Central High School - Signal Yearbook (Columbia, TN)

 - Class of 1956

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Central High School - Signal Yearbook (Columbia, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 17 of 88
Page 17 of 88

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Page 17 text:

QI'LlOI' lluiuilln' All4WH.I. i.ouDu'lx I quill fllllglll' vlwziw ll :ri xr' l11'r11i." I'.ll..X., l93f4-'Sig Cloiiiiiieiri.il Club lflil -'Bti fil.l-iN N A1.I.isoN Cowl-'N "llr zvlm givfrx zvjlli fl 1'11r1' illrlx' llllfllfl' l'lll1l!'l frrnn ilIL' air." llol Springs ll ig li Smhool, Hot, Springs, Arkansas, l95Il-'55. YIAIIHIN- Icliul Io VIIS l9n KVA I r r l.'ll"R l'll!W.'XRll CRM' "mln lflle' Ilia' :fx lllr lilr for mr. Industrial ,Nils Club, l95-l-'5:i: Lanai vlan Club, l9:il-fm. IEARIMRA ij 1-:AN Gklssoxl I fnzfm Illl'f'lfllIlIl'.l.Kf Hire' Lx lm will: mr." Y-leens, l95fl-'54: S.P.Q.R., l953- '54: fiUlllllll'l'Kllli Club, I954-'5li: Of- liu' Assistaint, l955-'56, "C" Club N355-'56 .hi.xRx'i.Lis jL'Ni1 H.xLig "Wir rumr'nlrnIe'.x nu hw n'm'k. l ll " 5.l'.Q,R.. l93f4-'5-l: ll 'HJ 'lrcaisur 1 nu! 1' Illlll'llI'ft'l'l-Wil! '- ecns. l9.r.v- ' e' ul Huriierumii. 19.11- .r.: .0 " ' 9 'Y ': 'ep 1 I nnncui il I lub I A nh l Club, i954-'fnliz SHN Xl Stull I9 1-1- 'Hi Sp inisb Club lf! ii nh 1 Nzuimn :il llunoi' Snrietx, l9.'n,'i-515: "C" Club. lflm pb Oil I liln vb iu' .Xssismn . lop len. 1936. X L X K CZSS UAII. GORDON "f.'lmrm'ler is .ltlllltdlllllg lo lu' ml- niirrd u'hf'n il ix good mul slrmig. Graff' zzrlrlx Io it. fX'lllliIIl',X.Y .uzplmrlx il." S.P.Q.R., 1953-'54: Y-Teens, I953' '56, Dramatic Club, l952l-'55: 'l'hcs- pian, 1953-'55: Literary League I.et- ler, l95-1355: SIGNAL Staff, I953-'56, Business lNI:n1:igei' of SIGNAL, l95-l- '56: Middle Tennessee High Srhool Press Association, l955-'56: l'zn'li:i- inentznlizin of Middle Tennessee High School Press Association, 19553563 "C" Club, 1953-'56, Spanish Club. l95-1356: Clieerlezider, 1954-'55: Pep Club, 195-l-'56: Treasurer of Pep Club, I954-'55g President of Pep Club, l955-'56, Girls' Stzue, 1955: VicevPresident of l-lomemoin, 1955- '56: Secretary of Student Body, I955- '5llg Homecoming Auenclant, l955: National Honor Societv, l95li. MARY I.oU1su GRAY Nslll.Ull'1lllll xllirf' and 1'1fr'ryllli1ig nina" l-i.ll..'K., l95fl-'5lig Coininel'z'izll Club, l' lfl5-l- nb, lll'1'l'l'Y .IO URllN'lMl'f'l"l' "ll1'r .slllilr in .wlflmn ullxrnl Illlll Ill- iifnyx ,il1i1'1'1'r." l".ll.A., l95fl-'5fl: fiUlllllN'l'ti1li Club, I954-'56, llziskelbslll, I954-'55: "C" Club, l95'l-55, Pep Club, I955-'5li. SYLVIA NIYR1. GROOMS "Falls mmf' mul gn, goof! ,wrisn goes on forf"w'r." F.H.A., 1953-'56, Coinmerrizil Club, l 954- '55. ROBl'1R'l' HALIQX' "ml jmjnzlnr, IIVIKFIIIIIF, all-round guy." 1953-'54, I-'.l-I.-K. Chapter l':n'mer Degree, l953-'54,

Page 16 text:

en to r Nlxkx' jr.-xx l5OS'1'FR "l'l1r' guml. Ihr true. Ihr lwuuliful. lllr'5r'll1'e' Ihr lhmgx that liar." S.1'.Q.R.. ltlfvil-'fr-1: Y-1'ecns. 1953- i54:kti.u1xcra tilub. 1934-'T-3: SIGN xl. Statl. 193-1-'f-ti: Spanish Club. 1931- 'ML BILLXE CORONO FOX "In her' tongue is Ihr lan' of klIlLlVlt'5Y,-1 llUl11l11C1'l1Ll1 Club. 195-1-'36, GXVENDOLYN PAYE GARRETT 'Zi 77ll1g7llflL'Ellf example of human happiness." 17.1-LA., 19533561 Y-Teens, 19553563 Pep Club, 1955-56. PEGGY JEAN GILLIAXI "lou can depend on her no matter how great the trial." I-.H.A., 1954-'55, Commercial Club, 1115-1556. REBA NELL GOBBLE "She gets some lzuppinesx out of life and przsses it on to other folks." Y-Teens, 19533545 F.H.A., 1953-'54, 17.1-LA. Chapter Degree, 1953-'54, Commercial Club, 1954-'56. 'OX CZSS Si1lRl,1-:Y 111'1AN IPOWLER "'l'lml1glrl.xurr' mighlier than .vlrffizgtll OI llIllI!l." '. . . WI-'F ' 'eens 1953- 81 QR, 1,111 w-l, X 1 , '5ti: Band, 1953-'56, Spanish Club, I05-1-'56 SARAH RANDOLPH FRIERSON ".l .Y1l'l'1'll'7' .smile is hard I0 find, ll .m'1'1'If'r girl is lzarcler. ' S.l'.Q.R., 1953-'54, Y-Teens, 1953-'54, Spanish Club, 1954-'56, Treasurer ol Spanish Club, 1955-'56, Camera Club, 19543553 Dramatic Club, 1954- '563 '1'ht-spian, 1954-'56, Treasurer Of Dramatic Club, 1955-'56, Literary League Letter, 19543561 "C" Club, ISI54-'5ti: National Honor Society, 1956. BEVERLY JEAN GILLIAM 'tlllznlever .she does is done well." Vice-President of Homeroom, 1953- 545 Y-Teens, 1953-'54, F.H.A., 1953- '54, Treasurer of F.H.A., 1953-'54, F.H.A. Chapter Degree, 19533543 Sefretary of Homeroom, 19543553 Commercial Club, 19543565 SIGNAL Staff, 1954-'55, Library Assistant, 1955-'56, "C" Club, 1955-'56. PEGGY ANN GLADDEN "A mpuble girl, alhletically inclined." If.1-LA., 19533543 Basketball, 1953- '56: Distrift All-Tournament Basket- ball Team, 19539562 Co-Captain of Basketball Team, 1955-'563 Club, 1953-'5l3g Pep Club, 1954-'56g Com. ruercial Club, 1954-'563 President of Commercial Club, 19553561 Treas- urer of 1-lomeroom, 1955-'56, KA'l'I'1liRlN1i GEORGE GOODMAN Hlimzriy is an exquisite flower, and its flf'7'fll77l6 1.x rfirluef' S.1'.Q.R., 19531541 Y-Teens, 1953- '55: Band, 11153-'56g Majorette in Baud, 1515213515: Assistant Head Ma- jorellt- in llancl, 1955-'56, Second Lit-utenaul Of Band, 19553561 Span- ish Club, 19543553 Commertial Club, 1955-'563 Pep Club, 1955-'56.

Page 18 text:

8I1t.OI' BILLY LiOLrxiAN JACK "Pau un. mu' Iudirs. I lwrtl llzce nut." 5.l'.Q.R.. ltlnil-.141 C-lv: Llub. 1994- 'fvtii l'R'Sitl0ltl of Gln' Club. N755-'561 .-Xltcrnntc to Bois' Suite. N551 Koi Club. IEISB-'fvliz Hi-Y. l955-'36, V HELEN RUTH JOHNSON 'ii stiff! mn' u'lzen'uri perpetually lltd reign the su in rnsr mlm of gultlrrif' 5.P.Q.R.. l9.v5-J-l: .Xcdilc oi NP. Q.R.. 1933-'54, Spanish Club. l954- '56: Pep Club. l955-56: Y-Teens. l97v3-'56. NANCY JOAN JOHNSON "Faill1ful anrl true as the stars that shine," Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe. Ten- nessee, l953-'5-L Transferred to C.H.S., 1955: Commercial Club, l955- '36, HARRY YVAYNE JONES "Life is too short for mean anxieties." Industrial Arts Club, l95-4355: Pep Club, l955-'55: D.E. Club, IQ55-'563 D.E. District Comention, l955-'56. JEYVELL XIARIE KELLEY "Good nature is her currenryf' F.H.A., 19533561 Y-Teens, l953-'54, Commercial Club, l955-'56, Pep Club, 1955-'56. Cl.S'.S' IRENE JOHNS "N.llmlr'sl' nnrl .uuvcl lo all she lIl6l.'l5.H l' .ll..'X., 1955- nh. JAMES l,liNARD JOHNSON "The best of lzenlerx is good cheer." l-'.lf.A., N53-'56: F.F.A. Chapter l-'zirmcr Degree, 1953-'5-lg I".F.A. Stzuc Convention, 1955-'56, Industrial Aits Club, 1955-'5G. BILLY GENE JONLS "jolly und frienrlly every day." Industrial Arts Club, 1954-'55, Pcp Club, 19553563 D.E. Club, 1955-'56, D.l-1. District Convention, 1955-'56, CLYDE DAVID KANNON i'lll0flF7'l1lC laughter is good for one. I find it most relaxing." Band, 19539563 S.l'.Q.R., l953-'5-lg Spanish Club, 195-i356g Pep Club, N55-'56, I VYALLACIQ EUGENE KELLEY "'I'lu' lzmrl of Il good man is the .murlilzzry of God in lllis world." Secrctzii'Y of Hoiuctooiu. lSl5fl-'5-1: Bziskctbzill, 19533562 Cziptaiin of Bais- lucltt Bzisketbzill Tcaitu. N561 "C' Club, l95Il-'56, Pep Club, 1955-'56. kt-tbzill lczun, 19553562 All-'I'ournzi-

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