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ECHO 1959DEDICATION In appreciation of the guidance and concern they have shown us in the twelve years we have known them, we dedicate this Echo to all of our teachers in Clear Lake Schools. We hope you will accept this dedication as a token of real gratitude.Mr. F. C. LUNDBERG, B.S. Supervising Principal Mr. JACK B. ALLEN, B.S. Band Music Theory Mr. WILL C. BENKER, B.A. Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Physical Education Biology C Club Advisor Miss FLORENCE GRANT, B.S., M.ED. Physical Education English Pep Club Advisor 4Mr. EDWARD J. GRESCHNER, B.S. Agriculture FFA Advisor Freshman Class Advisor Mrs. ROBERTA A. JACOBSON, B.S. Home Economics FHA Advisor Freshman Class Advisor Mrs. IONA R. KELLY, B.A. English Mr. DONALD A. KUECHLER, B.S. Science Driver Training Junior Class Advisor 5 Mr. GEORGE E. LEHTO, B.S. High School Principal Social Studies Senior Class Advisor Mr. VELDON M. PAYNE, B.E. Business Education Crier Advisor Junior Class Advisor Mr. JANN J. PETERSON, B.A. Industrial Arts Assistant Football Coach Basketball Coach ” JtP Track Coach Mr. DONALD J. POZNIK, B.S. Mathematics Sophomore Class Advisor 6Mrs. COSETTE K. REGELMAN, B.S. French Library Forensics Sophomore Class Advisor Mrs. HELEN L. TORKELSON, B.A. Vocal Music AND IN THE OFFICE . . . Our secretaries, Mrs. Rosalie Wade and Mrs. Ethel DeCraciun. 7THE COOKS Mrs. Nilssen, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Hrdlichka, and Mrs. Oh}in in the kitchen of the new cafeteria. THE JANITORS Otto Danielson, Dean Stewart and Ernest Anderson. 8JOHN BARTHMAN The world is big but it doesn't frighten me. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Dance Band 3,4; All-Star Band 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Track 1,2; FFA Reporter 3. EILEEN BAUKOL "Eny" Her manner is quiet, but don't judge her by it. Choir 1,3; Annual Staff 4; Class Treasurer 4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,4. WILLIAM BRESLIN "Bud" He knows the football field isn't the only place one needs a line. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Class President 1; Dance Band 3,4; All-Star Band 3,4; FFA 1,2; Class Play 3; Forensics 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; C Club President 3; C Club Treasurer 4; Team Captain in Football 3,4; C Club 1,2,3,4. GARY BUHR A saint? A sinner? He's neither one, but even so he's lots of fun. Choir 1,2; Librarian 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Class President 4; Vice President 1; Crier Staff 2; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 4; Manager 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; C Club 3,4; C Club Secretary and Vice President 4; Prom Attendant 3; Basketball Captain 4. DAVID BENSON "Dave" Makes no difference whether I know what to argue or not; I always argue. Choir 1; Librarian 1; Annual Staff 4; Crier Staff 2; Forensics 4; Football 1; Manager 4; C Club 4. EUGENE BURNS "Gene" I want to be bashful, but the girls won't let me. Choir 1,3,4; Class President 2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; FFA Vice President 3; FFA President 4; C Club Treasurer 4; Sno-Ball Attendant 2; C Club 2,3,4; All-Star Choir 4.NORMAN CLAPSADDLE You can't always tell about those quiet people. Choir 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. ARLENE CLARK She's here; I heard her giggle. Choir 3; FHA 1; Class Play 4. VIRGINIA M. CHRISTENSEN "Ginger" Of all the treasures fair to see, a wedding is the thing for me. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1; Annual Staff 4; Dance Band 3,4; All-Star Band 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,3,4; Class Play 4; State Demonstration 3. JAMES CRESS "Jim" School? It's a necessary evil. FFA 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Football 1,2,4; Track 2; Baseball 1,4; FFA 4; Prom Attendant 3. DOUGLAS CHRISTENSEN "Doug"-"Pugger" Be what you are and speak what you think. LUCILLE CRESS "Butch" Just like a clock, always wound up and going. Band Sec.-Treas. 4; Band 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Vice President 2; All-Star Band 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Crier Staff 1,2; Class Play 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Queen 3.+ JEANETTE DETAR "Jeanie" It is a quiet worker who succeeds. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; All-Star Band 4; FHA 1; Pep Club 1,4. LYNN GALE Although I'm not very tall, I'd rather be short than not at all. Band 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2. DWAYNE DZUBAY "Duzby" A fellow among the best of fellows. Choir 1; Annual Staff 4; Dance Band 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 3,4; Manager 4; Annual Editor 4; C Club 3,4. MARY GILBERTSON Let the world go as it may, I will take it anyway. Band 1; Choir 1,2,4; Librarian 3; Annual Staff 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. DELMAR EMERSON "Del"-"Elmer" After the game is over, after the field is clear, pick up my nose and shoulder and help me find my ear. Choir 1,3; Class Vice President 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Baseball 1,2; FFA Treasurer 2; C Club President 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Prom Attendant 3; Sno-Ball Attendant 4; C Club 3,4. JANET HELLUM "Jan" I'm not always as bashful as I seem. Choir 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3.DONALD HEMAUER "Don" A man is rich according to what he gives. Choir 1,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Treasurer 2; FFA 1,2,4; Crier Staff 4; Class Play 4. MARVIN D. JOHNSON "Marv" Whatever you do, do it wisely and think of the consequences. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,4; Annual Staff 4; All-Star Band 3,4; FFA 1,2; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; All-Star Choir 4. RONALD LIEN "Ronnie" I came—I lingered-- I went. Band 1,2; Choir 1,2,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Football 1,2,4; Track 2; Baseball 2; Manager 2; Homecoming Attendant 1; All-Star Choir 4. SHELBY LILLIE I'll get there, slowly but surely. Choir 1,2,3,4; Librarian 2,3; FHA 1. CAROLYN KUHN Like granulated sugar, sweet and refined. Band 2,3,4; Choir 1; Annual Staff 4; All-Star Band 4; FHA 1,2; Crier Staff 4; Forensics 1,2; Homecoming Queen 4. MARLYS LOGAN I take my fun where I find it. Choir 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3.CATHERINE MARA "Cathie" What's the use of living if you can't enjoy yourself. Choir 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 2; FHA 1,2; Crier Staff 4; Class Play 3; Forensics 1,2; Sno-Ball Attendant 1. YVONNE MARTIN "Pooch" When there's nothing else to do nights, I study. Choir 1,2,3,4; Librarian 1; Annual Staff 4; Class Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 2; FHA 1,2, 3,4; FHA Vice President 3; President 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Crier Staff 1,2,3; Class Play 4; Forensics 1,2; Homecoming Attendant 1; Prom Attendant 3; Sno-Ball Queen 4. LOIS MAY ALA In scholarship she leads the list, she has the brains the others missed. Band Officer 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; All-Star Band 2,4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Treasurer 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Crier Staff 1,2,4; Class Play 3,4; Pep Club Vice President 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Sno-Ball Attendant 2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; All-Star Choir 4; State Music Festival 2. ELROY MINOR Here I am girls, Don't crowd. Choir 1,2,3,4; Librarian 2; FFA 4; Track 1,2,3,4. JOYCE MUCCIACCIARO The world belongs to the energetic. Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 1,2,3; Drum Major 4; Choir 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Crier Staff 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Homecoming Attendant 4. LOIS ORNER Life has a value only when it has something as its object. Choir 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1; Crier Staff 1; All-Star Choir 4.MARILYN PAULSON Has sighed at many but loves only one. Band 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Secretary 2; Class Treasurer 3; All-Star Band 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Crier Staff 1,2,3; Class Play 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Sno-Ball Attendant 4; Majorette 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3. EUGENE PITTMAN "Gene"-"Geno" Play and I'll play with you--work and you'll work alone. Band 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Sentinel 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Football Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3; C Club 1,2,3,4; Prom Attendant 3; Sno-Ball King 4, PATRICIA PAULSON "Patty" Sometimes glad, sometimes sad, often mischievous, never bad. Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; All-Star Band 3,4; Dance Band Vocalist 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Song Leader 3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Crier Staff 1,2; Class Play 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Majorette 1,2,3,4; All-Star Choir 4. DENNIS PRIEBE "Denny" School is where I go when I haven't anything better to do. FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Baseball 1,2,3; Captain 2,3; C Club 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Homecoming King 4. GEORGIAN PITTMAN "George" Mischief shines through her eyes. Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Crier Staff 1,2; Class Play 4; Prom Attendant 3. LARRY REINDAHL "Reindeer "-"Hoof" Don't you teachers know about child labor laws? Band 1,2; Choir 2,3; FFA 1,2,3,4.JANET ROTHE "Janny" It's nice to be natural if you're naturally nice. Choir 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Secretary 3; Glee Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 1; President 4; Crier Staff 1; Class Play 3,4; All-Star Choir 4. DIANNE SOMMERFELDT A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone. Band 1,2,3,4; President 4; Dance Band 3,4; All-Star Band 1,3,4; All-State Band 4; Choir 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Crier Staff 1,2,4; Glee Club 2; Class Vice-President 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Prom Attendant 3. 9 CARMEN RAE SMITH Generally speaking, she is generally speaking. Band 1,2,3; Choir 1; Annual Staff 3,4; Editor 3,4; Class President 3; FHA 1,2; Pep Club 4; Vice President 4; Crier Staff 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 1,2,4; Homecoming Attendant 4. HAROLD TRONRUD "Harry" There's room at the top but who wants to climb. FFA 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 4; Baseball 1. MAUREEN SMITH "Nanny" Happy am I, from care I'm free-why aren't they all contented like me? Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1; Annual Staff 4; All-Star Band 4; Crier Staff 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 1; FHA 1,2; Forensics 1,2,4; Class Play 4; Prom Attendant 3. LARRY TRONRUD Too much study weakens the brain. FFA 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; C Club 3,4.JOANN WITTHOFT "Jo" I agree with no man's opinion; I have some of my own. Choir 1,3; Annual Staff 4; Crier Staff 3,4; FHA 1; Pep Club 1,4; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 1,2. JOHN WITTHOFT "Jack" The less I learn, the less I have to remember. Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 3,4; All-Star Band 2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3; C Club 3,4; Prom King 3. BONNIE WOOD You can't always tell about those quiet people. Choir 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Librarian 2; FHA 1; Crier Staff 1. HELEN WRIGHT She appears as though she might be shy, but appearances do sometimes lie. Band 1; Annual Staff 4; FHA 1,4.CLASS HISTORY In September of 1955 Clear Lake High School welcomed our class of 52 green but eager freshmen. Our first big event was homecoming, and we won third prize on our float. As class officers we elected Bud Breslin--president; Gary Buhr--vice president; Maureen Smith--secretary; and Yvonne Martin--treasurer. Mrs. Porter, Mr. Greschner, and Mr. Bemardy were our class advisors. Our class returned to school as sophomores in the fall of 1956. This year our class membership dropped to 49. Homecoming was an important event to us again, and we won second prize on our float. Our class officers were Gene Burns--president; Lucille Cress--vice president; Marilyn Paulson--secretary; and Don Hemauer--treasurer. Our advisors were Miss Mahnke, Mrs. Kelly, and Mr. Payne. As juniors we found our class membership reduced to 46. This was a busy year. We won second prize on our homecoming float again. In December we got our class rings. The most important events were the class play, GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST, and the Prom. The theme for the Prom was "April in Paris"; the king was Jack Witthoft, and the queen was Lucille Cress. Our class officers were Carmen Smith--president; Delmar Emerson--vice president; Janet Rothe--secretary; and Marilyn Paulson--treasurer. Advising us were Mr. Sandberg, Mr. Banks, and Mr. Bernardy. We returned to school as seniors in September of 1958 to complete our high school days. Our membership remained at 46. This year we won first prize on our homecoming float. Other highlights were the class play, AH, MEN! and the class trip. Our officers were Gary Buhr--president; Dianne Sommerfeldt--vice president; Yvonne Martin--secretary; and Eileen Baukol--treasurer. Our advisor was Mr. Lehto. We were graduated on May 22, 1959. Marilyn Paulson and Lois Mayala were co-valedictorians, and Carmen Smith was salutatorian. WE ♦ ♦ ♦ Donnie Hemauer, the boy most likely to succeed. Dianne Sommerfeldt, the girl most likely to succeed. 18CLASS PROPHECY I see by my crystal ball that June 3, 1975, will be a great day for the Class of 1959. Would you like a peek? Dimpled master-of-ceremonies, Gary Buhr, steps dramatically to the edge of the stage and confides, "This is YOUR life, Pugger Christensen." Doug stumbles humbly to the front of the large auditorium. Soon we will begin meeting characters from the past of Douglas Christensen, Dean of Dennis Priebe’s Home for Delinquent Girls. After a short announcement from Tronrud Brothers' Maple Syrup, sponsor of This Is Your Life, Patty Paulson sings Pugger's favorite song, "When the Moon Comes Over the Brewery." Joyce Mucciacciaro struts out with the album containing snapshots from Pugger's past. Gary opens it to the first page where we see the grinning countenances of our guest's best buddies when he was in high school. Bud Breslin is now head of the WIAA. Dennis Priebe is fulfilling his life's ambition and is in partnership with Doug. Director Dave Benson tells the camera man, Rev. Marvin D. Johnson, to focus on some of Doug's relatives who are standing at the right of the stage. They were flown here by Arlene Clark airlines. Incidentally, David, who got the job as director because of his part as stage manager in the class plays, spends every nickel he earns trying to feed his 23 children. The relatives on the screen now are Virginia Christensen, the notorious divorcee of nightclub fame; Jo Witthoft, chief cook and bottle washer at the Priebe Home; and Jack Witthoft, consulting psychologist, whose main patient is the cook at the establishment, is another member of the Priebe staff. With them is Jeanette DeTar, another member of the staff. She heads the Medical Bureau. Doug’s smile fades as the one patient he couldn't save appears up left, Lucille Cress. She is supported by bartender Dwayne Dzubay, and bar fly, Maureen Smith. Lately, Carmen Smith, the toughest old bird in the army, has been trying to get her to enlist. The Major feels that army disciplining may do the trick. Renaldo Leno, leading tenor at the Metropolitan, and his guitarist, Larry Reindahl, are abroad. The rest of Doug's graduating class is in the audience, except for matinee idol, Gene Burns, who was hospitalized following an attack by one of his more exuberant fans, housewife Marilyn Paulson. She wanted a lock of his hair. In the front row is oil-man, John Barthman. He is the richest man present. Next to him is the girl the Class of 1959 voted most likely to succeed, Dianne Sommerfeldt. She did. Her children occupy the rest of the front row. In the second row is rancher Elroy Minor in his ten-gallon hat. Trying to see around it is librarian, Shelby Lillie. At her right are the heads of the largest maple-syrup producing corporation in the world, Larry and Harold Tronrud. With them are model. Carolyn Kuhn, and songstress, Patty Paulson, both of whom get around. They are the only members of the class who can afford such good seats on a night such as this one. From the balcony we hear the voices of Gene Pittman and Yvonne Martin who are still fighting. The two socialties, Jan Helium and Marlys Logan, are here and fairly dripping with jewels. They are watching the curtained box across from them where Donald Hemauer, the President of the United States, sits with his advisor, Jim Cress. They have come tonight to see Pugger and their old friends from Clear Lake. Georgian and Lois are here, naturally. On their world tour, they miss an event only when it occurs at the same time something more important is happening. Gangster Norman Clapsaddle is here under guard of his gun molls, Helen Wright and Lois Orner. Little does he know that private eyeball, Lynn Gale, is watching him. I'll bet there is going to be some excitement, but the illusion is fading, and we have not yet seen all of our old classmates. They all live in Clear Lake yet. Delmar Emerson has the first 2 minute-12 second car wash in the state. Eileen and Bonnie have opened a beauty shop next door for ladies who forget and go through Delmar's without putting up the tops of their convertibles. Mary Gilbertson and Janet Locke (nee Rothe) are leading the ladies' club with 6 children apiece. Last but not least, Catherine Mara has disproved an ancient theory and is now a cowboy. 1 guess we'll just have to wait until our next class reunion to see if the rest of our prophecy is true. 19CLASS WILL I, John Barthman, will my freckles to Deborah Holldorf. I, Eileen Baukol, will my quiet ways to John Madden. I, David Benson, will my ability to argue to MaryAnn Frank. I, William Breslin, will my ability to stay away from girls to Orvin Hedquist. I, Gary Buhr, will my acting ability to Marlene Knutson, and Kathy Hornick. I, Eugene Burns, will my agricultural ability to Ronnie Anderson. I, Norman Clapsaddle, will my ability to study to Dawn Johnson, i, Virginia Christensen, will my ability to go steady to Bonnie Peterson. I, Douglas Christensen, will my perfect attendance in school to Joan Lenselink. I, Arlene Clark, will my giggle to Paul Setter. I, James Cress, will my blue Ford to Connie Paulson and Ruth Austinson. 1, Lucille Cress, will my sneezes to David Wahlstrom. I, Jeanette DeTar, will my chemistry book to Richard Briesemeister. I, Dwayne Dzubay, will my accordion to Darrel Kuhn. I, Delmar Emerson, will my speedy ways to Gordon Hammons. I, Lynn Gale, will my jokes to Janice Gasper and Jim Stoltz. I, Mary Gilbertson, will my pretty black hair to Sharon Lien. I, Jan Helium, will my hair dye to Bernelda Anderson. I, Donald Hemauer, will my interest in science to Jerry Cress. I, Marvin Johnson, will my camera to LaVonne Peterson. I, Carolyn Kuhn, will my good figure to George Anderson. I, Ronnie Lien, will my illegal mufflers to Ronnie Fox. I, Shelby Lillie, will my height to Sharon Gilbertson. I, Marlys Logan, will my shyness to Carlton Frohreich. I, Catherine Mara, will my exciting life to Carol Frank and Harvey Amundson. I, Yvonne Martin, will my "Good driving" to Pat Steinberger. I, Lois Mayala, will my cheering ability to Earl Larson and Larry DeTar. I, Elroy Minor, will my 20-20 vision to Loren Johnson. I, Joyce Mucciacciaro, will my baton twirling to Larry Lien. I, Marilyn Paulson, will my sewing skill to Kenneth Gouker. I, Patricia Paulson, will my singing ability to Stanley Payne and Bob Eggert. I, Lois Orner, will my blush to Gary Rothe and Joy Wilson. I, Georgian Pittman, will my "Boardinghouse" to Bill Skapyak. I, Eugene Pittman, will my curls to Jeff Hilton and Janice Buhr. I, Dennis Priebe, will my dimples to Dick Neumann. 1, Larry Reindahl, will my long hair to Richard Hammelman. 1, Janet Rothe, will my place in the trio to Tyrone Asp. 1, Carmen Smith, will my skill in shorthand to Carol Ostenson. 1, Maureen Smith, will my place on the honor roll to Everett Rogers. 1, Dianne Sommerfeldt, will my cooking talents to Keith and Kent Larson. I, Harold Tronrud, will my he-man physique to Susan Linn and Sandy Campbell. I, Larry Tronrud, will my good times to Charles Olson. I, Jack Witthoft, will my sleeping in class to Yvonne Briesemeister. I, JoAnn Witthoft, will my typing ability to John Oliver. I, Bonnie Wood, will my soft voice to John Petersen and Lynn Torkelson. I, Helen Wright, will my athletic talents to Lyle Banks. 20SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS E. Baukol, G. Buhr, D. Sommerfeldt, Mr. Lehto, Y. Martin THIRTEEN-YEAR STUDENTS D. Hemauer, G. Burns, D. Benson, P. Paulson, M. Johnson, J. Witthoft, J. DeTar, R. Lien, J. Helium, G. Buhr, G. Pittmen, J. Witthoft, Y. Martin, M. PaulsonJUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: J. Buhr, J. Lenselink, C. Paulson, P. Steinberger, M. Frank, J. Daniel, L. Peterson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kuechler, O. Hedquist, Y. Briesemeister, C. Ostenson, M. Knutson, R. Briesemeister, S. Campbell, Mr. Payne. THIRD ROW: B. Peterson, S. Lien, K. Hornick, D. Kuhn, E. Roger, K. Larson, R. Neuman, R. Austinson, J. Gasper, D. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: C. Fronhreich, J. Hilton, L. Detar, E. Larson, S. Linn, C. Frank, T. Asp, D. Wahlstrom, B. Skapyak, L. Lien, S. Gilbertson. FIFTH ROW: J. Wilson, L. Tor kelson, J. Madden, G. Rothe, H. Amundsen, P. Setter, K. Larson, J. Stoltz, K. Gouker, R. Fox, L. Johnson. SIXTH ROW: D. Hoiidorf, J. Oliver, G. Hammons, J. Cress, R. Hammelman, C. Olson, B. Eggert, L. Banks, J. Petersen, R. Anderson. MISSING: B. Anderson, G. Anderson, S. Payne. Junior Class Officers and Advisors Mr. Kuechler, C. Paulson, J. Hilton, D. Hoiidorf, Y. Briesemeister, Mr. Payne.SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: B. Briesemeister, M. Grosbeck, P. Burg, R. Felland, B. Anderson, D. Briesemeister, L. Vance, L. Swagger. SECOND ROW: Mr. Poznik, B. Rundquist, D. Johnson, L. Christensen, G. Danielson, C. Larson, V. Pittman, N. Olson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Regelman, S. Lillie, L. Nelson, D. Johnson, J. Clapsaddle, M. Newville, M. Christensen, A. Torkelson, J. Hemauer, J. Streif, D. Logan. FOURTH ROW: D. Martin, V. Pittman, C. Lee, B. Christensen, D. Witthoft, L. Titel, D. Wahlstrom, M. Rothe, R. Lenselink, B. Booth. FIFTH ROW: R. Wallen, D. Nordby, K. Dado, B. Mortimer, D. Johnson, G. Smith, S. Brinkmeyer, V. Graese, P. Clark, P. Burg, D. Scherf. SIXTH ROW: D. Nelson, L. Eggert, M. Omer, G. Lehto, G. Tulgren, J. Witthoft, J. Kuhn, M. Sias, V. Barthman, R. Nordahl, D. Ohlin. Sophomore Class Officers and Advisors FIRST ROW: D. Ohlin, G. Lehto, S. Lillie, R. Lenselink. SECOND ROW: Mr. Poznik, Mrs. Regelman. 25FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: R. Muchie, L. Logan, K. Johnson, G. Arndt, P. Forsyth, T. Erickson, J. Setter, L. Hilton, B. Larson. SECOND ROW: D. Witthoft, J. Johnson, M. Church, B. Cress, P. Elrod, R. Buhr, F. Wade, C. Mara, Mrs. Jacobson. THIRD ROW: J. Arbogast, R. Johnson, K. Bauerfield, D. Jensen, B. DeTar, L. Repp, K. Burns, D. Hawkins, S. Hanson, C. Mayala, D. Lillie, M. Sommerfeldt, Mr. Greschner. FOURTH ROW: C. Anderson, B. Benson, M. Beestman, W. Banks, M. Christensen, J. Kuhn, C. Austinson, F. Titel, S. Buhr, J. Buhr, T. Anderson, M. Lillie, K. Payne, A. Paulson, C. Johnson. FIFTH ROW: L. Paulson, L. Kuhn, D. Pittman, P. Madden, N. Wittstock, K. Johnson, J. Homick, T. Olson, L. Vanderpool, S. Steinberger, M. Stewart, B. Moll. SIXTH ROW: R. Running, B. Clemmens, B. Stumo, B. Shafer, D. Bliese, T. Doe, J. Steinberger, L. Lorentzen, D. Danielson, L. Hawkins, J. Johnson, F. Austinson, J. Paulson. Freshman Class Officers and Advisors Jan Arbogast, Cheryl Mayala, Mr. Greschner, Loren Paulson, Mrs. Jacobson, Karen Bauerfield. 26FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: S. Erickson, W. Banks, E. Minor, D. Johnson, G. Danielson, V. Pittman, F. Wade, O. Hedquist, W. Cress, L. Logan. SECOND ROW: D. Logan, L. Nelson, G. Arndt, B. Moll, R. Wahlstrom, D. Bliese, J. Johnson, J. Hemauer, J. Buhr, Mr. Greschner. THIRD ROW: D. Kuhn, J. Barthman, C. Mara, R. Wallen, D. Nordby, K. Dado, P. Berg, D. Hemauer, D. Priebe, J. Hilton, L. Vanderpool, T. Olson. FOURTH ROW: B. Mortimer, K. Larson, D. Wahlstrom, G. Bums, J. Steinberger, S. Brinkmeyer, D. Johnson, L. Gale, L. Hawkins, V. Graese, K. Clark, L. Eggert. FIFTH ROW: L. Johnson, P. Setter, H. Amundson, R. Nordahl, J. Cress, M. Sias, D. Emerson, K. Larson, D. Nelson, G. Smith, W. Schafer, B. Stumo. SIXTH ROW: V. Barthman, J. Cress, R. Lien, D. Christensen, J. Kuhn, R. Hammelman, C. Olson, R. Eggert, N. Clapsaddle, G. Pittman, H. Tronrud, L. Reindahl. F. F. A. Officers and Advisor FIRST ROW: Mr. Greschner, H. Amundson, R. Hammelman. SECOND ROW: J. Cress, G. Bums, D. Emerson, J. Hilton. 28F. F. A. ACTIVITIES Gene Smith gave his prize-winning speech at the FFA Banquet. Gene gave his speech at the State FFA Convention at Green Lake this summer. Richard Hammelman awarding Jim Locke with the honorary chapter farmer's award. Jim received this award for going out of his way taking pictures of our previous banquets and writing articles for the FFA. Gene Burns, president of the local chapter, welcomed FFA members, parents, and special guests to the FFA Banquet. 29FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: B. DeTar, N. Olson, L. Mayala, J. Rothe, Y. Martin, M. Paulson, Y. Briesemeister, C. Larson, P. Paulson, D. Scherf. SECOND ROW: R. Muchie, L. Hilton, B. Larson, M. Grosbeck, C. Paulson, P. Steinberger, R. Felland, G. Pittman, L. Peterson, J. Lenselink, K. Johnson, J. Setter. THIRD ROW: M. Sommerfeldt, J. Arbogast, C. Mayala, S. Hanson, D. Jensen, D. Briesemeister, K. Bums, D. Hawkins, J. Kuhn, L. Christensen, M. Logan, J. Helium, K. Bauerfield, M. Knutson, P. Berg, Mrs. Jacobson. FOURTH ROW: J, Muchie, D. Sommerfeldt, S. Buhr, C. Johnson, A. Paulson, K. Payne, P. Elrod, D. Johnson, M. Christensen, J. Clapsaddle, A. Torkelson, C. Austinson, B. Benson, C. Anderson, L. Cress. FIFTH ROW: B. Anderson, D. Johnson, V. Christensen, J. Gasper, R. Lenselink, K. Hornick, J. Homick, P. Madden, K. Johnson, H. Wright, S. Steinberger, S. Lien, B. Peterson, B. Booth, M. Newville. SIXTH ROW: N. Wittstock, D. Martin, M. Rothe, M. Stewart, C. Lee, E. Baukol, J. Wilson, L. Lorentzen, D. Holl-dorf, C. Frank, L. Kuhn, S. Gilbertson, V. Pittman, B. Clemmens. F. H. A. Officers FIRST ROW: L. Mayala, Y. Briesemeister, Y. Martin, M. Paulson, J. Rothe. SECOND ROW: P. Paulson, C. Larson, D. Scherf, N. Olson, B. DeTar, Mrs. Jacobson."C” CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Dzubay, J. Witthoft, G. Buhr, L. Tronrud, G. Pittman. SECOND ROW: K. Larson, G. Lehto, J. Hilton, D. Johnson, G. Smith, G. Bums. THIRD ROW: Mr. Peterson, J. Kuhn, S. Payne, J. Witthoft, R. Hammel-man, J. Petersen, D. Benson, Mr. Benker. "C” Club Officers Gene Bums, Gary Buhr, John Petersen 31PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: N. Wittstock, D. Briesemeister, B. Peterson, L. Mayala, P. Paulson, J. Lenselink, D. Martin, R. Muchie. SECOND ROW: L. Hilton, M. Grosbeck, D. Som-merfeldt, J. Muchie, G. Pittman, Miss Grant, P. Burg, P. Steinberger, C. Paulson, K. Johnson. THIRD ROW: J. Arbogast, K. Bauerfield, D. Jensen, L. Cress, Y. Briesemeister, C. Larson, M. Logan, C. Johnson, L. Christensen, J. DeTar, P. Elrod, M. Beestman, M. Sommerfeldt. FOURTH ROW: B. Anderson, C. Mayala, K. Burns, K. Payne, A. Torkelson, J. Clapsaddle, M. Newville, D. Johnson, M. Christensen, M. Knutson, B. Benson, A. Paulson, C. Anderson, S. Hanson, R. Felland. FIFTH ROW: N. Olson, J. Helium, M. Paulson, J. Gasper, K. Johnson, P. Madden, R. Lenselink, L. Steinberger, L. Kuhn, V. Christensen, C. Austinson, D. Johnson, J. Kuhn. SIXTH ROW: C. Smith, B. Booth, V. Pittman, M. Rothe, C. Frank, Y. Martin, J. Wilson, B. Clem-mens, J. Rothe, D. Scherf, S. Gilbertson, S. Lien, C. Lee. Pep Club Officers Connie Larson, Joy Wilson, Miss Grant, Carmen Smith, Janet Rothe.CHEERLEADERS "A” Team Joan Lenselink, Bonnie Peterson, Lois Mayala, Patty Paulson. "B” Team 33ANNUAL STAFF FIRST ROW: C. Smith, C. Kuhn, J. Muchie, M. Paulson, M. Smith, D. Hemauer. SECOND ROW: D. Sommerfeldt, C. Mara, G. Pittman, P. Paulson, L. Mayala, D. Dzubay. THIRD ROW: V. Christensen, J. Witthoft, L. Cress, J. Rothe, Y. Martin, M. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: D. Holldorf, Mr. Payne, Mr. Lehto, D. Benson, G. Buhr. Annual Editors Carmen Smith, Deborah Holldorf, Dwayne Dzubay. 34CRIER STAFF FIRST ROW: C. Smith, C. Kuhn, J. Muchie, M. Smith, L. Peterson, N. Wittstock, J. Arbogast, P. Elrod, K. Payne. SECOND ROW: D. Sommerfeldt, C. Mara, R. Lenselink, M. Christensen, J. Lenselink, M. Grosbeck. THIRD ROW: V. Christensen, J. Witthoft, L. Cress, C. Larson, D. Scherf, A. Torkelson, Y. Briesemeister. FOURTH ROW: D. Holldorf, G. Smith, Mr. Payne, S. Payne, D. Hemauer. Crier Editor At left, is pictured our busy Crier editor, Susan Linn. For her hard work on the school paper as a freshman and sophomore, Susan was rewarded by being named editor when she was only a junior. Everyone appreciates all of Susan's efforts toward a fine school paper. 35FORENSICS FIRST ROW: J. Lenselink, L. Vance, K. Payne, C. Smith, M. Smith, Y. Briesemeister, M. Grosbeck. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Regelman, J. Arbogast, C. Paulson, N. Wittstock, J. Setter, C. Lee, L. Kuhn, J. Wilson, M. Knutson, A. Torkelson, S. Campbell. THIRD ROW: M. Johnson, D. Benson, G. Smith, G. Buhr, R. Anderson, L. Torkelson, J. Petersen, D. Nordby, L. Nelson. State Forensics A. Torkelson, G. Smith, Mrs. Regelman, L. Torkelson, J. Lenselink, N. Wittstock. 36HOMECOMING 1958 FIRST ROW: K. Bauerfield, D. Somerfeldt, J. Paulson, T. Martin, D. Martin, J. Muchie. SECOND ROW: C. Smith, C. Paulson, L. Mayala. THIRD ROW: W. Shafer, J. Kuhn, B. Johnson, B. Skapyak, D. Priebe, C. Kuhn, K. Gouker, J. Mayala, D. Emerson. King Denny and ueen Carolyn. The Senior float carrying King Denny and the five queen candidates.The Junior float, second only to the Seniors! Victor Pittman cooked the Sophomores' gruesome menu. The Freshman Class theme, "Rack 'em Up," with Sandy Hanson and Linda Hilton. The Pep Club float carried the attendants.JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1958 FIRST ROW: J. Witthoft, C. Smith, L. Mayala, J. Muchie, J. Rothe, M. Paulson, C. Mara. SECOND ROW: B. Breslin, P. Paulson, G. Bums, G. Buhr, D. Dzubay, M. Johnson. SENIOR CLASS PLAY 1959 SITTING: G. Pittman, C. Smith, J. Muchie, J. Rothe, A. Clark, L. Mayala, M. Paulson, P. Paulson. STANDING: R. Lien, D. Benson, J. Cress, D. Sommerfeldt, D. Dzubay, G. Buhr, G. Bums, L. Cress, M. Johnson, J. Witthoft, D. Emerson, M. Smith, D. Hemauer, C. Kuhn, Y. Martin, Mr. Kuechler.LIBRARIANS L. Christensen, J. Oliver, J. Newville, J. Buhr, K. Johnson, Mrs. Regelman. BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW: A. Monson, G. Anderson, K. Schultz, R. Buhr. SECOND ROW: F. Kuhn, L. Drier, B. Lien, C. Wood. 42CONCERT FIRST ROW: L. Mayala, M. Paulson, J. Lenselink, D. Martin, R. Muchie, M. Stewart, P. Madden. SECOND ROW: L. Cress, R. Lenselink, M. Smith, S. Lien, S. Linn, B. Benson, M. Johnson, A. Paulson, A. Torkelson, C. Kuhn. THIRD ROW: V. Pittman, P. Paulson, J. Muchie, B. Anderson, M. Newville, J. Daniel, M. Beestman, J. Homick, V. Barthman, B. Stumo, D. Swagger, L. Nelson, T. Asp. FOURTH ROW: R. Felland, B. Clemmens, F. Titel, L. Hilton, M, Grosbeck, Y. Briesemeister, K. Bauerfield, Mr. Allen, D. Jensen, E. Larson, B. Danielson. Band Officers and Director Lucille Cress, Dianne Sommerfeldt, Lois Mayala, Mr. Allen. 44BAND FIRST ROW: C. Anderson, S. Hanson, C. Mayala, N. Olson, J. Buhr, D. Scherf. SECOND ROW: B. DeTar, L. Peterson, L. Kuhn, C. Johnson, B. Larson, S. Gilbertson, V. Christensen, M. Sommerfeldt, D. Sommerfeldt. THIRD ROW: D. Wahlstrom, J. DeTar, D. Wahlstrom, K. Dado, C. Frohreich, J. Petersen, C. Paulson, C. Larson, L. Steinberger, N. Wittstock, J. Arbogast, J. Wilson, B. Peterson. FOURTH ROW: J. Steinberger, S. Payne, K. Payne, R. Johnson, J. Witthoft, R. Buhr, J. Streif, L. DeTar, S. Brinkmeyer, O. Hedquist, K. Larson, L. Paulson, D. Ohlin, J. Barthman, W. Breslin. Band Graduates FIRST ROW: C. Kuhn, M. Smith, V. Christensen, D. Sommerfeldt, L. Cress, J. DeTar. SECOND ROW: L. Mayala, P. Paulson, J. Muchie, Mr. Allen. THIRD ROW: M. Johnson, J. Barthman, J. Witthoft, W. Breslin. 45MAJORETTES Joyce Muchie, Diane Martin, Marilyn Paulson, Patty Paulson DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: J. Petersen, R. Lenselink, J. Wilson, B. Peterson, S. Gilbertson, D. Sommerfeldt, V. Christensen, Mr. Allen. SECOND ROW: W. Breslin, J. Barthman, D. Ohlin, T. Asp, K. Dado, C. Frohreich. THIRD ROW: E. Larson, S. Payne, D. Scherf, D. Dzubay, J. Witthoft. 46Shown here with Mr. Allen, Dianne Sommerfeldt and Carlton The Blu-Notes played for Governor Frohreich, were participants of the All-State Band. Nelson's Clear Lake reception. BAND PERFORMANCES Sept. 5 tsoyceville football show Sept. 6 Amery Fall Festival parade Sept. 26 Shell Lake football show Oct. 10 Tony football show Oct. 24 Prairie Farm football show Homecoming parade Homecoming Dance--Blu-Notes Nov. 1 Democratic political rally--Blu-Notes Dec. 6 Gov. Nelson's Clear Lake reception--Blu-Notes Dec. 12 Pep band Shell Lake game Dec. 15 Christmas concert Dec. 16 Pep band Roberts game Jan. 11-13 Dianne and Carl attended All-State Band Jan. 16 Pep band Turtle Lake game Jan. 23 Pep band Clayton game Feb. 5 Band clinic at Clayton Feb. 9 Pep band Prairie Farm game March 15 Sunday afternoon pop concert April 7 Student dance for visiting choirs--Blu-Notes April 11 Solo contest River Falls April 18 Band contest River Falls May 2 State Solo contest May 14 Annual spring concert May 22 Commencement May 23 Post Office dedication May 30 Memorial Day parade and concert June 9 Creamery Day STATE SOLO CONTEST Three soloists participated at the state solo contest May 2 at Madison. Their ratings were: Dianne Sommerfeldt I Marilyn Paulson II Donna Scherf II 47FIRST ROW: Mrs. Torkelson, D. Scherf, R. Muchie, B. Larson, D. Hawkins, D. Detar, P. Paulson, J. Helium, M. Logan, B. Booth, S. Buhr, M. Grosbeck, G. Pittman, C. Paulson, L. Hilton, J. Setter. SECOND ROW: S. Lillie, B. Rundquist, A. Torkelson, C. Johnson, C. Ostenson, C. Austinson, L. Orner, L. Lorentzen, M. Rothe, J. Clap-saddle, L. Christensen, P. Burg, J. Kuhn, D. Briesemeister, K. Bums, K. Johnson. THIRD ROW: K. Johnson, B. Wood, D. Johnson, C. Lee, M. Stewart, M. Newviiie, F. Austinson, Y. Martin, B. Clemmens, J. Rothe, L. Kuhn, L. Mayala, P. Madden, M. Christensen, R. Lenselink, P. Elrod. FOURTH ROW: E. Minor, B. Christensen, D. Hemauer, G. Bums, J. Paulson, M. Johnson, G. Tulgren, M. Clapsaddle, L. Torkelson, R. Lien, G. Smith, B. Mortimer, L. Titel, J. Streif, J. Hemauer. CHOIR PERFORMANCES Nov. 11 Veterans Day Program Dec. 15 Christmas Concert Jan. 12 All-Star County Choir April 7 Choir Clinic April 11 Solo Festival April 18 Choir Festival April 23 Spring Concert May 17 BaccalaureateFOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW: V. Barthman, B. Stumo, D. Johnson, D. Pittman, B. Breslin, G. Pittman, G. Lehto, K. Gouker, J. Cress, K. Larson, R. Fox. SECOND ROW: Mr. Benker, D. Emerson, R. Lien, J. Witthoft, G. Hammons, R. Hammelman, B. Skapyak, R. Danielson, D. Witthoft, Mr. Peterson. THIRD ROW: D. Priebe, G. Buhr, D. Dzubay, D. Benson, G. Burns, A. Klatt, J. Kuhn, D. Nelson, V. Pittman, F. Wade. Season’ Clear Lake......................................... 21 Clear Lake.......................................... 0 Clear Lake......................................... 27 Clear Lake.......................................... 6 Clear Lake......................................... 32 Clear Lake......................................... 12 Clear Lake......................................... 24 Clear Lake......................................... 14 Record Boyceville.......................................... 0 Weyerhauser........................................ 38 Clayton............................................ 19 Shell Lake......................................... 19 Siren.............................................. 18 Tony............................................... 19 Turtle Lake........................................ 32 Prairie Farm....................................... 20FIRST ROW: Bud Breslin, Jim Cress, Denny Priebe. SECOND ROW: Delmar Emerson, Gene Bums, Ronnie Lien. THIRD ROW: Gene Pittman. Captains and Coaches: Mr. Peterson, Gene Pittman, Bud Breslin, and Mr. Benker. 51KNEELING: D. Dzubay, G. Buhr, D. Benson. STANDING: J. Hilton, D. Priebe, C. Frohreich, R. Fox, D. Emerson, C. Olson, R. Hammelman, K. Gouker, W. Breslin, R. Anderson, W. Skapyak, Mr. Peterson. "A” Team BASKETBALL TEAMS "B” Team KNEELING: Mr. Benker, D. Johnson. STANDING: L. Paulson, R. Buhr, W. Shafer, J. Kuhn, J. Witt-hoft, G. Lehto, R. Danielson, D. Witthoft, D. Witthoft, D. Johnson. 52SENIOR WARRIORS Denny Ptiebe Bud Breslin Delmar Emerson Gary Buhr Season’s Record Clear Lake.......................... 32 Clear Lake........................... 45 Clear Lake........................... 36 Clear Lake........................... 52 Clear Lake........................... 57 Clear Lake........................... 54 Clear Lake........................... 50 Clear Lake........................... 48 Clear Lake........................... 55 Clear Lake........................... 42 Clear Lake........................... 60 Clear Lake........................... 72 Clear Lake........................... 54 Clear Lake........................... 45 Clear Lake . . . ;................. 49 Amery.................................. 56 Clayton................................ 63 Shell Lake............................. 64 Roberts................................ 45 Siren.................................. 47 Eleva-Strum............................ 64 Prairie Farm........................... 68 Turtle Lake........................... 57 Shell Lake............................. 73 Amery.................................. 75 Siren.................................. 54 Roberts................................ 79 Prairie Farm........................... 55 Turtle Lake............................ 48 Turtle Lake............................ 86 53FIRST ROW: H. Wienke, W. Shafer, J. Hilton, V. Pittman, D. Johnson, D. Johnson, B. Christensen, R. Buhr, G. Bums, D. Witthoft. SECOND ROW: Mr. Benker, L. Repp, J. Steinberger, D. Nelson, G. Lehto, D. Danielson, J. Kuhn, J. Witthoft, J. Cress, S. Brinkmeyer, L. Vanderpool, G. Buhr. BASEBALL TEAM TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: K. Larson, D. Logan, P. Setter, J. Petersen, L. Torkelson, L. Lien, R. Briesemeister. SECOND ROW: M. Christensen, F. Wade, T. Doe, K. Larson, H. Tronrud, D. Dzubay, R. Hammelman, S. Payne, B. Eggert, D. Ohlin, R. Nordahl, L. Eggert, B. Stumo, Mr. Peterson.Baseball Record Clear Lake............................ 2 Clear Lake............................ 7 Clear Lake............................ 3 Clear Lake............................ 1 Clear Lake............................ 5 Cameron............................... 22 Turtle Lake............................ 6 Shell Lake............................ 13 Prairie Farm........................... 9 Clayton................................ 4 Track Season The first track meet was between Clayton, Turtle Lake, Prairie Farm, and Clear Lake. Clear Lake finished fourth. At the Lakeland Conference Track Meet we were more successful. Clear Lake finished third out of eight teams. Gordy Hammons finished first in the 100-yard dash. At the sectional track meet Gordy finished first in the 100-yard dash. He will run at the state track meet this spring. It will be his third year in state competition. Action!! The team was in the muddle . . . 55Stretch, Bill! All the way for a touchdown, Bud! Where'd my blockers go? Nice rebound, Rich!Where do you think you're going, Gary? Up and at 'em ! "We're loyal to you, Clear Lake High!"Get away! Get away!! All in favor, raise their hands. Step this way, gentlemen!Lay it up, Gary! Missed it, Bud. Whom are you mad at, Doberman? Who has the handwarmer?GRADUATION Carmen Smith gave the Salutatory. Lois Mayala gave the Valedictory. 60 Marilyn Paulson also gave a Valedictorian Address. Dianne Sommerfeldt entertained us with her fine saxophone solo.MAY 22, 1959 We were addressed by Mr. Clarence W. Gray on the subject of "Youth Unlimited." Mr. Lundberg presented the sixteen honor students with their awards. 61 Dianne Sommerfeldt and Gary Buhr were presented with the American Legion Award by Neil Nilssen The Senior Class of 1959. oB B CLOTHING Clothing and Shoes For the Entire Family. Amery Wisconsin M M CAFE Pleasing You Pleases Us CHICKEN STEAK SEAFOODS Phone 2523 Clear Fake, Wisconsin Marjorie and Wendell The Union State Bank is at your service with complete facilities and helpful service to meet AT.I. your banking requirements ALL of the time. Make the Union State your financial headquarters. UNION STATE BANK Amery, Wisconsin Member FDIC Checking Accounts Certificates of Deposit Savings Accounts Loan Department Safe Deposit Facilities Auction Sale Service BANK OF CLEAR LAKE Checking and Savings Accounts Loans and Insurance The Bank of Personal Service Member of FDIC NORTH TOWN SERVICE STATION Mobil—Gas, Oil, Batteries Accessories DAIRY HOME Dean Soderberg LaMoyne Emerson Compliments of GROSKOP CHIROPRACTIC OFFICES STENBERG Furniture and Funeral Service Amery, Wisconsin Phone 8-7111 THE CLEAR LAKE STAR at Clear Lake Where Polk County’s Largest Creamery Is Located PUBLISHING COMMERCIAL PRINTING NORTHED STATES POWER COMPANY 50 years of public service STATE BANK OF DEER PARK Deer Park Wisconsin Insurance of all kinds Member FDIC SJOBECK’S MEN’S STORE CLOTHING and SHOES Amery WisconsinHAMMER Furniture and Funeral Service Floor Coverings, Juvenile Furniture Luggage, Ambulance Service Clear Lake Wisconsin CHET JOHNSON DRUGS Amery and Rice Lake Jewelry Bulova, Elgin, and Wyler Watches Diamonds Argus, Kodak, Bell and Howell, Polaroid Photo Supplies CLEAROL OIL CO. Pure Oil Distributor Pontiac Cars—GV1C Trucks Minneapolis-Moline Power Phone 3295 Where the Home Begins CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY R. L. Peirson, Manager Sherwin-Williams Paints Builders Hardware—Premium Coal Architectural Service Compliments of ANDERSON FAIRWAY Don Anderson, Gladys V. Anderson Sharon Asp, Mildred Yelle Katherine Asp, Helen Westphal Gary Tulgren G R STORE Costume Jewelry—Watches Fountain Service, Sodas, Malts Cosmetics, Gifts, Hallmark Cards Jane Garrott Candies Veterinary Supplies Congratulations to the Class of ’59 NILSSEN’S CASH STORE Phone 4665 Good Things To Eat and Wear Since 1903 REEVE LOCKERS Paul and Carol Streif, Proprietors Food Lockers Cutting Grinding Sharp Freezing Wrapping Meats by the Pound, Quarter, Half Compliments of L. MICHAEL AND SON Cleaners and Tailors Compliments of AMERY DAIRY QUEEN The Cone With the Curl On Top Molly Hemauer, Prop. LLOYD KELLY’S BARBER SHOP Clear Lake Wisconsin CAMPION WRECKING YARD Dealer in Metals WOOD’S SPORT SHOP CLAYTON and ELSIE WOOD Hunting and Fishing Equipment Fast Film Service T. S. NILSSEN HARDWARE Maytag WashersCHRISTENSON IMPLEMENT CO. Dealer in John Deere Farm Implements Phone 8-7763 Amery Wisconsin Compliments of CHAS. AND FLO. PETERSEN Real Estate and Paints Compliments of CHARLIE ANDPHOEBE NORDAHL “Not How Much We Get For What We Give, But How much We Give For What We Get.” AMERY FLORIST Phone 8-7522 PAULSON’S VARIETY Clint and Lorraine Phone 2465 The Friendly Store of Lower Prices Men’s, W'omen’s and Children’s Wear SCHIRMANG’S INC. Clear Lake Wisconsin Compliments °f MIDWAY BAR Clear Lake, Wisconsin ZEPHYR BUS DEPOT Phone 2155 Clear Lake Wisconsin Compliments of GENE WADE Sand and Gravel Phone 3385 Clear Lake, Wisconsin DEER’S FOOD LOCKER Jesse J. Waidelich, Prop. Deer Park, Wisconsin CLEAR LAKE HARDWARE Holger Petersen WOOD PLUMBING, HEATING, AND APPLIANCES Phone 3175 Seniors: may your memories be lasting. Success and happiness be yours. INTER-STATE LUMBER CO. Phone 2665 Hilding Paulson, Mgr. SCHULZE’S STORE General Merchandise DANIELSON DRUG Prescription Specialists Phone 8-7184 Amery Wisconsin WOOD IMPLEMENT Allis-Chalmers New Holland New Idea ANDERSON-JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY Clear Lake, Wisconsin Phone 2395 Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service BOCHERT FURNITURE AND FUNERAL SERVICE Phone 40 Clayton, WisconsinFlour, Feeds and Seeds Fertilizers, Liquid Molasses Cleaning and Treating Grain GAMBLES STORE DADO’S REEVE STATION THE FARMERS’ MILLS Clear Lake DOUGHBOY and KING MIDAS FEEDS HALLIDAY’S STORE JOHNNY’S BAR Reeve, Wisconsin Reeve, Wisconsin John Dzubay, Prop. AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

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