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fill ZiYl7f'5! V1 X V F ,' 1 1 -we 14 f3,Q,Q,,, ,fm . . f i t ' - , , 'A' I i I VF' J,,fLVs,, f:YQ4L?ffgLYgQkQrf5'.,,, d.J,b2c,p 4? 5 Q 5' 'fig W H if 5V QJUZXQ. if Q, Q . , Y A 3 4 , ,Y J A97 421204, fgff fffqgj,ff4,Z , P 1 , f A "' , 1 . tljdb k,,,l,'Ik.f ffl,ZL,4JL,Q, 4, i ' K, ef J x 5, : 5 fi T x 901051K e . Q .JJWMQ Y FXXQ 3 N3 E Ek 1 ' 'Z -- S 'S W7 ' 1 IX ' ,I . - 1 Q . . x V. v:,T.v LF CQ A gfijg 20 Z . A, .54 Z1 1 ,ff VP-,If W ' C Q3 Cf? -if 0 C' f X DD C n 7 1: yi Qiifwf 22 fp , ' Cf l 'F .5 ' X 5D XJ H S ,JI " QT , H I wi, Q KS N' xx 45 Q25 , . -Q, - - ff X6 if f 1 Q35 X ' 26 J ' Lg Q28 Q J iv 1 f , XJ X'-gf? 1 ' X 5 ' 1' . ' .L 'Y W . . ,S E K .Q x Q5 ' ,si Qi BX x f A . X QTR if' N3 5 A 'TS CX ,Xi wins N ,ix ' 'ii jfxfif , QM Q? 'SNP 'A af ' 2 'lq,1L ,N Q mx LLB? ' V fl ig J Q5 f' r 'g2 j M47-, . ' K YN 52 , , - J rl' H. ,A , ,fi",V Xf I ff? 3+ f ii K , , -fulfil. -ff M, 70i7'QN'P 61' ydp if , E JM MXL C WJVH ' ,LQ Wx cr Mgkfjlwylw Gfwbwb ww W pwwg WM M 1 My O4 QJ H My X78-19 Ok wmv fw 5WQf'iV ' W M .173 u JUL wfULC,QJ . X WV XUCQWXUK-C0 , Q QDQQQL , N ifiwjj 3 P wujbflb fgvinzfp iw, EMM ww QMS mm, wfw, Him WM M 0f1wLwgQva,Wi WW W Y N"QLXCC,Qld xM,b VQMQMQ O93 GMM QA WM! SQLUL mujhwfljjmiyammafj ii MW M SSOQWQJUQ ? , Lumberjack Bogalusa High School Bogalusa, Louisiana Volume 68 PEOPLE 1982 Ppll People ............................................................ People Being People ..................................... People Competing ......................................... People Involved ............................................. People Helping People ................................. People Working ............................................. Supporters ...................................................... I. Sonic cups were always found around campus after lunch. 2. Practice makes perfect as the saxo- phone section concentrates on their practice. 3. Sophomore Lisa Spencer flashes a winning smile for the photographer. 4. Monica Martin discusses the ordering of her new class ring with Mr. Farr, the ring-man. 5. Taking a quick break from the concession stand at a home basketball game are Jeanette Richardson, Kellie Cefalu, and Veronica Thomas. 6. The 1981 Homecoming Court was pre- sented to the BHS student body in the auditorium. 7. Coach Raburn gives his B-Jacks last minute instructions. 2 People ,Wivg GJ 6. H5 People, we've got people . . . Miles and miles ofpeople . . . peo- ple doing things, saying things, whispering . . . people doing noth- ing, saying nothing, just being people. People smiling, people laughing, people sneering. . .peo- ple reflecting, doubting, ponder- ing . . . people just being people People 3 People Being People People being people involves . . . school . . . lunch . . . tests . . . pep rallies . . . homecoming . . . lockers . . . games people play . . . teacher's talent show . . . Almost Anything Goes . . . trip to Europe . . . Honor's Day . . . Mid-term Graduation . . . Honor Graduates . . . Senior Hon- or's Night . . . graduation and the final days. People being people at wacky parties, at homecoming, at funfilled pep rallies, and during the thrill of victories at sporting events I some- times the agony of defeatj . . . all went into the making ofa Bogalusa High School student's life. Variety is the spice of lUe, and BHS had plenty of it. Homecoming 1981 brought a surge of spirit to the stu- dent body. The teacher's talent show gave the faculty and staff a chance to display their abilities and ex- press themselves through their per- formances. "Almost Anything Goes" added to the rivalry among the classes. Pep rallies were a time when .lack fans could release all the spirit they had stored in them and show others what spirited people the Lumberjacks really were. The band, chorus, cheerleaders, and paper- dolls entertained us. Our favorite fast-food hangouts satisfied our hunger. Honor's Day provided a time for all underclassmen to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Graduation severed the last ties ofthe seniors with BHS and fulfilled every senior's dream. A Lumberjack didn't have to worry about fitting in, because students at BHS were people being people. 1, ,C . , . .Q?.g,fl--: '-Lf-.?'!i?f!? .ifiefsyl - -Q91 ' .pe w- in ., 4 f . Q v "xt .. A Hr.. -.pgsjlifyfwgf - 1-Qgjf 1-jg:-f ,Tl Q- ai :K -M - Q31 -5., g em. A gnefl , -gk. 5 ,. 4' Y..-.M ' 2 523 ,,. f..-gf I kk.-4'1" -' .Q . ' V My A . . ,jf-7-u-17114 .W me TlT"""'l"'T'1'H'HT'1!T'll1'l M ' A . - ' 4. ...i,' he . , . T' -L' :Lg Y' 1 f-Q . 1 ' ' 1 . 1 , e ,, F Q g ,, .1 ,L , , , - ' , , I I W- 1 i 5, , 15 ' '-av ' ' - A . .- E392 Mx 6 F . .eb 12'-za-.'q-,iwrifle-fwsil. , T i ' f ng? L' Q-rad' vf'T+1!Q',,,"' ....gC," 'if 2.2! - t':5wQ+f?-+,.fA ft' 'w'-Lzf-f"i 5i4'i1?-+-f1g-f1-- H ,lic '- ' -' '...5'- ,-.z1.....,-1f5J,fr3.-:e--- B "f'5'Qwg-Q ' ' . gd . ' - ,, -'I' -- Q .. "'-' .-,,..-fy. -1,."'f'f-'-wx,-tw. -gr:-Atfft.. arf-.1 +31-if .C cf. W fe lf L1 -- C , 1-1 .r:g25g.t,:5f.agwf5.wv:.ewf' 12.1.3 fffswe if ve, . A efeB..'..-ef. .5 nfg1'."ff1s-v ew-r Aff: 1 'A e 1.-:.' 212.1fini.-if.4e..,w.2s:....uriu.:f,,...f"sf::..g:.' if-A - f I iff 1 I. BHS Cheerleaders want the Jack fans to get 'fired-up" for the big play-off game. 2. During a Speech II play practice, Melanie Starnes awaits her turn. 3. Mrs. Holcomb receives a direct hit from an unknown snow- ball thrower inAustria. 4. The Key Club bon- fire highlighted Homecoming festivities. 5. French and Spanish club members, Bitsy Daigle, Mary Lee, Brian Holmes, Melinda 4 People McNeese, and Susan Knight, enjoy a quick game of UNO at one of the airports before their departure. 6. The Jacks are on the drive for another touchdown. 7. Kim Gryjin gets ready to "throw me something, Mister" dur ing the 1982 Bogalusa Mardi Gras parade. 8 Greg Bennett seems to enjoy walking with CathyAverette during the presentation ofthe Homecoming Court. 'W f 4 ' Q -. FH B vi' 'V ' -K A People 5 I. With the ball safely tucked away, Jeff Ikerd, outmaneuvers his opponent. 2. Going up for a jump ball against a Covington Lion is Roger Magee. 3. During one of his many practice sessions, John Porretto returns the ball to his opponent for fur- ther play. 4. Coach Giddens gives instruction, as T itiana Freeman listens. 5. The Lumberjacks were strongly supported throughout the year. Here Mark Bennett is getting his share of recognition by TORCH Service Club 6. Coach Bill Murray makes a presentation during 1981 's annual Foot- ball Banquet. 7. Bruce Plummer gets into the swing of things and hopes for a homer. 6 People M I Aff' A MIGHT VMBEM xx I xg . ' Ne an-,., 'ij . 'L People Competing People competing involves . . . foot- ball . . . B-Jacks . . . Junior Jacks . . . Boys' Basketball . . . Girls' Basketball . . . Track . . . Baseball. . . Tennis.. . Golf . . . banquets . . . Sports People Play. People in competition at BHS made new friends and new enemies, but they won with style and lost some heart- breakers with dignity. Lumberjacks competing against those "other" teams from those "other" schools and win- ning was the main goal for the BHS students involved in playing football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and 80M Competition is not for everybody, though. The majority of the people are involved in "outside" sports, such as skating, playing pinball, shooting pool, swimming, hunting, dancing, jogging, or just mastering the Rubik's cube. They don 't gain any school recog- nition for the games they play. But they have each other and they're a team. People in competition sometimes win and sometimes lose, Whatever the case may be, they enjoy the sport they play. They are people being people-people competing. '45 4: T, -- A T 5 'wg 7 1 People 7 3. ,. i' , 1 WYE 5 3 if 8 People QT Lk People Involved People involved includes . . . Axe Staff. . . Band . . . Cheerleaders . . . Chorus. . . 4-H. . . French Club . . . Future Farmers of America . . . Keyettes . . . Business Staff. . . Pa- perdolls . . . Lumberjack Staff . . . Spanish Club . . . Young People '82 . . . Student Council . . . AST . . . BTS... 4-K...PKT...SAK... TORCH. . . Spartanettes . . . Hori- zon Cabinet. . . Wa Can Ki Ya . . . Panda . . . Tanda . .. Navaho . . . "People involved" were the key words for BHS 's network of clubs, societies, and staffs in 1982. Mon- ey-making projects, worthwhile goals, and overall common interests tied group members closer together. Whether the end results were for the betterment of BHS or the satisfac- tion of club members, each organi- zation became involved within itseU and with other school organiza- tions. People being people-people involved. .iff Ev,-V.. I. On bid day, Mrs. White and Beth Borde found waiting the hardest part. 2. Cheerleaders Eliza- beth Klimczak, Allison Perry, and Mandy Ryals, borrowed the Paperdoll's hats for a quick pose. 3. Keyette member Stephenie Jacobs seems pleased with her gift from her big Sis. 4. The 4-H club looks on as County Agent Darlene Jones demon- strates barbecuing techniques. 5. By entering a car in the Homecoming parade, the Spanish Club showed that they back the Jacks. 6. Overcome by both tears and joy, Jeanette Richardson gives Kay- Kay Knight a big hug. 7. Ms. Windham plays a major role in many ofthe organizations at BHS. 8. Showing their SAK pride are Tori Kemp, Sophia Lee, Cheryl Harris, and Merilyn Bush. 9. The band, under the direction of Dr. Franklin, pro- vided entertainment during Parents' Night. People 9 ,,,.,...., .. ., ,, 4, .,,,, ,..., ........,..m,..,.... .,..--. People Helping People Music, literature, club activities, and study were all part of a well- rounded academic lU'e at BHS. De- partmental clubs, such as the French and Spanish Clubs, added depth to the school 's background in foreign language. The band and chorus were our additions to the world of music. Term papers, sci- ence projects, mathematical analy- ses were all necessary for the awak- ening of the mind to new ideas. But someone had to set the goals and had to make the challenges. WHO? Teachers. Teachers told us the meaning of "Reagonomics",' teachers explained the use ofa par- ticipial phrase, teachers showed us how to prove a theorem, teachers de- scribed the process of evaporation. Teachers set the academic goals and challenges, and we followed. While teachers were setting the academic goals and challenges for us to follow, some very important individuals were making guidelines for us to go by. The administrators, namely our principal and assistant principals, governed us with author- ity and, at the same time, friend- ship. Librarians, office secretaries, and custodians added the finishing touches to academics at BHS. Li- brarians were there with all the books of knowledge, secretaries per- formed office duties with impor- tance on organization, and custo- dians provided necessary assistance to the everyday classroom routine. The variety of courses, clubs, and academic activities at BHS meant that there was something for every person. People being people-peo- ple helping people. I0 People ii ' S X R . f, 1. Mr. Cothern and Coach Murray try to get a better view of the outdoor pep rally activities. 2. Making final preparations for the Home- coming parade are Mrs. Happen and Elizabeth Klimczak. 3. Mr. Magee prepares for his "Let me have your attention for these announce- ments." 4. Why would that nice police officer want to arrest Sue Adams? 5. "Now, I told you not to shoot from 40 feet!" 6. Homecoming Day, Elizabeth Klimczak puts the finishing touches on the parade plans with the help of Mr. Cothern and his daughter. 7. A short and to-the-point sign from office personnel. 8. Be- fore the Homecoming parade, Mrs. Bateman instructed the judges on the rules and regula- tions. , 1 .. f- . ,. f . My ...f f f...-.v,,,m...m,?-V...,........ . , me , . ,. , ., ,-Y ,,.-ff' 'L . f ' f- . f f f - 1 gg I uf' r f Q, , f regex nf-u ,- ' f,, ,LL 2 f., .f ,gf i 1,7 'KC ,,, Y 1, h t ,., ..,- 1, 7 4?-L-1 A I ' 1646... People 11 2513? ei E' i 13. !'QiM+flmw.yg5,f K w."3Mf.fSzww gy ,3-5 I. Betty Jo McClendon, Sherry Seals, Connie Gill, Gina Thomas, and Theresa Stephens show their AS T pride. 2. Pam Foster wears her favorite hatfor the pep rally. 3. Terry Dillon listens care- fully during one ofthe Speech Ilplays. 4. Aundrel Williams, Jennifer Porter, and Darlene Ratldf pose during lunch. 5. Tammy Thomas, Tatiunia Freeman, Gina Knight, Vali Hall, Stacey Seal, and Shelia Crain all believed that 1982 Seniors were No. I. 6. Bodie Simmons seems a little awe- struck by Algebra I. 7. Robert Waits and Earl Sanders seem wrapped-up in their chess game, as Robert Magee and Floyd Timmons watch. 8. Brian McCrey, Richard Payne, and Terrance Moses get together in the lobby of the auditorium before a pep rally. 9. Toby McSwain and Shelia Crain seem preoccupied in the closet. I2 People i Ki 121.-. .amz fa 2 '1 ur 4 if? 'Q People working involves . . . Senior Class Officers . . . Senior Class Ad- visory Board . . . Girls' and Boys' State . . . Hall ofFame . . . Seniors, seniors, and more seniors . . . Junior Class Officers . . .juniors. . . Sopho- more Class Officers . . . sophomores . . . Freshmen Class Officers . . . and last, but not least, freshmen. The people known as seniors were representations of twelve sometimes People Working long, yet exciting, years of school. The seniors were easily recognized by their eagerness and their ability to get things done. . . . juniors were known for their class spirit and en- thusiasm. Purchasing class rings and studying, showed the juniors that the end of the line was almost near. . . . sophomores portrayed the typical li- festyle of people who are caught up in the middle of things. However, after a few months of wandering, they then felt comfortable just being "right in the middle." . . . freshmen were young, witty, but most of all con- fused! The collage of new friends, new teachers, new surroundings, and a new schedule combined to totally overwhelm the freshmen. But above all-the classes were people being people-people work- ing. 'haiku 'SMA L 1 N. wr- 2:14 -3 Q. QQNYQ4 -mi mg 5 People I 3 People In The News They come in dyferent shapes and sizes, some leaders, some fol- lowers, all people, and in 1981-82, these people made the news. President Reagan began to cut come government spending, and thus introduced to an inflation- conscious country the term, Rea- ganomics. I t was the wedding of the decade, if not the century, as Britain's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married on July 29. The ILS. made a giant leap to- ward interstellar space travel with the successful flight of the first re- usable space shuttle, Columbia. The names may change, but the types of music people listen to will stay the same. This year was a mat- ter of something borrowed. It was a year of marking time until some- thing better comes along. Best-sell- ing singles were Kim Carnes's Grammy Award winning song, "Bette Davis Eyes", Lionel Richie's "Endless Love" from the movie of the same title, and Olivia-Newton ..'frh:f 1 "Physical", which added to the exercise craze. Tragedy struck the celebrity world with the deaths of valued per- formers.Dallas cast and fans mourned Jim Davis, better known as Jock Ewing. Unanswered questions surrounded the drowning of Natalie Wood and death of William Hold- en. And comedy lost a prize comedi- an when John Belushi overdosed on drugs. Locally, we had our own people making the news. The Bogalusa School Board tossed around the idea of a four day school week, while trying to weigh the alternatives to the solution of our school budget problem. We began to feel a little of the pressure they were going through when we were asked to cut down on our electricity usage. Mr. J.L. Bickham, superinten- dent ofthe school board, announced his retirement. He was very benefi- cial to Bogalusa's city schools and will be greatly missed. February was not just a month for valentines, in Bogalusa it was as- suredly the month for Mardi Gras madness. The second annual Krewe of M CCA parade rolled through the streets ofthe city in all its decor and pagentry to prove that Bogalusa can have and enjoy Mardi Gras. Many other people made the news in 1981-82, and many more people will make the news in the years to come. But whatever the case may be, poeple have and always will be themselves. 14 People 5 NF I . I si 1. Superintendent J.L. Bickham retired aher 37 years with the Bogalusa High School system. 2. One ofthe many spectacular events ofthe year was the grand wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. 3. Our school board members made many dyficult decisions. 4. In the news quite frequently was President Ronald Reagan and his Reagono- mics. 5. In the lime light locally were MCAA maids and their Queen Mrs. Shanny T higpen. Y gf . sf, . . , .. . 1, , ,c ... qs... W,-W., ,V-es.-.d,-xzsfwe...emfwMy K. . ,,,, .,. Q. People I 5 -. People Being People People Being People 17 People Being People at BHS MVN' 2.1- 1-A--J --Q.,-I 1 '- .-"'." I 1 W A42 5 if h ef, vu.. 4 nifta' P munqgwl' "W" Am., QL- f',,6 I8 People Being People Vfmg,1lw,,p ' N 'cn I., ,I .fx - l tif- .. 4.,....----W--'- - . v f. W uf'.-,f7 Q fa 4 A ff Q, vm.. Mapu 10 I. Looking sweet n' innocent is Heidi Herring. 2. Everybody loves trighl 3. "To be or not to beg that is the question." 4. "Hi, there, good-lookin!" 5. Making a point with the press is Michael Penton. 6. Grafjitti at BHS. 7. Cheering on the Jacks during apep rally is Felicia Smith. 8. Leanne Koonce provides the back- ground music while Monica Martin and Mary Lee boogie down. 9. Reggie Peters gives a smile before a track meet. 10. Tak- ing a rest during a football game are Bruce Plummer and Glen Smith. II. Everybody's a ham, right Ellie and Kay- Kay? 12. Decorating her club car for homecoming is Veronica Thomas. I3. "We're pills!" lMerrilyn Bush and Christi Davidl. People Being People 19 9 obody Can Do Without It' The six minutes between classes were, to say the least, a breath of fresh air. The quick break was just long enough for some people to talk to their friends be- fore settling down again to work. But for others, the"'six minutes was hardly enough time to make it to their next class. Reaching one's destination was like trying to go up a waterfall. Some- times it was easier just to flow with the current feven if one ended up in the art room when one needed to be in the gymj. Many people used the extra six min- utes to smoke, or touch-up their make- up before their next class. Others used the time to get a coke or to talk about grades with their teachers. A few people used their time to study for tests or to do homework that should have been done the night before. Teachers also had to get out once in a while, Ui for nothing else than just to see if there was a world outside the four walls of their classroom. But no matter how the break between classes was viewed, everyone agreed that nobody could have done without it. 20 Between Classes w . v,.,,.,j-ev-1 .. 9 I. Six minutes just wasn't enough time for ev- eryone to reach class. 2. This class tries to get their gossipping done before the tardy bell rings. 3. Mrs. Horne takes time out to see the outside world. 4. John Williams needs u cool drink of water before class. 5. This gmup tells each other when to meet again. 6. Amy Branch, Vin Knight, Jimbo Jacobs, and Blair Davis goof-off before class. 7. Donnie Adams and Pam F oster take a break of fresh air in between classes. 8. Angie Brown and Whitley Statham have a serious discussion before class. 9. Allen Kellar seems a little tardy for class. Between Classes 21 Lunch-Time: Every0ne's Favorite Time! ,L+ 3 ff - 5 Q - A. Y? -1, '9"l"K::1 -'7 .Q ', . 'S' -5 7 ' ,Qrg ' ,... 4. , , U N 3-, I 3 5-' - -. i -X., nuns 'T I Liv! ff -an Uybfi: J- ff .-.. ' "'gi fg:,,ai!+117 mir - .-u,,,af 'Nita v-"3 ,, 74 22 Lunch-time 'i' ss.-5 With just forty minutes for lunch, students have to use their time wisely. Most just grab a hamburger and coke at the local fast food joint, while others eat in the school cafeteria. Still stu- dents jind time to play the video games, to do last minute home- work assignments and to catch up on the latest gossip. I. At lunch-time the drive-thru at Har- dees makes things easier for students. 2. Wendy Weick seems to have enjoyed her Mr. Cook hamburger and coke. 3. Piping hot pizza is good at any time, but some diet-conscious students like the salad bar at lunchtime. 4. Some students, like Lloyd Statham, use the lunch period for leisure time. 5. Chav Pierce shows hisfa- vorite lunch hang-out. 6. Now that the lunch period is almost over, these students catch up on some gossip before heading to class. 7. Eric McClain and Orlando Lundy won the two-on-two basketball games, which were sometimes held during each lunch period. 8. Enjoying her fast- food french fries is Mary Fendlason. 9. Because sometimes there just isn't enough time, Amy Branch prepares her burger on the way back to school. 10. Finishing up their quick lunch are Durie AUord and Dean Thomas. II. Some student like to use their lunch period to better their skills at the pin-ball machines. 12. Hardees is a favorite fast-food place for BHS students on their lunch break. Lunch-time 23 Q, 1 gif! Action Intense In The Bogalusa Lumberjacks partici- pated in spring football scrimmages between Bogalusa, Pine and Varnado. The scrimmages were simply a change of pace for each team. Instead of hitting their own teammates, the players got a chance to knock heads with someone in a different unU'orm. Play was controlled scrimmage. It consisted of each team faci ng the oth- er in a I2 play openfield Urom oppo- nents 45 yard linej series, and a I2 play goal line fat the I0 yard linej series. Coaches were on the field with the players at all times. Controlled scrimmage or not, the hitting was intense. All three teams showed they were not afraid to sacri- fice their body to stop an opposing player. It was the type of gutty perfor- mance that would see a ball carrier look like he was stopped by a brick wall, see him smile, bounce up, and 24 Spring Football do it all over again. When it was' over, it was Coach, Geary McKenzie's Wildcats who once again claimed spring-time bragging rights. The Jacks proved a much harder task for the Wildcats. The Jacks ef- fectively shut down the Cats' running attack forcing the Cats to go to the air for the scrimmage's only score. Boga- lusa gave the Cats a bit of their own medicine when the Lumberjack of- fense took the field. Quarterback Or- lando Lundy showed he could scram- ble out of trouble when he was seemingly trapped behind the line, but managed to pitch the ball to run- ning back Bruce Plummer. Plummer scampered 40 yards before being stopped by Varnado. The I2 play lim- it stopped the series before the Jacks could score. Overall, Bogalusa looked remark- ably disciplined for a team having only had five days of practice. The Jacks looked big. They moved the ball well, both out of the "I " forma- tion and utilizing the split backfield. A weakness, however, would seem to be the right side ofthe defensive line. Junior varsity action saw an ex- tremely larger B-Jack team beat smaller, but scrappy, Wildcat and Raider jv teams. The B-.lacks beat Varnado 18-I2 and beat Pine I2-6. I. Daring the scrimmage Coach Murray tenta- tively watches the Jacks against the Pine Raid- ers. 2. "Man, don't we look good tonight?!" 3. The controlled scrimmage showed coaches and players their strengths and weaknesses. 4. These Jacks take a break from play to watch the j.v. teams. 5. Sideline cheering prompted the .lacks to better play. 6. Coaches analyze the effectiveness of their plays. 7. The Lumberjack offense proved that they could scramble out of trouble. Spring Football Scrimmages " Q . Y E. Q X , Sp gF :bu 25 '--w-fl--w-- A----Y "'- ' '-'A --"""'-'-"--""' """"' YOUR SIEADY AUTOGRAPHS I 1, MIJR"CLASS'OFFICERS 5 Q 1 , I "- -'A HHANNUALSPAFFUOQLI swam ili:1f:Wfsw - THE WMD E0 ro W 10 my Sf 2 ' -f ' f' ---- ,,,,--,-.. 1... l' - H YOUR BUDDY FAVORITE TEACHER 1 Q, ,il:...-,. .M 1- -L .---A 4-'n FAVORITE SENIOR - J I P I FAVORIIE JUNIOR I QUIK fgwwwmwfge ' FAVORITE R soPHoMo Cqohgw QQ ITAVORITEO FRESHMEN -1 Where else in the whole world would you be able to scream, holler, and act totally insane and not be sent to an in- stitution. You guessed it! Where else be- sides a Bogalusa pep rally. In this thirty minutes of craziness, held every Friday at the end of school, you will be able to see the cheerleaders cheer and the paperdolls dance, you will be able to hear the band play and Coach Murray give pep talks,' and you will be able to participate in something that will make you wish football season last- ed all year long. And of course, each class has a chance to win the Ax. Our ingredients for a great pep rally consists of a shake of spirit, the rattle of the crowd, and a roll of the drums. g I. Cheerleader captain, Elizabeth Klimczak, shows the school that she loves the Jacks. 2. Fresh- men knew how to show their spirit. 3. David Knight and Louie Harris encourage the crowd about the up-coming game. 4. The Lumberjack's motto dur- ing play-ojfs. 5. Cheerleaders show their stuff at a pep rally. 6. T he football players give it their best shot at the pep rallies. 7. I f this is what can happen every time we beat Covington, lets win every year. 8. The Lumberjacks walk across the stage after the pep rally. 9. Jacks are H in everyone's hearts. 1' x-5 --Jenni' 28 Pep Rallies Fa-esMEN ,fn r Bun l. David Knight and Kay Kay Knight-Home- coming 1982. 2. The Homecoming Court of 1981-composed of the senior Lumberjack football players and their ladies. 3. An on-the- field view of the Homecoming Maids. 4. En- joying the game are Homecoming Maids Mandy Ryals, Tammy Thomas, and Laurie Corbin. 5. Tommy Leos and his lady Michelle Dufrene. 6. During the pre-game ceremonies, Odette Peters was escorted by her father. 7. Mike Murray escorts Gina Knight. 30 People Being People , '15 2, of People Places, and Things The Homecoming Court was for- mally introduced in an assembly followed by a parade through the city. Members of the court, and their escorts were: S haundra Bridges and Robert Harris, Mandy Ryals and Ricky Creel, Yolanda Nichols and Albert Otis, Cathy Averette and Greg Bennett, Tammy Thomas and Johnny Crain, Shelia Moore and Duane Sartin, Dawn Kimble and Wes Crain, Odette Peters and Jona- than Minix, Elizabeth Klimczak and Brian Dobson, Tera Hutcher- son and Jarvis Blackburn, Laurie Corbin and Wade Crosby, Wandra Rayford and Bruce McGowan, Gina Knight, and Mike Murray, KayKay Knight and David Knight, Vicki Powell and Robert Magee, Mi- chelle Dufrene and Tommy Leos. People Being People 31 r 1 I , . X Q, Homecoming-A Spirit Explosion Homecoming 1981 brought a surge of spirit to the BHS student body. It was a special time when the words "Alma Mater, we adore thee, we will ere be true." Brought students closer together and made them realize the importance of those words in their school song. Students showed their enthusiasm for this special event by spending many hours perfecting cars, floats, and spirit tags. Their work was not done in vain, however, as the annual homecoming parade became a memo- rable success. Afterwards, at the bon- fire, spirits surged even higher as stu- dents cheered for the Lumberjacks and Homecoming, itself The next night all questions were answered. BHS Lumberjacks com- pletely dominated the football game, running up a 20 to 0 lead before the national anthem had died down and the Homecoming court had been comfortably seated. Yes, even though cloudy skies graced the homecoming celebration, nothing rained on our parade, and history was made as the Lumberjacks defeated the Live Oak Eagles. Homecoming 1981 was special to many people. Memories were made and somewhere kept in the high school book of treasures. 1. Usually, on the night before the parade, the students stay up till all hours of the night, preparing for the "big event". The winners of the 1981 Homecoming Parade were as follows: lst place, T ORCH, 2nd place, 4-K and BTS, Jrdplace, AST. BTS is shown in their winning car. 2. The Ag department showed their home- coming spirit during the parade. 3. Key Club played a major role in the Homecoming activi- ties by building the bonfire. 4. Rolling along the parade route are the Spartanettes. 5. C hav Pierce seems to be on top of things. 6. Felecia Fox and Susan Byrd take a break from the hussle and bussle of Homecoming to relax with their Iolli-pops. 7. Paperdolls prepare to join the parade. 8. Stanley Pigott heads for another T.D. 9. Jefflkerd picks up afirst down for the Jacks. 32 People Being People Avi People Being People 33 Faculty Talent Show 1982 Opening ................ Dialogue and Music Narrators .................. Raborn and Powe Band ..... "Red Roses For a Blue Lady" "Blueberry Hill" "Your Cheating Heart" Windham ............................... "Horace" Taylor and Chorus ............. "Getting to Know You" Skit ................. A Typical Day at BHS Harris .......................... "It's My Turn" Moses .................. "Teach Me Tonight" Hannibal ................. "In The Morning" Williams .................................. "Elvira" Magee A? Quinn ............. Humorus Skit Seals ............................. "The Gambler" Commercial ................. Sunbeam Bread Harris 62 Walker ......... "Endless Love" Butler 8: Raborn ............ "Hole in the Bucket" Walker ............ "Let the Feeling Flow" Dance .................................... Paper Bag Oreos ..... "Why do Fools Fall in Love" Taylor 8: Seal ............... "Close to You" "Let's Get Physical" Dance.................. Harris 8: Chorus ............. "The Way We Were" Finale ........... .......... Y ou Got to Know When to Hold lem 34 Teacher Talent Show Perhaps you can't dance or sing, But we want everyone to "do his thing. We need ticket sellers and ticket takers, Decorators and costume makers. Choir members, band members and actors too, Publicity folk and narrators, there's work for you. , Acrobats, twirlers, jugglers and such, To this program, you'll add much. We'll train and develop potential stars, And when it's over there'll be no flaws. T here's something here for everyone, So sign your name, "Let's have some fun". "T he Way We Were" 1. Chorus members practice for the Faculty Talent Show. 2. Mrs. Leslie Taylor rehearses her solo, "Close To You." 3. Performing his stand-up comedy routine is Mr. Randy "Country" Seal. 4. Narrators for the opening dialogue were Coach Raborn and Coach Powe. 5. Much time and preparation were needed for the talent show to be a success. 6. Everyone loved Miss Windham's little-girl routine about Horace. 7. The faculty band played several songs during the night performance. Teacher Talent Show 35 Seniors Win "Almost Anything Goes" 1982 found the BHS Student Council sponsoring "Almost Any- thing Goes" class competition again. The '82 seniors emerged as the win- ners by beating the sophomores. The seniors were led by James Brock, Barry Bolton, Johnny Crain, Felecia Jackson, Robin Jackson, Keenan Knight, Lance Magee, and Tammy Thomas. The Junior participants were Jane Carney, Billy Cotton, Missy Frazier, Tony Granger, Lisa Howard, Jeff Ikerd, Monica Martin, Bruce Plummer, Michael Ward, and Kevin Williams. Second place soph- omores were Chris Adams, Judy Brown, Robert Brown, Charlene F lot, Scooter Fortenberry, Kevin Henry, Betty Jo McClendon, Chav Pierce, Buster Stewart, and Veronica Thom- as. Freshmen members were Brian Crain, Larry Hayes, Richard In- gram, Rebecca Gill, Reggie Peters, Donna Ferrell, Lisa Smith, and Whitney Statham. 1. Enthusiastic seniors cheer on their class during "Almost Anything Goes" activities. 2. During the wheelbarrow race, the competing classes are ready to go. 3. T uggin in the tug-of- war are the sophomores. 4. "Pennies in the flour" made for interesting competition. 5. "I have to do what?!" 6. Class members wait on their partners during the relay race. 7. Score- keepers head for the next event. 8. Run just as fast as you can! 9. One class member attempts to master the but game. .ml ax 38 Almost Anything Goes ,QM we Mi ' I u Almost Anything Goes 39 Q Q Qvd Underclassmen Recognized at Honors Day The purpose of Honors Day is to recognize students who throughout the year have received awards or made outstanding academic achievements. The'se students have worked hard throughout the year and are to be recognized for their accomplishments, dedication, and service to Bogalusa High. These few students are not content to accept less than their best efforts, as a result are honored. l. District Rally Awards. Seated: Tim Borwn- French III, Vin Knight-English II, Darlana Adams-Bookkeeping I. Standing: Matt Holloway-French II, Phillip Bryan-Algebra l, Matt Messner-Spanish I. 2. Cheerleaders. Seated: Susan Pusa, Missy Frazier, LeAnne Koonce. Standing: Heidi Herring, Allison Perry, Rebecca Gill. 3. Golden "B". Seated: Phillip Bryan, Tim Brown, Kyle Brown, Ruth Branch, Ellis Barker, Scott Bailey, Jana Barge, Beth Casama. Second Row: Timothy Norwell, Michelle Boche, David Massengale, Vin Knight, Susan Knight, Shari Knight, Deni Knight, Bryan Kemp, Todd Janney, Jon Porretto, Trula Haley, James Davis, Kristen Conerly, Matt Messner. Third Row: Stacey Talley, Joel Patrick, Stephanie Tate, Shandra Rogers, Susan Pusa, David Holliman, Michelle Penny, John Penton, Joel Patrick. 4. Departmental Awards. Seated: English I-Terri Hi-lg English Il-Vin Knight, English III- Bryan Kemp,' Algebra I-Phillip Bryan, Algebra II-Susan Pusa, Geometry--Todd Kingg General Science-David Massengale,' Chemistry-Scott Martin. Second Row: American History-Kevin Williams, Civice-Denny Knight, Agriculture I-James Davis,'Agriculture I I -Buster Stewart: Boys P.E. Blake Hennesyg Girls P.E. Shan Alleng Spanish I-Matt Messnerg Spanish I-Tana Stognerg French I-Bill Kropogg French II- Matt Holloway,- French III-Tim Browng Shorthand-Maria Longo. Third Row: Journalism-Debbie Jordan, HomeEconomics- Gayle Galloway, Outstanding Artist-Paul Williams, Industrial Arts-James Holmes. 5. Vocal M asicAwards. Front Row: Marquitta Hall, Michelle Norris, Carny James, Amanda Bridges, Robert Osbourn, Monica Osbourn, Claudia Myers, Lisa Reine, Sarah Simmons. Second Row: Charles Watson, April Smith, Lisa Rayford, Sonya Morgan, Kathy Miller, Maydee Martin, Jeffery Foster, Tracey Herring, Kathy Bridges, Alan Henry, Donna Williams, Michael Galloway, Leonard Clanton, Malcolm Quillen, Fred Waldrup, Mrs. Barbara Butler. Third Row: Robert Waits, Vanessa Miller, Dennis Wager, James Williams, Melvin Fuller, Ricky James, Chris Williams, Tim Thompson, Terrance Moses, Fred Dyson, Vanessa Matthews, Joan James. 40 Honors Day T KK Honors Day 41 1. Band Awards. Seated: Drum Major-K. Bris- terg Flag Captain-S. Knight. Standing: Out- standing Junior-R. Branch, Outstanding Fresh- man-P. Bryan, Outstanding Sophomore-T. Haley. 2. Foreign Language Festival. French and Spanish Participants: Seated: P. Keaton, V. Knight, M. Holloway, M. Messner, T. King, T. Brown, J. Kimble. Standing: M. Dufrene, A. Ro- gan, M. King, P. Richardson, M. McNeese, S. Knight, G. Robertson, A. Rogan, I Mitchell, D. Timmons, J. Penton. 3. 1982-83 Student Council Members and Class Officers. Seated: S. Camp- bell, D. Holliman, D. Duke, M. Poche, A. Smith, D. Farrell, A. Perry. Standing: R. Gill, T Brown, D. Timmons, T. Holmes, K. Lawrence, R. Douglas, J. Fenlason, T. Thomas, R. Fournet, C. Miller, B. Adams, K. Blackburn. 4. 1982-83 Student Coun- cil Members and Class Officers. Seated: A. Hall, T1 Brown, M. Fenlason, J. Porretto, S. Talley, A. Knight, M. Martin, M. Lee, B. Kemp. Standing: C. Flot, T. Thompson, P. McNutt, B. Cothern, D. Knight, J. Jacobs, A. O'Quinn, E. Barker, A. Branch, H. Herring. 5. 1981-82 Student Council Members and Class Officers. Seated: T. Powell, S. Martin, A. Mitchell, S. Talley, S. Powell, M. Fendalson, M. Lee, J. Breazeale, B. Kemp. Second Row: S. Fields, T. Brown, A. Smith, M. Williams, S. Bailey, L. Gallaspy, J. Jacobs, 1 Kemp, B. Cothern, J. Grubbs, S. Rayford, H. Herring, E. Barker, J. Augustine. Back Row: D. Duke, D. Hol- liman, B. Spears, M. Penny, C. McGinness, D. Timmons, J. Penton. ,fm .Q T7 lf? "r, f is 53g,Q f?l,Ll'M: i Y' .. .1 . .T .V 42 Honors Day SS Q7 Honors Day 43 i BHS Goes to Europe Day I-London-Arrive and trans- fer to Regent Palace Hotel. Day 2-London-full day sightsee- ing tour of London. Day 3-Paris-Drive to visit Land- ing Museum at Arromanches. Day 4-Paris-Drive into centre of Paris. Visit Notre-Dame. Day 5-Paris-F ull -day tour to Ver- sailles. Day 6-Lyon-Depart Paris for journey to Lyon, passing through the Burgundy wine region. Day 7-Nice-Continue south and stop off for vineyard tour. Day 8-Nice-F ull -day excursion to Grasse :Q St. Paul de Vence. Day 9-Pisa-Afternoon arrival. Day 10-Rome-Full-day tour of Rome, including the Forum, Capito- line Hill, St. Peter's, the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Catacombs, and the Vatican. Day II-Rome-Free day. Day 12-Florence-T our of visits to the Cathedral, Uffizzi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery. 44 Europe ,945 fn vu., ,. .f :WW 1. Before Joe Giacone boards the bus, he and his parents pose for a last minute picture. 2. To help pay expenses, Kim Gryfin sells tickets to mer- chants. 3. The entire group ready for Europe. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Stene Strate give farewell suppport to Mrs. Holcomb. 5. Wendy Hartzog finds the pigeons in Trafalgar Square very friendly. 6. On the plane, Richard Boleware tries to find his seat during one of many hectic moments. 7. While waiting to enter a Winery, a few Europe students gather for a picture. 8. After their tour ofthe Ver- sailles Palace, this group looks tired. Europe 45 I. The Leaning Tower ofPisa in Pisa, Italy. 2. In the park in Lyon, France. 3. While the bus stopped for lunch, Ricky Creel, George Talbert, Windy Hartzog, and Lilian Burdeaux enjoy a snowball fight in Switzerland. 4. At Mont Marte standing in front of the Sucre Coeur. 5. Showing a large bottle of Chateau de Pape wine made in Lyon, France are Wes Crain, Ricky Creel, Keenan Knight. 6. The Ewel Tower in Paris, France. 7. Susan Knight is covered with snow after a snow- ball jight in Austria. 8. Mrs. Kennedy, Kevin Haaga, Michelle Kennedy, Kellie Cefalu, Lillian Burdeaux, George T albert, Beth Earles, Kim Bris- ter, and Bryan Kemp separated from the rest to visit Wimbledon. 9. Visiting the flower market in Nice, France are Stephenie Jacobs, Christi David, Melinda McNeese, and Susan Knight. 10. "Rest- ing" at a rest stop in Southern France are Mary Fendlason, Shelia Crain, and Mary Lee. 46 Europe 5 -.Qi WHL gn if 1 Rt flu 1 . ff ll 1 5, fs: Q 1' 'fi Uvqri' SX 9 1' ,, S X 'AW' Il lg.-9" -1 I I n., l Q L, 1 f -aiu-an Q, B ,yff 7 KH if Day I3-Venice Day I4-Depart Venice QQ drive through Dolomite Mrs. to Inns- bruck. Day I5-Lucerne-Drive through the scenic Tyrol 62 through the Arlbery Tunnel into Switzerland. Day 16-Lucerne-Orientation tour of the city. Day I7-Free day for sightsee- ing. Day 18-London-Arrive Calais to connect with sailing to Dover. Transfer by coach to Dover Priory for train to London. Day 19-London-tour to Wind- sor and Stone Hinge. Day 20-London-tour to Ox- ford and Stradord-on-Avon. Day 21-Depart-HOME A' it 1 Europe 47 Night of Honors Bogalusa High School had many outstanding seniors roaming the halls,' however, some seniors achieved honors which were recog- nized and rewarded on Senior Hon- ors Night. On Thursday evening May 20, 1982, the auditorium was filled with proud parents and ad- miring classmates as the awards ceremony commenced. Awards were given to several re- cipients in the following categories: Academics, Performing Arts, and Extracurricular Activities. The awards ranged from scholar- ships amounting to thousands of dollars to certificates of merit. However large or small the award, each student felt honored. I. Kimberly Mizell was presented the Lion 's C lubAchievementAward from Gordon Him- baugh. Kim also received the Bausch and Lombe Science Award, the Michael S willey Memorial Award and the Valedict0ryAward. 2. Melinda Sorrel and Lance Magee received the Meyer A. Berenson Award. 3. Golden B. recepients. 4. Mandy Ryals, honor graduate, walks in to the processional. 48 Senior Honors x ,f 4 4- s + ,3ygiV'xpzawMAQwa,MZYfu "' ' .,.,.,f4?:L 'Wx T , X-.uf - f 4' f Q3-wzff' L' - K 'fx , gif. ,IS 'iv- V Last Year For Bogalusa High Mid-Term Graduat 'S 3, 1 '14 The commencement exercises for thirty-seven mid-term graduates was held January 5, 1982. Principal Richard Cothern was master of ceremonies, and the chorus provided music for the special event. After the commencement address, given by Mr. .lack Carrel ofCrown Zel- lerbach, the graduates were presented their high school diplomas by Superin- tendent J.L. Bickham. "Our memories lie deep within Now we have a new lUe to begin." 1. The mid-term graduates listen attentively to Mr. Cothern. 2. Principal Richard Cothern -Master of Ceremonies. 3. Special Guest at the graduation exercise were Bogalusa School Board members and Superintendent J.L. Bickham. 4. Guest Speaker-Mr. Jack Carrel. 5. Mrs. Butler's chorus entertained graduates. 6. The big mo- ment-Mr. Bickham hands out the diplomas. 7. Debra Causey and Beth Crain march in to the processional. 8. Anjler Causey and JennU'er Porter provide special music. 9. The mid -term graduates march out to the recessional. 9 Mid-Term Graduation 53 F orty-One B.H .S . Students Kimberly ' Mizell Valedictorian Melinda Sorrell Salutatorian Chawan Bryan Vali Hall Elizabeth Klimczak Deborah AUord Mandy Ryals Daniel Baker Merrilyn Bush Rhonda Talley Allen Smith Steve Culpepper T eman Knight Christy David Linda Middleton Joana Conner Darlana Adams Tina Adams Gina Knight Diona Sibley 54 Honor Graduates Graduate With Honors i 43" Jerry Coulan Troy Breland Tammy Thomas Gregg Bennett Terry Dillion Lydia Sartin Stacey Seal Theresa Stewart Kevin Adams Dana Robertson Roger Moulton Enotris Butler Kellie M ixon Karen Graves Robin Bolton Sandra Magee Stephenie Jacobs George Magee Benjamin Jackson Denise Paige Not Shown: Ralph Douglas Groves Honor Graduates 55 Graduation: "Oar Memories Lie Deep Within f N M K Graduation ow We Have A ew Life To Begin." I. Master of Ceremonies-Principal Richard W. Cothern. 2. Assistant Principals-Gary Magee and Mary Chatmon. 3. American Legion Award recipient-Elizabeth Klimczak. fNot shown: Danny Bakeri. 4. Coney-Flower Post American Legion Award winners-Robin Bolton and Earl Sanders. 5. BHS Band under the direction ofDr. Franklin. 6. Valedictorian-Kimberly Anne Mi- zell. 7. Salutatorian-Melinda Kay Sorrell. 8. The top four graduates-Vali Hall, Chawan Bry- un, Melinda Sorrell, Kim Mizell. 9. The invoca- tion was given by honor graduate Chawan Bryan. 10. Everyone was anxious for their long awaited diploma. Graduation 57 A Time Of Mixed Emotions Graduation exercises for the class of'82 were held May 25, 1982, in the BHS stadium. With high spirits and robed in black, the seniors marched to "Pomp and Circustance". It was a day of laughter and a day of tears. The long, awaited graduation was now a reality. Seniors were happy, as well as proud, of their accomplish- ments in high school. They hadjinal- ly accomplished what their parents had started over twelve years ago when they first brought them to school,- the class of '82 now had an education. Addressing the audience were Sa- lutatorian Melinda Sorrell and Valedictorian Kim Mizell. For the last time, retiring Superintendent J.L. Bickham presented the diplo- mas. The Class of 1982 voted black and gold as their class colors. The class flower was the yellow rose. The class motto was. "Our memories lie deep within-Now we have a new life to begin." 1. "You mean I can't wear my tennis shoes?! 2. Everything seems perfect for Christi David and Gina Knight. 3. Graduates march to the stadium. 4. "I can't believe this isfinally it." 5. The traditional hat-throwing marked the fi - nal salute from the 1982 graduating class. 6. Ready to march to the stadium is Linda Middleton. 7. Receiving his diplomafrom Su- perintendent J.L. Bickham is Terry Dillion. 8. 'AI wonder what college will be like." 58 Graduation 4 Q ffm Y, 3, ., X 9 W ' S as 2 9 ' W K Ab 'A V if x 4 ' K f 2-' 5 1 e 5 ,n ,V M...-nr , K L' R x Q.: -' WE guise.-am X... Y., K 1 I oovn O , Q X ' A SPECIAL TIME Fon PARENTS A MUST FOR SENIORS ,Q 'TIL' X' . T I i3Balf0ur. The Final Days The final days . . . memories. They can never be fully captured in the pages of a book, but they are permanently etched in the minds of each Bogalusa High School senior of 1982. It is the quality of these memories that's important, not the quantity. They ways in which we al- low the quality of our education to enrich our lives is much more im- portant than the number of courses taken or how many actual facts that are remembered. The package of memories held in our thoughts is priceless. In the package are the days when we wished we had stayed in bed after failing a mind-boggling test. The senior memories of I 982 are one ofa kind item, designed by the seniors, so that one can never be duplicated. These memories bear the BHS style that stands for undeniable quality and individuality. 1. Seniors will always treasure their memory books. 2. Graduation is a special time. 3. Friends ofthe graduates congratulate them before they make the final march. 4. T he fi - nal march onto thefield. 5. Mrs. Butler and the chorus sing "Climb Every Mountain"for the 1982 graduating class. 6. What do we do now? 60 Final Days X I .rf .w,,.1...., .,., ,. A V:-T?f52gf,3f,.. Mgs. X xv.. , , Q. af. .-hvny. V1 Nc .W , uw.. Q... , - ,wvxnwww 1' Asia, . .ming 'ibm sw... x vm, N-f 1. mfr. 'Lf .f-1 - why NAM, Q k 4+-ws---.w 4 ' df' ,-.. . ...yay fy." "0 ... N, N-svrqgg R-gf .5 . . . --,.-,X Q, I ,yniiw f-4 www .aan WAQNF DFTER snnnumm - w HAI ff Final Days 61 n Seniors of '82 'T in A long list of awards and honors were presented to graduating seniors of Bogalusa High School at Senior Honors Night. The seniors presented a color tele- vision set to the school for its media department as their class gij?, and the school presented the Lumberjack Award to retiring Supt. of Schools J.L. Bickham. The awards that were presented were: American Legion Post 24 Auxil- iary Award, Stephenie Jacobs, first, and Melinda Sorrell, second,Ameri- can Legion Post 537 Junior and Sen- ior Auxiliary Award, Leslie Susan Byrd,' Post 24 Legion scholarships, Shelia Crain, Stephenie Jacobs and Denise Paige, Bausch :Q Lomb Sci- ence Award, Kimberly Mizell,- Big 62 Final Days Brother Award, Robin Jackson, Bo- galusa Association of Educators, Melinda Sorrell. Also Dillard University Alumni, Leslie Susan Byrd, Central Memori- al High School Class of 1960, Ca- prees Sibley, Chamber of Commerce Service Award, Vali Ann Hall,' Daily News Award, Louis Harris, DAR Good Citizen Award, Elizabeth Klimczak, Don Short Award, Albert 0atis,' Happy Edmondson Memorial Trust Fund, Vali Hall, Melinda Sor- rell, Chawan Bryan, Stacey Seal, Te- man Knight, and Stephenie Jacobs. Also Helen C. Holbrook French Award, Elizabeth Klimczak, Kim- berly Mizell and Rhonda Talley, John Philip Sousa Award, Daniel C. Baker, Kiwanis Scholarship, Aman- da Ryals,' L'Heritage Francais Award, Deborah K. AUord,- Land of Sports Citizenship Award, Chawan Bryan and Christopher Matthews,- Lions Club Achievement Award, Kimberly M izell,' Meyer A. Berenson Award, George Lance Magee and Melinda Sorrell, Michael Swilley Memorial Award, Kimberly Mizell, Quarterback Club Scholastic Award, Gregg Bennett. Also Southern University Alumni Scholarship, Karen Graves and Rod- erick Monroe, Torch Club Scholar- ship, Tammy Thomas and Elizabeth Klimczak,' Triple S. Service Club Award, Bobbie Morris, Walter Zwilling Memorial Award, Robert Magee, Women ofthe Moose, Melin- da Sorrell, and Woodmen of the World, Earl Sanders. A scholarship to the U.S. Naval Academy was awarded to George Lance Magge. Cash scholarships from LSU were awarded to Vali Hall, Chawan Bryan and Kim Mizell. Awards were also presented to Valedictorian Kimberly Mizell and Salutatorian Melinda Sorrell. Also, BHS ServiceAwards. School Spirit: Daniel Baker, Robin Bolton, Elizabeth Klimczak, Vicki Powell, Lydia Sartin, Stacey Seal. Service and Character: Joana Conner, John Crain, Elizabeth Klimczak, Lance Magee, Earl Sanders, Tammy Thom- as. Cheerleader awards, Elizabeth Klimczak, Mandy Ryals, Lydia Sar- tin, District Literary Rally, Darlana Adams and Rhonda Talley, Golden "B" Honor Society, Tina Adams, Deborah Alford, Danny Baker, Chawan Bryan, Merrilyn Bush, Christi David, Vali Hall, Elizabeth Klimczak, Gina Knight, Kim Mizell, Teman Knight, Denise Paige, Vicki Powell, Mandy Ryals, Lydia Sartin, Caprees Sibley, Melinda Sorrell, Stacey Talley, Warren Lee Thomas, Vocal Music Awards, Barry Bolton, James Brock, Joana Conner, Douglas Groves, Wandra Hawthorne, Jerry Hunt, Robin Jackson, Rebecca Lind- sey, George Martin, Bruce Porter, Joan Porter, Earl Sanders, George Spivey, Antoinette Thomas, Christo- pher Walley, Casandra Young. Also, Academic Achievement Awards. Ag III, Gene Rester, Ag IV, Dean Miley, Dekalb's Outstanding Senior Student Award, Mandy Ryals,-Art, Cassandra Young, Book- keeping, Darlana Adams, Business English, Shelia Albert and Emma Francis, Typewriting II, Sherry Boyd, Joana Conner, Shelia Crain, Robin Jackson, Vicki Powell, Latin I, Kevin Haaga, Spanish III, Melin- da Sorrell, Home Economics Special Award, Mamie Penton, Home Eco- nomics Award For Excellence, Linda Middleton and Caprees Sibley, Sen- ior Literature Award, Kim Mizell, English IV Honors, Kim Mizell,Ad- vanced Math, Chawan Bryan, Phys- ics, Kim Mizell, Trig, Lance Magee, Music, George Spivey, Current So- cial Problems, Michelle Kennedy, Free Enterprise System, Kim M izell, Sociology, Vicki Powell. Lumber- jack Yearbook Awards, Editor,- Stephenie Jacobs, Business StaffCo- Editors-Denise Paige and Tammy Thomas. Final Days 63 People Competing nl, People Competing 65 Jacks Are State Quarter-finalist in First Year in AAA The 1981 Lumberjack Football play- ers. First row: Donnie Adams, Louise Harris, Brian Dobson, Quinn Cas- Harry. Fourth Row: Head Coach Lewis Murray, Albert Oatis, Stanley Pigott, Tommy Leos, Alton Johnson, BHS 0 Vamadfl 6 sidy, Rogert Mcgee, Wes Crain, Jar- Mark Bennett, Sean Smith, Wes BHS 8 Fmnkllmon 12 vis Blackburn, Derick Singley, Bill Robertson, Kenneth Smith, Scott BHS 34 Hammond, 0 Touchstone, Allen Kellar. Second Miller, Greg Bennett, Jimmy Wil- BGS 18 Joh? Cums 24 Row: Cullie Cotton, Maynard Hay- liams, Coach Billy Murray BHS 21 Covfngton 20 land, Clay Foreman, Richard BHS 17 Amlff 1 16 Bglewgye, Mike Ward, Jimmy Bree- 1. Coach Bin and Coach Murray discuss e BHS 36 Mandeville 0 zeale, Edward Sartin, Dewayne Sm.- serious play with Tony Granger. 2. Exhausted BHS 36 Live Oaks 0 tin, Wade Crosby, Bruce McGowan, gram If bug glyze' Ifarvzs lilaikburnktalxls Ponchatoula 0 C R b B b- Veal Er. . lim efjdf S ma E El BHS 7 St P I I1 1 y 071075 0 eff 1 mms, 0 grand entrance into a crucial game. 4. The ' mf by Cotton. Third Row: Coach Eddie 1981 Bogalusa High School Lumberjacks. 5. BHS 2 F"""k""f0" 12 Wqlkgr, Tgny Granger, Llgyd ln spring framing, Bruce Mecewar and Rich- BHS 19 Salmen 6 Statham Joanthan Minix Mike ard Boleware prepare for the '81 season. 6. BHS 20 Deytrghan 9 Murray kutter Lundie Jeffrfey Bal- Donnie Adams is sure his ifl team will come BHS 6 St' Martinville 7 ton Ricky Creel Coach Melton outonmp' 66 Football 1 Wim? , 3, viii F tb ll ,, 67 1 Jacks Pound T ors BHS 34 HHS 0 Bogalusa did an outstanding job tying up the Tornadoes 34-0. The Jack's defense turned in a four-star performance, which held the T ors to 14 total yards in the whole game. Among other things the Jacks de- fense: -held Hammond without a first down until the third quarter. -sacked the Tor quarterbacks nine times for 65 yards in losses. -gave up just 14 yards. -forced four turnovers. Lest, we forget, the Bogalusa offense turned in an outstanding perfor- mance. Particularly sharp was the passing game, featuring quarter- backs Albert Oatis and Orlando Lundy throwing to gU'ted receivers such as Rogie Magee, Louie Harris and Mark Bennett. Curtis K0's Jacks BHS 18 JCHS 27 The Jacks came within two plays of defeating John Curtis. The Patriots came into the game with a 35 game winning streak. The two plays which beat the Jacks, were the 70 yard punt return and the 95 yard kick-off re- turn, both for TDs. Despite the fact that BHS had the better of it rushing and passing while rollingfor 11first downs in the second half to just 3 for Curtis, the Patriots made the bi g play when it was needed. Most of Bogalu- sa's offense was directly attributable to Oatis as he connected on 17 of 33 passes for 222 yards and all three of his club's T D's. Rogie Magee caught 7 passes for 120 yards and 2 T D's. Jacks Tame Lions BHS 21 CHS 20 The BHS Lumberjacks, who seemed dead at haUtime, rose from the ruins in the second hah' to whip the mighty Covington Lions 21-20. During thefirst ham Covington's de- fense had beaten Bogalusa's offense to a pulp in holding the Jacks to just one first down and 16 yards. With 11:08 left in the game, B. Plummer scored from 3 yards out for a 13-12 advantage. Covington immediately answered, scoring on the first play following the kickoff giving the Lions a 20-13 lead. Then with just 4:30 on the clock, Oatis capped a clutch 70-yard drive by passing 7 yards to Stanley Pigott. Covington came back, but Plummer ended the last Lion 's drive with an interception. 5' X ""B. 68 Football .fx ' ff 18 '49 2, dvi Monkey's Miracle BHS I7 AHS I6 Mike "Monkey" Murray kicked a dramatic 27-yard field goal with only 40 seconds left in the game to give the Jacks a miraculous I7-I6 triumph over the Amite Warriors. On their first possession, the Jacks moved 69 yards behind the running of Murray. Oatis capped the march by passing I1 yards to Harris for a TD. Later in the second quarter, Oatis passed 16 yards to Plummer who sneaked a yard for a touchdown mak- ing the score 14-0. Amite quickly countered with a TD to make the score at haU-time I4-8. The War- riors went ahead in the third quarter with a TD and a 2-point conversion. The Jacks moved 91 yards. A 63 yard pass from Oatis to Harris put Mur- ray in the position to win it. Skippers Bow BHS 36 MHS 0 The Lumberjacks beat the Mande- ville Skippers to the tune of 36-0. Bogalusa jumped out to a 28-0 lead at the halfand had things pretty well in control the rest of the way. In the first quarter, Tommy Leos pounced on afumble. Two plays later, Oatis hit Harris with a 55-yard scoring pass. In the 2nd quarter, Oatis hits Wes Crain on a scoring pass for 46 yards. The 2-pt. conversion to Mur- ray was good. BHS stretched its lead to 21-0 when Harris gathered in a punt at his own nine, and went 91 yards for a TD. In the 4th quarter, Clay Foreman jumped on a Mande- ville blocked punt in the end zone to give the .lacks a 34-0 lead. Oatis passed to Murray for the 2-pt. con- version and a 36-0 lead. Eagles Fall BHS 36 LOHS 0 Under threatening skies that mer- cifully sprinkled only a light mist, the Bogalusa Lumberjacks celebrat- ed homecoming with a 36-0 win over the Live Oak Eagles. Bogalusa com- pletely dominated, running up a 21-0 lead before the homecoming court had been comfortably seated. The Lumberjacks scored on its first four possessions enroute to a 28-0 haU- time lead. Bogalusa rushed for 335 total yards of offense. Stanley Pigott was the leading rusher for the Jacks with 54 yards. Both the ofensive and defensive teams for the Jacks turned infine performances all night as Live Oak was just outclassed. .4 1.4-4 1,513 ..a.,q,jLn,vug-1, -fv- " ' " inf.-we-Q 4 1' I. Sean Smith and Rogie Magee knock the ball loose from a Covington Lion. 2. Bogalusa beats the Covington Lions 21-20. 3. A mighty Jacks, Bruce McGowan, is taken down by a Lion and loses con- trol of the football. 4. Mike Murray does it again with a beautU'ul kick. 5. The Jack's defense is on top of things as John Curtis tries to gain yardage. 6. Dewayne Sartin, Bruce Smith, Sean Smith, and Tommie Leos look worn out after a rough battle on the field. Football 69 Jacks Coast to Runaway BHS 50 PHS 0 It all came easily for the Lumber- jacks. In the first quarter Bogalusa drove to the Ponchatoula 20 before turning the ball over. Two minutes later Oatis hit wide receiver R. Ma- gee with a 44-yard scoring pass. Then 50 seconds in the first quarter, Oatis hit S. Pigott with a 9 yard TD pass. Oatis hit W. Crain with a 51-yard scoring pass. Minutes later, 0. Lundy drilled a 28-yard strike into the end-zone to R. Magee for another TD. In the third quarter, C. Foreman carried the ball 1 5 yards for a ID. In the fourth, Foreman rambled 29 yards for another TD. Bogalusa got outstanding running from Foreman, Ikerd, and Plummer. Wolves eat Jacks BHS 7 SPHS 11 The St. Paul Wolves, using a ball- control attack and making the big play, whiped the Jacks in a crucial District battle. However, the Wolves had to forfeit their game because of an ineligible player. The first haU ended 0-0. The .lacks had two scoring opportunities early in the second half and capitalized on the second one. In the fourth quarter, St. Paul cranked up a 76-yard scoring drive, capped with a 41 -yard field goal. T. Leos gave the Jacks an opportunity later when he recovered a Wolves fumble at St. Paul 's 24. But the Jacks lost it to the Wolves when Oatis fum- bled three plays later. Late in the 4th quarter, with the Jacks backed up on their own 10, St. Paul got a safety when a center snap went over 0atis's head and into the end zone. Demons Destroy .lacks BHS 2 FHS 12 With 50 seconds left in the ham the Jacks sat on a 2-0 lead and had the ball out-around mid-field. Boga- lusa had controlled the entire frst haU and appeared to be completely in control. Oatis fumbled the center- quarterback exchange, and the De- mons gain possession at Bogalusa's 45. On the second play, Franklinton's quarterback passed 45 yards to a re- ceiver in the end-zone and the De- mons had a 6-2 lead. With 10 seconds left in the ham Bogalusa tried to strike-only to be intercepted and run back 3 1 yards for a TD. The Jacks trailed 12-2 at intermission. In the second haU' the Jacks never played with the intensity and emotion they had exhibited in the first ham After the last 50 seconds of the first half Franklinton owned the football game. 70 Football 457' .5 Jacks Whip Salmen BHS 19 SHS 6 Bogalusa recovered from the Franklinton loss to whip Salmen 19- 6 and earn a berth in the state play- ffs. The Jacks finished second in Dis- trict 8-AAA with a 4-1 record. Salmen scored on the second play of the game. Fortunately, Bogalusa's defense played with intensity while the offense was struggling. Key inter- ceptions by Plummer and DonnieAd- ams saved the .lacks from further harm. And then it happened, with just 2:50 in the ham Oatis hit Pigott for 1 9 yards, M. Ward for 44, and Harris for 21 yards and the TD. M. Murray hit the point-after. Two plays later, Bogalusa had the ball again. Oatis hit Ward on a 42 yard scoring pass. Bogalusa put the game out of reach in the third quarter by marching 91 yards for a TD. Jacks Pounce on Wildcats BHS 20 DHS 9 In the opening round of state Class 8-AAA playoffs, Bogalusa Lumber- jacks hung a 20-9 licking on the Des- trehan Wildcats. First possession, Oatis hit Magee for 12 yards and then nail M. Ward for 43 yards to the Destrehan 28. Oatis rolled left, broke the outside containment and went 24 yards for TD. M. Murray hit the point-after for a 7-0 lead. Destrehan quarterback fumbled after being hit by tackles G. Bennett and S. Smith. Johnny Crain pounced on the loose ball, and two plays later, Oatis sneaked it in. Destrehan then marched for a TD with 14 seconds left in the haM The Jacks drove 68 yards for a TD midway fourth quarter. Scott Miller who had an outstanding night with 11 tackles and 4 quarter- back sacks. Bogalusa Losses BHS 6 SMHS 7 History will record only what the scoreboard read: St. Martinville 7, Bogalusa 6. These historical facts should be added: -the Jacks played with character, intensity and emotion. -Bogalusa's defense took St. Mar- tinville offense and staffed it, jammed it, hammered it and sent it back to St. Martinville a beaten pump. -mistakes, such as two pass inter- ceptions Bogalusa suffered at St. Martinville's goal line, simply can- not be made in a state play-off game. The bitter battle was decided by a missed extra point after the Jacks scored with 4:10 left in the contest. Oatis, the holder, bobbled the snap from center and the ball never really got off the ground. St. Martinville ran out the remaining time on the clock. 9 .-.1 , . tv . 'I- -1 ,s i r ...ff X X t g,...1j..,. , .A ,,.-4 ' 1 'Q ...-mtv.. I. Coach Murray encourages his team as seconds tick away. 2. David Knight and Scott Miller pre- vent another touchdown. 3. Larry Lassley and Jeff Penton know their team is headed for the play- offs. 4. Robert Williams and Jeff Ikerd scramble to stop their opponents' gain of yardage. Football 71 qThompson, Skipper Galloway. Back Row: Coach B-Jacks Are Champs Again The Bogalusa Beejacks of coaches Calvin Hymel and James Raborn wrapped up the district 8-AAA junior varsity title. In District play, the Bee- jacks rolled up 172 points while just giving up 18. A lot of Bogalusa's scoring came on passes from quarterbacks Larry Lassley and Tim Thompson. Bogalusa was always dominant along the line of scrimmage behind such players as Rob- ert Brown, Joey Dudley, Blake Crosby, and Ricky Warren. The Bogalusa Beejacks. Front Row: Lucky Crock- ett, Scooter Fortenberry, Julius Tynes, Blake Crosby, Anthony Pigott, Brett Holloway, Lester Mitchell, Chris Williams, George Talbert, and Jeff Penton. Second Row: Mitch Wagner, Barry Richardson, Julian Powell, Chav Pierce, Bobby Primeaux, Larry Lassley, ClU'ton Wheat, Tim Calvin H ymel, Todd Bates, Robert Brown, Cedric Blackburn, Rickey Warren, Joey Dudley, Chris Adams, Chris McNeese, Buster Stewart, Kermit Martin, and Coach James Raborn. 4' Wu 'inf if QB... Qs- ,. P '. ,i S fv?"':i-ff' - .,, Ps? 5' ' I ' iw' '-fi -'L i W Qkik, is ' ',1. 'ills-'fr ,X ' fr y. -f Ilj BHS 18 Hammond 0 BHS 6 Pine 26 BHS 15 Covington 31 BHS 40 Amite 8 BHS 20 Mandeville 12 BHS 14 Slidell 31 BHS 38 Ponchatoula 0 BHS 38 St. Paul BHS 30 St. Paul ur? N 1 72 Football in-Q it -ss 41 Jr. Jacks Strive for Recognition Q ,, v,,,,,,., V J F F, 'T .Y Y 2-U' ' fi' if Y . 'fl on f 1' F I " s 5' S gif' af gr' 1981 Junior Jacks. Front Row: Scotty Temples, David Rousell, Myron Preston, Jimmy Williams, Richard Brown, Alan Henry, Kevin McGehee, Reggie Buckhanon, Scott Bailey, Kenneth Bullock. Second Row: Robert Price, Reggie Robertson, Phil Keaton, Floyd Timmons, Mark Seals, James Morris, Kevin K illingsworth, Cedric Greely, Tim Haik, Reggie Peters. Back Row: Joe Smith, Richard Ingram, James Tate, Baron Breland, Rusty Hinds, Tony K irklin, Bart Pierce, David Jones, Larry Harper, Trey Price, Carey Brown-Manager, Jimmy Holmes. Coaches: Alan Byrd and Troy Ricks. Football 73 Jacks Have Impressive Season When basketball season started some students did not expect much. .lust the opposite happened! The Jacks basketball team had an excep- tionally good season under Coach Troy Ricks. Highlights ofsome ofthe district games are-BHS vs Mt. Hermon Mt. Herman walked away a 65-64 winner on a six-foot jumper by a Mt. Hermon player with just 3 second re- maining. BHS led I4-9 at the end of the frst quarter and 28-24 at the haUf The .Iackers scratched back and finally managed a 44-43 lead in the opening second of the 4th quarter. The lead changes hands eight times down the stretch before the last-sec- ond shot ended all the suspense. BHS vs Covington Bogalusa's Jacks played a bad game to lose to the Covington Lions 74-61. Covington jumped to a 37-23 lead at the ham withstood a BHS rally that brought the Jacks to within seven points in the 4th quarter, and pulled ahead for the triumph. BHS vs Franklinton The Jacks scored a 60-47 victory over archrival Franklinton's Demons. The .lacks jumped out to ajive point lead in the first quarter that held up until the half Third quarter sounded the death knell for the Demons, as the Jacks reeled off 20 points to the Demons I I to ice the contest. BHS vs St. Paul The Jacks administered a sound thumping to St. Paul's Wolves 70-32. The Wolves shot under 3073 in the jirst ham and the Jacks' collapsing zone de- fense took the inside game away. The Jacks just would not allow a second shot. They blistered the boards for 45 re- bounds with center Sean Smith and for- ward Bruce Plummer leading the way. BHS vs Amite The Jacks were out-shot, out-re- bounded, and out-hustled by a tough Amite club to the tune of 70-58. By the end of the frst haM the Jacks were still alive 44-32, the third quarter the Jacks seemed rejuvenated somewhat, and Sean Smith and Magee both blocked shots that were converted into points by Lundy and Bruce Plummer. A couple of stolen passes and missed shots and the Warriors were back ahead to stay. BHS vs Mandeville The Jacks lost a heartbreaking 51 - 48 double overtime loss to Mande- ville's Skippers. The Jacks played well enough to win, and with a break here or there they could have won it. Regulation play ended tied 41-all, and the teams came out of the jirst overtime tied at 45. But Mandeville outscored the Jacks 6-3 in the second extra session to pull out the win. I. Couch Troy Ricks. 2. Michael Brister takes on two Salmen players. 3. Clay Foreman moves on down the court. 4. Louie Harris goes up for 2 points. 5. Seam Smith goes upfor ajump ball. 6. The BHS Basketball squad. Kneeling: George Varnado, Louis Harris, Chav Pierce, Clay Foreman, Julian Powell, Manager-Tim Bush. Standing: Robert Magee-Manager, Kermit Martin, Bruce Plummer, Butter Lundy, Sean Smith, Lee Gallaspy, Mike Bris- ter, Greg Weary, Coach Troy Ricks. 74 Basketball .W 'I Wi! X . ,, X 912253 AF? 5 WE? RQ X ,, W an Q3 IW BHS Poplarville BHS Covington BHS Mt. Hermon BHS ,fMandeville BHS :':Ponchatoula BHS 'kFrankIinton BHS t"St. Paul BHS Kentwood BHS f'Amite BHS Mandeville BHS x'Ponchatoula BHS 'Franklinton BHS "'Salmen BHS Mt. Hermon BHS "'Amite 'kDistrict Games I. Bruce Plummer dribbles around a player. 2. Greg Weary prepares for a pass-on-the-move. 3. Louie Harris leaps for two points. 4. Michael Brister goes up for u score. 6. Orlando Lundy slams in two points. :ai X 76 Basketball 7 BHS vs Ponchatoula The Jacks hammered Ponchatou- la's Greenies 65-42. The Jacks jumped all over the Greenies from the opening tip. Plummer lead the way for Bogalusa, Scoring 23 pts. and pulling down eight rebounds. BHS vs Franklinton Bogalusa, using a decisive advan- tage in the second and fourth quarter, whipped the Franklinton Demons 66- 58. The Jacks outscored Franklinton 22-12 in the second quarter and 24- 16 in the second quarter and 24-16 in the fourth period to capture the key triumph. The Jacks started slow but then got on the boards and played de- fense well. BHS vs. Salmen The Jacks scored an impressive -38 win over the Salmen Spartans to keep the Jacks solidly in contention for a play-off berth. Lundy BogaIusa's leading scorer, ended the .lack's scor- ing in style, slamming home a dunk with 15 seconds left for a 50-38 spread. As a matter of fact, Butter Lundy continued a steady scoring pace all season long to claim the 1982 district scoring crown with a 17.1 average, scoring 206 points in 12 games. BHS vs St. Paul The Jacks played for three quarters as ifthey were walking in their sleep before awakening to turn in a dyna- mite fourth quarter to whip the St. Paul Wolves 70-47. Lundy and Plummer each had 21 points for the Jacks. BHS vs Salmen Midway through the third quarter, the Jacks trailed the Salmen Spar- tans 36-25. But the Jacks, running off seven straight points, then outs- cored the Spartans 9-0 in the last minute and a haU of the quarter to take a 43-40 lead into thefnal eight minutes. The Jacks led the rest ofthe way and used a flurry of free throws in thefinal two minutes to walk away with an impressive 61-49 triumph. BHS vs Mt. Hermon Bogalusa with only three varsity players-juniors Bruce Plummer and Clay Foreman and senior Greg Weary were beaten in a 71-59 loss to the Mt. Hermon Yellowjackets. The Jacks managed to hang close for a while, but the Jackets asserted their superiority and pulled away for the win. Plummer, who played extremely well, picked up 40 points. Basketball 77 78 Basketball Beejacks "Dribble" On Down Jack supporters can look forward to continued success. The Beejacks basketball team has several talented players looking forward to varsity ca- reers. The beejacks played under the direction of Coach James Raborn. Members of the 1981-82 Beejacks are Manager Tim Bush, George Var- nado, Tony Gill, Toney Cooper, Jeff Kimball, Tim Thompson. Standing: Robert Magee, Kevin Nenry, Kermit Martin, Etric Smith, Lee Galloway, Robert Brown, Chave Pierce, Julian Powel, Coach James Raborn. 1. Lee Gallaspy scores two for the Jacks. 2. Another two pointer for the team. 3. A quick bucket Hom the foul line. 4. Coach James Raborn. 5. Everyone prepares to rebound. 6. The I 982 Bee- jacks. 'Iwi I I f 'iii N . . . N, K --- ' -" ' B' ' ' AI. -A4-1 -. f ff 'IH K f, I Pr V 'Sf' 2.5- .... , ,l,",,3E?':i ,- .I E- .K ' . . ' 4' : Basketball 79 Lady Jacks Improve With Competition The BHS Girls Basketball team had a very full schedule of games. The girls worked very hard during after- school practice sessions which took up a lot oftheir time. The Lady Jacks realized that the fun they had playing made up for the effort of practice. Win or lose, the joy of participating was the most important part. I. Debra Perkins goes for the ball. 2. Playing tough defense are Felicia McCray and Tina Ratliff 3. Trepassers will be beaten. 4. Lady Jacks try to get the jump-ball. 5. Members of the I 982 Lady Jack's Basketball Team. First Row: Paula Sanderson, Caprice Dyson, Deb- orah Jones, S han Allen, Stacey Taylor. Second Row: Mrs. Giddens, Renee Nesbitt, Annette Burns, Tina Ratlifji Debra Perkins, Felicia McCray, Jamie Ratlyf 80 Girls Basketball I Girls Basketball 81 Golf Focuses On Concentration A I 5 ' . 3 ff f sr ,vs 1 :. Y W ' Y ' f, V- Yv? as : 1 : I 'J 22 " e 5 2 E 2 2 2 ai r ' 112 : S 'L E : : ' fc 1 2. 2 5- z 2 I 'rf-5:22221 .w ' E E 5 E : '51 ' .-5 5 2 3 :Q I V Q : 2 4 f 3 S at 1 ' : ' ' . A f . V E '. 1 A 1 XL '- f' ' 1- V ' are s 1, A-w f' Wk, Q Ng' , 44,122 . ' " ' . , ., H . W ,z 3 1",'f ,' 'Q' .L -Y . . , e . 7,.2..'1' A af .' ' - 5 xg- ' ff -WI-1 1-5-,Z - W' 'qw ' '1qQffvwzf.:,p .' 101' .- fir gf ,nf 'pg ' A-If 1 2.13-TQ - he te- ' M-,...ififa-9 U"-12- 9 . 39 ,m g,,g.g6g5jgy:3,g1f,- gvgl, fZg,,. 52 - 'ZA ff...-fi. fl:-5 .rw ' ' ' gr vt ,,, ff-r, ww , - ' :gg jg" 1-, 'j.Q., .Q . l ., ' MM affix? 50 r 5-f1i?'riL'Y'1flgA:-35:-i'fgJ':L1?k lah -if If ' ' Jr , iggfgcifi Q53 ii.:Jsgggg-Qj.Q.,?:..iiaf-..f . ugh 11. , , ,wg .. . ' A "Qg..,.f, , , ,f ,. . 1,-,-'Q . ?Q.Jr?', V A ?+fg'gLf,,?gAqi,x'.,,jg,3,gf',.t, fE.g55'cv,,3, li. . ' " 'V .. ' 4v.Mi .I r- ' 'f ,' Q, q-Jfw 'F' FTYHQMY ,-'.'..4.g-fr,f- 'w3"'f - i ' T-Y we .. f, fy "',, ' if 54' ?fx5"'g9f'f.- -.,.lp'r,-gg, fy: 'V' '-...-jf jg K.. v wggaie. -i?'55.i 'g:?'Zf' xgfrgilfp J1Q"w" 1: if ' ' , :J A .. -, ,I . u '41 '-cv N' .7314 " zvgavxn- -rag 'vgQiT5,'t,,.lgffY?'?".. 'ff '.x.-If -' .5 " I A' ,sr ' Q. . 15. - ,,4-4? :..vMQx..:if,,5, A2 " r 'rfb -Hb ' A . ?f""'e'r K V' 'NE Qf fif' 'M' rfffffff A' ":"Q+ 'f"" i 5529+ . ' H '5 ' fzfif 7 ' 7 f' 1 it We F ,. . , 4 . Alifgir - .fi z ' 3' A A , " ,. i , A ..-"ef9'3fa-att, . 1 5 1 I ' ll -L QE MIFQQE A spring sport, goU involves ex- treme concentration and utilizes a player's ability to analyze distances and coordinate them with the correct force involved in the swing. This stra- tegic motion centers around the movement ofthe arms and twisting of the waist as the goU club is brought behind the player's back. GoU is not an easily mastered sport, for even the most intricate miscalculated swing can prove disastrous. I. Coach Mike Breland. 2. Richie Magee pre- pares to tee off 3. David Knight 4. Alan Wade 5. David Knight practicing on the putting green. 6. Brian Brumfield 7. Richie Magee 8. Jef Ezell, 9. Brad Ready 10. Tim Evans II. Matt Messner I2 Mark Seal sz can fy? if in 4 XF. 3' QI. " Af.. X -rf Q Q' 19 Golf 83 BHS T racksters Place Second in Regional Meet The boys track team led a vigorous season this year. Altogether the team paced through numerous meets which demanded excellent performances. The team competed well throughout their season. The Jacks looked fairly impressive as they moved into a strong second be- hind John Curtis during the early events at a Bogalusa meet. Senior Greg Weary put Bogalusa in good shape withfirst-placefnishes in the 110 me- ter high hurdles and the high jump. In the field events, Toby McSwain got a first with a vault of 12-6. The BHS track squad rebounded for a very respectable fifth place in a large eleven team meet held at John Curtis. Weary tied the school high jump re- cord with ajump of6-3 and also took a first place in the 110 high hurdles. The BHS trackmen scored a slim victory in a dual meet with Hammond Tornadoes 55-53. The team of Albert Oatis, Robert Williams, Richard Payne, and Rogie Magee took first in the 400-meter relay. I n the 1600 meter relay the team of Jimmy Williams, Greg Weary, George Spivey and Mi- chael Brister won. Payne also took first in the 100 meters. Bogalusa also got a first place finish out of Mike Brister in the 800. Senior Greg Weary took first in the IIO m high hurdles and in the high jump. In field events, Sean Smith took first in the shotput, while Toby McSwain was first in the pole vault. The Bogalusa Jacks and the M ande- N ville Skippers had a showdown in the 1600-meter relay in the Slidell track meet. Bogalusa won the race, but not the meet. Just as expected, the Jacks dominated the track events. BHS fin- ishedfirst in the 1600-meter run, I10- meter high hurdles, 100-meter dash,' 800-meter run, 400-meter relay team, 200 meter dash, and the 1600-meter relay. Jimmy Williams shattered the BHS record for 3200-meter run and Toby McSwain equalled the school's mark for the pole vault as the Jack track team rolled to a second placefinish in the 4-AAA Regional Track Meet. The Lumberjack 800-meter relay team also shared the spotlight. The team of Keithon Brown, Albert Oatis, Rogie Magee, and Richard Payne placed first and claimed the regional title. State qualifiers were Greg Weary in the 110-meter high hurdles, Mike Brister in the 800-meter run, and Ro- gie Magee in the 200-meter dash. I. Toby McSwain clears the distance. 2. Throw- ing thejavelin is Jerry Schneider. 3. Larry Lass- ley concentrates. 4. Team members. Seated: Robert Fowler, Keenan K ngith, Tim H aik, Jerry Sneider, Troy Pou, Anthony Reid, Eric Porter. Kneeling: Robert Magee, Richard Payne, Larry Lassley, Larry Harper, Mathew Brown. Stand- ing: Coach Harry, Chris Adams, Robert Wil- liams, Greg Weary, Keithon Brown, Toby McSwain, Sean Smith, Jimmy Williams, Ricky Warren, Coach Walker. 5. Jimmy Williams passes the baton to Mike Brister. 6. Waiting for the track events is Chris Adams. 7. In the high- jump event is Jeff Penton. 8. Running for the Jacks is Tim Corbin. JACK 84 B Track rs-,,,.-r Track 85 Jacks Run Their Hearts Out Tra k v v Girls T rack-A First At BHS 5 Q' Q 1 , ' ,lgvygy M-.., s 1 f 88 T rack .45 4 pg . V 'f .M 1',Q'5,, ,,gt2"5+ , 2 ,,eL f rx , 'qf-..,4,, Q- Vkkk f 'N-I M ,.., M, I H ,W . fe.:p-gf-Vf fzfggpf V - Aw "2Zf?8f5b AI.f:M-- 'f ' fy. ' An improving BHS girl's track team recorded their first team victory at Chesbrough. Bogalusa finished first with 32 points in a rain short- ened meet. The tracksters made a strong showing, claiming four first place finishes in the six events. Boga- lusa's Linda Spikes finishedfirst in the 100 yard high hurdlesg Penny Douglas finished first in the I 00 yard dash,' Tina Ratlifffinished first in the high jump and the 400 meter re- lay team crossed the line first. I. Tina Ratlijf competing in one of her events. 2. Tammy Carter seems to keep on truckin. 3. Caprice Dyson in the broad jump. 4. Karen Johnson and Lavetta Sowell-members of the 1600-meter relay team. 5. Jumping the high hurdles is Caprice Dyson. 6. In the broad jump is Tina Ratliff -C The Lady Jacks came within 11 seconds of being 1982 District 8- AAA Champ. Coach Eddie Walker's Lady Jacks aided by an impressive performance by Tina Ratliff in the field events, put their best feet for- ward on the track and fought back from an early deficit to tie Mande- ville's girls going to thefnal event of the meet. However, the 1600-meter team battled Mandeville every leg of the final event only to come up just over I0 second short to lose the meet. The Lady Jacks qualified partici- pants in 11 of the I3 events at the meet. Four members of the Lady .lacks track team qualified in regional competition held at Destrehan High School for the state track meet. La- veta Sowell, Louise Adams, Audrel Williams, and Sherri Fields will make the trip to state. Sowell will compete in two events, the 100-meter dash and 1600-meter relay. Adams, Williams and Fields complete the re- lay team. Overall, the Lady Jacks did very respectfully for a track team in only itsfirst season. Theyfinished the re- gional meet, tied for fifth place. Track .lack's Baseball Fever, Catch It W: 4. ,-met' ' W-nge , , - , 4 t w 'ii J ,--wg i 10,4 x ' t. 3 tv a an , L e' ik. ,f ,, .1 2 , , 'VW V. .V ,H 1, VW ,fn V. O' L ' the 5 BHS vs. Glen Oaks The Jacks hit the ball well and were fielding well, but had trouble with the pitching. to lose 6-5 Glen Oaks. BogaIusa's hurler Al Ratliff gave up only 4 hits, but he walked eight men, and five of the Panther's six runs were scored by men who got a free pass to first base. Rod Magee, Mike Ward and Mark Holmes led the Jacks hitting attack with two hi ts each. BHS vs. Live Oak The jacks rebounded from a loss to 90 Baseball Glen Oaks to string the Oakers I0-7. Lundy was impressive over the j7rst vie innings, giving up only two runs and no walks. The Jacks jumped on the Oakers for four runs in the frst inning. The squad added another two runs in the second inning, three in the third and one in the fifth. BHS vs. Covington BHS sophomore Keith Kirkfield went the distance as the Jacks rolled to a I4-7 victory over the Covington Lions. After a scoreless first inning, the Jacks pounded the Lions for six runs in the second. In the third, Bo- galusa scored four runs. Two runs were scored in the top of the seventh for Covington, but it was not enough to prevent the Lumberjack's victory. BHS vs Salmen Salmen was down 3-2 as they came to bat in the bottom of the seventh inning, when everything went wrong for Bogalusa. The Jacks failed to score in the top of the eighth and in the bottom half of the inning a Sal- men player hit a homer to settle things once andfor all. The Jacks lost fc' 5-3. BHS vs Amite The jacks used power hitting from Al Ratliffand Orlando Lundy to hold offtheAmite Warriors 9-8. The BHS squad never trailed in the ball game, but! received a scare in the sixth. Be- hind 6-0 Amite popped the Jacks for five runs in the bottom hah' of the 6th inning. Bogalusa led, 6-5 at the top of the seventh, and a three run homer by Lundy increased the margin to 9-5. BHS vs. St. Paul T he game was a pitcher's duel with Bogalusa in control until the top of thefifth. The Jacks could get nothing going in the fifth and sixth innings, but Ratliff held the Wolves in check with four strikeouts. In the bottom of the seventh Lundy won the game on a two run homer. BHS vs. Ponchatoula The Jacks went ahead of Poncha- toula in the fifth inning 2-I. That's the way it stayed until the bottom of the seventh, when the Greenies tied it up for extra innings. In the bottom of the eighth, Lundy hits a batter, then a double steal and a single and the Jacks lose. I. Mark Holmes hits a homer. 2. Butter Lundy throws another one. 3. Chris Matthews tries for another one. 4. Coach Alan Byrd. 5. Even the team has a chance to goof-off 6. The 1982 Lumberjack Baseball team. Bottom Row: Ker- ry Brown, Rod Monroe, Michael Ward, Tony Cooper, Chris Mathews, Juan Guy. Second Row: James Williams, Keith Kirk-field, Scotty Temples, Doug Groves, Troy Breland, Marshal Adams, Jerry Coulon, Phil Keaton, Back Row: Coach Calvin H ymel, Todd Bates, Al Ratliff Greg Bennett, Mark Bennett, Mark Homles, Lance Byrd, Alan Byrd-Coach. Baseball 91 Off The Bat!! Q- ,. :ina 'il' lf- 'H -vw- m.1Qh BHS vs. Ponchatoula The name of the game was hit and run as the Jacks defeated Ponchatou- la's Greenies 6-2. Coach Byrd com- mented that the defense was coming around. Mark Holmes did a superjob at first, as did Ratliff at short, and Lance Byrd in left field. Ponchatoula threatened in the sixth, with runners at first and second and two outs. But Lance Byrd put an end to the threat with a super catch to end the innings. The game was called in the middle of the sixth, with the approach of severe weather. BHS vs. Franklinton 92 Baseball The Jacks won a 6-2 victory over the Franklinton Demons. The De- mons were up for the game, but they could not overcome a problem that had plagued them all season, errors. Franklinton committed nine errors, which cost them the game. Bogalusa needed the victory and the Demons made them work for the victory. BHS vs. Mandeville BHS handed the Mandeville Skippers their frst district loss in two years to the tune of 6 -5. The Jacks opened the scoring then things were quiet until the bottom of the third, then the score was 3-I. I n the bottom 2'- s Q , . N I as I . W Y Y 0 ... ff... lf 'Y v Mg, fsffg., I 7 N. Vx 6.7 :WV . of the fifth the Jacks scored two runs with the help of a homer by Lance Byrd. The Skippers rebounded but the Jacks held on for the victory. BHS vs. Ponchatoula The Jack's dream came to an end, with the Lumberjacks falling to Pon- chatoula's Greenies 7-5. Ratlyf and Lundie waled 13 batters. The Jacks had jumped to a 4-0, first inning lead. The Jacks then got one more run in the fourth. Ratlyf and Lundie walked in four runs and a hard hit- ting Greenies knocked in three more for the win. I. T roy Breland was alert and ready for any ball that came his way at third base. 2. Al Ratlw threw a perfect strike to lead the Jacks onto another victory. 3. Stretching out to deliv- er a pitch was Keith K irfield. 4. Another Jacks beats the ball by a long shot. 5. Mark Holmes rounds third on his way home. 6. Louie Harris was ready to hit one of his many hits. 7. Bruce Plummer prepares to catch. 8. EHS Junior Varsity. Front Row: Jejf Kimble, Jim Bush, Tony Gill, Mark Williams. Second Row: Keith Kirkfield, Tony Cooper, Juan Myers, Scotty Temples. Third Row: Coach Calvin H ymel, Todd Bates, Barry Richardson, Skipper Gallo- way, Coach Alan Byrd. 9. Several of the play- ers discussed the biggest plays of the game between innings. i Q.. BHS Pearl River BHS Covington BHS Glen Oaks BHS Glen Oaks BHS Covington BHS Salmen BHS Amite BHS St. Paul BHS Mandeville BHS Ponchatoula BHS Franklinton BHS Mandeville BHS Ponchatoula Baseball 93 BHS Is Getting That Point Across SE , T L. e XE. . ,,.W ,, . . , 5 -,fy way- . Y, I at In I T' L'- J, . ir? X,,! The BHS netters surprised everyone when they j7nished second in the region- al tennis tournament. Bogalusa top seed, John Porretto also quali fied for the state tournament. 94 Tennis 1... I. The 1982 Tennis Team. First Row: Scott Bailey, Annette Burns, April Page, Beth Ca- sama, Vin Knight, David Duke. Second Row: Tim Brown, Jeffery Foster, Lee Gallaspy, John Porretto, George Talbert, Lance Magee, Coach Don Williams. 2. Scott Bailey drills afore- hand cross-court. 3. Beth Casama backhands a E222-' D ..,h'..... tough shot. 4. George Talbert demonstrates his serving ability. 5. Tennis coach, Don Williams. 6. Taking it easy before a tennis match are David Duke and Vin Knight. 7. Going in for a volley is John Porretto. 8. Members ofthe tennis team pose with Coach Williams. 9. Swinging through with her backhand is Annette Burns. I 0. Senior Lance Magee tries to meet the tennis ball. N ff!'s3 Mei k 1 if ,fsgff . 51,1 , X tl- 1 L . ' '., Q". fi 4,3 ' " X' WF A 24fii " v22.'sffs5:Q Q Swiifvif 4 , X f " ' ':1,..---, , ' ' M K 4. -A wwf Wd, til? 1'7'T 1, , iwv' , , ,ix , fl-M: 1' F3415 HW A 'vw Q V27 .t., 2 5 . I - v - YQ is -4- Athletes Honored At Spring Banquet The young men and women who participate in spring sports for BHS were honored at the annual Spring Sports Award Banquet. Lumberjacks and Lady Jacks were honored in the sports of tennis, golf basketball, track and baseball. Tennis coach Don Williams led off the affair by honoring his outstand- ing netters. John Porretto was singled out for recognition for advancing to the quarterfinals of the state tennis tournament and was presented a state trophy. George T albert was presented a trophy for being the most consistent tennis player on the team. Following the tennis awards, goU coach Mike Breland honored his team, which competed in the North- shore GoU League and qualified two members for the state tournament. State trophies were presented to both David Knight and Richie Magee for their top twelve finishes in the state tourney. The Bill Wallace Memorial Trophy for dedication was presented to sophomore Brad Ready. Knight was also singled out as top medalist for the 1982 team. Coach T .A. Ricks presented awards to the Lumberjack basketball team. Orlando Lundie was singled out as 1982 Most Valuable Player for the team. Lundie also received an All- district trophy. Receiving Team Cap- tain Awards for the Jacks who had their first winning season under Coach Ricks were Louie Harris, Greg Weary and Bruce Plummer. Mike Brister was recognized for his hard work by being presented the Dedica- tion Award. The Mack Barlow Award was presented to Clay Foreman. Members of the Lady Jacks bas- ketball team were also recognized for their eforts during the season. Girls' track coach Eddie Walker presented awards to the frst ever Lady Jacks track team. Laveta Sowell, Sherri Fields, Aundrell Wil- liams, and Louise Adams received trophies for their sixth place fnish in the 1600-meter relay at the state track meet. Sowell also received a re- gional award for her second place finish in the 100-meter dash. Cap- tain Awards were presented to Karen Johnson and LouiseAdams. The team sportsmanship award went to Linda Spikes. The 1982 Daily News Olym- pian Award was presented to Adams. Sowell also received a special presen- tation for MVP. Boys' track coach Melton Harry followed Walker, and recognized his tracksters. The state champion Lum- berjack 800-meter relay team of Keithon Borwn, Albert Oatis, Rogie Magee and Richard Payne were pre- sented their state awards. Captains Oatis and Greg Weary were presented trophies for their leadership. The Mack Barlow Award for exceptional ability was presented to Rogie Ma- gee. Jimmy Williams received the Land of Sports Sportsmanship Award. Toby McSwain was honored as the Daily News Olympian Award winner for 1982. Richard Payne was recognized as the team's MVP. Robert Magee received a special award as trainer. T he final Jacks to be honored were the baseball players. Coach Alan Byrd presented the awards to the members of the 1982 Lumberjack baseball team. Curt's Athletic Shop's Dedication Award was presented to Jerry Coulon. Captain Awards went to Troy Breland and Louie Harris. Harris was also presented the Lead- ing Hitter Award, compiling a .410 average on the season. The MVP vot- ed by the team members themselves resulted in a tie. Both Lance Byrd and Louie Harris were honored. Team trainer Kerry Brown was also honored. l. Brad Ready received his goUi award from Coach Mike Breland. 2. Basketball award winners-Louie Harris, Bruce Plummer, Or- lando Lundy , Greg Weary. 3. Track award winners. Standing Coach Harry, Keithon Brown, Jimmy Williams, Toby McSwain, Ro- gie Magee. Kneeling: Richard Payne and Al- bert Oatis. 4. Tennis honors were received from John Porretto and George Talbert presented by Coach Don Williams. 5. Golfteam award win- ners Brad Ready, David Knight, and Richie Magee. 6. Aundrell Williams and Rogie Ma- gee show off their newly acquired trophies. 7. Baseball honors were received by Louie Harris, Bruce Plummer, Troy Breland, and Lance Byrd. Nat seen are Jerry Coulon and Orlando Lundy . 96 Spring Banquet .5 in 'AFB XX il X . I! X 'iff' 5 Q Spring Banquet 97 Footballers Honored at BHS Banquet sf' N4-0 98 Nxxxv' Banquet F. 5 XQQ5 fm ri xx I ly .f The Bogalusa Lumberjacks, Bee- jacks and Junior Jacks were hon- ored for their accomplishments this past season on the football field. Quarterback Albert Oatis, who led the Jack to an 8-3 record and to the state quarter finals where the Jacks lost 7-6 to eventual state champion St. Martinville, was cho- sen most valuable player in a vote of his teammates. Sean Smith, who was chosen to the Class AAA All -State team, was honored for his accomplishment. Greg Bennett captured the Gold- brickAward for the second year in a row. Safety Brian Dobson received the Sportsmanship Award, which is picked by the BHS coaching staff Those honored for making the 8- AAA all-district team were Johnny Crain, Sean Smith, Greg Bennett, Jimmy Breazeale, Wes Robertson 1 N w N and Clay Foreman. Greg Bennett, Oatis and Duane Sartin were picked tri-captains by team members. Senior manager Robert Magee received an award from the coaching staff for his dedicated work the last three seasons. The Beejacks were honored by coaches Calvin Hymel and James Raborn for their efforts during the season. I. Albert Oatis, Greg Bennett, and Duane Sartin :were picked tri-captains by team members. 2. Coach Bill Murray, Mike Mur- ray, and C ouch Lewis Murray. 3. Safety Bri- an Dobson received the Sportsmanship Award. 4. Junior Sean Smith received Class AAA All-State team awardfrom Coach Bill Murray. 5. Greg Bennett captured the Gold- brick Award for the second year. 6. Albert Oatis with his most valuable player award. 7. Manager Robert Magee and Coach Lewis Murray. I Banquet 99 lw Bogalusa High School Students 100 Sp t 1 Lrivqv, .Af Have Sports, Sports, and More Sports X- xmff .ITFHTTH .3-9...-,,,....-.,,, I. T roy Breland was ready for the ball to come his way. 2. Brad Ready concentrates on his swing. 3. Bruce Plummer makes an easy shot under the basket. 4. Karen Johnson does her best during the final seconds of the race. 5. Rogie Magee pours it on for the Jacks. 6. David Duke strives to master the fine art of tennis. 7. Concentrating on the action of the game is Tommy Leos. 8. Gregg Bennett accepts an award for football. 9. The Lumberjack stadi- um. Sports 1 01 eopl Involved ar- In ,H- K 1102 , People Involved ' J 57' -if E? 12.17 People Involved 103 The Ax Voice of BHS g. The voice of BHS was heard this year in the form ofthe news- paper, theAx. In the beginning of the year, the new staff had to be trained and taught proper jour- nalism form. The Ax gave BHS students the opportunity to speak out about current issues. 1982 Ax members. First row: Pam Rich- ardson, 'Pat Flot, Debbie Jordan, Susan Byrd, Tina Ratliff Bonnie Pope, Monica Martin, Jeanette Richardson. Second Rowg Shawn Powell, Vin Knight, Randy Wager, Paul Rester, Todd Janney, Lloyd Statham, Sponsor Nelda Purvis, Wade Lively, Quin Cassidy, Toby McSwain, Don Bates. 2. John Porretto, Tammy Powell, Tammy Thomas, Kevin Haaga- Ax leaders. 3. Ax memberAllen Kellar. 4. The staff at Waterford-3. 5. Staff mem- bers planning the next edition of the pa- per. 104 Ax staff f??'1 fag: gs. al-Q Juv- K Ax Staff 105 PLANT Band Hits High Note So you thought that all the BHS Band did was perform for pep rallies and football games?! well, to begin with, the band had many money-making projects. They sold calendars, cheese, or- anges, rafjle tickets, candles, and candy to earn money for future trips. The band marched in the Fair parade, the Krewe of Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, and Bogalusa's M C CA parade. Audi- tions were held for the District Honor Band at SLU with mem- bers of the band participating. There were also two festivals held at SLU with solo performers and the dUferent bands in our district competing against each other for recognition and awards. Lastly, two students, T rula Haley and Ruth Branch, qualified for audi- tions in the All-State Band. The BHS band kept busy under the direction and guidance of Dr. Jim Franklin. 106 Band W' I. 1982 BHS Band members. Drum Ma- jor-K im Brister. First Row: Richard I n- gram, Richard Lumpkin, Albert Draw- ford, Sophie Lee, Shari Knight, Terry Hunt, Tim Harris, Bobby McNeese, Dal- ton Williams, David Holliman. Second Row: Dennis Wager, Danny Baker, Randy Foster, Steve Irvine, Randy Wager, Mi- chelle King, Vicki Smith, Karen Stogner, Janet Cotton, Trula Haley, Sabrina Cheramie, Michelle Cothern, Sherri Williams, Tana Lewis. Third Row: Brian Cothern, Steve Lee, David Massangale, Brenda McNeese, Todd Casanova, Mark Williams, David AUord, David Duke, Benny Dugan, Gerald Morgan, Ben Slade, David Hodge, Denny Knight, Bar- on Breland, Teman Knight, Barrett Wil- lis, Johnny Pierce, Paul Rester, Jana Barge, Samantha Sharp, Tammy Cutrer, Susie McNabb, Karla Galloway, Becky Bickham, Sherri Fields, Sonya Irvine, Rachael Remel, Pam Daniels, Phillip Bryan, Mike Paige, Glenda Robertson. Fourth Row: Carol Pierce, Becky McClendon, Angela Irvine, Shan Sum- rall, Caprice Dyson, Dianne McClendon, Robert Collins, Jason Harvison, Susan Knight, Janet Miley, Angie Thomas, Ma- kiltra Dyson, Ruth Branch, Ximaena Thomas. 2. Drum Major Kim Brister. 3. Flag Corp Captain Susan Knight. 4. Mark Williams and Todd Casanova marching on the field. 5. Members of the band. 6. Freshman Jana Barge. 7. Teman Knight, after a pep rally, holds the Ax to show that BHS is H. 8. Richard Lumpkin keeps the beat. 9. Part ofthe trumpet sec- tion. Band 107 .lack's Cheerleaders Were "F ired -U p"! is . QD 91 xo 5 . .W-Y .qs-, 1 A BHS Lumberjack Cheerleaders. Bottom Row: LeAnne Koonce, Mandy Ryals, Heidi Herring, Lydia Sartin. Next Row: Judy Brown, Allison Perry, Missy Frazier, Elizabeth Klimczak, Susan Pusa, Rebecca Gill. N. ,Ja Q u ,qi 4? 108 Cheerleaders Spirit is the main part ofa cheerleader's personality. Each week it is a cheerleader's duty to arouse spirit among the student body and the faculty. Yelling, decorating the stands, selling fight tags, and orga- nizing pep rallies are impor- tant tasks the cheerleaders do to inspire spirit. The cheer- leaders are always there to support the fans and team, never failing. l. Senior Cheerleader Lydia Sartin. 2. Senior Cheerleader Elizabeth Klimczak. 3. Senior Cheerleader Mandy Ryals. 4. Cheerleaders showed their support of the Jacks during a surprise pep rally on the practice field. 5. Freshmen cheerleaderAllison Perry leads the crowd in getting "Fired-up". 6. Cheerleaders before the 1981 Homecoming Parade. 7. The cheerleaders worked hard during every pep rally. Cheerleaders 109 Chorus Displays Their Artistic Abilities - H . ,,,, Aa., .1 ,, ., iw L - , f. A- fr f , 1 M mv' ' fl ?' W , 53453 110 Ch ---5, 2 :gy I, . 5 14 .-1 ...' .M . I .ik . ., ,,,. v. is 4 Chorus members-I. First Row: Lenord Clanton, James Lewis, Ricky James, James Williams, Dorris Sartin, Dennis Wager, Alan Henry, Lisa Rayford, Amanda Bridges, Vanessa Miller, T abbitha Lewis, Marquette Hall, Vannessa Matthews. Second Row: Mel- vin Fuller, T arrence Moses, Antwine Johnson, Robert Osborne, Michelle Norris, Dana Fer- rell, Claudia Meyers, Kathy Bridges, Caryn James, Allison Perry. Third Row: Fredrick Dyson, Scotty Temple, Melvin Bagget, Mi- chael Galloway, April Smith, Sherri Fields, Joan James, Donnia Williams, Monica Os- borne, Tracey Herring. 2. First Row: Darlene Ratliff Judy Brown, Falisha Smith, Mertha Voth, Missy Frazier, George Martin, Edward Sartin, Robert Walts, Jeffery Morgin, Ca- sandra Young, Joanna Conners, Jannet T ate, Terra Huchinson, Rebecca Lindsey, Lisa Reine, Louise Adams, Sarah Simmons. Sec- ond Row: Lori Jones, Angela Causey, Madie Martin, Joan Porter, Tim Thompson, Earl Sanders, Kathy James, Chris Walley, Raquel Gatlin, Lisa Howard, Adrian Grubbs, Jenni- fer Porter, Joyce Keys. Third Row: Melanie Carter, Antoinniette Thomas, Malcolm Quil- lin, Shondra Bridges, James Brock, George Spivey, Derrick Preston, Reggie Hall, Eric Young, Jejfery Foster, Darrel Harris, Robert Amacker, Chris Adams, Charles Bickham, Kenny Young, Fred Waldrup, Barry Bolton, Randy Wager, Karla Young, Sonyia Morgan, Robin Jackson. 3. Chorus members work on their homecoming car decorations. 4. Mrs. Butler and chorus members promote their Christmas sale. 5. Christmas concert. 6. Mrs. Butler directing her chorus. V Chorus III lllll IY ,-Nil .... 4-H, Head, Heart, Hands, 49 Health 1. Mrs. Darlene Jones-Washington Par- ish County Agent. 2. Ms. Sally Keaton- Assistant County Agent. 3. Members of the Bogalusa High School '4-H Club. Seated: Chave Pierce, George Talbert, Jimmy Duncan. Standing: Mrs. Sarah Williams-Sponsor, Phillip Bryan, and David Holliman. 112 4-H French Club Enjo s Varied Activities E55 X1 17' g 'la NA' :M tl-Egg. lr wir Ji ' ...Ki I French club events. 1. Camp-out. 2. The French Club Officers. 3,4, 8 5. Hallow- een Masquerade. 6, 7, di 8. Mardi Gras. 9. Homecoming Parade. 10. Sing along with Veronique. Members pictured: Tim Brown, Kim Griffin, Bryan Kemp, Jeff Russell, Kim Brister, Beth Earles, Rich- ard Boleware, Mary Fendlason, Amy Branch, Lilyan Burdeaux, Rhonda Tal- ley, Kelly Beers, Sandy Rogers, Donna Rogers, Ellie Barker, Susan Knight, Eric Spillman. French 113 FBLA Participated in Business Programs , . . Q.. , -, " Z L'..- V A T T . af, Xl. Q: Wy, e s MQ ze u it 3' Q 5 ik W E. l. 8 Y -mi' 1 el '-f if A 1 x s T H E fy 's'-TQ'4jTgg0 'A ,.44, ,,. g J. use FBLA Club. Front Row: Darlene RatlUf Craig Rayford, Vickie Powell, Malcolm Quillen, Sherry Brock, James Brock. Left Side: Monique Davis, Ida Pittman, Laurie Jones, Roderick Brown, Sponsor-Miss Harvey. Right Side: Karen Gibson, Tim Richards, Alicia Hall, Karen Johnson. Not Shown: Lydia Sartin. P gg L fnucarlou Gnfss l 44,4 u T u R E USINESS EAQERS MERICA Future Business Leaders of America is the national organi- zation for high school students participating in business and of- fce programs. The purpose of the club is to develop vocational and career competencies. 114 FBLA FFA Ain't o Bull!! -31 Q if! 5' -2 Q 'Nl gy ,Hifi A S39 Y I. Future Farmers of America. Kneeling: Donald Willis, Terry McClendon. Sec- ond Row: Richard Dykes, Tony Cooper, Stacy Ingram, Russell Lambert, Mandy Ryals, Paul McGehee. Third Row: James Davis, Troy Breland, Shannon Lyons, Buster Stewart, Tim Bush, David Jones. 2. Scott Adams and his prize winning Bull. 3. Mike Murray at the LSU Southeast District Show. 4. Mandy Ryals at the LSU Show. 5. FFA Backs the Jacks. 6. Shannon Lyons and his cow at the LSU Show. -,A I QV? AIA-W ii' , A -3 . ' I f . v M ' F T6 '41 f . J FFA 115 -Q... :,,.'-n i FHA Works Toward ew Horizons I. Future Homemakers of America. Seat- ed: Tana Lewis, Shelia Anders, Carolyn Temple, Karen Johnson, Amanda Bridges. Standing: Sarah Williams and Mary Dee, sponsors, Joyce Rayford, Veronica Paine, Diane Way, Adrian Nunn, Ursula Middleton, Linda Middleton, I lla Desai, Theresa Seal, and Regina Hill. 2. FHA Omcers: Seated: Carolyn T emple-Re- porter, Adrian Nunn, Ursula Middleton, Linda Middleton, Illa Desai, Theresa Seal, and Regina Hill. 2. FHA Officers: Seated: Carolyn Temple-Reporter: Adrian Nunn-Vice-president: Illa De- sai-Presidentg Amanda Bridges-Song Leader: Karen Johnson-Reporter. Standing: Mary Dee-sponsor: Regina Hill-Parliamentariang Linda Middle- ton-Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Sarah Williams-sponsor. 3. FHA Homecom- Ying Parade entry. 116 FHA I m Q Keyettes Have Many Service Projects 1 v-wc?-ff' T 6? - ,i5lff,g. Q The Keyettes service club had a full yearjilled with many service projects. The year began with for- mal initiation of new members. The group prepared a welcome- back gUt for Ms. Windham, and they prepared Halloween bags for the teachers. The Keyettes also visited the Nellie Byers students at Halloween, and sponsored their annual Special Olympics in the spring. Then, the Kevettes gave a Christmas party for chil- dren from needy families. At the end of the year, a banquet was given for the seniors, and new of- ficers ofthe club were presented. I. Keyette members. Bottom Row: Mary Fendlason, Kim Brister, Kody Malley, Susan Pusa, Terri McClendon, Kim Mi- zell, Tina Adams, LeAnne Koonce. Middle Row: Monica Martin, Mandy Ryals, Stacey Seal, Gina Knight, Vali Hall, Tammy Thomas, Kelli Cefalu. Top Row: Jane Carney, Lillian Bordeaux, Sheila Crain, Merrilyn Bush, Elizabeth K Iimczak, S tephenie Jacobs, Beth Earles, and Dru AU'0rd. ..........- The 1982 Lumberjack Staff ... naw f 'Qo- 1 'wg .ai LI Q Planning a yearbook requires a lot of time, organization, skill, and pa- tience. Pictures of all activities must be taken, layout must be drawn, cap- tions and copy must be written, and deadlines must be met. The yearbook staff and sponsors work all year long recording each event as it happens in hopes that memories from each event will be kept forever. I. Members of the 1982 Lumberjack staff are: Malcolm Quillen, David Duke, There- sa Stewart, Bill Kropog. Standing: Jimbo Jacobs, Jim Ezell, Tammy Powell, Jane Carney, Heidi Herring, April Page, Stacey Talley, Don Bates, Stephenie Jacobs, Vin Knight. 2. Beverly Merritt-sponsor. 3. Holly King-Sponsor. 4. Editor, Ste- phenie Jacobs, spent many hours working on the Lumberjack. 5. The staff portrays their future occupations. 6. Planning a lay- out is S tephenie Jacobs. 7. Theresa Stewart wonders what to do next. 8. Arranging pic- tures for a lay-out is Tina Adams. 9. Clowning around in style are Mrs. King and Mrs. Merritt. 10. Working on the class surveys is David Dulce. I 18 Lumberjack Stephenie Jacobs-Editor. Presents People at BHS 1 .Ji L.: sl lug. 'E V-wr , All M T127 '55, f '..f1c,q,2ff? i fl . ' I Let I . 8 f' L 1. "'l i if zo Lumberjack I I 9 Paperdolls Provide Pep and Pride ,es ...,-ig 'V .- 1, ' 1 ,jif Paperdollsfor the 1981-82 season. First row: Robin Bolton, Ellie Baker, Christi David, Mary Fendlason, Jill Perrault, Kelli Cefalu, Vicki Powell, Angele Stevenson. Second row: Kristen Conerly, Amy Branch, Yolanda Nichols, Monica Martin, Gina Knight, Stephanie Campbell, Latonya Jackson, Kay Kay Knight. Third row: Stacey Seal, Sheila Crain, Jeannette Richardson, Kim Griffin, T ana Pritchard, Tammie Brown, Beth Earles, Michelle Dufrene. During football season this year, there were many people who were responsible for making pep rallies and haUtime shows the great success that they were. The Paperdolls were a group of such people. They were among the most talented and spirited groups at Bogalusa High School. With the help of their sponsor, Mrs. Beth Breland, the Paperdolls danced away to everything from "Chat- tanooga Choo Choo" to "Hit Me with Your Best Shot." Being a Paperdoll was not all smiles and hairspray. Many hours were de- xii, voted to practices after school and wg ' fund -raising projects. I 20 Paperdolls . ' " ' , ., .. .M f -'--- -'H -'v f. ,, . xi: .. 1 -llllii. " ' f- '.-.:t ,:::::r::: - ' gxzrf-:W-mmfxw 3: 14,5 k,,,.sAi,7f -Q 1 '3 .,,. 53:2 "' --7 A ' , A . . : ' ' , J fs, " V ,Wm elm., I ,Lx Q 1 u- Q . ' I Q. A - H. ........ . " f' "' 'L. .,,,. QI ' t " ' 'fl f m . ' x v . ii , .. ...zz -f ..::" Q I J ' if 3-G' J ' ref" , H V .5 454, . g -.ef ,X non .N , o ' W ' if . ' . ., . Q A - 1 ' f ., , . 'Q i '1QjLi7ff 4 it . ' 4 .far he 1.9 ' .s l A-f A W.-. 1 1 w ,yyf " Q ' 9 Q wr ' S , , 'wx " , ' 4 . - e 'reff?f,,, t ,gjfff , . V' ' . .fy N ec-.' v f " 1 .. 'ewgv gf in . ,,,4 ,A:2.. fee w, sg,-gg 4- ' E H T .,g' M g ' 'H "W 'QJWQH .J.!'g1fAfv, , 1 ef F , " A' A. vm' ' - . f I ji ,J --,w w .r-ww 75 A - ' www -f f- ' -IFN' ... .-',-:":'f- '.:m'2: ...ggi , ,,,, f 'Y -' .AI:-:g2g.,..,4ge:12f:i . ,, -3 U L Qisrwf w-I f7.5g45,,vc. A3 ,t f IW 3 milf fi 1-A J 1. Stacey Seal was co-captain ofthe paperdolls. 2. Also, co-captain for the paperdolls, was Gina Knight. 3. Paperdolls march onto the field. 4. These paperdolls seem pleased with their perfor- mance of "Chattanooga Choo Choo." 5. "We love to have our picture taken!" 6. During a hawime show, Christi David pauses for a photo. 7. "We're fl!" 8. Waiting for the pep rally to begin is Yo- landa Nichols. 9. BHS paperdolls show their stuff Paperdolls 121 nl", ! v - X43 4-s., rf l X I f 1 Q f-. 1' N. 4 is -at 45 V f . 3 -. ' S K. .A V K ' L R 1 X ,jf Sulute! Veni, Vidi, Vici f fwf If L -sit' 1492 ix .viii Latin Club. First Row: Denise Paige Terri McClendon, Cheryl Johnson, Dawn Borel, Kevin Haaga. Second Row: Paul Williams, Tori Kemp, Lee Barlow. Third Row: Todd Janney, Kelly Morris, Scott Bailey. 2. Mrs. Sheridan and the Latin class. 3. Todd Janney and Cheryl Johnson clowning around. 4. The Latin class never lacked excitement. 122 Latin Club ...Braun Q esfedfaglliif i :3il1I"' Ns' CII! ' v .4 H521 U!!! .- - . I .X , V. .. ,I v ' Ei, 'Qin . . ffihurfuw g..'!"F!' Fifi F 'N . K. ,xp ff 1" 1 :- f" ' "Edt we ,.3'.t,,' jtlilr -fx X- Spanish Club. Front Row: Karen Ander- son, Kim Earles, Sherry Busby, Tana Pritchard, Christi McDaniel, Samantha Blackwell, , Angel 0'Quinn, Tra- cey Mitchell, Deidra Johnson, Tina Rat- lU'f Second Row: Annette Burns, Brian Brumfield, T ammy Powell, Robbie Gann, Jane Carney, Jarvis Blackburn, Clwon Williams. Third Row: Wandra Rayford, Jeanette Phelps, Lorrie Laws, Maria Longo, Melinda Sorrell, Alicia Talley, Linda Guillot, Kim Hill, Larry Lassley, Wendy Weick, Scooter Fortenberry, Mitch Wagner, Blair Davis, Monique Walker, Felicia McCray. Fourth Row: Chris Mitchell, Kim Miller, Rhonda Holcomb, Elena Kelehan, Stacey Talley, Alicia Mitchell, Susan Pusa, Traci Grimes, Kevin Williams, Tana Crain, T reidi Perrault, April Page, George Tal- bert. 2. Spanish Club's homecoming car. 3. Club officers: President-Jane Carney, T reasurer-Stacey T alley, Party Chair- man-Mary Lee. Spanish 123 'SJ Student Council Seeks to Serve 1,, ., f' , I, - 1 1982 Student Council Members. First Row: David Duke, Chanda Rayford, Edward Sartin, Stephenie Jacobs, Tori Kemp, Blaine Cothern, Stacey Seal Windy Hartzog, Elizabeth Klimczak, Lee Galaspy, Jimmy Breazeale, Earl Sanders. Second Row: Shawn Powell, Bruce Spears, Jim Jacobs Derek Timmons, Johnny Penton, Mary Fendlason, Bryan Kemp, Carolyn McGuiness, Tamatha Brown, Sherri Fields, Kevin Hagga, Mark Williams David Holliman, Michelle Penny, Jonathan Grubbs, Wanda Hawthorne. I. Student Council Officers. Treasurer- Bryan Kemp, Secretary-Mary Fendla- song Vice-President-Stacey Seal, Presi- dent-Elizabeth Klimczak. 2. Senior members: Earl Sanders, Windy Hartzog, Stacey Seal, Stephenie Jacobs, Wanda Hawthorne, Elizabeth Klimczak, Kevin Hagga. 3. Junior members: Mary Lee, Bryan Kemp, Jimmy Breazeale, Edward Sartin, Mary Fendlason, Shawn Powell. 4. Sophomore members: Lee Gallaspy, Tori Kemp, Blaine Cothern, Jonathan Grubbs, Chanda Rayford, Jim Jacobs. 5. Freshman members: David Holliman, Mark Williams, Johnny Penton, David Duke, Tammy Brown, Bruce Spears, Derek Timmons, Michelle Penny, Sherri Fields, Carolyn McGuinness. 6. The Freshmen Student Council members showed their spirit during a school assem- bly. 7. Even Santa Claus goes to BHS- thanks to the Student Council. 124 Student Council ff.. v f I 1 if -uni I -if 1-a-1 If .Y 4 I "wud r 3 lf'-""A dh' Wi ff?- zvms, any iw: Q , ' 1 ,1 : .L--'il' r I is if 1 Student Council AST Promotes Group Projects I. AST members. Front Row: Lisa Dunaway, Rhonda Holcomb, Lisa Polk, Ruth Branch, Samantha Blackwell. Back Row: Leslie Campbell, Chav Pierce, Sta- cey Breland, Jill Fournet, Theresa Ste- phens. 2. Lisa Dunaway gives Rhonda Holcomb alittle "help". 3. Who's number one? 4. AS T 's car won third place in the homecoming parade. 5. Just palsil 6. Ruth Branch was one of the outstanding mem- bers. 7. A winning effort! 126 AST lil" Ml MI ml I 4 , AST 127 Q Wi BTS Promotes Jack S ptrtt BTS was very busy this summer making football tags and signs to promote "Jack Spirit." They started off the school year by working at Prep Week and wel- coming freshmen to BHS. They were very proud to receive eight new members. BTS entered a car in the Homecoming parade and received second place. They col- lected money for cystic fibrosis and had many money making projects such as raffles, a spa- ghetti dinner, and garage sales. BTS enjoyed many fun and re- warding moments together in- cluding meetings, workshops, senior suppers, slumber parties, formal and informal initiations, and most of all their end of the year trip to Panama City Beach, Florida! 128 BTS 'Emu l. BTS members. Front Row: Kim Earles, Darlene Passaro, Tana Crain, and Durie Alford. Standing: Dru Alford, Tana Stogner, Sandy Magee, Cheryl Johnson, Rhonda Talley, and Kim Taber. Back Row: Melinda McNeese, Susan Knight, April Page, Jane Carney, and Denise Paige. Not Shown: Gina Knight, Kim Brister, and Carol Pierce. 2. Officers: Sandy Magee-Chaplaing Rhonda Tal- ley-Secretary and Pledge Captaing Kim Taber-President. 3. BTS puts the finish- ing touches on their Homecoming car. 4. BTS collected money for Cystic Fibrosis as proven by Carol Pierce and Jane Car- ney. 5. Pledges have to go through infor- mal initiation, whether they like it or not. 6. BTS backs the Jack at Homecoming. 7. Waiting for the Homecoming parade to begin. BTS 129 PKT Welcomes ine Pledges I. PKT Members. Sitting: Chawan Bryan, Vali Hall, Tina Baughman, Tina Adams, Michelle Kennedy. Standing: .lan Por- retto, Diane McClendon, Wendy Weick, Donna Rogers, Sandy Rogers, Lorrie Laws, Shari Knight, Karla Galloway, Beck McClendon, Traci Grimes, Kathy Pigott, Terri Jenkins. Not shown, Anette Burns. 2. PK T 's homecoming truck. 3. Of- ficers. Tina Adams-Vice-President, Tina Baughman-President, Valie Hall-Treasurer, Chawan Bryan-His- toriang Michelle Kennedy-Secretary. 4. PK T symbol. 5. PK T members having fun. 130 PKT 4045. . .,,,.. 1 we-.Q is-f A K: Jeff: -gy. we 3 '- , Q 4. . 3-I ,x,j,?.Qy.. X 4 M .4 . .33 5 Q ,E , -M 1 -e I ffffeftiefaiiziiigiaii lie ' . + ,ff . - -'N-..... t f','.egs'3 h?gPfEf:.,'?,13'-:H . 2 The PKT Service Club has been active in many things this year. At the beginning of the school year, they were involved in Prep Week, football games, and in the homecoming festival. They made tags and signs for the ball- games and decorated a car for the homecoming parade. They wel- comed nine new pledges and four sweethearts. The new members were later informally initiated at the slumber party in the home of sponsor Janet Burdette. In Feb- ruary PK T held its formal initi- ation at the S portsman's Inn. For money making projects they held raffles and the annual pizza sale. The end of the school year found them heading for Panama City Beach, Florida. L.,-,,.' . " 1-J..-v, .,,, '1 - H -ex,-n,"f, -V Kg , ,,N.,.1 , 4, , 5... A... .4 S, Q--f'?'f4lfwff, if ' 1 .ff.",.i,-w ' ' -f:- if ', ,. ---1.114 ml...-..- PKT 131 SAK Has Year of Fun A2 Work SAK began the year of fun and work projects long before the opening of school. During Prep Week,' SAK members gave their time and efforts in helping to get all BHS students photographed. Tags and spirit banners boosted school spirit,' sandwiches and other snacks were served to the visiting coaches, press and other offcials. SAK was represented in both the Fair Parade and the Homecoming Parade. The mem- bers treated their new pledges to pizza. The Christmas Banquet was celebrated at the home of Mrs. Gryfth. SAK spent a major- ity of the year preparing for the annual Washington Parish Little Miss Pageant. SAK wound down the year with their Senior Ban- quet and a week in Florida. 132 SAK i ,La g 5 ...---,. I. SAK members. Top Row: Sophomores: Andrea Allen, Trula Haley, Tori Kemp, Kim Miller, Cheryl Harris, Christi McDaniel, Sophia Lee, Elena Kelehan, Sponsor-Mrs. Burge. Middle Row: Ju- niors-Alieia Mitchell, Kim Griffin, Kody Malley, Debbie Jordan, Bonnie Pope. Bottom Row: Seniors-Kim Mi- zell, Merrilyn Bush, T hresa Stewart, Les- lie Burke. 2. Officers: T hresa Stewart- Reporter, Historian, Leslie Burke- Presidentg Merrilyn Bush-Vice-presi- dent, Kim Mizell-Treasurer. 3. Pageant Talent Winners: Lorren Magee and Paige Turner. 4. Pageant Winners: Tiny Miss- Kelly Roberts, Little M iss-Ladette Ma- gee, Teen Miss-Michelle Dufreneg Baby Miss-Candice Applewhite. 5. 6 6. SAK's Homecoming entries. 7. The new pledges. TORCH had a busy year, spending the last part ofAugust preparing for the Jacks football season. Torch spent many work- shop hours making signs for the quadrangle, spirit tags, and many other items. In September, nine pledges accepted bids. I n October the pledges were informally ini- tiated. Torch helped clean-up E isworth-T albert for 1heArts and Crafts Festival. Torch took first place in the homecoming parade. In November the club held its 3rd Alumni Tea, went Christmas car- oling, and had their Christmas banquet. In January and Febru- ary the underclassmen kidnapped the seniors for breakfast, they formally initiated the pledges, and enjoyed the annual Heart Fund bucket brigade. March and April proved to be busy months with slumber parties, a raffle and the spaghetti dinner. Closing the year was the passing down of of- fices, a swimming party, and some time at Pensacola Beach. I. Torch pledge adds her torch to the flame. 2. Torch placed first in the home- coming parade. 3. Lumberjack spirit is exemplified. 4. Mary Lee and Jeanette Richardson show their Torch spirit. 5. On bid day Monica Martin, Stacey Talley, and Kay Kay Knight all show how excit- ing it is. 6. The night before homecoming the members were still working hard. 7 Torch pledges of 1981-82. 8. Torch mem- bers clown-around after a bucket brigade. 9. Senior Torch members. TORCH 135 4K Employs Service Through Projects ,Haul 1 ' ' gy' .-,L x ' -Q -If. 1 f .. 's 2 4 24"-i. T n , fvw if Y r linux JAN' Itir if !YilG'a?yn ". .,e.,1 ff ,I 3:31 ,X 2 -f 'A ff ,. 'AN' 1 . . 4' ,,..f 'My X, .4 f' J ,. ,. ' ffff :rf M, ,f I X., f rf., . , -"ff, ,.-ff", ,Z JCI' 4. " .f" f , ,ff 'W ' K ,. ,X X .-H' 'I I I. 4K members. First Row: Lisa Black- well, Terri Hill, Sheanie Corkern, Jenni- fer Augustine, Laurie Corbin, Debbie Hamm, Paige Corcoran, Angel 0'Quinn, Melissa Coulon. Second Row: M. White-Sponsor, Terri McCIendon- President, Tana Pritchard, Tammy Powell, Tetiana Freeman, Chuck Crosby, Todd Janney, David Knight, Alan Wade, Melondy Goff, Theresa Mixon, Beth Borde, Mary Fendlason, N. Purvis- Sponsor. 2. Bid Day everyone was anx- iously awaiting. 3. 4K's Homecoming Truck. 4. Last minute details. IA36 4-K Lui' in , I 13.3-xii. . ' jk V I ...L 21:-Y, 1 I -- -- MBA wwf-Q s""6wwa W' WMM., 501.1 S partanettes Serve Community The Spartanettes were busy this year doing service projects for the community. They spon- sored the children's Halloween party, gave baskets to the needy, enjoyed the annual Christmas Ball, presented the annual Black History program, sponsored the 1982 Extravaganza and the Dil- lard University Choir in concert. They also gave a gift to the citi- zens at Rest Haven Nursing Home and sponsored a bucket brigade for Sickle Cell Anemia. The annual educational tour to the Bahamas. Sponsors for the club are Miss Ada Hannibal and Mrs. Barbara Butler. I. Extravaganza Queen Carmen Martin. 2. Extravaganza participants. 3. Soul Movement '82. 4. Spartanette parents. S partanettes I 3 7 Young People '82 Make Prom Success YP '82 members shown: Tammy Thomas, Kellie Cefalu, Elizabeth Klimczak, Kim Bris- ter, Don Bates, Susan Pusa, Thomas Dunaway, Wes Crain, Shelia Crain, Kellie Mixon, Mary Fendlason, Tommy Leos, Lilyan Burdeaux, Keenan Knight, Mike Murray, Bryan Kemp, Jimmy Breazeale, David Knight. 138 YP '82 YP '82 President Elizabeth Klimczak YP '82 Vice President David Knight Business S taff Make Lumberjack Possible nl! ual W KU , AE' ' Q A D i,.- ki wi?- . The Business Staffofthe Lum- berjack worked diligently to make this book possible. They sold ads and obtained sponsors to offset the increasingly expensive production costs. I. Business Staff members. Seated: Tina Baughman, Leslie Burke, Beth Horde. Standing: Tammy Thomas, Cheryl Johnson, Denise Page. 2. Co-Editors Tammy Thomas and Denise Paige. 3. The co-editors and Ms. Ann Harvey, sponsor. Business Staff 139 We Can K1 Ya Horizon Wa Can Ki Ya Horizon members. Bottom Row: Alicia Mitchell. Seated: Stacey Talley, Mary Lee, Darlene Passaro. Back Row: Melondy Goff Theresa Mixon, Su- san Pusa, Jane Carney, Stacy Ingram. 140 Wa Can Ki Ya Panda and T anda Horizon Panda Horizon member. Front Row: Elizabeth Klimczak, Stacey Seal. Back Row: Gina Knight-Secretary, Sheila Crain-Treasurer, Kellie Mixon, Mandy Ryals-Presidentg Kellie Cefalu, Tammy Thomas- Vice-Presidentg Stephenie Jacobs. Not Shown: Terri McClendon, Kim Mizell, Leslie Burke, Linda Carney, Dawn Kimble, Christi David. Tanda Horizon Club members. Seated: Kim Griffin, Mary Fenlason, Le Anne Koonce, Pam Foster, Standing: Monica Martin, Beth Earles, Kim Brister, Tammy Powell, Lilyun Burdeaux, Melinda McNeese. Panda JE Tanda 141 Inch -gt Unga-Vag and avaho Horizon I. Unga-Vag Horizon. Sitting: Rebecca Gill, Jill Perrault. Standing: Angie Brown, Kristen Conerly, Stephanie Campbell, Beth Casama, Michelle Poche, Angele Stevenson. 2. Navaho Horizon. Seated: Gina Thomas. Standing: Angie Thomas, Kim Herring, Sherry Seals, Bet- ty Jo McClemlon, Anita Mixon, Connie Gill. 142 Unga-Vag 49 Navaho X E 'H 11 Ee 2 Horizon Cabinet ,Wylie 2 The Horizon Club Cabinet is composed of representatives from each horizon group. Each club is represented by its president and two delegates. At the annual Ho- rizon Ball, Terri McClendon was chosen queen on the basis of her accomplishments throughout her years in Camp Fire. I. Sitting: Stephenie Jacobs, Terri McClendon, Stacey Seal. Standing: Mary Fendlason, Mandy Ryals, Shelia Crain. 2. Queen Terri McClendon. Horizon Cabinet 143 ' w nie- Pix - 9' a I r 1-L il wg gg, , - Hs. 51-'-P A' ' . x 9,3 .- , g 1645- I People Helping People Superintendent J.L. Bickham High School Supervisor-Georgia Martin The School Board faces many im- portant problems and decisions every year. One of the more prominent problems in 1982 was deciding howto cut operating expenses after the fail - ure ofa one-cent sales tax. A shift to a four-day school week was even dis- cussed to save power and heating costs. Like Superintendent Bickham said though, "T hat would be real pop- 146 Academics ular with the kids, but I don't know how popular it would be with the par- ents." Another decision made by the school board was the appointment of a new superintendent. The Board unanimously voted to appoint Dr. Ehrbright from Hammond, Louisi- ana. 1. Superintendent J.L. Bickham retires after devoting 37 years of service to Bogalusa City Schools, Mr. Bickham and his wU'e Jo try out the boat which was presented to them at a re- tirement party. 2. This was the last graduating class to receive diplomas from Mr. Bickham. 3. Graduation night, Mr. Bickham addresses the audience before handing out diplomas. 4. The 1982 School Board. Russel Keaton, Joe Ball, Richard Borde, Eddie McCormick, R. T. Young, Barbara Williams, Superintendent Bickham, and Principal Richard C othern. Not Shown Gayle Jenkins. 1 M hl'Al VV. -I . A i "C 'Wm W 2' F '-451 in I' 5 ' ,, 3 'Mgmt 'film-Q. .ex J yi! Principal Mr. Richard Cothern JUG' ., 4 Mr. Cothern has completed his second year as principal of BHS. Previously, he served as a chemistry teacher and later as an assistant principal. He spends many hours per- forming the duties of his office and creating a pleasant atmosphere at BHS for its faculty and students. In his leisure hours, he enjoys hunting 148 Academics and fishing. Mrs. Chatmon is continuing her many years of service to BHS as an assistant principal. Her numerous responsibilities include curriculum development, teaching assignments, and organizing our rally partici- pants. She has become invaluable during her extensive term at BHS. Mr. Magee handles all disciplin- ary actions regarding students. His judgment and wisdom in school af- fairs makes his position most impor- tant in the day-to-day activities of our school. Assistant Principal-Mrs. Mary Chatmon Assistant Principal-Mr. Gary Magee N . aff Hx ..., g "'-s...,. In yr "sux Academics I 49 li ess. . '-ff? Y x,,..g 1 Bookkeeper-Mary Francis Windham Secretary-Aflene Mitchell 150 Academics There are persons at BHS that re- main behind the scenes and are rarely mentioned. This group consists ofthe bookkeeper, the school secretaries, and school clerks. These people are necessary to the smooth-running and excellent efficiency of the school. Ms. Windham is the bookkeeper for BHS. Mrs. Powe is the receptionist for the front office, responsible for the flood of call-in absentees every day. Mrs. Frazier is the secretary for the entire guidance staff Mrs. Mitchell is Principal Richard Coth- ern 's personal secretary. Mrs. Adams is our secretary. X ,f a E- K' 3 . jaf' V' A N 9 f .ff , Secretary-Josie Powe .. ,. 3, x in fa , - I Guidance Secretary-Nettie Frazier !'U'f fix I-if! ' ff, W. WI Secretary-S ue Adams ,,.,, W Academics 151 A s I . 2 1 -, .,, v-,,v- Mrs. Stevie Hoppen-12th Grade Guidance Counselor Our guidance office is constantly bustling with students reviewing col- lege catalogs and scheduling classes and reviewing career plans. Our three guidance counselors are Miss Ada Hannibal, Mr. Chip Conerly, and I 52 Academics Mrs. Stevie Hoppen. Miss Hannibal has the task ofdealing with all ofthe frightened freshmen at the beginning of the school year. Mr. Conerly guides the tenth and eleventh graders. Mrs. Hoppen handles the seniors and prepares them for college and lUe on their own. Every student at BHS owes a debt of gratitude to these three for the efforts they put forth to make our stay at high school as pleasant as pos- sible. A Chip Conerly-10th Ai Ilth Guidance Counselor :" 'J lm. Ms. Ada Hannibal-9th Guidance Counselor Academics 153 4--K. .. , 'Q 'wax G- Social Studies and Commerce Departments. Louise Giddens, Randy Seal, Normel Keller, Lorraine Hall, Gloria WoU'e, Ann Harvey, Patsy Johnson, Debbie Bateman, Eddie Lawrence. Our social studies department at- tempts the harrowing job of expand- ing students' cultural understanding. Offering a wide variety of classes, the department accepted the challenge of enhancing the student s knowledge of social and economic factors that have 154 Academics affected mankind since the begin- ning of history. By studying social studies, each student learns how to become involved in the world he or she lives in. The year is filled with pro- jects, reports, term papers, and oral presentations that make every student a little more aware of what is going on around him. BHS offers students a wide variety of courses dealing with the social sciences, ranging from ci- vics and American history to current social problems and free enterprise. M DREA ING , f A , B'ALkNCEQfg QQDQET1 if ' Hua' 12,51 4 n5nL""3i4fTl 9' If 4 n K :Y- 'bv' ,,.,-,g. . s Y Q-3.42 Ax' , at ! ff . ,. .4 1 X f.Ji , f '.-. -,3r,-yarso ?Q,:o g ., . A .Q . ,-7 i ' 1 .-. Vx 'I' , ' 4' N' my' 423.5 f 4- 'Wife ,ear--. " 1: . L., . 4 7,i.,w English and Foreign Language Departments. First Row: Fannie Robertson, Jane Sheridan, Loraine B. Robertson, Karen S. McGhee, Jo Al Holcomb, Gloria Graves. Second Row: Jeri Stewart, Genevieve Starnes, Tommy Armour, Nelda Purvis, Sharon Bateman, Susan Magee, Beverly Merritt. Colleges today recommend that a mastering of a foreign language makes one a better student. Bogalusa High School offers Spanish, French, and Latin. Mrs. Holcomb, Mrs. Sheridan, and Mrs. Magee have or- ganized an effective and exciting for- eign language department allowing great opportunities for European travel and enrichment activities. This department has very active language clubs which promote social and cul- tural activities that further the un- I56 Academics derstanding of their language. Read- ing, writing, and oral communication are stressed in these courses. Man's desire to communicate with his fellow man is fuUilled through his study of the English language. Our English instructors strive to guide each of us in obtaining and practicing the principles of grammar and composition. Along with gram- mar, much emphasis is placed on lit- erature. The development of creative and formal writing abilities is stressed by formal and informal speeches and research papers. Our English, speech, and classical litera- ture courses, in short, teach us to ap- preciate and master our language. I. I n French class, a guest speaker talks to Kim Brister and Lilyan Burdeaux. 2. Mrs. McGhee decides that she wants a bush for her play. 3. Mr. Armour talks to a parent on Parent's Night. 4. In the door decorating contest, Mrs. Merritt's homeroom had their own special la- teer to Santi Claws. 5. Mrs. Sheridan dis- cusses an important assignment. 4ef ,W 'F "Pity , 3 a g , 2 Zi Q f . V gxf. I. fl! Q4 A xv .L Y-QE gf ,,-. gf i .Z i ,A .,,,, I Science Department. John Fortenberry, Nelwyn Bailey, Mike Breland, Bobby Speights and Mary W. Barnes. This year's department of science consists of six teachers and four courses. These courses are general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Mr. Speights and Mr. Ra- born teach general science to the freshman class. Biology is a tenth grade subject taught by Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Barnes, and Mr. Breland. These two subjects are mandatory for fresh- 158 Academics men and sophomores. Chemistry and physics are used as electives or for completing a minor or major in sci- ence. Chemistry is taught by Mr. Fortenberry, and physics is taught by Mr. Wilson. Many methods of teach- ing are used, but one method that is common to most all the science courses is laboratory experimenta- tion. Labs and experimental facili- ties provided practical application of learned material. From the dissec- tion ofanimals in biology courses, to lab working with light in physics, to working with chemicals in chemistry, students enjoyed a variety of experi- ments in all science courses. Other methods of teaching included lec- tures, jilmstrips, the use of visual aids, and individual study. . I ,,,Y if' 5 . qw .,,, f in Mathematics Department, Michael McCraney, Ruth Horne, Douglas Horne, Holly King, T om Pigott, Pat Penny, Wendell Wilson. Not Shown, George Magee and Bill Murray. Mathematics is a highly special- ized and complicated subject that re- quires an excessive amount of devo- tion. Precision and accuracy are a definite necessity. The course itseU' is an exception in that it does not get easier as one becomes more familiar with it. The deeper one gets into the format, the more involved and rigid it becomes. The one thing that does make it eaiser is familiarity and practice. The only time a concept be: comes easy is when one has worked a problem a countless number of times. The staff of the mathematics depart- ment is well qualified as well as nu- merous. In mathematics, as in all academic disciplines, practice only enhances the total comprehension of presented materials. It is only through repeated application that math concepts become easier. Academics 159 f Members of the Physical Education Department. Calvin H ymel, Moses, Troy Ricks, Eddie Walker, Lewis Murray, Beth Breland, Larry Powe. Not shown: Buck Jordan and Olan Boatwright. J' The goal ofthe physical education department at BHS is to achieve the peak physical and mental condition of every student. The gym classes help students to build stamina and endur- ance by exercises and sports. They also serve as training periods for the various teams, such as football, base- 160 Academics ball, tennis, gom paperdolls, cheer- leaders, etc. With the help of BHS 's talented instructors and coaches, stu- dents should learn the proper way to live a healthy life. The drivers' education department endeavors to develop driving skills through the use of classroom instruc- tion and practical application. The students practice their skills in cars under the supervision of Mr. Jordan and Mr. Boatwright. From the use of these cars and classroom lessons, the students learn effective methods of driving. W .S R. 3 R V 93, 'ax M 'S W.. ,- 7 it i ff' i J K ' ' K' Ta haf I W7 , .gs uv -wp W? ige V 54,,?, 1, f .W ,Q fy? 2 '..X w isw.-. H1 ,., .. ,V ., if if . , . . 5 V4 f H1111 .- ' . f . it . " , fe f ' ff if 4 T 1' iv 'A , fi r A if ' 're v'A 4. 1 it , ' , .. W me , A. Special Education T eachers-Mr. C. T. Magee and Mrs. Janet Patterson. Art Instructors-Leslie Taylor and Karen Farmer. Row Two: Industrial Arts Teacher- Victor Boyles. Vocational Agriculture I nstructor-Billy Passman and Rodney Brown. Special Education T eacher-Lester McGe- hee. The special education department at BHS focuses on helping those stu- dents who cannot function in normal classroom activities. Our industrial arts classes teach students the value of vocational skills. They also, for the 162 Academics first time, built a storage shed and sold it to the highest bidder. Students with artistic talentfind a way to cre- atively express themselves in the art department. They took numerous field trips, prepared our school 's fair exhibit, and beautmed our school at Christmas by decorating the window with Yuletide paintings. Agriculture classes show the importance of learn- ing the fundamentals of farming and agricultural ideas and practices. THE FARMERS FUTURE IS AMERlCA'S FUTURE J-Wow well Eh 7 Q, and Fm 4'.z':urr of 1"--f .- 1-. f 1, A d 163 iii 3221- - W, ff, , , . is-Qiff WAHM, ,, 4 we u- ' , Q X '43, I-ng! 4 'L" ti , 1351-rg x2 gy .tts x,f I t: I Q- J t F ll!! f4,5...:, 1 xchm 5 i -W, .5 . :zz Af 'A gg? 4 fi - F J A 3? A . Bias. H ,Mx ' " 52 ff 3 P P X R' ,f, 5"W 9,s 1 r sg. 'E if 51 ' N-5 Home Economics, Librarians and Music Instructors. Home Ec. Teachers Sarah Williams and Mary Dee. Librarians Laura Jackson and Faye Warner. Music Instructors Barbara Butler and Dr. Jim Franklin. as The home economics classes at BHS prepare students for life on their own. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Dee effectively demonstrate the fun- damentals of living at home. These classes demonstrate to students the proper ways to sew, cook, and live a 164 Academics healthy life. The school library, headed by Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Jackson, provides an atmosphere in which students can study, work, or re- lax. Our excellent facility houses books, periodicals, and teaching aids. Mrs. Butler and Dr. Franklin teach our music courses, band and chorus. The band entertains at foot- ball games, travels to parades, and competes in festivals. Mrs. Butler's chorus always represents BHS mar- velousl y at programs and music festi - vals. Academics 165 . . .fs-.WL X s ,,,..J..,.,,,.,..l,,.W,,,... ---- , 2 Q ...,., . . . .-1' M'-r-MWA t Q, .,.,,,,,,,- t ff-wf ww-w..,..m--,-.av 1 1-, s ,f 1, ,, ,- -.......-,-- -f- '5Y5'9iif nv Ill.- 15 ,. , .M fzt-sw l!U-ll W... ,,., -A ll u-any Cafeteria Workers. Diane Earles, Arnell Stewart, Willie Mae Gill, Catherine Marshall, Evelyn Rogers and Barbara Creel. The cooks of Bogalusa High al- ways provide us with delicious, well- balanced meals that never fail to sur- prise us. As in the past several years, their jobs have been especially diff- cult since they had to prepare two 166 Academics lunches-one for the regular lunch line and one for the sandwich line. Our custodians keep our school grounds clean by mowing the grass, raking the leaves, and picking up lit- ter. Also, they perform tasks such as painting and making general repairs. These diligent workers keep our classrooms spotless and deserve our sincere appreciation for the magnifi- cent job they do. i, ,. Q.. ummm, ww:-mmaaaf Pm' r ,, N 31 Janitorial Staff Seated: Doyle Dyson, Johnnie Mae John Jones and Delores Dyson. Q- 'Y' 'Apt . .ffm ' es ' NN. f .Q I if d Bernadette Bradford. Standing XV' """ ii I v ,N nj ' ' x f 1 'ff Fields, Louise Godbolt, Viola Rester, Ruby Buchanan an 1 1 L' g ef' i , E' 4 r E " - 5 o. , 4' ,ff ,. K i fa . , 'EA , J P W It 3' ,W . 1 K ' 4 . ll no 1. Pe'ople Wqrkihg I, me 2 ,. 5. ,i People W0rking 169 S enlors S emors Johnny Crain-Senior Class Johnny Crain was president of the senior class. Johnny participated athle- tically by playing football and basket- ball for the Lumberjacks. He was also a member of Bosit and Explorers. Vice-President ofthe senior class was Tammy Thomas. Tammy was active in Torch, Keyettes, YP'82, Horizons, Ex- plorers, and the Lumberjack Business Staff She was also on the Homecoming court her senior year. Senior class secretary, Vali Hall, was a member of PK T, Keyettes, Beta Club, French Club and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Her hobbies included reading, playing tennis, and operating comput- ers. Mandy Ryals, active in Student coun- cil since her freshman year, represented the senior class as treasurer. She was a member of the French Club, FFA, 4-H, Beta Club, Torch, and the Golden "B". I 70 Seniors TS? Pyesideng Tammy T homas-Senior Class Vice-President 'Fr I 4 r ' 1 K f uf, 2 . 5 1 t t 7, .Fiqh Brian Dobson-Advisory Board Lance Magee-Advisory Board svvnf . A I W ' I EQ .4-5 1 vi? 1 44. w , we R 1 Vali Hall-Senior Class Secretary Mandy Ryals-Senior Class Treasurer f l f 5 .J"A , 'r l. ,rg , is Debra AUord-Advisory Board x Y' ci' ll , as I 4 K i S ' ,mf Gwen Smith-Adviggyy Board Melinda Sorrell4Advisory Board Seniors 171 ! I Hall of Fame Tina Michelle Adams Tina is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Adams. She was extremely active during her four years at BHS. Tina was socially active as a member of Keyettes, serving as secretary-treasurer her senior year,' and as a member of PK T service club, holding the offices of vice-president and workshop captain. Tina proved her academic ability when she represented BHS at the District Rally in spell- ing her junior year. She was also a member ofthe Golden "B" Honor Society. Tina was a homeroom representative for two years. During her sophomore year, Tina played in the Bloomer Bowl. Her senior year Tina worked on the LUMBERJACK staff 172 Hall of Fame .f:Oh'33'3 Q! Daniel Clyde Baker Danny is the son ofMr. and Mrs. Daniel Clyde Baker. Danny was a four- year member ofthe BHS Band, serving as captain his senior year. He was in the Beta Club for four years and in the Key Club for three years. Danny was in the Golden "B" Honor Society and a member of the French Club. He was able to find the time to attend the District Rally in the ninth grade for general science and again in the eleventh grade for chemistry. Danny was awarded the American Legion Award. Gregg Andrew Bennett Son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bennett, Gregg lead an exceptional high school career. Football ranked high on Gregg's list offavorites, and at BHS Gregg ranked high on football's list. He playedfootball allfour ofhis high school years, being team captain his senior year. Gregg was awarded the Gold Brick Award two years in a row and the Quarterback Club Scholastic Award in the twelfth grade. He was also named to the all-district and all-state teams. Gregg had other interests, too. He was a member of the Key Club, the French Club, and Bosit. Gregg was also a member of the BHS Band his freshman year, being named to the District Honor Band. Charlotte C hawan Bryan Chawan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bryan. Chawan has excelled tremendously throughout her four years at high school. She was a member of the Beta Club and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Chawan won the ge- ometry, Algebra I, and shorthand departmental awards. She also represented BHS, four years in a row, at the district rally. She did not limit herself to academics, though. Chawan was a TA representative in the ninth grade, a member of the French Club, and a member of PKT, serving as historian and reporter her senior year. Chawan is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Hall ofFame 173 Hall ofFame Merrilyn Alane Bush Merrilyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Bush. Merri lyn 's four years at BHS were well -spent, as she had many activities. She was a member of Y- Teens, the Beta Club, the French Club, YP '82, and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Participating in Keyettes, she served as party chairman her senior year. Mel was also a three- year member ofSAK, holding the office ofvice-president and historian. She was treasurer ofthe sophomore class and a TA representative for three years. Mel attended Girls' State in the eleventh grade. She is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STU- DEN T S. '70-f Kellie Denise Cefalu Kellie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cefalu. 174 Hall ofFame Kellie was very busy while at BHS. She was a member of Paperdolls, the Beta Club, the French Club, the Panda Horizon Club, and Y-Teens. Kellie was also a member of Keyettes, serving as chaplain, and Torch, serving as vice- president her senior year. She was chosen to be in the Homecoming court her junior year, and a T .A. representa- tive her freshman year. To make the prom a success, she was a member of YP '81 and YP '82. Vali Ann Hall Vali is the daughter ofMrs. Sharron Hall. Vali had an active stay while at BHS. She was a member of the Beta Club, the French Club, the Golden "B" Honor Society, and Keyettes. Vali was a three- year member of PK T, serv- ing as treasurer her senior year. She went to District Rally in physics, was secretary ofher senior class, and a TA representative in the eleventh grade. Vali received the Student GovernmentAward and was listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STU- DEN T S. 't"7'5 Robert Darryl Harris Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Algie Craft. Robert represented BHS very well in the athletic events. He played football for four years, making All-District two times. Robert was a four-year basketball player, too, and was chosen to receive the Mack Harvey Award. In addi- tion to these sports, Louie was on the track team in the ninth grade and a four- year baseball player, for which he was named team captain. He was also a member of the Alpha '82 club. Hall of Fame 175 Hall ofFame S tephenie Robelia Jacobs Stephenie, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James W. Jacobs, led a varied life while at high school. She was a member of Y-Teens, 4-H, French Club, and the Panda Horizon Club. Stephenie served as treasurer of T orch,' party committee member in Keyettes,' president of the Bogalusa Camp Fire Council, campfire cabinet member, and a sweetheart of Key Club. In her sophomore year, Stephenie was on the mayor's advisory board. She was also in the senior class play herjunior year. As a Lumber- jack staff member and editor, Stephenie worked hard to present a well-organized annual. Not only did Stephenie attend Girls' State her senior year, but she was also pre- sented the Good Sportsmanship Award and the American Legion Scholarship. Stephenie is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STU- DENTS. 176 Hall of Fame 4M Elizabeth Ann Klzmczak Elizabeth is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klimczak. Elizabeth exemplwed her school spirit by be- ing a cheerleader for four years, with the position of co- captain her senior year. She was a member of the Beta Club, French Club, Panda Horizon Club, Keyettes, YP '81, and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Elizabeth was also an active member of 4-H, serving as vice-president her freshman year, president her sophomore year, and president of 4-H in Washington Parish her junior year. Elizabeth was very involved in our student government. She served on the mayor's advisory board, was a represen- tative on the student council, was a TA representative, and in her senior year, was student body president. Elizabeth was also president of Torch and YP '82. She attended Girls' State her junior year, and was chosen to return as a junior counselor her senior year. Showing her dramatic ability, Elizabeth was in the senior class play her junior year. To prove her academic ability, Elizabeth went to the District and State Rallys in French III, and to the Dis- trict Rally in civics. David Scott Knight David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Esco Knight. David proved to be very athletic during his stay at BHS by playing football and golf all four years at school. For his golfing ability, David was the 80-81 GoUMedalist. He also played basketball his sophomore year. Besides sports, David's other activities included Key Club, 4-K sweetheart, and the French Club. He also attended Boys' State his senior year and was vice-president of Young People '81. Gina Gaye Knight Gina is the daughter ofMr. and Mrs. Don Knight. Gina exhibited her school spirit by performing with the Paper- dolls for four years, being named co-captain her senior year. She was a member of the Beta Club, the Spanish Club, the Panda Horizon Club, and YP '8l. Gina was secretary-treasurer of her freshman class, historian-re- porter of B TS, project coordinator of Keyettes, and secre- tary of YP '82, For herfirst two-years at BHS, Gina was a TA representative. She also attended the State Rally in Spanish I. Acting in the senior class play herjunior year and participating in the Homecoming court for two years, rounded out Gina's busy schedule while at BHS. She is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Hall ofFame 177 Hall ofFame George Lance Magee Lance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Magee. Lance was athletically active while at BHS. He playedfootball his freshman year, basketball his freshman and sopho- more years, and tennis his freshman through his senior year. Lance was a member ofthe Band, the Beta Club, and Alpha '82. He was president ofhisjunior class, president of Key Club his senior year, a student council representa- tive, and a homeroom representative. To further his active involvement in the student council. Lance served on the school advisory board and the mayor's advisory board. He also attended Boys' State his junior year. Under the sub- ject Trigonometry, Lance attended the District Rally. He had the honor of being selected to attend the Recruitment into Engineeringfor High Ability Minority Students at LSU. Lance is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. 178 Hall of Fame Kimberly Ann Mizell Kim is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Larry Mizell. Kim showed her tremendous academic ability while at high school. She graduated first in her class and was a four- year member of Beta Club and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Kim represented her school at the District Rally and advanced to the State Rally. Kim participated in other activities besides the academic ones. She was a Keyette member, serving as vice-president her senior year, and a three-year member of SAK, serving as treasurer. Kim was a member of the French Club, the Panda Hori- zon Club, and vice-president ofthe sophomore class. Kim didfind time to attend Girls' State her junior year, and she is listed in WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Amanda Margaret Ryals Mandy is the daughter ofMr. and Mrs. Ryals. Herfour years at BHS were well -spent, as she had many activities. Mandy expressed her devotion to the Lumberjacks as a cheerleader during her junior and senior years. She was a member of Y-Teens, Beta Club, FHA, 4-H, French Club, and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Mandy was treasurer ofthe senior class, president of the Panda Horizon Club, historian for Torch service club and Keyettes, a TA repre- sentative, and a Key Club Sweetheart. In the eleventh grade, Mandy showed her acting ability in the senior class play. She was also chosen to be a Homecoming maid her senior year. Athletically, Mandy played tennis for BHS three years, and won the P.E. departmental award herfreshman year. Mandy is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. 4 Stacey Irene Seal Stacey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seal, has served Bogalusa High School well during her four-year stay. She was a member of the Paperdolls, serving as co- captain her senior year. Stacey was a member of Beta Club, YP '81, YP '82, and the Panda Horizon Club. She held the offices of pledge captain her senior year in Torch and sergeant-at-arms in Keyettes. Stacey served as Stu- dent Council Representative her junior and senior years, and she was a TA representative for three years. Stacey was treasurer of the Horizon Cabinet and was elected to attend Girls' State her junior year. Hall of Fame 179 Hall of Fame Theresa Lee Stewart Theresa is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Leo Stewart. Theresa had a busy schedule while at high school. She was in Y-Teens, the Beta Club, the Spanish Club, the Latin Club, and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Theresa was a member ofthe SAK service club, serving as reporter, photographer, and historian. She was a TA re- presentative in the ninth grade and was on the Lumber- jack staff in the twelveth grade. Theresa received first place in the science fair for her project on "Medicine and Health", and she went to the District Rally in biology. She was honored by being listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. 5 P 180 Hall of Fame VN lr Melinda Kay Sorrell Melinda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Sorrell. Melinda showed her tremendous academic ability while at Bogalusa High School. She graduated second in her class and was a four-year member of Beta Club and the Golden "B" Honor Society. Melinda represented her school at the District Rally in Home Economics I and English III. Melinda participated in other activities be- sides the academic ones. She was a three year member of the Spanish Club and a member ofthe Senior ClassAdvi- sory Board. Melinda is listed in the WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Rhonda Kaye Talley Rhonda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tal- ley. Rhonda was both academically and athletically in- clined. She participated on the Lady .lacks basketball team and was a member ofthe BHS Band and Flag Corps. Rhonda was in BTS, serving as secretary and pledge cap- tain her senior year. She was also secretary of the Future Homemakers of America. Academically, Rhonda was a member ofthe Golden "B" Honor Society, and she went to the District Rally at Southeastern in Rhonda represented BHS at the State Rally in Lastly, Rhonda was freshman class secretary, a member of the French Club, and a par- ticipant in the Bloomer Bowl. , 1 ,4 Tammy Marie Thomas Tammy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Thomas, led an active high school career and was interested in many areas. Participating in student government, Tammy served as vice-president for her junior and senior classes. Athletically, she played basketball her freshman and ju- nior years. Tammy was a member of Keyettes, working on the party committee her senior year,' a three- year member of Torch, serving as secretaryg and Panda Horizon, serv- ing as vice-president. She was also a member ofthe Span- ish Club, YP '82, the AX staff the LUMBERJACK staff and, in her senior year, the Homecoming court. During her junior year, Tammy displayed her acting talents in the senior class play. Hall of Fame 181 Darlana Bobbette Adams Kevin Scott Adams Malcolm Dewayne Adams Shelia Diane Albert 4 Challenges Await Seniors of'82 1. Between classes, Melinda McNeese and McClendon make a gruesome twosome. 3. Linda Carney smile and speak to friends. 2. Making a donation to the Blood Bank is Witch Tammy Thomas and clown Terri Chris Matthews, 2 '91-. Curley Isaac Alfonso Deborah Kay AU'ord Carrie Lynn Applegate Catherine Elizabeth Averette ' 182 Seniors Daniel Clyde Baker Paul Ray Barber Tina Marie Baughman Gregg Andrew Bennett Vanessa Bidwell Jarvis Ethan Blackburn Berry Warries Bolton Robin Novell Bolton Anne Elizabeth Barde Sherry Annette Boyd Sherry Breland Troy Benton Breland James Early Brock, Jr. Matthew Brown Johnny Marshall Brumfield Leveda Diane Brumfield Michael Donnell Brumjield Sunday Mae Brumfield Tonya Yvet Brumjield Charlotte Chawan Bryan Leslie Lauren Burke John Ernest Busby Merrilyn Alane Bush Enotris Rena Butler Seniors Leslie Susan Byrd Linda Diane Carney Kelli Wynette Carter Melanie Maca Carter George Calvin Case, II Cheryl Lynn Castilow Anjler Lean Causey Debra Ann Causey Kellie Denise Cefalu Willie Charles Cochran Juana Cecilia Conner Paige Anne Corcoran John Allen Cotton Reginald Van Cotton Jerry Michael Coulan Johnny Ddrvis Crain, Jr. O Shelia Deniene Crain Wesley Wright Crain Indira Lynn Crawford Richard Wayne Creel, Jr. Bryan Wade Crosby James Steven Culpepper Christina Miley David Christopher Nicholas David I 84 Seniors Q1 S-if .- D . . - v J 4. be X X A . X " if: DW.. fa' L 762 Johnny Marshall Brumfield In Memory We live a short while on earth below, Reluctant to die for we do not know Just what "dark death" is all about And so we view it with fear and doubt. Not certain of what is around the bend We look on death as the final end. To all that made us a mortal being And yet there lies just beyond our seeing a beautdul life so full and complete. That we should leave with hurrying feet To walk with God by sacred stream amid beauty and place beyond our dreams- For all who believe in the Risen Lord Have been assured of this reward And death for them is just "graduation" For lUe on earth is a transient affair, Just a few brief years in which we prepare For a IU? that is free from pain and tears Where time is not counted by hours or years For death is only the method God chose To colonize heaven with the souls of those Who by their apprenticeship on earth Proved worthy to dwell in the land of new birth- So death is not sad . . . it's a time for elution, A joyous transition . . . the soul's emigration Into a place where the soul's SAFE and FREE To live with God through ETERNITY Sundi Brumfield Russell Scott Dexter Terry Donnell Dillion Darrin Dixon Brian Keith Dobson Toni Marie Fland Verneda Tera Fland Mae Ola Flor Ann Louise Foil 1 Senior 185 Wanda Lavern Fortner Q ,,,, Milton Raymond Foster, Jr. Felicia Darlene Fox Jacqueline Marie Fox Emma Jean Francis Tatiana Gayle Freeman Clifton David Galloway Tanya Vanessa Gholar Seniors Look Forward To Future -ww-'I-'G' 1- Before embarking or the Europe trip, Penton. 3. Jnsf waiting for :ne bell is Eric Christi David says good-bye to Grandmother. young, 2. Decked out for the pep rally is Michael - ' J 186 Seniors 'Q' Qi- Cathy Ann Gill Preston Scott Gill Richard Lavell Glover James Osler Goss, Jr. Mark Randall Goss Craig Ray Graham Steven Anthony Graham Karen Denneen Graves Sharon Venessa Greely Undrella Yvonne Green Shandra Paulette Grindle Kimberly Jo Grosche Kevin Christopher Haaga Lonnie Hall, III Vali Ann Hall Vincent Reginald Hall Robert Darrell Harris Seymon Saxon Hartzog, II Wandra Denise Hawthorne Glynn Arthur Hebert, II William David Heinz Eula Levette Henry Leionard Clint Herring Djuna Louise Hogan Seniors 187 Faron Wayne Holcombe Mark Allen Holmes Jerry Wayne Hunt Angela Sue Irvine Stephen Paul Irvine Benjamin Ronald Jackson Darren Todd Jackson Lisa Rene Jackson Robin Jackson Stephenie Robelia Jacobs Cheryl Lynn Johnson Willia Jay Johnson Cara Michael Johnston Karen Reeves Jones Jerry Kelley Beverly Michelle Kennedy Dawn Michelle Kimble Elizabeth Ann Klimczak David Scott Knight Gina Gaye Knight Keenan Lamar Knight Mark Benton Knight Teman Willis Knight, III Sarah Elizabeth Lacey 188 Seniors W 323+ Q 33' l Andrea Kaye Laurent T ommy George Leos, Jr. Karen Lynnette Lowe John Patrick Lyons I n Memory Remember me when I am gone away. Gone far away into the silent landg When you can no more hold me by the hand, Nor I haU turn to go yet turning stay. Remember me when no more, day by day, You tell me of our future that you planned Only remember meg you understand It will be late to counsel then or pray. Yet U you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieveg For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad. Christina G. Rossetti Willie Jay Johnson George Lance Magee Joseph Magee Leshia Rene Magee Sandy Kay Magee x A Seniors Girls' and Bo s' State Participants . -0+-q 3 1 Girls' and Boys' State Participants. Front Row: Yolanda Nichols, Elizabeth Klimczak, Merilyn Bush, Kim Mizell. Back Row: Wes Crain, T ommy Leos, Stacey Seal, Wendy Hartzog, T eman Knight, Lance Magee. Not Shown: Billy Stokes, Mark Goss, Kellie M ixon, Stephenie Jacobs, T ommy Vermillion, Polly Paige. Shirley Ruth 'Magee George Edward Martin C hrisropher Delano Matthews Michael Leonard Mayfield Deidra McClain "' Wesley Ehrett McClain Terri Ann McClendon Phyllis Lyneette McCray 190 Seniors ll gi vs.. ,X 'WL . i' X I 'S 9 Z., Bruce Alex McGowan Nancy Eulene McMillian Rhonda Marie Meyers Linda Marie Middleton Dean Kerwin Miley Janet Miley Howard David Miller Wanda Darline Miller Jonathan James Minix Sheryl Ann Mitchell Tamara Venice Mitchell Kellie Margaret Mixon Kimberly Anne Mizell Rodderick Stefphone Monroe Bobbie Louise Morris Clifton Dewone Moses Roger Gregory Moulton Michael David Murray Yolanda Carroll Nichols Albert James Oatis A Polly Patricia Page Denise Ann Paige James Craig Parker Michael Lionell Penton Seniors 191 Willie John Perkines David Earl Perry Diane Emily Perry James Wendell Phelps Monika Ann Poche JennU'er Renee Porter Joan Agusta Porter Jerry Kathleen Pounds Vicki Lynn Powell Dorthy Delores Price T ena Marie Price James Trevor Quillen Billy Wayne Rester Billy Ray Rester, Jr. Eugene Cyril Rester, Jr. John Scott Riley Dana Lea Robertson Amanda Margaret Ryals Earl Lester Sanders Paula Deniese Sanderson Duane Eric Sartin Lydia Lucille Sartin Kim Patrice Short Diona Caprees Sibley 192 Seniors 'UW li Chearl Lynn Simmons Derrick Martin Singley Gwendoly Annette Smith Sidney Allen Smith Carla Denise Smith Charles Christopher Sorensen Melinda Kay Sorrell Yvonne Spikes In Memory I heard the trailing garments of the Night Sweep through her marble halls! I saw her sable skirts all fringed with light From the celestial walls! I felt her presence, by its spell of might, Stoop o'er me from aboveg The calm, majestic presence of the Night, As of the one I love. I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight, The manU'old, soft chimes, That jill the haunted chambers of the Night, Like some old poet's rhymes. From the cool cisterns of the midnight air Duane Eric Sartin My spirit drank repose,' The fountain of perpetual peace flows there,- From those deep cisterns flows. 0 holy Night! from thee I learn to bear What man has borne before! T hous layest thy finger on the lips of Care, And they complain no more. Peace! Peace! Oretes-like I breathe this prayer! Descent with broad-winged flight, The welcome, the thrice-prayed for, the most fair, The best-beloved Night! Henry Longfellow Seniors 193 George Patrick Spivey, III Cosetta Marie Stamey Melanie Adair Starns Laurie S teinwinder Theresa Lee Stewart Tommie Wayne Stewart Billy Houston Stokes, Jr. Kimberly Valette Taber A Jacob Harry T agert, Jr. V , L' 'T . Q Rhonda Kaye Talley 4 ,, ' I A K , Evelyn Antoinette Thomas , . A V Warren Lee Thomas i ,eil A' fi553Q ,'f V ij! ,I I 1' fy S enlors 1982 Are Great! 1i 1 nl 1:1 bil I 6. ., 4mA,..L: Senior Bruce McGowan at a track meet. Gina Knight displays her Senior hat day con- Mathew Brown seems posed for the camera tri bution. 194 Seniors Norman Alan Thomas Tammy Marie Thomas Henry Sylvester Thompson William Gregory Tynes Lori Annette Ulvik .legery Scott Varnado Karol Ann Varnado William Cambridge Vaughn Susan Lynnette Verde! Thomas Irwin Vermillion, Jr. PaulAIan Wade Michael Dale Wagner Christopher Ray Walley Gregory Douglas Weary Patrick Nelson Weary Angela Marie Wells Randy Willett Clifton Williams, Jr. Dorothy Lee Williams Lonnie Staphan Williams Robin Elaine Williams Cansandra Denise Young Cythia Ann Young Eric Roderick Young Seniors 195 Class 0fj7cers Representing the junior class as president was Tammy Powell. She was a member of 4 -K service club, a member of T anda Horizon Club and YP '82,' and a representative of the Horizon Ball Committee. Tammy worked on both theAX and LUMBERJACK staffs. Her hobbies included swimming and horse-back riding. g Vice-President of the junior class was Scott Miller. He participated athletically in football, track, and church league basketball. He was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Scott's favorite hobbies were drawing, cars, and being a disc jockey for the local radio station. Stacey Talley was junior class treasurer. She was a member ofthe Spanish Club, Torch, Wa Can Ki Ya Hori- zon, and the LUMBERJACK staff Swimming, dancing, and bicycling were among Stacey's favorite hobbies. Secretary of the junior class was Alicia Mitchell. She was a member of SAK, the Spanish Club, and Horizons. Athletically Alicia enjoyed playing basketball for the Lady Jacks. Besides playing basketball, her other hobbies were swimming and playing tennis. 1. President-Tammy Powell. 2. Vice-President-Scott Miller. 3. T reasurer-Stacey Talley. 4. Secretary-Alicia Mitchell. Juniors Juniors Abram, Tonita Adams, David Adams, Donald Adams, Marshall AUord, Anita AUord, Dru Allen, Sandra Amacker, Robert Anders, Shelia Anderson, Karen Anderson, Patrick Bates, Don Beets, Kelly Bennett, Mark Bertoniere, Donna Bickham, Rebecca Blackwell, Scott Blackwell, Lisa ' , X 196 Juniors f f f , - , - - V B , , . N, -, w le, v'f:1jQQ Q:1vf,i-wif-,,, ., -,B xy ,, -.K ,fp ,fy-1, ' M gg zf, .., A f-"WEE f.-+ , .fa 41-Mx, e, Q, f mg f J' :ff ' Sm .fr Qi X Auth: -1. sa? 'S' in-2' wr we " fa-if :pb ,, WW? i Q-. a fm . ,1 55.13 B K lf-?' , .2f1L1 H J " ,- ' J . ., I v Boleware, Richard Bolton, JeHery Boone, Paula Borel, Dawn Boyles, Michael Branch, Todd Branch, Ruth Brandax, Douglas Breuzeale, James Bridges, Shaundru Brister, Kimberly Brister, Michael Brock, Sherry Brown, Caleb Brown, Joseph Brown, Keithen Brown, Odessy Brown, Timothy Juniors 197 Brumfield, Caesar Brumfield, William Bruns, Chequitah Bullen, Kevin Burdeaux, Lilyan Burks, Shyrel Burns, Clara Butler, Arnetta Byrd, Lance Carney, Jane Cassidy, Quinn Chermie, Rachel Corkern, Gwendolyn Cortez, Lucien Cothern, James Cothern, Michelle Cotton, Billy Cotton, Bobby Cotton, Cullie Crumedy, Robert Cunningham, Barbara Desai, Illa Dexter, T eryon Dunaway, Thomas Earles, Elizabeth Fendlason, Mary Flot, Patricia Forbes, Sandra Foreman, Clay Fortenberry, James Foster, Jeffery Foster, Pamela Fournet, Tatiana Fowler, Robert Francis, Angela Frazier, Melissa Galloway, Michael Galloway, Pamela Gann, Robert Gatlin, Raqaell Gavin, Victor Gibbons, Timothy Giglia, Todd Glenn, Frank Goff, Melondy Graham, Joel Granger, Tony Greely, Michele 198 Juniors Gryjin, Kimberly Hull, Alesia Hall, Carolyn Hamm, Debbie Harris, Darryl Hawk, Donald T he favorite color of the junior class was blue. Blue received 66'Z1 of the votes, despite the fact that the scho0l's colors were black and gold. Other favorites were 2. purple 3. red 4. pink 5. green X' I. Always with a smile is Jeannette Richard- son. 2. Terron Murphy has her own hat for hunting-boy hunting, that is. 3. Guess who? Who's that hiding behind those pam-poms? Hennesy, Blake Hennick, Brian Hill, Kimberly Hill, Regenia Hill, Terri f Hodge, David Juniors 199 Hogan, Carol Hopkins, Lee Hortman, Michael Howard, Rochelle Hutcherson, Tera Hyland, Manor ' K n Ikerd, Jeffery Ingram, Stacey Jackson, Clayton Jackson, LaTanya Jackson, Michael Jackson, Robert I Juniors Always Seem Busy A favorite T . V. show is something that all juniors had. During their spare time, they had a chance to watch their preferred choice. The most popular T. V. show was FAME. The others were as follows: 2. HILL STREET BLUES 3. MAGNUM P.I. 4. DYNASTY 5. M"'A"S"'H Class of '83 went to the polls. What was your favorite movie dur- ing this school year? I. STRIPES 2. RICHARD PRYOR ON SUNSET STRIP 3. THE BEAST WITHIN 4. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Jackson, Walter Jakobsen, Sylvia James, Mary Janney, Todd Jefferson, Linda Jenkins, Terri Johnson, Casandra Johnson, Karen Jones, Debra Jones, Terry Jones, Waldo Jordon, Deborah 200 Juniors Kelehan, Kenneth Kellar, Allen Kemp, Bryan Keys, Joyce Kirkfield, Kevin Knight, Alan Knight, Brian Knight, Susan Knight, Terry Koonce, LeAnne Kuhn, James Ladner, Marcus 'J Q J I. Juniors Kim Brister and Lilyan Burdeau enjoy their lunch-break. 2. Missy Frazier al- ways had plenty of spirit. 3. Monica Martin with Heart Fund balloons. Laurent, Andre Laws, Lorrie Lee, Wilton Lee, Mary Lewis, Christine Lewis, Donald Lindsey, Rebecca Lively, Michael Longo, Maria Lott, Joyce ' Lundy, Orlando , , I , 'X Q., Magee, Darryl K . X J 1. Qs Juniors 201 Magee, Deltra Magee, Jimmy Magee, Marcella Magee, Michael Magee, Roderick Magee, Rogie Malley, Dakota Malley, Michael Martin, John Martin, Mady Martin, Monica Martin, Scott May, Melissa McCain, Jeri McCarty, Paul McCIendon, Elizabeth McCray, Sandra McGehee, Gary McNeese, Melinda McSwain, Toby Miley, James Miller, Dee Miller, Scott Mitchell, Alicia Mitchell, Tracy Mitchell, William Mixon, Theresa Moore, Carol Moore, Shelia Morgan, Sonyia Morris, Kelly Murphy, Terron Newell, Mitchell Newman, Sondra Nielson, Carolyn Nunn, Adrain Owens, Jada Paige, Michael Pam, Pamela Passaro, Melissa Penton, Christopher Penton, Heidi Perkins, Debora Peters, Walter Phelps, Arthur Phelps, Judy Pigott, Katherine Pigott, Stanley 202 Juniors Q N x Pittman, Ida Plummer, Elliott Pogue, Christie Polk, Lisa Pope, Bonnie Porretto, Janine Porretto, John Pou, Troy Powell, Jannette Powell, Leonard Powell, Shawn Powell, Tammy Pusa, Susan Quillen, Malcolm Ramsey, Jeffery Ratlwi Allen Ratlyf Lilliam Reine, Lisa Juniors, Juniors, and More Juniors! E Q , b '-57--.?N.Q fi 438. ,uf 2' sv . TJ' f ""..."-7 NJ , 3 , N 1- 'f 5, .kzgqik " 'lf 2- 5 . 1' ,,, - ' . , 1 2 .uf 41' A A3 , 'L 2 K.. ., . ,, my VN Ts SX Since all juniors had six dUferent subjects, they had to pick from a wide Held for their favorite subject. In vo- ting, they liked math the best, fol- lowed by 2. gym 3. English 4. American history 5. Home economics T he favorite songs of the junior class were I. "Do me baby" 2. "I Love Rock 'n Roll" 3. "Open Arms" 4. "Let the Feeling Flow" 5. "Endless Love" 1. Missy Frazier decides to camp out on the practice field. 2. Wes Robertson keeps every- one informed of the "Almost Anything Goes" events with the aide of Bryan Kemp. 3. The crowd was there to cheer on their favorite team. 4. Jimmy Breazeale keeps score for "Anything Goes" Juniors 203 Rester, Paul Richard, Timothy Richardson, Jeanette Richardson, Julie Richardson, Pamela Robertson, Wesley Rogers, Donna Rogers, Sandra Russell, Jeffery Sam, Sidney Surtin, Demetri Sartin, Edward 204 Juniors In Memory Gary Wayne Hall QUT .,-and It is better to forget the things that hurt us, And to live each day and take whatever comes, With the hope that by tomorrow There will come a balm for sorrow And help to master lU'e's important sums T here's a strength comes to us every time we sufer, And our will grows strong every time we fight, Let us then be doubly grateful For the things that disappoint usg Then only come to lead us to the light! Helen Mocksett Stork GF' Seals, Allison Sem Brenda SeM Darrell Simmons, Carolyn Simmons, Sara Slaughter, Gregory Smith, Felecia Smith, Glenn Smith, Sean Sowell, Laveta Spencer, Randy Spikes, Percy Spillman, Eric Statham, Lloyd Stogner, Frank Stone, Lisa Sumrall, Shan Talley, Alicia Talley, John Talley, Stacey Tate, Janet Temple, Carolyn T heriot, Murphy Thomas, Allen Thomas, Jesse Touchstone, Bill Tillmon, Lisa Upshaw, Darlene Varnado, Tammy Voth, Jeffery Wager, Randall Ward, Michael Weary, Waynard Wells, Sandra Williams, Darin Williams, Jacques Williams, James Williams, Kevin Williams, Margaret Williams, Melissa Williams, Paul Williams, Robert Williams, Zeron Wilson, Valerie Yarborough, Almeta Young, Carla Young, David Young, Glenda Juniors 205 Adams, Christopher Class Officers What is a sophomore? A sophomore is someone who tries harder. A sophomore is that special student that gets lots to do and little recognition. A sophomore is alive! Jennyer Augustine was president of the sophomore class. She was a member of 4K and the French Club. JennU'er's favorite hobbies were swimming, reading, walking, and watching wrestling matches. Secretary Ellie Barker was a member of the BHS pa- perdolls, TORCH, French Club, the Golden "B" Honor Society, and Keyettes. Ellie was president of her campfire group, a member ofthe campfire cabinet, and a homeroom representative. She also received the Science Award. El- lie's hobbies included dancing, swimming, and playing tennis. Treasurer Heidi Herring was a BHS Cheerleader. She was a member of TORCH, the Lumberjack staff and K oki -A kipsaya. She was a representative for Horizon and co-chairman for '24lmostAnything Goes". Heidi 's favor- ite hobbies were dancing, swimming, drawing, riding bikes, jogging, and singing in the youth choir. I. .lennUnerAugustine-Sophomore Class President. 2. Ellie Barker-Sophomore Class Secretary. 3. Heidi Herring-Sophomore Treasurer. S OPH OM ORES S OPH OM ORE S Adams, Jacqueline Alexander, Carl AUord, Dawn AUord, Durie Allen, Andrea Allen, Lapeire Armstrong, Bruce Augustine, JennU'er Augustine, Rhonda Barber, Suzanne Barker, Ellie Bates, Michael Bearden, Yvette Beck, Crystal Bickham, Charles Billings, Terri Blackburn, Cedric 206 S ophomores X 5704 g. , ,,,.. i' 3 Blackburn, Tracy Blackwell, Julie Blackwell, Samatha Boone, Deona Bowers, Karen Branch, Amy Breland, Stacey Brown, Brown, Brown , Brown, Carolyn Judy Mark Robert Brown, Roderick Bruns, George Buchanan, Warren Buckley, Shell Busby, Sherry Bush, John Bynum, Brett S ophomores 207 I. Dana Ferrel relaxing from the awe- some three-legged race. 2. Rebecca Gill has a second thought about the "pen- nies-in-theflour." 3. At "Almost Any- thing Goes" the freshmen, Reggie Pe- ters, Dana Ferrel, Brian Crain, were like birds of a feathers who flock to- gether. 4 . is f-who-. ., , , f., In a survey taken ofthe soph- omore class, physical education was chosen as their favorite subject. The top five favorites were: I. physical education 2. mathematics and English ftiedj 3. civics and biology ftiedj 4. agriculture 5. Spanish Sophomores Add Variety to BHS 1 Campbell, Leslie Carr, John Carrier, Selena Cook, Wendell Cooper, Tony Corbin, Laurie Corkern, Sheanie Cothern, Blaine Cotton, Janet Cotton, Patrick Coulon, Melissa Crain, Kimberly I I 208 S ophomores yo' v Q x X N A Crain, Michael Crain, Sammy Crain, Tana Creel, James Creel, Jimmy Crockett, Clyde Crosby, Blake Darden, Harvey Davis, Blair Davis, Monique Dixon, Bruce Douglas, Penny Drummond, Tony Dudley, William Dufrene, Michelle Dunaway, Lisa Dyson, Caprice Dyson, Makiltra Earles, Kimberly Easterling, Charles Ellis, Rhonda Ezell, Jeffery Ezell, Jim Flot, Vera Forbes, James Ford, Cathy Foreman, Staci Fortenberry, Scooter Fournet, Jill Fox, Fredrica Franklin, Danielle Freeman, Michelle Freeman, Tyrone Furr, Donnis Gallaspy, Leland Galloway, Hollis Galloway, Karla Gerald, Shelia Giacone, Joseph Gibson, Karen Gill, Connie Gill, Patrick Gill, Sean Gill, Tonnie Going, Wilton Graham, Shannon Greely, Stephon Greely, Terrence S ophomores 209 McGriggs, Raymond Mcneese, Christopher McNutt, Penny Messina, Gary Middleton, Aaron Middleton, Jerry Middleton, Ursula Miley, Floyd Miller, Gregory Miller, Kim Miller, Sidney Mitchell, Christopher Mitchell, John Mixon, Anita M ixon, Albert Morris, Cynthia Norvell, Timothy 0'Quinn, Angela 0'Quinn, Darren Page, April Pam, Monica Pam, Walter Patterson, Daniel Penton, Jefery Juniors and Seniors Look Out' Food, Food, Food! Sophomores en- joyed eating all types of food, espe- cially good old Louisiana seafood, which was their 541 choice. I. Seafood 2. Pizza 3. Steak 4. Chicken Carol Pritchard tends the url booth during the Arts and Crap's Mart. 210 S ophomores I Xxxi - I 'MVN . 1 X l 1 Nih i Perault, Treide Perkins, Bobby Peters, Renee Peters, T eria Peters, T roy Phelps, Jeannette Pierce, Carol Pierce, Chavgney Peirce, Herlene Pierce, John Pigott, Henry Pinter, Teresa Pittman, Venice Porter, Jennifer Powell, Julian Preston, Derrick Primeaux, Bobby Pritchard, Carol Pritchard, Tana Quillen, Howard RatlU'e, Darlene Ratlwj Jamie Rayford, Chandra Rayford, Craig The Sophomores Are Moving Up! A favorite T .IC show is something that all sophomores had. During their spare time, they had a chance to watch their preferred choice. The most popular T .K show was "Fame". The others were as follows: 1. Fame 2. Gimme a Break 3. Dynasty 4. Fall Guy and Magnum P.I. 5. Different Strokes and Dallas 1. Horsing around is lots of fun at ball- games for Todd Bates, Cedric Blackburn, C IW Wheat, and Buster Sheridan. 2. Portraying a "bored" look is Barry Richardson. 3. Ricky Hoyt tries to occupy his time while waiting for the Agriculture bus. Sophomores 211 Grimes, Traci Grubbs, Adrian Grubbs, Jonathan Guilott, Linda Haley, Trula Hall, Kevin Hall, Michael Hampton, Sharva Harris, Cheryl Harris, Dora Harris, Richard Haryield, Connie Harvison, Jason Hemphill, Aron Henry, Kevin Henry, Otis Herring, Heidi Herring, Kimberly Holcomb, Rhonda Holloway, Braderick Holloway, Brett Holloway, Donald Holloway, Sharon Holmes, Bennie Holston, Glen Irvine, Kimberly Jacobs, Jimbo Jenkins, Anthony Jenkins, Jeffery Johnson, Deidra Johnson, Alton Johnson, Lorraine Jones, Lora Keating, Windell Kelehan, Eleanan Kemp, Sahyne Kemp, Tori Kimble, Jeffery King, Todd Kirkfield, Robert Kirkland, Henry Knight, Vin Knight, Karen Knight, Shari Knight, Walter Lambert, Russell Lassley, Larry Lee, Sophie 212 Sophomores Lewis, Leon Lomzenski, John Long, Francene ,, Lumpkin, Richard Lundie, Jacqueline Lundy, Wynette Lyons, Shannon Magee, Richard Magee, Stephon 'A Magee, Tana Matto, Aaron McClendon, Betty McClendon, Terry McCray, Felicia McDaniel, Cristi McGehee, Jason McGehee, Paul Sophomores Got Fired Up! M fn'-'-M -s gifts-fl-Sf. Q- swf. M' Y .uf- 1' Class of '84 went to the polls to see what was their favorite type of trans- portation. I. Car- 2. Truck 3. Airplane 4. Motorbike 1. Charlene Flat says, "I can't move another inch. " 2. Vin Knight tries to talk Coach Walk- er into giving the Sophomores a few extra points. 3. Nearing the end of their rope, the sophomores prove their strength and muscle by defeating the seniors in the Tug-of- War event. S ophomores 213 McClendon, Rebecca Rayford, Joyce Rayford, Wandra Ready, Brad Reid, Anthony Reid, James Richard, Anita Richard, Benita Richardson, Barry Richardson, Donnie Roberts, Stephanie Rogers, Frank Rogers, Leona Ryan, Carolyn Sartin, Mecheele Saucier, Kenneth Schneider, Jerry Seal, Dana Seal, Ryan Seal, Timothy Seal, Toby Seals, Sharon Sears, Adam Simmons, Darrin Slade, Garrick Smith, Clayton Smith, Duwanna Smith, Etric Smith, Kenneth Sorrell, Durwin Spencer, Lisa Spikes, Linda Spivey, Darlene Starks, Trent Stephens, Theresa Stewart, Buster Stogner, John Stogner, T ana T albert, George Talley, Andrew Taylor, Stacey Thomas, Angela Thomas, Dean Thomas, Gina Thomas, Veronica Thomas, Ximaena Thompson, William Tynes, Julis Varnado, George 214 S ophomores TV Verdel, Clinton Victor, Shannon Voth, Myrtha Waits, Robert Waldrop, Fred Walker, Encil Walker, Monique Warren, Rickey Way, Dianne Weary, Stephanie Weick, Wendy Wells, Glen Wells, Sharon Westbrook, Demenica Wheat, Clmon Wheat, Kimberly Williams, Aundal Williams, Christopher Williams, Dalton Williams, Dionne Willis, Chris Young, Cheryl Young, Kenneth Young, Kevin Young, Stephen Sophomore Year Marks Turning Point Not Pictured Anita AUord Keith Applewhite Michael Bremer Carolyn Breshears Suzanne Bria Frederick Brister Schell y Brown Chequitah Bruns Teresa Byrd Theresa Gill Brian Hall Gary Hall Charles Harris Carey Henry Clemile Holloway Timothy Hunt Bobbie Johnson William Jordan Andrew Laurent Auther Lewis Richard McMillan Joel Middleton Catherine Miller Pamela Mizell Cynthia Proctor Lanna Pugh Julia Richardson Brian Sammons T amora Suacier Donna Smith Robert Spencer Kim Cotton Jessie Martin Joseph Stogner Dana DeCarlo Pamela Martin Kimberly Thomas Jill Evans Joan McClendon Mary Williams Tammy Fucich Cynthia McMahan Robert Young Sophomores 215 Class Officers Remember when you were a freshmen? Remember when you walked into the wrong classroom? or forget your lock- er combination? or wondered what to do at pep rallies? Don't feel left out, because everyone has to experience the humiliation and excitement of being a freshman. Scott Bailey was president of the freshman class. He was a member of Key Club and the BHS tennis team. Scott also played football for the Junior Jacks. His hob- bles were playing tennis and gohf Vice-President of the freshman class was Mark Wil- liams. He was a member of the BHS band. Mark also participated actively in sports by playing junior varsity baseball and church league basketball. Included among his hobbies were hunting, fishing, and out-smarting Pac- Man. The office of secretary-treasurer belonged to April Smith. She was an active member ofthe Chorus and East- ern Star. April enjoyed playing sports, including basket- ball for the Lady Jacks and softball. H er favorite hobbies were dancing and macrame. 1. Scott Bailey-Freshman Class President. 2. Mark Williams-Freshman Class Vice-President. 3. April Smith-Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer. FRESHMEN AUord, David AUord, Dawn Anthony, Donna Armour, David Arnold, Perez Baggett, Melvin Baggett, Sonya Bailey, Scott Barlow, Mack Beck, Alvin Bennett, Mecy Bergeron, Tammy Berry, Karen Boone, Cynthia Breland, Baron Bridges, Amanda Bridges, Kathy Brown, Angie 216 Freshmen umm ww k 4. 5 ,mfr 'pn 1 fa, . R I' if 5 ' iijf f , a , B 3? ii ' f' """""'l BH' . f Q L B B 2 A A 3 Brown, Kyle Brown, Jerry Brown, Richard Brown, Tamatha Brumfield, Tracey Bruns, Monique Bryan, Phillip Buchanan, Reginald Bufkin, John Bullen, Robert Bullock, Kenneth Burge, Janelyn Burnette, Calvin Campbell, Stefanie Casanova, Todd Castilow, Tim Causey, James Cheramie, Sabrina Freshmen 217 Clanton, Clinton, Elizabeth Collins, Robert Comans, Sherri Conerly, Kristen Cook, Shelia Corroa, Christine Crotez, Leslie Cothern, Bryan Cotton, Larry Cotton, Tina Crain, Brian Crain, Donna Drawford, Albert Creel, Hubert Crenshaw, Tammy Crowe, Joey Culpepper, Ricky Curney, Reginald Cutrer, Tammie Daniels, Pamela Davis, James Davis, Kimberly Davis, Linda Desai, Vijay Dillon, Broderick Dillon, Melissa Douglas, Tina Dugan, Bennie Duke, David Duncan, Jimmy Dykes, Richard Dyson, Frederick Ellis, Robin Evans, Timothy Ferrell, Dana Fields, Sherri Fland, Chris Fleming, Danette Forbes, Yvette Fortenberry, Kim Foster, Patrick Fuller, Lisa Fuller, Melvin Galloway, Kimberly Galloway, Michael Galloway, William Garrick, Shay 218 Freshmen Gill, Rebecca Glenn, Sidney Glover, Bridgette Grass, John Greely, Cedric Grimes, Richard Haik, Timothy Hall, Brian Hall, Howard Hall, Karen Hall, Marquitte Harper, Larry Freshmen-T he ew Guys in Town MQ D o E R ?i lEEEEELLELLHE!lE I. Lloyd Statham and Angie Brown seem to enjoy each other's company. 2. Taking a break in art class are Mrs. Taylor, John Penton, and Bill Kropog. 3. Pausing for a breather is Den- nis Wager. 4. Cheering for the Lumberjacks is Allison Perry. Some freshmen complained that the increased amount of studying at BHS decreased the amount of their television viewing time. Regardless of these complaints, many freshmen still watched television. Here were some of their favorites in order of popularity. 1. Fame 2. Magnum P.I. 3. Fall Guy 4. Different Strokes 5. Gimme a Break 6. Dynasty 7. Greatest American Hero 8. Mash 9. Dukes of Hazzard 10. Hart to Hart Freshmen 219 Happiness s . . . Three More Years Rock was the favorite music of the freshmen class. Soul and Pop music came in second with country music a distant third. The votes were cast in the following order. 1. Rock 2. Soul and Pop 3. Country 4. Disco 5. Gospel 6. Punk Rock 7. Jazz Everyone has a favorite food. Freshmen went to the polls to see what their most favorite food was: 1. Pizza 2. Seafood 3. Fast-food 4. Steak 5. Spaghetti, Mexican and Chicken I. David Duke and Kyle Brown racking their brains over scrabble in French. 2. Boy, would I love to take this home and show Mom what I made in school today. I-..,s-N Harris, Timothy Havard, Sherri Hemphill, .lejfrey Henry, Carey Henry, Christopher Herring, Tracey Hill, Terri Hinds, Rusty Hodge, Robert Hogan, Dionne Holcombe, Michael Holliman, David Holmes, Anthony Holmes, James Howell, Donald Hunt, Terri Hutchinson, Aundre Ingram, Charmaine 220 Freshmen Ingram, Richard Irvine, Sonia Jackson, Reginald James, Caryn James, Joan James, Richard Jarrell, Tammy Jefferson, Carroll Jefferson, Donald Jenkins, Brian Jenkins, Terry Jones, Boyd Jones, James Jones, Stephen Keating, George Keating, Rebecca Keaton, Phil Kees, Joseph Kellar, Mark Kennedy, Charles Killingsworth, Kevin King, Michelle Kirkling, Tony Knight, Darren Kropog, Bill Langston, Julie Lavigne, Susan Lee, Stephen Leslie, T eanna Lewis, James Lewis, Tabbitha Lewis, Tana Lott, Jewel Lundy, Brenda Lundy, Patricia Magee, David Magee, Lavetta Magee, Marvin Martin, Kermit Massengale, David Matthews, Vanessa Mayfield, Monica McClendon, Samantha McCray, Willie McCree, Brian McDonald, Judy McGehee, Kevin McGinness, Carolyn Freshmen 221 McMillan, Richard McNabb, Susan McNeese, Brenda McNeese, Robert Melton, Bonnie Messner, Matthew Miley, Michael Miller, Cathy Miller, Cheryl Miller, Craig Miller, Karen Miller, Stanley Miller, Teresa Miller, Vanessa Mixon, Robin Moga, Mia Morgan, Gerald Morris, Cindy Morris, James Moses, T arrance Myers, Claudia Myers, Juan Nathaniel, Gary Nelson, Arlene Nelson, Nazaree Nelson, Tina Nesbitt, Renee Norris, Michelle Orr, Laura Pace, Sondra Patrick, Joel Payne, Richard Payne, Veronica Penny, Michele Penton, John Penton, Johnny Penton, Kippy Perrault, Jill Perry Allison Peters, Reginald Phelps, Laura Philips, Christopher Peirce, Bart Pierce, Robert Pipkins, Colin Pittman, Mark Poche, Michelle Pope, Kim 222 Freshmen In the Beginning . . . God Made Freshmen I. Paperdoll Stefanie Campbell seems to con- template exactly what her next step is suppose to be. 2. During hawime, Kristen C onerly, one of the Paperdolls, entertains the fans with a new dance routine to the accompaniment ofthe band. 3. Completing their Dallas routine, Pa- perdoll Jill Perrault awaits the final note. Tom Selleck was the favorite male celebrity of the freshmen class, while Brooke Shields was the favorite fe- male star. Favorite Male Celebrities were: I. Tom Selleck 2. Richard Pryor 3. Burt Reynolds 4. Rick Springfield 5. Gary Coleman Favorite Female Celebrities were: 1. Brooke Shields 2. Oliva-Newton John 3. Bo Derek 4. Linda Carter 5. Nell Carter ?' Price, William Quave, Helen Rayburn, Benjamin Rayford, Lisa Reid, Bruce Reine, Kimberly f i Remel, Rachel Richardson, Latonya Richardson, Walter Riley, John Roberts, Laura Robertson, Glenda Robertson, Reginald Robinson, Anthony Rogan, Angela Roussell, David - Sartin, Darris Freshmen 223 Sauls, Johnny Seal, Gary Seal, Mark Seals, Theresa Sharp, Samantha Sheridan, Carol Simmons, Bodie Slade, Ben Smith, April Smith, Carlos Smith, Lisa Smith, Vicki Spears, Bruce Spiers, Nikki Spikes, Lisa Spillman, David 224 Freshmen FRESHME Not Pictured Durla Jean Abford S Richard David Bell r S to George Cedric Bruns Beth Casama S Susan Catha S John Crawford S T resia Lanette Freeman T arros Jordan Godbolt Richard James Harris Danette Suzanne Irvine Mitchell Jackson Allison Lea Knight Charles Edward Lewis Leon Earl Lewis Keith Martin Raymond Adams McGriggs Kevin Ardell Miller Chav Don Nguyen Ernest Phillips Leona Michelle Rogers Veronica June Ryals Kenneth Wayne Smith Minh Anh Tran T ommy Earl Tyner Samuel LePaul White Misti Wynne Wooten Patrick Foster just throws his hands up and calls it quits on Algebra Willis, Donald Willis, John Wilson, Carla Winder, Renee Yargo, John Stafford, Nichelle Stevenson, Stephanie Stillwell, Kellie Stogner, Karen Stokes, Bradley Stringer, Belinda Sykes, Shelly T agert, Aadron Talley, Michael Talley, Theresa Tate, James Tate, Stephanie Taylor, Amber Temple, Scottie Terrell, David Thomas, Chantelle Timmons, Derek Timmons, Eric Timmons, Floyd T ruax, Daniel Vince, Rhonda Voth, Douglas Wager, Dennis Wallace, Jim Warner, Douglas Warner, Suzanne Washington, Stephanie Watterson, Katrice Willard, Elisa Williams, Aretha Williams, Dawn Williams, Debeauehe Williams, Donnia Williams, James Williams, James Williams, Kendall Williams, Marc Williams, Mark Williams, Michelle Williams, Sandra Williams, Sherri Williams, Tammy Freshmen 225 Supporters l' 226 S dppofters m 1 xi ARNN if 3 ,AX ,fl i I 1 " Y. . w bfi. N. R' gl S upporterb 227 GRAHAM S CAFE Food For The Whole Famzly 404 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louzszana Complzments of STAR STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP CMF PHARMA CY 424 Austzn Street Bogalusa Louzszana Rocky Foll R PH Phone 735 0389 X3 ll Large enough to serve you if Small enough to know you gl GOLDMAN s BOGALUSA 426 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louzszana FRED S Your Key To Value 407 Columbza Street Bogalusa Louzszana EISWORTH TALBERT INC 100 Cumberland Street Phone 732 7161 Bogalusa Louzszana 400 Columbza Street X Downtown Bogalusa R. X M4 0 HOME S UPERMARKE T BRELAND FOOD'S INC. N02 N03 800 Sf John Sfffef 711 Ave F 1601 North Cozumbm sneer Ray and Emmett Breland Phone 735 6159 Phone: 732 7809 Owners , . . , . . 1' H I ny .V .X xml. . x 9'-if 45 1 X A , . . Y KK ' ,J - n n O P H XL' , l n Y 2" f - A eq ... I X on g. 4 I KS Vj 1 g l- D 1 ... .1 228 Supporters WHITESAUTO STORE 732 Ave F Bogalusa Louzszana Phone 735 1313 CASE S SHOE STORE Congratulatzons Semors Your Complete Famzly Shoe Store 410 Columbia Street Phone 735 1053 TOMMY S JEWELERS 414 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louzstana 732 4376 SKATE PALACE Entertamment Center of the Lumberjacks Congratulatzons Semors Of 1982 SEAL LUMBER CO INC THE STORK SHOP 1317 Cumberland Street Phone 735 1831 I Freight House Ph0llE Bogalusa Louzsmna J K HARDWARE 721 Ave F Good Luck Semors of 1982 TOP QUALITY GRANITE AND MARBLE MONUMENTS COF'INGb VAULTS VASES GRANITE AND MARBLE MONUMENT5 BOGALUSA MONUMENT WORKS w HAYWARD CREEL OWNER OFFICE PH RESIDENCE PH 45041 732 7101 SALES 15041 732 9366 720 RIO GRANDE ST BQGALUSA LA 70427 l ws RENT MOST EVERYTHING 224 Louzszana Avenue Phone 735 8887 BERENSON S 428 Columbm Street Bogalusa Louzsmna Frank Montalbano Clothzng For Men and Boys Paznts Hardware Lumber K C Bulldtng Material B401lUm0,iAvenue Phone 732 4241 Bogalusa Radw Ogll USR Olllslllllll 1490 AM AMY'S FLOWER SHOP INC 735 1490 Request Lzne 816 Avenue F 735 1730 Busmess Lrne Flowers For All Occaszons Phone 735 9748 Bogalusa, Louzszana , . 3 ,'I,I, lxf. -. : - I' I r : ' ' g . I , I l S H 1 S! N 9 , . . , . Bridal and Gifts I 1 1 rr Q I I f 0 . 9 Y O, 0 , I ! 9 Supporters 229 S TARN 'S PHARMA CY Soda Fountains and GU? Shop 1 Zi 725 Avenue F I ! I Phone: 732-7441 xg-:Z Complzments of G F POOLE MORTUARY INC Bogalusa Franklznton Slzdell FAMILY BAKERY 326 Superzor Avenue Phone 732 4881 Cakes for all Occaszons MAGEE FINANCE SERVICE 440 Columbta Street Bogalusa Loutszana Phone 735 8267 LA WRENCE MOTOR SUPPLY Hzghway I0 East Wholesale Automotive Parts Bogalusa Louisiana and Equzpment Phone 735 1361 TRIANGLE LIQUOR STORE 902 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louzstana Phone 735 5931 Theo Penton 8: Bubba Gzllts WARREN'S FLORIST , 'L 732-7301 - u BOGALUSA, LA GA YLE'S JE WELRK INC. Bogalusa's F riendliest Jewelers Andy Overton Dzamonds Watches Gzfts 406 Columbza Street Phone 732 9751 MAGIC CITY MOTORS INC 153 Montgomery Street Bogalusa Loulszana Phone 732 3691 S M Wt 5. Downtown Bogalusa The Ideal Place To Shop 422 Columbza Street Phone 735 9397 rad.-,,,,.,,. 0 U I ' s I - .- , . . i19i.:i:"':':' 11,12 'Iwi Eli ' Q6 . H31 . fl 1-1! Q M -I ,ilifem : - 'f:!'5f5f1' 66 !! If ' 79 --W1 H 1. at , . :Spf Q I 1 . -B, - iv, ,, X I f 'Ji Q wmfu ' m,..' X S' ' -r v.A,"' - . n . 4 , -- IN- fi , N- I 55- , 7 ' 4 V fd f ' I 1 I 'K if , ,.. , ,rt f 'Il l ' X lv 1 . . I ,. W at?-' f ' 230 Supporters Tm-son CYCLES BUGALUSA Yamaha Sales Service Parts 210 Louisiana Avenue STA TI CO' BOGALUSA LOUISIANA 70427 Phone 735-8564 330 Columbza Street Bogalusa Loulslaml C: Phone 732 4242 Complete lzne zn school supplzes General Qffyce L Hallmark and office suppltes 130 Cumberland Street XWX Phone 732 2581 or 732 2582 X wears P 0 Box 399 Bogalusa Loulslana HAIRSTYLING UNLIMITED 609 Superzor Avenue 735 9813 or 735 5756 Beauty and Barber Services Available azaazw ----- mefww Portraxts Weddmgs Famxlxes Commerczal BOGALUSA HWY PHONE 5041839 5080 M un g dd 0 BOX 370 FRANKLINTON LOUISIANA 70438 SONIC 5520" Manager .hm Hodges Happy Eatzng Bogalusa Louzszana Congratulatzons Semors 7l1'ae"Vz!ae HARDWARE STORES 438 Columbza Street Bogalusa La 70427 Phone 732 9851 Randy Smzth Owner PLEASANT HILL SHELL 846 Avenue F Bogalusa Louzszana A full servzce servzce station Best Wishes Seniors LANDRYS RESTAURANT Phone 732 3521 218 Alabama Ave Bogalusa Louzszana CURT'S ATHLETIC SHOP Curhs Hodge Owner 732 5928 827 AVENUE F BOGALUSA LOUISIANA 9 Co. : - QUMB , ' I as A f ' ' fi " 5 HER gfllfyfll , -- tlrv A 'A - ,, . - - 3 ' .- . - -. - - , . . ,.,, - 5 : I 1 Supporters 231 CLAY S JEWELERS Charlte Watts Owner 423 Columbia Street WALLPAPER T O GO Complete Stock of Improvements Wallpaper at 739 Avenue F Yesterday s Prtces Phone 732 7118 Washington Bank and Trust Company 6 Convenzent Locattons to Serve you 300 Austtn St. Bogalusa 562 Columbza St. Bogalusa 919 Washington St. Franklznton East Gate Drzve Inn Faczltty, Franklinton Angle Mt. Herman BOGALUSA CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 306 Columbza Street Bogalusa, Loutszana 70427 Phone 732 4236 Bogalusa, Louzszana OFFICE PHONE 732 2341 HOME PHONE 735 6493 Bogolluscl GIass 81 Cabinet Works CABINFTS 8. CARPORTS WINDOWS 81 STORM WINDOWS OPEN 7 30 4 30 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE SILAS LEO STEWART 516 COLUMBIA STREET OWNER BOGALUSA, LA 70427 TRUETT'S SHOE STORE Thom McAn Shoes HIIIH5 506 Columbta Street sn' sn' Bogalusa, Loutszana I I504l 735 8211 Sound Gentez, 9lte. EVERYTHING FOR THE MUSIC MINDED GENE 8- JANET FOSTER 315 SHENANDOAH 51 Owners BOGALUSA LA 70427 W I I f' if I .' 'f si A L, s C n ' 5. 1 .V N w , ", Q31 1, , it fir' , F", fffiz ge' xii, I 1 , 1 S -N Ai ffiiifr J I R ,ff 5 , 9 gg - e sn fl J ' 99 , - . I ' - 232 Supporters B.F. GOODRI CH "T he other guys" 923 South Columbia Street ' Phone: 732-4264 M AEM RECORDS 508 East 4th Street Bogalusa, Louisiana Latest Albums Tapes and Records ENTEX CONGRATULATIONS Graduates of 82 STATE FARM INSURANCE Life Auto Fire FIAT! FARM Agent Sid Johnson 923 Avenue F Hmmm Bogalusa Louisiana LAND OF SPORTS Where Sportsmen Serve Sportsmen 500 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louisiana 70427 Dial 732 2452 Tommy Walters Owner D B 'S PO BOYS 1139 Columbia Street Best Po Boys in Town D B 49 Annie Sheridan Owners LADY ANDREA 338 Michigan 735-9567 CHATEAU LARUE 402 Columbia Street 735-8881 ARLTS THE OTHER SHOP 247 Richmond Street Bogalusa Louisiana S Goon LUCK CLASS or 82 LILLIAN S FABRIC SHOP Shopyard Square Patterns Fabric Notions 735 8353 BILL WHITE BUSINESS MACHINES Phone f504j 732 4801 Office Machines Repairs Rentals Office Supplies n I 116 Georgia Avenue Bogalusa Louisiana 70427 5 CITIZENS SAVINGS 3l'I LOAN ASSOCIATION OF wAsl-nNGToN PARISH 201 CUMBERLAND STREET BOGALUSA LOUISIANA 1005 CLEVELAND STREET FRANKLINTON LOUISIANA FSHC FLASH PRINTERY INC Sally Ann Sallzs Preszdent Offset and Letterpress Przntzng 318 Columbza Street Phone 735 8248 GRAHAM S SPORTING GOODS 1302 Marshall Richardson Road Bogalusa Loutszana Phone 735 1227 Congratulations Seniors THE DAILY NEWS The newspaper that cares about the people Lou Major Publzsher Bogalusa Louzstana 70427 Phone 732 2565 Congratulatzons Senzors BURDEAUX AUTO PARTS 208 Alabama Avenue Bogalusa Louzslana 735 6506 BARBER S DRIVE INN Casszdy Park Call tn orders 735 7021 HOFFMAN ELECTRIC AND SUPPLY COMPANY 219 Ontarzo Avenue Bogalusa La Buszness 732 4201 OBRIEN'S TIRE CENTER AND MUFFLER SHOP 706 Avenue F Bogalusa, Louzszana 70427 Phone 735 8473 SK H . I ! ! ' - . sw? .. 2 1 0 O , .-....-.... 'un' 9 I 3 9 . . , 9 , . . . , Q 234 Supporters ACE HARDWARE UF BOGALUSA. lNC. HARTZOG REALTY We sell houses DA VIS PRODUCTS INC 223 Fzrst Avenue Bogalusa Louzszana Office 732 2783 Home 732 7243 Janztor Supplzes Paper Products Fzre Ftghtlng Equzpment Dzck Wezntrztt Owner BOGALUSA INDEMNITY .:' - f , A" The Blue Butterfly Open Mon -Sat -10 00-6 00 Monogramming Free GU? Servzce Wrap for that sometlzzng dzfferent tn today s fashion 237 Rzchmond Street 735 0208 Bogalusa La 70427 RED BIRD ICE CREAM gay erm BROCK FURNITURE CO INC '93 'The Store of Honest Values WN 423 Avenue U W 326 Columbza sneer 732 7581 Bogalusa Louzszana Bvglllusa Louisiana 735 6265 Bogctlusa Modermzatton Crown Zellerbach has reached a malor mrlestone ln the S120 m1ll1on modern1za t1on of tts Bogalusa conta1nerboard m1ll wtth the start up of one of the worlds largest contmuous pulp dtgesters The S34 m1ll1on Bogalusa dlgester rs the kev element rn a program launched 1n 1977 to moderntze the 60 year old pulp and paper m1ll and concentrate produc t1on on contarnerboard to supply the company s 13 southern and eastern corru gated conta1ner plants The program 1S part of the company s S1 5 brlhon capttal spendxng plan Capable of producrng 1,300 tons of kraf t pulp per day, the d1gester has a ma1n vessel nearly 200 feet hlgh and 22 feet 1n d1ameter It ts operated by spec1ally tra1ned personnel usmg a sophrsucated computer system M' CrownZeIle-rboch i Bogoluso Mill E 1 N25 C f Q1 '-JK eg: I zw suvesuon Avenue WZ , WY. BooALusA Loulsmuvum QQ' ' vu' ar' Cl 'Y . . . . . . . . . . , 0 . . . C ., , . I u , . 1 . , . , . . . . . . J . . . Plwne 732-7291 'i llOl Union Avenue y 'I - 1 u 0 - X fl f Wlllll mffum 1.,.,..,, X - - . . ---.vQ..,5::,..- . D y 9 ' I l ' , l Q 0 i . . 3 . . . - . . . . . . J . D Supporters 235 URS LAURA DUPONT HM I Y32-7275 WkTii0U QYDXDA mc. TIQUQ ,L ' 'TT' - ' Y WOMENS APPAREL -14-1.4 i. fu rn-um uw' ll MSDN STREET BDGALUSA, LA. 70427 Congratulations Seniors of '82 BROWN -MCGEHEE FUNERAL HOME KEN's AUTO PARTS 'OR CALL 207 Georgia Avenue EXPERT aosALusA, Lounsmm 70427 Phone 135.6508 5':'W'Cf THE CLIPPING POST 209 Ontario Ave. I Old Russell Co. Bldg. next to KnUe K1 Relicj Norma Lively, Owner Operators-Lana Spears 5 Rita Bradberry X The latest styles for men and women! Hair Cuts, Perms, and Color FLA V-O-RICH Owned by Your Local Dairy Farmers 735-6566 646 Avenue F Bogalusa, Louisiana Your Hotpoint Appliance Dealer TOMMY CARNEY SALES 62 SERVICE Factory Trained Service Hotpoint 8: General Electric Phone 65042 732-3795 Bogalusa, Louisiana 70427 "The Smart Place To Bank" 60 FIRST SIHTE BEIHK AND TRUST COMPANY BOX 1000 BOGALLJSA, LOUISIANA 70427-IOOO Congratulations Class of '82 236 Supporters L Lnulsmmn POWER S LIGHT MIDDLE SDUTN UYIJIIES SYSTEM LP E L QUALIFIED . . . Qualified is a key word in today's highly competitive society. And behind that, of course, is education. The skills and capabilities students are gaining today can help shape a greater America tomorrow. eg, -uf ' 31 SHIRT SCENE, INC. Graphic Designing 62 Commercial Art 143 Shenandoah Mike M oga Owner BUICK W4 BOB BOUTWELL Eoutwell-Feiber Chevrolet Buick, Inc. 200 AUSTIN STREET BOGALUSA, LA. 70427 732-3616 EVART'S INSURANCE AND REALTY P. 0, Box 308 - 104-1 O6 ALABAMA BOGALUSA, LA. 70427 PH. 732-7542 GOOD LUCK SENIORS OTASCO 526 Columbia Street Bogalusa, Louisiana David Miley Billy Anderson NRGELUH? FURAUTURE STORE 637 Columbia Street Bogalusa, Louisiana Phone 735-1525 Jacobs Clninopnactic 225 Memphis Street Bogalusa, Louisiana CQMQ 59291 2-ask 175- 5 504 L-'I 5 V I gk? 732-3677 Supporters 237 I O f. . 'h! ,f Aly? S2000 00 Cash Enlzstment Bonus Up to S2000 00 for College Expenses or FREE COLLEGE TUITION at a State College The above are above and beyond the Excellent Pay and many other benefits ., ,gs QHWWQ? Q 55,5 E xref!- llgg DQA ' er mn- ' VH NATIONAL GUARD TWO GOOD REASONS TO JOIN THE LOUISIANA NATIONAL GUARDU FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL Ncf 735 1081 735 9362 735 9363 104 Avenue B Bogalusu Louzszana 70427 Supporters JCPenney 419 Columbia Street Department Store with Everything for the Family and Home Catalog Phone No 735 1338 Retall Store No 735 8243 24 Hour Radto Dispatched Wrecker Service 732 9805 CARROLL S WRECKER SERVICE No charge for unfinished jobs Lakeview Bogalusa SPORTSMAN S INN Bar-B-Q Ribs Seafood Steaks For Reservations Dial 732-7138 Highway 21 Bypass Bogalusa, La. Owners-Jerry Wade :Q Doug T higpen f':QG'!?"":. LOANS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS H H H FINANCE CO INC 322 AUSTIN STREET BOGALUSA. LA 70427 Phones 732-7194 - 735-5140 BOB LAWS MACK CAMPBELL MANAGER CO MANAGER THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW LOTT 49 SONS, INC. Complete Parts and Service Highway 10 East Phone: 735-8297 AMC Cars 8: Jeeps Honda Datsun Supporters 239 GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Caps and Gowns Choral Robes Representzng Herff Jones Company Class Rzngs Invltatzons Dzplomas Yearbooks Phone 927 1383 6855 Van Gogh Avenue Baton Rouge Louzslana 70806 240 Supporters SCHEDULE 106410 I gms TIRES WHEELS ROLL BAR LIGHTS WINCHES SPEED EQUIPMENT been South Cofwouwfa 5m 4 WD SPECIALISTS CHARLIE STEWART 2115 S COLUMBIA RD PHONE C5045 735-0537 BOGALUSA LOUISIANA 70427 -OPEN MON SAT 9 AM 6 PM Custom Muffler and Exhaust Work For Your money-see or call Mack Corcoran MUDERN FINANCE C0 East 5th Street Bogalusa Louisiana 735-1347 V I UYQMH nfl I l1m'lfiLi"l I DELTA PRINTING 214 Columbia Street Bogalusa Louzszana GENCO S Fast and Efjiczent Servzce Servzng Washzngton 62 St Tammany Parzshes Speczallzmg tn Music Boxes And Other Amusement Devzces Bogalusa Louzszana 70427 McM1LLlAN DISCOUNT SALES INC 1616 South Columbza Bogalusa Louzszana WHILE YOU'RE SATISFYING YOUR THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE WE RE SATISFYING YOUR THIRST FOR REF RESHMENT nw ,Sgt Supporters 241 Sumrall Distributing Co In ' 7 2119 SOUTH COLUMBIA FIOAD LUBRICANTS, FILTERS, CHEMICALS 8 TIRES From Balfour with pride, BOGALUSA, LOUISIANA 70427 LARRY HATFIELD ROSS RIVET LAMARI GARY I AZE IMMV CARPENTER ..e 5447 an n ga. BOGALUSA HEALTH AND NETTLECRAFT NUUK ATHLETIC CLUB P O Box 561 . STAN SUMRALL PH. 7324990 - 732-7034 . CURTIS SUMRALL AUTOMOTIVE 8 INDUSTRIAL Pummm 408 Columbia Street Shop For Your Complete Line Bogalusa Loutstana 70427 0fNeedlecmn Accessories FIRST FINANCIAL SERVICES GALEN DUBAY MANAGER 431 COLUMBIA STREET BOGALUSA LOUISIANA 70427 OFFICE PHONE 15010 7358 03 MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS ll Place for the Custom Face 530 Loutszana Avenue Phone 735 5912 A More Beautiful You VENTILITE MANUFACTURERS OF ALUINUI PRODUCT! BQGALUIA LA 70421 Phone 504 735 6887 Daniel Keaton 7513313 PRE! H0 IAWIAN Loma 401 AUSTIN STREET BOGALUSA LA 70427 DELICIOUS FOOD ti BEVERAGES SERVED INA RELAXED ATMOSPHERE Located tn the H tstorzc Bogalusa Frezght House buzlt tn 1970 , . . D .I INC. . 7 1 - If Y, : H if S :, MT , , TAA "G " ' " hu' - -Ill Nw, M-- I I if 'rom II.tJ J I , I t ' K., -1-wifi 1 ' . . , I I :fs . , 242 Supporters Bzg C ty Fash on In A Small To n Place CA TO S 735 6542 Judy K1 kland 62 staff DON SPIERS AND ASSOCIATES 314 Aust n Street 732 9007 Compltments of ADAMS HARDWARE STORE Congratulat ons Semors' Q WBOY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WORLD 920 AM Bogalusa Lou s a a 70427 7he Baqalmla Jfeafpi Sindy been Baqalwa ,neu scutuf YZQLWLQMQM Zheheafuff WILLIAM S OIL COMPANY NANNYS LITTLE SHOP 846A en eE 735 6512 BA BRENNAN SALES COMPANY Pea uts Candy Potato Ch ps Phone 732 7486 Bogalusa Lou stana 70427 cfjmmew xg Qwzeff PARISH NATIONAL BANK THE SMART PLACE TO BANK 3 locatzons tn Bogalusa Columbza Road Avenue B Northgate Member F D I C The Fazr Treatment Bank Hours Monday Frzday 8:30 3:30 . i i J W cf: 9 3 - 'y V Il ' O O i - n - - i , . , f' i ' . 15 , iin ' . If !! I Supporters 243 Senior Directory DARLANA BOBBETTE ADAMS Beta Club 9, 10, II, District Rally 11, Lumberjack Yearbook Staff I2, Typing II Award. KEVIN SCOTTADAMS FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, TINA MICHELLE ADAMS Keyettes 11, 12, Secretary, PKT 10, 11, 12, Vice-President, Workshop Captain, Golden B 10, 12, District Rally II, Spelling, TA. Representative 9, 12, Bloomer Bowl 10, Lumberjack Yearbook Staff 12, Sell Ad, MALCOLM DEWAYNE ADAMS Football 9, 11,- SHEILA DIANE ALBERT CURLEY ISAAC ALFONSO DEBORAH KAYALFORD Beta Club 9, 10, II, 12, Golden "B" 12, Advisory Board 12, Homeroom Representative 12, CA THERINE ELIZA BETH A VERETTE SAK 10, 11, 12, Secretary, BOSI T 12, Sweetheart, Homeroom Representative 9, 10, Homecoming Court 12, DANIEL CLYDE BAKER Band 9, 10, 11, I2, Band Captain, Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Golden "B" 9, 10, State Rally 9, 12, General Science, Chemistry, French Club, PAUL RAY BARBER TINA MARIE BAUGHMAN Drill Team 10, FHA 9, PKT 10, 11, 12, President, T.A. Representative 10, Lumberjack Yearbook Staff 12, GREGGA. BENNETT Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Team Captain, Baseball 12, Band 9, Key Club 9, French Club 10, 11,' District Honor Band 9, 8- AAA Ist Team All-District, AAA 2nd Team All-State, VANESSA BIDWELL FBLA 9, 10, .IARVIS ETHAN BLACKBURN Football 11, 12, ROBIN NORVELL BOLTON Band 9, 10, 11, Flag Corps 11, Paper- dolls 12, Beta Club 9, 10, , FHA 9, Spartanette Club 10, 11, T.A. Representative 9, Alpha '82 12, Assistant Treasurer, ANNE ELIZABETH BORDE FBLA 9, 10,' 4K 10, 11, 12, Secretary- Workshop Chairman, Golden "B" 12, Lumberjack Ad Staff 12, SHERRYANNETTE BOYD PKT 10, 11, 12, Sergeant atArms, French Club 9, 10, SHERRY BREIAND Pep Squad 10, AST 10, Sergeant at Arms, 11, Pledge Captain, 12, President, Sponsor's Award in AST 11, 12, TROY BENTON BRELAND Baseball 9, 10, II, 12, Co-Captain, FFA 11, 12, Golden UB" 9, 12, Sportmanship Award, Baseball, Honor Stu- dent, JAMES EARL BROCK, II Football 9, Band 9, 10, 11, 12,- Chorus 12,' FBLA 10, 12, President, Spartanette Club 12, Sweetheart, District Rally 12, Chorus State Rally 12, Chorus, Student Council 10, ll, Representative, Boys State 12, MATHEW BROWN Track 9, 10, 11, 12,- LEVEDA DIANE BRUMFIELD Patchwork Players II, SUNDI MAE BRUMFIELD AST 10, 11, TONYA YVET BRUMFIELD SAK 10, 11, 12, Chaplain, CHARLOTTE CHAWAN BRYAN Beta Club 9, 10, 11, PKT 11, 12, Historian-Reporter, Golden "B" 9, 10, , 12, District Rally 9, 10, 11, 12, T.A. Representative 9, French Club, Awards Geometry, Algebra I, Shorthand Departmental Awards, Who's Who Among American High School Students, LESLIE LAUREN BURKE SAK 10, 11, Pledge Captain, 12, Presi- 244 Senior Directory dent, Panda Horizon Club 9, 10, I 1, 12, Representative to Horizon Cabinet 11, 12, MERRILYN ALANE BUSH Y-Teens 9, Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, I2, Party Chairman, SAK 10, 11, 12, Vice-President, Historian, French Club 11, Golden UB" 10, 12,' Class Officer Treasurer 10, T.A. Representative 9, 10, 11, Girls State II, KP. '82 12, Student Government Award, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, ENOTRIS RENA BUTLER Chorus 9, LESLIE SUSAN BYRD Pep Squad 10, Spartanette Club 11, 12, Re- porter I 2, Vice President, IIA. Representative 10, 'VILPHA 82", Secre- tary, Junior Auxilery, Axe Staff: 12, LINDA DIANE CARNEYBand 9,4-H 9, 10, Sak 9, 10, ll, 12, Photog- rapher, Pledge Captain, Sergeant at Arms, Class Officer Vice-Presi- dent 9, Lumberjack Yearbook Staff 1 0, 11, 12, Lumberjack Ad Staff12, Panda Horizons 9, 10, 11, 12, DONNA ANN CARROLL Flag Corps 9, FBLA 10, 11, 12, KELLIE WYNETTE CARTER Mill Town Players, MELANIE MACA CARTER Band 11, 12, CHERYL LYNN CASTILOW DEBRA ANN CAUSEY FHA 10, KELLIE DENISE CEFALU Paperdolls 11, 12, Y-Teens 9, Beta Club 10, 11, Keyettes 12, Chaplain, Torch 10, 11, 12, Vice-President, French Club 9, 10, 11, IIA. Representative 9, Homecoming Court 11, KP. '81 and '82, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12, WILLIE CHARLES COCHRAN PAIGE ANNE CORCORAN Y-Teens 9, 4K 10, 11, 12, Sergeant at Arms, JOHN ALLEN COTTON Track 9, 10, 11,' REGINALD VAN COTTON Football 9, 10, JERRY MICHEAL COULON Baseball 9, 10, , 12,' FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, Golden "B" ll, JOANA CECILIA CONNER Chorus 10, 11, 12, District Rally 10, 11, State Rally 10, 11, Spanish Club:Awards CertUicates 10, 11for Span- ish II, III, Excellent Medal for Music I0, 11, Department Award Spanish II, III, JOHNNYDORVIS CRAIN, JR. Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Il, I2, Baseball 9, GoU12, Class Officer President 12,' TA. Representa- tive 9, 10, 11, 12,' Jr.-Sr. Play ll, SHEILA DENENE CRAIN Basketball 9, 11, Paperdolls 12,' Keyettes 11, 12, Project Committee, IIA. Representative 9, YP. '82,Axe Staffl 1, 12, Panda Horizons 9, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, Spanish Club, President, WESLEY WRIGHT CRAIN Key Club 11, 12, Vice-President, Student Council 9, 10, Representative, Boys State 12, INDIRA LYNN CRAWFORD Band 9, 10, 11, FBLA 10, 11,- Jr.-Sr. Class Play 11, LORIANNETTE CRA WFORD PKT I1, 12, Pledge Captain, Spanish Club 10, 11, RICHARD WAYNE CREEL Football 9, 10, 11, 12, JAMES STEVEN CULPEPPER FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, CHRISTINA DA VID Paperdolls 11, 12,' Beta Club 11,- Torch 10, II, 12, Chaplain, Reporter, French Club 10, 11, 12, Class Officer Trea- surer 11, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students, CHRISTOPHER DAVID AST 10, II, 12, Sweetheart, Football 10, KP. '81 and '82, Student Council Representative 10, RUSSELL SCOTT DEXTER TERRY DONNELL DILLON Golden "B" 10, T.A. Representative 12, Boys State 11, Spanish C lub, Who's WhoAmongAmerican High School Students, BRIAN KEITH DOBSON Football 9, 10, 11, 12,Advisor Board 12, TIMOTHY BRUCE EDWARDS TONI MARIE FIAND ANN L. FOIL Flag Corps 9, Co-Captain 10, Captain,AST 10, 11, 12, Lumberjack Yearbook .Staffllg Class Officer President 9, T.A. Repre- sentative 10, 11, 4-H 9, 10, WANDA LAVERNE FORTNER Basketball 9, 10, FHA 10,4-H 9, T.A. Representative 9, 10, "ALPHA" '82, MILTON RANDY FOSTER Band 10, 11, 12, FFA 9, EMMA JEAN FRANCIS TATIANA GAYLE FREEMAN Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 9, FBLA 9, 4-H 9, 10, 4K 10, 11, 12, Vice-President, Class Officer Secre- tary 10, T.A. Representative 9, 10, Girls Athletic Department Vice- President 12, CLIFTON DAVID GALLOWAY TANYA VANESSA GHOIAR CATHYANN GILL RICKY GLOVER T.A. Representative 12, JAMES OSLER GOSS Football 9, 10, CRAIG RAY GRAHAM STEVEN ANTHONY GRAHAM General Shop Award KAREN D. GRA VES Y-Teens 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, TA. Representative 10, 12, Band 10, Chorus 9, SHARAN VENESSA GREELY Chorus 10, 11, Spartanette Club 10, 11, 12, SHADRA PA ULETTE GRINDLE Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Sportman- ship Award and Most Valuable Player in Basketball, KIM J. GROSCHE KEVIN CHRISTOPHER HAAGA French Club 9, 10, Student Council 11, 12, LONNIE HALL Football 9, 10, 11, VALIANN HALL Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, PKT 10, 11, 12, French Club 10, 11, 12,' Secretary 12, Student Government Award VINCENT REGINALD HALL Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, ROBERT DARRYL HARRIS Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9,Alpha "82"Award FootbaIIAll- District 2 Times, Basketball Mack Harvay, Baseball Team Captain, WANDRA DENICE HA WTHONE Pep Squad 9, Chorus 10, 11, Presi- dent 12, Chorus State Rally 11, 12, Scholarships LSU in Music, GLYNN A. HEBERT Boys State 12, EULA LIVETTE HENRY Basketball 10, T.A. 10, 11,'Alpha "82" 11, 12, Cherokee Horizon Group FARON WAYNE HOLCOMBE Boys' State 12, FFA 10, 11, 12, MARKA HOLMES Baseball 10, 11, 12, JERRY WAYNE HUNT Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' ANGELA SUE IRVINE Band 9, 10, 11, Flag Corps 10, 11,SAK 10,11, 12, Girls State 11, STEPHEN PAUL IRVINE Football 9, Track 11, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, BENJAMIN RONALD JACKSON Basketball 10, 11,Alpha "82", DARREN TODD JACKSON Basketball 9, 10, Track 11, Chorus 9, 10, 4-H 9, FELICIA RENNAE JACKSON FHA 9, 10,Alpha "82" Senior Club, Spanish Club ROBIN JACKSON Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12,' Secretary Spartanette Club 11, 12, District Ralley 9, 10, 11, 12, STEPHENIE ROBLIA JACOBS Y-Teens 9, Key Club 11, 12, Sweet- heart, Keyettes 12, TORCH 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, French Club 9, 10, 11, Mayor's Advisory Board 10, Sr. Class, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12,- President ofBogalusa Camp Fire Council, Camp Fire Cabinet 11, 12, Awards Who's Who Among American High School Students, Student Council 10, 11, 12, CARAL MICHEL JOHNSON FHA 11, 12, CHERYL LYNN JOHNSON BTS 10, 11, 12, T.A. 9, 10,Ad Staff 12, KAREN REEVES JONES TERRY WAYNE JONES BEVERLY MICHELLE KENNEDY Band 9, 10, Il, Drill Team 9, PKT 10, 11, 12, Secretary, French Club 11, 12, DA WN MICHELLE KIMBLE Homecoming Court 12, Panda Hori- zon 9, 10, 11, 12, Young People 11, 12, Spanish Club ELIZABETH ANN KLIMCZAK Cheerleaders 9, 10, 11, 12, BETA Club 9, 10, 11, 12, 4-H 9, Vice-President 10, President Local 11, President Local 8: Parish, Keyettes 11, 12, Party Committee, TORCH 10, 11, 12, President, French Club 10, 11, Golden "B" 9, 10, 11, 12, District Rally 10, 11, State Rally 11, Mayor's Advisor Board 9, TA. Representative 10, Sr. Play 11, Girls State 11, 12, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Body President XP. '81 KP. '82 President, GINA GAYE KNIGHT Paperdolls 9, 10, 11, 12, Captain, BETA Club 11, Keyettes 11, 12, Project Coordinator, BTS 10, 11, 12, Historian 8: Reporter, District Rally 9, Class Officer 9, Secretary IQ Treasurer, T.A. Representative 9, 10, 12, Sr. Class Play 11, Homeocming Court 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12, YP. 81, KP. 82, Secretary, Who's Who Among American High School Students, TEMAN WILLIS KNIGHT, III Basketball 9, 10,Band 9, 10, 11, 12, District Rally 11, Boys State 11, Stage Band Science Foundation SS TP, Algebra II Departmental Award, DAVID SCOTT KNIGHTFootball 9, 10, 11, 12,GoU'9,10, , 12, Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12, 4K 12, Sweetheart, French Club 9, Basketball 10, Boys State 11, YP. '81 YP. '82 Vice-President, 1980-1981 Bogalusa High School Gob' Medalist, KEENAN LAMAR KNIGHT Football 9, 10, Track 11, 12, GoU9, 10, BETA Club 11, 12, MARK BENTON KNIGHT Boys State SARAH ELIZABETH LACEY Patchwork Players 10, FBLA 9, 10, ANDREA K. LAURENT 4-H 10, 11, Spartanette Club 11, TOMMY GEORGE LEOS Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, French Club 9, 10, Boys State First Team All District Defense, STEVEN WAYNE LEVI REBECCA SUE LINDSEYPep Squad 9, 10, Chrous 9, 10, 11, 12, FFA 10, District Rally 9, 10, 11, 12,' State Rally 12, KAREN L. LOWE 4K 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, JOHN PATRICK LYONS Football 9, 10, FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, GEORGE IANCE MAGEE Football 9, Basketball 9, 10, Band 9, 10, BETA 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12, President, District Rally 12, Senior Directory 245 Student Council Representative 9, 105 Class Officer 11, President5Aa- visory Board 125 Mayor's Advisory Board 9, 105 T .A. Representative 125 Boys State 115 Tennis Team 9, 10, 11, 125Alpha 825 Senior Club5 Who's Who Among American High School Students Recruitment Into Engi- neering For High Ability Minority Students-LSIL' Louisiana Youth Seminar-USL 95 JOSEPH MAGEE Basketball 9, 105 Baseball 95 LESHIA RENE MAGEE FBLA 105 FHA 9, 10, 115 4-H 9, 105 Alpha "82" Club 9, 10, 11, 125 ROBERTDANIEL MAGEE Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 4-H 9, 105 SANDYKAYMAGEE Y-Teens 105FBlA 9, 105 BTS 10, , 12, Sergeant at Arms 49 Chaplain5 SHIRLEY RUTH MAGEE Special Olympics 95 GEORGE EDWARD MARTIN Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Patchwork Players 1 0, 1 15 CHRIS DELANE MATTHEWS Football 9, 105 Baseball 9, 11, 125 FBIA 9, 11, 125 4-H 95 Key Club 9, 10, 11, 125Alpha "82"5 Senior Club5 Who's Who Among American High School Students5 MICHAEL LEONARD MAYFIELD Football 95 FFA 9, 10, 11, 125 TERRIANN MCLENDON Keyettes 11, 12, President5 4K 10, 11, 12, President5 Spanish Club 10, 11, Camp Fire5 Vice-President ofHorizon Cabinet5 Camp Fire Board of Directors 115 PHYLLIS LYNNETTE MCCRAY Basketball 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, Historian5 Music Awardsfor Girls Choir5 Mixed Choir5 Treble Choir5 BRUCEALEX MCGOWAN Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10,11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 115 RHONDA MARIE MEYERS Spartanette Club 105 Homecoming Court 105 Alpha "82"5 LINDA MARIE MIDDLETON FHA 12, Secretary5 Golden "B" 105 Patchwork Players 115 Alpha '82 DEAN KERWIN MILEY FFA 125 JONATHAN JAMES MINIX Football 9, 10, II, 125 Track 95 All District Football Scholarship Nichlos State University5 KELLIE MARGART MIXON BETA Club 9, 10, 11, 125 TORCH 10, 11, 12, Sergeant atArms ti Photographer5 Golden "B" 95 T.A. Represen- tative 105 Girls State 115 KP. '825 Spanish Club 9, 10, 5Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 125 KIMBERLYANNE MIZELL BETA Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Keyettes 11, 12, Vice-President5 SAK 10, 11, 12, Treasurer5 French Club 10, 115 Golden "B" 9, 10, 11, 125 District Rally 9, 10, 115 State Rally 105 Class Officer 10, Vice-President5 Girls State 115 Panda Horizon 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students5 District Rally Award5 246 Senior Directory RODDERICK STEFPHONE MONROE Baseball 10, 11, 125 Alpha 1182? BOBBIE LOUISE MORRIS Basketball 105 Drill Team 115 Girls State 115 Patchwork Players 115 Alpha "82", FBLA 115 CLIFTON DEWONE MOSES Alpha "82" MICHAEL DA VID MURRAYFootbalI 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Track 95 FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, Reportcr5 KP. 825 1981-1982 All District First Team Football5 YOLANDA CARROLL NICHOLS Band 9, 10,-Paperdolls 11, 12,- Cho- rus 115 Key Club Sweetheart , 125 Spartanettes 10, 11, 12, Vice-Presi- dent5 Girls State 125 Homecoming Court 125 Who's WhoAmong Ameri- can High School Students5 ALBERT OA TIS Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Baseball 95 Track 115 Most Valuable P5ayer Football5 MICHAEL ANTHONY ODOM AST 12, Sweetheart5 TOXIE RAYMOND ODOM FFA 125 POLLY PATRICIA PAGE 4K 10, 11, 125 Girls State 115 JAMES CRAIG PARKER Football 9,- Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 125 FFA 10, 115 MICHEAL LIONELL PENTON 4-H 9, 105Alpha "82"5 WILLIE JOHN PERKINS Baseball 105 FFA 115 Alpha "82"5 ODETTE PETERS Spartanette Club 125 Homecoming 125Alpha "82"5 Senior Club5 Camp Fire Girls OfAmerica5 BRUCE ALEN PORTER Chorus 125 JOAN AUGUSTA PORTER Chorus 10, 11, 125 FBLA 11, Treasurer5 District Rally 10, 11, 125 JERRY KATHLEEN POUNDS VICKI LYNN POWELL Paperdolls 11, 125 Pep Squad 105 District Rally 125 Homecoming Court 125 DOROTHY DELORES PRICE JAMES TREVOR QUILLEN FBLA 115 Alpha "82" GENE C. RESTER FFA 10, 11, 125 AMANDA MARGARETRYALS Cheerleaders 11, 1254-H 9, 10, 11,- Y- Teens 95 BETA 9, 10, 11, 125 Key Club Sweetheart 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Historian5 TORCH 10, 11, 12, Historian5 French Club 9, 10, 115 Golden "B" 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Officer 12, Secretary5 TIA. Representa- tive 9, 105 Sr. Class Play 115 Homecoming Court 125 Tennis Team 9, 10, 115 Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, 12, President5 P.E. Award 95 Who's Who Among American High School Students5 EARL LESTER SANDERS Football 9, 10, Chorus 12, District Rally, Student Council 12, Representative Alpha "82", Senior Club, Louisi- ana Youth Seminar, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, PAULA DENIESE SANDERSON Basketball 9, 10, 12, Captain, Drill Team 10, Chorus 9, 10, PKT 10, 11, Pledge Captain J: Workshop Chairman, French Club 10, 12, Sr. Play 11, Patchwork Players 11, DUANE ERIC SARTIN Football 9, 10, II, 12, Co-Captain, Basketball 9, Track 12, Alpha "82" 9, 10, II, 12, LYDIA LUCELLE SARTIN Cheerleaders 9, 10, 11, 12,Alpha "82", Senior Club, STACEYIRENE SEAL Paperdoll10, 11, 12, Captain, BETA Club 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Sergeant at Arms, TORCH 10, 11, 12, Pledge Captain, T.A. Representative 9, 10, 11, Girls State II, Student Council Representative 11, 12, Panda Horizons 9, 10, 11, 12, Horizon Cabinet Treasurer, Vice-President of Student Council, KP. '81, KP. '82, KIM PATRICE SHORT T.A. Representative 9, 10, Spartanette Club 11, 12, DIONA CAPRESS SIBLEYSpartanette Club 11, 12, Patchwork Play- ers 11, Alpha "82", Senior Club, GWENDOLYN ANNETTE SMITH Advisor Board 12, Alpha "82", JR. 8 SR. Club, Camp Fire 10, 11, Treasurer, SIDNEYALLEN SMITH Football 9, 10, CHARLES CHRIS SORENSEN MELINDA KAYSORRELL BETA 9, 10, 11, 12,- Golden "B" 9, 10, 11, 12, District Rally 9, 11,Adivosry Board 12, Spanish Club, Who's Who Among American High School Students, YVONNE SPIKES Spartanettes Club 11, 12, Historian,Alpha "82", Senior Club, GEORGE PATRICK SPIVEK III Football 9, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12,- COSTTA MARIE STAMEY Member of Support Group 12, MEIANIEADAIR STARNS Drill Team 10, BETA Club 9,AST10, , 12, Secretary, Historian, J Reporter, LUMBERJACK YEARBOOK STAFF, SR. Class Play 11, IAURIE LYNETTE STEINWINDER Basketball 9, Drill Team 10, 4K 10, French Club 9, 10, Lumberjack Yearbook Staff 9, THERESA LEE STEWART Y-Teens 9, BETA Club 9, 10, 11, SAK 10, 11, 12, Reporter Photographer, ,Q Historian, Golden "B" 9, District Rally 10, T.A. Representative 9,- Lumberjacks Yearbook Staff 12, Span- ish Club 10, 11, Latin Club II, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Science Fair First Place in Medicine Health, TOMMY WAYNE STEWART FFA 9, 10, II, 12, FRANK KEVIN STOGNER Football 9, 10, BILLY HOUSTON STOKES, JR. Boys State II, KIMBERLY VALETTE TABER Band 9, Drill Team 10, BTS 10, 11, 12, President, French Club 11, ZA. Representative 9, 12, JACOB HARRY TAGERT, JR. 4-H 9, 10, RHONDA KAYE TALLEY Basketball 9, 10, 11, Flag Corps 9, Pep Squad 9, BTS 10, II, 12, Secretary, Pledge Captain, SSS Club 9, Secretary, Golden "B" 10, District Rally 9, 10, 12, State Rally 10, 12, Class Officer 9, Secretary, French Club 11, 12, NORMAN ALAN THOMAS Track 9, Flag Corps 9, 10, 11, TAMMY MARIE THOMAS Basketball 9, 10, Keyettes 12, Party Chairman, TORCH 10, 11, 12, Secretary, Class Officer 11, Vice-Presi- dent, 12, Vice-President, Homeroom Representative 9, 10, Jr. :Q Sr. Class Play 11,- Homecoming Court 12, LUMBERJACKS Yearbook StaffI2, Co-Editor, Axe StaH11, Reporter, 12, Reporter,Ad Staff12, Ad Manager, Panda Horizon 9, 10, 11, Vice-President, 12 Vice-Presi- dent, Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, Vice-President, Young People '82 Party Chairman, TORCH Club Scholarship Award, Service and Character Award, Honor Student, WARREN LEE THOMAS FFA 10, 11, HENRY THOMPSON WILLIAM GREGORY TYNES SCOTT .IEFFERY VARNADO FFA 12, WILLIAM CAMBRIDGE VAUGHN Band 9, PAUL ALAN WADE GoU' 9, 10, II, 12, Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Lt. Governor FLA District 24, 4K Sweetheart, MIKE DAIE WAGNER CHRISTOPHER RAY WALLEY Chorus 9, 10, II, 12, Awards Two Superior ai Two Excellent Rating, 1982 District Honor Chorus, GREGORY DOUGLAS WEARY Football 9, 10, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Most Valuable Player, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain, PATRICK NELSON WEARY Band 10, CLIFTON WILLIAMS, JR. Boys State 11,' DOROTHY LEE WILLIAMS Alpha "82", Senior Club, LONNIE STAPHAN WILLIAMS Track 10, CANSANDRA DENISE YOUNG Basketball 10, Drill Team 9, Chorus 9, , 12, Spartanette Club 9, Artist, ERIC RODERIZK YOUNG Football 10, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Directory 247 Senior Index Adams, Darlana Bobbette 40, 54, 182 Adams, Kevin Scott 55, 115, 182 Adams, Malcolm Dewayne 182 Adams, Tina Michelle 54, 117, 118, 130, 172 Albert, Shelia Diane 182 AUnonso, Curley Isaac 182 AUPord, Deborah Kay 54, 171, 182 Applegate, Carrie Lynn 182 Averette, Catherine Elizabeth 5, 31, 182 Baker, Daniel Clyde 50, 54, 106, 172, 182 Barber, Paul Ray 182 Baughman, Tina Marie 130, 182 Bennett, Gregg Andrew 5, 31, 66, 70, 54, 90, 96, 100, 50, 173, 182 Bidwell, Vanessa 182 Blackburn, Jarvis 31, 66, 123, 128 Bolton, Berry 38, 118, 182 Borde, Anne Elizabeth 8, 136, 182 Boyd, Sherry Annette 182 Breland, Sherry 182 Breland, Troy Benton 54, 90, 92, 98, 100, 115, 182 Brock, James Earl 38, 110, 114, 182 Brown, Matthew 84, 182, 194 Brumjield, Johnny Marshall 182, 184 Brumfield, Leveda Diane 182 Brumjield, Michael Donnell 182 Brumjield, Sunday Mae 182, 184 Brumjield, Tonya Yvet 182 Bryan, Charlotte Chawan 50, 54, 57, 130, 173, 182 Burke, Leslie Lauren 132, 182 Busby, John Ernest 182 Bush, Merrilyn Alane 9, 54, 117, 118, 132, 174, 192 Butler, Enotris Rena 55, 182 Byrd, Leslie Susan 32, 104, 184 Carney, Linda Dianne 184 Carter, Kelli Wynette 184 Carter, Melanie 110, 184 Case, George C. 184 Castilow, Cheryl Lynn 184 , -'fs 248 Index Causey, Anjler 52, 110, 184 Causey Debra Ann 52, 184 Cefalu, Kellie Denise 3, 46, 117, 120, 134, 140, 174, 184 Cochran, Willie Charles 184 Conner, .loana Cecilia 54, 110, 184 Corcoran, Paige Anne 136, 184 Cotton, John Allen 184 Cotton, Reginald Van 184 Coulan, Jerry Michael 54, 90, 184 Crain, Johnny Dorvis 31, 38, 49, 50, 70, 170, 184 Crain, Shelia Deniche 12, 13, 46, 117, 120, 140, 184 Crain, Wesley Wright 31, 46, 66, 88, 70, 184 Crawford, Indira Lynn 184 Creel, Richard Wayne 31, 46, 66, 184 Crosby, Bryan Wade 31, 66, 184 Culpepper, James Steven 54, 184 David, Christina Miley 46, 54, 58, 18, 108, 120, 134, 154, 186 David, Christopher Nicholas 184 Dexter, Russell Scott 184 Dillion, Terry Donnell 12, 59, 184 Dixon, Darrin 184 Dobson, Brian Keith 31, 66, 96, 170, 184 Fland, Toni Marie 184 Fland, Verneda Tera 184 Flat, Mae Ola Foil, Ann Louise 184 Fortner, Wanda Lavern 186 Foster, Milton Ryamond 106, 186 Fox, Felicia Darlene 32, 186 Fox, Jacqueline Marie 186 Francis, Emma Jean 186 Freeman, Tatiana Gayle 6, 12, 136, 186 Galloway, Clwon David 186 Gholar, Tanya Vanessa 186 Gill, Cathy Ann 186 Gill, Preston Scott 186 Glover, Richard Lavell 186 Goss, James Osler 186 Goss, Mark Randall 186 Graham, Craig Ray 186 Graham, Steven Anthony 186 Graves, Karen Deneen 186 Greely, Sharon Venessa 186 Green, Undrella Yvonne 186 Grindle, Shandra Pollatt 186 Grosche, Kimberly Jo 186 Haaga, Kevin Christopher 46, 104, 122, 124, 186 Hall, Lonnie 186 Hall, ValiAnn 12, 49, 54, 57, 117, 130, 171, 175, 186 Hall, Vincent Reginald 110, 186 Harris, Robert Louie 28, 31, 74, 77, 92, 98, 175, 186 Hartzog, Seymon Saxon 44, 46, 128, 186 Hawthorne, Wandra Denise 124, 186 Hebert, Glynn Arthur 186 Heinz, William David 186 Henry, Eula Levette 186 Herring, Leonard Clint 186 Hogan, Djuna Louise 186 Holcombe, Faron Wayne 188 Holmes, Mark Allen 90,' 92, 188 Hunt, Jerry Wayne 188 Irvin, Angela Sue 106, 188 Irvine, Stephen 106, 188 Jackson, Benjamin Ronald 55, 188 Jackson, Darren Todd 188 Jackson, Lisha Rene 38, 188 Jackson, Robin 38, 110, 188 Jacobs, Stephenie Robelia 8, 46, 49, 55, 117, 118, 119,124,134,140, 176,188 Johnson, Cheryl 122, 128, 188 Johnson, Willie Jay 188 Johnston, Cara Michael 188 Kelley, Jerry 188 Kennedy, Beverly Michelle 46, 130, 188 Kimble, Dawn Michelle 31, 188 Klimczak, Elizabeth Ann 8, 10, 11, 28, 31, 49, 54, 56, 50, 117, 124, 134, 140, 176, 188 Knight, David Scott 28, 30, 31, 70, 82, 98, 136, 177, 188 Knight, Gina Gay 12, 30, 31, 54, 58, 117, 120, 140, 177, 188, 194 Knight, Teman Willis 8, 18, 49, 54, 106, 194 Knight, Keenan Lamar 38, 46, 84, 86, 188 Knight, Mark Benton 188 Lacey, Sarah Elizabeth 188 Laurent, Andrea Kaye 188 Leos, Tommy George 30, 31, 66, 68, 69, 70, 100, 188 Lowe, Karen Lynnette 188 Lyons, John Patrick 188 Magee, George Lance 38, 48, 49, 55, 94, 170, 178, 188 Magee, Robert Daniel 13, 66, 70, 75, 78, 84, 96 Magee, Leshie Rene 188 Magee, Sandra Kay 55, 128, 188 Magee, Shirley Ruth 190 Martin, George 110, 190 Matthews, Christopher 90, 91, 50, 190 Mayfield, Michael Leonard 190 McClendon, Terri Ann 117, 122, 136, 190 McClain, Deidra 190 McClain, Wesley 22, 190 McCroy, Phyllis Lynnette 190 McGowan, Bruce Alex 31, 64, 84, 86, 191, 194 McMillian, Nancy Eulene 191 Meyers, Rhonda Marie 191 Middleton, Linda Marie 54, 58, 116, 191 Miley, Dean Kerwin 191 Miley, Janet 106, 191 Miller, Howard David 191 Miller, Wanda Darline 191 Minix, Jonathan James 31, 66, 191 Mitchell, Sheryl Ann 191 Mitchell, Tamara Venice 191 Mixon, Kellie Margaret 134, 140, 191 Mizell, Kimberly Anne 48, 54, 57, 117, 132, 178, 191 Monroe, Rodderick 90, 191 Morris, Bobbie Louise 191 Moses, Clifton Dewone 191 Moulton, Roger Gregory 54, 191 Murray, Michael David 30, 31, 66, 68, 70, 191 Nichols, Yolanda 34, 120, 191 Oatis, Albert James 31, 66, 68, 70, 94, 98, 191 Page, Polly Patrica 191 Paige, Denise Ann 55, 122, 128, 191 Perkins, Willie John 192 Perry, David Earl 192 Perry, Diane Emily 192 Peters, Odette 30, 31 Phelps, James Wendell 192 Poche, Monika Ann 192 Porter, JennUer Renee 12, 52, 192 Porter, Joan Agusta 110, 192 Pounds, Jerry Kathleen 192 Powell, Vicki Lynn 31, 114, 120, 192 Price, Dorthy Delores 192 Price, T ena Marie 192 Quillen, James Trevor 192 Rester, Billy Wayne 192 Rester, Billy Ray 192 Rester, Eugene Cyril 192 Riley, John Scott 192 Robertson, Dana Lea 54, 192 Ryals, Amanda Margaret 8, 30, 31, 48, 54, 50, 115, 117, 108, 134, 140, 171, 179, 192 Sanders, Earl Lester 13, 49, 55, 110, 124, 192 Sanderson, Paula Deniese 80, 192 Sartin, Duane Eric 31, 66, 68, 96, 192 Sartin, Lydia Lucille 54, 108, 192 Seal, Stacey Irene 12, 49, 54, 117, 120, 124, 134, 140, 179 Short, Kim Patrica 192 Sibley, Diona Caprees 54, 192 Simmons, Chearly Lynn 192 Singley, Derrick Martin 66, 192 Smith, Gwendolyn Annette 171, 192 Smith, Sidney Allen 54, 192 Sorensen, Charles Christopher 192 Sorrell, Melinda Kay 48, 49, 54, 57, 123, 171, 180, 192 Spikes, Yvonne 192 Spivey, George 110, 194 Stamey, Cosetta Marie 194 Starns, Melanie Adair 4, 194 Steinwinder, Laurie Lynette 194 Stewart, Theresa Lea 54, 118, 132, 180, 194 Stewart, Tommie Wayne 194 Stokes, Billy Houston 191, 194 Taber, Kimberly Vallette 128, 194 T agert, Jacob Harry 194 Talley, Rhonda Kaye 54, 113, 128, 181 Thomas, Evelyn Antoinette 110 Thomas, Norman Alan 195 Thomas, Tammy Marie 12, 30, 31, 48, 49, 54, 104, 117, 134, 140, 170, 181, 195 Thomas, Warren Lee 195 Thompson, Henry Sylvester 195 T ynes, William Gregory 195 Ulvik, Lori Annette 195 Varnado, Jeffery Scott 195 Varnado, Karol Ann 195 Vaughn, William Cambridge 195 Verdel, Susan Lynnette 195 Vermillion, Thomas Irwin 195 Wade, PaulAlan 82, 136, 195 Walley, Christopher 110 Weary, Gregory Douglas 74, 77, 84, 87, 98 Williams, Clwon 123 Young, Cansandra 110 Young, Eric 110, 186 SCHOOL Abram, Adams, Adams, , Marshall 90, 196 Alford, Adams Junior Index T onita Vanessa 196 David Alan 196 Donald Edward 66, 70, 196 Dru Ann 7, 128, 196 Allen, Shan Marie 80, 196 Anders, Shelia 116, 196 Anderson, Karen Annette 123, 196 Anderson, Patrick 196 Bates, Don Gary 104, 118, 196 Beets, Kelly Aniti 113, 196 Bennett, Mark Christopher 6, 66, 68, 9 Bertoniere, Donna Marie 196 Bickham, Rebecca 106, 196 Blackwell, Arlen Scott 196 Blackwell, Lisa Kay 136, 196 Boleware, Richard 44, 66, 113, 197 Bolton, Jeffery Lance 66, 197 Boone, Paula Gaye 197 Boyles, Michael Allan 197 Branch, Marshall Todd 197 Branch, Ruth Estelle 40, 42, 106, 126, 197 Breazeale, James 66, 42, 124, 197, 203 Bridges, Shaundra 31, 110, 197 Brister, Kimberly Anne 42, 46, 106, 113, 117, 141, 197 Brister, Michael 74, 77, 85, 86, 197 Brock, Sherry 114, 197 Brown, Caleb 197 Brown, Joseph 197 Brown, Keithon 84, 98, 197 Brown, Odessy Marie 197 Brown, Roger Timothy 40, 42, 94, 113, 197 0, 196 gxfzi, Brumfield, Caesar 198 Brumjield, Brian 83, 123, 198 Bullock, Kelvin 198 Burdeaux, Lilyan 46, 113, 117, 134, 141, 198 Burks, Shyrel 198 Burns, Annette 80, 94, 123, 198 Butler, Arnetta 198 Byrd, Lance 90, 98, 198 Carney, Jane 38, 117, 118, 123, 128, 140, 198 Cassidy, Quinn 66, 104, 198 Chermie, Rachel 198 Corkern, Gwendolyn 198 Cortez, Lucien 198 Cothern, Michelle 106, 198 Cotton, Billy 38, 66, 198 Cotton, Bobby Joe 66, 198 Cotton, Cullie 66, 198 Crumedy, Robert James 198 Dexter, Teryon T eria 198 Dunaway, Thomas Blaine 198 Earles, Beth 46, 120, 113, 117, 134, 141, 198 Fendlason, Mary Melissa 46, 113, 117, 120, 124, 22, 42, 136, 141, 198 Flot, Patricia 198, 104 Forbes, Sandra Renee 198 Foreman, Clayton Body 66, 68, 70, 74, 198 Fortenberry, James Hayden 198 Foster, Jefery 40, 94, 110, 198 Foster, Pamela Ann 20, 42, 141, 198 Fournet, Tatiana Loretta 198 Fowler, David Earl 198 Fowler, Robert Lee 84 Francis, Angela Maria 198 Frazier, Melissa 38, 40, 108, 110, 203, 198 Galloway, Michael 198 Galloway, Gayle 40, 198 Gann, Robert 123, 198 Gatlin, Raquell 110, 198 Gavin, Victor Dean 198 Giglio, Todd 198 Glenn, Frank Milton 198 Goff Melondy 136, 140, 198 Graham, Joel Timothy 198 Granger, Anthony 38, 66, 198 Greely, Michele 198 Griffin, Mimberly 5, 44, 113, 132, 141, 120, 198 Graham, Shannon 208 Greely, Stephon 209 Greely, Terrence 209 Grimes, Traci 130, 212 Grubbs, Adrian 110, 212 Grubbs, Jonathan 42, 124, 212 Guilott, Linda 123, 212 Haley, Trula 40, 42, 106, 132, 212 Hall, Kevin 212 Hall, Michael 212 Kelehan, Kenneth 201 Kellar, Allen 20, 66, 104, 201 Kemp, Bryan 40, 42, 46, 113, 124, 201, 203 Keys, Joce 110, 201 Kirkfield, Kevin 201 Knight, Alan Wayne 42, 201 Knight, Alan Wayne 42, 201 Knight, Brian Keith 201 Knight, Susan 4, 46, 40, 42, 106, 113, 128, 201 Knight, Terry 201 Koonce, LeAnne 18, 40, 108, 117, 134, 141, 201 Kuhn, Daniel 201 Ladner, Marcus 201 Laurent, Andre 201 Laws, Lorrie 123, 130, 201 Lee, Wilton 201 Lee, Mary 5, 18, 42, 46, 124, 134, 140, 201 Lively, Wade 104, 201 Longo, Maria 40, 123, 201 Lott, Joyce 201 Lundy, Orlando "Butter" 22, 75, 77, 90, 98, 66, 68, 70, 201 Magee, Darryl 201 Index 249 Magee, Deltra 202 Magee, Jimmy 202 Magee, Marcella 202 Magee, Michael 202 Magee, Roderick 202 Magee, Rogie 68, 98, 100, 202 Malley, Kody 117, 132, 202 Malley, Michael 202 Martin, John 202 Martin, Mady 40, 110, 202 Martin, Monica 3, 38, 18, 104, 117, 134, 141, 120, 202 May, Melissa 202 McCain, Jeri 202 McCarty, Paul 202 McClendon, Dianne 106, 130, 202 McCray, Sandra 202 McGehee, Gary Todd 202 McNeese, Melinda 5, 46, 42, 128, 141, 202 McSwain, Toby 13, 85, 98, 104, 202 Miley, James 202 Miller, Dee Andrea 202 Miller, William Scott 66, 70, 197, 202 Mitchell, Alicia 42, 132, 140, 197, 202 Mitchell, Tracy 42, 123, 202 Mitchell, William 202 Mixon, Theresa 136, 140, 202 Moore, Shelia 31, 202 Morgan, Sonyia 40, 110, 202 Murphy, T erron 198, 202 Newell, Mitchell 202 Neilson, Carolyn 202 Nunn, Adrian 116, 202 Owens, Jada 202 Paige, Michael 106, 202 Pam, Pamela Jean 202 Passaro, Darlene 128, 140, 202 Penton, Christopher 202 Perkins, Debora 80, 202 Peters, Walter 202 Phelps, Arthur 202 Phelps, Judy Lorraine 202 Phelps, Judy Lynn 202 Pigott, Katherine 130, 202 Pigott, Stanely 32, 66, 68, 70, 202 Pittman, Ida 114, 202 Plummer, Bruce 6, 38, 68, 70, 18, 75, 77, 92, 98, 202 Pogue, Christie 202 Polk, Lisa 126, 202 Pope, Bonnie 104, 132, 202 Porretto, .lan 130, 202 Porretto, John 6, 40, 94, 98, 104, 202 Porter, Eric 84 Pau, Troy 84, 202 Powell, Jannette 202 Powell, Leonard 202 Powell, Shawn 42, 104, 124, 202 Powell, Tammy 42, 50, 104, 118, 123, 136, 141, 196, 202 Pusa, Susan 40, 117, 134, 140, 108, 202 Quillen, Malcolm 110, 114, 118, 202 Ramsey, Jeffery 202 RatlUf Al 90, 92, 202 Ratliff Tina 80, 88, 104, 123, 202 Reine, Lisa 40, 110, 202 Rester, Paul 104, 106, 204 Richard, Timothy 114, 204 Richardson, Jeanette 3, 9, 104, 120, 134, 198, 204 Richardson, Pamela 42, 104, 204 Robertson, Wes 66, 203, 204 Rogers, Donna 113, 130, 204 Rogers, Sandra 40, 113, 130 Russell, JeH113, 204 Sam, Sidney 204 Sartin, Demetri 204 Sartin, Edward 66, 110, 124, 204 Seals, Allison 204 SeU, Brenda 204 SeM Darrell 204 Simmons, Carolyn 204 Simmons, Sara 40, 110, 204 250 Index Slaughter, Gregory 204 Smith, Felecia 18, 110, 204 Smith, Glenn 18, 204 Smith, Sean Lemar 66, 68, 70, 74, 84, 96, 204 Sowell, Laveta 88, 204 Spikes, Percy 204 Spillman, Eric 113, 204 Statham, Lloyd 66, 22, 104, 204 Stogner, Frank 204 Stone, Lisa 204 Sumrall, Shan 106, 204 Talley, Alicia 124, 204 Talley, John 204 Talley, Stacey 40, 42, 118, 134, 140, 197, 204 Tate, Janet 110, 204 Temple, Carolyn 116, 204 Theriot, Murphy 204 Thomas, Clyde Allen 204 Thomas, Jack Jesse 204 Tillmon, Lisa 204 Touchstone, Bill 66, 204 Upshaw, Darlene 204 Varnado, Tammy 204 Voth, Jeff 204 Wager, Randall 104, 106, 110, 204 Ward, Michael 38, 66, 70, 90, 204 Weary, Waynard, Levele 204 Wells, Sandra Kay 204 Williams, Darin 204 Williams, Jacques 204 Williams, Jimmy 77, 84, 87, 98, 204 Williams, Kevin Mark 38, 204 Williams, Margaret 204 Williams, Melissa 204 Williams, Paul 40, 122, 204 Williams, Robert 66, 70, 84, 204 Williams, Zeron 204 Wilson, Valerie 204 Yarborough, Almeta 204 Young, Carla 110, 204 Young, Glenda 204 Young, David 204 Sophomore Index Adams, Christopher 38, 72, 84, 110, 206 Adams, Louise 110, 206 Alexander, Carl 206 AUord, Durie 22, 128, 206 Allen, Andrea 132, 206 Allen, Lapeire Hope 206 Armstrong, Bruce 206 Augustine, JennUer 42, 136, 206 Augustine, Rhonda 206 Barber, Suzanne 206 Barker, Eleanor 18, 40, 42, 113, 134, 120, 206 Bates, Todd 72, 90, 92, 211, 206 Bearden, Yvette 206 Beck, Crystal 206 Bickham, Charles 110, 206 Billings, Terri 134, 206 Blackburn, Cedric 72, 206, 211 Blackburn, Tracy 207 Qi! . Q . 0 1 ,gg 1 ' , .,,is:,,,-xt ', !- " ' , 1 ,Las 4' Y Wy ,Rafe-mf+..,-. , A, H . ,wr ..,,,,'f:fsw2',, ., . , kfgff,,,,+ M .sry Blackwell, Julie 207 Blackwell, Samatha 123, 125, 207 Boone, Deona 206 Bowers, Karen 207 Branch, Amy 28, 22, 113, 120, 134, Breland, Stacey 126, 207 Brown, Carolyn 207 Brown, Judy 38, 108, 110, 207 Brown, Mark 206 Brown, Robert 38, 72, 78, 207 Brown, Roderick 114, 207 Buchana, Warren 207 Buckley, Shell Pondell 207 Busby, Sherry 123, 207 Bush, Timothy 75, 78, 92, 115, 207 Bynum, Michael Brett 207 Campbell, Leslie Hope 126, 208 Carr, John Adams 208 Carrier, Slena 208 Cook, Wendell 208 Cooper, Tony 78, 90, 92, 115, 208 Corbin, Laurie 30, 31, 136, 208 Corkern, Sheanie 136, 208 Cothern, Blaine 42, 124, 134, 208 Cotton, Janet 106, 208 Cotton, Patrick 208 Coulon, Melissa 136, 208 Crain, Kimberly 208 Crain, Michael 208 Crain, Sammy 208 Crain, Tana 128, 208 Creel, James 208 Creel, Jimmy 208 Crosby, Blake 72, 136, 208 Darden, Harvey 208 Davis, Blair 20, 208 207 Davis, Monique 114, 208 Dixon, Bruce 208 Douglas, Penny 208 Drummond, Joseph 208 Drudley, William 72, 208 Dufrene, Michelle 30, 31, 120, 42, 208 Dunaway, Lisa Gail 126, 208 Dyson, Caprice 80, 88, 106, 208 Dyson, Makiltra 106, 208 Earles, Kimberly 123, 128, 208 Easterling, Charles 208 Ellis, Rhonda 208 Ezell, Charles Jeffery 83, 118, 208 Ezell, James Leonard 208 Flor, Vera Anita 38, 208, 212 Forbes, James 208 Foreman, Staci 208 Fortenberry, Scooter 38, 72, 208 Fournet, Jill 126, 208 Fox, Fredrica 208 Franklin, Danielle 208 Freeman, Michelle 208 Freeman, Tyrone 208 Furr, Donnis 208 Gallaspy, Lee 42, 75, 78, 94, 124, 208 Galloway, Hollis Alton 72, 92, 208 Galloway, Karla 106, 130, 208 Gerald, Shelia 208 Giacone, Joseph 44, 208 Gibson, Karen 114, 208 Gill, Connie 12, 208 Gill, Patrick 208 Gill, Sean 208 Goings, Wilton Howard 208 Hampton, Sharva 212 Hardin, Tonnie Gill 78, 92, 208 Harris, Cheryl 9, 132, 212 Harris, Dora 212 Harqield, Connie 212 Harvison, Jason 106, 212 Hemphill, Aron Dixter 212 Henry, Kevin 38, 78, 212 Henry, Otis 212 Herring, Heidi 18, 40, 42, 118, 1 206, 212 Herring, Kimberly 212 Holcomb, Rhonda 126, 212 Holloway, Brett 72, 212 Holloway, Donald 40, 42, 212 Holloway, Sharon 212 Holmes, Bennie 5, 212 Holston, Glen 212 Irvine, Kimberly 212 Jacobs, James Jimbo 20, 42, 117, Jenkins, Anthony 212 Jenkins, Jeffery 212 Johnson, Deidra 123, 212 Johnson, Alton 66, 212 Johnson, Lorraine 212 Jones, Lora 110, 114, 212 Keating, Windell 212 Kelehan, Eleana Maria 132, 212 Kemp, Elmer 212 34, 1 124, Kemp, Tori 9, 42, 122, 124, 132, 212 Kimble, Jeff42, 78, 92, 212 King, Todd 42, 212 Kirkfield, Keith 90, 92, 212 Kirkland, Henry 212 08, 212 Knight, William Vin 20, 40, 42, 94, 104, 118, 212 Knight, Karen 9, 30, 31, 188, 134, 120, 212 Knight, Shari 40, 106, 130, 212 pn- ' - i ,.. ,, Index 251 Knight, Walter Deni 40, 106, 212 Lambert, Russell 115, 212 Lassley, Larry 20, 70, 72, 84, 212 Lee, Sophie 9, 106, 132, 212 Lewis, Auther William 212 Lomzenski, John 212 Long, Francene 212 Lumpkin, Richard 106, 212 Lundie, Jacqueline 212 Lundy, Wynette 212 Lyons, Shannon 115, 212 Magee, Richard 82, 98, 212 Magee, Stephon 212 Magee, Tana 212 Mattox, Aaron 212 McClendon, Betty 12, 38, 212 McClendon, Rebecca 106, 130, 212 McClendon, Terry 115, 212 McCruy, Felicia 80, 212 McDaniel, Cristi 123, 132, 212 McGehee, Jason 212 McGehee, Paul 115, 212 McNeese, Christopher 72, 210 McNutt, Penny 210 Middleton, Aaron Scott 210 Middleton, Jerry 210 Middleton, Ursula 116, 210 Miley, Floyd 210 Miller, Catherine 40 Miller, Gregory 210 Miller, Kim 132, 210 Mitchell, Christopher 210 Mitchell, John 72, 210 Mixon, Anita 210 Mixon, Albert 210 Mizell, Pamela 210 Morris, Cynthia 210 O'Quinn, Angela 123, 136, 210 0'Quinn, Darren 210 Page, April 94, 118, 128, 210 Pam, Monica 210 Pam, Walter 210 Patterson, Daniel 210 Penton, Jeff 70, 72, 84, 86, 210 Perault, Treide 134, 211 Perkins, Bobby 211 Peters, Renee 211 Peters, T eria 211 Peters, Troy 211 Phelps, Jeannette 123, 211 Pierce, Pierce, 2 1 1 Pierce, Pierce, Pigott, Pinter, Carol 211, 106 Chav 32, 38, 72, 22, 75, 78, Herlene 211 John 211, 106 Henry 72, 211 Teresa 211 Pittman, Venice 211 Porter, JennU'er 12, 110, 211 Powell, Julian 72, 75, 78, 211 Preston, Derrick 110, 211 Primeaux, Robert Carl 72, 211 Pritchard, Carol 210, 211 Pritchard, Tana 123, 136 Quillen, Howard 211 Ratlw Darlene 12, 110, 141, 211 Ratliff Jamie 80, 211 Rayford, Chandra 42, 124, 211 Rayford, Craig 114, 211 Rayford, Joyce 116, 211 Rayford, Wandra 31, 123, 214 Ready, Brad 83, 98, 100, 214 Reid, Anthony 85, 86, 214 Reid, James 214 Richard, Anita 214 Richard, Benita 214 Richardson, Barry 20, 72, 92, 214 Richardson, Don 214 Richardson, Julia 214 Roberts, Stephanie 214 Rogers, Frank 214 Ryan, Carolyn 214 Sartin, Mechelle 214 252 Index 112, 126, Saucier, Kenneth 214 Saucier, Tamora 214 Schneider, Jerry 84, 214 Seal, Ryan 214 Seal, Timothy 214 Seals, Sharon 12, 214 Simmons, Darrin 214 Slade, Garrick 214 Smith, Clayton 214 Smith, Donna 214 Smith, Duwanna 214 Smith, Etric 78, 214 Sorrell, Durwin 214 Spencer, Lisa 3, 214 Spikes, Linda 214 Spivey, Darlene 214 Starks, Trent 214 Stephens, Theresa 12, 126, 214 Stewart, Silas "Buster" 38, 72, 40, 115, Stogner, John 214 Stogner, Joseph 214 Stogner, Tana 128, 214 T albert, George 46, 72, 94, 98, 112, 214 Talley, Andrew 214 Taylor, Stacey 80, 214 Thomas, Angela 106, 214 Thomas, Dean 22, 214 Thomas, Gina 12, 214 Thomas, Ximaena 106, 214 Thomas, Veronica 3, 38, 18, 134, 214 Thompson, Tim 72, 78, 110, 214 Tynes, Julis 72, 214 Varnado, George 75, 78, 214 Verdel, Clinton 215 Victor, Shannon 215 Voth, Martha 110, 215 Waits, Robert 13, 40, 110, 215 Waldrop, Fred 40, 110, 215 Walker, Encil 215 Walker, Monique 215 Warren, Rickey 72, 84, 215 Way, Dianne 116, 215 Weary, Stephanie 215 Weick, Wendy 22, 130, 215 Wells, Sharon 215 Westbrook, Demenica 215 Wheat, Clifton 72, 215 Wheat, Kimberly 215 Williams, Aundal 12, 98, 215 Williams, Christopher 40, 72, 215 Williams, Dalton 106, 215 Williams, Dionne 215 Willis, Chris 215 Young, Kenneth 110, 215 Young, Kevin 215 Young, Stephen 215 Freshman Index AUord, David 106, 216 Alford, Dawn 216 Armour, David 216 Baggett, Melvin 110, 216 Baggett, Sonya 216 Bailey, Scott 72, 40, 42, 94, 122, 216 Barlow, Mack 122, 216 Beck, Alvin 216 Bergeron, Tammy 216 Berry, Karen 216 Boone, Cynthia 216 Breland, Baron 106, 172, 216 Bridges, Amanda 40, 110, 116, 216 Bridges, Kath 40, 110, 216 Brown, Alec Kyle 40, 217 Brown, Angie 20, 216 Brown, Jerry 217 Brown, Richard 72, 217 Brown, Tamatha 42, 120, 124, 217 Brumfield, Tracey 217 Bruns, Monique 217 Bryan, Phillip 40, 42, 106, 112, 217 Buchanan, Reginald 72, 217 Bufkin, John 217 Bullen, Robert 217 Bullock, Kenneth 72, 217 Burge, Jana 40, 106, 217 Burnette, Calvin 217 Campbell, Stefanie 42, 120, 217 Casama, Beth 40, 94 Casanova, Todd 106, 217 Castilow, Timothy 217 Causey, James 217 Cheramie, Sabrina 217, 106 Clanton, Leonard 40, 110, 218 Clinton, Elizabeth 218 Collins, Robert 106, 218 Comans, Sherri 218 Conerly, Kristen 40, 120, 218 Cook, Shelia 218 Corroa, Christina 218 Cortez, Leslie 218 Cothern, Bryan 218 Cotton, Larry 218 Cotton, Tina 218 Crain, Brian 38, 208, 218 Crain, Donna 218 Crawford, Albert 218 Creel, Hubert 218 Crenshaw, Tammy 218 Crowe, Joey 218 Culpepper, Ricky 218 Curney, Reginald 218 Cutrer, Tammie 106, 218 Daniels, Pamela 106, 218 Davis, James 40, 218 Davis, Kimberly 218 Davis, Linda 218 Desai, Vijay 218 Dillon, Broderick 218 Dillon, Melissa 218 Douglas, Tina 218 Dugan, Bennie 106, 218 Duke, David 42, 98, 100, 106, 118, 1 Dykes, Richard 115, 218 Dyson, Frederick 40, 110, 218 Ellis, Robin 219 Evans, Tim 83, 219 Ferrell, Dana 38, 42, 110, 219, 208 Fields, Sherri 42, 106, 124, 219 Fland, Chris 219 Forbes, Pamela 219 Fortenberry, Kimberly 219 Foster, Patrick 219 Fuller, Lisa 219 Fuller, Melvin 40, 110, 219 Galloway, Kimberly 219 Galloway, Michael 40, 110, 219 Galloway, William 219 Garrick, Shay 219 Glenn, Robert Sidney 219 Glover, Bridgette 219 Greely, Cedric 72, 219 Grimes, Richard 219 Haik, Timothy 72, 84, 219 Hall, Howard 219 Hall, Karen 219 Hall, Marquitte 40, 110, 219 2 Hardin, Rebecca lGilll 3, 40, 108, 206 219 Harper, Larry 72, 84, 219 Harris, Richard 219 Harris, Tim 105, 219 Hemphill, Jeffrey 220 Henry, Alan 40, 72, 110, 220 Herring, Tracey 40, 110, 220 Hill, Terri 220 Hinds, Rusty 72, 220 Hogan, Dionne 220 Holcombe, Michael 220 Holliman, David 42, 106, 112, 124, 220 Holmes, Anthony 220 Howell, Donald 220 Hunt, Terri 106, 220 Hutchinson, Aundre 220 Ingram, Charmaine 220 Ingram, Richard 38, 72, 106, 220 Irvine, Sonia 106, 220 Jackson, Reginald 220 James, Caryn 40, 110, 220 James, Joan 40, 110, 220 James, Richard 110, 220 Jarrell, Tammy 40, 220 Jefferson, Carroll 220 Jefferson, Donald 220 Jones, Boyd 220 Jones, David 72, 84, 86, 115, 221 Jones, Stephen 221 Keating, George 221 Keating, Rebecca 221 Keaton, Phillip 42, 72, 90, 92, 221 Kees, Joseph 221 Kellar, Mark 221 Kennedy, Charles 221 Killingsworth, Kevin 72, 221 King, Michelle 42, 106, 221 Kirkling, Tony 72, 221 Knight, Darren 221 Kropog, William 118, 221 Langston, Julie 221 Lee, Stephen 106, 221 Leslie, Teanna 212 Lewis, Charles 221 Lewis, James 110 Lewis, Tabbitha 110, 221 Lewis, Tana 106, 116, 221 Lott, Jewel 221 Lundy, Brenda 221 Lundy, Patricia 221 Magee, David 221 Magee, Marvin 221 Martin, Kermit 72, 75, 78, 221 Massengale, David 40, 106, 221 Matthews, Vanessa 40, 110, 221 Mayfield, Monica 221 McClendon, Samantha 221 McCray, Wilie 221 McCree, Brian 13, 221 McDonald, Judy Helen 221 McGehee, Kevin 72, 221 McGinness, Carolyn 42, 124, 221 McNabb, Susie 106, 222 McNeese, Brenda 106, 122 McNeese, Robert 106, 222 Melton, Bonnie 222 Messner, Matt 40, 42, 83, 222 Miley, Michael 222 Miller, Cheryl 222 Miller, Craig 222 Miller, Karen 222 Miller, Teresa Miller, Vanessa 40, 110, 222 Mixon, Robin 222 Moga, Mia 222 Morgan, Gerald 106, 222 Morris, Cindy 222 Morris, James 72, 222 Moses, T arrance 13, 40, 110, 222 Myers, Claudia 222 Myers, Juan 90, 92, 222 Nathaniel, Gary 222 Nesbitt, Renee 80, 222 Norris, Michelle 40, 110, 222 Orr, Laura 222 Pace, Sondra 222 Patrick, Joel 40, 222 Payne, Richard 13, 84, 98, 222 Payne, Veronica 222 Penny, Michele 42, 124, 223 Penton, John 42, 223 Penton, Johnny 42, 124, 223 Penton, Kippy 223 Perrault, Jill 120, 223 Perry, Allison 8, , 42, 108, 110, 223 Peters, Reginald 38, 72, 18, 208, 223 Phelps, Laura 223 Phillips, Christopher 223 Pierce, Robert 72, 223 Pierce, Ronald Bart 72, 223 Pipkins, Colin 223 Poche, Michelle 40, 42, 223 Pope, Kimberly 223 Price, William 72, 223 Quave, Helen 223 Rayburn, Benjamin 223 Rayford, Lisa 40, 110, 223 Reid, Bruce 223 Reine, Kimberly 223 Remel, Rachel 223 Richardson, Latonya 223 Richardson, Walter 223 Riley, John 223 Robert Laura 223 Robertson, Glenda 42, 106, 223 Robinson, Anthony 223 Rogan, Angela 42, 223 Rogers, Leona 223 Roussell, David 72, 223 Sartin, Darris 110, 223 Seal, Gary 224 Seal, Mark 72, 83, 224 Seals, Theresa 116, 224 Sharp, Samantha 106, 224 Sheridan, Carol 224 Simmons, Bodie 13 Smith, April 40, 42, 110, 216, 224 Smith, Carlos 224 Smith, Lisa 224 Smith, Vicki 106, 224 Spears, Bruce 42, 124, 224 Spiers, Nikki 224 Spikes, Lisa 224 Spillman, Jerry 224 Stafford, Nichelle 225 Stevenson, Stephanie 120, 225 Stillwell, Kellie 225 Stogner, Karen 106, 225 Stokes, Bradley 225 Stringer, Belinda 225 Sykes, Shelly 225 T agert, Aadron 225 Talley, Michael 225 Talley, Theresa 225 Tate, James 72, 225 Tate, Stephanie 40, 225 Taylor, Amber 225 Temple, Scottie 72, 90, 92, 110, 225 Thomas, Chantelle 225 Timmons, Derek 42, 124, 225 Timmons, Eric 225 Timmons, Floyd 13, 72, 225 Truax, Daniel 225 Vince, Rhonda 225 Voth, Douglas 225 Wager, Dennis 40, 106, 110, 225 Wallace, Jim 225 Warner, Douglas 225 Warner, Suzanne 225 Washington, Stephanie 225 Watterson, Katrice 225 Willard, Elisa 225 Williams, Aretha 225 Williams, Dawn 225 Williams, Debeauche 225 Williams Donnie 40, 110, 225 Williams: James 40, 72, 90, 110, 225 Williams, James 72, 225 Williams, Jonathan Mark 20, 92, 106, 124, 216 Williams, Kendall 225 Williams, Marc 42, 225 Williams, Michelle 225 Williams, Sandra 225 Williams, Sheri 106, 225 Williams, Tammy 225 Willis, Donald 115, 225 Willis, John Barrett 106, 225 Wilson, Carla 225 Winder, Louella 225 Index 253 H People At BH From The Beginning . I. Shooting a free throw is Bruce Plum- mer. 2. Glad the school year is over are Sheila Crain, Willie Cochran, and Kim Griffith. 3. Drivingfrom the parking lot until next year is Jimbo Jacobs. 4. Mary Fendlason and Amy Branch enjoyed being jellybeans at the French Club Halloween party. 5. Jumping the hurdles during a track meet is Caprice Dyson. 6. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. 7. Showing us their sexy poses are David Duke and Vin Knight. 8. Tana Pritchard and Michelle Dufrene love T oga parties, especially during English class. 9. Dis- cussing the outcome ofa tennis match are Lee Gallaspy and Coach Don Williams. 10. Everybody loves a Homecoming pa- rade. 11. J.J. Tate seems content with the baseball game. 254 Closing fl lid 5 4 LI .A N 3 N! Wm? f 'S ,ff if '-. .3 V PY' l 'Mt 8 Q A T 0 The END!! Closing 255 Cuxpfumgf QQMMJLQ: + Q93 Cnlpgm, QW WMQQJ x. GQ ubmwufvvupug cpu. XLVLQ , N Tir' , fi, fi ,ii , . Uxmb fl Q3 -if, K Q-P2 X mfr LJ U - E QQ wi-,, 111 QLLL fpx UUQ CLKOK, clbfimfdvk if i "R, XL if , CLEL,LuQu,p LMWLQUWUJK X UQQM.. EQQQL QLMCJQ is XE we . 1 X - X , ' XJVWUCLGQLLXJQ mis R f Q'4 S7 fl. l gp ,Ps Q X., 2 Q Q GSK 1 2.2 ip, Qi K L' 1 KE QP h fo , N W Oglxiixxxbi L7 Li 40 W W gf 15? wi-Q 3, 'MK ii xr f 5450 , ii YQ Rv N 2 1 if Sify gm 99133 ' 0 xx If a 7 . O ,f f" S X ""'-Q,., . , , . ff fi 6 ,',,, ,ff f I iid dig, A.3cd,zq,,?"J,,,,V9i"'fjfWQ vim? A jgfwwf W W ,X 5' Agfjcfk .Q -431. 5 W-ai' lg B , e ig. mujw 1250! ' f,ff -Sgltfxb Wag EFX 6-QC 050234 i!,,f,,-f '6Q,r5X XIX gf M23 XX f x 555,65 - f'1,g-22 . wb bn? fm? 'K'-A' 9 755' Af Eg N Q gift? ff,f6fivQ9iiN :fb D59 if M Af. :AO S ffm ,664-gff'k. y Q X 'xx' of 065225 mdwgffffx 6, Q1 ,,fQQ,f' N, K ,S , 1 ' xl- L. his Ngsgddf-3 it A X- 6 WOM-uxelw, Lux swam aww WMM Mfffu If Selqfisux CMPWAO-M SMU fix MU jx mf-Mi SWIM ' 'fs 91, MLM OWCZU 'pf CA Ojjlww UOMQ 0 f W WML! Qlgifjgjo fQ'5?f ifwiiii MPM V l 6, kAgyy0 L 9' LW' WW MW fx gfwo wwffwik WWW Q of Q, 3651056 Qgwawffgg 5 Q J? W Gwififfihffifbsfb W PM' MQW Qzjwffgw ,W W Jo img fgigiggyww W WWW fMWMW1!QM,LQ,i,MWZW VUL' bfi A JZZ7QWefQ0Zff4Oi7M7ff!wv2j0' JUN 254, 316 Mmmwm p . 0 0, X ,ff QW 22532, Q5,wfMO,wy ff? lijdgfff WQO,W5.fS' iii? QQ? Wwf WWA JK my WZWQN !93'wiZgEW QQ NX v9 K yi Qfagmyqf NAIS M 'ww YWZWQQ LW QW -QNMEQW 49, ' J L, . W0 1 NEW WWA X -253 -43 Q3 we M Nw N1 N M69 I Q' NQPQ ' KY lux xx , V ' K 1 f+Y1 sy , 7 w ' Nf KLA ' 15+ WL X X L X Q., , x X- F x, 7 A CQVWWLL LLQVX 5 5 bf AQ A QVQZWQJ x VQJG my Q C in if La Qlq. SWL? j - fha , f w , Q EW Y vixg M , W . wikis eb W 949' 'KM' L95 W Wi-wb W W J Q0 Q, F ' J Cmdaf Qfmcf L My , Sff my QB wvfmff QQ ina? Qwf f Q ml My J f 1 . V I I A ff W ,Q ff, f ,fl N5 LH My ,gr 97 fd V W 'W , f 34 4 QV WHO Q' X039 A X9 R 'Q' 3 ' 59 W . Jldlll. fg pijd mjvfnwfj X XJ in :A V 4' I WRU N A QA --Mffxf' Ll!! 4 " pu' if UO -1-fgq fig, YO V, fvlnfxfg-74 gfi F I 299 if ,sficff 1 1' ' U Q, , '43 J-f pq :QQ gf f f 4 .Q A ',.f1f'x 1,90 'A O J 5 x K rj V X A U l M . I . ., -J X-J, .J is 'If M1 if V f

Suggestions in the Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) collection:

Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 254

1982, pg 254

Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 195

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Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 18

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Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 137

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Bogalusa High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Bogalusa, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 146

1982, pg 146

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