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.lafj 'Q ,. Jul' R-g 'X- 11,5 f 6- 'JT " 7 -I0 Nj,-I mmf , .2 x g f- A+, , X al r L W 1 I .., -,ag 4 "nfl-EL 1 xxA 256 , xf , ,. X, 35- ., .P , bf,-, M 1 . w V f... ,s - .. , 'Lth- M -.-rw, .Q , , . .. Q. , X. I ' 'v Q ' I 1 x - x '1 A V 1 , Q L., Af '-' '-5 N , ,. Qu- 'iff' Llfffili 'J'-.. -.-yn 1 -D" 47 .- f"-, ,'-,J ' ah, "4'.,x ,mmf-M-Q ' :gi 1- ,- '-2 jjx-r' r"""',.fmme- - 'W 'f 1.7 ' ' ipmggkggzlmiill. T ,W X ,ww , iv n L , . x VI.. ', ' 1 f A -N-M-W,.w , 4, ' f ' --nf.4-- ' ,zzz fd' . , 2 .V fi' ' , 3"-. P . ' -' f 'f'. . 4 ' ' -r- w , ' 1 V A f' - ' K - 'N-' N-,. ,. V, 1, Y 5 Z wr ' ' 1 , ' ' 1 V f by P H Q., , 5 in rr T '- 4, . 1 .M ...r . . 'W -,K Sig ' N7 ' . 4, . .. , , W- S., A : . 5: , ,'f 1 xh Q . -s. M , A iv , V .mx - . -,.'. ' ,rbi A ,V ,1 .,. L, New .Q .- 1 .,.v'+fa. THE YEARBOOK STAFF OF BONESTEEL HIGH SCHOOL BONESTEEL, SOUTH DAKOTA PRESENTS THE '68 TIGER Dedication K We, the yearbook staff of Bonesteel High School, dedicate this book to you, Mrs. Hebert and Mrs. Volsteadt, for your many years of dedicated service to Bonesteel Public School and the Bonesteel Community. Administration Seniors , , , Underclassmen Grades . . Activities . . Table of Contents ....Page5.. ...Page11... ....Page17... ..Page27... ...Page35... ul 1 q w. V ,Q x x L W 4. Q: ,Lf 'v' Af li, A 9 ' A, o 1n f 5 fw I as m? ' . . l ' ' ' 'gi ni? X X 9 X r 0 o 0 0 X ,gl Board o Education Superintendent joseph Laber 1 i is 1f Malvern Ions - Chairman, Earl Whidden, Wayne Baldwin, Aldrew Schoch- enmaier, and Bill Haisch. From the Superintendent? ice No school year can ever end without each of us experiencing a feeling of loss and anticipation. Each year is distinctly different than another, each of us has been left with a different impres- sion. We all must know that we have gained as much from this year as we have put into it in study, interest, cooperation, and determination. No year can pass without disagreement and misunderstandings, but these too are part of a learning process and can be put to advantage i.n the lesson learned. In many ways the year has been rewarding, it has been one more milestone in your road to success. None of us can ever stand still in the road of progress -- we either improve or we become worse. Each of us has had the same opportunity, each has had a choice to make. We may either choose the road to success through hard work or we may choose the way to failure by taking the easy way out -- the degree of success or failure is really up to us. The time has now come for each of us to chart a new course. It has been a distinct pleasure to have been i.n your school and community. This is a community that has always been respected, you have tradition and pride and as long as you keep this attitude alive it will always be a community of honor and respect. I am deeply proud and grateful to have been a part of it these past six years. HZ'-'EDB' im I HGV! O N Mrs . Hebert: First Grade Mrs . Sieh: Fourth Grade Mrs . Young: Third Grade This page sponsored by: Bonesteel Transfer Bill gc Mike Schmitz Bonesteel, South Dakota Phone 2951-4011 Obermire Repair, Fairfax, South Dakota Blum's Gamble Store Phillips 66 Butte, Nebraska Mrs . Shipman: Fifth Grade Mrs . Lunn: Second Grade Mrs. Volsteadt: Sixth Grade Mrs. Opbroek: Eighth grade advisor, seventh and eighth grade girls physical educa- tion, literature, spelling, writing, and art. Mr . Ehrismann: American government, health, eco- nomics, and boys and girls high school physical education. NEW M5109 Mr. Leland: High school librarian, seventh grade advisor, seventh and eighth grade science, social studies, and civics. This page sponsored by: ""a- Mrs . Boes: Grade School Remedial Reading Don lVIcMean Farm Equipment, Gregory, South Dakota Sopers Hatcheries, Gregory, South Dakota Gregory Cleaners, Gregory, South Dakota Mr. Harrison: Band, mixed chorus, girls glee, and grade music. ff Y ,f .lp 4: Y 'iv' ,,,, Mr. Kehn: Remedial reading, art, and in terior design. I iw """-asks -v:'1'3ii' Mr. Laber: Mr. Lhotak: Mr. Manzer: Freshman class advisor, American Senior class advisor, general math, junior class advisor, algebra I history, football and track coach. general science, biology, Chemistry, and II, geometry, world history basketball coach. yearbook advisor, declam coach This page sponsored by: Webb's Drive-In and Excavating, Gregory, South Dakota Mr. Sip: Sophomore class advisor, two classes of typing I, bookkeeping, two classes of shop I, Drama Club advisor, declam coach. Miss Sutton: Seventh and eighth grade English, English I, II, III, and IV, Pep Club advisor, paper staff advisor. Mrs . Joyce: Assistant teacher, office as- sistant, school lunch program if A git. Yearbook Staff X... BACK ROW: L. Rustemeyer, I. Schonebaum, D. Boes, L. Ions, K. Cozad, I. Kehn, I. Klug, D. Schmitz, I. Hoar, M. Ions, B. Schultz, R. Moor, A. Cerny. MIDDLE ROW: L. Bachmann, M. Williams, C. Davidson, S. Sutton, I. Hebert, K. Veal, M. Schmitz, S. Klien, B. Koenig, P. Ions, C. Pepper, I. Ions. FIRST ROW: N. Spitzenberger, C. Keegan, K. Klien, S. Thoene, M. Haisch, M. Bearshield, S. Moor, P. Hausmann, S. Hausmann, D. Schochenmaier, G. Woehl, Mr. Manzer. This page sponsored by: D 84 W ICA 775-2282 Butte, Nebraska Cletus "Clete" Durr Insurance of all kinds Butte, Nebraska Butte Beauty Shop Phone 775-2181 Butte, Nebraska Ralph Lunn President Dan Skalla Marilyn Haisch Senior Rep. Rep. at Large Kathy VGZf1l Rex Dunimer Sophomore Rep. Iunior Rep. Donna Schochonmaier Mr. Laber Freshman Rep. Advisor Student Council Cooks l:"g26' sb Mrs. Sara Klien, along with her two assistants, Mrs. Leonard Hoar and Mrs. Ray Sondgeroth, manage to prepare a nutritious meal for the 194 students each school day. Bus Drivers 'W 'Q- I F' Valuable School Helpers Aid in the mooth peration o the School I. Kuster, M. Bailey, E. Frank, E. Moor, and E. Whidden transport the rural students to and from school each school day. This page sponsored by: Fairfax Co-op Assn. , Fairfax, S. P 84 P Farm Supply Bill Schmitz, Manager Bonesteel, South Dakota Phone 2251 or 2951 Custodian Kenny Lunn, school janitor, is pulling out the bleachers for one of the many basketball games held in the auditorium. Along with many other jobs, Kenny is kept busy throughout the year keeping the school and auditorium in first class condition. V , V -,l24fw',a.r.-- W1 D MCD GHZ .i,4 Russell Balcom Marilyn Bearshield E Marilyn Haisch We Jeanette rlausmann 4-,,,.v-a-vii LuVerne Boes Colleen Keegan Sw, Aqjffvlw Kathie Klien joan Klug H I 5: I V Bonnie Koenig jim Krueger Q-yay 'Rauf Ralph Lunn Tom Marts ""QI'-f' JL Carol Pepper .J J' Sandy Moor I Harvey Red Hill Danny Skalla A' 'Wfqltf' by A I age V iM,Am vw Nancy Spitzenberger Susan Sutton Class ficers 'WUI' Senior class officers, pictured with their sponsor, Mr. Lhotak are Colleen Keegan, secretary, Nancy Spitzenberger, presidentg Susan Sutton, vice-president, and Jeanette Hausrnann, treasurer. Sneak Da -- 6'Goin, Kansas Marilyn B. , LuVerne, Danny, and Q 'Q 9 Ralph boarding one of the world's , largest passenger airplanes used by TWA, for a tour of the plane. After a very interesting after- noon at the Truman Library, Mu- seum in Independence, Mo. , the students rested for a moment on the steps of the library. Crossing the street to enter the TWA section of the large Kansas City airport. Packing the luggage back into the bus for the trip home. i ...fer l 1 5 Eighteen Seniors Graduate May 27, 1968 4 f K uwbg- SALUTATORIAN - VALEDICTORIAN - joan Klug TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER Marilyn Haisch The graduating seniors of 1968 r-'o5Ut1JUZC.' ZILFUJCDIP - al 4,5 Linda BaChm3-Im Karen Cozad Rex Dummer First Year A Nw - if 2. Shown above is the American History Class under the direction of Mr. Laber. Other subjects offered were: English III, Alge- , bra II, chemistry, bookkeeping, economics, ffirst semesterj 'hm Hoffman sociology, fsecond semesterj. Lou Ann jons Along with the scholastic activities, the junior class has con- tinued the tradition of selling concessions at games to earn money for our social event of the year, the junior-Senior Ban- que t and Prom . 'T Marilyn Ions David Perlenfein Dan Schmitz 18 F25 Leon Schochenmaier joe Schonebaum Eugene Sflhultl pperclassmen . 'Me azz: The jumor class officers chosen th1s year are as follows: Mr. Manzer, class sponsorg Rex Dummer, student COU.I1C1l representatlveg Marvln lim Sondgeroth Van Houten, vice -presidentg Linda Bachmann, treasurerg Marilyn jons, Danny Swanda secretary, and Eugene Schultz, president. Rex Tietgen Marvin Van Houten Elmer Witt Marlin Witt RQ' 'MG 7,9 V , M, -4' ah? 7 wa. -as B ,v-.. . 'A is -.f"'WP ,123 - i. L W. Andrews E. Balcom W. Bearshield D. Boes D. Cahoy A. Cerny I. Davidson I. Hebert P. Heck Class 0 1976 This page sponsored by: Bonesteel Office, Burke State Bank Bonesteel, South Dakota Sophomores are required to take biology. Here they are shown during a lab period, curiously peering into the microscopic mysteries of life. 20 Biology Labd S25 'ali was "' Q arg . 11-X' -iv. I Hoar wwf? ,ivy A ' 'Fw ni "VV V . T 71 Klien 4 Q vs sy' -fr"0Y , This page is sponsored by: Gregory Body Shop, Gregory, S Butte State Bank, Butte, Nebr K. H. McKenzie, Veterinarian Butte, S.D. During the course of the busy day, every stu- dent has at least one study period in the as- sembly. Here they may do their daily assign- ments or enjoy the library privileges, as they choose. Some of the sophomores are shown here using their time to the best advantage fwe hopej. ,469-P ,Q S 'diff W Q W L. Rustemeyer I. Schonebaum B. Schultz D. Schmitz M. Schmitz T. Spitzenberger r-mi MNH! ZZ C. Stone Arrow S. Thoene M. Tsosie More Sophomores This page sponsored by: The Village Blacksmith, Fairfax, South Dakota Tietgen's Liquor Store, St. Charles, South Dakota Kehn's Store, St. Charles, South Dakota Thirty-one sophomores reported for duty last fall to begin another year in Bonesteel High School. They are still the largest class in high school, outnumbering the other classes by several students. The sophomores are engaged in a number of classes and activities, such as, English II, biology, geometry, world history, typing, health, basketball, football, track, boys and girls physical education, music, remedial reading and art. 115 f V 'Ga A f Q K. Veal I " ' o r .dn . I '-- .,:1'-1 . A w , fr ,J ff Ri D- Wefnke lil ' fliffl-' . W I Q t a ii A M, wmiams This page sponsored by Farmers Union Oil Co. Fairfax, South Dakota Class fficers Sophomore class officers are Ronnie Moor -Vice Presidentg Kathy Veal- Student Council Representativeg Allen Cerny - Secretary-treasurerg David Wernke - President. Mr. Sip is their advisor. I? 95, S. Cerny in S. ChasingHawk Carole Davidson " 10? D. Hattig L. Hausmann S. Hausmann P. Hausmann S. Herman I. Ions Twenty-four Begun Hlgl This page sponsored by: Lyle Stinton-Moorman's Feed, Bonesteel, South Dakota Rosebud Electric, Gregory, South Dakota After a few backward glances at junior high, twenty-four nervous fresh- men bravely entered into the rush of high school life for the first time last fall. For most of them the nervousness wore off in the matter of a few days and they became just so many more components of Bonesteel High School. The freshmen were offered algebra I, English I, general science, general math, world history, health, and shop I as course choices. Almost all of the freshmen participated in extracurricular activities, especially athletics and music. P. Ions O. joseph 1. Kehn X1 yn lv . df' , Q tl .wi .f wi it B. Mug I. Lunn M. Lunn R. Pistulka G. Schaefer T. Schmitz 'W Bchool Careers Freshman class officers shown with their advisor Mr. Laber are from left to right, P. Hausmann: Presidentg I. Ions: Secretary and Treasurerg D. Schochenmaier: Student Councilg T. Schmitz: Vice-president. Class icers 1 D. Schochenrnaier K. Schochenmaier M. Schochenmaier G. Skalla D. VanHouten G. Woehl This page sponsored by: 9 Bills Market, Butte, Nebraska Czass O Frank's Clothing, Gregory, S. D. Spencer Dairy Bar, Spencer, Nebr tudious Students World history was offered to both freshmen and sophomores. Mr. Manzer taught the course to a class of twenty-four students composed of nine freshmen and fifteen sophomores. P550 MMU BACK ROW: L. Ions, G. Perlenfein, M. Hoar, L. Ions, P. Sondgeroth, R. Hausmann. FRONT ROW: I. Boes, P. Bailey, S. Hebert, G. Cozad, Mrs. Opbroek. BACK ROW: D. Moor, K. Ions, K. Volsteadt, A. Garret, S. Bailey, K. Cerny, M. Sondgeroth, M. Williams. FRONT ROW: I. Ions, L. Schmitz, R. Schmitz, R. Baldwin, I. Cozad, S. Sutton, D. Ions, Mr. Leland. Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Fyih Grade VJNJ BACK ROW: V. Schmitz, T. Burke, R. Witt, M. Baldwin, D. Pepper, M. Schochenrnaier. MIDDLE ROW: D. Bailey, M. Spiedel, C. Ludeman, j. Delaney, R. Schmitz, M. Williams, D. Hausmann, Mrs. Volsteadt. FRONT ROW: R. Koenig, D. Bailey, C. Odenbach, B. Ions, D. Cerny, I. Schroeder. BACK ROW: S. Hausrnann, W. Sutton, M. Schultz, L. Marte, C. Ludeman, B. Bendig. MID- DLE ROW: Mrs. Shipman, S. Hebert, C. Ions, I. Schmitz, B. Witt, S. Hausmann. FRONT ROW: S. Bailey, N. Schochenmaier, D. Cahoy, D. Bachman, K. Bailey. NOT PICTURED: P. Hoar. BACK ROW: Mrs. Sieh, B. Bailey, L. Ions, D. Baldwin, P. Marts, I. Ions, K. Ions. FRONT ROW: G. Hausmann, R. Waggoner, K. Swanda, A. Pepper, E. Ions. Fourth Grade This page sponsored by: Spitzenberger Oil Co. Teke and Ierry Spitzenberger Bonesteel, South Dakota BACK ROW: B. Ludernan, K. Ions, B. Cerny, D. Puhrer, C. Marts, R. Hausmann, P. Hausmann, B. Bailey, Mrs. Young. FRONT ROW: B. Sondgeroth, M. Ions, D. Honner, M. Hausmann, L. Lunn, B. Schmitz, I. Schoenebaum, IVI. Wolf. xxx! ...M V is! Third Grade Second Grade 44, jj, VP' if-ci BACK ROW: W. Schmitz, W. Sondgeroth, K. Wynia, K. Bailey, I. Hausmann, G. Schoch- enmaier, I. Schoenebaurn, Mrs. Lunn. FRONT ROW: B. Hausmann, I. Ions, S. Cerny, I. Hoar, R. Woehl, P. Cozad, C. Christmas, L. Hausmann. This page sponsored by: Ray's Mobil, Bonesteel, S. D. Peterson's Beauty Salon, Bonesteel, S.D. Brown's Super Saver, Bonesteel, S.D. First Grade BACK ROW: Mrs. Hebert, I. Klien, C. Bendig, S. Frank, E. Marts, K. Ions, T. Bald- w:i.n, R. Yeigh. MIDDLE ROW: L. Perlenfein, K. Ions, R. Bentson, H. Waggoner, L. Cerny, K. Ions. FRONT ROW: L. Schroeder, S. Ions, I. Bailey, Bonnie Klien, K. Wynia X 5 QW 23? tx! KJ rea .3l. QUE! 1 27 amy., .ni f' x X an 1 1 hx If H- In V, A K K ' N 'XJ .f"'..xi.Lfm-.f' M-,H i Q21 ffl, f Fifth and Sixth 92, , SJ, .....-u h-,5,,Xu BACK ROW: A. Pepper, V. Schmitz, R. Witt, T. Burke, M. Baldwin, M. Schochenmaier, R. Schmitz, C. Ludeman, Mr. Manzer. MIDDLE ROW: M. Williams, B. Bendig, C. Ludeman, L. Marte, M. Schultz, P. Hoar, G. Hausmann, D. Bailey. FRONT ROW: D. Bailey, M. Spoidel, D. Hausmann, R. Koenig, D. Cerny, I. Schroeder, B. Sutton. Seventh and Eighth Grade Basketball This page sponsored by: Cove Cafe, Gregory, South Dakota jelinek Motors, Gregory, South Dakota Greer's Standard, Gregory, South Dakota Mr. Manzer, M. Williams, D. Moor, M. Sondgeroth, K. Cerny, Bailey, I. Boes, G. Cozad, A. Garret, S. Hebert, P. Bailey. Q? Fa Ate' K. Ions, K. Volstoadt, S. fl ki , ' h - Q xr W Q Flft ii, ri V QV. ' "" y a fwi A f , 'Q -V,- , .:,5 : and ---S X i Sixth STANDING: Connie Ode-nbach, julie Schmitz. KNEE LING: juleann Ions, Sharon Hausmann. Seventh and Eighth Cheerleaders Pat Sondgeroth, Rhonda Baldwin, Roxanne Schmitz, Ruth Hausmann v A KX , , V., , 'f . 1 97' l11l! BACK ROW: j. Klien, V. Dreeson, R. Speidel, D. Bailey, T. Bailey, Mrs. Hausmann. SECOND ROW: G. Schmitz, E. Yeigh, A. jons, W. Puhrer, S. Hausmann. FRONT ROW: D. Bailey, W. Schmitz, S. Schaefer, B. Lunn, M. Volsteadt, M. Ions, I. Bentson, K. Wynia. BACK ROW: D. Bachmann, M. Speidel, M. Schochenmaier, P. Hoar, D. Cerny, D. Hausmann, M. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: K. Bailey, N. Schochenmaier, C. Ludemann, D. Cahoy, I. Delaney, T. Burke, j. Schmitz, R. Koenig, B. Sutton, D. Bailey, B. Bendig. FRONT ROW: S. Hebert, L. Marts, C. Ludemann, P. Marts, Mr. Harrison. Jfsfe Kinder garten Band "But Nellie is in love with Adam Oakheart!" fKathie Klien and joe Schonebaum . J "Come now, you're not I afraid of a pretty wom- anfs ankle 2,11 leon and "Oo-lah-lah!" fLuVerne Boes, Nancy Spitzen- Marilyn Haischil berger, Shelley Thoene, and Jeanette Hausmann.j 6 6 9 9 Dirt Work at the Crossroads "NOW listen to me, Mr- "Look at me now, not fit even Munro Mufgatfoydv' to grovel at her feet. " fLuVerne Ueanette Hausmann and and Leon., joe.j This page sponsored by: "You shall bind him to the tracks, even as I shall bind you to my will!" Uoe Sandy, and Leon . J Home Lumber Company, Fairfax, South Dakota Frank Rexall Drug, Gregory, South Dakota "You nasty man!" Balcom, Sandy Moor, Leon, and Ioe.j l V I . -i 4 f L 3 -fa , ' ' i sw lf , i . , i , 5 S L? W1 ? . . V 'ZF 3 Qi 142 Q "Mr. Plannig- an is such an angel of a man. " "I'm not well -- everyone 6 I says so. ' '6This Wa to Heaven" , "Have another The cast: Danny Skalla, Kathy Veal, Mr. Flannigan Elaine Balcom, and Terry Spitaenberger. 66The Red Key" K 1? Q Q f .rm 4 Q "I said go to bed, Hester!" 6Big Annie" .545 X - Q55 "I'm worried, if Big Anniels "It was just terrxble, sher1ff!!" 5 comin' , " Bottoms up! piece of P1 'yu "Don't you DARE touch me 11 .Lit algal? Z Librarians BACK ROW: M. Williams, K. Cozad, I. Kohn, I. Klug, D. Schmitz, I. Hoar, M. Ions, B. Schultz. THIRD ROW: M. Bearshield, S. Moor, K. Veal, M. Schmitz, S. Klien, B. Koe- nig, D. Schochenmaier, j. Ions. SECOND ROW: I. Hebert, S. Thoene, P. Hausmann, P. Ions, S. Hausmann, G. Woehl, Advisor Miss Sutton. FRONT ROW: L. Rustemeyer, K. Klien, C. Keegan, C. Davidson, L. Bachmann. Paper Staff BACK ROW: S. Klien, L. jons, j. Klug, K. Cozad, S. Moor, Advisor Miss Sutton. MID- DLE ROW: C. Pepper, L. Bachmann, B. Koenig, L. Rustemeyer, I. jons, S. Sutton. FRONT ROW: S. Thoene. K. Klien. D. Schochenmaier, P. Hausmann, S. Hausmann. Deelam Students BACK ROW: I. Hebert, K. Veal, S. Bies, M. Ions, S. Sutton. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Mr. Sip, N. Spitzenberger, lVI.Williams, S. Thoene, Coach Mr. Manzer. FRONT ROW: P. Hausmann, K. Klien, L. Bachmann, E. Balcom. Library Work, Journalism, and Declamation Help Fill the Students' Schedules Local Winners This page sponsored by: Dudley Herman and William Wernke Gregory, South Dakota Pecena Safety Service, Spencer, Nebraska Gregory Hi-way Standard, Gregory, South Dakota Winners of the local contest held October 16 were, as shown at left, Marilyn jons - poetry, Susan Sutton -dramatics, Kathy Veal - oratory, and Shelley Thoene - humor- ous. They went on to the District Contest held in Lake Andes and all of them received excellent ratings. 39 s Q: z . S s 5 W . .,,. .-.W BACK ROW: T. Spitzenberger, L. Ions, D. Cerny, S. Bailey, D. Moor, K. Volsteadt, S. Hausmann, Director C. H. Harrison. MIDDLE ROW: C. Pepper, M. Ions, S. Sutton, M. Hoar, L. Bachmann. FRONT ROW: M. Schmitz, P. Hausmann, K. Klein, I. Davidson, S. Hebert. This page sponsored by: Dr. Mathesin, Gregory, South Dakota Hipp Sc Hilltop Theatres, Gregory, South Dakota Bonesteel Higl Participates in Contest, anc Wins Superior Rating The Bonesteel High School Band, under the direction of Mr. C. H. Har- rison, was very active throughout the school year. In the fall they pre- sented a halftime performance at the Homecoming football game, which was new for the band, aside from marching in the Homecoming parade. During the basketball season the band added color to the halftime and be- tween-game breaks with peppy music. In the spring the band went to the Region V Large Group Contest and also was represented at the Rosebud Band Festival in Gregory. BACK ROW: L. Schmitz, S. Thoene, R. Schmitz, P. Ions, L. Ions, G. Perlenfien, D. Schmitz, fstandingj, K. Schochenmaier fbassj. MIDDLE ROW: G. Woehl, S. Sutton, L. Ions, S. Cerny, G. Schaefer, R. Pistaulka, T. Schmitz. FIRST ROW: N. Spitzenberger, I. Hebert, I. Hausmann, I. Hoar, L. Rustemeyer, K. Veal, S. Moor. School Band ames, Concerts, Festival. in Region V fficers This page sponsored by: Bonesteel Produce, Bonesteel, S.D. Hertz Motel, Bonesteel, S.D. Hungry Iirn's, Bonesteel, S.D. Band officers for this year are vice president - Susan Sutton, president - Sandy Moor, secretary- treasurer - Ieanette Hausmann. 2 x FOURTH ROW: I. Hebert, IVI. Ions, K. Cozad, I. Hoar, I. Klug, I. Hausmann, M. Williams, B. Schultz, L. Ions, I. Kehn, D. Schmitz, I. Davidson, K. Veal, M. Schmitz. THIRD ROW: I. Cozad, D. Schochenmaier, L. Ions, P. Ions, L. Rustemeyer, I. Ions, P. Hausmann, S. Moor, S Klien, C. Davidson, R. Baldwin, K. Klien, N. Spitzenberger. SECOND ROW: G. Woehl, E. Balcom, W. Bearshield, L. Bachmann, C. Pepper, D. Ions, S. Sutton, R. Schmitz, S. Haus- mann, C. Keegan, S. Thoene, S. Sutton. FIRST ROW: Mr. Harrison, I. Ions, P. Sondgeroth, M. Hoar, L. Schmitz, G. Perlenfein, L. Ions. FOURTH ROW: R. Vogt, K. Schochenmaier, H. Ions, D. Hattig, R. Moor, D. Wernke, I. Ioff- man, D. Pepper, D. VanHouten, A. Cerny, H. Lunn, B. Klug. THIRD ROW: P. Hausmann, I. Ions, B. Schultz, 1VI.Williams, I. Hausmann, S. Klien, S. Thoene, S. Sutton, L. Rustemeyer, I Hebert, K. Cozad, I. Hoar, I. Klug. SECOND ROW: D. Schochenmaier, L. Ions, P. Ions, C. Pepper, K. Klien, C. Ceegan, R. Baldwin, C. Davidson, D. Schmitz, I. Kehn. FIRST ROW: Mr Harrison, I. Ions, P. Sondgeroth, M. Hoar, I. Cozad, G. Woehl, E. Balcom, W. Bearshield, R. Schmitz, S. Hausmann, L. Schmitz, S. Sutton, D. Ions, L. Ions, G. Perlenfein. These girls assisted in the vocal music activities, by lending their talents as pianists. They are seated: Iolene Hebertg standing: Marilyn Ions, Kathy Veal, Nancy Spitzenberger, and Susan Sutton. Pianists This page is sponsored by: Marie's Style Shop, Butte, Anson's Super Saver Spencer, Nebraska Friedrich Chevrolet Co. Spencer, Nebraska Nebraska All-State Chorus The representatives from Bonesteel High School to South Dakota All-State Chorus were: LuVer'ne Boes, bass, Elaine Balcom, alto, Shelley Thoene, soprano, and Dale Boes, tenor John Philip Sousa Award Lou Ann Ions, junior treble clef baritone player and first soprano in the vocal groups, received the john Philip Sousa award for outstanding achievement and service in the music activities. f -Aa' , ,. 1 L -, .K - ,. bmnwff H f , . fwwswmze .11 , :. . , vs be 2 5 f Lf , ,,,: I ,- w Q is .., ,A - , A S S 5 ' ,gf .' - f s r fy H ral- l .K in: I H. , - W , L aw if 4 , 42 '1,,, ' " V fr' ,L " f , divx, , S , -gf Nancy Spitzenberger was last year s Girl s State represent- Marilyn Ions and Jolene Hebert represented Bonesteel High School at the Governor's Teenage Traffic Safety Conference. Both girls have been very active in setting up var- ious safety checks in tomm. Kathy Veal received first place for her speech in the V.F.W. Voice of Democracy Contest locally. She went on to receive second in the District Voice of Democracy Contest. ative. She also was chosen by the faculty to receive the "I Dare You" award for leadership. Honors Leon Schochenmaier and Marilyn Haisch were selected by the student body as Outstanding Teenagers of America. They both also won Time Magazine Awards. Marilyn was also the high school D.A.R. representative, Betty Crocker Homemaker, and Top Actress. ' , feb- 1' 43 ' .X A - "Wan, , " 5 1 ' Q' ' Q, Donna Schmitz, Mariann Schmitz, and Danny Skalla received the A.A.H.,P.E.,R. Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Ralph Lunn was selected by the ' student body as all around student of Bonesteel High School. 'nd A wards This page sponsored by: Hardware and Furniture, Butte, Nebraska Bonesteel Lumber Co. , Bonesteel, South Dakota Anoka Butte Lumber Co. , Butte, Nebraska K J l Susan Sutton and joan Klug, Xxx 'sp editors of the school pa- fi per, received the journal- if "7 m ism awards. L VZ' .W ' if H LuVerne Boes received the top actor award. ZW? 1 x BACK ROW: L. Rustemeyer, S. Klien, L. Ions, M. Schmitz, D. Schmitz, I. Kehn, I. Hoar, M. Ions, I. Davidson, S. Sutton, M. Williams. MIDDLE ROW: D. Schochenmaier, S. Thoene, K. Klien, I. Hausmann, B. Schultz, C. Davidson, B. Koenig, C. Keegan, C. Pepper, G. Whoel. FRONT ROW: Advisor Miss Sutton, W. Bearshield, P. Hausmann, M. Bearshield, P Ions, N. Spitzenberger, I. Ions. KNEELING: L. Bachmann, S. Hausmann, M. Haisch, I. Hebert, I. Klug, K. Veal, S. Moor, E. Balcom. BACK ROW: M. Haisch, G. Schultz, E. Witt, R. Lunn, D. Wernke, D. Swanda, I. Hoffman, M. Van Houten, I. Klug. MIDDLE ROW: D. Skalla, L. Schochenmaier, I. Schonebaum, I. Krueger, R. Moor, M. Witt, R. Balcom, I. Schonebaum. FRONT ROW: L. Bachmann, I. Moor, T. Marts, A. Cerny, R. Tictgen, I. Sondgeroth, L. Boes, D. Perlenfien, S. Moor. 1 , , Pep lub lub C15 .A" MILE RELAY The Bonesteel Track and Field Board shown at the 'SSS left was designed and painted by Harvey Redhill HM above. The Board is displayed on the wall above the X965 38 7 I353 MILE RELAY 1859 RELAY Pictured here is the Art Class instructed by Mr. Clark Kehn. The class was begun the second semester under Title I. door at the east end of the auditorium. 1 i - vS"?iisWy J" r ' ie In . " -- - Lv This page sponsored by: I-IerInsen's Store, Bonesteel, South Dakota - Rosebud Farmers Union Co-op Association, South Dakota Remedial Reading, also begun the second Viola Boes, shown left, and Mr. Clark Kehn. l semester under Title I, is taught by Mrs. Football quad BACK ROW: Coach j. Laber, L. Schochenmaier, E. Witt, j. Hoffman, M. Van Houten, R. Lunn, D. Skalla, R. Dummor, L. Boes, T. Marts, E. Schultz, Asst. Coach D. Lhotak. MIDDLE ROW: S. T.-D. Perlenfein, H. Lunn, D. Pepper, R. Tietgen, I. Schonebaum, D. Wermke, R. Moor, A. Cerny, I. Schonebaum, D. Boes, D. Cahoy, S. Chasing Hawk, M. Witt. FRONT ROW: D. Hattig, R. Vogt, M. Tsosie, G. Schaeffer, M. Lunn, S. Cerny, K. Schochenmaier, D. Van Houten, R. Pistulka. Graduating Lettermen Tigers Win if, w 3' . wnulf K , 15' it 5 cm' Va. . Rosebud Conference Title This Page is sponsored by: G. F. Buche Company, Gregory, South Dakota Corner Cafe, Gregory, South Dakota Gregory Times Advocate, Gregory, South Dakota All of the senior members of the football .V squad are three year lettermen. They are LuVerne Boes, Ralph Lunn, Dan Skalla, and Tom Marts. 'fi -, ,jmw , - J-. f-, Varsity Squad 48 BACK ROW: E. Witt, M. Van Houten, I. Schonebaum, R. Lunn, D. Skalla, L. Boes, T. Marts, I. Hoffman. FRONT ROW: L. Schochenmaier, R. Dummer, R. Tietgen, R. Moor, I. Schonebaum, D. Wernke, A. Cerny. f, r We iff 4 J 1, 2 if f 'ff' ren 'Y f"7'j2r.'f'V1w fm' L'4'T'1'm'.'f3-1L4?5f'712.a-a..:'E 1.13333 W J., .ax ., VX. fs YR' idffi' . s6iif,,,f"'1"B'PJ'TVJ.Jai414 . 1 , ' 1 ,haf ,' 0 ,V 3, 'y w , " .f rr ' f , , -,L ' 1 A x .ffnj Q"5 fx , ff V 3 ,v7mg+3? if In ., ,ey f , 'Eng L ,ggi if- L-'1 ' if Marv Van Houten Rex Dumrner Defensive End Offensive Guard All-Con erence Leon Schochenmaier Defensive Linebacker QUE! V xLV W Honors fr' A .M Ralph Lunn Dan Skalla Offensive End Offensive Quarterback Game Schedule Bonesteel 33 Fairfax 33 Naper 6 Avon 13 Pickstown 27 Armour 19 Lake Andes 30 Colome 13 Marty if V I This page is sponsored by: Cozy Clean Laundermat Gregory, South Dakota Kotabras Funeral Home Gregory, South Dakota Gregory Drug Store, Gregory, S. D Tigers try to break through the Colorne line. Rex Dummer goes for more yards in the game against the Colome Cowboys. Rex also played a tough defensive game. Tigers stop the Colome Cowboys. Tige rs the ! JL?if'5B1f?'E'B1-'ZXB1?!dE.'i'KZ!WKZiiN171aj?2ii.f,i,'1- S-I G-it ' 1 f - ' .LIL USF' . . -33 igH5Mfs'K ' iii? 13.3-ax' 'L il is 'l on Move This Colome ball carrier realizes that he is not to be long on his feet. F 4 5 Ng K K fix A ' One of the Tigers' many tackles in the Colorne game This page sponsored by: Norrn's Standard, Bonesteel, South Dakota Dr. D. C. Nerner, Gregory, South Dakota Dan Skalla goes for the goal line for another Tiger touchdown. I Gregory Independent Oil, Gregory, South Dakota 51 2 .4f' ' i 'fr ff" STANDING: P. Lapointe, T. Schmitz, W. Little Bear, J. Schonebaum, L. Schochenmaierif, D Wernke, D. Swandaf, R. Lunnk, I. Kruegerw, D. Skallaff, R. Tietgenk, R. Moor. KNEELING: Student Managers M. Witt, and G. Schultz, Student Trainer D, Perlenfien, Coach Dan Lhotak This page is sponsored by: Hillcrest Inn 8: Motel, Burke, South Dakota Rosebud Cheese Company, Burke, South Dakota Clausen's, Burke, South Dakota BACK ROW: Coach Lhotak, P. LaPointe, T. Schmitz, W. Little Bear, D. Wernke R Moor I Schonebaum, S. Chasing Hawk, G. Schultz. MIDDLE ROW: M. Witt, D. Pepper K Schochen maier, A. Cerny, D. Hattig, H. Lunn, R. Vogt, D. Cahoy, D. Perlenfien. FRONT ROW G Skalla, G. Schaefer, R. Pistaulka, M. Tsosie, S. Cerny, O. joseph. 2? 2 50. Squad 'V' ' l Q XJ 44X '34 Tau 1nXl!Uh F' 1 fi f4Ug .fit V lr, X X jim Krueger 5'll" Senior Th1s page 1S sponsored by: Gregory Bakery, Gregory, South Dakota W1ll1ams Furmture, Gregory, South Dakota L 84 L Motors, Gregory, South Dakota Ralph Llmn 6'1" Leon Schochenmaier 5'l0" junior Fl Senior Q , Dan Swanda 6'1" junior Danny Skalla 5 ' 9 " Senior Rex Tietgen 5'9" junior Some of the most exciting action during a basketball game comes after the ball has rolled off the ri.m of the basket and the boys make the scramble for the rebolmd. This shot was taken during the championship round of the Hickory Stick Tournament. Bonesteel was defeated by the Winner Warriors. Tigers A re Runners- Up This page is sponsored by: Hogrefes Clothing, Gregory, South Dakota Charm Beauty Salon, Gregory, South Dakota Gregory Bowling Center, Gregory, South Dakota The Bonesteel Tiger basketball team was able to boast quite a successful' season this year. The record was not up to what it has been in some pre- vious seasons, but their performances at both the Hickory Stick and District 28 Tournaments were very impressive. The Tigers placed first runner-up in both tournaments. The first six players for the team, under the coach- ing of Mr. Don Lhotak were Dan Skalla, Dan Swanda, jim Krueger, Rex Tietgen, Ralph Lurm, and Leon Schochenmaier. K'-4 1' 1 ra' 1. Je 'lil ll fi f J, 8 v E! J Danny Skalla scores again for the Tigers. Danny was one of the leading scorers throughout the year for the team. L me ioo Xto T E E Mx -,., My ., ,EV K! . ,ft f ln Tournaments ,'s 42, ' J BATTLE POR THE RE BOUND. Leon and a Winner player are both determined to get that ball. Leon Schochenmaier shoots one up in hopes of scor- ing for the Tigers. ' 75 'W fi s ' i:v.:, :., K ,-., 2- - .. 'W , V - , .. ,, . -V li' "r , -SQ . N 3 . 'V ' , 5 VAA, , ' . mg .A-,-,, , K ai- W 'R' .., .A -. . - - I. . V , w The Mile Relay team placed first in the Class 'C' division at the Pierre Relays. 1 ...ind Ralph Lunn represented the school at the 1 State Track Meet in the low hurdles. jim 7 . Krueger ran the 880 yd. rum in the State iii Meet, setting a new school record of 2:05. 9 . and Sophomore Ron Moor tied the school pole vaulting record of l0'9" at the freshman- sophomore track meet at Scotland. Field The 880 yd. relay team Uohn Moor, Leon Schochen- maier, Rex Dumrner, and jirn Kruegerj set a new school record of 1:36. 9 at the Bonesteel Invitational Track Meet. The same boys made up the 440 yd. relay team which set a new school record of 47. 0 sec. at the Howard Wood Relays in Sioux Falls. 21. in V' Y " M' 1, 3 , , fu - . ' 4 .. W ' ,dread -A QQ , ' ff 'age l 'HQ-Us L, , W, V Rex Dummer overtakes a stiff ' ily 'jHiW'1'f ,fi'?'f5 , . . V it get L compet1tor m the 880 yd. V 9 ' L relay. 2 S - .,,.r V w,.,qs,sse ,. ,, .. Ralph Lurm in hot pursuit of a john Moor makes a fast finish in the 880 yd. relay. Bonesteel Invitational Track Meet Tyndall hurdler. f Q ' P , 1 't"' 5 - - , . : . , f r y N555 1 -h,gg:,,f., - , .,.. ' tf: Rex T1etgen won . . -- f11'St place m ,,,W,f board ' rn "eh ' Q 'ft - 7 I I K' A. ial'fg:Qg Ronnie Moor goes up and over the bar. Q., fl .V - L ,HI i 57 Three seniors and a junior led the cheering section during the football season and at the 'A' team basketball games. They are Linda Bachmann QD, Marilyn Haisch, joan Klug, and Sandy Moor. Sandy has been a cheerleader through all four years of high school and was a grade school cheerleader for four years. Cheerleaders Help timulate School Spirit Susan Hausmann flyingj, jolene Hebert, Elaine Balcom, and Kathy Veal kept the students fired up during the exciting 'B' team games. f' l f I 1 4 3, l , mein K K f""'T w,,,,, , www . -, ' Wvvybx ueen My H rm - King y My-" J Sandy , Ralph Moor Lunn Homecoming Royalty The 1967 Bonesteel High School Homecoming Festivities began Thursday evening, October 19, 1967, with the coronation of Queen Sandy Moor and King Ralph Lunn. After the coronation the cheer- leaders led the students in a snake dance down tomm and back to the school, where the traditional burning of the 'B' Homecoming pep rally was held. The Pep Club served lunch afterward. friday morning the students put the finishing HLD W - touches on their class floats, and at 1:30 the largest homecoming parade in the history of the school got under way. The junior Class float won first place i.n the school competition. At the Homecoming Game that evening, despite the all out team effort shovvn by the Tigers, the team was defeated by the Lake Andes Eagles. muh? wa -1' ' ' f nw A H V., 7' '- 22213 2 , at 5 A 'Wt , A M ' if Y f f The tables, along with the rest of the auditori- um, were appropriately decorated to carry out the theme . ' Y Mr. Manzer added "Sugar and Spice" with his banquet speech. Mr. Laber's speech entitled, "The Fu- ture is Yours", was a challenge to us all. "Now, who spiked the punch ?" The school board and their wives enjoyed the juniors' hospitality. Nancy Spitzenberger, pres- ident of the senior class, gave the thank you speech. l 8 Linda Bachmann sang a med- ley of songs to enrich the evening. Misty Moonlight iw? , s, l'e-, nnfn The intellects of the grades step out for an evening . Q "Bless you, Danny!" -, 4 , IH s QE,- 1. There is never a night when the girls look more lovely and the boys more hand- some than on prom night. Senior Beau ties 61 Congratulations to the Class of 1968! Martin Shope Burke Barber Shop Fritz Coinop Laundry Hall's Ice Cream Store Gambles Store Hilltop Mobil Service M. E. Miller Kramer's Barber Shop Paul A. Kern Central Hardware Rosebud Photo Co. Leo Simons Tech's Standard Station Weidner TV and Hardware Armilla's Beauty Shop Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Co. Dr. Sweet Tee Pee Cafe Bonesteel Cleaner's Hanson's Clothing and Shoes Mary's Cafe Dr. Raymond G. Nemer Wiedrick's Store Iden Body Shop Miladys Seeley jewelry Lloyd's Radio and TV Karl E. Zutz Gregory County Abstract Co. Dunkak Coffee Shop St. Herrick, Lake Lake Lake Lake Burke Burke Burke Burke 9 9 3 J Burke , Ande s , Ande s , Ande s , Andes 3 Gre gory, Herrick, Charles, Fairfax Fairfax Burke Burke Bone steel Bonesteel Bonesteel Fairfax Gre gory Fairfax Gre gory G re gory 3 9 9 3 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 Gre gory, Gregory Burke 3 3 Burke, Bone steel, South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota Q 2: 5 1' WW 'Q 2 1 ,, ! ISN ZS W9 Q nib 91?VcHf-l x A ll ut 1. -ff' N F. 3. ',.,'i7 v . me f I .. 4,47 ,Y ,I-'s,.a ' 6 a - ,. of. , ' 'mr 1, v.V, --'x"-cvrxg 43 4 r. ,, 1- wlc ,. ' M .4 .Af , .532 , 3 ,ix ' 4 as .W .X -.S Q Q -K ffm K- Q - .7 q, . , I ,ist ' xxx f ' WN 'half ' Q, 31: A . M1 , -' , Q, X 155-43 J - ,... S A vi' ' fm, '.. I -15-. . .5 . 'fxfkxb-' 4- ,a 1. ..- 315311 f ex . .. W' M Lv: k 0- N ff. gg, 'ill 3.41 u ' i V i 5' W.. , A ,Q Cf' W 1' 'Q YW --7 , Q z 1 Us ,J axis. xi F 1 A ff 'lg- ,sp 4 ' 125551 5. ' L.2-A asf " , 'all X ' Si"i'X:xv 15: , , .ff ifv. ., . K, r 4 1 .. .'a X , i I . . . . . 1 U ' . X V x x . XX . 'I' ' - ' 2 ' a. , . q , A' 3 H, s: Q 1 1 - - X 3 2- Y' . E " . 2 X K ' 1 Af.. l I l f . "1 1 'QTL1-. ...-- -.--... A-Q W VK .. .. -.. f 4 M N, ' 2.-. ,z:s?w' -Q .,:t,g .vm , f-- -- ----'- ky " ::.., ' g.-y' ,- .ag ff-1. ,M . rg- ' v' 'f ., -f. is P f 1 ,- fl. '-, '5 ff' V, f f "i-vi--A-2753. ' 'K , -' 4 'H' -f ' r-can--,-,, , :Sw ,fa 'K , 1 . -..,. V '- -A K V' '-1 - ,V , . " grgygq' 1, A. -3 .. ,-K, Q Y, ' K kv- ' 1-M, -- L f-ff, 'LQ' '93 ,,?,' if 'rx-5 Q 1. ijgrj 3? X gif .vs NX . - N "sm '- V, "fm ai ' 'r-Ig if '54-W 24 . 1.7. W 'W ffl -Q," - ' Lge. ,,.. A 54 L 'kj' YHA, Q' ' 1 .. y . ',,. f L V . .Z y , A Li l ,Ut ti . N ., - " 1.2. I V :.gg1 'H'rXx-f"a!fsI '..f,," V, , v.-n,'? -5 at fx -4.-, X 4. r '-3 H 13, , 1' f 1 . N ., x V . IA? 1 , V r sl .5 ,, ,,, , , Ng . - 5 A ff, - L, 5-Q . . 4 - 5 'v-:Jf -,. Wk. ,qi V- Q, Ui' ' ', ix ' , "V KV -. X x Q - -in-' ' Vi: i ., x R f3"""" 1 V 'T 1 5,-4, 'V 1 A .1 H 1-yy ' fm, M auf, ' Vx .wi ' L,,,, 5 , 4 . sk. , . y. X .1 n f. F ,H fa , ,. ', , , '- -1' 1, 164: - , . ,Y.. a , 'Qx s ' ., . . . I I.-' . w 41,

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