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 t edica tion We, the members of the Senior Class of 1950, dedicate this annual to our helpful advisor and friend, our principal, Mr. Lund-berg; and to our parents who, through their unlimited affection, have made it possible for us to attend school and thereby prepare ourselves to face the future with high hopes and expectations. y nnua IStaff BACK ROW: Edith, Carmalita, Donna, Beverly, Virginia, and Lorraine. FRONT ROW: Norman, Dorothy, Norma, Delores, Roxann, and Roger. Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor . Business Manager Classes Editor Organization Editor Sports Editor . . Typist........... Class Prophecy . Class Will . . . Advisor .... . . . Norma Beyl . . .Edith Monson . . . Roger Jones . Donna Thompson . Delores Kennetz Roxann Hallen . Norman Peterson . Dorothy Dudczak . . Lorraine Gale Virginia Martin Beverly Christison Carmalita Kuhn . . F. C. Lundberg 2Fredrick C. Lundberg Bachelor of Science Eau Claire Teachers College Principal Clayton Peterson Bachelor of Education Eau Claire Teachers College Library, English Dean Anderson Bachelor of Education Whitewater Teachers College Commercial 3Harold Hoag, Bachelor of Education; Superior Teachers College; Mathematics; English 9. Kenneth Anderson, Bachelor of Science; University of Minnesota; Music. Roy Zeidel, Bachelor of Science; Superior Teachers College; Coach; Science. Walter Gorr, Bachelor of Science; Stout Institute; Industrial Arts.Allen Linster, Bachelor of Science; River Falls Teachers College; Agriculture. Howard Christenson, Bachelor of Education; University of Wisconsin; History. Jean Cyr, Bachelor of Science; Stout Institute; Home Economics; Civics 9. 5JAMES AfDERSON "Don't recite: so loud, I'm sleeping." F.F.A. 1,2,3,14; Football 1,2,3,14; Basketball I; C Club 4; Baseball I ,2,3,4. NORMA BEYL "I HAVE A MIND OF MY OWN, AND IT TAKES MORE THAN A TEACHER TO CHANGE IT." F.H.A. 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Choir I,2,3,4; Crier I,2,3,4, Editor 4; Glee Club 1,2; Library I; Triple Trio 4; Annual 4; Class Play 3 DOUGLAS CAHOW "Work never bothers him, neither do women." F.F.A. I,2,3,4; Quartet 2,3; Band I; Choir I; Football 3,4; Baseball I,2,3,4. BEVERLY CHRIST I SON "She's an upright, downright, all right girl." Annual 4. DOROTHY DUDCZAK "Music hath charms." Class Sec. 1,2; Class Treas v 2; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club I ,2,3,4; Sec.-Treas. I; Pres. 4; Band 1,2,3; Choir I,2,3,4; Acc. 2,3,4; Crier I,2,3,4; Glee Club I,2; Annual 4; Class Play 3; Cheerleader 4; Student Council 2. EUGENE EMERSON "Even if you don't expect to find the perfect girl, it's a lot of fun trying." F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Sentinel 4; Pep Club 3,4; C Club I,2,3,4; Choir 4; Football 3» ; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. ROBERT FELLAND "Study? Where have I heard that word before?" F.F.A. 1,2,3; C Club 4; Football I,2,3,4; Basketball I. LORRAINE GALE "Short and sweet, and hard to beat." Class Treas 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club I ,2,3, 4; Choir I,2,3,4; Crier 4; Glee Club 1,2; Triple Trio 4; Annual 4. 7SHIRLEY HALL "The best of all ways, to lengthen one's DAYS, IS TO STEAL A FEW HOURS FROM THE nights." F.H.A. 4; Pep Club I,2,3,U; Choir 2,3,U; Crier 2; Glee Club 1,2. ROXANN HALLEN "Here's to a girl with a heart and a smile." Class Treas. I; F.H.A. 2,3»4; Pep Club I,2,3,4; Band I,2,3,4; Choir I ,2,3 4; Crier I,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Library I; Triple Trio 3,4; Annual 4; Class Play 3. BERT HANSON "He had a far away look in his eyes-- HE WAS LOOKING AT HIS FEET." F.F.A. I, 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3. GENE HATELLA "I NEVER TROUBLE TROUBLE »TIL TROUBLE TROUBLES ME." F.F.A. 3l C CLUB 4; FOOTBALL I,2,3,4; Baseball I,2,3,4. BEVERLY HI AM "What care I for worry, work, or trou-ble?" F.H.A. 1,2,3,! ; Treas. ! ; Pep Club 1,2,3,! ; Choir 1,2,3,! ; Forensics I; Crier I ,2,! ; Glee Club 1,2; Library 2,3- ELLEN HUMPAL "If giggling were a crime, she'd spend THE REST OF HER LIFE IN JAIL." F.H.A. I,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Crier 4; Glee Club 1,2; Library 2,3- ROGER JONES "Don't tell anybody but I do know how to studyl" F.F.A. I; Pep Club 4; Choir 4; Football I,2,3,4; Basketball I,2,3,4; Annual 4; Class Play 3; Baseball I,2,3,4. RICHARD JUNKANS "| HAVE AN IDEA, BUT I CANNOT EXPRESS it." Class Sec. 3; F.F.A. I,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; C Club I,2,3,4; Choir 4; Football I,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Class Play 3 8 MIKE KA2MARSKI 11 Won T women ever let me be?" FFA 1,3,4; C Club 4; Football I,2,3,4; Basketball I,2,3,4; Baseball 3» DELORES KENNETZ "She s little from top to toe, but SHE'S FILLED WITH ZIP AND GO." FHA I.2,3,4; Pep Club I,2,3,4, Pres. 3; Band I,2,3,4; Choir I,2,3,4; Crier |,2, 3,4; Forensics 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Triple Trio 4; Annual 4; Class Play 3 IRENE KNOLL "I GO ON IN MY QUIET WAYS." FHA I. CARMALITA KUHN "Life without laughter is a dreary blank." FHA 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Band I,2,3.4; Forensics 1,3,4; Library 2; Annual 4. ROBERT LARK "Watch him girls--that bashful guy, KID -HIM A L I TTLE--HE S NOT SO SHY I " FFA I,3,4; C Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. VIRGINIA MARTIN "She s peppy, nice and sweet; the kind one likes to meet." FHA I,2,3,4; Reporter 4; Pep Club I,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Band 2,3 4; Choir 3,4; Crier 4; Glee Club 1,2; Annual 4. VIVIAN MARTIN "Always smiling--always gay; nature MADE HER JUST THAT WAY I" FHA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Pep Club 2,3,4, Cheerleader 3,4; Crier 4 . EDITH MONSON "|T S NICE TO BE NATURAL IF YOU RE NATURALLY NICE." CLASS PRES. 2,3J CLASS V. Pres. 4; FHA I,2,3,4, Pres. 3, V. Pres. 2, Treas. I; Pep Club I,2,3,4, Sec. 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Crier 1,3 4; Forensics I; Glee Club 1,2; Triple Trio 3»4; Annual 4; Class Play 3; Student Council 2,3 4. 9 DOROTHY OHLIN "Quiet, unassuming, and there when needed." FHA 4: CHOIR 2,3,4; Glee Club 2; Crier 4; Library 3. CAROL OLSON "A QUIET GIRL NEVER TELLS ALL SHE KNOWS." FHA I,2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Glee Club 1,2. I ONE PAULSON "As BRIMFUL OF MISCHIEF, WIT AND GLEE, AS EVER A HUMAN SOUL COULD BE I " FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep .Club 1,2,3; Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Library 3» I VAN PAULSON "Rather short but mighty in sport." FFA 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4; C Club I,2,3,4; Choir 4; Football I,2,3,4; Basketball I 2,3,4; Baseball I,2,3,4. JOANNE PETERSON "| DANCE AWAY SORROW, SING AWAY CARE, | lM OFF FOR a GOOD TI ME--COME ALONG IF you dare 1" FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, V. Pres. 4, Cheerleader 3,4; Band I,2,3,4; Choir I,2,3,4; Crier 3,4;-Forensics I; Glee Club 1,2; Library I .2. NORMAN PETERSON "I COULD MAKE a GREAT NAME FOR MYSELF IF | FELT LIKE ITI" FFA I; PEP Club 4; Band I; Choir 1,3 4; Football 4; Basketball I,2,3 4; Annual 4; Class Play 3; Baseball I,2 3,4. JANET PIERSON "Quietly she comes and goes." FHA I,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Choir 1,2,3; Forensics I,2,3 4; Glee Club 1,2; Library I . LOYAL PITTMAN "Nothing ever worries me, nothing ever flurries me!" FFA I,2,3,4; Basketball I,2; Baseball I,2,3 4. 10 JEROME RIVARD 11 He works --he will succeed." Class Pres, k; Class V. Pres. 1,2; FFA 1,2, 3,U, Pres. C Club Sec.-Treas. 1 ; Choir 3,1+; Forensics I; Football 1, 2,3,U; Basketball I,2,1 ; Class Play 3j Baseball I ,2,3,1 . DU WAYNE ROSEN "His thoughts run to the junior section, WHERE ONE IN PARTICULAR HOLDS HIS AFFECTION." FF A I , 2,3, k, Sec. 1 ; BAND 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,1 ; Class Play 3; Baseball I ,2,3,1 - JOE ST. "I DARE T I W O U L D 1,2,3 ; LEDGER NOT SMILE ON THE DAMSELS--BREAKTOO MANY HEARTS." FFA C Club 3,1 ; Football 1,2,3,1 . NORVIN SWAGER "| AM- — MYSELF — — SOMEWHAT OF A DEVIL AMONG THE LADIES." CLASS V- PRES. 3? FFA 1,2,3,! , SEC. 1 ; Pep Club 2,3,1 ; C Club 1,2,3,U, Pres. 1 ; Choir 1 ; Forensics I; Football I ,2,3,1 ; Basketball I, 2,3,1 ; Class Play 3j Baseball 1,2,3,1 . CARL THOMPSON "Sometimes I sit and th i nk—somet i mes I JUST SIT." FFA 2,3,1 , Reporter 1 ; Pep Club I; C Club 2,3,1 ; Forensics I; Football 2,3,1 . DONNA THOMPSON "One on whom you may depend, and who will always effort lend." Class Sec. 1 ; Class Treas. 3; FHA 1,2,3,! , V. Pres. 1 ; Pep Club I ,2,3,1 ; Forensics 1,2,3,! ; Library 1 ; Annual k; Class Play 3. ARDYS WHITMER "She ll get through life's trials, CAUSE SHE WORKS AND 1CAUSE SHE SMILES." FHA 1 . 11BACK ROW: Edith Monson, I one Paulson, Roger Jones, and Joanne Peterson. FRONT ROW: Carol Olson, Roxann Hallen, Beverly Christison, and Oelores Kennetz . The class of 1950 began high school on September 13, 1946, with an enrollment of 51 students. With Mr. E. O. Peterson as advisor, we elected the following officers: President, Robert Mann; Vice President, Jerome Rivard; Secretary, Dorothy Dudczak; Treasurer, Roxann Hallen. We became full-fledged high-schoolers after our initiation by the Sophomore Class. We gave them a party in the spring in return for the initiation party. Robert Mann left before the year was over, and Jerome Rivard took over as president. We ended the year with 44 students. We returned in the fall of 1947 as sophomores. Mr. Peterson was again our advisor, and the officers we elected were: President, Edith Monson; Vice President, Jerome Rivard; Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Dudczak. We initiated the new freshmen in the fall and enjoyed a class party at St. Croix Falls in the spring. Our members totaled 45 at the end of the year. Forty-five students reported for roll call as we entered our junior year. This year provided may interesting activities. Outstanding ebents were: our class play, our Jupior-Senior Banquet, and a trip to the Twin Cities to attend the Ice Follies and tour the art museum. Officers elected for 1948 were: President, Edith Monson; Vice President, Norvin Swager; Secretary, Dick Junkans; Treasurer, Donna Thompson; Advisor, Mr. E. O. Peterson. We now have a total of 39 seniors who are making our last year one of the greatest. Highlights of the year include: class pic- tures, class play, publication of our annual, a Junior Prom and Junior-Senior Banquet and commencement activities. Officers for the year are: President, Jerome Rivard; Vice President, Edith Monson; Secretary, Donna Thompson; Treasurer, Lorraine Gale; Advisor, Mr. Lundberg. 12ff roph ropnecty On June 3, I960, the formerly small village of Clear Lake was totally unrecognizable to the 1950 graduates as they assembled at the Lakeside Stadium owned by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Peterson, (nee Virginia Martin), for a grand reunion of the class. President Edith Monson, first woman president of the United States, had formally acclaimed this day as a national holiday celebrating the grand opening of this gigantic architectural eighth wonder of the world, located on the beautiful shores of Clear Lake. Subways, streetcars, and taxies were jammed with citizens dazed with excitement. Carl Thompson, pilot of the “Rocket Transport” landed gracefully on the municipal airport, managed by the noted Norma Beyl. As the passengers decended from the portable escalator patented by the great mechanical genius, Roger Jones, we recognized many familiar faces. Among them were; Beverly Hiam, widow of the late Lord Mollenox, who just arrived after spending the past two year s in South America, Ardys Whitmer, who has just taken the place of Minnie Pearl on the “Grand Ole Opery”; Eugene Emersor , famous movie actor, who has just completed his role in the broadway hit, “The Loves of Carmen; ” JerryRivard the second Einstien, who has made a prolonged study on the theory of how mice escape from mouse traps; Shirley Hall, Powers sensational model; Carol Olson and Dorothy Ohlin, private secretaries of the “J, Anderson-G. Hatella Nighty Night Mattress Co."; and Beverly Christison, stewardess of the plane. Our scene now changes to the stadium parking lot where a fleet of taxies owned by Bob Felland, has just arrived. Bob’s usual taxi service is between the suburb of Turtle Lake and city of Clear Lake but due to this special occasion he has given the class of “50” his entire services. Climbing out of one of these taxies we see Donna Thompson and lone Paulson, now Co. Home agents for St. Croix and Polk counties. Arriving in a long black sedan is Joe St. Ledger, owner of the “Bottle-cap Night Club” with his most glamorous and talented night club singer, Roxann Hallen. At our right our attention is drawn to a group of people, evidently 1950 graduates, who are busily engaged in converstation. We recognize some of them as Carmalita Kuhn Music director of Clear Lake High School; Janet Pierson, a nurse at the general hospital in Pennsylvania; Joanne Peterson, who is a cornet player in Sammy Kaye’s Orchestra; Vivian Martin, who is now married and living on a farm near Clayton; Irene Knoll, cashier of the First National Bank; and Ellen Humpal, director of the “Clear Lake School of Dancing". We are interrupted by a loud noise which we recognize as being a 1927 model “A” but as our vision clears we see that it is trulya 1938 driven by DuWayne Rosen. He owns a farm east of Clear Lake. We are now inside the stadium watching the huge c rowd anxiously awaiting the great event. The lights grow dim and theorches-tra is heard as the roller skating team appears on the floor. The class of “50” applaud loudly when they recognize Lorraine Gale and Loyal Pittman, the stars of the show. It is several hours later now as we look in on the dining hall. The grand reunion is in full swing. The graduates of “50" are all busy conversing with their chums, relating past experiences. We observe several newcomers namely: Robert Lark, owner of a truck line from Chicago to Clear Lake; Mick Karzmarski , who resisted matrimony and is now making a million selling shock absorbers for baby buggies; Bert Hanson, pitcher for the Chicago White Socks; Ivan Paulson, full back for the University of Wisconsin; and Red Swager and his wife, the former Delores Kennetz, who now own a ranch out West and are in the bullshipping business. 13Word has just been received that Dorothy Dudczak and Dick Junkans will be with us later. Dorothy, who has just returned from a concert tour in Europe, developed car trouble somewhere in New York State and had to send for Dick, outstanding mechanic in a large New York garage. But wait!!! We know there is someone missing---Oh, yes----Douglas Cahow. His absence is explained by the fact that one of his favorite holsteins showed signs of I, James Anderson, will my beaten path to Turtle Lake to Frank Sommerfeldt. I, Norma Beyl, will my nickname of “Baldy” to Berdenne Sempf. I, Douglas Cahow, will my ability to stay home nights to Bob Wright. I, Beverly Christison, will my agreeable ways to Wanda Shane. I, Dorothy Dudczak will all my piano accompaning to Gerald Newville. I, Eugene Emerson, will my success with the opposite sex to Raymond Hammel-man. I, Robert Felland, will my private postal route to Turtle Lake to Laverne Josephson. I, Lorraine Gale, will my ability to go steady to Arlya Fae Breslin. I, Shirley Hall, will my night life to Virginia Peterson. I, Roxann Hallen, will my athletic interest to Doris Knoll. I, Bert Hanson, will my long, black, curly eyelashes to Margaret Johnson. I, Eugene Hatella, will my aches and pains of the last four years to Norma Moe. I, Beverly Hiam, will my address book to any Junior girl who will continue to add names to it as I have done. I, Ellen Humpal, will my perfect attendance record to Mary Jane Stensvold. I, Roger Jones, will my habit of missing corners to any Junior fortunate enough to hang on to the curves. I, Richard Junkans, will my hearty laugh to Gloris Buckner. I, Michael Kaczmarski, will my good times to any Junior who dares to follow. I, Delores Kennetz, will my good neighbor policy to Shirley Klatt. I, Irene Knoll, will my quiet ways to Roberta Minor. hoof rot at the last minute. Incidently, Doug owns a large dairy farm near Clear Lake. The Grand Reunion has been a great success as you can see by the faces of the 1950 graduates a few hours later. They said their farewells and now as each go their own way, they think of the days gone by and wonder if they will ever see their classmates again. Their eyes are dimmed with tears, but yet they smile as the past is well worth remembering. Will [, Carmalita Kuhn, will my “A” in A-merican Problems to Jacquelyn Erickson. I, Robert Lark, will many happymemo-ries of school life to the Junior class. I, Virginia Martin, will “Josie” (my trumpet) to Earl Hiama. I, Vivian Martin, will my cheerleading to Darlene Eggert. I, Edith Monson, will my job as school mailman to Beverly Linden. I, Dorothy Ohlin, will my hot lunch job to Bruce Frisendahl. I, Carol Olson, will my ambition to be a stenographer to John Ohlin. I, lone Paulson, will my angelic ways to Laurel Nelson. I, Ivan Paulson, will my athletic ability to Marlene Klein. I, Joanne Peterson, will my habit of wearing slacks to Ann Newville. I, Norman Peterson, will my ability to play baseball to Charles Clark. I, Janet Pierson, will my freckles to Anna Mae Swanson. I, Loyal Pittman, will my love for rollerskating to Edna Knutson. I, Jerry Rivard, will my ability to be at ease in front of a large audience to Ber-dean Fouks. I, DuWayne Rosen, will what’s left of my car to Allen Frank. I, Joe St. Ledger, will mycollection of bottle caps to Marie Lillie. I, Norvin Swager, will my jersey number “24" to James Holcomb in hopes he’ll have the same luck as I’ve had. I, Carl Thompson, will my muscular build to Nickolas Muchie. I, Donna Thompson, will my blond hair to Patrick Mara. I, Ardys Whitmer, will my ability to get along with my teachers to Gloria Jones.BACK ROW: Du Wayne, Dick, Roxann, Edith, Donna, and Norvin. FRONT ROW: Norma, Roger, Dorothy, Norman, Jerry, and Delores. “FOR PETE’S SAKE" Miss Sarah Pepperdine.......................Edith Monson Jasmine Jackson............................Roxann Hallen Ciciero Murglethorpe ...............Roger Jones Peter Pepperdine .............Norman Peterson Bill Bradshaw.......................Norvin Swager Thorndyke Murglethorpe (Muggsy) . . Jerry Rivard Mrs. Georgiana Clarkston............Norma Beyl Nadine Clarkston.................Dorothy Dudczak Peggy Clarkston..................Delores Kennetz Malvina Potts....................Donna Thompson John Boliver.....................Richard Junkans Dupont Darby.......................Du Wayne Rosen Director.........................Mr. R. P. Libera CU PLCarl and Donna Roxy 16 Norma Dorothy Edith Dick lone Dee Roger Carmy Virginia and Vivian Bev EllenBACK ROW: M. Peterson, B. Bulman, C. Budd, J. Campion, L. Emerson, R. Vanderhoof, E. Swanson, N. Vanderhoof, D. Moe, E. Banks, D. Junkans, D. Humpal, D. Hunziker. MIDDLE ROW: MR. Hoag, S. Clark, H. Monson, B. Newville, M. Lange, D. Olson, J. Barthman, D. Hanson, D. Seekins, S. Olson, P. Fox, M. Mitchell, D. Olson, D. Wienke. FRONT ROW: K. Vance, D. Paulson, E. Kuhn, M. Spielman, N. Pittman, D. Jones, J. Graise, B. Johnson, D. Lundberg, B. Paulson, J. Klien, M. Johnson. CLASS OFFICERS Donald Paulson...................President Le Moyne Emerson. . . . Vice President Barbara Paulson..................Secretary John Campion.....................Treasurer Mr. Hoag . . •..................Advisor John, Le Moyne, Donald, Barbara, Mr. Hoag. On September 7, 1949 forty green, but eager freshmen started their career in high school. In October they were given a jolting welcome by the sophomores in the form of an initiation. Another thrilling e-vent was Homecoming because their float won first place in the parade. They work by the Motto: “We know we’re good; we’re only trying to prove it. ’BACK ROW: R. Wood, J. Holiday, E. Allram, D. Bjorgum, B. Rubin, C. Muchie, C. Vander-HOOF, P. JOHNSON, T. OLSON, C. TuLGREN, M. NELSON, D. STENSVOLD, R. MELBY, MR. PETERSON. MIDDLE ROW: R. Grossenbacker, A. Ohlin, E. Gulickson, D. Beyl, J. Oas, R. Bliese, M. Hammons, A. Nordby, R. Wienberg, D. Hanson, E. Knoll, A. Kuhn, L. Frank. FRONT ROW; D. Kuhl, D. Christison, L. Hanson, J. Hallen, J. Paulson, J. Payson, A. Dado, E. Fredrick, J. Klatt, j. Lucht, d. Eugerbretson, G. Kennetz, S. Fouks, K. Thompson. In 1948 Clear Lake High School greeted forty-three freshmen. It provided many new interests and much excitement. Their first thrilling social attractions were initiation and Homecoming. CLASS OFFICERS (WERE) Charles Van Ruden...................President Harold Waterman................Vice President Jean Oas............................Secretary Ronald Melby........................Treasurer Miss Hanson...........................Advisor In 1949 James Payson, Eldon Allram, and Gene Gullickson joined the class making a total of forty-six. The exciting events of the year were the initiation of the freshmen and Homecoming, Many members of the class are active participants in the various school activities. Eleanore, Bill, Joan, Mr. Peterson, Jean. li t f • if CLASS OFFICERS (ARE) Joan Lucht . Bill Ruben . Eleanore Friedrick Jean Oas .... Mr. Peterson . . . .President .Vice President . . .Secretary . . Treasurer . . . AdvisorBACK ROW: G. Buckner, B. Friesendahl, B. Wright, J. Erickson, V. Peterson, D. Eggert, E. Knutson, B. Linden, G. J„nes, M. Lillie, B. Fouks, M. Klien, R. Minor, Mr. Christenson. MIDDLE ROW: A. Newville, S. Klatt, R. Hammelman, J. Ohlin, E. Haima, l. Nelson, J. Holcomb, M. Johnson, C. Clark, N. Moe. FRONT ROW: M. Stensvold, W. Shane, A. Swanson, B. Sempf , L. Josephson, N. Muchie, P. Mara, J. Newville, A. Breslin, A. Frank, D. Knoll . In the fall of 1947 forty freshmen enrolled at Clear Lake High School. It was new to them at first, but they soon became adapted to high school life. During their first year they wdre given a rousing welcome by the sophomores. They also took part in various other activities. CLASS OFFICERS (WERE) Gloris Buckner .... President Beverly Linden . . Vice President Shirley Klatt...........Secretary Arlya Faye Breslen . Treasurer Mr. Knutson...............Advisor This year thirty-five juniors inhabited Clear Lake High School. This year they had a very busy year in the social sphere. Homecoming was a rollicking success and the Class Play, “Dear Ruth”, proved to be just as intriguing. In the spring they enjoyed a successful prom and Junior-Senior Banquet. CLASS OFFICERS (ARE) John Ohlin............................President Gloria Jones....................Vice President Anna Mae Swanson......................Secretary Jackie Erickson.......................Treasurer Mr. Christenson.........................Advisor Jackie, Anna Mae, John, Gloria, Mr. Christenson. In their sophomore year they had a membership of thirty-seven. Homecoming and initiation provided the social attractions of the year. CLASS OFFICERS (WERE) James Holcomb . . . .President John Ohlin . . . .Vice President Berdean Sempf . . . Secretary Anna Mae Swanson . . Treasurer Mr. Christenson .... AdvisorSIXTH GRADE, BACK ROW: E. Junkans, J. Erickson, J. Vanderhoof, C. Kuhn, E. Schuna, L. Sempf, K. Fox, D. Rue, R. Klien, Miss Clement. FRONT ROW: B. Lillie, L. Madden, S. Peterson, L. lark, D. Ohlin, L. Daniel, M. Christensen, C. Paulson, A. Bulman, L. Breeden. SEVENTH GRADE, BACK ROW: J. Paulson, W. Klatt, M. Klatt, S. Bacon, W. Kuhn, G. Martin, J. Olson, M. Haima, M. Schustedt, Mr. Larson. FRONT ROW: R. Schultz, 0. Bulman, P. Streif, R. Witthoft, J. Myrdol, D. Paulson, L. Walberg, S. Paulson, S. Lillie, S. Swanson, J. Erickson. EIGHTH GRADE, BACK ROW: D. Lark, G. Holliday, M. Ohlin, L. Anderson, M. Melby, S. Swager, L. Lucht, G. Wienke, C. Kuhl, R. Wallberg. FIRST ROW: J. Titel, W. Cree, M. Anderson, R. Thomas, G. Habeg, C. Daniels, J. Stowers, B. Austinsen, L. Holcomb, K. Witthoft, Miss Tate. 20 r.. : ... - . - i ||=||=flll|=l|: -V. :- -3 Ig tii ;.- ;, Mg : .' . v ■ i 'Si ' ' ' -| =5|p|p|p|p| S ;-S '_ $■ ; i | : ' § ■ ■ : • :;';s§ - S ■Ql VtQCOf BACK ROW: S. Olson, D. Lundberg, B. Ruben, J. Champion, L. Emerson, D. Moe, D. Paulson, J. Barthman, G. Buckner, m. Lillie, M. Peterson, 0. Hunziker, E. Emerson, J. Rivard. MIDDLE ROW: I. Paulson, N. Beyl, B. Hiam, E. Monson, B. Linden, G. Jones, C. Olson, R. Jones, n. Swager, n. Peterson, D. Junkans, E. Swanson, M. Mitchell, Mr. Gorr . FRONT ROW; D. Engebretson, C. Tulgren, J. Klatt, R. Wienberg, J. Lucht, J. Hallen, J. Erickson, R. Hallen, D. Beyl, D. Kennetz, M. Spielman, H. Monson, E. Kuhn, n. Vander-hoof. CHEERLEADERS: D. Dudczak, V. Martin, A. Breslin, J. Peterson. Under the able supervision of Mr. Goor the Pep Club, composed of thirty members, has produced one of the most successful Homecomings thus far. The bonfire, parade, game, and dance drew large crowds. The success was largely due to the outstanding co-operation of the village business places and the hard work of the students. The officers are: President, Dorothy Dudczak; Vice-President, Joanne Peterson; Sec.-Treas., Virginia Martin. CHEERLEADERS Aryla Fae. Dorothy, Vivian, Joanne The club officers drew up a permanent constitution which was accepted by the club members. The purpose of the Pep Club is to back the teams to victory and promote good sportsmanship. The cheering is under the capable leadership of our four cheerleaders.oir BACK ROW: J. Ohlin, A. Frank, D. Junkans, D. Beyl, J. Hallen, I. Paulson, L. Emerson, D. Paulson, B. Friesendahl, N. Peterson, J. Rivard, E. Emerson, R. Jones. MIDDLE ROW: N. Beyl, H. Monson, S. Hall, D. Ohlin, M. Spielman, A. Newville, M. Stensvold, R. Hallen, G. Jones, V. Martin, A. Breslin, J. Oas, J. Barthman, G. Swager, E. Monson. FRONT ROW: Mr. K. Anderson, B. Linden, L. Nelson, A. Swanson, C. Tulgren, E. Friedrick, J. Erickson, R. Vanderhoof, D. Kennetz, L. Gale, J. Lucht, B. Paulson, M. Johnson, B. Sempf, B. Hiam, D. Dudczak. The high school choir, which numbers forty members, is under the direction of Mr. K. Anderson. The choir made it’s debut at the Christmas Concert singing eight selections in harmony with the season. Other preformances will include the annual spring concert, which also includes the band, triple trio and soloists. It is given before our journey to River Falls. TRIPLE TRIO BACK ROW; Mr. K. Anderson, Laural Nelson, Lorriane Gale, Helen Netta Monson, Dorothy Dudczak. FRONT ROW: Barbara Paulson, Gloria Jones, Melva Spielman, Berdenne Sempf, Margaret Johnson, Edith Monson. The choir received a B plus rating at the contest last year, and we are looking forward to this years contest. The Triple Trio is composed of girls from the choir and is directed by Mr. K. Anderson. Dorothy Dudczak is their accompianist. The girls have provided entertainment at various community affairs. They plan to enter the River Falls contest in the Spring.BACK ROW: A. Kuhn, A. Swanson, D. Olson, J. Erickson, C. Muchie, A. ohlin, and Mr. K. Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Olsen, V. Peterson, J. Oas, A. Dado, S. Swanson, S. Paulson, M. Ohlin, P. Fox, J. Paulson, B. Paulson, M. Peterson, E. Monson, R. Schulze, and R. Whittoft. FRONT ROW: D. KEnnetz, B. Linden, H. Monson, J. Ohlin, R. Hallen, R. Wienberg, D. Lundberg, M. Stensvolo, E. Haima, V. Martin, and C. Kuhn. The band, composed of thirty-one members including three Majorettes, is under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Anderson. This year the band has made two pulbic appearances. On October twelfth they led the homecoming parade and played during half-time. On December thirteenth they gave a concert at the Sportsmen’s Club dinner. In the spring they plan on taking part in the spring concert given by the high school music department. The band has been working on three overtures-Magnus, Cardinal, The Mexican-and a selection of marches. They will take part in the Memorial Day parade on May thirty-first. Because of the insufficient membership of the band, it will be unable to attend the River Falls Music Festival held on May sixth. Last year the band received an ‘A’ in both concert and marching. It is the highest mark received by the Clear Lake band for a number of years. Jackie Erickson, Donna Mae Olson, Christina Muchie. 25BACK ROW: N. Pittman, E. Banks, R. Moe , Campi cm , L- Emerson, D. Junkans, R. Humpal, K. Vance, C. Budd, L. Hansen, R. Wood, D. Bjorgum, T. Olson, D. Stensvold, D. Christison, C. Vanderhoof, E. Allram, L. Pittman, and G. Kennetz. SECONO ROW; L. Frank. L. Josephson, A. Frank, P. Mara, G. Newville, D. Hanson, R. Melby, D. Olson, R. Lark, R. Hammelman, B. Hansen, D. Kuhl, B. Johnson, J. Anderson, D. Cahow, B. Frisendahl, D. Jones, and Mr. Linster. FRONT ROW: K. Thompson, R. Grossenbacher, A. Dado, D. Paulson, R. Wright, D. Rosen, E. Emerson, J. Rivard, N. Swager, I. Paulson, C. Thompson, M. Kaczmarski, R. Junkans, and S. Fouks. This year, as usual, the F.F.A. is carrying on a nine point program of work which includes earnings AND SAVINGS, COOPERATION, CONDUCT OF A MEETING, RECREATION, COMMUNITY SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, SUPERVISED FARMING, AND GENERAL ACTIVITIES. Members who have distinguished themselves in chapter work during the past year are: Lester and Allen Frank, who were members of our corn husking team for the second consecutive year; Jerry Rivard, who has DONE FINE WORK IN PUBLIC SPEAKING AND PRESIDING OVER THE ORGANIZATION; ALGER MONSON, WHO WAS A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL BAND; RAY HAMMELMAN, JERRY NEWVILLE, AND ALLEN FRANK, WHO MAKE UP OUR CATTLE JUDGING TEAM; Cassius Vanderhoof, Kermit Thompson, and Andrey Dado, who are the members of our fat stock judging team; Bruce Frisendahl, Ivan Paulson, Jerry Rivard, and Douglas Cahow, who make up our present QUARTET, AND ALVIN PAULSON AND MYRL REED, WHO RECEIVED THE STATE FARMER DEGREES. JERRY RlVARD and Duane Rosen are candidates for that honor THIS YEAR. Ten boys received the priveledge of WEARING THE OFFICIAL F.F.A. JACKET FOR CARRYING outstanding farming programs. They were Jerry Rivard. Duane Rosen, Allen Frank. Jerry Newville, Ray Hammelman, Pat Mara, Ted Olson, Cassius Vanderhoof, Andrew Dado, and Lester F rank. The officers for this year are: President - Jerry Rivard; Vice President - Ivan Paulson; Secretary - Duane Rosen; Reporter - Carl Thompson; Sentinel - Eugene Emerson; Treasurer -Norvin Swager; Assistant Treasurer - Pat Mara; Assistant Secretary - Jerry Newville. F. F. A. OFFICERS BACK ROW: Duane, Jerry N., Eugene, Carl, and Pat. FRONT ROW: MR. L i nster , Jerry R., Ivan, and Norvin. 263.J4.A BACK ROW: R. Hallen, J. Erickson, V. Martin, P. Johnson, D. Hansen, N. Vanderhoof, R. Vanderhoof, C. Muchie, E. Swanson, E. Kuhn, G. Jones, L. Nelson, R. Minor, N. Moe, M. Lillie, G. Buckner, B. Linden, D. Kennetz, D. Wienke, and I. Knoll. SECOND ROW: S. Olson, C. Kuhn, E. Monson, A. Whitmer, S. Klatt, S. Hall, I. Paulson, M. Lange, C. Olson, B. Newville, J. Paulson, M. Mitchell, J. Oas, A. Breslin, B. Fouks,‘m. Klien, E. Knoll, H. Monson, S. Clark, and Miss Cyr . FRONT ROW: L. Gale, J. Graese, D. Olson, W. Shane, P. Fox, D. Ohlin, D. Thompson, V. Martin, B. Hiam, j. Lucht, m. Johnson, B. Paulson, R. Wienberg, M. Spielman, and D. Knoll. The F.H.A. has a membership of fifty-four girls with Miss Cyr as its advisor. The chief purpose of the F.H.A. CHAPTER is to promote an appreciation of homemaking and to establish a spirit of international good will. On November tenth the chapter took a trip to Baldwin to attend a rally. Dorothy Dudczak played a piano solo as a part of the entertainment and I one Paulson and Norma Moe modeled clothes which they had made themselves. On March fifteenth four girls and Miss Cyr attended a demonstration contest at St. Croix Falls. In the junior division, Phyliss Fox and Rosemary Vanderhoof won first place. In the senior division, I one Paulson and JoAnne Peterson won third. The chapter has had pie and ice cream sales and has taken part in a magazine sale to raise money for the chapter. The F.H.A. officers are: President - Vivian Martin; Vice President - Donna Thompson; Treasurer - Beverly Hiam; Secretary - Joan Lucht; Reporter - Virginia Martin. 27BACK ROW: C. Tulgren, G. Buckner, L. Nelson, B. Hiam, A. Breslin, V. Martin, R. Hallen, G. Barthman, J. Erickson, J. Hallen, G. Jones, B. Linden, P. Fox, D. Ohlin, and S. Olson. SECOND ROW: S. Klatt, E. Humpal, R. Wienberg, E. Hiama, j. Holcomb, J. Ohlin, E. Monson, N. Beyl, D. Beyl, D. Dudczak, M. Spielman, H. Monson, A. Newville, J. Peterson, and M. Mitchell. FRONT ROW: M. Lillie, D. Engel-bretson, J. Klatt, J. Oas, E. Kuhn. L. Gale, V. Martin, Mr. D. Anderson, D. Kennetz, E. Swanson, R. Vanderhoof, j. Lucht, n. Vanderhoof, M. Peterson, and D. Hunzicker. BACK ROW: C. Clark, J. Hallen, R. Felland, M. Kaczmarski, N. Peterson, P. Mara, J. Holcomb, R. Melby, G. Newville, J. Anderson, and Mr. Ziedel. FRONT ROW: E. Emerson, C. Thompson, J. Rivard, N. Swager, I. Paulson, R. Junkans, and R. Lark.A'VChuck Ike Lefty Jim Joe Clear Lake had the best football season that it has had in recent years with a record of five wins, one tie, and one defeat. The “big" game of the season was the homecoming tilt with the conference leader, Chetek. They took a 12-0 lead in the first quarter, and by halftime the game was tied 12-12. As the final whistle sounded the Warriors were victorious with a 31-12 score. The Warriors were the idols of the school when they defeated our rival, Clayton, under their new lights 32-14. BACK ROW: D. Paulson, D. Cahow, J. Barthman, P. Mara, J. Hallen, J. Anderson, I. Paulson, and C. VanRuden. FRONT ROW: 6. Hatella, D. Beyl, R. Jones, N. Peterson, C. Thompson, E. Emerson, J. St. Ledger, and R. Junkans.Jerry Red Carl Jerry Dick The season was successful with the exception of our one loss to Shell Lake. As a result of the Shell Lake loss and the Burce tie we lost our bid for the Lakeland Championship title by half a game. Clear Lake 6 Clear Lake 6 Clear Lake 32 Clear Lake 31 Clear Lake 7 Clear Lake 54 Clear Lake 46 The next year’s football squad may be handicapped by the loss of eleven letter men who are: I. Paulson, N. Swager, J. Rivard, J. St. Ledger, E. Emerson, R. Junkans, J. Anderson, M. Kaczmarski, R. Felland, N. Peterson, and C. Thompson. Burce 6 Turtle Lake 0 Clayton 14 Chetek 12 Shell Lake 21 New Auburn 6 Prairie Farm 0 BACK ROW: N. Swager, M. Kaczmarski, R. Felland, R. melby, A. Frank, R. Hammelman, and Mr. Zieoel. FRONT ROW: G. Newville, J. Rivaro, J. Holcomb, H. Waterman, R. Wright, and F. Sommer- FELDT.BACK ROW: F. Tobias, B. Johnson, D. Paulson, R. Hammelman, E. Gulickson, D. Hanson, and G. newville. MIDDLE ROW: F. Rubin, J. Payson, J. Holcomb, N. Peterson, J. Rivard, E. Haima, D. Kuhl, and Mr. Zeidel. FIRST ROW: C. VanRuoen, C. Clark, N. Swager, R. Lark, E. Emerson, I. Paulson, and J. Hallen. Clear Lake's 1949-50 basketball season brought disap- Coach Zeidel pointment as the Warriors, winning two out of eight games, came out third in the Lakeland Conference. The big thrill of the season was giving Chetek their first loss in twelve games. This make a record nightas Ike Paulson scored twenty points. The district tournaments also brought us dismay when we were defeated by Luck and Milltown. Ike Paulson received the honor of being selected on the all-tournament team for the second year. The seniors, winning over the sophomores, juniors and faculty, were champions of the class tournaments. We also won the trophy in our junior year. This year there are six lettermen graduating. They are: N. Swager, I. Paulson, E. Emerson, N. Peterson, R. Lark, and J. Rivard. CONFERENCE SCORES Clear Lake 27 Turtle Lake 23 Clear Lake 32 Prairie Farm 41 Clear Lake 30 Clayton 34 Clear Lake 35 Turtle Lake 15 Clear Lake 27 Shell Lake 28 Clear Lake 35 Prairie Farm 43 Clear Lake 29 Clayton 34 Clear Lake 29 Shell Lake 38 3224 Chuck Jimmy Jim Red Lefty Bob Ike 33 Pete Chuck JerryMrs. Johnson, Miss Often, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Frank, and Mrs. Lapham. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Slyter, Mrs. Dudczak, Mrs. Nielsen, and Mrs. Hrdlichka.Ardys, Donna, Edith, Carmalita, Duane, Norma, Jerry, Roxanne, Roger, Lorraine, and Dorothy, INSET: |one. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATOR IAN 37Sept . Sept . Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct . Oct . Oct . Oct . Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov . Nov. Nov. Nov . Dec . Dec . Dec . Dec . Dec . Dec . Dec . Dec . Jam . Jam . Jan. 6 - School opened, need we say more? |6 - Our first football game. Bruce, here. Tie, 6 to 6. 23 - Turtle Lake, here. Clear Lake 6, Turtle Lake 0. 7 - We won I 32—IU. Clayton, there. |2 - Homecoming. Clear Lake 31, Chetek 12. Dorothy Dudczak and Ike Paulson reigned OVER ALL ACTIVITIES CONSISTING OF A BONFIRE, SNAKE-DANCE, FOOTBALL GAME, PARADE, AND DANCE. THE BULLDOG'S BARK WAS WORSE THAN THEIR BITE. 20 - FFA CORN HUSKING CONTEST. 21 - Football game at Shell Lake. A damp NIGHT AND DAMPENED SPIRITS. SHELL LAKE 21, Clear Lake 7. 25 - WEAU Barn Dance was sponsored by the Senior Class. 27 - Freshman initiation. The frishies were ALL DECKED OUT IN GREEN TO CELEBRATE THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN HIGH SCHOOL. 2o - Prairie Farm, there, The Warriors scalped the Panthers, 1+6-0. I - Masons' Circus. "Monkeys" saw monkeys. 3 - The history students went to the cities to see President Truman. 1+ - Our last football game. Clear Lake 5I+, New Auburn 6. 10 - FHA rally at Baldwin. Future Homemakers had a day off from school. |8 - We all donned our plaid shirts and had LOTS OF FUN AT THE SQUARE DANCE WHICH WAS SPONSORED BY THE SOPHOMORES. 2| - MR. Elliott James gave a lecture on crime. 22 - Our first basketball game. Clear Lake 27, Webster 23. f —25— Thanksgiving vacation. 29 - "Dear Ruth," the junior class play, HAD THE AUDIENCE ENTRANCED OVER ITS ROMANTIC PLOT. 2 - Turtle Lake, there. Clear Lake 36, Turtle Lake |2. That was a push-overI 6 - Webster, there. Clear Lake 29, Webster 39 Well, we couldn't win them all. 9 - Prairie Farm, here. Clear lake $2, Prairie Farm 1+|. This made up for their football defeat. 13 - Chetek, there. Clear Lake 26, Chetek 1+2, The music department provided entertainment AT THE SPORTMEn'S DINNER. |6 - Clayton, here. Clayton 3 +, Clear Lake 30. The Warriors couldn't hold back the Bears. 20 - Amery, there. Clear Lake 32, Amery 1+6. 22 - "Behold A Star," Christmas Concert, WAS PRESENTED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE CHOIR. 2k - Christmas vacation----YipeeII 9 - Back to school. 16 - No school - snow vacation. 20 - Turtle Lake, here. Clear Lake 35, Turtle Lake 15 The extra iron (nail) that red took must have helped. Jan. 23 - Second semester started. Guess I best TURN OVER A NEW LEAF. Jan. 2 -27- No School. We all had a vacation while THE WEATHER MAN TOOK OVER. Jan. 2 4 - Shell Lake, there, 27-28. Those one pointers can be exciting and disappointing. Jan. 27 - Prairie Farm, there. Prairie Farm I+3, Clear Lake 35. Jan. 31 - Chetek, here. Those Bulldogs left with THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS AS THE WARRIORS HANDED THEM A i+3-36 DEFEAT. Feb. 3 More basketball. Clayton 3 Clear Lake 29. Feb. 10 - Shell Lake again, not so close this time. Shell Lake Clear Lake 29. Feb. 17 - Another overtime thriller with Amery TAKING THE LEAD U|—UO. Feb. 2I-24- Basketball tournaments at Luck. A chance to make new acquaintences and renew old ones. Luck took the trophy. Mar. I - No school again. That weather man is REALLY TAKING OVER. Mar. k - The Clear Lake grades took second place AT THE TOURNAMENTS IN AMERY. Mar. 5 - Our celebrity, Dorothy Dudczak, took THE JUDGE'S AWARD ON THE CEDRIC ADAMS' Talent Show. Mar. 7-|0- Class Tournaments. Those mighty seniors DID IT AGAIN1 Mar. |k - The faculty got some exercise when the SENIORS DID IT AGAINl Mar. |6-|8- The basketball boys went to Madison TO see the state tournaments. Mar. 20 - Donkey basketball game. Mar. 2k - The Choir attended a clinic at Luck. Mar. 25 - Margaret Lange and |one Paulson com- peted in the district forensic contest at River Falls. Mar. 28 - The River Falls a cappella choir sang for us. Wish we could sing like that I! Apr. 6 - FFA judging contest in Madison. Apr. |8 - FFA Father-Son Banquet. Apr. 2| - Solo contest at River Falls, "la, la, LA, LA, LA, LA." Apr. 28 - The commercial classes took a trip to Ml NNEAPOLIS. May 1-3- The FFA boys had a few days off for the CONVENTION AT GREEN LAKE. May 5 - The Junior-Senior Prom. Frills and finery, music and laughter. May 6 - Some of those prom-trotters were really DONE IN 3Y EVENING. RlVER FALLS MUSIC FESTIVAL . May 12 - Senior class play,didn't realize what GOOD ACTORS WE HAD IN CLEAR LAKE, DID YOU? May 2| - Baccalaurate. May 22 - Junior-Senior Banquet. Food and more FOOD, TALK AND MORE TALK. May 23 - Commencement. And so we leave Clear Lake High, some sorrowfully, some happily. May 27 - School Closed. 38The class of 1950 wishes to thank the following business places for making the publication of this annual possible. Central Lumber Company Interstate Lumber Company Clear Lake Star Nilssen’s Cash Store Nilssen’s Hardware Clear Lake Drug Company Clearol Oil Company Farmer’s Cooperative Feed Mill Farmer’s Cooperative Creamery Wienbery Station Statopm Zephyr Inn Eldon’s Garage M k M Cafe Clear Lake Tavern Cliff Paulson's Wold’s Radio Shop Clear Lake Gamble Store Clear Lake Hardware Lewis Federated A H Bar Wood Implement Lewis Variety Stenbergs Sten’s Gift Shop Coffee Cup Schulze’s Store A B Garage Heose’s Bar Fawn Dairy Clear Lake Market Benson’s Store Nordahl Recreation Northtown Station Myron Kuhn, Ice-Dray-Pyrofax Gas Clear Lake Telephone Company Peavey Feed Mill Wood Pumbing Heating Company Leonard’s Electric Clear Lake Livestock Market Bank of Clear Lake VANS.%

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