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M, V Q-:JH igsf wwf vm WBIWN , ,H ., .N ,. N .n .. , .. ,. ,Q . . . . V Y NQi.XX,XX .QQ X . . X f' X' " " V , if My 7 , ., 1,ff.,:fi,,.,y , :swmve N. N. . .. ...M Q N .. Ag XX W K wg ,Xa null! .N X ,. x,,, ,,,. , . ,, XXN x. . . . XX ii' ' 4 N my ' f' x ,4 'L ..,. Mx 5 , W h , Q f K f..?2f52JQ fz,3wfi'g ,TY . , W4 - mmgyxf ix x - Mk win X X X OXQXQ . . hx . ' 9 3 H X 'SEXXX K M K5 E N ,. WS - .Ns 4 R PVR km ,fix N N Q' 'Kr N N ,V + . YQ X1 xwsqkwgx Y ' -W 'L f A wi A S xx K K K X gp N sq 3 - ' 'M fs: y iiQ"R, xg-jk - ix X ix K X X - x. ,rw if..--MY' mm. - Y -Nkww W. - . . X Q.- Q K x K xt K1 A ..L- :gk - - f 5 X 5 i 1 i ,fs x ' :ES --X 5'Gl 56-'Di C5'G-'DT9 QGVCDT Q7'G'D ?GD '-'i5G7"? 55? ZWRPQ Fu I I I I I I n g -I-he Imperative Needs of youth As its theme for the year THE RED AND BLACK has chosen the following statement of The Ten Imperative Needs of Youth as formulated by the Educa- tional Policies Commission and unanimously adopted by the faculty of Central High School as a guide to its program of objectives. All youth need to develop saleable skills and those understandings and attitudes that make the worker an intelligent and productive participant in economic life. To this end, most youth need supervised work experi- ence as well as education in the skills and knowledge of their occupations. All youth need to develop and maintain good health and physical fitness. All youth need to understand the rights and duties of the citizen of a democratic society, and to be diligent and competent in the performance of their obligations as members of the community and citizens of the state and nation. All youth need to understand the significance of the family for. the indi- vidual and society and the conditions conducive to successful family life. All youth need to know how to purchase and use goods and services intelligently, understanding both the values received by the consumer and the economic consequences of their acts. All youth need to understand the methods of science, the influence of science on human life, and the main scientific facts concerning the nature of the world and of man. All youth need opportunities to develop their capacities to appreciate beauty in literature, art, music, and nature. All youth need to be able to use their leisure time well and to budget it wisely, balancing activities that yield satisfactions to the individual with those that are socially useful. All youth need to develop respect for other persons, to grow in their insight into ethical values and principles, and to be able to live and work co-operatively with others. All youth need to grow in their ability to think rationally, to express their thoughts clearly, and to read and listen with understanding. ifibi Lwi Q9.6-539 iwi ifibi imi QDi iwi iwl 2 ."'a-'Hill .". ,- ,xii I W if x i' f' ,W 5 'll 7-- - 3 ' I ff' fe , 1. me uc 'rio 0 I ' 7 , 'ED A 1, ,X it .Ln irq, , vt V G V ail - 4 7 I .42 , H' , I ,E iff, L 1 H H ' A L V ':, I in ' E 'M A E E- LTKI I l"ulfilIz'ng Q. X-F ig. X gfl v I W I ' The Imperative Needs of Youth 1: 15 I THE RED AND BLACK i f I ig if VOLUME XXXII V I It w e ir 3 1 Achicvemcntsfdgblrl-ENVI-S 84 , ,pig ' Mb D..f Our Ninety-sixth Year . . 4 -- . .,,-- ' 'A ""- Faculty ........ I 1 ILM'- Graduates .... . . I5 L U R E """"'o"E"'-' ,E I y Q1'JZZ?0?Qf,Z5Zegm. . 1 ZZ I A Athletic spans. . . . , 67 Z'lf'Of'Z'1'0 HC, Published by the Classes of January FCCIZ IS and June under the direction of Faculty Sponsors . . . Printed by Wiese-Barnes f 3 .N ,Q 'C!fM+MLl ,., I Printing Co .... Engraving by Central ' K, id " EF' I13niv'Qxifo3 lgiffifindiermanaffiment 5-is ' -H ' " ' - ' photoeraphsyby' Mr. J., I' I n NIHA rl I Largecpictuxs igilsidietccovcer gy' Eiaget . Y . ' Wiesel. Y It 3' 'I ge E me ETH g M Srl Giga SCIENCE I II ' 0015 MISS Iiiiiiffff 3 fi "2 9 E N N 1 A E4I'ITI'IEi.'II ii ,Q are vu ,yy 6 151 , V 'E Q E I P Vw: ,. N FFRFIFII A S T t i' Ai E 1 I I3 f .4 I 5 'I - flu eg ' 9 'CW I "ff.,f'fI1i I ' "-i 1-ii Q fe ' 1 IN , pf ilwt fn --,N H MAIN V . 4-,ffiixxi , 4.- , T OHM., DUSTRY I'IOI'II:"I'IEIIB SHIP RESPONSIBILITY 3 Achievements o By SHIRLEY STOVING This year at Central has been crowded with activity. The young-old school, in its ninety- sixth year, has held her own, Hin, the midst of noise and bustle of the city's life." Perhaps the most significant feature of the year has been a revival or re-emphasis of so-called extra-cur- ricular activities, including athletics, under the guidance of our principal, Mr. E. W. Alex- ander, who instituted a weekly 'AActivity Day," and brought to us many exciting special pro- grams and auditorium sessions, notably a visit to the boys of the school by Stanley fBaseballD Musial, Ed tBasketballj McCauley, and Joseph tOlympicJ Forshaw, In September four new teachers, Miss Sprague, Mrs. Finley, Miss Mastorakos, and Coach Vv'eber, entered the faculty, and Mr. W. R. Layer came to us as Assistant Principal, joining ,rim-. -.-.- .is ',:,,:,:v,:5f-55-Q-V --.- 1.::.,-...,..r v:::-:-:-.,1:-a,:,,,,,,,.,g.,,.. ,M f X .f i If 5 , 'W V' .X Q A ' ,XR r t f V A 've' . Z: g ' A 7 Mr. Alexander and Mr. Svoboda to constitute our "Three Wise Men," Early in September the Seniors and New Seniors elected their class oflicers. The January class chose Herman I-laffer as president, Ruth Schultz as vice-president, Gwen Glancy as secretary, and Bob Schmitt as treasurer. The June class chose Mel Anderson, president: Pearl Catanzaro, vice-presidentl Mary Hodge, secretary: and Paul Bono, treasurer. Central's football team opened the new season with a trip to Evansville, Indiana, and the tennis team ushered in its new term of competi- tion with a match against Cleveland High. Ken Poole and Fred Kirby were winners in the Second Annual Scholastic Magazine Industrial Arts Award contest. Ken took second prize in the Machine Drawing classification and Fred won honorable mention in the Architectural Drawing field. Choir Robes, Stage Draperies, and the Organ Provide That New Look ur Ninety-Sixth Year The feature event in October was Color Day. On the fifteenth of that month, eighty-eight proud and excited seniors were presented with the traditional colors of Central High. Mr. Biggar. our teacher of instrumental music for several years, departed for Denver, Colorado, on October twenty-seventh. Also occurring on this date was a mock presidential election of which Truman was the winner. Once more it was shown that 'ias Central goes, so goes the na- tion." Perhaps someone should tell the radio announcers that Central has picked the winner in the last ten presidential elections. The seniors and new seniors both held their Hrst outings in the latter part of this month. The main event of November was a carnival, which was given by the music groups to raise money for choir robes. A king and queen, Mary Hodge and Lou Aiello, respectively, were crowned to preside at the affair. Mr. Walter H. Wilcox, an alumnus of Central High School. presented a Hammond Organ to the school. Mr. Panus, our new instructor of instrumental music, joined the faculty. A meeting of the All-City Student Council was held at Central on November eighth. Dolores Malon and Jim Pendleton represented Central. .g..g..g..g..g .g..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....q..g..q..Q..g.....g..g.....g..'..,... SENSE AND NONSENSE A Freshman - One who knows not and knows not that he knows not. A Sophomore-One who knows not and knows that he knows not. A Junior,-One who knows and knows not that he knows. A Senior-One who knows and knows that he knows. Before I heard the doctor tell The danger of a kiss, l had considered kissing you The nearest thing to blsis, But now I know biology And sit alone and moan- Six million mad bacteria- And I thought we were alone. Some Special Events The Christmas spirit was prevalent at Cen- tral throughout the month of December. The seniors held a Christmas Party at the Down- town Y. W. C. A. on December tenth. The students filled eighty Xmas stockings for the patients of Malcolm Bliss Hospital. A Christ- mas program was given in the aud to climax the activities of December. Its theme was "Christmas Shopping Early." January, as always, was an eventful month. The Senior Prom was held on the twenty-first at the DeSoto Hotel. Commencement took place on the twenty-sixth, at which time Ruth Schultz was presented the Washington Uni- versity scholarship, and Warren Kieffer received the Clifford Marik Trophy, At the beginning of the second semester Cen- tral's oldest club, the Boys' Literary Society, was merged with the Junior Toastmasters' Club, and the Ciirls' Literary Society was merged with the Telesis Junior Toastmistress Club, "Happy birthday to you." "Happy birthday to you." So sang the students of Central at a CENTRAL FORUM First Row: J. O'Brien. F, Newman. G. Miller. R. Havener, J. Sampson, Second Row: C. Crane, G. X.Vebb, VJ. Ruhland, S. Hagebusch, Miss Doyle. Achievements o special aud session held on February eleventh. Vv'hose birthday? Why, Central's of course! It was her ninety-sixth. Also in February, a Lunchroom Essay Contest was held, of which Shirley Stoving was the winner. Mr. Seipp, Central's driving teacher, joined the faculty. Doris Kieffer represented Central in the Ameri- can Legion Oratorical Contest. Early in the month of March, the seniors and new seniors elected their officers. The seniors chose Lou Aiello for president, Mary Johanningmeier as vice-president, Pearl Catan- zaro as secretary, and Paul Bono for treasurer. The new seniors elected Charlie Smith, presi- dent: Marge DeSimone, vice-president: Cathe- rine Marzuco, secretary: and Bill Guth, treas- urer. The Student Council also elected its offi- cers for the new term. They were: President, Don Fritz: vice-president. June Nlarten: secre- ........,.. ,.....,.......................g.....,........g..,..g........,.....,................... SENSE AND NONSENSE Teacher Cto studentjz "You're not fit for decent company! Come up here with me." A word or clause may now and then Have meanings strange and varied: But it isn't a wooden wedding when A pair of Poles are married. One of the down-town clothiers has this advertisement in his window: "We agree to give our customers Hts." Why should a duck not cross the road? It would be a fowl proceeding. ur Ninety - Sixth Veer tary, Arlene Dode: treasurer, Pat Stempfel: and sergeant-at-arms, Earl James. The sponsor, Miss Friedman, was also chosen. Mr. Joe Tanaka, a former Centralite, visited his alma mater in March to speak at a special auditorium session. Four Central students-Philip Fleet, Edna Schwartz, Patricia Rogers, and Clem Hei- tert-participated in the Junior Town Meeting. April arrived, and with it came the presen- tation of the Pan-American play by the Span- ish classes, an annual affair at Central. An Easter concert was given by the music groups on Holy Thursday. One hundred and thirty- seven seniors received their ribbons on Color Day, April 22. The new seniors held their Hrst party at the Downtown Y. W. C. A. A Clean-Up parade was held at Central on April 27. Thomas Szarzynski won the Clean-Up Essay Contest, the Toastmasters took first in the float contest, and Richard Costello won the photo contest. 0--o--o--a--o-r-0--4.4.4-.q.fq..o .g...........g........... SENSE AND NONSENSE I want to be a Faculty. And be allowed to sit, Upon a little platform, And never work a bit. Naval Reserve: Vv'hy do they have knots on the ocean instead of miles? Old Salty: Well, you see, they couldn't have the ocean tide if there were no knots. Civics Teacher: Vwfhat do we mean by "homicide"? Student: W'hen a person kills himself at home. Librarian: Isn't this book obsolete? Frosh: No, it was that way when I got it. May was an especially important month for several reasons. The Toastmistress Banquet was held Thursday, May 5, at the Downtown Y. M. C. A. Its theme: A'I.et's Go A-Mother- ing." The Central cindermen made a fine show- ing at the State Track Meet held at Columbia. Missouri, on May 14. They came in second, just a few points behind the Kirkwood team. On May 27, a memorial tablet, containing the names of Central students who died in World War II, and designed by Mr. Walker Han- cock, an eminent alumnus of Central, was dedi- cated. The tablet was unveiled by Don Fritz and Joan Allison. On May 23 the girls of the senior classes enjoyed a Good Grooming Clinic. On the night of May 27 the Track Team again upheld the honor of the Red and Black in the St. Louis High School Field Day, Events scheduled in June include the appear- ance of the yearbook on June 13, Central's one hundred sixty-second graduation program on June 15, and the closing of school on June 17. LITTLE THEATRE GROUP First Row: J. Georgie, D. Kelleher. E. Burroughs. D. Beveridge, Second Row: R. Heber, L. Oelkers. M.Fr.1n- cois, P. Dohrmann, C. Halford. Third Row: Miss Pierce, D. Hyde, A. Dude. ff. f.raine, E, Schwartz. Color Day Snapshots Color Day Snapshots 7 Q X ur Most Precious Freedom By DoR1s KIEFPER Central Representative in American Legion Oratorical Contest Suppose someone should ask you, "Which one of your rights and privileges, which one of your American freedoms do you consider most precious?" Each one of you might answer this question differently because each would consider it according to his own individual vocation and way of living. To some, freedom of speech might seem to be the outstanding right that we, the people of America, enjoy. To some, freedom of the press might seem paramount. To others, the right of petition or assembly might seem to be the cornerstone of our democ- racy. All of these are important to us, each and every one of them, although one may touch some of us more than others. Can we really say that any single one of our American free- doms is the most precious? If we examine the first amendment of our national constitution, we will find five fundamental rights or freedoms established for the American people. Four have already been mentioned, but one still remains, and it was put first, even before the others. To secure this freedom was the most important reason why many of our forefathers left their homelands years ago to start the settlement which is now called the United States of Ameri- ca. If this one right had been omitted from our national Constitution, America would never be considered the land she is today, and our proud statue of liberty could not live up to its name. This outstanding American right is freedom of religion. It is just a small part of one amendment, but a subject on which volumes have been written and a cause for which thou- sands have given their lives. To find religious freedom our forefathers chose the far and dis- tant shore of a wilderness land, and reach this land in the dead of winter to light a candle of democracy and peace-to start a new world in thought, in religion, in freedom. We are proud today to be able to live in a land where religion is a,matter of choice and conscience. That small part of the Hrst amend- ment expresses it as follows: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there- of," a short expression, but oh, how important -a tiny acorn from which the mighty oak has grown. Thus, in this search for religious freedom, America was born, and when our colonial fathers framed our bill of rights they placed this idea first in our list of freedoms. During the l60 years Which have passed since that Bill of Rights was written, freedom of religion has been guarded and protected by every court and every judicial power throughout the length and breadth of this mighty land. The church and state in America are entirely separate and no public school is allowed to show any favoritism to any religion or even to handle a religious question in any manner whatsoever. No other single clause in our national con- stitution has ever been given the respect and consideration that has been placed around this religious guarantee. When men of certain reli- gious creeds recently claimed that service in the army of the United States violated their religious beliefs, these men were excused from regular army duty rather than encroach in the least possible way upon their religious beliefs. When certain school children followed a religion which prohibited raising their hands in salute to any- thing but God, these children were excused from saluting our Stars and Stripes by the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, there must be no interference with reli- gion in America. Everyone can select his own church-everyone can worship his own God in his own way, everyone can follow his own religion-for freedom of religion is the first and most precious of all our American freedoms. i... 1ff1 ' A..f' ,,-' .'f , ,. ' . , I I " ' '4 IIII .3 6 ,Q - 'Q ' V I U54 I 1 X . ff ' IIII1 , 'Q X I II AL H I E SHIP ?9IaIKkH'GH5C,500 CULTUREM E C, Z E The lmpefaifgfjggeirs of Youth h ,bq' .. .. ' lagm i-V: i VOC TW'W The LEISUREW -Ig'---I-"-"-I I -, g Q ' 2Q. " I I EDU?5I FdCUIty Q vii M FREE . I is ETH I T III, 'l0UlS, W I . Ig ' ZZ. q' 'K 5 xg X M? 0 if ' Q , I I I INDUIST Y HOMEMEMB 3 SHIP RESPONSIBILITY ur Three Wise Nlen MR. A. J. SVOBODA Assistant Principal Miss Birtley and Miss Wentz MR. W. ALEXANDER Principal MR. W. R. LAYER Assistant Principal A Message lrom the Principal lt is significant that a high school annual can take for its theme the topic "Eulf1lling the Imperative Needs of Youth". No words of magic are The Ten Imperative Needs of Youth, as stated in our educational literature. They are meaningless words until we do more than utter them. Two things are essential to meet the educa- tional needs of all American youth. They are flj a recognition by the general public of the inadequacies of the means existing for meeting youth problems, and Q21 a determination by the faculty of each school that it will do its best with the resources which are available to meet the needs of all youth in the community. ln the last analysis secondary education will be improved by teachers, parents, and civic leaders working together in local schools and com- munities. E. W. ALEXANDER. The Faculty l First Row: Mr. Svoboda. Miss Friedman. Miss Schlutius. Miss Mastorakos. Miss Kramer. Mr. Alexander, Mr. Layer. Second Row: Miss Sprague, Miss Dickman, Miss Pierce, Miss Schroeder. Miss Dolch. Miss Beck, Miss Hanks, Mr. Davis. Third Row: Mr. Christenson, Mr. DeFilio. Mr. Vertrces. Mr. Baluka, Mr. Marshall. Mr. Prelutsky, Mr. Rudy, Miss Jordan Fourth Row: Mr. Kim. Mr, Gundlach, Mr. Coffey, Mr. Hicks. Mr. Van Landegcnd. Mr, Panus, Mr. Markland, Mr. Cameron, I.ORI','I'I'U if. AMEND Phuural lfilucalmn ADOLPII V, ISALUKA lniluxlriul Arlx MARY l.. BECK lfnylixh ROBERT R. ISIGCEAR flint term! Muxii. Inxrrumrnlal VERNON .l. IBRADISURN History CIARMON I.. CAMERON l,'un1nn'rualSIudies IELMER II. CIIIRISTIENSON Scunze ROY V. COFFEY f'1,mn7rrcial Sluilws VEST DAVIS lfnglrxh ANTHONY Ii. DIFILIO Phqxical lfilurulinn ROSINE IJICTRMAN Social Studios ISAISEI. S. IPOLCII SnclulA1udirs MARY A. DOYLIS Faculty List CLARA IE FINLEY Homo lfumomics DOROTHY R. FORD Librarian GENEVIEVE FRIEDMAN Mulhrniuliu WAI.I ACE C GUNDLACJI English XVILMA IIANKS Music, Vocal If XV. IIAWKINS SncralS1udrcx R. NV. IIIHISERT Sclvrlcr HERBERT J. HICKS Science FLORENCE IIIGGINBOTIIAM Ifnglixh JULIA M. JORDAN .Speech RALPH R. KIRN ffummerfial Studies MARGARET KNIGHT Mullzemalifs 'IOHEKLA KNOERNSCHILD l'l:qsirul lfzlucalmn LAURA KRAMER lor 1948 -49 LEVI HARRIS MARKLAND Mallwrnuiics HERBERT L. MARSHALL Latin and Spanish KATHERINE MARTINI History and Cuunscling BETTY MASTORAKOS Relailing AI ICE MILLER Englixh PAUL G. MILLER fnrst termj Mathematics FRANK PANUS fseconil tcrml Music. lnxlrumental IIELEN PIERCE Social Studios and Englixh JOSEPH E. POWELI. Science ALBERT PRELU I'SKY Science ISESSIE G. ROSS Science MRS. ETHEL ROSS Art FIIARLES T. RUDY ERMA SLIHROEDER Home Economics ORAL XV. SEIPP Driving ELSA SOECRNICK Cmnlnrerfial Sludlex ETHEI. G. SPRAGUF English FIJWARD VAN LANDEGEND Mathematics JESSE R. VERTREES Industrial Arts A R NOLD VON LEHSTEN Mafhenzutics XVILLIAM C. NNEBER Physical Education MARY BIRTLEY Clvrk ROSS B. HOERNER Clvrk MAETA VVENTZ Clerk E. EUGENE BROWN. M. D. School Physician ANNA I.. ITEN lfnglish und Iliimrq Spanish lnflusfrml AHS School Num- IQDNA iiimiau JUDITH uivv LOUISE cs. sc:H1.UT1Us ELIZABLQTH KLINGIE lfnglgih English English Lunchroom Managur MARJORII: izwmca LURRAINIQ Lowm' v1ol.A sc:HoNHoRsT i5nwARiu B. Kouui f Unmn,I.L.mI!g1ud,m lfnglixh Malhemulicx Head Custodian D, II. WIEIR J. S. GOCIILNAUER JENNY M. CROWDER H. I5. SMELLII. ELIZABETH J. PARKER ELIZABETH G. RICE LOUIS KIT'I'l.AUS FRANCES J. MOOK MICHAEL W. XVALKER ll. I-. PRATT EMMA OCIHTERBECK Central l-ligh Mothers, Club lm . .f ' Ru .. OFFICERS OF MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS OF THE PATRONS I President Pffsldem MR. HENRY BREDENKAMP MRS. Jos. WlNKl.ER 4467 Holly 4147 Pleasant First Vice-President Vice-Prcsidenl BQIUNQ 3I5NhDLEIN 1 . 5 ort . t Street i'aFkTIfI:nlEAMP Second Vice-Prcszdent 4 IVIRS. Jos. WINKLER Secretary 4147 Pleasant MRS. WM. HEIVIMERSIVIEIER Sefrefllfy 2401 North Ninth IVIRS. ELMER SIEKMANN Ixfzsi ISZIKECEQQIEJAN MRS. ERMA BUSCHE 2539 Dodier Hostess Sergeant-at-Arms MRS. G, VJINDLEY NIR. SVCBODA 2001 Anglerod 7439 Carleton PHILIP J. HICKEY Superintendent of Instruction J. S. NANTS Assistant Superintendent of Instruction in Charge of Secondary Schools Wl1.l.lAN1 SCHUMAQHER, Presidenz J. HARRY PoHLMAN 3013 Meramec Street 818 Olive Street JAMES J. FITZGERALD, Vice-President FRANK P. NAGEL 6322 South Grand Boulevard 5700 Lansdowne Avenue WILL L, SCHWEHR HERBERT O. WINTERER 8627 Oxford Lane 4247 South Grand Boulevard RUDOLPH HOFMEISTER H. M. STOLAR 3958 South Grand Boulevard 408 Olive Street CHAS. J. DYER OSCAR A. EHRHARDT 2006 Salisbury Street 5966 Vlfanda Avenue FRANCIS C, SULLIVAN MRS. IRMA H. FRIEDE 1889 Railway Exchange Building 3021a Allen Ave. 1949 ALUMNI OFFICERS Presxdtnt ,......,... . .,.... ....... H ENRY W. SIMPSON, '27 Treasurer .........,...,., ..,........ ...... J O SEPH D. BRUMM, '34 506 Olive-GArl5eld 3840 ' 8436 Ardsley Drive-Flreside 2887 y Vice-President .. ..... ........... .......,....... H A NS WULFF, '01 Regarding 'ggegqgagi 212Fi!1R51.SNL:5D:5'ERMO' 21 422 Title Guaranty Bldg,-lVlAin 1519 Corresponding Skcngtugu A Vice-President ..,. .,.........,....... L oU1S B, WACRMAN, '09 MRS. ESTELLE PALERMO BYRNE, '39 88 Lake Forest Drive-Hlland 3232 2510 North 13th Street-CHestnut 1686 14 .'1.i I. ",.-A . . I . T- I fl VN riw ,,-. - , 1', lg W I II? m a if I f III I I .JVL m "' , I ,gg I I In -H, 5 L f I H AL H IIII I ! I SHI C9g?xIKNHIGH5C,5f90 CULTUR E 1 The Imp - N d f Youth , VOC TWW The LEI SURIfm ,,i-..-..-..H.7g?Wy EE Q LOII I EDUQQTIQN Graduates fi-5 5 ff? I FREE ,A - I I , ETH 7 Q IIIII.,I,q-I if I II Iijmffj 1 .+ M 3' 3 If W I 'i f I . P 6341. . ,. nf' KA ' 5,51 b,,, f V M qiix ol INDUSTRY HOI'IIf'IIIiI'IB SHIP RESPONSIBILI I Y 5 January, 1949 HERMAN FRANK HAFFER "A lost thing can never he found, Nor a broken thing mended." President Senior Class: Distributive Edu- cation Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, GWENDOLYN L. GLANCY "Of her bright face one glance will trate a picture on the hrainf G. A. A.. '45: Roller Skating Club, '45: Student Council Representative, '47 '48, Alternate, '48: Distributive Education Club. '47, Secretary. '47: Owls, '45- '46: Toastmistress Club, '47-'48, Sec- retary, '47: New Senior Social Commit- tee, '48: The News Stali. '46-'47-'48, Reporter, '46-'47, Page Editor, '47-'48, Editorial Board. '48: Secretary, Senior Class, '40, ELMER C. GERHARDT "Frank in his speech. but never garru- lous." Roller Skating Club. '45: Student Coun- cil Representative, '47-'481 The News Salesman, '4b: Stamp and Bond Sales- man. '45-'48: "B" Baseball, '461 "B" Basketball. '46: Tennis, '47: Commit- tee of 20, '46-'48, Secretary, '485 Boys' State, '48: New Senior Social Commit- tee, '48: Senior Prom Co-Chairman, '48, ETHEL MAY SHRUM "Ethel was a student smart ,' In many activities played a part," Owls. '45: Lamps, '46-'47-'48-'49: Co- C-Hi, '46-'47-'48-'49: Toastmistrees Club, '47-'48-'49: Roller Skating Cluh. '48: Chemistry Club, '48: F. B. L. A,, '48-'-49: Central Forum. '48-'49: Girls' Lit., '48-'40, President, '40: The i'Vews Staff. '48-'49, Business Manager, '48- '49: RED AND BLACK Staff. '48-'49: Student Council, '48-'49, Alternate, '43- '49: RED AND BLACK Salesman for Seniors, '49: The News Salesman, '48- '49: Color Day Committee, '40, HARTFORD CHARLES SMITH "Larger in judgment and instinct: Prouder in manners and life," Beginner Band, '45s Junior Band, '46: Senior Band, '46-'49, Letter, '47-'48- '49: Mike Club. '45-'46: Roller Skat- ing Club, '46-'47: Prom Committee, '49: Boys' Lir,, '47, RUTH MAE SCHULTZ "She was a vision of delight," Vice-President Senior Class. '48: Vice- President New Senior Class, '48: Owls. '45-'46: Lamps, '46-'47-'48-'49: C0- C- Hi. '47-'48-'49: Toastmistress Club, '48-'49: RLD AND BLACK Staff, '48- '4U, Advertising Manager. '48: Girls' Literary Society. '48-'49, Treasurer,'481 Student Council, '47-'43, Alternate, '47, Representative. '48. Secretary, '4B: The News Staff, '48, Business Manager. '43: G. A. A.. '45-'49, Chevron, '46, Letter. ,'47, Pin, '48, Treasurer, '48, President, '48: Chemistry Club, '48-'49: Girls' Glee Club, '45-'46, Letter. '46: Junior Academy of Science, '46-'47: F. B. l.. A , '48-'49: Vv'ashington University Scholar- ship. ROBERT J. SCHMITT "And get the menace of the years Finds and shall fin! him unafraid." Owls, '45-'46: Lamps, '46-'47-'48: Harvard Book Award, '48: Boys' State Representative. '48: Student Council, '48: American Legion Oratorical Con- test, '-48: Honorable Mention, The Star- Times XVriting Contest, '47, Boys' Lit., Secretary. '46, President, '47: Junior Toastmasters, Secretary, '47, President, '48: Central Forum, President. '48. Committee of 20, '46-'47-'48: Senior Class Treasurer, '49: The News Sales- man, '46-'47-'4S: RED AND BLACK Stall, '49: Botany Club, '46-'47, Presi- dent, '46-'47, LILLIAN L. TAMALIS "She so innocent, that ill she nor acts, nor understands." Toastmistress Club, '46-'47-'48, Treas- urer, '47, Secretary, '48: Ci. A, A.. '45- '46-'47-'-48, Chevron, '46, Letter, '47, Pin, '48, Secretary, '46, Vice-President, '48: Girls' Lit., '48, Secretary, '48: Co- C-Hi, '46-'47-'48: Girls' Tennis Team. '45-'46: Choir, '45-'48: Student Coun- cil, '48, Representative, '48: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '46: Color Day Com- mittee, '43: Chemistry Club, '47, Sec- retary, '47: Tumbling Club, '47: Ping Pong Club, '45: Pen Pals, '48: Owls, '4'3i Lamps, '46-'47-'48, RICHARD FRISS "His is the earth and everything thats in it." Committee of 20, '46-'-48: Student Council, '47-'48: Owls, '46: Lamps, '46-'47, Secretary. '46, Vice-President, '47: Choir, '46, Letter, '-16: Boys' Glee Club, '46: The News Salesman, '46-'-485 History Club, '47, President. '47: New Senior Social Committee. '48: Senior Prom Committee, '4X: Spanish Club. '48, DOLOR ES OLSEN "A heart that beats with pity for the weak," Roller Skating Club, '45: Spanish Club, '47: Toastmistress Club, '47-'48: Owls, '46Z Lamps, '47: Announcement Com- mittee. '48s RED AND BLACK Staff. '47J Student Council Alternate, '48, lJl5l.ORlfS MARTIN "flilmiruhlq xrhmilml in vwru gram- ' Thr- News Staff. '48-'40, RHI ANI! BIJVIK Staff. '48 '40, New Senior So tial Committee, '48, Senior liinancc liommillce. '4'7. Ciirlx' Lil, '4X'4'3. Vicefl'rrsldenI. '48-'4'9: Spanish lllub, '47 '48, li. A. A., '45 '46 Gisokcali R. BRUILNNINLE "In .sm-1l.s of Iuurvl in lhi- 1-urrh. 'I hr blmsom of uour funn' ix bluwnf Spmnixh Kfluh. '48, 'l'u.islm.1+.lvrx, '43, Boy-I l,il. '48, 'l'rv.xsurvr. '48, lVlARCiARli'li DICKHNS "All hruufn in hvr rllormui Cum ix vpanrwd, llrr xmilr ii Aoflrr lhun lim' sum' fm-,il ,Wm " LEE KOHRING "Smilf, and the world' xmilm wrlb you." WANIJA DUNN Ufllwuqx frirmlly. always guy, Alwuux rlumurv in u quir-I wuu.' January, 1949 I l GORDON FAR LOW 5 Vrrluc' enguges hix axxenr. 1 Bur pluuxurv usinx hm hear! " Buys' Glue Club, 45346, Mike Club. ' '45. ANNA J. CENTUNZI "Sl:or1. dark. um! fure ax u hutlonf' Student Council, '45-'48: Owls, V461 Thi' Nvws Sulf. '45-'46: Chcniixtry Club. '47-'-48: Girls' Lit., '48: Toast- mislrcms Vlub, '47-'4B. Treasurer. '4Hg New Sunior Social Committee, '-48: Sen' iur CIolorl7.1ylfonimitKvc, '48: Cfo'C'Hi. '46-'48: Stamp and Bond Salesman, 451 Tumbling Club, '47. HENRY XVILLIAM KESSLER "Suc.l'ss di-pm lx on fhuraclrr, Ami 1-vvruthing qou du," BliTTllf JEAN MOORE Hn checks uufru lihi' the fbvrru: Her xkm was whim' ax mow " ui. A. A.. 45: Skating Klub. 47, Stu- dent Council, '40-'47, Prom Commit' Inv, '40: Stamp and Bond Salcsmmn, '48 '49, RIED AND BLACK Smlvxmnn. '47, Dixlribulive lfducntion Vlub, '47 '48 ' EDQAR I.. Wll.KlNSi3N "xl pzcturc of trulh. hizrnwy, im! um' hllmn. Wlrirh will main' lm: u 51 ur muni- vlan." .urior Hand, '46: Srnio liinl, '-40"-O7 '48, letter. '47"4'i: liovi' Clem' Club, '-45: Milw Cflub, '45-'47, Boys' Lil,, '46-'-48: RED AND BLACK Staff. '-HIS Toaalmaslcrs' Club. '4B: Senior Com- mcncimcnl Committee. '40, January, 'l949 LOIS HAGAN "Her eyes were made for laughter: Sorrow befits them not." DARLENE A. CHRISTIAN "Her beauty Iwinhled like a star Within the frosty night." Library Club, '46-'47, President, '46, Treasurer, '47: Telesis .Iunior Toastmis- tress Club, '47-'48, Student Council Alternate, '45, Allied Youth, '48, Sen- ior Prom Committee, '49, KENNETH NELSON PATRETTE "Kenneth is a carefree lad: "He's always Izappy and always gladf Junior Band, '45, Senior Band. '46-'40, Boys' Glee Club. '45, Mike Club. '45- '46, Academy of Science, '45-'46, Boys Lit., '47-'48, Treasurer, '48, Toast- masters, '48-'49, Secretary. '48-'49, Library Club, '48, Vice-Presitlent, '4X: Central Forum. '48, Announcement Com- mittee, '48, Beginner Band, '45, Rlli AND BLACK Staff, '48. KATHERINE RUTH CHRISTIAN "One whose gentle face ls fairer than the roses at her feet." Senior Girls' Cilee Club, '45-'46, F. B. L. A,, '47, PATRICIA ROBBINS "She, god-like in her manner, will fare Calm-uisagerl and heroic to the end." Roller Skating Club, '45, Prom Com- mittee, '48, WALLACE C. GUNDLACH 1'I "Tops at tennis and a good sport, He was always a likeable sort." Stamp Club, '45-'46-'47, Secretary. '46, Vice-President, 47, History Club, '46i Biology Club, '46-'47, Boys' Lit., '46- '47-'48, Chemistry Club. '48, Tennis Team, '45-'48, Letter, '45-'46-'47-'48, Swimming Team. '46, Basketball, '47, BETTIE FLORSEK "l he virtue of her lively looks Exeels the precious stone." G. A. A., '45, Roller Skating Club, '462 Student Council Alternate, '46-'47, Rep- resentative, '47-'48, Distributive Edu- cation Club Reporter. '48, The News Salesman, '45-'46-'47, Stamp and Bond Salesman, '48, Tl.-e News Staff, '46- '47-'48, Reporter, '46-'47, Associate Editor, '47, Page Editor, '47-'48, Edi- torial Board, '48: Senior Social Commit- tee, '48, Central Forum, '48. MARY ELLEN EASLEY "ln honor sure: in friendship, firm and sweet." Cilee Club, '45, F. B. L, A.. '47, Toast- mistress Club No. l, '48. RICHARD LEE HEBER "Rich looks the world in the face: He owes not any man." Junior Band. '45, Choir, '45-'48, Le!- ter, '45, Stripe, '46-'47-'48, Spanish Club, '45-'46: Pan-American Repre- sentative, '46, History Club, '46, Vice- President, '46: Little Theater Group, '46-'47-'48, Track Team, '47-'48, The News Salesman, '48, Pen Pals' Club, '48, ROY RUSSNOGLE "All his pride is but a jest, None are worst and none are best." Al,ICI' .Il-ANl"l'll' NORTON "A frttntl tmltul. In limi' nl mul ' li. A. ll , 45, liullrr Skating flub, 461 Student ltuncil, '46 '47, I5. li, I.. A., '48, ft-ninu-nxt-ntrxit Itrnxmittvv. '48, I.WANA .IVAN SMITH "Kaitlin ii hr-mq lrnmllif tuhvn unulhvr mrzls. rl frtrmlf 1,1-I lla, '4tr'47, Skating ifluh, '45f '40, it A. A, '40 '47, library flttb, '45 '40 '47, llnwltng Club, '451 IMS trtlvullvt' l'4lut.tttun I luh, '48, GRACII' llil5NIf IiRAZliR "SlUt't'l, xmurt. it mmlrl ut ht'url." .IUl.lli Dwrokt-s SUMOILYII "Holy, lair, uml uni' is iff, lin' l1t'ut'4'ns xutlr grunt- :Inf lrml hw' " Rullrr Skating I lub, '45, ii A. A., '46: In Il I A , '48, tap .intl liiwn toni mlllvv, '48, ANN I,OOl5Y '-Stun-It in in lfrt' iruu uuu walk Ihr lmlfix ul ltfl' tml! tluu " Stmlt-nt lf until lit-prawn-nt.itivt' '45: Rullrr Skating tluh, 45, Lolur Ilay firmniittrr, '48. January, 1949 HERMAN MICK "'l'huu svvnvvsl human ami diutnr: Thr highest, holivxt. manhoml.' Track, '48, Boys' lit., '48: Stamp Club, '46-'471 ffhvmistry Vlttb. '48, NOI.A MAH IIIENTON "'l ht' casual grtnr I-mild V701 gurw Half of hvr L't'tlt'll 1oL't'Itm'ss." Cjoff-Ili. '46f'47-'48: Girls' I,it.. '47- '48: I.ittlc Thcatcr Urn'-up, '47, Prui- dcnt. '47, Pan-Amcrifan Club, '-lb: Owls, '45-'46: St-nior Social C'ummittt't', '48, Girls' Glcc Club, '45-'46, Choir. '46: F. B. I.. A.. '48: Chemistry lflub. '48g Toawtmistrrsx. '43: IM' .Vrws Stall, '47-'48, Associate Editor, '48, Stutlrnt Council Altcrnate, '48: RFID AND BLACK Stall, '48, RITIH AND I7al.Al'K Salesman, '48. if 7 IVIARGIE S. I7l3NIMORI3 "Thu tlnrkvst cluud dinvs thru' mil ul ull, O Star!" Social Committrtx '48-'40: library Club, '46-'47: Knitting Club, '45-'-46: Allird Youth, '48, Trvasurcr, '48: Academy of Scicncv, '467 Roller Skating Club, '4'3z 'I'hv Nvusx Salcsman, '48-'40: RI D AND BLACK Salrsman, '45: G. A. A., '45- '46: Tumbling Club, '47-'-48: Ihr .N'fu's Stall, '47, Junicr Band, '45, Rt-tailing Club, '47. AUDRIEY SNUFITER "Hur Ihwk Ilia' mtvxx rust' in Ihr' shott't'r,' JAMES PATRICK PA'l"l'lERSON "Ax linux hi' is rt kind int-mi." Basvball Tram, '48: ' Il" Iinutball. '46g Senior Hand. 45348, lrttrr. '40, Mike Club, '45: Stamp Club, '47: I"ron1Conif mittee, '401 Roller Skating Club, '40Z Ihskctball Manager, '46. January, 19 JANET EHLEN "Her lsuir like gold did glislvn: lfach eye was like a star." Bowling Club. '45-46: The News Staff, '47-'48, Head Typist. '48: F. B. L. A., '48, Vice-President, '48: Toastmistress Club, '48: Finance Committee, '48, DELORES LORINE GUERRANT "Her eyes are blue fceleslial huel, And dazzling in their glow." Distributive Education Club, '47-'48, VicevPresid:nr, '48. MARY JANE CHAMANlCK "Mary Jane is pretty and nr-at, To look al her is quite a treat." Bowling Club, '46-'47: F. B. L. A.. '48: Pen Pals, '48: New Senior Social Committee, '43: Co Chairman Prom Committee, '48. MARILYN E. KREUTER "Quiet and dainty, Blonde and saintlyf' G. A. A.. 40: F, B. L. A., 48: Com' menccment Committee, '40. MARILYN HAGEBUSCH "A fcunluin uf laughter." Central Forum, '48-'49: Library Club '48-'40: Senior Announcement Commite tee, '49. 49 HARRIET LUEKING "Whereui'r laughrer's in the air, Y0u're sure to find Harriet there." Co-C-Hi, '46-'49, President, '48: The News Statt. '48-'49, Associate Editor, '49: F. B. L. A., '48-'49, President, '48-'49: Toastmistress Club, '47-'48- '49, Vice-President, '48: Owls, '46-'48: Student Council Alternate, '47-'48: Girls' Glee Club, '45-'46, Secretary, '46, HELEN N. JOHNKOSKI "Her eyes are stars of twilight fair: Lihe twilight, loo, her dusky hair." Senior Social Committee Chairman. '49, Ci. A. A., '45-'47: Distributive Educa- tion Club, '48, President. '48: RED AND BLACK Salesman. '46-'483 The News Staff, '48, Art Editor, '48, Re- porter. '48: Student Council Alternate. '47-'48. LEONARD A. CARADONNA "His friends were many and true- hearted: His virtues were so rare." The News Salesman, '46-'48: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47: Basketball, '46- '48, Letters, '47-'48, Captain. '48: Baseball, '47-'48, Letter, '48: Library Club, '48: Boys' Glee Club, '48. JUNE LAVERNE FRANClS "Quiet, tall, with the grace of a queen: A friend ro all as we have seen," Library Club. '46-'47: Skating Club, '45f'46: Bowling Club, '46-'47: Chem- istry Club, '-483 Distributive Education Club, '48-'49. WILLIAM GEORGE KECK "He was a gentleman from sole to crown." Football, '44-'45-'46: Basketball, '442 Baseball, '44: Library Club, '44-'45- '46: Toastmasters, '47-'48. HERMAN Gl5l,I.liR "llvullh lhul mmka Ihr llrurrrx rulm: Knuwlrclyr nvurr lrurmrl :fl xLhnuI.i." WAl.'l'liR SCHRADER "Wullxl amqx an lrlrlhr and fully: Ah, munylx Ihr limi' uml nfl." 'lcnnis Tram, '48, linfwling 'l'cnm. '47, WH. JAM ES NlODESlTT "Ax Ihr lush:-uri nl man gruwi hmudvr, Su du hu un'da." RON FEVER "A mrhlrr guy q1,u'll nrnr wa-. 'l'hun Run Peprr, furry girls drL'am." lfnmmillu' of 20. '46-'47 '48, Svrgvnnl at-Armx, '48: Student Council. '47-'48 Chrmislry ffluh. '48, Vice-President. '48: linyx' l.iI,, '46-'47-'43, Secretary. WH: hl'cv.1s!m.lstn'rs, '47-'4R: l.iltlc Then In Group. '47f'4R: Milic Club, '40 Clulur Day ifm,mml!h'i', '48, THOMAS P. BOMMARITO "Yl,u m :hu li-I1 und wr ru :hr right: For Ihr ways uf mrn musl sur.'rr." Choir, '47-'40, lfhvmixlry Club, '47. January, 1949 Gl.liN RISINGER 'Tifrn H lllllf, Scnrllmrs xly. !lrIlL'4'. willy. Ami a lmlv shy." Ihr Nvuxs Salesman, '45: Senior Fund, '45-'46-'47, lxttcr, '45, '461 Swim- ming Tvam, '45: Roller Skating Club. '45, Track Tvam. '-17748: Student Cnuncil Allcrnnxc, '45, LCRRAINE LEE "Her msful color funn-s und gms Wrlh such a funzcly grucvf' STANLEY C. MANN "Hrs flrunslng hvrilagr of Iaslv, lluradvd mwlhvr wan! not wnsivf' 1. Dislribulive Education Club, '48, Presi- dent, '48g Tablc Tennis Club, '46. MARIAN ETHEL SCHOPFER "Hn upvn vyus dvsirm' the lrulhf' Toastmislrcxv Club. '47A'48: Owls '48: F. B. I.. A.. '48: l:'l fro :lv lfspuna, '47, LAUREL BUSH "His fluxvn locks that xwvvlly curled, And 4-yvs of lcwvly blur." Choir, '45-'48. Trrnsurcr, '48: 'llc Nvws, '45A'46. Photogrnphrr, '45-'40: Sludcnt Llruncil Rcprcwnlntivv, '45: Junior Academy of Scirncc. '46: Boys' l.iI.. '47: Chemistry Club. '48: Color Day Cfnmmince. 48: "B" B.xscb.lll'l'r.1m, '45: Junior Band. '45: Mike and Movie Club, '45"46, Presidrnr. '46: Diilribu- xivc Education Club, '48, Trcasurvr, '43, January, i949 WARREN KIEFER "I thank whatever gods may be For his uneonquerable soul," Varsity Football, '45-'48, Letter. '46- '47-'48: Cummittee of Z0. '46-'47-'48, Secretary. '47, President, '48: Owls. '46: Student Council Representative, '48, Cabinet. '48: New Senior Commitf tee, '48: Senior Social Committee, '481 Chemistry Club. '48: Clifford Nlarik Award, '49, MARX' lVllTCHELL "Her quiet nature seemed to lit- Tuncd to perfert harmony," The Spanish Club, '47-'48. DONALD R. PILCHER "Not as the ronqueror comes He, the true-hearted. came.' Senior Band. '46-'49: Mike Club, '47- '49. EVELYN WILLIAMS "Climbing to the top with pen and pad," Girls' Glee Club, '46A'47-'48, Secretary. '48, Vice-President, '48: Senior Cap and Gown Committee, '48: Library Club, '46-'47, Secretary, '47: F, B. L. AH '48: Choir, '47, EDDIE R. LEONG "Success in being big of heart. And all-an and broad of mini." Student Council Representative, '45, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '48, Cabinet. '48: Com- mittee of 20, '47-'48-'49: Owls, '46- '47: RFD AND BLACK Staff,'48: Senior Cap and Gown Committee. '48, LUCILLE EYRE "Always in a hurry and never at rest: In time of need we found her the best." Roller Skating Club, '45: Central For' um, '48: Chairman Announcement Com- mittee, '48. JOHN TAYLOR "lf anyone wronged him or treated him ill, lVhy, John was good-natured and so- ciable still." BETH L. HOUDYSHELL "An author she will some day be: W'it and charm will be her key." JAMES PENDLETON "Handsome and witty: yet a friend." Student Council Representative, '48, Cabinet. '48: All-City Student Council. '48, Football Team, '45f'48, Letter. '473-I8, Captain, '48s Swimming Team, '46-'47-'48-'49, Letter, '46-'47-'43, Captain, '48: Toastmasters, '48, JOSEPHINE ZUNlGA "All vice she doth wholly refuse, And hateth idlenessf' G. A, A.. '46-'47, Chevron, '46, Let- ter, '47J Library Club, '48-'49: Choir, '48-'49: Cap and Gown Committee. '4S. RICHARD lVlClVlASTliRS "Nu haw di-nil. hr- bidi wrrhm his bean." Dlirokls lRl.lNli SANDHVIQR "I-uma' upon a while dead Iuuvs lu build." G. A. A, '44: lil i-ru Ji- lfspunu, '-th, '47 '48: lf. ll, l.. A,, '48, Toaatmii- iran Club, '47-'48 '40, ii-cri-l.xry, '4'3. Owlx, '40 '48, lamps, '48 ROY B. MCHQRRON "Thr uoicr- of Ihr wvepvr lVuils manhood m gluruf' AUDREY RITA REYNOLDS "Time In turn al lic-nulu'v gluncv, llnd uxulfh her feel, how Ihvu run damn-." Rollcr Skating Club, '45 '46 '47, I5 l5. l,, A- '-Hi: Ring Kfomnnllcs C'h.nrm.m. '48 ARTHUR EARL l.Ol'lMEYER "You'Un' won lin- grvul uxorldk envied prim, And grand uuu look in priplifx mics," New Senior President: ifummillcv of 213, '47f-18, Sergc.inKf.xlfArma. '48, Fool- b.1ll, '47-'48, l.ct!cr, '-H44 Student Cfnun- cil, '47-'-48: llhcmixlry Club. '-WH: Svn- iur Social ffummiltrv 1.0-Cilmirninn January, 'l949 JOSEPHINE BOVA "A smili- of hi-rw wax lilw an url ml gruuvf' NORMAN MIKUS 'He is n1ov.'1m,' urighl in thc- plan l-e has made. Shaping his will and u.'ivh," PAULINE WEST "Small, pn-rl, and alwuyi xmzlmgf' Distributive Education Club, '48-'-49. Sergeant-atfhrms. '48. ANDREW E. TUTIN "Quint and relirxng in nyrrod uwlw hrg A xucrcxsful man hill some dug he." MARIAN PAUIJNE FRANCOIS "fl nursv lo bv. hardy and hulv, Her hu.-ro1'm': I-'lurcnce .X'rghtmgulu," Roller Slxaling Club, '-IS: Girls' Ciler Club, '46: Choir. '-38: Color Day Com- millcc, '-48: Litrlv Theater Group, '47, '48 January 1949 I BILL VOGT "All that he came to give He gave and went again." January Graduates Without Pictures: ROBERT C. JONES ROY MAYFIELD ROBERT SOOTS V et e r a n s whose diploma requirements were met by G. E. D. Tests: FREDERICK J. BORGERS JOHN JOSEPH FELDMAN FRANCIS FOSTER HARRY L. lNGRAM AUBREY THOMPSON Summer, 1948: HARRY THOMPSON K A v School Pin Designed by Mrs. Mildred Bailey Carpentex 24 PAUL MADISON FITCH "'I all and handsome is Paul: His singing was enfoyed by all Choir. '46-'48, lntrls All4I.l.O "ln ull lhlnyx l.4'H href: up Luth Ihr' fr-tr, .frm nm an smart lu- It ffm, ul :hr hm: ' Student tvumll, '46 '4H, I'1ullv.1ll,'47' 4H, lellerx, 47 4X, lraelt, 46 40, l1'tlerx,'4fu '47 '4X,1apraun, '48, l'rt-si tlrnt el Serum llau, '40 I Ill-ARI. l,llYl.l,l5 CAI ANZARO "liar lr 1-rr rr In my tummy gurl-n In run- hur rhrurm, l'rl :ull hu hnrwrn ' Mlm- I lub, '40, lil D ANI? lll.At'K Salex man, '47, Vue llresltlent of New Serum 1 Iav, '48, hurt-tary ul Senur I lass, '40 lic wlmg I lub, '40, I're-,ulent of Imrnhuuvr Islutatwn, '40, lap annl imwn 4 mnmnltet, '40, IS: Hsu-r Vlub, '40, lVll5l,VlN ANIJI-RSON "f ulnz, arunv, um! nltynrfrul, lirraehrrll rx lm greulml mule," llawhall, '47 '40, letters, '47 '4Il: Has lu-rhall, '47 '48, letter, '48, Student lmfunul, '47 '48 IVIARY HODLQI5 "II gurl wha slumla mul rn u trmul, A yn! whsxr' mhurrlclrr wpruka alnullf' Inhrary Klub, '45, Owls, '45 '40, Stu- dent trfuncrl, '45 '48, lieprewntatne, '4'1'4h, Sun-tary. '47, Presirlent, '48, 4'ahnwt, '46 '48, 'IR-lexix 'Ioaxlnustresx Club, '47 '4H, Ilrexitlenl, '47 '4K, I5 B I A, '4N '40, "Queen ot f.entral". '4M, llwrrlearler, '47 '40, taptarn. '48 '40, letter, '48 '40, Secretary uf New Senmr I las, '48, f'harrn1an rt New Sen my Outing ttmmirtw, '48, tnlm Day ttrunlrtter, '40 Cirwltut-' H. SHONIS. JR. ",Vfm uf In lmu' ra rrllrf xprnt, lmrrrrtl prmprrrlrf hr ra ben! " Nlllxe fluh, '40, Huyx' Int., '47 '40, l'1exulenl, '43, Uwlx, '47, .Iunlur llhaml. '4h '47, Sn-nuwr llantl, '47 '48, l.etter, '4II, 'l'1v.lxIn!aslerK. '4I'I '40, RPI! AND Ill Al K SIJII, '47 '40, Rl-ll ANIJ l5I,AtfK Salrxlllan, '4II, ltmmlllet' ul lfl, '48- '4'I, Sluslenl ttwunul, '4X '40, Chem nstry iluh, '4K '40, Nual Itfmnuller, '4II '40 ne, 1949 MARY ANN .ICHANNINGIXIIEIIJR "fI amlle fur ull, u u'eIeon7e glurl, xl mural. running way xhv had. ' fl, A. A., '45 '47, Student Vnuncil Rep- resentative, '4twf4X, Tnastmixtreu t'luh. '47f'48, ifufif-Ili, '47: Ihr' ,Yerux Sales- man, '47: I'l:errlearler, '48 '40: Vuce- I're-itlent ul Senier Class. '40: Social Ckmrmrwv. '40, larrle 'I'hcau-r Gump. '46, Uwlv, '40, PAUL .I . BONO "Hr lukes our nutmeg ruth a mule. Ami lhrnhs rl rx u ,wht- l'u he the lreaxurrr of our fluxs flmi lean' us ull ilu! broke' ' New Senior Treasurer. '4Il: Senior Treax urer, '40: llommiuee of 10, '47540, ROBERTA CAROL GOLDEN "Ill-r amrle and curly dark-brmrn htm lI'rII be admired rverywhen '," Iiiulngy fluh, '46-'47: library Club, '46-'47, 'I'0.lstnliaIress, '47-'40, fn lf- Hi, '48-'40: Vnltr Day Committee, '4'lZ RID ANI? BLACK Staff, '40, PHILIP FLEET "'l he pen rx the tongue of the m:ml." Chcir, '45-'43, Letter, '46, President. '47: Fmyw' l,lt,. '47: Toastmasters, '47, Owl, '46-'47: I,amp, '47-'-48: Student llvuncil Alternate. '47, Representative, '47U48: Harvard Book Award, '487 Pmyx' State Award. '48, Prom Commit- tee, '40: I'clor Day Vnmmirter. '40, PATRICIA TAYLOR Hflrlnnnrxtrrrng help In all who url, Shell he a Fltlrenee A'1'r1hIrr1gr1le," CX'-I'-HI, '47f'4U: The .Yerva Staff, '4l'l- '40:'l he Newx Salesman, '40: Student Cfvuncil Representative, '40: Allied Ysuth, '48-'40: Owls. '46f'-87, lamps. '47"401 'l'nawtn1istress, '40, Fmanee fommitte, 40, Ill-I7 AND IXLACK StaII, '40 June, 1949 CHARLENE F. MANTE1 "This lass was always full of fun: No work of hers will be left undone," G, A, A,, '45-'46: Roller Skating Club. '45: Junior Academy of Science, '46: Telesis Junior Toastmistress, '48-'49, Co-C-Hi, '48-'49: Girls' Glee Club, '46: Owls, '45-'46: Lamps, '487 El t-co de Espana. '48i Little Theater Group, '47: Clirlsl' Lil., '48: RED AND BLACK Salesf man, '45: Senior Social Committee, '40, EARL E. JAMES "A hind of lad that's hard to find: Energetic. earnest, sincere in mind " Student Council Representative, '47-'4S: Tennis, '47, Letter, '47: Swimming Team, '46-'47: RED AND BLACK Sale:- man, '48: Owls, '47: Senior Color Day Committee. '49. NANCY STANLEY "Nancy types with blinding speed, And has what many others need." Table Tennis, '46: Toastmistress, '47, The News Staff, '48-'49, Editor, '49. Ci. A, A,, '48: Co-C-Hi, '49: F. B. l.. A,, '48, RUSSELL EAVES "He loves to tease, but all the while He can tahe teasing with a smile." Swimming Team. '47-'49, Letters, '47- '48l49. Co-Captain, '49: Student Coun- cil Representative, '49, Alternate, '43: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47-'48, Distributive Education Club, '47-'49, EVELYN M. HERKENHOFF "Evelyn is the modest type, Dark hair and eys has she,- With her personality superb, A surress she's sure to be." WILLIAM MARTCHINK "A tall, fair boy, whos full of pep: Another like him l'Ue never seen: We think that he's mighty hep: Always amusing and never mean." Roller Skating Club, '45: Student Counf cil, '45: Boys' Cilee Club, '46, Treasf urer, '46: Choir. '48, President, '48: F. B. L. A., '40, Sergeant-.nf Arms, '49: The News Stall. '49, MELBA JEAN GARVEY "Her principal ambition ls to be a musician." El eco de Espana, '48: Student Coun:-il Alternate, '43: Choir, '47-'49, Presif dent, '48-'49, RAYMOND G, BOLLENBACH "With little grace. but with a mighty heart, He strived to do, and always did his part," New Senior Prom Committee, '48: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47: Ring and Pin Committee, '-49. LUCILLE M. FORTUNE Lucille is a charming girl: Her manners are the best. She also has a friendly smile In addition to her zest," Social Committee, '49, FRANKLIN BURCH "Tall, fair, and handsome. This lad is liked by all: No mutter what he hopes to be, Success will meet his call," JOAN IVIOIII, "WIlh frn-mllu xmilvx tml ilu-vru grvvl mqs. Juan is vvvr pofilc. 'Io .ver hvr rlsv to qrnll xuccvn Will hc' our great xlvlrghlf' I.ibr.lry Club, '47, ffl eu: Ji' lfvpuml, '48 Rosh Dieumaiz "Full nf mirth and ulwavs gnu, Ili-r wnuli' Lhutwil thi' glimm away. ' library fflub, '47 '49, Roller Skating liluh, '-Hr, Joii N. ANCONA "Nucl-r wvaru, neurr Iirml, Ginny un liln- um- inspired, .Ylnppmq onlu Io my 'Hvllof "Irs hnuwlvdgv lhul hr .wi-ki, uuu l!noLi,'." Cinnimirtce nf 20, '46'48: To.utm'axf lvrx, '47, Owlx, '46, '47: Buys' I,it. '47: Student Council Alternntc. '40 lamps. '48, '40: Announcvmcnt Cfnmf mlm-e, '40, JANET LOUISE CLAY Wi- ser Ihix laughing, fuyuuv hcuulq If 41's work lhut muxl hc dum-. Shifll neuvr fail lo do hvr dulu " liirlx' lilrc lflub, '461 Bowling Klub. '47, Chairman of Social Cummittcc. '-WP. JIM BIQNDICKSON "Sluu' uml wzxq nvuvr u ran-, 'l'i'mi- and nunulvx pl.-nlq In sparc." Basketball, '48,'4'J, lirighl um! huppu an lhu nmrmng sun, une, 1949 BETTY SADLER "fl .wcrelary slu' will bv, A prxle for any buss, A girl of ahililu plus charm, HPI' luuuing is f't'nrr:1l'a loss," PAT STENIPFEI. In all her grades she dit! xurpasv, Ranking high in awry rluxsg Charnnng, jovial. full of fun, Quilt' pleaauntlu her usuy xhc won." Student Council Altvrnatc, '48, Repre- sentative. '48, Trrasurcr. '40: Choir. 46-47, I.ctlcr, 47: I'. Pr. I., A., 475 Allied Youth, '40. JOANN O'BRIEN "Oulu u will lrixh raw, Thi' fairuxl uf uny that grows." The Nuiux Staff, '46f'-10, Feature Edil tor, '48, Associate Editor, '40: Library Club, '46g Cfcntral Forum, 48340: Iliitributive Education, '-69: F. B. I.. A.. '40 DONALD PAUL CLAUS "For sludy he giwx na! u rap. This popular and lzkvablv chap." Stud-:nt Council Rvprcscntativr. 45345. Student Council Altvrnatc. '46-'47-'40l ifummittcc of 10, 47349, Scrgvant-an Arms, '4Q: Ring Committee. '49Z Track, '40. PATRICIA BRADY HQUNI. nwdrxt and vwut, A girl Lui' ulusaua like In rm-I-I." Skating Cflub. '45-'-Hag library Vlub, '48-'49, Prcsidt-nt, Ixttvr. June, 1949 EDWARD J. TABAKA 'Fildrv plays tennis With grate and with ease. If 11 were u subjt-rl, Hull surtly get 'L"s'f' Tennis Team, '48. CARLEEN JARVIS "A pretty smile upon her face, Cfurlren is fairest cf the race." Clee Club. '46: G, A. A., '46-'47, 'Ihr- Nt-ws Staff. '47-'49, Assistant Editor, '-19: Library Club, '48: Ri-D AND BLACK Salesman. '48: Co-C-Hi, Secre- tary, '47, Treasurer, '48: Student Ccun- cil Representative, '49g Toastmistresw Club, '49: Colm Day Committee, '49, ROBERT E. HARBIN "Robert Harbin. fair and mll: Shy. but rourtrrrus In allf' lDA SCHNEIDER "Popular with cm-ryane, Sweet uml guy, and full uf fun." Student Ccuncil Alternate, '46-'471 Graduation Ccmmittee, '49, Tuaetmis- Krew, '46-'47, MILDRED ANNE BURROUGHS "With fun und fro-lit all day long, She liked to follow the happy rhrongf Student Council Alternate. '47: G. A. A., '47-'48: The News Salesman, '48-'40: Central Forum, '48-'49, Senior Outing Committee, '49: Skating Club, '45-'46: F, B, L. A., '49: Library Club, '45. PAT EILERMAN "Al1l.r,ugh 'tix wrong to disobey. Pal does rf in her own sweet usayfi Library Club, '45-'49, President, '46 Vite-President. '48: Roller Skating Club '45-'46: Chemistry Club, '48: F. B I.. A., '48-'49: Allied Youth. '48-'49 Junior Academy of Science, '45-'46. HARRY EDWARD HAMPE "Harry is ralher a quiet chap. Atlenlmn in all rlasses he payx: We knew muny will urzurh for this :hal His future will warrant praixef' RUTH EMILY TAYLOR "R4membvr her who glcamed of old? Just walfh our Ruthie garner golul:"' Ftudent Council Representative, '45-'46, Alternate. '46-'47: G. A. A., '47-'49 Chcvrcn, '48, smmfy, '48-'40, vifrf President, '49, Letter, '49: C0 C-Hi. '47-'49: F. B. L. A.. '48-'49: Owls, '46-'48: Lamps, '49: Girls' Glue Club, '46: Girls' Lit., '46: Graduation Cum- miuee, '49. FR ED EHLERS "fl Ilmuylilful guy wilh u quiet wily, A friend to ull in work or play." Junior 'llzastniastere '47: Boys' Lit., '48. JUNE AUDREY MARTEN "As Iighl as u further on her feet, And rerlainly Uery. very sweet." 'Ike News Staff, '47-'49: Feature Edi- tor, '49: G. A. A.. '46-'47: Little Theater Group, '47: Toastmistress, '47- '49, Secretary, '49: Student Council. '49, Vice-President. '49, lfl ero de F5- puna, '48-'49, President, '48-'4'-33 His- tory Club, '47, Secretary. '47, C0-C-Hi, '48-'49, Assistant Treasurer, '48. I,URO'l'llY WI'l"l'KtJIi'I"Fl5li "llc: xunmf xmalv will uluuua luv A qullllf u'4'f lufc l mud, uurmu .wa " Slunlrnl luuucul llv51rrsrv1l.1Iix'v, '40 lhv M-um 8,111-snmn. '40, Allwnl Youll: 47 48, Srnn'l.xry. 47. la li l.. A '48 '4'l, llhmry fluh, 48, llwmlxrr lluh, '48 '40, Vim' Prrxlnlrnl, '49, Sen :ur Smuml l'ulnrnllK4'r, '4'l l.ll.YCllUNK3 "Su .xuvvl llw' lllmh nl lmxhiulnvxx, I-1-n fnlu uuul' muh muh xl lmxf lvlvxls lmnllvlxxlrvxsf lub, 47 4'l, Stu ll.-nu fuunul Alu-rn.m-, '40 '47, Rm .mel l'm lm11v11lllw, '4'l MARIAN BATIH1 "I'nIun' uml lhumnml, luwlq ami lun, flulurmml Inq ull hvquml lunrpull- Iifmuunu Mummy Inn lwm u llvlwhl, Ilmuuw xlw' Inn mullr our nlaux K Inruhl ' lnlrmry Klub, '47 '49, Smrvlnry, '48 Allxrfl Yuullw, '48 '40 Dl-,LOMA Al.ISliR'I'A JACKSON "Ill-1 un, hl-1 ummm-14, ull wha mu u.Imu4-ll fwurn-um rlmuqh wa, uml qvmlf :I-uuqly fl-nu-ll' l' IS l A. 48, lhml. '40 '40, Stu Alrnl fnuxnll, '47 '48, Rl ll ANI! l'nl.A1'lx Sull-nn m. '48 CllRl8'l'lNlf Bltfflilfli "A mrrru hmul llm-lh qfml llln' u lmulz nm- " pf une, 1949 .lUYCl'f XVACHliNl'll4lM "I'hlx xfvvmgruplvvr gnu wrll lzml fl xlvullq worhm' u.'zlh u hrilluml mm.I." llirli' Ulm' flub, '45 '401 Pmwllnglflulw. '46-'47, F li, l A.. '48, Vo-CHI. '4'l: Slunlcnl lfuuncll Altcrnalr, '40, Spanish Vluh '47 '48 Allin-A Youth, '40, fcnlml linzum, '48 LAURA GRlilENSTRlEli'l' I'un'L'vr un.I vuvr xhv han u .wwln', A Iruv fm-ml In um- and ull, l.1Iu'J hu all .sludrms m hr: rluxx. Xl'illa'ng1 unl rv: lu lu hm-'11 al II-un cull." F. ll, l, A. '48 '4'7, Allied Ynullx, '48 '49, C'lwnnxlrv Club '40, 'l'o.nl mnxtrvw lflub. 48: Kiln- Vlub. '47, Thr Nvu.x S.1lv:sm,m. '40, Dnxtrubuuvc lklum lion, '40, ARl.lNli Nl. XA'Al.l.lS ".-h'luw In aww! uml mu! an u pm, In udllrzm-W In Mm xlwx full nf' L-my Shu lou-x lu laugh and hr uuu' Shvx u all-for Iuxx. u0u'Il hm: llulhx mu CR:-Cf-Hi, '48f'4'3: 'l'o.1slrnixrrcvx, '47- '48: Junior Acnlrmv of Scwncc, '40, Owls, '40-'48, ll A, A. '40, Slumlvut Vuuncll. '47, Rollvr Skutiug l'lul1 '-45: I:'l em dr lilsnurm, '47 '48, Uirli' Gler C'lub, '46: litllv -l'lu'.llvr Group, '47, Chrls' lil., 48. Sl-nior Smi,xl Klnnnm lcv, '-40. GLORIA DURASKI "Cilnm1'x full of vrwrglu, Sh.-R alumnus un rin- an ll'hu! will ln' IMS grrlfi lvLL'ul'lI, Who m-wr Iuhrx 11 vlnu."" G, A, A., '47V'48: l'unIr.ll Forum, '48 '4'?: Nrw SL-aiu' Plum l'.m1nnun-, '48, Scnlnr Uulltlg i"vnnnxll'r, '4'7. Skating Club, '40, lnbmry i'lub '40, li l'm, l, A,, 48, l.AVliRNlf Olfl.KlfllS Hlmlusrrmux lu Ihr nth lluqrrv, .-l l-.-fu 0u.1um gzrl um ,I-.w' Stunlcnl fnuncil. '40, ljtllc Thmllrr Group, '40Y'40, i'h.urm.ln, 48 I-'l .un llu I-xpumz, '47, Vlxcnumrx' l'luh, '48 '40, Ihr .N'vu.'w Staff. '48 '40, Tnnxi mlxtrvvz, '47-'40, Viccl'n'u,lvnt, '-48. Allwml Ynutlv. '48, Owls, '40, lamps, '47, Nvw Svniur Uuling C'nnum!lcl'. '48: Vulur Day l'ummlIlcc. '40, June, 'IQ-49 BETTY SIMPSON "A girl with a warm and friendly hcurl, Always ready tc lake her part." F. B. L. A., '48: Allied Youth. '48: Chemistry Club, '-19: Prom Committee, '48, Social Ccmmittcc, '49. PATRICIA SMITH "Har prcsvnfv brightfncd up Ihr' plafr, Her absenfv left an emply space." Rollcr Skating Club. '46-'47: Library Club, '48-'49: New Senior Party Com- mittee, '48: Co-Chairman of Ring Com- mittee, '49: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49. NORMA KULENGEL "Norma is luughing, cart-free and gay, Making us happy all Ihe day." .IOANNE MCK AY "Her cap of ixvluet could not hold The Ircsscs of her hair of gold." J UNE RUTH RUTLEDGE "To xtudy given. ye! not avurse to play. She wasted no! an hour in Ihr' day." Choir, '45-'462 Junior Toastmistrcsm '47-'49: Owls, '46-'47: Lamps, '48- '49: 'lhe News Stuff, '48, Graduatio1 Committee, '49: Student Council Altu- natc, '46, MARIE A. LASKOWITZ "Shes beautiful and very rare, With her ruby lips and golden hair." G. A. A., '46-'49, Chevron, '46, Secrc- tary, '47, Letter, '47, Pin, '48, Presi- dent. '49: Co-C-Hi, '48-'49: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '48-'49: Central For- um, '48-'49: El eco de Espana, '49. BONNIE JEAN ERVIN "Grace and charm she docs possess: With all of tlis she'II gain success." GLADYS CATHERINE ALBRECHT "A pretty smile upon her fare, Gladys is faircst of thu race." Distributive Education Club, '48Z Li- brary Club, '48-'-19: Cap and Ciown Committee. '49: Bowling Club, '491 Tonstmistrcss Club. '47, Pen Pal Club, '49. GARNET MARIE WEBB "Were pcsitiue this smiling lass lVon't be forgotten hy her class." G, A. A., '45-'46: Library Club, '45- '47: Roller Skating Club, '45-'46, Medal in Skating, '463 The News Sales- man, '46-'48, Outing Committee, '49L Allied Youth. '48-'49: Central Forum, '48-'49: Chemistry Club, '48, Choir. '46, DARA KELLEHER "DimpIes deep has Dara. Sweeli A ready smile and dancing fact." Chemistry Club, '48-'49: Girls' Lit., '46-'47: Student Council Alternate, '47- '48: Toastmistress, '46-'49: Library Club: Little Theater, '46-'49: RED AND BLACK Staff, '46-'48: The News Staff. '46-'47: The News Salesman. '47-'49, Color Day Committee, '49. CARoI.YN Gltms ".Shr'x any uml I-us u mvrrq mul. Aml rltwsnl lznuiu Ili- mt-unmg ul quit." iilrls' Cilrv fluh, '46: Bowling Clulv, '47, 1-I mu :lr luymnu, 48, liixtrihutivr lwltlcntluii 1 luh, '48 '40, Student Coun- ttl Altvrnatv, '47 '4'l. CLALJDY COBB "fl lrtnlvrl urn tuhnni u lrlrml tlrfwntls lx ftul llu' ultf lim! ul lru'ml5." .ll'Wl'l.l7l4lKN .lOllNS'l'0N "A huppq :mtl u fuqlul muul: lmr lnur lfng umm ut xthool .xht- pluyt-il. ' ti A A, '46 '47: Rullrr Skating tfluh, '47'4H: f'n'ntr.ll lmrum, WK, Outing fnmmittrv. '40, l'.urty Ktwmmittrr, '48, Ihr ,N't'u'x S.il4-snmn, WX, Ihr Nrws Stall, Aumintt- llimnrxs M.1n.tgrr, '4X, lfl,Ml'.R C. lfICKlfl.MANN. JR. "llr wi-nm In ln' u lllllt' xhu. lxulfll Irv lhmt' whn un' his ftlrmlaq llm mi..-,itil xmilt' ln ,ml.t.'fx hi, llrs raw pliumni mint wnrlxf' .ll5lKNl"l'l l' Vlilill SAYLIJS ".S'hr null nmnuqt' u hmmm-xx uqvll, In u lnuultlul hwmr l'm xun' nl7t"ll rlu't'll," Allirtl Yuuth, '48 '40, llnstrihutivc ltd' utnliun, '47f'4H, ttvlnr IJ.iy fitlmmit- Irv, '4U. une, 1949 AGNES HENNING "Slip hall hrr xhan' of plrasun' Aml fun in gmmlly mmsurr, ' G, A. A., '45f'46, Library Klub, 451 Outing Kfommittcv. '49. F. B. l.. A., '48. SHIRLEY REGH "She lakrtl ltr Idlli. Ami talk Sha' ultiulxl. Not only wlfcn shi' xht1ultln't Bu! also tuhrn shi' should." Roller Skating Club, '46: Library lflub. '48-'40: RFU AND BLACK Snlvxman. '49: Co,l'h.1irmnn of St-nior Social Cum- miltrc. '40: Tnnslmistrvss No, 2, '47. JOYCE SANDCOR K "A girl wa' ull lilzr und udn1in'.' lu great hrighlx Juyrc docs aspirrf' G. A. A.. '4b: Cvntml Forum. '48-'402 Library Club, '45-310: Stutlvnt Cfounril Rrprrwntativv. '40: Cfn-Chairman of New Senior Prnm Cummittcv, WX: Grntlunf tion ftimmittvr, '40. IRIENE SCHEIBE lrtm' is quwt und oh xo mtv. Wrll ltkrtl by 4't'vryonr,' Anal thnsv who know hvr run truly strtl. Sht"s rrallq full nf fun." Library Club, '46-'47: Dixtnbutiyc Ed- ucativn Club, '40: Ring .mtl llln Com- mittc, '40, Rl-D ANU I':LAt'li Sales- man, '46-'47, HELEN BU ERLEIN "ll'hc'n Hvirn Huvrgtn 'mins tht' trowtl, Wt' gvl pri'pt1rt'tl lo laugh aloud." Library Club, '46,'48: Ihr .Yvtm Staff. '47-'49g RIED AND BLACK Snlvsmnn. '4U: l'h1- N1-ws Snlrxmnn, '-45: lir.1du.1- tit-xi llimmitlcc, '4 0, June, 'l91l-9 GWENDOLYN H. COFFEY "In the ranks of art she hopes to reign: May all her struggles be not in vain," Girls' Lit., '47: Co-C-Hi, '47-'49: G, A. A., '47-'48, Secretary. '48, Chev- ron, '48: Announcement and Invitations Committee. '49: Ci, G. C., '46: Student Council Alternate, '45, The Neuss Stall, '49, JIMMY SOUKUP "Jimmy always seems to me IVithout tx care and fancy-free." Student Council, '49: Track. '46-'48: The iVeu.'s Staff. '47-'481 Chemistry Club, '48: Little Theater, '49: Mike Club. '47-'48: Spanish Club, '495 His- tory Club, '47. MARCELLA HENNINGFELD "Simple and kind, Quiet and roy' - Being polite Was to her a joy." Skating Club, 46: Senior Girls' Glce Club, '47s Choir, '48-'49. ROBERT GODT Muscles like Atlas. Yer. he's no snob: Everyone knows him: His name is Bob." Senior Band, '46-'49, President. '48-'49. ROSE CALANDRO "A little girl with a kindly heart, Who lore the Clouds of gloom apart." Allied Youth, '48: Social Committee, '49, PHILIP MCHENRY "A lad who is not given to noisy ways: lllhose quiet planning much deserves our praise." OPALENE AKINS "Quiet and self-romposed: lVhat she thinks no one knows," Girls' Glee Club, '46-'471 Choir, '47- '49: Bowling Club, '40: Committee of Cap and Gown. '49: Theater Guild. '45: Booster Club, '4'l. BILL SPEISER "Bill is quite a handsome lad, Always happy, ncuer sad. To have his friendship is a treutg Boys like Bill are hard to beat," Junior Toastmasters, '48, '49. IDALLA T. KOCH "The uuin talk much, and that's why she Preferred to listen silently." Girls' Glee Club. '46: The News Sales- man. '46: Social Committee, '49: RED AND BLACK Staff, '49: F. B. L. A., '47. CLARENCE BRUCE "He gave to Alma Mater all: lVith her to stand, with her to fall." F-wimming Team, '46-'49, Letters, '46f '47-'48-'491 Track. '46-'49, Letters. '47-'48-'49Z Football. '45: Student Council, '45-'46f'47: Boys' Lit,, '48Z Stamp Club, '45: Library Club, '47-'49. JOHN W4JI.l' "lnh'lll'rIuul ' l'l'rum1 uqum' I um um- ul Ihmr humlxfum' www' l"mvlh.lll, '47 '48, 'lr.lclx,'48'40,l!u1 mg Vununnllw, '40, Allml Youth, '40, 'l'u,lxlnl.lsl4'rx, '40, l'n.xsm'h.lll, '40, BM lwlhnll HU. '47 '48, Nllkv fluh, '48, '40, If IS l A, '48, Spauxxlx fluh '48, Smivncv Klub. '48, I ibmry Club. '48, flwrnllxlry flub, '48, .lunmr Acad- vuxy ul Sueulcr, '47 Slunh-nl Iuuncil. '47 WII.MA BROWN "llw' ruin lull: mulh. unl ll-ul x lull, xlw' I'fvf.-mul In lull-n ull-mlq " Skating lluh, '43 41s, lnlwmry Klub. '48 '40 lvllrr JAMIES O. l,liWI8, .lR. ",'lx u nur qnuml lvlluw, I um xull' Hn mum- nv nu: mvnmrq null lung vmlurv " Rullu Slmllng Klub, '45, IM' ,X-'Lu fxlnfl, '45, llmlr. 45 '40, lwmllxlll. '40 '48 Rusr MARY SCARBUROUQLII 'fl xruluf hullvrflq, our Row, lzlnul uml ualmnml u'hv14'v.'-'1 dn' qwv, l'M- ,N'l-wx Staff, '48 '40, Pen l'.ll Club, 4 '48 '41, libmry Club, '40 Rl'l'A .ll'ZIK "ll Lu' all xlmlud ax nmmlr ux slw, Whul u plmnum plum- Ihr world wnuld ln' llmsxlnnlrvui lub, 41 40, l' li l, A, '47, K4-nlml llurum, '40, library Club, '47 '48 une, 1949 VERA XVHITE 'Vllwaus wrllmg to Iund u ham! ll'hum"r1' lwr hvlp was In dcnvuml. ' ROBERT TIBBLES "S1mvrzlu, hu grvulvxl przdv, lx 4-n1p,'.uvxzml bu his In-ngfku xlr1,Iv" BETTY JANE STQUT ",-lrtrucriuv red haar xhl- docs pmvl-xx, lo look al her is quxlr- u Irmlg lVe know tha! nmnu wlll vouch for this H1-r dukprmrmn iv wry slum-I." Inbrary Cflub, '48-'40, F. B, l. A '48 '40: Pen l'.xl Club, '48,'40g Dis tlibulivc lfducalion, '40, NOR MA FAY BRADFORD "L1'f4- In hvr lx u jouuux 1h1'ng', Hvr Iuuglxlvr has u mvrry ring" lf, B. l,, A., '-+71 Allled Youth, '48, HELEN MINOR "lf wr all .vnulrd as much ax sllv, Wim! a plmsunl place Ihr' wurld wuuil ba' " Girls' Glcc Vlub, '47, Senior Clmir '-485 F, H. l., A., '47: C'olorD.1y Com malice. '40, RHI AND BLACK Sl.1ff.'40 I June,'l NORMA JEAN WRIGHT "This very sort of quiet girl Rates very high with us.- She's always friendly in hrr way, No 'put-on' and no 'fussfu G. A. A., '45, Bowling Club, '49, Graduation Committee, '49. RGNALD MATTINGLY "To his own affairs he always attends,- A fact that wins him many frn-mls." JEAN LILLIAN POLLOCK "A lfruuly blonde with eycs of blue, A real friend skull ln' to you." Girls' Glcc Club. '46-'47: Senior Choir, '48, Library Club, Vice-President, '46- '47: Student Council Alternate, '46-'47. WILLIAM E. RUHLAND "l1's Williun1"s dream and grratifst a'n- bx1ir.n 'lu grow and hold a lofty position." Mike and Movie Club, '46, Little Thea- ter Group, '49, Graduation Committee '49: Central Forum, '47-'43, Vice President, '48: 'I'l'rn' News Salesman '46-'47, Track, '47-'40, Buys' Lit. '48, Vice-PrC5idvnt.'481 Chemi tryfxlub. '48-'49, President, '42, Secretary. '49 Toastmasters, '47-'49, President, '49. ETHEL E. KELLER "Prom hi-r no rumous, charlerzng ncisu' Shu z.'w:ys kept hvr usrll-bred poise, Co-C-Hi, '48-'49, Toaslmistruss, '49 Student Council Alternate, '48-'49, G. A. A,. 47. 9-49 EUGENE JONES Summer Schocl Candidate. REBA FAY SWAW "She mouvs like a goddess, and she looks like u queen." Toastmistress, '46-'48, Student Council Representative, '48-'49, Alternate, '47, Vice-President, '48, Cabinet, '49, 'lhe News Staff, '46, Owls. '46, Lamps, '47- '49, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47. JOHN Russo "Hc's the cause of grammar leach:-rs sighs. For hc-'s the lad who says, "1hvm guys: But when it ron-rcs to having some fun. There is no comparison, for Johnny is A-I," Allied Youth, '48-'49, Track, '47-'-18. ROBERTA MARIE SUTHERLIN "A quiet girl is Ihrs lovely lass, One of the nicest members of our class." RED AND BLACK SIDE, '493 Disttibu' tive Education, '49, Toastmislrvss, '47- '49: Spanish Club. '48-'49, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47-'48, Girls Glce Club, '46-'48. CHARLES MUELLER "To use long words is his delight, And furthermore, !I7ey're mostly right." Boys' Glee Club, '46, Choir, '46, Let- ter. '46, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '45, Toastmasters, '49, Stamp and Bond Salesman, '48-'49, Party Committee, '48, Color Day Committee, '49. DOROTHY SCH U LTZ "Null in uppiurumr, a'nrlrm'val with rhurm. Knnwn hy ull u friaml: If within hvr puwvr ll lim, A hand lu gnu xhi-'ll limi." Pen Pan Club, '4II: Knitting Club, '46 I,ibr.ury ljlub, '40 '47g If. B. I. A., '48 RONALD WIil.CII Ulliru is u buy whrfs likrd hu ull, l'rum Suu'i's5'A luililrr hi"ll m'v1'r full." Junior 'I'oaxlm.1slcrn, '40g Iiinanrc ffom mnlvr, '4'I: Outing C1 mmillvv. '49 Il hv Nvwx Salcxmnn, '46, JOYCE HANSIEN "'l hm fuir misx u.'iIh hair sn hlfmdr. Wilh ryvs so hluv und Iwinkling, Ivllh ull hrr hryuiling ways. A rhurmvr br, l'm Ihmhinyf' Senior Ciirlx' Glu' Vlub, '46"40: ffhuir, '4K. RICHARD XVILSON "Rul:urd in u kmglu namr, lim! In lhu Iuil may hrmg much farmx Iii-olb.1II, '46-'47: Track. '463 Band '47 '4H: Sluilrnl ffm-uncil, '4 -'4". DON CRI'I"I'IiNDIEN "QulrlIy on his way l.u wunl, Nuuvr un nllr nmrm-nl spa-ni." Announcement Cummitlvc, '4'J. une,1949 EDWARD CANADAY "Ruddy and willing In prrform u lash Now ulkul mon' iirulil unyizm' uxk."' Lois HALL Vuzy skillcd in n'nL'm'rsa1ior1, No mallvr uulxal Ihr xuhjvtl br. This fair lass. a prizifd possvsswn Shall of samc vxvrulion bv." EDWARD WINDISH Uliilclii' is quita' u hundxomi' bvau, Hi- sais thc I.-vurls of girls aglowz Hr's a xrar ul curry suximming mvci 'lo wutth lim is quirc u Hull." Swimming Ti-nm, '46-'4fl. VJAYNE KAIQIVIPFF Waym' Kuvmpfu ix u humlsonn' guy, Anil quam' u lmfk star: IVL' al Cfrnrrul likr his smilc, Am! kn.u.' Ihal hi"ll go far." Track, '47f'4'I: Tcnnis, '48. GENE ROLAND IILEHER "Hi' has u Ivndcnfy toward fun, Thrrvforc hi-'s llhud by vucryixni-." Swimming Tram, '45: Boys' Lil., '47 Tmstmaslvrv. 46340, Vice-Prcxidml '-182 lfoIor Day Kfcmmittrc, '49, June,'l JOAN HAYDU Although this lass is sweet and shy, Sha' catches tht- t-ye of eurh passer-buf AUDREY P. GEORGE "Always modest, but never a pruziu: Alwuys rourteous and never rude." The News Staff, '47: C0-C-Hi, '47-'493 El t-co de Espana, '48: G. A, A., '47- '49, Treasurer, '48, Secretary, '49, Chevf ron. '48, Letter. '49s Graduation Comf mittee, '49: F, B. L. A., '482 Owls, '46-'48: Lamps, '49s Girls' Literary Society, '46. lVlARTlN FRANK VVEBER "Serious-min:lt'd? lVcll, I don'r lznou: Although his work Is du-nu just so." Choir, '45-'4X: Boys' Glee Club. '43- '48. CATHERINE HEFTI "To l7t'r uwn affairs she tvnls, Winning thus hm many frit'nJs." G, A, A., '48, JOHN LIPINSKI "Hr likvtl sports, and sports liked him: Ht- rudiatvd pep and vim." The News Salesman, '48-'49: RED AND BLACK Salesman, '49: Track. '48-'493 Basketball KBE, '47: Senior Outing Committee, '40, 949 lVlABEL GUENTHER "The paths of manq students will uuzu, Hut l'm sure shell be a st-art-tary," Library Club, '48: F. B. L. A., '48, Allied Youth, '48: REED AND BLAFK Salesman, '48, DONALD ARTHUR DAVIS "He'll .vurmount the highest peaks: Sucress ts vver what he seeks." Football Letter, '47g Baseball, '47-'49: Basketball, '48-'49, Glee Club, '46: Choir, '46. LOUISE M. BRODEUR "She is mce looking. lntelligcnl, too: Some day you'Il nun-t he-rf A triumph for you," BERNELI. BERRY Summer School Candidate. ROSALIE MERCURIO "Ready to lend u helping hand W'heneuvr she was in demand," Toastmistress, '47-'49p Distributive Ed ucation, '40, LMI l1AsciH1Nc3 I,1-1' rs u Urru rnnrq lull, Alwuyx full of wnlg Nu mallrr whrrr kv you ln lllv. llvs surf to he' u hui." Gym fflub, '45-'40, Dislrlhulivc Ftluca lion. '40, JOHN l.l5lf lVlAl.ONli "Wl'r'lhvr lrouhlr or irq :umm in. Hr mn-lx both wllh a happy grin." Srnlnr Hoyt' lllrc Klub. '40, lfhoir. '47 '49, lmttrtx, '48-'40, Spanixh Cflub '47 '48, CllARl.liS WllI'VNlEY "ll4"s qulrl. .ui ux llkzfu as ntll, 'l hm lull mmf lhmk an uwful lol." Hoyt' Gln' Club, '4Ixf'47, Choir, '47- '4'7: F, B. l.. A., '49, llc Nt-ww Salu m.1n, '47 '4'7. RICHARD .,lUl2NL3S'I' "Huh is uluuua happq and gay, Wnfrv pmml lu tall htm our lriuml: 'I In-n"x a vmlr rn hm fun' the Iiuvlongf tluu, I-orlum' km nun uutll brmlf' HARRY O. Nmxtil. "Nut long ln fwnlzul, url rnough 'I o lvl ua know mu hurt' thc 'xlufl'." Ring .mtl llin C1-mmittvv, '49, - June, 1949 Glil1Al,D NOAH Thus fa-llow Nt.-uh is quilt' a flown. A good funn-mlian hr would mahr, lVl1t'rt'L't'1 u.'l1 or fun ix tunu'rm'tl, 'l'ln' pnzt' his xuru to luhr. ' TED DORENKAMP Quit School. TROY COPPEDUIE "O 'I roy, how xurprzsccl l umf My poor head fairly ufhirls, To find you inlvrtfxtcd mmllgf ln frm- pa-rlcds. ryokrs. und gurls." l.l:WlS lVllNZlfS Hlx plvuxing ml:nm'r udhrch hu mnnol hldv. Ht-'s madr many frlvnds rn trrru suit." Junior Band. '46: Scnior Band, '-67340, lxttcrs, '47-'48-'49: Student Kfouncil Alternate, '49: Senior Prom fommittrv, '49, Graduation llommim-c, '40, June, 1949 BOB DAVIS He always plays above the parfe lt's Bob Davis! Our great star." ROGER HIBBITS He's the playboy of the school, But he seldom breaks a rule." MICHAEL ALBERT KING "l am monarch of all I survey." THOMAS LAWLESS "His smiling face and quiet air, Make him welcome everywhere," Senior Boys' Glee Club. '48: Choir, '49, JOSEPH IVIUSICK "Quiet and very friendly, Liked by one an! all,- But when he's in the c'a1sroom You should hear li-im stall," MARY OSSENBERG "She's little, but s'-e's wise: A wonder for I.-er rise." Social Committee, '49: Outing Commit- tee, '49, JOE JOHN PALAZZOLO "Always cheerful and swell to know But he has much 'get-up and go'." WILLIAM RITTER Bill is on the quiet side, And perhaps a little shy: But all in all we're proud to proclaim He's really a swell guy." ARTHUR RECKERT "Art was so mischievous, He made life gay for the rest of us " Track, '46-'47, BETTY JEAN ROWE "Cure, clever, and full of fun: Known and loved by everyone." Library Club, '4 6. DON SEUFERT "Although with height he is not blessed He always strives to do his best," EDWARD SONG "Brains, thoughtfulness, and originality This kind lad does possess: Because of his outstanding personality We are sure he will rise to success," Alumni Initiation pledge At the invitation of Mr. Alexander, the President of the Alumni Association has, since January, 1947, inducted the members of the graduating class into the association immediately after they receive their diplomas by administering to them the following ALUMNI PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I, John Smith, a graduate of Central High School, pledge allegiance to the ideals and pres- tige of my Alma Mater, past, present, and to comeg I will defend her dignity and reputation through joy and sorrow, through calm and strife, through prosperity and tribulation as long as I live. 38 ',1'A.-, '- , 1.1 f.. -I ,Q QQ. I . I +57 , - Tw I " - I J Q I A I I- I 5 36 .ff - XI W I0 I If :ff ,I IQIRI I +I H IIII I I A """""' I J I ' WN., I E SHIP QRIKUIIGHSC CULTURE I E CS' E Th Im e wggds of Yo h I' ain? 'I . :, " Ei n vQQ 1W1 Advlsory LEISURE: q4-----w-H--'- I I IHQ I II, I Q cf EDUCA Grgupg f fi-- M' I IS I' ' q,,, cf+M.-N.c1+, FREE I I ggixx II S , I IS, I I I I I INDUSTRY HOI'IE'I'IIfI1B SHIP RESPONSIBILITY 3 visory Grou SIZNIOR ADVISORY Miss Lowry lirxl Row Nl .I 4h.m1.xnulx ll Jn,hnk0wxlxi. XX' Schrcwclrr. .1 l'r.1n cus. A. Rrvnnldx, R Schultz Sri .Wi Rm- 1- L..-mmm. A llmm.-,V lf. 1.c.m.1.m, c.. c.1..m.-V. R Nhy f..-1.1, R mrmml. H mam GROUP O fl5AI,l.l Mr. Christcnson lkuxl Rmfw: Nl lllckrnx. l Hall, .l Klcliny. L, Rygvlxlu. V. Nlouwr, R 'xY.1lkrr. A lfcnnrswy. M J, Strokrs A Hnrwvll Svcund Row Pw Stal fvl. lf. Jonvs. M Hanna, .l. lfxumi lx Rntlxciwxkl. IJ Rowv, Ll Spun Third Raw' Nlr fhrmvnmn, R Gunn. l Kmmrr, in lln-nu-rt, R Rnwr l: Nlvnrilmnr, GROUP l Mrs. Ross l51rsl Raw ll M.1lun. l' Shrum l' Kx,1n1xnsk1,M 'l.1slv,.l l5.lll.xrLl 5 Allrn. .l. XK'.1Ilrr, N1 iombs. I7 Rivs. Srcvnnl Huw. .l. llnlnti R Nlullrr. ll. Rlxlngrr, A. limlw. I5 wg.-1,wr,1, P umm. .1 l.n-nhy. N Cknlv. vlluird Rvw l' l5.1Iu.0 An drrwn, l XX'iml1xh. O, M.ulunn.u, 1 Pnxlwp, P. Alla-rx, IQ I rl-.mlmn I-4-urlh Rfw 1 xm.-K rs xngf. .1 R..'m,..,1 GROUP Z Mr. Vcrlrccs rem Rvw. .J slim.-g,-.1 rs. lmwn, I. Isl-wma, IU llupkmx. R lmlwfll, R Borrhicln, cl liiclwl, 4. swirl.- ll.-..n, .l ls.-ctw, s.'f.m.i klw ls livll. J. Busby. l. l5vn1mnirr .1 1 upp. ll limncmzxx, IJ. Mvyrr. S Clmppvll, .l.M.1xx.1 'I hirml Row ll, Cmwrr. ln. Schug. li. llolmwwr. 4 l'lu-r, U. llumb. ll. llrllvr. U. Nlrrfxlrns, R, llux1mx! lwmurrlu Row Nl: Vvrrrvvk, H, M.mxcln.mll .l Prnnllvlstn. if inhb l'. 'l'n:l!l'r, Ml. XVs'bx'r, R All. ' C.ROI'II I NIIM Ilukmnn Inu Ii. .A 1 1I.u. I lun lv I I.. vu... I N.....I. I.. KI Ii.un.I.ull. NI IIv.uvxIu I 'X1.I.uxI... IX Sump uv. 4 Im..I.....-I... S......I IL... II 's....1I. I'. Nl.....I...y, II Sub.: I l..x'......v. I4 l'..,... M Iw.......... 'XI I II. vx...I. Ilnnl Il. vx I I4..vv 1. .. NI.-A II..k....... If I ...'I..'.ws.: XX' Ihnrv M IMII.. I IIux.I.rn 'YI II.unIx.vmv4v I IS..11Iv. Iwuytlm Ii. vm II II..u...I..... I Sw...y..I..I.. I II.1,xI. I' I .r.I. LROUI' 4 Miss Ifoyln' Illxl Iiuw I AIIIMVII 'VI Ihmvun Il I.IrrrII, I' 'MImllI.nIn1 I' NIrYrrx, I M44 I.Iu, I' .I.u Im ll II I I1 W. rx. N1 t4I.unIu N...-n.I Il. IA II I5.xll4'I, II II.-In-1, I 4... I I .mIm...n. N Ix..lI.... IS II..1.... I Npnggx, I I.-..I II..v.I Iinw M f..II..I....., Ii r......v .I I'..Im.'v, L. N..IwI .I AI ,W Il 1s.......1,-. I4 n.u,....1 M... l....1. I.....I.l4..... I u....1....I..-. II II.xvIun CIIUII III 5 NIxus SIIIHTQIQI I..-I Ihvs 'XI Ix..p...I.s N NNI..- K MMI. I I I4uf.I.m..nn, I I Ilns. II I'..x..ll. II II......I.x.... fm...n.I Inu 4 I.. 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R. A II.mvt-ner. I Ilurtulw. J Iiuxxx, A KQI-xiotrlnix Fourth Row .I, I7lIIImux, I' Ci.1bIcl, I Ruwtfn GROUP 8 Miss Knocrnschild Iwrxl Row In IupcI.1nsI, R Cmhitut. R fnrrcuc, NI Vv'it'4Int'r. N Smulvv, R, Smtllnicrx. C' Illctzul, I 'I't'n1pIw Suconti Row. V XX'hirv, M. I:r.1nculx. Y, Ihnllim. 'I' Pvnlmi. if Ruxh, CS Moritz. P. Rnbbxnx, I. 'I'.m1.1Ilx Third Row Maw Krmt'rvxwhiItI, VJ, PiIchcr, A I'nv.1 II Mick. S Mann. P. -I'.1vIur Iztsurth Ruw R Hifkx. R Slt'cIxn1.1nn,II Cl.xlt'rm.mn GROUP 0 IVIr. Kirn Iwrxl Ruw I' Tlmrpr. I, llrcvn Qtlvrl, AI. Cluv11tIwr. A N1tIIvr, tl Shun R, tfxpxtick. F CIIII. B fVItmn'. R fmhndru Second Row R MAI rmgly. tm, H.-11, S r1m.1.m, If Slum pful. R I5.lII.lnI. I.. Nnruns. NI IVILWI I Icr. Third Row IS. Andrrxun, R Jucntt. IU, ffrittention, R. I5ulIcn Inch, G I5urmugI1s, R I'I.xtI1.1wtxy Fourth Row, Mr Kxrn. IP, I5.trm'x. I C'.n1,xd.lV.I's Riltvr GROUP I0 Miss Knight Pxrxl Ruw R. Iirnch. N, Ilvmrnls. IU. Ilyc. J, I'v.mx, Ci I'rxKtt'nLIt'n, ll IIwrtun. M. Fmtvr, .I, Rtfckvrt, A Kcntunli, Srctxuti Ruw I, I5utItIa'. If .I.1rvIs. .I. It-vtmtinu, N Hihhutx. N, XViIIi.mw, G Munn. ID, Ru.1g.m. I.. I..1Im1.m. 'lhlrd Ruw: I5 Iiul Icher. N, IImtm.mn. .I Pnttrrxnn, A Dulfuttcr, Ii Du .I.1rnt'tl. If Duck worth, I5 Turm-r, Mlm Knight CIIICIIIII II Miws I I'Il'lIlII.lI'I III-.I Iluvm I I I-Img I 'XII-II-I ,X I..-.IW I XIII,-IIIw I x,.I..I..I.II 1. IIIIINIXI KI IIIIIIIIIIIIII-, II XXVIII: HI-IIIIIII Ibm I' I ILIIIIIIII II .IIIIIIN 1, IIIII.-I I4 NIIIII--IIIII I RIII I.-.IW A II.I,I.-.IIIIIII M I.I.I.II IS SIIIIII IIIIIII Ibm Ib I IIIIMIIIIIQ. II I..I..II...I If IIIIMVII II II. .MII II II....I If xv.-I.I, IN s..,II I...,.III III., I7 II.,,.N, I II.'III..I.g I.-'II I ,III-IIII I NIIIIIIIIII CHRUIIII Il MISS Spllgllx' III-.I Huw Nl NIIIIM NI IIIwIlgIvur TN IUIIIIIII I NMIIIIIIII I IIIIV-'r. N Mmxlwvm I II-IIIIIN I Iilmxlllw x.'..II..I IIN I MIIIIIIII I II..,I...I I IxIIII...I II I,,..,I.-. I I...I,,.I.I. A I,nIl:I NI SIIlI.llIlII.lru IIIIIII Iinvs I4 NIIIIIIII II XK'IIII.xIIIx I I'IIm. II Klan-II.IIIl N1 IIIII.-III.1I-I MII.. sII.,.,,I..- II M.I.II.MI x II,.,I.f IIII'.III IIIIIIIII Iinvx III lI,IlIu', R Nu,IvI Ii I.IvIw I Knvvlx I IIIII IIIII I XVII-III I NIIIIIIIIIIII I I,In'I my II II-'II-'I CIRUUI' II Nliw I'Icrw IIIxI Ilwvx I N.IvvI.IxI I III-Iwll, I I'...I..I, M II.II,..II..,.g.I...-., IN IIIII CI XIII IIII- NI 3pIII.'I I I.III NNIIIIII Rum' K. IIIIIIIII, .I lfmlw ,I 1'IIIIInI.I' IIJIIIIIIIII C1 IIIIIINI. II XX'-'IIv II In--LIIIII, I IIIIIIII. Nl Wunglvl IIIIIII Ibm 4. XYIIIIIII-I IIIII I RIIM N NIIWIIIII II Iivv. In N XK,III,nI' II IIIIII.II-IMIII, I III'xIIIII.'II II IIIIIIIIIII NIUN IH.-uv IIIIIIIII If-Iw II III-III II IiIIwIIIIgIf, M I-'IIIIv.-Inv UROUI' I-I Mr. Van I .mcIcgrmI I.,I,I Im. II x,.I,.-I If x'.'.I.mI I- I...,-II.-,I IR MII...-,.I-.W-I, I M,..,.. I' x..II I.-um. x I,..I....., A II..II..I... -I.'..II.,I Iam. 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Iiilvrman. ID, Musick Third Row. P. O'M.ir.i, I.. Minus Ii. XX'iIIiinxon. Miss Kramer. H, Ham pf. G. mwarti. B Knight, A. cam son. Ii. Struts. GROUP I 7 Miss Ross I'irsl Rcw I3 Hradvn. .I Mills: A. XX'aIl1s, I- Harrington. M Ku-u tvr. P. Thomas. R MoIkvnbur. N Maullvr. J Sampson. Second Row .l. Stifilcr. J. Krammcrvr, A Norton I,. I'mmtwns. Ii. l.annigan, R. XVII sun, .I. ilvtfrgi. B. Swaw. If. Fan na n Third Row, Fm. Rcppvl, R Iixola, li, Iiuxhman, II. Smith, R Rygh, li. Murdock, M. Ii. Jackvls I.. Hugh, A. Iawsun. Iiourth Row Ylisx Russ GROUP I8 Miss Eimcr Iiirst Rvw: IU. RutIuIgx', N I5aIs- 1 man, N. Cluslick, IJ. Sandvrx. N Ctwvk, C1 Puxrrk, A. Vrgn, M. Iiax- Iny. N, Iinow. Svctvnd Row Ii, lr.17a .I IIiII, YV. Karmpfc. S. Snots. .I. A Utnagr, M. Martin. M. I.askowit1 II. Smith. Third Rtzw II. Burch IJ Orrick, Ii. XX'iIIi.xms. R .Itvnrs If, Kt'IIn'r. R, Russnugh-. R Kirk- hart. II. Iilcct. CIROUII I'I Mr. CI.II'IIL'f0I1 In-,1 Ii--w 27 IVIWIII-, I' II:-nun M Ywk.-xx, V Nuvgrul, Il Ixu- S Inslrv I .Im-ngxl .I I.xmIwvxlIx I4 I'umpIm-v SvI.mII Ii-In K I I--vu :III .I f.nw.m. Ii Mvnurm .I Mar Ivn I IS.uIm 4. MuIlmx I7 Iwrx 1 lux IIurII RI-w IR IVl,nlIn. I1 lI,urnn'1.Il Iruvnlmm XY M. Iuluxh, II Sm-Is-IIII, Ii ImIIuIv, 'I Wwlxh. XX' Kv1IIv1 Iwnnlh Ruw I Ilmlulplu, R 4 -mIwn Il I'.IIm, Mu 1.nm-wn. I Ilvuivulw, I XVIII, II Ikm-ryan I I'.nn-I M I Nlnnm II x,..'...'I CLROUI' Z0 Mr. CIUIIU' Iu.v Huw If lIrYlum'N. I XIIIHI mu X lux M 4,u.ux..n, TN I-.-num I ISN:-II-In I S.-lux-u1x'r,X' Nkvvm.-X II tux N-I-mII Iiuw ,X Iuun X' IIwm.n, I' Xugu, I Imh. NI Iluw I wr,..I.,I. II xxt.1II.,. N1 :uw u...4..I. l:..f.In.m R f,.,.n,I Im W. xx. funn.-I-. R f.,...I,, sa sm .-... M M......v c. 1c.N.,.g.-, .x I Lua. I Ii-I.-lug UROUI' ll Mr. Von Ichslcn In.: Row ImmlIn' llc.-I A XVI-1 II:-vw, I- Ihtlm, M Minh.-II, I Vfvulmw M II I'vxIuux. I' Imam ,u-I M I1-Img 'I Iiwhvlmg Sm un-I Ruw I K.uI1 M Ilulkwfmlu II II-uuIuIn-II, IJ Ikmwn, I Anmhi W I I-I-, I I'.uuIu III I Imd Ii--w I Ihllnk, II Ihvul .I Iaylm. li ISM. II Ilumxku I fNIm'.xIw.xn II II1.xIIy I'-Iurlh Iiuw I' In II,mv IS Iuvngvl, I INIII-Imnl IS III-ml.-I' My Y1nxIvInlI'u GROUP ll Mr, Clun4II.xch Inst Ibm 1 I',ullI-I I I.-In XX Ilunn, I' l.nwIvn, N Imluvn-I-ul. K Muxmv, I Kunll, I7 Ikmuxkv II Sullnuun SI-Iumi Iinw I' l.1ngIvx' I IH-11.111, I. Mull--1. II S.um,uw V VI-IIm--1 I MII.un, NI II.-sl. I Annu IImII Ii-ru Mu l.uuIII.uIIr 4. llml.-I I sI,..I,.,,, x x'.-.mnmg In I 'uIluII, S IIumm.nlIu II II,u uv., N XII-kumnn Iwuurh Rum' I7 XVI-IIuu.m,I Illvhlw NK' IIuIvl,lnII visory Grou visory roups GROUP 23 Miss I.cvy I'irst Rvw I I'.irtvr. A. Kcmywr I7 Sghulll. A I'Iatta'r, I Inmh IU NICNIJIMH Svuvriml Rnvw II S! lirmrrgr. Ii Swnw. I, Srhnricivr. I: Ilubnm., If IIm:fIm.1n, J Ixwls . S I5m.rm'r-cIis1n.J Iingn'In 'I hlrd Row II I5.lIIm.lr1. K Ilrushmdn, li. Ihsprr I Iirhrxng. ii Vmruvnning. .I Iupm ski. Ci I'i':1nIrItxn. NI IVIIIIU, .I An dcrson. GROUP 24 Miss Soccknick I'irn Rvw. R Juick. I Kuchl M sp.-IM. i.. .II-nu, in x1fmm1i1. 1. IVIAVA. Il ficznnrllv, I5. Iimmihsni. I' K.1lciIxnlrnn.1s Sr:cvn4IR4iw I5 .IJIII xon. I.. Iiuxh. .I. Rumi .I IN-nn. IJ I Bnlanmn. I Iinhxnx. IS inrtrr. Bryson. 'IIi1rnI Rciw 15 I.IvfI. It 15 Ilmkvr. M Ifri-ur. 'If IMmm.m1u. I- Iiicklvnmn, V Fugmbiitf, Iz. III-as Iirr Iirurth Iivw Ii Iicrry. I'uIIrr. I IIAIIQHI, XV. XYLIII GROUP Z5 Miss Martini IN Iilrxt Iivw Il. A'1n1.ik1pmlIm,.I IMI Ivarbvrl, I' I5mI1n1.in. V Ilungnn, NI Iirrwi-r. R. R.1nnI.ifLn, M Ihscigr .Iovwra Il L'rh.in Svcunal Iiuw .IJ .I Iihlrn, N1 AnnIi'rxon, .I Strllxr. Li Iiankinx, N1 I' Summy. .I XX'.1LIwu hum S NIcyn'r NI 'I'.1yIur, 'I'IimI Riw R. N'III5rrrm1, Il fmmbs. A iiuilciinglcn. R. fmlvlli- .I. XV.iIkrf C. XYxnnIixIi. I' Iilu Iiwnrlh Iinw II. I5.uIirIsI. Ii. I'Iun1mi'rxnwxi'1, I, Hmm, Ci. Inirlmx Ii, iliiblwhw, I' 'I.i h.iIx.1, I Smilh GROUP Z6 Mr. Miller Iiiisl Rim' A Ilvnnmp. .I, I'uIImk IQ Gibbs. ,I lunika, .I Iumi.i, I5 Rows, I' Simpkins. I7, Ihrbrs. M Ihlrgiai. Scand Row 'I iI'I5fn'n J. MnIiI, Il 'I,ivIur. I.. Uvlkcrx, 4 I'Ix'CIxrr, .I Kfrlum. fi i'rAiI, Ii 'Iiuw Drs. I5. Niikuls. 'II'1irnI Row R NI. Nlmlrrk, II. Xiixrlin. I' IVICIIn'nry. II Ikmnrs. I7 NIIHII. I' IIvrIu'nIiufI, IB CixI'w'n. I7xurlII Row II. I5irfIvr A. N'IiI'i-rn-1. .I Pfulvr, Mr Millvy I7. I5.ix'is. I .Limrs CIROIII' Z7 Mixs Iluhh I u-.1 IM vs Ix Im-'rum I II-mn Lung-, Ir 'NJvw'uIu I1 Wlnlxlxm-lim I II.un--S, W IS'-un 'Y Ihgm, i Klzuuy Ii Ikln. Nnu n-I Ibm I Kulylvnyfd S 'wu'pIm.m, I Inn-v. A SnuIIu II 'NI I.1mI-, S Snuflvr. IS 'I In m.m4 I INN I4 I Ivxul Iluw I' IInvlI.ll11I IJ 1I1lu!l.m II Asliu, I l,mn.1u1 N Imxn II N1.I1lrwm I XNI'u1nrv I IIIIIII Inulllm III vx .I Ilrn- ummm, II Alhvlx MROUI' 28 Mr. I'm.1IuIx.1 Ilul Iilw II IIIIISIII I Iirfullu M 1..,...H.- u IX....NIv we N.,m.I , , I' XY.-I NI I--as I5 I I-rwn. I Vnvmnm '-Hmul Huw II Ibvlmx I iI,unI,u N Kuhn, A II1wIs.Iwr I Kmlkunp, I4 'm.1rImumy,:Iw S fmInvvIn IS Rim Ihvnl Iiuvv I Nu-vI.u. N Mlknx. if Shmu. S Rudy I II:ux.1m, I I'.Iv1.u, ly 'IIN-m,u Iwurllu Iiww II I.IwIr: I uw.. 1 rmn, x1. 1s..l..L. II AIIIII I III:-.4 II IIv.uI:.um CIRUIII' III Mr I'uwvII Iuwl Illvvm I 'XIIIx.1x'. I7 Irmunx Ix s.... 1, Inv me x...,,.I.,..,x1 IMSuuum V I'.u4, 'NI lMunIwr5.1 M I.I..nImmk NIU-wi Ii-vu A Iinlvlmg K, fmI..n!-1, XR l,uIm, Ii I'.mrlu' IS lux-Is, I'- K'III'Iwrwn A hun Ilmd Ii-w I IImm.uu I NIMIIII JI NIIIIIHII II I'vsuI II V.nly1Iy,uv I 'Nunn I 1 mm Inur!I Num I Nulh 11 Ii IInIu'l I NI.: Iunv I Shu.: I I'..-II.: XI: I'-'xulI C1IlOUI'I I IIAI I I Mr. NI.1rIxI.1mI lux: IM-u I'- I'1,Iy.u1 I A XI.uIw Il lmll I7 IinIm.mIx, II IIu vlwwvv, II IIKIIW N II-,Im-mu, II Iilrwu, I MIII-I Mun-I IM w ly IMI-I. II 'xmntlv f'I NIMI 1 IMIIII N Lum I MI II, If Wnlkrr Ii N1.IxlIn-wx, ,I Imvu IImrI Iimm I Nmrnu .M A :uw 4. 1l..,.., 1 4..m.I I' .I.w.u,I Iv.1,m Il Xhlxlv X, r,,,,,v,fI visory roups visory roups GROUP F-Z fFAl.l.J Miss Schlutius First Row J loslsowitl, R Smith J. l.utton. J. lUroL4l.i. lla Kilgore, ll Dodwon. li. J. l'9.mnon, K' Mora, A lihlcrx. St-cond Row, J. Mmvr, A Andcrwon. J. ljollocln, S, Sucrnuvili I7 ll.xrriQ, li Bono. V. Munforsl. l llillwr, if Antlu. R, Johnnningmcii-r Third Row F, l'5owm.:n, C. Dcllcn Inch, S. Gowcr. D Jackvon, M J XV.1tsun. V. Melton. V. Rntclill, S Ray. Plains Frbv GROUP P5-3 flTAl.l.b Mr. Hawkins First Row ID lilchnrilwon XV lr' ll. Auxtin. M Klvin. l' Burton, R Nltilon. D. litllllcll. S. Rusllofl' Sm ond Row' ll. Fnrrix. l'. Flwm, H Kmlowwlu. J. Frigo, li, Mocllingrr l.. llncnchen, li llinm, ll, lynch Third Row M. Scmglionc. l. Hi-t lin, Nl. Bcsx. K' Uvnwnt. U Rux "r:ll. R lliibblvx, li Slrvurv. 5 NVcblv GROUP lf-4 fl5Al.l.D Miss Schonhorsl l'irQt Row. R, Morton, J Mmtllxrvw, J A. Scmfcio, XV XV.1lxh, ll Swain R. 'linscln Nl l'Alvrmo, ll hcharr 'lccond Row: l. O'Nrll, V Spell, R Fenimore. J licnnutt. M Moors, l lljrwvll. J. Raith, Nl llrumizvlx, l. Brown Third Row A Allen. ll ffxmp. ll Joncx, K Jnnix, 'lf Scott li. Schillc, D, litiysixlgcr, ll lirixcll nun. M l, Atl-tum. li Mcfiormirli GROUP F-5 ll7Al.l.l Mr, Prelutsky First Row' J. llownril, li, Kendall Nl. llugfzon, XY. Ymrgnin, l7 l'rici' D. Brown, A. l'illm.1n. R. Mormh Sccond Row. li. Nolvx. l., Yliallry if ifovendcr. J. Schrocdcr. J Bur dek, B. McMillan. S Mcrcurio. l' Nlawchclin. llihiral Row Nl liomrt A. Sctzwohl, ll. Stuart. lf, Shrum S, Hudguns. li Cinrvcy. J. Prater Fourth Row ll. Johnxlon, ll XVh1Ii' Mr. Prclutslty, T. Nlcllulx. .l llnwlt ins, J XV.1ttrn.m C1IUJl'I' I K1 II1XII1 Mr IX1'I.11sI1.1II 11111111111 1- X1 11111 II 1111.111 1' 111111 1 111111111 1 111111 1 1 A 11 1 'I' I' 1 '1v111111.-11 N 1111111-111 1 w11 1111111 1111111111 1:1111 XI 11111.-1 1 1111111111 I4 II 14111111111 xx' 11.111 1 111.-.1-11 Il 1,111.11-11 Il 1 111111 1 1111-111.-. 1111111 11.11. 1 1111111111 41 I111II11I1 I' NLNI111111 XX' X11-1 1111111 I XX'1-11 XX' I11-111I11, I7 X'1111 1111-111 X 11111111- 1.111-111141111 x11 M11111111 C1RUlII'I17 IIAII1 M11wIic1I11 1111 111111 11 111111111 1 1111111111 X1 111111111 IP x1.111111-1 XI 11111111 11 11,1111-11 X1 11.1111111111 IJ 141111-1 -.11 N.-1.11111 11.111 1 1111111111 II 111111111111 1 1 1111111 x s1111111 1 1111111 1 111111 1 .11111111 XI 1-1.111 1111111 1:11111 II 11111111111 1 1'111.- 4 'XII1111111,I H11'I11'11 I ,X I1111111 I' XX1'11 'X11-,1I'11'1I1 C1IlOIII'I X 1I1XII1 Min IIIj,1gII1IN7III.ll11 I11-.1 H1111 IS I XX'11I11 I I1I1111I1-1, 'XI II111I1g1- I3 II1411-I1I11 I4 N11-11111111 Ir IS111g1I1111 1 Il1'1111,1 XI I XX 1151111 S1-1111111 R11w N Ixmg Ii S11111I1, XI 8111111.11 IX1 1X l1.1I.1I1 I XXI11l111'1, 1 11111,11.111- 11 1.11111,1111 1 1,111-11 I111111-11 II1111I I411w Il Ii1I1-1 Ix XXX-111-1111I1 N II1g1-1 'XI111 II1q1g111 I111I11111 I 1X111-1 11 I'111111-1 K1IlOI'I'I 'I 1I1XII1 Mus M1II1'1 111 IQ11111 I1 I11'111111I111 I'1 I111I1- I'11111I I' Y111111- I 1X I',111- I 111111.11 I5 I111111-1 X' I111111 H11 1111I IC1111 I4 i11'11l11 I'1 S1-II1x' I' '11v11I1'1I1 N1 S11111I1 1 XX'I111111-1 4 1I1.11'II1-1 N I'11'111111 I' I11.1I II 11I11111 II1111I R11111 41 'XI1I.1II I l1'1I1,11I XX' SI111I1111111- XX 811111 111II1-1 NI 1X I'11II11 I XX'11-11I111II I11-I1111- I XX1II1-1 I Il11lI1 isory Grou sory roups GROUP F-l QSPRING Mr. Markland First Rrw: l.. Wloods, B. Ruswll, B. Oberts. M. A. Vitale. R. Acnril, R. Vvlebbi-r. M. Noclkvn, V. C'.iradunn.i. Sicond Row: R. Bruce. R. Clombx. B. llnywmid. ll. Brinkman. V. Py- JII. R. Kaelin, B. Whitnry, R, liv- rrvlt. Third Row: ll. Walilvn, U. Phinncy. XV. Sutton. ID. Mycrx, S. Gnrdncr. M. Louncil, S. Holt, P. Cfrafltfn, Fourth Row: R. Knight. J. Pwnoisl. Mr. Mnrkland. H Skid- mori-. li. Poguc. R. Murray, V. llnup- vr. ll. Tctlcnhorst. GROUP F-2 iSPRINGQ Miss Schlutius First RCW: D. Gill, M. Molchlvr. lf. l'li'nsc.n. D. Borthick. J. Wvnzcl, T. Thfirntcn. M. Cicndron. lt. Boat- wright. Secund Row: F. Herzog. N, Nlcurc, Cf. Davis, S. Moss, J. A. Vinccnzo. G. Lerwmnn. F. James, Third Row: H, Strong, if Uralif. Fw. Wilstxn. N. Zurhvidf. M. Mnrww. V. l.. Krcuzcr. A. M. Ellis, P. Gnu! lcr. Fourth Row. J. Mvycr, R. l.an- ham. Ps. Axhworth, R. Sullivan, N. Sotimpoulm. P. Ru'-zsnoglv, F, Whit- Hcld. J. Mcl':.1ll. Fifth Row: Miss Szhlutiua GROUP F-3 iSPRlNGj Miss Schonhorst First Row, S Millvr. W. llvitlrmnnn, lx Thcmpucn. R Ellie. G. Rnnrllcf man. l. Stcvrns, Ward, H. .Lick- wn. Srcfnd Row' M. Bott, ll. John- clmw. D. Mitzhcll, A. lhlulmlh. ll. XXX-idvnlmft. V. Griihzim. S. lhnicls, A. l,uptw. Third Row: ll Holloway, K. Rnymcr. R. Kiwxir, l.. lihnnvy, M. lmbdcll. J, llmunilv. D Schratlvr, S. .l.1cli1'lx. Ci ll Bumngtun. Fourth Row J. Krrehnu. A Fnrluw, XV. Pzufhngtxli. J, Purcrll. ll Hnbbx. GROUP F-4 iSPRlNGD Miss Higginbolham liirsi Row' l. Vvlilsfn. S. Whili', S. llmldvn, N. Vvlnltrrs. CQ. VJvlchcr. ll. fvlcycrv. R. Wcckcs, H. l..mglvy. Src- tnd Ri-w' S. Ackrrsun. M, XVhil.1lc- cr. N. SLychowxlti, M. Thurnlmill. B. l7cVinncy, li. Sumrwr, J A. John- -,i1n. D. liiirclicndurf, 'llhirtl Row: O. Rifhnrdsori. J. llrnxnn, l.. Slider, l'. Vhndisch, R. Jnkul, .l. Willinmi. B. Nc-vak. J. Sci.irr.xtt.1 Fourth Ri.w. l5 XX't'slbrtv.k, V Vv'ru7.ii'r UROUII If 5 ISPRINCII Misx Millcr Illwl Ilrw .I IIIIII, IJ IVIIIIU, IW I.:-Mm, I iulwn. 4. 'lun1lv.nvII1:, IP Mun, .l 'Ilmwmll N ummm Sumul Iimw M Wulf-v M Ilcn lhmm' N 'I.m-. U I'ulnfv I I-1:1 Izlh, II Nuns, I Ii Nkuggx. IB Ilnuhu 'Ihud New Ii Ilvulwv, If Ihnkvr I 'ImIw:. V Slnnvml, II Ilrrlxmyi I.nwxm'n II .IuIm'mn. I Ihll I1-mth Ifrw II Iir.uuIun. M lm., I1 a....u, GROUP 0 ISPRINCU Mr. Cfhrislrnswn Ixrxl Iirw IS IIunl, IN Mun-IIA'l, I1 'Inky I' I.nIx, N I54wmIn'n, .I xx!!! :huh IW Ihulw, II 'Iraxy' Suunmi Ilnw ,I SlvlnIm.u'uIrI, Ii Almxhlrr. IJ Slrvrnx, I XX'vlsIlllgrl, 1, IH urulx, IS I lvln, 'I Inlmnh Ihn-I Iinw M Il.u4I1luIm- II S.: ll II N.IynI Ii Kun, I fIIIr1x AIiSI'N'II4I'S Iwrxl Huw M Imlv 4 JI I' Wal mu 4 4, IS XR'.mm-ll, 4 4 ,I mn.. f, 1-I M s1.1,.,.,I., 4 4 s...,...a Ifww xx' sum, w II K,..,.....A 1 11 A M..,I,1... 4 Jw le sw.1,...... I H I' nm-..,fm, s 1 I Hluk, '15 visory roups Bail Eu Glentral iiigh WorJ: By CLARENCE STRA TTON Tune. "Annie Lyle J dl! 5 s 3 u . -I :I - I -Qs L. g A . 1 5 ' Y, , ' - -.-. 'L 3 iv - . -5 S SI g :T-L 5 I By the might - y Mis - is - sip pi. Sweep ing to the sea, V L ln the midst of noise and bus tle, of the eit - -ya life. gig: . .-2 f fl -: e e -2 2 vi -ef-U L "'- 'L P " ' P 4 I""L 'P 'Y I , L I' v .I v I I ' 'D. rr I I 3 is I- . it , -N I ,- 4 .Is .I H - .1 -- 3: . -4 1 - 47-.. .ae A i- 1 s s. -g v- v " - - 31-- Stands our glor - ious Al - me Ma ter, Stands per - pet - uol - ly. Calm, se - rene, re - served, and no ble, Un u - sailed by strife. .,. Il D n en 3' T" Q" 'o g.: V .- 1 -, I i I v I I' Cnozws. ! M I 1 l 5 3 , 'I -Li: '.r 5 -I 2 r -1, I ,, g S f -If-sI"Lf J ttf- F .2 1: 5 cf' Sing our cho - rus of de - vo tion, Till we read the sky, 1- - -l- 0- 'ir - 1: -:- "-1 -"- -"- ft s- Q 1 - I I-7-ti in P 5' T' " L- -re 1- uv L f I IQ? 's sg I 7 I? -E ex: V 'fs 5' I I Is ' I- I I I "- . 4 Q-T 1 I 1 I --E A S - ---1 Y li -c Li A 3 . 77 5 1' Q- f- g -1 .1 E' its it " Hail to thee, our Al - ma Ma - ter. Hail, to Cen - trol High. Q. s , , Q I 1 1 9 II P' T' Q' 35. ' f, A apr E-r: -7 r r-P "' - '- I' Q I" ' I LL I T ' r 5 f V I I W s 2 O, to thee our Alma Mater. Dignified and strong, Now we raise our loyal voices. Ofl ur song. er we o Never shall we let our footsteps Waver or turn back, Marching ever firmly onward. 'Neath the Red and Black. 52 3 Thus we'lI sung our heartfelt praises 'I d h ll d. Tllour ays s a en May thy spotless reputation All thy sons defend: May thy walls be. never weakenedf Nor thy prestige die, May the b essings of the ages. Rest on Central High. . ,-.A . ,.4 . . X . rw , .,., L,-1, :hu , .,.. . I . ,.. Y I' N V, u ll: : T b 'S f -'-' 9 f r 4? T ., ' ' f' Q V ' . an 1 ' - f f. P. , . -f 42.9" , . ig' A, Z. -- 'V,- 5:33 --,' 1 :- 1 A, ' gr I . . Alf: 'f-, ' I f ,-9 J! -, X N V I I 0 "' ' V..--2 '- M 7 H ".,. if W M E ' QfWH'GH5fff00 ULTU E E I Fulfilling Z QA: i Y' 1 The mpg N eds of Youth AQ:,i'-f ,V , . ..f ,A , N 4 voc 15592 Student LEISUREW' EDUQQWUN ijagrgdnlzatlons i Kimi' 7 O CIENCE W S, N I w g 0 CW if + - if-1 ' , g , T INDUSTRY HOVEMENB SHIP RESPUNSIBILITY Studen RED AND BLACK STAFF First Rciw: IS, Iiugur. R Tnwvrx, C. Smilh. S Sluving. li. Shunc, I3. Huidcmaun, L. Ilcluucr, Second Row I. Kwcli, ID Kelleher. S. Vv'.1l Lice. I' 'I'.iyInr, 'If Kopp, Il lioldvn, Third Raw: Mr lhvis, C' Kuntz. IS. Juzngel, M Guunlhcr RED AND BLACK SALESIVIIZN Ifiiwl liww I3 liill, M Ilmlgr, IJ Kofrlni. II' limo, Il, Iiuurgiu, A Iiurz. F, Nvwinnn, C' Millsr Svc- nmd Row Ii R Skaggs, C' Thomp sun, M Ciucnlhur, M Imkowitl. 5. Rvgh, I Iicrrmral, R, Knight, I7 Ru,r1c1glc, Third Rww .I Iipmski. li I'I.xIlwrlI, If. Iiuxhmnnn. R. Juvngxl, li, Yorich, I5 Hciclumnnn l' iilinc. Li. Slimw, O Riclmrdsmi. Ifourili Row II Ci.irslAng, GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB Inr I Raw. IL lux. IS I'1ruwn .I Ru dvlpli, ID, 'I'lmn1pwn. N McI7cw. I7 'I'lwr1ipum, Y Munlnrxl,I Iiural, I I'f.'rimr4l. S Qiuilmr. Sccond Row N. XYligIil, I3 Iirown. N Ilnguc. IJ lirislmrn, II. 'I'l1uni.is, IL Tuul. ii I'mII.ltoru, S Strcb, I3 Ilulludgv. Ci SLuIIIcbc.m, Third Row I' Kiran 3'.x:n, 0, Akinx, IL Ilultmuicr, I I why. IJ Mvvcr. A, Rwbling. Li Moycr, H Unrrvll Fourth Iiow Ci Albrecht. I7 Asimnkuimulm, L' Mnluco, N. funk, .L fVIvycr, NI ITucllwvrtli, N I5.ilxni.ix1 ROLLER SKATING CLUE Iilx-I Raw: Ii, Ilwxlmlvil, .L IVIJI KI.cws, .L Slclvsr, A Iinrlnw, .I KM lcll, li. Nlcliornilcls, N. .L full' .L Sciimczlcr, II Iluwxnuglv Scrum Row, R II.ivcnvr, li Iucwniui, IJ T1ig,g. M. Klcinu, II, Ilownnlx, Ii Ciium. .L Runwliiic, XV. Sllnlnmrq -Iiliiznl Rcw I' XX'.xlxmi M. .I LVM min. lil, lilll. li. Nulcx, I.. 'Iimllvy S, KJV, ID, Iluplum, P, lurric Iiuurlli Row S. Sucrmlnn, M A Vilnlv, .L Ihumlu, .L fiambvr, IJ Mulchl-IL Iinhrl-ndorl, IJ. Sflim der. I:lfI'l1 Ravi' M, Iicnmrw. li llzilvri, R Iillix, .I Ihllnrul rganizations Editor-in-Chief SHIRLEY STOVING Club Editor LILLIAN DEZUTTER Associate Editors BONNIE HEIDEMANN BETTY KOGUT ROSE TOWERS Class Editors ETHEL SHRUM RUTH SCHULTZ ROBERTA GOLDEN PATRICIA TAYLOR THE RED AND BLACK Athletic Editors GEORGE SHONE CHARLIE SMITH Assistant Editors DOLORES MARTIN NOLA FENTON MARY MITCHELL EDGAR WILKINSON KENNETH PATRETTE STAFF KATHERINE CHRISTIAN IDALLA KOCH DARA KELLEHER SHIRLEY WALLACE THOMAS KOPP CLARA KUNTZ BILL JUENGEL MABEL GUENTHER GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB MISS SPRAGUE and MISS BECK, Sponsors Art Staff DOLORES OLSEN HARTFORD SMITH HELEN JOHNKOSKI ROBERT SCHMITT DARLENE CHRISTIAN ELMER GERHARDT PAUL BONO DONA RIOS ROBERT ZORICH RICHARD JUENGST Literary Sponsor MR. VEsT DAVIS Business Sponsors NIISS ELSA SOECKNICK MR. RALPH R. KIRN Art Sponsor MRS. ETHEL Ross Sshool Treasurer MR. Ross HOERNER OFFICERS President . . ..,. . . DORIS COX Secretary . . JOAN RUDOLPH Treasurer . . BARBARA BROWN ROLLER SKATINC1 CLUB MISS SCHONHORST, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JACQUELINE RAMSTINE . . President . , JACQUELINE RAMSTINE FRED BERFODEN ..... Vl'C?-Pf9Sl'd9nf ..... FRED BERFODEN CIERALDINE MCCORMICK . Se:retary-Treasurer . CIERALDINE MCCORMICK JESSE WALKER . . . . I I . : . . . JESSE WALKER BOB HENSLEE , Examiners . . . FRED BERFODEN FRED BERFODEN . . . 1 I . . . . BOE I-IENSLEE NORMA SICKMAN . . L J . . JACQUELINE RAMSTINE 55 S t u CJ 2 n THE NEWS STAFF First Row l.SnufTin. ID.H.1mx, B XX'.tlnsc0tt. Svcnnd Row R. KHAX ky. H Niclntoxh. K . lxv. lk Schuif. Lhmi Row M, lludgr, 'l'. Rupp, .L XX'LmtL H. Outh. Fourth Rt W, N. Stanley. D. Mnlvn, S l7it1grr.1ld. M N'L1rtm, J, Martvn. Fifth Rt w M Ncwlkvn. 'L Thnrntnn, Ii. Nvwman. I 0'Brit-n.i fX1tlun9ki,J Rudolph, In Schwnrtv, B Vngrlpuhl, Ci inf fvy. M. Brnwlvy, IJ. Rim, IJ. Ray held, I4 liill, IJ Kit-ffcr, F. Munlrr. 4 Krvulrr. R, K.wlin, I , Ovllwrx. R Scnrbtamugh EL ECO DIS ESPANA Ptrxt Rtw N firms, ID. lflnwvrs, XX. Lrr, I7 Axunnknpouloe, J Sou kup, J Marten, M. Psurgiu Suond Row I' Baumt-ister, M lnxknwirz, H, bpirrs. J. Meyer. R. XX"inchrxter, J. Ballard. A Vvga, 'Lhtrd Rnw I. I'.tl0x. J, XX'ufd. I7 filchurhlng, R Suthcrlxn. Cl Mruurm, Mt-.s lim mrr, M I7ru'w LIBRARY CLUB Llrxt Rnw J Cwotglv. L Roxw. U. Nluxtfk, A, Vvgn, V Vollmrr. L. Jnnxw, D. N111 twnnvll, Cl fXlbrrfnt, IJ XX'lttk0t'ller, LVL Xxivdnfr. U. Iiilvrman. Suomi Row K' Brut". U, Hurtun. H. Durrvll, G Pusclnls. F. Dolitns. J Zuniga. B. Stout. K hur. XX'. Fmrwwn. R. Ilcuprr. Thxrt Row' D, Voffrhn-Q. ID. Fmncme. N Iltitmnnn. If Housarn, V Iiollim N. Iknllxns, L. Irurey, R, Clnrlu' B. Htndyxlwll. fX, Mtltrr. J. Pawtv all J, Busby, M Pmthr. N IDM"-, PEN PALS' CLUB Ftrxt Row' L' l711hrm.1nn. S Mvyrr. Ci Mclfmnnck. N. Enos, I3 Flow rms, R. XX'incht'xtcr, V. Uungnn, M. L.1skuwtt7, Svcond Row B Brown. I. Bvrnard. ll, Knox, li. B.1ll.1turn' M. II, Prrktns. Cl, Frtsw, H. Stout If Nrwmnn. U. Mnlun. M, Nlucllcr Third Row' G Albrrcht. D Amma- kopoulos. P. 'Iko.xl, Cf lbvmt-nt, M Muvller. H, Hownrdx, S XXH-bb. S Iiovvdrn. I5 XXvlch. I7 I:rixshrn.m Fourth Row H A Mnrttn, Cl Hru- rtmrnn. R Hvbvr. V Utnagr. Iuztrrttc, M. Hagebusch. R Mulkm- I rganizations THE NEWS STAFF MR. GUNDLACH. Sponsor FIRST TERM SECOND TERM Editorial Board EL1i,o,i,,1 gourd Bettie Florsek --- Co'Chairmen - Cwcn Glancy Dolores Mahmgchairman Doloffs Maxon June Marten Nancy Stanley Sports Editor S Ed' Steve Fitzgerald Stlzrgizzgtmd Associate Edirors I I Nola Fenton Joann O'Bricn ASSOCIUN' SPOUS Edlmf Lois Hagan Mary Jo Spring James Wood Harne! Lueking Nancy Stanley ASIIOCIIIIII Ediwrs H , . Asmsmm Eduors Helen Buergin Laverne Oelkers e.en Buergm Florence Newman Joann 0.Brien Edna Schwinz June Marten Edna Schwartz I I Helen Mclntosh Patricia Taylor I AS-H-SIGN! Edlf0l'S I I I I Rcportus Came Lee Felicia Milonslu Toni Dattilo Barbara Kreasky Helm Mdmosh Cguges Mary Hodge Felicia Milonski Y y C e Carleen Jarvis Thelma Reeveu B b K k Reporters B n V I om Helen Johnkoski Betty Vogelpohl ar 'na 'ms Y I e 7 We P . Cartoomsr Art Editor Helen Johnkoski Pepper Allen Cartoonist Staff Photographers Pepper Allen Vernon Melton Rose Scarborough Staff Pholographers T -I C , d- I Joan Rudolph Rose Scarborough Catherine Hehiypwg 0 or ma on Mary Hodge Typing Co-ordinators I Delores Martin Irline Sands-fer Business Manager Head Typislx Thomas KOPP Jan" Ehlm I Marv Hodgf Associate Business Manager Business Manager William Gum I Ethel Shrum Assistant Business Managers Associate Business Managers Roberta Urban Louis Snumn William Cvulh Thomas Kopp Donald Hanis Assistant Business Manager Di5,,ibu,ion 5,05 Alnd' Duke Mildred Brawley Doris Rayfleld Distributing Director Rosemary Saunders Manlyn Hanlumtyur Editorial and Exchange Director Editorial and Exchange Director Wallace CI Gundluh Wallace C. Gundlach C . Art onsultant MM. Fznancial Advisor Financial Advisor E. Van Landegend E- Van I-indelfnd EL ECO DE ESPANA MISS KRAMER, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . .... . JUNE MARTEN Vice-President . . . JAMES SOUKUP Secretary . . . DESPINA ASIMAKOPOULOS Treasurer .... WILLARD LEE LIBRARY CLUB MRS. FORD, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECONPD TERM NELLIE DOLLINS . President . . . PAT BRADY KEN PATRETTE . . Vice-President . . . NADINE DAv1s BOB CLARK . . Secretary . RosEMARY DEUPER VILMA DOLLINS . . Treasurer . . RUTH MQLKENHUR Sergeant-at-Arms . . CLEM HAUSEN PEN PAL CLUB MISS BECK, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM PHILIPPINA DOHRMANN . . President . . P1-HLIPPINA DOHRMANN SHIRLEY MEYER .... Secretary-Treasurer .... SHIRLEY MEYER 57 Studen STUDENT COUNCIL fI3AI.I. TIQRIVID Furs! Row .I Alllwon. I, 'I'.lm.lIlw, I5 fkmulsun. .I, Pcndlcmn, ID. Mnlun, if Smirh. I5 Kugul, I7, Vwfvrchow. Sccond Row' IU. .I.lcIxwn. M .IoIx.ln ningnwlvr, M IImIgI'. A. ffcnlunll, A Umlc, Ii Manner Third Row Ll, Shune. If. Iwmngnn. I7 II.1rrix, R Pcpur, XV, Kxcfhr, S Firvgcmld, Cf Iixucv. Fuurth Row: Ii. .I.xmcx. Cf Hcllarl, R Ilriss, IS ilulh, I'. I:I4'ul, In Clcrhndl. Mr Millrr, S,I'UDIfN'I' COUNCII. ISIDRING TERMI Fx!-l Row I5, Ilrllz. I. M.xrlcn, A Umic. I' SlcmpIvI. I' .I.lmcx, IJ foulmn. Ii, Kugul, If, XVcrchuw. .I Suukup. Sammi Row R. Vv'.1Ik.'1. .I Allnwn. I5 Gill. NI I5vSln1mu' ID, Asxnmknpnulow. I3 Nlilurlslxi. R Swnw. Ii I3vIrim', IVI IVI.lrIIn Third Row I7. I..1nig.m, Cl Shonv. C' Tin nun, R. Ii.xvcs, .I Thwvnu, Il. Mey- vr, It Surnnrr, IJ Ilydu, IS. Ray Iknurrh Row Cl IIuRnngron, I', Ru.x nnglc. I3 Munlvr. CL Jnrvxs, S. NNI! Inc, I'. 'I'.xyIur, Ii Iirysnn Flllh Ruw .I Iimukx, IJ, I'm,xl4w, 'II Kopp. S. Iilrlgvrnlui. CO-C-HI Iwrsl Row R Urlmn. A, l'uIl.1uI. .I KI.1rlrn,A IXNIU. II lurk1ng.l7 Mnlun. fx. fvnlurli, .I. Mmic. N Rusx, S.'con:I Row A XV.lII1x, I' Ncvvmnn. N Ilrntnm, A Smith, .I Mryvr. If.Gi1I. I: Milunxlxi, Rlnn mI1','.N.Sl.mluy, 'I'hir1IIiuw M I' Summv, I. 'I'.1m.xIxx, If. Shrum, I? KiI'IIrr, R Invwurx, .I, Rudolph, in I:rIxs. 1. Manlcl Fuurlh Rnw M 'I'.lyIr1r, I I7rfullrr, I, I70IIInx. Ii Row, II Iinxmcxslvr, IU, Nlvyrr, I5 Vogulpuhl II, 'I'h.mrpc, A Kun Iliflh Row S ilchrx S. XVJIIJQU I5 Il.-i4Irm.mn, .I Clmrgu.-. R Mhulu A Ilmkc. .I AII1wn,I5 Munnr Sxxlh Row .I XV.mhvnImx11.I5 Hui: mcirr, 8 Sm.'uv1g Mux I3lckm.1n COMMITTIZIE OI? TNVENTY Iwrxl Iixvx 15. Ckulh, I5 Claus, I1 cuulvusu. R I.'lr.-nhum. XX l.xrIm ID. Rows. R I's1nu Sucuml Row G SImnc,C1. II.wsIcy. 'I' Kopp, I7 II.1rrI4. C, ffubb .I Schmlch 'Ilmmi Ruw .I Uarrvtl, 4. XVumII-rlich Or ganizatio Groups F-l F-2 F-3 F-4 F- 5 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I0 ll 12 DS STUDENT COUNCIL MR. MILLER, Sponsor MISS FRIEDMAN, Sponsor fFirst Termj I fSecond Terml FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JAMES PENDLETON . . President . . DON FRITZ DOLORES MALON . . Vice-Presidenr . . . JUNE MARTEN Lois HAOAN . . . Secretary . . . ARLENE DODE CHARLIE SMITH . . . Treasurer . . PATRICIA STEMPFEL RICHARD COULSON. . . Sergeant-at-Arms ..... EARL JAMES ROSTER FOR SECOND TERM Represenlatiues Altemates Groups Caradonna, Victor Vitele. Mary Ann I3 Russnogle, Philip Gilld, Donna l4 Buflington. Glen Weidenhaft, William I5 Sumner, Elizabeth Wilson, Irene 16 Thweatt, June Skaggs, Eva 17 Vialker, Ruby Stokes. Martha Jane 18 Bates, Fred Drake. Aleeda 19 Meyer, Dolores Gower, Glenn 20 Milonski, Felicia Brawley, Mildred 21 Allison, Joan Binsbacher. Jack Z2 Ray, Betty Lee. Carrie 23 Kogut. Betty Grimm, La Moyne 24 Munzer, Frances Schwartz, Edna Z5 Taylor, Pat Ancona. Joe 26 Gill, Frieda Heydn. William 27 Jarvis, Carleen Horton, Gloris 28 Sandcork, Joyce Claus, Donald 29 Eaves, Russell McIntosh, Helen Representatives Wallace. Shirley Kopp, Thomas Hyde, Dorothy Fitzgerald. Steve Lanigan, Fred Martin, Marilyn Coulson, Rich Tinnin, Carl Werchow. Fred Soukup, James Swaw, Reba Bryson. Evelyn Asimakopoulos. Despina Brooks, Jimmy Petrie. Robert Shone, George DeSimone, Margaret CO - C - HI MISS DICKMAN, Sponsor FIRST TERM HARRIET LUEKING DOLORES MALON ARLENE DODE . CARLEEN JARVIS . FIRST TERM WARREN KEIFER HERMAN GELLER ELMER GERI-IARDT DICK COULSON RON PEPER . Al ternates Wunderlich. Gerald Guth, Bill Heidemann, Bonnie Minzes, Lewis Mauller. Nancy Keller. Ethel Bennet, Joyce Ducksworth. Martha Harris. Donald Engeln, Jo Ann Connelly, Rosemary Wacherheim. Joyce Becker, Christine Gamber, Julia Friss, Georgia OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . EDNA SCHWARTZ . Vice-President . . JEANNETTE MANIC . Secretary . . ELLIE DOLLINS . Treasurer . . FELICIA MILONSKI COMMITTEE OF TWENTY MR. CHRISTENSON, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM , President . . . DICK COULSON . Vice-Presidenr . . ROD TETTENI-IORsT . Secretary . JOE SCHMICH . Treasurer . . CLAUDIE COBB Sergeant-at-Arms . . . DON CLAUS 59 Student BAND , . I mrxl Ixuw I NlcI10Ix. ID I vwIcv l XX1nnIlxI1. IB Cmdl Srrond Rm w .I Cnvryw, IXI .'X X'uIu'rx. IXI Iirown ID CnlxI1.x1n. ll I .xcIu'V. I7 Snndvrw I I'm.Iv, NI I'mr.lwIm'v, .I I'v.mx X' lnxI1Ix I Immuns 'IkInrnI Rum .I :X Ingcln XX' II.lysIu. I' I'r.xn In I- IIu.'kwurlIy. I5 IX'Iun1vr, II Icnn.:nI. .I Iiulli. I5 XX'vrfImvv. IX .x1..w.. I...fn1 Row I3 .l..f1...m R Hxckx. ,I Rum-nlIx.xI, IJ .Inru-x. CI RiwngIr.I fX'Iiruhmg R Dum KIM. C1 I5urrc'ugI1x N Qlvrnrnx. II I.1m.1Ixs Iwfrh Row I IX'Im1.w in XQAII, :X IInII1ngs. I7 IIrovsn. ,I Kv.xIIHIrv. I I'.lvl.1 .I Su'lnI1.u'1x II-I 'XIr I'.mm CHOIR I-:ru R.w A IIxIgrm.xnn. M inn vrv. I5 'XI.xrlcInnII. I Iiusch 'mf und Rum I' Ifxrrus. I Mulligan. .IX Inwson, R Iuwrrx. Il Munfrr S Llmppn-II, R XX'in1hvxxvr. I' Ibuhr m.mn, II lluuh. Ii, Kugur, N I'nox In H.-v..-f. 4. smH1.'h..m. s num' mr. R Snumirrw. II Rim. C IIwI1cI 'Irhnrzi Row S Slrch. M I1 Summx K. Ivhr. NI. I5r.mfoIx, .I. Iunign. I .xI1. .I Smnpwn. I,, 'I'vmpkv. IX1 Sloku, II. 'IIImn1.1s. IE I'ooIv, R Urban. X' Igmyvr. I5 Clnrvcy, I In K malls Iwwurrh Row 'If Sutton. R c.mf.w, .1, xx'rmn.'y, B 1J..gg.'n, IW Curr.-rr. 1 Wlmn.-y. li. Duggvu. If. Uhvrls. I' I5.u1x11rnx!n'r. N. IJ.1vis. I Ilughvx, S Sluvmg. B Krrnxlkv. C1 IIuvrm.mn, N .I Sirknmnn. I5 Ray Ifnfth Rvvx .I. l1.1I.1ti. R, Compu I5 Rswr ii fX'IurnIuch.l IImxs.mm R III-Im-r. I' Ban-s. .I Mnlunr. I' I51rcI1. .I SIIIHHCIQ. IXIlxx II.xnIn, l IIr1xrr1 SIENIOR CSIRIS' ClI,IfII CLUB I-...1R.w 1 XIxIIng.un.1 1'..1..'. I. I'wnrmI R Ivwn-rs, X N'I.xuIIrr A m,g..1a.I.1u ra.-Hn.-.x1 1.-.mg I, KmIc'cn.Xn'nIx Svcund Row II 'IIuvm.xw. II XX'.11ns4ml.I'w Krvgul I5 Ku'fIn'1, I' X'1'rwVxl, .I IXIAMA, II Inuxch. A IIxIgvm.1nn. fi 5nuIIrr 'IIIHNI RUM. II, .I.1cIuun R XX'.xIIu'!. R R.mnI.1l1u, .I Ii.1n1nwrrr,I7 NI. IXIAIIUH. I I'or1I. Qi. IXIIIIcr. IXI Iilxfh X' Nugvnt Irourlh Row .I Ilwckfl IX'I I'Ixlrn'n.l IIwl14'I,I' XX'.uxun I, IXIACRIH. .I. I'mII.1rsI. S XX'n'I'II7. Cu SlufIIvIw.1n I'lIlh Row If Kurt k.xmp, S I'naIsIrv. S Lh.1ppvII. ,'X I..1wwn, IXI Run, II Ryg.-Ixlu. I SWIM. 1- .x1..y.'. s.m.1c.n. 1 Rvxw. II. Rngvrx. II I'Iulmn, I R4-urn .I II.mwn. N .I Su-Ixlnnvl. .-X KuIc'uIrnn1x,I'w R.nv SENIOR BOYS' GI.IfI2 CLUB I'xlsl Raw R. icmpvr. ,I, 'I umI'v.1 rrIIn' II .Imvnm. .I lXnnIrrxun. IS IXIAI lmnu. .I fX'IuvniImn, I7 XX'1IIn.umx I .1...-nw. 1 II...-mmm. .1 .l..m.,.. R I.1rrrII 5ccrmI Rww. I Ubvrts. .I I'.1Imn'r. II. AIIU1. R II.llI1.xw.1V. I Knix Nhss II.mIn. IJ Rnvwr, .I I5r.1nIw, I' Innglvy. fX. Ihxirick. I' IIugIu-- 'IIhirnI Rnzw ll I Inum. I' IIwvfmIrn. 5 Iimnarllu. IJ ilarnu. II fIvvI'I.xmI I' Rnrhuwski. II Krvu nn. ki. III'-pn. If, Inwyrr Ifuurth Rvvv C1 Iibhlcx, I5 Slmnl. I- Mm' cr. R Rn wr I5 III-.I.xrm'll, R Muff phv. XX' IIx'nrv Ii I5.uxm.1nn. .I 'X'I.H.'hn'II R IIxwII.xnnI. rgan izations BAND MR. PANUS, Director OFFICERS President. . . . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary ........ . Treasurer ........... . . BOB GODT FRED WERCHOW DELOMA JACKSON BERNEL BERRY PICCOLO: June Evans. FLUTE: Mildred Brawley. CLARINETS: Dolores Brown, Marylea Brown. Bill Copeland, Ed Duckworth. Levi Emmons, Verna Goslik. Gladys Lackey. Doris Grishom, Anthony Maggio, Frances Munzer, Evelyn Poole. Dolores Sanders. Mary Anne Vickers. SAXOPHONES: Gene Burroughs. Norman Clements. Bill Speiser, William Tamalis. CORNETS: Bernel Berry, Joe Bozzi, Jo Anne Engeln. Paul Francis, William Haydu. David Jones, Leonard Mirtsching. Gerald Risinger, Fred Werchow. ALTO HORNS: Don Beueridge. Bob Duroski, Deloma Jackson, Pat Leonard. BARITONES: Lewis Minzes, Leo Pavia. TROMBONES: Salvatore Ferrante, Arnold I-Iolling. James Keathly. Gerald Noah. James Rosenthal. TUBAS: Robert Hicks, John Steinhaeufel. DRUMS: Bob Godt, Douglas Folwer, Conrad Nichols, Lawrence Radick, Carl Windisch. FIRST TERM BILL MARTCHINK MELBA GARVEY . AUDREY HILGEMANN . LAUREL BUSH . FIRST TERM CAROL PATTER . LAURA IVIILLIGAN ROSE TOWERS . TWILAPENROD . CHOIR MISS HANKS, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . MELBA GARVEY . . Vice-President . . . . BETTY RAY . Secretary . . CHARLES WHITNEY Treasurer . SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE MISS HANKS, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . 'Treasurer . SENIOR BOYS' GLEE MISS HANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS ROBERT MATTEONI . . . President . Vice-President . . ORAN ANDERSON . Secretary . DAVY JONES . . . Treasurer . 61 . CLEM HEITERT SECOND TERM . DORIS KIEFFER . LINDA HUGHES LAURA MILLIGAN PEGGY THOMPSON SECOND TERM PHIL CLEVELAND ROBERT MATTEONI . FRANK BAUMAN . . DAVY JONES Student LAMPS Ifirxt Row J Rullvdgv. I', Iinhrf mann. NI Clarvvy. A Uvorgr. I: lull, IE Kmgul. IU. Flnwvrx. NI. fVIcn'lIs'r. 560 nd Rmw' R Sfhulll, Ii. Taylor .I Allixm-n, .1 Rudolph. I5 Mvyff. IU. Kwflvr. Cl. Fries. 'Ihrrnl Row: If Tayla r. S Shaving. .I Schmuch Il. Flu-I, C . Schuff, B. Uuih, I7 Axi nualwps ulux. R Swaw OWLS I'irsl Row' M. A .Iohanningnwirp II. Kygut, I, Ninclxlrr, I7 I7luwn'rs. N. Ross. I5. RIUQ, R, Alkastlw, A IIIII- man. Srcond Row IS. A, Marks. ID. Iirnwn. M. Iilmcr, J Allison, V. Ilungan. M. A. Viclxert, If UIII, M. Iycmg. 'Ihird Row ID. Ilavis, V. Melton. I3 Munivr, R Taylor. J. Ilavis. M Akvrx, J, Kaswll, I3 Ann nmaknpmllmw, R. 'lruwrrs DIS'I'RIBU'IklVIi EDUCATION CLUB I':rsI Rcfw. Mlm Maxlnrakox, I. Sfkvlbc, .I Klrorgir. A. Junu, I. Ihsclwing, I, firvcnxtrwx. I'. Ckaran- .iaru Second Row. R I'-avrx, .l. Jvhnsmn. .I Haydn. J. O'I'lrivn. R. Mrrcuviu. Ii Smur, K Gibbs In B. I.. A. I5irsx Rrw 9 I'mr1n'rwl1I'in.M IM-sl. Il. I'linn Svuncl lirw J. iwurgw, I'. 'I'ruI'lkrn. I' Vanl ruvrn, I5 ID.: vxx. M. I 4nu1nhr. IS Marlclnnk. x fw,.n.'Wy Third Rrw A cr.-afgf. 'I 'Ilwlrr KI Burroughs. R fkunnvf- ly. J. Ullnwn. IJ. Xhllkm-lil-r, I. llxwmxrlvl, Mlm M.uu:r.rkm. rganizatio DS SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS-J UNE, 1948 VIII E's-Gold Lamps Koenig, Kathryn, 8-18 Kogut, Marie 8-sr. Schneider. Dorothy, 8-sr. VII E'e-Gold Lamps Schultz. Ruth, 7-8 Tamalis, Lillian, 7-8 VI E'l-Gold Lamps Fabian. Evelyn, 8-2 Schmitt, Robert, 7-8 Schrum, Ethel, 7-1 V E's-Silver Lamps Dohrmann. Phiiippina, 5-25 Flert. Philip. 6-18 Friss, Richard, 7-20 Tettenhorst, Rodney, 5 -19 IV E's-Silver Lamps Friss, Georgia, 4-30 Kieffer, Doris, 4-26 Meyer, Delores, 4-2 Taylor, Patricia, 5-8 III E's-Silver Lamps Franczalr. Jack, 4-Z4 Guth, William, 4-14 Moeller, Marcella, 3-6 Rudolph. Joan, 4-6 Rutledge, June, 6-11 Sandefer. lrline, 7-3 Schufl, Charles, 5-22 Stoving, Shirley, 5-13 II SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS VIII E's-Gold Lamps Schultz, Ruth, Sr. Gr. Tamalis. Lillian, 8-8 VII E's-Gold Lamps Schmitt. Robert, Sr. Gr. Shrum, Ethel, 8-1 VI E'a-Gold Lamps Fleet. Philip, 7-18 Friss. Richard, 8-20 V E'l-Silver Lamps Frist, Georgia, 5-30 Meyer. Dolores, 5-2 Taylor, Patricia. 7-8 IV E'a-Silver Lamps Moeller, Marcella, 4-6 Olsen, Dolores. 8-23 Rutledge. June, 7-1 1 Sandeler, lrline. 8-3 Sthulf. Charles, 6-22 Stoving, Shirley, 6-13 Swaw, Reba, 7-23 III E's-Silver Lamps Allison, Joan, 3-4 Ancona, Joe, 7-8 Asimakopoulis. Despina, Flowers. Dolores, 3-4 Garvey, Melba. 7-ll Gill, Frieda, 3-9 Kognt, Betty. 3-6 Mantri, Charlene, 7-5 Schmieh, Joseph, 5-1 1 Sehopfer, Marian. 8-13 Taylor, Ruth, 7-26 6-25 ll E's-Owl Pins Allison. Joan. 2-4 Asimako oulos Des ina, 4-25 P v P Becker, Joyce, 4-19 Flowers, Delores, 2-4 Gill, Frieda. 2-9 Kogut. Betty, 2-6 Leong. Mabel. 3-2l Luelring, Harriet, 6-13 Rios, Dona, 3-1 S-chapfer, Marian, 7-29 Taylor, Ruth. 6-26 Towers, Rose, 5-26 E's-Owl Pins Akers, Marie, F-1 Anderson, Jeanne, F-6 Brown. Delores, F-2 Davis, Donald, 6-26 Dohrendorf, Shirley, F-2 Gerhardt, Elmer, 7-16 Fleher, Robert. 8-21 Jamcs, Joe, 2-6 Lohman, Lester, 2-10 Mackler, Leona, 2-4 Malloy, Rosemary, 8-13 Munzer, Francis, 3-7 Nanney, Ted, 8-21 Vickers, Mary, F-l Hall, Kenneth. 4-13 Harvard Book Award Philip Fleet -JANUARY, 1949 E's-Owl Pins Akers, Marie, 2-6 Anderson, Jeanne, 2-23 Centunzi, Anna, 8-10 Davis, Donald, 7-26 Gerhardt, Elmer, Sr. Gr. Kiefer, Warren, 8-19 Mackler. Leona. 3-4 Munzer, Frances. 4-7 Wallis, Arlene, 7-17 E-Owl Pins Callahan, Patricia, 3-27 Davis, Joyce. F-1 Dollins, Ellie. 3-5 Dungan. Virginia, 3-25 Easley, Mary, 8-18 Elmer, Mary, F-6 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MISS MASTORAKOS, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . . PEARL CATANZARO Vice-President . LAURA GREENSTREET Secretary . . . . ANTHONY JONES Treasurer . . , JOAN HAYDU Sergeanr-ar-Arms . . LEE FASCHING FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA MISS MASTORAKOS, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . . PAULINE TRUEKLEN Vice-President . . PAT VAN I-EUVEN Secretary . . . BETTY DAVIS Treasurer . . . . MARY COOMBE Sergeant-at-Arms . BILL MARTCHINK Geller, Herman, 8- 2 Johanningmeier. Mary, 7-13 Kassell, Janice, F-6 Lohmeyer. Arthur. Sr. Gr. Marks, Elizabeth. F-1 Mayfield. Roy, Sr. Gr. Melton, Vernon. F-2 Noles, Claudean. F-5 Pillman. Audrey, F-5 Richardson, Dorothy, F-3 Ross, Norma, 6-20 Scharr. Patsy, F-4 Tasch, Ruth, F-4 Harvard Boch Award Charles Sehuf Studen 'I'OASTMIS'I'RIiSS CLUB NO, I Frist Row: I T.1m.xIi. A lvnlun Ll. I Ilngtru, I. Santiclt-r. II luck X ing Second Row, J. Mmrtrn I3 Hyde. R. SutIwrIin. Ci Cihncv, I' Schwartz. I7, I'fcIIchcr. M A .Iohan ningmricr. I. Oclkcrs, A XV.xIIix, 1. Mrmtci. R. Schultz. ID, Olwn. Third Row A. I7otIv. .l, RutIetIgr. ,I Ih Ivsn. R, Cinldvn, N. M Iicnton M Iimzlc-,'. I5 Asim.ikopouIux, I3 Ilohr mann I.. Vhung. J M.1nif. Ib Mnlon, R Mcrcurio, M Suhopter, If Schrixm 'I'OAS'I'MISTRI2SS CLUB NO. Z Iiirxt Iinw: f.,Kr.1xI. Ii NIiItmxIt1, in I7riwx, I7, Kidfcr, J Ciupp, li IIs'ut'r mann. Sccund Row Mr. AIt'x.intIvx. IT. Rogers, If Bqtinwixtur. B Brown I N'IiIIig.in. S. Llurs. F. Munver, M Iluqkwurth. If, Poole. C Icwr, I7 Mvycr. Mixx Miller Third Row I', Cir.idcI, M Spciwr, R Tuwcrx. M IIuItgrt'vvv. R, Urban. .I Mt-wr, X. I'-rII.iraI, NI NIo:IIcr, IJ Rios JUNIOR TOASTMASTERS' CLUB NO. I Lint Row IJ, Rows. I' I,.inig.m. XV.RuI1I.xnaI, I5 .,IuvngcI. .L XVmxI. tk. Murllur. P. limllyuun Second Row IJ Harris, .L Schmxch IF. for ich. Cf 'I'inntm. B iluth, ti Shtmv. IU. I5rit7, Mr. Ihvix Third Row li. Iilvhcr. Ii. Spviwr, I Sihuff. I Smith. li XVlxntIcrIitIx, I Sntltfvn In Hciturt 'I' Kopp JUNIOR 'LOASTMASTISRS' CLUB NO, Z First Row: B, Ticmnnn, If Sthoo, J. lirirrcll. Ci iiowrr. I Pvlldlclmi S I:itLger.1ItI,li. Xlqnn St-cmiti Rtsw It. Slum. R. Bn. IJ Orrirk, R AI Iun, If. Iioggutl. N. filrrncntx, .I I,u mia. Third Row I3 Allun Ii All guII. S Yt'nllmigIi.i, I I.1I1m.m anizations TELESIS JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS CLUB, No. 1 FIRST TERM LOIS HAGAN . . . HARRIET LUEKING , IRLINE SANDEEER . . LILLIAN TAMALIS . . ANNA CENTUNZI . . MISS MILLER, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . . . Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer . . SECOND TERM DOLORES MALON JUNE RUTLEDGE JUNE MARTEN JUNE MARTEN EDNA SCI-IWARTZ TELESIS JUNIOR TOASTMISTRESS CLUB, No. 2 MISS MILLER, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM GEORGIA FRISS . . President . . FRANCES MUNZER DORIS KIEFER . . . Vice-President . . . . DONNA Rios FELICIA MILONSKI . . Secretary . . LAURA MILLIGAN JEAN LEAI-IY . . . . Treasurer . . . . FRIEDA GILL JUNIOR TOASTMASTERS' CLUB, No. 1 FIRST TERM ROBERT SCI-IMITT . GENE FLEHER . . KENNETH PATRETTE WILLIAM KECK . . MR. DAVIS, Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND TERM . President . . . WILLIAM RUHLAND . Vice-President . . . . DON ROWE . Secretary . . FRED LANIGAN . Treasurer . . . JIM WOOD Sergeant-at-Arms . . BILL JUENGEL JUNIOR TOASTMASTERS' CLUB, No. 2 MR. DAVIS, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . ....... GLEN GOWER Vice-President . . CHARLES PENDLETON Secretary . . . STEVE FITZGERALD Treasurer . . . JIM GARRETT 65 I CI Directory ditiona U b LAST OFFICERS OF BOYS' LITERARY SOCIETY President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . MR. DAVIS, Sponsor . . . . . . . . . GEORGE SHONE . . . . . . . . WILLIAM RUHLAND . . . . . . . . . RONALD PEPER . . . . . . . . GEORGE BRUENNING LAST OFFICERS OF GIRLS' LITERARY SOCIETY President . . Vice-Presi dent Secretary . . Treasurer . MR. DAVIS, Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . ETHEL SHRUM . . . . . . . . . DELORES MARTIN . . . . . . . . LILLIAN TAMALIS . . . . . . . . . RUTH SCHULTZ CENTRAL KNITTERS President . . IVIISS SCI-IONHORST, Sponsor OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . WILMA SCHULTZ Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..... GLORIA MILLER CHEMISTRY CLUB MR. POWELL, sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM WILLIAM RUHLAND .... Presidenr ..., DARA KELLERHER RON PEPPER . . . . . Vice-President . . DOROTHY WITTKOETTER DARA KELLERHER . . . Secretary .... WILLIAM RUHLAND Treasurer ..... GENE WILLIAMS ALLIED YOUTH MISS SCHLUTIUS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM JULIUS LAURENT . JOHN RUSSO . . . PAULINE TRUETKEN MARGE FENIMORE . FIRST TERM MARCELLA MOELLER MARIE AKERS . . JIM GARRETT . . . . . . President ...... JOHN RUSSO . . . Vice-President .... PAT VAN LEUVEN . . Secremry . . SHIRLEY BOMMERSCHEIN . . . Treasurer ...... JOHN WOLF MIKE CLUB MR. I-IICKS, Sponsor SECOND TERM . . . .President . . . MARCELLA MOELLER . . . Vice-Preszdent . ..,. JIM GARRETT . Secretary 66 -L" 5 -'.A Q- N . ' I ff I I If V' ' LIS I ' I V D3 4 I I I -J f 5 I I R IZ X II I I II AL H IIIIIII I I ' I 'lf f ISIII : I - - I SHIP N?IXXHIGH5c,500 CULTURE IIISS S-' Z 5 it E Fglfizl,-ny The Imperatzue Needs of Yourh I ' i1 I II 1 1' I I I 1, ' NIIIQUC SS IS U IM Emucgiggzrilqyg S DO TIS ggi, I I FREE 42 , I I .5-XM .-..- I... Q ETH I 7 II I I 'ZUUIS MISSU I 'VU' T"f Q.. 1 ... 9 - ,F-' I' N 5 Q if ,Q 1 w r I 'ff - I I4fff'z4,7ff' '4 , Q? 63 , H. Z I f. U I , X , , 5If'Zr5y,,IIS "FFL A: IIII I' 0 , .Qi H 'QF Q 'A ls INDUSTRY H0I'IE-'IVIEIVIB SHIP RESPONSIBILITY 6 l-lie Girls' Athletic Association MISS AMEND, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM RUTH SCHULTZ . . . . President . . . IVIARIE LASKOWITZ LILLIAN TAMALIS . . Vice-President . . . . RUTH TAYLOR RUTH TAYLOR . . . . . Secretary . . . AUDREY GEORGE AUDREY GEORGE. . . , . . Treasurer .... ROSEMARY SAUNDERS The G. A. A., also known as the Girls' Athletic Association, is one of the most outstanding organizations at Central High. The sponsors for this growing organization are Miss Amend for the upper tetmers. and Miss Knoernschild for the lower termers. The upper termers hold their meeting on Tuesday of each week and the lower' termers have their meeting on Wednesday. The purpose of this club is to get more girls interested in SpOttS of all kinds. The members participate in basketball, hockey, softball and volleyball, When a girl joins the G. A. A. she automatically starts working for the awards. The first award is the chevron, which is given for 600 points, then the "H" letter' for 1200 points: and the coveted G. A. A. pin is given for 1800 points. The giils. while taking part in thcse competitive sports, acquire sportsmanship, loyally and co-operation, plus co-ordination and a physically fit body and mind. First Row: Dungan, Lackey. Grisham. Somogye. Laskowitz, Taylor. George. Saunders, Milonski. Second Row: Rios, Guittar Stufflebean, Calvert, Fain. Cfapstick. Kogut, McFerron, Cox. Third Row: Munzer, Rayneld, Bernard, Gill, Cox, Graham, Rutledge Streb, Boyd, Farmer. Fourth Row: Stoving, Ilughes, Kreutzman. Katz. Brown, Hcu:rmJnn, Milligan, Delutter. Rudolph. Penrod. First Row: Tripp. Barthick, James, Marts, Ellis, Leeseman, Rcckert, MclNew, Leonard. Second Row: Trigg, Gill, Hogue, Burke Boyd, Linton, Gardner, Schroeder, Reynolds. Third Row: Vincenzo, Bueckenclay, Dees. Suermann. Tale. XVorley, Henthorne, Acker son. Davis. Lobdrll. Fourth Row: Combs, Cole, Gutzler, Brown, Grisham. Council, Kassell, Lipina. Galati. Fifth Row: Novak Herzog, Maness, Leonard, Jackels, Gawer, Watson, Abernathy, Miller. Stelzer. MISS KNOERNSCHILD. Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM GLORIA STUFFLEBEAN . . President . . . VIRGINIA DUNGAN SUGUSTA FAIN . . Vice-Presiden: . GLADYS LACKEY SHIRLEY GUITTAR . Secretary ...... DORIS GRISHAM SHiRLEY STREB . . Treasurer ..... LOUISE SoiviooYE ORGANIZED SPORTS: RECREATIONAL SPORTS: Fall-Socker, Speedball. Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Aerial Winter-Basketball, Volleyball. Darts, Shuffleboard. Spring-Softball. Volleyball. Tumbling is another G. A. A. activity which is held on a separate night so that those inter- ested may receive a full hour of individual instruction. The big 1949 spring event is the Girls' Softball Elimination Tournament sponsored by the Junior and Senior G. A. A., which will determine the school champs of the various class teams. 68 The district preliminaries were next on the Tenms,l948 The feature of the tennis season was the stepping up of Wallace Cmundlach from second to first place among St. Louis Junior Netmen. Last year, first place was held by Benny Sobi- eraj. In the three years of Wallace Gundlach's tennis career, he has had 25 victories, and in this time he has been undefeated. During this season alone, he has been credited with 6 of the 8 victories in the singles division, while the other two were credited to Wilbert Capehart, who holds second singles place in tennis and also holds the position of captain of the team, The final results of all our tennis matches ended in a loss for Central but we ended the season in seventh place in the singles division in the Public School League. The Hnal scores were: Roosevelt 4, Central l. McKinley 3, Central 2. Southwest 4, Central l. Soldan-Blewett 4, Central l. Beaumont 4, Central 1. Seven of Central's netmen have received let- ters for their work on the team this season with Gundlach taking most of the honors by winning the State High School tennis singles champion- ship at Columbia. LETTERMEN Wallace Gundlach Billy Standing Wilbert Capehart Roy Cooper Edward Tabaka Joe Schmich Wayne Kaempfe Track 1948 Before the Maplewood Relays, the team had two tri-meets. The first was held with South- west and Cleveland. In the meet, the junior division placed second and the senior division last. Don Fritz took four firsts and Richard Murphy one for the junior division. The team took last place in the meet. The other meet was with Southwest and Hadley. The juniors made a fine showing by taking first place in their division. Fritz again took four firsts and Yakel one. In the senior division, we placed last and in the meet the team placed second. The team made a good showing. We placed third in the Medley Relay made up of Clarence Bruce, Lou Aiello, John Wolf, and Don Fritz. Fritz also placed first in the quarter-mile run. In the Shuttle Hurdle Relay our team finished third behind two county teams winning over all the other city league teams. The Shuttle Hurdle Relay team consisted of Joe Anderson, Clarence Bruce, Fred Chapman, and Don Fritz. ln the Relay Carnival, which was the juniors and seniors combined, Central participated in the senior division and tied for fifth place with Blewett. 0 MR. GUNDLACH First Row: Jim Wood, Wally Gundlach, Wilbert Cape- hart, Eddie Tabaka, Joe Schmlch. Second Row: Jim Lane. Wayne Kaempfc, Mr. Gundlach, Gerald Creahan, Roy Cooper. team's schedule and then the district finals. In the district meet, Don Fritz took three firsts- l00-yd. dash, 220-yd. dash, and the broad jump. He also took second place in the low hurdles, thus winning the meet in the junior division with a total of 29 points. This had never been done before. The team had a meet with Blewett and an- other triangle meet before Field Day. The tri- angle meet was held against Beaumont and Southwest. Beaumont took Hrst place, South- west second, and Central third. Fritz again took four firsts. In the meet with Blewett, the junior division was just nosed out by a score of 44M to 41 M. Fritz took four firsts and Arnold Enea took one. The Senior division made a very fine show- ing by placing first in their division. John Wolf took three firsts, Lou Aiello took two, and Joe Anderson took one. The team won both relays. We won the meet by a score of 108 L5 to SSM. In the thirty-eighth annual Field Day the track team made one of the best showings in years by taking third place. Roosevelt took first and Beaumont took second. The team chalked up 41 L5 points. The junior division won 36M of the points with Fritz taking four Hrsts. The Senior division scored the remain- ing five. The juniors placed third in the divi- sion, and the seniors placed last in their division. Don Fritz won for himself the title of "The one-man track team" by doing the unequaled feat of taking thirty-one out of a possible thirty-two firsts during the season. Lettermen: Arnold Enea Lou Aiello Don Fritz Joe Anderson Richard Murphy Don Anton Ted Nanney Clarence Bruce Fred Wappel Wilbert Capehart John Wolf let ports BASEBALL, 1948 MR. BRADBURN First Row: Clem Housam, Vince Fiegenbutz, Donald Davis, Rudy Schildroth, Leo Caradonna, Mel Anderson, Don Koppfenstiener, Fred Koenig, Pat O'Mara, Ollie Bumb, Bob Mateoni, John Ellis. Second Row: Jack Ryan, Pat Hughes, Donald Donaldson, Richard Woods, Charlie Smith, Roger Hibbits, Ken Bushman, David Lee. Robert Tibbles, James Patterson, Bill Albers, Joe Lukitsek. TRACK, 1948 MR. KIRN, MR. INGERSON First Row: Arnold Enea, Don Fritz, Fred Chapman, Clarence Bruce, Fred Wappel. Don Anton, Lou Aiello, Frank Yeager, John Wolf. Second Row: Vernon Carter, Reginald Kief, William Haydu. Bruce Stager, Walter Carlin, Herman Mick, Gerald Creahan, Jim Soukup, Paul Fitch, Emmett Ransom. Third Row: Glen Risinger, Joe Anderson. Joe Musick, John Lipinski, Wayne Kaempfe, Joe Kortum, Wilbert Capehart, Joe Wierciak, Ronald Adler, Davy Jones. Fourth Row: Mr. Ingerson, Richard Heber, George Yakel, Eugene Bushman. William Ruhland, Bill Juengel, Art McFerron. Richard Murphy, Ted Fallon, Norman Heitman, Mr. Kirn. FOOTBALL, 1948 MR. WEBER, MR, KIRN, MR. DE FILIO First Row: Harry Dietl, Art McFarron, Charles Pendleton, Mel Florkowski, Warren Keiifer, Rich Graham. Joe Phiester, Ted Fallon. Second Row: Joe Anderson, Walter Carlyn, Clem Housam, Don Fritz, Joe Wierciak, Frank Yaeger, Donald St. George, Jim Pendleton. Third Row: Ken Bushman, David Jones, Emmett Ransom, Jim Garrett, Donald Rowe, Gene Bush- man. Bob Mattioni, Vack Hueumann. Bob DeJarnett. Fourth Row: LeRoy Kramer, Jim West, Pete Barnes, Art Lohmeyer, Don Adler, Steve Fitzgerald, Gerry Wunderlich, Arnold Annea, Ken Scott, Gene Murdock. Fifth Row: Coach Kirn, Coach Weber, Coach DeFilio. SWIMMING, 1948-49 MR. DE FILIO First Row: Harvey Jackson, Russell Eaves, Herbert Garstang, Bill Guth, Ed Windish, Jim Riebeling. Second Row: Eugene Sloan, Gerald Creahan, Dwight Russnogle, Dan Wellman, Charles Pendleton. Third Row: Coach DeFilio, Bruce Stager, Joe Palos, Frank Stager. Robert Bruce. Phillip Russnogle. 71 let ports VARSITY BASKETBALL, 1948-49 MR. BRADBURN, MR. VON LEHSTEN First Row: Lester Hension, Willie Lee, Mel Anderson, Vince Figanbutze, Frank Mirrh, Pat Hughes. Fred Whiteson. Second Row: Mr. Von Lehsten, Jim Bendickson, Charlie Smith, Richard Rankin. Bob Strait. Don Davis, Mr. Bradburn. BASKETBALL "B" TEAM, 1948-49 MR. BRADBURN, MR. VON LEHSTEN First Row: Richard Strini, Dale Orrick, Richard Hanrahan, Bob Jones, Joe Warsiak. Second Row: Bob Tieman. Dale Frances, Steve Fitzgerald, Frank Bono, Kenny Kortum, Leland Bames. Third Row: Mr. Von Lehsten, Leroy Kramer, Jack Binsbocker, Herbert Gatteman, Pete Bames, Jim Olrich, Mr. Bradbum. GOLF CLUB, 1948-49 MR. VERTREES First Row: Woods, Masschelin, Borthick, Hines, O'Rourke. Second Row: Hanrahan, Tieman Tabaka. Mitchell, Mr. Vertrees. CHEERLEADERS, 1 948-49 MR. MILLER First Row: M. Hodge, M. A. Johanningmeier, D. Coulson, C. Milonski, R. Saunders. 73 Baseba As the 1948 baseball season got under way, we lost our first league game to Southwest. 3-0. The other teams' advantage over the Wings was their ability to hit better-then, too, our fielding was a little under par. During the course of the season, we swept both contests from Cleveland and Soldan, broke even with Blewett, Roosevelt, and Beaumont, and we were taken in both games by McKinley and Southwest. Don Kopfensteiner, ending his third year as a regular pitcher and honored with the captain- ship of the team in '48, ended the season With a 3-5 record. Also playing his last year of Redwing ball was the leading hitter of the '48 team, Leo Carradonna, who batted a mild .375. He was named All-District second-sacker of the year, too. Mel Anderson, ending his second year on the Central nine, checked a nice one-hitter, coming very close to a no-hit game. His ending record was 4-2. The Wings ended their league season with a .500 record, winning seven and losing the same Swimming The swimming season officially was opened December 7. Out of fifteen boys that reported for swimming, six were lettermen. The team was coached again this year by Mr. DeFilio, who had the boys out practicing daily the sixth period. The first meet was held at Roosevelt against Roosevelt. The Redwings lost to them by a score of 53-23. The firsts taken by our team were: 100-yd. breast stroke-Jim Pendleton: 100-yd. backstroke-Ed Windish. The second meet was held at Beaumont against Beaumont. The Bluejackets seemed to be in better trim, for we lost the meet to them, 49-26. The firsts taken by the Redwings were: 100-yd. breast stroke-Jim Pendleton, 200-yd. free style--Jim Riebling. ' The next meet was held against Hadley at the Northside Y. M. C. A. The team was really in battle trim this time. They Won, 53-23. Our watermen took firsts in all events except fancy diving. For the first time they won both relays. The Redwing watermen then met Soldan- Blewett. Central again scored a victory by de- feating them, 45-28. Jim Pendleton, Jim Riebling, and Ed Windish took firsts. We also won the medley relay. The next meet for the team was the second annual Swimming Relay Carnival. In this event, the Central watermen took fourth place by scoring 36 points. The team took one first. The watermen then met McKinley at the , 1948 number. While our pitching and fielding was good enough, we just weren't able to hit. The '48 season's lettermen were: Don Kopfensteiner Ollie Bumb Mel Anderson Fred Koenig Leo Caradonna Clem Housam Pat O'Mara Rudy Schildroth Jack Ryan, Mgr. The games went as follows: Central ...,............ Central ........ .. .. Central... 7 5 Central ....... ...... 6 Central ......,. ...... 4 Central ........ .,... 2 6 Central ..........,..... SECOND Central ..,............. 2 Central ....... ...,.. Central ..,..,., ,..... Central ........ ..... Central ........ ..... 3 6 Central ..,..... ..... 3 3 7 Central ................ 3 1948-49 FIRST HALF 0 Southwest ....,....... McKinley ...... .... Blewett ......,. .... Cleveland soidan ,... fffmffff Beaumont ............ Roosevelt .... ..... HALF Southwest .....,..... McKinley .... ..... Blewett ........ ..... Cleveland .... ..... Beaumont ............ Soldan ,......, . .... Roosevelt ............ North Side Y. M. C. A. where they chalked up their third straight victory by defeating McKin- ley, 40-35. Russell Eaves took first in the 100- yd. breast stroke. Ed Windish took first in the 100 yd. back stroke and the individual relay. Herbert Garstang placed first in diving. In their next meet, the watermen's winning streak was broken. They were defeated by their opponent, Cleveland, by a score of 44-31. Eaves again took the 100-yd. breast stroke. Ed Windish took first in the 100-yd. back stroke. Creahan won the individual medley and Gar- stang took first in diving. The team met Normandy twice, beating them both times. They also met St. Louis University High, beating them also. They then met and lost to Principia twice. They had one more meet with Hadley which they won. The swimming team made a fine showing. They won three meets and lost five, placing them in third place in the final league standings. They also placed tenth in the state meet. Ed Windish and Russell Eaves were elected co-captains for the past season and Bill Guth was elected captain for the next season. Lettermen: Dan Wellman Jim Riebeling Ed Windish Joe Palos Charley Pendleton Jerry Creahan Russell Eaves Bruce Stager Eugene Sloan Dwight Russnogle Herbert Garstang Bill Guth The second league game was against a straight Footba With the opening of the season, Central's team was without a coach due to Mr. Inger- son's acceptance of the position of principal of a grade school. However, a few weeks before the first non-league game Mr. William C. Weber came over from McKinley to take charge of the Redwings. With but a few weeks to get ready for their game with Reily High School, at Evansville, Indiana, the boys found themselves practicing before and after school. However, it seemed that luck was just against them, for we dropped the game to Reily, who had previously won three straight championships, by a score of 45 to 0. Two weeks later at the Public High School Stadium, the Redwings met Cleveland, last year's city champions, for our first league game. The Dutchmen led all the way and wrapped up the game with four touchdowns, two safe- ties, and two conversions for a score of 30-0. Don Fritz, another one of our important play- ers, was seriously injured. This made our fourth major injury with the season just beginning. The next game was held against our old neighboring foe, Beaumont. The Blue Jackets led the way until the last minute of the game. Dave Hall scored our only touchdown. We naturally lost to Beaumont, 48-6. On the following week, the Redwings en- countered the Southwest Longhorns, who gave us our third conclusive defeat, 45-0. Basketball, At the beginning of the new season, Coach Bradburn had only three lettermen returning to help bolster the squad. As a result, the Red- wings won only three games this season, one league, one non-league, and one in the Nor- mandy Tournament. The main reasons for the losses, though, was the poor marksmanship and the inability to gain possession of the rebounds by the squad members. This enlarged the "loss" column considerably. Their first league contest was against a speedy McKinley five, and was lost by a 32-23 score. This game was played on the stage at Roose- velt. All the rest of the games were played at St. Louis High Gym. shooting Southwest team, who garnered 57 points, topping Central's 47. The next league game found the Redwings the conquerors, this time over Hadley Tech. 65-32. This score stood as a scoring record until the close of the season when it was topped. The next two league contests were defeats, handed to the Redwings by the league leaders. ,192-is Our next game was with the Goldbugs of McKinley who led by 20-0 up to the last quar- ter in which they scored another touchdown, however, late in the same quarter the Redwings got a touchdown and the extra point. We dropped the game, 26-7. On Friday of the same week Central's squad met Roosevelt. Early in the first quarter the team was able to score a touchdown due to a fumble on the Roosevelt 15-yd. line. With this score we led through the first quarter, 6-0. Then in the second quarter, Roosevelt got under way. They took over the game from then on and finished it by winning 33-6. Our last game for the season was held against Soldan-Blewett at the Public Schools Stadium. In the first three quarters, Soldan scored 24 points, but they were held scoreless in the last quarter. About midway in that quarter, the Red Wings received possession of the ball, and on the first play Don Fritz ran 41 yards for a touchdown. The game ended 24-6 in Soldan- Blewett's favor. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN . Lou Aiello 9 . Ron Mattingly lO . Walter Carlin l l . Ted Follin 12 . John Wolff 13 . Ken Bushmann 14 . Oran Anderson 15 . Arnold Enea l6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . Joe Pfister . George Csoclak . Warren Kiefer . Charles Pendleton . Jim Pendleton . Art Lohmeyer . Don Fritz . Art McFerron 1948-49 Roosevelt gave us the first, 47-40, and then Beaumont shellacked us 59-25. The next two non-league games were against Principia and U. City squads. The scores were 66-36 and 53-45, respectively. The last game of the league season was a nice win by Soldan-Blewett with the score- board reading 52-39 at the final buzzer. In the Normandy Tournament we defeated Chaminade by the score of 53-51. The meet- ings against Brentwood and Hancock were de- feats reading 48-38 and 37-34, respectively. Central was pushed out of the State Tourna- ment by St. Charles by a 50-35 score. This ended the season with 3 victories and 16 defeats. List of lettermen: Melvin Anderson James Bendickson Leo Caradonna Donald Davis Willard Lee Frank Mirth Donald Mirth Richard Rankin Robert Strait Fred Whitson, Mgr. 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Y a a . ,3 g, g1f,33 iggmq Qi!! , U Zag. 1, ,,,, eh if Elsogig. ,R raw' if -' -' ' Q "Epi .fr . X .Yg"lQ,1W' T' ,-.z:gE, . H A I .X 133:55 ,T gif?-L, ' rf It 'K L if' -r::3'U1,f4'iv"5 'firf it f : fi! ig ' w ...v ,Q H 9. ..,1:.t:f '-v-4 - -. -- f .- " ' . There will .I .A:., + if always be a Central Hugh 80 Ehw z 1 iw' N. -up-. , is ,M f , r?1f5w,fw-f, f smu- emiaixf, . fy 1, ,, W, , ,izfcfw 4 , U ww Fei" 7 ,Q X M. A " ,av 53g-f 3 '2""lQ-.Nuacuwf 3565 N 'L+ r bm- ah , , my JJ, sw 5, 5-,gi?2i 5 5 ' mu. , m,:AA m,,V E EV h I , ,L ,,,5 ,ggfffzz , ', 1 ',, ', , X " ,. 1 ',,'m',,',k, 1 , ., 1 , A ' 'v L," ,, f ' mg? A ' " V526 , H ' K2 2 ,. Mff I A A ,A m,., AA 2,5 L W: f.,,f wins, 155: , i A v,,k w g? S , 1, A wx .,,. 4 f ,533 , 1,5 M K K. ,W ,, aw-125 ' z s' fgkefaggf- .Nw w A vi P' qi x ha 1 -1 M LV-.A ,,,y,.

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