Centerville Senior High School - Mortonian Yearbook (Centerville, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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DEDICATEDI TO OUR HUOTHERS HDD FHTHERS whose iniereshs have heen in lhe improvement of our Uves'whose love and encourage- menf have heen inspirahoiial and whose never enciing sacrifices have macie possihhe these hour vears of high school- we respecfhulizhy checiicaie the For H52 flAS5af1957 Admml tratlon And Faculty if x... f-V, in 5'-.. Mt Arthur I-111135 MI' ViCt0l' Scott Wayne County Superintendent Wayne County Superintendent Sc-hools Of Schools 1956 Jan , 1957 Feb 1 1957 ,om fix 40" . Mr walter Kendall Hrs Rose Hamilton MI' E I- Outland Center Township Assistant Principal P1-'incf-P81 Trustee Botany Algebra Mr. Gerald Swim History-Assistant Athletic Director Mrs. Elmer Kidney Soeech-Dramatics Miss Martha McConaha English-Health-Gym Mr. Paul Wittman Vocational Agriculture Mr. Donald McKinney Commercial Mrs. Gail Wynegar English-Latin Mrs. Helen Jenkins English-History Mr. Harold McCoy Mathematics law' 4,-I , i u", .5 is QQ. 'il 6 fi , X , 'QQ K A f! El I ' 91,572 4. V . 'Q-'15-e 0 , T-451 . we - ., , i I' I " 5' L M an .L I 2 SENIORS I -1' DICK KIDWELL Agriculture A 4 H , 4, Track 1,2 Cafeteria 4 Junior Stand 3 CAROL LEE BOUSMAN Academic Band l,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Student Council l Volleyball 3 Junior Play RACH L ANN DARRAH Home Economics Bible Club 4 Junior Play Stops 3 Cafeteria l,2,3, ,-J wX in GORDON DICKERSON General Baseball l,2,3,4 Basket ball 2,3,4 Volleyball 1, 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4, Class Vice President l 2 J Red Cross 4 Junior Play 3, Bark Staff 3 Mortonian Staff 4, Free Throw Trophy qv-7 DENNIS JENKINS Agriculture F F A 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2 4 H 1,2 Basketball 2, 3,4 Track 2,3,4 Cross Country l,2,3,4 Volley ball 1,2,3, Varsity HCH 4 SHARCN BOTSFORD Academic Jr Red Cross 4, Band 1,2, 3 4 Class Secretary 3,4 Y Teens 4 Junior Play 3 Mortonian Co-Editor 4 4-H Secretary 1, President 2 Bark Staff 3 Block HCN 3 4 F F A Sweetheart 4 Girls' Basketball l,2,3,4 Bible Club 4 Volleyball 1,2, Honor Merit l,2,3 1' Y 4 1 1 -jf .. it S' S S 3 3. FUFQ 1 1D2l3Da9 ' 1 2939 X Q , fl? ri X . ' 93 3 ' S S 3 S I 9 S ' some Q S S S ' S ' 3 Q ra ' 0 S 5 . 3 3. KAREN DAVIS Home Economics 4 H l,2,3,4 Economy, Ind F H A 1 2 Hagerstown Ind Y Teens 3 Spanish Club 3 Centerville Block ll ll CHARLES DENNIS JONES Academic Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Class Treasurer 1, 3,4, Class Secretary 9, Varsity HCN, President 4, Student Council l,2,3,4, Jr. Red Cross 4, President 4, Ping Pong l,2,3,4, V01- leyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boyg' State 3. BILL MATH WS Agriculture Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 2 3,4 F F A 4, Cafeteria 4 Volleyball 2 3 4-H 1 rsity MCU 4 l ROSALIE CROCKER Academic Jr. Red Cross 4, Mortonian Staff 4, Student Council 4, Band l,2,3,4, Chorus 1, 2,3,4, 4-H 1,2, Junior Play 3, Y-Teens 4, Block MCH 3,43 Bible Club 4, Girls' Basketball 4, Vol- leyball l,3,4. F X KAY HAWKINS Commercial Volleyball 4 4-H 1,2,3 Junior Stand 3 Mortonian Staff 4 FRED PHILLIPS General Cross Country 4, Varsity NGN as Junior Stand 3. EQ .'. Ili P ., . f 4 .1 f 1' 'l'4' 4. N5 ?Q?f3 .7 I L K . 4 if ' I' , iwk gi' - .4 I 1 , , .19 - 3 , 1.1 0 - 0 9 S 9 ' . i- 3 X c 4. ,Xl l . 'Q f I 3 S o c e ' X e S , S I Va . S 3 -is A KENNETH STOUGH Com ercial Baseball 2 3 4 Junior Stand 3 VIRGINIA LYNNE FRAZE Commercial Volleyball l,2,3, Junlor Stand 3, Mortonian Staff. ETH L HUGHES Commercial Volleyball 3,4, Y Teens 4 Block UC' 3,4 Bible Club 4 Junior Play 3 Junior Stand 3 Mortonian Staff 4,5 IE? ,EC-r PAUL A WILLIAMS General Track 2 3 4 Cross Country 4 Varsity HCV Treasurer 4 Bible Club 4 Junior Play 3 JON LOVE Agriculture F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team 3,4, County Livestock Judging 2,4g County Dairy Judging 3, District Live- stock Judging 4. RUTH ANN SMELSER Academic Class President 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Chorus 4 Jr ed Cross l,2,3,4g Mortonian Co-Editor 4, Bark Editor 3, Student Council 3,4, Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4g Girls' State 3, D.A.R. Award 4, Junior Play 3, Y-Teens 4, Girls' Basketball l,2,3,4, Block WCW 3,4, Jones Award l,2, 3. , iv X s J. ' I r ,,-:JY ' I fha 11, "Z , -.fa ' - J ' A' .ff V f C A . - ' ifE'qi'3,L.f,.f' Q YQ Ge' fQg?QE 1 I I I ' A S a S i - Fx . I , . - 3 I . ' 1 5 5 . 4. ' :ji I I 3 f I xr , Xxx . ' S a R MARY CAROLYN JOWNSTON Commercial Volleyball l,2,3,4, feam Captain 4, Basketball l,2, 3,4, Y Teens 4, Bible Club 4 Block CCH 3,4 Junior Stand J, Mortonian Staff4 DCN H WIDAU Agriculture Class Reporter l,2, Vice President 3,4 F F A 1,Z, 3,4, Treasurer 2,3, Presi dent 4 V rsity VCU, Sec retary 4 Student Council 3,4, Reporter 4 Junior Red Cross 4, Basketball 2, 3 Track 2 3,4 Cross Country 2 3,4, Volleyball 3, Free Throw Trophy 2 Mortonian Staff 4 4193" Nl' 4-an i X RUSSELL LEHMAN General Baseball 1 2,3,4 Basket b ll 2 3 arsity MCH Vice President 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Secre BARBARA BOLTON tary l Commercial Cafeteria 1 2 Junior Stand 3 JUNE ANN HARTMAN Academic and Cuumercial Student Council 3, Band l 2,3,4 4-H 1,2 Girls' Basketball l,2, Volleyball 1,2 Honor Merit 1,2,3 Mnrtonian Staff 4 Chorus RCNALD E WESSEL General Noon League l, Art 1,2 Junior Stand 3 I x ,J - 3 C 7 1 4 fi ' , ' f 1 s X D - . , n X Q 5 1 Q " 8 , S V 4, TC S s Q 9 S I J 3: ' Y g 1. 4: xa'Q9'.fi' H S A, .gif ,MA 5 . . . ' V S 3 ' , D S 3 . A, , H+: , 3 : : 2 ' ' ' 3 5 S ' . 1 , i JERRY WINTERS Agriculture F F A l,2,3,4, Reporter Junior Play 3 Red Cross 3 4 'Tl' DAVID PENTECOST Agriculture Class President 1 4-H 1, 2 F F A l,2,3,4, Jun or Stand 3 49- DONNA LUDWIG Academic Chorus 1 2,3,4 Volleyball 1 2 3 4 Girls' Basketball 2 3 4 Y Teen Jo nt President, 4 H Reporter 1 Bible Club 4 F H A Vmce President Block HC' 3 4 Mortonian Staff 4 Junior Play Student Manager 3 Q av ANN HARVEY Academxc Band l Chorus 1 Y Teens 4 4 H 1 2 3,4, Reporter 1 Song Leader 2 Secre tary 3 Bxble Club 4 F H A , Vlce Pres1dent 1 Vol eyball 1,2,3,4 Block VCU 3 4 Mortonian Staff 4 Girls' Basketball 1,2 3 4, 1 PATRICIA VIARS Commercial Dallas, Texas, Student Councll 2,4 Ice Skating Club 4 Y Teens 4 Qu1ll and Scroll Hlstorical Society Llttle Theater 3 M M C Sorority SUE SPRAKER Academic Y Teens, Pres1oent 4 Art 1 3 4 Class Reporter Block HCM 3 4 Treasurer 4 Brble Club, Treasurer 4 Mortonian staff 4 4-H 1,2 4 Treasurer 1 Re Porter 2 Volleyball l,2, 3 4, Capt 4 Girls' Bas ketball 1 2,3 4 Capt 4 Junior Play 3 Freshman Cheerleader Girls' State 3 Honor Merit l 2 3 4 p xx 1,.. T? x 3 S v g s', 1 if H . 5 Y 2 3 I f il ,..s 1: n al ' i s 2 ' , s . . . 3 35 s . ,Q 1 n ', f ff' ' A l S f We f . L' 4 4 K. , , Q , LQ: 3 ' I 3 5 9- " f, ' Q' 19 S 1 1 ' ' 'Q - 3' Q., s as 'Q . . . 3 - 5 1 5 5 , .L 5 9 1" Q . . . Z i ' ' W' Y' si' JANICE HOWELL Home Economics A 4 H 1 Y Teens B ck C General Cafeteria 1, 2 3 Junior tand 3 lock NCN , Bible Club 4 Junior Play X ...fur-:vw Props 3 STEPHEN KINDER 15 -1 S :M Ill-.. SHIRLEY ANN PENNINGTON Canmercial Chorus l,2,3,4 Volleyball Team Captain A Freshman Cheerleader 1 Y Teens 6, Block HCH 4 Cafeteria 1, 2 A-H 1,2 F H A Pres dent 1 Girls' Basketball l,2,3 Junior Play 3 SUSAN JOHNSON Academic Chorus l,2,h, Y-Teen Chap- la n 4 Bible Club A, ock WCW 3, 4 Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,A 4-H 1, General Track 3 Junior Play 3 arsity MCU A if '1- BOB MAY Agriculture Cross Country 1,2, F.F.A. l,2,3,6g Cafeteria 1. I -4' SV K c5513 E' J I-'.H. . 19 - 5 - H x -,- bg lo N H 3,6. MARIE MORRIS 4, - aw Vi , s S 5 B 3 log 5 , ? 3 3 V . .s ' 1 Q if: W- -e Y. , xx 4 3 ,h' J 3 gn , . . f V 9 . 5 Q : - ' 3 5 S n 0 A 1' 2 3 - . i 3 - B1 3 3 2,3 'V' ff-1s'X".3' CURT FAUCETT General Band 2 Student Council 5?-C'-. s .I' -A ,ex JIM ELIASON Agr1culture F F A l, 2, 3, 4, Stude Manager 2,3 WcePresident A Q-H Junior Leader 1 Noon League 1,2 'Cf' ' BARBARA SUE BRADLEY Com erc1al Liberty, Indiana, Band l, 2 Chorus l 2 Student Council l Centerwille Bark Staff 4 Mortonian Staff 4 LEE COOK Academlc 3 ' V ar. i I K- PAUL A VAN MIDDLESWORTH Academic Noon League 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Junior Stand 3 Pictures Not Avallable MAXINE ALLEN Commercial WILLIAM ROBERT MILLER General Noon League 2,3,6 Junior Stand 3 JERRY F MIX Band 1,2,3,h Chorus 1 2 General 3,4 Junmor Play 3 4-H l Junior Stand 3 2 Y Teens 4 Bible Club , Block 'Cn , Ayiaga j V Q 1 1 S S . S 9 5 5 ' I S . . 1, 9 1- S -N , 9 . f . X A 194. 4 J., - Q. ,x ' '- ,X'v-, 35? 15 ,7 . LMQ.. 2d,it? . Ai' 5 n 9 I S 5 9 0 5 ' Q 4' ' 4. . . - ' nt ' S Q S . CLASS HISTDRV FRESH EN we started our first year LH high school with the usual teasing from the upperclassmen and by electlng our officers who were President, David Pentecost, Vice President, Gordon Dickerson, Secretary, Russell Lehman, Treasurer, Denny Jones, Reporter, Don Widau We elected Terry Moelk, Ruth Ann Smelser, Denny Jones, and Mary E Johnson to represent our class in the Student Council Our Freshman cheerleaders were Mary Ann Resh, Sue Spraker, and Shirley Pennington We held the usual number of dances and, as a wonderful clrmax to our Fresh an year, won the E C C Freshman Tourney SOPHOMORES we bleezed Lnto our Sophomore year full of vrm and vigor and w1th a bit more confidence than we had Ln our first year Our officers lor thxs year were Presldent, Jlm Loudy V1ce President, Gordon Dxckerson Secretary Denny Jones Treasurer Russell Leh an Reporter Don Wxdau The Student Councll members were Denny Jones, Terry Moelk Curt Faucett and Mary Johnson We had our regular quota of dances and also sponsored the class tourney and had a dance afterwards called the 'Tourney Trotu whlch ended our Sophomore actlvitles JUNIORS We rushed into our Junior year readv to meet all problems and ready to go to work makrng money for our 8CClV1t1ES and for our Senior trxp Our officers were President, Ruth Ann Smelser Vice President Don Wldau Secretary Sharon Botsford Treasurer, Denny Jones Reporter, Mary E John son Our members of the Student Councll were Ruth Ann Smelser Don Wldau, Denny Jones, and June Ann Hartman To raise money we sold magazrne subscriptlons, held a smorgasbord, and sponsored the usual number of dances All were great successes Instead of tne usual one Junlor play, oul class presented two shorter plays entitled 'S1tters in Revolt' and nLeave It to Joe Thls year we were the proud w1nner of the Boys' Class Tourney To end our year we sponsored the JUHIOY and Senlor Banquet at the MaGaw Room at the Y W C A SENIORS Finally, the year we had all been struggling for ca e. This was the year for fun and certainly lots of hard work for there are many activities in the Senior year We elected for our officers President, Ruth Ann Smelser, Vice President, Don Widau Secretary, Sharon Botsford Treasurer, Denny Jones, Reporter, Sue Spraker. Our representatives to the Student Council were Ruth Ann Smelser, Don Widau, Denny Jones, and Rosalie Crocker We sponsored two dances nThe Senlor Swirln and UThe Senior Soc Roc The Senior play was entitled uMeet Corliss Archer.H We were able to leave in a blaze of glory by again winning the Boys' Class Tourney We certainly felt that our Senior year was the best year we ve ever had Seated Sharon Botsford, Secretary Standing Denny Jones, Treasurer Don Widau, Vice President Ruth Ann Smelser, President Sue Spraker, Reporter . . . . I I I I 1 ,C .su - . ' : g 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - , . . . . . : 5 ' - ' - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 . . . . . Q 1- 1 u -. , . , . ...- a I . . ' 1 a ' s . - II Q . I q . . . naps f eniors "QA Q-. fe " ' .lug l -J A xv-1 ff . , - f, Q' '1 .' 4 . f H ,p I ' f' ' M, 3 Y. . ' .1 -Q 'Q - Q, Q' . -'JM ' ' ..- , :si ww?-f ' ' 'gl 3!5""N' ' ' 2 lr ' , 'sf - - I c. ni if X , '4 897' uh, 'awash ' ' -Xgnunlf K 1 l 5 , - ,fr rf' . E i gt: .' Spiga 'A '3. iQ' -9. fl -.., v 'W 5' ...',.'. A ' + gifs 'EEL ,, , 5 .r wa v ..1!'i :Q-Qmzqia? An' . ""Y'f7' fa- 6 J? I A UNDERCLASSVIEN I Junior Sharon Applegeet f 'T Pictures Not Available: Janice Ellison Judy McClain Alan McClain .Xl -f"' fr i , OFFICERS: Seated: Richard Rau-Pres., Mary Ruth Renschler-Sec. Standing: Jay Druley-Treas., David Lakamp-Rep., Chuck Sauser-Vice Pres 51 'W '21, pax, , ,4v' J wr A ,X firm. Lawanna Baker Gary Bedell Connie Bender Larry Burdetr Marge Cihlar Okie Clay yvymfusf ff "L" e'AA 0 , U- I ni IQR 1 -::: 1:5 o '- -a : Q "' - ' ,,'-0 I J " ' df ff Nh' - A M T Uk at . wk 'F' "5 ...- . 'f' ' .w,:L, t kfeav ' I gf' N sg. fqigi Joan Cornell Jack Cox Paul Cox Jay Druley Betty Evertt 'Dv' 19' bl' fr-rN Q Jack Frame Q 1 'D 41, of- gdf' 5 , C I td, 65m lvlii Janet Booher Daisy Collins 'x 1l5g K1 .,, U new-4 ' Terry Dale Mark Frame 3 C, A 'vw' i.g...,-. X Til IF? - 1 -,,- 1 ,fl Mary Ann Bradley Yvonna Cormican Yi", F., I . ILC, ry J l - A "" nn. 3 1 ifix 474- A Pat Daniel . Karen Glynt ,2, ,I , "I, 'jgfjiljgf'-,f-,ff.Cq3, L iii' lik 1 91. G. 'f 3: gh I it 3- . -, i - X t ,.,- 1 'P 'P -.-.-l- WH 1 xx 'S l"'s -mir K f , "L4l L Q ' vfoffu. S-4 '-- ' t ' Ronnie Hahn 7E2?TTgznaofton Sue Hubbard Ta ones David Lakamp Delcie Lakes Linda Lich enfels A a Lohman 4 . 'f f' "' 1 ' ,, l.. PS ' JI' jgp V- 45 "N 1 - - "' , '? -55 -,. qjf' " T. l " N'-rv 1 1--4 "" ' 'I' if ' . G'-5 Y 4 i sf f'7..i5 Y S 7 f P ,'1'5V' 'F 59 in if H f 'P :Z f- --' -- D 'f it 1 - ' J m -1 .A ' 'nfl 2 ' I Elwgod M1115 Moore Judy Parker David Petty Mary Ruth Renschler m y R h Edith Rhoades ,Jim kgbhlne fd 11 W.. M . far. of ffffw ' J 6 li 1' . 'Q 1 . ' -Y 1 'f tvrv' X 'I.."" IHPX v1l" Pat Smith s M A X 2, if Q W' 'T far' ur-r - L Q...- Duane Smoker Marti Walton ' CQ Claude Soper Dick williams 'su,,, we 'Q' L...- i 'Q 3 Us isbn Russell Study I X.- 'Q f JZ. ' sgty Qhytk Joyce Mart .Rx 0' 1 lb I ,'-qgxa , ,-.1 UML Richard Rau Chuck Sauser 'XX' rn ,L Y' 'aff-' uf . Ruth Ann Marcia Woolard opllomore P009 Mm Y sfilb' R-3' First Raw Cleft to righth: Eyran O'Bayley, Nendell Wadsworth, Eddie Palmer, Kent Fudge, Jerry Pruitt, Buddy Phillips, James Ernest Wilson, Dave Williams. Sharon Burner, Carolyn Dale, Mary Morris, Mary Ruth Riley, Holmes, Marilyn Chamnes, Sue Nancy Staats, Losha Usher, Sandra Piatt, Jane Kinney, Linda Kidwell, Donna Frame, Linda Pate, Saundra Johnson, Billy York, Michael Mulroony. Third Row: McClain, Sue Abel, Jewel Duggan, Betty Fourth Row: Cletus Toschlcg, Harold Routson, Darrell Hancock, Jim Albert Crccetti, Fred Harvey, Larry Dillman, Robert Horner, Dick Bailey, Joe Darrah, Absent when picture was taken: Robert Edwards. QFFICERSI Seated Qleft to rightb. Sue NcClai:, Vice Fresident: Kather- ine Holmes, President, Sue Abel, Secretary. Standing: Howard Bailey, Reporter: Sharon Furner, Treasurer. S I ,,,, I MPH! Nills, Jerry Brown, Charles Crawford, Clyde Pennington, Steve Kas n, Second Row: Dovin Coffey, Billie Smith, Donna Andrews, Wilma Gard, Jean Cornell, Sandra Snyder Robyn Stockton, Katherine Smith, Mary Ellen Jenkins, Sue Bousman, Donna Bradley. Mustin, Raymond Dickerson, Ramey, Ray Druley, Howard -ve "Li, Ml F5 . H V -M Fre hme 1-A - - .hh A 0'f"f'SnTf'2n X ,F ,L' AM! fC'.l ' " First Row Cleft to rightjz David Eshleman, Gary Spraker, Denny Poe, Johnny Eden, T mmy Palmer. Second Row: Roger Allen, Albert Nicoletta, Larry Brown, Charles Weiss, Michael Smith, Barry Brown, Tim McGraw, Larry Wickersham, Alan Patrick, Terry Dudas, Thomas Baker, James Catton, Ronnie Moore, Michael Rhoades, Phillip Ford. Third Row: Rebecca Klein, Suzanna Juday, Freida Collins, Carolyn Eliason, Janis Cornell, Dinah Sarver, Sue Jennings, Elizabeth Tice, Judy Knott, Patty Mctter, Betty Kinder, Virginia Parshall, Madeline Minnix, Sherrie Faucett, Terry Trotter, Ann Delhagen, Peggy Rhoades, Patty Snyder. Fourth Row: Martha Lind, Nina Reynolds, Beverly House, Carol Grimme, Alicia Bromagen, Pat Henderson, Betty Mathews, Karen Dunlap, Martha Everett, Joan Stockton, Maurine Good, Carole Kinder, Iris McClure, Nancy Brown, Sarah Ramey, Karen Black, Helen Martin, Carolyn Hawxins, Florence Cihlar. Fifth Row: Donald Hartman, Robert Jefferson, Danny Kindley, Robert Soper, Darrell Leremore, Donald Roberts, Sam Bender, James Pike, Ted Clemmons, Morris Needles, Curt Jones, Bruce McClain, John Sauser, Douglas Van Middlesworth, Jack Tidrow, Robert DuVall, Fred Roehler. OFFICERS! Seated in front: Kay Cornell, Treasurer. Left to right: Carolyn Eliason, Vice President, Sherrie Faucett, Secretary, Ronnie , Moore, President, Carolyn Hawkins, Reporter. 1 53 ' i ' Gr --.Nl , A f ?UY'ii1' 'QU'WmfWl'lU'E?f- A 5 iirade8 h h h 1- ,J.. -f-E - 4 Qin- r '-L' PLL 'PF aflfn First Row Qleft to rightjg David Tieman, Earl Davis, Ronnie Smith, Charles Van Sickle, Terry Allman, Harold Frame, Sidney Cox, Gregory Armstrong, Jerry Catron, Mike Hawisher, Roy Smoker. Second Row: Bradley Botsford, James Mulroony, David Van Camp, Donald Bowles, Judy Roberts, Carolyn May, Susie Ooyevaar, Janice Knott, Peggy Nuss, Ann Hussey, Thelma Frame, Martha Bradley, Diana Williams, Tom Stikeleather, David Kempton, John Gulde, Melvin House, Walt Lake, Paul RoHmns. Third Row: Karen Boomershine, Linda Burris, Polly Pulver, Susie McDaniel, Myrna Linginfelter, Pat Regnier, Judy Curts, Patty Moore, Sara Sue Halley, Rosemary Wilkinson, Janet Daniel, Phyllis Clem ons Susan Holmes, Janice Schneider, Linda Kay, Janet Lamb, Vivan Crocetti, Marian Coates, Joan Routson. Fourth Row: Darwin Andrews, Robert Baxter, Ronnie Carey, David Anderson, Joe Swager, Billy Pruitt, Larry Lawhorn, Gary Houston, Tim Nusa, Mickey Melvin, Ross Rhinehart, Grover Castle, Edward John, Gary Darnell, David Catron, Bill Usher, David Mabe, Lowell Morris, Ronnie Kinder, Jim Good. OFFICERS: Cleft to rightjz Myrna Linginfelter, Reporter, Patty Moore, Secretary, Daryl Renschler, President, Eddie John, Treasurer, Gregory Arm- strong, Vice President. , 3: f fl' P' MW, xZ'jjW? ., x EQEQLQ 3 0 6 lf Grade Q-n-mw,nfM F 1 I fdix li!'E,S?i?LxL,. W Q A65 lst: EEF'-3 v N A rw 0 5 A -xi First Row Qleft to rightb: Dickie Hobbs, John Dawes, Johnnie Rau, Ronnie Razor, Stephen Love, Mike Snyder, Ronnie Helms, James Davis, Larry Moore, Larry Jenkins, Robert Tubesing. Second Row: Dickie Bush, Gary Fudge, Denny McClain, Denny McGraw, T m Kinder, Daryl Moore, David Tom, Charles Reynolds, Freddie Trusler, Ronnie Roehler, David Allen, Ronnie wright, Larry Blunk. Third Row: Bonnie Spraker, Debbie Swager, Rita Baxter, Diana Dean, Loretta Lamb, Sharon Rice, Ann Smith, Charlotte Huffine, Patty Catron, Sherry Bennett, JoAnn Telfair, Linda Jennings, Virginia Cox, Linda O'Bayley, Carol Maines. Fourth Row: June Hampton, Carolyn McKinney, Donna Eliason, Diana Dale, Janice Chappell, Judy Lind, Reba Jones, Janice Mathews, Mary English, Claudia Pennington, Melintha Fowler, Laura Faber, Delores Scott, Donna Henderson. Fifth Row: Penny Perry, Janie Pike, Mary Ann Wedding, Sharon Hawkins, David Mix, Mark Hahn, Robert Wilson, Karl Wisecup, Duane Hamilton, Frankie Darrah, Ray Leak, Lloyd Fording, Willie Moore, Lowell Chenoweth, Lester Owens. Absent when picture was taken: Robert Dietemeyer, Marcia Knott, Logan Trent, Roy Tubesing, Mary Veach. OFFICERS: Cleft to rightlz Melintha Fowler, Secretary, Diana Dean, Reporter, Donna Eliason, Vice President: Ro- bert Uilson, President. X fjg . 5 6 - Y g X av' : . 2,f'.! f . X ,fig f fJI2!,'i3 " f fl I P I T' X31 K-1 I I . I 1 1h .,x s F K s P- F 1 ff, We -Q , 2 -er W 9,552 SPORTS kl- TARRY JONES DON WIDAU DENNIS JENKINS Junior Senior Senior Center Forward Forward Centerville Straughn 36 Centerville 72 Union Twp. I Centerville Greensfork Winchester Centerville Centerville Spiceland Centerville Milton Centerville Farmland Centerville Middletown Centerville Boston Centerville Knightstown Centerville Webster Centerville Williamsburg Union City Centerville Centerville Liberty EA Centerville Cambridge City Centerville Brookville Centerville Lynn Miagerstown Centerville EMGERSTOWN TOURNEY Centerville Union City 56 Centerville Hagerstown SECTIONAL TOURNEY Centerville Greensfork 48 fCenterville Fountain City Richmond 65 Centerville W Overtime Game CHUCK SAUSER RUSSELL STUDY DAVE LAKAM Junior Junior Junior Guard Guard Forward GORDON DICKERSON DENNY JONES Senior Senior Guard Guard HARD WORK AND RESPECT In his first full year as head coach at Centerville, Cliff Swim Cpictured at rightj gained the respect that he so justly de- served. Cliff believes in the theory, nTo do your best in ath- letic competition, you must be in your top physical oondition.U Much of the credit for our team's fine record should gc to Cliff for keeping the boys in a good mental, as well as physical, condition. On the other hand, however, you can't take any credit away from the boys who made up our fine team. As a member of that team, I can honestly say that every boy on the team, even down to the last man on the bench, gave it everything he had all year. Our team had a season record of which they should be very proud--19 wins and only 4 defeats. One of those setbacks came in the final game of the sectional when Rich ond's Red Devils bested the Bulldogs 65 to 52. --Gordon Dickerson P.S. The students of C.H.S. wish to thank you--the coach and the team--for a job well done. GARY BEDELL CLYDE PENNINGTON Junior Sohpomore Guard Guard CLAUDE SOPER Junior Center LARRY BURDETTE Junior Student Manager ,,., .-e 'Ltr , ,, ,, ff , I Z I I . ' 1 Mix X Cheerleaders Left to right: Pat Smith Jim Resh Ruth Ann CRuddiej Trusler 1" f G Slew- X 2 'ur 6 -J 'xi' is L J Cf " " Team First Row Cleft to rightjz Ronnie Hahn, Larry Dillman, Albert Crocetti, Robert Horner, Harold Routson, Buddy Phillips, Fred Roeh- ler. Second Row: Jack Cox- Student Manager, Cletus Toschlog, Dave Williams, Jay Druley, Ray Druley, Fred Harvey, Mr. Clifford Swim--Coach. "B" Team Schedule Union Twp. Centerville Milton Centerville Knightstown Centerville Liberty Centerville Centerville Straughn 30 Centerville Centerville Greensfork 38 Centerville Uinchester Centerville 36 Spiceland Centerville Farmland 42 Centerville Middletown Centerville 36 Boston Centerville Centerville 32 Webster Williamsburg Union City 36 Centerville Centerville Cambridge City 70 Centerville BrookvLl'e fLynn Ll Centerville Hagerstawn TEAM TOURNEY i Overtime Game Lewisville bl Centerville 36 sl . . y p... J Cross- Country First Row Qleft to rightjz Buddy Phillips, Russell Study-Student Manager, Jar- ry Burdette, Dave Lakamp, Fred Phillips. Second Row: Paul Willia s, Jim Robbins, Don widau, Dennis Jenkins, Bill Mathews, Mr. Gerald Swim--Coach. Absent when picture was taken: Ronnie Moore, Richard Rau, Harold Routson. olleyball First Row Cleft to right, Russell Study Student Manager, Gerald Swim- Coach, Dennis Jenkins, Ronnie Hahn, Dave Lakamp, Tarty Jones, Cliff Swim- Coach Second Row Chuck Sauser, Gary Bedell, Don Widau, Richard Rau, Denny Jones, Claude Soper, Bill Mathews Absent when picture was taken Gordon Dickerson First Row Cleft to rightj Cliff Sw1m- Coach, Russell Study Student Manager, Gerald Swim- Coach, Dennis Jenkins, Ronnie Hahn, Dave Lakamp, Paul Williams, Buddie Phillips Second Row Tom Baker, Fred Phlllips, Jim Robbins, Don Widau, Richard Rau, Tarry Jones, Dave Williams, Bob Horner Third Row Ted Clemmons, Steve Kassen, Clyde Pennington, Claude Soper, Denny Jones, Bill Mathews, Byron 0'Bayley, Harold Routson Fourth Row Curt Jones, Larry Brown, Raymond Dickerson, Don Hartman, Bruce McClain, Jim Catton Charles Weiss, Albert Crocetti F3 . N- . . i......-......-a......--..-..-...g ... 1. " .... .. ........q.xa . ' ., . . ,. W V ' ....-...P H . -7- ..-N-...--... .. - f- A f aw..-.M - I v , , 1, - X . f ' qu Q 0 ' 0 f . 9 . U : ' Q -Q an . u . o . Q . 0 Q s 0 Baseball ...alll 4, .a K' -P 5 First Row Cleft to rightj Gordon Dickerson pitcher, Bob DuVall outfield, Kent Fudge outfield, Claude Soper catcher, Russell Study Student Manager, Bob Soper second base, Chuck Sauser out field, Dave Williams outfield Second Row Cliff Swim- Coach, Denny Jones outfield, Kenny Stough outfield, Ronnie Hahn third base, Russell Lehman outfield, Jaj Druley shortstop, Ray Druley second base, Gary Bedell catcher and pitcher Absent when picture was taken Clyde Pennington first base, Fred Harvey outfield Denny CZekeJ Jones BASEBALL RECORD E C C Ping Pong Champlon X Centervllle Centerv1lle Centerv1lle Greensfork Centervllle Centerville Centerv1lle Centervllle Will1amsburg Play off Milton Boston Webster Centerville Whitewater Wllliamsburg Economy Fountaln Clty Game Centerville Centerville and Williamsburg ended the baseball season in a tie for first place Each club held season marks of 7 and l A play off game was set to decide the winner of the Wayne County Conference Williams burg came from behind in the contest to edge out the C H S nine 4 to 3 in the last Lnning At the end of the season trophies were awarded to Claude Soper and Herm Le man. Claude Soper re- ceived his award by leading his team in batting with an average of .546, and Herm Lehman received the team's Mental Attitude Trophy. L. ' ' ' n 1 I a N X I' -S ! X , 'L ' Q u 4 W I ' K ' A , H 1 : tj J t N V . 1,5 , -- . D'-W as-' .7 ' ' 2 -,frffi 'F' .. . . 0 ' lO 2 ' , ' Q 2 ' up ,A W ' 7 5 C ,4, 'pri 8 a ,Q W ' ' 9 . 3 sip ,V 9 ' 3 svelg ,gf ' lO 1 . A . J. 2 lr .iq if ' 4 3 9 COACH GERALD SWIM Mr. Gerald Swim coached two basket- ball teams--the Freshman and Junior High--for Centerville this year and did a wonderful job. Thi-S WHS his first year of teaching and coaching, and we were proud to have him as one of the members of the faculty. Freshman Team Left to right: Terry Dudas, Ronnie Moore, Jack Tidrow, Douglas Van Middlesworth, Bob Soper, Nick Nicholetta CStudent Managerj, Ted Clemmons, Jim Pike, Sam Bender, Don Hartman, Tom Baker, Jim Catronr -T.-"L jggp ',,.'- ,- 2:1 1' ,.: v.',.f,5 r ve'5-f-.- .. - - -.- .-5 fr -V"c-ff:7 "-::" ' '..,!4"f'-. -' -3,1--,fm .L -- A . , .-I Jr. High Team Left Row Qupj: David Van Camp, Gary Fudge, Bill Pruitt, Tim Nuss, Daryl Renschlcr, Ross Rhine- hart, Lloyd Fording. Center: Larry Moore, Stu- dent Manager. Right Row Cupj: Tom Kinder, Fred Trusler, Walt Lakes, Mark Hahn, Duane Hamilton, Ronnie Kinder, Jim Good. Absent when picture was taken: Terry Allman. ACTIVITIES CAN., Rirst Row Cleft to rightjf Sue Abel-- 4? 6, Secretary, Denny Jones--President, Sharon M4 15 Botsford. Second Row: Carolyn Eliason, 5 2 Judy Moore, Susan Johnson, Carolyn McKin- Q 5 Hey: Thi-rd ROW: Greg Armstrong, Mrs. l'ocR0S Hamilton--Sponsor, Linda Lichtenfels, Ros- alie Crocker, Ruth Ann Smelser. Fourth Row: Ray Druley, Don Widau, Gordon Dick- erson, Jay Druley. Absent when picture was taken: Jerry Winters, Kenny Bose, Alan Patrick, Richard Rau--Treasurer. The Junior Red Cross has had a very interesting year. we made quite a lot of money on the basket- ball schedule ads, and thc annual Senior Red Cross drive and filling of overszas hwxes wtzc also on the agenda. At Christmas we presented entertain- ment to the Kayne County Home. It was voted unan- imously to appropriate S80 to the Hungarian Relief Fund and the remainder of our funds to Richard Rau who has been chosen to go to Europe this summer. This year the Student Council put up two boards for the basketball players' names in the gym and sponsored a sock-hop. We also helped the Speech Department finance the new tape recorder and clean- ed up the school premises for the Music Contest. 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 y I ' . f ' 2 ' ' 3 ' , I ' 5 I y l 1 frfwlf ff 4 ? Student Council First Row Cleft to rightjg Connie Bender--Vice President, Ruth Ann Smelser--President, Don Widau- Reporter. Second Row: Virginia Parshall, Carol Maines, Carolyn McKinney, Iris McClure, bmurine Good, Sue McDaniels, Janet Daniel, Greg Armstrong. Third Row: Mr. Outland--Sponsor, Sue Abel, Katherine Holmes, Ronnie Wickersham, Ray Druley, Jay Druley, Denny Jones, Rosalie Crocker, Mrs. Hamilton--Sponsor. Absent when picture was taken: Carol Kinder, Harold Routson, Richard Rau-- Secretary-Treasurer. First Row Cleft to rightj: Mary Morris -- Publicity Chairman, Tom Stikeleather -- Welcoming Committee. Second Row: Pat Smith -- President, Linda Lichtenfels -- Reporter, Mary Ruth Riley -- Secretary. Third Row: Kathy Holmes--Prayer Chairman, Judy McClain -- Vice President. Fourth Row: Sue Spraker -- Treasurer, Mr. Gerald Swim--Sponsor, Sue Abe1--Wel- coming Committee. The newly organized Bible Club held its first meeting January 18, 1957. There was always a fine program planned, and each meeting was well attended. Since all junior high and high school students were invited to attend the meetings, only the officers and co mittee members of the club are pictured at the right. The Varsity HCM Club was newly organized this year. Its purpose is to create sportsmanship among athletes and to develop foster relations among the participants and all parties involved. Our activities this year included a bake sale and a sport dance. CI U C b Q-1 E7 Y. X 5 , e 4 P UCPSII9 Lp UIUU First Row: Cleft to rightj Cliff Swim--Sponsor, Denny Jones--President, Don Widau--Secretary, Russell Lehman--Vice President, Paul Williams--Treasurer, Fudge, Chuck Sauser, Larry Burdette, Jay Druley, Stephen Row: Buddy Phillips, Jim Robbins, Ronnie Hah , Bill Fourth Row: Tarty Jones. Fred Phillips, Dennis Jenkins. Dave Williams. Absent when picture was taken: Jack Cox, Rau, Harold Routson. Gerald Swim--Sponsor. Second Row: Kent Kinder, Kenny Stough, Ray Druley. Third Mathews, Claude Soper, Gordon Dickerson. Russell Study, Dave Lakamp, Gary Bedsll, Ronnie Moore, Clyde Pennington, Richard 3 nsnnnnsu-1.-'uma-.B-.uiwf-1 .,..., . . , V- -. -..,.,,.,. ,... + . 8 ff"kN by E JF 1 4, , tg, ' .,-. .. - r .Q I' X ' I ,J -gl V 1 Ek lg, ,,, 1 : mggw 2 W Y N X I, I ' we-Z C Q , , 1":443'5f"P'f T . C t -refiifgf ' -tc" Q Q., , , B ya lg ' C if l'3e,a:-535, it .34 I N ' - ' , ' f ' Va' E H 3 s x,h by 1: yvryw, WN, xr , .,fEg!!!' Jr. it Q ,qi lb! 5 gift:-Q ,l- t i iflhh 1umxl:I:'r Y be - ge, T -1-ff T .X S x x D , A . , Y I' Hx . nxvibt .sl YA AVI .K First Row Cleft to rightjg Ruth Ann Smelser, Lee Cook, June Ann Hartman, Sharon Botsford. Second Row: Carolyn Eliason, Carol Kinder, Karen Boomershine, Donna Eliason, Carol Maines, Rosalie Crocker, Ruddie Trusler. Third Row: Joan Telfair, Beverly House, Patty Motter, Sally Runion. Fourth Row: Susie Smith, Marcia Smoker, Gary Van Middlesworth, Marcia Woolard, Carolyn McKinney, Sheila Jones, Sara Sue Haley, Pat Smith, Connie Bender, Mary Ann Bradley, Morris Needles. Stand- ing: Robert Baxter, Maurine Good, Edward John, Judy Vance, Daisy Collins, Iris McClure, Henry Fornoif--Director. First Row Qleft to rightjg Marguerite wedding, Donna Eliason, Carolyn McKinney, Madeline Minnix, Terry Trotter, Carol Kinder, Judy Knott, Sherrie Faucett. Second Row: Freida Collins, Lee Cook, Carol Bousman, Marti Walton, Judy Moore, Polly Pulver, Virginia Parshall, Joan Stockton. Third Row: Ruth Ann Smelser, Daisy Collins, Judy Vance, Sue Hubbard, Donna Ludwig, Pat Smith, Mary Ruth Renschler, Shirley Pennington. Absent when picture was taken: Melintha Fowler, Judy Curts, Maurine Good, Susan Johnson, Stella Benge. OFU fl... KN 4 1 part 93.5 C.:-i.E3. Left to right: Linda Lichtenfels--Co-Editor, Miss Freeman--Advisor, Mr. McKinney--Advisor, Connie Bender--Art Editor, Margie Cihlar--Feature Editor, Claude Soper--Sports Editor, Judy Wissler--Co- Editor, Pat Daniel--Sports Editor, Marilyn Holton--Class News, Yvonna Cormican--Feature Editor, Daisy Collins--Feature Editor, Ruddie Trusler--Co-Editor, Marilyn Rusk--Circulaters, Mary Ruth Renschler--Art Editor, Fat Kay--Feature Editor, Edith Rhoades--Feature Editor c YU-2 l JAQWMHI fr we -W. tix ily? Seated Qleft to rightjz Ruth Ann Smelser--Co-Editor, Sharon Botsford--Co-Editor. Second Row Mrs. Hamilton--Advisor, June Ann Hartman--Production, Sue Spraker--Art Editor, Rosalie Crocker Production, Ethel Hughes--Production, Barbara Bradley--Circulation, Mary Carolyn Johnston--Produc tion. Third Row: Denny Jones--Business Manager, Gordon Dickerson--Sports Editor, Paul Williams Circulation, Don Widau--Circulation if ll l H115 Mg . '. Senior :f'3 Y-Teens SENIOR Y-TEENS First Row Cleft to rightjz Rud- JUNIOR y-TEEN5 die Trusler, Marilyn Holton, Susan Johnson--Chaplain, Donna Ludwig--Joint President, Marcia Wollard--Treasurer, Linda Lichten- fels--Reporter, Mary Ruth Renschler-- Secretary, Judy Wissler--Joint Vice President, Sue Spraker--President, Marti Walton--Vice President, Lee Cook, Snaron Botsford, Sharon Applegeet. Sec- ond Row: Delcie Lakes, Janice Howell, Margie Cihlar, Judy Moore, Pat Viars, Ann Harvey, Daisy Collins, Connie Bender, Patty Kay, Joan Cornell, Janet Booher. Third Row: First Row Cleft to rightjz Frei- da Collins--Vice President, Caro- lyn Eliason -- Reporter, Nancy Staats--Treasurer, Sue Abel--Chap- Kathy lain, Sue McClain--President, Holmes--Joint Secretary, Maurine Good --Joint Reporter, Sherrie Faucett-- Secretary, Virginia Parshall -- Joint Treasurer. Second Row: Mary Morris, Peggy Rhoades, Iris McClure, Nancy Brown, Rebecca Klein, Patty Motter, Ann Delhagen, Sharon Burner, Kay Cornell, Mary Ruth Mrs, Ham11gon--gp0nSor, Ethel Hughes, Mary Riley. Third Row: Losha Usher, Joan Stock- Carolyn Johnston, Judy McClain, Rosalie Crock- tone Carol Kinder, Jane KinneYa Carolyn Haw' er, Shirley Pennington, Ruth Ann Smelser, Karen kinsn Beverly House, Donna Andrews. Wilma Glunt, Judy Vance, Mary Ann Bradley, Pat Daniel, Gard, Karen Black. Caf01Yn Dale- Mrs. Kidney--Snonsor. Absent when picture was taken: Sue Hubbard. Junior Y-Teens i gs 2 5 5 I ? L 5 l E 7 V 4 n .ex F. F. A. J Z: 'lun T.-,fi X 9 'xt i A 9. First Row Cleft to rightjz Jon Love--Treasurer, Jim Eliason--Vice President, Don Widau--President, Elwood Mills--Secretary, Sharon Botsford--Chapter Sweetheart, Duane Smoker--Sentinel, Jim Mills-- Reporter, Jack Cox, Mr. Paul Wittman -- Sponsor. Second Row: Mike Rhoades, Curt Jones, Bill Mathews, Bob May, Dave Pentecost, Joe Darrah, Russell Study, Dick Kidwell. Third Row: Dave Petty, Dave Lakamp, Charles Weiss, Dennis Jenkins, Harold Routson, Cletus Toschlog, Jerry Winters, Mark Frame, Fred Harvey, Gary Spraker, Bill York. Absent when picture was taken: Dick Ramey. Activities Review BAND and CHORUS This spring a first division rating fsuperiorj was awarded the Centerville High School Band for the thirteenth consecutive year. This makes the fifteenth first division rating the band has won in the last 16 contests. The Centerville Chorus also won a first division rating in this spring's contest, making it the third first place the chorus has won out of the last five contests. For their first place ratings the band and chorus both received a plaque which carries a polished metal plate on which the name of the school and the year is engraved, and each member of the band and chorus received a medal. Y-TEENS This year was the starting point for Y-Teens in C. H. Sl The two clubs, the Junior and Senior Y- Teens Clubs, were formed by dividing the four grades of high school into two groups, and with the help of our three sponsors--Mrs. Rose Hamilton, Mrs. Elmer Kidney, and Mrs. Robert Brown--the pro- gram of the two clubs was very interesting and full of activities. First, the Joint Y-Teens held a New Year's Eve dance called HThe Last Leap.H A bake sale collected S61 for the senior club, and then a successful potato chip campaign grossed S94 for the Joint Y-Teens. We are all hoping that next year's club will be as successful as this year's. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F. F. A. is a large and active organization of C. H. sl Four judging team9--ghe livestock, poultry, grain, and forestry teams--went to the District Judging Contest and did 5 cqunendable job. The other teams in which the group participated were the dairy and the soil judging tea s in which we missed winning by a small margin. Twenty acres of corn were planted by the boys, and delegates were sent to the INDIANA F. F. A. CONVENTION. zu-sq, Cafeteria First Row Cleft to rightj: Denny Jones, Mrs. Jones, Rachel Darrah, Janice Ellison, Virginia Cox, Janet Booher, Charlotte Huffine, Patty Snyder, Mike Tubesing, Robert Tubesing, Tom Stikeleather, Terry Allman, Patty Catron, Marguerite Wedding, Thelma Frame. Second Row: Mrs. Shawhan, Don widau, Jim Resh, Sharon Hawkins, Judy Moore, Marie Morris, Reba Jones, Sara Sue Haley, Pat Moore, Robert wilson, Frank Darrah, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Darrah. Third Row: Dennis Jenkins, Dick Kidwell, Margie Cihlar, Bill Mathews, Karen Black, Losha Usher, Nancy Staats, Mary Jane Veach, Claudia Pennington, Donna Henderson, Daisy Collins, David Catton. Absent when picture was takene Miss Glunt--Home Economics teacher. 7... 159' ' Left to right: Mr. Hubert French, Mr. Myron Goodwin, Mr. Alvin Kramer, Mr. RAY Manger, Hr. Ray Linginfelter, Mr. Wilbur West, Mr. Gail Warner, Mr. Wayne Thvm-HB, Custodians Left te right: Mr. Wayne Themes, Mrs. Ralph winters, Mr. Wilbur west, M s. Heuie Shawhan, Mr. Julian George. Absent when picture was taken: Mr. Herbert Hedges. Bus Drivers Mr. Paul Wittman. Absent when picture was taken: Mr. Buff Ramey. Meet Corliss Archer fn H 4' er es' 'V' xi X .X P ,Q G? ff I P Senior Play Cast. First Row Qleft to rightlz Shirley Pennington, Rosalie Crocker, Ruth Ann Smelser, Ann Harvey. Second Row: Donna Ludwig, Sue Spraker, Carole Bousman, Sharon Botsford. Third Row: Jerry Winters, David Pentecost, Bob May, Kenneth Bose, Paul Williams. CAST OF CHARACTERS Cin order of appearancej Corliss Archer, a teenager.......Sue Spraker Louise, the housekeeper...........Ann Harvey Mr. Archer, her father.... ....Kenneth Bose Mr. Franklin, Dexterk father..Dave Pentecost Paul Williams Mrs. Franklin, Dexter's mdzhen . .Sharon Botsford Mrs, Archer, her mother.....Ruth Ann Smelser Betty, another gir1friend....Rosalie Crocker Mildred, Corlissis friend.....Caro1e Bousman The Doctor from the ins. co... Jerry Winters Dexter, the boy next door.... .....Bob May A Nurse... ....Shir1ey Pennington Cousin Agnes.... ...Donna Ludwig Entertainment between Acts I and II was provided by June Ann Hartman, who played a piano solo, and entertainment between Acts II and III was provided by Rachel Darrah, who played a marimba solo. Hrgh School mam CE Mm Honor Chapel Senror Rachel Darrah Juniors Pat Daniel Mark Frame Karen Glunt Patricia Kay Delcie Lakes Jim Resh Marcia Woolard Sophomores Howard Barley Albert Crocettr hyDnne Byron O'Bayley Robert Horner Mike Mulroony Harold Routson Robyn Stockton Steve Kassen Freshmen Sam Bender Robert DuVall Carol Cri me Don Hartman Carolyn Hawkins Martha Lind Ir1s McClure Ronnie Moore Alan Patrick OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRL OUTSTANDING SENIOR BOY Ruth Ann Smelser Don Wldau JONES AWARDS st Ruth An. Smelser Senior Valedictorian nd Sue 5Pfakef tie for Senior Salutatorian rd June Ann Hartman D A R Ruth Ann Smelser ENGLISH AWARD Judy McCla1n ENGLISH AWARD Russell Lehman BAND SWEATERS Sharon Botsford Carole Bousman AWARD CHAPTER STAR FARMER CAFETERIA AWARDS Don Wldau GIRLS' STATE Connle Bender Judy Moore Judy Wissler FLAG AWARDS Dlana Dean Sharon Hawkxns Tom Klnder Duane Hamrlton Rachel Darrah Marre Morrls BOYS' STATE Jay Druley SCHOLAST C AWARDS Sharon Botsford Carole Bousman Rosalie Crocker June Ann Hartman Ruth Ann Smelser Lee Cook June Ann Hartman Dennis Jenkins Ruth Ann Smelser All other high school ALL SECTIONAL band student were TEAM eligible to receive Tarry Jones Sue Spraker Unfortunately, the list of the other high school stu dents who received these awards was lost PQSSY Ellen Rhoades band letters Dennis Jenkins Gary Spraker Elizabeth Tice E C C TEAM Douglas Van Middlesworth NOON LEAGUE ACTIVITIES Charles Weiss 8th Grade Darwin Andrews Linda Burris Janet Sue Danrel Gary Darnell Janet Lamb Tarry Jones Girls' Volleyball Spraker s Sparkplugs Boys' Basketball Van s Team TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT SPORT AWARDS Basketball WDEHHLS Jenklns WDon Widau WDenny Jones fGordon Dlckerson Tarry Jones Claude Soper Chuck Sauser Russell Study Gary Bedell Dave Lakamp Baseball fGordon Dickerson fRusse1l Lehman WK ny Stougb fDenny Jones Claude Soper kyDndq Ronnie Hahn Chuck Sauser Gary Bedell Clyde Pennington Ray Druley Dave W1ll1ams Track WDennis Jenkins WDon Widau WPaul Nrlliams fDenny Jones WFreddy Phrllips Tarry Jones Dave Lakamp Steve Kassen Clyde Penn1ngton Buddy Philllps Harold Routson Cross Country +Dennis Jenkins fDon Widau +Pa l Wrlliams WB1ll Mathews +Fred Ph llips Kenny Bose, a classmate RO NIE HAHN Myrna L1nginfelter David Mabe Mickey Melvin Lowell Morris Peggy Nuss Billy Pruitt Ross Rhinehart Joan Routson Ronnie Smrth Laurence W1ll1ams 7th Grade oys S1ngles Girls' Singles Boys Doubles Girls' Doubles Boys Singles Girls' Singles Boys Doubles G1rls' Doubles Lowell Chenowerh Charlotte Huffine Denny Jones CE C C Championj Joan Stockton Bob Soper and Ronnie Hahn No Tournament Buddy Phillips Jim Robb1ns Dave Lak mp Junior High i denotes Seniors Mark Hahn Joan Telfair Mark Hahn and Ronnie Roehlcr Bonnre Spraker and Carol Malnes In MemOfl3m Diana Dale Frank Darrah Jim Davrs John Dawes Donna Eliason Laura Faber Lloyd Fording Gary Fudge Duane Hamilton Sharon Hawkins Larry Jenkins Dennis McGraw Carol Maines Janice Mathews Bonnie Spraker David Love Marguarite Weddmng Robert Wilson Karl Wisecup of ours, moved to Florida in December of 1956 and returned in the spring to graduate with us. Since he was absent when the first part of this annual was completed, his pic- ture does not appear in the front with those of the other Seniors. a schoolmate of ours who lost his life in an automobrle ac cldent on May 27, 1957. Ronnie, who was well liked by all who knew him, was very active in school activities-- especially sportsg and he will long be remembered by us all. WWE ARE NUT DEAD UNTIL WE ARE FORGOTTEN.u 1 -- n -- ' 2 -- ---- 3 .- Y , - en. . Rosalie Crocker FREE THROW TROPHY , ' as ' " QQ ' . B ' ' -- . . . 1 ' It . ' QQ ' -nn , of Senior Trip fn 'Q ig nn' FWQL kkfgff G ' J JrfSr. Banque X X XA, !f -3',glP"4q i l'fI1f .7-. I X xlx z . ,x I 'I XX if .- A, .E2. Q2 xi? ,X ' , . ' V. . 9 .K - 6,35 I . , nf xxx -It Q i If? ms W h :I Ill EUUU lllll L I ll 'Ill r N E: Baccalaureate And Commencement 'el I I fl QL B A C C A L A U R E A T E S E R V I C E S Processional .... ................,.-. Graduates Patricia Smith--Accompanist Invocation HThe Heavens Are Tellingn... ...Beethoven uBoundless Mercyn ..................... Johnson High School Chorus--Henry Fornoff, Director Sermon: nYonder Is A Hilln...Donald McKinney HO' Rejoice Ye Christians Loudlyn ........ Bach nAmerica--Our Heritageh .......... . ...Steele High School Chorus Benediction ..... ... Rev. Donald McKinney Recessional .... . .... ..... Graduates C 0 M M E N C E M E N T P R O G R A M Music..................Centerville H. S. Band Henry Fornoff, Director Processional........................Graduates Invocation................Rev. Lyle Rasmussen Husicnonavoosooooonosoo-asuuoaoooounonoauBand Commencement Theme -- 4-H Pledge HI pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for myself, my commu ity, and my country.n nMental Courage and Physical Strengthu.. ........Sue Spraker UService Above Selfu... ...June Ann Hartman nwalk By Faith, Not By SightU....... ...Ruth Ann Smelser Husic........ Honor Awards Presentation Benediction.. Recessional.. MUBiCsosaoooo OllOOOOUlilll eananoaqoonsosB8nd of Senicrsasoooooousq Lo outland of Diplomas.........Victor Scott County Superintendent of Schools ouoooocooonanevo Donald McKinney OOO!!IIOOOODIOOOllllilicraduates O l0lOlOlBand Q -i-ALL .4 , , f i. E5 ' , !M . ? W A ftgi' n3f,!,,i SDIOI' N ', f Ni ht On these two pages are pictures which were taken by our roving cameraman Cshown above rightj before and during our nSenior Night,U which included the Senior Prom, swimming party and get-together at the YWCA, and breakfast at the A1-ora Tea Room. This affair was sponsor- ed and chaperoned by our par- ents. d s-xT":5'- . it 'i . f 'Arr N 'vgeg ' I ' X igal x e of Ya! a5iae 19X w 9: J 1 "'---.a 8 n 1 W , l ffQQf4"1gQj,if ' fff 'f ' '2fx ,,4,, I it U' 7- 3.. 2 . yr t JA 1 ,. mf ' 1' 1 f 4' , "Me f I? ., . ,,1 'ff '- ug 3 .Wy ye. Ar 4 . as nw M . 1 L ' - - ' , , e?5?2:ms , Q . 'O lg . ' . I c 'f ' '- ' -. :rr ff. 94 . -2- -:mfg 1. -ig :-511. . r s X I' -- ' L. 1 5 f .fp I 1 -ar 5 ag ,H' q H ff! M- Q2 Y. F , v . lxxx ,A w 3 ' , - . W I IM 2. X a bffpw i. be iin. V v'W? J rf ' ,!gg2nuv-5:55, 444 A X 1 l 3 xg!! 1 .MAY 3 1 ' 1'ii,:,. 'Y' 1 X fx 1 2 N 6 X E 4 JUN I Fi ,nf Wrfiyy ,k- Q , R , P v as 'I af iw, 4, . QQ X, ,l W I -I 3 1 , fits' Y XJ .4 ' ia. Lml 5 9 , U L I I '4 n . 24 x OA A9 S Y' Vx V 3'

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