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,- Q 5 Q F 5 Q E 1 'if ii 5 E il T! 5 E S 5 E 5 In 5 E - . . , ., ..., ,A.. - -M . .. . - A.,M-, .. . ..A, . BURKE wil' if QCQBQLM Q,, ffl w fM GULQD06 SOUTH DAKUUW V , T4 Q . Tb all those who have had a part in making possible our new high school building, we wish to ded- icate this, our BULLDOG We should like especially to express our thanks to the Board of Education for their whole-hearted cooperation and interest in fur- thering all school activities. H. L. Clausen, President O. L. Harman, Treasurer A. G. Siverling, Clerk Winifred M. Quinn Mez-Jory Prchal Emma Matson Karl Zutz if U Frances Rgbertggn B.A. Grinnell Col lege Shorthand Tlvpine English Journalism Debate f-113+-1-SCHQQL FACULTY E. R. Hggtggg, Elig pgth Sgperintendent Sghggg, B.A. Chadron Principal Teachers' Col- B.A. Mac- lege aleeter Jolorado College State College English American Hiet- Latin ory Declamatory World History Algebra Like Hgllgmgg B.A. Yankton College Chemistry Biology Mathematics Band Wilfred Luang B.S. S.D. State Col- lege Agriculture General Science Egg Hebert B.A. Yankton College Economics International Relations Citizenship Bookkeeping English Athletics SEMQRS 1 .L..:zr0th :mea Lulalla. ea Play M Band 2 Howler U Mixed chorus 2 Bulldog U Secretary 2 Secretary 3,H Glee clug 1,2,3,M Plays 3: Ngtg 1 Bulldog U Band 2,3,E Vice-president U Play H Bulldog H President N Claes colors: Black and silver Class flower: Pink Carnation Class motto: We build for character, not for fame CLASS HISTORY The freshman class of l93U, numbering 38, was sponsored by Mr. Hartman. The group elected Marie McMullen president. Edmund George vice-president, and Donald Dion secretary-treasurer. Man dropped out of the class during the fresh en year, but a few new members Ccontinued on page 122 Dorgg Briggs Glee club 1,2 31h Trio 39,4 Sextette 1 Mixed chorus 2 Soloist 1 Playa 3,34- Bulldog lt M1193 mm ggtm Bggglig Howler 1+ Plq 7+ Bulldog ll- Edmund Georg,- James. Gilkersoq Vice-pres. 1,3 Mixed chorus 2 Football 1,2 39+ Basketball 2, 34+ Track 3,1+ Bulldog 1+ Howler ll Plays 391+ Band 1.2.3.P+ solo 1,2,3,1+ Vocal solo 2 Declam l,2,3 Football 3 Bulldog U Debate 1+ Howler 1+ Plays 3,14 Mixed chorus ,M 2 Mgggaret Eb! Glee club 2. 3,11 Mixed chorus 2 Plays 3,18 Cheerleader 7+ Bulldog N- Allen Qglver- 192 Football l,3,14 Basketball l Bulldog lt Play 3+ lol! Gogd. Treasurer, Martin 3 Howler 34 Bulldog 34 Linlel Hinlce-g 6 Dorotlgz kgg Gloo olub 2,3.3+ Mixed chorus 2 Debate 3+ Howler 3+ Bulldog 34 Play lt Bom Jun Mixed chorus 2 Basketball 3,34 Football 2,3,3L Bulldog 3+ Howler 3+ Plays 393+ Glee club 1,2 3,34 Mixed chorus 2 Soloist 2 Carnival queen 2 PI'6sid0Ilt 2 Plays 3.34 Cheerleader 3+ Trio 3,34 Bulldog It Serial L..1ver- 9.92. Football 132,34- Basketball Bulldog 1+ 7 Erna. Klundt Play 34 Bulldog 34 Qgrg thy Egin- 3.91 Bulldog M F Mgg ie McMullen President 1 Band 19213114 Glee club 2,3,3-L Bulldog 7+ Mixed chorus 2 Elaine Neuro th Bull dog 3+ Haze 1 Ri sew ick Glee club 1,2 3-1+ Mixed chorus 2 President 3 Band 3,u Play 3 Debate 1+ Bulldog ll- Howler ll- Egjher Ulmer Helen Volmer Glee club, 2,j,lL Bulldog 7+ G. C. pres. U Howler ll- Plays LM Solo 2 Bulldog 74 8 Back row: Mrs. Fee, Good, V. Mayer, Hildebrand, Schmidt, Flaherty, Oliver Front row: Halverson, Klinger, Volberding, Heerman, Kortmeyer, L. Mayer Back row: Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Fee, Mrs. Carlson, Mies Jefforde Front row: Miss Hochhalter, Mr. Pereboom, Mrs. Ohlson 9 Back row: son, Oliver. R. Halverson, 1! Deering Front row: K. Hazen. Miller, Tolstedt, Johnson. Elman Deering, Beoksrs. Osnes, Fiala, Ellston DGRMITGWE S The Burke dormitory is operated by the school district. The purpose of this dormitory is to accomodate the country students as cheaply as possible. The cost of operation is prorated amorg the students. In the basement of the grade school building are located the kitchen and dining hall. Mrs. Ohlson and Miss Jeffords are head cooks, and Mrs. Carlson and Miss Hochhalter assistant cooks. The boys have their dormitory in the grade school building. Each boy has a separate cot. and each furnishes his own bedding. Mr. Harley Pereboom is dean of the boys' dormitory. The girls' dormitory is located at the Fee house in town. Mrs. lbs acts as housemother to the girls who stay at the dormitory dur- ing the week and oversees all their studies and activities. Each girl furnishes part of her bedding and keeps her own room neat and clean. Kahler, R. Hazen, Hoar. Black, Mr. Pereboom. A. Halver- v - iw! 4 5. K '-sit I .53 .Q J 1 ". 10 Fourth row: D. Matson, Junior Ticknor, Aaseth, Gilkerson, Quinn, E. Smith, Zutz, D. Swartz, B. Spitzenberger, Backers, Berger Third row: Mr. Holleman, Benson, Jeanette Ticknor, E. Spitzenber- ger, N. Smith, Crandall, M. Risewick, D. Lutt, Hinken, B. Swartz, H. Risewick, Young, Kortmeyer, McMullen Second row: Ierson, D. Smith, V. Schlaht, L. Ticknor, Sharp, Wenf dell, H. Smith, Osnes, M. Schlaht, Mayer, Malven First row: K. Matson, Lewis, P. Lutt, Klufa BAND The Burke High School band, under Mr. Holleman's able supervision, has made wonderful progress during the last two years, until it is now one of the best bands in the Rosebud. Because it is lacking in sufficient numbers to compete with the higher class bands, it did not enter the music contest this year, but took part in the music festival at Winner. Uniforms in the school colors were purchased for the band this year. Of the beginners' band, twenty members made such progress during the year that they were added to the membership of the advanced band for the music festival and local concert. . James Gilksrson received a rating of Uexcellentn in trombone solo in the district music contest, while Dean Matson rated ngoodu in cornlt solo. O ilk 11 Back row: B. Risewick. llcllullen, Wendell, Graham, Hagel, H. Snith, Spitzenberger, Jury, Hildebrand., Ibrkast Middle row: Mrs. Jury, ll. Risewick, Hanson, L. Mayer, Harman, Ulmer, V. Meyer, Heerman, Miss Robertson Front row: Malven, Schlaht, Briese, lby, Hinken, Carroll, Painter, Kortmeyer, D. Snith GLEE CLUB The glee club, under the direction of Katherine M. Jury, eang at the dedication of the new higx school building and at the Christmas program. Elhe club also took part in the Winner spring festival and entered the district music contest, where they performed very credit- ably. The girls also appeared at Baccalaureate and Commencement. The club consists of twenty-eigmt girls, talnen from all the four classes. This is the largest group after elimination that has ever represented Burke High School. In llalven, a manber of the club, entered the soprano solo divi- eion of the music contest at Geddes. 12 Briese, Hildebrand, Jury Under the direction of Mrs. Jury, the trio, consisting of Dor- tha Briese, soprano, Rosella Hildebrand, second soprano, and Betty Jury, contralto, has had a very successful season. The trio sang on various occasions furing the school year and received a rating of ugoodn in the district music contest. TFQICD Ccont'd from page 7-U joined as sophomores, bringing the number to 32. In the sophomore year of this grou , Betty Jury served as pres- ident, and Doroth Harman as secretary-treasurer, with Mr. Debbie as sponsor. Again during this year several dropped out and some new stu? dents Joined, so that as juniors this group had 25 members. Hazel Risewick was elected president, Edmund George vice-president, Luella Leatherman secretary, and Marie McMullen treasurer. Mr. Holleman sponsored this class. During their senior year, the group elected Neta Smith presi- dent, Dorothy Harman vice-president, and Luella Leatherman secretaf ry-treasurer. With Mr. Hebert as sponsor, the class of 1938 was ac- tive in all school functions. They presented NElmern, a one-act comedy, in the band program, and nMill of the Godeu, a dramatic play in three acts, as their senior play. They have been an industrious and loyal group, and their in- structors and schoolmates see them leave Burke High School with as much sadness as the seniors themselves feel at leaving behind them the happiest four years of their lives. 13 Y b Back row: Osnes, Spitzenberger, Hageman, Aaseth, Glick, Barlow, M . Hebert Middle row: Carroll, Edwin Deering, Elman Deering, McCarthy, Swartz, Mahrt Front row: Hazen, George, A. Halverson, R. Halverson, Black, Tick- nor FGOTBALL The Burke Bulldogs lived up to their name during the 1937 season. They were outweighed by every team they played, but were never out- fought. The line averaged 138 and the backfield 135. The good spirit and good sportsmanship of the Burke Bulldogs could not be excelled by that of any of their opponents. Spring football practice was held this year for the first time in several years. Much of the success of the football team Was due to the splendid coaching of Mr. Hebert. . Burke 6 Burke 6 Gregory 37 Ainsworth 7 Burke 7 Burke 26 Puklana 7 Dallas O Burke 19 Burke 0 Dallas 0 Co lome 6 134 REGULARS Back row: Matson, Ticknor, Swartz, Spitzenberger, Kahler, Mr. Hebert Front row: George. Noziska, Black, Hinken, Aaseth Back row: Mr. Hebert, Ticknor, Spitzenberggr, Aasoth, Hageman, Mr. Rasmussen Front row: Bartling, Laibel, Durst FROSE 4 15 Back row: .iss Robertson, Hagel, Risewick Front row: Quinn, Gilkerson Debate was given in Burke High School as a semester course for the first time in several years. Journalism and debating were com- bined, and the BULLDOG HOHLER was put out by these same students. Getting a late start, the debate class had time for only one practice debate, with Colome, before the district contest. The trurnament teams, selected from the ten members of the class, were composed of James Gilkerson and Jhn Quinn, negative, and Hazel Risewick and Dorothy Hagel, affirmative. Both teams were de- feated in the tournament, but the negative team won special commen- dation from the judge, even though it was not victorious. EB!-XTE BASKET BALI. Handicapped by lack of experience, the Burke basketball team nevertheless played through a full season in 1938. The Bulldogs played their last game with Fairfax in the district tournament. Boys taking part in the tournament were Edmund George, Alvin Nozis- ka, Junior Ticknor, Ivan Black, Linley Hinken, John Aaseth, William Spitzenberger, and Duane Swartz. Two men will be lost from the team next year, but the outlook for a successful season in 1939 is bright. 16 Back row: George, Hinloen, A. Halverson, Gilkerson, R. Halverson, Bartling Middle row: Miss Robertson, Good, Harman, Hagel, Volmer, Jury, Mc- mullen, Ulmer Front row: Eby, Risewick, Smith, Briese, Painter, Klundt, Neuroth, Leatherman BULL DOG STAFF The staff for the BULLDOG is composed of all the seniors in the Burke High School, under the supervision of Miss Robertson, Each se- nior had a part in putting out the annual, and all have worked hard to make this, the first Burke anmlal in seventeen years, a success. Editors: Betty Jury, James Gilkerson Business Managers: Marie McMullen, Nets. Smith Art: Margaret Day Circulation: Erna Klundt, Elaine Neuroth, Raynard Halverson Organisations: Dorothy Harman, Dorothy Painter, Iuella Leatherman Features: Dorothy Hegel Writeups: Dortha Briese, Esther Ulmer, Lois Good, Helen Volmer Makeup: Hazel Risewiok, Martin Bartling wlfflvw. Kr. '- 17 Back row: Miss Robertson, Matson, Hinken, Quinn, Gilkerson, George Front row: Good, Risewick, Hagel, Leatherman, Volmer HQWLER STAFF' The Journalism class this year took over the responsibility of editing a successful school paper. At some time during the year, each member of the class was given the opportunity of holding one of the high positions on the staff, such as editor or feature writer. The staff changed positions at the end of each six weeks period, so that each member of the class had expgrience at writing in eveny de- partment of the paper. The BULLDOG HOWLER was published weekly in the local newspaper, the BURKE GAZETTE. Jim Quinn, a member of the class who had served two terms as ed- itor of the HOWLER, was elected vice-president of the newly-organized Rosebud division of the South Iakota High School Press Association at the meeting in Gregory in March. 18 Snith, Gilkerson, Lutt, Miss Schade For the first time in several years, Burke took part in declam- atory work. Dorothy Lutt and Henrietta Snith gave a humorous and a dramatic selection, respectively, and James Gilkerson gave an ora- torical selection. These students competed in the district de- elamatory contest at Bonesteel, where James received a nsuperiorn rating and Dorothy and Henrietta ratings of Ugoodu. The fine work James did at Bonesteel entitled hhn to go to Chamberlain to compete in the regional contest, where he received a Wgoodu rating. The three cheerleaders, Margaret Eby, Betty Jury, and Anna Hin- ken, are in charge of the pep club, which consists of students Who are not directly engaged in athletic activities. Hinken, Jury, Eby 19 Back row: Oliver, Elman Deering, Swartz, Black, Halverson, Hoar, En- gelmeyer, M. Reber, Ru y Klein Middle roW: Berger, Hageman, Reuben Klein, T. Johnson, Ehly, Tbletedt, Kahler, Ellston, Edwin Deering, Miller, Birkel, G. Reber, Mr . Rasmussen Front row: Barlow, G. Johnson, Backers, Blake, L. Bartling, Osnss, G. Bartling, Lelbel, Klas, Fiala AGRICULTURE This year marked the beginning of .Agriculture in the Burke High School. It was realized several years ago that it was a very important vocation, but not until the new high school was built was it possible to organize an agricultural course. During the year, the Agriculture I class has studied production of all farm crops, also the varieties of each crop. The boys have studied ways of controlling soil structure, moisture and erosion, with specific soil management problems. The Agriculture II boys studied animal husbandry, the production, care, and management of all kinds of livestock,.1ivestock diseases, and the Judging of all kinds of stock. The agriculture shop is fitted with two large work tables, cabinet space, and tools for almost any need, making it one of the best shops in the Rosebud. 20 Back row: K. Hazen. R. Hazen, Carroll, Dion, Ellston, Reber, Mahrt Middle row: Swartz. Hanson, Ferguson, Steffen. Klinger, Spitzenberger, Martin, Prangley, Quinn Front row: lhly, Johnson, Wilson, Wendell, Hinken, Day, Ebgelmeyer, Matson JUNKQQS In September. 1935, forty-one freshmen enrolled. Under the 812901- vieion of Mr. Ha.rtme.n, they called a class meeting, electing Deen Met- son as president, Lorraine Wendell vice-president, George Pete secrete- ry, and Louise Hanson treasurer. As sophomores. Velores Beeman ns president, Jim Quinn vice-president, and Anna Hinken secretery-trea.sur- er. Mr. Hartman was sponsor both years. This year, as Juniors, the class of 1939 elected Jim Quinn president, Ethel Spitzenberger vice- president, Deen Matson secretary, and Lorraine Wendell treasurer. choosing Mr. Rasmussen as their sponsor. 21 1 Back row: A. Osnes, Becker, Oliver, Steffen, Flaherty, Cehoy, Staack, Halverson, Deering, H. Kahler, Klas Middle row: Butler, Glick, Blake, Noziska, A. Kahler, Graham, H. Smith. Umberger, Delaney, Berger, Barlow, McCarthy, Boar Front row: Black, Painter, Carroll, Young, D. Smith, Lutt, Neuroth, J. Osnes, Risewick, Tblstedt SOPHGMORES Forty-six freshmen enrolled in Burke High in September, 1936, one of the largest freshmen classes in many years. Under the direction of Mr. Crawley, they elected Dorothy Lutt as president, HOWerd Blake as vice-president, Verde Beaman as treasurer, and Larry Barlow as secre- tary. As sophomores, this class re-elected Dorothy Lutt as president Catherine Neuroth is vice-president, and Lauretta Steack is secretary- treasurer. Mr. Holleman is class sponsor. 22 D i r Back row: L. Bartling, Birkel, Aaeeth, Wendell, Miller, Spitzenberger, Hageman, Ieibel, Deering, Junior Ticknor, Durst Middle row: Das, Heerman, V. Meyer, Crandall, Jeanette Ticlcnor, Dykast, Hildebrand, Volberding, Schmidt, Fialn, Reber Front row: G. Bartling, Martin, L. Mayer, Oliver, Swartz, Schlaht, Mel- ven, Kortmeyer, Johnson, Graham FRESHMEIXI At the opening of the term in September 5237, the freshman class again presented e large enrollment, nunbering . A class meeting was held at which Betty Lou Swartz was elected president. Vern Wendell vice- president. Jeanette Ticknor secretary, and John Ieibel, treasurer. Miss Robertson was elected sponsor of the freshman class. During the first weeks of school, the freshmen were initiated by the Jtmiors. ef ter which ordeal they took their places as manbers of the student body. During the course of the year they have held eeverel 'parties and put on stunts in front of the assembly, as well as having had e. part in the benefit band program. 23 Back row: Osnes, Kahler, Barlow, Berger, Tolstedt, Qlinn, Hinloen, Deering, Leibel, Bartling, George Middle row: Mr. Hebert, Miss Robertson, Birkel, Blake. Beckers. Lea- therman, Wilson, Spitzenberger, N. Smith. H. Smith, Har- men. Jury, Noziska, Hazen. Mr. Holleman. lb. Rasmussen Front row: D. Snith, Hagel, Wendell. Klundt. Lutt, Staank. Mayer, Malven, Oliver, Hildebrand ONE-ACT PL X-WS Each of the four classes in high school presented a one-act ply in a benefit performance March 13+ for the purpose of raising money for the purchase of uniforms for the band. 'Ihe audience voted by ballot to select the most popular play. The seniors were accorded this honor, and they received a trophy as a reward. The seniors presented "Elmer", directed by the senior sponsor, Mr. Hebert. The Junior play was "Saving Dad", directed by Mr. Rae- mussen. "A Gram Wedding' and "A Cuckoo Court". brief sequel plays. were presented by the sophomores under the direction of Mr. Holleman. The freshman play was a farce called "And the Villain Still Pursued Her". This play was directed by Miss Robertson. 2,4 Back row: Swartz, Steffen, Spitzenberger, Wendell, Hazen, Mr. Rae- mus sen Front rowz. Quinn, Hinken, Prangley, Hanson, Matson JLJNIOFQ PLAY The ,junior play, a three-act comedy entitled "A Ready-Made Fami- ly". was presented in November at the Burke theatre to a capacity gud. ience. 'Ihe ,junior sponsor, Mr. Wilfred Rasmussen, directed the play, and the consensus of opinion was that both the director and the cast deserved much praise. The proceeds of the play enabled the Junior class to give a ban- quet to the senior class at the end of the year, QRADESSCHQGL FACULTY ABB! MIB!! Northern State Teachers' College Seventh and eighth grades Qghgring M, ,Iggy Columbia School of Mueic Glee club Grade echool mueic Ethel Rggg 11 Yenkton College 'Baird and fourth grades e Amazon he tern State Normal Fifth url sixth gradee N 9735241 .3 ich Northern State Teachere' Col- lege: Columbia University: Uni- versity of Min- neeote. First and second gredee 26 Back row: Mid.d18 POW! Front row: SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Neuroth, Dion, M. Connell, H. Crandall, D. Hall, Black, Anderson, L. Ticknor, Klufa K. Carroll, Zutz, Hedlund, Smith, Hildebrand, J. Benson, H. Iarson, Ohlson Briese, Harman, M. Graham, E. Hall, D. Kallander, V, Slain, Hughes F F F Back row: J. Sharp, L. Kallander, Prchal, H. Hageman, D. Cralrlell, Schlaht, Ferguson Middle row Clausen, J. Graham, Iutt, G. Benson, Malven, M. Carroll, Front row: Jo ISTIOIM Ibwil B. Connell, R. Hageman, Abbenhaus, Harder, B. Ticlmor, Teal, Tietgen FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES 27 UHIRD AND FOURTH HADES Back row: H. Hildebrand, W. Graham, Betty Soper, Gunvordahl, Do- lores Hall, Hedlund, Kulhavy, D. Klufa, M. Graham Middle row: Holub, Bobby Soper, D. Hughes, Prchal, McHenry, Canon, Derby, Harman, Matson, W. Tbel Front row: K. Graham, Fbbair, D. Hildebrand, E. Bohnet, D. Graham, Nashel, Ferguson, Anderson, Donald Hall Back row: D. Bohnet, Carney, I. Teal, Deffenbavgh, lhrlene Hall, Dunn, Hartman, Klarup, K. Klufa Middle row: Eby, Aaeeth, Benson, Ticknor, Banter, Larson, Kallen- der, J. Hughes Front row: lewis, Durst, Chleon, Kirsch, Melville, Ggllegher, Tietgen FIRST AND SECOND GRADES 28 29 scnoor. cmsnnuz 19 37-38 September 6 -- Bgistration September 2h -- Football, Gregory at Burk: October 1 -- Puklana at Burke October 12 -- Ibdication of high school building October 15 - Ihllas at Burke October 22 - Ainsworth at Burke November 5 -- Dallas at Ibllas November 11 - Coloma at Coloma November November November November December December December December 11 - 18 - Carnival - Anna Hinknen and Dean Matson, queen and king 22-26 -- 'lhanksgiving vacation 30 -- Regional declamatory contest 3 -- Basketball. Fairfax at Fairfax 10 - Dallas at Burke 15 -- Gregory at Gregory 16 -- Junior class play District declamatory contest December 21 -- All-school Christmas program December 22-Jaxmary 3 -- Christmas vacation January 6 -- Gregory at Burke January 12 -- Coloma at Coloma January 18 -- Bonesteel at Bonesteel January 20 -- Dallas at mllas January 21 - Herrick at Herrick February R -- Colome at Burke February - Herrick at Herrick February 9 -- Fairfax at Burke February 16 - Herrick at Herrick February 215-25 - District Basketball Tournament larch 11+ -- Ons-act plays larch 15-16 -- District debate tournament March 19 -- Rosebui High School Press Conference April 5-6 -- District music contest April 21,22,23 -- State Music Contest April 25-26 - Snlth-Hughes contest at Brookings April 28 - Junior-Senior banquet April 30 -- Field day May 'I -- Rosebud music festival Nay 12 - Senior Play May lb -- Track meet at Yankton May 22 -- Baccalaureate May 2 -- Class dey - high school picnic May 23- - Commencement BURKE STATE BANK Always a booster for the ROSEBUD STUDIO Richard Smith school. Photographer Come to the Burke Bank COURTESY for CLEAR PHOTOS DEPENDABLE SERVICE PROMPT SERVICE HONESTY COURTESY Gregory, S. Dak. BILL BROWN BURKE BAKERY A booster IOOZ for all school activities Come and see me sometime I uBurke Maidu Always Fresh HARDER MOTOR CO. Burke Graduates lead the rest Chevrolet cars serve you best Burke, S. Dak. BONESTEEL STYLE SHOP Latest Styles and Superior Quality H. L. CLAUSEN FAIRNESS E COURTESY Burke, S. Dak. 1 BURKE THEATER Always the best in clean entertainment H. HOGREFE CO. Groceries E Dry Goods of a High Standard BURKE PHARMACY Fountain Service Gifts Drugs Prescriptions Filled CRANDELL VARIETY STORE QUALITY Q SERVICE Burke, S. Dak. NASHEL'S SERVICE STATION Gas A Oil Cheerful Service - 31 We wish to thank all those who in any way contributed to the success of this annual. In addition to those who advertised, the following people generously contributed: Burke Meat Market L. J. Eby Mrs. James Connell Frank Daley James Klufa Grant Siler A Gregory Cleaners John Schulze Ruth Clayton Hugh Vallette Jr. Charles Auerswald Lloyd Truesdell Hanson Bros. Marvin St. Clair WILL A. BEACH EVELAND-VALLETTE AGENCY PUBLISHING COMPANY Land-Loans-Insuranoe-Rentals Sioux Falls S. Dak. Burke, South Dakota URES AT GN Sv Z ,W .ff id 2 4 Z Q2 2 Z I 'Q F1 ffef Q TQ Z Z Q 9 F 1 1 mnlila.slluwn .a1Zw,w:.iwwwxLl4nl1.M:l:l'.luu:, 1 :"wnW,n, 'H mu: W-ul""'." mw:'w'u,,in"" , .. mwnmw:lw,1ulnvuwIm.lv5:"-xnwur',,w,mmnlnAWl vl' .M1lI:s.. 'm.nlmawmrmw'mr W'

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