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 - Class of 1956

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10111 lit de the Seniors of 1956 are pleased to dedicate our annual to Mr Paul Davis who was for eight years a janitor at Centerville High School He was a popular personality in high school circles and the students and faculty always found him a congenial friend F rtunately he possessed a healthy sense of humor, as those who deposited the first goat in the schoolhouse on Halloween will remember Besides keeping our school in operating condition and backing our basketball teams to the hilt, he helped make our years of education and priceless memories possible and so found his way into the very heart of C H S . Y ' 9 s ' 9 - 1 - C . C . " . , C O U C C .-Qv .rf K.w yes., al Mr Arthur Hines wayne County Superintendent Of Schools 'X ,,,.f' ' . Mr walter Kendall Frs Rose Hamilton M E L O tl d Center Township Assistant Principal P U an P 1 1 1 Trustee Botany glggbgg ,' -thx I -. f X , 'EQ:f Egan- """ xp -,A 1 Mrs. hdna Pickett Lnflish Mr. Clifford Swim distory-Assistant Coach Mr. Paul wittman Vocational Agriculture Mrs. June Monger Science-History Mr. James Noistner Civics-History Mr. Raymond Mauger Art Mr. Henry Fornoff Band-Chorus Hrs. Elmer Kidney Speech-Dramatics 'mf Nw-4 J 'd J W 9... 8 ,W L .1 gT,r : .3 si 'Ik 1-"" 1 ff fffd John william Austerman James David Barton Betty Lou Bowles Agriculture Academic Commercial Secretary U Sr Play U u , Judith Brown Academic arlemont and Portsmouth, Ohio 2, Chorus 2 3 U, Jr Play 3 chool D A R Award 4, Student ouncil U, Reporter Ughorto iar ales Manager 4gClass Sauetary gJones Award 2,3gHonor Awards ,3g G1r1's Basketball 3,bg 1rl's State 3. Jeannine Carter General Volleyball U, Cafeteria l,2,3 Carl Conti Academic Class Reporter 1 Class Vice President 2,C1ass Treasurer 3 b,Student Council 3 4, Jr Bed Cross bg Mortonian Business Manager bg Jr. Play 3g Honor Merit 1,2 35 Cafeteria 3,4. sr. Play L 'Zll . . .,Ji ' r"s, , if - 4 f ,yjf X - J, K X 1 gg '4 WEE 'f Klan 7 f f IAQ l Richmond 1,23 F. F. A. 3,u, Noon League l,2g Jr. Play 3, Volleyball 1,2,3,4: Jr- Play 3 an ' A ' X x, I!! , . , , . , 3 ' . . : ' ' 0 o 0 ' , Q . is 'Y Thomas Edward Darnell General Cross Country 1 2 QQ Janet Kay Flanagan Academic Lois Jean Downing Academic Class Secretary 2,3, Mortonlan Staff M Snow Ball Queen M G1rl's Basketball 1 2 3 M Volleyball l,2,3,b, Chorus 2 Sr Play U 1 f"' Barbara Ann Floyd Commercial Band l 2,3 N Chorus l,2,3 U Jr Play 3, Class Treasurer 2, Student Council 2 J Red Cross b,Bark Staff M,Morton1an Staff U G1rl's Basketball l,2, 3 1+ Volleyball l,2,3,u, Capt 4 Sr Play U Volleyball 1,2 3 U i Roberta Rosalie Edwards Academic Class Reporter 2 3 Jr Play 3 Mor-tonlan staff ll Volleyball 1, 3 U Honor Merit l 2 Ping Pong Sin les Champ 1 Chorus 2 Girl s Basketball U Sr Play M Patricia Carol Fowler Academic Band 1 2,3 U Chorus l,2,3 M Class Vice President 1 M H 1, Jr Red Cross U, Student Coun eil 3, Reporter 3 Bark Staff M, Mortonian Staff M, Jr Play 3 Tones Award 1, Honor Award l 2 I A 4 V1 , ,Y, ,fi , . ' . ,' 7 L 1 'C 7 V f R ' v -A , . 112 A J f , Y gi' . ne I V' ,n , s 'g,l ,r , , . , f' 4 J . x l ' ,f A oo'o ' ' ji' 'ff " 'z . .' ' f I FJ lx ' I O : z . S 1 9 1 I 2. , Q , ,jg - . ' ' . 'F 3 N 'aggfgfiig fi 5- , 4 4 x, 5 l ' ' or C- - 914 . .,.4 , Hb 1 N '12 ff' Q l 2 5 U 5 ' ' ' 9 9 3 0 9 E O : rc 0 . , " I ' . 5 . 9 2 o Q f ' . ' ' 0 93' Robert Henwood Agriculture 2,3,ug F.F.A. 1,2,3,U. "1!Y Francis Joyce Johnston Commercial lleyball l.2.3.h: Basketball ,23 Mortonian Staff M. aqx Ya- Q 1 r Jackie Lee Jenkins Agriculture Volleyball, Track, Basketball Cross Country l,2,3,bg M-H l 2,3,U, V. Pres. 2, Pres. F.F.A. l,2,3,U, V. Pres. Pres. U5 District Sentinel U State Award 35 Class V. Pres 3, Pres. bg Student Council M Pres. bg Jr. Red Cross 4 Mortonian Sports Editor U Ball Kina U: Senior Play U. Ann Ciliabelle Hildebrand General Cafeteria l,2,3. Jane Lee Cook Sarah.Joseph1ne Kalb Academic Academic Band l,2,3 bg Chorus 1,2,3 bg Band 1 2 1 ' 1 93su5 Chorus 192n39h Volleyball 1,2,3,43 Bark Staff Cheerleader hy Volleyball 1,2 by Mortonian Staff bg U-H 1. 3,u3 u-H 13 Jr, Red Cross M Sp, p1ay 4 Mortonian Staff h. Sr. Play 4 3, 3, . L L lkg,i' .,' , , ..'LfL j?gg?f??g X 7 ' jx. W -K" I I V 1 'W was nl 'E ' I oQ, A x.l '1::! Violet Ann Laremore Thomas King Charles William Kramer A a e ic c Q m Agriculture ASPiCU1tuP9 Cross Country 1 2 F F A 1 2 Class Presioent l 2,3 Vice Chorus 2,3 M VO11eYba11 21h Vice presiaent M M H'1: Presioent h,Stuoent Council 3 Mortonian Staff M ,3,h, Vice Presioent 3 32 Marthlene R McClure Helena Jane McNary Raymond Allen peek Academic AC8dem1C Bm 1 W sanzdzmzrt :refs 1 5 5 Q M H 1 J R d C R t 0 Of O M 50,62 MO:tonigiSuu'Jipog1:gr31r1's Basketball 3 U Ping, ! 3 Pong Singles Champ 3 Doubles 3, tudent Council l Volley volleyball 1 2,3,u,Capt Jr Red Cross 1,2,3 4 Pres Student Council 3,Secretary Honor Merit 1 3,Jones Award Senior Play A all l,2,3,Lq., Capt 'll Honorz 3 Merit 1.2,3 Sr Play U 1. General Basketball l 2 3 D seball l 4, Senior Plav 2 X e l f Q 4 . 'XV V 3 . . . , - , 2 Q ' 5 31114 Q Z - . ' 2 Q C w' , t l . Xx- mk , , , 55, L t it , W, fi' , M431 'r ' s 1 1 ' , Q 1 3 1 n 1 3 , j..3 .. ,n' - ' , " 9 ' ' v L, Q - ' . Q 3 ' ' ' - r b . 5 o 3 9 0 , Us - . . - 0 32 , ' . O HK. SK X"l ady Ann 'oo Q 5 5 omne cial 1 41' n4"' 4 H c:57 xv! F 4 1 l 3 'EW 'h. onstance 'ustin Ccmmenczal G6U6P8l MA v :U-5' di"1ar Tee Loyer Agriculture Xolleyball l,2,3,h, Track 1,2, 3,.L, 'ross Country 1,2,Basket call 1 2,3,4, Scoring harp i,Student Founcil 1 Jr 'R 'ross b. F F A 1 2, Sentinel 1 F ee Throw mrophy2 -Q. il! .e'ry Allen Vuss 'inca Carol Renscnler Acacemic if-Stevia 2 3. "ac: 'gg Baskevbal' 1,4 :and -,4,3,h,g Chorus 1,2,3,lL5 Secretary lg Glas: Je- ' ' :a:e.a'1 1,93 :ana l,?g .r. Class . - '-5f j softe' 53 L-H 1gGir1's saszet- :all 1,2,5, g Volleyball 1,2, :ing-:ong Joubles Chanm Vortonian Staff L: Honor 1v2,3. Sr. Play B 5,43 1,42 VP'it 15141 ,k1. ,qVt, ,o,,,A A , , ,g WwV,rs wm.f1w b, 4 , fTWQv 'Y -,fwfdyq -1- a'M1ug NoWXflLQM ix WF'W'WV . oouu , 'S ' o, Q .qu i F5 4' X' , . !y ' Af V K o - XX :-Xx to He A ' I o gg 5 Q , ' '-15'j: , :Cha Bills Q A A re : n r 1 Q y 3 , , ' i- A , v 1,L,gg :ana 5,4. . F u ! 1 1 , . ' " 3.3.0. A I 0 v A 1 ul y e .ed o 5 . . . , 3,m . I P - . , - nr u J 1 , , I .' ' A., I 'ills' XY X . I, - ' s ix, . Q Mo A X 2 1 5 Marian Ilene Rose Marie L0uiSe 5P0TtS if Davin Eugen Tnerrien Acauemic Acaoemic General J P1 English Aware 3, Cafeteria 1,2,5tUG9Ut Councll 2, HOUOT Merit gigiinfriagxgig i' P ay 3 M H uf' 1"'Jr Davin Tiaro Juni Carol Williams Shelby Evan Willis General Acaoemic Agriculture Jr Play 3. Band 1,23 Chorus 1,23 Girlls Center Grove, Indiana 1: Jr. Sr: Play A Basketball 3g Bark Staff ug Red CPOSS h:StuQent Council hs Mortonian Art Editor u. Q ? 2,MF-F-A. E,3,h, Mortonian a es anager . y, X gli: :Ear "' Il' Ly I ,J .JJ I V? 4 lx ' 1 :L Y in +QRi ,l3!L, 3,u: - 1. 1- ' 5 ' , ,1e' 'fA73?. n -i?g . . tum, YQ z V 5 In J ," w 'mg mf x ' V41 Qgbw fe Q. 'E , 5 2 Adi! 'Isis Sheila Jane Winters Academic Band l,2,3,M Chorus l,2, M H 1 Jr Rea Cross l,2,3,h, Vice President A Bark Eeitor M Jr Play 3 Cheerleaoer M, Volley ball l,2,3,h Mortonian Staff , Girl's Basketball l,2,3 Sr Play M YQ .asc :fab is 4 5 Jacqulyn Lou wissler Com ercial Chorus l,2,3 L Volleyball l, 2 3,h, Capt Q Girl's Basket ball l 2,3 Capt l 2, , Ping Pong Singles Champ 2 James Thomas York Phyllis Roberts Agriculture 1 2 Ly Ellicott ciigderrgiiyland 1 2 3 F F A 2 2 Bagdl152'3'h' ' G1r1's Basketiall A 1 D 19' Mark Brooks Wright General James Lowell Brower Agriculture ,Volleyball 1,2,Track 2,Basket ball 1,2,Baseball 1,2,3,h,Noo League Basketball Capt h F F A 1,2, , ,H -at,r , 3 3 . 1 , 3 L , 1 JI-ls 3 0 3 3 u- 3 ,u. , 4: ,- K4 X A A lf he ll C Q AiakL Z7 g , 4 N - M . , , , , 3, s ' ' ' . A- 3,u. ' ' . . . . 3 u. ' 4' .H A US I'm 1 li Airy., I : SEI 'fff'1.., . -3 Vat' Toby Ann Tubesing Com ercial Volleyball l,2,hg L-H l,2,3,hg Sark Staff M3 Mortonian Staff Alf-alf-a! off! 1 years ago! K .f ,ff - , .arf A-. 1 x. T-6 ' ,I re vu-.QL L Miss Glunt' your slipping Bugs Oh Pardon me' come hither look' iv"" Carolyn Norvella Pope Black 7.5, Nfl NY-' wb' j K7 ,1 If J I 1 +6 .4 'r ict- M. Officww Carl Conti, Treasurer Jack Jenkins, President Charles Kramer, Vice Pres Judith Brown, Secretary Roberta Edwards, Reporter ident Gaby P' UTM' , U rid? ' -ff . .s - 5 S ' ,, -Q A g, R N , 3 1, ,Q Y w .55 . -on ,Se HK if l C J , How about a big N B1ll--- ?? dgn't jump! FOSin5,AUU7? kiss' JO Si' 1 'F A, fj' i vi' K -' 1 I ll S Linda d1dn't like to have her picture taken. Jim and dirt! K Stylish hat, Judy a perfect com- b1nat1on!' Q Q0 .iv P f'X. " 4 -K U' '1v'F , ' . . .I b jh,,d?l.. xx P ! - , :.,', -.vlu . -. aio, , Generous John!! Jane Caught off guard!! Show woman Flanagan. Driving without a license, Marian!! Joyce all dressed Judi curtain Calls Marti No no stop 1 il'1l p .Qt-1'h I A' Mi dible Mark997779 Vi G5 Betty Jack and Toby I'm waiting, Jack Jack Spinach Ursula Glamor girl i igigj s N Lois and Helena Queens of the runway Lady Ann Escape v' 5- ,-ga ,rl Bert was at it even thenlllli Barbara 1 Fleas Violet 5 ..r Thinking of Fort 5 4ayne99 Patti D B A C Narle . Sheila Jackie's orders Cat S name Judy gTack1e the Boy's name Carl He loves me' He loves me not! -. i q X w 7, ul!! g , tiff. : , H 1 f 1' . ' T W' ' Mg Q 1 A , 2 V: "-" yghf w4mL'q 1 gflyg l,,- 5 -J 1 ..r ey ' - A D ." 'I f fl L-if f. x 5? 3M'3A H1 . X . ,',g:-4 ,ul -i ,lf 'Hag 5g w A ...O , fi- V -:L'fE . J . 43 Ei ' Q23 g','df i I H ,rf, Srl I Emi .T I Q ' "-1 7 :once xi Z., Ilm 5? " i . l"w . . .'f1 .XJ -'f1Wf: Zvrdl-,Pg sqplx 5 - ' '12 H ' .', fffa i!:21ssf-f'fN .-' x 3' 0- 14 C vw r t y -Zl:M- ' -' A F swkv dl, if 0 40 . llll .. ." 2 E F 'l ' r f av . . A 4' L f 2 ..?? " ls in il, 15 's ' ' 1 I lf? 'Gif' .. ai if scrounge.J Kam John Azsterman Jim Barton Betty Bowles rsula Bowman Jim Brower J dltl Brown Jeanie arter Bachel Cole art Conti Jane ook Tom Darnell John DuVall Lois ownlnz Roberta dward Janny rlanavan Farlara Floyd C ttl Fowler Bob Fenwood Ann lldebrand Jack Jenkins Joyce John ton Jo Kalb Tom Ying Charlie Kramer Violet Iaremore Vartl Mccldre U lena Pchery B Neem Chr lady nr Vocre 1 Foyer onnie Vustln erry hu s arolyn Pope linda Benschler rhylli Qoberts Varian dose Yarie Cpotts David Therrien 'avid Tldrow Tobv muheslng Adi williams C It il is hella inte s Jackie issler Fark 'rivht Jim York T v H NL 1 C5 N A DTV" ' TWV Uv TI NA L RITY, IF V7 I I D I R Y LFAVW PUR LFCT 'ILL ND TFLT Y WT I will my good grades to Tarry Jones, and may it help keep him on the team I wlll all my 'Brownie Johsn for Brooks, Kidney, and Voistner to Bob May I will my good times ln the hall of C N S to my brother, Donald, and I hope he enjoys them as much as I have I will my quietness to Donna Ludwig I will my fast 'Cl Ford truck hat goes U5 m p h in second gear to Qussell Lehman will will will will will sunny disposition to steve nlnder figure to Do na Tulwlg last four years of school to th Qth er de Jack Frame my sister, Lee if she can f st red Ford pickup trlck to 7th period office visits to find enough excuses I will I will anyone I will I wlll I will Jim Qamey semester my senior year to my ood looks and my flat tor t my ability to go to school one who doesn't lik school yellow adlllac to Bill Nathews ability to stay slnele to V ry Ann mesh 3rd period joke sessl ns to 'Crph and my fest flds to fkie Clay I will my I will my good time in clvics to Iynn Frare being the oldest on the bus to Very Johnson, and may she Jse the authority well will will will will Nlll black streamlined 'MO Plymouth to D1 Kidwell lonh flnrernalls to Ann Harvey txnklng ord ability to good lookin? Russell Study lst reriod ofllce to anyone vho wants to lose weight blonde hair to anvone who can't afford peroxide and my love of cream lffs to Crph I will my slivhtlv used c1v1 s hook to any poor junior who has to take lt I will my yellow boots to Ross Rhlnehart I will my 22 inch walstline to Phil DeCrto and my seat in Zoology and chemistry to anyone with a crazy sense of humor T will mv oboe reeds to Buddle Trusler and my four years of edura tion C 5 to Iris and I hone she eniovs them as much as I did I will my nickname, ' a s to Connie ender, who also h s the knack of being ontinually confused I will my ability to ret married in my senior year to anyone who can afford it I will my valet p r on lity to all the noisv 7th and Fth graders I will my case of basketlall fever to my brother, willle I will my nl kname Jhales to Vincent Par hall and my fast '51 Chevy to I oistner I will I will school I will I will senior I will in civlcs to hlrley Pennington 'ternoons out of school to anyone who doesn't like long black hair to Sharon Bot ford s1ster's wardrobe, which I have been wearing all my r oack to her my ability to vet y f ther's hlessinf hirley renninaton and my duck hdntinr edzigment to arolxn Dale will will will will will dlshpan to Jay uster lonz hair to Bob V y height to Tarry Jones ability to win dra s to David Pentecost office period to anv llrl who would like to s end e th period with lr Noi tner and Tr lin PT I wlll I will I will school I will Judy v id broth r to anvone with iron nerves my milit ry training to Tommy Palmer being Editor of the Bark to anyone who wants to stay after till 7 30 on Thursday nights to type stencils my blonde nalr an bottle of hai lotion to my sister, I hereby, thusforth from now on 1 , until death do them r will my snakes and insects to James Besh the lst will my U Hood ye rs ln ag to my brother wrrusssso mls DAY or MARCH 19, 1956 BY 'Jef Liana OLZZZLJ mfs, gm"'cts tif 1f,c, if-Iv: tF 0 Doro J- c c" 2 f amos AND WI . HCTRAVAGANT ,IBFELL TY H' 1' EB I n K H E 5 .J Adil ........ v - , t A , I . I ' 1 -1 ..J . . ' . S . .. . - . - , .- .f . H . .. , 5 . Q . ,. . - - un J I my D . . T " , , C , I my . n U " . ,. . I my f , . .e c J a . C ' I my a , Y . 1 . . . C ' I ' my , L , . Q . ' ' - Q o . . . f C I - I L 1 - . -. -. e A . 2 g ' my v C I B . . ' . , , F s ' my . f c .y .a T . ' Y ' my I ' . o , N . a B V . , r, . ' f ,s A. C 4. .3 . ' , - .J E. M., ' n. 4 Q , I ' my - .L , , . ck . U I my Q L, . .. , , - I ' my x.' , F , , - ' . . f s I my ,,, ' L . . Rand Jones I will m afternoons out of school to Jack Frame. Y 'X I v my . . v ". a , - ,V n uv. 1 Y A S , ' . ,. , C . . . A y . . - . . - ? -, ,, l ,, , , , ,e , , 1 ', ' 1 B t N, E ' a . c , . ,ay . ' j. . C . J N. Pills ,' J e s a ' ., , , .I , . E '1 3 , ut n, U S fr. I . 3 , my D S m . J , ' 5 ' my HI .. . . , . ,J g C my ' . . s . D L my , L of A ' . yea , . . F 'l s . - Y m a .. , j to o. , 'X N- . ,N f ,K I I Q. V . Z . I my C , . , s I ' my H .a . I ' my , I ,c. D . f I ' my . 1 . ,, . , . U. I my L , s A. , tb. , the C , 4 B ,' C' 'I v , . f ' I . , L s . I- a -Y --1 ' d', 3' .. I m M I e ' 1 , . -helcy T l . ' f n 1 A , S, H r . 5 , . I V ' 1 w + ' - E - E A , A , , . U n t.l . , pe t, ,' 4 L , l ll .- 0 I I 2 . r v . ,a ,, D 0 Y ,LG A L V MOYSP coach be a minister Girls' YI l 'J J ' "'d F 1 fG t? I I . ' G c .. W , t Y A -' G Kalb doctor a cuack Now walt a minute eating peas ' I n u uv 1 9 . 1 b v . Ch, i U .ax . .. . , w A . - . O 0 e . Q 0 l ' 1 . f, c I O I I I . - . V .. - . R AMBITTC AUSt6FmaH VStePH8PlaU Barton Bowles Bowman Brower Brown Carter Cole Conti Cook Darnell Downing Duvall Edvards engineer to marry Cecil nurse farmer comedlenne Air line hostess be happy have a convertible marry a millionaire a cop Miss America build a drag strip buy a car Flanagan own ten oil wells Floyd marry a banker Fowler grade school teacher Henwood own a full race 53 etudebaker Hlldebrandtelephone operator Jenkins Johnston Jones King Kramer Laremore McClure McNary Meek Mills Moore Mustin Nuss Pope Renschler Roberts Rose Spotts Therrien Tidrow Tubesing Williams Willis Winters Wissler Wright York President of U S go around the world own a grocery millionaire own a Cad' physical therapist ballerina play Lady Macbeth bay a house to sing like Eddie Blsher have a set of twins tvbist9 coach t lephone operator pharmacist Hazel Walker team church secretary travel around world mechanical engineer do 150 between bridges to be a vet torch singer mortician fly an airplane hot rod racer go to the Congo tool and die maker Kam PROBABIY JTLL bum two bit carpenter marry Cecil have twelve kids cess pool cleaner neurotic wrestlerifour kids? go lucky have a motor scooter old maid teacher arrest Tidrow Mrs America dig ditches ride a horse own deserted mine marry a poor teach my own coal man keep my U9 Plymouth for 20 years loaf White House janitor have 20 children sell cookies never make A O1m6 own a model T bone crusher souare dance caller be one of the three witches live in a tent sing like Godfrey have quads mioes dkwoa, be a policeman not work need one marry Clark Gable be a table washer never leave home dip ice cream do only lh9 9999999 be a music teacher organ grinder's monkey grave digger be professional crash lander pickle GG warter drown in P8QQy'S un die 17 1afO7l JAXIT I don't know Gee whiz doll H1' 'fraid not Jamie' Who's tha And there you are Look at her ch, pain powwee' Gee, no tip' It wants can't' A1n't my Mercy Geepers' fake" 'fraid n And ther Richmond D8Qdy o Nhat 'Ya to,but it birthday o e you are Red Devils doing Let's watch that She s out of this world Whee gloom Well, now, there, then Shame' Guess so Well, gee whiz Creepers' Oh, well Who said so? You know? Rinky dink What you say? How 'bout that? Ann It's fast' Iim going steady Oh, pablum' Shush Don Out to lunch Heck fire Mickey Mouse PASTIME hunting wood working Cec1l" eating sleeping basketball hunting? slumber parties sleeping girls and cars cattin' around New Paris men fibblng passing time messing dreaming dating and living hunting crows being happy cattlng volleyball carrying grocerle hunting Abington Pike fun fakln' eating eggs home girls listening to disc jockeys basketball writing letters Ohio cooking supper men anything watching TV combing her hair Ann cars men scribbling National Guard dating Don loafing animals Richmond Clam I-liaiirzp FQFQHMFN 1053 We entered C F 9 in weptember, lQd2 we elected as our officers the following Charles Kramer pre 1dent,Pat Fowler vice president Linda Renschler secretary, David Therrlen treasurer, Carl Corti reporter Durin the year we snonsered a dance the February Fiesta and were hosts to the finals of the Freshman Basketball Tourney We were fortunate to have as our sponsors, Yrs Kidney, Viss Kimmel and Fr Prooks srrpevea s loqu Fur class sponsors 1n our sophomore year were Mr Brooks and Niss FcConaha At our first class meeting we elected Charles Kramer president, carl Conti vice president Lois Downing secretary, Janet Flanagan treasurer, and Roberta Edwards reporter we had two dances that year and our class sponsored the class tourney and a dance after wars JUNIOQS 1024 we found school activities more interesting and exciting when we emerged as upper classmen We shose Charles Kramer president, Jack J nkins vice president Lois Downing secretary, Carl Conti treasurer, ani Linda Qenschler reporter 'Pls First Girl' and A Date With Paul were vehicles for our aspiring actors and actresse to show their talent with our eve on the future senior trip we held a successful magazine subscription drive, sold lots of popcorn, candy and soft drinks in the stand, and presented our Junior Plays and a Donkey F skethall Game we had a successful picnic at Glen Miller and played games with all the vim and vitality we displayed as freshmen or sophomores working with the seniors on the Fplleptic Village project we le rned that service to others is an important p rt of daily lives and a real satisfaction to our inner desires sswrfas 1056 Ah' the end ls better than the beginning' At last we are seniors' we elected Jack Jenkins president Charles Kramer vice president Judith Brown secretary, Carl Conti treasurer, nd Doberte Fdwards reporter During oour hilarious picnic at Glen Filler in the autumn we stuffed ourselves with sandwiches baked beans, and potato salad, and the boys ran away wit? the girls' shoes Following manv weeks of hard vork and fun making horses and monkeys and repairing provoking experience who c n forget the gay fellow singing 'Fld Den Tuckeru or the children, Q' ln de11g:emZmberbthe nightrof tn variety show when the lights went out and all the odd looking gr atures ambling ar und on Tackv D y seniors n turally And those w ndering around vigorously examining their lltt ze hooks ere the glittering stars f M udie and the pposite ex' lor d the senior r o er ement manv happv memories And now as we stand on the threshold of life, we hope we can walk out into the sunshin f e o happiness and success with the wisdom and droerstanoing we have gleaned from these happy years together C' . . , , . .. .. . A ,, , , g. -, s - , , , . . - , - v A - A - l :J ' . I I " ' . . . . , . . . . . . , 1 . 1 . . . . , , . , . 1 , I1 L f -, 1 1 4 ' J g ' 1 , s , Q , X . Y ' , -. f , N ' 1 f u ., . V - W C , , A . ., u . - ,, - , A r - , , .- T I kr x x I ll A K - I! . I 1 S . - Q f , l. ., . A - . . 9 L , . g ' , . . g . A V ' L. ' . , . . 4 e C. , , -A , , , , - , - , r ' V2 . l . . H - a Q ' A 1 , - , ' V 1 dolls and toys, we gave. our Christmas party at Eplleptic Village--a heart-warming and thought- , 4 V- , Y, , ' 'a a , Q , . M e 7 , some 1 l tcvf .. 4 I x ..? Y x -1 , ,hi , -- X , A A a --e e e . . W . J , kb. K if 15' X L w , J 1 - O n.a V l 1. n S '- Sen ay, .1n- t lm, C mm:.c . --U .x . , - . , V I , 5 1 N 5 n ' ' f n - ' 1 I , - L 4 1 e , A . 44 ,. , , . 1 W 0 , ,,, , 3, . , b ' .dw t.. A. ' 5 ., X n Q , Kenny Pose Sh ron FotsFori Cfrol Pousman findn Crrwforilfrkel Uwfrwk F. Wickrrson Lynne Frize June Hertmwn Ann Hervey Vary Johnson Sus n Johnson Fury Johnston x' K' Q 'Asa-. tl but o'X I x thru 51 I 5 f 1 J i pc., av.- A Class Officers ,M-01: P. Fredley Okie Clay Jlv Eliason Curt Faucett Janice Howell ithel Hughes Denny Jones Dick Kldwell . 'W h ,N F , , pls I ' 51' - i Lx ,G ,C 'r- 1:f- ' - +" - .-L L lf ' at ' III' lg-L ag f l' .al .ffhu 6 ,, v A 2' . .W .law Sharon Botsford, Secretary Mary E. Johnson, Reporter Ruth Ann Smelser, President Don wldau, Vice President Denny Jones, Treasurer D nf. Tec Cc R Inul Frame Uenny Jenkl teve Kinde 2-fbi' 1159211 Y QA 1 ra f ,M 1 Q-4? 'wr , W. kt 47 Y L L x in av,- ' ' N? ' ,s f x A 1 N x'.l'x 1' iw' ' '- - ,Q ' . 1 r vs s .4-I- 1, '-A , A fn. I - f W ., M at :Q lx. . iz 0 3 ' x v " " 2' 1- . , 'g.,1-r F' , A ,,. 1' 'Y fh 13 1 1 " . . ,, at ,., , .5 'HB .in F. 5i.' H "5 4' ' v -.4 f l' K5 fu? f 4.1 Q 1. V "' Jon Vova 7cnna Luiwiv 'ill NatVeWQ giy 7. Tanminrton Dave Pentecort rri Fri v rgp ff Fanny Mtmwfh Paul Van- Cnnnio I iqnu Q 'tg W 1 . - Iehmaa erry Dix no 'rr le V ' ,D WH NE i"" .4 ,r,, HTQPQ k, ,Q Q. . Nliilaaworth Rosalie Crocker Barbara Holton Jay Custer Marie Morris Kay Hawkins Junior Pictures Unavilahle " can N x C' T G li 1 x "3-H? Spit. x if 1 r 5 I ,ga W fp -,. , X , Zh ,ff f T AF V X , x'-Q f 211W Villar :wth T9l99F fful I1lT1amS I 1 . 5 U ,ch V ' KN I iiyafgb 1. ,Q F ,,,ix ,:qf f V? V. Hpp3e5 et Daisy P,t Dan Ronnie Aw HT QF-1 .vt- i 2 Iivninc 5 Mer JC jorvicwn Yay Drrley -mrilyn Holton fr- ' in ' use 1 43- ' is ,Q -suv' ' , vv ' t rs 3 L.- f r , nag , 1.4, l , am'- Class Officers Richard Rau, Vice President Pat Smith, Secretary Mary Ruth Renschler, Repor Connie Bender, President Judy Moore, Treasurer Connie Tender Very A. fradley Larry Hwrdett Marge Chllar Jann Cornell Pwwl Cox Jack Cox Terry Dwle JWH1C3 Ellison betty Everett Jack Frame Fork Frame ine Hubb ri Terry Jones Fatty Vey Uevld Iekemo . ,J f -F. , ug ,- A X K a ,,,.,f. 1 ' 1 ,,,, ,. we .1-3 r s ,afgil '51 Q, D' " A Hu ' ' 2 ,J ' -v 1' -,. Je K :- an 1 sn t I 1f.QL y Q 5 ' 1 ' . 4 r 1 ,W - Y! I A I , 77 'f rw' I R '. ,, LQ t 1 5 ' ' A f 5. ' + ' - . ., 1 tl , r, H, I 7 - .-' .x 1 - 'hr Q4 , 5 sq., 1' If 4 Q5 M, W9 - 95-Q .41 Q., 4 ff ,-. ,K Y' .. ,Q N r ,,. .. A Q Elf y -wr-'f Delcie lakes Earl Owens Jim Penh Pat Smith Judy Nissler Cv V rv 3 x ' ' I . r .y 'I 53 t Q vs 3,,L fry 3 1 A' Q 7h 'el ' 1 ' X Q v' '1 " v 0 2 Q t- ,C 9 ' lf K ' X 4... a f A 1 ? A .1 - 1 4 Q '25 - QL- '. 6 , v. sv fl E ww., f 0 -if W . v "ar' Q.- ' V, T 5 I 1 Q1""' A 1' kbfm 1 V - I. L1c?ten'els Judy Parker idith Rhiudes Duane Smoker Judy Vance Alan Iohman Victor Hiller Tevld Petty Jemes Twrey Jtmes Fekbins Narifyn iufk Claude iorer Rueseil ?t15y Ron Wlckershfm Nerciw Hwfiard 4 -Q-' wx w fQ T ' n 4- JP, .WX QW Q . x x... - .. .'. ...L. '.K,,.. . v." Q, -f' I i ' I 19 A . 'Cx if .f illw' cd f'1T1F Jgdfih ffjgrg :ich ri Ryu F.rv kexeekl r 'oyce iygn jygyjef 31, 1 Cmybe '.yIGr Qqtf ern 'ru '1 I fd' 'V it I - ,f .vb e 'urs Vww Cless '?F1cers Hereli Houtscn, 1YOI1fEHt Jewel Duggan, Leerete Kathie Holmes, Vice Ircsi' 1 :IF iv, Jhnrcn Furner, Hegarter Kent Fuife, Treuiurer Serie -Eel 'ein. -nirefr Jean iehurst Few ri Eeiley Qwele Pcueman James Eowmer 'ennw lr Aleyierry frfvn Zh ron 'urner Wevime Ceffey Tkylief Cvrnell Albert Crane Circlyi A-I '1:e'k dwrvmh Rey Wie? reen ffm 'ruley Jewel Wuggbn Bcity Edw:ros Yent iu55e .,1:N E ri 'arrell Ewneock Ur-W H rvey Kathie Holmes N Hey Fuckery X ' to m . an , .. ,0- .. A y. W X , Y Q X ' , I 5 lk , umun N gk a- sv X 1. .rv Q' ' 1 ar' " E1 'L - - 1 is 4 df' xx GY' JY 4 , 4 ,fu 0- ot i . ', Ds f" ' S , A .. v-.- 9 f QIQ r .R axis-U La , 'rv , 0' I, K we ' ,,r' .firA,H xt f . J A A 4 . Q i f wx i - ,Y 4-vw 9, ,Q 1- v' 'A' ' K' N , ' R IU' "' Q. . l ,fl ' f ' s .. Q 17, A N r - ' ' X J,.b'1 ll Ak. ,J g,- yik, 1l'1NX in 1 'in WY ga! L It .gyms Alf! -In 'IV' ,f 'N' " 1 49 .- '. , U" N' 1 5 1 3 f ,Q V ie 7 1 , . G 'T ' ' nr 'I' 1 - . I x -. 5 ' vr 45 H S 2, x eg Jefferson Mary E. Jenkins Sandra Johnson Linda Kidwell Jane Kinney y Mayberry Sue McClain Eary Xorris James Nllls James Mustin Palmer Vince Pwrshall Linda Pate C. Pennington Fuddy Ihilllps ry H. Riley Harold Houtson Elllle Smith Sandra Snyder Nancy Statts . T. Tcfchlof'Loshae Usher '. Wadsworth David Williams Ernest Tilson ay N Perry Fyrcn C -ayley Jerry Pruitt William York A woodpecker lit on a Freshman's head And settled down to drill, He bored away for half a day, And finally broke his bill. iillan Six ff i 44 if L . 1 k H . ii IQ I v- , EF gzy. ' ID Jane Telfair L J . p. 5 rsh 5. ' . f LAL. , 4 I .- in-IA VAR' J 71:11 N056 L' Secretary-Janet Daniels Treasurer-Myrna Linginfelter Vice President-David Mabe President-Greg Arm From left to right, First Row: Jerry Connan, Jackie Sombs. Jackie Bowman. Sidney Cox, leather, Gregory Armstrong, Paul Robbins. Second Row: Jim Rowe. James Mulroorv Rilly ,nk , Lil- o:1.-J . ..,-x-. House, Billy Usher, Jim Brindell, Harold Frame. Third Row: Ann Hussey. Ross Rinehart, Mickey Melvin, Lawrence Williams, Phillip Madden. John Gulde, Rommy Roberts, Larry Lamhc David Kempton, Bary Darnell. Gary Houston, David Tiemann, Myrna Lingingelter. Janet Daniels. Fourth Row: Pat Pulver, Diane Williams. Sue Ooyevaar. Peggy Nuss, Janice Schneider, Sara Sue Haley, Kathy Hollopeter, Martha Bradley. Sandy Michael, Rosemary Wil Kinson, Carolyn Gwin, Janice Knott, Deloris Scott, Susan Holmes. Fifth Row: Karen Boomershine, Patty Moore, Janet Lamb, Susie McDaniels, Marian Coates. Linda Kay. Joanne Houston, Linda Burris, Donna Groomer, Carolyn May, Vivian Crocetti, Judy Surts, Diana Dale. Sixth Row: David Anderson, Darwin Andrews, Robert Baxter, Frank Darrah, Wesley Rose, Ronnie Kinder, Bobby Barnett, Morman Hendricks, Lowell Morris, Jim Good. Darrel Renschler, David Mabe. Terry Allman, Mark Hahn, Bradley Botsford, Charles Van Sickle, Mike Hawisher. Tom Sticke Pruitt, Tim Nuss, Edward John, Sam Riley, Ronnie Smith, Roy Swager. Ronnie money Tb' in Aw-'swo- From left to right: First Row: Ruth Ann Smelser, Lee Cook, June Ann Hartman, Sharon Botsford, Larry Wickersham, Sue Abel, Judy Moore, Helena McNary. Second Row: Carolyn Eliason, Carol Kinder, Karen Boomershine, Donna Eliason, Linda Litchenfels, Rosalie Crocker, Marthlene McClure, Ruth Ann Trusler, Gregory Armstrong, James Mills, Elwood Mills, Jay Druley, Richard Rau, Jane Cook. Third Row: Gary Van Mlddlesworth, Patty Motter, Beverly House, Marcia Woolard, Jane Telfair, Josephine Kalb, Morris Needles, Tommy Kinder, Carol Bousman, Donna Bradley, Darrel Renschler, Barbara Smith, Ronnie Razor, Barry Milstead, Melvin House, Olivia weaver, Jimmy Resh. Fourth Row: Susan Smith, Marcia Smoker, Jack Cox, Sara Sue Halley, Connie Bender, Sheila Winters, Fat Smith, Mary Ann Bradley, Janet Flanagan, Linda Renschler, Cletus Toschlog, David Petty, Donald Hartman, Jimmy Robbins, Loren Mlnnix, Paul Robbins, Jim Brindell, John Mills, Ray Druley, Mark Frame, Jim York. Fifth Row: Robert Baxter, Edward John, Judy Vance, Daisy Collins, Maurine Good, Henry Fornoff-Director. A KAUKIJ hill-l,L Ull Ruin Ann Trusler, 0UR,.2,fKE?TOR Judy Moore. -Jw, l..Ul..ui li.kl..fLmLL4k,N1 -K ,....Li, l1u.-LL, LJ L42 .L Lf '1 L4 LV 4.7-1' 'I rv 1- Y 4v1.4a, gli,-174, 4,'AY.P i 1 A A G Conv 005 0 rf 1100 From left to right, First Row: Carol Bousman, June Hampton, Pat Pulver. Donna Grommer, Donna Eliason Madeline Minnix, Susan Holmes, Carole Kinder, Sherrie Faucett, Virginia Par shall, Judy Curts, Betty Everett, Patty Motter, Nancy Brown, Maurine Good, Susie McDan- Karen Boomershine, Sara Sue Halley, Carolyn May, Martha Bradley, Janice Ellison, Telfair. Second Row: Helena McNary, Jane Cook, Josephine Kalb, Melintna Fowler, Ursula Bowman, Juditr Brown, Lirda Liteharfels Marilyn Rusk, Pat Smith Dorna Bradlw o A . ei , . , . is aj, Alicia Bromagen, Mary Ann Bradley, Margaret Walton, Susan Johnson, Vivian Croeretti, Sue Eousman, Connie Bender, Lee Cook, Lawanna Baker, Ruth Ann Trusler, Carolyn Eliason, Carolyn Eliason, Carolyn McKinney. Third Row: Janny Flanagan, Joan Ashurst, Donna Lud- wig, Linda Renschler, Violet Laremore, Shirley Pennington, Rosalie Crocker, Marian Coates Yvonna Cormican, Sharon Applegeet, Pat Daniels, Marthlene McClure, Marcia Woolard, Judy Moore. Gm Staff X? yo X4 -V., lf! , f First Row: Jane Cook, Enortsg Fharon Potsford, Gossip, Ruth Ann Smelser, Editor, Sheila Ninters, Eiitorg Fr. Sllnker, Advisor. Second Wow: Miss 'reeman, Advisor, Psy Hawkins, News Editorg Judi Williams Art' Gordon Dickerson F orts' Janet P , y ! I Flanagan, Art. Absent when picture was taken, Pat Fowler. 1 'ist Row l: M, Johnson-Sec. A Treas., S. Winters-V. Pres., H. McNary-Pres., M. McClure-Reporter Row 2: Carolyn Eliason, Gregory Armstrong, Allen Patrick. Row 3: Pat Fowler, Janet Flanagan, Sue Abel, Mrs. Hamilton-Advisor. Row U Ruth Ann Smelser, Jerry Winters, Ray Druley, Richard Rau. Row 5 Shelby Willis, Jack Jenkins, Carl Conti, Bill Moyer. ? . f :'2 1 g' t ii S I A! 5 ,A 5 5 dow l: Janice Knott, V1FglH1a Parsnall, Connie Pender-Sec., Jack Jenkins-Pres., Ruth Ann Smelser-V. Pres., Judith Brown-Reporter, Sherrie Faucett, Susie McDan1els. Row 2: Carol Kinder, Nancy Huckery, Judy Vance, Sue Abel, June Ann Hartman, Patty Moore, Mrs. Hamilton. Row 3: Mr. Outland, Richard Rau, Shelby Willis, Don Wldau, Carl Conti, Jay Druley, Denny Jones, Ray Druley, Kent Fudge. 'JE Q. irst Bow: Jack Cox, Bill York, Shelby Willis, Elwood Mills, John usterman, Don Wldau, Jon Love. econd Row: Fred Harvey, Joseph Darrah, Dick Ramey, Duane Smoker, avid Petty, Dick Kldwell, Bill Matthews, Jim Eliason, Dave Lakamp, 'endell Wadsworth. hlrd Row: Darrell Hancock, Mark Frame, Jerry Winters, Jim York, ob Henwood, Bob May, Dennis Jenkins, Russell Study, Cletus Tosch- og, Harold Houston, Mr. Paul Vlttman. embers not present when the picture was taken include, James ills, Dave Pentecost, Jim Brower, Charles Kramer, Jack Jenkins, Tom ing, Bill Moyer, and Jim York. GP .p CD :I Student Council P This year's student council met only three times, but accomplished a lot each time. In order to buy new records for the dances, we raised the price of admission to the dances. We held a semi-formal dance and elected a king and queen. We voted to elect our varsity cheerleaders in the spring this year. The number that will be elglble to try out for cheerleader is twelve, all others will be eliminated in a special election before the student council. We wanted to leave something to the school, so we are going to put some clothes baskets in the gym for the boys. In the words of will Rogers, 'We d1dn't do too much, but that's what you wanted done.' Band and Chorus Fourteen wins in fifteen tries! Isn't that an impressive record? The bands that won those fourteen first-places were pretty impressive too. Take our '56 band--all 72 members--they sounded so good together, that the judges ln the contest at Cowan gave them a unanimous first, to make the band's record ll straight wins! Due to several unlucky breaks Climlted space, nasty judge, etc.D the chorus drew a second this year at Cowan, but to us they still sounded like our own 'prosH. Junior Red Cross Council ' The Jr. Red Cross has certainly had an active year. The council members have been seen dashing down the halls in hot pursuit of students and teachers, fran- tically waving membership cards. They also managed to collect the awesome sum of 8332.50 from the local merchants for advertising in basketball schedules, throw the annual Christmas party for the County Infirmary, sponsor the Christmas project at Epileptic Village, and pack fifty gift boxes for those in foreign lands less for- tunate than we. Future Farmers of America The F. F. A. elected as its officers for the year, Jack Jenkins, president, Tom King, vice-president, secretary, John Austermang treasurer, Don Widaug reporter, Shelby Willis, and sentinel, Elwood Mills. This year the group attended the Inter- national Livestock Show at Chicago, the Indiana State F. F. A. Convention, the Dis- trict Llvestock Judging Contest, planted and harvested twenty acres of corn, en- tered a farm display in the county contest, and participated in the county dairy, poultry, grain, and soil Judging contest. The F. F. A. is a large and active or- ganization of C. H. S. and whenever its members are out of school for a trip or judging contest the student body and the feminine moral is lowered. ii "Tb" 17' First row Jo Kalb and Roberta Edwards Second row Sheila Winters, Jane Cook, Marti McClure, Helena McNary, and Janny Flanagan Third row Jack Jenkins, Bill Moyer, Linda Renschler, and Lols Downing In back Dave Tldrow Jim Barton and Carl Conti The senior class play, 'Maudie and the Opposite Sex,' was presented the evenings of April 19 and 20 1956 It was a light comedy concerning family affairs Try to imagine how terrible you'd feel lf you were a pretty young lady whisked off to a stuffy old summer resort far away from your 'steady boy friend' Maud1e's parents thought that she was getting too serious about Davy Dillon, they took her away for the summer to a resort about five hundred miles from home and Davy Maudle became very lonesome for the resort was filled with a horde of giggling glrls and hardly any men Maudle, proved her ability to handle her parents so well that she got what she wanted, Davy, without their even knowing that the decision was not their own plot, ln addition to concerning Maudie and her problems with her parents, included the romance between a young author and Lynn, a friend of Maud1e's older sister During the course of the play these two romances become so involved that it is hard to tell who was going steady with whom, since Maudie tried to trlck her par ents into persuading her to return to Davy by pretending to be interested in this older and slightly objectionable man Mr. Endicott, the author To complicate matters, Davy surprised her in the act. But before the final curtain all problems were solved, and Maudie got her Davy. Those taking e curtain call were, Mrs. Mason,Janet Flanagan, Mr. Mason, Carl Conti, Maudie, Marti McClure, Sylvia, Roberta Edwards, Lynn, Helena McNary, Davy, Jim Barton, Mr. Endicott, Jack Jenkins, Marge, Jo Kalb, Bev, Lois Downing, Sandy, Linda Henschlerg Terry, Sheila Winters, Pat, Jane Cook, llfeguards, David Tidrow and B111 Moyer. Carl Conti did a fine job of stepping into the shoes of Mr. Mason when the 'original' father, Raymond Meek, was taken 111. He learned his part quickly and well. Members of the production staff included, Joyce Johnston, student manager, Marie Spotts, assistant manager and props, Jeannine Carter, and Judith Brown, properties, Patti Fowler and Violet Laremore, make-up, John Mills and David Tldrow, curtain, M 11 ht - d J K lb sound effects. B11Theoggtire groguczgon gasaunder the capable direction of Mrs. Charlotte Kidney. , Q' 1"' Am , Neff A C 4. M at 'lf-lr ' fe: "M 3 J, c 1 A . . i e,1?, r , X ' r Q -ig 4 1 M .!!IlIIIIIIIiIib 4. lv' 7 mx 9 ' 0 . so . The . 4,1-"P Q4 '- Q I.: 3- N, rwuw' 'A U 360. .J ' X! 1 ! XC I Y nb .2-. :Mi 2, , 4 V' :A'l I -as NA lj, H , A in 1 K f ' . W.. , Lv. . ,X f 3 K- N. 'X' X . vii . , E IX ' . lk, .J 1' AIP? l x My V, . My I L . , . e . x 1 ff , f.. 11- 4 , XXX K 4'f X HS A, ,mp 1 I V' A I .,4 V 15, ' M 2 ! J 1 ga . ,if-. -1 Q A XY-Q-nc' A F '3..".,L ,f "Wu , ,Wm -fr rf' ff x U 5. U c 'K . Jw , L gum' '34-...Av ,Q 1 f 'sv 3 , a , I. E- , . , ":V jf'x Z :hi 1 f I.. ' 1 LL1 H49 ,fm 'I Il I I ' i A . A x -C' 2'1" Vi- -f 4 ' bill Moyer'--Senior' f 'Zo but wn .1 H 'F Q4 if gg -1 2 , t' emi S Jenkins--Jllni or kiugse-X Tleman--Juv! or Don' Ydidau--Junior ii, , if .sie S- 4 L.. .-" I ., Z -wr Tarry Jones..5ouhomor'e Cnucx Saw QI'--SO3D?10Tf1Of'9 Kllaude Soper--Sophomore A Russell Study--Sophom P I T First Row: E111 Matthews, manager, Dave Lakamp, larry Burdette, David Williams, Harold Houston, Clyde Pennington, Dick Williams. Second Row: Cliff Swim, coach, Russell Stu Hahn, Jay Druley, Chuck Sauser, Paul Cox. Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville 53 20 31 53 32 U3 29 U2 nu dy, Claude Sober, Ron Liberty 39 Centerville-49 Cambridge City Brookville-35 Centerville-3U Greensfork Straughn-26 Centerville-23 Winchester Greensfork-28 Centerville-29 Milton Splceland-35 Centerville-20 M1dd1etOwn Farmland-31 Centerville-52 Knlghtstown Boston-25 Centerville-42 Hagerstown VGbSt9P-29 Centerville-51 Williamsburg Union City-U7 Centerville-38 Morristown HBH Team Tourney at Brookville Centerville-39 Hagerstown-35 Centerville-25 Brookville-U8 jfyllf . 'J A CF. JF: if L Y .-4 This year has been a good year for our team, the fans, and the cheerleaders. The fans have been represented by a good team and also a successful Block 'C' was or- ganized and it added zest and color to our home games. We the cheerleaders would like to thank the team and the cheering section for helping us back the team all year long. Team First How: Vincent Parshall, Jerry Pruitt, Dave' llllams, Billy Y k Budd Phillips, Bobby Edwards, Fred Harvey. or y Second Row: Mr. Cliff Swim, Coach, Kent Fudge, Clyde Pennington, Cletus Toschlog, Harold Houston, Bay Druley. All of the boys have been captain at some time. Mr. Swim feels that this will give each boy an equal chance. Freshman Schedule Centerville Liberty Centerville Morton Memorial Centerville Milroy Centerville Highland Centerville Hagerstown Centerville Hagerstown 49 0 -bi .5 1-me-:fu---w-4. v...:.,.... mf. m f fav-,i-..,, First Row: Bob Jefferson, Manager, Jack Tidrow, Mark Hahn Ron K nder Tomm Eaker Terr Allman Tomm Kinder ' 1 , Y , y . Second BOW! Mr. Molntner, Coach,, Dougyvan Middlesworth Freddy Boehler, Bonnie Moore, Captain, Daryl Renschler Bob Soner. we feel that this is a good nlme to get the boys started in basketball. They need a lot of practice and experience to make a top notch varsity team like we had this year. Even though the boys d1dn't win all their games it was good training for them and we are really proud of our junior high boys. irst row-Ronnie Hahn, Ray Druley, Kent Fudge, Clyde Pennington, vid Williams, Freddie Harvey, and Kenny Stough. Second row-Jim rower, Gordon Dickerson, Russell Lehman, Claude Soper, Denny Jones, huck Sauser, Jay Druley, and coach, Les Slinker. new Con Y. I 1 1 4 ,..- 4 . -- . Q,- - '..- -effi- --N --s,s' I S. .Af ali 54? :'-if W f a f f 5 X 3.- First row-Larry Burdette, Richard Rau, Dave Lakamp, and Phillips. Second row-Don Widau, B111 Mathews, Dennie Jenkins, Harold Boutson. . 1 N W f' f XNNX First row-Albert Crocetti Larr B , y urdette Richard Rau St K gigge gennington, Buddy Phillips, and David Williams: Sgzgndinder' Dmxazszz' Cizsdsyizsmiilfl 'mold , ' ey- 1rd row-Gordon D1 k gigigg gggggioienkins, B111 Mathews, Tarry Jones, ChuckcSSS2g?: Valle .ff7 -5 Q? I I t row-Chuck Sauser, Denny Jones, Claude Soper, Steve Kinder, Jones, and Richard Rau. Second row-Bill Mathews, Don Widau, Jenkins, Russell Study, Gordon Dickerson, and Dave Lakamp. B110 Dfcivefw First Bow: Ray Lingenfelter, wayne Thomas, Alvin Kramer, Clem McConaha, Carl French. Second Bow: Gayle Warner, Hobert Pennington, Claude Dillon, Lawrence iBuffJ Bamey, Paul Wittman was not present when the picture was 1- taken. Cafatef-:io First Row: Jay Custer, Terry Allman, Jackie Bowman, Tom Stlkeleather, Frank Darrah, James Bowman, Joseph Darrah, Carl Conti. Second Bow: Mary Ruth Riley, Carolyn May, Mary Ann Custer, Judy Curts, Peggy Rhoades, Judy -1' Moore, Ann Delhagen, Miss Glunt, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Doddrldge. ' Third Row: Donna Frame, Carolyn Dale, Jewel Duggan, Marian Rose, Karen Black, Billy Sue Smith, Edith Rhoades, Marie Spotts. Fourth Row: Mary Ruth Renschler, Linda Lich- tenfels, Judy wissler, Pat Henderson, Rachel Darrah, Joyce Johnston, Mrs. Darrah. Those not present when picture was taken were, Nancy Staats, Joyce Taylor, Sandy Micheal, Jerry Winters, Pat Snyder, Mrs. Jones. umfob' First Row Martha Winters Maggie Dillon nthel Doddridge Second Row Wayne Thomas, Herbert Hedg Claude Dillon was not present when the picture was taken. K' .A 41 E74 - - W' X 91 I all .Er-1, at Janet Flanagan onor C JONES ANARDS OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRL AND Boy lst--Judith Brown Helena McNary 2nd--Ruth Ann Smelser 3rd--Connie Bender ENGLISH ANARD Rosalie Crocker ATTEDDXNCI LWQRDS Janis Snyder Peggy Rhoades Linda Burris Mary R. Renschler Jim Rash Darryl Renschler Edith Rhoades Dave Mabe Vivian Crocetti Wilma Gard Darrel Laremore Judy Moore Sherrie Faucett Jack Bowman Mary Ann Custer Dave Petty Karen Glunt Cletus Toschlog Eula Jordan Byron O'Bailey Iris McClure Darwin Andrews Frankie Darrah Mickey Melvin Lowell Moore Ursula Bowman Rachel Darrah Delcie Lakes Patricia Kay 'Q MERIT AWARDS SENIOKS Toby Tubeaing Marie Spotts Lady Ann Moore Helena McNary Violet Laremore Marthlene McClure Roberta Edwards Pat Fowler Carl Conti JUNIURS Ruth Ann Smelser Sue Sprzker Sharon Botsforc June Ann Harumwi Rosalie Crocker SOPHOMORES Connie Bender Judy Vance , s X. .,l.,4..i ., , wg gl - Kathy Holmes Sue Abel Ray Druley James Mills Losha Usher JUNIOR KTTH Virginia Parsh ll Jack Jenkins Tie Carl Conti FLAG AWARDS Linda Burris Ross Rhinhart Mickey Melvin Vivian Crocetti Karen Boomershine BASKETBALL B111 Moyer Jack Jenkins Don Widau Terry Jones Denny Jones Denny Jenkins Russell Lehman Gopdmn n1ck'rson LEADING SCORER E. C. C1 Bill Moyer D. A. R. AWARD Judith Brown BAND LETTERS Sue Abel James Pills Sue Bousman CAFETUHIA Donna Bradley Marian R039 Gletns Toschlog Marie Spotts aANL swearaed Joyce Johnston A Carl Conti Lartnlene McClure Charles Kramer linda Renschler ANNUAL Helena McNary Marti McClure Carl Conti Judith Brown Shelby Willis Joyce Johnsto Sheila Winter Judi Jilliams BASEBAII Sheila Winters Valena McNary Randy Jones Pat Fowler John Mills Jane Cook Jim York n Jo Kalb s TRACK Gordon dick rson Clyde Pennington Harold Routson Gordon Dickerson Paul Williams Claude Soper Jay Druley Jim Brower Ray Druley Ronnie Hahn Russell Lehman Denny Jones Kenny Stough Chuck Sauser FREE THROW TaoPHvDaVe Williams Gordon Dickerson ALL-JUCTIUNAL TEAM Jack Jenkins CGuardl Tarry Jones 'Centerl Denny Jenkins Bill Mathews David Lakamp Chuck Sauser Steve Kinder Tarry Jones Richard Rau Don Nidau CROSS CUUKTRY Buddy Phillips DmmyJmmhm Bill Mathews Ben Hawkins Don Widau CHAPTTR STAR FARMER VOLLEYBALL--Frame's Wheels Jack enkins J Yart1's Monsters Denny Jones H Jackie Wissler Don Hartman 8 Sherrie Fauceti Tom King E Denny Jones Judy Moore R Ruth Trusler Tom y Baker 8 Terry Dudas C. Hawkins R S. Faucett Allan Barrick EfNG'PONQ Iris McClure H' S' S1HgQgg-- Carole Kinder J' H' SIN L, " Linda Burris H' S' DOUB 53" David Mabe Jim Brlndell J- H- DOUBL55" Janice Knott O - I, ff xjg . GQ ,, Left to Right. Lois Downing, Marti McClure, Janet Flanagan, Helena McNary, Quee Don Widau lwho crowned the queen! and Roberta Edwards. JUNIOR E SENIOR BANLUBT The seniors were the guests of the juniors at a lovely banquet in the McGaw Room at the Y. W, C, A. in Richmond on Thursday, May 17th. The seniors want to take this opportunity n to thank the juniors , publicly for a delight- ful evening of dancing and dining. L , BACCALAUREATE SERVICES COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Processional..................Graduates C, H. S, Band...Henry Fornoff, Director Carol Bousman, Pianist Processional..................Graduates Invocation.... ...Rev. Lyle Rasmussen Invocation... ....Rev. Harold Houston C. H. S. Chorus.Henry Fornoff, nThis Is My Countryu nHal1s of Ivyn Director Scripture..........,Rev. Lyle Rasmussen Mathew 7:7-lk nThe Two Roadsn..,,.Rev. Harold Houston C. H. S. Chorus HI Heard a Forest Prayingn Benediction... ...Rev. Harold Houston Recessional... ....Graduates C. H. S. Band Our Investments in the Future uOur Social Investmentn Sa1utatorian..........He1ena Mc Nary HOur Economic Investmentn Class Representative......Carl Conti uOur Spiritual Investmentn Valedictorian...........Judith Brown C. H. S. Band Presentation of Diplomas... Superintendent Arthur A. Hines Announcement of Awards....E. L. Outland Bened1ction.........Rev. Lyle Rasmussen Recessiona1............,......Graduates C. H. S. Band 'msg 'V--5 'Q ' N 'Nm ,Q 1 61 First How: Jane Cook Toby Tubesing, Helena McNary and Marti McClure Co- dltors Second Hou' Patti Fowler Linda Renschler Roberta Edwards Joyce Johnston, Janny Flanagan Jo Kalb Third Row: Mrs Ham1lton,Adv1sor3 Jeanie Carter Judith Brown Salesg Carl Conti, Business Ed.g David Therrlen. Absent when picture was taken: Judy williams, Art Ed.g Violet Laremore, Phyllss Roberts, Shelby Willis, Salesg Jack Jenkins. we realize that we are very fortunate to be able to boast that we have been a part of Centerville High School. we will always carry the memories of experiences, both pleasant and painful, because they are the ingredients that make high school days the happiest days in our lives. HI-HO, HI-HO, IT'S OFF WE SENIORS GO!

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