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 - Class of 1942

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N555 155322411 ' ' ,f . 5 - X -Q - f f , , 5 fi ' , 1 1 .L .,..?.-Q ,Q , , Y :jk ,N 4,5 . X. 4 wx :qs xx ,ad , "A 'W' I 1 4M'L.r.1 y " :dmv -X33 ' A ' ix gb' ,X W f X I - Q35 3- 5 K S . .u ' - Q A , f ,M A I A 5 NA X z ' . , , hi fi iEQ1WSw?' CW :R M ' 16 1 ei' 'W ' if xiii im' fr.. " is 5 ni H rr cf irx. ,gr 4 A 135-,,,QxiV -, , F wk, A L- . 5-Ms Rug, Fwy , A JI:- ' Q ,fa .,aM 1 - . ,, W Q: W- Q- X 3 v. ,J via wvgizjyg, ,ji I V Aixvggffgilwg f X b b git .. s Q ,Y X Ap . . .. A W Q. A 3. f W . fn.. - . , 3j,Q,fr 4 , lg 1,1f.,"'7 , My an y L , 5 S A Mgt J: . X, ,xi :Q S XR S! M -wg Q f', 1 wr, V an sgwm ff JRR 1 + 4 Q, 'fi , AA rf! - ' A 14 ,--.,.q ,n, x . Q fx 5 f f ' fn 'S W 10 X QQ 1 25 V X ' , " wwf, 1' N xi! R X f f U X b N iumsu X X Q . Y R, X S N . XX ' ' 1 'X fx x Q. , A.. M " S yn' A5 Yfiis. minhfmd.. OUR SCEKDOL CLASSES ORGAPHZATIONS FEATURES ATHLETICS WCDIQD ,fwfiagy . 142262 Y, ' , In this momentous world struggle lost on the Bataan penisula, for human liberty and freedom, and another probably wentldown and even for the preservation of with the aircraft carrier Langley. what we believe constitutes the These boys were regular fellows best way of living, the schools of who loved life just as we do. America with their high ideals Their sacrifices should make us will respond eagerly and give all the more determined to stand whatsoever they are called upon fast in the faith. to do. As a school we have purchased We here at Central pledge our several hundred dollars worth of support to the war effort of our war bonds with money raised by government. We will try to carry the students for our Liberty Day on calmly and maintain a high iMay Doyl festival. Besides this morale and meet the crises with individual students have bought the same kind of fortitude that many times thatamount in bonds has been characteristic of Amer- and stamps. Numbers of our icons these many generations. boys and girls are registered for civilian defense work. This We are willing to surrender is an example of the spirit that many of the things that have has dominated Central these made American life comfortable thirty-six years of her existance. and pleasant but we are not will- A ing to give up freedom, iustice In spite of world conditions and and faith. conditions at home the Centralite staff has tried to put into the Already more than two hundred T942 Senior Edition the same of our own Central boys, and thoughtful care as of former some of our girls as nurses, years. lt is our sincere wish are giving their strength and that from its pages you their lives to uphold our may derive much pleas- wonderful heritage of ure, and prize it as a freedom. They are en- book of many happy listed in all branches memories. lt is also our of the armed service, wish and prayer that throughout the world. peace m a y come to every heart, as Two of our boys peace comes to w e r e killed in the whole world. th e dastardly B ut until that attack on Pearl time comes we Harbor, anoth- pledge o ur er is feared vigilance. it . wi. i' -ten L. . FT? 'LWEL' rn ., .. -flu '- 'gs if. - J U' '1'- L 'W DICATION WISDOM HAS SAID, "IT IS NOT HOW LONG ONE HAS LIVED, BUT HOW WELL." FORTUNATE, INDEED, THOUGH IS MAN- KIND WHEN DESTINY IN HER MYSTERIOUS WAY MOVES TO FILL THE LIFE OF ONE INDIVIDUAL NOT ONLY WITH DEVOTED SERVICE, BUT WITH MANY YEARS OF THIS SERVICE ..... SUCH IS THE LIFE OF OUR OWN MR. SEYMOURg AND BECAUSE WE OF THE SENIOR CLASS WISH TO HONOR JUST SUCH A LIFE, MAY WE DEDICATE TO HIM THE NINETEEN - HUNDRED - FORTY - TWO EDITION OF THE CENTRALITE ..... MR. H. T. SEYMOUR '-f17 Mytfaf' I MISS HASSIE K. GRESHAM Principal "It my people, whicie called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my lace, and turn from their wickei ways, then will I hear tram heaven, lncl tergive their sin, and will heal their land." Il Chrunicles 7:14 f f ' ,Tdvqfg V, 1 I . l', I .1 I," N' W -1' 'f - 'f ' ,tlf 1 ffw 1 MISS EFFIE ANDERSON MISS MARGARET DAVIDSON Home Economics Home Economics MISS LUCY ATCHLEY MR. EDWARD DOUGHERTY History Art, Civics MISS ALBERTA AHLER MISS LOUISE DUGGAN English, Lortin Physical Education MR. WILLIAM BELL MR. N. B. EUBANK Mechanical Dmwing History, Commercial Low MISS AUDREY SUSAN BRICKEY MISS LULA GIBBS Office Clerk English FACULTY uf, MISS KATE GIBSON English MR. CHARLES LEE GRAVES Physical Education MISS HASSIE K. GRESHAM English MRS. REVA GUINN Home Economics MISS NANNIE LEE HICKS History MISS LAURA BELL JENNINGS English MR. EARL KELLER Mathematics MR. JAMES R. LARGE Manual Training MR. TIPTON MASTERSON Sociology, Economics MISS CLARA MASTERSON English FACULTY MISS MARY MAY Home Economics MISS LELA PACE MOORE Latin MISS MINNIE MYERS History MISS EVELYN PERKINS Music, English MR, B. O. PETREE Mathematics MRS. FANNIE BLOW W. ROGERS Librarian MR. WILLIAM G. ROSE English, History MR. E. S. ROSS General Science MR. H. T. SEYMOUR Mathematics MR. ROBERT C. SEARLE Mathematics FACULTY MRS. E. M. STUART History, English MR. E. M. STUART Civics, Physics MISS GLADYS STONE Commercial MR. WILLIAM R. TURNER Lcitin, English MRS. LOUISE VAN GILDER French, Spanish MISS MARY WEAVER English, Dromotics MISS ANNA WEIGEL Biology MISS ANNA WINEGAR English MR, THOMAS W. WHITEHEAD Chemistry MR. O'DELL WILLIS Music MRS. GENEVIEVE WILSON Mathematics FACULTY Co-editors .,,,,. .,,..A., E unice Block, Patty Hoebner News Editor ,.,,.,A.,,,,, ........... D ennis Waldrop Club Editor ,,,,,,,,.,,.4A,,,....,, .......... L ena Kate Ailor Assistant Club Editor .,........w. ,..,.......s,...........Y K aren Taylor Feature Editor ..,,,,,,,,s,,..,,,,A...,..,.....,,,,.A...... Martha Lee Pearman Feature Reporters ....,............, Inez Smith, Mary Ann Thornton, David Block, Donald Van Hoozier Music Editor ...,.uu,........,........,...,........................,..... Melvyn Lady Assistant Music Ed' rgare' Money Sports Editor . .. . . Sports Writers ..........,...,.,...,,,... Asa Ambrister, John Wa ler Alumni Editors ..,...,......................, Charlotte Berry, Zoe Jeffers Reporters ....,....,.. Frances Harris, Betty Hicks, Dorothy Hargis, June Jarnrgan, Marie Northern, Sara Wedeklnd Typists .................,,..........,...,...,............ Ruth Turner, Cecile Hall, Polly Leinart, Bill Davis Business Manager .,,.,,, .....,....,............ F rank Wylie Circulation Manager ..... ..........s.s.................,.,. B ill Quigg Circulation Assistants ......s. ......,,.,,,.... J ohn Hahn, Ray Cate Sonny Baker, Lynn McCloud Advertising Manager Advertising Assistants Lowe E. Sattertield, Bill Broome, Bobby Sandmann, Dorothy Osmun, Betty Highbaugh, Billie McKinney Advisors .............................,.s,,s...u....,,.,.., Miss Nannie Lee Hicks Mr. William G. Rose, Mr. Thomas'W. Whitehead 1 f- 1' fag! .L 5.Mbm MMM CLASS OFFICERS JOE LAY ..............................,.....,....................... President BILL YAMBERT ......... ......... V ice-President INEZ SMITH ,....,............A... ........,... S ecretary MARGARET FOGARTY ......... ............ T reasurer EN! RS LENA KATE AILOR Daughter of Judge and Mrs. Thurman Ailor, Strawberry Plains, Tenn., Centralite Staff '41, 42, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Vice President of Girl Reserves '41, Delegate to Girl Reserve Conference '41, May Day '40, Glee Club '39, '40, Camera Club '41, Variety Show '39, High School Day '40, Glee Club Festival '40, Glee Club Concert '40. BARBARA BALDOCK Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Baldock, 509 Galbraith St., Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, Hiking Club '41, '42, Bowling Club '41. JO ALTA BANKER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Banker, 2361 East Fifth Avenue, Knoxville Tenn., Hiking Club '39, '40, Library Club '39, '40, '41, Monitor '41, '42. LUCILLE BAYLESS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Bayless, Route 11, Fountain City, Tenn. JEAN BELLAM Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bellom, Ball Camp Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. EDNA BERNEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Berney, 324 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Library Club '40, '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Dramatics Club '41, '42, Stunt Night '41. CHARLOTTE BERRY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Berry, Spring Hill Road, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Dramotics Club '39, '40, Debating Club '39, '40, May Day '38, Stunt Night '41, Latin Tournament '39, '40 '41, Third Place in Latin Tournament for East Tenn., '41, Latin Club '41, '42, Cen- tralite Staff '41, '42. EMQZ-97+ 0 Z, RICHARD EARL Acurr Son of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Acuff, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Dramotics Club '39, '40, Chemistry Club '40, '41. ASA R. AMBRISTER, Jr. Son of Mr, and Mrs. Asa R. Ambrister, Oak- view Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., .lunior Honor Society '38, '39, '40, Minstrel '39, '40, '42, Hi-Y '41, '42, Dramatics Club '39 '40, '41, '42, Treasurer of Dramatic Club '39, '40, Secretary of Dramatic Club '39, '40, Debating Team '39, '40, '41, '42, Vice President ol Debating Club '40, '41, Presi- dent of Debating Club '41, '42, High School Day as Debator '40, '41, '42, Rep. to Ashe- ville as Debator '40, Stunt Night '41, Latin Tournament '39, Treasurer of Junior Class '40, '41, Basketball '41, '42, Variety Show '39, '40, Centralite Staff '41, '42, Student Sport Announcer on W. N. O. X. '41, '42, Senior Honor Society '40, '41, '42. ROLLAND ANDERSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Anderson, 2204 Harvey Street, Knoxville, Tennessee JACK H. ATKINS Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Atkins, Buffat Road, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Variety Show '39, '40. DOUGLAS BAILEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hop Bailey, 217 Gibbs Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Womanless Wedding '39, Band '39, '40, '41, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Football '41, '42. EUGENE BARRY Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Barry, 1154 Eleanor Street, Knoxville, Tenn., Football '41, '42, Basketball '41, '42, 4-H Club '39, '40 '41 '42 I I - LLOYD BEST Son ol Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Best, 742 Maple Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Minstrel '41, '42, Basketball '39, Hiking Club '42, Girl Reserve Play '40, May Day '40. EUNICE BLOCK Daughter at Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Block, 625 Tazewell Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Latin T rna nt '39 Dramatics Club '39, '40, '4 ' 2, S ret ry Dramatics Club '39,"40, De ing Cl ' 9, '40, '41, Girl Reserves '40, '41 42, Program Chairman of rl Reset '41, Secretary ol Girl R es ' mber ol Girl Rese lnt - ub C u il 41, '42, Vice-Presi t o irl rv Inter-Club Council '4 , Re resentat' Extempora' neous Spe to Ashevi 40, Chemistry Club '40, , Monitor , '42, "Ready Made Family" '40, Stunt Night '41, Minstrel '41, '42, Centralite Staff '39, '40, '41, '42, Co-Editor of Centralite '41, '42, Senior Honor Society '41, '42. LOUISE BORING Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .l. A. Boring, 728 Parkway Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec '39, '40, Girl Reserve '39, '40, '41, Glee Club '39, '40, '41, Concert '41, High School Day U. T. '39, '40, '41, Victory Night '41, Minstrel '38, '39, '40, May Day '39, '40, '41, '42, Variety Show '39, Cheerleader '40, 41, '42. CLOVER ARLENE BROWN Daughter ot Mr. J. B. Brown, 605 West Filth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn. MARY CATHERINE BROWN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Brown, 311 W. 6th Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Hikind Club '40, '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. KATHLEEN LOUISE BROWN Daughter ol Mr. J. B. Brown, 605 West Filth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Bowling Club '41, '42. MARY ETTA BURKHART Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Burkhart, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '40, '41, Chemistry Club '40, '41. LOUISE BURNETTE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Burnette, 445 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. my jUl0.fr,cv.5lX W . HAY BLAKELY Son of Mr. an Oak Ridge, Fou '38, Woma ss '38 '39 '41 '4 r . D. Bl y lack n C' , ., ay ed 9, Basketball 'C' Club ' 1- '42- Chemis- try'Club 'nf Afmccuiiae s .Soi Qi Chatta- nooga, Tenn., Minstrel '40, Football '40, Basketball '40, Cheerleader '40, '41, '42. BILL BOZEMAN Son of Mrs. L. H. Hargis, Mascot, Tenn CLARENCE BRACKEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Bracken, Route 4, Knoxville, Tenn., Chemistry Club '40, '41, Movie Operator '40, '41, '42. TOM Son ot Mr. and Emoriland Blvd., Junior Hi-Y '38, tral Monitor '40, CARTWRIGHT Mrs. A. B. Cartwright, 104 Knoxville, Tenn., Park '39, Monitor '38, '39, Cen- '41, Chemistry Club '40, '41 BILLY DANIEL Son ot Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Daniel, Route 1, Mascot, Tenn., 4-H Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, CHARLES DOUGHTY Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Doughty, 609 Jacksboro Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Treasurer ot Hi-Y ' ffl!-bf SUMMER A. DOW, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Dow, 605 Fair Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Football '39, '40, '41, Hi-Y '39, '40, '41, "C" Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, Camera Club '41, '42, "Socki Ty" '41, '42. AVERY G. CAPPS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Capps, 312 Tazewell Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Library Club '40, '41, '42, Dramatics Club '41, '42, stunt Night '41, EVELYN CAUL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hall, Fair Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Hiking Club '38, '39, May Day Program '39, Glee Club '39, Minstrel '38, BARBARA ANN CLARK Daughter of Harry E. Clark, 226 E. Okla- homa Ave,, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Treasurer at Senior Honor Society '42, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Home Ec Club '38, '39, Stunt Night '41, Latin Tourna- ment '39, '40, '41, '42, Debating Tourna- ment '41, Debating Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Dramatics Club '42, Roman Maneuvers '41, '42, Commercial Club '42, County Wide Style Show '39, Commencement Speaker '42, May Day '40, '41. JEAN COBBLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Cobble, 207 Woodrow Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Girl Reserves Delegate to Conference '39, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Hiking Club '40, '41, Home Ec Club '38, '39, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Dramatic Club '39, '40, '41, May Day '39, '40, Representative ot Speech De- partment to Asheville, N. C., '40, Repre- sentative to University of lndiana '41, First Place Winner of Dramatic Declamation on High School Day '41, Drum Maiorette '41, '42, Stunt Night '4l. MARY ELIZABETH COLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cole, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Commercial Club '41, '42. CHARLES EDINGTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Edington, Heiskell, Tenn., Transferred from Powell High School '39, Debating Club '40, '41, '42, Dramatics Club '40, '41, '42, Vice- president of Dramatics Club '41, '42, Chemis- try Club '40, '41, Hiking Club '40, '41, Minstrel '42, "Where the Cross is Made" '41, Representative to Bloomington, Indiana '41, High School Day at U. T. '41, Basket- ball '4I, '42. JIMMY ELLIOTT s Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Elliott, Washing- ton Pike, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn., Chemis- try Club '40, '41, Camera Club '41, Order of Sacki Ty '41, '42. HARRY ELLIOTT Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Elliott, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., 4-H Club '40, '41, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Sketch Club '40, '41, '42, Commercial Club '41, '42. . A GE H. s Mr. an Mrs. . a , Route 2, Western rive, ou ain City, Tenn., Band ' 9, '40, 1, ' , i-Y '39 '40 '41, olu Stat , Mlm Ba d , '42. JOE E. FIELDEN Son ot Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fielden, 306 Highland Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '39, '40, '41, '42, Hiking Club '42. S g i X X B TY RAC O - ' JOHN ALBERT T D ter Mr. nd Mr. J. H. 'T ' mn' Av ount City, Te .f Son of Mr. and Mrs. .I. A. Fitch, Route 6, Home c Kills. '37, ' ra tic - ' Washington Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Band '38, '39, '4 , '4 , irl Reserve ' I ' i 5, '39, '40, '41, Hi-Y '41, '42, National Music Club '40, Representative dis on . -rg Competition Richmond, Va., '41, Rhododen- rnatic reading '40, Representative district contest humorous reading '40, Representa- tive inter-state contest poetry reading. MARY LLOYD CUNNINGHAM Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cunning- ham, Belmont Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, '40, Sophomore Girl Re- serves, Junior Girl Reserves, Dramatics Club '41, '42, May Day '39, '40, '41, Victory Night. dron Festival Asheville '39, State Contest Johnson City '40, '41, '41. FRED GHEEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gheen, Route 7, Knoxville, Tennessee. AGNES VIRGINIA CURFCIER Daughter of Mrs. Martha Currier, Coster Road, lnskip, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Commercial Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Stunt Night '4I. iff ,' ' V, I . , 4 I M-, . , 1 f 1 JANE CURTIS I Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Curtic, 406 Gecond Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Trans, ferred from Louisville Girls High School '39, Swimming Club '38, '39, Home Ec Club '39, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Variety Show '40, May Day '41, Stunt Night '41, Camera Club '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Glee Club '41, '42. PEARL DALTON Niece of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Grubb, Route 6, Washington Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, '40, 4-H Club '39, Monitor '41, 42, Girl Reserves '40. ISOBEL 'MARIE DUNCAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Duncan, Duncan Road, Route 14, Knoxville, Tenn., Bearden Junior High School, Girl Reserves 38, '39, Home Ec Club '38, '39, Glee Club '38, '39, Monitor '38, '39, Dramatics Club '38, '39, Transferred to Central '39, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, '41, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Orchestra '39, '40. ' I H BETTY FAIR WWWXIM Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Fair, 217 Adair Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '42, Junior Girl Reserves '40, '41, Senior Girl Reserves '41, Bowling Club '41, '42, May Day '39, '41, Minstrel '40. I Q i LOIS FAIR Daughter of Mrs. Anna Fair, 604 Maple Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Commercial Club '41, '42, IRIS FAULKNER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Faulkner, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Reserves '38, Transferred from Elizabethton High School May Day '39, '41, Sketch Club '40, '41, Bowling Club '41, '42, Senior Girl Reserves '41, Secretary and Treasurer of Camera Club '41, '42. I .. 1 ' 5 ..-' .,. .' -eb CRAIG GROVE Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Grove, Mascot, Tenn. DAVID GROVE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dove B. Grove, Mas- cot, Tenn., Hi-Y '41,' '42,' Band '41, '42, Sacki Ty Club '41, '42, Hiking Club '39, '40, '41, '42. JAMES HEATHERLY Son of Mrs. Anna Heatherly, 609 Maple Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '39, '40, '41, '42. MP' 'WM CALVIN HENSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Henson, Route 6 Knoxville, Tenn., Gibbs Junior High School Junior Class Treasurer '40, '41, Transferred to Central '41, Safety Patrol '41, '42, DAVID B. HIGHBAUGH Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Highbaugh, Garden Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Trans- ferred to Central from Knovxille High '40, R. O. T. C. Rifle Team '39, '40, Hiking Club '39, '40, Stamp Club '39, '40, Sacki AiY9?efL44aJ Tv 4- vate L,-lf?L. pSQ,..2,a fl 43 CHARLES HOBBY Son of Mr. and Mrs. l'l0bbYf 1664 Golf Avenue, ill 1'eWrn.,- Minstrel '40, '41, '4: V ' t Sho '38, '39, E. T. E. A. Ch ' ' , '40, '41, , Glee Club '39, X 4 , 4 , '42, Dr ic Club '38 '39 '41, X 712: ommer ' lub '41 '4 itoi' ' ere re ent ve o , H , 39, 40, ls e C s ' d " '41, t mi n, In U ef' 0 li ity ' 40, High 5 0' DOY 0' U- '39, 4 , '42, mst- d?"' OI 'Glee U '39, , '41, Student Diilrector of Glee Club '40, '41, Stunt Night CLAUDE E. HOBSON, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hobson, Columbia Tenn., Sketch Club '40, '41, '42, Camera Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, HitIer's Court '41, Letter in Art '40, '41, Minstrel '42, FREDA IRENE FIELDS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields, 2046 Forestdal Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Monitor '40, '41, MILDRED RUTH FORD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Ford, 601 Seventh Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '38, '39, Girl Reserves '39, '40, May Day '39, '40, '41, Variety Show '37, '40, Latin Tournament '39, Minstrel '39, Bowling Club '41, '42, Senior Honor Society '42. MARGARET FOGARTY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fogarty, Clinton Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Club '38, '39, Girl Reserve '38, '39, Min- strel'38, '39, '40, '41, Variety Show '39, '40, May Queen Candidate '38, May Queen Maid '39, Glee Club '39, '40, '41, '42, - Johnson City, '40 - Representative to E.T. E.A. '41, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, Treasur- er of Senior Class '41, '42. MARY PEARL GAUT Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gaut, 310 West 6th Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Hiking Club '42, Bowling Club '42. HAZEL ANNETTE GENTRY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Gentry, 118 Grove Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Band '38, '39, Intermediate Band '39, '40, Orchestra '40, '41, Junior Girl Reserves '41, Monitor '41, '42, Orchestra '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, Commercial Club '41, '42. BARBARA GIBBS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbs, 112 West Filth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '39, '39, '40, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, Glee Club '39, '40, Commer- cial Club '4l, '42, Secretary of Commercial Club '41, '42, Stunt Night '41. BETTY GRUBB Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Grubb, Washington Pike, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, '41, '42, Girl Reserve '39, Glee Club, Patrol, Monitor, Minstrel. CARL E. HUBBS Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hubbs, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '38, '39, Football '39, '40, '41, "C" Club '40 '41, Hiking Club '40, '41, Camera Club '41, Clgemistry Club '40, 4-H Club '40, Band '39, '4 , '41, WILSON HUTCHINSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Hutchinson, Cedar Lane, Fountain City, Tenn. BARTON MILLS JONES, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Barton M. Jones, 19 E. Norris Road, Norris, Tenn., Transferred from Norris High School, '40, Basketball, '40, '41, Sacki-Ty Club '41, '42. HAROLD H. KEENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Keene, May- fair Apartments, Fountain City, Tenn., Safety Patrol '40, '41, '42. HUGH L. KITTS Son of Charles S. Kitts, Moynardville, Tenn., Transferred from Horace Maynard High School in '41, At H.M.H.S.: Science Club '38, '39, '40, '41, Vice-President Science Club '41, Philomateian Literary Society '38, '39, '40, '41. JOE LAY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira V. Lay, Tazewell Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Band '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Sergeant Band '41, '42, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, President Senior Society '42, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Secretary Hi-Y '40, '41, Presi- dent Hi-Y '41, '42, President of Junior Class '40, '41, President of Senior Class '41, '42, Second Place French Tournament '41, High- est Average Sophomore Class '39, '40, Sec- ond highest Average. Junior Class '40, '41, Volunteer Boys State '41, May Day '41. JOHNNY EDWARD LLEWELLYN Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Llewellyn, Buffat Road, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Camera Club '41, '42. RUBYL JESSIE HALE Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hale, "A" Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Dramatics Club '41, '42. CECILE LOUISE HALL Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. C, V. Hall, 820 Atlantic Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., trans- ferred to Central from Christenberry Junior High School '39, Staff '38, '39, Varie1Y Show '39, Monitor '39, Sketch Club '40, '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, F.B.L.A. '41, '42, Centralite Stait '41, '42, ELEANOR HALL Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall, 4504 North Broadway, Fountain City, Tenn., Li- brary Club '40, '41, '42, Treasurer of Library Club '40, President ot Library Club 41, Com- mercial Club '42, Vice President oi Com- mercial Club '42, Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42, Treasurer ot G'rl Reserves '42- D cluiizlfo 0-jdlhwf Q 'i GENEVA HAMILTON Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Hamilton, 204 Rennoc Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Freshman Midway '38, '39, '40, Variety Show '38, '40, Amateur Show '39, Big Re- view '39, Carnival '41, May Day '38, '40, '41, Glee Club '40, '42 - Johnson City, '40, Concert '40, Hit1er's Court '41, Minstrel Show '40, '41, '42, Girl Reserves '41, '42, Dramatics '42. K , JEANETTE HAMlL N Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. . Hamilton, 204 Rennoc Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Freshman Midway '38, '39, '40, Variety Shaw '38, '40, Amateur Show '39, Big Re- view '39, Carnival '41, May Day '38, '40, '41, Glee Club '40, '42-Johnson City, '40, Concert '40, Hitler's Court '41, Minstrel Show '40 '41, '42, Girl Reserves '41, '42, Dra- matics '42. DOROTHY HARGIS Daughter ot I.. H. Hargis, Route 1, Mascot, Tenn., Commercial Club '40, '41, '42, Home Ec Club '41, '42, Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42, Centralite Stall '41, '42. HAZEL LEE HAYES Daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hayes, Hayes, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., May Day '41, Girl Reserves '41, '42, Commercial Club '41, '42. MAC LOVINGOOD Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Lovingood, 134 Conner Ave., Fountain City, Tenn. KELLY LYNCH Son of Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Lynch, 414 Maple Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn. LYNN MCCLOUD Nephew oi Mrs. F. M. Fair, 217 Adair Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., Hi-Y '39, '40, '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Centralite '41, '42. ELBERT MARGUERAT Son ol A. L. Marguerat, 4512 Kingston Pike, Knoxville. Tenn. R. C. MAJOR Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Maior, Route 1, Mascot, Tenn., 4-H Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Vice-President of 4-H Club '41, Foot- ball '40. FRED METTS Son ol Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Metts, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn, FRANK MILLER Son oi Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Miller, 310 Highland Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., Hiking Club '41, Band '40, '41, '42, Dramatics Club '40, MARY HEATON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Heaton, Ooltewch, Tenn., May Day '39, Girl Re- serves '39, Transferred to Ooltewah High School, Candidate for F. F. A. Queen '41, Candidate for Theme Girl of Junior Red Cross '41, Inter-City Council Representative of Junior Red Cross '41, Junior Play "Three Taps at Twelve," '41, Secretary Junior Class '41, Transferred back to Central, Latin Club '41, '42, Latin Tournament '39, '40, Sen- ior Honor Society '42, Dramatics Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, '42, Social Chair- man Senior Girl Reserves '42. ughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hicks, Ridgewood Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '38, Home Ec Club '38, '39, Girl Re- serves '39, '40, '41, '42, Commercial Club '40, May Day '40, Stunt Night '41, C.H.S. Scout Troop '39, '40, '41, Centralite Staff '40, '41, '42, Alumni Editor '40, '41, Re- porter '41, '42, High School Day '41. EMM BETTY JANE Hicks PQRICIA ANN HOEBNER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Hoebner, 115 J ks ro Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Vice- Prewt :Nphomore Class '39, '40, Jun- 'onu onor So ietv '39, '40, Secretary ot J nior Honor Society '40, Hiking Club '39, ' , '41, Vice-President of Hiking Club '39, '40, '41, Library Club '39, '40, Girl Re- serves '39, '40, '41, '42, Vice-President ol Girl Reserves '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '40, '41, '42, President ot Senior Honor Society '41, Monitor '40, '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, Vice President of Bowling Club '41, French Tournament '41, Stunt Night '41, Centralite Stott '40, '41, '42, Co-editor of Centralite '41, '42. X CHARLSIE MAE HOBBY Dough at Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hobby, 16641 If Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Chorus '40, '4 '42, Ensemble '41, '42, Commer- cial Cl '41, Variety Show '39, Minstrel 40I'4 ' Junior Honor Society, Hall Moni- t '40, 1, '42, Centralite Staff '42, Presi- de f orus '42, ETEA Chorus '42, Glee Club sentative Johnson City '39, '40, iq Sh l Day at U T '39 '40 '41 U 5 . ohns ity 39. ' ' ' ' ' FRANCES HOLDREDGE Daughter of Mrs. Meta C. Holdredge, 611 Fair Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '38, '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Secretary at Girl Reserves '41. BOBBIE HOLLINGSWORTH Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. R. C. Hollings- worth, 226 Jackson Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '40, '41, Dramatics Club '39, '40, Glee Club '38, '40, '41, '42, Girls Chorus '40, '41, Vocal Ensemble '41, '42, Girls Trio '41, '42, Glee Club Concert '41. BETTY HUFFAKER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Huf- taker, 429 Essary Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Glee Club '38, '39, 'Glee Club Concert '39, Minstrel. DAN MORGAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Morgan, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn. JOE MURRAY Son of Mr. A. C. Murray, Route 1, Knox- ville, Tenn. WESTON MURRIAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Murrion, Jacksboro Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Hi-Y '41, '42. l . JAMES DEWEY' MYNATT Son ot Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mynatt, 744 Maple Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Hi-Y '40, '41, Hi-Y Membership Chairman '41, '42, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Sacki-Ty '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42. CARL NELSON Son of Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Nelson, Fountain Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '39, '40, '41, '42, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Or- chestra '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Stunt Night '42, Freshman Night '39, Basket- ball '38, '39, Debating Club '40, '41, Dra- matics Club '40, '41, Latin Tournament '39, Hi-Y '39 '40 '41 '42. I r r WENDOL OGG Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ogg, 219 High- land Drive. Fountain City, Tenn., Glee Club '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, Sucki-Ty '41, Miri- strel '41, '42, Variety Show '41, Dramatics Club '42. LeROY OGLE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Otha Ogle, 2388 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Chemistry Club '41, Hi-Y '41, '42. , "1 l JUANITA HARRIS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harris, 228 Marion Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Rule High School: President of Class '39, '40, Monitor '39, '40, Servio Club '39, '40, Civics Club '39, '40, Vice President '40, Honor Society '40, Transferred to Central '41, Sketch '41, President of Sketch Club '41, '42. REBECCA ANN IRWIN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Irwin, 313 East Morelia Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, Dramatics Club '39, '4O. ZOE JEFFERS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Jeffers, Colonial Circle, Fountain City, Tenn, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Treasurer of Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Centralite Staff '41, '42, Roman Maneuvers '41, '42, Constitutional Committee Roman Maneuvers '41s M07 DOY '39. '405 Varietey Show '38, Latin Tournament '39, '40 '41, '42, Home Ec Club '39, Stunt Night '41, Girl Reserves '42, County Wide 5lYlC Show '40, M ll ww ROSEMARY JOHNSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Johnson, 107 Woodrush Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40: Girl Re' serves '39, '40, '41, '42, Secretary of Girl Reserves '39, '40, Treasurer of Sophomore Class '39, '40, Secretary of Junior Class '40, '41, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Vice- President of Senior Girl Reserves '42. JEAN JOHNSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David M. John- son, Dutch Valley Road, Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42: Delegate Girl Reserve Conference '40, President of Junior Girl Reserves '40, '41, Vice-President Girl Reserve Inter-Club Council '41, Candi- date for May Queen '39, May Day '39, '40, Band Sponsor '41, '42. ff.. I In it l MARY ELEANOR JONES Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Jones, Colonial Circle, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Secretary of Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Orchestra '39, '40, '41, '42, Band '41, '42, E. T. Band Clinic at Maryville '42, French Tournament lregional and statel '41, V riety Show '38, '39, '40, '41, Freshman rogram '39, Class Day '40, '41, First Prize iwanis Club Essay Contest '42, D. A. R. Citizenship Award '42. ALICE KARNES Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Houston Karnes, Cedar Lane, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society, '39, '40, Senior Honor So- ciety '41, Home Ec. Club '39, Girl Reserves '40, '41, Moy Queen Maid '40, Secretary of Sophomore Class '40, Big Review '39, Library Club '40, Stunt Night '41. FORD EDSEL OWEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Owen, 307 W. Sixth Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Football '38, '39, '40, Captain of Football Team '41, "C" Club, '38, '39, '40, '41, Hi-Y, '39, '40, Womanless Wedding '39, "Where the Cross is Made" '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40. BILL PERRY Son of Mr and Mrs. J. N. Perry, Route 2,1 Knoxville, Tenn., Safety Patrol '41, '42, Movie Operator '41, Football '41. PAUL w. PLESS,"Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Pless, Pine Road, Norris, Tenn., Transferred from Cen- tral to Norris in '39, transferred back to Control in '41. J. L. POWELL f Son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Powell, Murphy Road, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Movie Operator '41, '42. 4 RALPH PRICE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Price, 432 E. Radford Place, Knoxville, Tenn., Transferred from Rule High School '41. Monitor '38, '39, Track '38, Decathalon '41. M' . BILL QUIGG Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Quigq, 3108 Fountain Park Boulevard, Knoxville, Tenn., Hiking Club '40, '41, Chemistry Club '39, '40, French Pageant '39, '40, Hi-Y '39, '40, '41, Circulation Manager '41, '42, Camera M0f1U9er '39, '40, Business Manager '40, '42, Circulation Manager '41, '42, Camera Club '41, '42, Glee Club '41, '42, Sacki Ty Club '41, '42. BRUCE REED Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reed, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn. MILDRED KEESLING Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Keesling, 430 "A" Street, Fountain City, Tenn. IRENE ELIZABETH KEMPTON Daughter of Mrs. Pearl Kempton, Inskip, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Bowl- ing Club '41, '42, Commercial Club '41, '42, Home Economics Club '38, '39. ANIECE KIRBY Daughter of Mrs. Hettie E. Kirby, 325 Fifth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Cheerleader '39, '40, '41, '42, Home EC Club '39, '40, '41, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, May Day '40, '41, President of Sophomore Class '39, '40. MARGARET JEAN LEINART Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Leinart, 518 Fourth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, Treasurer of Girl Reserves '39, Home Ec Club '39, '40, May Day '39, '40, '41, Minstrel '40, May Day Maid '40, Drum Maiorette '40, '41, '42, Stunt Night '42, Variety Show '40. POELY ANNA LEINART Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Leinart, 518 Fourth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Officer of Home Ec. Club '39, Program Chairman Junior Girl Reserves '40, President Sopho- more Girl Reserves '39, '40, Member Inter- Club Council Girl Reserve '40, '41, Delegate to Girl Reserve Conference, Pineville, Ky., '39, Delegate Girl Reserve Conference, At- lanta Ga., '40, Glee Club '39, '40, '41, Johnson City '40, High School Day U. T. '39, '40, Concert '40, '41, May Day '39, '40, '41, Minstrel '38, '39, '40, Variety Show '39: Monitor '41, '42, Centralite Staff '41, '42. fr GEORGIA :Nez LE R Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. . Lee, Beverly Road, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, Commercial Club '41, '42. MARIE LETT Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Lett, 200 Lynnview Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, '40, Debating Club '41, '42, Dramatics Club '41, '42. -2 lg!! JAMES RUSSELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Russell, Route 2, Fountain City, Tenn., Safety Patrol '41, '42. TED RUTHERFORD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Rutherford, 234 Tazewell Pike, Fountain City, Tenn., Vice- President of Freshman Class '38, '39, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Vice-President of Senior Honor Society '41, Hi-Y '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, President of Latin Club '41, '42. BOB SANDMANN Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Sandmann, 230 Gibbs Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Sacki Ty '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Centralite Staff '41, '42, CLAUDE SCHAAD Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Schaad, Route 7, Knoxville, Tenn., Safety Patrol '38, '39. WILLIAM A. SCANLAN, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Scanlan, 56 West Norris Road, Norris Tenn., Norris High '38, '39, '40, President, Norris School Cooperative, '39, '40, Transferred to Central, '40, Basketball, '40, '41, '42, Sacki Ty Club '41, '42. FRED SHANTON, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shanton, Hiawas- see Avenue, Fountain City., Dramatics Club '39, '40, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Hiking Club '40, '41, Treasurer of Hiking Club '41, '42 JOE M. SMALLMAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Smallman, Cedar Lane, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '39, '40, Y MARIE LEWIS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver U. Lewis, Central Avenue, Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Club '39, '40, Dramatics Club '38, Moy Day '40, Debating Club '39, Girl Reserves '41, '42, Bowling Club '42. JANE LOVE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Love, 908 Atlantic Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. FRANCES LOVINGOOD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Lovingocd, 134 Conner Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., De- catur Girls High School, Vice President ol Freshman Class, Orchestra '39, '40, Varsity Basketball '39, '40, Transferred to Central, Orchestra '41, '42, Band '41, '42, Minstrel '41, Variety Show '41, AVANELL JUANITA McCARTT Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McCartt, Burns Street, Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '39, '40, Commercial Club '40, '41, Literary Club '40, '4l. JUANITA McCLOUD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. McCloud, 409 Garden Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn. MARY HANNAH MCMURRY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. McMuiiy, Berry Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Honor Roll '40, '41, Senior Honor Society '42, F.B.L.A. Club '41, '42. WILLIE MAE MATT HEWS Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Matthews, Boyds Bridge Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Re- serves '4O, '41, Commercial Club '40, '41, Monitor '40, '41, Home Economics Repre- sentative for Miller's Style Show '40, '41- Minstrel 1, '42, Glee Cl '41, ' . S Q Q f-1 U EDWIN SMITH Son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Smith, May- nardville, Tenn., Transferred to Central '39. At Horace Maynard High School: Philoma- theian Literary Society '38, Science Club '38, At Central, Band '39, '40, Hi-Y '40, '41, Chemistry Club 40, '41, Sketch Club '40, '41, Hiking Club '40, "C" Club '40, '41, Com- n.ercial Club '4l. EVERETT SMITH, Jr. Son ol Mr. and Mrs. Everett Smith, May- nardville Tenn., Transferred to Central High School '40. At Horace Maynard High School: Science Club '38, '39, '40, Philomatheian Literary Society '38, '39, '40, President of Sophomore Class '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40, At Central: Chemistry Club '40, '41, Basketball :40, ' 2 Z ROSCOE C. SMITH, Jr. Son of Rev. and Mrs. Roscoe C. Smith, lnslrip, Tenn., Christenberry Junior High School: Farewell Play and May Day Pro- gram, Transferred to Central: May Day '40, Monitor '40, '41, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Stunt Night '41. MORRIS L. SNOW Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Snow, lnskip, Tenn. RALPH STORMER Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stormer, Route 12, Fountain City, Tenn., Hiking Club '40, '41, '42, Vice-President Hiking Club '41, '42, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Chemistry Club '40, '41, "C" Club '41, '42, Football 40, '4l. BILL RAYMOND STOREY Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Storey, West Y Woodrow Avenue, Route 2, Fountain City, Tenn.: Glee Club' '41, '42. FRANCES MARIE MATHIS Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mathis, In- skip, Tenn., Glee Club '39, '40, Girl Re- serves '39, '40, '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Commercial Club '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. FRANCES METTS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Metts, Washington Pike, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn., Commercial Club '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. PAULINE ELLEN MINTON Daughter of Mrs. J. A. Minton, Route 7. Knoxville, Tenn., Home Ec Open House '39, Home Ec Style Show '39, '40- Library Club '40 '4l- Senior Honor Societ 4 '42. 'AVI WM .. I1 Doug ter d Mrs. R. M. Money- hun, 23 t et, Fountain City, Tenn., Minstr 38, '39, '40, '41 , '42, Variety Show 9, '40, Ho Ec Club '38, '39, '40, Dromatics Club '39, '40, May Day '38, '39, '40, '41, Glee Club '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Concert '40. ATICA LOUISE MORRIS Daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Morris, 825 North Broadway, Knoxville, Tenn., Trans- ferred from Murphy High, North Carolina, '40. Junior Girl Reserves '40, Bowling Club '41, '42. MARIE NORTHERN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Northern, 813 Atlantic Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., At Christenberry: Girl Reserves '37, '38, Senior Class Play '38, Transferred to Central in '39, Latin Tournament '40, May Day '40, '41, Monitor '41, '42 Bowling Club '41, '42, Centralite Staff '41, '42, Dromatics Club '41, '42. JESSIE RUTH NEWMAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Newman, 986 Valley Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Glee Club '38, '41, '42, Latin Tournament '39, Variety Show '39, High School Day U. T. '41, Victory Night '41, Minstrel '41, Glee Club Concert '41, Stunt Night '42, Freshman Night '42, E.T.E.A. Chorus '42. HELEN O'DELL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. O'Dell, 239 Jackson Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '38, '39, Moy Day '39, '40, Girl Reserves '40, '4l. JIMMY STRANGE Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Strange, Con- cord, Tenn., Route I, Sketch Club '41, '42. HAROLD TARVER Son of Mrs. Gladys Tarver, Route 5, Knox- ville, Tenn. FREDERICK TAYLOR Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Taylor, 1808 Parker Street, Cleveland, Tenn., Transferred from Bradley County High School, Cleve- land, Tenn., '40, Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Minstrel '41, '42, Sketch Club '40, '41s Stunt Night '4l. RAYMOND GILBERT TIPTON Son of G. F. Tipton, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Transferred to Central from Knoxville High '38. RAY TOWLE Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Towle, Bearden, Tenn., Winner of Citizenship Trophy '40, '41, May Day '37, Drum Maior '41, '42, Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Officer '39, '40, '41, '42, Hi-Y '39, '40, '41, '42. J. C. TURNER, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Turner, Rutledge Pike, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42. VIRGINIA DANIEL OSMENT Daughter of Mrs. C. D, Osment, Asheville, North Carolina, Glee Club at Mount Olive High School '38, '39, Glee Club, Jr. Class ond Dromatics Club at Montreat College, Montreot, N. C., '39, '40, Transferred to Central '40, Hiking Club '40, '41, Girl Re- serves '4O, '41, Program Chairman of the Senior Girl Reserves '42. MARTHA PARKER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garrett M. Parker, 100 Garden Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Glee Club '39, '40, Girl Reserves '39, Com- mercial Club '40, '41, '42, Office Monitor '41, '42. LIZABETH PETREE 44223 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Petree, 304 Seventh Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Transferred to Central from Knoxville High School '41. At Knoxville - Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Red Cross Service Pin for 100 hours. . 0 0 VIRGINIA PETREE aughter of Mr. and Mrs, L. O. Petrce, 614 Woodrow Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Moy Day '39, '40, Minstrel '39, '40, '41, '42, Glee Club '39 '40, '41, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Dramatics Club '42, Fresh- man Midway '39, '40, Commercial Club '42, Stunt Night '41, Variety Shows '40, '41 High School Day at U. T. '39, '40, '41, Victory Night '41, Music Festival Johnson City '39 '40 fwfr.. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Powers, Briarcliff Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Knox- ville High School: Orchestra '39, Latin Club '39, Transferred to Central, Orchestra '41, '42, E.T.E.A. Orchestra '40, '41, May Day '41, Band '42, Senior Honor Society '42, Bowling Club '42, E. T. Band Clinic At Maryville '42. VIRGINIA OPAL RAINES Daughter of Mrs. R. M. Raines, 'A' Street, Fountain City, Tenn. WILMA REED Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Reed, Rut- ledge Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Dramatics Club '39, '40, Debating Club '39, '40, Latin Tournament '39, Home Ec. Club '40, '41, Hiking Club '40, '41, Latin Club '40, '42: Stunt Night GEARY REYNOLDS Daughter of Mrs. Rupert Reynolds, 4602 Holston Drive, Knoxville, Tenn., Park Junior, Amateur Hour '39, Minstrel '39, Parlrette Staff: Glee Club, Operetta '39, Jr. Honor Society '38, '39, Transferred to Central '39, Jr. Honor Society '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '40, Sketch Club '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41, '42, May Day '41, Play "The Clod" High Sch l Day '42. U V 1 05 - MARTHA LEE PEARMAN Daughter of Mrs. Marie S. Pearman, Mas- cot, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, French Play '39, Latin Tournament '39, Hik- ing Club '39, '40, '41, Treasurer of Hiking Club '40, '41, Library Club '39, '40, '41, Treasurer Library Club '40, '41, Girl Re- serves '40, '41, '42, President Senior Girl Reserves '42, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Centralite Staff '40, '41, '42, Feature Editor Centralite '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, Stunt Night '41, Monitor '41, '42. DONALD P. VAN HOOZIER Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Van Hoozier, 321 E. Oklahoma Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Christenberry .lr. High School, Musical Re- vue, Transferred to Central, Dramatic Club, '39, '40, '41, Debating Club '39, '40, '41, Variety Show '41, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, '41, "" The Pampered Darling" '41, Centralite Staff '41, '42, High School Play '40, Are We Dressing" '41, President Dra- matics Club '39, '40, '41, President Debat- ing Club '40, '4l.. CORA POSTON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Poston, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor So- ciety '4O, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, F.B.L.A. Club '41, '42, Girl Reserves '41, '42 ' f I 4 . fi r E. H. VINEYARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Vineyard, 223 Jackson Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn. JANE RANKIN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Rankin, 102 Adair Drive, Fountain City, Tenn., Trans- ferred from Norris '39, Gir Reserves '39, Dramatics Club '39, '40, Debating Club '39, '40, Transferred to Virginia lntermont College '40, Dramatics Club '40, '41, Girl Reserves '40, '41, Transferred to Central '41, Bowling Club '41, '42. su-rows., D?QmmmraI3 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waldrop, 21 Rennoc Road, Fountain City, Tenn., Presi- dent of Freshman Class '38, '39, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, '41, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Latin Club '41, '42, Dra- matics Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Cen- tral Staff '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, Latin Tozurnament '39, '40, '41, Sacki-Ty Club '41, '4 . BETTY RUCKEL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ruckel, 430 Woodrow Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '38, '39, Variety Show '38, Dramatics Tournament at Asheville '40, High School Day '41, Dramatics Club '39, '40, '41, Big Revue '39, May Day '38, '40, Girl Re- serves '39, '40, '41, Minstrel '41, Victory Program '41, National Drama Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, '41, Debating Club '39, '40, Commercial Club '41, '42, MARY JANE SEAL Ward ot Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Garrison, 409 Second Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, May Day '41, Freshman Night '41, Stunt Night '41, Treas- urer ot Girl Reserves '41, Variety Show '38, '39, Bawling Club '41, '42. I MARY MARGAR SHEETS Daughter ot C. M. Sheets, 2123 Lawson Street, Knoxville, Tenn., Transferred from Christenberry '39, Variety Show '39, Central '40, Glee Club '40, '41, Girl Reserves '41, F.B.L.A. Club '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. HETTIE LORAINE SHIPLEY Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Shipley, "A" Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Commer- cial Club '42. INEZ SMITH Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Smith, 309 Sanders Lone, Fountain City, Tenn., Minstrel '40, Patriotic Pageant '41, Glee Club '39, '40, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Treasur- er of Commercial Club '41, '42, Cheerleader '40, '41, '42, Centrallte Stott '41, '42, Secretary Senior Class '41, '42. MARTHA NELL SOLOMON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Solomon, 8935 North Broadway, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '38, '39, '40, Girl Reserves '39, 40, Monitor '40, '41, '42, Commercial Club '40, '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. J lf' V' Ni' ,- BlLLlE STANSBERRY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stansberry, 2401 East Glenwood Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Park Junior High School '38, Monitor '38, Glee Club '38, Girl Reserves '38, At Knoxville High School: Latin Club '39, Girl Reserves '39, Transferred to Central High School '40, Commercial Club '41, '42, Girl Reserves '41, '42. MARGARET ANN STEWART Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stewart, 224 East Sixth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Maior Bowe's Program '38, '39, Variety Show '40, '41, Freshman Midway '39, Min- strel Show '39, '40, '41, '42, Glee Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, '42, Glee Club High School Day at U. T. '41, '42, Glee Club Concert '40, '41, May Day '39, '40, '41, '42. I' l l A M I' ef s 'Z I f-.1 P " 1 X If 1. cl' i , s 'ki Aix , rf" 4 " ss,-I-if-tl' KATHERINE SEAY Daughter of Lacy H. Seay, Route 6, Wash- ington Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Office Monitor '41, '42, Variety Pro- gram '41. .. f f ,. r- - ' 4L,CX - L X , . f"" """' " ! J " , 49 4 ' JOHN Pl-jlLlPj 51. ' ' ,f Wf'EkWari1oler,.Masjot, Lptin Tournarrittit B 359 Hikin1yClub 39, President Sacki Ty 41 Stunt L,. il?yW?EEbe9, '40, chemistry "' mi 'Mi' '4 i-iiv "42' , , nstrel 2- - 4 . ' ,te I! L' IAC r BEULAH SINKHORN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Stagg, Route 2, Cedar Lane, Knoxville, Tenn., Sketch Club '41, '42. RALPH WARREN Son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Warren, 310 Jackson Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., At Central '38, '39, Transferred to Gibbs High, '40, Returned to Central '41, '42, Basketball '38, '39. WANDA SWAGGERTY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Swaggerty, lnskip, Tenn., Glee Club '39, '40, '41, Dra- matics Club '39, '40, Minstrel '41, Fresh- man Carnival '40, Girl Reserves '39, '40. RAY EDWARD WATSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Watson, 604 Maple Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '39, '40, '4i. CHARLOTTE ANN STOFFELL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Stotfell, 216 East Sixth Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Glee Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Glee Club Concert '40, Chemistry Club '40, '41, U. T. High School Day '40, Monitor '41, '42, May Day '39, '40, Dramatic Club '41, Debating Club '41. VELLA SUGGS Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Suggs, Rutledge Pike. Knoxville, Tenn., May Day '39, '40, Girl Reserves '40, '41, '42, F.B.L.A. Club '4l, '42, Camera Club '4l, '42. KAREN TAYLOR Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. R. Brooks TaYl0f, 400 Highland Drive, Fountain C'ty, Tenn., Junior Honor Societ Seni Hon Society, Glee Club '39, ' , Girl Eserv s '39, '40, 41 42 I 0 XJ d 42 '41, Che r '41, Ske ch ' , ' 2 Hiking , '4 , '4l,"C tralite Stall '40, '41, 5 M itar ' , Minstrel '40, May D ai ' , Club '41, ' : District Latin Tou a '3 '40, '4l, SGC' ond Place in District L tin urnament '4l, State Latin Tournament '39, ' , '41, RBDYC- sentative ol Glcc Club at Joh son City '40. MARY TINDELL Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tindell, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn. MARY ANN TIPTON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tipton, 536 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. ef l MARY ANN THORNTON aughter ol Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Thornton, Hotel Ave., Fountain City, Tenn., Treasurer of Home Ec. Club '38, '39, Recording Secre- tary of Home Ec Club '39, '40, May Day '39, '40, Style Show '41, Treasurer of Sophomore Girl Reserves '39, '40, Social Chairman ol Junior Girl Reserves '40, President ol Senior Girl Reserves '41, Bowling Club '4l, '42, Camera Club '4l, '42, Centralite Staff '41, '42, Minstrel '39, '40, Monitor '4l, '42, Stunt Night '4l. MARY LOU VITTETOE Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Maior, 108 'A' Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, KATHLEEN VAN STORY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Van Story, Route 2, Fountain City, Tenn., Glee Club '38, '39, '40, '4l, Minstrel '4l. JUNE TALLEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Talley, Rutledge Pike, Route 5, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40s Home EC Club '40, '4l, Latin Tournament '40, '41, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, Commercial Club '4l, '42. ROY A. WEDEKIND rill Hills, Fountain City, Tenn., Ban ' ' , '40, '4l, '42, Sergeant '4l, , rch ra '41, Hiking Club '40, '41, '4 nior Honor Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wede 'n 23 9 try Club '40, '4l, Stunt Night '41, Ban Clinic at Maryville '42, Hi-Y Convention a Nashville '42. Society '39, '40, Hi-Y '40, '4 , '42, Chemizii DOROTHY LOUISE THOMAS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Thomas, Oxford Street, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec Club '38, '39, Band '40, '41, '42, Or- chestra '4l, '42, M strel '38, Glee Club '39. 1. JOHN ELMERS Son oi Mr. and M . John Welmers, Crest- wood Drive, Faunt in City, Tenn., Minstrel '39, Hiking Club '40, E.T.E.A. Orchestra '40, Chemistry Club '4l, Stunt Night '4l, Band Clinic, Maryville, Tenn., Orchestra '39, '40, '41, Band '37, '40, '41, '42, Band Captain '41, '42, RUTH TURNER Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Turner, 329 Hiawassee Ave., Knoxville, Tenn., Girl Re- serves '40, '4l, Commercial Club '4l, '42, Sentralite Stall '41, '42, Style Show '39, '40, '4l, '42. GLENN WELLS Son of Mrs. Minnie Wells, Route 2, Foun- tain City, Tenn., Monitor '38, '39, Safety Patrol '40, '4l, '4l, 4-H Club '36 to '42, F.F.A. '39, '40, '41, '42, Football '4l, Basketball '39. BONNIE MAE WARD Daughter of Mrs. R. S. Moyes, 308 Seventh Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Girl Reserves '38, '39, Chemistry Cub '40, '41, Commercial Club '4l, '42. mb, aughter o . - W ro st Adair Drive, Fountain O, ., Everett High School, Maryville, n., Glee Club '38, '39, "Black Eyed Sus n '39, Commencement Ex- ercises '39, "Ha vest Moon" Carnival '39, Transferred to Central '39, May Day '40, '41, Minstrel '41, '42, Variety Show '40, Stunt Night '41, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '41, '42, Placed in French Tournament '41, High School Day '41, Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Glee Club Concert '41. MARY LOU WATSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Victor Wat- son, 203 Jackson Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Girl Reserves '38, '39, '40, Variety Show '39, '40, Minstrel '38, '40 "41, Stunt Night '41, Glee Club '40, '41, Representative Glee High School Day '40, Representative Home Economics Department High School Day '39, E.T.E.A. Chorus '41, Christmas pro- gram of Glee Club WROL '40, Glee Club Representative WBIR and WNOX '41, Glee Club Representative S and W '40, '41, Representative Central Home Ec Department at Miller's Style Show '40, May Day '40, MARGARET E. WELCH Daughter of Mrs. Julian Welch, Route 5, Rutledge Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., transferred to Central from Knoxville High '40, Knox- ville, Girl Reserves '39, '40, Monitor Squad '39, '40 Library Club '39, '40, Central, Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42, Camera Club '41, '42, Bowling Club '41, '42. L ISE WATROUS 0 MARIE HELLEN WILKERSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Wilkerson, Route 6, Knoxville, Tenn. EDNA CHURCHILL WHITE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Haynes, 110 W. Gill Street, Knoxville, Tenn., Chris- tenberry Jr. High '37, '38, Home Ec Play, Monitor, Civics Club, Transferred to Central '39, Home Ec Club '39. '40, '41, Debating Club '41, '42, Dramatics Club '41, '42. IONE WISHART Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. I. E. Wishart, Cross Valley Road, Knoxville, Tenn., Trans- ferred from Knoxville High '39, Secretary of Dramatics Club '41, '42, Centralite Staff '40, '4l. ADA YADON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cole, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Commercial Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42. LEWIS YODER Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Yoder, 821 Hia- wassee Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn., Chemistry Club '38, '39. - ,rl sie. we , K ,,,3s.2Qss,,3g Q: Efegg 3, g, ,:. -2 iieswi? . W 2 5 :,,-seater. -I eiwffigk E: .4 Zsiifcrg-,cg -. i f JEAN WATSON Daughter of Mrs. S. Grant Watson, 119 West Massachusetts Avenue, Knoxvile, Tenn.: Rule High School, Latin Club '39, Servio Club '40, Group Reporter '40, Monitor '40, Honor Society '40, '41, Monitor '41, Demon- stration '41, Transferred to Central '41, Sketch Club '41, '42. BILL YAMBERT Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Yambert, 203 Templeton Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Band '38, '39, '40, '40, '41, Corporal '40, '41, First Lieutenant '41, 42, Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Senior Honor Society '41, '42, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Secretary of Hi-Y '41, '42, President of Chemistry Club '41, Hiking Club '40, '41, '42, President of Hiking Club '41, '42, State Bond Clinic '42, Variety Show '38, Stunt Night '41, Vice President of Senior Class '41, '42. CHARLENE WHITE Daughter of Mrs. Oma Lee White, 2900 Washington Pike, Knoxville, Tenn., Trans- ferred from Smoky Mountain Academy in '40. Hiking Club '41, '42, Monitor '41, '42, Minstrel Show '40, '41,qChemistry Club '40, '4 ,- I 44 RA A. WYLIE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wylie, 129 Fountain Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Carnival '38, Band '39, '40, '41, '42, Band Sergearnt '41, '42, National Band Contest at Richmond, Va., '41, Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Social Chairman '41, '42, Sacki-Ty Club '41, '42, Vice President of Saclii Ty Club '41, Centralite Staff '41, '42, Business Manager of Centralite '41, '42, Stunt Night '41. EMMALEE WINEGAR Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Winegar, 313 Garden Avenue, Fountain City, Tenn., Home Ec. Club '38, '39, '41, Commercial Club '40, '41, '42, Stunt Night '41, Patriotic Pageant '41. JOHN WINKLE Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Winkle, Route 1, Fountain City, Tenn. ELIZABETH L. YADON Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Yadon, Route 12, Knoxville, Tenn., Junior Honor Society '39, '40, Sketch Club '42, Minstrel '40, Senior Honor Society '42, Latin Tourna- ment '39. Class will We, the class of '42 of Central High School in Fountain City, Tennessee, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make. publish, and declare the following as and for our last Will and Testament: I, Asa Ambrister, pompously and gloriously do hereby give, devise. and bequeath my power of oratory to any one of the many students who have admired my self-possession and my clear tones from the chapel platform. I, Dennis Waldrop, being of sound mind and body do bequeath unto Bob Hethmon my sadly worn book satchel. I, Evelyn Caul, in this my last will and testament do give unto Ellen Stedman my luscious long, red finger nails. I, Joe McTeer, being of sound l?l mind do bequeath my hearty appetite unto Ruth Caldwell. I. Mary Hannah McMurray, do devise and bequeath my knowledge of American History to Bill Davis in order to help him in his senior year with Miss Hicks. Know ye, by all these present, that I, Theodore Ruther- ford, of insane mind, do hereby devise and bequeath all my surplus good looks as well as dignity to my younger brother, Bill. ' I, Jean Elizabeth'Johnson, lbeing in my right mindl, do hereby devise, give, and bequeath my good looks, melodious voice, and soft heart Inow in possession of Jim Cobblel to Miss Betty Highbaugh. I, Joe Smallman, bequeath my reputation as a book shark to David Block, on condition that he bear this title with dignity. I, Glen Wells, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby bequeath to any undergraduate my habit of chewing gum, paper-wads, and toothpicks in class. I, Mary Lou Watson, being sound of wit, and sound of body, do hereby bequeath my vivacious personality, al- so my three great accomplishments-to-wit, to dance, to sing, and to play-to my underclassmen whose soul ambition is to climb the social ladder of Central High. I, Lena Kate Ailor, do hereby bequeath and devise my modesty and timidity to one in whom it is sadly lacking -namely Mary Margaret Martin. I, Craig Grove, do hereby bequeath and devise, being in a generous state of mind, all my football ability to Mark Major. I, Charlotte Berry, do bequeath to the pessimists of the Junior Class in this my last will and testament "Just a little smile." I, Ruth Ford. do hereby bequeath unto Geneva Sherrod and her friends my ability to conduct myself with a dignified and unaffected manner in and about high school. I, Bud Mynatt, being of sound mind and body, do here- by bequeath my undivided heart to Carolyn Cruze. I, Kathleen Van Story, do solemnly give, devise, and bequeath my crown unto Carrie Belle Morris. I, Charles Doughty, of sane mind and sound body do bequeath unto Bill Roberts my handsomeness and charming personality. I, Weston Murrian, hereby do bequeath my title ol "Lady Killer," and my over-stock of lady friends, to any needy Junior who may handle them as ably as I have done in the past year. I, John Llewellyn, do hereby bequeath my patented hair tonic to any bone-headed Junior who is interested enough to ask for it. If Virginia Petree, feminist, do hereby give, devise, and bequeath four quarts of my famous rose-blush complexion and the memory of my sunny smile to any underclassmen who admired my complexion. I, Claude Hobson, do hereby bequeath to one Fred Rule eight inches of my superfluous length, to be applied from time to time. I, June Talley, bequeath my unexcelled marks in short- hand to any Junior who may be in need of them. I, Roscoe Smith, do hereby devise and bequeath to any enterprising freshman my life lease on the Central High School, also my chances of ever convincing Miss Hicks that I know something about American History. Know ye, by all present, that I, John Wampfer, being in mind I? ?l and body sound, do hereby bequeath to the class of '43 my entire assortment of bow ties and striped socks. I, the undersigned, herewith bequeath to those deficient in the Junior Class my vast vocabulary of incomprehensible words and immense intellectuality. also my good fellowship toward all men. Donald Van Hoozier. I, Geary Reynolds, being of sound mind and legal age, do hereby give, devise, and bequeath my career as an actress in CHS to Mary Margaret Painter. I, Morris Snow, being of sound body and mind, do hereby bequeath all my troubles that I have had with my studies to any underclassman who is having too good a time. I, Charles Edington, do bequeath my ability to argue to Miss Jennings, may she use it sparingly. I, Mary Pearl Gout, do give and devise one pair of sky-blue eyes and one tooth pick to Leonard Carter. I, Jabo Wylie, do give and bequeath my fifty-seven varieties of the very best slang to any Junior who lacks the ability to express himself. It Betty Huffaker, do hereby bequeath to some foolish Junior, who thinks it necessary to rush through life, my in- different attitude toward everything under the sun. I, Jack Atkins, being of sound body and mind, do be- queath my ability as guitar artist to Gene Grant. We, Mary Lloyd Cunningham and Ford Owen, do solemnly give, devise, and bequeath our favorite table at Kay's to R. B. Burnett and Betty Cruze. I, Bonnie Mae Ward, being of sound body and mind do hereby bequeath my collection of engagement rings to Lenore Caldwell. I, Charles Hobby, being as strong in mind as I am in voice, gladly and earnestly give my interest in the Glee Club to Sam Shanton. May he use the gift to the best of his ability. I, Barbara Clark, being sound of body and sane ol mind do bequeath my Commencement Speech unto Sally Gray. I, Ralph Stormer, being of sound mind and body do bequeath unto Wallace Whitehouse my favorite brand of hair cut, to wit: a "burr." I, Tom Cartwright, bequeath my hobby of ladies' man to Melvyn Lady. I, Aniece Kirby, in this my last will and testament do bequeath my special brand of smiles unto Lois Hohner. I, Jim Strange, being mentally well balanced, do cheer- fully submit unto Raymond Babelay for safe keeping, my winning ways, my spectacles, and my "burr." I. Paul Pless, do hereby give and bequeath all my possessions including the toys Mr. Petree took from me to any student who is worthy of them. I, Hettie Shipley, give in this my last will and testament, my utter disregard of men to Ann Morris. Class Wm I. Wilson Hutchinson, leave my French grades to Sumner Dow whom we leave to the Class of '49 if they'II have him. We, Rubyl Hale, Charlene White, Lois Fair, Pearl Dalton, and Marie Lewis, do bequeath our willing, quiet natures to Anna Ruth Fraker, and Freddie Lou Easterly. We, Fred Metts and Dan Morgan. endow our shyness upon Herbert Mynatt. I, Betty Jo Powers, leave my violin to Elizabeth Gresh- nam. We, Pauline Minton, Cora Poston, and Katherine Seay, leave our Honor Society Pins to Edward Minton, Charles Lowe, and Boyd Capps. I, Joe Murray, do leave my curly hair to Fern Nicely. I, Fred Shanton, bequeath my numerous freckles to Ned Irwin. I. Mary Elizabeth Cole, do bequeath my fresh, un- adulterated beauty to Betty Lee Irwin. I, Bill Storey do bequeath my back seat driving to Sonny Baker. We, Mary Seal, Edna Berney, Louise Burnette, and Marie Lett, do bequeath our love of the beautiful to anyone who feels the need of it. We, J. L. Powell, Lewis Yoder, John Winkle, and Clarence Bracken, hereby leave our happy outlook on life to Jim Grove. We, Avery Capps, Charlotte Stoffell, Vella Suggs. and Avanell McCartt, will our dirndell skirts to the thinest people we can find. We, Ray Watson, Jimmy Elliott, Harry Elliott, and Claude Schaad, hereby bequeath our seats in chapel to four of next year's most promising Seniors. I, Jean Watson, leave my diamond ring to Rae Livin- good. I, Bill Bozeman, do bequeath my oversized ears to Bill O'Conner. I, James Heatherly. will my scarf to Ruben Kempton. We, Elizabeth Petree, Wilma Reed, Dorothy Thomas, and Edna White, leave our place in front of the dressing room mirror to four vain Juniors. We, Ralph Price, Bruce Reed, James Russell, and Harold Tarver, being sound of mind and body, hereby bequeath our place in the lunch line to the first four freshmen in the school. I, Harold Keene, leave my safety patrol flag to Alvin Elliott. I. Bill Scanlon, donate my way with the women to J. D. Underwood. I, Judd Smith, leave my carefree car driving to David Grove. I, Margaret Fogarty, bequeath my "blues singing" to Verna Proffitt. I, Hazel Gentry, will my books to Sophia Pratt. I, Frances Holdredge, bequeath my ability of evading the issue to Josephine Sterling. I, Barton Jones, hereby bequeath my IOO's in physics to Kenneth Shipman. I, Patty Hoebner, hereby give, devise and bequeath my characteristic gestures to any poor soul who can under- stand them. I, Frances Lovingood. leave my sax to Dot Evans. I, Virginia Osment, hereby bequeath my lovely angora sweaters unto De Wilda Myer. I, "Jew" Smith, leave all my affections to Betty Wylie, I, Eunice Block, in one of my weak moments, give and bequeath my perfectly filthy moccasins unto Nancy Johnson. We, Jean Cobble, and Jean Leinart, leave our maior- ette boots to our worthy l?l successors. I, Bobby June Hollingsworth, leave all my interests in the army, with the exception of Jack, to Peggy Smith. I, Carl Nelson, bequeath my striking blonde handsome- ness unto Columbus. , Pun: I love my wife but "Oh, Hugh Kitts!" lHow did that get in here?l I, Kelly Lynch, leave my bashfulness to R. B. Burnette. I, Zoe Jeffers, do will my retiring nature to Nancy King. I, Mildred Keesling, will fifteen pounds of my avoirdupois to June Morris. I, Bill Quigg, leave my good naturedness to Melvyn Lady. I, Gilbert Tipton. bequeath my mustache and my pipe unto Carl Morris. ' I, Rebecca Irwin hereby give my disposition to Lucy Mitchell. I, Lloyd Best, in perfect saneness hereby bequeath my great big convertible unto Kenneth Chapman. I, Alice Karnes, hereby bequeath my neatness unto Ann Henson. I, Rosemary Johnson, begrudgingly bequeath my tennis unto Alvin Murphy who is sadly in need of it. I, Irene Kempton, leave my iitterbug to Jean Marcus. I, Harold Godfrey, leave my loud mouth to Claudia Smith. I, Frances Mathis, in all seriousness. leave my heart- aches to Harriet Ann Savage. We, Barbara Baldock, Ruth Turner, and Cecile Hall, bequeath our innocent chuminess unto Gloria June Deaver, Betty Jane Julian, and Sarah Mac Shirley. I, Joe Lay, being of a frivolous state of mind, do leave my graceful dancing unto Bud Zoller. We, Martha Parker, Beulah Sinkhorn, Billie Stansberry, Marie Wilkerson, Juanita Harris, and Frances Metts, gra- ciously bequeath our blonde hair to Paul Hodges. I, Bill Perry leave my chewing gum to Mr. Rose's fourth period English class. I, Louise Boring, do leave my love of football players to Barbara Schmid. I, Emalee Winegar, do leave my tin cups used in Stunt Night in locker I9O for any thirsty person. We, Ada and Elizabeth Yadon, bequeath our brains unto Clifford Hunley. I, Bill Daniels, being of sound body and mind do be- queath my well known meekness unto Herman Fisher. I, Mary Ann Thornton, hereby give, devise, and bequeath my lovely vivaciousness unto Wilma Rogers. I, Ralph Warren, hereby bequeath my pipe unto Sara Murphy. I, Elbert Marguerat, leave my peculiar name unto Ray Cate. I, Sara Watrous, in this my last will and testament, leave my beautiful voice unto Betty Chance. I, David Highbaugh, in a quiet mood leave my raging temper to Mary Gilbert Eppes. I, Ateka Morris bequeath my ever lasting daintiness to Phyllis Large. I, Jimmy Edmondson, give my monitor chair in the an- nex to James Zirkle that he might sleep in peace. Class Wm I, Mac Lovingood, generously bequeath my southern drawl unto Alice Hollyfield. I, Martha Lee Pearman, hereby give and bequeath my English books, and my locker unto Bill Zachary. I, Bobby Sandmann, bequeath my good sportsmanship unto Ruby Hansard. If Ray Towle, after five long years bequeath my baton unto Stewart McCorkle. I, Betty Hicks, cheerfully leave my Who's Who column to Margaret Giffin. I, Charlsie Hobby, in one of my sane moments leave my deep voice to Lula May Myers. I, John Welmers, never in a sane mood, will my band captaincy to whoever is smart enough to get it. I, Polly Leinart, in all seriousness, leave myself to Leon- ard Fulford. I, Margaret Stewart, in this my last will and testament do give, devise, and bequeath my basketball goals to Collette Hill. I, lone Wishart, do give my ability of keeping my man to any lonesome underclassman. I, Juanita McCloud, hereby bequeath my upswept hair- do to any straggly headed Junior who is sadly in need of it. I, Frederick Taylor, being of sound body and sane mind, hereby bequeath my suspenders unto - oh, maybe I shouldn't do that. I, Barbara Gibbs, do bequeath my gentle temper and pleasing ways unto that pickle-faced Junior who sits across the aisle in study hall. I. Agnes Currier, hereby give, devise, and bequeath my industrious nature to Barbara Machamer. I, Inez Smith, insane as usual do in one of my weaker moments give Walter Taylor unto Mary Ann White. I, Wendol Ogg. bequeath my boxing prowness unto Billy Frost. We, Jo Banker, Helen O'DelI, and Martha Nell Solo- mon, bequeath our common love for skating to Mary Arthur. I, Clover Brown, in this my last will and teastment be- queath my timidity unto Frances Bishop. l, Roy Wedekind, calmly bequeath my generous love for snakes unto Miss Myers. I, Marie Duncan, leave my engagement ring to Mary Elizabeth Bell. I. Eleanor Hall, leave my rare dependability to Lena Kate Doughty. I, Carl Hubbs, bequeath at least two feet of my height to Betty June Rose. I. Karen Taylor, being of sane mind, generously do be- queath my peculiarities unto Faye England. I, Willie Mae Mathews, leave my lunch money to my 'kid' sister, Mariorie. ' I, Glenn Wilson, do leave my football honors to baby brother, Gaylon. I, Lynn McCloud, do bequeath my circulation route on the Centralite Staff to John Hahn. I, R. C. Major, do lwith much pleasurel will my broken collar bone to next year's K H S star football player. I, Betty Grubb, will my sweet disposition to Maxine Stipes. I, Freda Fields, willingly bequeath my poor eyesight to Sue Ella Vaughn. I. Betty Fair, donate my interest in James Zirkle to Fara- dina Hargis. I, Hayne Blakely, do bequeath my laziness to Bill Carter las if he needed itl. ' We, the Hamilton Twins, leave our harmonious voices to Estha Brukin and Maxie Hubbs. I, Betty Couch, will my poetry reading to O. C. Arms. I, C. B.Clark, bequeath my pallette and brush to Bill Mauk. I, Buddy lGeorgeI Evans, leave my imitation ol lied Skelton to any one who would like it. We, Lucille Bayless, Marie Northern, Mary Lou Vittetoe, and Mary Etta Burkhart. leave our red hair to Martha Felknor. I, John Fitch, bequeath my clicking heels to David Smith. We, Mary Catherine Brown, and Kathleen Brown, do be- queath our unusual names to W. M. Vandergriff and Richard Bohannon. I, Joe Fielden, being of legal age, give my stubbarness to Evelyn Sisk. I, Bill Yambert, being of sane mind and sound body do hereby bequeath my good sportsmanship and rare popu- larity to Grady Renfro. I, Betty Ruckel, do give, devise, and bequeath my dra- matic reading "Mary Stuart", unto Kat Mahan. I, Iris Faulkner, being of sound mind and body do give my beautiful raven locks to Sarah Wedekind. I, LeRoy Ogle, do hereby give, devise and bequeath my unusual habits of promptness ?I to any unsuspecting Junior who feels in need of them. I, Margaret Moneyhun, do bequeath the remainder of my prissiness and rolling eyes to Eloise Huff who is fast ac- quiring them. I, Earl Acuff, in this my last will and testament with great happiness do bequeath unto Dot Osmun my appendix. I, Mary Eleanor Jones, being of sane mind and sound body graciously do bequeath my flair for piano playing un- to Mary Jo Bolin. I, Margaret Welch, being of sane mind and sound body do bequeath unto Martha Felknor my short skirts. I, J. C. Turner, being of sane mind and sound body land howl do hereby bequeath my fine intellect and mathe- matical. I, Jane Rankin, in this my last will, do gladly give to Jeanette Deane my soft voice, with the request that she use it in the typing room. I, Jessie Ruth Newman, hereby bequeath my tomboyish- ness unto Betty Tarver. I, Doug Bailey, unselfishly give, devise, and bequeath my winning way with Miss Brickey to Tom Dyer. In witness wherefor, we have hereunto set our hands and seal on this twenty-sixth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred forty-two. Witnesses: Patty Hoebner Martha Lee Pearman Jean Cobble Eunice Block I as union. efadd J Dell Allen Ruth Allen Dorothy Anderson Willodean Anderson Lois Arnwine Mary Arthur Mary Frances Barry Rowena Ball Helen Bell Wanda Beal Mary Elizabeth Bell Frances Bishop Mary Jo Bolin Ruth Broylcs Estha Bruhin Gladys Buchanan Mary Elizabeth Burkhart Tressre Bunch Fay Burchette VfLRuby Burgess Mildred Bowman Fay Brown Lerrore Caldwell Ruth Caldwell Maureen Chadwick Betty Chance Henrietta Childress Sarnrnyc Collins Frrrriinc Corunr Betty Cruze Audrey Braden Olive Dailey Ella Mae Dawson Catherine Davis Jeanette Dean Goria June Deaver Loretta DeWine cena Kat Doughty Alice Mae Dowling Lucille Dunkle Llaine Douglas Freddie Lou Easterly Agnes Ellis Faye England Mary Gilbert Eppes Elizabeth Evans Mary Katherine Evans Dorothy Evans Helen Faulkner Martha Felknor Mary Fine Anna Ruth Fralrer Cecil Gault Anna George Juanita Gibbs Nancy Gilmer Sally Gray Mary Jo Hackney Helen Hale Ruby Hansard Sara Ruth Hansard Ethel Harbin Andcen Harris . Anne Henson J? O MARY MARGARET PAlNTER .,.... VY,A...,,,,. President STEWART McCORKLE ,.........a.......... ..... V ice-President Helen Hendrik Lucy Mitchell Ruby Shear! Betty Highbaugh Mary Monday CSHCVCI Sherrod Marie Hill Anne Elizabeth Moore Claudia Smith Moxie Hubbs Doris Moore Sarah Mac Shirley - Lois Anne Hohner Carrie Bell Morris Eevelyn Sisk June Jarnagin Jana Morris '.ll9It Stelldmfln Nancy Johnson Sarah Murphy Josephine Sterling Mary Llizabeth Jones Lula Mae Myers Berry Stewarct Joyce lrick Christine Myers Marine Stipes Bobbye Lynn Kelly Fern Nicely Katherine Snyder Nancy King Erma Lee Norris Jr'r.e Spear X Betty Jane Julian Louise Ogle Thelma Sowder 8 Alice Hollilield Dorothy Osmun Batty Tarver I Frances Large Mary Margaret Painter Dorothy Tolson J Phyllis Large Martha Palmer Sue Ella Vaughn X Blanche Lawson Mildred Elizabeth Perry Jean Vise Clara Lawson Hazel Lett Beatrice Little Edna Mac Little Kathleen Lonas Joyce Long Rae Livingood Barbara Macharner Katherine Mahan Jennie Malliby Jean Marcus Nellie Mae Maples Mary Margaret Martin ltclcn Massengil De Wilda Meyer Mildred Miller 4 rl if Mary Louise Paschal Jackie Perdue Betty Pratt Sophia Pratt Nancy Prevost Verna Prollrlt Juanita Pruett Dorothy Price Margaret Ramsey Jeanette Reed Ethel Rocliat Wilma Rogers Hannah Jane Russell Harriet Anne Sava Betty Rose Schmid 5 Mary Eevelyn Shearl Doris Walker .loan Warwick ,X Louise Warwick Mildred Watson Mildred W son Dorothy We X Hazel Webster Barbara Wells Sarah Wedekind Marie Whedbec Mary Anne White Deane Williams Mary Anne Williams Bernice Williams U Geneva Wood Betty Wylie Betty Kate Yardley 5 yjgtrilifitfriilfyy ,bw of lf, J--A 19 'fl NANCY KING . H . . Secretary ' MARY ELIZABETH BELL Treasurer u V. C. Adcock Carlyle Alexander John Anderson O. C. Arms Duane Armstrong John Atchley Milburn Atkins Ralph Armstrong Raymond Babelay Sonny Baker George Barnes Frank Berney Oscar Bean David Blork Ralph Bounds Otis Brooks Edward Brandon Billy Broome R. B. Burnett W. D. Burnett Jie Beatty A. J. Bowling Bob Cable Bill Caldwell Mack Cameron Leonard Carter Ray Cale Kenneth Chapman Wallace Cluck Bob Cunningham Paul Cunningham E. W. Brown Bill Davis Don Dyer Tom Dyer L. H. Dalton Brll Carter Melvin Cowan Clyde East Ralph Elkins Ross Everett lack Ealin Harman Fisher Leonard Fultord Bill Canyon Albert Goins lugene Grant lterran ttall Cvresh lrlrnn Gilliland John Henry Hahn Carl Hammond Dennis Harrell Hobby Hethmon Royal Hill Clifford Hunley Pau' Hutton f'p,v:- Lhtv ls D DQR? Ned lrwin Rok ert Jones Paluert Lee Jar n'gan Arthur Johnson Roranc' Keezel Eugene King Billy Kirby Leon King Andy Kitts Jack Lakin Melvyn Lady Paul Learn Den Lett Charles Lowe Carl Loy Bobby Luttrell Victor Luster Herbert Harris Stewart McCorkle Rhea McFarland Homer McGhee James McMillan Mark Maier Bill Mauk Hugh Mays Donald Meredith Lewis Mills Gene Moore Jaek Moore Alvin Murphy Herbert Mynatt Edward Minton Bill O'Connor Carl Morris C-ariette Parker Kenneth Phillips Janrcs Picquet Robert Rankin Grady Renfro Luther Ricketts lJill Roberts Viefl Rule llarold Sandberg S. E. Satrertield William Sharp Ralph Shefter Fred Sherrocl Kenneth Shrpnian David Shirley Ralph Simpson David Smith Tolbert Smith J. C. Stinnettc Rudolph Stout Bob Trllery Tom 'lindall J. D. Undcrwoorl W. M. Vandergriff Ralph Vise E. C. Walker Howard Webster Cenil Wells Millard White Wallace Whitehouse Charles Williams Edd Williams Lester William' M. M. Winkle Jack While Kenneth Woods Billy Woods. Henry Wilson James Zircle Buddy Zolter Harold Whittle fail Brown tluhert Foster Billy Frost Freelan Goddard Linest Harbin Earl Hicks M Hubert Hill Paul Hodges Boyd Galyon Rubin Kempton Eugene King ,fr ryfmbl? NJN f' Wfwffi ,ff W' wwe if Jil f N .eo Q AIM Puff ,- ' 41.434 Q iv: ,. -we sa' ,, i 'V ' F, . -Q . mga? S Marion Akers Betty June Armstrong Tommye Armsfron Beatrice Berry 1,..6rf Frances Barnes Ernestine Barlow Bobby Jo Bea I e Q . . ,, , ' -President Cdm irons r r r L P slit? I I Bettey Sue Corum Pauline Cummins Joyce Dickson Martha Ann Daniels Katherine Davis Marie Diamond Doris Dow Imogene Basler w . ,Maxine Drain 5' Ruth Belcher 'Q'-fdittw Warren Blackard Mary Lou Blankenship Sunny Mae Bondurant Evelyn Booker Helen Boring Rose Matie Brock Fays Brown Virginia Bryant Margaret Ann Burnett Margaret Butler Mary Ruth Byerly Mary Jean Brown Vera M, Chawson Betty Cameron Virginia Cameron Tommy Lee Campbell Ruth Cassell Kathleen Clark lane Collett Dorothy Conger Nancy Cox Carolyn Cruze .lsie Dyer Olive Dailey Faye Ellis Grace Fvans Fredda Ewing Doris Fredcn Margaret Fleming Jane Goins Margaret Gilfin ,l Ann Gilmer Barbara Goddard Kathleen Goodman Mary Evelyn Grahl Lvelyn Grubb gi Marion Grubb Mary Householder Roberta Hart Dorothy Lee Haworth Katherine Helms Collette i June Henson Itrll Hcen Iludsan li H It tswlirahces llousley , Q r lava llalse Hull Jean Hickman Helen Marie Hodgs Helen Irwin Mary Ann Hunter Dorothy Kidd Hilda Faye Johnson llelen Jones Ova Lee Jones Marjorie Jones Lucille Keaton Ilelen Kelley Marlorie Kirnsey Clarice King Ruth Knott lQl'zabeth Lawson Jane Legg l Marion Lewis Jane Lusk A XX Pauline McKnrrre Betty McClain Darotliy McGhee Billie McKinney Billie McMurray Lennis McPherson Frances Maples Margie Mathews Ruth Minton Ruth Mitchell La Verne Monday Margaret Morgan Ann Morris Jean Morris Z Ioddy Mye Kathleen Mynatt Mary Lee Moser fvelyn Musgrave Jean Nichols Jean Norwood Martha Jane Morris Barbara Payne Mary Picquet M rie Pridemore Jean Reed ar' Frances Ricketts M' dred Rich Helen Richardson Alice Rose Louise Rochat Bobby Ryder Paula Satterlielcl Jean Sayres Joan Scruggs Frances Schrapshire Betty Smith Betty Ray Smith Peggy Smith Nellie Solomon Marie Spencer Amanda Stamps Katherine Stanley June Steele-' Reva Stoftel Barbara Straining Lwnf I will Vw vrfbfnb Emma Strange Nancy Toole ' , La Verne T 4QI!,k,"2,.' 2 Faye Tipton Marie Tipton Helen Turner l . fl Lillian Turner Martha Turner Pauline Valentine Jean Vise Rosalie Wade Betty Walker Mariorie Wardrcp Georgene Warren Evelyn Webb Beulah Sue White Virginia Wilson Dorothy Juanita Winstead -Loraine Winstead Eloise Witt Imogene Witt Patsy Win Dorothy Wood Martha Wood Maxine Wood Grace Wrenne Dorothy Wylie Evelyn Yoakum Betty Jordan . ,,.., . ',.a"l r' K xl L .rf 'eyed L LU 5 A -Milam 2 I l .nu vrvm. . 1 sy! . , CQ!!-' S DORO'l'bjCCWYLIE JOHN MCTEEK A, l. Afler John Adair Charles Acllans John Alleman Harvey Alton Lverellr' Armstrong R. T. Atlrrns 'lornrny Allrirrs Wayne Bassett Bob Benn Roby Bevan luryene Blank Xi s Wrryrre Blrnr H tClrnrlcs Blane . 5 r llrll Boring lrrrl Brown s Bula Brulnrrr Bolrby Bryan in-one Brown 1.lrrrrlC'. fain H lloyrl Ccrrrlrs is Jnlrn llnrvey Lair Q x XE 1 lrrrl lrrrrl . lrrwrrnre C.lrunrley Glenn lolerrran Cf, C fax Johnny Cru'-L Vruy Cnrrrr lkcrrrrrrllr fret" lr ' lain Davru - ' lolrn Drrvrs X llob Duggrrrn xx J S . L L 'wwf A , M4-ue s.J.:-,.. were . fww- s 'X ' S sr si- r We-F ' it 'UN' f 1 S , Secretary S E I . . Treasurer 4 Jnlrrr Murlrig Jim Slergle Ralph Merriman by ltarrel Stout Jarncs Matlorls Dewey Dyer Ralph lfllcrns Alvin l'llrolt Crarnrny LII 5 Jrrrnes lnfrlancl Jrrrnfts lvans Allyn lrelden l7rll Clallalrer Brll Gan Llnrrles George llarold Gibson lcnntch Crcslranr .lrrn Grove flrrnles Gwinn Glenn Glllllilll Brll llcrmley Qlrrrrles llannrrer lc-Roy Hansard Jrrnres llrrrrrl lrlwfrrd llrzrron llarry llulrlms Vfruqlrn llulnhlr llrnrrr llursl lugene lluslasson C. l. llrrlcs Anros lnlrl rrer llerl lrwrn Cu ls Jeller ll dl Jenlr s es J rrnrngs J I .af .Ax Dale Smelser Jerry Smith Buddy Johnson Charles Johnson Joe Johnson Lugene Jones Glenn Kennedy L. C. Kinder leon King John Lalrrn lfrik Kvaven Kndy Kitts Cone Kitts Larl Kunklc Wesley Lawson Paul Lawson Ted Lay Ralph Lee Homer Lrnebauulr Jimmie Lusk Victor Luster Ja Lultrell L. C y Jnnrnic C rr Joe crson MrMillan W Ralph Mitchell J. Allen Morgan Glenn Moore Jnrmy Moore Noel Morrel Johnny Myers Jmk Moore Lirll ODell George Olrnger Kendridc Owens Kenneth Owens larry Parry Bob Payne Lester Pelree John Pickens L I Poore . mes Pruett Alvis Pyles wren Rhea L ' Rice rles Rudder lorman Rydeland Howard Sherrod of T. C. Sanders Billy Searle Chester Sharp Wrllram Leslie rcdU .lnlrn Mrlcer John Moran llarold Malor aples MUI1llIlU Jim Shipc xx yj Rufus Smith HfsrbJ6:pgqwI5 Jaclr Sterling ' J ' 7 'J L 1-1 Plover Stout Fred Stansberry Fred Tarver Robert Taylor Walter Taylor George Thomas Ilarvey Thompson Tornrny Thompson llob Trndall Larl Tolson Jimmy Tumblein David Vrse l'uul Vlfagner Charles Waldrop Campbell Wallace Ben Watrous Leonard Webb Raph West Dillard Whrtson llujllr Wrllrarns llaylan Wilson tee Wrllrarrrs llenry Wilson Charles Wollenburger Harold Wollenbarger Bobby Wood Jack Worsham Dan Yarnell Jaglr Yeazell Wet .S Zzaesh Betty Abbott Barbara Anderson Mary Frances Anderson Jeanette Bell Bonnie Bise Ruth Bowman Margaret Brock Viola Buchanan Lennis Burgess Charlotte Burnett Doris Bennett Virginia Jo Burnett Patsy Ruth Butts Mildred Caldwell Barbara Cates June Caul Mary Lou Cockrum Jean Coker Gloria Jean Collingrion Hazel Cooke Louise Copeland Nancy Copenhaver Virginia Copenhaver Betty Jo Corum Josephine Cotter Lorraine Cross Wanda Cross Mary Grace Cunninglrarrr Constance Currie Wanda Dalton Francis Dance Edith Davis Shirley Davis Rebecca Louise Davis June Deans Alice DeArmond xg, .2 vs. 1 1, I 3 f '1 ed E4 l ELLEN TEDDERH .s.,s.... s.... ..., .s,r.,ss President THOMAS SCOTT1 ..,..,s... ..... D Vice-'President Rebecca DeArmond Betty Doyle Martha Dunn Maxine Dyke Virginia East Jo Etta Easterday Betty Lou Edwards Aileen Ellis Reba England Barbara Fields Betty Farthier Beatrice Fowler ' 1 Dorothy Fraker Martha Rose Frank Betty French Jane French Estolene Gibson - Christine Gilliland Billie Alice- Gorman Wilma Graves Cu Elizabeth Greshman Lois Grubb Louise Haag Mildred Hailey Cirlic Haire Aileen Hammer Mary Hannahan Ruby Hansard Helen Hansard Rhonda Jean Harrell Frances Harris Geraldine Hartman N Margaret Henderligxlk Rebecca Henry Virginia Henson X Betty Hodge gb Juanita Hodge lrene Householder Glyna Houser Doris Hubbs Eula Hubbs 'Johnnie Humphrey Cons-tance Hunter Jewel Hunter Louise Hurst. Virginia Hutton' Ernestine Hutchinson Edna lams Belly Johnson E Betty Rose Johnston Joyce Keck ' Helen Kron Grace Lamb Dorothy Lambdin Hazel Langford' Terne 'Lee Ora Bell Lea,- Lois Lett J Ruth Lett' Marjorie Lett Reta June, Lindsey Mary Ruth Lovely Barbara Lusby V ' Eloise McCartt Betty Jean McCoy Betty McGinley Edith Maples Dorothy Mauk Gwendolyn May Juanita Mayfield Jo Ann Mays Barbara Merrian H -. 1 Alice Mittxhell Q , t Dorothy Mgnday f I V ! 4 Florence Moore 4 Evelyn Musgrave Frances Murphy L Adeline Mynatt E. Violet Mynatt Z-. Betty Neurbert Juanita Neubert 'I i' Hope Norrnah Betty Jean Norijs 1 Peggy Parks gi. Yvonne Parks io ' Gene-va Paslrchall V E Carolyn Phillips ' Carolyn Peters Margaret Perry Harriett Anne Perry Hazel Jean Plaster Lila Pless .i fn Mary Katherine Prgwell Mary Jane Ragsbale Jean Rhodes A Flora Etta Rilley Catherine Boclrk Deloresllobeson i Anna Ruth Roberts Doris 'Roberts 1 Be-tty June Robinson' Kr'rtl1ic'r'i'r1e Rollins - ' ' 'sf . Patricia Rose . Velva .Klgraeicls V tyiririeliiilifielff-V' 1- .sqfbQfw5sfri4mrfL...,2 Mdrion: Slchrxeider 1 Q' 4-PQQ9l6 f'Sherrod H . P s 1. 1 Mary Ellen Simpson Or1na 'Lee Slagle Haze Smiley Catherine Srrl-ith lvalee Smith Lois Smith Wanda Sowder Virginia Steele Mary Lynn Stirrirett Louisa Swaggerty Georgia Suggs Mildred Suttle' Jean Taylor ' Vivian Taylor Ellen Taylor Betty Thomas Mary Ruth' Thornton Margie Tipton Pauline Turner lrenc Waller Margaret Underwood Mary Underwood . '-',LUall,e Vincent Hazel Vandergrifl Sue Wakefield Ola. Sue Watson Joyce Webber Jaan Webster Juhcl Webster Mildred Weigel Dorii,White Katghlqen-.Wilkerson Mcrlgaget -Whittle Bettie Liu 'Worsham Betty rick Jisyce Ya on I "sg-2Q",,.C' SHTLEPYO rig l X , . r v,- , Affx sb 8 ., 9 I A 6 .tw x S 1 , . .K ..a 'S "I ' -W . P . A ici 5 'I' ,, W , ' L I " ' '.7 on A BEIT "ro coreum Y VIRGINIA IIUTTON lrrrrrl Arrrlrrlnlor Kelso Arrclerson lloblly Arrrlslrolrgr ' George Allrcrlon frrrrrlcz. Afllrrns lrrrcsl llrrrlcy lrnc-al llrrrrwn l lnrrlr-'. Bcul Alvin Boll lclgyar Brfrrlo vul, Ficrl Bri-Prlr-rr VV, J, Bruolca Jrnr Brown Llrcrrcv Bruqrrrr-:llc lufrbhv Broylrs . Furrrrvllr Bunnlr J. R. BurcI1allV INIIIIIOII Burlclrurl llorr Burncll Mrrrlr llurncllf I-.frrrrrtwly Iicrrlcr Waller Bullrr Rolvnil llofrlm lurfrs frrlclwrrll Qrnl Crrncllc-r Cr. 1. fanny Rolrvrl fiourur- Rolrrrll CI lrnm lwnl Jnrrrrry frm- llrrrrlr Allrrrr C,lrurrIrrrrrrlr X lmrr fllrrlr Murplry flrfwrrcy Jvllrro Corlrrunr .lolrn folccl I rrrl Clrrnor Jafl- C.iTffgyq--.. I 4 -1 r i . Lv. W. r if5giLigielif'o I QMAMW erm . All , A. flonc .Crrgger .Ilnlrmy Quia David Coker Bill Cunplinglrom Ke-rn'e,lI:r'i Curclon Invcrng. Crisp Dorrrign Dcnlorr levcll Denlon I"crIiiDeWrna Dick Dillcncler 1 Dcivid Donalelson Rrflrardl Easlerly' Ilrclrard Egglcslon Brll Ulrrns 1 lrncsl E-nglond ' Ralph Enloc Samuel Fair George .Fielden Brll Fogqrly I Circorqc Cuul llcrrry Llralrl . Bill flrcgory I. R. Ford Merle Harrc, V Stanley Harnlllon Ruslr Hamlcy . . A - Hull Foslcr r I WJ. Tcrl Gibbs! J ' ', Orvalcc Hnrrgonlc i Jolrn Hrxon llolr Hansard Idcl Hargrs William Hcrworllr Ralph Hendrix Clrrylon ljljfnshaw Bob Ilouscr f.. JZ'iR. Ilugeon Edd Hunley ' Bill Hgnler 'Billy Hubbs - Jack Jacobs i loc Johnson 'i l Gordon .lolrnson Morgan Johnson Ray -Jolrinson George Jolrnslon 'r."r. Jones. Sam Jock Ifugcne ' Kelly -' Bcnriie'KcmiJIor1 Bohbyi Keene , ' Tommy tone Roy Leniehf Frank Lee' John! Lonias , llylcn LUZCJULE Orville Lowe: Mqlro -Loy Flobc Arllwuri Fluglrflusby Earl. Iultrcll Jimmy lassrng Ncwlon McMalran frcorgc McGI1cc Boyd MCNUII lynn Morrrs Billy Marslrrrll Forresl Mrllcr Norman Miller Bobby Mills James Moorc J. T, Miller Marvin Ileubcrl Iicx Norman fugcnc Mouser Bobby Mustoc Joclc Payne Leonard Payne 'lffornrny Ifcarcc llubcrl Pcrgrvul Slcyvorl Pincdu Taylor Proflrlf Billy Roy Pyle Ileriberli Roley Qcradfi Romsey ,BrI1y Reagan I,UQ9l1,C Rcuidorr . :Paul Rice . I . . If Req Rmkerrs John Rochuti V 'Oliver Robcrls Paul Rrcclcl -Bill Rullrerlorcl lcon Rullwcrford J, C. Odom llolr Mynall I. C. Myers Paul Slrcrbalbll Sam Slranlon Frank Sanrlcrs Roy Dcrrrclbclg Bud Sanrlnrarr George Srlmad Iornrny Scoll Roberl Simpson Frank Sirns filrarlcs Snrrllr i Collrb SIIIIIII ' . . lpn I1 'SrnIIIr. Vernon Snrlllr Jock Spears I on sim' I Groivcr Sfbut Warren Suimmers fugenc Sallcrlreld .lim Tcr11'pIf: Morris- ,Time Roymonaliiflfrayrs Jock Trent' Jerry jfrorierllr V, 5' lad: Vonn- vluync Tlrornlon I 7 Dewey Waddell, Jr: il. C. 'Wagner V ' Bobby wgrdrop Roy' Walker I ,1pI1rr.WaI5Orr Floyd 'Weisgarber Joe":Vflorwrr,Ic I ' il Judi. Wlrcclcr X llorhcrl Wlrrlc Bobby Wlrrtelrousc lack ,Williams JackrciWiIlrarns Il. D. VV'IlIram5 Corloa Wrll Clrarlcs Wolulcnbofger .laflc Wyall Jock Wlrrlc mfr 'rmnerr ' Joe Zoller Wayne Thompson Bobby Rrcc 5524325 'XF' ' I il . .- A I ,.,.. E -'--1: 5 q4A. 4'Q4bV:A:-i.:.: , ,, I ttzzi gg: I '"421'HZE1ErE1S1E:E:E:5:3:3:5S55EISIESEIEIV If. fifrirfff'-'-'-' f It BACCALAUREATE SERMON MAY 24, 1942 UNDAY EVENING .- 7 I 7:30 P. M. 3. First Presbyterian Church KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Eg., 'JW REVEREND E. B. MCGUKIN 4 Pastor of First Presbyterian Church tg Music by Church Choir CLASS DAY EXERCISES AY 26, I942 TUESDAY EVENING, M 8:00 P. M. School Auditorium TORCH LIGHTING CEREMONY led by MISS GRESHAM CLASS SONG CLASS POEM 1! CLASS WILL SCHOOL SONG COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 28, I942 8:00 P. M. .1 V, School Auditoriumi Ill illl Class Speakers JOE LAY BARBARA CLARK Vocal Solo CHARLES HOBBY Guest Speaker DR FRANK B WARD R PROCESSIONAL CLARK ORCHESTRA sENio " Music by WALBURN- 5 kr., :ff QR NS 4 . x CDIQCSANIZATICDIXIS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW YA Mary Ann White, Jeanette Deane, Nancy King, Barbara Clark, Zoe Jeffers, Charlotte Berry, Eunice Block, MarY Heaton, Marie Duncan, Mary Eleanor JONC5. SECOND ROW F- Betty Fair, Nancy John- son, Ruth Ford, Agnes Currier, Asa Ambrister, David Block, Karen Taylor, Martha Lee Peor- HIGH, Patty Hoebner, Miss Weigel, Adviser, Katherine Seay. THIRD ROVV - Mary Hannah MacMurry, Belly Tarver, Frances Larqe, Geary Reynolds, Jean CoL1b.e, Stewart McCorkIe, Sarah Mur- phv, Belly Ilrqhbaaugh, Grady Renfro, Cora Poston. FOURTH ROW f Elizabeth Yadon, June Talley, Frances Holdredge, Betty Jo Powers, Dennis Waldroo, Luther Rickets, Jack Lakin, Pauline Minton. FIFTH ROW - Bobby Hethmon, Hubert Hill, Ted Rutherford, J. C. Turner, Joe Lay, Bill Yarnbert, Bill Daniels, Wallace Cluck, Alvin Murphy, Fred Shanton. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Rosemary Johnson, Faye England. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB IIRSI ROW - Betty Fortner, llrllie Oorrnrrn, Jo Ann Scruggs, June Steele, Else Dyer, Kalherinc Helms, Marie Tipton Mar,orm Kimsey. SECOND ROW f Gloris June Collinqnon, Retty Yardley, June Jarniaan, Dorothy Har- gis, Ann Morris, Jane Collette, Katherine Mahan, Wilma Rogers, Alice Rose. THIRD ROW - Mary Hannahon, Nancy Cox, Gloria June Deaver, Eloise Hulf, Jo Bean, Evelyn Booker, Mary Margaret Martin, Evelyn Sisk. FOURTH ROW 7 Peggy Smith, Jean Nichols, Margaret Brock, Hazel Vandere frif, Christine Gillahand, Betty Jane Julian, FIFTH ROW - Dorothy Wylie, Polly Leinart, Geneva Sherrod, Mary Lawson, Nancy John- son. 4-H CLUB FIRSI ROW - Mr. Searle, Adviser, John Carr, Eugene Barry, Don Meredith Morris Snow, John Pineda, Collis Srnrth. SECOND ROW - Harold Wollenbarqer, Joe Johnson, Carlos Witt, Hubert Foster, L. C, Kinder, Gene Grant. THIRD ROW 3 Reuben Kernptrn, Buddy' Zoller, Ralph Visc, Paul Hutton, Ed Branrien, Joe McMillan. FOURTH ROW -- Howard Vlebsrer, R, B. Burnette, Edwin Srnith, Bill Zachary, C. B. Clark, Glenn Wells, Clifford Hunley, JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY IIRSI ROW Brllrc Alrce Gorman, Belly Fmlnr-r, Mary Householder, Rebecca Henry, Currrs Jr-Ifcrs, Charles Corn, Marne Trpton, Mary Franrcs Housley, Kathleen Clark, Sonny Mae Bonduranr, Glen Kennedy, John Marlrrs, Dorrhy lcc Hoyworth, Barbara Srrrrrrrrrrcr, Marne Dramond. SICONII ROW Oeraldrne Hartman, Los IMI, Erarrfr-s Barnes, Alrcc Rose, Marrorre Krnrsry, Bvrrlrrrc Berry, Mary Jane Rags rlrrlw, Ilr-rry Wyrrclr, Jean Snyres, Norman, Ryrllrrrrrl, Krrllrc-rrrro Davrs, Herherl Sledrnnn, Charles Rurlclr-r, Rulus Srrrrlh, Iomrnyc Arrrr srrarrrr. IHIRID ROW Barham Anderson, Borhara Crrlf-s, Hrlrla H:-nderlrqhl, June Webslcr, Ilr-IIy Nr-ulrcrr, Vrrgrnra East, Florence Balmer, Rolrerla Hall, Reva Enaland, Poulrne Volen Irnc, Imogene WrII, Nellre Solomon, Mrs. Wrnerrrrr, advrsor, IOURTH ROW Marran Snyder, Gorra follrrrgrnon, Mary Hanahan, Consrarrfe Curr rrr-, Mary Ellen Srrnpsorr, Vrrqrnra Jo Bur notre, Cr-orgrra Suqcrs, Bearrrcc Fowfcr, Ilelly Horlqe, Eslrrlocn Crhson, Jack Smrlh, Rulh Hr-Irhr-r, Mrrrlhrr Ann Danrcls. IIIIII ROW Marque Trplon, Dorrs Whrre, Vrrrrrnra Hurran, Vrvran Taylor, Hazel Cools, Ir-wr-Il Hunrer, Charles Brumm.IIe, Drclr Drlrnder, John Rochar, Eugene Reardon, Ilnhhy Bryan, Tommy Arlrrns, Murphy Chesney SIXTH ROW - Mrss Crhson, advrsor, Bobby lo Rcarr, Jrrnc Collelr, Campbell Wallace, Irrnrrry lumhlrn, Raul Waqner, J. 8. Rrckelrs, Ilorrrs Trrus, Sam Jrrrlc, Tommy Scoll, .lrmmy Mrfullrr, larry Parry, Bull Srcrn, Bob My rrrrII, lrrnrny lcrssrrrrr. LIBRARY CLUB IIRSI ROW Ilr-len Hodasorr, lourse Ro rlrrrl, llarorhy If-0 Hrrvvorrh, Harold Oodlrcy, lrrrrrr Sayles, Hrrrlmrrr Slrrrrnrrrq Juanrfo frrlrlrs, SICOIIIJ RAW Mary Arllrur, Ilarlmra Irmlrlrrrcl, Uorrrrlry Vrrre, Avery Capps, Edna lIr-rrrr-y, Mrrrrrrn Alrers. IIIIRIJ ROW Dorolhy Wylrc, Jrrne Collefr, Alrrf- Raw, Ilmrnor Hall, Mrs Rogers, ad vrsr-r, lllrrr Srcarlman, Prrulrne Valcnlrnc. HI-Y IIRSI ROW Mr, Wlrrlvlrr-ful, Aclvrsrrr, R. Il Ilur rrr- Hr-, Ilrll Urrvrs, lahrr lrlrh, Eronlc Wylrrr, lIrIl Ourrrrl, C. II Clrrrlr, Mr, I'CIr1'f'r Arlvr 'rr'l . 'rl f OI Ill ROW lorrr Uyvr, llrrrrrrrrrr llslrvr, lrlwrrr 'snrrlIr, Rrry Werlelrrnrl, Curl Morris, Rnsrrw Srnrrlr, Slrrwrrrr McCorIrlc, Ly.rr1 Mrf laucl. IIIIRII ROW lr'Roy Orrlrr, Ilalmliy Iulrrell, llolrlry Srrrrrlrrrrrnrr, Asn Arrrlrrrswr, Alvrn Mnrgrlry, fhrrrlrrs Ilnurrhly IHIIRIII ROW lrrrrl Slrrrrrlrm, Ir"l Rrrllrrr lrrrrl, lov Mrlrrrrr, Ilfrlr furrrrrrrrglrmrr, Rrrlrrlr 'rrrrrrnr-r, Ralph Vrsr' llllll ROW Drrvrcl Shrrley, Weslan Mur rrrrrr, Iirll Yrrrrrlvr-rl, Knrrnelh Chapman, leon rrrrl frrrlrrr. SIXIII ROW Bud Myrrall, Joe lay, EI Irvrr Mrrrrrurrrrrl, John Warnpler, Bud Evarrs, Clrllortl Hunley ffdhx-'Jw In Il J9 ,' j 'lf' uv SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW - Jack Yeazil, David Block, Bobby Whitehouse, Jean Sayres, Katherine Davis, Collett Hill, Florence Bdker, Mary Fances Housey, Marie Tipton. SECOND ROW - Bob Hethmon, Curtis Jeffers, Jim Grove, Frank Ambrister, John Coker, Bill Stern, Bob Woldrop. THIRD ROW - Mr. Stuart, Harold Gibson, Lewis Rice, Johnny Cox, John Davis, Mr. Ross, David Vise. LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW - Miss Moore, advisor, Mary Margaret Painter, Nancy King, Jeanette Dean, Sonny Mae Bondurant, Georgia Suggs, Virginia East, Joyce Weber. SECOND ROW - Sally Gray, Zoe Jeffers. Charlotte Berry, Mary Heaton, Wilma Reed, Louise Swaggcrty, Mary Ruth Lovely. THIRD ROW - Florence Baker, Frances Harris, Jewel Hunter, Carolyn Peters, Violet Mynatt, Betty Hodge, Margie Tipton. FOURTH ROW - Barbara Clark, Barbara Goddard, Geargene Warren, Anne Moore, Nancy Prevost, Mary Ellen Simpson, Virqinia Jo Burnette, Edith Maples. FIFTH ROW - Bob Hethmon, Sarah Murphy, Mary Ann White, Virginia Henson, Frances Murphy, Alvin Bell. SIXTH ROW - Frances Large, Ann Henson, Mildred Bowman, Martha Wood, John Coker, Jimmy Lansing, Ted Rutherford, Paul Rodell. SEVENTH ROW - Jimmy McCuIlen, John Mathis, Dennis Waldrop, Raymond Bcbelay. Hubert Hill, Cecil Wells, Bob Rice. SAFETY PATROL FIRST ROW - Reuben Kempton, Harald Keene, Joe McTeer, Mr. Searle, Advisor, Bill O'DeIl, Glenn Wells. SECOND ROW A Wayne Basset, Calvin Henson, Mack Cameron, Clyde East, R. T. Atkins, James Russell. THIRD ROW --- John Carr, Gene Grunt Paul Hutton, Jack Wilson, Jack Luttrell, J. D. Underwood. BOWLING CLUB TIRST ROW ' Mary Ann Thornton, .leanetlc Dean, Dorothy Webb, Mrldred Bowman, DeWrlda Myer Taddy Myers, Pat Rose, Betty June Rose, Betty Norris, Betty Kate Yardley. V SICONIJ ROW Martha Wood, Agnes lllr'., Sarah Wetlekrrrd, Dorrs Roberts, Emma Strarrrre, Maraarct Welch, lrrs Faulkner, llorsr- Wrrrter, Mary Frances Hensley, l'lcnrr r-tta Clrrldrcss. IIIIRD ROW Mrss Duggan, advrser, Ruth Allen, Jeanette Reed, Nancy Johnson, Betty Tarver, Karen Taylor, Carrte Belle Morris, Collette Hill, Maxre Hubbs, Irene Kernpton, Maxrnc Strpes. lOURTH ROW Mary Margaret Sheets, Hr-try lan, llarrret Ann Savage, Joan War wrrk, Ruby Hansard, Phyllrs Large, Betty Jo Powers, Mary Seal, Emalec Wrnegar. COMMERCIAL CLUB l'lRST ROW Mary McMurry, Blanche lawson, June Jarnrqan, Irene Kempton, Jes- src Rutlr Newman, Frances Mathis, Agnes Currier, Barbara Clark, Miss Stone, advrser, SECOND ROW -f Anna Ruth Eroker, Hazel Webster, Jean Warwtch, Cecile Hall, Ruth Turner, June Talley, Betty Kate Yardley, Irances Metts, Inez Smith. THIRD ROW - Nancy Prevosr, Vella Suqas, Hazel lee Hayes, Anrece Krrby, Eleanor Hall, Ernmalee Wrnegar, Hazel Gentry, Georara Lee, Martha Nell Solomon. FOURTH ROW W Barbara Gibbs, Mary llrzabetlr Cale, Mary Margaret Martrn, Evelyn Srsk, Lots Fair, Brllre Stansberry, l-letty Shipley, Martha Parker, TIETH ROW Paul Hutton, Jack luttrell, Paul Cunrrtnqharn, Fred Sherrod, Bonnie Mac Ward, Dorothy Harars, Kat Malran, Mary Maraaret Sheets. SIXTH ROW - Paul Hodges, Charles Hobby, Harold Godlrey, Harry Elliott, Carl Nelson, lrlwrn Srnrtlr, LeRoy Oale, Ralph Stormer. DRAMATICS CLUB IIRST ROW - Eunice Block, Mary Heaton, leorrard Eullord, Mary Margaret Painter, Harold Godfrey, Vrrarnra Petree, Herman fisher, Katherine Mahan, Mary Lloyd Cun- lTllTqlTfllTT, SECOND ROW - Dorothy Hill, Melvyn lady, Nancy Kina, Bobby Hethmon,, Nancy Vrevost, Mrss Weaver, advisor, Asa Arn' brrstcr, Avery Capps, Kathleen Brown, Mary llrzaheth Bell, Marte Northern, Dorothy Kidd, Geneva Harnrlton, Jeanette, Hamilton, Faye Ellis, Edna Berney, Faye Hope, Grace Evans. THIRD ROW --r Barbara Clark, Helen Irwin, Betty Couch, Rubyl Hale, Evelyn Caul, Martha Dunn. TOURTH ROW Mrldred Keezlrng, Mary lau Vrttetoe, Edna Whrte, Marte Lett, Marie Spenser, Dorothy Thomas, Mary Elizabeth Jones. IIFTII ROW Nancy Cox, .lean Vrse, Emo lea Wrneaar, Eleanor Hall, Geary Reynolds, Mary Catherine Brown, Mary Pearl Gault. SIXTH ROW -- Dennis Waldrop, Charles Hobby, Marie Tipton, Jane Colletr, Dorothy Wylie. SEVENTH ROW V- John Wampler, Paul Hutton, Jack Luttrell, C, B. Clark, Ralph Stormer, Bill Roberts, Deane Williams. EIGHTH ROW - Stewart McCorkle, Bill Roberts, LeRoy Ogle, Carl Nelson, Ralph Vrre, Edwrn Smith, Charles Edinqlon, u,4.v'L'-'ia by .W HIKING CLUB FIRST ROW - Mary Katherine Brown, Mary Pearl Gault, Marie Tipton, Dorothy Haworth, Jean Sayres, Katherine Davis, Colette Hill, Barbara Goddard, Charlene White, Dorothy Wood. SECOND ROW - Doris White, Jim Grove, Virginia Hutton, Mary Jane Ragsdale, Betty Wyrick, Helen Cronc, Kaherinc Mahan, Lucy Mitchell, Barbara Buldock, Vrrqrniu Wilson. THIRD ROW -- June Deans, Dorothy Mauk, Jean Witt, Louise Warwick, Amanda Stamps, Betty McClain, Dorothy Conger, Doris Dow, Alice Rose, Virginia Henson, Frances Harris. FOURTH ROW - Sammy Shanton, David Grove, Ralph Stormer, Lewis Rice, Larry Parry, John Cox, Bob Cunninqham, Fred Shanton. FIFTH ROW - Mr. Stuart, Noel Morrell, John Pickens, Buddy Sondmann, Bill Searle, James Harriett, Roy Wedekincl, Bill Yambert, Sonny Baker, David Shirley. MONITORS FIRST ROW - Ada Yadon, Polly Leinart, Josephine Sterling, DeWiIda Myer, Mildred Bowman, Carrie Belle Morris, Charlotte Stol- el, earl Dalton. COND ROW - Frances Mathis, Agnes Currier, Marie Northern, Marie Duncan, Marie HiIl,, Dorothy Anderson, Mildred Miller. THIRD ROW - Hazel Gentry, Karen Taylor, Betty Grubb, Chorlsie Hobby Betty Cruze, Dorothy Osmun, Kathryn, Snyder, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Martha Lee Pearmon, Patty Hoebner. FOURTH ROW - Jack Wilson, Paul Hutton, Jack Luttrell, Harold Godtrey,, Mary Heaton, Eunice Block, Katherine Seay. FIFTH ROW - Bud Mynatt, Boyd Hill, Fred Sherrod, Jimmy Edmondson, Dennis Waldron, Bobby Sandmann, Donald Van Hoozier. DEBATING CLUB FIRST ROW -- Judd Edwirr Smith, Charles Edington, Harold Godfrey, Asa Ambrister, Nancy King, Miss Mary Weaver, Adviser, Bob Hethmon. Charlotte Stollel. SECOND ROW - Bob Duggan, Nancy Cox, Leonard Fulford, Erik Kvaven, Marie Spencer, Barbara Clark, Deane Williams, THIRD ROW - Herman Fisher, Polly Lcinart, Marie Tipton, Jean Vise, Clara Lawson, Geneva Hamilton, Jeanette Hamilton. FOURTH ROW - Ralph Stormer, Ralplr Vise, Mack Hansard, Marie Lett, Marie Northern, Evelyn Caul, Mary Tindell, Nancy Johnson. FITFH ROW - Mary Catherine Brown, Kathleen Brown, Edna White, Mary Eliza- beth Jones, Eleanor Hall, Emolee Wrneqar, Geary Reynolds. SIXTH ROW - Roscoe Smith, Bill Mauk, C. B. Clark, Sonny Baker, Dorothy Thomas, Katherine Mahan, Donald Van Hoozier. JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES IIRST ROW - Sally Gray, Jennre Mallrby, Mary Marqaret Parnter, Fern Nrcely, Betty Iunc Rose, Mrldred Bowman, Jeanette Dean, Rose Ann Schrnrcl. SFCONU ROW A Nancy Johnson, Marr Lppes, Sara Wedclrrnd, Mary Douglas Wrl- Irrrnrs, Iulrr Mae Myers, Freddre Lou Easterly llelen Bell, Mary Margaret Martrn. THIRD ROW -Anna Oeorae, Emrnalee llor rrs, llrzaheth Lawson, Hannah Russell, Maxrc llulsbs, Fstlra Brulrrn, Ellen Stcadrnan, FOURTH ROW - Mary Arthur, Betty Lhrrnre, Sammye Collrns, Deane Wrllrams, lthel Rochat, Dorothy Webb. FIFTH ROW Jean Vrse, Mary Elrzabeth Bell, Harrrett Ann Savage, Jean Marcus, Mary Ann Wlrrte, Dorothy Osmun. SIZTH ROW Josephrne Sterlrna, Dorothy lvarrs, Mary Monday, Betty Cruze, Betty Hrahbrruah, lufy Mrtrhcll, Carrre Belle Mor- rrs, Betty Jane Julran. SLVLNTH ROW Frances Brshop, Barbara Mnrlrrrnrer, Barbara Wells, Mrss Duggan, ad- vrsor, Juanrta Grbbs, Evelyn Srslr, Katherrne Mahan, Sarah Murphy. SOPHOMORE GIRL RESERVES IIRSI ROW Mary Householder, Rosc Marne Brorlr, Ruth Belcher, Katlrerrne Helms, Jane luslr, Evelyn Booker, Jo Ann Scruaqs, Betty MrClarn, SFCOND ROW Barbara Strarnrna, Marrc Drarnond, Sonny Mae Borrdurant, Marrorre Wardrep, Dorothy Wylre, Marqaret Grillrn. THIRD ROW ff Jean Sayres, Katherine Davrs, Mary Frances Housley, Elsre Dyer. FOURTH ROW -- Alrce Rose, Morrorre Krm sey, Marne Trpton, Edith Blaclcard, Kathleen Mynatt, Brllre McKrnney. FIFTH ROW Beulah Sue Whrte, Paulrne Curnrnrnas, Martha Wood, Mary Ann Hunter, Dorrs Dow. SIXTH ROW Jo Bean, Clara Lawson, lmo' rrene Basrl, Mrldred Barnes, Mary Ann Hunter, Mary lee Moser, Dorrs Dow, SEVENTH ROW - Elorse Huff, Carolyn Cruze, Helen Borrng, Lrla Pless, MGFION Alrcrs, Dorothy Conger, Dorothy Krdd, Jane Collet, Ann Morrrs, Amanda Stamps, Nancy Cox. IICHTH ROW -r Emma Strange, LaVerne Tate, Jean Nrchols, Helen Hodgson, Doris Frf-Iden, June Steele, Jean Morrrs, Peqqy Smrth. NINTH ROW Ruth Knott, Barbara Payne. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES IIRST ROW Geneva llarnrlton, Jeanette Ilrrrnrltorr, Irrr-1 Snrrth, Anrece Krrby, Martha lee Pc-rrrnrarr, lrerre Kerrrpton. SLCOND ROW Sara Wcrtrous, Barbara Clark, Rosernary Johnson, Jean Cobble, Eunrre Bloclc, Zoe Jellcrs. IIIIRD ROW Jean Johnson, Betty Hrrlrs, Mary Heaton, Marne lewrs, Frarrres Mathrs. IOURIH ROW Patty Hoebner, Karen Taylor, Frrrnres Holclreclae, Marqaret Welch, lrrs Faullcner, Mary Seal. FIFTH ROW Lena Kate Arlor, Vella Surrqs, Hazel Lee Hayes, Jane Curlrs, Elea- nor Hall, Vrrgrnra Osment, Brllre Stansberry, Dorothy Harars, GLEE CLUB Miss Evelyn Perkins, Director, Lois Grubb, Betty Thomas, Ruth Broyles, Dorothy Lamb- din, Kathleen Mynatt, .lean Hickman, Lois Hammer, Estaleen Gibbs, Charlotte Stottell, Sonny Mae Bondurant, Ann Morris, Betty Grubb, Florence Baker. SECOND ROW - Lucy Mitchell, Katherine Mahan, Geneva Hamilton, Jeanette Hamil- ton, Ann Moore, Mary Jo Bowling, Dorothy Wood, Freddie Lou Easterly, Betty Jean McCoy, Aileen Ellis, Catherine Helms. THIRD ROW - Charlene White, Guy Cupp, Margaret Moneyhun, Sara Watrous, Virgin- ia Bryant, Mary Lee Moser, Mariorie Kim- sey, Maxie Hubbs, Estha Bruhin, Margaret Fogarty. FOURTH ROW - Helen Masenail, Mary Grace Cunningham, Constance Mynatt, Clar- ice King, Mary Ann Hunter, Mary Lou Wat- son, Margaret Stewart, Georgene Warren Charlsie Hobby, Jean Marcus. FIFTH ROW - Jimmy Edmondson, Bob Duq- gan, Gene Grant, Bill Quigq, Wendell Oqfr Sammy Shanton. MOVIE OPERATORS FIRST ROW - Reuben Kempton, J. L. Pow- ell, Leonard Fulford, Lester Williams, Bob Hethmon, Gene Grant. SECOND ROW - Ralph Simpson, Don Lett, Ralph Vise, Ed Williams, Clarence, Bracken, Kendrick Shipman. SKETCH CLUB FlRST ROW - Bculah Sinkhoin, Karen Tuy- lor, Joyce Lang, Sarah Mack Shirley, Lucy Mitchell, Katherine Mahan. SECOND ROW - Jimmy Stfcnsrict Hurry Elliott, Melvyn Lady, Jackie Pardue, Ethel Rochat, Sara Wedekind. THIRD ROW - Cecile Hall, Elizabeth Yadon, Juanita Harris, Jean Watson, Dcanc Wil- liams, Lenora Caldwell, Mary Fine. FOPIRTH ROW - Jack Lakin, Edwin Smith, Bill Mauk, Mr. Daugherty, Adviser, Kenneth Creech, Howard Webster. FIFTH ROW - Ralph Stormer, C. B. Clark, Mack Cameron. - - - FIRST ROW' Sara Murphy, Elrzabelh Gresham, Sammye Collrns, Deane Willrams, Mary Jane Ragsdale, Belly Jo Powers, Martha Fellcnor, Nancy Johnson, Berry Cruze, Dorolhy Thomas, Frances Lovrngood, Mary Douglas Willrcms, Hazel Genrry. SFCOND ROW Bud fyans, Carl Nelson, R. B. Burnclle, John Filch, Joe McTeer, Slewarl McCorkle, Kenneth Woods, Elberl Margueral, Carlyle Alexander, Drrvrrl Slrrrlr-y ' - - lIR'sl ROW Jrrlrrr Welnrrrrs, Nrrrrry Jolrrrsorr, Mary llerrrlor ,l0're'., llc'-Hy Ja Bowers, fred Slrerrorl, Tom lrrrw, Clrarler C'-rouge, l'rll llrrvr-., frrrlylr Alrwrrrrcler, Kelly lynflr, Unvrcl Slrrrley, Jerry Srnllh, Brll Yfrnrbcrl. 'vlffjrllr ROW lbnrallry Tlrarvrns, Belly Cruze, Sara Murphy, Rrclrarrl, Eggleslon, Wallace Cluflr, lrrwrenre Clrurrrley, Paul She lxcrlroll,fRulus Srrrrllr, Julrll Allernfrn, Kr-rrrretlr fxrrr-slrrnnn, Bohhy lullrell, James Harrrel, lorn Dyer, Clcnn Kennedy, ' X lllIRlD ROW R. ll Burnelle, Joe lay, Joe Freldcn, Mary Douglas Wrllrams, Norman Rydrnan, Alvis Pyle, Bud Evans, Charles Waldrop, Hcrberl Sleacl- rnrrrr, Bah frrrrnrnqlrarrr, Bull Broome, S E, Saflerlreld, Curfrs Jelfers. IOURTH ROW: Elbert Marguerat, Weslan Murrran, Jack Yeazrl, Paul Hurle n, James England, Roy Wedelrind, Dennrs Harrell, Charles Blanc, Clyde Easl, M M Wrrrlrle, lluane Armslrong, Davrd Srnllh. llllll ROW Rolrrnd Keezel, Charles Rudder, Jolrn Cox,, lewis Rrce, Sonny Balmer, Carl Nelson, Torn Allrins, Slewarr McCorlrlc, Herbcrl Mynall, Grady Renlro. SIXTH ROW: Jarlr Slerlrng, Brll Roberrs, V, C. Adcoclc, Harold Grbson, Ralph Bounds, Joe MCPherson, James Healherly, John Frlclr, John Dawg. SFVFNTH ROW J, D. Underwood, Davrd Grove, Jean Lernarr, Jean Johnson, Jean Cobble, Edward Manton, John Wcrmpler, IEEE. V-lbiffk I 3:3 NM N3 4 N FEATURES IBE , Q ifzjcezz an Ojgory Ks VIRGINIA HUTTON JANE COLLETTE F ,. .. M. -.. E.. CARRIE BELLE MORRIS j-wa! Mi! N MMMYI' ff? Mt AIDS 7-:"""H'L's-JM ff"-f-'-44-14'.e.4.....z 7na,.-4,61 L47-kvw "!7'i'--7.6!-4u,l,4C.7,L in-ga 'f'7U-fb-vQ..A.4..1.L 75 ' L.. -,,, . ,..... I ' CDF CDIXICDI? MARJORIE WARDREP MARJORIE KIMSEY IIIIIIIA CHEERLEADERS VERNA PROFFITT ANIECE KIRBY HAROLD GODFREY HAYNE BLAKELY INEZ SMITH LOUISE BORING il XY! XT? 4 N ATHLETICS x ,mx NS The group of green, inexperienced boys who reported 'lf' it i l i - - - FlRST ROW: Douglas Bailey, Rex Norman, Bill Caldwell, Ralph Stormer, H. R. Proffitt, Bill Zachary, Bill Mauk, Sumner Dow, Mac Lovingood, Mark Maior, Glen Wilson, Captain Ford Owens, J. C. Christian, Edwin Smith, Mack Hansard. SECOND ROW: E. H. Vineyard, James Zirkle, Kenneth Donahue, Gene Moore, Milburn Atkins, Eugene Huskisson, Jay Hansard, Amos lnklebarger, Gaylon Wilson, George Schaacl, Carl Hubbs, Edward Brown, Bob Hansard, Jack White. THIRD ROW: Ralph Hendrix, Larry Rufe, T. C. Sanders, Bill Woods, William Perry, Thedas Jenkins, Ed. Williams, Ben Watrous, Bill Fogarty, Harry Hubbs,, Campbell Wallace, Kenneth Woods, Bill Rutherford, Allan Fielden, Ralph Elkins. The Central Football team, although handicapped by the loss of Coach Robinson during the early part of the season and also by an acute shortage of experienced play- ers, turned in another excellent record this season by going through the entire schedule without a single defeat. Although they were thrice tied - by Milligan, Young's and M. B. A. -the entire Bobcat squad has been an in- spiration to their mentors by their fighting spirit and deter- mination to accomplish the seemingly impossible. for fall drills on August l8, did not give much promise of a successful season, but they were rapidly moulded into a polished ball club, through the untiring efforts of their coaches. On Thanksgiving day after defeating several of the best high school teams in the south they climaxed their season by putting the skids under the K H S Troians with a stinging 7-0 setback, giving the State Championship title to the Bobcats. At the Annual Football Banquet 27 letters were awarded. l9 football letters, 2 to Managers and the remaining 6 to the cheerleaders. Those receiving awards were: retiring Captain Ford Owens, and Captain-elect Mark Major, Bill Caldwell, Glen Wilson, J. C. Christian, Sumner Dow, H. R. Proffitt, Mac Hansard, Bill Mauk, Bill Zachary, Mac Lovin- good, J. W. Brown, Jack White, Ed Smith, James Zircle, E. H. Vineyard, Douglas Bailey, and Ralph Stormer - Cheer- leaders: Aneice Kirby, Inez Smith, Louise Boring, Verna Proffitt, Harold Godfrey and Hayne Blakeley - Managers Eugene Berry and Joe Smallman. FOOTBALL Central Milligan Frosh Central Blue Ridge .... Central Rule ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Central Youngs .... Central M B A .... Central Charlotte ..... Central Anniston ..... Central Jackson .... Central K H S ,,,,,, Total .. Total ...... . 'F - - - FIRST ROW: Bill Scanlan, Hayne Blakely, Captain Everett Smith, Bill Caldwell, Bob Cable. SECOND ROW: Coach Tip Masterson, Barton Jones, Ned Irwin, Leonard Cartel, Jay Hansard, Eugene Barry, Manager. Tlte Bobcat basketball learn under the guidance ol Coach "Tip" Masterson, had a very successful season win- ning I7 out of 26 games. Masterson came here from Missouri to take over the basketball duties left vacant when Coach Robinson left for the army. Under his guidance the team entered the 8th District tournament as the under-dog and went on to beat Youngs I6-I4 in the semi-finals only to lose to KHS in the finals 28-20. "Red" Caldwell handicapped in the early part of the season due to his football duties led the Bobcat attack with an average ot I0 points per game. Cable and Carter also put their share through the IB" hoop. While those were scoring, Blakely and Smith held their opponents down to a low score. The tollowing were awarded letters: Captain "Jew" Smith, Captain-elect Bob Cable, Bill Cald- well, Hayne Blakely, "Little Slim" Carter, Earl Kunkle, Ned Erwin, Barton Jones, Bill Scanlan, and Manager Berry. The results were as follows. Central . ., . .,., H28 Halls ..,. Central . ., . ..23 Powells Central ..... ,. ,. .30 Farragut Central ......,. ,..,,.,, 2 I Farragut Central ........ ........ 2 5 Powells ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,., 9 Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Total ,,,,., . .,,,., .28 ..,,,, ...Ib ,,,,.. .32 . . ...... ...35 .. .. ,.,.. . .25 , ..., ....,. I 3 . ...,,,, N23 .. ..,,, ....3l 8th DISTRICT .. ..,, ..,...,,. I 6 .......637 Stair .....,,.. ......... 8 Youngs ........ ,....... 2 8 Bradley .......... .,...... 2 6 Lenoir City ..,.... .,,...,. I 8 U. T. Frosh ....... ........ 2 5 Norris ........ .....,.. 2 5 Rule ..... ,....... 2 2 Carter .. ..... ...,.... I I K H S ........ ........ 2 0 Tazewell .... ..,.,,.. 2 9 Lenoir City .,.... ........ 2 5 Youngs ..,..... ........ 2 2 Bradley . .. ....... ....,.. . 3I U. T. Frosh ...... ......., 2 8 K H S .......... .....,.. 2 9 Rule ..... ........ I 0 Norris .,.,,.,. ........ 2 4 Tazewell ............,.. .,...... 2 0 TOURNAMENT T S D ..................... ...,.,..., 8 Youngs ......,. ,.,,.,,, I 4 K H S ...... ........ 2 8 Total ......... .,,,,,,,. 5 16 X 4 Q PLQASE PATH f a ew XKMTVQM wxrf V11 XX ' N N iilp I7 K-Z CHPPER EnNqgzQgyalAngD compn nv ILLUSTRFITORS RETOUCHERS COLOR SPECIHLISTS IO2 Tl. BFZOQDLUQY Knoxville. Tennessee Congratulations Seniors! From I "The Quality School of the South" KNOXVILLE T BUSINESS COLLEGE 0 This school occupies its own large school building. 9 lt is FULLY ACCREDITED, 9 Placement of graduates is no problem. Although this is the largest business college in this area, many more calls are received than can be supplied. 9 Catalogs are free-Write for yours TODAY. Knoxville Business College State 8. Church Knoxville, Tennessee Best Wishes From - - - THE SAM TOOLE CANDY CO. Distributors Of BUNTE'S WORLD FAMOUS CANDIES NESTLE'S CHOCOLATES and MANY OTHER BRANDS BANK UF KN XVIllE HThatFHendW'BanR' MARKET ot CHURCH COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Mberdlopfi Cp: COMPLIMENTS or FOUNTAIN CITY HARDWARE CO. T933 1942 Dial 6-2171 BISHOP'S GRILL WE NOW HAVE COMPLIMENTS OF F U R N I T U R E sow GN Kaidpq Kaeme thly Payment Plan - Use Your Charge Account DELICIOUS DOUGHNUTS W0042IiRiLfF'S "We Shoe the Whole Fomily" gl-13050 041' SZ' ' MEN LADIES FI h ' Florsheim PZQSCOEQEI J0fm0"' Johnson Fortune Vitolity BUY EVERYTHING MUSICAL FROM CLARK 8. JONES INKNOXVILLE KNUXVILLE ARMSTRONG HARDWARE 416 UNION AVENUE Phone 3-9712 710 South Gay Street - Knoxville, Tennessee Complete Outfitters FOR MEN AND BOYS COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC LINE CAMERAS, DEVELOPING PRINTING ond ENLARGING FRANK L. 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M ML or KNOXVILLE THE BANK FOR THE INDIVIDUAL COMPLIMENTS OF Supreme Foods Company, Inc. 2451 -53 NORTH BROADWAY Manufacturers Of SUPREME .femancyecf MAYONNAISE SOLD ONLY BY INDEPENDENT GROCERS SCHOOL Ol: E ENROLL - FOR WORK! Beauty Culture is a field na- tion-wide in providing em- ployment. But! - it em- ploys only TRAINED work- ers. Its better iobs demand better -trained operators. Prepare, at this recognized Beauty Culture School! tori xg I M 1 Il' Wrfte For Our Free Catalog TENNESSEE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE CAMPBELL WALLACE Civil and Consulting Engineer 312 MERCANTILE BUILDING KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE KW Ice Gaeam Convenient Locations . . . 2561 East Magnolia ' 2032 North Broadway TWENTY 1248 North Broadway East Mlain Ave. FLAVORS 706 East Vine Ave. 1100 North Central . 3400 East Magnolia 309 W t Ch h MALI-ED MILKS Broadwaeyi 8. 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WILSON Trustee KNOX COUNTY LESTER MAXWELL "You Furnish the Girl We Furnish the Home" 208-210 South Gay Street COMPLIMENTS OF RALPH K. ADCOCK County Register KNOX COUNTY SMITHWOOD Drug Store TAZEWELL PIKE ond SANDERS LANE Phone 6-II23 SWlIN'S "A Delight in Every Bite" EIIIIIIM lu SIU ALL? East Tennessees Most Modern lf ' ' School of Business P A I R K NATIONAL BANK MODERN FACILITIES and EFFICIENT SERVICE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of ' PHIL IIINES IIIL CII. Distributors of PAN-AM Products Knoxville, Tennessee H A R D W A R E A Complete Stock -. Meet your friends At Reasonable Prices ..C1l.. LOWE-ARMSTRONG Harclware Company No. 9 Market Square CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI " VISIT PARKER BROS. CO., Inc. "The Complete Farm Supply Store" CO. 4I8-420-422 WALNUT STREET Dial 2-6I55 D' f 28911 Headquarters For ia - HARDWARE, HARNESS, SEEDS, FEED FERTILIZER, ROOFING I PAINTS, FENCING and ALL FARM NEEDS. f' I I up I , IHONE , .r'::.. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR hen Qjou Think of Qiortraits Cghink Of. .. . THE CENTRALITE "WE INVITE YOU IN" G y SI KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE 1 f OWS j1'lr1iul3' - fkwekvzs' 428 a reef LOW ms o LLTHEWORLDBYWIRI V 3,44 E' MHNNI3 THE OLDEST BANK llN...i KNOX COUNTY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE HOPE BROTHERS CO. JEWELERS 6I3 Marker Street KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE "Knoxville's Oldest Jewelers" DIAMONDS, WATCHES, RINGS, PENS, VANITIES, COSTUME JEWELRY WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS, VISITING CARDS BEST WISHES TO CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL AND SENIORS HAZEN KREIS sf-1ER1FF KNOX COUNTY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE EX BOBCAT ond FOUNTAIN CITIAN WRECKER AND TIRE SERVICE HENSLEY MIITIIR SERVICE 4220 NORTH BROADWAY, FOUNTAIN CITY Operated By STALEY HENSLEY and BEARL HENSLEY Phone 6-II03 PAINTING, BODY, ond FENDER REPAIRING FOUNTAIN CITY FLIIRISI ROBERT W. STORMER, Proprietor CITY-WIDE DELIVERY DIAL 6-273I NIGHT CALLS 6-T405 "Soy it With Flowers" - But Soy it With Ours MEETING Your Personol Needs S E E OMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY R. L. HUFF, President SENIOR CLASS - QF - CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL MAY WE, EXTEND TO EACH OF YOU CONGRATULATLONS AND BEST WISHES. flarence li foleman fompany pfdnfiag, amf gng2Law'ng, KNOXVILLE 2 S x 5 5

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