: LOY SUDBERRY, Sergeant-at-Arrnsg ETHEL MAE LAWWELL, WALLACE ROWLAND, Reporters: FRANCES PHELPS, Treasurerg PATSY BUR TON, Secretary: MALVIN HOLDEN, Vice President, JACK WHEELER, Presi dent. BUDDY BROTHERS BOBBY BROWN PATSY BURTON MARGIE COMPTON MARIAN COMPTON IERI CORDER MALVIN HOLDEN ETHEL MAI LAWWELL IO ANN MARTIN FRANCES PHELPS 5 '5- ERNEST PHILPOT FRANCES POPE HAZEL SMITH CHARLES SMOTHERMAN NELL ROGERS WALLACE ROWLAND JUNIOR SPENCE LOY SUDBERRY NELL SUDBERRY BARBARA TAYLOR JACK WHEELER EWING WILLIAMS JAMES CARL VINCENT KELLY VOLNER ALUMNI! OIF COMMUNITY HIIOH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1926 Caso J. Lamb CLASS OF 1927 'I'helma J. Crowel Annie Mae Crick Lucy Pearl Boyce Thompson Clay Walter Sutton Spence CLASS OF 1928 Sue Brady Beasley Lucile Crowell Nell Dillard Mildred Faris Mary Vance Poplin Claude Crowell Herbert Faris Allen Lawell CLASS OF 1929 Leon Raymond Batts Sam Rainey Beasley Robert Lee Cooper Franklin L Faris Calvin Sudbeny Vassamay Scales Beatrice Smith Sara Smith Sammie B. Spence Flora Edith Clardy Alta Beatrice Dickens Emma Doris Landers Kathleen lentz Flora Presgrove Bertha Mae Reed Minnie Bell Sanders CLASS OF 1930 Loleta Crowell Ruby Lee Eley Carrie Rebecca Evans Mabel Gene Farris May D. Haynes Mary Velma Haynes Vena Belle Haynes Arpie Haynes Roy Pressgrove John Bailey Pressgrove Thomas Ralph Snell James Cooper Raymond Beasley CLASS OF 1931 Claircie Westbrook: Thomas N. Clay Kelly Crowell Joe W. Kimmins George Marion Spence Charles B. Williams Katie Beth Beasley Nannie Lou Boyce Edith Crowell Marianna Evans Mary Bell Harrison Sara Frances Reed Mattie Belle Lawell Hazel Shaw CLASS OF 1932 Geneva Clardy Gladys Elizabeth Crowell Ella Wood Jackson Virginia Jones Mary Jane Smith Annie Lee Sudberry Bertha Wheeler Ieonard F. Beasley Horace Brown Commer L. Claxton Eiland E. Grissom James Hoover Dorris William Pressgrove Cecil s 11 9991-QZ -ry .22YlvQ, CLASS OF 1933 Walter Connel Scales Famon Sudberry Henry Walls Sallie Lou Allen Virginia Gladys Eley Eula Bell Molder Sadie Elizabeth Shearin Ruby Elizabeth Tucker Eris Brown Joe Monroe Burton William Francis Eley C' reams-iff f , . J R WA Q Q Q QQ xxx QYVX wx .Q X 'sfiwe X0 SQ if wxwf X X SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Io Ann Loyd, Presidentg Johnny Morton, Secretary, Alton Cart- wright, Shirley Russell, Reporters: Bessie Hale, Vice President: Alene Carlton, Treasurer, Ray Neese, Sergeant -at-Arms. Mary Jane Barber Albert Boyce . ' ig . , be QMS?-Q 'X x7'ifXf'x Xi V- x.ErFL:5 X., Rayburn Baker ' Donald Carpenter Alton Cartwright Dorothy Crick Jean Crick awww QR ze N X Barbara Boyce Alene Carlton X we S x ssrk X X X SQ XX xx , -X0 K-K .Q 'Sri f X F155 f .Xie-ie Q I Q was alfa .Q as X- Na . X fa. W e S' -:T ' -s-ii.-ga - we-i -1, if , ff-N Q- S f f x 553.20 -xc 5 r EW., :err X' ' 2 L Jerry Farris Marvin Gentry Marie Crick Clarence Elkins Melvin Grissom Bessie Hale Johnny Haynes Jo Ann Loyd Cecil Haynes Charles Hagood Grover Mankin John Mankin Nancy Maxwell Mary Ester McC1aran Johnny Morton Marcia Philpot Ioe Wayne Reed Shirley Russell Dot Pre ssgrove Ray Neese Fay Sudberry Henry Sudberry Harold Spence James Spence May Sudberry Newt Wheeler Virginia White Joyce Tucker W., 5 ,W . . I K-X fx ,- SJM ' QS L Q Mm A , 2645 xxx . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Clyde Rollins, Sergeant-at-Arrnsg Horace Carpeter, Reporterg Standing: Janice Wheeler, Reporterg Eugene Burton, Presidentg Elizabeth Row land Vice Presidentg Janelle Wheeler, Secretary: Iannie Lawwell, Treasurer 5 1 Mary Adcock Nancy Beasley Tom Boyce Jerry Bradford Horace Carpenter Blondell Crowell Eugene Burton Faye Carlton 1 Mildred Dalton Shirley George Nola Grissom - Martha Hagood Hilton Gregory Lewis Greggs Jayne Harris Helen Holton Jerry Moulder Maurine Nipper A Iannie Lawell Marie Haynes Clyde R ollins Elizabeth Rowland Kelcie Sanders Mary Alma Sanders Janelle Wheeler Morris White Bobby Spence Judy Tucker Janice Wheeler Linda Sudberry Thomas Yarbrough CLASS OF 1934 Jim Edd Crowell lrvan B. Heath John M. Kirnmins Thomas H. Maxwell William Nowlln Moon Aubrey Reed Famon Sudberry Sam Neal Vincent Geneva Elizabeth Pressgrove Elaine Reed Elizabeth Spence Ruby Sudberry Beggie Sutton Nina Elizabeth Turrentine Iris wortham CLASS OF 1935 Mildred Russell Alton Bearden Lewis Brown Avery Crowell Cecil Jerry Eley Thomas Clay Eley James Douglas Jeffress Harry Lee Lawell Eula Rown Frankie Lorene Brown Dorthy Ann Coldwell Margaret Ezell Mary Ezell Nell Harrison Toleta Noblett Louise Osborne CLASS OF 1936 Edythe Inez Dickens Essie Faris Addine Grissom Adrienne Haynes Alene Harris Grace Knox Carrie Paulyne Lamb Lillian Orr Margaret Reed Elizabeth Reed Alta Mai Reid Sybil Russell Ann Spence Reba Wheeler James Marvin Cook Fred W. Elmore Charles Robert Parker Richard R. Poplin Armett H. Westbrooks CLASS OF 1937 Grace Beasley Minnie Ellen Crick Ruth Gordon Marie Gowan Bobbie Haynes G. W. Brown Thurman Burris Ernest Ezell W. C. Green George Morris James Clyde Parker Houston Smith Lloyd Snell Sherman Snell CLASS OF 1938 Elizabeth Burton Louise Collins Mary Dudley Morton Lentz Marie Molder Lorene Reed Margaret Smith Vesta Wheeler W. J. Crowell G. L. Eley Oliver Jones Avery Price CLASS OF 1939 Margaret Boyce Mary Davis Margaret Moore Dorthy Orr Corinne Rogers Catherine Snell Sybil Wheeler I J. Cooper Locke Billy Osburn James D. Pope CLASS OF 1940 Norma Baird Louise Burks Jewell Bums Eleanor Dudley Ethel Pewitt .Q , wfq . igfsg Q 8 if ..- Xia SIIXTTHI GRADE Teacher - MRS, LILLIAN SHEARIN IF' II FTH G R A D E Teacher - MRS, KATHLEEN MORTON FOURTH GRADE Teacher - MRS. HERSCHEL ADCOCK 'JFIHUIRD GRADE Teacher - MRS, IOHNNIE RUSSELL SECOND GRADE Teacher - MRS, I. W, WHEELER FIIRST GRADE Teacher - MRS. VIOLET ALLEN IFIIRST AND SECOND GRADES Teacher - Mus. JOHN KEITH JACKSON L 1 c X . I K I ' W . 4 k if 06201 Daughters American Revolution ANN DAVENPORT ,, Volunteer Girls' State Representative NELDA CROWELL Volunteer Boys' State Representative CARL COOPER King and Queen NELDA CROWELL ,and BOBBY SPENCER W 1 W 4 Q BBIB X B J Most Versatile PAYE TUCKER and BOBBY SPENCER Mr. and Miss Senior LULA MAE RUSSELL and GLEN FISHER Most Friendly ANNETTE BOYCE and CARL COOPER Most Athletic NELDA CROWELL and WILLIAM C. COOPER LIUBRARIAN S Librarian - MRS, A, C, GREEN 0 IF FICE STA FF Principal - MR, J, W, WHEELER . MUSIILC PUPIILS Teacher - MRS. L. L. McNUTT GLIEJE, CLUB Sponsor - MRS. EVELYN JACKSON R LH QCLUB FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERIICA Teacher - MR. OTTIS CARTEE BETA CLUB ponsor - MR, WILLIAM W, WILSON PAPER STA F F Sponsor - MRS, JOHN P, HART BUS DRIVERS C USTODIANS CAF ETERIA STAFF g 5 Q22 ixibf, S S 3 . - i x XX My ,MW Q-qs 1 Q . ' , gs ...x. QQQN' wi. .. v N Q, X N QQ ,ki X X Ci iv N x X ,SN ,. f W X ku -X .. , Q Q X a""" 3 Q f axwwxwsw WN Ethelyn Sudberry Chaney B. Bobo Charles Brown Dewey Crowell Con Garrett Robert Orr CLASS OF 1941 Homer Barber Roy Sims Ierrell Reed Adell Harrison Margaret Brown Lorene Crowell Eva May Haynes Fay Lamb Gladys Sudberry Evelyn Eley CLASS OF 1942 Not Available CLASS OF 1943 Ruby Mai Blanton Wilma Chambless Alma Vaughn Hazel Yarbrough Edward Collins CLASS OF 1944 William Shearin Melvin Gregory Beasley Brown W. N. Crowell Billy Burks Raymon Haynes John Cooper Crowell, Jr. Serene Sudberry Lucile Tucker Clarice Reid Delores Jones Betty Boyce Jessie Ruth Boyce CLASS OF 1945 Louise Carlton Delores Grissom Jean Reid Bonnie Mai Sanders Virginia Woodson Lillian Yarbrough Rudder Collier Y.. ...,,.,, Hubert Collins Bobby McGowan James Pewitt CLASS OF 1946 Juanita Gregory Frances Osteen Betty Sudberry Bula Mai Sudberry Tommy Burks I. W. Compton Jimmie Lee Cooper CLASS OF 1947 Ruby Mabel Clardy Mary Rebecca Collins Margaret Lorene Russell Mildred Delores Smith Aubrey Eston Adcock Herbert Crick James Morton Eley Landon C. Haynes Eugene Cooper Lamb Carroll Clifton Maybrey Harold J. Reed Jack C. Taylor CLASS OF 1948 Emogene Crowell Marjorie Epperson Sara Catherine Fisher Betty Green l Annie Ruth Haynes Annie Reen Osteen Mildred Smotherman Glen Newton Allen William Doyle Fisher Joseph Wendell Haynes James Avery Lawwell CLASS OF 1949 Martha Ann Boyce Marie Clark Dorothy Jean King Emma Mankin Annie Ruth Mills Lucile Moore Mary Evelyn Pope Virginia Pressgrove Alene Jones Russell vi- ! s F km '71 ? - X - .. . i i ,, Qs 2 GIIRLS' BASKETBALL BUYS' BASKETBALL xx N CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE BOYS GIRLS Hillsboro Hillsboro Bell Buckle Bell Buckle Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Blanche Blanche College Grove College Grove Eagleville Eagleville Flintville Flintville Hillsboro Hillsboro Shelbyville Shelbyville Lynchburg Lynchburg College Grove College Grove Eagleville Eagleville Bell Buckle Bell Buckle Bethesda Bethesda Flintville Flintville Bethesda Bethesda Shelbyville Shelbyville Lynchburg Lynchburg Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Blanche Blanche Mary Lucille Russell Annette Sandlin , Dorris Juanita Taylor J. W. Allen Larry Ronald Burks Melvin Collins ' Bobby R. Comstock Robert Edward Landis Garrett W. Moore CLASS OF 1950 Marie Crouch A Doris Lucile Imell Joyce Lamb Joyce Helen Patton Elizabeth Faye Potts - Nancy Jean Sudberry Harriet Genell Vincent C. A. Adoock Bobby Crick Erston Grissom William Lester Pewitt CLASS OF 1951 Doris Willene Bullock Alla Jean Carlton Mary Frances Claxton Annie Laura Cothran Malindor Ellen Dishrnan Alene Epperson Mary Haynes ' Margaret Lou Hazelett Wina Jewell Holden Loretta Jackson Lilly Potts Athie Marie Rowland Annie T. Sanders Faye Taylor Fannie Wheeler fr William H. Clark Billie F. Fulton Alton L. Gregory John Russell Neal, Jr. Elmer F. Sudberry CLASS OF 1952 Emest C. Fisher, Jr. James S. Glasscock Emest Helton Thomas Edward lawwell James Edward Martin Robert Edwin Osteen Leonard Koss Potts Robert Ernest Purvis Jess Stewart Shearin, Jr. Edward Boyce Westbrook: Dorothy Jane Jones Dorothy May Marlin Sara Elizabeth Pewitt Bobbie Jean Ralston Mary Mynurva Sanders Annie Ruth Smith Juanita Pearl Wright Bob Adgent William Purvis Boyce Charles Chambless Betty Sue Adcock Dorothy Dean Adcock Martha Odean Boyce Bobby Jean Cates Janice Marie Crick Mary Kathyrn Crick Betty Lou Epperson Emma Marie Gentry Mary Grace Hargrove Nelda Jean Heath CLASS OF 1953 Myra Helen Purvis Emma Jean Russell Jo Ann Sudberry Mary Sue Walls Sarah Evelyn Williams Kenneth Brenton Crowell William Doyle Clanton Robert .Allen Collins George Lytle Cooper Charles E. Gentry Oma Fay Brown Margaret Boyce Doris Ann Crick Frances Crick Mary Gladys Hale Wilma June Holder Jane Evelyn Jnsell Mary Frances Jones Lou Ella Marlin Margaret Ann Orrell James Herbert Gregory Winford Ted Mathews James Milton Sanders Jimmy Ray Smith A A A .A. A,.A..qAA.3xA A AA .AAS is iris, V my In gf .. ISYTQT -velii aw - - ' A A 2 'VA , A 'f j-"9"?-. -A A ' gff- '2'P:Lf,AL, N'-fx 5 - - yi x A J, ,. -,.. A ' '-,Q . A SA K gyfx N N -4-36? Q, --AA, 'Yis- .N Xgxx 'wi '-. A A A KA A - 3.3: c --Q A' 5-11 Ai-' 5: :A-'ja .fi Sl fllkg I-T:-.XX .ASF ff' S S-:-ik.-5 ' Q' XX -5' 15- Qc-" 5-N v- A X Aiffx- iwf L-A N' 'f M2 - -gy -:f A4 , A A '- 17- -a .A x k 'F' 1 SQ- X -:- 1 A A-- -A -N A A-A :---Ag--Aw A5 r:sA-- R .- - -:- tv- A-SA LA- :gi A - -AA-:0 -- Q . A -A--: - 'A Aff AE-A: AN :Iv -: -Q23 Af XAWQ Y-,QS Q- -if Q -S A55 Aifizi XXX 9 A' N355 . -5' IX' A, -ii 1--Fiji Ag? fu- k A A, -5,35 .A ' .- - A-5. J T i: -, -- iii: S5-VA Aff? :f RQ? AAQAQ. ff X A, 2'-AI-,,jf- - A .:A Qs . 1 Q A X K3 1' K' A V ' 'V' , A 1 A if . ' A ' ' . . " 5 .7 -fl A- ir . ' . Ai --:ini :-s--gTAX2- A11-s -- ' ff A .A-if :A -zv ig.-1 ss- A Ai- AgkA2-A112 -A A 'T --A 5- --A --A A- Af- .59 W A- . - A -- A A-A --5 Compliments of STEWART-POTTS MOTORS, INC. SALES SERVICE Serving Bedford for Over a Half Century Phone 481 316 North Main Street Shelbyville, Tennessee THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Established 1886 Bedford County's Oldest National Bank Shelbyville, Tennessee Phone 933 Over 68 Years of Continuous Service ZZ on Savings Accounts WOOSLEY K THOMAS FURNIT URE C O. Westinghouse and Philco Zenith and Philco Applianc e s Television Linoleum - Wool Rugs - Home Furnishings Phone 90 - Depot St. Shelbyville, Tennessee MW' SPM-SMALL PROFIT MARGIN Means Savings for You Front and Rear Entrance Completely Air Conditioned Shelbyville, Tennessee Phone 213 Depot Street Visit Our New Home Furnishing Department in Basement We Congratulate the Beta Club on Their 1955 Annual. They Have Set a High Standard for Their Successors. We Are Glad to Cooperate in Every Way Possible. First National Bank Shelbyville, Tennessee "A Strong Friendly Bank" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY Shelbyville Mills "Agriculture and Industry" A Good Cornbination for a Successful Community Co mpliment s of L.. G. BAu.Fouuz Co. Jewelers and Stationer s to Senior Class IRVING HARRIS, State Mgr. P O, Box 496 Jackson, Tennessee X We Make Warm Friends Good Weights and Good Coal C Prompt Deliveries BEDFORD COAL. CO. W Phone 454 BUD SHAPARD, Manager JOHN C. HUFFNIAN Frigidaire Home Appliances The Leader for Over 25 Years Sales and Service Sylvania TV JOHN C.l-IUFFMAN APPLIANCE CO. Phone 1 l 00 Shelbyville Tenne s see We Sell All Type Policies to Fit Every Need WILLIAM I-LTUKNER INSURANCE AGENCY "We Grow Through Service" Tl LLETT BROS. Gen. Contractors Excavating and Grading 1 Road and Bridge Construction Land Clearing 2.02 Gunter Bldg. Phone 394 Phone 1481 Shelbyville, Tennessee , Shelbyville Tennessee -I 13 ,l Compliments I'AIlIlS'l ELI II Il Most Popular Store in Town Shelbyville, Tennessee L. . C. FIZITZCHE COMPANY ,gg-2 f' -5 ISSAC WILLIAMS 'Q'-'3'71 S "The Farmer's Friend" If Purina Chows Knoxville Fertilizer ff,-.-...'.',," Depot at 100 Deery "-'-'-" Phone 852 Shelbyville, Tennessee Ae DICKERSCN STUDICS fgfklgkailgi J. E. WILLIAMS' SON WHOLESALE GROCERIES Shelbyville Tenne s see Phones No. 1 and 27 Any Amount of Life Insurance "For Less Money' ' A. VV. CJACKJ LEG G Day Phone Shelbyville, Tennessee Night Phone 521 or 539 Unionville 36-4 THOMAS CARTWRIGI-IT - CONTRACTORS - Commerc ial Industr ial Re sidential Phone 1 '76 North Main Street Shelbyville , T enne s see 5 uccess to the graduating class IMIQQI rl! ff, mmm umm Nw-wmv on COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO, Shelbyville, Tennessee CECIL G. MELTON Building Contractor Re sidential Commerc ial Stor e Fronts A Complete Building Service Phone 1865-M Day or Night Fairfield Pike Shelbyville , Tennessee MODEL LAUN DRY' CLEAN ERS The Recognized Leader of the Field 500 Depot Street Phone 510 Shelbyville Tennessee Compliments of G. C. SUDBERRY STORE 1 GENERAL MERCHANDISE 1 TE O Phone 9 Unionville, Tennessee Compliments of W. J4 CROVVELL GENERAL CONTRACTOR INC. SHELBVVILLE Commercial - Residential B 'ld' ul mg Distributor of Seelte st Milk Phone 771-R Phone 610 Shelbyville, Tennessee Shelbyville , Tennessee QL' Naturalize r E Buster Brown Roblee Shelbyville , Tenne s s ee Tennessee Country Ham POPE 'S CAFE Air Conditioned Grade A Shelbyville , Tenne s see 120 East Side Square - Phone 9155 Open From 5:00 A.M. Till 12:00 P.M. FIRST STATE BAN K "A Country Bank for Country People" We pay ZZ on Savings and appre- ciate your account whether large or small. Chapel Hill Tenn. N EWELL'S M ARKET The Finest Meats in Town 404 North Main sf. ' Phone l 790 I Shelbyville I Tennessee E O Y D 'S rziddfffwihzgf Shelbyville's Leading Garage Since 1924 Texaco Products Firestone Tires Shelbyville Tenne s s e e Compliments of NIITTWEDE 'S MARKET Shelbyville , Tenne s see Phone 76 SI-I ELEYVI LLE MOTOR COM PANY DeSoto - Plymouth Sale s - Se rvic e Phone 239 Shelbyville Tennessee Call DIXIE HOME I COTTON GIN for Cotton Prices Phone 325 Shelbyville Tenne s see Come to COMPTON'S HARDWARE When You Need Hardware or Gift Education Consists of Knowing S EAGLE What to Do in Time of Need AND CROSSLIN SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 283 Shelbyville Tennessee F-asleville Tennessee BANK OF EAGLEVILLE Eagleville , Tenne ssee Compliments of iAl,o.QR V94 COLADW4' Iliff JY 7A5l!'7I57' Shelbyville , T enne s see Greeting s from EMPIRE Y PENCIL COM PAN THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME ff. O. COTHRON, Nlanager Air Conditioned Ambulance Phone Z5 Shelbyville Tennessee UN ' Stay Clean SUPER MARKET with The Home of Every Day Low Prices Phone l-298 Shelbyville, Tennessee QM? PASCI-lAL'S GROCERY Coal - Seed - Feed Fertilizer "We Doze But Never Close" Phone Unionville 36-2 Compliments of REBEL MAID GRILL BUFORD HAYNES - E.H. HAYES H 8: H DEPARTMENT STORE Where You Are Better Known and More Appreciated. Shelbyville T enne s see L- 9 M . .50 , , PIIIIIIE I3 SllEl.BVVll.LE.'l'EY. HENNING JEWELERS 127 South Side Square Shelbyville, Tennessee Remember - "It's Easy to Pay The Henning Way," WHITESIDE 8: SHAPARD Insurance and Bonds Telephone 97 201 Gunter Building Shelbyville, Tenn. GUNTER LUMBER co. DRUGS "Everything in Building Material, BEDFORD COUNT Y Hardware and Sporting Goods. " PHARMACY west side square Phone as Capertons Tennessee Tenn. F1..Y's DRUG STORE Compliments Prescription Druggist of Shelbyville Tennes see COHN 8: GLAZER Compliments of NATIONAL ST ORE Shelbyville Tenne s se e MARTIN 8: PRICE HARDWARE "The Store With a Million Items 109 - 111 Holland Street Shelbyville, Tennessee RONE IEWELERS Feature Lock Diamonds Your Credit Is Good at Rones "All Roads Lead to Rane" THE FAIR STORES On The Square in Shelbyville A "Always on the Square With You Shelbwiue Tennessee ' Shelbyville, Tennessee SHELBYVILLE LUMBER CO Phone 974 H. J. THOMPSON "The Shopping Center" Shelbyville, Tennessee Compliments of : " EL isisiafb gi, SERVICE STORE Shelbyville, Tennessee Compliments of EDGEMONT CAFET ERIA Shelbyville , Tenne s see Compliments of T. A. NOAH PLUMBING CO. Shelbyville , Tennes see ARNOLD BROS. 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General Contractors Steel Trusses - Stran Steel Compliments of ALBERT W. MOULDER Phone 885 Insurance Agency Shelbyville T enne s s ee Shelbyville T enne s see Compliments of For Smart Spo rtswear Visit LIBERTY CLEANERS NINA'S Shelbyville Tenne s see Shelbyville , T enne S See 7,L, L , Cornplirnents I of . SEGROVES - DANIEL - GORDON A HONEYLAND DRIVE-IN REALTY 8: AUCTION CO. ED CRAIG FURNITURE CO. Compliments Dependable Furniture of 131 South Side Square p Phone 1185 Shelbyville SIMMONS JEWELRY WATERMAN TYPEWRITER CO. "Homme of Happy Typing" Shelbyville, Tennessee - o THE ANNUAL STAFF WISHES TO THANK ALL WHO COOPERATED IN MAKING OUR ANNUAL A SUCCESS G-DJQQ QA LITHOGRAPHED ivwasoox DALLAS . ,TEXAS W 5 ,, Ax! ' ,, 1:31 5247.54 214 '12 wg - -4 5,115 vii. 5514 'IEE x wi xii H m . ,, MM N ,Wim .-,gpg 'Le - Z1 , lil: 4305? 'il S' Q? ?,,,. .K 4,155 fvsifik xi ,wr T 3 ,Ski rf: ix fl ef - H 9167 . 1:5411 22225 3 Q1 ,mm '9i.'!?i . an v ii' 1 ,lv - a Ml' !".'-'fm gf Qewimmmm 1

Suggestions in the Community High School - Communiteer Yearbook (Unionville, TN) collection:

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