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1 's I l E . 1 i Q1 I J 4 's W 1 1 A 1 ,V Ai i 3 , H 1 , v E I 1 A 2- e 1 Y' E ,E 4 A K l If 4 'x ls .3 A2 2 4 +3 1 I s X 1 .e FH z 4 a 5 i 1 2 if 3 I 'Q Z .,,:. N , g,: l 1 ly, lf- l l HEPITAPH OF A SHlP" ' In the early light a dockside drama is materializ- ing. A day of goodbyes, tear-filled eyes and anxiety. Today we leave! A long shrill whistle, an ear splitting steam blast resounds from every bulkhead. The ship drops its mooring lines from stone pilings and last prepara- tions are completed. Underway. What's ahead? Where are we going? These and countless other questions are answered by one simple code word. "WESTPAC". The Western Pacific. The grey sleek hull slides away from the dock, splashing and tossing a spray around its broad tail. The grey streamlined hull pitching back and forth like some angry sea reptile, with its gaping stacks yawning and smoke rolling forth, in gigantic mon- ster fashion. And from within, the hatches escrete sounds of The gears' powerful grinding, the genen energy. ators' straining whine, and working adjacent the ' lb k rd into mighty screws propel the sleek hul ac wa the dark coaxing brine. Then the anxious serpent 't f ntail its bow rises and knife edged pro- drops 1 s a , , pellers jerk violently, spin, and the ship shoots out ' ' ' kl 'n like a proiectile. The monster slides guic y 1 snake like agility, through the reluctant shoals to the sea . . . free seal Then the potential of a nation, A destructive masterpiece is underway. The threatening destroyer is energized! ,. Q , 3 M, f, , X . .Qc-V .,, ,, if Q J f V 91.7 K. U.S.S. BLACK ,! 1: 'Q- jj 3. til I DD666 is .N THE CAPTAIN "Commander Charles E. Stastny is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy Class of 1943. Upon completion of trade school studies, he reported to the USS MASSACHUSETTS CBB 591 which took part in the Casablanca campaign in the Atlantic and the Tarawa, Makin Islands, and Bouganville campaigns in the Pacific. He returned to the United States to attend Sub- marine School and graduated in 1944. He finished out the War aboard the USS BESUGO CSS 3211 with five war patrols to his credit. Since the war, he has commanded the USS DIABLO fSS 4791 and the USS BAZOBBACK KSS 3941. Duty ashore has included tours at the U. S. Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, California and in the Naval Science Department at Harvard University. His tour of duty prior to this command was the Staff of Commander Carrier Division Nineteen as Anti- Submarine Officer. He has' been awarded the Bronze Star with the Combat "V" and the Purple Heart." U. S. S. BLACK CDD-6661 CXO FLEFT POST OFFICE suv Fmwcrsco. cA1.1FoaN1A 1 June 1961 From: Commanding Officer, U.S.S. BLACK CDD 6662 To: The Crew and Friends of the U.S.S. BLACK CDD 6662 Subj: WESTPAC Cruise, 1961 It has been my privilege to command the BLACK during a long and arduous cruise in Western Pacific waters. The Black became a member of the first team when the ship ,joined the 7th Fleet during January of 1961. Why did we make this cruise? Why was it necessary to spend many months in foreign waters away from our friends and families? Why was the ship kept fully trained and combat ready? lhese questions and many more can b very simply. The United States and her allies are engaged ' communist countries who are determined to change a conflict of arms but rather a struggle call this struggle a "Cold War" our adversaries feel t communists w co e answered in a struggle with our way of life. Ibis is not for the minds of men. At present we . It could easily develop into a "hot war" if hat we are weak physically, mentally and morally. The ould engage us in a "shooting war" tomorrow if they felt that they Uld Win. We must be ever alert and willing to fight for the four freedoms we inherited from our forefathers. It is every freedom loving man 's right and privilege to sacrifice worldly pleas?-uses in order to protect our precious inheritance. Communist leaders have only one goal and that is to inflict their way of life on all peoples of the world. In order to prevent world domination by 00mml1niSm we must maintain a strong military force ever ready to meet force with force in any corner of the world. lbe foregoing explains why we made this cruise. It was hard work but this book is a constant reminder that we had our moments of pleasure. It will keep fresh in our minds and hearts the many friends we have made amongst our ship- mates and in the foreign lands we have visited. We will be reminded of the hungry families we have helped by our generous contributions of the "noodle machine" to the refugees of Hong Kong. 4 I am proud to have served with the fine officers and crew of the BLACK. You overcame great obstacles with hard work, devotion to duty and many hours of self sacrifice. To the wives, sweethearts and friends of the Black, we thank you for your oyal support and patience during the long months of our cruise. ' To the officers and crew I thank you for your loyalty and hard work. A earty "Well Done" to all of you. To our country and our wonderful navy - It was our pleasure to serve. Respectfully, in AV!-,L -w ff" In ,fy ,5 g p . f L " cl E. STASTNY CDR 5 , USN f' Commanding THE EXEC li 2 E W LCDR Raymond L. HOFFMAN, U.S.N. received his commis- sion in 1945 at Columbia University. His tours of duty have included the U.S.S. BADOEING STRAIT CCVE-1163 and the U.S.S. ANDROMEDA .CAKA-155 followed with a tour of Staff Duty with Transport Division 15 and the U.S.S. WILTSIE CDD- 7l6l. He is a graduate of General Line School, Monterey, Cali- fornia and Post Graduate School-Command Communications Course. Prior to becoming Executive Officer of the U.S.S. BLACK CDD-6663 LCDR. HOFFMAN had a tour of shore duty at Naval Communication Facility, Philippines. I x 1 1. if 1. l if 5. 4. if S 'T Q I 1, w t i . Q1 4 I E L a I , l f I I l t l ,V . si 5, ,, E: 5? E l Ei M E2 Z iz OVERALL LENGTH EXTREME WIDTH! I-IICEEST RCINT ABOVE WATERLINE DISRLACEIVIENT 1 , FUEL OIL CAPACITY FRESH WATER , , , CAPACITY , SPEED COFFICERS' CREW MEALS SERVED T T 1 f TTTA ON CRUISE DAYS STEAMED gf DAYS IN PORT I I MILES STEAMED DAYS ON , 4 I WATER HOURS S1 1 CUPS OF ' COFFEE DRANK CTCQARETTES SMOKED W ,jg VITAL STATISTICS 1 376 ft. 40 ft. 38 ft. 2100 ton 146,000 qCI1. 16,852 qc11. over 35 knots 13 235 104,160 69 75 23,134 69 201,600 560,000 7 THE BRASS TOP ROW: Ens. McKinney, Ens. Hubble, Ens. Holmes, Ltiq. Wyman, Ltig. Crawford, Ltig. Yaworsky, Ens. Stetfens. BOTTOM ROW: Ens. Costello. Lt. Hartman, Capt. Stastny, Lcdr. Hoffman, Ltig. Abbott. Who Me? Abbott 6: Costello ll X R Q 5 v I M,- A P - I Nfxx, :Hy ' ' ' N55 igxxl w .Q Q '-' X- ,I , I . I ' S' f ' ff, 7 A I v-- ,M Ll . LATE SLEEPERS CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS MMF in Q TOP ROW: Sturgill SMCA, Carlile SKC, McCormick BMCA, Horn RDC. BOTTOM ROW: Rucker SPCA, Sayers GMCA, Ford RMC, Harrell PNCA. Alzkgg 6 031213333 lim' -:FII '1 :sr jeg F - :Mr 2 gffdie. l Ti i 'i W GANGWAY INSPECTION 'jf Z CAM' gf I 4 'a R54 ., 6 Q , '. A Call me when we get there??? Charge N, A N 'C' A f " K X U ,f A , M FIRST DlVlSION TOP ROW: Bell SN, Iensen, SN, Spencer SN, Miller SN, Grimsley SN, Mclntosh SN, Aubrey SN, Culp SN, Knight SN, Roberts SN, Moore SN, Gerke SN, Royce SN, Miller SN. MIDDLE ROW: Moore SN, Ely SN, Hallberq SN, Hulin SN, Cox BM3, Spurlinq SN, Taylor SN. BOTTOM ROW: Spencer SN, Hanes BM2, Ltig. Crawford, McCormick BMCF., Duke BM1. Iohnson SA. rx. if '11 gm no ,, Je, 9 va l ' K I fl A 1, I f XY f ' qnnnanuunw , Q' 7 0 ff it Q 4 5 3 TJ 462.54 ' ,--- ! 1 ' X V , , M ,,,. WWW Q bi f I in bgfwww,-',,,,wM4"""W' ' X13 W , . f f" Z fe fl IO-.Q KC f+.,,..,, J , JLQM ,, ' 'NX f f 1 .' l "- K '-r--,..., , m 2ff54 5 gfgxxygihwyw 1 I Nh M1 :Q ' 5 N 7 , , T 'X-'xii 9 " ML, ' :-J A Ev-fi.Jfj ww "Mad, Boats?" 1 ANCHOR DETAIL SECDND DIVISION TOP ROW: Reynolds GM3, Breland YN2, Nicholes SN, Haskell SN, Gilbert SN, Howerton SN, Anderson SN, Clark GM1 MIDDLE ROW: Hilderbrand SN, Sellers GM2, Darrow GMS, Strack GM3, Miller SN, Head GM3, let! SN. BOTTOW ROW Shiver SN, Glass GMI, Sayers GMCA, LTIG. Yaworsky, Dewar GMI, Gray SN. BB Stackers JI mm.. 'TIA TOP ROW: Thrasher SOG3, Head SOG2, While TMSN, Dunn FT3, Brock SOG3, Braddock SOSN, Long SO1. MIDDLE ROW: Rollins TM3, Raco SOG3, Elliott FT3, Craigmiles FT2, McWhorter FT3, Parker FT2, Grissom TM2. BOTTOM ROW: Haslett FT2, McCollum TM3, ENS. Hubble, Hamilton SOGSN, Coleman SO1. f 'll I f O K7 D ? ff rg? 1 J A Z 14 . o :I I ' fgld Q f' B ,Q !,.. USONAQ CONTACT .... T ' S X i 5 5 M 'W 2 ,a ' II! ,-V-.avg 9-V :ws-..,, 3 I A N, ,gf , 4 5 Ms I ii. . E 'HEADS NE FRIES -TFHLS W6 TURN nr OFF' gli H -Af-'L ,K C 4' x U 4 OI IVISION , K X TOP ROW: Gerhrman ET3, Nchser ET3, McNairey ET3, Shull ETSN, Misslin ET2, Newark RDSN. Dwyer RD2, McCullum RDSN, Phillips RDSN, Ioy SN. MIDDLE ROW: Rochlin ET3, Orr ETSN, Walters RD3, Hanson RD3, Moffett RD2, Mowery SN. BOTTOM HOW: Nickleson RD3, Wheatly ET3, ENS. Holmes, Horn RDC. O'Leary HM1, Spencer RD3. l ..X . , N I xx mn' x -xih 5L'E , ' U 5 A Me-M 1 . X , - T , , lv X ' . . . x S934 18 Q. -2- N ' wwwuwfwf 3 I9 0C DIVISION my Y NZ I fr f K TOP ROW: Taylor SN, Piercy SN, Ford RM3, Carlisle RM2, Higgs SN, Spencer YN3, Hamilton RM3. MIDDLE ROW: Nicklos RM3, Mewing YN2, Wamer SM2, Betters SN, Cruz SN, Bohunousky SN. BOTTOM ROW: Ford RMC, Harrell PNCA, Sturgill SMCA, LTIG. Wyman, Blodgett SN. 'aa exe? Ne 2 3 4 -5 3 s 'T' 0 - W: P L iii.-1 ft' K L" -. -dizzs'--' .' ' -Q1-1:43 " X 0 1 ,1 O 0 '54 ff I Q 12 , ' ' I B xg - Q . i .2fl.t1i , '! 'L greg-- s, QI' 2, 'll Snark Oruct if JK? EQ L HUGE .woo E1 Q . -VOLTS! Q Q Q to Q Gg 3 is I X UH - 67 1 I fi! RN , -f 6 -Q -H l N M .vm ,N 25, + f K 9 "Q -l- L - i...-' 2 16 H4 S DIVISION .!V'5.+ifH' TOP ROW: Daplas SN, Bailey SN, Wilson SN, Eldridge SK3, Kidd SK3, Young SN, Higgins SH3. MIDDLE ROW: San- chez SH3, Pearcy SN, Overstreet SN, Rudd CS3, Felix TN, Fields SK3, Hardie SD3. BOTTOM ROW: Brown SD1, Noel CS2, ENS. Costello, Carlile SKC, Badar CSI, Bames SKI. 61 vi gs Xlflgj csfw 'L E 7- - Q SUPPLY v- 22 -I 8+Qg3Jgga iff F W - -. 4 x Cl, "' "- . . , geel Www- ' , -is 5ooo cases Q we af- BEen?7?' ...L A I , W, if , C- x ,,p ,, , ,, ,L ALM s kwa--f , xl' 45 g -- ,,,, A H X Z M ,- z - " ,M Q QL n 5 I ' X i Z +2 I X 4 KWH I , ,X K. ww-rf ff f Wf G mf, X xt ,X f , . ' ww ,L L X ax Us if? V , ,QQEn.:,,:QQ ' 2 N W 2 I f .,,,..,,,,N M,-. f' M' , , N x A ,K ,Ui if Q 1 0 w ,ff i Loading stores MS Q R DIVISION If in TOP ROW: Basco YN3, Byron FN, Russell FN, Traiton IC3. Bailey EM2, Runo FN. Iohnson FN, Ashbrook EN3, Uptain EMI. Schait FN, Nall SF1. MIDDLE ROW: Scott FN, Brown MR3, Sutton MM2. Scott F N, Dewey FN, Callahan FN, Man- zano FN. BOTTOM ROW: Androit EM3, Brett IC3. ENS. Stef!ens,Rucker SFCFL. White DC2, Dierx EN2. Givins EM3. as 5 nj A f x Q I - D 0 4 I 'ET'---fi'-I-3, wcmr mo Tue smocwrens THINK oc vouo, Suesssw-sou, sm? I 1 nrt is L M DIVISION Standing: Rundle MMC, Chipman MM3, Gifford MM3. Benson FN, Corley FN, Hunter FN, Chastain MM3, Lindsey FN, Kroupa FN, Cue MM3. Long MM3, Dempsey MM2. Owens FN. Kneeling: Hill FN, Iohnson MM3, Maldonado MM2. McCool MM2. X WMM i ,uw x vm ,url X sfifigif B DIVISION If GRAY BTC, McDaniel BTC, Dennis FN. Ray BT2. Krause BTI, Trimble FN. I.aBarge SA, Dean BT3. Hoffman FN, Hoffman BTZ, Roberts BTZ, Ierde FA. Solt BTZ, Rackham FA. Singleton FA. Saddler FA, Grimsley SN. Dolan F A. """ 2 flgng 28 if 3 " 'f 'A' Z 5 W M A ' Q ' V V M12 Z S W 'ff , gf! X' .gl L, ,X I' ,- -'N lm' N N3 1 f x Mx k 9 SV: , fy , V! ' ,M ,, ,.,. Z , , Z' Q I ,M ff-VW4 ,,,, ,, , . fa , Y , if 'Mi S E Zi 29 315 ,fe 7 . WM I M4 I ,ifg ' 5 X 4-Q gN .ff,-ff www-gy ,WW Big Brother From: BLACK To: COMDE SRON 19 I confess my posit's o guess, Of position I had not or line. The stors were not, The horizon wos shot And my sextont Wos covered with brine. N 4 ! V fc L 7 Q F, 5- V 4 5 if fx 97- in-Q N 3 H if 3 , f f -f?'iu' 2 fn , s qw S ff y fl' f A ' I , f ' 'f X. "Mm on 'F Y-GYQQH, 'V ,, in ,ffl 0 A Ni 5 fr W :fi fxww s f' X, 55 , Tim 'Q 'X f f w . ' V Aww,-Mm-W,-WMf,M,w ,Ms .i ,,,,, .N.,,,. , V x 4 , ,,V, V- ' ' :as 'f :Jw ' , f- 5-f - f 17 ff f ff, , ff ' H+ .i fwgnqv-:Q ff. Q5 5 ww, 1 if , WWW f 7 -,fi 3' f XW ,W wwf W ' f ww Hfwf' ' ' 'f 4,7 Little Brother From: BLACK To: TRATHHEN There once was cr ship of the force, Who was told to keep station of course Twcrs the lcrst night at sect, "Whcrt me Worry," said she And continued to straddle the course. X We sailed one day from the U.S.A. The men of the mighty Black. We had a good crew, and all of us knew, 1 We were the best greyhound in the pack. , 2 The Weather was rough, and the landluhbers gruff, But nothing could hurt our pride. We had a job to do, and we would see it through, Come hell high water or red tide. FOND FAREWELLS-THEN UNDERWAY lislsleij If 1 ' L W I 5 4 f . OUTWARD BOUND W3 j , f,,, I I Q , 5 l I I I imazlh. HAWAII A familiar sight for all navigators In the city of Pearl, we will take a whirl, Its the first stop on our way. With the hula girls, with the skirts that swirl, We would while our time away. Honolulu too, we are coming to you And the sands of Waikiki. Where the trade winds blow, and you never see snow That's the port that appeals to me. A typical Hawaiian Hula Girl 34 mf, V 'Z ff W W4,,ff2:f'Q,,' N f V 1 fpx 't 'Q Q-f 5 9 , f W4 W-fx,,f W f , G 4A,y,,, 1 ' , JAM ja ' U' , S ' ,A , if r iz"Q, , . , Www ' ,f f MX? vc 44 , wi -' f 2 f 'W L2-f0vf4'f'f lf , eg, ,Q W "' A ff, 9 I X "rf N. ,,7 of I ff M f t ' ZW, f . jg fi, ",, 'QQ' 2 ,X f Q . I K ,fm .fh,,,,f,j,f fw. ,f f w ,W , ygjffk ,f fig 117 3 I. f 4. A7 -swf . . x '? X' J f- ,afiyw -1" ff ' f Q M mix fftv ui 1 fmyw-2 e matt ,, 53" f 'V ' f ,, V 'f n f" 4 ' , ' I Jn! f, f , A ,,. 4 1 T4 U ' 'kztnltp , W, 2 f , ,lf f ,W fy f f W, ' f yw wwf" Yr- ,, ,V , , nf, fr , 44, ,f , , , ,J QW, , , I fgstgg 4ff,7 , n , I, - ,W R Q77 ff ' 'A 'f ff X -' QWWQ 4 ?x,, , M 'qi 'K' V MPL: a W 2, , Q ,J .' 2. J' f U f ,, ,, ,,."', :Q-'Zi' , f , V ,W , fix- y ,, f . f gk. fy' Wil ,, . 1 M. ' -f" f of t MWf15f'1'i7 it M , , an ' ' rf- ' 'W 3' fn f f 'f MIDWAY E 03019 co Naval Chapel at Midway H ,Q .. Y , I' Y -wk f +A , - 1 nw, A - k Q ff, Q A MN t , ,A X ww. , 1 x ,,,,, .. WNW .t is Al-an f. Q + :kgs f , t. HN : .XJWX ical , X bk 1 x s ,X M, 4 'S xg: V B' 5-fb 3 lyme ,Wagga V., Q x XX . .rt,,,Q: , If , t uk , A ,X N A N x wa- A 'Q ,llx ax sw 4' N ..aX 4.,V S . .A. ii, amlro Then to the isle of Midway, for a very short stay A fuel stop in qoony bird land. There was nothing to do, except to drink brew, Take pictures, and stroll in the sand. They had a qreat to-do, there in World War II, To turn hack the Iapanese force. It doesn't look to us, that it was Worth the fuss, But it kept the enemy from our shores. GUAM From Midway to Guam, with her beautiful palm, We crossed the date line on the way. Now there were many in the crew, from the old to the new, Who can say they were salts on that day. We had a party or two, as we always do, To let off a little steam. lt was repairs for the ship! l But somebody slipped, lt was repairs tor the crew it would seem. The next place to ao as all of you know, Is the land of the Philippines. Manila is nice, and the airls do entice, And on rum they are short by no means. But We don't hit this port, We are always cut short, So it's Suloic and Glonqapo. We had lots of fun but l'rn a son-of-a-gun, We coulcln't tincl any place to ao. View from the ship, Subic Buy WY, Rik W QE!! K ,I ,fy is J 5 935 ,-1. Hg' ,I-.-'?T'?m f . . f ' Q ' all 7' . 3 ! vL 7' s ,,,qI-5 ,x in 1. ,. V I F N i ...Q . Q -4 Y h I 1 QV ,,- I - it , . if I I". -' 4' f W Q s . ' I 1 hi - aL' Q - 'K - N ,-' W xx , A gx 5 - Jifb E ' ,,,.1- TIGER PAGGDA HONG KONG 'fb Then up old Hong Kong wory, We scnled one dory, To the lornd of gin-rick-shoy. They have son-puns ond junks, orncl lonq robecl monks, And the British Queen is the low. We strolled one dov into the White Horse Cole, There Wos girls, V.O. ond some qroq. Wlth o cheer 1 o, ond o there ye go, I soy mote We oll left in cr foq. OKINAWA Village number four To Okinawa's shore we have been here before, We anchored in Buckner Bay. We had a high seas, and stronq chilly breeze, Seventh Fleet was cast adrift that day. We all had a brew, in village number two, The marnasans had tacksan treat. lt was a tar cry, from the time in '45, When a typhoon wrecked the fleet. 1. .,,,y f , K ,ff 'ww '-"- lg-:gf ,Q-.-31 f5,- of, ,Q ,A e W, , X. ZVMQ, t... uc. M ,, I , ff f VW Z 1... rf SASEBO !f H 67 s Q4 ' 4 Now its time we went up to Sasebo and spent, A little of our dough. With souvenirs galore, and a swab in each store The crew was sure having a show. We spent all we drew, and three paydays too, But to many, this would be the last. The Iapanese, they have a way to please, They seem to make friends very fast. 'mn 1? KAOHSIUNG To For-mo-so, We were ordered to go, To steam on Tiawan patrol. For days on end, we ran circles, but then Peace, and good will was our goal. Then our boilers blew, We were in a stew, They said we couldn't steam, what a joke. So back to Subic Bay, While some shouted "holay" To get repairs, another "pig-in-a-poke". he ,Q . tif? was . -.mfg ' ,aw 5594, , A , ij, Q i Y. . i : vu.. W:-gswnk ...I MN 'S sis: 'Sf 41 msn roncf oPEnArloNs Then We caught a birclfarrn, they say "the navy's riqht arm To a tin can man this can't be, , If itWasn't for us, who would they trust, To pick her pilots out of the sea. They must have thought us a wreck, to put oil on our cleck, And man the ternpers ran hot. But they qot all the blame, and boy what names, - Then we cleaned up and back on the spot. Z :- ln I 9 QQ raw' my 1. A ' . ru- I' a , V45 , . - 2 : 4 ?w .V 'xi in ., ...v I I I W"-lffll ' A ff' Q ,XND . -N 110177 if . E l Q . 0' ,-E I ' U .gn -If Qfw tnxi wap-9 K3-K 5 ,-r,,,-.,., ,A. Q9 To the South Ching Seos, We soiled with egse, On opergtion collecl "Pony Express". Another routine potrol!! Thot story wors old, It Wos our strength We were out to impress, Then number 7 quit blowing, ond number 3 quit going But there Wors no one to toke our plgce. They coulcln't slow us down, We were "the greyhound And still Wos leording the roce. LAST STOP - SUBIC BAY We stood out from Subic Bay To do a job for the five oh three, So that she could come in To enjoy Olongapo. As she came limping in We met her in the stream. Her destination the tender To help her make more steam. Her compets We observed And engineering did quite well. But some of the things that were seen Will be best it We never tell. The trembling Tee does really try, But when the breakwater We do see, It will be as always Wilkinson, Black, And Fellowman still number three. When Long Beach We do see And they ask Who's that in tow, It will be plain as it can be That its number five oh three. .qty t I . 1 46 With a last replenish, our job was finished, At least in Westpac, for now We were on our Way, to the U.S.A. Home was just over our bow. Through the middle of the night, with stars shining briqht, At 35 knots We did bound. With our wake a straight line, our squadron behind, They couldn't catch this old greyhound. Then we got our relief, to our great grief, We thought our Work Was over. Though We could steam, we Wasn't too clean, They Wanted us to smell like clover. So we Worked all night, till the sun shone bright, So tired we could hardly see. Our home was gleaming, and the Commodore beaming, "We have passed", cried the Captain with glee. HOMEWARD BDUND X A Q mf ', 1 HDMECOMING E x 'HM!SQE'ME,7" 1 A. , X ' A f Q! Q 1 L-iii? Unless the Wind and sea abate I cannot transfer human treiqht. To do so at this bouncy time Would break up more than this lousy rhyme. MEMORABLE SCENES "A DESTROYER CREW" There's a roll and a pitch and an heave and a hitch To the nautical gait they takeg For they're used to the cant Of decks aslant As the White-toothed combers break On the plates that thrum Like a beaten drum To the thrill of the turbines might And the knife bow leaps Through the mighty deep With the speed of a shell in flight Oh! Their scorn is quick For the crews that stick To the carrier's steady floor, For they love the lurch Of their own frail perch At thirty-five knots or more. They don't get much Of the drill and such That the carrier jockies dog But they sail the seas In their dungarees A salty destroyer's crew. They don't climb At their sleeping time To a rack that sways and bumpsg But leap "kerplunk" To a cozy bunk that Quivers and bucks and jumps. They hear the sound Of the Waves that pound On the half-inch plates of steel, And they close their eyes To the lullabies Of the creaking sides and keel They're a lusty crowd That's vastly proud Of the slim gray craft they driveg Of the roaring screws And the humming flues That make her a thing alive. They love the lunge Of her surging plunge And the murk of her smoke screen too As they sail the seas In their dungarees A salty destroyer's crew. "AT LONG LAST" What manner of ship is this I see With all hands turned to on bending knee? All of her crew are working hard While other ships are resting in the yard. Men painting her guns and painting her sides F rom every position a bos'n chair rides. It looks like an ant hill covered with ants: The only difference is bell bottom pants. Trucks full of chow and some full of gear Are constantly stopping along the pier. They're filling her holds and taking great care Could it be that she's going somewhere? Snipes are busy checking such things As diesel generator and main bearing rings. Everyone's moving at such a fast pace That it looks like some fanatical race. The yeoman are turned to typing out papers, While short timers are doing all kinds of caper The storekeepers are trying to calculate pay, Gads, even the doc is painting sick bay. The deck force has gone ape, painting around, F rom crack of dawn 'till the sun in drowned. No matter where you look, from number 2 stack to keel The waiting is over. This is for real! What makes a ship act in these strange ways? lt's easy to figure, only a few more days. You ask where she's going, where she will roam? Nowhere, my friend, she's just going home! 'Aff' f fr '64 J ,W 1 I 1 1 , I df My-1 From: BLACK To: BUCKLEY My boilers won't boil, My blowers won't blow. When HAMNER orrives Off to Subic I go. F rom: BUCKLEY To: BLACK Your boilers mory not boil, And your blowers may not blow, But when they soy Subic, You sure do qo. Hr WSL Q' X x A Q, gw'T1jy ' rf... ,- A.-. -fs,-f,-- f R f w.-,:',5':1n'?fai?'- x - vfgqgg 'Q wx dnb!" 4' A ' , .r MG' x SJW f"v.:f3'a-ff' - L: 'f ' w f " My 1 fn -wiv' 4-.fkrm-ww 4 f , 1 N Yi- QQ L 0, fl ' mg, l,,j.,,., 1, yt W- ,. - , Ay, , Ft- J V ., . wr, fl . ,' '- 1: ,, Q' ,ivy V, in, I .-YQ., 1 if ii , lf, , NA VA OPNAV L ME Dimmqkggffggg ,M Arg-ED BY an MLS 'Ong an Point, 0 : . . . S l 1 ' D 1 ECURWY CLA GROUP 'oN CAT , 3 H: MESSAG Y C . ENH, ON ' Co GRA co MPLET10 TULATIO MMOD N OF N5 T . - , TR I A E NG L . Rs ON SU X ,, CLASS IIIIIIHW 1,1 I '-'., ezoumvr Gvgsgf M N PA 95559.62 NF 1Er1 Mi paEcf-9'-NC" vo wwf ' ' HUNG neo B J. L ' Gi -1 .on-x Q or- X GROUP Ill' isslw sm 1, L x DNN , no M X :Ma vw-u . . ,nm hwmf ' 1 , 1 mn FROM1 T HE woo ARE JO ou? PM KHE F.FJ- FL ER GR O y -5 OF WIFO- H1H E SEHE 00" DESTROY 1 NE MEMBER ANGXNG NU T H " C FAN QF F EC CHPALL UNGW5 WAC FA WQLCONE T0 WEB?-T H980 WOR-AXNG Bi xHEF.S Vx-E xoENcE T0 HEAQ You ww CQHF 1Egg51xHG AND coumma ON E51 XNXSHE5 EOE AH NN Bw H F WRST YMENT o 1? KY gfnwf. G QEPEO f' uw m m mmxu TCF Y -secuvm-4 CLASS' 'UNCH ' on ., ,r DRA'-rf nm 'PAO 1- o BY cog up-S fam' I ROM 'wk poinu Q COM 7-O, C . RUDESPAC T- 'AQSSD I V '91 4 U WNCLAS ELCOME 1 I RED Ep,-O 2. MAY OF DES UR FORC IN WESY EARNE YOU ANDTROYERM E, YOU IHA' D E LE YOUR N. COA FAM . P ER'0D IL'Es'fn . RAD os!BT M REL EAS E I, . . ll R 1 , A Q A 7 Pai FDENC L 9.011 POM Q NW MN AL HESSAGEF C Ovfml vow 'lumq no' Av- sun. P-:HOU X VAC-WH.. if-,Hx wwf' Cos' "LB Bw X ' 5 FTJENOESV LOT 1 To I V x 9 x coHoEsAoH 191 f own A D A 0 XNFO- -5 0 W "M UNEARPQ-185 CHU WN- PEFTXEK? 95 P vim P- C-0 Q osx www H0 N0 OUR W M E EHEE WORLD A OF W BTI-" ooHvUN"'l EPDM il 4 EOF 1111 L REEF'-SF' X NAVAL f ZPNAV FORM 11 nm 00551 53-,,...--f ,SSHCAHON QECN-,mv C ,Ar-G ' DEF EF ERED 3 MESSAGE sn- DRAFTED BY Elem: EEPMSEVENTHFLT T T INFO: ' ,i CNOXCI uNcEAs r AS WE APPROACH THE CLIMAX TO THXSW 5 HIM WHO MADE THE GREATEST or ALLSM ALE HANDS IN SEVENTH FLEET T0 uvmm F You ARE Now MAKING ARE Nor ONLYjm N APPRICIATED. n WISH ALL OF You AW ...fBT,l... NCPACFLT TOR IELEASE l I 'I I l ll ll I1 ll u , I l N, RHECEDENC Q DEFERRED Q W SE U., 173 p X 4Z MAY MESSAGE I R. N QD I Szcum-rv cLgssmcnxoN FX i ,, MF-SskGE I""c"'om I gA1z1nMExi?cEJ: Mi?gENR- ESQJAC Oxgwkkuw Ni: SML P0-nu T T vazcaozuci I A 1 4251 ou DuR,,,, oavv.RRi0 G A ORAFVED 5' TIN DE . UE TO MANDIN 1 I CARR G PE WOM- Es Y OUT R100 ENJOY THE ls M 101 E, 'MUTE LACK mm: CQMDESRON I9 X ru, S UNCLPA 7 nf," cmwxquv. EVT' IA' . I CELLENT..-fBTf"' I BLACK FJ W L n DATE OUP oMel1WAT' GROUP X one FEB 61 f 'A A P ani ' G ou Du aLeAsz 'I 5091 szcum-rv cu'--5smoP-T'0"' f PLOW AXP-'5 TOUR DE ONTWUANCE 0 I o PVT I 'THE C 9 SVU' WTI' wil W N0 GO I L FPC' LQCIL P' NVTPA XVE GOOD L . AW OF . NAyAL I sxlfwggfglgf I DR mm,-PS0 frm, Mum, W Ar-rsh BY Cog, --,.,S'0dK P DP vin. ll 5 ' 'YEITIME ROW FFSAADE I To: 4 K U 19 BTEECEDENCE ' u 'Moss BLACK FERRED It sscumfvc I Ni DATE!-I-,ME Lassrr-1c4,.,oN N' TN 2UQ1GRouF V .f-AKITY CLASSIFICATION S 1 MESSAGE N , " L JMLASA Z UNC 424 " ,za ' onarrmzcaouv mzssAc,ENs-4. LAS Mass 21104482 A I CTG 77 7 YT WELL ' 153 I DUNE.. 3552 of8T!. XL 4 X, .. THIS CRISTIAN LENTEN SEASON AND HONOR R EL ,LL SACRIFICES Fon ALL OF us, I WANT asf ,OUNDERSTAND THAT THE SPACRIFICES WHICH ' NLINECESSARY BUT ARE UNDERSTOOD AND Nui VERY HAPPY EASTER. VADM GRIFFIN SECURI,-,C i 302 LAss1rIcA'rlo N N WIIIIW X 20 A n PR A09 cwo wo uns T Q51 MAH 6l mi u u as u I1 no we n II n u 11 onsfnmacnoup L I I SHlP'S ROSTER ALLEN, Almer I. ICFN Central Point, Oreqon ANDERSON, Walter W. GMSN Biloxi, Mississippi ASHBROOK, Tolbert E. Ir. EN3 Warren, Michigan AUBREY, Giles Cnl lr. SN Hope, Arkansas BADAR, Sherry F. CSI Harbor City, California BAILEY, Charles L. SN Columbus, Indiana BARNES, Sam L. SKI Albany, Kentucky BARRETT, Harold M. BT3 Ft. Pierce, Florida BASCO, Sammy L. YN3 Taylor, Texas BAXTER, Richard E. FN BELL, Iames L. SN Petersburg, Virginia BELLSTROM, Leonard O. MMC San Pedro, Calif. BENSON, Larry I. MMFN Newman Grove, Nebraska BETTERS, Webby Cnl OMSN Waco, Texas BLODGETT, Thomas W. SM3 Lawndale, California BOHUNOVSKY, Richard G. SN San Diego, Calif. BRADDOCK, Tyler I. SOGSN Easttawas, Michigan BRAVO, Rufino P. Ir. TN Tayug Pagangan, Philpnes. BRELAND, Don Cnl YN2 Bogalusa, Louisiana BRETT, William C. IC3 Waynesboro, Mississippi BROCK, Ioseph E. SOG2 Dodge City, Kansas BROWN, Buell L. MR3 Lakewood, California BROWN, Leonard ln? SDI Compton, California BURK, Michael L. SM2 Maupin, Oregon BYRON, Martin M. MMFN Columbus, Ohio CAMP, Byron W. Ir. BT2 Wadsworth, Ohio CANADA, William T. Ir. SN Florence, S. Carolina CARLILE Iohn C. SKCA Uvalde, Texas CARLISLE, Edward L. RM3 New Albany, Indiana CHAMPION, Billy B. EM3 Farmington, New Mexico CHAPMAN, Herbert C. BM2 Long Beach, California CHIPMAN, Donald C. MM3 Long Beach, California CICOGNI, William R. SA Grass Valley, California CORLEY, Gary B. FN Los Angeles, California COX, Leonard M. BM3 Oxnard, California CRAIGMILES, Charles R. Ir. FTG2 West Covina, Cal. CRUZ, Ioseph G. SN Long Beach, California CUE, Dennis A. MM3 Alhambra, California CULP, David L. SN Pasadena, California DANLEY, Russell fnl SHI New Salem, Pennsylvania DAPLAS, Pedro E. SN Cavite, Philippines DARROW, Homer E. GM3 Detroit, Michigan DEAN, Wilbur I. BT3 Bellefontaine, Ohio DEMPSEY, Arthur C. MM2 Ardmore, Oklahoma DENNIS, Braxton L. FN Lakeland, Alabama DEWAR, Iohn A. GMI Vancouver, Washington DEWEY, Eugene F. FN Plankinton, south Dakota DIERX, Iames B. EN 2 San Pedro, California DUKE, William I. Ir. BMI Orlando, Florida DUNN, Terry E. FTG3 Iohnstown, Pennsylvania EASTERWOOD, Iohnny H, Ir. MM3 Anniston, Ala. ELDRIDGE, Charles E. SK3 Stevenson, Alabama ELY, Robert E. Ir. SA Bakersfield, California F ARRELL, Thomas D. SA Milwaukee, Wisconsin FELIX, Andronico U. TN Illocos Norte, Philippines FORD, Arnold D. RM3 Englewood, Colorado FORD, Melvin E. RMC San Diego, California FORD, Seaborn H. Ir. FTGSR San Francisco, Calif. FULCHER, Iohn F. FN Troy, Tennessee GEHRMAN, Terence A. ETN2 Crescent City, Calif. GERVACIO, Cornelio M. TN Cavite, Philippines GIF F ORD, Emery I. K. MM3 Kauai, Hawaii GIVINS, Edward F . EM3 Panama City, Florida GLASS, Paul A. GMI Cressen, Pennsylvania GRAY, Robert A. SN Benton, Arkansas GRIMSLEY, William A. Ir. SN Marshall Bend, Ore. GRISSOM, Iohn H. TM2 HALLBERG, Steven G. SA Lake Port, California HAMILTON, Iames S. SOGSN Minden, Nebraska HAMPSHIRE, Harold E. Ir. MMI Farragut Maryland HANECAK, Iames P. FTI Torrance, California HANES, George R. BM2 Prescott, Arizona HANSON, William L. RD3 Orangeville, California HARDIE, "U" "S" SD3 Compton, California HARRELL, Frank A. PNCA Austin, Texas HASKELL, Everett I. SA Roxbury,Massachusetts HASLETT, Carl R. FTG2 Momence, Illinois HENDERSON, Iorn M. SA Miami Beach, Florida HIGGINS, Iames W. SH3 Tecumseh, Nebraska HIGGS, Montague R. SN Miami Beach, Florida HILL, Ioe L. FN Sharpsburg, Georgia HOFFMAN, Ronald E. FN St. Ioseph, Missouri HOFFMAN, Frederick E. BT2 St. Ioseph, Missouri HORN, Robert I. RDCA Boston, Massachusetts HOUSE, Donald R. RM3 Sayre, Pennsylvania HOWERTON, Denny R. SN Pomona, California HULIN, Iames D. SN Beaumont, Texas HUNTER, Gerald L. MMFA Grants Pass, Oregon HURD, David E. DKSN Manchester, New Hampshire IAHNKE, Larry R. FTG3 Torrance, California IENSEN, Stephen I. SN South Pasadena, California IETT, Thomas K. 'SN El Paso, Texas of .X fx 4 ' fp Z7C,,,..f , 2,275 X X yrfrfff ' ' X - fmfmwff ffm 1nWYGf"W'7'Z?'4'f7 I IOHNSON, Clarence Cnl Ir. SN Wichita, Kansas IOHNSON, Henry Cnb Ir. MM3 Houston, Texas IOHNSON, Ierald L. DC3 Hyden Lake, Idaho KELLY, Ion E. FA Kansas City, Missouri KLINEFELTER, George A. FA Detroit, Michigan KNIGHT, Donald G. MM2 Warren, Michigan KNIGHT, Kelton M. SN Vero Beach, Florida KOEHN, Charles R. BT3 Montrose, California KROUPA, Thomas F. MMFN Traverse City, Mich. KUCZEWSKI, Alphonse A. BTI Mt. Carmel, Penn. LINDSAY, Iames D. FN Albens, Alabama LONG, Frederick G. Ir. MM3 Grenville, Penn. LONG, Scott M. SOI Reno, Nevada MALDONADO, Alexander Ir. MM2 Vallejo, Calif. MANZANO, Euseibio Cnl Ir. FN Oxnard, California MARKUS, Charles A. SN St. Louis, Missouri MCCOLLUM, Gerald D. TM3 Medford, Oregon MCCOOL, Robert A. MM2 Flint, Michigan MCDANIEL, William H. BTC Tire Hill, Pennsylvania MCFARLAND, Ierry R. BT2 Lomita, California MCINTOSH, Harlan G. SN Sandpoint, Idaho MCNAIRY, Ray M. Ir. ETN3 Contra Costa, Calif. MEWING, Duane I. YN2 MILLER, Iack D. BMSN Brooks, Oregon MILLER, Iames P. GMSN Memphis, Tennessee MISSLIN, David I. ETR2 Salt Lake City, Utah MOORE, Carlis E. SN Washington, Missouri MOWREY, Mickey D. DR3 Fresno, California MULLIN, Charles E. FN Anacortes, Washington MURRAY, Robert L. Ir. BT2 Long Beach, California NALL, Aubrey B. SFI Venice, California NAHSER, Norman R. ETN2 Las Vegas, Nevada NEELEY, Raymond H. MM3 Eleves, Ohio NELSON, Charles H. BTI Fairview, New Iersey NEWARK, Keith B. SN Austin, Texas NICHOLSON, Robert F. RD3 St. Louis, Missouri NICHOLS, Eugene C. GMSN Warren, Michigan NICKLOS, William P. RM2 Omaha, Nebraska NOAH, Gerald N. MM2 Belding, Michigan NOEL, Donald L. CS2 Branson, Missouri ORR, Iames W. SN Miami Springs, Florida OVERMAN, Ierry R. RMSN Casper, Wyoming OVERSTREET, Ralph W. SN Burlington, Kentucky OVERSTREET, Ronald G. SN Burlington, Kentucky OWENS, Iames E. MMFN Richmond, California PEARCY, Robert SN Chicago, Illinois PIEARCY, Samuel W. SN Bakersfield, California RACO, Thomas O. SOG3 Iohnstown, Pennsylvania RAY, George S. BT2 Camden, South Carolina REIMER, Henry G. FN Bayton, Texas REYNOLDS, Harold K. GM3 Mantica, California ROLLINS, Gary A. TM3 Rock Hill, South Carolina ROYCE, Ronald I. SA North Iudson, Indiana RUCKER, Clyde I. Ir. SFCA Los Angeles, California RUNDLE, Harold K. MMC Colchester, Illinois RUSSELL, Eddie G. ICFN Long Beach, California SADLER, Richard L. FA Houston, Texas SANCHEZ, Guadalupe SH3 Brownsville, Texas SANTIAGO, Tommy C. SA Umatoc Village, Guam SAYERS, William L. GMCA Long Beach, California SCOTT, Lavern F. FN Randolph, Nebraska SELLERS, Milton C. GM2 Macon, Georgia SHIVER, Lawrence W. GMSN Baton Rouge, La. SINGLETON, Iimmy W. FA Gilmer, Texas SMITH, Iohn M. 'BM3 Long Beach, California SOLDNER, Howard W. CSI Emily, Minnesota SPENCER, Michael G. PN3 Pasadena, California SPENCER, Michael R. SN Sciota, Illinois SPENCER, Richard T. RD3 El Monte, California SPURLING, Thomas R. SN Mt. Clemons, Michigan STRACK, Maynard GM3 Akron, Ohio STRINGER, Iohn B. SN Bond, Mississippi STURGILL, Robert C. SMCA Dayton, Ohio SUTTON, William R. MM2 Exeter, California THRASHER, Ralph E. SOG3 Tucson, Arizona TILLER, William T. FN St. Ioseph, Missouri TRIMBLE, William A. FN Forks, Washington UPTAIN, Raymond E. EMI Buhl, Idaho WALTERS, William K. RD3 Maynard, Ohio WARNER, Clarence R. SM2 Twin Falls, Idaho WATKINS, Robert L. OMI Chicago, Illinois WEBB, Gwin E. SN Snyder, Texas WEEKS, Bobby L. MM2 San Diego, California WHEATLEY, Robert L. ETN3 Ralston, Oklahoma WHEELER, Ronald L. SMSN Santa Fe, New Mexico WHITE, Billy I. GM2 Sioux City, Iowa WHITE, Dennis W. SA Hoisington, Kansas WHITE, Thomas K. DC2 Wells, Nevada WILSON, Hubert A. SN Alex, Oklahoma YORK, Osborne L. GM3 Halleyville, Oklahoma YOUNG, Frank A. SKSN North Columbus, Miss. ZIMMERMAN, Kirney I. FN Marrero, Louisiana 1 X W A S X XX . , f X X X X K N X-QXXX Six X X-YXXX X. .Xa ii -g X XX X X X XXSXN X. X XXX XXX X X-XX .A XX. XX X 1 XX X11 X X -XX XX X XX XXX-x X XXQQXXXX XXXT X. XXX XXX K lX K5 XXX X XX X X-X X M X X XXSXXQX X . XXXXX XX. X KXX XXX XXXI-X XX XXfX xff .YXXfN1kLXf'1 X xf .X TXXFEXX X x XX X SSXX XXX 5 RX XX X X XX XXX. X X N- X. - XX , XQ x X XXX XX K XXXXX XXXX X X j 3 TX .XX X XNXXXOXXF X X KYXXX XX- 'X XXX .x XX XX X X , ., 1 w 4 I 4 I 1 i w 1, w 1 I 4

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