Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI)

 - Class of 1956

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Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 43 of 76
Page 43 of 76

Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 42
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Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 44
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Page 43 text:

Central Jnnlor's 331-d Annual Retleetor , A ' - ' ' er. W - i P A L 1 A V .. 5 ' 1 .fi ,gf P f'-f 'E . ."4- i . i" ' ' 1 J N5 ' A A Zn: .4 n.n LZ' . af . :3'f1'i- - L 1 2 as N , 1 1 1 V1 , :Q .! ,. . ,,, 4. .. -QQAEQQM N-MM-D .. ,M W,,,, ,,,w,..,W. T lit A in W . .: -. :, lf' l ' i , . ' i ',.., fi ' ii '---- Q. li in ' 3' ii . 'Qs ' H :F A i . 'l A .'.",ef5-I L. 5 ' 3 V 5 ' Q. If . Q i v as A . 1 . M 11 e .ff I I I zlz ,v I A ,, , E V Q . J 5 'V ig!-5 V 4 Q35 ' I, ,it -:.. .f.n., ' g J M Q- I 4? 'fi 1, .- V .553 rl ' .. . i ll , . " f 1 - H 1: if ,Q F ,. v M E fl' if . 1 , ff I, - E.: 1 1 -Q' ' i.: - . in 1:31 -j E .E .. fa . s -- . .. fl -4. -1 A- g, . .1 .. A ,t , ,:5:,-1-L.-5 i ,.: ..,, . - .f .,. : A - :. .. M y 1 cr. , V- M l A Q l . . W ' A .,.. . . .- by Q ,,-- will , ,.. . .a a. Nw? R, f if "' 1 K I s fax ,E Q' ii W F. ' WA X VW 'H 7 A W A if . . , , gig .-A , A I 1. J Q. f :-- . an I L 1- . v . .- . L '- C, Pwnc. ' - " ' s s - s . F -NV ,,.,s, . -. ,.... 1 1 it '4... 2-5. ' xl, I i 1 I ' 'MQ' . , :' f ,, -2 x .Pr gi: F1 It liege ,,., . 1 .gg I .- -I : - J., K il? SX af, . - , :jf 3 ,. :- W -, . . H+ . -- , , ish ,NL :l A iw . W vi .i l , nf . Y Y. A FRESHMAN LEAGUE The Freshman League is a group of ninth grade girls that meet at school one week and at one of the members homes the next. They have had three bake sales and one dance at the Shrinei Temple. The oificers of the club are: President Sally Grew Vice President Judy Schnetzler Treasurer Yvonne Ely Secretary Bev Brinkman Sergeant-at-Arms Bev Misner The other members are: Mary Boyer, Sharon Nash, Linda Schiff, Georgia Foglesong, Sharon Parrett. Holly Manning, Eileen Fu ller, Sharon Merry, Joyce Guest, Sue Cherry and Frances Steiner. Some ofthe pledges being Judy Fleishman,Carol Melville, Pat Manning Marilyn Pearce, Margaret Goltz, Julie Vaughn and Linda Betzel. CHEERLEADERS CPaul Bunyan couldn't do betterl Central is very proud to have such afine group of cheerleaders. They have spent many long hours working very hard on the cheers. The cheerleaders that are in the ninth grade are: Holly Manning, Linda Patton and Elinor Claytor. The eighth graders are: Julie Vau- ghn Kay Fager, Florence Henderson, Etta Be- atty, Louise Doster, Thelma Jackson, Elean- or Gushen and Janice Grandville. There are, all together, eleven cheerleaders. STUDENT COUNCIL By Ann Jordan Our homeroom presidents make up the Central Junior Student Council. The members meet in the library to discuas,Central 's pro- blems and try to help solve them. Before each meeting the homeroom holds a discussion, and the president of the homeroom relays their ideas and suggestions to the council. Student Council officres are asl follows: president, Bob Parker, vice president, Ruth Ann Vlietg sergeants at arms, Margaret Golz and Louie Economougsecretary, Linda Patton and Saginaw J unior Citizen Council member Ann Marie Jordan. ME MAN John Adams Me loved him so, Him did me dirt, Me did not Him was a flirt. To those in love, May "Dod" forbid That they be done, Like I be did. Darn him me hate he, Me wish that him had died, He told me that him loved me, But, Oh, how him did lie! It's better to give than to lend . . . and it costs about the same.

Page 42 text:

cent,-al Junlqgls 33rd Annual Reflector ROW 1 1. Leslie Walters 1 2. Dick Wallace 2 3. D . Lee Waller 3 4. Ronald Wandzel 4 5. Jerry Warner 5. 6. Wayne Wascavage 6. 7. Ertie Washington 7. 8. Annie Lee Whiteside 8. EIGHTH GRADE ROW 2 Linnie Wells Janet Wendzic Richard Wick Margaret Wicker Sonja Wicker Bert Wight Beatrice Williams Carl Williams ROW 3 James A. Williams James E. Williams Margaret Williams Mary Williams Morris Williams Tommie Williams Fred Wilson Nancy Wilson 9. Ruthie May Weathers 9. Catherine Williams DanielWinchester 10. J acquelyn Weeden 10. Charles Williams Alfred Wittmus 11. Larry Weisbarth 11. Flora Williams James Wolfe 1. arren oo P.T.A. W tio? 4 2. G g W d - , Vsfibgr vsgi Sht BY Julie Vaughan 3. g 4. Betty Lou Yates 5. Adam Ybarra 0 2. Carol Ytoung Pat Zwingman . g , . if ff I 'I 'F ' a ii I 1 ff IUQINQXIII f1fg,.r.ff ", 1 l N I .vinyl wha 1 A , ' I., A Ikxxbkr. 152.-gljfrlf e.-fZrJQ,Q,4q: . ' . Ik ' - 1 -x fs X- , -fe'-ae, - ' , ' ' . 4-12 'IRA' "5l"f??- - I - ill: . 'ri gr' -Q ' -.af UL.. . V c "-' --X -Y --5? 1'-: 1.-Nm, ' maze: l 4 ff I I I 'V l-fi, TW, 'xiii I , I v . I . . v , . .V 4,1-, -1"- .yt g..- X .A ,' 4. 'f'+.":7'f"" "QF"-:.-'llr"i7Lf I V I., ll 1' .M WM , .11 . V l,.XmX ..x.x1' by S.. V Y I I , .un fig ,,,i.' li I Q -Q.-5 , I f .1 , VIII," ,,1 .IW .1 I .K X In ' ' 'Allin " .MI-. ' -A -. IL 'Q' ' I I 5 my Iwi". -,.f,Lf.-. :I 1- X .ll-'V If gf ,. M "l:"l'f5-1-',1..l"L'wf. If 5 I w w w Tgisgg --N '-"'..1.'A1u..,..rQ,,".gj'1 'gmfil ' . I , w r- I f -1- .. if--s . fa I I iff-.41-.' .? JIAWA, 4' S' srxsa - ' . '--I-1-1--,g by-:V-5 5. ,V f,,, 1 .V fiSX.::,.,, , I A gpg-In ij V ,f 'b.,,-,Vg '-7 ,P ip 6 , I ' I Zn? is 'J "" - I' I' , ': A , cl fin, H1 IPI lkffl, , 2 Q .V I1 II ,. . I .7 M-II. K--. 1,3 , ,, ' 15' 'H I Central Junior H1gh School has a P. T. A. f which we are all proud. The oiiicers are: President-Dr. Philip Nolish Father Vice President-Mr. Lionel Bingham TeacherVice President -Miss Eleanor Mack Treasurer-Mr. Frank Evans Recording Secretary--Mrs. Mary Pollard Corresponding Secretary-Mrs.DorothyBeck Historian-Mrs. Helen Garlick In October, we were very fortunate to have a man from the television station show us the use of fire arms. In November, our parents met the teach- ers of Central students at Open House and found out just how their Centralight was doing in school. In the month of December, we had a Christmas program given by the auditorium classes under the direction of Mr. J. C. Mc- Donald and the music department under the direction of Mr. Franklin A. LeBar. In January, our sewing classes put on a style show, modeling the clothes they made during the year. Central's band also had a part in the program. The month of February was also a big monthg for we had our ninth annual High- lights instead of a regular meeting. In March we had a meeting discussing the problems of the teenager and juvenile delin- quent. The same subject was continued inthe month of April.Our last meeting was in May, and we welcomed the parents of the students who will attend Central in 1956 through 1957. We hope our P. T. A. will be successfull next year as it has been this year. If there were more self-starters, the boss Wouldn't have to be a crank.

Page 44 text:

Central Junlor's 33rd Annual Reflector CLASS WILL By Barbara Hoffman We, The Ninth Grade Class of 1955-56, be- ing of sound minds and strong bodies make this last willandtestament.Weleave the items listed below to the designated future stud- ents and faculty members cf Central Jr. High. Norm Schrah wills his popularity and lead- ership to Dick Garlick. Holly Manning wills her cuteness to Julie Vaughan. Jim Baurngartner wills his algebra book to someone who wants a lot of work. Georgia Foglesong wills her sweet smile to Carol Youn g. Frank Szabo Wills his friends to Ken Po- well. Kathy Lewis wills her easy to look at figure to Shirey Jean Sparks. Lanny Sharon wills his popularity toWarren Wood. Judy Randall wills her hair to Karen Hunt. Gary Lesie leaves his joyfulness to any sad person. Beverly Brinkman wills her shape to Linda Betzold. Jim Hooper wills his easy-to get along with personality to Jerry Warner. Linda Schiff wills her charming personality to Pat Manning. Bill Cymbol wills his shortness to anyone who is tall. Frances Steiner wills her looks to Marilyn Pearce. Bob Bohn wills his flirting ability to Al Pollard. Marilyn Horn wills her sweetness to Jan Taylor. Tom Koski wills his ability to dress nicely to Dick Wallace. Mary ann McGreger leaves h er ability to get "gs" in typing to anyone who is nowreceiving QC 7s 77 Bob Parker wills his place as captain in Basketball to Alfred F ulford. Carl Lockhart leaves his muscles to any very weak person. Geraldine Bunzow leaves her quietness to anyone who makes a lots of noise. Jean Aragon wills her looks to Janice Granville. Art Ugartechea wills his hair to Galen Red- inbo. Le Vern Hines leaves her seatin Mr. Bickels' room to Etta Beatty. Yvonne Ely wills her all A card to any one who is now receiving E's. " Danny Spaulding leaves his school books to Valdis Vitols Carol Wolinski Wills her place as editor of the Reflector to any deserving eighth grader. Barbara Henderson wills her eighth grade friends to her sister Florence. Peggy Brantdly leaves her sports ability to Pete McDaniel. Barbara Hoffman wills her Saginaw Project to Beverly Strudgeon. Janet Liss Wills her red hair to Mar- garet Golz. Joyce Guest Wills her friendliness to Carol Melville. Betty Gorski wills her dancing and her hilarious laugh to anyone who doesn't know how. Sally Grew wills her position as presi- dent of the Freshman League to any worthy pledge. ' Mary Boyer wills her easy to look at figure to Judy Fleishman. We will to Mr . Boertman's journalism class Ann Jordan, Sandra Troge, Don Schlitt, Bill Beck and Margaret Wickers. Jackie Rathbun wills her shortness to anyone who is tall. In witness whereof we the members of the I955-56 ninth grade class write our names. Julia Evans, Sharon Allen, Ronald Miller, Bar- bara Hillier Jim Raasch. In the presence of Irving W. Burtt, Eloise F- Reese, Dorothy Lundbom, S. W. Boertman.

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