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 fflaniun, cruil? B krria m. ■ a . 'VV WC-' V Ht .« rjCfe . ■- "Sir Jfifc Pe dicate THE '56 BACKTRACKIN’ TO OUR SPONSORS ........... the business and professional men of Canton. Your generous financial contributions to the support of this publication have made it possible for us to add more desir- able features each year. We are proud of Canton High School and of the annual published by it. We are glad that you are willing to help make our annual a fine publication.I tubjant (Soutttil Sc 0f uc iiaxi The members are from left to right: Joey Johnson, Tom Johnson, Kenny Roberts, Harlen Neugebauer, Dick VanNess, Drew Johnson (Secretary), and Louis Keonig. Second row: Steve Fait, Craig Dean, GayNelle Hopkins, Pat Sweetman (President), Esther Wood (Treasurer), Helen Harris, Ann Bartholomew (Vice President), and Katy Johnson, The Board of Education of Canton is composed of Mr, Carl K, Anderson, Mrs, Josie Elllngson (Vice President), Mr. E, H. Anderson (Clerk), Mrs. Helen J, Hamilton (President), Dr. H. W. O'Banlon, and Mr. Orlln S. Wlttrlg.Vern Kurtenbach Commercial Palmer Kremer Barbara Chrl3tensen Social Studies Librarian Marlon Jackson Assistant Coach Arie3 Van Hunnik Junior High Beverly Murdy English James Robbins Instrumental Music Vandel Johnson Principal Esther Maglll Home Economics kJohn Christensen Mathematics Burdell Coplan Coach , Michael Shaw Science Clarion White Superintendent Martha Jacobson Junior High Eugene Sundt Vocal Music Mary Bryant Wilbur Bryant Robert Tupper English Agriculture Industrial ArtsSwimm5n' dolls Houdlnl Half-time ANTON Tin Roof Blues Can you read this? Millard, Louie Volkswagen That moment I tell the truthJDICK ANDERSON "I favor a five day week- end." Transferred from Worthing High 3, F.F.A. 4. MAURINE KNUTSON "Silence 3s the most per- fect expression of con- tentment . " Band 1234, FHA 1234, Verse Choir 12. SHIRLEY HAMMER " Speech is greatn but silence is greater."Band 1234, Verse Choir 2, An- nual 4. DOUG TUTTLE "He is a handsome fellow in a handsome football suit and when he strolls out on the field the girls sigh 'ain't he cute.'" Basketball 1234, track 1234, Football 1234, C- Club 234, Mixed Chorus 234, Boys Glee Club 1234, Mixed Octette 34, Octette 234, All High Play 23, Annual 4, Attendant 4, Boys State 3, Debate 2, Class Officer 3, All State Chorus 34, Freshmen Play 1, Lifeguard 1, Golf 1234 Wrestling 1. EDNA HOFFMAN "Music is to me like honey to a bee." Mixed Chorus 1234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, Declam 2, National Honor Society 3, All State Chorus 4, Piano Solo 3, Accompanist for Girl's Glee Club 234, Accompan- ist for Mixed Choru3 34. GERALD MENHOLT "Women interest me not— not muchI"Basketball 12, Football 1234, Track 123, C-Club 234, F.H.A. 123.BEVERLY ANDERSON Bev says, "Life is short so let's be merry, it's too dull in a cemetery." Class Officer 3» Band 12 34, FHA 34, Verse Choir 3, Annual 34, Attendant 4, I Speak for Democracy Contest 3 MARCELLA PAULSEN "A dandy girl who knows no rest and In every task she does her best. ' FHA 1, Mixed Chorus 34, Band 1234, Girl’s Glee Club 3 4, All High Play 4, Play Staff 34, Verse Choir 12, Annual 34, Librarian 34. DALE MYHRE "Why does it get so late so early." Basketball 2 34, Football 4,Track 234 C-Club 34, Mixed Chorus 23, Boy's Glee Club 23 FFA 234, Class Officer 4 Transferred from Harris- burg 2. JAMES KNUTSON "Ibi in school to get the general idea of things." Football 1234, FFA 1234, Track 123, C-Club 34, Basketball 1234. BETTY SCHOLTEN "Let'3 go" Ensembles 134, Band 123 4, Verse Choir 1, Annual 4, FHA 12. PAT SWEETMAN "Brains, personality and ambition put into one swell girl." Ensembles 2 34, All High Play 4, FHA 12, Attendant 4, Annual 34, Girl's State 3, Band 1234, Mixed Chorus 1234, Student Council 4,Declam 1234, Debate 1234, Nat'l Honor Society 3, Class Officer 1, Majorette 123 4, Girl's Glee Club 1234 Girls Sextette 1234, All State Chorus 4, Mixed Octette 4. i imARLYS SEVERSON "Life is a mirror and she is smiling in it all the time." Verse Choir 123, Attendant 4, Band 1 23, FHA 1234, Annual 34, Student Council 2, Liv- ing Pictures 4. KAREN DeYOUNG "Fun is the spice of life and she like3 a lot of seasoning." Band 234, Annual 34, Declam 1234, Verse Choir 12, FHA 234, Student Council 3. CLARICE OLIVER "If Clarice has done it, it is well done." Mixed Chorus 234, Verse Choir 1, Girl's Glee Club 1234 FHA 1234,Asst. Librarian 3, Girls Sextette 3. CURTIS OLSON "A little lipstick now and then is relished by the best of men."Basket- ball 1234, Track 1234, FFA 23, Verse Choir 34, Annual 4, Attendant 4, Student Council 23,Clas3 Officer 1234. JIM THORSON "Takes everything as it comes and goes and does- n't tell all he knows." Football 1234, FFA 1234, Basketball 12, Track 123 4, C-Club 34, Annual 4, Class Officer 34, Master of Ceremonies 4. LOUIS KEONIG "He has an eye for curves: baseball and otherwise." Football 1234, PFA 1234, Attendant 4, C-Club 234, Basketball 1234, Student Council 1234,Track 1234.DONNA HALL "She Is small, but what gem Isn’t?" Annual 34, Living Pictures 1, Class Officer 1, Attendant 4, Verse Choir 234, FHA 123 4. GAY NELLE HOPKINS "Like gravity, she has the power of attraction" Mixed Chorus 34, Student Council 4, Girl's Glee Club 34, FHA 34, Declam 34, All High Play 4, DAR Candidate 4, Play Staff 3, Girl's Sextette 4, Cheerleader 4,Transferred from Rapid City, S.D. 3. L10YD E. HELGELAND "Every man is a volume if you know how to read him." Mixed Choru3 234, Boy's Glee Club 234, All State Chorus 4, Octette 34, Mixed Octette 34, Vocal Solo 34, Ensembles 1234, Band 1234. MARDELLE JONES "Witty, wise, and willing to work." GAA 12, FHA 1, Mixed Chorus 234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, Declam 2, Annual 34, All High Play 34. GILBERT BURNEY "I'm learning a lot but school interferes." FFA 1,Basketball 1234, Track 234, Verse Cholr4, Foot- ball 123. HENRY QUIEN "Girls may be a puzzle but I’ll never give 'em up." Basketball 1234, Football 1234,C-Club 34, FFA 1234, All High Play 4, Verse Choir 3, FFA Officer 3, District FFA Officer 3.LARRY DETMERS "He's tops, but he never let3 it bother him." All High Play 24, Attendant 4, Quill Scroll 34, Football 134, Track 234, Class Play 1, C-Club 4, Valedictorian 1, Editor of Echo 4, Boy's State 3 Class Officer 3, Echo 23 4, Verse Choir 234, Bas- ketball 234. 3ARBARA MULLINIX "I've never met a man I didn't like." Band 234, Mixed Chorus 234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, GAA 123, Ensembles 34, Play Staff 3, All High Play 124, Living Pictures 2, All State Chorus 4, FHA 12. BONNIE OLSON "Why worry? Yesterday is past and tomorrow isn't here yet." Girl's Olee Club 1, Band 1, GAA 123» FHA 123,Annual 34, Stud- ent Council 1, Class Of- ficer 2, Editor of 1953 Annual, FHA Officer 1. DALE ANDERSON "I wish I were rich in- stead of so darn good looking." Annual 4, Band 24. Football 234, Track 234, Basketball 234, FFA 234. KAREN WARNESS "Last in the alphabet but first in our hearts'.' Mixed Chorus 1234, Vocal Solo 234, Annual 34, FHA 12, Ensembles 1234, Band 1234, Girl's Glee Club 1 234, All High Play 134. Girl's State 3, Declam 4 Attendant 4, Debate 1234 All State Chorus 4, All State Band 2, Majorette 1234, Girl3 Sextette 123 4, Band Solo 1234, Nat'l Honor Society 3, Mixed Octette 4. DORIS EASTMAN "May she never change ex- cept in name."Band 1234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, FHA 12.DAVID MUNDT "A munitions arsenal he would be, if brains were power." Basketball 123, C-Club 234, Track 1234, Football 1234, Debate 2, Living Pictures 1, Boy's State 3, Attendant 4, All High Play 24. ROBERT ERICSON "Because a man says noth- ing is no sign he has nothing to say." Living Pictures 3, Homecoming skit 3. DEANNA GRAY "She is gentle, she is shy, but there is mischief in her eye." Declam 234, Play Staff 3, FHA 1234, Verse Choir 12, Echo 34, Assistant Librarian 34, Annual 34. BERNICE GARDNER "Excitementis my motto." Ensembles 4, Annual 34, Verse Choir 12, FHA 12, Band 1234, GAA 2. RANDY CHAPPELL "Even the mighty oak was once a little nut." FFA 1, Basketball 12, Verse Choir 4. Mixed Choru3 4, Annual 4, Band 1234. WALDO STARZ "School don't bother me, it's them wimmen." Band 1. Track 3, Verse Choir l4, FFA 1234, Annual 4, Living Pictures 1.ANNE N. HOOVER "Don't recite 30 loud, I'm sleeping." Mixed Chorus 234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, Vocal Solo 2 4, Mixed Octette 4,Verse Choir 1, Annual 23, All State Chorus 24, GAA 12, FHA 124, Octette 24, De- clam 2, Girl's Sextette 4. ELDON JELSMA "Us better to be bashful than to be bold." Living Pictures 4, Basketball 1, FFA 234, Transferred from Worthing High 1. DAYLE EASTMAN "I love to sit and watch the snails whiz by. " Football 234, Annual 3, Basketball 234, FFA 1234 Verse Choir 2, C-Club 4, Shop Club 23, Track 1234. BONNIE KLEPEL "I had an idea but I lost it." Verse Choir 1234, GAA 1. JANICE TOLLEFSON "Neat, sweet,and hard to beat. ' Mixed Chorus 34, Girl’s Glee Club 1234, Band 1234, Ensembles 34, FHA 1234.All High Play 4 Annual 34,Living Pictures 1, Cheerleader 4, Maj- orette 34, Band Solo 2. MIKE DEVITT "Where there's mischief brewing, he's doing the stirring." Class Officer 24, Verse Choir 34, FFA 12, C-Club 4, Football 12, Basketball 1234.HELEN HARRIS "As good as gold." Band 234, Student Council 4, PHA 1234, Verse Choir 123 Annual 34, Class Officer 1, Queen 4. ENOLA EKLE "Not so fast and not 30 slow, but she usually gets where she wants to go." Verse Choir 12, PHA 2, GAA 12. DONALD BALDWIN "I Just take my time and enjoy myself." FFA 1. BETTY RAE DETMERS "She may not shock you but she's a live wire." Girl s Glee Club 12, PHA 12, GAA 12. NANCY NELSON "Somebody told me people sleep at night." PHA 4, Verse Choir4, Transferred from Augustana Academy year 3. CHARLENE NAEVE HAWE "My weakness is Denny and who wants to be strong." Transferred from Le Mars, Iowa, year 4.Karen D Hank Maurine Lloyd Waldo Randy Betty Larry Arlys Dayle E Janice Mike Anne Nancy Mardelie Enola Curtis Marcy Dale A Bonnie Dave Gilbert Helen Mary «jF5 Shirley Dale M James KMary Hurley Dennis The is Ann Lowell Bartholomew Harris J5Si3 s tad Drew Johnson Mary Peterson Charles Nelson Sonja Hackman Janet Caswell Lester Hines Yvonne Anderson Deanna Rhead Larry Oakland Beverly Hammer Harlan Maureen Neugebauer Elesland Donald Jensen Roger Swanson Glenn Stalhelm Merle Underland Dick Myrna Johnson Bogue Tommy Vickerman Kenneth Thorson Lavonne Peekes Joe Harris Rolland Hartman Rolland Hartland Lola Ellis James Hartmann George Carpenter Janice Baldwin Monica Souvignier Denni3 Stengel Sharon McKee Verle Van Loh Shirley Eastman Larry LaFl eur David Sivisind Laureli Sweeter "SllSSr Edna , McCaskey James Timmerman JSSlsoh Jerauld Miller Zella Glenn Stearns Connie Antrim Johnson Roger Peterson Dorthea King Terry O'Banion Gloria Knutson Bruce Swaverly Karen Nelson Elaine Ende Clifford Leonard MeConnlel Brenner ROW ONE — Tom Pee, Carol Hamilton, Donald Veldkemp, LaVonne Aasheim, Wayne DeYoung ROW TWO - Sharon McKillip, Howard Anderson, Mary McKee, Raymond Wells, DeLoris Elesland, ROW THREE - Harry Rathje, Karen Burgess, Terry Anderson, Karen Renli, Jerry Dirks, ROW POUR - Kathleen Hurst, LaVern Hines, Judy Sunde, Richard Tllstra, Nancy Skaien, ROW FIVE - LeRoy Williamson, Janice Opland, Dick Warness, Sonja Lovaas, Gary Howard, ROW SIX - Lazetta Ofstad, Alex Odell, Karen Podness, Darrell Olseth, and Carole Herberts.ROW ONE—Arlene VanBockern, Vernon Jelsma, Janice Breen, Lloyd Cramer, Geraldine Tll3tra, ROW TWO—Arlan Pranken, Judy Bergeson, Don Rotl, Joyce Eastman, James Edman, ROW THREE—Carolyn Ekle, Dennis Aasheim, Sharon Thormodsgard, Robert Olson, Bette Schumacker, ROW FOUR--Carroll Bakkene, Leslie Hemlngson, Darla Stohl, Dennis Mathlson, ROW FIVE—Virgene Lien, Leonard Thorson, Betty Hoffman, Dale Peltier, Judy McKinney, ROW SIX—Larry Nelson, Arlys McKee, Larry Wenboume, Marlene Paulsen, Tom Devltt, ROW SEVEN—Mary VanderWaerdt, Jerry Doerkson, Sylvia Bon»:. Richard VanNess, and Esther Wood.Diana Dann Johnny DenBoer LeAnn Rodway Jimmy Harmon Irons Gail Gubbrud Durkee Dana Knutson Sandra Swavely Orlan Jurgenson Robert Harris Tommy Johnson Colleen Ekle Joseph Jones Vergie Moss Karen Kurvink Patricia Rommereim Larry Vande Stowe Gary Linder Ronald Swanson Gayle Me Killip Jerry Chaon Orlando Enebo John Smeenk Jerry Kidd J im CarpenterGerald Mullinlx Verle 0l3on Kenneth Roberts Loretta Sorum JoAnn Kleppe Dennis Oakland Sharon Feekes Marlene Souvlgnler Ann Stefan Sharon Mullinlx Linda Schell Donald Sparks Norman Wlka Jerry Wilson Wlka William Mundt Duane Peterson Stanley Skattum Myrna Me Kee Gloria Stohl Sharon Nelson Terry Rlkansrud Jean Sorteberg Glenann Vlckerman Kathleen Hurley Charles Wastell Cliff Ness Truman Rhead Lyle Schwartz Donald Sorum Glenyta Stalhelm Shlrlej ThormodsgaraDean Albertsen Eastman Donald Forsburg Vernon Thorson Dawn Howard Marcia Opland Jim VanBockern Donald1 Bong Billy Findley Betty Findley Ginger Glenn Dennis Hanson Marian Helde Sharon Enstrom Janice Fait Carol Harmon Janice Klein Katie Johnson Craig Dean Harold Jarrott Dennis Franken Gerry Hollne Jim - ■ VanDenTop Gloria; Miller Guy Markle Erma Klepel Sandy Anderson - Sandy Eaton Margaret Oliver Judy McKee Karen Juneman Karin Matson Richard Wagener Mike Ules Gary McDonnel Lawrence Syverud Jane Scholten Lynda Nelson Charis Rowe Dean Nordseth Ralph OliverSharon Anderson Rodney Green Charolyn Hill Jack Lease •N. Roger Baldwin Douglas Hanson Larry Hill Nancy Sundllng Barbara Beasley o Dorothy Hamilton Elizabeth Hof3tad Darrel McConahay Nancy Phelps Rose Mary Sundstrom Patsy Sinning Judy Steenholdt Carolyn Koerner Carolyn Wittrig ia Olson Duane Payne Darrel McKee Linda Sweeter Joan Harris Angelyne Madson 1 Janet Shaffer Michael Thies David Pedersen Joseph Johnson 0 Give n e r ° „ j 1 il ] 5 Artiuitips arenchalks ffifr£+W£ vigglTdl |T £Dl,un1 . 11 iJjiglj flag THE REMARKABLE INCIDENT AT CARSON CORNERS was presented at eight o'clock, Thursday, December 1, in the high school auditorium. The story centers around Mr. Kovalesky (Drew Johnson) the high school janitor,who was being tried for murder by several high school students. Other characters were played by David Mundt, Marcella Paulsen, Gay Nelle Hopkins, Hank Quien, Dick Bogue, Karen Warness, Kenneth Thorson, Yvonne Andersen, Pat Sweetman, Larry Detmers, Tom Pee, Harlan Neugebauer, Barbara Mullinix, Mary Hurley, Larry Nelson Dennis Stengel, Mardelle Jone3, DeLoris Eiesland, Clarice Oliver, Janice Tollefson, Sharon McKee, Ann Bartholomew, Merlyn Oliver, Dick Warness, Jerry Chaon, and Tom Vickerman.These are your reporters; they cover the news that makes the Echo. Assignments where1 I is very important in a profes The Incinerator Mem such as designing or engl the high they battled t I Canton ope I kickinr off. V covered fuml D Keonig mterc' I here on the ( i until Doug T' | th Central Mm INTtff NaV|O .A amon; L rus " iti' Bo -ienr iued as . c Conference gar at the end of a v :st hall was 13-7 the C-Hawks. 1 tried hard to dcf ils panel were Dr. moderator; Pro- C Ilian: and Profes- The band of its better pluya est losses were I are Posted on the bulletin board by the editor pal of Deadwood Hleh! Canton High School will re- couldnr avoid running Reporters interview those con oana is u lh »i nected with trie story. News stories are written and typed by the reporters and turned in to the editor who checks the writing and headlines with the ad- Jr senior students are on high honor roil for the first weeks. They are Larry Det- Robert Ericson, Gay Nel- Charleen Hawe, Mardeilc David Mundt Marcella Usen. Betty Scholten. Arlys erson. James Thorson. and nn Bartholomew is the or honor roll student in or class. Dick Bogue. Carpenter. Maureen . Janet Halsch, Drew J| Sharon McKee. Kcnr rson. and Tom Vickerm] on the honor roll, students made cson. W ilton. 3 Echo Staff to Beresn Dig 8UCC w night (Friday » at their tion football dan if a eood "Or ss irom tne corona- dance—ah yes the e decorations were world.’' A vote of few' who worked d many might Pointer Ele1 'd September nsely The in the fj s failed t ? ball fro i? throuj • . fard line Cinney. Pauls aid Ve ed the 1 high 1 freshme Tom Carper t 7isor. ron Nclsi These people meet at the Sioux Valley News to proof-read the copy and uuuu call scull uuwa unu ‘P' that these men are eolne to look I —----» Rommereim. inda Schell, i Forty students have slgi set up the dummy. The staff members view the finished product The Senior High PHA group posed for the picture at the top of this page. The officers (in the above pictures) met regularly in the model dining room to pre- pare the agenda for the group meetings and activities. The picture in the lower left is of Mrs. Magill, advisor, and the four girls who attended the state con- 'tZTiti2n ln October The lower right scene was taken at the busiest moment when the PHA girls were serving chicken at the PPA father-son banquet in November.Ann Bartholomew was elected president of the State Future Homemakers of Amer- ica organization at the convention held in Huron in October. As 3tate president, she presides over executive council meetings and sessions of the state conven- tion; attends the national FHA convention in the summer of 1956; and has many other duties as head of this organization. The FHA members work together to develop desirable social qualities and to promote better home life for themselves and their families. Their motto is ’’Toward New Horizons." This expresses the purpose of the organization in learn- ing to live better today so that their lives and those of their families might be better tomorrow. Because of the large number of members this year, the Canton High School FHA unit was divided into two units, the Senior High and the Junior High groups. Each unit had separate officers and meetings. The two groups worked together in many of the yearb activities, however. As a national project, they were active in promoting international good will through UNESCO. They belonged to the Dollar a Month Club in support of the Crippled Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls. A tea was given for the homecoming royalty and their mothers in October. The girls prepared and served the chicken dinner to the FFA father-son banquet in November. Teas were given and dresses modeled for their mothers in January and again in May. In February, the FHA sponsored the Sweetheart Dance and presented an assembly program.ROGER PETERSON The VlcePresident assists at all times in directing the work of the organization and presides over the meet- ings in the absence of the President. JUDGING TF.AF DALE MYHRE The President is the FFA chapter leader. He calls special meetings when it is necessary and presides over all meetings. .livestock juuglng at Brookings WALDO STARZ The Secretary keeps a record of all meet- ings and corresponds with other FFA secre- taries throughout the country. Kansas City Convention AttendantsJIM THORSON The Treasurer keeps a re- cord of all the business transacted by the FPA chap- ter. He encourages thrift among the members. JOE HARRIS The Reporter strives to Inform the people 30 that every man, woman, and child may know that the FFA Is a national organization. LOUIS KEONIG The Sentinel's duty is to see that the door Is open to all friends of the FFA and that all are welcome. GUEST SPEAKERS Burma, Finland, and Ceylon Father and Son BanquetPAT DRAMAT'0" ORATORi DICK ESTHER HUMOROUS POETRYTHE EDITORS The members of the annual staff have worked very hard to record the school events of the year. The pic- tures were taken by the school pho- tographer as each activity and event occurred. Most of the work wa3 com- pleted during the sixth and seventh periods of the day. With the co- operation of the staff and Mr. Kur- tenbach, our book finally found its way to the printers on schedule. Special recognition must be given the editors, Beverly Anderson and Pat Sweetman, whose constant efforts to keep the work progressing even when, at times, it seemed as though the deadline could not possibly be met. And, for the many staff members who spent many extra hours working on this book, there is the satisfaction of knowing that this has been a big Job well done. We had our days of toil and drud- gery and we burned the midnight oil, too, with, "What's a synonym for en- joyed?" and "How many c's in Bacca- laureate?" However we had fun with our paste pots, scissors, pictures, and pens, making our annual full of memories to remember. SIGNING UPTYPING PINAL CHECK THE ANNUALS ARE HERE PAYING UP'Mnlionalisl Student Government days, sponsored by the Martin Ellingson Ameri- can Legion Post 53» were held by Mr.Coplanfe Senior Civics Class on February 17. Prepara- tion for the day began on February 14, when the party affiliation was determined by numbering the alphabetically ar- ranged class rosters. All even-numbered names were designated Nation- alists; odd—Federal- ists . Beverly Anderson and Karen DeYoung were chosen to act as party chairmen. A spirited campaign by the parties and individuals seeking office was conducted. Jfeforalist Students desiring to vote were required to register before 4:00 p.m. Wednesday. The polls were opened for voting on Thursday, February 16, from 12:40 p.m. to 4:10 p.m. On Friday, February 17, the Commander of the American Legion Post, Dr. Bunker, swore in the winning candidates at a special assembly. Eleven of the seventeen winning candidates were Nation- alists. Deputies were chosen and the appoint- ive officials were sel- ected. The Office-hold- ers and their deputies reported to the local government counterparts to take an active part in the actual govern- mental proceedings Fri- day at 10:30 a.m. Gov- ernment Days came to an end for the students with a luncheon given by the American Legion at the Legion Hall. o|f jcajf)j:0 sSui ijg aiuojj) alj Buno Hgif £ (21]ristmas OUjimes iHary rnifEiby itg l Vboralion of err: Future Seniors Upset Hungry Going Steady All Tied Up Arlan Stag Party? Windy More Stag Genius at Work Wittle TwldsAren't they cute? Rock and Roll Genius at Work Hungry Going Steady All Tied Up Arlan Stag Party? Windy More Stag Wittle TwldsCanton......7 Canton.....13 Canton.....19 Canton.....20 Canton.....12 Canton.....32 Canton.....20 Canton.....26 Canton.....32 § r0rdniarii Academy...........7 Centerville......12 Elk Point........00 Hurley...........00 Flandreau........26 Parker...........00 Beresford.........7 Lennox...........7 Alcester.........20 Conference Glenn David Glenn Harry Lloyd Luverne LeRoy Dick «5- aiuh To become a member of the C-Club, an athlete must earn a letter In football, basketball, or track. Under the direction of Coach Jackson, the B squad plays the preliminary game at all C-Hawk basketball contests. — DICK MIKE DICK DALECanton won fourth place in the State Class A Track and Field Meet for the second consecutive year. At the State Meet held at Mitchell, Cary Carlson successfully defended his half-mile championship. Dick Bogue won the high- jump, and Dick Bong won third In the 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes. Doug Tuttle also qualified for the state meet in the high-jump. The C-Hawks participated in ten meets, including the Big Seven Conference Meet. Canton captured the Conference Champion- ship by winning eight firsts and five seconds in the seventeen events.Beautiful D eanter Jo-ke. LLrvTo VICornet Trombone Dick Warness Ann Bartholomew Jerry Doerkson Lloyd Helgeland Karen Kurvink Pat Sweetman Marcia Opland Mary Ellen Hurley Judy Hartmann Tom Vickerman Janice Klein Judy Bergeson Pat Sinning Carol Hamilton Deanna Rhead Virgie Moss Jennie Doerkson Joyce Eastman Baritone Beverly Hammer Judy Williamson Oboe Karen Nelson Dick Wegener French Horn Flute Myrna Johnson Karen Renli Marcella Paulsen Ginger Glenn Marlene Paulsen Karen DeYoung Sharron Enstrom Helen Harris Mary Peterson Shirley ThormodsgaardTenor Saxophone Karen Warness Yvonne Anderson Doris Eastman Alto Saxophone Maureen Els Alto Saxophone Maureen Eiesland Bernice Gardner Deanna Carpenter Sandra Anderson Drums Connie Johnson Judy McKinney Jeanette Sorteberg Esther Wood Glennann Vickerman Tympani Bb Clarinet Charis Rowe Beverly Anderson Janis Opland Arlene VanBockern Sharon Thormodsgaard Craig Dean Laurie DeJong Katie Johnson Nancy Phelps Marlon Heide Gloria Stohl Lazette Ofstad Virgene Lien Eb Clarinet Janet Haisch Basses Maurene Knutson Lavonne Peekes Janis Molstad Judy Sunde Barbara Mullinix Bass Clarinet Janice TollefsonBRASS QUARTETTE MIXED CLARINET QUARTETTE » CLARINET TRIO DRUM QUINTETTEThe first public appearance by the choir was the fourth annual Christmas concert presented at the V.A. Hospital in Sioux Palls in the early part of December. Then, on December 14 and 15, the groups took part in the twenty-first annual Living Pictures program held in the Canton High School auditorium. All of the vocal ensembles won superior ratings at the regional music contest for small groups. Superior ratings were also won by two mezzo-sopranos (Karen Warness and Anne Hoover) and two tenors (Drew Johnson and Rolf Eiesland). The vocal students began the year's activities by sponsoring a magazine sub- scription sale in October. The proceeds earned from the 3ale were used to purchase a console record player and a Baby Grand piano. The record player wa3 purchased in December and the piano in March.Eight choir members represented Canton High School at the All-State chorus convention at Aberdeen on November 18 and 19. The highlight of the convention was the presentation of a public concert by the 150 All-State Chorus members. The choir attended the third annual "Choral Festival sponsored by Augustana College. Choirs from the surrounding areas practiced under the direction of Dr. A. J. Running and presented a concert as a mass choir. Drew Johnson qualified for participation in the music Educators National Con- ference held in St. Louis, Missouri. Only three students were chosen for attendance at the conference from the state of South Dakota. The year's activities were brought to a close by the performance of the choir at the baccalaureate services for the graduating class.Farmers Co-op Creamery Looker Plant First Federal Saving Loan Assn. Chaon's Plumbing and Heating Joyce's Beauty Style Shop Ernest Torkelson, Trucking Northern States Power Co. Peterson Bakkene Barber Ray Thelma Tollinger • Mel's Standard Station Imperial Barber Shop Harry's Meat Market Canton Hotel Cafe Rlkansrud Implement Canton Produce Co. Mol3tad Drug Store Tuthlll Lumber Co. Council Oak Store Dr. H.W. O'Banion Dr. O.T. Andresen Hartman Service A S Bulck Co. Canton Cleaners Gambles Store Dr. H.T. Aker Vlsser's Radio Fix Van's Motor Lena's Cafe Esche Oil Co. Ron's Grocery Pantry Grocery Canton Theater •Dr. Wm. Warne3s • Modern Cleaners •Amundson's Store Martin's Variety •Dr. Theo. Angelos Sioux Valley News Noid's Drug Store Findley Ford Sales Fait Chevrolet Co. Coast to Coast Store Williamson's Jewelry Sexes' Clothing Store Bartholomew Insurance Farmer's Co-op Oil Co. Bogue Masten,Lawyers Baumann's Clothes Shop Pederson's Paint Store Brown Abstract Company Carl K. Anderson, Atty. Canton Motor Implement Lloyd K. Myrabo, Law Office mm zrn t. Farmers Elevator Co.-Grain Dept Bragstad Cabinet Machine Shop Culligan Soft Water Service Canton Livestock Sales Co. Skyaasen Insurance Agency Dirks Insurance Realty Ekle 66 Service Station Sweetman Bros. Imp. Co.» Pete Sorenson, Trucker Huffman Mlckelson Fanners State Bank • Crawford Implement Amen's Barber Shop Dr. G.O. Goodman Huntting Elevator» Farrell Pharmacy Valley Book Shop Dr. R.B. Bunker3« Dr. R.F. Freeman Payne's Produce y O 0 r Support i S t eb Canton Apparel Dlekman Clinic Lowell Oakland Dr. L.L. Parke Lewdoc Cafe• Coffee Cafe • Indicates those who have contributed $8.00 or more to the Backtrackin' Fund. Each of these businesses was presented with a copy of the '56 Backtrackln. K K Company • Bowyer Grocery Hall Motor Co. Nichols' Motel Kurvink Station • Bahn3on Oil Co. Marty's Service Pheasant Company Hartland Hatchery •Enstrom Shoe Shop Canton Greenhouse Gamble Farm Store Anderson Hardware • Newton Hills Dairy Dr. Leonard Akland Irene’s Beauty Shop •Andy's Custom Service Junior Toddler Shop Johnson'3 Farm Service Great Plains Lumoer Co. • Chris' Standard Service Great Plains Lumber Co. Townhouse Bakery Cafe Anderson Sons, Furniture • Farmers Elevator Co., Lumber Dept Larry’s Radiator Repair Welding Shop • J. POST OFFICE W-' ‘ 2A - l • v- Ji s ;- ■• -1 fcy C. -TVv- ’V N fl - } . V '- r. £ %s $ JS TT'L-'r.ssfc 7£V ‘ M V SK « 33® SMSs- . r .. § - . . ..W c ae®k v jfr’- ■ l ; r V" ' itera t MMsSmm BV' 1 « rrtL; vi,5» .S.' ' .i Vy- . ff% SjM 3f ■£••»$ V •v - •.■» Sp! s. Jifi bs 2 y i? ■ V ' ;fXk' I y r , r j, ■ - ' ■ i fl i ; ' - '■ 7 ? fek.. ..,, y Jr y ■ y s£j3 rav tr»3 2K ,• 'V; r .... 77 y t •V If! V t

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