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To you, t?he graduates of Canton High School— ” past, present, and future-- we dedicate our annual. We thank the graduates of the past for the trad- i ltions they have given us, 1 we envy the record of the graduates of the present, and to the graduates of the future we offer the chal- lenge to achieve.Roatd ctf education Mr. Carl K. Anderson, Mr. Orlin S. Wittrig, Mr. E.H. Anderson, Dr. H.W. O'Banlon, Mrs. Helen J. Hamilton, and Dr. T.A. Angelos make up the Canton Board of Education. Student Council Leslie Hemmingson, Jim Carpenter, Tom Devltt, Mike Mulllnix, Bill Harris, Rodney Green, Eugene Irons, Linda Tollefson, Carol Hamilton, Sandy Anderson, Denise Rikansrud, Dick Van Ness.Olive Brlles English Robert Tupper Industrial Arts Robert Perkins Vocal Music Esther Maglll Home Economics Mike Shaw Principal Burdell Coplan Coach Betty Coplan Librarian Lloyd Messerli ScienceWilbur Bryant Agriculture Clarion White Superintendent Morris Preler Instrumental music Donald Pottratz History Kathryn Walter Commercial Norbert Schmidt Social StudiesIfearhck £ta0 Editors: Sharon Thormodsgard and Marlene Paulsen, Co-editors; Esther Wood, Copy Editor; Judy Sunde, Art Editor;Tom Devitt Photo Editor; and Carol Tysland,Business Manager It takes a lot of work by a lot of people to put out the year book. We are the people who are responsible for this years annual. We hope you like it. LARRY WENBOURNE "Ciood things come in small packages." FFA 1234, Basket- ball 1. CAROLYN EKLE "Hold the fort—I'm comln! FAA 12, Living Pictures 1, Verse Choir 2 LAVONNE AASHEIM "Her personality, giggly and smile are her own distinctive styleAnnual 4, QirlsGlee Club 3, Verse Choir 12 ALEX ODELL "Don't let studying inter- fere with your education." Debate 1,Basketball 1,Foot- ball 1234, Track 1, C-Club 4, Shop Club 1 KAREN FODNESS "She is as likable as she is lookable." Girls Glee Club 1234, Annual 3, Chorus 234, Girls Sextete 4, FHA 1 23, Royalty 4 JUDY BERGESON "A living 'Declaration of Independence! Annual 234, Echo 1234, Band 12, Debate 234, Girls Glee Club 1,FHA1 Royalty 4, Girls State 3, Declam 1234,Living Pictures 1, Class Officer 1, Echo Editor 234, Quill and Scril 34, Librarian 3 Natl. for -DICK VAN NESS "Blondes prefer gentlemeni" Annual 3 Debate 1, Boys Glee Club 1234, Chorus 1234 Vocal Ensembles 1234,Basket ball 123, Football 1234, Track 1234, All-StateChorus 4, Master of Ceremonies 4, Play 24,C-Club 234, Student Council 234 LA VERNE HINES "Who said I was bashful???" FFA 1 Basketball 1234,Foot- ball 1234, Track 1234, Roy- alty 4, C Club 1234 MARLYS LARSON "She Is small enough to be looked over, but she won't be overlooked." Girls Glee Club 3, Trans, from Hudson 3 LEROY WILLIAMSON "Casanova's dead, Romeo's gone, but I'm still here!!" Boys Glee Club 124, Chorus 124, Basketball 1234, Foot- ball 1234,Trackl234,Royalty 4, Class Officer 1, C-Club 1234 LARRY NELSON "Step aside adolescent,--- I'm a man!11"Annual 34,De- bate 12,Boys Glee Club 123 4, Chorus 1234, Vocal En- sembles 234, Basketball 12 3, Football 1234, Track 12 3, Vocal Solo 234,All-State Chorus 4, Boys State 3,De- clam 123,Class Officer 23 4, Play 24, C-Club 234 JUDY SUNDE "Sunny, she's full of fun, truly a friend to be won." Annual 34, Echo 34,Band 12, Debate 1, Girls Glee Club 123, FHA 3» Natl. Honor So- ciety 3,Declam 2. Echo Bus- iness Manager 34, Annual Art Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Librarian 34,Liv- ing Pictures 4 WAYNE DEYOUNG "A little lipstick now and then is relished by the best of men."FFA 1234, Baketball 123, Football 1234, Track 123, Royalty 4, Living Pic- tures 1, Verse Choir 1, C- Club 3 JERRY DOERKSEN "You don't have to study ag to raise cane!" Band 1234, Band Ensembles 3,Basketball 12, Track 12, Living Pic- tures 2,Echo Sports Editer 3 MARLENE PAULSEN "Some think she's quiet---- —hmmm-------ask her friends Annual 234, Echo 23, Band 1 234, Debate 12, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 234,FHA 1 23, Declam 234, Annual Co- Editor 4, Natl. Forensics League 12 JOYCE EASTMAN "The army gets the gravy;the Navy gets my man."Annual 3, Band 1234, Debate 12, Girls Glee Club 34, Chorus 4, FAA 14, Instrumental Solo 4,Liv- ing Pictures 1, Verse Choir 12, Natl. Forensics League 12 LLOYD CRAMER "Because a man says nothing is no sign he has nothing to say." FFA 1234, Basketball 123, Football 1234, Track 123, Verse Choir 1, C-Club 234 TERRY ANDERSON "Love never could be expect- ed to bloom when one keeps transplanting it." Basket- ball 123, Football 1234, Track 1234, C-Club 1234, Shop Club 1, Assembly Comm- j ittee 1DENNIS MATHISON "Quiet'til you know him,but surprises are nice."FFA 12, Basketball 123» Football 1, Track 23, C-Club 2 I I ■ KAREN BURGESS "Is she really shy?" Annual 234, Echo 134, FHA 34, De- rf clam 234, Verse Choir 12, Librarian 4, Senior Play 4 JANICE BREEN "Life without laughing is a dreary blank." Annual 23» Echo 4, Band 12, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 234, GAA 4, Vocal Solo 34, Declam 234, Pom-Pom Girl 4, Mc- Call's Teen Fashion Board 4 CAROL TYSLAND "Blow ye winds; you have com- petition." Annual 34, Girls Glee Club 34,Chorus 34, Vo- cal Solo 34, Pom-Pom Girl 34, Assembly Committee 3, Annual Business Manager 4, Trans, from Arroyo, Calif- ornia 3 VERNON JELSMA "Girls are so unnecessary!' FFA 1234, Basketball 1, Track 1 KATHLEEN HURST "Slow and easy, but always sure to get there." Echo 23 4, FHA 34, Verse Choir 12KAREN RENLI "It Is better to blush than to turn pale." Annual 234, Band 1234, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 1234, Vocal Ensembles 3» Band Ensembles 12, FHA 1234, Instrumental Solo 3» Royalty 4, Class Officer 2, Play 1, Student Council 1, Senior Play 4 SHARON THORMODSGARD "She looked upon the men of the school;her gaze wander- ed to the Academy and there it remained." Annual 234, Band 1234, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 34, Band Bisem- bles 23, Royalty 4, Declam 1234, Annual Editor 4 LAZETTA OPSTAD "She believes in a two-party system; one on Friday night, and one on Saturday night." Annual 34, Echo 123, Band 1234, Girls Glee Club 14, FHA 123 VIRGENE LIEN "Her eyes are blue, she is five foot four.A bright fu- ture will be in store!' Ann- ual 34, Echo 234, Band 234, Girls Glee Club 234, Chorus 34, FHA 234,Royalty 4,Class officer 2. Verse Choir 1 JERRY DIRKS "I said shake, rattle, and roll that Ford'.'FFA 12, Bas- ketball 123, Track 12BETTY HOFFMAN "Hmmm----------Is It always work In the office?" Echo 23,Girls Glee Club 3», Natl. Honor Society 3, Declam 12, Verse Choir 12, Quill and Scroll 34,Sec. for Princi- pal 4, Librarian 3 LESLIE HEMMINGSON "It's not what you do, it's what you get away with." Annual 34,FFA 1234, Basket- ball 12,Football 34, Track 123, Living Pictures 31 , Verse Choir 2,Student Coun- cil 4, C-Club 34,Senior Flay 4 CAROL HAMILTON "Her heart is like the moon there is a man in it'.'Annual 4, Band 1234, Debate 1234, Girls Glee Club 34,GAA 124, Instrumental Solo 4, Declam 34, Verse Choir 12, Student Council 4, Natl. Forensics League 1234,Band Enasmbles 3 DENNIS AASHEIM "I'd rather have my arms around a pigskin than any girl I know."FFA 1234, Bas- ketball 123, Football 34, Track 1234, Verse Choir 2, C-Club 234 CARROLL BAKKENE "Play and I'll play with youj study and you study alone." Annual 1, Boys Glee Club 1, Chorus 1,Basketball 1234, Football 131 , Track 1234, Living Pictures 234, C-Club 4, Shop Club 12 DON VELDKAMP "No task too great, no task too small, he's willing and able to do them all." FFA 1 23JANICE OPLAND "Full of fun and mischief too,doing what die shouldn't do."Annual 23, Echo 3, Band 1234,Debate 1, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 1234,Band Ensembles 1234, FHA 1234, GAA 4, Declam 1234, Librar- ian 4 TOM DEVITT "How I pity bashful men----- -----Oooooooohl!" Annual 12 34, Echo 234, Basketball 12 3, Football 34, Track 1234, Boys State 3, Living Picture 1, Verse Choir 1, C-Club RAYMOND WELLS "Why be true to one when you can have two or three." Basketball 123, Football 1 NANCY SKAIEN "There is a lettle bit of bad in every little girl." Annual 34, Echo 1234, Band 234, Girls Glee Club 34, Chorus 4, Band Ensembles 3, Vocal Solo 4,Declam 34,Play 1, Verse Choir 12,Librarian 1, Shop Club 3, SDHSPA 1234 RICHARD WARNESS "I squeeze a great deal of pleasure out of dancing!" Annual24, Band 1234, Debate 2, Boys Glee Club 1234, Chorus 1234, Vocal Ereembles 234,Band Ensembles 3, Foot- ball 4,Instrumental Solo 34 Vocal Solo 34.All-State Cho- rus 4,Royalty4, Boys- State 3, Declam 234, Play 24 TOM FEE "There are soda crackers and fire crackers but there is only one such wisecracker !!!!! Annua 1 34, Echo 3, Boys Glee Club 1234, Chorus 1234, Vocal Ensembles 34, Basketball 12, Football 1, Track 1, All-State Chorus 4, Play 12, Echo Sports Ed- itor 3, Shop Club 1 14SYLVIA BONO "She looks Innocent but looks are deceiving." Echo 1234, Girls Olee Club 234, Chorus 3 Natl. Honor Society 3, Declara 234,Verse Choir 1, Echo Editor 34, Quill and Scroll 3 SDHSPA 1234 DELORIS EISLAND "To know her once is to like her alwaysAnnual 2, Girls Glee Club 1234,Chorus 1234, Vocal Ensembles 3 , Vocal Solo 1234, All-State Chorus 4, Royalty 4, Declam 234, Class Officer 123, Play 2. Librarian 1234 LEONARD THORSON "Not a chaser of women, but never a passer-by." FFA 12, Basketball 123, Football 12 34, Track 1234, C-Club 1234 '4ARY E. VANDERWAERDT "Happy, full of fun, hard working, never glum, all of these and then some. FHA 2, Verse Choir 12, Librarian 4 ESTHER WOOD "A country lass with Jots of class."Annual 234, Band 123 4, Debate 1,Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 3 » Band En- sembles 1234, Instrumentals Solo 3, Queen 4,Girls State e. Declam 1234, Cheerleader 1234,Student Cbuncil 2,Class Officer 14, Play 1, Copy ffl- ltor of Annual 4, Alternate to Girls Nation 3, Senior Class Play ARLAN FRANKEN "There are 3 days I never worry about. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow."Shop Club 123 ARLENE VAN BOCKERN She may not shock you, but she Is a live wire." Band 12, Girls Glee Club 1234, Chorus 234, GAA 1 CAROLE HARBERT 'how does she spend her nights?" Librarian 2 ARLYS ROBBINS "Why take life seriously, you'll never get out of it alive!" Student Council 1 SHARON MCKILLIP "If smiles were money, she would be rich." Living Pic- tures 3,Trans, from Harris- burg 2 LOIS L. ELLIS "To wcrry little,study less, is her idea of happiness." Annual 23, Echo 12, Band 1, Debate 1, FHA 12, GAA 1, Verse Choir 12 l6 Dennis Oakland Sandra Mulllnix Orlan Jurgenson Karen Kurvlnk Judy Carlson John Smeenk Gall Gubbrud Verle Olsen Judy Hartman Gayle McKlllips Terry Rlkansrud Linda Schell Don Sparks Sandra Swaverly Larry Vandestowe Jim Carpenter Ann Stefan Norris Wlka Shlrlej Thormodsgard David Anderson Kathleen Hurley Lana Knutson Norman Wlka Sharon PeekesRichard Oakland LeAnn Rodway Loretta Sorum Kenny Roberts Lyle Schwartz Bob Harris Dennis King Eugene Irons Jerry Chaon Glenyta Stalheim Sharon Berg Ronald Swanson Colleen Ekle Jim Harmon Myron Chrlstophersor Pat Romerelm Stan Skattum Diana Dann Jerry Wilson Marlene Souvlgnler Glennann Vlckerman Orlando Eneboe Deanna Carpenter Bill Mundt cpkctncreA Dennis Swenson Charis Rowe Laurie DeJong Dean Nordseth Richard Vander Waerdt Katie Johnson Rosemary Sundstrom James Roberts Marcia Opland Mildred Johnson Sharon Enstrom Ronald Minor Elllne Iverson Craig Dean Gloria Gilbertson Richard Oakland Carol Graverson Dennis Hanson Richard Huckfeldt Shirley Kumlien Barbara Toft Vern Thorson Ginger Glenn Marilyn Johnson Jerome Elster Larry Fait Pete Tolllnger Ann Jurgenson Don Bong Dean Albertson Sandra Anderson Jim Van Bockern Pat Sinning Eldon Van Dyke Robert Cramer£cft icmcnA Laurie Drake Diane Tilstra Larry Syverud berg Jerald Van Wouden Wayne Thormodsgard Andy Huckfelt Francis Behring Erma Klepel Ralph Oliver Roger Eastman Janice Lennon Bill Harris Duane Peterson Jean Sullestad Jane Scholten Dennis Franken Mary Jane Lottman Carol Stensland Jim Vandentop Robert Westhlus Delma Aashelm Ronald Edwards Dawn Howard Sandra Eaton Rod Bong Loren Long Carol Harmon Margaret Oliver Ruth Baird Janice Fait Lynda Nelson Barbara Gilbertson Richard Wegener Barbara Harmison Doug Roetzel 1 f es o o VOt : A' I . j . • f JFs y. r w - I i dtJM o i;tV . ak i Sir w .a ItLd v -1 'WT £ i 4M ,... Q € es n a '%: JreAtneh Leslie Kinker Terrance Flllbrandt Marcia VanEssen Mlke Thles Leonard Abbot Janice Roberts Bill McKllllp Vernon Hemmlngson Dennis Devltt Gary Rlkansrud Dennis Lunder Don Bogue Rodney Green Jack Lease James Kessel Joanne Kroeger James Hurley Janet Hall Sharon Anderson Joel Thormodsgard Betty DeBruln Dennis Stubsten Ellery Kramar Karen Engel Ronald Opland Linda Sweeter Willard Mulllnlx Nels Ekle Jerry Myers Romalne Larsgaard Charolyn Hill Marilyn Halverson Jerry Swenson Nancy Sundllng Harold Elesland John Ovre Dewey Hessa Illynn Knutson Darryl McConahay Elaine JurgensonJreAktnen Dorothy Hamilton Richard Lunder LaVonne Torberson Bob Koch Leonard Torberson Joan Dann Linda Tollefson Bob Sanderson Patty Olson Larry Myhre Kay Hoffman Clyde McCaskey Ronald Thorson Carolyn Wittrig Bob Nelson Francis Lottman Dale Jensen Margaret Baird Eugene Husman Judy Williamson Dennis Husman Olenn Sundvold Paul Severson Craig Odeen Larry Hill Loren Rodway Jennie Doerksen Larry Heyden Oail Twedt Oerauld Anderson Colleen James Merlyn Nelson Judy Halverson Case Niemeyer Don Decker Ardeth Thompson Gloria Miller Paul Vickerman Oerrlt VanDenTop 4 fS m 0 I c I a (p a 1 A a :.M t dM mt Av ri i r f r o n diii ffft b k IJiti ' - i (A ■ 1' ‘ jU 3 ft HJudy Sunde by , Esther udv B. Marlene P HI Sharon T Kathy H Vernon Karen P Nancy 3 Vlrgene ; Betty H Lavonne A lvia B Harry R •«Leroy -V-1 Mb Carol H |Leslie H [Sharon M Terry Carolyn E | Jerry D rroDICK TERRY LLOYD DENNY CARROLL Opponent Canton ♦Academy Alceoter Parker Be re s ford Lennox Centerville Elk Point Hurley ♦Gregory denotes non-conference game DAVE LEONARD VERNE TERRY LARRY Poetry Marlene Paulsen,Glenann Vlckeraan,Sharon Thorraodsgard,Katie Johnson, Delorls Eie- -land,Janice Breen,Eileen Iverson, Nancy Skalen,Karen Burgess,Sylvia Bong,Shirley Kumlien. Oratory Bill Mullinix,Richard Wamess,Carol Ha -ilton,Nancy Sundling. he clamaticn Humorous Linda Sweeter, Esther Wood, Kathleen Hurley, Sandra An- derson, Charls Rowe. Dramatic Karen Kurvink,Judy Bergeson,Marcia Opland, Erma Klepel,Rosemary Sundstrom,Laurie Dra- -ke,Gloria' Gilbertson,Barbara Toft. Local Winners Richard Warness-Oratory, Judy Bergeson- Dramatic,Glenann Vlckerman-Poetry, Bsth- -er Wood-Humerous. District Winner Glenann Vlckeraan-PoetryThose participating in Q.A.A. met under the supervision of Mrs. Babcock every Thursday from 3 to 4. The games that they play are decided by a sel- ected council composed of Shlrly K., JoyceE., Karen K., Carol S., and Joan D.. During the year) they actively played such games as softball,vollyball, basketball, and swimming. Building a pyrimld are Shirley Kum- -lien,Karen Engle, Joan Dann, Carol Sten- -sland, Ruth Baird, Margaret Baird, Lana Knutson, Marilyn Johnson, Sandra Swavely, Gloria Gilbertson, Karen Kurvink, Diana Dann, Joyce Eastman. Tumbling are(standing) Lana Knutson, Joan Dann, Carol Stensland, Marilyn John- -son, Ruth Baird, Joyce Eastman,Margaret Baird, Mrs. Babcock,(sitting) are Sandra Swavely, Diana Dann, Gloria Gilbertson, Karen Engle, Karen Kurvink, Shirley Kum- -lien.Jutun JawerA Delegares to National con- vention; Doug Roitzel and Leslie Hemmingson. The Canton FFA Chapter was awarded a superior rat- ing for their program of wcrk this year.Leslie Hemmingson was awarded the State Farmer Degree. Five superior and seven excellent ratings were presented to the Canton FFA Chapter of the State neetLng at Brookings on April 21 and 22. 1957-1958 Chapter Officers: President, Wayne DeYoung; Vice President, Leslie Hemmingson; Leslie Hemmingson Secretary, Jim Carpenter; Sentinel, Lloyd George Carpenter State Farmer Cramer; Treasurer, Terry Rikansrud; and not State F.F.A. Secretary pictured Is reporter, Dennis Aasheim.Below are Carol Stensland and Doug Roetzel, Sweetheart and Prince Charming 'Juture fotnetnakerA FHA officers shown at the right are LeAnn | Rodway, Ginger Glenn, Rosemary Sundstrom, Katie | Johnson, Sandra Anderson, Charis Rowe, Carol I Stensland, Janice Opland, and Jean Sullestad. The Junior FHA is featured below. IPicnic?? Lose something? Bob and Jerry Cool Cats smiles Horae again Carmen CURTAIN Mable Hiding' Sitting Bull Skaien Waitin Frannie Bergie's Birthday Willy Big party Chaon What's so nterestlng? menTeam Played They We Team Played They We ♦Jefferson 43 42 Hurley 50 67 ♦Flandreau Ind. 65 32 Alcester 62 60 Beresford 67 50 Lennox 61 59 Hurley 36 43 Vermillion 47 50 Aloester 38 37 Elk Point 88 75 Lennox 50 39 Parker 47 49 Elk Point 72 51 Centerville 79 56 Parker 50 57 Beresford 70 53 Centerville 77 54 ♦Flandreau Ind. 80 75 ♦denotes non-conference game ♦Academy 56 41 40gl jfifi 1. That's not nice. Oene! 2. We've got to get this one 3. Oet off my back; will ya 5. What do you think you're doin takin' tickets Don't stand there, stupid; get it We can start now; I'm here! 58 Grade School Champs Kick mePictured below is the 1957-58 Freshman basketball squad, coached by Lloyd Messerll Front row, from left to right: Harold Elesland, Rodney Green, Joel Thormodsgard, Jack Lease, Don Decker, and Merlyn Nelson. In the back row, from left to right: Gary Rlkansrud, Jim Hurley, Bob Koch, Jerry Swenson, Dennis Devltt, and Bob Nelson. Pictured above are Coach Burdell Coplan's "Gutless Wonders", the 1957-58 basketball squad. They finished with a 4-10 record In the conference. No. Name Class Ht. Pos 11 Denny Hanson Soph. 5'8" G 21 Terry Rlkansrud Jr. 6' F 25 Lyle Schwartz Jr. 5'10" G 35 Leroy Williamson Sr. 5'9" G 4l David Anderson Jr. 6' 0 43 Gene Irons Jr. 6'2" C 45 LaVerne Hines Sr. 6'3" C 31 Craig Dean Soph. 6' F The C-Club, which is made up of fine spirit, teamwork and aggressive playing, which was displayed by our C-Hawks during the 57-58 season. In order to become a member of the C-Club, an athlete must earn a letter in football, basketball or track. Teap, Andy Huckfeldt Loren Long Jerome Elster Dick Huckfeldt Dean Albertsen Paul Vickerman Rod Bong Don Bong Vern Thorson Roger Eastman Dean Nordseth-mgr. Doug Roetzel1.2.3. 4. Annual Snapshots 6. Mr. Shaw giving announcements 5. Biology Class Snapshot 7. Senior Class Assemblyf C H O CditwA HeutSjtaper 1st: Jerry Myeres, Bob Sanderson, Jack Lease, Dennis Lunder, Loren Rodway, Cherolyn Hill, Lavonne Torberson, Marlys Larson, Betty Debruln, Nancy Sundllng. 2nd: Rodney Green, Clyde McCaskey, Wayne Thormodsgard, Joel Thormodsgard, Jim Kessel, Elaine Jorgenson, Sharon Anderson, Colleen James, Janice Roberts, Marilyn Halvorson. 3rd: John Ovre, Leonard Abbott, Dennis Husman, Ronnie Edwards, Merlyn Nelson, Doug Roetzel, Leonard Torberson, Myron Chrlstopherson, Bill McKillip, Joann Kroger, Gail Twedt, Judy Halvorson, Ardeth Thompson. 4th: Dale Jensen, Bob Westhlus, Dick VanderWaerdt, Jerry Swensen, Glenn Sundvold, Francis Lottman, Mike Thles, Don Decker, Daryl McConahay, Larry Hill, Harold Eiesland, Dorothy Hamilton, Jennie Doerkson.e • VVw° A® 9 v- - v '; vv. y sy Va-.4.»V ■ 4®‘Vv;v o «o0- - WW $»?ve 5 , Ia 6®° °V ’ V V o° Vs £ ° Sandy Sandy Pm Pm Cheerleader Sharon Marcia Judy Sharon Carol I JaniceI could have dancea all night... |g Warden Wika Embarrassed, Sandy Holding hands?? Happy Just posing? Exciting party Big mouth Sleeping beautie Over and out 3789500 Home again Denny Really, Pat Working hard? Watch the birdie Dick All American boy?Pictured above are the distance men of the Canton C-Hawks.They are, Denny Lunder, Denny Stubsteln, Ellery Kramer, Jerry And- erson, Doug Roetzel, Larry Myhre, Roger Eastman, Vern Thorson, Rodney Green, Dean Albertson, Bob Nelson, Terry Rikansrud, Dennis Devltt, and Bob Koch. Above are CHS's representatives to the ’ state track meet. They are, in row one, Harry Rathje, Leroy Williamson, Don Bong, r and Roger Eastman. In row two, Terry And- erson, Dave Anderson, Orlan Jurgenson, Denny King, and Terry Rikansrud. At the right is Denny Hanson and Craig Dean, S CHS's represen- tatives to the state meet for tennis. Terry Anderson wins the 100-yard dash at the State Regional Track Meet. His time was 10.3 seconds. Pictured below is Don Bong, CHS's pole vaulter going over at 11 feet at the State Regional Track Meet. Below him is Wimp Williamson. Pictured above are the CHS participants in the field events. These events are, High Jump, Pole Vault, Broad Jump, Shot Put, and the Discus. f rMixed CheruA and Coi A ’ (jlee Club Above are pictured the mem- bers of the All State Chorus, which was held at the Huron Arena in November. They are as follows: Marcia Opland, Katie Johnson,and DeLoris Eie- sland; Tom Fee, Glenann Vick- erman,and Dick Warness; Larry Nelson and Dick Van Ness. Pictured above is Robert Perkins, the CHS vocal music director. (jirU (jlee ClubVocal fyoupA Below, are the solists of the CHS Chorus. In row one, Marcia Opland and Barbara Toft, both receiving an excellent rating, and Deloris Eiesland who won a superior rating. In the second row, Andy Huckfelt and Glenann Vickerman each receiving an excellent, and Dick Warness, receiving a superior. In the last row, Donald Sparks-excellent, Larry Nelson-superior, and Dick Huckfelt-excellent. Pictured above is the Triple Trio, which won a superior rating at the district contest. The members are: in row one--Linda Tollefson, Deana Carpenter, and Sandra Eaton; in row two, LeAnn Rodway, Deloris Eiesland, and Janice Breen; and in row three, Karen Renli, Judy Hartman, and Glenann Vickerman. The Boy's Ensemble, also receiving a super- ior rating are shown below. In the front row, Denny Hanson, Don Bong, and Dick Warness. In » the second row, Leroy Williamson, Andy Huck- feldt, and Rod Bong. In the last row, Larry kelson. Gene Irons, and Dick Huckfeldt. The Mixed Octette, winning a superior rat- ing at the district contest in Vermillion, are pictured above. They are in the first row, Marcia Opland, Katie Johnson, and Deloris Eiesland. In row two, Leroy Williamson, Glenann Vickerman, and Dick Warness. In the third row, Larry Nelson, and Dick Van Ness.ori =Th? above Picture shows the pianists of CHS. Qlenyta Stalhelm Dlav- ed a piano solo at Contest and received an excellent ratine th« GleeSClubser played for a sololst °r accompanied the Mixed Chorus or This year's Spring Festival featured the popular Around the World theme. Taking part in the program were the high school Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Junior High Chorus, and the grade school chorus. A trio consisting of Judy Williamson, Linda Tollefson and Judy Williamson also presented a number. Several countries were represented by songs typical of their land. The CHS band also took part in the program.Sparkling new blue drums were added to the CHS band equipment late In the second semester. Pictured below are the the overjoyed drum- mers caught opening the boxes containing the new drums. Clarinets Charis Rowe Janice Opland Sharon Thormodsgard Laurie DeJong Craig Dean Eugene Irons Patty Olson Lazetta Ofstad Vlrgene Lien Colleen Ekle French Horns Karen Ren11 Ginger Glenn Shirley Thormodsgard Jean Sullestad Carol Graverson Baritone Saxophone Larry Syverud Alto Saxophone Glenyta Scalheim Sandra Anderson Denise Rlckansrud Piccolo Sharron Enstrom Bass Clarinet Linda Tollefson Oboe Shirley Kumlien absentees r 9 9 »Cornets Dick Warness Jerry Doerkson Karen Kurvlnk Marcia Opland Judy Hartmann Pat Sinning Jennie Doerkson Joyce Eastman Many half-times during both the football and basketball season were assisted by the active marches of the CHS band. Below is a picture of the band in action during the half- Percusslon Glenann Vlckerman Esther Wood Sharon Berg Sandra Eaton Dorothy Hamilton Trombones Carol Hamilton Judy Williamson Nancy Skaien Mildred Johnson Flutes Marlene Paulsen Linda Schell Baritones Kathleen Hurley Dick Wagner Basses Richard Oakland Donald Bogue Alto Clarinet Linda Sweeter time of one of the home basketball games.JhtitrutneHta! Brass Quartette Comet Trio Clarinet Quartette Mixed Clarinet Quartette This year's Prom was held at the High School Auditorium after the Banquet. The Seniors picked an Underwater Theme. It was gayly decorated with Imitation fish and other underwater animals and plants. The 1958 Canton High School Junior- Senior Banquet was held at the Hiawatha Country Club, on May lo. Lloyd Messerli was the main speaker. The Juniors chose a Japanese Theme for their banquet.1. Anderson, Fostvedt, and Jones (custodians) 2. Mrs. Copland and the student librarians 3. Jr. Sr. Banquet (rather crowded) 4. Nations First Honor Roll Banquet 5. Senior Class Play (second act) 6. Senior Class Play (third act)£jlOMCKi ♦Coffee Shop Kurvink Station ♦Sioux Valley News ♦Mel's Standard Station Sexe1s Clothing ♦Iowa Public Service Col ♦A 4 R Food Mart Dr. D. T. Andresen ♦Lewdoc Cafe Amen's Barber Shop ♦A.B. Whitman Vlssor's Canton Cleaners No ids Drug Deinema Ford Sales A 4 S Buick Anderson Hardware Lena's Cafe Bauman's Clothing Shop ♦Farmer's State Bank Anderson Furniture ♦Dr. H. W. O'Banion ♦Williamson1s Junior 4 Toddler Shop Coast to Coast ♦Dr. Bunkers Canton Hardware Fait Chevrolet Farell 4 Molstad ♦Dr. Angelos, M.D. Pederson Paint Shop Enstrom Shoe Store ♦Gambles ♦Modern Cleaners Dr. G. Goodman ♦Farmers Elevator, Grain Dept. Farmers Co-op Creamery ♦Farmers Elevator, Lumber Dept ♦Farmers Co-op Oil ♦Sweetman Brothers Larry's Radiator Shop Sam Masten Community Feed 4 Hatchery ♦Tolllngers Studio Martin's Ben Franklin Rons Grocery ♦Dr. WM Warness Lloyd Myrabo Pantry Grocery Culllgan Soft Water Service ♦Dirks Ins. 4 Realty ♦Northern State Power ♦Dr. Akland, M.D. i Peterson 4 Bakkene Barber Shop 62Autograph Autograph SCHOOL Bii EE ;;: tt its? U + ■ -■ sOmi- ? » ■«, « ■ ■ ,'fe ,‘j 'H»»».»KJr. ' ■ wL.,1.0 - -4 — ■-i - vj— , j .1- iLjfcA ; ' .ZT 3S 't'Kj' Ajtri 1 fa • - s ♦j 1 • •• - -;;;: z x z»»- - :-x: ': nr. S. . ,. i .. -. - -4... -.. n i on» itfcilf'W H11 ? . , r . 4 « A ■'' ' SJn'lTr t' . - WMfvj »» . t- '-'i,f ' Mwt- ■ ■ ©» - iH-A rV . - V" ' TjL, . - vtfH f fc. ur ► -zjt£zz!2 zu . 1» - rZ r -v nil'll C 1-r— -'---v ': ■ — - - - +.+JM - - - -'■ % ..." " " 1Z ' ...--. - 44.. . . '» A .. - )MHl .. v f -vw +" ' ' :'A i + •— .X. R« - C Tv w-v - — - - H aK VV - v ’ ' f£ 4 i- - -'-•- - ■' rlzzz '? - “'a H-Ai,r»J «v-' ' '' 4..A ' A.V '--V' 'r n ” B ., .4 , .wA'« V f'iV r-7 . 7' v'' ■ Jfr-H.v - . %+ 2 + ' •£' ■ »4U - )Swk '7v--r- • 4 . 4 4 ( s.-A- »‘ — ’ vjr v4 '•»•■ ' it'; r VV -iT- - E --, •- - 52 jL -A.r-A ‘. 4-,r AaaJ |»s » ' ■' - A. - - - V4 I’ - r-' - T'ftttiHM' r "',' « 4 .»K jr» -VlfV"'» v’7 . , I M ni »!»- » - "■' 'I Z' T V4-.. ,V 4 " 4 js,.M. ,'i! r-A' irAi(i pV AXl'' ’ - A r ■«AW l' T lA nA iA - a V(H--« i-% 4 44 • ifr- 4iie.ftff’-A JA rrf A»Tf W -A---- - J 21 2 A--- A. Jf-.v '• A..-A. A- 2'1 A - -vj,.- r ri'rcTi . ..v wsrsis 232v— -•- t - - 4 ■ 4 Ai M 44 H 4PPPIH . .. 4 ... ,. . . y.. V- «J,tT V ,,,r •• • : t-'-MjJL r-, , ‘, '' ! ?V ” . J, w 4. fK1A.‘‘ !"A , '1',f “7“ , ' ' 1 “ r 7 T — y- . r

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