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-Ltr.:-: ASI' A A-i - Q- Y : Y ' ' i 1,91 xr- Y 4 ig: X V- f 2 ?'??- F -f 'gp ' 'ii ,42 - 4 ?'jQj-ij'X,,QQ?fgfbd ,fgrf -' - fs5'.i.a ,-f ff' , A wxymmmxfsqsxkelgip Ff i I QI An ll, K, A V XXXXX NNW gli' A N if , , ,l', Af.T:m!', A V il' 2? - TS, ,V '-MW fr'-MW ,..N,,,.,,,,.,...,.-Wm-v xv, '31 , Q '--.- ' I 1 sf f, 'ff s 6 g 1 f fv if .1 A pw, xb ,ji 0 o gy? , 'ik Md 4 ,.....-,,.,-M N ,, ,ji 9 K, 55... gum A., nm .W -M fmfwfm' ' MMM .W- 1 W, . W W .h,. :W 9 M 9::' , A1:iTWiyLVf,T?4 it x , 'Q'-ffmW.,ml5s,... 5' cgw. ' in , .www . . -ff ,z 7, J '13'39B5i:T3M .' l I ' 'N' ? 1 u so 4 5 , ' ' -- . os , H i vi s sisgfl' , ss H was -'.'1'e s ' 3 iw f f. :,g,,g,,-T " fe ' -as .. s uf' ' 5 , V ,iyn ,csv ,ggggisk vzlgfbn s . ' , HEN Time with corroding finger Has wrought on memory's page, When associations no longer linger, But new scenes and faces you engage, Indulge in sweet reflection, Feel the thrill of recollection. From the realm of memory's lfingclom Woo them gently one by oneg Scenes of sweet association, Hallowed days of worlf and fung Forget not study clay and night, lnterspersecl with pure clelight. ln this treasure chest so precious From the dim and misty past, May you meet again in memory Central mates and friends so fastg If you find that this is true, We have done what we would do. The Editors. as W Wa ,' -if 1.l ",,. .H ,Q .s ,. ,. ghv 1,39 .W . ,W 53' 4 ,Qi K mwwf 'gas f I - Q ..ja "' ww- iyz Vi , ,, L ,. 3 V Ay, V WwW? b ga y'f' ,...,.,,.. 2 ,,- - "' . ' ,,,,L , Qr 1' "Za" I 5 '52 ,ig I " Wg g av ,T ,I I ,4,s,m P I X, MZ' 5 v Q. , aa ,QI I x H- as-, K 1' f vm f 2: f if - 1 ' ' ' 4 ,Q In X 4 M 'afigs' Q 4 .. ,,, ,X N ' , 5,4 L if M., wa.. W M - BQ:-1 iw, 'gi 1 ff -ny, ww f M-1 f I , 3: Y.. Vqwgmw v I , I D A' J it W3 me J' 4 f A, "Q 256m y If M M I A mm- Qwwsf M, :WW WWMAQBJL N NTS CLASSES MILITARY ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES FEATURES 41- V .. ,tl as 4? 1 DEDIQATIUN S an expression of our apprecia- fion of her tireless energy, of her love for Ivorlg well clone, of her faithful and unselyish service to Central High School, Ive dedicate iliis, the 1928 CHAMPION to Miss Margaret E. Wafles T . ,Z x i I 1i- -H -7. .- .,, -..,1:.,.T , . FK -1----HN 4- e.--- 1'-fe W:-.'-wr-:-H-.izmmf mg.:--ff-.5-fge-gu:mf+.uzzsvfp-fr-::rsmu:.1muns:enm+4,-fra A . 5.5 --ff -1 AA --eqaf M. i:1ww,.uu,5m,f-Sw Ima...41-.sara1ugvs,xm-:eu.1vmnu5+n14qnssmnqw1avpn.wqgun4sJ:,,,.ixL.,,,,3, WR ML . r 155 ' , 'h ai Y M F, L. R .SJ .. In RQ . .2 Q I .2 it iw 5. W iw: "Q w ii Ri . 'Q Ji Board of Education of T Hamilton County Mas. H. R. LACEY .... N . . . Chairman SUPT.J.E.WALKER . . ........ . . Secretary 11 E. Y. CHAPIN D. M. RAULSTON H HUNTER FURCHES 1 w 1 W. R. ROBERTS V' . MRS. L. M. COLEMAN Fifi . V 'W A . 10 lawn-mme: Y J-Ni t fz, I 1,5 M El' ,Qu X 'A-J:'L3.f.'7f+..l2 ,a,f1x'L44mii.1"fxj"'-1ff- V " HL! , 1 1 1 SF J Q r g,-.r.1sus-snr ,Wh 1 ' . ,, - 'Suirmfrimw fi HL, ggi f ---.,. if 2. ff:-H mf-MJ f-uf-LM - -1- -i -f --an g - --ff--.M - - my -rt J X ii,-1gvgaua1 Ww+FY ,..,m1-A-gv1rF2v I-Mexwviwvx,V-,-a'r1v-1-fvwffa--wi----1--,H...L-- -44.3 1' 1' 3 ,, l 1 V .1 i ,A 1 W A E S g. c fi K fwifqgv, -j " vii 1 in 92 xsf T Q, 25 . L1 ' Y H777 1 '1 5 L Il ' . ,Q 5 f I i 3 Q EE Q' ai . 6 if 5 6 Q1 ra . P 1: it 5 " iii ' 1 i 53 ,. 3 5 6 H 2: - iii 3 5 L 'iii 3 1 fl ' Qg E A1 J EQ g i ig 1 1' ,Cf ,n ' 4: f 4 fi I , fa li i S ai 2' g- j , iii fx u i 'Y E1 N 2 f ' 3 3 MR. S. E. NELSON, Principal of Central High School 1 , i -' ' 7 E ' , 2 5 i ' 2114 W i rr , A X 'HUC 'X' fv-iii-Q ,- H, F, WA.. , .. Y , Y Y ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, .... ,,,,..,, .1 , , . Y V ,,.,,.. ,., ,,,..,. -- - -,1 Riga' nlrnghmuhgl. -N., f E' Q 1 ' , i i Q if-?,q.,S gi XLVW ff K V , 5' ,P I 1 -4 w L. ,X 4 ', .-A-ff:-+-Q1:. - ---'fvfzr-Q.-'Smear-JSI? 5- f-L .Liv-aff" A , Heads of Departments W. H. TEMPLETON Mathematics MRS. JOHN A. SHELTON English J. STEGER HUNT Science CHAS. J. ANDERSON Manual Arts MISS SUE FINLEY Music W. A. PRICE Commercial MISS JANIE LLEWELLYN Home Economics S. D. PETERSON Hthlctics MRS. MARY D. CALLIS School Mother W. P. BALES History MISS MATTIE MAE ATKINSON Physical Education J. A. SETLIFFE Lanyuaye' MISS GRACE LASATER Secretary MISS ESTHER HENNESSEE Secretary MISS GARNET LEADER Librarian COLONEL JAMES E. WARE Military -I2 I I rv I l I --W - , Ani---1 -. YAY, A .T..r.,,f :1...,f"N fe?g:ff,f 2 ,- I.fbfag?-3,:.,.1?wauAuEJc.vqi.?.Q.1.r...A ..,..E-....,..-f..-.,-S.-.-. .11-..wA...., ,Em-L. fury it f gg: K Vg. 5' r". 17 P' EA X - gun gn szSmwx:whw:vm,T:?iczQz ,- . X Q .f V,,,,,,x. f If if . 'L if ' 1 f I M ,cl A Nz' M., , VU'-A my 1 -um, -I A, ,p :SA x.,f If Tiff 3 I5 L, XJWQQ 'I ,S If 'avr .1711 ,bg I "'E:...l7'-QQSESQE., gX'w4gApk..Y-'Vj"R,,,,..".f-- - ' 'wwf Faculty MISS MAMIE LOUISE BARNES English MISS IDA NICKEL Commercial Subjects MIss DOROTHY DICKERSON Latin A. P. STEWART Mathematics Mlss IQATHERINE BYNUM History Mlss SALLY MAY IQING 5, E1zoliff4 . ,Ly-va, 9, V V',,4,'m,fMf,,v MRS. H. L. BROWN French MISS FREIDA MYLIUS Home Economics S. T. GASS Mathematics MISS EDNA CROSS History MISS MARY MORGAN Spanish Mlss BERTHA RUSSELL Dramatics and Public Speaking J. D. SETLIFFE History MISS EDMUND HOOSER English NIISS ELIZABETH NEWEERRY English MIss CAROLINE LILLARD Mathematics R -A f f 'jf ,I ' E vs-. M 4 - Af . .,,w,,.,,,L 1- - --- -- I-.. O--33,5 f-,117 -:V :wg :mr ' - ' f"fi:.- nr-QE' E -I - f - ffEkItRfc..-.I g1z5fw:' Av53:- -- -- f 3,33 U W lf ls' , iff le' lf lj 5 ff 1: 51 A ,. I' JL' QI .E H.: fi 52' if 1 5'l I: 'lx 5 'Y wg, f' fi . i Li if l 'I 5' L vi 1.2 1 V ' I. 'I I if, f I A JI N Li , -- + l. R. lift. Ian I' f. V ,,. ,is J, H , . an-:..:v:-ffff-1, wr ggfxf ,. v1'y.,33.f.f, V-1.-5 Ew.,..ff!m..:-,,,......., fA,.5,wA-,Z Nj, R is :ij-954 I ' I A E I as E wx , E A i A ,le '. L4 ' 1 ' fi ,rl , J 6 4 gf li f', 1 M- Y-f'1i ,,.E:1.zg.-..:f.. I - , f , , m g'-'L - " ,, ' , -.-E ' Ei " ' AL -- K Faculty H g GUY M. SWINGLEY ' Mathematics MRS. GEORGE RICE Commercial Subjects MISS MARGARET VVAPLES - French MISS MILDRED WEIR Science MRS. BLANCHE ROGERS ,N English l MISS MARGARET LOWENTHAL , Mathematics , MISS LUCILE EASTERLY Home Economics J A HEADRICK H1slory MISS MARTHA GREY E nglzsh MRS j H WITHERSPOON Englzsh MISS ELIZABETH FISHER English MISS BESSIE CLEMENTS Spanish MISS LETHA SMITH Commerczal Subjects MRS HAZEL BARTON Commerczal Subjects MRS J W JACKSON Latzn CLEBURNE HATFIELD Manual Arts FS. I, ,I .1"' "" Q63 'T Q 0 .. 1 X ill 1 ' I ,H f,.e , 1 b . 1 fg ' .ffl ' , up 1 H lu 1 . v I .E . , H . U54 ' ' ill ' ,I I I x '-IZ. ' 'N gi F52 , 'NZ Q ss , . R-.QQ , I fl I I-1 'fy I4 ,z . A S, ,S SSSS , , SS SE. ..,. S- . -S .Ins , ,S S. -E i ffl -'ln I ' D . J ' " 1 iff H ' -' .,, -'S ii , IE ,QQ -' , QI, -I 4' f 's" i 2, " Q9 I Iii I lf . - I 1 J ll M i, ..-u m . ,Wig , V. .. ,L.., -VY ...U 1 . ..-- A -- -M --A ---- -- ' --- -A" -" -'N or F-W -s4..',A,mMM,---NMMMAF MVN, kYV,,, LM- ,,,K,L .,.. . 1 .,., , , ' I , I Faculty . R4RS. IDA M. LONGLEY J 1 S J ,- ' N 1 English A N J. L. HAIR i. If Mathernatics X J I W. D. VARNELL V Science J Miss MARGARET TAYLOR ' , . Home Economics I I Q . S. Q. TALLANT J ' , I Mathematics M , . ISS HELEN PRYOR ' is Latin ' ' .N MIss RUTH FAIN J Spanish x4ISS ELSIE JANE FLEMING Sczenre MISS MARY BRAGG Sczence SERG EANT JAIVIES JONES M zlztary L M LEHTO Przntzng H B ROBINSON Phynr: MIss BEULAH PARKER M athematzcs J J FLETCHER Auto Mechanzcs Mlss AMY VINCENT E nglzslz Miss MARY ELLEN RICE Spanzsh Miss VIRGINIA MURRAY Engluh MRS W H TEMPLrToN Home Emnnmzc: FS ,sf "-L5 'NKEWGX wcentral Is Twenty-one and Is Still Growingu N VIEVV of the magnificent structure of the present Central High School, it is hard to realize that it was only twenty-one years ago that Central High School had its beginning. In a small brick building on the northeast corner of VVillow and Chamberlain Streets, the school was started, but it was not long before the enrollment outgrew such small quarters. Through the efforts of some leading citizens, public opinion was aroused to the needs of the situation and in 1906 the County Court passed a resolution authorizing the erection of a modern school building. The present site on Dodds Avenue was selected as a suitable location for a school and construction began the same year. As often happens in such cases, work on the building was delayed, thus making it necessary to hold classes for half a year in the building of the old Ridgedale Grammar School. Finally, however, the building was completed and in 1907 the school was opened with an organization of ten teachers and several hundred students. The original structure which consisted of what is now the center section was built at a total cost of S75,ooo. The first principal of the school was Mr. A. E. Darrow, under whose capable management splendid progress was made. So popular was: the institution that at the end of the first year it was necessary to enlarge the building and an addition, the east wing, was made. Shortly after- ward the Gymnasium was added and physical training became part of the curriculum. The second principal was Mr. J. S. Zeigler, during whose administration the school grew steadily. In 1920 Mr. Zeigler was succeeded by Mr. S. E. Nelson. During the eight years of Mr. Nelsonis principalship the growth and development of the school have been continuous and rapid. The south wing, which contains the auditorium as well as class rooms, was added to the building in 1923. In 1926 the north wing completed the present structure, making the building one of architectural beauty and grace. At present Central High School is one of the best equipped schools in the state while its scholastic standing places it on the list of accredited preparatory schools recognized from east to west. There are at present about sixteen hundred students and a faculty of more than sixty members. Central students and alumni now numbering in the hundreds or perhaps thousands, point with pride to their Alma Mater. The history of the school from the beginning has been a brilliant one. The first twenty-one years of the life of a school or individual are usually fraught with doubts and uncertainties but now that Central has "attained her majority,'l everything indicates a future of continuous progress. Centralqs Twenty-onel I hear a thousand voices, In notes blended sweet and clear, And still thousands more advancing join in and listen there. It is a rare occasion, Which charms the very air, Sons and daughters pay homage To their Alma Mater fair. Myriad and myriad of voices Chime together in familar song, And others speak their praises Of experience rich and strong. No note of sadness is sounded, None with her can compare, Sons and daughters pay homage To their Alma Mater fair. Up from the ranks advancing, What can the meaning be? Boys now grown into manhood, Doctors and lawyers I see. Each is bearing a banner, Proudly he holds it thereg For sons and daughters pay homage To their Alma Mater fair. At last the spell is broken, The dream unfolded layg The cause of this rare occasion, t'Central's twenty-one," they say. t'All who know her love her, No one unfaithful thereg Sons and daughters pay homage To their Alma Mater fair." ffff f - 516 f CLASSES SEN IORS -r' W 'Mx E 'Wf 'G C H A M P 1 o N 1 9 2 s g fim g , , f ,:,. ...A ., A , s i i 20 av THE 1928 CHAMPION .WQQ-, X ,, H. 1 ', ,LVL I . , l. I 'K L-71 9 I H 1' , S61'!iO1' Class OEHCCIS EUGENE MAYER ....... . . . . . President MARY HELEN RICHARDSON . ..... Vice-Prexid.-nt PIOWARD ANDERSON . . . . Serrelary-Treasurer F 21 -Qt. ,..,, : ---h- A - " ' 5 '1- THE 1928 - 772, CHAMPION l x S8I'l1i01' Class IQERBUT MAXWELL "I kno-w efverything except myself." Track Team, '25, '26, '27, Military, '26, Grady Society, '26, '27, HI-Y, '26, '27, JESSIE EPPERSON "For Nature made her thus and newer made another." Entered from Alton Park Grammar School, Athletic Association, '25, '26, '27, Euterpean Society, '27, '28, May Festival, '25, '26, Junior Volley Ball Team, '27. THELMA RAY V "She is fwise if I can judge her. Dixie Society, '28, Girls' Athletic Association, '25, '26, '27, Dramatics, '27. .U LAURA KATE EVANS "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Athletic Association, '25, '26, May Festival, '26, Dixie Society, '27, '2S. VELMA BURRELL "The sweetest li-ves are those to duty wed." Entered from East Side Junior High School, '25, Dixie Society, '26. GLADYS HICKEY "With thee conversing I forget all time." Euterpean Society, '24, '25, '26, '27, Junior Carnival, '27, Junior Play, '27, Dramatic Club, '26, '27, '28, Senate, '26, '27, '28. MOZELLE VANDERORIFF "MOs1E" "She has the wisdom of many, and the fwit of one." Entered from East Side Junior High, '25, President of Euterpean Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, President of Girls' Athletic Association, '25, '26, Class Secretary, '26, Glee Club, '25, '26, Business Manager of Annual, '28, JOHN H. HARRISON, JR. "What a piece of fworlz is man! in apprehension hofw like a god."' Senate, '28, Orchestra, '26, '27. '28, Operetta., '27, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, Military, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer of Officers' Club, '28. s. f ........ ig, L!- ., gf 1 .- - ' -5 THE 1928 5 7722 CHAMPION A 74W RAYMOND A. ALLEY , . I , I i . , , f mmtililhllliil,mimm ' "He fwas a man, take hzm all zn all." 61" rv, l President of Boys' Hi-Y, '27, '28, President of Radio Club, '24, '25, Treasurer of Sopho- MXN A more Class, '23, '24, Treasurer of Junior Class, '24, Military, '23, '24, '25. awk ,Iv if 7 for-,,i..:f. X ,qc PAULINE WILLIAMS xl "What is she but the means of happiness." -1 ,'5,N 1' Entered from East Side Junior High School, Basketball Team, '27, Operctta, '27, wig ,--l Euterpeen, '26, '27, ill, - 'Wk , f 115 MARY LOU PURSLEY ' Wir?-Q,!m3 "I jfnd earth not r I1 " V' A g ay, ut rosy. QT.,-,Wm , Dixie Society, '27, '28, Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Athletic Association, '25, '26, '27, May ' ' " ,, ' Festival, '25, '26. 1' -E - 15 4 MARGARET EVELYN LEROH X tv UJONNXEH S ' "Remember this-svery little is needed for a happy life." if Euterpean Society, '26, '27, May Festival, '26, Dixie Society, '27, Class Basketball -, 1 I Team, '26, 1 . .2 'I , w , GRACE MCCRARY 1 1 "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." f Y 'Q Hi-Y, '27, '28, Euterpean society, '27, '28, Athenian, '24, SAVANNAH JONES "Pleasure and action make the hours' seem short." Dixie Society, '27, '28. CATHERINE FLEGAL MCAT!! "Good luck go -with thee." Entered from Cedar Hill Grammar School, Euterpean Society, '27, '28. CLIFTON LAWRENCE CCCLICKYY "No one lmofws what he can do until he tries." E I S t Cl b, '24, '25, St C . '25, '28, B k t ' , '27, B k, '27, '28, C - ' age cou u age nrgxial HCYH 128.00 s me an om Senlor Class jx ' at .-.. . ij.-. THE 1928 5 ,Q CHAMPION , V i A, , ,l ,dv . CONL EY FLEGAL "He is 'well paid that is .well satisfied." R. O. T. C., '25, '26g Grady Literary Society, '27, -IUANITA ROBINSON "Honest :work has its ofwn refwardf' Athenian Society, '2Tg Athletic Association, '25, '26, RUSHIA MAE CHILDRESS f'Her heart was true as steel." RUTH GANSLER "I have kept the faith." Girls' Athletic Association, '24, '25g Vvellesley Society, '25g Athenian Society, '26, '27, Bankers, '26, '27. Society, '26g Dixie GRACIE STANCEL ' ' if X M' U X A V 'IBN rj N f X Senior Class "She smiled and shadows departed." Euterpean Society, '26, '27. RUTH DAVIS "They're only truly great 'who are truly good." Athenian Society, '24, '25g Dixie Society, '26, '2T: Girls Hi-Y, '27, '2Sg Athletic Asso- vciation, '24, '25. Lois DE LANEY "My mind to me a kingdogn it." Euterpean Society, '27, '28g Athletic Association, '25, '26, JOHN WHEELER "Honor lies in honest toil." '-- , .. H111 fl , Au - ful . E THE 1928 g . i?E CHAMPION W ' rf 2 " t l-' wt J I 4' f, ' ' 'wa ay,-my EDWARD HENDERSON UED77 "He lznofwx fwhat is what." A , qf Entered from Sunny Side, '24, Military, '24, '25, Bookstore, '25, '26, Bank, '26, '27, '28, .. 3 Boys' Hi-Y, '27, 12s. 5' ', 4 1 . " I 3 I . ETHEL BURNETT I , Dzlzgence zs the mother of good fortune." w g. , "',1i1ii-V' Entered from East Side Junior High School, '25, Bank, '26, '27, '28, B. B. Society, '25, ,f"', ,,4,'j'4Q.Jf,.f '26, Athenian Society, '27, '28, Invitation Committee, '28, ?'1"""' A , , .2 RUTH BUFFETT . iFa?f,ff,jpQ . . -' Q If R,-f ,. "Pat1ence achieves more than force." 'f,i w , f ,ggi-Q, , Bookstore, '27, '28, "" CATHERINE CARSON 'T' "To he strong is to he happy." Euterpean Society, '24, Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, Boosters' Club, '26, '27, Bank, '27, ' .i V KATHERINE SLIGER 1 "KITTY Lou" 'NN "She .rmilex and :miles and fwill not .vigh." EUUSYDGHH, '25, '26, Dixie, '27, '28, Senate, '27, '28, Boosters' Club, '27. l l HELEN CORNELIA MCCLURE "A perfect woman, nobly planned, To -warn, to comfort, and command." 1' ' Entered from Middletown High School, '27, Junior Carnival, '27, Junior Orator, '27, Girls' Hl-Y, '28, President of Ushers, '28, Athenian Society, '27, '28, President of Athenian Society, '28, Senate, '27, '28, LILLIE BELLE BRUCE "BILLIE" "Deep brofwn eyes running ofver with glee." Junior Carnival, '26, May Festival, '26, Operetta, '25, '26, Hi-Y, Dixie Society, '26, '27, '28, Camera Club, '27, '28, Sponsor, '28. JAMES WILSON If I have fought a good fight." - Military, '25, '2s. Senlfn' Class , ......, W ax ' li ', ' 7 mpg? ,. 1 THE 1928 s t iff, CHAMPION enior Class JOHN HENDERSON "Looked upon by all as the man he was." MABEL CRITCHELL "Truth is the highest thing that man may keep." Assistant Secretary on Digest Staff, '27. LILLIAN HAMRICK "Peace is alfways beautiful." Athenian Society, '24, '25, '27 '28, Vvellesley Society, '26, '27, May Festival, '25, Junior Carnival, '26, ALYCE CHATWELL HTRIXIEH "Saying is one thing, doing another." May Festival, '26, Euterpean Society, '28, Girls' Hi-Y, '28, RUBY BOWLING HBLONDIEN "Mine humor is my life." Entered from'Athens High School, '25, Girls' Athletic Association, '25, '26, Dixie So- ciety, '25, '26, Girl Reserves, '26, '27, '28, Usher, '28, Senate, '27, '28, GUSSIE HENRY "Beauty seen is nefver lost." Athenian Society, '25, Dixie Society, '26, '27, Junior Carnival, '27, Wellesley Society, '28. EVELYN WooD "Genius is only great plans." HLY, '27, '28, Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, Orchestra, '27, '28, Varsity Glee Club, '27. TOM Moons , "He is complete in feature, and in minldf' Basketball, '25, '27, Football, '25, Hi-Y. '26, '27, Biology Club, '26, Mathematics Club, '27, ,P .. i s to I , , . , --A THE 1928 it IQ CHAMPION MARQUIS TRIPLETT H ,, f , V 'VKA imllnlim, ,ft TRIP Q gm 'lillll!E.l, "Hi: heart is as far from fraud as heafven from earth." 1 Senate, '26, '27, '28g Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, '28g Grady Society, '27, '2Sg Second Lieutenant K Lf' Military, '27, '28. ' Jil ', fl5".,:-'Q' 'sf lf I 1 LOUISE CARROLL lf, ,g M, I MTW, , 1. "She does little kindnesses fwhirh most leafve alone." 'Ulf """Lt,Lg-f'- Athenian, '25, '275 Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27g Glee Club, '25, '27, - 'QM ,fx E MA L' fx ' iii M HEUREL "In efvery rank of great or small, ' I -A "1 f -,Q ' 'Tu industry' supports us all." W' 7' - I 5 Wellesley, '27, '28g May Festival, '26, Girl Scouts, '27, '28, " is EVELYN BRACKEN " ' "Toms" il , ' "Her beauty hang: upon the cheek of night." fi 3 Girls' Athletic Association, '255 Dixie Society, '27, '283 May Festival, '25. 'i, .-is ' .1 JULIA PEARL CLARK " K ' HBLONDYD "Still but deep." Dixie Society, '26, '27p Euterpean Society, '27, '28. VIRGINIA VIOLA CLONIGER "Ambition has no risk." Euterpean Society, '25, '26g Athletic Association, '25, '26g May Festival, '26g Dixie Society, '27, '2S. FRANCES EVA STANDIFER "Some, like stars, :hed their light abroad." Entered from Gadsden High School: Wellesley, '27, '28. RAYMOND HENRY BLAKE , HSQUIREU "Difficulties are the thing: that .show what 'men are." Military, '25, '26g Baseball, '26, '27g Lettermen's Club, '27g Hi-Y, '26, '27, af V 'ug' JL, SCI1iO1' Class -4 TI-Is 1928 Q. 773 CHAMPION , ,A ""'l4f ' ' W' ' .J lj I' 13 ' 'l 'z X ' 'i a . SCI1l01' Class JOHN FRANCIS BEENE "H man's a man for a' that. Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, '28, Military, '26, '27, '28, Officers' Club, '28, Grady Society, '28. M RUTH MAY CONLEY "Her air, her manners, all fwho safw admired." Honor Cards in Bookkeeping, Typewriting, D. S. MARIE ANNICE ERWIN "Her face portrays pure goodness of the soul." Bank, '26, Bookstore, '27, '28, Dixie Society, '28, SALLIE CARIETTA SMITH "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom." Entered in 1925 from North Chattanooga Grammar School, Athletic Association, '26 Dixie Society, '27. EARLINE BOWMAN "H kindly grace of manner and lzehafuiorf' Euterpean Society, '24, '25, Usher, '27, '28, JENNIE LOU GOTHARD UJEANJI "Her fvoire -was ever soft and gentle and low." Entered from East Side Junior High, '25, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, Dixie Society, '26, Euterpean Society, '27, '28, Orchestra., '26, '27, '28, MYRL BEAVER "Fairest is she who drifves away the gloom fwith her smile." Minstrel, '25, May Festival, '25, '26, Senate. '26, '27, '28, Senate Cabinet, '28, Secre- tary of Euterpean Society, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Camera. Club, '28, Usher, '28, Band Sponsor, '28. WILLIAM D. BURNETT "Ay-every inch a man. R. O. T. C., '25, Grady Literary Society, '28, LWDQ' u I 1HE 1928 4 522 C1-1AMP1oN CHARLES HUDLOW as "I hafve said efverythzng fwhen I have named the man." ,Un A p D Military, '25, '26, Corporal, '26, '27. ig A R, X ' -If MARGARET WOODLEY 3 "She had all the charm of woman." ' : t .3 Athenian Society, '24, Dixie Society, '27, '28, Gice Club, '24. Ejggggfifg 4 ', g' 5 ., , ii., .R 5 fide?" H IRENE CALKINS gigggw ,-z izgjjil f . KI H 3 , . BOBBIE 'ifiirv .24 69 1"-1 ' . . fires' 9 N-1 "Her life has many a hope and aim." Dixic Society, '25, '20, '27, '28, i f "ff 'fr LAWRENCE HAYNES ROGERS ' , "Men of fefw words are the best men." Military, '25, '20, Grady Literary Society, '27, '2S. 83 E. , -1 I FRANCES LYLE N 4 "FRANK" if NX ' . "In her tongue is the lafw of kindness." 9- 'Q Dixie Society, '26, '27, Athenian Society, '27,8'23, Bank, '26, '27, '28, Annual Board, '27, '2 . , 1 HAZEL MCDONALD it "Oh, :what a face 'was hers to brighten light." Class T1'ea.su1'er, '25, Euterpean, '25, '26, '28, Operetta., '25, '26, '27, Minstvcls, '26, Var- sity Glec Club, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Digest Staff, '28. BONNIE LOUISE SMARTT "She Matters sunshine fwherefver she goes." Dixie Society, '27, '28, Athenian Society, '26, '27, Girls' Athletic Association, '25, '26. HOWARD SMITH "Be :Iofw in fhoosing a friend, .vlofwer in changing." S - Military, '25, '26, '27, 'zsg second Lieutenant, '27, '28, sergeant, '26, '27, omeers' Club. 6I'l101' 3.55 ' --- '22 'S THE 1928 X- fe, CHAMPION F75 J. S. LAMB "There is music elven in his discord." Military, '25, '26g Orchestra, '25, '26, ELEANOR. WOOD "She is the -very flofwer of youth." Student. LYDIA LIBERA "'Tis good -will that makes friends," Dixie Society, '28, EDITH KELLY nf Pl e must hafve reason for speech, but for silence -we need none." Entered from City High, '26g Usher, '28, MIRIAM SPENCER Senate, '24, '25g Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, MYRTLE POWERS "Al more sincere girl you fwill nefuer find." Biology Club, '26, '27g Dixie Society, '27, '28, EDNA MAE PAINTER "Now fwho could he neater or brighter or s-weeter." Athenian Society, '243 Wellesley Society, '25, '26, '27g Biology Club, '25, '26, Girl Scout: Track, '27. WALTER LUTHER "His aetions speak louder than words." R. O. T. C., '25-'27: Captain of Band, '273 Radio Club, '25, '26g Hi-Y. '27, '2Sg Grady Society 28 Ofllcers Club 27 Dramatic Club 27 28 Senior Play 27 Operetta, '279 Senlor Class Y 'Orchestra., '26'g Vavrsity Glee Club,, 'ZSI Eegle Scout Ciub, l26. nv ,,,,.4 qnu E - . - , 5-32'-Qen - . A-in .11 ' V' Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, '28g Orchestra., '27g Glee Club, '25, '26g Usher, '28, Honor "True eyes too sure and too honest to disguise the sfweet soul shining through them." -1 THE 1928 S 722 CHAMPION Girls' I PAUL B. ROSERS . as,lqWp,,,,,,I'.mW "Truth is strong and abzdeth forefverf' fl! . 1' - "'-fi I Entered from East Lake Grammar School, '24, 1 Q l' is .P '2ii4.igs9+ 5' t l-tr f "mf DOROTHY ELIZABETH ENGERS ' Y I - . .., ' Umor" lm ,' "The fvery pattern of girls." ,?'."'?"miif3d, egg., Athletic Association, '25, '26, May Festival, '25, '26, Dixie Society, '27, 'ZSS ' " If Freshman-Sophomore Party, '25, '26, Senior Party, '27, '28. v vffli tg., " ' 'W 'JW MILDRED BOWLING A Qtr 'Z""0f- "Whose eyes were dark, but deep and full of meaning." H , " 2 Entered from East Lake Grammar School. 4 ' MARY ESTELLE PARKER f "She lofved her friends, forgafue her foes." Entered'from Sheffield High School, Alabama., Dramatic Club, '28. fl' x . HAZEL VAN HOOSER Q2 "A heart filled -with joy and friendship." Entered from Chattanooga High School, '26, Dixie Society, '27, CHRISTINE Boss "fl musical adept." Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, Dixie Society, '27, '28, Glee Club, '26, Hi-Y, '27, '28. LEONE CRAWLEY "Fairest is she fwho drifves away the gloom -with her smile." Wellesley Society, Girl Scout. ANTON BUOL "Gi-'ve me obstacles to ofvercomef' S - Entered from Cedar Hill Grammar School, '25, en-I-or ass l' ..,....4"fff E3 .. , , S , I H Q 0 V 4 E . 03 I THE 1928 CHAMPION 1 fs A Ross BOYD f ' ' "He hath no enemies." Kg i Military, '26, Hi-YQ Grady Litc1'a.1'y Society. , . V, A ,Q aj , Et ffv if ALICE SUE FAIDLEY ' HY, Q R "If eyes -were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being? , fri", V "5 'iii Prcsicleut of Wellesley, '27g Gpcretta, '253 Basketball, '26, '27. 'J - 'K 4 ' L1 is ,M ' yx. 'jjgsylgiifj LILA MAE BOOTH . 9 ? 1 ' iff? . . , ,,5f,iz, figs 'In her tongue is the lafw of kzndnessf' a ,w Y -, . is sm EMl,1.'Z,A3 'l Eutcrpcan Society, EC, '273 Vlfollcsley Society, 'Zig Biology Club, '26. A M- NELLE CREASMAN ' 5 w USONNYU r "Her looks :were like a flol-wer in May." gl Euterpean Society, '35g Athletic Association, 'Z55 Junior Carnival, '26 ,..f-"A .X - ALMA SHADDEN E X "Her quaiities are such that fwe can speak fwell of her." Athenian Society, '27, '2S: Glee Club, '25. MARX' DUNEAR "She hath a heart as sound as a bell." Girls' Athletic Association, i25, 326: Dixie Society, '27g Athenian Society, '27g Bank Homo: Student, '26, '27. 'VINNIE MAE ALDER "fl rose was she with her sweetest petals not yet unfolded." Entered from East Side Junior High School, '25: Euterpean Society, '27., Senior Class IKVIERVILLE TURNER "Small in stature, hut large in wit." I-Ii-Y, '25: Military, '27. if ..,.. X ll-iMMm?2ll'.,, , 'i' 44' ' - A ,- ., .. . , ,, ...U . 0 jf ' 5 THE 1928 L 72 ci-IAMPIOE 1 - HoRAcE C. MEADOR 1 "A mind to coneezfve, a heart to understand, and a bond to execute." i I Stage CBol1 Weevilsj, '26, '27g Stage Manager, '27, '28g English Class Secretary, '27g ' ' Winner of Map Contest, '27, '28g Art Editor of Annual, '28. V I. ,Q S DOROTHY ADELAIDE PRENTICE X kk, Q4 "For -what her heart thinks, her tongue speaks." V' - ,ggjji Athenian Society, '25, '26g Dixie Society, '27, '28g Junior Carnival, '27g Camera Club, '2S. 2 Q W ? . Y ' Vizi. ,.f'ffi-Qi ' 3351 ' ELIZABETH G. HUNTER ,iggigg "LIB" " AXUYQ f, - 1, 1 i iiisigo ii' I She -was a scholar and a good and fwzse one. i s .1 Entered from North Chattanooga Grammar School, '26g Athenian Society, '28g Usher, '28, ' I i I f. fa, J.4,,,A,A I' C H RUTH HARDEN f 'Ii -efil Q. I- ff ' I UJANEJJ -- "Peace charmed the street beneath her feet, and honor eharmed the air." 'i Euterpean Society, '25, '26, '27g Minstrel, '27g Ofiicers Play, '27g Glee Club, '27. I if x i- X CHARLOTTE BROWN ' "To be rather than to seem." Dixie Society, '26, Euterpean Society, '27, '28g Junior Carnival. DOROTHY ELIZABETH CONSTANT "Her face portrays pure goodness of the soul." W Thrift Sponsors Club, '26, '27g Digest Staff, '27, '28g Euterpean Society, '28, EDITH BURRELL "Friendship is a sheltering tree." Dixie Society, '27, '28, GROVER CAMP I "When shall fwe look upon his like again?" Sergeant, Company "K," '27g R. O. T. C. Battalion, '25, '26, '27g Honor Battalion of ' Fourth Company Are-ag Digest Staff, '25, '26, '27, Senlor Class N. 'E tix , : THE 1928 .y qa CHAMPION SCIIZIOI' C1355 THOMAS ARMSTRONG lfTOM!7 "There is no good in arguing with the inefvitablef' Military, '26, '27, '28, Otiicers' Club. HALLIE GRAHAM "Her part has not been 'words but deeds." Dixie Society, '28, THELMA LINDSAY KIBETTYIY "Every day is a fresh beginning, every morn is the sworld 1nade nefwf' Minstrel, '25, Biology Club. '25, Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Camera Club, '27, '28, Girls' Athletic Association, '28, Glee C'lub, '25, '26. . ' THOMAS HAYNES "A friend to all and truly 'made for sueeessf' Entered from East Side Junior High, '24, Military, '25, '26. GENEVA JOINER "Were silenee golden, I'd he a millionaire." Euterpean Society, '25, '26, May Festival, '25, Glee Club, '25, Athletic Association, '25, Dixie Society, '27, '28. HAZEL WILLIAMS "Her fvoice is blithe, her heart is gay." SARAH JANE BARNES "She's all my' fancy painted her,' she's lofvely, she's divine." GAINES ESTILL MAXWELL KBROTHERH "I ne-ver dare to art as funny as I can." Track. '24, '25, '26, '27, Military, '24, '25, '26, '27, First Lieutenant, '27, Officers Club '27, Radio Club, '24, R. O. T. C. Play, '22, l5.ettermen's Club, '26, '27, Rifle Team, '25 ,2 . 7 , . J- I. . ' ,r .. ' wt F . ' at if af - 1 THE 1928 X. ,fa CHAMPION Q ,rg RAYMOND B. MORRELL , WMU I Ar V " UBUBQJ llmllllul 1 "Courage is the mark of a man." ,. ' , Entered from McCallie, Military, '24, '25, '26, '27, C. M. T. C., '27. Eiig-age? His, I egg Y: , LULA AILEEN MCGUFFIN X ,- n o a n n 1 R. , I .4 .A H 5 ' "Happ1ness zs not perfected untzl tt ts shared." "3 p , Euterpean Society, '27, '28, .illlf . im' f1m,Q5",' - 1 Q . ha MARTHA SCHWIEGER ,' ,Qg'g3.1.-, "She spealzeth not, and yet there lies a confversation in her eyes." A ' NELL THURMAN , 5 "Thy heart of honor, thy tongue of truth." X - Entered from East Side Junior High School, '24. ' . A VERNA EDITH FISHER 1. ccDEEn 11 fl! - "Sunshine every day, sunshine all the sway." sq 1- May Festival, '26, '27, Junior Volley Ball, '27, Junior Basketball, '27, Track, '27, Dixie A I Society, '27, Euterpean Society, '28, Athletic Association, '25, '26, '27, '2S. B 6- MARIE DOWD ' "She that brings sunshine unto others cannot keep it from herself." , tes., ' Dixie Society, '25, '26, Junior Play, '27, Senate, '26, '27, '28, Athletic Association, '25, X '26, Camera Club, '27, '28, Treasurer of Euterpean Society, '27, '28, Treasurer of Hi-Y, '27, '28, Vice-President of Dramatic Club, '28, Usher, '27, '28, Battalion Sponsor, '28, ELIZABETH ALLEY HLIBBIU "Let thy speech he better than silence, or he silent. Wellesley Society, '28, Athletic Association, '25 Festival, '25, U ANDY BOWERS llnocli "Two sources of success are knofwn, fwisdom and effort." S - Entered from Mission Ridge School, '24, Grady Society, '27, '2s. 311101-' 355 , Ca t- - 2 U -I TI-IE 1928 Q. 7422 CHAMPION sign., TILLINIAN GRANT Q9 35+ hx! fl Ll Jn "Write me as one fwho lowes his fellofwmenf' Entered from Sunnyside School, '24, Military, '25, Hi-Y, Grady Society, ELLA MAUDE BROWN "A countenance pleasing to the eye." Athletic Association, '25, '26, May Festival. '25, '26, Vlfellesley Society, '25, '26, Glee Club, '25, Basketball, '25, Senate, '25, '26, '27, '28, Senate Cabinet, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Junior Play, '27, Camera Club, '27, '28, Dramatic Club, '27, '28, Euterpean So- ciety, '27, '28, Group Leader, '28. JUANITA BOWMAN "Superior fworth her rank requires." Entered from Ooltewah High School, '27, Girls' Athletic Association. '28, EDITH BROYLES "Gentle and pleasing in her efuery mofoementf' ' Girls' Athletic Association, '26, '27, Public Speaking and Dramatics, '28, Dixie So- . 2, ,A .nz Af, " g g, ' 3 I . N e I1 ll X SeI1iO1' Class ciety, '28. s l - LORA HELEN JONES , ' i I "As I-welcome as the sunshine in efvery place." Girls' Athletic Association, '25, May Festival, '25, '26, Dixie Society, '25, Operetta, '25, Wellesley Society, '25, '26, Senate, '25. '26, '27, '28, Glee Club, '25, Athenian Society, '28, Four-Year Honor Student. HELEN LOUISE SHETTER "Art is noble, but the sanctity of thel soul is nobler yet." N Usher, '2S. MARY HELEN RICHARDSON "Here fwe find lofve of learning enshrined in a heart of gold." Digest Staff, '25, Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, Dixie Society, '28, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, '26, Senate, '25, '26, Secretary of Junior Class, '27, Vice-President of Senior Class, '28, Candy Force, '28, Ice Cream Force, '27, Usher, '28, WILLIAM KEITH Strong in fwill, and honest in endeafuorf' ff R. O. T. C., '25, '26. 1 ,v 9- 1 l I -A THE 1928 S Q22 CHAMPION E -- THOMAS JOHNSTON T A "A happy soul that all the fway to heafven hath a summefs day." F h hh Honor Roll, '25, '26, '27, '2Sg Senate, '26, '27, '28g Minstrel, '26g Junior Carnival, '27g L C M Ice Cream Force, '27, -Orchestra, '283 Color Committee, '28g Annual Board, '28. . V , s we g 2 ' ' . 1 his ELSIE MAE VAN HOOSER "ji HKOKIH , -' ' "A creature not too bright or good, T For human nature? daily food." fl! Entered from City High School, '26: Athletic Association, '26, '27g May Festival, '27g -Q , -' Dixie Society, '27, '28. 3- K , THELMA M. RAINEY ie s 1 HLITTLE EIT" ' "fl ' " "Here's a spirit calm and crystal clear." Athletic Association, '26g May Festival, '25, '26: Bookstore, '28. ' ETHEL WARREN "Her fare :was ne-ver to ojfend, And every creature 'was her friend." Entered from City High School, '27g Dixie Society, '27, '2S3 Biology Club, '27, '2S3 Girl Reserves, '27, '2S. INEZ BLACK "Nothing is done that is not dom? well." ' Euterpean Society, '24, '25g Athletic Association, '24, '25, '26, '27, Usher, '2S. l f f Vg' wrt? iii ,nfl ef is 33 5 2 A IE? ll " W , ' sp if f J' lf! , 6 iii? M' f ' if 1 sl it 3 153 .5 X I I K ' 'L X I X F MILDRED WOODLEY "Just as lofvely as she can he in all she does and says." Athenian Society, '24, '25, Athletic Association, '24, '25, Dixie Society, '27, '2S. RILLA MAE MILLER HRITZH "lVith a sway hoth tender and true." Bookstore, '28. DONALD L. MAGUIRE I "His mind his kingdom is, and his will his lafwf' SSHIOI' Class -'a THE 1928 Q- ,722 CHAMPION Kxfkl-+4 :Li ,iam fan' 4:-M lg, or 5 ,-53-i i we X ' -'-2' ' .dx G5 ,flffm g ia:--.M P, 3,34 +fwf""' ff? ae" W ,- JACK THOMAS nJACKn "I hasten to laugh at everything." BONNIE KATE PASS "No legaey as rich as honesty." Wellesley Society, '26, '27, Digest Staff, '27, Boosters' Club, '26. GLADYS FOSTER "She fwas a phantom of deliglztf Wellesley, '24, Dixie Society, '27, Athletic Association, '24, '25, Biology Club, '25, '26, J MILDRED GOLDSMITH ' "Calm and unrujled as the summer seas." Entered from Cedar Hill Grammar School, '24, Euterpean Society, '27, '28, May Festival, '25. MARTHA ELLEN PEASE Q' jg-ev' QQ-1-5:-.a. ,f, "" ,A --ws '-,Aux 6 25, if-TL, -f .cz "'3,:f"' ..e- "' - t., . 7415 ,, 2 j:.v-,E 4 f ' U, Xie '. Vi 7 .sxiifgf , ,gg A A M, gg. . .6-Af V s g ' 'f"'?'2?fffN .. 'N i i if iq' ' I-'fl it ",fgm5f" s ,M . ,,,i- .. E. .,r ' .l N! x X Senior Class "She had a face olverspread with glaclness, soft smiles and human leindnessf' Dixie Society, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '26, Digest Staff, '28, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, '24, '25, '26, May Festival, '25, NETTYLU YARBROUGH "Boo'rs" "Fairest and most lofuely from the world apart." Dixie Society, '25, '26, Wellesley Society, '27, Euterpean Society, '28, Usher, '28. HELEN M1LDRED MCCLURE "Youth holds no society with grief." Entered from Chickamauga Grammar School, Dixie Society, '28, Reading Contest, '27. RUSSELL ELMER DUNCAN HREDU "If foolishness extended length of life, I -would lifve to be an old man." Baseball, '25, '26, Basketball, '26, Q47 4 1 I . 7 y . f . , , THE l9'28 Q. 72 CHAMPION of lf I -'ef ? JOE RICHARD MCREE "None but himself is his parallel." Honor Roll, '24, '25, Military, '26, '27, '28, Oiilcers Club, '28. NORMA ELIZABETH LIVELY "She fills the air around A-with beauty." Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, '28, May Festival, '25, '26, Dixie Society, '27, Carnival, '27. DELLA MAE THOMAS "I hafve often heard little said is soonest mended." Usher, '28, Glee Club, Honor Roll. JOHN RAMSEY "He is captain of his ofwn soul." Home Lighting Contest Winner, '25, Senate, '25, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '26, '27 strels, '26, Declamatory Contest, '27, Grady Society. HARRY WILLIAMS "A merry heart doeth good." Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, '28, Scnateg Grady Society, '28. ANNIS LEE GAITH ER "I am content only 'with the best." Entered from St. Mary's Academy, '25, Wellesley Society, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer of Wellesley Society, '28, May Festival, '26. LOUISE BURKHALTER "She's as sunny as the skies in June." 4 lllll " 'i'-.Liv 'Ie ,fan . '28, Junior A 'lx'-S39 , '28, Min- Secretary- Euterpean Society, '26, '27, '28, Athletic Association, '26, '27, Girl Reserve, '28, May Festival, '26, Junior Carnival. LAVOY NEELY ts., he pg yyfq UL' V 'i 'I Ill I, nu.. ,K sx' I 1 X ' .f . 1 ps 7 fig" .. , few A F ' C 17 N' I' Wig!! "WU, ,A Aria: 'lf' , KHTQE'-h'1'i A . "E, fl . . Q AN l- ,--,V 5,11 ,yi V ., x Li , , "1 x . 1 B "Rome 'was not built in a day." SCI'll0I' Class r U , 372 THE 1928 g - ff, CHAMPION 40, - N . EJ H f,fl,llfEqml., Y " 1 A JACK HALSELL Q 1 ' "Work is the keynote of success." 4 Military, '25, '26, Junior Play, '25. l 'A' , . ef. . A Hi 5 ' f f MARGARET BRAMMER 5 "IVe lofue her for her smile, her look, and her way of speaking gently." ,'3i-'AW' " egg, - May Festival, '24, Glee Club, 'z5: Athenian, '25, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '27, '2S. H ' V.. 5 'H ,ffl CLARISSA TOWER 52, "She fwas young and fvery fair, Tfg igf U it if Bright eyes and golden hair." LKQQFQ nl ll' Euterpean Society, '27, '28, Girl Reserve, '27, '28, U GEORGE SHELTON N' "To thine ol-wn self be true." 1 Entered from Moore County High, Honor Roll, '24, Basketball, '24, Military, '25, '26, '27 53 Ml, ' CARL HYDE , "I had rather he right than he President." I Military, '25, '26, '27. '28, officers' Club, '27, '28. HAZEL ANDERSON fi N JOAN "Sweet, be not proud of those tfwo eyes which star-like sparkle in the skies." Girl Reserve, '27, Vice-President of Wellesley, '28, Girl Scout, '27, '28, Athletic Asso ciation, '26, NELL CORNETT HBABEU "The light heart brings sunshine into the darkest day." Book Store, '27, '28, FRED B. WOODS - "Smooth runs the 1-water 'where the brook is deep." CIIIOI' ass Entered from McCallie, '26, Senate, Military, '25, '26, Boy's Hi-Y. Q -u THE 1928 it 72 CHAMPION JACK HIGH "His manners are gentle." Military, '25, '26, '27, 'zsg Omcers' Club, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '27, '28, fe . "s'Qg7j:?g.. . l ' ' ' MIRIAM HELENE MARSHALL - 5 "lVe may so lz-ve that the light of our good -work may fall zn the jmths of others." -' A, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '2S3 President of Hi-Y, '2S: Senate, '27, '28g Senate Cabinet, '28g Athenian 'mill Society, '25, '26, '27, '28g Vice-President of Athenians, '28g Usher, '28, May Festival, -A mf? ' R yeggfgk-1 '25, '26, '27g Minstrel, '25, '26, Christmas Festival, '25, Honor Sludent. ,,-5-A-ff -u i " " 1: ,A ,ay 6, lim- ft' ,Q I . Q gi .JUN .,' MARGARETHA PFITZER gilt? .g xf ,X "fl good friend zs forefver a friend." 2 3 4 2 Athenian Society, '27g Bank, '27, '28g B. B. Society, '28, . 5- ', ' f' '. ff' DALE CASE ,I "He lenofws what is 1-what." ' Entered from East Lake, '233 Minstrel. '25g Glee Club, '23-'26g Band, '26-'27g Orchestra, " 3 '28g Offlcers' Club, '27. N 'I BERNARD ARNOLD ' HBERNIEH X "There is nothing in this fworld which a resolute man, fwho exerts himself, cannot attain." 7 Radio Club, '24, '25g R. O. T. C., '25, '26g Booster Club, '26, '27g Grady Society, '27, '2Sg Camera Club, '27, '28q Hi-Y, '27, '28g Senior Play, '28, N ll ADELE BROWN it ' "Those dark eyes-so dark and deep." May Festival, '253 Glee Club, '24, '25g Athenian Society, '27, '28, CLINT THOMAS "The deed I intend is great, but ffwhat, as yet, I knofw not." R. O. T. C., '25, '26, '27g Staff Sergeant, '27, Rifle Team, '27, Junior Basketball, '25, '26g Junior Baseball, '26g Football, '26. ,f A? ' , K , ,l M .21 f H A JOHN R. SWEETS, JR. "One fwho nefver turned his bark, but marched l1reast'forward." Entered from Normal Park School in '25, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28g Grady Society, '26, '27, '28g ' Junior Carnival, '27, Junior Play, SBHIOI' Class -1 THE 1928 XI 32, CHAMPION 5.75 Senior Class A RALPH HETZLER "Constantly strifving to make my best better." Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '26. EDNA EMMALINE BOWMAN :IEDM "The truest self-respect is not to think of self." Athletic Association, '25, '26. HADLEY MCGAUGHEY "Be satisfed 'with nothing but your best." Entered from Ensley High School, '26. ST. CLAIRE SILVER "SAINT" "And like music on the 'waters is thy sfweet 'voice to me." X Euterpean Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Senate, '26, '27, '28, Girl Reserves, Assistant Secre- tary of Senate, '28, Senate Play, '27, May Festival, Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Varsity Glee Club, '28, Athletic Association, Minstrel, '25. ELIZABETH HOGAN "Beauty is a welcome guest efveryfwheref' GLENN ROY . "My heart is whole, my fancy free." Hi-Y, '27, Ice Cream Force, '27, Candy Force, '28, Digest Staff, '27, Camera Club, '27, Boys Glee Club, '28, Junior Carnival, '27. MARGUERITE FOSTER UPEGGYU "Her heart fwas like the moon, efver changing, but always a man in it." Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Senate, '28. JAMES SWAFFORD "Smile and your load seems lighter." Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, Captain, Company F, '28, Vice-President of Officers' Club. 1' ..,.. "Qt Q47 2-gen ' ' -1 THE 1928' S i722 CHA'MPION FLOYD LENTZ u N- ltmlllllillf ' 1, "COWBOY" 4 ,gllll gy. mmm "Attempt the end and nefuer .rtand to doubt." J ' l Entered from Eastdale Grammar School. , ', 'V is ,fly eagfrv .,-ss' HETTIE MAE ARNOLD V' "She has many nameless fvirtuesf' - 'l Entered from Cedar Hill School, May Festival, '26, Usher, '2S. Ill ""'m..K,, ,Ti-' ' f A "5?f, LOUISE STEVENS L Mg. "soUzz" - ' . . . , .,,.Ix . - , A ., "What .rfweet delzght a quzet lzfe affords." ,K .. V 5 Honor Roll, '25, '26, '28, Bank, '28, B.B. Society, '28, Athenian Society, '28, May ,L V . Festival, '25, DOROTHY JEAN PERRY 2 . HDOTU ,4 ' "The beauty of thy soul flofws through thy fingertips as they dance lightly ofver the wary keys." ' Varsity Glee Club, '26, '27, Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Candy 'T 'T Force, '2S. ' VIOLA FRANCES HOLDER "Calm, .v-weet and unruflledf' Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, '2S. EMMA ANGELL MONROE "Let the fworld slide, let the world go." Glee Club, '25, Dixie Society, '26, '27, '28, Biology Club, '26, '27, RUBY LENA SMITH "From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." Entered from Normal Park School, '25, Euterpean Society, '28, JOE E. DARR "Youth dares." S - senate, '27, '28, Publicity Manager of senate, '28, Boys' Hi-Y, '27, '2s. 611101 8.55 ,r - :dal - - .I , ,, , ll WS lk , . ii l S' l I AN' W M 1' 1, Q THE 1928 E 722 CHAMPION 'Q' "" 0 X ,- Q . pq jf 'i 2 A s ,iii L ii l ,la 1 REGINA SUNDSTROM , "SUNNY" "Grace fwas in all her steps, heafven in her eyes." May Festival, '25, '26, '27, Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, Dixie Society, '28, Cperetta, '25, '26, '27, Minstrel, '25, '26, '27, Ice Cream Force, '27, Candy Force, '28, Color and - Decoration Committee, '28, DOROTHY TURN ER MDOT" "I care for nobody, if nobody cares for me." Athenian Society, '25, '26, Senate, '26, Digest Staff, '26, Biology Club, '26, Dixie Society, '27, '28, Annual Board, '28, Girls' Reserves, '26, '27, Senior Party Committee, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Ice Cream Force, '27, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, '27, , Invitation Committee, '28. A CHARLES JACKSON HJACK!! "Here's a man not afraid to say his say, tho' the whole tofwn's against him." Vice-President of Senate, '28, Vice-President of Hi-Y, '28, Vice-President of Grady Society, '28, Captain Of Track Team, '27, Senate Play, '26, Junior Play, men's Club, '26, '27, '28, Cheerleader, '27, '28, '27, Letter- ELIZABETH HALL "Her lofueliness I newer kneiw until she smiled on me." Athenian Society, '25, '26, Dixie Society, '27, May Festival, '25, Ice Cream Force, '27, 1 4 'V' F 1 5' Il 'I gf 'W l E hi 'ty X6 i ii. 5 iii ii i! f ' Ni 'F 'l xx Candy Force, '28, Color and Decoration Committee, '28. CATHLEEN LILLIAN SHOFNER "To climb steep hills requires slofw pace at frstf' Entered from East Side Junior High in '25, i JANE BOYD "Fairest, and most lofvely from the fworld apart." Minstrel, '26, '27, Operetta, '26, '27, May Queen, '27, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, '27, Dixie Society, '26, '27, '28, May Festival, '26, '27, '25, Junior Carnival, '27, Candy Force, '28, I-Ii-Y, ' 8. GEORGE E. SHIPPEY rr , 1 Be sure you are right, then go ahead.' Military, '27, '2s. WILMA JOHNSON "She smiled on many just for fun." ' Junior Carnival, '27, Basketball Team, '25, '26, Operetta, '27, Dixie Society, '25, '26, Sen101' Class Wellesley Society, '27, ciiris' Track Team, '27, , ..... " i X . - - . , A .. ,-i- -- '- 1IIE Iozs : VZ CHAMPION Dv? Q HELEN VIRGINIA SAVOY "Her eyes as stars of tfwilight fair." Camera. Club, '25, '26, Dixies, '27, '28, Athletic Association, '26, '27. WILLIAM THOMAS MCLAIN ctMAC1v "I'll not be tied to hours of pointed time, but learn my lessons as I please." ' B.-s.sebaII. '26, 127. ETTA MCBRIEN "Exceedingly swell read." Euterpean, '24, Wellesley Society, '28. EUGENE WELCH "He fwas I-what man should be to 'woman-a gentleman." Varsity Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, Senate, '26, '27, '28, Junior Play, '27, Operetta, '26, Minstrel, '26, '27, Dramatic Club, '27, '28, Ring and Pin Committee, '28, -Qs.. t 2 X 3 I ' Ii ,,.. l ' E' 1 . if I fy. if ?f'l'Slf ,Ig rg fm. gf M 125 , fig? f ,Q .fav r X , lqigi-if .i lyf " I I K 1 I x 'if ANNIE MAE CAWOOD N "So excellent 'a student and so pure a pearl?" M.ARX' ELLEN BAKER "As merry as the day is long." Athenian Society, '25, Wellesley Society, '26, '27, '28, May Festival, '26, '27, '28. WILLIAM NIADDOX COLLINS "PEE WEE" "Wit is the flo-wer of imagination." Entered from McCallie in '27, Swimming Team, '27, '28, Camera Club, '27, '28, Electri- cian, Stage Crew, '27, '28, Minstrel, '27, PAULINE FAIRES "Many are the charms that the sages see in thy face" May Festival, '26, '27, Junior Carnival, '27, Dixie Society, '26, '27, Sen!-or Class 1 ...--J W' Q A.-. --4 HE 1928 Q. JZ, CHAMPION Senior Class HERBERT LLOYD BUCHANAN IIBUCK!! "Ability 'wins us the esteem of true men." Military, '25g Baseball Team, '26, '27, '28, MILDRED ALYNE SI-IIELDS "There's life alone in duty done, And rest alone zn strlfvzngf' Wellesley Society, '27g Bookkeeper on Digest Staff, '27, VVILLIE HAZEL LOWE "Her part has not been fwords, but deeds." Dixie Society, '2Sg Bookstore, '28. HAZEL HILL "DIMPLE" "Her mirth the world requiredg she bathed it in smiles of glee." May Festival, '25g Basketball, '25g Dixie Society, '27, '28: Euterpean Society, '25, '26. ELIZABETH KEISLING "The sfweetest noise on earth, a woman's tongue, a string which hath no disrordf' May Festival, '25g Hi-Y, '27g Usher, '2S: Pianist for Varsity Glee Club, '28g Athenian Society, '27, '28. BEATRICE KEITH 'A life that is nefver dull." Athenian Society, '27, '28, CRATE MCCLANAHAN "Nothing is more useful than silence." Dixie Society, '27g Usher, '28. MARION EDWARD MASON 'il hear, yet say not much, but think the more." Military, '25, '26, '27, 'zs. f ..., ...uw Z. , . A - , Y - Q V - - 1... ...- 1 THE 1928 Q. ,fee CHAMPION DOROTHY MILLWOOD NDOTJJ "Eloquent and yet ho-w simple." Athenian Society, '27g Wellesley Society, '28g Girls' Athletic Association, '25: May Festival, '25, '26. CHARLES BICE "Smile: and good cheer in the face of adfuersity Quill ultimately bring their reward." HAZEL LEE CHASTAIN "HAzE" "H more sincere girl you fwill nefver ind." Girls' Athletic Association, '24, '25g Athenian Society, '24, '25, Boosters' Club, '26, '273 May Festival, '24, '25. WILLIAM LOVE HLOVEJI "Actions speak for themselfvesf' Freshman-Sophomore Party, '25g Junior Carnival, '27g Printing Staff, '27, BLANCI-IE CHAMBERS "POLLY" "A maid so gentle and so fair." May Festival, '26g Athenian Society, '27, Dixie Society, '25, '26. CHARLES CRAIG HFAT!! "Oh, Worle, I halve follo-wed you all the days of ,my life, and find you only a shade." Camera Club, '26, '27, '28, Military, '26, '27, '28g "Digest" Staff, '28, Grady Society, '28p Ofilcers' Club, '28. ADALENE HESTER HLITTLE AD" "Thou art as a ray of sunshine." . Euterpean Literary Society, '27, '28g Usher, '27, '283 May Festival, '25, '26: Athletic Association, '25, '26g Athenian, '26, '27. MARGUERITE CRAWLEY "Truth is strong and ahideth forever." Euterpean Society, '25, Wellesley Society, '27, '28g May Festival, '25, '26. 6 l tmngllllilnmt Q, .. 8 Q Q 3 , . N 2 Mg ll.. nxmm? l Q, 'ails k Q' ill r f I will 55,5554 l f J lil! " WK W 5 O ' ' Q,Q Iwi X uf J I - I Senior Class ,P -... 'ogg - ,- , , , - A , 1 ...E HE 1'-5.2: CHAMPION ,,ff ?i.f' ' E T 1928 xi ii, ,N , DOROTHY ARWOOD "Nature did her so mach good, she scorns the help of art." J I f U Camera Club, '28: Varsity Glee Club, '28g Athenian Society, '27g Dixie Society, '27, '28 f, S , Home Lighting Contest Winner, '25, Operetta, '27, Minstrel, '27, , P64 ,V f 'Q f . J , ff' l RALPH COOPER ' ,fi A Q "He's a shark-enough said." N !:,i'yf"l 'T L' " Entered from Tennessee VVesleyan College, '27g Senate, '28, Hi-Y, '28, Orchestra., '28. ., f Af: '- JESSIE ELIZABETH ELKINS I ry ,b i "So much good, so truly tried, 'EEE pf Some for less 'were denied." S' 3 "'F..' i N' ' ' ' , 4 v, "5 - Entered from Dickson Central High, '27. R J ELMO BREWER A N "A man with an unsurpassed brain." Military, '25, '26, "Digest" Staff, '26 ,'27, Science Club, '28. G LOUISE JONES 'N "LITTLE BIT", X , "Hs for me, all I kno-w is I knofw nothing." SeI1l0I' Class Dixie Society, '25, '26g Athenian Society, '27. JOHN RENEL HUNIPHRIES, JR. "Not to knofw me argues yourself unknown." Basketball, '27, '28, Football, '27, Tennis, '26, '27, '28g Operetta, '26, Minstrel, '26, '27 "Digest" Staff, '28, Annual Staff, '28. DOROTHY HAYES HCHICKIEU "Hers 'was a gentle nature, kind and forhearingf' Dramatic Club, '27, '28, Dixie Society, '28g Junior Play, '27g Secretary-Treasurer of Dra matic Club, '28g Camera Club, '28g Girl Scout, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '27. EDWARD SLIGER "I earn fwhat I fan, get what I eat, and owe no one hate. Band, '26, '27, '28g Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, Camera Club, '26, '27, '28g Operetta, '26 Bank, '27. 11 Jn .ann THE 1928 Q32 CHAMPION MILDRED HEMPHILL K5 "A friend among friends." I . Entered from East Lake Grammar School, '25, Euterpean Society, '25, '26, '27, Glee F' , lf Club, '25, '26, Sophomore Party, '26, ,RL , E V U4 ABNER BOYD fi , . . . A fr., "A public man of lzght and leading." Mggggg 't science Club, '22, English class chairman, '25, '28, senior Party Committee, fzs. S552 5 Lois ALFRED 'gig iii "To her task addressed her earnest care." . Athenian Society, '26, '27, '28, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, Girl Scouts, '28, figs , l xf-8 V",.'1f . , aieiili- 'r .- . " ' WILLIAM E. CLARKE E ' "He held his ofwn among men." ' R. O. T. C., '26, '27, '28, First Lieutenant, '28, Oflicers' Club, '28, Honor Battalion, '27. Q ' : 4 .P , LoU1sE HUGHES 3 1 frvvlsmn E. wx ,Q . . . . , X - "She fwas just the quiet kind, whose nature nefver fvar1es." Y Athenian Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Athletic Association, '25, '26, May Festival, '25, '26. 'Q HENRY SWICK "An affahle and courteous gentleman." Entered from East Side Junior High, '26, R. O. T. C., '28. MARGARET BUNCH 'rl-IONEY BUNCHD "Her smile 'was like a rainbow flashing from the misty sky." Dixie Society, '24, '25, '26, Athenian Society, '27, Operetta, '24, '25, '26, May Festival, '24, '25, Minstrel, '25, '26, Junior Carnival, '27, Freshman-Sophomore Party, '25, Ath- letic Association, '24, '25. EDWARD SHIPPEY . "I afwoke one morning and found myself famous." . Military, '25, '26, '27. SCIIIOI' Class ,F , I i l 1 THE 1928 7722 CHAMPION l 7 ii MAUDE TAYLOR Q "Her -very frofwns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are." Entered from Chattanooga High School, '27, Dixie Society, '28, GEORGE HAGEDORN "Of the fwide, wide 'world he stands alone." Entered from Masonic Home School, Nashville, Tenn., Military, '26, '27, '28, Band, '26, '27 '28 HOWARD MCCLURE "This is the last of fwark. I' am content. Military, '26, '27, '28, H1-Y, '26, '27, '28, Officers' Club, '2S. ss ' u AUSTIN MOON 4 4, 'f' 'N- "Let me be -what I am, and seek not to alter me." 49. 1, Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, Band, '25, '26, '27, '28. DOUGLAS LOTSPEICH "An honest man's the noblest 'work of God." Minstrel, '24, Junior Carnival, '24, '25, '26, Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, Senate, '26, '27, '28, Swimming Team, '26, '27, Captain of Swimming Team, '27. FORREST CORDELL "Talk to him of Jaco,b's ladder and he would ask the number of steps." Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, Officers' Club, '28, Biology Club, '27. FLOYD VVESLEY DOEBS Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much, wisdom is humble that he knofws no more. ss N ANNIE KATE SELLS , "Silence is sfweeter than gold." Seruor Class Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, '2s. 1 THE 1928 QI 722 CHAMPION LOUIS SMARTT I .m,, ,,,,m I ., g , "LOUISE" llllllgv' 'ami-. A "Nothing great 'was ever achiefued 4-without enthusiasm." . V, 'I ' Senate, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, President of Senate, '28, Military, '25, '26, '27, t -,fy 2133. 'ig' Editor-in-Chief of Annual, '28, Grady Society, Vice-President of Class, '25. Q ,f 6.53, U5 'lit . . ICATHRYN BONDS ,, ? . , , , " ---w-I 2 xi.-E "A good heart is better than all the heads in the fwor.'d." Ulf , 'Qiiefgfi . - Q-:L-Q - MILDRED TAYLOR A "And like music on the fwaters is thy sfweet fvoice to me." i "ffl: J V ' Entered from City High, '26, Senate, '27, '28, Camera Club, '27, '28, Dramatic Club, '28, ' ' Dixie Society, '28, Winner of Declamatory Contest, '27, Boosters' Club, '27. Q ' 4 ' ,x v ' MARK H. REYNOLDS I , , "As a soldier none is his superior." V3 Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, Major, '28, Oflicers' Club, '26, '27, '28, President of Dramatic If 31 , Club, '28, "Digest" Staff, '27, Annual Board, '28, Senate, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, F 'X '28, Junior Play, '27, Officers' Play, '27. 2, 2 F. C. ALI-'ORD , B "He that kno-ws, and lznofws that he knofws, is -wise, follofw him." JOSEPH E. RIEADOVVS "His Avirtues are many, his faults few." Military, '25, '26, "Digest" Staff, '26, '27, Hi-Y, '27, '28, Grady Society, '27, '28. HAROLD DEAN "Listen with attention, speak 'with caution." Entered from Rossville High School, '26. JAMES LEWIS "A true, strong, and sound mind is the mind that can emlzrare equally great things - and small." SGHIOI' 355 f ........4"g1 I " Wiz THE' 1928 , yah CHAMPION 5 X ' ' 2 , nfs ' : 6? , L' K 4 . , NW ll 1' aw QR' X ll: A ' I 029 -ff X , les ' 21,34 me ' I k If fs xx S6I1iO1' Class flyyw' EDITH MCCARTY HPEGGYU "W'ho chooses me, shall gain fwhat ,many men desire." Ellterpeali Society, '26, '28, Honor Roll, '25. PAUL SELLS HTACKHEAD" "I a1n part of all that I hafve met. J: Football, '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '27, '28, Track, '28, Baseball, '26, '27, '28, Tennis, '28, Lettermen's Club. CHARLES LANGSTON "The sense of humor has other things to do than to make itself conspicuous in the Rine Team, "She lfwalks in Entered from City Senior Party, "True as aet of laughter." '25, '26, '27, Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, Oflicers' Club, '28. WILLIE MAE LOWE ffTED1I beauty, like a night of cloudless chimes and starry skies." High School, '26, Junior Carnival, '27, Dixie Society, '27, '28, '28, English Class Reporter for "Digest," '28, Minstrels, '28. RICHARD F. DIAMOND the dial to the sun, although it be not shined upon." Military, '25, '26. JACK SHERMAN "Some are horn great, some achiefve greatness, fwhile others hafve greatness thrust upon them." Senate Play, '25, '26, '27, Junior Play, '27, Minstrel, '26, '27, Operetta, '27, Glee Club, '27, Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, '28, Biology Club, '26, '27, President of Biology Club, '27, "Digest" Staff, '28, Honor Student, R. O. T. C., '25, '26, '27, '28, Corporal, '26, First Sergeant, '27, First Lieutenant, '28, Cabinet, '26, '27, '28, Secretary of Oflicers' Club, '28, Grady Society, '26. RALPH TALLANT "Men must read for amusement as fwell as for knofwledgef' Entered Central in 1927, Orchestra, '27, '28, FRANK CAREY "Great fworles are performed not by strength, but by persistence." 1 'i 'rl-IE 19 2 8 Ai l fii CHAMPION nj- . RICHARD CAREY BUNN Jef- L s "With all good grace to grace a gentleman." I' A . g Senate, '26, '27, '28: Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, g xv,,'fwfWf'l' 1 x 'A ' 4 f 'K . '..., ' , DOROTHY PENNY if ' 3A','A ' IADOTN - 22 . . . ' 1. - "Efverythzng beautiful zs lovable." Athenian Society, '25, '26, Athletic Association, '25, '26, Euterpcan Society, '26, '27, 'ZSQ " 3 ,,.Eg?LQl:f!f Senate, '28, Camera Club, '28. ll, ,, .,,. .. 35 st" --lg lgw . , 1 AQ, HELEN ALBERTA WOLFF HSUGARH W 1 A 'A . A "Full of sfweet indifference." ' XVellea-lley Society, '25, '26, '27, '23, X ARMON COOPER 1 "How far that little randle thro-ws his light." XX4 Entered Central from McCallie. 1927. Y' I MILDRED GREEN "Truth is -'within ourselfvesf' MANCE SHERRILL, JR. "Speech is a mirror of the soul,' as a man speaks, so is he." Entered from Baylor, 19263 Hi-Y, '27, '28g Senate, '27, '2S. BEVERLY WILLIAMS "My own thoughts are my companions." A Entered from East Side Junior High, 19265 Digest Staff, Bank, '273 Track. ETTA MCBRIEN "Exceedingly fwell read." - Euterpean, '24, Wellesley Society, '28. Senlor Class ,JP 7. R A :L .. a,3 , THE 1928 a ge, CHAMPION . get U V MARGARET EVA!NS . fkw CHARLES EDWARD HARRIS L-'Zi' - rr ' ' ' Jn 6 Sincerzty is a 'valuable asset. 'jf Business Manager of Digest, '28, Hi-Y, '27, '28, Biology Club, '27, Grady Society, '28, if ' fa 1 f ' X 72 Fw v85ilf3tli' w,A .2 "' A53 LOUISE FULLER Y ' 3 ,R 5 "She -who safweth shall surely reap." U - 1, ' " Euterpc-an, '25, '26, '27, '2Sg May 'Festival,,'26, '27g Track, '27, Girls' Athletic Associa- ,iwjfgywgg mm, 25, ze, 27, 28. ' 1 FRED SIMS "Give me liberty to knoffw, to utter and to argue freely." x M 'M "1 PJ ff ,, - ' 1- HSPOTSIEH -'KC "She is steadfast, stern, immofuahlef' I BODkSI01'6,'28. Q fs " 1 ' I' 3. X '- VELVO GRAHAM q i "sNooxs" 1 . ' I f. "To lenoifw her is to lofve her." 5 Secretary and Treasurer of Athenian Society, '28g Senate, '25, '26, '27, '28g Usher, '28, ' Boosters' Club, '26, '27. ' ' LADENIA HOLLIS "Thy smile :we efver seek." Euterpean Society, '27, '28, VIVIAN PEPER "Her eyelids dropped their silken ea-ves." Euterpean Society, '24, '25, '26. '27g President of Euterpean Society, Honor Roll, '25g May Festival, '26. G F . JOSEPH ARLEDGE A SBIIIOI' Class "Fortune truly helps those fwho are of good judgment." , Y "Llp ' ' A. gs' - - ,. Er,-,, . 0 ' THE 1928 Q 72 CHAMPION EUGENE MAYER HSKEETH "Ability twins us the esteem of true men." Football, '25, '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '27, '28, Track, '27, '28, Baseball, '26, '27, '28, Alternate Captain of Football Team, '27, Captain of Track Team, '28, Holder of Southern Interscholastic and City Record for Shot-put, All-City Football Team, '25, '26, '27, '28, Lettermen's Club, '25, '26, '27, '28, Minstrel, '27, '28, Representative at Junior- Senior Banquet, '27, All-City Basketball Team, '26, President of Class, '25, '26, '27, '28, Toastmaster, '27, Best All-Round Boy in Class of '28. ANNA MAYE LIEB '24 gypsy stole my heart and gafve a gypsy heart to me." Dixie Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Junior Carnival, '27, Camera Club, '26, Patrol, '28C Oratorical Contest, '27, Song Leader, '27, '28, Basketball, '25, '26, Senior Play, '28, Senior Party Committee, '28. ANNA LAYCOCK "Our past victories should he but rounds on the ladder up swhich :we are constantly climl1ing.", Athenian Society, '24, '25, Dixie Society, '26, '27. EDWIN H. STOWE "The strain of music 'was in his blood." Military, '25, '26, '27, '28, officers Club, '28, BEN ADDIE COLEMAN "Thy soul fwas like a star and dfwelt apart." Euterpean Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Usher, '28, Dramatic Club, '27, '28, May Festival, '26, '27, Senior Play, '28. LOREEN HAMILTON HLOEH "Effort and persistence bring satisfaction." Dixie society, '27. ETTA FRANK "MOUSE" - "I think all I speak, but I speak not all I think." Euterpean Society, '24, '25, '26, Dixie Society, '27. LAWTON LINGENFELTER "For e'en though vanquished, he could argue still." Military, '24, Band, '25, Radio Club, '25, lnwllliilinl, J d ll: F W ol' I 3 tix s. N xi ,Ev- ite B 6' ea , mi wif . If," ' fx lm .K !,',glYLvv.n.g5.1,p if . JT' ii ,. I, U " vi' . 1 , .. 2 Senior Class 5 'Z THE 1928 CHAMPION Q1 ff r A... HZ. , ' ' J if C A fe , lk . in 1' 1' 1 we' s l 'l s Z ,Q , II l X SeI'1IlO1' Class Pl1',7Il1': -,fo,. HOWARD ANDERSON GBUS!! '24 rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun." Basketball, '23, '24, '25, '26, Track, '24, '25, '26, '27, Baseball, '24, '25, F0otba1l, '24, '25 '26, '27, Lettermen's Club, '25, '26, '27, Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, Vice-President of Junior Class '27, Secretary Of Senior Class, '28, Junior Play, '27, Digest Staff, '26, '27, '28. AUGUST CAHOON "Ambition has no risk." Entered Central, '24, Re-entered from VVestern Kentucky State Normal, '27, Football '27, '28, Grady Society, '27, '28, Camera Club. FAY HESTER "Eyes that were fountains of thought and song." Dixie Society, '26, '27, '28, Operetta, '27, Junior Carnival, '27, EDWARD PETERSON "Observe moderation." Football, '25, '26, '27, '28, Baseball, '25, '26, '27, '28, LOUL91'lTAell'S Club, '25, '26, '27, '28 HARRY STEGALL "Men are used as they use each other." Entered from East Side Junior High, '26, Ice Cream Force, '27, Candy Force, '28. JOHN WALLER "JOHNNY" "Nohility is the one only virtue." Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, '28, Senate, '25, '26, '27, '28, Grady Society, '25, Letterrnexfs Club '27, '28, Football, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer of Class, '27, '28, Treasurer of Hi-Y, '28, Invita- tion Committee, '28, Basketball, '28, Tennis, '28, Annual Staff, '28, WILLIAM B. GARRETT rr J JJ Id rather be right than president. Entered from Ensley High in Birmingham, Alabama, Football, '26, '27, GLENN HUNT "Brewery newer goes out of fashion." Football, '25, '26, '27, '28, Lettermen's Club, '27, '28, r ' fur w - -I THE 1928 Q. 72, cHAMP1oN A Few Excerpts From a Central Pepyfs Diary October 14, 1927. Much haste and to Central High School by seven thirty to Senior Party. Met Floyd Lentx so knew I was not late. On entering saw much decoration in colors and leaves for Season's Party. Being presented with autograph album at door did work hard to get names. Verily do believe the prize due me 1 had there been one, for my album was full. Talking to my friend, Louis Smartt, not arguing but much ' interested, heard a whistle, looking around saw Miss Mary Helen Richardson on steps making a speech. Saw Father Time near and was much shocked to know that this was the modest Miss Anna Maye Lieb. Now up and on my way to Spring Room: Much laughter when Harry WVilliams took Mr. Bales' picture which did develop into a handsome baby and Mr. Headrick's into a vicious cow. Many funny pictures and funny clown, Charles Jackson. Up and down hall, had a pleasant meeting with a familiar face. Looked again, saw it to be George Mclnturf of last year's class. From here to room where fortunes were told. Amazing it was to hear Mr. Robinson, Miss New- berry and Mr. Hunt lift the veil of the past and future. Knowing myself so well I durst not have mine told, but eagerly did I listen to others. Did strike me as wonderful the truth they did tell! Next to winter room Where I did verily believe it to be Christmas for there was Santa Claus and Christmas tree, received gladly whistleg mine being very like in appearance and sound to Mr. Nelson's. 'Up and to auditorium where Jane Boyd did dance like a fairy. Mildred Bowling and Nell Creasman dressed like Howers, Miriam Marshall, Regina Sundstrom and Elizabeth Hall like witches, and Ruth Harden like a snowball, in dancing did surprise me at use they had of the feet. Indoor football stunt good, but like my friend Hatfield, disappointed that love scene did not get DFIZ6. Now to cafeteria and pretty merry: and here was Mr. Nelson who did eat sandwiches and Dixie cups with us. Much did he say which pleased me and the Senior Class. From it all we do believe that he likes us, has faith in us, and leans heavily on us for upholding ideals of school. Thus did end night with joy everywhere, and I have not heard of a mischance to anybody through it all. , November 26, 1927. Up early and busy all morning making ready for City'Central game. To Chamberlain Field by one o'clock to get good seat. But not so, truly almost all seats filled, so up high I had to go. Excitement everywhere, at two, big game called. "Central must win." Did hear yelling until I did stop my ears to keep out sound. Could not stand up: could not sit down in comfort for fear Central might lose. To top of my voice did I yell when Key carried ball across line. Another victory for Central as I did expect! December 26, 1927-Senior Play. To the Central High School auditorium, and there I saw "The Taming of the Shrew," by Shakespeare, a merry comedy and very interesting. Jack Sherman's part, Petruchio, was beyond imagination. 'Twas a wondrous change in Katherine, the Shrew, Miss Anna Maye Lieb, which gives us fresh reason to admire the talented Miss Lieb. Never before did I believe a woman could pos- sess so violent a temper. Louis Smartt as a lord, seemed ln his natural element. Grumio, Petruchio's servant, Lavoy Neely, did act the fool to perfection, which proves that it takes a wise man to play the fool. Verily, the music master could not have been better chosen for I have thought many times the actor, Fred Woods, did possess an artistic face. The audience appreciative and well-behaved which did greatly please me. The music of Miss Finley and her orchestra was very appropriate and well executed. Took great pleasure between acts to look about me to see who was present. Near me Was sitting Miss Dorothy Turner whose amiable manner I did note with pleasure, and which did cause me to think how pleasant the . world would be if all did cultivate so friendly a manner. It did amuse me greatly to see two such small men as Kermit Maxwell and Charles Langston take out bodily the stout Christopher Sly played by Charles Craig. Neely would make a man split him- self with laughing to hear him tell Curtis, Miss Ben Addie Coleman, his master's experiences. Joseph Arledge did surprise me much for as the old man, Baptista, I think he did a dne piece of work. But to behold their clothes was a sight worth seeing. I did like Pe- truchio's blue suit and fine boots which I fear were too small for Sherman's average size foot, for they did look tight enough. I did hear the dogs were real animals of the Chase and that the hunter's horn were no imitation being used that same night by regular hunters. All in all it was an excellent play, the more I think of it the more I love the wit of it. JOHN SWEETS. '57 -an fe 2:14. jdvdfun-sg. -1 THE 1928 S CHAMPION S QSLZSM f..f1,-M176 ,7,4,,,,,A,., . Qfff ful.-L AQWW'?'72ZfgMw fffwjziw iff ,flL4Zff73 Xwimfkw U7 ,7'l4.u4.ZA. AJ Wijjmd fm wwdfiwvf. J if ,O G-cufb WYQQQ 27 4QMz4Q -X.. iffwuww QZM iizzfim QMQ e H yffdn 2Jp,t:4.... dffiwiffhdf., 5?JZfQz,.A 7444.4 WgMM4,Z7AU enior Signatures ' f,fMf,a'?',g,L,,,fQ,4 ?,,,,,,A ,,.7m, mg. 174. naw gf! O? M75 QM 0'47a--144- 9..,zxQ,... X500 WZ ,,4C,..., f,......zz 0977 kim? 5, 111-5, ' j,,fff,fH 'ikijffif ii Pl:-15'-f'g-:bn-A vywwifaf f 273623 Adam lj ZZ-m.ZZ7'i' we .'7A..,,,....nf ?,,,L 24425, ' Ci,-71,-.Q pw, Pmrfzu Je EZMLOZY AMA Mufti., Jam iii? QM iiixafg ,W 5 441414, . 58 THE JAMA au-3 W MWHWL 44-147W aa. 1- 644, 4' MW. GLAWI7 72317220 UQ,,.Q,4LJ,zse.41 gig? 744 Wu TM Viilffjv QWLZZAW Yfflio... 6,51-4, Wan, Q-H1744-I l!p1,ff , VV., -ffzwzy.. R-LL DQ. YH 4:12, Um,-...f ,4--P .4.4..A6uj1, ZA4.-.41 541,17 Juawwfea LLL Wg 55? 2a,.2:4 QKAJI Www 717...'?,...l.... 65-,wa wwwhac wwfzmfw MIL.. S,-.226 625.0-9b,,,,4.f XM 'rf dw-fl WZ' 'FW 42-g'i..4, QALQMMQ GLM!! Q ZZ, . ,fL7.f' 611121 4274.36 .,4-f..44, -1 1928 SR .ini CHAMPION Senior Signature-:S p:z,.v,.gW QWM QQZA., Q gi, ,Zi 5 WM Q, ,f Aeoba, 446422-., fflfff 71f,,.,a..A QQ-4400 iffvfwbfm Jaw, GLW., amy.- 11131-A il-15:-3 aw-. fu, 9-4940-1 'HQ-'M-v-N 47247 aflv, QWA7 5 Pffwdwfz fkZfmW'WM i?4'w'2f',2.Z'?lWi"' gan jam Q,1??f.jfQ..Jf-.J AL 7',jMf f gffgwgwzw 7? .-.u.... ima, 233245: fgwam, M! JUNK!-Tux QQZQ7 '777aM4,V ga if-W9 vfzam WM LJ? gem, QZWWQM ,,,,Zff M" ff'fH,g,Z:,,'iffiQ'44 37j,ZH1"Z sg zz , , ,Ama .Qf m-,,.Jn-Q-A L7 ,uM.MJ L-A-..u,n....-. 91M Kifuigrh ,xi M i f Q71 ' 44-f4'1M-1114.2 C2636 JM. 59 217 1 - u J, 4 E 928 HAMPION 1 - ,fQ v C t ., ","' 4 " ,, ,Q H. J I. X 1 S 60 5 11.1 Zgsw r fo E 1928 Qx iffi CHAMPION Q 1 , Q 6x A .r . L X aan . . ' A-nn ,--If THE 1928 g- ,722 CHAMPION 5 ,u The Class of 1928 CLASS history means little to the outsider, who does not understand the impalpable spirit that is stored in the heart of every Central student, and particularly in the students of the Class of '28. It has been our aim, first, to let those who preceded us in these halls know that we have tried to advance the standards they left for us, and in every way live up to the priceless heritage and ideals of Central High School. It has been our further purpose to gather here and there a thread of events that may be so woven together into a web of memory that it will recall something of those days of work and happiness sustained by that intangible spirit which bound us together as brothers. When this class came to Central in '24, four hundred strong, they very soon learned that there was no "Open Sesame" to success in their high school career. They had the usual ex- periences of the green freshmen who learn much, by hard knocks, in the school of experience. In the spirit of good sportsmanship these knocks were borne, and we came out the better for them. Our watchword from the first has been, 'fwork" and 'fco-operation." With such a motto, sup- ported by an admirable spirit and good judgment, the success of the class along all lines of school activities has been outstanding. ' An instance of good judgment was in the choice of oliicers to guide through the four years of high school life. Eugene Mayer was elected president in 1924, and succeeded himself in each of the three years which followed. Eugene did his work faithfully and well, and his leadership will be always remembered with pride and pleasure. Other ofiicers who have given the class their loyal support are Mary Helen Richardson, Howard Anderson, Mozelle Vander- griff, and john Waller. The Class of '28 commends highly the excellent and efhcient service of these members, and gives to them much of the credit for the way in which the class worked so well together. Socially, this class has proven a success. We remember well, first as guests, then as hosts, the Freshman-Sophomore pa1'ties and the Junior-Senior banquets. Many pronounced the Junior banquet of '27, at the Read House, the most orderly and most pleasing social event in the history of the school. Entertainments given by this class have always been received well. UThe Goose Hangs High," a modern drama presented in our junior year, and in the Senior year, "The Taming of the Shrew," a Shakespearean comedy, were both most creditably given. The leading roles were taken by Gladys Hickey and jack Sherman in the junior play, and by Anna Maye Lieb and Jack Sherman in the Senior play. In the field of athletics this class has left a splendid record. In the two successive years that Central held the city championship, the Class of '28 was well represented in the personnel of the team. Members of the team of '27 and '28 have become immortalized in the hearts of the Central students. The Thanksgiving game made the student body realize the power of that indissoluble school spirit embodied in the team. Many have been the associations and friendships formed here. Perhaps in years to come, over no period of our lives will the light of happy association shine more brightly than over these four years spent at Central High School. Many of the lessons taught will be forgotten, others remembered will become a part of life's rich heritage. In spite of the fact that some things must pass into oblivion, we like to think of others as lasting through life, like the staunch, true friendship of Mr. Nelson and the kind and gentle inliuence of Mother Callis, both of whom commanded the love and respect of every boy and girl of the class. As the years have come and gone, each seems to fade into insignificance as compared with the last year. "As goes the Senior Class so goes the school." If this is true, from all indica- tions the Seniors have not been faithless to their trust, for never has Central had a more success- ful year than that of '27-'28. This year it was found that in addition to regular work much time must be spent in keeping up the traditions and customs established by previous senior classes. Now, with many of these things behind us, and perhaps the most cherished and best yet to come, the Class of '28 all join in reverent unison to their Alma Mater, saying, 'tTruly it has been good to be here." FRED Woons. 62 ' --- r . - 1 V - t .. JUN IORS E 1928 7722 CHAMPION i l , 64 J' , P . THE 1928 gt Q2 CHAMPION Junior Class Officers FRANK BRADFORD . . . . . . . President GEORGE MCCARTY . . . Vice-President DOROTHEA HART . '. . Treasurer MAUDE SMITH . , . Secretary Junior History N September, x925, there set sail upon the sea of secondary education the good ship, "'29," manned by a jolly crew of boys and girls. To be sure some of the sailors were a bit inexperienced. There were slight attacks of seasickness at first, and many wailed that we were indeed, Hall at sea." But soon the waves ceased to rock us so violently, or to seem so big, and we grew to like our new home on the "rolling deep." Then, too, we chose a valiant captain, George McCarty, who assisted by chief mates, Wilhelmina Haggard, I. T. Holden, and Harry Jackson, taught us to pull together and make speedier progress. Our first encounter was an amicable one. The good ship, '28, thinking perhaps we felt a bit lost and lonely on the high seas, invited us to moor our boat and board theirs for the evening. We were delighted with the hospitality of their jolly class and had a very enjoyable tripa indeed. For a long while everything was peaceful and we, as freshmen, were 'fmeek and mi .U In the fall of '26 we manned our oars with an air of seasoned veterans. There were sighs for comrades who had been lost upon the rocks, but joy in the companionship of new recruits. fContinuerl on Page 682 55 K, THE 1928 X. .522 CHAMPION X Ruth Acree Flossie Adamson Leona Akard David Allender Flossie Allen Lester Allen Tom Allison I-Iellen Apperson Sue Ashley Ethel Atkins Mltchel Austin Grace Bacon Robert Taylor Ballinger Anne Pauline Barber Owen Barns Lowell Grant Bean William Ashley Beasley Audrle Christine Beck Mildred Virginia Beck Jessie Mae Bell Ela Frances Bernheart Richard William Bethea Edna Lee Bivens Frank Finley Blakly Lee Ray Blackwell Mae Bell Black Thomas Ozell Bolden Ray Byrun Bolt Eurine Martha Boss Virginia Bostain Edna Ruth Bowman Pauline Bowman Delzell Boyd Martha Rose Bracken Frank Windy Bradford Catherine E. Bragg Clarice Mildred Bright James W. Brooks, Jr. William Alvert Brooks Ernest Brown Ethyle Mable Brown Fred Brown Margaret Louise Brown William Kelly Brown, Jr. Lillian Roberta Bryant Robert Herring Bumpus 'l1I'1iOI' Richard Carey Bunn Hazel Marie Burgess Lawrence Lee Burnette Pauline V. Burnette George Hugh Butler Jack Irvan Buttram Lee Roy Cagle John Madison Caldwell Margaret Ewing Caldwell Ann Cambell Clifford Ervin Camp Martha Theone Camp Elvera Carmichael Margaret A. Carter Aaron B. Castleberry Mary Lou Catlett Luther Chambers Ora Fay Chambers Marguerite W. Champion James Roland Chandler Frances Chatman Tennis Clarke Clyde A. Cockrehan Ernest Condra Gladys Pauline Conner, Hugh Lawrence Conner Katherine M. Conner Mildred Connally Wade Sherwin Conner Howard Lindsey Cooke Mary Gladys Cordell Dennis Martin Corbly Eugene C'ox Margaret Cox Verla Ione Crawley Sarah Agnes Credelle John Turner Cummings John Seay Daniels Edyth Elizabeth Davis Geneva A. Davis James L. Davis Josephine M. Davidson Lorene Ida Davis Nellie Frances Davis Vera Davis A. C. DeCosta, Jr. 66 V 2- ' . Class Margaret E. Dedmon Queenie W. Deering Marshall T. DeLong Ben St. Clair Derben Charlotte Mae Derring John Alexander Dugan Fannie Mae Duncan James Harry Dunstan Earl Edwards William Lee Edwards Hilda Muriel Elder Mary Miller Ellison Alma Leona Erwin Carter H. Evann Harry Curtis Evans Anna. Ruth Exum Anna Ruth Faires . James Norwood Farmer Lawrence W. Figgins J. Pauline Finley Mary K. Fitzgerald James Edwin Folkner Ruth Forks Nell E. Fricks Johnnie P. Fulghum Bonds Garmany Irene Garner Lloyd Ralph George Carl Harris German Paul Rinehart German Grace Mamie Goddard Robert L, Godsey, Jr. Vvilliam H. Goforth Rosa Lee Goodwin Rachel Gothard Lloyd Eugene Graham Wilburn Thomas Grant John Marvin Gray Mary Virginia Gray Roy Edward Grayson Charlie Gruetter Anna Ruth Hackney Margarete P. Hackworth James Vernon Haggard Wilhelmina E, Haggard Arthur L. Hammond Howard Lee Hammond Merle Hamrick Merton Hamrlck Juanita Lane Hannah Charles Gerton Hart Dorothea Eloise Hart Howard Kenedy Harrison Junior W. E. I-Iardison Daniel Webster Harris John Henry Harris Orville Stockwell Harris James Beny Heggie Alice Louise Helms Charles Phelps Heard Gertrude E. Henderson Arnold Hicks Raleigh Lee Hickman Geraldine Higdon Mildred Lee Higgins Mary Reed Hill Arthur J. Hitchcock Newman Leon Horner Mary Gladys Hood Neva Opal Hooper Emily Anne Hudson Cecil Landrum Hudson Lillian Huddleston Iva Estell Humphrey Floyd Hundley Kathryn DeLora Hunt Harold Lester Hayes Cecil Ward Jackson Olin Honner Jackson Doris Margaret Janeway Reba U. Johnston Lena Jo Joiner Eugene LeRoy Jones James Thomas Jones James W. Journey Mildred Pauline Kammer James Nicholas Keen A. R. Keith Catherine Keller Dorothy Lee Kelley Edna Mae Kelly Louis George Kelly '33 f x . 'Q 3 THE 1928 i fifg CHAMPION Mary Lee Kellis Will Henry Kellis Oren James Kelley Troy A. Killingsworth Russell H. Kiser Leona Landers Mary Elizabeth Lane Mildred Langston Mattie Laura Lanksford William K. Lancaster Geneva Annie Lawrence Floyd Ottis Lee Gordon Neal Lee Emma N. L'heureux Alfred North Lindsay Margaret Lindeman Carroll Avery Little Lillian Garvin Lockwood Margaret K. Longley Marvin Lowe M. Sue Lumpkin Emmett Lynskey Linnie Mahan Richard Mansfield Bonnie Louise Martin Frances Martin Loraine Martin M. Irene Marshall Oliver Lanier Martin Mildred M. Maulbetsch Thomas Henry Mauney Carl Tarver Maxwell Herman Cantrell Maxwell Rosemary C. May Vann Arthur Meador Evelyn Louise Metts Ernestine Eva 1lIlllXV00tll Jake Miller Ruby Mooney Ruth Mooney Annie Lorene Mueller Thomas Harold Murphy Edna Arline Meyers Nell Gordon Moore Thomas B. Moore UHIOI' Class WVillie Frances Moorer Gladys Ruth Morgan Eva Mote Willa Mount Martha B. McBrayer Hettie Emma McBrien Nettie Anna McBrien George S. McCarty French McClanahan Robert McCollum Jessie V. McEachern Ruth K. McKenzie Ruth McKenzie Wilma Irene McKenzie J. M. McClure James Havard Thelma Gladys Nippcr Cooper H. Null Nall Thelma Marie O'Sell Eloise Oler Ralph Eugene Olinger Louis N. Olson Juanita O'Rear Ed. A. Owen Howard C'linton Pack Whelan Whited Palmer Elsie Evelyn Parker Hadyn L. Parry Mary Louise Parker Edith Patterson Anna Payne Lloyd Grant Pease A. Reece Peck James Robert Peck Harry F. Pendergrass Catherine A. Penlcy J. Cicero Perkinson Willetta Mae Perkinson Charles Newell Petitt Ford Goodwin Peters Harry Phillips Wilma Louise Planzer James Alvin Poe Florence M. Poorman Edward Pope 67 Emma Lee Powell Mabel Irene Prince Jessie Viola Proctor Julia Mae Quinn Alma Charlynne Rains Wm. J. Rause Wilson Glenn Reece Harold Earl Reichard Dillie Belle Richey Dillie Belle Richery Lelia Stott Robinson Virginia Roberta William H. Robertson Albert Vernon Rollins Mary Virginia Rons Nellie Juanita Royal Ruth Gertrude Roy Ralph Homer Ruch Lena Mourine Ruef Clyde Russell Daisy Elizabeth Sago Bessie Mae Sansing Fred Seheerer Margaret Schock Clarence R. Scogin Gladys Maye Scott Sidney L. Scruggs, Jr. James F. Searcy John C, Seagle Florence I. Shadden Lloyd McClain Shelton Olive Mae Shropshire Charles Melvin Silvrr Imogene Ruth Silver William Gordon Sims Wilma C. Shelton Annie Laurie Smith Alberta Maye Smith Maude Neva Smith Richard Early Smith Henry Howard Spitzer Richard Venoy Spriggs Stuart Stamps Ellis F. Stanfleld Geneva E. Standifer Ray Stansifer Ruth L. Stanlield John Byron Starr Roy F. Starmer James F. Steffner Mabelle Stenson VVinthrop N. Stivers Grace M. Stringer Elizabeth C. Suddath Carl Aaron Swafford Charles Scope Ida Mae Tanner Blanche E. Tarvin Dorothy Lecon Tate Flora Thelma Taylor James Porter Taylor Nancy Belle Taylor Louise Thornton Thela H. Thompson William L. Timberlake Alonzo H. Trewhitt Tillie Cleo Tucker Theodore D. Turbyville "Jug" H. Underwood Etheyl Mae Vickery James Byrl Wallace Roger Burton Wallace Robinette V. Walker Cleo Ross Watson Glenn, Padderson YVebb Charles Edward VVeigle Eileen Weiser Annie Mae Whitecotton Marguerite A. Whitaker Milton Martin Whitter Muertelle B. Wietzel Eleanor A. Wight Lovett E. Williams Paul Herman Wilhoit Mary Elizabeth Wo11'e Frances E. Woodard Noel Duglas Woodall Thomas Mart Wood Troy G. Woodall Vesta Mae Wright Lawrence Lee Young W - I 0 -1 THE 1928 X. ,fag CHAMPION Junior History fffontinued from Page 65j Our noble captain, Frank Bradford, took the helm with Howard Hammond, Howard Smith and john Seagle as Hrst mates. When we first left port, the harbor was hidden in a fog of con- fusion, but this cleared with the coming of the sun in the shape of our first class meeting. Life at sea was rather boring and we craved excitement. Suddenly from out of the sky came a giant green bird-like object. It was manned by about 4.00 queer-looking individuals, whom we soon found to be Freshmen. Being of a hospitable nature we hailed them and asked them to stop with us a while. They were delighted and accepted readily. We entertained them as best we could during the evening, and when they departed from us they declared that they had had a wonderful time. V A short time later our squadron was suddenly attacked by a huge war-ship! City High! Each ship chose a group of warriors to fight for our squadron. Our ship was represented by Bradford Seagle. We waited. The routine of the ship was suspended! We watched with mingled feelings of hope and fear! At last the battle was over! The Purple and Gold crew was victorious! How proud we were of them! How proud we were of our Alma Mater! There were many forms of amusement during the trip. There were also many troubles and trials, but before we realized it, we had reached the island called Vacation. Half of our perilous trip was over! We had a hard time entering the harbor, for it was barred by some very dangerous whirlpools-Hnal exams. At last we were safely anchored. What a shout went up! How glad we were! Oh, how rich that island with good tfmes! How luxuriant it was in laziness! When the twelfth of September rolled around we were all ready to go aboard. It was decided we should change ships again. We went aboard the "Jolly Junior," which was even nicer than the "Sophisticated Sophomore." We had very few new recruits, but a number of our members had fallen in love with some of the native "hulas" and loitered on the beautiful isle. There was a great deal of responsibility on our new ship. Our craft was one of the leaders. If we went astray the whole squadron would follow. Everyone had an especial place in the routine of work for our Alma Mater. Captain Bradford was re-elected. His mates were George McCarty, Dorothea Hart and Maude Smith. This noble crew piloted our ship through many troubled waters. "Soon -was called a council straight, Brief and bitter the debate." Our ship was low on provisions. We decided to be real pirates and entice all our rich friends to our lair. We erected a number of tents on our decks and used a number of clever devices and games to lure our friends to their fate. We were very successful and were able to carry huge trunks tilled with golden coins to the Central High School Bank. Several weeks later we passed the last peninsula of Vacation Island. We were so close to shore we were able to see a billboard which read, "Col, Chas A. Lindbergh will stop at this city for a few hours today, October 5th." We decided we would declare a holiday and visit the city to see the world-famous hero. After several months of -calm, peaceful weather and happy sailing we again became restless and demanded some recreation. In answer to our demands we were given a play to amuse ourselves. We chose to work. We issued invitations to all our friends to visit our ship on February Ioth, to see our most brilliant and successful suitors per- form. The performance was a great success and the praises we received for the star perform- ance were numerous and enthusiastic. After the excitement caused by one dramatic attempt, life was calm and peaceful once more. But soon there rose a cloud on, the horizon. Final exams were again attacking us, and struggle as we would, some of us were unable to free ourselves from their fatal clutch. Even while we were vainly trying to conquer our ever dreaded enemy, we received word that our sister ship, 'fSeniors," would leave us to drop anchor at her final destination: We suspended our battle and gave a final farewell party for our comrades. We had a royal feast and a jolly good time in spite of the sadness we felt as we watched our Senior ship receive her honorable discharge and sail away to unknown seas. 68 ,fx V Hui iff! " . 2' -iz. ,,A. , ,,2 -' 9' 4. Ks ' up 5 Q, -- L. , an my - ,,:.-,X, , V N4,1 91i"Q1.'CW3?m?'Zf?Lf 'WJ9'35Qgg:af gym R Y -,g,.33K, . .mx .,:giwf1ag6Nv?3Sx9?gfwffgnfw1f .y5wg,gfg,,.,4.4,1-w5g,,WAV 1 - 7 + , q I 'X . Ap , eg, a lb w ve' M J .wabfk--113iw'fQ43,g:f5f11'rxs, w wW.xW, ,y, .rf . -fx .fm Q wixvr lwifww TTYL? if 1 .5vn.s.:a, WYE-y My- a ', ',1 ffL5+t5f,9?AQ ' QW? wfizgzbw ,,'71faf1f'fw5Qg559'm,vf: " - r ' Q 'JS-rf, " " f'1fe1W T i r w ifff " ' ' fa? , , 1 .:-461' -wg Q Mg?-?2f,Nmg Wgy,m . , Q , .,w--f - N n b l m 1 ff vkvgi-QW if 'by X' Wig: M 'f-f ff ,,4 'm , f :t -'V , ' 2' 3541, - w g . L- . - P ,Q l'M,6'g" .' .fag '?i,m?Qef . ' : -fwf fr i f f wg, :ff ,X M- gf .xr Rum. - ' Qs' , - ' , E " 'Q M Aw A- J iiiq' fn I 1.9314- fu V-W i" ik . : M -1, f 'A xg? '- ' Wffw ibl Qif-1'iiy. f.',-E'+'f"'f' '-21 . YQ., ' Viii r- ,v " 5, . Q ' -1-gf,d .. - W iggj ym. MW, . A v --'.-Hi "" " " 1.1 '-'-- " . ' wif ' , fn .. f- 2 Nga, i pim V- .1 gn. Ming.-dj? ., ' . 'ffwyfwf 2 - ' " - + P" ' qw 5 y M ' 'fwS..5, 1 5 '4 ffuS'?i?' 345354 .gr V, V' 3 I -8 7 :AR ,gf , M, . .. , ,- . 1 cv V .4 W' . ' ff' 65 V Jw ? - ' 5 .f wiffw' Fifty , J, , ,, .Q,,. . ,. W W.. , ,,4,,m,, K I fs , 4.9 . iff V '- . V --.Q ' 'MW 1 - ' ,,, 4 V .-. W A . - g ,., . , ff- ., , ,.. Ni' - A 5' . Q' 5 'I gr I Tfi I . 4 I ' 5 lx . ' A ,. ' . ' f 1 11 ,Eff - 129 . ' ' Q l 'H i . - 14 1 ' 3 r T 54 ' Q lf. ' ,s ' Z Q V 5 1: -aw' It . A ., . 9 rf - , 1 5 Xa ' I 0 - ' K lsfw X, ' yifff gm. ' ' . - V A -fl""y" - .,. f 1 ' .S ,ff M ,,... .x . - . A V . K V A fl, 1- : .. ' - 'UG 7 2 ,. 4 1 "2 - ,V , 4 ., . ' A1 , ', 'W f WM ! X 'XM ',?- V 5 X :fgf vii i 2 ' Q V' SOPHOMORES 1 V..v.,.. 1 -.-,. ,,,, ,.,. . THE 1928 g i ffgfig CHAMPION ,ws 70 xg ' ' THE 1928 .Q CHAMPION 5,75 V SOPIIIOHIOTC Class OFHCCTS ROBERT BAKER .4 . . . . . . . . President WILBUR PETERSON . . . . Vice-President JOHN MAR'r1N . . . . . . . Secretary IIORTENSE BYRD . . . Treasurer 71 J" ' I -n 21. ,Z . - . -A , , Hulsey, .gk , THE 1928 4 72 CHAMPION in : . 5 Adams, Charles Hoy Adams, Justine Adams, Raymond D. Aiken, William Samuel Akard, James Miller Sophomore Class Camp, Myrtle Mae Cantrell, P'ggy Bertha Carson, Arthur Caruthers, Ruth Elma Card, George Lewis Alder, George Shelton Carnahan Harr Alexander, Lebron Allison, Edith Lucille Anderson, James S. , y Paul Cartland, Lydia VVilSon Case, Dorothy Evelyn Case, La Verne Archey, Henry Norwood Castleberry, Maxine B. Arledge, Theresa Ashworty, Margaret V. Atchley, Glenn Wilson Ball, Mary Katherine Barnes, Catherine E. Coyne, WVilma Belle Chase, Clyde Alten Clark, Joe Thomas Clingan, Lawrence Cobleigh, Henrietta Barnes, Harold McKinley Colbert, Martha Lorene Barrows, Cecile Louise Barnett, Labera A. Barton, Lois Allen Bass, Fred Pursley Beak, Jacqueline Bean, Russell L. Beaver, Paul Wellington Bell, Anna Lee Bell, Effie White Bell, Ernest Dudley Bennett, Harold F. Benton, Iris Pearl Black, Betty Sue , Black, Joe Cheek Bowman, Bernita Mae Bowen, Champ Edward Bowling, Helen Marie Bowen, Norman Steven Bowman, Lewis Garnett Boyd, Gertrude Violet Bracken, Mary Helen Bramen, Frank Steffner Brantley, Marguerite A. Bressler, Geo. Leonard Brewer, Lessle Viola Brock, Martha Elzora Brooks, Virginia Lillian Brooks, William Afton Brown, Annie Mae Brown, Mildred Ethel Bryson, Marie Burton, Alice Virginia Burch, Cecil Buttram, Justin Henry Buttram, Wm. Horace Byrd, Avis Hortense Baker, Robt. S., Jr. Cagle, Georgia Mae Cain, Susie Lena Campbell, Kathryn Pearl Conner, Ruth Virginia Cooper, Mary Mildred Cook, Roy Harry Cordell, Ernest Huston Coulter, Sarah Inez Cox, Bessie Aline Crabtree, Mona Janet Cramer, George Barnard Crane, Floyd Gremon Crawford, Ruby K. Creasman, Ralph Homer Crouch, Louvisa Crump, Charles Cummings, Scott Daugherty, Arthel T. Davis, Lorene Mildred D'Armond, Richard C. Deering, Raymond Dickson, Lovell Inez Dietz, Modine Dodd, Joe Leonard Doty, Lona Bernice Dudley, Sewell Marvin Dugger, Elizabeth Jane Duggan, James VVillis Duggan, Lila Mae Duling, Josephine H. Dunbar, Ida Rose Duncan, Luther Dixie Lois Anna Dunham, Dutton, Mary Nell Echols, Elizabeth Eddington, Viola Ellison, Lewis Elliott, Richard Engers, Charles Erwin, Sylvan Erwin, Thomas A. Etter, B. Eugene, Jr. Evans, Luther Erskine Evatt, Mabel Louise Evans, Nellie Evans, Pauline Elizabeth Ezell, Geneva Jesse Farmer, Alton Loyd Farmer, Marguerite A. Farrow, Mary Irene Feaster, Martha Alma Ferguson, Clifford Vance Fitzgerald, Ruby Inez Fletcher, James Henry Floyd, Rushy Bell Falkner, John Abel Foster, Frank Forstner, Charles Fox, Bernice Patricia Fox, Richard K. Franklin, Ada Pauline Franklin, Lucile Lenora Frazier, Edith Evelyn Freuler, Fred Fry, George W. Frye, Jennie Emily Fry, William James Fulghum, Ben Floyd Fussell, Leland Tichwell Fussell, Margaret I. Gamble, Alera Loyd Gamble, Glenn Robert Gannaway, Thelma Garner, Ethel Cecilia Gatis, Susie Virginia George, John Henery Gibson, Carl Leland Gilbert, Spencer Samuel Gillespie, Melba Louise Gladish, Nina Belle Gothard, Edna Dashie Graham, Nellie Grant, Irene Grant, John Theodore Gray, Berneice Evelyn Gray, Ernest Arlee Gray, WVilliam Dean Greene, Edna Elizabeth Gregory, Enid Horton Greene, Goldman Arthur Greene, Madison James Greene, Mildred Adelia Griffith, Ruby Bclle Gurley, Mabel Oneida Gurley, Otis Curtis Haddock, Virginia Mae Hall, Francis Hamblin, Lucille St. E. Hammond, Gadon 72 Hammond, Mary Joyce Hammond, William Carl Handy, Mildred Corita Haney, Velva Fannie Harris, Chrystina Harris, Ethelyn Clara Hortmann, Esich Carl Hartman, Ida Lilllian Hartman, Irene Harrison, Segur Heathon, James Elhert Heard, Telma Heider, Edward Henery, Daw Henery, Margaret Henery, Wm. Howard Hinson, Helen Inez Henderson, Mary Hester, Dorothy E. Hetzler, Sydney Neal Higdon, Ada Edith Hill, Carolyn Frances Hixon, Fern Hix, Harry Warner Hoghn, Paul Hurbert Holder, Alling Mary Holderman, Dorothy Hollowa y, Mary K. Holdman, Richard I Finley Holderman, Virginia B. Horton, Eva Ruth Housley, Virginia Louise Howard, Helen Howard, Lucille Thelma Hudson, Lela Agnes Hudlow Roy Edwin ,Ruth Winnefred Clara Dorcas Hunter, Irwin, Dorothy E. Isom, Mildred Evelyn Jackson, Charles Mini Jackson, Daphna C. Jackson, Flossie V. Jacks, Mildred Jarrett, Virginia E. Jay, Ruby Cecile Jewell, Offutt Johnson, Charles Scott Johnson, Henry Clay Johnson, Mabel, Carslne Johnson, Beny Francis Jolly, Rosalind Broome Jones, Lawrence Jones, Robert Frances Jones, Thelma Ree Keaton, Billie Margaret , 'ggi ,. . - Watt, Clyde Ernest . -ap 25", 2 THE 1928 g r iifig CHAMPION Keen, William George Kelso, Roy Charles Kemna, Gene Kemper, Robert Harding Kibler, Francis Killough, Clara Blanche Kimble, Reba Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Joe Forrest Klinger, Douglas M. Knox, David Luckey Kraeger, Dorothy Krueger, Jewell C. Lynes. Foster Samuel Lynch, Margaret Lackey, Inez Lacewell, Wilber Edw. LaFebre, Mary Virginia Land Ethel Mar Sophomo Monroe, James Newton Mooney, Ernest Howard Morrison, Charles Francis Morgan, Thomas Wesley Morton, James David Moser, Fred Curtlss Mullenix, Blanche Etala Mullins, Jack Manning Murray, Vivian B. Myers, Walter Everett McClure, Cicero Hunt McCollum, Mary Kathryn McClure, Vella Elizabeth McDowell, Thos. Hayes McGaughey, Hayden P. McGaughy, Howard McGaughy, Waldo Gye McKenzie Hazel V. , Y , Langston, William HenryMcKenzie, Ruth Lasater, Virginia Price Lawrence, Ernest C. Ledford, Jewell Hettie Lee, Frank Scott Lemare, Edwin Arthur Lennon, John Eugene Lewis, Leroy Lewis, Lloyd Gerald Lewis, Paul Lieb, Allen Edward Lieb, Raymond DeVere Livingston, Bernyce M. Livingston, Ruth Long, Evelyn Lovelle, Bradford Love, Mattie Lee Love, Nan Minerva Lowry, Marguerite Love Lowry, Morris Edward Lowe, Patricia Ruby Lowry, Virginia E. Mansneld, Hazel Louise Martin, Amelda Laura Martin, Arlington D. Martin, John H. Martin, Lloyd Patrick Willie Mae Marsh, Massey, Kelly, Jr. Garnett James Mavity, Maxwell, Lucille Mead, George Carrol I Melville, Evelyn Beatrice Meroney, Addie Bell Miller, Clatie William Miller, Helen Josephine Miller, Nanalou Miller, Troy Franklin Minton, William Slater McLaughen, Francis McMahan, Jas. Samuel McSpadden, Clarence E. McSpadden, Edith L. Norton, Mildred Mary J. O'Rear, Beulah F. Orrell, J. Gordon Parker, Beatrice Parker, Bessie Lee Parkson, Gladys Lucille Parson, Glenn Parker, James Herbert Park, Leona Margaret Parks, Lula Ethelyn' Pass, Howard Frank-lin Patterson, Mae Marie Payne, VVillie Marie Payne, William Snow Peak, Luther Paul Pearl, Virginia Pendergraph, Louise H. Perkinson, Willie E. Petersen, Wilbur B. Pntzer, Carl August Phillips, Wm. Wesley Pickett, Margaret F. Pledger, Harry Anderson Plumlee, Robert Lee Pollard, Lawrence B. Poorman, Dorothy H. Price, Virginia Nola Ragon, Carl Gentry Rankin, Mary Louise Ransom, Virginia Iduma Rash, Lillian Mae Ratliffe, Ellen Monteen Rawlings, Elizabeth L. Redmon, Bryant James re Class Reed, Anas Elizabeth Reeves, VVillie Blanche Renegar, Ross Franklin Reynolds, Beatrice L. Reynolds, Jessie Lee Rhodes, Edward L. Richard, James McClure Ritchey, Frances E. Roberts, Gladys Ethyl Robinson, Jeanette Roberson, Laura N. Robinson, Owen Overall Rogers, Clarence Selton Rogers, Gearl W. Rogers, Joe Rountree, Suzanne Roy, Paul Aubry Rowden, J. C. Russell, Edna Mae Rushridge, Norton C. Sanders, Cynthia Anna Scott, Perrie Ruth Schmitt, Addie Elizabeth Schaerer, Lola Elizabeth Schlief, Pauline Grace Schneider, Marie W. Shannon, Alfred Frank Sharp, Juanita Shaw, Carrie Maye Sherrill, Harry Neal Shippey, Charles R. Silver, Dorothy Lee Sills, E. P. Simpson, Laureta M. Sivley, Paris Veola Slaton, Frances Louise Slater, Gilbert Leo Slaten, Howard Arthur Smartt, Oscar Norman Smith, Gertrude Lillie Smith, Howard W. Smith, Jimmie Mack Smith, Katherine Smith, Muriel Songer, Roy Shelton Stacy, Ernestine Standifer, Aline Standifer, Eloise Stephens, Alma May Stewart, Evelyn Nannie Stonecipher, Frank A. Stone, Thelma Jewell Suits, Floyd Sullivan, Pauline Swarford, L. Hollis Swaftord, Reba Wilson Talley, Mildred Eugenia 73 sun Tate, Hazel Taylor, Marion Georgia Teague, Sadie Mae Teter, Mary Lucy Thomas, Gene Thompson, James Thomasson, Mary E. Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Mildred Thomas, Raymond Jas. Tipton. John Tribble, Evelyn Louise Trotter, Alice Loreene Tyrrell, Garlan Tyrrell, Wayne M, Underwood, Chester C. Usmlller, Dorothy Delia Valentine, Charles Marion Vance, Elizabeth M. Vandiver, Fred Robert Vandergriff, Louise V. Vandergriff, Vivian L. Walden, Curtis Frank Walker, Willie Clinton Warren, Johnnie Will VVare, Waymond Wallace Watson, Ellen Watson, Ona Elizabeth Wheler, Edith White, Alma Marie White, Dorothy E. White, Edna Lucille Whiteside, John David White, Rose Virginia James Murphy Wisss, Wilson, Bernard Edgar Bonnie Flomen Wilson, Wilson, Floyd Elmer Grey Wilson, Williams, Inez Beatrice Wilder, Leila Davis Wilkinson, Martha E. VVilson, Mildred Louise Wilson, Raymond Lee Witt, James Clarence Witt, Malcolm Reed Woods, Edwin Morris Wood, Helen Louise Wood, Mary Katherine Woodall, Sarah Elizabeth Workman, James L. ' Workman, Samuel Boyd Worley, Lela Pearl Wright, John Franklin Wright, Lois Aline Yarbrough, Minnie Marie I M '-'J ii ,-, ff ' THE 1928 g if? CHAMPION " Q The Class of 1930 T SEEMS to be a generally accepted fact that all freshmen are green-a fact fortunately not so much recognized by individuals of the class at that time, as perhaps, in the following year. The present Sophomore class was no excep- tion'to such a fact. Theirs was the true verdure of the freshman, but since greenness indicates growth, it is with a feeling not of shame, but rather of pride that this class now recalls its history of nearly two years. It was in the early fall of 1926 when the first meeting of the class was called and out of a chaos of about four hundred or more freshmen came an organized body with Wilbur Peterson as president, Earnest Horton, vice-president, John Starr, secretaryg Buford McGhee, treasurer. These officers realizing the responsibility as well as the honor conferred upon them conducted themselves in a most creditable way, whether on the football field fighting for the Purple and Gold, or at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet, representing the class. Very noticeable progress in these officers is indicative of the progress in the entire class. Much bashfulness has been overcome, much self- confidence and wisdom gained, while the Central spirit has become a part of the individual make-up of each member. The class of 1930 during its existence at Central High School has been an active class manifesting commendable spirit where class pride and school spirit were con- tested. Whether gainers or losers the situation has been met well. In athletics the class has made a splendid record. In football, Howard Smith, Wilbur Peterson and Chester Underwood have been the means of bringing credit and honor to the Purple and Gold. In basketball likewise the class has reason to be proud of Fred Sheerer. In 1927 the freshman girls won the loving cup in girls' athletics for superiority over other classes in this line of work. In the Grchestra and Glee Club, Dorothy Martin, Jewel Kragen, Elizabeth White, Edna Gothard, Marie Schneider have made for themselves and their class a name worthy of recognition. In the ticket-selling contest of 1926, this class won third place-an honor not to be despised when the inexperience of the class of that time is considered. In this the Sophomore year the outlook for the class of 1930 is most promising. VVith efficient leaders, Robert Baker, presidentg Wilbur Peterson, vice-president, John Martin, secretary, Hortense Byrd, treasurer, class spirit has been keen and loyalty to Central has been displayed repeatedly. EVELYN GRAY. 74 - ,f ' ,. ' gi if at QQ' . ' ,.... ' FRE SI-I1N4E'N THE CHAMPION: fx. fe X5 17 A .,.,. 1 75 1' f . '11 f ,... if 5 .7'E 1 H E 1 9 2 8 .i nk C H A M P 1 o N -1035 1 N F1'CSh1'I'12.I'1 Class Offxcers HILL WALLER . .... .... . President BROWN BLAKELY . . . . . Vice-President IDA WEE MABRY . . . . . . Secretary CORRINE MAYER . . . Treasurer ' 77 ff ...M f ig ,H , Q, , , - , T1-is 1928 CHAMPION Alexander, Kate G. Alford, Rowena H. Anderson, Annette A. Anderson, Flora Edna Angle, Harold C. Armstrong, Watona Armstrong, Willie B. Adams, Dorothy Weir Addison, Catherine L. Addison, Mildred V. Aiken, Whit Matthew Akin, Bonnie Mae Ball, Juanita Banks, James Ernest Barnes, George W. Barnes, Lawrence Y. Barnes, Mary Anita Beaty, Jewell Lee Beaver, Clyde Raymon BeDoit, Jessie H. Bell, Ike Otis Bennett, Winnie Lee Benton, Vera Edith Billet, Harris Ellis Black, Edith May Blakely, Howard B. Blanton, Verlia Sue Blevins, Lorena Dora Bolton, Clyde Perry Booth, Andrew J. Bouldin, Helene Baldwin, Mary Frances Bowling, Pauline Ruth Bowman, Pauline F. Boyd, James Columbus Boyd, John Richard Britt, Leo Bernard Bristow, Wallace Hugh Brooks, Mary Lou Brooks, Lucille A. Frank Ellis Richard B. d Brown, Brown, Bryant, Charles Lester Kathlyn E. Bryant, Buol, Kathleen Fay Buqln, Richard Preston Burgess, Della Wynema Burgess. Opal Joe Burk, Grace Elizabeth Burnette, Billy Marrella Burnette, Oscar Gentry Burton, Elizabeth M. Bush, Barbara Irene Butler, Elinor Margaret Butler, Roy Francis Cahoon, Dorothy A. Cahoon, Ernest R. Callahan, Raymond H. Camp, Raymond Ulus Carroll, Imogene L. Carroll, Jannie L. F1'6ShI'I'13.I'l Class Carson, Joseph A., Jr. Canick, Vance Carter, Lorene Caudle, Hardie E. Caulfield, Bernard H. C-enter, John Nolen Chamberlain, Robert L. Chamberlain, Tommy Chase, Harold D. Cherry, Don E., Jr. Childers, Julia E. Chumley, Irene Chumbley, Jack H. Clark, Kathleen Cloninger, Margaret J. Collins, George M. Collins, Ruby Esther Combs, Henry Warner Cooper, Bessie Eloise Cooper, Clara Nell Cordell, Aileen Coriitzon, Francis Corfltzon, Harry Cornelison, Don F. Cornelison, Marshall D Covey, Victor Crawfor Crouch, d, George P. Josephine Crow, Clifford Edgar Crownover, Paul Edgar Cummings, Frank YV. Dailey, Ella W. Daverson, Flora Lee Davidson, Hallie L. Davis, John Oscar Davis, Mary Lynn Davis, Mary Edith Davison, Gladys Cook Davis, Harold Rowe Davis, Lydia Elizabeth Davis. William Joe DeArmond, Merrill E. Deering, Albert J. Denton, Ann E. Dickson, Duane Dickson, Mattie S. Dobbins, Velda Donlgan , Ruth Glover Dowd, Patrick Gails Duke, Robert Malcolm Dunn, Anna E. Durham, William C. Easterling. Metta R. Edgman, Barbara J. Eledge, Elsie Jane Ellis, James B., Jr. Elinore, Francis B. English, Mabel H. Epperson, Carl Clyde Estill, Lois Lucille Evans, Bertha Evelyn 1" Evans, Cecil Evans, Reba Matilda Fanburg, Jacob Finley, James Louis Finwell, Marie Lillian Fisher, Frances E. Flewellen. Gordon S. Flinn, Willie Lee Forbes, Edythe Jayne Fox, Alberta E. Francis, Clarence E. Freeman, George B. Friend, Irma I. Frost, Lois Edna Fulghum, Edward S. Fullam, Leland Gardenhire, Ruby L. Garrett, Evelyn L. Gauntlett, Billy H. Genter, Maurice V. Giddens, Jewell Agnes Gilliland, Llewellyn VV. Gill, Mary Lucile Gillespie, William R. Gist, William Claude Godsey, Dorothy E. Gott, John Nathan Gott. Marjorie Brown Gafton, Williams K. Graves, Richard R. Grayson, Alton Atwood Gray, James Lawrence Gray, Wells Lloyd Green, Elizabeth M. A. Greene, Helen Edith Griffin, Joseph Horner Groover, Wallace R. Guess, VValter Lessely Guth, Charles S. Guth, Grace Vergene Guthrie, Marshall Mabb Hale, Artie Virginia Hale, Rex Harold Hall, Helen Margaret Hall. Nina Elizabeth Hamilton. Leland A. Hamilton, Margaret E. Hamilton. Vabrie G. Hammontree, Shirley E. Hannah, Sarah Harmon. Elizabeth M. Harper, Betty Harris, Albert T. Hart, Marguerite K. Haskins, Robert VV. Hassler, Leon J., Jr. Hatfield. Mildred Helen Hayes, Marion E. Headrick, Verne G. Herron, Louella Henry, George Elmer v Henson, Vera Maxim Herron, Ruby Lea Hester, Charlotte C. Higgins, Minnil, Edee High, Betty, Mabel Hill, Helen Jennie Bell Hill, Mabel Lorene Hillard, Mary Sue Hinds, Gladys E. Hitt, Mary Lou Hodgkins, Rugby Grant Holland, Clarence E. Hallaway. Frances T. Horton, Herbert W. Hudgens, Helen Hughes, Mary E. lngle, Ingle, Isbill, Jacks, Jackso Jenkin Jenkln Christeen Louise Charles Edna n, Fletcher s, Albin s, Dorothy Jernigan, James Jett, Doris Jewell, Naomi Johnston, Dorothy Johnson, Henry Johnson, Herman Johnson, Vilma Johns, William Jones, Alice Jones, Calvin Jones, Eva Jones, John Jones, Winfred Kammer, Elmer D. Kayler, Vifalter J. Kelly, Lois Kelly, Woodrow T. Kendrick, Mary L. Kilber, Charles G. King, Harry S. King. Lucille King, Mary A. Klein, Lena Mae Knox Iva Willard Lacewell, Elizabeth H. La Croix, Frank L. Rachel Mae Landis, Langston, Ralph Lawrence, Clara Mae Layson, William G. Ledford. Bessie Lucille Lee, J. B. Lee. Lillie Elvara Lerch, Clarence Leo Lerch, Harold Edward Ligon, Thomas Riley Lindeman. Dorothy M. Lindsay, Mariam B. THE 1928 . 7725 CHAMPION E fi , ' is Little, Lillian Lois Lively, Edward Harry Loeber, Doris Mae Long, Edna Irene Land, Mary Kinsey Lowry, Elsie Agnes Lowery, Helen Rebecca Luther, Margaret Louise Lyle, James Monford Lynch, Alton D. Lynch, Annie Ruth McBrien, Hyacinthe B. McBroom, John B. McClure, Neva L. McCollum, Troy G. McDaris, Earnest H. McDonald, Teresa W. McDowell, Vacie McGhee, Buford C. McGhee, Margaret H. McGu1'fey, Georgia M. McGuffey, Henry A. Mclnturf, Aaron M. McKenzie, Biddle McKenzie, Doneven P. McKenzie, Roy Hadley McKeown, Naomi L. McMahan, W. T., Jr. Mabry, Ida Wee Mallory, Alice Ethel Maloney, Robert H. Maun, Edward Mann, Robert V. Mann, William L. Mansfield, Harrison O. Marshall, Mildred M. Martin, Dorothy A. Martin, Dorothy L, Mason, Mary L. Massey, Lorene L. Maupin, Della M. Maxwell, Lillie L. Mayer, Corrine Mayo, Marie Evelyn Meadows, Boyd Jessie Melton. Spencer Mercer, Pauline Billie Miller, Donald Alfred Miller, Elsie Lee Mills, Hilda Miller, Louis James Mills, Evelyn Rose Minor, Mary Ingram Minor, Marian Morgan Moore, Charles William Moore, Irene Gwendoline Moore, Janet Alline Moore, John Paul Moore, Maude Jane Morgan, Mary Lorene F1'CSl'1lT1aI'l Class Morrison, Francis W. Mosier, Paris W. Mueller, Paul Gerpard Mulkey, Darrel Gordon Mullins, James Fred Murray, Charles E. Myers, Edwin C. Nelms, James D. Newlin, Evelyn W. Nichols, Mahlin VV. Norrell, Thomas J. Norton, Charles L. O'C'onnor, James W. Oliphant, Lucille M. O'Rear, James C. Orr, Marvin Pierce Painter, Vesta Belle Parker, Adam James Parker, Pearl B. Parks, Edmund W. Parks, Edan Ruth Parks, Julian H. Payne, Frances E. Milton E. Payne, Pemberton, Neal A. Pendergrass, Gladys L. Pendergrass, Harmon Peppers, Margaret O. Perkinson, Bud C. Perkinson, Earl F. Perkinson, Margaret E. Perry, Eurskin B. Phillips, William R. Pickering, Naomi H. Pippin, Carl E. Poe, Evelyn L. Pogue, Luther VV. Poole, Charles R. Porter, Howard C. Potter, Ottis P. Potts, Powell, Evlant Maud Lester Coke Power, Daniel E. Priddy, Jessie M. Pruett, Helen R. Pullen, Carl Gordon Rains, Clarence T. Randle, Charles R. Rawlings, Angie L. Rawlings, Ruth E. Reccord, Edna D. Rector, Jackson S. Reese, Evelyn A. Rhinehart, Hester Richards, Charles Richards, Edward T. Riley- Joe Charles Rodch, E. C., Jr. Roberts, Earsell C. Robertson, James F. E. 79 ,7- Roberson, James M. Roberson, Samuel F. Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rose, C Renard M. Charles P. Harry J. Louise E. Willie VV. harles J. Rountree, Minnie E. Rous, John H. Rowland, Plinley M. Rowland, Ruth Rudder, Edward S. Ruggles, Rahy W. Rushbrldge, Van Hooser Randle, Charles R. Ryerson, George S. Ragon, Irene E. Schwier, Everett Scoggins, Paul Jessie Scruggs, Gerald H. Scott, Wade Matthew Scruggs, Paul Beckley Seagle, Marion E. Sells, Lydia F. Sheldon, William L. Shippey, George F. Sims, Martha J. Singleton, Pauline F. Sivley, Grover B. Sketton, Laura Lee Skipper, Fred F. Sliger, Smartt, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Dorothy R. James A. Cohnan W. Comad Ren Edna, A. Edwin G. Elizabeth L. Smith: Lillian L. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith , Snodgrass, Bessie Spitzer, Stampe Lois G. Orman F. Roxie E. VValter A. E. Louis W. n, Lora H. Steadman, Viola Steph ens, Howard L. Stephens, Ruby K. Steffner, Stinson, Stinson, Marjorie E. Johnie L. Marvin I-I. Stove, Gertrude Lee Stove, John Thomas ' Stowe, Stowe, Charlotte I. Reice H. Stringer, Paul Allen Sullivan, John M. Sunstrom, Carl B. we Swafford, Clyde M. Swope, Walter B. Scholze, Elbert K. Tallant, William G. Taylor, Helen Marie Teasley, Ernest Templeton, Aubrey F. Templeton, Elizabeth E. Thapton, Edward Thompson, Johnie L. Timmins, Laura M. Tipton, Alma L. Toby, Claude Totton, William M. Torrance, Martha K. Tranel, Lercy D. Travis, Robert D. Travis, VValter J. Trimm, Joe Henegar Tupp, Hiram Glenwood Trotter, Edna B. Tuggle, Tommie C. Tyler, Alma F. Vanzant, Thomas W. Vaughn, Herbert LaV. Varnell, Samuel N. VValker, Margaret E. Wallace, Bruce B. Wallace, Margaret Ann Wallei', VVilliam Cannon VValthour, Sarah E. Warren, Helen L. Watson, Rachel M. Webster, Thelma B. Weidner, Alice J. VVeigel, Valeria L. Wellborn, Thomas F. VVhattery. Lillian G. White, Merle Wilbanks, Naome J. Wilbur, Catheryne E. Wilbur, Ruth N. Vvilhoit, Clara E. Wilkey, Max Rogers VVilkey, Opal E. Wilkes, Thomas W. Williams. Charles H. Williams, Garvis L. Xvilliams, Mary E. R. Ted Williams, VVilliamson Ruth Williams, Truman C. Wilson, Edwin U. Wilson, James Wolff, Annie F. Wolfe, Ocie Lee Wood, Liela Wrinkle, Frances M. York, Ruby B. C. H' ... Z. ., 137' -- -Q -ew . -' '-Q' ' THE 1923 g vffg cHAMP1oN .. e Class of 1931 ATE one winter evening, sitting before an open fire gazing into the dying embers I found myself trying to visualize a scene fifty years in the future while a friend and I, as elderly women, indulge in reminiscences of our hfgh school days and I tell of a class which entered Central High School one day in September, 1927. It was a bewildering situation-that twelfth day of September, 1927. This unwieldy mass of Freshmen-a little shy and timid from entering into a field entirely new- was the largest class that had ever entered Central. The ushers who were stationed here and there in the halls were our salvation. They were Senior girls who answered our inquiries pleas- antly and directed us to our class rooms. In these trying days of the first few weeks, kindness and courtesy shown us by the faculty and upper classmen are well remembered. Our teachers were not merely instructors, they were advisers and friends. Very soon we became acquainted with Mother Callis, our school mother, who proved a friend indeed for she was always a friend in need, ready to comfort, cheer and advise us. ' In a short time we were invited to join the different societies and enter various outside activities. Many of us availed ourselves of the opportunities and soon became so interested in our work, societies, and athletics that we almost forgot that we were beginners. Early in the autumn a lively contest was staged by Freshmen and Sophomores for sub- scriptions to the Central Digest. Many Freshman classes reported one hundred per cent. How proud we were of the victorious record of our first contest! The next important event was the day when we first assembled as a class to elect ofiicers. After a lively contest, Bill Waller was chosen presidentg Howard Brown Blakely, vice-president, Ida Wee Mabry, treasurerg Cor- rine Mayer, secretary, Helen Hall and Henry Rouse, cheer leaders. From this time on things seemed to follow fast one upon the other. In the Central-Baylor game Freshmen could not be distinguished from Seniors, for already they had caught the Cen- tral spirit. Our pride in Central's victory was demonstrated by an enthusiastic "pep meeting." VVords seem inadequate in trying to describe the spirit shown in the Central-City game. Every member of the class apparently felt his responsibility. How proudly the Purple and Gold waved over us! Were cheers ever louder? Could students have supported thefr team more valiantly? No wonder was it that the team won laurels under such circumstances. How vivid the impression of the junior carnival that year! I was never before convinced that "smoke burned," nor did I know that Juniors had such an insight into the future, for their fortune-telling was a revelation. Again class prfde ran high for a dainty Freshman was nom- inated for Carnival Queen. The class showed-good judgment in the choice of Ida Wee Mabry. To the Press Convention which met for the first time in Chattanooga and which was sponsored by Central High School, the Freshman Class sent Robert Mann and Glenn Tallant, as representatives. These brought back an interesting report and gave inspiration for the con- vention next year. Soon the year passed from autumn into winter and winter into spring which brought its festival and activities. Then came commencement when with envious eyes we watched the Seniors, hoping that we too some day might enjoy these same privileges. Thus ended one of the happiest years of my life, so filled with bright spots that the darker days are almost entirely overshadowed. BERTHA EVELYN EVANS. 80 S ,mf-Q., ,ax LL - " !'!VV Y : ' w.qQ,1aff ,..,,. .,.:as: ,, fj31?3f3TA V M 5 A MILITARY .5 E 7 'Z CHAMPION 1928 JAMES E. WARE Lieutenant-Colonel, U, S. A., Retired Professor of Military Scienee and Taclirs S3 - 1 .gf T H E 1, -72 C H A M P I O N I 9 2 s ry f A - -Q-, ,..:,,A . , .I Ofiicers' Club OFFICIALS MAJOR MARK H. REYNOLDS . . ...,.. . . . . President CAPT. JAMES K. SWAFFORD . . . . Vice-President CAPT. JOHN HARRISON .... . . . Treasurer 2ND LIEUT. ROY STARMER . . . Secretary l1EMBERS MAJOR REYNOLDS Captains CORDELL I'IARRISON SWAFFORD HYDE First Lieutenants HIGH BEANE MCCLURE CRAIG MCREE SHERMAN CLARK HENDERSON Second Lieutenants STARMER SMITH HANSBERGER STOWE LANGSTON CASE ARMSTRONG 34 I .qv-. ' .l EE'Q'- ' ' L1-,...-l" " -1 E 1928 S gk, CHAMPION HARRY EVANS Tea THOMAS ARMSTRONG GORDON LEE R. A. PACK HUGH CONNOR G. J. MAVITY 85 IT1 CARL HYDE MARK REYNOLDS JOE MCREE LOYD SHELTON FRANCIS BEENE CHARLES LANGSTON THE 1928 b f i, CHAMPION V se V Q J! gn? M ' THE 1'1" CHAMPION I9 z s .vgyiifi COIOITS COLOR SERGEANTS SERGEANT A. C. Dscosm SERGEANT GEORGE SHELTQN COLOR GUARDS ROBERT BEENE EDWARD RHOOI-is S7 THE 1928 g ijie, CHAMPION x ,. 5' " , I is ., .- ..', , - I 1 88 i Will' , . Q, , .. 7: Q' in-1 .-n-sl' THE 1928 . fee CHAMPION -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , I ii 3 i ,- FORREST CORDELL . JACK L. HIGH . . JOE MCREE . . . FRANCIS J. BEENE . ALONZO C. DECOSTA CARROLL E. LITTLE JOHN A. DUGGAN GORDON N. LEE CHARLES R. SHIPPEY CHARLES E. VVEIGEL J. M. AKARD H. N. ARCHEY R. B. BOLT J. R. BOYD E. L. BROWN G. B. CREAMER F. F. CRANE E. H. EVANS J. F. FOSTER G. B. FREEMAN W. J. FRY B. E. FULGHUM J. FANBURG J. T. GRANT COI'1'1paI1y E MARGARET DELZELL BOYD, Company Sponsor OFFICERS . . . Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant IN COMMAND EDWIN H. STOWE . HOWARD J. SMITH . LOWELL G. BEAN . EDWARD C. SHIPPEY SERGEANTS HUGH L. CONNOR MITCHELL B. AUSTIN T. D. TURBYVILLE CLIFFORD E. CAMP CORPORALS R. F. SNALLACE R. BEEXE J H NALL L. D. ALLEN PRIVATES C. H. GERMAN R. L. GODSEY G. A. GREEN J. V. HAGGARD G. S. HAMMOND A. J. HITCHCOCK P. H. HOGHAN F. R. HOLMAN N. C. JACKSON JOHNSON . E. JOHNSTON W. G. KEEN O. K. H P. A. LICHTENSTETTER J. M. LYLE C. H. MCCLURE L. P. MAl11'IY S. H. MELTON J. MILLER J. N. MONROE K. MASSEY F. C. MOSEIl WV. E. MYERS M. A. NICIIOL T. J. NORRELL E. M. WOODS M. P. ORR J. G. ORRELL R. A. PECK D. E. POWER E. L. RHODES 89 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . First Sergeant . . Sergeant-Major JOHN H. HARRIS G. J. MAVITY J. E. CLOSE R. G. HODGKINS VV. E. LACEWELL J. L. VVORKMAN C. J. J. O S. ROGERS W. RUGCLES M. ROBINSON ROBINSON R. V. SPRIGGS F. A. STONESIPI-IER L. A F. C. C. J. M. SHELTON H. TREWHITT R. VANDIVER M. VALENTINE E. WATT WILSON B. E. WILSON T G. WOODALL '92 7:4 . 3. . -gs A. .. - v- "' fx. -r fff . THE 1928 Qii iiig CHAMPION -1 ..,. , , V " . , 90 N ff ..,., "Ui QW 5-53.- Q' A3-u p-an " 41 THE 1928 S 7722 CHAMPION IAMES K. SWAFFORD . HOWARD W. MCCLURE WILLIAM E. CLARK . JACK O. SHERMAN . J. E. BANKS H. E. BILLETT W. K. BROOKS K. J. BOOTH I. H. BUTRAM J. C. BOYD D. E. CHERRY E. H. CORDELL H. CORFITSON J. H. DUNSTON J. B. ELLIS S. HARRISON R. W. HASKINS H. W. HORTON O. S. JEWELL W. H. LANGSTON VV. G. LAYSON F. S. LEE Company F LILLIE BELLE BRUCE, Company Sponsor OFFICERS IN COMMAND VW FF' EE. ,U mn: l" E5 RZ go mm Q: 'UF E5 'sz mC! gm 2 3 ma P40 N Z 53. we 'fag W ... '-u' ZQESE if E QCDW Us 5 4 me 1' :SHA IDI-.10-Bo 3, "1 '-lcnz 7-1032 is IEEUPI-1 en Sw E VPU . . . Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant LOVELL S. MCMAHAN J. W. OTCONNOR J. H. PARKER R. L. PLUMLEE J. F. ROBERSON T. H. MURPHY C. R. SCOGGIN G. L. SLATER W. B. SWOPE W. I. TRAVIS J. H. TRIMM W. L. TIMBERLAKE I. M. WIGGS B. B. VVALLACE R. L. BEAM C. R. BEAVER CHARLES LANGSTON . . Second Lieutenant THOMAS M. ARMSTRONG, Second Lieutenant ODIS F. LEE ...... First Sergeant GEORGE W. SHIPPEY . . . Color Sergeant L. G. BOWMAN W. H. BUTRAM R. BUQUO G. L. CARD G. M. COLLINS L. J. DAVIS VV. C. DURHAM L. E. EVANS L. T. FOSSELL F. FREULER L. FULLAM M. B. GENTER E. A. GRAY L. J. GRAY O. C. GURLEY L. W. GILLIAND A. T. HARRIS fm!! ., .. I .gt 4 n ' J. H. SWICK A . HXCKS W. D. GRAY P. W. MOSIER C. S. -JOHNSON J. F. KIRPATRICK L. R. LEWIS P. S.- LEWIS M. E. LOWERY G. E. LYNSKEY O. H. MANSFIELD H. F. PASS J. R. PECK I. M. RICHARDS S. F. ROBINSON E. P. SELLS I. M. SMITH H. G. TRIPP T. C. WILLIAMS I. C. WITT T. F. WELLBURN ., 1 2 fn -, 1 THE 9 3 5. 7.2 CHAMPION 'W' ' --nf' M ..,, ,... - ,, .,.,,..,.....,,.,.,..,,., v,-' 2: :': '.-'--f:-- ---, ' Y ' "N 'ww---f---Mfg A W 92 ,Q U, W.. V , 1 W - 4 -u E CHAMPION x an T H 1 9 2 s 37.42 . Band MYRL HELEN BEAVER, Band Sponsor OFFICERS IN CO1X4MAND JOHN H. HARRISON . . . ............. ...,... C aptazn JOHN P. HENDERSON . . . ..... Fin-t Lieutenant FRANK HANSBURGER . . . . . Second Lieutenant DALE H. CASE . . . . Serond Lieutenant ROBERT A. MORRISON ....... First Sergeant SERGEANTS W. S. CONNOR E. L. JONES L. E. COX W. K. LANCASTER H. C. PECK CORPORALS G. R. COLLINS G. C. HAOEDORN M. T. DELONG A. T. MOON M. E. SLIGER MEDTBERS H. C. ANGEL R. Fox E. L. KEMNA S. G. RYERSON H. B. BLAKELY G. W. FRY W. T. MCMAHAN E. K. SCHOLZE O. G. BURNETTE J. W. GOTT T. W. MORGAN A. J. SMARTT G. H. BUTLER H. JENKINS C. F. MORRISON W. N. STIVERS C. S, CRUMP A. R. KEITH E. W. PARKS J. A. TIPTON E. B. ETTER R. C. KELSO W. S. PAYNE W. SMITH R. A. KEMPER 93 J. C. PERKINSON ,,j2?1+"f5' if THE CHAMPION -TS , ijt, JZ The Reserve Officers Training Corps HE duty of protecting our homes, our property and our families from the dangers of invasion by a foreign foe rests primarily with the Army and Navy, and every male citizen between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years is, in time of national emergency, subject to military duty. The United States Army is now, under an Act of Congress composed of three parts, namely: The Regular Army, the National Guard, and the Organized Reserves. The Regular Army has always been small and will always be relatively so. It is composed of a small body of highly trained specialists, whose duty in time of a great military emergency is to organize and equip our citizen armies, whfch will in the future, as in the past, make up the greater part of our military forces in time of war. While the Regular Army is most needed and appreciated in time of war, there are many examples of its valuable peace-time service-the great Galveston Hood in 1900, the destructive earthquake and fire in San Francisco in 1906, the building of the Panama Canal, the eradication of yellow fever in Cuba and Panama, thereby removing this menace from our beloved South- land, all remind us of the peace-time value of our Regular Army. The National Guard, now better and more eiiicient than ever, has always covered itself with glory, as in the World War, and will ever be an important part of our national defense. The Organized Reserves, however, is the larger part of our Army and it is with a branch of that body that I wish to deal in this article. just now we have the best and greatest number of reserve ofhcers, for the Army, in the one hundred and fifty-two years since the birth of our nation. But this splendid body of officers, trained by experience in the World War, is being depleted each year, by retirement, disability and death. How shall we maintain this splendid reserve? The answer is: by promo- tion and replacement from graduates of the Reserve Ofhcers Training Corps. The junior Units of the R. O. T. C., of which the Central High School Battalion is one of the very best I have ever known, will furnish a very large number of officers for the reserve and a large number of the officers of the regular service. Many appointments to the U. S. Military Academy and to the U. S. Naval Academy are members of Junior R. O. T. C. units. Any graduate of a junior R. O. T. C. unit, can by successfully completing two C. M. T. C. summer training courses, qualify for a commission in the reserve of the United States Army and many young men are taking advantage of this opportunity, thus fitting themselves for greater service to their government and to their communities in times of emergency. Great as is the value of the training from the standpoint of preparedness, the value of the physical training, building of erect, active and healthy bodies, the development of potential leadership in -the boy, giving him confidence in himself and starting him off in his chosen business, profession or vocation with the belief in his ability to succeed, is even greater, and the respect for legally constituted authority, observance of and obedience to reasonable rules and regulations required, is the best way to teach respect for law and order and to make good law-abiding, peaceful, happy, contented citizens-the greatest achievement of all. LIEUTENANT-CoLoNEL JAMES E. WARE. 94 4 L ATI-1LET'ICS THE 1928 Q- 72 CHAMPION Centralis Coaching Staff r Central with sincerity and much pride makes the boast that her coaching stalf is unsurpassed by any high school of the south. Without fear is such a claim made for the proof is self-evident. Dean Peterson, one of Central's own football products with the polish of four years at Auburn and now for three years head coach of Central's "Purple Gridders," has an enviable reputa- tion not only as a coach, but as a man. By his stern insistence on wholesome sportsmanship in every phase of the game he has taught his men not only to be good football players but with it to be clean, honest men which is, after all, the end desired, For two of the three years that he has been head coach at Central his teams have been City Champions, a record of which Central is proud. Coach Bales, a strong support in football and head coach of basketball and baseball, is known by his work. His interest in athletics is far from narrow for it extends into almost every line, but if asked his favorite, no doubt basketball or baseball would be his reply. From a thorough knowledge of these games both in theory and practice he has made a coach loved and admired by his men both for h's skill in the game, his manliness, and strength of character. Seeing Coach Setliffe far removed from the football or track field no one would fail to recognize him as the real athlete that he is. His entire bearing is indicative of his athletic prowess. For his good sportsmanship and success in the field where he labors his men admire him. As head coach of track in 1927 he brought renewed interest to the game and developed a team for Central with one of the best records of many seasons. 97 --4 THE 1928 SX 7722 CHAMPION Q 3 ggi! Q 35 WE Q S 35 f is , T 1 2 E s I ! El i 6 w 98 THE 19 2 8 iff'- 5' W -X' v,i-19 -. 'Q f n.:- .R E FRANK BRADFORD . HOMER KEY . . HOWARD ANDERSON . . MITCHEL AUSTIN SKEET MAYER CHARLES BICE HERMAN UNDERWOOD JOHN WALLER HOWARD SMITH OWEN BARNES CLARENCE PALMER PAUL SELLS OEERT TIMMONS CARL HAMMOND ED PETERSON Lettermenis Club OFFICERS MEMBERS HOWARD HAMMOND GEORGE MCCARTY RAYMOND BLAKE GLENN HUNT NEWMAN HORNER JAMES SEARCY RAYMOND DEERING DONALD JONES JOHN SEAGLE CHARLES JACKSON KERMIT MAXWELL ESTILL MAXWELL JAMES LEWIS 99 . . . . Preszdent . Vice-President . . . Treasurer . Manager ROBERT BUMPUS JAKE LAMB BONDS GARMANY CHESTER UNDERWOOD W. B. GARRETT WILBUR PETERSEN M. J. O,BRIEN TOM MCLAIN HAROLD REICIIARD VERNER HEADRICK OTTIS LEE , A ....,....:'1.m ,gi A :ig .. .Q . A 'A E g- ifgi CHAMPION CAPT. HERMAN HUG" UNDERWOOD, Center Weight One Hundred and Seventy-Fve Pounds T lzree-Year Letterman Jug has been the backbone of Central's line. Work- ing at the pivot position he has made outstanding plays both on the offensive and defensive. Since this is Jug's last year he leaves a vacancy which will be very hard to Hll. As captain he has been one of the best, always ready to help and always giving all that he had to the Purple and Gold. He was chosen for the All-City team and his name will go down in Central's football history as one of the greatest of her long list of fighting captains. ' HOIWER HSATCHELH KEY, Halfbaek Weight One Hundred and Fifty Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman As captain of Central's team for next year, Key de- serves all the honor that has been given him. He is a true triple-threat man. He is one of the hardest driv- ing, shfftiest, and fastest halfbacks ever to wear a Cen- tral uniform. Not one game passed without lKey's coming away with another star in his crown. His pass- ing and punting could not be surpassed. By his tackling he saved many touchdowns. What would the City High game have been without Key? As a safety man hc was more than once the salvation of the Purple eleven. Central is looking to him as Captafn of the 1928 team to lead his men to a clean unquestioned championship. DONALD "FATTY" JONES, Tackle Weight One Hundred and Ninety-Two Pounds, T hree-Year Letterman Donald is another man of the All-City team who has been a mainstay in the line of his own home team. His plays were especially noticeable inthe City High and Baylor games. His work on defense was particularly good. Central will gladly welcome his return another year as alternate captain. HOWARD "Bus" ANDERSON, Halfback Weight One Hundred and Fifty Pounds T hree-Year Letterman Bus has a head which he knows how to use on the foot- ball field. He has that enviable trait of dependability at all times. He is always known to get his man and pave the way for the other back carrying the ball. He is a good tackler. In the Baylor and Philips High games he played star football. There was great ex- citement in the Philips High game when Bus caught a pass and with snappy side stepping ran forty yards for a touchdown. Central will miss Bus when the team is rounded up in 1928. 100 , , .... ... V. E, ...gitgzg , , , hu-L .1 ' " -5 THE 1928 Qi 7,22 CHAMPION EDWARD "EGGHEAD" PETERSON, Quarterback Weight One Hundred and Twenty-Five Pounds Four-Year Letterman Ed is one of the most unusual quarterbacks Central has ever called her own. With three years of rich experi- ence, in this, his fourth year, he has played and run the team with great success. Besides receiving All-City honors for three years he was considered the best in the city on receiving passes. Leaving Central this year there is made in the Central team a wide gap which will be most dillicult to fill, RAYMOND "HOOK" DEARING, Guard Weight One Hundred and Seventy-Three Pounds T1-wo-Year Letterman As a guard Hook is a hard-fighting, scrappy fellow. He drives low and hard and seldom misses his man. The Purple line expects Hook back in position next fall holding that line like the great guard that he is. OBERT "No-Hn" TIMMONS, Guard Weight One Hundred and Sixty-Five Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman Like a tower of strength in the Purple forward wall has stood Timmons for two years. Undaunted in the City High game he stopped without question attempts to gain at his expense. From the minute the whistle is blown every ounce of his strength turns into power for the Central machine. His plays are consistent. He is a hard worker from start to finish. OWEN UBASHFULH BARNES, Tackle Weight One Hundred and Sixty-Two Pounds T-wo-Year Letterman Although this was only the second year for Barnes on the team he played like a veteran. He proved to be one of the hardest fighters Central has ever produced. He was a deadly tackler and did equally as well on the offensive. In the City High game Barnes by sheer courage and strength broke through the strong Maroon line for many an attack. Central's interest is centered on Barnes for another year. New honors it is believed await him. IOI ::1 . T we HE Qr aiifl CHAMPION JOHN "JAR-HEAD" WALLER Tfwo-Year Letterman When Waller reported for his Hrst year he weighed little more than a hundred pounds, but the next year with added weight plus determination, he gained his KC." He came into possession of his second nickname, H70-Yard," when he ran a punt against Darlington in '26. As Ed Peterson's understudy in ,27 he called signals when Ed was not present This he did credit- ably and well. Since Waller possesses the true Central spirit, always doing his best Without kicking, the team regrets that graduation robs them of such a man. Any team that gets Waller may count itself lucky. HOWARD HIZZYH SMITH, Halfback Weigltt One Hundred and Sixty Pounds Izzy proved without question his ability as a ball car- rier in the Fort Payne, Kingsport and Notre Dame games. Whether he hit the line or ran the ends he always gained. He is a fast snappy football man though slightly "bashful." Unfortunately, during the Baylor game he was hurt and was unable to return the rest of the season. He is expected back next year and will no doubt share in the spoils of the victors. GLENN HLADIES, MANH HUNT, End VVeight One Hundred and Sixty Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman Because of a shoulder injury, Glenn has been unable' to enter into action as he mfght otherwise have done. Yet in spite of such a handicap in the Baylor and City High games he was seen stopping every attempt to get around his end. He was strong on the offensive. His loyalty to the Purple and Gold as well as his dependability have given him a place all his own on the team. JOHN "TRAMP" SEAGLE, Guard Weight One Hundred and Sixty Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman There was a great addit'On to Central's team in 1926 when John came from Baylor and cast his lot with the Purple and Gold. He Was one of the scrappiest lit- tle guards seen here in many seasons. For two years he has helped to form Central's stonewall and right well has he held this position. He is another member expected back next year to take his same old place in the same old line. 102 J-4 THE 1928 .Xt Je, CHAMPION F 57 'Q OT1s "Bro MOUTH" LEE, End Weight One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Pounds One-Year Letterman Lee has the reputation of being one of Central's fighters from start to finish. He never gives ing he never stops until the game is ended. His outlook for next year is one'of the brightest of all those who are expected back. CHESTER "ToUcHDowN" UNDERWOOD, End Weight One Hundred and Fifty Pounds One-Year Letterman For a man entering Central for the first year, Chester has done .excellent work as an end player. In the Darlington game he was given his chance and proved himself Worthy. In the Philips High and A. M. I. games he played football like an "old timer." With such a reputation for one-year Chester bids fair to fol- low in the footsteps of his captain brother. BONDS HBALL-OF-FIREH GARMANY, Quarterback Weight One Hundred and Thirty Pounds One-Year Letterman Red has always been a hard-Working man. As a quarterback he is hard-driving and fast. In the Fort Payne, Red took a punt up the field for about thirty- five yards in professional style. With,more experience it remains to be seen just what 'fBall-of-Fire" Will do. VERNE11 "SHE1K" HEADRICK, Guard Weight One Hundred and Seventy-Six Pounds One-Year Letterman Headrick has the distinction of being the only fresh- man to make a letter this year. In spite of his lack of experience in the beg'nning of the year, he developed into a good guard. In the Phillips High game he stood like a bulwark and stopped all attempts 'made to come over him. In the next years, Central will follow with interest the development of this outstanding young player. 103 ........4 -x 4' , . . -u THE 1928 Q 722 CHAMPION . dr F Q.-A E I. g- EUGENE "SKEET" MAYER, Fullback Weigllt One Hundred and Eighty-Four Pounds Although injured for much of the season, "Skeet" played star football while he was in. With him in the line there were no gains by the punting route. In the City High game, he played a big part in stopping the line attacks of the Maroon and White. Skeet has left an enviable football record at Central. His popularity among the students has been tested many times and Central will find hfs place one that will be hard to fill. FRANK HVVINDYH BRADFORD, End Weight One Hundred and Forty-Five Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman Bradford is one of the best end players Central has ever produced. With such evidence of development and power Central hails with joy his return next year. As a tackler on punts he is deadly, having lived up well to his "never miss" reputation. On the offensive he always gets his man. A fellow has something to boast of if he gains a yard around Bradford's end. WILBUR "HARDHEAD" PETERSON, Halfbace Weight One Hundred and Fifty-One Pounds One-Year Letterman Wilbur has the reputation of being one of the best and hardest driving backs, not only at Central, but in the city. He made a perfect running mate for Key. When Wilbur is called on to carry the ball you may well mark it down as a gain. In the City High, Phillips High and A. M. I. games it was Wilbur who starred. This last member of the Peterson family seems to have every promise of carrying on the reputation in the field of football. PAUL "TAcKHEAD" SELLS, End Weight One Hundred and Forty-Two Pounds One-Year Letterman Tackhead can always be distinguished for he is one of the tallest men of the team. When Central's name and reputation are at stake, Paul's courage and fighting qualities are altogether out of proportion even to his height. It was a great disappointment to him not to get to finish the season, but an injury in the Kingsport game forced him to the side lines. He is a hard- worker and always ready to give his all for his school and team. 104. P ,..,q - 'J ' .- 1 THE 1928 gt iQ CHAMPION HOWARD "DIDLEY" HAMMOND, End Weight One Hundred and Fifty Pounds Tfwo-Year Letterman Howard knows football and knows how to play it. He was unfortunate in receiving an injury in the fourth game, which kept him on the bench for the rest of the season. Since he is the kind of player who has real 'fcome back" Central expects him to return next year full of fight for another victorious season. JAMES 'KPINKIEH LEWIS, Halfbacfc Weight One Hundred and Fifty-Five Pounds One-Year Letterman For a shifty, hard-driving backfield man, Lewis is hard to beat. On defense, for a man to get by him is a wonder. He bids fair from all appearances to be one of the outstanding figures in Central's starring line-up for 1928. CLARENCE HSLICKH PALMER, Guard Vifeight One Hundred and Fifty Pounds One-Year Letterman Hard Work brings its own reward and that is what Palmer has enjoyed. Nothing but this best effort for his team has been acceptable to Slick. Work and hard work has been his motto since he has been numbered in Central's guard line. Central regrets that graduation will take Palmer from her. ROBERT "SIGNALS" BUMPUS, Center Weight One Hundred and Fifty-Three Pounds One-Year Letterman When Bumpus received his letter the student body re- joiced with him and felt that again spirit and effort had been rewarded. For four years he has come out faithfully and although he didn't play as much as some of the others, he was always there ready for serv- ice. He deserves his share of the credit for Central's victories. Next year Bumpus is expected to step into the limelight. IO5 ,ik M THE 1928 g - .iff CHAMPION A P1 W. B. "ScRAPP1NG" GARRET, Guard Weight One Hundred and Fifty-Five Pound One-Year Letterman Size is not the only thing that counts in the case of a guard. Although Garret is one of the smallest men on the team he is at the same' time one that everybody knows is on the firing line ready to hold his place and fight. With such bright prospects and unusual de- velopment in football playing Garret will strfke the team a heavy blow by his absence next year. J. L. "JAK1E" LAMB, End Vveight One Hundred and Forty Pounds When letters were given out, "Another one well de- served" was the remark made concerning Lamb. He has been a faithful, hard worker, always out for prac- tice, always there to do his bit. With such promise as he has for a football career it is with sincere regret that Central gives him up this year. Football Score of 1928 Central 343 Fort Payne . . . . 6 Central 263 Kingsport . . . . . 6 Central 63 Notre Dame . . . . 0 Central 75 Darlington . . . . I3 Central 75 Baylor . . . . . 6 Central O1 Bradley ...... . . 0 Central 7 3 Knoxville Central . . . . 18 Central 263 Phillips High . . . . 6 Central 183 A. M. I. . . . . 6 Central 73 City High . . . O Total . . . . 1383 Total . . . . . 61 City Champions, 1927 and IQ28 I06 af! ' ,W f THE 1928 Q1 Q22 CHAMPION Football Squad of 1927 Left to Right-Bad? Rorw: COACH S. D. PETERSON ASs'T COACH ROBINSON W. DUGGAN HAREINSON C. COCHREHAN R. RUCH C. HUDSON J. C. ROWDEN J. M. MCCLURE C . KELLY J. OLINGER A. CAHOON L. CLINGAN I. HEADRICK R. DEARING H. SMITH MORRISON HAMMOND COACH SETLIFFE Ass'T COACH BALES ASs'T COACH LEHTO C. ENGERS E. C. ROACH J. HUMPHREYS MCCLANAHAN F. SIMONS R. SMITH R. BUMPUS ED. MANN T. ALLISON O. JACKSON F. MANSON J. C. LAMB C. NULL C. HEIDER D. JONES C. FERGINSON J. SEAGLE MANAGER AUSTIN 'IWATER BOY" B. WALLER CENTRAL HIGH CHAMPIONS Middle Rofw: Front Rofw: J. JONES W. GRAFTON W. PETERSEN H. KEY C. UNDERWOOD O. LEE W. B. GARRETT CAPT. H. UNDERWOOD G. HUNT J. WALLER H. ANDERSON E. PETERSEN B. GARMANY O. TIMMONS O. BARNES F. BRADFORD Central, for two years in succession, has won the City Prep Championship in football. TWO beautiful silver footballs, now on display in the oHice, bear testimony of the superiority of these teams. In winning this year's championship, Central defeated Notre Dame, 6 to Og Baylor, 7 to 65 City, 7 to O. For Central this has been a very successful season, with seven victories, one tie, and two defeats. 107 -1 HE 1928 S - fig CHAMPION W k j 5 Basketball Men FRANK BRADFORD, Forward Windy is just as swift on the basketball court as his name indicates. His good work with the team for a second year is one reason for its continuous improve- ment. He has a sure eye for the basket. When he aims, cheers begin almost immedfately, for it is a dead certainty that the ball is going in. HOMER KEY, Forward Key is one of Central's best all-round athletes. Of his star playing in football much has been said, but that is not all, for in basketball he has proved himself equally as good. He is quick and sureg he never misses a shot. Central expects "Satchel" to do hfs part in raising her points above that of any previous year. EUGENE MAYER, Guard t'Skeet" is another star brought over from last year. He has the size and height together with many other de- sirable traits which go to make up the all-round ath- lete. In his position he plays well and ruins many shots for the opponents. CARL HAMMOND, Guard With three years of experience on Central's team Carl plays like a veteran. t'Mutt," the center of Central's pass work can send the ball -in any direction at any time. His self-possessed, cool-headed playing has meant much to his team. Others may be rattled but he always keeps that same calmness that has character- ized his playing through many a game. CAPTAIN HOWARD HAMMOND, Center With three years of rich experience Didley has not only borne well his responsibility of steading his team of 1928, but also has played the best basketball of his cage career. He is one of the most outstanding bas- ketball players that Central has ever produced. His passing is skillful and effective and at goal shooting he is a star. When Central has the ball and when it is in Didley's possession there is no fear for the Cen- tralite. 108 5, 247s r THE 1923 X. rf? CHAMPION Q KIVQ Basketball Men HAROLD REICHARD, Forward "Heimie" is small but fast and moves around on the court in a pleasing way. His splendid skill at passing has fooled many an opponent. He is alert and sure which are two valuable characteristics in a basketball player. GEORGE MCCARTY, Guard George is one of the hardest fighting men on the team. He never knows the meaning of 'tquit." His close, careful guarding has been a big factor in holding the opponents' score down. The team counts heavily on his support. FRED SHEERER, Center Although this is Fred's first attempt on Central's team he has made good from the very beginning. He is one of the surest point makers among the cagers. From the way he hits the basket no one would ever judge him to be anything but a professional. DONALD JONES, Guard "Fatty" means business and fights with might and main when he gets on the Hoor. Although this is his first year on the team his playing is like that of an experi- enced man of long standing. His is one of the men who adds promise to Central's prospects for the season. PAUL SELLS, Guard Paul is another athlete who turns naturally from the gridiron to the cage when the season dictates. He has some advantage over the low man for he towers so far above him. He is another "Olson" when it comes to passing the ball. His shot at the goal is almost a sure point for his side. 109 ' - ff 4... I' E CHAMPION T H 1 9 2 s "Q, .IZ , Q. 4. 2 Track The year 1927 was a successful one in track. Central won second place, defeating Baylor and City High for the first time in several years. First place was won by Eugene "Skeet'f Mayer, in the shot putg by Howard "Bus" Anderson in the javelin throw, and by Charles Jackson in the half mile race. Kermit Maxwell won second place in the mile race. Central expects him to take a step forward and win first place this year. George McCarty won recognition in the high jump. Searcy and Preston, ,27 graduates, were also outstanding men. The prospects for the team of 1928 are favorable. About twenty- five men are expected to go out. The team will take two tripsg one to Sewanee and the other to Knoxville for the State Tournament. In addi- tion to this they will take part in the Baylor relays. Efforts are being made to do away with the City Tournament this year and bring all the schools here that wish to compete in a Southern Tournament. It is expected that Central will carry off the honors at that meet. IIO r -. an E 'O CHAMPION X T H 19 2 8 . ' ' - ..,.,,. "- "' A E. 5' - . ' '- Baseb all The baseball fans of Chattanooga are looking forward with unusual enthusiasm to the I928 season among the prep schools. An investigation of Central's prospective team seems to indicate an extraordinarily successful season. Central will feel keenly the loss of three strong men of last year, Captafn Mclnturf, George Cade and Ed Brown, yet with the good support of so many letter men and the addition of Dear- ing, Buchanan, Horner, there is little reason for discouragement. The probable line-up for I92S will be as follows: C. HAMMONDS . . BLAKE . . . Bice .... En PETERSON . KEY . . . SELLS . . MAYER . HORNER . . SEAGLE . . BUCHANAN . . MCCLAIN . TxMMoNs . . J' .J Ill 1 . First Base Second Base Second Base Third Base . . Shortstop . . Left Field Center Field Right Field . . Catcher . . Pitcher . Pitcher . Pitcher A .7 'Q THE 1928 . A lfa CHAMPION ERNESTINE STACEY . ELIZABETH DUGGER . ROWENA ALFORD LUCILLE ALFORD ANNETA ANDERSON EDITH ALLISON DOROTHY ADAMS JUSTXNE ADAMS CATHERINE ADDISON KATHLEEN BUOL VERA BENTON JUANITA BOWMAN EFFIE BELL ELA BERNHEART MARY F. BOULDING CHARLOTTE BROWN WINNIE BENNETT OPAL BURGESS BILLIE BURNETT PAULINE BOWLING ELENOR BUTLER MARY ELLEN BAKER JOSEPHINE CROUCH PEGGY CANTRELL RUBY CRAWFORD GEORGIA CAGLE IMOGENE CARROLL WILMA COYNE LOUISE CARROLL ALXNE COONS DOROTHY CAHOON ELLA DAILY FLORA DAVERSON ANNA E. DUNN JOSEPHINE DAVIDSON GLADYS DAVIDSON Girls' Athletic Association . . . President . . Vzce-President MATTIE SUE DIXSON VELDA DOBBINS ELIZABETH DUGGIN BERTHA EVANS BARBARA EDGMAN EMILY FRY SUE FAIDLEY PAULINE FINLEY FRANCES FISHER RUTH FORBES MILDRED GREEN LUCILLE GILL ALICE J. GEDDINS DOROTHY GODSEY ELIZABETH GREEN VALERIE HAMILTON ELIZABETH HARMAN HELEN HUDGINS ELIZABETH HALL IDA HARTMAN CLARA HUNTER LUCILLE HAMBLIN AGNES HUDSON ALICE HELMS ENA RUTH HORTON BETTY HARPER BETTY HIGH FRANCES HOLLAWAY DOROTHY JENKINS ARLEEN JOHNSON DOROTHY JOHNSTON ROBERTA JONES NAOMI JEWELL LENA MAE KLEIN VIRGINIA LOWNY . GEORGIA CAGLE . LOUISE KENDRICK CATHERINE LINDEMAN DOROTHY LINDEMAN MERIAM LINDSAY RACHEL LANDIS ANNIE LYNCH ELIZABETH LACEWELL ELSIE LOWRY EDNA LONG MARGARET LUTHER VIRGINIA LOWRY MARY LORD MARGARET LINDEMAN HILDA MELLS JANET MOORE ADDIE MARONEY DELA MAE MAUPIN MARGARET MCGUEI-'Y LORXNE MASSEY MILDRED MAUBETCSH IRENE MOORE DOROTHY A. MARTIN IDA WEE MABRY LUCILLE MAXWELL BEULAH O,REAR MARY PARKER HELEN PRUETT WILLET PERKINSON MARGARET PERKINSON BEATRICE PARKER KATHERINE PENLY EDA MAE PAINTER ANGIE RAWLINGS RUTH RAWLINGS II2 . . . .Secretary . . . Head of Sports BEATRICE REYNOLDS AUBERTA SMITH VIOLA STEADMON LILLIAN SMITH PAULINE SULLIVAN LAURA SKELTON LIDIA SELLS RUBY STEPHINS ERNESTINE STACY GERTRUDE STONE CHARLOTTE STOWE ELOISE STANDIFER MARION TAYLOR ALMA TYLER MARGARET TIMMONS THETA THOMPSON HELEN TAYLOR HUSTENE LOUVENE ALMA TIPTON DOROTHY USMILLER MOZELL VANDERGRIFF LILLIAN WHATLEY FRANCES WOLF OPAL WILKEY E. WALLTOWER JOSEPHINE WILBANKS EDITH WHEELER ICIE LEE WOLF MARGARET WALLAN MARGARET WALKER THELMA WEBSTER CATHERINE WILBER RUBY YORK MUSETTE WATSON I ..,,. 'f-Ig .. 211 4 . -B , ...nn " 14.--A av ACTIVITIES -Hn 1He . MQ CHAMPION 1 -1 T 1928 XR , Champion Staff Louis SMARTT ..... MOZELLE VANDERGRIFF . FRANCES LYLE . . . THOMAS JOHNSTON HORACE MEADOR DOROTHY TURNER DOROTHY PERRY MARK REYNOLDS JOHN WALLER . JOHN HUMPHRIES IIS . . . . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assixtant Business Manager Photographer Art Editor Senior Section Editor Society Editor Military Editor . Athletir Editor . Joke Editor ,f -,,...:gx 4 .. -'-jk -. - THE 1928 Di gg CHAMPION ,.n3 FIRST MEETING HDIXIE INTERSOHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATIONH ROSEMARY MAY . JACK SHERMAN . HOWARD ANDERSON ELEANOR WIOHT . JOHN HUMPHREY EDNA GREEN . . EDITORIAL STAFF OF "CENTRAL DIGEST!! . . . . .Editor . . . Ne-ws Editor . . Feature Editor . Society Editor . . Sports Editor . . Reporter II6 MARGARET LINDEMAN . MILDRED MAULBETSCH . . HAZEL MCDONALD . . BONNIE KATE PASS . . MRS. JOHN A. SHELTON MISS MARTHA GREY . Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter Adfuiser Ad-viser M ., ' e P? '54 Q 'E gn. -. " .- THE 1928 g gi, CHAMPION .Dil -4 . BUSINESS STAFF OF UCENTRAL DIGESTH CHARLES HARRIS . . . Business Manager MABEL CRITCHELL . . Assistant Secreiary GLEN RoY .... Circulation Manager AILEEN SHIELDS . . . Treasurer DOROTHY CONSTANT ...,. Secretary W. A. PRICE . . Adfvzser PRINTING STAFF OF HCENTRAL DIGESTU ARLON SMITH . . .... Foreman LLOYD PEASE . . CHARLES CRAIG . . Compositor BARRY POLLARD . . WALTER KAYLER . . . . Campositor EARNEST MULLIGAN . CHARLES ENGERS . .... Stoneman ELLEN PEASE . . . L. M. LEHTO ........ Adviser II7 Stoneman . Pressman . Pressman Proofreader - a THE W' CHAMPION 1 9 2 8 'ig -23 Public Speaking Class OFFICERS JOSEPH ARLEDGE MILDRED TAYLOR ELLA MAUDE BROWN GLADYS HICKEY Mlss BERTHA M. RUSSELL Director 118 gl-E l 4 I 1 1 1 N Y i .am THE 1928 B532 CHAMPION RAYMOND ALLEY MYRL BEAVER ELLA MAUDE BROWN ANGEL MONROE JOSEPH ARLEDGE EDITH BROYLES BEN ADDIE COLEMAN Public Speaking Class SENIORS' MARIE Down DOROTHY HAYES GLADYS HICKEY ANNA MAYE LIEB EDNA MAE PAINTER CHARLOTTE BROWN CATHERINE FLEGAL EDITH MCCARTY LAVOY NEELY 119 JUANITA ROBINSON AUBERTA SMITH RUTH FORBES JACK SHERMAN MILDRED TAYLOR PAULINE WILLIAMS MARGARET LONGLEY E 1 9 2 s Q 72 C H A M PIO N hx -ar " ,,..,. , M 120 9- I' . A I THE 1928 5. 772, CHAMPION The Public Speaking and Dramatic Work has proved to be a vital factor in the school life of Central. That the classes in this work have a desirable inlluence in the student body is shown by the number from these classes that stand foremost in the reading, declamatory and ora- torical contests, the plays, and the speakers chosen to rep- resent the school at various occasions in the city. All phases of work from extemporaneous speaking to the acting of the most classic drama are brought out in the class work and prepared for public recital. ' The technique of voice production, gesture, and stage is studied in a Way that is most enjoyable as well as most profitable. A IZI ' 'agp '-5 fn , - - , M " ,ml ' Lil ...- --4 THE 1928 x ii? CHAMPION 1 : 'Q : GEORGE MCCARTY . CHARLES JACKSON . FRANK BLAKELY LAWRENCE H. ROGERS CARL MAXWELL HARRY WILLIAMS TILLMAN GRANT DONALD MAGUIRE JOHN L. RAMSEY LOUIS SMARTT MANCE SHERRILL, JR. Grady Literary OFFICERS Society . . President RAYMOND ALLEY . Vue-Pnzszdenl JOHN SWEETS . MEMBERS LAWRENCE JONES MARQUIS TRIPLEIT PAUL BEAVER CHARLES HUDLOW RAYMOND BLAKE ANDY BOWERS WALTER LUTHER EUGENE WELCH TROY KILLINGSWOR1'H KERMITT MAXWELL CHAS. J. ANDERSON JOSEPH MEADOWS RALPH COOPER AUGUSTA CAHOON LAvoY NEELY 122 ESTILL MAXWELL CONLEY FLEGAL CHARLES MEIGEL FRED B. WOODS JOHN' MARTIN A .. ff .. 19.9 ... . , ' Q . - A1- . Secretary . T fzasurer Ross BOYD LAWRENCE YOUNG CHARLES E. HARRIS GLENN ROY GROVER CAMP JAMES FOLKNER W. D. BURNETT HUGH CONNER RALPH HETZLER -a T H E I 9 2 s g iiffig C H A M P 1 O N -. V, . . ., . Q . .'- I A? n 'A E Q Q MARK REYNOLDS . . MARIE DOWD . . . DOROTHY HAYES ELLA MAUDE BROWN JACK SHERMAN BEN ADDIE COLEMAN BUS ANDERSON KATHRYN BONDS JOHN SWEETS GLADYS HICKEY Dramatic Club OFFICERS MEMBERS JOSEPH ARLEDGE MILDRED TNAYLOR JESSIE MCEACHERN LEWIS SMARTT CHARLES LANGSTON MIRIAM MARSHALL FRED WOODS CHARLES HUDLOW JOE MCREE 123 M' ,-X! -, 'QE' . . . . President . . Vice-President . S e cretar y- Treasurer LAVOY NEELY MARQUIS TRIPLETI' ANNA MAYE LIEE HELEN MCCLURE HOWARD MCCLURE VELvO GRAHAM KERMIT MAXWELL THE 1928 S 7522 CHAMPION ol ,, v ' ,. .,I.L...,...,,...,., . ...LWWW www.. LW, ,ww , ,L Senate Gffmers LoUIs SMARTT .... ..... P resident CHARLES JACKSON . . . . Vice-President JACK SHERMAN .... ...... S ecrelary ST. CLAIRE SILVER , . . . Assistant Secretary SPONSORS I MR. HEADRICK ' MIs's RUSSELL 124. -.,.,...:f'g-L ' ...- ...E fu rj.s,g,' HE ' CHAMPIO ga. T I 9 2 8 N MYRL BEAVER MARIE DOWD KATHRINE BONDS CHARLES JACKSON KATHRINE SLIGER LOUIS SMARTT MARCUS TRIPLETT JOE DARR NORMAN SMARTT DOROTHY PENN-Y MARGRET LONGLY WILLIAM KEITH TILMAN GRANT ROBERT MANN JOHN H. HARRISON FRANK HANDSEERGER JOHN P. HENDERSON MANNING SULLIVAN Senate of 1927-V28 OLD MEMBERS VIRGINIA LOWREY HELENE C. MCCLURE VELVO GRAHAM MERIAM MARSHALL LUTHER CHAMBERS MARK REYNOLDS ST. CLAIRE SILVER HARRY VVILLIAMS G. J. MAVITY NEW MEMBERS GALES DOUD JOE MCREE FRANCES VVOODARD IKE BELLE MARY MINOR RUTH WILLIAMSON RAYMOND ALLEY LAURA ROBINSON ROY STARMER CHARLES VALINTINO 125 ,r 9- ELLA MAYDE BROWN LORA JONES M. E. HUDSON NELLE GREEN THOMAS JOHNSTON JAMES KEEN GLADYS HICREY ERNEST LAWRENCE JACK SHERMAN RUTH WILBER MAUDE SMITH VIRGINIA ADDISON CATHRINE WILBER HUGH CONNOR CAREY BUNN EUGENE WELCH CELIA ROBINSON NELLE MOORE 1 THE 1928 S Q22 CHAMPION Athenian Society HELEN MGCLURE . . . . . . . President MIRIAM MARSHALL . VELVO GRAHAN LOIS ALI-'ORD PAULINE BARBER MARGARET BRAMMER ADELE BROWN MARGARET BUNCH ETHEL BURNETT LYDIA CARTLAND KATHRYN CONNER FAYE CHAMBERS INEZ COULTER HAZEL CHASTAIX MARY DUNBAR MARY ELLISON KATHLEEN FITZGERALD EDNA GOTHARD VELVO GRAHAN . . Vice-President . Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS NEVA HOOPER ELIZABETH HENDERSON ELIZABETH HUNTER L LILLIAN HAMRICK LOUISE HUGHES MERLE HAMRICK HELEN HALL MARGUERITE HART LORA JONES REBA JOHNSON . LOUISE JONES FLOSSXE JACKSON ELIZABETH KEISLING EDNA MAE KELLEY CATHERINE KELLER BEATRICE KEITH FRANCES LYLE 126 ANGELL MONROE MIRIAM MARSHALL MARY MINOR DOROTHY NEWPORT. WILLETTA PERKINSONI MARGARET E. PERKINSON MARGARETHA PFITZER GLADYS ROBERTS JUANITA ROBINSON ALMA SHADDEN LOUISE STEPHENS ELIZABETH SMITH MIRIAM SPENCER RUTH WILLIAMSON ELEANOR WOOD FRANCES WOODARD ,r ' 4 -S ' - " A I 4- -4 THE 1928 Q. 7722 CHAMPION Euterpean Society CHARLOTTE BROWN LOUISE VANDERGRIFF CHARLOTTE BROWN . ELLA MAUDE BROWN BEN ADIJIE COLEMAN CATHERINE FLEGAL . VINNIE MAE ALDER LORENA BLEVINS VIRGINIA BOSTAIN MYRL BEAVER ELLA MAUDE BROWN CHARLOTTE BROWN LOUISE BURKHALTER RUBY BOWLING LOIs BARTON ALICE VIRGINIA BURTON KATHERINE BALL LOUISE CARROLL DOROTHY CONSTANT MABLE CRITCHELL MILDRED CONNALLY JULIA CLARK ALICE CHATWELL BEN ADOIE COLEMAN MARIE Down ANN ELIZABETH DENTON MOZELLE VANDERGRIFF . . President MYRL BEAVER . . . . Secretary ADALINE HESTER .... Vice-President MARIE Down ....... Treasurer . . . . . . . Annual Board Chairman . flxsistant Annual Board Chairman . Group Captain No. I . Group Captain No. 2 MEMBERS METTA EASTERLING JESSIE EPPERSON LOIs FROST RUTH FASHES CATHERINE FLEGAL VEANA FISHER JENNIE LOU GOTHARD IRENE GROAT MILDRED GOLDSMITH MARJORIE GOTT GLADYS HICKEY ADALINE HESTER LADENIA HOLLIS ADA HIGOON RUTH HARDEN Loxs DE LANEY MARGARET LEARCH WILLA MOUNT GRACE MCCRARY ERNESTINE MILLWOOD LINNIE MAHAN NANALOW MILLER I27 . . . Digest Reporter . Digest Reporter IRENE MARsHALL EDITTH MCCARTY DOROTHY PENNY MABLE PRINCE FRANCES PICKETT WILMA PLANZER VIVIAN PEPER CHARLYNNE RAINS NELLIE ROYAL LAURA ROBERSON RUTH ROY BESSIE MAE SANSING ST. CLAIRE SILVER AUBERTA SMITH CLARISSA TOWER LOUISE VANDERGRIFF JUANITA WALKER PAULINE WILLIAMS EFFIE BELL WHITE NETTYLU YARBROUGI-I if . .......: f t , . 3- ., Y Q -5 ad, THE J ' CHAMPION X .1 , ,L,, ..,. , , ..- '9--3' " Hx ' , t KATHRYN BOND ...... FAY HESTER CGroup 15 . MARGARET WOODLEY DOROTHY TURNER RUTH DAVIS REGINIA SUNDSTROM ELIZABETH HALL DOROTHY PERRY MARGUERITE FOSTER EDITH FRAZIER LOUISE VANDERGRIEF CATHERINE SLIGER MARGARET COX ROEERTA BRYANT MILDRED WOODLEY MARGARET WOODLEY DELZEL BOYD GLADYS SCOTT PAULA JOSE CRATE MCCLANIHAN CORRINNE MAYER ANNIE MAYE LIEB Dixie Society QGrOup 25 . . SARA BELLE HANNAH MELBA GILLESPIE HAZEL LOWE SAVANNA JONES LENA Jo JOINER MAE MARONEY' HAZEL HILL VIOLA HOLDER "TED" LOWE JANE BOYD JEWEL CHRAGER VIRGINIA HOUSLEY SALLIE SMITH LOREEN HAMILTON MARY LOU PURSLEY ELLEN PEASE DOROTHY ENGERS EVELYN BRACKEN HALLIE GRAHAM RUTH ACRE 128 A . .... Preszderzt . . . Vice-President Vice-President DOROTHY ARWOOD DOROTHY HAYES VIRGINIA CLONINGER LAURA KATE EVANS DORIS JANEWAY ETHEL WARREN MARGUERITE LOWRY FRANCES KIBER MABEL CROCKER MAUDE MOORE MAEEELLE SLINSON PATRICIA LOWE BONNIE SMARTT CHRISTINE BOSS BLANCHE CHAMBERS IRENE -CALKINS MARY HELEN RICHARDSON NORMA LIVELY CLARICE BRIGHT - u THE 1928 .Q fffe, CHAMPION Q ,4'E Wellesley Society SUE FAIDLEY . . . . Presideni ANNIS GAITHER . . Secretary-'Treasurer HAZEL ANDERSON . . Vice-President VVILMA JOHNSON . . . Cheer Leader ELIZABETH ALLEY MARY ELLEN BAKER BERNITA BOWMAN AILEEN COOPER GEORGIA CAGLE KATHERINE CROUCH BETTY CAMPBELL IOSEPHINE DAVIDSON ANNIS GAITHER EDNA GREEN PEG HACKWORTH HAZEL ANDERSON IRIS BENTON MONA CRABTREE SARAH CRODELLE PEGGY CALDWELL EDITH DAVIS VERA DAVIS BERTHA EVANS ALICE LOUISE HELMS DOROTHY IRWIN MEMBERS, GROUP I. AGNES HUDSON GUSSIE HENRY EMILY ANNE HUDSON ANNA RUTH HACKNEY LUCILLE HOWARD MILDRED KAMMER DOROTHY MILLWOOD EDNA MYERS ANNIE MCNABB ANNIE MULLER ARLENE MARTIN MEMBERS, GROUP II WILMA JOHNSON ROBERTA JONES EMMA LyHEUREUX VIRGINIA LOWRY BIDDIE MCKENZIE FRANCES MCLAUGHEN BEULAH O,REAR VIRGINIA PEACH MARY RANKIN SUZANNA ROUNTREE MINNIE ROUNTREE X29 I JUANITA OREAR EDNA MAE PAINTER BONNIE KATE PASS VIRGINIA PRICE ALYNE SHEILDS MAUDE SMITH, 'Chmn. DOROTHY USMILLER CLEO WATSON MARGUERITE WHITAKER HELEN WOLFE ELINOR WHITE GRACE SPRINGER, Chmn CYNTHIA SANDERS CARRIE MAE SHAW EVA STANXFER GENEVA STANIEER DOROTHY SLIGER BESSIE SNODGRASS ELIZABETH TEMPLETON ROSE WHITE MYRTLE WIETZLER J -4 f E 1923 S ,fa CHAMPION S L- Boys' Hi-Y RAYMOND ALLEY, President BENARD ARNOLD FRANK BLAKELY Ross BOYD FRANCIS BEENE RAYMOND BLAKE HUGH CONNER LUTHER CHAMBERS JOE DEAN JAMES FALKNER CHARLES HARRIS JOHN HARRIS EUGENE JONES CHARLES JACKSON if MEMBERS 130 WALTER LUTHER GEORGE MCCARTHY MARK REYNOLDS GLEN ROY JACK SHERMAN NORMAN SMART1- LOUIS SMARTT MANCE SHERRILL JAMES STEEENER MARQUIS TRIPLETT EUGENE WELCH HARRY WILLIAMS FLEN WARDS 1 9 I. -. 1 THE 1928 Q- fg CHAMPION Girls' Hi-Y MIRIAM MARSHALL . . . President EMILY A. HUDSON . KATHRYN BONDS . . Vice-Presidfnt MARIE DOWD . . MEMBERS JANE BOYD ELIZABETH KEISLING BETTY SUE BLACK LILLIE BELL BRUCE CHRISTINE Boss MARGARET BRAMMER MARGARET Cox ALYCE CHATWELL RUTH DAVIS MARY ELLISON KATHLEEN FITZGERALD DORRIS JANEWAY REEA JOHNSTON LILLIAN Locxwoon RosEMARY MAY GRACE MCCRARY HELEN MCCLURE WILMA PLANZER LEONA PARK ROBERTA REYANT BLANCHE SHIPPEY DOROTHY USMILLER FRANCES WooDARD EVELYN WooD MARGUERITE WHITAKER 131 I, A f m! Secretary 'Treasurer ai, . -, ' THE 1928 .Q 32, CHAMPION Ushers Mlss WAPLES ..... . Sponsor HELEN C. MCCLURE , . Preszdent MEMBERS HETTIE ARNOLD MYRL BEAVER INEZ BLACK KATHRYN BONDS RUBY BOWLING EARLINE BOWMAN BEN ADDIE COLEMAN MARIE Down VERNA E. FISHER VELvo GRAHAM ADALINE HESTER ELIZABETH HUNTER ELIZABETH KEISLING EDITH KELLEY ANNA MAE LIEB MIRIAM MARSHALL CRATE MCCLANAHAN MARY HELEN RICHAR I'1ELEN SHETTER DELLA MAE THOMAS NETTX'LU YARBOROUGH n ,I ,Q- .J 132 DSON X 4 -- Ov,,:', v, I E 19 2 8 X iffi C H A M PIO N Camera KATHRYN BONDS . President JAMES KEEN . Vzre Preszdent MEMBERS BENARD ARNOLD DOROTHY ARWOOD THOMAS BOLDEN KATHRYN BONDS MYRL BEAVER ELLA MAUDE BROWN AUGUST CAHOON HUGH CONNER WILLIAM COLLINS MARIE DOWD JOHN DANIELS RUTH FORBS DOROTHY HAYs BEN JOHNSON THOMAS JOHNSTON JAMES KEEN GEORGE THELMA LINDSAY GEORGE MCCARTHY DOROTHY PENNY WILMA PLANZER AUBERTA SMITH EDWARD SLIGER I 33 ,r Q . 3- I - "--QS. --., "...n ' -1 E 1928 S IQ CHAMPION Bank Force PROF. W. A. PRTCE, Sponsor FLOSSIE ALLEN ETHEL BURNETT HAZEL BURcEss MARY DUNBAR BENNETT FLETCHER EDWARD HENDERSON LENA JOINER CLE MEMBERS O WATSON 134 ,I f. , ,lf FRANCES LYLE GENEVA LAWRENCE CLIFTON LAWRENCE EVA MUTE MARGARETHA PFITZER EDWARD POPE LOUISE STEPHENS THE 1928 S .522 CHAMPIOE. Bookstore Force RxLLA MAE M4ILLER .... PROF. W. A. PRICE . . RUTH BUFFETT NELL CORNETT MEMBERS MARGARET EVANS ANNICE ERWIN 1.35 CARL GERMAN HAzEL LOWE CARL PFITZER THELMA RAINEY . . . Supervisor Sponsor if k .25 :,.1f...w .. A - ' THE 1928 CHAMPION l i 3 Dalton-Faraday Science Club GROUP I. AENER BOYD . .... . . . . CHOICE RHEA . . . . WILLIAM KEITH . - . . . . M embers BERNARD ARNOLD HELEN C. MCCLURE VERNE FISHER Lols ALFRED GROUP II. ELMO BREWER ..... . . . . . . JAMES KEENE .... JAMES STEFFNER . - - . - . . ..... President . . . . . . Vice-Presidf nt . Secretary- Treasurer DOROTHY TURNER ELIZABETH HALL CHARLES HUDLOW MIRIAM MARSHALL . ....... . President . . . 1. . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer M embers ELEANOR WOOD GROVER CAMP BEATRICE KEITH RALPH COOPER JOHN SWEETS JOHN HUMPHRIES GEORGE HAGEDORN RUTH HARDEN FACULTY ADVISERS Mxss MILDRED WEIR 136 MR. H. P. ROBINSON r gf 59- 1 3 1 ..., , . A..- ..:.. ' - 'J fo THE 1928 Q' 57,42 CHAMPION The Stage Crew HORACE MEADOWS .... Miss M. E. WAPLES . MEMBERS CLIFFORD CAMP WILLIAM COLLINS GORDON HAMMOND WILLIAM HENDERSON LLOY DANIEL HARRIS THOMAS JOHNSTON VANN MEADOR RALPH OLINGER SHELTON D 137 , .. w g D '32-am . 4.--1 .--4' E .: f- THE 1928 ti f CHAMPION in - , a . .. . . , . , a 1 L Personnet of the Varsity Gtee Club SOPRANOS: Roberta Bryant, Barbara Bush, Eloise Faulkner, Jewel Kroeger, VVilma Planzer, Dorothy Perry, Mabelle Stinson. ALTOS: Dorothy Arwood, Dorothy Martin, Hazel McDonald, St, Claire Silver, Elizabeth Whitc. TENORS: Eugene Welch, Fred VVoods, VVheelan Palmer. BASSES: Ford Peters, Walter Luther. The Varsity Glee Club has had a very successful year, as has been partially shown in the number of programs that they have given both in school and out. These programs have incorporated music of many various styles and typos, and have furnished educational entertainment for their audiences on numerous occasions. Their major performance for the year was the operetta, "The Gypsy Rover," which proved to be a success in every sense of the worfl, 138 3' 'fi .. ...... - 'E 'THE 1928 Q 72 ,CHAMPION an . , .- ,,,. '.2f .. f . Personnel of the Orchestra Violins JENNIE LoU GOTHARD JOHN M. SULLIVAN HOWARD BLAKELY MARIE SCHNEIDER CHRISTINE Boss CHARLES MAURAY EDITH DAVIS MARGUERITE CHAMPION ALMA TYLER EDNA GOTHARD ALICE LOUISE HELMS RUTH WILEUR OLIN JACKSON WOODROW KELLY ELLA DAILEY Piano , Clarinet EVELYN Wooo WILLIAM LANCASTER Cornets JOHN HARRISON GENE KEMNA RALPH TALLANT THoMAs JoHNs'Iox Saxophones FLORENCE SHADDEN JAMES PERKINSON FRANK HANSBERGER JOHN CALDWELL Tronibones EUGENE Cox EUGENE JONES Baritone ROBERT MORRISON The orchestra at Central this year boasted a wide-spread and well-deserved popularity Their numerous out-of-school engagements proved effective incentives for earnest and profitable work. They had the honor of performing before all the prominent clubs of the city, 1D the leading theatre, over the radio, and before many of the schools of the city. Central can be justly proud of an orchestra that has so honorably carried its name abroad, T39 -1 THE l9Z8 Q- 772, CHAMPION Operetta HE operetta, the Varsity Glee Club's annual presentationywas one of unusual merit and attractiveness. The performance was indeed a credit to amateurs and showed the marks of careful direction and persistent practice. f'The Gypsy Rover" was the title of the operetta. It was arranged in three acts and was built around the character of Rob, later known as Sir Gilbert Howe, of English nobility. Rob was stolen when an infant, by his nurse, Meg, who later became the wife of Marto, a gypsy. Rob grew to manhood among the gypsies, believing Meg and Marto to be his parents. One day, while riding with her fiancee, Lord Craven, Lady Constance Martendale became lost in the woods. They wandered to the gypsy camp where Constance and Rob met and fell in love at first sight. Later Rob went to the home of Constance and they planned to elope but were overheard by Craven who informed Sir George and plans were made to capture him. Rob was put in prison, but managed to soon escape. Two years elapsed and Rob had his identity and wealth revealed to him. Constance remained true to her love for Rob and on his return to England, he wooed and won her for his wife. The major leads were ably handled by Dorothy Perry and Eugene Welch, while the following gave equally creditable performances in the minor leads: Wilma Planzer, Ford Peters, jack Sherman, Wheelan Palmer, Roberta Bryant, Dorothy Martin, and Horace Meadors. The costuming, the stage settings and the dancing added greatly to the brilliance of the per- formance. The interpretation of the lines and both the ensemble and solo vocal work showed remarkable ingenuity and talent. Minstrel The 1927-28 minstrel of Central High School was presented on the evening of January twentieth with a cast of forty. Music was furnished by the R. O. T. C. band, and the usual large minstrel audience was present. The performance was presented in three parts. These were: First, the minstrel proper, second, an olio of four acts, and finally, a one-act play. In the first part, the traditional 'fcircle" was abandoned and the scene was laid at an old-time plantation store, with the proprietor acting as interlocutor. The blackfaces appeared as loafers, or store customers and a white quartet was present as a group of farmers 'fwhittlingn on the porch of the store. A girls chorus appeared intermittently as "Clementyne," granddaughter of the store-keeper and a few of her friends who had suddenly returned from school as a result of an unexpected holiday.. Twenty-three jokes or "stunts" together with two choruses, three solos, and one quartet were given in Part One. The "climax stunt" was a burlesque of a football player. The olio consisted of four acts. The first of these was a song and dance act, in which nine girls took part. The second act was a "black and white" dialogue. The third was a dance act, and the last a group of songs. For the play which concluded the performance, HThe Thirteen Club," by Harry L. Newton, was presented, in which all of the "blackfaces" appearing prior to this time took part. This con- cluded an unusually amusing and entertaining program of two hours and a half. 14.0 247 'Q 1 ilfraturr Svvrtinn -m E 'M CHAMPION x 1:5 T H 1 9 2 s .fan A Message of Alumni President In the memorable year of 1907 Central High School came into existence. The old Ridgedale grammar school building, at that time located at the corner of Peachtree Street and Bennett Avenue in Ridgedale, housed the first classes. On January 1, 1908, the present central building of the magnificent plant at Chamberlain and Dodds avenues was occupied. The Hrst graduating class was composed of a mere handful of young men and women. Since that time the list of graduates has grown larger and larger with each passing year. Hundreds of those to receive a diploma at Central have either completed or taken college Work: and today, out in the busy World, together with those who were not able to continue higher educational training, they are dlling places of usefulness and service. The alumni of Central are acquitting themselves in whatever place they are filling in life ln a manner that reflects credit on their Alma Mater. These men and women are not only fight- ing life's battles cleanly and honestly, but they are also forging ahead as leaders. Few, if any, have so conducted themselves as to bring any measure of discredit to the Purple and Gold institu- tion so dear to the hearts of all its students and gradu- ates. On the other hand, Central alumni by the hundreds -even thousands-are doing credit to themselves and Alma Mater. They are excelling in positions and profes- sions of great responsibility and trust. They are mount- ing the ladder of success as doctors, as lawyers, as spe- cialists, dentists, teachers, preachers, and as members of other professions and callings. In the business world, they are ably filling the most difficult and responsible places. Central girls of those early years, now to mature womanhood grown, are proving themselves ideal Wives 1 and mothers. They are gracing homes Where happiness and refinement reign. They are leaders in church and social life. The history of Central graduates is made brighter and more worth while when the records of the brave boys who volunteered for service during the Great War and Went across to do their bit toward making the world safe for civilization are taken into consideration. These lighting men acquitted themselves like the true Centralites that they were. Some of them sleep in Flanders iieldand other quiet cemeteries of the war dead "over there." So much for the accomplishments of Central alumni. This article would not be complete without a word of tribute to those fine men and women who have taught at Central. The high and noble ideals and purposes implanted by Central teachers have caused Central graduates to rise above the commonplace and mount to the heights of accom- plishment. Prof. S. E. Nelson, the present principal, is a man Whose very heart beats for Central and her advancement. He is ably supported by an excellent faculty, and has Worked wonders for the school. A visit to Centra1's halls fills a graduate of the early years with a strange feeling. The old Purple and Gold spirit comes surging back with renewed force. Memories tug at the heart strings. The eyes become misty as scenes of by-gone days pass in review. The surroundings have changed tremendously. In those early days there was but the central building. It accommodatd the student body and there was room to spare. Now, since it has proved sadly inadequate, handsome north and south wings help to take care of the vigorous young army of more than 1,500 students. There are the modern auditorium, the popular cafeteria, the well-equipped bank, and numerous other depart- ments that were not in existence in 1907 and later terms. Central, with proper support and backing from the county court and the school authorities, is but on the threshold of a sun-kissed future. The institution today ranks as one of the best in the accredited high school list. There it no limit to its possibilities. Through the Central Alumni Association, two medals are now being given for the best all round graduate among the boys and girls. Members of the association are giving their support to the school in its undertakings. They are vitally interested in its growth and development. With the support of its membership, the alumni association can do great things for the school-things greater than the dreamer has yet dreamed of or that the thinker has thought of. Central may know that the alumni are with her, they are watching her success and rejoicing in it, and prophesying for her a complete fulfillment of the high hopes that they have placed in her. ERNEST G. TAYLOR, President of Alumni Association. T43 E 9 W T C H A M P 1 o N 1 2 8 5 I "W 2 ..., , ,f . . M r- -. , 144- ix' zefff, THE 1928 S ffg CHAMPION 05" Y T45 - I- -.-, E, , W' - . f E Wx CHAMPION T H 1 9 2 a Yw ,-4,,, - 'I' 2 .'..: .x.,...,., .. ,...: 1 ,.', -.-:.,.':. , --,.- - V -' :if -1, " " f . , .v.,. , 146 T E Z' CHAMPION H 1 9 2 8 I-L7 l THE 1928 S 7722 CHAMPION -2 148 N ,r ,..... ' Hg -Q A..-K ...-ul" 'I 'M THE 1928 g .i'f2, CHAMPION gm ,,,..... w:,,M ,:::, .,..,.,.. ,, --'--...-. 5'-1' --,.'I"""' -'-'a ..:2. . ., : ..., . 1, 149 E 1928 Q 72 CHAMPION Qi ' ' 150 f THE 1928 gr J "The wisest men that are Have never thought it treason, To rest a bit and jest a bit And balance up their reason: To laugh a bit and chat a bit And joke a bit, in season." -Selected. 'il' Father: "How many miles to the gallon ?" Mother: "What color is the upholstery ?" Son: "How fast will it run ?" Daughter: "Has it a cigarette lighter?" Neighbors: "How clan they afford it?" Professor: "Give me a quotation from the Bible." Student: "judas went out and hanged himself." Professor: "Give another." Student: "Go thou ind do likewise." She: "Did you ever see Marion Talley P" He: f'No, you see, I never play bridge." 'i' Charles: HI was once on the stagef' Andy: "Yeah ?" Charles: "Yeah! I fell out of the balcony." 'al' Anna May: "Do your boots hurt PU jack: 'tNo, but my get do!" ,Our latest Scotch importation tells how Sandy MacPherson decided to leave school, because he had to pay attention. 'ul' Dorothy: "How do the pedals on the piano work P" Bus: 'tHaven't ou ever driven a Ford ?" y 'i' "Say, give me a pound of good dog meat. The last I got made my old man sick." fl' Stubert Cade: "What would you do if you could play the piano like I can P" Huff OBrian: "Pd take lessons." 'I' A couple of Scotchmen made a bet to sec who could stay under water the longest. Each put up fifty cents. Both were drowned. 4. . . She: "I was a beauty in my day."' He: "just another day wasted away." 'ic' Employer: "Yes, I advertised for a good, strong boy. Do you think you can fill the job." Bill: t'Well, I just finished licking nineteen other applicants outside the door." 1 fl Q 9 CHAMPION okes ISI A SUMMER DREAM 1 Shady spot, Little boy, Watermelon, Smile of joy. 2 Large size mouth, Open wide: Watermelon Quick doth hide. 3 Summer night, After frolicg Boy is doubled Up with colic. 4- Mother weeps O'er her cares: Servants running, in Father swears. 5 Doctor comes, Rather grulfg Doses boy with Nasty stuff. 6 Night hath flown, Colic's o'erg Where's the melon? Boy wants more. 4' young flapper: ting here an hour and the vanishing cream hasn't moved yet." 'il Impatient "I've been sit- John Waller: 'fWhen the Spaniards came to explore the coast of California, why did they not make use of the Panama Canal ?" NThey didn't know it existed." 'ic' "Who is that fellow with such Ottis Lea: "Hazel: long hair ?" Joe: 'tHe's a fellow from Yale." Hazel: "Oh, I've often heard of those Yale locks." ik Freshman: "Should a person be punished for something he hasn't done ?" Miss Barnes: "Of course not," A Freshman: "Well, I haven't done my Eng- lish yet. 11 fmt' M mg? if 4 Q ' - " -- .... ' .-,- E 1 9 z s "5,,?f,2 c 1-1 A M P 1 o N gm ALMA MATER What a Wonderful school is ours to love, With its ups and its downs and its joys, What a Wonderful banner the Pur- ple and Gold, As it floats, o'er our girls and boys. And this Wonderful school that I love the best Has a Wonderful rep so high, So you've heard of the school that's true as blue, Oh, that Wonderful school, Cen- tral High. 152 ,P , ,......i 1 24 FIS f-g ' ' W' He l In '-I DI rn P KD N OO 5 f 1 A. tree- 5 S-I 'S - Q IW O I 'JP' Z 'U O Z CONTRIBUTORS AMERICAN HOIsT CORPORATION .... NATHAN L. BACI-IMAN, Attorney ..... L. G. BALFOUR Co., jewelers ..... . BENsON PRINTING COMPANY ..... CAMERON 61 BARR BAKERY ...... CAPITAL ENGRAVING COMPANY ..... CI-IATTANOOGA GAS COMPANY .... DR. EWING B. CONNELL ..... .. CROWN LAUNDRY ...... ....... JUDGE CUMMINCS. . .... . . . . . . .. DAVIDSON CLOTHING COMPANY. . . . . . S. T. 81 W. A. DEwEEs, Groceries. .. EDWARDS 8: LE BRON, INC., jewelers FARM FIELDS DAIRY ..... . . . . . ..... . W. F. FISCHER 8: BRO. CO., jewelers FUDGE-CAsEY COMPANY, Confectioners .... C. A. GUTI-IARDT, Photographer ..... HARDIE 6: CAUDLE, Clothing ......... HOME ICE CREAM CO. ........ .. KIMBALL ENGRAVING COMPANY ...... NELSON D. LAWING, Plumber ................. .... . D. B. LOVEMAN COMPANY, Department Store ................ GEO. D. LYNCH, Insurance ........................ Hamilton MARTIN-THOMPSON COMPANY, Athletic Coeds... MEYER-LEACI-I JEWELRY COMPANY ............. MILLER DRY CLEANING COMPANY ............. MOUNTAIN CITY STOVE 8: ROOFING COMPANY .... DR. H. O. NULL ........................... THE OCEANNA, Lunches ...................... ' T. H. PAYNE COMPANY, Books and Ojice Supplies.. PURITY EXTRACT 6: TONIC COM.PANY ...... I'I-IE READ HOUSE. ............... . RIDGE DRUG COMPANY. . .. RIDGE CAFE ............. RIDGEDALE BARBER SI-IOP. . . . . . . . . . .. JERSEY RINGEL, Drugs ...... . . . ....... . . ROGERS BAILEY HARDWARE COMPANY. R. K. SCI-IOLZE, Groceries ............... JAIvIEs M. SHAW COMPANY, Clothing ...... SILBERMAN-BLOCI-I COMPANY, Confectioners ..... SPITLER 61 RAY FURNITURE COMPANY ..... STAPPS BOOK STORE ................. TEMPLETON'S, jewelers ................. TENNESSEE ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY ..... C. S. WILRINS 8: COMPANY., Confectioners. . . . .Hamilton National Bank Building . . . .Hamilton National Bank Building .Attlel:aorO, Massachusetts . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . . 1615 Cowart Street . . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . . . .809 Broad Street Volunteer Life Building 22-24 Market Street . . .County Court House . . . .Sli Market Street . . . .Sl0 Market Street . . . .805 Market Street ..........Wcl1ie Pike . . . .801 Market Street . . . .707 Chestnut Street 726W Market Street . . . .809 Market Street ........l2ll Watkins . . . . .802 Broad Street 401 Dodds Ave. . . . .Eighth and Market National Bank Building . . . . .ll00 Market Street . . . .707 Market Street . . . .23l4 East Main ..............Newby . . . . . .2605 Chamberlain . . . I708 McCallie Ave. . . . . . .823 Market Street . . . . . .Second and Broad . .Broad and West Ninth . . . . .50l Dodds Avenue Chamberlain and Dodds . . . . l406 Dodds Avenue . .2100 McCallie Avenue . . . .6l7 Market Street . . . .4l5 Dodds Avenue . . . .Market and Ninth . . . . . I273 Market Street . . . . . .2607 East Main . . . . . . . . . .Market Street . . I2 West Eighth Street . . . . . . .540 Market Street . . Thirteenth and Carter Sail on, O Class of Twenty-eight! Sail on, O Central, strong and great! 1 ff' A A fs ,J ,i-ill-,- ' 'Z---xx...-.f . V ,-' fr- il., A --1,,,..g , ' , Q - ...i Av ' '-- W ' ,Yi 5-11 'i ,ik V I ,bf A.- , 4fsfgN- I lvfq -'sf' . Qc , X -I b fp- W A H. 4 - 4 4.11 'f -f"4.,- 4? " -xx Y 67" -"' ' 1 1-Efi- '- , A' Y 5- ,A-, 4 x f .-,er -Q 4 1 1 f -f - 2-zq,,f' 2 - A ' f ..4:+,f gf 5":ck.- 'F ,.f5".,- 5 f' ' f 1 ff-1 gzggg 4 gf- ' f -,- -: a H 2- - . --.kv ,g -4- ' - if fi -ja ' :gi 23'-2,-3:-1' .--gf wil - ' ' - ' 7 f 5:9-... f Y fu-nv A, my - 'J' Y A - -- A ' R Y - -ff-ZA Y. 5, 5 ,,,-icq!-:Z-2, - T - ig f- ' - fa, Q if iz' ji :A A , , V . 11 L' - TY Va 1 -fA: i fr ' ' fn I A 7,J ' A V - ' f - f lv .4 1 , ' 6 1.4-'Vf v A. :. .-vif Af -- - A .: -' ,- - -, , . H-3 , 1.1, ,- s 4 ff , , , A J K , f f gi A J . 4. Y PJ l V -A Yilgtr ,? A A-11 - A ' yo , f v is V "3-'-f-L J 'f - - f f, A4 - ff. ! --,., ,sir 1--' ,.- ff gn- ., ,Xu lla 3 X NXXXMWYQ ,-..f 7.-sf' 'w

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