Brooks College - Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA)

 - Class of 1978

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Brooks College - Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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'Wf"l'C'4 .T V. an 'Ti "'!l " ff .. f. fx J! A 1 1- V 'Q ' ,.,-, '. if fy P 1 I i w' A X f : l! 1 , Nlfff, ' " 4', 9 1- 'H 'f' ' 1' X ' - - X! xx ' 4 , '- f- ' 51 17 . 'ff V "V v X, I l fl vp - ' --, ,A . ' " ,fm 441 ffue ' M'- ,,r 3 ,. ,, '-4 -,N '..-fiia: n fr.- , ..H --A. mmf ,. 4 1 V . QL 7 , N' ' ' Q19 I-Q.: y -' G ' 1 . 'vi . 'T-'Z 'A '7-fnjlvu' ,.., an Mi , Q" ,JL ,449 .4 fi '- -' wi' 1-f--2-.-, -. 1 4- -'M If---5, .lam-m X, 'Ja-'Q Q :WP A Ii ' ML. Q5 34+ J ' ' ,pm 1' . ' 1 llf' .A 1, I , ,.,IvL . A-ll,-,PALE ,- -gyp.j'ljn.+ :af .3-gg?-,L I W ' V14-my I ,gf-vf, Wynn- V IW- i'-A RH. gm 2, ,e '....' 1 . - M I h V , .Y . Q f-' , ff url F- v w mn W . 4 1' 7 , 'ml-ev '-" .-nu mf: .H x...-" -T'-",-QV.: 2 92 ' PPWS, . , .1 f,::..,"J',.,.::" ": K ,-..? -M V - - , - ,1 z.: -- m. ,.-f-: 1' , if " Q, s"' 1 A - ff -j -f !,.:f. ,z, by-eH2':i 5-. I, -'a. - ' MKS ,' - F.. 73" Ln mv:-i - " 4- -.1-1, ', ,. fi ' V---f H W., , Frm- I mfr 'I-iff-1.' ' Y '1-fi'-my if-if ff "5 wi"-- W v nj: 'E ' A I - 3 mv --2' :iv ' -- - -f ' lg' 2, ' I nv "I W' 3: v 1 nut ' H L 1 -A - 4 .lsLm.4f'.atJ' fbivf-1' Hz BROOK "mv Ernrk I Wir 1 if ""'f17 'Aa ag' ' V s 9.7 '.-I4 Q, I K A N 3' ' ' , 'F ""e4.'- goo 9 TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration ......... . Fashion Merchandising . . . Faculty ...... . Second Ye ar . . . . First Year . . . . Fashion Design . . Faculty .... . Second Year . . . First Year . . . Interior Design . . Faculty . . . . Second Year . . . First Ye ar . . . january Students . . Activities .... . 3 Ll'2l 1 x-.T-7-77 -gg,.f.T..,,.,,,v, , , I. 5. , , Al' ,- ' gf. H .4 5 ' w -v 4: I -a , F, '?Ti Wk N wx 'lu xx-J X1 ' ug. , '-Q' Q51 IQ ,,.,-V ,. ijy Q K J 3 f' x 4 Q ' if ' L F f I ' ,V , l' - 4 FrK xx? .lg I x 3 sl K - ' R' vi' 'HIE' ag, 455 -gf Q., .. ww., - IW .-.HW 4 J 5 J, an "-Q, -AES - s -www, Ju. . .- Y 12 3, CALIFORNIA E J . 1' Q w wx: X l . LIVING .4 . 1 X Qu'-'Y' En ' tif 151 I' . 5 ., .ml 1, 1 ,. W I ,,, 1 ,, M ' , Q :g.Q5'g7jf',g ' 4 'f -3 ,.-4:-5 S' L 'H 2 ,Aw " .4 ' . T' PUT .- '- 'il :?'T':L"'EEfQ" T"':v"'i:1."'f' 3 - - V"fI.'3?i'1f i?:??T21-i'::1-C fwiwiif- f. -GQ. - . i 5,1 1 ,1 , ,5:-,i-q::Ei1- 411:31 ,N 1'-rsh ' Af auf,-'ivigggff A" G Pi " ff? .::,3:iifF,.--a'f.,:v"frf'a:-. -A V fr vez '1 iJl?':, 1'L1lxi':-1 L -:'?tf'i3..' ' 'A ,K ."sL.1.7Z?..f' 1- X A I f f W Q.. ' , rf' ,. . -.... ' ' riff- 8 1 Ile' ' sf'-' - . I . -skim. if I if '53-Q.Q' ' W- x Q x . 56.4 fi -- Q 'S' 'dk' sea, , 'ia' vi til! X is 4 ' , ...Ulf 1' 3' 1 -1- V .Iv ' 1 5. 'L F If ,, I m -, gs- , , , n .1 , ' Q . gr. .. -, ,, - . ff , P '- ' . '+R,1'A "N W 'A ,- ,, TIM' -' , A . m , ,,.. FT:-' rv 'Shih - '5gP5F"F - -i "'-A '-4. W U. " M-A H' 2f1f1:'Jw,l,: ". "--"'2.:fk . . ' " A 'fl A-fn:-1f.'-,V-.B-v '-fl-WM. Q -qu., .-f A-J.. 41 N 1 -a . wa- '4f:'7g3'3?i-?-EFEQ--"Laiifl' P A-" ' ".ffff"'f-f-fl',-'uf ' 'fi?f2f?f1 .Ji '64 QS- 35127-1-'j',,, gf' -4" in -. Lf jg.. X .L " ,f , qi -fyug "1",4' ' " 2' " Wm'-11'1 1- 3.1" 5:15 -1450 --r5:'ffa'7 ' - 'mug ,, -. ,. . . U4-. Y .a..1-5,1 -,,g.,.,, ., , gfigg. 35543532205 zjsggpffwz F 1 Mggwj f , - ' . .-L .A-'J' A V711-4 -211-AZ ' '51 ."-f"'f':, av.. A E.. If - 1-'gg--'L i v -LA ..--:Y-,.vr'2Cg.-, , .. A ' --N. -,Jf .., V- K., .A wx- 1' .. , fmxiq-.1..,Q:i ' 4.-fu l 1 ' - fi , :as -5-ff.-,ggitfs W" 'f1ffH-f. r-QQ-Q, - '. ff?"-Q . . fx if " F" '1ei:!:.f .Q ..,, -' S.. "' Q- 591' 1-1-fra-, 1? H' .- ,tw L, 5-, A ..- A, ,A ., T, N1 4-'Kia' , :uf "'ZfP- ,1-'.n'L1giFer -F755 fx V -1:.. -. MP.11' +1 sw 4 Jr . V --an Q.,-gg,-.L-grigr-.:..g Q-51 pi ,- ,M A70 .11-5' 5943.-1 1' ' F521 , ff -'fl f.:'2:-?:'1'QEi:Pff?aa1a4 -r . , gli f"'i.':S-,,z:1'.'H V, mszzgzf-, 12'-11......-"'-'-J'l:w -'-""l'?"1?5'1"Q' f-'H' LJ' A - V ,- ..,. .f , . .-- ,-f.---..,-..,- ',:,.1-.F-'...:,:v-- M - W - , J N V -,5f35z.',.-Liiaggi ' T-5--Q A 4 ' V Y. " 'f Ft. Qfffvfif-,C-'5 ' ' .r-" ' ffm 1',f-'f"' T-Y., 1 ' .' " 4 " ' -A '- . - 24 M- .- 1?,.4.,.,...--. ' ,- ' fi---A-'I-ff,-sf: ,f x -f . 1 + ' f '---T' ,N, , 'fa' " r .. " ' J--W 1 : - .. . - X .' w 5 . "fy 'ii' "'-1 "' awl: -H-.H A 2' ' ' - 1 Jhfvfk. .J-rr -A'2'f'i1-'-f-ii"-ZETTA f" '- . , 4 fr ' 'f' ,Y ' --Q "W - 1, - Q..---4 + ' 'r udbgf'w. A. v--S-55:Ehg9:v44 15-.T- 'Q-rn.' 8' , lg., Q4-fwfr" ' ' " 'J' Us VN' -- Af :- ' . T255 -W 'Va , -. nu- - W,-3g,':, 14, 'pp H '-,y,- , , -.- f . x ' -V--V '1" ' 2114+ n:'E?fFf, ' " 1'-" , ' 5!3?':-Lfiif-4'fQLj,,,Q,Aff1 ' 'NQQT -319 'm y ' N I b fgiflf' ' -5' ' -QM , . Q? Q X fu 45 Q X Q I Mr. Steven Sotraidas Director of Administration Dr. Charles Folke Director of Admissions Raymond Stoll Barbara Rivera Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions Secretary Elizabeth Dartnell Denise Granger Admissions Admissions Dee Gustanson Josephine Holmes Admissions Admissions - Bonnie Mazza Michelle Oliver Admissions Admissions Vera Steiner Sue Watts Admissions Admissions Delores Ziegler Stephanie Amerson Admissions Placement Coordinator Chelena Atkins ,Judith Salinas Director of Student Services Executive Secretagy Sandra Cisco Jeanette Begeman FiI13.hCi3.1 Aid OffiCEI' Business Office Linda Dallas Connie Spung BUSUIESS Office Business Office Micliael White Marjorie Berger Director of Housing Resident Manager AN EDUCATION? "What do you want to be when you grow up?" the teacher asked her pupils. "A fireman, " Nelson answered. "A policeman, " yelled Robert. "A nurse," said Myra. "A baseball player," shouted Michael. "A mother, " answered Sonia. "An airplane pilot, " whispered Baby girl. Everyone in the class laughed at Baby girl. "Did you ever see a girl pilot?" yelled Bob. "Well it is possible. All I have to do is learn to fly real well, " defended Baby girl. "Girls aren't supposed to fly airplanes. Only boys are pilots, right, teacher?" asked Mike. "Well boys and girls, I must: admit that I have never seen a woman airplane pilot. Didn't you once say that you wanted to be a teacher, Baby girl?" asked the teacher. "No, I always wanted to be a pilot," claimed Baby girl. "See Baby girl, " the teacher sermonized, "most girls work only a few years after they are done with school. Then they get married and spend all their time raising a family. " "Yeah, girls are too stupid to be airplane pilots, " shouted Nelson. "Well how come I get all the A's and you get all C's?" asked Baby girl proudly. Susan Polis Schutz Mr. joseph Perry Department Head N Scott Alden Kenneth Bahn Maribeth Baloga Ellen Cooley Judith Fishman Norma Holmes Patricia Lawson Christina Ramsey Tony Rubio Ladeen Tally Don Yvaska 2 sf Q -gm-M ' Wal 5 , ,xv 1, 'Y 2 K n gow.. 1 wg, x 4 -M ,m . x M 3. X' M .. 2 1 4 Wx 1' fm , f 7. . MMM, My Nw W af -. I 6 -A gxw ,S W. HX K , . X kg W., , H.. "J, .','a..,fW", ww- ...fffw N-fail if .X .. H ,ww A , ww M Q 'fr' H Q. f' K -R-f - ,S H Le. Q N .4 N . .. 'A , . .. M Ki' ff gg-nf M H- .MM 7 , . ,. aw., 1-f W 1 Q aww 1 f - f . U ff. V, ., . xr H ,W ' . .1 4 'Hifi Q 4 .. fn j .7 vm Z. M h as 'V Mn 3, gwigwkw LT ing., R Mf,-:,.,.f5fg,- 1 ' , QM - U -' M ,, ,, :1g,f:.i, v L V ,. my 951 W- . . .V ggi M ' ,X-, K -f i M vm, 'A -' 5-W W, a -SEX .,,, ,Eg 1 . M igwg A Q Lg- Q, " N Nj., Q., I 4 M ,M .5 M W X A f M :MV f M , Mag uf my 5,5 ' 4 'T H w Z. .X 1 , , '22 ,ik ,R X 4 -x ,H X xy A if 5.1 N f- W My .- W iw M .. . ag. 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N, N- vw:N'a1g V,,N,A,w NZM. fwggw M -V MVN H "' ' . - E -V N. , V -- .NJN -Q N V -V - " Vg N -2 QNQ A . INV.. , "K," 11 VV 5 0 ' NU". " S" 11,5-, 'Mifim.G.f 2-Jim N m.,'..'LfVk1LXfzN e E. N,f"11'11'N Z X -V MQN 2 N ,Q .TQ . W-N" ,'wf f"j, ,ff if 5 NV,,,N,1'5.,.awg . -fm , V, 'VM'-f.1g,V,, ' , V 2 . IV ' N 1 , V :V ' W V i if 1' ' ' Vjf , . I U' - . zz., -A M ' v xg , ' vmggfg gig f V ' - V N . Q xg N' V, YN L S1 w 1 - M , N NN 7 y.. ,N I 5- K lv wr N ,,,f'f .X V M- .fy N N N :NV . .A KV .N Mg:-QNNVW -v Z L K ,N N A - N W M .1 N f :N " .H 'M w"NQ,,,N 3 M X f, -K A H : H N - . ., M 2 N 1 - N Q A . 5-1NfNN.:.. H ' M X.. ., M . Aigif. :X Tgz, N- ai V V N . V 'mVfN.,, . N N V -Mfr fVwei+f--,-4 V - , V -S N V J LV ' V. . ' 'V y HV V,f'.. N - ' ' we Nm-i,.HfNH,g'I ,. . N-M'1'Vs ' ii' nf ,f l, .. " s, ,VH 'L 'f' ff V , V :V 'N V . UW Jw 2 2,-:wi X fV ' ,S , , 2 W gum " 'ff-V i 1 1 T: N wi-mfs --m,fJNw -V I ' vm " H, N .MEM UN.. AW.fVNem-1?NVNfMw'f"L iff V-lbw U ylww N -N-N-NN .N .NNN N N N ., Mum ,.,, ,,- NW ,,mNHN,N.gNNN1NN. -N N .m. NN N N V N-HNENV ,Na NN,--5351 -N! ,Q-Hsgw "M, U -U .V-H521 "W ef'N"'g-aN:13waif5:hgg5 VWQN Wwucv. W f NN - NN .5 -1-NNN, Q f as-,Q NN AN -N- ,. - NN .3-'N'N-Nnff-Nz,-M1 N in N N f 1 N +R. N 'M -3- 'K M 'H , N -V 'r 'fx' 1 N NVNN-,..,N L , VU. ,, ' ,f WN:-V-viii-TN WN . ,N N . N H N V NN. N, -- , , Z NN. T NNN 2-NNNN N .,. NNW fi. V ' N . if -- 1 L: YJEMNW miif N' ng f:NN"' M Mr MMEKNQNIMM NPVMM. . . 'Q M Nru H., NMCTVM 1- NM W HNNMWI1-L.:,. NNN L-17. LV N Z Mu V Q NVSHEN: 2 ,His -P . EN- .r K' N2 " L-ik i N- X Mimi! 12. LQNA' aww T X5 M' - WV W M WVfrfN25gN"qV-:Sam N M' M ' M' , . " 33 '51 ' .-NN ' JN ' M 'Mf' ESWWNMKT " M ' 4 'S .N X I N .N 'Q -N' ' ,gb .5 ' -"'sfff?: my N , .,x5fV.N,-N , ,Vw-V-1, - N. N Y, Iiinzizv ,, , - , VS Y NJ N 1,2 .. V A N35-Ng,N,4fN , N ,M5 .. 15 ,N NNN ' Q-,,., -VK --f.N:w'N HN. --,Vw N A VNN,,NN.-NNNVSQNN N :NNN-' 2 A wg- -ww. -1 N f ' NM N:--1522.-Q Mm-N: N I N, 4 - . W W, :N 1 V .fN--5i5V,HN,, J, N....f1N N 4 3. 7 W R 1 i A N 7 lj W ,g'..-liking. , N ' ' 1 M ' X .nf ix.. EN Mn gg .- f- N". K f M 5 M M MNA N KF 3 'fi f H FV M' H K M N N . NNZAMV N W L Nam N Z N MWN?-125435 M N S - N 11 z - 1 ,, A"?iQ5:,fi5qIE'g U Mia j,,'ff ,, A ' N ' ' G NNN Vera Barlow janet Bartman Deanna Beebower Carrie Brooking N Kathy Brown Susan Burnett Diane Burrows Laura Carmichael Carla Chandler Karen Cochran V Betty Collura Brenee Covey r Angee Drake Deborah Dodge Michelle Fernandez Coral Ferrell Cindy Gray Stacy Hansen Sally I-Iiltzheim er Nancy I-Iindman jill Jepson Gayle Kanzler SN Erin McCann Michelle McClusky "NE" MT , I 1 fl. ,., -.H ,...:::z.r::..-,-MM. Ei:-Ti.-Tl"-'25.'5.'2-T-fl -" 'mzssek-:-:-:-:-2:22 1322 Sue Mikis Suzanne Myers Cyndee Sanell Linda Schelter Diane Signorelli SHUY Silao Carol Velasquez Sandra Warehime Cheryl Warren Tami White julie Wiese f 'W OI- 54215 x as lift '10 Lv F 4 Ji' ,tl I Q P I 4' I ff V I ' 'kts-Srx I 4' I' 4' You want the kmd of gn-1 who flxes your clothes cooks your food and cleans your house whlle waxtmg for you to come home from work You want the klnd of g1r1 whom your frrends w1l1 call fun and your boss W111 call pretty and whom you may call your very own You want the kmd of gurl who looks and feels perfect who adnures you and who llstens to you 1n awe You want the kmd of gxrl who g1ves up her career to help you succeed 1n yours and who gwes up her whole bemg to make you a superman Well honey I m proud to say that I m not that kmd of g1r1 W X , , 1" N- ' I '.. .N Q X r I X . ., 4' IA .- 5'-if T rf v V55 f 5 r Tp! -E.. .' Y I i .1 , 1. ", .1 ,' -- Ast" wt", V ff - U I' l , f-..' u lft v.: '. A? q J. A ' .:,:,nx':z :fl-" 1 'ip' . . . ,. .np 1 ,. . X 1 ' 1 I A I, , , fl 1. LT' ritz-Ltr. Zi. i 1.4 -- .', , tv. wh 1 f . 51 . V 1 U .- ,- 4 inf v'h.- . fdn:'A.'.:f Y "l' ' . . -.:r , ' , - '-2 .L-1'-1. 'lf' me .- :V1 . . ' - L L ' ,. -2.,.',.l ' '- V- - ' ' -C . ' -1. 1 , ' Q 15.22.--' 'j 'Ax .T-': X Lf' - 'lu- . J. -5, ..l,.:... . 1 l .L A f-..- L- -. A L, 4 X - - . .- 9- u .v..7,i-.I-5 t L Q vt? 'J ra.. 526,11 5 1 .' v . 1 .ful L L' . '-'. , I R, . . lf M' "7 Q" -I' ' mx'-Q 5 4" : 54 "'.' ' 4 lv. ll :wil f I V . . ':. " - ,' ' X ' . ' :,:rg:. lqh.: I ' I ' x l . . , . I -- 0 "id 'sl 1 '1 ' YA - - Jr.-.-Q, -,'1,., 1 ,, if L. I,-.A, uv.. ' A1 . A .A ' ' . 1"". -1 1 4. ' H i l -A - ,A lil' if fl. 1 ,:f5 I ' I -in ' :ix , .':,.4 -, ns- 4'Y', "' ' ' ' ' If 1"':: 5 f ' - h ,. 31. 1 4 'X fl' K ' .3512 Q. l it x. -. , .1 F ' 4. . - 'f - 4 . '-gk.. ' J ' s' !"'.- , , .. .ka I ,--V " N f f,:-, V,' I , . I -rv' ' I ' ' ' .Q ' Q X. Q1 ' . 4 al ' M . 1 ' x A 1 'I' Qgx xv' . 'ff X U. ,. 4- ' : f . 1' - - 'ig . ..- -,'- kiln-, .' - L i.' -'- a ' -, ' . fx , 'iff' E '-1113. ' .-. , . 1:- , , . .'l . ' fe ' .' 1- - if .. -'Ig' - . . I . 'Ili' ,IG . n ' I I., .-5, . . . ,Q -U F. Q. .X-5 V ' f' 1 PA! ' I.. -- a -ii. .0 ' , . C Y FIRST YEAR Paulette Acuna Irene Alvarez Kaylan Antunez N , . 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Schuliz Frank Schubach Cathleen Secora Cintra Sepulveda Barbara Sexaver Karen Skalinder Denise Skinner Nancy Smith Shelley Snook Mary Sparrier Terri Stark , Leslie Sterkel Sandy Stefanik Tonya Steuber Cathy Stevens Robin Stilley Cary Switzer N Alberta Szany Trudi Tapsco tt Kim Teron Janice Wynk Renee Seghezzi Laurie Titcomb Nadine Turner Debbie Uhlig Lynn Valentim Lisa Vargas Rhonda Vaughan Cari Vidovich N Tracey Vincent Linda Volny Jeanne Vrooman Laura Walliser Connie Walti Laurie Warner Brenda Watson Sandi Weisbrod Donna White S ue Williams je amine Wodskow Mary Wong Renee Wright L53 jack Payne Deparhnent He ad Edwin Breunig Karen Conrad Elena Levine 1 ' 'H M -as ,A 1..n,q.,, ' n . , M f- x 1 x ,JZ f, , AVJ1 ,. . '::. inf'- M M. , M f 'xi' , ,147 24 , , ,QV ..f. N, V. Q ji if-, Q , A: YQ-Q. M "JY N '. 1.5157 I , ,u .. 'JQSQNQQV .. Wi ,X M ,ww 1 , ,uv ,. ,X X -LM 'MW . X .f , , 'M :Bn ' " Mx I W ,. . " 'Kar' W' K, Y' Q ,N . 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RENDERINGS BY SECGND YEAR INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENT E ', , , A... J LAURIE MADDQX F , . "Iv 5' I ,H 'J j Q Eff 5-A ' VI- "z 71' .-- I P' L 'r' , A ,- X, I A , l A I f . ' V 1 . 1 If 1 X W LOn2 Baker Susan Becker Cheryl Boileau Diane Butters A C ecilia Byron C admy C allahan Anette Cameron Cathy Chester Carolyn Cobb Susan Coker Cathy Fitlcin Penny Gohlke l Dana Hirashima Janelle Hout Alveria Howard Anne Huskey Karen jackson Bret jenkins Michelle Jensen TonaLea Johnston Dawn Koons Cathy Lewis Bianca Lopez janet Loy Maribel Lugo Lesli Miles Regina Morris Linda Murray Robin Porter julie Robbins Jennifer Roe Keily RO1fe Perri ROSS Tonya Shimmin Gail Simpson Yvette St. Denis Sally Sullivan Paula Swarner Suzanne Tate Kelly Wallace Alison Weed Barbara Wimey Marina Wheeler n .Thi X 55 H r , rr L" f fx . '. ,-. x, L 115 MIDNIGHT MUNCH OUT BROOKS STUDENTS FIND THEIR ROOTS? THE IMAGERY OF YOU Second Year Fashion Merchandising Christmas Fashion Show Q I 119 . m 1 . 1 . 1 H , . M f ,I 'W 'HUM , ,ww Y N, ' f - 3 V v I nf, if - '- .Q -H , I1 1 "L ' ,vu :I A 1, 4 ,Q V - Y 1 -- , -. ff 1 - , , , I vu 1 V ' ff EJJHHQR 1 ,- Second year fashion design students held a pre-Christmas fashion show entitled "Paint the Town Red" at Bu11ock's, Lakewood. ' A ip , ' 'w w . - '.x ww. Q. ffm ffl. E '-i11.L:ggn , - Ll-'I ,gwiiiaiegs '1 X 5 4 N' w -v L air rf div .F 1-if.: ' af f ' , - V ' T f-.I,5J.1- 'FEMQ . A if im- . .r" -wx, . ,311 li D. jill Jepson Angee Drake Cheryl Warren Cynthia Gray Kelly Wallace Barb A sin Karen Cochran Tami White Betty Ann Collura Scott Alden F .s w F.M. Hawthorne Group F.M. Pacific Design Center 1.13. Cockmil Party B.O.D. And Marge D.E.C.A. r" 1 1 I 1 1 V 'Y -ff ---'Y 'A --- ff' A ff nf -nf H--gg-gli

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1978, pg 106

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Brooks College - Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 70

1978, pg 70

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