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Table of Contents Echo Editors: Rita Holldorf Cindy Richmeier Joyce DeBoer Seniors ... 3 Underclassmen ... 19 Activities ... 23 Sports ... 35 Candid ... 53 Organizations . . . 63 Faculty ... 85 1 9 7 4Dedication We the Senior Class of 1974 wish to dedicate this ECHO to Edna Yohanna Bourdett, Clear Lakes first Foreign Exchange Student. Edna arrived in Clear Lake from Guatemala on Oct '73 and stayed until June '74. We were all glad to have Edna with us, and to have the opportunity to know her. 2SENIORSKATHY BARNEY "Barney" "I dance away sorrow, sing away cares. I'm off for a good time come along if you dare. " Class Play 3, Crew 3. Drama Play and Cre 4, Choir 1,2, 3,4.. Echo Staff 4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Student Council 4. Teachers Aid 4. Volleyball 3,4. Sadie Hawkins Attendant 3. JANE BEF.STMAN "Mumbles" "I like to talk. Have I said enough, or should I say more?" Choir 1,2, 3,4. Class Crew 3. Crier Staff 4. FHA 1,2,3 Secretary, 4. NHS4, Teachers Aid 4. Basketball 2, 3. Volleyball 4. Monitor 4. ALLEN ANDERSON "Boy" "There's a bit of bad in every good little boy. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Prom Attendant 3. Wrestling 1. CAIL ARCAND "Arscan" "She never lets her studies interfere with her education. " Class Play 3, Crew 3. Class President 3. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 2, 3,4. Creir 2,3,4. Echo 3,4. FHA 4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications Club 3,4. Student Council 2,3. NHS 3,4. Prom Attendant 3. Forensics 4. Teachers Aid 4. Track 3,4. Volleyball 4. Clam Lake Science Fair 3. Camera Club 2,3. Mat Maid 4. H GARY BENDIXEN "Bisket" "His thoughts run to the Junior section, where one in particular holds his affection. " Class Play 3, Crew 3. Class Treasurer 2. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 1,2, 3,4. All Star Band 4. Stage Band 1,2,3. Choir 1,2, 3,4. FFA 1,2,3, 4 Vice-Pres. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4 Secretary. NHS 3,4 Treasurer. Homecoming Attendant 4. Football 1,2,3,4 Captain. JOHN BENSON "Johnny" "Who hath a book, has a friend at hand. " Class Play 3. Class Secretary 4. Band 2,3,4. Pep Band 4. Librarian 3. NHS 3,4. Drama Play and Crew 4.CHRISTINE BINGEA "Kissy" "She needs a card catalogue to keep her friends in order. " Class Play 3. Class Secretary 1. Band 1,2,3, 4 Sec. -Tres. Pep Band 1,2, 3,4. All Star Band 3,4. Stage Band 1,2,3. Choir 1,2, 3,4. Creir 3,4. FHA 1,2 Recreation Chairman, 3 Vice-Pres. 4 President. Pep Club 1,2,3 Secretary, 4. Pub. Club 3,4. Student Council 4. NHS 2,3,4. Badger State Rep. 3. Green Lake Delegate 1,3. Forensics. LUANN BRESLIN "Bres, Lutard" "Gaze into her eyes, you see a little angel, gaze a little longer, you see a little Imp. " Class Play Crew 3,4. Choir 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Librarian 4. Prom Attendant 3. Teachers Aid 4. Track 2.. Drama Club 4. ft DAVID BRIHN "Dafy" "He likes the blondes, and brunettes too, if he can't get a brunette, a redhead will do. " Class Treasurer 4. FFA 1,2,3. Sentinel, 4 President. Athletic Club 1,2,3,4. Student Council 4. Green Lake Delegate 3. Football 3,4. Wrestling 1, 2, 3,4. National FFA Convention 4. SCOTT BUHR "Skitty" "Watch him girls, that bashful guy, kid him a little, he's not so shy. " Choir 1,2,3. FFA 1,2,3. Athletic Club 1. Prom Attendant 3. Basketball 1. EDNA BOURDETTE "Yoyo" "Never a care, never a hurry. " Foreign exchange student. TOM CUPER "Cuper" "Tall, dark and handsome—What more could a girl want?" FFA 1,2,3. Athletic Club 1,2. Wrestling 1.STEVE DEROSIER "Eli" "As merry, and free as the wave in his hair. " FFA 1,2,3. Athletic Club 1,2. Wrestling 1, 2,3. PAT DOSCH "Trish" "Of all the treasures fair to see, a wedding is the thing for me. " Pep Club 1. Point Recorder. 2,3,4. Class Play Crew 3. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Librarian 1,2. Student Council 4. Monitor 3,4. WENDI FOURS "Wendall" "A bright cheery girl, whom everyone knows she'll be welcome wherever she goes. " Class Office Secretary 2. Choir 1,2, 3.4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1.2, 3,4. Prom Queen 3. Green Lake Delegate 3. RITA FRANK "Precious" "If there's anything I like more than fun, it's more fun. " Class Play Crew 3. Choir 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Prom Attendant 3. Pom-pon girl 2. Teachers Aid 4. Track 2. SHERRY ENGEBRETSON "Engebretson" "She's here I heard her giggle. " Class Play 8 Crew 3. Drama Club Crew 4. Student Council Rep. 1,4. Sec. 3. Band 1.2, 3,4 President. Pep Band 1,2. All Star Band 4. Stage Band 1,2,3. Choir 1,2, 3,4. Creir Staff 3. FHA 1,2, 3,4 Historian. Pep Club 1. 2.3.4. Librarian 3,4. Student Council 1,4. Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,4. Forensics 2, 3. Track 2,3, All Star Choir 3. State Choir 2,3,4. Peppiest. RUSS EVENSON "Orville" "I want to be bashful, but the girls won't let me. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Atliletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Homecoming and Prom attendant. Wrestling GRESCHNER "Al" "Makes no difference whether I know what to argue or not; I always argue. " Class Play 3, Crew 3. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 1.2, 3,4. Choir 1,2, 3,4. Crier Staff 3. FFA 1.2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. N.H.S. 3, 4. Football 1,2, 3,4 Capt. 4. All Conference 3.4. Track 2,3. Wrestling 1,2, 3,4. State 3.4. ROY GUNDERSON "Gunderbut" "When love and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Class Play Crew 3. Band 1,2, 3,4. F.F.A. 1.2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1. Prom King. Wrestling 1,3,4. SCOTT HILTON "Scottie" "Girls are bothersome, but I like to be bothered. " Class Play 3. FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1, 2,3,4. Homecoming Attendant 1. Football 1,2, 3,4. Track 3,4. Baseball 1,2, 3,4. Wrestling. RITA HOLLDORF "Frita" "Swell music, good dancing, and a lot of boys - these have always been my greatest joys. " Class Play Crew 3. Student Council Rep. Choir 1, 2, 3,4. Echo Staff 3, Editor 4. FHA 1, 2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2,3, point recorder, 4 Sports Head. Publications 3,4. Librarian 3,4. Student Council 3,4. Homecoming Queen 4. Teachers Aid 3. BRUCE JOHNSON "Grampa" "Play and I'll play with you--work and you'll work alone. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Football 1,2, 3,4. Wrestling 2, 3,4. KEVIN JOHNSON "Kevie" "life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, life's a cinch." Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 3,4. FFA 1,2, 3,4. Atliletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Football 3,4. Wrestling 1,2.SUSAN JOHNSON "Susie" "Always smiling, Always gay, nature made her just that way. " Creir Staff 3,4 Editor, FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications 3,4. Librarian 3.4. Student Council 4. NHS 2,3,4; Tri School Business Contest 3,4. Forensics 1. JAN JOHNSTON "Jan" "I go on in my quiet ways. " Band 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2. 3.4. Teachers Aid 3,4. Camera Club 1,2,3, 4. Ski Club 4. MIKE KOCH "Cookie Man" "Never says much, never gets in dutch. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 3,4. Baseball 3,4. Monitor 1. CARLA KIRK "Kwirk" "She is sure to be seen where fun and mischief beam. " Class Play 3,4, Crew 3,4. Choir 1, 2, 3,4. Creir 3,4. FHA 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications 3,4. Librarian 3,4. NHS 4. Homecoming Attendant 3. Pom-Pon Girl 2,3,4 Captain. Basketball 3. Monitor 1,4. Shorthand Award 3. HARVEY KLINGER "Klinker" "School breaks up my whole day. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Creir Staff 3. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Basketball 1,2. Baseball 2. 3,4. V k. DALEKRIG "Monkey" "Dial" FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 2,3,4. Baseball 2,3,4.TOM LANGE "Fang" "Even if you don't expect to find the perfect girl, it's a lot of fun trying. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Creir Staff 2. Athletic Club 1, 2. Wrestling 1. PATTY LEE "Flea, Tread" "Her ambition is to be admitted to the bar. " Class Play 3 Crew 3. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Creir Staff 2. Echo Staff 3,4. Publications Club 3,4. Librarian 4. Homecoming Attendant 1. Pom-pom girl 2,3,4. Teachers aide 4. Girls Track 2,3,4. Girls Volleyball 2,4. Camera Club 2,3. PATTY MARA "Pat" "She'll get through all life's trials cause she works and cause she smiles. " FHA 1,2, 3,4. Treasurer 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ski Club 4. JAMES MATSON "Jim" "Unheard but not unforgotten. " FFA 1, 2,3,4. BARBARA MEYER "Meyers" "The best of all ways, to lengthen one's day is to steal a few hours from the nights. " Class Play Crew 3. Student Council Rep. 2. Class Officer-Vice Pres. 3. Band 1,2, 3,4. Choir 1,2, 3,4. Echo Staff 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. FFA Sweetheart. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications Club 3,4. Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4. Homecoming Attendant 2. Prom Attendant 3. Forensics4. Basketball 2. Track 2,3. Honor Student 1, 2, 3,4. VAUGHN MONSON "He knows the football field isn't the only place one needs a line." FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1,2,3,4. Homecoming King 4. Basketball 1,2,3. Football 1,2, 3,4. Monitor 2.DENNIS NELSON "Tread" "He's an upright, downright, alright guy. " Class Play 3 Crew 3. Vice President 4. Band 1.2, 3,4. Pep Band 3,4. Choir 1.2, 3.4. Athletic Club 1. JON NELSON "Jon" "The scientist of the Class of "74" threatens to give Einstein a run for Ills money. " Class Play 3,4 Crew 3,4. Treasurer 4. Band 1.2, 3,4. Pep Band 1,2, 3,4. All StarBand 3,4. Stage Band 1,2,3. Choir 1,2, 3,4. Student Council 4. NHS 2,3,4. Camera 1, 2.3, Treasurer, 4 President Ski Club. Clam Lake Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 3,4. Amery HS Radio Club 3,4 President. National Merit Finalist. Model Bridge Span Contestant 4. " An athletic lady with assets so many if she lias any faults, we can't think of any." Class Play 3. Class Office Vice Pres. 1. Pres. 4. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 1, 2, 3,4. All Star Band 4. Choir 1, 2, 3,4. Creir Staff 3,4. FHA 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Vice Pres. 4. Publications Club 3,4. Student Council 4, Treas. 4. NHS 3,4. Sec. 4. DAR winner 4. Badger State Rep 3. Teachers Aid 3. Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Track 3,4 mgr 3. Volleyball mgr. 3. BONNIE NILSSEN "Bunny" "Twinkle, twinkle, goes her eyes, who we wonder is the guy. " Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 2,3,4. Creir Staff 1.4. FHA 1,2,3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications Club 3. Librarian 4. NHS 4. Majorette 1,2,3, head majorette 4. Teachers Aid 4. Basketball 3,4. Track 2. Volleyball 2.3.4. Camera Club Sec. 1. Ski Club 3. Mat Maid 4. JOHN OMAN "Ole Oman" "Study?" "Where have I heard that before?" FFA 1,2,3,4. LEROY PAULSON "Pe Roy" "Don't recite so loud, I'm sleeping. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1. Basketball 1.PAUL PAULSON "Paul" "Great men die young and I don't feel so good. " Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 1,2, 3,4; Choir 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. NHS 3,4. Teacher's Aid 4. Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Football 1,3,4. Track 3,4. KEVIN PAYNE "Burt" "After the game is over, after the field is clear, pick up my nose and help me find my ear. " Class Play 3 Crew 3. Class Office Pres. 2. Band 1,2, 3,4. Band Rep 3 Vice Pres. 4. Pep Band 1, 2, 3,4. All Star Band 4. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Creir Staff 4. Publications Club 1,4. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4. Student Council 1,2, 3,4 Pres. 4. NHS 3,4. Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4. Badger State Rep 3. Teachers Aid 3,4. Ski Club 2,3,4. Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4. Camera Club 2,3,4 Pres. 3 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Captain 4. Football 1,2, 3,4. Track 1,2, 3,4. Monitor 4. CHERYL PITTMAN "Pittman" "Cheryl needs no introduction, she speaks for herself!" Crew 3 Class Office Reporter 4. Band 1,2,3, 4. All Star Band 2. Choir 2,3,4. Creir Staff 3,4. Echo Staff 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Publications Club 3,4. Librarian 3. NHS 4. Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,4. Forensics 4. Teachers Aid 4. Drama Club Secretary 4. Solo-ensemble 1,2,3. RANDY PRIEBE "Ran-da-lila" "If his good work continues he'll surely rise to fame. " FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 2,3,4. Wrestling 1,2,3. NANCY RICHTER "Nanc" "A quiet girl never tells all she knows. " Pep Club 3. FHA 1. Teachers Aid 4. PAM ROGERS "Pammie, Put" "Love stole into her heart one day, just came for a visit; then decided to stay. " Choir 3,4. Echo Staff 4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Historian 1. Secretary 4. Pep Club 1,2. 3,4. Librarian 1,2. Green Lake Delegate 1. Volleyball 3. Monitor 3,4.MAUREEN SCHLEY "Schley" "She appears as though she might be shy, but appearances do sometimes lie. " Class Treasurer 1. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 1, 2,4. FHA 4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Student Council 4. NHS 2,3,4. Cheerleader 3. Teachers Aid 3,4. Girls Basketball 1,2,4. Volleyball 3. DIANE SODERBERG "Skeevy" "Someday my prince will come, I wish he'd hurry up, the bum !" Crew 3,4. Band 1,2, 3,4. Pep Band 2, 3, 4. Choir 1,2, 3,4; FHA 1,2,3. Parliamentarian 4. Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Librarian 4. Majorette 4. Teacher's Aid 4. Volleyball 4. VAUGHN SPURLOCK "Vaughn" "A little farm well tilled-a little bam well filled-a little wife well willed, give me, give me. " Band 1,2. FFA 1,2, 3,4. Athletic Club 1,2. Wrestling 1,2. FHA Beau. NEAL STALHEIM "Stud" "He was cut out for an angel, but someone stole the pattern." FFA 1,2,3,4. Sentinel 4. Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4. Homecoming and Prom Attendant 3. Football 1,2, 3,4. Wrestling 1,2, 3,4. Most Valuable Wrestler 4. Co-Captain 3. Captain 4. LEANNE WARNER "Lee" "True to her words, her work and her friends. " Class Reporter 3. Class Play Crew 3. Band 1, 2.3.4. Student Conductor, Pep Band 1,2, 3,4. All Star Band 3. Stage Band 1,2,3. Choir 1, 2.3.4. Creir Staff 3,4. FHA 3,4. Pep Club 1 point recorder, 2,3. Treasurer, 4 President Publications 3,4. Student Council Secretary 4. Homecoming Attendant 4. Basketball 1,2, 3.4. Track 4. Volleyball 1,2,3,4. Solo-ensemble 1,2,4. PAM WRIGHT "Pam" "Never a care, never a worry; Just one guy is her worry. " Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Librarian 4. Teacher's Aid 4. Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Track 2.3.4. Volleyball 1,2, 3,4. Ski Club 3,4. Camera Club 2,3. Mat Maid 4. Monitor 2.TRACY WRIGHT " Tracy” "Clever, pretty and lots of fun, she is tops with everyone. " FHA 1,2, 3,4. Pep Club 1,2, 3,4. Pom-pom Girl 1,2, 3,4. Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Track 2,3,4. Volleyball 2,3,4. Ski Club 3,4. LYNN ZEMKE "Zelda" "Although I'm not very tall, I'd rather be little than not at all. " Class Play 3 Crew 3. Class Office-Pres. 1. Choir 1,2, 3,4. FHA 1,2, 3,4. Reporter 1. Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4. Librarian 4. Student Council 1. NHS 2,3,4. Betty Crocker 4. Camera Club 2. Solo Ensemble 1,2. You Have the Freedom to Be Yourself Here And Now Class Flower Red Rose Class Colors Blue and White 13Senior Officers Pat Dosch . . Cheryl Pittman David Brihn . Karilyn Nelson Dermis Nelson John Benson Student Council Rep. .............Reporter ............Treasurer ..........President . . . Vice President ......... Secretary 13 Years of Thinking (Or Was 11 Boredom)! Steve Derosier, Gary Bendixen, John Oman, Bruce Johnson. ROW 2; Al Greschner, Bonnie Nilssen, Paul Paulson, Wendi Fouks, Scott Hilton, Cheryl Pittman, Dennis Nelson. ROW 3; Sue Johnson, Kevin Payne, Pat Mara, Jim Mat-son, Carla Kirk, David Brihn, Jan Johnston, Dale Krig. ROW 4; Tracy Wright, Kevin Johnson, Pam Wright, Neal Stalhiem, Pam Rogers, Vaughn Monson, Leanne Warner, Jon Nelson, Lynn Zemke. ROW 5; Edna Bourdett, LeRoy Paulson, LuAnn Breslin, Rita Frank, Tom Cuper, Kathy Barney, Diane Soderberg, Scott Buhr, Karilyn Nelson. ROW 6; Randy Pribe, Patty Lee, Ceil Arcand, Tom Lange. 14Class Will I, ALLEN ANDERSON, will my library of P.B. and P. H. magazines to the Clear Lake school library and Mrs. Kelly to help her keep the kids quiet in the years to come!? ! I, CEIL ARCAND, will my Brillo steel wool scrubbing pads, zit putty and flesh colored paint to Mary Soderberg. I, KATHY BARNEY, will a certain traumatic experience during a snow storm with a certain G.D. to Sheila Klinger. I also will my wasted minutes, days, months and years of school to Mr. G you can have them ! I, JANE BEESTMAN, will my exoticness to the other Janes so that they won't have to be called "plain" either, my athletic abilities to Mrs. Merth in hopes that she can do better with them than I did. I, GARY BENDIXEN, will Paul Scott one ear plug to aid him in tuning his trombone. I, JOHN BENSON, will three quarters of independent study to next year's Physics class in hopes that they will enjoy it as much as I did. Good Luck. I, CHRIS BINGEA, will my wierd moments to Kathy Holldorf. I, LuANN BRESLIN, will my blue jeans and weekends to Janice Anderson. I, DAVID BRIHN, will my skiing ability to the Freshman class, so they do not continue going downhill. I, SCOTT BUHR, will my ability to get home Early to Joyce DeBoer. I, TOM CUPER, will my ability to sleep in the library 5th hour to Mrs. Kelly. I, STEVE DEROSIER, will. I, EDNA BOURDETTE, will my night out with the lady's man to anyone who dare take it! I, PAT DOSCH, will my ability to have Tim Buhr as my Best man to Marilyn Meyer and the bottom of my locker to Keith Smith. I, SHERRY ENGEBRETSON, will my 3 capped teeth to Duane Serier, my long legs to Peggy Kirk and my driver's license to Keith Smith. I, RUSS EVENSON, will my burly side bums to Mr. Moore so he doesn't have anything to play with in class. I, WENDI FOUKS, will my abilities in secretarial office Practice to Kathy Mara. I, RITA FRANK, will all my little LULU comic books to Ricky Reindahl in hopes it will carry him through next years lonely school days. I, ALLEN GRESCHNER, will my ability to have a good time to Sherry. I, ROY GUNDERSON, will my ability to play my saxophone to Joel Gummenson. I, SCOTT HILTON, will my ability to have an open mind in an argument to all those with a closed mind in an argument. I, RITA HOLLDORF, will my ability to stay out of ditches and go to Forest and come home sober, To Joyce DeBoer and my french ability to my sister Kathy! I, BRUCE JOHNSON, will my Budweiser hat to Jeff Hammer in hopes that it will set an example for him. I, KEVIN JOHNSON, will a beauty salon and European Health Spa to the big Bertha's of the Freshman class. I, SUSAN JOHNSON, will my jokes to Lola Scott, my brains to the Sophomore class and my knees to Karilyn. I, JAN JOHNSTON, will my quietness to someone who cannot stop talking. I, CARLA KIRK, will my title of most wittiest to Lois Matson. I, HARVEY KLINGER, will my night life to Joel Gummenson. I, MIKE KOCH, will my ability to get in trouble with Mr. G. to George Setter. I, DALE KRIG, will my ability to do consumer's math to Mr. Greschner. I, TOM LANGE, will my driver's license to Wayne Witzel. I, PAT LEE, will my drinking abilities to the bored Sophomore class. I, PATRICIA MARA, will my 5th hour bookkeeping to Kathy, Romona, and Debbie. I, JIM MATSON, will my ability in advanced Math to Mr. Schuda, so that he might find a good job. I, VAUGHN MONSON, will my ability to get in the Trollhaugan bar to Joel Gummenson. I, DENNIS NELSON, will a pair of ear muffs to all the members of next year's band so they won't have to listen to a certain trombone player so early in the morning. I, JON NELSON, will my experience as head light bulb changer to the drama club lighting department. I, KARILYN NELSON, will the crowds of fans at girls sports events to next years teams. I, BONNIE NILSSEN, will my ability to catch people falling down the stairs to Linda Swedelius. I, JOHN OMAN, will my beard to Mr. G's head. I, LeROY PAULSON, will my height to Peggy Kirk so that she can see people from the top down for once. I, PAUL PAULSON, being of sound mind and body, sort of, will a year's supply of gum to the basketball team and Mr. Wallin. I, KEVIN PAYNE, being of unsound mind and or body will the latter to modem science so they can overhaul it, or see what can be done with tinker toys these days. I, CHERYL PITTMAN, will my sound mind and body to Paul Scott, so that when he plays music he can sit or stand still and doesn't have to look like such a spastic. I, DALE POSEY, will my ability to work on tractors in school to the Junior class to work on next year. I, RANDY PRIEBE, will my laugh to Susan Junkans so she can be heard more! I, NANCY RICHTER, will my ability to get along with Mrs. White to Rick Mellrud. I, PAM ROGERS, will all my hours of hard work that I spent in the office to Cyndee Newville--I know Mrs. Mitchell will need some help!? ! I, MAUREEN SCHLEY, will my ability to stay "Cool" to Lola Scott, who acts just like me at times and the sketches of my beautiful legs to the Clear Lake boys who don't realize what a real woman looks like. I, DIANE SODERBERG, will my nicknames to Sandy Arndt, my lost tennis shoes and gym suit to Mrs. Merth, and my smart remarks to Mrs. Mitchell so she can have more of a variety for next year. I, VAUGHN SPURLOCK, will my beard to be mounted on a plaque with a tardy slip and display it on Mrs. Mitchell's desk so she won't forget me. . . along with a pair of bronzed red lips?!? I, NEAL STALHEIM, will my tennies and nylons to R.S. for return of my ten bucks. I, LEANNE WARNER, will my athletic ability to Lola Scott. I, PAM WRIGHT, will my wrestling abilities to John Lee, we both had good teachers. I, TRACY WRIGHT, will my quiet ways to Julie Nordby. I, LYNN ZEMKE, will my ability to get my work done on time to Tonya Van Huevelan. Two CERTAIN SENIOR GIRLS will their poster to Mr. Greschner to hang in his office so he won't forget them. We, CHERYL PITTMAN and BARB MEYER will our two nights and our two rooms down at Madison to jane Ham-melman and Janice Anderson. We, JANIE and SLIPPERY, will our thanks to Mr. Weber along with one moment of silence in memory of his help in advanced math. We, KARILYN, CARLA, and JANE, will our "great" bridge to the state of California in case the Golden Gate ever lets them down. We shall bestow the honor to Mr. Zauft if they don't need it.WM An old man going a lone highway, came at the evening cold and gray. To a chasm vast and deep and wide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim. The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned when safe on the other side, and built a bridge to span the tide. "Old man, " said a fellow traveler near, "You are wasting your strength with building here: Your journey will end with the ending day. You never again will pass this way: You've crossed the chasm, deep and wide. Why build this bridge at evening tide?" B i 9 1 If I §1 h-f The builder lifted his old gray head. "Good friend, in the path I have come, " he said, "There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. " The chasm that was as nought time To that fair headed youth may a pitfall be; He, too, must cross in the twilight dim, "Good friend, I am building this bridge for him. " 18UNDERCLASSMENJunior Class Dawn Benson Reporter Sue Newton Secretary Cyndee Newvi lie Student Council Rep. Mark Warner Treasurer Jeanie Buhr President Ed Elden Vice President Junior Class Ojficers ROW 1; Roger Benson, Ramona Smith, Kathy Mara, Marilyn Meyer, Joyce DeBoer, Chris Mortenson, Cyndee Newville, Tonya Van Heuveln, Linda Newbauer, Dave Tumm, Dwaine Johnson, Mike Johnson. ROW 2; Jimmy Junkans, Debbie Olson, Sue Newton, Bev Evenson, Kathy Dietrich, Peggy Martin, Sue Jackelen, Kiym Fouks, Linda Swedelius, Lanelle Knutson, Jyll Hammer, Marlene Merrill, Lois Matson. ROW 3; Graig Gangl, Bill Groskopp, Kathi Shafer, George Setter, Peggy Deboer, Cindy Kirk, Cindy Richmeier, Dawn Benson, Dawn Burton, Cindy Thompson, Leslie Marlett, Cindy Moskal, Stephen Witthoft. ROW 4; Brian Jeske, Paul Martin, Joel Gummeson, Paul Scott, Cindy Paulson, LaMoyne Emerson, Jeanie Buhr, Mark Warner, Colleen Monson, Ronnie Olson, Larry Soderberg, Jeff Minor, John Clark. ROW 5; Allen Zemke, David Briese, Byron Erickson, Dan King, Ed Elden, Jeff Christianson, Dennis Lenselink, Larry Marlowe, David Stetler, Rick Reindahl, Jim Soderberg, Chuck Kuhl. ROW 6; Russ Arcand, Ray Lutz, Wayne Witzel, Bemnie Richter, Carl Jurisch, Tom Priebe, Warren Deboer, Bruce Christopherson, Ted Peterson, Curt Enebretson, Scott Sells. 20ROW 1: Connie Moore, Kim Mitchell, Bob Dix, Paul Barber, Mark Andersom, Rick Heibel, David Anderson, Rick Mellerud, Terri Witthoft, Cindy Shuna, Charmon Ford. ROW 2: Randy Ulrich, Cal Tift, Ritchie Fouks, Dwayne Mooney, David Atkins, Dean Dittman, Randy Enney, Betty Bannink, Lynette Bannink, Julie Koch, Diane Hetrick. ROW 3: Bruce Schley, David Bauerfield, Duane Serier, Steven Stetler, Mark Oman, Fay Beest-man, Lorraine Fouks, Judy Gangl, Becky Larson, Margo Dittman, Ladonna Schriner. ROW 4: Debbie Campion, Kathy Holldorf, Barb Lee, Joanne Goad, Lola Scott, Cindy Wold, Sheila Klinger, Ramona Marlett, Leona Ru-deen, Penny O'Brien, Sue Swedelius, Kim Nelson. ROW 5: Tom Jacques, Donald Beltz, David Marz, Bob Par-ent, Kip Schroeder. Second Year of High School Life for Sophomores. Officers David Anderson Kathy Holldorf Fay Beestman . Rick Heibel . . Kristie Althoff. .... Vice-President ...............Treasurer ...............President . . Student Council Rep. . . .Secretary Reporter 21The Class of 1977 ROW 1: Virginia DeBoer, Judi Krig, Mary Soderberg, Candie Case, Sandy Gunderson, Sue Griffin, Cindy Warner, Kelly Christopherson, LuAnn Johnson, Monica Ricjmeier, Julie Nordby, Beth Larson, Jane Hammeman. ROW 2: Terri Nelson, Vicki Moskal, Linda Burton, Joy Gummeson, Cheryl Greschner, John Lee, Brian Fouks, Rodney Fall, Maureen Praschak, Sheryl Sells, Janice Anderson. ROW 3: Deann Witthoft, Susan Junkans, Ellen Nelson, Terri Paulson, Janet Reed, Dave Lutz, Peter Arc and, Craig Kuhl, Tom Iverson, Jeff Hammer, Mike Shafer. ROW 4: Cindy Martin, Karen Graese, Sandy Olson, Joy Yohnson, Gail Tellijohn, Teddy Pittman, Keith Smith, Dean Junkans, Jay Christianson, Allen Baukol, Lannie Ward. ROW 5: Roxi DeBoer, Kaye Christianson, Jane Elden, Randi Setter, Wayne Alverman, Jeff Tift, Jeff Junkans, Dean Jurisch, Rick Walberg, Steve Paulson, Ranee Hilton, Larry Nilssen. Janice Anderson Janet Reed . . Beth Larson Jane Elden . . Randi Setter . Peter Arcand . Officers ......................President ...........Student Council Rep. ................Vice President ......................Treasurer ..................... Secretary ........................ReporterFreshman Float HOMECOMING ROYALTY: Dave Lutz, Ritchie Fouks, Rick Rein-dahl, Gary Bendixen, Tim Mitch-ell, KING Vaughn Monson, QUEEN Rita Holldorf, Linnea Campion, Sophomore FloatLeanne Warner, Chris Mortenson Barb Lee, Cindy Warner, Crown- bcmor Mout bearers; Joey Barber, and Kim Swedilius.“Mr. Barry's Etching CAST: Paul Scott, Dan King, Cheryl Pittman, Byron Erickson, Carla Kirk, Joel Gummeson, Jeanie Buhr, Jyll Hammer, Chris Bingea, Roger Benson, La Moyne Emerson, Cindy Paulson and George Setter. y 26Girls Track 80 yd. hurdles.......................................................13. 6 Jeanie Buhr 100 yd. dash......................................................13.0 Linnea Campion 220 yd. dash......................................................30.5 Colleen Monson 440 yd. dash......................................................1:09.5 Cindy Paulson 880 run........................................2:45 Gail Tellijohn, Sectional 5th Place Mile.............................5:58 Barb Lee. Barb is the first girl from Clear Lake Girls Track Team to go to Madison for the State Track Meet. 440 Relays...............58.4 Leona Rudeen, Kim Mitchell, Kris Althoff, Becky Larson 880 Relays. . . 2:03.6 Tracy Wright, Leona Rudeen, Cindy Richmeier, Colleen Monson Medley.............2:14.6 Colleen Monson, Becky Larson, Tracy Wright, Cindy Paulson Discus............................................................79' 9" Terry Paulson High Jump.............................................................4' 8" Jeanie Buhr Long Jump.....................................................13' 11 1 2" Kim Mitchell 29“In the JuniorMidnight Hour” Prom 1974 31A utographsAutographs 33Autographs 341973 Football Team FRONT ROW: David Jacques, Ranee Hilton, Steve Paulson, Kevin Johnson, Neal Stalhiem, Vaughn Monson, Rick Rein-dahl. ROW 2: Allen Baukol, David Anderson, Bruce Johnson, Wayne Witzel, Lynn Spalinger, David Brihn. ROW 3: Chuck Kuhl, Ted Pittman, Larry Soderberg, Rick Heibel, Paul Martin, Keith Smith. ROW 4: Dennis Lenselink, George Setter, Ed Elden, John Clark, Dave Lutz. ROW 5: Paul Paulson, Gary Bendixen, Kevin Payne, Allen Greschner, Mark Warner, Scott Hilton. ROW 6: Mr. Moore, Mr. Koerper, Mr. Jilek, Jeff Hammer, Bob Parent, Dan King, Curt Engebretson. Clear Lake 14.........Prescott 36 Clear Lake 0.........Clayton 6 Clear Lake 38 ... . Pairie Farm 8 Clear Lake 14.........Bruce 18 Clear Lake 20.........Turtle Lake 18 Clear Lake 18.........Cameron 27 Clear Lake 26.........Shell Lake 16 Clear Lake 8.........Prentice 8 Clear Lake 32.........Flambeau Senior Grads Captains And CoachesB-Team Football FRONT ROW: Paul Martin, Steve Paulson, Ranee Hilton, Ted Pittman, David Jacques, Wayne Witzel, Larry Soderberg. ROW 2: Allen Baukol, David Anderson, Dave Lutz, Keith Smith, Rick Heibel, Kevin Johnson, Dennis Lenselink, Chuck Kuhl, Coach Mr. Moore. Has a Good Season of Wins.38Dan King manager, Roger Benson, LaMoyne Emerson, Paul Paulson, Jim Soderberg, Mark Werner, Warren DeBoer, John Clark, Chuck Kuhl, Larry Soderberg, Kevin Payne, Bill Gros-kopp, David Briese, Bob Dix manager, Coach Wallin. B a s k e t b a I I Clear Lake 47 . . . Webster 37 Clear Lake 83 . . . Siren 74 Clear Lake 73 . . . Turtle Lake 40 Clear Lake 31 . . . Clayton 57 Clear Lake 43 . . . Clayton 55 Clear Lake 43 . . . Baldwin 81 Clear Lake 70 . . . St. Croix Falls 72 Clear Lake 54 . . . Shell Lake 65 Clear Lake 34 . . . Shell Lake 45 Clear Lake 54 . . . P. F. 57 Clear Lake 60 . . . Siren 55 Clear Lake 42 . . . Oce. 79 Clear Lake 58 . . . Weyhauser 60 Clear Lake 59 . . . Cam. 97 Clear Lake 54 . . . P. F. 45 SUB- REGIONALS Clear Lake 66 . . . T. L. 47 Clear Lake 53 . . . Clay. 70 Captain Kevin Payne SENIOR GRADS: Paul Paulson, Kevin Payne. COACH: Mr. Wallin.B-Team Basketball STANDING; Mr. Keoper, Larry Nilssen, Keith Smith, Tom Jacques, Rick Heibel, Dave Lutz, David Anderson. KNEELING; Rick Walberg, Duane Mooney, Bob Parent, Donald Beltz, Paul Junkans, Jeff Hammer. Clear Lake 22 ... . . Webster 24 Clear Lake 49 ... . . Turtle Lake 19 Clear Lake 42 ... . . Clayton 31 Clear Lake 46 ... . . St. Croix Falls 43 Clear Lake 30 ... . . Shell Lake 39 Clear Lake 59 ... . . Siren 30 Clear Lake 43 ... . . Weyerhauser 32 Clear Lake 31 ... . . Prairie Farm 36 Clear Lake 34 ... . Cameron 41 Clear Lake 45 ... . Turtle Lake 42 Clear Lake 54 ... . Siren 17 Clear Lake 33 ... . Clayton 35 Clear Lake 32 ... . Baldwin 50 Clear Lake 35 ... . Shell Lake 38 Clear Lake 51 ... . Prairie Farm 45 Clear Lake 48 ... . Osceola 47 Clear Lake 33 ... . Cameron 651974 C.L. Baseball 42KNEELING; Jeff Christianson 11-9, Norm Wylie 14-4, Neal Stalheim 22-2-1. Russ Evenson 27-2, Steve Paulson 19-7-2, Ranee Hilton 14-6-2. Dave Marz 7-9-2. STANDING; Coach Mr. Zauft, David Brihn 17-8. Bruce Johnson 5-16, Scott Sells 6-11. A1 Greschner 32-1. Roy Gunderson 7-11, Scott Hilton 13-1. SEASON SCORES C.L. 24 Hudson 31 C.L. 44 Prairie Farm 15 C.L. 20 Unity 25 C.L. Champs at Chetek Invitational C.L. 45 Flambeau 16 C.L. 41 Turtle Lake 14 C.L. 48 Shell Lake 12 C.L. 39 Cameron 15 C.L. 51 Independence 11 C.L. Conference Champs C.L. 57 Mondovi 12 C.L. 26 Boyceville 21 C.L. 24 Spring Valley 27 C.L. Took 3rd at Regionals C.L. 29 Bruce 23 C.L. Took 3rd at Sectionals C.L. 36 St. Croix Central 13 C.L. Sent Three Wrestlers to C.L. 24 Glenwood City 28 State. Russ Evenson, Scott Hilton and C.L. 39 Grantsburg 25 Allen Greschner who brought home a C.L. 23 Spooner 24 3rd place rating. pc SENIOR GRADS; Neal Stalheim, David Brihn, Al Greschner, Russ Evenson, Bruce Johnson, Roy Gunderson, Scott Hilton, Coach Zauft. Neal Stalheim was Captain of the Squad.Clear Lake Boys Track Team(s)? 46Girls Volleyball ROW 1; Lola Scott, Kaye Christenson, Terry Paulson, Leanne Warner, Penny O’Brien, Cindy Martin, Janice Anderson, Tracy Wright. ROW 2; Cindy Warner, Gail Tellijohn, Marlene Merrill, Kim Mitchell, Joanne Goad, Jane Hammelman, Jane Elden, Joy Johnson, Sue Junkans, ROW 3; Leona Rudeen, Fay Beestman, Lanelle Knutson, Cheryl Greschner, Janet Reed, Debbie Campion, Kris Althoff, Bonnie Nilssen, Ceil Arcand, Jane Besstman.Girls Basketball Team ROW 1: Pam Wright, Leaime Warner, Bonnie Nilssen, Karilyn Nelson, JoAnne Goad. ROW 2: Maureen Achley, Roxi DeBoer, Tracy Wright, Marilyn Meyers, Coach Mrs. Merth. CL 31 . . Chetek 52 CL 43 . . G. C 18 CL 35 . . Amery 31 CL 44 . . Clayton 24 CL 51. .TL 28 CL 30 . . Clayton 17 CL 19 . . Amery 23 B Team CL 35 . . Chetek 18 CL 22 . . .G.C 14 CL 42 . . Clayton 4 CL 20 . . Clayton 3 ROW 1: Terry Paulson, Cindy Warner, Susan Junkans, Kathy Burette, Kaye Christianson, Kelly Christopherson. ROW 2: Judy Gangal, Joyce DeBoer, Jane Hammelman, Coach Mrs. Merth, Virginia DeBoer, Gail Tellijohn, Cindy Martin.ORGANIZATIONSSherry Colleen Barb Cheryl Jeanie Cindy B T e a m Sandy Barb Janet Debbie Kim 50SENIOR GRADS Sherry Cheryl Barb A-TEAM L Cheer a d e r s Barb Janet Sherry Cindy Sandy Jeanie Colleen Barb Cheryl Kim Debbie 51C.L.H.S. Pep Band ROW 1: Karilyn Nelson, Chris Bingea, Lanelle Knutson, Janice Anderson, Bev Evenson, Kathy Dietrich, John Benson, Maureen Schley, Cindy Thompson. ROW 2: Connie Moore, Sue Newton, Lynette Bannink, Jane Elden, Cheryl Gresch-ner, Randi Setter, Ceil Arcand, Diane Soderberg, Bonnie Nilssen, Bruce Christopherson, Cindy Schuna, Becky Larson, Cindy Warner, Jane Hammelman, Joel Gummenson. ROW 4: Ted Pittman, Larry Nilssen, Keith Smith, Jeff Hammer, Kevin Payne, Paul Paulson, Dennis Nelson, John Nelson, Leanne Warner, Joanne Goad, Paul Scott, Gary Bendixen, STANDING: Kevin Johnson, Bill Groskopp, Kathy Holldorf, Mr. Larson. SENIOR GRADS: Gary Bendixen, Dennis Nelson, Paul Paulson, John Benson, Jon Nelson, A1 Greschner, Kevin Payne, Roy Gunderson. STANDING: Maureen Schley, Leanne Warner, Karilyn Nelson, Chris Bingea, Jan Johnston. BLEECHERS: Bonnie Nilssen, Cheryl Pittman, Diane Soderberg, Sherry Engebretson. Sherry Engebretson............President Leanne Warner...................Student Con. Kevin Payne................Vice-Pres. Chris Bingea.......................Sec. Treas. This year the band members that participated in the All-Star Band were Cindy Thompson, Karilyn Nelson, Chris Bingea, Sherry Engebretson, Joanne Goad, Paul Scott, Gary Bendixen, Jon Nelson, and Kevin Payne. 52ROW 1: Kelly Christopherson, Jan Johnston, Janice Anderson, Kim Mitchell, Bev Evenson, Kathy Dietrich, John Benson, Maureen Schley, Cindy Thompson. ROW 2: Joanne Goad, Janet Reed, Joy Gummeson, Sandy Gunderson, Lynette Ban-nink, Jane Elden, Diane Soderberg, Cheryl Greschner, Sue Griffin, Cheryl Pittman, Bonnie Nilssen, Sherry Engebretson, Becky Larson, Cindy Schuna, Barb Meyer, Debbie Campion. ROW 3: Karilyn Nelson, Ceil Arcand, Chris Bingea, Sue Newton, Lanelle Knutson, Colleen Monson, Connie Moore, Jim Soderberg, Curt Engebretson, Roger Benson, Susan Jun-kans, Bruce Christopherson, Dennis Nelson, Jane Hammelman, Roy Gunderson, Joel Gummesonm, Cindy Paulson, Jeanie Buhr. ROW 4: Randi Setter, Joy Johnson, Vicki Moskal, Gail Tellijohn, Kathy Holldorf, Ted Pittman, Larry Nilssen, Jeff Hammer, Jeff Christenson, Paul Paulson, John Clark, Keith Smith, A1 Greschner, Kevin Payne, Carl Jurisch, Kevin Johnson, Bill Groskopp, Jon Nelson, Mark Warner, Leanne Warner, Mr. Larson, Paul Scott, Gary Bendixen. Clear Lake BandNational Honor Society ROW 1: Janice Anderson, Rick Heibel, Jeanie Buhr, Janet Reed, Rita Holdorf, Pat Dosch, Sherry Engebretson, Jon Nelson, Fay Beestman. ROW 2: Paul Scott, Chris Bingea, Cyndee Newville, Maureen Schley, Karilyn Nelson, LeAnne Warner, Sue Johnson, Kevin Payne. ROW 1: Gary Bendixen, Marilyn Meyer, Bonnie Nilssen, Kevin Payne, Cheryl Pittman, Ceil Arcand, Bill Groskopp, Lanelle Knutson. ROW 2: John Benson, Paul Paulson, Paul Scott, George Setter, Colleen Monson, Allen Greschner, Karilyn Nelson, Lynn Zemke, Sue Newton. ROW 3: Peggy DeBoer, Joel Gummeson, Chris Bingea, Kathy Dietrich, Byron Erickson, Jon Nelson, Carla Kirk, Sue Johnson, Jane Beestman, Dawn Benson.Athletic Club ROW 1: Scott Sells, Paul Martin, LaMoyne Emerson, Mark Warner, Kevin Payne, Allen Greschner, Paul Paulson, Harvey Klinger, Scott Hilton, Gary Bendixen, David Brihn, Curt Engebretson, Coach: Mr. Ji-lek. ROW 2: Larry Soderberg, Wayne Witzel, Rick Heibal, David Anderson, Dale Krig, Bruce Johnson, Kevin Johnson, George Setter, Russ Evenson, Neal Stalhiem, Rick Reindahl. ROW 3: Jim Soderbei , Dan King, Vaughn Monson, Steve Paulson, Bill Groskopp, Stephen Witthoft, Roger Benson, Ed Elden, John Clark, Warren DeBoer, Russ Arc and, Ray Lutz, Mike Shafer. ROW 4: Allen Baukol, Chuck Kuhl, Kip Schroeder, Dennis Lenselink, Mike Koch, David Jacques, David Briese, Bob Parent, Tom Jacques, Brian Fouks, Dave Lutz, Tom Nilssen, Peter Arc and, Ranee Hilton, John Lee. Pep Club ROW 1: Wendi Fouks, Sue Johnson, Cynthia Richmeier, Cyndee Newville, Sandy Olson, Joy Johnson, Karen Graese, Mary Soderberg, Judi Krig. ROW 2: Candie Case, Sandy Gunderson, Maureen Praschak, Lola Scott, Chris Bingea, Linda Swedelius, Kiym Fouks, Joyce DeBoer, Chris Mortenson, Marilyn Meyer, Bev Evenson, Leslie Marlett, Cynthia Thompson, Susan Junkans, Terri Nelson. ROW 3: LaDonna Schriner, Sue Swedelius, Cindy Schuna, Carla Kirk, Maureen Schley, Pam Rogers, Pat Monson, Sue Jackelen, Peggy Martin, Dawn Burton, Cindy Martin, Jyll Hammer, Lanelle Knutson, Ellen Nelson, Kaye Christianson. ROW 4: LuAnn Johnson, Judy Gangal, Cindy Kirk, Debbie Olson, Jane Beestman, Cheryl Greschner, Sue Griffin, Joy Gummeson, Cindy Warner, Kelly Christopherson, Jan Johnston, Charmon Ford, Lynette Staheim, Fay Beestman, Lorraine Fouks, Vicki Moskal. ROW 5: Monica Richmeier, Cheryl Sells, Kathy Mara, Ramona Smith, Janice Andereon, Cindy Martin, Jane Hammelmon, Jane Elden, Rondi Setter, Leanne Warner, Karilyn Nelson, Becky Lareon, Joanne Goad, Sue Newton, Linda Burton. ROW 6r Rita Frank, LuAnn Breslin, Tracy Wright, Pat Mara, Sherry Engebretson, Lynn Gunderson, Patty Lee, Ceil Arcand, Barb Meyer, Janet Reed, Gail Tellijohn, Kathy Dietrick, Julie Norby, Beth Larson, Betty Bannink, Lynette Bannink, Kim Mitchell, Ramona Marlette, Leona Rudeen. ROW 7: Kathy Barney, Diane Soderberg, Edna Bourdett, Rita Holdorf, Pam Wright, Bonnie Nilssen, Cindy Paulson, Colleen Monson, Cheryl Pittman, Jeanie Buhr, Virginia DeBoer, Roxi DeBoer, Kathy Holdorf, Debbie Campion, Barb Lee, Connie Moore, Kim Nelson.Crier ROW 1: Susan Junkans, Ellen Nelson, Kevin Payne, Cheryl Pittman, Chris Bingea. ROW 2: Kathy Holl-dorf, Debbie Campion, Lola Scott, Terry Paulson, Carla Kirk, Sue Johnson. ROW 3: Cyndee New-ville, Karilyn Nelson, Bev Evenson, Leanne Warner, Cindy Kirk, Jane Beestman, Beth Larson. Publications ROW 1: Sherry Engebretson, Susan Junkans, Ellen Nelson, Kevin Payne, Cheryl Pittman, Ceil Arcand, Joyce DeBoer, Rita Holldorf. ROW 2: Cyndee Newville, Kathy Holldorf, Debbie Campion, Lola Scott, Terry Paulson, Carla Kirk, Sue Johnson, Chris Bingea. ROW 3: Cynthia Rich-meier, Lanelle Knutson, Cindy Paulson, Karilyn Nelson, Bev Evenson, Leanne Warner, Cindy Kirk, Jane Beestman, Beth Larson. Annual ROW 1: Ceil Arcand, Cheryl Pittman, Kathy Holldorf. ROW 2: Joyce DeBoer, Rita Holldorf. Not pictured: Pam Rogers.FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bieniasz, Susan Junkans, Penny Anderson, Kari Nilssen, Susan Oman, Linda Anderson, Tracy Wright, Lanella Knutson, Jan Johnston, Joel Gummeson, Rick Walberg, Mark Monson, Mr. Beibly. BACK ROW: Pat Mara, Debbie Olson, Mona Smith, Marlene Merrill, Gail Tellijohn, Kim Mitchell, Terry Nordby, Cheryl Reindahl, Jodi Paulson, Janelle Monson, Dennis Leneslink, Bill Groskopp, Kevin Payne.KNEELING: Beth Larson, Cindy Kirk, Leona Rudeen, Tracy Wright, Sue Swedelius. STANDING: Patty Lee, Kathy Mara, Mary Soderberg, Joyce DeBoer, Mona Smith, Marilyn Meyer, and Carla Kirk. Pom-Pon Girls The Pom pon girls were under the direction of Miss Peterson, who was the Home Ec. intern teacher for the first semester. The girls got new uniforms (which they made) and new pom pons. They performed at half-time at some of the basketball games, and also for Homecoming, and with the band at parades. Miss Peterson 58 Pom-pon Girls marching with the band at Homecoming.Watch it! Watch your step fellas! Blow hard! J _ Free clinic??? Oops it busted 60Hall of 66Fame ostl£of dUann VJamer Scott •ft'ESS’- '' Paulson tv, e . 67Frita Pam W. The Seniors As Babies Chris Skeevy Pammie Poo Maureen Barney Tracy BonnieROW 1: Kathy Holdorf, Becky Larson, Byron Erickson, Janice Anderson, Jane Elden, Susan Junkans, Paul Scott, Chris Binge a. ROW 2: JoAnne Goad, Kim Mitchell, Cyndee Newville, Jyll Hammer, Cindy Paulson, Jeannie Buhr, Colleen Monson. STATE ENTRIES: RECEIVED A's: Byron Erickson JoAnne Goad Kim Mitchell Chris Binge a Jan Elden RECEIVED B's: Kathy Holldorf Cyndee Newville Susan Junkans 69Mary Soderberg, Vicki Moskal, Kaye Christenson, Kelly Christo-pherson, Cindy Warner, Joy Gum -menson, Cheryl Greschner, Sue Griffen, Lynette Stalheim. ROW 2; Terry Paulson, Linda Burton, Terry Nelson, Ellen Nelson, Janice Anderson, Jane Himmelman, Sue Junkans. ROW 3j Lorriane Fouks, Betty Bannink, Julie Koch, Lynette Bannink, Fay Beestman, Barb Lee, Lola Scott, Sandy Olson. ROW 4; Connie Moore, Joane Goad, Becky Larson, Kim Mitchell, Kathy Holldorf, Mona Marlett, Kris Alt-hoff, Tami Sura, Judi Krig, Joy Johnson. ROW 5; Gail Tellijohn, Janet Reed, Sue Swedelius, Kathy Burnett, Luanne Johnson, Sheryl Sells, Candie Case, Julie Norby, Beth Larson. FHA BEAU Vaughn Spurlock Joyce DeBoer, Jeanie Buhr, Cindy Paulson, Sherry Engebretson, Pat Dosch, Edna Bour-dett, Mrs. Bieniasz, Miss Milatz. ROW 2; Marilyn Meyer, Cyndee Newville, Leslie Marlett, Sue Newton, Lynn Zemke, Wendi Fouks, Carla Kirk, Jane Beestman, Maureen Schley, Jan Johnston. ROW 3; Sindy Rich-meier, Dawn Benson, Cindy Kirk, Bev Evenson, Cindy Thompson, Cindy Moskal, Chris Bingea, Karilyn Nelson, Leanne Warner. ROW 4j Peggy DeBoer, Mona Smith, Debbie Olson, Kathy Mara, Linda Swedelius, Kiym Fouks, Sue Jackelen, Dawn Burton, Jyll Hammer, Lanelle Knutson. ROW 5; Tracy Wright, Patty Mara, Luanne Breslin, Rita Frank, Diane Soderberg, Not Pictured; Pam Rogers, Rita Holldorf. 70 Parliamentarian: Cindy Richmeier Secretary: Pam Rogers Historian: Sherry Engebretson Freshman Representative: Cindy Warner Recreation Leader: Kim Mitchell Reporter: Becky Larson President: Chris Bingea Vice President: Sue Newton Treasurer: Pat Mara FHACamera Club ROW I- Beth Larson, Kathy Deitrick, Peggy DeBoer, Marilyn Meyer, John Clark, Cyndee Newville, Joel Gummenson. ROW 2; Jan Johnston. ROW 3; Jeff Hammer, Jon Nelson, Kevin Payne, Paul Scott. Roger Benson Kevin Payne . Mark Warner Gary Bendixen ATHLETIC CLUB OFFICERS .........................................Treasurer . ................................President ....................................Vice-President .........................................Secretary 71ROW 1; Mr. Sollman, Swayne Mooney, Donald Beltz, LaMoyne Emerson, Al Greschner, Harvey Klinger, Scott Hilton, George Setter, Gary Bendixen, David Brihn, Byron Erickson, LeRoy Paulson, Tom Lange. ROW 2; Cal Tift, David Bauerfield, Bruce Schley, David Anderson, Dale Krig, Bruce Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Warren DeBoer, Russ Evenson, Neal Stalheim, Paul Barber, Biob Dix, Randy Ulrich. ROW 3; Wayne Witzel, Scott Sells, Vaughn Monson, Steve Paulson, Rick Heibel, Stephen Witthoft, David Tumm, Mike Shafer, Russ Arcand, Carl Jurisch, Ronnie Olson, Bernard Ritcher, Tom Priebe. ROW 4; Rick Mellrud, Allen Bau-kol, Kip Schroeder, Mike Kich, Jim Matson, Dennis Lenselimk, Ed Elden, Brain Fouks, Larry Marlow, David Stelter, Peter Arcand, Ranee Hilton, John Lee, Ritchie Fouks. ROW 5; Dave Marz, Larry Soderberg, Chuck Kuhl, Jim Soderberg, David Briese, Jim Barney, Dean Jurisch, Wayne Alverman, Graig Gangl, Steven Stet-ler, Dale Posey, Alan Zemke, Brain Jeske, Jim Junkans, John Oman. ROW 6; Paul Dersosier, Tom Iverson, Jeff Tift, Jeff Junkans, Dean Junkans, Lanny Ward, Gene Matson, Dwaine Johnson, Duane Serier, Mark Oman, Bruce Christopherson, Randy Priebe. Secretary . . Vice-President President . . . Reporter . . Treasurer . . Sentinel . . . George Setter .Gary Bendixen . .David Brihn David Anderson .Byron Erickson .Neal Stalheim FFA SWEETHEART Barb Meyer FFADrama Club ROW 1: Mr. Griffin, Leslie Marlette, Yvonne Wallberg, Debbie Olson, Romona Smith, Cheryl Pittman, Carla Kirk, Sherry Engebretson, Colleen Monson, Cindy Paulson, Roger Benson. ROW 2: La-Moyne Emerson, Jon Nelson, Joel Gummeson, Byron Erickson, Marlene Merill, Lanelle Knutson, Luann Breslin, Rita Frank, Paul Scott, George Setter, Chris Bingea. ROW 3: John Benson, Dan King, Bill Groskopp, Dennis Lenslink, Jyll Hammer, Dawn Burton, Kathy Barney, Diane Soderberg, Jeanine Buhr, Ed Eldon. Drama Club consists of junior and seniors, who are interested in Drama, acting and plays. Instead of having the usual class plays, the Drama Club is in charge of putting on the plays. This years productions were "Mr. Barry's Etchings", and the "Miracle Worker". The Club puts in a lot of time and hard work into the plays. Good Luck to the Drama Club in the years to come. 74Choir ROW lj Randi Setter, Jane Elden, Janice Anderson, Ciny Warner, Jane Hammelman, Linda Burton, Mary Soder-berg, Judi Krig, Kelly Christopherson, Cheryl Greschner, Janet Reed, Lola Scott, Lynette Bannink. ROW 2; Kim Nelson, La Donna Schriner, Terry Nelson, Cindy Thompson, Sue Newton, Kim Mitchell, Kathy Peggy DeBoer, Fay Beestman, Kris Altoff, Terry Paulson, Lorraine Fouks, Ellen Nelson, Lanelle Knutson, Cindy Kirk, Mona Mar-lett, Mr. Nelson. ROW 3; Lynn Zemke, Karilyn Nelson, Cindy Paulson, Cheryl Pittman, Collen Monson, Sherry Engebretson, Leanne Warner, Joanne Goad, Jane Beestman, Kathy Barney, Lu Ann Breslin, Rita Frank, Dawn Benson, Dawn Burton, Bev Evenson, Leslie Marlett, Rita Holldorf, Marilyn Meyer, Carla Kirk, Chris Bingea. ROW 4; Rodney Fall, Paul Junkans, Larry Nilssen, Jay Christensen, Red Johnson, Joel Gummenson, Paul Scott, David Anderson, Dan King, Dennis Nelson, Gary Bendixen, Keith Smith, Allen Baukol, George Setter, Kevin Payne, Al Greschner, Paul Paulson, Jon Nelson. STATE ENTRIES: Leanne Warner, JoAnn Goad, Kevin Payne, Gary Bendixen, Colleen Monson, Bev Evenson, Lanelle Knutson, Sue Newton, Janice Anderson, Jon Nelson, Cindy Thompson, Kim Mitchell. District Solo-Ensemble 75Librarians Monitors Pat Dosch, Pam Rogers, Cyndee Newvill, Marlene Merril, Dawn Burton, Bev Evenson, Leslie Marlett, Beth Larson, Jane Beestman, Carla Kirk. Kathy Holldorf Julie Nordby Beth Larson Cindy Paulson Luanne Breslin Pam Wright Bonnie Nilssen Sherry Engebretson SITTING Fay Beestman Debbie Campion Julie Koch Sue Johnson Lynn Zemke Carla Kirk Rita HolldorfN.H.S. Induction Will you take me?A uto graphsJUNIOR HIGHROW 1: Advisors: Mr. Wallin, Mr. Hagen, Mrs. Gronlund, Paul Junkans, Jerry Swedelius, Tom Kuhl, Terry Mork, Laurie Graese, Evelyn Merrill, Kandy Dietrich, Cynthia Witthoft, Peggy Kirk. ROW 2: Todd Pietz, Larry Rosen, Tom Lutz, Randy Krig, Brain Kuhn, John Arcand, Larry Sempf, Jeff Norby, Kendal Christianson, Kevin Winegar, Derrick Fouks, Janine Marz, Melvin Barney. ROW 3: Mike Dix, Jeff Kuhn, Ron Hard, Flink Karis, Bobby Burris, Jay Wood, Janelle Zurcher, Connie Greschner, Michelle Mumm, Brad Hanson, John Bingea, Mary Scott. ROW 4: Tim Kuhl, Bruce Kuhn, Mark Monson, Paul Warner, David Hoagland, Gwen Ulrich, Mary Elrod, Terry Wallin, Wendy Wittstock, Julie Gilbertson, Brenda Aasmundrud. ROW 5: Mike Helegeson, Brain Johnson, John Martin, Mike Olson, Wayne Asp, Kim Amundson, Wanda Tellijohn, Jeanette Richmeier, Debbie Amdt, Nancy Beestman, Elizebeth Iverson. ROW 6: Ivan Strief, Alan Gluege, Charlene Schley, Marcia Hammelman, Laurie Rogers, LuAnn Rosen, Melinda Belknap, Kathy Newbauer, Connie Cuper, Carrie Case, Kathy Olson. Seventh Grade Class Officers Mary Scott.............Vice Pres. John Bingea..............President Mike Dix...............Sec. Treas. 80 Marsha Hammelman. . . .ReporterROW 1: Russ Griffon, Rodney Olson, Danny Frankson, Leon Chovan, Larry Lange, Donnie Klinger, Jody Buhr, Bobby Johnson, Larry Rudeen, Randy Engebretson, Chris Jackson, Allan Beestman. ROW 2: Norm Woods, Clifford Cahow, Scott Poye, Steve Prasauk, Kevin Martin, Brian Dodge, Randy Newbauer, Mindy Engebretson, Russ Jacques, Donnie Eckwall, Jeff Tepfer, Vincent Streif. ROW 3: John Danilson, Danny Knutson, John Campion, Rhonda Helgeson, Susan Fouks, Sherry O'Brian, Linda Anderson, Susie Oman, Janelle Monson, JoDee Paulson, Cheryl Reindahl, Kari Nilssen, Randy Weinke. ROW 4: Bonnie Mooney, Annette Lutz, Bonnie Johnson, Michelle Marz, Ann Dahl, Judy Ford, Penny Wright, Judy Schriner, Julie Burton, Sandy Arnt, Judy Rudeen, Linda Paulson. ROW 5: Debbie Frankson, Brenda Rosen, Mike Mara, Brian Belknap, Kent Altoff, Wesley Merril, Kevin Rosen, Glen Gunderson, Mike DeBoer, Dean Wood, Bruce Barnes, Leslie Wahl. ROW 6: Becky Garland, Terry Nordby, Cheryl Logan, Penny Anderson, Theresa Richmeir, Linda Baker, Wendy Wright, Tammy Paulson, Donna Soderberg, Barb Nelson, Laurie Moskal, Linda Evenson. Eighth Grade Class Officers Vince Streif.........................President Kari Nilssen..........................Reporter Janelle Monson.......................Treasurer Judy Rudeen...........................Secretary 81Junior High Terry Jannelle Laurie Linda Cheryl Cheryl Laurie Linda Jane lie Terry Terry 8? Jane lie Cheryl Linda LaurieJunior High Athletics Kevin Rosen, Mike Dix, Melvin Barney, John Campion, Darrick Fouks, Lyle Hetrick, Ivan Strief, Brain Kuhn, Randy Engebretson, John Arcand, Bobbie Burris, ROW 2, Unknown, Chris Jackson, Bruce Kuhn, John Bingea, Alan Gluege, Brad Hansen, Randy Krig, Russell Jacques, Flint Karis, Kendall Christensen, Bobby Johnson, Leon Chovan, ROW 3; Brain Belknap, John Danielson, Russell Griffin, Jerry Swedelius, Larrie Rudeen, Glen Gunderson, Jeff Tepler, Larry Rosen, Ronnie Hard, Allan Beestman, Dean Wood, ROW 4; Todd Pietz, Wesley Merrill, Randy Newbauer, Mark Monson, Jody Buhr, Kent Althoff, Bruce Bames, Paul Junkans, John Martin, Norm Woods. 8th Grade Class Trip 83ROW 1: Michelle Mumm, Mary Scott, Candy Dietrick, Glen Gunderson, Jody Buhr, Linda Anderson, Sue Fouks, Rhonda Helgeson. ROW 2: Kim Amundson, Kathy Olson, Connie Greschner, Janelle Mon-son, Jody Paulson, Sharlene Schley, Marcia Hammelman, Tammy Paulson, Barb Nelson. ROW 3: Kevin Winegar, Paul Junkans, Donna Soderberg, Judy Rudeen, Mindy Engebretson, Kari Nilssen, Wanda Tellijohn, Gwen Ulrich, Brain Johnson, Paul Warner. ROW 4: Ivan Strief, Bruce Barnes, Randy Engebretson, John Danielson, Russ Griffin, John Binge a, Kent Althoff, Larry Rosen. Junior High Band And Choir ROW 1: Mark Monson, Julie Gilbertson, Debbie Frankson, Brenda Rosen, Peggy Kirk, Carrie Case, Connie Greschner, Linda Anderson, Rhonda Helgeson, Sue Oman, Laurie Rogers. ROW 2: Michelle Mumm, Terry Wallin, Sue Fouks, Mike Dix, Bruce Barnes, Leslie Wahl, Bob Burris, Penny Anderson, Barb Nelson, Donna Soderberg. ROW 3: John Bingea, Ivan Strief, Mary Scott, Kandy Dietrick, Kathy Olson, Linda Paulson, Julie Burton, Janelle Zurcher, LuAnn Rosen, Derrick Fouks. ROW 4: Janelle g4 Monson, Jody Paulson, Judy Rudeen, Wanda Tellijohn, Mindy Engebretson, Kari Nilssen, Gwen Ulrich, Sharlene Schley, Marcia Hammelman, Tammy Paulson.MR. RAY SMITH MR. ED GRESCHNER Board of Education 86 Mr. John Campion, Mr. Robert Hammer, Mr. Paul Paulson, Dr. M.H. Moore, Mr. Ralph Wilson.MR. ALLEN I MR. BEIBLY MR. GRANGER MRS. HANSEN MRS. CHURCHWAR MR. HAGEN MR. KOERPER MR. LARSON MR. CHRISTOPHER SON MRS. GRONLUND MRS. BIENIASZ MR. GRIFFIN MRS. KELLY MR. JILEK MRS. MERTH MR. MOORE 87MR. NELSON MR. PAYNE MR. SOLLMAN MR. STRENKE MR. WALLIN MR. WEBER MRS. WHITE MR. ZAUFT STUDENT TEACHERS; Mr. Thompson, Mr. Powers, Miss Peterson, Mr. Volger. LEFT; CUSTODIANS; Mrs. Mildred Baukol, Dean Steward, Lyle Bums. COOKS; Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Schuna. BUSDRIVERS: Mr. Richardson, Mr. Wood, Mr. Schulze, Mr. Hougdahl, Mrs. Lenselink, Mr. Grosbeck, Mr. Bannink, Mr. Madden, Mr. Bannink, Mr. Dix, Mrs. Rundquist, Mr. Buhr.% % . • W r • hw - .t? v‘ • J - - . ■ ' ► : =’ ' a - • - •• r ZS-± T r • « k'------ • •, .- •■ v • ■• • . -

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