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Central High School - Red and Black Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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This Book Belongs To 1950. 0. sms HIGH scnoul BASEBALL CHAMPIONS 3,90 cENmAL HIGH scnog W! XX NP QQ X 'Y X f Q M My mfr nf' ,hy M P Phofo Courfesy Prom Magazine V l 953 1 CENTENNIAI. ENTRAI, HIGH "C .. "Mfr . . mrzr'-' " A V, -I P-,' ,l .f-1 5,-.,g. .H-Q-em: Il., I -in ,. gf, .fx :SL .,. ff: Q mafia, -ff' 'Fi gum -4 5531- - g 3 YQ' 'Wi g f-E, I? U Ii I-s v, uf j ' .ix 19 s- 2 1' , 5 A J I :Q ' .qi ' 1, X lair' X3 A L3 M-"Wf'1"Sm1I WW lv VM I t n J H H 4 I r fxlfiffqxln iT,-, 'hh . f 'jHE,y pgs, I! .MI -gg 3 GQ ,.:- ifi' 1X . 7 ni f N Lf' nj' ,,:. ,ig 3 III ..- H III aff' so I .mu W . K L-4 11. GZK IV 1856 ' 1893 ' K- .ei 'Y gxgjil x ,K f' X x I I A Ax I 4' xii Al I fl 'I 1 l , m mm X 4 LJ Il .nf , Y vdxgll,-Qifalgggge? 14. x FF y Us-I S Q I "ILWVNN gig? 'IK ,yi Q, iff' ff r '3'F"i'5,e. I S I M MMP' El ie ,.- Y ',- .612 5?-I 37' HIGH SCHOOL WES'T OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER OLDEST HUBLIC H' LPI OO v-4 1 nmzcd February Qrg '7 ,f af igf A 'pr 5-15"-IL, Aviv W, ff . H33 'ff ,af E f-iff'-1,13 st, ,+.::1,L-51 'K ' -..5,-M , ..+"'--ff' . 5' .,,!..- , rf ,:. f':1-3-..- .,,.,, rpg. M L . pf" ' J." K1 5,- F 531+ E. 1 .- ff . ,fi :J-, -1- ' ' ,Sf rr, .JY :gt ,N fs" shi.. - A,...f4,.f ,,,5.,,L. 5- .- v.- -1- 4 -,rf ' '.Q,ev--t,.3i-v Q ,-jifyifigf,-fy, .,f. Q,"-. - .' ' gf: ,f .-'--.-v - - 4 -gf: .F -W ilfgr., Y :sg-tg.- 1, J - 5.1, K. P 1 , '-f"'?1, Q- r- z " -f"-' ,--" -," 'v1.--.-uv f 4, ., V, " , 'V .,f-zgx ? jg in -" "2'f1"ff'.Q ' 14. awww.:-'ff . ag: ' .kyyga V 4-f -S -v+:f:'53"' M , . f . . . .. -f .. f - .. ...V -- . -. . -. ,-vs:--raw-.- --1 -.:-wif' xv -A-.C'.:'1'.f"' H-1 4.-xv-, ..,,.fl'I5m-.sta .ff-M--L Ag -va - ' 411'-:::,.4.,"..4,r, -.f,i'.'g:"--Hg'i4,,...,.3,.,,Ra , g,-.,f-,- -6 W- -' 'K - T.-- ,- .,... - f A. e- - - V H IS THE DooRwAv 'ro OPPORTUNITY v, .r . Y.- ' as .-w l 3 , n i 1 VL, 3 5 . u w J .: . 3.1 ' ' .A,. .1 , fgfg- ui Y ,. . -1 N umm f - .Bags '-' .:f:-.'2Q,.-ii-4-'r -+ve-...f naw' u, , X . A V U5 .Q it ' Sw . it 4 , . 2 i - ' A- if VOLUME XXXIII gf, 51 ' K. H if 1950 4 "5 f' 5 ' 555 ? uv., 5 TJ' El . CoNTENTs ,Lg 2" D' I ' r Central High in 1950 . . . 4 . .. Central High Fifty Years "ta Ago ........... 8 'L 5 Faculty . . . 1 l Graduates .... . 15 fir, if Advisor .Grou s . . . . 43 . Y P 1 5, -I . 5 Student Organizations . . . 57 if ? Athletic Sports ...... 75 ' Y -.f I if 'ei Published by the Classes of Janu- ' Fx he 3 ary and June under the direction of ., .. 5 Faculty Sponsors . . , Printed by r Wiese-Barnes Printing Co., under the ii .3 Qpfi . guidance of Mr. Chas. C. Grimm . . . N I Engraving by Central Engraving Co., hY" ' under the management cf Mr. Harry J. f, Swain, Ji .... Group photo ra hs S' ' A . g P V? 5 bv Mr. J. G. Princell . . . Cover' by gl. i Siegfried G. Reinhardt, Central '44. o' ,L P-' I .bf L - ' 7 if? E is 55 f ie ff' ': 5 -Z 1 N ' it N H . Hd ax f.- .ri - ' 3 C. COBB .By PATRICIA RooERs This year at Central has been one of the busiest for both students and faculty. The freshmen who entered in September will be the Centennial graduating class. Quite an honor! Eight new teachers also entered the hallowed halls of Central in September. They were Mr. Chapman, Miss Colestock, Miss Leutheusser, Mr. Masson, Miss Marine, Miss Rotman, Miss Timmons, and Mr. Finseth. Early in the term Mr. Coffey retired after serving on the faculty in the commercial department since 1915. The main event of October was Color Day, held on the twenty-first of the month. This was an eventful day for both seniors and new seniors, for on the same evening the new seniors had their party at the downtown Y. W. C. A. On October twenty-sixth members of the music departments were once again privileged to attend the Symphony Concert held at Beau- Miss Birtley and Miss Wentz, our smiling secretaries. Uentral High mont, On the same evening there was a Hal- lowe'en Tacky Dance, consisting of a program in the auditorium followed by dancing in the gym, On the following day, the twenty- seventh, members of the Radio Production class participated for the second time in the Junior Town Meeting program. Highlighting the events of November was Parents' Night sponsored by the Student Coun- cil. Dr. Adolph Unruh, Professor of Educa- tion at Washington University, was the guest speaker, while the choir, Band, and Radio class provided entertainment. On the sixteenth a guidance address was given by Dr. Eversull. also of Washington U. The seniors had their party on the eighteenth at the downtown Y. W. C. A. The twenty-second was quite a gala occasion at Central. The football team was honored for having won half of its league games-for the first time in fourteen years. On December ninth members of the Student Council attended the Youth Conference at Sol- dan-Blewett and the Y. M. H. A. On the fourteenth we were entertained by the St. Louis Symphonettes. A Christmas Concert was pre- sented by the music groups and the Little The- ter Group on the evening of the twenty-first. The Christmas vacation began on the twenty- third. January tenth saw the first meeting of the newly organized Music Appreciation Club. The main event of this month, however, was the Senior Prom, held by both senior and new senior classes at the De Soto Hotel on the thir- teenth. Another event that will long be re- membered was graduation held, for the first time in history, in the Garrison Avenue school auditorium on the twenty-fifth of the month. In 1950 Radio Production Class Driver Education Class Oficc Practice Class Distributivc Education Room Home Living Class Our New Home Ec Lab 5 A With the opening of the new term Central received three more new teachers, Mr. Tennis. Mr. Wetmore, and Mri Modesitt. During the two weeks between the ninth and twenty-third of February a model of the new St. Louis Hous- ing Project was displayed in the Brst floor corri- dor. On February tenth Central celebrated its ninety-seventh birthday with its annual alumni reunion, where 50th Anniversary Diplomas were presented to several graduates of 1900 or before. It was at this meeting that a proposal was made for a one million dollar alumni fund to help start a new Central High building in 1953. The officers of the Student Council were installed in the auditorium on the seventeenth. The feature event of March occurred on the thirty-first, when ,138 seniors received their colors. A Brotherhood movie was shown on the third for everyone. The new seniors held the party on the tenth, followed by the senior party on the twenty-fourth. The annual Fresh- man Concert was given on the seventeenth. On the twenty-ninth the High School Revue pro- gram was recorded at Central for broadcasting over KWK on the second of April. During the iirst Week of April the Stephens College Quartet provided a most entertaining program in the auditorium. On the eleventh the All-City Student Council met at Central. The coming of spring brought with it parades. and more parades. On the fifteenth the seniors llentral lllgh and the band participated in the Arbor Day Parade. The Clean-Up Parade was held on the seventeenth. The Spanish classes presented an amusing program for Pan-American Day on the twentieth. The second annual meeting of the Central Toastmistress and Toastmaster Clubs, and the Midtown Toastmasters Club. was held on the twenty-sixth in the activities room. In May, Mr. Van Landegend retired, having been a math teacher at Central since 1921. The Student Council gave a Spring Hop on Friday, May fifth. This event was highlighted by a visit from the popular orchestra leader, Russ David, who entertained the group with several piano selections. The annual Toast- mistress Banquet was held on the seventeenth to celebrate the third birthday of the Central Club. This meeting, held at the downtown Y. M. C. A. was attended by members of both the senior and junior clubs. The big event in May was the Spring Concert given on the twenty-fourth by the choral groups and the band. This event officially inaugurates Spring here at Central. The senior class had their last outing the twenty-iirst at Trout Lodge. The new seniors had their outing at Babler State Park the following week. June fourteenth will be that all-important day, graduation, for 138 seniors. Two days later, the sixteenth, the halls of Central will close for the summer. In I950 Making Patterns in Sewing Clasg English Class in Modern Manner Horticulture Club Group B Horticulture Club Group A Horticulture Clulv Group C Farewell to Mr. Coffey At the Alumni Reunion on February 10, the 97th anniversary of the founding of the school was celebrated by reviving our cus- tom of awarding 50th anniversary diplomas to those who graduated 50 years ago. This proved to be very popular. About twenty old grads came to the reunion to receive their diplomas in person and over thirty others asked to have them delivered by mail. Another feature of the reunion was an exhibit of pictures of Central High classes and activities fifty years ago. Many of these pictures were prepared for exhibit at the W0rld's Fair of 1904, and a few of the most interesting are reprinted here. Two members of the Central faculty of fifty years ago were platform guests. They were Mr. Walter A. Godbey, mathematics instructor, and Mr. Louis Kittlaus, Sr., gym teacher. Another math teacher of fifty years ago is a resident of the Bernard Nursing Home, 4385 Maryland Avenue. She is Miss Annie L. Matthews. The following members of the class of June, 1900, received the 50th anniversary diplomas: Charles Lewis Gallant, Robert Carter Powell, Charles M. Ryan, Dr. Jacob Art Class under Frederick O. Sylvester Central H1gl1 Jesse Singer CBeverly Hills, Calif.1, Clara Louise Rasmussen, Esther Barkhoefer, Joseph R. Bertig fParagould, Ark.1, Christ Farrar, Wm. H. Rothschild. Members of the class of January 1900 who received them were Mrs. Emma Rasmussen Lytle, Mrs. Ethel Avery Glatte, Dr. Frank P. Gaunt. Others include Rev. Joseph Henry Gauss fJune 18741, Lillie Balmer Unger fJune 18761, J. Hugo Grimm fJune 18831, Minnie Remmers Hastings, Grace Field Kee- baugh CJan. 18931, Martha B. Black fJune 18961, Ida Schoenthaler Loeffel CJan. 18891, Marianna Thompson Wilson fJune 18891, Arthur S. Partridge CJan. 18891, Emma Lynds Partridge CJ une 18881, Ida A. Horst- mann fJune 18881, Dr. Chas. W. Tooker CJune 18991, Mary Dutton Spaulding fJune 18961, Paul D. Kelleter CJan. 18991, Emma Leonhard fJune 18881, Jessie Love Stuart CJune 18891, Ottilie Herzog Gan. 18901, Wal- ter C. Guels CJan. 18911, Matilda Witter Ballin CJune 18891, Ada L. Barkhoefer CJan. 18991, Admiral Leigh C. Palmer CJan. 18911, Edward Johanning fJune 18991, Daisy J. Cline fJan. 18981, Mary Curley Hesper CJan. 18831, Bertha Herzog Foster fJune 18991, Nellie Bashaw lJune 18961, Martha Boyd Bassett fJune 18961, Lydia Dorrington Van Doren CJune 18961, Jennie Edwards Murray CJune 18961, Margaret Foristel fJune 18961, Dr. Helen F. Gibson CJune 18961, Mabel Ibers fJune 18961, Adrienne Immell Whit- sett CJ une 18961, Hettie Scott Gough CJ une 18961, Estelle Rassieur Kelsey CJune 18961, Louisa Berghaus CJune 18961, Cecily Flynn McChesney fJan. 18931, Harry Oberschelp fJan. 18931, Mattie Pohlman fJune 18931, Estella Leiber Wuertenbaecher CJ une 18891, Anna K. Muenchen Preetorius CJune- 18891, Mrs. Wm. F. Hardy QJan. 18991, Clara Wete- roth, Mabel Chambers Luem, Ella Buie Priest fJune 18841, Adda Bush Danforth fJune 18961, and Herbert Bayard Swope CJune 189-81. iiail En Words by CLARENCE STRA TTON Glmtral Eigh Tune. "Annie Lyle" new If ,L 5 z , J 3 e 1 A- , in 9 12,4-.-2 2'f,121:s:11Ef By the mwht - y Mis - is - sip - pi. Sweep - ing to the sea, 1 L ln the midst of noise and bus - Ile, of the cit - Jy's life. I' J I 4' , Q I Q - : - . 1 H A-2 e - - -as 5 'ln -24- Qwe an rr- E E E5 at f -'- if I' v tl v I 'V A t ' I i'D. C 1 B 5 P f e ee I 3 ,. 4 44 1 .-: - 5 --4 :I 1 ' -1 1 - JE .'1- V- JT J 35- 1 lf s 1 -g 1- v ' J- 37-3- Stsnds our glor - ious Al - me Ma - ter, Stands per - pet - ual - ly. Calm, se - rene, re - served, and no - ble, Un - ns - sailed by strife. e A' 9 nl en 2' F: 5" e 'Q 9-3 . 1 a 1 ,A 5- .C-e ,Z glee? 's C E ef gil: U v- v 4 I' Cnonus. 1 A 1 ' 5 S -1 -ir- - '.f -3' -v 4 so -ae-- s ,J E 5 f if inf-3l'fL 4 rg 5-" Sing our cho - rlls of de - vo - tion, Till we reld the sky, L- s- Q- i. . t. y... A se.: 1. .1 , . A f 2- -r- on P 5 T' " L -- -ur in li w Q42 as we e,- 11 1 " -L .rf of 1 I 3 J 2 J 4 7 ,N --4 ""T:- 1 -4 -,,.."e,- J . 1 77 0 I' 3- i- 1 .1 I x Hail to thee, our Al - me Ms - ter. Hail, to Cen - trsl High. Q. .e , , 1 1 n P P' T" 'Q' gi ' f, as et -uv 1: -ce I rs or -r , , - E F' P I' 9 V F' ' LL I , I v l l sv 2 3 O. to thee our Alma Mater. Dignitied and stronf, Now we raise our loya voices. Offer we our song, Never shall we let our footsteps Waver or turn back, Marching ever firmly onward. 'Neath the Red and Black. Thus we'Il smg our heartfelt praises T'll d shall end. I0 1 our ays May thy spotless reputation All thy sons defend: May thy walls be never weakenedf N r th resti e die 0 v 9, 3 . May the blessings of .the ages, Rest on Central High. yz ff' ,r",,,v"' 5,8 .-4 f ' fl :Qian .nr"'?' f-'V 4,6 459 if 26 Ax'-5 af ,..-f fs-xi ,dh YJ A" sf -:sri ha' .--ff'-'g.,?f LL, -:TL-fzfil ' ,Qg,g'lfi.- wif 1, ,+,1eP9'. f-Q-iLl'T .A-'uf -1--ff, - A ! - If A, I -,QL-,f 3:54, .,. . ,ff'Q.f1:f'i' 1 :ff fi-" " sf, " .f:5:,,1f?,:4 ff " ,f ' , -iQff1f1f""Q'2fQfT':? , .,-QW: A--Y , ' yy?" ,V SZTL, ' , ...'r :Vi .3 ai'-'L . ' ,L .,:,:g:f 7,- - 1 ,. V . I - ,, 1 ' 42.4 -.. ,K gf, ' - , fi' 'I' nl. f ' V ' 951-Cz- -.. 'f' 2 J W IS ' 3.5-f.w..- --, 1.-1., f e- f ,', -. Qi-"f'?ref:Eh - , :lu - .-f '-:" r' ,g' " T' r .. :TL-2fy . , 7v -fl? ' '.Hj'g+T"i5J '1"fI:v '-"" ' "::5,:'. 1-75,:5?r'ygawgfinkljeiiy-awp-3:1,gf -:5Qf f 'aaa"sffv1a-5'?":?2fg: "1 't'rAl""l'v."'L Q,-wx-.4 ,,,,,..Ef.V , A, Q , . , -5 , -. ,, ui., 'G r ,,. .,-, U. - .42 ,.,.x us THE oooRwAv TO oPPoR'ruNu'rv 4. 1 li' -a 2. '1 . ' fw vl iry . ' 55' 712571 ,E+ X? , ?f"7S-fi-1"fff' , f --+A'-- -k 'fffw' ff" A -- f ,--i Wi- .. wif W Wi Ft A :v'kul,-1f'IsL..i.!JNg,.g2.kn5..4w..,a.2'.zLDi.Y H44 4-:'.Z'4vi'i'f-1'-4-'T 4'.-r.,.,l E -ff ,lj-4 I I - X X ,f ,WAN ' N., 1. " 1' was .5.- 1 I ' ' f , 1 1 I Y-, 'Ii gf? U W F5 'ig 'f - ' ,E ,,' - - W. K. 2: ' 4 ' fl E Q. - I x- gd, ,- W 5' V 'Ja .Af . W H I 'CET 2 55 1 F, L 2 E : -Lg - 9 .,, .- I , 3 I --9- L - . k ' " , - f , 35+ 'S 4 1 5 .3 . - fq ' .4 . 31. , , Q gg ' .A .4 1 3 'fig 1 U- , Qs . Q? . . , ., ,. I TY- ,,y.- , - A gg., .', , 1 ' Vg f' 33 - ' f E ii- . , i f 5 ' 1-I 4 'L 3 I , 5. 1 . 'Wifi - 1 . ' E5 . -5 - ' . ,L 4 IJ ' if .1..- ' ..- A. ,. -ru.. V.:--'X . A . -. U .Q A , -ry: " MQ-' 1,-A lf " , gif, S if N .i..- ,- 'rr '54 1 f R is fi' +5-, 7 14 ll C. COBB MR. A. J. SVOBODA Assistant Principal Administrators MR. E. W. ALEXANDER Principal MR. W. R. LAYER Assistant Principal Faculty First Row: Miss Beck. Mr. Alexander, Mr. Mmrshzill. Mr. Coffey, Mr, Layer. Mr. Weir. Mr. Svoboda. Miss Pierce. Second Row: Mr. Prelutsky, Miss Hanks, Mr. Vertrees. Miss Doyle. Miss Schlutius, Miss Kramer, Mr. Markland. Third Row: Miss Higginltotham. Miss Schonhorst, Miss Ewing. Miss Marine. Miss Sprague, Miss Amend, Mr. Antonacci. Miss Knoernnchild, Miss Rotman. Miss Knight, Miss Jordan. Mr. Finseth, Miss Schroeder. Fourth Row: Mr. Von Lehsten. Mr. Rudy. Mr. Van Lanclegend, Mr. Christensen. Mr, Chapman, Mr, Gundlach, Mr. Hibbert, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Hicks, Mr, Hawkins, Mr. Davis. Mr. Powell, Mr. Mnsson. LORETKTO C. AMEND Physical Education SAM N. ANTONACCI fhrst terml Commercial Studies MARY L. BECK English VERNON J, BRADBURN History ELLSWORTH E. CHAPIVIAN Distr: butiue Education ELIVIER H. CHRISTENSON Science ROY V. COFFEY Hirst term! Commercial Studies RUTH COLESTOCK ffirst term? Remt'dialEng11sh VEST DAVIS English ANTHONY DEFILIO Driver Education ROSINE DICKMAN Social Studies MARY A, DOYLE English and History CLARA A, FINLIEY Home Ecnnon7ii'.i HAROLD F. FINSETII Industrial Arts DOROTHY R. FORD FACULTY LIST FOR 1949-50 GENEVIEVE FRIEDMAN Mathematics XVALLACE C. GUNDLACH English WILMA HANKS Vocal Music C. W, HAWKINS Social Studies R. W. HIBBERT Science HERBERT J. HICKS Ctirst tcrmj Science JULIA M. JORDAN Spcech RALPH R. KIRN Commercial Studies MARGARET KNIGHT ftirst term! Mathemattics THEK LA K NOERNSCHILD Physical Education LAURA KRAMER Spanish JUDITH LEVY Hirst term! English LORRAINE LOVJRY lfngltsh ALMA MARINE Commercial Studies LEVI HARRIS MARKLAND HERBERT L. MARSHALL Latin and Spanish KATHERINE MARTINI History and Counsr-ling KELVIN J. MASSON Instrumental Music ALICE MILLER Mathematics CHARLES MODESITT fSccond Termj Commercial Studies HELEN PIERCE Sucial Studies JOSEPH Ii. POWELL Science ALBERT PRELUTSKY Science ISESSIE G. ROSS Science MRS. ETHEL ROSS Art CILLIA ANN ROTMAN Commercial Studies CHARLES T. RUDY Industrial Arts LOUISE G. SCHLUTIUS English VIOLA SCHONHORST llluthvmatics ERMA SCHROEDER ETHEL G, SPRAGUE English L, S. TENNIS Csecond term! Commercial Studies WINNIE TIMMONS Hirst termj x English EDXVARD VAN LANDEGEND Mathematics JESSE R, VERTREES Industrial Arts ARNOLD VON LEHSTEN Mathematics XVILLIAM C. XVEBER Physical Education CHARLES WETMORE Csecond terml Remedial English MARY BIRTLEY Clerk ROSS B. HOERNER Clerk MAISTA NVENTZ Clerk E. EUGENE BROXVN, M. D. School Physician ANNA L, ITEN School Nurse EDXVARD B. KOLBE I-llflfllflilln Mathematics Home Economics Head Custodian TEACHERS ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE ISABEL S. IDOLCH FLORENCE IIIGGINBOTHAM ELSA SOECKNICK TEACHERS ON RETIREIVIENT D. H, VJEIR ELIZABETH J. PARKER MICHAEL W. VUALKER LOUIS KITTLAUS FRANCES J, MUOK EMMA OCHTERBECK H. F. PRATT JENNY M, CROXVDER ROY V, COFFEY J. S. GOCHENAUER ELIZABETH G. RICE EDWARD VAN LANDEGEND Central High Mothers' Club OFFICERS OF MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS OF THE PATRONS President President IVIRS. IIOS. XVINKLER NIR. JOHN AVALDHOI3 4147 Pleasant 281111 St. Louis l'r'rc-Prtszdenl Vice-President IVIRS, II. STEINKAMP MR. II. W. BREDENKAMP 8538 Park Lane 4467 Holly Ave. Secretary Serretary NIRS. OLIVER RIEDLING IVIRS. IRMA BUSCHE 4015 North 23rd Street 2530 Dodier TREASURER Treasurer IVIRS. ELMER LANICAN MRS. ELMER SIEKINIANN 2421 Rattschcnbach 31 16a Iowa ST. LOUIS BOARD OF EDUCATION XVll.I.lAM SCIILIINIACIIER 3013 Meramcc Street JAMES II. Fl'1'ZGERAl.D 6322 South Crrand Boulevard XVILI. I.. SCHWEHR 8627 Oxford Lane CHAS. J. DWR 2006 Salisbury Street J. HARRY FOHLMAN 818 Olive Street FRANK I3. NAGFL 5700 I ansdowne Avenue H. M. STOLAR 408 Olive Street CSCAR IEHRHARDT 5066 Wanda Avenue PHILIP J. HICKEY Superrnltndc-nt of Instrtzrtttrn J. S. NANTS MRS. IRMA I'I. I'RIIiIJIi 3021s Allen Ave. DR, JAMES NICCAFFISRY 5094 Vernon Avenue DR. EDXVARD I-. GRANT 1 1 North Jefferson Avcnuc CIIARLES CHRISTEL 6334 Mardel Avenue ,'IS.'?I.SItI77l Suprrrntendent of Instruction tn Charge of Sl'l'Ol7dGFll Srhools 1950 ALUMNI OFFICERS President . .. .. , .. HENRY W. SIMPSON, '27 Treasurer .. ..,. .. ..,. . JOSEPH D. BRUMM, '34 506 Olive--C1Articld 3840 8436 Ardsley Drive-Flreside 2887 Vice-President .... .,.... .. . ..,.. HANS XVULFIZ '01 Rewrdmg Sfgfgurgl ' IMR2' XIARGAIRSI- IVI45f0LERMO' 21 422 Title Guaranty Bldg.-lVlAin 1510 " roms V'-' Ca' Corresponding Sefretary Vlrfc'-FfESl'dE771 . ..... LOUIS B. WACKNIAN, '09 IVIRS. ESTELLE PALERMO BYRNIE. '39 S8 Lake Forest Drive-Hlland 3232 2510 North 13th Street-CHestnut 1686 14 -'ff jf' ', ' 157' ' , ,-l5fizv.1- ..ff"f A-:IH '- WL. " ,--K1?Z,?f2i" 1 - .a13gQgjH2Z,?Qy'kkgQY,Agyv .f-ff ff 'QE V' " 5Tfi'f4?"'f'f'f' 'lrp.f p1z.QW.. ,:f: :1 .,-"vw . QM.. 1-, x- - ' N 'iff as THE ooo ' ' gf - f g f kj. , .,,. ,.,,, i-., f 5 Q-ff-Qgv fi A ' ff ' fggsf: f. . 1 f .l ' ' ' "MQ" 4 1 .tw W V i. ,. -f--x.1.v4,,:LA,-,,ALQ::' ,Q ,A -lffjff x-. kg, -,LLA AQ in h ,dakyi A i-f- . , - A"""" "-'--if-"L,--i'f-L4.4.f,.,,A-I" .L .M La. , a 1 'H ... I 1 - f '-' 11 - l Y f 1 qx 144 3 W5 . L .E ' -:U 'F ' HW? ,gi 2 2 1- ,Zl- igf H Iii? ,Eg .8 C bf 5'-ff, - gg. ' Q Q f xg V , V- X" !N Lis E -9- L . ' I: 'L A 1 nf? Q E f f YA rf N - 3 - i , i. 7g :J Q : i 'i . 3 - 5' .t l ii :V if 1. A 'Lf ' . W I T-5 if. f p f 'iyi gui if 539' , F 3' l' , ,A , Q ' 4 ,, r I fi . gi Q: -- 2 Q ' 9 9? '., 1 l 'JF :2 Qi, AP i 34, q Iii' - 'gi' :W 1 : I L H L VEFWHM 4 , . u-4:3411 5. 3, . C.COBB U January 1950 CHARLES SMITH Toastmasters Club, '48-'50, Treasurer. '49: B-Team, Basketball: Varsity Bas- ketball, '48-'49: Commencement Com- mittee: President New Senior Class, '48: President Senior Class, '49: Presi- dent El Eco de Espana, '48-'49: Presi- dent Stamp Club, '47: Choir, '46-'47- '48-'49i Glee Club, '46-'47: Stamp Club, '46-'47, President, '47: Execu- tive Committee, '49: Baseball, Varsity. '48-'49, "A more likeable lad could you see In the pages of history," MARGARET MARY DESIMONE Roller Skating Club, '46: G, A. A,, '46z F, B. L. A,, '48-'49z El Eco de Espana, '47: Student Council Repre- sentative, '48-'49: Toastmistress Club No, 2, '48: Vice-President New Senior Class, '49: Secretary Senior Class, '49: RED AND BLACK Staff. '49: Com- mencement Committee, '49: Executive Committee, '49, "A quiet miss yet cheerful too-: Maids like her are very few," BILL GUTH Senior Band, '46-'49: Toastmasters Club, '48-'49, Vice-President, '49-'50: Public Speaking Club, '49, President, '49-'50: Student Council Representative. '47-'49, Cabinet, '487 Boys' Literary '46: Swimming Team, '47-'49, Letter. '47-'49, Captain, '49: Committee of Twenty, '48-'49, Secretary '49: Treas- urer New Senior Class '49: Business Manager News, '48-'49: Prom Commit- tee, '49: Owls, '47-'48: Lamps, '48' '49. "He strived on where others paused or failed." DOLORES MALON News Staff, '47-'48-'49, Associate Edi- tor, '48, Feature Editor, '48, Chairman of the Editorial Board, '491 Junior Toastmistress Club No. l. '48-'49, President. '49, Secretary, '49: Junior Toastmistress Club No, 2, '47-'48, Sec- retary. '48: Student Council Represen- tative, '47, Alternate. '47, Cabinet. '47, Vice-President, '48s All-City Stu- dent Council, '48-'49: Co-C-Hi, '47,- '48-'49, Vice-President, '48-'49: Owls. '46-'477 Lamps, '47-'48-'49: "Prom" Reporter, '48-'49: El Eco de Espana, '47-'48-'49, Vice-President. '49: Girls' Literary Society, '47-'48, Secretary, '48: Pen Pals Club, '48-'49: G. A. A., '47: Senior Prom Committee, Co-Chairman, 49' "Not without great labor can great deeds be done." CARL UNDELL TINNON Student Council Representative, '46-'48, President, '49: Toastmasters. '48-'49: Committee of Twenty. '48: Prom Com- mittee Chairman, '49: All-City Student Council. '49. "To be a victor he's designed: Hes just the type, the steadfast kind," NORMA Ross Vice-President Senior Class, '49: Ex- ecutive Committee Senior Class, '49: Commencement Committee Senior Class, '49: Owls, '48: Co-C-Hi, '47-'49: Stu- dent Council Alternate, '49: G. A. A.. '46-'47, President. '47, Chevron, '47: Library Club, '46-'47, Treasurer, '47g Mike Club, '47: RED AND BLACK Staff. '49: F. B, L. A., '49, "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." BILL BARFIELD Treasurer Senior Class, '50: Finance Committee Chairman. "Always pleasant, always cheerful. Of BiIl's future we're not fearful." SHIRLEY JEAN STOVING Owls, '46: Lamps, '47-'48-'49: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49, Editor-in-Chief, '49. Co-Editor, '50z Choir, '47-'48-'49, Letter, '48, Stripe, '48-'49: Co-C-Hi, '47-'48-'49, Treasurer, '49: Telesis Toastmistress Club No. l, '49: G, A. A., '46-'49, Chevron, '49: Student Council, '49, Representative, '49, Cabi- net, '49: Girls' Bowling Club, '49: Pen Pals' Club. '48-'49: Little Theater Group, '47-'48: Stamp and Bond Sales- man, '48-'49: F. B. L. A., '49s Public Speaking Club, '49: Girls' Glee Club, '46: Girls' Literary Society, '46: First Prize. Lunchroom Essay Contest, '49: Second Prize, Clean-Up Week Essay Contest, '49, "Fortune is for all: judgment is theirs who have won it for themselves." DON FRITZ Track Team, '46-'49, Letter, '47-'49: Captain All-State Track Team, '49: Football Team, '46-'49, Letter, '48- '49: Student Council, '47-'49, Presi- dent. '49: All-City Student Council, '48-'49, Parliamentarian, '48, President, '49: Central Hi-Y. '47-'49. Sergeant-ab Arms, '47, President, '48: Toastmas- ters, '49: Boys' Glee Club, '46, Treas- urer, '46, Secretary, '46: F, B, L, A., '49, "Swimming, football, and track too- ls there anything that Don can't do?" PHILIPPINA A. DOHRMANN Glee Club, '46: Choir. '46-'49: Owls, '46-'47: Lamps. '47-'49: News Staff. '47: Co-C-Hi, '47-'49: Toastmistress, '47-'49: History Club, '47: Little Theater Group. '47-'49: Pen Pals. '48- '49, President Announcement Commit- tee, '49, Chairman, '49. "Slre's true to her work. her word. and her friends." DESPINA ASIMAKOPOULOS Toastmistress, '48-'49p F. B. L. A,. '49: Announcement Committee, '49: Owls, '48: Lamps. '49: Student Coun- cil Representative, '48: Student Council Alternate, '47-'49: Spanish Club. '49, Secretary, '49: Bowling Club, '49: Pen Pals. '49: Girls' Glee Club, '46-'47p Graduation Program, '49. "Correct in manner, poise, and diction, The hind of girl you meet in hction." JESSE SZWARGULSKI News Salesman, '47. "Suppose your wish is to excel. Before an expert practise well," VELMA YATES History Club: Central Knitters: Dis- tributive Education Club. '49, "Even hard work grows easy to the pratical hand." ARTHUR MCFERRON Football, '47-'49, Letters, '483-19: Track. '46-'48: Hi-Y, '48-'49: History Club. '46-'47: Toastmasters, '49g Stu- dent Council. '49. "Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity. And truth accomplished no virtories without it," LOUISE FRANCES SAWICKI F. B. L. A,. '49, "Slight not whafs near, though aiming at what's far." January 1950 LEVI EMMONS Senior Band. '47-'48-'49, "A hind of a lad that is hard to find, Easyfgoing, care-free, and kind." ROSEMARY CONNELLY G, A, A., '46-'48, Chevron. '47: C0- C-Hi, '47-'49z Toastmistress I., '49s Public Speaking Club, '49, Vice-Presi- dent. '49: F. B. L. A., '48-'49, Vice- President. '49: Student Council Alter- nate. '46, Representative. '48: Tumb- ling Club, '48: RED AND BLACK Sales- man, '49: Girls' Swimming, '46: RED AND BLACK Staff. '49. "The individual charm of the maid, By this girl of today is well por- trayedf' BONNIE HEIDEMANN RED AND BLACK Staff. '49: CQYC-Hi, '46-'47-'48-'49: G. A. A., '46f'47: F, B. L. A.. '48-'49g Student Council Representative '49, Alternate. '47, 48: Senior Prom Committee, '50: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '47-'48: News Sales- man. '47-'48: El Eco- de Espana, '47. "ll is better to have one friend of worth than many worth nothing." LILLIAN M. DE ZUTTER G. A. A., '46-'48-'49, Chevron, '47. Letter, '48: Co-C-Hi, '48-'4-9: Club Editor RED AND BLACK Staff, '492 Junior Toastmistress Club No. 2, '47g Prom Committee, '49: Tumbling Club, '47: Junior Achievement, '47: F. B. L. A,. '49: Pen Pals' Club. '49: Owls, '46: Allied Youth, '48. "A bit of fun. a bit of thought: A lot of pleasure from life she sought." EUGENE SCI-IAEFER "Forsahe not an old friend, For the new friend is not comparable to him." January l95ll LOUISE R. BACON Future Business Leaders of America. '471 G. A, A., '46Z RIZD AND BLACK Stali, '48: Junior Achievement. '-48. RED AND BLACK Salesman, '49, "fl maid wilh sweet Ihuuglrts rn her mind. fl frit-nil well worthwhile you'll fini. Tl-'IOIVIAS KCPP Boys' State. '49: B-Basketball. '-17: Toastmasters. '49-'50: Xi-tt'.-z Stall, At- sistant Business Manager. '47, Business Manager. '48-'49: Student Council Rep- resentative, '46-'47-'40: Committee of Twenty. '48-'49: RI:IJ AND BLACK Staff. '49Z News Salesman. '46. "II'ilh his laugh and his wit Tum will always make a hil." ARLENE BARBARA SMITH Color Day Committee. '4'7: Pen Pals, '48' F B I A '40' Co K' Hi '47 '-18: Botany Club. '49, "Her many friends hold her dear. For she's so thoughtful and sinrert-' GERALD WAl'NI2 RISINGIZR Track, '47-'49s Student Councid, '-Ili: News Staff. '40: Ciliairman of Senior Stunt Committee, 'SIL "Tc be merry lest becomes you," CATHERINE GLORIA NIARZUCO Secretary of New Senior Class, '-19: Bowling Club, '49: Knitting Club. '46- '49: F. B, L. A.. '40: Pen Pals, '-491 Library Club, '47: Roller Skating Club. '46: Color Day Committee, '40: Stu- dent Council Alternate. '-19: Stamp Club. '47: News Salesman, '49, "Be great in art. as you have been in lhoughtf' RODNEY TETTENHORST Owls, '46: Lamps, '47-'49: Committee of Twenty, '47-'-19: Vice-President Committee of Twenty. '49: Student Council Alternate. '47-'48: Sergeant-ab Arms, '49: Toastmasters, '49, Hfienius. that power which dazzles mor- lnl eyes. If oft but perseverance in disguise." EDNA SCHWARTZ Toastmistress No. 2, '48-'49, Treas- urer, '48-'49: Toastmistress No. l. '49- '50, Treasurer, '49, President, '49-'50: Ct.-C-Hi. '48-'50, President. '49: News Staff. '47-'5O: Student Council, '47-'50, Cabinet, '47: History Club. '47-'48, Treasurer. '47-'48: Chemistry Club. '48--49: Junior G. A. A., '46-'47, Senior G. A. A.. '47-'48: Library Club. '47-'48, Vice-President, '47: Girls' Literary Society. '48-'49: Mike Club. '48: Pen Pals, '48-'49: Skating Club. '46: Speaker on "Junior Town Meet- ing of the Air" Program, '49: Co- Cliairman of Color Day Committee. "Beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading st-en: Duty, faith. Ioue. art' roots. and I-:Jer green." CHARLES SCHUFF Toastmasters, '40-'50: Finance Commit- tee Senior Class, '50: News Staff, '48- '5O: Owls. '46, '4-8: Lamps. '48-'49L Harvard Book Award. '49, "lf l cannot do great lhings, I can do small things in a great way." CLARA KUNTZ Student Council Alternate, '48: F. B, I,. A.. '4qZ Rilo AND BLACK Staff, '-10: Color Day Committee. '49. "Sire did the right thing in the right way." FREDRICK J. BATES Choir, '47-549: Central-airs, '48-'493 Student Council, '49s RED AND BLACK Salesman. '-19: Bowling Club. '49L Finance Committee, '49. "An all-around good fellow, A friend, jovial, and true." ANTHONY T. NTAGGIO Senior Band. '46-'50: Toastmasters' Club, '49, Public Speaking Club. '49, Treasurer. '50: Finance Committee of Senior Class, '50: News Salesman, '49- '50, "Here's a man of whom tutfre proud, Hi.: line urconrplishmvnlx of htm speak loud." EVELYN IRENE FLINN G. A. A., '46-'47, Chevron, '47: Library Club. '-47: Public Speaking Club, '49, Secretary: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49: Co-C-Hi. '47-'49: F. B. L. A., '49: Toastmistress No. l, '-49: Tumbling Club, '48. "Her vyrns ure bright, her voice is guy. ller annie tlrires gloom utt'r1q." FRED XVILLIAM LANICJAN Boys' Cilee Club. '46-'47-'48: Central Aires. '48-'49: Choir, '46-'47-'48-'49, Letter, '46. Stripes, '47-'48-'49, l.i- brarian, '47, Operetta. '-16: Boys' Literary Society, '47: Toastmasters Club No, I, '48-'49, Secretary. '49: Stu- dent Council Representative, '48-'49, Alternate, '40: Horticulture Club. '47- '48-'49. President, '-49: Track Team. '40, Letter, '49: Tennis Team, '49, Letter: Senior Social Committee. '-T93 Public Speaking Club, '40: Boys, '40, Senator, '40, "ln the Hull of Fame, Someday wt-'ll see I-iretl'x mime." BETTY NADJIP S'I'OIil'5liL G. A, A,, '47: Science Club. '47-'-l8: News. '47-'5O: Choir. '47-"ill: Mike Club, '4'9: Horticultural Club, '49g Publi: Speaking Club, '-49. "Hn ounce of enterprise is worth rr pound of priL'ilt'ge." FRANK lVllR'I'H Basketball '45-'47, Varsity. '47- 49, Letter. 47-48-49: F. B. l., A.. '-19: Senior Prom Committee. "He km-u.' hou: Io he merry untl uqist-.' January I950 ARLENE DODE Glee Club. '46-'47: Choir. '46-'47C History Club, '47, President, '47: Skating Club, '46-'47: G. A. A., '46- '47: Student Council Alternate. '46, Representative, '47-'48, Secretary, '49, Treasurer. '49: Co-C-Hi. '47-'48, Sec- retaty. '49: Junior Toastmistress No. 2. '47-'48, Vice-President, '47: Junior Toastmistress No. l, '48-'40-'50. Vice- Prcsident. '40: Drum Majorette, '46- '47-'48-'49-'50: Little Theatre Group. '46-'47-'48-'40-'50: lfl lico- cle Espana, '47: lX't'tus Salesman, '47-'4X: Central Forum. '401 Quill and Scroll. '47: Library Club. '46: Senior Social Com- mittee Co-Chairman. '40, "Noi many girls like thi.: tfou'll limi, With skill and look.: r'ombmvtl." HERBERT GARSTANS Swim Team. '47-'48-'49. Letter. '48- '49: Track Team. '48-'49: Choir. '49: Manager of Football Team. '47: Boys' filee Club, '48-'49: Public Speaking Club, 49. "'ll.'e opinion of ull his friemls cun'I be u.'rr,ng: Hhs t1 Jolly good fellow. as they my in the sing." SHIRLEY MAE BECK F. B, l.. A.. 40: Allied Youth. '49: Senior Girls' Glee. '46-'-VJ: G. A, A.. '45: Roller Skating Club, '45-'46. "fl good ,sport and Iota of frm, Yr.u'll m'Ut'r limi rt gayvr one." RICHARD lVllCHAliL COULSON Student Council. '47-'48-'-iq. Sergeant- at-Arms, '48: Committee of Twenty. '47-'40. Vice-President. '48, Treasurer. '49, President. '401 Owls. '471 News Salesman. '47-'-19: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '48: Choir. '46-'48: Toast- masters. '47: Boys' Literary, '48: Track Team, '40g Swimming Team. '491 Cheerleaders. '48-'49, Captain, '4'l. "A happy lad Leilh tt musical flair, ll'hc:xe prt'wr7rv.' is felt ulmoxl every- tL'htrt'." EVELYN LORRAINE BRYSON Distributive Education Club, '49, Stu. dent Council Representative, '40. "Nur mu serious, not mo gag. Hui rr Irut' girl in euery way." January 1950 MARILYN FRANCES lVlUELLER G. A. A., '47-'48: Girls' Glee, '46-'47. President: Choir, '49-'50: History Club. Treasurer. '47-148: Co-C-Hi, '47: News Salesman. '47: Girls' Literary Society. '47: Mike Club. '46: Pen Pals. '48: Quill and Scroll, '47-'48: Library Club. '47: Senior Color Day Committee. Skating Club. '46: Student Council Alternate. '47: Allied Youth. '48. "One should absorb the color of life. But one should never remember its details." OTIS D. MADONNA "Nut by age, but by character is wisdom attained." JUNE B. GEORGIE Distributive Education Club. '48-'49, Secretary. '48-'49: State Distributive Education Club. '48-'50, Secretary, '49- '50: Little Theatre. '48-'50, Secretary. '49-'5O: Roller Skating Club, '46-'48. President, '47-'48, Secretary. '47-'48, Letter. '47: F. B. L. A.. '49: Library Club, '47-'48s Co-C-Hi. '47-'5O: Pho- tography, '49-'50: Majorette, '46-'50, Letter. '48: Toastmistress No. l. '43- '5O: Knitting Club. '47-'48: G. A. A.. '48: Senior Band. '46-'5O7 Commence- ment Committee. '49-'50, "June is happy and full of fun.- She wishes jog to everyone," lVlARTlN A. CRACCHIOLO "Modest and retiring as can be. And full of serious throughts is he." DORIS LEMONS Choir. '47: News Salesman: Junior Academy of Science: Chemistry Club. '48-'49, President. '49: Toastmistress. '4'9: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49. "You've got a talent for genius." OLIVER BUMB Baseball. '47-'48, Letter. '48: Student Council. '48z Allied Youth. '48. "A regular fellow. that is true: He's full of pep and mischief. too." MABEL THOMAS Cr. A. A., 46-'48, Chevron. '47: F. B. L. A.. '49: Library Club. '46-'47: Social Committee. '5O. "The remembrance of the just, Shall flourish when she sleeps in dust." BETTY JANE VOGELPOHL Spanish Club. '46-'4X: Cheerleader. '49-'50: Co-C-Hi. '48-'491 Skating Club. '46-'47: Pen Pals Club. '47-'48: Central Forum, '47-'48: Central Forum. '47-'49: G. A. A., '47-'48, "Shall she fare ill or well "Who at Central! can forete1l?" DOROTHY MAE HYDE History Club. '46-'47. Vice-President. '47: News Staff. '47-'48: Toastmis- tress No. l. '48-'49: Student Council Alternate. '48. Representative, '49, Sec- retary. '49, Cabinet. '49: Girls' Liter- ary Society, '47-'48: Little Theater Group. '46-'49, Secretary. '4B: RED AND BLACK Staff. '49. Salesman. '48- '49: News Salesman. '48-'49: G. A. A., '47-'48: F. B. L. A.. '493 Girls' Glee. '47: Quill and Scroll. '47-'48: Senior Color Day Committee, '49: Biology, '47. "Here is the laughter that shook our rafters. Where are the rafters. by the way?" SALVATORE JOHN FERRANTE Senior Band, '46-'50. "He does everything. can do everything. will do everything." ARNOLD IDEZUTTER Graduated with the June class. VELMA J. BOYD G. A, A., '46-'47-'48-'49: Library Club, '48: Senior Announcement Com- mittee, '50: Girls' Glee Club. '46, "Gentle and sweet, dainty and neat: A lady, indeed, from her head to her feet." WILLIAM JUENGEL Student Council, '46: Toastmasters. '47-'48-'49: Track, '48-'49: Boys' Literary Club, '48: RED AND BLACK Stalf. '48: Horticulture Club. '47g Color Day Stunt Committee, '49. "Here's a boy with many a friend. With a list of good qualities that never end." NORA JEAN COOPER Toastmistress No. 1, '49: Central Forum. '48: Pen Pals Club, '49, "Far may we reach before we find A heart so friendly and so kind." SHIRLEY WALLACE G. A. A., '46-'48, Chevron. '47, Let- ter. '472 Tumbling, '47: Co-C-I-Ii. '47- '49: History Club, '47: Library Club. '46-'47: RED AND BLACK Stall, '49: F, B. L. A,. '49: Public Speaking Club, '49: Tennis Team. '47: Student Council Representative. '49: Color Day Com- mittee. "A good mind possesses a kingdom." January 1950 ALEEDA DRAKE Skating Club, '46: Cor-C-Hi, '47-'49p Student Council, '48-'49C G. A. A.. '48g News Stall. '48: Toastmistress, '48: Color Day Committee Chairman. '48. "A good sport and lots of fun, You'II never End a gayer one." PATRICIA RUTH THORPE El Eco de Espana, '47: Co-C-Hi, '472 Pen Pals, '47: Student Council. "Methinl1s you stand in your own tight." NANCY LEE MAULLER Senior Girls' Glee Club, '47-'48-'49: F. B. L. A., '49: Student Council Al- ternate, '48-'49: Distributive Educa- tional Club. '-19. "Deliberate often decide once and for all." JAMES F. LAMWERSIEK Mike Club, '46-'47: Boys' Glee Club. '46 "A rr:an's own character shapes his for- tune." LILLIAN MCCAIN Distributive Education Club, '49-'50. "It is better to deserve without receiv- ing..than to receive without de- serving." January 1950 C1 INO GASPAROTTO "Reserve and dignity-- The qualitiev of tr gentleman." PATSY JEAN WARD "Nothing is to rome. and nothing past. But an eternal now dues always lust." FRED CARL KOENlCr Football, '47, Letter: Baseball, '48. Letter. "Get out of the way, it'x I-'red coming, For when he gets here things will be humming." FLORENCE ROSE NEWMAN Cu-C-Hi. '47-'48: Central Forum, '47, '49, President. '49, Secretary, '-48: Pen Pals, '48-'49: Photography Club A. '49: RED AND BLACK Staff and Sales' man. '47-'49: News Salesman, '48-'40: News Stall. '48-'49, Reporter, '48. Assistant Editor, '49: Stamp Salesman. '47-'49. "Attempt easy tasks as if they were dif- lirult. And difficult tasks as if they were easu." ORAN ANDERSON Football, '45-'46-'48, Letter, '48: Track, '46-'48, Letter. '48-'49: Die- tributive Education, President, '49: Glee Club. '4S: Choir. '45-'46, "A popular bog and an athlete too, llith Oran around you'll never be blue." REGENIA GREENE F. B. L, A., '48-'49: Color Day Com- mittee, '49: Pen Pals, '48: Roller Skating, '46, "To her own affairs she tends, Winning thus her many friendxf' CARROLL CRANE G, A. A.. '46-'-18: Co-C-Hi, '47-'48: Student Council. '48, Alternate. '47: Little Theatre Group. '47-'49, Presi- dent. '-t9: Central Forum. '47-'40, President. '48: Junior Academy of Science: Histcry Club, '46-'47. "Shen alwayx smiling. and full of fun: Shes known ut Central bg everyone." SHIRLEY MAE lVlliYliR Roller Skating Club. '47: Pen Pals Club Secretary. '48-'5O: F. B. L. A., '48-'49. "Justice is noblest. and health is best. Hut the hearfs desire is the pleasant' est," JoreHENN1Nc3sEN Baseball Team. '46-'-17: Distributive Education Club, '49. "And what he greatly thought. He nobly dared." JEANNETTE DONNA MANIC Totistmistress Club No. Z, '48-'-49p Toastmistress Club No. l, '49-'50: Co-C-Hi. '49-'50, Vice-President, '49, Secretary, '49-'50. "No great deed is done Hy falterers who ask for certainyf' ELIZABETH HARRINGTON Choir, '46-'47-'48, Letter, '-47: Dis- tribntive Education Club, '-49: Girls' Glee, '46-'47: State Distributive Edu- cation Club, '49: Neuqs Salesman, '-49. "When you are in need of u loyal friend, Here s one that use can rerc.mmenrl." HERBERT DOUGl.AS FOWLER Band. '47-'49, Letter, '48-'49i Mike Club. '47-'48: Toastmasters, '48-40: Swimming Team. '-18549. "With quiet but determined forre. He travel.: nn his destined cuurw lVlYRTLE lVl. WIEDNER Library Club. '-17348: F. B. l., A.. '47-'48: Pen Pals Club. '48, "Who lets slip fortune. her shall never find: Orrasian, once pasted hy. remains be' hind." WILBER'I' E. CAPEHART Track, '48-'49. Letter: Tennis. '47- '-49, Letter. Captain, '-18: Junior Toast- masters. '40, "fl man of Cheerful yesterdays and fon- hdent tt1n7orroLu.x." CAROL J. BUELTMAN Roller Skating Club. '-16: Senior Com- mencement Committee, '50: G, A. AH '-l6: Choir, '47. "Lively and happy and always guy. She goes merrily nn her way." January 1950 LESTER CURLESS Table Tennis Club. '46-'48: Allied Youth. '48: Bowling Club, '48, "He is so loyal. so faithful, so true: ll'l-ateuer you ask him. he'll gladly do. lVlARILYN A. MARTIN Tonstmistress Club No, l, '4ft: Stu- dent Council Representative, '49: News, '40: F. B. L. A.. '47-'49, "'l lverefs no defeat, in truth, rave from within: Unlesx yuu're beaten there ytJtt're bound to u.'inf" MARVIN CARTER Mike Club, warso. "Students like him are hard to find. Steady, noble, willing. and hind." ARLENE KURZ Ci. A. A., 46-48. Chevron, 47: Co- C-Hi, '-19: News Staff. '49: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '-49: Roller Skating Club, '46: F. B. l.. A., '48: Biology Club, '-47: Color Day Stunt Commit' tee. '49: Stamp and Bond Salesman, '49: Girls' Cilee Club, '46-'48, Letter. '48: Choir, '48, "You are the obliged if rightly under- stood. living :Ver puid by the mu of tlrting good." ROBERT STRAIT Varsity Basketball, '47-'50: F. B. L. A., '49, President, '49: Boys' Cilee Club, 47348: Choir. '49, "He great in url. as you have been in thought." January 1950 JAMES BROOKS "A happy lad with a winning way, And ence a friend, a friend to stay," r L JEAN BENWELL Distributive Education Club, '49-'SOQ Announcement Committee, '49, "A girl with a ready smile: Jus! knowing her makes Iife worth- while." GEORGE FRANK HOWARD Distributive Education Club, '49-'50. "PoIiteness is to do and say The kindesr rhings in :he hinder: wayn. DONALD E. JONES Radio Production, '49. "A friend of work, a friend of ease, A ready smile, an aim fo please." SUMMER SCHOOL 1949 Louis Bernell Berry NADINE DAVIS RED AND BLACK Salesman. '49: News Salesman, '49: Choir, '47-'48-'49, Let- ter, '47, Strip, '48: Girls' Glee Club, '46-'47-'48: Little Theater, '48-'49: Central Knitter, '47-'48-'49: G. A. A., '46-'47-'48: History Club. '471 Com- mencement Committee, '49: Library Club, '46-'47-'48-'49, Secretary, '48, Vice-President, '49, Publishing Man- ager, '48-'49, Letter, '48, Strip, '4-91 Swimming Club, '46. "Her very frowns are sweeler far Than smiles of other maidens are." LEONARD HIGH Picture on page 38. R. CLAUDE COBB Art Editor. 1950 RED AND BLA! K. Veterans whose diploma requirements were mst by thc rcsult of G. E. D. Tests. Robert Abshicr George Clodfelter Richard Gruender V School Pin Designed by Mrs. Mildrcd Bailey Carpcntcr 24 r January 1950 - - - Color llay 5 June 1950 DAVY JONES Football "B" Team. '47-'48, Varsity, '49, Letter: Student Council, '-49: Al- lied Youth, '47-'481 Glee Club, '47- '48-'49-'50: Choir, '47-'48: Band, '47- '48-'49-'50: President of Senior Class. '40-'50: Toastmasters Club. '50: Grad- uation Committee, '50: Party Commit- Iee'49. "When he leaves tears will ruin: Hut Centrul's loss is tht- worltl's gain." KATHERINLQ I. LEIER Class Secretary, '49-'50: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49-'50: Choir. '47-'48- '49,'50: Co-C-Hi, '48-'49, Treasurer, '49g Owls, '47-'48: Lamps, '49: Stu- dent Council Representative. '-49: New Senior Party Committee, '49: Toast- mistress Club No. Z, '47: Toastmistress Club No, l, '49, President, '50: Girls' Glee Club, '47-'48-'49, Hi-Lo-Ets, '49- '50, "Calm and gentle as rt flowing stream: Dau glides by her blissful as a dream. JOSEPH SCHMICH Mike Club, '46: Boys' Glee Club, '47- '48' Choir, '47-'48-'49, Letter, '-49: Committee of Twenty, '48-'49,'50. Secretary, '49, President. '50: Toast- masters. '49-'50, President, '50: Tennis Team, '47-'48-'49, Letter. '47,-'48- '40g News Staff.'50: Sophomore Award. '48s Harvard Book Award, '-l9: Owls. '47-'48: Lamps, '49: Boys' State Rep- resentative, '49: Student Council Alter- nate, '50, "At his studies Joe is a whiz: Few of our rr-cords are hetter than his." ROSE FRANCES TOWERS Junior G, A, A.. President. '46: Rollei Skating Club, '46: Junior Girls' Glee. '47: Senior Girls' Glee. '48-'493 Junior Toastmistress, '48: Student Council. Representative, '46: Student Council Alternate, '47-'49: Owls, '47-'48: RED AND BLACK Staff, '48-'49-'50: Prom Committee, '5O: Senior Party Commit- tee. '50: Junior Achievement, '-47: Pen Pals' Club, '49-'50i Co-C-Hi, '48, "Roses homework is never done, But she furnishes others loads of fun. DONALD Rowe Transferred to Cleveland, BEATRICE ROSE Senior Officer Vice-President, '49-'50: Toastmistress. '49: Co-C-Hi. '47-'48- '49-'50: G. A. A,, '46: Bowling Club. '49. "Always as busy as L1 bee. A helpful pleasant girl is she." JAMES A. WOOD Library Club, '46, Track. '47: Com- mittee of Twenty, '49: Toastmasters. '49-'50, Treasurer, '49: Football, '49: Tennis. '47-'48-'49: New Senior Class Treasurer, '49: Basketball. '48: Choir, '49-'50: Student Council Alternate. '-19: Prom Committee, '50: Senior Party Committee, '50: Male Chorus. '4ll: New Senior Party Committee. '50: Color Day Committee. '50. "He questions all within his hen and probes into the affairs of men. DORIS EMILY KIEFFER Student Council. Vice-President, '49- '5ll: Senior Girls' Glee Club, '47-'48- '49, Letter, '49: News Staff, '49-'50, Chairman, Editor: Co-C-Hi. '48-'49- '50: Spanish Club, '48-'49: Telesis Junior Toastmistress Club. '48-'49-'50, Vice-President: Prom Committee. '50: Color Day Committee, Secretary, '5O: Owls. '46-'47: Lamps, '48-'49-'502 Hi-Y Club. '48: Representative in American Legion Oratorical Contest. "Always ready to help, it seems: Shi- is full of life. yet full of iirvanrsf' DONALD HARRIS Student Council, '50: Committee ol Twenty. '48-'50: Toastmasters, '48- '50: News Staff, '49 '5O: RIZD AND BLACK. '50: Prom Committee. '50: Color Day Committee. '50: Track Team.'49, "Here's one of our future politicians. Yrlling about rlisturbr-rl conditions." GEORGIA LEA FRISS Central Knitters. '46: Owls, '46-'-47: Lamps. '48-'49: History Club. Secre- tary. '46: Co-C-lli, '48-'49, President. '49-'5O: Allied Youth, President, '-48: Pen Pals, '49-'50: Toastmistress Club No, Z, '48, President, '49: Toast- mistress Club No. I. Treasurer. '49, Vice-President, '50: El Eco de Espana, Secretary. '49: Student Council Alter- nate, '48-'49, Representative, '50: RED AND BLACK Stall, '49-'50: News Sales- man, '50: REED AND BLACK Salesman. '-19: Senior Outing Committee, '50: Botany Club. Secretary, '47: New Senior Party Committee, '50, "So happy all the time: To starry heights she'lI climb." CHARLES B. HALFORD Dramatic Club, '48-'50, Vice-President, '50: Photography Club, '49-'50: Dis- tributive Education Club, '40-'50: Mike Club, '46-'47. "Always ready with his wit, W'hirh makes you stop un.l luugh a hit," PATRICIA ANN ROGERS Horticulture Club, '47-'50: Toastmis- tress Club. '48-'50: Co-C-Hi, '48-'50: Choir, '50: Senior Girls' Glee. '48-'50: Student Council Representative, '50: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '49: lvewx Salesman, '47-'50: Owls. '47: Lamps, '48-'50. "Where is thy learning? Hath thy toil? O'er books ronsunfs the miilnight oil?" ROY J. BENo1s'r Student Council Alternate. '50: Owls. '49. "A lruu friend is Roy: You'll never Iinrl rt nicer buy," LEODRIE CLARA KALZ G, A. A.. '46-'47-'48-'49-'5O. Presi- dent, '40-'50: Choir. '49. "When it rcmex lo sports, she knows her stuff: She is liked bg all. Isn't that enough?" RONALD BATZEL Bowling Club. '49. "Ronald makes new friends each day In his jolly. carefree way." June 1950 DORIS M, NEWTON Public Speaking Club. '49: G. A. A.. '47-'48: Library Club. '47: New Senior Party Committee, '49, "Bc to her virtues very lziml, Hr- to her faults a little blind." JOE Rocco Tennis. '40: Spanish Club, '-49350: Color Day Committee. '50. "A lad not given to noisy ways: XVhosr' quiet planning much deserves our praise." DOROTHY M. STEINBRUEGGE Junior Girls' Glee, '47: Student Council. '5O: Party Committee, '5O. "Dorothy is liked by all: My, oh. my. hou: will miss her next full." VERNA ll-Iebenstreitl GOSLIK Senior Band. '47-'5O: Junior Band, '46s Owls. '50: Att Appreciation Club, Sec- retary, '50: Cap and Gown Committee. '50. "To all she is most kind: A better girl you'll never End." HELEN LOUISE MCINTOSH Toastmistress, '48-'49-'5O: CCAC-Hi. '48-'49-'50: G. A. A.. '46: News. '47- '48: Student Council Alternate, Student Council Representative, '49: Color Day Committee. "There is a beauty from head to toe: And her character, too. has a definite glow." June I950 FELICIA MILONSKI Co-C-Hi, '47-'48-'40-'50, Treasurer '47-'48: Owls. '47-'48: Toastmistress Club. '47-'48f40-'50, Secretary. '48: Central Knitters. '46: News Staff, '47- '48-'49-'50, Reporter. '47-'48. Asso- ciate Editor, 319350: Cheerleaders, '49- '50: Color Day Committee. '5Ui G. A, A., '46-'47-'48-'49-'50, Vice-Presb dent, '49. Chevron. '47, Letter, V481 Central Forum, 47348: Ci. A. A, Pin. '40: Student Council Representative, '48, Alternate, '49: El Em di' lfspttml. '-174 '48-'49"50. Treasurer, '47, Vice-Prcsi- dent. '5O: New Senior Party Committee. '49: Crirls' Literary Society, '46: Girls' Glec Club, '46. UA better rkcerleader youll never find: Chichie gives it allp skefs just that hind." DONALD GUERRANT Transferred to Roosevelt. CAROLE BICKEL Junior Girls' Glee Club: Senior Girls' Club. "Where there is fun Io share, Carole will always hc thi-rr." VERNON HANSON Male Chorus, '47-'49: Central Aires, '40-'501 Distributive Education Club. '40-'5U: iwlrws Salesman, '5O: Roller Skating Club. '47: Choir. '49-'5O: Senior Party Committee, '50. "Always Jolly, likes to play: Mischief his merry eyes portray." JOAN LEE RUDOLPH G. A. A.. '46-'47-'48e'49f'50. Chev- ron, '47, Letter, '48, Treasurer, '49: Roller Skating, '46-'47, Award, '47: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '46-'48: Junior Crirls' Glen-, Treasurer, '47: News Photographer, '47-'48: Mike Club. '48- '40: Co-C-Hi, '48-'49-'50: Bowling. Secretary. '49: Owls, '46-'47, Lamps. '47-'48-'49, DONALD LINDSEY Quit school. GERALDINE MORITZ "ln hi-r ure traits far better than gold- Things that cannot be bought or sold." JANE E. MEYER Roller Skating Club, '48: Bowling Club. '492 Pen Pals Club, '49-'50I Toastmistress Club. '48-'50: Co-C-Hi. '48 '5O: Spanish Club, '49: Mike Club. '47. "A word, a smile- A girl worth while." GLENDA ANNE lVlULLlNS Student Council Alternate. '50. "Not too solemn, not too gay: Everyone likes her just that way." WILLIAM HAYDU Committee of Twenty, '50: Toastmas- ters, '40-'5O: Track Team. '48-'49- '50, Letter, '49: Band, '47-'50. "A cheerful lad with lots of pep: Just watch his forward-going stfp.' DON ELOFF Track. '49-'50: Camera Club, '49: Bowling Club, '49: Allied Youth, '482 Junior Achievement. '49. "He always did his best: He will surpass the rest." SHIRLEY DOROTHY SCI-IWEI-IR Skating Club, '46-'47: G. A, A., '46: Junior Glee. '47g Color Day Program. '50. "Very amiable and eager to please. She wins our friendship with laughing ease." ARMAND SALAS Male Chorus, '48-'49: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '46. "Someday this lad will reach the top, For at a failure he'll not stop." BEI IY DORRELL G, A. A., '46-'47: Bowling Club, '49- '50: Camera Club. '49: Allied Youth. '48: Junior Girls' Glee. '46: Tumbling, '46: Literary Club. '48. "Cheery, clever, and full of fun, Known and loved by everyone." RICHARD ARLEN RANKIN F. B. L. A., '49s Choir, '47-'48: Bas- ketball "B" Team, '47-'48, "A" Team. '48-'50: Library Club, '47-'48: Mike Club, '46. "Mischievous, jovial, also spry: Four years he played at Central High." June 1950 NORMA BRUNNER "How can we explain her kindly way? Never noisy. yer always gay." ROWENA DE VINNEY Cap and Gown Committee. '50: El Eco de Espana. '48, "ln her quiet and modest style. She is a friend worth while." BETTY DAVIS Roller Skating Club. '46-'47: G. A. A., '46-'48s Allied Youth, '48-'497 F. B. L. A.. Secretary, '49-'50: Gradua- tion Committee, '50. "Betty brought joy throughout the day: We at Central wish she could stay." CARL BISHOP Roller Skating Club. '46: Golf Club, '47: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '46: Student Council, '49-'50: Stamp and Bond Salesman. '50. "His character is known to be ine: A better you will never find." MARIE SYDLOWSKI Junior Girls' Glee Club, '46: Senior Girls' Glee Club. '47-'48-'49: Choir, '47-'48-'49-'50: Distributive Education. '49, Vice-President, '50. "Life with Marie is full to the brim With fun and frolic that never dim." June 1950 VIVIAN C. SKEWLSS Student Council, '49-'50, "Hn smilr is- wrlrumvii vucryu'hvrv. And xhe ranks high among the fair." J ' of 'T"1"' Lv, of' I, . " ROBERT NICHOLS Track, '47-'50: Malo Chorus, '47-'48 "HA sunny xmllu will uzcuuw hc .-l guuli- :for lrfcfx mul! slnrmy .wuf ALMA LORFTTA JONES ' Junior Girls' Glrc, '-Hu: l.ibr.iry Club. '4X: llorticulluml Club. '47 '48, F. B. l,. A., '49-'50, Color lilny Ciumniitlcv. '5ll: Rl5D AND BLACK Smlcsnmn. '-Hi. "Shy dill hw bex! in mwwy lash. "l'iL'ux ull Ifhll ungrfm- muld ink." DWIGHT R. RUSSNOGLIQ Male Chorum. '46-'-47: Swimming 'l'v.im, '48-'5lI, Lvln-r. '-10: Andi-mv nt Science. '48: fhcmietry Club, 'MW '5ll: l'N'4'LL'K S.ll4Wn1Jl1, 716. Rl ll AND llI,.iVTli Salesman, '48: licwling Club. '40, "l,lf4' 14. mu m u hulumril nn'usu1i'.' Pull rx zuirh um! pm! m plvuxun PAULINE TRUETKIN G, A. A., '46: Junior Girls' Glrv Club. '-56: Svnior Girls' Glcc Club, '-47948: F. B. L. A, '48, Prciidunl, '-49. Srcrc- Karyi Graduation Committrv, '50, 'Ulu hor own a!Tuirs xhr rvmls. Winning Ihux Im: many I'r:'i'niis." 4 An A XVAYNE LAMAR lVlClNTOSll Dislriburivc Educniion Club, '4Q.'50: Spanish Club, '49-'50: Scnior Party C'0n1mit1vs'. '50: Stamp Snlcwman, '40- '50. "ll'hul mukus this plvusing Ind so shy? ll'v eurr uflvr u.'rimir'r why " GIERALDINE lVlERCURlO Dixliiburivv lfducnlion. '40: FI ffm de lfxpunu. '-18340. "Huw s u girl wilh u hvarl umlu.m1iIvi Unr who mulu-s this wurlu' wcrlh ul:rIi'," MICHALQI. A. INDLi1.1CA'I'o lhislrihulivr Ifducnliun Club, Rlilb AND l5l,Mili S.1lcsm.1n. "Always jolly and likrw 11. plug.- .lli'wl,-iul hm nyrrry eyus purlruyf' EVIELYN BOYIER G A. A.. '49-'50. Vicerljrcxidviil, '50: fflwlr. '-I8-"ill: Knitting Club, '49g .Yvwv Salesman. '-18550. RID AND BLACK Snlmmnn. '49-'50s Girls' Glre C'lub. '-16: Senior Girls' Glcc Club, '47. "Shui, hui nifv. Shi' mm! bv rnuiir ul' sugur 'n infra." LEE ROY CLEVELAND Bnwbnll. '-19: Malu Chorus. '48-'49, "Hi'.v Lwziu' marrd Ihruugh old C'i'nIral's halls, If Munn.-rl ui ull: it shank Ihe walls." GENE WILLIAMS Allied Youth, '47: Student Council. '48: Chemistry Club. '49. Treasurer. '50: Track Team. '46s Toasrmaslers Club. '49: Mike Club, '46, Male Chorus, '46A'47: RED AND BLACK Salesman: News Salesman: Band, '-47. "Sometimes he was a nuughly hurl.- And little pranks he umuld I-nyr,y," SHIRLEY HAGEBUSCII Library Club, '46-'-ill: Central Forum. '48-'49: Skating Club. '46-'48: Senior Outing Commim-e. 'Stir Arr Appr.-fir tion Club, '50. "You'ue missed out nn the fun: If her friendship you haife nu! ruin CAROLINE KATRINA KRAIL Junior Girls' Glee. '-17: Senior Girl! Glee, '48: G. A. A., '47-'-18: SpaniQh Club, '48: Pen Pals, '40,"3fl: Bowling Club. '49-'50: Senior Parry Commit- tee. '50g RED AND BLACK Snlexnmn. '49-'5O: Roller Skating Club, '-37: Junior Toastmistress, '48-'49: Co-C Hi. '48: Junior Achievement, '-IX. "She'll neuer lark frzr praikeq In her fhvery charming ways," ANN T. FENNESSEY Allied Youth, '48: F. B. L, A., '49- '50: Color Day Committee, '5U3 Div tributive Education, '50. "Ann, you'lI always :tri-M in style: You may be a model afler rt while." GENE PERZAN Summer school candidate. June 1950 AUDREY HILGEMANN Roller Skating Club. '46-'-17: Choir. '47348349-'5O: Senior Girls' Glee, '47-'48-'49-'50: Student Council Rep- resentative. '49-'50: Co-C-Hi. '49-'503 Color Day Committee. '50: Secrerary of Choir. '48A'49, "Her uoitl' was like the Ur'ii'e the stars had When they .rung together. DONALD R. DONALDSON Baseball. 48349: Male Chorus, '47: Photography Club, '49, "He enjoys playing baseball and does if for fun: Un the diamond you End him when his day's work is alone." Jo ANN UTNAGE Junior' Girls' Glee Club. '46: Senior Girls' Glee Club. '47,'48: Allied Yourh, '40: Student Council Representative, '40. "Softly spoken. smiling gay. Jo Ann has u winning way." ELMER E. IVIEYER Male Chorus, '47-'49: Choir, '49-'50. "Where jokes and laughter roulri be heard. Thu! plate 0 others he preferred," SHIRLEY JEAN DEMENT Pen Pnl. '50: Choir. '49, "Sher a friendly and lively lass: IVc'ri- proud to have her in our class." June 1950 LEONARD MIRTSCHING Track Team, '49-'50, Letter, '49: Senior Band. '46-'49, Letter, '46-'49, News Photographer, '48: Camera Club. '50: Cap and Gown Committee, '50: Swimming Team, '46-'47, "Nothing is gained by being shyfand am I shy? Oh, no, not I," MARGIE RANDAZZO Senior Girls' Glee Club, '48f'50: Cheer- leaders, '49-'50: Junior Girls' Glee, '48: Central Forum, 49350: Allied Youth, '50: Color Day Committee, '50s Glee Club, '47. "Her twinkling eyes to you declare A merry heart is surely there." ALICE HOELSCHER Junior Girls' Glee, '47: Senior Girls' Glee, '47-'48. "Alice is a girl whos eueryontfs friend. It will bring her great happiness in tht- end." KENNETH BUSHMANN Football, '47A'48-'49, Letter. '48-'49: Baseball, '48-'50: Graduating Commit- tee. '50, "He tackles trouble with a smiling faccq That's why in everything he is an ace." AUDREY KEMPER "Sparkling eyes and clothes so neat: This can't be said of all you meet." PAT HUGHES Baseball, '48-'49-'50, Letter, '49-'50: Basketball, '48-'49-'50: Football, '49. "Around school you'll find Pat, And on the held with a baseball bat." MARY JOYCE SPE1sER Roller Skating Club, '46-'47: F. B. L. A.. '49-'5O: Pen Pals, '49-'50: Toast' mistress.'48: Allied Youth,'50: Camera Club. '50, "A lot we know, and this uJe'lI tell: In everything Mary does well. JEANETTE CUPP G. A. A., '46-'47-'48: Library Club. '47: Toastmistress, '47: Cheerleader. '49-'5O: Co-C-Hi, '47: Tumbling, '47g Color Day Committee, '5O7 Mike Club, '46, '47, "She has u heart with room for every JOU- VIRGINIA MURRAY Toastmistress No. Z. '48: Skating Club, '48-'50, Band, '46p Knitting Club, '46. "She was a loyal friend'- Onu un whom we could depend." HAROLD J. SMITH News Photographer, '4 9-' 50. "He'll surmount the highest peak: Success is ever what he seeks." Sl-IIRLENE GEI-IRS COAC-Hi, '48-'49-'50: Toastmistress, '48: Bowling Club, '5O: Owls, '47: Junior Girls' Glee Club, '46, "Her wit was more than man, Her innocence a child." JIM LANE Toastmasters. '49f'50: Senior Treasurer, "Jim is not out seeking fame: I To him Iife's just an interesting game," MARY ETTA SUIVIMY Toastmistress Club Nc. 1, '49-'50: Co- C-Hi, '48-'49-'50: Choir. '47-'48-'49- '50: Color Day Committee. "Mary is injeed a true friend: Her ways shall never need to mend. CLARA CLINE Junior Girls' Glee, '46f'47: Senior Girls' Glee. '47-'5O. "Quiet, modest, and neat. A girl we always like to meet." BETTY LOUISE RAY Pen Pals Sept, '49: Yearbook Sales- man, '-48: Choir, '47-'50, Vice-Presi dent. '48, President, '5O: Senior Glee, '47-'5O: Student Council, '48-'49, Cabinet Member, '49: Color Day Com- mittee. "Tall and sweet, with an engaging smile: 'Io possess Betly's frienrlship is quite worthwhile. June 1950 FRED HOFFMAN Male Chorus, '46-'47: Choir, '47-'48: Student Council Alternate, '49, "He's bashful, calm and grand: Always willing to help a hand." BETTE ANN MCPHERSON Color Day Committee, '50: Junior Girls' Lilee, '47, "Cheerful, yet sedate and serene, Highly each friend did this lass es- rec-m." BARBARA LEE KREASKY Roller Skating, '46-'47: G, A. A., '47, Choir. 47348: Color Day Committee, '50: Horticulture Club, '49, "Chewy and so gay. Happy all the day." JANET MARILYN FELDHAUS Roller Skating Club, '46-'47A'50: Li- brary Club. '47: Art Appreciation Club, '50, "So charming and so fine, She is the warm sunshine." LOUIS RAY SNUFFIN Toastmasters Club. '49-'50: Chemistry Club, '49, Treasurer. '49: Associate Business Manager of The News, '49- '50: Male Chorus, '46-'47. "Life will cease to be of concern. When I lose my desire to learn." June 1950 SHIRLEY ERMADALE STEPHENS Knitters Club, '47-48: Library Club. 19: F. B. L. A., '40-'50: Pen Pals. '49: Spanish Club, '49p Camera Club, '50. "Shirley is like a glueful song: Cheerful and happy all day long." KENNETH JONES Co-Business Manager of Na-ws. '50: Male Chorus, '47, "Life for him is a world of joy: What u happy, lucky boy." PAT GRADL Toastmistress. '40: G. A. A., '48s Distributive Education, '40: Girls' Glee Club, '47: Color Day Committee. '5O: Little Theatre Group, '50, "Pleasure and laughter to- her belong: lf she is sad it's not for long." DONALD A. ALLEN Mall: Chorus. '47: Student Council Rep. resentative, '47-'5O: Horticulture Club, '47-'48: Toastmasters No. 2, '49: Toastmasters No, l, '507 RED AND BLACK Staff, '49.'5O. "ln every lash this lad held his own: Thus are the seeds of industry sown." MARTHA JANE STCKES little Theatre Circup. '49-'5U: Stutlcnt Council Representative. '48-'40, Camera Club, '50: E, B. l.. A., '40.'5O: Choir. '48-'50, Allied Youth, '50: Pen Pal Club, '49-'50: Library Club, '4'7: Color Day Committee, '50, "She's full ol' energy. life, and fire: She'll go in forever r.n.l never tire." DON GARRETT Mike Club. '46: Choir. '46-'5O: Track Manager. '49J50: Football Manager. '49: Student Council Alternate, '49: Central Aires, '49-'50: Male Chorus. '48. "As his years at Central sped away. He aiways found some time for play." EVELYN MARIE POOLE Choir, '47-'48-'49f'50: Central Eorum. '49-'5O: Allied Youth, '48: Senior Band, '47-'48-'49: Toastmistress Club. '48-'49-'50: Little Theatre Group, '501 F. B. L. A., '50L Tumbling, '47-'487 News Staff Typist, '49-'5O. "Evelyn is just the hind of girl. lVho'll give the boys t1 merry whirl." RAY ROWE Toastmasters. '49-'50: Central Aires, '40-'50: Senior Party Committee. '50: Choir, '49, Secretary, '50: Male Chorus. '48-'49. "A kind cf lad Ihu!'s hard to find: Energetic, earnest. sincere in mind." PAULINE MARGARET BAUMEISTER Choir, '48: Junior Girls' Glec. '46: Senior Girls' Glee, '47, Letter, '47: Bowling Club, '48: Telesis Junior Toast- mistrcss, '48-'491 Co-C-Hi. '48l Skat- ing Club, '47g Student Council Alter- nate, '46, "Gay and happy, nice to each one: She'll have success but she'll keep het fun." DAN COUMERILH Central Forum. '48-'49: Library Club. '48, Treasurer, '49, Sergeant-at-Arms: Band, '4 7. "Sportiva joking. full of fun,' Thut's Dun: ash anyone." JEAN BARBIERI Library Club. '49-'50: Choir, '48-'49: Student Council Alternate, '50: Senior Girls' Glcc. '47, President, '50: Color Day Committee, '50, "lf you want to know someone sweet, Jean's the em- yeu mtl lr: me-el." MICHAEL CALLAHAN Camera Club, '49: Distributive Educa- tion Club, '-19350. "Whenever you mee! him he's wearing n smile: To us he seems happy all of the while." LORNA TEMKE Skating Club. '47-'48: Choir, 48349: Senior Girls' Glre. '48-V193 G. A. A, '47g Toastmistress Club No. 2,'48-'49, "Lorna is u friend so lrue: Girls like her are very few," JOE PALOS Swimming Team. '48A'49: Student Council Representative. '50: Spanish Club, '48-'49, President. '49s Dis- tributivc Education. "Hr-'s tall and dark. and nice to fee. And Ives' just cs polite as he run be," NORMA COOK Library Club, '49: Bowling Club, '40- '50 "So individual and smull. This little maid whos liked b,f all." June l95ll TED FOLLIN Transferred to Cleveland. J EAN LEAHY Bowling Club, '-49: G. A. A., '46-'48, Chevron. '47, President, '48: Junior Girls' Glee. '46: Senior Girls' Glee, '47: Toastmistress, '47: Little Theatre Group. '50: Collar Day Committee, '50. "A hear! thafs happy. bright. and guy Helps its owner Ihrough the day," BOB ZORICH Toastmasters, '49-'50: Committee of Twenty, '49-'50: Baseball Team, '49: Senior Party Committee, '50. "He goes about with Don Juan vim-- Girls. beware! Watch out for him."' JOYCE ELLEN BECKER G. A. A.. '47: Owls, '47-'48: Lamps, 49: Choir. '46. Oh, her hear! is u fruu. and feilerless :hing- rl wave cf !l,e ou-im a bird on llc wing." PAUL O. SIMPKINS 'Although Paul is very smafl, His simple presence ehurms us all.' June 1950 GENEVIEVE PUSCZAK G. A. A., '46-'47: News Staff Photog- rapher, '49: Bowling Club, '48s Phoe tographer Club, '49: Allied Youth. '49g Tumbling, '46: Junior Girls' Cilee. '46: Pen Pals Club, '48: Color Day Com- mittee, '50, "Within her heart lies kindness true: Her words and deeds bespeah it, too." DON W. BEVERIDGE Roller Skating Club. '46-'48: Dramatic Club. '48-'50, Treasurer, '50: Photog- raphy Club. '49: News Salesman. '50: Student Council Alternate, '50: Senior Band, '46-'47, Letter. '47: Prom Com- mittee. '50: Color Day Committee, '50, "'Whereuer there's laughter, wherever rhere's fun. Don is surely the witty one." JEAN KATHRYN LOUIS Junior Band, '47: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '49. "Jean is a beauty fair: She's sure IO be liked everywhere." RICHARD JOSEPH EVO-LA "This lad seems always to be Without a care and fancy free-.' MADALINE BURGIO El Eco de Espana, '48-'49: Girls' Glee Club. '47: Senior Glee Club, '48. "The smallest girl in the Senior Class, But still, believe me, she's quite a lass." EDWARD ALLERS Distributive Education, '49-'SOL Senior Male Chorus, '50, "He gave to Alma Mater all: With her to rise. with her to fall." GRACE WIESE "To End a person so charming and gay. One must travel a very long way," DORIS JEAN KREUTZMAN G. A. A., '47-'50, Chevron, '47, Letter, '49: Junior Girls' Glee Club. '461 Senior Girls' Glee Club, '47: News Salesman, '49, "Her splendid form in playing ball Was envied everywhere by all." GRACE MARIE ABS!-HER "She's a girl that's uery sweet. And we think she can't be bear. DOLORES MARIE BALSMAN Student Council Alternate, '49: Student Council Representative, '50: Allied Youth. '50s F. B. L, A., '49-'50g Color Day Committee, '50: News Sales- man, '50. "l'm always ready for any pleasureg A task can wait upon my leisure." SHIRLEY ANN NULL Knitting Club, '46-'50. "Shirley was a loyal friend-- Onc on whom wc could depend." WILLARD LEE "Willi'c is not very tall. And yet he plays good bashetballf PAT VAN LEUVEN Allied Youth,'48-'49-'50, Vice-President, '49: F, B. L. A., '48349-'50, Vice- President, '48: D. E. Club, '49-50. Treasurer, '49-'50: Graduation Com- mittee, '50, G. A, A., '47, "Always gay, always happy: She makes things fun and keeps them snappy." 1. ., 1 f A' , f .af fr, Tl' ,, 9 ., 'I Div A ft L C ,V l ' , -1 L. J , ' -Q X A ,-,,' IU., '34 . ,-, ,rw yi! RICHARD JAMES GRIFFITH Roller Skating Club, '46: Stamp Club, '46-'47: Distributive Education Club, '49-'5O: Chemistry Club, '49-'50z An- nouncement Committec, '50, "May fame brighten all his years: May his life have little of sorrow or VAtear.t." J! - f Ofh, VONDA BAKER Quit School. Jlllle 1950 WALTER CARLIN, JR. Football Team, '47-'49, l.etter. '48- '49: Track Team, '47-'-18: Toastmas- ters, '49-'50: Committee of Twenty. '47-'5O: Student Council, '48: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '48: Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Chairman, '50, "lf il's life or a game, I intend To Hgh: hard and fair to lhe end." SHIRLEY BOMERSCHEIN F. B. l.. A., '49-'50: Distributive Edua cation. '49-'50: Allied Youth. '48-'49: G. A. A., '46: Graduation Committee. '5O. "Fair of lo-rm and fair of face, Full of charm and full of grace GENE HESSELY Committee cf Twenty, '48-'50: Track. '46: Swimming Team, '48-'49, "One to Irusl unzl ever a friend, Consrani and faithful zo the end." RUBlE MAE PUMPHREY Student Council Representative, '47-'48, "Ruhie Mae is a lot of fun- A friendly girl if wc ever saw one." KENNETH HALL Male Chorus, '47-'48, Committee of Twenty, '49, "Friends he gr:-els with great delight- A smile for all within his sight." June 1950 PAUL LA FLAM Graduates Jan, '51, TWILA PENROD G. A. A,, '47-'50, Chevron, Letter: Ciirls' Glee Club. '48-'5O: Student Coun- cil Representative, '5O: Bowling Club, '49-'5O: Choir. '5O: Allied Youth, '50: Color Day Committee. '50, "She is pretty we all agree: And always carefree- she will be," RICHARD LEE GRAHAM Football. '47-'49, Captain, '49: Track, '47: Toastmaster Club, '50: Student Council, '-19: Glee Club, '4'-J: Prom Committee, '50: New Senior Party Com- mittee. '49s Color Day Committee, '50. "A brilliant joker he tries to be: Passing 'them' out without u fee." NELLIE MAE CAMPBELL Roller Skating Club, '46, "A girl who is liked so very well, Cuuld be num' other than Nell." LEONARD HIGH Graduated Jan, '50, NORMA MILLER Chemistry Club, '49-'50: G. A. A,. '46-'-475 Student Council. '46: Choir. '-lil. "Norma has such Uim and pep, You'll never find her out of step," CLFM HEITERT Choir, '46-'50, Letter. '46-'40, Treas- urer, '48, Student Council, '46-'50Z Toastmasters, '46-'50: Committee of Twenty. '49-'50: Male Chorus. '46-'50: Central Aires, '46-'50: Senior Party Committee. '50: Senior Color Day Com- mittee, '50: Radio Production Class. V491 Stamp and Bond Salesman, '46- '5O: News Salesman. '46-Will. Ufllwugs happy. always gayf ll'e tuonier how he got that way." MILDRED L. HOLTGREWE Ci, A. A., '46: Bowling Club, '50: Toastmistress, '48: Co-C-Hi, '49-'50: Horticulture Club, '48, Senior Party Committee, '50. "Shes bright and very guy: ' Shi' chi-rrfully gum hrr way." GENE W. BURROUGHS, JR. Swimming Team, '46: Senior Band, '48- '50i Skating Club, '46-'48L Track, '48, Dramatic Club, '46-'50, President, '50: l.ibrary Club, '46, Distributive Educa- tion Club. '49, Vice-President: Prom Committee. '50, Color Day Committee, '507 Photography Club, '-101 Academy of Science, '48, "This l'vllut.L', Gene. is quite at clouzn. He Iilts uou up when you fvel down." DOLOR ES lVlEYER Roller Skating Club, '46-'47: Junior Lnrls' Cxlee Club, '46-'47: Owls, '46- '47: Lamps, '47-'49-'50s Central Forum, '48: Co-C-Hi, '48-'50: Telesis Junior Toastmislress Club No. 2, '48- '-49: Bowling Club, '49-'50: Student Council Representative, '49: Chemistry Club. '49-'50: Senior Prom Commit- tee. '49-'50, "Tire girl that loves and laughs must sure do well. BEVERLY J. HOHMEIER Roller Skating Club, '47: Bowling Club, '49-'5O: Hi-Lo-Ets, '49-'50: Senior Girls' Glee Club, '48-'49: Choir. '48- '49-'50: C0-C-Hi, '48: Toastmistress. '48. "ln everything she rates a one to top it off: Sheis lol of fun," DOROTHY SYLVIA DERBES El Ero de Espana. '48-'5O: Senior Girls' Glee Club. '47: Choir, '40-'50: Senior Party Committee. '5fl. "Always ready tu help all, Bc the task largt- or small." BILLIE COPELAND Beginning Instrument. '461 Junior Bind. '47: Senior Band. '47-'48, Letter: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '-40. "lVithin her heart does kindness rest, A virtue better than the bestfi LINDA HUGHES Choir, '48-'49-'50, Treasurer. '5ll: Senior Girls' Glee, '48-'40-'50: Vice- President, '49: Ci. A. A., '-49: Co-C Hi, '48-'40-'50: Hi-Lo-Eucs. '49.'5U: Student Council, '49-'50. "How wc'ue admired her laughter ant song: My how we'll miss her when the'-t f the four yeursf-ure gone. MARTHA N. DUCKWORTH Junior Band. '46: Senior Band. '47.'40. Letter, Stripes: Toastmistress No. Z, '47: Toastmistress No. l, '48-'50: Central Forum. '-18: Cap and Gown Committee. '50: Bowling Club, '48: G. A. A., '48: Student Council: RED AND BLACK Staff, '50. "We're positive this smiling lass lVon't be fOl'g0llk'l7 by her class." June 1950 GWEN MOYER Quit school. MARGARET ALL HOUGLAND Knirters, '47: .Venus Typist, '40-'50: Junior Achievement. '-181 Cap and Gown Committee, '50. "Margaret has dom' her work quite well. This fact we do not have to sell." NIARICAY COOMBE F. B. l., A., Treasurer. '48-'49g Allied Youth, '-P81401 Graduation Committee. '50. "She is so very gay. At any time of the clay." DOLORES SANDERS Senior Band, '47-'49, Letter, '48, "Everywhere she govt. Her personality glou.'a." MARY SPElSER Duplicate. June 1950 ARNOLD NELSON BRAY Senior Glee Club. '49-'505 Central Aires. '50: Choir, '50, "To he wish sucressf The world he doth possess' ELMER T. SMITH "Elmer was always full of fun. And his work was never done." EVERETT KING "Although he's shy as he can be. His virtues exceed his modesty," MELVIN EREESE Pen Pals Club. '47-'50: Spanish Club. '48-'50: Bowling Club, '49: Toast- masters Club, '49-'50: Fisher Guild. '47-'50, "He may be small, but we shall see, What his success in life will be." ROBERT EUGENE CLARKE Toastmasters Club, '49-'50. JIM TROST Toastmaster Club, '49-'50: Track, '49: Senior Party Committee. '50: New Senior Party Committee. '49, "From books and study halls he'll flee To seek the gayer company." FRED WALTER WERCHOW Senior Band, '47-'50, Vice-President. '48: Student Council Representative. '47-'503 Allied Youth, '50: Senior Out- ing Committee. '50. "He was small of stature. and always Juv' Smiling and cheerful every day." PHYLLIS l. MOONEY "To please she always tries: There's goodness in her eyes." Alumni lnitiatiun Pledge At the invitation of Mr. Alexander, the President of the Alumni Association has, since January, 1947, inducted the members of the graduating class into the association immediately after they receive their diplomas by administering to them the following ALUMNI PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I, John Smith, a graduate of Central High School, pledge allegiance to the ideals and pres- tige of my Alma Mater, past, present, and to come: I will defend her dignity and reputation through joy and sorrow, through calm and strife, through prosperity and tribulation as long as I live. June I950 - Uolor llay S Green Lea Store fAcx'oss from Ball Parkl 3002 NORTH GRAND BLVD, LUcas 9658 "Ice Cream at Its Best" SPECIAL ORDERS XVeddings, Showers, Parties, Churches, Etc. Diane's Grill 3101 NORTH GRAND FRanklin 9742 Going-Out Orders-Fountain Service We Specialize in Bar-B-Q Beef on Italian Bread The Darling Beauty Shoppe Hair Styling. Hair Coloring and Permanent Wauz'ng Specialty C LEE DARLING, Proprietor 57113 EASTON AVE. St. Louis 12, Mo. For Appointment . . . Call GOodfellow 3 3 20 "A Diamond is Forever" It is true that no gift will endure like the diamond, It is also true that the Hnest you can select is a "guaranteed perfect Keep- sake Diamond Ring", winner of the 1950 Fashion Academy Award, KEEPSAKE Diamond Rings Longines- Wz'ttnauer, Hamilton, Bulova, and Elgin Watches s f ' .1 Qsxllllllffobfl q . CIEMBELER 3524 NORTH GRAND, at Hebert ERanklin 8122 We Deliver Gold Star No. 16 M ea ts-G roceries-F rui ts Vegetables We Sell for Less, and Quality, Too B. Ballos, Prop. 2633 GLASGOW Grosse's Drug Store ELLIOT AND ST. LOUIS AVE. FRank1in 1032 E, ..1'i"f.' . ' -.. . , Z, A 1 U?-,big A J -r -1. 7 f ,,-vv'ifj . - '1 dk , ,if 'r ,, pi? V' :iii .., ,1 . , gil,-. f f ,,.,,,f". , - "Wg " ff" ,, 32iLrE,5. . - l .,:-2:4 M Z f"' A - r -A , .-ff-fffwaf'q,,g:' 4' X " ' e r r -: A 1. 'Sf :-.rv R-- V A Ei'i'r'3ii4 -'93-If-3'f ':..':.g'i..T'-' Y - . ' A-'132v15.::-43-isZ'1"fHs9iv-4' -iff-1-Q, A .gi 1, , -,L . ' V- K . .... -W , 5. , ,-1 1 - -Y 'S " " x . DO ' 'ff "'fff'ff:.-ff -Q W AY T L o OPp0 if V- RTUNITY I i':H?- ,'r- Vg. .. , l--.l is-T '-QA:-gf?3:ff, .1.:1 2451.9 7 , ' f x: 4'Y5fleF'1'5l'3"'P'.-F:4s--- . ' . 1- fiQ'1f 'f"1k1'2?2f- i fm' f i ,4 x V: ""'f '-11-S-,Li-9 w I. A .J , Q, m ,1,Ly:N::.4:3-Qi:.,fA?z.aa-f-Hg.:-:Jigga ug 2 "' "f""'f-HM .gm A- df' : ,fl-ffhfii ,J 5. , U A "' - f 2: 25 il P, 1' Q-ii . I " fi lie ix: L git, 1 '-reef: 25 V f ig? 'f if S , gy . .. i g . -xp. L VI.: f i ? ' WX I 354 lg 1 H, if ' 1 ' 11 ' N 5 I .I Q 4 1 E a ' ' , - A ig Q3 9' ' ' r 'gg ' P A L it f , 535. ' V, I : fm., 'f ul ,E L . Y . . I H , Els- - a we 5 r -..f.,' fe ? 3 ! '+ ' A SQ ig .. V , Q A V: 5 :- ii' g' ff tw r ist i Y E ,JL If-'AA Tfffs- jr .43-'ff -wh , I Uma: ra- . . 43 C Cosa ii Adviwiry Group' 'Y?'f'i'. SENIOR ADVISORY QFALIJ Miss Hanks and Mr. DcFilio Ruw l: llohrmann. Marzuco. Rising- er, Malon. DcSimnnc, Ross. Raw 1: Drake, Aaimkopoulm, Tin- rwn. Andi-rson, Rupp, Dude. Schwartz. Row 3: Smith. Barnclal. GROUP l lFAl.l. TERMJ Mrs. E. Ross Row l: llouglilannl. Vcwgvlpulil. Cinlv, llallaril. Taxch. Allrn, lhnibs, NX'cnlvl. Nfallcn. Row Z: llmrillon, Mrirlrwrinri. Pullrirls. Allen, lxaliy, Liradl, Liuwcr, Row 3: Bali-S. Bishop, Slanlnn, Al- lcrs, Hanxun. Rii-bcling. GROUP Z Mr. Vcrtrccs Raw l: Pwrnarrl, lilmcr, Vrlagnvr, liortliiclx. Hopkins. Fxrnwrll, Nick' cl. Slufllchaum, Iicclwr. Raw 2: liranciiis. Ruth, Bunn. llcv. Brown, Massa. iupp. Mvycr, liill- bright. Rrww 3: li. Nluciirirw. King, Ci Nli-r, furin, Allnrrl. liumh, IH.-ll, licnnisl, llnlmicivr, Mr, Vcrlrws, GROUP 3 Miss Dickman Rowl' iilinc, Brawlry. l'ulnry, James, Sumpwr, Ranilamu. Mi- lonxlii, Riuanvlri. Rygvlslxi. Ruw 1: Ransmn, Standing. Slwar- gulski, Block. lDvVinncy, Busch- vn. Mouwr, N.Vallwr. Row 'rz llanrahan, Kvrshncr, Ruwc, Allen, Fvrguxun. Smith, Lanham. Advi ary Group GROUP 4 Miss Doyle Row l XV.1l4on, Sims, Fnrrull. lluilgf ins. Brown, Muycr, Slcfanslxl, Jackson, iffmnwbc, Row Z: l'1riwchn1.m, llcdricli, Clmpcr. Spriggw, Fnrml, lilulrun, Ficvfmlvn. Allison, Row 3. liinebmclwr, Cfunrcxy, l,.1ll.1- han, i'r.icchmlo. Ynlicl, Allgirc, Bogdan, Heller, llnvmrdx. GROUP 5 Miss Schroeder Row 1: Vifrlch. Hollins, Burili-li. Grif- fith, Rutchniann, Durrull, Nsilic. Thompson. Mnrrnh Rnw 1 Bayvingvr. Mnrlin. fiuurnc- rirh, XVillinmw, Ycagur, Jolunning- mvicr. lluggctl. luuiw, Row lx Ray, Schuo. liaynlcr. llulf ling, Uhlu. T.1m.1ln, Twiuy. Sfliuwilur GROUP 6 Mr, Hicks and Mr, Christcnson Rowl lllidulph, Urbnn, lluw.1rLl, XVinclwslcr. l,nm, Fluwcrx, Kugur, Movllcr. Ehlers. Rowlz Knduwski, Mitchell. lligg, Swindcll. liupp, Nlfl ulluugh, Als- crc, l'.1rmur, Row 3: l'loj1pi', Smgcr. XYcxl NYM' tcrorlm. Fmnlw, Smgcr, Sclnllc. l,,1SlxowilZ, ,l.inwx, Y Row-li Clovwr. Mr, lliclix, llgvx. Garri-rl, llvucrmnnn. llvmmrrsf nwirr, flmrlcr. GROUP 7 Miss Amend Row l' llurlw. llrunnur, l'liwlrm1. lllvmlw. lluvll. Rcith, liichschlng. Rlmdi-S, Rudloff. Row Z' lin-mlvl, llarwvll, Smilh, fnilvcll, lVlm:r1cV. Sinus. Sgliultl. XK'yrnlvmki Row lv: lX'l.1tlww5, H.ivcnL'r. Koluqn rmnis, Nlnrlvi. Ray ficlil, l,iq.1x-iwli. Syyllnvswlxi, Srvinhrucggf. Row 4: Mlxnlfr. l:i'lillmux, lircull' man, XVnrd, i 4 5 Advi 'ary Group' GROUP 8 Miss Knoernschild Rvw I' Schnrr. XX'wiIm'r, Sniimicrs Dnvllvl, MIIIU, turxxv. ,Iic1nIw Iimwn. Ri-w Z: Rush, M.itlIii-wx. Flair. NIU nw, iwnmi. 4..,,.'1.m.1, Moss XVnIsh, iv.,.1wn, Kiwi Ciatcrnmnn, lukilxch, Ifm-.1 I li.1wp.imllu. MCMurxx'. I llchrr Ili-ui. Uutxun. GROUP 9 Mr. Kim Iinw I. NIurIlvr, lnilu CMI, Lap slick. Iimkv. I5.1II.1riI. 'Ilmrpv Knmphvll. Miller, Rczwl I'I.iih.1wny. IMI-wr, X'lfIf.iII Ifvrr.mlv, Nnrcnx Qi.iI,1li, .IuImsun Jnclwlx. Ili-w I: Mr Ixirn. Mclzlll. IIn'mIIc lun. II.1ycIu, Ilxuriuughs Swulnnm GROUP I0 Miss Knight and Miss Timmons Ri-w I: Ackcrmn, Iiihhuu. Kass.-II Nclcs. Kvfrun. fnllunmirn, Iiur lvn. XYnIlcrx, Rcckvrl Huw 1: Iiuiiih. Ihfiiilrr Iimck, I nh n1.in, Cilrmvntx I'1.iIl1cII, Wi-IcIwr XX'rls, Raw? S1.ir7vnsIu, Awrs. Nlunlili rnc, Mus Knight GROUP I I Miss Lowry Ilnw I: Ibnvix Misorc ,InI1nwn. lim urls, I'icnaInII. INI.ivIvi-rrv. IiniIsi'Y Nluvur. I.ri'scni.m. Iluw 2: Cinrstnng. IIvnningu'n. I'-II Ivy, I-urrnnlv. INI.iiwss4 I ipmn. IIiI gcnmnn. Cirishnm Rim' I: Ilnriis, I'nwrV, Schmifh Ibnggcxi. Hubm, Iinwii. 'Ii.icIm.i Iwrrv. llmmv. Advi 'ary Group' GROUP ll Miss Sprague Rnw l: McNvw. Graham. Svvindlc, Pvrcclli. Hultgri-vu-, Pannmi, Trigg H1 vcr. Rarnslinc Rcw 1 XVcidcnhafr. Millrr. Dobbs. Axidm-ruin, Hagchuwh Milligan Mclnu-wh, Miller. Kiwi Mme Spraguc Niniinunx Slrlnni. Cai-wrranl. Iuvpci Palms, Indclifam Rvw 4 XX'm'vci. f iarkl' XYwlbrmwk. izfaws GROUP I 3 Miss Pierce Row I. Sivhvrl, Nivil. I5-'bi-rl. :Xb xhirr. Klum-, l,iii1.-. IM.-il. Y--ai' gain, Tafi. Rvw Z: Sawicki. Smiih, licllrnbailw. Ilunn. King, XK'vrlc, XYvbb. Psafml. Him-3 Misx I'li'rcc. I5cna1dwn. c..11i,i-im, Ruwni-gl-'. xx'.ai..f.-. Su-vang, Chrum, R4 w 4 Ycwrlwu NYM! XX'iimivrlifY! GROUP I4 Mr, Van Landcgcnd Rum I Schawffvr. Spin-s I ulw. XX'i:kx. Maru 'Ihucall, Yan Im vvn. Maniu lirigilim Rvw I Krathlvv. Rvgvlxki. Mivqiiv lin. lirbv, Slvul Yaxu, Kwgcrx. 'I rurllun. Rc-w W: Hr Van l.iiuiryvmi knllh, l'v111n. XX1rrcialx. Snufim. lanix, iw.. Ralph GROUP 15 Miss Friedman Raw l Huvd. lirlti. lackvv. Ciunu Bcnwcll, 'Yxliwiiln Hixillman. 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E Ruw Z: Martin, Bnzzi, l'3.ilsm.1n, Rullcnlgr. Utnngv. Cook, Gnslils, Suggs, Rziw 3: Cfsulnlx. l3urchnm. Cimwn Tibblcs. Kirlxharl. llmrris, Smith R.-w 4' Kurn, Richards, Orrick, GROUP 19 Miss Rotman llmw l: fox, Mullins, lhcon, Vick- crs. livrc, Nugent. l3cnnvtl. Ciud- nvr, Piuniphrcy, Row 2: Tcttvnhurxr, Jucngwl, l.in1f nicrsiuk. l.urmn ilnitliih, Mcln rush, Stonvnrt, Fox. ll"w 3: lvt::1.ird, Garner, Rudolph Kissir. liunicnr, Mus Rotmnn. lli w 4: Palos, lliulwii, Nluyvr f mith. GROUP Z0 Mr. Coffey and Mr. Antonacci Row I: l.agcrsh.1uwn. Garvey, Pm gacz. Skewew, Voderbcrg, Cox, Moore Soma yr Hod c ,, . g . g. Row Z: Hacnchcn. Hose. O'Rourkr, NVa1ton, Comer, DuVinney. Gran zou. Vnrgo Row 3: Mr. Antonrlcci, Koenig, Jnnvx, Mnggio, Mu rxay, Dnrr. r, , 1 J ,N ' 1!, f f GROUP Z1 Mr, Von Lehsten Row I: Thompson. Wcrchow. Maul ler, Price. Perkins, Boyer, Leong Gendron. Rirbeling. Row Z: Lev, Parzcr. Duckworth Puchall, Bell, Dees, XVerchow Leonard. Rowl. I.aFl.1m, Knerper. Dumuki Camp. Arrmid, Schreibui. Knlz Russell, Brown. GROUP ZZ Mr. Gundlach Row 1: l.nwleQs, Flsch. I.vu. Lohrcn dnrf, Murray, Reich. Kunlz. Sul Iivan, Cannon. Rowl: Ventimiglin, Luhr. Purmn McI.ain. Miller, Thomas. Arms, Rygelski, Row 3: Schuff, Vhllmnn. XVcidlngrr, Baumann, Hcwlcy. Salax, Hnrrix. Langley. GROUP Z3 Miss Levy and Mr. Masson Row I: Strcb, Plattcr. Puuer, Kem- pcr. Prusrrczyk, Grisham. Hopwn. Hoffmann, Murray. Rowlz Ratz, Bnysingcr, XVhitnu'y', Rubano. Fngcln, Hcrzog, XVhitnk- er, Robin. Row 3: Frcrlcclrs. Bushmnnn, St. George. Sitfwuhl. u--v--1 49 93 -N Advi ory Gran v--1.-nq vifor llrnup' GROUP 24 Miss Marine Row l: l3.llu'r, Rocco, Shrum. Pwll. Gill, l.nrvH.x. Moyvr, Connelly, Kolumironis, Row Z: XVnlsun, llauvclicndorf. llry- sun, B.1lsn1.m. Fvnnvxwy, Spciwr, xxmflfy. Row K' Stuart. linrm-x. llculcr. Jas- w. livrrw, Puigvnl'vuI7. Svllvy, Russ- noglc. GROUP Z5 Miss Martini Row lr Puxllingroyi, llolmilx. 'I'.iylm, lJung.m. Mcvrr. Rcvnolds, XX'ilwn, Hnldrn, -l'h0rnlni1. Rnwl. Rall. XVimlisclw, Stelzvr, Jnnrs. Pmincrsclwin, llnnllinx, Bar- bivri. Summy. Ruwl: Pmli. Vuwtcllo. Asluvvorlll, Rice. GROUP Z6 Mr. XVcbcr Ruw l: lirvrrinlgr, Rnllicli. Mann Ri-wc. 1'.1pi-lmrl, lluglws. lnnignn Kurturn, Sloan Row Z. l.mc, Mnwxvrs. llusliv, Gm- hnm. Uispvr. Pri-cbvrsywr. Mnttnr Row! Mr Wshcr. Hirks, Trost lurirh, Allcn. llallurd, l'.xlmcr. G-ROUP 27 Mrs. Finley Ruw l: Snuflvr, Mnlun, llnrris, Mc- Vmniifk. Ni-wlnn, C .1ll.1l1.1n. Pvtriv llngur. Chung, Row Z: 'lPirmnnn. Slmfrr. Smith Kuhlcngul, Novak. Stcphrns, lin vis, Poulv. Row l, Mrs Finluy. fllhvrs, rhllvr Thurnqx, I lrvrlnnd. lhvis, GROUP Z8 Mr. ffinscth Rcvw l. I5ing.xn1.1n. Slcmpfel. Dams. Krunsky. Clxpcnr, IDcVinncx', Nu blr. Rms, Scinccio. Rrw l. Pnvia. G.1n11'vcr, buhrs, Schwvhr. Row, Dchm, Hnumlv, DcZuuvr. Rm-w 3. Mcyur, Minh. Adlcr. Whitv. Houmnm. Bradford, Gnrrcll Ruw-1: Iiuwlur, Mmurc. Niuhuls. GROUP 20 Miss Beck Ruawl: Thnrnhlll, Gul7Iur Pohl. I umin. Sin1pklnm. Hvizh'm.1nn, Ihr bm. Burgm. Miss Bock. Row 1: Nifhulx. Tuwurs, Krml KT' .1,- fir. Lubcll, Hvnlhwrnc, Slvfhuw ski. Row 3' McFrrrwn. Pigg. Hufwkw. O Hrirn. Mirlh. Strung, Slrnxl, GROUP 30 Mr. Powell Rvwl. lxwr. Frlix. Kurl Pam. Nlatlhrwx. Mur.1,C1l.llcbr0ulx, Bmw- nmn Mnycr, Rn w 1 Schnvfcr. Cmnc, Human, Rivbling. McPhrrwn, Frlwhnmn, Dams. lxmuns Rnwl High, Hooker, Bvni. Scam uno, Obcrtx, Vaughn, XY.x1x man. Rrw 4: Sutton. Mr Puucll Rnnkxn GROUP H Miss Miller Row l: Phmncy. Pvgu--. Hrucr Ill xrnhurxl. Skidnmrv, Murmv kan, Ruswll. Clxrndonnn. Xml' Rwwlz Vnalc. O'Bcrts. Vraflun, Whnlncy, Haywood. B.-nuiwl, brr. Acord. RUW3. Mycrx, Sulmn, lu Combs, Knrlin. Brinkman Vfnldvn. Rm w 4 iouncll. I'luI1,4m,pcr. mr. W.-h, rhvudr IN-.ur Linn! ig- ,Q-.4 pm- Advi 'ory Group' 'Elf M gag ' W am. k 'Van 7-W 'S' 2 mmm f4.v,.g A .fy WW.. at ? s VF' ' V , 'iff . J .of M swsf I V i nu, ,c H... X 9.-., 51 N, Adviwnry Group' ef 'W pm: ,.....,.- 'Q .sn if GROUP 0 CFALLD Mr. Christenson Row l: Fisrhbach, Stokes. XVins!cad Urinsl-ri, Brusmski, Henson. Bray C". Adams. I.. Adams. Row Z: Krcitncr, llappicllo. Meyer, Santncruz. Scithel, Jurgcnsmeyer. Row 3: Laffvrly, Slvphens, Cooper Dcmcnr. Baker, Buckley, Bray Roth, Lavcndvr. Northcutt. Braylcs Row4: Mr. Chrisrcnson, Jasinski Heil-srl. Palmrru, Murray, Drxrr Bivens, Duwler. GROUP Fhl KFALLJ Mr. Bradburn Row 1: Harrison. Palzur. Perkins Torpcn. Fitzgerald, Tlmmpson McDonald. Hcnrhornc, Mazurek. Row Z: Rnbert. Hvacox. Rsed. Saeng cr, Tolsch, Ford, Mill-rr, Mitchell Somogyc, Row 3: Choate. King. Hogan, Dale Bick, MacDonald, Givvns, Dennis Rose, Row 4: Mr. Bradburn. GROUP F-2 CFALLB Miss Colestock Rowl: Ferrara. Bvnwcll, Kirkhart l.undak, Staab. Martin, Lomonaco Dxsyel, Ciraham. Row 1: Rudolph, Rcdding. l.aucz7i fampbcll. liavanaugli, fiwwll Hagcbusch. Row 3: liolcmnn, Sharm, Porlvr. GROUP F43 CFALLJ Mr. Markland Row l: Sapp, Hanna. limcrson Gcorgic. Pmcsl, Rhudus. Pilchcr Combs, Slilwcll. Row Z: Hughes. Rin, XVcbxlcr. .lo-hn son, Pacrlmwwl-ri, Ciucnrhvr, Hughes Milchcll Row 31 Narsh, llcarsl. Spinli. Mc Inryrc. Porn-r, Smith, Locflcl. Row 4: Gunncr, Mr. Marklanrl. GROUP li-4 ll:Al.l.J Mr. Marshall Row l: llalry. XX'icnhufT. Juik Manno, Torpcn. Urban, Rntlww xki. Weber. McC.ormick Rcwl: Stroud, Rnobrlock, Yimlc Brummcr. Erhcrx--n. Turpun. Wil lie. Middlrrnmp, Row 3: Gcrsl. Carlin Olslun. XYirr Jvhnmn. Krail, Zahnvr, Nlr. Mar shall. GROUP F-5 lFAl.I.l Mr. Prelutsky Rowl: Mnetrrs, Sampwn. Harris, Grimm, Smirh, lDorvnlx.1mp, Sul- cup, Ilnvid. XVulf. Rowl: Mcl'orm.1ck, Pwnnctt, Pm' ter. Jones. Manning, XV.1xxnn, Owvn. Szcwnrr. Rnw 3: Wlcstvrhflll, Purkcwici, Har- din, Umlrrbrrg, Rrull. Ries. Shorlvr. GROUP F-6 ll:Al.l.l Mr. Rudy Rowl: Noonan, Prcwitt, Ancunrx, Vvbllrnberg, Ford. Cromer. Kun ningham. Bunwell, Pryor, Row 21 Cnmbx Rnbyrtxon, f3r.1ntlrV. Casey, Dunn, Christian, XX'irlwrl. XV.1chwr. Row 3: Gannon. XVnffr-rd, XX'ilborn. Fagyal. lircnch, Kurrprr. Hourly. Vv'ilkcrscn. Mr. Rudy, GROUP FY7 lliAl,I,J Miss Schlutius Row 1: Brown. Bushmnnn, Kurxum, Snbo. Skcwcx. Willlnms. Burrgin, Donnldmn. XVyrozvnski. Row 2: lrullcr, Tvbbcnholl, Lipstick, Dcbcrr, Bngwcll, Rilgorv, Schr, Pollard. Rrlw 3. Cfnrricrc. Ci.uncr, lfnwrsnn Sultvn, Undurviormd, lhlnicr An gcll, Row 4: lxmkc, Miw Sclzlutius. ll.xr- mg. llllvi ary Group dvi'ory Group' GROUP If-8 ll3AI.l.l Miss Schonhorst Row l' Allcu, Vance, Hmll. Marlin llydv. Bcckcr, Ilcnnuy, N.1gcl Rmlgvu lluw J: x nmzxcixm, Spcncvr, K rump lllll. lluuhlvr, 'l'.1ylnr. l5.urmn llhlllms , l lxuw 3' Hucll, Shccrnn, Publi, lun xllmlin. XYulch, llmrxl, Dickcnwu GROUP I5-l lSPRlNGl Mr. Markland Row l C urvv. Rmx. M.lvln-rrx Smmlcurk, XVimln.ch. Gmrgvr. Nlurf gan, M.nrhvww. Ruw l 'I.1ylor. Alycn. llutl, lin.-w sr. Fnuri, Adnrnx. l5nrxyll1c. Ulm: mann. lluwl, Mr, lVl.1rkl.md, l'1xcuull.l lnwrcncv, Milligan Rlclmulx. GROUP If-Z lSPRlNGl Mr, Marshall Row I: Muurv. Huclslflgmp. lfeckll-v Marlin, l'un1pl1rvv, llvnrml, link llmrmn Raw 1: Smith, Ihrkx. limixuk. Nm Lluri, Nlillcr, Mmmgugxln, Rvanllng lk-clwr llnvwl lhkcl, N'lf.'UllSlvr, ll.ulxu Anllcrwn, Buxhy, GROUP If-3 lSPRlNGl Mr. Prelutsky Row l: Culabimnch, Allrn Hmwl lhmcock, Turnquul, liuluvclwik Spmdling. lic llxuli Row Z- Pucn. llmc, Amlvrwn. Mull vr,K,lu1x1,Sl1uphrrv.l, XVriglxl. ll!-ull' Y11.'ll'1fl. Row 3: Mann, ljppcrt, Sl.xch.uukn Smit. llrvunl, B Ihvn, R lhvn Adviwiry Group' GROUP ll-l lSPRlNGl Miss Schlutius Row l. Mucnstcr. Slumbnugh. Het'- lin. Duulhitt, Buwder. luppudgv, Pseclxcr, Vfclch, Row 2. Flottmnnn. Tnylur, Mc' Crnclwn. Rimini, Ruynoldx, Nh!- thrws, Medlin, Pilclwr. Row 3: Mies Sthluliux. Donaldson. XValler. Cfnffnmn. Nlmn lk-arson, lVl.xlthcw. GROUP lf-5 lSPRINGl Miss Schonhorst Ruw l: Dunn, Masters. Schnur, liens, liluwvrx, lhizicr, llurmunw, DuBois. Ruwl, Slntr llundon. Robbins, Wilson, llupkinx, listen fupp. Pwuclxlcv Rowlr' liuslmrl, Rvcknrt. lucblw, XV.1lklnx, Rankin, Morgan. MC Glcllnn GROUP O KSPRINGJ Mr, Rudy Rmxwl liildvrbcck, lnllfcrly, l'inL, Munrc. Pnrlwr. lfnsl, llcnsun, Campbell. Rrzwl: Bray. Scnmrc, ladrln. Gm- vctr, XK'cbb, Jclton. Jrnnnc. Rmv Raw 3: Surnplcr, Milligan. Sicvcrx, 1 Bergcr, linlwr. Slukux, lringlv, Hivelv. Rnw 4 Duncan. lhibbx. llcirvrl, Mr Rudi' ABSENTEES Run' l' firmlmxn, 0, Schmulcr, Ill, Rio-. l: Crank, li-8: Puwr-rx, li-X: XYhitr', '72 Turnvr. lil Sluddnrd. l'-R, Row 1: Munforcl, 7, llodgv, 'li Rilcy. lil: Beane. li-4: Ciunirr, 3, Pain, 14, Rosw. lb. llughs. U, Run' lg Dcnmruc, 3. Horwnlh, 3: Null, 14: Vnrgo, ZH: Brck. 5: Abcrnathv. lb: Fix, Ill. Bell. l Rrww 4 Iidin, ll. Leong. 0: Nciberl. ll. Ball-sl, 4: Cox, 4: llwniodcri. 10: Wlirw, lfw. Row 5- frump. fi-5: Surf. U. O'lVlnra, 16: Jucngel. ll. Slrnil, 10, Slrcclny, 'rg Tibblcx. ll, Kiuly, 6: Hallman, l S 55 Developing . Printing . 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NIQWS S'Ii1-Xlilf Sponsor: Mr. Gundlach Row I: F-clrwnrlz. Fiugvrnlrl. M.rlon Crrll. Row li Kivllcr. Kopp, Mllnnr, Schull Row 3: Rnynclll. limwlrv, Saunders, Snuffin. Row 4. llisingor. Smflvl. Allvn, Mmrlin. Row 5 Horton, Vogclpohl. Milon- slxi N'lJxsn.Ciovr1bs, Kurz. Mmllwws. XX'ulch. l7,rvis. Ciulll, XX'.1lr1xculI, ll.rrris, COMlVllT"I'Eli Oli TVJENTY Sponsor: Mr. Christensen Huw l: Klmrlin. Ciurh. Coulson, Kopp, Rowc. lirllcv. llow 1: Schmirli, Harris, liiiygcmldr lnlrmnn. Dnbhx. Petrie, Niwlkcn. Row! R. Tullvnlrursr, D. Tcllr-rr lrorsr, Rnnwiri. Murdock, llr-sslcy, Cobb. limi- -5 llavrlir. Wirmlr-rlirli. llr-ilvri. CO-CYHI Sponsor: Miss Dickmann Row lg Rows. Striving. lcicr, lirrwx. Hollins, Manic. Nlunzvr. Thorrrp- son. Row 1: iNlilunski. lirnwlvy Gill. Mvyvr, Kogur, l7illm.1n, Rlmiluw, Flmwrs, Tnsch. Row F' XVnrsnn, llvbvri, lNlcNcw, lflmcr. XV.rinscull, Kolron, Klviiw, Mnlon Rrw 4 IJol'rrmrinn. Schwartz. Kurl, Marks, Burdvlx, Virlwrs. Rudolph. Dungnn. Ruw5: Rogers, Richardson, Meyer, Kiclfcr, Hilgcn1.lnn.Spriggs, Miller. Summy, Rnwfli Hughes. lfngcln. Anderson, Akcrs, Lichrs. Row. Barinwisler, Matthews, Brown. Knswll, llcllenf bach Row 7- Mcffullough, llrrmcr. Licor- gic. Buschcn. Hcucrnmnn, llibbits, Chamber, lk-Zulrrr, Milligan Irganizations Co-Editors SHIRLEY STOVING KATHERINE LEIER ROSE TOWERS Class Editors MARGE DE SIMONE CLARA KUNTZ GEORGIA ERISS MARTHA DUCKWORTH Editorial Board JIM WOOD FRIEDA GILL DORIS KIEFFER FRANCES IVIUNZER Literary Editor ROBERT PETRIE Associate Editors JO ANNE ENGELN FELICIA MILONSKI IVIARCELLA MUELLER Reporters MARILYN BESS ROSEMARY COMES JOYCE DAVIS RED AND Athlelic Editor DON ALLEN Associate Editors PATRICIA ROGERS JANE MEYER DOROTHY HYDE Club Editor BETTY KOGUT BLACK STAFF Art Editor Business Sponsor R. CLAUDE COBB RALPH KIRN Assistants Art Sponsors DON HARRIS MRS. 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Vick- ers. Pyart. Row 2: Lumia. lfngcln, Frisx. Flmvr. Kopp. IH-nrod. Allison. liralwam. Rvw 3: llrvck, Ticmnnn, Allvn. nlianialis. Prarsun, Gill, Rugcrs. Marks. Ruw 4 O'M.ir.i. Hvitcrt. Adler. XX'unili-rliclt. 0rliClx,lVlAnn,Bisl10D. Lanham. LAMPS Spctnscr: Miss Martini Row l' luivr, Allison. filll, Pill- man. Kngul, Maclilcr, Flowers, Mucllvr Raw 1: Friss, Rudolph. Davis. Ack- urs, Rcgrrs, Richardson. Marks, Mcycr, Rcw 3: Munxvr, Sfhmich, Kicflcr. OWLS Sponsor: Miss Martini Row l: Randlvman. Vdorlrv, Nucl- lnrn, Moss. Haywood, Pillman. Tnsch, Rudlnff. Row Z Cowur. Dungan. XX'aiwn. Gcslili. Brawley. Callahan, Swin- dlc. Mcvcr. Ballard Raw 3: Maness, llvarst. Brantlvy, llcllznltach. Richardson, Brown. Kaxsvll, Marks, Rrw 4: Binsbnchcr. Orrick, Bush- mnnn, llnncist, Cjallin, Davis, Mc- Clullnugh. rganization STUDENT COUNCIL MISS FRIEDMAN, sponsor FIRST TERM CARL TINNON DORIS KIEFFER DOROTHY HYDE ARLENE DODE OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer . RODNEY TETTENHORST . , Sergeant-ar-Arms SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS VII E'siGOld Lamps Philip Fleet Philippina Dohrmann V E's Gold Lamps Doris Kieffer Marcella Mueller June Rutledge Charles Schuff Shirley Stoving IV E's-Silver Lamps JoanAllison Joe Ancona Despina Asimakopoulos Melba Garvey Frieda Gill William Guth Betty Kogut Dolores Malon Joan Rudolph Joseph Schmich Ruth Taylor III E's--Silver Lamps Marie Akers Katherine Leier Leona Mackler Frances Munzer Il E's-Owl Pins Jack Binsbacher Delores Brown Patricia Calahan Joyce Davis Janice Kassell Elizabeth Marks Audrey Pillman Dorothy Richardson Ruth Tasch SECOND TERM STEVE FITZGERALD . DORIS KIEFFER FRANCES MUNZER . JOAN RUDOLP1-I . JOE JAMES JUNE, 1949 I E-Owl Pins William Buffington Rosemary Combs Carolyn Dellenbach Nellie Dobbins Ethel Keller Clara Louise Kroucer Thelma McCullough Jane Meyer Shirley Moss Geraldine Sandlasen James Soukup June Swindel Carl Tinnon Mary L. Morley Mary Maness Milton Noelker Harvard Book Award Joseph Schmich SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS-JANUARY, 1 9 5 O Academic "H" Dolores Malon James Schulf Bill Guth Shirley Stoving Carl Tinnon Philippina Dohrmann Nora Jean Cooper Rodney Tettenhorst VII E's-Gold Lamps Philippina Dohrmann V1 E'S-Gold Lamps Doris Kieffer Dolores Meyer Marcella Moeller Joan Rudolph Charles Schuff Shirley Stoving Rodney Tettenhorst V E'.s-Silver Lamps Frieda Gill Betty Kogut Dolores Malon IV E 'S-Silver Lamps Marie Akers Nora Cooper Dolores Flowers Patricia Rogers III E's-Silver Lamps Joyce Becker Joyce Davis Elizabeth Marks Audrey Pillman Dorothy Richardson Il E'S-Owl Pins Vllilliam Buifington Virginia Duncan Clara Louise Krauzer 61 Mary Maness Thelma McCullough Milton Noelker Norma Ross Patsy Scharr Carl Tinnon I E-Owl Pins Jeannine Ballard Roy Benoist Helen Brantley Mildred Brawley Eugene Bushmann Shirley Bushmann Shirley Cunningham Norman Gatlin Verna Goslik Shirley Gower Bonnie Haywood Mzlva Hearst Dale Orrick Don Rowe Shirley Rudloff Mary Somogye Peggy Watson tudenl irwl Rvvi: Jnflxinn,XV.1insCnll,R.1'f V Hvlrl. Umlr. Slvknmnn. Unylv. Stalcup. vccnd Rc-Jv: Rcrkuri. Rcynnlds. Vickcrs. Lnhmnn. Nichols. iimlik, Nl ll n ni. Maggie. lilziicl Raw' Mr. Mnssmx, l'wr.iwlcy, Climb Nm rl liuilh lim x. Pmradvn, lnckcy, Grisham. hfuu.Kilcn1cnrs, Tnnmlix. Rvw. .l.iclmin, Ricbling, mln. lxmmrd, Cnvwrr. Bruwn, CliiIh.BC14li. ifih Raw: Kuaihlcv. lingi-ln, Wrr- clnww. Jcnu. Frrrnnlc, West, ixrh Raw. Slviiihmwlifvl. Haydn, Mcrching. Smith. Fmncis, Hicks. S R 0 w I Hl-LOYETS ponsor: Miss Hanks Siufllrbcnn. Hilgi'm.1l1n.5ln'b. llughrs, llohmcicr. Milligan, lmivr, Sampson. CENTRALAIRES Sponsor: Miss Hanks Rvw l: lnnignn. Sloan, IJ. Ruwv, R. Uvggcll. Hanson, Kmilli. lhlu. Jivws. R, Huw., in-11.-fi, is my gr-xx. LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor : Mrs, Ford Row l: Slvlzvr, Sclxrocdcr, linsscll, Trig Md iormick linwrwn, Rrkw ll Linn g. Korlum, Horvnlh. Cmwrr, Rvvd. Vinorhccs. XVntson, rmann, Harris. Ilick, Nngvl, Ilrumm, Pilclwr. Milchrll, Mrs. Fnrd llrganizations BAND MR. MASSON, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . ...... MILDRED BRAWLEY Vice-President . . TOM RIEBELINO Secretary . . . . . GENE BURROUGHS Treasurer .... . JOHN STEINHAEUFEL Property Manager . . . . ROBERT HICKS Librarian .... . . NORMAN CZLEMENTS Drum Major ....... NORMA JEAN SIEKMANN FLUTE: Mildred Brawley. CLARINETS: Dorothy Braden, Marie Combs, Verna Goslik, Shirley Gower, Doris Grisham, Gladys Lachey, Anthony Maggie, Frances Munzer, Imogene Northcutt, Joyce Reckerr. Carolyn Reynolds. Mary Ann Vickers. SAXOPHONES: Norman Clements. William Tamalas. TRUMPETS: Joe Bozzi, Jo Anne Engeln, Paul Francis, William Guth. William I-Iaydu, David Jones, Leonard Mirtching, Tom Riebeling, Gerald Risinger. Ronald Smith, Fred Werchow. ALTO I-IOIRNS: Robert Duraski, Pat Leonard. BARI- TONESz Harvey Jackson, James West. TROMBONES: Dolores Brown, Salvator Ferrante. Arno I-Iolling, James Keathley. TUBAS: Robert Clarke, Robert Hicks, John Steinheufel. DRUMS: Lester Lahman, Conrad Nichols. Carl Windisch. DRUM MAJORETTES: Doris Raytield, Thelma Doyle, Shirley Stalcup, Palma Jackson, Norma Jean Siekman, Arlene Dode. ALLIED YOUTH MISS SCHLUTIUS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM MARCELLA MOELLER . President . MARCELLA MOELLER DONALD ST. GEORGIA . Vice-President . DONALD ST. GEORGIA MARILYN BESS . . . Secretary . . . MARILYN BESS DONNA GILL . . . Treasurer . . . DONNA GILL JESSE WALLER . Sergeant-at-Arms . JESSE WALLER CHEMISTRY CLUB MR. POWELL, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM DORIS LEMONS . . President . . NORMA MILLER DWIGHT RUSSNOGLE . Vice-President . . . GLEN GOWER GLEN GOWER . . . Secretary . RAY HAMMERSMEIER LOUIS SNUFFIN . Treasurer . . LOUIS SNUEEIN LIBRARY CLUB MRS. FORD, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JULIA GAMBER . President . MARY JANE WATSON RUTH NOBLE . . . Vice-President . . SALLY EISCHLAY MARY JANE WATSON . . Secretary . . SHIRLEY GOWER DORIS TRIGG . . . . Treasurer . . . DORIS TRIGG KEN SCOTT . . Sergeant-at-Arms . . KEN SCOTT 63 Student CHOIR Sponsor: Miss Hanks Row 1 ivan, mmf, If iungggn. li, Doggett. Row 1 Cinpxtick. flilvurl, Stokes. V. Plover, lioguK,S.ii1nilsrs,llurlws. Rcckerr, Stllflluhcnii. Fluwcrs, Hun son, Boyer. Guiltnr, Sampson. Row 3 Pools, K.il7, lininniuulrr. llilgumnnn.Sun1n1y,l,.xflcrlv. Vrr go, Gnrvcv. l5ohrn1nnn. Murllxr, Xkhirson, Pmllnrcl, NVinchcs!cr Row 4' Hnvcncr. Marlin, linkcr, lil' nwnt, lhvis. Stoving, linhnwwr Hughes. Rav, Harris. Slephcn-, Row 5. Sloan, Rygclski. Borlhick. XVhirncv, lloumm. l.inig.m. Muff dock. Rciil, D. Rowr, R. Rnxw Balm. lluilurl, Row 6: Rufinnski, Srunogyv. Krculvr. Rutledge, Strub. Milligan, Hanson. Uispcr. Gunning. Coulson, Smith Sutton. Mrvcr. Stoflvl. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Sponsor : Miss Hanks Rnwl Trigg, Xkkiirisroll, Jackson, Tall, Scinccio, XV.illcn. Paowmnn, Zidc. Row Z: Suurmnnn, Mcycr. Duhren- dorl, Schultz, Horton. lkillnril, Mnullur. Mnlkcnbur, Pohl. Row 'Sz Nolr-s. Wcbb, Potlvr. Spriggs. XVir1siuud, Kkriltcndcn, llopxon. Hu- wcll, lilolron. Row 4 Gnlnli, Xklngncr. Aburnnlhy, Fix. l.itllc. Debut, lludgins. Bar- hicri, llilgcmnnn. lluw5' Mnll. Slnllh. Kolncotronis Milligan. Rogers. Flotron, Kleim- Farris. Row b' Knmmcrcr. Rnv. I'r.ug.1c1 Vnrgo, Marks, lxicr, Taylor, Alli- son. Binp,.im.1n, Miller, XYillinin,. Row7: Howards, Hughes, Comer. King. Dictzul, Urinski, Russull. llurvnlll, l5xlr.i: Dcmnrvc. Uullvnbach. MALE CHORUS Sponsor: Miss Hanks Row l: l..inig.in. Rowe, IQ. llnggr-li lhtvs. .long-x, llanxon, R. Uorggcll, Sloan, limi' l: llmrny' lligg, lnnglcy. Clnrrvll, Hnumm. fox. Smith, Rowi- llril url, Frischmnn, liivrnx. lnxknwilz, Firnikc, Rr-ich. Standing, .Imii-x, NVstn'rull7, fnilu. Guin, l5v'.'linli'ri. Row 3 llilclwr, Krvitncr. Richvling, fonrov, liicly. Vlrrls, l'r.iiin1.mn, Ckrinihnn, Mcrcurm, Allgirv. Row -l: Smith, llcmmursmvir-r, Chr nrr, Rocco f'lcvcl.1ml. Sisniplvl, lkilm, lllmsoii. Dupri PEN PALS Sponsor: Miss Beck Row 1 Sioku, Dungnn, Mnlon. Win chmtvr. Nmrmn, l7luwrrs, XY.illrr, Mueller Row 1, Sluphvnx, Spviscr, l'l'lH, Mc' Vorrnick, Swinillc, 'l'.isch. l'wrn.iril, Cox. Row H: Aximnknnvoiilnx, lic fuller, Mnrzuco, Webb Mcvvr, llrnnis. Mclnlnsh, lirixs Row -l' Striving. Marlin, lVl.icl5onnlrl, Dcmcnl. liuchlrr, Towvrx, Krall, fnnpcr. Row 5: Knilrivvnki. llcucrmlnn, Tin' non, Rav, Brown, llrganlzations FIRST TERM ROBERT DOGGETT EUGENE DOGGETT DON GARRETT . KATHERINE LEIER CHOIR MISS HANKS, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE MISS HANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS DORIS KIEFFER . . . President . . ANTOINETTE BRIGULIO . . Vice-President . PAT VARGO . . . Secretary . . CAROL POTTER . . Treasurer . MALE CHORUS MISS I-IANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS JIM REIBLING . . . President . . ROBERT MATTEONI . Vice-President . . Secretary . . RONALD CONROY . . Treasurer . FIRST TERM BETTY MARTIN . JUNE SWINDLE . PEN PAL CLUB MISS BECK, Sponsor OFFICERS . . President . , Secretary - Treasurer 65 SECOND TERM . BETTY RAYE . GERALD DISPER . . . RAY ROWE . LINDA HUGHES CLUB SECOND TERM . JEAN BARBIERI MARGARET KLEINE . JOAN ALLISON GERALDINE TAFF SECOND TERM ROBERT MATTEONI . . DAVY JONES . RONALD CONROY . . ED GUNNER SECOND TERM . BETTY MARTIN . JUNE SWINDLE Student El. ECO DE ESPANA Sponsor: Mrss Kramer Row 1: Fnos, Flnwvrx. lvr, Vriss, Mrzlntn, Smxlh, Burgis, Ucrbrs. Rrzwl: Frcvw, Baumristcr. Milon- ski. Arlvnc, Palm. lluggrnc, XVU1- Chvslcr.lh1tl1.Miss Kramer, Pmmwn. l.OS AMIGOS Sponsor: Miss K ramcr Row l: Purkins. Schnrr. Millvr. Kolo- corn-nix. Dungan. Palos. Mnllhcwx, Bray. Row l: Ray, Bus. l5vmvnX,Stvpl1cns, Ricl1.rrLlsvn. Munfurd, Thompson, I,lc.1volx. Moors. Row 3: Mclntosh. l,.1Fl.1n1. Murray, Bur-l-rcr, Rocco, Miss Kramrr, PHOTOGRAPHY "A" Sponsor: Mr. Hicks and Mr. Prclutsky Row l, Vnrgo. Clcurgiv, Ncwmnn Rudolph, Marlin. Russell, Slnlcup Mcflrvrrnick. Ruw Z: Hooper. Swctnam, Mnsschc- lin, Tlvuffinglun. Bnfult. lN'l.lullx'r YX'4'lcl1. Trigg, Pools. Rowi, lnnhnrn. Pcndlrton, Fran' coin, Slclvur. Fillhrighx Row-l: Clnu'rn1.mn. Harris, lxoupcr Slrvcky, Fn'vuri4lg4', Dura'-ki, Bur rvnghs. Hnlfurrl. PHOTOGRAPHY "B" Sponsor: Mr. Hicks and Mr. Prrlutsky Row l: Sciaccio, XVyro7ynxki. Rud- lxfff, Turnvr, Mclionnlrl, Dorrn lramp. Pryor. Slilwrll. Ruw 1: lflmcr. Rilvv. Schrwffrr Klvinv, Ycnrgnin, Vnwrsun, Gum giv. lhvid, Raw 3' Shcrlcr, Krall. XVchh. llud gms. clmar-. llxurrlck. A1u..rm.1 llrnlgr. Row 4: Sclbv, XX'.1lrlcn, l,.1grrsl1.xus cn. XVlvnhoff. Mcfkornmck, Row Franlr, Harrison, Uhlc, Rudolph Francois. fnllnlwan. fxnx, Donald sun, Purkcw'ir7, Hoffman, Tibblvs Urganlzations EL ECO DE ESPANA MISS KRAMER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM CHARLIE SMITH . . President . . . WILLARD LEE DOLORES MALON . . . Vice-President . . FELICIA MILONSKI GEORGIA FRISS . . Secrerary . . ELVA KOLOCOTRONIS WILLARD LEE . . Treasurer . . . CHARLIE MILLER LOS AMIGOS MISS KRAMER, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . .... . . . J OE PALOS Vice-President . . VIRGINIA DUNGAN Secretary . . . . ELVA KOLOCOTRONIS Treasurer . . CHARLIE MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB MR. PRELUTSKY, Sponsor GROUP A OFFICERS GROUP B DON DONALDSON . . . President . . RICHARD LANHAM FRIEDA HODGE . . . Secretary . . . . PAT VARGO TOM MCGIRL . . Treasurer . . . ROBERT DURASKI MIKE CLUB MR. CHRISTENSON, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JOE JAMES . . . . . President . '. . . . JIM GARRETT ALVIN HOPPE . . . Vice-President . . HERBERT KADOWAKI MARCELLA MOELLER . . Secretary . . DOLORES FLOWERS NONE ...... . . Treasurer . . . . ALVIN HOPPE THELMA MCCULLOUGH . . Sergeanr-ar-Arms .... FRANK STAGER FIRST TERM FRED LANIGAN . PALMA JACKSON J ENE CHRUM . HARRY MASTERS HORTICULTURE CLUB MR. R. W. I-IIBBERT, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . . President . . . PALMA JACKSON Vice-President . . . RICHARD HANRAHAN . Secretary . . . . J ENE CHRUM . Treasurer . 67 tudent FBLA Sponsor: Mr. Alexander Row I: Russ, XVicdner, Coombe. Bri- guli, Van Leuven, Connelly. Maul- lcr. Kuntz, De Simone. Kemper. Row Z: Smith. McFerron. Jones. Thompson. Balsman, Stokes, Ste- phens, Spciser, Row 3: Porcelli. Beck, Fennessey. Bomcrschrin. Davis, VJiese, Bals- man, Marzuco. Row 4: De Zutter. Martin, Asima- kopoulos, Stoving, Lee, Flinn. Fritz, XVall:xcc. Hvidvmann. Row 5: Thomas, Dobbs, Strait, VVcrIc, Rankin, IJ. Mirth, Rich- ards, Lane. Zorich, F. Mirrh. F. B. I.. A. Sponsor: Mr. Modesitt Mr. Tennis Row 1: Fcnnesscy.Bomerschcin,Poolr. Jones, Balsman, Miller, McFcrron, Flowers. Row Z: Mr. I.. Tennis, Hencrmann, Brown. Balsman, Porcclli, Davis. Mr. Charles C. Modcsitt. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sponsor: Mr. Chapman Row I: Van Lzuvcn. Bomcrsclwin. Sydlowski, Brunner, Bcnwell. Mauller, Harrington. Row Z: Hcnninggcn. Bryson, Yates, McLain, Moyer. Gradl, Campbvll, Indclicaro, Row3: Howard. Allcrs, Anderson, Mercurio, Griffith, Palos, Rocco. Row 4: Mr. Chapman, Juengvl, Mcf Intosh, Callahan, Hanson, Bev- eridge. Burroughs, Halford. LITTLE THEATER Sponsor: Miss Pierce Row I: Crane. Davis. Hydv. Jack- cls. Dodc. Stokrs, Sampson. Row Z: Halford. Doggett, Balwr, Fngeln, Cuorgic. Mixs Pierce, Burroughs, Bsvcridgc. llrganizations FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FIRST TERM MR. ALEXANDER, Sponsor SECOND TERM MR. MODESITT and MR. TENNIS, Sponsors FIRST TERM BOB STRAIT . . ROSE CONNELLY . . PAULINE TRUETKEN . PAULINE TRUETKEN . OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . NORMA BALSMAN . . Vice-President ..... ALTA MILLER . . Secretary . . . GERRIE HEUREMAN . . Treasurer . . PAT VAN LEUVAN ART APPRECIATION CLUB IMPERATIVE NEEDS COMMITTEE Ns. 7, Sponsor President . . Vice-Presi dent Secretary . . OFFICERS . ...... . CARL BISHOP . . DONALD BAKER . . VERNA GOSLICK DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB FIRST TERM ORAN ANDERSON . GENE BURROUGHS . SHIRLEY BOMERSCHEIN PAT VAN LEUVEN . MIKE CALLAHAN . NELL CAMPBELL . MR. CHAPMAN, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . . EDWARD ALLERS . Vice-President . . . MARIE SYDLOWSKI . . Secretary . . SHIRLEY BOMERSCHEIN . . Treasurer . . . . PAT VAN LEUVEN . . Sergeant-at-Arms . . MIKE CALLA1-IAN . . Editor . . . DON BEVERIDGE LITTLE THEATER GROUP FIRST TERM CAROL CRANE DOROTHY HYDE . JUNE GEORGIE ARLENE DODE MISS PIERCE, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . GENE BURROUGHS . Vice-President . . CHARLES I-IALFORD . Secretary . . . JEAN LEAHY . Treasurer . . DON BEVERIDGE 69 tudent TOAS'l'lVllSTRllSS NO. l Sponsor: Miss Miller Row l' l5.iun1i-islcr. Mnlon. Srliwariz llnrlv. liiriu, lingers. Row 1: lluucrmnnn. Brown. Nlunnr, Kicflrr. Ciuopcr, llohrmnnn. lflinn, Asinmkopnulos, Mnrtin. llyrlr. Milligan. llugci, Striving lirwwl: licurgw. Mclnlmli, Millin- xki. liudulph, Manic, Vurinvllv, Meyer. l5r.iwl4'V, liarriivx, luicr Summv. llm ilc 'YOASTMISTRIZSS NO. 1 Sponsor: Miss Miller Row l: MQNQW. Mciiullougli, lzn- gcln. Cinmbcr, Braalun. Row 1: RAIL. J.icliclQ. Vickers. liruwri. Akers. llibbiu. Miller. l7ungnn. Gill. Dohrrmlorf, llaw. Row 3. Rvclnurl. Kogut. Snnipson. L hung. lluguc. Tall. linllnrd. Nrrblv, llollinc. Swindlv. 'l'OASTMASTl2RS NO. l Sponsor: Mr. Davis liuw lg Kopp, Ciutli, liuwc. 'liunnm Row 1 llnrrw, llmkvr. Mnggiu, l.lrii gan, Cfiipclmrl. Carlin, Uvfullur. imllyuuri, Allrn. 'l'uiicrilinrn. Sloan. Row K. Schrnich Nlfumlcrlicli, Allcn. Jurngcl, iilnrlw, llriturt, llnvulu, Schull. lluwu. Yorirh, Suullm. TOASTMASTERS NO. Z Sponsor: Mr. Davis Row l: Siwwohl. l.1nl1,1m. 'l'xcm.inn llvndlclon. Rowl M.1iSchvlin, liortliick. Mat- thews. Miller. Hownril. Slirum, slum. rsuffmgmn Row 3' Allvn. G. ll.irri .. licrihnrr. Il. Hnrris, ll.iynicr, C'li.ilwy. XVhil- ficld Urganlzations TELESI FIRST TERM EDNA SCHWARTZ ARLENE DODE DOLORES MALON GEORGIA FRISS . S JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS NO. 1 MISS MILLER, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . P!'9Sl'dt-BU! . . . KATHERINE LEIER Vice-President . . GEORGIA FRISS . Secretary . , BARBARA BROWN . Treasurer . . . DONNA RIOS TELESIS JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS NO. 2 MISS MILLER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM J O ANN ENGELN . . . . President ..... NORMA MCNEW JULIA GAMBER . . . Vice-President . . . J EANNINE BALLARD NORMA MCNEW . . . . Secretary ...... MARION HOSE THELMA MCCULLOUGH . . . Treasurer . . . THELMA MCCULLOUGH TOASTMASTERS No. I MR. DAVIS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM DON ROWE . . . President . . JOE SCHMICH BILL GUTH . . Vice-President . . JIM WOOD TOM KOPP . . . Secretary . . BOB ZORICH CHARLIE SMITH . Treasurer . WALTER CARLIN CARL TINNON . Sergeant-ar-Arms . . RAY ROWE TOASTMASTERS No, Z MR. DAVIS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM BOB TIEMAN . . President . RICHARD LANHAM RICH LANHAM . Vice-President . JOE POLLOCK ART SITZWHOL . Secretary . . BOB KENDALL CHARLIE PENDLETON . . Treasurer . PHIL RUSSNOCLE 71 tuilent CENTRAL FORUM Sponsor: Miss Doyle Row l: Campbvll, Currie. Ranclnzzo-, Rozanski, Vargn, Soncasir. Massa, Tasch. RUWZ: Poole. Maullcr, Reynolds. Hague. Webb. GIRLS Sponsor Row l: Kaclin, son. Marlin BOWLING Miss Sprague McNcw, if. Thomp- XVilxon, Slufflcbvan, Guitlar, D, Thompson. Row Z: Milligan, Rudolph, Rutlcdge, Strcb, Balsman, Brrnard. Elmer. Cox. Miller. Row 3: Hibbits, Miller. Vodcrbcrg, Mcfformick, Gardncr, Mrycr, Prn- rod. Row 4- Hcuvrmann, lluhmcicr. Hose, Krail, Brown, Mcifulluugli, Kas- sell. ROLLER SKATING CLUB Sponsor: Miss Schonhorst Row l: Monrc, Vhaltvrs, Mnslcri. Bcvforlrn, Stilwcll, Becker, Dozicr, Duliois. Row 2: Gutzlcr, Martin. Huvhler, Mangogna, Millar, Vvlright, Marlin. Hopkins Rowlz Russnoglv, Row, Rankin, Mcfrackvn. Hill, Surlnn, Zahner, Davis. Row 4' Choalc, Lippcrl. Hubbs, An- ilrrxon. CENTRAL KNITTERS Sponsor: Miss Schonhorst Row l: Horthick. llrnlhornc. Luther. Hvrnicns. DuBois. Matthews, Kil- gore. Vlorley. Row2: Millvr, Davis, Dull, Hop- kins, Pratcr. Allrn. Cook, Marlin. Row 'iz Ackcrson, Null, Main. Ran- kin, Morgan, Taylon. Andvrson, Robbins. Row 4: Swindvll, Doycl, Dunn, Sut- ton, lflvntborne. rganizations CENTRAL FORUM MISS DOYLE, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . . ..,.. EVELYN ROZANSKI Vice-President . . DOLORES SONCASIE Secretary-Treasurer . EMMET RANSOM GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB MISS SPRACIUE, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM IRENE BERNARD . . . . President , . . .NoRMA BALSMAN NORMA BALSMAN . . Secretary-Treasurer . . .BARBARA BROWN ROLLER-SKATING CLUB MISS SCI-IONHORST, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM MAXINE HENTHORNE . . . President . . FRED BEVFODEN JAMES HILL .... Secretary-Treasurer . FERN MITCHELL Y CENTRAL KNITTERS MISS SCHONHORST, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM NORMA TATE ..... . President . . . MARY WORLEY SHIRLEY CUNNINCHAM . Secretary-Treasurer . . SHIRLEY KILGORE 73 Girls' Athletics G. A. A. Sponsor: Miss Amend Row 2: Campbell, Borthick, Cram S l b Row 3: Calvert., Rudolph, Hag Davis, Cox, McFarron. R Dohrmann, Hopkins, Duff, M thews. Kreutzman, Brinkman. SENIOR G. A. A. MISS AMEND, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM AUDREY KALZ . . . . President . . . AUDREY KALZ FELICIA MILONSKI . Vice-President .... EVELYN BOYER DORIS KREUTZMAN . . Secretary . . . DORIS KREUTZMAN JOAN RUDOLPH . . . . . Treasurer . . GERALDINE HEUERMANN JUNIOR G. A. A. MISS KNOERNSCHILD, sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM DOLORES BROWN . . . President ..... MARY WORLEY DOROTHY LEES . . Vice-President . . ROSEMARY COMES CAROLYN DAVIS . . Secretary . . . . VERA GRISHAM DONNA GILL . . . . . Treasurer . . MAUREEN LOBDELL Diamonds . Watches . Silverware Open an Account No Interest--No Carrying Charge North St. Louis' Dominant Jewelers H 55 B Credit Jewelers, Inc. "Square Deal Joe" 3517 North Grand Blvd. Next Door to Lindell Theatre FRanklin 3173 ST. LOUIS, MO. H. YV. Schaum Howard H. W. Schulze Prescription Druggists Grand and Natural Bridge ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI FRanklin 6711 Best Wz'shes to the Class Empire Linen Service Co. Banner Laundry, Inc. 100 South Jefferson Ave. GArfield 4466 Compliments of A FRIEND Row 1: Boyer, Kalz, Milligan, He ermann, Worley, Lobdell, Grisha Sampson, tuffe ean. Kogut, M lcnski, Boyd, Boyer, Capstick. Newsham, Grisham, Dees, Col ow 4: Reynolds, Graham, G Gutzler, Whitaker, Ackerso Row5: Skaggs, Brown, Lackey Boys' Athletics Travk,l949 Coach, MR. RALPH R. KIRN Don Fritz was Captain of the Central High Track Team for 1949. Don was the best track man Central has had in years, winning thirty- one out of thirty-two track events he partici- pated in last year on the junior team. He is on the senior team this year. In the U. City relays Central tied University City for first. The relay team of John Wolff, Don Fritz, Richard Jakul, and Clarence Bruce took two firsts and broke two records. Fritz and Gene Murdoch starred in Central's triangular track victory over McKinley and Hadley. Central's senior track team placed third in the Public High Relays, April 30, and the juniors sixth. On May 7 in the District Meet at Public Schools Stadium Central placed sixth with 26 points. Fritz took two firsts and a second to account for 21 out of Central's 26 points. Central was barely squeezed out of fourth place as C. B. C. had 26M points and Cleveland had 26 1-5 points Nine of Central's trackmen traveled to Co- lumbia, Missouri, to compete in the finals of the state meet. The nine were Fritz, Jakul, Bruce, Wolff, Costley, Strinni, Housam, Yea- ger, and Kaempfe. Central came in second in the state meet with 29 points to Kirkwood's 32 points. Fritz won the 200-yard low hurdles, with Wolff coming in second. Central won the 880 relay, with Housam, Wolff, Jakul, and Fritz running it in record time. Wolff took a third in the 100- yard dash. Lettermen: Anderson Haydu Bruce Kendall Burcham Mirtsching Capehart Murdock Costley Britton Fritz Sloan Kaempfe Strinni Wolff Harris Yeager D. Adler Nichols R. Adler Lipinski Conroy Housam Garrett, Manager Tennis l949 Coach, MR. WALLACE C. GUNDLACH Central opened its 1949 tennis season with a loss to Roosevelt 5-0. Captain Wilbert Cape- hart was in bed with pneumonia and Central lost their next two matches to Southwest and Cleveland by identical scores of 5-0. Capehart returned in time for the McKinley game and scored Central's first individual victory over McKinley's Lbalio 6-2, 6-2. Of this year's seven first-string players, five have had no previous tennis competition against opposing high schools. In the final two matches of the past season the Wings met defeat at the hands of Soldan-Blewett and Beaumont, both by the same score, 5-0. Plagued by illness, graduation and fate itself the Central netmen finished last in the Public High League, not at all living up to expecta- tions. Coach Gundlach expressed a rebuilding pro- gram. He stated, "With the graduation of Cape- hart, Schmich, Lanigan and Rocco we're look- ing forward to building a new team for next September. Weather permitting, practice will be held on Saturday mornings on the all- weather courts. Even with the season's results being dismal. all the members of the tennis team fought hard and showed good sportsmanship during the season. Lettermen: Wilbert Capehart, Captain Robert Kendall Gerald Crehan Fred Lanigan Bob Selby Joe Schmich John Franke Joe Rocco BasehalL 1949 COACH, MR.VERNoN BRADBURN The 1949 Baseball Team was tied for first place during a large part of the season, al- though it was finally nosed out by Southwest and McKinley, and tied by Beaumont for third. Following are scores of the league games: Central ..........,....... 0 McKinley .............. l Central ..... ....,. 7 Soldan-Blewett ...... 4 Central ...... ...... l 0 Hadley ...............,.. 5 Central ....... ...... 3 Roosevelt .............. 2 Central ...,.. ...... 4 Soldan-Blewett ...... 3 Central ....., ...... 1 Hadley .......,...,...... 0 Central ....... ..... 1 Cleveland ................ 4 Central ..... ...... 3 Southwest ..... ...... 5 Central ................,. 9 Roosevelt ................ 2 The success of the team was largely due to the good pitching of Melvin Anderson. Other lettermen included the following: Vince Fiegenbutz Pat O'Mara John Wolf Hughes Lou Aiello Jakul Bob Tibbles Wrozier Bob Matteoni Robert Bendickson Davis Charley Smith Mann Housam Keppel Donaldson Hibbits Cleveland Ryan, Manager Boys' Athletics F0othalL 1949 Coach. MR. XVILLIAM C. WEBER The Central High Football team opened what was to be a very successful season against Kirkwood, dropping a hard-fought game 7-0. In the second game an underdog Central eleven outscored McBride 24-19. This victory was their first Win since 1947 when they downed Roosevelt 19-16 on the last day of the season. Central then traveled to Alton for their third and last non-league game only to lose 16-6. The first league encounter saw Central fac- ing their north side rivals, Beaumont, who proceeded to roll over the Redwings 33-0. From this crushing defeat they bounced back, beating favored Southwest 19-7, with Don Fritz scor- ing two touchdowns and Clem Housam one. Powerhouse Cleveland was the next opponent, and Central was again defeated 33-0. Fritz and Yeager were Central's big guns when they beat Soldan-Blewett 18-9. The Redwings lost to a speedy Roosevelt eleven 27-0. On the eve of Central's last game with McKinley their league record was two won and three lost. They beat McKinley 33-24, making their league rec- ord three won and three lost, putting them in a tie with Southwest for third place. This completed Central's most successful league sea- son in 14 years, when they won three and lost three, in 1935. Don Fritz was Central's leading scorer with eight touchdowns and one extra point for a total of 49 points. There were 26 lettermen and five received conditional letters. Lettermen: llgritton Fritz lVIcFerron urcham Garrett E. Bushman Graham gluigofk K. Bushman Housam en 9 on Carlin Hughes Rowe Costley Jones W?llm3n Csolak Kreitner W19fCi3k Follin Lukitsch Yeager Fitzgerald Matteoni Dietl Conditional Lettermen: Mattler Pavia Langley Suraud St. George Gull Coach, MR. JESSE R. VERTREES A meeting of the golf coaches called by the league manager was attended by the golf coaches from Beaumont, Central, Hadley, Soldan- Blewett, and Southwest. The constitution calls for two 18-hole contests which were set for Thursday, May 25, and Thursday, June lst, at Forest Park at 3:00 p. m. Each school would be represented by six players. The four players from each school receiving the lowest scores would constitute the team from that school. BaskethalL 1949-50 Coach, MR. VERNON BRADBURN As the curtain fell on the 1949-50 basketball season, Central finished in fifth place in the Public High League with a victory over Roose- velt in a play-off game. Cleveland, Beaumont, Southwest and McKinley preceded the Redwings in that order. Central had a 4-4 league record, including the play-off game, and an over-all record of 11 wins and 9 losses. The Normandy Christman Tournament fol- lowed and Central was top seeded in the Green Division. In the tournament opener, Central was upset by St. Peter's 57-35, but in the conso- lation play-offs, the Wings downed Coyle 59- 27, Roosevelt 34-28, and McKinley 45-34, and thus captured the Green Division Conso- lation trophy. The Wings' skein was stopped, however, when they dropped their next pair of league games to Beaumont 51-39 and Cleveland 61- 43. Principia followed by defeating Central 41-33. The Redwings split their two remain- ing league games, defeating Soldan-Blewett 58- 52, but losing to previously-beaten McKinley 40-35. Central then trounced Roosevelt for the third time this season 59-37 to gain fifth place in the final league standings. In the state regionals, Central drew top- seeded Kirkwood. The Wings fought hard through the entire contest, leading most of the way, and trailing by only two points with three minutes left. Consistent fouling by Cen- tral lost them the game 58-47. The entire squad played good ball, with Rankin, Mirth, and Frischman being the big guns, scoring 288, 201, and 179 points, re- spectively. Lettermen : Feigenbutz Lee Fitzgerald Oberts Frischman Orrick Hanrahan Rankin Hughes Mirth, Captain Kortum Binsbacher, Manager SwimnHng,l949-50 Coach, MR. ANTHONY F. DEFILIO The swimming team, under the coaching of Mr. DeFilio, had a very succesful season, win- ning three and losing three meets. Our main point winners were Bill Guth, in the 50 free style: Richard Borthick, in the 200 free: Jim Riebeling, in the 100 back: Phillip Russnogle, in the 50 and 100 free: Bruce Staeger, in the 100 breast: Bob Bruce, in the individual medley: and Harvey Jackson, in diving. Gthers on the team were Sloan, Harrison, Stilwell, Creahan, Garstang, Coulson, Pendle- ton, Frank Staeger, and S. Russnogle. lloy ' Athletic BASEBALL TEAM 1949 Coach: Mr. Bradburn Row l. Andvrson. Tibblcs, Fcigcn- butz, Rubsrt, XVulf, O'M.1r.1, Davifz. Row Z' lloumm, Donmldaon. llughus. Mann. Keppel, Smith, Cluvvlnnd, Hibbirs, Ryan. TRACK TEAM 1940 Coach: Mr. Kim Mr. Weber Rowl: Bnysingcr, Rnymvr, Sloan, Anderson. Kncmpfe. Fritz, XVoll. Houmm. Murdock, Hnrix. Rowlt Bnrncs, lfnnrny, Kendall, Haydn. Strinni Pzurcham, Britton, Yeager, Cfuulwon, Mirrwching. Sl. Gvorgc Row3 Adlrr, Cmllyuuw, Inpinulii, Gum, Cmllcv, Garrett. Rnnmm. lnnignn, XVillmnn, Adler, FOOTBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. XVeber Mr, Defiillio Ruw l: Cisnlak, Fritz, Yeager. Pnl lin, limlmm. Cfnrlin, Hughux. Buwhmann. Rowl: Rowe, Iukitaclu, Burnham, Pendleton. Murdock, llousam, Fiizgumld. Row 'lz Pnvin. Jones, Dictl. Sl Ccorgu. Sumud, XViurcink. Ciostlcy, Row 4' Muller, Bushmnnn, lnnglvy, Krcitner, Nlririwni. TENNIS TEAM Coach: Mr, Gundlach Row l Schmich, Cnpchnrt, Ianigan. Cooper. Row 1' Krndall. Rocco, Ilgcx, Svlbv, Fmnkr Boy' Athletic BASKETBALL "A" TEAM Coach: Mr. Bradburn Row l: Mirth, Orrick, Obcrts, Ran- kin, Hanrnhan, Frischmnn. Row Z: Mr. Bradburn, Kortum, Fitz- gurald, Fcigcnbutz, Hughes, Bins- bachcr, Lee. BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Coach: Mr. Bradburn Row l: Kcrshner, Ticmann. Jones, Gunnrr. Bono. Rowl: Johnnnengmcier, Hacnchrn, Rrid, Adler, Ilges, Frerichs. Row 3: Mr. Bradburn. Goudy, Gater- mnnn, Griffith, Caradonna. Bins- bachcr. SWIMMING TEAM Coach: Mr. De Filio Row 1: Bruce, Sloan. Harrison, Stil- wrll. Jackson. Row 2: Stagcr. S. Russnoglc, Crea- han. Borthick, P, Russnoglc. Row 1: Guth. Gnrslang. Ricbcling Stagvr. Coulson, Prndleton. CHEERLEADERS Sponsor: Mr. Markland Row l: Milonski, Coulson, Saunders Row Z: Jackson. Row 3: Grisham, Taff, Horton. Ca ponc. Vogclpohl, Randazzo, Cupp For Anything in Heating 24-Hour Service NEwstead 8 60 3 Peoples Heating Co. 2716 NORTH GRAND BLVD. St. Louis 6, Mo. McNeal's Green Lea ICE CREAM STORE 2110 EAST GRAND Howards Cleaners Main Oflice 2515 NORTH GRAND Telephone, FRanklin 6000 Compliments Weber-Deibel Motor Co. 2555 NORTH GRAND BLVD. NEwstead 1322 Ray's Market 3501 NORTH MARKET FRank1in 8836 BOXIE Cleaners and Hatters WEST FLORISSANT AT oBEAR St. Louis 7, Mo. Speedy Sandwich Shop Open All Nite 3519 NATURAL BRIDGE Compliments of Otto '65 Joe's Shoe Store 2615 North 14th Street C1-lestnut 1307 Pick-up and Delivery ABLE CLEANERS 2700 GLASGOW JEfferson 0101 GLENN Prescription Store GRAND AND sr. LOUIS AVE, DRUGS AND PRESCRIPTIONS ONLY JEf'ferson 4360 Free Delivery G. A. Mauller Sheet Metal Work Air Condition Engineering Automatic Heating Equipment Gas-Coal-Oil Sales-24-Hour Service CHestnut 2082 3507 North 25th St. Phone. GAr6eld 9088 Open Evenings Troia's Market Groceries, Fresh Meats, Fresh Vegetables Tobaccos-I ce C ream-Candy-S odas 3500 North 20th Street St. Louis 7, Mo. Kortkarnp Bros. Moving and Storage Co. O 4969 ST. LOUIS AVE. Free Call for and Delivery Schneider Cleaners Repairs and Alterations JEFFERSON AND HEBERT GAr6e1d 8952 NED E. SCHNEIDER Uune, 19431 Scott Bros, Fruits-Vegetables Poultry and Eggs We Deliver FRank1in 8553 3411 NORTH MARKET Good Luck to S. J. S. O Kroemeke Furniture Co. Y mmm .-...u:Jm..' 4.-.MJ-1.v.w . ' n, 5331: .. -' ., h l regnigtk-5 , H ghz 5LE?,::f- .gv dlml .1 N f mt '25 .fl Q 5-- -rx L. ir Jigga 'gg s Jw rf Ht'--f' " I I P Q17-Hr? A 4 Huw! ...T . fi 5 1 f a lgae--" , -1 . K-1, l .yin ,Q-1, ,f fl by l gaifif, ll? 5152 -QT fi mlllll , Lge' A111 -. '-". , , . ' 4 , ' , M ' . ' nl--' ,-',. ,',. , ' vary -' 1: -1, -1,-5, .'5"af5 5.1.5' .V " '. 'l Q. " ' ' 1 ' -.f . ' ' ' ..,,1' gy W 4 .4 --jfxjrif-34:25, -HQQ an I - .l . -V ' ' IT? . - HL Mmm ' '- .u ' 3' " ' ' ,'-- 1.4! 'B 1:-. W., X , , J if l.J.A,,? lx ' V, .,.: ' ik Al., 1 f ,'A 5 Elle fail:-f lu ' ' f ' 5 ' 2,5 1 'I UI K1 Ll nz Zami. if Qgm' '71 'I it 5 'I ' gm Q ' L- NJ rl 'll K , if .ll-1 N if an A. :W W vim tx, ' 'bs' R - l , g x Q 3 fi ,J lm: 9- ala :LGs'l'. w 5'S 1 V 5 lg' 4' .-Q, MM, ' V52 : ,l,5l'.g l.: .,,,M, :,, , f, A ' ' Lilrillfgil y ' l'f-m i W ly, 'ffm D-,uw . ' ...N-A ,.,: ..., L ,l ,. , , A . Wwe? ear.-az-Q2 .1 There will alway he a Central lligll

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