Burke High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burke, SD)

 - Class of 1958

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Burke High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burke, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1958 volume:

Lx Brand! Bulldog BKAN D1 HICJH Sf HK OI 1 1 1 U ilxu 1 1 J 'x S5 ,Sev- sw-Q' On behalf of the Sen1or Class we the Bull dog Staff dedzcate thxs annual to Mr Schroeder for h1s three years of serv1ce 1n th1s SCT1001 HS teacher and coach H15 serv1ces to th1S school are greatly appremated and w111 always be re membered I 9 ' g . . . . . . . Q 4- :EL 2 1 4-ldv., f '--nq,,l QXX School Board SEATED Lyle Haug Melvxn Engen Nargret Molstad STANDING Spencer Anderson Oscar Ekern Vernon Goodroad Harold Schmxdt SUPERINTENDENT COACH Eugene Schroeder S H Anderson Q A B TQ 'i 1' Lower Grades ROBERT JOHNSON DONALD ELLIS Commercxal Upper Grades 'nr' 14" LILLIAN RU HD Cook LAWRENC E SKOW Jamtor ,- 1 - V if . 4 . V , N , 7155.7 rx NADINE ELLIS 'f' 5 if . .. 4 '- 1 'Q f . K YR xK'1. Wx Wigan' Brandt Publlc School Come wxth us on a Journey through the rooms and halls of our school JOIH us 1n the laughter and happ1ness that thms bu11d1ng has g1ven to us and to our former classmates, Though we may not be large in number, we are proud to show you the achieve ments that have been made here and the success that has been accomplished within these walls, ., . 0 JOYC E ELAINE ANDERSON Kilffhball ....... Girls' Basketballu, Class President ,,,, C1355 Play ......... Paper Staff .,,,,,, Annual Staff .,,,,, Girls' Glcc ,,,,,,, Mixed Chorus ,,,,,, Carnival Queen ,,,,,, SEYMOUR HOWARD JR, Secretary Class Plays .,,,. Basketball Softball Class Officer Annual Staff Paper Staff .....1.2, 3 3 1,2, 3 1,2,3 EAST HOUSE 2 1 ,4 l 1 4 4 4 4 ,4 3 4 Z 4 4 4 4 qu" JOYC E IONE ANDERSON Kitfenball ...... 1. Girls' Basketballn.. Class Officer: ........ Class Play. .... Paper Staff..... ... Annual Staff ..... . .. Girls' Glee ,,,,, l Z 3 Mixed Chorus Queen Candidate . ROB ERT NOEL DeGROOT Basketball.. ..... . 50552111 ......... . .... 1,2 Newspaper Staffn.. ..... Annual staff ,...... . . Class Play ,,,, , ... JANICE NOREEN KJENSTAD Treasurer Kittenball ,,,,,,,, Class Officer Class Play ,,,,,, Paper Staff , Annual Staff.. Girls' Glee,,, Solo ...... . .... . Mixed Chorus., Girls' seamen, .....l,2,3,4 4 ......3,4 ......l,2,3,4 ........3.4 ....l,2,4 I I ROYAL EDGAR KLEMM Basketball ,,,,,, ,.,,, l .2,3,4 Kitienball ....... ..... l ,Z,3 4 Track ................ ...... l 4 King Calldidilfe ...... ...... J Class Officer .... .... l 3 Paper Siaff ..... ..... 4 Annual Staff ...... ....... 4 Class Play ..... ...... 3 ,4 J lm CARROLL MYRON HANSON Class plays,,,,, Basketball,,,,, ....3-4 .........l.2 Softball ........... .... Class Officer-,, Annual Staff .... Paper Staff ,..,, TraCk........ DONAI., President Basketball ,,, Kittenball,,,,., D PAUL. LUNDE 1,2,3,4 .....2.3 ......l .....l.2.3.4 . ..... l,2.3.4 Track... .... . ....... Class Officer ,,,, , Paper Staff,..,.. Annual Staff,.,,, Class .........l ....3,4 ....3.4 HARLAN EUGENE Basketball ,,,,. Softball ,.,.,. Track ,,,, Music ,,,, S010 ............. Class Plays ,,,, Paper Staff, .,,, Annual Staff ,,,,,, Carnival King ...... Class Officer .... ll , NIELSEN ,,,,l,Z,3,4 l.2.3,4 1,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 3,4 .....3.4 .....4 .....4 ......4 ....1 AUDREY JEAN SHANE Girls' Basketball,,,.., Softball .......... .... . .. Musif. ....... S010 ............. Paper Staff ,,,,, Annual Staff ,,,,,,,,, Carnival Queen ,..,.. Class Officer ,,,,, Class Play ,,,,,,,, Cheerleader ,,,,,,,,,, D.A.R. Candidate ........ .. ....... ...l 4 ....1,2,3. ....l.2,3, .....-2.3. .....4 ..-...Z. ....l.2. -an." K xx RONALD LEON SC HMIDT Basketball ,,,,, Softball.. .... .. Class Play ,,,,, Track.............. Annual Staff,,,,., Paper Staff..... Boys' State ,,,.,, Class Officcr,,,,,, ....l,2 .....1,Z King Candidate............................. .f" ARNOLD JAMES SEVERSON Basketballu... .....l,2 Softball ,,,,, .....1,Z TraCk......... Class Play ,.... .. Paper Staff ...... Carnival King ,.,,, Annual Staff ..... 1 li GJ 'li .E ,a . r J E O Qs ,- Jw 'Sl cv JLNIORS i FRONT ROW Grat1a Anderson Carol Zxschke Elauxe Mellendorf BACK ROW Mr Johnson Advxsor Wallace Collxer Alvm Kjenstad Not pxctured Rxchard York -1 C7 Vice-President ,,,, Secretary. ...... . . Treasurer President ......... Class Ufficers NJ' 'C7 ,,,,,,,,Wa1lace Collier Carol Zischke Alvin Kjenstad ,Elaine Mellendorf 4,,.,,,H SOPHOMORE CLA SS SEATED L to R Beverly Nxelsen Glenda Ekern Mary Cox Jamce Nncola Larry Brznkman Ronald Hofman BACK ROW Adv Eugene Schroeder Robert Rxetzel Gordon Engen Wllhs Gerth, Alvin Nlelsen Robert Lunde Gerald Mzlton Vzce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Class Officers Beverly N1e1sen L 'srry Brxnkman Gordon Eugen H xllxs Gerth v W W . o ' ': ' I I I - A 1 : 1 I l I 1 I . . . . . CD 1-0 Nw--R' .,.... 12737 T7 .af PRESHMEN FRONT ROW Mary Anderson Jo Cox Judy Haug BACK ROW Denms 'vhlton Carole Schmuit f'1roIYork AdV1SO1' Ml' Al'ldC'1'q0Y1 'n 5. C lass Offzcers Treasurer Denms Mxlton Vxce Presxdent Mary Anderson Secretary Carole Schmxdt Presuient Jo Cox W Z tr 'C k Y 2 3, 7 Sth CR 4DL 9 SEATED Glorxa Bxrdahi Norma Rextlel Dxanc' Nlelsen 'viarlxi Hrlnkmdn luymr' Shane STANDINC Mr F1115 LaDe1lGoudroad Glorm Y-kcrn C1rulNnCuls Kina Vxk J 6lfI CR IDLS SEAT PD A en Hanson Darxl Cvuufiruxi D4 xr lfvrn Glorm qolbf-rg, Nfarxetfa DeGoot R1 th Ann Vngs-n Sf-RNDINC rhirf' w 1m ora: nfle sun 4 Jrrx 5 xr-r ohn awlfy me-nry 4 es L 5 w 'C 1 g ,' 3: , - ' . , " .I , . ' 1, - . ' , V- . W - - ' J .' - - i: ll ' , I- ' ff, '-Iii. , " f,.4' f k' , Q 511 Ri A . fx -, in A A f ,'.U.1','nf-H W, L V- ,..1a' ,K Ei: -', " 'H. y ,VL 'liiS, 15 SEATED L to R STANDING PRIMAR Y ROOM Marzlyn Shane Sharon Hanson Kathleen Lunde, Darlene Bardahl G Hanson Roger Hawley and Merlyn Forsyth Llnda Cox Gary Goodroad Larry Goodroad Curtxs Ekern Douglas Forsyih Jonaihan Solbc-rg Teacher Mrs Ellls lorla v-4, Q- 3- '7 .fm-ar CI Ol-'FIFFRS Carol Nxcola Henry Hayes Daryl Goodroad mrry C nllxer Secretary Treasurer Vue Presxdent . X , .K L -4 4 K Q W I 5 X t R. I ,. f N- . .. .J ' s 4 , ,I . w . I I U , W I ' 1 X Y. , -. -I . ' .......... ..... ....... . ..... ..... President in 4 I ll'-L 1-... Queen Audrey Shane King Harlan Nxelsen Royal Famxly SEATED Norma Rextzel Audrey Shane Harlan N1elsen Henry Hayes STANDING Marlys Brxnkman Marmlyn Shane Mary Anderson Glenda Ekern Carol Jean Zxschke Wallace Colher Wxllxs Gerth Denms Mxlton Gary Goodroad Wayne Haug - : . - . : . 1 I ' 1 1 ' 1 ' - , r , 1 I I A 1 . 4 I 5 . n U r . Bows Clce Club LEFT in RIGHT Robert Rentzel Alun Nlelsen Harlan lwxelsen Gordon Engen Alun Kjenshd l.1rryBr1nkrn?-ln N rs Fllxs Girls Glee Club FRONT ROVK L to R Audrey Shane Beverly Nxelsen Elaine Nlzllc-ndorr Glenda Ekern Carole Schmxdt Joycel Anderbon BACK ROW L io R Jamce Nxcola lamce Kjenstad Grain Andvrson Carol Jean Zxschke Joyce E Anderson 'vldry Cox DIRECTOR Nlrs Fllxs PIANIST Judy Hang - . - . , ' l,.. ,.. ,- , N. . W - . .I v ' 1 f' v 1 . . . .I ,- 1 ' 1 . . 1-" Octette FRONT ROW: Audrey Shane, Joyce I, Anderson, MIDDLE ROW: Crratia Anderson, Carol Zischke, Joyce E, Anderson, Mrs, Ellis, Judy l-laug, BACK ROW: Janice Kjenstad, Janice Nicola, C arole Schmidt, -.pai lmied Chorus FRONT ROW: Audrey Shane, Beverly Nielsen, Elaine Mellendorf, Glenda El-cern, Carole Schmidt, Joyce I, Anderson, MIDDLE ROW: Janice Nicola, Janice Kjenstad, Gratia Anderson. Carol Zischke, Joyce E, Anderson, Mary Cox, Judy I-iaug, Mrs, Ellis. BACK ROW: Larry Brinkman, Robert Reitze1,Alvin Kjenstad, Garden tzlngen, Harlan Nielsen, Alvin Nielsen, Soloists FRONT ROW: Glenda Ekern, Audrey Shane, Beverly Nielsen, Elaine Mellendorf, Carole Schmidt, Judy Haug, Mrs, Ellis, BACK ROW: Janice Nicola, Janice Kjenslad, Gratia Anderson Carol Zischke, Harlan Nielsen, Flute Soloist--Mary Jane Cox Grade School Allll.S'1.C' Grade Sexton:- LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs, Don YC!lis,C1.1rol Nicola, Gloria FIM-rn, Norma Reiizc-1, Diane Niclscn, Marlys Brinkm and .loyfe 5h.Anf-, .ws Annual Slay '-J F., SEATED2 Audrey Shane. MT. JOhhS0n. Arnold Sever son, Joyce E, Anderson. STANDING: Carroll Hanson, Joyce l. Anderson, Donald Lunde, Harlan Nlf'lS6'f1. Royal Klemm. Seymour Easthouse, Ronald Schmidt, Janice Kjcnsiad, Robert Dc-Groot, Newspaper Staff SEATED: Donald Lunde, Joyce l, Anderson, Carol Jean Zischke, Seymour Easthouse, Royal Klemm, Mr, Johnson, Audrey Shane, STANDING: Robert DeGroot, Gratia Anderson, Janice Kjenstad, Arnold Severson Wallace Collier, Harlan Nielsen, Joyce E, Anderson, Ronald Schmidt Alvin Kjenstad, Elaine Mellendorf, Carroll Hanson, ws VJ KX FORWARD GUAR11 Klemm Schmidt Basketball Schedule T earn Opp Br andt Astona Goodwln Wh1te Waverly Strandburg GUARD Clear Lake CENTER Lunde Tor onto Bruce Gary Broolungs J Tor onto Waverly ASt0T13 Goodw1n Brook1ng Bru S1na1 Tournaments Astona Inv T ourney Toronto AStOI'13 C ounty T ournament Astona Clear Lake D1str1ct Tournament Castlewood Lake Norden FORWARD COACH N el en h 0, ml 7745 District X Runners-Lyn FIRST ROW: Donald Lunde, Arnold Severson, Royal Klemm, Harlan Nielsen, Ronald Schmidt, SECOND ROW: Larry Brinkman, Eugene Schroeder, Coach, Robe-rt Lunde, Gordon Engen, Wallace Collier, Alvin Nielsen, Alvin Kjcnstad, Willis Gcrth, Gerald Milton. Ch cerleadcns' Mary Jane Cox, Janice Nicola, Glenda I-Ikern, Beverly Nielsen, Track STNEIEEIING: Gordon Engen, Royal Klemrn, Arnold Severson, Harlan Nielsen, Ronald Schmidt, NG: Larry Brinkman, Gerald Milton, Alvin Kjcnstad, Robert Lundf-I Aivin Niclspnl Dennis Milton, Coach Eugene Schroeder, Plzvyzszcal lnducatlon KNEELING: Janice Kjenstad, Joyce I. Anderson, Glenda Ekern, Beverly Nielsen, Audrey Shane, Elaine Mellc-ndorf, Mary Anderson, SECOND ROW:Robert Rietzel, Carol York, Janice Nicola, .lo Ann Cox, Carol Jean Zischke, Jpyee E, Anderson, Robert DeGroot, Ronald Hofman. THIRD ROW: Carroll Hanson, Carole Schmidt, Gratia Anderson, Seymour Easthouse, Mary Cox, Judy Haug, Boys: Kittenball Team FIRST ROW: Gordon Engen, Royal Klemm, Arnold Severson, Harlan Nielsen, Willis Gerth, Wallace Collier, SECOND ROW: Larry Brinkman, Robert DeGroot, Donald Lunde, Seymour Easthouse, Robert Lunde, Alvin Nielsen, Ronald Schmidt, Carroll Hanson, Gerald Milton, Eugene Schroeder, Dennis Milton. Cirls' Kittcnball Hain KNEELING: Beverly Nielsen, Carole Schmidt, Janice Kjenstad, Audrey Shane, Joyce I, Anderson, Elaine Mellendorf, STANDING: Glenda El-cren, Janice Nicola, Jo Ann Cox, Gratia Anderson, Coach Bob Johnson, Joyce E, Anderson. Mary Cox, and Carol York, Crude Baskelball Henery Hayes, Richard Shane, Daryl Goodroad, Thomas Anderson, David Ekern, .Tohn Hawley Wayne Hang, Larry Collier, LaDel1 Goodroad, Donald Ellis, Coach, Crude Cheerleader Ruth Ann Eugen, Marlys Brxnkman, Carol Nicola, Dianne Nielsen. Joyce Shane. Grade School Gym Class ,NS WW ff? COUNTY TOURNAMENT ACTION V' HAT S NY GRADE fs 3 .1 M' 1.5, Wm n..,N HOW TO GE1 A HEAD vw ,luv 1---EH 'Q-1' ZW '94 E SAD AND LONELY 30 BOTTOMS UP CHOVN TIME HI GIRLS -3 P EP bL2UAD X gb -Q1 , H 144, awww? I: -'I' ' I ' Coast to Coast Canby M1nnesota Clear Lake Courier TR 4 2200 Spmners lewelry Clear Lake South Dakota Canby Theatre Canby M1nnesota Olson s Department Store Marv1n A Aasen Owner Dry Goods shoes Men s And Women s Wear Canby Mmm Anderson s F Ioral and Greenhouse Phone TR 4 3211 Clear Lake South Dakota Clear Lake Creamery I-hghest pr1ces pa1d for Cream Eggs Poultry and Wool Marv1n Krause Mgr Clear Lake South Dakota Dick s Rexall Drugs SYOII C anby M1nne s o'ta . I 0 9 I I I . o 9 ' - U 1 I 9 n I I . Q . nu 1 9 I . ' o . ' I - - - DEUEL COUNTY FARMERS UNION OIL CO OUR PROFITS YOUR DIVIDEND DEUEL COUNTY CLEAR LAKE TORONTO BRANDT SOUT H DAKOTA . Phone UP 6-3121 Hanks Funeral Home 24 Hour AMBULANC E SERVIC E ANYWHERE TELEPHONE TR 4 4321 Maumee E Hanks Complete funeral Serv1ce L1censed 1n South Dakota and Mlnnesota Clear Lake South Dakota Farmers Elevator Arlo Lovseth Mgr AStOT1a South Dakota Natzonal Cmzens Bank C anby M1nne sota Thoelke Koenecke uper a ue Clear Lake South Dakota Otterdahl Grocery ocker Astoma South Dakota Phone Vernon-2 -2521 8 - and S l I I 1 V ' Watertown Motor Trade Assocratron Marsh s Store G+, If 1 U 01 NL C 0 o otor 0 OT' 1 F General 'vierchandwc I 1,05 N 5 , mn on Auto 6. Vlcm L Ben F ranklzn CLEAR LAFF LOL '111X Owned 'Nxt 0112113 Pxnovun R Loxeetrand Henc1r1ck Xhnne oti H W ROSS Lumber Company Bu11d1nr N1'1tc11'11 Phone 2451 or 2452 n X191 h x 1 foronto South Dikoti D1Sf1nft1we La FIGHC6 OHICG Entertmnrnent Equzpment Company Harmony Theatres L00 Em mm, W .tm LYRIC and MELODY DRIVE IN Plump- 71-it-3 Watertown' South Dakota Watertown, 51111111 11.110111 U . . I . 1'Liq-1111-1' . 1' LU,-'1o1'xic'o 1'r111f.1fZ A' .I kin.: jjbf I -.J-lnlmlf-rs Cfzf,-'f, f- 1 1101 IM '5-111111115116 F? 1 QL 1 ' T101-'lifn 7 Qiutc ' fl . 4 V' " 1 . s 1 ' -, 0, . , - 'Qc A' A L 1 c ' ' 1 ' 's, 1 0 O , ' ' lg 'C ""f Joh . tee' , f'1g', I , A L ' 'L . Ekem s Store Brandt Co op Locker UP 6 3411 Oscar Ekern Propnetor Brandt South Dakota Brandt South Dakota Ruhe Statzonery Co lohnsons Clmzc Off1C e Outf1tter s Watertown South Dakota Astor1a South Dakota NATIONALLY KNOWN SPECIALISTS IN FINER PHOTOGRAPHS OF GRADUAT ES There 15 no subst1tute for Quahty 711 P1erce Street SIOUX City Iowa Hmderakers Co W K Hawley UP 6 3421 Astor1a South Dakota Brandt South Dakota Genelli Studios Y BANK CDF TCDRONTCD FARM LOANS and INSURANCE Your Busumess Is Apprecxated Large Or Small NSUR GA 4 Msnnzn 5 FEDERAL RISERVE Q ,009 svs-A-:M Q 5 Phone 2431 T 01' onto SOL1th Dakota Q .0 S a s The Deuel County National Bank Always Ready To Serve You Clear Lake South Dakota Hayes Lucas Lumber Your Bu11d1ng Headquarters Phone 4 3511 Bob Parkznson Manager FREE DELIVERY Nat1ona1 Brands Clear Lake South Dakota Dealers In Gra1n Flour Salt Coal and Feed Gr1nd1ng D O Gulden Manager Merle Peterson and Clarence Melly Canby M1nnesota - Co. Farmers Co-op Elevator Co. Woody Howard Band Jty ed lor your danc ug and lxstemngb pleasure Bookxng aadre s Canby 1nnesot a O M Bjornsrud Toronto South Dakota Srverson s Drug Store Hendrmks Ivhnnesota Brandt Coop Creamery Maru ell Konold Mgr l HCI T l Texaco Servrce Carl Olson Clear Lake South Dakota Farmers Lumber Co I-lendrutks Mumesota Astorra Dry Goods Astorma South Dakota Pauls Studro Hendrxcks , M1nnesota 1 , , .V 1 , ' I '1 1 ' 0 0 . . y r . .. 1 s ' ', fvf' i , I I , , - A . Phono UP 6-3311 - 1 - Hr: ' , Sunil Dakota I 1 ' I 7 I . I I , . . Canby Creamery Deuel Telephone Cooperative Brandt C-rann Company an , tinnes t Association C1 L k S k t B dt S k t Deuel County Courthouse YOUR OFFICIAL FAMILY Melvin fekrony County Auditor Bette Mundahl Deputy Audrey H Rarnyrlke County Treasurer WIHDIE Naig Clerk of Courts Herman Neuman Register of Deeds Maria Holen Superintendent of Schools Andrew Helgeson County Sheriff O wer I Panson County Assessor orothy Parkinson Deputy Extension Office COUNTY SEAT CLEAR LAKE SOUTH DAKOTA B 0 0 S T E R S Canby Mlnnesota Clear Lake South Dakota Gambles Quinhn Tupa Motors Community Lumber Earle Gard Dgluxe Cafe Electric Shop Canby Furniture Klemm B1'0the1'S Flynn Chevrolet Gubruds Electl-,C Toronto South Dakota Hendricks Minnesota Red Owl F005 Store Shiney s Hardware CoastTo Coast Store Dall'-?Y 5 C3-fe Thomson Implement -T0YCe 5 Cafe Midway Cafe Watertown South Dakota Jensen's Radio 81 TV Watertown Typewriter Co, Midland Cafe Faye Uckert ----- -------------------- ------- D e puty D ' ........................... O Autographs xvwv' Q Www 9 Qrffgbm QCMQOQQ COQQQQQS and QMUQHSLUQQ

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