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- V QJVTVQ' gif: K, ' 1 ' . ' Q sf a1j.5?'f1 . ' . ff? V .-?1LVV.V1V:f '- -L '+V--V 5 ad 9' . . M fi V ui. ., iv V- f-' . ' i v 'V V V, , A . .I "'eTff.f"'f:F"'fM'. .h V: -'Ji1V.gV-, . 1 if N- , ,E ,lea-'fi . 5 M VIL -, . ,,I, It If . V . ig' V V, ' Vf " vb f ' A ' A " V V' -Vf' 1 u Q V E' ' V AV . ' " V ' n 15. .Q V I E q V- f V 'V -- Vf A VV V 5 N' V, ,A V F V V! V , V' A, - swf m 4 'V fy' 2 V f fh Q4 V""'V"' , 1,-if ,ff ff' 1 V , I gg ,,VVVfVVf . ,, ' -11, V ,,'A'- ' V, Al l b Y ' Q !..i,jx20,,.:V3,,fV V . V ' ,V A ,MJ Y U if ,:z:xlf'2' If I V v in " ' . V 'V ff'Vw" ' V ff' as -qu. 2.?35iQT ' 'Z ,iff-V , Q . . A V, qt,-nk, V -.V: 5 V 2 , Qi.ffV" zg?1i V V fiE?2i'5G4Z . is-1 it 1 ua 5, V - ,, .V ' .-f, . F. I U' V MN 63-,z"" 5 I ff.,,.,..f -5: ff' 'P , W 'V ' , '. V 9 ff! 5 ,. AV -WX? V-V-edge M 5 , 1, '- 0 t C, I ' rf ' X fi 7' f if I. 'ggi Q A 1 V I I fqfwf-Wfgefgfi j"3'kiV'?fgfz?5p, 1 , '3ffLji'g, , ' , V V ,fJ,V-,f.4i4Qyz- Y ,V ' P ' VV . . -V V VN 1 - , 'V Q1-iQ. fx ' A 2 - . .ji ,fi iff' V V V VV ' i V V . -'tf:.:,1VV V VM? .Lf - le ' ' 1' 5 .V . wwf' ,X 1 5- Vsfkefzw-,2g",-."'1. - ,V " V -- V V, JASV 54.5 rf" YQ VV V ' 'TEX' 'iff V e:V:Vf': ' 'i V ' ' V Ab... V , V V V X V ? :2VwVi"V',fVV,Ve4VVVV1V VV 'V V . , V V gf V V Q .4 V. U f , A ' , , "'-'-1"-""" "" V .1 W'1.'5 viV1.f'-141: V ' . fi ' 5 V?4!i5'. qA V '- 53 'lV"Vs'ffQV ' ,, V ' V n V 1 T 'V V 1 "H VUL ' ' 'V I W V ' fi .fi fx ' V ' V' VV ,M 1' V '- V . , ff VV :LVL rV . ! ' V ,. - ' V' Qfx if J ' V ' j , ' ' L' I V N . ' , ff 3 ' 5T7T?,kf5-ff N 'i ' V M' V' .V 'V V 'EU ,V Ig D f' V 0 V f f 9 ' , ' V , V 'X' U' 1-Vie-as Vp , V VV ,V dh ff 4 V vfTf V.'.A . 'iff p V ?aV52,3g i ,Vjl, Vf-f 1 ' V V ,.r., X , ' ' .,g'4rJ- " fi 95 454.5 -N5 f Q I 5 . , I, . ., V . V V. , fd. , ' Q- Vi. V51:fV'.Vg:1V' ' V - ' I V.V1 --., -'V V . .gbvsf-,' V ,J ',, V qw VV VV' "Q, '-5 VV V- , ,, -...V..,.V,1w - 'qVJ- . 3. '-:QV V V VV V 5 V ' 'IL' ' ' 'F ' A -11' 5 , ' .fri ' 54 -,'j -" , , .rv V V . V .V V- Y V S, , V ,ay " V V V V. , .Q 22.,-,,,V'-- 3- , .- V Y 'V - ' , , " i" 1-2 'V --V. 'V' , ' 4' 3 1' ff" Q1-1.-:Lv Q V ,- 2:1 . V - - ' f z 'V , ,- , ' ' "we 1 , , V .. 51 1 V 7 V ' .ew - QV. 'V -' 'V , 'V 'V ' V V - , V . ,r1. -- .3 . ,, Y 1 V- -V . -1 'V V' V QV -V WV' V' TV V 1 V . V V , V , 1' '1 V' V11 1 'V. V ,--1 1-:V fa-"-Vw ,V-vi-f 1'sb.':V' W , V, V, H , Y Y ,Y 44- , Y W Y , 4+-A -1.4- A i is 11:2 fiallf fff wiv O "'., 4:5 Q 3?-fjdfsoo u 92 taxi k SA 3 I S ? i BGB 2 Publshed by Brookings Senior High School 9 4 1 CAT e enior C1 ass 3 Brookings. South Dakota Hats Qgrfr to . E. ERIXN HHN Through his abiiity and constant efiorts he has estahiished a music department that compares with the best. For i2 years "Pinot" has worked to make our high schooi band and orchestra outstanding in the state. We sincereiy regret that he wiii not be with us ' ot our ap- anot And so, as a smaii exp the Senior Ciass oi 1941, Bobcat, to preciation, we, earbook, The cate our 51 Fr ankiin. her year. ression dedi- Mr SUR INDEX for your Bobcat By Way of . . . INTRODUCTION . . . We present . . . our School Board fp. 61 . . . our Administration fp. 71 . . . our Faculty Cp. 8-91 . . . our Hall of Fame fp. 10-111. So that you may see us at work, we present students of Commercial Cp. 121 . . . Speech fp. 131 . . . Agriculture fp. 141 . . . and Homemaking fp. 151. Meet our law-making representatives, the Student Council fp. 161. In the Autumn ..... with their notebooks come the green Freshmen fp. 18-191 . . . Max issues the call for Football fp. 20-241. . . 'Midst a blizzard comes Bobcat Day fp. 251 The halls echo with BHS's fight songs by the Pep Band Cp. 261 . . . The spectators thrill to the formation of Band fp. 271 . . . The speakers bring home a cup in Declam fp. 281 to begin a brilliant season in Speech Cp. 291 . . . and the year's activities are begun in GAA fp. 30-321. In the Winter ..... , our attention turns to the Juniors fp. 34-351 and the Sophomores fp. 36-371 . . . At the Christmas Candlelighting Service we heard music by the L'Allegro Cp. 381 and the Chorus Cp. 391 . . . Working hard to make their performances successful are the members of the Orchestra fp. 401 and the Pit Orchestra fp. 411 . . . The first N o-Date dance is sponsored by the French Club Cp. 421 . . . The most important meetings of the year are held by the Latin Club fp. 431 . . . To the State tournament in Basketball fp. 44-471 . . . Learning about journalism and cameras is the Pub Club fp. 481. In the Spring Leaving BHS with their diplomas are the Seniors Cp. 50-561 . . . The annual Spinster dance is sponsored by the SSS Cp. 571 . . . The Junior Play fp. 581 and the Senior Play fp.581 build up membership in the Dramatic Club fp. 591 . . . A successful season of Track fp. 601 brings new members into Monogram Club fp. 611 . . . Spreading the news of BHS is Broboca Staff fp. 621 . . . Your 1941 yearbook is presented to you by the Bobcat Staff fp. 631. If--e 5 BoonjofEducoHon . C l' it V' W Rx. X 5- ,Q I, M W 51 ' -Q. 3 71 Y ef' XW' mx ,af L ? g 5,74 Y , Q f gui -4 f S b, Groceryman, Ray Blauert, four years a member, is chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee and assists Mrs. Shea on the Committee for Teachers. Ford Dealer, Ed Johnson, one year a member, is chairman of the Sup- plies Committee and assists Mr. Blauert on the House and Grounds Committee. Banker, Herb Cheever, serving now as Chairman of Finance, has been a 6 member of the board for the past four years. Housewife, Mrs. Shea, having served for the past twelve years on the board, is now chairman of the Committee on Teachers. State College Registrar, D. B. Doner, Who is now president of the board, has served for the past eight years. School Secretary, Miss Schlender, has served as clerk of the board for the past four years. I QgOBfRQ X941 , f ,.,,. ' , .-zfff' .iw 9 ' -" from yy -'-I l EN f it '-4 8 N ' X I X mmlm,"' Q , , HL? X "3 tv TL A sf -' 1 v X X Superintendent I. Martin Principal M. A. Lynott To Mr. Martin we give credit for successfully directing the educational system of Brookings schools through another year. He holds the posi- tion of President of the State Beadle Club. He is also an active Rotarian. Colleges that our Superintendent has attended are South Dakota State, Kansas University, Minnesota Uni- versity, Wisconsin University, and Colorado University. 1 ff! X 7 5 1 i 'L "'ulu'n.c 'gc to ,ll 4 5 N" 1, . ,U t . ,. . iii' ,-x x M. A. Lynott. Principal of Brook- ings High School, comes in contact with all students. To him belongs the job of directing the high school career of every student who enters Brookings High School. Also to him go all culprits and rule breakers for their punishment. This year "Mike" was elected President of the local Kiwanis Club. He has attended Yank- ton College and Michigan University. i I , s I sag ex li -, if 14.117 X wr "W c , E W X -L ...E 4 E n - P- a - a s. 1 Zvzfw, as R. Y E . 7 "Q '47' . . 'E L g - ' E - , ig - H xt : N f. f A as i 'lhey Remind of Report Cords . Bantz Bell Brewer Bucknam Case Darrington Franklin Fridley Guy Hampton MARY ELLEN BANTZ EVSX BUCEKNAM Aberdeen, S. Dak. Sage Owa English, Journalism EnghSh'.tFrenCf1 Northern State Teachers College Umversi y Of. OW? Columbia University ELSIE A. DARRINGTON FRANCES GUY Wallbay, Dak- Great Falls, Mont. Homemakmg English, Dramatics South Dakota State College Carletgn College VIRGIL A. BELL EUGENE CASE Leola, S. Dak. Madison, S. Dak. General Science, Biology 1HS'C1QL1II19I1'Ca1 Music Assistant Athletic Coach MHQISOIQ N0I'Ula1 Northern State Teachers College UH1V91'S1'Cy Of South Dakota C. E. FRANKLIN LEVEXILTPE HAIVQPTISOE Brookings, s. Dak. afff OWU, - .3 ' Instrumental Music . Ilgigganvgggg Hlstofy Macphau School of Music south Dakota state coiiege WINIFRED BREWER E. J. DANIEL Woonsocket, S. Dak. - . . Brookings, S. Dak. English, Vocal Music Agriculture HL1I'0I1 College h D k t C 11 Bush Conservatory of Music Sout a 0 a State O ege ROBERT HEATH JESSIE FRIDLEY Sioux City, Iowa Brookings, S. Dak. Vocal, Civics Librarian Social Science-Junior High University of Montana University of Minnesota 8 Daniel Heath BE, 550 CM XML " 2 '--- ' . f . .1-4' if F 4' if ' f ' J- e,,, to , , Q 1l,, R ,H an x H" Viihl -- 47 5 X 4 X Allzllllghh W 1 1 1 x X I , 1 M, f l 1 , . ii 4 -L. .1 L' 2? PER . . .Tests, Makeup ond Homework Hemmingson Herold Horrigan Hubbell Lynn Mauch Page Paulsen Schlender Shaver Van Campen Walker Wilson Zick CORAL HEMMINGSON Hallock, Minn. Girls' Physical Education University of Minnesota ELAINE E. PAULSEN Steen, Minn. Commercial South Dakota State College R. D. HEROLD Brookings, S. Dak. ' Social Problems, History South Dakota State College AGNES SCHLENDER Brookings, S. Dak. School Secretary LESTER D. HORRIGAN Brookings, S. Dak. Science, Assistant Athletic Coach Activities Treasurer South Dakota State College R. MYRTLE SHAVER St. Joseph, Mo. School Nurse St. Joseph Hospital, St. Joseph, Mo. O. H. HUBBELL Brookings, S. Dak. Industrial Arts Kansas State Teachers College f . I' X Q,-fi 1 .If. - A ,, ' " sl: U Zu 6 an A A i . U 1 U 0 0 ..' ' - , app bv.. . A X V5 4.- 2 as g, ' f'x S CD XS VIOLA VAN CAMPEN Cannon Falls, Minn. Algebra, General Mathematics Carleton College Columbia University MAX H. LYNN Brookings, S. Dak. Athletic Director, Social Science Parsons College Columbia University MILDRED WALKER Wessington Springs, S. Dak. Homemaking Dakota Wesleyan Iowa State College MARGARET E. MAUCH Hetland, S. Dak. Mathematics Huron College University of Chicago DWYTE WILSON Mitchell, S. Dak. United States History, Speech Dakota Wesleyan ELEANOR PAGE Madrid, Iowa English, Freshman Debate University of South Dakota W. H. ZICK Aberdeen, S. Dak. Commercial Northern State Teachers College These Portraits I-long in .2.s-x,,, X 4117 ff' - Rx Gif eff- , -YL- 5.-. ' mi., - I - - wi -e f Y ,V e A g 5 '? V - lfffqggpffif ' -nn n T 1 S K xx i - M A .,- ... C -Q X '., xx A X George Patterson Most Representative Senior Boy Doris Schilling Most Representative Senior Girl Donna Dyste Best Looking Girl Most Popular Girl Roger Billings Most Handsome Boy Best Boy Athlete Citizenship Award Winners The citizenship awards are given to the senior boy and girl who, in the estimation of the faculty, have proved themselves to be the two best citizens. They are rated on accuracy, cooperation, industry, leadership, reliability, proper attitude toward school, and general value to Brookings High School. Dermont Herreman '31 Helen Sasse Charles McGarraugh '32 Thelma Torguson Dan Finn '33 Mary Ellen Bibby Philo Hall '34 Virginia Nolgren Francis Jornlin '35 Betty Collins Omar Otterness '36 Roberta Applegate Wayne Waltz '37 Geraldine Lang John Bibby '38 Ruth Dorothy Hill Robert Vessey '39 Mary Albert Hugh Barnett '40 Phyllis Wheeler Red and Black Week: Awards Boy ........ ........... E d. Graf Girl .................. Ruth Watson 10 GAA Medal Awards Phyllis Willey Dorothy Vessey Camilla Petersen Carmen Skretting QQOBCK? K9 4 D - V' G71 ..,. Q Z I ., f-rf ' "" X5 , f I F '32, 9 , rg" bum' W J 0 V ' ' 1 ' .n 9 ' I ' Immun 'f 1 ,AZ Q 1,...,.s.W Q A . J ' 1 605 48 if N-f Our 1941 I-Ioll of Fome Wittiest John Crusinberry Best Girl Athlete Camilla Peterson Priscilla Hill Most Perfect Lady Dean Doner Most Perfect Gentleman Junior Chamber of Commerce Awards Football Basketball Track '40 Senior Senior Senior Roger Billings Loren Niklason Vincent Swift Junior Junior Junior Jake Van Beek Charles Chester Roger Billings Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Donnie Dorn Donnie Dorn Charles Chester Freshman Freshman Freshman Wenfred Morrison ,ff B LJ. .I .-I AVZ HJL .A an Au'- 7 'iN '..--"5 . f ve' , 5 iii' Z7 a FFA Wenfred Morrison State Farmer Degrees Joe Berge Donald Ahern James McKe1vey Robert Eggert R X S V girl? - 117 s.-- ,Q I ,,,. + 'L , W tc K 4 ,-. X . r 17 S ...fe -ff fe E f -- I., ygggf. , S f V xxx ,. - -1 'uw' - Y -, - f N A .. 'x fy' -Lx Cogs in the 1950 Business Wheel . i "Ready for dictation," "Sixty words per minute perfect"-these phrases are often heard by everyone taking commercial Work. Beginning typing is taken by Jun- iors and Seniors. The work covered in this course includes writing letters, outlines, tabulations, and other things of personal use to an individual. Students who take the second year of typing and shorthand are members of the secretarial practice class. In addition to transcription Work, they have practice in filing, mimeograph- ing, and general office duties. The course in bookkeeping is val- uable in many ways. It furnishes foundation for advanced commercial work and is of great practical value to those who Wish to use bookkeeping personally. 12 Back row-Hanson, Willey, Lindstrom, Rice. Third row-Ulbrich, Ivers, Schilling. Second row-Carlson, Hill, Grommersch. First row-Harvey, Maher, Shanley. Upper inset-Anderson, Dokken. Lower inset- Stenstavold, Sprague, Thayer. General business is a foundation course for all commercial work. This course offers information for success- ful business management. Two other subjects in the depart- ment are commercial law and com- mercial arithmetic Which deal with the fundamentals of business law and practical arithmetic. The instructors in the Commercial department are: Miss Paulsen-Typ- ing I, Shorthand I, Secretarial Prac- tice, Mr. Zick-Typing I, Bookkeep- ing, General Business, Mr. Lynott- Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial Law. Ba, 520 CM 5949 f. "WW K . Q A :B ,, mf '2 5 ,J W -. ff ' O , D , 'F WWQ, LZ, E K I " 1W"?flhK fr' , I is ill-,N ivlv nnunmg" X "s, 1 K, r cv Z Squad Travels Far, Debates Often . Sixty-two students, coached by Mr. Dwyte T. Wilson, participated in twenty-four extemporaneous speak- ing contests, eight oratorical meets. six rounds of panel discussion, twelve contests of poetry and manuscript reading, and nearly 200 debates. BHS won the sweepstakes trophy in the Volga Speech Jamboree, fifth among the nineteen schools in the Mid-West Speech Festival held here, and second in the Tri-State Novice meet at Madison. Other meets at- tended during the year included Ver- million, Watertown, Arlington, Madi- son, Sioux Falls, Worthington and Pipestone, Minn., Gustavus Adolphus at St. Peter, Minn., and Webster. Doris Schilling, Mark Minier, Vern Martin and Stanley Brackenwagen won the Tri-State tourney at Mitchell and placed second in the Divisional. , L at NM. .. i,.. " L '- " L -4 U D' W M . fb., W 5 10 Mob 0 t C 2 - .,' jfft. x7-. . I, V 0. . ,fb e A . ,f L - . v A A T PX- .af-' f-X X ,D x V Left to right: Back row-Rice, Martin, Mr. Wilson. Second row-Brackenwagon, Harper, Deane, Graham, Fromke, Thorson. Front row-Gentle, Schilling, Wiley, Pit- tenger, Minier. Upper inset: Back row- Stratton, Smith. Second row--Pederson. Brown, Moriarty, Wagner, Jensen. Front row-Willey, Peterson, Watson, LaRivierc. Lower inset-Sorenson. Right inset: Back row-Mr. Wilson, Brackenwagen, Martin, Minier. Front row-Gentle, Fromke. In original oratory, Mark Minicr placed Hrst at the Divisional tourna- ment and third at the Big Eight in Yankton. In the first twenty-nine de- cision debates, Brookings teams won twenty-two and lost seven. The freshman teams, numbering fourteen debaters, coached by Miss Eleanor Page, won the Novice tour- nament held at Brookings, January 11. 13 -Na. 3-xg, S--w e . .... lm' LQ'-H H 'L 'af M ilf ' - X O - Q N- ,aio -- , Nviiiy Y -KH -X N X, With Alpha Zeta Banners to Spare l National recognition and with it a cash prize of 815.00 for being the most active Chapter in the State was awarded the Brookings Chapter of FFA with a membership of seventy boys. Awarding of this merit was based upon achievements in super- vised farming, community work, leadership, scholarship, and recrea- tional activities. The most important activities accomplished by the Chap- ter members were: Father-Son mixer, Senior Camping week in Black Hills, Sioux Falls day for underclassmen, winning the Alpha Zeta Banner, co- operation with the Crop Improve- ment Association, the Invitational Livestock Judging School, and the growing of purebred stock. An American Farmer degree, which is the highest attainment for an FFA boy, was awarded to Hugh Barnett during the national convention at 14 Left to right: Standing - D. Apland, Adams, R. Wagner, R. Olson, Eikum, Hink- ley, Townsend, S. Heslop, H. Ruedebusch, Garrison, M. Olson, D. Wagner, Thomsen, M. Johnston, R. Ruedebusch, J. McKelvey, C. Kellogg, K. Huchendorf, H. Mills, V. Maher L. Telkamp. Second row-Evenson, R. Apland, C. Heslop, Reeter, R. Wagner, Akkerman, Risch, Duff, Searls, Walker, D. Johnson, Schlobohm, Mr. Daniel. Front row-Sanderson, Persinger, N. Telkamp, Otteson, Fuerstenau, Ahern, Van Beek, Sutton, Even, Berge, Bortnem, O. Sundal, Langner, I. Sundal, Tate. Kansas City, Missouri. Attending with Hugh were Robert Peterson, Percy Sutton and Marion Johnston. Officers for the past year were: Presi- dent, Joe Bergeg vice president, Robert Peterson, secretary, Donald Ahern, treas- urer, Percy Sutton, reporter, Orin Sundali adviser, E. J. Daniel. State Farmer Degrees: Joe Berge, Donald Ahern, and James McKelvey. BJ Q30 CM X94 Q 15 f rt-. fr Z, Jr-'fx --1. In nm. 2.4 fe " i 9 7. ii Cl M If i ' J' fi . I ' ' wf K XX Lx ww au y ff X ' 5 1, x V X Q' W .' - I J' " Cv X '-. 1 5" :Wig 5 "'. BHS's I-lomemokers of Tomorrow "Tips to the Teens" was chosen by the fifty-Five members of the Home- making Club as their theme. Those eligible for membership are girls en- rolled in the course or those who have been enrolled two years in high school. A representative from each of the three upper classes makes up the board members. This year's board consists of Phyllis Willey, president, Marilynn Sprague, vice president, Harriet Dokken, secretary, and Joyce Sprague, treasurer. The advisers were Miss Walker and Miss Darrington. LaVonne Buckley was in charge of the main event of the year, a radio program presented over KFDY on March 7, 1941. Patricia Murphy's play, which took first place at the District State Rally, was presented. Phyllis Willey gave a short talk on Y-L L I' lf ' U L' 9 N -V Ji. H . ., t o jx, 0 u ... Aff, '7 ' f .su -if? ' 1 L v 7 5 - Elise -ff?-VH' 1 -X ,X xg X'l Left to right: Back row-McCuen, Wil- ley, Bortnem, Nagel, Biggar, Jornlin, Si- monson, Jensen, Jackson. Row four-Muiw phy, Swering, Binnewies, Shanley, B. Han- son, Dokken, Lake, Kennard, Stuller, M. Sprague, H. Schilling. Row three - Miss Walker, Duff, V. Smith, Steen, Petersen, Wheeler, Ullman, Skretting, D. Schilling, Kumlien, Kleinsasser, Christensen, P. Wil- ley, Miss Darrington. Row two-Wright, Broadbent, Buckley, R. Hanson, Risch, Hayes Stratton, Steinlicht, Pederson, Mailey, J. Johnson. Row one-J. Sprague, A. Johnson, Overend, Fromke, Merriman, Vessey, Wiese, Pickett, Jones, Sterud, W. Hanson, Harper. Upper inset-J. Sprague, Willey, M. Sprague, Dokken. Lower inset -Risch. "What Our Club Has Been Doing." Betty Jornlin played a saxophone solo, and Dorothy Hagen concluded the program with a vocal solo. This spring the State Festival was held at Brookings, which enabled the girls to participate in many activities. 15 -Qi -RS: I - . i F is WL ffflf if 2 ' jr if , N ' J kg - 'R X X - ' .-,,, - -- x Y WYE? XY Ti -LE X fy X Government ot, by, for Students STUDENT COUNCIL To guide and direct BHS activities is the main purpose of the student council. This governing body stimu- lates interest and cooperation in all school activities, and strives, in gen- eral, to improve our high school. The student council consists of one representative from each home room chosen by popular vote, and is pre- sided over by the student body presi- dent, George Patterson. Meetings are held whenever there are matters to be discussed or decided. The student council is a cooperative organization working for the good of the student body, and gives each stu- dent a chance to voice his opinion of the school government through his home room representative. MEMBERSHIP Members for this year were: Sen- iors-Donna Dyste, Priscilla Hill, Ruth Norgaard, Helen Schilling, and Tom Wright. Juniors-Harriet Case, Priscilla Gilbertson, Elaine Klein- sasser, Gene McCarty, and Marjorie Wheeler. Sophomores - S t a n l e y Brackenwagen, George Flittie, Lila Mae Lake, Esther Madsen, and Stuart Stevens. Freshmen-Gerald Brown, James Moriarty, Gloria Stratton, Marion Risch, and Yvonne Franzke. PROJECTS The main project of the year is Bobcat Day. For this, the following committees are chosen: Banquet, Dance, Bonfire, and Pep Meeting. The members of these committees are chosen from the student council. This year, through the recommen- dation of the student council, a new project was undertaken in order to obtain money for new bankboards. Under their able leadership it proved to be very successful. 16 Left to right, top to bottom: Esther Madsen, Elaine Kleinsasser, Pris- cilla Gilbertson, Yvonne Franzke, Marian Risch, Stanley Brackenwagen. Stuart Stevens, Harriet Case, Ruth Nor- gaard, Helen Schilling, Marjorie Wheeler. James Moriarty, Gloria Stratton, Lila Mae Lake, Gerald Brown, Donna Dyste, Gene McCarty. Pat Turner, George Patterson. ,RQUBCTE 594 L M- l. Dorn dodges a Tracy tackler. 2. Locker number- 447-28-35-13-Fines collected at the end of the year. 3. And there's three reasons: Armistice Day, blizzard, and Bobcat Day. 4. Ex-Editor Hanson shows Editor Schilling a cup-winning Bobcat. 5. Yehudi Wilson watches prac- tice. 6. "Do you get it-Sime'?', 7. 'tHey!" iDoering dis- approvcsl 3. Junior Chamber award winners. 9. Bantz -and-the dummy. School Life . . . in the Autumn 17 f XE-AS, L .. : --P P 1 1 91,53 1 -- - 1 . f 4 f f ' , X -ii 1' - wggfv.,, X -r rl X N A' - 2 N X lg X X One Hundred Five Frosh Enter BHS Home Room 137, Left to Right-Back Row: Leo Buckley, Stanley Chaul- sett, Bette Bishman, Marilyn Crothers, William Bowers, Gerald Brown, Clifford Adams, Alice Mae Christensen, Duane Apland. Front Row: Louise Albrecht, Lola Mae Broadbent, Carla Brown, Caroline Biggar, Verba Cook, Derma Bebo, Joyce Carlson, Dorothy Caldwell, Robert Bartling, Dean Cochran. Not in picture, Mr. Bell. Home Room 109. Left to Right-Back Row: Duane Goodroad, Carolyn Johnston, Barbara DeWitt, Doris Husum, Yvonne Franzke, Miss Page, Alvin Evenson, Lyle Jensen, Calvin Heslop, Bobby Even. Front Row: Dorothy Foster, Mavis Exe, Phyllis Halstead, Leatrice Ishmael, Lillian Jensen, Norman Hendricks, Peggy Holmes, Alberta Johnson, Merle Frandsen, Donald Johnson. Not in picture, Darrell Duff, Norma Jeanne Foster. Home Room 112, Left to Right-Back Row: Boyd Miller, Wenfred Morrison, Dwain Koester, James Melcher, Dorothy McCuen, Miss Van Campen, Lea Minor, Arlene, Langmeyer, Harvey Mills, Eileen Maher, Phyllis Lawrence, Raymond Kleinsasser. Front Row: Leon Landon, James Moriarty, Heiko Mansholt, Clifford Kel- logg, John Lindstrom, Gwendolyn Lorenzen, Marvene Lovejoy, Evelyn Maher, Ignatius LaRiviere, Delair Lanam. Not in picture, Donald McMillen. Home Room 129. Left to Right-Back Row: Miss Hemmingson, Robert Smith, Robert Risch, Kenneth Pease, Clayton Sloat, Marven Shelden, Dean Sanderson, Howard Schlobohm, Marion Pederson, Alice Otterness. Front Row: Erdine Skretting, Vivian Pickett, Eleanora Noteboom, Marian Risch, Donald Petersen, Mae- Overend, Arlene Norris, Elaine Norris, Mathew Olson, Harold Ruedebusch. Home Room 36. Left to Right-Back Row: Ivan Sundal, Helen Starman, Robert Wagner, Gloria Stratton, Miss Darrington, Beverly Swering, John Winkowitsch, Blaine Totman, Conway Steen. Front Row: Norman Thomsen, Edith Washburn, Ruth Watson, Josephine Trygstad, Marlys Wiese, Dorothy Willey, Beverly Thompson. Not in pic- ture, Marilyn Steinlicht, Norma Walker, Norman Telkamp. 18 VK' 5:0 CM K9 4 D Q 'nw J I, Z lj, 54 1 I' 'nmrnu in Xrkll , Q Q Q SN HQ Sw? 'FN EE 6 NE if me .. W - - . ., at ji. L ft f UI- u . Q .. . ,UQ is-K H -L Q u knqflyhfk, X M .U '99 I f hiv ff'-'L' ' L ' wax gh5XV4,A,,A - ii: V, f-X xx: xX Bobcot Griclders Third in Leclgue . Our Board of Strategy should be in- troduced first: Max Lynn completed his third year here and is coach of "A" squad foot- ball, basketball, and track, and has charge of boys' physical educaiton in the high school. L. D. "Doc" Horrigan has charge of both "B" squad football and bas- ketball, giving experience to the younger boys and underclassmen in high school. Vernon "Pete" Doering has com- plete charge of all junior high school athletics including the basketball and football teams, physical education and intramural sports. Virg Bell acts as an assistant to Max in football and track. During basketball season he coaches the freshman basketball team. 20 T Qlx Yam, - :B Q T ' Li 1' wi , iii XX X "A" FOOTBALL One hundred boys reported for football during the fall. This group was broken up into three teams, the "A" squad, the "B" squad, and the freshmen squad. Twenty-five boys showed superior ability to gain berths on the varsity under Coaches Lynn and Bell. "A" Football Summary BHS Score Opponent Score 20 Tracy ............... ............. 0 26 Milbank ......... ........ 0 6 Aberdeen ......,.... ........ 0 17 Mitchell .....,.. .............. 0 7 Yankton .............. .............. 1 3 6 Watertown .......... ........ 7 13 Huron .................... .............. 6 0 Pipestone ........... .............. 1 4 9 Coaches: Horrigan, l Bell, Lynn, Doering 0 B ' QD CAT X949 TRW Z .af .ff 2 0 X j-F K0 vw. ..... 44 ' -f' li, ,. .Y -f I, 0'w,., I l vs L I Hlumnlnmy' ' 7 ,QQ Q hai? 15,55 - an ,.-.-5.1 , "- Patterson A Squad Tracy was routed 20-0 in Bobcats, initial victory. The backs performed nobly behind a strong but somewhat inexperienced line, led by veteran center Paul Johnson. Billings scored twice and Turner once. James Otter- ness and Dale Wagner played out- standing defensive ball. Otterness Lampson Ham mond Steen Duff Left to right: Back row-Lynn, Searls, Adamson, Garrison, Olson, Stevens, Martin, Reeter, Hill, Niklason, Watson, Bell. Sec- ond row-Heslop, Sylvis, Swanson, Bush- nell, Patterson, Otterness, Van Beek, Bjerum, Helsman, Hanson, Wagner. Front row-Turner, Niklason, Hammond, Dorn, Billings, Steen, Duff, Johnson, Berge, Wright. Bobcats trounced Milbank 26-0 by playing a superb ball game during the entire contest. Bobcats' scoring consisted of four touchdowns. The first two were made by Niklason, one by Turner, and one by Dorn. The de- fensive work of Van Beek, left tackle, was outstanding. L- 1" JU-l'1'1 abut. U XF :annoy 'Q X twig' -. ,fgggt A . ,aw Billings Q-Q Pk : , ,fr M 1 S' ' XY ,W K X Action. Aberdeen succumbed 6-0 as the Bobcats opened their conference com- petition against the strong Eagle eleven. A spectacular 56 yard run by Donnie Dorn, right halfback, proved to be the turning point of the game. The great defensive Work of Gordon Duff, Joe Berge, and Loren Niklason kept the Bobcats in the lead. Swanson Bushnell Berge Dorn Scoring Against the Aberdeen Eagles on that "Perfect Playl' Bobcats 13, Mitchell 0, was the score that ruined the homecoming game for the Kernels. Hanson, out- standing left end, scored on a pass from Billings. Billings scored on a 45 yard run to cinch a Bobcat victory. The defensive work of Hanson was apparent on almost every play run in his direction. Helsman Wright Johnson QRQOBCTE 594 u .A', ij, 4, Tx 1,102 1 . I ' W4 --5 f- A ' Y: ' Hi' nmmf' '1 bib, I r I l J 1 i 1,5 i iw .nn ' Q N L57 'j' Q "uso- gf, f-j 1- wa .X y Q ,Q Hanson Van Beek Turner Dorn Wagner Niklason The first defeat of the year for the Brookings Bobcats was 13-7 to the Yankton Bucks. N iklason scored early in the Hrst quarter on a pass from Wayne Steen. Yankton retaliated with two touchdowns in the second quarter. Patterson was the outstand- ing defensive player of the game. Watertown Arrows defeated the lighter Bobcats in the second loss of B Squad the year by a score of 6-7. Watertown scored first but the Bobcats promptly counted on a pass from Billings to Dorn. When the Hnal gun sounded the charging Bobcats were in Arrow territory, one yard from victory. Left to right: Back row-Fric, Ahern. Wood, Huchendorf, Wagner, Krueger. Johnston, Berndt, Dempewolf, Lundy. D. Johnson, Langner. Third row H Docring. Brackenwagen, Eggcrt, Searls, Hill, Mar- tin, Olson, Schimnowski, Morrison, Horri- gan. Second row-Adamson, Buckley, Seas. Franzke, Koerper, Hinkley, Garrison. Front row-Flittie, Reeter, Mann, Watson, Nik- lason, T. Johnson, Jacobson. 23 X - . J . .,.ll.6 ,- - . ' '..g.5f,+ uw X ' :Q A h f-'X 1 cw Brookings defeated Huron 13-6 to close the conference schedule for the Bobcats. Steen scored on a line plunge after a long down field drive. Dorn, right halfback, scored with a spectacular 50 yard run after a pass interception. Throughout the game the Brookings line outcharged and outplayed the Huron line. The Bobcats were held scoreless for the only time of the season by the Pipestone Arrows. After the First quarter of play the Bobcats were out- classed by the Minnesotans. Two touchdowns, one on two long runs and the other on a long weak side pass, made up the scoring for the Arrows. Z Squad 24 S-'K u f S.. , , ' ' 2:5233 ef A is 1 leg T xx. W ' XY "B" SQUAD FOOTBALL Fifty hopefuls reported when Coach Horrigan issued the call for "B" squad gridders. A full schedule of six games was played with the Bobkittens winning four and losing two. At the end of the season Dick Chervenka, Marshall Adamson, Kelso Hill, Wenfred Morrison, Marvin Olson and Norman Stevens were advanced to the "A" squad. "B" Football Summary Bobkittens Score Opponent Score 0 Volga ....................................... 20 33 Madison "B" ........ ..... . . 0 12 Watertown "B" ............ 0 0 Volga ....................................... 20 13 Madison "B" ..................... 6 13 Watertown "B" .....,..... . 6 Left to right: Back row - Wagner, Adams, Winkowitsch, Bornitz, Mills, Sloat, Bartling. Second row-Duff, Schlobohm, Steen, Smith, Totman, Bowers. Front row - Johnson, Klein- sasser, Thomsen, Cochran, Pe- tersen, Hendricks. Freshman Season Record Frosh Opponent Score 13 Junior High 9 13 "B" Subs 20 9 Volga "B" 0 0 gl Qu '3 CM Xara 1. Stxicients, faculty, and alumni meet again. 2. Our reigning royalty, Pat and Becca. 3. The Bobcats Swing out. G a 4. Strutting for B. H. S. 5. Tie Lord and Lady candidates get together. - - 6. "--and that reminds me of a story-" , , , 7. Blizzards are nice-sometimes! 4 l.f.i1.i-f b- ' -HJ P' V . f f 7-,,4xtH,fQi " ,e 2 ' f-x -X R9 X ' sa.x . 5- y MW is sa.-A if .,. 5-, -?'Q 5 ' aff ji X l M v --AT? .hex "1 ff f-fx if lg JK fm Ben'ron's Bond Boosts Bobcots . . PEP BAND The roll off . . . a march . . . a cheer. It's a pep meeting, led as usual by the enthusiastic pep band. This or- ganization of thirty-six was composed of a select group chosen from the regular band. It played at all the pep meetings and attended two out-of- town games at Watertown. They also went to the State Basketball tourna- ment at Sioux Falls. The band is under the able direction of Dean Doner, band and orchestra president. This year the group has created an unusually peppy spirit through use of stunt marches and snappy tempos. Uniforms consisted of red jackets for the girls, and red sweaters for the boys, all with black lettering on the back. Personnel: Director-Dean Doner, clarinet-Harriet Hanson, Virginia Russell, Leif Sorenson, Patricia Har- per, cornet-Harriet Dokken, Neil Bergstreser, Robert Sexauer, Glen Frie, Patricia Delaney, trombone - Marjorie Wheeler, Doris Christensen, Gene McCarty, baritone - Rebecca Shea, Roberta Shea, bass drum- Bruce Miller, snare drum - Marion Davies, saxophones - Shirley Gra- ham, Phyllis Stuller, tuba - Ruth Joyce Ullman, Carmen Skretting, French horn-Helen Schilling, Dor- othy Vessey, flute-Eleanor Shanley, Ruth Norgaard, oboe-Betty Hanson, baritone sax-Lola Thayer. Left to right: Back row-Doner, Frie. Dokken, Bergstreser, Sexauer, Delaney, Miller. Second row - Skretting, Ullman, Vessey, Schilling, Shanley, Norgaard, Han' son, Re. Shea, McCarty, Christensen. Front row-Russell, Harper, Hanson, Sorenson, Stuller, Graham, Ro. Shea, Wheeler. 26 ,390 CM Kam io- X P "F I W ,. .... Q ' -f K-XA W"'0m JK X IBEWN ,265 Gift' "' L, W fi-4 ' imnrsmulmmj' V- ffl X 4 X 7115: X uns.. K "' ':r- - "4 ii 'A .,, -f' y av km, Y ' ai is f 6. ,Q If .ac-9' I I. x Sixty Musicians Lead the Parade . HIGH SCHOOL BAND A stirring march iills the air-red and black capes fly in the Wind-the band is again doing its part for BHS. This year our band is composed of fifty-eight members. The band ap- peared at all athletic meets this year, and also nobly represented the school in numerous parades throughout the year. As in past years all the mem- bers were required to play a solo to develop individualism. Besides play- ing concerts this summer for the city and participating in several other con- certs, they represented the school at the district contest and in the spring festival held at Watertown. Personnel Director ....................................... C. E. Franklin Secretary ....... ......... P riscilla Gilbertson Clarinet--Joseph Moriarty, Harriet Han- son, Virginia Russell, Leif Sorenson, Joseph Berge, Marilyn Steinlicht, Joyce Johnson, Betty Ray. Patricia Harper, Doris Hayes, Ruth Eken, Donald Johnson. il" Ll" i. 'U '- ' " A " - L: L F' u 'i " 1. " 'H ,V U . , . X M V .af-.L V - ,ffpxf A -cp XA Corneis - Harriet Dokken, Neil Berg- streser, Robert Sexauer, Glen Frie, Patricia Delaney, Virgil Green, Raymond Klein- sasser, Edward Graf, Lillian Jensen, Darrel Thompson, Hoskuld Sorenson. Trombones - Marjorie Wheeler, Dora Mae Dittmer, Doris Christensen, Gene McCarty, Marjorie Nagel, Robert Peterson, Boyd Miller, Helen Berkland. Baritone-Rebecca Shea, Roberta Shea. Bass Drum-Bruce Miller. Snare Drum-Jane Totman. Horn-Helen Schilling, Dorothy Vessey, Harriet Peterson, Joyce Sprague. Saxophone - Shirley Graham, Dale Fricke, Betty Jornlin, Violet Prussman, Charles Townsend. Tuba - Ruth Joyce Ullman, Carmen Skretting, Dean Doner, Dwight Krueger. Bassoon-Marion Pederson. Fluie-Eleanor Shanley, Ruth Norgaard, Bette Bishman, Elizabeth Buller. Oboe-Betty Hanson. Bass Clarinet-Dona Kennard. Baritone Saxophone-Lola Thayer. Tenor Saxophone-Phyilis Stuller. Harp-Priscilla Gilbertson. .QQK W- v. iegitg 41 7 XM il" .-'- l 7 .-. 7... -A l - 'Q 'vw icfilhf -f f-We gc. ,, Q , Y f L- 1 -P'-, " - ,.yfWg3f,, f K xx -. M , , fc. - 'E' 24- -. J--1-' 'Q lv '-' , -ii X v. xx Our Trophy-Winning Declclm Team Declamatory winners were Rebecca Shea, dramatic, Doris Schilling, poet- ry, Betty June Wiese, humorous, and Mark Minier, oratory. These repre- sentatives from BHS entered the dis- trict contest at Flandreau in Novem- ber, and with three superiors and one excellent, were able to amass the most points to receive the contest trophy. Rebecca, Doris, and Betty June were the superior winners and Mark received the excellent rating. Mr. Wilson coached oratory and Miss Hampton was in charge of the other three divisions. By their merit of having won su- perior at the district contest, Rebecca, Doris and Betty June each partici- Left to right: Betty Wiese, Mr. Wilson, Miss Hampton, Rebecca Shea, Doris Schil- ling, Mark Minier. pated in the divisional declamation contest at Howard. At this contest Rebecca received an excellent and Doris and Betty June received a good rating. All four readers presented their readings to the student assembly be- fore going to Flandreau, and each had many opportunities to read before local clubs and organizations. The readings given were: "The Going of the White Swan," by Re- becca, t'The Death of the Hired Man," by Doris, "A Modern Portia," by Betty June, and "The Constitution," by Mark. In the local contest, Rebecca Won over Marjorie Wheeler, Betty June won from Peggy Holmes, and Mark and Doris had no competition. 28 BJ 550 CM M5942 X U - 1 e Y 7,1 ....- ' gf M7 000' 4 i .staff l 0 7,7 M 4 U J' l J' FN ' 1, A X 5 X V im nv mumn1,.' Q X in 1? X 'usa' f "A L I if 551 Qc j Our Lowyers, Legislators, Levonts . . . FORENSIC CLUB Interest in forensics is inspired and prompted by Forensic Club, one of the smallest clubs of Brookings High School. The club has taken an un- usually active part in all school affairs. Forensic Club was organized for the benefit of all students who have participated in at least two inter- school debates. Its aim is to aid in creating and instilling in the students a keener interest in speech work. As the first activity of the school year, members of Forensic Club held a picnic at Lake Campbell. With French Club, the Forensic Club spon- sored one of the most successful dances of the year. Formal initiation of new members and voice recordings high-lighted the other events of the group. Culpa it V Pe " .V A1 1 -: Alf -1 uk' U :tx iffhuub 1 5 I ..g,.j,s - . U ,. ck 54334, s fbi Q ' f-1 xwp xx Left to right: Back row-M. Wheeler, D. Fromke, G. Harper, V. Martin, J. Otter- ness, Mr. Wilson. Second row-L. Rice, D. Dyste, S. Graham, D. Christensen, M. Deane, H. Schilling, H. Sorenson, S. Brack- enwagen. Front row-D. Schilling, P. Harper, A. Gentle, R. Thorson, D. Wiley, R. Pittenger, M. Minier, V. Quail. 9 At each meeting, speakers were en- gaged to discuss special speech topics with the members. Prof. George Mc- Carty, William McCann, and students ffom the college helped in these dis- cussions. Forensic Club, with Dwyte Wilson, debate instructor, as adviser, is spon- sored by the forensic department, and though it is a comparatively new club, has already done much for Brookings High School in extra- curricular work. President ................................,...... Mark Minier Secretary-Treasurer ...... Doris Schilling 29 5 , xg-Q egg, - QS' -f . Wh- 1 1 .242 f if 7' - M, fi' kfw "tr The GAA, Our Feminine Athletes . . The executive board. elected by popular vote, is made up of: Rebecca Shea, president, Phyllis Willey, vice president, Marilynn Sprague, secre- tary-treasurer, Patricia Murphy, fi- nancial chairman, Camilla Petersen, art head, Jean Shelp, speedball, Ruby Anderson, unorganized sports head, Harriet Case, basketball head, Bev- erly Sorenson, tumbling head, Joyce Sprague, volleyball head, Marjorie Wheeler, softball and track head and Donna Dyste, social chairman. Meeting every two Weeks, the board discusses the progress and problems of the club and makes any necessary rules and regulations. It Left to right: Upper row -- Marilynn Spragle, Jean Shelp, Beverly Sorenson, Patricia Murphy, Miss Hemmingson, Phyllis Willey. Lower row-Camilla Peter- sen, Donna Dyste, Rebecca Shea, Ruby An- derson, Marjorie Wheeler, Harriet Case. plans the calendar for the year, and authorizes all expenditures. Through the constant guidance of this board, GAA is a well-planned and successful organization. Letters and medals. the GAA awards, are given each year to the girls who have constantly and loyally participated in GAA events. The letter is received when one thousand points have been earned. The gold medal, the most cherished award given by GAA, is received when two thousand points have been earned. To earn this medal, a girl must work for four years, participat- ing in almost every activity. Medals this year were given to Dorothy Ves- sey and Camilla Petersen. 'I'hese awards make GAA worthwhile and give the members an aim to strive towards. 30 QQUBCTE X9 4 L EN 3 if 947 Xi -4? I I I 1 3 .,,., 'a V if 0 , : Q A f.. w fd :ii L umm: ' E H X LLZZLE 3 K 4,13 QQ , s- 5 IWW fl ilu?-IP Q' If I A 4. . L. 1 I1 , .f-- WW' I 14111 5" fm' Mk Tcike Port in Many Activities . . . Volleyball, softball. and track make up the spring activities. As usual, volleyball and softball honorary teams were chosen and the games were played off to determine the final winners. Track, a new sport, drew a large number of participants. At the end of the season, a track meet was held. This determined the girls who were the most skilled in each divi- sion, such as in hurdling, broad jump, high jump, and others. The annual Play Day was held in May. During the day all fall, winter, and spring sports were played. Donna Dyste, social chairman, was in charge of Play Day. Left to right: Back row-Willey, Re. Shea, Norgaard, M. Sprague, Sorensen, Watson, Petersen, Dyste, Second row- Thompson, Smith, Christensen, Warner, Braley. First row-J. Sprague, Allstot, Arneson, Van Laningham, Halstead. A picnic, a banquet, and a dance high-spotted GAA's social calendar. The picnic was for the purpose of ac- quainting the new members with the old. To prove that GAA strives to be an aid to the school, members made and sold yarn dolls in school colors. The proceeds were given to the Bobcat Day fund. In February the club held a Sweet- heart dance. Helen Schilling, as Sweetheart, was presented with a gold locket. The annual GAA banquet was held in April with an out-of-town speaker and a brief talk by the president, Re- becca Shea, as the main features. 32 510 CM X942 'Q X --' ff- Watertown, here we come! , Ping-pongsters Steen and Schuler. Our Q.flllI'Y10l' athletes. C 1 e An intent Crowd, arenlt they? Just a little checking up. Sew what, Jake? - - The glory oi' being an Editor? , , Pulling punches, sour notes, and dunkings. 33 QR x 757: X 4, 5 f 1. A - , , w T- - -. -1 f f xi Q X 51 N X v may 5 NX X These IH Juniors Will Be ww S 1 I 34 SUBJ? X942 1 .... , 6' , 2 -f N f N 'f 5 - J I ff ffl? K 1 x J X-V! 4 O U f J ' lghllqhl 251 J I X f wnmzmlnl lnnwiz qa X fx w ,fm 4 -V 'X LQ fN 1, 1, BiQ Shots in BHS Next Year 5 35 I WH uw A M U l U ' " ll UU . - gn' px , ,, U 2 . VW 0 1 . ' ' QV., V mu A-fx. 1 ' f X L, ' f P9 . - d xr ,iw fx X 2 X Ng- K 't -i' iigik S ,- ii fy' D The Pseudo-Sogocious Sophomores Home Room 23, Left to Right-Back Row: Charles Akkerman, Wayne Buckley, Donald Bunday. Second Row: Ruby Anderson, Robert Davis, Marion Davies, Delbert Bebo, Avis Clark, Frances Crawford, Ross Apland, Dora Mae Dittmer, David Cox, Drusilla Bortnem. Front Row: Letty Ar- neson, Clarence Dalke, Verne Cutler, Stanley Brackenwagen, Donald Dorn, Marshall Adamson, Robert Coleman, Franklin Duff, Royal Adamson, Ger- aldine Blase. Not in picture, Mr. Hubbell. Home Room 108, Left to Right-Back Row: Raymond Golic, George Flittie, Robert Eggert, J ulia Ann Eberle, Kenneth Eckman, Clifford Franzke, Dale Fricke, Mr. Lynn. Second Row: Kelso Hill, Lee Hinkley, Darlene Hille- stad, Harriet Hanson, Clifton Eikum, Kenneth Huchendorf, Cleo Hickman, Lois Grimm, Stewart Heslop. Front Row: Jeanne Gottschalk, Helen Fox, Edward Graf, Robert Graham, Myrna Evans, Katherine Harding, Wanda Hanson, Alyce Fromke, Lolajean Erickson, Pat Harper. Not in picture, LaVina Gulbranson, Luella Hay. Home Room 123, Left to Right-Back Row: Earl Landon, Melvin Jacobson, Ruth Johnson, Neva Lee, Dona Kennard, Damaras Linn, Marion Johnston, Thomas Johnson, Lila Mae Lake, Glenn Lundy. Front Row: Patricia Lampson, Helen Kakonis, Betty J ornlin, Craig Jacobson, Harlan Kelly, Marjorie Lee, LaJ une Larson, Arline LaRiviere, Alois Lee. Not in picture, Joyce Johnson, Lucille Jones, Dwight Krueger, Darwin Lewis, Miss Mauch. Home Room 111, Left to Right-Back Row: Marion Martin, Robert Platt, Darrell Reeter, Vincent Maher, Esther Mae Madsen, Miss Hampton. Second Row: Lowell Niklason, Marilyn Smith, Helen Smith, Vivian Smith, Jean Shelp, Shirley Ohland, Frederick Rust, Marilyn Nordmark, Wylma Mohror. Front Row: Randall Otteson, Dorothy Maher, Bernice Olson, Patricia Matheny, Lorraine Phillipson, Marian Mailey, Richard Pittenger, Vernon Quail, Joyce Sprague. Not in picture, Julia Maher, Delvin Soden. Home Room 53. Left to Right-Back Row: Kenneth Trudell, Raymond Wagner, Gail Steinback. Second Row: Raymond Ulbrich, Jean Starksen, Grace Weise, Elda Ust, Helen Wilcox, Elizabeth Ward, Dorothy Telling- huisen, Karl Wood, Una Fay Willey, Gordon Steen. Front Row: George Tate, Dean Watson, Lloyd Van Laningham, Robert Thorson, Eugene Swed- lund, Donald Wiley, Harriet Van Laningham, Lyle Telkamp. Not in pic- ture, Patricia Sutton, Jane Totman, Joe Walker. 36 .fn .ff ,J-' 1 Z mummy.. I I s PN Q2 5 P 'nw ,,,4, '24 - O J' hal' , :A --f R A hi - ' I 2 ' I A u .- W 4-v 1: Y " -. A? REX I .ax " 1-A ' Z "" f - 37 L. I . J'-1'l'1 . - TNQ ' NF ff about fa' ' P - . f 1' V 11225 N' A RS. f-x x fr-'F -E-K sgx .af Q51 W 55" . s- I YY . ., Y nd" ' - 1 7- ' 1-fe - -S 'W mififl 5' N ine -sk :Z i --2,31 Y 1 . If ,xv S C 52:-.. D ffu fffglpf- K X D+. . . 1..,,,, H x W Ei B , v gui -X K .. -E -+- ' X' '- Nx .X Singing Stors Compose L'AIIegro A symphony of voices can be heard from Miss Brewer's room, as the L'Allegro Club practices for its nu- merous concerts. The L'Allegro began its musical year by contributing the Christmas Candlelighting Service. Soloists from the club were Dorothy Hagen, Fay Lindstrom, and Esther Mae Madsen. Officers are: President, Doris Schil- ling, vice president, Beverly Soren- sen, and secretary-treasurer, Esther Sterud. Members: First Sopranos-L. Buck- ley, A. Carlson, D. Hagen, B. Liebig, F. Lindstrom, E. Madsen, G. Olson, B. Smith, J. Starksen, second sopranos- M. DeBlonk, L. Erickson, P. Gilbert- son, W. Hanson, B. Lemert, D. Schil- ling, D. Thompson, N. Ward, G. Wiese, first alto-E. Anderson, H. Case, H. Dokken, E. Kleinsasser, C. Petersen, second alto-B. Sorensen E. Sterud, M. Wheeler. 38 7 Left to right: Back Row-Dorothy Hagen, Jean Starksen, Margaret De Blonk, Esther Madsen, Betty Liebig, Beverly Sorensen, Marjorie Wheeler, Harriet Case, Emma Belle Anderson. Second Row-Jean Holdhusen, Bet- ty Smith, Fay Lindstrom, Alice Carl- son, Betty Lemert, Grace Wiese, Max- ine Ward, Harriet Dokken. Front Row-Geraldine Olson, La- Vonne Buckley, Wanda Hanson, Doris Schilling, Priscilla Gilbertson, Lola- jean Erickson, Donna Thompson, Elaine Kleinsasser, Camilla Petersen. Ba, 590 CM Avis . , TO f .QA, ri L C5 if-V' R I O ,, r , J' W l Va, J. fl-N WZ ll .1 y 1 X 5 3 il m .nunnu,,"' Q ,wif X .Baa 41- .f ig, as if zo -J' .sv 1 . Q C.f gt gil 4' 'Yi Chorus Gives Condle light Concert . One hundred forty-eight choristers, under the excellent direction of Miss Winifred Brewer and Mr. Heath, have been extremely active throughout this year. Their first public appear- ance was the Christmas Candlelight- ing Service. This year's program had as its theme "Christmas Carols of All Countries." The high school chorus collaborated with the junior high chorus in this annual affair. In April a select group participated in the District Music Contest at State College. Later, the entire group at- tended the annual music festival held in Watertown. To sum up the year's activities, the chorus sang at the com- mencement exercises. First Soprano: Ackman, Bortnem, Brown, Buckley, Dittmer, Gilbertson, Graham, Hagen, Madsen, Maher, Moe, G. Olson, Platt, B. Smith, Stark- sen, Starman, Steinlicht, Stratton Totman. Second Soprano: Arneson, C. Bib- gar, L. Biggar, Carlson, Davies, De Blonk, DeWitt, Eberle, Erickson, Hal- stead, Huchendorf, Husum, J. John- son, Jones, Langmeyer, M. Langner, LaRiviere, Larson, Larson, LeFevre, Lemert, Linn, McCuen, Mailey, Nor- 7 ris, Otterness, Pickett, Pittenger, M. Risch, Schilling, Shinnick, Steen, Taylor, Tellinghusen, Trygstad, Ward, B. Wiese, G. Wiese, M. Wiese, DJ Wil- ley, U. Willey. First Alto: Anderson, Binnewies, Broadbent, Caldwell, Case, Clark, Davis, DeVine, Dokken, Dyste, Eken, Fromke, Framstad, Green, Hammond, R. Hanson, Harvey, Jacobsen, D. Johnson, L. Jones, Kumlien, Hill- stead, N. Langner, Leulf, Lunden, Matheny, McLaughlin, Merriman, Mohror, H. Smith, M. Smith, Squires, Thompson, Ullman, Vandersluis, Van Laningham, Warner, Wilcox. Second Alto: Allstot, Braley, W. Hanson, Kleinsasser, Peterson, Soren- son, Sterud, Ward, Wheeler. First Tenor: Carlson, Holdhusen, LaRiviere, R. Olson, Pittenger, Quail, Stewart, Wiley. Second Tenor: Graf, Kennedy, N. Stevens, S. Stevens. First Bass: Cox, Duff, Flittie, Grom- mersch, R. Hanson, Hill, T. Johnson, Lundy, Ruedebusch, Rust, Searls, Seas, M. Smith, Sutton, Ra. Wagner, K. Wood. Second Bass: Franzke, Fromke, Gil- bert, Harper, R. Risch, Schimnowski, Schrader, Ro. Wagner, M. Wood. Piano Accompanist: Holdhusen. f af I , li 1--I' ft 01.1. ut iuvlfv-I , L. U 51: :oo vu . y Q N022 . ' 9 , C 'AC' 9 X 39 -QM S-K 1 .P A ..f. -In 4 ' Milf! ? Pg e .Zi fi 'ggi ' ig v P " iii W, likk . XX Concert I-liglfispots Yeor's Work The sound of crashing cymbals - rolling drums-sweet strains from a violin-these sounds are familiar to the students of this year's orchestra. This group of students, led for the last time by C. E. Franklin, gave two assembly programs, and presented a spring concert. Dean Doner, soloist for the concert, played the Piano Con- certo No. 1 by Mendelssohn, with or- chestra accompaniment. The or- chestra also carried away high honors at the District Music Contest. To con- clude the year they joined with Huron to attend the Festival at Wa- tertown. Officers, President, Dean Donerg secretary-treasurer, Betty Hanson. Personnel Violins - Louise Albrecht, Julia Ann Eberle, Lolajean Erickson, Dorothy Hagen, Ruth Johnson, Helen Kakonis, Nancy Mac- Donald, Esther Madsen, Erdine Skretting, Helen Smith, Vivian Smith, Beverly Soren- son, Jean Starksen, Beverly Swering, Dona Thompson. Violas-Dean Doner, Jeanne Gottschalk, Marjorie Lee, Catherine Maher, Doris Schilling. Cellos-Alice Mae Christensen, Wanda Hanson, Katherine Harding. Bruce Miller, James Moriarty, Phyllis Willey. Bass Viols-Dwight Krueger, Ruth Joys Ullman. Flutes-Bette Bishman, Eleanor Shanley, Ruth Norgaard. Clarinets-Harriet Hanson, Joseph Mor- iarty, Virginia Russell, Leif Sorenson. Alto Clarinet-Dona Kennard. Bassoon-Marion Pederson. Oboe-Betty Hanson. Horns-Helen Schilling, Dorothy Vessey. Cornets-Neil Bergstreser, Harriet Dok- ken, Glen Frie, Robert Sexauer. Trombones - Doris Christensen, Gene McCarty. Tuba-Carmen Skretting. Drums-Marion Davies. Tympani-Jane Totman. Harp-Priscilla Gilbertson. ,RQOBCM X9 if D f T 2 0 -M, .....V ' ' ' -P , f-'W ' 1, N Y C-NWT llllrg nilllflh 'f I -1. ,I x , 1 vxgr- 'nn mmnnvi' Add! ,ff 'pq -.5 7 i f '-. yi, , T' r,, T7 0 C , 4a DSW Q 4 . ef! ,x Between Acts-Our Pit Orchestra . . . The curtain falls and the pit or- chestra begins the sweet strains of Anton Dvorak's "Humoresque." The pit orchestra offers musical entertain- ment before the class plays begin and between acts. This organization is under the direction of Mr. C. E. Franklin. As the Junior and Senior orchestra members are usually chosen to per- form certain duties for their own class play, it becomes necessary to choose a new personnel for each play. The pit orchestra differs from an orchestra in that it is smaller and is composed of outstanding students from both band and orchestra. Mem- bers are chosen as to their musical ability. Those who played for the Junior class play this year were as follows: Violins-Dona Thompson, Esther Mae Madsen, Beverly Swering and Louise Albrecht, viola-Dean Donerg cello-Bruce Millerg string bass- Ruth Joyce Ullmang cornets-Robert Sexauer and Patricia Delaney, trom- bone-Roberta Sheag oboe - Betty Hansong fiutes-Eleanor Shanley and Ruth Norgaardg clarinets - Harriet Hanson and Virginia Russellg French horns-Helen Schilling and Dorothy Vesseyg piano-Jean Holdhusen. Other smaller ensembles were or- ganized such as the trumpet, trom- bone and flute trios. The most out- standing ensemble was the string quartet composed of Dona Thompson, Esther Mae Madsen, Bruce Miller and Dean Doner. Left to right: Back row-Ruth Joyce Ull- man, Harriet Hanson, Virginia Russell, Jean Holdhusen, Robert Sexauer, Patricia Delaney, Dean Doner. Second row-Ro- berta Shea, Helen Schilling, Dorothy Ves- sey, Betty Hanson, Louise Albrecht, Bev- erly Swering, Bruce Miller. Front row- Eleanor Shanley, Ruth Norgaard, Erdine Skretting, Dona Thompson, Esther Mae Madsen. LV A -ul :U N bu .., .gf LSL ,,-was 'lg Q Q' wg M-ifiwf. ' g 41 Lg. -x , ,. -A 3 3' gglx 7 'ma' . ':1 -'QP W . L 3 --57. . L , Y 5 Xing.. af, - - , 17 f "' I ' 17, 1.6560-ll' . - vajiig, . Li' v 'F- el Q Z" Q ,- On Etuclie Lo Vie Francoise . . . La Cercle Francaise, the French Club, composed of twenty-eight French I and French II students, met to discuss topics of interest concern- ing French life and customs. Miss Eva Bucknam acted as their sponsor. These meetings consist of musical numbers by club members, reports on topics of French life, travel talks, and often French motion pictures. One of the most enjoyable programs of the year was the March sleigh ride. After two hours out of doors, the went to the president's home for refresh- ments and a talk by Miss Coral Hem- mingson on her trip to Alaska. The club's outstanding undertaking this year was the annual sweater- mixer held in the fall. This year the dance was sponsored by the French and Forensic Clubs together. Each year the club subscribes to Le Petit Journal, a paper composed of clippings from French newspapers concerning current events and other topics of interes. The club officers, excluding the treasurer, are chosen at the April meeting. The treasurer is chosen from the incoming French class the following fall. For this year the club officers were: President ...,,.......,............................. Ruth Norgaard First Vice President ......,,...,..., ..,..., R olf Hanson Second Vice President ,.....,.. James Schaffner Secretary ....,.,..,.,....... , ...,..,...,...... Mary Ellen DeVine Treasurer .....,,.......,,.. ,..., ..,........ V i rginia Binnewies FRENCH CLUB Left to right: Standing-Gauis Harper, Alvin Norris, Edwin Gilbert, Bruce Miller, Ruth Norgaard, Robert Robert Sexauer. Seated. second row - Kathleen Maher, Dean Doner, Patricia Lindsay, Betty Ray, Dona Thompson, Gene McCarty, Miss Bucknam, Virginia Russell, Betty Smith. First row-Lucille Rice, Patricia Murphy, Harriet Case, Pricilla Gilbertson, Marlys Eken. 42 510 CM law 1 T 4 . ,ffl 'xi -fi N P'-F 1 . 1 F - . -a O l .... . F ,ff .KWIWU J". I X X - xi V 7 591' If 5 . X V. lax V 'llnv ulnllhllllliih ,fig ,gg xg " 5 , X, .- .R TQ, y ' 6 ' t. B- I 0 XGY ' A ' f ig Senatus, Populusque, Romonus .... Les Publica Romana consists this year of forty-seven members. Their meetings are held for the purpose of gaining a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, customs, and language. Membership in the Latin Club is open to all students who have successfully completed one semester of Latin. Fol- lowing the custom of the Romans, the Latin I students are called Plebians, while all advanced students are re- ferred to as Patricians. At the first meeting a committee, consisting of Harriet Case, Priscilla Gilbertson, Marion Davies, Jean Starksen, and Helen Smith, nominat- ed candidates for this year's officers. The programs for the year were planned by Jean Holdhusen, Jean Starksen, Emma Belle Anderson and Edward Graf. Their programs in- cluded a steak fry and skating party at Lake Campbell, talks by Latin II members, skits, songs, and games. Seventeen new members entered the organization at the February meeting. Jean Starksen was in charge of the initiation. Advisers and officers for the club are as follows: First Consul, Esther Mae Madsen, Second Consul, Jane Totman, Censor, Emma Belle Anderson, Proctor, Miss Leotta Hampton. Left to right: Back row-G. Patterson, D. Doner, R. Thorson, D. Fromke, J. Hold- husen, E. Tulga, S. Ohland, H. Hanson, H. Kakonis. Third row - B. DeWitt, Miss Hampton, L. Albrecht, P. Holmes, H. Case, R. Johnson, H. Smith, J. Starksen, L. Rice, J. Eberle, M. Nordmark, E. Madsen, D. Dittrner, B. Bishman, D. Krueger. Second row-P. Lawrence, A. Otterness, C. Biggar, K. Harding, B. Lemert, P. Gilbertson, M. Allstot, J. Totman, R. Anderson, C. Brown, M. Lee, J. Gottschalk. Seated-J. Taylor, G. Lorenzo, Y. Franzke, D. Johnson, D. Peterson, A. Gentle, E. Anderson, J. Hold- husen, R. Miller, E. Graf. 5'-1 "if 'L 1 4' L 1 u f -. . , fu..-- A " -u: I X H Q., 1. u .. , -. ' 1. .f 01. ,, o WVR f...x x 43 '--Q? PK : i '5i .a-.. " - LW? f' QW t Through the Region-On to Stote . Conference leadership was the goal in mind when 50 boys reported for 1940-41 basketball season. From this number 12 were chosen for the "A" squad and 15 for the HB." By finishing third in the conference behind only Mitchell and Aberdeen, the Bobcats realized a successful season. As a grand climax the determined Bobcats won the Northeast Regional Tournament at Watertown for the right to compete in the State Tourna- Reading from left to right-Turner 1151, Kervin 1Aberdeen 81, Graeber 1Aberdeen 61, Niklason 1201, Nikolas 1Aberdeen 41, Carlsen 1Aberdeen 101. Upper inset, clockwise from top-Nik1a- son 111, Turner 121, Steen 131, Billings 141, Patterson 151. Lower inset-Billings. ment. A loss to Rapid City was no ment. A loss to Rapid City was no example of the Bobcats' ability as they beat the Conference Champion Mitchell Kernels 29-25 for the State Consolation honors. Crusinberry Otterness Moriarty W. Steen Chester 44 QDGBQLQ kwa qw wma ,V - M f AX fa, J Y N 1 ' Y ' " ,rwl Agzyf " X: 'Z O fe, If 4 U -f ' x : 0 XX V A mmm,.. Q X ,lv 'QW i "xo, -J I EF, .Mm .. J ' . E1 urf 7 V xx Niklason Billings Turner Hanson Patterson BHS Opponent- 17 Watertown ................... ...,. 11 Tracy ...................... J ............................ R egional 3? lglagirifjghslndlans 28 Aberdeen ............................,............. 26 42 Alfllmni ............ IlllfffffIfflflffffff 34 Flandfeau Indians """e"""" 32 24 Huron ...........,.... State 23 Madison ............... 16 Rapid City ....4'..... .,,.,A.'.... 2 6 20 Watertown ----'- 29 Mitchell ......oo,,.. .........,.. 2 5 29 Aberdeen ....... 14 Huron ........... - 29 Yankton ............................................. 38 Madison ..,.......................................... J Taeftcto Ijisohtr Bagf 10? IT Maxcliayrin. ' 0 T1 FUSIH BIT-Y, all O HSOII, HI' CS 25 Flandreau Indlans Chester, James Otterness, Joe Moriarty, 27 Yf3.IlktOIl ............................................. Frank Bowers. Front row-Rolf Hanson, 30 S10uX Falls ..,................................. Pat Turner, Roger Billings, Loren Niklason, Wayne Steen, George Patterson. 45 x 2 A Jil' U 1. ., . Q . . U ifif 0 ' Z D -,M ,L4ixf,, 2 -it ? ' f"'x SAP XS B Squad . . "B" SQUAD BASKETBALL The "BH Squad under the tutelage of L. D. "Doc" Horrigan finished, a successful season, March 6, by a 42-9 victory over Elkton. This made a total of ten Wins and four losses. By Volga and Bruce tying for first and second place, the Bobkittens were placed third in the conference of nine schools. This year Donnie Dorn and Wenfred Morrison were chosen to play on the Upper Sioux Conference team. James Hammond and Donnie Dorn were co-captains of the team. Those boys who actually participat- ed on the "B" Squad Were: Dorn, Left to right: Back row-K. Lampson, R. Adamnson, B. Beelman, W. Schimnowski, L. Niklason, R. Graham, Mr. Horrigan. Front row-D. Chervenka, J. Hammond, R. Helsman, N. Stevens, M. Martin, W. Mor- rison, D. Dorn. ee- -Q HTL 'ir ,g l 2 , Wink. ,, - fx. 'Digg ' i r LW? Dfw' "ix Hammond, Morrison, Martin, Hill, Stevens, Royal and Marshall Adam- son, Chervenka, Schimnowski, Beel- man, Niklason, Heisman, Kelly, Gra- ham and Buckley. Season Summary Opp. "B" Squad Flandreau ........ .........,.... 2 8 17 Flandreau ........ .. ........... 28 30 Aggies ,............. .....,........ 1 3 14 Aggies .............,...... .............. 1 0 20 Watertown ...,.................... 25 27 Watertown ......,.,,.............. 25 27 Bruce ....,...,........... ..........,,.. 4 0 29 Bruce .................... .....,....,.. 3 0 21 Clear Lake .............,.,.,...... 30 43 Clear Lake .........,.........,.... 22 31 Madison ...,.......... .............. 1 1 30 Estelline ......., ..... ,....... 2 9 10 Arlington .........,. ........... . .15 33 Elkton .............. .,....... 9 42 46 590 CM 5942 Cflltfl 'pf Q2 J J f KW' 'H li-,ff J P fi ,ll .amen 'nu nm an yin" ' 3' C fa . 1. 1 A. vi mmstaw .1 ss Freshman Basketball Schedule Freshmen Junior High 22 ...... .,.,........ 1 8 13 ...... ........ 1 5 13 ..,... ........ 1 5 13 ...... ........ 1 0 13 ...... .... 9 21 ..,.A. ........ 1 4 10 ..... ........ 1 5 15 .,.,.. ........ 1 4 Left to right: Back row - Raymond Kleinsasser, Clifford Adams, Kenneth Pease, Robert Evens, Bill Bowers. Blaine Totman, Harvey Mills, lVlr. Bell. Front row wDean Cochran, Robert, Bartling, Robert Smith, Lyle Jensen, Leo Buckley, Donald Petersen, James Moriarty. Intra-mural B. B. Champs, left to right: Standing-Graf, Wagner, Sutton, Sorenson. Kneeling-MeKelvey, Sl'l1lllCl'. Steen, Nor- ton. Tennisi Patterson, lVloriarty. x '1w" 's 'rl , ,fl . M't-A 1, ... 1, A A we ll iii X ef fi 47 he. K 1 li 1 L i-SIX ai fy Q. H - B- W SQ-X ..-. ' 27212 ll?" . . ' "QW Mfff f p ." F.?- f E Y Y 'wwf' ' - 'rf - ' - ' , J.: , - ' -I W S -in Journalists ond Writers of BI-IS . Left to right: Back row-Ro. Shea, C. Maher, Russell. Third row-DeVine, Peter- sen, Deane, Schilling. Second row-Dyste, Sterud, Graham, Hanson. First row-Ol- son, Kumlien, Ullman, Skretting. Standing in back-K. Maher, Miss Bantz, Sorenson, Doner. Presiding-Fromke. Journalistic problems and queries are discussed by students of Journal- ism in the recently organized Publi- cations Club. This group meets with one idea in mind, that being to aid the students in learning more of the practical side of publishing. Red and Black Week, originated and sponsored by Pub Club, has be come one of the traditions of Brook- ings High School. During the past year the club has secured speakers prominent in the field of journalism to meet with the members at meet- ings and discuss phases of journalism and printing. 48 Many Publications Club members attended the South Dakota High School Press Association convention last fall at the college and took active part in round table discussions. These discussions included problems of edit- ing school papers and learning the fine points of photography. Journalists who have shown suf- ficient ability are selected for mem- bership in Quill and Scroll. Members elected in 1940 were Donna Dyste, Shirley Graham, DeVern Fromke and Dean Doner. Bobcat and Broboca staff members who made outstanding contributions were elected to mem- bership at a late Spring meeting. Donna Dyste was chosen as one of ten journalists throughout the state for the All State Staff. President, DeVern Fromkeg vice presi- dent, Donna Dyste: secretary-treasurer. Shirley Grahamg social chairman, Roberta Sheag adviser, Miss Bantz. Bc, Q10 CM X942 PN lj" 4 2:9 XX I DX Z" f Q 'dqghh ' 3 - ' p.,,wef . . " .f f-.v . pg-r NN. :ifgwlg ki? I ', 5 .... N"'-"Self '22 mg , - ,Er .- ,Q S N wil y Wllhw S ff! ' ,--' ,Q fa ' 'fiipf'-"'-,I W' - ' , 5 Q N Q xv 4 s ,L g' , 'i 'Q i, xx, ,. 4 fx ch: X me -9 rn , if . as 1 Ax f - , 1.. fb.-13 .fp -. fi, QE ,f swagfl A L- .,, n ge A w. , ' , . u g s- 1 'Q -, , . . 'E gf ? 5. 1 , - 'ff , . XV.-'3-ug.. 1 . -1 J' - 1 75. , -Vg? , Q , . ,Q 3 - 5 V ' Z ,' riff' A f f-. ism le ' '2?,Fi3:f, E . 'V 'Z x c-4,- 1 T" - ' , ga , 'git I H' '. v,-igksf f1 '- 24 . li fhffxi if , gf? - L:-MQ! M- f f, . WA 4 ls A 1 v V lrmgif 1 1 , YAE Q I , Z rl. , Q lil Vx ' 3-'V G5 --:gg fe X Q f- A yi gg 'X ..3i!E!2-f av :rf :Zi '23 ,ifivif L if 7 Qsxfm. 'Q 1, . rw 4 f Z' ' jf 5 A 2 W' ' ,-151: ' ' 'f' YL f' bv :W " 51' -gi i- K i sg f, 5'- -. f,w -gifs: M Ng 'gp .A .2 Li fi A. am P L ,ii 4 ' ,egg 15 7 ' f 'ff' . -mia 4 Fil iff A ici 7, '5 nw -,nf '-' '4 I ' K I - j'l.:.,f -,Q A. f' 'ser' wr , 2 :lm .Ir 1 W5 , f If 1' fv, ' 4 f- :Si f- FQ!-KX' 5 . E' , E2 f l I 'A . ' my "1 f All: .Wi S' f . ggi 'N W ,311 f f ,LM 1.-2 - 1 Y .3 A ' xvljx- 'ZZ' - T- ' 2 31122- Q ,gi M' :, , - ,375 'f' af iiluif I 'Air' H " 4 4 -f Q 5?-151 - A gh N w if .f U, in L TSYLSQ A A ff" Ei ' ' 'L U 1 4' V 5, f 'r ,J fy V ,J V' ' f . - , ' 3 ,fy L, -- 'Q if xi ,gtiiffif 22 2 7 Q K 3. 1'fai3'.5A ' w , ' V MV. , Vx? ,J , - ' , 4-'a nn 1, 52.555 4- gg Q' ew - E 1 M . ,S , W! . 17 " A' -GEL A 1 1-5, 5 ' : ix-Ui., V str, -Q2 ' ww X f- -1,-5 , . liz:-1 , . Y .w , A 1 1 . ve ' -A .. - ' X, 'M -- T wig ' ' Z +L' Q 'I f 1 Qs, Q EQQ' ' T 4, ' i ,: ' H' xg, l L Q QE' . 1 ge, ' 2 .V f. Ln , 1 15 2,2 2 if: ' ' 5 x, N?,gi:,- ' .gl . j . ,Y 4 V 'W Y' 1 L if gf if if , ' , I 1 L- ' 'M iff ' ' -W , , -s ' Ag211 ' fi' ,ff A . ai f ?f gEf':3:i1 J. , f 'L ' gfgffill, J fs ,. x 52 gif ' Y , Q72 f 55- 7 ' is If , V' g,Ef,y: QQ, if , V. V -T, Af' iQI4 Q 'n l' '31 -4 j .y gi: t 4 Q it , fi" ' 3 2 if V' -, 1 ljl 1 1 3 -w ,' . vlsgp A E ' s, H i, gf? ' '. 2 . JF '- ui' '?L --fix-QA ' - 5 +9 A 1- , x ,'.J '. 'TA ' , ,, V- ' z ' 4 1 f, -1: vis, iki , 12: - X: 1 , 31' ga , A V-f rg-f' J: 1. x : :+R g?5x5f' 47 'iff iii .5 4" f 2'-TM'-52 f rv 1 w -A ' - V, " gf-1-A .., v f 5 1' ,354 ,, :E MQ! gl' 1, v rf 2 51 2522, V - Ati' ' - -, ' F1'?i5 E'f Eif?2, .' QD 'jgxgff 11' Ei '1!'7,?1- ' f 144 4 .' pi? f LY: M 15-' .J -if . . ' V- '53 -' 32 ff? ' ' yi If f 1 ' V .3 , , , Fi 4 7 , L3 , ' . fi "Eb ' Q 5? g ' , AA xii f fe 5, ', ,Q A " , R, ' , A 'V '1.- '-f ? f 'f ,' xK C 1 biniffff M is ii' ' 3 ,fW'5T 97' , g ,Win 3, . ,L - . 1 152 1 1' 95 v w II ' ,gt QV L '33 -'Z' - s 1, ' ff - L , 7' 52,2 1 - 2, 11-if-. P ' 4. 'H vw - ' 315' , i f . V fi " QE X f f" - ' " 'A' ' V" . " -,X ' i , .' '- 1 41141,-1 - 'jyg v 4 7 ? ' SEP. , iilsf. I - ' i 1 155 : ul 'eg YZ", wig. :ia r- , sigwg 1 ' ' , if :A s :Q 95: ,Q Nz Y 7, , j4.,g. .-4: ', 1-'f. fS,i "? :34i . gf-gi -4 gm QQ :as y j giaifjg ,A gl, Q if 3 J may 1 , ffr as 2 ' 1: Jif f T1 w A ' 1 - f f , 5 .fy .152 z .gh :ig AM E25 1 1- .32.::Wg ' 2 -5 Qi iii V1 we Q Z f vp am, 55,--T '-as Exim, . fm 1541. afar! v .mpg , gm Raw Fwim uma, . :Wa , Wm Q. We, JM -mc, E l. "Will you sign my BOBCAT?" 2. -He's on his way! 3. Bill takin' it easy. 4. lSpose she can play 'tRum-Bergie' on that? 5. Track Captain Hanson poses for our photog- rapher. 6. Our champ golf players. 7. Steen "follows through." 8. Two essentials of the pep band. 10. All lined up for the Rotary banquet. School Life . in the Spring M 49 Seniors 5.1 S Fri. F:- ig, , ,,g 13? Am' - Fifi: - -Q. 1 - A "A 1 4 . ' - X- 3 wrzffyu,,, X v B X "am . ' .4 4 V .gi i - xnxx... 3 M F v. N.X xx Donald Ahern "Don" FFA 1,2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 33 "B" Footbzlll Il, 43 Chorus 3. Margaret Allstot "Maggie" Homemaking Club 13 Latin Club 3,41 Dramatic Ulub 41 Chorus l,2,3,43 .Iunior Play Production Stafl' 3. Gull Barrett "Babe" Homemaking lflub 1,22 GAA 1,2.3,-13 Junior Play Production Staff 33 Production slzift' Senior Play 4. Donald Beals "Don " "B" Football 1,2,3g Fresh- man Basketball 1: Intramural Basketball 3,43 Hockey 1,!.3, -i. 50 Joe Berge "Joe" "A" Football 3,43 "B" Foot- ball 23 Monogram Club 43 Publications Club 43 FFA 1,:J, 3,43 Bobcat Staff 4g Band 2, 3,43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3,43 Freshman Basketball 13 Track 3.4. Wayne Bermlt "Bc-rntlt" FFA 33 Football Manager 45 "B" Football 2,3. Roger Billings "Budd" "A" Football 1.3.3,-I3 'AA Basketball 1,Z,3,4: Track 1,2, 3,-13 Monogram Club 1,2,3,43 Student Council 1. Chester Bortnem "Chet" Intramural Basketball 1.43 Track 13 FFA l,3,3,43 Indust- rial Arts Club 2. AHERN BERGE Lavonne Buckley "Buck" Chorus 1,2,3.4: Homemakim: Club l.2,3,41 Publications Club 43 SSS 43 Bobcat Staff 4: .Iunior Play Production Staff 33 Student Council 1,33 Senior Play Production Staff 41 IXAIIE-Lrro 4. Russell Buhm "Red" Vernon Bushnell "Vem" Latin Club 1,23 Dramatic Ulub 3,43 Junior Play 31 Monogram Club 43 Chorus 1. 25.33 Intramural Basketball 11 Ulass Officer 11 Stage CFSW All School Play 2: "B" F001- ball 2,33 "A" Football 43 De- bate 1,23 Senior Play 4. Alice Carlson "Puss" Chorus 1,2,3,41 Hflmemaking ALLSTOT BARRETT BEALS BERNDT BILLINGS BORTNEM BUCKLEY BUHN BUSHNELL CARLSON CHRISTIE CLARK CRUSINBERRY DALKE Club 13 L'Allegro 3.43 Senior Play Production Staff 4. Dean Christie Intramural Basketball 43 Junior Play Production Staff 3. Margaret Clark "Mickey" Publications Club 33 French Club 3. John Crusinherry "Hoppy" "B" Football 1,2,33 Fresh- man Basketball 13 "B" Basketball 2,33 "A" Football 43 "A" Basketball 43 Mono- gram Ulub 3,43 Bobcat Staff 43 Freshman Track 13 Track 3.43 Band 23 Chorus 23 Senior Play 4. Adeline Dalke "Ad" Eureka 1,23 Chorus 33 GAA 4. il'- 21050141 594 Q g ,, I umm Q1 gf f K L., t 1 0 ,-.rf 1 7 E , ' J' , WY... r I 0,000 J l :ol E X ' '- f.f,J'- X 'ku 45. ff W7 I l? , t Seniors DAVIS DEANE DeBLONK DEMPEWOLF DeVINE DeWITT DONER DORN DUFF DYSTE EKEN FOSTER FRICKE FROMKE GRAF P. GRAHAM Fvvlle lluvin "Cc-ra" Chorus l.!.il.4: GAA li Holnemaking: Club l. Mary Margaret Ilenm- ulalllyu Cathedral, Sioux Falls l,!Z Latin Club 22,43 Fort-nsio Club 3,-tg Debate 3,43 Brobooa 14,41 Bobcat 4: SSS 42 Publications Club 3.41 Junior Play Proilur' tion Staff il: Play l'roiluCtion 35 Senior Play Production Staff 4. Murgun-t Dc-lilonk thorus l..,..S.4, L Alleglo 3, 4. Willis In-mpewolf "Willie" "B" Football 4: Senior Play Production Staff 4. Mary Ellen DeYine "Mary" GAA 1,2341 SSS 43 Student Council l: llonte-making Club 1,131 Frent-h Club 3,41 Pub- lications Club 3: Chorus 15,143 Broboca Il, L 4- . 0 1 - . n' Xt: ' o ,, i " -. " ,Q . ,111 ,f L. X MUD' t, U U .l f - fs x C2 XX Betty all-'Illl lh-YYIH "Bettis" Aurora lg Chorus 2.4: GAA 2,1!,l: llrarnatic' Club 22.43 i .lunior Class Play Irotluvtion Staff Il: Senior Play Produc- tion Stiff 4. D1-an B. Donn-r "Benton" Orchestra l.!,3,'l: Pit Or- chestra l.2,Ii,4: lJI'2llTlHil' Club 1,2,3.4: Latin Cluh l,!.3l,4: French Club 3.4: Junior Play Sli Pen Banrl 4: Publications Club 3,45 All School Play lg Brolxova l.2.2l1 Editor Ig Iiob- rat Staff 43 Quill and St-roll 3,43 String Quartet 1.13.41 Chorus 1: Band 3,42 Play 4. Jimmie Dorn "Jim" Band 2: Orchestra IQ Class Officer 1. Gordon Duff "Duffy" "B" Football 2.3, "A" Foot- ball 4: Chorus -tg lutranlural liaskvtball -ll FFA 4, MonoA g.:'rain Club lp liobcat Staff -l. Donna Dystr- Chet-l'le-atler l,!.Jl,l: GAA I. 2.Z!,tg llonu- lilo Club l,!,Cl,t3 lforemeir Club 1l,l: Ilramalis Club 2l,l: lN1ar,iorf-tto It: Quill and Svroll 3.4: Class Ufl'it't-1' JSA: Stuilt-nt Counoil 3.3.-l: All State Staff l: Chorus l.Jl,lg SSS li llrobot-a l.Il,l: Publit'a- tions Club 55.41 lk-lvalv 1.52: Junior Play Cl: Play Protluv- tion 1,21 Hollvat Day Allolul- ant 41 Senior Play l. Ruth like-ll Latin Club 3,-l: llantl 2,1511 Senior Play Protluvtiou Stuff Virginia Foster "Gln" GAA l. Eugene I-'rivke "Prix-k" Industrial Arts Club ll Dramatil' Club 3,4g Junior Play llrotluttion fluff .l Sruior Play I'rmllu'tion Slafl IM-V1-rn Fromlu- "Ya-rin" lioyillo l: lublu ttiouw Club Ill: Iianil 3,IL,l: It t l intl I lbriunzttio Club l I ttiu Club Zl.l: Iforousu- Club ll Chorus !.Il,l: llrobot t Nlaft' Zl.l lllmlitor lg Iioys thorns :Ll llrasie St-xtottt 211 'Vruingwt il lilo l, .Iunioi llu .., Qu l Ntloll 'l l' IN-lull l Zllll .' " St-uior Play l Il, l 1 Choi' .' W':llt1-r tiruf "Null" lullulll l.- Intramural Iias '- ua ...Ml lnmluxlllul Arts Club il. Phyllis tiraluun llolznntl 1.2: ltlixt-tl Choi' . l, llonu-malt' Play l'roiltu'tion Stiff l ll'i in tlub .., lbo bura Stall I' t XA .l, minion 51 Seniors S- a .4 -FS -' T W7-'FA .v: 1 4 1 Qi'--455 i lm' ,nf 'i'- D' - I iii 'I ' ff ,, 'Q-I A ' er C' 'ggi ,57?f"' ' E -' Y .-. -. - 433-5 Y A I O I I I O C 0 I I D Q Shirley Graham "Shlrl" Debate 1,2,3.4: Forensic Club 2,3,4: Oratory 3: Broboca 3.4, Latin Club l,2,3.4: Publica- tions Club 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3.4: Play Production 3: Associate Editor of Broboca 4: Bobcat Staff 4: Band 1,2. 3,4: Pep Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1,3: Junior Play Production Staff 3: Senior Play Staff. Virgil Green "Burk" Band 1,2,3,4: Industrial Artis Club 1,2.3: Dramatic Club 4: Junior Class Play Production Staff 3: Senior Play Staff 4, Darrell Grommerm-h "Dar" Intramural Basketball l.2,3, -l: Chorus Z!,3,4: Orchestra 1: Dramatic Club 3.4: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. Cleo Halstead "Tuffy" Mixed Chorus 3,4. 52 Dolly Hammond "Snappy" GAA 1: Chorus 4: Publica- tions Club 3. Betty Hanson Homemaking Club 1.2.3,-lg GAA 1,2,3.4: Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 2,3,-1: Chorus 1,33 Pep Band 4: Publications Club 4: Pit Orchestra 4, Bob- cat Staff 4: Senior Play, Rolf Hanson "Hans" Mechanic Arts High School, Stl Paul, Minn., 1,25 Chorus 3, 4: "A" Football 3.4: "A" Basketball 4: French Club 3,43 Monogram Club 3,4: "B" Basketball 3: Track 3,4: Track Captain 4. Ruth Hanson "Ruthie" Homemaking Club 1,Z,3,4: Junior Play Production Staff HIND 3: Mixed Chorus 2.3.43 Girls Glee Club 2,3: Dramatic Club 3.4: Senior Play Staff 4, Gladys Harvey "Judy" Choruis 4: Senior Play Pro- duction Staff 4. Doris Hayes Chorus 1,2,3: Band 1,2,3,4: GAA 1,2,3,4: Homemaking Club 1,2,3,4. Priscilla Hill "l'rls" Chorus 1,2,3: Student Coun- cil 2,3,4g Marjorette 3,42 Dramatic Club 3.4: Home- making Club 1.2.3,4: GAA 1,2. 3.4: Junior Play 3: SSS 4: Class Officer 2.4: Broboca 11 Senior Play Production Staff 4. Doris Hlllestlld Chorus 1,2. S. GRAHAM GREEN GROMMERSCH HALSTEAD HAMMOND B. HANSON R. HANSON R. HANSON HARVEY HAYES HILL HILLESTAD HOLDHUSEN IVERS JOHNSON Eleanor Hind Debate 3: Junior Play Pro- duction Staff 3: Publications Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Broboca 4: Senior Play Pro- duction Staff 4. Jean lloldhusen Houghton 1.25 Chorus 3,43 Latin Club 3,43 SSS 4: GAA 3.4. Ruby Ivers "T0by" Aurora 1,25 Publications Club 3: Senior Play Produc- tion Statf 4. Paul Johnson "Chick" "A" Football 1,2,3,4: "A" Basketball 45 "B" Bagkggball 2.3: Freshman Basketball 1: Track 1,2,3,4: Monogram Club 2,3,4: Dramatic Club 3,4: Jr. Play 3: Senior Play 4. BCA Q10 CM 594 Q QQ ' J' . ',Tqi-- V Z ,- ,' f' -. :- 1 L M .rmunnlyl fl- X lx rw T? i so . x X J If X 'Mail ff I yi' 6 . IW., J' . Q 4 0 if , Seniors JOHNSTON D. JONES G. JONES L. JONES KENNEDY KUMLIEN LIEBIG LINDSAY LINDSTROM LUELF MCKELVEY MAHER MARTIN MILLER MOE NIKLASON Robert Johnston "Scotch" "B" Football 23 Freshman Basketball 13 Hovkey 3,4 3 French Club 3,4, Donald Jonas "St reaky" Track 1,33 Intramural Bas- ketball 2,33 "A" Football 3. Genevieve Jones "Gan"' Home-makimr Club l,2,3,43 GAA 1,2.3,43 SSS 43 Publica- tionis Club 43 Broboca Staff 43 Chorus 3, GAA Board 33 Pro- duction Staff Senior Play 4. LaVonne Jones Homemaking Club 1,23 Chorus 135,33 GAA 13 Broboca Staff 4. f i? l l , .ls . tb. Q . J. 4 . 1. h 'uv'7' . , n 0 - o ,b to 4 ' Au 5 7 Q I ' .. ,, ug 1 uv ' ' " . :A Lziiflf S- ,-X K Gene Kennedy Bushnell 1,23 Chorus 3.4. Carol Kumlien Ch0rlls 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,113.43 Homemaking Club 1,2,3,4: Publications Club 43 Broboca Staff 4. Betty Gene Lleblg Faulkton 1,2333 Chorus 43 L'Allegro Club 43 Publications Club 43 Brohnca Staff 43 Dramatic Club 4. Patrlcla, Lindsey "Pat" Broboca Staff 33 Publica- tions Club 33 French Club 3. 43 Junior Play Production Staff 33 Production Staff Senior Play 4, Fay Llndgwtrom Vem Martin "Marty" Burke. 13 Chorus 13,43 Debate 2.3.43 Forensic Club L'Alleprro 2,K,43 Latin Club 2, 1f,2l,43 French Club 33 Draniatic 3.43 Dramatic Club 3,43 SSS Club 3.43 .luniur Play Il. 4. Bruce Miller Joyce Luelf Student Council 13 liand I, ' , A , 23,43 Orcliestrn 1,2.3,43 Pep GAA 1' Lhorus 1':":'4' Hand Z2,3,43 l'll Orclieeltrn 42 String' Quurtette 4: French Club Cl,-1. James M1'Ku-Ivey "Mme" FFA 1,2,3.-i3 Intramural AKIWN M09 Basketball 1,3,4.. Chorus 43 Homemaking Club 1. Catherine MIIIIPY Loren Niklauaon "Nick" Broboca Staff 1,43 Chorus 1. "A" Football i!,Zl.43 "A" 23 Orchestra 43 Publiczltions Basketball 3.43 'l'rilck 2.11.43 Club 43 I'rocluction Stall' Sen- Ml5llKlg'l'2illl Club 2,Il,43 "H" ior Play 4. Football 13 "B" Basketball 2. 53 Seniors - 5- -K ngk 51- Worx ff Rant? ltuk K 2 A 1 --A S . J 'A -- - 1, X 1 ef ' :J .Je f -r - ,---. T - X X Ruth Norgaartl trnitla 1,21 Chorus 22: l2:tn4l 22.41 Urn-lteslra 3.1: llomemaking' Club 32,43 French Club 22,41 llra- mttic Club 3.11 Pen l2antl 4: l'it tlrclic-str't 3.41 GAA 32,41 .luniot Play 32: Senior play ll Alvin Norris "Tort-hy" Intramural l2asbetb:ill 2.321 French Club 32,41 In- wlustriztl Arts Club 1. Robert Norton "Bob" lntrainural l'2:iskt-tbtlll 122,41 Freslnnan Basket- ball l: Inllustrial Arts Club 12.43 llolf 32.4. tit-rnldine Oheon "Gerry" 1 horns 1.2,3.41 Girls Chorus 3.12: l.'.Xllt-gro Club 52.l1 I2:intl 321 lloine- niakini-T Club l,2.Z2.4, Publications Club tg l2ro- borzl Stnft' l1 GAA l. 54 Jann-S Otterness "Ole" llebate 221 "li" Football 21 Freslinmn Basketball l I "R" Basketball 2.321 Football 3,11 'l'rat'k 22,41 Forensic Club 12,41 Fresltntan llobate 1: Dra- niatit- Club 32,41 Mono- grwm Club 3,42 Junioi Play 22: Senior Play 4. Dorothy Over:-ml llomemaking Club 1-4. George Pattenson Latin Club l.2.f2,4I l4'renL'h Club 14.41 Mono- Student 4: "A" Football 2 grain Council 2,Z2.-l: "A" Basketball L, 12.41 "B" Football ll "R" Basketball 11 Stutlent Club 2.52.41 Presitlent 4. l2o4ly Camilla Play llonieinakmg' Club 1,3,3, l'et4'r1-ten Protluction l.!.32: 41 GAA 1,2,3.4Z l'ublit'a+ tions Club 41 SSS 41 Cheerleatler 252,11 Chorus 3.4: L'Allegro 4: Orch. 1. Delbert Peterson "Pete" Declam 52: Play Pro- duction 2,321 Latin Club 32,41 Senior Play 4. Lorraine Peterson Declam S21 llalin Club I2.-4: Senior Play 4. Robert Peterson "Bob" Track 1,41 Intramural Basketball 1,41 FFA 1.2, 3,4 2 Band 3,41 Senior Play Production Staff 4. Eva Pittenger "Eve" Play Protluction 11 Chorus 2.12.41 Homemak- ing' Club 1,1321 Debate 3. Dorothy Platt "Ilimp" Arlington l,2, Journal- ism 121 Homemaking' Club 31 Chorus 41 Debate 12. R. Violet Prumman .Arlington 1,21 GAA 31 Homemaking Club 33 Chorus 4: Band 3,41 Production 521 Latin 325 Pen Band 3. Play Club Betty Ray Chorus 1,2121 Band 1,2. 3,41 Dramatic Club 1,2.3, 41 Broboca 1,41 French Club 3,41 Publications Club 41 Hmkg. Club 1,221 GAA 1.2.31 Debate 22. Betty Rice GAA l,2,32,4: .lunior Play Production Staff 3: Broboca 4: Hmkg, Club 4. Jim Schaffner "B" Basketball 13,41 Band 31 French Club 12,41 Track 1,4. Doris Schilling Chorus 1,:!.3,41 Orches- tra 2,41 Ht'IlIlE'Il12'lklllF-T NORGAARD NORRIS NORTON OLSON OTTERNESS OVEREND PATTERSON PETERSEN D.PETERSON L.PETERSON PETERSON PHTENGER PLATT PRUSSMAN RAY RICE SCHAFFNER D.SCHHJJNG H.SCHHJJNG SCHRADER Club 1,Q,3,'lQ GAA 1,2,"j Debate 1,Z5,I2,41 Declam 1,2,3,41 Forensic Club 2. 3.42 L'All-egro 3,41 All School Play 151 Dramatic Club 232.41 Play Staff 3: Stdt. Council 3,41 Brn- boca 11 SSS 4. Helen Schilling Band 3.4: Orchestra 12. 41 Pit Orchestra 41 Pep Band 41 Chorus 1,2,f2' GAA l,2.521 Hmkg. Club 1-4: Forensic Club tl-41 Stdl. Council 4: Bobcat Editor 41 Broboca 1 1 Dramatic Club 22,41 De- bate 1.21 Declam 3,4 4. George Schrader "Schrader" Chorus 1. 2. 3.41 lntra-M, BB 52,4 Band 31 Track 3,4. QDUBCM K9 4 1. Play Staff 31 Pub Club - ,f I - W, "A' on I if Mr, .f'. ' ,,, 3 nszmulnxm- r 7 ' ' 3 x : ,I-QQ. P '04 ,gr x 0 fd-X ! ls tll If N ' J X ...asf 'Wig "G-A d' i Seniors SCHULER SEAS SEXAUER SHANK SHANLEY REBECCA SHEA ROBERTA SHEA SHINNICK SIMON SON SKRETTING SMITH SORENSEN SOREN SON SPRAGUE SQUIRES I. STEEN W. STEEN STENSTAVOLD STEPHENS STERUD Francis Schuler "Frannie" Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Chorus 2.143 Freshman Basketball 13 Intramural Basketball 2.3,-t3 Golf 3, 4, W1-ndell Seas "VYenny" Intramural Basketball 13.3.43 "B" Football 3,43 Junior Class Play Pro- duction Staff 33 Drama- tic Club 3,43 Chorus 43 Play Staff 3,4 Dramatic Club 3,43 Chorus 4. Robert Sexauer "Bob" Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 3,43 Pep Band 3,43 French Club 3.43 Debate 13 Bobcat 43 Pit Orch. 43 Play Staff 4. Mavis Shank Orchestra 2,3. Eleanor Shanley "Kellum" , -. .. ,A-XZ! lj'-I fI'1 f,.7J',' 0 0. U uf T." M. ai. 7 I . Nu he . ' K 9 ' D 3712250 1 C fixif Chorus 13 Band 1,2.3,4: Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Pep Band 42 Pit Orchestra 3: Homemaking Club 1,2,3,4. Rebecca, Shea, "Becca-" Senior Play3 GAA 1.2, 3,43 Band 1,2,3.41 Chorus 33 Pep Band 2,3,43 Dra- matic Club 2,3,43 Pub, Club 43 Declam 2.3.43 Hmkg. Club 1-43 Debate 13 Cheerleader 13 Pit Orch. 1,23 Broboca 1,43 Lady of Bobcat Day 4. Roberta. Shea "Betta" GAA 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2, 3,43 Pep Band 2.43 Pit Orchestra 3.43 Debate 11 Chorus 33 Homemaking Club 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 13 Dramatic Club 2.3,-tl Brobnca 1.41 Publivfiiiblls Club 3,43 Senior Play 4. Mary Shlmllck Homemaking Club 1,23 GAA 13 Chorus 2.3.43 De- bate 3, Julia Ann Simonson "Shale" GAA 1,23 llomemaking Club l,2,3,41 Chorus 1,2,43 SSS 4g Senior Play 4, Carmen Skretting Band 2.3.43 Orchestra 3.43 Pep Bantl 43 GAA l. 2,3,43 Hnmemaking t'lub 1,2,-t3 Pub. Club 43 Bob- cat 4: Play Staff 4. Milo Smith "Shorty" Intl. Arts Club 1.2: Intra-m BB 43 "B" FB 33 "A" FR 43 Chorus 43 Play Staff 3,4. Beverly Sorensen "Sornie" GAA 1,2,3,4: SSS 4: Homeniaking Club 1,2.3, 43 Chorus 1,2,3,-13 Orches- tra 1.2,3.43 L'Allegro 2. 3,43 Pub. Club 4: Bobcat 43 GAA Bd, 43 Debate l Leif Sorenson Elkton 1.2,R: Band 4: Orchestra 4 3 Brbboca Staff 4: Pep Band 4: Ptlblications Club 43 In- tramural Basketball 4. Murllynn Sprague Chorus 13 GAA 1,2,Il,4: Honlemftking Club 1.2.3, 43 SSS 43 GAA linartl Il. 43 Bobcat 43 Play Staff 43 Play Production 1,3. Erdine Squires "Dine" Home-making Club 1.23 Chorus 1.3,4. Ivan Steen "Ikey" Froish BB 1: lntra-ni RB 2.3.43 Intl, Arts Club 3,43 Golf 21.4. Yvayne Steen "Husker" Frosh BB 13 lntl. Arts tllub 1,23 "B" Basketball 23 Truck 1,2,-l3 "A" FB 3.43 "A" Basketball 3,43 Monogram Club 3.-L E. Sterlstnlvold "Stems" Orchestra l.2.2l: "B" Basketball 22 Freshman Basketball 1: Intramural Basketball 4. Irene Stephens Redfield 1,23 VVnter- town ily Junior Class Play 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Senior Play Prmluction Staff -l. Esther Sterud L'Allegro 3,43 Bobcat Staft' 43 Brubucn Staff 1. 43 Chorus 1.2.3.-I: Pub- lications Club 4: Home- making t'lub l.2,1l,-41 GAA l.2,Zl.4: GAA Board 113 SSS 4: Dramatic Club 43 Senior Play 4. 55 Seniors 5.- QQ 5 Q Q " H, W?.'n-3 it v ll X 455 KW "W T A 55' I A f xx' 'LL - 1 1 ' sg Y f ? O sr-1 ,, X -Mfgi 'T' - 'lfzajezrf xx f f E i -f - , ' - ' W X tx xx. , Lyle Stewart Bushnell 1.2: Chorus 3.4, Phyllla Siuller "Phil" Pep Band 2.14.42 llantl l.2.", 41 GAA 1.2.3.-lt Uhorus 1.13: Home-making Club l,2,3,-L Urin Sunllal Garden Pity 1.2: Intramural Basketball 3,-4: 'Frat-k R1 FFA 4. Perm-y Sutton "lk-w" FFA 1,2,3,43 Track 13 lntra- mural Bisketball 41 Uhorus -lg Senior Play Protluvtion Staff 4. Arch-Ile Telkamp "Ta-lkamn' Home-making Flub 1.13, GAA 13,41 Dramalit- Plub ll, 45 .lunior Class Play 33: l'l:1y Protluvtion 3,43 SSS 4: Senior Play 4, Lula Thayer VVhile 1,23 liztnfl 51,41 IN-p 56 Band 41 Publications t'lub 41 GA A 3,43 Orchestra 41 Bobcat Stall' 4. 'Daryl Thompson Volga 1,22 Band 3,43 FFA 3,43 Intramural Basketball 3, Patrick Turner "R, A." "B" Football 1: "A" Foot- lwll 13,43 "B" Basketball lg "A" Basketball 2.3.-lg Mono- gl'?l1l'1 Club 2,3,-lg Latin Club 1.2: Student Body Vice Presi- dent 43 Bobcat Staff 41 Lord ol' Bobcat Day 43 Senior Play 4. Ellen Jean Ulhrivh GAA Hmnenlakin,-.f Plub 1,2g 1,2,3,4, Ruth Joyce Fllman "Pt-te" Play Production 1: Rand 2, 3,lg firm-hestra 112,45 Pep Band WARD 13,43 Pit Orchestra 4: Home' making Club 1-2,3141 Dramallf' Club 33,43 Publications Ulub 4, taut 2,3,4, Chorus 1,4: De- bate 3, Declam 12,31 Senllll' Play 4. Dorothy Ven!-Wy "VHS" GAA 1,2.3,4: Homemakins' Cluh1,Zl,3,4: Band 3.42 VPN Band 3,43 Orchestra 3.42 Pif Orchestra 41 GAA Board 3: Chorus 2: Senim' Play 4' mm- warmer ,, "iz" Football 3: "A F001- baii 4: FFA 1-2,3041 Inffaj mural Basketball 43 f'h0!'US- 3,-tg Track 3,4- Mnxine WVurtl "MiCk0y" ' L'Auegr0 4: Homemakjng Club 1.2,3,4: 1'l101'US 1-9343 Debate fl? GAA 1- STEWART STULLER SUNDAL SUTTON TELKAMP THAYER THOMPSON TURN ER. ULBRICH ULLMAN VESSEY WAGNER WILLEY WOOD WRIGHT Phyllis W'illey HOI1l?UltlklHg' Club 1,2,3,4Z GAA 1,1Z,3,-lg Dramatic' Club 11 Orchestra 2,3,-13 Chorus 12 GAA Board 1,L!,3,4Z SSS 42 Bobcat Staff 41 Senior Play Production Staff 4. Melton VYo0fl Freshman Basketball 1: Uhorus l,2,3,4, "li" Football 3g "A" Fouthall 41 Intramural Bxsketball 1.2,3,-lg FFA 1.35 Track 2. Thomas Writ-Zllf "Tom" Band 1,21 Orchestra 1,22 Latin Club 1,z: Dl'am2lUC Qlub 3,41 Student Council 1.-1,41 "A" Football 4: Monogwlm Club 43 Bobcat Staff 41 Hockey 1,2,Il,-lg Pep Band 1,2. 508 5942 Ci? 6' Q ki, C Y . -VJ 1 X p I I Q M. -f' f wg, 1 WMI! if i wr 2' 7, X wi? ...lil -w.,..nnunmg Q ' 1 X 'D is c X C -YR . SSS Serves School, Creotes Pep .... Sixteen senior girls are chosen each year for membership in the Senior Service Society. Their purpose is to be of service to the school and the community and to create pep at games and pep meetings. ln the fall the girls aided the French and Forensic Clubs by serving as hostesses for the first no-date dance. The SSS sat in a group at all football and basketball games, which helped to organize the cheering. At Christmas time the club sponsored baskets for needy families to which the student body contributed. As in previous years, the girls gave a supper in the Homemaking rooms for last year's members. Speeches were given by Priscilla Hill, Donna Dyste, Miss Mauch, last year's ad- viser, and Doris Ann Schaffner, last year's president. Fay Lindstrom, ac- companied by Jean Holdhusen, pre- sented a group of solo numbers. Outstanding activities of the year were the Spinster dance, three trips to out of town games, and two as- sembly programs. The dance was held in March, with girls inviting boys. Out of town trips were to Watertown for the football game and the district basketball tournament, and to Sioux Falls for the state tour- nament. This year Miss Bucknam was chosen as adviserg the officers were: President, Priscilla Hillg secretary and treasurer, Doris Schillingg social chairman, Camilla Petersen. Left to righ: Standing-Mary Margaret Deane, Ardelle Telkamp, Fay Lindstrom, Esther Sterud, Miss Bucknam, Beverly Sor- ensen, Genevieve Jones. Sitting - Mary Ellen DeVine, Donna Dyste, Julia Ann Si- monson, Camilla Petersen, Doris Schilling, Marilynn Sprague, Phyllis Willey, LaVonne Buckley, Priscilla Hill. F in 'xfmti' " U. 'H ' 7 4 J10 , . ., f -as MQW ,-a N K3 xx 57 New L, sq f f-fx vs , 5... Q55 Na+ i -gkn " . . fi.. i .532 - A L l 7 Q0 ' M K -E B ,- 1 H I T .. 33 . i I - "" ,vvfllftgfn R X ., M647 ff P Y4- Digg? .. S A P. fy' Lights - Curtain - the Play Is On! . Left to right: Standing--Paul Johnson, James Otterness, Dean Doner, Pat Turner. Second row-Julia Ann Simonson, Ruth Joyce Ullman, Rebecca Shea, Esther Ste- rud, Dorothy Vesscy, Lorraine Peterson. SENIOR PLAY "Young April," a three-act comedy under the direction of Miss Frances Guy, was presented by the Senior class on April 4. The cast included: James Otterness, Rebecca Shea, Paul Johnson, Roberta Shea, Esther Sterud, Ardelle Tel- kamp, Pat Turner, Donna Dyste, John Crusinberry, Darrell Grommersch, DeVern Fromke, Dean Doner, Lor- raine Peterson, Dorothy Vessey, Ruth Joyce Ullman, Julia Ann Simonson. The production staff included: As- sistant director - L. Buckley, stage stage crew-W. Seas, V. Green, W. Dempewolfg lighting and sound ef- fects-E. Fricke, M. Smith, properties -R. Sexauer, R. Sutton, R. Peterson, R. Norgaard, P. Lindsay, B. DeWitt, costumes-M. Sprague, P. Willey, P. Hill, B. Hanson, R. Hanson, Doris Hayes, make-up - I. Stephens, M. Deane, R. Eken, C. Skretting, G. Jones, prompters-E. Hind, P. Gra- ham, publicity-S. Graham, posters- A. Carlson, C. Maher, R. Ivers, G. Barrett, G. Harvey. Left to right: Kneeling-Chervenka, An- derson, Frie, Wiese. Standing-Merriman, Schimnowski, LeFevre, Steen, Swanson, Lemert, Stevens, Holdhusen, Case, Carlson, Mills, Sorenson, McCarty, Kleinsasser, Wheeler, Dokken, Miss Guy, Murphy. 58 ,390 CM X9 4 L , -.11 2 he ..... 1' e .4J'?f"T' ' iff' 'mm' :W 1 I ' .P 1 fa, 1 Wow J' I W li mf at " N A r K :m um A Q 1 f ' 341 X '.."'o. 2' I Q 'o. W kiln , K' Ln- 0 W3 7W,23W ,.., A 5. 4 aui iuhli ,ly an U 1 X l L A three-act comedy by Goldsmith was presented by, the Junior class directed by Miss Frances Guy, Feb- ruary 21, 1941. Cast: Mr. Bradley, V. Carlson, Mrs. Nel- son, D. Chervenka, Miss Shea, E. B. An- derson, Mr. Patterson, H. Sorenson, Miss Pike, G. McCarty, Miss Eggleston, H. Kok- ken, Miss Johnson, E. Kleinsasser, Miss Wheeler, M. Wheeler, H. Aldrich, G. Frie, Barbara Pearson, B. J. Wiese, Bill, D. Swanson, George Bigelow, N. Stevens, Gertie, K. Steen, Mary, P. Merriman, Mrs. Aldrich, H. Case, Mr. Vecchito, J. Hold- husen, Mr. Ferguson, M. Mills, Students, B. Lemert, M. LeFevre, W. Schimnowski. The Production Staff-M. Eken, V. Bin- newies, B. J. Buller, M. R. Nagel, N. Koer- per, D. Christensen, N. Bergstreser, L. Rice, D. Searls, P. Huchendorf, G. Harper, A. Patrick, V. Eclov, L. Holt, R. Ruedebusch, A. J. Gentle, D. Johnson, P. Gilbertson, E. Tulga, D. Hagen Assistant Director, Patricia Murphy, Publicity, Kathleen Maher, Business Man- ager, Keith Lampson, Advisers, Miss Eva Bucknam, Miss Mildred Walker, Miss Mary Ellen Bantz DRAMATIC CLUB Future Hepburns and Barrymores of BHS have been making their Dra- matic Club a success. To be eligible for membership student must earn one hundred points in dramatics or declamation. Tiki?-L, 5i S 5? xg Left to right: Back row-Wilber, Binne- wies, Hill, Norgaard, P. Johnson, Tulga, Nagel, Martin, Wiese, McCarty, Liebig, Ot- terness, B. Buller, E. Buller, Koerper, Doner, Grommersch, Searls, Mills, Schim- nowski, Wright, Bergstreser, Bushnell, Fricke. Third row-Hagen, Case, Wheeler, Eken, Huchendorf, Christensen, Telkamp, Holt, Fromke, Seas, Green, Swanson, Ruedebusch, Lampson, Chervenka. Second row-Guy, Lemert, Gilbertson, Steen, Dok- ken, Hanson, Hind, Re. Shea, Ro. Shea, Dyste, Ullman, Anderson, Sorenson, Ste- vens, Frie. Front row-Murphy, Patrick, LeFevre, Kleinsasser, Merriman, DeWitt, Allstot, Gentle, Stephens, Willey, D. Schil- ling, H. Schilling, Lindstrom, Holdhusen, D. Johnson. Programs during the year included a talk by Miss Brewer, a play from the college dramatic department, a talk by Professor Christensen, a Christmas party, magician tricks by Ward Miller, and reports by mem- bers on the Thespian. On December 14, the club sponsored their annual dance to which the alumni of 1940 were invited. The presiding officers were: President, Doris Schilling, vice president, Rebecca Shea, secretary, Marjorie Wheeler, treasurer, Donna Dyste, adviser, Miss Frances Guy. 59 Q. x ,X -0:47 fm' Lx x .-. I nr' " -"iz-.. ' rll.'r 1 -sv X u h t! 1 0, 7, .. - -- '.. 1' A . , ff - ' ' l-IE. 4-"" ,fmzvqf-f 'f . wwf ,- N 'l --Ja- g f , -A-th Come to Your Morks-Get Set-Go! Six meets composed the schedule for the 1940 cinder stars of BHS, the first being the Brookings Invitational meet in which the Bobcats finished second. The Aberdeen Relays fol- lowed in which Johnson placed fourth in the 100-yard dash. Barely losing to the Flandreau Indians, the Bobcats placed second in the Region III meet. ln the Region, Billings qualified for the state meet in the low hurdles, broad jump, pole vault, and 100-yard dash, Niklason in the high hurdles, McMillan in the discus, and Swift in the pole vault. The Conference meet climaxed the 1940 season, the Bobcats winning fourth place. Niklason placed third in the high hurdles, Chester second in high jump, Billings second in the low hurdles and third in the broad jump. Swift tied for first in the pole vault, McMillan fourth in the discus. The "B" squad won second place in the Upper Sioux meet. The following received monograms at the end of the season: Captain Tom Crusinberry, Lyle Engel, Roger Mc- Millan, Vincent Swift, Earl Tillgren, Eugene Waltz, Roger Billings, Rolf Hanson, Paul Johnson, Loren Nikla- son, Charles Chester, Raymond Hels- man, and Norman Stevens. Max Lynn coached the varsity, and Virgil Bell coached the second team and freshmen. Left to right: Back row-Eggert, R. Wagner, Jacobson, Reeter, Morrison, Franzke, Adams, Jensen, Buckley, Adam- son, Watson, Heslop, Cochran, Coach Lynn. Second row-Johnson, Stevens, Cox, Mc- Kelvey, Olson, Van Beek, Schrader, Berge, Anderson, Thomsen. Front rows-Mr. Bell, Dorn, Winkowitsch, Billings, Wood, Ste- vens, Chervenka, Johnson, Sundal, Hanson, Capt., Martin, Niklason, Sylvis, Chester, Garrison, Helsman, Swanson, D. Wagner, Bjerum, Hammond, Otterness. 60 ,210 CM K9 M J ,grit 2 UQ? is ' Q f -P 'R " 0 i JA N ' ,518 K n nnnDJ,"' Q X x "sm .17 'bis K is-wr MJ Theyr Sponsor Intromurol Sports . . . Promoting sportsmanship and car- rying on successful intramural sports are the goals of the BHS Monogram Club, the boys' athletic honor society. All boys who have earned a letter in either football, basketball, track, golf, boxing, or tennis are eligible for membership. Officers for this year were: Presi- dent, Pat Turner, vice president, Rolf Hanson, secretary-treasurer, Loren Niklason. Mr. Lynn is sponsor, and Mr. Bell, Mr. Horrigan, and Mr. Doer- ing are honorary members. A pencil sale is the money-making system sponsored each year by the organization. These sales, with Pat Turner in charge, were held just be- fore basketball season and the game schedule was printed on each pencil. The project was well-backed by the entire student body. In January the Monogram Club sponsored a nickelodeon dance with the Publications Club. Each year volunteers from the club take charge of the minor sports. The assignments this year were as fol- lows: Basketball, Keith Lampson and Joe Bergeg volleyball, Rolf Hanson and James Otterness, hockey, Tom Wright, free throw contest, George Patterson, and boxing, Gordon Duff. The new members, initiated at an assembly program in March, were: Jake Van Beek, Joe Berge, Wayne Berndt, Vernon Bushnell, Donnie Dorn, Gordon Duff, James Ham- mond, Norman Stevens, Duard Swan- son, Dale Wagner, and Tom Wright. Left to Right: Back row-Vernon Doer- ing, George Patterson, Tom Wright, Paul Johnson, James Otterness, Dale Wagner, Vernon Bushnell, Raymond Helsman, John Crusinberry, Norman Stevens, Duard Swan- son. Middle row-Max Lynn, Charles Qhester, Gordon Duff, Wayne Steen, Joe Berge, Keith Lampson, Virgil Bell. F ront row-Donald Dorn, Loren Niklason, Pat Turner, Rolf Hanson, Roger Billings, James Hammond, L. D. Horrigan, , 61 ? 3 . fx' all vbug :y t , M, 2:12-'W ix x Cp xx xgnyg tk !"f.SR' 3-x SSE ' 55' I -S .-i. ' N ,W -mein ' rfiiiff I ' - il- a ' - 'i ' L... i "KWH X ' ' 7 Q, -guw Y Y . S P. iv fwf ga' Our Future Printers, Reporters . Typewriters clicking, editors shout- ing for quiet, reporters runniig in with last minute stories, advice, or a big scoop, this is the usual scene in the Broboca room every Thursday night in the last minute rush to get the paper out. The Broboca is published by the students of Brookings High School every week. After the first of Jan- uary, 1939, the publication changed from a bi-Weekly mirneographed copy to a weekly paper printed in the Brookings Register. The paper is a member of the South Dakota High School Press Associa- tion and the Quill and Scroll, inter- national honor society for high school journalists. The Broboca placed third among departmental papers at the SDHSPA convention held at State College. Staff: Editor, DeVern Fromke, Assistant Editor, Shirley Grahamg Julia Ann Eberle, Sigrid Framstad, Alice Jean Gentle, Phyllis Graham, Mary M. Deane, Gaius Harper, Eleanor Hind, Ruth Johnson, Genevieve Jones, LaVonne Jones, Carol Kumlien, Betty Gene Liebig, Patricia Lampson, Catherine Maher, Kathleen Maher, Patricia Matheny, Geraldine Olson, Betty Ray, Betty Rice, Virginia Russell, Warren Schimnowski, Rebecca Shea, Robert Shea, Carmen Skretting, Hoskuld Sorenson, Leif Sorenson, Esther Sterud, Ruth Joyce Ull- man. Left to right: Standing-Fromke, Miss Bantz, Ray, Russell, Skretting, C. Maher, L. Sorenson, Harper, Gentle. Third row- Ro. Shea, Dyste, Re. Shea, Deane. Second row-K. Maher, Olson, Eberle, Matheny, Johnson, Hind, Kumlien. Front row- Framstad, Sterud, Jones, S. Graham, P. Graham, Liebig, H. Sorenson. 62 Q10 CM XML XX We Present Your l94l Yeorbook . "Is your copy in?" "Ask Helen." "See Mr. Zickf' All these have been familiar phrases during the entire school year for the Bobcat staff Work- ers. Now, at the end of the year, they are all answered, and the staff has completed your yearbook. Because the school board bought a camera for school use last year, all of the pictures in this year's Bobcat were taken either by staff members or by members of the student body. Harriet Case, Earl Landon, Betty Lemert, Keith Lampson, Glen Lundy, Hoskuld and Leif Sorenson, Marjorie Wheeler, Harriet Dokken, Emma Belle Anderson, Patricia Murphy and Doris Schilling also helped to publish our Bobcat. Bobcat Staff: Editor, Helen Schil- ling, associate editor, Mary Margaret Deane, business manager, Joe Berge, assistant business manager, Tom Wright, activities, Gordon Duff, Betty Hanson, Robert Sexauer, classes-La- Vonne Buckley, Dean Doner, Shirley Graham, Marilynn Sprague, art, Es- ther Eterud, sports, Pat Turner, John Crusinberry, typists, Lola Thayer, Beverly Sorenson, advisers, Mr. Hor- rigan, Mr. Zick. Left to right: Standing-Mr. Horrigan, Crusinberry, Graham, Turner, Sterud, Berge, Deane, Sorenson, Hanson. Sealed- Buckley, Duff. Top inset-Schilling, Mr. Horrigan, Mr. Zick, Berge. Bottom inset: Standing-Wright, Willey, Doner, Hanson, Sexauer. Seated-Sprague, Thayer, Schil- ling. X 63 A X., A J -1 X' o 1" Uv U fl. -.. , . . O, M., V .U ,, 1 is R cp XR 1? 21,2 'gvl 'ai :yfdif .' fic! ,..fj4.- ff. ff if. fftqf J .v...4A 'U.i:"5, . ga.. U X., M J?.f:', sf f -. a j' , , 1 .W 1 45+-:Eat g, .gf 1 Q'-. -., 1 , ,Diver K.: A 5 .ls 'w M, . . 4 f EW eff 7 ,22 xii? :lf .1 M.: ,av M 1' L1 ia W ' Y- 'ia .4 ,,-v a ' 'U 'RTM Y dvd 12:5 - 1 may 3-if ' .' ff- rgrig. 1 ' ag' , S w . ' ft.. rfsfmf' -Q , J 51 1 ,SM V All . " figf,-qv P2354 nf 3141 , ew QW 92 il .Ag 1 W- L, X., 'L ,. is ' ,ggglg fr xr ! , gfigf 5.13 ,Q 1:31 ' -iz Lf: f - 4, S-tial' ., , is .45 .' -ls V - gk., vii: , r af W iq 11, UU' J- -'J fir, Q1 -' .1 f. 4,-' 1, r 'ai' JJ s x. '-- - . :ff , - .5m..'f ff- .RQLVKA , 1 'if' 1 . .ggf,2, " -iii ,W .X 4.1. 5 '- ' ing. A-219' . fn .1 1 ggi Hz,-I , -sf.'f' i T .5 Z.. : We x iii -:fe vf : f 'Q 1'-!.'-515 C255 . ,iz g nf q P Q , ll. 4 Z, 1 4 ' 4 L w rxaie'-Wai 3 iff- , nf,", , 53 ,M 91 ' 1 ' W 2: W . ,frm , 4. ,mg 'H ' . F . . T. at ' . Q 3' 1' 'l' Lexi. P , if 1 . ,zvxvw : f , Q L, A 5. Nf P tl V - 2 me .,- - 1 v we ., 9 1. ' 0, If. Q Q 7 V' : af 1 Kg, 1 . 1 3. , Y . Q ' fi a , .,., 144 wk.. ,YQ-,ff -2,-. f,, A u,,,f ' . w.. Q4 .3 " Asif xii QQSQ, ,ir 'fix H51 f , , Q, . + . -Xu . .ff . 1 -.1 ,- .. , . A . .. . I 5. ,-.. U ,D 5' 4 ,... 13 , 1 4, Q.. ' ' Q 1, 5: F ap' I . 1 ' . ' " , 1 su 5 ' "fag M ' MJ' My i l L Awww fiffwgif V' 1 QM' W iggffiyfv 1 5.-V gg ww? 'A ' . ,J - , rt . I . . .4Q ,, V K'11fN- ,dfiv 1 in ,-f. ggpzzf ,Q D. 3, A I 5 i F Q L s Y , 2 Z e . 'Q af i 5 5 s F E i 5 5 ! E P 2 E 3 s 1 Y 4 2 5 s a 5 5 E , E 3 Q P 3 F E 5 E ? Q 3 5 4 n f . 5 2 1 1 1 M L I I 9: 9 2 E l F 5 E E i E F' E 5 5 H L5 E e 5 9 J i

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