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fx fpwpzz Z 'qfiiim 'Z fzfof 'mifn 5' fly' ,. in MS . ESENTING THE C O S S A C K PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR I U F I 9 4 7 :LAss or THE BownLE HIGH SCHOOL BOWDLE, SOUTH DAKOTA 3 DEDICATION It is to you, Supt. Deuschle, for your untiring efforts and guidance that we sincerely dedicate the 1947 HCOSSACKU. With sincere appreciation and grateful hearts we have tried in this way to say Hthank youu. Many are the happy memories that you have helped make possible for us. FOREWORD We, hereby wish to express our sincere appreciation to the sponsors for their splendid cooperation which has made the Cossack of 1947 possible. 4 BCWDLE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Superintendent of Schools O. Deuschle, Bowdle, S. Dak. University of S. Dak. BA, MA Vermillion, S. Dak. General Science, Biology. One Year Robert L. Hughes, Aberdeen, S. Dak. Northern State Teacher's College BS in Education W. History, U. S. History, Economics, Sociology, Am. Government. One Year Mrs. Ray Wilkinson, Bowdle, S. Dak. Yankton College BA Degree Summer School in University A of Montana English I, II, III, IV. One Year Violet Abel, Selby S. Dau. South Dakota State College Brookings, S. Dak. BS in Home Economics Home Ec. I, II, III. Typing I, II. One Year Mrs. N. A. Weiszhaar, Bowdle, S. Dak. Northern State Teacher's College BS in Education Algebra, Bus. Training, Geometry, Bookkeeping, Trigonometry. One Year 5. X BOWDLE PUBLIC SCHOOL GRADE FACULTY Mr. Theodore Meidinger, Leola, B. Dak. Northern State Teaoher's College 7th 5 8th grades One Year Marian Jones, Ipswich, S. Dak. Northern State Teacher's College lst 8 2nd grades One Year Lenora Iisenbeisz, Bowdle, S. Dak. Northern State Teacher's College Sth 5 6th grades One Year Hulda Mertz, Bowdle S. Dak. Northern State Teacher's College Black Hills Teaoher's College 3rd 5 Nth grades One Year 6 T BOARD OF EDUCATION Chairman, Otto Helmer Clerk, F. G. Grosz V-Chairman, Conrad Fix Treasurer, A. C. Merkel Otto Huber R. J. Moser A. E. Senn - STUDENT COUNCIL Back row-left to right: LaVaughn Schlepp, Donald Lange, Josephine Bachmann, Margie Erbe, Janet Dewald, Alvin Kundert, Israel Stoecker, Merle Merkel Front rowg Hollas Goldade, Bonnie Merkel, Melvin Bollinger, Nelvin Robuck, Mr. Deuschle, Adviser. STUDENT COUNCIL President, Melvin Bollinger Vice President, Bonnie Merkel Secretary, Hellas Goldade Treasurer, Israel Stoecker LaVaughn Schlepo Josephine Bachman 7 Donald Lange Alvin Kundert Nelvin Robuck Merle Merkel Janet Dewald Margie Erbe COSSACK STAFF Top row-left to rightg Israel Stoecker, Gordon Stotz, Alvin Schuh, Cornelius Schilling, Melvin Bollinger, Doris Oster, Thelma Stangl, LuVerne Sandmeier, Bette Jean Thurn, Leona Dumdie, Martha Schick, Loretta Blumhardt, Lester Giedt, Front row-left to rightg Raymond Doerr, Hollas Goldade, Alvin Huber, Geraldine Dewald, Gordon Diedtrich, Rose Glatt, Virginia Fiest, Venoy Schn- macher, Adviserg Mr. Deuschle. STAFF Editor in Chief ------------------ Rose Glatt Associate Editor ----------- Gordon Diedtrich Makeup Editors ----------- --Geraldine Dewald Martha Schick Activities Editors -------------- Doris Oster Leona Dumdie, Virginia Fiest Thelma Stangl, Loretta Blumhardt Cornelius Schilling Sports Editor ------------------- Alvin Huber Art Editor ---------------- -Melvin Bollinger Advertising Manager ------------ Gordon Stotz Sales Managers ----------------- Lester Giedt Israel Stoecker, Raymond Doerr Hollas Goldade Typists -------------- Betty Thurn Venoy Schumacher, Alvin Schuh LuVerne Sandmeier 8 it I SENIORS Loretta Blumhardt nBloomieu Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Phys. Ed. I, Trio III, Sextette III, IV, Soloist IV, Annual Staff, Secretary of Class II, III. Lydia Buechler nBabeu Glee Club I, II, Mixed Chorus I, Home Ee. Club III. Melvin Bollinger NMelH Pres. IV, Pres. Student Council, Treas. I, Band I, II, III, IV, Track III, Annual Staff. Geraldine Dewald nGerryH Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Junior Play III, Annual Staff, Mixed Chorus I, Home Ec. II, IV. Athneal Buechler nOatsH Gordon Diedtrich UHandseyn Basketball II, III, IV, Trach II, III, IV, Band III, IV Mixed Chorus I, Jr. Play, Class Pres. I, Phys. Ed. IV, Cossack Marshall II, Co-Captain Basketball IV, Baseball I, Treas. III, Annual Staff IV. 9 F n ,N XSENIORS Raymond Doerr nAmosH Annual Staff. Alvin Eisenbeiz HFatn Marshall I, Phys. Ed. IV, Baseball I. Robert Doerr HRobeertn Glee Club I, Annual Staff.IV. Virginia Feist nGenen Junior Play, Pres. of Home Ec. Club III, Annual Staff IV. Leona Dumdie nBlondieu Glee Club I, Class Sec. II. Ottelia Gabriel nTillieH Home Ec. Club II, III, Junior Play. kg, 'Om 4 Xu--ff .cx 5 Qgy. Uhxw- in SENIORS Eloise H. Giedt nWeaselH Home Ec. Club II, III, Phys. Ed. IV, Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus I. Rose Glatt URos1eH Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Sexette I, II, III, IV, Trio II, III, IV, Solo IV, Phys. Ed. IV, Annual Staff, Band III, Mixed Chorus I, Home Ec. Club II, III. Lester Giedt HDickyH Declamation I, Glee Club I, Mixed Chorus I, Band III, IV, Junior Play, Baseball I, Phys. Ed. IV- Hollas Goldade HHollyH Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Class Pres. II, Sec. of Student Council, Sexette III, IV, Phys. Ed. IV, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Home Ec. Club II, III. Alvin Huber HAveragen Basketball II, III, IV, Phys. Ed. IV, Track II. Alfred Geist nGoatien Phys. Ed. I, Glee Club I, Baseball I. 11 QR SENIORS Caroline E. Mertz HCarrot-Topsu Glee Club I, II, III, Mixed Chorus I, Home EC. Club II, III, IV, Phys. Ed. IV. - Ada Lynne Schick HAdaH Glee Club I, Home EC. Club II, III. Doris Oster uDorieu Sec. of Class IV, Libarian IV, Annual Staff, Cossack Paper Home Ec. Club II, Phys. Ed. IV, Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Sexette II, III, IV, Trio II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus I, Junior Play, Band I. II, III. Martha Schick HSchickie Band I, II, Glee Club I, II, Cossack Staff, Mixed Chorus I, Phys. Ed. IV, Home Ec. Club II, III. LuVerne Sandmeier NS ndien Home Ec. Club II, III Declamation I, Annual Staff, Carnival Queen IV, Mixed Chorus I, Librarian IV. Cornelius J. Schilling nCornie Glee Club I, Track 11, III, Band IV, Annual Staff IV. 12 . NW., 5055 SENIORS Alvin Schuh HSmileyH Basketball IV, Annual Staff, Marshall IV, Student Council IV, Baseball IV, Phys. Ed. IV, Track III, IV. Gordon Stotz HFreddyU Basketball II, III, IV, Phys. Ed.IV, Treas. IV, Annual Staff, Baseball I, Basketball Captain IV, Track II, III, IV, V-Pres. III. Venoy Schumacher HPattyH Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Home Ec. Club II, III, Mixed Chorus I, Jr. Play, Annual Staff, Phys. Ed. IV. Thelma Stangl nStangien Glee Club II, Home Ec. Club IV, Mixed Chorus I, Annual Staff IV. Israel Stoecker HIzzien Junior Play, Student Council,Treas. IV, Annual Staff. Betty Jean Thurn HE1izabethn Phys. Ed. Il, IV, Carnival Queen II, Glee Club I, II, III, Mixed Chorus I, Home Ecl Club II, III, Band IV, Annual Staff, D. A. R. Rep. 13 wx 1 '7 SENIORS 'VVS Alhinus Thomas UAllybeansH IN MEMORIAM nlneteen hundred and forty five In memory of our classmate, Arthur Lassle, who died August twenty-sixth Class Motto - nSailing not Drifting.H Class Colors - Blue and White. Class Flower - American Beauty Rose HONOR STUDE , 'izf 1 Gordon Diedtrich, 14 Luverne Sandmeier, 1Tn1 mi -I nt rn'-i nn H51 ut at Q1"l an SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1943, forty-two shy and frightened boys and girls falteringly wound their way up the long stairs to the high school assembly to become enrolled in the Freshman class. One of the high lights of that fall was our initiation. The girls were required to wear overalls and shirts back- wards, a boy's cap and were not allowed to wear make-up. The boys were re- quired to wear girls's shoes, dresses, kerchiefs, jewelry, and make-up. The sophomores entertained us with a party. Later we had a party for them in re- turn. Genevieve Dangel and Alvin Eisenbeisz were the Queen and Marshall Can- didates for our carnival. In the spring we had a picnic at Edward's Grove The time was spent in games followed with a Wiener roast. At the end of that day the tired but happy freshmen wound their way home. In our sophomore year thirty-three students returned to school. During the year Loretta Blumhardt and Tillie Gabriel joined our class. Art Lassle left us due to illness. Betty Thurn and Gordon Diedtrich were the Queen and Marshall candidates for our carnival and were elected Cossack Queen and Mar- shall for the year 'Mb-'45, In the spring we had a picnic at Spring Lake. The main events of that day were boat riding and playing kittenball. The only misfortune of the day was that Rose Glatt fell into the lake while boat riding Having eventually reached our third year in high school we felt like real ladies and gentlemen and decided to try to indicate our ability. One of our first activities was ordering our class rings, which we received in January. We had quite a time getting ready to give our play. Our play nDrums of Deathn was given on January 19th and it turned out to be a great success. Loretta Blumhardt and Gordon Stotz were Queen and Marshall candidates for the CarnivaL The high light of the junior year was our formal Banquet and prom. The ban- quet was held in the St. Paul's Lutheran Church parlors and the Prom in the high school gym. Music was furnished by the Bill Klitz Orchestra. A grand march was the high light of the evening. Having completed the Junior year we left school in joyful anticipation of the senior year. At the beginning of our senior year two members of the class were missing. They were Lloyd Jones and Genevieve Dangel, A new member, Israel Stoecker en- rolled. He was discharged from the Navy and came back to finish his senior year. We were given the honor of initiating the Freshman. This was enjoyed very much by all of the students and the faculty. In the evening the fresh- men entertained us by doing various kinds of stunts. The rest of the evening was spent in games and dancing. Lunch was served at the close of the evening. LuVerne Sandmeier and Alvin Schuh were crowned Cossack Queen and Marshall of Bowdle High School for '46-'47. A large crowd attended the Gala Affair. The boys who participated in athletics were Gordon Stotz, Gordon Diedtrich, Alvin Schuh and Alvin Huber. James Loebs, one of our most brilliant students, left our class to move to Lodi, California to live with his parents. The main events of the year were the senior class play, the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom and the Senior Skip Day at Bismark, North Dakota. 15 4 SENIGR CLASS PROPHECY Portland, Oregon May 23. 1957 Dear Mr. Deuschle: As you may have wondered what happened to the Class of 1947 of Bowdle High, I am hereby informing you. Having purchased a new l957 model chevrolet which is now operated by atomic power, I decided to go on a trip to give it a road trial. Covering many miles I came to Hollywood, Calif. I noticed when looking at the dash- board that the atomic energy gauge was shmdng very low. I stopped at a Tex- aco filling station where I could get a recharge and to my surprise the service lady was Hellas Goldade. While I was there Mrs. Wilmer Schaible CLoretta Blumhardtb drove up to have a flat tire fixed. I conversed with her and found that they are living in a depot and enjoying life greatly since nanother onen was added to the family. After I left the station I saw Mrs.K.Roth CTillie Gabrielb and Eye little tots walking on the street. I then decided to have dinner. In that restruant I found that Lydia Buechler is the owner and two of the waitress- es are Leona Dumdie, and Ada Lynne Schick. While I was dining, I saw Albi- nus Thomas nearing my table. He stopped to talk to me and I was informed that Athneal Buechler and he am the managers o a funeral home in Hollywood. I asked Albinus how business is and his reply was, NVery good-the mistakes I make are soon covered." He also told me that he saw Israel Stoecker zoo- ming by one day on a scooter delivering groceries for his nSuper MadEm.n After a talk with him, and my meal finished I left town and driving along the country-side, who do you think I saw climbing a telephone post? Why, none other than Raymond Doerr, busily doing electrical work. I stopped and talked to him and he stated that while in town one day he met Thelma Stangl walking to her office where she is employed as a stenographer. I, then continued my traveling and arrived at my next stop which was San Diego, Calif. where I noticed a billboard advertising a basketball ga- me. As the coach of the team was Gordon Diedtrich, I stopped and bought a ticket from his wife CVenoy Schumacherl. After the game I had supper with them. Before we ate supper we were served cocktails which Gordon purchased from Afred Geist's bar. I inquired about some of the other members of the class and Venoy said that Martha Schick is the owner ofa.Beauty Parlor and that Cornelius Schilling is President of the Civil Engineering Company. They told me that Rose Glatt and her husband are living in Sacramento, Cal. where her husband is teaching at dr1University and that in Sacramento oneof the greatest hospitals is being started under the supervision of a doctor and his wife, Doris Oster who is supervisor of nurses. They asked me to spend the night with them and so I remained there till morning. I left early in the morning and soon came to a lovely farm and coming out of the drive-way was Gordon Stotz on a tractor. I stopped in for awhile and saw his wife and children busily at work in the yard. After a short chat with them I continued my journey and cruising along through Neada, I drove into Utah. I had to stop because of a great herd of cattlecrossing the road and out of the path came the thundering hoof beats of a grse with Robert Doerr burning the leather. I went on to New Mexico. After spending the night in Albrquerque. I left early in the morning and traveled on till I arrived in Texas and driving into San Antonio I noticed many billboards advertising a circus in town. I decided to attend the circus and to my sul prise two couples who had known each other quite well in school days were the managers of the circus. They were Alvin Eisenbeisz and his wife CCaro- line Mertzb and his brother-in-law, Alvin Schuh. They told me that Lu- Verne Sandmeier and Bette Thurn are stewardesses for a Trans-Oceanic air- line. I went out and found them getting ready for a flight over China with the owner of the airline, Alvin Huber. I learned that Lester Giedt is reporter on a large western paper and that Eloise Giedt and Virginia Feist were recently married in a double wedding in New York City. I re- turned to SanAntonio for the night and reading a newspaper the,nSanAntonio Sentineln I found that the paper was edited by none other than GeraldineT? Dewald. It has been a pleasure to meet some of my old classmates and to hear ' about many of the othenb I had to hurry back to my work as.I am President of the Western Division of General Motors with the headquarters at Port- land. I married a girl who was in the freshman class while we were seniors and we have three lovely children. Yours Sincerely, Melvin Bollinger. SENIOR CLASS WILL ' We, the senior class of l9M7, of Bowdle, South Dakota, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and tes- tament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us: Gordon Stotz, bequeath my economics grade to Irene Buechler. Geraldine Dewald, bequeath my dimple in my chin to Oscar Ehresman. I, Alfred Geist, bequeath my English grade to Josephine Bachman. Cornelius Schilling, bequeath my mathematical ability to Marvin Hoffman. Melvin Bollinger, bequeath my sauciness to Maggie Geier. I, Albinus Thomas, bequeath my undertaker's license to Albert Sebert. Athneal Buechler, bequeath my reckless driving to Donald Murray. Alvin Eisenbeisz, bequeath my devilish tricks to Kenneth Herman. I, Robert Doerr, bequeath my shprt hair to Donald Murray. I, Israel Stoecker, bequeath my nNayy Waysn to Oscar Ehresman. I, Alvin Schuh bequeath my broad grin to Maybelle Haupt. I, Hollas Goldade, bequeath my stub-nose to Marvin Hoffman. I, Tillie Gabriel, bequeath my slim waistline to Josephine Bachman. I, Leona Dumdie, bequeath my blonde hair to Kenneth Herman. I, Lydia Buechler, bequeath my snort stature to Donna Schumacher. I, Thelma Stangl, bequeath my quietness to Delbert Schaible and Donald Lange. I, Ada Lynne Schick, bequeath my big brown eyes to Bonnie Merkel and my ability to cook to LaVila Brick and Maggie Geier. I, Lester Giedt, bequeath my age to LaVila Brick. I, Betty Jean Thurn, bequeath my typing ability to DonaldvMurray. I, Alvin Huber, bequeath my black curls to Oscar Ehresman. I, Doris Oster, bequeath my ability to flirt to Maybelle Haupt. Rose Glatt, bequeath my faithfulness to LaVila Brick. Loretta Blumhardt, bequeath my chubbiness to Irene Buechler. I, Venoy Schumacher, bequeath my rolling, brown eyes to Doris Baer. I, Raymond Doerr, bequeath my ability to cook to LaVila Brick. I, Gordon Diedtrich, bequeath my big feet to Irene Buechler. - I, Martha Schick, bequeath my ability to be absent from school two days every week to Donna Schumacher. I, Eloise Giedt, bequeath my cute, little knees to Josephine Bachman. I, Caroline Mertz, bequeath my Hjeansu to Bonnie Merkel providing that she wears them at least three times a week as I did. I, Virginia Feist, bequeath my long red hair to Maggie Geier. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. In Witness Whereof, We the senior class of 1947, do hereby affix our great seal on this twenty-third day of May, one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven. JUNICDR CLASS V . Top rowg Donald Lange, Donald Murray, Albert Sebert, Oscar Ehresman, Delbert Schaible, Marvin Hoffman, Kenneth Herman, Middle row, Maybelle Haupt, Maggie Geier, Donna Schumacher, LaVila Brick MiSS Abel. FTOHt POW: Irene 3u6ChleT, Delores Buechler, Josephine Bachman, Bonnie Merkel, Doris Baer. JUNICDR CLASS HISTGRY September uhhh found nineteen Freshies in Bowdle High School. We elect- ed officers soon after school opened and those elected were Delbert Schaible, presidentg Jo Bachman, vice presidentg Bonnie Merkel,secretary and treasurer. Cur candidates for queen and marshall were: LaVila Brick and Richard Lange The opening of school in HMEH brought a decrease chose LaVila Brick as presidentg Donald Lange as vice Merkel as secretary and treasurer. Cossack queen and Geier and Donald Murrary. The year HU6n, sixteen Juniors entered the doors of one Sophomore. They president, and Bonnie marshall were: Maggie of Bowdle High School. This year they chose Donald Lange as presidentg Jo Bachman as vice president, Delbert Schaible as treasurer and Irene Buechler as secretary. We selected Jo Bachman and Kenneth Herman as our queen and Marshall candidates. HHe Couldn't Marry Five,H a three act comedy, was presented by the Jun- ior class on December l2 in the Bowdle school auditorium. The cast included: Kenneth Herman, Maybell Haupt, Jo Bachman, Bonnie Merkel, LaVila Brick, Dor- is Baer, Irene Buechler, Delores Duechler and Donald Lange. Those taking part in school activities were: Donald Lange, and Kenneth Herman, basketball: Donald Lange, Jo Bachman and Bonnie Merkel,student coun- cilg Bonnie Merkel and Jo Bachman, cheer-leadersg Jo Bachman selected for Girls State and Delbert Schaible for Boy's State. 18 SOPHCJMGRE CLASS Top rowg Cletus Huber, Wesley Helmer, Nelvin Roebuck, Alvin Kundert, Dale Oster. Middle rowg Mrs. Wilkinson, Elenora Mertz, Jayne Hartzell, Darlene Albrecht, Lucylle Feiock, Donelda Lange, Front rowg Lila Dumdie, Delores Lassle, Carol Commet, Adeline Fleck, Shirley Delker, LaVaughn Schlepp. Not pictured Allene Bieber. FRESHMAN CLASS Top rowg Harlan Mertz, Harold Waltman, Robert Jarvis, Wendlin Glatt,Merle Merkel, Myron Schock, Harold Schuh, Andrew Fiest, Middle rowg Mrs. Weiszhaar, Melvin 'Mertz, Herbert Robinson, Willis Bieber, Jerome Leidholt, Front row, Viola ,Schaible, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Patricia Herman, Margie Erbe, Ardella Wlasenko, Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, Janet Dewald, Elvera Kiesz, 'SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Top row-Wendlin Lange, Lloyd Voelier, Alvin Dumdie, Jimmy Glatt, Raymond Bitz, Dale Huber, Arnold Fieock, James Waltman, Alton Schaible, Willis Leno, Middle rowg Darlene Rieger, Ervin Bollinger, Luke Miller, Harry Rieger, Delbert Aldinger, Roland Schilling, Alice Goetling, Mr. Meidinger, Front rowg Dorothy Bachman, Gladys Miller, Joyce Merkel, Arlene Nmlsenko, Elaine Albrecht, Esther Miller, Josephine Huft, Donna Lickfelt, Mavis Leno, Patricia Doerr, Joanne Fix. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Wop row-Duane Reuer, Kenneth Reuer, Berdell Leidholt, Robert Miller, Wayne Fix, Aaron Schaible, Donald Mertz, Jerry Voller, Verlin Aldinger, Middle rowg Norman Doerr, leRoy Buckenberger, Nbrle Bonesberger, Darvin Aldinger, Elvira Brockel, Eloise Lickfelt, Janice Huber, Regina Gross, Miss Eisenbeisz, Front rowg Shirley Jean West, Myrna Krumm, Marlene Sdiilling, Shirley Stotz, Sylvia Jurief, Shirley Stappler, Alberta Senn, Delpha Schaible. THIRD AND FCDURTH GRADES Top rowhL1oyd Doerr, Kenneth Dumdie, Jerald Teickert, Delmer Schock, Orville Doerr, Lyle Rieger, Harvey Bieber, Mark Miller, Larry Harr, Middle row, Miss Mertz, Ernest Barth, Richard Wilkinson, Robert Weiszhaar, Marvin Bitz, Mathilda Bieber, Verse1La 'Wlasenke, Ester Bieber, Front row: Phylis Mertz, Arlene Schumacher, Deanna Krumm, Alice Waltman, Marilyn Lickfelt, Marcella Brockel, Darlene Haar, Shirley Leiholt, Arlies Schilling. FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Q36 Top row-Sandra Leno, James Doerr, MaeNerva Hoffman, Janice Leno, Carol Wilkin- son, Loretta Walsenko, Wanda Wiederhold, August Bieber, Middle Rowg Ward Oster Roger Wiederhold, Robert Stappler, Qnentine Mertz, Gaylord Olson, Alvin Schaffer, Stanley Lickfelt, Misa Jones, Front row, Marlyn Merkel, Deloyd Rieger, Shirley Waltman, Sharon Leno, Virginia Voller, Janice Leidholt, Judy Deuschle. BOWDLE HIGH SCHDOL COSSACKS W L Delbert Aldinger, Dale Oster, Wendlin Glatt, Merle Merkel, Alvin Huber, Gordon Diedtrich, Coach Hughes, Gordon Stotz, Donald Lange, Wesley Helmer, Alvin Schuh, Kenneth Herman, Myron Sohock. Date Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Deo. Deo. Dec. Dec. Dec. Deo. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent Where Ours Opp.Date Opponent Where Ours Opp Glenham Glenham 33 Jan. Roscoe Roscoe 27 21 Hosmer Hosmer 31 52 Jan. Eureka Bowdle 22 U4 Herreid Herreid 46 30 Jan. Java Bowdle 51 25 Glenham Bowdle 51 16 Jan. Selby Selby 37 3M Ipswich Ipgwien 23 36 Jan. Selbyc Bowdle 42 ua Roscoe Bowdle 28 30 Feb Foscoec Bowdle 27 37 McLaugh1in5- T. Lake 38 26 Feb Eureka Eureka 29 51 T. Lake T. Lake 22 32 Feb Hoven Bowdle M4 19 Herreid Bowdle 41 27 Feb Ipswich Bowdle 28 37 Leola Leola 51 39 Feb Gettysburg Bowdle 37 39 Java Java 22 27 Feb Selby Bowdle no 29 Gettysburgii Hoven 35 29 Feb Ipswichd Ipswich 7 19 Hovenii Hoven 31 19 Feb Hosmegd Ipswicn 31 27 Hosmer Bowdle 29 28 Feb Onaka Ipswich ' 28 22 Tourney i, Hoven Invit. Tourney ii, Total. 901 837 McLaughlin Invit. Conf. Tourney C, District Tourney d. Z2 5zGor'c3on Diedtgrich ant. wfvery sue-. 1 Eureka and Herreid 5 In Opening Game- Bowvdle will be host to the an- 'nual Conference Basketball on 3 cl' 1, and a welcome 1 an to the fans and 1 school which 5 are conference' ' are schools: Java, Herreid, Eureka, Bowdle. games good that upset as conference f teams 1 Last Pet 1,000 Java 77713, 545, 500 H' Gordon. Stotz -5005 Roscoe - .....,. -1 g- .444 Glenham .M .... 3 9 .2505 Selby - ........ 1 'Y 125? Come out and root for youre favorite team and enjoy manyi houra of fun at the toumamenttg Eureka 'l will playl the opening y ,V at two ofclocki Friday aftefi? 51' followed byf Hcsmer 'aw 1 -A 1- . Java audi Roscoe .ana Selby? will -- -ff ffwhi' as in the evening. 'f Q ' lowing thej losing ovqz for the. fight to ",Q console.-Q finals in ' i,q jteams play idk' xp : L lg? afternoon. It is exp . Vlh' 1 Z weather per mitting, a : 'o . y If willbeon hand to 1 """ faint t tf ir :www ll I , ollate of 1 .o, 1.1 -Q kx 9- : he . if R el K A .1 ol 1 arrdtivenif 1 5 5 , . .i ty, . Hob' Q Y t Q 5 ,. Fall 1 Alvin Huber l gmc? W 5l-N515 aiming une, 11118-' vwtftmvf' ffostafsls , f f 7. w g ,om..mY?gmsm atm- pray. Q 7Lange Diedfg tmaygfmfmssao swath ,xo we 1 I , iveLv. .Half tirne 1 ,giSZ8!To.LQ--..,' tio 1 1' 4 1-nxnonn lkmgstik A. 5 5 as ,w t T IBOWDLE DEFEATS JAVA K 3 In a furious game played in jliowdle Tuesday night. Cossacks .. Tavonged an Yseason defeat, ,leading 22 ,r , ., he half. The boys took ,t t 'A" ' nd Helmer proceedfecl A the gayne away dr- 1 Rb consecutive long shots ,.. .o- Sd dropping in anothe , Q, Stotz and Lange load ,l quint with Helmet' an A'-o tfsinkinpo ,14 ffpifffre A '21 'While Dfiedt-fi. 5 "" 1 21 If foo W 3 -W si 1 N 8 1 i 3 t K ? V A A ig oi oPf X S 5 S . Wflttffs Q Coach Robert Hughes fa Job -,..--- sv.. xr lv u- Qj Biel ..... .- 0 .1-,Bf 1 - ' Total. 1 ing, Z 33 58 4 3 14 ' I '25 7 3 5 4 to 4 12 2' .5 14 0 1 0 0 1 I 0 3 21 51 Cossacka Hn Close In a fast game? played at R Bowdlef avenged an defeat? downing Ro score ot. with leading thef way hitting- he for 10 points? followed u' and Deidt-T rich with apiec With Stotz o the lineupf WM' 1' WM' 'M' 'fha fmwxcks lil 1623.111 play zulu unzy auuuld really start clicking when Stotz comes back. The secon game 16-1 X wt D0iU'C man lv' ield goagsz. the dropped their uh bein high other two po . on free throws. 1 'aff' BOWDU' TRIP . nit, in 5 thrzllingtl capacity? eek whim Wxth to a at the The Coss- by one point Alv in Schuh ?,."I"s1,,, .' iBOWDLE COSSACKS QOP 1 HOVEN INVITNL TOURNEY Bowd1e,I-I. S. defeated Gettys- burg in a four school tournament 'Friday afternoon and evening. The score was 35 to 29. What QBowdIe lacked in height, was made up in Speed to- trim a fav- ored -Gettysb ' am to ad- vance i 1 the swf ' 1- At the half time ' 1 12 in Bow- d1e's A hi ' cks holding the le X ,A 1 ' ' the game. In to YA , nip game Bowdle oe-fe Hoven H. S. by a score lgame was rd first half witk L0 19. 'I'he M 3 played the i having the Ebettor end V re 13 to 8. .ifSftarting the -... alf Bowdle fgradually st ' glicklng and imanaged to ,A e winning score. i C The four tex X he tourney were Hoven, ,tts Burg, Selby and Bofwdlg. 1 lnwxywaw . fGOSSAOKS T 1 UBLE WIN nvvn with m The D..'?ffi?.2 dv e..howed af decided improvement and ob'y beatmg Herr-xed by a veryg Fe - . avengedtan early season defeat ' W G docsave seo of 41 27 . Stotz lead the with 14 points ,followed D. Lange and A.. .Huber a game. played on the local floor. The second won their game to 27 to'I1 to make game f show- it 'Ie much to ' b Due x, the score lbook is for the box l score tea.m's I 'Q and . 1 be pub- Ipswich, f Re We S ley. He lme gr' Lge 1 oanuruay 1 Ipswich, district champs, will ,represent District 5 at the ye- tgional bosketball tourney ,which will be held in Mobridge Sat- urday, while Roscoe copped the runner--up title and Bovwdle --5, -Q- the eonsolation cliimpionsahip 1 4,- the district tournament hel Imwich last week. At the 4 GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Top row-Eloise Giedt, Carol Commet, Donna Schumacher, LaVila Brick, DOT1B Baer, Doris Oster, Loretta Blumhardt, Jayne Hartzell, Venoy Schumacher, Middle rowg Hollas Goldade, Caroline Mertz, Darlene Albrecht, Viola Schaible, Rose Glatt, Martha Schick, Delores Buechler, Shirley Delker, Front rowg Irene Buechler, Lucylle Feiock, Donelda Lange, Janet Dewald, Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, LaVa.ughn Schlepp, Elvera Keisz, Allene Bieber. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION , I Top rowg Cletus Huber, Alvin Schuh, Wesley Helmer, C-ordon1Diedtrich, Alfred Geist, Dale Oster, Middle Rowg Merle Merkel, Alvin Huber, Myron Schock, Harlan Mertz, Jerome Leidholt, Front rowg Donald Lange, Gordon Stotz, Alvin Eisenbeisz Lester Geidt,Har0ld.Waltman, Andrew Feist. SCHCCL PAPER STAFF Top rowg Kenneth Herman, Bonnie Merkel, Maggie Geier, Mrs. Wilkinson, Marvin Hoffman, Margie Erbe, Doris Oster, Mr. Deuschle, Front rowg LaVaughn Sohlepp, Delbert Sohaible, Irene Buechler, LaVila Brick, Josephine Bachman, Maybelle Haupt, Donna Schumacher, Donald Lange. CORONATION Left to rlghtg Janet Dewald, Donelda Lange, Josephine Baohman, LuVerne Sand- meier, Alvin Schuh, Kenneth Herman, Dale Oster, Merle Merkel, Front row, Ward Oster, Sandra Lee Leno. 25 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 1 Top rowg Bonnie Merkel, Eloise Geidt, Geraldine Dewald, Donna Schumacher, La.Vila Brick, Maggie C-eier, Maybelle Haupt, Delores Buechler, Middle rowg Margie Erbe, Lila Duundie, Viola Schaible, Venoy Schumacher, Loretta Blumhardt, Doris Cster, Rose Glatt, Front rowg Josephine Bachman, Hellas Goldade, Lavaughn Schlepp, Donelda Lange, Shirley Delker, Irene Buechler, Janet Dewald. SEXTETTE vw?" Hollas Goldade, Loretta Blvmhardt, Josephine Bachman, Rose Glatt, Margie Erbs and Doris Oster. t 26 BCWDLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Back row: Alyrce Goettling, Lucylle Feiock, JoAnn Fix, Donelda Lange, Cornelius Schilling, Gordon Diedtrich, Mr. Heckenlaible, First rowg Kenneth Reuer, Wayne Fu, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Second rowg Alvin Kundert, Carol Commet, lBetty,Jea.n Thurn, Third rowg Hollas Goldade, Joyce Merkel, Duane Reuer, Irene Buechler, Alton Schaible, First rowg Aaron Schaible, James Waltman, Herbert Robinson, Second rowgDorothy Bachman, Viola Schaible, Melvin Bollinger, Merle Buckenberger Delbert Schaible, Third rowg Regina Gross, Gladys Miller, Elaine Albrecht, Delpha Schaible. MAJGRETTES Joanne Fir, Alberta Sem, Joyce Merkel, Maralyn Merkel, Dorothy Bachman, Arliee Sohilll ing and Anna Mae Eisenbeisz. 27 CHEERING CLAN Top rowg Tillie Gabriel, Irene Buechler, Lucylle Fieock, Donelda Lange, Hollas Goldade, Geraldine Dewald, Janet Dewald, Maggie Geier, LaVila Brick, Donna Schumacher, Rose Glatt, Maybelle Haupt, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Lila Dumdei, Margie Erbe, Shirley Delker. Middle rowg Allene Bieber, Darlene Albrecht, Delores Buechler, Caroline Mertz, Vera Kiesz, Elenora Mertz, Lydia Buechler, Carol Commet, LuVerne Sandmeier, Bette Jean Thurn, Elaine Albrecht, Dorothy Bachman, Joyce Merkel, JoAnn Fix. Front row: Virginia Feist, Doris Baer, Eloise Giedt, Doris Oster, Loretta Blumhardt, LaVaughn SchlePPs Jayne Hartzell Venoy Schumacher, Martha Schick, Ardella Wlasenko, Patricia Herman, Josephine Huft, Darlene Rieger, Donna Lickfelt, Alyce Goettling. CHEERLEADERS Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, Josephine Bachman and Bonnie Merkel. ze ' 1. Ain't love grand! 2. One at a. time please. 3. Guess? 4. Ho-hum, am I tired! 5. Nice work Mr. Kundert. 6. Give us a push. 7. I wanna go south. 8. Kenneth Herman-1933. 9. Oomph girl. lO. Pals. ll. Marooned., Betty? 12. Going Places? l3. Don't make the assignments too long. lb. Lazy Farmer. 15. Caroline. 16. Freshmen Initiation. I J' wwvl""""a awww ,Q -ff ,, '---...,,,,'-.....-,,, .ASW3 -f - - 'N 5 I., . N Z W . K 1. I'm always thinking of you. 2. Three Old Maids. 3. Mighty Hunter. L+. Two Sophomores. 5. Just Kids. 6. Wow! 7. Lonesome? 8. Lets take off! 9. Give me a hand. lO. 'What's cooking. ll. Hello-Just me. 12. c-ive us a lift. 13. Josephine. Future Home Mak- ers. Gordon Stotz Rose Glatt Hollas Goldade f Grade 5 5 6 Donna A Venoy Schumacher lst 6 2nd grade Virginia Feist 3rd 5 Nth grade Eloise Giedt Gordon Diedtrich Alvin Huber Raymond Doerr Loretta Blumhardt Leona Dumdi Ada Lynne Schick SPONSCDRS Farmers Union Oil Co. Bowdle Hardware Co. Bowdle Creamery and Produce Co. Oster 5 Son Blacksmith Shop Bowdle Farmers Union Equity Exchange M. M. Hartzell, Agt. C. M. ST. P. 5 P. RY. CO. Don's Barber Shop J. K. Kurle 5 Sons Brockel Hotel Joachim 5 Wolff Dray Martha's Beauty Shop Mertz's Cafe Bowdle Flour Mill A. Braufman's Store A. G. Reuer Garage Hoffman Service Station Jake Bitz, Plumber Keszler Service Station Dr. F. A. Miller The Bowdle State Bank The City Meat Market MeCMfCMe Gross Bros. Dept. Store A. C. Merkel Red Owl Store ' Ray Moser Reede Produce Central Lumber Company Gretna Grain Company Tha Bowdle Pioneer' Standard Oil Company Bollinger Garage Aldinger Dray Line Granger's Eugene Vilhauer, Agt. Jackson Hardware, Aberdeen Feinsteins-Ready-to-wear, Aberdeen Hub City School Supply Co., Aberdeen Woolworth's, Aberdeen Gambles Store, Aberdeen Artz Studio, Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Store, Aberdeen Jones Drug Store, Aberdeen Olwin-Angell, Aberdeen R. E. Huffman Co. Aberdeen Olander's Clothing Co., Aberdeen Mid-West Beach Co., Sioux Falls 32 Produced by: GRAPHIC ARTS OF SOUTH DAKOTAAOHszt Plarzmakers, Sioux F ll MIDWESTABEACH CO.-Printers, L h grsphcn, School Suppliers, Slou 1 .Q il' ,vm vw +R: " 2- - r . X . gf" 'lv - --'fvqigf , f gf x 3 .,a'1-nag if 21" i. ,--. ' 1' ,'j",:afi,l.,gfaJQ5,, 25,2-.a"'N, Q ' '-.. TA' . " J: .1 U Q. ' 'rv ,. . ku , B. - A - - , ,, .I - ' fx Q f ' -vu .3f""' , -, gy, , -- n, Wf.,,- ...Ly , I-wifi., XE-fl, 4 ,ge , wa, S v 4 4 -V- .. L. Q- 44. ...JLAIEQI

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