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 Table of Contents Dedication 4 Candid Shots 5-14 Administration 15-19 Faculty 20-33 Seniors 34-85 Home Rooms and Popularity Poll 85-95 Last Will and Testament 96 Activities 97-101 Sports 102-117 Literature 118-119 Candid Shots 120-124 Who Are We? 125-133 Advertisements 134-160 3Dedication Teen years of ton, and stri individuals, as well as BI, Yet. for soi ifvn since time began. strange worl Life has beeirhard, ierici mans, we def'ermined We. the ela» of 1 09. in an effort to express oursclw? and icdrdiratr oni«r| ; dedicate our earhook Jo Black Americans. Out dedication j not t of self esteem haughtiness. The past years have f, and strain. We feel the contributions of ldack As proud a the path that haWreen m of achievementyin a w leans, we slurtl continue to tread s. JtJK' signifirauet is the self-satisfaction YX 7 as stranfce and complex amours, we don’t know whether we are advanoiWg oward prbgress or regressing toward destruction. The journey of life-long goals starts with the first step. Life is an intricate and often times complicated journey under the l est of circumstances. God grant us the strength to work together—Americans, all of us—to create the kind of atmosphere where all men receive a square deal. Our prayer: An enlightened America! 48Make Life WorthwhileThen do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of Benjamin Franklin 13 CompetitionThe Essence of Life — “Knowledge”GNV noii misiNwa vPrincipal 16 MR. ALBKRT ANGKLL. JR. PrincipalDR. CHARLES RECKTENWALD Vice-Principal 17 MR. PIERCE HAMPTON Assistant to Principal MR. WILLIAM WILSON Assistant to PrincipalMRS. PALMA CKLIANO Secretary to ihe Principal MRS. SANDRA FLOURNEY MRS. ANN ESPOSITO Secretary. Guidance Dept. 18Class Advisor MR. STANLEY STARK Teacher of Art. Enjoys painting and sculpture. M.A. Columbia Univ. Mr. Stark has been at Central 9 years. MRS. I LA MARTIN Teacher of Spanish: a graduate of Bloomfield College. Mrs. Marlin has been at Central 4 years. She has advised Cheerleaders: and is presently Title I Coordinator. Art Advisor Yearbook Advisor MR. PATRICK CICORO Teacher of Business Subjects. A graduate of Seton Hall University. An enthusiastic sports fan. Mr. Cicoro has been at Central 5 years. Business Advisor MRS. EVELYN G. LEWIS Teacher of Secretarial Subjects; a graduate of W. Va. State College, and M.A. Seton Hall University. Mrs. Lewis has been at Central 6 years. 19MISS BARBARA A. BROWN IR. SALVATORE GRIMALDI Music Department MRS. LENORA GREENE Librarian MR. ERIC LUNDIE MRS. EVELYN SAM BUR School Nurse 20Language and Arts DepartmentsMR. FRANCIS TRUNT Acting Chairman MRS. LUCY BELL MR. PATRICK CICORO 1' 1 jlk 4 MRS. JENNETTE COZZONE Business Department 22 MRS. ETHEL K. HENRYMR. CHARLES ARMOUR MRS. LILLIAN LAGO Acting Chairman MISS ELLEN WAI5H MR. MAX BLOOM Science Department MR. CARL SMALL MR. IRA T. NICHOLASMR. WILLIAM BUCHANAN Social Studies Department MR. JOHN ISLER 25 MR. ALFRED LORD!English MRS. EVELYN CORDY MISS ELIZABETH DOMIGAN MR. CHARLES EHRLICH MR. FRANK FIORITO MR. FRANK DeLISI Cliairman MR. AARON FRANZBLAU MRS. JENNIE P. JANULIN 26MISS MARCIA MEMBRINO Department MR. BRUCE B. KUND1N MRS. SYLVIA L. NORDHEIMER MRS. ANNA SCHLLMAN MISS MARCELLA MOONEY 27MR. JEROME J. SCHI.OSSER Chairman MR. PAUC BACHMAN MR. JOSEPH GKI.I.KR cE0R0E «0BB'NS MISS MARIK L WOLSIKER Mathematics Department MISS jr ANITA JOYNER MRS. MALISSA M. WATERS Foods and Clothing Department 28ImU-TON ROBERT MR. HORACE H. HOMER Technical Department MR. ANTHONY J. VKI.ARDO MR. RICHARD TUITE 29rf' c loa lor MR. JULIUS A. FINKELSTEIN Work-Study POWiV u«se or MRS. ROWENA WARREN Job Coordinator 30 Guidance31 DepartmentHealth and Physical Education Department MR. MATTHEW J. LOMBARDI Chairman MRS. DORIS A. CAUGHMAN MR. WILLIAM V. MALLORY MR. JAMES MARTIN MRS. MATTIE G. TERRY MRS. ROWENA A. WARREN 32 MR JOSEPH J. WILLIAMS MR. HILLY II. WISOTCafeteria Staff From left: C. Johnton. A. PUcotti. S. Zznork, S. Tiecha. L. Lampo, V. Franacola, J. Kuprr. M. Hammond, D. Volz, D. Mancuso, T. Vrntola. MR. NATHAN SCHLOSSBERG Health and Phys. Ed. MRS. ANITA CORTESE Title I ClerkDespile the fact that we sometimes forget it, our abide at Central is essentially of a studious nature. We have learned to acknowledge the academic and social standards presented to us, though we sometimes became discouraged or frustrated. Five days a week we—late stragglers and all—present ourselves for that part of our existence founded in the classroom. Through the warm days of September, the breezy days of Autumn, the freezing unl earahle days of Winter, the countless days of rain, and the lovely fragrant days of Spring we come to Our Lady on The Hill to learn. We manage to spend a good part of our time daydreaming alwut what lies ahead.Senior Class Officers ALEASE WHITFIELD Vice-President 35 PATRICIA SAUNDERS Secretary GWENDOLYN BROWN TreasurerNo. 2—EUGENE MILTON Energetic, enjoyable, and intelligent Gene will grab life with the certainly of accomplishing all it has to offer. No. 6—ARNELL STEVENS She's quiet, considerate, and does her work. Arnell is able to obtain whatever she wants. Eddie is a talker and a good mixer, which will enable him to advance quickly. No. 1—SHIRLEY JOHNSON One of Central's prize possessions. An attractive young lady, who will undoubtedly reach her goal. No. 5—ARMANDO RAMOS Carefree and happy, that's Armando’s disposition. He is a plugger and bound to be a success. 36 No. 9-EDDIE JONESNo. 3—EDWARD SCOTT BEY Scott Bey has a way with his hooks. He is glad to help anti do his part. 'fe 1 No. 7—ANGELO PLAZA Plaza is a genius to all of us who know him. He has an uncanny way of solving his problems. No. a -EDWARD CASTLEBERRY Ed is unique in thought and mind. Hr is alert and lively, and enjoys life. He will attain his goals. Nita will win her way into your heart with her quiet and cheerful manner. No. 10—BONITA HI NT 37MARTHA ADAMS “Jean” DEBORAH ANDERSON “Cookie” DORIS ADAMS "Dot” MARY ADAMS ROSEYN ALLEN “Ros"CLAIBORNE BARBOUR “Ducey” DAN BRANCH “Tweet i® Bird" 39T ■ r” r CLOR IA BASS “Dimples" DAVID BATTLE 40 DELORES BENSON "Dee"ALVIN BILLINGSLEA “l-eo” DORIS BOYD "Dot" MARION BOYD MILTON BOYD "Milton” BRENDA BETHEA4243 BERNARD BRUNDIDGE "Bcrnie"LENA CARTER MATTIE BULGER “Matt” JOHN CALLAWAY “John” DAVID BUSCH JOHN BRYDIE “John” JESSIE BURROUGHSCONNIE CLARK “Connie” ULYSSES COLEMAN “Larry” 45THELMA CONNOR “Thel” JOHNNY COTTLE LEONARD COVINGTON 46CONNIE CRAWFORD "Candy” DEBORAH DANIELS “Dee-Dee” 4748 RONALD DUKES “Dukes” PATRICIA DUNN “Pat”THEODORE EVANS ‘Teddy" LESLIE FLADGER 49WENDERLYN FORI) MARSHALL CARRETTSON “Horse" SAM FRAZIER “Sammy” BRIAN CARY 50WALTER GLASPER “Walt" EARLENE GIBSON “Earl” RAMONA GASTON “Mona” KENNETH GIFFORD “Kenny" WILLIE GILLESPIE “Easie”SHEILA GRIFFIN 52TONI HARDI “Boloney” 53LINDA HARRIS “Lyn” VIOLA HATCHER COLUMBUS HARPER “Skip” ERIC HARPER SARAH HARRIS EUGENE HARRISANN HENRY “Smiley” GREGORY HERRON “Little Greg” 55JOAN HINTON BARI. HILL MARIETTA HOLLOMAN DEBORAH HOLLOWAY 1 S6 TRAVIS HOLLOWAY SHIRLEY HOLMESROSE HOLT SHARON HOOPER “Rosie” 57 BONITA HUNT “Nila” ROBERT HARRISBARBARA JACKSON CHARLES J ACKSON “(Charlie” GAIL J ACKSON “Lit Bit" PATRICIA JACKSON ERICA JACKSON JAMES JACKSON “June-Junc"59 LESSIE JOHNSON “Flipper” MARIK JOHNSON “Rita”60 EVONJONES “Von” UNWOOI) JONHS “Ju-Ju"MICHAEL JONES “I.iltlr Mike” PATH IN A JONES ‘’Puppalrina” BEVERLY KING JERRY KNIGHTJOHN LOCKHART JOYCE LASSITER 62 BERNETTK LEE “Bernie” LEISA LEW IS63 MAin ANN I KK DONALD MACK “Donnie” »n ■;"(v.vv william McKenzie “McKern” RONALD McLAURIN 64 DEBORAH McNABB “Debbie” WARREN MELVIN65 MELVIN MATTOX “Kivo" KENNETH MAVIN “Red’’CARRIE MEANS “Carrie" EUGENE MILTON “Genie” SENATA MILTON 66MARIE MAYES BRUCE MORGAN FRED MORRELL “Freddy” 67AUGUSTINE MORRIS JOHN MOSES 68 SHIRLEY MOSES “Sister" GREGORY MOSS “Slim”PATRICIA MOTE JACKIE ONEAL LAWRENCE NELSON "Pine” LORRAINE NEWBY “Rainy” JANICE OLIVER “Jan" CHARLES NEWMANBARBARA PERKINS 70MARION PIERCE “Huck" ANGELO PLAZA “Genius” LAMONT POTTS “Joe Pol” DEBRA PLUMMER “Debbie” 71ARMANDO RAMOS “Pancho" STERLING RAMSEY “Sterling”MICHELLE REESE PATRICIA RICHARDS “Pal” TERESA RICHARDS “Terry” DARVIX RICHARDSON “Duryir 73DAVID RICHARDSON WALTER RICHARDSON 74 JACQUELINE ROBINSON “Jackie" MARY ROBINSONYOLANDA ROIJ.INS 44 Yo” PAR ALEE REELS “Carol” DOUGINS SANDERS "Doug" JOSE ROSARIO “Jose” ROSLYN RUSSELL “Budgie” JEROME SASSER76 EUGENE SCOTT "G nt " KELLY SCOT! “Bunnie"HARRY SHULER GLENN SHULER 77 SHARON SIMPSON “Frankie" ALBERT SINGLETON “Pumpkin"78 WALTER SOREY “Shazaan” LYNN SPENCER “Scoolie”HAROLD STOKES ERROL STRAND “Busier” 79MARY THOMAS DONALD SUMMERS RUTH TAYLOR “Gaybe” KENNETH TAYLOR "Tiper” SHEILA THOMAS "Sherry"BERTHA THOMPSON "Lil Bit” LARRY THOMPSON “Tom Skinner” 81 ELIZABETH TRAWICK "Liz" DEBORAH TRIPP “Little Deb T ”BRUCE TYLER “Bruce" VIVIAN UNDERWOOD “P.R. Puerto Rican- 82 ANGELA VASQUEZ SAMUEL WALLACE “Guitar"DIANE WARDLOW “Nicic” GERALDINE WASHINGTON “Gerry” CELESTE WEEKS MARY WELLS WILLIE WELCH LARRY WESTMARVA WHINDLETON RICHARD WIGGINS •Dick" DIANE WILLIAMS ALEASE W HITFIELD “Leaaa” HELEN WILCOX GEORGE WILLIAMS -Jerrv"PAMELA WILLIAMS “Pamey” 85 PATRICIA WILSON "Pal" SHAWN WILSONROSLYN WINKEY GEORGE WORSLEY “Chicago” VERONICA WRIGHT “Ronnie" 86 PAMELA YANCEY “Pam” KENNETH CANNADY “Kenny”Homeroom 416 — Miss M. Membrino Seated: Jaquclinc William , Jaquclinc Kobinton, Alvin IVaicr, Mary Thoma», Michele Kce e. 2nd Rote: Diane ford, Errol Strand, James Jaction. Warren Melvin. Lamont Pott . Kevin Hill, Perry SUde. Bruce Morgan. Barry Hardaway. Charles Newman. James Moore. Man in Bennett. David Buch. 3rd Row. Vivian Daniel . Connie Crawford. Pat Saunder . Shiela Coleman. Augustine Morns, Barbara Perkin , Janet Jenkin . Bobbie Jone . Geraldine Washington. Joan Hinton. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Patricia Saunder . Errol Strand Dll) MOST FOR CLASS Patricia Saunders. Errol Strand MOST POPULAR Patricia Saunders. Harry Hardaway CLASS COMEDIAN Janet Jenkin . Lamont Potts BEST LOOKING Janet Jenkins. Lamont Potts BEST DRESSED Bobbi Jones. Errol Strand o- Homeroom 212 — Mr. J. Saperstein Staled: Kenneth Taylor, Rotclyn Allen, Debra Plummer. Tijuanna Scarborough, Carolyn Rufus. 2nd Row: Mr. Saperstein, Irma Dennis, Dorthy Reddick. Willenc Mercicr. Martha Adams, JoAnne Simmons, Denise Backerville. 3rd Row: Gregory Danson, William McKenzie, Eddie Moore, Ronald SlcLaurin. Robert Peterson, Arthur Reed, Wendell Laws. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Tijuanna Scarborough. Eddie Moore DID MOST FOR CLASS Pamela Randall. Roltert Peterson MOST POPULAR Tijuanna Scarborough. Eddie Moore Cl.ASS COMEDIAN Kenneth Taylor. Deborah Plummer BEST LOOKING Roselyn Allen. Ronald Mcl aurin BEST DRESSED Dorothy Reddick, Kenneth TaylorHomeroom 214 — Mrs. E. Moore Seated: Mr . E. Moore, Marion Pierce, Lydia Hall, Mjrirtla Holloman. Deborah Mitchell. Almateen Moore. 2nd Rou: Bruce Chapman, Lonnie Person, Kelly Scott, Donald Brody, John Calloway, David Parks. Dan Branch, Edna Huff, Alvin Billingtlca, Ceorge Williams, Deborah Pridgen, Shirley Holmes, Larry Nelson, Walter Sorcy, Jacob Simmons, Sterling Kamscy. 3rd Row: Dicdrc Anderson, Homona Gaston, Irene Ellis Kathy Moody, Arnell Stevens, Kenneth Mavin, Jose Rosario, Samuel Wallace, tarry Thompson. MOST LIKKLY TO SUCCEED Arnell Slovens, Larry Thompson 1)11) MOST FOR CLASS Diedre Anderson. George Williams MOST POPULAR Deborah Pridgen. Dan Branch Cl.ASS COMEDIAN Lydia Mall. George William' BEST LOOKING Diedre Anderson. Brm-e Chapman BEST DRESSED Alatnaleen Moore, Dan Branch 89Homeroom 307 — Mr. G. Robbins Sealed: George William . Eugene Milton, Andrew Curcton. Claiborne Itarbour, Kichard Wiggins. 2nd Row: Marshall Garret t«on. Eddie Jone», Larr Colwell, Bernette Lee. Thelma Connor. Linda Harri . Cwen Brown. Patricia Tulli . Patricia Wilson, Edward Castleberry, Cregory Moss. 3rd Row: George Worsley, Angelo Plara, Waltine Edwards. Geraldine Smith, Marcalla Roberson, Bonita Hunt, Shirley Johnson. Gregory Iierron. Cynthia Stith, Lessir Johnson, Janice Oliver. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Eugene Milton. Shirley Johnson DID MOST FOR CLASS Eugene Milton. Shirley Johnson MOST POPULAR Bernette Lee, Michael Jones 90 CLASS COMEDIAN Bernette I .ee. George Worsley BEST LOOKING Walter Glaspcr. Linda Harris BEST DRESSED Claiborne Barbour. Gwen BrownHomeroom 309 — Miss M. Wo Is ifer Seated: Pamela Yancey. Kosalyn Winkcy. Mary Well , Ann Henry. Gail Jackson. 2nd Rote. Fred Brown. John Lockhart, Cornelius Brown. Barry Benton, Patricia Jackson. Alvin Brccce, Larry Coleman, Eugene Scott, Charles Jackson. Erie Harper. 3rd Row. Lynn Spencer. Bertha Thompson, Deborah Graham. Deborah Daniels. Dorrea Stewart, Connie Clark. Pamela William . Yvonne Jones, Gloria Bass. Barbara Jackson. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DID MOST FOR CLASS Barbara Jackson. Charles Jackson Lynn Spencer. Eric Harper MOST POPULAR Bertha Thompson. Cornelius Brown CLASS COMEDI AN Dorrea Stewart. Eric Harper BEST LOOKING Debra Graham, Barry Benson BEST DRESSED Debra Daniels. Kenneth GiffordHomeroom 321 — Mrs. M. Terry Swtrd: Sam Frazier, Guiteau Lttwt, Viola Hatcher. Channie Ha e», Melvin Mattox. 2nd Row: Henay Depric t. Valeric Martin, Mattie Bulger. Sharon Simpaon, Teddy Euns Leonard Covington, Armando Hamo . David Riddle , George I-owrry, Karen Chappie. Wenderlyn Ford, Del orah McNabb. 3rd Rou•; Wametta Green. Earlene Gibson, Veronica Wright. Donna Morgan. A!ea»e Whitfield. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Earline Gibson. David Riddles DID MOST FOR CLASS Renay DePriest. Sam Frazier MOST POPULAR A lease Whitfield. George LoweryHomeroom 322 Mr. C. Small Stated: Debra Broun. I orraine Newby, Erica Jackson. Carol Tisdale. Second Hotr: Mr. (1 .Small, Donald Summer . Larry West, Darryl Richardson. Beverly King Marian Boyd, Leisa Lewis, Albert Singleton. David Battle. Martin Justice, Michael McDonald. Steven Johnson. Eugene Harris. Third Rote: Lana Carter. Jacqueline Briscoe. Gwendolyn Barnes, Columbus Harper. Vivian Hayward. Deborah Holloway. Patricia Dunn, Debra Lowery. Brenda Bethea. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED [)I D MOST FOR CLASS Deborah Lowery, Martin Justice Martin Justice, Deborah Brown MOST POPULAR Vivian Heyward. Albert Singleton CLASS COMEDIAN Deborah Holloway, Steven Johnson BEST LOOKING Gwen Harries, Eugene Harris BEST DRESSED Sheila Griffin, Eugene HarrisHomeroom 401 - Mr. W. Buchanan SemUd: Denise Perry. Debra Tripp. Diana Wardlow, Roalyn Ru ell. Roberta I.rvrrrtt. 2nd Row: Harold Stoke , Jamc I a.fcn. Richard Green. Bernard ltrundidKe. 1-awroncc Majctte. Ruth Taylor. Ronald Dukes Steve Raynor. Donald Mark. Ourlra Griffin. 3rd Row: Leslie HadKer, Maine llrown. IJnda Rich. Shirley Moses. Tere a Richard . Doris Adams Patrina Jone . CeW We k - Vlc,or “orriaon. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Celeste Weeks, Bernard Brundidgc DID MOST FOR CUSS Deborah Tripp. Victor Morrison MOST POPULAR Dclumili Tripp. Bernard Brundidgc 94 CUSS COMEDIAN Roberta Loverette, Linwood Jones BEST LOOKING Roselyn Russell, Charles Griffin BEST DRESSED Patrina Jones, Victor MorrisonHomeroom 411 — Mrs. D. Caughman ! ' » StQltd: Deborah Anderwn, Delore Benton. Sharon Hooper. Cloria Smith, and Sara Harris. 2nd Rote: WalterRichardwn. Jok Bourgou.. Edward Scott Bey. Angelo Va ue . Hector Mune . Milton Boyd. Ronald Da vi . Frank Bridge , and Trad Holloway. 3rd Rom: Clcnn Shuler. Brenda Roane. Janice Johnson, Douglas Sander . Patricia Barnett. Vivian Underwood, and Patricia Richard . ! I I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DID MOST FOR CLASS Edward Scott Bey, Sarah Harris Vivian Underwood, Milton Boyd MOST POPULAR Vivian Underwood, Travis Holloway CLASS COMEDIAN Vivian Underwood, Douglas Sanders BEST LOOKING Delores Benson, Frank Bridges BEST DRESSED Delores Benson, Travis HollowayHomeroom 414 — Mrs. A. Zazzara Sealed: Mr . Zamara, Earlic McDonald, Gwen l’etcr on. John Mote . Marjorie Smith, Dori» Boyd. 2nd Row: Alfonto Cottle, David Kichardton. Waymond Grigs . Robert long. Howard Cauacy, Bruce Tyler, Fred Andrew . Robert Harm, Marie Johnron, Peggy Wyche, Joyce Lassiter. 3rd Row: Sheila Thoina . la Trawick, Gwen Hall, Debra Travi , Roue Holt, Cloria Johnson, Helen Wilcox. Marva Whindleton, Marie Wiliam . MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rose Holt, Alfonso Cottle DID MOST FOR CLASS Gwen Hall, John Moses MOST POPULAR Marie Johnson, Robert Harris CLASS COMEDIAN Deborah Travis, John Moses BEST LOOKING Toni Hardy, Robert Harris BEST DRESSED Marie Johnson. Robert HarrisWe Dedicate This Thought to the Class of 1970 If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know. 95“Last Will and Testament” We the class of June 1969, being of sound mind and body and a happy disposition hereby bequeath to: The School: Conscientious Students who go to their classes so that the halls arc quiet and peaceful. Mr. Angell: Spirit of the class of 1969. Dr. Rectemvald: Our sincere appreciation forgiving us understanding and encouragement during these enjoyable years. Mr. Schlosser: A hook translating trigonometry to English. Mrs. Lewis: A class that will be dedicated to the yearbook. Miss Walsh: A class where the students have laryngitis. Mrs. Cohn: A secretary to help her with college bound seniors. Mrs. Terry: A class who knows the causes and symptoms for each disease. Mrs. Martin: A senior class who pay their dues on time. Mr. Small: A smaller l elt. Mr. Bloch: New collection of paperback l ooks the students volunteer to read. Miss Rybkiewicz: A class of history students. Mr. Delisi: A pair of roller skates so he won’t have to do so much walking. Mr. Hampton: An empty office. Mr. Fran .blau: More minutes to the periods shortened for assembly. Mr. Lundie: An automatically tuned organ. Miss Mooney: An automatic wheelchair. Mr. Finklestein: A can of spinach. Mrs. Caughman: A better gym so she can work more efficiently. Mr. Mallory: A football team made up of all “JIM BROWNS.” Mr. Buchanan: A pack of cigarettes. Mr. Fiorito: An English class with complete silence. Mrs. Brody: Mucho Alcgria on los anos que viene. Mr. Mi lone: A set of French III books. Mr. Wilson: The number one team in the nation. Mr. Nicholas: A pocketfull of cut slips ... Mr. Warren: A lietter Student Council, and To the class of 1970, we leave our footprints. We hope that with perseverance, effort and courage, in time, you may prove worthy to follow our patterns and achieve our goals. Signed: 'Hie class of 1969 Witnesses: Vivian Underwood I)el orah Pridgen Patricia Saunders Eugene MiltonActivities We believe that the Life-giving Substance of any school lies in its gains in the areas of student government, publications, music, societies, and social and service organizations. THE STUDENT COUNCIL CHRISTMAS TREE Thanks lo our Student Council with its dedicated workers, our front lobby helped us acquire the happy spirit of the season. Standing around the tree- From Left: Deborah Craham. President. Alease Whitfield. Vice President. Mrs. Ha Martin. Senior Gass Advisor. Patricia Saunders, Secretary and Gwen Brown, Treasurer. 97Student Council Officers Cynthi Stith, Trea .. Deborah Tripp. V. Pre».t Errol Strand, Prr .. Vivian Underwood, See, ENGLISH HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st Rom: C. Stith, C. Wilcox. L Woolridge. Mia Domigjn. 2nd: F. Milton, E. Scott-Bey, E. Ca tleberr . S. John ton 3rd: M. Edward , I). Pridgen. D. Pettiway. L. Payne. lit Rom: FL Milton, P. Saunders T. Srarhorougli, Mr . Janulin. 2nd: E. Seott-Bey, C. Wilroi, C Stilh, S. John on. 3rd: K. While, L. Woolridge, A. Webb, J. Briacor. J. Taylor. M. Edward . I). Pettway, E. f.'avtleberry. 98HOME ECONOMICS CLUB AVom Left—Seated: Joyce Huggins Jackie Daniels Diane Ward low, Michelle Ram cy, Sharon Reese. 2nd Row: Miss Jaynes Betty Felton, Vanessa Elliott, Joyce Ccasar, Myra Logan. Deborah Mitchell, Virginia Pigford. Deborah Paterson. FUTURE NURSES CLUB From Left: Mrs. Terry, Sarah Harris Gloria Cottle. Debra Lowery. Shiela Moore. Michelle Reese, Sheyenne Davis, Patsy Allen, Priscilla McMQHan, CUIDANCE MONITORS CLUB Seated: Deborah Daniel . Irma Dennis Vivian Underwood. Debra Brown, Mias. L. Adubato-Head Counselor. 2nd Row: Jacqueline Briscoe, Rose Fcathentone, Kathy Anderson. Patricia Saunders Mattie Bulger. Debra Miles Sharon Daniel . Sandra Slatin. 99USHERS P R mond Milner, David Bu»h. William Thomville. Errol Strand. Debra Milchell, Mia Membrino, Advitor Seated: Mr . E. Keybida—Advisor, Diane Ward low, Celc Jr Week . Deborah Anderson. Second Row: Beverly Spear . Mary Thomas Marilyn Edwards Patricia Dunn. Earlrac Gibvon. RoJyn Kuwll. TANGENT STAFF ___________________________________________________ PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB CHORISTERS: MR. E. LIN DIE, Director I . ■ mmam BAND: MR. S. GRIMALDI. Director GIRLS GLEE CLUB: MISS G. BROWN. Director102103Football Squad MR. WILLIAM MALLORY—Coach ASSISTANT COACHES: Mr. Sol Johnson. Mr. Rrmwi, Mr. W. Johnson Cross Country Team 104 MR. JIM MARTIN CoachFencing MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS Coach RICHARD WIGGINS 107 HECTOR MUNKZ BRUCE CHAPMANCOLOR GUARDS CHEERLEADERS TWIRLERS CHRISTINE CCITINO PAMELA DEBORAH TRAVIS V. HEYWARD Co-Captain J. WILLIAMS Co-Captain G. BARNES C. G. Captain P. DUNN D. ANDERSON I). PERRY I). PRIDGEN A. WHITFIELD CaptainGolf Club MRS. BARBARA KAYE—Advisor . aptai Standing: Anne Bcn on, Cwen Brogsdale, Pat Smith. Linda Lee. Elaine Wood . Lucinda Mickens. MR. CALVIN MILLER—Advisor Left: Alvin Walker, Harold Sapp, Geraldine Smith, Aaron Thompson, Raymond Smith. Girls Basketball Team IIICentral's Mighty Blue Devils Overpower Barringer's Bears 113See fed; Michael Tailor, Kussdl Bland, Michael Jones, George Lowery, David Kiddle . Thomas Lowery. Standing: Coach Bill Wilson, Bruce Green, Wtyroond Griggs. Roosevelt Hatcher, Bernard Brundidge Dan Branch, Hugh Inman. Raymond Worthington and Asst. Coach CuyHappiness is a Central victory 115Central High Track 1969 Coach: MR. JAMES MARTIN Senior Track StarsWe Believe We must have courage- the courage that keeps us ever conquering. and always scorning the idea of defeat. We believe in work. We tackle our tasks with willing hands and work, work till they are finished. We realize fully that, “We are not here to dream, to drift, we have hard work to do and loads to lift.” And realizing this, we are eager to get out and do our share of the world's work. Again, we believe in faith— faith in ourselves and in our j owers to help and uplift the world a! out us. We have faith in our school ... in our City. Our highest ambition is to prove worthy of both. Anonymous Modern School How can a fellow ever quit school When just as fast as he learns one rule. Another waits to turn his head. And make him wish that he were dead. Or could run to some sweet lund away Where hooks and teachers never stay. Correct English 1 must learn to speak. Besides dry’ old Spanish, French or Greek. Can I learn it all? “Yes.” you say. That’s a childish task this modern day: From Ichahod Crane to Guinevere Is very easy, you simple dear. There’s Physics, and Algebra’s “X” and “Y.” So hard they make one want to die— And Chemistry that is not a sprig Easier than History or Trig, Besides Ethics and Entomology, Geometry and Geography. Then when I'm mastered all of this. My education will l e amiss Unless I take Biology And just a little Philology, And Public Speaking—my parents say, I must be a lawyer some future day. So you see there is no chance for me To stop when I learn the “Buie of Three.” I must drink deep of Pope’s “Old Spring”: “A little learning’s a dangerous thing.” Margaret Emma McWnchA MESSAGE TO CENTRAL The years have been ones of inexpressible joy The students go not really wanting to leave Afraid of possibly losing ALL that has been poured into the Soul but I must go leads The path is gray and dark ahead And what is behind is clear and carefree This road takes me from the happenings Of my dear school Something’s in me Having to keep going . .. keep seeing . .. keep feeling . .. keep wondering ... Why life gives way to new life Why there’s a feeling of distress and loneliness. Shirley Johnson TALE OF A CLASS Listen my classmates and you shall hear Of a wonderful class and a famous year Down through the corridors, onto the gym March the boys who are fat and the girls who arc slim. We don’t want to reform, we are as we are Rut three years of this hasn’t gotten us far But now let us tally the good with the l»ad And list some of the nicer things wc have had W’e shall never forget the games that we've won Or the democratic way our elections were run Even our teachers seem gentle and wise Are wc leaving them now with tears in our eyes? Our course we have run, and now we are free But Central High lives in our fond memory. Vivian Underu ood Black Heritage Our reality is l eing established W'c demand to know ourselves Altho wc seek to find existence Very few l»ooks are on the shelves My Black people would like to know How other nationalities grow so strong With respect and dignity as a person Yet for the Black man this is wrong In war, we become someone needed Overnight l»oys become a man But we want this respect continuously Is this determination so hard to understand? This affliction weighs great in our hearts And in time we’ll even this score My people, too. will come out on top With the opening up of many doors. Jacqueline Briscoe HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT? Upon this earth which Seems so dear. There is so much hate We disappear. 1 want us to l c seen And not with fear, So that we can conquer And reappear. How long must we cry, sigh, fear, hurt, and wear masks? How long must we adjust, wait, and perform menial tasks? Now it is our lime. To go out and lie a past. For our followers to learn And learn fast. W’e have to give love That people will sec. From our love That we too—arc free. How long must we wait to see our ecstasy? How long must we wait To solve this misery? ... you tell me. Eugene MiltonTitle I Presented an assembly program with THE HARKNESS BALLET COMPANY of New York City, who danced a program of “Ballet Close-ups” Several seniors were involved in two radio programs over Board of Education Station WBGO. They discussed job requirements and opportunities with representatives from industry. Mr. Miller advised the group. 121WHO ARE WE? We’re toddlers getting in mother’s hair We’re bubbling with energy! We’re in a huge and moving world We’re creative and anxious to learn We’re experiencing life’s exciting moments We’re meeting our first grade teacher — Wow! she’s smart We’re learning to control our energies We’re putting 2 + 2 together We’re seeing Spot chase Dick, and Humpty Dumpty fall We’re going to our first party — gosh girls are silly! We’re marching down the aisle, Boy, don’t Mother and Dad look proud. We’re frightened stiff! What will High School be like? We’re working, playing, and enjoying life. Why were we so afraid. We’re contemplating what lies ahead. And Guess What? We’re frightened again. 125Memorable Years A class with a past ami a future . . . Where did we come from? .. . Where do we go from here? . . . Many of us came to Central as freshmen, although the class was brought together in its entirety at the sophomore year. We learned how to adjust to the ways and traditions of the school. Becoming proud (Centralites), we starter! striving to become the very l est that our abilities and potential would allow. Our teachers at Central, we found out, were the ones who would mold and shape us into individuals who would go out to compete, achieve, and yes—fail with other humans. People whom we had never seen before became our friends. Together we would become one big, happy family at Central High School. Oh! the joy of a substitute, or having an unexpected holiday. The gloom of having a surprise test, being unprepared, caught cutting, or being detained by Mr. Hampton for some wrongdoing. During the years, we saw the coaches of various teams build champions. Central’s basketball team again reigned as City Champions for the third time in six years in 1968. 'Hie Cross Country Team, after falling short in past years, finally put together a winning formula to beat Weequahic for the City Championship. Football at Central has its ups and downs. But in the future, we see Central as a coming power to l e reckoned with by any team in the state. But what happened during this year which made 1968-69 a memorable year? Was it the anxiety or anticipation of graduating? The awakening to the fact that knowledge is the key? During the past three years many situations have arisen and we have taken them in our stride. We pledged for fraternities and sororities—on the outside—and had some very successful dances and talent shows at the school. Can we call the rise of miniskirts and bright sweater shirts memorable? What about the friendships that will last between classmates and teachers. The memories of Central High, the good and the bad, can’t l»e forgotten by any of us. The boycott by the students, the assassinations of Martin Luther King. Jr. and Robert Kennedy, or the accomplishments of Afro-American History classes. Now that we are leaving our youthful years l chind us, we see through misty eyes that Central has l»ecn the parent of knowledge, wisdom, patience, and understanding. We’ll always try to l e a credit to the school and to ourselves . . . And now it is our time. It is our time to pass on . . . pass with the past Centralites. We would like to say good-bye to our teachers and friends; especially Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Martin, without these two devoted and dedicated women our class would not be what it has l een. Most of all, we want to say good-bye to dear old Central. No more shall we walk through the halls together, attend classes, or sit in the auditorium to listen to Mr. Lundic play the organ. Time goes on ... and so must we. We leave nothing l»ehind us except a path for future Centralites to follow, and ‘hope’ for great things. W'e shall miss you. This is the ‘essence of life’ as we have lived it on the Hill. These are the memories we shall cherish. This is a life we leave behind. 128Who Are We — Class of ’69 DORIS ADAMS 15 Bins Street Ambition: College MARTHA ADAMS 206 Avon Ave. Ambition: Nurse MARY ADAMS 27 Norfolk Street ROSLYN ALLEN 447 So. 17th St. Ambition: Airline Stewardess DEBORAH ANDERSON 271 Fairmont Ave. Ambition: Secretary DIEDRE ANDERSON 682 High Street Ambition: Business Administration CLAIRBORNE BARBOUR 84 Boyd Street Ambition: Engineer GWENDOLYN BARNES 158 Spruce Street Ambition: Airline Stewardess PATRICIA BARNETT 305 Goldsmith Ave. DAN BRANCH 137 W. Market St. Ambition: Phys. Ed. Teacher GLORIA BASS 182 Howard St. DAVID BATTLE 68 W. Kinney St. Ambition: Social Worker MARVIN BENNETT 188 Howard St. Ambition: Architect VICTORIA BENNETT 123 Central Ave. Ambition: IBM Kcypuncher BARRY BENSON 230 Orange St. DELORES BENSON 327 W. Kinney St. Ambition: Nurse or IBM Keypuncher BRENDA BETHA 45-17th Ave. Ambition: Legal Secretary ALVIN BILL1NGSLEA Ambition: Architect DORIS BOYD 65 Sherman Ave. Ambition: State Trooper MILTON BOYD 16 Stirling St. Ambition: Accountant ALVIN BREECE 243 Warren St. FRANK BRIDCES 6 Somerset St. JACQUELINE BRISCOE 79 Montgomery St. DONALD BRODIE Ambition: Prof. Singer CORNELIUS BROWN 147 James St. DEBORAH BROWN 327 W. Kinney St. Ambition: Teacher ELAINE BROWN-198 Prince St. Ambition: Nurse FREDERICK BROWN 40 Hawthorn Ave. GWENDOLYN BROWN-193 Prince St. Ambition: Computer Programmer JOHNNY BROWN 599 - Springfield Ave. BERNARD BRUNDIDGE 53 Mercer Street Ambition: College MATTIE BULGER 12 Sheffield Dr. Ambition: Airline Stewardess JOSE BURGOS 22 Fairmont Ave. Ambition: Engineer DAVID BUSCH 51 Rutgers Street Ambition: Fashion Designer JOHN BYHDIE 72 Second St. JOHN CALLOWAY 173 West Market Street Ambition: Draftman LANA CARTER 186 So. 10th St. Ambition: Stewardess EDWARD CASTLEBERRY 72 Broome St. Ambition: Teacher HOWARD CAUSEY 36 So. 12th St. Ambition: IBM Accountant BRUCE CHAPMAN 178 W. Runyon St. Ambition: Architect KAREN CHAPPLE 186 James St. CONNIE CLARK 14 Richmond St. ULYSSES COLEMAN 75 So. Orange Ave. LARRY COLWELL 173 Prince St. Ambition: Chemist SAM COOK 117 Newton St. THELMA CONNORS 308 W. Kinney St. Ambition: Secretary ALFONSO COTTLE 41 17th Ave. johnny cottle 206 Howard St. LEONARD COVINGTON 9 Prince St. CONNIE CRAWFORD 321 New St. Ambition: Gym Teacher 129Who Are We - Class of ANDREW CURETON 365 Hunterdon St. Ambition: Mathematician DEBORAH DANIELS II Norfolk St. VIVIAN DANIELS 10 Burnett St. Ambition: Computer Programmer GREGORY DANSON 599 Hunterdon St. Ambition: Electrician RONALD DAVID 171 So. 11th St. Ambition: Mortician IRMA DENNIS 16 Lock St. Ambition: Teacher RENAY DEPRIEST 68 Mercer St. EYVONNE DIXON ALVIN DOZIER III Lincoln St. Ambition: Astronaut RONALD DUKES 322 Hunterdon St. Ambition: Machinist PATRICIA DUNN 308 West Kinney St. Ambition: Court Stenography WALTINE EDW ARDS 54 Mercer St. Ambition: Nurse IRENE ELLIS 212 Howard St. Ambition: Undecided BENJAMIN EVANS 9 17th Ave. THEODORE EVANS 194 Orange St. LESLIE FLADGER Ambition: Interior Decorator RONALD FOOTMAN 131 Lincoln St. Ambition: Engineer DIANE FORD 263 Norfolk St. Ambition: Court Stenography WENDERLYN FORD 156 Chadwick Ave. SAM FRAZIER 88 Wilsey St. JAMES GALARZA 200 Howard St. Ambition: Mechanic MARSHALL GARRETTSON 262 Shelley St. Ambition: Teacher ROM AN A GASTON 366 New St. Ambition: Social Wrorker EARLINE GIBSON 93 Spruce St. WILLIE GILLESPIE 431 Bergen St. Ambition: Electrical Engineer WALTER GLASPER 121 Lincoln St. Ambition: Engineer DEBRA GRAHAM 390 Central Ave. RICHARD GREEN-129 Springfield Ave. Ambition: Singer WARNETTA GREEN 320 So. Orange Ave. CHARLES GRIFFIN 271 Hunterdon St. Ambition: Teacher HARRY GRIFFIN 366 16th Ave. SHEILA GRIFFIN-60 Boyd Street Ambition: Dietician WAYMOND GRIGGS 30 Longworth St. GORDON HALL 21-3rd Street GWENDOLYN HALL 9-17th Avenue LYDIA HALL 21-3rd Street Ambition: IBM Key puncher BARRY HARDAWAY 218 Orange Street TONI HARDI 79 Montgomery St. COLUMBUS HARPER 20 Tracey Ave. ERIC HARPER 192 Orange St. EUGENE HARRIS 51 Boyd St. LINDA HARRIS 54 Boyd St. SARAH HARRIS 70 Hartford St. VIOLA HATCHER 792 Hunterdon St. BRENDA HAWKINS 46-llth Avenue CHANNIE HAYNES 725 High St. ANN HENRY 88 South 21st Street Ambition: Secretary GREGORY HERRON-79 Montgomery St. VIVIAN HEYWARD BEY 152 So. 12th St. MARIETTA HOLLOMAN 170 Howard Street EDNA HUFF 135 James Street BONITA HUNT 342 West Kinney Street BARBARA JACKSON 528 So. 20th Street 130Who Are We — Class of 69 CHARLES JACKSON 235 Fairmont Avenue ERICA JACKSON 59 Quitman Street Ambition: Phys. Ed. Teacher GAIL JACKSON 265 Seymour Avenue JAMES JACKSON 47 3rd Street Ambition: Computer Programmer PATRICIA JACKSON 168 So. Orange Avenue HERBERT JAMES JANICE JENKINS 175 James Street Ambition: Commercial Artist GLORIA JOHNSON 77 Montgomery JANICE JOHNSON 168 Spruce Street Ambition: Secretary THOMAS LOWERY 24 16th Avenue Ambition: Spanish Teacher DONALD MACK 26 Rankin Street Ambition: Engineer LAWRENCE MAJETTE 384 Hunterdon Street Ambition: Computer Operator CURTIS MALONE 66 Norfolk Street VALERIE MARTIN 206 Newark Street JACKIE MASSEY 69 James Street Ambition: Secretary MELVIN MATTOX 120 Heddcn Terrace KENNETH MAVIN 9 17th Avenue Ambition: Electrical Technician earlice McDonald 97 Grand Avenue Ambition: Registered Nurse michael McDonald 102 Hoyden Street Ambition: Business Executive WILLIAM McKENZIE 234 Orange Street Ambition: Engineer RONALD McLAWRIN 102 Boy den Street Ambition: IBM Programmer DEBORAH McNABB 75 So. Orange Avenue WARREN MELVIN 262 Schley Street Ambition: Practice Lawyer JULIA MERRILL WILLENE MERSIER 14 Norfolk Street Ambition: Secretary DEBORAH MILLER 54 Boyd Street EUGENE MILTON .'138 West Kinney Street Ambition: Obstetrician DEBORAH MITCHELL 267 Norfolk Street KATHERINE MOODY 166 Sherman Avenue Ambition: IBM Operator AI.MATEEN MOORE 60 No. 6th Street Ambition: Teacher EDDIE MOORE 60 No. 6th Street JAMES MOORE 107 So. 10th St. Ambition: Lawyer BRUCE MORGAN 15 Milton St. Ambition: Football Player DONNA MORGAN-60 Kearney St. FRED MORRELL 61 3rd Avenue AUGUSTINE MORRIS 38 Ridgewood Ave. Ambition: Dictaphone Oper. VICTOR MORRISON 16 Summit St. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer JAKE MOSES 206 Howard St. Ambition: Engineer JOHN MOSES 206 Howard St. SHIRLEY MOSES 206 Howard St. CREGORY MOSS 212 Howard St. PATRICIA MOTE 52 Camp St. HECTOR MUNEZ 26% Jay St. LAWRENCE NELSON 78 Badger Ave. Ambition: Machine Operator LORRAINE NEWBY 45-17th Ave. CHARLES NEWMAN 239 Fourteenth Ave. JANICE OLIVER 8 Barclay St. JAMES PADEN 65 Mercer St. Ambition: Social Worker RENE PADILLA 90 Spruce St. Ambition: Businessman DAVID PARKS 51 Ridgewood Ave. Ambition: Undecided BARBARA PERKINS 7 No. 7th St. 131Who Are We — Class of ’69 DENISE PERRY 198 Prince St. Ambition: Computer Programmer PATRICIA RICHARDS 77-17th Ave. DEBBIE SCOT!' 287 Hunterdon St. LONNIE PERSON 277 Wainwright St. Ambition: Teacher THERESA RICHARDS 77 17th Ave. Ambition: Exec. Secretary EDWARD SCOTT BEY 126 Shepard Ave. Ambition: Electrical Engineer GWENDOLYN PETERSON 88 Boyd Street DARYLL RICHARDSON 77 Montgomery St. EUGENE SCOTT 32 Fifth St. ROBERT PETERSON 168 Bergen St. Ambition: Doctor MARION PIERCE 157 New ton St. ANGELO PLAZA 57 Merrier Street DAVID RICHARDSON 81 Fairvicw Ave. WALTER RICHARDSON 280 Prince St. DAVID RIDDLES 394 So. Oth St. BRENDA ROANE KELLY SCOTT 75 So. Orange Ave. Ambition: Air Force HARRY SHULER 212 Prince Street Ambition: Comedian GLENN SHULES 110 Wainwright St. Ambition: Printer DEBRA PLUMMER 12 Jay St. Ambition: Secretary MARZELLA ROBERTSON 72 Peshine Ave. JACOB SIMMONS 693 Hunterdon St. LA.MONT POTTS 117 So. 12th St. JAQUEUNE ROBINSON 235 Nye Ave. JoANNE SIMMONS 101 Orange St. Ambition: Drama Teacher DEBORAH PRIDGEN 682 High St. Ambition: Secondary Ed. (English! MARY ROBINSON 65 Mercer St. SHARON SIMPSON 311 New St. DON PRUITT. 55 Oxford Street YOLANDA ROLLINS 198 Prince Street Ambition: Public Relations ALBERT SINGLETON 77 Montgomery St. Ambition: Business Administration ARMANDO RAMOS 61 North Oth St. STERLING RAMSEY 166 Hillside Ave. JOSE ROSARIO CAROLYN P. RUFUS 232 Prince St. Ambition: Typist PERRY SLADE 132 Stirling St. Ambition: Commercial Artist PAMELA RANDALL 668 Bergen St. Ambition: Key Punch Op. ROSLYN RUSSELL 201 Wecquahic Ave. Ambition: Comp. Pro.—Legal GERALDINE SMITH 30 Beacon St. Ambition: Registered Nurse STEVE RAYNOR 271 West Kirmy St. DOUGLAS SANDERS 717th Ave. GLORIA SMITH 141 So. Orange Ave. Ambition: IBM Operator ARTHUR REED 252 Chancellor Ave. Ambition: Machinist WALTER SARREY •109.18th Ave. Ambition: Doctor MARJORIE SMITH 198 Prince St. Ambition: Secretary DOROTHY REDDICK 48 First St. Ambition: Dress Designer PATRICIA SAUNDERS 50.13th Ave. WALTER SOREY 212 W. Kinney St. MITCHELLE REESE 6 Myrtle Ave. TIJUANNA SCARBOROUGH 103.13th Ave. Ambition: Secretary LYNN SPENCER 25 Third St. 132Who Are We — Class of ’69 LAMONT SPIVEY 77 17th Ave. Ambition: College ARNELLSTEVENS 242 Bergen St. DOREA STEWART 63 Lincoln St. CYNTHIA STITH ■181 Broadway Ambition: Math Teacher HAROLD STOKES 88 Boyd St. ERROL STRAND 125 James St. Ambition: Lawyer DONALD SUMMERS 72 So. 13th St. KENNETH TAYLOR 145 I ehigh Ave. Ambition: Electrical Engineer RUTH TAYLOR 17 Leslie St. Ambition: Singer EDMOND THOMAS 203 Prince St. Ambition: Architecture MARY THOMAS 170 Norfolk St. Ambition: Secretary SHEILA THOMAS 60 Boyd St. Ambition: Sociologist BERTHA THOMPSON 11 No. 8th St. LARRY THOMPSON 101 Hedden Terr. Ambition: Musician or Electrician CAROL TISDALE 271 W. Kinney St. Ambition: IBM School DEBORAH TRAVIS 7 17th Ave. ELIZABETH TRAWICK ‘ 2 Bruce St. DEBORAH TRIPP 232 Prince St. Ambition: Social Worker PATRICIA TULLIS 68 Broome St. Ambition: Professional Model JOHN TURNER 308 W. Kinney St. BRUCE TYLER 61 Mercer St. VIVIAN UNDERWOOD 232 Prince St. Ambition: Dress Designer ANGELO VASQUEZ 185 No. 9th St. Ambition: Artist SAMUEL WALLACE 138 Oslnine Terr. Ambition: Machinist or Musician DIANE WARDLOW 308 W'. Kinney St. Ambition: Airline Stewardess GERALDINE W ASHINGTON 229 Renner Ave. Ambition: History Teacher CELESTE WEEKS 15 17th Ave. Ambition: I.egal Secretary DIANE WATERS Ambition: Business 228 Orange St.—2A Ambition: Business School MARY WELLS WILLIE WELSH 76 Chadwick Ave. LARRY WEST 280 Renner Ave. MARVA WHINDLETON 129 Newark Street Ambition: Airline Stewardess A LEASE WHITFIELD 290 Peshine Avenue RICHARD WIGGINS 79 Prince Street Ambition: Electrical Engineer HELEN WILCOX 160 Spruce Street Ambition: Data Processing DIANE WILLIAMS GEORGE WILLIAMS 160 Spruce Street Ambition: Lawyer GEORGE W ILLIAMS 62 Madison Avenue JACQUELINE WILLIAMS 509 So. 17th Street Ambition: Secretary MARIE WILLIAMS 160 Spruce Street PAMELA WILLIAMS PATRICIA W ILSON 29 Lincoln St. Ambition: Registered Nurse SHAWN WILSON 14 Sheffield Drive ROSLY.N WINKED GEORGE WORSLEY 304 West Kinney St. Ambition: Tcacficr VERONICA W RIGHT 263 Bergen Street PEGGY WYCHE 279 Hunterdon St. Ambition: IBM Operator PAMELA YANCEY KENNETH CANNADY Seniors uho joined us at Mid-year: John Barnes Ethel Dunbar Debra Griffin Shelmara Forney Dale Mitchell 133BOOSTERS Carol Thomas Alondo Thomas Mike Osegueda Carmen Zora Mike Osegueda Avery Zora Antonio Ortii Mildred Garcia Bertha Wright Louis Bickley Reddie Shoulders Freddie's Barber Sh. Mr. Sadds Mrs. Louise McKenxie Mr. George McKenzie Yvonne Lewis Thelma Lewis Joyce Lewis Eugene Lewis Jr. Juluis C. Reddins John Baker Steve Thomas Steven Thomas Isabell Washington William Washington Eleanor D. Fitts George E. Fitts J. Ridley Robert H. Hodge Tony Scabullo Tony Scalzullo E. J. Nadello E. J. Nadello E. J. Nadello E. J. Nadello Pedro Gonzalez Pedro Gonzalez Pztsel Alix Pztsel Alix Francisco Gonzalez James A. Lambert Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Joanne Simmons Gloria Blutcher Mamie Woodson Susie C. Crane Evelyn Demeo Yolanda Catalano Lorraine Stevens Mary Teklovits Margaret Watts Louise Ventola Betty Elkins Jean Hil Marge Lawlor Odell Thomas Odell Thomas Madeline Becks Ray Saunders Lewis Thomas Lewis Thomas Lewis Thomas Mrs. Christine Potts James Bruford Phyllis B. Hamilton Kathie B. Hamilton Barbara Anderson Ann Lilore John Miller Dolly Kuleba Saundra McDuff PAT'S COFFEE SHOP 172 Central Ave. Newark. New Jersey Congratulations DEBORAH TRIPP and ALPHONSE COTTLE From: MR. ALLAN ACQUADRO Congratulations JOSE BURGOS from ANIDA ORTIZ M M ESSO SERVICE CENTER 2B4 Clinton Place ALL AUTO SERVICE 2 5J8 JOHN and MARIO Best Wishes From the CENTRAL HIGH GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT E. SPEARS INC. LIVERY SERVICE Newark. N. J. 242-25 From SCHWARTZ DRUG STORES. INC. 457 Clinton Avenue Newark. New Jersey Congratulations to MAJORIE SMITH HASKEL LEE. JR. 487-2008 JAXL — — But Be Sure It's Ours Best Wishes HARRISON'S TAXI, INC. RADIO DISPATCHED to SHIRLEY JOHNSON and E. HARRISON BULLOCK 24 Esse. St. President Hackensack. N. J. CLASSMATES on a Great Future THE NEW BROCK ACADEMY 682 High Street Newark. New Jersey 07102 Tel. 422 115 DOROTHY ANDERSON Director DEAN ALEX BEDROSIAN Newark College of Engineering ROYAL'S Body and Fender Works 64 Chapel Street Newark 5. N. J. RALPH and LUCY Italian Hot Dogs and Sausages 166 Warren Street Newark. N. J. 07102 NOTARY PUBLIC 417-2010 Best Wishes HILLSIDE MEMORIAL to the Best Class (THE HOME ON THE HILL) at Central High CHARLES H. BULLOCK, JR. MR. and MRS MOORE 269 Essex Street HOMEROOM 214 Hackensack. N. J. Compliments of: Congratulations and Best TALL TOWNE Wishes to Shirley Johnson From FASHIONS MR. and MRS. GREEN and FAMILY 106 Halsey St. Newark, N. J. SEABOARD FINANCE "We Carry Everything For COMPANY Tall Gals" 257 Washington Street (EXCEPT TALL MEN) Newark, New Jersey 07102 J. L. PASANEHIN—Manager 622-6464 BOOSTERS Daniel Olio Benjamin Brown Phillip P. Brown Tom Schmidt Classic Rackloy Melvin Mattox Gertrude Royd Mildred Mooro Jacquelyn Williams Jeanett Barrett Miss Rennelle Stafford Liizie Anderson Elixabeth Smith Mrs. Julia Austin Kitty McClish (Fox) Edgar Franklin Jr. Jack Ayers Loring Maylott Mrs. Viola L. Hatcher Miss Barbara Gail Brown Mr. Lawerence Hatcher Mr. Covington Mr. Robert Hamilton Mr. Ladson Simon Mr. Lawerence Kent Miss Nettie Reynolds Ladson and Viola Mrs. Lenore Hatcher Shamar and Gcoreann Mr. Robert Berner Mrs. Emma Berner Lawrence R. Hatcher Johnnie and Viola "69" Mr. Robert Horn Miss Mary Lomax Mr. Willie Christmas Mrs. Bessy Christmas Mr. James Horn Mr. John M. Crowder Miss Evon Landers Mr. Ervin Hatcher Sr. Pickett Hickan Faul Serrano Herman Herman Issac Muldrow Bernie of Eldorado Robert Pebby Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Everrette Byrd Teresa Kay Byrd Janice Wallace Oneal Wallace Renae Annette McCormick Barbara Ann Kelly Jeffrey Wilson McCormick Karate Boaloo Adrianne King Dolores Stecyk Trumont Johns Martanne Rogers Molly Davis Molly Davis Jimmy Gregory Lillian A. Johnson Miss Wolsifer Audrey Thomas Gloria Daniel Sonia M. Esteves Elaine Eng Mr. Buchanan Vivian Williams Marilyn GarmoneyBOOSTERS Bernard Footmann Diane Jefferson Gracy Starks Geraldine Hall Denise McNeil Wilhelmina McNeil David Ward Edward Sistrunk Cecil Perry Willie Turner John R. Chirton TEDDY Davis Liz and Jacob Mary L. Buie Mary L. Buie Elaine and Willie Vickie and Gary Elaine Ramsey Elaine Ramsey Mary L. Buie Mary L Buie Elaine RAMSEY Elaine RAMSEY Sheila Thomas Sheila Thomas Mildred Hawkins Mildred Hawkins Cat Baskerville Suiann and Michal Mildred Hawkins Mildred Hawkins James Baskerville James Baskerville William Perry Oscar Perry Oscar Perry Oscar Perry Liz Corum Vera Silas Mathew Counts Matthew Counts Kickie and ? Jackie and Jerry Janice and Malcolm William and Jackie June and Debbie Mr. Fred Jones Jr. Leroy—Anthony Leroy—Anthony Edna—Anthony Lenora—Anthony Rosaline Greenwood Rosaline Greenwood Gertude Green Mr. Cordasco Mr. James Nance Vincent Heyward Charlos Forguson Mr. and Mrs. Epps Mr. and Mrs. Epps Donna Samuels Annette Key Anna Harris James Brown Mr. and Mrs. Young Mr. and Mrs. Young Grace Ward Mrs. P. Barnett Spott Barnott Mr. Archie Banks Mrs. Constance Harris Mrs. Constance Harris AMODIO CLEANERS Congratulates the Class of '69 CHARLES AMODO 58 So. Oron9o Avo. WRIGHT’S BARBER SHOP Sll Control Avonuo Nowork. N. J. EARNEST WRIGHT—Prop. Congratulations to Milton A. Boyd EUNICE A. BOYD Best Wishes to DEBORAH TRIPP and CLASSMATES LINDA TRIPP Congratulations and Best Wishes REED'S PHARMACY 22 Belmont Avenue Newark, N. J. 642-7513 "Congratulations" FRED ANDREWS on Your Graduation RUBY ANDREWS Best Wishes to Best Wishes!! EARuc McDonald From THE BELMONT LAUNDRETTE BURT'S Congratulations to DEBBIE TRIPP from KNIGHTS CO., INC. WOMEN’S APPAREL 93 Market Street 101 Halsey Street NEWARK JERRY JONES « Control Avonuo Solos Rop Oron9o. N. J. 136Compliments From REINHOLD-SCHUMANN, INC. Compliments of GLADYS BOYD 46 Stirling Street Newark, New Jersey Good Luck to the Class of '69 HARRY OF THE REX Compliments of LEROY BOYD 46 Stirling Street Newark. N. J. UNITED FOOD MKT. 329 West Kinney St. end 3SS Springfield Ave. MR. AL EVANS LONG'S T.V. REPAIR RECORD CENTER 741 Clinton Ave. 372-2907 T. J. TRUCKING 391 Chadwick Ave. Newark. N. J. 07112 (CARPET DELIVERY) Continued Success to MARY THOMAS From Mom, Dad, and Brothers BURRELL JENKINS and DELORES BENSON ••1966—1969" TWENTY-ONE ATHLETIC ASSN. CHARLES W. JOHNSON Pres EUGENE ROBINSON V. Pres. EVELYN M. JOHNSON Treat, and Sec. GEORGE REYNOLDS and MEL KNIGHT Basketball Counselors Best Wishes— Good Luck CRESCENT GROCERIES 281 W. Kinney St. Newark. N. J. 07108 HAROLD end JACKIE Best Wishes to CLASS OF "69" From MR. and MRS. THOMAS and SON BOOSTERS Archie Harris Mary Flora Tommy and b'nda (N. T.) Vickie Gawthany Leo Gawthany Jr. Janet Gawthany Roslyn Gawthany Mr . Corrine Kay Lorenzo E. Williams Jr. Lorenzo E. William Jr. Lorenzo E. William Jr. Lorenzo E. William Jr. Ruby Underwood Ruby Underwood Ruby Underwood Derry Underwood Derry Underwood Bertel Lee Delore Anderson Bertha Lay Freddie McNeil and Family Freddie McNeil and Family Freddio McNeil and Family Freddie McNeil and Family Freddie McNeil and Family Freddio McNeil and Family Freddie McNeil and Family Freddie McNeil and Family Mr . Evelyn K. Keybida Mr. Saunders Davis A Friend Dorothea L. Chavis E. L Hazzard P. W. Place Chrlos Sato Bettie Minor Alfred Gill John William Greg Jones Manuel Taylor JR. Mr . Lee Betty Floyd Anthony Davit Richard C. Longttreet Henry Knox Medina Grocery Richard Reed Richard Reed James Asbary Jimmy Whitkey Mr. Chicago Mr. Sonny Evans Mr. Sonny Evans Mr. Sonny Evans Mr. Sonny Evans Mr. Sonny Evans Tom Eva Hawkins Eva Hawkins Eva Hawkins Eva Hawkins Mrs. L A. McEiroy Mrs. L. A. McEiroy Mrs. C. Deadwyler Claudia Branch Joe Anna Richardson Grace McHugh 137BOOSTERS M. Dorerty M. Doherty Constance Bonnet Rocto Louise Woods E. Morse "Cheese'' "Cheese" So. Side '63 Pacita Parayna Jake Moses Mrs. Daniels Mrs. Daniels Fred Bartensein Willie Stokes Mark Fischer Peter Delgellere Abraham Elias Wesley Irving Carol "The Pig" Barry Reid James Woodson Mr. Mulligan Mr. Mulligan Barbara Roberts H. S. Ptlm. John JoHara H. S. Ptlm. Don Clifton Wydiff Drayton Durham Nancy Richards Miss Walsh Ida Casalora Donald "Duck" Davis "Cool John" "Joe Trotty" Laura Stokes Laura Stokes Laura Stokes Laura Stokes Judson Eunice Mammie Patterson Goller G. Patterson Junior—Mike—Ronnie—La- ■nr "Tracy" Patterson Franklin Bowe Julia Merrill Zoo Keeper Fryor Katie Jackson Glender Wilcox Louis Ellis Johnny Melvin Judy Carol Adams Eliiabeth Adams Freddie Glenn Martha Adams Mary Adams Sheila Miller Leonard Quarries Edward Stokes Barry Wright Robert Cobb Harruet Griffin Paulette Perkins Dolores Jetter Mr. Richard Arnold Jr. Mrs. Therse Crawford Barry Wright Mrs. Marie Ingram Van Kingsberry This Is Your Proudest Hour... Foremost School Photographers in the East ......Culminating a period in your life you will alw ay. want to remember. A your official photographer, wc feel eluted to have been able to document thi chcrithcd era with photograph. pul.aling the very life you lived • the very thought, you .pread • the very feeling you »o warmly and .inecrcly .bared. Thi. reality though captured in a »plit .eeond will be an cvcrla.ting record for po.lcrity. The future hold, many event, for you that you will want to remember • 1’lca.c feel free to call upon u» for all of your photographic need.. LORSTAN-THOMAS ST 138Congratulations to "The man who goes alone can start today: but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready." DENISE PERRY From MR. and MRS. WILLIAM PERRY Henry David Thoreau With Best Wishes MR. and MRS. W. R. LEWIS WANTED—A dream that will come true. It will be with some sadness, but happiness will come too. THE HALL'S and COMMINGS Joann Simmon —H.R. 2l2 Congratulations to EMPIRE CHAIN STORE THELMA Men and Boys Love 212-214 Market St. MOM LEE DAVE Newark. N w Jersey Beer • Wines • Liquors HU 2-39 7 Hoyd Hunt (M r) 357-359 Sutsei Av . Newark, N. J. MRS. GENEVA BENJAMIN 349 • 15th Avenue Newark. New Jertey 07103 E. NELSON BEY Nylon Hosiery and Dry Goods 2 4 Lyon Avenu 92-33192 Compliments of L. H. CORPORATION Screw Machine Products Newark. N. J. To My Daughter: DEBORRAH PRIDGEN Good Luck and Best Wishes To the Clett: Congratulation DOROTHY ANDERSON Every Good Wish to the CLASS OF 1969BOOSTERS Deborah Hodges Richard Hodges W. Singleton E. Sutton Emmagean Sill Shirley Thomas Alondo Thomas Jr. Tippy Thomas Hormina Thomas Mary Frances Cassady Mary Frances Cassady Hedi Porsch Mr. Issler Charlotte Rollins James Hudloy Elma Wyche Elihue Wyche Elihue Wyche Non-Denominational House of Prayer Blanche L. Jones Blanche L. Jones Blancho L. Jonos Eddie Mae Dancy Chris Caliri C. H. Calirri C. H. Caliri Mrs. Thersa Crawford Danny Hurriston Barbara Byrd Valerie Martin Alfonso and Doborah Herry Burney Agnes Burney Fred Godrey A Wondorful Guardian Mr. and Mrs. McCormick Wayno Johnson Mrs. Arceola Harris Mrs. Arceola Harris Mrs. Ramona Amey Leard Little Bennotta Alexander Lillie Young McKinley Young McKinloy Young Richard Reed Richard Reed Little Bit and Becky Newby Miss M. Krick Senora Beaurimaa James M. Hairston Miss Madigan Mr. Larkins Jos. MuSwain Leroy Mclver Diane Franks Diane Franks Miss Mattie Jackson Pimping Bo—Dimp Bucking Bea-Bea Grace Davis Leroy Sales Walter P. Slawuta Jr. Gail Jackson and Glonn Newby Darolyn and Kovin Dale Jackson and Micheall Best of Luck to My Sister GWEN and the Class of "69" GREGORY A. HALL Central High School Class of "67" Congratulations to ERROL STRAND Student Council President from Compliments of ST. JOHN'S LODGE 65 ALLEN and ANNETTE President: Vernon Plummer Secretary: Edward Mont Best Wishes to Congratulations SHIRLEY JOHNSON May God Bless You Forever MR. BENNIE LEE TIJUANNA From MOTHER ERNESTINE SCARBOROUGH 140To My Daughter DIANE 1 Wish Nothing But the Best for You LOVE MOTHER MRS. BLANCHE S. FORD Best Wishes to ERROL STRAND From COLONIAL STATIONERY MA 3-3222 Best of Luck to My Daughter PATRICIA SAUNDERS MAY GOD BLESS YOU From: Mother MRS. GERALDINE SAUNDERS To my dear first cousin. Jacqueline: Congratulations and good luck on the occasion of your graduation. May you always retain your sparkling personality which symbolizes your cheerful disposition and charming ways. Wishing you all the happiness and success for the future, and may we always remain the closest of friends. NOREEN RODGERS "Class of 1967" In Loving Memory of Our Mother and Grandmother HELEN PHYLLIS BROWN 1905-1968 Without a farewell You fell asleep With only memories For us to keep'' LAURA M. BAKER Congratulations to My Daughter GERALDINE and Best Wishes to THE ENTIRE CLASS WASHINGTON CLEANERS 959 Bergen St. and WASHINGTON CONFECTIONARY 120 Avon Avenue MRS. B. WASHINGTONBOOSTERS Ollie, Horme Everll Gaskin Eleanor Osborne Debra Osborne Kevin Osborne Morris Osborne Miss D. Davis Joyce Thomas Mrs. Myra Nelson Jimmy Hall Shirley Horsley Miss Bcmise Mrs. Dorothy Townes Mrs. Ruth Brown Karen Brown Sidney Brown. William Frasier William Frasier Sally Bryant Sally Bryant Mrs. Ellen Richardson Mrs. Ruth Shorter Dwayne Richardson Shirley Richardson Mrs. Johnnie Richardson Marcia Richardson W. T. Majette. Sr. A. R. Majette Henry Burroughs W. T. Mavette, Jr. Everett White Clayton Flowers Thomas LA Barrie Wilbur N. Pariler Henry Cooper Jerry MC Moore George Johnson Reggie Beachum and Gwen Hall Robert Diary James Evans Thomas Drayton Rev. Sil. Foote Ester Robinson James Evans James Abercrombie Ophelia Emerson Isaiah Martin John Fleming Thelma Clement Mrs. Gene Smith Miss Myrna Brown Andre Stewart Brown Wendell Brown Veronis Brown Mrs. Mattye Evans Mr. Ralph Crawford Mr. Joe Williams W. Schiele Post Drugs Mr. Wayne Schiele Alfred Carter Irving Harrison Ronnie West Calvin Clark Mrs. Mary Barbour Miss Addie Boggan Mr. George Baker Congratulations to DIEDRE and DEBORAH From MR. and MRS. T. GREEN and FAMILY Congratulations to VIVIAN UNDERWOOD and Her Classmates From Her Brother COLUMBUS UNDERWOOD JR. n oone's Boone | orner 105 So. Oranqa Ava. Newark. Naw Jarvay 6229504 WILLIE and IRMA SPANN Prop. Congratulations to ROBERTA LEVERETT from COURTNEY’S BETTY BRITE ONE HOUR CLEANERS PAUL’S MARKET SIS Springfield Ava. Nowart Now Jortoy 07103 In Memory of EASON J. MAXEY (Esau) Congratulations to JACQUELINE DENISE ROBINSON from MOTHER and DAD DAIDONE’S CLEANERS 973 Rahway Ava. Avanal. N. J. LAWRENCE DAlDONE—Ownar FREDDIE BLAKELY—Mana9ar With Lots of Luck to a Very Sweet Girl Love From Mother to PATRICIA WILSON Congratulations to SHIRLEY JOHNSON from MOTHER and BROTHER Best of LucIc fo BONNIE MAY YOU HAVE ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD Congratulations to AUGUSTINE From: MOM Congratulations On Your Graduation LARRY COLWELL From HARVEY TESMAN Congratulations to DENISE PERRY From MR. and MRS. WILLIAM PERRY God Bless the Graduates of 1969 MR. and MRS. OSCAR BANKS To JOYCE LASSITER of 1969 Yesterday Is Gone: Forget It Today Is Here: Use It Tomorrow Is Coming: Think of It Love, MOTHER 142BOOSTERS Mildred Alston Mr. Buck Alston Joan Johnson Joan Johnson Linda Johnson Snodie Miller Annie Johnson Annie Johnson Annie Johnson Annie Johnson Gertis Brewster Gertis Brewstor Gertis Brewster Gertis Brewster Al Martin Brazzie Mills Brazzie Mills Marie Slade Waltor Slade Flora Slade J. H. Isler Bernard Footman Mr. Aquadro Turene McKay and Robert Roberson Remedios P. Calimlim Bernice Williams Virgina Wadsworth Miss Eunice Gorman Virginia McDonald R. L Davis A. Jones L. Walker L Walker L Walker Mrs. Marrison Holley Tessie Wiggins Larry Simmons ‘ Jerome" loves "Patty" Dorothy Roberson and Stanley Youmans "Good Luck to Patty"— Love Father Keep up Cynthia $. Doleta and Otis Bernice loves Clifton Tim and Deb The Judge" Veronica Robertson Phyllis Davis Barbara Smith Sandra Woodley Leo Hushimato Mrs. Anita Cortese Anthony "Mike" Brown Glenn "Snoppy" Brown Karen "Ldiney" Brown Mrs. Dolores R. Brown Mr. Richard L. White Elaine Mills W. F. Roberts "Scotty" Mrs. Mary Barbour Michael Yancey Mrs. Mattie Bryant Mrs. Mary Bohannon Jacqueline Bohannon Mr. Frank Wicks Mrs. Martha Rooks Willie Rooks Michael Rooks Mr. Ernest Horton Larry Rooks David Jamison Sandra Hourney Rose Schulman Mrs. E. Lewis Mrs. Ruth Hall and Family Glonda Grant and Family The Spencers The Costleys Ruth LEGREE and Family Roslynne Cooper and Sisters Mrs. Louise Ryanes Mrs. I. Ashford Mr. and Mrs. B. Wells Hester Broughton VICKIE Grant Dolly Williams Ruby Mathews Raymond Boone Raymond Boone Raymond Boone Essio Sabb Mr. Lorenzo Williams Jr. Mr. Lorenzo Williams Jr. Mr. Lorenzo Williams Jr. Mr. Lorenzo Williams Jr. Mack and Vivian Mack and Vivian James Belcher James Belcher Ruby Mathews Mr. Santorio Kato Bonita Byrdsong Mrs. Gortrude Harris Yvonne Harris Linda Harris Michael Harris Mrs. Ann Lancaster Mr. John Edwards Monroe Gist Monroe Gist Monroe Gist Monroe Gist Mr. Denson Brown Mr. Richard Bingham Mary Harris Mr. Jessie King Nerue BecLey Angela and Agena Brown William Boone Jason Brown Christine Robinson Rose Terry "V. H. S." Mr. Williams Little Deb B. loves Cliff S. Eric Lundie Rossie GlantonBOOSTERS Mr. Daniel Griffin Pearl Weavwo Denise Lor Howard Gilbert Howard David R. Adams Mrs. A. Adams Emma B. Casaol David Geriod Adams Freddie Mitchell Gleen Mrs. Annette Garbett Wanda Brigetta Garbett Teheran Waters Mr. William James Smith Miss Rose O'neal Charlene Dawson Grouer Johnson George Thomas Jr. Popeye Gwendolyn Peterson T. Rawls June Gilmore John Peterson Eleanor Pitts Alice White Rosetta Clark Clement Jackson Timothy McGhee Valerie Jenkins Vera Silas Judy Grant Mrs. Mary Boyd Mary Thomas Miss Bonnie Feider Mr. Richard Loving Mary Rafft M. Rasamelia Lydia Hall Mr. James Woods Mrs. Joan Knight Mr. Larry Young Mr. and Mrs. W. Oliver Miss Denise Moon Gloria Moses Mrs. Ida Moses Marie Moses Danren Wollridge Mrs. Ida Moses Cassandra Smith Seymour Brody Caldwell, McArthur Shelton Colewell Lather Williams Debra Roberts Robert Debose Mike Benjamin Gregory Worsley Diame Harrington Tangee Harris Dorothy Brown Benjamin Harris Sarah Harris Sarah Lowery Brenda Williams •'RUTGERS’ Mrs. Charles F. Woerner Al Berry Mrs. Boll Hurley Glanton Ethel Griffin Tia Tilghman Curley Williams Michael Howard Alston and Anderson Mrs. Gloria J. Wiggins Mr. Allen Billy Joo Adams Willene and Russell Mr. William Jacob Victoria Reginia Garbett Mr. Wondell Garbett Mrs. Odessa Scales Cyrus Soloman Leslie Cahhier Grouer Johnson Edward D. Williams Eddie King Jack June Gilmore Shelton Hayes Elizabeth McNair Lo Johnson Sheila Freeman John Moore Christine Cuttino Carolynn Baskerville Patsy Williams Audrey Ransom Buck—53 Sherman Ave. Juanita Harrell Sarah Frazier Miss Linda Felder Mrs. Dicy Loving G. Soprano PI 9-5432 Mrs. Y. Liloia Mrs. Mario Lee Miss Renee Moon Mr. and Mrs. T. Plowden Mrs. Bell Phillips Mrs. I. Moon Imogene Moaes Mrs. Ida Moses Michelle Moses Otis Bannhilt Lorraine Woolridge Mrs. Ida Moses Conabelle Davis Reginald Paul Gwendolyn Ranson Deborah Ranson Selina Roberts Mrs. Terry Crystil Benjamin Christine Benjamin Lisa Worsley Mel Knight Michelle and Avery Lennie and Thelma Newman Darrell and Sharon Mr. and Mrs. Alford EmmaBOOSTERS Matel Maggie Gramone Mutela Martha Soto Angel L. Morales Jose Orsini Mr. Carl M. Brown Mrs. Annie Campbell Betty Brown Betty 8rown Verna Jackson Mrs. Rosa Miloy Mr. Reddin Jackie Robinson Miss Sheila Thomas Sonya Bradsher Mrs. Jerry Bowers Mrs. Barbara Plowder Mrs. Phyllis Mason Mrs. Wilma Bergman Mr. Robott DuBebose Mr. Wright Brown Mrs. Johnnie Mae Raddiffe Kathy Murphy Nate and Janice "N. F. and J. O." "J. O." ,,lla‘' Clyde and Cat Bettye and Roosevelt Clyde Diggs Clydo A. Diggs Clyde A. Diggs Clydo A. Diggs Teresa Dixon Chris and Sean and Hossan Dixon Twig and Alo ixo Parker Esther M. McKnight Romie Singleton Jerome Singleton William Mallory Ezokiel L. Maxey Wayne Walker Sandra and Jerome Stancil Morrislong Bar Mr. R. Hurt Mr. Sally Faye and Claude Janet Clement Ethel Majette Tony Jenkins Mary Sanders Rev. J. Smith Butch Johnson Robert Callis A. Jones James Easley Jr. II Beatrice Brown Garfield White Lessie Eason Mr. Mallory Carol C. Bullock Theresa C. Radger James Gantt Tina Edwards Tatie Marea Eathe Antonio Perez Commer Mutela Angel L. Morales Jose Orsini Haydee Robles Mrs. Annie Campbell Annie Ruth Blakely Betty Brown Betty Brown Mrs. Annie Lewis Mr. Reddin Jackie and Cleveland Thornton Mrs. Nordheimer Stephanie Bradsher Mrs. Laura Baker Sweet Lena Mr. Thomas Plowder Mrs. Frances Hardy Mr. Calvin James Mott Kevin Baker Phyllis Brown Goraldine Raddiffe Nate and Janice Bennie Lee "Sharon" "J. O." "N. F. and J. O." "N. F. and J. O." Miss Bettye J. Wiley Clyde Diggs Clyde A. Diggs Clyde A. Diggs Clyde A. Diggs Mary Alice Dixon "The Meditation" Paris Day Mrs. John O. Lewis George Barkode J. H. Isler Miss C. Yvonne Morris Willie and Gloria The Delfonics Ellen and Duke The Best Basketball Coach Montgomery School PHY. ED. Dept. "Twiggy" 69 Cliff Nobles and Co. Ruth Royal A. Aquadro Ann King Marie Obie Samuel Black Sr. Mrs. Ernest Powell Helen Callis Arnold Steward Clara Easely Brenda GrayBOOSTERS Harry Easin Prof. J. Jordon Charles H. Bullock Mr. Belle Goldston Mrs. Belle Goldston Emerson Mungin Sheila Thomas Clinton Brown Gloria Cottle Anthony Brown Frank Nitty Edna Mae Shinall William Byrd Mrs. Lucbirda William Holleman William Holleman William Holleman Mrs. Mary Holleman Mrs. Mary Holleman Dolores Holloman Mrs. Mary Holloman Dolores Holloman Tommy Thompson Tommy Kleen-Rite Cleaners Princess Johnson Pamela M. Johnson Eloise McDonald McKinley Chavis Dedie and Matzell Bernice and BB Bonnie Lee Sharon Ragins Vivian Wanser Mr. Bachmann Mrs. Phyliss Johnson Scott Henry Ronald King Wanda Turner Sharon Johnson Leo Bunion Linda Rich Barbara Rich Mary Sanders James Rich George Walker Delores Howard Angeline Latta Melvin Watts J. Bivins Kenny and Carmella Chappie Pere Jones "Linda and Cliff' Mrs. V. White Mrs. Dorothy Chappie Glaria Jackson Mr. Centuri Mrs. King Mrs. Ruthie Corum Liz Corum "Dot and Murrey" Ralph's ? Dorothy and Murrey Lucy Rosario Maria Rosario Steven Velasquez Marcolina Mateo Rosa Rosario Joseph A. Miele Mrs. Terry Odel McCormick Martha Lowery Mrs. I. C. Harewood Annie Bell Hodges Mrs. Belle Goldston Mrs. Belle Goldston Donald Martin Mrs. Mozelle Reese Willie Glasper Willie Smith Lawrence Davis Larry Hargrove Hazel Smith Patricia Popin John Mitchell William Holloman William Holloman Mrs. Mary Holloman Mrs. Mary Holloman Dolores Holloman Ronald C. Thompson Thompson Tommy Princess Johnson Pamela M. Johnson Charles W. Johnson Sylvia Johnson Jowol and Ned Flemon Lowe (COOL) Linda Lee Jeanette Uoyd Rose A. Munroe From Lessie to friends Jacqueline Johnson Bettie R. Randolph Timmy Acey Ronald King Wanda Turner Marla E. Johnson Burnell Williams Havanna Wilson Willie Brown Deborah Sanders Lawrence Bond Otis Boatwright Oscar Oakes Joan Marie Washington Shirley Boston Thomas Brown Lillian Jones Steven Jones Patricia Shumanow "Winkie" Debra Shaw Gail Doster Louis Corum Mrs. Joyce Hill Mrs. Robert Joanne Perry Jerry VolpeCWEN HALL PATRICIA SAUNDERS VIVIAN UNDERWOOD And K) w come to the close of another school year. For seniors, the high school years are over. It’s time to say “Adios.” The Cog n Pen Staff completes its work—meets its last deadline. The yearbook has become a part of history. Many people have given much of their time and energy in a sincere effort to make this year’s book a meaningful momento. The staff wishes to extend its thanks to Mr. Bill McNamara of Taylor Publishing Company and Miss Shirley of Lorstan Studios. Our thanks to Mr. Stark and Mr. Walker for their assistance with the art work; Mrs. Greene, who supplied us with valuable reference materials; and Mr. Joe Ram who was always ready to offer advice. With this—life on the hill rests for another year, but not before it dreams of the future. 1969 Gog V Pen Staff Editor in Chief................................. Assistant Editor ............................... Editorial Editor................................ Photography Editor.............................. Copy Editor..................................... Activities Editor............................... Art Editor ..................................... . Eugene L. Milton . Deborah Brown Vivian Underwood Patricia Saunders Deborrah Pridgen . Gwendolyn Hall Travis Holloway Mrs. Evelyn G. Lewis Faculty Advisor 147Cog V Pen Staff Seated: Dclwrrah Pridgen—Copy Editor, Eugene Milton—Editor-in-Chief, Deborah Brown—Assistant Editor. Patricia Saunders—Photography Editor. 2nd Rok: Left to Right: Tiajuana Scarbough, Vivian Underwood, Lewie Johnson, Milton Boyd, Travis Holloway, Sheila Griffin, Gwen Hall— Activities. Deborah Graham, Roslyn Russell. ART STAFF Left to Right: Mr. S. Stark, Travis Holloway, Walter Richardson, Deborah Mitchell. 148"Annie and Virgil" Kenny and Cassandra Auria Rosario Frank Rosario Prorie Belon Orlando Rodriguez Miltoy Bolen Joseph A. Miele Mr. Ram Mr. Joseph Hunchak Hayward Miller 7th Avonue Jr. High Baskotball Team Laura Holbcrt Ruth T. McCarthy Joyce and Sammie Youman Jeanette Lewis Ruth T. McCarthy Lavern Melvin Elden W. Melvin Ernesto Ramos Angel Rivera Shaliese Thomas Olonda Abrarados Evestor Vardesia Lewis Graves Mrs. Christine Potts Bornadette Potts Mr. Joe Day Mrs. G. T. Doan Joseph Mulligan Hilda Zaepfel Emma Gibbs Hy Solomn Berins of Eldorado Minnie Louise Scott Josoph Apuzzio Hank Green Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brodie Mary Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smallwood Willie Mae Smith Carolyn Reddin Gladys Marshall Jonothan D. Morse J. H. Isler Rev. William Waller Rev. William Waller Cathy Lopaz Alice Parler Mrs. Roso Warson Lowis Thomas James Martin Bob Neil Ike Ike Willie Thomas Tiny Ann Thomas Helen Lockhart Rose L. Lockhart Robert Abney Clinton Clothing John L. Dowell Wallace Sanks Coraette Ransom BOOSTERS Norman Harris Shelia Thomas Jorge Mack Jr. Rosita Elizabeth Taylor Bettio and Bobbie "69" Alondo Thomos Raymond Perry Jr. Mrs. Georgia Dozier Shelly Thomas Demetri Thomas Dorothy Thomas Robert Tabb Dorothy Prall Ruth T. McCarthy Maggio Anderson Mrs. Ann Picken Carl L. Ashby Berneta Jackson Ernesto Ramos Betty Garcia Alondo Thomas Jr. Olonda Abrarados Evestor Vardesia Peace Brother Peace!! Mrs. Christine Potts Steven Potts Susan Gutowski W. J. Melido W. R. Coler Ronnie Miles Hy Solomn Cassandra Jenkins Berins of Eldorado E. D. Lane Barry Payleardi Jon Canzator Sis White Sylvia Jones Mrs. Althoia Wilson Eleanor Kitchen Isaiah Carers Glayds Marshall Jonothan D. Morse Yvonne Robinson Rev. William Waller John Harris Cathy Lopaz Frank Laigin Paula Jones William Felder Joseph Allen Charles Johnson Ike Ike Willie Thomas Patrick Cicoro Gene Lockhart Ann Abnoy Willie Askins Jr. Morgan C. Smith The Wade Family Miss Wilson Willie Grant Phyllis Harris Jorge Mack Jr. Ladenia Tarner Willie Gibson Charles Newman Tina and Charlos ’69’ Carol Thomas Mrs. Georgia Dozior Mrs. Georgia Dozier Tippy Thomas Kamanna Thomas Mrs. Lillio Simmons Robort Tabb Yvonne and Boys Ruth T. McCarthy Maggie Anderson David Anderson, Jr. Lorraine Garretson Gloria Blutcher Rafael Colon Amildo Burgos Mike Osegorda Mike Osegorda Evestor Vardesia Mrs. Christine Potts Evelyn Potts Kevin Potts G. T. Dean Kathleen Schaad '56 Ellen McGotty Mr. Stucky Potts Jr. Hy Solomn Hy Solomn Bornis of Eldorado E. D. Lane Patricia Kunie Nate Green Donna Walter Sylvia Andorson Jackie Robinson Cardyn Reddin Isaiah Carers Jonothan D. Morse Jonothan Morse Sis E. Coffee Rev. William Waller Ella Forbes Alexander Wade Louis and Cordelia Woodell Gloria Ann Harrehh Charles Jacobs Brannon Joseph Allen Charles Johnson Iko Williette Wilson Chuckaluc Thomas Gainey Wright Leotha Thigpen Rebecca Lockhart Gary Roberson Freddie Lee Roberson Cecil Guy John Wormley Ricky Harris Lilian Paul Jorgo Mack Jr. 149Lorraine Jones and Chip . Oabney Charles Suite—Mu Alpha Nu Dorene and Earl "69” Mrs. Sadie Allen Raymond Perry Mrs. Georgia Dozier Alondo Thomas Jr. Hermina Thomas Renard Thomas Robert Tabb Robert Tabb Kenneth Knight Hazel Weeker Patricia Burns Vivian White Kathy Bride Mickey Mrs. Minnie Hunt and Family Ebot and Penny Cecilo Green Maria Soto Joseph Chambers Herbert Jones Melinda Houser Mrs. Francine Griffin Mrs. Esther Brown Lorraine Cameron Mrs. Nathaniel Henty Sr. Mrs. Elenor Harris S. Melvin Matthews Sonya Hedgebeth Mrs. Evla Williams Mr. R. T. Grant Jr. Adelo Heintz Margaretta Profit Ruth Nemecek Elenore Butler Mr. Micheal Nole Doloris Tursi Nancy Carrigan Edna M. Galiano James Galiano, Jr. Mrs. Ann Esposito Miss Marion Tatoris Mrs. E. Henry Mrs. Ethel Delaney Mrs. Schulman Mr. Aquadro Mr. Armour Spooky Rygiel GiGi Uestrich King Uestrich Ronald Williams and Lorriane Jimmie and Mae Otis and Mary Minia Crawford Mrs. George Casltoborry Rev. Dennis Westbrooks Vergie Brown James McNair Doctor Smithberq Mr. Joseph Mandell Carol Dickens Little Bit BOOSTERS Hazel Cohens Marilyn Edwards Germa Brewster The Rankin Family Ethel Milton Ethel Proctor Helen Berko Donald Davis Margaret MacDonald Helen DiCarro Tony R. Ramos Domingo Gerena Gayle Roberts Jonnifer Jones Betty Analya Lucy Spivoy Tho Fivo Stair Steps and Cubio Mrs. Ann Maree Frankio and Baby Cakes Mary Frank Norman Charles Stefanski Joseph Chambers Jimmy Jones Antionetto Houser Garland Hester Leo Bunion Mrs. Nathaniel Henry Jr. Mrs. Elenor Harris Mr. Robert Honry Sr. Mrs. Irene Hedgebeth Mrs. Shirley Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Minter Stella Koza Carol Franco Lillie Sills Virginia A. Winky Marie Pratesi Norman Lerman Anne Selinger Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pope James Galiano, Sr. George R. Seebald Mrs. Ann Esposito Mr. David Foldman Mr. John Pr ice Mr. and Mrs. R. Minter Mrs. Sullivan Mr. Aquadro Mr. Hampton "Beny Sherman" Andre Uestrich Mao Hammed Chuck Fleming Linda M. Carthan Bruco and Rosita Rhode Brody Fred Bartenstein Muriel Williams "Sheryl" Harriet Griffin Mrs. Diane Masoy Mr. Ray Boxer Amanda Bostic Sally Richardson Helon Roberson Joseph A. Lyons, Jr. APC Ensemble The Happenings Pantry Del. Ethel Proctor Gladys Schreiber Ann Gregorio Anna Brescia Mary Cruz Domingo Gerena Juan Vargas Betty Wayte Nathaniol Bernard Mr. P. Sagoto Mavis Brown Lossie Cloclough Paul Reitemoyor Eddie Risher and Jean Hunt Rufus. Dorothy, Ruby Hunt Ceretha and Martin Satumo Negron Charles Stefanski Mildred Jones James Anthony Houser Jr. Rodney Houser Francis Bonnott Velton Williams Mr. Nathaniel Henry Jr. Mrs. Ruth Neal Mr. Nathaniel Henry Sr. Miss Malonia Alston Mrs. Shirley Brooks Mrs. Bernidene Lightfoot Rosalie Burnett Pat Franco Roslyn Winky Lucinda Jackson Hazel Zimmermann Mary Jackson Raymond Rocd Kathy Bridge Nancy R. Galiano Mulhare Mrs. Palma Celiano Clacdia Pridgon Miss Barbara Anne Delaney Miss Ethelyn Clark Mr. L. Block Mr. Ehrlich "spunky" "S Sherman March Uestrich Cordie Jones Tyrone and Patsy Mrs. Barbara Moultrie Bruco and Rosita Miss Debbie Pettiway Mrs. Sara Booker Elizabeth Staley Mrs. Hazel Johnson "The Phantom" (G. B.) Miss Karen Marcia McKenzie Jay-Jay Young 150Cora Thomas Vernese Hander Ellen Brody Lynette Whitfield James H. Rankin Cotugno, Robert Pantry Del. Jack Crawford Sydney Services Jean Horvath Filomena Ruccio Mrs. M. Tripp Carmen Gerena Rafael Vargas Madelyn Caruso Sharon Williams Dwayne T. Brooks Valerie Williams Mrs. Mary Pulliam Carl Bryant Debbie Miles Loretta Hadden Aquado Steve McQueen Custodial Staff—Central Ave. Shirley Jackson Norman Hoey Norman Hoey Anonymous Edith Wojtowicx Kenny and Carmolla Rosetta Clerk Robert Bobby Lane L. Alteri Uncle Ja'.e "Chitty Barber Shop" Nancy Koval Charles Rowe Sarah F. Amos Mrs. Carol Jones Zarrieff Jones Jessie Alexander James Ware Carrie Harrison Little Man Ann Benson Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority "69" John D. Simmons Carol Faison Miss Gail Haugalro Dorothy Martin Mrs. M. Atkinson Norman H. Cotter C H Restaurant—Central Ave. Ronald Simpson Derry Underwood Josephine Kowe Marjorie Smith Buck and Margie Forever Patricia Ann Smith J. H. Isler Walter Caracter Charles and Vivian BOOSTERS Mary D. Robinson Robbio Woolridge Rosetta Johnson (wbgo) Joann DiPaolo Margaret Bill Jean Davis Mary Frances Cassady Rena George Lydia Fuentes Irene Reilly Mrs. D. Chapman Sharon Chapman Harriet Griffin Martin Tomecek Alex Amster Joe Poarlman Eloanor Wright Elaino Schmidt Catherine Gillospie Crecent Grogries Mrs. Lillio Brooks Anthony Williams Mr. Bloom Betty Connors Lillian Whalen Teddy and Botty Walter Dennis Maurice Field Maurico Taylor Della Burton Norman Hoey Dorothy Jamos Roso Varro Mr. Eric Kiass Joanne and Donald Angela Pisciotta Jim and Tom Liquor’s Margaret Watkins Uncle Jake "Chitty" Barber Shop" Pexor Primamore Rosemary (Massey) Eugene Jones Jr. Mrs. Botty Dunston Mr. Dick Little Ella Pearl Lewis Webb Boys Margaret Cherry Linda Payno Mary Coevona Samuel J. Simmons Alex Maiur Mrs. Faison Angela Pisciotta M. Howard Miss Dollie Bynes Leslie and Clarise C H Restaurant Frank Green Nolan and Dorothy Mary Lamia Lincoln Jacobs Buck and Dimples Forever Patricia Ann Smith Alphonso Lee Jacobs Walter Caracter Bulesa Gibbs Kim Woolridge Igene Woolridge Lina Galozxo Gertrude Carter Annette Guerrieri Peggy Wyche Betty George Maxine George Christio Williams Charles Liborman Mrs. D. Chapman Wondy Chapman Oscar Greene Paul and Marty Joe Pearlman Joe Pearlman Peggy O'Brien Marilyn Battlo Susie Chuckerel John Martin Mrs. Esta Williams Vornoa Williams Jr. Irric Lowe Gwen Brogsdalo Jean Bruskie Aquado Maxino H. McQueen John Price Helen Wilcox and Wayne Moochie Love Lillian Norman Hoey Minnie Louise Scott Eveline Russell Evelyn Carment Red and Delores and Sean Michelle Sonya Thompson Louise Brown Uncle Jake Chitty Barbor Shop" Uncle Jake "Chitty Barbor Shop" Pexer Primamore Mary Anderson Mrs. Patricia Allen Mrs. Ernestine Scarborough Willie Jones John McCoy Ruby Webb Sweet Patsy Jones "Polife" (The MindJ Bobby Seymore Boyd Robinson Jr. Henrietta Blocker Blanche Johnson Mary L. Leake Julia Murray Alfonso and Debbie Michael Evans J. Jamos Robinson Derry Underwood Victor Porcolli Ann Gregorio Loo Haskel, Jr. 151BOOSTERS Melvin Dill Alphonso Lee Jacobs Charlos Edward Davis Ben Torre Gaither Terrell Keith Woolridge Eric H. C. Lundie Joann DiPaolo Gertrude Carter Candaco Brown Peggy Wyche Eugono Lockott Harry J. William Harriet Wesley John C. Estelle Dennis Scott Bey Marsha Sollars Martin Tomocok Paul and Marty Joo Pearlman Mr. Santore Gwendolyn Wardlow Mary Gramiak Leo and Patty Mrs. L. Bell Miss E. Watson Samtoro Miss M. Wolsifer Willie J. Stevens Mrs. A. Stovens Miss E. Walsh James Glivens Jackie, Sharon and Terry Harvey Banks Mr. Tallone Mrs. J. Cozzone Lorenzo and Dee David Kirkland David Kirkland David Kirkland The Lightfoot Sisters Mr. Grant Mrs. R. Mason Deniso Mason I Michelle Mason j Douglas Mason I Mr. Drugham I Mr. Bob Lemon I Mrs. L. Lewis I Mrs. Dorothy Anderson I Kevin M. Matthews I Mervin F. Matthews I Nedre T. Matthews I Na White I Chuckie and LaVerna 1 Woodrow Cooper Jr. I Rosemary Featherstone I Frank A. Fiorito I Scoot 1 Carolyn McAllister 1 Ronald and Patricia I Patricia and Robert I Willie and Poochie I Julie Jackson I Geraldine Radcliffe Michole King Betty Connor Mery S. Rybkiewicx Shirley Britt Matilda Boone Kyndall Lassiter Ethelyn Clark Selina Stevens Dorothy Caldwell Dorothy Caldwell Cathi Neri Marie Neri Elizabeth Boone Barbara Boone Esther Hoaglund Esthor Hoaglund Kay Quinn Kay Quinn Mrs. Beatrice Summers Mrs. Boatrice George Mr. Arnold Summors Mr. Willie Georgo Mrs. Rosielee Rogers Mr. James Rogers Mrs. Lenoro Hill Mrs. Eleanoro Mullen James Galarza Sonia Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Velazquez Adelo Tho Great Adolo Vasquez James Bey Natalie Vazquoi David Vazquez Mara Vasquez Louis Morales Jr. Nelly Vasquez Angelo and Myrno Angelo Vasquez Mrs. E. Sambur Eddie Jenkins Kelly Scott William Jackson Mr. Lester Cooper Good Old Uncle Lou Lola Smith Mrs. Ann Cooper Mrs. Ann Coopor Jacqueline Gholston Mrs. Terry Walter Dennis Mrs. Dorothy Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Wardlow Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Perkins Mr. Andy Wardlow Mrs. Evelyn Ragland Mr. Andy Wardlow Mr. Turner and Sons Jeannie Bernard Class of "68" Jeannie Bernard Class of "68" Mrs. Dorothy Dunn John and Diane Mr. Andy Wardlow Mrs. Gladys Wardlow Barbara Gibson Margeretto Jean and Mack Kleen-Rite Cleaners Kleen-Rite Cleaners Jean and Mack Gertrude Cheryl and Smitty Paula Hunt Ann Carletta Gordon Bridget Gordon Mattie and Lise Butler William C. Wilson Mr. John Ross Emma Jones Mr. Eddie Jones Mr. Eddie Jones Armentha Rankin Miss Helen Reid Melvin Searcy Bornard Shackleford George R. Mock Jr. Carl and Anna Karen Griffin Anita Lawson Mr. Leon Mullen Gi Gi Sonia and Horeste Horote Velazquez Adolaide Vasquoz Lydia Vasquez Jamos Boy Natalie Vazquez David V. "The Great" Antonio Vasquez Hector Ortiz Miguil Pastro Nolly Vasquez Angolo and Myrna Hooks Debbie and Larry Rainey Miss Alberta Frazier Jimmy W. Jackson Juanita McNabb Eddio Faston Mrs. Ann Coopor Mr. Lester Cooper Anderson Jones Little Bit Debbie Woods Hooks Mrs. J. Stawert Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Perkins Mrs. Mattie Housoal Doug and Shaun Koon Mrs. Gladys Wardlow Micheal and Michell Joanni© Bornard Class of "68" Jeanni© Bernard Class of "68" Mrs. Dorothy Dunn Mrs. Diano Bacon Syhimo and Doo Doo Mrs. Gladys Wardlow Mary Turnage Barbara McPherson 152Linda Bolton Ju • Ju Mincy Inc. Kloon-Rite Clcanors Delma and Ella Boston and Joyce John Val and Jack Lover '68 Toni Yvette Davis Joyce Blaino Sylvia Gordon Byron T. Robinson Juanita and Larry Butler Miss Diane Cook Miss Carolyn Cook Mr. Eddie Jones Mr. Eddie Jones Patricia Rankin as Pattie In Memory of Donald Rankin Mr. and Mrs. McCormick Dobbie Vann John Ombaldo Jr. Annie D. Horsley Sheldon Covington Gail Hairston Elsie Freeman Mr. James Harris Dennis Hawes Shirly Scarborough Mrs. Bornice Leverett Craig Harris Marsha Pearson Mr. Herbert Glover William Schiele Mrs. Essie Jackson Mrs. Connie Jennings Mrs. Jennings Edith Jackson Mr. Frank Gilyard Mrs. Martha Griffin Lorenxa Taylor Janice and Barry Burrell and Delores Lorraine C. Shippy Lorraine C. Shippy Dexter Benson Angela A. Shippy Minnie Rose Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins Robert and Grace Patrick D. Cicoro Mathew Szepanski Smallwood and Bolton Jennie Cicoro Nate Clark Ricky Voorhoes Henry G. Smith Mamie Hawkins Mamie Butler Miss Vicki Wilson Eva Davis Albert T. Hall Mrs. S. Herships Doris Anderson Johnio Mao Smith Kathryn Wostbrooks BOOSTERS Diane Gordon Sam and Vorne Vanessa Freeman Ellou Morris Earlic and Phillip Joseph P. Cordasco Willie B. Batts Helen Smith Hope Korzner Irv. Kerzner Charlie Mac Williams Lucille Kooton Bertha Gilbert Barbara Sutton James Carter Jr. Gortrude Banks Mrs. Ossie Loe Pauline Chambers Debra Lovo Walnut “Forever" Helen Smith Carmen Velez Josephine Pascual Neidi Garcia Trv Bernson Marie Rondeiro Poto Fiorentio Charles Phillips Ronnie Washington Lydia Levorett Tina and Herman Linda Blackman Mr. Herbort Glover Mr. Herbort Glover Mr. Henry Johnson Elaine Randolph "66" Mrs. Jennings Eula Williams Mrs. I. Hedgebeth Pamela R. Brooks Mrs. Reed Lorenza Taylor Eloanor McDonald Bee Jay and Dee Dee Lorraine C. Shippy Tyrone Annetta Annie and Tyrone John D. Shippy Robert L. Pritchard Larry and Phill Odoll and Alice Marie Szepanski Juanita Spain Gumby and Neil Jennie Cicoro Helyn Voorhees Dick Voorhees Mamie Hawkins Mamie Hawkins Edgar E. Thompson Constance Thomas Catherine Schenkel Waltine W. Thomas Delores Thorne Robert Hagans Sylvia Tullis Goraldine Lok Earlic and Phillip Eloiso and Woodie Wanada Pitts Bernine Williams Carol and Arbra Rennis Hoffman Carol Ann Ward Renee Wolf Sandy Korznor Robin Saunders Denzie Harrison Ella Mae Williams Alice Boydon William Montgomery Harriet Moore Annie Nash Michael Chambers Estelle Terry Margaret Antonucco Viola Barber Svloida Brito Helen Walinski Marie Russell Trv Bernson Daisy Gonsalves Pete Fiorentino Quintina Brown Carolyn Leverett Mr. William Buchanan Eddio Armstrong Larry Taylor Mr. Herbert Glover William Schiele Mrs. Lydia Dickson Elaine Randolph "66" Mrs. Jennings Charlotte Jackson Sonya Hodgebeth Miss Malonia Alston Lorenza Taylor Lorenza Taylor Delores and Burrell Burrell and Delores Lorraine C. Shippy Annio Bonson Grace and Robert Angela, Lorraine and John Shippy Tyrone Benson Bill and Delores Patrick D. Cicoro Marie Szepanski Irvin and Linda Mathew Szepanski Mrs. Terry Karen Voorhees Harold J. Sichler Mamie Hawkins Mamie Butler Mary Corcoran Dorothy McCall Marian E. Jackson Agnes Burrows Mrs. E. Throne 153Oscar Gordon Dennis A. Westbrooks Brenda Gordon Harrie T. Griffin Tanya and William Nathan Mathis Earlic and Anthony LSI Bit Jackson (Gail) Rennie and Betty Hoffman Donald Riley Antonia Gomes Viana Alan Kerzner Ruthie Burns Mrs. M. Sender Lue Ella Pugh Deloris Hardison Alice Campbell Harriet Moore Lauella Jamison Cam Chambers Joyce Terry Ronnie Veracchia Carmen Velei Helen Means Frances Johnson Marie Russell Rebecca Bucci Ruth N. Morais Maggie Simpkson Katie Johnson James W. Scott James Cooper Ollie V. Porter Louis Wilson Levi Brown Joesph McIntosh Thomas Fortenberry Thomas Fortenberry Mr. and Mrs. James B. Pope Helen Freeman Edna Galiano Patricia Holt Bill Jones William Carwel Barbara Jones Puddin Puddin Leroy—Anthony Jr. Harold D. Shaw Ruth Weaver Mr. D Nelson Mr. L. Conway Mr. L. Conway James Gilchrist James Gilchrist "Deb" Your SisKelly '64 Dorothy Anderson Jerome Whack Mr. Soul G. Rickey Darryl Clark J. Harris. Ralph Romano Timothy Flanagan BOOSTERS Russell T. Mason Helen Elliott Ginger Linda Greco Nancy Kerr Edward Yetman Ed Roberts J. Eicholts M. Mack Waltor Perry Bertha Pye Tonya Deneen King Makeline Shields Elsie Hawkins Noah Lynch Louis Monk Wesile and Jeffrey Annee Jamos and Patricia Robin My Niece Bernice Williams Sharon Raggan Patricia Mr. Mallory Mr. Ernest Wright Johnney Mrs. Mildred Dawson Nathaniel Melvin Josephine Fattorusso Eleanor Cupe Josephine McKnight Rose Petolino Kenneth Gibson "J. W. P. Q." Scott James Cooper Louis Wilson Levi Brown Levi Brown Joesph McIntosh Thomas Fortenberry Miss Hilda Scott Kathy Bride Nancy Carrigan Robert F. Drumm Joeretha Holt Merlanda Battles Rebecker Wilson James HoH Joeretha HoH Dorthy Anthony Julia Merrill Donald Harris William Clark George B. Mr. L. Conway Maria Eulina James Gilchrist James Gilchrist Kant Au Pemberton Dorothy Anderson Jerome Whack Soul Man G. Rickey M. Wortman James Beaver Lucy Romano Mabel Giamo Marge B. Haas Mary Ann Smith Kay Amato Nancy Kerr Nancy Kerr Ed Roberts Ed Roberts M. Mack M. Mack Alei Phillips Bertha Pye Allison Young Ernest Shields Sherrill Y. Hawkins Gene Mitchell Sal’s College Luncheonette Beverly John Guy McSwain Class of ‘64 Geraldine Saunders "Seiy TheT Debbie Lavern and Patrick Bernita and Warren Mr. Carl Wright Mrs. Lazo Mr. Philip Dawson Joenathan Melvin Josephine hattorusso Cresolene Mitchell Josephine McKnight Idester Tillery Kenneth Gibson Mr. "Buddy” Eunice James Cooper Louis Wilson Levi Brown Levi Brown Joesph McIntosh Thomas Fortenberry W. F. O. Connor Louie Collins Mrs. Ruby Parkeld Frances D' Alessio JoAnn Holt James HoH Jr. Lemon Wilson Billy Button Jones Willie HoH Claton Anthony Marion L Merrill Mr. D. Nelson George B. Mr. L Conway Beulah Gilchrist James Gilchrist Patricia Griffin H. R. 322 Class of ’64 Jay Davis Jerome Whack Jerome Whack G. Rickey G. Rickey 154M. Wortman Walter Lyons Shirley Schades Mary Ann Cancia Anna M. Reilly Pat Siculeitano Wilma E. Gobhard Nancy Kerr Andrew Napihitano Ed Roberts Marie O'Holla M. Mack Walter Perry Alex Phillips Bertha Pye Elaine Shields Jesse L. Scoott Lillian Dreherand Family Rose Payton Gene Taurto Patricia and James Best of Luck Patty S. Geraldine Saunders Mr. Feldman Patricia and Robert Mrs. Cohn Mr. Ernest Wright Mr. Carl Edward Mrs. Jeanne Kuper Christopher Dawson Cherie Denise Dawson Eleanor Cupe Cresolene Mitchell Rose Petolino Idester Tillery Tony's Conf. Jean Johnson John Busby Janie Thomas Runet Johnson Edna James Debbie Towns Mary V. Davis Doreen Davis Marsha Pearson James Mason Lorenzo Lopez Deborah Foster G. Maggio J. Britt Citgo Burt Wallace Mary Williams Lawrence Collins Ella Mae Farr A. Aquadro Oscor Greene Oscor Greene Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hurdle Jr. Mr. Johnny Williams Evelyn Younmen Curtis Coden Alma Williams Freddie Yowmens Cynthia Youmans BOOSTERS Eddie Thomas Jacqueline Doster Kenneth Breitenbach Mr. Charles Williams Miss Wolsifer Mr. L. Ray Fred Williams Marshall Sanders Lionell Belzomy Charlie -Hart Carol R. and Henry C. Leona Thompson Mrs. Al Capone Shirley Underwood Mrs. M. Hollander Allen and Annette Vernice and Reggie Donna and Herbert David and Diane Bruce T. and Linda H. Larry and Linda Richie and Candy Eugene Williams James Martin Bruce Saunders "The Saunders Family" Marsha Sellars Mrs. Mary Strand Mr. Carl Strand Lucilie Puryear Dianne Ricks A Friend Valorio Lowis Gregory Dixon Mrs. D. Mack Doris Marie Randall Tony's Conf. Elizabeth Johnson Ethel Scott Edward Pickett Peewee Hall Milton Bunn James L. McFaddon Yvonne Davis William Dolla Olivia William H. Miller Bummy Foster Blanch Forster J. Britt Citgo J. Britt Citgo Robert Taylor Mary Williams Thomas Tharpe Ella Mae Farr A. Aquadro Oscor Greene Danbro Mrs. Rebecca Taylor Mrs. Zoio Williams Rosa Taylor J. Tobica Williams Aveen Youmens Jerry T. Kinchen Tommie Sanders Delores Williams Mr. Santoro Vanessa Williams Mrs. Connie Williams John Raines Ruth Robinson Miss Shirley Johnson Mr. and Mrs. L. Polk John H. Henderson Edward Gallo Sr. Bobby and Jimmy Moses Hall Ada Stillwell Alford Keyo Allen and Annette Jeffrey Ellis Vernice and Reggie Donna and Herbert Mrs. Mary Strand Larry and Linda "Good Luck Errol" Mr. Donald Payne Daine Woolridge Phyllis Davis Jerrey Saunders Linda Humes Cecile Green Mr. Major Strand Linda Strand Wink and Reggie Ira Puryear Jr. Bit and Heenee Wink—Sassey One MalicS Thompson B. Salinardi Beachum Family Horenco Johnson Eunice Busby Dorothy William "EL CID" John C. McFaddon Mrs. Fox Theodore Davis Tonette Davis Leonard Johnson Jr. John H. Holmes Mrs. Mae L. Homes Walter Hill Deborah Butler J. Britt Citgo Joel Neiman Alvin Williams Gloria Willis Robert Bums Junior Moss Perry F. Coffee Jr. Oscor Greene Guss Brown Mr. Louis Taylor Arthur Youmens Lewis Taylor Jr. Catherine Youmans Paulette Williams Margaret Sanders Lucilie Sanders 155Doan Boorosian "Dinky Do Right" Mr. J. H. Isler Chifton Shall Phyllis Davis Michael Evans Morris Jennings William Harvey Mr. and Mrs. L Harris Jr. Theresa A. Dzurina Doc Thompson Henry Nicro Frank Nibult Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cox Allen and Annett Fayetta Webb Donnie and Shirley 69 David and Diane Floronce Humes Larry and Linda Marilyn Hill ssHs 69 The Upsala Sigma Taus Jerome and Hazel Lamont Carter Barry Saunders Janet Sellars Rorzell Anderson Miss Donna Strand Lawrence Strand Lucille Puryear Ira Puryear Jr. Valorie Lewis Tariff Wahe Dixon S. Di Costanzi Mrs. LaVerne Thomas Vernon Lee Lucas Lass Lassiter Geraldine Mingo Anthony Von Lucas Hugh Von Lucas Lee Von Isaac Pete McDaniel Maha Lee Lucas George Cobb Sharon Hollman Barbara Harris Patrich Cicoro Harry Paden John Calhoun Pascal J. Sagato Martha Dowdell Patricia Dowdell Shirley Faison and Thomas Thompson III Tanya Wiggins Jewel Wiggins Mildred Wiggins Frank Whitty Frank A. Fiorito Jerildine Moses Mary Moses Sammy D. Moses Allen Moses Debbie McNabb Sam Eason BOOSTERS Bertha Coleman Haywood Presley Booker T. Campboll James Moody Martha Edwards Pat Wilson Archie and Sheila Lisa Stamps Mattie Lassiter Mr. Malory Ezell Lucas Janet Coleman William Johnson William Johnson Lue Ann Wiley Lassiter Margaret Sheila Ali P. Saunders Oil Co. Vincent F. Byron Billy William Dotty Dobrowolski Mrs. Catherine Blackwell Gene Le Page Katie Cottle Lamurr Jones Renee Jones Evon Jones Frances Shipman Mr. Ernest C. Ellenberger Mrs. Louise Wright Miss J. M. Scott Mrs. L. V. Ricks Master Raymond Williams Reeves Carolyn Edwand J. Mitchell Buck Love Dimples Judy Williams James Williams Harry Laurir Mr. Delisi Gladys Richards Jackie Williams Mr. Buchanam Blums Yard Store Enid Debbie One and only Mike Mrs. Brown Chick Welton Mr. and Mrs. C. Alston Mrs. Glover Maryin Covington Jessie Covinton Mrs. Millie Byrd Patricia Baskeeville Linwood Jones III Janice Morton Gloria Clifton Kevin Bethea Ethel Roberson Anton Terrell Moore Eddie 3ass Roberta Granger Martha Lowery Burney L. Adams Deborah Mitchell Joyco R. Mack Johnny's Cone Cora Smith Corra Smith Virgina Maggio Cannon Clora Hudson Carmela Stamps Hilda and Woody Judy Wilson A. L. Marsh Velma Lassiter James and Elizabeth McBridge Marie Isaac Catherine Youtt J. H. VanderHoof Arnold Saloway Jonnie Bank Mrs. Harriett Morgan Willie McMichael C. Bradley Mrs. Mildred Byron Liz D’urso Lenny Matika Mamie Carmichael Mildred MoHey Johnnie Cottle Sr. Gwendolyn Daiels Nannette Adams Evon Jones Mrs. Lucy N. Summers Mrs. Diane Crosby Mr. Johnny Wright Mrs. Fayleen Lowe Robert Roy Engle Master Alex Williams Miss Ruby Forney Charles Ferguson Buck and Margie Jonah W. Simms Carolyn Baskerville Leo Bunion Mick Richardson Edith Harrison and James Williams Hattio Watts Sandra Gertrude Seliqsohn Dora Doris Linda Mrs. Walter Mr. and Mr. Rev. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Health Mr. and Mrs. John Ford Gloria Munn Anne Covington Mary Di Nicolas James Baskerville Jr. James Baskerville Carolyn Judd Marcus Bethea 156Willi® Roberson Linnie Bell Moore Almateon Moore Cora Granger Ruth Frost Burney L. Adams Richard Hay Mrs. Vernell McCoy Yusef Mincy Anita Holt Cora Smith Cora Smith Virgina Sarah Atkins Hudgon Miss Colrick Brenda McNeil Gwen Hall and Reggie Beachum Ronoe Darleon McGhee Willie Pruitt Letitia McBridge Vernon Loe Lucas Mrs. Lillia V. Heard J—Misacavago Vincent F. Byron Jr. Henry Holt Mrs. Annie Mae Jim Poto Saunders Fred Smith J. Harrison Jack Kelly Mrs. Alice Roselene Betty Lo Page Patrick Morley Lennth Morse Reginald Jones Evon Jones Evon Jones Mrs. Dorothy Simons Mr. Linney Crosby Mrs. Scylla Mack Mrs. Horene Myers Gertrude Coppodgo Mrs. Irene Spivey Marjorie Smith Haskel Lee Jr. Von and Lue Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Son Vivian Ann Gwen Jacobs Lawrence Washington Michelle Larkins Eennie Larkins Jerry Hodges S. Varady Vera Wiggins Vincent Stewart Rev. William Reilly Mr. Nicholas Mr. Cordassco Barbara Washington Leola Wafers Zandra Belfield Mrs. Lawrence Perkins Roseann Delucia BOOSTERS William Furst Howard Bellamt Robert McKolvio William C. Conner James Fitgerald The Moditations Warron Benson Mrs. P. Roberts Fay Moschol Elton Mitchell Gladys Kelly Gwendolyn Crawford Mamie Crawford Frank Herring Waltine Crawford Mrs. Hooks Yvonne Lee Iday and Carol Grant and Leslie Allen Teddy and Janet Bonnie Ocio Mao Mannings Tanks and Shaiman Miss Gloria A. Snow Fred L. Sinclair Betty Morris Monroe Morris Doniso Rochelle Thomas Mr. Edmond Thomas Jr. Denise and Rhonda Thomas Mrs. Porter A. Aquadro Richard L. White Sonia and Israel Myrna and Angelo Phyllis and Nick Stephen McMullan James Galarza Consvele Vasquei Mary Wells Gregory Wells Dorothy Wells Mrs. F. L. Roberson S. Farber Mrs. Mary Carter "GRANY" John R. Lanza Ida Thomas Geraldine Washington James Moses Thelma Brown Janet Blakley Mertoen P. Carey Thomas Boyko Anthony Provenzano Mary Malden William Daniol Dave Dohrman Wilson Einould Thomas Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Genevna and Florenco Bonson Joyce Stanzione Karen Kennedy Mary McLain D. Carney Sharon Crawford Gary Johnson Kenney Jonos Lavra Crawford Linda Johnson Alfred Hook James Daniels Danny Gibson Darrell Evans Alvin Lee Billingslea Raymond Blount Janio Simon Betty Salter Norman McNeath Jeff and Pam John W. Rosborough Etta Thomas Emanuel Howell Raymond Williams William E. Hering Leonard Bryant Jr. Mendell Johnson Edwin V. Rachel Phyllis and Nick Phyllis and Nick Stephen McMullan Dionisia Accuado Consvelo Vasquez Lawrcnco Washington Jr. Brenda Wells Ann Pasley Mr. Wallace Banks H. Hoffman Mrs. Lago Richard McGoinness Michelle King Doleta Gentry Karen Townes Ernest Brown Cynthia Blakely Mrs. Florence Semento Florenco J. Chert Ellen A. McLaughlin Peter Deanan Steve Chernela Lee Paterson Mr. Wade Smith Linda Davis Gloria L Benson Ojetta Benson Eugene M. Sands Doris Trautwein Rachel Hunter Tyrone Crawford Carrie Bell Crawford Connie Johnson Betty Crawford Richard Hartwell Denies Johnson Tiny Crawford Delma Allen Mrs. P. Gleaves Albert and Augustine Raymond and Lisa Morris Lorona Harrington 157Alberta Simon Iris Strother Samuel and Carolyn Willie Smith Rhonda Dyan Thomas Mr. Willie Harris Harry Rosenthal Lewis Beller Janice Cromer Mrs. Ropor Hilda Santiago Phyllis and Nick Stephen McMullen Stephen McMullen Nicanor Velasquez Mr. Thomas Spinger Marjorie Smith Marjorie Smith Mrs. Cherry Rodney Swepson Jamos Williams Mick Swepson Miss Johnney Mae Walker Kenny and Dell Charlie Carpenter Tziah Mike Sophie L. Kazanjian Mrs. Lucille Dorch Mr. and Mrs. J. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mintz Michael Mintx Mr. James Smith Mrs. Lucille Dorch and Children Jerry Triano Roy Byms Roy Byms Hayward B. Kinney Thelma Robinson Willa Brown Mrs. O. Weinreich Mrs. O. Weinreich James B. Martin James B. Martin Mercadante V. Mrs. James A. Blaney Mrs. Martha Bing Dennis Scott Mrs. Luella Scott Joseph Scott Cyril Mason Willie Smith Pat Arace Ida Cusolore Patricia Melvin Harvey Richardson Sr. Tomar D. Gen Mr. Henry Lieborson Dave Cantor Diane and Cookie Leo Gawthney Pop, Kat, Bo Poep, Twig, '69 Lorraine Woolridgc Judy Adams Gloria Blutcher BOOSTERS Tonia Gillespie Bob Miller Betty DoBorry Elizabeth Adams Dale Kelson Tracy Bruton Larry Pallotta Marian Brown Rhonda Hunt Johnnie Mae Travis Ronald and Joyce Mr. J. Williams Buck and Dimples Mrs. Richards Jesses Henderson Diane "Chewey" Jacobs Cassanda Spivey Albert Berry (The Lover) Mr. Rodnoy Hollie Swepson Sara Swepson Charlie Carpenter Glenn Thompson Rosalie Burnett Mr. Carthel Wright Tinka and Poe Wee Dorch Shara Mintz Gayton Bindery—Newark Andrew Fryer John Bonomo Jerrry Triano Roy Byrns Mrs. Martha Jackson Robert Singline Willa Brown Willa Brown Mrs. O. Weinreich James B. Martin James B. Martin Marilyn Gaynor Mrs. Wade Mrs. Aline Langley Mary Purvis James Cokely Mrs. Eugene E. Scott II Michele Scott Clinton Brown Harriet Griffin Pat Arace Horzell Anderson Tonya Melvin Mrs. D. Gen Yael Gen Mrs. Henry Ueberson John D. Foster Bettie L. Johnson Sweet Tine '69 Tina Edwards C. H. S. '69 Mr. Milone James Cummings Mr. Mallory Jacqueline Doster James McKenzie Kenneth Armstrong Thomas Holbert Jr. Joseph Brown Terrance Bruton Larry Pallotta Tonya Williams Mrs. Willie Mae Travis Vera Silas "N" Eddie Moore Eddie and Susan Mr. V. Walker Haskel Lee Jr. Mrs. Edmonds Mrs. Sara Swepson Good Luck and Best Wishes Barry Jackson Deborah Lynn Griffin Gloria Jean Anderson Sara's Luncheonette Cynthia and Tony Miss Roslyn G. Winkey Mr. Welton Cartwright Mrs. J. Farrell Charles Kidd Mark Mintz Norman Dorch—Prop. The Fryer Family Jerry Triano Jerry Triano Roy Byrns Sgt. Tillie E. Turner Thelma Robinson Willa Brown Pat Arace Mrs. O. Weinreich James B. Martin James B. Martin Mercadante. V. Vivan C. Andrews Mrs. Martha Bing Mary Tillery Luella Scott Mrs. Eugene E. Scott Sr. Faye Scott Clarence Sly Pat Arace Andrew Gayonr Patricia Melvin Louiso Molvin Rieka Gen Ronit Gen Linda Cantor Tina and Melvin '68—'69 Ethelyn Clark Tine and Mel "Always" Beverly McConnell Elizabeth Corum James Tillery William McDaniel Tyrone Banks Theresa Lano Larry Hargove Thomas Holbert Sr. Nathaniel Harris Tonya Bruton Joyce Scefcyk Tracy Williams Joseph Brown Diane Paulene Harris 158m JfAHMI tJ i 0°

Suggestions in the Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Cog N Pen Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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