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2 , Jn? it 5 EP fb 45 1 . lv" n .3 ,gf V MQ v x 1 1 Vp. .1.. .4 N. ,v . 1 .f. " X 1114 1' . -111-ff, 1' 1 'L 44 I 3,1 ' l Wu. 1 ' P' . .4 f s 1' Y ' . x51 gi.. ,141 ig! 3 4. I 1Erz'?4-.HEQR ,Q 1 , 1 1 3 . Vi 4 f u ' 'I ,. 1 ,Jn t x o , . 1 y 1 14 '51 ir m -Q, ' . .S . , fi? - f. 1 . ,, Q .1 5 4, . .313 .I f. , F, .gi W . .,... - 'il 4. . ' 1 Fwy, ' 4. ,1-1 HQ ,fi ,W ,F 1 v 5 aj 1 . MA. . ' .si . Q. I .EF 49' . , H 1 YT' -L-1' 5' ,S 1, 4' .. 1 . . - 'r K 5 1 ' 5 11" wi, 4 x 'psi' ' , ll ! 5 T,Q"f'g .X X , L! 1 1 X X V Q 4' , wa .QA ' Q V ' . t 1 1 J i k .1 J x , 1 I . .P I xl 1 fn J 4-5' 1, .1 +. A g 4 . K v ,-rf - .. v M n I 4 -.:11.,h' if 1 . 1, iwx X. ,Vx . 1 JLT5 . 1- 1 ,1 1 -. .N LW W4 Z. - -.11 '- ' K 1 1 . 3 , 'I' 'Wx .5 a t . 'e . 1.11 .AX , ik 9 f, A ' 3 14 , 1' 2 'x ' r Q X W 2 X., .1 -. ' . : 1 5 , fy, V . ,, is Mc 1 N o . N-v K5 v f X, 1'+- J, 3 ., , . rw ," , R 1 ' 4, , ff u Nw. Q ru .. Nu ,. J. ,. N V . 16 , l O J' fu 5 X if 5.33 Li M, , 'ff ,J Ag X - , '12, ivan. , L . i VL: GY? f ' , jf .QJSSSL W 'r'?f2'Lff"j'11L ,M 1 N ff- f' ' V1 sg Vt. i V . ,, , .5 Wiki , , . . W , .',,'!f , L, 1 W.. , Q , 9'-"N, f Av, ef" -.A . 'i -1- QQ, S E3 ,,-Msg L -3 , V, Q ,. ,X-it f X- . 'ig KLL' 'EL' " '.El'fRL'U ,gg-4 T H E QEQWZQQWQE? asm EEN TFWL H I EH EEHUUL IIUUHE UILLE ,P FUHEXJJUHD As the school year of 1941 comes to an end, again the Cavalier staff present this the 10th volunm of 'Che Cava- lier to the students of Central High School with sincere hope that you may be able to turn back the pages of this book as if you were turning back the pages of time and recalling the pleasant memories of your days at dear ole Central High School. ZH6 CFLUFILJEB - A241 The Eight Grade Graduating Class then, The Senior Graduating Class now. Some of the old faces are gone and some new ones have taken their place but it's the same old class. il-X4 xl Xi' ' w,,f 211 HQ- j M .-SL H N X ' X .,.4' Q, ff: 4' cf wi V., ,, L X 4 V , " ' 1 ly b ,P x fzrx ss-g""5 . , y W .f ? My -I . x M' X i X X- 'iw X L 4 XA N 1 ff X Nw X M ,v A I New Z ' aa , v f ' ...i Q 'Q . A K-usa fwx f NCBX fy! ? U or 'X fy al K -'16-7 if f ,- J X X A R iv I 5 ix , C , ' : I X x kk uf I 6 u xt If Q A ' 'J XA X X .--"""' fx K f I ja wx 0 Q ' 51 H X 5 J ii Z , X X' i 'tb Q X XX X fx 1 X Xxx NN xx X XX ' Q NM 'KB 3-V L x '. , H n N K . , ' --I I ' X . fl -1 Q3 f L, 1,4 Xu! KP- JW i 'wx' ffl '- . I . X? V, I Q ri. -fx ZH? CQUFILJEB -A241 DEDICATION Because of his keen interest in the students and their activities, his untiring efforts to make our school a finer one in every sense, and his invaluable understanding of student problems, we dedicate this edition of the Cavalier to lr. Paul Moore. 77fe - 4.9.41 David E. Terry Tillman Phillips Pauline Hudgens Bertie Brown Agriculture Principal History 1V Chemistry Economics English 1V Biology T an - ' I L..xL Mary Barbour Mary Della Pointer Huland Draper Cecil Lynn French Home Ee. Comercial Law Algebra Librarian Coach Geometry Url- Cameron Miss Cammeron Irs. Burroughs Twins English 11 English 111 3h0!'f1hll'1d History 111 History 11 Economics ZZLSCQMELEE'-4.3 S THE WI! THROUGH CENTRAL HIGH Louese Hensley Four years we have traveled along the way The way through uCentral High,u We've had some sorrow's, and many joys As we passed each milestone by. Our joys came with words of praise. Our sorrows, when tasks were hard. I ll If we heard from each teacher that welc me We asked for no greater reward. The friendships formed along the way Are pearls on a golden chain. Our hearts grow sad to know that we Can never pass this way again. Soon we will be at the top of the hill Sealing the heights beyond, Seeking to gain the highest peak Before our day is done. And when we have some to the end of the way With joys and sorrows passed by Can we say to the world, each golden hour Was well spent at 'Central High?' Good bye, dear mates I hope you win In the battles that may be ahead. I hope you can climb right over the rocks In the road that eaoh will tread. Adieu dear Teachers, O! patient souls. You have guided us wise and well. Ill will is forgotten, naught but love For you in our hearts new dwell. 6 well done, X xxx 1 S Chas. 'Wahoo' Billings Jr.-Sr. Pres.: Hi-Y 1,2 TTCS-80 5,45 F0 Fo As l,2. 5-Pres. 4: Football l,2,3 Capt. 4: Track 1,2,3.4s Who's Who 2,3,4s Annual Staff 41 Volunteer Boy State Rep. 33 'C' Club 1,2,3,43 Booster Club 1 Jim Byrne Mhryville l,2,3 Hi-y l,2,3,4 'C' Club 4 Football l,2,5,4 Track 4 Treas. Sen. Class Editor of Cavalier 4 lho's lho 4 Carrol Warren Science Club 1 Hi-Y 2,33V. P. 4 Boys Club 2 Football 2,3 Literary Club 3 V. P. Sen. Class Annual Staff Chess Club 4 Sarah Frances Williams Home Economics 1,2 Girl Reserves 3,4 Girls Chorus 4 Pep Squad l,2,4 V. P. 4 See. Sen. Class Annual Staff 7 ZHE CQUHUEI? - AM! Jasper Bailey Christenberry Hig Knixville 1 Cumberland Co. Hi Chess Club 4 Camera Club 4 Who's Who 4 Football 4 Bricie Lou Brooks Home Ec. 1,3 Glee Club 4 Sam Burris Boys Club l Camera Club 2 Vice Pres. 4 Columbia Military Academy 3 Christine Carmack H me Ec. l Girl's Club 2 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Elizabeth Daniels Hama Ec. l,2,3,4 Pep Squad 2,3 Glee Club 2 Camera Club 3 Com ercial Club 4 h gh Elise Bohannon Home Ec. Club 1,5 Girls Club 1 Dramatic Club 4 Harry Brown F. F. A. Club 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Judging Team Singing Club Bob Byrne Maryville High School l,2,3 Who's Who 4 Hi-Y Club 4 HCH Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Track 4 Basketball 4 Charles Chaffin Fe Fe Al 1,2 Trades 3,4 Boys Club 4 Track 2 Ruth DBDDBT Home Ee. Club 1,2 Glee Club 2 Pep Squad l,2,3,4 Dramatic 2 Hiking Club 2 Com ercial Club 8 7746 - 4211 Nell DeBerry Pep Squad l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4 Home Eo. 1,2 Duane Draper Boys Club l Camera Club 2 Museum Club 3 Chess Club 4 Who's Who Annual Staff Emggene Dyer Hoxe Ec. Club l,2,3 Girls Club 2 Knitting Club 3 Camera Club Sgt. of Arms 4 French Contest Margaret Fender Home Ec. Club l Pep Squad l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 2 Commercial Club 4 Girl Reserves Dorothy Foster Home Ec. Club l Pep Squad l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 2 Girl Reserves 2.3 Commercial Club 4 Glee Club 2 Annual Staff Fil 'K C 9 James Douglass Fo Fo Ae J.,2,3,4 Seo. Boys Club 4 Senior Play Zhan Duclos Sec. Freshman Class Pres. Girls Club 1 Beta Club 5 Basketball 2,3 Annual Staff V. P. Glee Club 5 Girls Chorus 4 Dramatic Club 3 All Tournament 4 Thmnas Echel Science Club 2 Pres. Museum Club 5 F. F. A. Club 3 Hi-y 4 Boys Club 2,4 Football 4 Annual Staff Mary Frances Ferrell Home Ee. Club l,2,5 V. P. Home Ec. Club l Pres. Home Eo. Club 3 Girl Reserves 5,4 Treas. Class 2 Seo. R Treas. Commercial Club 4 Who's Who Charles Gentry F. F. A. 2,5 Museum Club 5 Boys Club 4, ZH6 CFZUFIUEB - A941 Iva Sue Gentry Home Ec. Club l,2,3,4 Pep Squad 2,3 Hiking Club 2 Commercial Club Ruth Beta Girl Home Glee Coodpasture Club 4 Reserves 4 Bc. Club l Club 2 Cheer Leader 3 Class Play 3,4 Girl's Chorus 4 Dramatic Club 3 French Tournament 4 Bettye Hargis Crossville l,2,3 Beta Club 4 Debating Team 4 'C' Club 4 Basketball 1,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Louese Hensley Home Ee. l,2,3,4 HC' Club 3,43 Pre V. P. 4 s. 4 F. F. A. Queen 3 Cheer Leader 3,4 Basketball 1,2 capto 3,4 Who's Who Do Ae Rs 4 Girl Reserves 4 Annual Staff 4 Georgia Jackson Home Bo. Club 1,2 Knitting Club 5 Camera Club 4 Commercial Club 4 1 s 444 10 Virginia Gentry Home Ee. Club l,2,3 Treas. 3 Glee Club 2,3 Pep Squad l,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Commercial Club 4 Girl Reserves 4 Vivian Grimes Home Ee. Club l,2,3,4 V. P. Home Ec., Putnam Club 3 Pep Squad 2,3 Hiking Club 2 State French Tournament 3 Pres. Commercial Club 4 Lucille Hawkins Home Eo. Club l,2,3 Pep Squad 2,3,4 Girls Special Chorus 4 Band Majorette 4 Girl Reserves 4 Mabel Hutcheson Home Ee. Club l,2,3 Glee Club 3 Knitting Club 3 Basketball 3 'C' Club 4 Sgt. at Arms 4 Girl Reserves 4 Emogone Johnson Home Ee. l,2,3,4 Commercial Club 4 7746 - 6211 Paul Kirby V. Pres. Boys Cly ,4 U. s. Army 4 Jewel Jones Cumberland Mountain- School 1,2 Cu berland County High School 5 Girl Reserves 4 Glee Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Debating Club 4 Howard Lewis F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 F. F. A. Basketball 1-4 Boy's Club 4 William Cooper Loftis Science Club 1 Camera Club 2 Museum Club 3 Chess Club 4 Ola Luke Pleasant Hill Ac. 1 Home Eo. Club 2,5 Junior Play Girls Chorus 4 Senior Play Who's Who 3 N ll ,see is Alene Jones Cumberland Mountain School 1 Baxter Se inary 2 Home Eo. Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Lucille Lawhorn Girl Reserves l,2,3 Home Ec. Club 3 Co mercial Club 4 Jewell Little Clarkrange High 1 Pep Squad 2 Home Ec. Club 2 Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 3 Debating Team 4 Willmer Lollar F. F. A. Club 1 Boy's Club 2 Camera Club 5 Chess Club 4 Who's Who 2,4 Ethel McClain Trevecca, Nashville Camera Club 2 Ho e Ec. Club 1,2 Dramatic Club 4 Sgt.-of-Arms Dramatic Club Club 4 ZZL6 CQUFILLER - AM Idanelle nSamN McMurry Beta Club 3 Pres. 4 Girl Reserve 3 Pres. 4 Mgr. Basketball l,2,5 Cheer Leader 3,4 Annual Staff Junior Play Senior Play Valedictorian Donald Mitchell V. P. Freshman Class Sec. Sophmnore Class Reporter F. F. A. 3 Chess Club 4 Football 4 Reporter Senior Class Dorothy Montgc ery Hama Ee. Club 1,2,3 Dramatic Club 1,2 Mary Waldean Moore Home Ee. l,2,4 Pep Squad 1 Dramatic Club 3,4 Basket Ball 1,2 Knitting Club 1,2 Billie Ann Mott Annual Staff 4 F. F. A. Queen 4 V. P. Beta Club 4 P. Dramatic Club 4 Home Ec. Club l,2,4 Junior Play V. P. Sophomore Class Treas. Freshman Class Girl Reserves 3,4 12 Elise Millsap Home Ec. Club l Knitting Club l Girls Club 2 French Contest 5,4 Dramatic Club 4 Senior Play Willene Mitchell Home Eo. Club 1,2 Knitting Club 3 Com ercial Club 4 Gladys Moore He e Ec. Club l,2,3 Dramatic Club 4 Lucille Morris Hume Ee. Club 1,2 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Basketball 4 Annual Staff 4 Mildred Murphy Pres. Freshman Class Home Ec. Club 1,2 Pep Squad l,3,4 V. P. Pep Squad 4 Beta Club 5,4 Tres. Beta Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Girl Reserves 3,4 Annual Staff 4 IHC - 6911 Odell Newman F. F. A. 1,2 Science Club 2 Camera Club 4 'C' Club 4 Football 3,4 Senior Play Thomas Passons Science Club l Camera Club 3 Sec. and Traas. Chess Club 4 Prejection Booth Opal Phillips 3,4 Home Ee. Club 1,2,:s,4 Beta Club 4 Pep Squad 4 Eldon Presley F. F. A. l,2,3,4, 'C' Club 4 Trelle Fa Fa Ae 2 Vice Pres. F. F. Mgr. Basketball 4 Track 4 F. F. A. Basketba A. 4 ll 4 Livestock Team l,2,3,4 Senior Play Grace Robinson Home Ec. l,2,3 Glee Club S Girl's Chorus 4 Virginia Parsons "Gennie" Cumberland Mt. l Pleasant Hill 2 Central High 4 Dramatics 4 Dorothy Peek Home Ec. l,2,3 Music Club 4 Mildred Poston Girls Club 2 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Margaret Reeves Home Sc. Club l Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 2 Pep Squad 1,2,3,4 Girl Reserves 4 Commercial 4 Mary E. Riddle Home Eo. Club l,2,3,4 Girls Club l Pep Squad 2,3 Hiking Club 2 Commercial 4 15 ZH6 CHUHLIER - AE Doyle Rodgers Pershing Hi Detroit, Mich. if yr. Basketball 3,4 Judging Team 4 Sec. F. F. A. 4 Hi-Y Club 4 Chess Club 4 Track 4 F. F. A. 3, 4 Juanita Rogers Girls Club 1 Home Ee. Club l,2,3,4 Glee Club 2,3,4 Knitting Club 3 Pep Squad 4 Ke cs Track l,2,3 Football 3,4 Basketball F.F.A 1,2 Basketball Varsity 5 Hi-Y 4 F. F. A. Club l,2,3,4 Pres. Boys Club 4 Christine Spivey Home Eo . 1 Camera Club l Girls Club 2 Glee Club 2,3 Pres. Camera Club 4 Clara Jane Stanton Home Eo. Club l,3,4 Pep Squad 2,5,4 Dramatic Club 2,3,4 Glee Club 2,3 Lorelle Rodgers Home Ee. Club l,2,3 Pep Squad 2,3,4 Girl Reserves 3,4 Sec. Girl Reserves 4 'Cn Club Secretary 4 Basketball l,2,3 Basketball Manager 4 Football Queen 4 Rise Central 4 Virginia Anne Rucker Home Ec. Club l,2,3 Glee Club 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 4 Pep Squad l,2,3 Girl Reserves 3,4 Doris Sparks Home Ec. Club 1,5 Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 2 Pep Squad 3 Commercial Club 4 Carson Stanton Football 2,3 Alt. Capt. 4 Hi-Y 2 V. P. 5 Pres. 4 Basketball 3 Junior Play Seo. k Treas. Class Track 4 Science Club l ncn lpzgs V0 Pe Gaskill Swallows F. F. A. Club 1,2,5,4 F. F. A. Basketball l Judging Team 4 Singing Club 4 l"'- ' CEU Mildred Tho pson Home Ec. 1 Hiking Club 2 Camera Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Marie Turner Home Ec. Club 1 Girls Club 2 Camera Club 3 Singing Club 4 Pauline Wllhite Hume Ec. Club 1,2 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Leo Wilmoth Science Club 1,2 Literary Club 3 Chess Club 5 Boys Club 4 F. F. A. 4 l 15 Howard Tinsley Science Club 1,2 Camera Club 2 Museu Club 3 Chess Club 4 Pres. 4 Reporter Musemn C Football 5,4 Annual Staff 4 Lou Veda Whitaker Ho e Ec. 1,2 Pep Squad l,2,5 Sgt. at arms-4 Camera Club 4 Commercial Club 4 Lemon Williams F. F. A. l,2,15 Boy's Club 4 lub IXZZZZZE CZEZLIEQLJKEE? - 455227 CLASS HISTORY Opal Phillips On August 30, 1959, one hundred and sixty eight green and inexperienced but very ambitious Freshmen entered Central High to begin our journey to another goal. Our class was under the leadership of Mildred Murphy, president and Mr. Raymond High, sponsor. This year we learned the principles of becoming true Cavaliers. After spending nine months as green Freshmen we were ready to become solemn Sophomores and to take our work much more seriously. Our president this year was James Bush and our sponsors were Miss Bertie Brown and Mr. Phil Dickens. New mem- bers of our class were Ola Luke, Jewel Little, Mildred Poston, and Ethel McClain. The Sophomore year had passed very swiftly and now we were jolly juniors. This year was started with re-election of James Bush as president but he later left school and the responsibility was shifted to the vice-president 'Wahoon Billings. Our sponsors were Miss Bertie Brown and Mrs. John Holladay. All other activities were put in the background by thc presentation of the Junior Play, nRomance in a Boarding Hbuse.' The proceeds were used to finance the Junior-Senior picnic. This year Idanelle 'Sam' Mcmurry won first place in the Tennessee Interscholastic Liter- ary League of which our class was very glad. This year the new members to join our class were Aline Jones and Lucille Lawhorn. Now we are Seniors. This is the long awaited goal and we have gained it. We have completely forgotten our jolly junior title and have put on all our dignity. 'Wahoo' Billings was re-elected as president and our sponsors are Miss Pauline Hudgens and Mr. David R. Terry. James Douglas and Mildred Murphy won first and second in an essay contest sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. The Senior play, 'Safety First,n was given April 22. The proceeds went to help finance the annual. The new members of our class were Bob Byrne, Jim Byrne, Maxwell Smith, Jew- el Jones, Virginia Parsons, and Bettye Hargis. The graduation exercise will end the high school careers of ninety-six of the original one hundred and sixty eight students. We owe much to the patience of our teachers and principals. As we close our high school days there are many incidents which will remain in our minds as pleasant memories of Central High. 16 QQ? JM W0 mijvffw 3425 655 ka fYff,"k FS-L WN 2 M7 1 I f I 2 Zffe CQUHLIEI? - L29 Jerry Agee Jennie Akens Peggy Baker Billy Bates Kathleen Bean Marie Billingsley Marie Bullington Charles Bullock Louise Brown RmhBmtm Hugh Bussell Willsia Williamson Verble Carrington Julia Choate John William Clark Joe Conry Will Glenn Crawford Beulah Young n 4. an-1. , , if ' Q lllu is 746 ' 624.1 S X MK, - -.il 19 Rebecca Dyer Margaret Dyer Elizabeth Dyer Eleanor Drake Wesley Flatt James Foutoh B. Fox Pauline Gentry Reva Gibson Earline Hargis Perry Rowe Harris, President Eva Dell Harris Betty Jane High Louise Holliday Billy Huddleston Jerry Jernigan Jasper Johnson Paul Judd 2296 CQUFILJEB - LM Mary E. Judd William Kirby Sherman Lamb Emogene Lacy Clarence Lee Luther Mathis Stacy Mott Julia Passons Doris Poteet I Trgagurer Jean Proffitt Jessie Allen Ray Jeanette Reevesn sec, Louise Stamps McCoy Shelton Georgia Smith Willis Smith Layton Stanton l zo 7746 - 4911 21 Cornelia Taylor Dimple Thomas Edith Thomas Betty Rose Th mpson Polly Vaden Willeen Walker Mildred Ware Fred Warren, Vice Pres. Juanita Warren Emma Watson Billie Welch Mildred Wilhite Tomijo White Lucy Whitson Charles D. Crawford ZH6 CQUHLIEB - AM! CLASS PROPHECY James Douglass As I sit alone in my study on the night of March 3, 1941, which incidently was a very foul and stormy night. I arose from my easy chair and opened the cabinet where I keep my Crystal Ball. During leisure moments I derive much pleasure look- ing into the future, as is revealed in the Crystal. As I set the Crystal on the table before me I wonder what period in the future would be revealed to me. Imagine my surprise when gazing intently into the glass Crystal I saw the date plainly -- 1955. I shall try to give you a brief description of the various scenes which I es- pecially observed., The first scene which came to me was in a small Ozark village, Hopscotch, Ark- ansas. Here there was being operated a small taxi establishment by Bob and Jim Byrne, 'The Byrne B other Bus Business.' Written on all their jalopies was their slogan--'We get you there in a flash, with a smash.' Next door there was the Black Bakery,' operated by Thomas Eckles. Leo Wilmoth and Howard Lewis were his star salesmen. A bun's throw down the street was a ricketly old motion picture house run by James Grogan. The double feature included 'The Great Lover,' star- ring Willmer Lollar and Emogene Dyer. It was written, produced, and directed by the leading nan. The other picture was 'The Lone Stranger Walks Again' or 'Man Without a Horse.' It starred Willie 'Buck' Wilson and his Mad Maniacs of Rhythm, Carrel Warren, Maxwell Smith, Armon Hitchcock, and Ralph Mahler. There was play- ing on the stage the Major Bowes Unit f13278i-which included the 'Torrid Trio' composed of Georgia Jackson, Bricie Lou Brooks, and Nona E. Daniel. Virginia Par- sons and Mona Johnson were featured in a song and dance act. Jeanne Foster and Virginia Anne Rucker played an accordian duet. Outside the city limits was the Caveman Club of which the proprietor and boun- cer were all one man, Charles Gentry. The floor show, called the 'Dance of the Ducks,' included Dorothy Montgomery, Marie Turner Christine Spivey, Grace Robinson, Clara Jane Stanton, and Lou Vada Whittaker. All the slot machines here were operated by the Slug Muggs Syndicate, owned by Eldon Presley and Doyle Rodgers. In a little shop almost hidden by a 'spreading chestnut tree' was the village black- smith, L. D. Sparks. The one teacher school in the community was taught by Mary Ethel Riddle. The grapevine, which they proudly called a telephone, was managed by Carson Stanton with Lorell Rodgers as the Bookkeeper, Stenographer, Rate Clerk, and the Cashier. The weekly newspaper, 'Mocnshlne County Screwdriver,' was published by Harry Brown. His star sports writer Cwhen there was any sports to write aboutj was Odell Newman. Mary Frances Ferrell and Bettye Hargis were running a restaurant cal1ed,'The Greasy Spoon,' specializing in soups. The town's only expression and dranmtic teacher was Elise Millsap. In Nashville there was, The Wonder Aircraft Factory. Who was here? Cooper Loftis and Thomas Passons were the owners aJd managers assisted in the office by Margaret Fender and Virginia Gentry. Their motto was 'If It Flies It's a Wender.' Ola Luke appeared to be making good in a candy shop. At Madison Square Garden in New York, K. C. Smith has just defeated 'Bullneck Mooseface' MacGregger for the World's Heavyweight title. His manager Jasper Bailey said, 'That was a great fight, I couldn't have done better myself, Ruth Goodpasture and 'Sam' McMurry were starring on Broadway in Charles 'Wahoo' Billings latest suc- eess, 'Thirtee th Night.' Sam Burris owns 'The Green Hornet Brewery.' His slogan is 'Get Out of the Mud and Guzzle a Sud.' Zhan Duclos was a com ercial artist for the Kress Stores of which Charles Chaffin was president. Gaskill Swallows had be n award- ed a medal for saving the life ef a young lady, who fell from the George Washington Bridge. Swallows said, 'I only did what anyone else would have done under like cir- cumstances.' Mildred Murphy was writing a column for the 'New York Times,' called 'America Yesterday.' The winners in the National Proffessional Basketball Tourna- ment were the Cookeville Red Shirts, a team composed of Louise Hensley, Lucille Mor- ris, Mabel Hutcheson, Waldean Moore, s d Opal Phillips, Margaret Reeves, Sara Frances Williams were run ing a beauty shop. 22 ZWE -.4911 Their star patron was Lucille Hawkins. Billie Mott is secretary to New York's 'Racket Busting' District Attorney. Wonder if she get her experience at Central? But wait, I'm telling about every place except the Old Home lfown. After all, some of us must have stayed here. Howard Tinsley was in the Hardware business, with Doris Sparks, a silent partner. Lemon D. "Cuebal1" Williams was operating a Billard Parlor, "The Bloody Bucket." J. D. McCormick was his general handy man. Ruth Dannerwas running a Cafe, with a dance hall in the basement, known as the "Ce1lar." Nell DeBerry and Dorothy Foster were taxi dancers. Lucille Lawhorn was the hat check girl. The waitresses were Christine Carmack and Juanita Rogers. Emogene Johnson was sharing in the management of a Service Station out on the Monterey Road. Mildred Thompscn and Pauline Wilhite had a millinery shop on West Broad Street. Willene Mitchell was coaching basketball at Pilot Knob. Jewell Jones was making Campaign speeches in behalf of Donald Mitchell, candidate for governor. Ethel McClain and Mildred Poston are modeling clothes at Dorothy Peck's Vogue Shop. Gladys Moore was teaching school at Dry Valley, Aline Jones was selling bakery spe- cializing in doughnuts Without Holesl she believes that people don't want to pay for something they don't get. Iva Sue Gentry was teachiag Home Ec. at Central. Vivian Grimes. the Librarian at Central was having a hard time keeping everyone quiet. Duane Draper had just received his Ph. D. degnree at Barber College and begun teaching chemis try at Tenn. Tech. Then to the Nati.on's Capitol, here Alden Rockwell was Secretary of Agriculture, General Paul Kirby had just been made the Army's Chief of Staff. As I was the Com- mander-In-Chief of the Army and Navy, I had the pleasure of bestowing this honor on General Kirby. 25 me Cewmien - Am 5 .4 f I x D Q 24 Q mi. E PA fw rs mr Q 'Skit Q, 'Ya Hr y ,n S. QRS Emma? 1 fu, 7? y W' fm X ' my 4 . 1 U? , j f im f I 'I ,' '- K y I f , P 2 v xgmxk X S ZH6 CFZUFMJEB - AM Billy Allison James Ament Walter Bartlett Willene Bohanon Eugene Bradley Willese Breeding Mary Frances Bullock Dorothy Burgess Vela Bussell Catherine Garlen Harold Clark M rtis Conry, Sec. a Treas. Mildred Cooke Howard Cronk Charles Cuzzort Mable Cuzzort Jeanette Daniels Harold Davie 26 7-HE - 4.9.41 l 27 Edith DeBerry Billy Elrod Kelly Ensor Vida Fox Roy Fitzpatrick Sylvia Gentry Clarence Gentry Jim Mason Grey, Pres. Evelyn Harris Helen Hill Ruth Hill Morene Jernigan Eula Johnson Evelyn Judd Bettye Sue Jenkins Billy Jenkins Harvey Kellogg William Lacy ZH6 CFLUFMJER - A241 Maurice Lamb Mattie Lemmons Tommy Lynn Doyne Martin Nellie Martin Clifford Massa Patsy Maxwell, Vice President Allene McBroom Ezell McBroom Louise Mitchell Mary Francis Montgomery Ruth Morris Lewis Moss Mary Anne Mott Hilda Painter ,lA , 5 k Harvey Phillips Adele Ray Hayel Rich ond 28 7746 - 49.41 Q ' mga. V Q 5, it 5 29 Louise Riddle Ruby Robinson Billy Scott Emma S-ue Scarlett Anne Smith Margaret Smith Sara Ruth Smith Nannette Stanton Margaret Thompson Mary Kathern Vickers Lula Wall Raymond Warren Harold Wilhite Jean Whitson Rozelle Whitson J- T. Wright Jack Waldrip ZZL6 CQVFLLJEB -AM FRESHMEN A freshman on a cannibal isle Had fears he would be meat, But his hide was safe enough! He was too green to eat. SOPHOMORES The mere we study, the more we know, The mwe we know the mere we for get, The more we forget, the less we know, The lless we know, the less we forget, So why study anyway? JUNIORS 1. Man is born. 2. Man grows up. 3. Man kicks the bucket. 4. Man is buried. 5. Man turns to dust. 6. Grass grows from dust. Moral: Never kick a horse, you might injure 7. Horse eats grass e. former relative l SENIORS SENIOR standing on a railroad track A trainwas coming fast. The train stepped off the railroad track To let the SENIOR pass. THE CLASSES You can always tell a freshman By the color and the gaze, You can always tell a senior By the high and mighty ways You can always tell a sophomore By the pins, and rings, and such, You can always tell a junior But you oan't tell him much. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall: All the king's horses And all the klng's men Had eggnogt 50 Q WWE Y. if 5-.S Q:- N 'RN 55 1 S xx 61 X K. W 'F-.,, N 1 f 1 , L .. . y:-. H S' J . 1, 1-nail?--L X . - + fT'iiif'Qf' f Q ,..,aT,f' -,xl ""- U me caueafee ' - nm t 070 'C ' dv AQ'.xfX 1' "'fA if 5 0 'X k ' XQ , 1 is xxx. ' "f1? Z I ' L! "YT, ' 1 0-x A x X x K X I D E A The Cookeville Chapter F. -F. A. has ,106 id ggmbers. They have 89,475.65 f' X invested in farming, 82,4.Qb.O0,i We ifvvxentlZS2,575.00 on saving account, giving total' 14,3:1O.5c 0 The Department of Vgcagcnaixgrxig Yr"- -P stso one class roomy one officeg one supply and epuigme 3 Q f' , sho equippedwith tcolsg a library with 400 b kgand -- '-9, 4, '.., -- :D The chapter has had fentrfee V- ry mal ccgiteetg 'Livestock Judg ing Contest, and Fixldbtopqw .,. 1-,.f ' , J I ' h i ' K 0 C' U L 5 9 X QMS 7746 - H- 5 f l OFFICERS Charles Billings........President Eldon Pres1ey....Vice President Doyle Rodgers...........Secretary Harvey Phillips.......Treasurer Will Glen Crawford.......Reporter Charles Bu1lock........Whtchdog Billie Mott......... .....Queen David R. Terry.... ...Adviser eff 5. P' If 5 . 0. . Officers F. F. A. BASKETBALL J' A 4- PLAYERS if Af-'P ill. 'll' 55 b P x w ZH? CQUFILJEB -A241 WCW Club OFFICERS Louise Hensley.........President Carson Stanton....Vice President Lorelle Rodgers....Sec. a Trees. Layton Stanton..........Reporter Mable Hutcheson.....Sgt. at arms Hugh Busse11........Sgt. at arms Boy's Club Sponsor........Mr. Huland Draper OFFICERS Ko co Smithoosooua oeoopresidant Paul Kirbyeannuouocvice PI'SSid9I1t James Doug1as.r........Secretary Verble Carrington.......Treusurer Sponsor. 0 0 0 0 0 0 sur: Moore 34 7746 -1.911 V Hi-Y Club OFFICERS Carson Stanton.... ....President Carrel Warren.......Vice President Billy Proffitt.... ....Secretary Charles Bi11ing.......,..Treasurer Spmsw.n.H.Mr.EHmmlWamr a 5555 ,Mp mum Idanelle McMurry........President Lorollo Rodgers.........Secretary Mona JOh!lB0!1eoooncuosSgte lt Rfml Mrs. Arnold Cameron.......Sponsor OFFICERS Willene Wh1ker.....Vioe President Virginia Anne Rucker....Traasu er Sara F. Wi11iams....Sgt. at arms Miss. Mary Della Pointer..Sponsor 55 Girl's Reserve ZZIE C5'.UF?U6l? - A241 Music Club OFFICERS Jim Mason Groy.........Presideat Ruth Burton........Viee President Doris Poteet...........Secretary Lulu Wh11..... ........Treasurer Willson Wa1ker......Sgt. at Arms Julia Pasons.... ....Sgt. at Anms Miss Cameron.... ...Sponsor 'v - -immacu- Band Central High Band y 56 7-H6 - 1.9.41 This building was constructed by the Vocational Trade and Industrial Gen- eral Building Trades class of Central. All work was done by students including brick foundation, flue, framing, finishing and paintin Th, gl 9 class has done other work in addition to this. The boys in this class are d 1 en eavor ng to prepare themselves to enter industry as apprentice workmen. Girl's Chorus 3. JE f"' l 5 K 4 Q 0 Trade Class h anew OFFICERS Jeanette Reevee........President Cath rine Car1en....V1oe President Billie le1oh.......Sec. a Trees. Patsey laxwe11............Reporter H1880 Broun. oo o 1 o QQSPOBIOI' 57 2275 CHUFN-IGI? - LM! ee ,., fi? f 1 Beta Club OFFICERS uSlm"MCMUI'I'youseeeoeeeohssident M0ttosnceoonViC8 H'6Sid6nt Ruth Goodpasturen.....Secretary Mildred Murphy..........Treasu.rer Sponsor........Ti1lman Phillips -f MN --MM-nv n an Sh i Camera Club e L r ff" i "'-ai OFFICERS f .. Q1 i X Christine Spivey.......Prosident Sam Burris.........V1oe President x9 Juanita Warren.....See. k Trees. Emogeno Dyer.........Sgt. at arms 1 A..-M1 Sponsor........Mr. Cecil lynn ' -?' 58 7746 - LM! vf 1 XX 39 Chess Club FT? iff iff ? ini OFFICERS Howard Tinsley.........Pres1dent Luther Mathis......Vioe President Stacey Mott........Vioe President Sponson....... ....l1le Barbour fl! 'M IH! Pep Squad orncnns 1 Jean Proffitt......Preeident Mildred Murphy........President Vice Julia Passona......Seoretary Louese Hens1ey.... ........Treaeurer Sponsor.........Hiss Brown 59 Z-H5 Cf?.VFN-169 - A941 J.. x. ...f X ' CT' ,-' , .MW..... A-, - -- -- .. 1 1 f wfx - if ' A" i rj' Ig. Commerical Club OFFICERS Vivian Grimes..........President Iva Sue Gentry.....Vice President Mary F. Ferre1l....Sec. A Treas. Virginia Gentry......Sgt. at arms Ruth Danner.........Sgt. at arms Mrs. Cameron..... ......Sponsor Dramatic Club l OFFICERS Billie Mott... ......President Mildred Cooke......Vice President A, Doyne Martin.......Sec. k Treas. Jean Whitson.... ........Reporter Miss. Hudgens............Sponsor Mrs. Burroughs... ....Sponsor X tg 40 7'He - 49.41 Junior Class Play 1 I ,. 5..- 0 -xzg Dx Z X f-'lv-'.,f Hzzf' W"N" ..---,YV Qenior Play NSAFETY FIRSTF April 22, 1941 Directed By...Miss Hudgens Cast 'DOTTY AND DAFFY' February 4, 1941 Directed By Miss Brown and Miss Barbour 41 QAM ,-JL X 17540- ZLL 10.-,ovhb V fx ,,,..-.-,,. 4.-A-. 1 ,if-2. 77411, if QQ 19' 'so- 4-5. 4.,Cll.,..,, 8 fK' 3L'? 5 qw- 4,2352 W W if as 1 '14 ., Q . xl 4 ,Q 1, 1 2 '11 f 5' . why! K ,R ,sit 'W' fs 4 , sg ' 'E 425, aj, Hn' 1 5 9 I flow. f, 'fffff AQ' f"D'x ,n.4...., ..A, '1 7 p...z.1....w . we 1'x 1 T.. JL... J-......' 14.1.49 7 ,h - a , as fi uf f W is it .. .9 ,X 'N fguz Af.. A, -fda-Q... 71f-4-an L.-. 4-'41, M kr wk., '7 ja, ,,L..Cl' 5 41444-.qv ,ds 0'-4... A-..., MQ., 5-fjf ,, 0644, f"vz1":uc Zfre - 4911 CHEER LEADERS , gg? ali Idanell McMurry Polly Vaden Lguese l Willeen Walker Betty Sue Jenkens 45 Hensley ZH? CQUHUEB - A241 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Polly Vaden.......President Jeannette Reeves....Secretary Eleanor Drake..lst V. Pres. Lula Wall........2nd V. Pres. Betty Sue Jenkins....Treas. Cathryn Garlen Treas. Betty Jane High.......Reporter The Executive Committee Willeen Walker Julia Passons Louise Holladay Beva Gibson Mary Frances Bullock The Program Committee Vivian Grimes Doris Poteet Myrtis Conry 44 QQ ZW6 CHUBLLEB 4911 ,NN Fw S SPONSOR Mary Della Pointer --ia.. c:.,7 YH h .L.v, ax ' 4,-.X s i x , I X N i4 X W1. 5 i" -f , N' -:ffl 5, :fy 4 -154 - ' 5 -' pd if 45 ZH? CQUHLEB - A221 Editor"in'chi0fe e e e e e e 1941 Cavalier Staff eeue eeeeeeeeeeJ1m Hyne Au 't. Editor-in-Chief. . . . . . . . . . Business Mg'.......... Ass't. Business Mgr... Advertising Mgr...... . eeelsara. e eeeeee . . .Bettye Hergis L'9Ye.hoo" Billings Frances William . . . "Sam" Mollurry Aes't. Advertising Mgr... . .....Howard Tinsley Sports Editor. . . . . . . . . Ass 't. Sports Editor . . Circulation Mgr. . . . . . . Allhte ciruulation Mgfe 0 ee Art Editclreeeeeeeeeeee Photo Ed1t0reeeeoeeeee Ass't. Feature Editor. F9ltul'C Edifxfeeseeeee Aes't. Feature Editor. Club Editoreeeeeeeeeee AB.'te Editoreeee Typisteoeceaeeeeeeeee Faculty Advisor. . . . eeeeeeenob Byrne e e NJUWQI1 . . .Ce.rre1 Warren ....Bi.11ie Hott . . . . .Zhan Duolos . . .Jasper Baily .Duanne Dre. pe r e e e e em1dr.d . . . . .Duemne Draper 46 . . .Loueee Hensley e e e enola EOk19l . . .Dorothy Foster Lucille Morris . . .David R. Terry iv eagles- of gs, xx 49 QQ .eo QM . xgqoboepvl V ONV an lv X uf' I ., fvqazz, jvc. 0 wr? Jug? bf: X I Q 'Yr ,MJ Ji' no V CA! wg' el f ' o-5 Q X L 'Q LQQQZZEY5 23" Dlhun 'J' H "n., .NX , X E FQQQS 0 a 1 Q sy". ' 405-. Qi? Q' f X .430 5' .9 enum' 5+ by 0049 xlfdgyuall 9 yzozsgp I ug oi mb :go Oy ob C, 56. 0 9,9 Q Q, Xylvvob Q' 0 0' . A ,hy Urns , f f-hey thu .ld rg. , Q, 5 'WO f 6 95 xxfzjigr .,, MT! 99 Q0-4999 409 as X G9 1-'A vetzosggi 9 N X -fgf'b:o4f3:::'oo,a' xo i-255,59 5 - Q -ff Nab" rfb' 'Y 65' of' a9'w"' s 1 Qfvysjpz 4p,9'c,E?ip0' , ., Q bfzvsfiogffav Q 093, . ,g xo99ct6'w 6,416 o" os '3D."'l"' o 5 ll. 9' my B .fe A 'MM efgfgt hs E109 J Hfmfvgigw Ov C5006 if , 9 Q , ,Q 0, of 75 C' pew ol, ,P 'Q bf' '-'v."s"' ff. g5.+f3?ffi2.f2 . 0, Ove! Qgfo tibjbx if1r"L".ef f'f3:Z"'izf-" lggamqihbfbtzsr ,353 qv.. :eg-. ,isp - lisp, :iq QQI05' '. 595060554 Giga , - 5 q5l up . X N- Q92 O bin?-X"-.,,:f 4: zuxgkf, 'glib xw: .J Xeigqggsha Qs' A Q QQQQ. so 5310 xx 'fr gig' r ,b -A Xsaaf Q3 Ordo mx ..--ziffiilfi '53 to gslqjillv Q..--1:--gQ"5"7f5E3ff5qfIffr.1 :. Of icti " 2 I News m0 e I '0i5:5,i"i',,":,b 4.6 yfzffzz-g.. , 5"gg:,,n, 1, 'fllle 642-v w.o,,:C.,g, M "'tP'f' -J 0222561 ,fir f,2PL':13,s'nr. 1,4 " Q. xg' Q ,t . . :gvmefe ceizgruesgm Sage uh. x 'Q ,l's11h'ho,,,'3 to of mufleen mul-f is X K 555, 5 Sr.::.?35'f,.f:11.5i21f'f'15:: 93" Q. WQZS- 4,:+" ' A r 1-5 he- ea tizur tis: 5,231 J f Sf' :gown ws wa Sxgidown X x ' Q'-f 'Ha-f 5M.15S?55557g:v.f?:?2f.f-uyiteggfxl NZGN-r2','i"f:Q ' Ez'- -:52i5555f:" Q'i5?-'f115.i"" 'Q ' s,, f f W?.'1v"b 1-'S" f , ,gy 47 l1f::f'v",,?,f. J, WX Q44 N a 'MW 'N' ZH6 CQUFDUEI? - A2-Z! gk3g? JE? , ragmg a and Front row: S. Lamb, F. Warren, Stanton. Billings, Luke, H. Tinsley, Flatt. Second row: Bullock, M. Smith, K. C. Smith, J. Byrne, Har- ris, Proffitt, Bussell, Huddleston. Third row: R. Warren Udgxub, Newman, Conry, Massa, B. Byrne, Mitchell, Judd, Crawford, Coach, Dra- per, Fourth row: Bradley, Mason, H. Tinsley, Sliger, Lynn, Walldrip, M. Lamb, Allison. fwl- JJU4 Gs ICC - Encf rv an-4 ldbhoifcapfj- 62:14 D0,,,7,6f. fc fic 48 CJPSGIU I qf:,L1:7'6nFr Jim - Tlicklc aflf- A1-ck 7746 - 4.9.-Zi cuff- A-'64 aamff. .QCA 'b,.,Q,f.4.164 3-f45'f-ff-'fff Gordonsville.... ....O Celina ...... Livingstone. Sparta ...... Crossville.. Mamet awe Hartsville.. Carthage .... Molinnville. Baxter ..... Monterey .... ff-jf gn! 1940 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Central . .... 0 Central .... ....6 Central . .... 6 Central ....7 Central ....0 Central . .... 6 Central .. .... 7 Central ....0 Central ....0 Central Eve - Jac! 49 econ onus noon euro eoee soon ones neue seen ence J E U nc! Qvqmaffd- Mgr 004 7! I L Qlifd Wffffho- 73066 ZH5 CQUHLIER - 49.41 Sarong' ' Clif-f BULL! "'p,,Jle 1941 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Algood ...... ... 3 Central. Gordonsville .... .... 41 Central. Sparta ....... .... 29 Central. Carthage .... .... 16 Central. Monterey ..... ...l6 Central.... Carthage ..... ...24 Central.... Baxter... ...44 Central. Monterey ..... ...14 Central. Sparta ....... ...29 Central. Gordonsville .... ...l6 Central. Algood ....... ...17 Central. Baxter... ...46 Central. 50 QQMIONJ ...28 ...21 ...l7 ...19 ...18 ...29 ...24 ...1S ...l6 ...l5 ...ZZ ... 9 lffc ' Cffif Doyle Rodgers, Hugh Bussell, Wesley Flatt, Sonny Wilhite, Billy Proffitt, Max Bailey, Bob Byrne, Fred Warren, Clif- ford Massa, Raymond Warren, Charles Billings, Coach Dra- per. 'hr' DOE: Huq h ns COACH- 'ew' Q 9 -Q w ,.:-,'.,3b 4- .I sf, M - is rw 5 an "lun Hoo" Tldftl' ooqze 51 Wes lecf ZH6 CQUHLIEB - A241 Earlene Lorell Rodgers, Louise Hensley, Zhan Duclos, Betty Sue Jenkins, Cleo Robinson, Catherine Carlen, Billie Welch, Polly Vaden, Jewell Little, Lucille Morris, Betty Har- gis, Jean Proffitt, Earline Hargis, Coach Phillips. Coach 6 'pill HIPS sem, S-1: 5, . 4 Beffqe Zhan Jean Laaese: 52 7716 -4.9.41 A a A- ' N! w ii wg Lucll le- '!l.4!mff l 1 orc ff in Q . Bi ll We fa , .M Polls-1 Ca7l1ef-rn? Jewe ll 1940-'41 BASKETBALL SQUAD Lucille Morris Billye Welch Catherine Garlen Jewell Little Polly Vaden Cleo Robinson Earline Hargis Zhan Duolos Louese Hensley J ean Proffitt Bettye Hargis Betty Sue Jenkins Lorell Rodgers 1 Manager Mr. Phillips -- Coach 55 Cleo ZH! CQUHLJEB -A911 CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class, resident citizens of Putnam County, being of lawful age and of sound mind and disposing memory, but considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life and for and in consideration of the natural love and af- fection we have for the Junior Class, do hereby make, publish, o dain and declare, jointly and severally this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking, an- nulling, and making void any and all former wills, oodicils and testamentary instruments by us at any time made. due payment on rings, and annuals, and unpaid bills in the Cafeteria, be paid First, we direct that all of our just debts, such as graduation expenses, past out of any funds first coming into the hands of our Exeoutrix, herein after named. I, Mona Johnson, do bequeath my excess weight and beloved nickname 'Two Tenn to Doris Poteet. I, Sarah Frances Williams, dc bequeath my ability to vamp all I meet to Jean Proffitt. love I, Nell DeBerry, do bequeath my everlasting smile to Polly Vaden. I, 'Sam' MoMurry, do bequeath my strings on Howard Tinsley to Louise Stamps. I, Lou Vada Whittaker, do bequeath my love for Harold Tinsley to Doyne Martin. We, Carson Stanton and Lorell Rodgers, do bequeath all the small places for making to Perry Rowe Harris and Willene Walker. I, Zhan Duclos, do bequeath my love for tall, dark, and handsome athletes to Cornelia Taylor. I, Mable Hutcheson, do bequeath my ability to clean the cobwebs from a man's heart with my eyelashes to Myrtis Conry. love I, Jim Byrne, do bequeath my nickname 'Windy' to Will Glenn Crawford. I, Bob Byrne, do bequeath my meekness and bashfulness to Clarence Lee. I, Charles Billings, do bequeath my ability to become involved in too many affairs to Fred Warren. I, Doyle Rodgers, do bequeath my love for Sophomores to Wesley Flatt. We, Dorothy Foster and Lucille Hawkins, do bequeath our love for Tech boys to Mildred Wilhite. I, Eldon Presley, do bequeath my love for Earline Hargis to Billy Proffitt. I, K. C. Smith, do bequeath my love for a fine physique and large muscles to 'Tarsann Maynard. We, Lucille Morris and Ola Luke, do bequeath our loud mouths to Billie Welch. I, Ethel McClain, do bequeath my nickname 'Honest Ethel' to Emogene Lacey. I, Odell Newman, do bequeath my ability as a football player to Joe Conry. I, Billie Mott, do bequeath my love for 'seeing cars' to 'Red' Cooke. I, Dorothy Peek, do bequeath my baby blue eyes to Beulah Young. lb, Wilmer Lollar and J. D. McCormick, do bequeath our blushing ability to Joe Conry. I, Howard Lewis, do bequeath my ability to argue with the teachers to Verble Carrington. I, Sam Burris, do forgive any girl that has broken my heart since I have been in high school. I, Emogene Johnson, relinquish all my interests, for one year, in Charles Bullock to Rebecca Dyer. I, Virginia Anne Rucker, do bequeath my love for Phy. Ed. Kand instructorl to Betty Rose Thompson. We, Lemon Williams and Carrel lhrren, do bequeath our love for fatal women to William Kirby. I, Leo Wilmoth, do bequeath my ability to be on time to Layton Stanton. We, Mildred Thompson and Pauline Wilhite, do bequeath our irresistable impulses to Lucy Whitson. I, L. D. Sparks, do bequeath my dainty feet to 'Outlaw' Huddleston. I, Harry Brown do bequeath all my personal property to Carl McCormick. I, James Bedford Douglas, bequeath my debating ability to Eleanor Jane Drake. I, Howard Tinsley, do bequeath my ability to get along with everybody to Coach Crowley. We, Aline and Jewell Jones, do bequeath our come hither looks to Elise Barnes and Blanche Cowan. lt. I, Virginia Parsons, do bequeath my shorthand book to any one that will have I, Louise Hensley, do bequeath m honor as best all around girl to Pauline Gentry. 54 Tvs - 1911 Will cont'd fro page 54 He, Bettye Hargis and Jewell Little, do bequeath our positions on the ball team to Patsie Maxwell and Lula Wall. le, Jasper Bailey, Cooper Loftis, Thomas Passons, Duane Draper and Donald Mitchell, do bequeath our ability to gossip to Stacey Mott, Luther Mathis, Jerry Agee, and John William Clark. I, laldean Moore, Mary Ethel Riddle, and Nillene Mitchell bequeath of my many hours in study hall. We, Gladys Moore, Mary Ethel Riddle, and Wlllene Mitchell bequeath our interest in English and history to Mary Elizabeth Judd and Julia Choate. I, Mildred Murphy, do bequeath to Elizabeth Dyer, for the smn of ten cents, a mortage on my locker and all the books therein. I, Jeanne Foster, do bequeath my love for Phil's Eat Shoppe to Wanda Knight. We, Charles Chaffin and Ralph Mahler, do bequeath our lasting love and admira- tion of Central High to Mattie Webb and Willsia Williamson. We, Gaskill Swallows and Aldon Rockwell, having various and sundry manuscripts which have not yet been published, appoint Louise Brown as our literary executory. We, Elise Millsap and Lucille Lawhorn, do declare that it will not be necessary for us to sell our French books as well as history as we will gladly give them away. le, Opal Phillips, Mildred Poeton, Bricie Lou Brooks and Elise Bohannon, do bequeath the good will established toward us by our teachers to Peggy Baker, Kath- leen Bean, and Marie Billingsley. We, Christine Carmack, Dorothy Montgomery, and Nona E. Daniels, do appoint Betty J. High and Georgia Smith to edit out auto-biographies when we become famous. I, Margaret Fender, do bequeath my 'Lizzie' or Packard to Betty Rose Thompson provided she will give it the daily run down Dixie and around the campus. I, Margaret Reeves, do bequeath my position as breakman on 'Lizzie' to Mildred Wilhite if she will hold up her end as good as I did. I, Virginia Gentry, do bequeath my position to see that 'Lizzie' the Packard goes very slow on its round, in order to see all, fespecially at Boy's Hall and the Smith Home on Dixie, to Doris Poteet. I, Ruth Goodpasture, do bequeath my love for watches and uniforms to Jim Mason Gray. I, Th mas Eckel, do bequeath my ability to get to the highlights of Nashville to Ezell McBroom. I, Emogene Dyer, do bequeath my position as one of Mr. Phillips cabinet to Eva Dell Harris. le, Charles Gentry and Armen Hitchcock, do bequeath our love for Central and anything pertaining to Central to anyone who loves the dump. le, Iva Sue Gentry and Vivian Grimes, do bequeath our ability to make A's in English and history tc any Junior in the Junior Class. I, Georgia Jackson, do bequeath my love for French to Billy Proffitt. I, Grace Robinson, do bequeath my position as stooge For Miss Hudgens to Mar- garet Dyer. I, Doris Sparks, do bequeath my position as conductor on the Fender schoolbus to Ruth Burton. le, Christine Spivey and Marie Turner, do bequeath our ability to get to be with 'Murder' to anyone else one half as sly. 55 ZH6 CFZ.UFlL.L6l? - L29 WM www? Kfsf Wffsf iqy by H7552 f G54 fcsf Ugapfe W W Y Mast Jyyasf 255 Zgfahf' Qi! ww QW Mffwf Jdffksf Jzwivl' 014 fefesf P15012 56 7746 CEIZBLLEB -49.41 'E' Qi liasf Mfnffef .Sdlffbf Wpff Aafxkam Jay w M 5e5i JM 3010! gf! flbffsfiaq 5671 qfff 45,545 kfx J M QV QW X709 f llffffas Z' QM! gaiwf lay PM WMM ,QW M 0705! Aleafesi Qjrl Sfudious Nas! .sfqlib qfff . Yrfkfldlksffi'-7 57 .-sf .x4,w'6?f Wnfffcsf yfff ZH6 CFLUHLJEB - A241 Miss Central Lorelle Rodgers Valedictorian rhost Likely to Suceed Idanelle McMurry HONOR STUDENTS 58 Batchelor of Ugliness Best all-round boy Most Popular boy Friendliest Roy Charles Qillings Salutatorian William Cooper Loftis 7746 - 6.911 Annuals are a great invention, For the school gets all the fame: The printer gets all the money And the staff gets all the blame. fSi5nedD THE STAFF. fIt's blank space like this that turns the editor's hair grey.j 59 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'E Qiitil!!Kiiltlitittitittiiiiiittiiiiti P F' 5 H C Eg E I M iii!!!44illilIillliiiiiliiiliiiiiiliili WHITE STUDIO "On the best portraits you will find our name." lliiltittii iiiillliii Citizens Bank Building Cookeville, Tennessee I I I 2 sillliiilliiiillilfillillllililliilrilliliiillilfllliilllilflkilillltiilklillllliillilfiiilllilil'F418iiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiilfllitiiilllll! E E 2 2 Compliments t Compliments I I ar 1- 4 E M. E. FARMER :E BORDEN ELECTRIC CO. E 2 Groceries School Books 2 S, C, -92-r Hom' 193 4' riiillilllillliilliiilllllilliiilllilliiilllilillli8iiiiliiiflr:lliiiiilllil!!iii!!!iilillifliiiilliiiiiiiiillllillllle 15 I I 4 C 1 Compliments I 3 I 3 E WEBB PHARMACY E W. H. STAMPS 3 4 . I 1 I I rf..UlllilffllftffffflfffifffflfifiifffffIiffiff-qffflfflilflfiff'YiiffIit'lltifflffiffflifffllfft I I I E Compliments E Compliments E I I I I I g DIXIE A-,ENE mm, 5 JACK cAnvEa's FUNERAL Holm 3 ' School Supplies Eats 8: Drinks ' ' S ' E Ambulance Service E iftilt!!!lll1llliltilillilliklittlltltttltKt4lilKWitillltilkttiiiliiiitiitlillliiiliiilliliilliitlilt I I 2 5 Cvmplimenil E Compliments E I I I 2 EAST END SUPPER CLUB I WEST END CLEANERS I I I I 3 Epuipped For Private Parties I Phome 249 Haskell Newman, Omer 3 bi!!lliifiliiiiiilililliiilillliiillillllklllfililliiilil!ll:ll8llllllllililfill!lllilllliilillililiiiiiiiiiiiilfilllliilfiig I I I E Compliments E Compliments 5 I I I 2 WHITE WAY MARKET 2 EAST sum mm snor Q I I I S 'Quality food at pleasing prices." E "It pays to look well' E Elliiiitit1UCliililillllllllllilliillllliilliii!!itslilililiiillliltiiiliiiitltllllitiiltillltltlile I I I S Compliments I: Compliments I I I I I S J. L. McDOWELL S IDEAL GROCBR! I I I I I 2 General Insurnace 2 Groceries Meats 2 118141141ifiiililiiiiiiliiiliiliiiillilitllillFlilly!!iiillllilllllllllililfllilllliilliiliiliiiillf 60 griliilililililiiiiiiliiiiitiiillillliliilliliiilil!iiifliiilllliiiitililillltiliiiillliiKill!iliillx lttllttlil E Pi C3 P 'JU CD O O IN' G 4 F' FJ P4 0 9 C0 'U 1 'EI UQ 'S Ph 003 '58 S' 3 CL -J U Wd P' W 5 '4 CD C+ rf 0 4 F' PJ PJ 0 D Eg CD U M G CD tlitlttiill nnmxissxmumnnav E1 CJ H UQ S Pb +- 0 PJ Cb D 54 n 5 C .Sr Qcmmeennrcannm eighttttetreverentelineto:-esxlrfureatnatetruvtcnnasnetueiaau-:urnvawtxstcs-vnu-nmvvmeb I 53 l Q i E 2, E I E 5" E Q 'S Q Q Q Q I "' I I I 9 I N I 2 0 I I I ,.. 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' is Q :I Q UI Q 0 ' hi Q Q ' Q C7 Q Q ' Q Q 0 4' W Q Q 0 0 Q 333 8 Q " D' Q Q C7 5 ' H Q W ' Q ' 0 Q ' 2 Q : O ff 2 : 2' : : 1 r - 1 I Q m ' E: Q Q 'U Q ' Q Q U' Q Q 5' Q " Q Q 'F 33 Q Q 0 Q ' Q Q 4 Q Q 5 Q I Q Q Q Q3 Q Q 0 Q , Q Q . 0 Q Q Q , Q Q , 5 Q Q g Q , Q I ' '1 I I Q1 I ' I Q ' '4 Q Q Ci Q ' Q Q ' Q Q Q ' Q Q I Q Q Q I Q taffnlnmtnmvmnsmt-anitatamaaafaumteamnuuutfmumtmuenan-Q:Immun-u-exmunin-allnmamaaxt lilliiill liiiliiil MOHURRY AND COMPANY 'If you have shopping worries, bring them to McMurry's." ful DRY GOODS Compl iments liliiiiiililii gi CD E' Eg iiiliiliiliiiili Ambulance Service S. C. Phone -545 Home Phone -545 siiiiiiiiliiiilOlitlllilllllliillllill!!lillllliiiiill!lliililliliil!iii!!lllllllliillllliilllllifi 61 e nn-unnuaun-nuu-was-on? I 4 I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I 4 I I I I as I 4+ I 4: 4 I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I 4 Q Q Q Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I e I I I I Q e ennnnexu-annuna-nel ROYAL CROWN KJTTLING COLTANY Bottlers of Royal Crown and Nehi Beverages Cookeville, Tennessee I liitiliillliitil!iOliiilfllltiliiltllllliiiiilililllllli Illiflfffllllltflifififflflflllilifflllffffllllll .I 9 Q : E EAGLE CAFE S COOIEVILLE MARBLE E 3 3 as 1 2 Home of Good Foods , g e " l 3 I GRANITE woaxs g :UlfilllfilififilfllffiliiifliififiiiffllflfllUiififfliflfflfiffilflUiillifilfiflllflflffffllllilfifig I I e 4' Q 3 5 fr 2 3 2 3 E UPPER cmussnmam PUBLISHING COMPANY I I Compliments : I : GULF REFINING CCIPIPANY I Publighgrs of 2 I Cookeville, TGBDBSSGC : Putnam County Herald E I Q " 4 E H. N. Foster. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Distributor E printing that Plgaggs S Q 'P 4 S E Cookeville, Tennessee 'Q : 3 Q I :'tilllfiiiiifillfililllilfilfilflfiiflfiililifiilEiilfffllfiiliill!ifilllllllffilfilllillfllllillllwls I I Q " I E The Wright Store 5 compliments E 4 4' Q 5 vmmlrrs 5 as 10 E Prasm' mmm BANK S e 4 A 5 You Cen' t Go Wrong At Wri ghts S Cookeville , Tennessee S Q 'I e S Thank You E Menber of Fed. Deposit Insurance corp- 2 Q 'P 4 5 Cookeville. Tennessee E Member of Fed. Reserve System E 4 4' -Q 4 ' e Q 'V' Q Econ-:anna-4-:nevanan:-umn-u-nan-naman:-nnana-au:nn-an-4-nmnmusnmnmane-announce-nn-suns as S J. J. Forma 2 SPRING srnsm ssnvrcs smnon 2 2 Grocer t Meat Market 2 Pure Oil Products 3 2 Free Delivery 2 'Be Sure With Pure' 3 3 som Phones - 21 S B111 mmbrey-Manga g I I :enennnun-nuununnn-u-nunnn:-u-nun-umIn-nw-una-un-nun-nnmuna-unnn-snnnnu-u-unueg I O10lfiililllitliiliililit llililiililllillliiiii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I S I O JENKINS 8: DARWIN A BROS. "Underprioed Merchandise' 20 Stores in Tennessee 8: Kentucky 62 tiiiliiliiiilllliliiiliiiiilitiiilllilllllrilillliiliillliit illlllibiiiiliiiilitliliilllilltiillllilrllt iiililfftff Q I I Q You' 11 find the crowd at 3 WOMACK' S : 2 I West Side Drug Company I 3 PHIT-'S EAT SHOPPE 1 'tee It where Theywe Got It" g 2 2 Both Phones I Q "Centra1's Uptown Highway" g 5 :muunu-nun:nu-nn-un-ummm-nu-uunneu:-u--nd-nun-sn-1-n-nu-an-4-as--n-ua-un-an-Inn-u--an-nn-u-n-un--und I Q I I 'I 4+ 4 2 I I 2 Compliment 4: Compliments 2 5 I I I : MURRAY BALL, JEWELER I VAUGHN' S GROCERY ll : E z pun:-mums:-an-use-an-o-unsnuenaan-an-nn:una-n-nn-:nn-am-nw-an-enumnnuuun-4-un-umru-4-no--anna-uncut 3 I I ' f WEST SIDE Moron conmmy 4+ 2 Compliments I I 4- 4 4 ' ' 1 tl ' 4, , Dodge ....... P ymou 1 , 3 MARCHBANKS DRUG COMPANY : Dealers : 9 I I aiillliililiiiitiiiiiiIli!illllllilillfilillliillllliliilillllinillilllllllililiiilllllllllliiiiiiilllllilfllliilliililliilit 5 I I 3 I I 9 Q Q 1 4 as 5 I I 3 2 2 1 DAVIS, MOTT 8: SON 2 MADDUX 8: PROFITT g 5 4 4 I if Poultry da Eggs 5 Coolcevi11e's Fastest E 0 4 Q I 3 Cookeville, Tennessee 3 Growing Store E 9 5 Q 5 If 6 'I' 1 l ' I Q U I l W Q I' ' Q 1 5 I- :- tiilllllllllllllliiliililiiiiliiilllliliilllllifllllllliillllillviilllillilllllilillilliililiilllillllllllltlOillliilll84liUQ 4 0 5 I Q 3 COFFELT 8: ALLOWAY : g Compliments Q : I 3 Q SERVICE STATION : : J. Z. BARNES b COMPANY 0 Q I I I ,un-nunsanna-:nannuns-uaQ-nunu--an-:nun-nznua-inneun-aun-annuns-1-nun-nun:-u:revenue "' I I ' Com limente 0 I 2 P 5 nomar. may CLEANERS 3 5 I I ' T P I CAFE 4 O 2 ' ' ' g cotton Johnson g 'l Q 6 2 Pack Fox 4 4 .Fillli!!illliillllilllr'Fir-il!!lflflfo+4iiiiillliiilliiii:lllillilllOltill!!0ililliiiii!!iililllliiiiiilllliiilll: I 3 GIBSON GRILL I 2 3 2 BCRDEN JEWELRY I 2 Students Headquarters I : 2 I Cookeville, Tennessee I I I o , Dine Dance : : 1-one-nursery-n Q I 4 I Q u Q Q I Q I Q Q Q Q Q I 4 Q 4 I Q I I I Q 4 I Q Q 4 I I I I ar I 4 I 4 I s Q I I I I I , -u I er Q I 4 I I I I I 4 as I Q I I 4 I I I I I Q Q e I I I I I I 4 4 Q I Q Q Q I Q I 4 Q 0 I I I I I an-unease HARDING STUDIO Fine Photographs Photographic Supplies lliiiliikii 2 0 P1 N' 0 3 Q ' K' I-4 I-' f' :2 as e. I E V 0 P' ll I5 U UQ 0 0 liliilltllifl ,eau I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I S I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q Q as I I I I as I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I I Q Sou 65 li I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I if I I I I I I I I I 4? I I I I I I I il 15 I I If I I 4? if 4! I I I il I dl I I I Q I I 2 E CONSUMERS ICE cam: E S 3 manufactured by g Q 6 9 3 S w. R. WHITTAKER an COMPANY E 2 Compliments 1 : 2 , 1 When you want ice cream say, 3 : COCA-COLA :t : 2 5 'CONSUMERS , PLEASE . " 3 ll Q I I E S In many delicious flavors E a l 4 2 E Cookeville, Tennessee S I ziillilillliliililiillillllllllilliiilllliilliiiifltllIllilliiliillilliillllllliiilliliiliiillliiliiil: Q I I Q I I Compliments 5 LEE THOMPSOWS I 1 I Groceries 6: Notions I g FRANK R. WAGE" ADAMS 5 Ph4 Phone-400 505 Chestnut Cookeville E I Q I I SlllllililillililillilliililllliiiiiillliiliiiililiiiiillliiilliillilliiUlililililliiiflillliliIliillis Q I I Q I I J . W. DUBOIS 4 e I I Distributor of TEXACO'S PRODUCTS 3 MIDDLE TENNESSEE MILLS 2 , Q Use Monarch Flour Q Q so ce 144 we.eePh0n6sesoeenH-115 : Lebanon Tennessee e I Cookeville, Tennessee 5 ' : I Q I I zlllllliillillllilliiililillllilliliillililllilllilzliiliillillllllllllililiillllillliiiillflillillill: I I 2 e- V' Q g YIRGIL BENNETT i Compliments I g Grooerles 8: Fresh Meats I BENNETT 3, POE 5 g Phone-120 512 W. Seventh Street I Groceries E 3 E : Sill!!!lililllllililillllilllllilllllillliilill!lllglllllllllilliiiiiiiliiillilliiilililiiiilliiliiliit 2 2 I Q I I Q I I 5 4' 3 : 2 nunwn LUNCH Room 3 3 CITIZENS BANK 2 3 I ' 5 'Food that is really food' g 2 We appreciate your business 5 : 3 I Where CENTRAL High 5 2 Cookeville, Tennessee I lleets Q Q I I Q I To Pe In I 4, Q Q , -nr 4 Q I I Q I I ' I I Qu-een-asnnuna-nunuuna-nunnun--uuuuvga-nuumnann-un-nun-:neun-n-u-on-sn-nnunnn: 5 : : Q I I , 4 Q Q I I Q I I 9 9 ' g Compliments E S 3 x : 3 GID LONE'S , , ' I 2 2 Credit Tire Store 2 2 Q 4 Q ' 2 3 8 -s Q Q I I ' 3 3 EIll!!!llifiliiliilliillilliililiillillliiiliillliiIUiillfilllilillill!llil!!Illllllilillillllflllill. : We, the annual staff of this, the tenth volume of the Cavalier, wish x 3 to express our deep gratitude to those firms who were so kind as to give : us these welcome advertisements. They are not only advertisers but true Q friends of Central High. Oil! Ill! 'Sen' lelmrry, Advertising lhnager flllllllllllilliiililiiiiliiiiliiilliiliiliilillilllllliliilUlililliillilllillllilillilllllllllllClOl, 64 E I . .wc-'-v. :.m.'.,,. ..'-wwf-aw ,, fm A f .. -aw x- M- fm.m.'-u.- ann mmvmnazwm . . A u .m...- ' 1 f vm, 1,-wv..r-nur-n1f, . .nfugm-1 nr .:. ,.w,vm,w:-Mm-.A vi A 4. VK' ,. a x oi n .'X , ' 1 -u I7 . . . 1 may 2 , 5- .. if Q Y 1- . nQ.311f+j' ,K hw: . .55 1.4 4. ww 3 1, ..,K J -:KT ,,,.i. ,x, 4 14: 1 , ,Z -' qv -,mf Q r: x ,V 1 O K 1 ,v.' W w ' -,,:- " . Q 55, A "5 , , -, ', wifi, ,?x,3'f- f A -H 'W ' K . b 'gk ., ,wi - ' X A- lei, , 5 V zixfnn . FT.-51 ,ZA ,. . 4? ' Alf fig. N ' A F 1 A 1 w Q -P . .4 ,V txt ' ., ,Q - ' - -'Fi I f'.1H .' E , -11-'lf ' img-. , g ,..y. 1 ' 4, 2,-,ff v ,f ., ' ,. 'fi' i 1 ' s1"y.'vi? if 11159 4 , ' K 'Q ,' X1 f fr ., A 15' A f' y Mr f' f ,Y ,1 ' 1 - . , m ' I 'Ani , fgt -, ' 1 f xf7. ,f: gr! . K , 'fi f ' ,Q A'., wg 'I ' ' V 1, iii? Af gf nk "y I f ,V .' A Q 1 q 1 'i . ' ' Q f 3 'fs ' ,, 4 , 1. , V J' 3, v L C. Y Q V .- J. M- N A. Q 1 L, My 7 E . - ' " 4 .' W ' 'V A M I ,335-,5g":1'R ' I ' L . , . Nr .V , 1 s 'f' .11L 1i'a.4i A ff',Xg ! 5 1 K ' ig v .3.. n w K 1 YP .tw NS , u ,. . FJ is . 43.12.15 ,gg W f,. 1 5,5153 4 f ff , ,ill gg H ,,, . Ni, .K M r 15 .TQ-' - , sf .V 2 . ,J ,flfy V 2: "kj V Q' 'ii "I" fr: 1 . ,M-gi. g ' . 3,,eQi"" fi in f 1 'Q , "ff, , 'iff 'fit , , , fl. " ' Q 2 "4 X f mv... .1 .l.,?!. . 1-mai, A 1 W LIZ wg . -Q5 -1 L, ' 'im' eg. ff, V, , . ' 3, W kwaw.-,sq Q - - -lf, F ,gm- e " f rr., A., - N ' -J fp .- g ' ' fxyq ry? -4 .Q Y:-1 . '. A 1 lv :xl ,C I r A ', , ,. Q 3' 4,-r . f - - . M, .- K 'I 'Y ,1 : -'--45.1 .-pf 'li K ,Q-A Q- ., , 4,5 1 U11 N . ' ix 'G " 'Q ' , I Ar- 9 1 J x P awtff -wr Yi. A., ' ' ' . ' ,,f41wf V 1' . . , - Y Q f A .' fr V - ' ,3' 'I ' - 4 ' L 4, Q Y. 4 Q ,,-xQig,, , 3 f X 'i w9ff f ' if - ,, .f 1 . f , 1 - 14 N 1, ,. ,-, A V .ff 1 Q , .V,. Q.. ., i M1 , E124 X 1 V 1 .WI-L A, A . 2, LV , , A w 'Q . r , fi , 4, . . 4 N, I .l"" . i'-'n ' l -. -f,r,fkQ.wf1 Hbsf AX Q f,f'u5,.'?'3I7A,,.. . . 4 ini Y. L I , 06, ,h,,,,, 4 , 1' ' ' 'LT .' ,, " ' A F fi-'AT' 'xi '1 ' is-1+-'fssm' zfu , u -I 2,- wg ,. ', ' :Y TRPA. wxx 1' + :T fff , -.Mg f .Q .,.,f,ayf, ' rub? paqff- 1, K -, Mal M-Q -e - . ,wa-Y W , 1' fzgwlk - Q 'i ,. .. Jen-4-" 1' .4 gba -,rug . KES, , w- . -ul xy- -11 552 1 af-f 1, -1 F ,.'x,' 'Q 1-rg '5 sl -f r 1 ki J '32 4 nf , ag we S m B t 1 1 . gf? 35 , Q. ,, gl af- f

Suggestions in the Central High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Cookeville, TN) collection:

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