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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1953 volume:

1953 ECHO CLEAR LAKE HIGH SCHOOL Clear Lake, Wisconsin BJ 2 hltaiwn 1,111 115 1 0111' 111111 .1L1 ty 111 QL 11111 10111 5011 .1 11 15 111 t,11t,1Dt1 115 111111111 0111111511 bL1oo1 11fe O 9 1115 50111111 611.155 111 111513, 11sc111' '- 11 ' 1111111131 0 p' I 5, 1' 111 ,1 11. '1 11 d--V11 K-11141 Limd er- , Mr, 2111111111 51111111 '1111 511. 1 111 N11-5611, 11, 11110, 111111111121 111e1r 1111L1erst:111L1111gg111d 111:1111z11cq c111 - ff '1 1111 ', nnual Siaff we VJ YL? FIRST ROW: D. Moe,W. Johnson,J. Barthman,Mr. Larson,P. Fox, S. Olson, J. Campion, E. Kuhn. SECOND ROW G. Larson, M. Peterson, E. Banks, N. Olson, D. Hanson, D. Paulson, L. Emerson, D. Lundberg. THIRD ROW: E Swanson, H. Monson, B. Newville, S. Clark, M. Mitchell, D. Olson, B. Paulson, D. Hunziker. ANNUAL STAFF AT WORK SC, - KJ fx, STANDING: Mr. Larson, Bill, Jerry, Phyllis. SITTING: John, Shirley. 7 3 lass rnphcrg On May Z9 1963 Donald Paulson a world famous artist suddenly got a brain storm He decided to go back to his home town of Clear Lake and paint a lake scene His wife Nee Phyllis Fox decided to come along to see her old friends and lend him inspiration Upon arriving at Clear Lake they found that the population and industry had grown tremendously They decided to stay at the Lake View Resort They went to the office to make reservations and to their surprise they recognized the familiar face of Dale Hanson who was the owner They started talking about hlgh school memories and decided to have a class reunion Dale phoned the Clear Lake Information Bureau and Bertie Bulman the operator answered the phone He told her of their plan She said she had the names of fellow classmen who worked in Clear Lake and she could also gain access to information on those in different parts of the United States Dale had his secretary notify all of those living in Clear Lake and she sent out invitations to those in the various parts of the United States D1ck Moe was informed to bring as many as possible to the reunion inhis private plane After receiving this information Bertie told us of the various occupations our classmates had Dick Moe pilot for North Western Airlines LaMoyne Emerson his able assistant Sylvia Clark a stewardess on his plane Erland Banks an All American Football Player Jerry Barthman a famous coach for the Harlen Globetrotters Margaret Lange owner of a large dude ranch in Montana General David Olson of the Un1ted States Navy John Campion Florida Those working in the Clear Lake College are Donna Mae Olson twirlmg instructor Margie Peterson instructor of Mus1c Barbara Paulson elemen taryteacher instructor and Shirley Olson private secretary to the president of the college Phyllis Don and Dale were astonished to note the many successful farmers of our 1953 class Norval Pittman owner of the Sunnybrook Dairy Farm Donald Jones owner of a large beef cattle farm and Dennis Seekins owner of a four hundred acre farm east of Clear Lake The remaining members are Neil Olson chiropractor in Clear Lake Helen Netta owner and instructor of the Monson Dancing School Barbara Newvllle a psychiatric nurse Mary Mitchell a registerednurse Dennis Lund berg a surgical doctor Mrs Dick Abbott fNee Maxine Johnson private sec retary for her husband who is the owner of a large clothing industry Janet Graese an accountant at the Clear Lake National Bank Rosie Vanderhoof and her husband are operators of a large roller rink and Natalie Vanderhoof is a model Last but not least Mrs S11m Berends Nee Evie Swanson and Mrs LeRoy Graese Nee Vivian Shafer have chosen marriage as their career On June Z0 we all gathered under the trees at Lake View Resort to renew old friendships and make many new acquaintances To climax the day we de cided to have pictures taken by a photographer in the group none other than Bill Johnson who has a very prosperous studio of his own The entire class of 1953 had a wonderful time at their first reunion 15 n I ' a . ac . 1 . y In . a Hollywood actorg Donna Hunziker, a nurse in a Veterans' Hospital in Miami: , n 5 . . n , s . . y . - ' , . . , . . C . . . D . 4 m I - Glass will We the Senror Class of Clear Lake Hrgh School berng of sound mrnd memory and understandrng do make and publrsh one last w1ll and testament whrle we have the strength and capacrty to do so and here by revoke and make V01d all former WIIIS We w1ll dxspose of our estates rn the followrng manners Erland Banks wrll my extreme herght to LaVerne Grlbertson Jerry Barthman wrll my athletrc ab1l1ty to Patty Moore Bertre Bulman w1ll my nrckname Pork Chops to Nrles Ellrngson John Campron wrll my red harr to lrvrn Yelle Sylv1a Clark w1ll my long black harr to Ray Grossenbacher LaMoyne Emerson wrll my ever ready smtle to Shrrley Swager Phyllrs Fox wrll my good grades rn Shorthand to Wayne Kaczmarskr Janet Graese w1ll my abrlrty to get along wrth teachers to Ernest Ostenson Dale Hansen w1ll my abrlrty to be at ease rn front of huge groups to Morton Melby R1chard Humpal wrll my gas brlls to Charles Danrels Donna Hunzrker will my nrckname Lard to Allen Gullxckson Maxrne Johnson wrll my weekends rn the crty to Dale Blrese B111 Johnson w1ll my ab111ty to stay home mghts to Carol Kuhl Donald Jones w11l my managers Job to Darrel Lern Elarne Kuhn w1ll my blonde harr to Waneta Waterman Margaret Lange wrll my abrlrty to read well to Lots Anderson Glorrs Larson wrll my quret ways to Louella Hammelman Dennrs Lundberg wrll my abxlrty to be seen and not heard to Ted Putman Mary Mrtchell wrll my love for good trmes to Rrchard Wallberg Drck Moe wrll my car to Mary Moore rf she s wrllrng to take rt off my hands Helen Netta Monson wrll my dancrng abrlrty to Jeanene Orner Barbara Newvrlle wrll my mall carryrng Job to Kenneth Wrtthoft Davrd Olson wrll my frrendly manners to Robert Thomas Donna Mae Olson w1ll my grggles to Dona ld Lark Nell Olson wrll my freckles to LOIS Lucht Shrrley Olson wrll my place rn the German Band to Eugene Frankson Barbara Paulson will my p1ano accompanrment to Jerry Hollrday Donald Paulson w1ll my quret strength to Nancy Wurtmger Marjorre Peterson wrll my love for Phy Ed to Sylvra Eggert Norval Prttman w1ll my curly harr to Bob Rubrn Dennrs Seekms wrll my perfect attendence record to Krrt Smrth Vxvran Shafer will my hot lunch Job to Donald Chnstenson Evelyn Swanson wrll my trmes rn New Rlchmond to Morris Ohltn Natalre Vanderhoof wrll my cheerleadrng Job to Beverly Austrnson Rose Mary Vanderhoof wrll my hab1t of wearxng Jeans to Ilene Thompson Dorrs Wlenke w1ll my blushes to Mary Anderson 16 0 I' . . . . . I, ' . . . . 0 I' . ' . . ,, ,, . . u I' . . . . . u In , I I I I ' I, ' , - . . g I. I . . . . . I, . ' . . . I I, . ' . . . . ' I' ' . . . . I' . . . . i I' . ' . . I I, . I . . . . n I' . , . . . u I, ' . . . . . I, . ' . . i I' ' . . i I' . I . . . I, . ' . . . I, , . . . ' I' ' . . . D Il . I I ' ' ' I' . . . . . . h I' . . . . . . I' . . . . . Q Juni? -Qlagfs FIRST ROW: W, Karzmarski, C, Daniel, M. Moore, L, Anderson, W. Waterman, C. Kuhl, B. Austinson, L. Lucht M. Anderson,N, Wurtinger,S. Swager, SECOND ROW: Mr. Allen, E. Frankson, L. Hammelman, J. Orner, E Aus tinson, D. Lark, K. Smith, B. Rubin, P. Moore, I. Thompson, S. Eggert, Mr. Grilley. THIRD ROW: R. Wallberg M. Melby, N. Ellingson, K. Witthoft, I. Yclle, M. Ohlin, A. Gnllickson, L. Gilbertson, J. Holliday, R. Grossen backer, T. Pittman, D. Bliese, R. Thomas. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'fi' L: 3 .-Q Q 3 v 9' K: iii? . I 1 STANDING: Mr.Grilley,Mr. Allen.SITTING: Bobby, Kirt, Lois, Ilene, JUNIOR FLOAT Bev., Carol, Wanetta, Jeannene, Ilene, Mary Snplwmorss Kant wliii rf FIRST ROW: C. Hemauer. O. Bulman, M. Smith, J. Steinberger, M. Hiama, M. Gleboff, M. Edwards, S, Edwards, O. Emerson, B. Peterson. J. Olson, Y. Gilbertson, S. Lillie. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gorr, S. Swanson, S. Paulson, J. Paulson, I. Gleboff, R, Hawkins, G. Martin, M. Hansen, M. Klatt, B. Witthoft, L. Nelson, P. Strief, R. Frank, D. Paulson, R,Christenson, M.Fouks, M.Frohreich, Mr.Payne. THIRD ROW: W.Kuhn, J.l-leyer, A. Wienke, L. Wall- berg. H. Iosephson, M.Hahn, M. Schustedt, M. Newville, F, Leisz, E. DeBoer, M. Newville, P. Lange, G, Pittman, W. Klart. J. Rivard, M. Hansen, R. Schulze. SOPHOMORE CLASS FLOAT 'S saws soPHoMoRE CLASS OFFICERS I I 'V ,' f . , 'R Rosie, Mary Ann, Mildred, Margaret. 2 . , I I A SITTING: Marlin, Allen, Jim, Shirley. STANDING: Mr. Gorr, Mr. Payne. 18 Zfrzshmtn Ph If va, . .... . .4 Va., FIRST ROW: Mr. Hoag, F. Hansen. B. Lillie, E. Iunkans. C. Rothe, P. Olson, G. Rubin, W. Moore, L. Daniel, G. Dado. Mr. Obst. SECOND ROW: C. Knoll. M. Flanum, J. Madden, E, Olson, L. Lark, C. Kuhn, D. Moore, K. Fox, L. Breeden, M. Christensen. THIRD ROW: L. Semph, H. Hansen, D. Ohlin. C. Paulson, A. Yaeger, E. Schuna, M Krebbs, G. Waterman, A. Peirson. L. Pittman, M. Knutson. FRESHMEN FLOAT FRESHMAN rf" ,.f""'- nh, "-'f ,595 , ' 'rg IA A-J' ,. I X iw v yall wsu, I t V VW? , :I f I gina... N W rx, in-1: H, C I ' ' ' V. Cordelia, Geralyn. Carol, Bev., Lois, Ethel. OFFICERS ff' 'ff ff . ' "'v' 5 3.2 SITTING: Patsy, Carol, Geralyn. Jack. STANDING: Mr. Hoag, Mr. Obst. 19 EIGHTH GRADE EJ' nav: FIFTH GRADE C' GR CADET BAND ADE TEACHERS :Wg 4415 -.....- ' - Jail l2nd'i..,.....gLLu... 5,43-pus 'wiv JUNIOR HIGH SUNNYSIDE ' if -if-11 A 5-1' ' --Ig 1573.131 3 we QM-fj,IfL.'.L,f.f':' ,, XJ -I EDGEWOOD LIBERTY 'La-V QWW 3 EHDILJP 41 f 5 Q W' 116. . .4 , - sd f . , -V ik . xv L v 1 f 4 11 FIRST ROW: C. Hemauer. C. Knoll, C. Rothe. L. Daniel, N. Vanderhoof, L. Lucht, R. Vanderhoof, M. Anderson N. Wurtinger, E. Iunkans. B. Lillie, S. Lillie. SECOND ROW: M. Christensen. L. Anderson, S. Swagger, W. Water- man, B. Austinson. M. Smith, E. Olson, Y. Gilbertson, J. Olson, M. Fouks, M. Moore. G. Larson, E. Kuhn, Mrs. Porter. THIRD ROW: S. Edwards, K, Fox, C: Kuhn, S. Paulson, M. Edwards, J. Paulson, G. Martin, P. Fox, P. Olson, M. Knutson, M. Johnson, B. Paulson, S. Olson, M. Hiama, M. Frohreich, S. Swanson, I. Rubin, O. Emerson, M. Gleboff. FOURTH ROW: C. Kuhn, A. Peirson, D. Olson, H. Monson, I. Thompson, S. Clark, R. Frank, L. Hammelman, M. Hansen, M. Krebs, M. Hansen, J. Orner, P. Moore, B. Newville,J. Graese, L. Semph, M. Mitchell, S. Eggert, D. Wienke. FHA FLOAT F. H. A. OFFICERS 43. I ' 0 ' 5 ? are ' - - ' all T Ann, Marcia, Marlene, Carol, Elsie, Patty, Sylvia. I SITTING: Mary, Ilene, Mrs. Porter, Helen Netia. STANDING: Rosie. 23 Z 4 .T ff Q U 0 FIRST ROW: F. Hanson, J. Madden, C. Daniel, W. Moore, D. Moore, L. Pittman, D. Paulson, W. Karzmarski, J. Campion, R, Wallberg, E. Frankson, R. Christenson, L. Breeden, R. Peterson, J. Steinberger, G. Dado. SECOND ROW: K. Smith, H. Hanson, P. Strief, C. Paulson, W. Klatt, L. Wallberg, L. Nelson, R. Rivard, M. Melby, R. Thomas, W, Kuhn, G. Waterman, R. Schulze, A. Wienke, R. Hawkins, L. Emerson, Mr. Linster. THIRD ROW: B. Johnson, D. Hanson, D. Jones, P. Newville, L. Gilbertson, R. Grossenbacker, M. Hahn, N. Pittman, G. Pittman, D. Bliese, H. Josephson. FFA FLOAT F. F. A. OFFICERS Eugene and Fred. yf- 3X 'lf -I..-Oi., SITTING: Dale, Bill, Mr. Linster, Kitt, LaVern. STANDINGg Norval, Dick, Bob, Morton, and Allen. 24 A rntuliuft Inslde of the new Ag bulldlflg work Mr Gordon Howe The Ag class at 1.11 'K'-4 1' 'iw 'rl 'ue-fi 25 0 90- 5. 1 ai - t gl . 4 ae V , ? "" 7 K I 1 'Q 'K . f' , 5. fl xo ,V I J L -' 1 - 1 ""' NT, su! 1 Q I 'M J Q ' 5 Crier Siaff FIRST ROW: M. Moore, I. Mayala, G. Larson, L. Anderson, S. Swager, I. Thompson, S. Olson, Mr. Payne, P. Fox Kirt Smith, B. Austinson, E. Kuhn, G. Rubin, K. Fox. SECOND ROW: N. Wurtinger, D. Hunziker, E. Swanson, B Paulson, L. Hammelman, P. Strief, I. Orner, B. Newville, D. Wienke, P. Moore, R. Moe. I. Gleboff, P. Olson, I Paulson, S. Paulson, S. Swanson, M. Anderson, C. Kuhn, E. Olson. THIRD ROW: S. Lillie, I. Olson, B. Lillie, S Clark, M. Mitchell, D. Olson, H. Monson, W. Johnson, J. Barthman. N, Pittman, D. Paulson, R. Rubin, E. Banks, L Lucht, R. Vanderhoof, N. Vanderhoof. CRIER FLOAT CRIER EDITORS 'X-en.. -FA . .7 Mary Lou McLean, Barbara Fox. SITTING: Ilene, Phyllis, Shirley, Kirt. STANDING: Mr. Payne. 26 IDB? Club W, .sz '27 CS FIRST ROW: B. Lillie, C. Rothe, S. Lillie, J. Olson, L. Luchr, R.Vanderhoof, N. Vanderhoof, N. Wurtinger, L Daniel. SECOND ROW: C. Knoll, M. Smith, E. Olson, L. Anderson, M. Peterson, E. Swanson, M. Froherick, G Rubin, K. Fox, M. Anderson, Mr. Gorr. THIRD ROW: C. Kuhn, D. Hunziker, S. Paulson, D. Wienke, D. Olson, P Olson, I-I. Monson. G. Martin, S. Swager, O. Emerson. PEP CLUB FLOAT PEP CLUB OFFICERS iii- Q Margaret, Sylvia. Marlene, Donna, Shirley. SITTING: Shirley, Helen, Lois, Doris. STANDING: Mr. Gorr. 27 Qfhee leahcrs RA BX Q27 Ps ff EB 'XL K9 Shirley June Rosre Natahe Lors Shrrley Karen Bev Cordeha GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM 1155. YJ . K, fg,ma f1 gl , K , 5 '. , 'E" L46 '7'l"i-1 ' .J 'S .5 -'ra-1 1-1, X L-4 8- -7?-.-, 9 . . , D' ts. I W I FIRST ROW: J. Christensen R Wittstock J. Shane D Clemens D Locke L Anderson SECOND ROW: h ' ' ' H. T omas D. Shuna G Danrels G Kuhn M Chrrstenson G. Ausunson R. Swanson Mr. Amundson. fMissing--D. Klattj 28 711 usuc muh I FIRST ROW: L. Hammelman, L. Lucht, M. Anderson, S. Swager. SECOND ROW: L. Daniel, H. Monson, N. Ol- son, P. Fox, J. Gleboff, S. Swanson, J. Olson, R. Kuhn, G. Larson, B. Paulson, M. Hanson, N. Wurtinger, Y. Gil- berrson, N. Ellin son SECOND ROW- Mr. Allen J Paulson M.Ohlin S Paulson O. Emerson C Preibe K g . . , . , , . , , . , . Fox, P. Olson, L. Lark, P. White, G. Rubin, I. Yelle, C. Kuhn, D. Ohlin, D. Lundberg, F. Leisz, A. Gullickson, M. Mitchell, M. Peterson, D. Olson. THIRD ROW: I. Madden, P. Strief, R. Witthoft, D. Paulson, M. Haima, J. Mayala, P. Witthoft, R. Schulze, E. Hemauer, J. Steinberger, G. Leneslink, B. Lillie, E. Swanson, S. Olson, C. Beyl, T. Pittman, M. Schustedt, R. Rivard, H. Hansen, G. Dado. MAJORETTES BAND OFFICERS . 8 ,, gr- A K 'K f' Q 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary, Lois, Oveila, Shirley, Louella, Donna Mae. SITTING: Jim, Joanne, Shirley. STANDING: Paul, Mr. Allen. 29 J Sw' Jill x- 1 gully: I rg Alla 4 lil! Ns. AWA.. Q' 'Q- li Q r,,..-.- E fr, f , ft Liu A If 1 4. -. -5 5 FIRST ROW: Neil, Eddie, Irvin, Jackie, Niles, SECOND ROW: Mr. Allen, Morris, Miles, Jack, Helen Netra, Bar- bara, Shirl, Phyl, and Margie. BAND GRADUATES SAXOPHONE QUARTET FIRST ROW: Helen, Mary, Donna, Margie, Phyl. Niles, Yvonne, Margie, Barbara. SECOND ROW: Dennis, Neil, Gloris, Shirl, Evie, Barbara, lmlli' SIB' r is ,Il 4 rg N A CLARINET QUARTET Mr. Allen, Morris, Neil, Helen, Phyl. 31 Illi FIRST ROW- C. Knoll, Y Gilbertson M. Moore K Fox B. Lillie N Wurtin er M. Anderson N Vanderhoof . - . . - , . - E , . - ' E. Olson, E. Kuhn, G. Larson, G. Rubin, S. Swager. SECOND ROW: Mr. Allen, D. Wienke, S. Edwards, B. Austin- son, M. Fouks, D. Hunziker, E. Swanson, O. Emerson, H. Monson, L. Semph, S. Clark, R. Frank, A, Pierson, P. Moore,J. Orner,L. Hammelman, M. Johnson, M. Krebs, E, De Boer, F. Leize. THIRD ROW: G. Dado, J. Madden J. Steinberger,J. Mayala,R. Peterson, E. Hemauer, E. Banks, J. Campion, L. Lark, H. Hanson, D. Ohlin, R. Rubin D. Paulson, W. Kuhn, K. Smith, N. Ellingson, R. Schulze, I. Yelle, J. Holiday, M. Schuscdt. CHORUS HIGHLIGHT Again this year, Clear Lake Higgi School can boast ofa large chorus. The ll0 students, who chose to take part in vocal activities this year, ave proven to themselves that with co-operation and hard work even a group this size can compare favorably with other mixed choruses in this area. Those who sang in the chorus this year will remember some of the following performances as highlights of the year's activities: Annual Christmas Concert December 18 Ninth Annual Vocal Clinic at Balsam Lake April 10 Annual Spring Festival at Rice Lake April 18 Annual Spring Concert May 8 Baccalaureate Service May 24 This year for the first time the group entered in Class B competition at the Rice Lake festival. From the chorus, I9 vocalists took part in solo and ensemble singing to broaden their high school vocal experience. A new and different group of singers, a madrigal group, was formed this year, It consists of 12 singers, 8 girls and 4 boys. The group takes its name from the type of music it sings, a Madrigal being a l2th century social type of song that was used in England for evening gatherings in e home. It is hoped that the group will reorganize again next year so that more can be accomplished. CAD ET BAND ACTIVITIES The Cadet Band serves the beginning and intermediate instrumental music students as a training group prior to membership in the Senior Band. Although this group is not formed primarily for playing at public affairs, it has made three public performances. Concert for Band Mother 's Club January 28 Grade School Spring Concert May 11 Eighth Grade Graduation May 28 32 .fagultg 'N 2,1 1 w 3, jf Y ,AX '38 4 1 f xaf fi -,, , 4x Q' ' 1 4 I i N K rf, S E , I X XQFOCSX O 'X N600 as af flh- FRED C LUNDBERG Bachelor of Sclence Eau Claue Teachers Prmctpal I P' JACK B ALLEN VICTOR H BERNARDY Bachelor of Sctence Bachelor of Scrence Supenor State Teachers Mankato State Teachers Musrc Physrcal Education Coach 3 r Aff h h NM r fx A gif , , J , h W T e 9? F- fy T T c, '3 3 I 0 A ?- I 5 'L WALTER R GORR Bachelor of Scrence Stout Insutute Industrlal Arts X X3 1 'x 3 scarf! if fl? J HAROLD W l-IOAG Bachelor of Educauon SUDCTIOI State Teachers X J Mathemaucs X Enghsh 9 4 ,AP url GORDON H GRILLEY Bachelor of Scrence Rrver Falls Teachers Scrence Physlcal Educauon Coach if-. 5,1 JAMES W LARSON Bachelor ofArts Northland College SOC181 Scrence , :Q A ,,, ,ag . , 1- fa ,. ,X M y X05 Q W Y - Q 6,525 7' lr h, E fr "fi "ra " V 5 5,1 K " 1 J:-gag I 4 , FI ,rr, . Q , , f .,,r .L 'g K ' 1 ,fall rf xr ,B a o r J, cb , -2' U A X35 5 1 xx., X3 . . 3 . X B5 - Q5 x 29 - - - N3 ' QS KF. Xllrxw sf lm9"W! ALLEN L LINSTER Bachelor of Sclence Rlver Falls Teachers Aguculture 'ii-ff' VELDON M PAYNE Bachelor of Educauon Mankato State Teachers Commerclal WILLIAM 0 J Bachel bf Ma akeste HS MARIORIE C PORTER Bachelor of Scxence UHIVSISIIY of Mmnesora Home Economlcs 5 V . V ,V I :X S X L ' if sw K-AJ 97? ' z , 'MA J ' 1 , , . fl . W 2 N 0 .1 i"X"'E h Q L,,,.J 'fa A W .W-JWWT 5 I af 3 , V , if F N , 'Y' by off-'-we -- A Z...-.. .V . k.-,...,a, 5 Hof' xl ...wx 1-"H Q if SECRETARY Mrs Wade COOKS Mrs I Dudzak Mrs N Hrdhchka Mrs T Nrlssen '- QQSHMM NA 1' BUS DRIVERS A Monson G Wage W Lem A Kennetz R. Buhr F Kuhn D Lxlhe JANITORS: Otto Danielson Qleftj Kent Bulman Qrightj 6 xl! SENIOR OFFICERS RL T SITTING BaLbara Janet Donald Dale STANDING Mr Larson Mr Lundberg MOTTO 'The H1ghe We Chmb The Better The V1ew COLORS Blue and Wh1te FLOWER Wh1te Rose 7 1 l 1. JA I QJ ,' I ,mf qv.. My . V , I n I 1. I -3 , f - . Q I, A E I 5 e, . .55 4 I ' ,' 2 '7 7- ' ,fill A " . b ---was 1. 4. --4 4 5 N , . r . , . ,, '-fx-M L, , .4-W' . ! i 1 - ' 3 Zan. Q15 5' ERLAND BANKS :'Rather short, but mighty in sport." Basketball 45 Football 2,3, 45 Football Captain 45 Baseball2,3,45 Annua1Staff 45 Chorus 3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Crier 45 FFA 1,2,3, C Club 3,4. .:a.rfW'il ' ' 7 .si f' sf . X Q 0, l AL.. , J 1 N... . w ,QS 'I JOHN CAMPION "He's always feeling his bestwhen he can be a con- stant pest." Baseball 2,45 Annual Staff 45. Chorus 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Class Play 35 Class Treasurer lg FFA 1,2,3,45 Football Manager 2. iso' . I I X 1 N , , f JERRY BARTHMAN "He knows the football field isn't the only place one needs a line." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Football Captain 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 C Club 2,3,45 C Club v. Pres. 45 C Club Sec.-Treas. 35 Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 15 Crier 1,2,45 Library 45 Class Play 3. I f -.-' , 5 v 5 SYLVIA CLARK " Lead me not into temptation5 just show me where it is." Class Play 35 Annual Staff45 Cho- rus 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4g Crier 253,45 Library 1,25 Fl-IA 1,2,3,45 Forensics 1,2,3,4. 8 BERTIE BU LMAN "I would, be bigger if l hadn't stopped growing." Chorus 3,45 Library 2. 5 4 51 1-Pix 7, ,wtf IT X - -.Aw fy! 1 hifi' ... it :ff at W f Nw 1 4 f ,fs ff '1 1 1.1 , ,sq , 1 - Y J LAMOYNE EMERSON "He's not as innocent as he looks." Football 3,45 C Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Class Vice Pres. 15 FFA 1,2,3,4. if 1 f 'N ,2!'F"- 'Ui Pl-IYLLIS FOX "She works--she will suc- ceed." Annual Staff 43 Chorus 2, 3,4Q Pep Club 33 Crier 1, 2,3,43 Crier Co-editor 3,4: Junior Class Play 33 Class Secretary 23 Band 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 FHA Historian 33 Forensics 2,3,43 Ger- man Band 2,3,4Q Student Council 23 Prom Queen 3. -stil' I '- 31 '.'- 1 .'fH 4913 AW' kr,, 4 . '45 - nf Iggy 1 Z' if RICHARD HUMPAL "I like to study in the morn- ing, butlforget to get up." Chorus 3,43 Pep Club 2,33 Class Play 33 FFA 1,2,3,43 FFA Sentinel 43 Forensics 2. JANET GRAESE "Always cheerful and kind, she's the girl we like to find." Annual .staff 43 Chorus 2,33 Pep Club 3,43 Crier 3,43 Library 1,2, 3g Class Secretary 43 FHA 1,3,43 Girls' Glee Club 3. ivy, DONNA HUNZIKER "She needs no introduction3 she speaks for herself." Annual Staff 43 Chorus 2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Crier Staff 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,33 Forensics 3,4Q Class Play 3. 9 3 'Qyf DALE HANSON "Calm as the Amazon, ac- tive as a bee." Basketball 1,2333 Football 43 Baseball 2,33 C Club 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Chorus 2,3,43 Class President 3,45 FFA l,2,3,43 FFA Vice Pres. 3,41 Student Council 33 Prom King 3. Y? .X K ex V. u,,. MAXINE JOHNSON "Quietly she comes and goes." Chorus 3,43 Pep Club 23 FHA 2,3,4. .A Yi- WILLIAM JOHNSON "Never says too much nor thinks too little." Basketball l,2g Football 2, 3,4g Football Captain 4g Baseball l,2,3,4gC Club 3, 43 Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2,3,4g Pep Club lg Crier 1, 2,3,4g Library 2g Class Vice Pres 3g FFA l,2,3,4, FFA Secretary 4. DONALD JONES "Don't recite so loud, I'm sleep- ing." Basketball 2, Football 4g Baseball 2,3,4g C Club 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3, 43 Pep Club 2,35 FFA l,2,3,4. MARGARET LANGE "l have a mind of my own and it takes more than a teacher to change it. " Annual Staff 45 horus 2,3, 4: Pep Club 2,3,4g Crier 2, 3g Library l,2g ClassPlay 3: FHA l,2,3g Forensics l, 2,3,4g Triple Trio 3. ,. 59 -Ulf 4 ELAINE KUHN "Oneonwhom you may de- pend and who will always effort lend." Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2, 3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Pep Club Vice Pres. 2, Crier l, 2,3,4g Library l,2g Class Secretary 33 Band 3: Band Treasurer 3: FHA l,2,3,4g FHA Historian 45 Triple Trio 3,4g Homecoming Queen 2. 56, 4-1i"""i .sf will rj A I' GLORIS LARSON DENNIS LUNDBERG "Quiet, unassuming and there "Still waters run deep." when needed." Basketball 2,3,4g Football Annual Staff 4g Chorus 2,3,4g Pep 3g Band l,2,3,4g C Club 3, Club 2,35 Crier 2,3,4g Library 2, 4g Annual Staff 4g German Band 2,3,4g Band Secretary 35 FHA Band 2, l,2,3g FHA Reporter 3. 10 Pi l MARY MITCHELL "I can not think of two things at once, I think of him and let my studies go." Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2,3, 4, Pep Club l,2,3,4g Pep Club Pres. 2,3g Crier l,2,3, 4g,Band 2,3,4g FHA l,2,3,4g FHA Reporter 4, Forensics 3, B Team Cheerleader 2. 3 f' 4 yi! RICHARD MOE "There's a little bit of bad in every ood little boy." FFA 153, FFA Basketball l,2,3g Manager, Football 4, Manager, BB 4, Baseball l,2,3,4g C clu 3, 4g Annual Staff 4g Pep Club 1,25 Crier 4. - .5 .xffgzjg ' -V :km 5. 4, I, HELEN NETTA MONSON Bashful and shy--Oh what a lie." Annual Staff 4, Chorus l,2, 3,45 Pep Club l,2,4g Pep Club Pres. 4, Crier l,2,3,4g Class Play 35 Band l,2,3,4g Band Librarian 2,3g FHA l, 2,3,4g FHA Secretary 4, Forensics 3,43 German Band 2,3,4g Triple Trio l,2,3,4g nk, Fm if f BARBARA NEWVILLE "Always smiling, always gray, nature made her just t at way." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 3,4g Crier 2,35 Librarian l,2,3: FHA 1,2,s,4. Rl N-. 35 gf , ff 45, DAVID OLSON "A guy with aheart and a smile." FFA l,2,3,4. 11 DONNA MAE OLSON "She's here--I heard her giggle." Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2,3, 4, Pep Club l,2,3,4g Crier l,2,3,4g Library 2, FHA 1,2, 3,4g B TeamfCheerleader 2, Majorette l,2,3g Drum Majorette 3,4. qllifii-"" NEIL OLSON "Girls are bothersome but I like to be bothered." Basketball 2,35 Football 25 C Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 25 Band 2,3,45 German Band 45 Student Council 2. DONALD PAULSON "He's a quiet man, but quite a man." Basketball 1,25 Football 1, 3,45 CClub 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 15 Crier 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Class Pres- ident 15 Class Vice Pres. 2,45 FFA 1,2,35 FFA Quartet 25 Prom Attendant 3. SHIRLEY OLSON "ln knowledge she heads the list, she has the brains the others miss- ed " AnnualStaff 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Pep Glub 1,35 Crier 1,2,3,45 CrierCo- editor 3,45 Class Play 35 Class President 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Treasurer 45 FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA President 35 Forensics 2,35 Ger- man Band 2,3,45 Student Council 2. BARBARA PAULSON "Behavior is a mirror in which she shows her im- age." Annual staff 45 Pianist 2, 3,45 Crier 2,45 Class Sec- retary l5Class Treasurer 45 Band l,2,3,45 Band Presi- dent 35 Band Vice Pres. 25 FHA l,2,3,45 Forensics 2,35 German Band 2,3,45 Triple Trio 1. Q6 -sw! unnam- MARJORIE PETERSON Life is short5 I'm here to enjoy it " Annual Staff 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club Secretary 25 Crier 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Vice Pres. 25 Ass't. Music Dir. 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Forensics 3,45 German Band 2,3,45 Triple Trio 2,3,45 B Team Cheerleader 2. 12 NORVAL PITTMAN "Don't tell anyone, butl do know how to study." Football3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Class Reporter 35 FFA 1,2, 3,45 FFA Reporter 4. fl billy!! DENNIS SEEKINS "Never says much. Never gets in dutch." Annual Staff 4. .J VIVIAN SHAFER "l've always liked school, espec- ially the vacation part of it." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 2,35 Pep Club 35 Crier 2,3545 Library 2,35 FHA 1,2,3,4. NATALIE VANDERHOOF "Life without laughter is a dreary b1ank." Chorus 2,3,4g Pep Club 1, 2,3,45 Pep Club Treasurer 25 Pep Club President 35 Crier 1,3,45 Band 2,35 Class Play 35 Class Treasurer 35 FHA 1,2,45 Triple Trio 3,45 Prom Queen 25 Cheerlead- er l,2,3,4, ROSEMARY VANDERHOOF "I'd like to be bashful but the boys won't let me." Annua1Staff 45 Chorus l,2,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Crier l,2,45 Library 2,35 Band 1,2,35 FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Vice President 45 Forensics 25 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. 13 EVELYN SWANSON "Play and I'll play with you, work and you work alone." AnnualStaff 45 Chorus 2,3, 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Crier 2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4, FHA 1,2,3,45 Triple Trio 3,45 B Team Cheerleader 2. DORIS WIENKE 'She may seem a quiet lass but wait till you see her out of class." AnnualStaff45 Chorus 2,3, 45 PepClub 2,45 Pep Club Treasurer 45 Crier 45 Li- brary 1,2,3, FHA 1,3,45 Homecoming Queen 4. Class Winstnrg Cn September7 1949 forty of us eager green freshmen started our career 1n h1gh school We thought that be1ng1n1t1ated by the sophomores was the most thr1ll1ng event 1n our freshman year Of course we were happy too to w1n f1rst place ln the homecommg parade We were led by our adv1sor Mr Hoag and the follow1ng class off1cers Pres1dent Donald Paulson V1ce Pres1dent LaMoyne Emerson Secretary Barbara Paulson Treasurer John Camplon On August 28 1950 th1rty f1ve stud1ous members of our class returned to school as sophomores The b1g event of th1s year was 1n1t1at1ng the freshmen Class off1cers for our second year 1n h1gh school were Adv1sor Mr Allen Pres1dent Sh1rley Olson V1ce Pres1dent Donald Paulson Secretary Phyll1s Fox Treasurer Ne1l Olson Th1rty four of us reported back for duty 1n September of 1952 The out Off1cers for th1s year were Adv1sors Mr Gr1l1ey and Mr Allen Pres1dent Dale Hanson V1ce Pres1dent W1ll1am Johnson Secretary Ela1ne Kuhn Treas urer Natal1e Vanderhoof We are nowagroup of thrrty s1x students who have completed our last year 1D h1gh school Th1s was the most 1mportant and bus1est year We remember many 1mportant events such s publ1cat1on of our annual class p1ctures class play and most 1mportant of all graduat1on Class off1cers for our sen 1or year were Adv1sors Mr Larson and Mr Lundberg Pres1dent Dale Hanson V1ce Pres1dent Donald Paulson Secretary Janet Graese Treasurer Barbara Paulson I 3 YEAR STUDENTS STANDING Shirley, John, Jerry, Dale, and Phylhs. SITTING: Ev Phylhs, Marjone, Helen Netra, elyn, Helen Netra, Marjone, and Elame. and Shirley. 14 0 I U 1 . . . . , , , . ' i ' 7 . I 1 1 1 ' a J , I , - 1 1 ' . . . : . , . 9 1 1 " 1 1 9 S 1 - standing events of our junior year were class play, prom, and our class rings. : ' , . ' . 3 ' , 1 ' 9 1 9 3 ' , . . a t . . , . , 9 1 - ' 3 y - - 2 1 1 ' 1 1 v 1 1 Qlwrus FIRST ROW: M.Hanson, M. Hanson, M. Knutson, B. Newville, D. Olson, M. Mitchell, S. Eggert, I. Thompson, C. Kuhl, M. Edwards, P. Fox, S. Olson, G. Martin, J. Paulson. SECOND ROW: R. Witthoft, K. Witthoft, P. Olson, W. Waterman, M. Haima, S. Paulson, S. Swanson, L. Lucht, M. Christenson, C. Kuhn, M. Frohreich, J. Olson, M. Peterson, L. Anderson, M. Smith, R. Vanderhoof, C. Rothe, L. Daniel, E. Junkans, S. Lillie, B. Paulson. THIRD ROW: A. Gullickson, M. Ohlin, R. l-Iumpal, L. Gilbertson, I. Barthman, N. Olson, W. Johnson, D. Paulson, L. Emerson,R.Thomas, M. Newville, E. Schuno, M. Klatt, D. Jones, N. Pittman, D. Hanson, A. Wienke, C. Paulson, P. Strief. BA D HIGHLIGHT The High School Band, in their sharp looking new uniforms, has made great progress. The band, composed of sixty-three players, can be complimented on the fine esprit de corps shown by the entire group. After a summer ofactivity in the form of outdoor concerts and parades, the band began last fall by performing at the home football games. They were kept busy by a year of many and varied performances in concertg yet they have been preparing in rehearsals for high goals so they may move up a bracket in festival playing. The band is entering in Class B this year at the Rice Lake Festival. An award system for students taking part in band work was placed in effect this year togive recognition to students who, after having completed four semesters of band with a grade of B or above will be given a lyre type letter. Since this is the first year the plan has been in effect thirty letters were awarded. The band's calendar of events for the year follows: Football Show September 19 Football Show 0CIOber 3 Homecoming Show and Parade October 17 Talent Show 0CIObCr 28 Armistice Day Program N0VClTlb61' 11 Milltown Clinic February 6 Radio Broadcast-Stillwater WHSB February 15 Spring Festival fRice Lakej May 2 Spring Concert April 22 Memorial Day MBV 30 Clear Lake Fair fParadej August 13 The Seniors leaving the band this year will be sorely missed. This large number to leave the Band will leave vacancies in next year's instrumentation that will be difficult to fill, To this group of loyal bandsmen, those of us who will be here next year promise to do our best to continue in our progress which these people have so sincerely helped us with. Best wishes from all of us. 33 Sclwol 51521011125 13 IH --4 Sv' V FIRST ROW P Srrerf M Chrrsrenson l Thompson N Vanderhoof I Gleboff R Vanderhoof N Wurtrnger M Smrth Mr Obsr SECOND ROW C Knoll J Olson S Olson D Hunzrker H Monson P Fox C Kuhn S Paulson S Swanson I Paulson LUNCH LINE MUSIC THEORY F1 'ne lyxi Lal 1 LEFT TO RILHT Sylvra Paul Mrs Hrdllchka LaVerne Barbara Morrrs lrvrn Allen Margorre Nrles Louella Herb Paul LIBRARIANS FHA DEMONSTRATION I S? N V HIERI Ll DLT IQIEL IT nm HIP I 4 LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Obst Karen neue shrrrey 1 Jerry Marlene Helen Rosle 34 J XRTLL par .J 'EL . 'T I ' ' V . f' ' T A E I L ,J ' I ' er 1 ol Q L. ' "vw , HT. , ' W Y 3 , W , Nm. 5 ag. 1. VA 5 ' .r , ' "M ., .54 A' r ' . 'If ' ' . f Q . ,n . , . , . , . I , . A I , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , 4 , . . . , . . , M K i Q Tr ,, ,Q I 22- M, 6 'Q Af' . -""'-"' .. , fl X I A1 'A fy r ,v Wk 15 "" AM Ef f- A A W-L, X I xv, as ,D X ' 5 J' A, V I fm -I ee. . S-.1 , ff' ' xl IF Mfr! M .V ,I 5 Y Qin A ev-.-X- X C' I , L 'E ' . ' 1 I . . - I , . . I. I . . I I , I - I I ' I rn ' ' H A A gg, 7 'qui CNF' '1 - -I . JN , X Q2 - . - rv.,r'r rw nu rr L I ' . - fd -qggeevr A , L . 1 yr 1 Cx T I -. , 5 A- uve , V '- In ' 5. :r 1 I , , .. 4., 4 i ' A ,rg I. -eng rss , P v f I KIA. -A N' , , . v W .x S94 ,Q V. 'fits , 4 K L , 4 Q14 , Y I I. ' ,mf 1 If z 1 - IN .' W X .u Y .x ' QZSIJ fix-'W xxf 1 , ,S ,X X ' A thlzhcs ffmmernming p. SENIOR FLOAT Karen Shuley Mary Dorrs Queen Dorrs presents football to referee xv- ,ax QQ! 4-f" 1 M' .fax 'w "5rW,, wwf Ma P 'tiff di mx -my Let s Go Boys" Run Jerry I Get It Boys!! Yell Kids! ! Q' Club FRONT ROW: R, Thomas,J.G1eboff, L. Emerson, K. Smith, R. Moe, R. Wallberg, R. Rubin, E, Banks, D. Lundberg SECOND ROW: Mr. Grilley, T. Pittman, D. Bliese, A. Wienke, W. Klatt, L. Wallberg, M. Melby, D. Hanson, Mr Bemardy. THIRD ROW: D. Jones, D. Paulson, N. Olson, L. Gilbertson, R. Grossenbacker, M. Klart, J. Barthman W. Johnson, K. Witthoft. C CLUB FLOAT C CLUB OFFICERS Jerry, LaVerne, Bob, Mr. Bernardy. 36 Zinnthall 5 FIRST ROW: R. Thomas, K. Smith, D. Paulson, L. Gilbertson, J. Barthman, R. Grossenbacker, W. Shane, K. Witt- hoff, D. Bliese, M. Melby, B. Rubin, E. Banks, D. Moe. SECOND ROW: Mr. Grilley, R. Rivard, J. Gleboff, D Christenson, T. Pittman, W. Klatt, M. Klatt, A. Wienke, W. Johnson, N. Pittman, R. Wallberg, L. Emerson, Mr Bernardy. THIRD ROW: N. Ellingson, L. Titel, E. l-lemauer, D. Jones, J. Holliday, L. Nelson, W. Kaczmarski, L Wallberg, M. Newville, C. Paulson, G. Waterman. W. Moore. D. Moore. The Clear Lake Warriors opened the 19.53 season by dropping a heart-breaking 6 to 4 contest to a stubborn Weyerhauser team. Weyerhauser scored the only touchdown of the game while the Warriors were only able to rack up 4 points as they tackled two opposing ball carriers in their own end zone. The Clear Lake Warriors came back from their defeat at the hands of Weyerhauser to tie an unusually pow- erful Shell Lake outfit 13 to 13. Then the Warriors journeyed up to New Auburn and finally came to life and defeated the home team 31 to 0. The Warriors returned home and the following week they squeezed out a 7-6 win over a stubborn Chetek team. The Warrior offense gained at will, but was halted when it got deep in Bulldog territory. The following week the Warriors played a game which was, perhaps, their finest game of the season, as they defeated the previously unbeaten Bruce. The final score was 21-6. The Warriors then lost their homecoming tilt to the conference leader, Turtle Lake. The Warrior attack was not clicking as the stubborn Turtle defense held tough. Their potent offense, couldn't be checked by the Warriors that afternoon. The final score was 25 to 6. The nextweek the Warriors traveled to Prairie Farm and barely came out on the long end of a 26-21 score. lt was a tightly fought game and the Warrior offensive and defensive units were both ragged. The Warriors closed out their season by dropping a nonconference tilt to a visiting outfit from Boyceville. The final score read 13 to 7. Severly hurting the Warrior attack was poor blocking which resulted in two blocked kicks which led to both of Boycevil1e's touchdowns. 37 Semnrs La Moyne 38 Erland is i ! l Q 5 U Q 4 S "'-do LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob, Jerry, Bill, Ray, Kenneth, LaVerne, Marlin, Erland. , . R' V ki . l,,z Y' gm, l ff if up f +214 -swf ' 1-F15 MSS I ff - 'a ' .ifl F I . A ' . , ' s . Q 1 iw A' ",.' Q V .1 - iv t, 2 R s..,, A , - .avl:l' , rv . 2 1 :Inav 7 -'v . 1 . .' ' A W ' Ai n l 1 ,- sl -fx ' ' 4' 2' K' 1' I x ....., 0 . 1 , ,- -- .N . ' ff rf - . .3 .I h 1 ,, - ' . -1...,', Q,-, -- , 1'-' f . A - 7 ,5 . ' -, ,-1--' J'-1 ' -" " 4 .,. ,. yn. .., . ,NYM 4 N... ',,,.f,7.-3,"""' 1 3-lj,-4:4-'haf 5" ,, .. ,B . 4 - xCv..':,. ,g"'1'-1' --,r'W, ' - 3'-4' '.4,4fi 1:-f "?"'.f'P-"i"v-W..-'V . - 4 7!3asheihall FIRST ROW: K. Smith, Mr. Bernardy, D. Moe. SECOND ROW: E. Banks, D. Lundberg, L, Wallberg, M, Klart, J Barrhman, L. Gilbertson, A. Wienke, R. Wallberg, B. Rubin, J. Gleboff. . A '. C . , .UxR'L4ln ARL ' . ,Mf Ax .E 9, ' 58 'W .QR-La, L - AK,m f ' RWM' :WS 2 5 A 3 UQ?-fffd K FSR 7 FIRST ROW: W. Moore, J. Madden, L. Lark, D. Moore, D. Ohlin. SECOND ROW: Mr, Grilley, C. Paulson, R Witrhoff, F. Liesz, E. Schuna, W. Klart, M.Newvi11e. 40 Stniurs ERLAND JERRY DENNIS 'M vf FROM RICH TO LA VERN TO JERRY 41 - Y S s I Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake I952 53 BASKETBALL RECORD Luck Balsam Lake Shell Lake Cameron Tony Turtle Lake M1l1town Luck Balsam Lake Prame Farm Cameron Clayton Luck Shell Lake Clear Lake Clear Lake Clear Lake Clear Lake 6 3 6 5 Tony Turtle Lake Praxne Farm Clayton DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Clear Lake 72 Clayton Clear Lake 45 Balsam Lake Clear Lake 74 Luck DISTRICT PLAYOFF Clear Lake 49 Turtle Lake SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Clear Lake 39 Blgomef '76 Clear Lake 2 R1b Lake 49 The Clear Lake Warr1ors opened the 1952 53 Basketball season m1nus three of last years regulars J1m Hallen B111 Rubln and Eugene Gulhckson Yet w1th f1ve return1ng lettermen headlng the team Coach Bernardy's basket eers had one of the most successful seasons 1n Warr1or Basketball H1story as Conference Co Champmons along w1th Turtle Lake D1str1ct Champ1ons and also w1nn1ng consolat1on 1n the Sect1onal Tourney at Spooner Two of last years squad members Dale Hanson and Ne1l Olson were greatly m1ssed as both were forced to mlss the season because of 1llness but st11l the Warr1ors had a great basketball season They coped a share of the conference crown along w1th Turtle Lake by f1n1sh1ng the conference w1th a 6 2 record Then they went up to the D1str1ct Tourney at M1lltown and came out of the fray as D1str1ct Champ1ons as they edged Clayton mn the opener 73 to 72 1n a double overt1me thr1ller Then 1n the f1nal round of the tourney they emerged v1ctor1ous over a tough Luck team wh1ch had already beaten the Warr1ors tw1ce durmg the regular season The score of that game was 74 68 It was the f1rst t1me smnce 1945 that a Clear Lake Basketball team has won a Conference Crown and the f1rst t1me ever to w1n a D1str1ct Crown Then the Warr1ors had to meet a tough Turtle Lake outf1t who were Co Champlons of the Lakeland Conference along Wlth the Warr1ors to determme who would galn the rxght to play 1n the Sect1onal Tourney at Spooner out of wh1ch a team would enter the State Fmals at Mad1son The Warr1ors edged the Turtles 1n a battle r1ght down to the fmal buzzer 49 46 In the f1rst game of the Sect1onal Tourney the Warr1ors met up w1th a smooth balanced Bloomer outf1t and were defeated 76 39 Then 1n the consolat1on round wh1ch pa1red R1b Lake agaxnst the Warr1ors the Warr1ors came out on the long end of a 52 49 score In the champ1onsh1p round Super1or East used 1ts he1ght to advantage as they defeated a stubborn Bloomer f1ve and galned the r1ght to play 1n the State Fmals at Madxson The only graduatmg members of the squad th1s year are Jerry Barthman Erland Banks and Denn1s Lundberg Although these fellows were key men 1D the Warr1or attack the Warr1ors w1th seven returmng lettermen next year wxll aga1n be a top contender for the conference crown Lots of luck next year boys' ' 42 52-- 26 0-- 4l-- 52 2-- 47-- 46 '7-- ' ' 43-- 32 7-- 45-- 40 53-- 43 3l-- ' 54 43-- 39 -- 42- so -- 54-- ' ' 26 -- 54-- 46 5O-- 42 5O-- 55 45-- 48 -- 5 . 1 . I l . I . ' . . , - they closed the season with an overall 17-7 record, including being Lakeland - . . , . . . , , . ' Q . , . . . . - . , . . . , - ! ! y . - . . . Q . . , . l D , . I Kuurnamrni 'A ggfhi 3 5,4 3 2 The Champs The Cheerleaders Presematrorr of Trophy Jump Jerry Ler's 0, Warrrors' Pu: Ir In, Vern' S Get Thar Ball, Boys' Look Ar The Happy Krds 43 H ,' . 'e Q ,V n H- , QW V I u 5 ' ' ' 1, X 7 "KG 9' - ' 7 L-1 ' C 9-I. ., v x, .4 Q V4 V 1 5 M' " in , 71 , 1, ,f 9 I A? X kc 2 . I .Y "I ,' ' ,' 1 l Xxx ' 'F 4 ' f I A 'rg I 4 X I 1 - f 4 ' 'r ,f l - ff v- Y ' I , F' 1 . 4 I . I X ilaszhall ,E as 4 wux 1 N FRONT ROW M Newvrlle K Smtth W Karzmarskt D Olson T Prttman M Klart A Wrenke W Klatt R Wallberg Mr Bernardy BACK ROW D Jones J Gleboff B Rubm D Moe E Banks I Barthman B Johnson L Wallberg M Melby BA EBALL SEASON REVIE The Warrlors opened thetr 1953 season wlth a practrce trlt wrth the Prarrre Farm Panthers on Monday Aprrl 20 The Warrrors won 4 2 The frrst conference game w1th Clayton at Clear Lake May 1 was post poned The Warrrors lost therr frrst conference game of the season played agarnst Prarrre Farm on the Pan thers unfrmshed park lt was a scoreless game untrl the fourth rnnrng The frnal score was 3 1 On Frrday May 8 the Warrrors came through wrth a 9 4 vrctory over Shell Lake at the local dramond Thrs was the Warrrors frrst conference game w1n On Tuesday May 12 the Warrtors battled rn near bllzzard condltlons for a 3 2 vrctory over Turtle Lake Thrs game was tred at the end of seven 1nn1ngs so an addrtronal rnnrng was played The last conference baseball game of the season found the Clayton Bears meetrng the local Warrrors here on Monday afternoon May 26 Clear Lake garned the vrctory w1th a '7 5 score The season s record then showed 6 wrns and 1 loss Thrs season the Warrrors entered the Wlsconsrn Interscholastrc Athletrc Assocratron Baseball Tournament The DISIIICI Tournament srngle el1m1nat1on on May 18 at Barron found Clear Lake 'neetmg Barron In thrs opener the Warrtor mne beat Barron 4 3 for a D1str1ct frnal berth On Saturday May 23 the WQIIIOIS netted a 7 1 vrctory over Pra1r1e Farm s Panthers rn the D1str1ct Tournament fmals at Barron garmng the D1str1ct Baseball Champ1onsh1p At Rtce Lake Wednesday June 3 the Warrlors lost the opemng semr frnal round of the sectronal play as the strong Frederrc team scored a '7 1 vtctory over them Frederrc defeated Amery rn the fmalplayoff, thus qualrfymg for the rrght to enter the State Champtonshrp rn whlch erght teams wrll par t1c1pate All rn all, the Warrrors had a very successful baseball season, and we would ltke to wtsh them a season Just as successful rn 1954 44 I X C Vg 3 3 . , My X Xu .T I ' , ' tv . A If 1 x, I IPX X XX f" u Q ' 3 Y ' ' , f , , ' 7 ' ky, 7 'LL Axfvi ,UN ,IMA 144: I gl, l vw x . , .H ' f - . g f AN s , s Y' d Q - as ,e M X3 A A jjj- 1 1 Gal 'e ,yy 5 X 6,1 Qlass ,Dlags Jun1or Class Play 1951 INNER WILLY The Cast FRONT ROW Donna l-lunz1ker John Camplon Donald Paulson Helen Netta Monson BACK ROW DIICCIOI Mr Hoag Phyl11sFox Jerry Barthman Natahe Vander hoof D1ck Humpal Shxrley Olson MISSING Mar garet Lange and Sylvla Clark Y x. Senxor Class Play 1953 THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING The Cast Donna Hunzlker Donna Mae Olson Rose Vanderhoof Erland Banks D1ck Moe John Campxon Jerry Barthman Phyllxs Fox D1ck Humpal Shuley Olson Dlrector Mr Hoag 45 ally Dicturcs -49 Dons Donna Dale ' I V0 W Fu! .Ai Johnny M argaret R N Ogle ana Helen Netra Donna Mae it Barbara N Mary LaMoyne JI 1 Phylhs Davrd rland Norval Janet ,nw 0 P ....... 4 Dxck M Ne11 Sylvra Shuley Evxe 46 V fl 3 , I 1 . ' , . n ,1 . '- fx. " if 1 , J v , ' M, M - 3 " nw .ef N r f - , , I Q' I X X . an 1 .Fai -' X Q if . fl 1 'X - , , , I: , 1 ' X S 5 1 . V Q ' 2 ' 3 'wi L' ' a gf! ' gviyi ' - f "Vela 1 , Q., , , , . , M M 54 sz!! Q ' if :n 9 . .- f un -f ff A -. 'X f 'Elf W' 413' . -4- , am. ,r , Vg! ' 6' E ,A 2 'Y W..- -fx' Q A 5 . K If ,Q L- A g . . E I f I Y YT' Q- M' az , ,- 3 f Q , a, ' 1 . 9 Q 3' fn. ,f I HTL V B in f Lv' V fi X ' A, D, ,NX "ff ADVANCED SHORTHAND ' .4 Fi ..---'5""! --.1 AMERICAN PROBLEMS PHY. ED 1 L A. L- J5- A- 10 d. THE SENIOR GIRLS' SHOP CLASS if THE FRESHMEN GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS 'li AQ DRIVERS' TRAINING CLASS 48 ' Pram ROYALTY Don D1ck1e Dale Phylhs Cherl and Dons The .Tumor Senxor Prom of 1952 was held on May 3 1n the gyrn naslurn Dale Hanson and Phy111s Fox re1gned as K1ng and Queen Dor1s W1enke and Don Paulson were the1r attendants Cherl Gr111ey and V1ctor Bernardy Jr were the crown bearers The gymnaslum was beaut1fu11y decorated to correspond w1th the theme Stardust " The Grand March begmmng at 10 00 was the h1gh11ght of the even1ng Everyone present had a lovely t1me as they danced to the mus1c of the Bob Bass Orchestra fl' Gymnaslum CROWN BEARERS Cherl and D1ck1e 49 rabnaiinn ' CO VALEDICTORIANS AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS LEFT TO RIGHT Phyllxs Fox Mr Lundberg fPr1n LEFT TO RICHT Lloyd Damelson fPresentor of crpalj and Shuley Olson Awardsj Dale Hanson and Natahe Vanderhoof 5 THE H1 HER 2 E CLINE rw IE! l kim r,l1,l'1 'A t 'Wa an SECOND ROW Phyllxs Fox Shxrley Olson Barbara Paulson Elame Kuhn Glorxs Larson B111 Johnson Dale Hanson 1anetGraese Sylvla Clark Helen Netta Monson Margaret Lange Dorrs WICHRC FIRST ROW Rev Goetzc Lloyd Damelson Dr Turck Mr Lundberg Lloyd Lmderson S0 ,zz 1 T x THE ' , v T H 'gn XV . HE EF' If hi H 91 'K A . 7 ' L '41, ' 'N, 'AATA .. 'LIL W 4472? s- V ,L s-GX' 5' - RIGHT: More Graduates of 1953 . haf! J- Q X .. V . ' 1' A m LEFT: THE SENIORS GIFT TO THE SCHOOL Mr, Lundberg and Mr. Turck debating over who isto havethe opportunity to make first use of the gift to the school. 51 LEFT: Graduates of 1953 LEFT: The 1953 Graduation class after receiving their diplomas N HID 5 ,W '+'!'l4'4":"f ? ,V Q 'N in "5 Snaps WJ!" slq gf 7.-"Qt js qgyv: f 4 YJ .....,, n R L 3, 1 V 4' +3 ZW my ,El 'Y 1 A V ' ' 'tif 1, VXA-'iii Abs NILSSEN S HARDWARE M 8. M CAFE BANK OF CLEAR LAKE Quad INTER STATE LUMBER CO S 0--Q .wmv GENE S SPORT SHOP '43 RE EVE LOCKER li ILUIXliU11 EATS r--1-L ANDERSON S FAIRWAY MAXON S BARBER SHOP Y 1 . I 1 f , . a - , K ff, I A' ? 5, Y L A Q J ' F ' - A s s A L - FAQ. ua I .5,.U., , vi ' H A -- f D I '41f':73 ' " " """""'-4 " as Q T ' T A 3 'L V f 5 . A S ' T t I O , 6 ' rl ,' - V, an , ' W' W V' F 1 O " 1 . I 54 '1 LEAR LAKE STAR LEWIS FEDERATED STORE "Qi-..i CLEAR LAKE HARDWARE ANDERSON S GARAGE 'T KITZBERGER S BAR CLEAROL OIL STATION WALT ALBERTSON S SHOP CLEAR LAKE MEAT CENTRAL LUMBER WOOD PLUMBING 8- .ai-:JI HALLIDAY S STORE ANNE S BAR MARK ET I COMPANY HEATING LEONARD S ELECTRIC 55 EDDIE S BAR DUZBAY S BAR FAWN DAIRY BAR ELLINGSON S STORE OLSON S SHOE REPAIR MARTIN S SERVICE STATION CLIFFORD PAULSON S SHOP FARMER S COOP FEED DEPARTMENT NICK S BAR NILSSEN S CASH STORE SILVER DOME ROLLER RINK CLEAR LAKE DRUG STORE I M W GROSKOPP CH I ROP RACTO R CLEAR LAKE LIVESTOCK MARKET WOOD IMPLEMENT FORSYTHE INSURANCE AGENCY ZEPHEYR INN JUNKAN S GARAGE CLEAR LAKE CREAMERY CLARK S GROCERY STORE PAT WILSON TRUCKER I I l 1 . 'Q ? I s v , I L ICAJIL. I I I

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