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Q Mgglffifyffj y V Lf W I y ffMjwWV?fWQ yy f mf Wjjffw f fm if W M W M wffwfjfnfjf an 74 fVj5yJZffL,,2f WZU y fffffjiwfp fffw Wjy fg3 bbyicyfiwsjfj ' fsuiiifii ff Yf f A W T A TKQQVYI 5"QC1'-Qzaff ff dp K Tw Wikia gf:-gk ii-iii, 1 if kv 14251 y xx if XR 1, fcvcjfx QKJ if Bi My HL, .fnfkv Q2 Xjf A ' C xv' , ,W jf! U af M Jil! .. JH A ' 1 L D M! , L ' ' . 1 ' J ,SL D WV ' jd FX AJ jf x- 'M , , 'Q ff ,A,f4, A .Q . bf .9 KX. XL! ffl! , 24 U- . . , Q , LV ' ' ' KP , J ' . 1 A Ty' Hbxexxgx " My Q :JJ . I 321 g-fi' MU I L, . ,fi ,Q , Xe' H ant 1 JVQL V if KV in V5.4 ' xg' 1 , 4X" Lf' V - 4 d Q 5 ' -I T! ' Fw' 'xg vQ "V A i t V y XJ frri GQ M 1 ff U Af . , ' 4-5' T91 X, Fix pf Q 65 gg.- .' 'L' ff! Ny M bf , 'P '. ig? Ti Ajff YM' ' f , I N ,f ,I FK! . h 7 Ass v 1 f' 5 . , M ' xii' 7 'L i ' 1 ' 1 P Q X, N -Hi gx fkig ,QQ51 512: Q I - ' :gg 22, if Q1 Q xnxox- xl xg. v .lx w m'!Xbk.LK ,. V 'Tk-1457 ' M L1 1' 'ah 'Kd ig, ff ff fm R' ff Qi KC- n -,X -,, 'Q 0 .- , - J Rx NKJ 1 -15-1 --.MQ A- Zfw if? G-97,1 ' - 4374 ,mcg-7 ,- xvvqss WSCYIQOL cp CMPRAIL II xavhigxh EDITORS KAREN IFRATY I AVID SELLERS BUSINESS MANAGERS SANDRA SARKEES JAMES BALDWIN ADVISOR MR JOHNS 509 cx.P3IL STAFF MEMBERS SAIND A F DUNTAIN S I I XI ALLSTEIN HILL AL TFILLISCH DIANINF FOX ARLENE IANSON PAT I ARVEY DILK ROSE DALE BROWN EDITED BY THE JUNIORS AND SENIORS f S , . , J - V I v YL , "' ,, sf , -4, K 4 V ., C . I ,A Q 'H .S I If Es 7 D X I. ' lr- I? 'f ff.. Wi ,"f.y'Yg - .ri ' H -'.p Nl -.' wx go ,.,...4f S' 4 4 il x 1 s' K. gi, ' Q f I 8 nil? Q' I 4 . W .N X . . -ire uf ,f f 'f ' - 4 - a N Nj 'Xt 1 xx' .L fm .W fa' ' xg XR o if 'W af V 6 x E' A I .' TJ, ' 31 .'! if " ' g.'f'J ' 'fl :?g?,,sg3"",' yi, RH' . l' 1 - ' 4- , ,A ii"-'A fkf . g 393' Q, Q tif." , , K nf! Eff. ' , '34 5g..I"iff1ff1Q"-3,14 51: 415 ff515l:Tu. c-ft' K A i1"k-"f fs. Mfr- ,g4,,:13s'1'- t A fr .opz,:,,- L whiff ral, 1, , Q K-an , " I ,W- M ,yu--f 'un -fu K.: 4155 I, ,, V5 1, .-P ' .--" -. ' - ,-.I 5.5 -2 wwe. BCARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT E HALD MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Thus year luke all other school years was fllled wlth work and play lt was dlfferent from any other school year for each student he was enrolled In a new and advanced pro The homecomlng actlvutles brought a new queen and marshal the glrls sponsored a Sadle l-lawklns dance and a floor show and the F F A presented a new sweetheart at thelr annual ball The athletlc teams competed on equal terms as darkhorses both In and out of Con ference play The forenslc and musuc depart ments showed excellent progress The dally schedule of classes was made lnformatuve and lnterestung by an experlenced faculty MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT Development of a communlty school which meets the needs of the students of the area is the aim of the board of educatuon of the Clark Cnty Schools Guldance IU ment al physlcal moral and soclal growth IS the basns for the curncula and actlvltles offered Selectuon of well tram ed teachers provnslon of excellent textbooks and teach ang matenals maintenance of good facllltues and plan nlng for future needs are major tasks of the board Con structlon of a grade school bulldlng and recondltlonnng of the hugh school bulldlng are a part of plans for the near future lt as the phllosophy of the school to provlde learnlng opportunltl s ln comfortable and attractlve surroundlngs and an atmosphere of frlendshlp and respect Q,- v ,, I .T-' WWW, I A T , . I - , 4 . l e l I I IL A - gram of study and activity. . xx , A . i I 1 I ' 7 ksf' I . ' ' - 4 2 J' A . I " I T of , f ff g- xii?- f , MS.. few J -314 'CA ?K'I11 ':4LR y L 11 ,ili.,,L, aL, j v , sv f'f firm' 'XTX W' Q '- . .J ff .L f' llxxxfx FN aa 1 K ' Q' lm ji , . A WL 'Wi 2-I --.- I Q! Qu- s I w If , X Q ' " is is ' . , DI .Q V X was?- RTI fx, II 'ff' C 5 I z J9Q.?'f 'm'L Q ,, - Vflll X :if I1 H:-:Q U-'11 . 3 ,-ff. V , J, MR. ALVA I-IELLER Industrial Arts, Physics, Driver Training MRS, ED EOKKEN Home Economics A EW... +i K Q C MR, MERLE I-IEIDENREICH History, Physical Education MR. BERTRAM Sl-IEARER Vocal and Instrumental Music MISS ALICE BJCDRNSON Mathematics, English . 'EH KURT 5951 W5 ' HIGH SCHOOL CUSTODIAN HOT LUNCH ..RQG EE SLI' MARK DAY 771 if IIT. 'Al v.: fu X ' .yi-iz. ,V 1 -,A .. , I uw ,ggw l , fu: W., - 1 W. U, 1 f. 3 A .xx ur TM Tv- k W i iafen Kmefman, VVCG President, Karen Heraty, Secretaryf David Sellers, President, Dick Rose, Treasurer, Nick Hess, Vice reasurer, Sandra Sarkees, President. President, Glenn Sellevold, Secretary. SENIORS JUNIQRS -41 ' L, CLASS OFFICERS i 5 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Bili Hess, President, Joyce Peterson, Vice President, Milford Dean Fox, Vice President, Jacquelyn Hasner, Secretary-Treasuv Peterson, Secretary-Treasurer. er, Tamara Ullyot, President. 1:14 3 'f'k' I MARY LOU ADAMS-Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Sextet, Student Councrl, Maroon and Whlte, Llbrary, FHA, Declam, Queen Candidate . . . DON BONFOEY-Glee Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, 'C' Club, Trazk BILL EREEN-Chorus, Glee Club, Soloist, FFA, Football, 'C' Club NASS Boys State, lunor Class Flaw, Debate DALE BROWN-Chorus, Glee Club, Octet, All State Chorus, Football,-Trax, C' Cmo NASS, FFA Presrdent, Junror Class Presrdent, Boys' State, Hofnecomtng Marshal, Maroon and Wwe, Cornet, lun gr Qlagg Pray ,MWA Q1-AUSSENY, Fi-,A, ,,aa5fe,f5.d mm Egan V Q JOYCE DAY-Chorus, FHA, Maroon and Whtta, Daelarn, transterred lrorn Frankfort DOROTHY ELLIS--Band, FHA, Maroon and Whrte, Declarn . . . BEVERLY FOILES--Cnorus, Glee Club, Solotst, Junror Class Secretary, Junror Class Play, Accompanist, transterred from Logan . . SANDRA FOL,lNTAlN-Y-Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Sextet, All State Chorus, Clannet Quartet, FHA Presrdent, Jurvor Class Play, Sweetheart Candldate, Queen Candtdate, Lrbrary, Cornet, Maroon and Whrte Edrtor . . rr, , at J... Y 1 DIANNE FOX-Band, Chorus, Culee Club, Cornet Trlo, FHA, Cornet, Junror Class Vee Prestdent, Cheeveader, lunror Class Play, FFA S t-E' S U? L f l 4 Oy! A tx-, "1 fl. , xi- fi LARRY MOHROR-FFA, Boys' State Alternate . . . LOREN NOGELMEIER-Chorus, Glee Club, Soloist, All State Chorus, Band, Octet FFA, Basketball, 'C' Club, Junior Class Play, Declarn . , KAY O'NElL-Band, Maroon and White, FHA, Declam, Debate. LARRY ROBERDEAU-FFA . . , SANDRA SARKEES--Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Sextet, Maroon and White, Comet, Senior Class President, Declam, Extemporaneous Speaking, transferred from Yankton . , . HELEN SCHANEECK-f Band, Glee Club, Chorus, French Horn Solo, FHA, Maroon and White . . . LEE STACEY-Chorus, Glee Club, Octet, FFA Secretary, Football, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Play. CLARYCE STEEN-Cherus, Fl-lA Vice President, Maroon and White, 'B' Cheerleader, 'A' Cheerleader, Sweetheart Candidate . . . DON WHETSELWFFA . . .'NANCY WOODLAND-Chorus, Glee Club, All State Chorus, Sextet, Soloist, Band, All State Band, Flute Soloist, FHA, Maroon and White, Junior Class Play, 'B' Cheerleader, Library, Declam . , , MERLYN WOOKEY-Chorus, Glee Club, FFA, Baskeball, 'C Club, Maroon and Whlte. f, , 1 freer 2, if 'Q f' '? 'f Q 1', of-g V4 1 1 1 - sf -2, -tiff nv- 1? U 5 J., v -if , 2 ., V g y f f 3 M Vi NR:-V 'Q , I N9 . ly., , , , -I A A .. A gf in If na iw, J . Q, 44 . LT' 5,225 ,, Q lf, , , .E ' . g , ' VA, - Lfxi -xl .ii Si , RA 33,4 . 5 , ' ' v P NT7' iff, f .Na 00' 46. 'K' ' a J 33" 's-V J xx ' 1 1 A if LVM 'E 'WMV x 1 ,pf "4 M. M s L 'WM '- My , 1 f W Q - Q-VH' if V A X gg , Q 5515. X . 'J ji1,,3,l. ie. W3 . ' a . . Ki.: -', if ...J ,, if 1 L- it '74 e Midi -my -L 2 J 'ff' , zq. lf -fa-J ""' ,ii M 'Q' if-f'fr J is '33 1, aff., ' A , f . , , 1.576 ' ' A' J ' 'X A fn 9 v kg i , J . i x if , 2 t 'F 1 6 w i I gk 3 i I ' lst row: David Ackerman, Arlene Anderson, Betty Bannick, Carol Buck, Margaret Desnoyers, Bill Fuller, Nila Mae Fuller, 2nd row, Terry Hallberg, Jean Hasner, Dallas Henrichsen, Bill Hess, Neal Hoffman, Wayne Hoffman, Edith Howardson. 3rd rowi Joe Hulsclwer, Bernice Jones, Mary Kittelson, Wilma Lorenz, Virginia Miclwalslni, Jeanne Mularor, Joanne Mohror, .,-i SOPHOMCRES 4th row Janice Murray, Kay O'Connor, Mary Lou Olson, Margaret O' Neil, Cheryl Peterson, Joyce Peterson, Milford Peterson 5th row: Bill Poplces, Joan Rasmussen, Roma Rasmussen, David Sasse, Inez Sasse, Shirley Schroeder, Marilyn Seefeldt. 6th rowi Karel Sellevold, Jacob Sprang, Patricia Smith, Darla Stanley, Harlan Stanley, Harlan Sundvold, Brent Wika. lljiili ? , lilly, L' ,ticu- J dw. .4 ia f Q 1 ,J J ff J X , -' ' - -. s I A , A J? Y . A 1- wa ' ff 5 -QE mist J F, ,Q- t, Yr ', Q1 'g fa'-gggfias. s A p ,M 'T 1 P' 1 J -ff ,Q 13 i 4' In Q . i ' Y gy '? lt r 3 .J 9 5 B lst row, Marvin Boss, Marcella Breen, Robert Buck, Edward Christopherson, Madonna Clyde, Gordon Derscheid, Colette Desnoyers. 2nd row: Dorothy Day, Darla Fox, Dean Fox, Dennis Garvin, Nancy Graham, Jack Guttey, Gary l-lanson, 3rd row: Jacquelyn Hasner, Carolyn Hoffman, Merlin l-lovde, Magdalene Howardson, Ronald l-iulscher, Erland Johnson, Roger Karber FRESHMEN 4th row: Dale Kent, Kenneth Neal, Dianne Ness, Donald Nichols, Darrell Peterson, Sharon Peterson, Shirley Peterson, Sth row: Larry Reitz, Ruth Sellers, Caroline Smith, Bette Steen, Tamara Ullyot, Jacqueline Urdahl, Rosemarie Walz. 6th row' Darlene Wells, Kay Wells, Michael Whalen, Carl Whetsel, Darryl Wika, Glenn Wilca, ,ws Q ,. I r ' .JM I 02 V ee... um A if L '-I '. 'SQ' Q 3 -, f 5 NJ ' A f we L ,gap PN xv iq .143 ri ,I '34 -140' fr 1'- Y fi' ,.. , " 3. ' , . ' fbi 5 -Nw , it , . . rf 'i , , .K , ,V ,.J' ' , , A L. " ,- .' I. x - glial L' 41 Qual f 1 . Le ' Q an 51, .. W- v,.. x ia 2 4 6 X 5 ' 'I NUXGRXBW 5' gi, a 90 Wx wi 4 fy IXNKEYQ Cm ER kg Flglfiff 1 , ., . " Y K . xg n .xzwk . 5351. ,gif . . '+,,'sfx 'E 1 if K , . w g A wg, QHIQW 5 'tn . 11' ir, - y K '1 3 T 52 aigg, - 4 ,yi 5,3 ' f p Eli ' Qi mv:-q .111 -,Q it , ., " 'w x 5 , 73' A 4 ,K ,, . r ? i 1152- , W 5 'T 'LB K zQ,- ' -E, ww, -W , 42, ., Q X , ig l 0 il 1 ZS: i I QA in x, x I, Y , 'sf . ,- A,,.,-.1 gn Bi X , -.. W' rw 5 3 ff, ,.,, I -4 ll I Hu Q A r 2 X 1 ' Qu' 'vw An gk 1.4.-.4 1, Aw- L. , 252, X - fm A .- v H gl ns.,5 x fs , , A Q .XQAZJQVI - 5 fly ni as 95 i NL gm JB +4 V' -- 3' 757 'lk 35" lf?" gif f""f-K ?5 A5 -D 1 R .J-5 A- -f fig. " " Ig' 'P gb 4.-l - 4 'iw-M:5. A K X rg, Q 1 Q - 6 Q 1 J i M '. ,A I J :Q Q A LDA ,, L .X N. l,-.A .L +A s X' Lo-J . V' -vs! 1 w-J 3 L+ I . : ' . , c E ' T W T7 1 fkyn 5, ' A--4+ 5 1' Q '- i" " " Y 6',.q631"-' ' ' x fm 5 Q is W . ' A+ ' ' ' X X - , X X X - J 1 . Q5 .-,xl K A Z' N x. 54.1,-9 Q 8 ffxrxg x Nix . 'Lx .W Y 1 ' v vxl.lf-ff-. I' my F S 5 5 5 5 ...B gzgwwfqwsw ibn -K '51 lg, ,LS S' 2- fi-.?...wv' 2 'W'- fff M'-'f I e-- +15 9 f -- ,.L. r- N L' 1"'g',J JJ-f Q1 LRF if Q' PS5 Q f ,--, A :X ,ZX V X ,W My ,ff 1 I f f f ff in A x L.-JL-"J .:l""'! 1.N1'L-3 - I X Q f 'il ' V . KJ' Q o R X X rf, n L. ,I 1 Left to right: Helen Schanbeck, Karen l-leraty, Karel Sellevold, Jake Sprang, David Sellers, Dale Kent, Cheryl Peterson, and Nancy Woodland. BAND SOLOIST S mf iid!!! gh 7 , 1 , f f ,iff . ' fly fn' f I lg 4' !,: f 4 f 1 1' fl ,' CLARINET 'QUAR'rETf 1' - Left to right: Karen I-larety, Sandra-F9qntapf.loaa4 Rasmussen, and Milford Petersdn. BRASS ENSEMBLE Dale Kent, Bull Popkes, Jake Sprang, Harland Stanley, Karel Sellevold, and Arlene Hanson. ' 1 . f W 3x QS fe 3, KWSN? 3 Q 2 Q 1 'Nn QQ am Q Q, 2 -5 H 5 ' Q ii 3 ii 95 nv V 1 M 1 Q 'f ns - nl Q 3 - H Klan ll ll U 1: Mech N. 1? 9 Q A z if 9 'V ' 4 5 E Q , Q wg 5 Qi 5 I' jg Q M E S 2? Q 9 4 Q 2 .Q :Q 2 1 2 95 Q N 5 W , ig 1. L, Y -7 4-. weD?1Sj s 9 3 939 I A , . - . 1 i9 'Q Q aw Q 2 Q 32 X kk.. 6'5" g,,, Q., x zffq , y .fl K 'If ' fr 'af , ,, 1 .. L r "ZA ,P JQW N I 11, fi wk Ik if ' ' - ,L SS. Q, ' .. 4 v x 43 r 2 f N , , s 'lv .41 fflwif' W 0 X W Y V, 3. Q' wb ,Q D 1' , ' fm " 14 " ,, 1 ii ' M M' ., I I 52' 5 'Q vi? S f . v ITG' QUKEW' .. .Mtv-,nv 'S W fs 5-M1 '33 KY 4-- V--1 W-my 3 i S. aiu DISTRICT AND REGIONAL DECLAM WINNER NANCY WOODLAND VOICE OF DEMOCRACY CONTEST WINNER SANDRA SARKEES AMERICAN LEGION ORATORY CONTEST WINNER ARL r HAVNSON FORENSICS You arent qurte able to Control your shakung knees or I he se mano rn Ie to that platform and when you turn around and face the audlence the se ms to be a sea of upturned wautrng faces But wrth your hands gnpprng the edge of the pulprt your posse so long practiced for returns The hours spent nn memorizing your oratuon or perhaps outlrn :ng your own the effort put forth to speak dnstrnctly these thrngs come together now and you are gust: fuably proud when someone says e knows the flne art of publrcg speakrng In turn we rnrght say Tftapk you r Hollen f fx- N' V x X Q J XV If dw t W f 'X by J- XXNXPJ X fj XX VJ M 'J , A- I Q i V 0. ks I-mfg f., I is xx ' I ' fxf ' I .KCQIQ I .'Q V I re e 'A f I I ,, Q4 A . Xb. In VJ x be-Ck," Aye! A ,PQ bf' f ff I ,. -, ,t ,Q ,Ie ' ,M 'I jf'x iff! gf' ,rj f :I I J , Y 'J' Tj Q1 ,C fr 1 3, Cf , I VJ f IJ ,X ,jf I-f I V I I 2 - 1. E' 1 " I" XX3-"abd I K J.: l I 1 XJ ,fouw , x M I I L . 9 ,WMM 4, W II vm, Mr Holleribeck, KAY O'Neil, Bill Breen, KareH ' fiw 'bv ' aff P ff , DECLAMATION Wi? VY' a A ' if WNV Standmg Loren Nogelmeier, Kay O'NeuI, Mr, Hollenbeck. , V Seared, Nancy Woodland, Mary Adams. f f'0"" " ff fir LE 1. ,aff-A Iwi Q i'-an 1 z 2 I ' I Qi .-'f'Q fs.. ll r , flax W 'ha' Q ,xl 9 A W Q 5 , ' QA, , inly .4 ..-1 ,--ggprtwi... i 25 'iff ,,v.4- ,J 9' ,af fz , . ,-on-.J.,,, 1 ms fy? fr I ga-A fl? 'vi AARK4 TRAI L 1, 1 A I -I-1:-7:5 VLA fF V ov Q I A , 1-ur-..-. ' V ,v lst row left to right Harlan Stanley, Lee Stacey, Dale Brown, Larry Mohror, Bob Seaburg. 2nd row Loren Nogelrneier, .lake Sprang, Joe Hess, E, W. Gustafson, fadvisorl, Dick McGraw, Bill Fuller, Don Nichols. 3rd row: Don Swanson, David Sasse, Donnally Fielland, Erland Johnson, Glenn Wika, Carl Whetsel, Wayne Huffman, Dean Fox, 4th row: Roger Karber, Sheldon Roberdeau, Glenn Sellevold, Doug Swanson, Morris Johnson, Merlyn Wookey, Charles Collins, Bill Hess. Sth row: Gayle Pigman, Neil Huffman, Bob Clyde, Ed Christophe-rson, Arnold Kittleson, Loren Jones, Larry Reitz, Gordon Derscheid. 6th row Merlin Hovde, Terry Hallberg, Carroll Papka, Larry Roberdeau, David Ackerman. FFA The Clark Future Farmer of America Chapter joined similar organizations the nation over in celebrating their 27th anniversary of the founding of the Future Farmer program The chapter offers training in agriculture and shop work, Leadership is stressed by the organization. The Clark group annually sponsors three activities with the FHA, including a pheasant feed, Christmas party, and the Sweetheart dance, They entered a Grain Sanitation program and were awarded a S33 check from the F H Peavey Co, as one of the three winners in the N. E District, A judging team from Clark won the reserve Championship in a state .corn judging contest, and the Chapter was awarded the lironze Emblem for their activities in a national contest. The national foundation named them the winner of the award for Leadership and Achievement in Agriculture. The Clark Chapter also sponsored a one-half hour radio broadcast and took part in the program. individual honors were also numerous To mention a few, the State President is Herman Felstehausen of Clark, Dale Brown, the Clark Chapter presldent, was named state winner of the Soil Conservation award, Bill Fuller was the State Dakota Corn winner, and Larry Mohror is district treasurer. Dianne Fox, a High School Senior was chosen as the Chapter Sweetheart, She was crowned at the annual Sweet- heart dance Music was provided by Al Hess and his orchestra, At the close of the school year the Chapter held their annual Parent-Son Banquet Officers of the Chapter, which is under the supervision of E. W. Gustafson, are Dale Brown, President, Dick McGraw, Vice President, Lee Stacey, Secretary, Bob Seaberg, Treasurer, Joe Hess, Reporter, Harlan Stanley, Sent- inel, and Larry lvlohror, Assistant Treasurer, l -. A, K, v-All .xx Q X if f wx' g J 'I I v. A :Q ii ' ' f :fig : in 1, In 'LP M 4. A ,L. f Lf: 5-I 5 fe Af .+ f P ,f Q4 I. , 'JA , M! F 5' I m ' .J " fair 1'- qmgg . 5 an -A - fi ww ' X 63 aw k T A 5 1 as 'J ' s O '31 if ' 1 K if? . ' S? F V - is M ., aa it ww ig .A if 5 W ' -f' Q .L if 2 if 5' 2 , In -- .w hu is , ,ff I I 6 1 7' su: I 4 s""':a-..,,,.3 I' xx Q., 1 l lst row left to right Mary Lou Olson, Carolyn Smith, Caroline Hoffman, Madonna Clyde, Shirley Schroeder, Colette Desnoyers, Wilma Lorenz, Kay O'Connor, Magdeline Hovvardson, Darla Stanley, Marcella Breen, Advisor-Mrs, Edward Fokken. 2nd row' Kay Wells, Cheryl Peterson, Arlene Anderson, Bernice Jonas, Shirley Peterson, Jean Mohrer, Virginia Michalski, Sandra Fountain, Nancy Graham, Carolyn Steen, Mariorie Peters, Darla Stevens, Margaret lmme. 3rd row Tamara Ullyot, Claryce Steen, Karel Sellevold, Jean Hasner, Betty Banriick, Edith Howardson, Marilyn Seefeldt, Janice Murray, Mar- garet O'Neil, Pat Smith, June Green, Pat Goodnovv. 4th rovvi Jackie Urdahl, Ruth Sellers, Joan Rasmusson, Jackie Hasner, lnez Sasse, Darla Fox, Nila Fuller, Joan Mohror, Sharon Peterson. Margaret Desnoyers, Ann Knox, Rosemarie Walz. The Future Homemakers of America is a national or- ganizatioci in which the Clark Chapter is affiliated The local club has a membership of S4 The purposes of the Clnaptgr gr-3 t0 prgmgte tl l ADQVCCMNIOIW of THQ joys aVlCJ satisfactions of homemaking KZ' Worthy home member- ship l3l Democracy in home and community life t4l ln- ternational good will t5l Good home and family lite for all i6l Wholesome individual and group recreation i7l ln- i terest in Home Economics, J The Chapter colors are red and white Red for cour- age and firm determination to succeed, white for purity and integrity of youth, Four degrees may be conferred on the members These degrees are Junior Homemaker, Chapter Homemaker, State and American Homemaker. Five girls attended the State Convention held at Huron. F HA, Week was observed by having a window display and a bake sale, The F H A., cooperating with the FFA, had a Pheasant Feed, Christmas Party, and participated in the panel discussion that was broadcast over W N AX. i direct from the Clark High School gymnasium Offcers of the Chapter, which is under the super- vision of Mrs. Fokken, are Sandra Fountain, President, Claryce Steen, Vice President, Mary Lou Olson, Secretary- Treasurer, Carolyn Steen, Parliamentarian, Karel Selle- vold, Historian, Helen Schanbeck, Reporter, and Karen Kitterman, Student Council Representative, m F S f 4 Q 1 11 ' 'Asif , A i Q-Liflv? i 0 f? UQ XL: , G X Q df F' 'qs' V -Q L ' ' Yu ad? it xml? J .Q , r lg ""'?' ' 'aff-J, X 2 N' if A A, an x f 'fs-ML. V -' 'ff 'A Qi .g,p,13EffE5, f X. y I A' - , K, y ad 'ig Y " if Iv ' 52 Ti n, If 6 X 3 Y' M' 1 s I I I I M j V ,I . ' eil , D .y , PM V ' ' ,-ww, - "5'Y'f'f'vzA "t.,K.":. 1 .1 L ,- ': f, . A f. ' eff ' I xiii ,f , :fjifysr , ,falsify ,,,.- . 1' , 4.4 P ,L . , CRTS ,Q r QQ . .V .-sf V , 1 . , fsifgx lst row left to right Morris Johnson, Bob Seaberg, Joe Hess, Bernard Harvey, Nick Hess, Basil Buck, Loren Jones, Glenn Sellevold. 2nd row Kenny Neal, Dale Kent, Darrell Peterson, Terry l-lallberg, Bill Fuller, Bill Hess, Joe Hulscher, :rd row Dean Fox, Chuck Collins, Don Bonfoey, Bill Alttillisch, Dale Brown, Jim Peckham, Erland Johnson, James Baldwin, Dick Rose, Carroll pwlfa, Gary Hanscn Brent Wika, Dallas Henrichsen, Merle Heidenreich, Asst Coach, E F lBuddyJ Elkins, Coach. - FGOTBALL The Maroon and White clad football team of Clark High School finished the season with a six win and two loss record which earned them the title ot third place in the Northeast Conference standings. The Comets were carrying an undefeated record and had high hopes ot conference Championship when they lost a heartbreaking battle to the Webster Bearcats by a slim margin of l4-l3, The Comets played at Redfield tor second place title in the con- terence but were defeated by the Pheasants with a close score of I9-l4 Clark never tailed during the whole season to score in double figures. With a great season the Comets scored a total ot two hun- dred eighty points to sixty for their opponents, lt is said that team-work and good players are the main factors that make a great team but one thing is forgotten-that is coaching. We would like to thank E F, tBuddyl Elkins for his great job well done and also our assistant coach Merle l-leidenreich. K-ffjQLf" Sr' . l3 Clear Lake 7 l2 Milbank 7 52 Doland 6 32 Groton O 40 l.ake Preston O 32 Britton 7 l3 Webster I4 l 4 Redfield I9 5 . , . 'Y ' 1 . . ,f WX, fa? uf? 'LC E .5 R s at ': . S iv' 11? ' Y R gg...1... ws, 3 -1f-- -ww-1 P s. ,. v , 46, 1,2 s 'mn 1 A- . 3 ! 5524 GY E' A 1 - - ,...,fT.1,:,,. H.i4.f ,fy 1 If .6-Qs 533 ge? Gini! 3 ------.,........,.., ' 1 QS? ll ll - , 'Q ' M ga Q I m 1' ' 5, !1 .5, r S . . Fffisg ll Q IW, 7 'Ip . ' QE' V ' V 25? c YS' k Q' K l 3 X V 1 x 42' s - f A if Q 40 X g r A ff-.. , -1 5 , 1 .. 1 -. f-.. lst row lett to right E F Elkins, Coach, Gayle Pigman, Dale Brown, Jim Peckham, Gary Hanson, Bernard Harvey Chuck Collins Bill Hess Darrell Petersen, Terry l-lallberg, Dennis Garvin, Basil Buck I ' ' 2nd row Merle Heidenreich, Asst. Coach, Mike Whalen, Merlin Hovde, Don Bonfoey, Dick Rose, James Baldwin, Merlyn Wookey Glenn Sellevold, Dick McGraw, Dallas l-lenrichsen, Brent Wika, Dale Kent, Don Nichols, Dean Fox, Glen Wika, Kenny Neal, Bill Fuller, Davidffxcker- BASKETBALL The i954-55 basketball season ended with the Comets receiving the runnerup trophy in the Region lV Tour- nament held in l-luron, They won the right to this berth by defeating Vienna and winning the District I4 Tour- nament held in Clark No doubt, the Comets' lack of height was the biggest tactor in keeping them from pos- sible title honors. When Coach E, F. Elkins, pilot of the Comets, and Merle Heidenreich, his assistant, issued their first call for practice, they found that there were 25 interested Comets including tive lettermen-James Baldwin, Don Bonfoey, Dick McGraw, Jim Peckham, and Dick Rose. During the season the Comets were led to victory many times by a veteran, James Baldwin, who was the team's leading scorer. His total tor the year stands at 380 for a l65 average. l man, Darrell Wika, Ronnie l-lulscher. SCORES 53 Bryant 50 60 'Groton 66 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 39 'Sisseton 79 54 Conde 59 70 wiiiew Lake 37 66 'Webster 78 S bfi gl 59 'Britton 63 58 'Redfield 64 74 'Redfield 65 60 'Groton 42 52 'Doland 43 48 Lemmon S2 42 Conde 53 57 ,Webster 59 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 38 Lake Preston 28 'Sl 'Bringn 55 62 Yale 52 52 'Milbank 30 '58 Bristol 44 56 Wolsey 67 62 'Doland Sl 'Conference Games ,, 6, Y' .Au an "F , Q f K 1 4 A -' 1 44-114, WNNKQ ,I 'K' .5 . . 5,,.,5k K' fig 'wif 1 ' ,X ! . su .M fd! s.. HP' jug- 'v K '14 V A 1 f 1 3 - m .-, I 0 L, g A ' -V -' ,A V' -4-Q . ff ,Q ' ' 'fx . l"' K H V, li rp, . ,,.--: -'ty D 'w . I ... .N Y - .- , T lm, - ......,L..r.... :rig ', S I ' za ul .V 4 -1 .. N.: . .Y , 1 Wynn 5 . Nw if 5 1,l' ,' , 9 .wl5g3F'T ' blrxbfin Mi DON JAMES ENCK BRENT l 1 1 QFX V X4 X ff ,M XXX . i , , . GLEN CHUCK BASL 195 om? ADMW0 M5f?L YN .'xk' ,J" I I ,PE uxx W W ,VLSI If ,I I uw If my JT 00 USINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY II pfirj fff 61 Joy . SJR L 0 ABSTRACT E1 TITLE OFFICE ANDERSON CHEVROLET CO BALDWIN CREAMERY E DAIRY BELLERS LOCKERS EOCKOVEN DRCG STORE BUELOW STUDIO Er CAMERA SHOP CARROLL CROUSE IVIOIDIIQQIS Agent C TIZENS STATE BANK CLARK AERIAL DUSTING G SPRAYING CO CLARK BALLROOM CLARK BOWLING ALLEYS CLARK COMMUNITY OIL CO CLARK COUNTY COCRIER CLARK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK CLARK ELECTRIC SERVICE CLARK FARMERS EI EVATOR LARK JEWELRY STORE CLARK JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CLARK MEDICAL CENTER CLARK ROLLER FEED MILL CLARK THEATRE DEL S STANDARD SERVICE DESNOYERS HARDWARE DR E L FOUNTAIN CI1IropraCtor EDNAS DRESS SHOP GAMBLES GRAHAM IMPLEMENT CO GEORGE GUEST HALLBERGS FURNITURE Q APPLIANCE HAMRE S BAKERY E1 COFFEE SHOP HASNER SEED E7 FEED HOUSE HAYES LUCAS LUMBER CO HERMAN 6 TILLIE DOYEN HUBBARD S IMPLEMENT J C PENNEY CO I KENT S DAIRY KNUTSON'S DRUG STORE KYLE S HARDWARE LACHANCE ELECTRIC CO LaVERN S CAFE LARKIN POTATO CO L EN S GROCERY LOCKHART S MFN S STORE MALTBY FUNERAL HOME MIDWEST BEACH COMPANY NERGER S STORE OLSON S MOTOR CO GEORGE GUEST PANTRY CAFE PECKHAM DRILLING E WELL CO REA S VETERINARY SERVICE RED OWL STORE REED PONTIAC CO VN ELLS SUPER VALU RUSS CHICKERY SEAN ER PLUMBING C HEATING SCHVVARTZ BARBER SHOP SCOREBOARD RECREATION SHERWOOD E1 SHERWOOD S I SARKEES St moard Agent TEXACO SERVICE STATION IOM THUMB STORE TUTHILL LUMBER CO ULLYOT S MEAT MARKET LPTOWN MOTEL E7 HOTEL VANITEE BEAUTY SALON WAGNER S BODY SHOP WAGNER S CLEANERS 6 MEN S WEAR WARDROBE CLEANERS A SINCERE THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS ANNUAL STAFF AND STUDENT BODY X ' I, NC. ' - f S - ' 4 - , KAHN'S SERVICEISTATION WOODLANDS SERVICE STATION QI x 'tb -X Q -U 5 ' , 'f' ' - , TTTAX ii K . 1 A xgx, X XJ bg S: 1 1 4 4 x K ax 1 Q V A j I u X I N 4

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