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FX W LIBBI S W 5 ..f'r X X if BLUNT MGNARCH 19 52 953 EDITED BY BLUNT HNGH SCHOOL STAFF 'PYP as Editor........... ......Henrietta Lindbloom Assistant Editor................Audrey EI'1CkSUI1 Business Mana. eros:aoooooooooocnoRiCh-ard Kirsch istsunoonoanoonunooouoooo 68.11116 J0!'XBSg ch, Virgil Mercer Larry Ostercamp L A WR Qin . xi., H: s W1 af 1 pill '- K . HH, 1 L av Q0 Rita Ayers 5, 4, R 5th grades Notre Dame, hltchell, So Dak BLUNT JYTEACH- ING Donald L. Lucas, Supt. -,Q Shorthand, Typing l k 2 B. L.-St.'John's University, W Collegeville, Minn. M. A.-University of So. Dak., Vermillion, So. Lak. Glenn Ieffler English 1, Bookeeplng, Biology, and Math. B. A.-Black Hills Teachers, Spearfish, So. Dak. Rosemary hoellers English 2 k 4, Economics Sociology, and Music B A ollege of Mount at Scholistlca, ktchison, Kansas Lucille Schmidt lst k 2nd grades Northern State Teachers , Aberdeen 50 Dak N-of' Pulda Irving 6: 7, R Sth grades Teacvers, Aberdeen, So Dak 'V I -C O O ' r ucv .Q X, f A e 'aa Northern State .m,-,1- -Mt: to Clifford Small, President, Ray Marshall, Esther Giziewski, Dorothy Parks, Supt D L Lucas, James Doyle, Vice President, Stuart McDaniel, Clerk AND 9 O X K D Janitor 'Ward Yeager L. Ro ' ' ' s W!! r., I p nf, J' t -1' be fi I,-Y JO MORRIS ECKMAN BIRTHDATE Sept B, 1935 rl NTCKIAME 'lorry' AMBITION College Basketball Coach ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 2-3-4 Softball Track 3-3-4 Annual Staff Art Fditor of 'Flashlight' Feature Editor of 'Flashlight' Meet My Wives 'The Adorable Imp' 'If Men Played Cards as Women Do' 'There Go The Grooms' Class President Class Treasure Student Council Mixed Chorus 'Wo HENRI TTA LINDBLOOM BIRTPDAT Oct 5, 1955 NICKNAME Hank AMBITION Secretary ACTIVITIES Clee Club l 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus Class Vice Candidate for President 2- Carnival Queen 3 Carnival Queen Student Council Class President President Editor of Annual Basketball Cheerleader Librarian ftball 'The Adorable So Meet My Wives Imp' 'There G0 The Grooms' A Rooms slarmrr BIRTHDAT N1cxNA..E 'Roc' AJBITION R2n?heil,1934 ACTIVITIFS Basketball l 2 3-4 Softball 'If Jen Played Cards As 'Omen Do' Class Pres Reporter on 'Flashlight' Vixed Chorus Track 1 3 3,4 Meet My 71ves 'Adorable Imp' 'TheI6 Go The Grooms' Annu l Staff Sports ditor 'Flashlight' Saluetori n I .2 . 'I j ' Q N.1 Aw g X, neocon' f .......4....3-4 iff' A """'IIIIII..a-4 X ul 4 -'A N . "a:::::::2 VW ....s 0 xxx .4 , .......3 ........4 1 5' .......i .A 5' ' .......... 3274, i If il, F 1 1 P4 - ,V .Q J 1 gn. n . . ' .... a ......4 .....4 ........4 ....4 .....3-4 ..... 4 ......z-4 ..........3-4 ' '.....2 .............3 ....4 . ..I.T.T3-4 " ""'f""'7.T..z ......... ...4 .......3 e .......4 .....4 L 3 - ---- 1 a ........4 NAME suaay Welch BIRTHDATE June 10, 1935 NICKNAME Bud AMBITION Businessman ACTIVITIES Basketball Traci Softball Class Secretary 'Meet My wives 'There Go The Grooms Production Manager, 'Flashlight' Carnival King ACTI Basketball l 2-3-4 Glee Club 1 2 3-4 Mixed Chorus Quartette Sexette Claes Sec Treae Class V Pres Art Editor of Flashlight' Sports Editor of 'Flashlight' 3- Editor of Annual 3 Associate Editor of Annual Librarian Softball Mixed Chorus Annual Staff Sports Editor 'Flashlight 'The Adorable Imp' 'If Men Played Cards As Women Do' NAME Richard Kirsch AUDREY ERICKSON BIRTHDATE June 29, 1935 NICKNAME Aud AMBITION Receptionist V -1 ITIES DAR candidate 'Sis O' the Ozarks' 'Meet My Wives " The Ado rable Imp' 'There Go The Grooms' BIRTHDATE August 8, 193k NICKNAME Rich AMBITION Coach SCHOOLING M years at Blunt ACTIVITIES Basketball Track Student Councill 2 Softball Sports Fditor, Flashlight Wditor, Flashlight Class President President, Student Council Valedictorian Annual Staff Mixed Chorus 'Sis 'O The Ozarks' Meet My wives 'The Adorable Imp' 'There Go The Crooms' If Men Played Cards As women Do 4 3 ACTIVITIVS Basketball Track Softball Mixed Chorus Annual Staff Paper Staff VIRGINIA JEANNE JONES BIRTHDATE Sept 16, 1935 NICKNAME ALBITION Go to business school SCHOOLING ye re, Hereford, Texas year, Blunt ACTIVITIES H Associate Business Manager, Annual Circulation Manager, Annual Paper Staff, 'Flashlight' Glee Club l Z-3-4 Pep Club Business Manager, Annual Annual Staff, Monarch nThere Go The Grooms' VIRGIL MERCVR NICKBAI 'Red' BIRTHDATE June 15, AMBITION Rancher ACTIVITIES Basketball Track Softball Production Manager, Paper Staff Annual Staff LARRY 0STmRKAMP NICKNAME 'Fat Man' BIRTHDATE Sept 5, 1955 AMBITION To be a million aire 2-3-4 'Y 1935 4 C1888 Color Blug d J Class Flower Red Cgrnlrigg Class Motto As the labor so the reward , Q f..........1- ....1-2-3-4 Uilitltl CIIIUOM I A ....4 1' ax- e' none A oncs4 wi WSU? MN- Q .. F, '. 1...........1-.-2 ' ...........3-4 IDOIOIUOOOOOIII4 K n "lDOlOll OII4 OUIOIIOI4 QIIIQOCIOCOIOI4 :..........3-4 ooosonuooooonaoa3"4 IIUOOIOOOOL4 JUNJQKS L to n Derald Gross, Connie Kirsch, Donna Crain, Prancea McDaniel, Miss Rosemary Moellers The Junior Class of 1952 53 was composed of four members Frances McDaniel, president, Donna Crain, vice president, Connie Kirsch, secretary, and Derald Gross, treasurer Our advisors were Miss Hoellers and Mrs Lucas The class operated the lunch stand at home basketball gwnes On may 7, they sponsored tbe annual Junior Senior prom and banquet A blue and wbite starligbt tlene was cbosen by the class The banquet was beld in the American Hynes played for the dance held in the American lesion dall The class play WA letter From lexicon was presented October 31 November l, under the direction of Miss Moensrs Derald Gross played basketball on the B team Connie Kirsch, Frances McDaniel, and Donna Crain olayed on the girls team Donna was on the first six all season wbile Connie started most of the games Frances substituted in every game Frances was Assistant Editor on the school oaoer Donna acted as Busine s Manager and Connie as Advertising Make up Art'st Frances and Donna botb served as Librarians and on the student Council F 1 I P 1 Legion Club Room and served by the Altar Society. Johnnie I I x .I - A i 'th it , .2 , 3 Standing' L. to R. ike Eckman, Norman Kirsch, Jim Stuart, ulenn Leffler Sitting L to R Lynette Junkman, Phyllis Yeager and Lorli Giziewski Jgffjgff QREU mhe six students in the soph more class are Phyllis Yeager Jim Stuart, Norman Kirsch, Mike Eckman Tim, the only new stu dent, transferred from Pierre All of the so omores helned fall The clas took part in the Junior Class Play, 'A Let'er From Mexico' and Norman helped the seniors in their play, 'There Go the Grooms Norman, Mike and Jim were on the first ten Lynette and Lorli were the first six in girls basketball while Phyllis was a re ular substi tute Stand1ng L to R Mike Eckman, Jim Stuart Lynette Jurkman Sitti to ng Phyllis Yeaver CLASS OFFICERS r-I C' f W . : ,. , H . , -,ph . initiate the freshman early last . I l . .. , .E , 'A' . , on : L. R. - v fi , 'I ng? 2 s viii ik 4' fb 5 i' - A 'QMN' N. 1 .- f .xv 4.5 I s -" 5 . .A.1r,,L 'V' Vx.,- 1 of 1 A ' -4 -,' -- , !'-hu 4 qw y , X. A 'N' 5-M ',,4,y me , 'Q ?4ff, " i a- "JL 'lf' it ' 3 , S- 1' I Q r' My gil Q., ' if. gi grfifig .. x to g,gs."f'l- J: 4 3 kin -. 1 53:45. 'ja f. Ig '-Tiff" . I, - -. f -. . fl.,-ff:-. -,nn -.xl . x r ff Y 4 , 5: - 4 -1, :uw -f' .P 15 J' , -f ' f I 1 v f In .A U1 L,-if ,,- vf" TL Standing L to R Myrna Alters, Patty Burley, Karen Big Wagle, Janice Kirsch, Carol Ann Scott, Glenn Leffler eittlng to Dale Osterkamp, Jack Bartlett Daune Csterkamp, and ayne July f1HS8It Johnnie Majewskil L to R Carol Ann Scott, Karen Big Eagle and Janice Kirsch. Ten students started the Fresh men Year They were Carol Scott, Jack Bartlett, Patty Burley, Mryna Alter, Dale Osterkamp, Wayne July, Duane Osterkamn, John Majewski Karen Big Eagle, and Janice Kirsch Carol Scott was the only new stu dent She was transferred from Harrold school John Majewski was strlckened with polio and was forced to quit school in October leaving onl, nine stadents Some of the class activities were the freshmen girls presented a one act play, Among Us Girls' at the carnival A comeback party was given for the sophomores Janice Kirsch and Carol Scott helped the Seniors in their play, 'There Goes the Grooms', and all the freshman boys took part in athletics with Jack Bartlett being on the first ten of the 'A' team CLASS OFFICERS '11 ' 1 LTL J 1- , H. X - S J L h 4 A f : L. R. H M . - Back Row Front Row e 1.1 -if Ronda Kirsch, Karen Small, Rose Ann Rayburn, Dennis Kimmis, Judith Hageman, Cletus Yeager, Thomas Howard, Donnie Johnson, Edward Crain, Don Parlin, James Gogolin, James Borden, Roger Parks, Billy Burley, Terry Small, James Korkow, Harlan Mehrer, Janet Kimmis, and Ollie Lauing Grace Llndbloom, Carol Junkman, Donald Korkow, Harvey Schmitgen, Carol Yeager, Delores Adams, Karen Crain, Phyllis Goc, Lois Parks, and Margo Left to right bottom row Ylke Doyle, Jim Parks, Darrel Russel, Tom Anderson, Kathy Richards, Jean July, Gay Walker, Sandra Junkman, and Sharol Parlin Back row Larry Speece, Ricky Eckman, Larry Kleinschmldt, Bernard Lauing, Roseann Sohmltgen, Diane Kjer, Lester Mehrer, and Diana Adams Mot shown are Ronald Crain and Marvin Jenkins J 5 M ee? x ' FJ 1 oaj fN. XP 1X fra ,N. XX XJ 'O' X' ,lfx XJ Mervine. lNot shown, Joan Ratzlaff.D M? vyt: 1 ,x. A XJ X, fX QR VIICVI First Row L to R Johnny Lindbloom, Rlchard Howard, James McDaniel, Margorie Hars1n, Ronald Gogolin, Dena Adams, Lois Yeager, and Mrs Irving Second Row James Anderson, Dale July, Joy Lehman, Shirley Lauing, Viley Lauing, Betty Burley, Patsy Moore, and Karen Walker Third Row Leona Dromey, Nyla Borden, Erin Doyle, Ardis Larson, Kada Fokman, and Donna Richards Knot showing Juanita and Delbert Jones D LTL "' c . M STUD Standing left to rights Phyllis Yeager, Francis McDaniel, and Donna Crain Sitting Richard Kirsch, Karen Big Eagle, Henrietta Lindbloom, and Lorli Giziewski NY FOUNCIL I 2:.,'n,,,x,L, .47 A NN U A L M Q to R Richard Kirsch, Henrietta Lindbloom, H0861 Bartlett, Audrey Erickson, Mr Lu08Ba and Virgil Mercer fN0t Shown, Larry Osterkamv: Buddy Ielch Morry Eckman, Jeanne Jones D 'W .il .Ll Sitting L to R Richard Kirsch, Frances McDaniel , I' and Connie Kirsch Standing L to R Roger Bartlett, Lorli Giziewski, Mr Leffler, Donna Crain, Audrey Erickson, and Vlrgil Mercer S "TL 'Tl , -Q ie-me -11 inner! n of ' V . T . E 1 . T n "1 'L 'W' ' Ch xl' ' 'L"l 'H --I r-'r-' I .J-1...-I x.2-I BACK RO Miss Moellers, Audrey ET1CKBOH, Connie Kirsch, Karen Bi magle, Frances McDaniel, Janice Kirsch, and Patty Burley FRONT ROW Donna Crain, Lorli Giziewski, Carol Ann acott, fyrna Altere, Henrietta Llndbloom, Pnyllis Yeager, and Lynette Junkman Standing Audrey Krickson, Donne Craln, Fr nces fcDan1e1, Phyllis Yeager, Janlce Kirsch, and Carol Ann Scott Slttlng Lynette Junkman, Connie Kirsch, and Henrletta Lindtloom '11 1 f pq W- 'JO L72 N . 5? LW E' J J -- cn ' - ' -I 1 r' '1 W - C - U2 K . 'L We ' U1 xl Q IK CLAJD CHARACTERS Mr. Stengle... Ellen Stengle. Grace Stenple. Mrs. Stengle.. Aunt Flora .... Posie ........ Oscar..... Steven.... Hazel... Thb JUNIOR CLAAS OF BLLNT HIGH SChOOL PTEQLTTS NA LETTER FROM MEXICON A Comedy in Three Acts Norman Kirsch Lorli Giziewski Connie Kirsch Lynette Junkman Phyllis Yeager Donna Crain James Stuart Hike Eckman Frances McDaniel SCENE: A neat sitting room In 5teng1e's rooming house. Act I--Early morning Act II--Afternoon Act III--Evening about 8 P. M -1 X 1 I S l'l'L H- 7 I F" . Q ' C N CT -. e L. ' U3 . f ,ji , gp Q 1-11 o -'f 1 . x.-if CD C? H '.' FY' S ' Z Ifqlfhr X uq'n Q, , lil li ' ' ,nal no J V I ' -vez.. 'Q ' 5 ::f.... - 'fx e o neocons J 0lCll.l0l IIOCOOOII 3."C2J ' ' J . P' 0 D' KD "3 Du I ' P: E' H' 0 151 UI ' o LJ' ., JD THE QENIOR CLAoS OF BLUNT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTQ NTHERE GO THE GROOMSW A Comedy in Three Acts CHARACTERS Joshua HcKn1oht 'innie AcKn1eYt auellen JcKni bt Roger Bartlett Henrietta Lindbloom Janice Kirsch Marzie Brackett Pete Harney Mrs J Gormley Groom 'arol Ann scott Worman Kirsch Andrey Urickson austace Tusnin bam Groom 'orry Ec4nan Honeybelle Jackson Jeanne Jones The plot centers around a perfectly normal Oklahoma family who masquerade as Indians for the purpose of scaring away their son's bride to be This was a royalty play written by the well known author, Jay Tobias, and produced by special arrangement with the Drama Guild of Boston, Massachusetts .hllm .J 'W 6-11 li Carnival King and Queen Buddy Welch and Henrietta Llndbloom 'ul g ' 'Q T Y 'an , .JS 0 . fgf!'0" 1 l 1'5" ' . f ' 5: gf Q 55349, v x I SJ in q 'B - ff r - 1 f F. O' A 4 1 " W, 'K J J Q., - -lr '5 " r Q -. f .Ca 4 9 3.42335 'Q . l '1 -as ,ls A ,gphfvf 'Q sv 5,3 gf,1.LN 1.1 Lie Q." - - Kr' 5'3- F LORLI 'e gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta e a m, Team! Team! Teaml. k::AL:AEmKo Ne otta school E e gotta yell fe gotta team, that fights like, Rickity Rackety Russ, we're not allowed to cues, but never the less, you must confess, there is nothing the matter w1th us HANK Fight Fight Fight Fight r 1 ght 'em 'em 'em 'em 'em boys, fight 'em boys , fight 'em fair, square , b0Y9n fight 'em ,I ' U ' ' JANKE 523 Shoot ' 1-11 Shoot 'Zz losh CDDB on boys Iet's gpg BLUNT 'Nm MONARCHS I nonm' VIRGIL HMAN BUDDY DERALD 'xx-c' COACH LEFFLER 1952 3 RICHARD LARRY ROGER um: JIM JACK il E . 15 5? A 1 Ng Q If A ? ., 'I f , .ai ' . . A My f , K . TfR R R '33 1 R g,' 9 j RR "DUANE" 4 ' N x ii it V I I A.t?,:3Q 2 ' 5 K' ' sg' 'I' Q if R W - n f , 2 Back Row L to R Coach Glen Leffler, Duane Osterkamp, Roger Bartlett, Jack Bartlett, Larry Osterkamp Front Row L to R Dale Osterkamp, Norman Kirsch, Mike Eckman, Jim Stuart, and Derald Gross FEAM The Little Monarchs had a successful season with 7 wins and 4 losses They placed second in the LCAC with 5 wins and 3 losses Jack Bartlett led the way for the midget monarchs with 139 points Due to the graduation of last years stars the Blunt grades managed but 3 wins in 12 starts Since c ly two players graduates the prospects for next year are bright Johnny Llndbloom, an eighth grader, was high scorer for the grades with 67 points Uri Q9 sr 0 Don Koykow, Dale July, Jim Korkow, Eddy Crain, Don Parlon, John Lindbloom, Jim McDaniel, Ronnie Gogolin, Wayne July, Dale Osterkamp, nd Po ch Leffler H1311 f 1 J 1 fb 'lv 96? Y' -1' -Q "JAN1cE" X l ' NETTEH 'HENRIETTA' X DFW L 3' fU WFRANCASW 'KAREN' 3 952 1 CA NC ONFERE C . A I 1. 1 T-' f: 7' O m 3 ', 9Q- , - 'Q J I, CQ I , in . , 1 , K , z 4 Q f x r N 3 7 Xf XXI nf i ' " A1 'LY N X f f X A Q 5 T S Y, U . I .", ll I X 'V x ' Q ' Q 1 1 1 J 4 I ' 1 WON WON F" F: 1' Qt -.P Standing L to R Lorli Giziewski, Lynette Junkm n, Henrietta Lindbloom, Connie Kirsch, Karen Egg Eagalie, Aueirreyximickson, Frances an e Jan ce rsoh Phyllis Ye and Uaroi Ann Scott ' agar' 511217 ing Coach Lucas Standing L to R Coach Leffler, Jim Stuart Jack sucker, mon xn-sen, Larry oscerfmmp, Roger Bartgezst, Welch, Virgil 9 P YL Sit ing L Tier aJohnQ?.-.gjveuvciklgfnbale Oeterkamp, Duane Osterkamp, Derald Gross, layne July, Korman Kirsch, and like lckman 1 LOST LOST qi .fix q:j .J .f' .If Auf' Virgil Mercer High Jump High Jump Broad Jump Mike Eckman HUIGL Q Pole Vault Buddy Welch Pole Vault The track team took part in the follow'n meets Blunt Invitational, Pierre Iecion Relays, LCC Conference, Six Team Invi tatlonal, Regional and the :tate meet Those earning letters were Jim Stuart, Virgil Mercer, Norman Kirsch and Buddy Nelch Virgil and Buddy entered the State meet since Buddy placed second in the pole vault and Virgil third in the Richard Kirsch Higr jump at the Re lonal Roger Bartlett Shot Discuss snot Discuss ggckle Bartlett Jim Stuart Norman Kirsch 0 Broad Jump-Hurdleq 880-P110 16 WINS GST 1 5 L A T H L E T I AND 'r CIKADUA FIQN I v H ji Q 5 K J-X JXIX .la MAY 1-ml IJ Q P .- f fm' 4 . 'v I f' mf. F 1 I' r' . f' 5 5ffI'HE."EIILfUff - ,939 K t H tawf .QV ' ' mi , f 5' 'Q N ' J 5 u -J A K ,- ' 19 X50 I f I x xxx. av v' 'xx . ' .xx 1 1. wk, -Y , 'lr r,.. 17 . , T 'fl v- - 4 'lv if fu. L . - n , ., A . .-s-rf' 'C r --.. iff:-1' if-dnt tx 1 L' si . x - .1 Afx - Y , . 'if 1 ' X x , ' Af, -i-v'f' '.v sf Yi Q 'g inf. mt? .',--Q." , nj, ktzjxa, fe N ' ,' , 'w..x Q 1 ,rv Zwq x g-.fig -N? 9... . yys .L 'A-J ,tl Q-sf , , src , A ' .4 'TI 1 . "" x.',' - if-1 gy' .Ja V, J-Z.. '- I . - 'Q "'f. -y' ' 5' "uf'.".s'X' , f",v,y1,"?"" Z! ' --- . . , - , ' -X-' -. . -I .,,. f-.-s- 1-ga' .A YQ! . -4 'g'.,,. sf .M .' .X X N11 '. 1.1 Qu ,K --h ft-ARIS N 'X '--Q' ?,7"'1x'fg tl 1" , iQ.Aj,,9i1'a' P7 'FJ4 'b ' 4' H . , . .- W ,' - ' , r--.-.xl q-' 4 ' Q '. f N , 'I' , ' X ' - ' 'f "1 ""f. V lf.-X -.1 f . ".' FK 1' ""114.-if' iw "-2 1 -"' ' Rf '. .' . gf' x -.L ' I. ' " ' xx ix' " 'W' P1-x',1.' v?'.'Q.l' -A 5"x fl! L- S-sl, ., . .LI ,,., , u, -, .-,, , , Q tb. ' Y T t ,"' ' FQ' K' -5 W1 .1 --il' 1.5 5 51:1-1 's'.vgxL.-5,91 ' .'.f',",'fL1xt1- '14 11 I. 1 ' v ' fvv. , s ' v '. , 1. -S s A kg, . K 1- ' x.. I .V . 5 D A 1 . px" if ttf- 1.1-.Jkt . :'.,I l l.',,'.'g'. v,,xfl-ix GV!-..'sLq xf,,'.t:L,-,v.5':X6sxn X. 4:3 ' , -I , WA. 4. -, .' f rx' '.f Y."'S."'.'-.rl 'Nl.N" V- si. T' f - ' -I w--'fx- '19-C. -:wr wi: . .-. s , -I ' , . . 'y'.. - . .0-5. ' .1 A X Q 2, ? .- '11 ., .six A .ws , 1 - - ' f " .N - - - . ' .. tlw e-is Q' .0 'Al' A. Q W J", si- . .1a1l'- , .J.f.s.,','x..J ,AQQR Q md NUR an OOD HANDS MIWAY MOTOR COMPANY Auto Needs and Electrical Appliance Needs Blunt South Dakota A'-'Tv AND Howzxaneros Rvxflf' J Symbol of Service Parts Egrdware Freezers Refrigerators Implements and Service Howard, Owner Blunt, S D BLINT LIVESTOCK DON T, AUCTION FORGET Cliff Small, Manager Chuck Hoover, Auct Sales Every Tuesday Blunt, South Dakota Koaxow TRUCKING SHIP BY TRUCK SERVICE J' s, sw' .Iles-Btu Use Sales and Uv! 1 mou TE CO Service I fa for P Products X, 1-X kow ho or ompany Blunt, S D Phone Blunt 23-T1 MUST BE SATISFIED LLAG MOT and CAFE Try our service 1t's the best Blunt South Dak YSVER Tlkf In A Jig? i WG Y jj ilu, Q Blunt, s Dax QW rf 15s X' l QNU 5" I Offical distributor for Nlibllgas AQ Mobllon CEI NXA 'a111? lg-I ,J W KJER GENERAL L , MERCHANDISE ffw wf Cab f Al Kjer, Manager Blunt, S Dak ST s s!lW'4N O T A oeposlrs 2 N UEIBEUEREIEJ ' AS Pizovuoso an me sanxmo ACT ofnsza BLUN T, SOUTH DAKOTA IN ' ' I R. L. , ,f N M f .,,,, , ' ff , T' ' 3-751 uv- , . . lu W Km- f z c . - -"-'--' ..,. 4 g at 5.5 ilu, STEELE BERVI f ff "X ' ' f'. , v I E E L ' 36,4 N ' n - n 4, leet, D A TE 'gig' 5 A K cg B If Q ., - O - Cb R 1 .Q .'., K Q 9 A T A 3 1' . . ' 5' I g oee or Phone JA mn HAQWISON LUMB R COMPANY L Build n aterials V P A Phone 21161 Blunt, South Dakota CO OP CENTRAL ELECTRIC CO OP ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATION High Line Electric Service on a New Profit Basis Ooerated by Its members for Its members Blunt, S Dak Blunt, S Oak Anderson, Manager CQMPLIM E N TS QF M. N. Norrissev, MD C. L. Swanson, MD A. B. Simion, MD Pierre Se Dako F U 0 I o . -"'. R IQ.:-Q, ' .inf ' A ' A' VL 'lb E C O A 4 1 g M f I N T I L. W. X S ssooo , I R S T I ON Q90 Pierre, South Dakota Satisfactory Banking Service Always Member of F D I C Prompt Service SWL the MMEY NME LANM B N F R A N K L Stores Pierre Pierre Pierre GIFTS+MMwiTOYSv4-++S0UVIENERS Whenever he is tired hand him a f PIERRE cocA coTA 'ba coMPANY No matter if you up or down it is always time for rw PIERRE, S DAK I so gf You too will be surorise when you visit one of the K, oldest and largest 61 store in Pierre s gf 1 Y nThe Family Store Pierre, S Dak INSURANCE THAT REALLY msunss EE ERICSON 8 THORPE we Insure Anything Insurablen hoo S Pierre Street Pierre, S Dak Phone 2525 1 1I!nln4!!!: 151 S xX N Y' s Men's Clothing Pierre South Dakota Best of Luck to Merry Eckman Richard Kirsch Virgil Mercer Buddy Welch Roger Bartlett Larry Osterkamp Audrey Erickson 1 9 5 3 Virginia Jones Heneritta Lindbloom BLUNT HIGH SCHOOL SEN IORS L A HARVEY, Dentist Pierre South Dakota om r Q ' iPod cto 'P 0 Y G- xAssocato H N...4"w, 'A Wit! PIERRE PRODUCTICN CHWDIT ASS Pierre South Dakot 8. 5 L yc : 'zaazzza' 2 1 F 'Q uno:-von 5 'y .54 sr Q IN A '1' A L S X B A N K ' OF E I N QSM, 1. ,L . 1 Z ' ' - 1 I xR x. I U m A. E. LUCAS co. . gl! 1 4 .. . . . , . P POR ' xXx F N T, E - I S 1-. . . -. -V Q... , Z """""'i"'-""'i' 1 S T0 CLOTHING co. ll : fs 1 I' U ID 0 5 Cr dl 5 ' Q :nf '5 P A , .Q ee or call J P OGEN We will move anything anywhere Blunt South Dakota f s1ANuAno TW? PARK STANDARD SWRVICE ilton C Dutt, Manager Blunt, s Dak we aim to Please ef 1 V L ,... E c x M AN' gggiro Blunt, s Dak QISIOISS l Beer Ice Cream Cigarettes Pop Come In and Select the Magazine that you Perfern Open Sundays and evenings for your Convenience atqgvlp' Pofzma smsss AGENCY WMP Pierre, S Dak "THE sToRE or BETTER QUALITY' Electric Ranges Electric Hater Heaters Home Freezers Maytag Washers Radios Mangles Electrical Anpliances Typewriters Adding Machines See us for your needs at Phone 2533 200 E DAKOTA AVE "Try Our Delicious Coffee Upfrowu "'1,3Efi""' U I CAFE 3S- P "W Serve the Best Meals in Town Darrell Welch, Manager and Owner with .deffw deaf, qpllf your see or can JIM EISCHEN Q HEPA I Pierre and Blunt Come i an 3 fill your 2 at XX y BLUNT CASH STORE i' :D Blunt, s. Dak, A complete line of fruits, meats and groceries Open every evening but Sunday 4 ANDERS ZMIIY P E Wfff 01" SQPECIALTV Pi Market where you can Park The store with the magic doors is at your service W A Fon f , ' Af 9, S TV Y . 0 M e ' n - n N ll V! 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OVMI' Marshall Bar Pierre slew asu r Attorneys Martin, Goldsmith and May Attorney Clair B Ledbetter Dr G E Lee Chiropracter Pierre PIERRE' SUPPORTERS LV MOULT COMPANY 14.215 PlerreStreet Frigidaire Supplies Delco Automatic Heating Phone 2533 BILL BARBER SHOP "The Best Hair Cut in To The TOM MATTHEWS Agency All Kinds of Insurance Real Estate Loans F E R L E Y JE W E L E R S-1'-H-n--2'-Gifts of all Kind Come in and see us first CROCUS CAFE "we Serve the Best Food in Town HARDING MOTOR COMPANY, Inc Authorized Sales and Service 125 West Sioux Ave ' ere is a F in your futu Phone 763 BERT'S SHOESif-Y--YK-P"-Y9"'4"BOOtS Luggage Shoe Repair-n-V-as-1' r-"--x-r-Pierre, South Dakota KIRKPATRICK ELECTRIC COMPANY 105 W Capitol Phone 2789 Pierre "wE PUT Wiring Repair Service Appliances Jokes Novelties Gifts T "SERVE" SERVICE MODERN CLEANERS HoraceC E11is,Prop. Tailors Hatters Rugs Cleaners Furriers CARL E BERRY'l""l"BERRY'S"7"l"K'201 East Dakota Ave Phone 2052 ' etter Things for Better Fol " Frozen Food lockers Softening K and L ELECTRIC SERVICE we are ready to serve you anytime anyplace GILLIS CLEANERS-IP'-'-'-YP1erre's Oldest and Best Cleaners Phone 678 The FREDA LEGEE SHOP-H-Ladies' and Misses' Dresses Coats and Millinery Phone 933 BVAN'S BAKERY 4+ 41-"Complete Line of Bakery Products Phone 2510 , 'W E . ' I T U 5 -. ' R l E s t a e - L s - I u r 1 e , A V I'- I F. A U .J J Ev H f' JD " N 1 I2 """""-'F J .I I f'h'Ii A Gm . ........ . fy' 1 I' 0 ,J f F. -M,-5119 liwre, South DUNN Dr. H. H. Fifiela---Pierre c A 1 N L. o N ---- . ------- wnn ll 'Th 0 -ORD re" --- - - u -' - W - me nw :B . . ks ,- - 1 "nz Portraits---Cameras---Films "YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERU 103 Main Street Pierre, S. , 'A E R I 'I' U Quality Furniture at the Right Price Phone- 2LL53 in Pierre BEST WISFFS TO ALL THE SEN IORS ' FROM EAGLE BAR un au be the -fwqe ROBERTS LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning-n--n-Iaundry-2'-:eF'u.r' Storaging At foot of Pierre Street Pierre, Phone O ' LITHTIE CHEF Pierre, S D 1s7 'ff5?- J '4 " 4 At the foot of 4 Pierre Street HOME STYLE Breakfast Lunches Meals Open Twenty Four Hours ORVILLE A and VERA L WAGNER Oamers MILLER 'S RAINBUIJ CAFE lk Iihllkflhl 1IJi2. lk SACK Theresno J 95 qu U It EN xg Pierre S ak .Kwik from THE IAUN DROMAT "Wash Whi e You Shop" me half block west of the Post Offim Pierre South Dakota FOR I QU P Dx DR ULADYS HAL: "QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR HE HITIRE FAMILY The PIERRE BOOTERY f ff ' Dial 970 E R Mu11a11y 101 East Capitol ' Prop. Pierre gauth Dgkotg P I R E F U R N R E . . I' ll! I - I S a ' X P f 1 I o e I' I' I' s. D. S S -----3 3 D, gv I' L 1 I ,, flow I fl -'nf I B , wx ab0t E N7 R T 5 re WF Y 1 S NACE cmez Dr-iers Available at an times 1 X W T0 . A ' 221, L ' flslfgp D X I O I fr ll W AT f' f l X I fW QQEW - flfflr MX . s X ! .4 INN . . ,

Suggestions in the Blunt High School - Monarch Yearbook (Blunt, SD) collection:

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Blunt High School - Monarch Yearbook (Blunt, SD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 16

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Blunt High School - Monarch Yearbook (Blunt, SD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 7

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