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 - Class of 1951

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HL., -nr- . 4 Ns... -- ---- sf-.- -Qo-a-J1----- Auf- - - -...-un..- 4...4..., .A.,q.,.. , .....,,.-.. .Wg .wnif , , ' , ' l ' ,. .K " .x gl 1 T ' ,.,:l' Q... ' t . -Q ff.. X- Y git, Ah! gf ' .F ..- u 1 1. 12- ,xqimf ,V , U ,,,,,x . , 4. A4 ,qvj-Q - '.. X 'tiny ,f ,n 1 ,-,f -fa -v fx-A '. A K. .. ' 4 2 . F3 A Fr. , If - . R V Wu B 4 ' x , Q Ej'zg,,,...,,.,. . . N. 5 1 ?f ' , , R41 .' ' J 'fC'f'x3f .ff A wif! gplyif 4 Q ...hz M W sv-.umm-ww ..-.134 Throughout our four years of high school yes, even our twelve years in the Centerville Schools there has always beena kindly, sympathetic, and understand ing person to whom we could turn in the event of any difficulties. A person who was never critical, though we were sometimes criticized, whose wealth of under standing and quiet demeanor is such that one can almost visualize the glow of a halo. We were indeed fortunate to have such a friend as e teacher owe to whom we might affectionately dedicate this book, not in payment for all she has done for us, but in acknowledgment f it It has been a long trail to this, the proudest moment of our lives, and a quiet word of encouragement has been just what we needed several times to give us that necessary lift to go on. May other classes for years to come be inspired by the presence of Mrs. Rose Gates Hamilton in the halls of Centerville High School O C 21 4 P ,f K3 -- Q O e o W. X 'N' ,square Arthur H Hines Wayne County Superintendent of Schools Roy M Harris 19214 Present waltfff' J Kengallt Center Township Trustee Center ownship rus ee 1951 P1"6S61'1t Qacalfq an Swwwe f"'Y3"' fb' , 'H by E L Outland Principal of Centerville Schools 1927 Present wayne R Hines, Social Studies in the U4 S. Army in October 1950 This would have been Hayne's second year at C H S Wayne is the husband of the former Mary Lou Shawhan and theson ofMr kMrs Arthur H Hines Wayne served 38 months in World War II,27 of whlch were overseas in the European Theater As this page goes to press he is a patient in a Japanesehospital afterbeing injured in Korea. B 9-rv :, 4 X Q 'Y' A Q .1 -g- nr QV. nf- 7 J ,ZW " Q Q , .. C I I I 51',vi4",f A ' jf ff.f4 V 2' fQ'AJ teacher,was recalled to active duty :QE Jr-,L V4 ' Q 1-,ji 4W:,fI!..t . . , .iw N.. , is-J' kg' , .' ' A' I I I 0 E, x, . Q 4 O O l 0 . C m 2 I 4601451 NGN '-4? Rose Hamilton, Assistant Principal Mathematics, English R Botany H S 1922 A B , A M Indiana University Northwestern University University of Wisconsin Kathryn Kimmel, Latin k English H S 1932 Experience 19 years A B Earlham College Northwestern University University of Wisconsin 3 I L Outland Principal Algebra A beography 0 H 8 192 1 erienoe 32 years A larlham College M A Chicago University Indiana State Teachers College riix fur-' Jonathan L Overturf, Vocational Agriculture HSl92I4 Experience 28 years B S in Agriculture, Purdue University QI, A GC ' 5 ' i . . . 7-5 f'B. O O C. . . -Sl 1 0 ' I . Y f. :tl S ' c. . . -51 C. . . -51 Wwculfff A ww Health, English k Physical Education Edna Pickett, English C H S 1930 31, 19hh l P 3 Y A B Indiana University Northwestern University, School of Speech fu' vi X w sul 1 1 Lowell A. Brooks, Mathematics 8 Science c. H. s. 1931+-51 Experience 22 years A. B. Earlham College B. S. Manchester College Indiana University Butler University Ball State Teachers College Martha McConaha, Librarian S 1939 Experience 11 years A B Earlham College University of Colorado University of Cincinnati University of Wyoming University of Minnesota Henry Fornoff, Junior High Coach Music C. H S 1940-43, 1945-51 134- years exper ienoe B H Butler University and Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music Earlham College Purdue University Ex erience 1 ears Columbia University Earlham College sb, I............- Iva Glunt, Vocational Home Economics S 19 6 Experience 16 years B Manchester College Purdue University H? Ball State Teachers College S 4 c. H. . -51 . Q Q Q . . . - -5 " Z 3' 3 ' V K in M A sf W-WNW'--U-.' u c. H. . -51 It A. . 1 , ' Q.-1 nf C x ,Q ,H '7wfW Noble K Littell, Commerce H S 19h Experience 7 years B S Central Normal College Esrlham College Butler University De Pauw University University of Arkansas Washington R Lee University QQ' Harold McCoy, Mathematics C. H. S. 19u6-51 Experience 22 years B S Central Normal College M S Indiana University Indiana State Teachers College Hanover College 'ffm Charles Miles, Athletic Director Basketball Coach, Science k Health H S 19h Experience 7 years B S Indiana State Teachers College Ball State Teachers College Edvard 8. Armstrong Baseball A Freshman Coach Amer can History C. H. B. 1948-51 lrperienee years A B, Taylor niversity X larlham College 3 yy B aouse University YT Ball State Teachers College 5 Wayne R Hines, Social Studies S 19 Experience l years B S Earlham College N14 l COn leave of absence serving in U S Armyl Qt YU Clarence Tanner, Art 0. H. 8. 1950-51 Experience 1 year Charlotte Kidney Speech A Drnmetios o. s. 6. 1950-51 lxperienoe 15 years A. B. University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Institute of Technology Western Reserve University Keith Oastelluocio Studies L Assistant Experience 1 year A. B. Earlhsm Co11ege Social A FEW OF TH TEACHERS CAUGH! 7?57 B. 8. Ball Stats Teachers College MQ Coach AT WORK cyl 6 LZ 1 i -re--,,, 'il' ,ai Donald Dale, General Attended New Paris, Ohio 1 and part of 2, Basketball 1, Track 1, FFA3, Yell Leader 2 h H h nAlmost Eighteen h 'A staunch friend always rea for a hot discussion W Fred Dickerson, General Basketball 1,2, h H 1 'Quiet, unassumlng, and lots of fun when you get to know him U Neil Hamilton, Agricultural Track Manager 2, F F A 1,2,3,h Mortonianh, Red Cross h M H 1,2,3 M, Judging Team 3 M WA perfect gentlemen who has mastered t e art of keeping quiet when necessary Basketball l,2,3,h,Cross Country aus Judging Team h 'A favorite on the hardwood whose laugh is loved by everyone W Q 191 Paul Baker, Agricultural Basketball1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,3, LU Track l,2,33FFA 1,2,3,L,g Student Council l, 23 Treasurer lg Judging Te9m 2n31u9 'Can do everything welland he does a let.' Mary Black, Academic Band l,2,3,h3 Chorus hy M-H 1. 'A good and willing worker who will make an excellent nurse.' Benjamin Blake, Agricultural Baseball 3,h3 Band 1.2.3.h- 'A friendly person with ideas about everything from girls to politics W Ruby Caudle, Home Economics Band 1,2,3,h, Chorus h, FHA l,2, 3,h, Dramatics M 'Almost Eighteen 'We'll miss Ruby's pleasing manner and friendly smile next year W 4' x ind' Y r' . x 'a f I 71 ' .. . n 3 h. 0 n . 3 ' I I dy . ' ' - r x pff . E 1 ff .H 5 ' s ' 3 ' 0 . , . h .ll Ronald Hamm, General ' Q I I 3 . . : gg frm 9 ff? Q I AQT' ',QfiQ . i A 7 O Wm James Howell, General Basketball 2,3,h,Baseball 2,3,h Band 1 2,3,h, Bark 3 'Young man with a horn cheerful and carefree ' Marjorie Hunt, Academic Mortonian M AlmostEighteen h Reporter 3,h, Dramatics M h H l,2, 'She may be quiet, but she has big ideas ' Nell Jenkins, Academic Band 3, h, Chorus 3,h, Treasurer Bgnramatics h h H 1,2,3,u 'Almost Eighteen h 'Competition for Jan August on the piano ' Jane King, Academic AlternateYe1l Leader3 Dramatlce H 112.31 'The 'Peg o' Hy Heart' of CHS a smile for everyone l?5l Joan Harris, Academic Band1,2,3,h3 Mortonian Student Council 2,3, RedCross 2,3, Drama tic! M M H l,2,3, 'An untiring worker who helps make the best better ' William Harris, Agricultural Attended Riley l and Kitchel 3 Basketball 3, Baseball 3 Track 3 FFAu2,3,h, RedCross 3, Judging team 2 H 'Always willing to help put over a class project ' Donald Hawkins, Agricultural Track 2,3,h F F A 3,q M H Judging team 3 'CHS will never be the same without his sense of humor and hill-billy singing Alan Henwood, A ricultural FFA 10213 M H 192s3aun Judging team 1,2,3 'He looks serious, but a lot of fu when pm get'uaknowIdl ' N"1' YF' ar ' ' '+' , ,Q e , I ' 3 3 4,i 3 - h' n J K' . A - I 3 - 35 . ,, D , iii f- 4 ' ' .gif Q , i L V -- isxyp Efww sk E , X . 3 - . U' - ' a ' A I ' e ' , W 5? e I I by Q N I s . 1 1 a S ,,, Me' am. 4 O , 1 ' I ' I N e a WN l rx "' E' 3 hs h- ls- - I I 8 5 ' Q 7957 Vera Knipp, Home Economics F H A hz L-H 1, 2. 'Quiet, interested in home economics-- a real fr1end.' -:fe Beverly Lamb, Home Economics F H A l,2,3,h3 Red Cross M3 h-H l,2. "S11ence is golden' -easy to get along with.' Bill Lucas, Agricultural FFA l,2,3,h3 Student Council hy M-H 33 Judging team 33 Dramatics U. 'Interested in mechanical gadgets with time left for coon hunting ' Bill Lundy, General Attended Boston 1,2, and Greens fork 3 Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 1, F F A 1, 2, 3, President 2, Yell Leader 2, StudentCounc1l 3 'Almost Eighteen' h 'Always ready to have a good time wherever he is, whatever he's doing ' Paul Martin, General Basketball l 2,3,h Baseball 2 3,h, Bark 3, Vice President 2 'The team will miss his scrappy playing knows everyone, popular with the gang " Jim May, Agricultural Baseball 1 Track l,2,3,h, F F A l.2.3lL MH 1 'A good sport always hiU.of hmmm amdmdsduef' Robert McClure, Academic Baseball 3 A Dramatics h h H , , 'Almost Eighteen h 'A true friend who will definitely attain success-a thinker " Q, Dick Merkamp, Agricultural Basketball l,2,3 F F A l,2,3 M Vice President h h H l,2,3,h 'Keen mind that will put him on top " ,itwi s 9 C Ng' . I "' 0 O I . . . . . I C U 0 3 9 . . , . .. I . . I ni ' 0 O .1 I I ' 1 2. l u ' 8 U f . kg 'x 0 O A x Q .9 l 1 Q5 , , , -W ' 1 ' 0 -f I 1' 1, Q5 13' -H.. ig, ' 1. ' ' .v. " Qi, ' ' -if 3 -gn ' 1' ffwsk as ' , -x. ."' I A A B ron Tem le Academic cfuolui 7957 T i Mary Spotts, Academic Secretary 2,3,M, Student Council l,M, Dramatlcs M M H l,2,3,h 'A perfect combination of vitality and versatility Marilyn Starr, Academic Vice president l,Student Council 2 Dramatics M M H 1,2,3 M 'Al -f most Eighteen M ' ways a smile, always a last word ' Ernest Taylor, Agricultural Baseball M 'The strong, silent type with a good mind and a good personality ' y P 9 Track Managerl, Baseball Manager 2, Basketball Manager 2,3, Band l, Bark 3 Mortonian M, Yell Leader M Student Council l,2,3,M, Red Cross l,2,3,M Art Club 3 Dramatics M Team Topics M nAlmost Eighteen M 'Personality plus-dwith a flair for art W 10 Dale Pentecost, Agricultural Baseball 3,M, FPA l 2,3 M Pres ident 2,3,M, Student Council 3 M 1,2,3,M, Judging Team 3 M uAlmost Eighteen M 'A pleasing outlookthat will makehim popu lar whereverhe goes No one will ever find a better class president ' Phyllis Resh, Academic Band l,2,3 M Mortonian M, Girl State3, Vice president 3, Treasurer 2 M Student Council l 31h Red Cross 3 M Dramatics M D A R 'Almost Eightee M 'Has a fascinating way of converting an eve'yoayoccasion intoa,grandtime for all ' Robert Rice, General Attended Richmond Summer School and Texas Military College 1, Track 2, Bark 3, Dramatics 3 Boxing 1 'A pleasant lad who worked hard to finish high school in three years ' Betty Smith, Home Economics 'A happy combinationof fun and good sense, a lasting friend W ar 'V' Wifi' 0 ' 1 I an 5 ' . S -H ' 3 3 n ' 9 S ' 9 S 3 S ,.: 3 . . . M5 I nu . N Q- . . 3 . ,i it , A ' - ' Dramatics Mg M-H 1,3,M. it Z 2 . . y . f . 3 ' 9 ,N 1' 0' , g VA ,I ,-'- M. , - , . . I - A 1 I ' I l n . A1 ' v O 3 ' F 3 3 3 . u Q . I1-'Y Barbara Wickersham, Com ercial Art Club 3, Bark 3, Mortonian 'A favorite friend of all, we're proud of her athletic ability ' Marcia Wright, Academic Band l,2,3,M,Chorus lpn, Morton iam M, Dramatics M 'The first oneto decideto 'tie the knot." Nancy Wright, Academic Dramatics M M H 1,2,3,M 'Almost Eighteen' M, Team Topics M 'She may be last according to the alphabet, but she comes first with ua ' ll O Q M, 5' 'Ai if ,Q 1 , , ,x g, H 'fun V i' ? 'M' M g' A ' G Q, . I . Z M. ' Z ' o 5 ' 3 ' 0 '. Janet Thornburg, Home Economics Attended Lynn 1,2 and part of 3 Bark 3 Secretary Treasurer 3 Red Cross Council M 1' 'Small in stature, aboumdless in Paul Van Camp, General Band 1,2,3,M Bark 3, Red Cross 1:5 "' Council 1,2,3,M, Dramatics M 'The band and school will mise his Class History PRE-HISTORIC He, the graduating class of 1951, entered high school in l9h7. Freshmen, we had been told, were to be seen and not heard, however we put on all sorts of airs and we expected to be looked up to by every one. It didn't.take long that first year to find out differently. There were M2 of us on the class roll: Paul Baker Alan Henwood Bob McClure Walter Soper Mary Black Jim Howell Dick Merkamp Marilyn Starr Ben Blake Marjorie Hunt Marvin Morris Mary Spotts Jim Byrd Nell Jenkins Dale Pentecost Ernest Taylor Ruby Caudle Jane King Dick Rabine Byron Temple Janet Chowning Vera Knipp Phyllis Resh Paul Van Camp Fred Dickerson Beverly Lamb Bill Joe Rice Willard Wadsworth Ronnie Hamm Bill Lucas Bob Rudd Don West Neil Hamilton Paul Martin Donald Schwab Barbara Wickersham Joan Harris Jim May Betty Smith Marcia Wright Donald Hawkins Nancy Wright In our Freshman year our officers were President Walter Soper, Vice Pres ident Marilyn Starr, Secretary Jim Byrd and Treasurer Paul Baker Our sponsors were Miss Doty, Mr Brooks and Mr Miles We enjoyed several parties and spon sored a successful dance, the breshman blurry As the year closed we felt that we had partly paved the way to our great goal We lost our president, Walter Soper, to Dennis ANCIENT HISTORY In our sophomore year we settled down and strove to get back into the good graces of the upper classmen We were joined in our struggle by Harold Jenkins, Bill Harris, Donald Dale and Philip Jones Dale Pentecost started his career as president Paul Martin was elected vice president, Mary Spotts, secretary, and Phyllis Rosh, treasurer With the help of Mrs Hubbell and Mr Overturf we spon sored a 'Sophomore Scootn and the traditional class tourney We tried to sell pennants It was during this year we traveled to Indianapolis with Miss Kimmel to see the play Oklahoma Thus a successful year was brought to a close and we lost five classmates Philip Jones, Dick Rabine, Willard Wadsworth, Jim Byrd and Bill Harris MEDIEVAL HISTORY Our Junior year began with a bang During the summer we sold popcorn, cokes and candy to the hungry spectators at the baseball games, and when school started we were rarin' to go One of the b g moments in our Junior year was when we saw our class rings for the first time Everyone ordered according to his own choice and then an xiously awaited the day they would arrive How long they kept waiting is another thing During the year we had two very successful dances, the 'Junior Jazz and the uTiger Tromp Por a little fun on the side we threw in class parties hayride, and a square dance Our class officers for the year were Dale Pentecost, president, Phyllis Resh vice president, Mary Spotts secretary, hell Jenkins treasurer, and Marjorie Hunt reporter Durlrg thlS busy year ve ne J n ur , r st Chance e cu ra was e 1 LC t a.c ssell el, Dc S w r be r de c rselves l h t s a Pa s r reate Cur cha el progral was a t l r e e gav r lnterestl g escr pt M15 Icr The Jr or rece , w ve sore , was c e' + e t ex r The 8V6DlHE was toppe off Ly a perfcrrance Cf junior talent As the school year drew tc a close, we real ze t at ne t fear we wc l to assare the dlgnlty an esocr lb l t es cf ser c s V13 C s t settled s dcwr for t e cr, c the rell est cf the are t I2 O , - O I O I O - ll 1 l . ll I I . l . . . O 0 O - . O n n I . . O I . I J. , - O O I ll n A , -- . : . O I 'tc n' ' j f f 1 gained Sarah Tc. y, anet Ikcr E 5 and Ch i ina . . T F C-1' her for a Jhile, but we ' s hir 7 rg with Eu-- Rud- ic s x sch ab, Bch Rudd, ai' Ia-vln Xcrgis. J .z. u usefu' -T varlcus ncc'c's--xakirr h hers for Q gfrstcun tourney and the sectional--ushering for band ccxcfrts, G:aduati.n, and Baccalau- O M p A 1 1 - a k by V . Litil of tx F. :. I., who e a ve y ' - 'n, 6 - i ion of W' : k an' the r. E. I. activitles. ' .-' . pticn -Rich : sion F - :isider ' -he L S 'e . U ' s 5 I b 4 ' - , . i -1 h 1 j - u d have '.. . u' ' ' d r A ls'.i i i li rs. TH' Seri u kcxfht . u ,, h S1312 muck t -. -'ef of r. A p n S. all F v C' OI na fe e 'nr f ,A W .L l ofa , A, , 6 F nSI"!l. .LC NTI' Tl 7' IVJ.6 1 A w W 'C' FJTWCI' NU' ' Pr' eecl PCG G to? C O rx c C 7q'CL, C Lf IO tue A f cl w vrl C CCP' Q, QA.: 8 L,6I' A, .1 F lvl bln. 1-10 eu OYILC' Vl 1 llc Ol tke vfar wee enlfr le Den ecoetm Q car cl QS eclcol J over t f'tles 0 I "l un ble C UCC rev A 7' CUT' l PT? l LY? 'J C C C -vu nf- n . 1 r Fc ndrx tc rarcw Y c Hee ee tc ectlnp Y e e free 'ent f 1 f 11 r l 1 t Fpull LCUPFQI wee tne wncle r s J Tern lc. ,A 4 L . err ter, c e re l Jer ne the v Cn tklS y r. Outlan for e Hay v rvone a reea tnet 1 1 nn tt to nl tr rrcufn S Q rls 9'llCI' I' C ESS O 5 BTV' T tn n we t to L e ell,r1 esecr e he, tne senior Claes of 1951, of tne town of Centerville, of havne County, O1 tne state of Inulana, beln, of Soura mlrus ara average lntelli ence, do nere cy Dublisn dna Qeclare tnls our laet wlll anc testamert tile the '71 :JUG 'O the lAC LTR we leave our e mcere tnaxls for all t eir lelp 1 e 5 w1ll our Jellow cores and our seats 1U Assembly OO Se 1e't 5 we will our 6hCGQSlV6 orllllance axe our precise wa. 1 5 we wlll our nilh bottle so tlat tue will never lack ior entertainment at tnclr p3ItlCS 13 1f,.' i sql ., itinwef Q!! , i,UT Y NV' LQ, jfgtmgler l, lf 1, xc, the l S7 Cf l9,l gellf g lee ga Q to :V 'll, n' J. ,. V. After a s.4,nr ef :srl TS t CT ht w. Kal iq trv 1' L L' Lw'p' 4fVni'lc ,fg'4r . Q' li idx Qirst CLQUS :'ft7xf af the Tear if QQpt,ggep f, In tg53I3.,' ,wv" Glo fciteefwi Tfr .wr ire3f?Ctt, ficx V L 't v', , elfl. , Far T ' "'YwCUFT, f Tlllf ifif trfaswror, KarQ, ie Vu,t -CIfTt:T. fiis nz? . 'U W P 'VFP 5' -,F YYY Uh ir 'C tFlrf ffar an snv,n+art, ' xr 'yfLT fear Q5 nil- Illl farris vnl Flll MWQ:f CHJ Jn lest Ha Q 4 I " r rn janet C?CURl4 . r ips' else: jartj nl tl. ffer wir Fel' cn fjtehifr lpti. Xe haF 5 hay- v' 1 xf Lunf N,'i 'mi t": wage E501 to Seite' lll , lhat nlgh xe ,el y 1 ' v,ftvF--no Hire 'T if E:1U ,.x. f v,rmr wcclltz tc 'nxt t?v'r ve Irr fieturef tD'cr L7 tte m fe 0 ptufifs f' '-'4..v'4.1'n. 'She , 1er0l1zSxgn:1a,,fe .1 neifxet J Q I., .f.z' f "' L enicr H V t ffiffl vPfTS'V 't Y?wF1':f V like ani , ,1fr:. D :M1':n'H' 3 cKFj'l ir rzr e'nxiStfrf of fox U lt FHA hi vfS,, Lay' 'N 'lux Lv- ' rv Jiiy S1fU 'fr LNC 'uVlfe. , ,, 'fr :1-- Q elven Cf 'SCQLW ENC va? in gsrifl events--Q m'rlStra: L,!J,i .HQ ty .. C3e-gQe llnys. Tet? ci these were rfven fer the 'T.ll., an, f1,' Qvlrfm ga Fe Elf hits. 'L ,qi ary ljth we pe an tEa l'et half Tear of our ll ieers-in sc?ccl. tr ffiec, th t:it?jf1nuxyxS , hcl? -it t'e Litarty fare, was, we tllng, ' .',f lvrr lzln at C. r. b. ecaratgxiv, H-gc: were cfgtarcu ',vfn Q .vrnle , ": ide' 5'xiratirx Trcx tie crcw4. Ngo 'Qgh liz? - the lasgetnell :eascn Ln' ,ur sfn fn 71' F w.ver, HCS 5 1 M 11 ' ?P? the W,,' n ' H, lwllfffs bee' t?e iictyrz' nfl 7evi S. H' vo 'pf 'lkm srnvr' cLLe tc Voytwfvl 1 t ,' lip cclrlrrt' n Vim ci' if l xij S1f,ltf rvcuilf W 1 ' f -,. fl ,F lfev. X ,l' la . ,'TTrrr trek ever all G w, ' . SKS. 72 A t' F' GHS 1 5 Q J ,nf fgyy nygtig tzci A be lg In f 116. Ranl t'A. lf' I, . ' ,. Le t ter rc 7 a vcyf gscfitez day. TT gnyl.r eliss plsj, HAlheet light HL HQ' fffffitf' cn Way Bre MNH M , FV QRtLU.i9SLiC cfnaoitv enf'cnun. an the rcxicr ,rip fn. . Q' VFR' ucrL we, rams: CF. Ol' t in tl A t'f .nrt iv'8i cn IS? lf an' ff Tef Fl a 'rcui 5 tirff Ent 'e 3 tc? 'nf fi '1.'Tf 3 f li Certfrville. rrcflai-, te was lvl' QL fe? f? Li' CCT: HC-Lent cn .ay IF, The Q M' I fr, TFK if a frf'- f Senl r Let fri, we: Fel? cn faj gl 'H Jwnc l we fCYV ig Cu :Jets by the wil as tke ,l 5 l'En .' ze fTw?flYfF VFYCLF tLe nc--3 eHAltQ'ns ' 'I "'v.L C ' ,i,tirn. O K A f T ' ' c- ' ' A A . To X A ' ' ' ig pi ' n 1 . TO ' JU.lNE' we ' " ' ' A ' ' - LO te 'klel he' ' ' ' " ' 31 - :S- H ' ' N vr ' ' f ', - - 1 A 'lllh 1L,'.:.L. -- 1 J . I I. X 1 .V . C .US N LJ ccntinugd PERSOFAL BEQUBATHS ARE aul Baker, w1ll my nick rame, nPete', to Paul Widau Mary Black, will my nicht life to Dorotry Bowles Ben Blake, will my trombone career to Bill Smitn Ruby Caudle, will my abllity to stay out late and get away with it to Carol Study Don Dale, will my beard to Dick HBWKITS Fred Dickerson, will my aolllty to lift 152 pounds over my head to bob Blue eil Hamilton, will my naturally curly nair to anyone wno wishes to risk it in the rain Ronnie Hamm, will my de ooints aoalrst Richmo Q to B111 Burris Joan Harris, will my petite f1CUT6 to wanda rowell Billy dar is, will my pleasant ways to Claude nunt Don hawklns, wlll IV hlll billy sorts to Donnie 18TI1S Alan Henwood, w1ll my Plywoutn, Lizzle , to Judy King J1m howell, will my oralns to anyore with yust a few oeobles laryorie hunt, will my di5Hlf16Q walk to Shlela Weaver Nell Jenkins, w1ll my allergy snots to Kay Kinb Jane King, will my ability not to bo steady to Linda arly Vera Knipp, will my twin brotner to Cnrlstlna Clance Beverly Lamb, will my love for a quiet mar to Sonya Jones Bill Lucas, wlll my dimples to 'artna Weaver Bill Inndy, will my part in tue senlor play to Dlc Stevens Paul Martln, w1ll my cat naps ln Assembly Q0 to neo Iuss Jim Imy, wlll my car QTlVlHD to Helena Nc aly Bob McClure, w1ll my ablllty to Let along with eighth Qrade Study and bark Nfioht LlTlS to Russell Dick Merkamp, wlll my ablllty to know lt all to Dick Crocker Dale Pentecost, will my ability to Let kicked out of ng class to Clarence M1tCH61l Phyllis Resh, will my report card to my sister, Iris, and my shorthand to any person wisninb to eat involved Bob Rice, will my ability to get along with rms KldH8y to Joe iatfleld Betty Smitn, will my Jokes and wltticlsms to Billy, my Hbabyu brotner ary Spotts, will my gig le to Alan Kempton Marilyn Starr, will my nyackety hrnie Taylor, will my quietness Byron lemple, will my megapnone Saran Toney, will my nredn hair Paul Van Camp, will my crew cut Jackety yacketyn to Joan Parrish to Barbara Cauule ana Charleston to Jonn Vambo to Gracia y to Lb ls Purlns L! I I... I3 P - ' 1 V' I v 0 I, .. ' T . " . I, . F ' . In ' F Q O I, ' W' '. . I3 I A" I a I, N . ' ' I O 1, fn . Ina y . I, I ' ' 'Q ' 'L . I, 'I r ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' my ' - f .1 .. 1 - . I, ' ,. -1 H ' 'I Y -. I, '. ' I ' I ' L ' . I, . . E .,. , X . ,z . I, A . h "0 I, ' ' A- -' ge . 1, '- Q ' ' . . 1, ' 1' ' I H . I, ' ' ,T ' . I, ' ' k . I, . . , - . I N t O I, v . I ' I - -A Iv ' 'o I, l . . . J 1 In if t I Q 'V 0 I, A , . . . I . , I, 7f I o U 1, Q ' D X 7 f . I, Q X V' 0 . Y I . o I, . . . . , Y . I, M Y f ,C . 'V' ', r-'Y I '- 1 7 v .Lg e I, 1, ' O I, H Y P '. . I, Janet Tnornburg, will my 5' lin to Loren Hamilton. I, ' Mav- 1, - ' . I, ' A ' ' ' - 1, ' " . ' - . I, , ' 'gn W '. I J' ' . - B , . ,V , , -.p 4: " ' '- h w U inn H, 6 f' U C H a ,u I 1 i H 'Cne:. , . this 52 f y Cf 79 , 9 , a , i l'isne. TV f ' II , 7 ' V f 2-."'5'13L'ss: - ' Isl ggff 'J K ' '.-'loiifyssz ff M DEH 'fry L.-figs. time LL- l9'l , Lf X ' 'srsr ,-V . .4 M ,-IE, !', QQ , 5 -' - ' Q . ' Y- - 1. Don Nest, will my way wlth women to Clyde need Barbara wickersnam, will my atnletlc abllity to my orotner, Jerry Marcla Wrl t Taylor, will my mar traps to my slster, Ann an y wright, wlll my love for Lovers' Lane to Tnurlecn Miller. we, t e Anders e Q ccn lrr e Cl st tc ert here n entl Utne ya, 1 f 4 t Fenterv lle, In ,Q ,ML ,em faufwff , M ay M, ' 1 1,0 Lana L1 D :IIN M-Q . fa-gh 14 Class Prophecy Paul Baker is new managlng One of Brock's chain grocery stores at laton, Ohio fellin love witha beautiful New York model while on our Senior trip and later went back to claim her as his blushing bride Mary Black after graduating from Ball State she became a teacher in the Cambridge City School She and her husband are living on Main Street They have one boy who is in the second grade Benny Blake is now trying for were very successful, as with Mr Castelluccio in his third termas state senator His first two terms we knew they would be from listening to his debates Civics class Ruby Caudle left for Kingston, Tennessee the summer after graduation She married an old flame-Othell Simpson and is extremely happy Don Dale after graduating from high school joined the armv He 1 making a career of it having served seven years He is serving as a lst Lieutenant and is still waiting for that certain girl to say she'll be his wife Fred Dickersfn, after marrying Betty they moved to California He is working in Lackheed factory helping ake parts for airplanes Hehas a busytime ofworking and helping take care of their four boys Neil Hamilton is now teaching art at Centerville High School Hehe: nevermarried He recently moved in an upstairs apartment at Hinkles teachers residence Ronnie Hamm is now His permanent Joan Harris is now playing professional basketball with the House of David team home is st1llin.Centerv1lle, although heie never there H is teaching school in Chicago, Illinois She married a man from Earlham college and they live in a small town outside of Chicago B111 Harris was another one to surprise us by becoming ton an at the Cincinnati stock yards He is very successful in his work He is married and lives on a farm south of Cincinnati Don Hawkins is now singing over W K J G and is oneof the most well known hill billy singers of all time His wife is the former Jeannine Spotte and they have 2 girls Alan Henwood is still farming on his farm south of Centerville He is assistant county agent and has been for the last two years He has never married Jim Howell is down yet as he is Marjorie Hunt hard to hospital now playing third base for the Cincinnati Reds He hasn't settled butie still playingthe field It 1sn't easy for him to remainslngle one of those eligible bachelors is now head nurse at Reid Memorial Hospital She worked long and become what she is today She married one of the doctors from that and they have one boy and one girl Nell Jenkins is now teaching music here in Wayne County Shefinally fulfilled her ambltion of someday playing for the King a Queen of England Sheis acclaimed as one of the greatest musicians of our time King is now operatingthe Mademoiselle Beauty Salonat Fort Wayne She married one of her instructors at Muncie, whereshe trainedto become a beautyoperator They are the proud parents of a baby girl and are residing in Fort Wayne Jane Knipp is the home ec teacher at Centerville now after Miss Iva Glunt retired She has never married, but we hear that there are several bachelor teachers there so maybe she won't be single for very long V81'8. Beverly Lamb 13 now Mrs. Ronald Van Camp. Ronnie has been raised to the rank of Lieutenant General and is stationed at Japan. They live in B house trBi10T near his camp I5 ' .' . He ' . e ' still waiting on that one certain girl to get out of college. CLASS PROPHECY continued Bill Lucas, as head of the Farm Bureau, is a very busy man but he is never to busy to spend a large part of his tlmeen.the farm and their lakeside summerresort, with his wife and boys Bill Lundy after B1ll's big success in the Senior play he went to New York to try for a part in a Broadway play He1sn't appearing in any playnow but has been in several productions He married the stand in for the star of the hit pro- duction 'Kiss Me Kateu Paul Martin is a well to do farmer who lives on a farm north of Centerville with his brothers He hasn't married yet but is still courting Mary Spotts Jim May is now Master of Ceremonies on 'People Are Funny' He took over this pro- gram when Art Linkletter retired Heil marriedand has triplets, all of which are girls Bob McClure is a professor at Earlham College and is teaching English Literature We always knew he liked the study of Shakespeare because of the grades he got in it in his Senior year in high school Dick Merkamp is farming on a farm south of Centerville He and Nancy have a 200 acre farm Besides farming he manages to help Nancy with her U-H work Dale Pentecost hasn't ever been able to settle down as yet He did help farm his father's farm but now he is ru ning what used to be Mull's used oar lot Phyllis Resh was always interested in her paper business She is now working as managing editor of the Palladium Item She has found the right man, but is waiting for him to return from the army Bob Rice has his own monument shopnow'after working several years with his father He is still hopeful as to find the right girl Betty Smith, now Mrs Fred Dickerson, is well under way in completing her task of helping to raise a baseball team They have four boys already Mary Spotts graduated from Ball State inthe field of journalism When Grace Peele ave up her job as manager of the local paper Mary stepped in and took over ncidentally she has made the paper a booming success Marilyn Starr is teaching school at Richmond She married while she was still in Ernest Taylor has surprised allof us by becominga great movie tycoon in Hollywood He is very successful in all ways, including his marriage to a new comer on the screen. Byron Temple after graduating from hi h school was accepted in the F B I division of fingerprinting in Washington C He has never married although he is a- mong some very beautiful girls everyday Janet Thornburg is stillthe quite, sweet, ladythat shewas in high school Shortly after graduation she became Mrs Byron Culbertson and now they are a happy fam'ly of five Sarah Toney moved to Chicago to become secretaryto the president of Greyvan Lines As yet she is single, but she doesn't denythe rumor about her coming marriage to one of the managers of the company Paul Van Camp is now managing a Centerville Midget Stadium He gave up trying to organize a dance band after several futile attempts Don West is now known the whole world over by all bobby soxers as 'The Grcaner He is now living with his third wife Barbara Wickersnam worked as secretary to the owner of the National Automatic Tool Co for five years after graduating from C H S During this time Bill Lucas was establishing himselfas head of the Farm Bureau in Richmond They are now married and have three boys Marcia Wright or Mrs William Taylorls living on a farm south of Whitewater They are the proud parents of a setef twin girls They also have a little boy who is three Fancy Wright, now Mrs Dick Merkamp, has a fine start, five boys They are living on a farm south of Centerville She hasnow taken over Miss Iva G1unt's place as U-H leader of Center Township 16 college at Miami. Her husband is the manager of the Goodyear Store. ll 'Y' 41 NAIL, HJ W- , FFN A-J"' ' HU!! In 5...- ,. N 7-. A L44 ,Tb 'KL 1 'S' Yi'k.""s. 0- A 1 A.a.l .if Ygnx i 1 S 1' vlan , v 3 L- fl? A 1 . J' , 1' A 1 -k , ,K K' X a' 4 Wil V- x' , , ' 4 I I 5 ' 5 55.4 .ff 1 'W "QL f , wg". Q, ' Q4 - n,'tf?.-4 it .Nr 1 , ,ix ul v . , v 5 - ' ,all .L Q H . f, i Q . , I ig 1 ' A ' ghlvi . 4 mf A I .f I A- A . 5 i Yr ' I af, U . ' g j 75? 'iff' Y 'JT A my I . - 2 '-1 . , 'fp ' . Ill , ff .A v tl H, 1 , Q ? X, I In , ' .. A A 1' nf V ' L 4, I s I Q. I " f . ,Y s V ' 4 y V I 4 Y A f ' I f ' K .Q 1- 5 ' ' 1 . U 5 V X ,Y Q V. Z' 1' Qi' Y A X 'N 'N . .1 - ' 1' il , , P r ' - YQ' .f ' ' NY- Ll If wfilf, jj' 7 7 'f7'5'?5, , A .,-,wan vu, . I ' . ' " . k qi., , It ,x dll. , I J x ,SQ A.g. I . ' quam' V . .,,. . ' ' ,y up Q A V . , f 3 QA M 1 , AN., ' , , , .. I a v-- W 1 2 -1 ,Q - , I , .' . 3 Eff' Zh k' x ' ' . . ' f' K :, -'fl A ,Q '16 Q F' H fp " 5 ' - V 1 ' '. s-,,. 3 - , F' I if , ,, 'M--H' M9 , 'vi . 7 n ' 41,5 3 ' ' ' L '.,f ' ' " -L32 ' 'I o L 'Lf' if ' 3 rt? X .1 f 0' "' Q12 , 9 4 ,pg v f Q -,Jigga x . M , f' , ' 'iff - C Ip Q nw - . QA I 1 .. . ,KM I q ,- , 1 -a ,f"'V,, 4 . ' A ' 4 ' ,fs ,ff -, -J Hr . -- L 'A .f' , 'if .. Af rf . 1 . 4 Q : Q: ' X i.. 4 ' A v Us -V?-ul, f 4 :A . . - . , Ay L-- , ' :5 . 1 f'N - f fi 5 " 1 X . s ' -A . ' 2 -- ' - .. 1 41 if J.: Seam ew mm -in-,',,... 'RAT 1 w -4"' Q . UU Cbusms Marjane 6 i'-"' ,MGfY . v - . X- H emo r V s'.':'i - 19 SJARR , j' Q, I ,V in Rash 'Y 594 I j 11 ' w nl ' 'illvf nh iff' IEEE!! llllllr BE USU QURON men ,MSU 4.4 ' ' 3 I Q Page Eighteen Senior Class Pla Q! ' 39 Almost E1ghteen -.4-wv, Q ll? Q 0 v . 9.1 3?-451 xdHr- wfrwm h CAST OF CHARACTEHS....Left to Right...Mary Spotts, Beag Marjorie Hunt, Mableg Don Dale, GeorgegNell Jenkins, Motherg Bill Lundy, Eddieg Mrs. Kidney, Director, Dale Pentecost,Fatherg Bob UcClure, Mr. Nerritt3Ruby Caudle, Sallyg Nancy Wright, Miss Dalrympleg Marilyn Starr, Anng Phyllis Resh, Mrs. Granvilleg Byron Temple, Tom. e s ss eg-esg g r '1-f" l ' J --f -q. ' , - J -ff 5 H in 5 5 C l f I 5 Q I, sl- ' 1 4 ' A 1 1 3 1 " l . if ' ' , I l ,V -. t l 2- 4.5 147' Wt-' I ' Vu JA l -xl . How' mi: ,w p - ' f l lei " so S s 4 ,,.' 'A X H Hull" Three One-Act Plays .. 3' 1 N 1 'W -s l we . , . , XI, ' 4 5 rp-1 X, ' ' -'. n Il I K' I Q ffWQfg ':" vi - Page vineteen - . l ,CJ 4 Commencement Class Officers 'WJ SEATED: Mary Spotts, Secretaryg Marjorie Hunt, Reporterg Dale Pentecost, Presidentg Dick Merkamp, Vice Presidentg Phyllis Rosh, Treasurerg Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Outland, Class Sponsors Page Twenty ? 1 795.2 4394-H FIRST RCW: Mr. McCoy, Dorothy Bowles, Christina Chanee,Barbara.Evans, Nancy Ryan, Thurleen Hiller, Joan Parrish Mary Ann McNary, Carrol Study, Iris Miller, Joann meek, 1r1e neun and ur. Litreh. SECON ROW: lisa MoConaha, Willard Wadsworth, Russell Hildebrand, LeRoy Taylor, Joe Hatfield, Diet Stevens, Carl Orsborn, Harry Fulton, Claude Hunt, Vern Xnipp, Julia linters and Betty labry. THIRD ROW: Paul lhite, Bob Blue, Clyde Morris, Joe Rosser, B111 Smith, Egils Purina, Duane Gunn, Tom Eckenrode, Jim Shawhan, B111 McDaniel, David Best. 65444 Offdcew f b w c-.g!,.Nh--x FIRST now: nary Ann ueuary. President? Joan Parrish, Treasurer: Barbara EVBHB, Secretary, lies HcConaha, SPOUSOT- sEcoND Row: ur. uecoy, Sponsor: Jim Shawhan, Vice Presidentg Mr. Littell, Sponsor. INSET: Iris Rosh, Seeretar?- 1 .U-7 Page 'Monty-One by Mary Ann JWc.Ndry When we, the class of 1952, entered our Freshman year there were 35 of us Those enrolling were Bobby Blue Duane Gunn Thurleen Miller Nancy Ryan Dorothy Bowles Joe Hatfield Clyde Morris Jim Shawhan Jerry Brookbank Claude Hunt Carl Orsborn Bill Smith John Bryan Eddie Jones Joan Parrish Dick Stevens Tommy Eckenrcde Vern Knipp Iris Resh Carrol Study Barbara Evans Bill McDaniels Donna Ridenour LeRoy Taylor Buster Evans Mary Ann McNary Joe Rosser Julia winters Harry Fulton Joan Wrigley Mona Lee Lemmons, Joan Meek, Russell Hildebrand and David Best came to us from Abington We elected Joan Wr1g1ey,pres1dent, Bill 8m1th,vice president, Mona Lemmons, secretary and Joan Parrish, treasurer Our sponsors were Miss Kimmel, Miss Mc Oonaha and Mr Brooks Our first class party that year was a hayride and party at Claude Hunt's Then we had a Christmas party and exchanged gifts Our Valentine dance, The Freshman Fantasy went over big as we incorporated the idea of crowning a king and queen Mary Lou Mc0lanahan and Herb Johnston were selected We lost Joan Wrigley, Donna Ridenour and Jerry Brookbank during the year When we became Scphomores we felt we were really getting up in the world We gained three new memberstc go along with uein this phase of high school life They were Iris Miller, Betty Mabry and Paul White We lost one, Buster Evans Miss Kimmel and Mr Brooks were our sponsors Ourcfficers were Mary Ann McNary, president, Dick Stevens, vice president Julia Winters, secretary, Joan Parrish, treasurer and Ir1sResh, reporter For our first class party we followed an old precedent by havinga hayride We again hada,valentine dance, Betty Smith and Herb Johnston were crowned king and queen We were fortunatetm havetwo dances,the second of which wasthe Sophomore Shindig In 1950 we started back for our third year of high school A few must have become quite weary of school for Harry Fulton, Paul White, Mona Lem ons and Rus- sell Hildebrand quit school. We lost John Bryan to R.H.S. We were very fortunate in gaining lgils Purina from Latvia. We startedour Junior year with quitea bitof zeal. We elected our officers, as shown on page 21. We first elected Mona Lemmons as secretary, then when she leftto get married we replaced her with Iris Rash. Our sponsors are Miss McCon- aha, Mr. Mcdoy and Mr. Littell. CI want to stop to thank whoever is responsible for the assignment of sponsors for they certainly have done justice to us and we all appreciate lt., Our first big thrill was receiving our class rings-muchtb the envy of our underclassmen. Our big project was the Junior play, 'Comin Round the Mounta1n,' which turned out to be a colossal success under the direction of Mr. Littell. Thisis our big money making year. We hld the concession stand at the ball- games last summer and part of this winter. Our dance, Junior Jive, was-well at least it wasn't a flop. Then came our Donkey basketball, and our planned party to attenda drive-in movie. Miss Blackley an exchange teacher from England spoke at our chapel. She was secured by Mr. Mcdoy. Miss McConaha directed the conces- sion stand at the basketball games for us, and Mr. McCoy took care of seeing t0 our Coke machine and the noon stand. The Junior Class has been active in all extra-curricular activities. Eight are members of the band, five were on the basketball squad, four on the baseball team and one acted as baseball student manager and one was a yell leader. Page Twenty-Tue Y . 4 m , ,y 81544 ,lf L Sm aanlake wmv- 1 7 A Zu -r Arif AE ...1 n, 'ULU- a 'N Q vp, A z f 1 I Presented by members of the Junior Glass, lovember 8 A 9, 1950 CAST: lr. Littell director' Clyde Horrieas Curly, Julia Winters as Carol, B111 McDaniel as fav, Mary Ann lcNary as Haw, Iris Resh as Oorney Bell, Tommy Eokenrode ae Bob, Joe Hatfield as Zeke, Barbara Evans as Ellie Lou, Duane Gunn as Id, Betty Mabry as Doris, Claude Hunt as Sammy and Dorothy Bowles as Dizzy Mae. The hill-billy band consisted of B111 Smith, Jim Bhawhan, LeRoy Taylor, David Bestand.Joe Roseer. Bob Blue took oareol the sound effects, Thurleen Miller the prompting and Irs. Littell the make-up. SMX 9 'J a 'S l'gs J, ' s I A . - " 4? , 'f ,jf . Q 1 - mf' we-fwmsfn E.,-s Y P T x- X I iff u i, g j,X :gaQ'm - ,r , B F ,. 5' v , . .3 J a w ' , ' -. , 1. - w' ' T ' 5 Ll, . .' , , .. f 5 ' .c i ff . gg ' gf B D i 1 gr yi., .,.. ig tn-1, -ag' k 4 3' wfiwi ' W wa ' - ,,. . 3 ff? 9 ygjxsffg 4 s'ff,,,, Q2-' if X elif , y at el 'TJ W UQ 0 Q Q., 'J d- " W Qi' :ww . E 2154 cn F 1 5 1953 -"""-"' " -1,1-,Y--.A ,S F., -9 i,,, C' FIRST ROW: Maurice Baker, Clarence Mitchell, Billy Beard, Myron Higgins, Billy Thomas and Dick Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Catherine Cuneo, Shirley Harris, Waneta Harvey, Jane Gunn, Vivian Mullins, Shirley Anderson, Betty Lundy, Martha Weaver, Janet Pippin and Jeannine Spotts. THIRD ROW: Mr. Brooks, Bunny Jones, Evelyn Gessell, Wanda Howell, Linda Early, Shirley Edwards, Judy King, Barbara Caudle, Evelyn Jones, Linda Eadler, Sonya Jones and Miss Kimmel. FOURTH ROW: Loren Hamilton,Ronnie Harr1s,Clyde Reed,Dav1d Nuss, Billy Harrison, Jerry Wickersham, Irvin Toschlog, Jim Cihlar, Dale Temple, Bonnie Pennington and Paul Taylor. 6444 Ofbldcew FIRST ROW: Miss Kim el, sponsor, Jim C5-h1H1', treasurer, Loren!-Iamilton, presi- dellti Ronnie Harris, vice president, and Mr. Brooks, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Barbara Caudle, secretary, Linda Early, reporter. ,M ,,,. yn -1 Aff f LAHPIOINS yy f Q10-95 Journey lhge1hmntyJbur 5 Cflafu by Linda Early May of l9U9 saw our class say good-byeto Ju ior High and hello to our first encounter with High School. We entered into our Freshman year with 34 students. Included in this 34 were 28 students from the Centerville Eighth Grade U from Abingtonand 1 each from Springportand Hagerstown. le were 'green' then tae per- haps we still are! but yet never were we overlooked. Our class officers during the 1949 50 school year were Barbara Caudle, president, Maurice Baker, vice president, Evelyn Gesell, secretary, Jim Cihlar, treasurer and Linda Early, reporter During the year we held two dances, a 'Far rago of Frolic' and the January Jaunt ' We also had a hayride Members of our Freshman class included Maurice Baker Dick D vis Evelyn Gesell Shirley Harris Wanda Howell Vivian Mullins Ronnie Pennington Evelyn Jones Billy Beard Barbara Caudle Jim Clhlar Linda Eadler Linda Early Shirley Edwards Jane Gunn Loren Hamilton Ronnie Harris Myron Higgins Clarence Mitchell David Nuss Jeannine Spotts Dale Temple Ruth Runyon Irvin Toschlog Barbara Jones Duane Combs Billy Harrison lanita Harvey Sonya Jones Judy King Jerry lickersham Martha Weaver Paul Taylor Clyde Reed When we entered our Sophomore year we had acquired a bit more polish and dignity CThank heavens!! Our officers are fou d on a preceding page, our Stu dent Council members include, Evelyn Gesell, Maurice Baker, Linda Early and as alternate, Jim Cihlar This class, numbering Mo at one time durin the year, ained these students Janet Pippin from Riley, Betty Lundy from reensfork, hirley Anderson from Hagerstown, Bill Thomas from Oklahoma and Robert Jarrett, Catherine Cuneo and Sue Wright from Richmond Senior High School le lost Duane Combs, Catherine Cuneo and Dick Davis during the year, also Ianeta Harvey Duringour Sophomore year we heldtwo successful dances One was the 'Sopho- more Heart Hop' and the other was held after the sophomore sponsored class tour ney, WHICH IE WON! It was called 'Sophomore Special ' le had a hayride in the fall and a class dance at Christmas This year we had 5 boys on the varsity basketball teams, 7 on the baseball team 5 members in the band and 1 yell leader We hope that our next two years will be as wonderful and profitable as our first two years in CHS. AQ al- '11 Page Twenty Five . . . . U - I I e. Z 5 E O , e if Jr Q T VK- lftfe 1 s - . ', ' . i P 49 fi" ' , 598 . 1 I , v 1 ,Q .1 , t 'L ,a4 S I q . Q mnhmwz ,664 H13 ,fe di? gum 4UQ' KNEELING Jerry Joe Cockerill, John Johnson and Larry Hamm SECOND ROW Mrs Pickett, Anne Wright, Nancy Winters, Sally Kramer, Rose Ellen Trueler, Sheila Weaver, Alice Cook, Nancy Mervin, Marzetta Lamb, Betty Nafe, Kay King, Gracie May and Mr Castelluccio THIRD ROW Mr Miles, Mar Mustin, Phyllis Horr, Alta Miller,June Allen, Joanne Cihlar, Elizabeth Kinney, laude Ceudle, Crandle Cook, Ralph Bowles, Paul Widau, Bill Combs and Mr Hines FOURTH ROW: Bill Johnson, Walter Etzel, Bill Burris, Russell Best, Bill Arthur, Don Chance, Carol Park, Dick Crocker, Joe Ervin, Dick Combs, Alan Kempton and Wayne Petty Zhu Offaww FIRST ROW Mr Miles, Mrs Pickett, classsponsors, Anne Wright, reporter, Kay King, treasurer, Mr Castelluccio and Mr Hines, class sponsors SECOND ROW Ralph Bowles, president, Bill Johnson,v1ce president, and John Johnson, secretary ? P D 06606 Page Twenty-Six h'fzX V V 4 iw x . . 1 a N . - J . F ps. 'BYU' Q -L ' X v 5 'U .., V-Wm A N . fig' B ' I I 4, new 1-1 rw 1 4 V A - V . Q' V K ,QL Vx . . I -gb Q 1 -1 R f , ' be 7 1 ,j . X5 , g Y' ' ' f 1' ' Q V ilk' If 1 iA'L j! if -4 " ' ' '1' ., We , V fv- V J- M 1 Q - L Y O " ' f .3 3 2 sk 'j .-ea?? r 4 1 ' v.fl-, 3 Q 3 e Q Q : e 5 C I I : O U . ' . Q Q 'fe ' - ' 4 A. , I , 4 ' 7 . ' f , N X!! vs f . . J 4 1? SEB.. e f F 'H my x y? . . E1ghth Grade AW' ""r' T "fvwsny-nu---- wi VL vi'r FIRST ROW Elvin Lamott, Ralph Frame, Wesley Spahr, Donnie Cook, Larry Burris, Bruce Harris, Jackie Hawkins, John Uambo, B111 Downing, Arthur Horr and Bobby Dickerson. SECOND ROW Richard Rudicel, Richard Atkins, Jack Soper, Richard Love, Janice Hyre, Jane Barton, Frank Vaughn, Eddie Love, B111 Hahn and Lester Harvey THIRD ROW Miss Olunt, Janice Hickersham, Phyllis Burris, Patsy Doolin, Dorothy Phillips, Sally Jarrett, Ann Hubbard, Ada Toney, Juanita Darrah, HOIIDCH Rau, Noreta Basham, Sue Bogan, Ritadell Lundy and Mr Overturf. Class Officers FIRST ROW M1ssG1unt, sponsor, Ann Hubbard,reporter, Jan1ceHyre, vice pres1dent3Janice Hickersham, secre- tary, Mr Overturf, sponsor. SECONDROW2 LarryBurrie, treasurer: Lester Harvey, president. Page Nenqwhven . ,..., M- . I I ,. ,W-e,, -,,,, --- 4 J, 4 - , u, a.....,.-. '-- I ' I 'Ii' '55 1 5 ?"I4..L nM" is 4..- 1 Qs S53 , Z of . 1 ' AL' X .i ylbq v y I ,dis - T ' 9 :Ss Ly. A so S P - A Q, 3,2 ' Y 5 ,. A ',' - L. W . f Huw' 55 b i f-,iwyf I 1 1 , A ,. 'jp- ,ws A . . . : 0 : Q . J , . p , u 1 4 1 2 . n f 5 ' - 0 Seventh Grade sf FIRST Row Percy White, Mark Wright, Hilliam Moyer, David Tidrow and Jerry SECOND ROW Jean Holbert, Mary Ruth Hiler, Lois Downing, Roberta Edwards, ton, Betty Bowles and Reva Boian THIRD ROW Mr Fornoff, Mr Tanner, K? f 4"!C's 11 EM' P Thomas King, Russell Study, William Combs, Nusa Chowning, Janet Flanagan, Jane Cook, Joyce Barbara Floyd, Carolyn Combs, Joyce Johns Patricia Fowler, Judy Williams, Marthlene McClure, Josephine Kalb, Shiela Winters, Jackie Uissler, Sally Ann Monger, Nancy Phillips, Martha Merritt, Marilyn Minnix, Lady Ann Moore and Mr Armstrong FOURTH ROW William Vaughn, James Spotts, Thomas Darnell, Jack Jenkins, Helena McNary, Linda Renschler, Janis Hunt, Toby Ann Tubesing, Marion Rose, Carl Conti, Randy Jones, Benny Hawkins and James Barton Class Officers Marthalene McClure, president Janis Hunt, vice president Lois Downing, secretary treasurer Jerry Nuss, reporter SPONSORS Eddie Armstrong Johnny Overturf Clarence Tanner Page TwentyHB1ght .-: A F N X 4, , ', X I , ... A5 , - :C Q- 'WWMNW , l --4,1 C an 3 , 3 . I 0 A S I V an ' . an 'R S iff' Ex . , A fit ' M- , - we ,gs Y XS' , v Q :U-1 ' " 5 . Q N, w fn l s Q sL,,,' 'J' ' -ff" f. ' Q: 4 . -. , - x , . mi 424905 A '3- I A' -W. 1 , . I - fm . ' A ,A xr" 7 ' ,W ,V . 1 A at ' - . e I Q . 5 0 0 . e e . . U Q Q Q QE Q9 Q X f cfm Grades FLY1e Er Slx 'skkg 5, If Q Aijfxr SIXTH GIADE FIRST ROW: RmmioHorr, Ronnie Weasel, David Pentecost, Kenzw Stough, Bobby May, Ju Custer, Kenny Bose, Freddy Phillips, Allan MoC1ainand Denny Jones. SEEOND ROW Barbara Cheesnan, Mary Ann Rash, Rachel Darrah, Mary Carolyn Johnston, Donna Ludwig, Mary Johnson, Lee Cook, Shirley Pennington, Kay Hawkins, Rosalie Crocker, Rose Marie LoveandCarol Bousman THIRD R04 Mr Arthur, Marcia Tibbs, Ruth Ann Smelser, Anna Jean Hays, Janice Howell, Marie Morris, Susan Johnson, Nancy Bertsch, Patty Ahl, Jmme Ann Harman, Marcia Russell, Lynne Fraze, Sue Sprakes and Ethel Hughes FOURTH ROW Earl Rose, Gordon Dickerson, Robert Sheckles, Lloyd Usher, Jinmv Eliason, John Lamb, Dennis Jenkins, Michael Smith, Virgil Mayes and Stephen Kinder 001' L ,all FIFTH GRADE - FIRST RCM: David Vaughn, James Horr, Richard Rau, Dickie Williams, Marshal Jeffers, and Ronald Hahn. SECOND RW: Delsie Lakes, Lavanns. Baker, Carolyn Lundy, Judy Moore, Carol Davis, Ruth Trusler, Patricia Kayand Judy Parker. THIRD RCM: Sue Hubbard, Billie Sheckles,Ma:rgie Cihlar, Marylin Rusk, Walter Renfrew, Jay Druley, Jimmy Resh and Yvonna Cormican. FOURTH ROW: Linda Lich- tenfels, Connie Bender, Judy Wissler, Keith Hays, Joyce Rahn, Edith Rhoadesand Karen Glunt. FII-'IH ROW: Terry Dale, Mary Ruth Renschler, Claude Soper, Jim Robbins, Wanda Frame and Joseph Hawkins. SIXTH RCM: Terry Jones, Phillip Davis, Mr. Helderman, Mark Frame and George Usher. Page Twenty-Kino 0 o -ff: ,N , R - R - J AZ? ' 'J J Z- " ' , ' f- A ' oo s, 1 'S -P 4' - -I Ia., 4 a' 'fs A , 4 gs T :TT D , ., .E .,,. li ' Y .I I- k ,ya , vu - , - K 1 f V . X . . : 5 ,, Y , , , 'xv'- '..'kl-LWQ54 ' ' . '- ' , .. ". l:,., 8 ' . A . s . , . . J , 1 4 - wr fa M - l S or so ' ,R V A - x 9471" f AQ, I ' ' , QPKVK ' ,, v, I 1 L 5 , ' -We I HA 5 K - I 'A Aa ,I ,Vi 1, , f:if,'2? - us, " ' Z Q' Q3 ' - ' 1: ' ' , , 'Y' 'V' 3 -'ge -' , ' M., v if I-2 'K 5 " " K . , - ,. -X . , I W- "' . . "' I 1 r A s . . e Y A R , QV, 5 . 2, ' H 'if' V , I gl. A f , M , . 2 . l O -fred-E5--1 A,--f i ' in V 5 '."T.'ai 'C V 1, 1 ii 'a A r ,wc A M , I 1 s' , - . 7 '4' N . 'i "i 9 1 , V K . Y - '-e K. y D X . ' ' . v ' ' 1 M l ""',' . , xx J ' z l . Vx H 4 T Y " ' Grades Three C1 Four X Q-EJ ,f X FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW Alan Bailey, Ray Druley, Jackie Bertsch, David Hawkins, B11Jy Hibbard, Clyde Pennington, Mike Rhoades, Fred Harvey and Harold Routson SECOND ROW Joseph Dan-ah, Mary h lli s Bruce McClain, Michael Mulroonj, Mary Ruth Riley, Eddie Palmer, Billie Sue Smith, Buddy P 1 p , dJ a.nne Miller THIRD ROW Saundra Johnson, Nancy Staats, Paul Hamilton, S r FOURTH Morris, Davin Coffeyan o Carolyn Dale, Jewel Duggan, Bobby Edwards, Jane Kinney, Susan Bousman and Sandra nyde ROW Mary Ellen Jenkins, Donna Andrews, Marilyn Davis, Sue Ann Abel, Gary McNew, Donna Frame, H e Raymond Dickerson, James Ward, Jerry Judith Mason and Miss Bramer FIFTH ROW Carolyn arv y, G bbard SIXTHROW Rex Hartman, Mike Schlotterbeck, Jerry Armstrong, Pruitt, Jerry Tibbs and Linda a Cletis Toschlog and Byron O'Bayley L-v I I will Y' THIRD GRADE FIRST RON Miclqf Ellison, Madeline Minnix, Janet Lamb, Terry Trotter, Sammy Riley, J ckie Littell SECOND ROW- Mary Louise Miller, Ha1'yAnn Custer, Tommy Palmer, Patricia Horr and a Timmie McGraw Tommy P-ahdert, Patsy Cook, Judy Sorrell, Peggy Rhoades, Carolyn Haw R b cca Klein Patty Henderson, Patty Motter, , I i McClure. THIRD ROW: Mildred Love, e e , , FOURTH ROW: Bev- kins, Carolyn Eliasonand r s S aker Morris Needles and Larry Thatcher. Carol Kinder, John Trittschuh, Gary pr , P t 1 k L Fawcett, Nicky Nicolettaand Mrs.Rash. erly House,Beta Hartman, Donald Hartman, Alan a r c , arry FIFTH RCN: Bobby Soper, Jimnv Pike, Joel Heath, Freddy Roehler and Jack Tidrow., P080 Thi-ft! GYCICIBS Two G' Three ..A. 411 SECOND k THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW John Coryell, Jack Combs, Jerry Chowning, Jerry Catron, Jerry Connan,Esr1 Davis, Bobby Baldwin, Thelma Frame, David Anderson, Don ald Bowles and David Daggy SECOND ROW Carolyn Guin, Peter Biggs, Ji my Fornoff, Frank Darrah, Danny Baker, Diana Dale, Raymond Clay, Linda Burris, Gary Darnell and Janice Adkins THIRD ROW Lowell Chenoweth, Karen Black, Jimmy Catron, Ruth Combs, Marian Coates Wilma Custer, Darwin Andrews and Mrs Evlyn Parks POURTH ROW Florence Cihlar Sam Bender, Tommy Baker, Mike Floyd Lissa Ahl an Mark Hahn Us-osfvff WB' Till? EF! if f' 'I FIRST ROW Johnny Vaughn,T1m Nuss,Diann Williams, Michael Pfeiffer, SECOND GRADE Joyce Anne Lakes,B111y Pruitt, Marcia Horr, Jimmy Mulroony, Susie McDanie1s, Caro lyn May and Sara Sue Halley SECOND ROW Dennis McClain, Myrna Linglnfelter, Thurman Hiler, Nancy Riley, Johnny Ward, Bruce Whitham, Norman Miller, Darla Jean Parks and Emily Russell THIRD ROW Johnny Sheckles, Judy Johnson, Melvin House, Patty Moore, David Mabe, Daryl Renschler, Willie Moore and Mickey Melvin FOURTH ROW Vicki Jeffers, David Tieman, Joan Routson, David Hall, Kathy Heath, Jimmy Rowe, Linda Kay and Miss Monger, FIFTH ROW Ross Allen Rhinehart, Jackie Hibbard, Gene Hutchens, Billy Renfrew and Ronald Kinder Hqp NMrty4hm I ,- 2: ' X ' . ,1 ." ,fi I , y ' 4' , 'I ' 4 1 Y ' N. -' I -' . ,fa V i,- 7 ' ' - , . L , , . ' e , gx .. s - X 4 - , .A l 'l, fy A .at ' I Q3 ,'T5A . 4 9 4 -i , ii 'I ' P 'v ,fx ' V ' 7 ' 15' ' . " 4 U ., V T ,. x . I if " ' , I " 4 , L' y X Y , ' f v . 4. ' A ' me I ' .- I V' fy? ,K . ' ' 1 A V W 9 ' , . -W 55' . ' I - C . . Q I I l . : , d l f y Q y ,fa -Y gs: 12 . 4522 I -..KN 1 - f . ' ,wgwhw Q 1. Aww , . wwlfws ' R , 4 , T -of y - ka l ,MM Wu Q, . A mats' - bv , . 4 ,. , ZA 1'-7 ,I X ' 4 A 1 1' 4 44, . V , 1 M .X 'al 1 'J . L I A ' . I A , ' K, N 1 j j 4 . .' ff- . 4 ,, I ' L, 1 4 - . . y ' ,. 'L X , , - , 1 ,1 fwJ,, s' f' f A . , 5 HB , A L J ZW -A ya. , 1 4, W - . 1 - ' A1 A - , , 4 'f as A- . ' 'S ' '1 I ' fi.-' V1 f 1- 1 ,I I 1 f' n',g. ' ' X . U 5' . A A -' it 1 .. - ' I 5 ALf'- " V I ' ' -1- f - . . Q Z ' O . . I Q . . . O THE TWO FIRST GRADES vb 4' X .sf FIRST ROI BarbaraAh1, Eddielloyd, Beverly Horr, Dickie Hobbs Patty Carton Jackie Horr, Diana Dean, Sharon Hawkins, Karen Gabbard and Larry Jenkins SECOND ROI Mrs Henderson, Donna Eliason DonnaJeam.Henderson, June Hampton Melintha Fowler, MaryBue English, Sandra sh, BharonJo Duke and Rickie Davie. ir Ja FIRST ROI: Daryl Moore, Jimmy Thomas, Bonnie Spraker, David lhitham, Linda 0'Ba5ley, John Myers, Oharollete Huffine, John Rau, Sharon Rice, Jane Pike and arol Maines. BIOOND ROW: Karl lisecup, Dennis McGraw, Freddie Trusler Michael Tubesing, Thomas Perry, Thomas Kinder, 8ueAnn Isaacs, Judith Maxel, Tommy Schlotterbeck and Judith Longenecker. THIRD ROW: Reba Jones, Kaye Metzger, Larry Moore, Micheal Snyder, Joan Tritsohuh David Riley, Donald Moorman, Junior Mitohel1amd.Mrs. Blanche Park. rounrs noi: James ummm, starr Ann Smallwood, o1aua1a Pennington, nomue Roehler, Robert Tubesing and Dick Sheffield. Page Thirty-Tw M1 I 1 ' , U 0 ,Y 4 ' ,i ' o.. - v.,, ,,-,. . M QQ H :Q Af 1' I hm 'M 1' - Q A 1 A ' , ui' . l , Q ' ' F . 5 JNL L 5 . - ' i-,I x , C I ',7'Q - x I " 4 A P ,Z 'Kira-T, ' ' f 1 G A .Y f ' Ax gf,,,,1 ' ' SQL ' ' f-A If R J ' R ' or ff ' I 'D , . I xii I 3 " S Q 'J . T ,, , .. 'Q 1 f '. 1 ' ' , '1 . L' ' 1 ' ,- ' ' 5 ' Y . ' ,- K I A i 5 3 ,' ' I ' - '5 Y. 'golf -F. I' of I 2 U D C 3 0 A 9 J, 'F .' s ' 'J X f F' .F A -fi , U ' z 'N ' 3 l I I ' .ff W ' he .E , I ' V 4 A! 4 ' 1:49. . " r J f ,k V li- A 'CR V I I . , ' ,uf L, L ' r . . Kindergarten I IW' 'kwin IV-3441125935111 mr 5 1 I ww!! U9 Zi, ai "'Y""1aZ"7f.T65K :MWUE Tk-we illiw 111 it HBO 'H' 'Wilt Sk' I w as i L ll: Ill d v 98 Q f FIRST ROI like Ruff, Betty Andrews, Stanley Davis, Marcia Kuhn, Johnny Russell Carolyn White and Freddy Thomas SECOND how Bally Sue Runyon, Tommy Pruitt, Olivia leaver, Johnny Hudson M th Johnny Booker Jane Illen Martin and Barry Hilstead Jennifer a ews, , THIRD ROI Ricky Buohholz, Dena Staats, Bobby Johnson, Nancy Lichtenfels Janie Harrison, Chere Littell and Mrs Kaokley Snapshots X qi' VISITING HAGERSTOWN FFA OFr FOR CHICAGO F5 N I' OUR GYM Q QHOME xy.- ,Q Ir s 4 R85 . ,,, g3.N l L ' 9 5, I A 8 x' in AA Q ,. UI I , I "HI I Page Thirty Three lst Phyllis Resh, Tie for 2nd Dorothy Bo Honors OUTSTANDING Shhluh GIRL AND BCY Nell Jenkins Byron Temple JONES AWANDS ENGLISH ANAHD Bob Blue BAND SWLATBHS Jim Howell Joan harris Don West Nell Jenkins Mary Black Phyllis Resh lst Linda Early Iris Resh Robert Rice Betty Mabry Paul Martin Paul Baker Ben Blake Betty Smith Nancy Nright Nell Jenkins Sarah Toney Don Dale Bill bmith Wanda Howell Epils Purins Bill Lucas Paul Baker Dick Stevens Dick Hawkins Pave Thirty Fou Paul Van Camp CAbLTERlA ANAHDS Betty Smith Beverly Lamb CBOSLEY KITCHEN PLANNIN CONlhST wles and Mary Ann McNary Marcia Wrl ht Ruby Cauule Ben Blake Betty Smith 2nd Iris Miller 3rd Vera Knipp TYPIIU ANAPDS lst year Shirley Edwards Marllyn Starr Joe Fatfleld 2nd year Thurleen Miller Julia Ninters Clyde Morrls SHORTHAND Phyllis Resh BASKETBALL AWARD' Ronnie Hamm BASEBALL AWARDS Ernest Taylor Bob McClure Paul Martin VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS wICK'S WACKIES Barbara wickersham, Captain Marilyn Starr Jane Ying HOT S OES Paul Baker, Captain Fred Dickerson Julian Johnston HIGB SCUOLL :ING rONu CU NS CANCLR PCSlBR COITEST nn Hubbard Byron lemple JUDGING TEAMS Dale Pentecost Loren Hamilton Clarence Nltchel Neil Hamilton Betty Lundy Nell Jenkins Bill Smith Sarah oney Jim Howell Jim Howell Don Nest Vivian Iulllns Barbara Jones Nancy Mervin Sue Brown Evil rurlns Irvin Toschlog Purina Llgpins Gunn Howell Maurice 'aker Ronnie Pamm Dick Merkamp Alan Henwood .. ' " G 'W W ec 'e. A -a Boys BASKETBALL CHAMPS 4 W A f H f' 'P nAHfIo" A A ". 1' J g ffl 'X A -'A W X ks 1, 4, ,Ns J ll 2.1, 0 1'f , '4 , I ffcw 4 K 'l 1 fllf ,IH L 6, V ,I I 1' . .... li 961,11 , , , , 4 f,f ' 1 N, 'Cf ' . ' IH: Q I 1 5 Ill, .I X H, ,' -' M" , V ' 1 If ' .-. 1,1 ' 1 I .' 'X ,Y f ly' , 'W ,4 f If ' .. Y ' g- A .f I 'gf i '- " - ' A 15 Q2 A f , 1 4' f I ' ' - , ' X - -X X 3 f 3 Q Z t f .I , Ip' 1 fi I ' ::Q' fx . - XX 'S 'iv' K , , x .1 -1 - Q h , 5 5 ll - . R ' 5 I i 3 j ' lf! -I Li I A ' . , ' . Y f ll ' 5?i-:,15?:,q-Y:-1-1-. - ., - '1ki1CQ3 E - "'T????-fi f I ii"-f 5iil'fl3?21l f ' 1-iffiifl County C0-Champmns nfwppmnsv f THE FIRST STRING BULLDOGS KNEELING Paul Martin, Tommy Eckenrode,J1m Howell, Duane Gunn and Joe Hatfield STANDING Student ManagerDon West, Jim Cihlar, Ronnie Hamm,B1ll McDaniel, Loren Hamilton, Ronnie Harris, Billy Harrison, Bill Burris and Coach Charlie Niles SEASON RECORD Centerville Brookville Centerville Centerville Spicelend Centerville Centerville Farmland Centerville Centerville Greenefork Centerville Straughn Morristown Centerville Boston Webster Centerville CambridgeC1ty39 Greensfork 32 Hagerstown Tourney Union City 5 Centerville M8 Centerville U5 Hagerstown Cambr1dgeC1ty M6 Knightstown M9 Centerville S6 Cdouble Centerville 6h Union City Sb Centerville 7 Section Centerville 28 Centerville 36 Fountain City 3h SEASON AVERAGE Centerville h9.9 Opponent hl.8 Milton Centerville Centerville Centerville Winchester overtime! Williamsburg Centerville Liberty al Tourney Greensfork Richmond Centerville The Team That Beal' Richman Page Thirty-Five d B Team KZNEELING Russ Hndebrand, Dale T'mP10 and Joe Hatfield C1 d R ed Tgmmy Eckenrode Jerry Wickersham, gig?DiEgan1El?da2:n?:ngEg51s,yD:vig Nnss and Coach Keith Castelluccio SEASON RICOHD Centerville Centerville Spieelend Centerville Centerville Cambridge Cityhb Centerville 30 Brookville Straughn Centerville Webster Farmland Centerville Greenefork Centerville 21 Hagerstown h CambridgeC1ty 31 Centerville Centerville Centerville Union City Centerville SECOND TEAM TOURNEY Cambridge City 36 Centerville 17 Brookville Page ThirtyHSix 3 Hilton Centerville Knightetown Winchester Uilliamsbur Centerville Liberty hl Centerville 25 30 16 3h 31 0 Centerville Centerville 27 Morristown 26 38 32 32 E2 13 23 I 21+ 9 19 33 4...- SEATED Bill Combs, Myron Higgins, Larry Hamm, Galin Basham, Ralph Bowle D ld Ch Paul Widau Walter' Etzel and Coach Eddie Armstrong 1IRbT ROM Richard Love, Russell btudy, Ralph Frame, B111 Downlng, Jack Jenkins QRCOND ROW Coach Renry Fornoff, Charles Kramer, Bob Dickerson, Jerry Nuss, Don 5 STANDING Student Manager Jerry Cockerill, Crandall Cook, Dick Combs, Billy Page Thirty-Seven Count Baseball Champwns gk Qin sq I Glam: iw' R FIRST ROW Duane Gunn, David Nuss, Bill Harrison, Student Manager Bill Smith, Jim Cihlar Jerry Wlckersham and Tommy Eckenrode SECOND ROW, Paul Baker, Paul Martin, Don west, Ernie Taylor, Jim Howell, Ben Blake and Bob McClure. THIRD ROW Baseball Coach Eddie Armstrong, Joe Hatfield, Bill Burris, Bill Mc Daniel, Don Chance, Dale Temple and Athletic Director Charles Miles Page Thirty-Eight SEASON RECORD Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville We er town hcononx reen fork Fountain ity nston 'hitewater Jebster Williamsburg ilton Hagerstown C an in I , V , .' HL' A V J gd 7 A - :Ja Q gig gnu Q ' 'Q' A Y . t J 1 x x f - I I I C Q W C C, 352 A M, .fe B f C ' 5 Q R 'A I slrlfix A h i XC, A Asif . B. f ' , V h Q r W 71' L' . ' N 4,21 .C 13 -4 , . 'W,Y4. I V 'uns quavn: H 9' , n ' 2 , U s ' 2 5 ' . .j ll 13 1 sl 1 15 ' C 5 2 E . 1 7 R 4 l T 0 9 V Q 7 A 15 H 5 ' , 1 V9 4 ""3Wb Q ,WEE 0, 4308, 0' 0 te gf Q P ff wx X M ,S-,--4 Q 7 M22 IHMUIIW. A4 f f NW! X 101 x f 0 0 1 I ,I lf ' y uh 'W V Yfhlf M gy ff ,M 1 W - 0' , ' ' 9 V5 x f X Q Q f'ffm1flZff,' X Q uyfff, f' N , V' Q , :Wvff4lff'l'1 Q' -.. . ,VV f , '- 'l x . IIIII ,U f I . "' , 5 'I' I QQ Q3 X 4 5 "' 171 -y- 1 S , NV if 1' fffx , pf Q I 1,4 ,l, I J, 11 ,H 'FQ N Q nw 7 ' If 1 ' ' 5 Qh ' mf 1 N4 , ' . M fff ' . 5 A O 'I ' K L,."' ,, N fi' f My W W1 ANZ X W ,X le Bw, 'li Band and Chorus FIRST ROW: Rose Ellen Trusler, Linda Early, Julia Winters, Paul Van Camp, Ruth Ann Smelser, Nancy Berstch, Lee Cook, Tom Eckenrode, Marthlene McClure, Phyllis Resh, Alice Cook and Helena McNa:ry. SECOND ROW: Ben Blake, Bill Smith, Richard Love, Don West, Wayne Petty, Mary Black, Ruby Candle, June Hartman, Ruth Ann Trusler, Joyce Hiler and Rosalie Crocker, THIRD ROW: Jim Howell, Bruce Harris, Larry Burris, Joe Hatfield, Rose Love, Carol Bowsman, Janis Hunt, Randy Jones, Jay Druley and Jane Cook. FOURTH ROW: John Wambo,Nell Jenkins, Claude Hunt, Joan Harris, MaryAnn McNary, Marcia Wright, Iris Resh, Joan Parrish and Janet Flanagan. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Nuss, Bill Arthur, Jane Gunn, Wanda Howell, Evelyn C-esell, Ann Wright, Graoia Nay and Jim Barton, Director Henry Fornoff Kinsertj. FIRST ROW: Jane Cook, Ruby Caudle, Nancy Berstch, Marcia Wright, Mary Black, Nell Jenkins, Janet Flanagan, Rose Ellen Trusler and Rose Love. SECOND ROW: Roberta Edwards, Barbara Floyd, Marthlene McClure, Betty Lundy, Shirley Anderson, Loi! Downing, Dorothy Bowles, Helena I-IcI'Iary, Gracie. May, Alice Cook, Joanne Cihlar and Josephine Kalb. THIRD RCM: Wanda Howell, Mary Ann Mol-Iary, Evelyn Gesell, Joan Parish, Liz Kinney, Janis Hmmt, Iris Miller, Joyce Hiler, Linda Hart, Judy Williams and Carol Bowsman. Page Thirty-Nine Bark Staff lL Julia Winters, Ed1tor,Mr Littell, Paculty Advisor,Sarah Toney, Co Editor, Betty Mabry, Business Manager, Thurleen Miller, Art Editor, Mary Black, Circulation Manager, Bill Smith, Sports Editor, Clyde Morris, Nimoegraph Operator Inset, Bob Rice, Feature Editor Bus Drwers f' 14 va? Gul FT TO RIGHT Lonnie Woods Jennett Chance, Paul Williams, Earl Ninnix, Lemon LE Vore, Clinton Russell Jr , halter Kendall, Claude Dil1on,A1va Hall, Emory bhOPtn Lawrence uBuffn Ramey Hqm Fmuiy .A I VA, A a n t Q L 1 - I . 1 I I O . 5 'fn' ,' " f ' f H! f m:Ai 'ufnlWNJf gga ' 4 ,,M,lM,l,-l.m.l,--, WW V I P W 7 X F , E - - T, 1 V . IA J Q-:Lie . -I gil I I Student Councul '-'swf L. f'-4 j FIRST ROI Byron Temple, Maurice Baker, Jack Soper, Bruce Harrie, Larry Hamm Charles Kramer, Don Cook, Bill MoDan1els, Jim Cihlar SECOND ROI Hr Outland Phyllis Resh, Mary Spotts, June Allen, Elizabeth Kinney, Linda Early, Evelyn Gese 1, Robertaldwards, JoyoeH1ler, Betty Mabry, Joan Parrish, Nancy Ryan, Hrs Hamilton umor Red Cross FIRST ROW Bruce Harris, Bill Duane Gunn, Egils Purina, Bill SECOND ROW anet Thornburg, Winters, Beverly Lamb, Helena Hrs Hamilton YV 1 Johnson, John Johnson, Rell Hamilton, Byron Temple, H 1 Phyllis Rash, Joan Harris, Nancy Winters, Sheila Mclary, Melinda Rau, Wanda Howell, Mary Ann McNary, Page Fourty-One O " 4' 'A ' e ear' K 'H Q- V 3 I 6 x yh 5 ' W R ' J xr- , 3 , 'Q 1 1' Wf , , , Ia' - J , J e v - 'T' 19 2. , x N . 5 it vi, : a I , i I E555 C ""' 512 if J f si f 1. ..-iv v, A 17 I .- L-"""k ' r fy Zz f- l .. .1 xb 4 i ...v ' eg eq! taxi as ., , r ' 4 A , b vi v N 1 ' I . -'V Future Farmers of Amer1Ca fs PIRST ROW Jerry Cockeril, Crandle Cook, Vern Knipp, B1ll Beard, Larry Hamm, Jul ian Johnson, Maurice Baker, Ronnie Pennington, Dick Hawkins and Russell Best SECOND ROW Clarence Mitchell, Dick btevens, Paul Baker,Don Hawkins, Jim May, Don Chance, Paul Wideau and Mr Overturf THIRD ROW Dale Pentecost,Nei1 Hamilton, Loren Hamilton, Alan Henwood, Irvin Tos chlog, Dick Merkamp, Bill Harris and David Best Future Homemakers of Amer1ca 9 FIRST ROW: Christina Chance, Beverly Lamb, Carol study, Ruby Caudle and Barbara Evans SECOND ROW: Miss Glunt, Nancy Phillips, Lady Ann Moore, Evelyn Jones, Vera Knipp, Julia Winters, Martha Merritt, Dorothy Phillips, Barbara Floyd and Mrs. Chance. Page FourtyJTwo o F .H a. I r V - tx ' ,L Y K Nw' Lf?-' ' i - .' x X I ,, . . x A. a QA ' 1 . V , . f ego -Q-1, 1 Q Q o o 0 WMA -A-Qflf' rn ' F Q. .V U . 4' - , V t I ,. . V . 5 an, - ' 1 , 5 Cafeterla Cooks 8: Workers Q fs, 'FSP no ,, aa! PIRST ROW Bill Harrison, Bill Smith, Nesley Spahr, Arthur Horr and Bob Blue SECOID ROI Mary bpotts, Marilyn Minnix, Mar1anRose, Sally Monger, Helena McNary, Jackie Wissler,Shiela winters, Juanita Darrah, Dorothy Philllps, Patsy Doolin, Ann Hubbard, Melinda Rau and Betty Smith THIRD ROW Miss Glunt, Mrs Davis, Toby Tubesing, Martna Weaver, Patricia rowler, Iris Filler, Joanne Meeks, Marjorie Hunt, Sarah Toney, Beverly Lamb, Ritaoell Lun dy, Janice Wickersham, Mrs Bell and Mrs Doddridge Ulf 21I11tO1'S y-1 Bill Wright Clarence Wilson Mrs. Doddridge Herbert Hedges P880 F0urty-Three C S - . S " . A cr 3 A ' Lvpql A' ' sf 7 5 1 ' iv! I Q x ' V L 4 V 1. Q., I A " rj ' ' I 7 . ,klsfl V :XV L -0 f ' f 'X V V V, x y e , .CL v 3 ' 1 ff 1 4 I ! ' Q I.. t 2 is fix "" ' L , ,f " gi ra, . x, I fgilisfy- - O ,i.Q -Q r J I, I tv .vi , Snapshots M10 F' ffcfoff A Q . 31-I' Page Fourty-Four Ilia 'Q-1' frm .M F 1nd Yourself ! , f V . G, ' Ax A ., yi sl i , as, 1 s f ' V Q' ' I ' . - L V dx K if "A :..'5 s . Y- x iw: 1 . f' -Q - A !' W .K M- , 4 ' ,. ' A f 1' "Hs an ' l I - wx I wx O N ,V "' xt G ' Q W , X J ' ?, i , , us,.,-,. ss s s A 5 . 1 I 'ffl f- . km' ,' A c A ' 1 KI W ff- If N I N My f , dw, 'e2'1 -., ., f' v x Y 'ff ' 6 ' ,s 1 f is ff! i f -5 4,-4' , , V. 4 is . ' , 9 ' ' f ' ' ., . A . .V ,ff W , sg, ., . . K K I ix t i:.f',2.7?' lx ggi' ., . Q . ' ' . .M - .V . A gy L 3 I ,rf b 5' Af t 3 . , , hr . sl :-- 1 ' A' ' ' 5'T'QJ1 , sf.- ' I ' k 2 .. ,bv U . av 3, xx ' ,I ' Q- 4 . 'Q ' - ' ' ing' g L ' M Q ff , . 5, A 'Q' fx' - I C Uhem .Eeacfeu - FRESHMEN CBEER LEADERS Haney Winters Anne Wright Elizabeth Kinney JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS Nereta Bashal Jimny Barton Sally Jarrett Josephine Kalb er Richmond. 0 EXTRA! VARSITY CHEER LEADERS Wann Holgll Byron Temple Iris Rash Cr ,CAJWXW P03165 Ziff" U1 CQUNff HV' fX VOJXI GI- D 405 U L U 10,415 gl Canterwzillew record 4... Q' f naw? Stal COPY 8: DIC TRIBUTIOI T Sarah Toney lt T L 5 C Ianc f Wrlbht T' VY I MIIu:.OGF.APH Clvcle Morris M- 21dC3Iv'f10 Byron Temple W b0yS DOI ADVISOR , io- on Clydoa Noble Littell W--nf V111 ago 2 Page Fourtyf-Five w alc 'IL UOIK, 5 J n the rest ICC.. ch hlles Q to use hm g. ne, Don Alumni Page Fourqr6ix BILL BOIAN Crosley Corporation, Richm nd BYRON CULBERTSON United States Navy ELLEN CHANCE Eavey Company, H1ChmOnd KEITH CLARK United States Navy JUANITA DAVIS NECESSARY Housewife, Indianapolis NEIL FULTON Traffic Office, Eastern lotor Express ROANNA GEETING JACYSON Housewife, Centerville JIM HOWELL Butler University, Indianapolis ALMA GUETTNER Crosley Corporation, Richmond JACKIE HATFIELD MQCONAHA Clerk, Dunbar's HERB JOHNSTON H1ll's Creenhouses PAUL KEMPTON Home, farming JIM KING Purdue Universlty, Lafayette JOHN LAKAMP Home, farnlng NORMA McCRE Ball State, 'uncie DON 'ILLER United States Navy PARILYN 'fYER IILLS Housewife, Albany, Georgia LORENE RABY Home CHERYL RAU Earlham Collese, Rnrhmond DUANE SHANK JANICE SPOTTS ORSBORN Housewlfe Rlchmond BARBARA STEVENS Indiana UH1VGIS1ty, Bloomrngton KATQERIYE STINSON Nurses Tra1n1ng, Reid Hospital RICHARD STUDY Rlchmond Baking C mpany ROBERT STUDY Crosley Cornoration, Rlchmond EILEEN TOSCHLOG YING Dan Cohen, Richmond MARILYN ADSWORTH KELLY Montgomery Yards, Richmond DON THITE United States Navy . o I I W A ll , I ., , Richmond Dental Laboratory L 'IV L ll nl U X ' A. I Snapshots I3 m,,-Raft. ull B "-v-u-.m A fan '.. . 'U Q .Tl ,FU ,f fi iw x 1 C1 52'-f'w,,, lil" Jn- - , .9 ,f , , gf Q , J HAI nz li. 2 9 Q ,,, I1 9 Page Fourty-Seven K GOOD-BY and GOOD LUCK from the MORTONIAN STAFF, of 1951. 1951, the winter of much snow and many impromptu holidays, the year we beat Richmond, the year of the Korean War and the absence of Wayne Hines, the year of the yellow cords,the year of another baseball trophyand another Wayne County basketball championship. E EZ ,A lc L3ZOV Byron Temple, Editor, Marcia Wright,Joan Harris, Sarah Toney, Marjorie Hunt, Barbara wickersham, Assistant Editor3Ne11 Ham- ilton and Mr. Littell, Advisor. S El' ms A '3..'." S cf vp. .wx www f X RP x i ' 3Sf',l:7 . x' 4 fl 1 ,i J .Q is Yu -. a " , Q " Y' ,. 24: 1 P IJIQJ ,lily K ,Q 'Q . 'x, i ff.. ' 1, A 3 Y Q 1 D 51 WV Big, I ,ff 1 v Y if K f . -- 1 ?-fx, .x nl .ghd L ' A A K 5 A ' 'V' p, M Abi" 'ff ' .M -. 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