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QULL Q, 6H5 000 I94l r 6' 00771 o R49 Z To r the faculty, through whose help and guidance we have been able to complete successfully our high school education, the seniors wish to sincerely dedicate this, the 1941 Bulldog 4 We should like also to express appreciation for the efforts of the Board of Education in furthering school activities and for their interest in and cooperation with school affairs. Karl Zutz, President Kenneth Vallette, Treasurer A. G. Siverling, Clerk Winifred M. Quinn Marjory Prchal Emma Matson H. L. Clausen BOARD OF EDUCATION 3 as , . Clausen, Prchal, Zutz, Matson, Quinn HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY 15 R, Hartman, Superintendent Aike Hollemag, Principal B.A. Chadron Teachers' College B.A. Yankton College M.A. Colorado College of Educa- tion Science Mathematics Government Band Algebra 4- Ervin Kurtz B.S. South Dakota State College Agriculture Ray Hebert B.A. Yankton College Social Sciences Bookkeeping Athletics Lorene Wimmer B.S.C. State University of Iowa Shorthand Typing Journalism Doris Shggpg B.A. Jamestown College English Latin Dramatics Jghg Leibel WJohnnyN Basketball l,2,3,4 Howard Soper John Aaseth NJohnnyW Track l,3 NSopeW Basketball l,2,3,4 Band 3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Glee Club 2 Basketball l,2,3 Glee Club 2 One-act play I Class treasurer 3,4 Band I,2,3,4 Bulldog Bulldog Bulldog Ag reporter 4 Judging team 3 Class vice-president 4 Class president 4 Secretary and treasurer 2 Class vice-president 3 Glass treasurer Judging team l,2 Class play 3,4 Class colorsa red, white and blue Class flower: red carnation Class motto! Today we follow, tomorrow we lead. In I937, the freshman class entered Burke High School with an enrollment of 46 mem- bers. The following class officers were elected: Betty Lou Swartz, president, Vern lendel vice-president, Jeannette Ticknor, secretary, and John Leibel, treasurer. Miss Robertson was the sponsor. After the first few weeks of school, the sophomores initiated the freshman. During the year they had several parties and stunts in front of the assembly as well as having had a part in the benefit band program. In ISSB, when school opened in September, the class again had a large enrollment. Billy Spitzenberger was elected president, Howard Soper, vice-presidentj John Aaseth, secretary and treasurer with Mr. Holleman as sponsor. During that year the sophomores won the trophy for the best once-act play given in March. Students that participated in this were: Billy Spitzenberger, Jeannette Ticknor, Betty Lou Swartz, Maxine Oliver, and Edward Birkel. September, ISHS, the juniors elected Jeannette Ticknor, president, John Leibel, vice- presidentg and Norma Heerman, secretary and treasurer. Mr. Kurtz and Miss Robertson acted as sponsors. On May 9, the juniors gave the seniors a banquet which was carried out in Mexican style. The juniors presented as their class play WCrashing Societyn which was very success- ful and the funds'went to helping the junior-senior banquet. This year the seniors had as their officers John Leibel, president, John Aaseth, vice- presidentg Howard Soper, secretary and treasurer of a class of 33, the ever graduate from Burke High School. Loyal, industrious, and studious were the seniors of l94l. As high behind them, they carry with them many cherished memories. It is with faculty and student body see them go, and only good wishes for the success oan follow them. largest class to school life passes regret that the of every member 6 LLQXQ Bartling Wlhy take life seriously, you never get out of it alive anyway.N Judging teim 2 Class play 3,4 Amina Qui Wlhat is life without an argument?W Band l,2,5,4 Class play 3,4 Howler 4 Bulldog Basketball 2,3,4 EEE .Mi WA cheerful heart makes its own blue sky.N Glee Club l,2,3,4 Glee Club secretary and treasurer 4 Bulldog Glass play 4 lhomas Fitzgerald WTommyW Glee Glub 2 Football 2,4 Howler 4 Bulldog Basketball I Track l Class treasurer Qian Alam NAsIeep but not dead.W 991532551 5151129 WLet's have fun while we can.n Basketball I,4 Glee Club 2 A9 iudse i:2s3 ggwagg Birkel nEddieW Football l,2,3,4 Basketball I,4 Class play 3,4 One-act play l,2 Judging team 3 Ag secretary 4 Track l,8 Bulldog limi QQi UStudy? l just don't agree.N Basketball 2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Glee Glub 2 Track 2 41:3 822251 Elish WButohN Fooiball I,2,3,4 Howler 4 Norma Heerman Nle like her for whai Glee Club I,2,3,4 Class Secretary 3 Bulldog E2asLLs hiisshsene ngosyn Glee Club I,2,3,4 Trio I Glee Club president 4 One-act play I Bulldog Rosemary Libroa't 'Babe' Howler 4 Glee Club l,3 Basketball l,2 Play 3 Openetta 3 G.A.A. play 3 Cheerleader l,2 she ,W,b J, B2Q2LQ Lakahn HRQYII Class Play 3 Basketball 3,4 Glee Club 3 Class officer 3 Operetta 3 Band l,2 Declam 2,3 A .W -?,'lfm??gIf?w S Y 292922 M5122 NMade with quiet Glee Club 3,4 !i2La Males nvin Band l,2,3,4 clee Club l,2,3,4 One-act play I Class play 3,4 Baskeiball 2,3 Bulldog Howler 4 905222 Milli! ' iggbu Fooiball 3 Glee Club 2 ways but sweet within.N 8 Hglgg Pfaff WNothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm.W Glee Club l,2,3 Basketball 2,3 Operetta 3 Class treasurer 3 Play 3 Volley team 3 issues! nls she really shy?W Basketball 2 Volley ball 2 Play I Vernice Schlaht wmgsw --- Glee Club l,2,3,4 Band 2,3,4 One-act play 2 Glass play 3,4 Howler 4 Bulldog Declam l,2,3 Ein SERS! WA modest maid of unknown ability.W Glee Club I,2,3,4 91921 MEL NSometimes l sit and th just sit.n Judging team 2 Track I mins Mixes n0llien Howler 4 Bulldog Cheer leader 2,3,4 One-act play 3 Class play 3,4 Declam 2,3 Basketball 2,3,4 'E lnkg sometimes l Saleem E52.a.1n I0 neon di on Glee Club l,2,3,4 Howler 4 Bulldog Glass play 3 Qalllg Reber HGaIH Class play 3,4 Track l,3 Basketball 1,2,3, Football 3,4 522222 Smith WBobW Play 3 Kitten ball 2 !illiam Sgitzenberger WBillyW Basketball captain 4 Ag vice-president 3 Basketball l,2,3,4 Class president 2 Football l,2,3,4 Track l,3 Class play 3,4 One-act play 2,3 Glee Club 2 Ag president 4 Band I,2,3 Judging team 2 Bulldog ELM Hahn Wliokn Football l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Football captain 4 Bulldog Band l,2,3 Ag treasurer 4 1253 Wendell WBuddyW Judging team 2 Ag secretary 3 Ag vice-president 4 Dist. Ag. vice-president 4 Class vice-president l. H2222 Wolf WA girl we all will remembe Operetta 3 Girlls Ath. Ass. 2 Class president Basketball 2 Glee Club 2 Howler 4 Bulldog Class play 4 23 Qgannettg Tickngg nTickn Band l,2, Class sec 3 retary I Class president 3 One-act play 2 Class play 3,4 Howler 3 Bulldog Basketball 3 Donn lgli nDonnieW Basketball 2,3,4 Football 3,4 Glee Club 2 Operetta 2 Glass vioo-president! , emu TUNIORS A 'K TC? vim., Q K.- Elf .qu-f - gj5 qs: '1Il aff, Ni si, ff 55:5 ima 1 1 ,V ,f 5? 'P -on Ob- ff, f H515 A' .. 'Gb gg R41 . W Znn .:" Q W " 5:"' :f as 555 JR 1 Q Wu' '. "1-mmf ,B "ff . ,. 1 gb' X , 1 mi a I I 8 ,jf Ai! at XA , S 3 -::, , -.:,. ., . 3:3 1 Q A , A A' , ? ' Beck, Brunz, Clausen, Grandell, Deering, Engelmeyer, Hasche, Klinger, Klufa, Kortmeyer, Lund, Miller, Ohlson, Peck, Steffen, Smith,Thompson, Tolstedt, G. laterbury, I. laterbury,lilIuweat, lilson, Young, Zutz QAD SQPH Olvl ORES Q13 '51 s. - 3 1 1? CIP 4:4 'u If an Qi V , 3 Y ' y 1 S4 of in lx ,X g, 1? , 15V l - A A... vp xg 'Y E' 'f. l-NK GSI 4-5' iv it it Q sa 'Q' 4.- mg, 'Q 'Y l .' 'Q 1-. .fx N! Z 1 , . av .rkb w 'x cw' 1 fs' Will ll ii rf x 1 l 1 Qu - 3 , 1 3 4'5" 'Uh Anderson, Arms, Bailey, Bartling, Birkel, Bohnet, Briese, Brunz, Carroll, Clausen, Connell, Darnell, Durst, Genzlinger, Gordon, Graham, Harmon, Heerman, Hildebrand, Kallander, Klas, Kori- meyer, Leibel, L. Mayer, A. Mayer, McCarthy, Neuroth, Osnes, Oliver, Powell, Reber, Sharp, Slaack, Tlcknor, Woeh iw: -w-..,,, X ,i., ,ML my 'I . was A CXO FREQBJMEN NM. "P-.f , va as 9' A. My 'a eflfff' iff 2 gg 1 ' 45:1 ' 'N ,ik v 'SD N-nf 'Q--f ,k... '5', if-1 'ark .'Y v-f Q- 3 gg, A MLN! ff Xl :xl mm is is is E35 Q5 l ies ,i ., , 5 Z.. ,Q , Yr, ,- snu ' 4 if "':' 1 ,rj Q . I A ' qw, ' A 5, ,,.k ff ,E v -1, , , h.,. Q -- v -W Es "' 1 i ' r hi Q .,"-' sf ' ' Q- 4 --', N H .,.. ?1 f'g A www: if 'mi Bohnet, Brunz, Burr, Oahoy, Glausen, Collins, Deering, Delany, Deering, Ehly, Frey, Halver- son, Havens, Hiles, Holub, Hoiz, E. Kahler, I. Kahler, Kallander, E. Kobold, H. Kobold, Kortmeyer, Lutt, Painter, Prchal, Riseuick, Schlaht, Schmidt, Sharp, Smith, Staack, Steffen, Tolstedt 16 Q R W I bf 4 .f .., 1, . X . Z 8 iq fs? Ya 1 Q' I3 Back reel Kertaeyer, Oliver, C. laierbury, G. Bartling, Labahn, Aaaeth, E. Birkel, lendell, Spiizenberger, Tioknor, Leibel, Bailey, Calvin Clausen, lillar, L. Barlling, Guiililler, lr. Kurtz liddle ron layer, leCarthy, Engelaeyer, C. Reber, Heh, Haven, Nildebrane, Molub, Q, SUFYN. Pvvall. I. uazerbury, L. eirksl, oansn, senses, nebula, Kahler Front ren Ehly, Frey, Niles, Steffen, lleuroih, Luft, Hearing, grin., pg.,-in9,L, 3.59. Carroll, A. Bartling, Caueron Clausen, Klas, 6. Smith, Deering !X'2 VN fl'-Uflflf' Cf'-D00 WWI'-3 lgx ff lp! 'iff gg 4' gl ll ll nz' ll-L N I ll U' 1 1' NJBXXU ,Q -xx ....-il U xgaguu,-,rj There are forty-eight boys enrolled in the chapter of the Future Farmers of America, under the supervision of Ervin Kurtz. The department has progressed and is growing every year. The boys and Mr. Kurtz sponsored a bird house contest and also have held five school dances during the year. Regular monthly meetings were held the first Wednesday in every month. Officers elected for the year were: president, Billy Spitzen- berger, vice-president, Vern Wendell, secretary, Eddie Birkel, treasurer, Junior Ticknor, and John Leibel served as reporter. Agriculture instructor, Ervin Kurtz, was sponsor. The annual F.F.A. father-and-son banquet was held March 18 in the Baptist Church and was a great success. Judging teams, consist- ing of fifteen of the boys, attended the state contest at Brookings. After school is dismissed, the senior boys are planning to take a trip and will be gone a week. H' Back row: Kobold, Arms, Collins, M. Bohnet, V. Mayer, Ticknor, D. Kortmeyer, Durst, Dykast, E. Bohnet, Clausen, Young Middle row: Miss Holleman, V. Sharp, Painter, V. Schmidt, Risewick, J. Sharp, Genzlinger, Prangley, L. Kallander, Kahler, Prchal, Wilson, Burr, M, Schlaht, Brunz, V. Schlaht, Mm.Jwy Front row: A. Mayer, A. Kortmeyer, L. Mayer, Heerman, Woehl,Hilde- brand, Crandell, Thompson, E, Schmidt, Toldstedt, D. Kallander fox ff'-JF-'Q F- :uni QF tl I'-.-:Q I.. I JI xgj 'I-4 J-4 L- q ki ':.Jx.VJ tif The Glee Club this year consisted of thirty members, some having been eliminated at the beginning of the year, as the club was limited to a certain number of members. Under the direction of Mrs. Katherine M. Jury, the Glee Club made rapid progress and as a result Burke had a very fine Glee Club organization. The club entered the contest held at Platte, South Dakota on April 17 and l8, and also attended the music festival in May. Glee Club officers elected this year were Rosella Hildebrand, president, and Gladys Dykast, secretary and treasurer. If 4 ,l l H.. f.Z1J.,L45.l 1 v W w IA ,wear .ff 'ji ' 04119 Back row: J. Sharp, Clausen, V. Mayer, Steffen, Wilson, Zutz, Smith, Leibel, H. Crandell, L. Ticknor, Hasche, Arms, V. Schlaht, Harmon Middle row: Risewick, D. Hildebrand, E. Bohnet, Klufa, Gunvor- dahl, Aaseth, Dutt, M. Schlaht, Bentz, Halverson, Matson, Lewis, Mr. Holleman. Front row: Fobair, Kortmeyer, Brunz, J. Crandell, H. Hildebrand, V. Sharp, B. Ticknor, D. Bohnet, D. Crandell, Abben- haue, Guthmiller, Connell, Kallander n'-55 AN Rx 1 EX N 'A 'jx ' I ll: L' Xl Nl L52 The Burke High School band, under the direction of band director, Mr. Holleman, consists of thirty-eight members this year. Nine beginners have entered the band during the year. The band has done very fine work. They played at all the home football and basketball games and attended the music festival in the spring. Band letters were given out to the members that have been in the band two years and have attended a certain number of rehearsals. I6 ..- Back row: Briese, Heerman, Birkel, Lubbers, Smith,' Hildebrand, Kortmeyer, Stephen, Deering Middle row: McCarthy, Beck, Durst, Clausen, Bailey, Guthmiller, ' Ulmer, Reber Front row: Fitzgerald, Soper, Glick, Ticknor, co-captain, Aaseth co-captain, Spitzenberger, Wolf, Birkel lf? fix IQ-Q5 C-Hifi :Q AX H D U A-47 X55 ll U-.LU-X1 I.:-S Vi'-'17 The Burke Bulldogs ended their football season of 1940 with 2 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses. The boys played against some tough teams but showed up very well in all the games. Although out- weighed by almost every team, this handicap was compensated by the speed of the players. The team showed good spirit throughout the season in spite of a number of bad breaks. This was Coach Ray Hebert's fourth year of coaching at Burke High School and through his excellent coaching he has made a great team. This year the Bulldogs lost eight very valuable players through graduation.These senior boys who should be mentioned for their splendid work are: Junior Ticknor, John Aaseth, co-captains, Billy Spitzenberger, Robert Glick, Howard Soper, Edward Birkel, Donald Wolf, and Galvin Reber. Burke O Burke 19 Burke 6 Gregory O Geddes 1 O Wood Lake 2 Burke O Burke 6 Burke 7 Colome 20 Spencer 6 Wagner 13 I7 Back row: Bartling, Leibel, Wolf, Labahn, Birkel, Mr. Hebert Front row: Aaseth,Ticknor, Capt. Spitzenberger, Reber,Guthmi1ler 'fibfx T VV? 'lin 75 ffx rl P -:ix QSX Nqxilgj lr' I 1-is F:gN, fl l U-DZ!-X25 41 Uk lil ll Lili XX'l-1:5 'f::J Coach Ray Hebert's basketball team had a mildly success- ful 1940-41 season with seven wins and five losses. In the dis- trict tournament the team lost both games which they played with Fairfax and Bonesteel. Burke will lose nine men of the first ten, losing Billy Spitzenberger, captain, Junior Ticknor, John Leibel, John Aaseth, Galvin Reber, co-captain. Guthmiller will be the only return for next year. The next year's team will be small but scrappy. BURKE OPPONENT BURKE OPPONENT 29 Colome 25 17 Witten 16 31 Dallas 16 22 Fairfax 24 2O Bonesteel 35 55 Fairfax 51 29 Dallas 18 38 Herrick 18 39 St. Charles 14 16 Colome 19 15 Bonesteel 30 16 Witten 20 if CHEERLEAD RS Miller, Oliver, Thompson Back row: Kallander, Clausen, Crandall, Leibel, Miss Sharpe Front row: Darnell, Smith, Birkel, Genzlinger DECLAM I9 Back row: Front row Back row: Front row: I E- SENIOR PLAY NMURDERED ALIVEH Dykast, Birkel, Reber, Bartling, Leibel, Miss Sharpe Mayer, Wolf, Ticknor, Oliver, Crandell, Schlaht Young, Beck, Guthmiller, Smith, Engelmeyer, Zutz, Miss Sharpe Wilson, Miller, Deering, Thompson, Crandall, Clausen, Kortmeyer JUNIOR PLAY HHIGH PRESSURE HOMERH .95 D-9 5 20 IIBII Back row: Mr. Hebert, Beck, Birkel, Guthmiller, Bailey, Reber, McCarthy, Wolf Front row: Tioknor, Fitzgerald, Spitzenberger, Aaseth, Mayer, Leibel, Soper Back row: Matson, Soper, Carroll, Conroy, Cannon, Mr. Exon Front row: Ticknor, Harmon, Donald Bentz, Dean Bentz, Lewis GRADE BASKETBALL ll Back row: Mayer, Prangley, Crandall, Fitzgerald, Wolf, Young Front rows Brunz, Oliver, Miss Wimmer, Thompson, Schlaht ...- S 'J X C'1F'f 'TU " F71 I-T 'aft Y? T1 Q, 1.253 fl lfivl' 5sbIfQx" j1"m C7 VJ LAXUQLJ NIL, X-3'.l'.i1t, fx U L4 The journalism class, which published a ditto paper, NThe Bulldog Howlern, once a month and a column by the same name in the Burke Gazette once a week, was made up of eleven members. Maxine Oliver served as editor for the full term while the other staff members filled the remaining positions. All the work done was supervised by Miss Wimmer. 22 Back row: Prangley, Ticknor, Hildebrand, Dykast, Crandell Middle row: Schlaht, Oliver, Mayer, Aaseth, Heerman, Wolf, Miss Wim er Front row: Birkel, Fitzgerald, Spitzenbergsr, Leibel, Soper, Ticknor 4-S 1' 1 -. r' 'EN VIH H 'R yenlffgycfv 1? GTFJIQK Fll1I1"U IFQQZUQ ' .L UJNQI 1257 C2 UI- 'Tc Ll! x,xX?LL-SLB", M' N' U A group of seniors was chosen this year to make up the Bulldog staff. Under the supervision of Miss Wimmer, these students supervised the annual for this year. Editor: Maxine Oliver Assistant editor: Juerine Crandall Business managers: John Leibel, Howard Soper Art Work: Neoma Wolf, Viola Mayer Circulation: John Aaseth, Edward Birkel Features: Jeannette Ticknor, Vernice Schlaht Thomas Fitzgerald Organization Writeups: Goldeen Prangley Rosella Hildebrand Sports: Junior Tioknor, Billy Spitzenberger Class writeups: Gladys Dykast, Norma Heerman Typist: Gladys Dykast 23 DORMITORY STAIT Arnold, Korb, Deffenbaugh, Mrs. Carlson, Mr. Pereboom Back row: Middle row: Front row: Delany, H. Kobold, Lund, Klinger, B. Clausen, Tolstedt, Young, Miller, M. Oliver, E. Kobold G. Smith, Martin, McCarthy, R.Smith, L. Mayer,V. Mayer, L. Leibel, A. Mayer, Burr, W. Oliver, H. Deering Thompson, Wilson, I. Deering,Havens, C. Clausen,Bai1ey, Allum, J. Lsibel, Beck, Doering DORMITORY mpgs 2+ Lawrence Exon Southern State Normal Seventh and eighth grades Ethel Powell Yankton College: University of ,Avi Iowa: University Katherine M. Jul' of South Dakota Columbia School of Music First and Girls' glee club second grades Grade school music Eunice Thompson Eastern State Normalg Lewis- ton State Nor- mal, Idaho: University of Wichita Fifth and sixth grades Sadie Hollemag Southern State Normal Third and fourth grades 'LS' Back row: Middle row Front row: SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Teel, F. Bohnet, Kulhavy, B. Conroy, R. Hageman, I. Waterbury, F. Slagel, Ticknor, Crandell, E. Bohnet Pete, Derby, D. Conroy, Carroll, Ferguson, McHenry, O. Waterbury, H. Hageman, Prchal, Bentz, Cannon, Mr. Exon Guthmiller, Harmon, Tietgen, Halverson, Klufa, Soper, Matson, Hildebrand, Lewis, Abbenhaus, Connell Back row: Middle row: Front row: FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES B. Bonnet, E. Bohnet, F. Slagel, Aaseth, Gunvordahl, Darlyne, Hall, Papousek, Bentz, Hildebrand,Miss Thompson D. Slagel, Holub, Donald Hall, Anderson, Woehler, Nashel, Fobair, Soper, Benter, Waterbury S. Slagel, Ferguson, Schlaht, Conroy, Hiles, Kallander, Ticknor, Graham, D. Bonnet 26 - -AMG Back row: Middle row Front row: THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Graven, Smith, Deffenbaugh, Hall, Halverson, W. Teel, Eby, Kirsch, Koenig, Hildebrand, Tietgen,Miss Holleman Slagel, Klufa, Kahler, Cerny, Moll, Durst, Wilson, Rhoades, I. Teel, Cannon Conroy, Lewis, Millian, Deffenbaugh, Ticknor, Reber, Gallagher, Graven, KulhavyJ Hartman Back row: Middle row Front row: Gallagher, K. Teel, Frank, Kahler, P. Pereboom, J. Anderson, V. Anderson, Bohnet, Moll, Miss Powell Buryanek, Davis, Kallander, Aaseth, Hageman, E. Anderson, Ferguson, Deffenbaugh, D. Teel Hall, J. Pereboom, Smith, Cannon, Durst,D. Gallagher, Kappe, Abbenhaus FIRST AND SECOND GRADES ,f ,Q Hexwb , r FAD I UE ff 1 l 'S J N Udo gf I Jw .4 A, w an i no - aw., , ." . 1 . - 'ns Y '- , Xhih. In .xh. '---OJ is g ,gif 4 N., J -'-:f i vb-fix T? .Zu 1 ' K P., t :VAL 2 T521 ...gf .r:,'qP'1Q-g , ' 'EH L, r H 1 gl!-9: 'kin 5 I- The gang 2. Hi! Schlaht 3. Could it be love? 4. Carnival king and queen 5. Hello, up there! 6. Scene at carnival 7. Basketball boys O f -, I s X ! J . hx .NW 1 1 I E 5 R A A. ....f n v I. Picnickers 2, Grade Cheerleaders 3. Woffice Pestn 4. 'Dear-ingsn 5. WPearIyW 6, Jrs. and Sophs. in the making 7. WPoochesW 8. Ag Instructor 9. A few years back IO. lindow Shopping ll. Just posing l2. Fun makers IS. Our photographer U-i I. lhai do you know, Coach? 2. lho are you hiding from, Harley? 3. Oignified seniors you would never know it 4. Dormitory cooks 5. Our janitor 6. B-i-n-9-o Y. Are they re working? fi! 4 X- I, h ,ws f r , w R? i "'1Li'a h 'ri Ai rf v ai. I. Jusi friends 2. Good old summertime 3. Fine work, Johnl 4. One happy group 5. Three musketeers G. "High Pressure Homeri' 7. Hil 8. Ain't we cute? 9. Good shot I0. High hattin'? ll. Happy? I2, F.F.A. officers IH. Must be amusing Ili BURKE CLEANERS It is a pleasure to serve you We call for and deliver Phone 54 H. A. MATSON International Farm Implements Trucks and Tractors Philco Radios BURKE BAKERY uBurks Maidu Bread is the best bread Cakes Rolls H. HOGREFE CO. Groceries and Drygoods Quality Style Fair Price LUTT STORE The Most For Your Money e n a Q Groceries, Meats Shoes, Clothing BENTER AND MCMULLEN Everything in Entertainment Ice Cream Soft Drinks BURKE PHARMACY Fountain Service Gifts Drugs Prescriptions Filled FARMERS ELEYATOR Phone 10 Ralph Watson, Prop. O. L. HARMON John Deere Implements Quality Merchandise SIMON'S DAIRY Phone 92 Pure Pasteurized Milk BURKE STATE BANK Always a booster for the Roslzsun smumo Richard Smith, school Photographer Come to the Burke Bank COURTF Y for CLEAR PHOTOS DEPENDABLE SERVICE PROMPT SERVICE HONESTY COURTESY Gregory, S. Dak. Z GUS HAM LE Trucking Service Local and Long Distance FARMERS' UNION INSURANCE CO. of South Dakota J. A. Hinken, Sec. Phone 13O Burke, S. Dak. SILER'S GARAGE CURLY BOHNET Gas-General Repairing-Oil Reliable and Dependable Trucking Phone 130 Phone 130 ART LEWIS OSNES SERVICE STATION Conoco Products Country Delivery Phone 26 Conoco Products Phone 18 Trucking of all kinds EVELAND-YALLETTE AGENCY Land-Loans-Insurance-Rentals HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP For permanents that satisfy We greatly need your patronage Burke, S. Dak. Phone 6W KALLANDERS' MOTOR CO. ROY CANNON Sales-General Repairing-Service Phone 13 Trucking, Local and Long Dist. Your business is appreciated CLAUSEN'S FUNERAL HOM Courtesy Fairness Burke, S. Dak. WILSON SERVICE Modernize, Cook with Bottled Gas The perfect cooking fuel Phone 32 WILL A. BEACH PUBLISHING COMPANY Sioux Falls S. Dak. GREGORY CLEANERS We Aim To Please Gregory, S. Dak. N. W. SECURITY NATIONAL BANK Member of the F. D. I. C. Insurance of all kinds Phone 15 Gregory, S. Dak. R. R. HILL Standard Oil, Tractor Fuel Country Delivery Phone 62 Gregory, S. Dak GREGORY INDEPENDENT OIL CO. Globe Gas and Oil Phone 6 Gregory, S. Dak. GREEN PARROT Candy - Soft Drinks Ice Cream - Lunches Gregory, S. Dak. We wish to thank all those who in any way contributed to the success of this annual. In addition to those who ad- vertised, the following people generously contributed: NVolf's Service Station Gamble Store Crandell's Variety Store Burke Gazette Burke Hotel and Cafe Nashel's Service Station Burke Meat Market Anton Anderson, Trucking, etc. Brownie Blake, Trucking Service Connell and Madole Store Gregory Harness and Shoe Repair Shop Clover Farm Store M. A. Graham Smith's Barber Shop Phil Bohnet David Moll Alvin Noziska, Broker Mary's Cafe Socony Vacuum Oil Co. John Smizer Carro1l's Cream Station

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Burke High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burke, SD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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