Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI)

 - Class of 1958

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Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1958 volume:

Q' rag-:wz,q..,+:,'. ' ,- Y ., V' -zff ff- '-ffm 1. -., M QP: 12,5 .f -A-Ma. 'f -- 2--f - 4-Q-4-.1,,. ., ' fm' V' flag' -1"-1. 1 - '-gy V ws., ..-1?--5'Kg-R.:-aa.-V 'ff5iR2i?g:fga:m-.iy:-x.:-iw-'-v,,-:Q-QSM-Q?-p',.v'ff-I'NS-.1 '-1-V V' 4- - W: . - 5 A' V- 4-'i-4"-fs-5, 3.5 '- VM- if Q ' .- -'Bt- f V " 'X--V-'W' 'ff-'VVV-1:2-xr-F----Iffaf.f-fVfgf'NM "-'i'a5f,-zywffuffgg W x' .Q '24 WV , cw, "Z'1- -.v Ya --ha. .' f- --- VVV'.,'i .ww -iq ,--.2-H "QL -2 '+if':"'-...V.,5v.4f-kfg-:v3Q1'? A Raw -'-1139- . V -122---QLQWVLQQ-J1q4f 1 .1-1-' -- V 19 Ffff- s- 'V -.f SV-'V V V V' '-A, -4-.A-'L-V-fr-322 ' VY' "'f'1yc,:,,"T:23"-'Vvz-2'1'i?-e-fA::5f"-.a.-'a -5 -.- sf.---.fb V in Vx- v Nix. Q, . ew V QQ, vb- AE. L? ,.x.x-:g1N pw. 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Review, we, the class of 195 8, have included only a small part of the experiences, accomplishments, and joys which we have known in the past four years. We hope that friends who read this book in later years will remember the achievements of our class. TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION ..., .....,..,,...........,...,,.,......,.,.,,,....,.....,.,,,....,...,....,........,.,.. .......,.... P a ge S FACULTY .......,,..,,..r ....,,,...,..,...,,....r..,r,rr..r.,., .,.....,,... P a ge s SENIORS ,......,. ........,................,,...,...,.........,,..,.......,. .,,.,....... P a ge 11 Class History Class Poem Class Diary Superlatives CLASSES ......,.. ...,........o...................,,..,...,..,,.,....,.,.... ........,,.. P a ge 39 Junior Sophomore Freshmen HONORS .,.,.,........ ..,.......,....,.,......................... .,.,. .,...,...... P a g e 46 ACTIVITIES .,..........,...,.....,,.......,,,,...,..........,......,...,...,..............,......,........ ......,..... P age 47 Rhode Island Honor Society National Athletic Society Senior Play Newspaper Club Glee Club Orchestra Band Radio Club Office Girls Library Aides Nurse's Aides Archery SPORTS ,.......,.. ....,,.,.....,.,.....,.,............. ....,,.......,.........,......,................., P a ge 5 9 Football Cheerleaders Hockey Baseball Scores SPONSORS ........ .....,.............., ,........... P a ge 7 1 Dedication To Mr. Berry, inspiring musician, enthusiastic teacher, and untiring seeker of the beautiful in music and in life, the class of 1958 dedicates this book. Page Five or l DR. WILLIAM L. CALLAHAN Superintendent of Schools Please accept my sincere congratulations on the successful completion of your high school course. I hope that every member of the class will enjoy many years of happiness and prosperity. u Page Six MR. THOMAS ECCLESTON, JR. Principal Congratulations on the successful completion of your high school course. I hope that the training you have received at Burrillville High School will be of value to you in living a happy and useful life. Page Seven F acult .' I Mr. Thomas Eccleston, jr. Mr. Gerald O'Connor Mr. Frank Berry B- M- B' Western Conservatory of Music Brown University Providence College Music Supervisor Mathematics, Science Pascoag, R. I. University of Vermont Pascoag, R. I, Mr. Louis T. Pascoe B. S. -Rhode Island University History, Mathematics Pas-coag, R. I, Q? Miss Shirley R. Morin Misg.Virginia R. Rosmond A. B. A. M. A. B. Annhurst College, Boston College Regis College English Mathematics, English Uxbridge, Mass. Providence, R. I. Page Eight Pascoag, R. I. Mrs. Gladys L. Farrell A. B. Trinity College French, Latin, Geometry Pascoag, R. I. Faculty Mrs. Williamina F. Hall Mrs. Alma R. Kohlhoff Miss Yolande Magner B- 3- B. S. Ed. B. Framingham State College Rhode Island School of Design Rhode Island College of Education Home Economics Drawing Supervisor History, American Government Greenville, R. I. Rumford, R. I. Pascoag, R, I. Mr. Frank J. Hauser A. B. Providence College Science Harrisville, R. I. 3 l c I .E Mr. George P. Ducharme Mr. Anthony P. kfri Miss Joan B. Parfitt A. B. A. B. B. S. Providence College Providence College Bryant College English Geometry, Algebra Business Law, Typing, Shorthand Harrisville, R. I. Warwick, R. I. Page Nine Pawtucket, R, I. F acult Mrs. Constance H. Carlson Mr. Albert P. Lavallee Mr. Arthur W. Jolin, Jr. A. B. A. M. Ph. B. B. S. in Bus. Ed. Vassar Co11ege,Universityof Maine Providence College Bryant College Guidance Supervisor French Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Pascoag, R. I. North Smithfield, R, I. Office Practi-ce Greenville, R. I. Mr. William Griffin B. S. Providence College Mathematics, Science Pascoag, R. I. 3 Miss Irene P. Smith Mr. Lawrence Wheater Miss Barbara J. Tomei A. B. A. B. Ed. B. Regis College Washington and Lee University Rhode Island College of Education Business Law, Typing, Shorthand French, History English Harrisville, R. I. Pascoag, R, I. North Providence, R. I. Page Ten Yearbook Staff Row 1: J. Goulart, J. Ducharme, N. Whittaker, R. Sherman, S. Simpson, B. Blanchard, D. Wheat M. Boylan. Row 2: Mr. O'Connor, S. Koprusak, S.Guertin, E. Zifcak, M. Pelkey, M. Kemp, M. Bailey, P Leveille, D. Kenenski, P. Stead, P. Lepine, M. Kaczynski. Row 3: B. Kelm, C. Courtemanche, M. Dwyer, R. Cochrane, T. Ec-cleston, D. Potter, L. Lemieux M. Tarvis, L. Desjarlais. Editors-in-Chief. ,, ,. .. .... Maryjane Pelkey, Maureen Dwyer Assistant Editors .. ..,..,,...,... .. ...,.. .......... Margaret Bailey, Marilyn Berubc, Beverly Kelm, Mary Jane Kemp, Pauline Lepine, Mary Kaczynski, Sheila Guertin Photography Editors ...,...,,..,,...,..,...,...,.............,,. ,...... D iane Wheat, Patricia Reilly, Carol Peck, Barbara Blanchard, Dorothy Kenenski Sports Editors .. .......,... .......,...,...,..,........, M argery Boylan, Thomas Eccleston, Doreen Atherton, Robert Cochrane Business Managers ,. Shirley Simpson, Carol Courtmanche Art Editors.. . ,. .. ...,...... ...,.. . ,..,.Donald Potter, Joyce Goulart, Sandra Koprusak, Patricia Leveille Typists . ,. ,.., ..,.. .......,..,....,...,...,..,, . M arion Tarvis, Laura Desjarlais, . Joyce Ducharme, Lyane Lemieux, Nancy Whittaker, Ruth Sherman, Eleanor Zifcak, Patricia Stead Page Eleven Round and About ALLB VX S wAX.,. J., Pg T 1 W 45 ffx GT, Senior Class Officers D. Potter, D. McGuinness, R. Cook, D. Wheat, President Russel Cook Vice-President David McGuinness Secretary Diane Wheat Treasurer Donald Potter SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR Class Motto, "Let Truth Be Our Guideg Success Our Aim." Flower .....,....i..,,. American Beauty Rose Colors ..,................ ..,..,...,, B lue and White Class Marshal ...,...... 4......,,.i R obert Ford Page Fourteen Mrs. Carlson Louis H. Allen "Louie" Glendale, R. I. General Frank Allen "Frank" Glendale, R. I. To graduate. 'iShut up, you guys!" General Hockey. To be a Marine. "Oh yeah!" Doreen C. Atherton HDO-D071 Harmony R I Football, Hockey, Glee Club. Robert C. Allen "Pete" Glendale, R. I. General Football, Hockey, Bowling Club. To be a Marine. 'tIt always happens to me." Commercial . Adelard A. Assis ' Glee Club, Yearbook Staff, Margaret M- Ballel' uA'rchien Newspaper Club' HMa,l'g'a.rit0H . To be 3- teacher- Harrisville, R. I. Nasonville, R. I. ,, ,,, Hey, Joyce' Classical ' General Automotive Industry. "Don't get shook." Page Fifteen Glee Club Science Club News paper Club, Library Aid, Yearbook Staff. S-Cl8I'lC8 Career. "It kind' of makes you wonder doesn't it ?" Robert E. Bartlett f'B0b" Oakland, R. I. General Lester C. Barnes Radio Club, Science Club, News- Marilyn M. Berube UBMHSH paper Club. Y ,,Maruyn,, 1 'll R 1 To go to College' Harrisville R I Map ew e' ' ' "You guessed it." - ' ' ' Classical Classical State Trooper. "Tough break!" Patricia R. Bonin Hpatll Harrisville, R. I. Barbara J. Blanchard Classical .Barb-O., Archery, Glee Club, Band. Religious life. Pascoag, R. I. "Oh, my word." Commercial Glee Club, Yearbook Staff. To be a beautician. "Guess who's home ?" Page Sixteen Band, Glee Club, Orchestra, Nurse's Aid, Science Club, Office Girl, Yearbook Staff. To be a nurse. "Wait for me!" Robert Bonin HB0bH Harrisville, R. I. General Football, Hockey, Baseball. To join the service. "Says who?" Dorothy E. Boutiller 4 "Dottie" tf Pascoag, R. I. General Gerard R- BOUYQUS Glee Club, Archery, Nurse's Aid, Margery E. Boylan "Butch" Golf Club- ..Margie,. Oakland, I- To be 8. I'lUI'Se. P R I "You're always mixing me up!" ascoag' ' ' General General To graduate, Gle e Club, Newspaper Club, H Cheerleader, Office Girl, Yearbook "Yeah! Staff, Nurse's Aid. To be a nurse. "I really mean it this time!" John Campbell A "John Pascoag, R. I. General Raymond Cabral Football. HRay" To be a Marine. Harrisville, R. I, "No kidding!" General Glee Club, Football. Navy career. l .ll Page Seventeen Richard Chretien "Dick" Mapleville, R. I. General Football, Baseball Manager. To be a millionaire. "Down the hatch!" William J. Connell "Bill" Pascoag, R. I. l General Robert W. Cochrane Baseball, Football. Russel W. Cook ucorkyu To join the Air Force. Ucookien "I heard a good one!" Oakland R. L General Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, General Baseball, Bowling Club, Yearbook Hockey. Staff, To be an engineer. To join the Coast Guard. HY0'-1 know it", Hon, boy!" Michael Cosetta "Mike" Mapleville, R. I. Lorraine E. Cooney General Carol A. Courtemanche npudgyn To be a forest ranger. ..C0ut,. PHSCOZS. R- I- "Hey, Bill, got your French?" M0hegaI'1, R- I- Commercial Commercial Glee Club, Newspaper Club, Archery, Glee Club, Girls' State Nurse's Aid, Art. Library Aid, Yearbook Staff. Hairdressing. To be a secretary. "Sure, Fran, another one." "You can tell if you look closely.' Page Eighteen Frances E. Dalton HFl'anH Pascoag, R. I. Classical Glee Club, Nurse's Aid, Ticket Seller, Newspaper Club. To be a nurse. "Not another one, Pudge?" Lydia Desjarlais "Joe" Oakland, R. I. Commercial Newspaper Club, Library Aid, Archery, Girls' State, Ticket Seller. To be a typist. "You want to know something?" Donald W. Deroy "Don" Pascoag, R. I. Commercial To go into the business field. "Hey, Fritz, save me a seat. 'Joseph E. Desourdy UJOBH Bridgeton, R. I. General Glee Club, Band. To join the Air Force. "You'd better believe it." Page Nineteen n Laura Desjarlais "Jean" Oakland, R. I. Commercial Newspaper Club, Library Aid Girls' State, Archery Club, Year- book Staff. To be a. typist. "You know what ?" Charles W. Dimond "Charlie" Pascoag, R. I. General Science Club. Poultry man. "That's the truth." Ann Ducharme ..Ann.. Pascoag, R. I. Clas ical Michael R. Dowling Newspaper Club. Joyce A. Ducharme "Mike" To be 'happy' "Joycie" North Smithfield, R. 1. "Tm flve feet tall- Mapleville, R. 1. Classical Commercial Baseball, Hockey, Art, Glee Club, Glee Club, Concession Stand, Bowling Club, Model Legislature. Yearbook Staff. To continue my education. To be a medical secretary. 'Tm not a cheater." "It's a great day for the Irish!" Maureen T. Dwyer HMOU Mapleville, R. I. " ' Classical Pfgcillg A, Du as Nurse's Aid, Cheerleader, Glee 1 uPr,s,, g Club, Newspaper Club, Yearbook Thomas Eccleston IH 1 Staff, Office Girl. " Om" Pascoagf R- I' To be a nurse. Pascoag, R- I- General "Are you kidding?" Classical Glee Club, Concession Stand. 1-1 0 C k e y , Football, Baseball, To live a happy life. Yearbook Staff, Model Legislature. "Hot dog!" Lawyer- "Shepard, you are conceited!" Page Twenty Dennis B. Flynn "Denny" Harrisville, R. I. General Army career. "What's cooking?" joseph R. Gariepy, Jr. llJ0eYl Oakland, R. I. General Glee Club. To join the Air Force. "Has anyone seen Miss around?" Smith William J. Franklin "Bill" X Walium Lake, R. I. General be 'V Football, Hockey, Glee Club. Paul L, Gallant To retire at twenty. .,Gauant,, "Times are hard." Nasonville, R. I. Commercial To have a desk job. 4'Hey, Joe, how've you been" Marjorie A. Geer "Marge" North Smithfield, R. I. Commercial Glee Club, Library Aid. To be a secretary. "Hey, Lyane." Page Twenty-one Barbara J. Genereux "Barbie" Pascoag, R. I. General Glee Club. To be a lab technician. "Let's eat!" Sheila J. Guertin llsamly Mapleville, R. I. Classical Joyce F. GOul3I't Newspaper Club, Yearbook Staff, Marcel Huguenin HJ ,, Cheerleader, Glee Club, Office Girl, H , H oy Model Legislature. Hugle Wallum Lake' R' I' Medical technician. Pacoagf R- I- Classical " I did it and I'm glad!" Gene,-al Newspaper Club, Art, Glee Club, To get eight hours sleep. Archery, Yearbook Staff. "This is a breeze." To be a bacteriologist. "Don't get excited!" Joyce M. Inman uJOycen if ,X Harmony, R. I. M N tM":"':"' A Commercial Patricia Hurst Newspaper Club. 1 - ..Pat,, To be a hair stylist. Xvllfred -I' Joubert "Hey, Punkin, heard any good "Willie" Pascoag' R' I' jokes lately?" Pascoag, R. I. gfgnfra-Club Newspaper Club Commercial Ticket Seller., y Glef? plub' To be an X-ray technician. To Jom thenptrmy' "That's that." "Oh yeah? Page Twenty-two Dennis Keable ..Keb,, Harrisville, R. I. General Mary P. Kaczynski Hockey- Beverly J. Kelm .,Mair,. To take life easy. ..Bev,, Pascoag, R. I. uworry about nothmgy Chepachet, R. I. General Classical Glee Club, Newspaper Club, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Nurse's Aid, Yearbook Staff. Yearbook Staff. Nursing career. To be a teacher, "What 'cha say?" "Hey, Marilyn, did you do your English?" Dorothy M. Kenenski "Dottie" ' Harrisville, R. I. Classlcal Mary Jane Kemp Glee Club, Newspaper Club, Sandra M' Koprusak '-Filly" Yearbook Staff. "Sandy" Glocester, R. I. HHOW come-?,, MaP19Vi11e, R- I- Classical Commercial Band, Art, Library Aid, Nurse's Glee Club, Yearbook Staff- Aid, Yearbook Staff, Archery. To be a secretary. To be a nurse. "Let's have a party!" "Holy haystacks and little wheat straws!" Page Twenty-three Carol A. Lawrence "Carol" I-Iarrisville, R. I. Commercial Gerald Larlglols Glee Club, Concession Stand. Lyane L, Lemieux ..JeI.ry,, To be a secretary. .Lees Mapleville, R. I. Hoh Sugar", Oakland, R. I. General Commercial Glee Club' Football. Glee Club, Yearbook Staff. To join the Navy. To go on a European cruise. "After the fight." "Yeah, in a minute." Patricia A. Leveille llpatll Pascoag, R. I. Commercial Mme A- ,Lew G,5ia105f5z?, I:.12f.2:fg, A.:i...::f,i. Robert 11- Moby, J f- "Paul ' Staff. "Bob" Maplevmef R' I' To be a receptionist. Pasfzoag, R. I- Commercial "You Hit!" Classical Cheerleader, Glee Club, Yearbook Football, Radio Club' Glee Club Staff- Science Club. T0 always be happy- Radio engineer. "Holy COW!" "Well, look at it this way." Page Twenty-four .M x Richard A. Marshall "Dick" Mapleville, R. I. Commercial Elaine M. Marshall Donald G. McCutcheon To be an accountant. "Margie" "Don" Harrisville, R. I. "Big deal-" Harrisville, R. I. Commercial General Glee Club, Majorette. Hockey, Football. To be a secretary. To be a tool maker. "Aw, come on." "Did you do your homework?" Florence G. Mowry "F1ossie" Nasonvi'le R I. Commercial ' X H David MCGUIHHCSS Glee Club' Byron B. Myers lADaVeH D . llBud!7 Pascoag, P.. 1. T0 me a happy hfe- Han-isviiie, R. 1. Classical "Oh, heavens!" General Hockey, Golf Club, Art, Radio Hockey, Golf Club, Art, Bowling Club. Club. Electrical engineering, To be successful. "Who, me?" "I've got to get home." Page Twenty-five Mary pane Pelkey Pelk Glendale, R. I. Commercial U C3101 A, Peck Newspaper Club, Archery, Office Claire A- Peffealllt uRedH Girl, Library aid, Yearbook Staff. uclaireu Pascoag, R' In To be a busmess teacher.. N Oakland, R. L Im marrying a mlllionaire. General General Glee Club, Band, Archery, Year- Glee Club, Newspaper Club- book Staff, Newspaper C 1 u b, To live a happy life. Concession Stand. ..Hey, Marion? To be a medical technician. "Bev, can you help me with my algebra ?" William S. Pichie ltspringyi Pascoag, R. I. General Football, Baseball. To go to college. "Let's have a party." Tohn F. Polacek lKJack1V Mapleville, R. I. General Football. To be a forest warden. "That's the way the bounces." Page Twenty-six Donald W. Potter l4Donny!! b all Maplevilie, R. I. Classical Art, Glee Club, Model Congress Yearbook Staff. To sing at the Met. 'Tm a party doll!" Catherine M. Pytel "Babe" Pascoag, R. I. V General S Kenneth W. Putnam Glee Club, Newspaper Club, Elizabeth C, Reilly H ,, Nurse's Aid, Archery. Ken N . "Betty" Pascoag R- I. ming career' Hamsvule R I ' "Hey, Mair." ' ' ' General Gengral Glee Club, Band, Hockey- Library Aid, Concession Stand To be a big hit. Glee Club- "I-Iave ygu any money?" To be a beauticiah. "It's a secret." Alice Reinwald NAI., Chepachet, R. I. N' Classical Patricia M. Reill Y Nurse's Aid, Glee Club, Archery. Richardson -Hliatn I To be a nurse. "Judy" Harrxsville, R. . Pascoagy R. I. gen?1ralO h t Gle C1 b HHey' Marge-yy Classical an , rc es ra, e u , . Archery, Newspaper Club, Library Glee Club' Ticket Seller' Aid, Yearbook staff. T0 g0 to College- U 79 To live a happy life. See you later- "I believe you." Page Twenty-seven Judith E. Robidoux "Judy" Oakland, R. 1. Classical John E. Rivers Nurse's Aid, Glee Club, News- Ruth E, Sherman H . H paper Club. HRuthie,, Jackie To be a nurse. Pascoa R I Pascoagy R' I' "The nerve of some people." g' ' ' General General Science Club, Orchestra. YGIT kcgbyff NGWSPHPFPT Club To be successful. ear 00 fl ' "Hey, Bill, did' you do your TSI? ivggcegeafger' e , u y oy. physics ? " Patricia A. Stead "Pat Harrisville, R. I. ff Commercial Shirley E. Simpson StGgEe Club, Majorette, Yearbook Arthur Stenberg a . H "SHUI" To be an airline hostess. Aft Pascoagv R' I' "Jompers crows!" Harmony' R' I Commercial Geflefal Office Girl, Glee Club, News- Model Legislature- paper Club, Ticket Seller, Yearbook To be an admiral. Staff- "Wen, I'11 be." To be a private secretary. "Zowie!" Page Twenty-eight 1 .5 Francis Thompson "Fran" Glendale, R. I. Commercial Marion F. Tarvis Charles Van Gordon To graduate. "Mar" "Charlie" North Smithfield, R. I. "Yl1h, 0- K-" Nasonville, R. I. Commercial Classical Glee Club, Ticket Seller, Year- Football, Glee Club, Hockey. book Staff' To go to college. To go on a European cruise. 4-Yea," "Would you believe it?" Donald Wayland "Don" Pascoag, R. I. General A i ' Donald Waterman Dune M, Wheat U ,, To Work at N.E. Tel. 8z Tel. Don nDeen Pascoag, R. I. "Let'S golf' Bridgeton, R. I. Classical Classical Radio Club, Newspaper Club, Glee Club, To be a naval officer. Clieerleader, Nurse's Aid, Office usuren Girl, Yearbook Staff. ' To be a nurse. "That's life!" Page Twenty-nine Nancy F. Whittaker "Nan" Mapleyille, R. I. Commercial Yearbook Staff, Library Aid, Glee Club, Newspaper Club, Archery. To be a secretary. "Hey, Marge." l Marjorie M. Wilson llJohnY! Chepachet, R. I. Classical Glee Club, Band, Art, Archery. To be a mortician. "Oh, brother!" Eleanor D. Zifcak HEI!! Pascoag, R. I. Commercial Yearbook Staff, Library Aid, Glee Club. To be a. secretary. "Hey, Pat, save me a seat." Page Thirty Raymond Young "Zouby" Glendale, R. 1. General Football, Hockey. To be a millionaire. "I didn't do it." D. A. R. Award Beverly Kelm of Chepachet was chosen by the faculty and seniors as best citizen of the Class of 1958 for the annual Daughters of the American Revolution Pilgrimage. She will receive a certificate and pin for this distincton. She, with 25 other D. A. R. Winners from each high school in Rhode Island, was honored at a luncheon held March 27, at the Narragansett Hotel. The luncheon was preceeded by a tour of historical places in Providence and a meeting with Governor Dennis J. Roberts. In Appreciation We, the class of 1958, wish to express our deep appreciation to Mr. Gerald O'Connor Whose unfailing guidance and assistance has made this yearbook possible. Page Thirty-one Class History On a crisp September morning in 1954, 135 shy and slightly frightened freshmen entered the halls of Burrillville High School. After the first week of confusion, we became better acquainted with our new teachers and classmates. At our first meeting we were introduced to our class advisor, Miss Emidy, and we elected our class officers. We chose Raymond Pepler as our President, David McGuinness, Vice-President, Diane Wheat, Secretary, and Margery Boylan, Treasurer. The Seniors gave us the Freshmen Get-Acquainted Dance and Alice Reinwald and Jack Rivers were Queen and King respectively. Our first year at B. H. S. passed very quickly and before we realized how fast the time had flown, we returned as Sophomores in the fall of ,5 5. Once again we voted for class officers and elected Donald Ducharme, President, Russell Cook, Vice-President, Diane Wheat, Secretary, and Donald Potter, Treasurer. Thomas Eccleston became a member of the National Athletic Society. To begin our first year as upperclassmen, we elected the officers who would lead us throughout our Junior year. We chose Russell Cook as our President, Thomas Eccleston, Vice-President, Diane Wheat, Secretary, and Donald Potter, Treasurer. To start our Junior year rolling, we held a variety show during the Assembly Period with Gordon Carpenter as Master of Ceremonies. Carol Courtemanche, Lydia Joan Desjarlais, and Laura Jean Desjarlais represented Burrillville at Girl's State. Donald Potter attended the Model Congress and Thomas Eccleston was a member of the National Athletic Society. In June, we held a Farewell Dance for the Seniors with Diane Wheat as Chairman, and David McGuinness was selected by the class of 1957 to be their Class Marshal. We are Seniors at last! To guide us in our most important year, we chose Russell Cook, President, David McGuinness, Vice-President, Diane Wheat, Secretary, and Donald Potter, Treasurer. With the resignation of Miss Emidy, Mrs. Carlson consented to be our advisor. Our first activity of the year was the Freshmen Get-Acquainted Dance with Joyce Goulart as Chairman. Next on our social agenda was "Winter Fascinationf' our fall prom, with Diane Wheat, Queen. In April we presented our Senior Play, "Who Du.nit?" directed by Miss Morin. Next came "Twilight Time," our spring prom with Claire Perreault as Chair- man. Other activities have included: Class Banquet, Farewell Dance given to us by the Juniors, and Class Night with all the Seniors participating. Page Thirty-two Class History The Seniors also received many awards: Beverly Kelm, D. A. R., Marilyn Berube, Homemaker of Tomorrow, Beverly Kelm, first prize in the VFW essay contest, Donald Waterman, second, and Diane Wheat, third. Marjorie Wilson, Sheila Guertin, Michael Dowling, Thomas Eccleston, and Arthur Stenberg attended the Model Legislature. In athletics, Thomas Eccleston received the "Most Valuable Defensemann award in the New England Tournament. Thomas Eccleston was a member of the National Athletic Society. For graduation, Joyce Goulart was valedictorian and Judith Robidoux was salutatorian. Class Poem They say to work is to obtain, And work we did, but not in vain. Our knowledge is great and bountiful, The field before us - plentiful. At B. H. S. we learned to meet And cope with victory or defeat. We thank our teachers one and all, For all their help - though great or small. Now we leave thee, prepared to lead, Determined that we will succeed. David McGuinness Page Thirty-three September 9 September 18 October 4 October 1 October 1 1 4 October 24, 25 November 2 8 December December December 2 19 20 Class Diary Once again the halls of Burrillville were filled with excited voices, as we renewed old acquaintances, and greeted the be- wildered freshmen. We also welcomed Miss Barbara Tomei, Miss Irene Smith, Mrs. Constance Carlson, Mr. William Griffin and Mr. Lawrence Wheater to our faculty. As seniors we look forward to the many events that make our last year the best. First on our agenda - elections! The leaders chosen for our most important year are: Russell Cook .....,..,.......,,..,...............,..,...... ..,,..,.......,..,, ..,,.....,...,... P r esident David McGuinness ....,.....,. .,....... V ice-President Diane Wheat ...,..........,.. ...,..... ,,,....,.. ..,....,., . , .,..,........ S e cretary Donald Potter ,...,..........................................,..,,...,..,,...,,...,..,....,......,..,............... Treasurer The cafeteria just buzzed with excitement today as the Seniors tried to decide on a class ring. We finally selected a round blue stone with a bronco on one side, and the seal of Burrillville on the other. Our Freshmen-Get - Acquainted Dance was a tremendous success. By an elimination dance, Mary Lou Guertin and Joseph Bardon were chosen to reign as King and Queen of the "Frosh." Joyce Goulart was Chairman of the event. The faculty chose the staff for our Yearbook today. Maureen Dwyer and Maryjane Pelkey were elected as Editors-in-Chief. Now begins the job of putting our book together and having it finished on time. While the teachers attended their annual Institute in Providence, the Seniors primped, posed, and smiled before Loring's cameras. Holiday spirits and a football victory! The Broncos defeated Woonsocket by a score of 14 - 6 in our annual Thanksgiving Day football game, returning the Leonard D. Roberts Memorial Trophy to B.H.S. for another year. Parents came to school tonight - our annual Open-House was held. Mrs. Carlson's office was overflowing with excited Seniors as word spread that our class rings had arrived. Now we really feel like Seniors! School's out - Christmas vacation! We hope everyone has a joyous holiday, and that the true spirit of Christmas will be found everywhere. Page Thirty-four January 17 january 29 February 14 March 8 March 18 March 20, 21, 22 March 26 March 28 April 17, is, 19 May 29 June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 Class Diary Strains of "Fascination," played by the Rhythmeer's Orchestra floated through the hall as everyone enjoyed themselves at our prom, "Winter Fascination." Diane Wheat was crowned queen amid the glitter of multicolored tinsel decorations. The sponsor drive began today, and all the Seniors are busy looking for sponsors. We've got to reach that goal! The cast for the Senior Play was announced today. Lots of hard work ahead, but we know it will be a big success! Congratulations to Mr. Anthony Neri of our faculty - Mr. Neri has won a scholarship which enables him to attend Harvard University for one year to study more extensively in the field of mathematics. Victory again! Burrillville High played one of its most im- portant games tonight against LaSalle Academy. Our spirited hockey team beat LaSalle by a score of 3 - 0 for the Rhode Island State Championship. Terrific work boys-B.H.S. is just bursting with pride! The Broncos gained second place in the New England Hockey Tournament. Tom Eccleston received the "Most Out- standing Defensemann Award. Our Glee Club presented its annual Easter Cantata. The con- cert of sacred music was under the direction of Mr. Frank Berry. Congratulations, Mr. Berry, and Glee Club. Sponsor drive ended - we,ve finally reached our goal. Our Senior Play - a mystery-comedy, "Who Dunit?" was excellently presented in three acts, under the direction of Miss Morin. Good work, players - the play was a huge success. "Twilight Time," our Spring Prom, was held tonight in the gaily decorated hall. Claire Perreault was chairman. Our class banquet was held tonight and the Senior Farewell Dance given to us by the Juniors ended a wonderful evening. Class Night! All the Seniors got into the act and presented an entertainment show for everyone. Graduation! All too soon we'Ve reached the end of our four year journey. A lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun has gone into making wonderful memories of our years here at Burrillville. Today we came to school for the last time, not as Seniors, but as alumni. Goodbye B. H. S. - now it's up to us to go out and show the world all you'Ve taught us. Page Thirty-five Superlatifves IQJVSXBUDDY OSS F RRGIE-+ et it xWE+ B! PELK 9 44 i5lLL+p Qc, X9 Q5 BIXRB f"lRS.C. .SANDY TOM W Most Dignified: David McGuinness, Dorothy Kenenski. B e s t N a t u r e d : Robert Looby, Claire Perreault. Q u i e t e s t : Donald Waterman, Judith Robidoux. Best Actor 8: Actress: Donald Potter, Maureen Dwyer, Best Personality: Russell Cook, Diane Wheat. Best Athlete: Thomas Eccleston III, Mary Jane Kemp. Best Dancer: John Campbell, Barbara Blanchard. Most Likely To Succeed: David McGuinness, Joyce Goulart. Most Flirtations: William Franklin,Margery Boylan. Brother 8: Sister: William Connell, Diane Wheat. Most He1pful:Dona1d Potter, Eleanor Zifcak, Most Talented: David McGuinness, Beverly Kelm. Most Courteous: Donald Potter, Patricia Bonin. Best Looking: John Campbell, Pauline Lepine. Page Thirty-six Superlatifves tif L mow I y QWREWUQ 'P XQQQS SH 65 Cutest: Louis Allen, Marjorie Geer, Most Intellectual: C.h a r l e s D i m o n d, Margaret Bailey. Best Mixer: Frank Allen, Sheila Guertin. Most Serious: Charles Dimond, Beverly Kelm, Wittiest: Charles Van Gordon, Maryjane Pelkey. Most Talkative: Robert Looby, Margery Bo lan. Y Ideal: William Piche, Pauline Lepine. Most Popular: John Campbell, Diane Wheat. Class Baby: Robert Cochrane, Nancy Whittaker. Best Sport: Thomas Eccleston III, Sandra Koprusak. Most Original: Lester Barnes, Joyce Goulart, Peppiest: Louis Allen, Margery Boylan. Class Dreamer: Kenneth Putnam, Ruth Sherman. Neatest: Byron Myers, Maureen Dwyer. Most Dependable: Donald Potter, Shirley Simpson. Best All-Around: Russell Cook, Sheila Guertin. Best Dressed: Michael Dowling, Lyane Lemieux. :Q 5' L ff '50 KEN ikf MARG CHARLIE, DOT uQNl+DON xQnxe+MAR6 NANCY 1947, YF AT Page Thirty-seven BEV Round and About HEMXECI!! New ACH Eusqgnzal LA +451-.H PRSVATE JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN J Class of 1959 Row 1: S. Bailey, P. Tanguay, H. Mageau, J. Brousseau, R. Fox, M. Giard, J. Pytel, C. Lee L Paquin, S. Worrall, D. Lichon, M. Lee. Row 2: H. Hingley, K. Smith, J. Shalou, R. Karrnozyn, L. Makowski, J. Tundis, N. Leveille B Gunther, C. Morin, E. Tourtellotte, B. Zifchock, S. Yagnesak, C. da Corte, M. Richardson H. Rivet, R. Tourigny, W. Smith. Row 3: O. Laferte, W. Rogers, R. Ford, J. Shepard, R. Gingell, W. Herard, G. Rouleau, D. Levesque W. Scanlon, H. Laporte, G. Robillard, E. Simard. R. Ducharme, R. Ford P. Aldrich, J. Shepard Page Forty JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President John Shepard Vice-Prcfsident Robert Ford Secrcffary Priscilla Aldrich Twfasurer Robert Ducharme Class of 1959 Row 1: S. Wilbur, C. Marshall, S. Chisholm, L. Kozlik, K. Leblanc, L. Archer, B. Davis, C. Quigley M. Ciummo, P. A1d'rich, J. Boisvert, J. Hopkins. Row 2: R. Boucher, W. Gabrielson, Z. Merrill, S, Racine, P. Maher, J. Place, J. Paul, L. Grover P. Gibson, D. Wolstenholme, C. Jacques, D. Holt, G. Freitas, P. Holubesko, R. Lafreniere F. Hobson, T. Musso. Row 3: P. Guertin, R. Jarvis, J. Pearson, R. Laverdiere, F. Desjarlais, G. Rhodes, G. Rouleau, E Collins, R. Ducharme, R. Hoenig, R. Weeks. Mr. Neri Page Forty-one Class of 1960 Row 1: B. Clark, P. Durand, M. Long, J. Whipple, A. Adrien, A. Berube, P. Morris, J. Griffin C. Dionne, C. Marceau, M. Kiaunis, J. Bruyere. Row 2: R. Guilbeault, A. Chisholm, S. Tourigny, J. Zifcak, J. Minutelli, S. Gautreau, J. Jarvis F. Pepler, L. Haggerty, B. Dimond, L. Hall, J. Remington, T. Jarvis, N. Paulhus, E Demers, T. Keeling, R, da Corte, R. Lapierre, W. Nerbonne. Row 3: R. Smith, R. Allard, J. Nolan, E. Kenny, R. Laporte, R. Pepler, J. Limoges, E. Skeffington G. Lockwood, L. Rinfrette, R. Leduc. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presidefnt Thomas Keeling Vice-President David Paul Secretary Phyllis Leduke l l Trmszzrer l Phyllis Rylah Row 1: P. Leduke, P. Rylah. Row 2: T. Keeling, D. Paul. Page Forty-two Class of 1960 Row 1: H. Wolstemholme, Y. Desjarlais, Cl. Brown, M. Reynolds, C. Reynolds, J. Laporte, B Boutilier, A. Hebert, D. Tatro, P. Rylah, N. Van Gordon, H. Hutnak. Row 2: S. Bailey, P. Carroll, R. Dugas, R. Gagnon, C. Sherman, J. Robillard, C. Godin, C. Mikulis P. Leduke, C. Yagnesak, C. Shaw, G. Putnam, V. O'Connell, E. Bruneau, L. Gaulin, A Mowry, D. Paul, S. Emidy, P. Ducharme. Row 3: A. Nelson, H. Paquin, R. Smith, G. Lagace, T. Gilleran, J. Child, J. Senecal, A. Wilson R. Arpin, R. Leveillee, P. Labadie, E. Gaulin. Mr. Jolin Page Forty-three Class of 1961 Royy 1: J. Herard, J. MacKenzie, E. Powell, G. Ethier, Y. Rosenberg, M. Guertin, S. Gartland, P Jolly, M. Piette, A. Genereux, P. Walker, K. Smith. Row 2: R. Wilson, C. Woodman, E. Cooney, B. Lapierre, J. Duguay, B. Hoenig, E. Potter, G Courtmanche, A. Gallant, J. Haggerty, K. Kluck, E. Legace. Row 3: K. Pratt, E. Pelkey, R. Dudley, A. Schiffman, J. Hoppe, R. Cook, N. Bernier, D. Kenenski D. Robidoux, A. Wood, R. Pratt. .mw'0i, Row 1: R.P6l193ll1t,B. King, H. J. Lange, D. Pascoe, L. Warner, Sweet, G. Ainley, L. Spink. Row 2: R. Musso, P. Bernard, M. Worcester, K. Erickson, P. Potter, J. Racine, E. Prendergast V. Rinfrette, O. Bibeault, G. Martel, J. Griffen, D. Ballou. Row 3: E. Mowry, E. Labossiere, T. Tessier, J. Bardon, A. Tardie, A. Romano, D, Eccleston, R St. Sauveur, R. Trinque, E. Gartland, R. Latendre, Page Forty-four Class of 1961 Row 1: D. Morris, C. Keeling, J. Hebert, R. Ducharme, V. Boss, C. Richardson, R. Porter, L. Edwards, J. Berge, S. Gaulin, G. Lapierre, N. Lavallee. Row 2: T. St. Amant, B. St. Armand, P. Simpson, D. Young, E. Trimble, B Bailey, A. Bernier, E. Robitaille, N. Greene, C. Bailey, M. Peck, S. Coutu, D. Whitman, R. Rouleau, G. Waterman, F. Lavallee. Row 3: L. Thompson, R. Guthrie, E. Richard, D. Coupe, G. Dufcharme, D. Pooley, G. West, W. Robidoux, R. Brissette, R. Allard, K. Dalton. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President .,..., ,. Donald Iicclcston Vice-President .. Mary Lou Guertin Secretary . . Priscilla Wallkcr Treasurer , .. John Griffin P. Walker, D. Eccleston, M. Guertin, J. Griffin M12 Lavklllee Page Forty-five Honors HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW GIRLS, STATE M. Berube P. Holubesko, J. Brousseau, S. Racine MODEL LEGISLATURE M, Dowling, A. Stenberg, M. Wilson, G. Freitas, S. Guertin, T. Eccleston. Page Forty-six 5Xf3 Rhode Island Honor Society Row 1: J. Goulart, M. Bailey, M. Kemp, M. Pelkey, C, Courtemanche, M. Berube, J. Robidoux, P Lepine, S. Guertin, M. Dwyer. Row 2: D. Potter, D. Waterman, C. Dimond, D, McGuinness, L. Barnes, R. Bartlett, T. Eccleston We congratulate the seniors who have become members of the Rhode Island Honor Society through outstanding work and ability. To main- tain an average of eighty-five percent or more for three and one-half years these seniors have Worked diligentlyg and so we wish them the best of everything in whatever they may undertake in the future years. Page Forty-eight ational Athletic Society Row 1: H. Laporte, R. Lapierre, G. Robillard, R. Lafreniere. Row 2: J. Shepard, R, Ducharme, R. Ford, T. Eccleston, O. Laferte. These boys have not only been outstanding in the field of sports but, in addition to earning their letter, have maintained an average of eighty percent or better for three quarters. Although leaders in sports, they have never neglected good scholarship. Due to these facts they have been chosen members of the National Athletic Society. Page Forty-nine Senior Play Row 1: M. Boylan, C. Peck, M. Berube, P, Stead, Miss Morin, J. Richardson, J. Goulart, M. Dwyer R, Sherman. Row 2: R. Marshall, W. Connell, R. Young, B. Myers, D. McGuinness, R. Looby, T, Eccleston "WHO DUNIT?" Alfred H itcbcock .,...,, s .,..., .,..,...... R ichard Marshall Alexander Arlington .,,........... ,..,...... D avid McGuinness Muriel ..,......,...,....,,...... ...,.......4.,.. ....,....,...,,,, R u ch Sherman Isabelle ,......,. .,..........,, P atricia Snead Michael .....,. .......... B yron Myers Annie ...... ,. ,....,.........,...,...... Carol Peck H arry .,,..., ....,,,..,... Miss jenkins .,., ,... Andrew ,....,.............. Vivian Odell ...,,.,... George Brewster .,..,,..,. Flo . ...,.,..... ..,,...,.....,.,.., s .. Stage Managers ...,..................,... ............ J oyce Goulart, Assistant Stage Manager Director ........,........,,..,......,.,....... Page Fifty .,......,....William Connell .,....Marilyn Berube .,......,Robert Looby .--Margery Boylan ...........Raymond Young ..-Maureen Dwyer Judith Richardson Thomas Eccleston Morin ewspaper Club . W my-wr f wui ' M A. Chisholm, L. Desjarlais, L. Desjarlais, L. Hall, M, Bailey, S. Guertin, S. Simpson, J. Zifcak P. Simpson. Editor ,. .. ,.,..,.... Margaret Bailey Our newspaper, the Blue and White, has done an excellent job under the supervision of Miss Tomei and Mrs. Carlson in turning out a news- paper that was enjoyed by both the students and teachers. We hope in the future that the students will continue to make it as successful and interesting as it has been in the past year. Page Fifty-one Glee Club Row Row Row Row L. Lemieux, M. Tarvis, F. Dalton, E. Marshall, B, Kelm, M. Dwyer, E. Zifcak, P. Stead P. Reilly. Mr. Berry, L. Cooney, F. Mowry, D. Atherton, P, Dugas, S. Simpson, N. Leveille, S Yagnesak, M. Berube, C. Lee, M. Giard, M. Lee, C. Perreault, P. Maher, P, Bonin. D. Boutilier, C. Peck, B. Crocker, P, Rylah, L. Hall, J. Place, S. Bailey, A, Reinwald, M Wilson, K. Malley. G. Ethier, L, Paquin, J. Pearson, F. Desjarlais, R. Cabral, F. Hobson, D. Potter, R. Porter A. Berube, Row 1: S. Chisholm, C. Pytell, P. Hurst, B. Blanchard, R. Sherman, N, Whittaker, J. Robidoux M. Geer, J. Ducharme. Row 2: Miss Smith, C. Lawrence, S. Koprusak, M, Boylan, B. Genereaux, B. Bailey, P. Crook, J. Paul, C. Yagnesak, J. Goulart, M. Kaczynski. Row 3: P. Lepine, D. Wheat, S, Guertin, M. Bailey, J. Richardson, P. Leveille, D. Kenenski, L. Grover, E, Demers. Row 4: W. Joubert. D. Robidoux, J. Gariepy, R. Cochrane, T. Tessier. Page Fifty-two Orchestra R, Porter, L. Hall, S. Bailey, A. Wilson, P. Holubesko, P. Williams, B, Kelm, B. Davis, M. Berube Mr. Berry, E. Tourtellotte, P, Duguay. MA JORETTES Row 1: E. Demers, E. Marshall, D. Wolstenholme. Row 2: N, Leveille, P. Gibson, P. Stead, P. Leveille, G. Freitas. Page Fifty-three Band Row Row Row Row P. Leveille, G. Freitas, B. Kelm, C. Quigley, B. Davis, S. Bailey, P. Reilly, J. Hopkins, E Tourtellotte, N. Leveille, P. Gibson. C. Jaques, R. Porter, S. Bailey, H, Paquin, P. Williams, W. Torinese, M. Berube, L, Hall A. Bernier, D. Robidoux, B, Boutilier. Mr. Berry, G. Ethier, E. Prendergast, J, Shalou, D. Wolstenholme, E. Marshall, K. Smith M. Russi, E. Powell. P. Holubesko, E. Demers, B. Zifchock, P, Stead, C. Yagnesak. B. Hoenig, S. Yagnesak. QFFICERS HH! S. Bailey, R. Porter, P. Williams, G. Freitas. Page Fifty-four Radio Club Row 1: J. Nolan, A. Romano, R. Looby, D. Young, E. Labossiere. Row 2: R. Leveillee, D. Waterman, D. McGuinness, Mr. O'Conno1', A. Ta1'cl'ie, E. Gartland, N Bernier. Row 3: R. Bartlett, A. Wood, D. Whitman. Office Girls l D. Kenenski, M. Pelkey, S. Simpson, D. Whe at, M. Dwyer, S. Guertin, D. Holt, M. Boylan. Page Fifty-five Librar Aides Row 1: C. Marshall, N. Whittaker, Miss Rosmond, L. Kozlik, D. Wolstenholme. Row 2: C. Morin, S. Yagnesak, P. Maher, M. Kemp, M. Bailey, E. Tourtellotte, M. Richardson S. Worrall, C. Courtemanche, L. Desjarlais. Row 3: P. Holubesko, G. Freitas, S. Wilbur, L. Grover, D. Holt, L. Archer, L. Desjarlais. N urse's Aides Row 1: C. Pytel, L. Cooney, Miss Bailey, M. Boylan, M. Dwyer. Row 2: M. Wilson, D. Boutilier, F. Dalton, D. Wheat, M. Kemp, M. Kaczynski, J. Robidoux, A Reinwald. Page Fifty-six, Archery Row 1: V. Boss, R. Ducharme, Mrs. Hall, A. Berube, J. Laporte. Row 2: B. King, P. Bonin, C. Godin, J. Duguay, H. Lafreniere, J. MacKenzie, M. Guertin, G Courtemanche, S. Gautreau, J. Minutelli, A. Adrian, P. Durand. Row 3: D. Pascoe, P, Walker, B. Lapierre, J. Berge, B. Sweet, E. Trimble. J. Laporte, D, Pascoe, P. Bonin, P. Durand Page Fifty-seven Senior Prom 421 f'7 XN AWWOUNCEIW WW f DANC I' mb 'QONATXO N , 0 W .... 6000 04Wp,,,6 WH wg- Page Fifty-eight 459 ...EJ Football Row 1: Mr. Hauser, R, Karmozyn, G. Rouleau, R. LaPorte, H. Laporte, R, Chretien, R. Bonin, T E-ccleston, L. Allen, M. Limoges, Mr. Wheater. Row 2: G. Rouleau, G. Robillard, R. Cabral, C. Van Gordon, R. Allen, R, Ford, O. Laferte, J Shepard, W. Piche, S. Emidy, R. Laverdiere, R. Pepler. Row 3: P, Labadie, W. Smith, D. Coupe, P. Simpson, K. Kluck, R. Smith, E. Richard, R. Pratt, E Skeffington, E. Kenny, R, Leduc, F. Desparlais, J. Bard'on, D. Eccleston. Under the excellent guidance of Coach Frank Hauser, the Broncos brought a co- championship football title to Burrillville in 1957. The title was shared with South Kingston who marred our record with a tie - 20 - 20. A 19 - 0 victory over Warren proved to be one of the team's best games -- this game clinched the co-title, Coach Hauser's club finished off the season with an outstanding 14 - 6 victory over our rival, Woonsocket High School. Gordon Rouleau was selected for the very coveted All State guard position. Howie Laporte, who missed first team All State honors by a slender margin, was the keynote of the Burrillville offensive attack. His offennsive success was enhanced by his All Class C linemen ---A Dick Chretien, Gary Rouleau, and Gordon Rouleau and the out- standing blocking of John Campbell. Dick Chretien, John Campbell, and Tom Eccleston were the team captains, the latter directing the attack from the quarterback position, Bob Bonin was outstanding on the defensive line. Prospects for a championship team next year look very bright with eleven lettermen returning, Pa ge Sixty Football 61st Team? , AY n . X , - .. ,.,,,f,,x - W V, -V M. .WW ' -1 fqwxiyy 1 X A s ,j L ,. 3 VK V .Kiwi ., ,...5 ,. . , K, Row 1: R, Karmozyn,G.Ro11lea11,R.LaPorte,H. Laporte, R. Chretien, R. Bonin, Fl:.mF:l'i'll'St.0I1 L. Allen. Row 2: G. Roulcau, G. Robillard, R. Cabral, C. Van Gorden, R. Allen. J. Shepard, U, Lziferte, R Ford, M. Limoges, W. Pivhe. Football Seniors? Row 1: R. Cabral, L. Allen, R. Allen, C. Van Gorden. Row 2: R. Bonin, W. Pirvhv, T. Eccleston, R. Chretien. Page Sixty-one Football Ur. Varsit J Row 1: R. Laverdiere, S. Emidy, O. Laferte, M. Limoges, L. Allen, R. Allen, C. Van Gorden. Row 2: R. Leduc, P. Labadie, E. Kenny, R. Pepler, W. Piche, F. Desjarlais, E. Skeffington, W Smith. Football CFreshmen5 Row 1: J. Bardon, D. Coupe, E. Richard, K. Kluck, R. Smith, R. Pratt, Mr. VVheater. Row 2: P. Labadie, E. Skeffington, D. Eccleston, P. Simpson, W. Smith. Page Sixty-two L63 " L, 7-IOWIE' fc! Football C HA OFF P g S AGAIN xty-three Mp ff 04' jk QBOM, Football , fv Qw 'ORRIN PGV 0 0 u an 40 WCHMWSQX CH ETEHM M90 M QHHR LlE+ RAY Pg s yf -Y OUCXXVO WN FP Cheerleaders M hi firsicjggfz SESS In wp- wf-V, . .wav-on L. Archer, L. Paquin, S. Guertin, M. Boylan, D. Wheat, D. Holt, P. Lepine, M, Dwyer. These peppy and' enthusiastic cheerleaders, under the guidance of Miss Shirley R, Morin, and led by their efficient captain, Margery Boylan, helped a great deal to spur our boys on this year in sports. Practices may have been strenuous, but the girls feel that the school spirit, which they helped to raise, made their hard work worth while. These girls deserve much praise for doing such a fine job. The captain and' seniors Wish the best of luck to the girls who will carry on next year. Row 1: J. Bruyere, J. Griffin, K. Leblanc. Row 2: L. Makowski, J. Paul, J. Remington. Page Sixty-five Hockey -. tsstws 42 lergmari . . E. .. q - - cm -, 9 favs? EWS-'rg' 'Re Row 1: D. Eccleston, R. Dudley, J. Shepard, H. Rivet, R. Lafreniere, L. Allen, Row 2: R. Guilbeault, D. McCutcheon, R. Bonin, W. Franklin, W, Rogers, R. Cook, R. Karmozyn D. Keable, H. Laporte, R. Ford, T. Eccleston, Mr. Mousseau, Although starting at a slow pace, the Bronco hockey team finished the 1957-58 season in whirlwind fashion, capturing the R. I. Championship and the New England Runner-up position. The warm winter and consequent lack of ice on the new practice rink led to 3 early league defeats. However, under the leadership of Coach Mousseau and' co-captains Don McCut'cheon and Tom Eccleston III, the Broncos staged a thrilling finish, winning their eleventh consecutive league title, In the State play-offs, the Broncos easily defeated Cranston in the semi-finals and then Went on to win the State Championship for the ninth time by defeating LaSalle in a spine-tingling three game series. In the New England Tournament, the Broncos defeated Dixfield, Maine, 5 - 0. In the semi-finals, the Blue and White downed LaSalle, 3 - 2. The following night the Broncos led Walpole, Massachusetts, 2 - 1 in the last period, only to be tied with 31 seconds left, and lost the championship in an overtime sudden death period 3 - 2. Co-captain Tom Eccleston III was voted All New England Defenseman and awarded the Providence College Trophy, Bob Karmozyn was voted to the first team, and Hank Rivet and Howie Laporte received second team honors. Choices for the R. I, All State first team were Tom Eccleston and Howie Laporte, second team - Bob Karmozyn, and third team - Bill Rogers, Bob Bonin and Hank Rivet. Prospects look extremely bright for next year with eight lettermen returning. Page Sixty-six iff Hockey P- ., M wza XAWK x i WW ff' 641, Qi -1 TOM+ DON wmv SNES 8 ,f THE 40015-ooN-W 0-r025.BOB P S Baseball .K 3. . K.. if 1 .t Row 1: W. Rogers, J. Shepard, W, Piche, T. Eccleston, M. Dowling, R. Bonin. Row 2: W. Herard, R, Karmozyn, R. Ducharme, R. Ford, H. Laporte, O. Laferte, Mr. Ducharme Row 3: G, Rouleau, D. Paul, R. Guilbeault, H. Paquin, R. Callahan, R. Gingell. Again in Burrillville's sport history, a triple crown is within reach. With a co- championship in football and a state championship in hockey already won, our baseball team is trying to make it a perfect year for Burrillville High. Barring unforeseen calamities, the Broncos should grasp the Northern Division title with a firm hold. Although Coach George Ducharme was hind'ered by the loss of several veterans, the new and old players are worthy of praise, An all-important game against Mount St. Charles ended in a Bronco victory, 4 - 1. As far as the season has progressed, the Broncos are tied for first place with four victories and two losses. The team's batting average is steadily climbing with Captain Mike Dowling lead- ing the batting department. Left-handed Bill Rogers has performed brilliantly so far as he has pitched a no-hitter against North Providence and a one-hitter against Mount St. Charles. Bill Herard and Tom Eccleston also supply the necessary pitching needs for the team and are doing an excellent job, It would be quite appropriate if our team does come through as Coach Ducharme was captain of the first baseball team from Burrillville to ever win a State champion- ship. Page Sixty-eight Baseball RY N HHN G TCH QQBILL 59 e Q' O17 Boo 9 BOD 90:1 B H S. Opponent No. Providence East Providence Warwick ..,,.........,........ Woonsocket ..,,..e..A... Mt. St. Charles ,...... Cranston ,.o...A..,.. Hope .,..n,,...,..... LaSalle ........,.,.. Cranston ..,,...,..,, Cranston .4,o......o LaSalle ........,,.. DlXf1Cld .,,..,,.. LaSalle ..........,.. Scituate ......,.........,. East Greenwich No. Kingston Pawtucket Voc. Mt. St. Charles ....,..,..,. Sacred Heart ...... Central Falls ..,... Pawtucket Voc. No. Providence Mt. St. Charles Cumberland ....,, Woonsocket ............ 'Denotes Overtime Scores HOCKEY LEAGUE GAMES 1 '52 3 3 1 4 '32 8 3 1 0 3 4 51 3 0 STATE PLAYOFFS 2 354 2 3 B. H. S. Opponent No. Providence East Providence Warwick ...,....,..,.., Woonsocket ...... Mt. St. Charles Cranston .,...,......... Hope ..,.....,... LaSalle ...,,,. LaSalle ....... LaSalle ,,.,...... NEW ENGLAND PLAYOFF S '52 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL 7 zo o 12 6 ' 25 14 19 EXHIBITION GAMES 7 14 BASEBALL 1 9 4 7 2 6 1 13 1 3 9 1 2 Page Seventy Walpole ......... So. Kingston ....,, Colt ...,.........,......,...,. Barrington Warren Woonsocket ....... Sacred Heart ....,, Central Falls ...... Pawtucket Voc. No. Providence Mt. St. Charles .. Cumberland .,.... Woonsocket ...,.. Our Sponsors We, the members of the Review Staff, express our sincere apprecia- tion to everyone who helped in any way to contribute to the success of our yearbook. We thank especially the Sponsors for the money they have so generously donated. Alice Florist Mr. 86 Mrs. William Andrews John J. Aylward Rev. Lucien P. Benoit Dr. 86 Mrs. Lennart Carlson Chepachet Service Station Coffee Shop Mr. 86 Mrs. John J. Corrigan Mr. 86 Mrs. Avery B. Davis, Sr. Dr. 86 Mrs. R. H. Dowling Mr. 86 Mrs. Oscar Ducharme Falk Bros. Mr. 86 Mrs. Normand Godin Mr. 86 Mrs. Joseph Goulart Honest Johnis Ice Cream Hurst Radio 86 Furniture, Inc. Indian Acres Dairy Page Seventy --one Jim's Variety Thomas J. Kane Mr. 86 Mrs. John Karmozyn Midway Auto Service Mundy's Greenhouses New York Dept. Store Overlook Nursing Home Oxnard Pharmacy Ray Paquette Pascoag Super Market John E. Pomfret,Ford Sales, Inc Remington Coal 86 Lumber Co. State Road Liquor Store Mr. 86 Mrs. Herbert Stead Weiss Market Y.G.A. Ladies Auxiliary Harold Adams Mrs. H. Adrian Aaron Aldrich Anna Allen Miss Anna Allen Arthur Allen Mr, 8: Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs. Merle Allen Mr. 8: Mrs. Gilio Altomari Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Linda Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Angell Archer William Archer Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Arnold Arnolds Mr, Antonio Assis Mr. 8: Mrs. Atherton Mr. 8: Mrs. Andy Aubin Mr. 8: Mrs. Leo Auger B, 8: K. Garage B. 8: S. Electro Auto Service, Inc. Mr. 8: Mrs. Geo. Badeau L, R. Badrington Mr. 8: Mrs. Atwood Bailey F. Hope Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Bailey Irving Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs, Lewis Bailey Thomas Bailey, Jr. Vernon L. Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Baldwin Mr. 8: Mrs, W. Baldwin Mr. 5 Mrs. Joseph Bardon Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold R. Barker Mr, k Mrs. Donald Barnes V. Barrett-Fagan, M.D. Walter Bartlett Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest J. Beaudreau Mr, 8: Mrs. John Beaudreau Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Beaudry Bill Bedard David Bell Richard Bello Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Beltram Joyce Berest Berk's Store Mr, 8: Mrs. Philias Bernard Susan Bernard Frank Berry Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Berube Mr. 8: Mrs. William Berube Mr, 8: Mrs. Wilfred Bilodeau Mr. 8: Mrs. Duane Bishop, Jr. Mary Black Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Blakely Mr, 8: Mrs. Bert Blanchard Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph 0. Blanchard Donald Blanchette Mr. Raymond A. Blanchette Our Sponsors Mr. Thomas Blessington Joe Blotz Bob's Service Station Chucky Boisvert Janice Boisvert Mr, Louis Boisvert Mr. 8: Mrs. Aime Bonin Marion Bonin Betty Boss Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Boss Boucher's Boucher's Restaurant Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Boucher Loretta Bourbonniere Mrs, Dorothy P. Boutilier Victor R. Boutilier Mr. 8: Mrs. David H. Boylan Mr. 8: Mrs. Jesse Breault Mr, 8: Mrs. Rudolph N. Breault Walter Breault Henry J. Briggs Mr. 8: Mrs. Laurier Brissette Leo N. Brissette Mrs. Abbie Brown Mr. 8: Mrs, Harold Brown Mrs. John Brouwer Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Bruyere Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Bullock Mr, 8: Mrs. Ralph Burgsten Mr. Thomas E. Burke Mr. Clifford Burlingame Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Burlingame Mr, 8: Mrs. Harold Burnett Buster's Restaurant C. Allen Buxton Betty Cabral Joseph Cabral Mrs. Mary Cabral Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Callahan Dr. Callahan Cambio the Baker Carbarn Alleys Mr, 8: Mrs. John Cardone 8: Sons Benoit Caron Mr. Fernando Carpenter Mrs. Lillian Carpenter Oliver L. Carpenter Beverly J. Carr Carriere's Store Carter's Market Wilfred Carter, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilfred Carter, Jr. Cele's Beauty Shoppe Constance Chapman Russell Chase S, A. Chase Chepachet State Police Barracks Page Seventy-two Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Chisholm Chums Electro Shop Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Clegg Mrs, Herbert N. Clough Anthony Clozzi George Cobb Rev. 8: Mrs. Harry R. Collins Community Cleaners Mrs. Hazel Connell Mr. Jack Cook Mrs, Lena Cook Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs, 8: Mrs. Mr Wesley Cook James Cooney Cormac James Cosetta 8: Mrs. Mr. Louise Courchesne Mr. 8: Mrs, Arthur Courtemanche Mr. 8: Mrs. Ovide Courtemanche Mr. Peter Courtemanche Linda Coutu Mr. 8: Mrs, Paul Coutu Romeo Coutu Miss Theresa Coutu Miss Margaret E. Coyle Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Creighton Miss Veronica 'Creighton Eunice Curry Mr. 8: Mrs, Howard Daggett Robert Daggett Daigles Rexall Drugs Mr. 8: Mrs. George D'Alessio Mr. 5 Mrs. Peter D'Alessio Harold S, Dalley Francis Dalton Raymond Coupe Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs, Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Dalton Edward D'Ange1o Leonard Dansereau Elvert Darling Barbara Daughtery Mr. 8: Mrs. Avery B. Davis, Jr, Blanche Davis Gilbert Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs, Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: MI'S. Leslie Davis Avery Dearman Bernard Dearman Deblois Thomas Deblois Mr. 8: Mrs, Harold C. Demers Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Demers Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo De Muccio Vestella 8: Walter Denoyelle Depot Sq. Oil Service Francis C, Deroy Mr. 8: Mrs. Horace DeS8.Ute1l Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles E. Deslauriers Mr. 8: Mrs, Desourdy Mr. 8: Mrs. Dev's Cafe Gabrielle S Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs. Dix Mills Desrosiers Devere Harold Devlin Royal W. Dimond Mr. Francis Dominque Kathan M. Dorsey Irene A. Dorsey Mrs. Ruth Dove Mike Dowling Richard M. Dowling Drifters Orchestra Mr. 8: Mrs, Alvin Dugas Mrs. Eugene Ducharme George Ducharme Mr. 5 Mrs. Homer Ducharme Janice Ducharme Mr. 8: Mrs. Leo G, Ducharme Marion Ducharme Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Roderick Ducharme Russell J , Ducharme Shine Ducharme Norman Dugas Roland Duguay Charles Dunn Gertrude Dunn Madelyn Dwire Mr, 8: Mrs. Richard Dwyer Mrs. Mavis Edwards Margaret Emidy Erickson Oil Service Mr. 8: Mrs. John Erickson Cora A. Esten Abnes Ethier Miss Arlene Ethier Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Eccleston, Jr, Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Eccleston, Sr. Mrs. Abbie Fagan Mr, 8: Mrs. J. Gorden Fairbrother Mr. James Fanning Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester Farrell Mrs. Carolyn Fenley Mr. 8: Mrs. A, Ferguson Mr. John Ferguson Ester Fisher, Royal Plastics Demonstrator Josephine S. Fitz Mr. 8: Mrs. John Flannagan 8: Family Gayle M, Flynn Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Flynn Margaret Fogarty Mrs. Rose Forgue Mrs. Anne Mason Francis Rose Francis Mrs. Leo Franklin Our Sponsors Mr. 8: Mrs, Joseph Freitas Mr. 8: Mrs. Manuel Freitas Mr. lk Mrs. Alfred Frenette Bertha Fuller Flynn's Stand Paul Gaboury Rolande Gagne Bill Ga.llagher's Gulf Service Mr. 8: Mrs, Emery Gallant Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Gariepy Benjamin Gariety Benny Garrity Louis J. Gauthier, Inc. Louis J. Gauthier, Jr, Mr. 8: Mrs. Lucien Gauthreau Clara Gauvin Gauvin's Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Geer Gen 8: Nucker Mrs. Annie Genereux Mrs, M. Genereux Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilfred Geroud Marie Gervais Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Gevry Mr. John Giblin Mr. 8: Mr . Thomas Gilleran Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Glasko Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Godfrin Miss Betsy Godin Mr. 8: Mrs, R. Gonneville Mr. 8: Mrs. Edgar Gonyea Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Gonyea Ed Gonyea, Scrap Metals Mr. Milton Graham Mr, 8: Mrs. Albert Green Green Valley Farm Otto Green Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar J. Greene Mr. Waldo Greene Greenville Pharmacy Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Gregory Juliette Grenier Folrence 8: Arthur Grenon Mr, 8: Mrs. Joseph Griffin Mr. 8: Mrs. William Griffin William Griffin, Jr. Elsie B. Griffiths Mr. 8: Mrs. A, W. Grover Mr. 8: Mrs. David W. Guertin Doris Guertin Mr. George Guertin Miss Sheila Guertin Mr, 8: Mrs. Emile Guilbault Mildred L. Gunther Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Guy Mr. 8: Mrs. Lamar Haffner Rev. Frank Hall Page Seventy-three Mrs, W. F. Hall Hand H. Machine X Tool Co. Mr. A Mrs. Daniel Hanley Mrs. Jenny Hanley Mr. 8: Mrs, Almon Harris Harrisville Bowling Alleys Rev. Joseph P. Heaney Mrs. Florence Heffernan I-Ierard's Super Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Hesieur Mr, 8: Mrs. Harry Hilton Dick Hodson Mr. 8: Mrs. Lynwood Hobson Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Holt Mr. 8: Mrs. Randolph Holt I-Iooper's Amoco Service Mr, Clarence S. Hopkins Ella M. Hopkins Mr. Kenneth Hopkins Mrs. Mabel Hopkins Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Hopkins Mrs. Margaret Hostetter Milton E, Howard Raymond Howard Mrs. Eva Huguenin' Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Hurst Mr. 8: Mrs. James P. Hurst, Jr Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Inman Ivy's Luncheonette Jack's Cafe Ernest Jackson Helen Jackson Dr. Jacobs Mrs, Rhea Jacquart Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Jardin Mr. 8: Mrs. Roland Jarvis J oe's Wagon John's Market Alfred Jolly Mrs. Doris Jolly Ovide Jolly Mr. 5 Mrs, Albert Jordan Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilfred Joubert 6: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. John R. Kaczynski Peter Kapas Mr, 8: Mrs. Marcel Keable Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter F. Keach, Jr Mrs. Elizabeth Keegan Gertrude Keegan Mrs. George Keeling Beverly Joan Kelm Mr, 8: Mrs. William R. Kelm Daniel Kenenski Dorothy Kenenski Mr. 8: Mrs. H. S. Kenenski Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Kenney Kestiloot's Store Mr, 8: Mrs. Tom Kirby Leo King Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Knight Capt. 8: Mrs. R. Knight Mr. 8: Mrs. John Koprusak Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert J. Koury, Jr. Mrs. Yvonne Labadie John Lace Marilyn Lace Mr, 8: Mrs. George Lafond Clandia LaFrancois Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond G. Lafreniere Gene Lalancette Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs, Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. Cecile Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Lambert Geo. Lambert Albert Langlois Lange Ernest Lange Eugene Lapierre Norman Lapierre P. O. Lapierre Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin LaPorte Mrs, Ellen Laporte Mr. 8: Mrs. Hector Laporte Rose La.Porte Herve Laprise Leo Lariviere Mr. 8: Mrs. Emery LaRocque Iris Lataille Mr. Albert Lavallee Cecile Lavallee Harold Lavallee Mrs. Mary Lavallee Lawrence Bros, Mrs. Doris Lawrence Frank Lawrence Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Ledoux Mr. 8: Mrs. Elphege Leduc Julius Leduc Mr. 8: Mrs, Wilfred Leduc Lee's Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Lees Millie Legg Robert Legg Mr. Fred Lemay Mr. 8: Mrs. William Lemieux J , G. Lemoine Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Lepine Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Lepine Sandra Lepine Carol Letendre Mr. 8: Mrs. Milton Letendre Winifred Letendre Patricia Leveille Mr, 8: Mrs. Raymond Leveille Mr. 8: Mrs. Edouard Levesque Our Sponsors Mr. 8: Mrs. Antony Lima Mr. 8: Mrs. George Logan Gertrude A, Looby Lucy A. Looby Robert E. Looby, Jr. Catherine Love Stuart H. Luckina Lloyd Lunn Dr. Lynaugh Mrs. Alice Maciocia Mr, 8: Mrs. Andrew Mackenzie Mr. 8: Mrs. William Mageau Miss Magner Mr. 8: Mrs. James Maher Mr. 8: Mrs. Chester Makowski Mrs, Wm. Malone Clarice Manly Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Marceau Mr. 8: Mrs. Auguste Marcoux Marcoux's Garage Marie's Beauty Shop Miss Bruna Marsella Marsella Cafe Martel's Restaurant Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Martin Mr, Antoine Martineau Masse Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Arsene Masse Dr. John McBride Mr. James E. McCabe Miss Mary E. McCabe Mr, 8: Mrs. Edward McCann Katherine McCann Mrs. McCaull Mr. 8: Mrs. McCutcheon M. McCutcheon Mr. Malcom McCutcheon Mr. David McGuinness Mr, Joseph V. McGuinness Mrs. Cecile McNamara Mr. Joe Mello Trooper A. Menard Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Mercure Mr. 8: Mrs, Archie Messier Mr. 8: Mrs. Rene Messier Helen Miecielica Mary Miecielica Mike 8: Ronnie Mrs. E. Miller Mr. Joseph Minutelli Mohegan Market Moon Bound Bowling League Miss Avonelle Moore Mrs, Eva Moore Mr. Raymond Morin Ambrose Moroney Miss Doris Morris Page Seventy-four Miss Beverly Morison Mr. 8: Mrs. James Morrison Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Morse Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Mortensen Louis Mosteiro Miss Ester Mousseau Mr, 8: Mrs. Henry Mousseau Mr. Leo Mousseau Mrs. Mary Mousseau Mr. William Mousseau Miss Bertha Mowry Miss Florence Mowry Mr. Herman Mowry Mr. Howard Mowry Mr. 8: Mrs, William Mowry Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Mullins Byron Myers Fred Nanni National Finance National Home Modernizing Co. Miss Emma Nelligan Mr. Anthony Neri Mr, 8: Mrs. Carl G. Neyman Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Nolan Oak Valley Farm Mrs. James F. O'Conne1l Mona O'Connell Mr. Gerald F. O'Connor Mr, 8: Mrs. James O'Neill Miss M. F. O'Reil1y Charles J. Owens Mr. Leo Owens Oxnard Pharmacy Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Paiva Alvanie Paquette Alice Paquette Bertha Paquette Constance Paquette Jakie Paquette Mr, 8: Mrs. Albert Paquin Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Paquin Mr. 8: Mrs. Montcalm Paquin Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip Paquin Parents Teachers Association Joan B, Parfitt Pascoag Bowling Alleys Pascoag Grain Company Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis T. Pascoe Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Pascoe Mrs. Alice Patterson Emma Patterson Elaine Paul Mr, 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. k Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs. G. Richard Pearce Charles Peck Earl Peck Frank E. Peck, Jr. Frank Peck, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wally Peck Mr. 8: Mrs. Everett Pelkey Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Pepler Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Pepler Mr, 8: Mrs. Albert Perreault Claire Perreault Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Perry Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Peters Arthur L. Phillips Bill Pichie Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen Pichie Suzanne Piette Mr. 8: Mrs. Lewis Place, Jr. Plante's Cleaners Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Plante Frances Polacek Mary Polacek Mrs, J. Pooley Donald Potter Mr, 8: Mrs. Robert Potter Poulo's Shoe Store Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Pytell Quality Lunch Quality Thermoplastics, Inc. Karen Quarmby Raymond Rabitor Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Racine T, A. Racine Mr. Waldo Randall Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Rathier Raymond Rathier Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Reinwald, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Reinwald, III Florent Reith Joseph Rembijas Mr. Clint Remington Freda Rhodes Mr. 8: Mrs, Clifford Richardson Mildred Richardson Edgar L. Richer Mr. Granville Rider Agnes Riley Mrs. Lorraine Riley Mrs. Rudolph Rinfrette Mr. Rudolph Rinfrette Our Sponsors Rae Ann Rondeau Rose's Floral Art Shoppe Rosenberg's Super Market Virginia R. Rosmond Rossi's Fabric Shoppe Mr, 8: Mrs. Albert Rouleau Nancy Round "Jij" Miss Mary Anne Rowen Joseph Rowy Mrs. A. Roy Miss Bridget Rya.n Eliza E. Saletnik Mr. 8: Mrs. Earle Salisbury Mr. 8: Mrs, Glenn Saltonstall Mr. Fred San Soucie Ivy P. Sayles Miss Mary Sciaudone Mrs. Viola Scott Corbeil Service Center Mr. 8: Mr . Dominic Scully Mr, 8: Mrs. Frank Shaw, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Marshall Shaw Mr. 8: Mrs. William Shaw Ethel Sheldon Elizabeth M. Shields Mr. 8: Mrs. Clifford Sherman Mr. Frank I. Sherman Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth H. Sherman Mr, 8: Mrs. Lester Sherman Mary Sherman Mr. 8: Mrs. Sidney Sherman Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Sherman Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson Mr. 8: Mrs, Paul Simpson Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Simpson Simpson's Service Station Miss Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth M. Stroble Bruce J. Strokes Hazel Spink Supreme Poultry Co, Mrs. Herbert Sutcliffe Mrs. Carleton E. Taft Paul 8: Mary Tanguay Mr. 8: Mrs. Denis Tardie Rev. 8: Mrs. James Tarr Mr. 8: Mrs. Guilbert Taschereau Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald Tatro Robert Tellier Mr. 8: Mrs, Eldege Tessier Theodore Tessier, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew L. Tetreault Louise Tetreault Robert Theroux Mrs, Bridget Thibeault Mr. 8: Mrs. Marcus Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Tomczyszyn Miss Tomei Carlo Toti Mr. 8: Mrs, Fred Tower Toti's Tavern Mrs. Laura Tremblay Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd Treuhella Triangle Farm Mr. 8: Mrs, Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr, 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Norbert Trimble Raymond Trinque Henri C, Trudeau Roy Tureure Charles Van Gorden Austin Varey Milton Verity Vic's Barber Shop Victory Buick, Inc. Stanley Walker Bill Smith E. J. Smith, Jr., M.D. Smith's Brothers Mrs. Henry Smith Mary M. Smith Walter P. Smith Mr, 8: Mrs. Rudolph Soderlund Ben Solomon Mr, 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Alice Mr. 8: Mrs. Timothy 8: John B. Rivers Alfred Robert Robidoux Ronald Robidoux Patricia Robidoux Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Robillard Harvey Staples Mr. 8: Mrs. Phillips B. Steere Mr. 8: Mrs. George Steiner Mr. 8: Mrs, Ben Steere, Jr. Mrs. O. Stenberg Mr. Oscar Stenberg Beatrice Rocheford Mr, 8: Mrs. G. Rocheford E. P. Rocheleau Rocky Brook Farm Mrs. Ethel Rodgers Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronci Mr. 8: Mrs. O, J. Stenberg, Jr. Mrs. Mary J. Stevens Mr. 8: Mrs, Archibald Stilwell Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs, Rudolph St. Pierre J. St. Sauveur Florence Stubbs Page Seventy-five Mr, 8: Mrs. Walter Walker Mr. Leonard Walling Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Warzybok Stephen P. Waterman Mrs. Paul Wayland Mr, Paul Wayland Weiss Market Miss Barbara Ann West Mr. 8: Mrs. Hollis R. Wheat Mr. Lawrence Wheater Miss Barbara Whiteley "Whitey the bus driver" Mrs. Ruth Whitman Mr, 8: Mrs. Francis Whittaker, Sr. Mr. Robert Wicha Wilcox Craftsman Shop Mr. Norman N. Wilcox Mrs. Robert Wilcox Mr. 8: Mrs, Clarence Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Williams Our Sponsors Mr. 8: Mrs. Percy Wilson, Jr, Mr. 8: Mrs. Percy Wilson, Sr. Mr Winsor's Store Mr Mr, 8: Mrs. Charles Wolstenholme Mr Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Woodman Mr Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Yagnesak 000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Photographs Printing Engraving- John Zifcak, Jr. . 8: Mrs, John Zifcak, Sr. . 8: Mrs. Paul Zifcak . 8: Mrs. Philip Zifcak, Jr, . 8: Mrs. Philip Zifcak, Sr. , 8: Mrs. Joseph G. Zifchock Woonsocket Typewriter Co. Mr Zips Calso Station Loring Studio Barbett Photo Engraving Co. The Delmo Press Page Seventy-six 955535555 S. n.S'wE5'oQ,g1W N:'5:'m"'53 :::'P'Q+4'v5'a n N 5 M O 9 A' N g,4Q 5 O Fm :::F'0E 05qq90C.... Sing CMU: EB QUQE- IIJUQ In B 5 6' E 5 55 0 rn 0 E O 0 3 Q x' 0 O O O O O 3 FPIPBPIPPFPFPFP 0 '11'111'-f1'11'11"11'11'11 0 5. E. E. .'3.E.',1.'3. 5. 0 cnmrbrbmcbmm 4, :s::1::::s:1:1 O Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q O 0 O O 0 O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0 O O O Q . 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Suggestions in the Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) collection:

Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Burrillville High School - Review Yearbook (Harrisville, RI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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