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5 DEDICATION :ft 5.-. '-5? A lo DEDICATION We denhcate thxs book to you And to all for whlch you stand To you who left our happy ranks To guard our dangered land Fach one of you has a place On th 5 flag of ours Place! there upon the pure wh1t By a Hue and shxmng star Each color has a meamng We 11 :emember when we re o d The red the whxte the blue and Even 1 more the gold' IN MEMORIAM V1rg11 Craln Frank Hargrove Kenneth Howard Warren Leeper jack Roach e face yes MONAR CH 46 82' I . Q, 1 , Fig? ,K . - 'W . M' ff 1 O C 2 Jw fun Amd? J FACULTY wi, rin' -mjsw V ffmj "T N330 U' Supt JAMES E HOGIE Astorla D Subjects taught Commerclal Soc1a1 Studles Mathematlcs Extra Curricula Boys athletlcs Adv1ser Student Counczl Sponsor Senlor Class Busmess Advlser Monarch MRS RUTH A CHASE Pr1nc1pa1 Mrs Loren S Blunt S D Subjects taught Soc1a1 studles Commercxal mathematlcs Extra Currlcula Dramat1cs Muslc Jumor Class Sponsor Llterary Advxser Monarch MRS ANNA SESSIONS Mxller S Mrs G H Subjects taught H1story Mathematxcs Scxence Supervlsor Extens1on Subjects Extra Currmcula G1r1s Basketball Lxbrarman Freshxnan Sophomore Class Sponsor MONAR CH 4-6 I . .' , ' ,S. . c Q. .m , . . English 1 a 1 ' 1 'D' C . . .D Q fm SENIORS I 'gp e I9 I . 3 ' ug? 1: 'VV Nr X 5 J IAQ X w -?, V, M45 .1 Hg! 154 D 'al ' 1255! ' was . VINCEN:I' A GLASSMAKER Play Casts: Y Antics of Andrew ' ' ' Take It Easy ' 6 Advertising-Monarch Staff RUTH KTFPKE Harrold 43 44 Basketball 45 46 Glee Club 45 46 Student L1brar1an 46 Band 46 Play Casts Antlcs of Andrew 5 He Axn t Done R1ght By Nell 46 'l ake It Easy 6 Assoclate Edxtor Monarch Staff JEROME MA CIEJEWSKI Basketball 43 '44 '45 46 Band 42 46 Play Casts He Am t Done R1ght By Nell 46 Take It Easy 6 Sports Monarch Staff KENNETH W MARSHALL Play Casts Aht1CS of Andrew 5 He Aln t Done Rlght By Nell 46 Take It Easy 46 benlor Class Presldent 46 atudent Councxl Vlce Presldent 46 Advert1smg Monarch Staff MONAR CH 46 VINCENT A KIRSCH U S Navy 4 Years A M M sfc U S S Shangrx La Honorable Dlscharge jauary 18 1946 Play Cast 1. , ' I , Y I4 W ll I ,lf I4 I :ll ,if C4 "Take It Easy," '46 1 C Q ll ,Il I4 ll - ' ,li .4 ROBERT MERCER VICE Presldent 45 Delegate At Large Student Councll 46 'Vlay Casts Ant1cs of Andrew Take It Easy 6 1xssoc1ate Buslness Manager Monarch Staff IHYLLIS A MERRITT Basketball 43 44 45 46 Capta1n 46 V1ce Presldent 43 Secretary Treasurer 45 Glee Club 45 46 Play Casts Good Gracxous Grandma Ant1cs of Andrew He A1n t Done Rrght By Nell 4 Take It Easy Sports Monarch Staff NORMA OSTERKAMP Basketball 43 44 45 46 Cheer Leader 44 45 Band 42 46 Glee Club 45 Secretary Treasurer Student COUHC11 45 Play Casts Ant1cs of Andrew 5 He Aln t Done R1ght By Nell 46 Take It Easy 46 Carnxval Queen 46 Ed1tor mn Chlef Monarch Staff JAMES TJOMSLAND Band 46 Ad ertlsmng Monarch Staff MONAR CH 46 A , - ..-......- ----11. A . A 4. I ,AA A45 As A AA C , 4 . ' L TJ A A A A -'A A A A A 6 A I J A A . I 1 s I I , C I , AA . 4, A , 44 AA . n A , 45 AA . A . u ' A A AA AA A 6, , 46 A A A A 1 A A A A A A A . A I Y . A Ol . vw A , 4 AA . 1 . vo Y A l ll av A A A 1 I l. 1.-- A V ' ' - A imfzjf UNDERGRADS v"f5'y za? 'Q E 45' 'C ' N 9:5 f Q" 1 I I X W JUNIORS Ramona Blg Eagle Bllly Kjer Kathryn Irv1r1g Joyce Merrxtt Dorothy Marshall MONARCH '46 .vs 5 X K is v ,,' , 3' , ' , X AL . A f v 1 JUNIORS Ihe Iumor Class started last fall w1th a total of s1x members J tc 'xlerrxtt Rarnona B1g Fagle Dorothy Ixlarshall Kathryn Ir mg lhlly Kjer and Gerald W les Ihe major proyects of the year have been food sales at the bas atb 111 games and a p1e and box soc1el plus a dance at the Leg1on uchtormum Joyce Merr1tt was elected Pres1dent Dorothy Marshall V1ce esldent Ramona Blg Eagle Secretary Trea urer and Kathryn lrvxng as Student Representatlve of the Junlor Class At the half year Gerald W1es qu1t school and moved to Nebras At the begmnlng of the Sth 51x weeks perlod I onda l ahman amc to Joln our ranks from Green Valley lll1FO1S thus br1ng1ng our rnemberslup back to s1x H1115 Kjer served as one of the flrst f1ve on the boys basket taam Ramona and Joyce served as players on the lst s1x of the glrls team and Kathryn Irvlng acted as a substltute Rarnona Blg Eagle was chosen as the student coach by the fac ulty taklng the upper grade glrls out for basketball two days out of every eek Joyce lvler r1tt and Ramona Bxg hagle have he xded the honor ro the Jumor Class throughout the year wuth K xthryn lrvxnfv and llmothy 'Xia-.rshall runn1ng a close second 1n honor pomts lhs I O1 en Chase was sponsor for the junlor Class Ramona B1g l mle ll , , . . L . , Y 1' a I n . t f 'J L 1 " v 1 ' V. . . ,. , , . ,, . . . A ' - gl ' 4 . A - . I L! D D.. ' ' , It , , .. Na, , ' , C, G L 1 A n . . 7 . , , - Dall , , X . ., V, - 4 V ,- YW . . 6 , r A -' V' f ' lo. , L , - 1 O J ' . c , I 1 4 1 1 Q ' 'Ia O M'P?5..?'- """:f.": '-G4 fi' H J f -'S 9' 27' 'W' 2'-'I W is mywjiw Maw SOPHOIVIORFQ Back row Ehzabeth Irvlng Frances Peterson Lawrence Glassmaker and Vumcent Welch Front row LOIS Gsterkamp and George Ogan FRESHMAN Gerry Gunsalus Wayne Er1CkSOn Derwood Mercer and Helen Marshall lv1ONlA R CH '46 Ag iiibl .. . P-A-'fc' . ., 'V - I ' v . fy .Tm T' . ' ' 'A has 5,-f. H ... V. . I H v, -- - m , - ?' -. A ' ,ffL...SZ' , yy. J KVM J ' ,Li - 1, .. -. A' 2 1 "U :Q if -f" -3 1 it g -L 1 4 gt' Q V ' Q ' f Q , Y uvf 45- ,, - as Z1 r ,J ' mx ' 'V ,- ,fu ' j-Y - 'J 1: 'L , 5 , ., N -xygsffl , . , P V , I xy -. 'I -.,.f.i2 .,f1 -1, Af' EQ - ':'4w,,.4. f V . 4 ' 'F ,J . sc . , , . : , . , N Y J 7 I LD JI R GRADES Mrs Hazel Sm1th jane C1-13.56 Dorothy Ping Rxch ard Pmg Robert Sevenxng George Mxller George Chase Ralph Huckms Lorna Er1ckson Joanne Gun salus Beverly Welch Eva Lmdbloom Larry Oster kamp Buddy Welch Harold Welch Fredrlck Klrsch james Burley Dale H11mer Laton Gross R1chard Klrsch Ilene Phllllps Floyd Gogolm Derald Gross Denms Larson Franc1s McDan1el Audrey ET1CkSOn Henrletta Lmdbloom Constance K1rsch Laverene Gogohn Calvxn Harsm absent Charles Harsm LOWER GRADES Mrs jerome Irvmg Karen Bxg Eagle jamce Kxrsch Lorhe G1z1ewsk1 Dale Osterkarnp Duane Osterkamp Lynette Junkman Douglas Hageman Norman K rsch Patr1c1a Burley Myrna Alters B1l1y Stuart Marlean Hageman Phylhs Gross Ronald Gogohn Slurley Lau xng DIXIC Hllmer john Maclejewskl b Marjorle Harsml a sent MONAR CH '46 'fi x. 1 : I .F F- I 1 v l 1 I ' I , n 1 . 9 , l 1 . 1 ' , v ' r - , 1 v l . 1' C 1 n ' I , i. 1 Ir n , , . . , . , . , . Y 'J W . ' , - , . . , 1 , , , , i , s , A , , , .1 . - 1 1 .. 4 l I L xA C 5: 11101 Acl tllcf I 'X Q , ' Y m 1111 I X I Il 1 'HCI' .1 lki Q X Ax: XII' .Ap '11'.1f1f: fic!.itt4 uf nm P' waz mf T--,C mtg--xx rx r, zpik. Um- 'c rm v r. ,..'13Jt.' Ifiriy. Film? 5112 vdl ffffi if lI',. " Ll A ' pr ,-'511'xz.g ihv fl:,11vL'y 'g-srlff, fe-'X ' fV'i'.f53 Play, ug: 1' Sa 'fr-vu ff?-Xl' -gui vndij' 11,1 1 m 3 U wx gmrf,:1g.' 1111, yguxaif.: gl: 1r1'1.TvclH'11x gs! J ,- XL, . U", T-Iillf,-r. Vit ?u1r'i Virlji FH ' 14. 4'f.5l, N I ' V '- 1 g,' rl, 1x34 , L, .15 TA A H' J 1: " A., H zhf' .I., L 1' -w r: .mt 5511.13 CQ-.amir If, lif- 1 I JIl1'1', . ", x .j Alvx L 1 1 ' I - Q X ,'lkl .L If ij ' - 'I rr ' f' ' A I ,.f 11 1 ' -, N ' llf: Q1 , Q , ,'L :E t'zj' 1.1- . ..LLA c lIkE , X I ',--1 A,f-f- ,-guigvu, WU Y-1 U.",:Lix L" wx. 'mi 1 ,. 77Wz'Zwm If my I ATHLETICS QE 'B FIRST SIX Back row Forwards Norma Osterkamp Ramona Blg E gle Joyce Furlow Front row Guards Ruth Klepke Phylhs Merr1tt BASKETBALL GIRLS Back row Coach Sess1ons Frances Peterson Ramona Bxg Eagle Norma Osterkamp Phy111s Merrltt Front row Kathryn Irvmg Joyce Merrltt Jo yce Furlow Loxs Osterkamp MONARCH '46 Joyce Merritt GIRLS BASKETBALL The fxrst game of the season was played at Ree Hexghts November 30th The score was 20 7 mn favor of Blunt Blue bxrds The second game was played on our home floor wxth Leban on December 4th On December llth the Blueblrds played St Lawrence for he f1rst t1me Blunt was v1ctor1ous wlth a score of 25 10 The return game wlth St Lawrence was on their home oor December 18th The score was 33 20 Blunt belng the wxn nxng team The next scheduled game was at Omda january 3rd Luck was st1ll wlth Blunt The game ending 33 Z9 xn our favor The follow1ng nlght the Blueblrds played Lebanon here The result was 18 10 1n Blunt s favor Ree I-Ie1ghts played 1 return game here january 8th endlng m a v1ctory for them wzth a score of 16 15 Omda played here january 29th Blunts score was 22 to The next mght the Gmrls Team went to Fort Thompson an uary 30th The score was 25 18 1n Blunts favor The return game wmth Fort Thompson was played on our ho me floor February 6th Blunt s score was 4-1 to Ft Thompson Z1 The last game of the season was played w1th Harrold on the1r floor February 12th The score was 15 8 m our favor Durlng the Basketball season the Blunt G1rls made 256 po1 nts to the1r opponents 176 averagmg 22 poxnts a game Hlgh pomt player for the year was Ramona B1g Eagle w1th 122 polnts Norma Osterkamp was second wlth 86 pomts wh1le Joyce Furlow made 71 Blunt had a very successful year playmg twelve games and only loslng one Th1s was due to the co operatlon of the g1r1s and the coaclung of Mrs Anna Sesszons Although Blunt 15 losmg four players there are prospects of a very capable and fast team for the next year Phyllm s Merrxtt t . . . . . . - . . . . fl- Onida's 15. - . . , J - mums cm gsm, Uorwardl BIG IDI! fdontori lucxunsn axzuvsn Cduaz-db con.:-az Q IIHIIR GI-ASSIIABB fiub any L OBUHKAIP I PITIUOI oulsuns 'BLCH ciub, CTIIILIRSU taut, BIHIHIIKZI I 2 c J ' 4 bt ' ' I lm 1.,L mm ,ll l lu P111 +151 ill rw. I vw L ll Ill 1 r V. , 11 I S Wx, K4 llltlrlllx ! vEE5.::::. Q Ill: ll Eur All N ""lE!IiI'5 f'l:ll:I if n mv hill! III? 'SHECIII " 'W 'Ilia L. ACTIVITIES 0 , . W. 2 if X 4 G5 'X Q ' A f ,J x '1 1 mi 5 iagh.- N. . 4 Ill!-I1 ..- ' ,,,ff5i ,,q -.-rQ::::s J- .,:r:::f:, 1.5. li" --..!.-LA- .:-I:- I "1:.1!!2!'!!Il!!'Q ,ggpiiin I iiiiiiiii-iiiii ---5' "'4!IIIIIIII5a iiii "Wa-iii, 45-.. ' -.--.!!!l X v ww ' 1 If !sI '--f-. ' IY Illll .X , Y JI? I '19 Q x af A5 X x X 4 If PLAY CASTS TAKF IT EASY Back Row erome Macxejewskx Vmcent Glassmaker Eugene G1Z1eWSk1 Kenneth Marshall and V1ncent Kxrsch Front Row Joyce Furlow Ruth Kxepke Norma Osterkamp Phylhs Merrltt and Mrs Loren S Chase HE AIN T DONE RIGHT BY NELL' Back Row Eugene G1Z18WSk1 Kenneth Marshall Ramona Brg Eagle and Jerome Mac1eJewsk1 Front Row Norma Osterkamp Phy111s Merrltt and Ruth K1epke MONARCH 46 as Q nv .. - J , , 7 l n . , y , 1 - . , ,, If 1 4 AL 1 1 f 1 r . I 1 1 ' 4 SENIOR CLASS P LAY After four weeks of determ1nat1on and hard work the senlor class presented the three act farce comedy Take It Easy by W1ll1am D Flsher March Z9 30 It was a very successful event w1th a full house both nlghts Th1s was the fxrst senlor class play presented at Blunt H1gh 1n the past two years so naturally everyone was cur1ous to see what sort of an attractlon xt would be An extenslve advertlslng program was worked out for gettlng publlclty on the event The play was under the d1rect1on of Mrs Ruth A Chase Prmclpal of the Blunt Hxgh School Luther B1g Eagle jr was student asslstant act1ng as stage manager and general prop man Cast Mrs Imanda Hlghgate Forgetful eccentrlc Phyllxs Merr1tt Nancy I-hghgate Her attractxve daughter- Norma Osterkamp Tom Laurence An art1st 1n love wlth Nancy Eugene GlZ1eWSk1 Lon Torence A lnuse pamter- erome Maclejewskl john Florenz An unknown quantlty- Kenneth Marshall Florence Coquettlsh ma1d Joyce Furlow Phxlxp A bewlldered butler V1ncent Glassmaker Arthur The rn1sch1evous yard boy Robert Mercer Beagle jones A boastful detechve -V1ncent K1rsch HE AIN T DONE RIGHT BY NELL A one act meller drammer He Alnt Done Rlght ByNell by Wnlbur Braun was presented as the Carnwal play for the fall of 45 The cast was selected from the ent1re student body The play was under the d1rect1on of Mrs Loren Chase Th1s 'h1ll b1lly ' play was presented before a full house whlch seemed to enjoy It to the utmost CAST Llttle Nell Derkms- just an old fash1oned heroine -RGTDOHH Blg Eagle Granny Perklns Who arrxes a secret for years -Ruth Klepke Lolly Wllklns A typ1cal old mald Phyllls Merrltt Vera Carleton From the C1ty -Norma Osterkamp Burkett Carleton Her father who owns the old m1ll -Eugene G1z1ew sk1 H1lton Hays A wolf 1n sheeps clothmg Jerome Mac1eJewsk1 jack Logan Our manly hero Kenneth Marshall ll Il t ------- . ----- ---J . . . Mary' -------- -The very outspoken cook ------------ Ruth Kiepke ll U Il fl li ll 1 1 . fl SCHOOI CP RNIVAL The annual School farmval was more of a success thrs year than ever before Shortly after the ln1t1at1on of the Freshman the plans were begun for th1s event to be held October 26 27th 1945 A program was held at the Hlgh School Aud1tor1um Frrdayev en1ng Thls conslsted of a one act play He Am t Done Rlght by Nell Songs by the Gxrls Glee Club and short talks by faculty members The lOll16S Begere as put on by e1ght of the h1gh school boys was cleverly done and the dance routxnes were h1l ar1ous The Greclan Urn Dance presented by Kenneth Nlarshall and Eugene G1Z16WSk1 showed true terpslchorean knowledge After one and one half hours of entertalnment 1n the audlto rxum the gymnas1um was opened and f1lled to It s capac1ty by peo ple who enjoyed themselves through out the evenlng XV1th the old favorltes such Blngo Bumper Game Box1ng Matches Penny Make up Booth F1sh Pond Novelty Stand and the lunch Room On Saturday nlght a dance was held ln the Leglon Audltorlum under the ausplces of the H1gh School Danc1ng was enjoyed unt1l the wee small hours after the coronatlon of the Carnlval Klng and Queen Eugene G1z1ewsk1 and Norma Osterkamp Thelr attendants were Gerald Wles and Dorothy Marshall jumors Lavxrencm ass maker and Lols Osterl-camp Sophomores and Wayne Frxckson and Helen Marshall Freshman Robert Sevenlng and oanne Gunsalus from the upper grade room were the grade school attendants Our Carmval proved to be the most remuneratwe project of the year gross1ng over S700 Ed1tOTS FRESHMAN INITTATION Freshman In1t1at1on was held October 6 1945 at the school gymnas1um The three boys dressed as sweater glrls nd the only glrl I-'elen Marshall dressed as a COXVg11'l The Fresnnan as a whole proved very good sports The evenmg was spentplay lng games Refreshments were served ! Q y l . . . - K ll A - I . DDO ' ' , - , Q5 T . 00 . . . . r Cl - UV 1 . . . . . . ' as: ' , 1 . ' , Pitch, Bottle Games, Nail Pounding, Dart Game, Fortune Telling, - 7 I 1 J o I ' , ' 5 f -El - l J I 4 . . J . . . Y . no . va I , . Q . J A Y . ' 1 I 1 , . STUDENT COUNCIL BASKETBALL BOYS AND COA CH HOGIE GIRLS GLEE CLUB BASKETBALL GIRLS AND C OA CH SESSIONS SENIORS LL... BASKETBALL BOYS AND TROPHIFS OF' Lf. E' Kan ALBFRT WESTLUND MONARCH 46 CUSTODIAN . . . 1 ., '! ' X , ll46!D 4 G M449 ima HUMOR A 91 J 01, Dot Kr Kay Gonna glmme that Hubba Hubba S1s 8: Lefty Framed ef School Daze 4 Late Arr1va1s at B H S Fonda Lalunan Carlos Gr1ff1n MONAR CH 46 Between us Glrls Gemus Green Horns x" 7 A , e 0520 ' 907' f I be 2 .e I - 'I Q: V Vg ' A Q9 -4 LK' . , so W, N:-wr it L, xwx Q: W .1 Q A : ' 'A ' I ,I x J I of , I ' A . ' ' 45 -I ' 1 " g-,,,,-,,,,-7,5 -, I E, 'T' 'Q - -W 'T --A , A fm! f ,, or I z Q3 AUTOGRAPHS flu 5, Sq Q-Q5 W BW of 5 Q I '56 Y! Mio. X . QA .5 r Q I Q 1' Y fx Pr 5, X 1 X if R 'QQN Ma, Wa r Z f 16 su as 8 A 4 1 ADVERTISING 5, KL, zz, N - fQ X' 4.3 Wy V 'L 4' 1 if ff K- N M' p tick? Wg 2 Q -mx yx ' 'ifxx 3 x '85 X an rua. ,ft :Off O EN E CO errf SDA - L L F E V R Phone 472 P1erre 50 Ddk G1ftQ Thit Law: D1 xmcwndi Witches Fo torla ewelry Storllng Expc rt Watch Rep llflflg IERRE LLNIBER FUEL P1erreSD C1 H Ix1orr1s5ex Ixior Snuw emr bchool Supplu Nlovehtu B EI N NI K L I O Pxer L So Dak J. C. P ' N Y . I N C. P1 - -, 5 k, C. A J N J x 1-3 L Y 5 h - j ? - ' Bmldmg Iviatorial ' Coal - Paint - Hardware ' Glass ' A iq C O . FRA1 IN 5",RE Sales Servlce HOWARD BROS Hardware Farm Implements Internatlonal Harvester Product For Years of Dependable SCTVICC FOR OVER 39 YEARS A Good B nk To Do Bumne s Wlth Blunt So Dak Member Federal DePoS1t Insurance Coraorahon Compllments of HOINAER MYERS HOTE. ST CHARLES HOTEL LOCKE HOTEL Pxerre S Dak K Y F R C A. S H S T O R E General Merchandlse Phone 2281 Alfred Kver 41-Q DAKOTA STATE BANK ' 'LS FINKLLX CHEVROLET COIWPFXINY chn Dfcrf Irrmplemfnts I Otko Ihong 708 P1erre So Dak ST-Q.NDARD COMPXNY Blunt So Dak Gas O11 leo V15 Polorlne Greases Conoratulatmns To Students H R KING Treasurer B R DANIELSON Auditor H.LICE GIFFORD Regleter of Deeds HXRRY R HORNLR County udpe F Ixi PUNCKNEY Cle k of Court IVIIDW XY C XI- E. ATL X5 I UMBP R YARDS Pwr Q So Dak Bulldlng INId'ECT1x1 Coal H op md Eat P1erre So Dak J, 3m . 7 5-a 115-117 Elura 't tu J 1 ' I O I L, g -,'ct-1-an 'J W, A. Gogohn, Prop. Quick Delivery .A , e fj ,G , Y -,. L3 F f' 1 Q 1 ' 41 ' ,. 1 . A rw, Q . ' . ' " 1 HOWARD S STANDARD SERVICE RalphE Howard Prop ext to Vladuct Pxerre S Dak Complete One Stop Servmce Standard C11 Products Atlas TIYSS Batterws Xcce sorxes MITCHELLS CAFE Home Cookmg 1 Bakmo Fountaln Servlce TOMS PIE RRE SERVICE Studebaker Sales iz Servmce Complete Nlotor Servmce Fawn Pashby Mgr Phone 622 SQ CC NY V lCUIvIN SERVICE STATION N 1 Crrelslng Washxng lndT1re Repalr A E LUCAS CO LISTTC S Dak Dry Goods Ladxes Ready To Wear Notlons Ixlens 'L Boys Furmshlngs One of Plerre s Oldest gl Largest Stores County Commls soner RAY POQI HARDING IMOTOR COMPXNY Sales and Servxce Ford and Ivlercury Cars' Fervuson Tractors and Implements PICTTQ S D Phgne 763 DR S A T-IADEN Ch1ropractor Plerre South Dakota Phones Resldence 2342 Offlce 737 '54, I I . , . . - ' U , ' N ' , .. . . O 4 ' I L' ' I M, I X f . ,, ,cf D I. . Q, ' u A- - Across from St. Charles if. , S . , I . . , . ju '..k. , . . . 1 l N ,. ,. , . . BLUNT CASH STORE Geo Weldeman Mgr General Merchandlse Telephone 2.241 DR H H FIFIELD Plerre So Dak Phone 7 74 DENTIST THE TONY CLOTHING CO Mens Clothxng P1erre S D FIRST NATIONAL BANK ln Plerre Plerr e South Dakota Member FDIC General Banlung Phone 195 8 GREENOUGH HARDWARE Plerre S Dak Pd1HtS Hardware X: Tool and K1tchen Utenslls DR L A HARVEY Dentlst Phone 2005 Phone 533 Pxerre S Dak PORTER SALES AGENCY Sales and Servlce Typewrlters Sz isxddlng Machmes Falrbanks Morse Lrght Plants Fr1g1da1re Refrlgerators Electrlct Stoves PIERRE BOO TERY Shoes for The Entlre Famlly X Ray F1tt1ng E L Mullally Plerre S D . , . Y 1 C 1 I , . . Pierre, So. Dak. , . . - . ' y 0 I GLENNS RECRE X FION P -.RLOR Plerre South Dakota Cornphrnents W ELGNER AUTO CO Plerre So D Lockers Grocerles 'sr IVIeatQ PIERRI1 FROZEN FOODS Bottle Gus gl Applmnces Water Softeners Car1E, B rry Irmp MAHER NIO FOR CO IJIPTT8 Sr Ddk Dodge P15 mouth 'Sales 8: Sgrvme V14 COUGHLIN DAIRY Pasteurlzed Ikhlk ind Crc an Phone c C THE' IVIODERN CLE XNERS Quahty Servlce Plerre So Duk When In I lgrre S UD xl XV VI RI Y IIUTLL F Ilu Blake Prop IRMER5 UNION OPh.RnTIVP ISSOCI XIII N of Huvhv Countx lerre South Dakot I I , K. . y L Y V ' , . uk. , - . ,. . - . ,N , , ., J. . .. C Y, J C . I . " I w., St, Charles Hotel l'?I'I't' I 509 ', Y h' l ' X 1- 3 FQ Q ftor I CO"k D ' Q . ff' tr 'ik' if 'S -v .X A1 . Q y P' , Q . Q '. , . , , Phone Z I SM N LS FI XACO STATION re me O11 Gus Snappy Dellvery PII IXRF NATIONAL BANK Pmerre S D Member F D I C PE xVEX ELEVATOR Iwionarch Ch1ck if Turkey Starters PIERRE FRUI CO Wholesale and Retuxl F'ru1t V oetable-Q Grocf 185 Ixdeats, PARKS SERVICE STATION Gus O11 Parts Grease Trucklng Cafe Feed Dealer H E Adams Prop AD IIMS CLOTHES SHOP Central South Dakota. Flnebt Iwlen 5 Shop CICJtI1lUf7 Shoe Furnlshlng Pu rre South Dukotu PhOIL,c1rf3.phS MILLER STUDIO Plerre S D LIBERTY C FE P1erre 37 ,wx I i A.. T A - A G ag ' ' ' J , 4 V, ' s 1 ' ,J ' 'Q ' F , ,O , Pierre, S, D, Phone 777 . . , . I S 7 - T . 1 - ' 7 ' .' ,A - ' ,' ,, A ' In , . .

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1946, pg 5

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