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35 1' Wfiwf, ALMA MATER fix DEDICATICDN This 1951 Echo is respectfully dedicated to our parents and teachers who with understanding and kindness have prepared us so that we might look forward to attaining our Goals in life with high hopes and great expectations I wus-L CONTENTS X! Faculty Students Athletics Actlvltles Q 2 y yy J' 9 I x, 'FK X x .Xl ix SFX 5 X t 1 f nd 4427 Q 3, O GQ KN fat o wifi 500 X O, QQ, 45903321 KJ X, XX vw 3 xxxe iw QA U33 969 MB 0060 75 590 Q Soc 90 ,WO CN O X mc 6 5 5 0 99 ef 36360 04,9 AQ-5 QQ M20 50003 Socofb 9 :QQ rqixyg gg mee xg 'kewl ,COW SO 9.0-gs QQ X53 AO S, 'CG Qf 'O 'B:O'B:X"5X'K3 5 fx, xgygqg ,GO KJ Q96 'NW x A959 'Q O6 V0 C Q NOG 6 0 393' O ow: Swv Ev Q 1 Z O 1 390 gxjfi Q1 Qc, 0: 53. 465' 90 'G ,o -CHFZAOQ fa , 9 E0 YQ, 1, oo x,.Q-V9 '46 V J r Q 1 U C 'T ff V, ff. W Q3 yoga, Q, QQ .,fQyC1,CP QQ, KJ- KJ. 69,59 9 gqgc, ij-'5C7i 6 pi' ' C73 5- N Q ' iff Q G0 KJ -xg Q KJ n i 1 U , , .' '43 f5'o,,o6,6 yo ' C, X. O 'Y vi ' 9, 66,05 ooze. 6 N, 4915 GQ 6 fin. 'NL 9 'xc,of:eX'?,., I 1 f 1 l , l,,. i 2 ,yr ,YN K s'iQ I-- Clear Lake Scene 'L Farmers Cooperatwe Creamery 4 mai'- MR F C LUNDBERG Pr1nc1pal The bemor Class 1S s1ncere1y grateful for the ass1s tance he has gwen us 1n produc1ng th1s year book and for the g'l.11daI1CC he has g1ven our class dunng the past year J ,-.lvfi ' W- 1. af 7 i ww I A fl - . JACK B. ALLEN Bachelor of Science Superior State Teachers College Music GORDON H. GRILLEY Bachelor of Science River Falls Teachers College Science, Physical Education, Coach 6 WALTER R. GORR Bachelor of Science Stout Institute IIldl1SUi31 Arts IAMES W. LARSEN Bachelor of Arts Northland College Social Science -Ov HAROLD W. HO AG Bachelor of Education Superior State Teachers College Mathematics, English 9 ALLEN LINSTER Bachelor of Science River Falls Teachers College Agriculture 7 SHIRLEY STONE English Bachelor of Science River Falls V. lvl. PAYNE Commercial Bachelor of Education Mankato State Teachers College IEANNE SMITH Home Economics, English Bachelor of Science Stout Institute 'ang 8 Ag JACKIE ERICKSON She puts her troubles in a trunk, sits on the lid and smiles. Majorette I , 25 Drum Majorette 3, 45 Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club I5 F. H. A. reporter 45 Crier staff 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Librarian 4. BERDEAN FOUKS Twinkle, twinkle goesher eye, who we wonder is the guy. F.H. A. I, 2, 3,45 Librarian 45 Annual Staff 4. ALLEN FRANK He likes the blondes and the brunettes too, if he can't get a brunette a red head will do. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Letter Captain 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4 C. Club 45 Annual staff 4. BRUCE FRISENDAHL A wise man never tells all he knows. Chorus 2, 3,45 F. F. A. 2, 3,45 V. Pres. 45 F. F. A. Quarter 3,45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. ARLYA FAE BRESLIN The best of all ways to lengthen one's days is to steal a few hours from the night. Pep Club 2, 3,45 F.H. A. 2, 3,45 Glee Club I5 Class Treas. I5 Crier Staff 35 Chorus 2, 3,45 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 45 Librarian45 Triple Trio 45 Annual Staff 4. GLORIS BUCKNER If there is anything I like more than fun it's more fun. Pep Club 2, 3, 45 F. l-1. A, I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Student Council 1,45 Class Pres. I5 Treas. 45 Class Play 35 Crier Staff 35 Librarian 45 Cheerleader 45 Annual Staff 4. CHARLES CLARK Study is a pastime so why overdue. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 C. Club 2, 3,45 Sec. -Treas. 45 Football 45 Annual Staff 4. DARLEEN EGGERT Now l am ready to take my M. R. S. degree. Glee Club I5 F. H. A. I5 Chorus 45 Annual Staff 4. EARL HAIMA The bell rings, roll is called, time elaspes, more time elaspes, in walks Earl. Band 2, 3,4, Sec. Band Club 4, Crier Staff 3,4, Bas- ketball 3,4, Class Play 3, Chorus 4, C. Club. RAY HAMMELMAN Though modest and quiet he may be, there is no better fellow then he. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3,4, F. F. A. l,2,3,4QT1'eaS. 4, C. Club 3,4, Annu- al Staff 4. MARGARET JOHNSON I love to talk. I havesaid enough or should I say more? F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Forensics I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Triple trio3, Glee Club Ig Librarian 3.4, Crier Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. LAVERNE JOSPHSON I want what I want, when I want it. F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Chorus 4, Football I,2,3,4g Base- 5 ball 1, 2, 3, 4. YM MARLENE KLEIN Life and I are too short to hustle. F. H. A. 3, 4, Annual SI3ff4Q Chorus 4, Triple Trio 4, Trio 4. DORIS KNOLL A girl of few words. F.H. A. 3.4, Annual Staff 4. EDNA KNUTSON Her Ambition is to be admited to the bar. Forensics 2.3.4, Glee Club Ig Class Play 3, Crier Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Co-editor 4, History Club 3 Treas. 3, Class V. Pres. 4, Student Council 4. MARIE LILLIE Swell music, good dancing, and a lot of boys--these have always been my greatest joys. Pep Club 3, 4, F. H. A. l,2,3,4g Glee Club I, Crier Staff 3, Librarian 3.4, Annual Staff 4. NICKOLAS MUCI-IIE He was cut out to be an angel but someone stole the pattern, F. F, A. 1, 2, 4, Football 4, Annual Staff 4, LAUREL NELSON Laurel needs no introduction, she speaks for herself, Glee Club lg F. H. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3,4, Crier staff 3, 4, Crier Co-Editor 3, Ed- itor 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, ANNE NEWVILLE Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit. F, H, A. I, 2, 4, Glee Club Ig Pep Club I, Librarian 2, 3,4, Choir 3,4, Crier 3, Annual Staff 4. GERALD NEWVILLE More than one head rests on his broad shoulders. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Assistant Treas, 3, Pres, 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3,4, Choir 2, 4, Class Play 3, Basketball Manag- er 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. BEVERLY LINDEN No matter what the discussion may be I can always find room to disagree. F. H, A. 1,2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class V. Pres. I, Band 1,2, Choir I,2,3,4g Librarian 2,4, Crier Staff 3, 4, History Club 3, Annual Staff 4, Glee Club I. PATRICK MARA Ain't nobody's business what I do, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Sec. 4, Football 3, 4, Manager 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, C. Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, ROBERTA MINOR She's little but so is a stick of dynamite. F. H. A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Forensics 2, 4, Pep Club 4, Librar- ian 4, Annual Staff 4. NORMA MOE Although I'm not very tall, I'd rather be little than not at all. F. H. A, I, 2, 3, 4, Forensics 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Pep Club 4, Annual Staff 4. sm-Q-. Q ,F V :lx Ta ,X JOHN OHLIN Calm as an Amazon, active as a bee. Band 2, 3,4, Student Council 2,4, Class V. Pres, 2, Pres. 3. 4, Choir 2, 3,4, Class Play 3, Crier Staff 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Band Club 4, C. Club 4, VIRGINIA PETERSON A blush is beautiful but sometimes inconvenient, F. H. A. I,45 Band I,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4, Crier Staff 4. BERDENNE SEMPF Writing leters, talking to Les, doing her work, to heck with the rest. Band 1, ZQGICC Club 1, Class Treas. 2, F. H. A, 2,4, Class Play 3, Triple Trio 3, Choir 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. WANDA SHANE She never lets studies interfere with her education, F. H, A. I, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Pep Club 4. If 'WN FRANK SOMMERFELDT I came I saw she conquered Pep Club 1 Basketball Manager 2 C Club 3 4 Football 4 Manager 3 Baseball 3 4 Annual Staff MARY JANE STENSVOLD Never says to much nor thinks to little A 4Ba 234Cho1r234C Play 3 History Club 3 Triple Trio 4 Trio 4 L1 brarian 4' Annual Staff Editor 4 ANNA MAE SWANSON She needs a card catalogue to keep her friends in order nd l 2 - nd Club Pres 4- F I-l.A 4 Sec 4- Glee Club l' Class Sec 2 3 4- Choir 3 4, Crier Staff 4, Triple Trio 4, Annual Staff 4. ROBERT WRIGHT His only labor is to kill time. F. F. A, l, 2, 3,4,Football 3, 4gC, Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. CLASS HISTORY The class of 1951 began hrgh school 1n September 1947 wrth an enrollment of forty students The group was lead by then adv1sor Mr Knutson wxth the followlng offrcers Presxdent Glorls Buckner V1ce Presrdent Beverly Lmden Secretary Shuley Klatt Treasurer Arlya Fae Breslm We ended our Freshman year w1th thuty f1ve students Thtrty seven conf1dent students returned to school tn the fall of 1948 w1th Mr Chust enson as our 3dV1SOI We welcomed Bruce Frrsendahl and Allen Frank mto our class The off1cers elected were Prestdent James Holcomb Vrce Presrdent John Ohlm Sec retary Anna Mae Swanson Treasurer Ber denne Sempf Sylvxa Nordby and Brlly Dzet rrch left us durmg that year Last year thxrty fxve Juniors tnhabxted Clear Lake Htgh School Th1s was an rmportant year because we sponsored three ma1n socxal events the class play prom and banquet Class offrcers were Presrdent John Ohlm V1cePres1dent Glorra Jones Secretary Anna Mae Swanson Treasurer Iackle Er1ckson Our advtsor was Mr Chrxstenson James Holcomb Irene Gale and Shuley Klat left our class durmg the year Atotal of thrrty two students are complet mg thetr last year m h1gh school Th1s ts our busrest and most rmportant year We are edmng the annual presentmg a class play makmg plans for graduatron and also for the future Class offlcers are President John Oh11n V1cePreudent Edna Knutson Secre tary Anna Mae Swanson Treasurer Glons Buckner Mr Lundberg 15 our adv1sor Glona Jones left us to attend school at Roosevelt Hlgh School rn Minneapolts 'I3 Year Students I4 U' I g , . . - - . . : . . .: . . ' ' ' : . . ' . Z ' ' . ' :' ' . : . ' ' . ' : . ' 2 ' . ' . . , . 9 - , L . . . .- . . . . . .. - . . . . - - . .. ' . . - : - I . . :I . 9 .3 ' - I I , ' E , - .:. . ' 3 - ' . Q D- 1 I n ' . ' ' I U ' . I . . - . . , ,n C ASS PROPHECY Charles Clark the only retrred member of the Senror Class of 1951 has called a re unron of the class at hrs estate As we enter the huge mansron we are amazed at the beauty and spacrousness of rt We are sur prrsed to learn that the rnterror decoratrng and landscaprng wasdone by Mary Jane Sten svold and Berdean Fouks who are co owners of therr own landscaprng rnterror decoratron busrness Robert Wrrght afamous and expert carpenter drd the carpentry work Jacquelyn Errckson arrlrne executrve has hrred two members of the class as arrlrne ste wardess They are Marre Lrllre and Glorrs Buckner We notrce frrstly how trrm and nrce they look rn therr unrforms made espec rally by the Home Ec teacher Anne New vrlle Anne rs leadrng a double lrfe due to the fact that she rs also happrly marrred The other marrred members of our class who have become farmers LaVerne Josephson Bruce Frrsendahl and Ray Hammelman are sard to have three of the fmest farms rn the country Charles tells us they shrp frurts and vegetables rn to hrm by Pat Mara s Transfer Truck System whrch Pat owns and operates wrth the ard of Earl Harma executrve man ager The trucks are of frnest qualrty b cause Jerry Newvrlle Agrrculture professor at the Unrversrty of Clear Lake tested and rm proved them Oh yes there on the couch fully relaxed rs Nrckolas Muchre the ambrtronless farmer Next to hrm we see drgnrfred John Ohlrn who has just recently recerved hrs Bachelors degree from the Unrversrty and rs undertak rng hrs prrvately owned busrness of berng an undertaker He has hrred Margaret Johnson to do hrs offrce work FrankSommerfe1dthavrng chosen the serr ous professron of berng a bum has caught 'the rnterest of several members of our class by tellrng of some of hrs experrences Srt trng besrde hrm on hrs rrght rs Beverly Lrnden who rs a trarned nurse at the Clear Lake Hosprtal Next to her rs another nurse who rs also workrng at the Clear Lake Hosprtal She rs none other than Laurel Nelson At Frank s left we see Arlya Fae Breslrn who has become a world famed beautrcran Charles hrres her at rntervals to apply her great abrlrty Next to Arlya Fae rs Marlene Klern who rs a clerk rn a store rn Los Angeles Calrfornra Seated across from Marlene rs Allen Frank look rng very superrorrnhrs Army General s unr form Wrth hrm rs hrs charmrng wrfe Roberta Mrnor and Norma Moe hrgh school companrons are seated next to the frreplace brrngrng back old memorres of hrgh school days Roberta rs a famed artrst dorng unusual parntrngs whrch sell at hrgh prrces Norma we learn rs un marrred consrdered an old mard and owns numerous orphan homes all over the country The marn branch rs located rn her home town whrch would now be hardly recog nrzable as the small town of Reeve Dur rng the past years rt has grown rnto a large metropolrs wrth a populatron of over a thousand people Charles reacquarnts us wrth hrs effrcrent secretarres Anna Mae Swanson and Vrr grnra Peterson who keep hrs numerous records and frles for hrm They have done a great deal toward makrng thrs reunron possrble What s thrs? Charles rs strollrng over to hrs TV Radro set and turnrng rt on Why rt s Edna Knutson grvrng one of her famous polrtrcal speeches She rs one of the most noted polrtrcrans As we are about to leave tears rn our eyes memorres of the past are lrngerrng rn our mrnds We thrnk wrll we ever see them all agarnz It was wonderful havrng at least for the short trme that rt was hrgh school memorres never to be forgotten by the Senror Class of 1951 , . , - - v , . 1 - ' f - n - - f ' ' . , ' , . . . . , . u - 1 - . ' r - I 1 . , ' . . , ' - 1 I 1 r r 1 ' , , , . . . , . . - l ' e- , - , 1 n ' ' 1 r ' , . , . . . . - - v . . v I ' - - o . 1 . . - . . . ,, . ' 1 . . . ,, . 1 CLASS WILL We the Semor Class of 51 ' belng of sound m1nd and body do make th1s our last w1ll and testament To the Junlor class we w1ll our h1gh I Q s as we w1ll no longer need them and our capable adv1sor Mr Lund berg I Arlya Fae Bresl1n w1ll my love for danc1ng to Roslyn W1enberg I Glor1s Buckner w1ll my pleasant qu1et nature to JoAnne Klatt I Charles Clark w1ll my Al Jolson 1m1tat1ons to J1m Hallen I Darleen Eggert w1ll my last name to Raymond Wood I Jack1e Erlckson w1ll my pos1t1on as head majorette to Robert Grossen bacher I Berdean Fouks w1ll my love of bookkeep1ng to anyone who rmght l1ke I Allen Frank w1ll my trxps to the c1t1es to Anor Ohl1n and Cass1us Vanderhoff I Bruce Fnsendahl w1ll my tact w1th women to Lester Frank I Earl H1ama w1ll my careful dr1v1ng to 'led Olson I Raymond Hammelman w1ll my stature to Pat Johnson I Margaret Johnson w1ll my Jolly laugh to Mary Anna Nelson I Marlene Kl1en w1ll my pos1t1on 1n Tr1ple Tr1o to Crystal Tulgren I Laverne Josephson w1ll my stack of books to George Kennetz I Dor1s Knoll w1ll my happy mem or1es to my s1ster Esther Knoll I Edna Knutson w1ll my love for poht1cs and soc1al sc1ence to Lloyd Hansen and Darlo Stensvold I Mar1e L1ll1e w1ll my n1ght l1fe to Dean Chr1st1son I Beverly Llnden w1ll my m1ddle name Gladys to Dav1d Beyl I Patrlck Mara w1ll my black ha1r to B111 Rub1r I Roberta Mlnor w1ll my v1s1ts to Reeve to Dale Kuhl I Norma Moe w1ll my best fr1end Roberta to Morr1s Hammons I N1cholas Muchle w1ll my roller skat1ng ab1l1ty to Joan Lucht I, Laurel Nelson w1ll my pos1t1on as mall carrler to Georgla Heyer and Delores Hansen I Anne Newvllle w1ll my 1nterest 1n Home Econom1cs to Duane Bjorgum and Ronald Melby I Jerry Newv1l1e w1ll my loud V01Ce to Jarnes Moore I John Ohhn w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th teachers to Fred Tob1as and Al1ce Nordby I V1rg1n1a Peterson w1ll my he1ght to June Ostenson I Berdenne Sempf w1ll my ablllty to talk to Eleanore Fr1edr1ck and June Paulson I Wanda Shane, w1ll my love for Chem1stry to Eugene Gulhckson I Frank Sommerfeldt w1ll my Ford P1ck up to Rhea Bl1ese I Mary Jane Stensvold w1ll my sen 1or years scho1ast1c ab1l1ty to And rew Dado and Arthur Kuhn I Anna Mae Swanson w1ll my drum to Delores Engebretson I, Robert Wr1ght w1ll my ab1l1ty not to go steady to Kerm1t Thompson ' ll I ' 9 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 1 1 I ' ' . 1 - , . - 1 1 , . ! 1 9 ! , . 1 1 1 1 9 9 . , . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 9 . 1 1 - ' 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1t. , I 2 1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' - 9 1 1 1 ' ' - 1 1 ' . . , . . . - 9 1 . . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 . I6 Jerry Edna Glorrs df? a Frank An Margaret Beverly Laurel and MBFCI3 John .12 . uNl T' Roberta Darleen Arlya Fae YQ Norma Jackre Marlene Wanda Berdenne Bruce A Dear Ruth S On November Z9 Broadway and Hollywood were brought a l1ttle closer to Clear Lake On that date, the Jun1or class presented Dear Ruth' a successful play and mov1e The play proved to be very enchantnug as an amateur product1on Earl and Edna provlded the romantlc lnterests CAST Nr Harry W1lk1ns JerryNewv111c Mrs Harry WllklIlS R 1th Wxlkxns Mxnarn W11k1ns Mary Jane Stensvold Edm Knutson ClOf13 jones karl lIa1ma John fbhllll Bruce lrrlescndahl Lt Rxll Seawrlght Sarg Chuck Vmcent Albert Kunlmer Mlss Martha Scavxrlght Glorls Buckner Harold Klobbermeyer Dora Laverne josephson Berdenne Sempf FORENSICS 5 "' Xwx- A I-IRST ROW S Olson E I-rlcdrrck S Clark M Johnson M Stenswold N Rosen E Thompson N Moe, SECOND ROW M1ss Stone R. Vanderhoof P Fox I: Knutson D Humpal A Ohhn I Ytllc M lange B Pau son HONOR STLIDE TS Valedmtorlan Saluatorlan " 1 FIRST ROW Laurel Margaret Mary Jane Mane Glorrs Norma SECOND ROW Beverly Edna Earl I5 POINTS OR A AVERAGE Joan Lucht Shrrley Olson I4 POINTS OR B AVERAGE Phyllrs Fox Barbara Paulson I3 POINTS OR B AVERAGE Arthur Kuhn I2 POINTS OR A AVERAGE Jean Gleboff Maryanna Nelson Mary Jane Stensvold Laurel Nelson Krrt Smrth Glorrs Larson Nancy Rosen Ilene Thompson ll POINTS OR A AVERAGE Robert Rub1n Eleanore Frledrrck Jerry Berdenne Anne H1gh School Honor R011 Anne Newvrlle Earl Hxama Edna Knutson Louella I-lammelman ro POINTS OR B AVERAGE Dale Hansen Janet Graese Jack Stowers Wanda Shane 9 POINTS OR B AVERAGE Mane Lrllre Norma Moe June Paulson Glorls Buckner Gerald Newvrlle Andrew Dado Wayne Kaczmarskr Elarne Kuhn Dale Iverson Morris Ohlrn Carol Kuhl LaVerne Glllbertson James Fouks 8 POINTS OR B AVERAGE Beverly Llnden Vrrglnla Peterson Berdenne Sempf Kenneth Wrtthoft Natalxe Vanderhoof Jackre Errckson Margaret Johnson Sylvra Eggert Patty Moore Beverly Austrnson Brlly Johnson Sylvxa Clark Bruce Frresendahl Ray Hammelman Donald Chrrstensen JU IORS FIRST ROW I Ostenson D Tulgren E Knoll D Hansen J berg M Nelson P johnson Mr Engebretson C Thompson R Grossenbacher C Vanderhoot' R Klatt R Wren Wood T Olson B Rubrn D Bjorgum FOURTH Larson SECOND ROW I Hallen A Ohlrn A Kuhn E Gullrck ROW J Lucht E Frtedrrch P Wtllert A Nord son L Frank A Dado R Melby D Chrrstenson by D Beyl G Kennetz R Bltese G Heyer J L Hansen Paulson THIRD ROW J Moore D Stensvold K Freshmen In the fall of 1948 forty three freshmen started the1r hrgh school educatron at Clear Lake Inruatxon was the frrst hlghlrght of our socxal season How well we remember oddly dressed students runnlng around school and the odor of cheap perfume Q1n1t1at1on rrtualsj Alrce Nordby vsas our prrncess for Homecomlng the second hrghlrght of that year Class Offrcers were Advrsor Mrss Murrel Hanson Presxdent Charles Van Ruden Vrce Presxdent Harold Waterman Secretary Jean Oas Treasurer Ronald Melby In the Sophomore year torty srx students enrolled Turn about became farr play as we became the rnrtrators tnstead of the rmtrated ata specral party for the event Ioan Davrd Andy Mr Larson Ar 'SN Lucht rergned as our prrucess at the homecomrng fest1v1t1es Class Offrcers were Adv1sor Mr Clay ton Peterson Presrdent Joan Lucht Vrce Presldent B111 Rubrn Secretary Eleanore Frrederrck Treasurer Jean Oas Jumor On August 28 1950 school opened wrth forty anxtous Junrors There were sew eral bxg events thrs year Homecomrng wasthe frrst one w1th June Paulson as our attendant November I4 brought the long avsarted ar r1val of our class rtngs January I2 was another bxg day we put on the three act play Bolts and Nuts whrch was a brg success The Junror Prom and the Jumor Sentor banquet were also sponsored Class Offlcers Adv1sor Mr James Larson Presrdent Arthur Kuhn V1ce Presrdent Andrew Dado Secretary and Treasurer Davrd Beyl 'lt 5 J jf ii? 5 Q 1 1 , . , . , . , . I v - v - p . , - . ' I Q y n ' 1 a ' Q : ' ' ' I I I 0 . n e ' 1 n n n p o Q Q I v , Y ' ' I l . . . . .- f . V . . V Q . 1 n . 1 ,fs-. ' , 7 - H . X ' v ' - SOPHOMORE CLASS .4-4 B l. FIRST ROW V Shafer E Kuhn E Swanson J Budd D Lundberg D Olson J Klein N Ptt Grease N Vanderhoof G Larson M Peterson man D Moe E Banks FOURTH ROW H Water R Vanderhoof Mr Allen SECOND ROW M man R I-lumpal W Johnson D Seekrns N Ol Mitchell S Olson M Johnson S Clark H son J Barthman D Jones D Paulson D Ilan Monson B Newville B Paulson P Fox D Wien son k THIRD ROW J Campion L Emerson C We the sophomore class looking back to the beginning of our high school life feel that we have accomplished a great deal ln two years We began our freshman year under the guidance of our class advisor Mr Hoag and our class officers Donald Paulson President La Moyne Emerson vice president Bar bara Paulson secretary and John Campion treasurer On 1n1t1at1on day we were made to feel welcome by the sophomores In the evening we enjoyed a party in the gym followed by a green lunch in the Home Economics room We topped everything by winning first prize on our float Homecoming day Our greatest sense of achievement came the day we passed our exams and we were sophomores We sophomores came back to school eager to continue on our second year atC1ear Lake High School CLASS OFFICERS This year our capable advisor is Mr Allen and our Nell Donald Ml. Allen Shmey phylhs class officers are president Shirley Olson vlce pres ident Donald Paulson secretary Phyllis Fox and the treasurer Neil Olson 1 f 3, The mam event of the year was freshman initiation day The frosh came to school looking very gay in their green bows They felt honored to be able to bow down and carry our books for us 'lhat night in their honor we sponsored an allschool hay ride There was a big turnout with four wagons crowded with kids After the hayride everyone went to the M 8a M for refreshments However our years activitieshavehadtheir Black- er moments one of them being on Homecoming day when due to lack of time 'or preparation our float collapsedjust before parade time But setbacks or not ue of the sophomore class will keep up our determin- ed efforts to succeed in all we attempt to do FRESHMAN Wx' FIRST ROW L Anderson M Anderson L Lucht N Rosen J Walsh C Kuhl S Swager R Seekrns J Ghboff M Moore P Moore B Austrnson Mr Hoag SEC OND ROW R Walberg J Titel D Chrrstenson W Waterman S Eggerr L Ham melman J Orner I Thompson D Iverson J Stowers C Daniels B Peterson THIRD ROW D Minor R. Thomas P Lind J Holliday B Rubin E Osteuson E Frankson M Melby K Smith D Bhese J Fouks W Shane Last fall August Z8 forty nine pupils began their work as freshmen of Clear Lake High After the first few days their nerves stopped Jumping and once again breathing nor mally they settled down to the natural school routine A few days later they organized their class with Mr Hoag as class advisor The following were elected as officers for the year President Lois Anderson Vice President Bob Rubin Secretary, Kirt Smith Treasurer, Morton Melby Lois Lucht was chosen as the class attendant for the Homecoming Queen Morton Kirr Mr Hoag Bob Lois The Freshman float won first prize in the parade The girls wore green ribbons in their hair and the boys wore green bow ties for initiation The Sophomores treated us with a hayride in the evening to which the entire student body was invited Many Freshman Joined in the fol- lowing outside activities: choir, band and athleticsg 2.6 joined the choir, and 7 are taking band lessonsg also five girls were chosen for majorettes. They are Mary Anderson, Lois Lucht, Shirley Swagger, Louella Hammelman, and Nancy Rosen. Nancy is also a cheerleader for the B team. nl l 'HHH N Xxx xx :W f A Ill ll Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear ,V I u- 1 D" ,..,.-.. Q Lx" , ' Allen Harry Ray Pat Lake . . 7 Turtle Lake Lake . . I4 Prairie Farm Lake . . I9 Weyerhauser Lake . . 47 New Auburn Lake . . 7 Shell Lake . Lake . . 7 W Clayton . . Lake . . 6 l Chetek. . . Bob FIRST ROW: J. Barthman, P. Mara, A. Frank, R. Hansen, M. Melby, W. Shane, J. Campion. THIRD Melby, R. Wright. J. Newville. I. Hallen, B. Rubin R, Hammelman, C. Clark. SECOND ROW: B. John- son, L. Gilbertson, R. Rubin, T, Olson, l-l. Water man, C. Vanderhoof, D. Beyl, R. Grossenbacher, L ROW: Mr. Grilley, D. Jones, N. Olson, G. Ken netz, D. Stensvold, K. Thompson, N. Muchie, C. Hatella, F. Sommerfeldt, L. Emerson. Chuck Nicky Frankie Coach Grilley FOOTBALL Clear Lake had a fine turnout of players for football this season. The squad played seven games, losing four and win- ning three- The Warriors suffered five causualties. Dale Kuhl broke his ankle and Bill Rubin and Harold Waterman sprained their legs. Charles Clark dislocated his shoulder and collar- bone. Sub-Center Bob Wrightwas injured in a motorcycle mis- hap and was unable to play in a few games. The Warriors lost their homecoming game to Clayton by a score of 8 to 7. Clear Lake lead until the last 45 seconds when the unfortunate incident happened. Clayton scored a safety which won the game. HOMECOMING QUEEN ELAINE ,H-""' Q? U. va' 5 s ww V 1" "' - . E Z! F ,A 2 ' .lil f--.4 31,3 sl- - 6 egg SLT:- EERE5 SCHEDULE Clear Lake . . 34 Turtle Lake . . 25 Clear Lake . . 35 Prarie lfarm. . 30 Clear Lake . . Sl Clayton .... 54 Clear Lake. . 36 Shell Lake. . . 47 Clear Lake . . 46 Turtle Lake. . 48 Clear Lake . . 52 Prairie Farm. . 48 Clear Lake . . 35 Clayton .... 47 Clear Lake. . ZQ Shell Lake. . . 58 TOURNAMENT Clear Lake . . QQ Webster .... 40 Clear Lake . . 61 Siren ..... 50 Clear Lake. . 33 Centuria , . . 3Q The record ofthe games for the 1950-51 season was7wins and8loses. Although some ofthe games were heartbreakers, all in all it was a very enjoyable season. At the tournament, the Warriors lost the game to Webster 40-3Q, beat Siren 61 -50 the sec- ond and lost the consolation game to Centuria 39- 33- This year there are four lettermen graduating. They are: Charles Clark, Raymond Hammelman, john Ohlin, and Earl Haima, QQ fi , n Pant Defeat Warriors bers 35 - 30 lfhejpigesgiear Lak asffetbalfond Strat? Wan-for ralrfep game S co S Won game Waarm by -35attu1'day :fe1'eI1Ce m s ' 1 1, .. iii '2ffaul0f.2nzvef? Young if: Urge Igamif han- X efpriday .. 2 151 - rsldose E' e was fn I1 1 1110 kg N U,-8 f a 'fd .uw To gre Aisaggownev me 'inn W ' W0 9 Local iagfgdaav final ,gmail " Ytxg X13 Xost KH . was The .0t5. V 'YXHS Vlafn -3 to 2 i i X169 rsylllarrlofsm . 116. me 1 Kningtes X055 iq: JS QVQIKJBY HOIS ierence x me ilfine baffk gg , 26- ,701 5 rn 018 . c Qphxnd-2-A-Ants ca . ,. ma D no quo 0 , K ki 2, Warriors Defeat vlhtlei ' .0 ire' Panthers 52 - 48 Ellegwagjg A ' . ' The Warriors defeated a fight-tewafflof ing Prairie Farm team on the lo- ggr We? cal court Friday night by a 52 tol owes 3 48 .score. The victory was the third een oi in conference play for the War-lowes W riors this season. The fans witnessed a hard fought FT 9' game the whole way. Tied 13 up at , .5 the first quarter, the Warriors led 26 - 20 at the half. The third quart- er saw the local team trailing by one point 36 - 35, but they rallied with 12 points in the last period to make a final score of 52 - 48. Top point getters for the V' 'Vere Haimv 1.6 nw! 'warn ' x Earl fohn TOP ROW- Mr Grille . ' 1 R. W - Jones' L. Gubemon YE G a-lberg. R. Rubin, D. Lundberg, D, Hanson R R b. U Pa I , . ulllckson, D. geyl D len R . . u ln, E. Haima, J. Hal uson, D. Lark, M, Melbyi FRONT ROWY D. Ohfin .NHe31me1man, C. Clark, J. Barthman j ' ' - . son, ' 22 r-PE? ,Q C. CLUB 'f 1 . 'ff' 'n' A A r 51-0 , 1.. .. ROW ONE lr Sommerfeldt D Bcyl ll Water Iwexxvrlle X Frank R. llammelmm P X Lara ll J llallen J Barthman R Melby B Ll N Olson R Gros cnbach r D lone Mr Grrl bm C Vanderhoof ROW TWO Clark I ey The purpose of the C Club 1S pr1mar1ly to prorrote good sportsmanshlp It 1S made up of lettermen play1ng e1ther football or basketball In order to w1n a letter a player must play elght quarters of football or s1x quarters of basketball We have monthly meetlngs at wh1ch we d1scuss the current bus1ness and dec1de upon ways to ralse money At the end of each year we buy the sen1or members letter sweaters or Jackets r Gflllel Gerald James Charlc The C Club sponsors dances after basketball games and has concess1ons at games Two large projects under taken th1s year were a donkey bas ketball game and a wresthng match We of the C Club are proud of the accomphshments made under the gu1d ance of Coach Grllley and the C Club ofhcers Jarnes Hallen Presldent Jerry Newv1lle V1ce Pres1dent and Charles Clark, Secretary Treasurer The h1ghl1ght of the year was our banquet attended by club members teachers and parents 29 WN 00 FIRST ROW G Buckner N Vanderhoof R. Van derhoof A Breslin SECOND ROW B Linden G Heyer M Mitchell D Olson R, Wienberg C Tulgren I Klatt D Hansen H Monson S Clark Mr Gorr THIRD ROW J Lucht G Lar son V Shafer M Anderson N Rosen E Swan son E Kuhn M Peterson I Erickson M Lillie Natalie, Margie, Mr. Gorr, Elaine, Mary Gloris, Natalie, Rosie, Arlya afar -for 6' I 5 4 , FOURIHROW JCampion E Banks L Ander son P Johnson L Lucht S Swager W Shane R. Minor N Moe R. Peterson FIFTH ROW C Hatella M Melby D Jones R Humpal I Yelle-W Shane R Rubin J Holliday L Emer son R. Moe PEP CLUB The Pep Club is a school organization which any student in school may become a member Its main purpose is to promote as much school spirit as possible The main functions of this organization are to furnish cheers and cheerleaders for the school and to take care of the annual home- coming activities. It also is responsible for purchasing uniforms for the cheer- leaders. Evie, Margie, Nancy, Mary, Donna 1 if c 'ai c Q-.f . I Xt I was s CRIER ED1Toa,,,...,- C0 EDlTOR"-,,,,.-- RE women. ,,,,,, TYPIST Z A F 0 mei X 1226 4' T355 9' 0 Www Q1-9 90 645330 at fa ,,. 1 QWQQ3' ' , ' fo veg 5 o ' qi' 49 W .A X--X. 0.5 . 5 J s ' css . Lexx xii ' jby LGT .fix H. M ,f 1 X !i I 'A 'A A. A ,ff " f ,Ar Q999 o- -x. . A4 ' A 'WW if-sf A M CHOIR , af FIRST ROW: B, Paulson, B, Linden, A, Swanson, M, Stensvold, D. llansen, J. Erickson, L. Nelson, R, Wienberg, P, Johnson, Mr. Allen. SECOND ROW: M. Peterson, W, Waterman, C. Kulil, R. Seekins M. Klein, A, Newville, S. Olson, M, Johnson, B, Senipf, S. Swager, L. Anderson, THIRD ROW: M, Mitchell, D, Olson, D,JOl'1CS, D. Paulson, D. Han son, E. Frankson, D. Lein, K, Witthoft, P, Fox J. Klatt. FOURTH ROW: D. Beyl, J. I-Iallen, A Ohlin, J. Newville, A, Frank, R. Knutson, E. Gul lickson, N. Olson, E, Hairna, B, Johnson, B. Frisen dahl, F. Sommerfeldt. Triple Trio FIRST ROW: Mary Jane, Anna Mae, Helen Netta, Janet. SECOND ROW: Marjorie, Arlya Fae, Mar lene, Laurel and Barbara, I O Girls' Trlo Mary Jane, Marlene, Janet and Barbara F. F. A. Quartette Irvin, Bruce, Bobby, Don and Barbara CHOIR D PIRST ROW B Paulson S Clark D Wernke G Larson J Paulson H Monson E Kuhn M Moore P Moore E Frredrrck Mr Allen SEC OND ROW B Xustrnson J Walsh J Graese A Breslrn D Eggert L Hammelman E Swanson G Heyer N Rosen C Tulgren THIRD ROW The vocal mus1c department has been broadened tlus year to meet the des1res of any student who has wanted to take part 1n group vocal act1v1t1es After spend1ng much t1me 1n rehearsal the mlxed chorus pre sented a very enjoyable Chr1strnas concert at the v1l1age hall on Dec ember 14 When school convened after Chr1stmas frfty f1ve students were selected on the bas1s of vocal abrhty to go to chmcs and feSt1ValS Th1s was done to fac1l1tate trans portat1on On March 30 th1s group took part 1n the annual cl1n1c at Balsam Lake where they were favorably cr1t1zed by the festlval Judges Early 1n Aprll the chorr began worlung dlhgently 1n pre N Vanderhoof V Shafer P Wrllert I Kern P Lrnd J Hollrday D Chrxstenson J Lucht L Lucht R Vanderhoof M Anderson FOURTH ROW M Ohlrn I Yelle A Gulllckson J Barth man J Ohlrn L Grllbertson N Putman N Ellrng on D Byorgum L Emerson R Peterson par1ng the mus1c that they sang at the annual Spr1ng FCSt1Val held at R1ver Falls Smaller groups that were called upon to perform at communrty funct1ons and school concerts were the fo1low1ng the g1rls tr1o, grrls tr1ple tr1o and the F F A. quartet or 1n the1r own words 'Three horsemen and a goat ' In retrospect then as we have traced the events of our vocal de partment for the school year 1950 51, we feel that we have accomp l1shed very much and are hop1ng that there w1ll be many new stu dents to 1111 the vacancxes left by our graduat1on class whrch we w1ll mrss very much The Clear Lake Band's public FIRST ROW: V. Peterson, N. Olson, H. Monson, P. Fox, M. Ohlin, R, Wienberg, R. Vanderhoof, J. Paulson, M. Mitchell, M. Peterson, B. Paul- son, SECOND ROW: J. Ohlin, A, Dado, S. Paul- son, J, Olson, S, Swanson, N. Vanderhoof, R. Schultz, I. Yelle, R, Witthoft, E. Hairna, D, BA appearances during the past year were the following: Horse Show, October lg Mortgage burning cer- emonies for the Clear Lake Co- operative Creamery, October 19, Homecoming parade and half time performance, October 20, Armi- stice Day, November 115 Upper St. Croix Valley band clinic, Jan- uary 26, Grade School concert, January 24, Spring concert, April, Spring Festival in Rice Lake, April 55 Commencement, May 15, Memorial Day, May 30. Lundberg, J. Erickson, M. Stensvold. THIRD ROW: M. Anderson, N, Rosen, L. Harnmelman, A, Ohlin, Mr. Allen, A. Kuhn, A. Swanson, E, Swanson, S. Olson, J. Erickson, S, Swager, L. Lucht, D In addition to these major performances, the band, was call- ed upon on many occasions to per- form informally at pep rallies, football games, the Christmas as- sembly program, and our band mother's organization. Not only has the band made great progress in their general musicianship, but a program has been under way to enlarge instru- mental music facilities through the purchase of instruments and equip- ment. F. H. A. .5523 HRST ROW P Moore J Wwlsh M Andcr on M THIRD ROW J Gleboff S Svsager C Kuhl S Ptterbon E Kuhn G Larson N Vanderhoof W Clark L Luchr IX Rosen B Austrnson R Van Waterman XI Moore SEL,0IxD ROW L Ander derhoof J Klern FOURTH ROW R, Scekrns D so D Wrenkg S Olson J Graese I Thomp Olson S Egger! J Orner B Neuvrlle L Ham so P Fox Ni Mxtchcll l: Swanson V Sha cr melman B Paulson H Monson M Johnson The color of the F H A 15 red and wh1te, the flower 1S he red rose and the motto 1S 'Toward New Hor1zons Thls year the F H. A. 1S under the d1rect1on of Mrs Jeanne Smlth We have a membersh1p of 56 glrls On November 6 the new members were 1n1t1ated w1th the sen1ors actlng as blg s1sters We had a formal candle hght ceremony Afterwards there was lunch and danclng On December 11 the F F A 1nv1ted us to a ,---0' party to watch the 1n1t1a WMM! t1on of the Green Hands, Q KW ' after wh1ch we enjoyed a Lu danc1ng party 4 We were all very proud ft f 'Lf of our float whlch took sec ond place rn the homecom mg parade ,W Throughout the year we had candy sales to ra1se money for the chapter vi 3 36 HRST ROW L Ixtlson J Erickson B Linden J Ostenson B Sempf M john son Mrs Smith SLCOND ROW M lillic M Klein A Newvillc V Peterson A Swanson A Breslin M Stensvold G Buckner THIRD ROW J Lucht E lriedrick I Paulson R Blicsc A Nordby W Shane R, Minor N Moe l-OUR TH ROW B Fouks C' Tulgren J Klatt D Hansen E Knoll R Wienberg D Knoll P johnson This ycar vc adopted the official opening and closing virtue for our meetings and appotntedcommittees to take care of the work for the year These committees are I Program of work committee which sets up the plan of work and produces a chapter guide book for each member Chairman Shirley Olson Iwancy Rosen lxor ma Moe Eleanore Friedrick 2 Finance committee which takes charge of money making and spending t1v1t1es Chairman Joan Lucht Roberta Minor Gloris Larson Louella llamtnelman 3 Recreation committee which directs the planning F H A Qfflqers ofparties and other recreation for the chapter members Helen Netra Monson Berdenne Sempf Jean Gleboff 4 Public relations committee which informs the ' public about the activities of the chapter Jackie Erick- son Lois Lucht Rosie Vandcrhoof 5 Degrees committee which helps keep records for degrees and sees that qualifications for degrees are met for the candidate: Gloris Buckner Phyllis Fox 6 Project committee which helps carry on state national and local projects selected by the chapter. M' Anne Newville, June Paulson, 37 FFA l-IRST ROW R Walberg K Smith W Shane C Budd J Fouks D Iverson D Moe E Ostenson SECOND ROW J Campion E Banks R Thomas L Emerson M Melby D Bliese D Bjorgum N Muchie D Chrrstenson R Peterson Nlr Linster THIRD ROW C Hatella T Olson E Frankson D lem D Stensvold I Yelle D Hanson N Pittman R, Wood L Ted Andy Pat Jerry Mr. Linster Ray Bruce ROW R Humpal D Wright D Chrlstenson R Melby G Kennetz hoof l-IFTH ROW B lebertson R. Knutson P Mara A Frank J Sommerfeldt Paulson K Thompson R A Dado R.Grossenbacher L Josephesen C Vander Johnson D Jones L G11 R, Hammelman L Frank Newville B Frisendahl F Hansen P Lmd FOURTH The primary aim of the FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ts the developmentof agricultural leadership cooperation and citizenship The specific purposes for which the organization was formed are as follows to develop competent aggressive rural and agricultural leadership to create and nurture a love of ountry life to strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work to create more interest 1n the intelligent choice of farming occupations to encourage members in the development of individual farming programs and establishment in farming to the farm home and its surroundings to participate in cooperative effort to develop character train for use fulcttizenslup and foster patriotism to participate in cooperative effort to encourage and practice thrift to encourage improvementin scholarship to provide and encourage the development of organized rural recrea tional activities Jerry Rivard and DuWayne Rosen won the Wisconsin Farmers Degree last May at Green Lake The Quartet this year consists of Bobby Peterson Bruce Frisendahl Donald Paulson and Irvin Yelle The judging team at Eau Claire for the Fat Cattle Show October 2 was: Norval Pittman Dale Hansen Donald Paulson and Billy Johnson Jacket winners for outstanding achievement in Agri- culture this year were: Dale Hansen Norval Pittman Billy Johnson Ted Olson Kermit Thompson Pat Mara Bruce Frisendahl Gerald Newville and Bob Wright The F F A is participating in the following acti- vities: Sow and litter projects, F, F, A. Basketball team, local--district speaking contest, F. F.A. Ban- quet, send Delegate to State Convention, local and district Corn I-lusking Contestg seed grain treatingg test- encourage members to improve ing soilg and contacting 8th grade students. STUDENT COUNCIL we Wm' 4 We E- PZ, Q , f ff if 4 My i A12 U A :TA . -X 'V ' " fwwmwmuaduw ff ,V 5. 5 si M i . I V, ' 5 I a 3"'i.i..,,.,,.g 5 me ' 4 " 2 T 5 SEATED: J. Ohlin, A. Kuhn, l,, Anderson, S, ROWQ R. Rubin, A. Dildo, N, Olson, K, Srnitll Olson, FIRST ROW: D, Beyl, D, Paulson, G. Buch- M, Melby. ner, P, liox, E. Knutson, Mr. Lundberg. SECOND CRIER STAFF SEATED: J. Ohlin, Business Manager, L, Nelson Editor, D, Beyl, Co-Editor: Mr. V, M. Payne, Ad visor. FIRST ROW, standing: H. Monson, G, Jones B, Linden, J. Barthman, I, Erickson, R. Wicnberg M. Peterson, N, Rosen, E. Kuhn, E. Swanson, S, Olson, G. Larson, P. Fox. SECOND ROW. standing: J. Paulson, P, Johnson, D, llanson, Ixl. Nelson, lj Friedrick, E, Knutson, A, Swanson, V. Peterson M. Johnson, E, Halma, D. Olson, V, Shafer, G Heyer, M. Mitchell, P, Willcrt, D. Paulson, ll. johnson, I. llallcn. X ,minima GVXH A W' C what Prom of 50 Where Hlgh School Gym When May 8 IQDO Tlmc 0 O Clock Thyme Sol lu Emh mud Ewmng Orc tra Black ax 5 Coxnau on Du Wa 801115 Yne and fncha rlfed ELLIUU 8 fir. GIOU13 Christmas has come to the As- sembly. Wayne doesn't want to miss the excitment. With high hopes and great expecta- tions, the Chemistry students are mix- ing chemicals together. Shirley leads a panel discussion in history class. It must be an inter- esting subject. Mr. Payne gives instructions to his "1ittle shorthand class. " '11 Z-f A group cf girls, who have struggled long and hard to produce the treasured Echo of 1951. Future carpenters? Here we find a group of young men who are en- deavoring to learn the complicated process of building. Making good food is foremost in the minds of these young ladies as they watch Jackie sift flour for a pie. Mr. Linister appears to be saying, "This is how it's done, " as he shows the boys how to test milk. ijt Butch, Gene, Adolph, Arvid, Irv, Dan, Frank. Otto NM lnnclz Lane Rcusalip Wade kin, HFL1llf',.!'.k, Airs, T-.ilM..L, FHM ,Vw .1.-Ui., Y Q 'Tin wifi . 'QA 096 Yajig -fl B1 Rihho SA Jar- gf, K ,i, GRADE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES I' Grade Faculty 'V I A Clarinet Quartet First Grade Rhythm Band Flute Rand Listening To A Radio Program 'N Kindergarten, A7- t tiff Basketball Team ,rw Carl s Band Lesson Second Grade Rhythm Band L.. I A A Wrestling Fourth Grade Flute Band Junior Band Au Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nlov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec lan CALE School opened Our frrst football game got off to a bad start Turtle Lake there Clear Lake 7 Turtle Lake I4 Pra1r1e Farm here Clear Lake I4 Prarrxe Farm O ln1t1at1on Freshmen and Sopho mores sponsoreda hayrrde for the Jumors and Senlors A Jolly tlme was enjoyed by all Weyerhauser there Clear Lake IQ Weyerhauser 8 Another vrctory New Auburn there Clear Lake 47 New Au burn 6 Teachers Conventxon We all enjoyed a nrce vacatron whrle the teachers were leammg The warrlors got scalped thls trme Shell Lake here Clear Lake 7 Shell Lake 20 Happy day for Senrors We had our plctures taken Snake Dance Oh wLrL we ttredl llomecomrngl Clayton 8 Clear Lake 7 lt was an 6XC1Ul'1g game Queen Elatne and K1l'lglllTl rergn ed ov r all actrvrtres Lyceum John Thomas spoke on nattonal problems rn Indra Our last football game wrth Chet ek there It dldn t turn out good Clear Lake 6 Chetek31 Group prctures were taken for the Annual Wade Quartet Grade carnrval Our frrst basketball game wrth Webster there Clear Lake 40 Webster 47 Hurrayl Thanksgtvmg vacatlon Turtle Lake here Turtle Lake 25 Clear Lake 34 Prame Farm there Clear Lake 35 Prame Farm 30 FFA and FHA Dance and party Chetek here Clear Lake 33 Chetek 52 Freshman Home Ec gave party to teachers Mr Brng delrvered our Senror prctures Chrrstmas concert 1n the evenrng Santa Claus Day Grade Chrlst mas program Hoop dee doo Chr1stmasVaca non Clayton there Clayton54 Clear Lake 31 Stren here Clear Lake 48 Srren School opens agaxn Weren t we all happy though! DAR 3l'1 all all SH BH afl Fe e Fe Fe e Fe Fe March March March Nlarch 'vlarch March March March Aprll Aprrl Aprxl Aprrl Aprrl Aprrl May Ma Ma Vla May May Shell Lake here Clear Lake 36 Shell Lake 47 C Club sponsored a dance after the game Webster here Clear Lake 30 Webster 33 Juntor Class Play Ahl our great actors! Wamors versus town team War rrors 33 town team 30 What happened town team? Turtle Lake there Clear Lake 46 Turtle Lake 48 Pra1r1e Farm here Clear Lake 52 Pra1r1e Farm 48 Band mem bers came back from a hollday at the Mxlltown Band Cllnrc wlth some crxtlcrsms to help them to become better musrcrans Clayton here Clear Lake 34 Clayton 47 Oh well we llget them next tlme Grade tournaments Sommerset there Clear Lake 45 Sommerset 36 Shell Lake there Clear Lake 29 Shell Lake 58 Sommerset here Clear Lake 32 Sommerset 24 Wrestlmg What happened the rumored bout between two of our own hlgh school contenders? Ohl those tournaments! F H A demonstrat1onsatAmery School Forenstcs To be or not to be Lyceum Ronnre St Clatre and hrs Xylophone Magrctan Couldn t grve us any trps on dorng dlsappearrng acts these n1ce sprlng days? Class tournaments Rah! Rahl Teams' Nlo school Good Frlday Easter Chorr went to the Choral Clrnrc at Balsam Lake Sprmg Concert La La L F F A Banquet john Rank dramatrst rn a one man dramatlzauon of The Mer chant of Vemce Senror Class Play Chorr and vocal solotsts went to Rrce Lake junror Prom Lyceum Kenneth Strtckfoden screntrst Band and 1nstrumental solorsrs went to Rlce Lake Senror tests Last but notleast Baccalaureate Graduatron sob sob School closes for another senror class g. 28- . 1. 5- , . , - 15' ' . . 22- " . . l J. 9- . . . . 26- " ' . - J. 12- ' . , ' ' . ' ' J. 16- ' . - . zo- , , , 6 . . J. 19- , , Oct. - ' . , , , . . - J. 26- " , . , 11-13- ', I Q ' . 13- ' A' " . . . , b. 2- . . . . 16- ' . l' . ' ' . Fb. 3- . . 19- , , -- b. 6- , , . , 2o- ' , fb. 9- , .r ' - - - rs. 16- ' , I Oct. 25- V, I b. 17- '. to a. 27- ' - ' , , ' ' so b, 20-23- . 30, - 8- . ro- 12' - ' - ' . xo- ' - 1 . 17- ' " 1 I3'A " - U' " . 23-24- " '. 1 13' - - . 1- . . ' ' I . 23-. . ' . 25- . . 8- " , . 30' A N I ' ' 12- ' . . . 21... . H, . ' 17-.. . . . 12- . . . ' 18' 1 A . 13- . '-" . ' zo- ' . . 14- .' ' ' ' 2" " ' .B . I 27- ' . . 15- . '- I' . ' 1 . 15- ' -'. . - y 5- I . - , . IS, . , y ll- ' . . , -Y 13' - . Ig-- I . ,' 15- ', . . 40, 25' ' . 2- '. ' - ADVERTISEMENTS CLIFFORD PAULSON Surge Milkers Plumbing PEAVY FEEDS Harold Nelson - Manager OLSON SHOE SERVICE MERLE E WOOD Plumbing and Heating INTERSTATE LUMBER CO Clint Paulson - Manager NILSSEN S HARDWARE T S Nilssen and Son CLEAR LAKE MARKET Andy Johnson NILSSEN S CASH STORE FAWN DAIRY BAR AND CAFE Jos Stewart CLEAR LA KE TELEPHONE M M Farm Machinery Don Anderson PAUL'S BARBER SHOP Paul Maxon Proprietor CLEAR LAKE BAKERY LEWIS VARIETY Leonard Lewis CLEAR LAKE DRUG STORE CLEAR LAKE LIVESTOCK MARKET Plnkxe Martin HALLIDAY S GENERAL STORE Reeve Wlsconsm Bill Halllday CO. CLEAR LAKE HARDWARE CO. ANDERSON'S FAIRWAY ADVERTISEMENTS CLEAR LAKE CO-OP CREAMERY CLEAR LAKE STAR Jim Locke - Editor FARMERS CO-OP FEED MILL NICK S BAR CLARK S RED AND WHITE BANK OF CLEAR LAKE LEWIS FEDERATED STORE Lyle and liatue Lewls NORTHTOWN STATION Armand BIIESITIISSICI' SHULZES CLOVER FARM STORE ASLI-IBAR CENTRAL LUMBER CO Where the Home Begins R L Pxersou Manager NORDAHL RECREATION Bowling and Pool ZEPHUR INN Pure Oxl Gas and O11 MARGE S CAFE ANDERSON MOTOR COMPANY Plymouth Dodge Dealer ELDON S G ARAG E WOOD K F AND IMPLEMENT Kaiser Frazer Cars Allis Chalmers Farm Machlnery CL EAROL OIL COMPANY AUTOGRAPHS Q

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