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+34 'S 'QLLQ . , 4 f. ' gg-11 .Y - 3, mi vii? r in-l D , , .n . Q r I .9 1 ,. . ,. . 4- -' - , V Luk 'H N-. Q'-ssl. x ' vga. J" ' la 9-I Q. Q ,N L The WILDCAT 53 PRESENTS , I-bl-I 'T' guar--Q--Yun-. '1a . 2:15, 'G "mit o1.D sqxm-1 BYAQS-HALL Que-.-H r . 5 '-. X MV Q K cova NGTON, TEN,N sseex v'j"v".'. :. - - -1. Y . 4' ' :J ' M' X ' - ' - s. ,-N K' R ,gh-vc 1f... -fzwsgmi, JJ 5 1 f'N"'X W' S 2' -Jr 'fl 3:4 Q X fb W, C' J FFNN X-ff RQ. K 5C'fA 75'-mr-1 C WXXYD Q 5 3 Y The L ' XV, J wwwsi fCqX,Nqf' - ff- ,X ,J VL J T Q Q 'JXCIVRK -- K ., if N Q fm' Q ig f I GR 3-' X ' x x Lf Qi X amz TF' jaw Q35 W f as ln .L ..-M----'-A ,FW pj-9 4331. , . Dedzcatzon , i ' , I lf o E l 'b 4' ,vw We " ' . y X: V Al- 1 Ii-. MR. C. E. JOHNSON For twenty-eight years Mr. C. E. johnson has been sending farmers out into our county. We feel that no small credit is due him for the definite progress that has been made in agricultural pursuits in this area for the past quarter Century. Therefore, it is with this recognition in mind that we, the Annual Staff, dedicate to Mr. johnson this 1955 XWILDCAT, whose theme revolves around Tipton County's leading agricultural product, cotton. 011:-J. C .-1-1 Qiuir-o 11 1-1--111. Ai' Q. Al 1?-1 ' in-5... MR. E. SIMONTON 1 Principal , i , , MISS FRANCES RAST Home Economics is -1' 1 I-. 5 A4 vi 'Pg ! .I-. MRS. HUGHES BRINGLE MR. E. M. EVANS English Mathematics Q MISS DORIS BOYD ,:: I I . as MR. RODNEY HUGHES History I Mathematics I I I it I is I llllll W- ' .ff . as my L .MM ' ' . sa 4 Z . as MRS. GEORGE MAY MRS. STANLEY SHOAF English Librarian f ---4 MRS. W. W. PARKINSON MRS. CHALMERS PARR ' Latin English ,. - mwii' I 1 il "" 3 ,v ..-1 Y .i ,gg if: .I " -'-"' Q 1 1.f-ul' " L17 ill I l 1 'EJ 30x QS s- i , Aw za. iii S B ,fx X 'e - Q CX U' alm- fN A 1 Nfl, 5 ,flu inn i 4 Fiqi MISS CHARLOTTE ROSS Physical Education Sociology P -1 41l,1,-i -l- -lui:-l -9 -Q . - X, - p . I f X I -N'-' ff fi-Q A .1 -xx K X I I , K 1 fy ' '. 1 K . . -r . ' v -. H 1 K X ff X Q . ..-L . . , v f f 4 ' N L !1 ' 6 , x X , 4 i X 4' . x 1 ,. .K N N I, I I x .b X ' V ,y " ,' , . X Y , if 1 r fi ' K K I N . I 2 , ' ff 7' ' -Y ' f L , A -1:-N L Lf W g v 1 - V L cr V JU if FRANK FORTNER ....... ...... V ice Prwident CARL PANNELL ....... ....,....,. P resident EMILY HARVEY ........... .....A., T reafurer MARGARET JOBE ........... ...,. S erretary JEANETTE MILLER ........ ..... R eporter N ,nk KENNETH AKINS Kenneth Akin: ha: nickname: galore, Tiger, Digger, maybe more. To Jtudy engineering ir hir plan. He want! to fill the electrical demandr. Clubs: Latin Club 2, Math Club 3. -,if"Zv1 - 6' I 1J , .i,. .. :SQ-' '25 , 551' 'Q K 8 JULIUS BEASLEY jalher doe: marielour thing: with a hammer. While in Jhop he raiJe.r quite a clamor, but u'e're Jure rome day he'll he a rucceu, becaure he alwayr doe: hit heft. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Football 1. SYLVIA AMES Sweet Jerenteen and pretty at well, if you don't heliere me jun ark Frizzell. Royalty har followed her throughout the yearJ, hut to he queen of the kitchen if to her more dear. Clubs: FHA, Library 2-3-4, Commercial, Glee 1-2-3, Band, Librarian 2, Sec.- Treas. 41 Candidate for Band Queen 3, Class Rep. Strawberry Festival 2, Class Rep. for Homecoming 4, Football Queen 4, FFA Queen 1, Purple and Gold Staff 4. MARY BARRON If toward your friend! you would hear no malice, then follow the pattern of Mary Alice. Sweet and gentle, amhitiou for college, ar a rchoolteacher Jhe .fhould dirtrihute much knowledge. Clubs: FHA 1. Commercial 4, Geogra- phy 4, Sec. 4: Basketball 2-3-4 PATRICIA BIRMINGHAM Right now Pafr pet field it Home Ec. And photograph: the like: to collect. From college .rhe if hoping to float, into a career that includer a fur coat. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3-4, Teen Timers, Band, Vice Pres. 2. BEAUTON BOWDEN Beauton would make a grand rerretary, :be could alro be a wonderful wife. Tbir rbowr ber talentr vary, wbirb addr up to a happy life. Clubs: FHA 1, Library 3-4, Glee 2-3, Commercial. 3 h ANNE BOYD To go with ber burband to the Parifir would be an adventure mort terrific. Her life df a wife will be mutb fun. Sbe'1' certainly booked tbe perfect one. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3, Glee,2-3, DE 4, Latin 2, Band 2-3, majorette 3, Miss Tipton County 2, Rep. to Strawberry Festival 1-3. INEZ BILLINGS IVe'll remember "Nez" by ber blonde rurlx, wbirb are tbe envy of all the girlr. Sbe look! well in a formal, or digging tbe ground. Tbafy tbe rearon :be war fboren tbe Bert All Around. Clubs: FHA 1-4, Candidate Homecom- ing Queen 2, Basketball 2-3-4, May Day Court 3, Teen Timers 2, Senior Play 4, Annual Staff 4. JOANNE BLACK joanne ir zfery Jrnall in size, but in mak- ing friend: :be taker firrt prize. Sbeld like, romeday, to tearb pbyr-ed. IVe're Jure, if Jbe doer, :bill come out abead. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3, Commercial 4, DE 4, Teen Timers 1-2, Basketball 2-3. di 'Q' WAYNE BRINGLE Playing witb electronirr ir Jtrictly en- joyed. We know tbat :orneday Wayne will be employed. fWben we bear a rnotorrycle jingle, we know it ir Wayne Bringle.j Clubs: Band 2-3. Yin'-r JIMMY Buncrsss An excellenl Jpeaber, exeelr al football, too. A knowledge Jeeber, and a friend to you. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Math 4, C Club 4, Glee Club 3, Teen Timers 3, Basketball 1, Football 2-3-4, Best Blocker 4, Senior play 4. NANCY CALHOUN Nancyff a loyal companion, and an ex- cellent friend, an earner! worker who ir true to tbe end. For lbingr artinic .fbe bar a definite yen. Clubs: Latin 2-3-4, FHA 1-2-3-4, Treas- urer 1, Commercial 4, Beta 3, Teen Timers, Math 3, Glee Club 1, President of Sophomore Class, Annual Staff 5-4, Purple and Gold 3-4. BILL BURNETT To fly a plane ir Mickey: ambition after be finirber rollege. He'J go! lbe body, lbe remaining eondition . . . Can be acquire Juffieient knowledge? Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Dairy Team judge 2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3, Teen Timers 3. Qs ANN BURLISON JIMMY BURLISON Ann': a member of the Bela Club, jimmy if alwayx full of fun, wbetber wbirb provef .rbdx really Jrnart. Sbe'J telling joke: or carrying a gun. And you never been known to flub-:be-dub, :be'll can bet your lan buck or two, be'll al- glwayy dp by pan, way! be a friend to you. Clubs: FHA 1, Latin 3, Beta 3-4, Vice Clubs: FFA 1, DE 4, Band, Baseball. President, Purple and Gold Staff 3-4, Commercial 4. pr' MELISSA CARSON To fly way up into the blue, and travel all around. Thir ar a Jtewarderr Melina can do, but her talentr may be bert on the ground. Clubs: Latin 1-2, FHA 1-2-5-4, Com- mercial 4, Math 3, Beta 5-4, reporter 4, Purple and Gold Staff 3-4, Assistant Editor 4. dig Q" CALVIN CREASY Guen' what Cal would like to be? Yer, yoifre right, a fine M. D. And being Cal he'll be one loo, and when yoiire .rick he"ll rome to you. Clubs: Glee 1, Latin 2, Math 3, Beta 3, Purple and Gold Staff 2-5-4. CORRINNE CURRIE Whenerfer you ree Corrinne Currie you ran bet .fbelll be talking and in a hurry. Expert at being a beauty queen, A pret- tier girl you've never reen. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3-4, reporter 2, State President of FHA 3, Latin 2, Library Club 3, Sub District President of FHA 2, Teen Timers 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff 3-4. JIMMY J. CHAPMAN Big and brawny, but gentle as a lamb, heir dynamite at football, not so hot on exam. No one so popular and quick with the girlr, he'r alwayr living in two different worldr. Clubs: FFA 2, C Club 1-2-5, Teen Tim- ers 1-2-3-4, Sophomore Class Reporter, May Day Escort, Football 1-2-3-4, Co- Captain 4. in :Fx "' A x , L AJ F ' 5' REECE CORDER Murical minded in voice and in horn, he'll preach from the Sun- day morn. A very man ir he, friendly ar be can be. Clubs: Beta 3, 2-5-4, President 4, ef Aff ABNER DAVIS Strong and handforne are his ehief traitx. Thix can be proved by all of hii "dateJ." He'J equally at home on a foot- ball field. Wfhen he enter: the line the oppoierx mutt yield. Clubs: C Club 3-4, Latin 2, Band 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Vice President of jun- ior Class, Football 2-3-4. in flu.. .es- es. FQ 1: ...Pr . 7i1- i PHIL DUANE Cap IA-Dainty i: quite fantaxtic. Some thing: he'.r done are mighty draxtic. In :pine of what you may believe, the time has come, bi: going to leave. Clubs: Latin 2-3, Glee 3, Math 3, Teen Timers 1-3-4. FRANK FORTNER Athletic, witty, and full of fun, Frank': made a friend of everyone. For a pretty girl he'd walk a mile, but if: :eldom neeenary with hi: rmile. Clubs: C Club 2-3-4, Math 3, Latin 2, DE 4, Vice President 4, Winner of Public Speaking Contest at West Tenn., DE Convention, Annual Staff, Vice President of Senior Class, Football 1-2- 3-4, Captain junior Varsity, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Senior Play. DOROTHY DEVERELL Dorothy'J interett eenteri around a man. To be a houfewife if her plan. Of doll: the haf quite a large collertion, and brown and white ir her rolor Jeleetion. Clubs: DE 4, Glee Club 2, Commercial 4, FHA 1-2-3. item- I DONALD ERWIN Donald ir quite rexerved and Jhy, al- though I really don't .ree why. Hi.r hob- by is pitching a game of ball. After he ir gone, hill be mined by all. Club: FFA 1-2-3-4. -ff I LYNN EUBANKS Daigo war wed on Chriilmaf day. She couldn'l bear lo wail lill llffay. On her honeymoon, of all the plaref, .rhe wan!- ed to go io lhe "wide-open J.f7dC?.f.H Clubs: DE, Secretary. Teen Timers 1-2. Cheerleader 4, Basketball 1-2-5. 'li 'US fu, -v , ,QE lv X x , , Y YOLANDE FAULK A5 a ferrelary Yolande will rank with the bert. She will fill her job ililb ardof and zen. Bu! if Jhe defider a wife to be, whoever :he choofei, how lurky ii. he. Clubs: Commercial 4, FHA 1-4, Class historian 4. C GEORGE GRACEY Bubba ir hir nickname and albleiirr if hir forte, Shorty if hir dog and good ir hi: report. Clubs: C Club 2-3-4, President C Club, President Latin Club, Beta 3, Math 3, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Pres- ident of Freshman class, Vice President of Sophomore class, Purple and Gold Staff 2-3-4, Annual Staff. JAMES FAULK Iamef would like to lrarel and fell. Wfe all hnouf he'll do it well. Bu! if he trier to do il in a rlripped down Ford, we doubt if be'll be able to pay bil board. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3. DE 4. pcczf ,...- 19 O DAVID FERGUSON At merhaniral drawing he'r unurually good, ar careful ar a worbman ran be. He'd like to hare a ranch near the deep, deep woody, in the hill! of Tennerree. Clubs: Latin 2, Math 3, Football 1. Baseball 1. American Legion Ball 1, Purple and Gold 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4. P . 1 -m 5. n F Q , x,.""7 GILES FORBESS We fall him Buddy, hui the learherr call him "Gilef,"' He'.f e1'eryhody'J hud- dy, green uJ all uiizh "Hi'f" and ymilef. Clubs: Band 2, Commercial 4, Teen Timers, Football 1, Manager 2-4, Latin Queen 1, Friendliest Boy 4. SANFORD GILBREATH A1 ,fpeahing Sanford ir very good. In hir lerronr he if ihe rarne. Pu! pep in a party he alwayr eould, that goef with the Gilhrezvh name. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Public Speaking Wimer 2 years, Basketball 1, 2. Q4 BOB HAMMONS A good Jport in Jehool and any game, to he a toarh if Bohhy'.r aim. If hir playerr prore ar good af he, he'J Jure to win a big trophy. Clubs: DE 3, Treasurer 3, Math Club 3, C CLUB 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Am- erican Legion Baseball 1-2, Class Sec- retary-Treasurer 1, Class Secretary 2. CHARLES FULLER "Freak jr." if right on the hall, in the haremeni or lhe Jtudy hall. Hir rlorier aren'1 quiie humane, hut hir amhiliorz if to fly a plane. Clubs: Glee 1-2-3. Teen Timers 1-2-3, Purple and Gold Staff 2, Assistant Sports Editor 2. MARYE JEANNE GLENN It reernr Mary Ieane war horn to Iwirl. She rwep! in from Ark. and Jiayed in a whirl. She :et her wedding for late November, which is a date Jhe'll alwayx remember. Transferred from Camden, Ark. Clubs: Latin 2, Glee 3, FHA 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Majorette 2-3-4. , Q .sy lb ' me ,Q -is as 2' " ' ' i 'F xx I ' XY' i , X J ' - 5 Y ' x l A t l N 'W i ' JERYL Ggyty JIMMY GRIGGS At ping-pong he if quite a Jtar. He read! more hook! than otheff hy far. U"'hat will he do in year! to rome? May he a millionaire-may he a hum. Clubs: FFA 1-2-5-4, Teen Timers 3, Baseball 3. x , Q- Q lr, .9 ff" MAURICE GWINN Maurice would like to till the earth. He'll get from it all it'.r worth. A huxy life he'll live alwayx, gay ana' cheerful all hir days. FFA 1-2-3-4. EMILY HARVEY Em J our gal utlh personality and looks The hoyi get :deaf uhen they tarte uhat Jhe roohf What her future hold! ezen the rannot gueff hut Jhefll haze no failure-only success Clubs Library 2 3 4 Glee 3 Commer cial 4 Latin 2 FHA 1 Teen Timers 12 34 May Court Representative 2 Purple and Gold 2-3, Class Treasurer 4 Assistant Editor of Annual 4 Another "cut-up" have we here, rery mifrhierour, hut nothing to fear. We know we can aluuyt fount on jim, that if if he doe.rn'l loie hir rim. Clubs: FHA l-2, DE 4, junior Var- sity 1. "pw-ri 3 jo HALL Vivaciouf way! hut inrlined to hlufh .rhe like! to talk hut know: when to hufh. Har Jratterhfain way!-but not too much. Clubs: Math 3 FHA 1-2-3-4 President 1 Latin 2 Teen Timers 1-2-3-4 Candi- date for Homecoming Queen May Court Cheerleader 5-4 Annual Staff 4 Purple and Gold. G., S413 E' ANN HARVEY To he a Iearher of phyr. ed. ix Annfr amhilion. or ,ro .the raid. To he married lo a handfome man would he a hetfer plan for Ann. Clubs: Band 2-3. FHA 1-2. Glee 1-2-3. DE 4, Teen Timers 1-2-3. ' 1 e-1582+ jon Hin Q ,F . . . ,f .ma ee, f X- . ,.,-xii ':,,V Y LESLIE A. HARVEY Leslie Ann if quile effirienl. To edil our paper if proof Juffieienl. To he a derorator if her deiire. In Ihif, much fame she will acquire. Clubs: FHA 1-2, Convention Delegate, Latin 2-3-4, Reporter 2, Beta 3, Glee 1-2, Band 2, Math 3, Senior Play, Pur- ple and Gold 3-4, Editor 4, Best Citi- zen, Basketball 1. Tow. 'F-375.5 os , 'ina X X Iii, . - i all JIMMY HOPKINS After jimmy finifhef here, he plans lo he an engineer. To Parif he would like lo go, for fun or money wid like lo know. Clubs: Latin 2, Glee 2, Teen Timers 1-2-3. Math 3. Football 1, Band 3-4. 1 f i CQ Louis JETER If .rome day you ,deal a quarter, in get- "Ye!z"' may noi move ai quirk al a ting help you-muy! not loilef. The hey! lawyer in town will he I. 0. He'll Jtraighten you ou! if you give him mme dough. Clubs: Latin 2, Glee 3, Commercial 3, Math 3, Band 2-3, Teen Timers 1-2-3. whip. In geometry he'.r not an Einstein, But if there if a place be'd like ro flip, he will never get lefl behind. Clubs: Latin 2, Glee 3, Math 3, Foot- ball 1-2, Basketball 2, Teen Timers 1-2- 4, Independent Baseball 1. MARGARET JOBE Quiet, refereed, and demure, of Mag- gie'J loyalty her friendi are .rure. En- chiladar are her favorite diih. To go to Hawaii ir her Jecrel with. Clubs: FHA 1, Delegate to Nashville, Latin 2, Representative to May Court 3, President of Commercial Club 4, Secre- tary of Senior Class, Class President FHA. GEORGE LACKEY Willy and laughing, alwayx aroundg when you need a friend, lazrhey tan he found. Hi.: day ar .rheriff wa: hi: bert day. He'll remember thi: when he'J away. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3, DE 4, Treasurer, Band 2-3, DE Delegate to Nashville. ' K 1 .,,,,.5 WANDA HOPKINS Wanda, we know, will he a rurreu. AJ a writer :he ir already hen. She left a record alrnort perfeet ai school, and here the leather: you cannot fool. Clubs: DE 4, Reporter, FHA 1-2-3, Beta 3-4, Commercial Club 43 Purple and Gold Staff 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Teen Timers 1-2, Basketball 3. SHIRLEY KUYKENDALL Shirley: interem it in thing: domertie. That make: a good future, none can prolefl il. She'J induftriour, fun-loving, full of life, altogether Jhe'5 due to he a good wife. Clubs: Commercial 4, FHA 1-2-3, DE 4. PEGGY LEACH Cute in stature, and very Jrnart, a friend of all and kind at heart. A teacher .rhe want: to he Jome day, and .fo .the will Jornehow, .rome way. Clubs: FHA l-2-3-4, Library 4, Teen Timers 3-4, Band 4, May Day Repre- sentative 4. EDITH Locxs Ehyfr idea of a wonderful life, ir to be a good rnolher and a perfect wife. Herefr her advire to amhiliour girlr, hurhandsr don't like you pinned up for curls. Clubs: Glee 3, Teen Timers 1-2. DE 4 FHA 1-2-3. Basketball Manager 4. I MARTHA MASSEY Slim in feature, keen in wit, behind a dexh :he'll Jorneday Jit. With her arn- bitioni and loohr rornbined, a job won't be Jo hard to find. Clubs: FHA 1-2-5-4, Glee 1-2-3, Com- mercial 4, Teen Timers 1-3-4. CAMILLE KELLEY Sweet in way: and Jmart in boohr, love- ly fare and friendly lookx, Carnille'J af friendly ar the feernr, :he look! at you with eye: that gleam. Transferred from Messick High School. Clubs: FHA 1-2, Historian, Paper Staff, Y-Teens 2, junior Red Cross Repre- sentative 2, Campus Sweetheart Maid 2, Thespians 3, Speech Council Vice President, Played in "Our Town" 2, Played in "Twixteen" 2, Senior Play 4, Commercial Club reporter 4. VIRGINIA MAHARREY Virginia Maharrey is fond of Home Ee. She'll make a wonderful wife. The man :he marriei, Jhe'll never henpech. They'll both travel a happy life. Club: FHA 1-2-3-4. KENNETH MCCLAIN A happy :mile and friendly hellox, Kenneth Jpealu wherever he goer. He'J very perfiftent and he proved it Jo, four year! of football and never a foe. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, C Club 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4. ELDON MCDANIEL "RaJtur" workt- at the Fire and Dime, he har no future plant in mind. He was .fo good in the DE Jkit, he may replace Dagrnar df a T.V. hit. Clubs: Latin 2-5. Beta 3, DE 4. JIMMY MCDONALD jim want: an automobile. A Pontiae ronzfertible is hir ideal. Three plaeef he would like to go, Canada, China, and Mexiro. Clubs: Glee Club 2-3, Baseball 2. JEANETTE MILLER Lucky it Dudley who will be her mate. Her generour heart will make hir rarer abate. If the goes through her work with her ufual eau, her future life will he a breeze. Clubs: FHA 1, Glee Club 1-3, Library 2-3-4, President 3-4, Class Reporter 4, Annual Staff 4. FRANK McIN'rosH To read the hittory of the war of our State, iJ Frank'5 hobby and delight. He alto liker to Jtart a debate, although he'J nerer inrolred in a fight. Clubs: FFA 1-3, DE 4, Glee 1-2-3. W at BOBBY MCDIVITT Whether dreued in trouterr or ,rome- tirnex a rkirt, our Bobby it dertined to be rlaxted at a flirt. Hunting, fishing and dating, earh ir hi: hobby. Would rahhitr, fifh, or girlr be mort becoming to Bobby? Clubs DE 4, Glee 1-2-3, FFA 1-2. BETTY McKEE lVbat do you think Betty MrKee haf alwayx wiibed that the could be? A Jefretary found! like loty of fun, but the bert part about it, it bringf in the mon. Clubs: FHA 1, Commercial 4. 72? joe NMFEH Naifeb'J been a manager of many a team. Up to bit eyex in equipment he'1 Jeen. For making friendr, be bar a good rtart. Could lbir be because of his gen- erous heart? Clubs: Latin 2, Glee 3, C Club 3-4, Math 3, Football Manager l-2-3-4, Bas- ketball Manager 1-2-4, Boys' County 1, Annual Staff 4, Teen Timers 1-3-4. DAN MCLENNAN Dan if a Jucrenful Jportfrnan. He bagi them in Jtream or fieldf, Wbat'J more, be'f a rle1er farmer. Nature to him in produre yieldi. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Band 2-3, Glet Club 1, Teen Timers 1-2, TOMMY MOOSE JUANELL MURPHY Tammy Moon, ba, bmim- ga10,-e, ,md Iuartell': desire ir to be a clerk. To ac- a.f time goex on, .fbe'll acquire rnurb mmpliih tbif will tale bourr of work more. To be a Jecretary if ber ambition, H010-f of work will -'bf gladly Ziff- ii and we know .romeday :bill .feture Jecretary to a T.V. :tar Jbe can live. :bu pgfifion, Clubs FHA 1-Z, Commercial 4. Clubs: FHA 1-2, Band 2-3-4, Beta 3-4, Commercial 4, Purple and Gold Staff 4. , 1 PEGGY PARIMORE She doe.rn't wan! to Je! lhe world on fire. To be a nufre if Peggy: derire. Perhapf rhe'll rettle for a rpoure, Jome hlue jeanf, and a little while houre. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3, Teen Timers 1-2-3, Band 2-3-4. MATTIE Lou Plrrs Lu-Lu want! to be a nurre. Healing portion: :he can disburre. Perhapr Jhe'll marry a patienl rhe'r cured. Fortunaie fellow-hir foriune'r inrured, Clubs: FHA 1-2-3, Library 3-4, DE 4. CARL PANNELL He'J excellent in lou of Jporlr, almoft any you can name. We feel that in zhe year: to rome, he'll be plared in the Hall of Fame. Clubs: DE 3, Vice President C Club 1-2-3-4, Math Club 3, President Senior Class, President junior Class, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice President Fresh- man Class, Football 1-2-3'4, Football Captain 4, Basketball 1-243-4, Baseball 1-2-5-4, American Legion Baseball 1-2- 5, Who's Who 3, May Day Court 3, All West Tennessee and All Big Ten Football 4, All Regional Basketball 4. SHIRLEY PARR Shirley? friendf are Jure of rhif, her huhhling fun Ihey all will min. Thi! one thing they will .rurely know, wher- ezw Jhe ir, Jhe'll he on the go. Clubs: FHA 1, Commercial 4. ANNETTE Pooua Energetic, rapable, :mall df a flea, thir all of her life rhe'r hound to be. Don'1 ronfxue her effirienry with her rize, whefever you put her rhe'll equalize, Clubs: Library 4, Reporter, Commercial 4, FHA 1-2, Purple and Gold Staff 4. r -5 GENEVA POOLE "Poolie"' may travel for a while, and if rhe'll only keep her Jrnile, Jhe'll make a friend for every mile. Clubs: FHA 1-2, Glee Club 3, Commer- cial 4. I RUTH SIMPSON Another recretary we have here, effici- ent, cheerful, an ahrolute dear, married like many, and happy ar can he. Mod- ern juno-or a rearonahle facrtmile. Clubs FHA 1-2-3, Glee 1-2-3, Latin 2-3, 2nd place in West. Tenn. Latin tourna- ment, Commercial 4, Beta 5-4, Presi- dent 4, Convention 4, Purple and Gold Staff 4, Sophomore Representative in May Court 2. 4-gf" MARY LOUISE RALPH A ringer rhe would like to he, and very well equipped ir rhe. Plenty of exper- ience Jhe haf on hand. Mayhe .Ihe'll .ring with the heft in the land. Clubs: Glee 23, Band 2-3, FHA 1, Commercial 4, Teen Timers 3. SHIRLEY RosE BETTY Sacxs Rorie ir her nickname, in blue Jhe look! You have alwayr heard that :till waterr divine. Chicken ir her favorite food, run deep- FMF! 4 ffif' 'HP will-' 52117, and pretty ir her incline. a rich harverf 701311 'WP- Clubs: FHA 1, Library 3-4, DE 3, Bas- Clubs: FHA 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3, kctball 2-3-4. Commercial 4, Treasurer. RN 'fb JAMES SAGE Imagine Scrubby ar a US Marine. He'll be the bert dreired .roldier you'z-'e erer Jeen. He'r .ture to rome bark and farm all bir life, and get Boolr Eubankr to be hir wife. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3, Treasurer 3, DE, President. Vice President of West Tenn., Representative to State Conven- tion at Nashville. .va ' X 'fb M MARY AVELON SASSER Mary liker ber rbirken fried, and .rome day .rbe wantr to be a bride. Be neat ar a pin, we know :be ran, and ber boure ir Jure to be :pie and Jpan. Clubs: FHA l-2-5-4, State Degree 4, Library 4, Secretary 4, Commercial 4, Teen Timers l-2-3-4, Purple and Gold Staff 4. JAMES STAFFORD All type: of Jportr jamer like! to play. He want! to be a coach rome day. The Navy will fend him around the world, then be'll ietlle down raure be'r got a girl. Clubs: FFA 1-2, C Club 1-2-3-4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4, DE, Sergeant-ab Arms, Annual Staff 4, Freshman and junior Class Reporter, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4. ryx SARA ANN SAGE A .ringer Sara Ann ir bound to be, Metropolitan, ronrert, or T.V. From Brighton to Byarr-Hall Jbe :ommuted by car. Such poire plur ber good lookr will carry ber far. Transfer from Brighton 3, Cheerleader 2, Freshman Queen 1, FHA 1-2-3, Song Leader 2-3, Teen Timers 3-4, Commer- cial 4, FFA Sweetheart 4. 'AQ r. aw :W , , K 9951, I ful WAYNE SELPH Wayne'J ,fmarl ar be ran be, Jay: Can- ada be would like to ree. Bareball ir his joy and pride. He alto liker bi: fbirken fried. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3-4, Reporter 3, Presi- dent 4, Beta Club 3-4, Vice President 4, Math Club 3. LAVERNE SI-IANKLE Seldom erer will you .fee ar well equipped a girl ay Jhe. Perronality plus --add on good lookr, it .roundr too good, but, boyr, the roohf. Clubs: Glee 1-2-3, FHA 1-2-4, Song Leader 4. BETTYE SUE SMITH Thir girl har eye: Jo big and brown, that .reldorn dv you :ee her frown. To rmile irn't hard for her to do, for friendly ir Min Beltye Sue. Clubs: -FHA 1-2, Commercial 3. i. KEITH TANNER The fate: to Tinie have been hind. They endowed her with beauty and a bril- liant mind. She was a drum mafor and rhe worked on the play. Last, but not leart, :he war Queen of the May. Clubs: Math 3, Teen Timers 1-2-3, Freshman Representative for Homecom- ing Queen, Basketball 1-2-3, Basketball letter 2, 3, Drum Majorette, Band 3-4, Who's Who 3, Football Queen 3, Beta Club 5, FHA 1-2, Annual Staff 1, Pur- ple and Gold Staff 2--3-4, Senior Plav. i fn I RosE MARIE SLOVER Rore Marie har no great ambition. She doe.fn'1 care for a high porilion. Mar- ried is what :he ufantr lo be, and maybe raire a family. Clubs: FHA 1, Historian, Teen Timers 1-2, Latin Club 2, Distinction in West Tenn. Latin Tournament, Annual Staff 4, Commercial 4, Beta 3-4, Treasurer 4, Math Club 3. DOROTHY SMITH Efficient, rweet and Jineere, good at .rportr from all we hear. Har many boyr within her reach, thi: girl Dot ir quite a pearh. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3, Commercial 4, DE 4, Teen Timers 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3-4. lo ANN SMITH MALCOLM SMITH lVhere1"er there if a job to he done, pleaxant and efficient fo Ann'.f the one. She'll work like a trojan 'til the joh'J eomplete, and when Jhe if through, her work ran't he heat. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3-4, Commercial 4, Annual Staff 4. L , BILLY WALK Clever, witty, and on the ball, quite a fellow around Byarx-Hall. Bill'J good at Jportx, haf lot: of buddies. He getr hy, hut never Jtudiex. Clubs: Math 3, Latin 2, C Club 2-3-4, Vice President 4, Junior Class Treas- urer, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, American Legion Baseball 1-2-3-4. Teen Timers 1-3. Zip and pep and a tongue that if wztty fum: up the perfonality of playboy Smiity. Clubs: Latin 2, Teen Timers 3-4, Cheer leader 2-3, Baseball 2-3. -216' Lf! CHARLENE STALLINGS CHARLES STRICKLAND Noted for her beauty and iridurtry, four Extremely quiet and refereed, he hardly year: at Byarr-Hall, hufy ar a hee. She'J ever Jay: a word. To go to Hawaii and worked at Roper'J, helped out at h0mf,' Jwim in the hay, i.r what he'd like to do and naw Jhe haf Jtarted one of her own. .rome day. Clubs: FHA, Commercial 4, Glee Club Club: FFA 1-2-3-4. 3, DE 4, Band 2-3, Teen Timers 1-2. ROBERT TURNER Pee Wee i: a farmer boy. He get: from life much ze:t and joy. On the Florida eoaft he u-ould like to Jwim, and gue:: whom he will take with him. Clubs: FFA 1-2-3, Judging team, DE 4, Band 2-3, Basketball 1-2-3, Foot- ball 1. , 1' I, SHIRLEY WARREN To go to Hawaii hope: Shirley Warren, to he a youth leader in thi: :auntry foreign. Seriou: minded, :he find: time for fun, hut never until her :ehool work i: done. Clubs! FHA 1-2-3-4, Parliamentarian 2, Purple and Gold Staff 4. KATHRYN WOOTEN Wooten i: editor of our Wildtaf 53, did a wonderful job a: we all ran Jee. Pri::y, petite, but cute a: they rome, at rommercial art work :he'll make the buyer: hum. Clubs: Latin 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4, FHA 1-2-3-4, Beta 3, Purple and Gold Staff 3, Teen Timers 1-2-3-4, Delegate to Girls' State 3, Annual 3-4, Editor of Annual 4, Senior Play 4. RosE ANN VEAZEY She xpeak: juft like Tallulah, and :he blow: a wirked horn. She type: a rapid budget-In fact, a geniu: horn! Clubs: FHA 1, Glee 3, Commercial 4, Band 2-3-4. -0-" we RICHARD WHITEHORN Whether hi: friend: tall hirn Skip, Whitey, or Dick, hi: hank roll will he amazingly thick. He ha: the talent for all kind: of :port:, but for hi: immedi- ate future, if: plane:, gum, and fortt. Clubs: FHA 1-2, C Club 3-4, Baseball 4, Basketball 1-2-3, Football 1. Q, MARY ELLEN WRIGHT A .tweeter girl JLou'I'e never Jeen. The hand wav wire lo rhooxe her queen. And if mme day ,rhe if a nurre, when we get .rick will fall her firrt, Clubs: Commercial 4, FHA 1-4. May Court Representative 2, Band 3-4, Queen 4. Rn-3 NINA YARBRO Little and lirelj, fmrlfl ar a whip, er- pefially in typing rhefr full of zip. Nina ar a ,recretary will he efflfient, her Byarf-Hall rerord if proof ruffifient, Clubs: Glee 1-2-3, FHA l-2-3-4, Parlia- mentarian 3. Representative FHA Sub Dis'rict 2-3-4. Beta Club 5, Commer- cial 4, Senior Play. Teen Timers 1-2-3. "id-.av FRANKLIN YARBRO "Bal2y'.r" one ambition if life on the farm: He'll go lo wore al dawning he- fore the rlork'r alizrrn! , -ff w-4"" MARION YARBROUGH Laughing, Jrniling, never a bore, he'5 :racking a joke forever more. In Mar- ion',r fryftal we all can Jee that he will make a good M.D. Clubs: Latin 2, Teen Timers 3, Senior Play Pr0p'Manager 4. JEANETTE YARBROUGI-I Shoe! and travel are her desire, hath of there Jhe will afquire. To acfornplirh :hir and keep it fair, .fhe'll have to marry a millionaire. Clubs: FHA 1-2-3-4, Song Leader 2, Secretary 3, DE 4, Glee 1-2-3, Commer- cial 4, Teen Timers 5. JIMMY YATES A good photographer ir jimmy ,YateJ, He'r alwayr prefent with hir ramera platex. jim ha: ti wonderful speaking zfoire, hut the profesrion of bdJEbt111 ha: fir!! choire. Clubs: Latin, DE 4, Annual Staff 3-4, Purple and Gold 4, Baseball 2-3-4, American Legion Baseball 2-3. IN f"'5r' .Nz D ,Q-5 cr ? Q? JL img JOE GARDNER ....... ...,,,. JERE HILL ................ ..,.., BETTY GATLIN ......... .......... ANN MCDONALD ..,..... .......... A .... NEIL RICE ............... ....... V Ire Reporter Prefid ent Trefuufer Secretary Pfefident 7 PCN EWQ Barbara Barton Veda Blllmgs - 3 Harry Burk 'V' Glenda Baskm ag P Harry Bowden 'if' Bobby Butler sa, ,4- 'U' Yvonne Clowes 4 K Catherme Bearden Frances Brammer av- G. K. Bobby Beaty 'Q' ,ng Bobble Brumley 331 W'-at Nw, BlltlCI' Byr aw! ..-My Wanda Beaver I x., NJ A' Lk Raymond Bryant ,f ' I Martha Clowes David Combs Kay Cothran r F 4 3? ', nos , ' 'uni I l Q o -.45 4 1, ' t "Y, .Q rx 1 4 ' f F , .Z 4 ' Virgil P 1 Dawson T au om Chumley Downing ..., I wg ', Aga K E Z Billy Q ' Q F Jane Chumley , V Durham F, ,s Xe- l A 'al 'av Q 5 john Paul KX A l sb, Elizabeth Fafmff Ranny Q, Farmer Farrell . " F 'S F A . 2:4 L. jimmy 1' , Ann Edens 'F ,Q Faught '11 st' J X r W V S " x fx ' ". if -L 'F' Billv . . -, 1? Bettye FlCming Dale Fleming Fleming Nadine Finley 'N I l june joe Gasson Gardner Ki uq-Q N ' 'n George Flowers I Bettie Gatlin l Y .val i .Je -ati .F 4. . lik . x W 'x 3: r 1 W? lvl L Richard Gookin l Helen Hazelrig xr 1' .xnxx ' , an Q xr' '-.,..'1 jimmy Kelly f . IQ 7 ,., , Q Y gi N M 45 I ' y N K , 4 -Q Rohert - xy G A ' Charles mm Mary jane Gracey Green .. as A Q A N fy 1 , fa ' via- -, ' iks , x l i- ' we 4? "i i 75? . A l Gfowa , 2 14 jere Howard Mildred Hill Hudson ii ix in 5 if 'A lb h i J l Q . K . ,fi 1' ' 1- Barbara Lionel B. LOWUY Hamid Leach Mathis lr 'F 1 ll 'Wiii k Laura Ann . 'K-2. W Ann Mk'GOXk'dH Myrna McDonald McIntosh I .QAM Wfayne Hartley fn 3 K X f l Betty Kelley I ,V Bessie Marie McDaniel 11 ,..-wp, 1' e 'Ulu , ffvq .. . Q , , I 1 ' -ii' 1 -.. 4' Neil Rice S' Wfayne ' Ralph x , To . ,.. R If .JE , f' Bobby ----4' 1 Moore N6 i I Vldl, ,la ng.: I 43 , 'fr-2: Williain L V Q Edward Rogers Roberts f ll We QM' 55.3 xi Wayne Robbins l.. f-5 1 Robert Selph 5' Jordan Katherine Shefmd Shoaf . 3 P 2 ,? ....q-.f ,Tm , Q V f I .X VL X I Robert L Thomas Sorrell Smith 3 , r f R 1 xx'-. fl Warner Richardson 'QR' 1 Dorothy Scroggins 1 vs., Jack Simonton Q, 1 o ., 1 R i s S i Billy jack Stafford 1 I ,,..,,. , ,I 61 -. i ' Virginia Rickard inn. my v.SG.iXA 'QR , 5 Paula Scott fi 5 .W 3 W Palmer Smith Everett Stafford pu-up av- HWY' 1 Mrlton Thornton Mazre Warmath Charles Stephenson Ernestme Underhrll 'J l-I XXX Marshall Watson jrmmy Wood i Wayne Strles ' an Mary Nell Thomas erry Thornton Q'2:1' Rrchard Utley Stanley Wages 3" 401- Hugh Lee if Warts Raymond ,gt Weir ullan Wrllramson ""'9' K Estella Wrlson Wrlma Wrley Annette Yarbro 22 ,lil I , :.A H an y l . g ..f'f:v,,, 'Nile . r ,ya , V am 'Z' ff- 2 .. , , m y i s 5 , . vi Q W lg J W y W - T.. yr .5 I n 3 of , W '- S 3 W y V I .:-. XRSFYQ, ' mx .f D A A . A kk 8 ' X on A V it . 1 Q R vw X -2 ' ,iff hx-Q 4 Y ', 2 in 'S r of " "l .V ' V' up f A N Q S A x I X W . Ll 1 rf . i l , r ' ' 7 'T' T, V 2,y T - Q W T I ' 4 A 4 ,.., .--. 4 K Q' 5 - fs t -4 an W W tw: e M . . X i . I 'i k s' 4A' f, ,'- N H ' .1 ,' , ' --X f -- - ,xr ,f xi ,' K u ' I fl I I I N V ,I 1 Q T ' rx A ' Q A ' .V I 2 , L " 'f 1 f " ' 1 ' Q A I 1 . 1 2 .-X . - A J X, 1 X 3 I, .. xl x ,N Q I xx I V' K ' A " f If , 1 I , ' h w K, . x . Q ya ,- 5 f .k u vb J A, . X I , K ,, ilililiiuli-qnQ1llIllqiqg-an-uqngqg W, Q , Cs eg. 5 A ,LAM LK. WVU-di. any, , 0 Y MORRIS IOBE ............... ..... V ice Prexident . BARBARA FLOWERS .A...... ......,.., P refident JACKIE HOUSE ,,...,,............... ....., T reafurer - KAY MOORE FRIZZELL ...,,. .. .... Secretary 1 . gg ,, , Y , 3: -6 X Louis Atkins ' '30 XV Darrel Bringle 've ,l tx lim 'XX Bobby By rcl , X Amy Daniel 2: i Vi Billy Adkcrson Ns Martha Sue Bringle an Mamie Byrd 'Q -J Y Louis Daniel Sa I Wx jo Rivers Baxter ,ai 2-J Nu-Q Douglas Bryan 5153 ,-. - i 'L Helen Campbell "Vt 605 f . il' B -6 -4' fl" I yr '43 X B 4 . f x -.-11 sw, Kenneth Bennett ' x -wail :Qi N ., vel lvl XXI! A. 2 Leon Burk lrh 42 Betty Jo Cook ll' ii 'T 4 Larry Doris Daugherty Dawson I 1' W. ji! " wa ' 'tg' ' N Dolores Dunn F 'fi Betty Sue Faught 'L-1 Marie Fowler puoroeamm N0 r Ana A JL 5 2 Jia. . 'X . Hx , , 3 1 Ng: .J 1,-af, fe 2 Tommy Goodman 3' 4 1 y. xji - fs' we' f . 1 W we 3 L .1 Margaret 4 Durham June Dunn my 'vm A 5' -J ' y -R Q , 'mile Y I4 F 7 ' Ean A LIL MF I Faulk Benjamin Faulk F at M , 11? .,, . ff f -.fl 7 W di ! Q ' oy I ui Vi R Y Virginia F , Kaymoore rlcr Frizzell fwhk I -1 4, N., 1 'e rf' 2 , e Bruce U Gray Shirley Gordon -A F . 4 45 .Q Mack Easley Eubanks pq, I 1 W -:ii Ar- -" , apr., -qt yiyw sm "' 7 if lr Q. ,f Floyd ' Fleming ' ul ean Fleming .. 'PQ . , it K7 ., Robert . Fuller I ean Gasson ' 'J' '-22' Margie F' A Hadley AD Hall 134' Rodney Eubanks if Barbara Flowers Marilyn Gilbreath Shelby Hambli n A 9 9--. 41 Welton Howard f" "1" fn. f DOri5 jobe 5 VC! Bernice Lackey , . Q ii I .4 . 7 e ' B' E Betsy Billy Lynn Harvey Hazelrig Hartley Bill Harris B " 'l-1? nl., 'fwfr V via li' ii i E N.-9 da-dr, ' Q1 , O. Lug M y Ida Dan . J 1' Huggins Jennings x ' acque ine f X House johnny Howard B Q wr.- iw, ,gqf 1 S z A l .3 ,V , -.Q . r 1-'i if A ' Ruby Sandra ' jones jones :gg X Tommy johnson Neal Johnson ii Q, .. ps -5 . ,. 1 3 If H 1 ' fa 'A -.F 1 J, XA 'f K A Vi nl. or 5 M l , - Q2 ' John L5 ' Bobby Marshall Martin ' -- ' f M h ll ' Dorothy ars a ug . Maloy V Carolyn Max f-A "-if ' Wilbur A Howard All 45 Morris jobe William Maharrey Q, Betty McClain E '1 'ui' K i X 'V gym, .1 WL! p '33 X 3, e Q J . are S "1 by l y J' -.- y "' l I J X 5 Vh ...,,,, J V Ronald Betty S V ' f Miller Murphy Hubert joanne V I Mfmmin Nolan Peggy Bessie McD1v1tt Z Owen I 4 I fin" 'li Mary E. Mary Pearl A , Patrick Perry XY N-it Dorothy R H ti. 2? AJ 'S parker Poole B tt oy - C Y Parimore " RICC 3 'TV f f M . l .J " A 3 X., --' I '? V , 2- Betty Lou Tum A fi Roberts Sloan Ruby Elxzabeth ' Roach Smxth lg' -4 Martha HFSY Roach 5 -.V Smith v Q is 45' I ' --9 5 I 'X ' y r A Bob Bi y A y , Stafford Trantham ' . - Jeannette Frances Jimmy Springer TFOSPCI' Car 501-fell Turner Q5 '4 L 4 Mary janet Turner 0 fob' K ,,, '77 Q. Helen Whitehorn 1 . W Q cw 'til " 4 :Y 4...,S Edith Claire Reba 6' XP " Walker Warren Richard PMSY Veazey Welshans White , Z6 WMS ' S AVAPLABLE agp g M 2 M' 'f 'P' t EQ -W V' W , 2 4' W a' y --- L . Q r i X 1 Austin , r Worley 4 Barbara Robert x Williams Wright Bobby Yoakum Bert Wiylvef to the Faculty and the Student Bod y Special Congratulations to the Graduating Clan TOOLEY-MYRON STUDIO 185 Madison Avenue Memphis, Tennessee A ' - x , , 1 ' 1 fri I -. Nl Q ' V k f I 1 . 4 I 1 I I 1 i 4 1 I n rf Q ' , I Q ' I ' I X r . . , . f if G X , .N f , 1 ' 9 4 1 X , . N -' 1 ,V 'I x X 'x EDSEL ANDERSON ..... ..... V ire Prefident BOB HASTINGS ........ ............ P refidenl HASKIN DAVIS ......... ......., T reaxurer GAII. SMITH .......... ...... S efrezary BILL YOUNG ..... ...,, R eporler 831111 B I I K J I Q sg X Harold Ammons 4-9, xv Bobby Baskin Margie Bowles -1 4 . Wanda Bringle jo Burlison .s 2? 'Ne , '77 Edsel Tommie Hx Carolyn Anderson Armstrong I Parricia Anderson Baker Kim Baxter 3 .v im.. , of , 'ff . , x ?2'3l.' ' jimmy Bradshaw als XXX f C a ,Zia 7 ll H .X C - Gaylon Jimmie ' Beasley Beasley Jo Ann Bishop 5 C H ,, N A h ., E Keefef Bradshaw Bradshaw Betty Jo Bringle 'U' Q ' . xi' N-ff Laura Barron 'T W: -J.. 'NSY' ww Leroy Boyd 'rl .4 Bringle . 3 ta .Q A 5 ' 'f F r Photo not ' K 'X 'I i AVAILABLE gutsy Momeen Gardner Brown Bull ,laflife Brooksbank s Burgess jick Burk Fil N V ' 3 r ' f-- so f xx 1 , -5 nnuawrlsu f df 3 s m r, Carolyn Anna V. Q ,Q X N Q K Emmanuel Carter Cobb John W' Campbell Cook Larry Combs .5 5 2 '40 g .Q oi f AP at A wg, F v 4 ,B - x , 4 Q L K ' i Y. E' is rp? 4 NV Jimmy Janie ' Hazel Craig Daniel . Cox Morris Cothran H 2: , 3 , .5 1 5- . ? ar I ,F ,I Rf, 9 L A Everett Edward k, L Shirley Deen Durham -' 'ef' 's Dawson Haskin Davis V , N ' 4 -A A . l - J ao. I .-an l f f sam X H it 'A , lx 'fr ' nr, J 'S Rl'-Ai x. . A Richard Wilda F Ezeu Fisher Forbess ' Ferrell Paul Erwin I i ,,,, H y fa , I V v, 'x be 'Q IA S A Alma Floyd ' Hall Harris Beverly Grugett Billy Gilbreath 'Z 4 .1 ,L Billy "Mairha jo A 1- 3. . x- x Jean Hise Hopkins " I ' Il Hindman Walter Hayes si? Y P Marcia Daniel 3 William Earwood 'i ,lsdfx 'L jo Ann Gasson ,-fl 1' Y ,ig .fs Laila fkl B? . x . Emmett Hartsfield Vonnie Sue jackson r Daniel I Q." J 3 Currie Erwin Hughes Gay - to 0 X 1 , x Bob Hastings -1 Susan johnson -NF 3 Gwyn Kelley Hrldred Massengrll 'ui aqpv HXX Charles Keltner oe Massey Q L Wayne Max I,-n f'dM,,. xl af" 43 :M Myrna Ear Lavelle Lents I tr if -49 rmmy Martrn MP' If-ll XT' Maxwell " 5 Donald Mills Mazne Mashburn 5-E Maxmc McBride r Q 4 I ' J 3 ' i E P KS, ggi H 612. A K N fx- 5 . K L-.. -.ffifg J 2,91 " ,Ty it A r P' P l '. ff -W P V, 'na ,L . N v , J 5 'f -1 I A W' ' 2. 1 3 I 5 .Aj 9 gr A I J V, t aa, y 'f fl X -ff? Q' i y it 7 '.. J ' - x, ,JQ I " ' B-1 u. Xl ., V ' X 1 X J 'deff 3 I ,p 55 J :F 39" N4 3 at P ' 7 .. 1 P at Y? ' A If y fy fff ar , 4, " O at firm' "rr I l l "J J' Drew l X U A' P A i fha . :K 1,,4 5 xi:,' 'AL ' 7' v - - 4 lu. - ' 2 l l f r IQ E - n. ' Q 6 , V ,P A I , A V I x 3,5 N., 3110! Y,,4A Pg V V F .AAL O , 4 - x O ., - 'V ,fr - ,g. 4. R M K ,, sq A ,rs H J l l ws J Na on y l y 1 as ' 33 'a 1 . - an .z y P -J V A A " ' t ' is sf xx X . -4- ' -K Nl "wt s l Q ,.....' .L'.f! . , I P Z W! 5 - XX P -' rs. - in 0 u 4 A A ,y Q m , W D ', .N,X Cz, I xmmy MLCall ii OYCC S Jlmmy Patrnck Jeanette McDan1el ff' Nat Newman Patsy Patterson McI'ar Billy J Overton Mary E Peeler Il Ann X l d M I h an C mos Barbara Knrght Peggy Overton o Ann Owen '3 4 lit! Royce S Petty Prnner Nd, anle MIZC Gary Owen 'r"1 7' Joe Poole gig. 4 -1 if 'f 3 N, 8' l s , cn- : 'A V V 1, S at v-'fr' X s. 1 4 'X Dewey Rggemafy K X QP 'ef John Ref Robeffs viigihia ' I I A' Rhodes Roberts ' ' J1mmY , ., Phil Reeves ' ,i 1 4. , K h X Rogers "' , 4: 1 ,A K ,Q 5.1 - -ai :L ' If Vg- ,Lin ., , , 11 i X fd +5 A 4 Q my Jack . R -si., ' Lee june Rushing Sanford Sara jean Y L Ruff Sartain T' James A Eugene R059 Scudder i 'ts , .ffm 1 -an Q 'aff n nj? Q ,, W X fl. 'Q I 511,24 V A 1 1 It A it 3. '-K i Jerry john Shirley Shoaf Shoaf Nelson Q i ' Y 'A Shahan Shoal: 49' K Marilyn ' Alice 7,9 Shoft I: tq ig 4 , 4 Y S - 'Z' , Z , 4, it n ' 'K 'S' 1 - , 7 ' s , W ' S D, ' :Q 4 i 5 H ' x , W V- '4 ' K x D G .I I 5 R f R an ai SW N M D- "' Smith Smith 'H "U -,nu ,N 3,1440 lla-ne Kenneth Rayburn S om Smith Lillian Sims Smith , i Hwu:k:'iI.Lle bb if N, Bo F-. William Smeg Wiiiili X Patsy Stewart Stiles W Smith Strickland fjgfgff -I W- 'V .-ji? ,. Y ' 5 -tx . Tiff K, I T ,f 45' S " L gf ff? 1 T Idanna Smitty 8 is J I Monte Thurmond Townsend Sidney 1 Temple Turner ii W . Stanley Aflmf Taylor Vanstory r .fzg V V . fr .- 'gig s I 'Y I .lzl Il ' . ' Q , if ' ,A ,-,-e, H7717 llr i ' . 'L '. It Janice Marshall K ' Q! V 4 A sling, Walk Walk Msgs, ggyce yi V 'A s Jan g at ms Carolyn Vaughan 4 2 H Watson f . Q Betty Jimmy 5 M W' X Sara Williams Willimns Jerry " , Whitehorn e Wilson . Lewis LOUISE Webb Woodard , ' fx R A ea- . -:ai 9 L, 9 Av 5 X5 7110 vw , Y Q Y f . 1 S, S- -- Q E. C. Betty Ann X: . h A E5 Kay Worley Yoakum - w.Biu , S i Y Kenneth Wooten oung Warren Pbonograph Record: CRESCENT BEAUTY SHOP For Appointment Phone 669 3' gmt? WT? D 'iv FT' T W4 - ...B Wi MHZ! wks? ml 1 fn,- 1 of uv 4 V A...-4 YE V s ll gl 'U OU ll .5 If .Q C. f'?.?mi2 ls. My 3 'iff , , ,ws if . TQV 31, 9' we , , 953 V. uri", 4 ' 1 im is 5515 Q 3 Bef! All Around L L INEZ BILLINGS BILLY WALK ,ui .I , ' g Y I . 1 su Q , YOUNGER S JEWELERS Elgm+Long1r1es Bulova Hamilton Bluebxrd-Dxamond Gorham-Silver Gzflf For Every Ormfmn COVINGTON RIPLEY QQLTIJ' Q is Q M uf' M Y flaw, ,Ei O ' rfrqjfw 'R v' , " 2 f fl in , ' '.--1... aigili ga ll 4 .. x B 2731 4: A, Q rv ' ' Ffiendlieft fi X GILES FORBESS WANDA BEAVER : wav' Nfl? i-C 4 ,,.. WMF FURD '-- --on A F Since 1910 A - 778 Phone 583 PX. 9' I-:ELTON O O Envncs - A --f-M11 ATISFIES R' .X X xt f 'iii .2 ,-.4 SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY H .- E- - ,-- EA, E MAIN' WM-mn-may N , A A .. X 9 s 3 is F yn: A 'xx-if t ,wail -if ro v ff' v A 1 MQW. f- vw 1 . Q AL, f--s 'A 13,1 'X 'UUIBIUIQH 4, :Q v V L ,J Y j ,W 1 -711 0 V y it 4 f ' i L, -W W- M W Q To,,,,.,,.f: , as ri + W "".:'..f ZW! z"""' F ft -5 1 9' ,A . 4' 41 - 4 , ex 5, if I I I iv 1 S: 4, Ils f ' :: M051 Courteous Boy :I MOORE BROS. Mobil Products - Phone 2454 REECE CORDER 5 Complete One Stop Station Mobilgas COVINGTON Q irv if ln: la: U 1' Bef! Dreffed Girl MARY JANE GREEN fi sf" fy, gmagxzncfw . ..., .,-Aw, 'E ' 'W i'f'kf"'.1v', A , 2. Y , ' A ' 7"" pal' if 1 JV i Q .. . I 'nj"""' .lf E 'lx ,,!E-E, 1-YW'-. , I Y "f- F " Mt' 4-1. . - ,, 14.-,E , 4 A " ui. Moft Lzkely to Succeed LESLIE ANN HARVEY GEORGE GRACEY 1 'M " ' f xy K, , YN E 1 ...Q ,af if ' , , Complimczzlj of UVM! 69- Temzefjeelf Crealeyf Slore , dp, " COVINGTON, TENNESSEE ' df Phone 2664 x ' E- 5 X i BETA CLUB Front row: Ernestine Underhill, Rose Marie Slover, Katherine Shoaf, Ruth Simpson, Presidentg Mazie Warmath, Ann Burlison, Secretaryg Wilma Wiley. Second row: Robert Louis Sorrell, Raymond Bryant, jere Hill, Wayne Selph, Vice President, Betty Gatlin, Tommy Moose, Miss Ross, Sponsor. Not in picture: Wanda Hopkins, Bobby Butler. Congmlulaliom to The Graduating flurry of 1953 GRACEY, BEASLEY 8: SAGE CO. "Your Family Shoe Store" Phone 827 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA n ,r If . Miss Frances Rast Spomor Vtida Billings .....,.....,.....,................,........,,. Preriderzl Jo Ann GZSSOD ----.........v.................., ........... H irtorian Wanda Beaver ..,..,, Vive Preridenf Mary AVCl0f1 5HSSCr ,. .............,....... Reporter Paula Scott ...,..,.. ,,.,, 4.,,,-,, S e fretary Mamie Byrd .......... ......... P arliamentarian Barbara Barton .. ....., ., Trearurer X199 'v""'?' H-1 R 'Fa I .A Mr. C. E. johnson ' C0-Spomor w qtgy Mr. Lewis Hunt C0-Spomor FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA Wayne Selph .,,..,,,, ,,...........,.....,..,.......,.. P refidenl Kay M, F1-izzell ,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,., T reasuref Neal Johnson ,,,, ..,,,..,. V ice Prefidenl Raymgnd Bryant ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. R epofler Carl Turner .. ............... Serretary Wilbur Howard ,,,,,, ........ S entinel COMMERCIAL CLUB First row: Betty McKee, June Gasson, Betty Kelley, Annette Poole, Veda Billings, Vice President, Camille Kelley, Reporter, Nancy Calhoun, Frances Brammar, Helen Hazelrig, Mary Nell Thomas, Mary Elizabeth Farmer. Second row: Rose Ann Veazey, Mary Avelon Sasser, Katherine Shoaf, Emily Harvey, Estella Wilwn, Betty Sacks, Treasurer, Barbara Lowery, Shirley Warren. Third row: Shirley Parr, Tommy Moose, Yvonne Cloves, Laura McGowan, Mazie Warmatlt, Martha Massey, Nina Yarbro, Mary Barron, Ruth Simpson. Fourth row: Margaret jobe, President, Mary jane Green, Ernestine Underhill, Jimmy Kelly, Wayne Hartley, Jordon Sherrod, Giles Forbess. Fifth row: juanell Murphy, Dorothy Scroggins, Mynna Mclntosh, Annette Yarbro, Wilma Wylie, Bessie Marie McDaniel, Betty Gatlin, Ann McDonald, Betty Sue Smith. Sixth row: Mrs. Lewis Hunt, Ioann Smith, Beauton Bowden, Mary Louise Ralph, Rose Marie Slover, Mary Ellen Wright, Kay Cothran, Catherine Bearden, Yolande Faulk. Seventh row: Wanda Beaver, Secretary, Ann Burlison, Melissa Carson, Milton Thornton, Paula Scott, Sara Ann Sage. Not pictured: Barbara Barton, Joanne Black, Lois Mills, Jeanette Yarbrough, Shirley Kykendall, Wanda Hopkins, Lynn Eubanks, Dorothy Smith. Ctr, 41" w1"'v I 'Q'-J 4 ':"'5 xx. 1 Q " Qff X S- Mrs Shoaf Spomor Fxrst ro Jeanette Bo den Mary A elon Sasser Annette Poole Corrmne Curne Second row Beauton Bo den Sylvxa Ames Mattxe Lou Ptts Shxrley Rose Thxrd ro Emily Har ey Peggy Leach Helen Hazelrng Veda Bxlhngs Fourth row Mary Janet Turner Frances Brammer Wllma Wyllc Kathenne Shoaf Complzmentf of HUGHES GROCERY COMPANY, INC. FAIRY FLAKE and BEAUTY BAKE FLOUR of X A I K fd "" M Q' G A f A A ful M y N M77 ,' 1 V I 4 i ,mx gkx X Y Y of Br Xp X K! ! A l If MWHIU' MA X Q H x i , il A A if 4 1 ra fr 1 .- A . 5 . 1: W X t Qi N Y ' ,mf 3, Q.: , A , , I X W My , Com pliments of Qligdfg JUlaQuiafo12 0 PHONE 2481 AIR-CONDITIONED Covington, Tennessee Scenes from ANNUAL STA FF PARTY May 12, 1953 Congratulations to the Clan of '53 WALKER CHEVROLET CO. CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC Cars Trucks Service "A Business Fair Dealing Built" PHONE 781 K 5 mu , gunna i F Qll lll 2 FSI! F QQXZZNZ 4-4 LATIN CLUB Bottom row: Sandra jones, Mamie Lou Byrd, Helen Campbell, Dorothy Parker, Wilma Wiley, Vice Presidentg Mary janet Turner, Kathryn Wooten, President. Second row: Betty Fleming, jo Rivers Baxter, Katherine Shoaf, Betty Gatlin, Ernestine Underhill. Third row: Leslie Ann Harvey, Barbara Flowers, Nancy Calhoun, Edith Claire Walker, Secretaryg Mrs. Parkinson, Sponsor. Fourth row: john Marshall, Tim Sloan, Robert Fuller, Dan Jennings, Reporter, Bill Harris. Fifth row: Dick Hall, jack Simonton, Robert Sorrell, Roy Parimore, Tommy johnson. Not in picture: Betty Rice, Billy Fleming. --- """"""'!?'I' C om plimentf Of BOZO'S Mason, Tennessee :R A 'gh , 1. ,- in-v DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB First row: James Stafford, Sergeant-at-Arms, Frank Fortner, Vice President, Lynn Blalack, Secre- taryg George Lackey, Treasurer. Second row: Bobby McDivitt, Joanne Black, Jeanette Yarbrough, Dorothy Deverell, Shirley Kuy- kendall, Geneva Poole, Ann Harvey, Dorothy Smith, Charlene Stallings, Mattie Lou Pitts. Third row: Frank McIntosh, Jimmy Burlison, Robert Turner, James Faulk, Jimmy Yates, Eldon McDaniel, Jimmy Griggs, Jimmy Chapman. Raymond Judy, Co-ordinator. Not pictured: Wanda Hopkins, Reporterg Edith Smith. SHOAF 8: HERSBERGER FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. West Liberty Avenue HOME of FINE FURNITURE Gibson Appliances - Armstrong Iniaid Linoleum Call Ur For Free Ertimaler "Terms to Fit the Budget" J 4? Butler Burgess Fdulk Former 4- lu -4 Chapman Cldlg Dans Dfwlllflg Iruzcll Hartlcy Hammuna J0hn50n Gracey P1 e flderzl -I Stafford Serve! nj Trenure 1. Pannell Ffmzball C.1pt.11r1 McCl.un Ixalfd, , 3 v s '+ 1' l B Stafford E. Stafford l W Walk Ire Pre mlm! H1 Rep filer A -1 Gardener Blfkelball Cup! H71 Rohbmi -I Smith Smlfh Rogers 1'- sl S A ' -,j 7 N Q Q 5 1 f , ' btcp enson hormon UUCY Vhlfeh0m .' 9 Q. - 'D , ,- -9 1 . - T A '- ' f A ' I v -4 " 591 ' - 1 I "wif ull' ' y 42. ' A 4 'x K I 2: .', I, y K . . t , I rf- K ' 9 -f 3 '. ga- ' 6 3 5 , - , -I . X 1 - - 1 L ' , . 1 ' V . s ,van A 5 . N ' j' .Jn . K , 5 7 . 4 A d , 'W - . Q f A 'VH X , , K 1 '- -r f Y I ff Y 2 f. 1 , 'nw X f , 'X . ,yff f ff . ,IQ I f' .' 8 ,Q f 1 , 4 1 57, J, A -' I ' 1 fi Q 4 ' ', 5 ' 1. fl -3 X I U' -X r , 1' - x "- , J ,Ai , , 1 96115 ' . 1 ll ' ' . A . - E V . , A , . . I. . , J f , A , 1 I V ly ' f - . vxjx f , 4 f ' f ' - ef' V ' , , .xl N if N f Y V xi-gr L' F A 1 , ff - f '. -. - '. 3 ' " - V s l, Q 4 1 9 f 1 I xf 5 q Q 1 . , - , .Q ,L .K Vx, , . . K A A S Q B A. Y l . 1,x . 1 ". J' ' - A u Q P ,. 1 1 , 4. ' 3 ' ' "' . 0 1 Editor Melissa Carson Melissa Carson Leslie H51-va fl Editors Raymond Bryant Mary Avelon Sassei Z' H0meC0mlng Editor Nancy Calhoun QL L Oo Editor Ernestine Underhill GQ? Q J' 2 IVED-With the comm of s nn classes et dull We Shook th COVINGTON TENNESSEE NOVEMBER. 1952 W 1 Gala Occasion 01,7494 Q Ending the football season with Q' so QQ. O Co 'vous "bang" was homecoming. 2,-000 V' Q66 4 to pop out until a big atfa if? 93900 95 0 Q id. Monday, November 1 swsaz ' 6,0 o6j Q ao 2 0 J preoare for the eve -f - 05 5' 00662 '93 J' Q things started off rig o 0 . O 00 1,, 9' re first, since more a af O' 6' , 21.960 'Shao' 'ssjog 0436? as needed on this particul ' Q' xg' Ge- 66 lb ' Q To make things more exci or 209663206 of ' .L almost every club decided it wou -sv F26 66 Q5'S2,0l"-60 rticipate in the parade and prepa 0' f' 0' 1 . Q49 43836 afoat p0IlS0!' Mrs LEWIS Hunt? fzfqymai Tucsday November 11, the class had meetingso electel their re resentativf O necoming Quee md They if Sylvia Ame A juiieivat -at 9 9 sophomor 79 f 659. 5 9 Wa Waxine M 'Y w 4 0 in Q- v K, 0 A o YE 9 oo it Q Q Q 9 Ay 0 64 6, -9 0 X 'fre ve Ke' 992 63 Q' 33044 O Q ever groi V043 oaga 0 si O 7 nv scho0mO,?f'i!3,'1bo '99 QL? of fe, 6 Ent Q W Q! do Q' f 20m WUC b . vo! 1,9 62.0 6 Pal, iloats, a l Q. .QQ Q, O X, ld and truclit gf? no Qld? tin Hoo be completi Q, Q9 '7g50'?cif4' tru sounding its 3546 4' the Hoa were so bright fQ90iorful it w very hard to -cho Je which was t prettiest and had the best ideas. The Commercial Club, with i "Give 'em the ax" and its ve realtistic turkey, won first n 1 The FHA buggy rolling 30m 1 x.. 1. 'X Fl, arf lawn--e We Shook the Fam-ily Tree Prerenled By Senior Class of Byars-Hall High School April 24, 1955 CAST jimmy Burgess .................................. ........... 1 immy Dolron Frank Fortner .......................... .., ........................... Bob Dolran Keith Tanner .... Hildergarde Dolron, who if tired of being 4 wallflowef Camille Kelley ........... ............................ S ally Dolfon Leslie Ann Harvey ...... ............................... M rr. Dolron Inez Billings .............. .,..... E llie-May, Bob'J bear! tbrob Nina Yarbro ............,........,.......,.......... jill, Ellie-May'r friend Katherine Wooten ............ Paige Maron, who llkfl to play portman George Gracey jr. ..... ............... . .,..... F feddie Slaefmer Reece Cor-der ...........,......,, ........... M r. Dolmn Corrinne Currie .......- .......... ........ M rr. Sbermer David Ferguson .....................,.,........................ Mr. Sbenner Mr. E. M. Evans-Director Jeanette M. Bowden, Emily Harvey-Barkrlage Manager! Mary Barron, Ann Burlison, Mattie Lou Pitts Burinerr Manager: Complimenlf of GEORGE D. GRACEY MAJORETTES-Marye Jeanne Crigger, Sanclra jones, Estella Wilson, Keith Tanner, Drum Major etteg Barbara Flowers, Marsy Brown, Paula Scott, BAND QUEEN-Mary Ellen Wright. RACO DRIVE IN THEATRE and RUFFIN AND RITZ THEATRES of Covington, Tenn. Extend their beartiest congratulalionf to you . . . RUFFIN AMUSEMENT CO., INC. RACO ENTERPRISE, INC. Finext Tbeazref in Wen Tennessee and Kenlurky VARSITY BAND First row: Kay Cothran, Mary E. Wright, Peggy Parimore, Barbara Williams, Bernale Cooksey, Frances Trosper, Betty Deverell, john P. Farmer, Lewis Webb, Robert Sorrell, Billy Adkerson, Toby Poole. Second row: Tim Sloan, Irma Billings, Betsy Harvey, jimmy Craig, Doris Dawson, Rose A. Veasey, L. june Ruff, jimmy Hopkins. Ranny Farrell, Kim Baxter, Bruce Gray, Jimmy McCall. Third row: Eugene Scudder, Richard Daniel, Reece Corder, President, Harry Bowden, George Lackey, Walter Hayes, Tommie Moose, Richard Veasey. Fourth row: junior Faulk, jimmy Edens, Mack Easley, Helen Whitehorn, Bill Burnett, David Combs, Roy Parimore. Standing: Paula Scott, Estella Wilson, Barbara Flowers, Sandra jones, Marsy Brown, Keith Tanner, Mr. Mathews, Bill Hazelrig, june Gasson, Margaret Durham, Doris White. Not present: Bobby Butler, johnny Howard, Abner Davis, Sylvia Ames. A 741, BADDOUR'S DEPARTMENT STORE "FAMILY OUTFITTERS SINCE 1905" Phone 823 li, j V. irrdfgfg '55 'IU 1 - If 5,31 ,fe 4' my f n 4 Hg f . ' ' if w ' ' 'W L., c-5 A42 . 1,1 ip! Q1-wwf 1' 2 5 , gfkifw J 4.1. X, f, 0-Q ! ,vs un no f lf,-N Q-6' mi up ' ,HTL 3 Y' y Sf. H+,-J 1 ,.,x-Q, af? Qs 5: ? 51 Aff ffgw f, ,, 1 I CHEERLEADERS Sarah Jo Whitehorn Lynn Blalack Wanda Beaver Edith Claire Walker Katherine Shoaf .Io Hall MANAGERS joe Naifeh Bill Harris Buddy Forbess Charles Stephenson ilk My V ! E9 ' Y ,Q -64'-QL if. - J. fford, R. Utley Forlner, G B Walk Gardner K lam K Frluell X -V I T. Smifh. D. Cranford, J. Craig, N. Johnson, J. Marshall, B. Rogers. J. Hill Q 'A P2 14 n ,l ins .35 AL, X C3 s l 31 ,151 Q Q 4- fi ' n H7-K V K., W K. 4 . Q 5 ' , '- .qi 'L 6 1 2 S , ,V A-f, TN V . xt A I 4 P Q ff H x ' .S 4 I f J .,,, , "X 1 ' , X' . , W ,, ' V ,.. . -8.2 f ' , M n. N1 '. - i' . 127fff?",g'-'yi , 5 ' 53-if . , 7 , , . 73 'I 1' . , -:seas ,'fjf,7f,f',. ggi". . -- mv T 5.4 .2 L' t . I 'f .,i5'MQ?'1:'51f'eA'3"F5-fqf f5Wi'ii"i I ' " .V .5.w9'-5fJ1'a.1ff8".U" ' 7 A W" V . ' ' 'PW S ' M ' :'e".'m7-f'I,3'i'if'fl-fff'?ff?i5'i f 'Tw'-1 A, . 5:'Y7Sfi" .""-E' .ff 3" Q' 'X ' 'i V' A i M . 4 . b -i I Q?f53?.x,g.v7rfT,W.L :f,'.:y:.,1::-ed. 1 L:-il.. -,sz 1 1 IA 4 . ffl, K I . , I ' I 4 ,K f. sgttjsrflr in ' yn ,Ml ' f .4 I ' V K' ,vast I . In , X' Y . , t . 5 -f ,f s ft X . .,.f, x .eh . ' X UNIOR VARSITY Front row, left to right: Robert Coley. Bill Hadley. Hal Roe, joe Massey, jimmy Naifeh. David Slover, Haskin Davis. Hildred Massengill, Wfalter XX'hitley, Edward Stallings. Seiond row: George Noell, 'Malcolm Smith, Smitty Townsend, Richard Fisher, Punkin Anderson, Bill Young, Bob Hastings. Gaylon Beasley, Harold Ammons, Tommy Stubhlefield. Third row: Manager Dan Forbes, Buddy Deen, bary Owen, jatk Sanford. james Ruffin. john Shoaf, Frankie johnson. Stanley Taylor, Nat Newman. Coach Bill Scruggs. X Mill' M "Where you will enjoy A doing banners" All l UNION SAVINGS BANK A Friendly Bank H omecomzng ueen Football Queen CANDIDATES FOR HOMECOMING QUEEN Maxme McBr1de Veda Brllmgs jackxe House Sylvxa Ames VEDA BILLINGS SH LVIA AMFS Byars HA Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha Byars Ha SCHEDULE Mlll1UgfOH Dyersbury Rxpley Munford Trenton Martm Bartlett Somc rvrlle Humboldt Brownss nlle Halls TINY BOWL L JAMIESON INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 651 Conzplimenlr o CRAIG and CO. LOCKER PLANT Manager WILLIAM E. WHITEHORN JR. Complimenlr 0 NOELL IMPLEMENT CO. TAYLOR MOTOR SERVICE Any Work On Any Car B. J. STAFFORD THORNTON Forward Forward dw WALK Guard J. STAFFCRD Guard HARTLEY Guard ROBBINS Forward I GARDEN ER PANNELL Forward Center FORTNER SMITH Guard FRIZZELL Center Forward HAMMONS Forward 4 Ifezff' QS" I 1. :Q I A f""f xx. A V04 WAGES Forward BILLINGS Forward Wm 1 1 JOBE Forwa rd HITEHORN Forward ARRON UNDERHILL Guard Guard HARTLEY Guard Y x if Q I x. 44' ' -ag Y A .K A . a x li hh X s A5 A -r if F' ' ' ' 'V 1 X ' ig"-' , fl- f" N Xu .1 .v . 1 'Ev . -1 2 f F ' eg , arar V w Q, A N' ' " J 4. I xv! 1 'H Ay Tyr' I X , n fm - Q M- if ,gym if 'F Q P A E 4, V 'JV , :X 31: r , sl is f I M,-14:1 TI' "- rg' 3 X 'FR TURNER Forward nt " 5 '. 'Ji fr , f 4 J , 1 ff ..,f,.'f , V ,A WYLIE Guard ROSE Forward E I HADLEY Guard I x sv ANDERSON Forward 4 BURGESS Guard WALK Forward ICT v. f GIRLS Byars-Hall ir: , .i 'I .155 4 - COACH JUDY .. -fm SCHEDULES of GAMES Opponents COACH CULLIVAN BOYS Byan-Hall Opponenlf 27 Somerville ...... . ......,......... 5 5 5 5 Somerville ...... .................. 3 8 32 Holy Names ...,.. ,,..,.. 3 4 41 Bemis ......,... ...,.... 5 1 33 Bemis .,....,.,,..,, ....... 4 l 5 5 Ripley ,...... ........ 3 7 3 5 Sacred Heart ..... .....,., 3 9 5 1 Brighton .... ,...,... 4 9 37 Ripley ........,... ....... 5 8 63 Mumford .... ........ 2 8 2 1 Brighton ..... ........ 3 0 47 Somerville ..,,.. ........ 3 3 36 Munford ..... ...,,.. 3 1 46 Halls ........., ........ 2 7 29 Somerville ...... ....... 5 8 5 5 Bemis ....... ........ 6 3 21 Halls ...,,...... ,,..... 4 8 60 Ripley ......,. ,,,,,,,. 4 2 5 5 Bemis ....... ....... 5 6 60 Dyersburg ......... ........ 7 1 37 Ripley ..,....,. ....... 5 1 64 Brownsville ,...... ........ 4 9 27 Dyersburg .,.... ....... 2 9 69 Halls ............ ......,. 3 6 22 Brownsville ........ ....... 3 4 65 Brownsville ....... ........ 4 9 30 Halls v............,.... ..,..,. 4 0 48 Brighton .,.. ........ 3 6 1 9 Brownsville ......., ....... 3 3 64 Munford ........ ...,.... 4 4 28 Brighton ........ ....... 3 0 74 East High ....., ........ 4 7 41 Munford ............................... ....... 4 9 56 Trenton ......,.............................. ........ 5 8 TOURNAMENT GAMES DISTRICT 30 TOURNAMENT 43 Sacred Heart ......................... ....... 3 3 66 Grand junction .......,.,...,........... ........ 4 2 27 Halls ........... ....... 6 4 54 ' Brownsville .............. ........ 3 7 56 Brighton ..................... ........ 3 7 REGIONAL 46 Central .................... ........ 5 8 Always Welcome at MCCORMICK DRUG STORE Prerrriplion Druggirt Phone 525 We Deliver Lentheric and Yardley Agency Complimenlr of SANFORD AUTO SUPPLY I ONEY J. NAIFEH Everything good to eat Phone 713 E. F. ROGERS Where You Like What You Gel and Get What You Like Mason, Tennessee BASEBALL 1953 Front row: jere Hill, Bill Young, Richard Whitehorn, Gaylon Beasley. Donald Smith, Wayne Hartley, jimmy Yates, Richard Utley, Billy jack Stafford, Carl Pannell. Back row: Coach Judy, Manager-jimmy Craig, Wayne Robbins, Buddy Rogers, Punkin Anderson, james Stafford, Kay Moore Frizzell, Manager-Dan Jennings, Bobby Hammons, Earl Faulk, Congratulations to our team for an anafaally fuccefrfal reamn Complimenlf of FEDERAL COMPRESS Covington, Tennessee Complimenlf gf CHARLES G. MOSLEY C. T. POINDEXTER GROCERY Philco Dealer - Mason, Tennessee Fresh Meat Hardware What you want is a col-ze. Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Covington, Tennessee ,j starts officers elected elected game arriw e officers pictures made nnual ntatives for band car- e chosen of annual staff an- pictures made carnival NOVEMBER representa- K .sf 141 tives for Home- coming fade-game wins Tiny hands cigars basketball holi game dance versus Faculty H JANUARY 5-6-Exams 12-Measured 15-Football for 25-F,F.A.-F.H.A FEBRUARY 28-Boys won MARCH 9-10-'I' 24-D.E. 25-27-Class 30-Latm APRIL 3-Band 13-17-I 2 3-24-Senior 28-junior quet MAY 1-May Day 12-Annual 14-Senior HYDE PARK MILLS, INC COVINGTON, TENNESSEE Exfendf Simere Congmmlalimzf and Confirmed SIIFFFII to the 1953 gmduatef of BYARS-HALL HIGH SCHOOL Class Prophecy It rs the year 1963 The old town of Covington looks down upon another generatron the pros perous townsmen of today that only yesterday were rts carefree lorterers A steady stream of people are rushing into a huge grocery store on the corner whrle the owner ean ette Mrller Bowden beams her approval A sudden sound of brakes screeches and a truck comes to a slrdrng stop George Lackey clrmbs out of the truck and goes into the main offrce of Turners Darry where we frnd Robert Turner occupyrng the presr dents chair In the busy rush of traffrc we hear a whrstle blowing and frnd rt rs our own Wayne Brrngle now a friendly motorcycle cop While stand rng on the corner we hear an agonrzed yell from a Marron Yarbro DDT dentrst fand how'j Rose Marre Slover n immaculate white consoles the patients for vrctrms A hubbub next door comes from the office of jeryl Gray and Sanford Grlbreath Covington s most brrllrant lawyers rn the office we frnd rmmy Burgess a progressive farmer of our country frlrng a lawsuit against someone for hrttrng one of hrs pedrgreed cows George Gracey rs the well known judge of the Crrcurt Court Lours eter Sherrff of Trpton County has Kenneth McClain as hrs right hand man Look rng rnto the window of Phrl Duane s drug store we see hrs drploma whrch he received last year Also we see an advertisement for a magazrne wrth a prcture of Trssre Tanner one of the nation s leadrng models on the cover Down the street we see Coxrngton s new lrbrary The lrbrarrans are Sylvia Ames and Beauton Bowden The library was a grft of joe Narfeh for mer sports announcer of Station BHHS now owner of a charn of grocrey stores Shirley Warren B S M S now heads the Math Dept at Byars Hall Down the hall we find Peggy Leach B S M S Ph D keeping up wrth the family tradrtron Naturally she s teaching senror Englrsh Across the campus we see smoke streaming out of the windows of the Vocatronal Burldrng After ques tronrng a student we are rnformed that rt rs only Laverne Shankle teachrng the Home Ec classes to cook Sara Ann Sage rs now a famous srnger and tele vrsron star rn New York She has the leadrng part rn I Cant Believe It Edith Smrth rs now Irving rn New York wrth her husband We hear that Jo Hall rs s arrrng rn the latest Hollywood hrts james Staf Old Strong Bank M A WALKER 84 CO TIPTON COUNTY FARMERS UNION BANK Since 1894 Covington Tennessee FARM HARDWARE EQUIPMENT FURNITURE B L OVERALL 8: SONS Shell Orls Pontrac Cars GMC Trucks Allrs Chalmers Tractors and Implements Complrmentf of COVINGTON SUPER MARKET U 1 n ' . . . I ' 3 ' 3 ' ' ! D rl ' 1 J ' , . - 7 - . . U . , Y T l , . .7 . ., , . ., . ., . ., l i . second story window identifying the office of Dr. ' , . . ., ' . 5 ' ' 7 J' , ' . . . . . K a - I , ' ' , 1 -. - - - 1 - Q - - MALEY FUNERAL HOME Complzmenly 0 To Serra Hum 1:1113 Befler SAMPLE SHOE STORE Covmgton Tennessee B1ll enmngs ford IS now a flmous ha1r styl1st eanette Yarbro IS h1s long sufferlng model She IS alvsays appearmg Wlth latest ha1r styles crownrng her head Carl Pannel IS coach of the Cst1llj XICIOFIOUS Harlem Globe Trot ers Some of our alumm haxe wandered far from home Sh1rley Rose seems to haue flown the h1ghest She IS a stevsardess on one of the Trans Pac1f1e planes Also we hear that ames Sage IS 1 p1lot Mary Ellen Wnght lb the traxel agent for Trans Atlant1e A1r l1nes Pat B1rm1ngham IS a sales woman for the Ipana Toothpaste Company Reese Corder IS st1ll makmg a name for h1mself ID the enterta1nment world as a mus1e1an Frank Fortner IS now IU Hong Kong traelelng down SPICS for the I' BI Eldon Me Dan1el IS the propr1etor of a large resort 1n Flor1da Calv1n Creasy IS st1ll askmg quest1ons only th1s t1me 1t s to the poor students at Southern Cal1forn1a my Chapman IS st1ll playmg the game now It s pro fess1onal football B1ll Walls. IS managmg the Gold Nugget Nrght Club 1n Las Vegas But grae1ous we haxe more than these to d1scuss so lets come back to Covmgton and f1nd out about the rest 1mmy Gnggs 15 demonstratrng the new pop corn popper at Ben Franklms Leslre Ann Harvey IS the new manager of Harvey and Daughter G1n Annette Poole and Lynn Blalack are makmg head l1nes for Covrngton Annette IS the author of a col umn ent1tled AdVlCC for G1rls whxeh appears da1y 1n all the b1g newspapers Lynn IS the author 0 a book called The Chlld s Care Lynn has also been elected the mother of the month Betty Sue Sm1th IS now managmg the Bus1ness Woman s Club 1mmy McDonald has a h1llb1lly band They appear at all of the barn dances C0rr1nne Curr1e IS the head of the Speech Dept at UT Emlly Harvey IS st1ll tourmg Europe she s flood1ng the ma1l w1th p1cture post cards Bobby Hammons IS the operator of a fash1onable n1ghtclub R1chard WhlfCh0fD just came back from Austra11a w1th a boxmg kangaroo Betty Sacks IS now the owner of Saeks on Flfth Avenue Ann Burl1son and uanell Murphy are employed as pr1vate secretanes to promment lawyers 1n MCmPhlS Mel1ssa Carson has taken Mrs McGowans place as d1et1t1an ID the lunchroom Nancy Calhoun IS now mstructor of dr1v1ng at Byars Hall j1mmy Yates 1S photographer for the New York T1mes Sh1rley Parr IS a champ1on lady wrestler Mary Lou1se Ralph IS a burlesque queen Geneva Poole and Matt1e Lou P1tts are v1s1t1ng hrgh schools try1ng to get new recru1ts for the WACS Complzmenzr of Complzmenly 0 COBB ELECTRICAL SERVICE TAYLOR and YOE You phone for us Mason Tennessee We ll w1re for you Complzmenir of WESTERFIEI-D'S LOWENHAUPT HILL HARDWARE CO CASH GROCERY gmfe 1897 Covmgton, Tenn 1 ' f , I , . 7 I . . V 1 f Q " A ' ' ST. I V1.4 A I. .. I' ' H I D . . . . 7 A. , .N. ' - - ' '.jim- ' U , S. Y. Y I V Ag ,,v - h ' -' I ' , . , fy' , . T - l . . 7 A q - I '. V 1 . . 7 ! 3 1 I M I 7 Drugs TAYLOR DRUG CO ROPERS Prerrrzpnon Druggutf PreJrr1p11on: Mason Tenn Vfhere Most People Trade Most H 11 SANDWICHES and COURTESY CAFE DAIRY CASTLE ICE CREAM Class Prophecy Martha ean Massey IS a dancing mstructor at Arthur Murray s Studio Nrna Yarbro has a thrxvlng busnness as a seamstress IH Mason If you hear a lot of people laughmg these days you can be sure Bobby McD1v1tt and Frank Mcln tosh are 1n the crowd They now haxe the1r own T V show xmmy Burlxson IS a salesman for the Lucky Strlke Company ul1us Beasley a Memphls arch1tect IS doxng qulte well now Shlrley Kuykendall and Dorothy Dexerell have taken over the management of the Covnngton Dxme Store Kenneth QTIGERJ Aklns xs the owner of a race track and also a swanky restaurant Betty McKee has started a new bus1ness rn town a dclncatessen shop Margaret obe IS a suc cessful model at Levys Kathryn Wooten rs also a model she models for the Bouncnng Walk Shoe Company Davnd Ferguson IS a forelgn correspondent for the New York Tnmes Donald Erwln and lmmy Hopkms are stlll golng to schools that IS they re photographers for Tooley Myron Stud1os Inez Blllmgs lS Phys Ed director at Byars Hall the boys are really interested 1n th1s course now Vxrg1n1a Maharrey IS the head nurse at the Cat and Dog Hos pxtal of T1pton County B111 Burnett IS the County vetermarlan oc Hlll IS the pastor of the F1rst Meth odlst Church of Plljerk Tommy Moose IS playnng ID an orchestra ID Chlcago Mrs Amerxca of 1961 IS our own Anne Boyd Malcolm Smlth one of the most noted beauty judges of our txmes was one of the judges Two of our alumm are trylng to make the world a happxer place to lnve IH Dorothy Smlth and Wanda HOPKIHS are managnng the Lonely Hearts Club Abner Davls IS the OfflClal mayor of Mason ames Faulk a race car drlver was glven a txcket for speedlng by hlgh way patrolman Maurlce Gwxnn Ann Harvey and Charlene Stallmgs are the owners of Covmgtons new Motel Dan McLennan hunts tlgers In Afrxca between hrs books Wayne Selph ns a professor at Columbna Unnversxty fE1nste1n just passed away We fmd Ruth Simpson enjoymg the role of a perfect housewnfe Compliment! of JACK GUTTMAN North Sade Square ATKINS FARM SUPPLY H L Atkms GROCERY PURINA FOODS SEED FERTILIZER Compliments of SERVICE CENTER FARMALL TRACTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phone 2631 Covmgton Tennessee june Wooten Meet Me At COVINGTON DRUG After School Er Et at I 7 I D 7 - .7 I . ' " .j , . , 1 J . - .a . . . .- Cozzgralulallonr Semorr W M WILLIAMSON 81 SON Imumnre IJ Our Burnzefr Mason Tenn joe Thornton s ESSO SERVICE CENTER Perronalzzed Sffllfe PHONE 2715 C0lIl!llIlII6IIfY 0 EBER S DEPARTMENT STORE Eat at CITY CAFE Phone 864 0 Ann Smlth I5 employed by the General flee trlc Company 'he demonstrates thelr many products ln all of the Southern States Camille Kelly IS now employed by the Red Cross she IS teachlng f1rst ard classes Mary Awelon Sasser demonstrates new cars for the Ford Motor Company She also assrsts the secretary Mary Barron IS keepmg up with all of her sa es oanne Blaek now has a professlonal glrls basket ball team the Tennessee Plow Grrls Rose Ann Veasey IS marrled to a Hollywood star Yolande Faulk 15 campalgn manager for Charles Strrckland who IS runmng for Presldent Oh yes I forgot to tell you President of the Athletlt Assoclatxon of Tipton County Glles Forbess a famous comedian of our times rs usrtmg Franklm Yarbro at h1s magmflcent cotton plantatxon on the banks of the mrghty Mxssrssxppr Mary jeane Crngger IS busy ralslng a family Some times her husband keeps her worrxed by gonng flsh mg Charles Fuller IS a new Edgar Allen Poe He thrllls and terrlflcs h1s readers every week we smcerely hope that all graduatlng classes of By ars Hall wxll turn out CIYIZCDS as useful and success ful as these Szgrzed by George Gracey oe Narfeh Wanda Hop kms Laverne Shankle George Lackey SPOTLESS CLEANERS Phone 2484 SMITH HARDWARE We apprermle your patronage PHONE 534 Hotpomt Applnances Dupont Paxnts Compllmenlf o STEPHENSON FURNITURE COMPANY Covrngton Tennessee PHONE 517 Fresh Produce and Meat HARVEY and WHITE ll ef're on :be Square Compliment! of DAVIS APPLIANCE CO Authonzed Dealer or Crosley Home All lVe Senlre Ezerylhmg We Sell Applxances ELIZABETH 5 LESTER KELLEY Coungton J only exrluflre dren Jbop DAVIS DAVIS The Crosley Boys Covmgton, Tenn Hwy 51 South , A S f A J ' 'Q . I 1 -- - Y . . , l . And thus ends the saga of the class of 1953, and A f F 9005 WE Q90 1 Q Q0 0 1 ' 0 S yn Gu-X5 ' 5 C.-x'-of Scenes 'krowx Sgmlu- QD an Cx .L xxxe.. 5 ma CAG Q, 53 S 61005 5 '4 A " K Zx A l ITHOC RAPHED K YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS If X Yi A 5 M X Y 7445011-'mdc1,Q I . I ,,,J'1 R .1 . n 'av ,v y V.. Ss YF, dugirf, ,-,, ' .-fx ,f.,-w1hi:Q:1xvvsf1z:'QfP:fri1fa- vw A X' f' 'rizbif j f A ini '5d,,"'s,x 3, A ,4,-f ,+ .,-1.1 A.i4J , 'uv IP- .1 , 'iq Q"'i' X 3 Q l AIU! .A Avi.. 3, A a'w,g1'?x , 5,51 ' ,.' 4. WJ ff. MQ. X, r u 5

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