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I The 1957 Backtrackin' is dedicated to Clifford Ness who was so untimely snatched from our midst due to a fatal injury which occurred during the last game of the 1956 football season. We, his many friends, shall always remember Clifford for his outstanding sportsman- ship and wonderful personality. ANNUAL STAFF Co-Editor......... Co-Editor......... Copy Editor....... Business Manager.. Photography Editor Laurell Sweeter ..Merlyn Oliver ..Edna McKaskey ..Dorothea King •Dennis Stengel Zella Antrim George Carpenter Roger Peterson Virgene Lien Nancy Skalen Glenyta Stalheim Yvonne Anderson Carol Torry Esther Wood Karen Renli Tom Fee Connie Johnson Leroy Williamson Glenn Stearns Joe Harris Larry Nelson Mary Ellen Hurley Glenann Vickerman Janice Opland Tom Vickerman Deanna Carpenter Lavonne Feekes Judy Bergeson Tom Devitt Gary Howard Dick Van Ness Sharon Berg Karen Kurvink Lazetta Ofstad Leslie Hemingson Lana Knutson Carol Tysland Sonja Lovaas Linda Schell Judy Carlson Mary Jane Lottman Mildred Johnson Loretta Sorum Karen Burgess Judy Sunde Sandra Mullinix Diana Dann Sharon Feekes Gloria Knutson Elaine Ende Dennis Oakland Carol Stensland Rosemary Sundstrom Jerry Chaon Deanna Rhead Beverly Hammer Mary Peterson Richard Warness Sharon Thormosgard Marlene Paulsen Joyce Eastman Ann Bartholomew Myrna Johnson Maureen Eiesland Sonja Hackman Janis Molstad Janet Caswell Janice Breen 2The Board of Education of Canton is composed of Mr. Carl K. Anderson, Mr. Orlin S. Wittrig, Mr. E. H. Anderson, Dr. H. W. O'Banion, Mrs. Helen J. Hamilton, and Dr. T. A. Angelos. Student Council members are: Laurie DeJong, Drew Johnson, Dick Bogue, Sharon McKee, Lowell Harris, and Mr. Shaw. Cherlyl Theis, Judy Williamson, David Mathesion, Jim Sweetman, Harriet Stengle. Norris Wika, Paul Vickerman, Dick Van Ness, Tom Devitt, Gary Howard, E vid Anderson, and Don Bong. 3Norbert Schmidt Social Studies FACULTY Kyant Esther Magill Home Economics Michael Shaw Principal Olive Briles English Burdell Coplan Coach 4Wilbur Bryant pA f TTT TV Lloyd Measerli Agriculture 1 riVjUlil 1 Science Betty Coplan Librarian 5 Winston Stahlecker CommercialSolomon Koth T? T TT 'T'VT' Eugene Sundt Instrumental Musio. T f 1 I vonal Music Rose Bedwell Junior High Jean Jacobson Junior High Laura Skyberg Junior High Aries Van Hunnlk Junior High 6 Robert Tupper Industrial Artsr v. v H o 5 V HD. MAUREEN EIESLAND "To know her once is to like her always." Mixed Cho- rus 1234. Mixed Octette 4, Band 1234, Ensembles 123, FHA 1234, Annual 12, Band Solo 234, Girls' Glee Club 1234, All State Band 4, tri- ple Trio 4, Alternate to Girls State 3, Sextette 3. DENNIS STENGEL "Oh.' How the girls go for my curly hair." FPA 123, All-High Play 23, Annual 4, Verse Choir 1234. JIM HARTMANN "To question the pop or pop the question; that is the question." Mixed Chorus 34, Boys' Glee Club 34, Oc- tette 3, Living Pictures 1, Golf 34. LAVONNE FEEKES "A friendly,dependable gal’.' Band 234, Ensembles 4, De- clam 4, Living Pictures 3, Verse Choir 4, Annual 34, GAA 1. GLENN STEARNS "One who has both feet planted firmly in the air." Basketball 123, Football 12 34, Track 123, C-Club 4, Mixed Chorus 123,Boys' Glee Club 1234, FFA 1234. YVONNE ANDERSEN "She looks like an angel; she acts like one too; but you never can tell what an angel will do." Mixed Chons 234, Vocal Solo 34, Girls’ Glee Club 234, Band 234, Ensembles 3, FHA 2, All-Higi Play 3, Echo 234, Declam 23 Attendant 4,Class Officer 4 All-State Chorus 4, Annual 234, 3and Solo 234, Girls' State Alternate 3,Librarian 3, Triple Trio 4, Quill Scroll 4, Mixed Octette 4, Trans, from Viborg S.D. 2. 8MONICA SOUVIGNIER "Her heart is in the Navy." FHA 1234, Verse Choir 123, Pom Pom Girl 4. SONJA HACKMAN "A good laugh is sunshine in the house." Triple Trio 4, Mixed Chorus 1234, Girls' Glee Club 1234, Annual 234, Declam 3, Echo 234, GAA 1, FHA 1. BEVERLY HAMMER "I used to think were for studying." 234, Librarian 12. MARY ELLEN HURLEY "Noble deeds that are con- cealed are most esteemed." All-High Play 3,Declam 123, Echo 234, Ensemble 2, Band Solo 234, Echo Feature Ed- itor 4, Girls' Glee Club 12 34, Mixed Chorus 234, Band 1234, Annual 1234, FHA 123. DREW JOHNSON "Here I am, you lucky,lucky women." Track 12, C-Club 234, Basketball 1234, Foot- ball 1234, Mixed Chorus 123 4, Boys' Glee Club 1234, Vocal Solo 1234, Mixed Oc- tette 1234, Octette 1234, All High Play 23, Attendant 4, Boys State 3, Student Council 34, Debate 1, All- State Chorus 234, National Honor Society 3, Senate Page 4, MENC National chorus 3, Soloist All-State Chorus 4, Band 1. JIM TIMMERMAN "Ambition in slow motion. FFA 1234.LESTER HINES "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble." Track 23. Basketball 23, Football 234, C-Club 34, FFA 2, Boys State 3, Annual 24, Living Pictures 3, Transferred ftom Martin, S.D., 2. GLORIA KNUTSON "Number please--Sorry, mine is taken (Permanently)."GAA 1, Librarian 4, Verse Choir 12, Annual 34, 3and 12. JANIS MOLSTAD "There are enough serious things in the world without considering yourself one of them." Girls' Glee Club 24 Band 34, GAA 2, FHA 1, Echo 23, Verse Choir 1, Declam 1234, Annual 34, Band 34. ELAINE ENDE "During the last year her life has been real Johnny" Mixed Chorus 123, Girls Glee Club 123, Annual 4, Attendant 4, Class Officer 12. HARLEN K. NEUGEBAUER "When he fell, he fell hard but not for basketball or football." Student Council 3, FFA 1234, Verse Choir 3, All-High Play 3, C-Club 14, Football 14. DICK BOGUE "Athletics would profit b r many others like him.. Football 1234, Basketball 1 234, Track 1234, C-Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 1234, Octette 234, Boys’ Glee Club 1234, Mixed Octette 34, Attendant 4, National Honor Society i All American High School Football Team 4, All-High Play 123, Boys State 34, Class Officer 3, Memorial Trophy 4. 10ANN BARTHOLOMEW "She's like a bracelet with its many charms." All State Band 1234, Mixed Chorus 123 4, Girls’ Glee Club 1234, Ensembles 123,Pha 234, Echo 23, Annual 234, Declam 1234 Mixed Octette 24, Band 1234 All High Play 23, Band Solo 1234, Student Council 3» National Honor Society 3, Class Officer 24, Queen 4, State FHA President 3, De- bate 1, State DAR 4, Girls State 3» Triple Trio 4. JOE HARRIS "I'm young and life is wonderful. Basketball 123, Football 1234, Verse Choir 123, Annual 4, C-Club 34, PFA 123, King 4. DONALD JENSEN "A man of few words need never take any of them backi' 3asketball 123, Football 12 34, Track 13, FFA 12,Living Pictures 34. BRUCE SWAVERLY "Work fascinates me; I can sit and look at it for hours." Basketball 2, FFA 234, Transferred from Sioux Falls, S.D., 2. JANET HAISCH "What's the good of living if you can't enjoy your self." Mixed Chorus 234, Girls' Glee Club 1234, Band 1234, FHA 1234, Play Staff 13, Annual 23, Attendant 4, Girls State 3, All State Chorus 4, Cheerleader 1234, Student Council 2, Triple Trio 4, Class Officer 1, Majorette 234, Declam 1, Me Call's Teen Fashion Board3. "She works as though she enjoys it." Mixed Chorus 1234, Girls' Glee Club 1234 OAA 1, Echo 234, Declam 3, Annual 234. 11 ■KAREN NELSEN "Her plans are in the future because she plans to spend the rest of her life there." Mixed Chorus 234, Girls' Glee Club 1234, Attendant 4, Secretary for principal 4, Declam 3, Band 123. DOROTHEA KING "Anyt ime, Anywhere, She's her happy self." Business Manager of Annual 4, Libra- rian 4, Mixed Chorus 134, Girls' Glee Club 134, Mixed Octette 3, Triple Trio 4, Band 1, GAA 1, Annual 4, Girls’ Sextette 3, Vocal Solo 34. MARY PETERSON "A light heart and a ready smile." Mixed Chorus 1234, Girls' Glee Club 1234, Band 234, Ensembles 234, GAA 1, FHA 1, Echo 1234, Quill and Scroll 34, Annual 234, All- State Chorus 4, Triple Trio 4, Living Pictures 1, Mixed Octette 4, Declan 3. JERAULD MILLER "He's a class conic and he doesn’t know it-------Much." 3oys' Glee Club 4, Basket- bail 2, Mixed Chorus 4. LOWELL HARRIS "How 'bout that?" Student Council 24, Basketball 12, Class Officer 3, Football 1 234, C-Club 4, Attendant 4, Track 123. GEORGE CARPENTER "Late hours aren't good for one, but they're all right for two." Basketball 13, Football 1234, Track 123, C-Club 34, Living Pictures 14, Librarian 3, FFA 1234 All-High Play 3, Play Staff 1, Alternate to Boys State 3, Annual 34. 12MYRNA JOHNSON "Here is one blonde that isn't dizzy." Mixed Chorus 1234, Girls' Glee Club 1234 Band 234, Ensembles 234,De- clam 3» Living Pictures 1, FHA 24, Echo 23, Annual 234, Band Solo 23. GLENN STALHEIM "Not all of his interests lie in school." Football 23 4, Basketball 123, Track 3» Boys' Glee Club 1234, Band 1, Mixed Chorus 1234, Class Officer 2, C-Club 34, FFA 1 234, Attendant 4, Octette L MERLYN OLIVER "Cheer up. the worst is yet to come. ' Basketball 13 Mixed Chorus 4, Track 13, Boys' Glee Club 4, FFA 1234, All-High Play 23, Echo 3 Play Staff 23, Annual 234, Living Pictures 1, Annual Editor 4, Assembly Committee 234, Librarian 4. BEN SUNDVOLD "He takes the corners on two wheels, it saves on the tires that way." FFA 234. 13 MERLE UNDERLAND "How do they expect me to learn? They give me a dif- ferent lesson every day. FFA 1234, Verse Choir 34. LAURELI SWEETER "Sweet personality, full of rascality." Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Glee Club 12, FHA 23 Echo 123, Annual 234, At- tendant 4, Declam 23, Lib- rarian 4, Annual Editor 4.THOMAS VICKERMAN "Quiet, but so is dynamite until it explodes." Boys' Glee Club 1234, Band 1234 Mixed Chorus 1234, Vocal Solo 234, Ensembles 3,Play Staff 3, Annual 234,Echo 2i Debate 12, All State Chorus 4. DEANNA RHEAD "Not too serious, not too Say; a very nice girl in a very nice way." 3and 123, Ensembles 23, Annual 234, Living Pictures 2. VERLE VAN LOH "Every dog has his day, but the nights are mine." Bas- ketball 14, Living Pictures 3, Track 1, FPA 1234. EDNA M. McCASKEY "Now all her interests lie in the Air Porce." GAA 12, Verse Choir 12, Annual 34, Copy Editor 4. KENNETH THORSON "He's not lazy, he’s Just more nonchalant than most." Basketball 12, Football 1, Track 1, All High Play 3, Echo 3, Annual 2, Living Pictures 4, Shop Club 3. DAVE SIVESIND "Man among men, but among women he would rather be. Football 1234, Track 123, C-Club 1234, Mixed Chorus 1234, Boys' Glee Club 1234, Attendant 4, Class Officer 34, Student Council 1, All- State Chorus 4.ROGER WAYNE SWANSON "I'm telling you, there should be more men like me" Mixed Chorus 234, Boys’Glee Club 234, Band 12, FFA 1. ZELLA ANTRIM "Pull of fun, she's a real friend to be won." Verse Choir 123, Annual 4, FHA 12. CHARLES NELSON "Early to bed and early to rise and you miss all the fun." Basketball 1, Track 3, Mixed Chorus 1234, Boys' Glee Club 1234, Annual 123. ROLLAND HARTLAND "Men of few words are the best men.” FPA 3, Living Pictures 13. DENNIS THIES "Don't call me for break- fast; it makes the day too long."Basketball 123, Foot- ball 12, Class Officer 2, Annual 2, Track 123, C-Club 1234. CONNIE JOHNSON "If Connie does it, it is done well." Living Pictures 4, Bind 34, Ensembles 34, Verse Choir 23, Annual 234, Echo 234. 15SHARON MCKEE "Beauty and brains in the economy package." All High Play 23, Verse Choir 23, Echo 23, Attendant 4, Class Officer 3 Student Council 4, Living Pictures 4, De- clam 12, Assistant Editor for Echo 3, Valdictorian 1. TERRY O'BANION "If smiles were riches, he could retire." Basketball 1, Football 1234, Track 1234, Living Pictures 3» C- Club 1234, Annual 34. CLIFFORD MCCONNIEL "He is gentle, he is shy, but there's mischief in his eye." Basketball 12, Shop Club 34, Living Pictures 4. ! ROGER PETERSON "A woman changed his whole philosophy of life." Foot- ball 4, C-Club 4, FFA 1234, Verse Choir 3» Attendant 4, Living Pictures 4. LEONARD 3RENNER "Napoleon was only 5 '2"." Living Pictures 4, FootballJUNIORS Dennis Aasheim Lazetta Ofstad Lloyd Cramer Deloris Eiesland Jerry Dirks Virgene Lien Tom Devitt Janice Breen Leslie Hemmingson Janice Opland Raymond Wells Nancy Skaien Terry Anderson Carole Harbert Harry Rathje Sharon McKillip Veron Jelsma Betty Hoffman Kathleen Hurst Mary Vander Waerdt Arlys McKee Robbins Sonja Lovass Carolyn Ekle Carol Hamilton 18JUNIORS Larry Wenbourne LaVonne Aasheim Leroy Williamson Arlene Van Bockern Arlan Franken Karen Burgess Dick Warness Carol Tysland Larry Nelson Sharon Tnormodsgard Dennis Mathison Sylvia Bong Donald Veldkamp Marlene Paulsen Don Roti Karen Fodness Jerry Doerksen Marlys Larson Carroll Bakkene Joyce Eastman Gary Howard Esther Wood Dick Van Ness Judy Sunde LaVerne Hines Judy Bergeson Leonard Thorson Karen Renli Tom Fee Carole Torrey 19SOPHOMORES Deanna Carpenter Norman Wika Karen Kurvink Jerry Chaon Richard Oakland Judy Hartmann Norris Wika Lana Knutson Diana Dann Bill Mundt Kathleen Hurley Duane Peterson Dennis Oakland Sharon Berg Donald Sparks Patricia Rommerelm Gayle McKillip Kenneth Roberts Sandra Mu11Inlx Larry VandeStowe John Smeenk Maxine Durkee Verle Olson Glenyta Stalhelm 20SOPHOMORES Linda Schell David Anderson Glenann Vickerman Lyle Schwartz Terry Rickansrud Judy Carlson Dennis King Sandra Swavely Shirley Thomodsgard Gene Irons LeAnn Rodway Stanley Skattum Ronald Swanson Ann Stefan Bob Harris Colleen Ekle Sharon Feeke3 Jerry Wilson Marlene Souvignier Orlan Jurgenson Jerry Kidd Loretta Sorum Orlando Eneboe Jim Harmon 4FRESHMEN Patricia Sinning Donald Bong Marcia Opland Bill Harris Janice Lennon Andy Huckfelt Sandra Anderson Dennis Swenson Jane Scholten Ronald Minor Judith Steenholt Pete Tollinger Mary Jane Lottmann Craig Dean Janice Fait Jerome Elster Barbara Toft Jim Van Bockern Rosemary Sundstrom John Nelson Rodney Bong Laur ie De Jong Doug Reitzel Sandra Eaton Richard Wagner Dawn Howard Richard Oakland Carol Stensland Gary Linder Virginia Glenn Robert Westhius Gloria Gilbertson Margaret Oliver Ralph Oliver Laurie DrakeFRESHMEN Jean Sullestad Loren Long Diana Tilstra Larry Fait Marilyn Johnson Wayne Thormodsgard Erma Klepel Dennis Franken Lynda Nelson Dick Huckfelt Delma Aasheim Jack Quien Charis Rowe Dean Albertson Shirley Kumlien James Roberts Carol Graverson Roger Eastman Eileen Iverson Vernon Thorson Hilda Lems Larry Syvrud Barbara Gilbertson Richard Vender Waerdt Katie Johnson James Vandentop Mildred Johnson Dale Jensen Ann Jorgenson Dennis Hanson Carol Harmon Robert Cramer Sharon Enstrom Dean Nordseth Gloria Miller Ruth Baird Jerald Van Woudenberg 23 1 V» 1 f 1 r r fi ( £ f ' ’ rs 0 ' iM ! % y rs i •2 o iM o a 2 . VJUNIOR HIGH EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE 242627Pictured above is the football team of Canton High School. It was composed of 65 members, twelve of which were seniors. The student managers were Pete Tollinger and Jerry Chaon. This past year they tied one game, lost one game, and won seven. Left to right are assis- tant coach Schmidt, head coach Coplan, and freshman coach Messerli.Pictured to the right are the co-captains for the 1956 footoall season. At the reft is Dave Sivesind, holding the Co-championship Trophy, won by a 6--0--1 conference record. On Dave's right is Dick Bouge, holding the Laxon Trophy. The Laxon Trophy is awarded to the winner of the C-Hawk—Academy game, the first game of the year. 29i o A Grace n’s freshman bas ht to op an easy over the frosh of $h school altho- oracle quintet wi losing a onc vV led Lrnno e and went final half . taking tin iot make tl the youngst spite the fa and Paul oerner of the game wit! Bultene C't p there with frosh game for his squa freshman night e. i the regula on Ov ter 58 i Monday e Season by Parker, 67-65 'r'oi' 2m Poor S Quarter I 4 Canton squeezed by Park. : Won C-Hawks begin a nine-67-65 Tuesday. February 11. as game cage season tomor-Drew Johnson, a 6 senior for- against the strong Sioux ward, made the winning bas- ils Cathedral team The get with but two seconds re- A scrappy Centerville To ran- vks posted a 10-8 mark lastmaining in the game. doe quint t had too much for on and have oofr three let Canton was sUlklup at the Cant,,., C-Hawk In a Pit- ' n, senior center. I nk Bo-,tart an(j qu|c|c]y went ahead as ay night, battling Its way into®► “ 5 ‘S Oury Howard mari,- the flrM undlspul, tl P " u and Junior guard. Oa ;)askct 1 r the ganu. and aiongteren,-e crown 58-oi. card ready to go again wj(j, Luverne Hines paced the101’ armory » “ 201i «r« quart,-rv • C-Hawks The Hawks 1«1 mosttorenc,c‘ °wntost 2S2L' tJJt 'f the remaining game. Brresford there ton.,,! Harry Ratjhe. Dick . day» :an now hope to pair by Hawks, 6- I • : ' - 1: .tM! • i:,H! t q i:ti wi stop.' the Ca ®d-HtWK': bad 1 i 111 f trouble 5s. Jerry Dirks and Lar- In l lc JJ0IJcnls ° i. a ti with Parker ton; all arc Juniors, lest obstacle ame schedule , s('c( n J pe-rlod with the score 37- ' . . IOoD'„ifl. s on the20 or Canton the Hawks mad ( re jjf f( tJ 1 1 . i :lTy . according1 straight points to put Can-Ion,.s at (U.,tl t ahead .ch Burdcll Coplan. wlU °n ker and Beresford Park-2 no lettermen last year The resford lost only one orfield da were ah Canton team will be lac-points and1 me tougher competitionperlod 59 year as they meet the jn xi . al g Cathedral club, the Flando] ,, tre Indians, who lost only -' je ( Jji man off their state tourna-tiv minui (or 1 Canton C-Hawks made a™ " 1!J ” e?'.tt!U »rtSE«i half 4S-Blirtlctl xho sank ,2 0l | Pointers Subd ‘••■•on wks Vanquish nox Cagers goal attempts in the first like a lyas they 'jay t is 17, Mid Of the d ’wks tusly U 081 n-; h les ton by. »on .ar-. r eier' y sight 35-65 1 few well- thc by Hawks, C-Hawks thu | the Pheasants , mt conferent y. January 15, an ame and Leroy nson ured In 15 poil the while Beier the. nts with 18 n got off to a t •4tart i 6-0 with two .lutes Hit lost the it-ad. Par- ,, the end 0: the I, t; to get them well eir way for a 71-64 victory. The the visiting Lennox OriolestlUVerne ly night. Hawks used a well fr£ ced scoring attack Pacedp JL j dry Howard with 20 pointsLurKCI - mulish the Orioles who had” in them previously on their Canto: nton got the opening tipoff made the first basket onlyff jr Lennox make two buc- -JjQ cond quarter way. for the ag only four fJ put them ahead -2 ver. Canton started rolling made it 8-4 Tn«- v 1 as. being paced by Hines 1o P( e the score 21- « .» the t.Tree hook shots, led at the end of the first quarter 23-18. of the game, an the Pheasants coul victors was witfefc ure was added squad in the hird period, as both boards while Anderson anton -ard. and Johnson kept the,, gjou her’s attack going in a, , ormance on defense. ano lawks’ hopes werexmn uft jmewhat in the sec- l-38. as Bogue drew The H ul. but he was exoad past ul and didn’t foul ions, fou percentage of hrow lin pts was lowercdthot a q ian s retur 'angle wi teresford. like no rest the C-Haw [ates as in t year might but mpiled a ■ - by eight po‘- VermilJio» jo The loss was by only Ints to a tough Sioux the third per-4ftor a only 19 per-wbich C er periods with joints 0 per cent, andiie Haw. d their aver-jaIf and C-Hawks had Utt February on Canton got and Gary first two b put Cantc Pointers g Leading by heal Elk Point 64-4 . Fr 8 on the winners 1 w .r op' iiinp t Howard mad ■: • l.• ■ irr ahead 4-0 a vr the C-HaWl )se first period but fte second as the for (JJanton s were never tl r grabbl'd a r 14 Hawks In the game as red early in was paced by . n 1 pi • tu- rf th 15 point? s • B" team coast ;!o-io )vks Triump er Pointers ed ih the secont ended 32-18 for Canto! The Hawks were never tened as they grabbed one3.0 lead and were in fro: Gary 16.J2 at the quarter stop each.’ There were 14 Hawk F» saw action in the game . n with i-egniars retired early in •fourth quarter, went Canton was paced by How-1' e ofard’s 23 points and Johnson’s} - .well balanced playing tactics onnio Bird with 15 points ’ mton got away from in the early going at Friday, January 11 p a 69-57 Big Eight triumph. oint made the first the game and f first period to take d led 16-13 as the d. „1 their lead the re? or Elk Point. Canton's “B" team coasted to;be game, the Pointers p 38-30 victory after leading two Points several U nlng the final half It or Canton, e latter part of the a team of C-Hawk ,s was put in and d' v. . job of keeping the (t Canton with a 'the half 20-10 of ih;Beresiord Hosts Xmas Tourname The Flandreau's Indians i. add-Canton's C-Hawks for an col-jjnd time in two rm ►Hawks score of 74-43 in the of a two round Chris red bytion tournament. F itereep- defense, combined (shooting curate shooting and th in r bounding, was mor v Hawks augh to beat the C-Hav •ontage. Ing honors for the Haw half In shared by Gary Howa it twleve Bogue. and Drew John fht'dvi hirty-two. ?en points apiece allied e second Teams competing In scoreuT—twenty-six lament were Canton, cent on field joints, w hile holding tne Irish to ireau, Beresford. a hirty. The fourth quarter saw'Point. Beresford defca ird i erlod withOlck Bouue go out on fouls and Point in the second am) nton led by atLur ry Nelson replace him t margin most Scoruig honors went to Gary C-Hawks Single PoinU emaTnlng part of theHoward a id Lavern Hines with Canton ouitAri Fit twelve point' apiece Howard Pointers 57 43 in the ? 13 points, led thescored ten of his twelve points :0und of the Beresford unsuccessfulMt the free thro line Hines ional lournam , Th . upset the Hawks, split his scoring with thi» • fieh ,-d by Dick Boxur with • ctory leaves Canton . . , ano ax ire throws Di -k seven points, went Into record and a goodie gue od Drew Johnson ioi-ing spree that crushed Ell In the conference. • w. ri with eight and six point ay fourteen points. The ference standings are: especlively turned in a ?fnc Kame t L : an'on B uu cave 1 net ■Canton . ltMt0u went p|aVcr PF FT.M FG f was Aplenty of acQon Howard 3 1 5 ------- ' Bogue ... 3 14 Isieslnid Uesis -squa'i gave a uet 9 21 er showing but O i « «-if »! ? « 5 A se final bell sour rs with 24. B" team t most of their have Elk Point's period beat ther ,wks Begin eason C-Hawks begin a «e cage season tc inst the strong 1 athedral team osted a 10-8 mark nd hr v.j only thre sonic ’enter. Did hJoi forward, and junior guard, fard ready to go a team prospects thejettermen will bi le Times, 'Wlmp” ton, Harry Hatjhe Ness, Jerry Dirks and .'elson; all are Junior? '•.ughest obstacles on . ' game schedule, accoi ------erturns Hawks Vanquish Hawks Inumph WWW» uym .---------------'------ Lennox Cagers Over Peters Prepare for rker 58 to C-Hawkfi th r Pheasant riant confer» poured In 15 P°V rs. while BcitT -anU with 18 aion got off led 6 0 Wi' second c the way bag only the score sounded. C-Hawks led rest of the gam st the Pheasants he victors was Hawks Ri Home Tl ZoyUvr. H •• ’oe Most Imj home floor tomo night to tangle ry. as the C-Ha it Coplan rates it. Improved team I nee over • last y cd that Lennox m per this season, b ♦ sford has compile- iressive 2-1 record he Beresford quin Hand by eight poi ished Vermillion its. The loss was The Canton C-Hawks made a Canto!n got h zling 75 per cent of their Fo)nt 'IL ”1° eld goal attempts in the first p°int Frlda aarter to get them well 5 1 .their way for a 71-54 victory f rence t.i the visiting Lennox Orioles Elk Point ‘ night et of y Hawks used a well themsej la scoring attack paced JCJJM J Oh oward with 20 points ro,,l“ i. deny. the Orioles who had {» Jf’’ f n previously on their eud " ter en ot the opening tipoff AJtm. „ the first basket only hold of Lennox make two bur-the ganu put them ahead A-2. within tw Canton started rolling Openin de it 8 4 The 30-26 for being paced by Hines’ In the u ik shots, led at the end period a { Irst quarter 23-18. serves was k and Hines were clear-good Job o, h boards while Anderson, and left Ca and Johnson kept the score as the . attuck going In a cat Dick Bogue mance on defense, lowed by Gary Hawks’ hopes were led Haw somewhat In the sec-.whlle Ronnie iod. as Bogue drew the Pointers h foul, but he was ex- Canton s careful and didn't foul throughout m only to havcA Hawks percentage of in the final p 1 attempts was lowered dously in the third per Canton h they shot only 19 per- Tgat i!k Cathedral Irish Meel in Tour er Thur Sight Con- Coplan Jams Drills w Scrimmage into Seve i Practice Sessions Coach Burdell Coplan's Iton C-Hawks have jammp : jumping, shooting and Ldrills and scrimmage en short practice day a pa ration for the se C-H will ! ' ball opener Friday Uf.H gainst the Irish of „ Cathedral. Canton’s star was cording to Coplan. ypTobf ly be letterman. Ga»y Howjj inalorew Johnson and 6-2 Dick rc-guc. and 6-3 LuVeme Hines a • w i m p Williamson, ad stands 5-9. Howard and J -57 son both stand six feet. 1- Right behind Wimp will ol- another 5-9 man. Harry Rat 18, The rest of the second st ck mdude 5-11 Jerry Dirks for Larry Nelson. 6-footer V Van Loh. Dick Ness at led Lloyd Cramer at 5-10 and game 5-9’ers, Wayne DeYoung rally Terry Anderson diem 52- Coplan said the C-Ha would work mainly from a d offense, with Bog and Hines in the posts. Th will use a man-to-man defe Conditioning, especially lc has been Coplan’s main goa practice. es ver riun ointer away fr ..nt in u.« early goim but the other periods with. nn nr r cent. 64 per cent. andOy FCLTkeT, 07-05 r cent raised their aver- . 53.6 per cent on field canton sQue H by Parker'Coach Lee Dolan’s Irish will Point Friday, January . Ih neriod with57'®° r n» ashave had the advantage of one chalk up a 69-57 Big El ing the third period wiinDrew John Larrv' mor for’game under their belts by theference triumph. " bas time they get here for the tilt Elk Point made the f s he first tet. in the first period to ta 1 the lettermen, including 5-10 Jerry ended. rter Fleming who. according o Cop- Although the Hawks lead. 4 score, Canton led by atward, mac 10 point margin mostk,;l with remaining part of lhemajjjjjg jn with 13 points, led ai • Orioles unsuccessful a"d qi to upset the Hawks ™ leaves Canton 4 victory points to £ toi Cathedral squ ilch. T Z V ord and a goodL . Sg cente7m the ™%sfordin C mler;nc- ‘load J Au' - n 'ost lan. showed a lot ol„ promishoVdTfWr''lead the crushed Canton 61-38 CHlltOIl UVCriUnVS 01 Xhl ,aim 1C last Cathedral s oth the KamP thp pointer iticipa- n • Parker ne Watchdog starting five rages 6-2. while in anticipa of a zone defense. Co vstart without the serv C-Hawk’s tallest ma- ne Hines a y rplan said Tuesday U Id open with Uttle Dav «on Friday night, sford is expected to I zone defense. ie Anderson» and wimson looked very Vsi Flandreau last Frid an said, especially in t I: game.” He added t Johnson would be the post to make ioso of Hines V ch Cupianjtffl tfri Hin rest o Ws T 58 lo 45 In sc con 29 for six sir a i C-Hawks thumped the n ahe Pheasants 58-45 In an '’ conference game The Uu iary 15. as Dick field day -oy a ne C-H e rest ot 'sest the ts. assure pn squa ) third nd Wil fourth oints for the points and oaced thePcri° l In the l ast start ooled oft o ralnutesonly mad d to Par-tire 8 ml first per-two min (ijJonIy 5 i r was close and John the Hawks It y toss o : field goals tor Parke 27-21 as the Jump shot’ ia| 1 Vil| Then John led throughout seconds game, and the Aimed ants could get Inal score pis within six The Hawtf ai verne Him added to the i his best il ndreau’ Indians sea time in two meetings b of 74-43 in the first ga wo round Christmas vaca- tournament. Flandreau’sR i se, combined with ac-n »-• shooting and tough re-yrN ling. was more than Ifi to beat the C-Hawks. - me V151 . J on honors for the Hawks were Lagging 7 with three by Oary Howard, Dlckm ut£, markers' B ve. and Drew Johnson withtPam addcd pressure and man-uan nu ir the last part toward wi as both Bo- epd Beie picked up barker foil but the C- 2 cent Canton’s iown to he Fleming. Tony Bechtold, Mi JJ37. McGreevy. Lew Mavity a Can f 43- » ■ ---- Cubs Surrender t Game to Tl the The ball snip sparked the C-Ha Tuesday. Jamia H;iwk»lPr's Cubs survt s they decision. ♦hen« Hawks n in n vantage at th oystop and were . ononce thereafter nar" Opening the , l was 28-12 for C J55l..period was do ton as Alcest few faulty errors an w?i down the biggest the game, the two points seven ting the final hal 01 Canton .xe latter part of a team of C-H put in H keeping nton with ters a» 1 24 s W? i..ost ' th %1 the rebounds. The Ci within two points al d by 3 minute s remaining d one ai period, which was Gary of the way. with rt pair of free thro nv foh illed Nov y of,Nov. iulled Tht s with Dec. ic fin- Dec. i e most Dec Dec of the Dec 1) and La- Jan I a long Jan :ath It wenth« ok. dlscourai 1 t; pst Cubs' Jan of and they went ’ resford. He Vermillion, furley. Here Alcester, He Centerville. . ----- --- -- -------------- — n am auueu «nu Tn«u ; olms aplecr. , puU ah,,ad ln ,h, final 0 defeat Jan Feb. fg’rt U The C-Hawk wcW-wpped by F’eb. .Dick Bouge Orlan Jurgenson LaVerne Hines Dennis Mathlson George Carpenter Glenn Stearns Lowell Harris Dennis King Lyle Schwartz Lloyd Cramer Leslie Hemmlngson Tom Devitt Larry Syverud Dennis Aashiem Jerry Chaon Lester Hines Terry Rlkansrud Dick VanNess Dave Sivesind Terry O'Banlon LeRoy Williamson Don Bong Dave Anderson Richard Vander Waerdt Harry Rathje Rod Bong Wayne DeYoung Leonard Thorson Terry Anderson Roger Eastman C-CLUB Dean Albertson, Manager Dennis Aashiem Jim Carpenter Leonard Thorson Jerry Chaon Dennis Mathison Bob Harris Terry Rlkansrud Tom Devitt Norris Wlka Dennis Hanson Norman Wika Lyle Schwartz Carroll Bakkene Eugene Irons Orlan Jurgenson Dennis King B-TEAMTRACK Pictured above are the members of the 1957 track squad. The squad won the conference championship this year and participated in the Sioux City, Howard Wood, The Regional, and State track meets.Left to right the three twirlers are Judy Hartman, Marcia Opland, and Sharon Berg. Posing at the right is Janet Haisch, head majorette. Our cheerleaders left to right are Esther Wood, Katie Johnson, Sandra Eaton, and Janet Haisch. Junior High Twirlers below are left to right Linda Tollefson, Patie Olson, and Judy Williamson. 34One of the busiest departments in C.H.S. is the Vocal Music Department. Vocal students of which there are one hundred, flock to room thirty-seven to exercise their lungs on a few songs. Groups which assemble within these resounding walls are the choir, girls glee club, boys glee club, and small ensembles such as octettes, sextettes, quartets, and trios. The music these groups sing varies to include folk songs of other countries along with many folk songs of America, sacred and secular anthems, classical songs by composers of renown, spiritual and ballad. They also sing songs by composers of the day, patriot itic songs of our country, novelty and popular songs. 36This year was the fifth consecutive year that the choir pre- sented both a Christmas and a Spring Concert at the V.A. Hospital in Sioux Falls, Canton was very proud of Drew Jdhnson, one of the eight stu- dents selected from the choir to attend All State Chorus. He was selected to be the soloist with the chorus of six hundred voices gathered together at Mitchell. The choir finished a successful year singing for Baccalaure- ate Services and for commencement at which time they ended in a fitting rendition of '’The Benediction" by Lutrin. ■ This is one of the scenes taken from the spring concert held on May 16th. The theme was based on religion as shown. On the opposite page is pictured the Negro Spiritual theme with a boy's quartet singing one of the featured songs. 3738penter. Participating in All State Band this year were, Ann Bartholomew, and Maureen Eiesland. All State Band was held at Deadwood, South Dakota. Mr. Koth, Canton High School Band Director accompanied them. At left is the All State Chorus group; Dave Sivesind, Dick Bogue, Maureen Eiesland, Tom Vlckerman, Drew Johnson. Seated are Janet Haisch , Yvonne Andersen, Mary Peterson. This group sang in the All State Chorus held in Mitchell. 39Cornet Alto Saxophone Bb Clarinet French Horn Maureen Elesland Sandra Anderson Glenyta Stalheim Tenor Saxophone Yvonne Anderson Baritone Saxophone Larry Syverud Flute CharIs Rowe Janice Opland Craig Dean Sharon Thormodsgard Laurie DeJong Katie Johnson Eugene Irons Patty Olson Lazetta Ofstad Virgene Lien Janice Breen Baritone Dick Warness Jerry Doerkson Karen Kurvlnk Marcia Opland Judy Hartmann Pat Sinning Jennie Doerkson Joyce Eastman Trombone Ann Bartholomew Mary Ellen Hurley Tom Vickermann Carol Hamilton Judy Williamson Nancy Skaien Eb Clarinet Janet Haisch Marlene Paulsen Carole Torrey Linda Schell Bas3 Clarinet Linda Tollefson Kathleen Hurley Beverly Hammer Dick Wegener Myrna Johnson Karen Renli Ginger Glenn Shirley Thormodsgard Mary Peterson Basses Janls Molstad Lavonne Feekes Richard Oakland Drums Esther Wood Connie Johnson Sandra Eaton Sharon Berg Tympani Glenann Vickermann Alto Clarinet Linda Sweetereeging Beauty - own autlful scenery IMI33 America of 15?? tashful Wow.' thl3 13 goo Walt li Surprised]ACTIVITIESCHRISTMAS CHIMES PICTURES mr TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY MARY VISITED BY THE ANGEL THE SHEPHERDS COME LIVING THE WISEMEN FOLLOW THE STAR ADORATION OF THE WISEMEN THE SISTINE MADONNAANNUAL STAFF The success of this annual is due to the hard work of the annual staff who spent many long hours working to record the events of the 1956-57 school year. To Mr. Stahlecker, our annual adviser, who put in many long hours helping, we of the annual staff ex- tend our sincere thanks. 50 5 Newspaper of the sixth, seventh tith graders. atXth grade class jider th » supervislo jcia; studlei they have a detailed study of Mex- ico. two language classes the Tornado. Utcr students are either tattles Bartlett s. make-up editors, art,,.,4 with five peronsul. or copy readers ifk r .showed about 4 ibers of the sixth grade Thc victors made nit d 1 rvill 1958 Class Rings CHS H()nor R()11 ituts rings wen class meeting held B. Norman P Les- m tive of Balfour. The 8enl tied for th ing the most Ilk or roll. Both of th ad one H and M th-- h or approftnaleliMHlw per cent the fie McKee was the only one n 5 CHS Entra j were Yvonne Anderson, Zella i were eight alternating bet itive and the taking part in debates were and Norris W atlve; Dick Boguc Hamlllton, negative, several lounds w Schell and Carole To nd Eugene Kurvink. were not tt 1 es were le it 5:45 left i ev began st was h Williamson's lav. Decentto in NFL Tour m Prepare Living Picture ir me ml sic squad nal Fo o 5 M l fun ‘ w the year started . board fane! managed seventh grade class has points, but the studing. the library sy- vme was too g They have made fre- A big trips to the high school took a ont j in order to observe the the Cant'«ij dure used in running the fornadoe 1 A late rail their class assembly, the 30.25, out I , grade presented a one oHawk play entitled "111® Soft- yp the Ghost' , nci fo. Antrim. Dick Bogu . Jewelry Leonar Brenner. George 0 It pester. Janet Caswell ——- .Drew Johnson, Clifford niel. David Siveslnd Thorson, Verle Van Linda Schell was member of Jhe class to make high n Receiving honor rol igSj ram the sophomore class wenty - 8 rf ,rmual. Pcann“ ,, c Pldursi K- will ?«" Carpenter. Rolfe -S- .V . V .„ . „r J nH Judy Hartmann. Kathleen 'nwi . 'rr7- : . M ML M I 1 vlnk. Lc A f lway and alscj ? Mt!f Cf '9-20. ™"atricia Olenytaj nal'° jj vim. .,» ". Vickerman. minule instructive Norri le ElfV two fynilion of a ool Teacher is a teacher? re many different f teachers. They !ers some .ire presented after was ohe ot Questioned lave more, P0"™1 tor not m°re 'presented1 minutes was used v Green, ™u"ds, dc U illsabelh ,iv lIld amrmaUve mem j participating in thr If, at the end of six r town claimed no mor losses It entered the I prs 1 fKree B-Team Men ... , TNy in Action, Howard Hits Dance nighligntS ffl: 20. Team Hit 53.6% Valentine Month Burden Coplans C-Hawks made a terrific comeback over 11. The Canton debater if, ticipated in the event are Carol Hamilton nd'Boguv Negative; Nc Judy Bergcson rU r tlVl . mes, bald es. thin o ones, bu eyed on Itnocked- ire all su chers con d. whin p red on east I v when freshman to receive high hor. Eleven other members of t‘1 freshman class made the hou or roll. They were Donalc Ini dual eve rcpretati .tu.v.v .. ---------------------- Laurlei Sweeter. Carole Tor- Bong, Janet Carlson. Cral f the Friday and Tuesday nights rev nnM r- ---• t «.w ------. ,«j. Glenyta Stalheim. and Dean and Dicky Huckfetdl U preceding as they shot 53.6 per L;tUr|e DeJong were chosen by so Kath Johnson fiMri - f i. cent from the field and 7y pel lh(ir respective classes as 7» — jj. cent of their free throw in a al- cwpptti«mrt mho TJTl DC i i lOiOIliuW 4 Backtrackin Offers Asseu te loping the Lennox Orioles U|, at the Canton Armory last sn t day night answer lo a qu, -lion The Canton B «mm ..- by a student: then you 35-33, paced by G The Annual assemb O 1 ial r zureen Eieslana ed to the student day, November 16 L tochers who have Der.uyHansor. with The dance wa ‘ red by jn instate Band son presided, as MasteDECLAM The Dramatic division entrants were: Laurie DeJong, Glenann Vickerman,Janis Molstad, Shir- ley Kumlien, Marcia Opland, Rosemary Sundstrom, and Judy Bergeson. Judy recieved an ex- cellent rating at the regional after winning a superior at the district meet. Participants in the Humerous division of declam included: Charis Rowe, Kathleen Hurley, Janice Lennon, Barbara Toft, Sandra Eaton, Dean Nordseth, Dennis Swenson, Katie Johnson, Sandra Anderson, and Esther Wood. Esther represented Can- ton at the district contest, and also went to the regional meet where she recieved an ex- cellent rating. Poetry boasted the most entries with thirteen students parti- cipating. Ann Bartholemew went to the district meet where she was rated excellent. Other en- tries were: Sylvia Bong, Judy Carlson, Marlene Paulson, De- Loris Eiesland, LaVonneFteekes, Sharon Thormodsgard, Karen Bur- gess, Nancy Skain, Sharon En- strom, Janice Opland, Janice Breen, and Pat Sinning. Entries in the oratory divi- sion were Larry Nelson, Gin- ger Glenn, Carol Hamilton and Dick Warness. Dick recieved an excellent at the district. 52 fDEBATE Resolved: That the Federal Government should sustain the prices of major agricultural products at not less than 90 percent of parity was the 1956-57 debate question. Those starting their first year in debate and partici- pating in a few inexperienced and practice debates were Virginia Otenn, Sandy Anderson, Pat Sinning, and Rosemary Sundstrom. gS.4USS SaSrs were Judy Bergeson, narol Hamilton, Dick Bogue, The library served as a regular Monday night gathering place fbr all enthusiastic debaters.This year the chapter received a Superior award in the National Chapter contest. In the chapter we have 3 state farmers, 1 state officer, 7 excellents, 5 superiors, and we received 2nd place in farm mechanics and dairy farming. 54I 3ixty girls are enrolled in the Canton Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America. The Chapter is divided into two groups the Junior and Senior High. Each group has seperate meetings and officers. .. .. The Highlights of the years activities were the Sweetheart Dance and Mother-Daughter Banquet which was sponsored by the FHA. Also the FFA Father-Son Banquet which the FHA girls prepared and served. Twenty girls attended the State Convention held in Huron in October of 195b. Ann Bartholomew and Mrs. Magill, advisor, attended the National Convention in Chicago in July 1956. Janice Opland was chosen to attend the Co-op Recreation Youth Camp at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, June lb to 23. Sharon Berg was chosen as her alternate. 55Study Hall More fun Here I Am Ummmmrnm J ':r. s uck Blondie Looking for Somethin Work [Pom Pom Sirio ThankyouBANQUET COMMENCEMENT PROMSPONSORS Martin's Ben Franklin Lena's Cafe Noid's Drug Amundson's St ore Dr. Wm. Warness Deinema Ford Sales Williamson's Jewelry Sexe Clothing Dr. L. L. Parke Johnson's Farm Service Imperial Barber Shop Bogue Masten Lawyers Dr. H. W. O'Banlon Canton Cleaners Dr. G. 0. Goodman Dr. 0. T. Andreson Farmer's Elevator C. Lumber Dept. Esche Oil Co. Sioux Valley News Farmer's Co-op Oil Co. Coast to Coast Pantry Grocery Ron's Grocery Modern Cleaners Dr. Angelos, Md. Radio Fix Fait Chevrolet Co. Van's Motor Pederson's Paint Store Irene's Beauty Shop Dr. Leonard Akland Orville Johnson Skating Rink Canton Motor Imp. A S Buick Payne Produce Pete Sorenson Dr. Bunkers Joyce's Style Shop Coffee Shop Bahnson Oil Co. Northern States Power Co. Farmer's Elevator Co. Grain Dept. Hunting Elevator Co. Dirks Insurance Realty MoIstad-Farrell Pharmacy Amen's Barber Shop Gamble's Store Larry's Radiator Shop Anderson Hardware Jr. and Toddler Shop Anderson Son Furniture Chris' Standard Station Enstrom's Shoe Shop Canton Greenhouse Kurvink Station Harry's Meat Market Ekle Service Station Farmer's State Bank Sweetman Implement Co. Culligan Soft Water Hartmann Service Lloyd Myrabo Law Carl K. Anderson Law Baumann's Men's Store Visser's Grocery Newton Hills Dairy Community Feed Hatchery Lewdoc Cafe Tollinger’s Studio Farmer's Co-op Creamery Locker Rikansrud Implement First Federal Loan Bartholomew Insurance Peterson Bakkene Barber Shop i 60

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