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This Bank Belungs To l95l State Baseball Champions Uit y .Iunior Track Champions - l n 1 n ' 'xi N A eq , am Xp he I 'f H ,figs-151 f' - :. -1. 1 UN.: 1, 1.31-'f .' L.. r.- 1 ,-,g fu Y 'Yau - t,' -' , f ' -'i' nj! ,Q ,.,-4 w v Y-x w .., Q, f Q ..k, I. , , . -, -, v 'J f ii'-mei-.l.bni.nQ:Mi.v.1s ,ami 1' ' -, ,rwlff.'W'Ef+---, ,A 1 A 9 xx., Em X ,f, .-5. .N-L. ' Aka L 1, W1-i?3"s , . ' vi' I . ., -.Y i w ,E- f 'LM Y .,.1,,15-5' MA. . Q: ,..V,,. .,-. - .,'.!,-.WSI W . VV! , Ve J THE REID AAD BLACK CENTRAL HIGII SUHUAIL g. nhirariinn This volume of the RED AND BLACK is dedicated to the Central men and women who served their country and the United Nations in the Korean crisis. ZS LLM Mr. Alexander and Frieda Gill displaying the Design for the Korean War Service Roll. Zin glliemnrietm PFC. FRED G. BEVFODEN Pfc. Fred G. Bevfoden was a member of the USM CR "E" Co., 7th Regiment, lst Bn., lst Marine Division. After eight weeks of Boot Training at Camp Pendleton, California, Fred left in late September, 1950, for a further three weeks' train- ing period in Japan before going to Korea. It was on November 28, 1950, at the Changjin Reservoir, that he met death on the battlefield. From the letter of commendation written to F'red's mother by his superior officer, it seems clear that death was instantaneous. He received the Purple Heart. Fred was a Six in Central when the Korean War broke out. Being a reserve, he had to give up school. He would have graduated with our pres- PFC. DONALD E. EICHSCHLAG Pfc. Donald E. Eichschlag was connected with the USMCH "D" Co., 7th Regiment, 2nd Bn., lst Marine Division. He entered Boot Camp in June, 1950, left St. Louis on August 4, and met death at the Changjin Reservoir, Yudami Hill, at 1 A.M. on November 28, 1950. A St. Louis friend, Dan Drew, who was with Donald in his final battle re- ports that his death, from a head wound, was in- stantaneous. James D. Hammond, Jr., of the 7th Marine, 1st Division, wrote to Mrs. Eichschlagz "Donald's integrity and devotion to duty won for him the respect of all his comrades, particularly in the Korean Campaign, where he paid the su- preme sacriffce. He was awarded the Purple Heart. Though Donald received his diploma from Beau- mont,he was in Central lonq enouqh to make many " 'I' f - 5: -. fffffl 5 " ,z - -' . an ,.f'Q.,J"," 'H f jk- , ., . wg- -- 1 Q" 'REQ , . 'T-'+- - u f",'. "-I y. . , h.,,,f ,V -,213 .' . ' V. - ' 4,-- - up ' . if ' " ' :azz 'e iiafsfff " 4- 1 fa - ' ' " "" A . Ti s, "1 " -' 'z' .j, . -A Six, W " ' " 1'--v-- 1 53 JJ' . , 'Q - I v ' ..n ' - , , , . , .- 2 rigs' 'w' PM ,pf ': , QL ' .-3 - ., 'I 1 ff ' 52?-5'-'93, W ' ri g"gi. "N" . , ' , I 5-D lf V 'UQ JA ' Q' ..l' -T, G L.. ' 'fy , 5:1-H., 1 t r' W 1 .-. I 'ff 1 Mi., gil 1.-1 5 E1 :gif wx., ,l , 5: :-li: ' ea. -5 ' " 'lf zz. -if ??7ii'f?" J ' fy. - ' .:,.-4: rf Ii jf, I 3' -. ' it-1.1,-gi . ' v'-'f' '- 1 .I - "' ' " -LEW. ' - 1, VF' - - QI ..'.f4. . " f5- ' 1 ' - -. -rg-5 "5 7 5 . A . - TI-Il: RED AND BLACK -'H r I. - A. ' .xg ' -,o. '.'!4, 3 VOLUME XXXIV . ' ,' 1951 'S:..,--- A . A 73.1 . -Hi '.,,:.1.. . -I w I' -S715 1 - ' g CONTENTS . :ra A 1417437 " VJ '. ,-7:. Dii .1 ' '-fr 'V 1 -rf'g.. ' A f, . . ., " :iii-V -- . ' f-iQ.-:R 513. gg.: Central Hxgh ln 1950-51. . 4 ,fgqg-g., , . . . . 'IIT' ', ' If f-11, .-.fir Admmxsrrauon . . . . . . . . 11 wi fn-'1 ' . am ., 1 . - . - . :f . , 1-- . ',y,,.- Graduates . . . . 15 1 V 55, ' Advzsorles . . . . 43 . 1 -if f ew,-1' 5,155 - - .ff gg: ,pg Orgamzanons . . 57 .I ly ,gp Athletics 75 5 .ifk--.. . -..l.:..x 1 n . - .Ti :galil qw, '5j,3:5fl, 1 -- if-,"' 'Qi-45515: 5. .,.z:":: 'fb 1 'XT' . if "T A Published by the Classes of Janu- QQ ' . Q'-fi? .fv r'g.f4: -I. . -af. L3 - ,- wffbjlf - ary and June under the d1rect1on of - --.gi gif. QQ: Faculty Sponsors . . . Printed by - 4 --k: "fi,:, ff? 1,gg1':Z7.A- y A 1: Wiese-Barnes Printing Co.,under the ggggggh -gg, ..4g31'f'- I guidance of Mr. Chas. C. Grimm . . . '52gfT',41- '-I - ..-.-:-- r, ' . .. 1. 'foul-' 3 :.'v 52 lf, Group photographs by Mr. J. G. Pun- 9 if ' Qflfji, fi -,Egfr ' H cell and Mr.Scmford W. Robinson . . 4 1- 1.54121 ffjfjf .h Cover by Siegfried G. Reinhardt , i jf! ' .vw A -f. Central '44. 5 f I 'Ti . . 5 r'ft1jQLL,1g 5 if tr, 1 . .. '- ff' 'z .. vw- : - . -. r ' . " - -43:-z F '.:::f' .. " 117: " 'ffx' ' ' .5-f?et-4 .15 ' 'I ,' , kj 5. -V Sn lx , "" 3 ' -0. ' 1":'f- ."17, : I: fd! fi:-.f 5 135.151 5 . 5. . 9. :-:2J--- .5 . ' . 1 --15 1. X in E2 5 ' -12f.2- r. Q5-1 22.4. D H I? 4-'.5q'z, Q 5 Pi"5i"i.-20 5 55' .f- ' ALI. THIS AND cuxsswosx Too By BETTY Koour September 5: Small freshles and mlghty sentors, allke, strolled proudly through the doors of Central to start a new a new year of hard l?j work. September 6: Registration Day. Oh,l 'Vhat wonderful teachers. September 7: Teachers issued books to the students. The labor began. September 14:Happy seniors were measured for standard class ring. Down payments were made. September 15: All seniors were tlnanclally embarrassed. September 29: Everyone received the first lssue of"The News". October 7: The handsome and powerful football squad o- pened their leafue season against Roosevelt High at Pub- llc School Stadium. October 20: The second best day ln the lives of the sen- tors was Color Day. The red and black ribbons floated proudly from the suits of the boys, who were belng choked by stlll collars and tles. The colors looked beautiful a- gainst the whlte dresses of the limping senior girls in their high-heels. The afternoon program was enjoyed by all except terms one through seven. October 24:Elght extremely happy Centralltes went home with all "E's" on their report cards. October 25: Twenty-five high school students of the Dis- trlbutlve Education classes of Sprlngfleld, ll1lnols,vlstted Central High. They were royally entertained and they had lunch wlth the Retailing and D.E. students. They left Cen- tral just bubbling over with knowledge. October 26: It looked like the United Nations Building with all the flags of the U.N. members on dlsplay. Wonderful job done by the Art and Clothing classes ln maklng the flags. October 27: Central observed open house, cllmaxlng the school's lntenslve two weeks study of the United Nations- and we do mean intensive. A special aud program was held. Uctober 31: Second lssue of "The News". V October 31: You certainly dtdn't flnd any of Central's glrls, who are all beauties, scaring people on Halloween night. The boys may have stirred up a llttle trouble, but boys will be boys. November 3: The flrst and very successful Football Dance was held ln the beauttfully decorated flrst floor hall. The lovely Football Queen, her Majesty, JoAnn Engeln, reigned over the gala affair. November 6: T.E. pins were sold tn advisory. November 7: Ditto. All together 570.27 was contributed bY Central to this worthy cause. Miss Birtley Uentral Ili November 7: The voters of Missouri, Passed the Amendment No. 1 proposal.Central's hard work was not tn valn. November 8: The Home Economics classes and the Telesls Jr. Toastmlstress Club at Central held a luncheon as a for- mal openlng of the remodeled Foods and Nutrltlons Room. Important guests were on hand to enjoy the meal prepared ln the "face-lifted" Foods Room. November 10: Sixteen year old Wolfgang Earnhardt of West Berlin, Germany, gave a stlrrlng message to an interested Central audience on the subject of communtsm and freedom. November 11: Armtstlce Day-no hollday from school-the eleventh fell on a Sunday. November 16: The Central's Patron Association presented a Minstrel Show. Much of the talent was displayed by the students. Good joke-s and specialty numbers fllled an en- joyable and profitable evenlng. November 17: Central Redwlngs closed their 1950 football season. November 22: Third lssue of "The News" was received. November 23: Thanksgiving Day. We really had something to be thankful for ...... . ...... no school. November 24: No school. Happy Day. December 1: Central's tall basketball team opened their season with a non-league game with Beaumont. December 5: Fifteen girls and one boy smiling left school with all "E" report cards. December B: A chimney-slider vlslted the senior party. St. Nick himself, as well as the entire class and lt spsonsors, enjoyed the affair at the Y,W,C.A. December 13: The Toastmasters Club of Central sponsored an lnterestlng panel discussion ln the aud. Students from McKinley, Vashon, and Central participated ln the discuss- lon on "Does The Youth of Today Consider Our Education Adequate?" December 15: The New Seniors' Xmas party at the Y.W.C.A. was a tremendous success. The boys as well as the girls sat on Santa Claus's lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas. A skit, games, refreshments,and singing Christ- mas carols made the party a big hit. December 20: Christmas celebrations at Central were start- ed by an aud program presented by the musical groups and the band. December 20: F.B.l...A. held a Christmas party in B-7. December 21: A quartet caroled at Speck's Restaurant on Lo- cust Street. December 22: Larger groups caroled at the Claridge Hotel and later went to Station K.W.K. to make a recording of Christmas songs. December 22: Christmas vacation began at noon. One whole week of loaflng. December 22: Fourth lssue of "The News" rolled off the press. December 24: Members of the Cholr caroled in the nelgh- borhood to raise money for the Chrlstmas Carollng Asso- ciation Fund for needy people. December 25: Christmas Day. All Centralltes must have been good during the year to deserve the carloads of pre- sents they recetved from Santa Claus. December 26: The Allied Youth Club of Central gave a formal dance for members only at the Edgewater Club. December 29: The Kiwanis Teen Town held a Mistletoe Prom at the Norslde Y. Most of the huge crowd were Cen- tralttes and three of the Prom Oueen's maids were beau- tiful Central girls. December 31: The end of old man '50- January 1: A new year started and every Centralite made a solemn promise to do homework and behave ln Class.IWho's trylng to fool whom?l January 2: School reopened after Christmas holidays. Ah well, lt was too good to last. 1 January 9: Seniors started their C.W.Fl.'s. The toll ran the second, fourth and sixth periods. January 10: The seniors took their first, third and fifth per- lods C.W.Ft.'s. January 15: The rest of the school struggled through the first and fourth periods C.W.H.'s. January 16: The final exams for periods two and five were taken. I950- I95l gi' m s gil ."'l!P'Q' Muffy-5 NN'-M K 152 lpnlry for Scwncu I'.1lr N1Jl'xiIlgf:lU.lI1 Up Puslvl' C'L'.lI'lII1Q.1 Moaivl I.iv1ng Room Using Hmm- I,c l aumlxv January 17: The last two C.W.R.'s Periods three and six. Hallelujah! January 19: The long-awaited Senior Prom was a huge suc- cess. The Gold Room of the DeSoto Hotel was filled to ca- paclty with lovely glrls fin beautiful qownsj and their es- corts. January 19: The last day for the seniors. January 24: Awards eamed during term were given out at aud session. January 24: The work of four years paid off when diplomas were handed out to the seniors at the graduation exercises held at Beaumont. The 165th class to graduate ,from Cen- tral, Consisting bi 72 Students, were welcomed as new mem- bers of the Alumni Association. The last step. Jam-NYY 29: Again small freshies and mlghty seniors strolled proudly through the doors of Central to start a new semester oi hard my work. February 9: The girls attended an interesting as well as tn- formattve talk by Betty Cornell, one of New York's leading models. Miss Cornell demonstrated good exercises and told of do's and don'ts fora 'better appearance. February 11: Central celebrated its 98th birthday. February 11: Central was the school 'starred on The High School Review broadcast over Station K.W.K. The program consisted of informal talks and musical numbers. February 12: Llncoln's birthday ........ no school . . . no complaints. February 14: A busy day for the mailman. . Valentlne's Day. February 14: The AlumnlAssoclatlonheld a meeting at Cen- tral and elected new officers, selecting Robert R. Biggar 119281 as president. Fiftieth Anniversary Dtplom were awarded to the classes of 1901. February 21: Everyone received the first issue of "The News". February 22: George Washlngton's birthday. To celebrate the birthday of "The Father of Our Country", the doors of Central were closed for the day. Were we sorry? March 1: Ouchl This fatal day began the dental survey. March 14: We enjoyed a concert by the St. Louis Symphony even though it was held in the aud of our rivals, Beaumont. March 15: The American Problems classes got an early start ln belng active citizens when they acted as the jury of Judge Calhoun's Court, as Washington University Law School. March 16: The Culver-Stockton College Choir presented a very delightful program of music from the Broadway play, Carousel. Miss Wentz 'Thur Aldara" Central llig March 16:.f'The downtown Y.M.C.A. was over-run by fun lov- lng seniors and new seniors. The classes held parties ln different rooms, but there was much vlslting between the two. Entertainment, dancing, and refreshments contributed to make both parties successes. March 202: Ten happy students received all "E's". Mqrgh2'lg: Second issue of "The News" came off the press. Marcl123:: Good Friday recess. Mg,-ch25g Easter Sunday found all Centralltes bedecked ln their best. Mgfg1126:n! The girls and boys were tired after the Easter holidays, but nevertheless they were happy to be back ln school. Mqrch28g : The Toastmistress and Toastmasters Club held a jolnt meeting tn B-7. Although the luncheon was attend- ed by the Midtown Toastmasters Club, the boys and glrls were completely at ease. March31: Four Central students discussed the topic, "Do We Need Strlcter Regulations for the Use of Our Highways by the Trucking Industry" on the Jr. Town Meeting of The Alr, over Statlon KXOK. April3g : Members of the D.E. classes of Central attended the convention of the Dtstrlbutlve Education Clubs of Mis- souri at the Roosevelt Hotel. April4: : Dtstrlbutlve Education Clubs of Missouri Conven- tion. April 132 : The third tssue of "The News" was enjoyed by all of its subscribers. April 13: . Once more the beautiful tradition of Color Day was observed. The girls in becoming white dresses and heels, the boys ln neat suits and ties, and all wearlng their red and black ribbons were sorry to see the day go by so rap- idly. April 17:7: The Spanish classes presented a comedy which showed many of the customs and habits peculiar to Spanish- speaklng countries. The show commemorated the found- ing of the Pan-American Union. All agreed that the show was very good. Sl l April 2051: The newly formed L.ettermen's Club sponsored a semi-formal dance to help its treasury. A program was pre- sented in the aud, and dancing was done ln. the first floor hall. The evening was enjoyable and profitable. April 25: : Open house was held for parents. Outside as well as Central talent made up the aud program. APYH 271 The High School Relay Carnival was held at the Public School Staudlum. May 2: Seniors had chest X-rays taken at the Wohl Cllnlcl What a healthy groupl May 7: The girls were really ln the know after watching the fashion show ans the flood grooming cllntc ln the aud. May 8: My, how much more beautiful the Central girls were after the good grooming clinlcl May 92 Little Syphonette concert by the KMOX orchestra was greatly enjoyed, especially the many arrangements of the old favorite "ln The Good Old Summer Time". May 11: Fourth issue of "The News". May13: : One of the many days never to be forgotten by the seniors ..... their outing at Trout Lodge. How tired and happy the seniors were. Mqy 14: Large number of absentees among seniors. May16: Career Day proved to be just what some Central- ltes needed. It helped them to decide what vocation to fol- lcw. May161i: The Band Tune-Fest was an evening filled with llstenable music. May 20: The new senior outing caused tlred limbs but surely not one of the sevens would admit that it wasn't worth lt. The outing was held at Pere Marquette State Park. May 23: The 'Telesls Toastmistress Club celebrated lt birthday with a party ln B-7. Guests were on hand as a birthday present for this outstanding organization. May 23: "The U.S.--Us" was presented by the Choir of Cen- tral to a packed auditorium. The solos and.qroup numbers, as well as- the narration, created a blg hit with the audience. May 30: Although Memorial Day was a solemn occasion, to the studentsof Central it was a day of relaxation. No school. June 15: The doors of "Ye Olde Alma Mater" closed for the summer vacation. The students sorrowtully left "All This and Classwork Too." In I95I .C I J Home Nursing Morc of Samc NuwMnnl1.1lf'Xrls Shop Up in H3 Ymrbook Pnslcrs An lmpcmlivc Ncuds Prujccl Central Ili 3 SS? if M A Few Pictures Gathered During "All This and Clnsswork Too" M950 - 1951 H. s ""Tsbf5f'g , rg :-'e'zZI if if ai m 1111? 4 L ! E J lain? V' H K 'V 1 -nur 5 'M' 'Mh' M M mn. i 5-LH A-hfh-h-hf Wlmnwf Money Counter In the Al1dilOIilllT1 Pfc. Harry P. Simpson USMC 4 1104759 Ward 19. USNH SMR Camp Joseph H. Pendleton '0ceanslde, California Miss Mary L. Beck cle Central High School 3616 Garrison Avenue Str Louis 7, Missouri My dear Miss Beck, In response to your most surprising letter of April ll, I would personally like to assure you that a great error has been made in reporting me killed in action in Korea. My mother forwarded the letter on te me and also told me she had telephoned you to rectify this error. The entire extent of my injuries was frostbitton hands and feet received while serving as a Browning Automatic Rifleman with B Co., 1 st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment which was one of the elements of the lst Marine Division cut off at the Chandgen Reservoir area. Fortunately I was evacuated by air from the town of Hagaru-ri, the first stop in the WBlccdy Retreatn to the sea in which the lst Marine Division did not retreat but merely 'changed the direction of the advance,u as there was more of the Chinese Army in our rear than at our front when the orders to pull out came. I recovered from my injury with no serious effects and was sent back to duty February 25 of this year. While attached to the Military Police Company here at Camp Pendleton awaiting reassignment, I was stricken with an eye infection for which I was again hospital- ized . I expect to recover from this infection also without any serious effects within the next few months and will probably receive limited duty with the Marine Corps. If it is at all possible, I would like very much to obtain a copy of this coming"Red and Blackn which will contain the page dedicated to the other three Central boys reported killed in action in Korea. One of the boys I believe was Donald lichschlag with whom I trained and shipped overseas with in the First Replacement Draft out of Camp Pendleton. I may possibly have been acquainted with the other two boys especially if they were activated with the Third Inf fantry Battalion. Marine Corps Reserve,last July 29. If I may obtain a copy of this yearbook, I wish you would please contact my parents at CHestnut 4831 and they will make the necessary arrangements. I am glad the error of the false report of my death has been all straightened out and I wish to sincerely thank all of the Central High Faculty and especially yon,Miss Beck and Mr. Davis for your concern in the matter. Until I may again visit all of you at Central High School I will remain, Yours Yery Truly Barry P. Simpson Pfc. USMC ADMkNISTRATION Administrators MR. A. J. Svoisomx Assislunl Prf'm'1'pal MR. E. W. ALEXANDER Principal MR. W. R. LAYER Assislcmt l'r1'nc1'paI Row l FACULTY : Mr. Alexander, Miss Schroem der, Miss Doyle, M1ssSch- lutius, Miss Sp1aque,Mlss Pierce, Mr. Svoboda. Row 2: Mr.Dav1s, Mr.Prelutsky,Miss Knoernschild, Mr. Modesitt, Miss Hanks,MlssSchonhorst Miss Kramer, Mr. Kirn. Flow 3: Mr. Chrlstenson, Mr. Martyr, Mr. Tennis, MT- Rudy, Mr. Hicks, Mr .Powel1, Mr. Ver- trees, Mr. Masson, Mr. Gund- lach. Mrs. Krebs, Mt. Carlisle, Mr. Hibbert Row 1: Row 2: Mrs. Owen, Miss Beck, Mrs. Finley, Miss Friedman, Mrs. Ford. Mr. von Lehsten, Mr. Brad- burn, Mr. Chapman, Mr.Mark- land, Mr. DeFll1o. Faonlty LORETTO C. AMEND Physical Education MARY L.' BECK English C. BOCKELBRINK Industrial Arts VERNON J. BRADBURN History H. MAX CARLISLE Physical Education ELLSWORTH E. CHAPMANI Distributive Education ELMER H. CHRISTENSON Mathematics RUTH COLESTOCK Remedial English VEST DAVIS English and History ANTHONY F. DE FILIO Driver Education ROSINE DICKMAN Social Studies MARY ANGELA DOYLE History and English CLARA E. FINLEY Home Economics D. H. WEIR LOUIS KITTLAUS,SR. H.F. PRATT 1. S. GOCHENAUER ELIZABETH J.PARKER WILL L. SCHWER 8627 Oxford Lane WILLIAM SCHUMACHER 3013 Meramec Street JAMES J. FITZGERALD 6322 S. Grand Boulevard CHAS. DYER 2006 Salisbury Street FACULTY LIST FOR 1950-51 DOROTHY R. FORD Librarian GENEVIEVE FRIEDMAN Mathematics WALLACE G. GUNDLACH English WILMA HANKS Vocal Music R. W. HIBBERT Science HERBERT HICKS Science RALPH R. KIRN Commercial Studies THEKL A KNOERNSCHILD Physical Education LAURA KRAMER Spanish FRANCES KREBS Art LORRAINE LOWRY English ALMA MARINE Commercial Studies' LEVI HARRIS MARKL AND Mathematics KATHERINE MARTINI History and Counseling J. LEIGHTON MARTYR English KELVIN MASSON . Instrumental Music ALICE E. MILLER English . CHARLES C. MODESITT Commercial Studies HELEN PIERCE Social Studies JOSEPH E. POWELL Chemistry ALBERT PRELUTSKY Qfirst term, Science MRS. ETHEL ROSS lfirst termj Art CHARLES T. RUDY Indus trial Arts LOUISE G. SCHLUTIUS English VIOL A SCHO NHORST Mathe matic s ERMA SCHRO EDE R ELSA L. SOECKNICK Commercial Studies ETHEL G. SPRAGUE English LYLE S. TENNIS Commercial Studies WINNIE TIMMONS English IESSE R. VERTREES Industrial Arts ARNOL D VON LEHSTEN Physical Education. MARY BIRTLEY Clerk ROSS B. HOERNER Clerk MAETA WENTZ Clerk MARTIN F. KOURI, M.D. School Physician IRENE MCAULIFFE School Nurse EDWARD B. KOLBE Head Custodian Home Economics TEACHERS ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE 15.111121 s. 1vo1.ctH FLORENCE HHQGINHOTHAM TEACHERS ON RETIREMENT FRANCES J. MOOK JENNY M. CROWDER ELIZABETH G. RICE MICHAEL W. WALKER EMMA OCHTERBECK ST. LOUIS BOARD OE EDUCATION J. HARRY POHLMAN 818 Olive Street FRANK P. NAGEL 5700 Lansdowne Avenue H. M. STOLAR ROY V. COF FEY EDWARD VAN LANDEGEIN HERBERT L. MARSHALL CHARLES W. HAWKINS MRS. IRMA H. FRIEDE 30213 Allen Ave. CHARLES H. ci-1R1sTEL 6334 Mardel Avenue CHARLES H. WHITESIDE 408 Olive Street OSCAR A. EHRHARDT 5966 Wanda Avenue 8 Washington Terrace DR. FRANK I... WRIGHT 5947 Waterman W. N. SELLMAN Su SSEHEMJ :If Assistant Su erintendent of Instruction P IN CHARGE OF COELEGES AND HIGH SCHOOLS I 1951 ALUMNI OFFICERS President ---'--"-"-""""""" ROBERT R- BIGGAR, '23 Tfed-Wfef ................................ KWH D- BRI-NM. '34 4528 hbrgnnford - SWeetbriet 1130 8436 Ardsley Dive - F side 2887 Vice- President ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, HENRY w. SIMPSON, '27 Recording secretary ms. MARGARET PALERMO, '21 506 Olive -- GArfield 3840 2617 St. Louis Ave. - LUCIA 4040 Vice-President ,,,,.,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HANS WULFF, '01 Corresponding Secrelaz MRS. ESTELLE BYRNE, '39 422 'Title Guaranty Bldg. - MAin 1519 2617 St. Louis ve. - LUcll 4040 Vice-President -----------' LCUIS B. WACKMAN , '09 Faculty Representative ........ ,..,...VESTADAVlS, '09 1C January I95I GERALD 1. MANN "Il's So Nice to Have a Manlnl amuad the House" President New Senior Class, '50, Pres- ident Senior Class, '50, Baseball, '49- '50, Letter, '49-'50, Student Council Representative, '49-'50, Prom Commit- tee, '51, Toastmasters No. 1, '50, News Staff, '50, Sports Editor, '50, '48, News Salesman, '48- LAURA MAY MILLIGAN "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Secretary News Senior Class, '50, Sec- retary Senior Class, '50, Skating Club '47, G. A. A., '49-50, President '49, Bowling Club, '49-'50, President, '50, Toastmistress No. 2, '48-'49, Secre- tary, '49, Toastmistress No. l, '49- '50, Vice-President, '50, Co-C-Hi, '49-'50, Secretary, '49, Girls' Glec, '48-'49, Vice-President, '48, Letter '49, F. B. L. A., '50, Hi-Lo Ets, '49- '50, RED AND BLACK Staff, '50, Stu- dent Council Alternate, '49. KENNETH KORIUM "Eyes Tbat Are Smiling" Treasurer New Senior Class, '50, Bas- ketball, '48-'51, Letter, '49-'50, Chair- man Announcement Committee, News Salesman, '50. BARBARA D. BROWN "Sweet and Lovely" G. A. A., '48-'51, Spanish Club, '48, El Eco de Espana, '49, Pen Pals, '49-'50, Toastmistress No. 2, '48-'49, Toastmis- tress No. 1, '49-'51, Secretary, '50, Co- C-Hi, '50-'51, F. B. L. A., '50-'51, Lit- tle Theater Group, '50, Girls' Glee, '47- '48, Bowling Club, '49-'50, Secretary, '49, Treasurer, '50, Letter, '50, New Senior Party Committee, '50, Senior Col- or Day Committee, '50, Student Council Representative, '50, Altemate, '50. BOB BROCK "Play az Simple Melody" Committee of Twenty, '49-'51, Student Council, '49-'50, Camera Club, '49-'50, Horticulture Club, '49-'50, News Sales- man, '50, Bowling Club, '49, Art Appre- ciation '49, RED AND BLACK Sales- man, '49. MILDRED IOANN BRAWLEY "Ain't Sbe Sweet" Vice-President New Senior Class,'50, Vice-President Senior Class, '50, G. A. A., '47, Skating Club, '47, Band, '48- '50, President, '50, News Staff, '48- '49, News Salesman, '49, RED AND BLACK Staff, '50, Toastmistress No. 2, '48, Toasrmisttess No. 1, '49-51, Pres- ident, '50, Co-C-Hi, '49-'51, Student Council Alternate, '49, Owls, '49. JIM GARRETT "King Size Papa" Football, '47-'50, Letter, '49-'50, Track '47-'50, Owls '48, Mike Club, '47-'50, Vice-President, '47-'49, President, '48- '50, Committee of Twenty, '48-'50, Sgt.- at-Arms, '49, President, '50, Toastmas- ters No. 1, '48-'50, Vice-President, '50, Student Council, '49-'50, Treasurer Sen- ior Class, '50, Boys' State, '50. MARCEL LA K. MOELLER "Because You're You" Girls' ,Glec, '48, Choir '48, Allied Youth, '48-'51, President, '49-'51, Stu- dent Council, '56-'51, Mike Club, '47- '5l, Pen Pals, '49-'51. ROBERT S. DOGGETT "With a Smile and a Song" Choir, '47-150, Little Theater, '49-'50, Central Aires, '48-'50, Student Council, '49"50. GERALDINE G. HEUERMANN "Ob, You Beautiful Doll" Allied Youth, '47-'48, Bowling Club, '49, G. A. A., '48-'49, Chevron, '50, Toastmistress No.2, '48, Toastmistress No. 1, '49-'50, Co-C-Hi, '49-'50, News Staff, '49"50, F. B. L. A., '49-'50, Choir, '48-'49, Letter, '49, Girls' Glee, '47-'48, Milte Club, '48-'49, Color Day Committee, '50, Commencement Commit- tee, '50, RED AND BLACK Salesman, f 9. DONALD E, BAKER 'Thou Swellj Thou Willy" Student Council, '40-'50, Central Forum, '48-'51, Photograph Club, '48-'Sli Toast- masters Club No. 1, '48-'51, President '50, Art Appteicaticn Club, '50-'5l, Boys' State, '50. FRANCES PAYE MUNZI-IR "Sing, Sweet Nigbtengaltf' President Y Teens, '47, G. A. A., '47-'48, Secretary, '47, Letter, '48, Gmevron, '17, Band, '47-'49, VicePresident, '49, Treas- urer, '48, Letter, '48, Choir, '47-'51, Let- ter '47, Stripes, '48-'51, Treasurer, '50, Hi-Lo-Ets, '50, Co-C-Hi, '48-'51, Secre- tary '49, VicePresident, '50, President, '50, Student Council Representative, '47, Cabinet, '48, Treasurer, '50, Vice-Presi- dent, '50, Owls, '48, Lamps, '49-'50, All City Student Council, '50, El Eco de lis- pana, '50, Secretary, '50, News Staff, '48-'50, Reporter, '48, Associate Editor '49, Editor, '50, Toastmistress No. 1, '48- '50, President, '49, Graduation Committee Chairman, '50, RED AND BLACK Salesman '49 JOSEPH ll'lERClA.K "There Can Only Be One For Me" Baseball, '49-'50, Letter, '50, Football, '47-'50, Letter, '50, Basketball, '48-'49, Track, '48, RED AND BLACK Salesman '49, Prom Committee, '50, News Staff, '-49. DOLORE5 IRENE FLOWERS ' 'Sentimental Ale' ' Mike Club, '49-'50, Secretary, '50, Toast- mistress No. l, '49-'50, Allied Youth, '49, El Eco de Espana, '48-'50, Pen Pals, '49, F. B. I.. A,, '50, Art Appreciation Club, '50, Co-C-Hi, '49-'50, Color Day Commit- tee, '50, Music Appreciation, '49, Owls, '47-'48, Lamps, '49, Choir, '47-'50, RED AND BLACK Staff, '50, News Staff, '-19. BRYAN SWAW "Wonderful Guy" RED AND BLACK SALESMAN, '47, Stu- dent Council, '47, Football, '-19. January I95l ElLENl-. I-'Ali jI:'lTON "With a Song in My Head" Band, '50, Choir, '50, Little Theater, '50, Toastmistress No. 1, '50. PATRICK J. O'MARA "Casey az the Bat" Student lbuncil, '50, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '49-'50, Baseball, '48-'50, Let- ter, '48-'49-'50, Captain, '50, Allied Youth, '48, Boys' Glee, '46-'47, Senior OutingCom' mittee, '50. ROSHMARY FAITH SAUNDERS "Dance Ballerina, Dance" Tumbling Club, '-57-'49, G. A. A. '47-'49, Cheerleader, '48-'-19, Captain '50, Skating Club. '47, Student Council Alternate '50, News Staff, '49-'50, News Salesman. '50. ALLEN DARR "'lbo Marvelous for Words"' DORIS RAYFIELD "Pretty as a Picture" Knitting Club, '47, News Staff, '49, G. A. A. '49, 'rumbling '48-'49s Band, '49-'50- .lanuary I95l VINCENT R. FEIGENBUTZ "Natu1e Boy" Basketball, '47-'51, Letter, '50-'51, Base- ball, '48-'50, Letter, '49-'50, Football, '50, Letter, '50, Senior Outing Commmee, '50, DORIS SULLIVAN "Tbere's u Tendef Look in Your Eyes" IRVIN WEIDINGER "Smile, Smile, Smile" Distributivc Education, '49-'50. MARY ELLEN IACKELS "Fu A11 mx Ewing Ymg CMM" 2 . , -J Toasnnisuress, 49- 51, Little 'Fhenter Group '50-'51: G. A. A. 548349, Distribu- tive Education, '50-'SL PAUL F. GALLYOUN 'Take It Easy" Track, '49, Toastmasters, '49-'S0. is 45 ,N 5 Q.: ,aim ARLENE DOLORES VEGA "Pistol Packin' Mamma" F. B. L. A., '50, Library Club, '48, Bowlin Club '48, Allied Youth, '50, G. A. A., '49 Color Day Committee. G-IARLES LAVENDER "Fine Hman Frame" Student Council, '50, Baseball, '50, Tonsu masters No. 1, '50, Boys' Glee Cub, '4' '50. IOLA FRANCES FARMER "Stay as Swee! as You Are" Mike Club, '48-'49-'50, G. A. A., '47-'42 CoC-Hi, '49, Tonstmistress No. 1, '49-'SC Senior Outing Committee, '50- ARNO HOLLING, IR. "Tbe Music Man" Burl, '48-'49, Distribntive Biucuion, '41 '50, Chairman Color Day Comnittee, '51 CHARLES BURCHAM "You Ame Free" RALPH H. BACOTT , .5-Mun Distributive Education Club. MARGARET JANE MASSA "5 Ft. 2 Eyes of Blue" G. A. A., '47, Choir, '47-'49, Girls' Glee '47-'49, Central Fomm, '50, F. B. L. A., '50-'51, Prom Committee, Allied Youth, '50, News Staff, '49-'51. TED BLOCK "Dorff Fence Me ln" Sknting Gub, '50, Dislributive Education Club, '48-'49, Finnnce Committee. ALTA BHLLER "My Pretty Girl" G. A. A. '47-'48' L'b Cl b, '48- '-49, Bowling cm! 'i9fa'1?. B.uL. A., '49-'50, Little Tbeater Group, '50- Color Day Afternoon Committee, 50. JIM sussv "1 Wm To Be Happy" Mike Club, '47-'48, Boys' Glee Club, '48f'49, Libnry Club, '47-'48, Com- mittee of Twenty, '49-'51, New Senior Outing Committee, Senior Party Com- IIIIIYEE. -rn January I95l MARY GLORIA CAPONE "Them There Eyes" Qleerlender, '48-'50, Allied Youth, '50, Education, '49'5o, F. B. L. A., '50, G. A. A., '47, Library Gub, '48. TERRY A. SUTIUN 'Whistle While You Work" Choir, '48-'51, Boys' Glee Club, '48-'50, Golf Club, '48-'49, President, '48, Secre- tary, '49, Toastmasters No. l, '50. THOMAS W. BLOCK "Doin' What Comes Naturally" Skating Club, '49, Distributive Educltion Club, '48-'49, Senior Finance Committee, '5l. LAWRENCE THOMAS RYGELSKI "I Got Rhythm" MARLENE GRANZOW "Ain't Misbehawivlgu Skating Club, '47, Central Fonxm, '48- '49, Secretary, '48, F. B. L. A., '50- '5l, Treasurer, '50, Prom Committee, '5l. January l95I WILLIAM PEAK "You're In The Army Now" Senior Party Committee, '50. CAROL POTTER "I Wanna Do Homework" Quit School. EMMETT DEAN RANSOM "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me" Central Forum '48-'50, Track, '48-'50, Football, '48-'49, Committee of Twen- t '4 ' 0 Student Council 47 Bo s' y. 9- 5 s ' y Glee club, '47, RED AND BLACK Egesman, '47g News Salesman, '47 RUTH G. MOLKENBUR "Ola, Lady Be Good" Library Club, '47-'48, Treasurer, '48. FRANK N. STAGER "Funny Little Sailor Man" Swimming Team, '47-'51, Letter, '49- 'SOQ Mike Club, Sgt-at-Arms, '48-'49g Toastmasters Club No. 1, '49-'51, Sec- retary, '50-'51g Chemistry Club, '50, Senior Outing Committeeg Boys' Glee Club '47. asm .. 2--7. raw SHIRLEY GUITTAR "Pretty Baby' ' G. A. A., '47-'49, Bowling Club, '49 '50, Choir, '48-'49. ROBERT D. COMBS "Sometimes l'1n Happy" Skating Club, '48, Camera Club, '49 Student Council, '46. MARLENE BUCKLEY "Sbe's a Lady" JAMES LEE BRITTON "Bidin' My Time" Football, '48-'49, Letter, '49' Trac '-495 Distribntive Education Club, 'E President, 'SL 0 BRUCE AARON STAGER "Anchors Aweigb" Swimming Team, '47-'51, Letter '41 '49-'50g Track, '48g Toastmasters Clu No. 1, '49-'51, Treasurer, Mike Clu '48-'51, Letter, '48, Chemistry Clul 'SOQ New Senior Party Committee, Sen ior Party Committee, Library Club, '47 News Staff, '48, ALVIN HOPPE "Brother Bones" Mike Club, '47-'51, Track, '48. ROSALIE LICAVOLI "Tbere ls Nothing Like A Dame" El Eco de Es ana 'SO' Distributive Ed- P 1 r ucation Club, '49-'50, News Staff, '49' '50. CHARLES LEHR "Charley, My Boy" MARY TASCH "Blue Bird of Happiness" RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47, Cen- tral Forum-'50, Allied Youth, '49- '51, Cnrnera Club, '49-'50, F. B. L. A., '50- 'Slg Pen Pals, 'S0. RONALD C. FREEBERSYSER "When Frances Dances With Me" Art Appreciation Club, '50, Graduation Committee, '50, New Senior Party Com- mittee, '50, News Salesman, '49, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47. ale- x January I95l ESTHER RUTH CARLTON "You'll Never Walk Alone" BILL STANDING "Fzdgety Feet" Tennis, '48-'50, Letter, '48-'50, Student Council Representative, '49, Cabinet, '49, Senior Finance Committee 'S0. MABEL F. LEONG "Dear Little Maid" Girls' Glee, '48, Owls, '47-'48, Lamps, '50, Co-Chairman of Cap and Gown Com- mittee. DOUGLAS WERLE "So Tired" Disrributive Education, '50-'51, Bowl- ing C1ub,'49-'50, Basketball "B"Team '48, Boys' Glee, '47-'48. MARY ANNE STONE "l Love The Guy" Skating Club, '48, An AppreciaLion,'50 President of junior Achievement, '50, Spanish Club, '50, Hi-Lo-Ets, '50,Choit '50, Girls' Glee, '50. January I95I GERALD WUNDERLICH "Personalit " Y Football, '48-'50, Letter, '50, Track, '50, Student Council, '50, Committee of Twenty, '49-'50, Toastmasters No. 1 '49, Co-Chairman Announcement Com- mittee. REVIA JUANITA WALTON "Sunflower" Student Council, '47, Library Club, '47, News Salesman,'47, Color Day Commit- tee,'S0, Pen Pnls,'50, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47. JIM KEATHLEY "Music Maestro, Please" ToastmastersNo. 1, '50-'51, Band,'48- '51, Ir. Achievement, '48-'49- MARIAN JOYCE SWINDELL "Duddy's Little Girl" Senior Girls Glee Club, '47-'48, Mike Club, '48"50, Skating Club, '50-'51, Knitting, 'S0. ARNOLD ENEA "He's A Right Guy" Football, '47-'48S TYSCIK, '48- TONI BRIGULIO "Beautiful Lady" Girls' Glee, '47-'49, Choir, '47-'49, F. B. L. A., '49-'50, Allied Youth,'49-'50, Att Club, '50, RED AND BLACK Sales- man, '48, G. A. A., '48, Co-chairman of Prom Committee,'5l, News Salesman '49. PAUL LAFLAM "Possibilities" Spanish Club, '49-'50, Distributive Ed. ucation Club. '49. K mi ,LCN 7 , .2 " School Pin Dcsigncd bv Mrs. Mildnd Bailty Carpcmcr IRENE FLORENCE BERNARD "Two Big Eyes" Bowling Club, '48-'49, President, '49, G. A. A., '48, Pen Pals, '48-'49, F. B. L. A., '48-'50, Little Theatre, '48. ROY COOPER JR. "I'm Wishing" Tennis, '48, Letter, '48, Bois' Glee, '47, Choir, '47-'49, Letter, ' 9, Horti- culture Club, '49, Football, '47, Skat- ing Club, '48. MARIE COMBS "Little Girl" Band, '47-'50, Letter, '49, Senior Party Committee, F. B. L. A., '49. GENE PERZAN "lf I Were King" DONA MARIA RIOS 'The Flight Of The Bumble Bee" Student Council, '47,Toaetmistress No 2, '48, Vice President, '48, Toastmis- ttess No. l,'49-'50,Treasurer,'49-'50, Co-C.Hi, '48, G. A. A., '48, Page Edi- tor of the News,'48-'50, Junior Achievw ment, '50, Secretary, '50, Central Foru '49, Spanish Club, '50, Color Day Com- mittee, Glee Club, '48, Choir, '48-'50, Art Appreication, '50. JOSEPH EDWIN ANTHONY LUKITSCH "Tbe Thing" Football, '49, Bnsebull, '47, News .91 Staff, '5O. 2 NINETY-EIGHTH YEAR 1853 THE oNE HUNDRED s1xTY-FIFTH 1951 GRADUATION EXERCI of SES THE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY TW ENTY-FOURTH NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK BEAUMONT HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM PROCESSIONAL-Band WELCOME Gerald Mann, Class President NATIONAL ANTHEM ..... DEMOCRACY MUST BE PRESERVED Geraldine Heuermann WE WILL MEET THE CHALLENGE Robert Doggett THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT . . . Iohn Stafford Smith . Illustrated Emmett Ransom, Narrator CHOIR-Recession al .... . . DeKouen Frances Munzer, Soloist -Your Land and My Land . PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS . . Romberq fvlr. E. W. Alexander, Principal THE CLIFFORD MARIK MEMORIAL TROPHY AWARD BAND-f-Rournanian Rhapsody No. I . WE IOIN THE ALUMNI . . . Enesco Mr. Henry W. Simpson President, Alumni Association ALMA 'MATER . .... . Audience RECESSIONAI.. . ..... . Band CLASS OFFICERS Gerald Mann , . President Laura Milligan . . Secretary ames Garrett . . Treasurer Mildred Brawley . . Vice-President I Qui! En Word: By CLARENCE STRA TTON Glrntral High Tune. ' ' Annie Lyle ' ' l' AB QL is i 1 .I I " 1 i 9 - 51 l-I G 1 - - --- -4 3 : 'J Q - -.'. J-1 J i ' Q -2 8 eg 2 : I :L jjj I By time mwht - y Mis is sip - pi. Sweep - ing to the sea, i ln the midst of noise and bus - tle, of the cit - 4y'n life. QQEIPJ P' 1-1 r -'I -5 E -' 5' 'L -S+- L '-'-- 9 "" Peer t-- ' if -'F V i "' 3' l' v I If I -I' 'D. C 1 A sl J' f e I 3 f - 4 A-L A I-r - --4 :Z I , 1 -. l' 3 -Q- -. Je J 59 1 P: S S. -g 1- v ' J- 2-4-35- Slands our glor - ious Al me Ma ter, Stands per - pe! - ual - ly. Calm, se - rene, re - served, and no ble, Un - as - niled by strife. . . al al Q - en 32' Fi Q" e . :1 9.1 W . - . - - if --L V is I- er- H c 5 f EIS-1 Q v- v I I' Cnonus. 1 h 1 I 2 I 3 i V V '-. ,J ,-'l- Q 1-I, -1 1 -Ev---x ,, f 5 f Tift? inf- .s r 5 5-- Sing our cho - run of de vo tion, Till we reld the sky, -l-- 41- 0- - ' ' -rr - 1: ':- E: -'L -'- 0 Q., 1 1 , Q- -.C - p -Y - i L- -Lag -l- ' : A, gf Pixie!-5 .ph ft I 1 lb ' F J y I 'T J ed e 'V 'I 1 -3 ! not an 2. i " --1 izne- L 5. 5 F .ee 3' 2- f- gs -1 J I 3- " Hail to thee, our Al - ma Ma ter. Hail, to Cen - tnl High. Q. .e , , 1 1 Q nl f' 'C' 5- Q, ' '. e-1:L-w r: -r: -7 P P -Pe - - "' f CI' T' 9 b 5 'LL l f E V v F I -v 2 3 O. to thee our Alma Mater. Dignitied and strong, ' Now we raise our loyal voices. Offer we our song, Never shall we let our footsteps Waver or turn back, Marching ever firmly onward. 'Neath the Red and Black. Thus we'll sung our heartfelt praises Till our days shall end. May thy spotless reputation All thy sons defend: May thy walls be never weakenedf N r th t' d' o Y pres nge ne, May the ls essings of the ages. Rest on Central High Snapshots I950-5I if M 4 ""w. June I95I Jon mmm JAMES "For He's rt Jolly Good Fellow" President New Senior Class, '50, Pres- ident Senior Class, '51, Track, '49-'51, Toastmasters No. 1, '48, Committee of Twenty, '49-'50, Student Council Rep- resentative, '50, Lettermen's Club, '51, Male Chorus '49-'5l,Central Aires, '49- '5l, Mike Club, '49-'50, PATRICIA BARBARA CALLAHAN "Lass With The Delicate Air" Vice President New Senior Class, '50, Secretary Senior Clas s, ' 5 l, Student Coun- cil, '49-'51, Toastmistress No. 2, '49. EUGENE G. BUSHMANN "l Hale lo Lose You" Football, '47-'50, Letter, '48-'50, Co- Captain, '50, Swimming Team, '50-'51, Letter, '50-'51, Student Council, '49-'51 President, '50-'51, Toastmasters '50-'51, President, '51, City-Wide Student Coun- cil Representative,'51,RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50, News Salesman, '49-'51, Owls, '50-'51, Representative to Boys' State, '50, News Reporter, '51, Letter- men's Club, '51, Vice President, '5l. PEGGY L. WATSON "Peg Of My Heart" Roller Skating Club, '47-'48, St. Girls' Glee, '48-'49, Co-C-Hi,-'50"51, Choir, '49-'51, Letter, '50,.Stripe, '50, Owls, '50-'50, Lamp, '51,l-li-Lo-Ets,'51, News Staff, '51, RED AND BLACK Staff,'51 RED AND BLACK Salesman '51. CLIF F IUENGST "Baby Face" Distributive Education, '50-'51, Male Chorus, '48-'51, Choir, '50-'51, Central Aire:,'50-'51, Color Day Commitree,'51. JOAN CAROL ALLISON "A-You're Adorable" Secretary New Senior Class, '50, Vice- President Senior Class, '51, News Staff '50, Toastmistress No. 2, '49, Co-C-Hi, '49, Student Council Representative,'49, '50, '51, Owls, '48-'49, Lamps, '50. STEVE FITZGERALD 'A Good Man Nowadays ls HardtoFind' .Treasurer New Senior Class, '50, Treas- urer Senior Class, '51, Football, '48-'50 Letter, '49-'50, Co-Captain, '50, Track , '50-'51, Letter, '50-'51, Basketball, '49- '50, Letter, '49-'50, Student Council, '48-'51,President,'50,Committee of Twen ty, '49, News Staff, '48-'50, Sports Edi- tor, '48-'49, Editorial Board, '50, A11- City Student Council, '50-'51, Toastmas- ters No. 1, '49-'51, Lettermens' Club, '51 Treasurer, '51, "Prom" Reporter, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47, Rep- resentative to Boys' State, '50, Represen- tative Elks Youth Contest, '51, Clifford Marilt Award, '5l. FRIEDA GILL "Coquet1e" G. A. A., '47-'48, Chevron, '48, Letter, '49, Co-C-Hi, '49-'51, Toastmistress No. 2, '49, Treasurer, '49, Toastmistress No. 1, '50-'51, News Staff, '49-'51, As- sistant Editor, '49, Co-Literary Editor, '49, Editorial Board, '50-'51, Student Council, '49-'51, Secretary, '51, "Prom" Reporter, '50-'51, Owls, '48, Lan1ps,'49- ' 51. DONALD MIRTH 'Thanks For The Memories" F. B. L. A., '47-'48,Basketball,'47-'51, Letter '48-'49, '49-'50, '50-'51, Captain '49-'51, Student Council Cabinet, '50, Lettermen's Club, '51, Secretary, '51, New Senior Party Committee, Boys'Glee Club, '48. BETTY JANE KOGUT "How Cute Can You Be" RED AND BLACK Staff, '48-'51, Club Editor, '50, Editor, '51, Student Coun- cil,'48-'51, Letter, '49, Stripe, '51,Sec- retary, '51, Co-C-Hi, '49-'51, Toastmis- tress No. 2, '49, Toastmistress No. 1, '50-'51, Owls, '47-'48, Lamps, '48-'50, G. A. A., '47-'50, Chevron, '48, Letter '49, President, '47, El Eco de Espana, '50-'51, President, '50, Vice President '51, Cheerleader, '50-'51, Color Day Committee, '51, Winner of Elks Youth Activity Contest, '51. BILL JIM KEPPEL "Everyday ls Ladies Day Wilb Me" Lettermen's Club, '51, Baseball, '48- 'SIQ Sports Editor of News, '51g Chair- man of Senior Outing Committee. MARL EEN GLAZEBROOK "Beautiful Dreamer" Student Council Alternate, '50, Student Council Representative, '50-'51, Toast- mistress No. 2, '49, Arr Appreciation, '51, Co-C-Hi, '50-'51, RED AND BLACK Salesman, 'SO. JAMES SHERRILS FERGUSON "I Cav: Dream Can'l l" Toastmasters Club, '50-'51. VIRGINIA MOUSER "You Are Love" Distributive Education Club, '50, Pen Pals, '51, Art Appreication, '49. DONALD BYRD "A Little Bird Told Me" June l95I ROSE MARIE CALVERT "My Wild Irish Rose" Skating Club, '47, G. A. A., '47-'Slg Chevron,'-47, Letter, '48, Pin,'49, Pres- ident, '51, Tumbling, '47-'51, Art Appre- ciation, '50, Choir, '48-'51, Letter, 'SOQ Girls' Glee,'48g RED AND BLACK Staff 'SL JAMES OBERTS "Fancy Free" Basketball, '48-'Sly Baseball, '50-'51, Lettermen's Club, '5I. BARBARA MCFERRON "A Pretty Girl ls Like A Melody" G. A. A. '47-'50, F. B. L. A. '49-'51, Color Day Committee. JOE MOORE "R-155019 Cowboy joe" Cross Country Team '50, Track, '51, Student Council,'50: Toastmasters, '49 Lettermen's Club, 'S 1. GLORIA STUFFLEBEAN "l Need You So" Skating Club, '47-'48, Junior G. A. A., '47-'50, Senior G. A. A., '49-'50, Bowl- ing Club, '49-'50, News Staff, '49-'51, Associate Editor, '51, Hi-Lo-Ets, '47- '5l, El Eco de Espana, 'SO-'Slg Choir, '47-'51, Sr. Girls' Glee, '47-'49, Senior Game Committee, '51, Chninnnn. June 1951 REX ALLEN "I See Your Face before Me" Golf Club, '50, Toastmasters, '48-'51, Student Council, '51. PEGGY MEYER "With Ou! Your Love" Girls' Glee, '48-'51, Horticulture Club, '51, Co-C-Hi,'51, F. B. L. A.,'5l,Stamp Club, '5l. JACK ARNOLD "cull Me Mme," RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50-'51, News Salesman, '50-'51, El Ec, de Es- pana, '50-'51, Mike Club, '47. IUNE Beckett "I Ge: A Kick our Of You" Girls' Glee, '48-'49, Choir, '51, Skating Club, '50, News Salesman, '50-'51, JOHN MORELLI MATTLER "Beware My Foolish Heart" Football, '48-'50, Letter, '49-'50, Track '48-'49, Lettetmen's Club, '51, Color Day Committee, '51, Senior Party Committee, '51, Outing Committee, '51, Stamp Club, '47. ' J' M "1 x JUNE BRENDELL "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" Girls' Glee, '48, Art Appreciation, '50- 'Sl. JOHN N. FRANKE "Hey Good Lookin' " Mike Club, '48-'50, Tennis Squad, '49-'50 RUTH NOBLE "The Object of My Affection" Toastmistress No. 2, '48-'49, Library Club, '48-'49, Vice President, '49, Art Appreciation, '50, Toastmistress No. 1, '49-'51, Distributive Education Club,'50 '51, RED AND BLACK Staff, '50, JACK BINSBACHER "Faubful" Student Council Alternate, '48-'49, Ler- termen's Club, '51, Basketball, '46-'51, Manager,'49-'50, Letter,'49-'50-'50-'51- CAROL M. RUSH "You And Your Beautiful Eyes" F. B. L. A., '50-'51, Central Forum '50 Allied Youth, '49-'51, Senior Girls' Glee '48-'50, Color Day Committee,'51, Bowl- ing Club, '50, Senior Outing Committee, '51, E1 ECO de Espana, '50, RED AND BLACK Staff, '51, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '5l. SAM VENTIMIGLIA "Hot Rod Race" Football, '48, Student Council Represen- tative, '50-'51, Student Council Treas- urer,'51, Student Council Alger-nate '49, Stamp and Bond Salesman, '49-'50, Sen- ior Boys' Glee Club, '47, Central-Aires, '51- MARY ANNE VICKERS "Lovely Lady" Student Council, '48-'50, Secretary,'50, News Editor, '50, Co-C-Hi. '48-'51, Toastmistress,'49, F. B. L. A., '51, Al- lied Youth, '51, Little Theater, '50-'51, Owls, '48, Band, '48-'49. DAN WELLMAN "Danny Boy" Football, '48-'49, Letter, '48-'49, Swim- ming Team, '49-'51, Letter, '49-'51, Dis- tributive Education Club, '51, President '51, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50, News Salesmnn,'49-'51, Boys' Glee Club '47- ,JUANITA LOUISE BUSCHEN "May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You" Skating Club, '48-'49, Co-C-Hi, '48-'51, Color Day Committee, New Senior Party Committee. JIM STIFFLER "Swing! Brother, Swing!" Student Council, '47, Choir, '51, Foot- ball, '47-'48, Track, '50-'51, Art Ap- preciation, '49, F. B. L. A., '47. June l95l PEGGY THOMPSON "Lucky Lucky Lucky Me" Library Club, '48, Allied Youth, '49-'51 F. B. L. A., '49-'51, Bowling Club, '50 :Sig RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50- 5 HERMAN BELTER "Tbe Song Is You" NORMA BALSMAN "Elmef's Tune" Bowling Club, '49-'51, President, '49 Secretary, '50, Letter, '51, Allied Youth '48-'51, Secretary, 'SO-'51, F. B. L. A. '49-'51, President, '50-'51, Color Day Committee. DONALD VAUGHN "I'll See You Again" Quit School GLORIA ANN HORTON "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" Cheerleader, '49-'51, Captain, '51, Let- ter, '50, News Staff, '49-'51, Editorial Board, '50-'51, Student Council Alternate '48, Senior Girls' Glee, '50, Choir, '50- '51, Co-C-Hi, '50-'51, Little Theater, '50-'51, Central Forum, '48, F. B. L. A. '50-'51, Prom Committee, '51, New Sen- ior Party Committee, '50, Senior Outing Committee, '51, Color Day Committee, '51, Library Club, '47-'48, Skating Club '47-'48, El Eco de Espana, '50-'SL June I95I JIM LUMIA "The Nearness Of You" Toastmasters, '48: Student Council, '50 '51 DARLENE M. RUTLEDGE "l'm Going To Love Thai Guy" Toastmistress No. Z, '49, Bowling Club, '49, G. A. A., '48. KENNETH SCOTT "I Can't Believe Yau're In Love With Me" Library Club, '48-'51, Football, '48-'49 Track, '49g Mike Club, '49, JOYCE LAVERNE RECKERT "Hello, My Baby" G. A. A., '48-'49, choir, '49-'51, Bind, '49. THOMAS MORRISON "I Remember the Conlfieldsu Student Council, '50-'51. if 1 up s Kms? is I ::. eff. ' kilt' Q ff 2 fjgki f fy V ig JW? , ' , we 1 ff sf ' 1,3-Q-g.,' N. , . ..--5:-3: gi fail. ' mfrgkiek , gg K QM ga 3 ..7,, L, ,, W gf, ' , 42.2217 issge X., Q., NT sf LEONA MACKLER "Take Me Out To Tbe Ball Game" Girls' Glee, '48-'49gTonstmist.ress Club No. 2, '48, Central Forum, '49, G. A. A. '48-'51, Letter, '49g Pin, '50, Captainof Referees, Owls, '48-'49, Lamps, '50, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47-'5O. AL HEDRICK "Fine And Dandy" RUBY BALLARD "Something To Remember You By" News Staff, '50, Art Appreciation, '51. HERB KADOWAKI "No Sad Songs F01 Me" Mike Club, '49-'50, Vice President, '505 Pen Pals, '49-'51, Committee of Twen- ty, '50-'51, Secretary, '51. HELEN LOUISE IURGENSMEYER "Of Tbee I Sing" CARL ROBERT HICKS "On the Little Big Hom" Band, '47-'50, Allied Yo-uh, '48-'49 siming Club,'4B-'51, Library club, '51. LOUISE SPRIGGS "Every Little Breeze Seems To Whis- per Louise" Senior Girls' Glee, '48-'51, Letter, '50, Co-C-Hi, '49-'51, Horticulture, '50-'51, F. B. L. A., '49-'51, Hi-Lo-Ets,'5l. DALE J. ORRICK "Blues, Stay Away From Me" Basketball, '48-'51, Letter, '49-'51, Leg. termen's Club, '51, President, '51, Stu- dent Council, '50, Prom Committee, '51, Color Dly Committee, '51. Louisa ELSIE souocvs "ae My Love" G. A. A., '48-'49, Chevron, '49, Girls' Glee, '49, Choir, '49-'51, Letter, '51, Senior Party Committee, '51. ROBERT G. HATHAWAY "Time On My Hands" Distributive Education Club, '50-'51. Baseball, 'so-451. June I95l CARL EY IUANITA COX "lf There ls Someone Louelier Than You" G. A. A., '47-'48, Tumbling, '48, Stu- dent Council, '50-'51, F. B. L. A., '51, Girls' Glee Club, '5l. EDWARD PATZER "Be Happy Go Lucky" RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47, Allied Youth, '48, Golf Club, '47-'50. JOHANNA SAMPSON "Strange And Sweet" RED AND BLACK snesmm, '48, Mike- Movie Club, '48, Choir, '49-'50, Letter, '50, Central Forum, '49-'50, Hi-Lo-Ets, '50, Little Tbelter, '50, Tvlsmimess No. 2, '50, Disttrbutive Education '51. RICHARD HANRAHAN "All The Things You Are" Basketball, '48-'51, Letters, '50-'51, Student Council, '50, Lettermen's Club, '51, Golf Club, '48, Letter, '48, Commit- tee of Twenty, '50-'51, Vice President, '51, Little Thenter, '50-'51, Horticul- ture Club, '49-'51, Vice President, '49, President, '50, Pen Puls, '50, Secre- tary, '50, Allied Youth, '51, Tuck, '50, Boys' Glee Club, '47-'49. ELLIE DOLLINS "Someone To Watch Ouer Me" Co-C-Hi, '48-'50, Secretary, '49, Vice President, '49-'50, Toastmistress No. 2, '48, Toastmistress No. 1, '49, G. A. A., '47-'49, Choir, '48, Distributive Ed- ucation Club, '5l. June 1951 RICHARD ALLEN STRINNI "just One Of Those Things" Student Council, '51, Lettermen's Club, '51, Basketball, '48-'51, Track, '48-'50. CAROL RHODES "Lady Pompadouf' Skating Club, '48, Girls' Glee, '48, C0- C-I'Ii, '49"51. GENE SLOAN "l Love Tbe Way You Say Goodnight" Swimming Team, '49-'51, Letter, '49-'51 Captain, '50-'51, Track, '49-'51, Letter, '49-'51, Toastmasters, '49-'51, Commit- tee of Twenty, '49-'51, Choir, '48- '51, Letter, '49-'50, Boys' Glee Club, '49-'51, Student Council, '50-'51, Skating Club, 148-'49, Letter, '49, Lettermen's Club, 51. LOUISE CHUNG "Small Fry' ' Co-C-I-Ii, '50-'51, Toastmistress, '48-'49, Student Council, '47, Owls, '47. FRANCIS SCHOO "LucH2st Mm ln The World" if Avila. .1 ,V VIRGINIA LEE DUNGAN "You're Deutzslalingn G. A. A., '48, President, '48, Co-C-Hi, '49, Toastmistress, '48, Spanish Club, '50, Vice President, Treasurer, '50, Pet Pals, '50, RED AND BLACK Staff, '50, Girls' Glee, '48, Owls, '49, Lamps, '51 SYLVESTER REICH "I Guess l'll Have To Dream The Rest Toastmasters, '48, Football, '50, Lette men's Club, '51, Student Council, '51. MARY HELEN PERKINS "Watt For Me" Pen Pals, '48-'49, El Eco de Espana, '49-'50, Art Appreciation, '51, RED ANI BLACK Staff, '50. RONALD CONROY "Bell Bottom Trousers" Entered the Navy. ELVA j. KOLOCOTRONIS "'St. Louis Woman" G. A. A., '48, Spanish Club, '50-'51, Se retary, '50, President, '51, News Soles man, '51, Calor Day Committee, '51, Sen ior Girls Glee, '49-'51. JAMES W. RIEBELING "Lover" Swimming Team, '48-'51, Captain, '48- 'S1gLettennen's Club, '5l,Ma1e Chorus '49, Toastmasters, '48, Art Appreciat- ion Club, '50-'51, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50-'51. GLADYS LACKEY "l'rn A Big Girl Now" Band, '49-'51, Letter, '50, Stripe, 'Sli G. A. A., '47-'51, Preaident, '49, Cbev- ron, '49, Student Council, '51, F. B. L. A., '50-'51, Art Appreciation, '51, Tum- bling Club, '49. LAWRENCE DUNN "Handsome Stranger" D. E. Club, '50-'51- BETTY JANE FLOTRON "It Had To Be You" Horticulture Club, '49-'51, Secretary, '50-'51, Choir, '50-'51, Girls' Glee, '48-'sog Student Council Alternate, '49- '505 Skating Club, '47. FRED F RISCHMAN 'Tbere Will Never Be Another You" Basketball, '49-'51, Letters, '49-'50-'50 '51, Baseball, '50-'51, Letter, '50-'51, Lettermen's Club, '51. Q W ii ? Q 'g'2. -5 . -1 " ' viii? will A 1-?'f 3522253 1 ,, .rw A , T311 ,, .1 ,4i, W. June I95l PAT LAWLESS "Ob. Babe" PAUL WILLIAM FRANCIS "I Love Life" Band, '48-'50, Central Forum, '51, Art Appreciation Club, '51. MARION FLOTRON "My Silent Love" Girls' Glee, '48-'49Q Clwil, '50-'51s G A. A., '48, Art Appreciation, '50. RONALD FARRELL "l Dorf! Care If Tbe Sun Dorr't S J. JUNE GRAHAM "Girl Of My Dreams" G. A. A., '47-'48, bins" June l95I CLEM HOUSAM "Pm a Redwingu Track, '48-'50, I-eller, '48-'49-'50s BIS!- ball, '48-'50, Letter, '48-'49"50S FUN ' ball, '47-'50, Letter, '47-'48-'49-'50: A1- lied Youth, '48-'499 Library Club, '47 ' '49, Lettermen's Club, '51, Basketball , '47-'48. IRENE CARROL ROSSE "Bright Eyes" G. A. A., '47-'48, Library Club, '47-'48 F. B. L. A., '49-'5lg Allied Youth, '49- 'SOQ Choir, '51g Girls' Glee Club, '48- '49g Senior Party Committee, '50- EDWARD P. DOBBS "I Warn! What I Want When I Want lt" Committee of Twenty, '48g Student Coun- cil, '51, RED AMD BLACK Salesman, '50i News Sa1esman,'50. BARBARA JEAN CAPSTICK "Remember Me In Your Dreams" Choir, '49-'51, G. A. A., '49-'51, Secre- tary, 'SOQ Vice President, 'Sly Tumbling '49"515 Art Appreciation, '50- EDDIE JOE DUCKWORTH "The Call Of The Wild Goose" Band, '48-'49, Toastmasters, '50. .ng JULIA GAMBER "Zingl When The Strings Of My Heart" Toastmistress No.2, '49, Toastmistress Nc. 1, '50-'51, Co-C-Hi, '49, Library Club, '48-'SUQ Art Appreciation, '50, News Salesman, '49-'50, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '50-'51. LESTER LAHMAN IR. "To Think You'ue Chosen Me" Student Council, '48, Toastmasters, '48 -'495 Committee of Twenty, '48-'SIQREI AND BLACK Salesman, '48. PATRICIA ROBIN "Oh Patricia My Darling Patricia" ROBERT WILLIAM PETRIE "How Many Hearts Have You Broken" Committee of Twenty, '48-'51, Student Council. '48-'50, News Staff, '50-'S15 Art Appreciation Club, 'SO. BETTY C. STOUT "Too Fat Polka" LEO NARENS "Prisoner Of Love" Distributive Education Club, '51. DOROTHY LOUISE BRADEN "Stars In My Eyes" Band, '49-'51, Letter, '50, Stripe, '51, Tolstmistress No. 2, '49-'50, Tonstmis- tress No. 1, '50-'51, Co-C-Hi, '50-'51. ROBERT HENSLEE "One Of The Roving Kind" RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47, Allied Youth, '48, Skating Club, '47-'48, Tennis '49, News Salesman, '47, Central Aires '50-'51, Boys' Glee, '48-'51. MARYLEA BROWN "Please Don't Talk About Me When l'n Gone" Skating Club,'48, F. B. L. A.,'50, News Salesman, 'SL RICHARD L. COSTELLO "Open The Door Richard" Camera Club, '49-'51, Toastmasters, '50-'51, Golf Club, '49-'50, Allied Youth, '48, June l95I EVELYN ROZANSKI "Ennbraceahle You" Choir, '49, Co-C-Hi, '50-'51, President, '51, Allied Youth, Central Forum, '48- '51, President, '50, F. B. L. A., '50- '51, President, '5O,Little Theatre Group, '50-'51, Bowling, '50, Student Council, '49-'5l,Girls Glee,'48, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '49, New Senior Party Com- mittee, Senior Outing Committee, Color Day Committee. JERRY MCCABE "In The Land Of Make Believe" Track, '51, Distributive Education Club, '50-'51. NORMA ENOS "Bright Eyes" G. A. A., '48-'49, Choir, '47-'49, Mike Club, '48-'51. WAYNE MAURICE HARRY "l'm just A Sentimental Fool" HAZEL SPIRES 'That Red Head Gal" Distributive Education, '50"51. June l9.5I NORMAN F. CLEMENTS "Somebody Loves Me" Student Council Altemate,'50-'51, Band '49-'50, Toastmasters No. 2, '49, Band, '48-'49, Horticulture Club, '50, News Salesman, '-18. CAROLE DIETZEL "Dark Eyes" Choir, '48-'49, Girls' Glee, '48-'49, G. A. A., '48. ROBERT MATTEONI ' 'Sp agbettl Rag" Baseball, '48-'49, Letter, '49-'49, Foot- ball, '50, Letter, '50. GEORGIA GUNTER "Georgia On My Mind" G. A. A. '47, Roller Skating, '48, Dis- ttibutive Education, '50, Pen Pals, '50, Girla Glee, '481Ch0ir, '50, Art Appreci- ation, '49, F. B. L. A.,'51, News Sales- man, 51. KENNETH WILLIAM FIX "A Mm Ain't A-Nolbin' But A Wolf" Horticulture Club, '50-'51, Distributive giucatron Club, '50-'51, Allied Youth, ROSE MARIE RATZ "Only A Rose" Central Knitters, '47-'48, Toastmistress No. 2, '49-'50, Co-C-Hi, '50, News Ty- ' pist, '50, Art Appreciation, 'S1. DARL DEVINNEY "The Radiance In Your Eyes" Golf Club, '50, Student Council, '47. IOANNE ENGELN "Beautiful Brown Eyes" Football Queen, '50, Toastmistress No. 2, '48-'49, President, '49, Toastmistress No. l,'49-'51, Co-C-Hi, '48-'51, Student Council, '49-'51, Little Theater, '49- '51, President, '50-'51, Allied Youth, '50-'51, Distributive Education Club, '50-'51, Band, '48-'50, Letter, '49-'50, News Staff, '48-'51, Aaaociate Editor, '49, Editor, '50, Co-Chairman of Editor- inl Board, '51, El Eco de Espana, '50, G. A. A., '47, Color Day Committee. DONALD ST. GEORGE "My Hero" Football, '47-'50, Letter, '49-'sm Track '49-'51, Letter, '50-'51, Allied Youth, '49, Vice President, '49, Lettermen's Club, '5l. AGATHA J. KOLOCOTRONIS "lIus1 Cml't Do Enough For You Baby' Knitters' Club, '48, Girls' Glee Club, '47-'50, Distributive Education Club, '50-'51. TONY SCOTINO "Lazy Bones" , Glee Club, '48- 50, Distributive Educa- tion, '50-'51, Att Appreciation, '51, Li- brary Club, '49, THELMA McCULLOUGH "You're just In Love" Summer School Candidate. LAWRENCE RADICK "My Hem! Cries For You" PALMA JACKSON "I Hate to Lose You" Quit School. NORMAN COSTLEY "You Were Meant For Me" Footbal1,'48-'50, Letter, '49, Track, '48 '50, Letter, '49, Captain, '49-'50, Let- Y ter, 49, Captain, '49-'50, Lettermen's Club, 'S1. June I95l DOLORES MARY SONCASIE "The Night Is Youn And You'fe So Beautiluf' Girls' Glee, '48, Allied Youth, '49-'51, Central Forum, '49-'51, Vice President '50, F. B. L. A., '50-'51, Camera Club, '50, GENE TIBBLES "Jeanie Witb The Ligbt Brown Hair" Boys' Glee Club, '47-'48, Choir, '49-'50 Letter, '50, Science Fair Club, '48, Cen- tral Aires, '50-'51, Bowling Club, '49. IRIS HEMAN "So Long" Transferred to Cleveland. JOHN MURRAY "Temptation" Distributive Education Club, '50-'SL L EN ZIE COX "Dream Lover" Quit School: .lnnn l95I ROSE ANN HAVENER "Such ls My Love" Central Forum, '49g Choir, '49-'51, Ska- ting Club, '48-493 Library Club, '49, Art Appreciation Club, '49-'50g Allied Youth '50-'51, Distributive Education, '51g Hi- Lo-Ets, 'SL WILLIAM GEORGE TAMALIS "He's just My Bill" Student Council, 'SOQ Blnd,'4B-'S0gStlmp Club, '47-'48, Committee of Twenty,'48. DAVID HARRIS "Sing, You Sinners" Library Club, '49-'503 Letter, '50g Toast- masters Club, '49-'50: Photography Club 50. CONARD NICHOLS G. I. Diploma. Alumni Initiation Pledge At the invitation of Mr. Alexander, the President of the Alumni Association has, since January, 1947, inducted the members of the graduating class into the association immediately after they receive their diplomas by administering to them the following ALUMNI PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 1, John Smith, a graduate of Central High School, pledge allegiance to the ideals and pres- tige of my Alma Mater, past, present, and to come: I will defend her dignity and reputation through joy and sorrow, through calm and strife, through prosperity and tribulation as long as I live. BOB MATTOX, IR "Laughing At Life' Track, 'SOQ Horticulture, '47- ARLUE RIEBLING ' 'Sophisticated Lady RAY MAYFIELD "Dream Lover" Distributive Education Club, Uentral High Mothers' Ulub OFFICERS OF MOTHERS' President MRS. WINKLER 4147 Pleasant Vice-President MRS. F. STEINKAMP 8538 Parklane Secretary MRS. OLIVER RIEBELING 4015 N. 23rd Sr. CLUB OFFICERS OF TI-IE PATRONS President MR. JOHN WALDHOF 2811a St. Louis Ave. Vice-President MR. H. W. BREDENKAMP 4467 Holly Ave. I Secretary MRS. ELMER SIEKMANN 31 16a Iowa Treasurer Treasurer MRS. B.L. HOLLINGSWORTH MRS. IRMA BUSCHE 1835 N. 9th St. 2539 Dodier Hostess MRS. GEORGE WINDLEY 3520 N. 14th Sc. on ra fufa fiona enior of 1951 mmonii Jewelrg lgumpnny 3. 5. .. lfgluss Plflings -Tins -Glmeduls -'Trophies SUITE 529 ARCADE BLDG. VEGETABLE DEPT. MEAT DEPT. Joe Cafonzaro Larry Boyle St.Louis' Finest Fruit Cities Finest Display and Vegetables of Fresh Meats CALIFORNIA MARKET 4358 WARNE AVE. We specialize in Largest Variety Fancy Fruit Baskets Oleomargarine 81 Cheesa WE DELIVER EVERGREEN 8607 Developing . Printing . Enlarging Norside Photo Shop woo NORTH GRAND BLVD. Phone, LUc:s 9725 Cameras . Films . Photo Supplies Speedy Sandwich Shop Open All Nite 3519 NATURAL BRIDGE GOOD LUCK TO CENTRAL HIGH Den1pSeY'S Compliments of Home-Made Candy and Ice Cream Sandwu-hes Otto E5 .Ioe's Shoe Store STOP IN AFTER THE SHOW 3618 NORTH GRAND BLVD. South of Natural Bridge 2615 North 14th Street CHcsInu! 1307 GLENN PRESCRIPTION STORE GRAND 8: ST. LOUIS AVENUE DRUGS AND PRESCRIPTIONS ONLY JE 4360 FREE DELIVERY Watch and jewelry Repairing . . . . . . Gifts That Last TOWER JEWELRY COMPANY 2132-54 E. Grand Ave. Cliestnut 05 24 You will find anything you wan: af GOOD LUCK THE WHITE HOUSE CONFECTIONERY 1-0 "MOM" PEGGY WATSON 2627 Palm St. FR 9426 H. W. Srhrum Howard H. W. Srhum COMPLIMENTS OF Prescription Druggists A Grand and Natural Bridge FRIEND SI. LOUIS. MISSOURI I'R.1I1IrIIn 671 I Complimems Weber-Deibel Motor Co. 2555 NORTH GRAND BLVD. NEwstead 1322 MULLANPHY FLORISTS 3700 CARTER Cliestnut 5322 FLOWERS FOR ALL PURPOSES FOR CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS MUSIC, MUSICAL ACCESSORIES SEE ST. LOUIS BAND INSTRUMENT CO., INC. 918 Olive St. CE 1618 Most Complete Radio Service In N orth St. Louis Phones: GA 6352 Auto Sets CH 5096 Installed FOURTEENTH STREET RADIO CO. SALES AND SERVICE RADIOS - TELEVISION 1403 SALISBURY Member World Wide Cash or PHILCO SERVICE Terms GOODWIN Proprietors MOSS IT BEST WISHES PAYS FROM A TO CENTRAL HIGH BOOSTER PLAY JUI-'E,S MAYFAIR CLEANER I 1922 N. Vandevencer 3605 NO. BROADWAY FR 1022 The House of Wedding Rings 9xul1u1,2 9 fl 6 Compliments X JEWELER 3524 NORTH GRAND at Hebert of Authorized Dealers HAMILTON Longines-Wltfnuuor Bulova Watches A FRIEND Recognized as the leading Quality Jewelers in North St. Louis Since 1933 ldvi 'III' Groups pf: 'Ti mm, -4' ,MW 245 4 as ow 5.222 X . GROUP 1 Mrs. E. Ross and Mrs. F. J. Krebs First Row: A. Jezlk, M. Tasch, C. Em- Second erson, M. Mayberry, J. Bal- lard, S. Allen, D. Rios, E. Boatwrtqhf. Flow: M. Ries, E. Wilkerson, B. Dennis, J. Wenzel, N. Cole, S. Gower, B. Harrell. Third Row: K. Price, J. Pollock, J.Hle- Row 1: bellnq, A. Berger, M. Stan - ton, GROUP 2 Mr. Vcrtrees E.Carlten, J.Huelskclmp, D. Gep- harf, M, Elmer, M. Wagner, R. Bowder, J. Becker, M. Campbell. Row 2: J. Alford, D. Francois, F. Bono, Row 3: Row l Flow 2: Row 3: Flow l: Flow 2: Row 3: E. Shepherd, H. Masters, M.Bels R. Borthlck, M. Alyea. Mr. Vertrens, J. Fears, B. Mere curio, P. Hoffman, D. Wllbarn. GROUP 3 Miss Dickmnn J.Buschen, W. Horwafh, M.Samp- son, F. James, K. Sumpter, E. Flozanskl, D. Flowers, K. Sand- cork. T. Block, W. Henry, D. Efherfon, E. Ransom, J. Ferguson, P. De- Vfnney, S. Ladda. B. Standing, D. Trimble, R. Lun- ham, J. Kershner. GROUP 4 Miss Doyle B. Flotron, J. Allison, T. Doyel, P. Watson, M. Brown, L. Mackler C. Cook, P. Jackson. T. Slms, R. Farrell., D. Bogdan, B. Brantley, H. Howards, P.Wler S. Hudglns, L. Sprlqqs. J. Blnsbacher, F. Frlschman, H. Belfer, A. Hedrick, D. Bevfoden L. Cox. GROUP 5 Miss Schroeder Row 1: B. Newsham, S. Neske, R. Dohr- Row 2: ma.nn, B. Hyde, S. Bushmann, E. Marrah, S. Dozler, D. Thompson. Ft. Davis, L. Anderson, E. Flan- kln, J. Eurdek, P. Hughes, E. Dolllns, J. Rutchmann, D.Welch. Row 3: F. Schoo, W. Tamalls, F. Uhle, K. Raymer, B. Johannlnqmeler, E. crumb, E. Doqqen. GROUP 6 Mr. Hicks How 1: L. Dunn, M. Akers, I. Farmer, E. Flow 2' Flow 3 Row 4' Row l Flow 2 Blnqaman, N. Enos, D. Flowers, M. Moeller, J. McCormick. l.. Rose, B. Harrison, V. Reed, M. Plqq, C. Main, C. Lelmberq, Fi.4Urban, B. Buerqln. A. Hoppe, N. Ilqes, R. Bruce, B. smqer, w. clmre, D. Mitchell, F. Staqer. G. Hines, J. Norsh, J. West, H. J. Hicks, S. Britton, B. Hearst, C. Hardin. GROUP 7 Miss Amend P. Forsythe, M. Flo!ron,J. Beith I. Harwell, C. Fthades, B. David, S. Rudloif, J. Rhodes. R. Havener, D. Raytleld, M.P1nz, R. Llccxvolt, E. Marks, R. Calvert M, K ,W Advi. 'or Groups E. Boyd. Row 3: B. Mathews, W. Stumbauqh,M.Mor- gan. GROUP 8 Miss Knoemschild Flow l: A. Nagel, Fl. Saunders, B. Koqut, xi, Q C. Dletzel, P. Currie, S. Tum- qulst, C. Donaldson, D. Pryor. Row 2: F. Lohr, M. Hearst, N. Johnson, C. Rush, R. Matthews, N. Tate, S. Moss, D. Brown. Row 3: B. Richards, L. Hogan, H. Llp- pert, H. Gatermann, D. Clssell, 1. Watkins, C. Miller. ,.f Jn M.-1 1. is s ,sk 1' maya, 4' 1 A 1. 'ls bt. -W-....,,, tw.. N M : , I ' , ow my . 1 ,, X 1 or in ' , '59 4 ,wx X , x, Li , Advi 'ory Group' Row 1 Flow 2 GROUP 9 Mr. Kim : N. Parker, G. Prater, P. Wilson, F. Gill, B. Capstlck, E. Patzer F. Hodqe, A. Miller. : R. Swetname, S. Remiszewskl, L. Narens, R. Schnur, J. Tay - lor, H. Johnson, R. Ballard, S. Jackels. Row 3: J. Barton, C. Lavender, B. Hat!-n away, J. Blok, J. Koerper, H. Splnk. Flow 41 Fl. R. Klrn, E. Mllllqan, D. Mar- Row 1: Flow 2: Row 3: Row 1. Row 2: Row 3: Flow l Row 2 tln, B. Baker. GROUP 10 Miss Timmons D. Kofron, V. Prewltt, M. Somo- qye, N. Walters, M. Acree, G. Horton, J. Fleckert, S. Matthews. D. Ballell, C. Welcher, H. Mc- Donald, S. Ackereon, N. Hibblts, J. Kasnell, E. Huqhee, P. Well. L. Lahman, E. Brock, F. Ayers, N. Clements, T. Szarzynnkl, J . Emerson, N. Angell. GROUP 11 Miss Lowry L.Guenther,B. Kenda1l,N. Moore, V. Grisham, C. Davie, S. Dan - iels, G. Leesemcm, A. Coppedqe. L.. Chaney, B. Hubba, J. McClel- lan, H. Jurqensmeyer, M. Maneas J. Llplna, G. Bennett. L. Choate, D. Harris, N. Gallln , Fl. Doqqeii, I. Laskowltz, H. Tackaberry. GROUP 12 Miss Sprague J. Dahmer, J. Graham, J. Swlndle S. Robbins, D. Trlqq, N. McNew, J. Martin, J. Flamstlne. C. Simmons, Fi. Strlnnl, Fl. Gan- non, B. Weidenhafl, E. Dobbs, D. Miller, A. Anderson, B. Hose. Row 3: W. Baker, B. Cooper. Howl Row 2 GROUP 13 Mr. Tennis :N. King, L. Moll, s. smnh,D. An- derson, G. Urban, L. Debert, M. Klelne, G. Tail. :P. Gallyoun, D. Werle, J. Rimini S. Sanders, M. Buckley, l. Sleber! W. Dickenson, C. Dellenbach. Row 3: Mr. Tennis, L. Dunn, G. McCabe, Flowl Row 2 Row 3: How 1: How 2 Flaw 3: Flow 1 F. Eacott, J. Wesi. GROUP 14 Mr. Modesin A. Borisuk, C. Schae1fer,E. Dau- ney, H. Splres, A. Lupo, J. Thwe- att, P. Weber, E. Wlcka. R. Sanders, J. Keathley, K.Sm1th, P. Masschelln, D. Flyqelskl,M.Ha- qebusch, B.S1out. C. C. Modeslti,1. Frlqc, E. Klely, J. Nsske, J. Waller, C. Sims. GROUP 15 Miss Friedman K. MacDonald, E. Hughes, Y. Flschbach, L. Fllst, N. Allen, C. Noonan, J. Hall, V. Georqle. P. Francis, M. Krull, M. Casey, v. 139111, J. Knobelack, M. Gunn, G. Lackey. B. Thompson, J. Donaldson, I. Henson, J. Purkewlcz, W. Buff- lnqlon, T. Gunn, J. Sumpter, K. Lajucn. GROUP 16 Miss Kramer H. Ellis, c. Kon-rm, B. combi- anchl, A. Heflln, H. Jackaon,V. DuBois, V. Tripp, V. Daniel. Flow 2: C. Kreuzer, A. Plllmcm, P. Far- Row 3 Row 4 rls, D. Richardson, S. Suermann L. Williams, D. Decker, A.Wr1qht G. Griffith, L. Heilln, J. Sclar- ratta, C, Taylor, G. Creahan, A. Ehlens, D. Parks. P. O'Mara, A. Constantin, Mins Kramer, S. Fitzgerald. 0 'Qi Advi 'or, Group 'or Groups How 1: Row Z' Row 3: Flow 4: Flow 5: How l: Flow 2: Row 3: Row 1. Flow 2 Flow 3 How 4: GROUP 17 Mr. Prelutsky and Miss B. Ross C. Thompson, E. Sumner, R. Mol kenbur, M. Combs, H. Harris, M. Stone, 1. Sampson, T. Briqullc J. Crlbbs, F. Munzer, J. Stlif- ler, F. Wlenholi, D. Braden, S. Hurst, V. Pumphrey, P. Thomp- son. G. Wunderllch, G. Murdock, G. Heyermann, B. Brown, V. Ut- nage, S. Ray, M. Jackels. B. Keppel, W. Skidmore, B. Swow, E. Bushmann, A. Holl- lnq. Mr. Prelutsky, K. Anqel1,W.De- Prender, J. Lukltsch. GROUP 18 Mr. Martyr N. Balsmon, E. Skaggs, Fi. Feni- more, S. Mlller, G. Randleman, Fl. Taech, J. Richards, D. Borth- lck. J. B0zz1,M. rum., L. Leong, D. Dorenhamp, J. Mackey, D. Rutledge, D. Wlleon. E. Gozo, D. Orrick, Mr. Martyr, D. Smlth, G. Hatrle,C.Burcham, E . Huett. GROUP 19 Mis s Soecltniclt C. Cox, M. Gardner, M. Vickers, J. Bennett, V. Nugent, J. Ben- well, G. Ancona, S. TaYlor. J.Goudy, B. l-lalez, C. Lueble, K. Leonard, V. Stonvort, S. Ble- rl, C. Dement, R. Fllley. z A. smnh, B. smuh, 1. Lunar., J. McAllister, J. Rudolph, Fl. Klsslr. c. Juenqsz, K. Fu, J. Meyer. GROUP 20 Mr. Chapman Flow 1: B. Fruqacz, L. Somoqye, M. Row 2: Granzow, I. Hosea, B. Perkins, J. Schroeder, V. Fix, B.'Tumer. B. Walton, H. McCracken, M. Comer, M. Hose, B. Garvey,M. Moore, M. Voderberq. Flow 3: E. E, Chapman, L. Luqershau- sen, Fl. O'Flourke, L. Haenchen, V. Thomas, M. Madonna, J. Bus- by, A. Durr. GROUP 21 Mr. Von Lehsten Row 1: M. Perkins, G. Belderbeck, B. Horlnu, D. Dees, P.,Leonard, D. Price, D. Muuller, T. File- bellnq. Row 2: W. Olsten, J. Arnold, E. Pcxtzer How Flow 1 P. Schreiber, D. Brown, D. Eus- sell, E. Zahner, A. Caronclno, S. Duft. 3: Fi. Hortoq, B. Henslee, P. Lc- Flom, D. Sheeran, E. Comp, R. Duruskl, Fi. Meyer, J. Koerper. GROUP 22 Mr. Gundlach : M. Brewer, S.Doh1-endorl, W.Lec C. Lundck, D. Sulllvcn, S. Stal- cey, B. Cromer, S. Cunnlnqhcm. Row 2: L. Fiyqelskl, L Krall, G. Per- zo n, D. Soncaele, P. Lawless, S. Dundon, D. Trout, S. Wins - tecxd. How 31 D. Wellman, I. Wudlnqer, F.Peor- Row 4 Row 1: Flow 2: Flow 1: How 2: Row 3: son, P. Longley, C. Lehr, S. vemrmlqlm. : G. Tlbbles, F. Baumann. GROUP 23 Mr. Masson D. Prlnqle, G. Johnson, P. Rob- xn, E. Vance, F. Mitchell, D. Grisham, M. Prusuczyk, J. P11- Cher. W. Frerlchs, W. Hotz, D. St. George, A. Sltzwohl, B. Smith, E. Murray, J. Enqeln. GROUP 24 Miss Marine M. Bon, M. Worley, E. Webb, E. Flelds, S. Kilgore, J. Mcxlnster, P. Feckter, S. Best. P. Russnoqle, D. Boker, M.Wat- s0n,,J. Scoii, A.Gr-lhclrn, D. Gill D. Bueckendoef. B. Selley, V. Feiqenbutz, P. Jusso, G. Barnes, M. Scuqllone C. Mllllqun, R. Nelbert. an r air 3 wif' is qv P -ur, ldvi ory Group A. Q .awww ,QL 'au if 'ski' .V Jw. sm: -we-..., Advrory Group Wllg S ir 7' Q , 4. 0 W ff? . , .,.fef1.2t J . 1, . A f Y . ' ..,.l . .Lg ' in .1 . '91 fait 1 -Q- gz 'N . v basal'- Row Row Row Row 4 Flow 1: Row 2: Row 3: GROUP 25 Miss Martini A. Vega, E. Ratkowskl, B. Sabo M. Leong, S. Holden, B. Stod- dard, M. Henthome, M. Mazurek. G. Hankinl, L. Mllllqan, M. Braw- ley, A. Rios, M. Taylor, V. Dun- gan, l. Wilson, T. Thornton. H. Kadowaki, W. Peah, G. Mann, K. Kortum, R. Ratz, J. Stelzer, G. Bulttnqton, Fl. Combs. A. Enea, I. Garrett, R. Costello, B. Ashworth. GROUP 26 Mr. Carlisle E. Mattox, G. Yakel, I. Murray, R. Rath, Ft. Mayfield, K. Scott, D. Stuart, G. Sloan. C. Pendleton, T. Palos, G.Dll- per, R. Frecbersyser, L.. Ra- dlck, J. Mattler, J. Brltton. J. Palmer, H. Lemke, R. Adler, B. Jones, R. Hickl, R. Allen, J. Bulby. GROUP 27 Mrs. Finley Row 1: S. Capetick, G. McCormick, D. Flow Watson, P. Callahan, N. Hoque D. Skewes, Fl. Coley, L. Chung. 2: R. Mattingly, R. Petrie, S. Sut- ton, A. Porter, J. Davis, D. Harris, M. Swlrxdell, C. Combs. Flow 3: B. Hlvely,M. Shafar,E. Ttemann Row l B. Matteonl, J. Murphy, B. Brum mel, T. Block C. E. Finley. GROUP 28 Mr. Bockelbrink ' J. Pllcher, R. Noble, D. Wach- ter, J. Sctuccto, I.. Boyd, R. Heacox, M. Bolla, S. Palmer. Row 2: B. Davis, B. Davin, R. Stemptcl Row 3 E. Gravett, R. Spradltnq, M. Ca- pone, B. DeV1nney. 1 F. Pluctatta, S. Reich, J. Moore C. Houlam, J. Gambnr, H. Brant ley. C. Shone. Flow 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row l Row 2: Flow 3 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: GROUP 29 Miss Beck P. Combs, D. Becker, 1. Pohl, T. Enters, E. Hancock, M. Mor- nn, R. Becker, 1. Phnup.. P. Gutzler, M. Thornhill, R. Hetdemonn, S. Martin, J. Debert W. Heidemann, P. Buckley, J. Lumla. B. Mullin, M.Lobdell, H.Stronq M. Henthorne, N. Sczchowskl., P. Vitale, M. Whttlon, D. Mtrth. GROUP 30 Mr. Powell D. Frlschrnan, G. Chrlstlan, S. Sapp, D. Thompson, M. Kirk- hcxrt, M. Glazebrook, M. De- Poult, D. Hermena, A. Moyer. J. Oberts, N. Masters, J. Mot- thews, J. Waltman, T. Scotlno. D. Byrd, T. Sutton, B. .Toslnskl D. Vouqhn GROUP 3 1 Miss Colesrock R. Combs, R. Kclel1n,B. Whitney M. Noslken, E. Russell, V. Gar- adonna, V. Pyott, M. Vitale. M. Garner, V. Cooper, S. Gard- ner, W. Sutton, S. Holt, D.Ph1.n- ney, J. Howard, B. Haywood. , E. Gunner, K. Wetteroth, J. Be- noist, D. Tettenhorst, H. Skid- more, D. Webster, B. Walden. GROUP 0 CFALLJ Mr. Christensen B. Suofford, M. Carncxhan,E. Naly, B. Sutton, J. Gonskl, D. Henson, M. Konsswlcz, S. Farrell. A. Farmer, W. Harry, B. Petty , EI. Jetton, D. Timmormann, L. Lcziterty. F. Northcutt, J.Ta1bert Fi. Mlchall, B. Hubert, Fl. Kon- sewtcz, F. Smith, T. Morrison. W.. -off M... 'MP' Advi ary Group -Ol la.. l 'A ,f -1 A rs .1 ldvi ory Group GROUP OQSPRINGJ Mr. Christensen Row 1: W. Eeegle, Fl. Archambo, J. Gor- Row 2: ski, J. Bonds, P. Bolwell, M. Konsewlcz, S. Smith. J. Deaom, sa. Penny, K. Nunn, L. Lafferiy, J. White, S. Schlue- Cer, A. Newbold. How 3: W. Beagle, T. Morrison, W. Har- ry, T. Welch, D. Hopmann, V. Caronclno, A. Marshewa. Row 4: R. Rupplean, D. Vogel, H. Rab- Fiow l' How 2' Flow Flow Flow How Row bln s, D. Fannon. GROUP F-l CFALLJ Mr. Bradburn H. McKover, H. Swlerk, M. Stretch, E. Gray, N. Ross, M. Hughes, J. Czarnecki, D.Waech- ter. A. Ehlers, M.Mlles,G. Penning- ton, P. Carollo, D. Trimble, C. Bell, N. Pierce, J. Brlnkman. 3: G. Wood, D. Roberts, I. Walt- man, J. Jackson, B. Debert, A. Lewis P. Smith, B. Holt. 4: l. Deering, J. Barren, S. Dom- broskl, E. Tebbenhcff, T. Car- roll, J. Gunn, J. Rutledge, J. Ruichmann. F 2 CFALLQ Mr. Markland 1: I. Mirth, J. Errett, C. Lemp, E. McNulty, M, Kern, J. Myers, P. Kiel, S. Lueckerath. 2: S. Ceppel, P. Ham1lion,V. Svc- buda, L. Brown, J. Saba, E. Bell, B. Huelner, B. Parker. 3: P. Lawson, E. Buschen, D. Flelds, E. McGulrt, B.Luck!sch O. Hearing, J. Hennlcke, H. Cheney, G. Couch. Flow 4. L. Molldund, V. Elund, G.Krull, Flow Row Row Flow N. Oliante, Fl. Schulte, G. Knopp. F3 CF ALLJ Miss Miller lt M. Bellagamba, S. Fingers, N. Bell, D. Canirellv J. Sadler, T. Guwlak, B. Munn, D. Wicks. 2: S. Ward, G. Stlnnett, D. Pierce J. Pervorse, B. Everett, C. Smith, R.Al1lscn, S. Hopkins. 3: C. Harper, M. Byers, D. Taber, B. Dogqeti, P. Reagan, W.Gross 4: R.Suermann, K. Frayne, D. Kelley, J. Hogue, T. Hoslord, B. Miller. Flow Row Flow Row How Flow Row 3' Row 4, Row l Row 2 Row 3' Row 4' Flaw 1 Row 2 Row 3 How 4 1: G. F 4fFALLJ Miss Pierce 1: M. Mcvey, J. Allen, K. Burke, J. Adams, Fl. ECIXET, B. Mat- hews, G. Mell, Fi. Klnney. 2: M. cmadock, o. Klnq, M. o'- Mquey, C. Dowlmq, c. Pul- mero, M. cundm, rs. Jones, S. Bfxldcuf. 3: E. Schulze, M. Weaver, M. Park er, L. Dressler, A. Stroud, P. McBride, M. Marchlewski, P. Fields. 4: O. Surtln, J. Thorp, T. Dierz- bickl, P. Mercurlo, G. Tullock J. Crowe, Miss Pierce, H. Wln- ter, L. Thcrvuls. GROUP F-5 QFALLJ Mr. Rudy Kruse,S. Cannon,N. Eronsky, P. Price, H. Pape, N. McGown, J. Bowlsby, L. Chrum. 2: J. Benwell, J. Frerlchs, O.Arm- Huong, D.Dombrosk1, C.Wyat1, C.Farrell,H. Knapp, D. Phlnney K. Steqrlll, M. Gorskl, N. Trick- ey, V. Kupfer, M. Herzlnq, G. Brown, D. Fisher, J . Gonzo. B. Follln, 1. Noel, Mr. Rudy, H. Hertweck, L. Rlebellnq, H.Sla- ten, J. Llndsey, J. Monterosso, L. Couch. GROUP F-6 QFALLJ Miss Schlutius J. O'Connor, W. Burkhardt, L. Whitney, M. Whlie, K. Wray, N. Richmond, K.Taylor, J. Tail. L. Fiemlszewshl, M. Nessel, M. Pilqer, M. Brooks, K. Mikus, H. Neely, G. Bennett. Fl. Owens, E. Arcobasso, J.Lew- ls, E. Jones, S. Wllleford, M. Schmitz, P. Holmes, E. Ramsey. G. Herkenholf, J. Louis, N. Wan. qer, B. Halford, Fl.Mar'shal1, M. Gro1h,M1ss Schlutlus, B. Floti- mann. F-7 fFALLj Miss Schonhorsr J. Williams, J. Nilms, J. Cannon F. Blass, P. sph-lk, M. Urban, N. Graf. J. Thomas. :R. Panosh, P. Mitchell, J. Shelf ton, K. Sparks, C. Blake,V.File- fle, L. Crlbbs, J. Sturdy,B.Judd J. Woli, S. Schroer, Fl. Chusman, E. Erwin, Y. Broyles, M. Link, Sanders. J. Bailey, L.Med1ey, J.Wlll1ams, J. Johnson, M. Weaver,B. Benner Moore D. J. Advisory Group is HW A if 3 i .M O vw X .4 . 3 rv Q .,.fr1"j5,,5js Nw f' f 'R f My GROUP F-1 CSPRINGJ Mr. Bradburn VM .Www-" " Row l: B. Horvuth D. Sandor: J. 'WWYWN Eyre, B. iialbrook, J. Jlonnl V A. Patterson. 7 X Row 2: M.Duv1l, C.Pltzcr, L. Vlhlto- ,wamh ' ' '39 hnad, E. Edwards, T. Chal- , X tain, P. Munno. I Row 3: R. Bomorilo, R. Taylor, J. McCullan, B. Folwcrcxny, v-- - M. Hill, R. Bnrczynlkl. F-2 qsivnmcm Mr. Mu-klnnd Row 1: J. Draper, I. Koqut, B. Cooper, B. Dels, G. Jewell, M. Mont- qomery, H. BHNCK. Pow 2: E. Hill, C. Smith, E. Brown, D. Bashom, C. Sluner, G. Moslert A. Plqq. Row 3: R. Flltz, C. MOYQUUUG. Schmldn, Mr. Marklund, Y.'Sml!h, A. Du- ruskl, K. Patterson, P. Mlnzes. F-3 ISPRINGB Miss Miller H w 1: W. Vlmke, T. Holden, B. Monroe, M, Petri, B. Llndsny, J. Held- bwder, S. Tcbers. in-W Q: Luaushmfmn,1..Dume1,H.Bea- well, C. Flimlqmqfh D, Poole, L. mfmqhcw, S. Bresley. 1- W 1: 1 . Penmnqmm, Fa. splzmlllenm. Hmmmann, J. Mqness, H.Kenney 3. cnwzhqm, 1. Thon-murqh. F-4 QSPRINGJ Miss Pierce How l: E. lirunk, D, Vlnyurd, L. Clar- idge, P. Duggan, D. Doyle, R. Tlifistein, J. Wacker. Raw .Zz ii. Faison, D. Wilson, J. Brown, Wool, J. Schwab, S. Watson, A. Dennis. Hnw 31 Miss P1err:e,'T'. kxickel, R. Duv- is, J. Evers, B. Gmqq. F-S QSPRINGD Miss Schluxius Flow 1: smuh, L. Luliue, P. spury, mmnrmy, L. Thcmqs, J. Woods, M. Powers. E':w 2:E. Q'Connor, H. Mcfvlenemy, L. Fxrtkner, D. Gray, C. McDan- xll, F. Lewnllen, M. Stem. W 3: I.. Taylor, L. Sullivan, V. Hrockmun, P. Schumacher, L. Y1yton,D, .lones,J.5arile1d. ABSENTE ES GROUP A Row 1: J. Mania, E. Kukle, A. Lewin T. Brlqulio, E. Kolocotronll, M. Hodqo, D. Rlynold. Flow 2: M. Currlon, B. Campbell, M. Tux-ploy, J. Madcull, F.Hor- zoq, V. Mouser, G. Gunter. ABSEN TEES GROUP B Row l: M. Council, A. Mcmno, J. Lupe, P. Wolterhold,W.Eruy Row 2: R. Cnopsri B. McCormack , R. Conroy, J. Wlercluk, J. Moynthan. ABSENTEES GROUP C Row l: Earl Brown, Lucnle Saqulo, Joyce Schmitt, Raymond Konnewlcz Advi ory Groups Wm. a :nun-nn ,Q "st, M- . . . 1- -1 l 8 ..,,, IM., . E .avi GERMAN YOUTH INSPIRES PUPILS On Friday, November 10, Central was privileged to have-'as its guest Wolfgang Barnhardt, a young lad from Germany, who was present at the ringing of the Fredom Bell. Wolfgang is.sixteen years old, the eldest of seven children, and the son of a doctor. The blue-eyed youth, in a stir- ring message from West Berlin to the people of the United States, told of the circumstances and con- ditions in.Germany today. "Peo- ple who say unpleasant things to- ward communism just disappear and are never heard of again," Wolfgang related. His whole message was based upon this verse from the Bible: "Stand fast therefore in the lib- erty where with Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." Wolfgang, a junior in the Kant School in Western Germany, will return to his home about the mid- dle of December. When asked by your correspondent if he had any message he would like to leave with 'Central students, he replied, "Let us fight together against Communism and establish the free Way of Life everywhere in the world." STEVE FITZGERALD WINS MARIK AWARD The most important. coveted and cherished award given at Cen- tral High, the Clifford Marik tro- phy, was awarded to Steve Fitz- gerald at the Graduation Exer- cises, January 24. It is awarded on the basis of academic quali- ties, athletic zeal, leadership and good citizenship. Steve is very friendly and well liked by everyone. He stands 5' 91f2" tall, weighs 150 pounds, has deep blue eyes and brown hair, and possesses a magnetic person- ality. He belonged to the Toast- masters Club No. 1, is afpast president of the Student Council, treasurer of the Senior Class, and Central's "Prom" reporter. He lettered two times in football, twice in track and once in bas- ketball. When asked for a state- ment, Steve replied. "I was the most surprised fellow attending the graduation. In fact, I was downright speechless." A speaker at one of the past graduations was heard to say: "I would rather win the Clifford Marik award than be president of the United States." The award is given once a year to one boy in thu aaniru- nlauu A Page nl Clippings from Tllll EWS BERLE AWARD CREATED Dr. A. A, Berle, Sr., who now resides in New York City, has addressed a letter to the Board of Education offering S500 to be deposited in a trust fund with provisions, honoring Miss Lillian Heltzell. The interest is to be used annually for an appropriate prize to be awarded to "the rank- ing scholar," here at Central. Dr. Berle writes, "Many years ago at the Peabody School I had a classmate, a Miss Lillian Helt- zell, who was the best scholar in class, and whom I greatly ad- mired forbher scholarship. A few years ago I met her again at the home of another classmate, Mr. James M. Breekenridge, of 5098 Westminster Place." Miss Heltzell became a teacher of Latin at Central High School, and randcrfgi her Past service here at Central. She took a leave of absence on January 31, 1938. She returned to service on a few occasions. Her death came Sep- tember 9, 1941. Mr, Alexander and a committee of teachers announce that, after the Board of Education and Mr. Berle work out the final details, there will be awarded annually at the June Commencement a solid gold key made up with the em- blem of the Central High School Ring. This will be known as the A. A. Berle Award. KOGUT WINS ELKS AWARD Betty Kogut has won the Elk's Outstanding Y o u th Leadership Award for the city of St. Louis There were thirty-two contestants from schools in and around St. Louis. The contest was sponsored by the B. P, 0. E. of St. Louis. Betty Kogut and Steve Fitz- gerald were chosen to represent Central by a committee of teach- ers. Each contestant submitted a 300 word statement su-mrnarizing school and community activities. a photo of himself, and clippings from newspapers of any of his achievements. Parents were requested to write a 200 word letter concerning the contestants family life. Three people, not related, were asked, also, to write letters about the contestant's character. The winners names were an- nounced at a dinner held for the contestants, at Elk's Lodge, March 24, 1951. Betty, who received a S100 bond, is now entered in the state finals. The winner of 'this will be entered in the National Finals. Alumni Pass Resolution At its meeting, February 14, celebrating the ninety-eighth anni- versary of the founding of the school, the alumni of Central High unanimously passed a reso- lution "to take care of the pres- ent school housing emergency without disturbing Central until it has been provided a new build- ing of its own." The 15,000 grad- uates of Central High were asked to petition and "strongly urge" the Board of Education not to take any action to change the school's status in the resolution? The resolution noted that Central. founded February 11, 1853, is the oldest public high school west of the Mississippi. The following were elected offi- cers for the new year: Robert R. Biggar, presidentg Henry W. Simp- son, Hans Wulff, Louis B. Wack- man, vice-presidents, Joseph D. Brumm, treasurerg Mrs. Margaret M. Palermo, recording secretary: Mrs. Estelle Byrne, corresponding secretaryg Vest Davis, faculty rep- resentative, On October 27, 1950, lMr. Haw- kins, social studies teacher at Cen- tral for the past six years, retired. He had taught in the St. Louis schools for thirty years. On Sep- tember 14, 1920, lMr. Hawkins be- gan his teaching career at McKin- ley. From there he went to Cleve- land, where he taught for twenty- two years before coming to Cen- tral in 1944. Recently, Mr. Haw- kins purchased a farm home in western Missouri, twenty-five miles from Kansas City. He will raise vegetables, and Some NSS and chickens, sufficient for his needs. Speaking of Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Alexander stated, "I shall partic- ularly remember the success of the Hawkins' conducted tours to Jef- ferson Civ." Central s Enrollment, 'This Term, 1002 Central's enrollment for this term is 1002- as compared with 1073 last term. There are 447 boys and 555 girls. The 2's are first with 216, while the 4's are second with 150. The l's and 6's are tied for third place with 132. The 8's are fourth with 117. Term Boys Girls Total 1 ........ . 65 67 132 2 ..... ....... 6 8 128 216 3 ..... ...... 3 8 53 91 4 ..... ...... 6 7 83 150 5 ...., .... . . 42 57 99 6 ..... ..,... 6 2 70 132 7 .. ., 26 39 65 8 ..... ....., 5 9 58 117 .Uv rn- 1mm Central Whips Cleveland. 41-36 Central looked superb as she sank her fifth straight opponent in league competition, Cleveland, 41-36, and became owners of the Public High Swim Championship. This is the flrst swim champion- ship since 1912 for Central, but it's not to be the last. The meat opened with a disputed start, as only one Central swimmer swam in the 40-yd. free style, Pollock, who took third. In the 100-yd, breast stroke, Borthick finished second and Bushmann, fourth. Russnogle remained undefeated for the season as he won the 200-yd. free style, and Wellman finished fourth. Sloan came in second and MacDonald fourth in 'the 100-yd. back stroke. In the 100-yd. free style, Barton finished third and Skewes, fourth. At this point of the meet the chances of Central's winning were pretty low because the score read, Cleveland 33, Central 13. Then came the spark that caused burning deter- mination to flame in the hearts of Central's swimmers. A late change in the schedule put Charlie Pen- dleton in the individual medley, and few thought he would even place, but he overcame the two leading ' Cleveland swimmers in the last laps and finished second to Ce'ntral"s Bruce. Then it was time for the divers to do their part, and do it they did. Kendall took first and Czarnecki, third, to add more points to Central's col- umn. With only two races left, it was do or die for Central. In the medley relay, Sloan, Borthick and Riebling swam their different strokes to pound out a first place. Then, there it was, win the free style relay or lose the champion- ship. But Central was too close to the title and had worked too long and hard to lose t here with only one race left. so the free style relay team got to work and won, the heroes being Bruce, Bar- ton, Russnogle and Riebling. At this point few words can describe the feelinglof the Central team as they kissed and hugged one an- other in happiness. Coach DeFilio was tossed into the pool and found himself being hugged by so inauy of his champs that he fought to stay on top of water. Central had defeated Beaumont the week before by a similar score. Many of the team's return- ing swimmers believe they can retain the title next year with the backing of the student body. Mr. Walter Williams, manager of the Public High League, pre- sented the swimming trophy td Mr. Alexander and Coach De Filio during the recent Aud session held in honor of the swimming team. oRG,gNlzAT,loNs Row 1 Row Flow Row Row : M. Erawley, R. Noble, M. Per- RED AND BLACK STAFF Sponsor: Mr. Davis klns, A. Moyer, B. Koqut,D. Flowers, V. Dunqan, N. Mc- New, L. Milligan. NEWS STAFF Sponsor: Mr. Gundlnch M. Vickers, J. Enqeln,G.Mann, F. Gill. B. Keppel, V. Thomas, J. Lu- kitsch, G. Horton, R. Petrie, J. Davis. G. Hankins, J.Al1lnon,H,CQmbg M. Elmer, J. Kassell. N. Cole, M. Hovath, D. Orrick, L. Haenchen, P. Flllbrlqht, D. Richardson, R. Llcavoll, G. Mc- Cormick, J. Massa, M. Carrlere, G. Heuermann, M. Watson, Ft. O'Rourke, S. Gower, E. E. Chapman, B. Mathews, D.Ftlos S. Rudloff. COMMITTEE OF TWENTY Sponsor: Mr. Christensen Row li E. Dobbs, L. Lohman, G. But- Row Row Row Pow Flow 3' Flow F-tow 1: ftnqton, B. Buerqln, R. Petrie, M. Noelken, R. Borthlck, G. Sloan. 2: J. Garrett, C. Pendleton, G. Murdock, H. Kadcwakl, E. Ran- som, H. Bruce, B. Brock. 3: G. Wunderllch, J. Busby, D. Tettenhorst. CO-C-HI Sponsor: Miss Dickmsn L. Chung, B. Turner, J. Scl- accxo, M. Prusaczyk, G. Hor- ton, B. Koqul, J. Ballard, K. Sumpter, J. Rhodes, C. Rhodes C. Emerson. M. Glczebrook, S. Rudlofi, F. Munzer, L. Deben, J. Kqsseu, B. Newsham, D. Brown, E. Boatwrtqht, D. Thornpson,E. Rozanskl. B. Garvey, P. Watson, N. Cale D. Kofron, F. Gill, V. Dunqan, Leon-1rd,N. McNew, P. Mey- er, D. Flowers. J. Enqeln, J. Davis, J. Burdek, S. Daniels, M. A. E-Ullman, Kleine, R. Tasch, D. Grlshclm, N. Haque. : D. Braden, C. Tells-bcxch, P. r1..'mrnf..,',,x. Ph'-ltu,V.l1mwl' w,.1,.mw, r.z. vt-'U t, 1. iiwir - .ut-, M. Ak.-rs, l'.Mc'.'ulltfu1h, N. HH mfs, H.m1.n.s,C. rzreu lrfr, D. Hussr-ll, M. Prnquuz, Z1 :.1t.rk5,c1. Mfcuwmxck, M. Hose, V. Eusuhon, G. Huslrmnnn, J. RED AND BLACK STAFF FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Editor-in-Chic Class Editors A-?6l?I?Ini?0BLE EE'1'1Y KOCl,UT I-AURA MU-UGAN MARY HELEN PERKINS DOLORES FLOWERS A- MOYER Associate Editor LAURA MILLIGAN CARQLINE RUSH PEGGY WATSON VIRGINIA DUNGAN MIL-FON NOEI-KEN MILDRED BRAWLEY A hl v Ed- t etzc Ltors Liter S uso, Club Editors ROBERT Asrrwomu MRW5 DAVIS NORMA MCNEW MAURINE LOBDELL RCBE MARIE CALVERT School T,-easy,-er MR. RCBS HOERNER FIRST TERM THE NEWS STAFF SECOND TERM Editorial Board Gloria I-lorton Frieda Gill Gerald Mann C0'F1hm1e" Co-Literary Editors Co-Feature Editors Ffleds Glu Gloria Horton Io Anne Engeln I IO Anne Engeln Robert petria Mary Anne Vickers Glona Horton Thelma McCullough Associate Editors Sports Editor Ioyce Davis Ioe Lukitsch Thelma McCullough Bill Keppel SPO!!! 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Alllson, N. McNew, J. Bal.- lard, N. Trlckey, B. Judd, B. Jones, B. Hyde, H. McKeever, P. Weber. : R. Combs, D. Brown, C. Cox, J. Kassell, E. Marks, M. El- mer, M. Kleine, J. Lumla, P. Callahan. : D. Meyer, T.Morrlson, B. Doq' qelt, C. Lavender, S. Ventlm- lqlla, L. Leong, J. Enqeln, M Watson. 5: N. Wanqer, R. Hanrahan, J. Moore, W. Eufflnqton, G. Mann, C. Pendleton, E. Knapp. STUDENT coimcu. fsvkmcy Sponsor: Miss Friedmsn l: J. Woods, A. Dennis, J. Bal- lard, P. Leonard, S. Venti- mlqlla, M. Elmer, D. B0l'!h1Cl G. Urban, P. Weber. 2: E. Flozanskl, V. Grisham, S. Jackels, M. Worley, G. Lac- key, E. Marks, G. S1oan,D. Grisham, B. Koqul. 3: R. Borrhlck, J. Klllson. E. Pennlnqraih, T. Morrison, J. Davis, M. Hose, J. Kassell. 4: G. Griffith, D. Orrick, R.Cos- rello, S. Reich, C. Morqan, E. Bushrnann, J. Lumla. LAMPS Sponsor: Miss Martini Row 1: Betty Komn, Peggy Watson, Jerxnlenfr Bullard, Vlrqlnlu Dunqan, Joan Alllson, Dor- othy Rlchcrrdscm. Flow 2:Mlllan Noelkln, Melvn Hen- Row Row Flow Raw rsr, Mary Mlmess, Juck rams- bqfher, .lvmlce KQSSQ11, H- llznleth Marks. OWLS Sponsor: Miss Mudni l: J. Ballard, G. Flandleman, J. Myers, B. Jones,M. Samp- -nn, S. Bushmann, M. Bella- Qcmbu' S. Cunningham, Fl. Dohnuann. 2: G. Christian, V. Grisham, M. Elmer, B. Praqac1,A.Wrlqht J. Huelnkamp, P. Forsvthe P. Watson. 3: R. Heideman, R. Buerqln,L. Guenther, G. Kruse, V. Svo- boda, M. Hearst, M. Ries, B. Halford, N. Hlbbltts. 4: J. James. C. Pendleion, B . Ashworth, F. Peavson, H. Skidmore, N. Clements. ude rganintion SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS VII Klefier, Dorls Meyer, Dolores Moeller, Marcella Rudolph, Joan 'VI ClE!sl7 Gill, Frieda Kogut , Betty V IIE!-S I! Akers, Marie Allison, loan Rogers, Patricia IV uE!sl9 Becker, Joyce Leler, Katherine M0351 Elizabeth Munzer, Frances III "Ee" Btnsbacher, Jack Bufflngton, William Callahan, Patricia Kreuzer, Clara Louise Leong, Mabel Maness, Mary Noelken Milton Scharr, Patsy II lKE!S!l Ballard, Jeanlene Brawley, Mildred SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS-JANUARY, VIII "Els " Moeller, Marcella CIEISDI Gill, Frleda Kogut, Betty VI KIEYS 9, Akers, Marie Allison, .loan V CIEDSU Callahan, Patricia Kreuzer, Clara Louise Noelken, Mllton Richardson, Dorothy III Ballard, Jeanlene Dungan, Vlrglnla Hearst, Melva Kassell, Janice Watson, Peggy II IGEDS il Bushmann, Shirley Cunningham, Shirley Doggett, Robert Elmer, Mary ll "E's" cont. Hlbbits, Nancy J etton, Eileen Randleman, Geraldine Ries, Mary -JUNE, 1950 Farmer, Iola Grisham, Vera Hearst, Melva James, Joe Watson, Peggy I HE!! Buergln, Robert Clements, Norman Dohrmann, Ruth Forsythe, Patricia Guenther, Larry Hemmersmeler, Ray Hlbblts, Nancy I-luelskamp, Joan Jetton, Eileen Ries, Mary Skidmore, Harold Wright, Ann 1951 I MED! Ashworth, Bill Bellagamba, Marte Buckley, Marlene Chrlstlan, Garntta Combs, Marte Halford, Betty Heldemann, Robert Jones, Bonnie Kruse, Glorla Mathews, Bessie Myers, Doris Myers, Jacqueline Pearson, Fred Pendleton, Charles Pragacz, Bernlce Sampson, Marilyn Svoboaa, Vlrqlnla no ie 4, nv 4.1 ,,, , 4, .. W .f if ffl '58 L: ng? ,sv ,, oy'--.- Mun i-'...1-. 1.. Q' .Lev-ui Row l: SENIOR BAND Sponsor: Mr. Mnsson G. Lackey, E. Jetton, D. Bra- den, D. Grlsham, D. Harris, T. Doyel, S. Stalcup, J. Hen' nett, C. Emerson, M. Hearst, L. Boyd. Row 2: M. Brawley, H. McCracken, Flow 3 Flow 4 Flow Row Flow 3 Row Row 5 How 5 Row Row Row 3 Flow 4 How 5 How How 7 How How How Flow Flow 3: B. Camp, W. Heldemann, M. Watson, S. Gower, V. Reed, C. Taylor. J. Keathley, D. Brown, L.. Dunn W. Clarke, L. Chaney, E. Mur- ray, B. Benner. J. Jackson, M. Alyeo, J. Boz- zl, H. Slaten, O. Sullln, D. Roberts, T. Rlebellnq. CHOIR Sponsor: Miss Hanks P. Jackson, D. Flowers, C. Kreuzer, F. Munzer, R. Dog- qett, J. Ballard, D. Henson S. Gulttar, E. Boatwrlqht. R. Calvert, R. Molkenbur, D. Trlqq, G. Horton, M. Stone, B. Koqut, M. Flotron, J. Rec- kert, G. Stutllebean, D. Bort- hlck. D. Grisham, V. Tripp, L. Laf- ferty, S. Wlnstead, P. Watson, 1. Wilson, L. Debert, S. Doh- rendorf, B. Newsham, L. So- moqye, E. Capstlck. G. Sloan, E. Jetton, D. Rus - sell, B. Plotron, G. Gunter, E. Marks, B. Garvey, N. Cole, E. Downey, R. Havener. G. Diaper, C. Juenqst, L. Cox, C. Houscxm, P. Hussnoqle, E. Doggett, R. Borthlck, A. Hlos. Ft. Smlth, K. Leonard, G. Tib- hles, T. Sutton,T. Gunn,J.Mc- All1ster,A.Constont1n, K.Ray- mer, J. Franke, J. James. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Sponsor: Miss Hanks M. Vltale, M. Henthorne, M. Konsewlez, S. Neske, S. Bush- mann, B. Hyde, J. Becker, G. Taft, E. Kolocotronls. J. Pllcher, S. Best, J. Hall, V. Georgie, C. Kortum, M. Kleine, M. Sampson, G. Leeseman, H . Heacox. L.. Sprlqqs, S. l-ludq1ns,W.L,ee, B.Swofford,C.Dav1s,C.Schael ' fer, I. Wilson, C. Thompson, M. Somoqye, N. Allen, G. Urban, B. Perkins. M. Voderberq, N. Moore, N.Tote V. Grisham, F. Jomes, G. John- son, M. Marlin, B. Haywood, J. Benwell, D. Wachter. L. Moll, C. Rush, A. Pillmun, B. Praqacz, M. Whltson, H. Combs, D. Gill, P. Gutzler, D. Watson, J. Dahmer, P. Far- rle, D. Welch. A. Lupo, E. Rankin, H. Brant- ley, L. Fiist, W. Dickenson, E. Huqhes,B.DeVlnney,D. Bueck- enclorf, M. Bott, B. Whitney, B. Zohner, S. Kilgore. S. Sutton, V. Utnaqe, D. Myers, A. Kolocotronls, M. Garner, N. Johnson, V. Jlvlden, P. Flll- brlght, K. McDonald, B.Hubbs , M.Krull, N.Szychowsk1, S. Holt V. Stonvort. MALE CHORUS Sponsor: Miss Hanks J. Barton, E. Webb, G. Sloan, H. Borthlck, H. Farrell, D. Skewes, P. Mosschelln, D.Do- renkamp. 2: H. Heidemann, T. Sims, P. RUSSUOQ1e, A. Hedrl::k,C. Lav- ender, M. Shafer, K. Ftaymer, A. Farmer. J. James, J. Laskowttz, F. Frlshman, I.. Cox, G. Chrum, D. Francois, A. Constantin, B. henslee. C. Juenqst, G. Dlsper, F. Bau- mann, K. Wetteroth, H. Dog- qett, N. Costley. B. Hearst, C. Hardin, W. Henry, B. Mercur1o,G. Tlbbles, T. Sut- ton, D. Garner. BAND MR. K. J. MASSON, Director Student Director ...... .. ...... . ................. .,,,,, JOE BOZZI Librarian .. .... .... .... BILL E. CAMP Equipment Manager ..,. LARRY CHANEY Secretary ................ ,, MARY JANE WATSON Treasurer .. .... .. .... SHIRLEY GOWER Drum Major .. .... .... .... . ..............THELMA DOYEL FLUTES: Harold McCracken, Nancy Graf. CLARINETS: Dorothy Braden, Gladys Lacke D ' G ' h y, ons us am, Joyce Bennett, Charlene Emerson, Melva Hearst,Louise Boyd, Terry Hosford, Ida Deering, Gloria Wood, Earline Erwin. SAXOPI-IONESg Wm. Heidemann, Bill E. Camp, Geraldine: Barfield. HORNS: Mary J. Watson,Shir- ley Gower, Dan Rygelski, Shirley Cappel. CORNETS: joe Bozzi, Harry Slaten , Robert Huett, Tom Riebellng, Paul Caroli. TROMBONES: Dolores Brown, Will- iam Clarke, Luther Dunn, Peg y Hamilton, Alice Stroud. BARITONES: Mary Al- yea, Harvey Jackson. TUBA: Yernon Reed, Max Mayberr . PERCUSSION: Larry Chaney, Robert Richards, Bill Benner, Patsy Fields, Bill Schulze. CHOIR MISS HANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM BOB DOGGETT ...... ...... . .. ..... President ..........GERALD DISPER JEANIENE BALLARD... ..... Vice-President .. .... RICH BORTHICK GENE DOGGETT . ..... Secretary BETTY KOGUT FRANCES MUNZER .. ...... . .... Treasurer .. .... PHIL RUSSNOGLE SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MISS HANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM SHIRLEY WEBB .. .... ..... President . .... . MARY SOMOGYE PEGGY KLINE .. .... .... . . .... .... Q Vice-President MARTHA GARNER SHIRLEY BUSHMANN .. Secretary-Treasurer SHARON HUGGINS MALE CHORUS MISS HANKS, Sponsor This Club had no Officers. CENTRAL FORUM Sponsor: Miss Doyle Row 1: G. Hunklns, P. Vurqo,D. Brown N. Hoque, D. Grisham, S. Nes- ke, K. Sumpler, E. Flozanskl. Flow 2: E. Ransom, D. Baker, Fl.Lun- hom, P. Flllbrlqht, l. Hemcrn, C. Hush, D. Soncclsie. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsors: Mr. Prelutslry and Mr. Svoboda Flow 1: L. Cox, P. Russnoqle, E. Grif- fith, D. Baker.. G. Buiilnqton, E. Buerqin, T. Hosford, J. Mut- thews. Row 2: B. Cooper, R. Coszello, H. Ga- lermann, Fl. Durnskl, R. Bruce, J. Wolfman, E. Harrison. EL Eco DE ESPANA KFALLJ Spon sort Miss Kramer Flow 1: M. Acres-, G. Horton, J. Ar- nold, G. Stufflebeun, F. Mun- rer, H. Koqur, M. sums, 1. Harwell. PQW 2: 1. Hnqeln, C. Hush, C. merr- wr, D, Russell, s. Ackersrm, I.Sw1ndle,S.Suermfxnn, l..Wll' Mums. now 3: 5. Mnfrvmmld, M. Prqq, Mrss Krurmrr. EL ECO DE ESPANA fSPRINGJ Sponsor: Miss Kramer Flow l: .l. Swmrilrs, M. Acres, N. E- MS, V. Dunqmr, G. Smurf-- rmn, B. rcoqua, E. Kel...-fs tronls. Row 2: T. Palcs, J, Arnold, M. P1-111, K. Macljcwnnld, CT. Kreuzor, D. Russell, D. Flirshnrflsnn , Mrss Kmmrfr. ude Irganizations LETTERMEN'S CLUB MR. DE FILIO, Sponsor President ......... .... DALE ORRICK Vice-President GENE BUSHMANN Secretary .... ........... DON MIRTH Treasurer ........ .... . .. STEVE FITZGERALD Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,, DAN WELLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB MR. PRELUTSKY and MR. SVOBODA, Sponsors OFFICERS President . .... . .... .... . .......... BOB COOPER Vice-President . .... BOB BRUCE Treasurer ..... ....... B OB DURASKI EL ECO DE ESPANA MISS KRAMER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM BETTY KOGUT . .... President .... ....ELVA KOLOCOTRONIS JACK ARNOLD .... ......... Vice-President .... .... . BETTY KOGUT FRANCES MUNZER .... .... ...... .... S e Creldry . .... . ...... .. GLORIA STUFFLEBEAN GLORIA STUFFLEBEAN Treasurer VIRGINIA DUNGAN .-1. ar. .tud TOASTMISTRESS NO. 1 Sponsor: Miss Miller Row 1: G. Heuermunn, J. Enqeln, D. Row 2: Flow 3: Flow 4: Fxowers, F. Gill, v. Dunqqn, B. Kogut. M. Horvcxih, F. Munzer, B.Brown D.Gr1shum, L.. M1111qm1,M.Brsw- ley, E. Jetton, D. Braden, J. Rutchmcxnn, E. Noble, M. Akers. I. Farmer, L. Debert, N. Cole, J. Bullard, D. Dees, N. Haque, D. Thompson, P. Leonard, N. McNew, G. Tuff. J. Gumber, J. Kassell, J. Swln- dle, N. Hlbbits, M. Hose. TOASTMISTRESS NO. 2 Sponsor: Miss Miller Row 1: R. Kuelln, D. Gill, D. Kofron, How 2: Row 3: V.Grlshum, I. Wllson,E.Murks. P. Guizler, B. Pruqccz, J. HBH' nett, S. Gciwer, A. Plllmcm, G. McCormlck, A. Anderson, D. Rlchcrdson, C. Dellenbuch, C. Demeni. C. Kreuzer, M. Muness, L. Laf- ferty, J. Davis, J. Burdek, S. Hudloff, M. Prusqczyk, M. E1- mer, M. L.obdell,G. Lessemcn, C. Duvls, M. Worley, M. Hint- horne. TOASTMASTLRS NO. 1 Flow lz How 4: Sponsor: Mr. Davis H.AllPn, F.S1cxqer,D.Hf1kP1', J. Gum-zz, H.S1f:qvr, Mr. Duv- ls. C. Pendlelwrn, H. Swvtnum, H. Crvste-lln, T. Sutton, Str-ve Fitzgerald, J. Fr-rqusrm, R. Tlenmmn, J. Ke-athley,G.Slocn. TOASTMASTERS NO. 2 Sponsor: Mr. Davis Row 1: H. McDonald, L. Guenther, B. Buerqln, G. Bufflnqton, R.Lcm- hum, B. Baker, J. Howard. Flow 2: J. Purkewlcz, T. Pollock, E. Hueti, P. Fiussnoqle, E. Mc- Cormack, Mr. Davis. Row 3: B. Walden, E. Klely, J. Blck, E. Selby, P. Jusso, Fl. Klsslr. 0 Urganwations TELESIS JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS NO. 1 MISS MILLER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM MILDRED BRAWLEY ...... ........, P resident .... THELMA MCCULLOUGH LAURA MILLIGAN .. Vice-President .... GLORIA HANKINS DORISH GRISHAM ......SeCreldry .. .... . LENORE DEBERT DONA RIOS .... Treasurer . .... ..GEANIENE BALLARD TELESIS JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS NO. 2 MISS MILLER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM AUDREY PILLMAN ......................Presidenl MAURENE LOBDELL GERALDINE McCORMICK...... Vice-President .... .... . .. MARY MANESS JOYCE DAVIS .. ........ .... . .... Secretary .......BESSIE HYDE ALICE ANDERSON .......Treasurer .........PAT GUTZLER JUNIOR TOASTMASTERS NO. 1 MR. DAVIS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM DONALD BAKER ' JIM GARRETT .. FRANK STAGER BRUCE STAGER REX ALLEN Preszdent.. .... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms EUGENE BUSHMANN STEVE FITZGERALD Eos TIEMANN GENE SLOAN CHARLES PENDLETON JUNIOR TOASTMASTERS NO. 2 MR. DAVIS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS RICHARD LANHAM President CHARLES MILLER.. ...... Vice-President JOE POLLOCK . .... Secretary GLEN BUFFINGTON PHIL RUSSNOGLE Treasurer .. U H Sergeant-at-Arms SECOND TERM .. .... .... BILL PETTY ,JAMES PURKEWICZ DON STEINBRUEGGE .. .... . .... . .... JIM LEWIS N HARLEY Mc DONALD Studen I PEN PALS Sponsor: Miss Beck How I: C. Svlfxrlelisrr, P. Lurwrxrrd, V. Eofxtwrxqht, J. E-xllurxi, K. s-.mmf-r, v. Gnorqw, M. sf. wr M. Moeller, A. Moyrr. Row 2: N. Vols-, F. Hr-rzrwq, E. Hwy wood, IJ. Tfxsch, M.Vl1'k9rs J. Swindle, In. Grish-'1m,IV. Fwfos I. W xlson. HQW 3: S. Huy, H. nmml.-y, c.m-mr-fx M. Arms, V. 50141, V. rmnspf, cz. Gunlrrr, fs. rrhrxszmq. How 4: M. Gamers, R, Hrmmmfr, .v. Hoidmrmnn, p, j:.,,SS,,,,.,lv, IW, nuker, V. PSM., V. H. 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PEN PALS PEN PALS MISS BECK, Sponsor OFFICERS .... President .. .. SECOND TERM CLEO DEMENT .. ...... RICHARD HANRAHAN CENTRAL BOOK ENDS MRS FORD, sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM .... President .... . .......... .... . . JOAN PILCHER Vice-President .. .... .... . FRANKIE NORTHCUTT Secretary . YVONNE FISCHBACH .. .... Treasurer ....... .. .... ..,. .... N O RMA PARKER HORTICULTURE CLUB MR. HIBBERT, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM President ...... NORMAN GATLIN Vice-President .... .. .... ED KIELY Secretary ' "" SHIRLEY DANIELS Treasurer .. .... JACK BICK 60 Etude LITTLE THEATRE Sponsor: Miss Pierce Row 1: D. Browng D. Grisham, M. Vick- Raw 2: Row 3: ers, J. Ballard, G. Herron, K. Sumpter, E. Fiozanslrl, N.Hogue M. Jackels, C. Mlller, D.Wach- ter, M. Horvaih, G. Siinnett, B. Everet1,P. Reagan. J. Enqe1n,E1. Jetion, H. Hanrn- han. Fl. Doqqeti, H. Lanham, Mlss Pierce. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Sponsors: Mr. Modesitt and Mr. Tennis Flow 1: S. Neske, G. Hor1on,A. Miller, A. veqq, P. 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Mur- ray, Mr. Chapman, K. Fix, T. Block, D. Wellman, li.. Holllnq, E. Duckworth. llrganizations LITTLE THEATER GROUP MISS PIERCE, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JOANN ENGELN .... ...... . President .... . ICANN ENGELN ROBERT DOGGETT .... .. Vice- President RICHARD LANHAM MARY ELLEN JACKELSH.. ..... .SCCTCIGTQI RICHARD LANHAM Treasurer .......GLORIA HORTON ....Cl'IARL ES MILL ER FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA MR. MODESITT and MR. TENNIS, Sponsors F IRS T T E R M EVELYN ROZANSKI ALTA MILLER ...... .... MARL ENE GRANZOW FIRST TERM ALVIN HOPPE .. .... JOE JAMES DOLORES FLOWERS OFFICERS ., ,,,, President .. Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer SECOND TERM .. NORMA BALSMAN MARY ELMER .. .. .. AUDREY PIL LMAN JOYCE DAVIS MIKE CLUB MR. HICKS, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM President JIM WEST . .... . Vice-President . .... Secretary Treasurer ....... .... .. .. .... . ..... MARVIN PIGG MARIE BELLAGAMBA DOLORES BORTHICK DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB MR. CHAPMAN, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JAMES BRITTON ......... President .... . DAN WELLMAN ROBERT MATTEONI ...... .... . Vice-President ..,. PATRICIA VARGO LAWRENCE DUNN .... . Secretary .... LEO NARENS TONY SCOTINO .. .. .... .. Treasurer.. .... .......... C LIFFORD JUENGST ...liv- .- if .L ,.,f j ,ef 1 FLAG MAKERS Sponsor: Min Schroeder N. Balsman, J. Pilcher, D. Sullivan R. Calvert, P. Thompson. M. Alyea , D. Dees, C. Cox, S. Jack- ele, M. Gunn, M. Manels. L. Sprlqqe, M. Bott, D. Gill, D. Bar- thlck, D. Soncaste, S. Kllqore. S. Daniels, J. Schroeder, C. Rulh, B. Turner, R. Riley, S. Mlller M. Ries, S. Gower, C. Dellenbach, J. Stelzer, E. Skaqqu. If..-W 1: -'OWN 2: How J: . . GIRLS' BOWLLNLQ Sponsor: Miss Sprague N. Bqlsmqn, P. 'rh..n.,f:...., M. Elmer, N. Mr:Nr-w, I. Wllswn, S. Bushmur., rf. Knrr-rm, V. zz .- zanskl. E. Blnqamnn, Ln. Knlrnn, 5 Dull, B. H-wwomi, N. G-rrvwr, J. Kqssell, N. Hll'Ab1tIs,Af.Rush, l.. Mllllqfw, l. Llpruu, G. Mr-- flvrmlck, Uornlfs. I.. .irclu-r, T. Hwsr, XA. H1-sr-, K. Lum-furli. ROLLER SKATING Ckl.l7B SP Wow li lf:-w '7- Row J: Flow 4: Row 5: Row 5: onsor: Miss Schonhorsr 11. .m.v.n..1rlm., '1. urn, w, 1 ff- rnhs, mf. wry-V..-., 5.1. fs.-hmnv, J. Errele,:1.Wurd,5.31-lnkin. H. Chrismuu, M. Miles, F. Ml!- chell, W. Ui.-kpnsrar., 'H Russ:- nunle, H. Borthlrk, F. Ll-vw'n.'k J. Thomas. H. MCCV-nckr-n, V. Flumphnw, w xvqpchrf-r, C.. Kmso, r. Mqrvn., v. L,u13C,,,,, ru. L'rmn, A.Wr1qP.!, l. Taylor, J. Sturdy, S. Kxl-4-wry". L. Choate, H. Llppe-rl, A. Hr I- lin, M. Marlin, E. Jurid,P, Spmk 1. Hun, c. Davis, M.swmdG-11. J. Talberi, J. Gonzo, D. West- brook, S. Sutton, M. Boller, I . Anderson, S. Supp, Fi. Knapp, S. Taylor. W. Baker, C. Noonan, V. Svc.- boda, H. Harris, Hi. O'M.xll1-y, T. Hostord, LZ. Vrxwr, S. T ur- rf-11, ljrlrm. CENTRAL KNlTTERS Sponsor: Miss Schonhwrsr Row l: Flow Z: Flow 3: How 4: J. Wllllams, J. Brinkman, A. Heilln, J. Nelms, M. Urbf1n,N. Graf, D. Waechter, M. Mazurek. M. Marlin, C. Cook, R. 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President ......MARY SUE BREWER MARY ANN URBAN ........Sec.-Treds. ......MABEL WEAVER ALLIED YOUTH Sponsors: Miss Schlutius sad Miss Knoemschlld Row 1: P. Gutzler, J. Marten, B. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 2. 3. 5 4 Turner, J. Sclaccl q J. Ramsilns, M.Klslns,I.Har- wall, D. Borthlck, P.Wel:sr S.Cunnlnqham, E . B oatvlrlqht D. Rsynolds. I. VI1lson,B.VIhL!ney,C.Thom- pson, S. Hudqlns, J. Pohl, L. Whitney, G.Hor1on, V.Py- alt, N. Allan, B. Swnfford P. Currie, B.-Garvey. J.Lswls,R.UrbunfR. Chrlsman H. Tata, V. Fix, V. Nuqont, S. Bushmann,M.Bott,S.Dan- tsll, C. Rush, Fi. Combs. M. Taylor, M. Council, M. Lohdell, P. Wlsr, J. Burdsk J. Davis, M. Elmsr, M. Pru- aczyk, R. Matthlws, J. Dah- mer, M. Garner. : J. Stslzar, D. Shooran, H . Howard, M.Stanijn,D. Welch K.Vlstieroth, J.Blck,B.Va1- don, E. Khly, K. Fix, H. Brantlly, M. Hlcrst. CRAFTS CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Krebs 1: G. Kruss, 8. Gower, N. Colo 3:A. Graham, M. Watson, D. 4: J. Myers, D. Thompsm, R. Hsacox, B. David, D.Waschv tor, M. Urban, N. Graf, E. Boatwrlqht. Flshsr, F. HUIIQQ, H.'fJohn- son, S. Martin, J. Ballard., F. J. Krebs, J. Nosks, H. Bushman, D. Shnsnan. G. A. A. Miss Knoemschild sad Sponsors: Row Flow Raw Row 1: Miss Amend F. James, B. Nevlshmn,. B. Swofford, D. Brown, M.Ma- nsss, B. Capsilek, M.Sabo R. Culvsrl, M. Sampson. 2: J. Saba, D. Phrcs, 1. Koqut 3: 4: C., Kortum, C. Noonan,M. Pllqsr, J. Sturdy, K.Wray, M. Hsnthorno. R. Combs, D. Gill, P. Guiz- lsr, M. Carnahan, ll. Worley R. Ellis, C. Davis, V. Cris- ham, C. Pnzer, C. Luudak L. Mackler, G. Lackey, J- Johnson,M.L.obdsll,N.Hoqus D. Grisham. H LETzI C Boy ' Athletic BASEBALL, 1950 COACH, MR. VERNON BRADBURN The 1950 Baseball Team won the State Championship be- hlnd the superlatlve pltchlng of Frank Baumann, who flnlshed the season with five consecutive victories. The team had a 5-5 record ln the clty league. The following are scores of the clty games: Central ....... 2 Roosevelt .... Central. . . 5 Cleveland. . . . . Central Central Central Central Central . . . . 7 Soldan-Blewett . . . . . 7 McKinley. . . . . . . . 5 Befxumont. . . . . . . 12 Roosevelt . . . . . 3 Cleveland . . Central. . . . 6 Eureka. . . . Central. . . .13 Hadley . . . . Central. . . 6 Soldan-Blewett . . Central. . . . 0 Beaumont. . . . . "Scores of the State Meet" Central. . . 1 Southwest .... . Central. . . 6 Cape Glrardeau . . Central. . . 5 Beaumont. . . . Central ....... 2 St. Mary's ...... April 3rd Central lost their ftrst league game. Although Frank Baumann was the losing pitcher, he held Roosevelt to slx hlts. April 'l-ith, Central lost their second league game. During this game Central was ahead ln the fourth inning. Pat Hughes had two singles and one walk and Mike Scaglione had a double. April 17th. Central won their third league game. Baumann's pltchlng had a lot to do with this because he held Soldan- Blewett to only three hits, and these were slngles. In this game Pat Hughes trlpled, whlle Ken Kortum and Bob Jones had two runs. April 20thQ Although Central lost this game, the batters were splendid. Ken Kortum hit a home-run, Felgenbutz hit a triple, and the rest of the twelve hlts were slngles. April 24th. ln this game Baumann struck out 10 batters. In the 9th inning Central raised the score from 1 to 5 runs. May 3rd. The best part of this game came tn the 4th lnnlng when Jones hlt a home-run, Hughes and O'Mara doubled, Scagllone singled, and Matteonl walked. The outstanding hitters were O'Mara, 3 out of 4: Jones, 2 out of 4: and Hughes, 2 out of 4 May ltll. ln this game Central's hits were Felgenbutz, a home-rung Scagllone an error hit, Csolak and O'Mara singles. May 6th, This game had splendid fleldlng, and three runs in the 3rd lnnlng, and three runs ln the 6th inning. Bob Mcxtteonl had a pair of singles. Moy 8th. This game was Lavender's second league victory. ln the game Jones stole both home and second base twlce. Kortum had two singles, and O'Mara a pair of doubles. As a result of this victory, Central was ln fourth place. May 16th. In this game Central beat Soldan-Blewett for the second time this season. Kortum tripled with two men on. Hughes, Matteont, and l'-'elgenbutz hit triples. Frank Plsccl- otta, a freshman left-handed pltcher,rnade hls tlrst start this season, and was credlted for this victory. May 18th. This was the last game of the league. Merritt, the pitcher for Beaumont gave Central only three hlts and these were made by Wlerclak, Felgenbutz and Scagllone. TENNIS, 1950 COACH, MR. WALLACE C. GUNDLACH A fighting Central tennis team had an unlrnpresslve season last tall. Coached by Mr. Gundlach, the boys played hard every match, but were beaten by more experienced teams. The team wound up ln last placed ln the Publlc League with a record of 4 matches won and 31 matches lost. But the record does not tell the whole story. The team was plagued with lnjurles. One of their key men was slck with pneumon- la, and another, Norman Ilges, died from head injuries re- cetved ln gym. The team was inexperienced last season and are looking forward to a better one next year . The let- termen were N. Ilges, J. Franke, L. Rose, H. Skldmore, and T. Thorton. "Tho State Moet" These games were played on May 22 fSouthwest1g May 25 tCape Glrardeautg May 26 tBeaumont11 and May 29 fSt. Mary'sl. These games were all won by Central and this was due to Baumar-m,"The Redwtng Southpaw",plus the out- fleldlng, and our wnnderful batters such as O'Mara, Kortum, Felgenbutz, Wlerclak, and J ones. In wlnnlng flve consecutive games, Baumann gave up only two runs and 17 hlts in the47 lnnlngs and struck out 67 men. Washington University, sponsors of the tournament, pre- sented Captaln Pat O'Mara wlth a trophy on whlch was ln- scrtbed "Champions, State Tournament, 1950". This was the first baseball trophy Centrzl had won slnce 193 7. On Juno 8th the "Baseball Champ1ons" were given a Spa- ghetti Dinner. Coach Bradburn presented every player aLet- ter, and Mr. Alexander had ordered a miniature gold baseball for each player. The lettermen are: Wlerciak, O'Mara, Jones, Kortum, Felgenbutz, Baumann,Sca- gllone, Keppel, Matteonl, Hughes, Bushmann, Csolak, Laven - der. TRACK, 1950 COACH, MR. RALPH R. KIRN The Redwlng track team started off the season right with a victory over McKinley and Soldan-Blewett in a triangular meet, by the scores of QCM, 75Z, and 72 points respectively. Central was beaten in their next meet by their powerful rl- vals from Beaumont, 133 to 62. Hadley followed by glvlng the squad a sound thumping, 108 to 85. Central got back ln the wlnnlng column by outrunnlng McKinley, 103W to 8655. The team followed by rnmnlng over a strong St.I..ouls U. High squad, 1072 to 78M. Southwest interrupted Central's hol- iday by noslng them out 105K to EBM. The team ran very hard against Normandy of the Suburban League only to be pushed aside 41K to 372. In the Annual Relay Carnlval the team did not do so well, although the junior team did take thlrd place, On city Field Day every thing turned out wrong, as Ftlchard Strtnnl was hurt and the team itself dld very little. All in all, however, lt was a pretty good season as Central wound up ln third place ln the strong Public League. The team dld well last year and with less injuries and a few breaks the tedm should go places this season. The lettermen were as follows: R. Adler, D. Adler, D. St. George, S. Fitzgerald, G. Murdock, J. Barton, B. Davis, J. Kershner, J. James, J. Moore, H. Lempe, R. Strlnnl, G. Sloan, B. Kendal, and A. Plgg. FOOTBALL, 1950 COACH, MR. ANTHONY F. DeF1LIO The league football scores this eason were Central . . . 13 Roosevelt .... . 38 Central . . . 0 Southwest .... . 52 Central . 12 Beaumont. . . 33 Central . 6 Cleveland .... 33 Central . 12 Soldan-Blewett . 0 Central. . . 12 McKinley. . . 20 Central . 41 Cleveland. . , 36 B0 ' Athletic' n 1' ..,, . ...., ,,., Q.Q, , Q-.- .J , BASEBALL TEAM 1950 X - . - V. " ' V ',. 'S K v - A-an ' n 1, 'I .- V . , ,, V, V. . .nw Coach: Mr. Bradburn l g ' Q, W , vm v 1 K -af . ,, ' ' 1 . ff 'W ' ' ' , . . f 2, - ,zj ' -. 1 - 'wif ., ' r 'fd 1" . Pun-N li G. Mnnn, B. Jones, H. scnqu- ina Y ff- H ' ' ,." 'f . - ., 5' 'H "' f one, K. Korturn, J. wmrnxuk, I - . A a ' ' ,, D A , , ' . - ' ' 'Q F. Baumann, P.o'Muru, v.re1- K. ' Q, 1 P A 1 E ,Q ','- Q xg, ., V ,P J 5. qenbutz, P. Hughes, B. Munn- ,W - f Q ' 'J " ' , 1 I , , ff 4 onl, V. P.-lscnrnnn, c.1.uvn-nd-nr - ,' ,Q H f, 1- . , . ,ug ' " W ' , ,TI - 5, . ' www Coach Er'1dburn,E. Jonnnmnq- . , A ' N " ' - F , Q . f' 3' meier,I'.P1sclotta,B.Keppe-1, V ' .4 ' an - Q-nv -- A A - J J . ' ff J. Blnsrunnef, 1. ovens, c. A U- 5 Q : f' A W - , , '1 bt 1 1 3 .4 1 Pendleton, F, Housum, G. Cso- J" 7 fa .85 -I" - 9 . ' ' 5 A X -fs ' I , luk, 5, Hnmuwuy, K. Eunnfnnn, L 6 fi ' ' ., q -, , wi - 3 ' V. Lanqlpy, G. Res-d. ' ,K v K ,fl ut' .I Q, Ah 1 0 A, 4 f Q, Q . , , M, Q u Q Q CHEER LEADERS Sponsor: Mr. Tennis Row 1: R. Saunders, G. Tall, M. Sampson, G. Horlon Flow 2: J. Sclaccio, B. Koqut, M. Pruucxczyk, D. Frischmcxn J. Ballard, K. Sumpter. AJJVV WH SWIMMING TEAM Coach, Mr. DeFilio Haw 1: G. Sloan, J. Czarnockl, H. Jackson, Fi. Kendall, L. Bulchmunn, H. Davis, R. Bnrthick. J. Barton, R. Bruce, D.Wo1l- man, J. Rlebellnq, C,Pun- dleton, J. Pollock, P. Rus!- noqla, Mr. DeFll1o Row 2: 3. In the Hadley meet Jlm Rlebltng had two flrsts, in the 40 yard free style and the 100 YCI1'd bGCkSi1'0ke- Phil Russnogle was undefeated for the third stralght time in the 200 yard free style. Rich Borthlck had a bad shoulder and was dlsqualffled, losing his first PIUCS in the 100 yard breast stroke to Bruce Stager. Bob Bruce brought forth a first fn the 200 yard free style. Central finished second and thlrd tn the 100 yard free style. Jim Barton came ln second,and Char- lie Pendleton came ln third. The excellent divers of this meet were Kendell and Czarenkl. The Soldan-Blewett meet was the second league win for Central. ln the 40 yard free style Jim Rlebllng came fn first, and Jfm Barton was second. Phil Russ- nogle came ln first ln the 200 yard free style, and Bob Bruce was second. ln the 100 yard backstroke Crea- han and 'Sloan made first and second. Bruce and Bor- thlck came ln first and second ln the lndlvldual medley. In the 100 yard breast the Stager brothers cameln sec- ond and third. Central came in first in the free style relay. In diving Harvey Jackson came ln wlth a ffrst and second. In the Roosevelt meet Central received first in the 100 yard back stroke, the 100 yard free style, the 200 yard free style, and the free style relay. The Beaumont meet was a real moral V1Ci01'Y- Cent tral came though with flying colors, wlnnlng the meet 44 to 33. The Cleveland meet was Central's last city league meet. With a'vfctory of 41 to 36, Central won the "City Championship". On October 7th Central lost their flrst league game, to Roosevelt. In this game Bobby Jones, Joe Wierclak and Clem I-Iousam shone for Central with the1r'runnlng and passing. In tackling lt was Don St. George, and fn puntfng lt was Don Garner. Don Garner made four beau- tiful kicks. October 14, 1950, is a bad date for Central to remem- ber. In this-game Southwest had much better form than Central. Central was unable to get its attack going or its defense set up. Thls game was the flrst in which one team was beaten from the kick-off. Despite our loss Don St.George shone on defense, with Clem Hou- sam accounting for the small ground attack. On October 28th the game between the Wings and Dutchmen started out to be very close. C1eve1and's' victory was due to the superior manpower. The one touchdown for the Redwlngs was scored by Clem Housam. The standouts on offense were Vince Fei- qinbutz, who had exceptional speed, and Clem Hou- sam. On defense it was Don St. George and Charley Pendleton. November 'llth the Red Wings won their game with Soldan-Blewett. Outstanding on the llne were Gene Murdock and Paul Langley. In backfleld lt was Nor- man Costeley, Joe Wlerciak, and Don St. George. November 17th ended.Central's 1950 football sea- son- There were 1500 Spectators to view this thrill- lng game, ln which Central lost. Thoughout the game Clem Housam showed great speed. Don St. George and Felgenbutz shared in the attacks. Central's final standing was one victory and five defeats. The lettermen were: Don St. George, Gene Murdock, Charley Pendleton, Vince Feigenbutz, Paul Langley, Frand Ranbano, Joe Wlerclak, Harry Tacka- berry, Syl. Reich, Steve Fitzgerald, Ron Conroy, Gene Bushmann, Don Gamer, Clem Housam, Norman Cost- ley, Bob Jones, and Jim Alford. In the Normandy Christmas Tournament,Central upset 7th seeded Lutheran 47 to 45. In the next round of the tournament, however, Central was defeated by Maple- wood 52 to 50. The Redwlngs got off to a fine start tn league play by defeating Hadley 62 to 35. Central could not break lnto the wlnnlng column ln their next three games,get- ting defeated by Roosevelt 47 to 43, Beaumont 56 to Ra f-md Fflnvnlnnd RR tn 42. Central trounced Soldan- Boy ' Athletic' SWIMMING, 1950 COACH, MH. ANTHONY F. DeFILlO Our swimming team dld exceptionally well, winning the Clty Championship, Coach DeFfllosald, "There should be a bigger lmprovement, whenthe team ls able to practice five nlghts a week." The team now prac- tices at the Northside "Y" two nights a week. Because of the Championship, the whole team let- tered. They were Bob Kendell, Gene Bushmann, Jim Barton, Charles Pendleton, Dan Wellman, Gene Sloan, Bruce Stager, Frank Stager, Harley McDonald, Bob Bruce, Joe Pollock, Richard Borthnlck, John Czarenkl Phil Russnogle, Jerry Creahan, Bill Harrlson, Lester Rose, I-Iarvey Jackson, David Squles, Clem Housam. The City League scores were: Central ...... 50 Hadley ..... 27 Central ...... 59 Soldan-Blewett . 16 Central ...... 41 Roosevelt. . . . 36 Central ...... 44 Beaumont. . . . . . 33 ln the Principia meet, Phil Russnogle was the only Redwlng to produce a first. This first was ln the 200 yard freestyle. The final score was 57 to 13 ln favor of Principia. The flnal score of the Normandy meet was 37M to ZBM. The winning team was Normandy. Phil Russ- nogle took another first ln the 200 yard free Style, and Jtm Rlebllng had a first in the 40 yard free style. Jim- Barton, Bob Bruce, .Ilm Ftfebllng, and Phfl Russnogle combined in taking a first ln the 200 yard free style re- lay. BASKETBALL, 1950-1951 COACH, MR. VERNON BRADBURN As the final buzzer sounded to end the lQ50-195119115 ketball season, Central finished tn sixth PIQCG- ln the Public High League. The teams flnlshlng ahead of Central were Beaumont, McKinley, Roosevelt, Cleve- land and Southwest. Central had a league record of two wins and flve losses and an over-all record of 7 wins and 13 losses. ' r Q Steve Fitzgerald with the Clifford Marik Trophy Boy ' Athletic TRACK TEAM 1950 Coach: Mr. Kim Row 1: Row 2: Row Row Row Row Raw TENNIS TEAM 1950 Conch: Mx. Gundhch T. Thox-tan, H. Skidmore, N. I1- qes, E. Sicxndlnq, J. Murphy. B. Russell, L. Rose, Mr. Gund luch, J. Franke, E. Gray. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Sponsor: lr. DeFilio 1: J. Burton, R. Hathaway, D. Minh, J. Ri.obe11nq,S. Fitz- qerald, E. Bulhmunn, D.Or- rick, H. Skldmom, G.Sloan. 2: F. Rubano, H. Tackaherry, B. Haley, B. Devil, D. Shawna, R. Borthxcb. H. McDonald, B. Kundall, H. Jacklon, 3: P. Rullnoqla, J. Obcrtl, B. Jone:,R.Strinn1,G.Mur- dock, C. Houlum, B. Harri- lon, B. Tlcmann, M. Scaq-f Ilona, F. Pllcloita. 4: S, Reich, D. Garner, A. Plqq, J. Jamal, D. Vol1man,.l.Malt- lor, J. Pollock, L. Role, R. Bruce, F. Frlschman, B. Ma!- tc ent. 5: J. Blnlbachcr, R. Hanrahun, J. Moore, T. Palos, D. Ad- ler, F. Baumann, H. Llmka, C. Plndloton, J. Alford, B. Kcppll, J. Koklhnlr. 43 wr ' rr 'H , " A R, - V QW 'gg yy., . ' . Q' xr I Q' vw? vw vl V 'Ev 4 .r A Boy ' Athletic FOOTBALL "A" TEAM Coach: Mr. DeFilio and Mr. Carlisle How li P. Lnnqley, C. Pendleton, G. Murdwcx, C. '-lousrxm, D. Sl. Gemrqe, E. Jonas, J. Wlercmk, D. Garner. How 2: J. Lukllsuh, I. Garrett, D. Ad- ls-r, H. 'lhuckuber y, E. Dv- Frvnder, S. Rmrlw, G. Bush- m.m,N.cf.sl1ey. How 2: J. Alum, J. wma, J. Mueller, J. Gmdy, c. Simmons, v. V1-iqwmrz. FOOTBALL "B" TEAM Coach: Mr. Kirn How l: H. Klsslr, N. Wfmqs-r, Mr.Dqv- is, Fl. Mclllnqly, G. Bullinq- mn, wm.c1mk, D. smnh. Row 2: E. Kinq, J. Burrell, H. Lemke, R. Baker, Wm. Olslen,R.Bruce Fi. Fsllln, Fl. Gfmnon, J. Mur- phy. Row 3: Couch Klrn, D. Clssell,J. Mey- er, J. Burton, N. Gutlln. BASKETBALL VARSITY 1950-51 Conch: Mr. Bradburn Flow 1: J. Oberts, F. Frlschmcn, D. Mirth, K. Korlum, D. Orrick, R. Hanruhcm. Row 2: v. Fexqenbufz, H. Strlnnl, B. Jones, J, Elnsbacher, B. Tle- mann, F. Bono, G. Griffith, BASKETBALL "B" TEAM 1950-51 Coach: Mr. Bradburn Flow 1: V. Ccxradonna, C. Hardin, J. Kerschner, B. Hearst, E.Wyult, G. Griffith. Row 2: J. Goudy,R.M:1t!lnqly,B. Huen, J. Crowe, J. Gunn. Row 3: J. Hoque, W. Olsten, A. Rios. QQ if ig 1 x fn ,, 1: H F 1 x ni ri v 1 I .JK 5 lv ew' ' 'fi:'Z7' ' 5 TH' .fljl " -- . -,slr-. ' fag-22, ,S -,nf fb- , LJ , +1 P 4' 2 '1 3, fa - ,V Lk. 'Tc Hs ' gbikgi' ,, 5 .,.1 ' if A. J- ' i ' , 1, ,.4 V ' .JI 1' " , 11.1- ,.n,-1 'I f Q qs J. 1 ,yr qv qv!! L ff V . AK J, J , 1-V .iii , 1 , f' -3, ,- "' 5:-fy ::1:?' '11 li nk ' L.uQjQ.q ,ffl ww ina? 1 . 1: X E' . 143. X- .5 ' ri Wg Q 9,1 N12 , lf- .-giwL. .a , T-i-I' ' I - , , 2' ' " 1 f " K- 7.3, " ' - ' - Y ' ' . 2 'v fe'-fi' . .141 'P EM " f fl ' ' .K lv .IWV 7' wiv .1 v Q . f .. ' . , v11"H:,'1 '-I 13. -- image -wi qi-w ' ml . -, eff-A 'I .ef ' - ,Qu S3 sq, ,. V, 1 u ii Q I' " .fi ' ' fifqil. fas.- ,. ff. 1' f'?zf 'd1?'5-.'. 'GE - 'K 5 vm lll I iijirv 2.fftff,M1'zif . ' i?.Wv..Z+- ' lla- " f.u1'g5'25'll9 -f,u." .s5f9:k-1: 7 , -.-v 'il ,911-1. fe- 'sffrfn 5 11- -1- f .152.fl':3l ' .55 . ' ' 4. , '-'f-miiiigff s ' 'f' H' la " ' , , 4. ff, 9 a I y -. 5 3 1. Z ,. ,,.. riff: Uma ! lg ft ' 1 A' ' ,, r ,rf b ff -.rg .,' lf , --if - - g ii ailmgi i -LK 5 32. rj' M3 5, H. V f M ' M- ' 'r JL . 1: +:wf'ff4 " , Q . . . ,Q A ll '1 ' L t' E53 ,ir-Jj:1'r 'lvJlQ":L 1:Q' ,, ' Q , I J 1 Y l LtAf'If'FlflJz,:j.g-. J - -- ji lff 'ff' 4554? GQ: "' 1' fl' D J" 'lf-"f ' kl'+ '-L.1t:,,,.,ffiit' ' vzaxrewwr., - A,,. . V. V , I ' fam , M ' ll "5 lt 1 L!! ,H r N M .W 'lg . A , "j :Q . ' .Lf J -4Av . 32 ,:., E There will alway e a Central lligh

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