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IT f nuaTO YOU IRVIN KAUFFMAN WE DEDICATE THE 1955 BACKTRACKIN' You have made our schools more pleasant places In which to learn in the twenty three years you served as custodian. You were proud of your position and took pride In your work. Your long hours and unselfish devotion to duty will long be remem- bered by those who worked with you and by the students whose school life was more pleasant because of your efforts. We wish you continued success and happiness in your retirement. iThe Student Council members meet regularly to discuss issues of importance to the student body. They are: Marcia Opland, Gary Ellingson, Louise Durkee, Janet Halsch Lowell Harris, Joloyce Larson, Marlys Rorem, Dawn Howard, Curtis Olsen, Karen DeYoung, Arils McKee, Karen Renll, Norris Wika, and Paul Herness. The Board of Education of Canton is composed of Mrs. Josie Ellingson, Mrs. Helen J. Hamilton, Mr. Elmer Anderson, Mr. Carl K. Anderson, Mr. Cloid Green, Mr. Harold O'Banion. The School Board meets once each month and also on special occasions to discuss new matters which arise.Publishing an annual is a much greater task than most of us real- ize . We were most fortunate in having two capable people as edit- ors this year. As a result of their determined efforts and will- ingness to devote countless hours to working on the Backtrackin' they have earned all the credit this book will merit them. This big Jod could never have been brought to completion success- fully without the aid of a very co-operative staff—some of whom spent more than sixty hours in actual work and planning of the book. We of the annual staff wish to express our sincere thank3 and deep appreciation to our advisor, Mr. Kurtenbach, who devoted many hours of hard work to make this annual a success. The members of the annual staff who have worked four hours or more are: Gary Carlson Roger Zebarth Curtis Gifford Juel Fee Carole Nordseth Lois Wood Helen Harris Marlys Rorem Donna Hall Deanna Gray Marcella Paulson Karol Sundvold Betty Scholten Sharon Stapf Marienne Huffman Gail Monk Janet Halsch Janice Tollefson Bernice Gardner Shirley Eastmen Clyde Fisher Beverly Anderson DuWayne Anderson Pat Sweetman Peg Bartling Myrna Johnson Louise Durkee Mary Peterson Jane Teeslink Kenny Thorson Chuck Nelson Karen Dykstra Connie Johnson Arlys Severson Sonja Hackman Karen DeYoung Karen Warness Ann Bartholmew Mardelle Jone3 Janet Caswell Tom Vickerman Jim Steensland Janis Molstad Ruth Anderson John Vickerman Gay HopkinsBOB OLSON ■Why take life seriously. you111 never get out of it aliveF F1A 123. Verse Choir 3 . CAROL TOLLEFSON ■ l»m not a flirt, it's just a way I have. Play Staff U, Verse Choir 123 Girl's Glee Club U, FHA 123U, GAA 123. Annual Jk Declaro 3 RUTH ANDERSON "A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone." GAA. 12, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls Glee Club 2, FHA. 2, Verse Choir U, Annual k. DUVAYNE SUING "Do unto others before they have a chance to do unto you." Basketball 19 Football 123U, Track 123 C-Club 3 . FFA 123 . Verse Choir 3 . Attend- ant U9 Wrestling 2. 4 GARY ELLINGSON »I»m telling you, there should be more men like me." Basketball 1231 . Football 12JU, Track 123U, C-Club 31». Boy's Glee Club 12, Verse Cho- ir 3, Annual k, Student Council l1». Class Offic- er 2 •JOLOYCE LAPSON •I'd like to be bashful, but the boys won't let me." Mixed Chorus 234, Girl's Glee Club 1234, Vocal Solo 23 . Band 12- 3 , Ensembles 23 . G.A.A. 12, F.H.A. 23 . All High Play 3 , Annual 23 . At- tendent 4, Girl's State 3, Student Council . Living Pictures 1, Do- clam 123 . Debate 23 . Class Officer 1, All- State Chorus , Play di- rector (Junior High) 3 . Band Solo 23 . Freshman Play. Mixed Octette , Sextette . DENNIS C. MONK "Neither rhyme nor rea- son." Mixed Chorus 1234 Boy's Glee Club 123 , Octette 3. Band 1234, Ensembles 1234, All High Play 123 , Echo 123 , Quill Scroll 3 . Ann- ual 3 . Boy's State 3. Declam 123 , Debate 1234 All State Band 23 , Qua- rtette 123 , Instrument Solo 123 , DUVAYNE ANDERSEN "Ambition in slow mo- tion." Basketball 3 Track 3, FFA 34, Annual • Transfer student from Augustana Academy 3. CAROL MINOR "Her heart is as light as her eyes are bright." Mixed Choir 23, Girl's Glee Club 123, Band 123 Ensembles 123 , G.A.A. 123, Verse Choir , Ann- ual 24, Declam 2. BOB F. FREDRICSON "Just because I'm hand- some and have a way with the girls doesn't mean I'm conceited." Basket- ball 1234, Football 1234 Track 1234, C-Club 34, Boy's Glee Club 2, Play Staff 2, Verse Choir 1, Annual 4, Living Picture 2, Class Officer 4.■ KAREN DYKSTRA "What she dares to dream of---she dares to do. Mixed Chorus 123 Girls Glee Club 123 Band 12- 3 , Ensembles 12, All High Play 4, Annual 23 Girl1s State 3 Student Council 3, Living Pict- ures 1, Declam 123 » Cl- ass Officers 1 , All St- ate Chorus , Girl's Sextette 23 » Freshmen- Play, Mixed Octette 4. NORRIS EKLE "Sometimes I sit and th- ink, other times I just sit." FFA. 23 » Verse Choir 1, Living Pictures 3. LAWRENCE JELSMA Transfer Student from Worthing High School for Junior and Senior years. "When you have nothing to say, say nothing." Band 1, F.F.A. 134. CLYDE H. FISCHER "You just don't realise my possibilities " Track 12, Mixed Chorus 3 Bo- y's Glee Club 4, Band 1234, Ensembles 3 FFA 123, Verse Choir 2, Annual 4, Instrumental Solo 34. ROY L. GRAYSON "He has three speeds: Slow, slower, and stop." Basketball 2, Track 2, FFA. 23, Verse Choir 2 Living Pictures 3 RICHARD BONG ■Napoleon wasn't as big either." Basketball 12- 3fc Football 12Jk9 Track 123U, C-Club 1231 , Mix- ed Chorus 3 Boy's Glee Club 3U, F.F.A. 12, Att- endant 4, Boy's State 3 Student Council 3» Liv- ing Pictures 2. LOIS WOOD Transferred from Hudson High School, Junior year ■Her eyes are brown, she is five foot four. A bright future will be in store." Mixed Chorus 3 Girl's Glee Club 3 »Band 3 t Ensembles U, GAA Play Staff U, Annual Attendant U. ll LOUISE DURKEE "Never underestimate the powers of a women and she's all women." Trans ferred from Worthing Senior Year. Annual Attendant U, Student Co- uncil 1+. JOHN UNDERLAND ■Keep holding the fort-- I'm coming." Basketball U9 Football 23U, Track, 23U, C-Club 3U, F.F.A. 1, Verse Choir 12. JIM STEENSLAND "Lead him not into temp- tation—Just show him where it is." F.F.A. 123 All High Play 3. Play Staff 12, Verse Choir 13U, Echo 2, Annual U, Living Pictures 2.■ GARY CARLSON "Work fasinates me; I sit and look at it for hours.1 Basketball 123 Football 123 . Track 12- 3 , C-Club 123 . F.F.A. 1, Play Staff 1 Annual 34, Attendant 4, Student Council 3 ROGER L. ZEBARTH "All great men are dying —I feel ill. Basket- ball 1, Football 123 . Track 123 . C-Club 23 . Boy's Glee Club 2, En- sembles 123 . F.F.A. 12 , All High Play 3. Play Staff 24, Verse Choir 1, Annual , Boy's State 3. Student Council 12, Liv- ing Pictures 2, Declam k, Debate 23 . Class Officer 3 . National Honor Society 3. Master of Ceremonies. CAROLE NORDSETH "She is little, she is wise; but she's a terror for her site. Mixed Chorus 3 . Girl's Glee Club 23 . Band 123 . Play Staff 4, Annual 34, G.A.A. 2, F.H.A. 1234, Declam 3 DENNIS RHEAD ■The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Basketball 12, Football 1234, Track 1234, C-Club 34, Mixed Chorus 3. Boys Glee Club 3. F.F.A. 1234 PATRICIA BONINE "I'd rather be right than President." Trans- ferred from Augustana Academy 2. Backtrackin' Editor 4, Attendant 4, Photography 234, Band 234, Ensembles 4, Debate 23, Living Pictures 4, Verse Choir 23. Play St- aff 234, F.H.A, 234, An- nual 24, Declam 23 JUEL FEE ■It isn't what you do; it's what you got by with." All High Play 3 Ploy Staff, Vers© Ch ir 123, Echo 23 . Annual 4, Living Pictures 4. CURTIS GIFFOPD ■Every dog has his day, but the nights are mine." Basketball 1, Football 1 Track 12, Mixed Chorus 23 . Boy's Glee Club 23 All High Play 34, Echo 23 , Play Staff 12, Ver- se Choir 12, C-Club 1234 Quill A Scroll 3 . De- clam 3, Debate 1234, An- nual 3 . Attendant 4, SDHSPA President 3» Echo Editor 4. !MARY HARRIS ■The only way to have a friend is to be one." All State Chorus 4,Band 123 Mixed Chorus 23 » Girl's Glee Club 123 , FHA 123 Girls Sextet 4,Attendant 4, Natl. Honor Society 3 Play Staff 4, Annual 23 Backtrackin' Editor 4. MARLYS ROREM "She looks like an angel and acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do." Band 123 . FHA 123 4 Play Staff 4, Verse Choir 12, Annual 234,Student Coun- cil ,Declam 3,Class Off. 23 » Nat' 1 • Honor Society 3, Fresh. Play 1, Queen 4 JOHN VICKERMAN ■This is the man the Re- publicans are waiting fori" Basketball 1, Fo- otball 123 » Track 123 . C-Club 34, Mixed Chorus 123 » Boy's Glee Club 1234, Vocal Solo 1234, Mixed Octette 3. Boy's Octette 3. All-State Ch- orus 3 . Band 123 . All- State Chorus 3 . Band 1234, All-High Play 3 . Play Staff 12, Declam 1, Verse Choir 1, Echo 23 . Quill A Scroll 4, Annual 34, Debate 234, Quartet 34, Original Oratory 3 » SDHSPA Vice President 4.MELVIN E. FODNESS "Why should I cut my hair I want to look like a poet." Transferred from Augustana Academy for Junior and Senior years, F.F.A. 3. ■I MELVIN BENDA "He has a quiet friendly way." Transferred 3 from Chamberlain. FFA 3 ANN RONAN "She looks abroad for her lore life." GAA 123 Verse Choir 123 i DONALD BALDWIN "He did nothing in par- ticular-- but he did it well." FFA 1. PAUL D. ROWLAND Transferred from Washin- gton High School U. ■Well, they lose me this year." Basketball k9 Football U, Track U9 C-- Club U9 Mixed Chorus U9 Boy s Glee Club U9 Band U, Annual U.LELAND CRAWFORD ■It's not that 11 ni dumb; it's just that I know so many wrong answers " Band 123U Ensembles 3 , F.F.A. 123, Instrumental Solo 2b. JOHN VAN LOH "I said 'Shake, Rattle, and Roll that Chevie ". Basketball 2b, Track 12, Band 1, FFA 123 MARIENNE HUFFMAN "Her heart is like a Ford - always room for one more." Girl's Glee Club 23 , Band 123 G A.A. 12, Mixed Chorus 23b, F.H.A. 23, Verse Choir 1, Annual 23 t Gi- rls State 3 Declam 23 Class Officer 3$ Fresh- man Play 1, All High Pl- ay b, Ensembles I23U, All State Band 3. All State Chorus b. Girl's Sexette b. Mixed Octette b. ERNEST NARUM "Quiet I" I want to sle- ep." Basketball 1, Foot ball 12, Track 1, F.F.A. 123b. DARYL AUSTIN "Playing the field is the best sport in High School, next to Basket- ball." Basketball 123b, Football 123b, Track 12- 3b, Boy's Glee Club 23b, Mixed Chorus 23b, Play Staff U, Verse Choir 1, Annual b. Attendant b. Living Pictures 2, Class Officer 23.DONNA HARMELINCK ■She was once was caught studying." Mixed Chorus 23. Girl1s Glee Club 34, G.A.A. 1 F.H.A. 24, All High Play 3, Play Staff lt Verse Choir 1, Class Officer 1. BOB MEHLHOFF "The redheads shall in- herit the earth." Band 1234, Ensembles 34, FFA. 123, Living Picture 2 Instrumental Solo 4. KAROL SUNDVOLD "The early bird gets the worm-but who wants the worm." G.A.A. 1 Verse Choir 1234, Annual 234. RICHARD FAIT "Bombs awayl" Living Pictures 3« WALTER VEENIS ■Oh, how hard it is when love and duty clash." Basketball 12, Football 4, C-Club 4, Boy's Glee Club 1, Attendant 4, Student Council 2, Class Officer 1. AUDREY LINDER "Let's roll off the roof so we can do a little eave-dropping.■ Mixed Chorus 23 Girl's Glee Club 1231 . Band 123 , Eh- sembles 12, GAA 123, All High Play U, Play Staff 2, Annual 23 » Attendant U, Declam 23 » Cheer- leader 3 F.H. A. k LEROY OLSON "Careful--he may do some thin "Basketba 11 £ Track 3 FFA 23 ,Annual 3» Liring- Pictures 3« LARRY LONG "Men of few words are the best men." Band 123 , F.F.A. 123 , Lin- ing Pictures 2, Instru- mental Solo 2. Big Wheel Millard, Louie sy. Boy?™ HHB Papa Loves Mambo When The Saints Go Marching In £ IILloyd I Choir activities started early in the year with the present- ation of a Christinas concert at the Veterans' Hospital in Sioux Palls. A second concert at this hospital was presented in the spring. Eight students won the honor of being selected for the All- State Chorus and attended the convention in Huron on November 19 and 20. They were John Vickerman, Dennis Monk, Marienne Huffman, Doug Tuttle, Drew Johnson, Mary Harris, Joloyce Larson and Karen Dykstra. The vocal groups sang seventeen numbers as their part in the Living Pictures Program on December 16, 1954. A new experience for the choir this year was the Music Festival held at Augustana College in Sioux Palls on April 16. They participated in the mass choir and sang two solo numbers. Judges for the small ensemble contest held in Vermillion on February 18, awarded high superiors to the boys octette, mixed octette, tenor soloist, con- tralto soloist and mezzo soprano sol1st. Edna TomMoney earned through various activities was spent for a metronome, robe trunks, and additional anthems for their library of music. Hew song books were purchased for the eighth grade music class. Many small groups were organized in addition to those who attended the contest. They sang for different clubs and organizations in the community. The year was brought to a close with a performance by thechoir at the baccalaureate services for the seniors who graduated. Mr. Sundt Karen KarenALL-STATE CHORUS QUARTETTE SECOND SEXTETTEThese students entered the regional music contest ALL-STATE BAND French Horn Quartet MyrnaJohnson Karen Renli Ginger Qlen Mary Peterson Brass Ensemble Ann Bartholomew Lloyd Helgeland Patty Sweetman Mary Ellen Hurley Bb Clarinet Quartet Carol Minor " Robert Mehlhoff Janet Haisch Lois Wood Percussion Ensemble Barbara Mullinix Esther Wood Glenn Ann Vickerman Judy McKinney Mixed Clarinet Quartet Carol Minor Robert Mehlhoff Betty Scholten Janice Tollefson Cornet Trio Dennis Monk Leland Crawford Clyde Fischer Woodwind Ensemble Charis Rowe Laurie DeJong Katie Johnson Bras3 Sextet Dennis Monk Marienne Huffman Myrna Johnson Ann Bartholomew Gall Monk Pat Bonlne The All-State Band members were: Dennis Monk, Leland Crawford, Clyd e Fischer, Ann Bartholomew, Joloyce Larson, Gail Monk, and Robert Mehlhoff.held at Vermillion South Dakota, February 19, 1955 ALL-STATE BAND Instrument Soloists Rating Eb Clarinet Oboe Bb Clarinet Bb Clarinet Cornet Cornet Cornet French Horn Trombone Trombone Trombone Baritone Horn Alto Saxophone Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Bras8 Quartet Leland Crawford Clyde Fischer Mary Peterson Karen Dykstra Audrey Linder Karen Nelson Carol Minor Robert Mehlhoff Dennis Monk Clyde Fischer Leland Crawford Myrna Johnson Ann Bartholomew Lloyd Helgeland Mary Ellen Hurley Qail Monk Joloyce Larson Maureen Eiesland Karen Warness Yvonne Anderson Saxophone Quartet Joloyce Larson Maureen Eiesland Karen Warness Larry Long f . o -V VO OtJ Ann vA' f. ‘ .tv .V" ( V‘ V V Jo , •0' ,i oV o1v -ns l v1 r '! V " w .1 ?c ol Uc V' Denney n! p- • A $ C V r. oA VA a ♦v Vi a • V 4o%4 ■ X «a ? • s 9», fO 5 • ■— s? ; ■ v 3 ; , '. ?' K • V. V '1 V) 9 0 9 o, , ' 0 i'V «V -A 0 • . ‘ 'MV I r «. © ' - C ' 0- ". o , V 'X' oJ ■ » • n V f , O', think you're cant® nothei -rbnt you cold -“•.: ii o .'.ir.ute! An, s.. «t Ai.’ it .■ ’ ca. ..tir r 'ou, 'hat's ril right, kill, out ho. :■ ’ t ;?et i:. too deep '. ■; 'or you , 'JS - u-' learn ray '• in . '•'no»:, th«. foi it) thi • er ana y a sleep to hk, wj .r.d -.-he hea±tach 'I. (Ht nuts banc behind him) .Bill! . .iv t be love leMfcr. | ve 1 '--no, it 3n't. It'..---it's—■"'ell, it's not a love letter» Vw x xy "O $» ■Mbvention held in Kansas City, attended by Ernie Narum and Merlyn Oliver The officers of this year's P.P.A. are: Jim Thorson, Denny Rhead, Waldo Starz, Hank Quien Melvin Benda,Rog Peter- son.The Future Homemakers of America chapter has thirty members. The highlights of this year were Joint FFA and FHA Christmas party. State FHA Convention held in Huron, S. Dak. and Round Robin meetings. The FHA officers are Mary Harris, Pat Bonine, Marlys Rorem, Maureen Eiesland, Helen Harris, Ann Bartholomew, Donna Hall, and Carole Nord- seth. ■»—i fimai sm w » fcm jiM m Under the leadership of Curtis Gifford, editor, and Mr. John Christensen, adviser, the Journalism class recorded the school-year news events in their bi-weekly paper—The Echo. The entire staff met every Tuesday and Thursday from three until four to plan the make-up and to gather and edit news worthy items. Each year selected editions of the Echo are sub- mitted for rating in the South Dakota High School Pres8 Association contest conducted by the Jourred- ism Department of State College. Last year a rat- ing of first-class "honor paper" was earned with 806 out of a possible 1000 points. The arrange- ment and the make-up of the paper was rated the maximum number of 250 points. The November 18, 195 , edition won special recognition as having the "picture of the week." This was a picture of the All-High play cast in which the faces of the group were backlighted by the light reflection from a large mirror in the room.The Girls Athletic Association met Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30. Each month a business meeting was held in the evening. A recreation program and refreshments followed the business session. Each member who attended the group meetings earned four points for the year's activities. However, members could earn extra points through participation in such activities as golfing, hiking, tennis, badminton, ice skating, etc. Three GAA points were earned for each hour spent in these outside activities with not more than two successive hours for each playing session. The member with the most points at the end of the year received a special award. Softball was played during the fall and late spring months as a part of the organized group activity. The winter months program consisted of a variety of activities such as calisthenics, marching, swimming, basketball, hiking, ice skating parties, etc. One of the goals the group worked for this year was to earn enough through candy sales to be able to purchase a volley ball set.Mui IS A FRESHMAN "Mother is a Freshman", a three act comedy, was chosen as the 195A All-High play. The story centers around the efforts of Professor Daniel Michaels (John Vickerman) to win Abigail Abbot (Karen Eykstra) and, in the meantime, to avoid her daughter Sue (Sharon McKee) B0B0 Jackson (Curtis Gifford) a college boy, is more than willing to help, for he wants Sue for himself. Other char- acters were played by Karen Warness, Marienne Huffman, Jo- loyce Larson, Mardelle Jones, Audrey Linder, Ann Bartholomew, Peggy Bartling, Dick Bogue, Den- ny Monk, Drew Johnson, and Doug Tuttle. Barbara Christensen directed the play.Every second and third Tuesday evening of each month, the forty members of the shop club met to work on various projects of their choice under the super- vision of Mr. Tupper. During these two-hour meetings from seven to nine, the members worked on 3uch projects as seasonal decorations for their homes, wall plaques, kitchen knife holders, fruit bowls, display boards, etc. JANET HAISCH ESTHER WOOD AUDREY LINDER| Report Card3 Come In KM ■ Government Days Committee Chem ry n f Welding Sweetheart and Prince Charmln Ag Shop of 1955 Finishing up Backtrack!! FHA Girl Relaxing Farewell to Mrs. MillerTyping for Backtrackin PPA Pather-Son Banquet 0''J' '' Hr j C D rt - - --- Howiwr DurKce Uv C""v WV Lo Cail' nn ■ l r L. tft—- si...»’ ir - Li J' 1 r , . ChicKiEiu .Jr'JI Cr» U G,o ‘o‘ ; UiiHf-r- C N Yw w- C Ml 7 1. .jk lilWaalcls. ft® Governmental Campaign Jr. High Twlrlers ' r’ r p A Iw3 ift VNATIONALIST Student Government days, sponsored by the Martin Elllngson American Legion Post 53 were held by the Senior Civics Class on February 11. Prepar- ation for the day began on February 4, when the executive committee, appointed by Mr. Kremer, chose Curtis Gifford and Dennis Monk as party chairmen. Party affiliation was determined by a drawing con- ducted by two members of the class, Marlys Rorem and Pat Bonine. A spirited campaign by the parties and individuals seeking office was conducted. All students desiring to vote were required to register before 4:00 p.m. Tuesday. The polls were opened for voting on Wednesday, February 11, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.FEDERALIST On Thursday, February 11, the Commander of the American Legion Post, Mr. Art Smith, swore in the winning candidates at a special assembly. Fifteen of the seventeen winning candidates were Nationalists. Deputies were chosen and the appointive officials were selected. The office holders and their dep- ututies reported to the local government counter- parts to take and active part in the actual govern- mental proceedings on the morning of Friday, Feb- ruary 11. Government Days came to an end for the 3tudents with a luncheon given by the American Legion at the Legion Hall. During the Luncheon all students and officials were introduced. Dr. 0. Goodman, Jr. 3poke on the qualities of good citizenship.Is it Official? boom:: Aren't they sweet? Stag party Sorry: Busy The huddle Good Morri: Aren't they tricky? Mechanics-First Class V? Sleeping Beauty VivaciousMembers of the annual staff have worked hard to record the events and activ- ities of the school year. Pictures were taken by the school photographer as each event and activity occurred. The arrangement of the pictures and narrative for each section was then carefully planned. Originality in arrangement was especial- ly stressed this year. A n A P . r ;.£“ . A O t i 1 4r I Each year the verae choir narrates the 3tory being told in colored pictures of the Birth of Christ. Membership in the verse choir is voluntary and practices were held each morning for three weeks previous to the Living Pictures Program. Forty-seven students paitic- lpated in this year's choir Palmer Kremer has directed the group for six years. ■ '». ■ LIVING PICTURESCHRISTMAS CHIMES TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY MARY VISITED BY AN ANGEL THE WISEMEN FOLLOW THE STJ THE SISTINE MADONNA THE NATIVITY Fine spirit, teamwork, and aggressive playing were displayed by our C-Hawk3 during the season. The leading players were: Gary Carlson (22), Senior; Henry Quien(25), Junior; Dick Bogue(3l), Sophomore; Daryl Austin (32), Senior; Doug Tuttle (23), Junior; Louis Koenig (21), Junior; and Richard Bong (33) , Senior.HOME GAMES GAMES AWAY Bereaford Parker Lennox Elk Point Centerville Hurley Parker Plandreau Hurley Lennox Elk Point Centerville Bereaford Denotea Auguatana Big Seven Conference Game 17Fritz George John WaltPaul Rog - Captain VicVc Derb Dick Dick Gary - Captain MikeEach year the Big Seven Conference gives special recog- nition to players who have displayed unusual ability and sportsmanship. Win- ing this honor was Dennis Rhead, Gary Carlson, Richard Bong, and Roger Ze- barth. The C-Hawks interrupted practice long enough to pose for the picture be- low . HAVKSUNDERCLASSMENttuno-v f 8 Randall Chappell Helen Harfi® 4 «£ Karen wa arness Gay-Nelle Hopkins P 5-k Pat Svjeetman A Douglas Tuttle SSS » .6 © Betty Detmers Jim Barbara Mullinix ft» I® V . w Clarice Oliver fi?on Del; sma f Myrna Pranken furini Knutson James Knutson SSJSF■'o's 100 1$IS fSSUw ££S Bruce Swaverly Sharon McKee Connie Johnson Lowell Harris P Janet Haiach Johnson David Sivisind Deanna Rhead Dennis Thies Smith C w la d 1 Holland HartlandLeonard Brenner Karen Nelsen Merlyn Oliver Maureen Eiesland m Ann Bartholomew Yvonne Andersen Monica Souvigner o Beverly Hammer Sonja Hackman ne£1 L nderland m si nne es y- Lavonne Peekes Larry Oakland Janet °aswell P°nald Jensen - U James Timmerman Verle VatiLon Gloria Knutson Claarles Kelson Oi tW ; gSSS liaverne Hines od36ard Siand Richara Warness Malon Anderson Karen Burgess Leonard Thorson £aro HamUton eraon V — r Jerry Doerkson Alexander Odell Terry Anderson T W Jerry Olrks Donald Veldkemp lfl Vi Floyd Johnson Fresh James Edman DeJjF MathlsonHarry Rath.le ‘W Leland Swan Tom Devitt men «SC' Janice Breen Wemi ngson Karen Fodness Judy Bergeson Sonja Lovaas Carolyn Ekle Esther Wood LaVonne AasheIm aT %L Arlene VanBockern Darrell Olseth Robert Olson ft faf dss WJ Judith' Sunde (T Gwenda Roseth Vir6ene Lien WerlV1 Ransen 838 Warlene Paulsen rs « j r V WilliamsonSB®» Oo Herhes D ’ am Cs ' “ J» Jerry Cha°n CS, «5» £y =- ■' !il!rv Ruth Stefan °Uvignier £5 , Edward Folger ffrr Hosemary HiH A Dennis King ,C V' Sharon Jy Norman WiVca Berg Orlan Jurgenson Truman Rhead Joy Abrahamson Gloria Stohl — ' Jerolyn Carol Dannenbrin Harmon Harold Jarrott Sandra Anderson "hSSfsgarc Judith Steenholt f ’ Karen Kurvink rs ht = , Gary ' binder — ) Si . David AndersonJanice Klein Dean Albertson V Sharron Enstrom feu Laurie DeJong c "" Dawn Howard James van “ockern cs, Richard Wegener Janice Pait Johnson Glenann Vickerman Peter Tollinger Johnson SimW Paul Stensland Karen junemann Deanna Marlon Carpenter Helde Eugene Irons icRolten Sandra Eaton Roger Eastman Lawrence Syverud jean Eide aura x sum 0 Lee Hotel •Lewdoc Cafe Council Oak Co-op Oil Co. Lowell Oakland Canton Theater Canton Cleaners •Bahnson Oil Co. Bertlna Anderson C Brown's Abstract Nash's Peed Store V. •Dr. R. B. Bunkers •Tollingers' Studio •Johnson's Hatchery Williamson Jewelry Canton Block Tile Rikansrud Implement Dr. Obel T. Andreson Lloyd Myrabo, Lawyer Perry's Electric Shop Drs. Green ana Angelos Great Plains Lumber Co. Reierson Sales Service Skyaasen Insurance Agency Culligan Soft Water Service Peterson Bakkene Barber Shop •Farmers Elevator Co., Lumber Div )pONSOf{S Hall Motor •Coffee Shop Ron's Market Payne Produce Harry's Market Coast to Coast •Modern Cleaners Dr. L. L. Parke Ernest Torkelson Bogue and Masten Sioux Valley News Anderson Hardware Pheasant Farm Co. Amen Enstrom's Shoe Shop Hoffman Mickelson Sexe Clothing Store •Bowyer Bros. Grocery Imperial Barber Shop Martin's Variety Store Ekle's Service Station •Farmers Co-op Creamery Hartman Service Station •Northern States Power Co. •Canton Livestock Sales Co. Dammeier Plumbing Heating •Standard Oil Tank Wagon Service -3» )pONSOF(S •A' OOP vS Dr. Warness Lena's Cafe Dr. O'Banion K K Company Canton Produce Canton Hardware Visser's Market Noids Drug Store Farrell Pharmacy Kurvink's Station Canton Greenhouse 1 Esche Oil Company Joyces Style Shop Baumann's Clothing Iowa Public Service . Jennys Cafe Hotel f Pederson Paint Store H Larrys Radiator Shop 'p Crystal's Beauty Shop r ♦Chris Standard Service P ♦Mel's Standard Station ' C Thorson Bros. Implement ‘-p Carl K. Anderson, Lawyer V Canton Radio and TV Dealer Skyberg Chevrolet Buick Co. ♦Farmers Elevator Co., Grain Div. 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Suggestions in the Canton High School - Backtrackin Yearbook (Canton, SD) collection:

Canton High School - Backtrackin Yearbook (Canton, SD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Canton High School - Backtrackin Yearbook (Canton, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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