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BacktrackinTHANKS... FOR making our four short years of high school a most pleasant experience. FOR the little bit extra that was not expected but was always appreciated. FOR the good times and the hard times, each in their turn. In appreciation, we dedicate this 59 Backtrackin to the faculty.The following on the left, from left to right are: Editor, Jerry Chaon; Advisor, Lloyd Messerli; Photo Edi- tor, Pete Tollinger; Business Mana- ger, Sharon Berg; Copy Editor, Linda Schell. Below is shown the staff, from left to right; Front row: Bill Harris, Loren Long, Glenann Vlckerman, Col- leen James, Pat Sinning, and Sandra Anderson. Back row: Sandra Swavely, Loretta Sorum, Karen Kurvink, Craig Odeen, Richard Loe, Judy Williamson, Pat Olson, Nancy Sundling, and Carolyn Wittrig.Burdell Coplan Coach Betty Coplan Librarian Mike Shaw Principal Faculty Robert Tupper Industrial Arts Pauline Babcock Mathematics Norbert Schmidt Mathematics Esther Magill Home Economics Robert Perkins Vocal MusicKathryn Walter Commercial Morris Freler Instrumental Music Clarion White Superintendent Our Teachers These individuals are responsible for educating the students at Canton High School. Throughout the year they teach our classes, direct our activ- ities and operate our school. The fine record attained in the past years by CHS is evidence of their abilities and energies. Olive Briles English Lloyd Hesserli Science Donald Pottratz History Mary Bryant English Wilbur Bryant AgricultureMr. Carl K. Anderson, Dr. H.W. O'Banion, Mr. E.H. Anderson, President, Dr. T.A. Angelos, Mr. Orlln S. Wlttrig, Mrs. Helen J. Hamilton. Board of Education Student Council President, Norris Wika, Katie Johnson, Dave Anderson, Jim Carpenter, Doug Rikansrud, Doug Thormodsgard, Sandra Anderson, Marilyn Johnson, Qlenyta Stalheim, Carol Skattum, Cheryl Thies.lorsDENNIS KINO "Live a little, laugh a little, and love a little." Football 34, Track 234, Basketball 12, C-Club 1234, Class Officer 3, Boys Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Verse Choir 2. DIANA DANN "She looks like an angel acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do." Girls Glee Club 234, GAA 3, Mixed Chorus 4, FHA 123, Journalism 234, Annual 24, Verse Choir 1, Vocal En- semble 4. TERRY RIKANSRUD "Haste makes waste---- why hurry?" Football 1234, Track 1234, Basketball 1234, FFA 1234, C-Club 234, Boys Glee Club 1234, All-State Chorus 4, Class Officer 14, Master of Cermonies 4, Verse Choir 1, Mixed Chorus 123 , FFA Officer 34. SHARON BERG "The pleasure cf pleasing will always be greatest." Girls Olee CLub 234,Mixed Chorus 4, Band 234, FHA 2, Journalism 2, Annual 234, Queen 4, Vocal Ensemble 4, Instrumental Ensemble £Head Majorette 34, McCalls Teen Fashion Board 4. ROBERT HARRIS "Love makes the arms go round." Football 1234, Track 12, Basketball 12, Mixed Chorus 4, All State Chorus 4, Boys Olee Club 234, Annual 231 , C-Club 34, Class Officer 3 Royalty 4.LYLE SCHWARTZ "It isn't what you do, it's what you get away with." Football 1234, Living Pictures 4 Basketball 1234, C-Club 1234, FFA Officer 4, Track 1234, ffa 1234, Verse Choir 12. f jt.1T M LEANN RODWAY "There never was a man like my man." Mixed Chorus 1234, FHA 1234, Class Officer 24, All- State Chorus 4, Girls Glee Club 123 » Annual 3 Journalism 2, Vocal Ensembles 34, Royalty 4. OLENYTA STALHEIM "Love and music make the world go 'round." Girls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 234, All-State Chorus 4, Band 1234, Piano Solo 23, Instrumental Solo 2, Band Ensemble 234, Vocal Ensembles 4, Accompanist 234, Journalism 234, FHA Officer 23, Class Officer 4, FHA 123, Royalty 4, Annual 34, GAA 3. GLENANN VICKERMAN "Her heart is like the moon; it often changes." Girls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 1234, National Honor Society 3, Journalism 1234, All-State Chorus 3 All-State Band 34, Royalty 4, Vocal Ensembles 34, Class Officer 4, Band Ensemble 12, Band 123 , Debate 1, Declam 1234, Annual 234, Vocal Solo 34, Play 1. STAN SKATTUM "Play and I'll play with you; study and you'll 3tudy alone." Football 234, Basketball 123, Living Pictures 4, FFA 1234, Verse Choir 1, C-Club 4, Track 123, FFA Officer 4.KATHLEEN HURLEY "She has a quiet friendly way." Oirls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 1234, Band 123 , All State Chorus 4, Declam 123, Journalism 23, Annual 23, Instrumental Solo 23 , Band Ensemble 23, Vocal En- semble 24, All-State Chorus 4. LANA KNUTSON "I like things that sparkle." Vocal Ensembles 4, PHA 23, Girls Glee Club 3 , OAA 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Annual 3 Journalism 2, Verse Choir 1. DENNIS OAKLAND "Even the mighty oak was once a little nut." FPA 134, Verse Choir 2. RICHARD OAKLAND "I admit there are two sides to every argument-the wrong one and mine." Verse Choir 2. SANDRA MULLINIX "If silence were golden, I'd be dead broke." Mixed Chorus 234, All State Chorus 4, Journalism 2, Living Pictures 2, Pom Pom Girl 234, Girls Glee Club 234, Vocal Ensemble 4, Annual 2.ORLAN JURGENSON "Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it all day." Football 12 34, Track 1234, Basketball 12, C-Club 1234, FFA 123 , Verse Choir 1, All State Track Team. KENNETH ROBERTS "Love never could be expected to bloom when one keeps transplanting it." Class Officer 1, Verse Choir 1, Boys Glee Club 4, Annual 34. COLLEEN EKLE "She's like a bracelet with its many charms." Band 234, Journalism 3, Girls Glee Club 1234. PATRICIA ROMEREIM "Quiet girl—there are a few." Girls Glee Club 1234,FHA 23 » Mixed Chorus 4, Declam 4, Journalism 234, Librarian 4. LARRY VANDE STOWE ANN STEFAN "In her own quiet way she accomplishes her task." Annual 234, School Activ- ity Artist. "Beware-I might do some- thing sensational." Verse Choir 2, Basketball 1, FFA 4.LINDA SCHELL "There'8 a little bit of bad in every good little girl." Journalism 1234, OirlB Glee Club 1234, Mixed Chor- us 234, Band 1234, Debate 1234, Living Pictures 1. Annual 234 ( Copy Editor ) National Forensics League 1234, Royalty 4. JUDY HARTMANN "Neat, sweet, and hard to beat." Qirls Glee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 1234, Royalty 4, All-State Chorus 4, Band Ensemble 23, Vocal Ensemble 34, Majorette 1234, Living Pictures 4, Band 123. ORLANDO ENEBO "To worry little and to study less is my idea of happiness." Track 2, Boys Glee Club 34, Mixed Chorus 4, Band 1, All State Chorus 4, FFA1234, Verse Choir 1. DAVID ANDERSON "Step aside, adolescents I'm a man." Football 1234,Basketball 1234, Track 1234, C-Club 12 34, Class Officer 134, All State Football Team 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Royalty 4. JIM CARPENTER "Where there's mischief brewing, he's doing the stir- ring ." Football 1234, Track 123 Basketball 12, C-Club 34, FFA 1234, Annual 3, Royalty 4, Living Pictures 34, Vefrse Choir 2, FFA Officer 34, Stu- dent Council 34.NORMAN NIKA "Every dog has his day, but the nights are mine." Football 123, Student Manager 1, Basketball 12, Class Officer 3, Track 12, Royalty 4. JOHN SMEENK "John's car is his first love, what about his seo- cond?" FFA 1234, Verse Choir 1. JANICE MANN "She is little, she is wise; but she's a terror fbr her size." SANDRA SWAVELY "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Girls Glee Club 234, FHA 34, GAA 3, Annual 34, Journalism 234. VERLE OLSON "Men of few words are the best men." MARLENE SOUVIGNIER "Silence is the most per- fect expression of content- ment ." FHA 1234, Living Picture 4, Verse Choir 1, Llbarian 4.OENE IRONS "All great men are dying — I feel ill." Football 123. Track 12, Basketball 1234, C-Club 34, Boys Olee Club 1234, Debate 1234, All State Chorus 4, Band 1234, Student Council 3, Boys State 3. National Honor Society 3, National Merit Semi-Finalist 4. KAREN KURVINK "Is she really shy?" Oirls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 4, Band 1234, QAA 134, Declam 34, Annual 234, Journalism 1234, DAR Candidate 3, Oirl's State i National Honor Society 3, Echo Co-editor 4, Librarian 3. SHARON PEEKES "Sharon was once caught studying." Mixed Chorus 234, Band 1 Journalism 12, Annual 12 Oirls Olee Club 1234. DEANNA CARPENTER "She has a quiet look— so has dynamite." Oirls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 234, Band 12, All State Chorus 4, Debate 123, Journalism 1,Annual 2, Class Officer 12, Royalty 4, Vocal Ensembles 34. NORRIS WIKA "Ambition is his second name, if he keeps on he'll live in fame." Football 123, National Honor Society 3, Journalism 34, Basketball 12, Student Council 24, Class Officer 234, Track 12, Debate 1234, Boy's State 3, Royalty 4.SHIRLEY THORMODSQARD "If it'8 fun you want, you want Shirley." Girls Olee Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 234, Band 1234, FHA 12, Journalism 2, Annual 4, Instrumental Ensemble 234. LORETTA SORUM "A girl's hardest task Is to prove to a man that her intentions are serious." Oirls Olee Club 234, Journalism 34, Annual 234, Librarian 4, Verse Choir 1, Declam 4. JERRY CHAON "Oirls are like a box of snuff. Just one sniff that's enough." Football 1, C-Club 1234, Basketball 12, Debate 1, Track 12, Journalism 234, Annual 234, All High Play 1 Boy's State 3, Football Stu- dent Manager 2, Living Pict- ure Crew 1234. RONALD SWANSON "Men have died from overwork----guess I'll live forever." Verse Choir 1, FFA 1234. MAXINE THORSON "I find that marriage is a thing you've got to give your whole mind to." Oirls Olee Club 4, FHA 24, Journalism 2, Library 24, Living Pictures 2, Verse 1 JERRY WILSON "Lead him not into temp- tatlon--Just show him where it is." Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, Living Pictures 14.Denny Karen [LeAnn Orlando Jerry q Or lan erry w ,Sandy 4 I R» Glenyta Linda Norris and Norman rr • m I Kathleen lenann Senior Baby Pictures Sharon t Rlch Verle Sharon jfJerome Slater Rosemary Sundstrom Dean Nordseth Shirley Kumlien Vernon Thorson Marilyn Johnson Richard Vander Waerdt Barbara Toft Andy Huckfeldt Laurie Drake Robert Cramer Katie Johnson Dennis Swenson Mildred Johnson Donald Bong Bill Harris Sandra Anderson Dean Albertson Ronald Minor Carol Graverson Roger Eastman Dennis Hanson Erma Klepel Robert Westhuls Jerald Van Woudenberg Jean Sullestad Larry Fait Janice Lennon James Martin Janice Fait Barbara Gilbertson Eldon Van Dyke Carol Harmon Elline Iverson Richard Oakland Jean MartinGloria Gilbertson Dennis Fra nice n Margaret Oliver Pete To1linger Carol Stensland Ronald Edwards Oinger Glenn Laurie DeJong Loren Long Delma Aashelm Craig Dean Dawn Howard Dick Wegner Jim Van Den TopCraig Odeen LaVonne Torberson Dennis Devltt Margaret Baird Leonard Torberson Judy Halvorson Vernon Hemmlngson Eugene Husman Dewey Hesaa Case Nlemeyer Leslie Klnkner Kay Hoffman Joel Thormodsgard Olenn Sundvold Joan Dann Jim Hurley Janet Hall Jim Kessel Ardlth Thompson Dennis Lunder Kay Halvorson Larry MyreCharolyn Hill Clyde McCaskey Illynn Knutson Daryl McConahay Jerry Swenson Linda Sweeter Rod Green Joyce Neugebauer Don Decker Janice Roberts Dennis Stubsten Ronnie Opland Nancy Sundllng Harold Eiesland Judy Williamson Paul Vlckerman Linda Tollefson Romaine LarsgaardBob Koch Sharon Anderson Bob Nelson Colleen James Bill Mulllnex Gloria Miller Mike Ules Ronald Thorson Bob Sanderson Jerry Myers Elaine Jurgenson Mike Thles Gail Twedt John Ovre Karen Engel Richard Lunder Gerrlt Van Den TopEvelyn Mulllnlx George Dann Terry Bong Lorna Ingerbritson Dennis Espeland Sharon Bcholten Douglas Rlkansrud Connie Clark Richard Loe Dorothy Tuntland Mike Gilbertson Eileen Albertsen Janet Suter Vergil Jelsma Kay McDougall Galyn Oakland James Elster Sharon Eaton Gary Renll Sherrie Nelson t Jane Ann Dean Donald Robbins Mary Hamilton David Oakland Q si.'S; ’iVi, sstjudb «!!»«!!« Carol Romerelm Jerry Jensen Barbara Birgen Lynn AashelmArdis Schnose Thomas Mundt Laurelle Detmers Vernon Stensland Linda Hartland Larry Ramharter Betty Ovre Jay Van Den Top Gary Stensland Carol Skattum Lee Stearns Judy Rotl Dennis Tangen Alice Vanderwerf Doug Hanson Norma Enstrom Jim Sweetman Pat Hurley Charles Oberle Harriet Stengel Karen Hammer Richard Toft Judy Berg Dennis Martin Roger Husman Hilda Mledema Steve Okeson Mary KinsleyI) Dennis Hanson Alice Hoffman Donald Eastman Judy Schaeffer Barbara Sweeter Dennis Howard Karen Klepel Bill Souvignier Karen Podness Roger Baldwin Carolyn Peterson Gordon Jurgenson Larry Minor Linda Rust David Suing Kathleen Mitchell David Baird Janet Vander Meer Stephen Fait Lavern Kinkner i Beverly Ness Ronald Florell Evelyn Bulley Larry Johnson Lynn DeYoung Vernon FeekesBill Denny Vern Shown at the right are five CHS Seniors who were named to the 1958 All-State Football Team. Terry Rikansrud, honorable mention; Bob Harris, second team; Stan Skattum, honorable mention; Dave Anderson, first team; and Denny King,honorable mention. Jerry Denny DaveLoren Bob Jim Hick The football coaching staff included Norbert Schmidt, line coach; Lloyd Messerli, frosh coach; James Thorson, varsity assistant coach; and Burdell Coplan,head coach. Pictured below are the two managers, Joel Thormodsgaard, and Pete Tollinger. 1 Guards Tackles Backs EndsFreshman Squad Pictured at the left is the Cliff Ness Memorial Trophy. Each year an outstanding Senior Football player is chosen to have his name placed on this trophy. This year Stan Skattum was chosen. The first trophy pictured at the right is the Laxson Trophy which came home when the C-Hawks defeated the Academy. The other is the Big-Eight Confer- ence Trophy which was presented to the C-Hawks who were undefeated in the Conference. -(+Scoreboard We They •Vermillion 42 58 Alcester 50 41 Lennox 43 34 Elk Point 36 59 Beresford 62 63 Parker 45 38 •Flandreau Indians 45 43 •Augustana Academy 52 66 ••Mitchell 42 52 ••Parkston 47 64 ••denotes Class A Section V tourney play icoreboard ’arks ton ’landreau Indians ’arker lentervllle [urley ilcester jennox ilk Point lentervllle $eresford lurley We They 50 84 43 49 55 56 51 57 49 65 47 51 47 53 53 86 50 6l 51 52 50 31 •denotes non-conference game COACH BURDELL COPLANNo. Name Class Ht. Pos. 10 Roger Eastman Jr. 5'9" F 12 Douglas Roetzel Jr. 5'8" G 14 Rodney Bong Jr. 5'9" F 20 Vernon Thorson Jr. 5'8" 0 22 Terry Rlkansrud Sr. 6' F 24 Donald Bong Jr. 5'8" F 30 Dean Albertson Jr. 6'1" C 32 Dennis Hanson Jr. 5'8" a 3 Craig Dean Jr. 6'1" c 40 Dave Anderson Sr. 5'9" G 42 Gene Irons Sr. 6'3" c 44 Lyle Schwartz Sr. 5'10" FScoreboard We Hurley 15 •Vermillion 38 3 Alcester 4l 26 Lennox 25 26 Elk Point 48 37 Beresford 44 37 Parker 38 27 •Flandreau Indians 41 34 •Augustana Academy 40 25 •denotes non-conference game Scoreboard We They Parkston 15 “T9 Flandreau Indians 33 40 Parker 33 13 Centerville 31 24 Hurley 43 37 Alcester 29 28 Lennox 30 28 Elk Point 44 56 Centerville 30 27 Beresford 35 36Hostein Relays, Com Palace Relays, USD Invitational, Howard Wood Relays,Con- ference Meet, Regional Meet, State Meet, Triangular Meet, and the AA-CHS duel me- et comprised the 1959 track schedule. The C-Hawk squad won the Big-8 Conference, triangular meet and the duel meet. They also placed in several events at the other meets. During the season, three school records were broken: the 880 relay record of 1:34.4 was trimmed down to 1:34 by T. Bong, D. Bong, Anderson, and King. Jur- genson bettered his own discus record of 125' by a throw of 131'7". Terry Bong broke his eighth grade record of 11 seconds in the freshmen 100 by a run of 10.°» 880 Relay Team Pole, Broad, High Jumpers Freshman Relay Mile Relay Team Huddlers Sprint MedleyThe above pictures were taken at the Big-8 Conference track meet which was held at USD in Vermillion. Racking up 96.5 points to 51 for their closest rivel, the C-Hawks won their third consecutive conference meet. Pictured left to right are Anderson, low huddles; Jurgenson, high huddles; and T. Bong, freshman 100. Pictured above are the eighteen boys who entered mile competition during the 1959 track season. Also seen is Don Bong, who represented the C-Hawk squad in most of the pole vault events. Third picture to the right shows the boys who participated in the discus, pole vault, and shot put events. Dave Anderson, low huddles; Steve Fait, freshmen 100; and Roger Eastman, mile; are seen leading the pack during the annual Augustana Academy—Canton High duel meet. CHS won the meet by the score of 76-39 adding another victory to their consecutive list.Freshman Squad C-CLUB— — - a r M” t A- ,7 i '.A ' 2 y - R , : r? - •« • p»0 . r;- ► ftpfflv - 4 „• v v ' •• i — € • 5- • •-. •• -. V , • ’ ; if •r.. -v fo' jr. ■ i rTV» lr •rFr I ' V . V Vx Jf' 1 ■ 5 E 7,- • f • n'lTv 'mt I (Ski ’nMK, i • . - ’ 1 • ? V 5%j|i5t' v 7,' v z • • • i. v- •- »:• - :- 9 1 W ffiL'v. Mi ■ . ikJtf ! (] . ?flir ••■■ ' • ( V . •J - . • - ;■' ..'- -- . •• . i » ' -«. V ' U -'- . • . V. • • "• x -N • N 4A m . x% "“ 1 ajiff ' ml fit t4Vk AW. • N .. ♦ ' S t' i .7- N .; v -« , . I s -I i •• •• ; • v 'i N ♦ s -: v .;• • % • ••» v’ % ot! » i y4 i i : Ti • Music r..r s •cv NV v . r v v v ScMHicm t M (Tn» • . .v - ” ' -J fiN urr %• r’ . 77»- Mixed Chorus VocalGirls' Glee ClubGirls Glee Club Boys Glee ClubDrums (llenann Vlckerman Sharon Berg Sandy Eaton Dorothy Hamilton Bass Clarinet Linda Sweeter Alto Clarinet Linda Toilef8on Eb Clarinet Janet Suter Tuba rtlchard Oakland Don Bogue Bb Clarinet £Earls Rowe Laurie DeJong Eugene Irons Craig Dean Colleen Ekle Pat Olson Evelyn Bulley Piute Linda Schell Jane Ann Dean Eileen Albertson Piccolo SharonEnstromCoronet Karen Kurvink Pat Sinning Linda Hartland Dennis Swenson Ellery Kramar Baritone Kathleen Hurley Dick Wagner Trombone Judy Williamson Mildred Johnson Margaret Baird Oboe Shirley Kumllen Alto Saxophone Glanyta Stalheira Sandy Anderson Harriet Stengel Tenor Saxophone JudyHalvorson Jim Roberts Baritone Saxophone Larry Syvrud French Horn Qinger Glenn Shirley Thormodsgard Jean Sullestad Carol GraversonThe Region I Solo and Ensemble Music Contest was held on February 12 at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota.Activitiesc K 0 0 M 0 iVerse choir directed by Burdell Copland retells the birth of Christ. The angel comforts Mary and tells her that she has found favor with Qod. She will con- selve a son, his name will be Jesus. Joseph Mary, and the Christ- child visited by shepherds. LIVING Massed choruses directed by Robert Perkins rejoice the blessed event in stirring song. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. After hearing the angels, the wisemen follow the star to Bethlehem.PICTURES They found Mary and Joseph and the babe lying in a manger. Tidings of Great Joy For unto you is bom this day a Savior which is Christ the Lord. SISTINE MADONNARonald Opland, Dennis Stubsten, Pat Romereim, Barbara Gil- bertson, Janice Lennon, Gail Twedt, Linda Sweeter, Mary Hamilton, and Sandra Anderson. Sandy won a Superior rating at the State Meet in the humorous division. Carol Romereim, Loretta Sorum, Elllne Iverson, Carolyn Wlttrlg, Glenann Vlckerman, Jane Ann Dean, Sharron En- strom, Mary Kinsley, Janet Sutter, and Shirley Kumlien. Glenann won an excellent at the Regional Meet in the poetry division. Oratory Don Eastman, Clyde McCaskey, Bill Mul- linex, and Nancy Sundling. Clyde won an excellent at the District Meet in the oratory division. ( Dramatic Karen Kurvink, Laurie Drake, Barbara Sweeter, Gloria Gilbertson, Joan Kroger, Charis Rowe,, and Pat Sinning. Pat won an excellent at the' Regional Meet in the dramatic division.Receiving Instructions from their debate coach, Donald Pottratz, are the top four senior debaters who represented Canton High School in the forensic competition around this area. They are Linda Schell and Norris Wlka, standing, and Karen Kurvink and Oene Irons, sitting. Debate Resolve: That the United States should adopt the essential features of the Russian education system. Beginning debaters Dennis Martin , Mary Hamilton, Dennis Stubsten, and Margaret Braid, are seen glancing over Margaret's shoulder during one of the weekly debate meetings. Glancing through the materials avail- able for them in the school library are the experienced debaters; Don Bogue, Clyde McCaskey, Gralg O'deen, Dorothy Hamilton and Ronnie Opland.Last fall, Katie Johnson was elected Secretary- Treasurer of the State Future Homemakers of America. Linda Hartland was chosen Sweetheart of 1959 at the annual Sweetheart Dance in February. Katie Johnson was chairman of the Region FHA Con- vention held at Canton on March 21. Attending were 14 towns--150 girls. The Style review was held May 14 with the theme "Fashions From Out of This World." Over 80 girls modeled garments which they made in home economics classes. Charis Rowe and Katie Johnson will attend the Nat- ional FHA Convention in Chicago July 13-17.From left to right Bob Cramer, Vice-President Lyle Schwartz, Reporter Terry Rlckansrud, Sentinel Orlando Enebo, Secretary Jim Carpenter, President Stan Skattum, Treasurer Delegates to the State Convention Pictured from left to right are: The back row: Terry Rlkansrud, Jim Carpenter, Lyle Schwartz, Orlando Eneboe, John Smeenk, Bob Cramer, Bob Koch, Jerald Van Woudenberg, Jerome Elster. Front row: Doug Roetzel, Dave Oakland, David Suing, George Dann, Gary Steensland, Larry Myrhe, Lenoard Torberson, Ellery Kramar.G. A. A. Girls need exercise too. Mrs. Helen Rowe, director, tells the girls about the advantages of regular physical exercise. Volleyball, swimming, softball, hiking, basketball, and tennis are some of the fun activities carried on this year. Featured event of the G. A. A. year was a trip to Augustana College for their annual playday. Sixteen girls attended this event where in - -door activities were stressed.The Canton High Echo Staff is pictured above viewing the printing press at the Sioux Valley News where the Echo is published bi-monthly. From left to right they are Miss Katheryn Walter, adviser: Katie Johnson, ass't. editor; Norris Wika,fea- ture editor; Pat Romerlem, business manager, Laurie DeJong, ass't. editor; Glen- ann Vickerman, co-editor; Jerry Chaon, sports editor; and Karen Kurvink, co-ed- itor. Seen below are the forty reporters who covered the news and happings for the Echo during the 1958-59 school year.Here are the cheerleaders, they may be in rather an unusual position but they did most everything Imagin- able to get more pep out of the student body this year. From left to right are Katie Johnson,Sandy Eaton,Sandy Ar.derson, and Judy Williamson. Pictured on the right Is pert Sharon Berg. Sharon has led the Canton High band for three years. The cuties posing for the camera below are the Pom Pom Girls They performed with the band and at home basketball games. They are, from left to right, Gail Twedt, Betty Ovre, Sandra Mulllnix, Coleen James, Karen Engle, and Sharon Scholten. Cheerleaders Drum Major Pom-pomThe very colorful Junior-Senior banquet was held at the Hiawatha Golf Club. The prom held later in the evening was well attended indicative of the character and respect of this years Juniors and Seniors.The theme of the prom was Paradise Isle and the ban- quet represented the Mardi Gras scene. Anderson Hardware Sioux Valley News Bauman's Clothing Store Modern Cleaners Visser's A S Buick Amundsons Dry Goods Farmers Co-op Creamery Lena's Cafe Amen's Barber Shop Junior Toddlers Shop Farmers State Bank Andersons Furniture Tollingers Studio W illiamson's Dr. O. T. Andreson Coast to Coast Northern States Power Co. Gambles Iowa Public Service Farrell Molstad Mel's Standard Station Pedersons Paint Shop Farmers Elevator Lumber Dept. Canton Hardware Dr. Angelos, M. D. Canton Cleaners Lewdoc Cafe A R Food Market Lloyd Myrabo Dr. Wm. Warness Fait Chevrolet Peterson Bakkene Barber Shop Sam Masten Van's Motor Pruitt Auto Supplies Larry's Radiator Shop Dr. G. O. Goodman Olson Implement Bansons Conoco J. P. Hofstad-Lutheran Brotherhood Canton Greenhouse Farmers Co-op Oil Dr. L. R. Akland, M. D. Dr. H. W. O'Banion Apparel Shop Deinema Ford Sales Skogmo5 gass SKO MO•tom m

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