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THE BU LLDCDG Edited by the Class of '49 Burke High School Burke, South Dakota It Started Here in I936 and 1 Clas f 49 g Z Gdtgl f1949 Ended Here in I949 wsdtrv 19" I XX CLASS MOTTO Forward ever, backward never CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Pink Rose Pink and White CLASS HISTORY Without any bugle fanfare, in early September of 1945, we gained entrance to old Burke High. There were 42 of us who hoped someday to be rewarded with di- plomas. We were properly initiated by the sophomores, and after initiation we settled down to the work of organizing our class. We chose Darlene Klein, Presi- dentg Bill Hartman, Vice President, and Willis Burr as Secretary-Treasurer. Soon the carnival rolled around and we elected Glen Norberg and Mary .lane Labahn as our candidates for king and queen. In the fall of 1946 we returned to the halls of higher learning to welcome to our class five new members from Herrick High School. This year we had the pleasure of initiating the freshmen. Our class officers were Bernice Klein, President, Duane Gartner, Vice Presidentg and Dean Ticknor, Secretary-Treasurer. Wayne Klein and Deloris Pejsa were elected candidates for king and queen. The junior year was high lighted by choosing class rings, presenting a suc- cessful class play, and sponsoring the prom and the banquet. We won the king and queen contest with Bill Anderson and Myrna Buryanek as our candidates. Honors in the class election were carried by Bill Cerny, President: Bill'Hartman, Vice Presidentg Myrna Buryanek, Secretary-Treasurer. Now we are seniors, 37 in number, and to lead our way this year we chose Joan Inglett, President, Wayne Klein, Vice Presidentg Doris Pejsa, Treasurer, Lucille Leibel, Secretary. We again elected winning candidates for the king and queen contest in Marie Smith and Bill Cerny. Publishing the Howler and the Annual, putting on the class play, and being honored at the prom and the banquet have made our senior year eventful and happy. 4 THE SENIORS CF I949 DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO CLYDE H. COTTON, IR. We dedicate this book to Coach Cotton for his endless pa- tience, his everlasting good-nature, and to the fine job he has done in turning out athletic teams for Burke High School. 5 BCARD OF EDUCATION H. L. CLAUSEN NIRS. H. A. MATSON KARL E. ZUTZ MRS. EDWARD PRCHAL MRS. R. ir. QUINN 6 K HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY E. R. HARTMAN, Superintendent AIKE T. HOLLEMAN, Principal B.A. Chadron Teachers' College B.A. Yankton College M.A. Colorado College of Education Science and Mathematics Mathematics Band MARJORY PRCHAL University of South Dakota English FAE HARTMAN B.A. University of Nebraska English and Guidance Biology and Pep Club EFFIE VAN DUSEN Southern State Teachers' College Black Hills Teachers' College Typing and Shorthand Journalism and plays CLYDE COTTON Huron College Social Sciences Bookkeeping Athletics MARVIN BARBER B.S. State College, Brookings Agriculture Future Farmers of Arnerica 7 ru srmi Kms ell'-'U GIADY5.. Sl' GRADE SCHOCL FACLI LTY OPAL EIDE Southern Normal Seventh Grade EILEEN STODDARD Yankton College Eighth Grade JANET CERNY Wayne State Normal Univ. of Nebraska Fifth 81 Sixth Grade NELLIE CONNELL Yankton College Third 8: Fourth Grade DELORES STERLING Sioux Falls College Second Grade LULALMAE ALFORD Sioux Falls College First Grade 8 THE '49ERS BILL ANDERSON Happy-go-lucky. Herrick 13 Basketball l,Z,3,43 Track lg Baseball 13 Carnival King 1,33 Annual 45 Howler Staff 43 Ag. Reporter 33 Ag. Z, 3,43 'B' Club Z,3,43 Basketball Co-capt. 4. ELSIE BREZINA Not a care in the world. Winner 13 Rapid City Z3 Annu- al 4. MYRNA BURYANEK She has a friendly "per- sonality." Pep Club l,Z, 3,43 Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Class Vice Pres. 33 Class Play 33 Howler Staff 43 Annual 43 Of- fice Girl 4g Vice President of Pep Club 3. Senior Class Officers Andy Klein Vice Pres I. lnglett, Pres Dor1sPeJsa Treas Leibel Sec BILL CERNY What could he do if he really tried? Ag l,Z,3,43 FFA Treas. Z3 FFA Sec. 43 Class Pres. 39 Glee Club 43 Band l,Z,3,43 Basket- ball 1,Z,33 Football l,Z,3,43 "B" Club Z,3,43 Carnival King 43 Annual 43 Ag. Team 4g Boys State 3. ROBERT DOERING One eye for football and one for beauty. Track 2,33 Ag. 1,Z,3,43 Foot- ball Co-capt. 4g Ag. Judging Z, 33 Ag. Team Z,3,43 Football 1, 2,3,43 "B" Club Z,3,43 Annual 4. Q THE '49ERS MARLYS EIDE She thinks you go to school to studyg she's even cheerful a- bout it. Pep Club 2,3,4g Glee Club lg Band Z,3,4g Annual 4. AGNES GALLAGHER Short but oh, my! Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Pep Club 1, 2,3,4g Band l,2,,3,4g Annual 43 Howler Staff 4. Office Force: Superintendent Hartman, Berniece Klein, Joan Inglett, Principal Holleman, Myrna Buryanek. DUANE GARTNER His eyes tell you more than his words do. Portland 81 St. Charles 1gBas- ketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 15 Herrickg Foot- ball Z,3,4g An- nual 4: Class Play 33 Vice- President Z3 Howler Staff 4: "B" Club Z,3,4g Student Man- ager 15 Ag.2.,3, 4g Class Rep. Z. BILL HAR TMAN His love of teasing is inherited. Football I,Z,3,4g Basketball l, Z,3,4g "B" Club Z,3,4g Ag. lg Class Vice Pres. lg Class Sec. Treas. 33 "B" Club Treas. 3: Annual Editor 4. ALAN HORST Teacher's pet. Herrick 1, Basketball 1,2,3g Student Manager 4g Baseball lg Glee Club 3,45 Howler Staff 45 Annual 43 Football Z,3,4g "B" Club 2,3,4g Ag. Z,3,4: Class Play 3. 10 THE '49ERS JOAN INGLETT Intelligent, a trifle. Pep Club l,Z,3,43 Band 1,23 Ed- itor of Howler 43 Annual 43 Class President 49 Declam l,2, 3,43 Girls State 3g Office Girl 49 Pep Club Treas. PHYLLIS KIRSCH Phyllis, and her infectious laugh. Pep Club l,Z,3,4g Glee Club lg Band l,2,3,4g Annual 45 Declam 43 Class Play 3. ANDY KLEIN He's agreeable to almost anything but, "Andy Wayne." Class Vice Pres. 4 District Ag. Pres. 4 Football Student Manager 4 Football l,Z,3,4 Ag. Basketball 3 Carnival Candidate Z Ag. Vice Pres. 3 "B" Club Z,3,4 Ag. Manager 4 Ag. l,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Senior members of Glee Club Back row Stroup Annual Doris Pejsa Delores Pejsa Eide Middle row Track 3 Gallagher. Front row Kirsch Cerny Low DARLENE KLEIN Never without 11 smile Glee Club lg Pep Club 1,2,3,49 Class Pres. lg Pep Club 23 An- nual 45 Howler Staff 4. DELORES KLEIN They don't say "Delores"g they just say, "twin." Glee Club lg Pep Club l,Z,3,4g Class Representative Z5 Annual 4: Bulldog Howler Staff 4. ll THE '49ERS BERNIECE KLEIN All around flirt. Pep Club l,Z,3,4g Annual 45 Howler Staff 45 Declam 2,35 Class Pres. Z9 Glee Club 1,Z,3, 43 Class Play 33 Cheerleader 1,Z,3,4g Office Girl 4. LENNY KORTMEYER His comeback is good, either way you take it. Football l,Z,3,4g Basketball 1, Z,3,4g Track l,Z,3,4g Class Play 35 Ag. l,Z,3,4g Annual 4g "B" Club l,Z,3,4g Basketball Co- Capt. 3: Class President 45 Class Vice Pres. 3: Class Sec. Treas. Z. ARLENE KRACHT There is pur- pose in all she does. Glee Club l,2, 3,4 Ensemble 3 Annual 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4. Back row Doering Kortmeyer Andersen, Hartman. Front row Stroh Cerny Horst Stahlecker, Gartner. LUCILLE LEIBEL Gal with the gift of gab. Pep Club l,2.,3,4g Annual 4g Class Sec. 45 Glee Club 1,3,45 Howler Staff 4. CAROL LEWIS Dependable is the word. Annual 43 Glee Club lg Pep Club 1,Z,3,4g Sec. Treas. of Glee Club 1. 12 in 2 THE '49ERS IESSIE LOW A smile for everyone. Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Band 3,45 Ensemble l,2,35 Declam 45 An- nual 45 Pep Club l. MARGARET LUBBERS If silence were golden she'd be a poor woman. Pep Club Z,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Annual 45 Class Play 3. WESLEY NELSON His blushes are misleading. Ag. 1,2.,3,4 FFA Vice-pres. 4 Ag. Basketball 2 Track 3 Annual 4 'Our class officers Back row Cerny Hartman Leibel, Darlene Klein W Klein Ticknor Front row Doris Pejsa, B. Klein Gartner Buryanek Inglett GLEN NORBERG Never at a loss for words. Ag. l,Z,3,45 Bulldog Howler Staff 45 Class Play 35 Annual 45 Carnival King Candidateg Track 1,35 Football l. LeROY PARADEE Hats off to our arnbitious veteran. .Tava High School 1,Z,35 Basket- ball l,Z,35 Track l,2.,35 Class Play 35 Annual 4. l3 THE '49ERS DELORIS PEJSA She has talked herself into it, but wait until she starts talk- ing herself out of it. Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club l, 253,45 Band l,Z,3,45 Carnival Queen Candidate Z5 Class Play 35 Howler Staff 45 Annual 4. DORIS PEJSA Always around when we need her. Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club l, 2.,3,45 Band l,Z,3,45 Howler Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Pep Club Sec. 45 Class Treasurer 4. NORMAN PECK No future in worrying. Ag. l,Z,3,45 Track 35 Ag. Team 3,43 Howler Staff 45 Annual 4. DOROTHY POTHOFF The kind of girl you can't help nking. Band l,Z,35 Glee Club 15 Pep Club l,Z,3,45 Annual 4. MARIE SMITH Quiet and sweet with an added sparkle. Pep Club l,Z,3,45 Vice Pres. of Pep Club 45 Annual 43 Car- nival Queen 4. RAYMOND STAHLECKER There's no time to waste when you have chosen a goal. Ag. 1,Z,3,45 Ag. Team 2,35 Ag. Judging 35 Football l,2,3,45 Football Co-Capt. 45 "B" Club Z,3,45 Class Play 35 Annual 4. 14 THE '49ERS DONNA STECKMAN Ever loyal, ever true to the task she has to do. Glee Club 13 Annual 4. EARL STROH He gets there without racing the motor. Herrick High School 1,23 Track Z3 Basketball l,Z,33 Annual 43 Baseball 1,23 "B" Club 3,43 Bulldog Howler Staff 43 Ag. 4. MARIORIE STROUP Her heart is in far-a-way plac- es, but the. narne's familiar. Band 2.,3,43 Pep Club l,Z,3,43 Annual Staff 4: Bulldog Howler Staff 43 Pep Club Representa- tive 43 Class Play 3. DWAINE SWIFT Cowboy boots and shirt indicate his interests. Basketball l, Ag. Basketball Z, 3,43 Track l,Z,33 Annual 43 Ag. l,2,3,4. DEAN TICKNOR Hats off to one of our great Athletes. Basketball 1,Z,3,43 Football 1, Z,3,43 "B" Club l,2,3,43 Annual 43 Ag. l,Z,3,4g Track 1. CHARLES TIETGEN A fellow that's not around when you need him. Class Play 33 Band lg Football 1,41 Basketball l,2,33 Ag. Bas- ketball 4g Ag. l,Z,3,43 Annual 4. 1 5 . CLASS GF '50 'ills . YQWV, if 'PN' Q,-,,,. 2 QR? an I Z? t :',, . . " 3 4- , 4, -,,. f A: if ? X SLE . -'ef Z 7 S :'3i: IS K Q S ff fi 'XX 87' Allum, Bentz, Bettcher, Boyer, Butler, Canon, Carlson, Craig, Hanson, Her, Jones, Kahler Krieger, Reber, Rhoades, Sattler, Schmidt, Shaffer, Smith, Smizer, Soper, Spence, Stas Steffen, Swartz, Teel, Weir, Wilson. 16 JU IORS AT WORK CLASS OFFICERS Roberta Steffen, Secretary-Treas Reta Reber, President Norene Allum, Vice-President MAGAZINE HIGH SALESMEN The .Iuniors also bolstered their class treas- ury by selling magazines. The high salesmen were: Rosemary Weir, Betty Rhoades, and Stanley Smith. .TUNIORS RAISING MONEY At all home basketball games, and at the Dis- trict Tournament, the Junior Class sold re- freshments to raise money to finance the Junior-Senior Banquet. 17 CLASS OF '5I 'hr -'lm is, -aggr- 'WTS' In fs... xi W Blythe, Breece, Buryanek, Carlson, Clausen, Darrell Deffenbaugh, Douglas Deffenbaugh, Forcht- ner, Forsch, Frank, Frey, Fuhrman, Hanson, Helmberger, Hogrefe, Klas, Klein, Klufa, Leonard, Lubbers, Lunn, McKenzie, Martin, Nelson, Pereboom, Roggow, Rust, Sorenson, Swift, Ticknor, Wetzler, Williamson, Willuweit, Mary Ellen Woehl, V. Woehl. 18 SCPHOMCRE KETCH ES CLASS OFFICERS Breece--Secretary and treasurer Williamson--President Lunn--Vice-President BICLOGY LAB. 4 ,,jnQ-4' kg if W ' 75' 'imwff L K Klas, Klufa, Helmberger, Kortmeyer Gartner, Buryanek, Boyer 19 A f V - if Q ,J J, ,wk M CLASS CF '52 ..,., - .,-., ,,,. is l , ,... E 3. 1. 5 'fo-. W, ' :f I .g.. .qw-sf 'SPO'-Q .122 W, . , nu- ': 4, "' if? '- E' M 4 M , w I W lg gi "" I 'W g w V HQ. F' ,gl 'I nw " , ,.,, 1 A i , . Anhorn, Beauchamp, Bentz, Brevik, Burr, Butler, Canon, Davis, Eide, M. Gies, Hall, Heyden Hinze, Horst, L. lnglett, Kappe, Dorothy Klein, Kuehl, LaFave, Livingston, Moyer, Pereboom Sattler, Schamber, Smith, Stevicks, Ullrich, Williamson, Willuweit, Witt, Young, Zimmerman 20 FRESHMAN FLASHES FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Canon--Secretary and Treasurer Davis--Vice-President Kuehl--President Guidance girls putting up their hair. Z1 ANNUAL STAFF Back row--Stahlecker, Cerny, Tietgen, Swift, Norberg, Stroh, Nelson. Middle row--Horst, W. Klein, Kortrneyer, Leibel, Anderson, Delores Pejsa, Hartman, Delores Klein, Lubbers, Potthoff, Eide, Lewis, Paradee, Mrs. Prchal. Front row--Gallagher, Low, Darlene Klein, Steckman, lnglett, Stroup, Doris Pejsa, Buryanek, Brezina, Kracht, Kirsch, Smith. HOWLER STAFF Standing--Gallagher, Darlene Klein, Miss Van Dusen, B. Klein, Buryanek, Ing- lett, Norberg, Stroh, Gartner, Peck. Sitting--Horst, Delores Pejsa, Anderson, Stroup, Doris Pejsa, Leibel, Delores Klein. ZZ GIRLS' GLEE CLLIB Back Row: Frank, Wetzler, V. Woehl, Forsch, Forchtner, Ulrich, Clausen, M. E. Woehl Krieger, Low, J'. Lubbers, Steffen, Helmberger, B. Klein, Moyer, B. Buryanek, D. Eide N. Stevicks, Mr. Holleman. Middle Row: Gallagher, Bettcher, Rhoades, Kahler, L. Ing- lett, Dorothy Klein, Shaffer, M. Buryanek, Kappe, Anhorn, Witt, I. Willuweit, Kraoht Sattler, Stas, Teel, Spence, Butler. Front Rowg Schamber, Smith, Weir, Reber, D. Wil- luweit, Sorenson, Iler. Doris Pejsa, Deloris Pejsa, Leibel, Ticknor. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Mr. Holleman, A. Horst, Cerny, Jones, S. Smith, Craig, Boyer, Soper, Hogrefe, Klufa. Z3 MIXED CHCRUS Back Row: Frank, Wetzler, V. Woehl, Forsch, Forchtner, Ulrich, Clausen, M. E. Woehl Krieger, Low, I. Lubbers, Steffen, Helmberger, B. Klein, Moyer, B. Buryanek, D. Eide N. Stevicks, Mr. Holleman. Third Row: Gallagher, Bettcher, Rhoades, Kahler, L. Inglett Dorothy Klein, Shaffer, M. Buryanek, Kappe, Anhorn, Witt, I. Willuweit, Kracht, Sattler Stas, Teel, Spence, Butler. Second Row: Scharnber, Smith, Weir, Reber, D. Willuweit Sorenson, Her, Doris Pejsa, Deloris Pejsa, Leibel, Ticknor. Front Row: Cerny, S. Smith A. Horst, Hogrefe, Boyer, Soper, Craig, Klufa, Jones. BAND Back Row: Zutz, P. Klufa, Kirsch, Low, Hinze, Craig, Stroup, Stellar, Ticknor, Stoddard Gallagher. Middle Row: Hinken, Iler, Sorenson, Hogrefe, Wilson, Craig, Cerny, Ticknor Canon, Mr. Holleman. Front Row: Hutchinson, Fortchner, M. Eide, Kappe, Fuhrrnan, De- loris Pejsa, Doris Pejsa, Rhoades, Allum. Z4 DECLAM Back Row: Kahler, Low, Mrs. Prchal, Lubbers, Fuhrrnan. Front Row: Kirsch, Soper, Inglett, Blythe, Spence. FFA Back Row: M. Gies, Beauchamp, LaFave, Hall, Davis, Martin, Tietgen, Doug Deffenbaugh P. Horst, Burr, M. Canon. Third Row: Hanson, Doering, Heyden, Darrell Deffenbaugh Roggow, K. Swift, D. Klein, Hinze, Williamson, Young. Second Row: Klein, Jones, Swartz Breece, C. Carlson, Cerny, Nelson, E. Carlson, Mr. Barber. Front Row: Stahlecker Bentz, Norberg, D. Swift. Z5 "B" CLUB Back Row: Coach Cotton, Gartner, Martin, Hogrefe, Anderson, Wilson, Hanson, W. Klein, Stroh, A. Horst, Middle Row: C. Carlson, D. Klein, Cerny, Stahlecker, Craig, Doering, Pereboom, Breece, P. Horst, Bentz. Front Row: Doug Deffenbaugh, Ticknor, Hartman, Kortmeyer, Soper, K. Swift, I. Canon, Swartz. Football Co-Captains Basketball Co-Captains Doering, Coach Cotton, Stahlecker Z6 Ticknor, Andersen, Coach Cotton PEP CLUB Back Row: Allum, Ulrich, Clausen, Nelson, M. Woehl, M. Lubbers, D. Klein, Shaffer, Kirsch, Potthoff, I. Lubbers, Steffen, Iler, M. Eide, Kracht. 4th Row: Mrs. Hartman, Fuhrman, Bettcher, Brevik, Krieger, M. Buryanek, Kappe, Anhorn, J. lnglett, L. lnglett, Moyer, Lewis, B. Buryanek, D. Eide. 3rd Row: Gallagher, Bentz, L. Smith, M. Smith, D. Willuweit, Sorenson, I. Willuweit, Witt, Zimmerman, Hanson, Frey. Znd Row: Stroup, Leibel, Doris Pejsa, Deloris Pejsa, Delores Klein, Darlene Klein, Rhoades, Weir, Reber. Front row: Kahler, B. Klein, Ticknor. Pep Club Cfficers Pep Club Executive Council Vice-President, Marie Srnithg Secretary, Doris Standing: Reber, .Tuniorg Moyer, Freshmen Pejsag Treasurer, Norene Allumg President, Buryanek, Sophomore. Seated: Marjorie Stroup Ioan lnglett. Senior Representative. Z7 AG SHOP Jones, Swartz, Mr. Barber, Klein PHYSICS LAB Steckman, Her, Inglett, Nelson, Swartz, Wilson, Hartman, Craig, Leibel, Canon 28 JUNIOR PLAY CAST Back Row: Swartz., Allum, Soper, Kreiger, Craig, Stas, Canon Front Row: Rhoades, Reber, Miss Van Dusen, Steffen, Kahler, Spence THE SENICRS TO EXTREMES The oldest and youngest The tallest and shortest Paradee and Lewis Andersen and Gallagher Z9 Rah, Rah, Rah, Team HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS GRADE SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Standing: Kahler, Ticknor, Klein Kneeling: Schamber Hutchinson, Martin, Hinken Boosting the team at the Conference Tournament. Ticknor, Kahler, Klein and Schamber lead a yell for the team. 30 FOOTBALL 1 . ' Back row: W. Klein, Student Nlanager, LaFave, Carlson, Pereboom, D. Klein, Swift, Hinze, Tietgen, Coach Cotton. Middle row: P. Horst, Doug Deffenbaugh, Breece, Craig, Hartman, Soper, Martin, Cerny. Front row: Canon, Gartner, Swartz, Doering, Stahlecker, Horst, Ticknor , Hogrefe. The Burke Bulldogs closed a very successful season by beating the Gregory Gorillas 7-0. They were also co-champions of the Rosebud Conference with Winner. This was the second year of eleven-rnan football since before the war, and they again proved their skill by winning five of six games and outscoring their opponents by 112 to 32.. Clifford Swartz, a junior was the leading scorer with 58 points, while Bob Doering and Ray Stahlecker, rugged senior linemen were elected co-captains. Prospects for the coming season are still bright, despite the loss of eight standouts through graduation, they are: Doering, Stahlecker, Hartman, Ticknor, Horst, Gartner, Cerny, and Tietgen. Burke 7 Chamberlain 0 Burke 14 Colome 6 Burke 12, Stuart, Nebraska 14 Burke 19 Dallas 6 Burke 53 Rosebud 6 Burke 7 Gregory O 31 SUHMOZ MCEUOQ OUODHQ 'H0xU0EMpw SHOWN wdgw NWFHUO mu IVVI MV' I V Pl IV lw In COMMAND 'H In gdappmm 'HOCVUTHM Ntmam 'HQQPIHMO ,Snow comimo .O pmgm Eoopwhmm QBHE2 CMB! .D Amjmncmmwm muon EMO: lm ww . in EW Z -,Z N- H- Z- ww Q:-3 I 'l E11 f M Q g E ' L -- N- .af W , ' V fin' 1 N f f - - zifkf ' ' . hflzffw' 'v 1 ' " "R iff . 6 ,Z V f f A. A-3 7,1 5 W Al 2 ,a 118.J'.,Q'QM, - ' ?'fg,7545Vf5'- 4 i sf' ff Q ' Kirin if N ' .' Doering-tackle 5 wi f Q - Q LQ: '? W. ' 5' ::'f ,-,fi- -V I -' -'A., gli i . 'L i '.,. A QLFVA7' my ' mf x P' A as 4 A 5-53? Q, J:- W M 'R Q pr. Q E. f A K A A g f. f-.f -,w fa.,Q,, , f M " 1 sv 3252 n l . .Q A 15, Q ' ,Y FK 3 fs. ' is 4 J' ff 4 N' f i. ,, , ,ja . , ,. 4 ,X 25 Horst-guard Hartman-back BULLDOG LETTER WINNERS Stahlecker -guard Cerny-end ... 1 I' I .,,,.,.. Q ,WV 'Wm Aggmk wen-sw afwvel 5 Q 1 if th Q Q X w is milk ' - ,..,. f hizifffw " 1, ' g ,gm ,W 'HEE'1-u:': W , ' . : : .Aggwirf ,,,gQ:,,g.,.i " 1? Qw y gg ',."1'l', , Q ' 0 ,, w a-:Hu 5 V ---.-,g::,f':. Q fn, ..... .. .,..., , , . FAN 1 " "T I". . ?.'..'. tg W ' 3, QQ.: 2.41, Lg, - f... . Af M V 4 MQJQQE vip Swartz-back 33 Gartner-back ffii 5, 4 X Q56 x M! 'S Q2 K ,, 9 xy- f x f l .9 fig 1 H' s W A V ,A ,- K Ticknor-back Canon-back 'VS 1,445 h, 'LW G A ':- ,.... fx' ,-N,,b,,., ,,,v if W 2 f . in 9 vb Ai, 4 I ..,, 1 -' A , . Craig-tackle Soper-end U Pereboorn-end BU LLDCJG LETTER WINNERS H0gI'Sf6-Gnd Breece-center It ' E a ,V ' in ' . L, ,E 1- KWSN- " ."' 'N-QSM, -' . ,, J ,ff M4 K E ' ' QW 3. K ,. 7. it ,5 'ww . 1' -'l :,',::-.,,.- ' '5 pf ,i 5- 1 it fi " '5 ff 5 R' ar 'E n S 1 1 , V 1 x 'V is Q X' fU 1' EL -1 Q , r. 4, ., W '1?ff.., W y? W , .,Ax, , A.,. 4 , V,,. mia A if 3. Af 335313 bw ' f A, e Horst-guard Q ip F' gp-naw 5 W1 ,Ji 5, . fl' Q 4 5 . ' 7, 1 - fy -I f - H :iff Yiwu F-2:g::' 6 .- E - .K :fai l M4-3Mff:.i-M-,3WWw'W2 fiffw 2 1 QYQQQQ EEQWAZQT? E 3 4355 Swift- center Klein-tackle Martin-guard Doug Deffenbaugh-back C. Carlson-back BASKETBALL Ticknor, Hogrefe, Wilson, Blythe, Andersen, Soper, Kortmeyer, Hartman, Canon, Gartner, Coach Cotton. The Burke basketball squad again completed a successful season, as many in the past seasons have done. They won eighteen of the twenty-two games played. The only team to defeat them was Bonesteel, as they turned the trick four times. The Bulldogs, however, had one win over Bonesteel, as they defeated them once, that being in the conference tour- nament, which they won. Bill Andersen led the team in scoring with 263 points, he was followed by Gartner who tallied 132. Andersen also had an enviable 12 point per game average. Prospects for next year are still bright, despite the loss of the first six, namely, An- dersen, Ticknor, Gartner, Kortmeyer, Hartman, and Soper. Soper will be ineligible due to the age limit next season, while the other five will be lost through graduation. Burke '9'Burke 4'Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke '9'Burke "'Burke '9'Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke SEASON'S SCORES: Butte, Neb. 'YButte, Neb. 4fBonestee1 Dallas Colome N Spencer, eb. Winner Gregory "'Dallas l9'Fairfax 'FBone steel Colome Winner Bone steel St. Charles Burke 39 Burke 48 Burke 24 Burke 32 W'Burke 50 'l'Burke 36 '9'Burke 24 Total 'fm Dallas Butte, Neb. Bone steel Gregory YColome 4fDallas 'l'Bone steel Total flflndicate s tournament game. INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Andersen 263 Soper Gartner 132 Hartman Ticknor 122 Kortmeyer 26 20 29 25 20 27 27 589 120 116 29 Prospects for next year are more than bright, after BASKETBALL V Second Team Back Row: Coach Cotton, Craig, Wilson, Blythe, Pereboom, Front Row: Deffenbaugh, Smith, I-Iogrefe, Swartz, Canon. The "B" squad have again completed a very successful season, by winning fourteen of sixteen games. Their only losses were to Winner 21-19 and Bonesteel 15-14. They in turn hold two wins each over Bonesteel and Winner. In the Rosebud Conference "B" tour- ney held at Gregory, they merely walked off with it, by trouncing Winner, Bonesteel, and Fairfax. Individual scoring the fine showing the boys made during the season Wilson 10 Burke 34 Butte , Neb. Z6 Craig 88 Burke 41 Dallas Z0 Blythe 87 Eurllie 39 Sfiolome Z4 Hog!-efe 82 ur e 9 piencer, Neb. ll Burke 35 Winner Z5 Canon 55 Burke 23 Gregory 18 Swartz 35 . Burke 44 Colome 15 Smith 33 , Burke 19 Winner Z1 Pereboom Z9 Deffenbaugh 8 Burke 19 Bonesteel 17 Burke 44 St. Charles Z0 Burke 34 Dallas 7 Burke Z5 Butte, Neb. ll Burke 14 Bonesteel 15 Burke 34 Winner Z4 Burke 38 Bonesteel ZZ Burke 35 Fairfax 10 Total 517 Total 286 36 ACTION SHOTS Bill Hartman Dick Hogrefe Duane Gartner BOYD Soper Bill Andersen DOH WUS011 Dean Ticknor Jack Canon Leonard Kortmeyer Ronnie Blythe 37 BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS Andy goes up for two points Hartman tips ball to Canon and Hogrefe. 38 Hogrefe blocks, Ticknor shoots. Hartman, Gartner and Soper follow after shot Jump ball, Sope? BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS Andy leaps high to get the tip. Hold on Lenny E 39 M 'www M 'yn Proud Burke team accepts trophy after winning Conference Tournament. Our Bus Bill gets the ball off the bangboard for Burke. l 4 GRADE SCHCJGL BASKETBALL 3- 'il Back Row: Craig, Clausen, Teel, D. Carlson, Stoddard, Ticknor, Coach Soper. Front Row: Martin, Neilan, Kelso, Kahler, D. Canon. AG BASKETBALL Back Row: Young, Martin, D. Swift, K. Swift, Doering, E. Carlson, Darrell Deffen- baugh, Roggow, Tietgen. Front Row: W. Klein, Gies, C. Carlson, LaFave, Hanson, Cerny, P. Horst, Burr Beauchamp, Stahlecker. Sitting: Mr. Barber. 40 TRACK Coach Cotton, Canon, Swartz, Soper, Inglett, Graham, Swift, Burr. The Bulldog cinderman turned in the best accomplishments ever to be made by a Burke track squad, when they nosed out the Gregory Gorillas to capture their first Rosebud Con- ference track title, and when they placed second in the State track meet, which was held in Rapid City. They placed several firsts and several seconds in the Corn Palace Relays, which were held at Mitchell, and at the Dakota Relays held in Sioux Falls. They won a traveling trophy for winning the 440 yard relay in Mitchell, in which they set a new record, and a trophy for winning the sprint-medley relay at Sioux Falls. Prospects for this year are only fair as three stars were lost through graduation, they were: Graham, Burr and lnglett. Doering, a senior letter winner, is ineligible this year due to the age limit. 41 I DIVIDUAL SHOTS o 4 Q Y if ' .. Y '-.' eff X' . - A L K Q1 , il: 3 1 if.. ' ' . 2125, . . -' nv-.rf W, f ' q 'l' 0901 0 fri ,-Q .Q if "W+f'52 ' fffvfs " 11V,g'iL.'K. fa MM"'fH3f'ff' 'if -.nes t . My W iff 'Y?,fi3'9 Tif,:34'9Q'92,f,xf ,lf ' ' i'i'f' ,f A Clifford Swartz Dash man Distance man .Tack Canon WE WILL MISS THESE MEN. Maryln Graham Gene Inglett Ran 100, 220, and 440. Ran 880 and mile. Won state 440 and ran Passed up state compe- in second place med- tition in these to anchor ley relay. second place medley relay. 42 ,v ff" ,df- B ob Doering Pole vaulter , W H, E wife-M 'Q W. gg ximwwfwwhwagg ax., 'V 6' W My ,mn "W www 1' ww, rv v.29K,-ff? 45, K ll' 'K qv? Vw'-Z K eW'iQSffw?-Sa'llQW, We . , f2 4ff.m'.12.,,.... - " .L , 2 YY 512. N' H " fps. , .. A Q! sw.4m2,,-V '-f 'W gm. , 113 4" -'vi ' . F- Me.- ,ff Z ,. R... sf. air" - I .. 7 -, , "" ,r b 5'- gfff -1 Us i f 1: -' ff " lgiizf mffi '4 fl: 42411. "Fritz" Burr Ran 100, ZZO and low hurdles. Won 100 in state and placed second in low hurdles. Also ran leg of medley relay. EIGHTH GRADE .Nui Back row: Hutchinson, Zutz, Kelso, Kahler, Neilan, Hanson, R. Martin, Herbst. Middle row: Mrs. Eide, M. Carlson, Hinken, Livingston, Kortmeyer, Teel, Hotz, Stoddard, Van- derKurr. Front row: Klufa, Ruth Martin, Craig, Iler, Stellar, Bentz, D. Carlson, Fell. SEVENTH GRADE Back row: LaFave, Anderson, Kuehl, Fell, Norberg, Hinken, Ticknor. Front row: Gal- lagher, Larimer, Larson, Vander-Kurr, Lewis, Canon, Mrs. Stoddard. 43 FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES flaw? W' iiaimif , Back row: Bernita Potthoff, McLeod, Olen, Cahill, Kappe, Neilan, Locher, Berniece Pott- hoff, Smith, Bentz., Schmidt, Connell. Middle row: Pereboom, Kahler, Wolf, Anderson Clausen, Kelso, Teel, Nelson, Spense, Davis, Adams. Front row: Kahler, Stinton, Fell Schmidt, B. Canon, Mellinger, McFarland, Gallagher, Wolf, S. Canon. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Back row: Mrs. Connell, Lubbers, Witt, Larson, Eide, Lillibridge, Steffen, Davis, Kort- meyer, Labahn. Middle row: Hall, Steffen, Witt, Bentz, Kelso, Loc'her, Wiedeman, Boyer Davis, Malek, Ticknor, Stinton, Hall, Kuehl. Front row: Hinze, Matson, Martin, Peter- son, Fell, Lund, Carlson, Hinken, Hegge, Teel, Craig, Butler. 44 I ' SECOND GRADE Back row: Miss Sterling. Middle row: Witt, Labahn, LaFave, Eide Olen Kortmeyer Pereboom, Neilan. Front row: Kirsch, Fischer, Labahn, Cressman Herbst Harrison Larsen. -Tw gr: 5 A s if ia, FIRST GRADE Back row: Tvinnereim, Larson, Norman, Ryan, Atwood, Pistulka, Miss Alford Middle row: Sondgeroth, Kortmeyer, Shaffer, Fedde, Bohnet, McFarland, Umberger Hall Front row: Barnes, Bentz, Harrison, Ryan, Nelson, Hall, Witt, Wilson, Blake 45 4.5! RIGHT AROUND SCHOOL Y Q RIGHT AROUND SCHOOL ak 1 rn 5' in-4 . L U IT, fi 4 an P 'vb I ar mf gi 3 + Q 4' ig . . J, .v,.grf,5""f 47- HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL One of the highlights of the school year is the carnival, held annually the first part of November. This year, the carnival raised S 1000 to help defray the cost of extra-curricular ac- tivities. The people who attend the carnival are entertained by the games of chance, and skill. Bingo Stand Cotton, Deloris Pejsa, Weir, Leibel, Stroup, Mr. Barber, Mr. Hartman. 48 Queen Smith The Royal Q and King Cerny Court KING AND QUEEN The class of 1949 became the first class in a good many years to win the King and Queen race twice when their winning candi- dates, Bill Cerny and Marie Smith, bestowed on them that dis- tinction. The junior candidates, Don Wilson and Reta Reberg the sophomore candidates, Bob Breece and Jo Ann Rusty and the freshman candidates, Lila Smith and Paul Horst, came in behind the seniors in that order. Carnival Crowd Despite threatening weather conditions, the carnival was again attended by a capacity crowd. 49 Alan Horst Glen Norberg Margaret Lubbers Rolled up panta-loons lf Q if Bill Ander son The long and short of it. Stepping high. -9 Q Elsie Brez1na New S476 Q ' 1 k 'P bqtbiw Pemng OC ers' Marie Smith shorty Gartner YQ ice' Head in the clouds. Ham for lunch- OW r 'SM . I e s s1e Low fi Dlmples .. t 5 1 Dwaine Swift - Sneaking out? B111 Cerny Phyllis Kirsch Ioan Inglett The Champ' In YOU gO- It's a great day. 50 Arlene Kracht Glad to go home? Wesley Nelson Resignation 1 Berniece Klein I dare you! Marjorie Stroup Rose tinted World. Marlys Eide Taking it easy? Earl Stroh What's funr1y'7 6 . V Il i f Q 1 f i ? f """ :3 kiwi ew Q , Eigmp ' Y . 47-A Mug," . Lenny Kortm eyer "Lil Abner' s" Shoes Dorothy Potthoff Patience and fortitude. Carol Lewis Posing Dean TiCkH01' Lucille Leibel Sfflifkf Hold that smile 51 Charles Tietgen Myrna Buryanek Delores Klein Brace yourself. Enter, the CIOWT1- Her knight Comes riding. .,,lge D y f l gy -Z' " f Q gl. f gy : . 'J r SQ l John Peck Bill Hartman Donna Steckman P k f Lift the other foot! mn S er Cheerful- Doris Pejsa Sitting pretty! Delores Pejsa What's up? gn na 4 Q M., ., . s 2 . 31 J? . .-... Bob Doering Ray Stahlecker Never trouble trouble. Candidate for the rogue's gallery. 52 Darlene Klein Ready to work. 5 1 LeRoy Paradee Get the point? Agne s Gallaghe r Little bird. WILL OF CLASS OF '49 We, the seniors of '49, of Burke High School, City of Burke and State of South Dakota, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following: To the freshmen we will our general knowledge and dignity. We will to the sophomore class our portion of the honor roll. To the juniors we will our ability to make money for our class. We also will the following personal properties: I, Bill Andersen, will my height to Dale Butler. flf you go out for Basketball next year, it might come in handy, Dale.l I, Elsie Brezina, will Willis to Velma Woehl. fWe hope it works out better than it did with Elsie.l I, Myrna Buryanek, will my ideal sense of humor to Stanley Smith. I, Bill Cerny, will my personality to Dean Sattler. fMake good use of it, Dean, there's a lot of cute girls in the freshmen class. I, Bob Doering, will my broad shoulders and manly ways to Herbert Kuehl, fThen again, you could try an Atlas course, Herbie Sl I, Marlys Eide, will my ambitious ways to Donald Beauchamp. fWe all agree that he can use them., I, Agnes Gallagher will my tininess to Mary Louise Anhorn. I, Duane Gartner, will my wavey hair to Merlin Williamson. fl-Iubba! Hubba! Caseyj I, Alan Dale Horst, will my ability to sing to Mr. Hartman. fHere's where Sinatra becomes forgotten history., I, Bill Hartman, will my ability to Work math problems to Donald Young. I, .Ioan Inglett, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Ray Livingstone. I Phyllis Kirsch, will my flirtatous Ways with Cotton to Donna Eide. 9 I, Berniece Klein, will my fickle attitude toward boys to .Tune Lubbers. fRobert won't enjoy this, June.l I, Darlene Klein, will my pleasing personality to Norene Allum. I, Deloris Klein, will my smile and happy disposition to Margaret Ellen Spence. I Wayne Klein, will my easy-going manner to Dick Hogrefe. 1 I, Leonard Kortmeyer, will my well-mannered behavior to Gayhart LaFave. fl-Ierbert will enjoy thatij I, Arlene Kracht, will my dancing ability to Lila Inglett. fHere's where Arthur Murray gets pushed out of the picture El 53 I, Lucille Leibel, will my energy to Howard Martin. QMaybe the dishes will get done quicker at the dorm now, Howard., I, Carol Lewis, will my technique in whispering to Phyllis Nelson. I, Jessie Low, will my dimples to Delores Brevik. fWe hope they serve you as well as they did Jessie., I, Margaret Lubbers, will my artistic talent to Mary Ellen Woehl. fCotton is Margaret's favorite model, Mary Ellen., I, Wesley Nelson, will my quiet humor to Max Canon. I, Glen Norberg, will one pair of good, heavy boots to Mr. Barber. I, LeRoy Paradee, will my "Toni Curls' to Leona Schamber. KNOW all she needs is a twin., I, John Peck, will my ability to get along with girls, to Tim Boyer. CA touch of Charles Boyer's technique will be necessary too, Tim., We, Deloris and Doris Pejsa, will our ability to get along with one another to Wilma Krieger and Geneive Teel. flt looks as if supper at the Dorm will be more peaceful now., I, Dorothy Potthoff, will my ability to get detention notes to Ronnie Blythe. I, Marie Smith, will my mischievous ways in Economics class to whomever takes Economics next year. I, Ray Stahlecker, will my "placement" in the town of Gregory to Doug Def- fenbaugh. fYou're going to have a lot of late nights, Doug., I, Donna Steckman, will my ability to always be on time to my classes to Bob Soper. An alarm clock might help too, Bob. I, Earl Stroh, will my typing ability Luverna Kahler. I, Marjorie Stroup, will my unfickle attitude to Sylvia ller. I, Dwaine Swift, will my good-nature to Bill Craig. fDo you think Betty will like you better now, Bill?, I, Dean Ticknor, will my ability to get Bookkeeping to Reta Reber. fCast your worrys away, Reta., l, Charles Tietgen, will my boisterous ways to Donnie Wilson. We have unanimously agreed to appoint as responsible and sole executor of this will His Excellency, Elmer Ticknor, firmly believing that all the conditions stated above will be faithfully carried out. In witness whereof, we, the class of '49, the Testators above named, have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine. E54 CLASS PROPHECY It has been ten years since I, Myrna Buryanek, graduated from good old Burke High. Many things have happened to me since that time, Mr. Hartman. I married Artie Kettle in the spring of '50 and lived on this chicken ranch for seven years. I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to keep the eight Kettles and one thousand chickens in the house. I finally decided to leave them with Pa Kettle, and I set out to make our fortune. Pa started me up in business by making some corn liquor and some of his "Kick-a-poo joy snoose" to sell on my travels. I also sell D. D. D's. which I thought would be in demand. I am doing quite well and after this visit I'm going back to good old Kentucky. I get might lonesome for Artie and my children Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, and the twins--Edward and Awkward. After my first day of sales I stopped in Lucyville, Kentucky to go to a basket- ball game between the House of David's professional team and Lucyville Hillbillys. The center on the House of David's team looked familiar and they called him "Mose". After the game I found out he was Bill Andersen, manager of the team. He said if I ever went to New York to be sure to stop at the Klein night club. It seems Andy really puts on a girl show, aided by his vast knowledge of geometry he picks only suitable figures. Charles Tietgen, that unpredictable '49er, has recently received a promotion in Andy's show--he is now the front end of one of the horses instead of the rear. I didn't get to 'talk to Bill Andersen any more as a redheaded, five foot tall woxnan came over and Mose went out the window. I made one good sale in Chicago. Darlene Myrick and Delores Hlavka each have a pair of twins and they wanted to use my product in the babies' bottles. Dar- lene and Delores were waiting for their husbands to come home from city employ- ment as garbage collectors because they very often bring home choice items for supper. They told me Berniece Klein is still single but doing her best. Somehow her choice of work interferes with matrimony as she is a chief setter on an onion farm. The twins also informed me that their friend .Tohn Peck had accepted a po- sition as professor of mathematics in St. Charles High School upon graduating from Yale. While in Chicago, I saw a sign that said, 'See Oomphie Tonight"! I went to the night show, and there was Marlys Eide outdoing Sally Rand's fan dance by getting along nicely without the fans. I hailed a cab after the show to take me to my room. While riding the driver told me that his cab was a Nelson Pontiac Exclusive. He said a young progressive by the name of George Wesley Nelson had sold the patent to Pontiac. From the profits made on this, Nelson established a girdle factory and has now retired. I visited a huge airport in Omaha where I met Arlene Kracht, a United Airline Stewardess. Arlene had a lot to say and even got in a few giggles to boot. Arlene has become very slender and tally she says if she grows another inch she will lose her job as 5' 8" is the height limit. Arlene informed me that she was soon to marry the pilot of one of the biggest passenger planes. She told me that on her travels she had secured information about several of her other classmates. Our chum, Phyllis Kirsch, married Walter Schonebaum. While raising Purebred Herefords they became financially involved, so they emmigrated to Australia where they are developing a cross breed of kangaroos which they hope will eventually substitute for baby carriages. She said that when she was on vacation she saw Delores Pejsa. Delores is Cashier in a big New Mexican bakery called DUNN AND READY TO EAT. Delores was happy except for missing Doris who had gone on a Rocket to the moon honeymoon with Bill Hartman. It seems Bill knew everything about the earth and wanted a change. That was five years ago--they should be back soon. Arlene said she had seen Margaret Lubbers in that same Mexican city. Margaret went to Mex- ico to paint and fell in love and married a peon who was posing for her. She is kept busy training her husband's 13 children by previous marriage' as each is taking up a different art--everything from swallowing swords to tap dancing and collecting butter-flies. 55 Glen Norberg is the nation's champion hot rod racer. He won his fame by mak- ing a record driving his racer around a suspended wire track. He says "It isn't because I'm a good driver, it's that Nelson Pontiac Exclusive I drive." Dwaine Swift and Alan Horst have made the movies as cowboy singers. Their latest picture is entitled, A BOY AND HIS HORST. Dorothy Potthoff owns a circus and all the members are in the family. She married a magician. Her own act slays the spectators as she boldly performs with elephants and snakes. I was greatly impressed by her act and talked to her after- ward. She told me that Carol Lewis was an expert pilot and often gave air thrill performances for her circus. Carol is now designing a plane to take her to Mars where she hopes to be able to find a man to suit her fancy. Lucille Leibel is spending her days in happy seclusion as a hermit. She is as motionless as ever and kneels for hours every day without more than breathing. Donna Steckman and Agnes Gallagher are operating the Insane Asylum in Yankton. They say it is the nuts. Ray Stahlecker and Bob Doering went to Africa where they are hunting big game--Gregory got too small for them. Marie Smith is also in Af- rica. Her marriage definitely went on the rocks and her love for diamonds com- pelled her to come to the mining country. She is in partnership with Jessie Low and they dig for diamonds--in the pockets of the Cairo wolves, that is. It was Marie who told me about Marjorie Stroup's misfortune. I visited Mar- jorie in California's State Pen. Marjorie is in there for life but she doesn't care as long as Kenny is too. She related her weird tale to me--how she became jealous of Kenny's Japanese wife and after securing a job as his maid, killed his Mongolian wife and lived happily ever after with Kenny. He had become tired of chop suey, and helped Marjorie do the dirty work. Earl Stroh is a country school teacher and says 'I don't ask questions--I just have fun". LeRoy Paradee is in the 3rd grade in a public school in California. He received his Master's degree and a Ph.D., but thinks education is a wonderful thing and is starting all over. Bill Cerny is a United States Senator--Isn't that wonderful! He is the author of a bill compelling jay-walkers to carry a license and a taillight. He thinks farm- ing should be outlawed. Duane Gartner is a hypnotist and a lawyer. He is special- izing in divorce laws and is using his eye power to good advantage. Lenny Kortmeyer is putting his athletic ability to good use as he is now a coach in an all girls high school. Dean Ticknor never left Burke. Shortly after graduating from high school he started a business of his own selling infant's wear. Elsie Brezina is acting as a stand-in for a monkey's mother in a circus side show. The poor little monkey's real mother died. In her broken monkey chatter she told me that .Toan Inglett has become a movie star. She substituted for one of the apes in "Tarzan and The Apes' but she has now received a promotion and is the leading girl star in that show. Well, Mr. Hartman, it's quite a shock to learn that you lost your job as super- intendent. I'll go now so you can get your janitor work done. You won't want to lose this job too. 56 ......... fp, .411 L . 4 i . ii t .,, I 1 :E-1.5 1: Ki '.,. 1 ,.,. - fi: .. . A 4 L .,,, V. I "" , - M 5 V,.- A . 4 E, ff' :L ' xi ff 4-Lggx A H in MV a 'X 1. Merry Christmas. Z. Arnbitious Howler Staff. 3. Waiting for the train to come in. 4. Stretch, Joannnnn. 5. Chief Decorator. 6. Freshmen in a daze. 7. Queen Marie. 8. Buh! 9. C.H.C. M.D. 10. What? 11. Noon Rush. 12. Iam not-- 13. Posing? ? 14. Men Working. 15. Ssss-Booom-Aahhhhi 57 FQ . tiaa E f If . W V' V ' : ' 1 1 1 1 If .ffl .',.' li W Siu" -:-V 1, or gf? if if .. E51' -551' ., - . I x QAN, Mb I mm! -2 :22221 . Y Aaf , , I -, -fgrwwwi .,,, Q ,,.-. . .,..:::.- P+ f------', 1 ":g'.g:3:5z5g555g J W sk .4 ,.A.AA,. , f 'E rr 1. Commercial work? Z.. Interesting, Shorty? 3. What a nightf 4. Chums. 5. Little Lila. 6. Smile, Myrna. 7. Freshmen's big day. 8. Pierre and his hot rod. 9. Style show. 10. Blushing Barb. 11. Freshmen class officers. 12. Jones, in the stock and pi11ary. 13. Egg face. 14. Why, Herbie! 15. Rub a dub, dub. 16. .Tunior Class Play '48. 17. Surprise! 18. Hi, twin. 19. Office boys at work. 20. Yes, dear. 58 a...u, if bf sf Q, 1 4214! x E w, ll 1 tw .ff -,ff Y .: .5---2r,.:.e..5a:g::i- , ' I, .:.,,.,. : 5 '31 . . , ,V ff 1 1 , i aa. 2 .. . .WV 5 ' mi P' ,ff U 4 f A , .2 in 9 1 'fi f f .3 M L! il-fi. " ffi.".4. 1 3 If . wax, wnvf"'i"" F f 'T . - 15 ,, M. 144 cf Q. 1 .4 V ,J 'gage' ',,-,a. 1 . .'. ffl V 1 1 ' .. 2 . "' 5 1 1 1 4 ' f "fix . f A 1. Foggy and Flash. Z. Little sprouts. 3. Tea Party. 4. Twins and Dougie. 5. Over- time. 6. Donna's first beau. 7. Oh, my hair. 8. Hubba, hubba, Chucki 9. Quite .an armful. 10. Why the scowl, Naomi. 11. Poor Shorty! 12. That personality smile. 13. Oh, for pity thake. 14. You're excused. 15. Takin' it easy. 16. I disapprove. 17. Age of innocence. 18. Slumber party. 19. Woo, woo, Frankie. 59 if W' lx. . Y .. . . . l. Pals. Z. Don't rush off, Bill. 3. Our bus-driver. 4. Igive up. 5. Well! Well 6. Simon Legree. 7. Charles, here comes Aike! 8. Inse-parable. 9. Buddies? 10 Family reunion. ll. Hard times. 12. Does Caroline know? 13. Play practice. 14 Ithink so too. 15. Back seat driver. 16. Cousinly love. 17. Iack's bare fact. 60 nm Q5 .1 l 5 arffi. i E5 X A fm 4 Nl 4 i ig, .A?,'Yv' I f ri. iiiiti 1 4? C 1 E Q f ' 5 4 . . ,si 124. .15 Y gg- L as , SY XY ' , . ...ff 1 f,.f:.f'Q. M M-.35 Ni M New L . figs :II hilv ' We I -52:51 5' I, 1-,4 ' ........., Aft 6 isa fa g 4 H ,.--. . , i ' ' r E ..A. .M 1 VV--f- . ' " Wi ,qi A . Y. al gg A. Q ...ms 1 ' K l. Elsie,--Boo! 2. Beginning her apprenticeship. 3. Chicks. 4. Detention, Andy? 5. Which path shall I take? 6. College football star. 7. In his daddy's footsteps. 8. Hard time dancin'. 9. Rugged Rosemary. 10. Barber wrapped up in his work. ll. Charles Atlas. 12. Our first team. 13. Is that you, Dorothy? 14. All Star. 15. Senorita. 16. Innocent frosh. 17. Family portrait, 1952. 61 J 6' 4? 2 er 131 2:35 '- . 5 - . 4 q 1 I by Qi' , E25 .I 15 ' gp Wx x .1 I "': 'Q , .1 M ... ..., 1 .fp et lpn ,, F' . - ff A 5 ' ,Q I H ?fWm -.:. if-it ' '. ' . ff 3 1. .5 5 .. .5 5 q f .Q X ,A 11 . :1- flb so l 4 'l 5' ' ,j:i ' " lf . ,-.' 'Wir .. 1. . - 1. . ., E k fr f' .1 lii 1. Hi, Jean. Z. Career girl. 3. The Hansons. 4. Hangover, .To Ann? 5. Tight squeeze 6. Lucille, barefoot all over. 7. What you up to? 8. Glamour girl. 9. Spring is here 10. The champ. 11. Everybody's friend. 12. The faculty. 13. Just before a test. 14 Kootchy kootchy. 15. In the good old days. 16. No arguing, please. 17. Hi, sawed off 18. You know better. 19. School picnic. Z0. How does the other fella look? 2.1. Beep Beep. A 62 ,Q Am. ,wwf-f' .3 . E' ' gf Q... 2 :Q ' 4 A ..,:.,...3:-5 MUS . .. H ,. K r V, a " -I ll:-A., 1' L.:-Wo '1 I , 7 A 'ykrze' . Q 5 - '- I i,f3::iP', M 'H' 7' 5 3 if 155 229 51 ji . E? -. A Q - ., U 1 ,.., ,. -1 xl . ,Vi. 1 A-" N .1 ,. f W W ,zaa 1 , My ,- t V ' D b N 'Vik 4 MR ' X 61 -' ' , '11 1. .Tust like my Daddy. 2. Tugboat Lenny. 3. Age of Innocence. 4. Come to High School! Learn a profession!! 5. One step at a time! 6. Huck and Berniece? '? 7. The Thinker. 8. Watch out for slivers. 9. Have a nightmare, Shorty? 10. Ag I class. ll. Shame at you, Craig. 12. Lice, coach? 13. Nice looking book. 14. Watcha hidin"? 15. Cutting in on his cousin. 16. Little Skeeter. 17. Sunday go meetin' clothes. 18. The winner and still champeen. 19. Dirty story? 20. Those awful muddy days. 21. Kirsch's prize Hereford. 22. Young Mose. 23. What happened to the waves, Cerny? 63 A ,,v.g 'fm 2' cg 1 5... 0-f 1--.M BEE 6. ZEE AGENCY Real Estate - Iniunnco Fire. Automobile. Hail and Alllod Linn Alle Accident md Health, Vlork-mon's Componniilon Howard E. Blake and Surety Bond: Dial 4422, Burke For Immediate Action Karl E. Zu! CONNELL Cr MADOLE GENERAL MERCHANDISE PHONE 2651 TURGEON BROS. CONOCO SERVICE STATION PHONE 2232 BURKE. S. DAK BURKE GAZETTE P. J. Fahrenbacher Your County Seat Newspaper SOPER'S HATCHERY Soper's Chicks Live to Lay and Lay to Pay Breeders of S. C. White Leghorns R. O. P. Mated ElDE'S ICE CREAM PARLOR Homemade ice cream BART'S SERVICE For Personalized Services candy P0P Burke, South Dakota YOUR STANDARD STATION Phone 4691 Burke, S. Dak. CARROLL PRODUCE CO. CASH BUYER OF CREAM, POULTRY, EGGS HIDE , S WE SELL NORCO FEEDS FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY YES SIRI I I 5 More Coverage Gets Better Results EVERYBODY GETS "THE BUY-LlNE"ll'l Box 301 Phone Burke, South Dakota Siler's Garage JACK GARTNER Genuine Ford Parts AUCTIONEER GAS OILS Contact Me To Sell Your Phone 280l - Burke, S. Dok. AUCIION Sales Be Sure of the Best For Good Entertoinment BOB'S HOME INSULATION CO. C. Gehlson, Prop. BURKE CHAMBERLAIN Lutt's Store Eormers Union Insuronce DRY GOODS of South Dokoto Phone 2691 J. A. HINKEN, SECRETARY NlCK'S SERVICE PETERSON'S PRODUCE MOBILGAS L- MOBILOIL Creom Moormons Eggs Repairing 6' Greasing Poultry IVIIVISVGIS Feeds Phone 2321 gg Dial 2151 I BURKE APPLIANCE co. ANDERSON LUMBER Radio G' Home Appliances Burke' S' bak' AND HARDWARE SERVICE SALES PHONE 275' BURKE' 5' DAK- 65 H. HOGREEE CLOTHING CO. MEN'S CLOTHING LADIES' READY TO WEAR DRY GOODS E? SHOES Dial 7101 Dial 4751 Gregory, S. Dak. Burke, S. Dak. FARMERS ELEVATOR BRESEE'S HARDWARE Grain, C021 and LIVCSIOCIS Appliances and Furniture Burke Phone 2631 Phone 2171 Burke. S. Dak. CORNER GROCERY FELL MOTORS General Merchandise Accessories - Tires - Tubes MR. R. C. GRAESSER All Work Guafanieed Phone 2271 Burke Phone 2651 Burke, S. Dak. BOTTLED GAS SERVICE FOR THE BEST IN CANNED GOODS AND FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC AND REST 1 .53'5iii1?J:2i. KLUFAS AT BURKE PHONE 2841 GUS WILSON PHONE 2641 For the Best in Form Machinery and SEE Electrical and Flooring Contractors John Deere Sales and Service R. E- A- Farm Wiring Mcllarland Imp. Tile-Tex Asphalt and Plastic Floor Tile Phone 2131 Dial 2831 D I AN-TON OELRICH EVISH CLEANER S All Ways For The Best Blacksmith Wagon work With Guaranteed Satisfaction To You Burke, South Dakota Phone 6501 Gregory, S. Dak. RAY'S PRODUCE TILTON MOTOR CO. . Poultry Dual Eggs "WE SERVICE ALL MAKES" Cream 5431 Feed PHONE 6171 GREGORY. S. DAK. Gregory, South Dakota PHARWS BAKERY IELINEK Moron co. E?IL1L'lii..'1' tilfidpiiflli CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Best in the Rosebud SALES AND SERVICE Burke 4670 Gregory 6221 PHONE 7371 GREGORY, S. DAK. JOHN O'NEILL AND SONS HANSON IMPLEMENT Ford Tractors and Implements J, I Case Sales and Service Farm Service ' ' , Phone 7161 Gregory, S. Dak. Phone 6111 Gregory' S' Dak' Schultz' IAY L. SEELEY STANDARD SERVICE STATION COMPLETE SERVICE I Jewelry PHONE 7501 GREGORY, s. DAK. GREGORY, S. DAK. 66 Matson Implement Co. Your County Seat McCormick-Deering Dealer Burke, South Dakota Phone 2251 CLAUSEN Burke Pharmacy FUNERAL HOME "I-lmzes" Courtesy Fairness YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY PHONE ml HEADQUARTERS ed B 6' M DIST. CO. B-:gh E. M. McMullen REGISTERED POLLED az HORNED HEREFORDS FAI-STAFF Ray Low Lucas. S. Dak. "The Choicest Product of the Brewer's Art" BILLIARD PARLOR. Kallanders Meat Market M CANDIES, ICE CREAM, Pop Gmfgffes J. R. Bohnet, Prop. Phone 2721 SILER ELECTRIC BURKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Farm and Hgmg Wiring Radio and HOIRG Appliance Burke, S. Dak. Dial 4631 SERVICE SALES ANTON OELRICI-I BARRY FURNITURE CO. Blacksmith Wagon Work New Cr Used Furniture Burke, S. Dak. FREE DELIVERY MELLINGER PLUMBING FULLERTON LBR' CO' Lumber - Building Maternal - Coal Fixtures and Complete Insiauation Over 60 years of servlce to farm and home John Smizer, Manager Phone 2571 Bl11'k9, S. Dali. BURKE, D. GAMBLE STORE Auth. Dealer THE FRIENDLY s'roRE Phone 2601 BURKE LIQUOR STORE Largest Stock of Good Wines and Liquor in the Rosebud AI. Caton, Mgr. Gregory Branch NORTHWEST SECURITY NATIONAL BANK of Sioux I7aIIs Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation NOBTIIWESTEBN AGENCY "Insurance of GIII Kinds" Dial 5711 Gregory, S. Dork. SUPER S HATCHERY Graham Hardware F Y P lt N d Babyolghiglfg, Cifgnfg, Hfjciing APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE Feeds PHONE 5771 GREGORY, s. DAR. PHONE 6431 GREGORY s DAR GGSSSI1 BI'0S. GREGORY FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. 'NTERNAUONAL HZXHEZTERSERVICE Grain, Coal and Livestock PHONE 6151 GREGORY s DAR Phone 5811 G'e90'Yf 5' Dak- FRANK 5 CAFE VON SEGGERN BROS. Candy , M6015 . Lumber, Grain 6 Cool Lunches - Soft Drmks - Ice Cream Pho 5441 C S D k me ' Gregory, S. Dak. regory' I O ' LOCKES GREGORY CLEANERS THE REXALL DRUG STORE 'WE AIM T0 pI-,EASEH PHONE 7121 GREGORY, S. DAK. phone 5121 Gregory, S, Dak. DB. IVI. I-I. IOHNSON SOPEBS BEAUTY SI-IOP Veterinarian Our Specialty-Cold Waves Delores Soper, Prop. PHONE 6411 GREGORY, S. DAK. PHONE 5301 GREGORY S DAK ROSEBUD GREEN PARROT FARMERS UNION COOP ASW Gregory, S. Dak. PHONE 545I GREGORY, SBDAK. Bob whire shop X- L' STORE REPAIR sHoP RADIO APPLIANCES Hordwcre 5 Furnwure GREGORY s DAR Phone 776I Gregory, S. Dck. es, N EWSAM CHEVROLET CCMPANY Sales and Service I "" " GREGORY, s. DAK. PHONE 4441 Louies Groceries and Meats We Strive To Please PHONE 5361 GREGORY. S. DAK. ORLLEY'S VARIETY Dealers in Chincware - Paints -Cosmetics Greeting Cards - Toys - Candies Gregory, South Dakota OMAHA COLD STORAGE CO. Cash Buyer of Cream, Poultry, Eggs, Hides WE SELL NORCO FEEDS FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY Winner, South Dakota GR E GOR Y INDEPENDENT Complete Service ' GREGORY S. DAK. or SCHOLL'S SERVICE Complete Service Dial 5171 Gregory, S. Dak. GREGORY CITY LIQUOR STORE Fine Liquors and Wine With Courteous Service Thomas W. Nix, Manager Gregory, S, Dak, CHAMPLAIN GAS AND OIL FARM DELIVERY SERVICE Herrick, S. Dak. Albert Tietgen, Prop. G. F. BUCHE'S COMPANY Baker Brand Work Clothes Ladies' Ready to Wear and Dry Goods Fairway Fine Foods - Fruits and Vegetables Pl10I16 646i Gregory, Dak- FORTCHNER MARKET Meats and Groceries We wish to thank all those who in any way contributed to the success of this annual. In addition to those who advertised, the following people contributed: Herrick Bologna C 8: H Shoe Store Rangdi Opheim Dial 8402 Harley's Repair Shop Lyle Reber In Herrick itrs Helen's Beauty Shop Arthur Kelso Dr. D. A. McMeen Leta Williams lOHNSON'S GROCERY RUSEBIID Pll0T0 C0 THE ' NORTHVVESTS GREGURY WINNER LEADING YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS MIDWEST-BEACH COMPANY 222 South Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. BULLDOGS: C7Ol29'ZCLfLLfCZ.7IiOl21i and Exif Qfwigaz BURKE STATE BANK 70 Q , K 'ua -uf jx RJR .Q 1 ? f f! g uqj L f W SX 'X.1 b lllll . 1' K A, I QMWWM S X ii W Q- 71

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