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K, ,,,. .1 'V K,- ,ff ,-'Z ,1- 1 1' . ,Y , v Q 1 ,e..!, F ' 'Mr' 1 K. g, 1, 'Q' 4 , ' w 'N ' , .4 f ' ,., V' fu: ' L, . 'R-.ff-15 , v "LA A K' t 1 4 K, - , . X L 1 Mn. ' . , . ,, . V f ,.,i ' I - , 3' ' f - 'A - - , f"f , '41 7, 1 4 ' V x . ' ' '. . r' . R. : , 1 Y A A , - s , '.' P' ' , -. ' R - ' ' ' - K r . V - z b . , E, U L , , , U , ..., 1 .. - V, f- ,mf A. ,V 1. ' 1 " ., ' V ' 5:-51: i , . " f.-c-'f- ' nit V ' ' - J ,L 'Z V t K - ,, , I, ' 5 11: 1 - - N , . . 93- 'w ' ' ." ' f 1- " f 1 , , 1 , . i, - N - Y V K . .11 M Zelma Sonafrank w V Uore Li e a fli ht of wild birds, And th1rU th t were worde oefore And more than word Courage and Loyalt Humor and Pride cue u ed t11l he died Love 51V6 life mean n In a look, ir a re P Hut rev r o trulx Or deepl death IS. No' she is 1 l k g 'sos e ' . Y S. Y, These are the weapons M' s ' s . f' s , 1 5 1 LJ .at.1, - , ' s j , 7 ee . AD ISTRATIUN 3, ,EA X K, . ' :T y ,., v,,. ,M--ff, , ,- f-m,,- .,,..i.-Y' in-' I I ' I yi, .ef Y Q 1lS 3 Wront row John Zehring, Edward Lippold Guilford Gurtner, Rooert Coyle Back row Bessie Lippold, Kathleen Anderson, Wthel Pw- D L Truatee Ellars, Edna Graham, oeneva McNabo, Sadie Pearcy, Virginia Bond GGL? Coog fl e Llpooli Leo Ctodvell NB loise To1a ter Janitor , , ., it -1L,u - ' X. X , . V 'V in-7 - . , Q f, a' r ,WX. u ' ' ' 'yd' 7 I li A X u , K -- ' Y . H ..-.... , w l --....... J U ,, , Q I .V I -.-...... ,, Ns - L ,U 1-5' .I 'X'M.- ' - 3 Q- - 561 rw- "'H V J 2 T sg n is 4 i f U Q 0 4 gf Mk, Y. S La NIURS , 1 ., e ' V , 3 S H f 4, . Wayne Rhinebarger Judy Aaron Carol Glassburn Cfass 0 4 Dnvllis Cagley Y J If J Gervase Arderso Dale Glassbqrn Marvin Green f ' 1 4- Q . ..-ye aa V I , 2 I f , Ek ij - f g A, ' W WAYNE inlhchrwohk Baeeball l 2 5 Basketball l 2 5 Track 5 President 4 Smoke Qignal Qtarf GERVASE ANDERSON Keep Moving 5 Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2,5,4 Smoke Signal Staff JouV AARON Band 5,4 Lhorus 1 Vice President 4 Smoke Qignal Staff PHYLLIS aGLEY Keep Moving 5 Chorus 1,2,5 Solo Contest 5 oecretary 5 Treasurer 4 Sextette 5 Smoke Qignal Staff DALE GLACCBURN Baseball 2,5 Basketball l,2,5,4 Track 2,5,4 F. F. A. 4 Smoke Signal Staff CAHO GLACQQUR ecretary 4 Smoke Signal Qtaff MARVIN GREEN Butler 1 Keep Moving 5 Baseball 5, Basketball 2,5,4 Track 2,5,4 F. F. A. 4 Bind 2,5,4 Chorus 2,5 Scholarship Award 2,5,4 Smoke Signal Staff Keep Moving 5 Keep Moving 5 Keep Moving 5 . , , ,4 ' E 1 1 i A sf F. F. A. 4 o ,,4 ,4 C ,4 4 Don Hullinger Bill Kuntz Paul Lavengood Clasg 01:49 Q,li"'0 Karen Shively BOD Shively MSX Stmlbaugh June Jalker' , V I A I Q " 4 Til LLIIunH Keep ovlnf 5 eoa11 4, , U A ea11 1 Cmora 2 Presi ent 4 moke ignal t r JVLY Ba eoall 4 Ha ketball 1 2 5 4 Track 5 Band 1,2,5,4 Chorus l,2,5 Smoke Sigral Staff JILL KUNTZ Baseoall 2,5 4 Wasketoa11 1 4 T ack 2 5,4 moke C15 Qta E kr.riEI4 Cnl J Y Peep Moving 5 Chorus 1 B nd 1,4,5 Band Sec Treas Treasurer Presioent Yell leader Majorette 2 Smoke Qignal Staff MAX STAMQALGH Baseball 5,4 Basketball 5 Converse 1 Track 5,4 Smoke Signal Staff FALL Lhv OOD Keep lovi 5 oaseball 5 4 a ketball 1 ? Vice President P 'moke Sigral Ctazf JUNE WALKER Keep Moving 5 Chorus 1,2,5,4 Chorus Sec. 8 Treas Solo Contest 5,4 Smoke Signal Staff Dah 51" Q'1 V 1 T 1VLhG . us Q ' , i' T' 5 Has ' ' 5 4 L ' ' ,2,5, ' ., rasfet' , 2,5,4 'r , 5 s' ,,,5 Track a,5,4 F. F. A. Treasurer Track 2,5,4 F. T. A. 4 S, ' 1 wral - f F. F. A. 4 1 'S . 3 ',5 . . c C S ' S S aff "' ' .H 1 QL . W , ,2,5 a P ,4 . 3 . 4 5 ' 1 1,2,5 . ,5,4 c EOE STI'q' A 'L 1 ' e ' 5 HSV' 1 1 1 14 FV K N aff ilifv7 ' W K IWW' 'XlAluT!5Qf:Ek NX '49 ers - 4 iQei!.!!!!i2ggtEggg We the Seniors of '49 Have really got a lot of shine We've chewed our gum and whispered some And now at last the time has come As we plan to leave this place, We will seek a bigger chase, We'll have to try to decide our task And wonder just how long it will last When tomorrow is here We'll have nothing to fear, But be brave ALWAYS' As we journey down the road We can carry our heavy load We won't ask for a lot o mone Just a mate to call us nHoney We will try to help the others Just as was done by our Mothers Though long and dreary be the day, We Seniors will always find our way To the teachers and cooks, Our pencils and books, We close with THANKS' Gervase Anderson ! . X N t 1 iflvx KVIANNXA J: 5 Ha V X - X UQAVIQN-,f jul x f ' .y-- 4 ' , H -- 'll u ! -- 71 YW 9 HISTORY Or THE '49hRS Back in the year of '57 we seniors started our great adven ture of going to chool Our number varied through grade school, but we had approximately twelve tuderts in each grade Only three girl , Gervase Arderson, Karen Sh'vely, and Phyllis Cagley who oegan here in the first grade graduated in Clay's class twelve years later When we reached Jlnior High we organized our class for the first time Since we were growing up we decided it wa time we had some small responsibility Our yell leaders were Betty Childers, karen Shively and Phyllis Cagley in the 7th grade, and Bettie Exmyer, Karen Shively and Phyllis Cegley in the 8th Then came a great day in '45 when we took our places in the tudy hall as Freshmen what a thrill that was! We saw a lot of new faces from Harrison and Deer Creek Townships there were 19 of us in all We held ar Election Day and selected Don Hulllnger as our president, Karen Shively, vice president and Darlton Sommers as ecretary and trea urer Mr House was our sponsor year on October 25, we had a hay ride and party at June Walker's It was quite an exciting night Then on July lf, 1946 we had a swimming party at Lantz's Pit KNO ONB WAS DFONNEDJ We, also had our initiation, which wasn't too severe In our Sophomore year we elected Don Hullinger again as president, Paul Lavengood, vice pre ident, and Merrill Waters, secretary and treasurer and Miss Bond was appointed as our spon sor to serve through our remaining high school years On Dec ember 12, 1946 we had a Roller Skating Party at Russo'e Roller Rink in Peru The next day evervone came to school with sore mu cles and bruises, but nothing serious Our Junior Year was a little more business like Again we chose Don Hullinger for president, Bob Boles was vice president, Phyllis Cagley was elected secretary and Karen Shively was treas ure We gave 'Keep Movingn on October 21, 1947 as our Junior play Our Junior Senior Reception was held at Duke's Resturant in Kokomo on April 23, 1948 and we had a skating party at Russo's Roller Rink at Peru in March, 1948 August 28, 1948 we began our mighty senior year with four teen students We elected Wayne Rhinebarger as president, Judy Aaron, vice president, Carol Glassburn, secretary, and Phyllis Cagley, treasurer We held a joint rollerskating party with the Juniors on October 6, 1948 at Skaters Delight in Kokomo sponsored a Carnival this year It was a success, after spending much of our time on it We had to neglect our studies, but of course we agreed to that Then came the big tourney on February 13, 14, and We had 5 out of our class who played Our Junior Senior Reception was on April 22 The annual was in the making during our other activities so we were rather busy Our play was the next thing that took work, but it was a pleasure to get to give one so we felt it was an honor to do it All during this time we seniors were looking forward to our trip to Washing ton and surrounding cities Our Baccalaureate was held on May 1 n . 1 - S . . ' S A 1 V 0 A 0' S a.. , . 5.1 4. , . s s h - L . L Q s. . - . . , . .. .Q 0 A sf s. ' 8. S 1 S . , L, a. g Don resigned as president, so Karen took over. In this green 1 I . . ' . ' 3 s, Q 5 V L Y u . I ' I . ' - s K p . V - S . L - . I O I O . We . . , I 15. . ' e O . 5 ' I 0 Then on lay 4 the evert to which we had been looking for ward for l2 year r d ar lved Commencement We were all decked out in gray caps ard gowns and we each wore a pink carnatlon Nh'rh was fur clas flower D John Benson from Indianapolis was our oeaker Recelvirg our diplomas was the most important part of the even1ng's activities, however At last we go 'Onward p ard to Cuccess H we, spirits, te tamen all will Fir assembly the ture use econd, to Mr Gurtner we leave the privilege of filling places with new faces To Eddie Lippold some color baknfor the gray hairs we've given him To Miss Bond, our sponser, of our success we've attained through high school to her when goes back to college To Mrs Anderson, our ability to keep CQKISS43 QW YK the senior class of 1949, being of sound mind and good hereby make and declare this to be our la t will and the following manner, and do hereby, revoke any, and us heretofore made t in s by t to the junior class we leave all our desks in e and all the chalk and erasers we didn't get to throw S phomore's we leave all our old tests and exams for fu and to the freshmen all our sophisticated ways our all all she our minds on what we are saying To Mr Coyle all the musical comed ies that have never been given To Mr Zehring our reserve and quietness at the basketball games fespecially tourreysy and to Viss Mcbabb all the old play books we got and never used Third to the Trustee we bequeath all the varnish we've worn off the floors and furniture in the last four years To the jan itor all our old paper ard books to help him build fires lr witness thereof, we the Senior Class have set our hands and eal hereto this twenty fourth dav of February in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty nine. M C?Zf44fcsea1x l A Ll , 4 A ' 3 ' S .Ei ' I' -- . , l P ' 1, N J A S a ru 5. ' . SA . , . c L A - rv V 1 V - lf W .. . . . - 1 do s S I A S .... th 5' 1 To , o - C C Q O n - . . I . L l l 0 o " .. . . A I A . AA . O . - S A u , .. C - l V . SENIOR BEQUEATHS Dale Glassburn bequeaths his curley hair to Howard Miller so he won't have to get any more Ton1's, his class ring to Marilyn Pearcy and his physique to Dale Daniels Karen Shively bequeaths her ability to get out of playing in solo contest to Patty Ault without having to be ill to do it, howeverg to Wendell Vincent her place as cashier in the kitchen Carol Glassburn bequeaths her place in the office to Bill Wise fif he's crazy enough to take ity and her ability to hook a man to Alice Childers Judy Aaron bequeaths her position as editor in chief of the annual and a box of aspirins to Bonnie Crane andher place in the library to Millard Osborne Bill Kuntz bequeaths his height of 6 ft l inch to Ronnie Waters, so he can reach further toward his ideals Wayne Rhinebarger bequeaths all the money he spent on shoe repairing caused by running after the girls to Warren Mendenhall, in order that he can do the same Phyllis Cagley bequeaths her spelling ability to Smn Zehring so she will be able to write Shapelessn correctly on the back of her senior cords Gervase Anderson bequeaths her singing and yodeling ability to Mr Coyle so he might win first place in the district contest Bob Shively bequeaths his ability to play a baritone horn to Phyllis Buckalew and hopes she will make more of this ability than he did she may become the next Eleanor Roosevelt and his typing period to Bob Feller so that he may put it to better advantage than Max did June Walker bequeaths her seat in the assembly to Joanne Heirholzer and also her ability to act like all good, little senior girls should Marvin Green bequeaths his glasses to Gene Llppold so h won't miss anything and his brilliant mind to Marcia Shively Don dullinger bequeaths his ability to draw artistic figures to Dick Fawcett and his position on the basketball team t Kenneth Longfellow Paul Lavengood bequeaths to Milford Reed his ability to pass the time away in the assembly so that in the future he won't be come bored with the long periods ll Max Stambaugh bequeaths his speech book to Martha Smith so e Y A 0 :ll an an all l'll.:l.l SENIOR TRIP 1949 The seniors of 1949 are joining with Somerset High School seniors to make their senior trip The group will leave Clay Tbwnship early on the morning of Satur day, May 7 They will go to Detroit, Michigan, by way of Fort Wayne and Toledo and will cross to Windsor, Ontario there by the Ambassador Bridge The first night out will be spent at the Grand Central Hotel in St Thomas, Ontario the first time out of our country for nearly all of us After an early start on Sunday morning we will reach Niagara Falls We will see the falls from the Canadian side and have a chance to ride the Spanish Aero Car above Whirlpool Rapids and will then cross the Rainbow Bridge back to the U 8 A In Niagara Falls, New York,we will o to the foot of the falls for a bet 4ter view and see The laid of the Mist ' After leaving 'N1agara, we'll see the broad Niagara River above the falls and go to Buffalo, New York Our second night out will be spent at Danville, New York Our third day's travel will take us south across Pennsylvania for our first view of the mountains and to Gettysburg Battlefield We'll have a conducted tour of our first of three nights at Hotel Annapolisl Our next two days will acquaint us with some of the beauties of our nat1on's capital Being young and energetic, no doubt we'll climb Washington Monument al though we hear it is quite a feat of endurance We'll see Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol, Supreme Court Building, the Pentagon Smithsonian In stitute, Bureau of Engraving, the National Airport an many more of the things of which we've heard we'll also go to Mt Vernon to see the home of our first president On the morning of our sixth day we will turn home ward back across Pennsylvan1a's mountains to Wheeling, West Virginia, where we'll spend our last night out Early on the morning of our seventh day we'll cross the Ohio River into Ohio That day's travel will bring us back across the state just east of us to the end of our trip which will take us into seven states other than our own, the Province of Ontarlo,Canada, and the District of Columbia gil the battlefield and hurry ongtggmlashlngton, D. C. for , GEEJAHIIIII 1' ""3F"1 I P L D v-D lp, an 'VID KRT?-N l ,' Tff-"Q ' -A ' 'f flffixh tihflfvf 'ix ' f , .- . H., .,! A ..,.,1,., f5j..-..- "". '," W1 - , ', ,,. 'I Z.. V.-nj' V ' ,J 14. --7 'g'I'l" fz 'f-4 H, an ',ff xv' ' ' "' ' ' gy Ns., iinpg-1 IP- 'Vl1,- ,,-' ,I 5-,.' 31,-,Hn-X barvim GA ,. IMFHVH he:i" H F' lfira' LJ U6 H LQ' tv !a5,. L ion Fullirzer uS1A sq K.Qpir: :.t wi Fnv.,n L,8ffDFP P111 Puntz Hkuztzn being e gfci :my 'Qfvy Nermn Pail f9VDx:T?i qlC"' 3.Zifr5 ift. "HvWe: rnnyzpfs W Vie lhiuxaarxeu qiwfnevn FgQQ'1:: t6 taxa WL evHvy'xir: Karur F?ivO1y qliian F w'3Q T7 QW Z' ffwH PFD 5'.Ai'.fJ1',' " T, ,iv '."' f'Q'.'I' .' ' if Yniir fn '. ' V Fzergn gh WFiexua,5hn Eiwrzf tc UT 91 Q .NA"1ifDf'fD Junw ' 9Y qJa1g -H frvizr 1 LH Tfik Q ram .N, HS L1 ,ax Half 'G .4 r""I Q x 9 A .- A vf To Whom It may Concern, May l, 1959 The senior Class of 1049 has traveled high and wide the last lO years ard we wi h ow to bring you up to date on their activi ties Traveling on the Ala kan Highway between Fairbanks and Nome we were getting low on gas when we aw a very brawny gentleman planting iris along the road, to prev nt erosion It was none other than nHankn otherwise known as Dale Glassburn He was kind enough to take us to hi home a oeautiful mountain side the door to greet us was a large bull dog which he called Mar ilyn We thought that was an odd name for such a ferocious look ing dog Ne have the latest report o r out door girl Che is Carol Glassourn ard ha won tne women's oronco riding champion hip of the world at Calcutta, Carada Marvin Green is gettirg to be tuck up these days He owns a glue factory in Amooy rd ls becoming quite ,ro perous at it He isn't married yet out several girls are after him Paul fDocJ Lavengood i a noted scientist at waupecong In stitute He has just discovered a erum which keeps a wife from beating her ha sand when he comes home late at right Karienna Crivero, formerly known as Karen Chively is trav elirg with the Bangxm and Wig ly Circus this year Karen is the tar performer with a tro1pe of trapeze artists Karen 1 prac tlcing a rew act with four flip flops ut be hope to add a utter flip to the act before she flops Bill Yuntz is ln the o g business He designs and makes S200 That seems like a lot of morey to throw over our boul cer Fe al o designs women's hat Miss Ge vase Anderson manager f NHair Do Vp Lift seauty Parlor' at wato, lew lexlco had Just oeen arrested or the charge of ournirg custorer's heads She will s rve fro 0 to lO Neels r Qing Slng hajre Rhirebarger at the per ent ls with the Door Ctep B lge Io creep Cor et Comparv ' aid e one of tre ost suc ces ful alssmen in the business Don Hullinger, a second Frank Buck, has ju t returned from an expedition to the Dark Continent Among the large collection of wild animals he brought back were two beautiful deordorized skunks Nrs Judith Ann Hlnkelbottom, formerly known as Judy Aaron, has become a succes ful ales lady in New Vork Qhe is also the author of the famous book, 'Nhy be a Brtrette Jren mhe e is Plen ty of Peroxide H . L. ws - 1 L . A ' s r ' - . S ' . ,, , S l ' e ,- . . - . - s on . At 0 M - I ' ' Il :TU - 'I Q L.. . ' Q' S X 4 l A ' s l . , s A . l . a. f s . . " 0 s - ' - - . s - s ' A . . A L A y L I- L , 1 A ' I ' . . . s . 1 f .. s - ' ., b s. M s n- fs I' D . Aa . .- women's hand bags and shoulder bags which he sells for as high as ' . . . . , y- S, - '- . , s A s. ..' 1- .. . ., O ., - " ' ' T J 5 ' ' . , . . N r .' . o e' m as ' 11 1 , J L . L1 ' I 'v 7 1 . 7 E A as . L Xu -A S c :L . He .LE 5 to b l Y' ' F S -s.. . L . e r s . . . ls - A O A C A - v S ' S u. , a n. 1 'E '. '.' . .L T "' ' 0 Bob Shively now a famous inventor, ras recertly patented a device sl ilar to the torpedo for sh oting chalk in the class room Ne told him this should prove to be a very popular gadget it effects a more accurate aim and greater speed F said 'That's what I told my wife ' June Walker Souders Lyman Tyler, who has een married and divorced three tines already, is now traveling about the country iving lectures to women 'Helpful Hints on How to Hold a Hubby Max Stamoaugh, the newly elected Representative from Indiana has just been elected Speaker of the House and has p esented the HBaugr Billn which gives school children a three day weekend in tead of the present two day one Phyllis Cagley a inger, is with the Jarry Ha es Or hestra ln the Sky Roof at Bennetts Switch She has never married but there are rumors that she may marry the band leader Plass Colors Pink and eray Glas Flower Pink Carnation Class Motto Onward, Upward to Success we chose for o Sericr play pring Fev r , with a ast of s'x en and six women Due to the fact that our Annual had to go press before the play wa cast, we couldn't include it in our Senior a tlvitie A A sf 1 K D K - , . . EES . . .8 v . t ' L. , IJ n -, -- :D ' -. I' A ' - A an E " 0 , s m c l S . . C ' f'W J I O Q 0 L O I , . 4 I U r - - ur . , 'S e H ' Q L- IN, .. 1 Q A to - - s .S C S. lou may think our class is small And therefore has no fame, But to leave us out completely Nould be a terrible shame Front Row, Left to Right Dale Daniels, Alice Chllders, Naunitta Hodson, Carolyn Mvers, Beverly Grant, far Lu Zehring, Joanne Reed, Miss McNabb Bacx Row Dick Green, Ronnie waters, Bill Nise, Dale Owen , B111 Herrell, Millard Osborne, Mayne Vincent, Warren Mendenhall, Jim Spangler, Larry ohively, Howard Miller and David Rabe uf' I f 0 Heirholzer, Betty H111er,Helen Hochstedler, Bonnie Crane, Milford We Juniors presented our play, in October, which was titled, NNh1le W1fey's Aw y The students taking part we -Wayne n cent, Joanne Heirholzer, Bonnie Crane, Beverly Grant, Bettie Ex meyer, Sara Zehr1ng,Helen Hochstedler, Bill Wise,Mil1ard Osborne, Howard Miller, Carolyn Myers, and Betty Miller Only with help from the rest were we able to put it over It was a terrible mix up when Wayne, in order to collect insurance from the agent, Sara Lu, finds another wife while his wife, Carolyn, is away The late Mrs Sonafrank was our sponsor and play director, but due to illness Mrs Earl Sharp helped a great deal Our sponsor now is Miss McNabb who teaches us English About November, we all flashed out in our class sweaters and rings Our Sweaters are red and white and our rings are most attractive with WCW and our first and last initials, one on each side Our money making has run into selling candy and ice cream at school and ball games We also sold photograph albums with Clay Twp High on them Then with the fun combined we made crepe pa per whil 1 gigs for the students and younger set to wave at ball games They were red and black with white Well we d1dn't settle yet until we canvassed the neighborhood selling magazine sub scrlptions It runs into fun and competition to see who can sell the most Ne are proud of the boys from our class that were depended Larry Shlvely, Ronnie Waters, Bill Wise, and Dick Green, on the second team are Jim Spangler, Bill Herrell and Nayne Vincent We have some cheerful and good hearted students Of course we'll have to add some mischief to that after Milford Reed had to sand and varnish his desx over for carving on it In the study ll, Bill and Ronnie are perfect Nangelsn Well, you might walk down the hall and between Howard Miller and David Rabe, you might say, 'Which Twin has the Tonin Bettie Exmeyer was the beauty operator for them N6 are glad that the three yell leaders came from our class and did such a fine job v didn't invent a jet, of course! a drug for insomnia, NO'! 4 just think, If it weren't for our class the dogs would Clay High gov9'1 Y 8- In re" ' upon to help nbring the trophy home.n We have on the first team, ha . . ,T ,,,, 'Ve A Or . . 've + , T0 ... SUPHUMURES Front row, left to ri ht, Annabelle Walott, Carolyn Pearcy, Phy llia Euckalew, Ro e Marie Edwards Jo ephine Buzbee, Margaret Jo Childers, Annabelle Miller, Patty Ault Second row, hr Coyle, Marilyn Pearcy, Nary Neal, Norma Jean Graft, Wilma Caale, Que Benaon, Martha Foust, Shirley Iviller, Joyce Green Batk row, Dlck Fawcett, Nilliam Wllkinson, Bob Feller Lloyd Oldfather, Jerry Hedrick, Everett Neal, and Rex Chllders Uur first party took place ln October, 1048, at the home of Mary and Everett Neal This party CODqlqt9d of a wiener roaat and gamea played in the yard, after which the party continued ln To ral e money for our future use, we choae aelllng crew hate ard ballpolnt per The clas orficers are a follow Joyce Green President Dick avcett Vice president Ro ie Edwards Secretary A Treasurer For our seconl partv we are plarnirg to have a skating party with the Freahman cla s J' . - D M Q Q . , . , - ,v 0 : 0 T 1 . ' Y O U T a L . 5 . l , O O K., . L I L, , the house. The party was enjoyed by everyone present. s , . . V , . . ', .s. ', s H s S: F' J - - s - 4 ' lp' D - 1 A X 1 l -. S 0 HMEN vront Row, left to right, Joe Bratch, Janet Aaron, Janet Zehring, Barbara Kling, Emma Miller, Nancy Fray, Marcia qhively, Marlene Stites, Carmen Wilkinson, warner Malott, Jack Pearcy. Back Row: Edgar Hewitt, Joe Ealy, Byron Sommers, Bill Miller, Richard El- lars, Kenneth Longfellow, Ronald LeMaster, Wendell Vincent, Gene Lippold, Alvin Marner, Stanford Anderson. The freshman class was organized with Wendell Vincent as president, Janet Aaron as vice-president, and Byron Sommers as secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Anderson was appointed as our sponsor. We had a party in December at the home of Ronald LeMaster. Movies, games, and contests formed the eVening's entertainment and we all had a wonderful time. The boys in our class,who played basketball, had an unbeaten team in the four freshman games they played. Joe Ealy, Wendell Vincent, Kenny Longfellow, Stanford Anderson, Gene Lippold, and Buster Malott were members of that team ' K Lf: 'Hf',- NL .lf ' . 'K ' .2 ,, Avvgeg V -ff ' '- w fu T L' Www iff- lg. APN SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Hmm?-my ...aww n... N! .QI G4 rl TH AND QIXLH GRADES 44:4 Sax!! Pront row left to right Max Lesley, Jan Gurtner, Carol Kling, lnis Ann Miller, Darlene Gla sourn, Juanita Weave Elaine Agnees Donnita Lamb, Katie Wingard, Lorna Le Ma ter, Leona d Thieke, Back row Wllber Hochstedler, Lee Mill , Jame Huttor, Ronald Gottschalk, Larry Glas burn, Don Nike Cagley, Dorald Miller, Claud Craig, Edward Medlen, Cleo chively, Gary Bargerhuff and Terry Worl The fifth and sixth grade boys had a oa ketball team this year We were beaten every game but we had fur The se ond game The final score wa Clay 17, Miami ?l The boy on the first team were Jan Gurtner, Donald Miller, Gary Barg rhuff Terry Worl and Larry Glassburn The second team wa Max Le lie, Lee Mill , Cleo Qhively and Ronnie Gottschalk The fifth grade pupils made an Indian display following their study of the dif erent tribes The intere ting exhibit contained a miniature canoe, arrow head, 2 Indian dolls, buffalo stone, and ome Indian tools The children in the fifth and sixth grades also read books and gave reports on them Some reviewed as many as three books Swat! 569414 Front row left to right Jim Bratch, Larry Shrock, Betty Hall, Claudette Nichols Geneva Cagle, Judy Sipe, Esther Briekey llldred Thieke, Ronald Childers, Vernon Wingard Back row Mrs Lippold, Olen Killer, Jim Lamb, Jim Shively, Jim Graft, Willard Hochetedler, Garry Worl, Ronald Sharp, Clarence Wingard, Max Klise The Junior High is organized with Jimmy Lamb as President Willard Hochstedler, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer is Larry Shrock At the beginning of the school year there were 22 pupils in the Junior High but in October Wayne Hoatedler moved to Bunker Hill leaving ll in the seventh and 10 in the eighth grade Activities of the year consisted of two parties: one at Halloween and another at Valentine , e 3 L -D Q ' Y-. A B L, , ' , s r : T . s . s , . s , . A L 'Y . ' s . ' . 'u I 'Je ,C was the most exciting, the score being tied at each rest period. s , . - s . . as , . s , s s LJ I 1 . A s a S . . e . ll : ' . . : . 0 O . O C 'HW W?'fi"'-f W "D" fwfr? 'ff IX TY Y THIRD AND FGURTH GRADE 4, ..mW'5iz9Ri.mS F- fu FIRST AND SECOND GRADES First Row, Left to Right Melvin Wingard, Joyce Lamb, Rachael Frazier5Larry Harte Wilma Miller, Ruth Weesner, Janet Armstrong, Juelda Hostetler, Erwin Eash, Lester Hostetler, Gary Strebin Second Row Beverly Stodgell, Donna Jane Worl, Verba Miller, Dixie Lee Glassburn, Janet Sharp, Janet Hedrick, Sarah Daniels, Wilbur Hostetler, Eddie Stodgell Third Row Ji mie Hancock, Lester Miller, John Shrock, Merle Hostetler, Jay Agness, Bernard Weesner, Phillip Lewis, Merrill Martin, Jeri Gurtner, Ray Miller, Joseph Glassburn The primary grades have enjoyed three nice parties this year The first party was a masquerade party in October Games were played, after which refreshments of pop corn, apples, candy and cookies were served In December we had a Christmas exchange of gifts We had a decorated tree and we were also paid a visit by Santa Claus Valentine day found our valentine DOX filled with lacey greetings After the valentines were distributed re reshments of ice cream and cookies were served The second grade made some nCotton Books' when they were reading about cotton They cut letters out of cotton cloth to dresses, aprons, overalls, and many other articles, which they pasted in the books The children also drew pictures of a cotton boll, cotton plant, and cotton fields dvwf'?aafzz'4 Front Row, left to right Eleanor Sommers Mary Alice Wingard, Elijah Hawkins, Rex Klise, Robert Hostetler, Mary Elaine Lippold, James Boone, Ray Medlen, Delorls Kling, Charles Hancock Second Row Rex Glassburn, Albert Theike, Garry Sharp, Vera Frazier, Julliah Kessler, Ronald Hawkins, James Armstrong, Donald Weaver, Rommy Cagley, wayne Jenkins Ivan Miller Back Row Richard Oldham, Jackie Stodgell, Charlene Fewell, Michael Lesher, Alma Miller, Joanna Kessler, Cletus Bontrager, Lawrence Craig, Wayne Miller, Jerry Bargerhuff Our enrollment is large this year and we moved to the large east room downstairs to be more comfortable We have studied hard and have also done many things that were fun Ne painted fruit and vegetable plaques for our mothers for Christmas For our fathers we made calendar and memo pads Another of our projects was collecting pictures and planning scrap books which will be sent to children in hospitals 2' ' . . ,f I decorate the front of the books. Then they cut out little I 3 I ' ,I . : ' 34444416 Scores of Baseball Games Clay Converse Clay Greentown Clay Swayzee Clay Northwestern 6 Clay Converse Clay Converse HIGH LIGHTS OF GAMES PLKYED Our baseball team this year was made up largely of inexper lenced players We lost seven members of the 46 47 team at grad nation Although our record was not so impressive in the win loss column, our games were really very interesting because three of our four losses were by one point Our opening game of the season was with Converse on their diamond Converse hit the offerings of our inexperienced pitch ers and our boys came out on the short end of the score Our second game was an impressive victory over Greentown on visiting team as well as the efforts of our boys In this game Joe Ealy made his first appearance as pitcher, coming in in the last inning and stopping the drive of the opposition Our third game was one of our one point losses Swayzee de feated us 3 2 on their diamond One of the high lights of this game was a home run by layne Hhinebarger which put us back in the ball game for the time being The next game, which was with Northwestern, was another heart breaker which went to eight innings Clay showed good ball playing in its fifth start and lacked only one run of a shut out Our pitching was good, as was the support in the field The game was played on our diamond Our last game was a play off with Converse to break our sea son's tie with them It was an evenly matched game, which was a thriller all the way Don Hullinger hit a home run which put us ahead in our half of the seventh inning Converse came back to tie the score The game was finally decided in the ninth inning with a triple by Sherrick of Converse 4 9 12 10 2 5 5 6 l 6 7 our diamond. Our victory was partly due to the errors of the A Lett to right Front row Glaseburn, Waters, Wise, Shively, Hedrick, Second row N Vincent, Longfellow, Ealy, Lippold, Daniels, Back row Coach Lippold, Rhinebarger W E Vincent Stambaugh, Oldfather, Green, Lavengood and Kuntz Absent at time of picture Don Hullinger BASEBALL BATTING AVERAGES Name Dale Glassburn Don Hullinger Ronnie Waters Larry Shively Max Stambaugh Wayne Vincent Lloyd Oldiather Wayne Rhinebarger B111 Wise Marvin Green Averages 364 564 275 222 200 143 136 100 O59 OOO 3 M . Joe Ealy- -------- ---------- ------------- '-" ' ' 1 57 W -H -ff.-33?-sw--1. Q M ki Gaul: Agia 2 6 Hiya 8 we lun!! e.EL Sl.,,o. Q , gh QM D MAQ 5514155 mu E '-xgls WI . 'IIII mu MIAMI COLJNTY CHAMPIONS t-1 CHEER LEADERS: Bettie Exmeyer, Carolyn Myers, Beverly Grant 'Hank' Glassburn Guard SENIOR VARSITY MEMBERS l- HHQ' P Don Hullinger i Center Mhrvin Green Forward B111 Kuntz Center Bob Sbively Vorward S Lloyd O1dfath0P Forward Larry Sh1V01Y Guard QI! UNDER cussygy vmasn-y ummsns 4 'WU Ronald Waters Forward B111 Jise Forward Dick Green Guard CHRONOLUGY OF daSKETBALL GAMES PLAYED November 5 Swayzee Chereb The Clay Indians opened the season with an inexperienced team, only to lose to the tall Swayzee Speedkings 37-24. Hullinger led the attack with 1O points. November 5 Chill Chereb With only one night's rest the Indians scalped the Chill Bears to the tune of 40 20. Waters led the attack with 15 points November 12 Iorthwestern Chereb A tall rugged quad from Northwestern visited the Indians at the Miami Gym and the Indians came out on the hort end 51 55 lovember 19 Jackson fConverseJ The Indians traveled to Converse to play the tall Jackson 'tone walls Height didn't scare the Indians who won 45 58 Hullinger and Glas burn led the attack with 12 and 11 points respectively November 24 Mexico Cherej Mexico came to town only to be trounced by the Indians 59 52 Hullinger led the attack with 19 points December 5 Greentown CArmoryj The Indians traveled to the Armory to meet the tough Greentown Beavers The Indians left the Armory with a 27 5 victory under their belts Hullinger led the attack with 12 points December 10 Corverse Cherej In a hot battle the Indians managed to eke out a 24 21 victory over Converse December 17 Chili Ctdereb The Indians trav led to Chl11's Gym where they won arother Q0 41 waters led the attack with 17 poirts oecemoer 18 Prairie CArmoryJ The Indians we t to the Armory only to oe deferted ny the Aces 51 18 uecemoer 5 Sharp v111e Ce rfer H1111 The Clay Irdlans played host to Charp v'11e ln the Bunker H111 The Indians were cold and Sharpsvllle managed to win 27 22 January 7 Burllngton ftnereb In arotner hot oat le toe Irdlans lost to Barlirgton 42 50 Blrl fton made early half of their hots in the final period to erase our lead waters and Gla oarr led the attack with 10 points each January e Northwe tern fArmoryJ A much improved squad from Clay lost to lorthwestern when a Clay rally fell hort 58 51 H llinger led the attack with 10 points Janaary 21 'lead Cherel A hepped up team of Gilead Wildcat came to Miami with their e lar orward Barmerlln, till out of their lfre Ap ard laid the In diars low Cllead han led fre eoourds almo t rarirou ly ard Clev's am j dr't k on e flense ard the 1 ats le t w t ar im res ve 41 24 victory over tre Colrty Champs ater led the attacW with 10 , in ' o s ' , . . S - . Y . L, .. O 1 I S Q " 1 . . , ,T Q -L, O I D , . -L, 4 s' 1 . Y, , V . Q V , L' ,- . .1 J.. . 1 U . . 'sr ' A u It . . Y' X 4 ll - c . ' 0 .. , . . -V , ' L I 'S al. 1 4- 1 . 1 A A L .c a, S 1 ,- QVVIJ. . - . . ' Z. . . ' , - ... ' - its ., Y, . S 1.1 - L qcyy I , . as . . . f . A S . , ,. v .. L .1 U L.. S. - . U . . , Q rv 1 1- . " - S . I " '- , - , v J 'Y , ' Q: I , .11 S .cl ' ' -. . JI .. J - t.. Y' 4 - S S. ,. , S I J .au x - :1 'nv te ll . Clic tn o , I n H lic -f 1 h . o -- S, - 'L I, L, I 1, ..,- , ... Ju 5 . . to ts. Janmary 28 Converse fthe el The Llp old tribe traveled to Corverse rlday right an effort to ln rea e their lead ln liaml County Lea ue otandirg T ef ort held true until the llnal minutes of the game vler Cfrve e vert ahead ari beat the Indians 38 32 ebruary 4 Roann Ctherej In a attle of the avages between the Roann Indians and our Clay Indians, the home team came home alpless to the ture of 40 25 Fe ruary 11 Greentown lConversej The Indians were again caught in an undertow when the Greentown Beavers chewed their way to victory by dropping the Indians 52 43 February 12 Mexico Cthereb The Mexico Bulldofs proved to have more ammunition than the Clay Joys in their econd enrounter oy winning 40 30 Gla sburn led the attack with 10 points ebruary 18 Bunker Pill fteereb The Indians traveled to Blnker 1111 with a trorg determination to win, only to oe depeated by a one point ma gin The score board read 33 32 against us COUKTY LCJKNEY Clay 34 Peru B's 3l wheel The Clay Indians drew the tough Peru B quad After a slow start the Indians managed to out do the Tiger Cubs Naters led the attack with 16 points Clay 51 Deedsville 36 One down two to go Next the Indians tangled with Deed ville where all ten boys aw action The Indians won easily after Deeds ville fell behind in the second half Gla ourn and Wise led the at tack with 14 and 13 points respectively Clay 34 Bunker Hill 32 Now all the Indians had to do was to beat Bunker Hill and they would have the 1949 County Tourney in the bag That they did by a 34 32 count The game was a tough affair for the Indians The Indians built up a lead early in the game and managed to hold on to it The game was a fine example of cool headed team work with all seven boys who saw action doing a superb job Wayne Sherick, Converse center, won the H B Richards award for outstanding play and sportsmanship SECTIONAL TOURNEY The Clay Township Indians advanced to the semi-finals in the sec- tional tournament held at Peru on February 24, 25, and 26. They won over Butler 63-20 on Thursday evening and defeated Mexico 43 35 on Friday evening. However, they met defeat at the hands of the Peru Tigers on Saturday afternoon, 54-30. The Indians put up a stiff bat- tle with the score being tied at the first quarter, but the long arms of Karowsky, Munsey, and Mathews proved too much for our boys. The Peru Tigers won the sectional with a 40-32 win over Bunker Hill, who had advanced to the finals on victories over Converse and Gilead. : r rw 1 7 'v- , ' , , . , . -1 C S I v7 4 L' I , F115 .'1' .I "' s , :Y I .,-,',rS 'NI -- .' , ' L.. '31 , o , s ' Sc -- . I ' - . Q Waters and Wise led the attack with 12 and ll points respectively. by , 1 , s. , ' - . ss 7 L . 4 . ' Y s . , 4 ...L . 1, l""" Q 4, 3 rur- W s . I ' . s s . . - . . ss' ' - O U l O I V O 0 O Wiiwf 'nCUND lhAM Front Row fleft to right! Dick Fawcett, Rex Childer , Joe Ealy, Gene Lippold, 'tanford Anderson, Warner Malott Back Row Cleft to rightl Coach L1ppold,Bill Herrill Everett Neal,Max Ctambaugh, Kenneth Longfellow,Nayne Vincent, James Cpangler,wendell Vincent Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay QECOND TEAM QCHEDULE Swayzee ....- Chil1....... .... Northwestern ....25 Jackson..... ....l8 Mexico...... ....5O Greentowr... ....22 Converse... ....4l Chili...... ....25 Pra1r1e..... ....lB Sharpsville. ....27 Burlington.. ....l5 Northwestern 000029 Gileadlillii ....lB Converse.... ....l9 Roann...... ....29 Greentown... llll28 hae-Xicoililil ....34 Bunker Hill. f ,x N I g . U I ry , - cz , , ,, L 5. A g, 'U' 9 00919 00000: 0 ...22 ?2 lO ' 22 . 31 nb mmm enlq JUNIOR'HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, left to right: Larry Shrock,Max K11se,Ron- nie Childers, Vernon Wing ard, Olen Miller, Back Row, Mr Lippold, Jim Lamb, Jim Shively, Paul Glassburn,Jim Graft, and Clarence Wingard JUNIOR HIGH GAMES 1948-49 Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Clay Miami X20 Bunker Hill Mexico Mexico Bunker H111 Miami Converse Miami Converse Galveston JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS Claudette Nichols gnu and Bettie Hall 22 13 20 18 56 18 46 27 40 ITIES 31QiQii4E'Yf 6 '15 "uv GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 7.7 VT .W , BAND M9 Glee Club Personnel First Row Cleft to rightl Phyllis Buckalew, Alice Childers, Anna belle Malott, Margaret Childers, Janet Zehring, Carolyn Pearcy, Second Row, wayne V1ncent,p1an1st, Marilyn Pearcy, Barbara Kling, Mary Francis Neal,Nancy Gray,Marc1a Shively, Mr Coyle, director, Third Row, Norma Jean Graft, Phyllis Cagley, Martha Foust, Qara Zehring, Gervase Anderson, Joyce Green, Carolyn Myers Band Personnel TI1P1BPS Cgpnetg Claudette Nichols Clarinets Joyce Green Patty Ault Judy Aaron Bonnie Crane Betty Miller Janet Zehring Jack Pearcy French Horn JOS6ph1D6 BUZDSS Cgrglyn Mygpg Annabelle Miller Elaine Agness Mellophoneg Naflene Stites Joanne Heirholzer Sue Benson Flute Carol K11U8 Trombones Wayne Vincent SHXOph0n68 sara Zehring Karen Shively Majorette Jim Graft Baritone Phyllis Buckalev Bell lyre DOnh1t8 Lamb Qouagphgng Bob Feller Cymbols Annabelle Malott Tubg Millard Osborne Drums Max Kllse Dale Owens This year's oand staff, steering committee of the organiza tion, consisted of Wayne Vincent, president, Joyce Green, vice president, Karen Shively, secretary treasurer, Carolyn Myers assistant secretary Bonnie Crane, librarian, Phyllis Buckalew assistant librariang Bob Feller, stage managerg Max Klise, assist ant stage maragerg Sara Zehring, Wayne Vincent, Marvin Green, s- slstant directors. The band played at each Band-Parents' Meeting, at home ball games ard at the county tournament thi. year. Due to the number of inexperienced players in the organizatlon we only marched at two of the home games, however. Although our band was the small- est group performing at the county tourney, it gave a good ac- count of itself and added to the enthusiasm of our crowd. MUSIC NOTES Marcia Shively Marvin Green . , . D 3 ' : a 1 Q Our Poward on Narch Practice Hill The Hartford Jand an tho e from 51nker Till Jacvson Township of cunt ar C rverse om ired to e fo r way orce 6 with Nr Hawvins of Hartford City a gue t corductor s for 1 concert were held at Jackson ard at Bunker band ard glee club doth entered dl trict contest City or April 2 he had several entries ir the di trict ed ard the group ir which they entered, and their rating were Group III III III III III III III III The Contestant Instrument Rat ng Clarinet Cornet Voice Flute Clarinet Clarinet Joyce Green Bonnie Crane Phyllis agley Carol Fling Lorna LeMa ters Elaine Agress III Voice Saxoplone Cornet Cornet Voice Clarinet Joarre ieirholzer Nellophone Wayne Vincent Piano Nayne Vincent Trombone Patty Ault Clarinet Cara Zehring Jim Graft Janet Zehring Jackie Pearcy June Walker Marlene Stites glee club sang for the December meeting of Band Parents and at the Loree Brethren Church on January 9 The ents and for band officers cers for BAND PARENTS ASQOCIATION III III III III III III Band Parents As ociatlon is an organization of the par friends of band members Its purpose is to raise money equipment ard to encourage the band members They elect in the Spring and then take office in the Wall Offi the year '48 '49 are Herman Lamb, president Arthur Graft, vice president Thelma Zehring, secretary, Marie Myers treasurer The meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month and they had three pot luck suppers The sand played at all of the meetings Each year the Band Parents sponsor a money-making scheme t help in financing the band's activities. This year, on March ll, they had a Negro Minstrel in which members of the organization and some of the high school students displayed unsuspected tal- 911118. ' d s ' ft E , '. . . C. y, d -CI V c D . giv a u -H c ':,rt . ' mis X - L I , ' I ' 1 s , at solo and ensemble contest at Kokomo on February l9.A Those enter- II - II C III V . A II V . s V 1 , I IV . 1 IV IV IV , IV II , 11 ' ' II IV , - , 0 77,4 First row, left to right, Marvin Green, Mr Zehring, Nendell Vin cent, James pangler, Vayne Rhinebarger, Dale Glassburn, Ronnie waters, Bill Vxntz, Don Hxllinger Qecond row, Milford Reed, Joe Bpatch, Fdgar Hewitt, Hene Lip ld Alvin Marrer, Dick awcett, Jerry Hedrick, Kenneth Longfellow, Bill Ferrill, Rex Childer , Dick Green, Warner Malott, Dale Owens, Ctanford AI'd6I"S01'1 Third pow, Paul Lavengood, Bill wise, Howard Niller, Qill Miller, Byron Qommers, Dick Ellars Lloyd Oldfather, Everett Deal, Joe Ealy, Warren Mendenhall, Larry Shively, Fonnie Le Ma ter, Jack Pearcy The F F A lFuture Farmers of America! was organized this year for the first time in the history of Clay High Qchool Its Motto is Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve Membership in the organization was limited thi year to high school boys enrolled for vocational agriculture, but these boys may retain their membership until they are 25 years old. We had a scrap drive last fall to raise money, we also sold garden seeds in the community from which the profits went to our club treasury. Many of us bought eoveralls with the Clay F.F.A. emblem on them. We plan to attend the International livestock show at Chicago next fall. We are going to organize an F.F.A. basketball team for the coming year. f f 1 - Q . .. L - u q-. u A , 1 M Xu , 75 5 4 ? M as 44 6 ' .. 5' 'ni' .QQ , 15' , If fy ! i . ' 0 5. s. H ' R - C Y L' ' n r.. - . ' -D I , 0 5. l ' no , W J I I ' Q A. ' L ' L, 1 a 'T hir! L Q L ,I 7 L 1 - 5 ' . . C L, C 0 U a. S Qgmsooa jf ff Editor in Chief Associate Editor Sports Editors Feature Edito s Literary Editor Subscription Manager Production Managers- Assembly ------------ Advisor ------------- Judy Aaron Karen Shively Marvin Green Max Stambaugh Phyllis Cagley Gervase Anderson Carol Glassburn June Nalker Phyllis Cagley ------------------------Bob Shively Max Stambaugh ----------------------Don Hullinger Wayne Rhinebarger Paul Lavengood Bill Kuntz Dale Glassburn ---------------------------M1ss Bond HALLOWEEN CA NIVAL On Friday, October 29, the Seniors sponsored a Halloween Carnival Friday morning the girls came dressed in their blue jeans and the boys in any old thing We worked all day and went crazy that night Some of the stands we had wereg Bingo, basketball, spill the milk, penny pitch, darts, w1tch's den, cake walk and last but not least, the fish pond, which the kids enjoyed We also sold chances on a blanket and a crocheted vanity set and a ham was given as a door prize The best masked individuals were Jerry and Larry Sutton, Cletus and West Sutton's sons In a closely contested election for Carnival Queen, Marcia Shively the freshman nominee emerged victorious and was crown ed by Wayne Rhinebarger, senior class president This was the closest contest for the honor since the custom of electing car nlval queen originated three years ago Rose Marie Edwards, Bettie Exmeyer, and Phyllis Cagley, nominees of the other classes served as attendants to the queen ALL SCHOOL SKATE The Juniors and Seniors went together this year to sponsor a approximately 100 present It is the first skating party that Clay has had at Skaters' Delight in Kokomo therefore, we think that was the reason for it being such a success GUEST SPEAKERS During the past school year we have been favored with very interesting talks by the following men Rev Edgar Berkshire of Flora, Rev Bill Siktberg of Miami, Rev Robert Higgins of Loree, Rev Logan Smith of Amboy, and Doc Boggs who gave a movie and talk on 'Life in the Big Housen B111 Jackson, who is sports editor of the Peru Tribune, gave a short talk shortly after we won the county basketball tourney SENIORS SEE PRESIDENT On October twenty fifth the Senior Class had the opportunity of going to Kokomo to see President Truman, his wife and daughter when he was on his campaign tour All the members of the class and Mr Lippold were glad for the trip because there is always a thrill at seeing our president skating party. It was a great success in every way. There were 3 'c"?'Ef"Weef CHUCKLES First Angel 'And how did you get here9' Second Angel Flu 4 4 4 Judge 'Have you anything to offer the court before sen tence is passed on youv' Bill Kuntz 'No, your honor, My lawyertnok my last dollar 4 4 4 Policeman 'As soon as I s w you come around the bend I said to m self, 'Forty five, at least' Miss Bond 'How dare you! It's SO old 4 4 4 Mr Coyle 'You say your wife won't darn your socks9' Mr Llppold 'No she's been demanding a fur coat,and now she says if I don't give a wrap,s e doesn't give darn ' 4 4 4 Don 'Dad, what do you call a man who drives a truck9' Clarence 'Well son it all depends on howln comesat me' 4 4 4 Mrs Anderson 'I want an ex planation of this,and I want the truth ' Harry 'Very well,dear which shall I give you first?' -lil! 'I can't get along with my boy friend lately,' complained the sophomore 'He ignores me, and if there's anything that makes me mad 1t's ignorance ' Mrs Gurtner 'Really, I'm worried about Jer1's arith metic He told me that 7 and 4 make 12 Mr Gurtner 'Well I think that's good for a little shaver, he only missed it by ll 4 4 4 Last Year's Graduate 'I wish I'd gone to college Senior What stopped you9' Graduate 'Highschool 4 4 4 Mr Gurtner 'What com ittee Bob I'm on the re roduction committee CHe mean o say the production committee J -I'-ll'-I' Bobby had nouncing the letter 'R' so the teacher ave him a sentence to learn Robert gave Richard a rap in the rib forzoasting the rabbit so rare ' A few days later she asked Bobby to repeat the sentence He rose and said, 'Bob gave Dick a poke in the side for not cooking the bunny enough ' a hard time pro 'Iii Miss McNabb and a friend were riding around a town and he was driving rather care lessly taking corners on two wheels, etc After so long of a time, Miss McNabb said, 'Are you en oying this?' Her friend said, No, I thought you were ' 4 4 4 . - . n .n . " . .U ' 0 : , , 2. :.n : a : ' . 3 On this hat that makes me look are you on, on the annual?' ll Q h a g : 9 1 ' RAPHS ,gm AQ K? EPQWQM vez M9333 Sk Z3-figf-f,-ke JR B 3 Q H gig ,X xx Q? 2 Q QL eros Y

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